Newspaper of True American, June 15, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated June 15, 1839 Page 3
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GRAND REAL ESTATE LOTTERY OF PROPERTY. Situated in New Orleans, TO HE DRAWN ON ''HE let DECEMBER, 1839 IN JACKSONVILLE, Fn. Under Ite superitentiente el tohe Cuohamniti bnerm ap. Ipointed by thiLeI gihlltive Asea'mblv of Florida. $CIII,' IlT & HAJIIILTON, Mlanagers. 103,000 ticketsi at $t5 schenme prie. $1,500,000. Nellicg prire 620 per ticket. BYI.VESTEIt &L co., 156 lroadway, NEW YORK, uole Agent.s 7r The rece:ilt ol the sale of the tickets will be de poucited In the Caallo, Union, Carroltun, Cilizenl' and Cun..lkld.tcd Buchks, in New Orleaat, le i tle atae of I.ouie Sctlltidt jointly wilth J. B. Perrault acuully Cashier oftie Cilizen's Balk, ar d A. iBaudoun ala tunlly Cashlier oftble Caonltidalcd llank, UaTru ees, ie per aset lasstd Ielilre A. Maszureit, Esq. Not. Ptb. attite MI May I:139, and the properties Iruasterred to the above mwntioned gentlemen tunainermbered, at Trustees, for the security ufl te fortutite prize tal ders. It New York the monies wilt be deposited in tlhe Phoenix Iank to thr ie I.redit ol'tlle aboves named t City UBanks of New (trletas. Time P'tlhli are eerreid In tle aelas passed bwfilre A. Mazerenl, Erq. Not. Pub. ill rehtton, t I. parties wlich emtbrae tihe resalpnectie pri e t I.ultter. 00O PRIZES, a followrs: Prize-T-'lnt Il gnifieeot three slory brick building, known as the AIlCAIDI, i ll ,Icizine street. tneauring 261 feet 5 ineh-m 4 ilres on Maguaine mt. 146 feert inche etn Gravier treet, and ill feet 11 inEhe onI Naches at. This building produces now a rent of $137,0)0 perat nle, uar being in tlhe onst flourietiit, part af the tkt opposite three i bkn, nd inl thie lo .diets nicrborhoodl r of thie I1. tchde h anlt ti 'ilty Ilotelr. Its reote will, ill it very few rre* r be inreused to fily thuamlce dotllars per arlllnl. Eteilnlrted at $710,000 Prise-''it h ic , f u r .tclt, brick build. jug knovn Na Ite C(i'1 V il)Ol'I., firmerly tishop's e ttlel, i huttt,d at the ccrner of Cmp anld Cumm, sistl, lreasnring 162I eet on IdfIIIIIUtinn and 146 Ifet Ill inches en Cali Iet. cThis Iuilding rentrcw n rt $fr 05,0110), andibghia in rhe nosn ter.ltl prlet lof lte ciy, cr.n shortll be iecreased tolh irly bonuetnrd dinllnr. per en. ri ItemI. Entltlored at $b00,000 I Prize--'l'he threa story Iriek dwtllinc IhoseR, No. i111o , Naocltez treel, djcoining Ihe Arcad, ret ld at 1i hltnedl dolloare. Esreimated art $0,070 I Prine--'rleo titer. lhrv Icrk dwterlling Isrcu, No. 1II, udjcincmg Nu. 10, i Natlcllez stree, letcill at twelve h ltt dreI di ollarl. Eti tr te $i t 60,000 I 'rize-The ithree sllrv erielt dwellic.g hi .use , No. i, iadjoiint - c .o. i, , tt No.Ic. lent, ree.let ut tIwIve huaol. red dollars. IEstimlntled I $20,000 Prize--Titc dwelling Ihoute No. 2:I necrll enst ecrlc ter of llnicll Ia Cu'lt,,ll houtl unt. atl', Wlet n llstrillg 4) Ii e!t frole,,,, aluRilln lmlt , 4lc r.el front in FP.cnckltl b tret, biy 127 i-et ceIIrion (ttl% ctltlclln e s , rt,it,.cl if ff. cll h it dred dll llcc . l<ntitccnlcicc t i )$ ,101 Prite--ht llce n.Iling nlclCe Noc4 iiI cth weirtg ,lri.r e it i itrctl m ci,,t m :2 frer 7 i|eichen F, tranklkin icree, hy I' 1 077Ir Ol inches dleph on (-tc s lOlllhoulse streel rented at 5fiften ibodreii cIldollr.. teclilcced at 1 $'0,00!0 Prize.--Tlhe Iwo tlnry brick dwlling I,,u.,e No. :.1) -a Rtoyal lreehl, between IJreu line and ccl nc ital streets, ccea ur ll . Iet I isle.rll ,tf, llcvol t, by 1.7 I'er II in ltee inl depth; reb l" el at $11111 per nnutm. Eosliinted at $l1.Ol0 l'rier-- ii hlcrer Canal Rancllk stock, at I Ill cl l h ,so00 $100 111,c h, $i,01100 I l'rize-1iil shccrec Meehuli+c ' nnd Tc'ra ciere' I.c k slock, lit $100 ecch, 15,1 00m 3 Prines c lll I0 shares eracl, C:clv llnck, 30,01111 SIPrizes of 51i " Eni:xlcnhge, Ii0)100 2 Prizes (cf `!5 ., ("ts .iKgI, 5,000 dPie cof 15cccn eTrth' 3,000 Pll tricer of I I .otii ona rlae, 21,1100) II I'rec..e. e 2 .. ...... I l,,, 2,(1010 210 Prizenr, of I o cf irlenne, 21,1110 20l Prize, of I Union tlInk of Flr, or a 15,000 It shrill ce t tie optiol ccfline wincer4 of priren cf tcllkcc lrock:, crilhere o toke tlhei oek iuclf c r lice Jcr uaeU lceo Ibre i llash. MOt IFr OZ' IRAOWINO. lo0,o 1 litickert, frolll It 11O I0(,01|0 will Ie Ip t in one wCerl, ltd 0l 11 c ri ., with rice hcnb ianther o .,v(eryecc ltcccr i z, c Ir ,r c ( blunk wil fircrwn. a ntol all e1111 pll.*c fore dIliCreclli ,ln u cItcvltg lie Icclnlc Ie of ntlce. clceri.crrlrlc io tocll tlel r cill he reeicve cc the 7 iTe occer t1i VLcd, ,corrr cof o t. (tClcrle andc rcctllc l ccrrn...e cud citr +No. till (Chbrnre streete New tlr a le l l, n ltd rnc l1c[lc le fKCre'.rdc d. c lr. ivr.+ IL llnte t lceccccl titke rci c lc irccn+.0+ .eltdcto l< i ,ctlI.(l1l r & II.. i.IIT'1N, Nw Orlcens. t J Ictl.elle, Fie. Atcil. +11il. tn e I i rtwln r " / It A N A M. Carnerof V. ha-rter k Cms", streed, i xcu iEi ·rrean.e ati-etg, LUSit . Atl.L.1 Nwold l reipeedly r tl the at .) enStinan ofitlieasarndtr ad.shad tIreesirm~re A ,er'p in.t I (;etihe e Iar -kbra t doile nlr. lar,: ank. I(Cn Ia lnaeLa uetslhuidr s.lliedn t dwer eanr : uad silk k~likri: jlu..v hIln t ia. fiemv r. vale io grer t .arie ,: tockr oI evrv ietceriplti n gIa a laliC an m eotlton k*atleri -ailk. eotln ndlu thirea. ghloie: *gesi hlskiy glares: uabrtllasna d canes gild llullanred. Aln, --Svpledid a.rneiiriv of ladirs and gents Jrri tringdekrs, etapaiug rune., Par liua. pelfsu evcut.. lery, aad rict m rany g lnda. a OOnviLLg S Appointed by the lederal Couert at New Orlreaa. (tlFFIC: NL. 1119 Cl)l iON ST'lRhEE',e r Ication, Ilsuersing Ihnuldingse. SA. i I'olaili.nrer lakcs aoldavils tl der amnd by Cto lth fclltd A the An(sngrea prassed rtb Filrea nry, 18Z.t; liet irlti 1II17; dbe ludiciary Act t 11789 Athidil- hc, ta onf C.rl.i ile eui. usa d ,unie ad 'llnlded. .sid Ctlylnlllmioner kas elesiderihle exprinenCe; .ead isme . s rll. Icrllilr aid ceriilicate whtih hlv iltiod lthle eveuererl ar llny hl th a tatle I.awyern _ april ii JOHN V. C[HLD, ENt;RAVERu ANt) trisPI'ER.PLATE PI iN'TER No e. 3. G+wp 31. drI.Leagrsvc and print tou rdee, bhak notes. binll u of eahanle , Mrimla nulaing, odiponmKa ts, t.erl ili and vii:ingc ards .anriI, claetar and co.nliang hoeu.s .ele,; door plates, ihlver .are, S.c. -altiy.a t bnd,an ansewlsetn at stiler plated and braYs door j..ten. '..'. Crdesprimted frtm plstee alre.dy engrared. PALL.. & \WIN'I'Egt CL.O'tHING. P. FREEMirAN & COi., Pe 3, Mtgaine streiet Sare initing idl their iupplies tof F aland Witer Ulotlling, and .ill ,loutlilc- rarive slhipneme. regu larly mtbrlllllolI thile a.een. 'Their assortement being Mlarge will melnil hedn, ii , oslulily Mnlrehnet, froen .y I IIUIIIneVr. Tt hi tillit nBe; for ale iwholesale &retuih t acncuellllnstillne leleus. epid AlrTT EIt. i50 keg Glhenatyere., Iallno nd tor fo le b j SaulldJ P WHITNEY. 7I1 Cnimp at Ti) TilE LADIES. UR HULL.'S lj I'ERti) AIIBDOMINAL SUPPORTEIL /II1S new lstruaue:tlt ftr the radical cure of Pro lhpisn Uteri, or IFalhilg iof th Womb, by ex ternal application, supersedling tie uea of the b jetlonablu pireaalry, is confidently recommesnded to thlto nficterd as thue inenn olea perfect reitortion to health, it ever imaving failed or iaerfarming a evire eoest under tle llost aggravated cireutiltan ce. It hoe received the deeioed approbahtion of Sir Aitley Cooper London ; Sir Benjamin C Brodte ; Sir Janos Clark, Physician to tle Queet; Or Antwell. Lectuetr an imidwifery to Goy's Hae. pitl ; Dr Rigby, iectirer to St Barthonlomews; Dr Griffith, lecturer to Westminater Hosapital Dr iamabotham, lecturer t6 London hospital ; Robert Ferguson, lecturer to Westminster hospit, al; Dr Sweoatman, lecturer to Middlesaex hespital. and senior acoouclreur to Queen Cltarlotte's lying in.hoepitl ; also by Htory Divi.e, Conquest' Blundell, Lee, Mlcrriman, surgeon Kcates, &e. by Dr Morreat, prteident of the Acadealni Raoygal Je Medicine, Paris, and Aceoucher to till Duches D'Orleaos ; pirofessors Velpau, Marjolin, Paul Dubois, Sa stn and others--and in New York by profesaorJ W Francis, G S Bedford, M D promts. nor of midwifery in tle university of the city of New York, prol's. Deltaitld, and Franeis, U John. stun, president County Mod Society, Laurens Hlull roesident med society State ofN York, proes Jan M'Naughton of Albany, prite March, Cyrus Per. kine, Doane--lri. 'liTos ioyd, Gilbert Smith, Hoack, Stearns, Ludlow, Kineamt, Vache, Power, CGrayson, Vani IRcnstlaer, and many other diatin. guiahed physicians in the U States. A G Ilull, Office 4 Vessey at, Aster hloume N York. []3 A eonstant stpply of the above instrument=, with Dr lHull' improved Trnssesa for Hernia, will ube kept by SICKLES & Co; N Orleans, A G Carpenter, Natchez; Stone & Marth, Wood. ,ville; Booth and MalloITry, Memphis; W D Wilkin. aon, Somnerville; iall and Washington, Nashavillc; .|cNairay and IHamilton do; R I. Bliss, Flarence Ala; J C Spotswoud, Athens; Irby and Mastin NEW ORLEANS Stcaem aod-Patent Biscuit Bakery--Waters and Hlillman. No. .9, loreau (near the Pontchartrain Rail Road.) 5Pilot and Navy Broad, Soda and Wine iscuit, Sugar, Better, Midlord and Water Crackers. ill.the above articles are warranted to beha of the firmt quality, and to keep in any climate, being ,completely kiln dried. Also,-Kiln dried corn meal. Order left at CG. W. Pritchard and Tagart, Jr. aecear Magazine and Poydra streaet, will receive prompt attenjje. Slnatl kegs put up expreesly fer at .,l7 .e., _Snov bHIPPING. For Europe. 139 FOR LIVERPOOL, P Ti A I new and last sailing ship DUIILIN, Capt. Skoield, willreceive ilnmile din. d. th. cIhaving part Jilter cargoengaged. i.ippy nH L I GcALE, nc dsn 9m( Cnmnan at. FOR IIVERlPOiOL. K, Tie fas saling ship Mar, (Cnpl. Caslhe, wcad lrll S.iI bales ecthn t cn oplete Ihercargoi u'Ir freight oC which, or palslge., opply on le n board, riot IIOLME & .I ILLS, nd - 8 laynk IPlanee of ii FOL I.IVEEi IIL. Hampk _ TheIly 'lalt ailing apcket eiiip SYI.VANUS lp I JENKINS, Cn,. c Barker, cnn accoannw e, darla ctubin passengers, aud will poaitively ib. iilon he 10tIh t June. Fur pAVsage only. haoing to superior aeconrmodalions, apply 1o Capt darker, i n ad rcied nppustre paost 4,3d Muniucipality, or I may 30 I AL..,93 C.omrnmon at t thd e A I superior and very fic st mailing FOI LIVEW POOL. Puesnge Only. The A 1 aplendid and very bik t sailiP avhip wholel of her cargo eneaged will have e Te diate despltch. Far passage only a "plyv t JS 1. I1 GAIE, 93 Coalmnn lat T 1'Il new and slilendid sliip ON'TARIO, Citp. Hllrwlioll, lce nea wl I ll ii- Ir callg en algced nd willhcve ilcediiitc desiici,. FAlr ilrellh or pn.-ae (having spaciCuLn and eleganol acnc ntto.lcaitions) apply t. LEVI II. GAI+E, _127 9,3 Cor,,,hn st. FOR NEW YOK. - . Pockel ,f the Ilh inst. New York nnd New i lleailS Line. T'ie' new clid eleganl ship, MONUMENT' Capt Claice. lhvicig liree fiurthsc ioI }llr cacgo en acgetl, will sail ititt lly. Ftr Ircigit r "·.-.,le apply uc board, ntccr ie uipper cullln lress in lie,, tieo lle d," il t PE'I'Lit L I I DLeI IV. nlav .It i iC clllpjt The Al sIill ANGtIl(, Carpt iyer, will have ileptltleih. For hiilance ci tr,,ghii A or pticage, hlvingi glod uCCOliliodIli Imc e appl)y tI the callainin Al bcrd, or to iayI S J I' OIII'I'NE'Y, 7.1 Campec r I FOI N1i W Y iiLK-ceit rhrly lcsptclrl/. I.isianl ndllll Ncw York Ilolwlc Illackeis. The ulipeii.ier rt'gii linu iiceieilt )iuo. Iapt. "rlamsk, will I.e relaidy to tr Lke il eiglht i-. nlorrowvand will sail with qg k dc-patch. r heilgllt or epasca e, i ainciilelegiintct iicii:oi tIiiiti,. apply ll the CCaliilai cn hurd, near tih, Velgtlaiibe MIarc ket,or to JAMlES B. IIIlII,ENi, 74 (Jalll it. IU7'The Yaciln is a rv deslcirable. ciicceynltc+ fur FItll Iti)STl'riN. - he in A I lll, AVAT'AS, C pi. Sinow, ihaviilg lrt fli her cirgot eie·laed nill have delspalteh, IFor Ireighllt or pIr;sII·,,a ply tn 11l 21 J PI' WIIII''NIY, 3il Citi ItI FlOR) NEW Y.(RK. llltcns' Line if Packet,. Tio etttl o the 7ih. Jrne. OCMlIIlilEII, I.ievitt, illter, will pas l.hive!y isil as caber. 'For fright Ir I s-. sage~ hlvillng leganl acconn o o llitnons, willtl ste rooms iapply ii tli. calllpaiin n board, Ilppoill the Vegetablle at 9larke,ior toi A COt1 N li Illly 3N1 NIo 9I C111111 it t I 1-'I Th pai ket chiip AIlitanam will succeed ile O- c iit Inttlgee, ad snail 7 dilvs rfler. . 'lits(ast sailing paekgt lhark Cl IF, 'I, Ilt " tit in "itll cf her cargo cegligelged will lave des- p atch.llh si Fr Ihlancc f ireilglht or ln.aege, having lice accon-c ec modiiliris, nlly to & J 3 P WIIII'INEV, ic line3. . 7i .lnp liti To S,,il .n SahlurdayltIIe 251 his- /or F(IlL NW\V IYtilK. I hle A I fiast cailiiing skipi NOlLVAY, iuCa .it i I)ciccc1in l icnin wil saiela cce. Fcr efre g / oir lcScge applc it | el i'Y 1. ii II l., !i3 I.o iinon at c r .. . .l lit''l N.N - - r (x r c e ill. iarld , wdl sail hi ai , ill t " - ce iilclia e iif iriieilhi or lie llcc, lll,lly hi ] 2 I. II ;iAl.l 3:1C. , 9 iii.3 in in 1t (GEOIIRE C. CIIILDS, 71 ATtOOINCY AT LAW rd 11,7 11.. aucnd thIle Su Prerne~ (·llll t, and tic' District: tourts, rf Iltrriol.tlrSg.o I a toott o Ifthe djacent tlt11 tl o Clllll'(·ity ,f Itoe'tto.. or mane , w(II hr n dr rink, it it,, I lI1 Irlllf 1.11, attended~ Ilt o , lior non rI I..., Illlt, or TP TIIII.II I is o f ('XI1* A te Mato -o-,1 lf Iorto 'Ito fe Iee"3 ru C OTTON CIRICULARS i0i I'll INl ll) ttht~heltcfe~trn brat ,,d,lti,,,,nd as r otc aclrurptt*Aed its NEW I y I.IL, or else whelre. 0lt eos tle u t C',, Rott0 in St. Chanrles E AIII :IICAN I' lfIN'l 1 C0F'ItIcI, 0--rot-s I' J'rlrr arnd St Charlei Stle 1., will le p omptl u/Le~u*GA to . SIl:A AIt1-(1 '.'I IItIIKr-1 oalltt e sup1ipy oIf - ( rIgh tlo I teks leloti a 1al ottol Ietttttl, 1.1"o andttien,"nrl I~e'.'ipt. received aot Nttr stae at No ot4, ay17 VID Flt & o facture, a sulwriUT articleor sine at s No 24 Cha~rter st. mly 17 D1V )F!' o `, 0.11'-- I tomtuu A u I 15 h Ilr.w in spore, ir lode by ,ay 14 'I RI .14,lt (yater- ltt tlu 111 I' Ct l(lx.AliSl Lutee White. 1LervllliI wear, n storre ti f sal by S &~ J I' 1VIII.I·NN·Y, may 15 AftI-30Il kegs aetqor teall-l, lautditg ItO,, . 1J steautr Columbus, fi I~r sale, by my 15 Ur ltII1t4EVI 44 ,wee. .Iit,)UK90Ilb barres on the laUding, ttg c le by y lily15 1: 111,1515it 44lit ew I8 4 N0lI7CE-ttIl'1.IA It II1.II Na I4ttlro,, st Lotinuet to ,t launfcttre oty articte in his hs a. cdttlest to . (lhurce Iu~adette. It N. It. Watches,. Jewelry, M,,'iec Ilonee Sttectseles Ittoirtd inl the matt fatltlhful tatttter. 1 OldGld ttiod Silver arllied. tonIly In (' Al stolld Lettte r I('ER-A ftlti asortrmtetnttifh , J albtve artiles, plainlalnd rutld, for sre at Nto. 24, Chtartres street. may 1I D IV!) FEILTo.T o. S111E-9:10 c~ 1·asks lltotoas Ion limt osftier stale by S &J·I' WII1NEY, matty 4 73Cantp at. j IIIWIE-lt trd cux, `Iblrtt liter illtl n_, toel  AAfor sale by SLJ 'WI'IN:' -1122 73 ('.let) at c EA O'ITO OIl-For Ithe restoraliott nttl gotwatlt Ii A the Ilail, giving health,, beautyl :Inld Plreventing it s falling l, sal t V. I1'N.I:ta.I. es t F-1I kegs Goslhen etnd \'ttearnt, to lore, 21for sale by U R 6 44 NeoLevee FFISIlttEIIA Torg to 11t:i't'1 !tlf- t ltgaty re reei·rfort , IoPrinted dIt. 6 14 gallor it water iure ; `!9 tigglton fit it aeonole rr -eletb a,23 S - PWIIIlaI0,7:1Corpt CORN U11OOM~S---?5 dot in store still for sole by d' mt22 i ( )It EI'tIS , 44 New Levesteo j!I.OtIiI.-2726 It landitg from, steam boat Persian, In atid for oole by G DtlttriEi' - m22 _ _ 4 New LeveePL ()F'FEI.;-. I0I) bags Java, UIuIIIr.* nd . .nilln.ill J storefo aeOlelow to tcroae olttlsigmaett ti12 4 1H ILl. & ItIIOWN.6 MiI agneitte at pllI.I1r IIIIEA 0-It bbllo., lorrdirty fotl ottnu,un : to I o1 l tlpnl. For sole by A. 'IIIEII, t, mttay 2il 34 Utavier iat p" gbRLEFANo:.'l IIOtiRAPHIC I'IIINTINFG OIF YFlCE, 53lMagati ne streot, opposite BIttck' Ar- at WV GIREENE taket Iletature in annoucio g itt to tot lriettdemtd rthe titizena of New Orleotto, tlhatt e ht at trgrtt btgjtt 1.itltttgttpt. oil a 0Itr-I isill, copper plat, it plrtntittg, and front the btttlitjeo tine art Ioa ortr copperttl (ittoe otgtoavittg, he call execute alt ordeto ,ttllutdotdlto t Ililll at one h 11111the ex Pence, 0 uellgruvillg and nlearly as I cheap as type miming. r Merchantls wishing Circulars sent out inl Ilisir own - Iand writtg,otstltave anv quttntitv at a fet Itoouro otttte; ar thtea waill Ieeaecuted ftr tlhettt in a reatutiitl style, such as has heretoforen given &eneral satisfaction faalt ile Itoist eospectable comlissrioatt houtset in this city. Gentlrttten d.sirous of laving Visititg or lIttl. Iett ness Cuardlsfitislhed iln thlbeast mnnr, will do well by tllnathltle office and see specimens.t r. Felt. 1, 183911 N -It-lank notes neatly eaecuted, att circulars, triated atone hour'. tt otie. t . IjU'I'TERI-(Iootteo aod Veotettt, tt stote and for 32 sale by 1 IttEY, june L 44lNew Levee . P 0aRD r-d5,iegs Itsf lard, laodiog frottretrt boot A Oronoko, for oste by G DOI11EI', i ttl 7 44 New aLeve UACON NIDt 1-L5o cooks Citetcittatt tuted, for U sale by G DORSET, ', 9 al7 41.'trte Levee K aJISINGi WHIEELS-40 str Htittiotiag bts, ( ttof impeoved construetitn, in faota oettplete, for sale by OTT, mltay 2-4zd Tittli Circle (^UNNY BAG. - 111,000 in balat and Iluttdlco, for l setby ISAAC BRIDGE&AL Co. stay 2 131 lagzinetat S PERM CANDLES--6t boxes sperm Candles, N Bedfotrdbrand,forsaleby I BRID ECo&&Co -aay2 134 IMgaginiet PRINTING PAPER.-160 reams t4 4 36 itnchta landing ftott sltip Ya oo, io r al t by J ttty 29 SGBI.ANCIIARD, 33Gratieett FOR NEW YORK. Nem York A Mere Orlararr Line. IN, A NEW LINE of pnckete hos been edns linhea to Ira. t1 ru between Now Orleans nold Nowv York, It'j tllifirs rate sahlips, viz: Ship Se. :Slurv. It W Foilr r lmll r, Rtepualcka, J 1 I lRil Aublur, H P I)uraly, Ile, ,t new ý blliidllgR go., Theme shit), were burilt in NeNw York exprrisll for this. it orudoi; ar:alt a Ilghl, orughl of water, and will nolt b subject to delooijoo oh theP lar. 'lheir ooi.pooooooooinllo tee f hiinagjs cionia0risei all ohut Inly be renluired fi, colnfirr and eunvemencei annd t nor commanders fp ire SIS m'en ofexo0 lien.i. aitll the 01h1p, 0w Ibuilding fir.e oo' eorlplelod, two first class thipsoll suaopiy tlheir Oly pine fig It *grente.- l punctullity willle obPered in thle fll t'm ofltoiig, and every reason ablo, noouonoolnaiojll ex, aded to sllipjw. aod poaooigors. ii or furthler particular apply to MIesa. J.Jalonsoa - a 1 L..otdie,,, No. 86Wall strere, No York,. or to jai PI'0IPE IT I.A II)L.oW, till Coamp at nig 'UR NEW YORK. e, [Louisiana and ew Yorhk Line orfPaketsa, To ail rei snrly aoadverOtisd fri, ebach Port-. ip TI n lB llineo iar la th oooaiar cnlpob1 d of the frll,,. It .10 inn ipslint 6laore nlewa vaoolo will In putooofi e- an early duv homuktog Ihl lmbrr twelve in all, wahici willtalloo w lofi being dispatlllhd flront this 1p11rr eVery week Idring hol, year, itll,,, ,hioordioog promooplt foilit - li otrorailnpor tioul and at thlle lowest ,frtes ,lljt Ship Yaoo, Capria 'In rak. -litisxil'pi, iI oisvi.le Allen. 1), " nolroiogn, lloIthoowooi n" Huntsville, Elrig li JThep above ahips ooe allh ofI , filet 0oaxso Cllpperdj alol :ltll oppr .ifooat.d, of a liPglt dlloughllO o1 water1, fin1 uoilt iiiN, n Yoork ealxprelyfubr tlhe tllo o',witlPgoleit accommodat1ions fir Opnellgers anil coiolm nded by hlle and expel I,"IIlel," I masters. ' lf le ref pas10a0e i0 fixoel at $811, S llnt WIne, r, or liquors, solo Ia metes in0v ry olher po-too ihlr 01l :u be provided, and nosy attentionl,; ei~ell to Illolllule the Fo cllo1III,'tl , h,,l: r 0101in01t0 and, Inc i0,10h1111 1.e. 'l 0 ,,1s11ill,00III0010 11 1 10 0.e1,d tiaanlls down th11 river and he n tllpiunlltullity lyollbserved as to their day o,1 I failing - Neit her the owne0 or e,. tini of lhllw 01,00 II ill III be rio.ý,oilrle fr joa'olov, lolliono* p1111iu1, il, 00000 lorplate 0'110, loopokogo" of ghoas, holl~ow waroo marble, l onlgln ai:e, cure on ti n, rust o f iron orllrc steel, itr filllllY l,,,e,,, pa;rcel iI ·ll Ilknv -at y o puI~t .If hos rlrl o~f t lalll. ullvr a reglllnr blill, u':.!il art'I - tken b,, the. xunnel, umlII Ih-' VLalIIC l(.rv.(l(·lxll reeitdd Folr freightl or olol llhly to " fear 21 JAMES~ 11 IllUlI.IN. ?·, l·n.ll b( FOL NEW YORK. 1101,31ES' O1F01 PACKET. TC 'tO sail lOnclollo vo na h ll lle l fiuLl0 eac p Jrt, OOIIO en first chts. ship, conxix, ,,g ,f t 'hp[ahiloooCaptin Woo~d Arkai~nsas, Irnjrluin E itIrnnia .Wol0Anb , Capltl0iln C L . Brry, flo n 11,1110100, 1a1i of ear0, Vicksburgb, Captatiin J runller, tl p hel , Captain , ll llooll ll ay. ok t of 0.0 ald ii olpb,I olooao x aot0 ~loo 11 0lll1 llii -- CnplhO Woodhollulsoyo 11 0 e. W Nero Ship --- Captain Nielllnls. The above shipils am t ll of the first pI' ljl , eoplere, 0 li part c ololodr fns01o,10 r were buhilt i New York elx- ly 01re1'01 fur ths1 001111Iiv are ,l t ,gloasoI 'f)lo' ,llfll 01 010 te~r, anld allllrt invaria~bly cross file liar Walnllut delet- n 00he0e1p00'e111010 are cinlollnolndel I., Cap lto ins we 0l1'' t ho 01100,0 11101'I'll0 o ill alal $11, row e aoh nd ib downIlth rilver, find will ,,oin ptly sail 01 advertised. urn I' 1 110 01,1100 001100 0lllld~ll(IV fll i~( l~lo fool~~ll ~ jl0oillogo o1~l 01) 011111 oooohoir lo 1100ill0lWU0 b,1111 fu 00000w, nold every o'oenliun pool, Ilhe cullfoooaooo d sooioolias iooo f i, OooIle prir oflo' e cabio i0 f1ed oll at $80, without wine oh Folr further paurticulars tll~ply to A COVEI·N, sul Illnl· 0n C (:omll street fl- ,r TLS The ships are. nollt nccountnble fu hr breakage of as) .I clllsa, Ilnllllw wan', m arbleII or grantite, elllpernlleF f tin C or rust I.( illll t stel: nor responsible tit, any package nkBL'p h or parcel pot;Tr if guard, aping, n rugulnr bit 1, fladmg be tit "' W. t'or the Interior. R (I{ BAYOU SARiA Regtulor Packet. u 'llh, splendid pIssenger strtand fit t ill I.:... New Orl . .... 44rv e \r e eldila ill . 1 o'chc:k A. 1. Ior B v~la l Sanra&,ever . t4urdll at Il 4 '(4lock A. Inking flle cd il dawn ol set S dl " For hright or pasage ap ly to (:apt. II Hart II4it4 l4o4eart4 44r to f "b125 _ DAMS & W tlTAIT." 4l . N A II N4K4'4&444, &c--4 . ll d.m I :t u rs i s m llleter paper, fe e I" "u,. d , ,llllllll .ll4i4l . :I.ll t L O hllo. pos 5110 doI { rlb ·ll I dlo 75 iii, wltlll.wer limed pil- dl d I ., ) d 1 nle r i ll e ll w r i l i n g 10 f ine capl do e : 9'11 do fl4 'll roya o 4. 44.(, IE .Pala pr of i :l T 4l4l - nv r " quality, will e44 " - 1a ll byll iaanow ier "s Ifa-le, lis nnno n, I lUvrier it Se ( ) 4r4, , received with the gleUtest a t mli crhesr St ('llarles &. (C(nm an as Il2 TII EL/L-:iII -: -. ases alrtun andGingham Urn a" Uj brellua, ens coiuprisnln a ctzmplle e ssor +in, Iodin f'ro,,,l hrig J 4ahner, Inc sale hy 4 ".4 AC I44 I{ 4 111E b Cu 4 4e 1:41 Alln4zine sPt.) 'ANCY SOAP\1'-30(0 box- ju:st r'ceived- for44 lcmaI y 15 96 lagaznl stI. t Illy 14 SHIIAI.I.L & IOL)WY N, 96 M gainea nel P prI)Wlr I stlre Id Iolr astile bI ny 14 J TIA15 ER & Co, 74 ',vdras at t LAG4S'r( NE'--fi440) yards flag4in44, lauding from l sh' ship St Lawrelnc, fol'.,de by- " " may 15 . &, JP WHITNEIY,73 Camp st 9 /. LI4E-IU( ,cu-nk KT(i,;,,4,m0 oill4l, i4,hI . fir aul4 i) it444 (3 "4:13 (4'a4l4p 4t 4 -AVANA SWEI.'II:lATI.--54 4 ,,bxs 4 n h s4luore, SII fli sale byA TIEl.i *AnVy l 0 34 firavierst i ,- 11 ,:.liA -l iA RAI- INS-I100 lb xes n store nm y4 15 :14 ( avier st) tl . Bank Checks, Bills of Ladinga, Auction i S HIlills, Pamphlets, show bills, Can.t-' logueA, &e. & Wc. I, 44Ill4ltfor the AboeJ ., erery other e, i. ripflio of L I'(N H- 4 1' y_.- 4j 44re4eir4ed at 4 4tllllll44444 44 i 4 444o 4 o 4' . 'I'RU )4 A44I4I I4 ,"f i4 ST. ')HI4I4S IX : a c('I:NC, :i1 (door friomll trai-ir street,or at lthe Printing I P Otfice, curier of I'o Wdra andl St. Chlls streets. E.tlesire and beantiffitl IOOK aknd .JO FoUVNTS 01 dom the be a F o ndries isUe United sLa/ca, hanrj ja th rbeen adnLed to e already Ma.vlang 'd Establishmet; i N --Nad -it. :0 bi/l beececuted an s Low, aIs Ch eap, I E:xleditiou AlT- and Bleautiully, a w a n troy uo er Orice i y, L Jurst reeived by lau e rrivulas, a II Oltllllnt of lllrts Cravatse, Slrlllnm r slt mks, G oove, and Su"ills , V ders, at Ihe BIrz.u,i corier s of St. C hlarley an1. Cid i tinUl g 1 t reet . I C m r N. B1. A eon'l1eta 41s4rtreut of Writing Deaks, Tressing e ases oae a ing e in "romhe ood & n ny8 6 U1 &W AI.I.ARN. oII I I-1 500 bus hels i g r oent fslt 'm11 ald r pt S J sale y 11113 ATl4IF : 4 31 lirvler st I 4'J. tli:A'Uth iw a . c w nard use.i,l ri I cle of Curnilllre, rHlupidll o Ling ,o uSe i a r Il m Ilern es well as SOthern ' Hllillude. II islesiged L to keepcol iad, swe l lll dishes i tile cliu ry de Ti 444e4 lefrgel'Uator i now cl nsidered ul i4ndi es e II' 1 article in fIhe eeUl00nyv tevery good houllo ewll. I. The a t 4 q4ua4liy of food4 it protecls tiln)ll h4e4 wealher, wi I tore 1 at 4: 44lll p 4v tl4e cosft ol the urile revery yur. fatcturr s, Refrigerato44 rs I4)fd 4li4ent prices 4 4 r 'Tile ubieriher is Uppllinted Ag4lt for tile mau ufa- i: Curer, Sir A Puallen. lpetimllells f1i till Itellertlu re tl Fav b ee seen t m }y hre5 Brieaville at, I ml0 44 W tANeSw L t - NEW JI' CLF . - . .. . eil SW , . ELl.,16 C 9harlres s (reer, h ea Ihi4 dayC reeiv- 4 ot N ed H per shiA S4aruara, 50 dozu. enamell44 d lgrentl 1blf NillS, whiel will Lbe olered In the trade r Ir relia rs cheap.- fo i er than ever before oiti'rl~d in thlis eilt . Also 511 dhzeu pa Elhaled Rhilng, of ll pllit4lls4 togeher wilh a greall va- , riely of cellap filt \Work, et ti-hilgof llrtui a leal Iciugs ed will do well Io exallliie this great a mltlSO mlleln P° P. S. Ohl GoId and Silver wanted. api 15 Pt r1 • a row rs can find at 53 Bieuvllle slreel Patentce, SPlalformu Balanee S 4ll4erior to any ever o4 eredI in is thi, .) city. 4felL f W V 1 4.'ARNES. p4 - 4(111 renntn rulte Letler PaPer, both blue and whi le 4also,450 ruled ca,, 4 d sume 4ve4y low pri444 , e sui'ble 4r I' t e )hools . .or s.lei4 4y 4AVID FEIN'4 f i, S4 44 y 4 ) NY Stationer)' Itll, 4 I Chartres a 4. )t lJ and tbrsle by J 'I'I1AdEliNc. de m13 ?1 Poydra. st k, S4TI4 o. GEA IIINS4-:9api44 or saile g4 Nf. L 13 (i OI.S 44 C4New Leve. e I - o rio U4p...... br4. pri... .e 4r4afl i l y .44 U 44 dor !I' , stahreand f4444 ale by J± 4 'H) YE4 4 &4 4 as nil 0 44 New (.ave 4 44(44)444444 4 4 (i TRUTH IS MIGHTY AND WILL PREVAIL. TT is a fae that 150,000 of roaoparilla Blood Pill, bhar Lbee , lid durin0 g tlr e pal t X doUUobo. t ilaf t--thlt thtry are tuakell ii illll0 U erhbleo inonl.b s to qbvialt asll corrlect the IIIacIVoOUtlOO onobllld d o:l.l tn of qoll.,k o Iills sld other quack lledlciueo, by whllh ollolully l1, ar Itl alnllfl-That all qlluc m liclle" contail miooroll, or tmercury Wlhel oluack hl, toik '..m"oohill or curs," alld Iru.l to Lthenr slret lo'I"lt or "llll+.. th io a at--Tt'lluo o lll, lhrot tuaebo oand foreoig impostoo r. call tholoolllvol doehors,tllothey oav olre ffccltully Impose tlhoir oiloo and logerouo 0 lrr0llr tlo n tl t {l I i Ioo cr, Lg oolltloig for tlhe colloelquelccO or that thIcy cooolly lockel Ili, 111 i r noo~tgaioo. o It ou lact--'l'hat rhe qoark, lloll foreign imootors wo o lo I oowv ill's ourcoultry kolloW llotm,,, of I h llottlle Ustt o edi. 00 cI0I0, naollolh IsIhalout ofll lUml 0I'Olo lyolo;oyIo . file tIt io'I-Thy o re rc al00 0 y eI oCaelluioo l o te lo fow ll di,5,e 11.111, e1l which lure Inore ur Iess caused uy m IUllell ee rt.othe bl0 l o io1oood 1ii ,lt l ,. dso, .amelly Ir tllheullloallc alftion; Ulcerous sores ofth, oll, oe,tlroao ocrll'u,o; Eorysipt lal ; adll Iholl); Ja Jalullite; Ileartlburlo; Scaly m erlllO lls ,lld blotches el l)ineoie, ofthehIver, Ykill tl +i eoa ki boaolldglul1dt; try aal water opiloplcs, anld Pain oftheloder, olong the lo.Ip.tuh' ofe tle faC o Ild of bot acklold stle, over o fle tho , mo d); reglo it"of tioe heart and 'Ieottorooo ringwornos; a~t h samai,; x1'Ittl'ollldihood l dung of the Inlward rfovels, haod troot itl gloado olf the ioo, I, the 1the u o ldlrrh, Iul rt; 1r·, .oooo. &e Cor FlotUlellcy: Ioldighlolo ; Sho,,oolch toughl.; W aollt ao l elit0 ; 0.1v.rc p.llalllt Sour rlttlon ao l 2roidltFrs of th, .0+tOULh; Wo0terbrash &c. RECOUIIIENDA'TuJIny FACTrs: It i, a fart-The only oopri.tor oul I,,ll,ufcturoer of the otsaparllhl blood p1o.oIo . i, rlo'goll.ol ;oIo w llooon .w ao a Jth 0- eoary, tteoteld by the 0ll0tceh100rIlodllIdhyo,.oiru ,'thel Uooted tl Ytaten. It Doctors Ploysck, ClotIollo, Jdck.ui Gi soln, I)eoeos, Ilare, r JaesO, lurllor, Coxeo &C. - Itix a act--ThatletrSaIralll. Ioa bood ill nry 0r ,lnlyed in tile pratire iofllluhyo)hylloyl.o iollol vr) lrongly recoU. Itlltlldel by llllly throuohoot thoo Ij Sootae. (See doooeciooo ra'eora0Ull0yillg Pl'h box of our) t i0 a lact-'Thoey ore eutllll,.el eooirely of vegetablel, Sl0 tlhey are w0or.lated Ooolltouu o oo mecury ur Ullomll iore-. pa:ratlils. I(too afoot-They oty hle toh k y Itheolot delioateoond at ll ages; witlhUt restrallnt ol'oCCUlmliutl or businces; withoul dfear Ofoakilg cold; withoult challog of diet or reotlaniut fruo tempqerateeatinlg. It is af-They wil 0ot by thelir operatyoio, wnlich aosy 0bemtldor 0ctive, ccordlog to tle qunlloty tahke, wkhellte SIneor systemonlu luuLhasomoto of tie eurogatve ooedreoles geoer :Jly Jie, to I ot flet--lrtthly re tle most effectual PUIFIERIS OF T7IE 0BLOOD. ie ,INn Ee OLNOVATO I or" TIIE SYSTE11 rder dlrcu. eled Alto, coltiluIoU do o,sorr, irodoncc, ho cr o ry, tr 1tle tlooerolo, or tiloe ouseoueo o olf odolllloo, coue, velterial, &c L. It is a fact-That nver ill a ile i i llgale loe hlave thely Ibooo knlown tO he used, that they dlid not prou, 0 •t god od, lltc- o',oogtloUlolodo, ootiny ufwolfoho were btIicre caodo l edodoo,. It is oo fact--lolt one box'ofSarsaparilla pill iald olne b,otle of I Cllo l..oloUlld Syrup of0sarty.ooolo, l atoioollint to o oore ooy oftho obeho" dloaon.e. o ott-Oo Coolo Ih d hb olsoerved, tlhb othooly pylocetloyoo ll l lobtooll oN.Onuiue 11, j. Orlooaon, ir it Cuto,.hlose trootr I uprdl I rr Noo. 90. BLOOD IILOOD : BLOOD'!! Itt. J'loe vitrl prmoeiple (Life) Is eoto.::;!ed0 1U ti, blood. 2. Blood oaokleo blood.-.l. 3d. 0Ev:ry Ihlllg oIo tgle blold is dlerivod fro iiIa, 4olh. All coo uooo oioo, are ocattlo011y tle. ta .. 5thl. Ill rlioooo uto ih fomo iolroto f tY e l.0II, , or ilb- Ih etr words, orolln o lrllllolliuu Inuro hodhedo I00 ti, lody. l (lh. All tho-e Iooro are carried Ofil: the Ioo,,1 yrol tid ' a olod l lll oood lolahful by tothe sarn0.0.1 ha0t 1,t 111 lll00 l w+. t s boe blood. oth. Vegetoble purgatives. loneoorsiIolollatwitl ho blooUd, IJtPU|ITtYo , lftho looodl is well khnw0n to 00 oloarthe great i o e'losorodloeaeo SAItSAPAIttt.I.A 0, wolI kllow, to b i the ino t elrectual mri fier o"loooe boyo l ta d ool e 0Il0 hm.ll rt ystetll i exioo telcO . l Is the od rloclj reedlul gono t t.Ianl '1 Pnuuceas, Culahhcolls, ud other preplr ou.. It i+ urll.os, 1, loereofure to o lllcuot0lltt o,1t vItot; tlhey ore kllowno toeoer y S y I filod toilo OoIoo ooo t"booo 00 anl.: I' i BYcury aens)plnprrs fI y w it at( vertlrS(ellle o 'prer+- al OratlunsofoSo+otoylo,,ooolar extrts,Oyrus &h. to Itr IW S t hos doicudered a o ruo.csy kno' w , ooli to iimself, 1 whereoby Lo o. lloloilled w1loth ,or weh kowu clanaleldd t0ell0 wtIlooout dooolroolg tile virtuuToftle surtairll illrnd loorllog Ooraoparllb. or Bloodr Pill.V. Wool t10 oa.ooloooo r os c - . t rLueallh o d oia . i ll ohtitrtYe, Woc by iotso bllithgradouaII li ly ,1,d hulost ionperolo ptoly carries olt' tie gross o ud oolord hlblllo separated forlu tco bluod by tl orooooI rllloo. TI. 'to Ce llls duo 000 urget o v,, iutly os most 0ills d,. t,,,],: w . (1) tate oud o reduce th" syotel, reoderlog ot l,,ore hal le Io do- d. oaoe, wokennlog tile systelo. oald llahilog lotose to take 0 strlull:er ItdJ, alld klifilng or estrorlyllg thot + ads; ahort Ve itut [ IOa Vodeo yuttht rgioogrs v iyolenotly o.toho Iol.odo g that oore llslollofl:tucld hy qlhacks and forelogooo ion o orro a 1s t tinc hevou, in their eoiseue llen*.3 as mer cury( uud oter ,sinI- CuC Frou thie circumutance of te .saroaparillo beinj iltroduced jd ill lls,lo.eng e0ay to take ah d cl. elcll fur carrydll, on te.o vo oko'et or for troo o llo,; an l oot og hihleot breake h, as are go Coo ILootieroouotlonog yreparatioon of tihe sarsopuitllo toy ,lolst celotloooly oakhoe Ihuace of all olther proearatlons. of ·ar·lparllla.+ + ltit tile foregoill Ilove elicilted Ioueroes O lesoimaiaols vi roolll ol oodiei ll y ald otoher, whold aholllly tIle, ,rectlnll, d aod, arc i ooeOollydltl i recyOollelal, il rhleaumal', floouo ,lo.o "erfJfl," rysl ul'as.jau dibce Ilearluru.. rl+ • :s ofthe bier, B hklUll+, IovIer the regionll· )I1f lhe treal alld st iler l ,r Iwr, eersd shoiooo, lollall oonol of the side aldo.. g the h.ick sod bhd t0s0e of tohe nu0l0,, foul horoth, itooo,ooooy. ondgoso wO' 'll l tC L )gaso tits+, ··r fou L tII t Ild l, CI daodecyi t m Lts o., of- l tilt..pitere hou trotim.]d elrdy stily I tla ahllhl,+tchl": le. ,, I the il l dr' Il.l ld A I.dt ,,ea· .+ a iy u ,les nltl u of thle git rs ti ll oPCk, in tile Ltai. rti, ert . t, l it e"It i. ettigi.., r li%-r Ce.llltlnlit. wltreeti rn: , and all te wlhiletrain o' cfd i -eareault g ftrom iIiurityelf tie ilad e id- Mrat. c n ednea cre Ask any riepertaile pellyieiant l . question. elnt ivs rp ta moletiefieouita, Ceurikeir of'. tile ood ? Illn urs will te tar. nuflice it to, ay ttlel ifall .lhysicin rte ie t so i veeraily, allt leater erodedte canll He 4thuv , of t, lllualll h 1rof eso 3 S r.. .avertrs eerllme ln c Inlv l rmit ll n alcrive a refrrl. at Lrd gthe. it.a.lrett of ,tLit.,ol, ent illd en.lct .i'e ort twhoeIut e anid retain ac No 9il tCullom iurc, streat, lT I lse aldtited wilappr llld 10to 'ay o llf r tlltllh of the ku, seri ,routrre, gknew y, nreil idetao c ne inrm b ' Thn e utthetd lS Physician on! Ie nlleloltte frol P to 10 A , andiil frio It ou 5 I r avd frowh 7 to 11 Ie the evepnyIIg. o' titl e ' lui i are tro tie full illiorll thlat the r I ve Co. Exc~lanO IHteI, It IIIharI eI ,t. mr 11 If 1e, ie(,(; .t S .o .n q .,,cii -e. ,, o :,n ,intfrI, h ,..ity,, rIi- Ille rcc, eo d killll Ir lognlllS n s, you re aic tI- lildreita i tbinnRite ; im n'l tlip nirt, Act i nt' idihig "rot slipl ip ara llStea fior sile bY u13 i litllii. & Co, 131 ciigarilest I TATE OF LOUISIANA-Filet Judicial Dis Strie Court--The State of Louisiana, to all wlioit tlhease presemnts shall Colle, reeting: S Wlereas, A C Blanehaord, J hV iireeclove, W il. iansl Mankey, and H1 Lavergno Ibavni purcltared at a sale made by thile Sheriff of the Prli of Or -leans tlle prperty Ilereinhfter descril cd avre ap. Splied to lthe CerkoftblijCourt in wliosa olice thle dentods ofale were recorded in thie 14th, 2lthll, and 27th days ofApril, A. D. 1839, for a nluniion or I advertielnent in confornity to au act of the Iawgis. laterd fthie State of Louisiana, entitled t An act for tle furtler assurance of titles to purchasner at judicil sales;" approved the 10th day of March, dio 1834: Now, therefore, know yo, and all persons inter. c elted herein, are hereby cited and admoneisled il Sthie name of tlhe State of Louisiana, and of the First SiJudicial Distriel Court, inho can set up any right, Ct title or claiS iin and to tbe property heurina ter de. ereceribed, in consequence of any inlobrmtaity in t!ie order, decree or judgitent o the Court under whichl lt ieale was made, or ally irregu'arity or elegality in the appraisements and adveretisclteete, in time n or manlr of sa'e, or foerally otar irli·et whaents ever, to allow canute llli tllirly lfysi trout C the lay ,i tste ionition is first Inserted i the pulttiein piptnr, Swy the ea so mnade sould not be n eontirned allr hiIgonlolgatedi. I 'ile slid Iroperty was to1it fiy the Shleriff of the t Pir aih afirestaid, toi e 27th dity of Mittrhll, A. D. 1839, by virtue ofa decree of this (Cturt, rentdered i oC the 5ih day of Manrch, A. D. 1039, in a suit enli. Stied Carriere & Borduzat vs. Bacitanan & lI.tgan, i No. 17,401 of thie dockret of this Court, at which ' s:e lte said A G B anehard, J W H reedlove, W'ii liain Monkey noid l Lavergne beean e the prrclnta sere, respectively, nflhe fulcowing property for tile ucl owing amlounts, to wit: SA G Blanecllrd was the purchaser of Ile lot of n ground untmber Six in Poydras street, between Camp and St. Charles streets, mleasuring twenty four feet six inhesa front on Povdras street, by ninety five feet six inches deep, for tilm t ue of nsent tllousand one lundred do aors cas : tllree thousanu nine n undred and forty fwur do',ars and flifty cents r payable the thith iro day of March, eighteen bhlndd. red and forty, and the balance in two and threea - I years en notes satisfactorily endorsed, and beatlin r- tlnortgage--and ifnot punctually paid at utaturity Lo to bear mterest at tim ra often paer t etla. till paid, er wit alout any riglt to retard pnymelt, wllich tier Ssaintd sheriffacknow edges tn have received in his In eita, Iayah e as abotve, wtlth Joilalt Mctoyer & Co and N. Benoist as endorsers, and reserving on tie Miabove described property a spec ia.i iortgagle un til the final payment of the above described notes, J. I. Breedlove- became the pur lhaner of tle lot of ground nuimber Fit our, ill te corner of St. Charles and 1Ytydras streets, teasuriteg twenty four eet front te i t t. Cil hrles street aud seventry. eight feet ten lceten oty P.iylras street for tihe sull of e even thlusane ald one hundred dollars, paya t ble a folluw, viet: lnoe tthousand dllars, casho ; oa- turi thouan two llhudred and ninletren dollars I payab a the 19th of June, 1840, and tlile balance iu Stwo and thlree year., in notes satisfactorily endors - ed, and bearing mortgage, and if not punctually paid at mnaturity, to bear internl at tile roati tif tell per cent. till paid, witholtt any right to retard pay. ntelt, which the sheriff acknowledges to hav. re. etived in his nlotes payable as above, with Jolht is Minlturn s security, with p eci ,I nlortgage on tit, property sold until final paymelnt of the above de scribed notes. J W Breedlove became, also, the pirellaner of tihe lot of ground nulber One, situated ext to lthe St Cllarlera Theatre, near Poydras street, ineasurilg t. wenty tlree feet eigit inchles ael six lines oen St. Clharles street, by sevenity eighllt feet ten inclles ini depth, togetlher withl a ftur story brick iouse and kitelien lthereon, elow under lease ulntil the first November, 1839, at fifteen hundred do;lars, froit tlCenca tn tie let Novemhber, 184i), at two thllousand ddollars per annume, payable muntbly; for thie sum and price of sixtee thIousand do late, payable as follows, viz: T'wo thousand dollars cash, four thousand fie! nhundred dollars, payable the nineteenth day of June, eighteen hundred and forty; nid the ibalance in two and three years, in notes satisfactorily el - dorned and bearing mortgage, and if tlat puuetu. te al y paied at nmaturity, tn boar interest from neate. rity, at the rate of tIn per cent. without an iigbht knowledges to have received in his notes endorsed by John Minturn, and payable as above, the re es served special mortgage on the property sold until to the final paymenot of said notes. ik Williham Mackey beeame the purchaser of the lot of ground tonumbered five on Poydra streoet, be SItwenn Camp aotI St. Charles streets, mleasuring at twenty-bur feet six inches front on Poydrae street, by ninety five six inches deep, for tihe price of seven thousand live hundred dollars payable as tr follows, viz: Five hundred dollars cash, four thousand two hundred and ad seventy.even and eighty three hunl. i dredths dollars, payable the thirtietl of Mareh, eiglhteen laundred and forty, and the bIalance a two cad three years ii notes satisfactorily endorsed, and bearing mortgage, and if not punctually paid ip otmatu:i;r to bear iterestt at the rate of ten per coet till paid without any right to retard payment, and "the sheriff acknowledges to have receivwd the c;sl, .1 payment, and thie balance in his notes, the two first of tthe order of J. Irwin, and the last to tihe order of Gee. Buehanan, and by them endoraed and pay. or able as above: a special mortgage is reserved uctil r the fial payment of thile said notes. II. Lavergne became the purcelaser of the lot of ground number three, next to ihe corner of St. . Charles and Poydras streets, measuring twenty.four feet one inch front on St. Charles street, running I seventy.eiglt feet ten ioches deep; for ti.e price of six thonsand nine hundred dollars, pay. a ,'le as follows, viz: Oner tltiuIsnatid dollars cash, fitar IrihieOed two hiu trrdl l td i ilte teen dollurs, piatable tIe t tillneatatllla doaV CJinte, tr i.helrt l hndllired and ul ,,a the bit :e Stwo aUI three Iar, ite no les tt c ortvily endorsed and S b-.ariig toirtl;rp - ald if i f oiir I neCt Creb arid ot l uaI - r , itsli hi.r iatr rn -t at the rle f tell rer cunt. till pmid wiligrlly rigtlll to retard pa, oebola l trle charill. nekhIow'e,1e.t tIo have received t kill+ casi pIaylPtll e ld th!e ladluoe s of II. urc eri, en ldorse by C. e ti etI goIrnvlls . )vale.iplbove atNa s e,it l aje orig gc ,Plv.eseve) l Iu, Pt propertvy sad untl (teul pIa nlornt. Ac acte I i.vre bLOatrsUtI s tiA e Cntrur of a lot fit' ground nttmbCred two adjoolillug numltllber UtIe, si a ruited ill l.(:t areai str ePl 'Eta ai wl utIi-thre , fw e . t in-. lm nell nix ]inlPS lt .n S. ChaTrles a eer t. by Saevn t-eiarl t lirel tell i.rltau s in deilth tcogeler with it fear-stare brink biooie atl kithelitl vr , ijec t tiia ieal". uniln then tlirtry-frcst ltoblr, eio ll Iihtltlllred solld thirlv-llile, it tilaI ralt c t two allc o dlla iarttrs o)tr lear, it ut l ,etl n iiibly t tile rit .o air e rui t" u J ald iIII hun hlllll dl , it lly c le lls.l tw , vize: itiref'lllltria i ltttIti t ti te i ltee a cJtoi tif Jllll cu o eig t- I vriee r tn ilou. is tlclriorlv endorsed nn beri g ' morgl ge, alnd fl n<t punctutlll pail lnh', ,t t wto bell iltee lit tia n a i+ ll' th l l er retint. il l ald i titi llyr Ine rioll - t. retad l);dl lli;:" tlI tu u it+ ihr hrr 11' inckn wl e o dg . I " hltv'reeeiv "-d thn cnh aaym t,e nnid ie irlodae it itlef allaahtsaihov alial ntr ,eel Itie.aciu ric ervtd t 1,11 file "Propltc soah uleil finail nuvmu'nt.oa \Yitnars tile lhr. A M. itatlr,an , Ju dge tat ali , ('out foresahi, tl(i n sixla duv of M1, eig e Fgla i lllulred al;d lhirtv-lller . - my 11--4tlis I'. I+:II..NC. Dept. CLtrk. TA lI- D' L LOUISIA Nl--Cou r eu Pre: a iiar I)itriat Juliciaire-L'Ectat de la le.ols.i. anne-- ca ,s eux que ces ev cCneernaet, ... a santet: I Attendu quo A. G. llianc;inart, J. , ,7 , Wtlliam iMackoy otf i. Lavergne ayant aclitld a ' co n o vents fite par in Sheirdlde t paroisse d')r. I be 1dans, lea propridt61 ci apros decrites, e seont alld ressd au GreflB deo eeri sour, oilon oooetes de vents Sfurecnt enreitc s 25 26 nt 97jours d'Avril de I'ancoe, 1839, pour un avis eonlorm6iment a unt acto de la Legislature de I'etat de Ina Iouisiane, inti. told e' Acte pour confirmer lea titres des acquereurs t aux ventes judiciaire ;" approuv6 le 10 Mars 1834. K Qu'il soit conn, et toutes personnes intressodes ! sont par cos prsentee sonmds au no dre I'otat deo la Louisiane et de la cour du Premier Distric Jndi. e ci ireqni pour.oaient avoir droit la propridtd ci. s . apres de. rte, en consequence d'un d6lhutcdo form a dans l'ordre, le docrt ou letjugearentde la our, enc verou duquel la vento a 1rt faite, ou de touts irro. l gularit6 nu illdgalitd duns I'estimation, I'avis oa li a temps et le mode de in vcnto, ou poor une antre cause quoeleonqne, do faire voir, dans Ironto jour A u dater dn la publication dclctte oavsi,pourquoi la vents aine fhite no seroit pas cosfirind e t homolo Ires ditee propridtds fureot veondues par tole Shriff, susdct e 27eme jour de Mars de I'anade 18:19, an ns do l'ann6c 1839, dane I'affaire de Blordozat centre Buchanan & Hlagan. No. 17401 du docket de cotte Cour, laquell I vente los di s A. G. Blanchard, J. W trheedlove. Wmin. Miackey et 1H. Laergnsoe seont rendus ac no qudrentrs respectivement, des propridtds suivantes w pour leas smrnles ci.aprs epdoifid, savoir : a A G. Blanchard, du lot do terre no. 6 aitude dit dans ln rue Poydras, entre les rues du Camp ot c i I, St. Charles, rlesurant 24 pids 6 pouco de face a ' u rue Puydras, sur 95 pieds 6 pouces de profoodeur, A' p or a sonlmo de ,$7,100 comptcnt, $3944, 5'1, payablos Ito 311 do Mors 1810, et la balance cdans deux et trois aas en billets erndlldu.s A satisfaction et portant hynothpi eque, oetdovailt oritr on intortodlu ;i taux deodx pour eent .lusqo ' . pairooito l , si'Il no I, co ut paps pooctoeioot pnyda Olouws oendlCae,.oo ' sonsl rseorves d'ileun droit de retarder le paielmel, ce qle ioli shderifreco nniu avoir recu el ses ba'lets I ayaldes cormce ii est sucdit, endossds pan Jonan, no i Mictoyer & Co, et N Benoist, evceo rscrve d'une o' dypotheque spdciale suorla Ilsdito proprltti jusqu'a paienment final des susdits blillets. ant J. W. Brcedlove dlevint i'acqudreur du lot do at terre no. 4, formant I'encoicnure des rues P'oydras "n t st St. Charles., cnuorant O4 piedsde face . a ru if , St. l harles et 78 pieds 10 peoces c la rue iy draw, pour le somnleo de .lI, 100 payayle comrne suit, $1,000 cornptant, $1,2119 payable le 19 de SJutn, 18-0, et la balance dans deux et trois ans o '1 hbiloetas Ecldoao k sa tisfaction et portant hypothcl. !a qoe, etl dans oe ca qu'il ne seraient pas ponctuelle. b1 wment poyds a lour dchldaooe, ile devront pore y ter tn interdt au taux de dix pour cent jusequeL rep lpaiemoout, sans aucun droit de retard do paimert, oc ce qe lo sriffrconn it avoir recu en se..... bllets.I payables comnlcit eat susdit, endossds par John ton hicnturn' eves IhypotoOquo sp6ciale sur la proprid:6 'n> vendue jasqu' a painment final des susdits billets. I J. W. Breedlove devint aussi l'acquoreur dlu o0, lot do terre uo. 1 situl6 prbs le thlatre St. Charles cov pros la rue Poydras, mayurant 23 piods 8 poues I be et six lioruesscr Ia rue St. Car' .es, t 78 pieds 10 pet, Ipouces de profendeur, avec I'ddtice on briques et la .1. cuisinie qu so'y trouvont, sujets a un bail juscqu' au ia" prenier n nvenbre 1839 a raison doe 1500 et de cIa cltte dpoque au premier novemlbro 1840 a raison de $2,000 par all payables tous lees icis, pour lo I drix de $16,000 payablep comme suit; deux mille ally piastreas comptant,uatre mille cinq cent piastres payables Ie 19 Juin 1840, ot la balance d.acs deun i ,, et trois uns on billets endossos a satisfhetion et iure portant Iopothlquo ; et dans le cos cu'ils no soent - pas payfs ponetuelleolent a leur dchoances, ils devrout porter un intdrit au taux de dix pour cent G anlls nllucu droit d'en relardcale pailenltl, ce quo e1iI lo shnlrifl reconnait avoir recu rn ses b.llets endos. caoo 6ode par Joahn Mtnturn et payable c0000 I eat I e a' susdht avec lt reslrve d'une hypotqle acpeielo 1pel nur la propridt6 venduo ju qu' au paiemrnt final des dits billets. ctll, Williuam MclKay devint I'aequ6reur du lot de tere no. 5ll" la reo Pydras. eltre lea rues pu Ti Camp et St. Charles, ny.nt 24 pieds i6 pouens do oer face a la rue Poydras sur 95 pieds 6 pouces doe ln proufodeur; pourle prix do $7,500 piastres paya. n bles comme suit: $5111) colptantc; $4277 8:3, pay. nble le :10 Mara 1840 ; et ol balance a deux it ici trois ans en billets endoss6 a satisfaction ct por. a1' tant hya;lpothbque : et d ns le cas qu'ils no soient pas pouctuellementn pays. a lour elldeances its dev. byr rent porter un intdrdt au taaux de dix pour cent p'ra juequ' A paielment, sans aucun droit d'ean retarder arIp Ie pain ient ; etle ashdritf reconoait e anvoir recu Ine comlptnt, ct lIa alane, en neo billetsl les deux In, premiers ai'ordre do P. Irwin etle dernmer a 'ordre do do Geo. Buchanan qui lee ont endossea, et pay, lola ables eomme il en scusdit, eqee In rseorve d'une Io I hIypotheque sp6cialo jusqu' au pimenut final desdits c billets. o r: II. Lavergno devint aequereur du lot do terre co no.3 quc so trouve nprbs 1', nccignure des rues St. }' Charles et Poydras, aant 24 plodes tin ioIcee doe ha Ihce a It rue St. Charles et 'netendant a 78 pieds toam 10 pouees an prulondeur ; pour to p.ix do $6,900. j ally iayaobles comaio uit: $1000 comptant, $4219 2 nt payable le 19 Juin 1840, et la balance deux et I ugs trots ans en billets ecndossoe a satisfaction et por. meI t tant hopothequo. Dqane t cas qu'ils no' soiont as I to1 l ponetuellement pays leur d8i6ianeos, ii. devroiclt t porteran intdrOt au taux do dix pour cent jusqu'a Ur phiceaient, sans aueun droit do n retarder le prole- icy I Imea ; at de Sheriffroconn it en avoir recu le cormn I o tant, It b ance eon sos billets endoss6s par C. lDer I crl.u bigny et payable comme ii eat susdit, avec reservo ' gu d'uoco Ichypothlque .ep6diale sur Inl proprtdid vendueo nt iusqu'au paIlen. finial. Ur Et le dit Lavergne devint aussi Pacqudreur du rcoi lot do terre no. 2, adoignant le no. 1, o.tud dnas umCi I rue St. Claerle, ayant 23 piedo 8 pouces at i6 lignesde ace a In rue St. Clharloe sur 78 pieds, 10 I ng poueto do prolbndeur: avoce nle Inalsonen briques for eaIt 6oages, et ola cuisne qui n'y trouvent, sujette I un Iaoil jusqu' an 31 Oclubre 1839 au tanux de $2000 n ,,,,I, pnr an, payables tous les Inoi ; pour to prix de AI $16..l11, payable crame suit ; $2000 comptant ; i $4,5010 parablo le 19 :do Jiun 1840, et la balance 2t a deux et trois ans on billets enldouss a satisfaction fount et portant lIypotheque : ot dans lo cas qu'il no Ior soient pas poctuellement payda C leur echdance, Ian sls devront porter un inttt aull taux de dix pour -a cent jusqu'a puement, saln aucun droit d'on t cy all tarder le paielient et tole shriff reconnait en avoir a recu lc com.ptant et la balance on billets du dit hn'o, acqu6reur, endoss6 par C. Derbigny at payables Vege comme iI est susdlt ; aveo rdserve d'unoe hypothe. third quc speciule sur Ia propriete venduejuasqu' paie heart ment llal, the 'oemoin I'honorable A. M. Buchanan, jugs do in and ) cour orudito, cc 6 Bmo Mci 1839. aGaut P. LEBLANC, tha ilmai Depute Gcretfier. T th is h lI AVANA SUGAR--37 hoxea laeona whitesugarj T IL 40 do do brown do laJding fnr ,ate bv carat mn29 S &JP WHIITNLV,7"Ccmpc i4at ICKI cb-20 kCgs ecd 40 'oes, reeiving Iromin New c1 uk per ship Oeo ae,for sale by 0,pl emy SIIAIL & BROWN, 96 legarine at ha SAIc-6800 tee aso lars.u macL N flh; INDIAN'S P'ANACEA. asalo.u ny ot t'orI. ,. Natchez and Tcllnupitoulan &ts. Jg FOR the rare of, nll a o king', nntl. gus 1 n Li e,,l,,r In p . e l n , I5 0 l y l a n t o lof , , s u11 It e e a ,, e,.k l t, IIIC not llll I lr,nl Jira., atiuhry llar ad ,au a,' Ilrectinnx of l llr bums, u UII:n.II. tLITU at U ad uI(1trll., ilvera lf every l e o yrrlpdjteieea-r .,n:r .wd lotel l xl,.el:. u?* l l - Iapd , e. ba, ,rv , eke,, dhull uee hey~e,I,.e, ulna, lolclll:. , ullll curry variety srul' ll~r ubtacu :LI mf;clnoa, l.r p Inc catalrrhl, (lead oche "seceding heirs tnllly aIcrid Illllal r, C tI teII e 0,III OL t L. C eI t fll j J · L l(- i e, Ie ,~, eo r~,, f L I r,o t e . o a l l~lo e a- ll" :CIO x 1III III( IIFC T ln I c lal~ull ll n ~ W ItIIUI 1I II kill ) I an gm..x p' "d ua~H dealt.,)' clur sed y It lr plll actlur a at the vl: uI: CofLiL ,kh Su eL e A. tglul ,r .'.y uu q a L ie s C l fll ha vua~lilutmax ltd-1,Iluvc Brea brl kn, uwu by ,ny Ilaclue Lt L t tI,,Lr eLu , BIIIitit IUYr egCIil- LOC l a cue *rttLe,,s IlteI tr cunnacalo dellill alltllule l. 1II e .1-1. :,r re Muni a Il ur lre Lt it the bL t, L r L.,n atm ul e h,, L of ILy rv er I 1, u, d kinld. So"" '"I" above cll Collllailill laity require tunic trifling . LL LItea e a p ret ,,,,uh w , tjheL Lulllr .tl , * l' Lthe ese r lle I daL· Au t EotEy3 gu eo",L reek iliciur rCCLItgreLL the r -u-, a, thc IY)IA\,y' I·.\S\A1~t rl lelrgrcl·*l ) be Ijuad nof O0 THE PUBLIC. If,,,,, Irue it ,nI·lt IIII1( ,Le IL C ,t , a theIR u t Sexcel ,ul Ilelr prul'cs~lull, "x plat,. Llle ot liellll x al' xaIIeu J by L LLn a IId .Lj I ' iittty,,,,,, e. k out u w rof LLLdl a geeI, l o I one -eaL,.Ly ,,t rl,, uk .,uI L IlepLeCiL . LLLLIu ;tlCLL. ,r.Lr t, e, Slu rey n LILd btnteLLLLL lrI. . I m edcwa xIIe, oI h, , A ,l AItght mLLh II apreLI.. to dreeLeper,,k.L,,el,, a luk to lireigCII cuulrtrlle fir ,n1ioy cllls n commonI yd x cry nIr(cles, per aIudly cbngu g ,t, thy are .,t thle dieC~ah sI ur- o Bly b ,lrrulllled ill It. ~v, ew :trn f edcn pea, rdi uttoaax ruy IL~etui LLy,Ld~et~,Lur,1, tre,0 nycurble,,, t le te vinyep ,LLa t oi , tI a d h L u ull urel t, 'wLe.r ,hi -jIta,:ns rt.he I,,ert. L I I The fi~(ull Lut'cetsul' Ilhlblenled lsser n the sy·.l(·im are rein porary- thollso u(` Illllllrlil lasting. Th·le finler exert their ul LL tLL LILC s ad p a x p , CL a t *, e ILL a II I h "rllr II1 · elll the au?,d ,, der ap. id tllr Luse,, cl ll ll, /\ '1'I1n h'nl t ti illl\·( rfiiPI1r( Illd and ). ).1 Fl:'1t' a veetabe r cre nl lrlellve -ll III the it drra, Ir, to bragl It "a"'. llama.IE Jiutlcly antle~r our own Ub~er"a'U", till: 1IIJmu prnr ticu e ull tha uth xbtes i h, isAlciie, nnutkauu*rI,,I a,,t CL CL1'LLpILLI.d in,,l: t e,,eI ,, p sLItL , ILL ml'll lu11hall, by ul·ile X IIs , nIIIIIIC I:Illctl "I ·110ue(· I.- . II- ,t li: ,LrreL L ,el ,Le, tIiLUteIn t Im oane r I ail ed i ALLdLw illS. Le I. 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F will: o, tkcarT rl.·(1· 1 rat Il, I lIeiI) calll~lf Ittn:l ri i I rang of Inla adi~ Col·I lili1 )6 C ogIFI Nh ac u lrru mdr t1:, ·ITI(oh clr~roll: :.J I U)\LIII. t co:Ulllllll to 1II11 it :a I pIIIII(Y bI 1'o suck :t wtll p arc or U cauhhl tJu, a tcr -aad :: IIuIIoy ciao rho on Illly m iIso:'a" "I` rrllermgl Ileir xuuli rings, wal d Il:I~ItIR ll i g0... nc more to alLU l. ,'u"1 '! ppjolcjrl 'P lus is lot oll fli : ll l ut. a cool-· IC It Iles dunel relpputc: 1), unc tin, rat thle ;t has uh-l1""ob L11111: *llllevyCI :t l. br· 1 11IIIIT(Irlle(tl _ " .1. 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I dll~shed, l'ur the. helleft of those wo ar," u 'e rg I der si Inmiler nerul'ultuua or syphloltlc allI.~o+,t 'loutht tier may Iraqw t Rhlathauscured ue lloh,+n.1u1', red eemr) th g gIutdeaot Ic ' ho ulooder' his l'C saved by t ile bu ve 2 syral {1M. II IIMANI ICCI IIC IharC estoIn, July 1' , 1, 31. ICwasCamic ted four yearswtlh n, ulcer II tl lel egcCso e lly Ic' lll ; llle d wit; h eaysllllC o S INllF. IiIl lll d E.X NIFII I C paUIn ti e lC g i ai d a klU joII 1 nt. 8IC rearu lln 119 I :hyIC ll:iiC' ertCed filerkll tFC i llu n It, butI."it ,tl rlnCL iICCit. l lllCcuIA Ce livcC uttle ofIl'C II .aile Ihh I u IIllClC a II i)Cerlleh i cure. ICC I ARGAIl ETI A. 1 VI.IrlCl C'llyrk et nt. ._DEAPSI~S;--- D EIC A A I, CIIE, 1, I. 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Th'oess I IC CI CC111 II I) r·(ll ·l* I ICIIIIl~ ,IC "-I r(.111,11 111 IC C Cne i rpoealofl Iyl l f.vor will lie hope. bie s ellll. e llllt l n llr1+:i , Sl lh arm o lthcted wi th deal'lie+% f lllly..l, u IIg |ollalmny Ic.sU i 1 itlu |.nn~lou+ Paris and Ifrussel, tihe number cured hy him is IuCIC culhllCCII, as IICll IC In thlt pri LCICpal Ile. I f Iof Bliroe ktIC g do~a~ulll$~. . i thor.I tyof Da* lia 400 more ir less CI fw r II r III oIre IC:tIi tg1o I er. Iv huIC , I ty t C I o f I hiln|1 hum1 otld ll ClPhrI 'r CCCCII r C C i r I' I I C C l . ) l . / ,l l , C C I C rC l le ltl rl irC CdC C C arle al' w her was 99 yearso al'ge and onr Nt. hl the hnto yea It3(., the currypt +efnrnlel 11 iIUSl the lstl+ iitll ef s1" '.inll iro C aCt, 111hnC faIIII r llleir U bllle, r ud i , he lenlgth C C "t lchI Ite were afl l lt Oe, . L -or ,roloffits llicocy we wll subnollh th. te fu uw g cases --The (tot J,,hn, Klll. 'ea'rat 'f Jo) b , ', C urch Maur heater, " aCllyCC lICIo I , CCll C1 forCmi cUl, ' ye( r dIICII rC CIII hCr I1b CC a lly ge wigo n o ra f br fya , u n whc lu e 1, ) dled to tlmi~y e'h'ra~te ,'d .,t r-s d P ls' .al1+ f · ..+,o. ~....~.... . ..,,,, .~...~~... '" ".,........,. + +.L+ i II 9I W Ito opr a 'r and pp lorll rt,"r''long their it led k l l l could 1 tiluggest, wlfou lhoss lle , of relief. Dr Dflake rec ll Cy prat'ee, a ICell a. I eI C- C uClIeC IClC il niC, hCtC CY CClld Ci C l Cerel ICre reCII IIIC iCt I ItIICrC CII,'bCICIIICC, OCiI Int11 iC CC ICIIC I CC1 I Ci Cell ICCIIC Cf I otCCIhe, oudC C 1 bClCCI IC CCr C ilt Cd i 1i hC Ch e I c' 11u11 ll , 1 Ch uslt lII* ua Ih tid I olc o ,, \.... t IC Cf C.uzh , B . 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URETItRAKAL mIACAS ·al a(UOLItIGJGIA, (flrEE'1jS, STftIUTCKWgY IItI1ýl 'AIJUN 1IF ''IE KIIDNEYS, IlIAiIDE I , URETI tA ISIt''ItAlE E GAND, .,i Al IJAEAMK or the V EtE',EltY I' EA~'uj. EAINA EN il.i, AIASLN, GRAVEL. lLllllllllp o lrmlll i(:ls,: ll WIrlkll,,s , Or I.Ocll IMI~tL ore it, . "ureIrl ll n thlr valu lble Inrrllrisl· et nll Iln r tlc· awl 'I' lout%:ctly anllllcula. tile Ybll(· d,1(·1.(!.( IIUIcllrn W ill,1.I aily d starshly ~upr,.vea the VEllItW, I.,.n R ue A h l" ltth t, Etn orra .,lr Iill: a that bhavereu Ujer rul Ln pared toil, soi Ir~l~H t has po~ll llilely :,-~d P1.Iyt hhUI oltIlsdtltltltlliU id~llln ll,,er .' Ii tInt.yhaveftet M , ,, ttr, -.1'upn, A 11 . 1'u 1,5.. Illl r a ry. Ar. El , "l 'l~ll*(.uIItt ilth III1*lI*I-y ltIl II,,I(tII,, EI CpRE 11114sat te o eru V~tra,.d'~ ,,l" i,:un I IEEEI.III.. II1 ulldltl~lh IttItE.EII. II.d.I·. tlE,,Pl! TC:L.1e,,.dm. It IttIt 1 l' II.: or l, I IlluJ se tl, o 1 ,,-l :,id W :. 1 o ofIi'· AYgu k it itub tIltEllll~iltl E1.l~tE I Itt lIfFIlj I-*lji h)ltE ~ i. p. II 1111 ll h ltr ll n 111)· 1 iA t lE r-i,, SO EA h f Duollr c~d p.. l" ,d Ltl -hr" -1-A t1oe((r. J ellt 1 e-1 L unll ll, oc:l , . 1 u11 e, y e eis ~ly sln a, to YulouL.II r Spl%6err but ; ,JJlrg ali·Y ~t the1 errl~fical r.+ ii LIPI 1 Illbl TI(IC (olllr Uelllhll-- D,", harp.., l·II t I~ l y .1IUUII II sent,. Ihly en ain ll rllr-d o , Illllbr orlcr loelel nul Iwl ever e ihofre rlluena., · [ aid their general heult~ · ,ll, wa schluprv ed. 11. IEV, M. D. "Leceturer 111 lUlrl~.y. il Ile rtltsiomev'· IlopiI·l.'r D~r (Irrlie has Ircrcrila~ Yoionld'" iprclir. Y'alutioo, low. Lly lI llld Ihry weer llllrlJ ,n s 1 1. l e·· tune IhaU Ito hod I)·. of 111111011 , l I, a n no) III(·y a old .- that hLh( Ie iulradl· oIr liruru h-, by artlf Il o I ovr D `crsherll 1815. .lllt enicxell"s. ruullsdr .+uJ a .that our. ltrVPUrvth,.l Dill 'I'hr Hhov. rall Lr osIni iud only at No. 9Gi Cuslaw hour ·C In Ne N' f.Iflelllr· InIRE[)I( A L LARD. EG AND I3JPORT1· vI' Pu ·I IE Arri II FED WITH DIS .n.II illorhn Ccr·... '- ,3.333313313liy ll3" r.*l~ iy 3333l-lld1331311 3Y3133.3333(. V 331 133llt llII 333333 tI33333.j3 TI..lll ~'I·I 333i3 .333,3, 33,33lrr I 1333313,331113333 II%3333331 Cl3333 33331h&333I . I ~ ~ ~ ·~ 33,, ·· ,,,,',,,ro 31~ 113333 Illli~l 3131,313333.333333333 "'3"11I (·~ilE'33.Ipi13...3, Ii3.,I.i.,. 33333131333333 l3iIIlll~s 1,3 331313~ "11 33-'3333.*33333llll 31'r· 13333l33 3.· f...L`I1 11 nif. 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I'ntr 3l3d 33. 3.y uuy person, 3 If nf IOIy ,uyng1' olr yo trnry':~ th,,, r uperIIIiEX an: ouch,) that ncui lltytclt nor)I colt UIlI rnyute t bctr Illilllty, or prevent (h.Jr din- effectsl on ill ·IO(*1111 III) :uld nl No.!'JG Contour homlle st, Nrw Orlcsll· I TILE MOS'r IMPORT hN'IT IIHIUIMN DISCO C I.l n Iu. I G A Ni , hii r ,i f ,h P ( •: , t r id e . I t ni l .t t v h m . - Ille dke."redcll.1 111111 1 11 UIIIIF IraufnelfI of I i,-ouIt olr 11elflal Coul d1u1 i't. of I luoll er, Ir.' Idra lul. and n four r:,' rs Ia° 1`9 bade ll'ltel;l'ea+"1, 'ltru'ts H1fl'ersfro heneavou. ", )II ipu f lo, I'l l Ie iti- ii -nrl ... inn ... 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T ,hl ;v h a . m -al S' Illn , ," l, p illro J . u 4e l"' tolll eve. ll. ll er l, e .ao uth clhfal o r arll, n ohl l iltlnlras "Il+-'P p llle al tllo boles shrengss n1 ,tlhe .tlu...h. +., I.,i,L ,dree Ua, "ons~t tboes onn F.ue twha r ; hll " pF ll d h e Ia l l h tII u hld le v e r h l w i t e n, a s t h e y pe il ll. Ifta I, t.+ olud , l, r l lll·, •I1e n ld g e t lheakn flruti h I llei',r halt. . ho ld uhi i i. hlit i tlaclr, nlddillna, dim ,if.y .......... . iqliia, lo.. ... . re... Ile of broen d .t tle IIPhradDJII)I~I ta:, IIhel " rcyqu tl)'. hllldrrn and person a o" all ages, ll V tiL e+ lhlnl i a l.llylf asI lhey If not mO l& • " an) l(P IerI· 0r 111). ally Cl ngredient hat .Cqdlltrl:. Cnnfinrmeaey o reitrio l l, o iirt. lhi.-y ahilnlJ 'I kerpt iII ive- r fihily iya. iriniiiJ In K-eii f sudhden itlleii s for, Id , there pr.inl adini . I url tn, "oler l inertli. r rlllii pu .rll e. -vers iid olhorr I I tolp o,g rnlili llt·. I may IIP ·Ip* lddlly CUredl or prevented. Soldl at No. le~i Custt :nl Ilulr std ew Orleans. SARSAPARILA PILL OF HEALTI; OR, BLOOD) 'ILL. rMlls PexcllIIen faily llll 11 medininn of long treld eta ncyL I'" ra' t i'OP lr ng all dII s order. of tlhetolsnah and how I'l., lh eOllllUOrU r) , lllllll of wl iCh arte- cosLaVtIlIl.m, fIjUltll h s pi. in.l lll n. h , nl I delter, +t' I(~ial. eli, o fll" ie r heneo t fulhIe, - afte'r illl, dll. lnei o t lll e yes, r lw,tslnes llad iIra: Il m h >ta lll~ ;l lae .llal a lnhd l• bu r"s du[,st o p r lul~g taiore blid stat d oll the ver. and I io ... I ll IIlo t t v of thl e hel 1a iai n iadii,,i.o,.a iaI e.v.r h I hUln:ton'f franme hil' I fll ,- - , exenu ll-- ih.,t rrpral,u b a title ers~oe r F.aPe,he st+,, t.afly rrI P. lnt - 'I'. ,r Ihir 1., du.ei will Ln.g iIIhCer the ,-ulcted d ,1 isno . Ii tln r . 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' I]P ul IIRCIthr Iht:lv Iir. tllfIdeLII~*·lltlCll.~ r~mnnt Irel .OTll ,,medicinle ..... it a... I........... l.'preanmlcy and for :hildren Sallags i" err ul lled. r a ingeaspaiti.I, wl iii) :aIllan l irtl itey nll.te the 1 ame.n btion onf l IIIIIu d ,pEtral,,n i Iwth the gtl-t Iuceel f ,l , to and reqPuir iai retlrlln of diet n. .olll.eulrnl during .h air uBgtu - nyrianunn "P llhr piimnl '.n.C"d iIruiuii.l- no rat! rimnainralb r a rent, they bmcii it...nt'unle fumie hvn-i nds.p, iher it i t.hat bu be requpired; and for elerty t 'eali i hgy C l l fouud tlu be tne mrrlc.u foralale mehi' w illl.rlno pre'vired Sold at Nu. 96 rMlo l house fl, lrvw Orloana: .--.m fEAI)--IlIO1pi nol leaIdd aoning Iimr. elnim boa Rienzi, ilnd for cafe bv o a27 J THRAVER t Co. 74 PnpldIrae i F)LE American fIower GaldPr l)ireelorv, cnbtaiu. o In. praglial dilreclll. linr ghe culturn, fsllaneo in the flnoweur garren, h.t hnl~ll, rt en ioute, r.lnrs or pa prlour windows for even, ,non h in tilt, year, will, iee cripltionlo .he lpat.s fens, ,esinhle in each tlw tIttln I ofIhe and and the sFUlljl:,lll ]best adapte~d Io Iheir gwth the proper seasn, lor tlan-danting S&c. |mtrilctiomt fir erecting a h bt hllr. rpeLn hulll, alu l a,,t out r aownr -bldenrlhn a falle of n(lls nost ..tlnil I0 th h lmnt' cantalin~d in the. - rK: lhe whole adapted to eillhr ,lhrge nrmall gaerdnswith infnruevinns uir Ipvperin. 'to eoil. propesnliln , planting, producinLg trt71i1ig tall .Lumtinghe grC",e vine, with dererlp ioau l' bebltr h - ! foreHo.itngt i the opea n '. Jus redrw. r wl p"

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