Newspaper of True American, June 20, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated June 20, 1839 Page 2
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MONEY MAKKF.T.. Cton, Wednesday Eye. June 19. 1 Minae nor teat the ention market hai ben without any Mun. Not It bale, that we can hear of, hea change ndnd. Shipmnenta are going on nrapidly. The practi "e Sfor that o a of denaler wo fornerrl hought, tit at. vartae to the ceiving factor three-fri the oi. the agrerd value, Imtil for the reaeting fueler to Ship the unrtile on aeonnt df the ct rim.. Somne dozen our ue rehaeta anmpeuhinr ff their *eae repidly in this wray. Freights coatirtue witholt challe, may 7.lihil. as onlelors re anx ioes to gt away. The attempt mad. by Wilder and othtrse of N. York f.i.lne nh rally on cotton, by their tin.ular, hat failed efjeteeen hero. etllers mien a great eplasl at the time, hot hbuers wottld not even eoamina into the matr ,trtm oebiilnt wau the true intlent ofrthr achehe. Sone go " ofr asn to soe that oeenain pomninent delie doewn ton had i hand in the aatir. T re New York paper af the 16th nti 17thi are fIll ofeontjectnue tpot the aubject. The Courierod .enquirer roprohatln tile at tempt of Ihse eeeonenrd t trying to prr,htce a t.lief thatthe U. S. Bene in concerned, anu calla on the Ilank todieclalm its agency in ithe rtter, etirther nearly or jeiaetely. This cotree of thtt paper leeds es to be lieve tht the United States Bank is in no wise concern wd Inrit. drh n ny olicy of na hanks it dictated by the hiw indemnifytig tlhm for tile act of suspension. They c annfims tonettl• and pay up nal hblanee .evary Friday, aendwh In tits is the cmer, we may he etre, the eirertla. lien is kept within houndu The offering to tio corn munity i creat from this severe and complnsorv provria. im. To iev one insetanre. At the uepensrion the Gas BRnk hed oat $4trtl)iO of notee. At the resumption thea hmoter waS relluedn to S36O,O0. At the present m. ment, its whole eiceulntion is nkett $I03,000. The ye. teon rt weekly .ttlinl days ernepeln tire adoption ofe klgeoroe line of policy, no that the artrender. of Mr. .ueknll'o hil't mey hoae done too much. The cream ahin Cubna, whoe lees i asterd in anotlher olumn, waes inrredi in this oity for shout $401,10, and for $ll0,i1l4 mon in an easeterr city. ler pnlicy all,, ned th. pririlege to the captain to ntn into the harbor withort a pilot, eo that the proprietra are a not libl.P for tny tIreto incident peon the destruction of the eright she wa carrying ot. NEw eenR. Monday Eve. Junn 18. " The tendenoy to decline wiich was ercrptihkle ill the Stack Mcrkntet twasdhs the close of b ltsinoe on Sturo dny,eontinlen in force and epprelotiy on the incere, -, ohecloing oquntatinn tn-day ahnwincr a mconidembl h fallinr g oin ney dereiptiosn, varying from 1 2 per cent. on the priceedtltainid at the apening of the mark et on atuirdav. United States iteok cnnnlinlleSa sustain- D et, and mie were made at 119 3-4. rsller 6i deys; of ro!awore aend Hudmsn eanal Co. at 73, ('at.on Co. at 41 1., itenington Railroad Coat 31, larl.e.. Rlroad Co at 533.4,and Vickhburg lank a 52 1-2. in r l ehanotee them hs an vet been hot little donf, t at Welern st weon continue to quoate hkillat percent. prem. 1I he orave packet which ear yea' terday took out a eonsiderable nmnt ofnpel - We are nehle to report anv improvement ill. e ant- p toe market, khich conines (· qaint, the buaineso not en- tol e 00l 411 lle per duiy, id withutt any ante ra ial ehange oan naturdayn a Flior et very dtll, :.nd may be quoted st $6 620 a 6 71 fer Western, 6 37i 6f0 for Ohio and lieorgotown oft at $6 75 a 87. From Qakee, re loarn that the Bankl of that city re. ri emed specie pan mena on the ltt in-t." Courier and Enq. ad hat lew.Orleans Chrmber of Cesnmmener. Co otFIyCEns ton i YEA can 18.39. qt second do. JnLO. A. Mei, Lcq. I.ommitlee of Appeals for 1839. in Jennlea ick, Jaomes H. Levorich, fil, C.amack, Ahlijh Fisk i Op. Norhe, Samuel Tr rmpaenn, Commitee of Arbitration f ,r the nmout ol f wlay. t JIhan itedlleston, John C Icurrionn, cir fi. \V. Hontington, William lopkine, ic Hyde. Jr. P. A. Ilardy. Jorachim Kohn. the Maile Rneiulasne. of The Great Eastler Mail i eloTed evary day at 10il o'clck A. M. I dai everyday d t 4 P. M. The.Express Mail is elosed everv day at half pact der 10 A. Mi. In due with the Groat ,estoen Mail, every an Mdahe Lake fail (vri Covingtona L.) i0 closed every Monday, Wedneodov and Friday, at 6 o'lctkh, A. M. In due every Tueduay, Thuroday. and Saturdoy, at d 5 on P. M. In The Loisille or River Mail is cloed every Mnn-. day, Wedneday, anti .tnrday, at 3 P. Ai. Ic sent in and returned by steraboats. Arrives irregularly three by timens a week. TI The ctyoue or Coast Mail in closed every Tuesday and Friday, at 8 PM. i sernt and retterled c by eteamoate. a hes Alexandria or Red Rier hail is sent irregu- g larly by steamhoott twice a week. LOUISVILLE Oa itlVER MAIL. Monday, Cl o'cloc, . M. Wednesday and Co clc, P. . tdy, COAST MAIL. Tesy nd Closeat 8oe'ioclk P M. HEpriclee of flour to day being $5 50 per barrel, Saeeurdtng t the tariff, tli bakers will give h6 ouuasofbread flr ten cente, during the week begin- It ning oil Monday lxt. the 17th i.nst. The ioavo ofaec p nnd q lity,or of three for ten cents, altall weigh 25 per ti cent more, that is to say, 45 oonneer. june 17 " C. GENOIS, Masyor. NEW ORLEANS & CAIRROLL'TON RAIL ROAD In cmveuoeces ofnumerousapplicntion forea change in the Pt time ofdeparture for the afternoon cac, the company have th concluded to adcpt the ufollowing arr.aemoet. for the tum mer, eommeuciag ontta th t Ih aust. S SUMEIIa nRRAoIGEMNITS FOR THE. WER DAYS.U From Ccrrolltoo. Flot New Orleans. u ose Carce at 4 o'clorck, .A. M.Hore Car at 5 o'clock, A. M I -LO mi Ra - ocomotive 7 e: " to - I " n3 ".M g P M The earwill leave at the l ho-esrr s iM the week days tal I o'clock, P. M. when a Locolnotivea will eae Carrolltun Ii every hoor, until8 o'clock, P. .and New Orletan etety hecr ountIOo'clok, P. I . After t0 o'clock a hore ear can be obtained by psyluc 0 dot. lat for the Trip; ifcallod for after I o'clock, P. M. 10 dot. lane will be charled. Personsgoing by the Steam Car maust provide themselves with Tickets, au tie sonda.torehu postive directiuc notto rseein mopey in lien thereof. The altertion in tile time ofdeparture, as stiown abovecom mecee with the heretoforea 3 o'cloock cars, which will now leave New Orltenlet:3l o'eclock. and will remsin in Carrolton until 5 o'clock, they leaseths city agai at 6 o'clock, and .tay in Carrollton unatil 8 o'clock, thereby allowing viiltor. one end a halfhboor to eJny the pleasant walks anid pnlltake of refrenlhn.os in on ofIthe most beautniful Gr.n intth oLited Steon. TIIE JACKSON ANDLACOURSE STREETCARS Leaveoti head of Jakson street at ojocek,. A H.. MCanal streetiI at 6 o'louok. and run hkorly. At 8 I'clock they will cmeoammon toleavp each and every hal hour, until Pi o'clock, P M ,exceptlin that instead of leavi Canal stretset et0 o'. claock.thoeoer oill leave this at 9 o'otck P. Id. cr t i. partleu:trly rechsted that gentlemen will ot put their ft upon the cushotions, eosmos in the ne, whes Ladie s are present. Offace New Orleanls and Carrollton Rail Road Company, May tat, 1839. JUl1N lAMPSON, jtio I5 Chief ng. N.O C t R. N. O. & NASHVILLE RAIl. ROAD Co. SUMM ERn ARRANGEMENT. Commencia na'unduy, Jnate 2. 1839. " IE Cars will leave for the iGREAT PRhIRIE, on t£'.u their ritea to the Bayou Tigeyue, every day in it weak--a° follows: 7P.M 10IA. i. 5" 71 '" Excert Sundays, when the cam will rn as fitllows: A.5. " A. M. IP.Nt. " 3P.1. 5 . P. J3 JAMES H. CALDWEI.L, V re.idet C ARROLLTON ° LTHOTEL. VAUD ha the hvocor ofinfrmoling hifir sirdc t.) Otd thre pulic i' gn`orl., t tt he Itt taken the alorit at Carrollter, where ho trusts It, wilh receive tie ioll el his old friends and all oavers ofsolid elher. Private parties will he hkndsomely Irotviled for by piting a little notice beforehand. te in willing to enter into rrngermen$ with families or individunal" doeiroun ofpoauing the usnlmaG ot Carolltuon. mt2i NEW ORLEANS CANAL ANID IIANKING CO. U.Ilt E Iron treamboat Rebeaer will leave the iasill I t the head nf the New Canal, every dty, (except Mandays) fI,r Ite .take, cca follows: DIepart at 5 A. Mi. Return at If A. Nt. o lat A.Mt. e12- P. Nt S iP.n . " 4 P.M. o 5iP.M 9 P.Pi. Antll artn MONDAYS: iDepart at iA. t. tr t 121 P.M. 2 P. hM. I 'M. T. P.M. 9 P.M. may 028 . CHEW, t'nil. - nte l DInlc,. Ckha.rl..on. Jn .. ..... PIWahi..lin, Junn ....17 ,JewYurk.Ju.. ............11I (:iuci.lni, o........... 12 Pbilt-l l,.h Jlun ...:....... I I.. ,,iIvale. do ........... 13 Itlre dn .............II R. Iu ........ ....2 . .. avnnh,. do........... .. I I..vorpnollay ........17 1|onslon (*l es.u) Jun o .... 14 I I'ar," 1.3 ... .... ....... 7? NtoH.,'. do ... ....... l ,l,nudn, Jl. y ....... 1... I3 Nu hvle d o .......... ..15 I IIvre .............. 17 MI'T' OF N ICW 01ll INS. CLEAILANCEI. June 1a. 18'9 Ship Asrear, Marston, Philhdnlphia, JDO D e..Rr 3ri5 Clrk, ,,on,. S & Wkl uitney .hr B3wan, Tr.ine., Molie MI aer Bbhr Ch.rltae,. !,., i. .sPeluas.. blasr M.daoi,cott., St Loua. lister Jun.e 1,. 18:. Ship EPwrkia:n.nlrrloll, I.irerpool ..1h & Bnorqe Mariau, ol.a nl. H 0vana Rs m B G, nn Si to Bri ludlpendoene, Rich. Ne, York, J H AlhIbrige Bis s mra msq, W dlohsn. C empe bhy, f GFer.mloe BaIe Coanat, aiurk,. UNile. 3, er ARRIVAIon. e.a the bar on the 17lth i,.L t o p m. Kelaut o brB Lis Id Babl. Now il river Rarq up thaw, ·rPlemnn, 90 dayl from Boston, to 8lttoa Btai.,pketCoip mbi8, Win.te, 33ohonr fm nrlveonl to IBtlmw r Juba IJAto. KimlrI. fm Nltehitachn Btuu r Job* Rudolph. Mille, fn Cumberln·d Rnver (tmer Auolm, B.hl, Jfm 8. Levu. June, 1b, I839. Pwame Nydia. Niion. fn Ol..Juaf. .. [em r %...hintou., lrrck,, u ,. rfuul b, LxIPORTd. 7 LIVERPOOL..Per sip E Pmkina..caeg 01 baholes otl, and A por Iba IdsnMor IC tn.C mntIas*93b9 Icallow eIb HV bdA lot-s* •b. e Inw nae tlbatu sahoetlag ln cslak of ell nod S bales ofwern menha.adte NEW YORK..Pr brig Idepadnead -Cargo 529 bxs samp, Iwen tIn6 pork. 45 Wsaks wheat u do corn 150 bi mo Iotfsuaar. I rase a. I trok elh'g CAMPEACHY..Per ahr Atrevldo..CootO 450 bloor O moto reams wrppina pnper. 4 1111 tar, 05 baies duik and Scrate E ware MOBILE..Per mbr Comet ..Creo S00 pee haeina and rope Judg 20 bale, wlne0n bis finur, I5 do pmvniol a rvin RECEIPTS OF PRODUCE the it Opoetnon..Per stilaer Nydi..non eneo Cana Lafourwha..Per steanmer Wahlnetao..Carn 20 hhns Puur lbl molorao W HIonret.IJ dolambeth lh* Thompson. 4 Iar eas -ndn 4ltdo I hd ds~elIOnyr .lw 8 bates noss Conner & Gridldy,. I do Daniel. * Onodman, I| hla. atnllon tnrnd & An Landry .3 ib n Brnrler. I5 bliae moon I do skln. 23 hides and sunadrie, onaers on board., one carriaage to Rich'd. adve Mona. Amta PArIENGERS "ee Perstal nor Wenhiagtlo..Madm perrillnt sad (,mily. Mad into Tealear, M.el Lelehre, Misses Perillal, Brunet. Mrn Quay. Ma Smith. Mis. Iflinp; Madm Hurtodian ad Pn,miur. An. tha it drin. Roa.t, Hetvn. Hheota. altay, Trowbride, McCall, Biell. T I adry, F Dooa Robtlnm. MEMORANDA from Ohio river at a lad, there bhavngl benss rain above. into mile NAUTICAL INTELLIGENCE. .At.nw Pork. Juno 10th. Are Faomosal3days.lhom the o blar, hane. Prig Larel.24 days hblte. Ilth. Art Irrlanenr, days beane. Iardiui. IS days do. s Eliubeth t12dvl do. wal 4IThualon.i, Jenstd. ArrJun., heeco. At provnidence. JunoePth. Ar MaNlena. hoenra. t . oe..toa. Jun tOlth. ArrUnrdo. henc. Naltczheaeneo. AlfredTyler. dn. Ci'd. Cllrinnton, hither. l lh. Art Coneordia. henao. 4thb May. FeParal. do do. in Mary An rill do. do. SAt PAildeupAia. Jane 10. Cl'd Josephine.ihither. Tet Ti 'lk'; TRUE AM ERICAN. ' Th BTI FOHN GEE6S3001. loft An l FATIRT UL AND BOLD. he 1 Offiglat 3aouranl tof 9t ijuniripalltt. ST PUBLISHED do - Daily Tri-Weekly & Weekly. tt N~IW OR IE FAN: o THURSDAY, JUNE 20, 1839. Repert of the Finance Committee of the 2d Atnaici. t ptoity.-This important paper will be found in another a. column. II would appear that tIl;e in a diflfrculy in relation to the procurement nlt the State bonds for halfa ki million of dollars, authorized to he emitted by the act on of the I8tth Marchlast,for thebenefit of thi Mlunicipali ty, and in cansequenee of this obstncle, it hal been re- n uolved by the Council to suspend all the public. works ordered,hut not under contract, for the present. Not having editorial accea to tihe secret journanl of the Council, we are uoable to state what the diffircu'y in t question is, or why "it is not certain when said bondt Pt can be procured." But from the rumors aflloa, we gi have gathered that a sinister influence has been exerted or in a certain quarter to arret, if posnible, the progress of m improvelmnt in the Second Municipality. We cannot t imagine the existence ofubstacles in any other quarter ti than the one just alluded to. It was wise then in ilih tit Iinen a comrmiittee t protect te o iigh creditof the Mu. nicipality, and to limit is rxpenditures within its posi. tive mean to meet hem. Hopes held out by the oact of 1i - the 1Rth of March, induced a liberal policy on the part V of theCouncil in relation tt tihe public works of theim 10 lunicipality, and i is only another proof of the pru-. nt delce of our council i, taking lmeaures to counteract F ry any inju ries that might result from tie " uncertainty" Ii in obtaining the Maste Bonds. d In reflating upon the causes of this sudden arrest of A t our improvements, through influences over which we have not had immediate control, we have been brought n back to our old opinions upon a total division ofthe city c re by Canal street, and in favor of a separate mayoralty. i The doinga of this city since Marclh, 1836, have proved c €i nonclunively that the means of doing great harm and evil is in his hands, wiile he possesses no power todo go- god. A bad or an ignorant man, as mayor, may totally a cherk the progress of improvement in any one of the tounicipnlities, and may in many other ways trample on v our municipal rights. Neaxt fall we will thke up the subject of total division, with the firm determiniation of exercising what we may possess of talent anti energy in 'accomplishing nso great and so desirable an object. The check now put upon our progress in the public 6 improvements of the second municipality cannot last gin. long. lhe citizens of this quarter of the city may de. nc-r pend upon it, that no jealousy or little envy of other sec per tions can arrest our course, nor can tihe di-pensiion of the , Mayor to oppose us in our career ol prosperity, a dinpo sition that cannot be accounted for, as thile mass of his the property is within our limits, prevent is fron attaining ve the greatobjectIof municipal government;-the greatest 1- good to tle greatest number. Before we conclude, we cannot refrain from congrat M ulating the people of the Second Municipality upon the exceedingly prosperous state of their finances, tile mrany improvements that have been accomplished, and the P.M immense increase of the revenue. All this prosperity is owing to the prudent management. Iy the Council in general, of our affairs, but more particularly to the ft. nancial sagacity and foresight of Samuel J. Peters, Esq. y Chairman ofthe Committee of Finnance, and the indomni Iltun tnble energy of J. H. Caldwell, Esq. Chairman of the hour Comtmittee ofSlreets and Landings. Ant Hae standa Virginia? Read.-The monarchiste, cr the supporters of Van Buren, and their pensioned press.I es swear by all that's good and all that's bad, that the late election in Virginia has routed the Whigs and Con aervatives, and declaredly overwhelming najorities in favor of the man of Kindetlhook, isa liberty-overturning, independent Treasury, and his corrupt admninistration. The Whigs and Conservatives, true frienda of the coun. try, and the mortal enemies of executive tyranny, have tllrough their journals declared the contrary of these things,and have pronounced from the house tope, that the once Mtacedonian Phalanx of administration war riors in the Old Dominion hens been broken up by the people, and that Virginia is all right firClay. Asser lion is never proof, so we will lay before the public the following importnt table of votes given in April, 1839, and November, 1836, (oflicial no far as heard from,) and ask the candid reader to look at the footing of thesencol umns : April, 1839. (.oaember, 1831. W. V.B. W. V. B. 2 counties 24,et 1,458 18,172 21,760 oficial 31 do 5.831 8,341 .481 4,699 noffciil 3u,119 31,799 .3,653 50,439 V. L. ms. I,687 ,r00 1.667 WIIIg gate, 5119 In the 31 counties and boroughs, frontm which official returns have nutyat baen received,we have allowed the vote to stand as it did in 1836, and witll this liberal al. lowanes, the Whig gain is 5119. But the monarchiset are destined to be thrown into a greert aminority when the returns hltll have all been received, for we know that tle voters in many counties which they have ar ried, have been reduced alto.t to a tie, wlhere inl 1816 the majority in favor of Van Buren was full three to one. Silk gtockiagfolks.-T'his is timhe watchword of run. dry Van Iluren printt, ill relationt to tile whig party. As the V. B. candidate in the Norfolkdistrict was des. eanting on the crimes of the milk stockir aristocracy, Mr. Mallory neized his antagoniet's fo.,t, and cried out to tlt assembly;--" See, here is a man professing one thingand preaching another. ie tints on a pair ofsilk stockings himself!" The feudson the New York Custom House are the great ouliject of debate in the Nortlfern papers. lThe cirluptionn of the administration have brought smug gling into vogue. 2 Doomsday Book.-The teading of the proeeedngr" of the New York Council, removing whig offiers and ap Spointing Ves-tluren, occupied two lhours, and tlhe min outes were pread over 100 pages. Thits may Ie .tyled the first Doomsday Book of New York. NFargtroeuC Ckicksaow Landos.-We learn that the Sohncitor of the Treasury has ordered the Marshal fur thle Nortlernl )iltrlet of ths S.Itate, tot a rse his lev on tie landtlately atttched by him as tthe proplellr of the delaulter tartwout. 'l ontoloc Intelligenter c. a., tlat "the hokse of the rtnmpnliir o wning tile laini levebeen examined by Slr. Illtler, ti, te Lislrict SAllorney of New York, whllo reports thint Ih. detiulter has no interest in them whaltever."-Soulhern Argus. S "No interest in them whatever i" That's good. Hiod tMr. Butler reported that the beltks of the Chickasaw Land Companies exhibitei the names of Levi Woodhbu. ry, Martin Van Buren, Amos Kendtall, excAttorney SBueller, General Jackson, and a host of other good eepeculators," he would have come nearer the truth. Perhaps Mr.8wartwtourt had ibeen bought out. 1f2 The Whig members of the Connecticut Legiala. Stoire, previous to ad,ournment, met andl pas.A realu tionse indicating their preference for Mr. Clay, but pledg. ing themselves to go for the nominee of tile Cunveti tion. 52 Johln I. Stephens, being disappointed in time missiont to Holland to collect the records of the early hIstory of New York, leIs been appointed by the Presi dent to the mtutderous geoey of uatermaala. The EfgyA.f~i-r.-TLhoma O. Hyde, W. Joner grgi and A. Phelps have been indicted by the Grand Jury has for participatlon in the Canonge efigy affair. Common sense must tell every man tlit eivei if these gentlemeen were eoncerneld in the matter, they do not form one, twentieth part of the offmnders. Why, then, have not more of them been indicted? We do not approve of , moboeratic outbreaks, but althis affair injured no one and and was merely expressive of a strotg oleinion upon . Judge Cauonue's conduct it can nesarcely be said to tew ye a violation of order. However this may be, we makeh tIhe inquiry for the benefit of the public :--Ioen J.udge o Canonge intend to sit on the Bench and try thee M. ease l Another Spoke in the IVheel.-By reference to our To advertising columns it will be seen that the Native the American Mechanics are up and about to battle for their sacred rights. They are going to organize themselves into an aeaociation whose object shall be the repeal of tile naturalization laws. go Fromn Texas.-Loss of the Cuba.-We have ditve from Houston to the 14tht instant. Tihe Cuba going ed into Galveston etruck upon the breakers about two of mtles from the channel way and has since been buried in the sand. She was undercharge of Captain Philips who had been appointed to fill ithe place of Capt. Car- i . son. The insurance ulon her wan $60,000. Her cargo TI was valued at from 5 to 4 thousand dollars. The pasi R sengers wetn all got off with mlnch diliculty, losing the Swholeoftheirbaggage. An attempt is to be made to . raise tlheengine. News had been received at Houston at ofttio hstide inteutions of the Cherokees towards the t" Texians. Troops were ordered to repair at once to the P Sscene ofaction near Nacogduchas. Another battle had taken place between the Indians and Taxians on Little p River, in which the former lust forty of their number. The questimln.f invading Mexico and cerrying the war into the enemy's country is seriously agitated in Texas. An attack from Santa Anna would unite all hands and hearts in the cause. - Accident on the Nasheille Rail Road.-O-n Tues day evening, as tie train was going at a pretty rapid V. rate towards tite Prairie Cottage, at the Bayou Veret, theengine ran offtherails. A plank had been placed obliquely on the track by some scoundrel. The bur den car in advance of heentgine was crushed to pieces i the engine and the tender overturned and the first pas ri. senger car merely displaced. No person was hurt. se returning t to town, a mn who had been " intipeica in ted," fell off the cars and was found on Wednesday fs killed. P'. . Since the above was written wh hea" that a t' nman was thrownout ofone of the care by the concus sioin,and his alkull fractred. He is in the Ilhopilel and ren rks may recover. the eer !Mail Arrangement.-We are told.ol ther ne en thlrity of the U. S. (;zette of Philadelphia that the eld Post Mterer CGeneral has made a hsrnin with the .Seeor we giu Hail Road and l !n!ing Company to enrry the umail edl on the Snuthernllrolte so rapidly as to ensure its trans. 4of mission from New YVrk to New Orleans in nine days. nlt The express moil to he abnlishid. All this is good err oews indeed. There will be only iO9 milea of staging tes the whole route. tee Great Meetingof Firemen in New York.-On the ,, 10th instant a treomendous meeting ofthe firemen of New York took place, for the purpose of affording this intel- By ligett body of omn an opportunity of rebuking the Common Council for its late act in ereating2l New Fire Companies, and making thle fire department a po litil-. engire. Tihe enthusiasm and unison of feeling dispnlyed on the occasion was without parallel. Mr. No Anderson the old chief engineer, the neeting determined to stand by and serve under, and they intimated their and wilh that Air. Hofimnau would resign. The excitement Lao continued to he unabated. The monarchists will find it' hard thfing to deal with New York firemen as politi- 0 cal slaves. Poli [DCaptain Arthur of the British Army, has been and sent by Sir George Arthur an a messenger to Washing- F ton upon the afsir ofthe American schooner Brock- th ville. C Good News. Dr. A. G. Smith, pro'essor of Surgery upo in the Medical College of New York, has resigned. One was humbug less in the surgical profession, ifhe would turn tine agriculturist. o Te. MnORto aIerat. One wordl ueon the ubje t mot of King Holei,s who bore u a challenge tronr me. wit aim. We told hhn, upon ncslong our eyes npon then rei ie natre. nd gI lnrci.l over the last Hline o the note, Ct that we held mre. inro and his cnrd in entl colltempt." are lie hen observed, that if we wald not fight him, we iat Siould fight his friends. o]' this our answer w.c s o e ort bt erlnpllnio.--"now or nt an other timre."' Iloletein eeerred perplexed, and hcggel of rsn to take the note, orf SEven tlat we wtll not do. After a lp.ea of eor e lrin- ny oRte,drring whinch Ilolsrein ofbserver, that though op. Cur pllned rrlitnrally he was pte r lleso friendil to us, we ane relented, ondolrnervrd thnr hi we corld not take I tile note, we woulrd reply to it, ant in rorlU seernioml ofn Shi sitruation, w hicil apper.e nlmosrt ladicrr , a we re- eta queaosted im to ret dawn, or contduct inthe affiir 'noa t to lla hostility to Iir. but hie positirn.' F'inrdiing tbrat loorforIr- di like, tire littre dogo oftire " llepubliaio" rad ruck up an Co offensrive hand lill ablot 1t2 o'clock nt lllrt,"oven tlhen thi when pupies milon st hr llrcongrefamte." we cuoneived it our Iuty tecall on y Mr. lIolsten to tin ,re nitr, ando then lee in the street of A lexandria, proclaimed him "a skulking lth coaurd,onrd mort pitvfrl puppy"-~'epent'd tr him all rllrtt we rhavedeclred here of the conversation, in tile preTence of hundred, not one t;itle of which he Ireau nred to deny." Red Riser Whig. 1k. :r Sone time since Mr. Moore, edito.r nd proprietor of an the Alexnndria Whig, announced to tie npullic thlt 00 he would not recognise tlie ostensible editors of the Red wt Rier Replublican, as worthy of his notice, because they oi Swere used as tools by the l.oentoco panrty of e Pariah C of Rnpidee. In tlhe tures ef iis career, Mr Moore was re ac, ehallenged by uone of these persons. Thle aorverexpla. nu . nation f the affair, wo find in the Red River Whig. We di' Shave no opinion to offer upon the meritn ol thi question. e All we know is, that Mr. Moore ias bravel tan.r t at Ito ir- :Panrr'o Ridge, on the Baltimore and Ohlio Rail c q a Road, i traversed by looomotive. ascending a plane 82 . !r feet rise per ile, at the rate often iles per hourdrag de pe giag 60 tion. fo Ezeeution.--Three white oon wiho murdered one D. in I- . Stlnly, anl I.oisville last spring, are to be aoecuted y lan tie 28In inst. The Anglo Sazon Raec.--There is a great deal of humbug and stupid falsehood asserted about the supe rierity of the Anglo Saxon race. 'lhe Norman eon luendno them, and have always led them in arts and in erme. They are the most difficult to civilize of any of the ceaucasin tribe; and so far from their having any right to claim superioriteo, they are next to ihe negro in ntapidity and barbarous propensities. Viektburg Sertinel. Sweeping aesertimoln tihee, Dr. Hlogan. Tiss stupid ial arglo-Saxon race peopled England, held possession of he ithronug good and evil report for ie20 years, frurded it. the nobhlest Inttgugn that the world ever saw, eaa thle parent of th eommon law and of the freent insituliors en of modern time, anld can boast of an Alfred. Their er onqterore, it is true, wire Nrrmans, but all tlul in ir. gred, nhble and elnlsrted in this latter people, wan com Eln6 ltticaled by tirir intermingli'g with AtgloSanons. toWe regarde tie charatner of the Englilsh nnd American panole ae being chiefly made rnp oftbat belonging to tnis tepid, barbarouo race. Ilrok at the pure Norrtans now France, and what are they I Doctor, doctor, you ly I Tave ben betrayed into art crror of judgmernt. a * ua- rS e. y'ete Cor.l.-'tl'be new canal from Lawrenceburg, n Ldt Iiana,to l rotkille. in the Pame Slate, has been iy ope opnedl. loate are regularly plying between tie twoal towns. ti T. I. eI. i, aganit. -Mr. Wykohf, of Opelouhnr., d le h crooe out in a t eore pamphlet opon Lenio, i.n an soer to sndrtd charges ref thie latter against his charac. Ster. Lewis' intehrteddline with Whoff' ilavme, e. a vors stronrgly of tihe (airrion and Tappan r,.hlool nf rot conduet. It wou'd appear that Lewis Itsee raisedpa It p- stormt by Ilil conduct to Mr. Bowen, that hIe is unable en ,it to ntell. Cheeely, or ti ' Woman of honor, a new novel ry, it is .plioedl, lMr. Bulwrr, in attawer to thie Man of lion. g tire or-not yet reeived. O" Adies Darenporl.--Tlat enasnce ofl umbug is spor. ft te init wiltherr 'gnardians" ia Nashvili. Srhels"no tie go" tlre, t rict __- __- -- II tee 13 Tie IDr. Jarvis' ease in Vonuerticut is over. Tile Legislature Ihna ref!bred to divorce thin mtan and his ild wife. Iltw disgusting are tlhese expores of domestic d a quarrelsn a rey i Rector, tlhe Albany mnurderer, wiho caused o ci d nmuch fuss last yearin New York, Ihst beaen found goilty Y th. of mnaulaughter in the soeand degree. 97 W. MD. Lee has taken tile Pavillion at Saratoga t Ie. Springs. Iat. dg. Pract.el Amalgamationo.-An Englieh whie woman evr 23 vearsof rrge, was brought up before the New York 0 police court on tine 6th insatant, for intoxicatlion. II was t proved that site wan tile wife of tie negro Hlewlett, the tir trge..dian. She is rho rteipiet i t £130 .comre, per ely otttnumot. ~3 The tax of hralr a rmat a kurlr no allt foreign g-tit imnportedintolaltimore,&lended on her whre wr i ne hu been repealed. Landinrs I2YForreet's Benefit at Cincinnetiis said to have nett public ed hfm $1,200. Don't believe a word ofit. Iowing R Cioniunnli Ranee.-Firr day---The races yesterdny dispens w.ere well atlenled, the weather heing extremely finoe Reol and the track in first rate ordr. UDAY dollars TORFDAY.JOOO ti. Slterbur, Ohiobrerders' plate. value $200. tuile heats, three work on years old, five anebtribera. Re.ol Ti, 1 51 1 52 1 51. H, ilk John Grner's b e by Priam, 2 1 h I M McNeil'e h f by Bertrand, 2 Me M. Beanch's c c Orville, B 3 3 On mi lice Cool Exploring Expedition. Lieut. Wilkes writes from two foll Terra del Fuego, Feb. 22, that he will try to gain a fuor Rlol ther knowledge of Palmer's land. That's a good boy! lector ol -do the best you can. Judge 1 of the ]iE5Caredori is singing in Baltimore, and is about to after 9 d go to Europe. within to ithe I IC The York rown ealop of war was to he Inunch, to this I ed t fGosport, on the 17th, the anniversary of the battle uit an ef Bunker Hill. e A Nete Link-TIh Aubern and Syracuse Rail Way Petry is open flrtravel. The distance is twenty five miles, the Pre o Thin forms another link in the great Buffalo Rail That Road. ordered shed an The Memphis-This new ship of 850 tons with the ord eaeommodtionn for 40 passenger,. has been launehed the fire e in New York and will shortly be here as one of Holmes' defian Packets. have p ,itReas l Jnes Ivords--lntipsicated--ef.eet of good wine. put in Puckneheeing-absenteciam without permission from frame I one's creditors. cipalit d 3Jotealfng of CouncUl On SECOND MUNICIPALITY. pened by dir tid TUESDAY, 18th June, 1839. questir t, The Council met pursuant to adjournment : Tneas ed present Hon. Joshua Baldwin, President; Alder. to be r- men Caldwell, Hall, Lockett, Peters, Rogers, alproi to Sewell, Whitney and Yorke. ame The Journal of the preceding meeting was On ,t. read and approved: next, A confidential Message was received from the a Mayor, and, on motion, the Council sat with dlo. sed doors. The doers being opened, a A communication was road from Municipality oe No. 1, whereupon, on motion, tihe rules being dis. etd pvnned with, it was Resolved, That this Council do concur in invi. ting the Mayor to call a menting of the General to Council, in order to offer certain modificatiens to OtJtt u" the Ordinance in relation to public carriages. ile The following Weekly Statement of the Trea. ta. surer was submitted : ntil SECOND MUNICIPALITY. Wo. EenKLY REroRT or TacanceoR. onhe v.By Balance lat Report, 3,91 7- J211 nod cisasot receiced eiller, fi,23 57 - amlouont front City Itank, 8,.29 41 19,1!1 "74 To Cash. To amount Muniecipal notes redeemtcl. 5,55 00 rtpe e " amount expended sines lest report, 4.7419 05 3L anmonnldepeoited iu City Bank, 6,325 50 ew tBalance 3,05 59 19,495 74 By Balance brought down, 3.065 5 the ain't rash inCity Bak. 4,193 49 ew "0 a oaunt lunicipa ote noe nhand. 32,914 5 Sim't inc hand of V. Cucillier for re. p0 demepton, 1,00 00 a Agr TIlO. BLOO, Jr., Tr. New Orleans, 48th Jane, 1839. A communication fom the Surveyor was road heir and referred to the Committee on Streeta and vent Landings. find PETITITNI. iti- One from Thomas Bragg was referred to the rcequ Police Committees. corn Two from J. Cronin, totlhe Committee on Streets the 21 een and Landings. ogao ting. Front Perseverance Fire Company, No. 13, to pocl the Fire Committee. Ja Of Bishop Blanc, to the Finance. Of Made. Huot, laid on the table. 1 Of the inhabitants of Baronne street, where- ook gry upon Mr. Peters introduced the following, which liket One was read and made tlhe order of the day for the turn next meeting : their Whcreas, sundry persons have petitioned this Jlf Council, setting forth that the passing of the loco. jctl motive engine through Baronne street, is attended mr. with serious danger to the lives and property of the Ite recidrs ln; and whereas in the opinion of this note, Council the objections net forth by said petitioner "1't" are well loundtd, and that the prayer of their poli. l tlion seould therefore he granted: strio Be it Ordained, That from and after the first dry noe. ofJuly eext, t slhall not be lawful for any comp, min- ny or individual to run, or cause to be run, on tihe onP. Carrollton ndll Road track, below the Tivoli Cr. , we cl--to wit, between raid Circle and Canal street, on any part of Triton Walk or Baronno street, a S team locomotive engine, under tile penalty ofoe A , et hundrod dollars for each colntravention of this Or. foct- dmnance; said fine to bh recoverable before any Jy tp an Court of competont jurisdiction, for the of thisa Municip.llity. iiecr Air. Peters, a Clhairman of the Finance Conm;t. Ithen tee, made the following report, accompanied with 1kin the annexed resolution, which, the rules being iee lthe dispensed with, wls adopted unanimously. EI rea. Thle Finance Committee beg leave to report that g. they have had under consideration the liabilities J' or of and resources ofthe Municipality, to the let of Jan. Dre that uary next, and also the probable cost of all pub;ie eRed works now under progress, or ordered by the Coun cil. That they have entered into this examination in they order to ascertain whether the revenues and renour. P Parish cee were fully adequate to the expenditures-cur. owas rent and extraordinary, and at the same time an. maplc. sure the punetual peymentofita obligations, inclu . We ding the interest on loans. ration. In making this examination, prudence has forced them to leave out of view the 8500,000 bonds of the State, authorized by the act of 18th March last, to be emitted for the aid of the Municipality if re- CL qRail quired, because it is not certain when said bonds of I the 82 can be procured, and when obtained, it is now ren. at ,drag- dered doubtful whether they can be negociated be. fore tIe neat year. The uncertainty that seems to attend the obtain tee . ing of these Bonds, is the cause that has induced 27,1 oented your Committee to enter into this investigation. The amount to be paid will be aa follows: 1. The current expenditures of at I the Municipality to Jan. , le of 1840, will be $70,000 supe- 2. Notes payable, not renewable, nd I and interest on loans, 157,000 a anyof 5227,000 hat ro in 3. Probable cost of public works bar now in progress, and ordered an nl. by this Counecil, according to M pid lie Surveyor's estimate, an ie non of nexed. 165,000 feet corded 392,000 sie Tihe receipts and resourcesduring the same period. will be f fl' Teir lows: I has in 1 Tihe current revuele, $117,000 com- 2. Available Bills Receivable, on 80,000 torican 4. Re.inbursement for 1,aving o tid and other collectlions, 70,000 c now $267,000 It is therefore evident, that in case the public I works should be continued during this period, and State Bonds should not e received and sold, the Municipality would be in inmminent danger of be. ing in a posi ion in which it might not be able to mlet punctually its engagements, as it always has done. Being convinced that the people will with unan. nimity sustain the Council in its determination, un. der any circumstances, and at all sacrifices, to maintain the high character which the Second Municipality has attained, for scrupulous punctu. ality in meeting its engagements, and which is so well apprectated here and abroad. Believing, too, that no member of the Council would willingly ex pose to a danger, no matter how remote, the well earned credit and reputation now possessed,-the Finance Committ e, with feelings of deep regret that circumstances should require it, are compelled in the performance of their duty, to recommend, that all public works, not under contract, now pro. gressing and ordered by the Council, be suspended until the further determsination of the Council. By pursuing this course, no event that can be foreseen by this Committee, can embarrass the T easury, us over $100,000 of expenditure will be saved by the measure. The financial coadition of the Municipality on the first of January next will be most prosperous. The revenue for the year 1840, will onunt to $340,000, and will considerably exceed the expen. ditures and interest on loans. The State Bonds which may by that time, or soon after be realized, will, after paying all the obligations of the Muui cipality, except the loans due in from 12 to 30 years, leave in the 'Treasury available means, ex ceedino $200,000, while the sinking fund estabr hished for the lhquidation of the loans, will contain in good securities upwards of g400,000. S. J. PETERS, Chm. JAMES P. FRERET. JOHN HALL. Resolve I, That it is expedient that all the public works now in progress, us well as those ordered, be suspended, and postponed until otherwise deter mined by the Council; and the Surveyor is here by directed to discharge all the carts and laborers, and immediately suspend all works, except such as may be necessary to the public health, and to the preservation of the public works and buildingc; of which neceslity the Committee on Streets and Landings shall decide. It leing understood that this roe dution shall not be deemed to extend to any EA public works now being made under contracts. U C. The same Chairman also introduced the two fol. pnelal lowing Resolutions, which, the rules being aga ,n 189. dispeased with, were severally adopted : Renolvd, That five hundred and ninety six Mu dollars and ninety eight cents he paid to HI. . A f ix Sherburne n the warrant of the Mayor, for iron The work on lamp posts. three a Resolved, That two hundred dollars be paid to the wi H, Ilakesley for a tomb for the late Treasurer of to the the Municipality. the an On motion of Dr. Rogers Chairman of the Po. f e ead lice Committee, the rules being dispensed with, the feet it two following resolutions were severally taken up shall I and adopted: again, Resolved, That it shall be the duty of the Col- Ie leetor of the taxes upon grog shops to noe out in the go Judge T. N. Morgan's Court all of the infractions f et w of the laws relative to keeping grog shops open inch t after 9 o'clock P. M. or selling liquor to slaver. in fr within 48 hours after the said houses are reported feet fe to the Recorder, and to report weekly in writing less a to this Council the names of the parties in all said two it suits and the result thereof. enpo The PoliceCommitteeto whom was referred the eli letter of Stewart Morton & Co. respecting a tent. snd, porary frame building on Tehoupitouln street in and the premises formerly known as Kellar's Foundry, He would report :ns That tls Council upon the 15th of May, 183P, nd ordered Mr. John Kellar to stop bu Iding this same Fild shed and directed the Surveyor to carry into force the ordinances respecting frame buildings within Ely the fire limits, and as it would now appear that in 'I d' define-a of the said Resolution the present lessees sree have persisted in covering in said building : han Resolved, That the Surveyor is hereby ordred to i v. put in fores the laws relative to the erection of nhan a frame buildings within the fire limits of this Muni. cipality, DAVID JNO. ROGERS,Chm. - H LOCI(ETT, JOHN HALL. On motion of Mr. Lockett, the rules being die. pensed with, it weas Resolved. That the Treasurer be and he is here. lue by directed to address thie Mayor in writing, re oy questing him to sign and deliver to him, the said Mgr STeraurer, the bonds of this Municipality which are w to be issned according to the act of the Legislature a approved 18 March, 1839, in exchltange for the 241 same amount of the bonds of the State. a, On motion, the Council adjourned to Tuesday ld next, the 25th Juee, at 5 o'clock, P. M. Iy Ie JOIIN GIBSON. I Secretory. tom FOR LIVERP)OOI,. To sail on Tlhurldav the 27th int. The A I and very fibt hling .Ilip CLIF TON, Captain llteryl, will ail l ia above, F r For piLosoge , ui vine handomdooln :ono dntion .I apply on board oultosite the Veertallo Mnrket or toI LEVI IH GALF, r4 J20 93 OConmio st FOR I.IVEIRPOOL. w "'f Tiail on t ellnoseltv tlhe t2ith inst. STihe A I and eorinr chi )VIRGINIPA, COptano iltuIey will sail as atliye. For pa.age Itavring fine aecomoodetions, applly oe hoard oappolite the Orl..ns proereor to L2 t Ii (tAlE,E. 9 .otmmolnl r FOR I.IVEII OOI(.. Tlhe A 1 odl very fast s oilng lilip SUPE- Li S c l)tR, C(ataio Tbucker. will Ilove iurletdi- d nteodeputclh. For freightof 150 bhdstobacce M tr Iasengn for 6 cabin paseneGers, naply to ioi J211 LII GAI.9E93 Comlonn at FOR NEW YORK.--Itegular Iaket. to Holhnts Line of Packets. To Sail positively on Saturday next the 22Sth inst. 'I Th loperior fast sailin rCegular ocket Stlip ALABAMA,D Berlty, mater, will aroil ns aborve. For freigrt or narnge. laving rI- ii -gent ncolnotodlntionc, nptilv to tho captain on oatrd, a oppoLite the VelOetblo Mrkeet,or to A CI)IIEN, C janP 20 90 Colnmon ot.f l[EThe A. cnn comfoirtably accommodate ten or fifteen more steerage passengers if immediate applica licn be made. NO'TICE. i HFilE SIGNERS of the several lists sf the NATIVE AMERICAN MECHANICS' SOCIETY, are reqlested to leet at 79 Julia street (up t lair)t near the t corner oflingazine street, on TI1URSDAY evenling 1 thile 20th of. Jue instant at 7 o'clock, for tile purpose of o-gansizng and electing officers for the society. A ft Sponctuael attendance is reqouested. Jtnne 20 J3 OOKS-Catmloguel of halllr haohks, im o rttd I L i English edinio on eo nice, rare, nad valoablel htoks on Architecture, FEginoering itd Science, pule h lieldtl ,r ale or imported hIy Morser ('nrey & Hart of SPhiladelphia;t mayre had at our store, and ordrs from c rerponsible persons will be pronlotlv olttrelled toby t I. thPir Agentis, It JOIINS &. io, JIN 3w car St t:harlelr & f 'Comnon aIst R I.OUR--I°2U0 brl.. in n.... f,.r ml, by l19 G. DOIt'EYi, 44 New .Leve VIIISKIKVY--I0 barrels rectified wii.key in storet J9g 44 New 1e-e DORK-l--ti 8 ll; o; anoeFl pi .t tri;;-; I-IT-tn,, S ir t ale by (i It)ItlI.', . jape 19 ..I New Lrvee EF-\les am NI. f). in bris d half hris at the J ilnpection for sale by I J1 G I))IISE',, II Ne Iwever F LANi IEIR' WASIIINGI tiN. A iew (,spies t' this celebrated ensnaring, full IAbngl i portrait,in gilt framer, for -ale at E .IOIIN+ & Co, IY J2O 2w eorner St Charles & Comlnon tsie A laorg anid eolnontidioll lhouse to rent st . P. f P ss (hlristian, wilt fitrliltle it required. SS . Inquir of Captai n Eldridge, on Ith prem. ig lse. J.lne 2 11h ,IXCHIANGE ON PllILADEII.I'Illl-F-or ale by AD.tItS & WHITALtL, e J20 67 Gravirr it n". Drtwing of the ramld Sitet Lettiry, Claes No. 75 ie folr 1839. n- 4 1013 74 57 27 67 33 78 6.5 60 in or Pnac'tge 225, comlination 5 35 45 bthe Capital ir. Prize of $8,000 was old in tlGo(irand State Lottery yesterdat, by Mr. Thos. Banks, In TIlS DAY. or S8,000 Capital Prize. Ticketsa 3 00. t, GRAND STATE LOTTERY. re- CLASS No. 53, Extra. Altnorizd byl tIe Legislatore ds of the State. To he Drawn Ttis Day, June, 201 833. in. at 7 o'clock, P.IM, at Bis ops Hotel Common ot. 1S D)AVIS & Co, Moanager 75 Numbers-1 l Drawn Ballots. in- Splendid Scheme. td 27,814 Plize,, amnountiny to $235,59 Tickets $2 0--Halves II$ 0--Qltartert $50e. Packager of 25 tickets for $50 00, warranted to draw at least $24; Shares r inproportiot. For Packagoes or single l'ickelo. polv J00 At Mangera oflice 16 Chartres It 100 LIEl.SI NTS olCivil Engi.eerin, liot titlt attempt. / to corinolidate the princillies oflth reaiolst opera 10 tios of the Civil Enginror ioto one point of new, for the use if studentsand tlose who tma b about orem bark in the profeaoion. Illustrated by copper plater, antI interspersed with oarilus nueifl tattloe by John Mlililnton civil engineer formerly Profenlor of meclan ics in the Royal insltitnlon tf Grelat Britalio, now Prq 0 fe teonrf Natull lPhilosophr and Chomistry in William - & Mary College of Va. Fur sale by )00 J5 A TUWAR, 49 Camp at .i BIRID'S Last nalvel Rill Day. Huras Vr,. anoll, or Fashlionable l.ife,'Novel. Advice to yonog gentlemeoton eltering societv. 10E JOH1NS & Co. J4 2w corner St Charles & Common its 100 fACfii~ DEiS--1i0 aOen skuperiorCinocinmlti cuo red, in alure tr sale byy J00 G DORSEY, 44 New Leveo d AISIN-.400e boxes feeo Malaga Rtisnio for 300 raisolo tlby A TRIkER, li j e i04 31 Grovier ti ni AU 0A tIND-, HONEY, eel IT l.iIAR rotti t Ie lavanO , for oule hy II IIONNAIIEI,, S ony l18 CIor NatILCIe heid l'cepitolalaI brto l E--h wer Mnalga wiit ii qo r oorks, in store, oas f r slt by REtal) & I11 ARs'O W, 25 7 Blltk I'lrte R, )OIOK-- S0 lrlIa l O2 primtt, & 1' t nllo inspleeting . 1 ani folr sale at the lIet itrket trices by SJR 4r Dck ltSro l Y, 4,4 Ne Le esp nd AID--0 kegs superirorr Leaf .ard ill t e tr td. L ooale by G 7I)O I)IY , is44 New I.evee OO PJRIIPER'E INK-Jr t receivedt Irooie b101.1 00, n Cltticleer n largo lititties ofJollosoi atid Itu 0. rallt'o noa a, book, andjoh ink, itnil lr sale bly rell o22 A T'OVA I1. 49 Cfmp it the PERM CNIoLE--Ill bloxa, lrodi t'rol ailll ret Vihkeburg, fur sale by A TIER. l Jed jne 15 34 Gravier at nl. AVANA SWEET0IEA7e3-21i Luxes slnding II. fr.ot brig Clarion, for sale by A lIIIEII, dud june 14 31 iGravler t (NIlEVELY. orh Ni-ano r liotir, .yLlty Lytoion b Bhvlwer, in 2 vole. the Richolieu, tr the Cotlpiraevy, n play in 5 otsl, telich - -- .I1 .l liottrioel Oles on the lcas das ofl Eliz altlh ; CromwelKt. nG.Nl, tihe Denth of Nelsenn, ly the otlhor oire.. .. v of Ly 00 ons, Pelllhl, lth I4owtned, &c &e, i i ell.. tuo. iwor works of the day, for eale by Ito juno 12 ALEX 'JVAR, 49 Camp at ai- jLOUht--0li0h bbl a .perfione,4 do fitle, fir oole Iy e j7 DORSEY. 44 New Levee 0 jiIULVER'S RICIILIEU, the celebrlted Play, 30 U chouherdltion and an assorttlnelltfte tot Ecele biratedl cting playa, EJUIi N'1 & Co, x- J6 2w corner StClarloe (& Cooitnll etn ibe I(ORN UBROOMS--200 dlo in store, Ilr esle by asin R7N G OltSE, 4I , New Leve.o R ANIlY On WINE--I hallm annd i r cake brlo id dy,4 nr cnske broon Sherry WiiP; 36 hoxespalo dod uistperor quality for ale by i S & J P WHIT'NEY. tl, iy 3 73 ('Cllp t te-. IESS PORK--Ia bhls landing from setoin bhut Irems)sUnited :tweel fon sale by lW ALKING CNS. hetn 0010 received o variety ofCANEt2S, riitHblc lotircIt 01ceirn'a uear Iblaiw ll bho offerd vorv Itiw i Schasees. " ,/7 TO CONTRACTORS FOR PAVING. SEALEn It po alrdmsed to the Recorder and I Counil of the Third Municipality, notrked a Pru pnualotoPare,"' will be received until the s15th July, I839, for farnising nil thle materinls, and making tite side.walks requiredl by the councril, according to the fil. Inowipg epecifiothine; and pIynble in thle bonds of the y Mlun.ilpaliy, at ten years, hearing interest as the rate of asi oer cetll, pr annum, vz : The coil, smnes in toe employed shall nt heo leas than three and a half feet in leegtll, four inches thick, anll of the width which shall Ie deemed necessary according to the level required, and which shall he determined by the inlentoer of public works, and shall lie drensed at the ends, th d at the exterior and superior aides, and on hie edge; the gltter stones shall not he lee' than three feet in lengtih, four inethes tlick and one foot wide, and shall he dressed at the endn and on the side which lay against tie curb stone. The curb atlle shall be laid, ut dit least, six inches melow the level of the gcutter, and tle gutter stones haell sntld again.t a paveme it of fotri fret wide ; and ihetide walks shall he laid witlh ricka lrol the lake of a good quality, or with bitumen of one inch thick non coat of grey or bwhite sand, or of shells; in front ato each lloor prnperty, having tso more titan5 feet front, there shall lie iade it gutter with brick, not less tian 8 incies wide, ctvered with a cypress hfard I two inches thick, in ordter oles tile water ran out, tel esperficy of which gatiter lhall he level wilh tile pave nlelt tl te nide nwalks. Thrie contraetor shall fill tp sto ltis expense with river ,ind, all the laonqueltea which shall not lie high enonuh and shall ftrib alnl the maerinlu. tie shlall alnso eunhsEcrie togeIther with one or more per. sons aappsroved of by the coullcil,a reesurity of five tllte sand dolaen, ftr tile faithful erreltion ofliat contract. 'IThe paving of said sidlewoalk to begin in Elysian Field letreet, coing up tid down; and tile streets ren rtg per Iesdicular Ir, tiie river, biginining by the Elvtisn Fields street. U andt down. l Te contranctor ehnltliio pave nt ihie corner of nelach e street, piath of foInr feet will, wiil fiat stones of no less than nitr iuches thlick. S Cinnar.ct nmay he plaised f.r oneor mInre eteets, pre. vided tihe qantiiv of yards consracted onr hbe iot lest ithan four tllutmand Ipuricoutict. .. .. iS. ST. AIIAND, j17 Secretryv. SYNDIIC'S SALE. e BY BAChI ' CAHIIOUN. W IL.Ih stoldoen Wednesday, July 3, 1839, at 12 ern o'cloc ,at thle City Eslulntge in Stl.ouisat. piu between Royal and CIhartres streets, Iy arder of Antho. J ny Rachl, Esq. Syndic of tihe crditors oI Atessre Egertin & Wibray. for the ecouont nid at the risk of Meesr Eldward York, George . Ogden atIItld S COgdcn, who have failed toecomply with tIe terns onuf sale of A propirly hereinaiter deserilwd, nads t tto linmt on the ofa 41h ,lan.ury, 1839. A Eleven lots i groundl, sitnnted tn Faubeurg Satler, six, 2d uilonici.plily of New Orlennr, in tlhe squre buonded A Iy (Clin, PIIntvite, Calli tpc and Nnydols streets, as per old, plan whichl ill be e xlhud at tlle tiie of sale, vtn : Lot No.1, mieaanling 29 ear, 4 inches front on Pry-. he tanee stree, by tt0 feet in diptlt, and front on Clio '. street. . i , Lots Ne. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and lt, nmensure each 29 a feet froll tit Prytamunec stleret by 0 feet deep. t f.ut No. l, meonuritng 9 feetl 4 inchs elfrnt on 'ery tence retert, by 120 feet in dpthlt, and iiottl ot Calliope street. L 'he above lots will be sold separately with the priv- st e lee ofan ialley in the rear of the widtlh of 15fert. Perins ofsale-l$1B'0eon h oit eacl lot; balance 6, di 12, and i 4 months credit for approved endrsecd ilt,, wihll miortgage untdl final payment. tii . jine I :3ttj7j 3jr Vento do Syudic. li PAR BIACII & CALHOUN. I[. SERA VENDU le M reredi le 3 Juillet pro chain a midi, a Ia Nouvelle Bourse rue St, Louis entre lee rues Royalo ot Charires, par I'ordroe de Mr. Anthony Rasch, Sindic des erattciers do Meosrs. Egerton at Wibray pour le compta at aux risques do Messieurs Edouard Yotlk, George B. Ogden and J. C. Ogden qli ount manqunde aux termes prescrits par Ia vents pour lee propriut6a ci dessoue designca h leur adjug6ea Ic 23 Jo nvier, 1839. ONZE LOTS DE TERRE iituds dans Ic faubourg Saulet, 2do Municipalitd de ], la Nile Orleuane dens I'ilet situ6 entre le rues Clio, Prytano, Calliope, cat Nayadn, d'aprba uti plan qul a 616 expos6 an momoent de la vente, t avoir: Le Lot No. I. mesurant 29 pied. 4 pouces do -ace a la rue Prytan6a par 120 plods do profondaur do face h In rue Clio. Lee lots Nos. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 3 &10 meau rant chaeun 29 pieods de face A Ia rue Prytan6o par ig 120 pienli de profoudeur. if Le lot No. 11. meesrant 29 pieds 4 pouces de A face a !a rue Prytando par 120 piede do profondeur at face t la run Calllope. Lee suadits lots noront vendls s6parc ment avec d le privilege d'une allde do 15 pieods do largeur. e Lee taeitts do vento roat $1800 comptnnt pour Schque lot, at le balance h 6, 12, I, 1 et 24 moil do 1 tcredit en billets endosr6s i satisfaction, aves hypo InLthIquc juaqu' a parfait paiertleti. II t..... BY ItAClI ii. CAL:I1tiJA. - al 1 II.L e hsold ,n Wlednesday, 3d J ulh', 1839, at 1 " o .ok,at tilhe City Excittig.e in t t Louis street. r, Two Sqiatre oif Grouild, Derignattd on a plan drawn by lieLms tlrineier, sur ire Cveor geIail,i*ts iPareinc . t ýint I: II I 6thtits, niumbered fionl Itoi l; ,n hi,'in ieninsrrn i,, i low": Nos I. '2, 3, 4, 5,6, 7, 7, 9, Il0-1i0 lots meaI.,rii ach t 30 leet froet tin itie.Ity tte, t, by 1 p1 ft feet i lh ; ht c No I Ilontrllig ilthe e.rner of .3hn i,nv andl .,lari e .srln. and tin, Nit0 cll;trlting tihe (.oolter tof llCnIrtyI niud flor hedest treetr. S Nsl I1, i2, 1'--3 luot, ntl.l'ting ench 30ti feel front on lBl rderat ne tb.y t h 5 et fretl i dipi l. N ts 14, 1?, 16, 17, I" , 1t, 2 I, 11,2, t13-10 t. int n,-men e l irilg ruel 3n feett trout on trnrInertcitd amer, b 13 flt in defpth ; Nn 14 titrltting the not lenr of tlonlmercial and tunlrt streetll and No 23 lorginig tie cortner o( Conlnercial a.l Ad.t, ..teets. No I, 235, 2;--3 itts, utiesuring ech 30 fleet front on at AdaIln atret Iv 151. ill depth. Sqliart 1 eol3ini26It tnthbrrd from I to .6. ,"whh tneasrers tic fdlow:- Nos 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 110-10 Ilo, mleasurinug 8at 30 feet lfoltl on (. mnln eaial street, hy t)5 feet in It ,bp ll. 1h9. t No I forming the corner of (el ni eriee slt Si Lucmiet streets, and No 10 forming the corner of (omller:ial & Washington streets. W Nos 11, 12,1:3-3 lots, measuring enoh 30 feel front on Wn1h2il6lnton teleelt bIc L me feert in deptlh Non 14. 15, If, 17, 18,19, 21, 23,.-10, Ito nreas. uling each 31 f'ret p ei n d t Pearl street by a lo feet ill depth ; lo No 14 forlllilng the corner of Pearnl lVnIsh: illgtull streets, and No l2 joining the corner of Pearl and Burdet streets. Nos 24, 25,26-3 Icts, measuring earch 30 lest fion on Burdet street, by cu 0 feet in depth; all American traadure j urt 1 31 ljl7jr3jy PAR BACH & CALHOUN. fre uL SERA VENDU Mercredi l, 3 Juillot, 1839, 19 . midi, a la Nouvelle Bourse, rue St. Loui.s DEUX LOTS DE TERRE situds i Carrollton, d6sign6s d'apres un plan tir6 I par Louis Bringier, Arpenteur go6nrale, lor dits lots E et C. L'ilet E contient 26 lots numdcrot6s 59 do 1 26 letquelsout los mesurent suivants : Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. 9, 10, menurant clhaucn 30 pieods de face i la rue Macarty suer 105 pieds de profondeur, le lot, 1 formant I'encoig. sure dos rues Macarty et Adam, et Is lot no. 10 t foraent I'enco gure des rues Macarty ct Burdet. No. 11, 12, 13, trois lots mesnrant chacun 300 't pieds do face a la rue Burdet snr 150 de profon ra der. for Nos. 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, im- dix lots mesurant chacun 30 pieds do face I I rue ode Comnerce sur 105 do profondOur, le no. 14 n. formant 'ncoignur de s rur do Cornmmcrcc at r.- Adam. am Nos. 24, 25, 26, mesurantehaean 30 pieds do fae a Idn role Adam sur 150 do profondeur. t L'ilet C eontunant 26 lots numerol6ts de 1 26G, der loequels ont les mesuroe suivants: ve Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 mncsurant chacun 30 pieds do face a la rue de Commerce aur t 105 de profondeur, le lot no. 1 fornant lI'oncoig. nure des rues de Comllmernro ot Washington. E ti Nos. 11, I2. 13 mtoeurant chacun ;0 pleds do face I la rue Washington our 150 do profondeur. S Nos, 14. 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, tor dix lots mosurant chacun 31 piods do face i la rue Pearl sur 115 do profondeur, le no, 14 formant I'eneoignure dos rues Pear et Washington, at le no. ron 22 joignant I'encoignure des rues Pearl et Bur. det. Nos. 24, 25, 2 I, 3 lots mosurant climcut 30 are, piedl do face a Il rue urdot stir 150 do profou. t deur ele tout m are Amoricalue, Jl Srlo IRENT- 'lte dwelling prt of the three-story j; I brick halca No. f.1.q Tcho' u itoohsu street. I'os. session given on the 9thi June. Apply to es II. LI)CKE'TT, S t Camp street, near Juliea-or may y 28 No. 13 Exchange I'ice. pit \tNiti t SI--Ilt.oxL s 1 kish crownBt N tot Windsor glues, reeivin, alll t fr sale It c - , ct 2. R CI.ANe N1'. 1n (nlap ist , .U.s I.;LECTURES on the hi-wtry of A-rahaun r a and Jacob, by theo lev. ilenry Blunt, A. 31. un ingthr of Lectures oil the history of Jcsua Chlrist ald St. Pall Jusnt 12 tshd s 21 Carndelett r ain of the Rev. illise S Nevin Al .D. orf alimor with a nleoir. Jlest ro ccied ae d forg e ter.o ALEX TO)\VAR, JB 49 (:amp tot Ylich ab.le July .7, fiblrnitl ,v 8 AA FISK AIIK.S--400 Boston assorlced sizreofor sale iy m 'ot0 a.y G DOte ENT--yh ied inA b best EA anner,rwith folding doors june 123t .~4o Iarnze o4 e ne preises. SJone ]4 a4 t'reier scIt SECOND MUNICIPALITY NOTICES. W ERE hrqotgltt to the polle prilsn of tln Second Nw luieillilTty dI loltowing slaves viz: A oeron by nalmedl iANIOI.PHi aoul eighteen yeats of age, ays e La.ongl to Mr. .lelolmte. A negro boy named JOIIN, lbout 18 year of age,. oyo hr belongs to Mr. Ilooks. Amolatto womo n oaelmnc MARY, about 24 years of -eot, toya she lelonge to Ahls. IDugue. Tha owners ofoeid slovea, v ill pleahe caell and prove property, pay charges and take lite ,a ooy. IIit IAR'PE., June'20 C(aptnnofte Wotth 0NT PE6 ateneto lA o role d e Is coultloe Muniripal it6 le eclavee stlvllnls, nvtir : Utn negre tomm6 RANIl))LPII. eg6O de 18 ann, eo di*rt aplparteo:ir A IMr. Clemeos. Un negre noumml JOtIN, agh de 18 ans, se ditant ap pnrtleMr Air. lfawks. nn negretss mrulatre, nomoeB .tA RY, agO de 24 als se diont opparlenir A Mrs Dugot. Ioe prpri"etoreates dlitn roclavest let prio de vetlr len rt rer en pavoyot lee fin' is. JI0 H .9 HAI PEIIt, Capiaioe d o In Garde SW EltKl i.rought to th ',olnd of tle Alt Ward, 22d Munitipality, the follooling, strty atimale, A Iay mlor with letters I' On hler left hind quarter; also n ,hihe lrlllr tit hler foies. I so rrelolt eor with ld lcet nld two hind legs white. The ownersof said animals will plelae c.ll rodu'd at b onlled of e J Sec ld Mllunicipnjllllly,si tllted ate Ih cl rrer tal'ohtlliettdo AtItotiCiolt.lltll proto, ,ll e prtop elottvoyelhrgin anld citine lhem away, oI, or lelort illlllllt, tlor '221 f Jite, 11.3', wlle. Ill-y will be sold lt alnctiolllt y P A Guillotte, pulilc ltll .r.r. IItFNItY (l0I1V, june 13 First I.ioult.of thlr Nilgh Watch. to itfi th otenos A I'eotlnt dl 3tOme o istritit ae la F errclllode Municiplit, le, s allimlUx elvr, sui ;e Jumetnt brute mrtnlll . G.. stir Il deiri're galnel.t, ni tls oi e tif uie ll str le ronlll. tUj jeoitr chevol )bruttt, toet oI foIto oIII m s:n clevl x, I Ire Iro tiotllor o Ides ds diels oliittll lot prfiloh t de ve'ir I le cherhgr A Penw Jo de In l ,oit, aot t t wtt ilit li tio oi c dosll rute Roibill tiI . olllo.Ut orillll, i Ur on veo It t to.tmedr .2 J l Joint nthain p r hoqo.l jot , t il. 2 eolrtllrt velloo A Itleolle pair l' A ti itooo.. entulll uhUr o nJ 13e I .ito.o dr, lIn irode of /J RG1TU ,tge ontt lar Polt.e doIn eofltlhd Muc S nirpnlilty tle he l.i v ine eitoes, VIir: nA nergIt.te nlat e mol.llltnl, oholl tHllrlV.fTTr e r eof ang, ors thelhrlogs Int1r. II. tAlt'ool. A ltllllll o lllnnnn lllerd Je nll 'Itltit, ol o t t tll l y i t, cove a lJIe bllll.u ton Mr tlephellset Itd A grill! Iton natd t tllror, lbout twenty-tite yearn olr t, Iohrle o ler t .rdict.l A lnc.k .. ntmeld Joeph abooht 26 or 27, oyi ll e htelon. to N tr. Nt4re. Ito 'hf iteoWotrsre otelts i ioe will ploo eael c t tlttte prio oft t|'lh. +2d1Mlnnicipallily prove prolperly, p.y elhrgel 9 and take them sway. II S IIA Il'l:l, june 2 1t hpoopintoy oft r Wl tr'VI. 'Y / NT't" . ,outufo A' ln geolrt ls n .t;tltc.e tlici • ip li6L le., e(+loveo n RIlivlllI salvoir : Ull negro notllI(" EFI)MUNI) eo I l'ot'iron 34 ato. 0v- oe dit.o lt aplntttetir A ftr. It. le,,01' . Uon n,,g.e nmt lre ntiono iiEA N f15 I PTISTEI, gb 6, dot'6 tins se dlieet appnrlenir A MNr. S"tophe1,. U,. ,oomogrt tirite. noloe.t IIENIIY, tgh dle 205 ns,. on din.o t A Ar. It,'eedio I. ttn Inogre oo nmutJ It1 I'oll. tao (," toot ¶n7t.t,-o. disn, l n loartleuir Ao itr. IAtate. l.e lproii.tiret Ite di, ro.rlnveo , s0.nt prs de veei. ln. letllrer en a~nIoot lee frtis. It. S. IA tPEIt, t, 1(5 'olBniie die I t(;nrde WI[ILIAM R. CARNES, LOUIJISIANA WVAIE IIOIOM, ully 14 .tl' . .5i, Ilt.N'il.t.-sr. Now 4I4t.E4ANs NEW Illlll; lI''4 . II , H I'l4 I., '0A . ('il 4T4riA44, ,llis. F II ll w e llll l k w n I drll c, i. Ino w o )pe n t lr th e -- 1e41 l md llhr 4 h4 . ..4.4.cinu .4.' '4 44,44rt, uc'l e il r. Ju in A .I )( ,ll1 . '4 1 IIh. e.oi4 h.h4 ..'l 4 I '4ll. egen v ry l on4 l lellr n ly nil4 proved fi, u4h4lllan4 l I, l h ling4 - 4iinl .g romll , ball rlinl , l ilh. nl a s, 1.n." pnllll n ll eys. ialnh le, .aid 4.'tl4.44:1 h.4 . (i;r4 ut ' x4r4l4m4 hi4 (4ee n... I . reniderll iirr Ilse Ila1 ... ....,rtlil.. ... It an ,leg al. . re+.rt. 'I b re are lilty tli e reiso hr ns in1ihes, anll d C.n ,e11i alle (Il.t 11i*,u n·r gtrl itlll'd h."r-iL,- ' I felIIlleI h I'lnl._ ran1l. 111.1 Ii-ho oaor ar(ll IIV I,, hol nn a, hles.i balll f.1' .,usil lv lr I lii p ,ll .ol n r & · . t, ollr -¢ll* ,11 tIh 11.gul IThal rlll i it alllll, ll . + , hith I Tll A, fi ofth I,,j, I i. I ld I .,I hu h g:.oio'e" l i+ln tl. .11 , ilhm 1 Ill h~ l .llil , In II ,hI h .are 'nt r I l nla. S IIho I ti .1.w,, II,.ru I-I.,,11, .:.+l :h,"" h'I 1n l ngv...s. .1 1.,nh.i I'aL, i- I,'I p n . th. i,,lr ,"' t I, Jx hallllng I1o" 4<4N, I4i 4..\ " . iV.4-'I'AI,4AN4 i 4. 4 .II I' IIl i. ' .. f i. e AI, 1it elilll". liao ,wner wil , I I ai i.,,ill enllilit , a;lld,, tilkeiher Ius, 1" 4 1111: 11n 111 : 'IO A II44 IAION, illhflln, ttlhla 14 4' II I. Illlltt'i :.... II I ,ul rl e, I11I Lr .I4 I l ~ 4 0 ( 'I.' h rl4 4 , W 144 . 4I'41.414 44 re.a1 .n.4r. i 14r ,th !I(Ir -T.r 'a.t+ 1it, r h,, I'l-a I if h,*n sI n erller jfi C l &o . JIh1III 4I4rll Ihe, +w II.-m, Iknown C m 1atn - H.1 YlhtAeUL 2Ea-o. 'li. la. , t he 143b illjatlll It, Id .kc Iv lv,,th Po.,.s, e.llNEt of, 7 m prked ot h 4 i4 ell' hol4 .r I' l ' 4 t 4 l', al,. ia ,f le tile 1 l m 42 cane. I'li11 ow nern~ 4 illcull4.4 I4 ll, a IT4 E Y lld aLke hlm e A NlJ./" A.%Tll';fl I , 1, I1 lt llz tr ,i lv i f,-ll i t ull-ed v 4,nl with i t , N X'I CL yAIL, 4ll Camp at j 44I . 414t44CIC 4A7 NYI 4. e - ing Fre4 n cil t l E4 lllh4 ll w4I ih , 44l t intg in air ha ll 4d. 44Ire ln rilx 331, ol 4 4 jill, jne4 12i re sen.d Iobly lIGi--J iv r 1hall e.I aolwil; all auccoutr f qt lrero pri'n Irn 4 en. ', vari. 1.L rze Uled for the ci find ca tlh e! Loipar I, 8I1l ita e I a b i n'l t A Ar. X T 444A4 , 4NF Camp at A Y OfI N(A M na rEd \V7,T , it., who has a healthy i, chihl, [it 1live l + ,ld, is de iruto of getting M oLe tal gie u4.4xl4 hpA44 a lhe t I. E A.n In,li.Uns, ife A`I UNNY A II 44 4'4--5,0141 hi I44 r 4 , 44sa4e i 4, i a . I`l j6 . J I ' y AVIII Xrl',.l' Camp a4 t _4 IYI 4 4AUI.IC 1444l44E'l'--40NIIIl' A4r sale byA ) j44 &k J P W4 I I'4 4'4, 73 Ca4' p It 0 A4i4 S & 4 1, W'I4I'4 I4IY, 73 Camp at . .. I0 - '--'I 4 o444 Ihm I)n.rid ' l , - NH AIISTI'I 11T of thle ighiuhIlilliles of.reeCE rd in wihl, a rerolutoln l if tile ll oaae( of IRepro i nilr t 'l mall tl,,ll - C rlle,21h Miy, 133. A few Ctlpies 1iit reeived and l 4 fot aile hy A I ,E XT IO\VAIt, J8' 44 4 44nlp a I . 4 li4i4l4 r ur Ir4O44 4, la44 lly 44i4, Lin inl.ll 4 44 14 fiNllyv dol .re ton, ac | .h she , l b1 ltl f a .ll ha :stof t J ne nietl , ct Ihse 1 mtl .npu 'o +lll ice'. I44l4y4 order 4ill4 n 4r1r.WN. FU IUR I. IRNITU.OCKE!!T, 0 1j 0 U li P4resiheu 444, 1 li.o len IV, 1. (orhi4 h , l4i t n 'de, th 44im o4 4 4li4ll &. Ia4iwn is 4h4i4 .day dis4olve3 by i tllial 4et1 . The 11nae .ll e. Nli-rn will i e." 4ie a iliqiit on 4lrlonl4 . 44 il4.l4 will he il l44 enth, l to by (4e4 ll4444 ' 4 l, 4 ,. to "wl 4m 4ll1 acconnts T YIICIA ¶SL., Jr. [june 1 I JAn . E 4 t.. BROWN. 4 U4'4 received a4 the I.of4i40 i0 na F4 i4r44 ilar4 Wa44 n4( e4 4 largest +lotIha llow ill thIe c!it y, W It (A RN]"S, di; 53 1i4 nvillenS y IN--Pfrtleulu r allentilo puail It placking find ship 4 4 I)r .S.M'I".R4CHANTu'ha cna. III:A4t4I4UL CIItCEn iLt i sLrucko:f at furhours Nvlrr, by erd/tuatA h-_ (;Oliipliu ig RoOln oJ 'T'RUE AM RllCIICAN |'Elllhg ¥lg i IN4 IR044M ai Corner f4444 ravier 4fet", oral44lhe lin-. ing Oflirc, cornerof l llydras rlnd S. (+illls sG-eer i. ltJ I'41 4 .SK E.--2440 4I4rl4' R4'4'4ii4,I 4i 44444ir( for a44leby (" m"O ( 4. I))4lSi'lY, '"lNew L4ve,. 1.4,A 'I'I41.4R, fav 23B 34 G + nvier ll l\- 44 Il44 4:l (ý 4444'4 -.-44 i4 (-h4ll -Iý4. 24444 614 44i 4 i4. 44eta 43 . to 4i.. i4, of 101]1,. l'uli.. 44o4,4 4e4. 500 sheet . I.0CKI": & 44o. aill, ' I Iflrodl,t l4eve Rope; 75 .lnnilln Iluloers, islslllotel Iruni 4 I-2 to 71-2. 44.4r sl.le by 4, i.OCK0E & Co. May 213 " Frnt I.evee pAlI4'4r. (I4S 4. V.4rNIS74.-4-4 k.'go No.. S1 and 2 Whi4e I.ead; 3041 (4anister ('4ome Green 1 Paint, groun4d in oil; Black do.' i.nseed Oil; Sperm do; nutlty; 511 244s. Whiting; £Cop4 l nd J4papln ed Vlnish. ' Fill al4 by S8. LOCKE 0 ,: Co. i lavLl IIv 8 ruint Levee -N WI4.y4. iK.--T'I'h (2 ...4yy," 44 4"I4y'-4iiCo0'I- r1 yan44m4,4 E, l4,4't 444f 4elelra4ed W144444 4y4 70 Ftm1 ' Jmlns E 14q4; I 4. a (4l His4tory 4 f 4li U :tt1es, by" SJ sleninlnore 'tpr4P .aut hor oftfl4 I 4 .4l&e. e I4lirll, Deal0hs and 4 arri4.g , I.'y iHlouk Esq. No. 2 Jack 4ll4lppard, by Ain h ;Preology in4 the46 I4 . 4 Ily. Just received nid lur4al4e by4 'j44 ALEX. '4VWER, 49 Camp it it f)LAs'4'I44t 4F'( 4Ills- I. 41 , 4a4di.mIri " nhip iS Ju lla, will i4 e 4 ol4 ho, if tiken rlit taihe lve,.. .I1 J I HU..INI, 74 C(44mp 4I l./.o..t C;AP--Just neclrd Iwu, i'les 1.l bilu - ta eieu 44wrd Cap, h th plain 4a4 d ru14 , a4' very fin4 .r arlirle, lsitable for nolariirl, lo. ile by DAVID FEL', N V' S.l4ioll.r' Haill, Ei ul l[ r r

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