Newspaper of True American, June 17, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated June 17, 1839 Page 3
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GRAND REAL ESTATE LOTTERY OF PROPERTY. Situated in New Orlesnn, TO BE DRAWN tN THr L-t DUCEMBER, 1839 IN IACKSONVILLE, Fin. .Under the ltpermntetndenre of the Comlniciloners ip. ilplced by the Le6gilative Ancembllr o Fhride. etCIIMI'l' Ac HAM II.TON, Manegers. 101,000 tickets, at $15 scheme price. 1,p500 010. "ellieng lires $2. per ticket. SYI.VESTEIR & C., 56 Iiroamdway, NEOW YORK, SoJtd Agcntts. EP The receipts tIt thee sale of the ;ickets will he lde posited In the Canal, Union, Cerrdhon, Citirzen's and Vol.olitltited illinks, in New (irle,,L, illn thle nto, il Louin Scltmidt juintlv wilh J. II. Perrult aceltlly Cnshier oIl he Cilizen's Ilack, nld .0. liudooic ae:. tuallvy Calier ofthle Conllidated li.nk, as Irusters, is per act is.hed IIllcte A. Mentirell, Etle . Not. Illo. Ion e 2i May 1119r, aed tle proemrlies iranferred tio thie lovre nention.d genlle nlh e aninein k -eei, e l'ruateee, for tie security ui lt I ortunale prie Itl dera. In New York the monle, will he depnPited in the Pheinix Ielank to illteredlt of the above nallell ,0 Cit0 Banke of New . leeu.. The Ptutlie are rferredi t the tett pissed betl,. A. M eraeane, Eql. Not. Pill,. i relatilu, , Iprtien wiichl embrece Ihe reltec:tite iri es i 6011 PRIZES, nc fllltws: Prise--Thlit intgiccet llre etlr , rv brick Iuitilitng, knowll an Ithe AIli:ADI, in W·ndillte etret. mll.ullring 2810 IPet 5 inllt . 4 lilesl oil Magueilte t. 1411 ftet C inl.ite tin Gravier ctreelt, n tll lin1 reet II intltes 1 til Ne.ehet et. Ttl linihttitliag prldlleti new rent of$.7),7010 per t tllleun tl,eh Iteing itl tile ttoat flellrishhing pert ttf Ithe Illu, Ipnitt Itrta Be n ilu kb, lnd ill tie tllttm .tilite n"iehbltrtltttd of tihe 14t. (Challel anll tile I ity illoels. Its relit will, in t very few yetre be i tcra.ed to fily Iltoleued dollars per anlietlk. tItiittlleil a t $7i0,tPt0 Ptisa-'rttllt le,tfourlll reta v bTrik build. inlt known ie te :I, 'IY IOT n.I., firmerly lielitllop' lll, eituantd l the Csrnlr of( ct Iiii ttwCltlnll eLtc lre m rlrl 16r feel la t 'lalnlce pr o netll 146 feet ih l ,ltc ill t tC p et. Tills Iilding relt nllTN (or 2e ,ll0)n, nd t.ltei t i not t ell alll lallr I" til eip, elai sheitlly b i ritetreied to thirty tnuatOllad dollrs rItr t i. ut.iill, Ewtitet lnl t *50t 9,1000 Prie--'i'ke thrwe ttory trick idwnelling ltimne, No. 311 o Natelher street, nljtiiinig tile Arcadle, reltted ot 12 Slttnlrd doellnms. 'uetilnatld at $:,0"0O I Prie Tlne ithree toreeV brick tlwelling ho1es, No. 18, edljtititg No. 20, o i Natcken street, reeled et Iwelve hntdretl dtular. Eutlittieti wt $L*0,0111 I l'rio--Tle three storv Ittick dwelling hotie, No. Il, etljtiting No. 19, on Nutllte let, reuld at twcelve iendi retd dohllurs. FEltilitllttr ut i$20,111 Pire--'tedwetliec houseu No. 0:1 nnrtr entcorlrter if le.mill etl Cutlt. etie IIttrletrl lltllrelttiltc 41 lpet Franklin Strees, by 127 fetel delth.. t"; rtttld titt ift teen tIndred llotller. E.sltimltned et *21.10, PRit-r'tte dwtllittg toute N, 24 ,tttll wr.+ rerlror ,.f Basihl llrc,.l, nlmee lrinl 32 feet 7 ieel tin Idatir ac, 32 ri.t I7 nelle ir ie Frnklin tlrc", Ity 1"27 Iel 0l inchee dlelthl (itite . tlllhtlttte lIrel; tleted tl Ifteen hutdredl dillrt. Etittnleoll et .20,000 P.ize--'rlle twto lry bIrick Ilwelline Iuae Nl,a 339 ocn otyal itrele, between Iercolin. sin lloirpittl tlrecit, ltree. Iv 127 feet II in lime in tlepitli, rInt. etlit $lii211 per lllllln. etlitshnied S $l2,01ltlt flrir-250 chtlree Canal Itltk lteck, at liOlt cneh, *i,lt IPrize--15l esllwsrre Mertctics' anel 'rra dier,' Itluk ettck. t $tl0 achc, ;It."1100 3 Prince llf I100 aharen icell, I lrv Ilanlk, :0,11iii 2 P'riere of 5it Ixinlulnge,t 1l0,110 2 Pilnne of 3.2 " IieO cligiti, 5,110 1 Priecn of 15 Mechatctlil' tid 't'rnhtrs' 3,000 2 Priene of 10 . otltliitllt w lttte, 2t1,11t(I Pa0 its, ollf I l Ihllllk olftrlvan", 2(1),lll) 211l Priaet of I " iJjti Itntktf FlIrideI, A5,01 it shellt he t the ejti,tn oftlht wintlor rllf pries tf kltk ettckt, eilllder lo lake tle llcek ilt.elf tr tte pur mielt tirt!el its cash. lO.tlltl Iick,.t+, fltltn I1 t 1110,110, w II Ie pt in one olie hll ,'·la d 10ll lpriz.,+, with oe hhllk., ill nalolh.ri • IIc Cv,,v ,1,t.0r n rit r er , -r ke te wiltl ] drawll, Illilk w t I i n 1rix*'. are iPrtrillct ht ill.t Itth buil(tllerlt to Il. (.er. il li. whel-lk, (Irller (,rlls i la. lloe. w.llr ill he rPrive I tnl Ii I hIIaler Ihce V'rallnldll(dll ,lr l f 1'1. Chal;ersl:·i slad t all :-l i lrl ltlt 1 2. . 11 1111 'tt(,i etIII trte 1.ei,INi w tttIttgrl etli, wcal a tnilr fltrwirdt.. liter. frlm Ieit, ai'11 Irv pa t1,ll -" fI ah' i lllllilillillC trtllilll teei l..e Ih11 ilnlil;- 1% Ier u l -tn l.t 1 l r. llllrvqu , d lldd llrr ," 1.d l .o :!i;l 1II11' o 1.4 i tl l.'1'0 N, Nrw llrla nn . lha Jle:,am ille, Fle, Alll. 1^,19._. av D AZA A i. Cftar, qf Si. Charles F CaCtan t a-ct, B lNl: mntg .. II n T .1 e I )SIN & AI.Ii~llN w n ·01(· nrlllr~cll' ally ca:1I file atI )/ t..tian...aaanli.t.: an nt s k-ti 'tto 1l.-n rnp . Arluttnratateal (:ntt .lrenn I.ln: alk, anrttn ct (nt iris of boa t runtst . Ianait ia.: ant liinen rnt ;: Iand I., ila,-i ·IIdnaataan erinol nr tltir-- ani dlratea: atay, ·lnn aI nfalk.nnngtktyds. T, Wr.COL.3tE - Apjtaat n".I i ther ! Ilg k; l a e tant d ".tr Daipt-ata . ttk~Itl I Ni:lat.un · tille Utl titani Iil~o IIL~K I, y eAh-l ntCottotnittaata ititna mtfilk,~ whdam antd thya F lrlln: gents honkie agfl. .nga,: a , t-attI 2a t Flehal nay. Ill-2n1 at tinanitl 11117 a ~I~Jnaiinitv Ant c I'1tt9 nat ilh u( tttntnt a~t1atttgnnn, it nUt-ia natna tttUlitaattd a it ed. SAidS Cpttitandinaaa lanat'ntttolfa-adle anptaaenne AIIte denkarea a~antateaty pnatlrtttIe warieatnt ut akyail I*J ---JOHN V. CHItffLD Na. W. CaattP 2S. GW e .I. liaganaa anti etatat at talr, tattkaotraea. tItr a (Eaellnllng,. Hotel Iltiu~lills~ldi ngn.) an il D taniai~iaanal netaatanal-I, t nattnnfd antlattnie nn.bttyg htae aaanalaalatata Ala:tanilaaaaarr a, pa-.-nllitataa hatala!a;aanarcht1etata17;jtr thleJanl atd a Atnitl 1datt P.d Calrdatsiatat atnm gnaen aitly su e agrtanaad. Said~t CWiisne a;rnmdrbeeprec no ome (n,' at I. Mlaptn.tneic w rh a a. r g~e~t aba-fr nalait(liun ltt Fttii attal Xtatnt~a nalyu tlht- ter ettt tacrnta.n ut'IIat l abltnttattee a L anap-n npril 11~~Il,11 1 trUI ((~P.~lllll 16a 1VIaI., etrt etnllantd tatonaaaj.tne batk noteta tilt a-halt ]IITTER. 50 keg..celtttee. lcic and for e .c b ýi " 8 otA J I' N'IIITNFY, . (:;7. ~b am ( TcI HE LUtDIE. liRt IIUL.'S U5 I'KItE A MIII)I)MNAL. StIPO()IrRTFI. I .illls new iuetrumer. t f.r the radnle ic cre of Pro 1 lpsue Uteri, or Falling of the Wmbll, by ex tesnal application, supersedling tihe une of Ills ub jtctlonahle precsary, is confidently recolmmended tothen.llicted ai tie neans of a Iperfect restor Lion e to health, it never having failed of perlbcrming a care. even under tile mlot aggravated circumssoL IT et. It has received the decided approbation of il 1ir Astley Cooper of London ; Sir Benjamin C , Ilndde ; Sir James Clark, Physician to thle Quele; i; l)rAshwell. Leclucr on midwifery to Guy's IIos. cl titcl ; Dr Rigby, leoctrer to St Bartholomews; Dr thdcth, le turer to WeVestmin-ter llHsciital L)r h Kalesbotcthail. Leturer to I.ondon hospital ; Roblert Veguaon,lecturer to Westmit.stcr lying.ilcn hoespit, al; Dr Swea tman, lecturer to Middlesex hospital. i sela senior accouclceur to Queeon Cnarlotic's lying inhospital; also by Iilmry Davies, Cnqenst I e Bundell, Lee, Merrllman, surgeon Keates.. &. by ). Morreau, president of tihe Academc RIacyale Jt Medicine, Paris, and Aceouchi r to the DIuchess P I]Olleans ; professors Velpecu, Macrjolin, Paul I Iluicis, Sa son and others-and int New York by I porfeesorJ W Francis, G S Uedford, M l) profes. se of midwifery in the university of the cify of 1Bw York, profi. Delfi.d, and Fr;anci, U John. j sbt. president County M.d Society. Laurens Ilull esident ited society Stateoof N York, piola Jaa ~cNaughton of Albany, prbis March, Cyrus Per. kcn, Dcane-Drs T'huoe Boyd, Gilbert Smnith, lsscak, Stearns. Ludlow, Kesant·, V.ache, Power, / G.yson. Vanl Renasslaer, and many othler distin. pgshed physiclans in tlhe U States. [s . G Iltll, Ofce 4 Vessey at, Astor liouse N Tcrk. ' P' A constant supply of the above instrlcaents, ilth Dr Hull's improved Trusses for Hlernia, will b kept by SICKLES & Co, N Orleans, AG i. rpenter, Natchez; Stone & Marsh, Wood. olle; Booth and Mallory, Memphis; W D Will;s. n., Somerville; lall and Washinglon, Nashlvilre; IcaLiray and Illatailton do; R L Bliss, Florence Aa; J C Spotswcod, Athens. NEW ORLEANS SBst saed Patent Bisccut Bakery-Waters and Hillmon. No. ., Moreau (cear thle pactehartrain Rill oad.) :lot and Navy Broad, Sud anid WVine lBcaiit, rButter, Midlord and Water Crackers. 11 thi *bove articles are warranted to be of the fi quality, and to keep inl any climate, being eqletely kiti dried. lsc.-Klllc dried corn meal. rders left at G. W. Prtchard and Tagat, Jr. eer Magazine and Poydre treet., will receive pt atilttion. Small kegs put up expressly for Ii C. SHIPPING. Por Europe. FOR LIVERPOOL, P T TIn A new and Iast sailing dhip DUBLIN, Calt. Skolieldi, sili receive iumenli:ate des. poleot, harincg pIurt f her carg enllgaed. Itipply ito L I 1 G,II., mtt 93'4 :mmmnton ae. FOlK I.IVEIKI'(JIL. K, Tihe faseet ailig ship Mars, Capt. Castle, want3011 hl ciianittan toocnmplel hercnrgo. taor ireigi uof which, or pIaeage, rjly IIt le board, .rto HOLMES & MII.St, ad 9relay 8 liank Panee . . . .P it ii V1IVlltt . . ..L. ly ,l iThe fast sailing paciket ship FYI.VANIIS i o JENKINSCa.I. 4. Barker, ca Intct lnll ie i tio 11lcmllh i lasse.ers, toll will puitiively i. ili nhe 1Oith i Junlle. For Isa-sage ottly, ianvig aI rrperir ctoinii datitote, apply to Capt Ilurker, ,n Ihoard yllmsitoe litton 4, 3d Mulicipaliti, tir maitRy 1i LN H 4(A1,E,93 o('omn at FOR IIVFRlPOOl.. The A I superior and vwry finst oaiiing laiihp JOIlN DUNLAPCaptI Clmotae, having Ipdrloeofiherewrgosenaaged will receive imone diaets de'spoach. For lmllooce "of freight or issagea, iotliome acoemllllloiationle, apply to 1 1. II GAIE, lnnn at FOIL LIVERIOOl.. Patntge Otnly. Tile A I stlendid and cery Ia.t tliliig lehip LIVE.!IRPtl. Calpt I)avenlpltt. Ilavilic tile whl att Ilele caro mpnga.ged will have ilmiae s despatwh. Fur Ipteage only a ollpe tI J'l I. II GAlE:,93 {Colninon at SFilaLl.IV:iT Tiii. STie A I an'mtiateritnr tlip NEW lAMP-I 1111tF;, Calit Iletilog, h.vinig tie. gritter S part of hlercargo etwgtedt will receivce tes pat'h. FIr freight of3Wtitales motlnmtt or prLwacp, up. ply to LEVI II IGAlE, mal J Y93 Colmpl at Ooastwise. F.Il NEW UtUK. A +, TIIE tew nvail splendil hi Oi)N'ltIO, Cpt. Ifarwo ll,i hali ellv ll Iler Cn lgo ol-. inlled tin d will hlea imoenliageptm desllle t i.l Fol Irelhl or (lavinhg spoalo.a d Pegantl ncitmmo lutillii) oiiapply t LEVI It. (iAtlE, unlS _ J 93 CW T tttan. St. -11 f 11J 4 1.W m 1tl. . - The A7 I l IIANGIilt,(Cep lieor, will hove tlehsattll. For toluoace if fr~hglnt . a- r s~'a n, ane hahvini goy accdi Ullmaa.lllll , apply (,i time wpRin o0 htmard, ,otet my:IGl iJ ' J P HIrrNEF.V, 73: Caltprt Filt IiliS IA.r . The find A I shllt AVATAS, (optr. N.ean, havilg inert r f hier carga e:o.,ed, T ill have des iloatch. Fir IrRil or mil.foet.alp lt et' S & J P Will INE.'Y,9Caltap at ins prti of her corgao e atrae, will ave des Folr bnsiwe mffriolmlhtpr patlge, ltiNwit fnlt.oeti. ttitwiwop.ply t S& lJ t It wI& Co.E, FOL BIIOTItN. r r "rhI A Ind sllerillo r I lli) I AGL \Ng Em ('pt. Marshal, will wil it . i i Nw ,elt . S Ior It .aell e in t ffr iic li im r p.t le in , opi' ly li t _re t IIr; II t1. : , 91 (:Piminit I -- FOI )S''t iN. m.'he A I coplrand shipl IlElilt:ILt. Capt Wlhiimg, havig Ialflher care etengedl, will Innve dcespalch. Funr arlaaeo dlr fight or pI-, rage, hering g.iwl atromlmwwtatirtt, opplTly tion Iunlr Catltitte tie (r lee. I'avcn, o may l J I& V WIIITN fY, P3Ca.nj FPIL ItlOiI',l N. ('lark, will mail oa Ille 15ih. Pit paoge N a ioly, apply la S & J P WHiITNEY, i. . i t- i ''1 .N. The i wailite brig itll 11)1 NO, Is w It. Ennllolllnls ialn hwaidelllely tetownlolilate pc- I. e'ilnlslrl elally Iap ly jl;e ~5~ S&J \ 3l WIIIt'INtIY', 7: C yam ""t limit NEW M3IK. - bulk oWitllbaiat i:oltlo,. ApIlvw Ih .ý L S & J P V111'I'NI.:Y, Ja aie 15 73 t (i ,p at GEOIRGE C. CIIILI)S, Arrontiora' AT t R I. .II t Iaoettilt,: . taU.eiotih S ulpta. lCc, i a in lie D)irial ( n flltrii ltlgto4 satitu tf"tihe tui(joet iltellllle cI. l lo t Ih t tIV o4' lHlu lon. :lhll m llle ithe gl (IVrrll lll itheirlll+ for I,}OllillV l1.lnil1 or wllllll , l hre an lll.ldnl-llk+ aIIn I pr ly ,(ttendedd o vith r li~tre nl l r rt oidens 1i o f i 'tmtt ii . .Addr.-s- enrIlll Ilse Uniell u.slltt.--l ty oIf! ster. : C:T'ITT'Oy (:IItCUlIltS+ _. ltP I'tIN 11L it'll, it (,atiieat l+rludli, aa, a, n at ile tot,stplted t tti tt o1tw I cIJ.n.A,, er else t 4t.I+l mfmaliv it''i Iv, in i 'i,. o 'hS l EN h ,,,II %'ate.. ,y 1(.,i, St ) we at . rI ' A ti1111.:A N ' lt I N III N ; N )i ' l 'tllt F:, ,,rner ,1 Peidral antdSt Clhare iw it.n., trill he l ii 4 , V ,, l ,4 111 ....1 tI ,i) . ...i ......... ..l t ,v l ,plt rIf n G'l ltll er lilt to illieitld l' d t r, sale it Ni 24, Illy It eAVII IT & Co. \ ea-- :l t Iyt P -a + 11als f,1111 Pt l p lrthlaer'" oar II l (a lltltl.'.i t tl4uIe ir i .r itrile I er sldeh at ttt oIn teticl It . toy 17 tI t C.. ,A O'- Itua1ln ,N l 4 15 tlmiiaese. at ic,, fir stie Ic -. U i;A It- 5 1 b ,,es w hite W II+ '.r :'+. , Ii store. r hr Isale hy S & J 11 IVIII, ItE, relay '0 t 73 .'3 l p I t I ARlI tolllll mor le coil lla r l l ad l g ttY IlI' 15 (i u)ill'll·:Y.. 44 New L.evee, f -11tUl--91LhIhtrelo at lthm laudipg, I4ir Palo b r ily ; IlltitI. .' 44 New Iccve N C"',ti,,lle ml :nuf r, l Iarrto clouin Ii, lie ho I. ittyll h lp laltlodelle, ew N. II. \Vtchra. Jewedry,, M~tvie Boles, lSpeeltiee r41;irlrd iii ilte ells lailhful l nlallll, r. Old t.hllid nd Sih'er ll nePII. nmlny I ` S bllhve ari.lsca, plain aiid ruled, for uilie at N . " 4, Iicy teo D.m.\VmD FPLT &(o. I I .E-9:0I cakank T'homarn Lam. ivfu t, inn Inny 14a 73 Cap St. 11 IiK-tIfII easks f1'hntttnn liTFetun nod IA fttr sole by S & J P III'ITNEY, n22 73 (:Ctnp st Q EA 0'1"2I' OIL-For im restoration and growtl of ,r It hae I ,ctc, givilnthalth, lattIV ntd ltvreelntitg ilt falling of, Sol,] at wi lll' mi3 Nn. ft Clertrne sv I U'"II'E I-150 IIam luttltlen and Wyteron, in store, ifor sal~e by (i DORSIJI.Y, 23 "14 New l.e~ee Ublal'lll1":t,l'lktilt- ,. WAlERt . Ills-f, ton I- iiglln rervitormur-, 2 tui, t d tIn. 1114 gulluit g water tarsin; Att gSlio In ,, r for vle by 11 j 4i3 & 3 SfIi' E 7:1 ('amp at (TlOR% INlAOM1S-;50 dtz in cmo' nol for tsolely JI l12 1 IIUII:vII 41 Nev Leve, ( lP'Fr-tllt4a1, Jno, an ntot atni? 3lttilla,in .11124 t1111i . & lt I sb N. 16 Utlo nzity, it 11101 I111F.1 111-1 hhde., Inodita full snatlbn Ijidalplt For sale by A. 'I'ItII.It, not, s :4:14 UInvier nt HLl' o .I' IIl)dllAI'lI1U IC I INTING (Oit' 4 2,11] SI 3lguiso ortmel;,ntllntaie ln'~aAr a W loIItlNE taeOl dentaret ion nttt'itg lithli. lrielnds td ljthe ttettna of New Orlcans, that ltat has tI lengti btnylir Ittigrapghb on a p lar withcepper plate rinting, al 1 irn .t tile, jill tihe art noecttrr mt1.per to a te n gtnrlnt.tI e can setlne til t mirs tmlntml o II ii Itmeguv gat ono halt-tn the axlwosc of eregl uvillg and m'arl lt- ha stye prvintmtg. cr (lrcvni utsi wsinlgiretlttlnro =enat in t -ir own Ibn wriIIgtnn hame any qnnntt at It few hellars ot notice; or they willeteePctntl fr ilt'Ia1 in a Iteollitul *( .Is, ntlmn aIn hahereltofore given generatl nsaciactian eul otrepcabe nlIltlton in Ithin ciy mneent~iosal hneintg Vaiiagtin lttsi. 1. rlards finished li'h i lte Iunnttnr, gill,!- well lbs callingll at I ne 'tlice a and ee tIaieit11a. y Feb. 1, 18:19 SN I-Rank mites neatly e.cutedl, andicirculars, a printed at nn." hlour', nyotiea II IIltl-ljelIO and Weatenm, lA c tn.I and forI c yo by Ii lit tIlSEY jun I 414 New Levee rf IAIi)D-tikegs Imat nord, ltndinig front nLmInt boat e ACOiN 1L4F.5-150 corks Cittctnuuottcured, itt0 ?nt7 41 new Levee E Iv)ltnI'INld WiIEEi1I-40 eo Holnniog W'hnel,, II of impvemed nnntruction, in framos cnnpliet for nnle by JIt a 2NNY 4-41il Tivonli (W UNY IiAG- -311,000in 14NG andbtilnnllrs* for ole by ISAAC lHIDE d& Co. 1may2 131 Mlagazine el 1-9101 CAND)LES--G'1 boxer P grin Candles, N S Ilydfly bran~d,for sale by I Nlt1 UGIE & Coo may 2 Of Magazintylit 1n MJRINTINGi PAPER.-160 reams 241 36 inches V- lauding frton hip Yaznooonr nala hy tttay29 Sf1 G B.ANCIIARLD, 33'irnticrsy 1)ACON tIDEP.-14I cooks uaperitor Cir,,;.,; I) cured in 5tr, fo, salo by G. D IRSESOoi xt27 44 new Lvnt T riv.I.-5 tons English blioiercd Sleel, for sale 0 t 201 SHAlL 4n BiROWN, 16 llngazinnoc g ! lUTIT' I r & LAII l-IiUU kegs lord &50 do nupo. £3 rior Wcvt.'rn bUtter, f.r rBle by ni6 ;G. lSOllSEY, 44 New Levee Fe \J~IIISKEY-llln (lr landittg flrni ,steam bolt or yy Columtbun,foo -al.- by FOR NEW YORK. .I4 r hAok r, ew Orl os,, Line. NA NEW LINE ofckets lia Ibweo e.abli-hed oI Srun belween New Urleans and Nea Y.rk, to consutxtofl've ilrst slulrslips, six: lthp St. nrv, IV W sFostr, Minter, lRepulblican, J i Russell " Aubrn, I I' DurLey, en, building, Thesei ship wer alioil i New rto nrk expresls fol r his rIn trade; or, o i a l ight alraoogls t'of tre.,, a id ill in Is.' bject t l.deteario as ltire I sar. Thiir taeo..hPoltis.o Fe aor li ngeris aco. prise all Ioit iPss, be rei Iird lin lilr oni elt anlivelpei o; o ld !ioe o ues nd I are T in l exp rielo , Lnssale i e ssips i i. l shuin i are or:'pleledl t o foirs s pll e ueer oil r l pl taacll ir T io greates-t Ipunc u lly wisrlld Ies si herl'ld of ti ver r pnted toi r ur nlb Iip r- ad ola nse ,hlalseler i, or furthcr parhe uhtrn op pimyo rasrte. Johinson jrig. r PErTiER I.A.llUl i , l ii Camp st FOR NEW YORK. Louisiana and w ork ine of Pcke. To nail regolarly ai adsertised f room each Port. P111E illse s at this mo Usnt e arl stosrll lt, fielosl - e l v htip , Ii ao r. t ew c ,et la whll Ie i ulon I I aI sirly sins. Ilin_ ssisi its tiilsnier r , t i ll,l wi , will p io of ill e bnieI Il at:he d t r8ll IIf I Im l o rt every tllr tnilrl iprtiil ands at s tie i wes A OIlltl s'e sri lr,. S e Ip i esno is,, Captain l' liran Il r l r tisaissili, C iou r'.l', lo isv ole Allen. N r elnrr. P t. latliw v. " Ilunl s ille, Eld hridlge" I slsose ir ate, st fasiintso eri rs 'he aloe ws hips are all ,f the fint ,cla,,llInow e pered od rlll ss ler sll'le rdllrll, if a lih list odso l Iof water,' it I btiihl sN,tw rork ex ro n ly fir li Ial ossls' stswsl gail slCeo ,oosiition fir psengersga and csoissded by lia sle s islriadsris red ,as stersr . Tih price t f plisstages I ferixe at ,81 w i ll e, or l wiq liri, ldos i .toi s in every l hAti i r'llll am ar bnie pr i e r rrilde, e tr lllan i-e to h i. o f l e nmins ri ill r l liBaes r los hwe o iu p ioolr irow tie river, mnd the greaest s one 'lr y ob.serl d lt ll to ti eir iay sailing' Neier t il wnvrl S ore enlntin of these vessels will le re a -free' , uli o sio0 fr j. ie, tae a , b e f ga s, ll w arle, r granie, (:ollril e o in, rst i n o als' al- fir ain leItters, irNel or m i ka i.e s Ie t s r A t o rd oRf itihe t,., ttlc regular bill is' lad inig are takell fir"le nan, o ili, lo vahls In' ed. Fr freigh or tpamfaer, apt ly to nln 21 J tIlE It IIU I.IN, 74Campat Io FORl N I.W YORK. ,!A Go Ti-ll a aItilly ever, landin e frol ea e Irh r. I 'fi.s .i ..l.. f" I' bNE ' ..I. iO P ACK E to S le Pit Er l al cas, i h.ll osi, n i lieg I a tIl of S i , :osoleillr. aiss Wii o od. V t I n. s aptaitTitois C C icr, y e l ril slo. Clll illllptlais 4 l leor', Aior' l, C.o lil o Olil n.I I . etr Ionisos.. C'nphtin 'tosruntot. (sleoir. Cloptio o .yeat. Orlllll, ee. I 0( 1 5llt ll rslslilt. oet' Ship -- C.osisi, Qoondmlsuoe.o e hip - Captioin Nichol.. T"lls stle thil l re a sll ofthe firs cass, oppered, i Iand l',pl r fsllesi d salnd were luile in N .w York ex-Ii' presly Ic lhis ,l, is sle--they aire sftiollht Iafllt of ws .- flI i,,r, isiti almost inovatiabvl cross Ihe liar withiout deteoio 'll ices Iistl lilu, slr 'I'his will t o l lo' lse j Wes i nd own tie riveor, and wviii aojail so Io a s ., t vtrs l o Iiii moarn +f tihe first +~tlis will .Iwasi so fhrnishodiorl. t eve'ry lts'n ti iiasd tos ilhe foisi fort als satisfatinisu of" 1:h0e price of the iiaic is flxedI at $1i, wstiusot wine or iiqsor. 505 For iisotrs iaticlalhrs aipldY io A COIl EN, lllt Coolsolrii tli reet Irt ICIlThe shtips are not ac.sootalel r lhr bsiakstlges i " :lls, htlliw wllre, inile r grslile, isslpeiPrir o sli ns' ci (r r t+1114 irol or sleel: n)r responaiie flr ll? t lack ke or arel lsiut li boarls unil, il oo reoii lsr bill oflldl be lli'or le Inlerior. FOR IIAYO tiA AiClA rgsulsr Paert. tt I .lt, ' s IYI: -. 1--1+.1 Il lll. T, .le l-. hintr tiuler, wi - c. s ., S wi l.. wil l.ver New OIrleoln. every Wnoo "le-lil It 11; :'hW rlUk A,11. M ru Baya , Sara & ra y on is' s'i 4. 31 os .sill .s . essinss s'k A. k toos s'gshol .,rjo,' , 0,, _ . i , ..i. .L .... C .A'i'iN,,,> ,o , llt,. ,. _. Iv IN K , &c- I I,,5 .s Aa ý 1 a" a I l C t. pll h tp er, filne n do Is anupri i'ssc ~lti iii; l~l0i . O, lo g OLil i aS lsrllonoss l l illl e s il u. , L J nopetellline writing (I do finna nIlllll l oili i ''II~~- I--- tis'iossis ;ol t low, (:on It e I iao Si l g *n y t Cu tl I .' l A '', ) A It, 49 (a Bu. ll i , I Ilisi i, ' l, - , h is * i c N 0I i l E I so Ohe r , iur r eI, t s: oI. ;Pili I t, t h . I V,-l i saavrier sif Nn ols, s,,, ooseived with 'ss e g, et.tcat up ro ll . . . rrr St {' l stl- . CsIIIIon i ss lsgi i'llslisisii' 'its llle, Mc laS Cdine i t lr72 " 134 .lOlsisosise os. ItlANC ' '0Al--3{0-Itux'O j31 t-received fair-sal Ii by li AILL & Iilo IsN, 'I AIlIWA ll iPAPEIR--5I r, ams Ihrdi ts iossi iss o per, tn store soIl s,' stile, by P FLA( G'i'NE-6ii ysrds fSiTNso sssi iiisso fo'tru m y to 5 il ,S J I' WtI I'INEY, 73 Coos op jo stoos Isoop Ht Sot for sole by A iRIFR. Jot aly 15 341; ratier is t l lI •iF(r sale b i i I 'os11 i i ord aotv I5 34 O uiclVtr so I th', ;lanLk Checks, Btflls of Lading, Auction Bills, Iamphllets, Show bills, Cata logues, &k. &r. [' I I)Klts:tfor the Abose, anrrt every olther der eripliouaof it 'ItIN I'itl iti received at CiiIliitisg %iiuo i ofi TIUi/AhEItIiCA5," is T. ('hr I. x :cdc sE, :id dor Fr'ollt t;roTvir istret, or at the Printing It)lire, corner of l'idra- iand- t Ci. Cha(rls streets. Etersire andl beautLiful /otiOK snd lo " FOUNTS fromthie tbet Fonitdries in the Utitoed tlest, ha.e juo been added to the itreadlg iels.tlcked t/e lacdishmelat; --andon l oitis will beeceeud as I.ow, as Cheaply, IF:s/editioasly and beautt'tull , as t anyoiliter Otheie intlhe (,flv. LINEN StIllt/IS, GttIIV:S Sr. PUSIi:NII;iS. S Jullst received by late rrivals, an aol.rtment of Shirts Crnlvlesu, Sullllllr sticks, ,loves. mol Spenll derts, at l/e I .azaair, eirnter of St. Lllsr!es and Comiii.on N. It. A eonlplet nessort' ent of Writing Deeks, Iressing cases, portable shnvilng sclle in rosei t woil t& leather. wIlh B/Dlll AL.LAN. ( O1)RN-15-lh0bushels latding from lat hlnt land for J sale by si/t3 A T'EltEIt 31 tiver st Ij EFRIi; IATOIL- 'hin is a ineared iusetlt arlia Ihern as welt a/s soiii l'nii lliuio/'o. it isdesignted to eiepcoo/l andll sriwet, suchl diisei's in thie c:lllitUy de I.rllllllt iis are lec.essarv yi i proleledll Irolll he het of ishe wusuerdurin. ili summer pei-on. IThe Refriigerator is iow o'tmsidered anl indisprinsable article ill tlhe econlllll ofevry good Ihousewlle. The qoltity if fodll ii prot.ctls Irl tli ie welather, will motle ihlt pais the cost ol the article every lar. Tle ls.hcrlber is cuelsulntly recivilng Irog l the Iwar, faeiurer, R.i'rigeratollls ofdlft'retll priiees. 'hile S.bscriber istlppoiited Ageut fitr the stanufae turer, Mr A I'attel. S.lltllensll oi the Itefrigeroture lmy be seen tot lly lllre 3l Bseluville st. ,un.8 tf I It C INI:iS. tNEsW JL iVEWLI i t'. e SM. BILI., IG Cltlrtressatret, its this dcay receiv ed lwr rhti/ :ar n oga, 50 duI. eiInamelled Breast line, whien will Lbe offred tote ta Irode oir Iedlars cheap er tian evesr Ibefore i.itrd il Wis city. Also 5!u dozes lchaed i ing, of all piatot, together witsh * greut va riuty ofcheap ssi Wwi/,eooi- liu'efll.isclteet Kisgs Ear tts, Chains. &i:. Those in wntll nenttsli.e Ihis `rent assoittnent. . S. Old 1 l and Sil/er want-ed. ait 15 J L. BROWN'S Patet Pl./-Pssrt Italteea Grne esn fi tnd it ;1 Bievslltle iltelt, Palillt Platforsi Balanees/ , sltario r to r nv ever ofrered in this city, fell If W It C'ARNEi . R U LED lap oasI Let,'r I'APIit--.luos nrieui-id 1 400 reni ruld I.elter Papler. bolh blue nnliwhst/e. aln/, 43I0 iud csp, sssts versy lIw /ritid, euoilable for schools, tor cole by DAI It FEI. I d Co, mniy 4 N Y staliiier/,sip l, / 4 i'!lrires t. ' OItN--I000 bosh-el/ in fitse .li/.i/iig ii1ei-/-/oIti Jnd/tr ssaoslye J tItIAN El N.,, m1371 I'dra.t 'X ITIT BI:ANS--: 0 li.lte for al I " - nllm3 t D-II.I.:\. 41 N."w Iv*."e in slowa esail ihr sole by J 'IIAYEti & cll !n13 74 I'otudra sr IESS BElF--lt hisF br/ N Lott/s iuspeeii it ¶siac for/sie i'y G Dil/SEN. ti/s I-altmrrie linteit s-hit- it hfis qYiie/.i TRUTH Is MIGHTYY AND) WILL PREVAIL. IT in I~t that 150,11O0 of Srunnp adli a Blood Pills h ay [ letu sold during thle palt sIx montll.. ht ieafl t--lhnt to e arL toLken I IIununlerJbla [Illtance. It pull io,,e aid currect llce siaclu liund ..A elhdl+tc or, i llyel In pi,,lls opal lhrr ,|akl I, dleillae , by which nlp lly Ive. art to miM,'rvd. It ,isa 1aet-.Tlohlt nil guvk ace li'mes contain minelral. tl mercury, whlh FIl lak . n thk '"InUrt hil or cure," Slid Irlll It, t E r tl].,Ct IOI·II1t or u1/."·I Sr e tl hetl--'hl uulmerous qtlres and foreign idmtoIr. call thrnwselvcs docfoere,tllattier mawy Iluore etltctUldll y Immls. thtr oile, ulad tdcluerous pr.pltr i ii oil flat puhh, cerio a.tIoitg for tle c~neerluecaes s o itlat t ey canl Oly plroket tla hrlr iJallj|tgaifl. II. it.a rlcl-'J'h.It who qulark, mnd foreign im .,tatr, who now oi1'*,. oItar"etulltry kllnow tlnot hmg of the ilatllure ,I' Icrlldl. ,n in ere, ul k I lll , ah tll, lu dls*.,t". ,.1 th", hullll;|li e)'btIII. l' It tt lt ifilt- lely are. par-ii lai y ol . eous s the follo.w Silgdi-aeldloifwhlcha lrool, -wcir, ed tIo I. ro .s Ire +lh.e h d o ,, l lid tllllllill llt d., ulllely)- ir It heUlllatie iI l'tlltll-; U le.tU Ulcr-. soar, oftlV iio-etIlatl s:rolllll l; Ery.i llllt ; ald l d); Ile J 111dII:ti ++llrtllttrll ; Fcaly s talll)liylll ll d blotlIEs e l aisealee. tfthieher, .kiu, the sk;lll al !)ll . sldl glalld,; Iry lld. waer pimllple., and I~lot otlhe.tllh+, along thll p1oh .t.I' Of thle; fl.lo .,ai l Of beck sodlll one, over tlll , ith.hl. h bo" reglll oft fIl heart:llld 'J'ralletb~r and rildaWOrlnl; at olpmr11; ll Sllll +.1pou p bsli.d h11d1llg of Iho Inward rever., had lncll, ill gl.lld. fir. tila ltoek, iii tile Ill. mlouth, l'iml hrealhi lgru~ll+, l~real. &c Filitllnllo): lhdi~emti ohi StOll ,Otgh"; W olllt l'" aglleli . ,. " r t.. llll dal1 :Sour vr ctlull tlld aoidlti+r lhf ,b," ttulsl:ln 11;·terbrask.&e. i..ECO'"1IENjIAV~t0I.y I'A"A('P It is t rllfu--Tolr Dlly a lrl,)rit ."r .,.I t ,, ll ,ll'll rel" o1 1 the ;lrsallarllln a hoo.d l . +ix i nog Lpnto lhv-I~lill it, tt 4+.. a1111 to elary, a.tiletd by thle t.,l blllraled lfll) ;ei+llclI the Uhlled tot Slalom.. ail I uetlro Physich, Cha Ilnl1l, J.lek'uw (;: ihso)lo, 0000, IRare, v Jolmex, ]lorlll.r, Cove, Ac. It i4 ,a lhtct-'J'hal tihe S,irsalllrilla hh.,d pills ere euplodyed it. the. e~ra, hl(e llt lllttyphysmit'all., ..,:1 tery 1-uglll.I meals. illsltled by l lunl 1trou.+ln tL tII., U Stakle,. (ee dlll'cIllllr rtrolIIIaallyillo eaeh box of pill..) It is s flect--TI'hey are -ltup.i d entirely of regetldelo., alld thely ore Wa;ll ruted to eollto l iio ile lcry Or (IIIIII lll/pre. par~liOlm., It is I fate--Tlley nlay tio takell by the most dllicate, all,] i .lNage,; without re~trailll tfoccullativn or li lt0ra',; althuul II fiear ofhlkilag Elldi withoult ch ge of diet i retul uit from tlfelmleralr l:.itlllg. It i. a l'ct--'1'lly will riot Ivy their Operlation. whicl uniy it bell ldd or iletlr, accordlnl to tile q + t ty lake I weakenll le hwe syem to mllu.h as nut of tile purguutle mllelldcrllr. goner. ally Id,. It is a fale--Tll- l they rt tile nost effectual II PUBIFIJ:BS O" TJil, BLOOD. t IRNOVATOR 01 TIIHE SI'STLJI SLaver fIlsovered A,,l., etllli lllln O l dlise t'8s, pr<Jlucel I hy llercllry, 0'r it lie &curralm. or the ' 11011nelle of .y phtlll, los", 'cuerial. h it fae--'T'hal Inever ill t Sillgle il ., nllhe blae they been kiIIuwll to ho m "d, that they dhdl flt pr aldoe ;i fCilllled p t rurlllg lhUallndl, il.liy of whllmo were bef'ore ft>ulldlled IImen. sable. It is I ,lfct--tlal oliP Ihoc of Sarsaparilla pills o n .1 aIl tllle ofwhie CmolOllld Sgyrpll ul*'eurssp.a ilal.aH Illsulli lell tt ere ally uot IIe above dlll.l~pr. I# Ia a liler--Shluld he oll·Frved, thallh old.," pllin they cll , atled getln llUw ~li N.. Orleulla, i at Cusltl+,ll|blla strest. Sboptll I -.O No. 96. BLOOD! BILOOD BLOO)ID!!! lst. The vit.ll turllei (d1.1,G) is colutalled lu lhe bllold. ,'. Illoud miake,. blood. :id. Every IIIIIg III tine hod) is derived froli Idoud. 41i. Al e lll ntu rla re rI dlenlly lit., a s. Stll. All dll e l+,n s artne lr ,llr illllpuri ity o,'lle 11bl)1io . o r ill Otl. er words, flru11 aelrllllollluOls ha.alll lo, IIto ll t udt. nilh. All tlh.e hlllitor. are envried ItilE Itl,,,ido b "put rifi .l.llll ladn healtflll ty the. tal toorr la tot .l.lhll dd , lst, Stl:. V.{geLtuble plurgoltivrw u[lme aooim lat, w illI lt odl. l. 1`IPIJII I'rY""lk brtloo I d is will kllown I1 ho p""oftll, al4 grhea!r;t cltlnes ol' loam,-r. 0.(ItSAItlI01.L A IsWell hllmwl nhot tice, w elx~l tll lpurifier ytellle lllood ulnl Iluid . of te toa LIkl sytelllto he idltllr:~. Itl,, the prm*i sl remonio ll ] g nt is ) ll hallnlalaClllled hy nlak Iiioder preparlaillos Ir is .,meshes, theerefore toe..,.. east on to1 votuca; the~y are known l toevrly I,..hte e,"ou , t pa is filled with ne.dlvrctlyaal ue l rprll eruhma nrlr pllll a extract., syrup,, &c. I), W S 11 hate Ilioellvar d a prime,,, known onlly fit himslelf. wllrelly it is coI I with other w111.1ell known1 rrllneddnl neeal rolll hut dietrouylng te virtues pfiheaur*.ll ,ill.a and fumie In lshrilllu r Blood Ptlld i ll.nleWlhe Ipr aprl llln is cons Illlld u natal end L'I~nllr, purga~tive, whichl by its Rnblxt gradual. lky .um almlr l ht Imperceptbly larriae off Lhregro aland m orbid hulmor ,eartedlflrolllll g blrod by tile Saraaparll. TllItey pIUlt do etot purge, ,h iodenly ia l fas plls dO , trp lirutillprs f trhte thd roeducgt.h syhstav, readerlag ited ore lirt;t" u t im. t rase, wl ltl.lalllll lld tlhlet sytm. Whd iiki llydi.,. to dr,4 : ltrougllllyer rellltllilillg or destoylIIlgloUllhll]lllr itlnlshor itmllult e., waur g dice, I art iolllrh y d ase, olthe polde sbul , lolie'sar, il.alts. iualI their c h almereu. tllhl lkhe alld orals. From . he uirc tl[ to.n of..... sarsaparlla br.... itrodured . in p I111s 111b', roy lltLake erutl en+ t liar cul y g of thllLI he dorkl or tfir D 1lltng; chroat l ld hbdyie t ] brel· e sinllor sld l,t hlllu uly tae Iho llace dry all o~ther iiI. utlldfiul.f arut thle foregsoing Id t e eli rlllwd mru, w ll n l. r Inlll ynlria r oast other,, Wllrt 5vcmoa ryIt ll the h+. hlc, hret. &.. atnd oln flcll. c,,ugh y rhEr ,Inedl llit I . irhraIh lhdal' , t wh""'llruh lu ,'fd sl lJ'e-ir -ll w al r hul| rl ditl *,1"o t hll ," lit,, hedlasltltoflII..ll~ u if. Il.u Ired [h Ilier4 y.l!l . rul 'ii ioI I ..,a llyr wila , rlllr ,,...lion, ll a iul, l lcldt 0' whol ;s llal it+ 11 InlteerlahllrCa (f u rlir of l t, orelhthid d (Il h body, l racllly bptir molld bllltthlll"f tit, .kinl. dry sall watery pnapleII~um Jl) l.,.( lea

o "lllhle It o .,llatbdylhtete rll lpo n rmo rt.lll· rrellllld. a& lI.d ver+: oy, thllatbdtte vofll thle ..II"r tIo til+e ull'll Ibreast, &.S| .,a(lr .liro e11· herlm11-'.* IO I p t. 1t(II II ,IIIII ld lieid r r.1 1 the cwn l,;trufu o'..It u- el rv l I 111e pur lh o f l. - u iblood, c.llrl.c )it l.rllo os, It, ll l ydrt.1t1 * A k mayld wh h ,le ai)· lr lld c t ll an it ., ,u l LUlllll i o +, lat is Ir ,. N,. ler;ll, llS.tet Ivllc ll l 11 U l I)IIL)( ,a .t"r ol llen c te sd wlthl h+ o llf l a o ll, -r rlllan w ru a tll o f,, lh' .elill, •+r'] *~i t '~ Hlh l I glallid r~llrl Inll tllieli. FIUI IOI lll lly rrlrurP, l]IIt ad+ ,ILt·D , Slid at~llld I11111U~IIIIII, It), Ualldyillb ' u+* S" Tile it llmr tin.' Plsirie., lll.F Ie hylscia, ut 14, frnl iPto I01 A ll, wld b'rutb tt 0' a l lesd rom ". wte 111 fi Itse el1e illt . april 4 NlucE Phnw : ;re rtr eelhalveLen illrd 'ii+Ptl haf, tI ' i ;ven 1 b rllt + l.ttll hn I· Pl. ll !I u ll. e ( T Dal' .t most r;)rn lI' · c, r pcf~rnc,:l by noh "IU " (_' l. ltlll e 11.e alh tl 1 llre rhil an No .f Coo 1lll00' .tart, :hi ,+llr r tlel . i t rode nmti nn. sernli?, r I !di io of I" h l, I I:(ll)(;l. [ Co, 13·1 ,lnilMeas.zest&ma (ITATR OF LOUISIANA-FIant Jludicial Lis. I trict Court-'Tche State of Louisiana, to all whom Sllese presents sll:, colle, GCreetlng : Wi[ Wheruse, A C lB achard, J W. Ilrcedolvei . Wil. linta Mackey, and II Lavergne having purchased i at a sale made by tihe Shertiff' of the Parslh of (or. -1leans tile pnpertl hereinatter deecril.ed, hlve ap t Iplied tothe C erk ofthi- Court ill whllose lliae tile - I deeds ofsae were recorded on tihe 24th, 2th, and 27tll daysofApril, A. 1). 1839, for a iolltiotto or at I adverrtielunt sU eol oistroity to all act of the L'gis. I Inturd of the State of Illis, entitled ' An act for the further assur.nce of titles to purchasers at i judicial sales ;" approved tithe 10th day of March, le 1834: Now, therefore, know ye. and all persons ilter. eo ested herein, are hercby cited and admionished ill Si the aonle of tile State of Louisiana, and of tile First Judicial District Court, who can set up ally right, at itle or clain in and to the property hereinalter de. re ceribed, consequlence of any itnformao ity in the order, decree or judglnent ol th Court under whic' it tle rale was made, or any irregu arity or t legality nltheaptcraiosetlentts and advertiseateots, in time, n or matnnr of sale, or for ay other dIefect whataso ever, to show cause withln thlirty days fromi tlte day i Lisso monition is first Inserted in the pull ic Ipaprs, w y the sa e o made should not be oat ctirnled au ' houtologated. ' The said iroperty was sold by the Sheriffof tile I P.trish aforesaid, on tile 27th of Marchl, A. D. 1839, by virtue ofa decree of thlis Curt, rendored on tile 5til day of Marcoh, A.1). 1839, in a suit enti tied Carriers & Borduzo t vs. Buchanan & IItgan. I; No. 17,401 of the docket of this Court, at which 1 sa ethe said A G I anchard, J W Ireedlove, Wdt e liao Mackey and II.overgne becalme the purcha sers, respective!y, of the fio.owing property for tlhe t lo owing aolounts, to wit: A G BAlalchard was the purchaser of the lot of ground number Six in t'oydras" btleet, between Camp and St. Charles streets, nmeas:ring twenty , four feet six inches front on Pvodras street, by a nincty five feet six inches deep, for the sum of seven thousand one hundred do lar casht : thlree thousand - nine hundred and forty fiotr do tars and fitly cunts, Iar Pyable te thirticeth day of Marchl, ighteen huInd. red and forty, and tho balaulce, in two and three iyears it notes satisfactorily endorsed, alld bearing r- nortgage-and if not punctually paid at Imturity to be;ar ntterest at the rate of ten per vent. ill: paid, without any right to retard payment, whichll ti ie sstd shetrl'ackntow edges to have received in his le notes, piyalh e a a botve, wth Jonau Metoyer & Co E and N. Benoist oasendorsers, and reservig on the e above described property a specill ourtgage util thie linst payment of the above decrilbm d J. WV. Brcedlove became tlhe pur ha:ser of tile lotofr ground nulbiir Four, in tile corner of St. Chitr:ee and Paydras streeut, mteasuring twenty fouer eet front (caa St. Charles street and seventy. eight lrot uten iuclt.s o;n P.,vdrae strct for tile son of even tllousala anit one hundraed dollars, pItya. it ble as follows, via: Oie thousand dollars, clsll; f- our thousand two hundred and nineteen dollars paytb a the 19th of June, 1840, and the bq ance in two and three yearse, it notes satisfactorily cndors ed, awl bearing mortgage, and if not pulclually paid at slaturtty, to bear interest at tite rate of ten per cent. till paid, without any right to retard pay. menlt, which the sheriff acknowledges to have ro. SI ceived in his notes payable as above, with John is Mmlturn as security, with sp ci I mortgage on tlh property sold until final payLenct of thie above de scribed notes. J W Breedlove becalme, also, ite purchaser of ir the lot of ground number One, situated next to the St Charlrs'T'heatre, near 'Poydras atroel, nleasuring I. twenty three feet eight inlches an.d Si line itn Sit. It Chtarle stret, by sevet.ty tight tl.,ct ten inches tio dhopth, togitthl r with a Itour stoiy brnik Ioul and kitle!ll tht reon, net, to lt er .lli et' tilt u l, li-! Novtlibelr, 1639, i ,t littetrll lh.ldrd .it t'ars. i r,l iltheco Itto tthl .t NoVetiii :ter, 184. ,.tit htttl thciu".n, lI di itrs per annum, p.Jyahl i Iinlthly ; for thie nIot oad price of sixteeo thlousand do) Ila, payable as follows, vzz: 'I w tlloousand dollars cash, foutr thocisaln ftiv, Shundret d dollars, p;tyable e e ninetoeelth d.l) of June, eiglhteen hundrtd and forty; and the bl.,ani e its two anll tihre year., in lnotes o atal t.tortly ell - dersed and eatring nortgg,le, and if ntot cnclau. al y paid at maturity, ot bar illtenrlt Iroll IImat1U. ,:, . i+++ ::+ , + +,. + ,+ . - +, . . . . knowledges to have received in hbi notes endorsed by Sohn Minturn, and payable as above, the re. Sservved Pcelel ri 1oraggq on the property sold until In the fiial paymelnt of' said notes. |eck William Mackey became tha pulrchaser of the lot |ae of ground numbered five on Poydras street, be. a tweln Ciamlllp andi St. Charles streets, measuring was ityoly-.aur leet six incihes front on Poydrvs setreet, iby atirly live six inches deep, ftr the price of ,r' orven thenrsand five hundred dollars payable as Sfollows, viz: et Fve hundred dollars casll, four thousand two , Ihunldred and seventy seven aned eighty three huo d dredthel dollars, payable the lthirtleth n March, eighteen hulndred alndl Iae rty, esl 11lie vill.ile ilin two liand thllree years is :lteles.atisiaetorfly endursed, anltd Iearieg murtgage, and if not punctually pail at aut atue L:i to bear interest at theI rate of ten per cenoat till paid without any right to ret,,r.l payiecnt, and I the nhurefl' acknowledgel to have rve,cv,ved thee cast, el payment, and the balance in his note", e tevwo I irst el to ithe ordelr f J. Irwin, and ithta t ela t ie order of G(e., and by them taeldorsed and laty. lrable as abllov: a special mlrtgage is reserved unlel e rthe final pvayment of the sait Hntes. II. Lavergne becalnt thle prelhaner of the lot of ground nIlller three, next to he eeorer of St. e. Charlesand Peolyds rastreet, ellensuring twelnty-ftn)er feet ite itch front on St. Charles street, rounning rnck seveety.eight feet teen inchets de; foi, r tin li kr price of six thollsand ine hundred dollars, pay. a le en follows, v z: st ()ni tho<:r nld dollars raeh, teflllr e mac.vl tl hlee t d boreld t r llilt onlrl lll l, e ilT, Ict nlt e lhe el els e't' da JaknI, til tenie i hoallr.ed r lid i the ll r ,iat h lilt a h ie Init eel Iro l e e1l leer:' e ler- e irtll',Ieee e e ,li.:l;-e.e rl e lllllellcee +cl e I-lie l ee be: aer en :istarl, in n le f eanereeel loree lade'ed aed I ,u - rion r d aort~rl... ald if la 1p 45t , D| h t." ll rku e. tat > i:orily, l Il r l a-t Ia rn t le I ' l. per . ~ e tile l la i e l, willlll lVe en right l ll rtee llte )ne e tellle e anodle lese [ericT' a A:kenle. Iuel la . r lle rB~n, nive ieJ Ia. evlnert nll Wt c il e I tll( e ie nile I I ee 11e.nveree' rie-n 'tre I '. llr oe.e t:hitlerl . r payable e r lhrv ee, a :, s lperis orl Ug. glt'rree)PId ,, lhr ' Iy I, m l f l w A lld quild t.nv~eltrne11t ne Illl htir lllrlrllh.-rrof a lat r.f greu rollridied i o rlle o Blln, 11g r ueeI o , I ece ed 1i I. in ur lip es s tie, loni eIe",ent -lhrce a erll. lllil lte tllirty-biut t)ie,+ e rn .. d rev . uld IAhirlvte nlp t t1 it;-I rat ,Il tilro IIIe nsnd d ll as e Year, lllel I ie. i ,lr rel llh , i it i .p - st tri 1, 4 cl :'llll oine hcnn ned d tll-or. , to , ov its el t rwe, vi 1 frPP ll :.llnil< rl dolnlalr ,I!ih Ismllilh lll -, l lire blltn. dnred dollarc pavl, l,, the inwrnh t dn of Jd u , ri ghtI -. a S eleaurn isel ecd ler e urlee: tlee ly re ierl nlewre ra t'ic 1 ee ... re po r eel lee. r erde. ee.. eei i .... rr.i.. ... ... a 7 pryear, in ritens s eqeli ncihreIv ld',ul, d lanad fo, rmo a'l uer, orae. rrel Ior't o Ire- nly j uemnte e "l e uren i ur ters' at e ie: le rnlle e li pere-,e.eete e ll puin n o:nllt a nyl e ,:I aurich1 to rt:aue l Io:l qne., and IhI, lwrr Id " .krnw e jleour io ti ave ri-ns i ,d thite cras al ytst , . p t h c ni le t lnl: e ill tllllle, d u lite lls I ,ail rI e Inrel l,, ee Iv s ' 'e rlger-i .ed, h o t tha dr 11el v lars i af I eBo tro' e f 3ee eigl " e ie Illnlrred anIi lhirt -I inu. " nµt II-4tls P I I i.Rlt3\(', [pe. CI . i t I oTflr Di-tri Lot Juliciaire--l.'l+tt de ha L..msi- t+ ane-- a tois ceua que eel presncll.ra elllnurletll. , " osaht: inl Atteledn qer A. G. Bllnchard. J. W. Bfrldhlve., W llia Mack.cly e t II. Laeverlre soy.lnt iedst I a. S e,', vir e te ,' ipct r lv Sir, sv ,rdl e r p areien dt)r. e dIanre, Iea preolridlds eil'pre deerircte, et sent ador ,:l. rea. etau GrelTo do. cttello e.,at ieIce.... taee d ven.. o , furent cord ,iatrna Io 25 6 et 27 jeers d'Avril dt e l'annbd, 1839, poor In nvies eo litardc6ent a tI aj act e i t LegirslloredeO de 'vl ie lac I,onuiciclne, inti. I.e tuold "Acte pnour eonferlccr leo titree dis acqucrPirs aU veltes juldieiaire ;approeed let 10 Mars 1834. Q'il siat leonn, et toutesar peronner mnlresatdr sont par ces psentaes cinrllll au n" on lie I'etat nie la Lourisiae et do lit eiur du Prelier Distric-Jan i. ci irequeli pourraient avoir drit la proprided ot. l aprre de rite, 0n consequoence d'un ddiatrt da feorro all dans i'ordre, lb edec.. toe jug .en tde Ian oar, en . vereu douquel o vents a .tn fnalte ori e touts irroe. nI" gularild .et il dgaeli lodns I'eltimaioe. ,Paisvia ou ie teps It Iree iode de la venti, on polr ueo antre u cause uel.eonqne, de taire voir, dns trente jour a r a dater de Ir publicantioun deo:tte avsipourquoi la i vente ainsi lhie ne ouralti pas ConlfirerDe et huleru sit, gaue. I.cadite prepridel. furveut vpncets pa r Ie ShPriff, I' rsuas d to 7lme jour de M d e de I'annode 1819, on et vertll d'un dr'elet dea realrun Cur, rel I. 5 io ei Marsn T1 o I'allndeo 139, danis I'alairo de Ilorduzant cotetro Buceleltlane & lagan. u Nee. 174111 Iu docket c'e axlte C',lr ,it laeqoe lle i vpntue nlsa i s A un. . Blanhearld, J. WV lrcedlvre. I u. Maekyr eyit f. LaLergno - re on, ronde: s e anles o C ]Lntlrers rerl.!etlvmonet, dna pcri[riCtds aflevarnten cr1 pour nan.lles eonnera i.apr l s edif ene md r ca : A G. Bilarenc;ard, du lot de terra nol. 6 ailtue i,. dane ih, rla P-ydra, rl.ry-, le rues d ap et St. (:thIes, nileerantl21 pliels (i Ipo fae rio ee a1 1i rela Poydrase, ori i 95 iiel es lpnucaedu profdedur.c tp ur I Slenllede d u7,100 :ollllralrt, $q3941, Ie1 paycebles Ic 311 do Mora 18.1li, vt a balauee dl~ms hulx t't Lrllq t s tr u billtets nbelldo n 1 talil.'atili 1 et poureaent hypeetheertno,Veicvei orier Oil aner t e ee i ciust ps pcmt:ntullehunt reilastea Icu:s cihet a.t ,ae d sanles iI '1Jin 8lrllll1(roit do retlrde l o d ialiemlntlt eu tIo" se bhllyrtfreeluuill vojir retCi elseas Ill'on e Ie t J. We . lrter dlve dnevlmt i'actud e our de lot de tnerne Icn. 4, for llt 'enIrercoinureu lde rues Peydrac s ,I at St. hlarlecs, ln itlurat 24 payradle licel i t Iet ,u S t. Al h a r h ma e t 7 8 pi,ed s Il n p +. ne s t la ru e 1'~ y o / y) y t dieras poueer o lellle d :11 I 101 Ia O ran evayhr conllla e suit. 51,|vU eolpraIt, .- 1,'19 paoyablee 19 de Jutn, 1ta8ri, et Ie balne un calau alcoe t troia aslld d e bilLuts aendtnt. t s3 a:.lirct[iol et portanlt hvypotht'. n,, qrv etda... lie .ce . l .lie.. .iet pas ,,nn ,,,,, l Ie . r: tonent pd(feeIern lour :ihdrnedcs, ila d evrontl per. tar til inltrit au taux de dlx poor elllt jsququ rl,, aitlllenrlt cant' arueu d:oit di rutelc d de aiillneleet, I Se qu lu sbhrifT.ec0.78 .i da 1ir recen e... ser hl'tlets e:. payables eoiutneli eat suidit, enluolsl par Jallneue .\hturn' ev$ e hypoloequnl, sl$eile sur ille lrvpri19 0Iv vendure julqu' I paiment final des sledits bilets. :v lot de terrea tin. a sitlud a eri a le talret Si. Chlarles "ieyC nen lap rue Paydras, inllvurant 93 Iic dIs t l uce, ct six lii......... I. re. St. (:ur ens et 78 pneds I 10 ,aid Ist ees de irofndt rec lane d'elilee pein bri, ues jet la reile Ioremielr l vellhre 139 nn raiaersc vjne 8 l)O et doa elite dpoquc iall prenlher lIOVlenlhre 1641 t t raison de e.,Obltl pareeul payabler ted s lev rddoia , poar ie I, ,tdrx de 4"16,000 payablep I eon1nie suit ; drIIX tuli[le ally piastres eellle:'alllqly:tr Ille ile Cdlle ccent Ialeivres Ipayables l 19 Juin 18r0, ea lna. blI'ae dall deux a et tro s eas eln dilhelaPidoasos It satiaf'aCLion et cure. portautl hepohrqn e ; et clane e Is n i ii'lle to soient la pecee iPonaytuellne.llt c euiir piehd.eCo0aL ile duevruuit IIrtenr In im6te : all teaX dve dix iaoeur cent G slas aueui difruit d'uf l relardadle paievl,,nt cce qoe ,ediJe te chdrlfl'r.-onna.i e voir re.t. a va ns bdille 11.edes. oaeit he i,,lr Jpln e rnele et payable oiunrtai v is cat ,iL, turdcl rvc Ilal reslrve d'lne lhypolh a lwna saenlea i o ar la proprinte vendile jl qe ' au cniecnt ienal des a na., letr billeps. ds n ee William McKay devint I'acquirlrr du lot de Y tnr ino. 5 sur la r e Poydr.,s. cutre leI rues pu (Camp at St. Chari.e, ayyant. 24 pieds I pouc..s de tface In rue PIoydras ror 95 pels 6 pouces dc profLn-deor; pourle prrx do $7.5110 pia.tres paya. Sble colmme suit : 9401tI coinptao t ; $4277 8 1, ipy. - ables lo 30 Mtrs 1c41.; et la balanlce a deux et d troi oans en billets endoes6s a satisfactloll et or. ltanlt hyapotlb6que: et d i.s Ia ca q'c'ils no noient I pa poi.ctullement payd laur doala.ces is dev. I tonot porter un ictdr6tL u taux Id dix pour cent julsqu' paieienlt, sans aucun droit d'en rctrder le paie ent ; et le o.6rlltf reconoait en avoir recu lo o col.ptalnt, et lIa balalnc enl se billetsI Ion dcux premiers h i'ordre do P. Irwin etle dormer b. l'urdre f de Gen. Buchanan qui les out endoouss, et pay. ables comlce iit r susdit. aqee to r6serve d'une Ihypotl.toque p6ciale jusqu' au paineuot final desdsa V billets. S I. I.vergno devint accndreur du lot do terre d no.3 qui so trouvn pres '. In.cignure des rues St. Charles ot IPydras, ay;ant 24 pedo un ponce de h- i cca 1 rlue St. Charles et .'etendant a 78 pieds 10 pouccs on pron)l:eur ; pour le p.ix do $,.i6,911) Icpayables coecio ruit: $10011 c)oLpcn.t, $4h219 I Y payabl le l19 Jlin 1840, at la balaace a deuox ct trois acs enl ballets endossds . satifactiuon t por. u Stacnt hlpnthld1q. D)ans In cas qu'ils n.l o.ooeot pas pollucllutcII t ncnt icvd h Icur d Icd.incec. ici decvrlont I a pnrtern in:drot au taux d dcx pour coct jusqu'a Ipbionmeut, sans aucun droit d ca retarder lI men' ; et I shdrilf recoon it c'n avJlr recou loeco.. tallt, lab ldance on sac billcts elousods p r C. Dior bigny et payable concn:s il est onledit, vecc rdoervoe a d'u hylpLthlacque p6lcala sur a piroprid i voelduc j josqu'ac paloneI fiC al. r Etic do t Invegnu dtviLg nt aussi I'acqcdreur du lot do tcrre no. 2, ad,oignant lu no. 1, u.tu. daas ( In, rue St. Clh rles, ayant 23 picdo 8 pIclco at I lignvsdu face a la rue Sn . Chlrices sur 78 pieds, 111 Spolces de pruofoideur: aveccltle icmca.on enr Icrcquea ect a 6tage, et la cnisine qui s'y trovent, snjoitte I aun bail julsq' u 31 OLc'ubre 1839 .u L.,ux do 80000 par an, payables tolus l s ilsl. ; pour 10 prIx dI V $16100, payx blo .mno suit $52000 co Intant : 14,500 pasuble le 19 :du Jun 181.,t hI bhlan!e B deux el trois anes .n IBiliets endoml. d sa isct:ctiol r St portalt hyp.thlque : at .dao s lu cas qui'l oc e I Sluiunt pas p.ctucLUIIclemnlC pt pys er :h.anceI sls devonront Io:rt .o1 il6 cIL au tLax de dix pon 1 cellt jurqn'h p-lcnement, l anso aucun drol0 d lo to. larder lU padiImenl . et II shbr'f reconladit .1 avorI I rocu ro1 colrcllllLt net aI I.olancice 3, billkto do liL Ic acqud cur, eInd.nd par C Derbiguy et pahables V 0 colme it c nt ln<rlll ; avecn rdocrve d'une hyclotle. I qlle solociale su. 1 propcrlct0 venlducjussqn'a iI. c. cih'ct fhl.l. '1' I .,no, ohoc.,rahdsc A. 11. luchalla , juge do ia cllor ur ,ulc, o 1ee 11 i 1 3!). i'. II.LLAN(I 1 llsnai D1)putu Gratli,,r. tI I nAc ; -37 bU poalln woineIIll In4 du bruJa d H laoia llitor -ulc by Sm29 4 ýL J I' c. lil'r\.1, ;"€ C r )1CK I 0 kac.n -, lc .4' t I cw Yolk I'tr slcp r Uin:.cccllIr aolc b, : my SHALL C P':' 3ic N. 9ti .la.z n c. I A4S3Ol01-fr feet ilio,1.. . oBd Tl~lE IN)IAN~'S PANAcEA. Lii B IOLD RI1 lu ,~~fNoto4,oz aind TcilotopitooIOO os. '444044,0, .,044,4 orI~nX kUiI(Pgo 1 r.o, 4lb 044,44,,,.,,, 004~lll 4 II 44!I 44'43l .4ll*·l Ii~lll~ll I~r ~l .I IIOII l·cl lll, l~~ u. 11 lltIU ,II.,,dCI 4,,, U vn .4,e 42....,.~l YJt lrlIIIIY IlllllY i)I~I~lll .04...4,.,'.,..II.:ll III J .Ill -IIJl .e1~l 344%,,*,*,4 IU II .4- k.,2·III1)· 11)1 ·~~l i Il·ll·lll ~ I.k~l() 4044404140l~~llI(I-...~lU0.q3 I~ 444 44444ll '44l4tl1)( 4.,,4.*4.44',,g4.. 4.,,,..,·lll llilUU II Ii·I·~U 11118(1611) 1 04.4.044010134402'ul LIo0,44lI 1 4004(,,,,, .4,4 4,,.4.,,o, ,4.,,4.: 0 IlI TO THU PUBIC. 4I4 I, 40...44.4'44~lf~lllllI1 4.443 0044CC1. .4~ 44,.4. 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