Newspaper of True American, June 20, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated June 20, 1839 Page 4
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" t 'k _ . Baltimore Packets ORLANSso IiAL'e'IiORE LINE OF Ship Sem0nn, Capt. Miner, BDark Mary, Nickerson, l rad Ferry, oew , Stevens, S ololton Saltus, a Latha, Brig Arolhteot, Gray. l ieOe vessels are of the first class, have hand. btome lurnibhod 'coemmodatio:tu and are or a light draft of water, so as o admit of their receiving and discharging tlheir carg',,s in Beltimoto, at htr city. Freight will be taken for ports on the Chesapeaote or amese' River, aind forwarded by the agents, Mesare. CLARKE & KELLuG, at Baltimore: tspense on gooda shipped will be advaet: nd when reirod. The I rice oIf passoage o fis d at $60, a mple stores of the b st quality will beho providred. Lneam, up rind down thie MRtiissippi will be taken n altl occasions. FOr freight or passage, apply to CEO. IIEDFORD, nov27 22 Bionvil'e st. -i ---_ __ ~_ FOR NEW YORK. [Louisinna and New York Line of P ckets ] 'i'UE Slhscopoeieg his ine will rail finrgt New Orleans and New York on every ether lMon- ta dy---mnnencing on the 20th Novelnber-and to Insure tihe puntarlity in tre timo erbaillng, thle eL line will I hrrealter noneit ofit, lirps, oiz: Ship Yzna. Captain Trunk, to luavu on the 20th November. Ship Loi.nv lon, Captain Palmer, to leave on the 4th Decenmber. Ship Hautsvlla. Captain Eldridge, to leave on the 18th Dreomahlr. lhip Vtlerhbmg, Captain Woodhluse, to leave on tile ltJoauuaory. Ship Mississippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th of Jalonuary. The above are all new, of the first class, copper 4d and copper fantened, and unlwarrds of 500 tons I huithen, ore of light drought of wmattr, heing built I I New York expressly for the trade. The price gl' of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabins are fitted up in the mnost inproved and convenient plan, and finished in a neat and elegant style - A Ample stores of tile first quality will beo provhided, and every regard polidn to the comfort and entire atesfaection of pasnrsegers, who wiliplease tako e no. ice tlt no lrth can be secured until paid for at the offoo of the coesi ntee . These vessele are cnroanderd by captaine well experienced in the trade, who will give every at terttion elo ,a:ert L meloaores to acoallondoltr. 'Il'hc will at all timnes be towarred up al ldown tihe Missi.s sippi by steahboats, end the s!rictest punctuality obeerved in tire lla of sailirg. Tile owners of these bi,.sa will not be responai. blo flr any letter, parcel or package, sent byg or put on on bordof lthem, ttoleas a regularbll or "oding be eig:ld thernfor, at thoe counting" house of tile ageet or onr.rrs. F'or fnlrther purirullre apply to J 1) BEIN & A COH EN, neon 90 Cmanmon st \EW i ORL A C riARIL.,T'N It KREmT l'e Iar"e crlraoor l rt lro:n cClel ., :1l u "r' :, ,~.1 uo ~!,nun 0t0 tuns hrrlieo. with hllltrallr Irt( olnmedalti.ons or pasrenger.. Three vessels o.rle aarn irandd tby cap,ains wetl experierned in the h er t,, wn, will give oevery I at letonttin. d a xrrr thl,,otlsu ves to ac ,lmo dao,.lnf ., I, ship,,er.. 1t ey wll b to ued up ena d wn the dil M ienri ,pi, un Ihve Ne.w Orlreans oll or before E ine IOrh ..n 1551 h of verny co mh. The .ollow,0m vessels e llnproo l I, lnr, sle Ira Brion Ab'aln,ChrlCes ri rion, master, BrrL C ,ramnn..'. rn. Tholrsne, raster. org I.\rerr J, rr n, Bark Rpgr Willi.ams, J. Allihere, mnserr. For lreglt orlrnurnsae, nply r, J. A. BARELLI & CI, 0 Crmmon .r. Nuw Oleens, or 1.. C OMBARD r & CrOr BNten and Norleoe e rrll.s SLi , of Packet Shlips.--This new line of ships ham been exrpressly built to rrlln Intecon tIle abov ports, and will hb furd of suritable draft of waler: emoleollodations for passengers, and every effort will bhe ta to t ive goneral satia nction, 'Il I h liaa is composed of thle ft tmoing shipe: Cherokee, 415 tone Capt. J Harding, Carolina, 400 do S Lemiro. Charleston, 374 do D Eldridg, Columbiana, 625 do (0 Harker, Seaman, 240 do J llower, Bombay., F25 do D lHumphraey. The above shipo are all neow, of the first lass, eopper t'atcrncd ard copperrId, commanded by nien o efgreat experience, la.n Lnary .nceormodrotires, with a separate lades onb,..; crory rtterti~nrl ,;ill be paid to pnsenrgor, and the ve ry ne:t of steres pro vided for thetor. The packets will hob towce.l u and iown thre Mi r eissippi, and the strircest punctuali y o served in en the time of sailing, and rshrlId the re;lar vessels o be detained in arriving, other r.hipe equally as gouod will in all cama. he substlltued. A share of patrol, age is solicited, and tle RagOets phldge tllhemelves to eceonmmodate as muchl as practicable, to receive and forward goods by sid line at the rnmot moder. b ate ehargee, and to advanco all expenres on goodso shipped, ifrequired. The ships will leave the Ist and 16th of every month. For freight or pa:sn, lapp'n to the agents.:. J A MPFRRITrT, 82 lColnllr, set. N. B. Advancements mIea on consignmn..ts to Messrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. nov27 __ 1 1HE l1e1 u n, Indltf l'nl s botl I id'es' IC and·;r Ifo 5 - hound, is pat up in bottle. at tit, In,, pit lee f 5'! r ell e Ii. T Livrwot, re le th ,irnes I "t,c,' etir pns n herbs lkno,,,n , ,uau;; the l - crdihtecccilct ccEU n uing p'lnlnlnna e inlnlluints. a The itticiic'- ^:: crcc ic, h II ls tct he uiie rc,( tbis iutccottccc i 13,1cc", ikcc'ccc it hoebe ito dcieed. has nht,,c n,,l'lie r PnlidlltlC and rccoi cc w n tinntcnfretpectccblr 4ch--.,eien<, fr ihe ccc,, of couwcs, *oids, pain it, tice. aunt of cccc rent, nj-ttcccg or blood, liver coctplcint, c. To w'Vclhcit cca ". c-"ncc,,n, Tlhit to ercify tihact cc le n our pc racccce ci'cct~litlc 'cecechbed 21tcs (icc) non'aldnl, icctclcimtt't c.cner cc d i'clctc'iu,laitic a deederd a nd lf·cb·, r coy [nu~clase, median the know-e lodge nl'ti,, n,"i': r::Il. it i* mode fro,], and ll 1 bPsynlllll teacl c.c n~ittine- OF it Ic c'', for w hich it ioce MeIt ie. e of I tll ci 8%1Ct ical ,Assciation. boston, Onocnir '5. sale Iy J~t llc'tS I& ANDtREWSi, I., y-l"X tt Ihi', Ccctht rec'i crd c..d for nlhby IIE'tlltit.icEtL' lit'VN t r .Oc t __ ay 3 N'o 9 'ontiait. D RUGS-J.l,,t Irlticr frc. c, 'tics t n cccily alnocnd, hitter enid ettert liquorice rnctti. l juicebaoonce oIflt cgonmii, "a'tc ,ljreccmon juicch.emp i and canary mrcds, ,tnntn, llchc, and',enli, etcchnridrt, I'rimmtot,, oicccgte f-cc., wtier &o,, ftc- wtchtole s le d retail ill store o IfBC0c' A BET, cc9,cr icirh &4 chtcnpitctciae it H V)IAULICC'E'tI .NT-!ibl.IciidiccgfroEmcip Goo~ Cubit, and fur ante? IV S & J P wii~l'lNCY, eta}'3 7.1 Cctccp o ,IMM1ONS IHARTT & CO , art nic recrivingcoc bt holc dl sipll (Orlins,. Eagile, Ilighlanoicic, yi',tl Terry Andre w,. I'nmsrb and Genie, piny llrI·;lrd(; line!. ganchmot IBccrdc; Chccotmenrt, c-I andii 3-h' icch lll It aM Iellr; lit, ,10 and 1` inch Wade),, 1c-ic' Kcivcc, Iraalher andl other trvellill· I)rensiae · Cccir; Bell',I Pocket, Hloroemtn',, accd Dnllinci,1 dailetadc .in le barrelled Gut'r; ime .,,,e; Ihot Berli; Pocdcr and Pistol Flanks;~l~l~ UraaBotles erl ROjllking Cnp';; tIercueqion Caps ntitl C ·p ll,,iccr'- Cloli, Hnir, onit. arid Nail Bru,,ccets; Orn,cctcd Chlicccccc. , ,th Wacth. o'onh Poowder',Tct ilet and ,',,caiing o i',cc ntqn" 1 pat[" lamp Hair Iteid,., Itinilets and F'rizet r ,i ant li'alet Powder; Emlery Lindu; Ivory Tabl (`lleiinu.+" Patent Shllles or Gartlers; Gam F'!I",stic BIependrrn;~ i'mrder Pair andl Ilrlrl.; (lilt [Kleine, S8eil* n sod Ke-"c E£ardropi; \Wttiet Itr:lilt.i nmc-ictrta Betnd cklret, andclhanit; (Gilt ancd Si,,,,ered Ilc,,ci; Indian [lead [tells and Pluto,, oell 'ITwist, Side anld ),ctso,,e Conmlc~liohiotn cditicn tic theirfnc'r stocko Inlo,, i makes their atnorctmer very complet, il,an will Ibe Isold raw and en libertl terms, at the sign of thC e Gold(Io lo ab. i..-tf 70 Charlres atreer. Uc'91i\ StH rIlN~t.--.--t ic),,-, lcttding fnt lidacp Johnt lh,,,ici, fr nloby 022 I IttI illG & ii", C", VAticgoic naat i Moh II.,lit'ti-.5 hee, 4.4 Iei.,'ill rntlnnidrl 5 I aestlwille lend! :lfniirnn 3 ca-es buckskinl 'ilea, Innaling fr'om o'cio cct Ictin, fil -RiP hr __t)9 I lR' tGF. & Ce. 13 icgocictomt 1 1N lOtii"S-'l'h,' si',cerii'eta ccc,' protccred a helsr prnrr. it. rig'c[ of pe ,i.;; no itO ' r in thta rcy. 'IMrc o sdapprrl ccc edp ' b )1'dtg,woreeihcn~e,, prlrincec'c be~il c"hnte n.c,,tott; ,, pose and darifblhlr, and 'iek ^"rfeetlt tier and .,a,. r lit if r. r lnn in., *tpptljte St. Mlla,;. nicce' ciTr' app ~cc , ort E IS COOccclEL L& C' t.Uuet1. -~l*,,,, I i' ent .,h,, ,,, ,!enly rnn cqond a large scplplccf ralsp, Iantc Lc c pocc ctccoi in hurlk , of :eperi.r toolllv, whitl It ,r) utf, r Inc oil- in loIntso sIit rcihne,,ro. Also expeertd bci fIt t ierit nr~ivnes from Il cccl acdtl tht Nt'r'it, CC..oni, Lrt.lnc and Peach d!ccuniMin Cotnl, btRccc cod seecr,.-,eel, put . it, *canFhr wetnr t Icr tottil cc,-.."f'! of - cih will dlalspice oa ,t~ c ,,,.I ci 1 rare tarots. (r'Irm lais at their , 111c, N., 53 0., I, ilr it orp hairs. will he prntcpciy al'tnlrie net 3 P. & A ohlllIE P' " 5- ·c rkhll aIIII bleep pure Pr, le .r ale by , I all SHALT. k&BRRAI\cil, 9' " 1lagtzhoe aheeting. and m 5 hl5 'srs s Jtc t ic v.1 ',.t ultsIag, landing frottt hip tc'ho icc. t~rolr bi, all I clltc,;E & Cc -l.'M'dtipfr~.tthijc,o.r~rrnr t'snar -- e.,oarIm.ip t, sterns,&n as J NEW GOODS-Sitmmons Hlartt & . coam now 'r eeiovng from on btard Nhips Yaoo, and tlsattg nd briConnoirdia, from New York, a l, variety 1 goods is theirliner wllicl together wlt their former stoek on hind, makes their naoorts entiryt , elo. lThe followinlg compose a mart, via: elltwitisr.,sid, tuck and oi(drsi cotoln,, bornl do ofull de oulrlns, Ini- 0P lia rubber, silk and woroted elastic ganrter, common & tine elastic sutpelders, hoo eco and Lucifer matches, Seidlit pllmwderspowder ipoeln and lexoi stoilet powder, pocket books nod svalirto, needle books, shell pearl, Il ivory and laoroceo roand caens, btead ornament, pslninco ral beads, necklaces el onealigcee, head bhalis,bhead necklace,, cut gls nt andt plail,oeed,silvcr nd gilt bends, Indian beads, bell anil plhne"a pistol and Inrge pow. er flasks, shlt belts, horse, belt. pocket and douelng iaetols; doukleand single barrelled gone. Bowie knives, po and dirks. scissonr, aher pocket knives, guard chains, and ribbons, waist buckleBs, cloth, hair, tooth, ntil,eottb, retnbt sahoe, pitoe, inher llt dustinga brushes, CologIte, Florida, lavender, rose and bay weter,assorted enseores, Stu nd nt exltracte, ,aeosar, tear, altiqne, sol Weard's ve getable thair oils, shaing nod toilet soaps afall does- - criptnins, lae"' anild getle pnes' ldesks and dresoing casesre, hail rieglets, frizettos tnd braids, plain, lincy and ' masical work boxes, plain and gill, li.onrel,coit aid dl: vest buttons, pearl and ivory slirt do, sairt studds, gUld and silver plettcil avtes, tioetli.toio end twneeeres,plactd rand gilt lockets, omoioture dl, silver, flaets and steel thimbles, hooks nInI c 1oe, bite pine, tltitation flet, bik and redink,oboe blcking, violins and guitars, ribbed tlltdplain percussion caps, livee twinc, seented cuseh :ens,gol cand silver lace and fringe, latter poper, galne e, enga, ridhing w'ipc walking cnne ,plaievgealde, fine be gold, plutod nsed gilt jtwrllh' &c. file nboue, logetler with a great ariety of oher arti leasare oflered at wholesle ar retail on aeomimodntiig N Sl hell cobtl repuirel UkOYLE is MAYo, house, bgn,, :ail thi.sanie la Painter, No S tClnrolele strlt, two deoors tirom i HI.VHY I she. Leanel niecre' Ilsnuioni of the following woods and plt rbles, e t eeuted il a m:sterl) nllller. Ml:digale, Ea.hpino Illuk an dgdi Ct ()nt, a(dll ana l Aieleo, Pollard d, Oriental or ynrd antique, CIurlid do, us I'uslan''er eurled .Maple, o Blind ~ one, Satin W'iend, s Ioomae, flair Venod, lnoe or Burdello, S( Yew Tree, iLal White, (:onmntille or lam k c intoran nl rsn Bctelale iloste Wooud, c Allleter.i s ( trv Ash \olte Oak,i ,n ke. adk iet. Curledi Ehb, rISpeinens to be seen at thll shop. Palints. oils, glassl, epal varnid, , kc. oil hold l otar sale. Sm I t IONSTEpI.& HEAVY iGOiJDlS--lIlut, quare vn_ ilt bnll~oI iron, well assorited. llop, secooltl and rold iron,, nail roils outd plugli to CasIt, CsermIn, shear, blistFrr.d, spring,l sheet ald -Cro lev steel 0 IhlloRw \(ore, elt nad wrouoght allas ild spikes zinc, block lit, mill ail grelinl stoesr salt kettles Chaini cables, nichors, hoes On, l.g iat tr-ace Cbains, corn hills I. Wire. isheoc, igo sad lail leadl; sht - y,s dil o llklllg s.lllaes Antes, Ilto:llanl'ind oiilih1r stildesmtl sIovels n kIletok .' l pl:te hizges, looesnil dwithow hooks - tolin, Iintsi, Stiillps, Solid etlba.xs I ll'tr'd nd Mtlli lilt corollage, lhls atsid nes f Bolt :lfella ld s lhilllf coppel' `NIA% l.lN ll ddres [tIo Paint' linled ii]I o itill oill eot o A f 1"1111as : 'lnint i. El hardwaeLnP l shl ship ihlnd Irl, ii il 't sale of rulail, o silte in,,a.lel favoiah termns, Iv r!l n4i LA"1'T N k i n.,Co. d (.l. e,.. iise DELA FN ESR wt SNEW narticle forpersons tIroubled aidh deefnes, tee SK (caiiled thie Enr Trmeiiet,) Ilnh jlua been rceried, bl thie luM Ifl, bic, trh slighiteetl rticlation of tle hub n et nice c is d tlllltlv conieyred to the cer. Any o! e twho line ever oaeei nillger o converse with very dea ( I* t" 0n, nlut le fullov nt,ihle if the ditficult anld eli i ", rlarnllentl experie'nced both tv themselves ind tile ill livid ls o tlntinfirluilaelv iictllited. Ily thei use uf tim I Ear Trulnpet lthi oibje.lion is enltirelv niyitcd. T'lhe imiet .l tliill horvile s vs no a.ndneleltheirduubts.ft,., J lavine used Ia Irullllpe't. For sale nt '1' FGUION'S, Fancy tcre.corner off m menn awd St Charles streets ndlr Ie Excli-icra lontel. feh 1 c 1 ' i()N .111,I.S-- )rdrlis receivledl ler corn mills, byc a. ' 17 hIALI, & lll()iVWN, 96 laguzine ehl L".1F SUli lt-o 'riaii qusliie, r. isntl in d J tore nd fi,r sale by SHALL 4. l((1 )WNE, t mear 29 i96 i gazine at HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 12 I:uamp street. Wholealoe I)ealer in Paints, Oil, Varnishes, Brushes, Inu, \flindow and Picture (;lrs &ce. r. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. 8OBIYSISOA' " O0D o PI., iNo. 0%, Chartre Slreesl, Ii,.o l IIr below ' irnviille. [IAVE constantly on hand every artilel appertain itig to gentieoin',i dtii r HIeiO ilt il the heC Itan I,,I anid tist fc'hieonabln ilIrt, whilch they ottfer f ir S rals. ot tlnelled~ itrie ,i. d'col--lb I3 BAL.L.! FOR TIIHE TEETH. /sI i eiiist,,riliioid reluretihir aeid constantly incre .Ln' I lelulrlld for thtis erfl , tlIt l mmrllv ,t'fplun, and pre r serrciive of tlhe tlth, hab inilueed the riubieiber ti offer it to the Ale''ricln public. Arrangementslt hav ieel niadce to fu fply t.icnts i all tile I)nllliillp citi Ind( tu i ni in h e i (ll ltit i ates, so n d to pl ,:I i t itl t the to h ,ll th se mstiil·rin Iii a II hkely to sillier this bluo Iedrl.r ii of ri ac li i ee, tile Tt th-iiclie. l \ il,,, Hpll l ad uleedr ngill. to hr, I icth s ,ilco n -' bottle, it hil. never thfied ,o l i nje on dile snt itnane t ire'ief. It al rrsts o I :th douii to defl-:tivr d telllth.and relieves that iFeIirness hieh iO flequletll 1 rioders a finiing teooth uses The pcilieallon and ulte edy are l=innate, ijlnrenll. in lot and tle l erare lllll0 br of IProesn ill dirl.'OlLt sectil)1.ln i f t i conUlltlv, tlat lonve air, dyv experienlced stlrh dPeihlfl f to bear (bur the public good) their teslthnone to ils utt rivalled qgalitlea. It is an Indian remedlir obtiled tingnlarly e.nJ unrxpert,dly. enI ms. l'a refodr~l-.! Iy the ei iiized world as the most valuable discovery o o redmnlll (ot" tlhe woods. lice $1 oer buttle. Snid hv JA~IlIS & ANDREWV , Inr .h C'orContIIll unll clrlfoitoulas saI. 'lltsfor s'e JOIIN 11II ltG IIAOI. rp 1f _ V 11lHTE LEAD-- fli, 1 lbs Teach; 4ff1 oh f 25 Enelish dIo--5 1-4 bbl. 400 " Iu 1 lliiiut liru ihe Ovri ,us sizes; I clme Vermnlli ,t,; 5bli( ieniipal 'lainliah; " Japan " 5.O pasts (tlodl Leaf; 'If do Silver dh; 100l do "tllte t .ltal. WINitOA' GI1. reS. Aolerican, Er.Llih arnd French 1000 boxesra,v3rioui i ,ea till qualities. I nitlli.n Lr own do.--3(00 ili.xes,coi.signme.t, will be Aslo, a general assortlment of Artifts' conlors and ,ors, for sole by A w SCA'I ES, No li Canal streer. N II. Alehira notes taken at p r, and M1iseissippi notes w'I Io, received at 10 per cent discount for godls, orili pc it, olfdebhs. je I Iw JARVIS & ANI)I{EWS, WIIOLESAI.E AND IEIll'P. D.ALERS IN MIDICINES, PAINTS OILS DI'E STUFFS .N I IIf'I.VDOII' G SI..I SS, curner of Conl ano:l'ld Trnlhoupliroiii nis streets, JNlifN 1 f..fNi1l:W. large upply o lrGarden i r.p . BurUted I: llltll of iH137. N HIlREW oMIlrol & CO., reoprc'tlyilbr; f/ttheir friends and the puiflic lin rierrl, thatl they occupy thie rrw brieclt shop, 219 T.I'ihiptolfuitis street, whelre they keep constnlty ol Iland Coppr, ' d1 n1 andi Shlleet Iron \War-, of every description, I a c ell as copper slills, kettles, anid plnlps, tiii n ii A . ing to ., and ,oil cia s, of all sorts anid izes, and all oither Ilrass casting donie atl shorteit notice, Grato ha;lr of every de-Cllltion, S'il as steam. boat lilrups, hlg .hlllos, scroewv ootIs, anrI othebr rkind of 1 tiillra al. work, such as chimneys, broccl.I 'I'lhey ill alr o do al' kinds of out door work, suchi a- zinc, copper and tin roticng and guttirinl, I S&ce. They above and all other kinids of work tii it their line of buiiness, they will execute at the Sshortlt olutlil dec27 'n HARROWGATE SP!IINGS S l|llloa'E lltcrv ·tlllhtV, THREE 1DA LS JOURt:SE y FdO.V E II' OnE O .IEA'.S. rTlE lrol rietr rie lof I tli etablishmrent has the plea. Io. re ei alllnuoaicin to hi frlienld and thie lpubdlic 5 in geneal,t,+t he will ie ill rcdiuhin by tihle liist d i ofi aSMay to reeeive vi-.ers, lie wlll also Hoite for te bfre aelft of t.sei at ia olletinc, ll t tllere.l hve bleen large improedllrlrrll iilde, red illhed ill,rw gnloii.f aln fill "n ,d rapid prozress tor ul'Dalllplll , bll UJIon hwill enable h. i aubscr t:er io . , n"c:lollate i t ll hlrbrer ellollfr thanl ternrel n1io nolid tit the Illl,' tIlime inucll betlr. 'allilif cani he aoelatuorl l ted itll g ni'; roonld. or t ite w lo rir crn : lie large Cabns celeliehd from Id tie mni'l Idlhi pg. tIt ir deei',ll iUioei'er try eo cay nnythbn ill parlinec lar of ihe ciariet.r ofe tlh.egr w ter, fl' it is genr.lrllly believed that they are nol ilnfrior to any in 1 Sauidtli. mrd Stairs. All tile oi.utelellls that al enralh-nl blllnd nt \t'lerih' P'laee, will Ie fo ndll at iii . 1' I 1 best ctsicii thllt this iprl of tht- eounltr afllris, a l I"oeearlg:.ed.a'u;r will be ne onastlrtattledance it hei Springe during Ihe irwiiile seson. '1 he sIitlnibei will avtl l hiinself of Ihis op.lrtlllity in rrturlninll his unitigned thalks foir thIe erv liberalti I support ises ilim last set~.oll. and hb,pebs h the exer tions thalt love been allllde ilprovlnl ani extending tile ac"omnlnlflulatons. to mrlit a iberal plulro l tgele ithe pesean Season.. J.10 CR+Ai. L S 'etil;Itl, N- .54 Conde sirt, tlelweel D tirti and lS Pllilip, kees i'onstnly on hald ae , xtensive ssrtmllnltl onlf ts aud Ibrnogne, and nieioef f.ew York ianrnlfaoture, for men, woinell nId uhl'dren of all Luer, which he will disoose of t a rilts fnhris igliiri qm tlnrce on sendinJ n Pr order will I ,ve the'r w,'shes n dlll ,! Ito L, S SoEG[' L': --U\I tF U.O 'FIT 'o;-,0- ra-.., wa·ll --,t,;,7· trhthing, lanahxg fTOo ln oIph I th+0, and Jahnll Dunlap BUSINESS CARDS. JOB PRINTING. 2 OF EVERY DOSOROPTION, SPEEDILY,HANDSOMELY AND CHEAPLY EXECUrTIII T AT THE Ol'VIOU OP THE Triae .4m eyiilcan, ST. CIIAItLEIS STREET, NEAR PO1YTRAS. o,23 ACARD. E & SINNO'rT, PKwksatleo G(oocers and Contiuzot 41tMrr6,oolo, No. 27 Comm.!on 9treot.No' Otroaes. IJ'Pmrtiotlnrnottoaoito paid to ib '11linlX up op 0 Stoultl bout adSllhipl rOe. uov1 SAMUEL TOBY, '.,erchtandise Broker .f Commissiony Merrehnl, d13 fice. 16. 6 Calop at.-F'or thi prement. .1. P. FREEMAN & 'O.. 1Vh'braorn CfoIhitg JIlafoIbakrreI; Lo. :, lugaotno stlreeI, UlAVF 1101t011l)y o0in hand a large suopply or Cloth I . il,, Ionlcullato·d for the country trade. Thellir its. sorlurrntl bring largeO Il , 1llllrtd Prow the country c uu1I be suppli.d at Ithe 011011 0notice. B U;IZAARR RUSH & ALDLEN, NO. 1, EXCLHANGE IIOTI t Corner of S. I:8r,·lrs and Compton sls,. NLEW ORLEANS. 1I1'OR"1'EltS ennd Dea~lers in I'rrrlclh w,d Einglli-Jh I 1'rrSunt'rv ; Uen dP01111 llr lki atol.t o . E,,gki, Cuotlrv, Hlojrory, (G31110 Shirlts, Sltock, Umlbrella, Como, 1nd Itotrv Article. . lk jii EN'I'U(1CIOEY 11. oni p,,o' I0,li2011 Bonk 311101, 1` flr mail- by A TRIER, 10v :3 74 ibooior al JEW-I..RY, ATAWIuLI.EOAI.E. W M. )3EI.L, No 16, Chornel vi, has ihin doy r. ceived a fail 11111tnorlt of \Vohntel JrwIlOy, p Dono, 01otolrlro and Glass Ware, they will loe olfrro Flll at te Iluwrst malrket rice. apt 1 S OYI.vl, & i ,AlN, I)EA.ERI 1N AMERICAN' & ENGLISII CRoWN GLASS, No.:3 !:Iorp)BLR r STR00:0. 01 FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, ' No. 1.1 (hnrO FI . tr51 1 lIdh VI. a 11100111 ao11pl;y I l* e0ery nrt0ll' poltl ilnl,, Il to ~gllleltlnmll'0 drao, of 01he Intent 10 yle, a1t\ Yo p'rises doe 40 OUOLEANS LITHOG1APBIC PRINTING ESTA ILISIIMIENT, No. 53, Magozitto Street, I 1ppl itle I111113' Arood,. tl'IfI.)j,.1) 12- Vt 'UO1'JIiIG:' n r 1 13A-1 NOiLE EýN(1IAV1N HAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON I i equllolottgrno 0 ilh tlheir hoooe in Now Yot k for lthe llnlol oll'nl"ollljllg an1 pi ioliog n I Notes, 1('1,30k11nd1 Other i'tllJlll1O111110;nl:ll1-ro I, t serit I """i il· I orlgr t il'r; a1h1d hays n avels ample l 1III jinu f or the safe I lawpiinl ' a1I ·ll oa III1I and IIIossI)II ntrTII~i rdl tIo tleir ,1lllr; their 111111 ens - lllj t(·l the no111 es1 o11 Swill be · PheenteCI withj jhn nuptitufllll' Lwf w the. usualIU 1, 10 t 1m1. Ollice, ctornr of tovol & Caull aoe',;. I ___________ _________-t_ CHAMPLIAN & COOPE H, GROCERS AND IE.,lI.IRS IN PROVISIONS ea ANTi FEEl), No. 79 and 8 Julia street, Now Orleans. I_-Ship and Family stores put up. lmr 5 SI-lllS-I,\ANA FURNITURE WAREROOMS No. 53, ienorVlie street,, -7l.L\MA A I. CAINes, owotlld reopec'tflhy in- 00 ,rri Is fTirlads andt the public that he is ton otantly receiving from New York audl Istonll a good h assortment ift' Forniolo'C, ouch as mnalhogonyv olnirs, ofit, I ed-teods olalie ll piiotluted chairs, oiaple tintd cherry bedsteadi, mabhoglany nd cherry tablle ofoall descriptlon;, Ibureauls, ýileta. seclretalrv i , writiar dosks, wordroi es of oinhognnv und cherrytt', wash tnelsd, Oohlkiht glasslsr, r'aoher.i, oeddilig, &o &eo. tO NB. "Furnture packed for transportation witll great anre. Ieov13 F It E ,otN N8 INSURAN,,nE COMPANYI t OF NEW OIRI.EANS. e 'lThis Comlpany are now preolnred to take in RISKS AGAINST FIRE. No. 24 Musson's Builds€r,Canal r.neit. New (oh loano. )oo 15.1833. S'eno"tnrv. 9 1,) CoPIl'E".R-;IoOt hot oil Copper l.,' sob000 by' V 11 II I-:tVI"III,X, prl r I tii 'Teh'piti RUSII'r'ON & ASPINALL'S CO.M'POUND T'ONIC MIXTURE.-A speedy f nd certalin curo for tihe Fever and Agule, remittent and intermittent fevers; prepared tromn c the original recipe. Used with mineont and uni vernsal success on 1832, by persons of the highest 1 respectability in this city, as stated in the annexed g certificates, a This medicine is highly reoommended, and has been extensively used in the above diseases with i such distingulished success, that tile proprietor of tihe recipe has been induced to offer it to thin pub. lic in its present form. in the hope that it may be 0 the meansu of relieving many of those who are sufforing under the scourge of our country. It is a nmedicine possssing great virtue, and when used according to tlh directions has never failed of eioffecting a cero, even in tile most obstinate stage d of the disorder. It is not at oll disagreeable, and Speorsons of the weakest stomach, and children may tao:e it with impunlity. It strengthens the digestive organs, Ereates an appetite, and seldom requires more than onle, or in ohbtinate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. There is neither mercury nor ;o arsenic in thie medicine, nor any thing injurious to the hunmn constitution. Thi propriet: rn are o well convinced of its ocficy, thr.t they agre to refund tile price of every battle which has been taken in neccordanc with the directions and hots not eft'oted a a perl. ct cure of the fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent l r New Oricans, at his wholesale and retail drug and medicine store, corner of liienville and Clartrcto strlcts. For District Agencies apply to ju5 'T. W. S,\'lTH, 48 Conts Pt. oh PENSACOLA MANSION HIOU,*IE NEW CII''T, PENSA.\COLA. be FTIIE sobserillerhaiog Illr.hnsed ti loase ot d ftr . nitureof this well known eostablishimeot, froon 1,I id Tylor, tihe lute pro rietor, will be ready to receive 0i. te i byt te st olf Aooil next. Nulo'eroos and costly i improvemlents will be found in 0 tile 00rl000ngfnllent of tillo loansion House. Now slid Is, omore comnodoioo btio ogs blia will he hilr,n and warm bo.ths will Ie provided u altl ihours. A tulble will he attached to the house, willt good aconnmmoda-. tions for ses land carriages. Itilat rate horses and oeorrngeo will also be kept lior hire at moderiate ori..os, od ail and ronw bount., with persoona to manrge thel fo fin o e use O' t' sto'rs. Ili i rdi and 00 iheo mao o so n iln q I ' uo llyv folllnd at lllte.ring. piit '.so. till n non bi on'llniished, and o ;eonltite, oas not to i tlf:rere .ith the c:onllr and ,postel'the bIarders. Thu wines and hquors will bie oof the be. II0000to) , anld to 0500 . II ll 0 lply oi 01 ht i', a talrgo hIos ulrenl' Ilecu ordlered, w hlt.l w iI arise ab ot theo -o no Slon. -; c Frtld.rick Ih'llnnri,who fiolroton kepo t seoloiolar in al hotel t \Vt aLr+I got c vily, wlt coed:Ict - !. hl- 0I in, t tile prit prit r, w e Io, ,withi h ti ll, nlirnt! tlolta e is o I t e l tl - ofl ttlust year, ai d his frietlli Io ; e.n liv, tht . this will receive seery irssible atteunon; andlla tlcreby le TIho' lottt oivt,"lges ofl toot imose arill'e too well a known t, need a lengt, enod deesrip liu, n hre. Tle il ict o at i Peni'r co l is the In·rgst nlavll .ltlioll of the Gov-rnient; Ile enral rende'vo oi ofolf the lfoq iond. i. r n; the so ,loboi' ifi s ceim ate rctloe 1 lt tl d l-t or in.r thi e n t nner monalts l by thle • +,olest Ireet;. s onl it. trif t t Gulf; the hi o.itor of the bay uo i tie ne1hlti uril. island. anl rivers; tII a bundan r anlld deIliCyt of. the' Si- t wilh whuch thile laters ,boi nd; !nd ils iXilllit "l I t"i bll ttl oo.oullt hen iootrk lt o, giv'e I'eoli hlO o I p To re he h-',r o ,illr I t r 1r, beiween I'sil and Slo t ile, llnll will at ll tires bt ale tl a t io lt e t lasetnke*r Sfroml tl~h New Orleans boatrs. NA NL S 0N 1 ARNOLD. Plonsecoll,Feb 15th, 1338. [C (irntlemen wishing to onongoe rooms for theil famoilies, can aldress the propri.oto r, at I'ensueoolu. nr it Mr Sewell T Taylor, thle fonrmer Ituiprlotor, at loe.n Ore lo loans. :1! •,r enr es. 0- T Sulf.or,0, o'm.,, l r(0 CololuI1oo Po. Ie'l.l Io1', nqI.t. Le Kibhv, in Mob L'; S T Taylr, P I' .a n, liol, in Nr. 0n, Orotons. her t .-A lettrer bhag, to receive ln0lllninli-ltioalns for Sperso.s at the ::horeot hel, is pl'edtl (nt (eo \\hitlnuon's or office, 51 St Charles Exc.h nge. 0in FI.ORIDA ROUTE l'rtOR NE0\l' YORK. 07T''Travellers desirous of taking the IFloridal routet, r via Penaoola,to 'ioo North, arte noitllfonenl thaot 'iors rute, h boats will elmlostlnv rn l.ol. :,bile to Pensail lal, I ol eavin Mobile slid Pensacol' every otholr do' lnnfe tihe lIt of Amev. (lUot stages will o lloavo he provi cd r h tie sollor;n r to be in roalliln.s to l ole lu.snoterr Iron SMobile, in eunse of dote failur of the bhon o bo tow It AintOl Di Tit he oter honmboot Chaopion oaes Solbdo tr I el oIr a twice a weeki fh 2_l I 'r- T i"AN StARIO FARINA'S COLOGNE h WA!TER 'fig ,i cn,roeo mre of this ouperior Colo..'oe water, just ei received andi for sIble Iv tihe dozen or inglle oLotlo.--. iAroo Anoeri'an and ot 'rench Ioilet o lo'o !cr, Iowdrr 0 r imt d hnll| boxeos.onming ull n toilet oiiatI'tsoonno towahl btalls. mnilk of rooooo, co'onetit cold 'e0'OiOt, exlr 0 0e o c. n, l.L., ktldplaha. 'ardl'n vegetable Iotor ,.' ' 0natlm, 'lrl elll, do r.rnIg, Fkridloldaolldadrt ro tt noltoe water I od Preest+on t'soolt, I Mareille pierilotto ill Irulko , vettP: re Iee tl liqtouil raoit, (Chlorlne nd Orrit lto ll nodl ll,0 i clotl hir tooth, ntail and flesh brlti hetl; IortlPhr whhl. I io ltolihnt, l t ulltllv i of fnslliiltlilbl hI llrl~ r li rI ll.llto o1to7 . L... IIrtONS, IIAIR'I' tot'to, r ju "70 ('hartoren I000? I. 0.'1 I+t!- OE illl I.0-1i0 hole. II0h ilooo ll00. 0 blur kiP Idriil'olott!ndiof otramotrito lonurlesoootoofiorotloely aoyal Coliego of Physleane, Loaudon. o HE original Vegetable Hpgeian Unlvernl Medli J cle, prepared by W Miskin, Es. Memner of the Rfoal College of Surgeons, Licentiate of Apothe- I eary'somllany, Fellow of jolt Court Soaiety, Surgeonl to the Royal Union Pension Asoniation, Lancaster Place, Waterloo Bridge, sud Perpetual Pupil of Guy' nod St."l''hnnms's |loapialhds London. This valuale medicine, the result of twenty years' exllericnce aid on aralleled success in the extensive anl highlhly treiltetdlte plmetiolbf tile propriety, lttro nised by lthe flaeolty antl noility, sool isnow ihlttedunee totile notice of tie American public, at the earnlet so licitation of a number o'f gentlemen of long nod highl stllling in thle irofession. It is hoped, as a prelin- I oart step, to cheak ile evils and f oatal eous.uencest arising from the use of tile nlliluerous and deleterious nostrums Ioisted tupon the toblie by tihe aid of fabricatedl I proofs of milaulous cures, lid othller fraonds, by a set of illercenary, nlloprincipled pretenders, so totally ignorant oa mn dical selence, that it impossible the nmostrous d eolosim cnan olty longer go down with the intelligent people ofthiscountry. Thlese pills, mild and agreeahle ill their nature, should be kept in every family in cases ofsnldden illness, for, by their prompt administration, choler-a, crate sh spasmnt, feres. anod other alarming enoplaints, whtich too often prove tital, may be speetli I entred or prerventedl. lI fact,h ll those wto vnoite gtotl lealtll, houlld never be wtithout them. They are sot' I in .ckels nt 50 Seente, $t attd $2 each, by ererly repro table thlrggiet, btonkseller, andl vendorofamedicina e i tit United StHtesi I I bg Canadnst , with culious llrectiolts, togtler with: esltlnannils of proElssional abhility fram, thle li'llewieg elnitent getoolemen: Sir Attire Cooper, J Abelntty,. .amesiott l oll, 3I. 1)., W. Bhetk, MI. D., J. Aston K'ey, A. Frampton, M. U., and numerous otllhers. The originmds may be seen n possession of the Genet.l Agent, by whoml thi mdtcine is i tiporrted into this ountr, anllll to whllom all applicatioas t'oragetcieo iotstbe oIde. It JNO. lHOL.BEIN, 129 Waverly Plaee, N. York, Sole Geuleteal Agent for the United States, 'c. For tale h :lppointtente of the erigin'l prol ietor. by SWcIt Ll ltltllrttElt, Dtruggists, No It CaUnal el et, .tener* Agent lfbr Starthee of Louia.i'nae,. jilv8 II EIY It ISE & col, No 3M gaziae street, are 1 r.ft w reeiving from ships Nashville, Louisvilie, ketltek.y, Engle, anl other late arrivals tram :he at : hllarn cities, a large and new selected assortment SI.t, ris, tools, Shoets and Brogans, e a tonsltng ol'gellutlentuen's fle calf aonl lorocco laots I 2.oa q:tlity; do boltlPd, nd stout wax pegged boots o variouls tqualities; llmen's flle call' seal Sill SIolncer, char, ptolnlts a i brogans, buckskin shoes, brogans ant shppel s: men's fine callf ,nd kipped peKged shoes allnd I rog:ns dlo bootls; do stout kip and wa x pegged t lnoes p ad brogans; gentlemen's best quality e:ll' sewetld oes, hogagns aad . ack l)owninhs; do cnlf and Mtoroetco I lckle shles and brogeos; do call, seal and noloecee:e I ,tlialn shorusatd slip.t. .s, do e.lf, bullf atl seal waogs, a tew artiele; do lille cal;, setl. and ttmorocco qurllter nots; lonYs', misses'lintd children's rRegdt and sewed Ltogans, alnd shoes of evetr ualit' anid kind. Also a general assortmenlt of me's stnlt wax and 3 retll ll'o;gans l slhoe, together with l10,(KOt pair, ':gro tIrst qttality, rtussett blrogans, niled i lt Ittnks, mdle explessly ftor .tnttltilo Itste a gtgtlO rS S tnletll of lltll'S fine titt steott htkip russetl brogns, at rw ar tic,,and a u'ge quantity of a in tieior quality r, sset aot l x lt oIllS ldies' h inFt e inlf,'n. i, emolceeo sItol no rill wells, :oal ptil sole shoes; i linfe Frueli .r .uityco nd kii runi pttllllt slilpel's; e o ol l sho es, witl lind withotl ileelsi It e!a seal and sinaI m ':sherl·)Ootll:s; Ilo PrUllella shoe. g otool keinds and tieiittiest dto hstng brogans; tot gt.'rt - aoltl betll llllnootees. tlistes' lstittllgsllrnl rth.ttblote, tlt lts.o Cildhenl's colored t lolcOtontio nl ltsling bro t gt ,ti. ld boots, 1e. itentlc'tt'tfinefato mtl'loneblu rbck ailk tats; tio tlaek on I dlt'ob thlaoer 'lo ti ieottluerior qnotity; do ituiltatitt i' rtltegot bleo llat d oo l lln 'row 'rliit tttllt lle drib sl bL ttk tltssio short tnltlied hats, a new article. Youths' Il:t e size iatos en 'litrernk t oualities; do chiehhen's 1 tn'b a1ld It)n's black HldI dra b wUoo hats +lo n, vnrious slu tes, with genlerl assortment of boys' anltl ment's 'I ins assolltntoet will be replenisclbhy tlhe arrlivl of ealt ahcketslrome Ihe uoe ilned cities, all of whic I aillta esoll on tneommlnolt tillg terms. og I-ntg I NO IWERCURY NOR bOPAIVA 1 I t t ew urle:se, Nov. 14, gi37. SB()LT six moniths ag I hod the ltisforttore to got a secret discusr, fbr which I ilaove alplid to mte rd doetors for a etlre, and they did not eete Ioe. an ow oi1 thle above date I lut Ivmya ef under tl it care of Dueo i II ta, aetold e got worse, so as to break out il large ulcers to thie number of six or eight on ea Ileg, andI tll orver y f11neo, and sure throat, and not able to work nt be Itt the right ride of the tllroet. I aOt nov putting to,,oelt collfilently nnder the cere of Dr. Iluet, ,f I'Erie, to be perlertly cured JOllN DEAN. fr 14llpy etsthee fri 'oier lose to itnme unit apply to fir A. Htuct, 128 Canal I bhl If net is ait hump from sln 'J 'clck, 1, untIlN 1i' . A " brhey will fiod a tre lldo I:tor ir this complain t xil If any one wanll, to see Iii, eall t Nr,,. 4 ;rU l , ha | N OT', lllN III:.(\, IIIl New ,rlflan" . Feb I, 18113. i l.l 1 , 1 lv. 108I5!! . Ti 'tllI: l i'll" IN'IIiIT7 IT ' S d: l at lilrt nlt ltei, lln llfert elledlits, :ll fll p villrilolls nll ; bi si.ilTl t usel:ll a ll c lkel e 1 llllki ST Time Tat' le, the tbest lhtu Crll ite n:i.e. ol th:ill f- i flIsllI li ttln c ithe n t he 1 c l u cs i tn [llet;l tgi' in tle book is in nearly the fllow. II Sthe trlge, pol.slIi'e actd oiefixlle to he illfle I.sek ilt- e Sco lamend iat l i lll isl i itse lf l, n ell cllllon. tfI ,i so IndIII- l live, Ih t nothin e is ncessarl" more lhan lg es of saiod vet'isenlt'lll, to giva eo nhnlu sd view of soLr e o" its P e. e cllli altii e : 's aez tilllhin te thcaneres l can litl enltlzac a 1 toee n iseltsf e iu tione l extniedi thie p pthirty s An aa1ae 118seueel ihe book istl el tinnee te'foillwtfieI il of proh l In tile oref ee) t lt wt t ile's tlt "c s Ite g l h a metielly intilihle, m ll in onilllrmi ation ofthis b[lief "t b iemilm o' Iwo hundred and fi[ty do!hlrs, it , uow mof a. r e tr ithe etctlin of altn error ofa er ent it thl e opIesent eeor fitl ellition,a elprssed ill tle mp.el.le, ptmskiiltfei I '1 l1'emljlifl rEdlo'th lamesame !rror sllce the fists fllihetin' s ill ti e tOtOll 1t0e. SOne of the moit conspi cuous fetllllret s io lll th le.ts is in the :mrrulmll Imlnte of the Tidtme adll Arnnt, s which flr expedithc s, 'he f ·rei nee a n.lperr, pieoait , wt h t he sheIl o'he prehle ltinll ilx he teltIvlilert i stllttlesftll•. e.1"v It felin l titt .hh ie li it e inf erleso c1 it h, tu llellOt tIheft tenlgvlol lltt li l slIness, WliithlntoIllllllill t o 1,: 1 ms is boesih s a ti oiveniecl st tt sente l , that in ttie elllma liollol'f ole oi lr I lot eomi el nt illld prltIalI isi ems men indl pltllie ofa tll l es who h ee m eit.t liti 1s paseftl n I eIt prs itl entwil htaIding tle hole is i ste're~~lotye, econsidertnlg, in slii-t, ihe oitisitve leei.lrc ' et t y and east withe u nprchLte hens em Pl ca obe , f ihe o-t ilulinehs I , ee he ldtip ans, emllhtia ehallt n tlrl eat Im nlos wolrnderful hIlook in the woslki" most relr.tillv n man can namea tigulre work of the same extent, wice since tile will k, i int o eear 'ion. has had tilt saime nlltl ern llnrlirev cof lest r i pn ll¢ salle Anudhr o [ erintogl le no ll'onle hti'the unaber, is iinalely sIopllin the Sosileus, astest knd ail!ndardle , it has beentried and s preced in ntherl s, all the bitk rud puhling t mies in the l es lter l Slliet, c nidr g -he elhirc generally dup s i tiv u e lent perioe d o thi tl il:lve rat· aet lno error I·. iha evl e" loult ha s been leid upaned im atit, a llthoyldh coii he mol nled ch:ltel I. ki n t he .l nol'ke m t trla e plm ionl yl s. l[a r tai lte illteresta . illlso bf" law for bam k illnt res, r .,'d s rdine s t he b,,iok is lised:lon, h as h ad h e san e n inl or part o ny r,, thlles onumbe as, eibers, arld l fe, of the " s si alet, let p nllcll lsersd intl e s lan atrtie, it d b e Le bookre a a t iell l l n ealO t y ' a ll s h I eitizeIln s iu escr) qluni., i I is moregpe lr el, klnowi'lltht brits y erluIi check, ,e it "has o iolshatevderbted lade eillporsn, lotn aler lGey w ere he l,', evnll I,. the nm slt crellfill [ild mol st clll lpeltIel ariThmelician . fat its u lsefnes, and the allsohute n c 'e s s i t y f rt i t s us s ha v e bi e n axi e ns i v l y i n sil t e d ie i p~ n so p iht,'yo imieet, oiave bren its :u t nge., uand its i saillgs.,s t , otl, heer 'sl infiSlnl , whilst IthIe e In t eliihoo ty hand copies w e souglllt 1ir., .Olle to a lrIe t distance. a l, picri pu s a ar sprice, t s iti n ciuhn e r qlsioli i ly tc of fhe nited SupItrOl n .1 ts ,9, le r sCoIillll bollle lersol mo e reI ek. v thatcle, [\dtil imsllckR io- coul he quoted t hat tdhy wolg ersy $5I, $100, and P.ytH) I.' tr aenpv, tfliotto hs haid fr less, tid ln individual in the lat"er instianee par1iuevrly, lavingd at thile ine iime rxhibitrl satislaolory a lrode , to several persoins pl.. Ssenl tiltl to him it dwas Irilvly WOnlllt t(hat money andt l aore thlllgh the s:aing oel'his very awhl ble tillri, he r beh. a ery irich man and in lblicoffice. r t ikewis rlhv of noti;e, n d i: oeed I ro ler to impn'es, that iuch is t[l nature of figu[e work gellerally and h spet i cop llwer of sihe tolell ilna Orleetdee ae ed in the usuHal titlanneur rI-Olle. Y the most computetll - elculotol, hI b lie worhld, ano lilerwlallil5s p$l00ted nlmot s culaiollly unlllr hlisown i.orrllecti on of" prllor shleels, it wouhi, alenoI, tIo ai crtarinly, Ihie hlen H1nanf indir ue inlhellc, llnl itnri ,t an1I. p icilee , as thle l trd the da meiicI. Isrlm explaiils. Bull soi perltfl aI .sllhdle Irnsve phe 1, stei.;ty1 t Ilat les of thlis weal klie.n mw e, Ith a to elllre It then , lhiththeir lilllmerclls an.ll exiitlrall iuary exlmlnina. ia, tiols, tlngis fithe, sort tl" I o iei l e, flt, Ihy Ia re (hy e le-tisengellt) r ni tntl kelpt in li plce of peial l sl~ike, isxcc wt h ile u tee I n in i eedproti, o a esA llsltl i tectli onl thi lll bot l Iklls likd itoue iltOl' r eat with usefuil mnole, fIlIow the ilrefot, wlillh, in thin thi as et ill the two rcednll ediis, lontaill much in "e rtlaillun conetlrllingl e tco Irwfeill oe of p oomlphe t-,i wut inter als, tee tdays o e g n ee, kr. If reneinlns olay ren'rk thrit, natwiphstadifan thdis hulpeommlollliv cosll l work, whic wastulli she he ti'e tbles werl:e introoueucl in r ollias manl clets be yendanlaelmbe hass) eeo so extentivelv anllcsl liberailly y patrllnis , it l, ot .t so much as l all wiith iltercsl, i , ix ye A l ltime f ironl d 99to 11 t5, sbstined oil the i st . e, edition of 76tiu sopi 's,*risi.g 'hiefly fiom its pllublie Lieon ll tat timeat llue t ll e lul her price,) to sy n thig of ,1iJlment as nd i e ro ily o1" the pIhlie tho • n on mc in: nI Ilce of .1i,ll lier ce .dIad IpitrOnir ,e. VeI" f :le hv the I rintciluol liniksl r'mr s in.l t e ntwid ,hS!tln.,. . nt'ottL.l's Per,'rl;,%1' I, lirE. la I sn--Jutll rce ilved i e per ndahtinn isuinr.,ip a ,, .... Yrrk, a Ierully- I TIHE FLORIDA LINE From Mobile to Auogusta,Ge". leaves Mobile every day at three N o'clock. p m per U S mail boat for HaIll' Landatn, -ahove Blakely.-thenre four olt conehes to Pensarola--lhenll sleamboats to i.rgr iue, where heretheld route is resumed-thence tt via Marianna and Brlwnsville, Fin. Bainbtidge, Pindertor n, Hwkinsville. Soundereville & Louis. ei vdile ti Augusta, Go, connecting reaularly with thei rii road cars to Charleston. anil the steamr Sarekeis to Now York, Norfoilk, Philodelphia, etc. The steamboats ore tlhe beet for the service, and the rntvigation presenis more advantages than can b Ie found upon any steamboat route ini the south. ern regior,. i The great improvements in the route have been if produced by tihe construction of fifty miles of new it road, by the proprietors, viz : from LaGrnnee oni Is Lfayettr e Bayou, an ar:n of Santa Roes B.y, to it lryant'r Ferry, on tihe Chltanhoochee river, tea milesabove thei Cowiard, or 14 above Cedar Bluol, whereby the navigation ol Iho river, and the col; anr'equent detentirnu, andi more recently the incon ijvenient erossing at the Cowlord, are entirely Savoided, evil a l fine road from Marianna direct to Ilainhrriige, iostead nl the roundabt' t rtad via Cha~taIlaouclhee, lessening Ilth distanee shoat forty mitiles, nod inCcrroaing the facilities more than , oiice a day n Alir. r. ,rnnrh line of two horse stages every J ether day CotI II ,wkinsville,rvia Pr rrv t Mlceoln, i, G(i, Uaneteing iith the lineo to Savannah and as Darien, Geo. e A mnlti steamtnat tlies regularly between C BBainbridge and Airlaechieoln. 'l'rovelirrs wishingi Into reach any point ori Chattahoochee or Aptolachi cola, can Inke treotaboat at Browneville. Mobile to PenaPcola-l and Route--Durina the itoe occupred by the repairs ait Crats, the proprie. tore of the Florida line will ru a liine of four Shore postor coaches every other day between Mo b lennd Penancola. re Passe.ners will leave Mlhila t 3 o'cl' ek, p m, , in Ihe U S mail lati, aid proceed to's Land re inr,where a lour lore cornch will ie in wailing irt convey thet to tihe rexellent house of AMr. Charles Hall, I 14 mile distant, where they will find pleasanit Icomllnodations for the night--leaving neal orlerlg, they will arrive in Pensacola early in the rvening, thus avoiding the discomtlfort of night tr:.vellin'. Olfien at Ihe Mansion IHouse, Mobile, and C.I. line' IHtel, Pensai'oln. where eeale most be ae.e r. STOCK'I'ON & Co. nou I Piano " l.orte lastructaon. \William Smtth tenders his services to the citii. zens oI New Orleans as a teacher of the piano. I lonre. lr S having been eomployd several years asn teacher of music in private families in Bi.ston, 4 anid also at several of the female semtinaries in its vicdanit, cannot but hope to meril their confidence. T lie is permitted Io refer toI Rev Dr Clapp, Messrs so Stetason & Avery, Ilnderson &.; ai.tes. al For terms. plae lese napply at the bookstere of Alexanlder Tower, 49 Camp at ct 2 i Druings and jledirnrr. J I .,,.rvest lilas located hlltlo t ofr this city air ts tlhe urpolse of tr;ansactil n a eeeral fVhlitlle a;l'l t I),: hbusners. lie ie now ret'cving a lull supply of trlal, nod lenuit.n anrtles, which he i wil sell nn liberal tets 'To city drtggista, nod those ofi - ithe illrteriir, it pilysiciani, o on r(t hanti lr nd t plal r.s She will fi',r in, eerneita lS lch as hove never be, for, ibrn il- ed i. lhis city. Ilis lelntion is to t Joi sa altctlt It.ina t bueiness. Ilit utiok will soon be complete, ndit in a Iaw weekts will lie rta d foir buiineas. All orders from the collunry,and l frollm tmer'cnits h ne0 It i ciriy, receiving such ortders I will Itg promptly attended to. oIt 2 No 39 Camp at I y I It.E SAI.E AND itl'ET'AIL.COlli ANDI VA ti o IE Iy ST ORE--c t he alga of tho golden f Stcobalu ') Chartrees oiclt. Thr t stltncribers have re ceived, ita t.litiot to their previous stock on Ihndl,n full w and onalplet, aesortlent of nlrtuela in their line; vis.: t olnbr, pehrfiumIrv, Jrwellrv, brus1i, t1locking glaseOIt, ftniarteie lest,\'l:.e,otiarting in port at follows: C(tir-).lS--trtisoe shell wronaght nol tlaia tucktwist, q;illed buck, loan round, dressing, side pull, curlandi neck, IrazilinI comll of every dler. iptito amongst I which are soamle lMexican ptters, Ivnry combs of every laeiserit riten, Iteorn, deslig and t ilkt'n, togctltor withlt I' general etsorncent o l'ro n alnlnd :a\la rieai. I'bIIFI'ERY-Ctlogne, lateiler, Flti r hdo hoer, bay, rne, and oalr ee fnowtr aafers of every size and des erlption, clmoptllorated Cologne, etrta. f lergmot,r lEllv elsoapsofall kildsa, slltriigt ilt ini cakes na lts 01 crealm onap do, Wrd'a vegetablel hair nil bears atld an :toilet po'wder, peatrl poeler uo. Ier pus a anl boxels )o- I Snlturnin pots and rolls,orrlns and chlorine washllil and oowdelns, with a general assortlnrt of JEA\VEI.LLoY-somte f thlateat nnd Inost fahinna itbl sertts, consisting of white and red corlnelian, tpu iet citardrotpi , t et ill lilogree, bhreast pinll of o gree' .-o.t ty uof inathru, watch trillnilg gilt cte aili ehhkles, iderl tllinbles, silver and poll pt Icirll ad guardn chuin UiRUSRLEllS:Y --(+.hth, Iallr. duhit i,-crabh,htlbrthlomur, i flt , tooth, plate, comb, Nail, hatving, hoe ai nd ahi- ,WI ifl .bir.i--lh l ll i' ' ihli'll ol'tll t olllA nt ni d lll ilin l' ll ll It'- oii Tii g- issale, hi Itne , n, with n tt litti' If -l ,' nl :uo t tn'uni rtant' .l".\Ni:\ A,\1) 1.11:11.1'1' .ll iltll+ l' . lt[ITICrn e , Ij - a i i, l.u es-- iu rlluh ring ,." ,,"s .hh uli a d vwithtnitt urn:i :, it o iteteo h' rs, ta - plnt 'd pencil: iltldelldl s w,,od a, ncils tor car )t'ntcrP+ I d and cit tnms, 1itlotle nnll d pistols wltll, lith a without tI nes, llt'e etlssio en is. p re elh iso , cht, a ers, i isupple SFe.rlew rtil '.: shot veix 91101 clts gale hugs, poste kilnkin , toy Stra selttl, Ihndinnbe ..s ol'tiicrl kind, bell and ltl a lllloi ltin tead oenmont knives, 'iot'irai nd scslle sors, till ibles, curdnanli1 curd caeii, playing cards of uitn'lCr , -icritorrt lld Amnlericti n tllltli ture, dt lls, imltation itruit ,nu fetoxes, prinlts of tarion kind-, S.alnders' tomlneres'ai ["lll tn' ,lltIe I hlillnl l kin'i i lr Istttrs a un in etaal ttoll t aane olirk, Iel atl ) Ia . leklute s do with i t r& plaul s,.e d bealds, gilt dal silver do, guln elastic uspena - ders, lnd gLterlm, plain Sid sword canes, bickglaul"on Sboards, dlice, opticlal viennls, jew sharps, locoico llmatch esl and dlrinlking c.s, whh it great variety t other arti cles, all ofwhlli h will he holdl fi,r lsh or city a.C.eP anl eel o~ 12 months credit. 1 II 81M.M31's , & 'o. a 4d 711 Laurfreai. J.IIh"i &i .NlilEW1, Whludo al Drugg ato, corner C nunmin and 'elsa i In: lroo1.. n r 1 t I 'I Cologe a \ater, ',r itotnt --, -1t.-A .letitdtid .f t nrti-leof cologne,put tup ttut 'aeoly fo ir ri tail trunde; also tht purest F' onch Ptrlfott'ry, enmbrs ts ct et ry vari t, y for the ittle , ftr as -I by Il ctRit & D'LANG. E- / .t1LNis-llI,-'-IrThe Stliobcrther, having lari I eIa. h v hlitbed a vurnisth nlulallllrtor ill \ew )rlean, is le reudv to aslplly ithe aunter anrd llthe public in general, tig i a hnlcsale or retail. Ili prices are tmoderrate, and in the qutlity of his productns superiotr Itnay ever brought it Ihin plile 'h1o'1+ gtenlltlltllln empl.e0 t o sutperinto- nd it rltetollf.lro hlloyha been at tlhe ' ad oe al' cextrsuve eotablliemPt of this kolntd uto Europe. 'ilhose diep,,ssd to IcaiI at the corner if Nalchcz alil Tchnoltitonlas are, .hall be plelenllttld with a fair samplllIe llf anyl varnish ho ,hny nat ,ish ta to Irv. Atroneg trle varltillts are the , cell s N. 1, warranitd rllo Io clnge evel in boilina ci wrlter. The blcek varnish fur lllstores anslid eulnt bec u:himnies. 'rThe transparent varnish withoutl enell. & '&c. a8 II IBNNAIEL. lie '1LOUIR-3O t neliung f n srtetamer Independ enc, ale . . lDOItSKlY, -nt a.^a 4I Ne'w".I v, -t 7.en,:s,.a --,'aitr Sitri- I~lhie caaseu u hie I to e uir , article. jest receiv,,d by t o 3. RIEESE & D'LANG, 13 Camp a' 1l(o1 H1s1n{top.-..iht col. ,tliason t hale rope. t a od, ii ia l o htenp,o atIore, nrod for si ae by o 1 3 UO13ERI' & 1 IA11 TilORN, 63 Crtselr at [Sil t,,\IDE'N ilEl--D ne suacrit l lr ,lk ' tl Io, x spress hols gralteul halnks to the pot ho I r, for the litheral supporit he Ihas ceaved since in ernttrmenced bllusiness is this ciry. hlRarn stle pro k prlst',r of the seed store, 17 Commo l etl , teflu - ":t and never was agDnt ftr any northern secd non, . er; it her is he clon c'ed witll any houlllse in lth col ; nttry - but lie ussures tile public that his ,col nnertians in etery depalrtotu't of the seed bunts its ns, ill the difleient countlres of Europe ure equal n ro that of allny hose ill tle UInle l States. Ile int. t pet, s eds, lplants, Atic. frotl the most eolettsiVr e. annd respeetable nurserle ta and see Islaen In France,. l- llatnid, IEngland, SiotIhnd, and thIi no therln a stateh--old it will at all times be his inrerest, as II o is hlI stuidy, to receive, in adds lsonto be present 101 stork. Ilnrge torivala of every dearcrlpronu, really the t ro, th of 11138; also, ngoloted fruit Ire. s, u, all le kind. The publie miny rely or, linding a ill it as senrt llnt of evtery arlec iIn i lte terd llhte, f gelnue he aatI~nIty, ald imported direct by IV\e. DINN. to .`0 TIlE PUBLIC-TIeis endrl si*nad.Ihavirng Ily studied under Dr. Sel.midt of CUharleston, of South Carolina, and for esoIte years his assietant in thle practice of Ielicilnt anud surgelry, has tile hounor to offer his pIrofessional services in llis etey. ot lie assures tlhe ladies and gentlelen lhtiet a moata5 e- prompt attention will be paid to tie calls whlich Smay be made; and also offers his services to the he holders of slaves, being well acquainted with the dn diseases common to then, having attenlded them in ta. .no ugar hnuse ill Chaorlheln. by The lamous aunti-bilious pillsa Iter theeeomposition at of Professor nultllette, ithll directionls, eun be hlad of the undersigned. The effect whichl they have " produced in thisu and other cities, has been attended wiath the greatest success. to whlich the best of references can be given. Apply at No. 166 Maga. rine street. JNO. M'LORING. Ol rTat C E---TiIl porniernhlip af Kelley Bas1soil &Ce t oat Naew Orlnn- alMsone tlarrie &Cn., ttf Na ctlez; I rd Ilarri., lleley &CaP, of Rdlney, was dissotled an i Ilaiat elt of they l, by tile death of .allusel A M.oon, hIly j e of tlh ll artllers ne t ohe b rsulln. l. h.i uldersiglled, surviving ipartner" I ill be shred weithtllsettlie g anad clohlg tihd i busierss eae fillwa: let lentt HaIrerit rill attred te)tht sleatlir otf 'tleh businies at of r lsollluorrisre Co.. ot Natichez; aut Ihtorrio', Kel ot e, d ot Io. ltdev; uttd Ilierv Krollee will utende te ie hoatling afehae bh'sirtss efKoaley, Mleua &+ Co., ut be , Sea elelaCn.. l'be netna nfI. Of sens dveral wrillhe 'I'lillse iodtbted t salnl firnlt are earntettPy esquaPto I dc. ools orwerd und hnkeourly oetleltiento; eo' lelaae li-tvinta claims ,till tlcease precat theta withfotlltls v ILd I ( ihiRRIr ' IIEhNRI K1:I.alEY. DlOLBEAR'S Science fP Peenanshlp received,and P for sale at their permanent Writing Academies N No. 8 Chatres stlret, New Orleans, 189 Broadway New York, Dauphine st., Mobile. It is particularly designed for private learners, and schanls, and is calculated for persona of all ages. Ladies and gentlemen are invited toeall and examine the syslem for tIlemselvea. Leseona are given at sach houase as smay sanit the ronveniecce of all, and to classes formed in any part 1f lie cite. Latien wlio prefer itean receive 'esonsat theirownref aideances. Persons poyinn ea n rse of tesons are desired o atters'. ' .~ . is aell astthey wlsh. - .3JSSA L.ROTHiR. ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, FOR FEVER AND AGUE. rI.EN years have not yet elapsed since it was J first regularly submitted to the public; but it lnas attained the highest reputation; and has sup. planted every other medicine for the Ague, wherev. er it has been known and appreciated. Already I has it been carried in every direction throughout the United States, and still realizes more than could have been anticipated'lby its motsaanguine friends. Thousands of persons have not only been relieved, but restored tI healith and vigor through its asen. ey; and thelf now cheerfully testify, at every oap Sportunity, to its doeided and supremo erficacy. It is composed of such medicinal principles as are calculated to renew the healthy action oftlhe atom Sac, liver, and otlher important digestive organs, the loss of which harmony it the imlmediate cause of the disease. It is apparent also, that it produ. oa an entire change in the condition of the system, and certainly destroys the native liability to relap sea of the affection. When the Agile in attended with any other complaint, the employment of the Tonic Mixture will not interfere with the treat. ment of the other disease, but will even afford as. A. attance by furnishing strength and vigor to the body during the course of treatment. These who make use of this medicine may be assured that .there is no Arsenic, Barks, Mercury, or any other article in its composition unfriendly to the btiman a constitution; being entirely a vegretable extract; id and they mnay have additional confidenec in the use thereof, when they perceive that it has the eft feet of a gentle laxative about the time half a beot. it the full has been taken-in consequence of which, there is no part of the medicino left to linger in the bowels to cause obstructions, and other evils, arising from the use of many of the remedies now ol'ired for the cure of this affection. It has been used also as u preventive, by many who were sub ject to a periodical recurrence of the Chills, and it , as invariably warded ,l' the apprehended attack. i OtbserIve The Proprietor, folly satisfied with t he a, unparallelcd and universal success which lias cun. stantly attended a punctual and regular use of tihe e Tunoie Mixture, in all cases of Fever and Ague, Sthols warranted in engaging to refund th1 price to all thosa who have toklen the medicine in strict ac. of cordance with the prescribed directions, without having been prfectly and lastingly cured. Thle subsermberas re the wholesaul agents foir the South Western States, and have now on hand six ty cases of htiu medicine, which sa warranted fresh I and genuine. For sale at tile manufaculred prices J.1I.Vis .h. ANilti .WS, II \'alhu,'hal r I)rlt.e·is ts, tnovy7 ror Commolnl)n kl 'lihloulllilotlu nu''a . -ll.iastippl e ed ouI.,laulln litel, ,j1US. MARY KII KLAN1 ro.petfially an. Ilounoce to her friends and the puble gone. ally that site is prepared to aceottimodato theoll at ite above ostablishlnent, and tholep from her nxertions to render visitors conmifrtable, to receive t continuance of former favorr. Sloe foole confi. lent that persons visiting Covintgton durig the mI ner mon ths, cannot find better accolntiodatitrcn I' than lte can all'ord tlthon, on more lilmral tenirn. Her house is pleasantly situated, and well lipplied with every convenience; the liar is irnished with the most choice liquiors, &c. in sliorlt,he promises "at nothing shlall be wanting n liher part to give tire satislaction to all who tmay patronlizt tile Iisssiltppi and Louisiana lotel. jc3 HlOL.LOW WA '.RE, WOOD) SCREWS, SAD IRONS, &c. I IIE IIOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near Beckmln street, New York, have reeived the I past seaon, and are eonstantly receiving largo and extensive additions to t ihlo sock of thoe iillbov goUads, which nowt consir s of tile ollowing asonltment, auitabln Inor thie outlterln andti eostlerl imarkets. IHollow of superior quality, consinting of about 15110 tens, viz, Pots of 22 different sizes, from 1:8 to 50 gallons, n Keittle, 15 saes, front 3:8 to 30 gallon, I Kettles, 15 tizls, from 3:8 to 1 gallonsa, Illkelpan. or Ovens, 7 d Tellicret blZes, Tle Kettles, 6 i) Skllletl . 5 do Splders . I do 'vled ii Sdr, 2 do t idde ,t . i ,l iWagolln Ita.obot frm to I to i 3.1 nele. . C.rt dr f 5 to 7 metlii,. Waod Screlw-, 20,II grs, ironl andl ibrs, fromlll : incht, No. 3 to 3:9 ich, No, 2l of a superltior qi lily and fiiiil, and lets thanl Jai s' imported SSad Irons, aaertedt, i ceasks of about 500 Iba for, retaih g. l'alor's and hIaattor's Irone, .orted. Sasa weight~s, 110 tan, asselrted from 1 4.1 to 20Sbs. Bells for Plhinltations, soteasbatr, churcthe, &c. made to order, Also steaoibats and other cni hiCnery made to a .rdor. r 'Tho above aseortment of goods is particularly di recommelnded to tle attetlion of' SouthLiernc aild SWetVatrit mnterchal t, and are oillred fo r shlle at low prices, and upon t iloilllst liberal terms ; it it be. lioevd to be the largest and best assiortllent ever otl,'red for salu by aoy onoa etaLblioluneut in tile Uniled States. erchllants, by forwarding a request by mail, acn have a prin'ed circular, with description of goods, priceeoand terna, f-omo which no deviation is ever mnado, t'frnished by retlurn of mail. All orders will receive intiediate attention. New York, 1838. J'3 1 I' Glen', Irjooumonrios. Indien DIye, lor coloring the IlIr : Ileo r's Oil, ilRosrmnns beat'sa creese, poatn oatIi. , MIclaw's fret cle Waos, superior pearl powder, hill whlot, cream Slo roses, vegerable rouge, ne of a ose, Ilp salve, kreausle touth wash, arbonalitI denlrilice. alrange tflwer water, ponder putfTs nld boxet, Aitotrlhnan t chareoal, neatly put up in Iour ouinct vils, Pres. tun sulre, roltinge, Ikrelasole totth ache drops, hair i blushes, Eoigllh dresstin combll, derian batr oil, with a variety of other perlumerie, ke&. For sale d ry C. J. 'T'RINCHARD, o ro 3 corner ol Canal and lBouroon as I- ATS-13 case. dr I RIussia lnts, varionls qtimlitie broad brilli anld low rowlcnos Illlilng from hip c S. Louis, for oule by I Il It .itI. A Co, my? I'l Migazil neat II. nte--5' bln hindllg llfrol iiltellllnl itlo I .elRoge, lfr sale by c DrRma . 'Y, li6T7 " l 11 ew I.Vve I1he ubsrieirs, AgC. t .--en tof' the 'ateasive eol.n.aof \ . hoi S. Butcber, Slhelfiel, RotlAnd Ilae iltust eceived a very extensive set of pioa le,ie coinsg of iablie citol Ilesscrt Knives i e -' desril tihon, Pen, [ ocker, lom, and Spear point olahves lieazors, Sroi urs, t'ool,& he. &ci. o nwhho lrhy re prelared o exhibit to tile tradle for orde-s. 'l'nramds nd cnllaions aill be mnade known at tie little. mIn6 J. I). EIN & C(dil fIeN . eln men st. .r N. . (OODIS.. I1 MMONS, hIIAIT'' & CO.--Art now r eieovng oper strip Ilnotville, Eagle, Merrey Anlhew, lighio ander, Frenllc acrd lclnan doulle ilea pl:lvino carn stie lcet lld i cket pistolsc labi. rilohei andl ll lit csllsioe eapi, cap lilolldoooo; scis. 's, Ilazorie, Ien. d ver; illoti's coimerciaei all.l ther steel lpens; Vio II; Vi, L:ia strigsa; shelo, ivotry and born com!ls; watmrs; al k, bead and leather plres haloir lhrals, front sail Sack I'lngletsi negro uillffs (Germain :a. Fecclh collogne I rater Ron allnds rnaeaser oil, ilfilmatiolt Io; liantile srtil ,o mrsll il; ,oir'tbl Ileeskot and dreslog cl ces. : past hoblickitl; ortaiaanl toilet glaosest convex o llileon n l ca glisos.elg ms views; ndian eal., beClls anld plome; t lm'nelOln, wbhit-twine; toilet anid EriLiIlg somnsi toilet otoder, eeolnolie wash ballt; samnl to in l llsohills; ti lan standnll w e clllbionris; fancy bead eh'ins aol necklnace billiard lialle paocket books ald waillctts; em aiL:e holne; Irazor tlaps'; fine rail cnnmos guni e lastic ltslentlel., ematerrotlllell lucifer mutdcesi il vet pencils; IPYe'onl, &c. &c. The shove . ad litioi to out former ctnck of fane. d 'clrtes, crakeroa. :rsSlrtmrnt vrey dote. For nsa I holsale l retaild as the sign oftble Goldeni Ctml,a g li(:a ite street molSc.' I t. Ioa & 1'tili'N ii .Aiti l'ihRll S 36 Ch.nrrl. slreet, Nw Orleane. to T I. Sh(IiEANTdi & C..o. omoarcrs of French . and lnl s Chinn loh Cute and Irarlhen warc. are t i i,,w llpi, now sald rich atierllr s of brelikfueo, h dninp nl od t.a tlrvlce , Ioilet setsi, pilchers, 11ta i ln e., a ( cJpe rl , tePrcte, susgirs, creams, hlawler, i lrel, . di-Sas, ,,reOlle, wiasl bhasai anlt enwes, a , , I l, i lha, etc. ltc. Richt rtil lad Ilain French andr Amn rian lnaso. a wanrk--,.oihlets, .ieoho paigrell e Ilrlllnlde jelllepic iliroterls, w iln,-, C,,rdl al.% canirt, blowies, docalllers. I llnbl ers , pr serverslhrs, pelaerie s, pitchers, lanlpss d nlprI shade anlld glassed, candle shadeo, salt cel t' ser al e nc. Stivrr plated, hcrnzed and trilasnia wirr--enor iore, lioqar elandl, cake huselte, enndlrsrcebs, Ihrnchee bpollls, ledle', crlfl,.eaeid ter ltors ,l agar., eresllla. lhlnps, japalned tras, naslrl Stnlld and hat.eoin lateps if ie sellerc,Gealiteasleer pl)oons , adI larkei tlgeitlller with a reall varlely Ifrlslch, d hot filllly UPrp a le Mrehallt, planlero, hllt e, and alrollaleo1s, flraithed w:h 4gioldal atie lcoslt rea ,, snble 'rcesi, amnd pal ked as as to be unveeyrd Woih sallety t. any pprt oflhe cnaunry. S Alsl, splthecareis' glassware.. no '2 S4lL' e ('ouelrt Meichants alnd Phlnlers. N ..r,' , ' l. ll t hOr elnketa, fllnn,mIe, tnstev , 10 ll =hireiL,. -, :h,ck, nlieni. i'alicn ec, loaldken rehi ete: In &o re.ce vto nod nr stal lowO by Ihl' snhecri. ere. ROTl lIA & Co. oct. eorolcr'Canal aid Cnaotroa ot T MEOAAR itRIAEATEN*? Vortk--eal M oail E daDa at I. Mt. 0wY 0d 0 Eet 5. dav aM. thw AM. Wer Mail, rDue ever iSund, Wa demday by ot h ayy by. a Pnd. Al. eh Columb usla il, Gaa.Drel ,Thuraday Closese every ola.ry, Woedneday Crnlen N an Saec.y! 5j 215 o , Warenon Va. r 12 PII1- m. "Thlrd Rie i~nnd, Yn. I amunn t.1 r. 6| T'IMES OP AkBIVAt., tlEPAItataU,{p DISTANCE orre der alcks il, ur haea, Mll and Np nYork-hlavr .... y, m y 3. Nohar Colhiald p , o 11 . I 1 n -o wn r €? pta m iH1 , 1oya lNavy, M l . a. ,i 2 3 ,,. 2nn. 24 a mwa Iv le., l~" )e2,I5yeitS 7 he'd Wcr e.t len, Va. 11 t o. 55 I r ein Poieabaoe j h n. Ill pr V. 03 r8 9a. g nemeA~l.Fy Aoutm. iT e 6l4oD. S A tin hi ng . re a one of me.61 4 hre nio nlllolaooct, 6 38 4 0 iiiodll ln ti!at. 18(1 It he si ovedan, e tl ihod vr w t peperu nwe 1h1 Nea York 2ptna. 90 by oihwor, ioen hr an , w 4iIte . r S Ld ,. lot.; lcItr lit'lrtys t if venule tannd te i tat4 tat eunt b omie tin aCeiving orhr r a nir duo tio-t, o wel , uso m a oher ernsa , Fnns th inv olnlt ' f Jolr c r o thelwiLb etrllcl t AHit naot l 1th h esro.ome rEwart tOa heoa A f . , rdelv:in it nllt,, hey Iof ti sts le jn~ s~ a )f e ie fhi a"'.ttt il,, lioc ... ir. a!,d It....... . Iteolaat. .Slttrat Jun rfcaivd and 0(or 0, latatale 010 CattatEl a nlOinacorioi or cnrlr1 i , gaid. onrr , olae n t le dlllvrpedoa, Timsa ,llre r wI tinuoutidale trearmill re |heTC~ eOglenrl trm s Ityr Ind requre ilnndwll )Mren Pindb e ca 1811to ake * Ctteotlto n cae oofv, and i f to havin| clais, topeph -u. I.l GiARIIETSON"¶ CAPTAIN 'IIIitYAT't'S NKW NOVELS 1Rtlinvja l'ae fReefer, by lnhe attllhor ol Pitor Sitaple, & tCoattaitts, or0 n iatoc at .r t S th aa I '" ttfie~ I . aI ,L ote r a , l o C a p t ai n Ga sil la il , aiyo ! N ya o y F . L PLtod ldtotdo tllt tn r tonm e bya Allan (SaI tlou ghaml vo ,nInhppotr d Ito wa rtlo ht I'tittltilJ f 1 .JVIt 4* tltot /:naodainols lioratetf .Iaal aaatualntl foam mlh , tr l aln n t I It y hyi tail tlln IreOne 1 oo, ftr tfiu- Nt,. 79~a .f nlhrper lI tnlv 1l,l (lllipbrnrv * Vole.: l i.. lllheeew, ttctaomplet e noat! uafifrarl ediaion lol I|teaht.toan Ireina.'s a I'org0 . Re,'rr a'r I Eat I atnEglish !)ialiaaaryoyn 1 aol, 3ro iSO t';t'1aa I',ot'h attad Engylish Dicliataoiar. A .sn--A iaw tattro ca lesa ttf Catalacn e'larenaolgy "RI~iehTAs " Imllr)e tlrvYoyort, Catta t a-iota pereOat qu liwt h i I. ilhate,! lth s atlt-4atd 2 I-A aothee .lI tll ,lll e , 1. I frol b (ilrl~ll[ illr.dlrtlc ir l N.lllrl plllr, wi..VY JjIl'ala I I Nt i' 1 11 ( I 1 It l(t t1e1, "O P O tilr (l]lr Sa tatata nI AbrIhte of tile Iliatoryaf alat<i . , !rxe ta [nletrit Ititat Iato heataly lrtnlllttl a ll t eanitl a reata lietvta ft t u, al e A infertae IAl aIllLa.ltt trltttnatlll laat I aalllwo tlo! ai t l l .I Llnl era nll aahl atgleatll l a AIl , "l'-. a laaaaaatl 'aa l{ • " na li~ll.llr 1XIIIIHII'III lt111111( th,"· ('ll~r( ·l*6ln Of,'t ,eln. I1 hI tttctllrllltaialhhlalllaattalttllat alad WatIt ottat Ity Allarrtaa t ':all lh ll tagt , I' latatt iiallaltat at all!f J tt el r I na m aoh lir* l~lllll f.ll' rl·* II II wilh·ll.l III )· A e ~ llllilllll o nlh I. t a h ttati llgta alll IIkelylllamlrl b I I e Id o il•i Plt a ill ta .,I' l Vlal etta' o ! alu a ,h ri d a.rll. at,,,l aalhlaal titrottata,!ltat II aate Ilr. aatnaaatagn taP anbln (I't I It t oaltltttattaaallttttaaa 1, lftllatRkn tat, i aLe poa o e , lllll' ler S Itv l ( [rltll /. (III l he II: lI ,in (; ll)ell illel tlhttittoa Illlatittalt tiul, t . tnlett'ta I a lrttaa IUtlallty Ai (Iuv. date! .o o t,! fa. r ettt nit, 58" 51 SIIrEANe ct t tat ,r ,. (:la1lp at at,(!:o!allltaa O I6 IAtIIP'EI' t'..l.l.ItSl ,Z ;AIII. II I ,It. lt ,- S ll t l(. i 1,xr nhlhlM Id by IloItII , I'r.ltt.T, I f)o wtit I ·L. v o tlTr qut pll 'lTll IitOl ol hI lo o li to'ie Add'ipfn l , 'oT1 II Ieror, (I l Vi'kel d. lN ortio 1 .11 --1 fI t T t r.n.It II s ` of the It Iot T of I'l(t . 'I , wit h l l, in.hx n l Irel 10r r e h '1 1 hsloh I Sl'li 1 ao .i loorni h.n vuhlwd lO a11d I!1 uf"I l: , i '1, a. - ool'el I. Tt r - em eav allllllllll o\ II si i n r g'r ! Ot i bI c Th' ' Io , .non .1 ll: 1T1. 1 ne . etFTd II'IE il' : *1' o ',r . IA h 't i .l 'iot, , v I ,o ý,uT I t A r r 1 l lytr 11 l< l 1 1 ,,' . 1, t.1 1 1.,4 . .1.rm 1 -pas otn 1,ttmio.o itof1 r i, i Ia Cul , ll r(. , l tl . tb..l latrr, l tae l Psrle 1nd T)O wthlm o il. , I hs h L tsi itno . r"..l+, l 1, ,+11. ' l 11, e hll lh, ll hn ll t' l , l1 . I.1r nJ 1Y Lot I ANT I 1:'IIl T ITO t p l " ,ill,,: n....r - ...ea tm o .................. d ,ure e -d, sne. s I w I , it .ll . r I s il T 'i ,lller rT in ih t, O e l.ei e sntIT ti , ' i.'tl TTl nl. oTrT, o vio d rnc wnl T , th re a S 1,d i, tt lo l ler llr r ll, ,s Ins h at nl T I l aItl Ib, ri. T'he TTTl ilg only aIre Tt' It- I; t i z.l,,, vL T : P er I'llT so a, S -111ll7 a ndJ S ilnrlolg lvwdee.a S I,,l tll'lll Tt! I TfTI Oll, In r Tlslt. . brIeod, buckw ohe , dcl l '.of F( l t la oI tlha n rPpetiet t h o tr dt. tI1 I a oll, ork , IIC ilT V ill l d tpolea " or Indio e' ha nd a ge nl d,"s-,1men, >f Marbe M, Ie dnches ,c lioy, t he bo l !,i ual outllVOalila , cUTs . AmoeroCeon r :itl I " MoCtyTom n r - -St'-lons trult tt !a"IJNl n El n dlia s m -arl lth Inh, e bf elis! ',,T d1 .oul r! y rt o ex&ll c I t. PoI, ~i ,lll' alln.,.l ~Id rul',rmf g'm ; n rllah aAon se Ve, , m ou d ano' toi I totl', ()'oa tl,, lr.o Im Itplln d Ly"I ,rlr, .lolnb. .h ntl (GLua slve resl ole, Io lrt,'tIC,,- , C l reoloty a d0IltTolo OautL pwilr t ,ie, chh.rln tol'h iIt0h0 p, + dIr puf. pnfis nld be lllnI f Prin lltt .eT's trlonl h, nit l re, , lhlo tI,rl1, totot wash .s w tr a lle o th Illlet an Iest a re lllie't sPr enled ande Stlll tin I ,ol l te, poin , llnolletl cmatrn do Pert se 1 , orAn ooe tl it'e, r oc, I,Ivrm,ll Or ind t lllldi wI terso lie tI the heot glnlllpmeo, 1lav Ind'. ;\laUete r re , Old. r Od ote'a tooldl OC , C 0 etoltt, h elt, .',k II t i v orltety o Iii tIer rtI othce Illelthsa inrtltble naork ing Ink osuperior lock ink, &r. t L S Lorli Sld reliNed whale oil. ml,)' Lln imli p A I te,, s yIotttie ti- 'uthorhf ' t rel r n'p; ry pln See oct '2 ( EI)R _[ JONES oo Fur eritetor and curittret Ferer nod Iotpuel . 'I T twill e rllodilo diToovred a herei, th, e Tt l c tmli I f. ti '1re is. u eri t to l tile rly tlorv t tle of Ire.tinL of IFeveralnd A:ll... In elhe f las I ,hev, ben 4Ng+ l it "blee I f:olr it, mil i fIrc t linenl tth oih aoy elet ul o isoit tof ol,. ilogrediPts it inv Io e o aken wvIt It t Iialot fi en, ev'e b, tileadner iniinl ,, ll need iolalhd. it pre et- tveelaldopt.,l ,f the diseas, conIt el llk t t e cltos.t u te l in ) .o..1 regnill its wOlied Itom' lnlod lcltvitv t It estib ,ns II o a p .lcoe olad porIePnt I pl .o th, bRv ioe igroo ties h stoI otollltni, 'lio sR It tolishlt ihto nte tott aitc of sic. being Ilc'llliUr ilhlll, in I it lpurati ve qlllty, i run ea a Ii titell setoc tc a I tlr oeti t s disordter, or to create otllerdi Osel'. , btlt lhortot ogly Chet i IPt he several or ing goIof of dlgstliOln l ill that, enefts file .ls eLv Swith wh tlever otih- aoiect oo I i i t 't o Ile opI0.res od. $ Inldividuals, obler the 1,.eolfti;; 'I'oliic :Mixhure, hlave Alit been exposed l t ll he tulslllul casei s ofr the I'ese.lw en. and Inve. ,coped slay sy4p11 s ollll f Ief ellirle; whel'll, by io' I+ Ithe iulllo ttllllnllco rpoll-s+i c, e re Is alt yt yerear rs; tedl iii int-rei2lls d libllililv to ri'tu11re.c1e. 'ITho danger itI Irilllltt__ 'll _ of IhO AT+tT i& verl tvtit igi for one t ole otl will o.tooo Ire)eo gr toIo th.o p iol-flfe Ie lotoie ablle t o ratel wihllleliilll cm t old peil y Iolls voc I ot on Io -goch i tceolcan toe fM e'.k ille e 'lT i ixt-mot is ooi t .le-,l 1 , lllch of re'. t llol, l ttl it ce, it iti),pl, it i ilhian t"Ies; tth0 ttem oo, oletr ott-- tI I oht tllw l i.t I iI dlostitu. ibe re hier, v filrog hedm itht a esitloine.l ilt t c oliot lietinll aIli o oit ,lld utllidlill wlpict h ie fretue otv denied to tdthe o.' else vor relucotu tldyt bestowe po i..- rio .lls nitati... of' Ili l..i.:i n',h th,'I are daily eib1red sit- furs e. j elt oirorgl o io the I o oo)r. Jo R. Rooe 'n d, at his 1C Lal, l lalnlorv, ,Marktlstrlr., 'hihled.;plp e al .1 h Lsubscnllr d ore the whnld,.mde e nr, ts for lhe 73 terln -inte- and will sell by the esr,.l, at Iphlin pries. 'I't be hIL d It rtail olsoat A Iputo o tar-oo ill th+ city. J.\IfVIS & AtooRIo.\ViI. 'ittll ols Ilrelgissto th t otf Cooltny &.W Tl'l'it'K ls , Ie U ARBILEi CIII[mIkNY PIECE': PttohEtiOU;sd a' Cuslom!hoosU street, Japposte the poIt.omCe. 'o The suhseribors are nlow receivillg fron Itheir fee; tmori, ill n New Yurk, allnd will keelp eonlstnntly on hatnd a gallernl aissorllent if MsLrbln R3Miltle Pieces , ofsuperlolr work lallnshilp, ll d un f the latest paltl orn e, inude of the beo.t gyptian, Italian, Iriro and r, Amorlran mnrble. Alt, Molnumtlls, Turombs and Its Grave Stones, moulded and plain ilils ond lintels, eln-iarbl |beilngs, hearlh's and boundary stone, plaster of Paris, Roiuano &. &lydraulie Ceuellt and- Plaster. 1t, i g1 Ilair, togethor with a spleudid assortnit ol e, t ass nltllled and pllliU Grates an1id Russia Iron rates ofthe nuwest and IistL approved pattorns. -d Lelterillg doneL ill the neatest ilmallner and at the rUstt notice. They hlave first rate workmen to ts "I 'Fie work. rd 'AK"''' AIN & STROUD, I.ID)FhL.L'S NEW W)lltK, &.--']'he American i Englaad, by the authorof"A Year in S1iain," in voll'nPs. Nolblle Deeds of WVllnie, in vol.t! The Young \Wife's Book, a nual w moral reli II Le's nLdll demhne tiP dules. s, Just reeeircI anil ftrlmilc by \1'!. .I'KI::1', 11-~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~u (onm lA,. l,.+__ .;.. ).l!f

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