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June 17, 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 5
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rlW ORLEANS AD l<AL I.MORE LINE OF to PACKE ! Er.s. i Thas line will cmnnoit of the fol!lowing voacols, tie which have Laon built or purchased exprealy tir Ye "tile &rad, via: p, hlul, p'eamen, Capt. MAner, o Blark 1Mary, Nickerson, ro " Ira erry, paw Stevens, In " Summtion Salttu , .. Lathamn, ,e Rrig Aruhitect, at Gray. ip These we.iels are of thu first claspi hAve hand. an 90na rarni-hed : ecommodation,, and are o a light an draft ofl water, an as to adoit of their receiving and dl-eharging their eargoee in Baltintnoe, ao the city ! Freight will betaken for ports on the Clhrn peako gi or Jamest' River, and forwarded by the agotit, 0o Mearn, CLARKE & KELtIIGG, at lBatitnloro ci expentwe on goods shipped will be aldvanrod when it required. Tie prioe of passage ia fixed at $.i0 ample stores of tihe b at quality will be preovided. a teaai at nod down the Mississippi will be taken p Sall ,eeaeloes. For freight or passage, apply to - GEO. BEDFORD, nov27 22 IHenvil!et, i Lnitasitns and Now York Line of Packets 11h Sthips cnmpaoaing this line wllave il fromn Now Orleans and Now York on every other Mon-i1 day-oneninininerg on the 20th Novomtber-and to ftture the punctualtly in the titmn ofaailing, the line will l reoltir eonsiot of file ships. Via: Ship Y zoo. Cinptjia Trask, to liane on tihe 20th Ship Lnaotnvle, Captain Palmer. to leave on the d8th Dicnmber. Shit Hlnta v oille. Captain Eldridage, to leave n the Ship Vechiarf. Captain Woodlhouseao, to leavone on the at. J aitnery. Shiltp Ii sa liptl, Captain Davis, to eave on the 15th ift Januiry. . The abioe are all now, of the first clams, copper dI and copper fa tened, Rtid up wards of 5l'1 tons I .uartlen, are of light draught of water, being built in New York expressly ir ith trade. The price oi paenae is fixed at 100 dollart: their cabins are fitted up in the most inmproved and convenient plan, and linished in a neat and el gant style - Ample stores of the first quality wll be provided, and every regard paid to thie eonftirt and etire aitielfaetion of pass.engers, who will please take no. tice that no berth call be seered untail paid for at the offie of thle conr;ineea. These. vesseooi re coiuna.itnd by enaptina werl exnperieled in thel trile, whoII id ginoe every at tenlitaur nd oert themtelveo n to eeni.iodotn. 'lhrv will at all tines be towed up and iown the Missis nippi by stram boats, nd the strictest punctuality utinrv,id in tie tioi of eiiirig. The owners of these snlt a witl not be reoponsi. hlo lir say leiller, parcel or package, rent by or put en uard of tlthen, tnlesi a regular tbil of lading the ig:.'i tioerclor, at t! euonuntitg houre of tle agent or owiers. For flirther apply to J D BFIN & A COIl EN, 'hls life col+sltr of +.ourve.epnb all rt ithe trt rl t, copperd i nd rapper fort. i re,, nIo l of bloiit 200 t1sns tle rtihen, with hands oine nRrenlmodationa ior passenger.. 'Three vn iels :re en nima ndod by cepruine wel rWprienced il tthe trade, who will give every at iestion, and t xerl therlFeivre to i n rrnmda'nti the shippers. 'I he watll h" towed op end di.oni the Missiesippi, nnd leave New Oieans onl or before the 10th and 15h1 of every mlnth. The fuilowing p es l: 4lhe line , viz :t lir,Charlee ( ron, nmaster. Bi1 C :.p:an.J, B. Th.mpsonn master., Brig Aotena, .. D.ane, ni:atir.* Barno lR+igeir W illiant , .l. Allilers, mro, er. For freight or pare, iupiy tI J. A. BARELLI &,C.i, Coermon st. Noe Oileane, or M. C Mi.rd, ':. Cis.h lols,. ho I . N1.rr, rct. .ttl.- a,tnt. ertl J I- tJlAlU & C(US Ilnoitrn and rdow earlarrs A Li e of Packet Ships.-Thls new line of ships has beeon expressly built to run betwoen the aborv ports, and will be found of suitable draft of water: accommndations for pass.ntgers, end every effort wtll be m;de to give general attaobetion, '[The li.o is composed ,f theo i lowing ships: Cherokee, 415 tone Capt. J Harding, Carolina, 4011 do S Lomist, Chalteslnn, 374 do I) Eldridge, Clumb an., 425 do (: Barker, Seaman, 240 do J lowse. ornthbnv, I625 do 1) umphrrey. The above lips1 are all tnr, of the first lars, copper faHletld and eoppered, commanded by men c of great experience, have large accommodations, with a separate ladolecabit,; every attention will be paid to pa-soegors, and the very est of stores pro vided four tihem. The packets will ho tnwe. up and d:own the Mis sissipp,, and thle strictest punctunli y on served in t the time of eailing, and ahould the reglar vessels a he detained in arriving, other brlips equally an good will in all cases be nubstitutod. A share of patron age is solicited, and tile agents pledge themeelves to accommodate as muchl as practicable, to receive and forward goods by a id line at the most moder ate oharges, and to advance all expenres on goods shipped, ii' required. Tio shlips will leave the 1st and 16th of every month. For freight or po.snge. apply to the agents. J A M RRIITT, 829 Common st. N. B. Advancenmente mrde on coneignme..te to Messrs. A. C. Lombahrd & Co. nov27 0I HE tienuime indiao taltnrmurt l.iverw'trtuand Here . holttl, is Ilt Ip in hotle ks thle low price of 5i ,eonts s.tch, contaiitn the streagth of three olnces of Lverwoort, htvsi Irs thee, irtue a many other rttsa and herbs known mtet nTe g te Indians asediccious in curing pulmunary culllniamtln . The tn ritalled smucess which tha attended the utee of this inesttanhll lie rlsm whteever it hba been intro dAced. has ,htelined the conllidene andr recmmeendn rions of renpectable rlhvticiatl for Ihe cure of eougis., snldt. pa:u i the sile, want tft rest, spitting or blood, livner eontptn int, \c. Tnwbro io t .it cwncern. This is to enrtiry that we have itt our practice t'eqtellrly prescribed Mrs (lardl ner's lndianr Ilal.nm of Ilvrrorl a d Iloarllnnd, with a decildcd goold tetrct: tre can thlerfore, fomal the ktnow iedge of the marter;al it is nmadl from. nd tobseIrvront sadaxperitencne recottcrundt it n i tultlterict lrepnratiotl oral ths ne atectionr of the iltts fr rtwhiclh it is re oumende . ABI'lt I' WII t M31S, M. D. CAl.VIN El 1.10 Ii. 1). Mermhes of thli loston Medical Association. oesten. OcUtber 25. salebv J .IRVIS & ANDREW., ,1 ,9a q n ti |'tl n tt lt"I na ita [TN . t 'f I'l.V c.noat trust received andel tor sal, hy IIEltM(OiE.\, :Il::(tWvN & ('UO. may 3 No 9 I'tnli s. D landtnt trra, MBessin., a lsuppv of almond. hi.ter and swret liquorice rnot, lirem Jui.e,e.ruen:e of Ill rgamlt, els.eie .l lemonr jtic., trurip and canary eta. n etrrtans, Iti, aid emall, cnnthartnile, I.rimsto e, nrange flowts w ater ,ar&e, f.or heeole and retail in stalnr o II Bt\NAKII , m.9 rer Nltchezr &r l'chenitoulas at hrom hipC S &J P N wl l ''N F1' 'JY.iril;IIS IIARTT & CO, tow now recrivtn,!rn 3 on booed whip Orleans. Eagle, Highlander, t'oke lorv Andrew. renebh and iennn ltto ",ord; Both ganoot.t liclnoth; Cilteootooo tl-d oul *,,utt /;1Ilot; rnnl flo t1i; 0, 9, ,1 and I inch hlMatteto Btte Kove' Icater tel an tttotr trutlito oi~_ ioig Cueno; Bolt, Packhat, Hostenmano', and Ihootlin; Pt .tutu .lable end tgleo htarthbld uamo; (;-l Ie o'n; Shot lItIto; Pun-do anod Itietol Flaoko; Drtt-ot P,.ttteo 'td Iltiokiti-o C- .t.; Pooelroeo 'nttt a I upti 4th"er; Cloth. klrir. 'fl t..t; Sad Nail lht-hf-a; Ottnr inod Chltoine ' Woet I Tooh1 I'nwoth.; 'Ioilet and dl,,tvut Soupe, in great %A It'tt- Harr Itolid', Rinolet' :tIad Frjoettt-o-, I',oo, ae~fi 'oilet oow",lor; otorrv lin"r"; 1vory Tnt, Cuohitnno: Pate'n, hltdoe ot (olrtero; Giotmt E'ootio tuopotldere; palndor Prlrio d Booo;Giilt tl'ttint.,a' Ioatdn Kevo; Ear-drape; Woaoist Bklet; Bratwler; Bead Neckluat'o and Chnio,; (iilr anti Siitrrret Itenlo; Inrdjan Be'dlo,1 Hello and Iilnme Shtell To it; Side and Dreeainn Coaltbe; whin., n addition, to their forner tock ton hand. makeas their nacorltnt vaery omplt-t, and wtill he wooo ow and an literal terao, no tho wlig of the Golden Comb. iD5-tI 70 Chertrosstreet. hipoShInEET I I i.nI5 ohtn Ioutdotg fret s' 1 fRIt DGE & (C. .1:14 \(logzioIlt lbnle, 1.4 to ili o-h ~o.tottton, 3 eoten bouckskin ,tripe.., In i1 frtom oettp St Louie, ft oroe ha. .,et9 1 I.IRtlG; .L& Col. 13I oagutine at IKON Ki)ttFS--'rThe suhacribers have proeured a' a peeit oOitt 0nt' the rightI of pit ling on ron roofs in :htl ri.. Thee are adopted in pult I hutld'nou, warrnttuttre,, and prioote duellitte, sd eolutainc tat tooe cl.topt 'n en dartbiltltn ned are p.t'ea'tn fire antl onoter prTI totrms [or L.h known, n.tdnomdel t-en n:. itt o t.etitlthmrltt,t oppatto. $t.. mars'. motr' it, Trh::p , ·Il:ts a"hu c'?ai-; 1t'tttt'ýC.ia1 tof CUtit. - t o *Ilu rr... r.0ý un,:y -n hand it Ioe.or e lptv ,.f (tot,, motl -I an lltepo cl, in tbulkt . "ftlp r~tpt.t q tolt'n. a-t It -it - ndf- r lot Alan' r'ootor el ho- Ihe firtt erot--tt tarn J'ot 901 otad thOe \ th. C./an.t^, Lhijth sttl Pooth M.onnetejC.,.O hyr,.kert anderrotnettd pot it" in t Ittiyheel.,apreeely 1." fll-i t; u--a.I otfwhoch ther will it.pto, afoan tIe tttowt Itio I cralten . (Oedrts Wlt at tttlli,,a N, N. Binlo ttle at, up ptooi;'. ,ill Ihe pt:nutptl aott-adtI 'o. oct 3 V.&4Attt'Lfe Ptal X111,1,& Bn'l~ttt'. V, 9t; tlugtazi to'0 Tr ofr S''C-tttTowloettlt. G Ott1n1=1, 1.1 hlorna J~l ebeetinpa and 9·.5 ott Johaten io 44 he-4 ,, I rine, ndio g fromt ehip Charlstot. te r aalr b I It1tlltD d I.e NEWV GOOdn-S mmo ns hnot o, giva nowl 'r "ndhrig Coneordia, from New York, a great variety of goods in their line, whicht together with their former stack on hand, makes their assort".entverve I plete. Tbe following compose a part, vio: t ell twnlet.,t, tidr, tick and dresnin"combs, h orn do ofall dercriptions, In- |P dia rubber, silk nnd worsterd elasti garters, comnnon & ine elastic nuspenders, loco ftcoo and Lucifer matches, Neidlir. poIwders,powdlr pffs and boxes, toilt powder, rocket bhoke and wallete, needle books, tllin, pearl, very and treroceeo crd oeases, rhead srnrrmentl, plainco ral hends, necklaces anl negligees, read ch.ins, bead neeklaees, cut .loss and plain eced,ilver rarl cilt beada, Indian beadol, belle and plumes; pistol nml large pow ser flask, shot belts, horse, helt. pocket amni dueiliny distol; double and single barrelled reuns. nBowie knives, 6t and dirks. scimnre, sheare,pocket knivee, guard elenis, and riblrots, waist bur:kles, cloth, hair, retle, oral,comb, rulnb, shoe, plant, tiour and dnating brushes, Cologne, Florida, lavender, rose and bay water,nasorted eslener, S and exntrleet, Mrcasear, btar, antidue, art Ward's en getable hair oils, ehaving n.rd toilet soaps o0 all des criptione, Io4din.' and gentlemorns' densk ned dressing cases, hair riegletefrizette and Irarids, plain, fancy and ' musical work boxes, plain and gilt, friured, otat nd d est bettnso, pearl and oivory shi do, shirtosudds,gold - and silver lrcncil cases, tooithecks and tweezers ,plated and gilt lockets, miniatnre do, silier, brass and steel himbleaes, hooks ad eyes, hnir pins, imitation frrit, hlk and redink, nhlr blhackine niolins and gairne, ribbed and plain perecnssion caps, lioen twine, scented euosh e.ns, gold and silver lae and fringe,latter paper, gaome bags, ridik w'gips, walking canesls,playngca.]ds, Il b gald. plate] and gilt jewlliy &c. hl e aboveo together with a great varietv ofother arni tle are d ffered at whnlepale or retail on nccomnmodatng tern s1 t.B Shell cnombs relpircd i Y LE g 1 ), Itu es, tlbti t. h ln it e l g.lil lla t t ahinters No 3 erondelr street, two doors fiom .n ee, Icite'. ecutcl i- a masterl o manner. .oal ial vy, El iptian black aIl golld, PHle'rd WI, filon:d or verd anthqle, Curled do, aper, Unted Maple, ltlod StEne,. Uirdls Eve o, i )arbv Gnranite. S:atiln, |'olom.a, i:Iomonp,sl orllsnde ro io, tllnl s and Br plctnel Ros r Wrod, te Ancri a (sre,she Alt e Oak, k. ste k.el , lpcimg s to be reen at the shop. l aints. nils, Aniilg i seal .almish, er o a, ai fl r a e. Wire. srTEEI. H IIEAVY IGtlel--ilutl r l;are Sand blro lll iiran, well asorned. k lr'd. d o oll ulad rMn iron, sl rods tid plogh; Clati, German, shier, blisterd, sprig, sheet al r.wicts steel Aollow :r, t are.,t an wrought nails smt upiker Zinc, block tin, mill lmd grind staeICs, salt kettles (llill cllble, alchllors, ikons on, log 'l d trc:le chains, ealrn mills Anvils. vies, lslmtnc.lelds Ilelln. l lweire. shel, pig:rd bar r ledl; shot sa rnnl, sll ctlking sto ves Alnn.eiinwl:nd'eolnd rtherlimrrriae sm shoveil i Irnk I plate hinges, door :n d to the ooksr. Any tollnst, ene t, on elniIr , nod tenl a oden Ixe l'ar' Tmpel d:o ojellila . io iC entirely r.l.l ltiIed. Ilolt el oe sh iathhing cnepe*; Navdiell stulu'es hain. s, d t m sruperm T Pl GUi ON'S, Foa yoll :ei.nrlelt n o ha S llll and Slp chhl!len l Clwv Oit I:lll1, ld wlch llre oloiled for nie tit a h-le r le nI rctil, oid te motl onic hy SoL L l &l'&,Co .rl3l l N. mo LroTt)thl Co. 5i)lllI.ogoiee. ROUSE AND SIGN FAINTER . ... D - -~-- EAFNESS FA NEW nrtletbrpoerslls rarbled with denCnrtrs, (roalled iP learTr3mnpet, has jVust ben receivred, motl voice is dieinctll collnve Pd to the var. Any ilne who Iin ever oreon ollgen ino converse with lie1 per e d, niLon must be nfully rsenlihle of ile dillcltv aln d r n bnrrercosnlet experienced Ioloh i~v litemselves and tie in ,lividlnil so nn fortnnatellv nllicted, Bly thee use uf the Ear 'Trumpet this objection is enlirely omviuted. The most sceptical hove Mlianw a. otdioPd lheir doubts aflter having used hll Trumlnpe. For sale at T F GUION'S, Fancy store. corner or ". monon ani St Charles streets ndor ,he Exchange Hotel. fob 13 '( IN 1111.1.5--Orders received for enrn mills, by / apt1 7 S|]AI.L & I& ()BWN, 96 M taginc s I [ t)AF SGrG:l--varilmi* gsali iea. Chiatllntle in L- tore and f r sale by SIIALL 4 ItIt)W\VNE, mar L., 96 Mogl.zille st liol.SE'' ( I. NNO)N. ROi"SE AND SIGN PAINTER t No. 1": Conp street. Wholesale I)ealer in Paints, Oil, Varnishes, IBrushes, lu:((I WVi,,dow anid Picture GeInLn &e. \c. FASHIIONABLE CLOTHING. ROILVSO' t " GOOD INr, ENo. Ns, Chnrtr.s otrcet, , ee IIIT r bhwo llirnville. - F. 1 Eonnftntly-on hand everyrv article apperittin ý fiug t, paut lep e t'e a das, l th1eo ill eie ir.L mnu. eer and most fcinlo bl.ii.l tle, ohich they cirfc i o cash, at redced priced. iili' iN oid'i B.A L F I'Ol T'IIE TEETI?. rIl.E estoalisdtled reputaoion and eoilstatviclylcre-in. i demadl fai. iin etftei taIl remedy of poin, and pro C eervntive of the teetlh, hbo indnedl he subsiciber t offer it to the American public. Arrangeencnlts hav hcii inode tio oupilgv eletS i l ali tbe irinipl cilic tlil toell' i I te I 'inteil :ltoter, O It to Iplace it ithi the rench at lihoe lftlcring and likely to suffer this mos hlarassing fall llebcle.ITonlth-Acllhe. When applied accordint to directions ivren on o botite. it bo never ale"ii io ffllod iolmediate u id i iainent re 'i,. It als arrensts thle decov in defertiv t teethand relieves that soreness ,which no frequentlyI rendlers a "trng tooth useless 'The application andol remedy are iiloe, iootent, an itlt; attil the large tiimler of personn in diffeletlt ectiilmie of lti eouitrv, tlht hove alrradv experieicedl nocih delihltfi ald safltary effect lom the uil e ofr thile Bal, are ready to hear (lilt the pullic gool) their testimony to its III rivalled golllirs. It is a Indianl remedl, obtained selatlrlv aio .l unellpct-dly, and liat ee rti-rleo h Io the lci ilied· ,,orld as the monat valuable di eovery PI'lie $1 Ier heitlo. Sold lie J .\'.VIS & ANIIREWH, mr 51 l'o CotIIiU andt TcholhittllloltS i.t 1 tI Oi II. lAid, in " b ,een Whnile Woo 1I Hots,for stle JOHIN Hii (iAIIAIM. sp 16 ITlACE LEAll-- hb, 1511 Ibtch; 2011 do 2.5 " " Enlishll do--5 1-1 ble. 40 " I1) Ill int Ilrushe, vario,'u sizes; No1 n do l " 11111 do LESALh Ati ET" l. t WINDIOW Gl..LSS,' .merienn, Er.glish and Frenlch 10111t bexes, various Cil es and qullitiea. l lton e rownl dou.--11 boxes, ccon ignnlenlt will be ll how. Also, general asrortmlent of ltits' eoonloro and I eols, for sale by A W SCA'T ES, No.6 & Ctui al street. N t. Alahbtna notes taken at p r. and Mississippi notes w'" eu received at 10 per cent discount for goods, orlinpa ist of debts. je I t w JARVIS & ANDREWS, WIIOLEIALEI. AND RIETAIIt I)e .1LERS IN IIEDICINESB, PAINTS OILS D'E ST'UI.'S JI.V) INlDOIW GLAISS, Corner ofl (Courn andlt 'T.oupitoulns streets, NOW e11li.aNS NATANI .l JARVIS. J, IIIN W. ANIHLEW,'-. A large apply o Garden hee s, warrnted thege grow tli ANT)URIEW 1rEl &t CO., respectfiuly inftrm a their Iriends and the public In teneral, that they occupy the new brick shollop, 19 Tcloupitoula .tre it, where theY keep constantly onlI haerl Coplper, T'in and Slleemt Iron Ware, of every description, l cih as ct per stills, keltles, and pmlps, tin hnth. ig tu s, and .oil cans, of all sorts and rsizes, and all Sother brsE casting done at ilortest notice. Gratot lars of every deo-cription, smlih as stoaln. Stnintt stllrupitp i, hog ch;tus, si'rw bolts, an I other rtkind o itoalnboait work, such a elchimneys, brtcll. q: a.r, steam pipes. ; 'y c uill also do all kinds of out door workl isuch ae zinC, copper and tin roofing and guttering, &e. They above and all otheor kinds at work in ,their lino of business, thlly will exeencte at the .lllllelellrnerv lleUlltvi o, Al ont" l to. IIREE D.A I YS JoURNE Y FRO.II VE IVr 'n ORLEANS. S 1i E proprietor of hIli esallisllment has the plea t sure oil ullecillting oyt hie eiondsy and the ulartic( , in oeneal, tlhe l h e ill theinreadite, betlhe first du fly Sbelie t recerive vi.alero lie will lsto aten ifor the eth eri Stte of All tbo, tlut Ilere Ilvht ore goP ral im provemel;Is mode, and otlhers now going on ""ld i. - fualid irt,Worine Ilcerue ieill . hlth will telable th ic to omentlnollae a lllcf h ltourr nulber Ihu ieretiole allndl at tile enle time mreloh ,ter. Itlicc oan be ario mlltodllted itllbt gai room,e or It thoee who, pteler can hoave large cabinis taeched from s the mti, bildire lng.d y it is ieemedr uinresetry i oayt anlthlg ln iartiege la of the character lo the.s weio , is,cn it is ld elnrally mill hiv rte i ther are not ioiriori to y i te s otll ern Stuae,. All thar_ lllanlrlln that are genel'all" fnundll ,\'atoring Plrce', will Ie flond at tllis. T1' e beet music that tlli pmlt of th+ country affords, r, a I.heel en g,.l, and wIll be in Croat, nlt atteuldaluc at II;e I Srinag during IbR. hole season. 9 heebshctlilrl will avail himselfof this oppnrtunity.' Snupport giv.;n him last reasnl. .nd h.,pea by lhe expe tions lllat have been ,Isde iu improving and extending I te ac'onumllnlodatus. to merit a liberal patroln ge lhe preesJO t RAM. L.,,tI; . oIR. No 54 Conde slreet, betwern Dmamin and Si Pllihp, keeps eonstantlv an halnd an " ell.tve ssri , n llle'nI olf M,ous solid brogans, and +lIne+,,,f Nw orktrl mn llfnrallore, for iren, women it at vey ,.l werB e prh., E. }x-lriue of hie nlr.,liolra.e+r n eel ine no oerder will h :vr thet:e wmhes ertnhd , Ito 1' ..EitlOUr BUSINESS CARDS, R" JOB PRINTING. IG Cary' OF EVERY DESCRIP7tON. Ito I SPEEDILY.,HANDSOMELY ANDCHEAPLYEXIECT:TE Ilao AT THE OFPIOE OF THE anTil True .a~serican, 1n ,T. CIIAILLEI STREET, NEAR POYIIRAS. and mt23i A CARD. tici E & lINNOTT, 'san Wlhaslesale Crers and Commntiss, Vernsisanets, No. 27 C'omimn Strmeet, Orleans. na s 1'Pnrtielnlar ntenti.n paid to th titling up f pro ( Stelam bat and thip stores. iter nov2 of dat SAMUEL TORY, pe ".!rerehandise Broker 4. Commission J.erchant, a t d13 ( iHOce, l36I Ca:mp at.-Fer thea Iroesent. of J. P. FREEMAN & CO.. ho eleksa.ske .('loaingS BeaeLismestlf Ive SNou. 3, ,alatlnr streets les UN AVE V cnatntly on hand a larg.e .plply of Cloth in 1 in, cal'ultted for tihr cntlirv trade. Their an. t iortnent being large mnerchants fronm tle country can n be sulllied at tie shorteut notice. • Otil dan BAZAAR. A BSVR & AL.LEN, oil NO. 1, EXCHANGE HIOTEL, e D .'orner of St. Chtrles nld Commono si,. S n. NEW OlLEtANS. I 1ll'ORTERS nd Dealers in French ndll Engli.h Puerfitory; Itreosing Cao'n nud Portable Itiks,. Cttlerv. IInpirty, Glnvns Shirtp, Stocks, tUmbrellas, Cones,.and Ftancyt Article. dA I N'NT I'CKY, Illi ois, sntl Indtian Bank Notes, 1 o. ilr selt:by A 'ItlEll, ny:l 74 (;revier lt JElWVt'.itY, AT WHVIIl.ElSAILE. 'M• 1s i'Lt., No 16, CIhrtrns et, hi, lit, tinay r-. 9' cri4le a filI asanrtment of Wlatches, Jewoelrv, Spo, is.,t.rns asltd it;ltsOaV Ware, they will Ire offier- oat ed at li5e liwest ntatket price. opt I o tIEALEItS IN AMERICAN & EINGLISH CROWN GLASS, ary No,. 1 COR5tIEI.ET STRTF.Tl. ol fASHIONABLE CLOTHING a TAYLOR & HADDEN. No. I41 Cbnrtre lte!et IIAVE naconstnt ottsply sif every artlicle pttrtt-ing h to gontlemonott' dren. of tie ltate style, lat ew York h i ORLEANS LITHIOGIRAPHI PRINTING ESTAILISiIMENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, (Ipposite BIanks' Arcnde. WILL.I.4.I4 GIMEIE.VE, PROIPRIETOR r nrl BANK NOTE EN(RAVING RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON t RI AVE openl•d an ofine in New Orleans. po,-''eein_ I E eual s itoh their house in New Ytnik, fir tile Inrlnste oetCifeatnv0lt t 1 iing ttilank Not:e, a, Io.lti, BIlls Atf EStibsnge, i'tntiitsteo st I|tpoeita, 6 to'h.kse anit itir tinn)tlrltlpiat pn tet, sri t Pl-ttritV ta mit ....s Fltrgc ie,;allt I t ...a.. OtP It p l'tttinn illr n ht raie I e'.iine ' eIil ( i tes ind iptrasins entrtst el I, tiheir cne; their rpe i Pen nmhrlcethe notes of 5, over rie talehun d tInki"e innstiutinlc, and all rders I:n -wlw bh erectted with Drlllnptitlndr, an I no the usual terlns. oitlPic, corner of !oyal & Canal atreo t. M CHAM.PLIN & COOP IER, GROCERS AND I)Et\IERS IN PROVISIONS AN) FEIE), ail No. 79 and 3t Jntia street, New Orleans. tD.Ship and 'lmnily stores put ap. tir 5 -o L. litIl. ANA r FURNITURE WAREROOMS No. 53, ittinville etreot. SIlI.IAM R. CAINNEI , would respertfllyin S foorm tia frioussl and the public tilt he tn con- t Itantlv receivin from New York and Hoston a Fono-l -aserent fFnnotis fnte, otcti an mtahogany Ch.Tt 'y Iof , I ed-ltteads tnatile a di Iti tntd hairs, IIt ple lntd t'I cherry oedstedi , mnhognyV and cheerry tables of all pr ] deecriptionn, ,trenut- ',.ilets, secretarvc, writing It i nleks, wardrtI ne ot f ohoanv t lld cherry, wa ttc a'noot', lookioeng glars, teltler;. bseddinsg,e &Ct. & A S N It. Furnture packedt fior transprlnation with great , rnr,,, tnnv I INSUlAN FE COMPANY to , OF NEW ORLEANS. ci This Compans v art now prennred to take to RISKS AGAINST FIRE. N,.24 Alituson's Unilding,Canal it .te. E I. TRACY, - ; New tollnan., Mro, 15. tI33. nrcrtnrv. St~lr M II tI)EV.o ItUX, april 4 Y- tTchapit E(USHTIJON & ASiPINALI.'ri -I OMPOUNID TONIC MNIX'I'URE.-A speedy n~ and dcottain cnus for the Fveor aeti Agtu I remittent and intteruitten fevers; prepared friom c the original recipo. Used wo;th emment and uni Svorsal success in 1832, hy persons of the highest I in respectability in this city, as stated lit the annexed g. certificates. " a This medicine is highly reoomnmcnded, sand ihas been cxtenrively used in the above disease, with ii snch distinguished success, that the proprietor of i the recipe ha hoeen induce, 'po offer it to the pub. II It lic in its present form. in the holte that it may he otthe mnteans of relieving many of those who are lit uflering under the scourgo of outl ou.try. It is tua Inmedicine pubssessing greatvirtne, and when used ,dv according to the directions has never failied of si. t ffeeting a cure, even in thle moat obstinate stage tedt of the disorder. It is not at all disagreeable, and by persous of the weakest stomach, and children mayp take it with impunity. It strengthens tile digest:ve organs, creates nn appetite, and seldom requires I moro thian o1ne, or in obstinate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. There is neither mercuery nor larslte in the nmedicine, nor any thing inauroious to to the huitman constitution. Tile proprietors are no well convinced of it. effiacy. that tIhey agree I - to refund the price of every bhttlo which has Ieen taken in aceordane with thle directions and Ias not effieted a a peorfiet cure of the I-vor & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent for New Orloans, at his wholesale and retail drug aud meadlcane store, crrnter of Uienville and Chnrtrea Ltreets. For District Agencies apply to in5 'r. W. SMIT'r, 48 Conti st. E'I1NACOLA 31ANSION HOUSEI , NEW CITY, PENSACOLA. IIIE nebseritcerltevieg pur.baaedl the lease and fir nit"reeof this well known antabl^ishment, frmn Mr t I 'Taylor, ile late proprietar, will be ready to rereive via . '- thie let el" April next. N..+., r,,,a and costly imlprovements will be found in th s trr,',: el.,enM of the Mansilo Houllse. New alld more cole Iodn.ous bathling hbueen will be huilt, and /warm b:i~r will I.e provtled at all Ihoura. A etable will be alti:t!leed I tle ilons., with good aceommda. t|ne foer horses rld carriages. Fi nt rate herrse and carriages will also be kept for hire at moderate prices, and rs il and row hunts, with persons to manage theCel for tih, use rof viiters. ItilliIards ad othen amuLt.eents smlllty file at i atcnrring places, a ill ls bcle ifrniehed, w,, nl soohdttedl us eot to i,,terlere with tlhe comithrl and quietut tie b~onrdera. 'icThe winer and llquorn will lhe of tie beat luatlily, anrd to eueere a Iall neltly ol ic, it cargo a is already baen ordered, whirl, will arrive tcenut the tat ee May. Mr Fred,.riek Iarnarn, nwho formerlyt ketlt pulara I ih,,telctt Wrlshillgton citr, will conde't crids hn el tilr Slhe preprietor, she, a'th teech eieifeeindetly eea.res I ile nienr eoft last year,. anld e it friends generally, that Ithey will e:oive every pn eible rttention; alld thereby SexI cats te tive g ieneral satifaciiocn. The local ndvantn grs of ' Ilonhe ne re too w ell k n ownI to detd . la I.egl. erned idecripticn l:re. ''lr e Icd s lth 1 Pr aothil is tbe l ;argptst lnoel eta tio of tile t wrnP 6 I 'l- l i general rendezwnu g roftme on thqudli r n ; th e s a h lb r i y* to i l iml I u Iate re lrte seC d r o n fi t x atly d l e ti li er r m c err c rro n I Ilice by thte colec st I renr es f -in tlie l. ie nihe Waete of thn.i ay irand tire neighhoiring Sisll. and rieles; t ihe a ctctl ce r1rd ellieccv of tie to i IheLte lllller n tlllrkee, lvre Pens olu tile? lr fe'r'nee over all other perces ic these latllruden, an a .l rnet rate bartr airll tIenbmweenu Penace tl aCld Me taile. ae1d ill at allt timres be alen to take Iahe rlelerllgrr f'rtnrur tir New Orliaec ioarts. N i .1A RNOILD. resacameld, Ftl,. iStl, 1838. IrP (;lrtlcaren wlabiing to en:age roolne for Ibeil f enit ei,, aau :cltretr tiee proprioer, at Pene acolr , ar 1ir Sewte l "I' Taylur, the iotrmeor ceeprltor, at le.v Or. R.freneer. AT uSn merln edrs, Mtr n Cril-llt, 'P McAnlen, noq.. Irt. r uihivc in otb le it n TTaylorl, P P oRea, Esqein Nev. PS' S-A letter lea, to recicie cammr niratiner beu Spere.n at tile r Iroe hotel, is placed at hcn Whaitmlan' eriice, 51 St Chlnrles Exch rage. S FlORIDA ROUTE FOR NEW YORK. !T Travellelrs dearirr,. of takiine tile Floritda route. ric Peneculata tihe Nrt crtei.arn ifo rmedttlctat eire, rate S.a ,ent. will eo, ctrclt r.ce erree. M,,ile t, Ie, I taainln Mobiler and Peneltcol every eother da y aPer the tnt of May. (rmael ,tlegee witl atlaye ce trovcded e , e lce nllbecreir Itro er ill readines to tllke pk:.rpnger aroa Si Mobile, in cane of tle frailuree arter bicne V T'he teenmonat Clhanmnpin leavra e. 1bile eor ,Pelcea colera twice a wrek feiroi in IEA1N MIARIP: FAiIINAWM COILOGNE WATER 4 , o cae meare ti. sth prie or Col,,ogne eYater, juat receivec anil fnr sal ie btie dloznt or single lrottlc. Aimo AnPricnt and f'Itneh loilet i,wiera, owller r ulif anai brxa, cenvine allr torilet snalple eenletc warlh, Sbatull milkcI ro s are, entirer renii creall, extrac u :,nus , ke htecac e \ V'ard' vegetalhe chair oil, parneamt u, S.reaetde nrrere, FloridaL. lcvenler, roee cand ay la aers.I I]resi'snsallear, Aicreillrte, perflnm ;ry itruaeehevr,et.t. Ile I crliqtid ru "ae, (:llorine and Orrile teoomth waih. f . elntit,elair' c, tothtail and flesh ten tree toegerther with ,n eilititrnal ntplyli of fatshionabie hire and ltel11 ccrboet and yJw letr Ir sale low at whole.). or rt tail Icy SliIMOiNS, HAI I'rl &C.4r. S i "70 Chartlm stret. I Royal "Collge of Phymllans, Lo tdon. P liE original Veae.ta e tpi. m Univesnl Madli nine, preretdf by W ildna, aq. lMenmer of l coe l Collegr of S u a,. Lleantiate of Apohe rray'otiompany. Fellow oli tol nrt Society, Stueott f Into the Royalo Union i'enion Asoeiatitm, L.nnotru P'la~e. Waterloo Hridge, and Perpetual Pupil of Guy' and St. I'IoRnas's Ilolitals, lIdon. v. This valuable medioine, tile result of twenty year' experi.nee and unralleled sueeess in the extensive and highy II rcspeelole lrarl(ee of 1the proprielyr Pir- v aired by thle IhetlIy and nohilitv, aid is ,ow intralueerI i to the notice of Ihe American plablie, at the earnest so- it lieitation rt a numher of gentlemen of log mand high standling in the rlofession. It is hopel, as a prelimi- it nary I:ep, to p ee, k tte evils and fatal conseqtences b arising liom the use of the numeroun and deleterious e noteanms oisted lpon the pklie by the aid of fbricated IjroOf of mineculous ures, and other frauds, by a set of p ay, rilnepled pretenmler so totally ignorant y oe medical selenee, that it impossible the monltrou detlsin can sany longer go down with the intelligent neotled nl'this eontr. These pills, mildc and letealde in tleir, sltould he kept no every family in nmsel of s ben llnels, for, by lheir propt i admionit etioa, elolera, eramps, spalmnl, fe'."n ald other almamil otodplnaitr , which too often prove fatal, mry he speetli Iv cured or prevented. In fant, all those who valoe goai ;ealth, Ahoeld never be without them. 'ltey are sobI in ptkýei.als at 5 entt, $ amtl$2 each, by every reslt ta hle drugist bookseller, anti vendorof medieine i thi niloed Slatest I t e (:anadts, with eopious tltectitls, togeller with: etutnnials of prolfesional ability fDir the Inllewing emilnitl gentlemern: Sir Aaleyr noler, J Ahertnerh, ,Jauet tlndlot, Mhi. D., IV. talle, iS. il, J. Astan 'Key, A. Fnotpton, M. I), and aumerom s I trhers. lThe originals mcy e seen nt pomsesion ol'tlte Generl Agent, be whomnrr tie metcite is imported into this r.nutry, and't whuom anll aplulitio s lorgeclcins must he to.tde. JIN). IItUj.IiN, -.n Woserlv Place. N. York, Sole (ielntiral Agent c a r tile U.gitedl States, &o. For sale byo alr lroittnent of thle erigial llopropetor. iy SWAte a slioteoro, do .ggicts, Nou IC oata street, tileer, Agent tl'r Satltlen of mtuinittan. jot tnt I K.iLtY It L.V1 £ ot, No lc Magine street.arr row reeivia g front ships Nashv;lle, Ltoliville, onltekv, w.talei, slu other late rrival traln :he :tler .m aies, large andt new selcttetl assoleuent t.ient, lootsn shoes and erogtIon, aallsitlillngof'gettlenan'fine malf nnd Mnorco boota idn 4i ,tlulil; do btl'ld, anad stott wax pegged blots a enrils qnaltiesl nleni's fine cll'r seal tand Moroaet o., .r m lIttps til tlrlogl.s, bUCkskit shoes, brogms ant lhpper s lenl's file calf nle kipl.le .l retCo ast oelltd I rognsa; do boots, do stote kip antid wa pgged shoes d orlgnrasls; gentlemen's best quality rcelseweti shoes, Itlteons a nd Jack Iownintt's; o ialf atnd Moroook r Icklre ia s amlr bogtnl; tIn calf, sefal iutd Momenm o Satdli u shoes andr lippers, do alft, buff anti sea wnlgs, .letwattiele; do fine call. se.l nod noroeeolupoete lots; hiys', nliarslt sndchildren's peg ult ed and swed bu oans, wnod oes nof eseoy quolity boid lind. Also a general nasartnrlt elt nuen's stoat wax osnd merat Ilre snt anti shoes, togetl. her with t ,tli l airs .ro lnst qutolity, rnleost lroga.. ls, nailed itn h tanks, imwle expresly for intdastitun ose a good 1s. Stmell of meal's fine ndi stout kip rtssell Itrogas, w and Irtl nix argm tquantity of at, inlertor qutatit rl svnt am III w l ute lLora. ladies' fine call; seal, mororeo anod Ferai welt, anle prmp soli sioM; dI lilnr rleniuch l'. reo ilod kild rou n tmot slillplts; do roan ashos, with and withont lhelis rrt calf, se all n stout lretiir hoonterL; do Prurnella hstt. I ll kindia sotl qrualities; dtin lastillng briano; tdt goiter. it and foxer bootneet. Misret' ltritgaritgorsg mltt.e rr t gant. Chiltren's colorled Moreoco atl latitg bio. I b6 , aunld boots, be. i;etuilenli's finefasrhiooalue rek silk hats; do black vn I dtolr beaer do nt a sutleriorl qunity; dlo iliatin f, rauld; ,tllutnd a narrow brim omen's foe drib hti ,hi: ok Rssiait short naotpil hatsa, a inew article. Yunhs' I:t e size Ihats ot difflerent iqualities; do ehirlren's. .ltn'r and bc)'s blatk adt drlh wool hats of variorus sl per,. willth geuorel asnrmoent of boys' and meno' 'It s rassotment will re replenished by the arrival of elo I o tketrlronl tile tore named cities, all of which Silt ba sold on eoonlmlatiig termst r Au Io-tf Now tirreourt, NOoo. l4 1837. A BOUT sin mnntbhs go I had tho otisbirtone tougat it earent dioeare, for bhith I oave aipliod to teen. rl dconrs for a cre, and therv did not cure ne, lo now on thie abrove date I puint myself urer tloe cure oft l)etl Iluet, I exper.t Iai to crite oe. oinve Itht time tile rlie:ae got worse, ir a ro brerak out in large ulcers to Iht altniter of six or eiglht on er h rleg, and all over ny lan, and elre throt, rand rnot abhle to work at Ii preenrrllt tilrlr vol ne rrut of tile disaeooe; large lier on hre righit sidre of the rthrot. I anlo no p.tting myslf Scoefhdentvly nnderltr care of Dr. Huert, rf Paris, to Ire pervrtrly cured JjJt I)DEAN. feb 14 Iy I D) CE.RTIFY that the abore ment:ined diseane is tlrlrk l)r. Illrtt; and rmreverer I suerrev thal thle meli cine I bare tokon Irtloai toe fitt, nd did nol idjore o y Ioelth ntt rll; Iiervl.vre I advioti mt lf irw sfor-ors Ito lIone Ie limae" all alplV to Dr A. liter, 128 Canal Irrerlt, bettween u)rllrllrr ard Ilnuorln erei rei. ir. tluct i att hrrlrm frorlu o'reick, A , until 4 t M.l ithty will find a tr'p dtlrrrr for tlhi tomplnim. JO.IIN DEAN.\ Ill ;rarier street. tf o" y nlir wants tl see stt e, call iti IN,, r lll. i lrnV .ttit N tI1F.N. - '-w %r'tlvrI tlh,, rlli I,1C. f IIi 1 e rOtWLI'TT'' TABItI:.(IF Ip l.RllI+ST: l) whllitch is ncw sa+llami ;:i t l\telnog 'T'imle Clllellla l to. or ealy metholts fir ftllill the O v.rag. e fime V1 on stolrge, loloes of haol or bill of goofs, whtln lr- ou l aIssed at liff.elt i alttes an slfierenlt relt:ils, sal tr , pa varinul amn ,nlt; ieside at ulefnl and complete lasnkig er Time Ta' le, the best that can hle contlllrived, o that i gures can lot dee within tile sme condeselnd comsass, so and size of't, pea tee Ano a veriseient .n ttebook is in nearly the follow- tin ing words: hllehigh distinction this work has received oho 'ugh ch the ten legislative acts prefxed tn the title page, is a re-. c eommenodtionoli itself, so nleiommon,, anlo so aeonell- an sive, Ih t nolthing is necessary more rthan by way of nt. h vertisement, to give's condensld view of soml of its pe- El

clliarities: as for instance, the Inlterest lhas been compnlo eroitrmmnot compared with, what is equiol:denttto flu. dr eron setsefealellaltione, eoxmioed in the p'easthirt. - P five times, ant printed tromn terentype plates tensted thiriyly-nle sties, from all which it most he evident even to she eIe trio (eooeeially on tllto lie tonal of the de. taol ilof .roof I the prelee) thlt the wek manos loe rihh- at nletica lr ieflallible, and in onllirmstios of this belliefas tpremtoon of two hnnhroedl asl fifty dollars, is now offer- - ed for the detection elf an error ofa cent i the treseent or fifth edition, as expressed in tle prefeace, making floe laro Iepremions afferedl for the msle error silcethe first pnohlieatie n in the year tOg2. One of the most oonspienn.os eatnres of the tables is in the orrlangement of the Time anl Ammnlts, which For expeditions, rotfreenceondllerspieoit), with the help fthe si iade lands index, alnnot e excelled; llnd the sotl oty and ease with which the intrertl can lis found to the extent of general blsiness, witholt doubling of suns C is hesiths a oa mienienee asI essential, that in thi et lma tion of some oi the most comspetent ni pr.ettoeat busli. nets men and publie off ei who hsae made great use of the work, it has been lisingoishod b the ho hnmale r 1aopllelsaio fufa "0masster posse". And eonsidlering the infollihilily sf the lretlhol origina lly adltpted ioo comlositl thle work, miul the extraorlinllary number and o variety of lhe examinationn andt tests of every edition it hlospassed in tile I.ssp , enswithsstandnog the whole is hi Sstereoty le, ecosidering, in sht t, he positive aeesaesy I secured lb the unlpreetdented means employedi, the vo oluoehs o ee h held hlt p and emt eototissly style " thet most wonderful Inok in the woslk;" m ets certainty iro Sman can names figsre work of the slme extent, which since tile heginning o creation, has hald the some noes, Sher and ariety of tests in the some numlber of etlitor; no, nor one half the number, as is clearly shownin the Id esides, as test and standard, it kas been tried and prreed in nearly all the hank anti public offces in the Unioirte States, sald hv tile public goolernlly, dnlring the long period of thilrts-flive rers, yrt noerror of the cal elclaions has es er been foulnll in print, althoulgh cnotinu il ally challenged by the offer of very large premilmns. oi The ill fact exprnessly adopted by all theeonats 00 oflaw el sevuln ofthe States as the " rate of oslculatlon forstasnte interet," as Ilso by Inv for ballk interest, er accsnlinges the hookh is used, aol! as sray be seen ill ors t. oy .,oe names of the solslrilerss ild s few of ile S ololseselllllt tlll, tsr, ithe iothat otil elld of ttla bhooks is isin I~osessiloll el'er) olosl of citizensr ill every quar by te of the Unit At States. i It is moreover well known that, hy its reasly elleck, Sit has so often detected large errors, nllog after they wcre he lsade, even bl tle most calerril sadil mnost compelellt 1 l.|ithlnietialnls, 'oat itt osefolhess, and the habsohle lte eI essity for its usne, have been extensively insisted uosn, 00 so evident, inoeed, have hbeen its advsutages, and its tv savings, that, seveorrl yearsagnt, hoilst tile first aslition le was scar.e, aool (ot of lprint, a great l.nmber of second iy hand eolpi' were somught for, sone to a gre t istllance. e- and porcrasrd at various priees, as they coull occasion a oly ho picked op at from $,0 to $25 per olpy, anot lome ptrsonslll 'oe recen. y decllnre, vod inltanler lo- could l e qoted that they wouhtl pay $511, $loi, ansl $5.l r for copy, Ifnotto be had for lets, adl an iondividual in the latter instance partievlarly, having at tile same time rxllolitrd satisfactory lroof, to seoeral pernson tre Ssen that to loim it was reflly worth that money a*ls Smore thllgllh the saling of his ,erv valnable tilmc, he r being a very rlih manoonod in pnblic office. It is likewise wolthy al not ce, nnd indeed proper to imlore , that such is thel nature of flgoe work generally anl. al eciallv when of the extent and imnllortalle of these to hls, thillt had this hook or its like boon prolalr ed in the nosal mntoer l IOIHs., b tile most coiompotent for calculator in tile worldl, and alterlwars plrinttdl most os cEoaiouly under his own correction of proof sheets, it would, almost to a certainty, have bwen nslafe for re ferense,and dear at any price, as tl'e prefiee doariicu larlp explains. Ilt sno perlret and vmaiuahle lhve the e, stereotype plates of this womklbeen ma d0 , that toslecnre t Ibheltl, ilhthelirn lmercus and extraorllinar" examina la, tios,.ailnst fire, ,for the genertl beolfit, they are (hy toe odvertisr.ment) coostantly kept in a place of special .0 eofsts, esealot while use l in tpr'oting. oo Alonpledlioetioos to fl:d lath bankso and statnte intnro eat with usetibl ~otes, tlllow the preface, whilh, ill this fith as i tile two preeeding editions, containl much inl a Fernlmalin conlerning the two laiful nudes oft omput il. ilter sts, tee ld.ys af g Cse, oCe. -- It remoni:l only to remark that, noetwilhstanding this ulleonolllooniv eoslly work., h hicll woaspubtlidltle helrle tilterest tables were intllotse.d in idolelrs aooo cents eete r yedanaotlanae, has leensoestensively adsssoliberally Spoatronised, it has not yet so much as laid with interest. tee hleaty loss of seasrly fibr thousand dolllars, tbesides asix sean otl oSme from 1799to 18105, sustained on thefiret : edition of Tr0 aospies,risig ehiefly frIeoms its publica . tion a thattoime, at an ucaler price,) soy nothing of tt omp ensation oprofitfor otfo almost a lile-tlme lof car-, til, nlo s:rerifooee, ftoerefore the aether still elsies on the al diseernment and generosity of the pubhlic for acontion: it ance of lp'.rrer aotod potlrono e. ior oalo hy the I Poo inaIo at Bnokrtllers in the onited /ales. THE FLORIDA LINE D SFrom Mobile to Augusta, Oe' No leaves Mobile everp dy d at three .o'lock. p m per U 8 mail boat It for Holl'j Lnndtnc, above Blakely.-tlhenc our . i lsc pst e,.aches to Paensacla-thssee ssteambcat to 1 Logr siae, where the land rouete is resumoed-thence the via Masiacnna and Ilrtwneville, Fla. BUainhidge, I. Ptlndertsa n,. Hlswkinaville. Ssundterville r Lri se. nt vdliet Augusta, (far connecting regularly wisth the rnil road care In eCharleston, and the steamn aide paekets to Now York, Norfolk, Phil Idelphia, etc. a The eteamboats are the bes t e r tfhe service, atnd the itnvinationl presernts more advantages than can be found upon any tsamlboat route in the south. - ern region. The great improvements in the route have been produled by theaeonsruction of fifty milesof nyw Fm Sroatd, by the proprietors, viz : frnom LaGrange ot LnFar'ette Raytou, an arm of Santa Rossa By, to nha I fryanlt's Ferry, on the Chattahoochele river, ten pit miles above the Cowlerd, or 14 ahove Cedar fluif, or whereby the navigaien of the river, and the enr;. Its sequenl detention, and more recently the incor til I venient crossing at the CowLord, are entirely Iha avoided, and a fine road from Marianna direct Ti ,o Beinbridgr, instead ot the roundahout ratd via bh Chatlllahchee, lesseening thedistanee about forty c miles, and inf reasing the facilities more thean once a ded ip Alao. i.enerh line of two horse atagev every a other d.y trnm Hlakinville.i a P,.rry to Macon, ac (;G connereing with the line to Savannah and th a Darien, Geo. of . A mail eteamhoat liFes regalnrly between n Bainbridge and Apalaehisole. 'Vrave.llrs wishing Ca to reach any point on Chnit.haneheo or Apalachi- t cola, can take eteotrtoat at IBrowneville. Mobile to Pensaenla--Land Rouoe--D)uring the time occuppied hv the repairs ofat nate, the prolpri-. tors of tile Florids line will run a line of four m htorse poet coaches every other day between Mou htile and Pensacola. Passengers will leave Mobile at 3 o'clck. p m, " in lso U y mail hboat, and proceed to 1If1 ln Land- t to in, where a lour horse coach will t* an waiting to as c,nvey then to the excellent houe of Mr. Charle CI flail, I I 4 mile distant, where they will fird at pleasantt aeecommodations for the night-leaving at next morning, they will arrive in Penacol early f in the evening, thus avoiding the discomfort of lt Sniaghtl tr.,velling. I OftiOe at the Mansion House, Mioile, and Col. I line' Hotel, Pensaecol, where sears must be bset at ar c. STOCKTON & Co. tnt I of a io uorte Instructron. a, Williamn Ssmith senders his earvices to the citi. , oens of New Orleans as a teacher of the pian I It forte. Mr S having been employed several yeats as a teacher of music in private famtltes in Beton, and alson t reveral of the faale snt inarics in a at Svicinltry, canno ut hope to mnerit iheir confidence. lie is siermitted st, refer to thev Dr Cl.pp. Melasrst S.tetson & Avery, Hendrrson.& For lermts, oe eleare iapply at toe bookhtore of ' 3 AlexanderT.,we.O49 Cipet pct 2 I I Drugs and ..erdiriner. J J5 .rvent has loctined hlimseol l this city lnr I . the purpose of rrnnaetlni a reneral Wholesale a r-I Dl bushiness. He is now receitvin a full sulpplv o ct rsh and genuie nrtis.lee, which he will sell on libernl terms To city drnegilste, asn those of rithe interior, t, phi ysiciaens, mntrthants and liti r , h he will sfT r inolltcemenre such as have never be. ' forr, been , fie ed to this city. Ilis intenti-n is to eldo a strictly lerittinate buhinres. Ili astock will soon be enomplete, and it a few week will he ren. dv for busines. All orders from the countr, and frim merehhant of It i- city, receiving such orders will be promptly attended to. if ott 2 No, 3Camp at I I IHOLESAI.E ANDI RETAILCIOMI ANt) VA f IETY STORE--at the sign of the golden conth,Mo ')Chartres steret. The enhacribers have re eceiveas, iia ;,ltion to theirpreviots cs.k on hoald, a fuoll t and ecomple. assorntment of article in tlheir line; viz: C conmBs, perfuIt-ry, Jowellrv, brushes, locking glasses, flncv arnieles,,\t. c.tnsisting in part as follows: C T COMlS-tortise thel wrmughrlt and plain tuck,twilt, Sqilled bhek, lont round, dressing, ride pufie curl and aneck, Brazilian erm lo s of every description amongs t wt hich are sote Mexican patters, tcory comhs of every daserilitiln, horn, dresig nond packet, tsgeitlcr with a general asortmant ofFrenehand Astrito . if I'EIF11IF.RY-Colgne, Lt.lvetlter, Fitoridl, haoney, lthys r)se, and orange flower wafer of evero rie anl tsoo- a tcriptiallu cr pholratd Cologne, extract of Bieryglott, talsey lets lo hll kiol., shlving d tiin ckes hoarl totHs, cretamt sottdn, Ward's ctetetslt heir Nil, hiterns cn an titedo. PIreston', slmelling shS, - phltin anId pArftmed e1 rnicfnwdert pearl powder iton lest pula and boxes i)o ni. nilns i v pIt and rolls, orilis and clllorine tooth wash alll ndowllcs, witl a eeneral assortmean of Ii J\VELIfLtY--cmer of site llatcst nd most fanhionn I bitc setts, montistige of white anta retd csrntlit, loi" "t t iet rardrnio set in lilagcrec hacoctpis oCfa cgre-" a"n" pt of patterns watch trielmil:s, gilt and silo' 0tchklco, BI.US.lIES-Cloth, hair, dust,helrthc,,lltr, hat, srlo, tooth, plate, coslb, Nail, lhooing, hanoe cnd wt b' hiteiwb bthr ul ts. I.()It(ING (I.ASSE S--German otatia nod toilet lcocer, cand FPllech tlre-intg g!nieot, Iuome ti to t wita t r!risc ofotlher kitlc not elLtotrsratei. FANCYL' ANt) V,\lIEl;'I'Y Ai.'lt;ti:ES-Freneth Ian- AllOeridan portohle dek. nll dledsisi caeus, soltle r ver c ri, a iti otnd lv fi ni htia d ladies wosr Is xehiand dres sg crvses il atilth withdtiul tiiusic tirsaieal h'set, Ac ennurdnn n tvariollr kind.s, violins nallI guitars, silver anld p htred pencils and leads.wood ptocilo sUr :iltt.t nt-ersnt Id fC rncoostantle elottcgnlla nlttst pittolt witlh atti wititlltt eati se, percsion cop'. perotcvloi cp chargerc, ospplie st, ac:rwarlvereo chet belto,gnme Isa.g, p..r hblackill, toy tea setts, c tiiannbeds tl 'etery kitld, hello and tlilltotlu , itiietlcd lnlllotnn kuyes, h ratoro nid ecissors, tibtlelst, .+.elll%, pins, silver plrated, asteel lnd :omlltmotn n1e(t-o. Ite e let, tclebt hoks stid a wallets Ut varieuet kond, Vlsitifg - cttrdtlttld eurtld cases jtlaoingi Caed of Frentch, German It- andi Alsricus inanlulacture, stol,c, iltiation frlit, sau or- hoxesa, pnIt of various kitlnd, Saundera' PIotmetsy'r, r En Eoterreoae, Hillman's anti Ilawkin'as rczor strot and tpmetullie hones,tlirko, fimcyy hed eckhluceo, do with -ar ds drops,toy watchets, pearl statottns, powder ftat k, eu. and pltn seed heads., gilt ond silver do, tgum nlatic uallen ter ,tndla Gurters ,idain andt sword coane, tuckguoug on hoards, lice, uliticalvienesc jewshasnlts, lacbeo tmtatch 11-es and dirinikiny cupa, with a great variety o! other nrti eiles, all ofwlc h will be old lir cash qCr city atcepltu ces on 12 mlonthls credit. B If .lIAt]IU?4, & co. '(a 4sf 7P1ltsrtest. . SPEItIM OI.tlSf gapliioni pure winter d h Sprrm Oil, in casks and lids, fur sale by JAItVIS & ANDItEWS, Whole sale Drug; ate, corner C taunon and Te'cap Ins tlt'e'"l* . ,,,r Co.lune brtreur, PrrtUlllery, &I.--A cie..rr. ".ricleof crologne.plt up for the retiil trade ; also tle purest F ench Perfulmer, emlbra icin every variety for the tiole, fotr s.lI by '"ct ' RFE8i & D'LAN(;. 1V IINIlSHES-The auhirclllr, lhavinlg lalt ly crla hli-haed a vllrllill nlnufactoru in mew i Irlean*, is ridih to eupply ie tajinters and the public in general, bv anoleale ornelnil. Ili' prices are moudrate, and tno e qality of his pr.duect superior to any ever hbrngh' to I liae pie. T'he gentleuma emplo edr to superinatrd tile innaflctory ha been at tIh. h -ad of all seaterive eooabliseniet onfthin kibid i l'unrnpe. Tihose diop.ssd to eol at the cntorr if Nfathez and t choupitoolas gia, shall he preseated with a fair mnlmple of any varnish theiy mea wish to Irv. Almllnge tile varnishea are the coach No.1,walrranted nor to e.lnge even in toilina water. The black varnish for store and eanm u ec llimnies. The transparent varnish withoat iuell, & &t. a8 It lIt NNABEI. .LOUR--300 audingle bi n steamr Independ nase, ale I H)ItiSEY. m-:¢ 44 New I.ever. nrocori's Rutoub tdicu ,oc-lIriaa c iact of Ibr genuine arilcle, j emi r neceived yv on, 3. RIItESE & D'LAN(;, 18 Camp a III alerni Ropr-3fll corlr aranron mhal rope. mader all of hemp, n store, and for s Iol by n 3 LOGERT' & IIA\l THORN, 63 CGrtanr sl F ESi(s11 UARDEN SIED-.I -'l sntiscrrer Sluga toi xpress his grtreful thaniks to the Ipubh he, for the liberal support he has areeived since ne ncmmeoced business in this eily. Being sole pro prietraf the seed store, 17 Common street, n he I, lt and never was agenl Ior any norlllern seed vender; neither is he ronnieced with any house in ihte uOntry-butl lie sures tilhe pubillic that his connrcltins inl eery dep.,rlln l tof file ared bust noes, in Ihe ditlrelt coulllrieol Elliup)eare quI to that nlf any hbuse in the Unite I States. lie im. porst , aed, plants, &c. ftrom the most exenlScve and respecable nullrserls and seeJa en in Franclle, Hllalnrd, Englnnd, Stlanud, and the no therrn staltes-and it will at all nite: he hris rainerr, nas it is hir srudy, to receive, in addition to ha present stock. large arlivala of every description, really the cgrowth of 1833; also, engrafted fruit Ire s, of all kinds. The public may rely on finding a full an cortnlllet io every article in tun ee.d lhril, genrll on quality, and imported direct by • Win. DINN. . aO 'ITIdE PUBLIC.--nThe underignod.having lstudied under Dr. Slt.midt of Charlnstoni, South Carolina, and for some years his assistant in the practice of medicine and surgery, hIas thle honor to offer his prolessional services in this city. He ansuren the ladies and gentlemen that the most promnpt attention will be paid to the calls which may be made; and also offers his services to the holders of elaves, being well acquainted withl the diseases comnmon to them, having attenlded them in .lie sugar fousn in Charleston. Tihe famous anti bilious pills aler tile conposition of Professor Smrullette, with directions, can be had i thie unldersigned. The effect which they have ,aroduced in tals and otlher cities, has boesn atended witll the greatest success, to which the best of refemrences can be given. Apply at No. 166 Mau-a. line street. JNO. M'LUORING. N )TICE--The partnelrhip of Kelley, Mason &Co of New Orlesn ; Mluan, Harrin &utr., of Natclhez; ad Ilarrin, Kelley &tCo., of Itdney. was diasslvecd on licluin of Blnay last, ily tiledleu l faSanuel A Mason, ,ne of the partner of tdie firis. The undersigned, nurviving partners, will be eharged with the settling and closing said business as Iillown : Levi C Harris will attend to the settling of the business of lacsuc, Ilarrin& Co.. tit Naelcre; earl larri r, Kel ee & Co.,n It dneyh and Henry Kefley will alteui to lie settling ofthe binaness of Kelley, Mason & Co., at New Orleans. The names of the several firms will ie us.ed in liqaidationonly. 'I'hb.e iadcobtd to said firmna are earnetly rsquested ocoeo forward and make early settlements; a, those f OLrEA 'S Science of Penmanship reeived, and Sfor ale at their pern4seot Writing Academias ot .. No. 8 Chatrese attt, New Orleans, 1119 Blaodway New York, Dauphino at., Mbile. 1es Nt i partictlarly designed for private learners, and by chool, soand i calculated f r persons of all ages. Iadies and gentlemen are invited to sall and examine| the system for theanseles. . e iseosns are give at aseh holses as msaty estt rthe eanvensiesre of all, and to classe formed in soy peat of the city. Ladiee wlo prefer it ean reeeive 'essons at their own ref sidenee. TIN Pesrrto pyta e in re or eflresona are desired to o sttesA. <'" ! )s seell althev wish. Y -, -- .31 tIA 'ltoTII t.R N ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, FtR FEV'ER AND AGUEt. rlBN years have not yet elapsed since it was 1- first regularly submitted to the public; but it t lihas attained the highest reputation; and has sup-. i planted every other medicine for the Ague, whierev. W or it lea been known and appreciated. Already Pe'r lhas it been carried in every direction throughout Ill the United States, and still realizes more than could I'r have been antieipated by its most sanguine friends. IWa Thousands of persons have not only been relievad, Phi but restored to health and vigor through its agen. Ne cy; and they now cheerfully testify, at every op a portatnity, to its derided and supreme efficacy. Is is composed of such medicinal principles as are Nor Sealenlated to renew the healthy action of the stern o ach, liver, and other important digestive organs, the loss of which harmony is the itmmodiate scause of the disease. It is apparent also, that it produ. eeon an entire change in tile condition of the system, and certainly destroys tie native liability to relp ose of the affeetion. When the Ague is attended i, with any other aolnplalnt, the employment of the by Tonic Mtxtune will not interfere with the treat. I. o as mant of tle other di'ease, but will even afford as. .1a slstance by furnishing strength and vigor to the e"' body during the course of treatment. These who itl make use of this medicine may be assured that tra there is no Arsenic, Barks, Mferrry. or any other article in its composition unfriendly to tile human e ', constitution; being entirely a vegetable extract; and they may have additional confidence in tihe , use thereof. when they pereeive that it has the eof- ii feet of a gent' laxative about the time lalf a hot. 1Ii ol tie full has been taken-in consequence of which, edl there in no part of the medicine left to linger in chi . the bowels to cause obstructions, and other evils, arising tfrom the l e of many of the remedies now ofttred for the cure of this affection. It has been R, used also as a proventive, by many who were sub il ject to a periodical reeurrence of the Chlills, and it Ca has inanv:riably warded uff the apprehonded attacs. 'e Obseree! The Proprietor, tflly satislied with the I , unpar.alleleld ald universal success which has con. . i a stantly attended a punctual and regular use of tlhe . Tonie Mixture, in all eases of Fever and Agune, e tirels warranted in engaging to refund the price to all those who have tikena tile medicine in strict atc. V of cordance with the prescribed directions, without halrig heen perfectly and lastingly cured. Tile snbicrtbers ara the wholesale agents for the , South Western States, and have now on hand six- ,I ,r ty caCsr of this medicine, which is warranted fresh it Irand genuine. Fr sale at thle manufaetored prices (t SJARV\It & ANtIItEWS, alWholesalr'.ts, a! n 7 r roConmon T'I'cht ulai toslsati i i , i -- a .tliatesl anm d aal--.,-i, -a Ot .ote I|RS. MARY KIIIKLAND respectfally an. ill nounces to her friends and the public gene. . ally that hse as prep;ared to accommodate theml at d he above establishment, and hopes freal her r ixertionl to render visitors comfortable, to receive a continuance of former favors. She freel confi. lent that persons visiting Coviagtan during the utnmer months, cannot find better aconmmodatious I than sih can afford them, on imre Isberal terms. en er houseo as pleasantly situated, and well supplicd il with every aonventince; the bar is furnished with la: the most choice Ihquors. &c. in short,she promlises , rat nollhing shall b. wanting on her part to give Itire satistaction to all who may patronize tile At, lieeetilpti oanl lo.uitiana s tt tel. je3 Itt Il-LLssV WAat ./ W OD SCREWS, SAD ry IRONS., &c. ta 'HFlE IIOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 23 \Water, near B1rekman, New Yotrk, y, have received the past senson, and e re cos.talily s receiving large atml extenive additionas to the of the alove goods, which now eoltslsts of tlhe ollnwing aeuosltioent, suitable for the southern and ted a'estern markets. to- Ilollow warn of superior qal;ty, consilsting of sir about 1.5101 tns. viz, Pore stl , difarot sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, " Kettles, 1. zesI , fro 3:8 to 30 gullots, I ne- Kettles, 1.3.szes, froms 3:8 to 18 gallns, IbB ikllns ior Ovens, 7 4(Itlerelt eae, inas Tea Kettles. 6 do kle actlse. 5a ,o a l e i, l.t Sphi tdi s - t do Cti lverod Slidtrrm, 2 do t i)rdd. ai.. . I do ne Fre Dog., ii do a~ih Wnan xo. r r'en Fra 1 4 t1o 4 3. inches. es- j \l-d Screw-, 20 01!t gross, iron and bra.s, froa As- :8 ich, Ne. 3 nt 3:!9 tch, No, "1 of a supleriar tid ,tanlaty and t1 ainish, anld luns thani Jane imported said p, i ees. ut S"ad Irns, assorted, in casks of about 5st' Its Ior toy rettalang. leat, Tr:lor's and bhttor's Irotle, assorted. leas, Saesh weiglhts, 100 ton, assorted from 1 4.4 toi eta- 400lh. ing Bells for Plntations, steamboats, chuirches, &'. O1a° made to order, ,nu Also steamnbeats and other machinery made to and arder. awr The above o asortment of goods is partieolrly and recoammended to thle attention of Southlern and pen- Wnstoern merchants. and are offered for tale at low nonn prices, and upon the most liberal terms; it is ie. ich lieved to be the largest and best assortment evet offered for sale by any oe y o establishment in te )an United States. t. 1lMerchants. by forwarding a request by mail, can have a prln':d circular, with description of goods, d pricesand terms, f-om which no dlevation is ever made, fnrnished by return of mlail. p All orders will receive immediate attention. h Now York, 1838. Je3 L. If' Golet's Perfumorirr.e p Indian Dye. for colorng iiIe lialr; Ienr's tOil, Rlsslnns hest's tcreere, p .tot 111, Mtlichaw'd I! cle Wash, superior pearl powder, li, white, cream .fr rotsi, vetethblrougie, otio if riar, Ihp salve, treoeote tII obh wash, corb.itl le drntrillee, orange Ii fl.wer walte, polwder puffs and boxes, A erileon p chalcoal, nearly put tip Ito t ur ounce siols, Pres. e. tn rslls, co1.iiI, kresotUI tooth ache drops, hair I brushes, E iIhsh dressilr, romln., Inlian hair oil, ni with a vatlety ofL ther pe rluoirie. &,r. Fr sale o by C. J. 'IRINCHARD, ot 3 eonrnr ol Calil and llutttrtot sFe U AT .-I: cnmte drab Russia hate, varioa rqualities trod brn hrk and low crowls Iandlig fim eolip Si. It-oir, for solte by Il1lt ltIl h C(o, sro7 131 Magazine at iCl.1 UIl--: si2 littltllg trum seoRtadl,,ut iiLutL Raolittige, hir .sae by It 1 OI ev1 mnt4I New I.rve' tilE Stihlcrihero, Ageont tit r s he extet- ive Ihor.s ti S\V. & S. lloleher, Slhelfield, Ftloond, have jllti eeived.t very extenso.ive set of trn el l.e, conistinSg of I'hle oid leseorler Koives ohe " - r en, l'.ocketr, lDitk, and Sprer pomint Kolves; Itazors, Sis sors. ge ools 're,&c. &t. &c. which they are preparedtl o exhibit to the trade for orders. Termls otd coditions will be mnade known at the tihome. o16 J. I. IIEIN & A l()IIEN.n llflommor rt. tIMMONS, IIARTT& CO.-Are ntv receiving s per shi Iltttsrville, Eagle, Merry Amhlew, Ilig andrer, French and (German doubllle htetl plaving earils: ster,helt sanl pocket pistols; pIloti, ribbe)d Iod1 split c ssina e;alls; call Loldt.£.t mails leat tazo'a, droll 1. i1s; Vi. '11 stritga; shell, ivory and horin combs: waflers; i k, head sand leathtter erses; hair bidls, front adstil ssk ringlets; negro pllffs; German :and French colognlle :ater, Rowlands mlecoasser oil, imitation (ti ; llntiqu l usil Mltirs oil; pnrtahle leesks asl! ldresalig cases: past, blcekillg; stetiamld toilet gldases; convex mirerors; ol- - e.l glsses anll views; Ittliln ielialds, hells andl pllune; t csordeon; whit- twine; toilet and shaiing soap5s; toilet owder, csmetie wrialsh ball; seented satin alslhion; pool staltls; screw eoshions; fancy btrad chatis smol neoklhlces; hilliard ball.; pocket hookr atll walletti ; G;elelo hollt; rtzor stirt; firle soill eolterotl gslm olaslie otsprltele ls, yarteesldo; Bells lucitfr matEhles; sil ver poenis; UtreyliR, &ce. &a. The above i adtltitio to our former stock of fans. sitisles, nmakes notr eIsnelnt vera io mplete. For aol lholesele or retail as tbhe sigl oftlle Golden Comb,U 7r Chalrt~ne street. otd0.' tul.vNA t1L , ac, E rnltltle;.vi -bite o oke l .U 3f, Cionrrea srreet, Nerw Orleanls. Il .I. S:ERGANT' & Co. imlporters of French rW and ehnolls China and Earthen wsre. are iiw opelning new snd rich patieros of breakfoas, ihning and tea soervicer, tiilet sets, pitthetsa tean -and clt' e Cop,, teapots, sugars, creamsll, hlwlees, pltes. diishes, Ioreelo, wrash Ibrasins ant ewesl, e, tior haltIts, eltc. toe. fo. eI e. and plain Frenchl and Amrrient glassr warlr--nhelts, champainene,. lelronader, jellies, claret, - intns, eordials, cenrre htowlea, docriters. tum blers, preserve diohes,C elerees, pr chers, Intlurps limp shlde aild glasses, canile saho.los, sallt cel .vrT plantedl, brnze.ld and ritanin warr-ens' tir', liqo r leandI, cake heouke's , e:ndlesticks, hrlentlih , snlit.., Iriles, Rflere 0il0 teaeIIIOs, aUglr-, creams., ilmps, japanned trats, atril seand, anil ha ls igl loamps, eiteo tllery, (terman s 'vr sporne Sanl forks, ltoetllr with a great variety of+rolelrs lfr flmtly use. blerehanls, planters, hbl, l , and tstsenbmhnls, flroished w h Igood, at the mTost rea sonble prliete s, an pan ked sO as , boe scuonvey witt safetly t any part ofl the counlry. Also, apotheenros' lsrse are. no 2 T'o (onutrtVr t Mechanns iand Planlere. N "rs rinhs, hlankets, flannels, I nene lssswll .Itr,l .. rn,.ck'. li.a s., calicoee, handke.rbhiefsl % ,t ,'-, rI e riov e ot- ter sale lnw by the .r u a ri. - 1.... ROFI'A & Co. • -- s.._imm -.m~ - -. m v I AIL AAItKLG.MitENT ,Idaw . Mal Duo Evory Day at 19 Al. Northr ail, Clu Evers unday t10 A. M Western Mail, Fr Duver ndnj Wmedneady brna ay, i' y A , .. M. , , and Sutrday, by 9, P. At. Sl l e every Tuoesd t, Thursday, a t furt l by ,5 P. A. X Close every Molday, Wednesday TIMES OF ARRItVAL DEPA RTIlUREI DISTANCe ed &c. ftlhe Exprets Malt, letre-r, Moaile and New York--leovltg Mobile doll. at 3 P. d. Northwar Newa York daily at 5 P.M A outhwerd. Arrives Arrive Nelthward. DistAne. lime Return'g tlonni.eryAla. Ala, 1 p n 19i m's 231 l 12 m. i'ohtiihuc, Ga. 114 81 94 31a.m SAlilicedggville. Ga. `m 133 1 ip.m it. 7 . 163 17 m o anleign, N (C. 54 215 75 12 v- \Varrenon. V. 1 n. 55 At 6 Ply 'rlterebrg, V. 1 pm. 83 Ia 9a. m utllielmlmnd V. I an 21 t3 omn d lIrtlericksbnrg, 8 67 7 11pm. . \Vlellngion city, S2lpm. 61 p m Ialtimnore, 6 l I3, 4 'hiladelphia, t4 aOm. 10 W I 2 SNew York,. in. 90 84 p I I 13.5 1l3 I. r ld sa re Nnorthward. Cominc Sonttlwnrl, the timoe Ia six hem h. eses; linig5 doye ea 17 hours.t is, 'lEN tIil.l.OAIN 114tl)t.ll. In INAWAY frnt 169 (:rnoldet 'l rcorter of laevih to slreets, n io Ilic nI gh S 30'h f 4 oicu'., and was seen the neXt mornhng in Payn r h stretr it ,,grn boy aiae'd ('IIAltIES, oabot 17 years of aeg, an I 5 fe ' or tie',.br a o n iin l'icht, verI o Ilnck, and lien..,r i .ped lad illa tilt in ,epis erih one of his laos is eore, n silen.d li e t en'it hrt; lie hel on when Ie went aoway a whitl lt. cotto oI' liien shirt n Ie white c'snon nthano.uns. a. 3lal trs of vessels and leem honts are ctitniedr te to cint receivinig or girbtitig eoid lnegro, n well ns 1al on tlner persons ai tile llnIIii I rioir i IIie w will ha R infed ai Iiii'ane. 'fIlo .bove rewaado"e will lie pai ftrdtieve:ingic hinteait' of stle sit ofejih' ofihe or monici.eltilies,n or 1690 Car.odelei, corner of Ilevim sit 'haolt. 5Llt na N- ,Ild'er the ' r'iS .lliltettlo A. GlfreoHiitr on teli l ii..d 'tlted. T h Ie biber will liqidnate the lalsaim oh, o iiio ' ke I u-lllelltt In hit o eiii t, ond all thleol ehl vin in eltili, iii eito r ai , i'it.l, fce II t FleIa l i. Oil, narl8--Tt - U .ARIITSON 0' (CAPT'I',IN 31.4I (VAl"I's NEW NOVELS Ian Ralllia he teefer, by te thoe .or ol Ptelr Simple, a. 3 al li vols. iI Cuninii, or a WintVier at SchII ss lati.eld e ;i Lowe iem r.ra by (:.ptiin italii lil, lltoyal Navy, F.iL the" vl. ulor lldan, roan eio te, hov Allen (:ulnningham,l V fSlb.rd liee. writhten by iitiii ef, in 'lIss., 4 (opedin Ilili storyal of lty, ltrrnilnted from lm 0 lorigioinl hItaihn, I Nhlthniel (ireene, in L oal. for Ito dia No. 7!) i.f lr .liti v' Icu Library. no CVol. I cI . l'thle new a cmpiiltroe n;id unie.rt editlos out if Itrnhiinifon Irrie's lI'orks. ro-cir'i Frmench nod Egisih Diritliosoary. irn lo, 3Oe (heo A'n' I"f 'oniar, ,h al Ernglish Dintiooirl. Ai .s--A tinw inrre uioiel of Colben's lhresnlogy "Roiehzi." I '"lr oi i rve'or'so'cln'oei e ennnflloprlor qna cai Ditv, with Ole'.- IlllCh Inll .l.l canl a i si in n M e ( 'S iili.oly d tl u lic 'Teii nl pape , wm iehie &i. &e. Sc. et. '1 BENJ. L.EVY. I'INN"it K'S IOttE, Ar. I)INN'!l'K's Itl1'ItOV'El EIDITION OF DI an. .iolilnit ' ,rblitgmi.,t of the Hialory of ne. ii, hirh I in preixcll .n Intiioercli'o to the Study c I ttiici:I etI)irc an, a lngrlatl vrietv oef al nbli infrl l rn llliuc i dd ci d i t ,rnmthoi rit'n w bri, oii thie l annnee l|ntitnrol Alot i iie llllE ll f itile .o inosi ; with a etll ceclllhoc Ioiprlrphi'ol l b istoicalc Niec; nadl oital 1fi. d r exSlllll lllllioll l RI he oile i of ecch seconiC . II. t re wiiti idlirivei' rii vih nx m l woo, fly Atlheriol o ll Ii'iuo i's Il nio lrnI led Etiil al) (;of l loll 'a r lliHistory 1 r o giiiln, fcionl the iVi+io,& of Jculios Caesar to the tied deith ofi og.'rge dll, wiili lii'ie oinuuioi to thi yea Clle.h ell oa.holl i'.l'e a varuiv ifn vilioldit infol aan ii t odid Ihriigeh i.itie wcrih. nil.iu iiiul i iif table lra 'i l C l ote lqr l l ,oe'ii e and l tall auc llllll n c p elis at the Gchlri tie .l;olr i.te' i'eitiiek op n A otibe poo 3 tir, Irntaros !adn Itllltlh aln-' ihe n"e. Anhll Oll tlineC AD lilt (', i . c m.lll.tclciy sctyoiy ce Pr (;.i.' t'i'i'eic nor, rA llhovev, nncl ani Aorillmaer N e of alitl':"h NS l.ti . , R o if'.i e MI co Oil lcms. lNew k llllr il'sll 'llliolllo , o ot nll , n c ild I viroIet nenl a I ia lt i i . itr I h i ith , l pall lof ie AlS ink wa tr .ackic,'. lthe ' 'io, ii"I ind ci.eI r .aly i '.11 31'KELAN Snn iiV l IIIi' Ii rt l pne Iiof iaci r ln l C ommn eta of 1111:, 1 11 5i,' II . S 't o1,-' . I Ittt IJl' o I[ [ )t.\l'E:. Ir l III- IIh hv Ihlilp Irlhot<.lell D 1), w h 'l ii tll . ''i t- llllx I lla .inl'm 11illl. o v ri)oD nll dclx, &r. I h. ,i .hen J -a , I'~+wl"+', Milt",,, IDr¥ton Po ll. ddi1.t, (w<llt C h ait t l loo, i+i ,Vlukclicld, Por oI ! in I 1 li'ii, w ti h c Il n' Iln iti- ,hl'hI s tornnl teli cy i'hlit 'ih~ o' c " riio ! i, .4 'or'iiit vu.'t'lo , I cI ", lh "ll. c ci .. cicl t ic',:nil Ih.ilcrrv I I. , ,,, o1 Il l' I{r Y l.l l' l 1 ., by 't 't', hi'slc I:::l,1: ," ue:.,'lci by , ., oI , VlU .. |io 1)11F " 11 ,1 .; 'c, i. i liii i i. iiii , l l c i NJ 'o ! r, of I iiiii a ,a-'h ri 4 to "'iei 'I lv 1: tcw r t i 1c';'lj t ' 1 NI li 'i it, ' ci ii' ci 'o" I, l iocb, l it o if e chr i icI 'iur )itl oi' nod a d , o l w ilI the favos dirly ,,i Iiis I,,rli r (cl'lll I h n i e. Ick i cnd Dice, ,i ' i n in ore so n: IW' c ar !oIily cl, cii I. The lulhiwicig oiiiy t5 par" IP I l lt. t I 'llrl zell, ,:z : .vet l'rte S.a.liil. ii '. coiiuc a'c] ur0, a, Powcers. (tihe yust P'i',,c , 1., ,,,, n iv'e,,l£1 nd eils gas aiiutlillt 1cr Ielc !i iII rocalia brelid, buckhWnes Inn's cakn'&"l ccd,, icti t1 '1 'trvPs.t ,oin 31,olloPSmn Apperient-a ovet I mlccall i nod !c.ll· u)iorlg. ilpi c dyOtl't.el. II r indi. e lln. eerr, t dehllirv, ii, idtiiiie , hrodachsi Iclhdy of I' to nuuinrh, Ic li! ucl co lvuiiac.s enats. 3 oneoa ecupic,&n, &c. Cn-iccinoal'c l"I ,l :loir't o. f e.nrSapsilta I to ilt Itoc t, ,' ii iul , i. ri d nil c hbtihs, &c. O il, 'Wcnlll's I' lo 'lln ic it. I 'i 'rlll cI . ; Briltish aa ream trlill',tl l.qi'lerlnen jcllctlnid GItIIIlll.ace pase slve, 'rothi hlllb llos, N i. Prlntlc's l'i:ir to llll o.nlt tnhe lire, ctl 'rll;. iolh t il, h, powolr' pollff nod bexeas ri.c'n Prentlce'i l'ii,'liii.. I uhntt liiCe, chltlrlt.i toloh i asoh Pres. lwdl,'r pulls a.1. lixe, il'renll Ce'i C eLcteil sad ,, hair 111 11n toilel powdeIr. pnio 1utm creme do Perles It ool, in.go li ,e, e or, Iv, neor snd Iahorida wanirts, rtoale te the bli t qc lii'., It"wla.d's Mattsr Oil Old. big I ciiler nac cIl ,r ,,li.llcii, indtlibl inarkihng ink, supercicr luack ilk, &c. iliim. Spcri acut refilied whoale il. lh)'a Lininien chili A Ateh ilnesorollollcl o "l'lithcrc'.r ',ren Sen 't ocn" ' (;F.I)[l;E JONES •v _ : .. = -::.= . - For treaonelt adt.i re of the Ferer and Ague.C IT will it rihl di. d t:et. i n.h erein the 'I'oni Mix t l1" is silperior I till- t rdinot rv inelde of treating e ni.l esitd Atlle. In the fli st Itne, be ng-sVega able EIxtraet, and free fromt. ly delete.rtons anti poison Iul ingrediells, it Imay Ie takeln with tile utmust safe Ilhtt It Ollll I nold I.orlllll., t tip t el il,, Iy lil i, r.tylll. g t u tolllchl d lap vtsa It relishI Imloe enjtl,) mantes ol tute. lieing pec tlir il hain. a ptrguttl.'r quality, it remain a I the Iowels 1 imt tl oe this disorder, or to create ot!,ertllsealu-, but thIlrougilly tilet ts the several or Ille of di tiHi ,III lll 11111n th bellefil.t r he system witllh thlever ollle altbi.lion it lImay he opprensed. Iliivildnllt alf1t'r tillle Ithehu 'rilh I'onic mixture, have Ien exlpoedl to all tile t nal .. iauses of the dtrese, and have t"crnped arty t milt nis (if leittrn; whereas by thille I eill.llleolllll nlo rleml.llite thlere is always crea ted iiio illreul.nll Ill iility 1o rleelrencl . The danger of i'tetnt rel.apses o.lthe Agte, is very evidnnr, for tie tYstetrn will to)Io itlllecoe tiun It111uh preOtlnal to be able to renet wilh oedivine, ;tnl - reeditly fall a vic illln t -it h i' en sltnt villelne The I'T*I i li. tlure is ttirel at Ietch rePonalllllle prier, IIR Ito place it within the rett tf vcery onll"!--to tUhat tIll" pjor and deetitute nre ther y flunihelrtlw ilh, ssiitrcellwe ithout enlieiting ithe lit .Inld Ituellllnattn.e wh liih frequenlt, denied to thlelll. alol very rel lluctniyv bestowed. 'Th l.ul lit urn rte..p rctlv 1unt IIIePd the spe rious mtilttin of this medicine, tho daily offered fir s . It eprepnarl only Ilt Dr. Jolhn R. Rowandl, at his Lnl , ,story, ,Mharket otree, I' hildel phia. The ellbsellltt rs ale tile anllilltle see: s for the lter -itelr, itl will sell by the tree, as l Iphit prices. 'To be had at retail also,aA Apotllettlle ri ill It1 cily. J.A\liVle & A'NDRIEWS, W\holesale Ilrntgiels, eor Cot:ntttn & 'rehol'ittulaoe. l ARiBLI' CIIMN-EtY I'IFCE Weetenovsg. lCust.onhoiuse street, rpposite the poet.ffice. The ubserhters are now receivitlg from their fea] tories in New York. and will keep constantly on hand a gnernl assortment If Marble Mantle Pieces ofouperior wrork;manshlip, and ofthe latest patterns. made of tht bhot Egyptian, Italian, Irish and Ainertcan Imarbie. Also, Monulments, Tombs and travc Sttuet, iml idded. and plain sills and lintels, matrbloe iiteng, hartlhs and Iolllldtry stonle, plaster of Paris, Ro..l n & Itydraulie Coneont acnd loaster. ig flair, together with a spletndd a eeor'ment of b ass. itnoittied and pll (irltes anld Russia Iron rates ofthe newoet altd Illmeot apiproved patternta. i.etlerilg done in tie netestet mannter and at the rtest notlce. They Ihve first rate workmen to *e*e work. T'Alf'' AIN &. STROUD, III.llt I.L'S NEW. WOI)iK, &e.-The Ameriecan i England, hy the authortlof". Year in Slpain," in ilhI IIllloll _ Nt lle eedt)orlt Wom nll i'2 vo14.I 'iThe Young Wife's took, a tuttiol o moral roli ont and tlonrotie dntieo. i Jnt received and or sale by WM. .1'KEAN, I il1.i'' iletitt. R', ks-l-ti" ,n Phtlhiois; do. on 1 lotletdtince trne Altpply r, rou _lt

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