Newspaper of True American, June 20, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated June 20, 1839 Page 3
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IlAND) REAL ESTATE LOTTERY OF PROPERTY. Siltuaed in New Orleana, l'O 1 l IBAWN ON' T'IHE lat DECEMBER, 1839 I.V J,ICKh'ONVILLE, Fla. Unilr t' -pn tntlec, of the Comninsionert up Ioltelld l, he I..gitjtllive Asaleblv of Floridla. aCIIMII'T & HIAMILTON, Managers. UJ,000O tickets, lat $15 schee price. $1,500 000. Selling IWire $I0 per ticket. MYI.VES'I'E.IL &. C., 1S56 lrodwaly, EW YORK, Sole Ageont. 0P TheI recilpts of the sale of the lickets will be de posited in Ihe Canal, Union. Carrullon, Cilizeon'snd -Uonoolidllted lioks, in New Orleloo, in lthe noml of I.onia Sclmlilll jloitllo with J. BI. Perrlalt nculllly noiier oflle LCilizen's lionk, and A. Baudoainl ac tuolly 'nllier ofllte Conoolidulll d Illlk, no 'Irutler, as per net pilstod Ile!i&ot A. M31.zoeOu, IEsq. Not. P.b. tn the 2i lMay 11;:9, dtolh iia ropleltioaa traneierred to thie above lntionld gentlllemen uniecuthered, as l'rusteao, for lhe security of telll forltunate prize hol I. New fork ithe monire will be deposited in the Phoenix I lalk t the c.redit oflthe labove namned UCity Roanko of N-.w I tlinaus. The 1'llie Ilor relirred In the acts poased before A. .Mulnzrea, E. Not. P.,l,. in, relatino itn. Aerties which emlrlce th. respective pri es joniiotoltk. C00 PRilZEIl, na followta: P'rize-T-Tit l l:tt llitfio nt three ntrot y brick halhhng knlo*l.l n thet AIICAI)F, ill .llltzit e lle t, mllleau ring 2lllt Ii ia't l; incilhn o u ( Orlvi.r strnel, at. aThi ou b tildiag producer now a ll aip three hllllk, anl d ini t I OO l ·l ii te n-igiurlOatot l ' ho e S1. Clchlsa ald tilhe City Iolols. Ir relut will, iln ver few v, yarars increase! d to lilly Ilm'tanulI t dollars Ip-r lIllallll. I-Slilataled at $7110,OOO Priz -- H'hnt ,'le an,'il fourli" shti-1 brink htiild iug kiiwn its rile to ; IY HO'TlEL, Ihil'rly li hOtl p l I lln tlilntF nd at Irenaitrna Ill! h it Ion T'mnin ar, all 14i1 h tl III llltnhes o ('amp at. 'hI' .I h idin rIentao lila i $2 5,0110, aunllhellln fii the most c ialt ipart of l Ie 'Ity, lrun shortlt e increaSed tot Ihlll ,ou,,and ll ll lins per aen l d'll, N.o. 30I n N the 11 z street, ,1,li,1 gll the Arcaill de, ren1ted Ill 12 L 'ltl l imttlltlar. Isthn 'd Iat $:0,0100 I Prins-T''l lutes I llltrl" brii k dwelling Sl t ,lis ,No. I 1, 1i i lin, No.Lt, ot i Nat Iz ar,,it, retlttd at Iwtelve hi I hr dollar,. Estimatetd at $40,000( S i'z -''h, h r 1'e stallrl, llltk lwi ellith i ml ,, N ol. Illt , i, I. h NI . 19 , o *ll l INl : t re 1,) iled I dPt hI on und red d rilr, |ntin:ltllt at .$20l100 Parrl - -Tlhl, d.Iv lln, h1a lii No. :wll orh-. ela n ' nrd.r ,i"I tni and Ciirltu ns 111i111 . >llt'*'l i illtI, n llln " ,IlII f Ie I", 1 Ilkl s Iet,, I be 17 l r el lh rento S~~ ,l allu ,r lt 0 r till td I t 15. 1i00 Pr te- en ilthr Pl CI nIl Ilank slllcl, al t $ ,0 tPrize-'it' h'ji h t it', t ad 1 ll 1i I 1ri . hai7 ind lo Itakti. t 3,00 'ltoriIa, 15,00 :1! k - If -I 7 i e ll.h+ra aill tlk l re , tl I 7 It,,,, t iit l-l ltkdp Itih ion l.- o ,,, II I h 1p , street It re lnet it f o tre o h, ilh I d~o~ r. Inti otll e aI . tI lltil all l 'll~zr J +r, Iwo~ a Iie:k Iwt lil. h lllla ai,.i. llar4 I In I ta lrt(,i h to I In 1 111 'r 11.., 1 Vand 11 IIo i irld Irl wal-l e l l.< 71 hi II , .m/ , ,toy N l 1, hy I!7 Io.,l I I I 1 - 'hi 1, depitt ; t .ta a ,) d lill $13 tt p lll I t lt,'rI all I It at. Itt al iloot eI a t $15.!100 |'rlt., -1ll3 11I ll .h rh 'r..ll lh1+ll llk slck, alt "l'T; 111 Ti te .- 'lll l , hgIa s ('onlllnln 1r tl 'it- I antt k sI ck .Oil, ", ,lli $! , 01 S'riz-II ~rI o . t! aI-a, i ,lll , oa awn d ' arlll 'l St '-. ' Ilat , s it- a k, ilt ItIa 00 eatc't Ih, o Iat iO I - ri r gens hf 110 .h l or ve l ,btrll a || aank 31ln ) Tryraahnr' :1,·0!( 0 Il'r 0 . a.. ,l tt . .Ii d lt,, 2,loa 7Ilo I't,i, of I1 nl e in h rllll llr o are n nd0111 1 a ia ll r lr'a at-It 1117t t ill rillltil htkt lllo IFlorrid., I 00) I-t th-l oI. the at ptta oo l it h f llo f prices ,a f h aanlk llue th.,',. ti e-h. i 'atil 11i1 41() ctiist1t-I.A'iE iRiNTER * 3. taap Si. *....... i to,'dtl-., rll IIaakatotaai t 0; i ll h pllt il on 1wh 1..eenl, s Iat, 1p.. ll, lr ilet t r kdr, ih l nan n ;lothl.r l ,ea ao.r lll,, lr po1 a , k llha rk w rllla i w, Il.i W ll ttt ( I ,,ll,,'t ar o ,,tet.l ,tl i l,I ,h" d olt bi t rlllane of It I Ire, .a-at', hr o ll--hl e ra d.l0 tJ I'tr- i , Ivl t ti a(' ii 'll , r<.l atd Wiatte ~,lo in r ,, r t lheI l t i nnl lu li, rt wit s hllll i .l h r. lnlr ia ' I t-s,,,h ,,I tot ,ao. t rlli t lllr oa o .rtlt bi, - ·til, t " . + 1~ l fl, l, l w l ý,.l+ ,rdl . 11, f lvr, tirL " fl l el t SI t, 1, ". r " , i , -il ,a'" m tt fi. U t ^1'11111) tI l l I' + I X \l l i.+rTo', Ne,+ (,le)Ran . ' '- \ -.-yni; ,, " .,dle I,,, p mtlr d It ake t,) f 'o ,rie b ,e 1, I - ..... ' lt , I. ll, nllols Ih " r :t;lr.P t s I. a ,ll ll,.al it -" ,n, m,_,. f ei m erl ln r l,: l s l 11 l1 i ll ' il nl "IIr, hna do 'r. ilrl w 1'1i hlan s'llllltoma, hi- I I n Ir,]h ine In ol a: hI ,eT ' c,,l l. -I l - , ei+ .. i. ..l.i d nll ill, Dtl llelllr shim- bnll t wers: i't I F'; ,it~leml' ; Ttka llt ev ery1i,"a," i .ll-1I i. i Iid 1 'lhx . lllac , ,1 r Damn .oltllill l l'll rIII~ nrl lilnld llt trea.h zii lav l.r: :rm)I u Imglover: uml· I((I ne nod lll ue1 go AI s~i -.llo,-S llilP l .s h'n d I hnr lll i+++ lldt il a lnd g n ri \ ,a -,c ui, J i.I, VII'It''N..'t',~ 7,1 n ,':lilIt - '10 i1;W LADIES. ) i lt,'1 I' 1 lO AD 11 OMI NAL SUPI'l'mRTIER lI1illS new trumen:t for tie raodcalcuroof Pro I ba,,us Utori, or i'alhmg of the Womtb, by ex vernao aipplicattion, supersetdig the use of tile ob jrctnllele prlessary, is confidently recommended 1t't tiltllictedol its tile mlealns of a perlfect restoration t bmlith, it never hiaving failed of performing a orteven llundr the ciost aggravated circumntan -0s. It ihas received the decided approbation of Sir Asttey Cope'r of London ; Sir Benjamin C Ilrode ; Sir Juames Clark, Physician to the Queen; I)r ;4# e'ell. Leturer on midwifery to Guy's Hos. pttl , Dr Rigby, lecturer to St Bartholomews; Dr ;rtlli.h, cotulrer to Westmin-ter Hospital; Dr lRamebllutharm, lecturer to I.ondon hospital; Robert }'crgur u, lecturer to Westminster hoepit, or; )ir Svlweatlman, lecturer to Middlesex onspital. antrd ,i,)r accoucheur to Queen Clharlotte's lying ; a..m by Henry Davies, Conquest' illtndcl, iL.e. Mierrmuan, surgeonl Keates, &e. by O)r Morreao, pre.mdenlt of the Academie RoIyalo Je Medicine, IPar,, and Accoucheir to the Duchese I)'Oritfei ; proisfe6or Velpeau. Marjolin, Paul Deiubit, Sa sn and others--and in New York by prolorssor J W\V rancis, G S Bedford, M I profes. eor of midw.fry in thei university of tie cify of New York, prolm . Dolafmirid, and Francis, U John. .ton, president County Mod Society, Laurens Hull pre.ident meed society State of N York, piofs Jas McNaoghlbm lof Alfhany, prcis March, Cyrus Per. kins, DOae-- r 'leThus Bioyd, Gilbert Smith, Hosack, Stearns, Ludlow, Kisaom, Vacho, Power, G;raytnt, Van Rlmesoalaer, and many other distin. gmshoed physicilns in tile U States." A lull, Offico 4 Vessey at, Astor (louse N York. U- A constant supply of the above instruments, with Dr Hull's improved Trusses for I!erniu, will be kept by SICKLES & Co, N Orleans, A G Carpenter, Natchez; Stone & Marsh, Wood. ville; Booth and Mallory, Memphis; W D Wilk;n. con, Sonerville; [lall and Washington, Nashville; MeNairay end Ilamilton dt; R L Bliss, Florence Ale; J C Spotswood, Athens. NEW ORLEANS Stin and Platent Biscuit Bakery-Waters and Illilman. No. e9, Morena (near te Pontchartrain Rail Roild.) sPldtt and Navy Broad, Soda and \Vine Riceuit, mSugar, Butter, Millord and Water Crackers. All thie abve articles are warranted to be of the firsr quality, and io keep in any climate, being codmlptletly kilo dried. Also,--Klu dried corn metal. Orders leat at G. W. Irichiard and Tagolt, Jr. corner Magazine and Poydeas streets, will receive prompt attention. Smnall kegs put up expresely for -mily use. 15nov SHIPPING. For Europe. FOR LIVERPOOL, SThoe A l new and fls sailing ship DUBLIN, Capt. Skofieol, willreceive immediate des. patch, haling panrt o' her Sarg) engaged. m2 93'"omemnom al. FOR LIVERI OUL. SThe ls s allihtg ship Mars, Capt. Castle, wanto 3111 balhs otlott tocomjplete her cargo. F'ur freight of whicl, or paong e, apply on board, or to 'HOLMES & fuILLs, mSay 8 hIunk Plter FOl I.I V PltlOUiL. 'The rfet sailing packet ship SYI.VANUS JENKINS,Capt. G Barker, cal acconuno datha 8 cnbia IntoReneers, andl ill po.ilively sailon the 101t ol Julle. For pa.sage only, lnving superior atonmmodlationp, apply to Ctapt IHrker, on horad oplaositr post 4, 3d Municipality, Cor t my :1 m I.c H m GAE,93 Common at FOR LIVERPOOL. S Tihe A I soperior and very fast sailing ship JOHN DUNLAP, Capt Coante, having par oeoF fer ctrgo engaged will receive imme oputch. For .ltlnoace aof freight or passcage, datmes accoatlnolatioll, apply to J_4 I. 1. H AI.E, 93 Comnmon at FOR LIVERI'OOl.. Pssange Only. Tile A e plendid and very lost roiling ship IaIVERP))la., Capt Iovenopot, haovigr the wholefhereargpo engaged will have imme Sisle despatch. For passage only apply IIt T3 I. II G 1IE 93: Common st FOR TIV YIlItI'(IOL. Tihe A I oail "lperiaor ship NEW lhAMP SIIILE9, Uapti Ilardig, lhaving the greater npart of her cargo engaged, will receive det. patch. Ior freight of 3011 hales wolollln or p awIgr, op plyto LEVt II hAlE, J8 93 Coonlmo St Coastwzso. FoI NEKW tI)RK. STHE new and splendid ship ON'I ,1\Io, Calp. -rwood, als oaltily IIl her e1lgo en - gaged nld will halove illlollll(lit desplotc''. Fortieillloor pao.oge l (haviog epajiotlt tnd eleganl trcomaosdatios) apply0 t. LEVI II. lAIE, n1l2 93113 CUmooo St. F.otal It.W I totK. Tith A I shlip BANGiOtl, (Cpt Dyer, will lave deilt. For hlonlooe of frIghti tor e. 1age, maving good oootllmaoaodaliota, appllly to Ithe capluaill on bnrd, or to, I ay3 S 'J I' WIITNEY, 7.1 rsttlopat FIt itltO 1 t 0.0. 1 The ino A I loht AVATAS, Copt. Snoetw, lhavinog parl of lher eorgo all.o.ed, o ill have despato.h. Folr tr-iohl or I)paelgo,,appoly to ,1 S & J I' WIll l'NRV , 93 Calmop at FOR NEW 1OIK. . . . .. . Til fast sailing paeket Iark CIIIEF, Ihtv inlg Iptfl of heor cargo enagedl, will halve des Foor Ialaance af frgllt or Io.tloegl, hnviuog ftoe nocom ntl.liont, apply to t & J I' \VIII'I'NIEV, .3___. 731 'aml st FOR BOSTON. The A I nl spetioer hlil I.AfILNGE, Cnpt. Hotarslotl, will soililinll f I. l as, f ur baltloce of froichlll or ploeasge "ullly to ii2l2 It1 t. 10;. 93 C lnm nl at The A I cnpperedl ship IIFIIREW, Cnpt Wlhialig, haivig halfher Eaug. engngeIr, will hIhve dell.tcIh. FI. Ialance of feright..r pas age, having gord aeCotllndatliou, ap ly on board, oppsi le the Orlears I'resa,t, r tIn Jne 15 &J P W IIITNIY, 73Capat I. , t Il lT.IIN. 4 The lhat ailing brigai IANCET, ('nptri ClArk, will sail n. the 15th.. Fo. pn.sage onlya, apply a S & J P WA III'NEY, . 7- The fast .il lr g Ilg ri g ll t I)l NO, ('apt. Eastman, can handsnalely accomnodate pus n. : eengSallrs, aI) juue 15 S .1I P WII'I'NF:Y, 73 'ampe st FOIL NEW 1f18l.. Thle A.4 I ship I.hN(;I)R caln take tile bulk of (0 blalsa oIfctta Apenlv to t S & J P WII'l'NEY, june IS 7 Cmp' ) at GEORGE C. CIIILDS, ATrTonlnY AT LAW, • . II . eattcl',! ll. S jllp elll t. ( o rt, 11111d the Ih is r he I (lurt, f II earrisHurli tll l oed CI o adlies Cl)UliP T- I )liT t Ill ( the ('ulsv f Irl~un lllh (lthls uon ta I gaovenr U li , eillw r t Iouanty I.nnd I vrIu r nfr no' rItsidlllajt r r'iell of atOI I l.' t ' 11Adr·1U1 fr 11oni t Itnied aets--(')I I dill ll ran. o t(ie are of . lRicker, jr. 1'exas f)ate Alli,' Ill ea /Il 1iull' N IIIl NICIR IC I ' IIt et11 -( I(roll Ih/ h . it3 't2 x2 : 1 ew ItI N a al Llll 'l A 1tore'A ma y 5 ' 73 Cam-. /II) Et c lu r I) l rm dlll d St I hA rI l rl , I , i l be I _r _ nnlll lls .Ill. Itlld 't 4 I'yll t11-I I ', 1 , . l l4 lw s it.l f 'l Ii,'iglltl , i ( 1 ' ill l t 'ao a , e ater e \'o I'hart ts p , umy 18 D WVID FE.L' & Co. S0111 l 1 .l .riL, d 'rIleN'ell, nay Il I,.,allms, n stu le, prlain ind eld, a al at N ....... , 1 'y o 1 15 \\'I I) IIi' r.T r .de.b a eat a l.A It aalaa Ii III,tt, avier t tmay 14 73 Caalt st. C IMtE-l5I Iaxes wkiTIanaoat lite Inull.a, store 1 for saale by S & J P WIIII'NEY, may 7 73 Calamp at hre 1oti, givi(ag leltdell, ba lla nt all Irveltig its reaterd Co u mbei mo s. i 14 gnallnr. Ohl1 G(h J 1r lilTý'1' .Y44, Ne C 1ep e 'allng a -9, 114t t Aa r-- a t tto , li t tr 1ole by ilR B R O O N IS 1 I Ill lo h ae w 'e v et hovIj 'I eI-ria tIon g, a uaa a tr a and r l ale it h oart rues..'I/N e. tet .e te W aleb a 'll b)Walllal AI Ie Y re a ire Ithe bms i Hfl in a n. aI n ey Ci ov a t p i I rle , 41 Neat wN. 2, , Ca LFICE, 53 r Magazine lreetolppsia Ibcks' Ar tIruy srle by e a t D I) ouI . evire ll s g00 I nllae' ll l, aaai.n Lo iel, lalr p1 la e .t43 b S . & 11J .il." CapNE tY cIliatiFg, 1J11. oll Ifca.. e a a, iiti tIs e a ,nt Mana ' l Ilta asler tall Ila e &se t.l Pf iea .-nl l iglltaaaE ly mtn24 73s ('anIt. & sllttlwNi .)6 hlg zlne st ceaprn as type perialiln . la;lTER-g l.a. a y ahlle n. n tttll fe llrna, l ,or iue 21 44 Niaw Leveir Al . sl ANa a l'aIlrde, gieA p eIte. .al tiTaftill wall the a lr , i a' letgal le o nlllniaatre l, Iolri le ic tlria e l I. W eREElnEa tai Las l se' i laiag niaitillng el nis eN g I-thb ak noug t Lh tlyeelr o , l ad eir enlale, mi2a2 1 -3I e e1 New nevee n il for- brailln l le. ae Ibad' lnnll btill C ma24 SO a , lar tale vgazine att D hnlNT w Ashing airno.,la udrs - ng out incthersown maye bu 34 d Nihav ite3 r Bust llN7 4n New TLevee N WBe-nk takes pneaty i nee , 4nndw cirngaths ritId anl t ll' e i r. r nII.-s ela i alln s, r to t e Ia at ad le rlat d e'T. aluh ltian e infaaee ll e ei l let.u'd far sale otby Jfn ol' l e 1-UNRNYAl kishingir itr., la aa aadn lolt llta, on t+ aalroby ISAAC oIrIee OIiLEY& S PERI CANI)LES--tI l.,taas tlelll Caadlet, N Badltle brathIy taleby I)1O1(1o t lE & a eyl7 m4131 eMa eiatni t PRlNTlING PAPER.--Le reacst Rd a os6 inaebs Slaa d fini r l sh ip hYat, al nerl leby Nmay --9 4t 0IANCHARId,a Cruaieret epi edaa ineltfataslt byor'. IotRSEY, BTEF lett E lab IlliAarerd StEl, a el by nayP 1 1 YHALIROWN, 96 Blaguzine att UTT ERM- e LAI)--Iar keg la Cao dn eslp - S i Westerd batter. fo r sale by E 1T lnnIKEY-l1O hifa Iradiag kant attbay beat YYCauednbtr, fi)r aSE by G DRSI' ma Ci I;OG.RSEY, 44 New laenes FOR NEW YORK. .Neea lork 4 Mer UOrean, Line. A NEW LIN;E ,ofpnckets ha , been estnbli-hnel to run IIeUween NIw Orleans and Ne Yorkt, in conalatol'iv. first rate ships, vii: twhip jt. l arv, IW lFoor, niler, " Repluliecn, J Russell " Aulburn, HP I' l)rrfey, " -- - new building, TheeMlhilps wote built inNtew nIn Irk'expsl fir thij trade; ar o o a lighlt drilgh lr if wut.era.d will niol ulbject todeteritn at the liar. ai.omminbilioin for passengers cr o aprise all that may be reun ired for nlllllmfit rand eilnv lllellepe; nld llieir t ellllllllldr file flell el exp rielnci. Unl thie shpilr nonw Iihli.g anle e:'lplelted, two lirtal luea lhips. ll asuipiy lteir plan. . Ti :greatest punctuality will he observed in the till, of uailing, aid every reasonnable accamodatioll eal nded Ito shiptpler and Innrsengerr. or further iarticlars appnily Io MN.-irel. Jlhnson S I.jiden, ,No. t86 Wall street, Now York,, or t jai Il'PlElE I.AIl)I.,uW, (tii UClmp i FOR NEW YORK. [Louisianan ad Iew York Line of Packeil.] T'o ail reigularly as advertised from each Port. PlIHE line is at this momenit cmnpose of thle follow 1 ing ships, but 6 mnore new vessels will Ie put nl nt an early dayv. :nking the l nlellhr tIelvr iiill, l hii:ch willalhe if rone Iwing disllnthled front Ibis ilort ever week during lih year, thus aIlflrliing rollllpt foeilities for tranlportation and at tlhe lowet rales fflicight. Ship YVaoo, Captain Trask. " Mihissippi, " Ivebe. SLui.nvile " Allen. " .bar.a)a. Hallthaway. uluhangille, E:ld.lILdge l hankespeare, " ' Pnr The above ships are all of the firt ilul , cllopped and-e pipier ftiield, of a liiilentIriulie iof Wmtn iiniil built in N. w Yok fir tie irule, with elepltit aeeuimntintlinns for Iolelniigers anlld couilunded l byh uole and expeiecied alisnters. The price of pl.ssae in fixed at mll), without wina. or liqgors, ampl4e ltol in eve-ry iiiher ticular willl le provided, nlild iveri e tllntiloil. en ItI ,llllt e til. lfrlllltoII thIIIe Inniiig toUIiill ra itit lie. The shins will at all times ' lowedlII l pi dnil dwn tie river, anli the greatest punctualliy uoberved as to their day fit1 Noililng I NeIither the ownners r cntalins of these vessels will lie re inouiiible for jiuwelry, Inllioni i re'ioi, ethleo. oil- ( Ver or ilalted ware bireakagle iif glaen, hullow wor, marble, or grnutilte, coerage oll lin, rllst of illtu o stel, orfranny letters, illreele r n ,ikua.,s el Inv r liut oll hoard ;f thuemiii.i il,"s reglr bill O: i illdi Inre taken for the usatne, Iand ti value Ithreilexprssed. Fir freight or iu-n-ge, all ply to tine 21 JAES It IIUIJ.I.IN,7tf'n"nn C t FOR NI;W YORK. iiOI.MI, S' LIN::. OF PACKEITS. I O si- oa.ntnally eversy Moldas fnsr hponalr a s Thllss iufs e, l 'aikets gane h-e.f iumresd to .I en firtl esi . I iliN, ,.uoI.Wi g o f hldp .A'lashrille. CapIlllln Wood. Arklsass, I'nilltin E S I)nais, Alnisbma, Captaill T ClBerry, Orlenrss, (Cpntaill S tSeurs Vicksbursg, Capitin J Lulker, Innlhel, Uaputailn Asl.l'y. A'ashvile,, Cs~t:a nWsoodt. ,mtisst, Captain Trnlmun. f'a.sosa, Capai{nsii I.ytna. Ockn/lfre, C.plllltin L.enltit. Ner Ship --- Cnlsain \i ' 'snllouse. New Ship -- CalpiuinNichole. The llbllo.+e ships are all of tle Ir(st lhiss, fopperPed andid.paer ilusteled tlend w'ere luill ill N.w York ex rssly ttr his trad'le-they are otf li'lht tha git of ws. ',rand almost invariabli crn,'ss sltel bar a ithut delel - llhesa packets nrr con dne I well ex- l persieedl ill de tradlle, and will alwl s exert tllalselv."s eI accnnllr.,lIte. TIheI will alwsUvs be towed a pI and l down the river. ntd will s'.tpllv" sil as advertised.i They harp hnlndsdumely fmnlv llied nlrrain iontlll ltldnt.usla d storesa f thle first qualiy will alwasus be fulri.shid, aeln every atteUlil paid Ito the comfort and satisul:tion of ipa.,.ngerP The priCe of Ithe calin is fixed at $89, without willne or liquor Isr nfurler particulars apply to A COHEN, us' 90 C. llmo n streete t e177'hPl ships are not ancountable fur rItlekage o Eslsn, lhlll.iow wlarsl, larblle or grlnlilte, tpellsrsla. ,f'tiu or rust ,ilion or lstel: ntr resllolnsiblehi flr an, pfl'katse or parcel pLUt onl Iboard, lnless a reghlnr bll of hldull be tiugllsd therefor, ns tlle li caofthe lllae tsll g. r'or the Interior. FOIL BAYOU SAIRA /repulr Packet. Tlw splendid ........... e..... bat llILLIANT, Jesse Ilsnrts.mter, .- '- will as've New Orleans every Wedi lesllnv t Ilt o'clhck A. MI. Ilr lasvol Sara &everv ealurdaevat Its , clock A. SiM aklkng ine casl down oil lSunday Flor Irtigllt or passage apply to Capt. Ilart ji10 S'i I I'tI lT.4S, CuUN'IIII Ell uLItIIS\I ', I.t. s.. . s ill I. .ttir pt aper, fine 50 s abhlt' do 150 do men goat 75 n s fter lined past ,Iu I StI ll d Iulilrrv-l du I s lank fio plast AII of wli Ie lre Ilf a vr s supel'r sllulist, noII. will sold law, tto close a consignswl's I s I sllt I niuvrier ,of New i rie ins, recivel with thu grenti st up. ý plaue al the New Yrk c . ,OlNS ccrts, m4al eorer St Charles & Conunin stas 1 II:ELLAS-:I2 c'asesa eansaunand Giinghami Cim J hrellil. oinlrisinI a culmpllleestslttot, IhalilnI 'rrao brig) Palmer, fnr sale by ISAAC IItl liltuE C Cl mr"2 ilil Mln.azie se. ANCY SOAP-1i300 boxaes just lceivid.ll ,tr aul ' by SIIAI.l & iIIll WN, may 15 9f Magazine ist. PI All AND PITCH-6' i bis in sltore fi'r saleby Iny II SIIALI. & PBROWNI\ , 9 ilnssainaent I ARDIWAIE (PAlPEl--S ream's IHsrdwass IP I per, It ssrt anidl tir sale bvi myl 14 J 'II'Ab I lt & Co, 74 P'ydrlas st F LAG S NE S-(Uiti vrd lagging, leding Irtm l'ship St I.awrelnce, furtl Nne b " 15 S & J P WHITNEIY, 73 Camp at L ~ -I , 1 casksI n Limft, Intd."e fir[ ;le bye 3i JP WI1T.i'IY, I nays 1573 CUimp st IfIAVANA SWEI.TlOlEATS.-5I i,,xes in ste, Imay I 31 iravierst 1i RESbi .I.A.. A IAISINS-lIoo i. fxe s in store (isr sale by A 'lil Ill, Illy 15 :,14 l;lavlr a. TO ..ILER CIIJaI TS. Bank Checks, Hills of Ladinlg, A11tiOnI Bills, Pamnplhlets, Show bills, Callt lognps' le. &c. J]tITlllERS ffor tIhe Abore, ann erery other ders criplion of I., IPftlN I'INti . rrrcired att CItilllnllltn ilas af 'lfTUE A IIsILItIA.\," ius S'T. i'll A s':', CHeaNE, :d door i'rum s;rnvi-r Is rees , or at the lt rinting Iliet', corner of Ioydrn- ad StI. 'lasrl's sareets. Eltensive anted bealutifl IlOOKe nsd .I0 I'us N rs front the best Fatlsdrieaa is Ite Unilted .alle.,, hasve, js been added to the alrseady weell-atead El.stblishmelt; -and nI IDI:tS eill be ezecuted as I.ow, as Clueapll, 1Ix iediiullllsly and leaultully, as s atliy utlher Olle in tI,. City. L I 1EN StIIlKI;,. bIoVES & .IUSI'EI'ls . Just receivedl by late rrivals, an a ltllllent of, Shirts Cravles, Sutnlalltr aslckus, lus, lov d Su.slpel ders, at the Bazaiar, urner ul St. hlarles al Coaliton streets. N. IB. A eolplete assortlment of W'riting Desks. IDressing eases, portable lhaving lles ilt rose od d Imsilher. lyti IUSIi & A.AN. OlRN-1500hushels landing ifrom , lll hst anld tir elile ly tltl A 'TItll 31 il vr st R EI"'11 ItA'l'OIlt--'T'lhis is a Iew und usiefil urlia ale o' fulrniltare, rapidly scttinilg itilo tae, u , r Ierll a well as sulllherll lalitllds. It is designedl to keepcool nllsd sweel, a cfl dishes' ill tilte culilarV d I palirlitll us 5re secessasry Io lbe protecteld Iroul lhe st flhe walterdlri. he summer season. S'he Refrigerator is now consilered an indispensllblel nricle in thl econtlll ufevery good hollasewife. 'lt.e qannlity of h Irotl:ls biniu e he wealthler, will more The i lnlhscrdelr is coilsinutly rech'I iig tif l the inar ilhererI, Refrigerators olfdsltterel l rices. The Subscriber is nplpoinled Agelt for Iie manufac Itsrr, ir A Pallen. Spec'mllllellt l the lelilligeratu rs auly I se, ll aat lly store 53 lelltville it. 1.y8 tf W It CLIR NES. NEIWf JEWi'ELEI -Y. I M. BIELL, 1G Chartres slrel, ho. thlis day lSe(liv I ed lr ship SIalra sla, 50 dlaz lle iabIIlelled Br a-'s I'ins, whic. will .e oered ll Ihe Irade. or iedllarsl cheap. I er than ever before ,ofl'red in Ihis city. .11so 5't dzen Ichled Itael. l ,fall pt.ts, otg.lehu" willth .grail va fiery of chG s(ilt Wark, cnssti'llull' Blraeale.., Iillgs Ear Ornamenls, L.ckeltl, Chasiu, &c. Those in ws Lt will do well Io eamii lhis great assttesla t. P. S. Old itld and Silver wantedl. pl 15 --1.- . BROWN'S Patet Platfrm dtBliaeea- S(; Groaers cn find at 53 Bielvlla slraet, Paltel' I'lsllfrl Balances, sulperior to any ever olfred in Ilisi city. fell tf IV It 'AItNIS. U ULED Cap and Leller PAPER--Just rs'si. d R 401 rsanls ruled Lelter Paper, blli ble land whise. also, 450 ruled cup, some verly low pr(.I, sFuitlle lor Ischools, or sale by DA1VIll FEI.LI' &Co, may 14 N Y Stalioners' Ilall, 24 Chlarlre st. `'OLRN--'000bushels in fine shipliugl order-atloat V andforaaalel y J 'IHAYE N ac, m113 71 Ioydras st iTHIl'E BEANS--410 bsrl faor sale iby Y m3 O DOIsSEY. 4.1 New ILevec 'It ED$ ll.-10 brl prisme Ihualc Linseed Oil .in at15 and Isr sale by J TIIAY EI & sE mI3 74 Poydras at M ESS BEEF--5 half brls at t l i ilnlalion is alc'e forsale by y . DfllIRSE. m110 44 New LvPe. J UST reeeivd large saoralment of ammaler a .tcks o varsious patterns, linen shirtsa flan qualil". Sl(;OSSIP & nso, ns3 l " a hange l ,is.l Chlsalasr . TIIUT'II IS MIGHTY AND WILL PREVAIL. IT it a Inct that I-,+.,(uO of Surnauyurillu Blood Pill# have pirell a hrlllqc such ,g tie p wet ax hlmlnlyl ., II l. a ,, -- i I II! r lilkrll IIInInuIl errble inianll re It enI, ialt IiUrl cotrrlel: t the I idal'llllr , lltlcl Iu ll h li el ,tI o* l [i, pill alll ollllrl llio:k ln",h:llle, ly o e LhrUIn IIIY I '.illm l l " llJd~llluer~vi. It Ts a f the-'Th r .11 ,r ilL liolo line inr i mp rl r mlllrcry, lllell lnl; wallhllluk t " mft kill or curet" ain troml It, thea p| t"l.,e a fir ro tem,." 1i1 n I l nt--'l'ha I'kn Illl E 9 IIu+j ull I n lnd Iomlill ileln 1pqntli cn ll t h ne d a ae b d e nlor v,thautt hey m ay tt ro u,, +,ly acu t lly cu lh vile ndll iJng n oolll, r I n su atilll on th )public, u ,trr ht rullling lir Ihi,' r..lleyUallce, ui dtha thy eau ,,:1)y ,e het tll r .I:II .I ialil'. h i Iu Ir-'That thlh qulea . nlld folrelgl imp +Inri-a wln, nlow ihl'rr l u,,,r lrllllr), knt, w thlalug "fti lltI r uu ln ' o ·llled1 · lllr l t lllel. c nI anl hl t I +,. . ra t lllll l ." I~uus.n Itlll. SIt Ir ll h,:t--'l'h,'~y ;ir. pilrli ¢ ll l drl . l.liCill:Jlll +11 I 1t e fII r ,wll - T ;e eel housi I.. ly cont~ao.+i S l f ob lood. illp dlel, , I l h h,, all nl blll nor inn to1, u len. C lt UJ) u ll)UIuIrIe dl'the hland a nloll, dlll hldm, naullnly I{ hollllltl ni li~tlnoll U lcetruu+ Mrell lfi ."lnu lO-,t hroal Scrotul,l; l".try.ille : lull body; ; Jl ldlcei Ilelortl urthttI S ly el'llllti-,;6 Ulld It dloICP L+ e I::'L,,a k lllc c+r, a , Sh.oVllueg, l pllldn ei v Illy nIras i ill wteit lhi le, mnd. Pailn fl'tlell.++J , illu t i tile l',l,:'I, 1I tile lCa! alld of bark and aleld fil ba ,Ie rt ,y lble llllil-l lea l bre atih .refit l tilolon, 1, li Fl~llllelmly: hldireotit Si o • . ,-+ Sour vrucurtill atld a,.idllln of Ito1: ,o orb; 1s1'erbraall. fCi. ItE'CO\1IEN.I|:ih,'I'Ut~l. r ,AC"'r.. It in, a fact--The, only 11prl,rl'.r alodna,ufi tHltfl'term (f itI, Slurr aplrllln blond pill.. I . l.a llalr idlvr p mtlcl a. well a, lr)nt h ecsry, .rt i Slea I,'+'y lhe I n l. bnIII L rIll , YI.Ibv iC ~il the elle~llltd Duet ,rn l'h~yicl+ Chapman, J,,c'~ono, (filmn, Jlew~e+, Illae, J Rel+a.lurer, C.ox.,l Ac. It i+, Slct--TlaIt the .-.,-.Iprilla bh-.,d pills nam enplo+yed in flhe prac'tice +freat' ll~~ y Jh '.lali+ a.l ae ii 't-orlgly recu x mrn~lld by meany thruuh,,bot the U Slteles, (Sec ,ditecli,,im acrnnlllluyil :i, :ack box Iof pdll ) It i. 3aIit--TIICe ore cullllUil'd entirely nf veget+ble,, and they nre wilrtanted tlo untaln I.Illlooury or aIallllll lire It as a fIac--They may mae taken Ib tile mostl delicate, and nl all aeg.; o uillnlt re+tIrellt oul'uccpllpnlioll Ior IYu,.+; wllbuul l'rrofrlkill. croll; wltht, ll chanlg9e tof dlet l l retati-llnt fomln temperat eatig I It i, al'il~t--1'l'le. will tent lby, lheir operatiull, which mlay lie llld lIt acttive, -l ,dOl t oll. thte yeullolllllly taken, .cIIk*; I tl, yrtellln lau llluch a "at of thel p)urgtlve lled litEloe. gler. allyv Jl) It to a fact-That they rE the molrOl lelllo. PURI,'IERS 0P' T1H1 BLOOD. .va PRENOY ATOR FI` 'J'II+ SYSTIEMl Aloe, rlaitUtlolll: , l Opemr, yrUJ racede] Iy mlPorllryI ('1 i etir u lltl al+". l " it,! (llll lleln l of ar yplllllll lu, Sue., _ _ll liul, I I, a. . face--That nler in a slngl lllamtnr bllrvot they heel, kiln ", ii Ioh, lluled, thitt tilly dhdl nlt pr tlt'O ,a good 1,' ell'et- ellrlllg tIoura lldadl,,ll ny uo thabo waeua before cOullsldm lel IIncl. It I. i flocl--hlll at nfe o lly h,)x'f S;, :I11,r InL pill; a dll n rlle b-te of alle! C.*In oltl ua yru tol r a .all ,, l llaulli~ ratll to cture uliy oft ii, uIIlilt dJ 1i+.ti.,. II I re: l.*+ nul- l be+' , *.erverl, that theis parrlll . $ lla e t c.,11 i. ilmlll,Je gcuuioe iii N. O)rleilh, In alt CO.+o,l, rah +oe trr., t. l"lll"ril 1 -, No. 0..i BLOOD ! IBLI')OOD ! BLOOD !! Jct. T hel vult. lrlll(·ilde (Lall) Iu colstahullcl 'ilhe fluod. ""+. Ilulud llll, le hblied. 9Jd. |';ory t hulg III Lh Ie dFis derivdJ Irla Ibland. +l Ah. %11 lll ', nt i ltr n i lu rn dlclll y l +, ,,olllen. ;Ith. All lirr; i.,.+ lrla l lrulll IIllilrltvu 1) 1 l~unt ' fth blood, or In ilh. er al.dr frmlin rllll(Tlill ull l llllilior- I, ,,I rl . m the ly.dv. II iii. +ill lha.e, Ituflle. r+ l n rried (.11, ila, lf,h,;l +purifie~d nIIaI Illill m l I.. -llltiftll I) ill,- .arsapa ri l ioilr ll ll UI.Sll lllte, unth the bh.rd. tllh. Vegrtatll pure dlic's ilone nsaiulilulr will, the bhmul. 11PI;RItTl o+f h,' blood is well know~n to ]be nr, at fther great I collar, uof litsei.i. SA/SAPAI{IIIA ,s w+.l] knlown to be the oIImIL ellurLltiil purilier OftIlO blood Itd thlJl il' the hllnl:ilm sy~t^.m nnxll rl.eue. L t. a the prinipal~a i ei+,hal u~entml all 1',ilacers,Caltholieo-,tlad<,floor 1+rejo ra nuns. It ., ll Ie. therefore locolllllln ll , II its VIltll+.I tiler ure Ior ,,wI IOateely ,tlie -I"+ e ry nll+; ilepn rr ill Ilil{,l walth :rd.+erL~ea nlrlLl uf'prre" + :.r£1tlllhl Of;Ia )ardoul nextrurl~lS spI rui, kn.Rc. l)r W S It lun dJ- ,,vero u prmes,, klo~, n lily to hmltellf, ;hrreby ie i n al ll.lll '.d With Ollier well kl euw i ielmle,| ll agent, w t lblou dl,,rl iyille Ih, vlrtuese flllell? lrwlll l llrl , iniill ,rallllltll S ."rxn),unrl~l er lBhnd Pills.+ %lth Zhu .* ,arnpr~luh i, r.un, 'h1111· u; 1 amt 1 i nllll puII I rgtiv, whUh b it- leh y te Cll'.. t :.rlal ly ,nld ahll.+t ,lnl elner:J,, Il ly cattrrle, oil' it'.. gr,,, uJ a lld i l l 1141111++i e.-,|l nrll(,, f'ro lo" he IU h d by le ,:lrr;a itrllln. '1l'h~e i e J~I,ii 'iII antl purge-u 1 lelitly us uit, pat ills d,lo,I hbil, pro,.. ItAIP and ceIueP+ tllu avIrll. remllerllu. it lllor+ lial tl I+, - i J elre, wl t lrllllll . the +ystern Iilld llllli dl+..e to Iall , ,trpllp er hdJllll a l llhnl o r d LJetroylg thou+.,nld, nil i ha ulrl. Imv l a llt.t lhy, .aer g a.l viorentlyuin. I1C plsr d u. R I l~tlr ." llhrhl urtli r Ily llle+uelll. as mercury :end othiern Cm - ' 4r:1*. Fr vI the cir,'ul.ta ne otfh .lare 1 aprill o l igiJot lodUC.nI i.. .lls, be1, 1 an.y to tko. aod o,: lvi,.t I.r ,or,, lug , l iL.,e p l'kt or Tr tllvellil l; t IIL n hell hall n to .r;kale, narmr th .e I ti., i , f . .. s 11 , I l i It t I nru unsllytake tire pk l ac IC l , 11 a ll tller lvruuins ul S | ostl ths e flreegoiog | e relicted uuolrrol. tIctmlonllri IW . l si;,,l A '. c cd I hI,. p r ,w tl, r ml,. i,.h, lh Iredov.., , ll ar" l o nlmidely rteolllllr llo. rl h e, Pillar ll o()ll.eUl p t'r al a ,,e r y.o e I rak, o u t di c d eC.ll, l r t h urt il i s e' , - , o f t h ,e v re de ved of 1 o;e wereg 1 rc Iored os. t hl 10,, b W ha 7h aoll f tnrt rle l 'd r.II- o I r .l ll, f lll.- Ir. lcl, In lrt . nIIh b ol aurllt olly l en Stae o olyl lir Ihn.. , I aiP titled whe Ain ct lfo, the the s s ernc of-t aInlds toIy, purch ors a1tr ' tll , i I o r ll yand all i c lltl r OIIItI. ll II I o . v irslly, alll lleIr.yr i lhe h llId l lltI, I II llllli.llh, h the..lnmo f. the I t.l't o~ t Lo uin,,, tlll, d s tIii bre st&. t l .laci l ro thlhr, IIovI Iwloll ,li , IIbii, I a ,IIlI..IIIght c 'ibe, ollln c-.nstqI · ng IP l lll an c l orLo aIt( tU.I L ,.II I alli t. w ale i"'lwlh l' d. l e r lh h' 1ir . .r lu a ray o fr the ll 1,

Ifnt elar al 1 Iii I .n l , piiiii11-dvnd lllyl a e.llo, bo olltl) ll tIjtll% I. (',IIt '18r Ill . [ jj: .1|illl b FI' lll Ill! [IIII U., 1l1ll. Ir ll.n In rI el e 1 111l a11 ll .1111 i11h*, r .i el wh ati t m llin Cor -u mIIe ll tllIte lol Ldnot IlIa,l a r.IIw n, 111o00 prologte.s 1111111 l:oll'lolgl W1.1rnxnt, A C ll. IIo kl, rl 'l, O leoo.lovo, n i:. 101I Mlsropy, and i LIrorgC h lving llore o nthI 1hihle tb ,r thn If nil, -i olr drs eri.rd, remlin r e ' . lqndn.tll i rlrtltlrol 1-v(e0lr1 in ,riltn r1 thIllo 1 ilde Cl lrnfru Lie rlor tIl Il. u i, 211 1, 2.1111, I I knl S7t3! doyt of April, . .e 183t), fisour llllltl whi o od0re"r lllent In rollfarli.yo 901111 n oIl.f 111e 0Login. 101113 ofteo Soth, nf, 0lti1ltl1 "Anc '-for 11i3 e fortllel, 01 mt1101 If lulln,, to 3111lle11315 Itt diil sroa A pprov anchard, J 10 10 l e d ,lovf , MrlI, lria ~ Ilrln l, r "lMrlby .noed and IoI loltol puryha dl i the Ilenr nmaldIe b1tie hI L ri oItlh e rind h of t )r-o F e l *r1 3l1e In roll n t hl - tol r t:o i n hs -, oillb ile l tI .i AG1deedr, adlec rj eglloredll o o the0ih 11 lh o 1 nd thl du.I sar, Il A .t lly rr g ori P 1tyre lg te ltourd o n the hutated of ullvrs a, : itled thon act nrI'nle 1u'lrer asn1 ur y 1 Ir.l3i t il s to erllllnI I. 11It uiial tI Ileu s I;l r oilltod ,ft 1 rt llp IIIi io Marhl l39,, lherefol , and the , ofln o intto er, rn1tIr if years An n ,teS -atefel -csor iy ndre, u nd r e rsi t toI lCar introt& t; l rdltoltv r I 1te1,il n o & . llg ai o, troct 17,4r1 t o T doo tate of Loiray a, 0t 31 a llwho thiee hori0 0lin o llI , n th r slla creoim ,e i r l Ig linerl .ace n ot a l e fll Ilr eIt a lg sl viu g al i thell orer, describee or plellrty a e plt ci'rta nl r mo g i' , tilte s,, ale madelbory yhre u Shrif f rith y arirsh ly I uniln the pro inrtella e e oll Ik e ' eo abe, tral il I lotor oif e sulre wie a lcd, d r r o ft 2, .' l I t t lfoor fo ot) llh o l 3n , . t fIl0h1a I'rly .l lfru tldls;vr blly Il adet r toeenti n itcs ronfo ,rity t tt actof the LgrI, i l ta lth f her nOll tfor huy f llr tlllsa o a fily cl ls ii loIris th le tlprs id o tdrl I y of Mi ac1,l, d iItl I IlIIhA. N1 b, thelrl of no e, cr ando h ill toero ,n inremhr yo ted 1therei oar hli oeriley tedc.d ol, ai uileorin tl,. ae o f tm doct e o f L hu s lyn, a ot t h Fp rstw ily I entllet aidi ri lltt w hrdo u stlrlltoI y, r ighto l .1 a ,id wl ifck nseq ldgse In t ' ole IleI lna tiol il Iire aove d tnoria d a es ralny l ar1 lC orei Ielo tt Jo r i uoer tit s l til a nell0 1 t1 r o f t1u 0od oa0s l.t vel, Id J. i . m lreoedlt.o Ir camer t le pir ch.ll r e of p r, lot o grolld lue llle d hnro nellt bit ernexr t i h Ian nine hares d raperty, yd brys nre S moi y Crnl t I CoIris afreo nd, o y hlelao 2 h71 3 tnofll rineloA. 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Cl1hrloo nltrrt, by nrslvtnly 10ll ftooeet too inlls ill eitceen tlern ., 000n itldr reas s ntr il tIho ottir s Novltonbor, 183, aot filter hundred dolllarsl, frol11 fo1afollows, vivit Oish:lmodlasah fwo thousand dollars hund , lorn tholsalld liv', paadbrad dollors, poyakle thle iOtuedfitlha doe of itlwo and thrre years, In noltes ntlsFetorl y 30l dord ad bn oaring mortgage, and if nott pUnottl.l paldy at01 it ylatorl~y, b0 boa r tolteres t 3001 h 1010.. propert ord unt pop.I|elpl,yend 'f hilt.abve.rlff do knhwledgeir to have received in his notes endorsed by John Minturn, and payable as above, the ro. re srved special mortgage on the property sold until tIe final payment of said notes. I\V!II uerr Mackey became tie purc!laser of the lot of gro.ud noumbered five on Poydras street, be. woeen Cadmp il and St. ChaTrls streets, vmeasuring tI woenly-lur tout six inches front on Poydras street, by m,.oty livo six inches deep, for the price of savetll tIon Il live hundred dollars payable as flomt s, iViz: Fitvr hundred dollars cash, four thousand two lllllrd ,tnd evellt' even tard eighty three hull. drdlhs dollluro, ipayblo the thirtieth of' March, eighteren huIndred and ftrty, land the borlice in two and three years iil ote nsatistitorrtlyndorrsed, and lrlearng llllrtgage, nd if lnot punctually pail at lIr to hr.r'tor interestt t le rate olf tel per cent till paid wi'iout any right to retard payment, and tihe shlrifl acknowledgens to have receiverld the clih r plyrtllellt, and the Ialllll in his Itet ,ti(i two first f to the order of J. Irwin, and the last to the order of Geo. louchanan, and by them endorsed nd pay. able tI aillle: a ,pecial mortgage is reserved until the final pyrtent of the said notes. II. Laverrnc boeelooe the pItrehaser of the lot of grouild notnbr three, next to he corcer of St. .Charlesl r Ian Pyodr:s streets, Iteanorinlg twoety-finor feet olne Ilch front on St. Charles strelet, runnling I rck seventy'.elgit feet ten irnlehR dLeep; fur thre priee of six thlouand nine hundred dollars, pay. a le as oilvo ,f t' u Ill,,ll.' lll ar coal,, four ttooII twoL hun. IllB IIIrd said "n.'i dollur, playablelh the Inniell·Pllth dllv ' ll~lr, e'IZl andI.I l oll (1 1 1ed ri tlit, nitr n of the hr lnr+ ll .l Iwo h,,,l or , e 11 ". , 11 1 shaltililelorily endorse+d and i eiltll~Ll Ihlllll ; ollnd if rnt pttnli, to ly taI d at IIIUtll fl lv, ' 1, h , iltIwr-1 t lit the rate oflll r tper t,. till paid rwil"'~ ,rihlt to retard ps.' I ent, atd the Sti'herilf nI e e,, hd 2 < tto ba oe t r lei e'd rtoe re r th po o 'dt it y td. tll i l,'r "nr e ill slre 'of 11 I.nvernt , end r dlllli( by (C. [UI·'H ig,+r, andl ;,ayv'dh c s thoe, nted , op)ei~l llO-rtg,,gt' , er',"!,.! ,d Ih )p~,ta IrY, a(ld r tll nil lao pIy oiat.' g Allel "' y ' " to, tho pu r'lf r'of a It o rf 'r'Iol rr'l wll,'lll',rl 0 '''frfjl.l tII lt l r (llt . Pit mllth1l ii1 .i h ('Vii l". lon 4 10 e er III('I nI 1 (II w rite-Ilesr,. fir.':t e 0' i o i t -rIfitI Bor l rn St. t'Ifeurf ' l 'erl. rb 'err,,v t , i + i t iifn df t oril,' ite for l-lr V "hr k Iri ,lt . e ns knlehe ill Cro,, Dept. tl Ir:. al ll until Il.r hl-l l -t f ' ,f r tor - 'fr ' htrL t elluflllrPd nd thirty-i , fit ri an I t1' r ' Iwre' o thoui scnotll lhlrs pet 'A'ent r qu ' dei nr ,.l o t re tBr.]h r rI . l e It' r l oi h Blril doli lr 1 y- Ivl the lilln+tre.ll t h te of Jacne eight - efr vtrodrr tolh I rfliy, in d Ihr, r ,lllr "ill f WI llf d tr re y rnsr ii nlo s -ri rfi ItOr ,h's iudorI ', sid otll 'Ie rirld reselan rg r" , ' o a1"I u ll l:Gr Cnllflll i l hrI tolu v te,"n illt'n ' trr f II e. t vian. c nil Ittmr ir lilllll rna rio-l tlo rla, llr ,~t% rrl,'ll: a lho f hli r If" li' ackmnvted % c cto 'e rl ., u" gisi,,l re Ih' ll l'ntalI (llt lld l he Ishlne, inti tol e *'? . l t - pou'. Ir lea titres des acquerlvlur Collay ablet con it' i tou, t e, 1. a reis + nte stlg,: r -ene ded uni ItPr com r, t e cu lllthi l i aull I ra t dis'I ' tltt. \\'i,,si . t+ e IIlai. A \r . uPIr.mi .n JDstrie If dihe (a'pr h :t ;e ttrite , lhln c ilt l duy 'd1' .'t?, e lfghl,-lrll v hI hr d it' I tohirlu-tirr. m ultl-Ifo I'. II:ItI.t\NC, I)ept. ('Ilrk. F 'I'AT DlEm L \ LOUISIAN tE-Corn ti Pre. itirr d'e )i .ictlnt , oietir-LIlat de la Louiri. erl-- fainlls cu nll' eces pr.eoiellr,.es coleerulolI, sluiet : Atltllrt!r qrr- A. i. BatllT:lrd, J. \W. Iirde!dlovt, W'lliade MaeIkey eyt I. Lavergne ayant oi hetb ti t arni vento .oite par fe SIherrlPde o prarot'se d'Or. i 1tani , les propri t's ci aprlr decritos, se iont ad. reoen ai (refit, do rette cour, ot leos aItes de yento uIhrest cnr' istr6s e '25 26 et 27jtoil d'Avril de l'rnnre,. 1039, ptor ert avis eoetfhri6mento b ut acto iltot Lrgniatrrre de I'etit de la I,ouihiane, inti. Itill ' Acrte pur enlllirllor lea titrcsdcs ncqureursIe uo vurites jddiri:tire ;" atprmOv6 to l0t Menrs 1834. d'otl stit lcnllo , et tolltca lprsonnee inttrets.c I e,, vont par ei p':retene sorolloe ta11 au mino de I'etat de r hat I.eiaianu (t dre ft tour du Prenier D)etrir Jedi. i cir reqor ynorcaie't avoir drlit a to propri66(eci. aoprro .' rite, en crcteqceer d' ot ddlfat do tIbrriIr d;llrs I'trdrrr le dcerot oui Iiirgernrendr tlartar, o en veru tiueloel l la vents t a t6 f atte, (it de toutO irre. i t gtrt1itr6 rot illfg'rf( darns I 'estimation, 'avis rr le hr trelllpt olt h' Inutrie it lIt vente, ou poer iun nn re r dcause elc fire vole, (ll tr; jrurdter d ft pub relication deettie avi.prrqtloi It vcene aisi aitorte er serait pas coofirt6e et hiumolu u mier Ld I ites propritdea fureut vendous par lto Shriff, susdLt oe 7emeo jour do Mors de I'ano6e 1839, lon I vertu d'n d.elet do cotte Cour, rentd loe 5 de Mars do l'anno 1039, dons l'dffuro do Borduzat contre Buchanan & Ilagan. I .No. 17.401t i docket t'e cetto Colnr, a laqu"lle vento les di s A. G. Blanchard, J. W BrIodiovr, W: n. Mackey et II. Lutergnr o sont rendus o ac qudrcurs rcspllectvement, des propridts suivanoen I pour les sonoles cialptres spdcifid, savour : A G. Illotchard, du lot do terro no. 6 situdo ins h. rue PyI'dras, entr. les ruos du Camp ot St. Charles, nlesurant 21 pieds 6 pouro de heoe a run Poydras, sur 95 pieds f potuces do proftidenr., p- ur la snsme do :7,100 comptant, $39.14, 511, payables ol 30 do M.ars 1840, et la balance duns deux e:t trolsaa; n billets elldoSa s a satisfact ion et lportant hypothq., eotdovait porter un intlrot all a1lx dolts d our cenlt Jlsqul' a paioemnt, 'ils no s pnt sui p moettiolln,,nt p:oods a lettis %,lArdincer, nuns r6<erv.t s d'.onon dront dot rotlrder It pirmelnt, c I'q eo t lu thdriffret,,too .in anv' ir . rt n Or t sto b'lets p.,ylab l.s (mloe it est a1sht, end uws pia Jonaln, l'toyer tl Co, eto N o lenoint, avoon ros rve d'uneo 'yp'othelo spt.olto Sour la snSdot propr!dtl6 jusqu'a pIairmnlt' final d'ts 01us its Itlo,!ts. .1. W. Breedhove devont i't:clterur do lot do torre no. 4, f'ormloant 'encoionure o'es rues l'oydras t St. Charlbs, mnosurant 1 pi edsotl ftce a ht tru St. l harles lt 7 pieds 10 pIoucer: a ;truI I'oy.o dras, po'r In sumn. Iedle't 11, I(I .' paynyl' co nmel s uit, 1,0110 col)itant, 1.19 payabl In 1 90 1 do iJttn, 1812t, et Ia balancedans dcuxo et trois ano enO billets endost d t satisinotion et portant ht pothle. Sqeo, et danl 3 c: . i1o'1 no. seraient pas poncrlelle. mot/ pay) e a lour eb1iances, ilt devront por. tor Un intdrot au toux do dix pour cont joo.qnu' Spaimenlt, sns aucun droit do retard do Ipatient, oe qe to e Itritil'onr., int amvoir rtc en or sns billets pa:lyables comnle il ert sslhdt, endose-s par John [lhnturn'vlce hypntoequ, spdciale sur la prnpridc6 venlldlto jut1s' ' pailn0t0 l finil des sItsdo ts billets. J. W. BIreediove devint aussi I'oCqutir'ur du lot e' terre no, 1 olutud ;.Ires It thtltre St. Charles pres la rue Ittydras, intyurant 23 pilds 8 pouceo et six tlonesosor a rue St. ('noar es, et 78 plods 10 ponlles de protndeur, oavec I'd6liiceeon brique et lat cuisine q s'y trounvont, sujets a tin bail jisqu' oau premier n , 1319 a raison do $1500 et do clite '1poqn aun premier novembro 1840 a raison de 52,'0011) par an payables tous Ie meois, pour le drx de $16,0110 payablep cotnme suit ; d;oux mille piastres comlpttnt, qll:Ie mille cinq cent piastres Iavales lo 19 Juin 1840), et la balaoce dmns doux Iet ro s ans o n tillets elndose.os to s tisfolction et portant hopotheque ; et dttn le cas qll'ds lno soient tps Iay'( piotulltonLent to leur declhdncos, tIs devroul portr ton intlirt an taux de dix pour cent I z11 inu O tt r u it on rethrdv al o plein ot, c qute il sh o ill' coll.l it ivoI r t tint rn s.t b It I ts (doIs. ;s par John 11Inturn et pyahle eonm iti estL s vc I., rd:lrve d'unm hypoltheqe sp6ecial. star It proprttt d tt tndouo jou q l' an patieel nt ll nd dte s i \11liam , oII Kay d vintt o Pp'am IrII r dn lot d ter no. 5 u. r I,. re ' tt 0dras. entre Leoi rues pn C(mp ,t St. totarh':, yantL 24 ponds li puces di then: t a lit rie o, Idr.Is sor 95 pe is 6I pouces odtI Iprtfonlur; polrl pox de 0$7.5110 pistri.s pya. iables le :ll 30 i trnl 41; I ,t l b lance a deto x et trois Ils eta hulhlt eendos_ ,A.alisractnon et. pi r. pI1 ltloenle llnt pl i' lah r do t oto ces its dev. itoo porter t io n IIIItol tn altoo'l do dix pour c0nt ju:qu' a pilemenet, sans aucl n droit! d'en Iuturder to p.,l Ient ; 0 It i0 sOctr0l recononit non itoIr re t colmptant, o la b ttnce ell (se.o billetrsa ol.deux premloers i' ordrne tc L'. Irwn et tl doermer a l'urdre do tGe. Itchalootno qot leos out oeonossd, et po.p lsi coIIs m.: it s lstdlolo. ages I o reserve d'uone 1hy1othquc pot'io,,tt jtsqu' au panoent finalt desdots billcts. ! II. LIvcrnot dovint negndrior du lot do terr' nt.3 qoi sto t to e tlCs 1', ioegnntore des orues St. Ctharlos t 'lvdrtal , tyant 24 pods nn onuce do I thee h it :n'0 St. i'harhlo e't s'ootedLnt 78 pihdsl 10 polels ton prooel ndrll ; pour I; pl.ix do $l'6,0010, panyablhs c,,tte "too: ' $ll00o comn ptant, $4t19 Ipaable to1 19 0.0n 1o40, tet la balance .t doutx o t00000 ol s ott tlols it ond ont a sa tisfitction et por. Otllt ho0tILn Iheqnt , Io ' 0lo s loe ansqo'ils t o o leO llt 0 ai.lI pounetlehllenm nt ptr, ile or e, ht',tleos, is devr Lnt porteron itll 0 tt .r t oll t. hx pour cel t t jI lUsn ' ioen, ct 1o s Jrl ,''t to (ot a itot avo ir rect~ sl ll0r. talt, la b lt, tlo . tllts enrtoNgsets palr C. Donr bioolly to lt t il eost s , vc rOtolote O loul orscervto0 dUlln hylptholi, o'leale our a proprlltdLt( vndue Insqu'au loo n 1 l i ial. EIL ti dtt L'''n'' dcvinot anssi I'atcqudreur do lot do torr nto, 2, ,o llgptt In topno. 1, tuod dn s lot nsu t. trta lS, ol toont ol23 pit'ds 8 0oules tt l I lignede t' .o . , La roa St. Chltrlos stir 76 pleds, 10 Aloso do prtO ooldeur: oc avo , totle n loasnolon broqtus eo a' Ioge., ot lo l o ctt'loo p 'y trouvent, olljetlte i uon bad js0qu' au 31 t01 0hro 1839 au L ux do $12000 p . an, ,ptyab[ls tills t inoln t 1 0ponr In prix dn $lti100t, pa'ite errutmn su0t ; 52000 cotmptant ; I,500 Itt lta, 01 lh 19t , JuLI 1 4I 0,et la bt tlano a dotux ntto tros o ts 'on bllts iondoodes s itis cetion et portant typ,'theqto : et toons le can qut'ilt no sm000nt pas p[toLto'ilO'nent pay10'ds it letur delancet sis devrt'tont pootrtru i.t"L.ot au toux de dix pour cent jusqu'a iptat nt'o tt, I ,nlls o'cun droil d'en to. tarder It palouent ,o. et le tthrllr rteconnato on avoor rectu let conmptant to la btlanoe on billets dloo dit acqudgnur, enduos6d par C. Deorhigny ct pay.bloes comnne il est rnsdit ; avee rdserve d'une hypothe. queC peciahte t1 Itl propritot vendue jusnqu'a pate. Toomtin thonortbis A. M. Buchanan, jugo do a cour sudite, t 6 Ono MoAi 1639. P. LEBLANC, Ilmti Depute Greffior. [ _, A 1 t sol--37 Loxes a rn1an w hntesug ,ar 4j 1 o do br,,'oo do Itut ,fl r'ate b tn m0.,9 >0o J P WiI'TNEY, 7ynmp s ti EK 1:--21o o 1 00 0ni 40 1t0e,, O eot' toe, *o ', . . u1 " 'ork per shiopz unse,tr sa by my tllAILL & (H6100)l. \, d6 .1enn , Sm I , & i" P WHITNEY. 73 ramp ot d iEHE IND)IAN' PANACEA. I eel. toy t 'or. I" Niclhcz avnd TchloupitoulIas lst. F OIL tilh elitea o lrhnma i , scrllli or ki.i ' evil, g,,,, r suiaucu ur hip gout, 'Inr l l crl lnrs sail Itr hiurn a) i, h hl t uie Illl l e nlr lll iLLw elu. patic.;llll.l lhl y ul.l[." pllll iIIltllll f altfeC e.lli of i he bo.ei, ulclur.lltd lld ii olrll , illl iof ei.V, delcripl ul, , i.l.n o lid I ti fll ltiy.ii. i ii i.c ., la - SIHt, t11,+IICI~·r ++l·Y·111. 'v hll, r llle ·IIOI.i+.1· I ').+~llt s u, Illulcl scald n I, ac r,,ly fu ,. .,,,, a to re ey,,,, ,: p .c: i' tilia, I,lutlchl.+I and eivery va i o...f eu 4.1o u. a11",, e,l ct ' I ui 1 earl'rrh, heall el p,,,,,:r llb Irene nny - e Ilrill llr , Iillllhll ll h ic i e l., iii¥ iiciiic Id ..*c. r r ot a li,"l't' lll of1 1Il,+ Itlr, fve r, l I U,,illl : ",I 1h kllhl :C+ J' ll"l l dlljllhrcll u ,i , , I, It' IIc LIIc i iic h II ch ..i i. / tiitil r. Ilcl. It f i iiIUlc l Ii #, 1 aiUi ieI r + iul ig ih.i. e IIilI'Ilul lalI a.lwh h IrnI(1; 1 1·h' ! rolkl lll byliwii hi' I rIuI r I Irat.lllnl orjuci ile i Iilll ic , gllc]lll . i l . c iir l c. r' c'°llll'll+. II ti11 th rill dh~e r~~i I . c whih ur ", iiii , ' hri i of ti.e+]l hll'°d, ur l lutlll, all tee li t+ llllrx, at "ahstler, i~ o itl oir cI, tl l( ici ai , c. h l icituiht dll.ll l I Ch i t h ctwlrl, lllll , r II I1 1 iciIIt I IcI.i. 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