Newspaper of True American, June 22, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated June 22, 1839 Page 4
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iqik.l imre Packets NEW ORLEANS AnD BALTIMORE LINE OF PACKETS. Thin line will centost ot the following vesels, which have bren built or purchased expressly lfr tie trade, via: 8hip Seaman, Capt. Miner, Bark Mary, Nickerson, I rai Ferry, now - Stuveno, " Solomon Saltue, LaLkaam, Brig Architect, " Gray. Tsemo vesaols are of the first cla, have hand. sote thrnihed scomnmodatiots, antd are of a light draft of ater, o as to admit of their reknivig and dbeielging their carores in Daltimoe, at the city. Freight will be token for ports on the Chesapeake er James' River, and fbrwarded by the agents, Mears. CLARKIE & IELLt GG, at Baltimore: expenses on goods shipped will be alva lled when required. The price of passago os fixed at i0O, al.plI stores of the b at quality will be provided. Stam up and down the Mississippi will be taken Oa all oucafione. For freight or passage, apply to nov7 GEO. BEDFORD, o~7 * 2 IBienvil!e st. FOR NEW YORK. Louilsiana and New York Line of Packets ] THE Slhipe compeoing tiis line wIll sail fitom New Orleans and New York on every other Mon- . day--eommenoing on tile 20th November--and to Insure tho punctuality in the time o'ailing tile e line will hereafter consist offive ships, viz: Ship Yazoo, Captain ''rusk, to leave on tile 20th November. Ship Louisvalle, Captain Palmer, to leave en the 4th December. Ship Huntsville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the 18th December. Ship Vicksburg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on the let Jaonuary. Ship Mississippi, Captain Davis, to leave on tihe 15th of January. The above are all new, of the first class, copper do and copper fastened, and upwards of 5UJ tlns baithen, are of light draughlt of water, beig built le New York expressly foir the trade. The pricea nf pasag tois fixed at 100 dollars: their r abirsa tre Ited tip in tie most improvedu and convenient plan, and finishod in a neat and elegant style - Amplae stor- of the first quality wall ba providd, and every regard paid to tle comfort and entire eatisfaction of passengers, who will please talro no. ties that no berth can be secured hntil paid for at the efee of tile consignees. Then vessel ar e ommanded by captains well xperienerd in tile trade, who will give every at tention and aert tllenselves to coluanodate . 'Tlac' will at all times be towed .p and down the Missis. eippi by steamboats, nnd the strictest punetualaty olberved in the tiato of sailing. The owners of these seips will not be raponi. hie for any letler, parcel or packago, sent by or peten board of ttctm, unless a regular bill of ladinll be signed therefor, at tie coatnling house on tie agent or owller. For farhar paprtieilari apply to J D BEIN & A COIIEN, nov27 90 Codmamon s t aEWh ORLEANS & atlAltI.t..aIlNi t'Ati";l'lci rated, and af i a a. ilO aIla: Ien rthll.c , with hands.alae are,..matadatitt s In r possangter.a These vessels are ealntanoded Io cnptafis wrla experienced in tile IratlP, wIo Will give every at tention, and exerr s at tt rrlver to arctaallt.lal: Ihir, ehipper. 'lhey will ha' towed uip and d,,wlthe te Miseissi pi, and Ir;tdo Nlaw Orleans t, or heos re the IOih and 15at of every m ,nltt. to Lt f lluwieg vesaets ecnllpo.e thea'Ila, viz : Brig Arabian.Chanrln O rGce, toaster. Brig Coapatan.J, B. Tiompson, master. Brig Amnera, J. Daone, master. Bark Reagr' 'tllians., J. Alliherre, master. Flr Ireight or passate, atpply to J. A. IARELII &.Co, 61 Cmmon at. NRew Oit lnei or 11. C,.:. grat I L OM.IAKt & CO's ttttae aad Ncw Orlrans SLijo of Packet ShIips.--T'ltt new line tof shipsJ has been expressly bnilt to run betweeno the abov porte, and will be found of suitable draft of alter: accommodations for passenagers, and every effort will be made to give general eatisection, 'I hea line is composed fatho fo lowing ships: Cheorokee. 415 tols Clapt. J Ilarding, Carolina, 400 do S Lemisn. Charleston, 374 do D Eldridge, Colnmbiana, 6:i5 do G Barker, Seanman, 24U do J tlows, Botmbay. 125 do D Hlunplhrey. Tle above lships are all new, of tile first ,loas, eopper fastened and aoppored, acommanded by nlen of grelat experience, Ilauve largo accomodl.tallaa, with a separate ladlescabil; every attention willi be paid to paaaotgers, and the very toast of stores pro vided for them. r The packets will be towed up and down the ilis eineppa, and the stricteast puctuali y elaecrved itn the titme of sailing, aod should thla regaar vessel, he detained it arraving, olhecr slhip equatlly as goadt will in all eases be hubstitutedl. A slare ot patron age is solicited, aOo tftne ag'ais plaldgu thb mullv' s to aCCoommmodate a ,nula an pracitiahlo, to receaive and forward goodsa I:y id lite at lthe must nladcr. b ate elarges, altd to advance all uxpeaaaea on goods t shipped, if required. t Tle ships will leave the let and 16th of every month. For freight ror passage, apply to the agentc. J A ill tRiI'I'T, 82 CoIlotUoa st. N. B. Advancemenots made on cansiagnmo..tns to Messrso. A. C. Lombard & Ca. nov'27 novu. T1 'H Ev enc e u ,, 1t oa jr,. t an tim e. houblnld, ior prtupin boltle aloh, low, prce ,f 51 canto esuch, cnotioing the strl.gtoih of hree n icR o, I.iverwort, hsi lee rtllnth , irtllora ,.I nllo other rots anid herbs known aong the Idin( as elolivCiou in curing pulmonarv ctmdlaints. rhu ut c'iallod ucecess whlirh hin talrended the ule of this ioastltmnlle iblls tllo llulcer it Ibnc been iltro-. duced. IlVs olttined tilo eoolidtnlce lud recommetda liona ofn elpectablae olnyoinotr, for ile ctre of congas, rsldo, pain in the oide, want of rest, rpitting of blood, liver complaint, & e. To whbo it maow yonern. 'This ie to certif thlt wet havo in our practice fretoently prearriobed tfrt (ardn aer' Indian Balsam oft .iverwro at d Ilnorhlln. witll a drcidcd good efoet: on foo Ihbereforr, from thoo kS wto ledge of thle nalerral itir nmodo froln, ian o hbe rtoln .noe xperirece, reoulolu it tc a st; eri"e propctier.o oral those ntectiooto of rthe l.o of.r which it is "re uma de . A I t I . IA1dsS 1, h. r CALVIN EI.I.IS 1. D. Mlemnbea ofa t luoston Mledicul Assotcition. Boston, October ' 25 sale by JAnIVIOS & ANI)R eWS, ill i9 rnot i ta ~ I Iol, t I t +bl ms m tR 1'V-p1 ty lsos ,lCom l tir recitm d nop d ,rl o.ttfy IIER IO.\E, BOIEOWN & Coo. _ Cmay 3 No 9 C'onti a,. -dRUG.--Just loanul, tro ,,h, spA.l .-, L ooly of alonnd, bt hvr tond swetr liquorice root, line juiresaherese t Ilr rgomol, ,fornr .a .11 ir mon jioi, helnp and canary seedr, Inlolota. Bluke, and smtl, ocnlharidol,. brimstooie, orange afuwrl ater &c, for wIoltlo:O ald retail is setor ol It Bt'NAFI.II motO rr Nratchez &t 'lchlnlo itotala at H Y D RA U IUC CEt: IENT.--, I.oletdidlg from chip iGe Cabot, Und for oale by ma0 3 73 Cop et r .It.I iMtN 3 ftART' &d CO, ore now recivlneor,), I on tnold alhip Orleans. Eorle. ltighlanderA tnokerr .letrvynodoo, torh' , roh ted uoro::.:lo. loy; lrl." z Otrtont; Bllards; Clohessott, l1-I ot;d " 2;-" in',.l o i ard tiolns; 8,9, 10 and 12 ioch hhlt lo w . Ito-i Knil I.reatlher oltl otlthr travelloo" I)reooino CrasPos Blt. Pocket, tlorooman'c, and Duelling I'i-ool; rluo hle aldl single barrerled GuneIs. (;ame Bag.; Shot Il,,ht'; Pold.ri ani Pistol P/laks. I))atn Bottles n,.uI lrinkin.g ('p,;" Preusion Cups anol Cop Holders; (;loth I tiro '1'or;h and Nail lruoheso; Orro olld Chlonin T t \\out Wosh Tooth Powderr Toiler and Slhaving Sonap, in f'rt '. iet long Hair IBraids, Iin tctt and 1-'rl,,l.~o; n'otr, FnoPeoilet Powder; Emerrv Itnf; Ivory .T'l[ (lo't holooo Patent Shodos r Grllero; Gtom E!stco 0tustprotro:o Powder Pltffo niloo t oo.; (tolt Chlatilln r Sealo oind Ioo.o.t Ear-drope; Waict Iltcktro, Btioolrte; Bead Neoklao , and Chaitn; (ilt nol Siivrred Booeao; Indial Buoo id, Itall octl Plbnoo; Slhell 'o'wito; Side and I)r.oorlnt Comcrbs; which, io o rlition In their torner o toak oln hrond, makes their astsor tmPt terv co'ooloateo, cntd w h11 orld ow and on lieorol terllr, at tile oaio. of the (;oldler Comb. i's-ot 70 Chartres street. j)UJB SIIEI:'l".T\'--I 5 haloh', lauding f0 mt la ship John, Dlnolap. fr oale hy .4-2 1 t!t0 Mll)(; A. Co', Mgtzi I 0t t1;h.:u'.TIo'8--.i bt'or 4.4 I.,.oooll ,otofnodo. 5 I hales a1-4 twoole tlo.I elttro l, o .on , 3na buckski tstriptts, lot ing from hllp 'i-o Loloit , ir a , llo o -, oet9 IRtlt(itF & too. 131 Sog'ioca at Itl IN Ib)l)Stbt-The aehocrioers hove prto reo at a eprI rXaJp nsP, lair right of p tropo 0)tt Iron rot,!s in thos rity. Tlhey are adapterd toi iuhi bulodlno. a+,w'nrcorloooa. ad irivteO dwoollin:l, llol orollne at onte ehr-aplnscs and duroohlho, oold 0re ptorfnec:l- fire fnd waler pr aorf Tnrm moo [.e knownoood a nmrol.I ront at 00 e hht.ooltllment, appoarlr S,. arys monr, , rTl Of 0000p,,, lon a'. act 3 II COGSSWE!.L& Co COAL -toa ole oohrr or hovrerrooooarnnoly rn hanld a ]rsti suppley, f ('autlel and L:vlpsp,p, coal. In hulk. of s.prr ot otlulo., o hlorh lthey olottr f, Aioo exproored ho t Il, thtint orrio,-,Ic froom Erg tenO nead th,, Nr,rh Cnnn..l, Lreh , and Peach Monunlein C ,o!. hko n oard Sr ollo plrl I4 ill hollghroolc t.oIrroel fbor lall ily US, --t IoIf nwherti Orileta tel at th-to , ffie N , 53 Moinvllle at up alnira. o yill be prcoo pil aooooolc ro oa13 It & A'l.l. D1-P."'R-.ori .t.... .7ir.p,,- o, ,- - .1 l .i<H Lf. & BOIwr, 9.t _'lag.ocn.o tin &F ot,.-i,:en . ano iS ,ae Jra.o,on o . '-4 o .-w, bnoetioga, Indioagfro'oo lip (Ch.oari.-,, r .a: h on i-I IctltoLE r& Co, L'( t"ltG-ISo+,0 0 c,:,un ' ..... - l ti ,.p tt ip l Ic rlen r . ,, ,vr le N EW GOODS-Simmons Hartt & co are now 're aeiving front so bord ships Yaoo, and Saratoga( snd bri Concoardia, from New York, a sreat variety al loads in their line, which together with their forntet took on It.nd, makes their asanrtrent vervr ' pltse. I'be following oenpose a part, via: a ell twist, ,.r:,;ide, tuck and dressitg eolihs,lhorn do o'all descriptiont, In .lia rubber, silk and wosrted elastic garters, oanoon & tine elastic suspenders, lone face and Lerifer asllchnes, Seidliti powderspowder pIult and hoxsc, toilet powder, pocket looks antl allets, needle books, shell, pearl, ivory sad tioro'co caird cases, hlead ornaments,plain co ral beads, necklnaces al negligRee, lbd Cbhsi, bead - necklaesa, cut lando and plniseed,oilr era giltbaods, Indian beands, bell and plnnles; pistol oaid lsrge pow ler fasksa stit belts, horse, belt.pockemst nd duiling Jistola; doubleandsioglr barrelled guns, Bowie knives, and dirks scissors, senars, pocket knives, gu'ad chbaias, and ribbons, waist butklosl cloth, hair, totb, nail,coaob, eruna. slhoe, ilate, door oard doaling bru ise , Colsogse, Florida, lavender, rose and bay wnater,naorted essenPes, and extracts, ruccessar, bealr, antite atleod Ward's ve getable Ihir oils, bsvinig nil toilet soeps opall des eriptions, Ildie"'S and gentlestrmIs' deeks and dressing, cases, hair riegletsfrizettesii and lbrids, plain, fncy aid mtsicl wonrk boxes, plais ind gilt, figared, oat asil vest butonss, pear! and ivory shirt du,'slirt citidds, gold and silver pencil o ases, tuoilhpcks sad tweezers plated and gilt locketo, n'iniature do, silver, brass ant steel tinbmler,l ooks alni ees, ha Il pins, ilmitotion fruitblk and rcdink,shoe tlacking, vilins and giritirs,ribbed and plain percuslso n coa ,, littr twine, scented cllsh ens, gold and ilise !ace ild 'ringe,letter papler, game bagaridiNEg w'ips, o'i .g cneOs, p ly ucatrds, fine gol, plated atnd gilt jri . i, . &rp. the above, tonetlher wt, li, re lt variety of other anti lea are olered at whlolensale o retil an a.coimsudating terms. N B Slhell eonllm repairod i.OYL k t MAY, lluase, SLgo, nsald i rln ns Ch Painters, No 3 ncrdele street, two doors from ,lloul st 'ce'. Inltations of thie following woods and mnlstblt.s,e Aeoted ils a mastelny lssanler. wouus. MAT~L I)· Mol msistao Egyptia bluolak enid gold, isk,I (;iail s end Antictio, |a lilard do, Oriental or erd ntliqllue, (itailel doI, Joso ter, CneslTd Maple, IItOd Stone, Itirds ERe do, oDarbv (;tnite, Soi s\ oadi,' IPolunte, taMil Wood, o I)c or Ibmrdello, Yenw Tree, Ili,, White, Cola lrmetice or olack oi:lllel ld trehrleIsllsa iosse \Vtod, Aimcri lo (rey, Ash \oilc e Oak, c. sr tnc. Uosielt F.Im, S Specimens to be seen at the shop. Paints, tils, glass, cnpal vernisi, nke. on alrd latoa sale. I I(iON,TF. It ItIAVY iJOI)S--att, sUOnO'e In ad buadleiron, well aisroteon . Ilnop, sc,'oll nill rol i Iron, lil rods anld plnogh Cost, Giemnn, shese, blistered, sprinig, sheet nod Csnwoley steel Iaoliut ware, rut anrl wrousht noils and spikes ZiNc, block tin, milt sl ndgraid stones, stdt kaettle Chain cableis, anchors, hoes (Ox, log sntl tlores lhaitii corn mills Anuiils, vices, in:tl1nlt oll bellows ciio Wire, tsheit, ig anl :n. Icod; ulot Cacl, and oroking stoves Am,+s, Itol:aml's :aId <+herspmll.dt, m Slid shovels ;b Hook and ooltot hinges, so l' n window books rCollins, bruts, Sh:p.s iiind olCI.hraxes l iar'd and 3himils enoiiige, line, aid twine Bolt lanu shealbilh , cappe .; Naval store'C Paints, linseed sal sper'm nil A tilli assotmelt of 1hardware 0 d shi0 chandlery AolwsOna oillnlo, anid wii ch aore rol salmrhioe at ohlel sale oi rielail, oil hlier lo ftlh l d ivla i ,, his b4 I,.AYX'isN be 'o. 5:i Old eivner. A NEI\V artlicle forpersots Iris;thd wilt dtn mless, i (alled thii.eEr 'l'rtp ,th t Iics:iu rsti s ruiied, is i.t- h e t ip st hieh, 1m1 li ghs ost articulation oi the lie nonli voice is ditlllnliv cnostevd to tile oar. Av tone who lion ever ieell obligee tom converse with li very den peson, must bie fllliv n s h.ile si Ife difflcullto ald etm bsrrnsstlnllt expeienertned bniit iv tnlletiselsi nad Ill, in-I dividtols so unoiirlueatelv ntltiij'tl. By tio use of tie Ear lTrumpet this olbje.tits latirnly ibeibied. Tle most set ltici] bave nl Ia ain a. ndiolloetlteirllouubt, atier having used ti 'ruotpci. For sal* e ae t T F GUION'S, Fancy storecorner el'C. moron sod St Clarles streets n-ler ice ExChiagoa lutel,. fil 13 OlN tIL ole. r ........ ivml toer ermin mill, bti ap np117 SHALl, &t Ii(ti\VN, i Mluopgzine r tAFL SU(: ii--variious qiali ies, roosiitutlt in] IA stori od fr saleby SIIALL S 1.IIIitOWNE, mar 2d9 91 lt, ganine t . , ... _ +: :,u. a,.;... I{)IIcIT Cil- N Ni N, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER iii I No. I1 ('amp a.treer. Whollesale Dealer in ailnts, Oil, Varnishes, Brushes, m;30 \\'indw snd I'i,"tre <;Ilss \c. : c. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. R OBLV'SOJr s* G0OOD rIPIrl, INo. OM, Chairtre MIldnel, (loe hour helnw Bi.nville -lrAVE eonstantly nn laln every artiele aplpeittin | in.l t, a C( lhqll+n'eu' dles,, Ialrldb ill tle Ire-I mlan. tier Iand irost titlhl nalelle at.', .hlch they odil'r fuii I ,cacti, ti It lned d ,r,.:" s. B.Id 1.1 F'OIR TIIE TE.ET I T Ii ' rstntlistiied replxtiin isel.d constarill ilerei i lb rl de and fiar this ef,.1 htral remnIedy o i altt, arm d Idro servatlice of (h-t te,+th, has indullnced the sucriber tixr it Iti till Americanll ll lic. ArrnIIgCnieiIts hv beel Itntde to supl y sv enllllt ia n c ll] tl tri llio+n l t tile iii, te al ~ i. I , i t jh i i I ii' + tx . o o To p l a ce i iitlli ithe each II thox e sii lixrinii and likely to i tx3 lx thisi mii harml-sino ,lf ull tihe+, To tllh-achlle. ht, ien ipplied iicotlrdilg to dlirections i iven un bLttxe, it has never failed ii iiitti. imedict't and Inanent relief. It also arrest tihe dcay II defectiv teleth,and rt.lieves that sorenes's which so lrequ.entla renders i trollg tooth usIIles The ' applicantn uill remedy are simple, innocent, an rot unpleamtnt; tIl the lx a Ig iiiiiiir oI Ii'Ixo iS l b illIy c l CtiiioC if ii C iiiixiiix that hIive ailrexad exlerie nc e sui h iilinllfu to mear (tlrrthe l iii good) theiri tesaliT v to its UIC - rivalled ql:llitlei. It is lxiian i eixx ixedx, otainedi xinlnrl ll n ii'iextdi, and n ii he iCxglixiid bch the citlzetld wrld i s the Imnt vhluable discovery rerl n t rthe wOibdi. lIi5e $1 ler bottle. Givhl bv J$It\ IS & AN .IE'WS, xmr 5 ,or Coommon mll Ri chnhxito xlllns -ts, ` Y Inits,iCtCaleC JOIIN II GILAIlAhn. I- En lis do - -' .. ", A l xl..e Vrl niix i ni; 5 bx.+opal Jiaxnish; NDRE 1 llil &l C r)tit Ir 20 pack+ Gold Leaf;ri 5011 d i Silver do; I it1 do l)utcl Mietal. WrINIIO\\r CI. xSS, AmePrica, Ergliah and FrenCh Itlt0 oxel, ailrl CuIs oies and quxlitiei. l,.t.ti xrouwn dc.--uc boxes, ceolignment, will be cld lot w. Also, a general oasottmeont of artists' cnlonri and it)le, for sxle Ly A W SCA'I E., No Ili Calxl strxeet. iN B. Alobl, m ntr n taken ait pi r, and lilsisseippi in les ni'lit re rived tl I 0 per cent discounit for guodsx p o er i .n p e r f dt s a . I.r n It I• w - JARVIS & AN ITFEWS, lVIIOI.E.SA' ANTI Ili.!'ALill IEAIIERS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS 1) E S.'U'li t .I.UD IIt 'ItJO I GLASS, p Curner of Conltion ista Tx hoxpiioln s streerts, Nii. Ni, e N i Ii VIc S. A Irgeo uprily o filtin itrank arttnted tile grlxtl r t SilEir >MITll & Cx), rxx xiinully IifixrL D --their rl 'ld k aid the fturte in :einerl, tha t tley xoxe , i ti new bricik i.ip,L.21i 'lchoi itoiuinla l id, IoVll'le tIiey kLeep crnshitly on hand Copi)e, liii anxd S xit "Irxx', xi' ixviri dxcxriptiii, ., h as e ippi.r tilis x kettixs, and x i, ,x, tii hath. iuthr hrna C.ixstling dOi l it hnrtilxti Lotillxe. ix(;rate of eixry diy -ci iplii,, s'lxi a steam. hl;t. i tillr ps, i.og i l.tlll , sl:rei.v x ltxi., nrl other i GLllId of'steaillhlitau ,1 w lxlxl axx elllxicixis x brex i.[ y: I e tL:", llll IIra '.+. Tlhey r i also do a' iilds liof lut dnar work, sal n.. zti.exri xippr and ilx ra fig ,ig l gthrtlr R, &e. Thliy ilxii and all olther kidi of wIork x. ither line f hlbllxexx$L they will execlluta tei iti . IIA1RROWGATE SPRINGS '.t LI IIxIi ii , iii. l ixfllllll. TIIREF D.1)IS J(11.0ftiLVl F ' .1ll AE It surjei n li nix ii ll llx r txixiiii .ii l Ixx t lhe I p blix in .x elnii ll,lliit lIb ill Ii ill rlCxlillilxbv thile lfilt duy of allay to rece'ive aitiers. He wll asn als ate for theb,-.. n at aol' lhne ati a ,hi-tarllxexx thl t there hivx been large Silxprivelneii t xxillle ii.ll lehers now gtglll." and in u. i lllhcr.rhIe to l, llllll~ dlle Q Illlnn a h lilag,,r IIIIlll[se thane F~allmilm caln be a mixixtiiltllxixd l ith gind mooi , oi tlihre who ixrler c.x n hvex l trge cabixui.iiiechid from It ix dxeied xii cexixx ry ti say, anything in prillrI heliixved lhai they are not inlxerior iii t l a i in the Souh erx Staixx. All txie xixxtxxeiitx tIhaxt nrx genir'lsxi l'xu.d at Waxterixg ('lxcxs, will ixt elieix at lihii. I e heex engaged. xxld widi bL it, Coxtxx in atteixdxce ai he iii rxtnxixixg hii xlltuxigxed iiixilix e th. vry libera ti x xhrt liixe biCCin CliCe 1 x i 'uprCvtu i and ex'hixdxx, t'IN tixtxiixOdxtioxxi tin mrlt a liLbera patr.innxi , iS,. I,."IiitUR, N, .i C-ixde mrix.l, I.ewt,,n Dixma,, Cn ei (xhiiip kLxee C cnnltanthC xii iah aCn xih rlxvC C-l rt,, nC' xfl niC I.mi hrdlixn l,,, .it xexx NIxw Yxrk nti' licrtlirx, ri Cirx. neewmxn nd xxili iirx, of n:x [ xx, whiCit he will disniru x , i -xi 'P'V ion xixrexI rdxx. Fanlixx xlis i xtiq iiliCC xn rex il-r, Ci xClexi , [xill I-V,'ihi rxix..:x.x<,hxn,i.d tr .S S.i;OfUR __ -" I-fJJLF xxi ixap BUSINESS CARDS. JOB PRINTING. OF BVERY DECRIFFIlON. PEEDIIY,HANDOMELY NDO D CUL.APLY rEXItIl(TEDI AT THIE OFrIC OF THE Trrue Jmericaul, ST, CHARLES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. m0t A CARD. E & SINNOTT' , tlholesale Grocers and Comunssrot lerohantls, No.27 Coramon Street,Ne Orleans. St Poartlator attaatian paid to th iutlaig up ot tolltl boat t ltd Sthip atorEo. SAMUEL TOtBY, '.lerchand,.ie Broker 4. Comm,,isstoon .1erchantl, ttt lent a,_t. t'oaip "t.--FtOc tPlo roatt. J. P. FRIgEMAN & CO., IPkolesnle Clothing Etlabhhtueot; tio. 3, saireot, T AVE constantly ol hand a laroe rnoply of Cloth I inv, cahlul tIC( lit r thoe Cttlnrii trade. Their as. Fnrllllean[ IIillnt t ar2e. lerchllnlu ofran tite countr\ oan be aupplietl itt tiie sctrtoa t ilotict . oast I BA ZAAH. RSUBl & ALLE1N, NO. 1, EXCIIANGE IIOTEL, ornr qf rSt. Fh rles anl ICon oa sia,.4 E\V tJIttI.:ANS. IM1IOWrTEtt mtl Detldtert in IFrotcht nad Engli-h ['Pt·fl~l.'mrr; ])+,-· :·')P~eR(ll' nd Polrtalllle [ttrLs. (uttlery, loior*o (tonv, -tirt', Stock., Uztlbrttlas, Caner s,tld FidllCV .i rt ceis. 5 I t hTI:(t.,-li ui,, otiti lhidialt~ tonk ,\tile. r,,, ,,.<.b y ', , mn :y 7.1 (;r,,vILr st y 51r . I(I:I'I,, \o IT, ttl' ttial-.a ot, tltl ttlti toy rO colVPIlI fit il asoid{l~llllF oIf \VIltchPII , Jex(~. JIlrv Sltoal,O Setarctolt loht trlho-a 1areo oty will Ilt t l;t't ela tlntirit I,, t O lO tiio tt tLrce. oll t AMCERIC.\AN & INiLISl CROWN GL.A.SS, No. :3 tAooDhELtE: ST.RFtF.r. o PASHIONABLE CLOTHING 1TAYLORI & HADDI)EN, No. I (ClhartFre SlNIF IIAt't: Rro nat alilt ot i itt I f every rticle i lcoloa,'lolot Ito .t'ntltc+'l£'lll dle+-++, cut till'+latest gt~h'le at Ne~w Yol'+ OZLEANS LITHOGrIAP~HIC PRINTING ET'IAH LtISti S ENT, No. 53, Magazilne Street, (ttltcosite Hiik.l' Arocudt. I ILLleqj.. l11 .LEE., Pit O)PR'IET, O'l nri BANK NOTE ENGIlAVING RAWDON WIIGHIT HATCH & EDSON El AVEt o ,coitd tot ottica hii No totl0h, a0+. +-h. Ib a 0l ti tCt [o'll Uellt s 'ith t im , roitac n sI t jikN ll olr ih e I JI eiv. i el r nl < b r nei ll l ih h . + wa a l .% ,) € > Itiioiio, Ittil ,' I': oohllilgo, (.'etlict ' e.o f Ittl,tl.oto (Theok.t l tllPr I rt Iitttiott llar, llrllo , eCtLl, 1 ~i~ l li'.< I'" ....C I. '; .dI Ji .... "l,,+,.e' I'.,, II· ' ..... 7i~i ....... ,.,.ill h te e c. ,i d with t ltt l lltl~ll t ill I oi ll the iSll :oeioa. U(lice, coroner o Itoval & Cualii solt, . _ m+-to CHAMPLIN & COOPEJ, GROCERS .l ANDl ie \I.lI-RS IN PIROVISIONS AND FICt, ,. 79 and Jtiia tteer, New Orleuno. ·I Shtlip and I"attly stolrs ptat up. mnta'r5 LIUllot lNa A FURNITURE WAREROOMS No. 53, tienllvdle! sr. et. I ll , I. IM.\I R. CAIINEt, a-oouhl rpap arlflllv in stallly receivme frolnt New Yrk IIatl Io.roln a t ood aaaalrtlllen I Ilfl"' [lrilllla , s ch1 es O IIIIII( I'.;IIa thll'lars. ','a"1, ed-t-ails m apl e and latl tad Ithairsa, n.pple a ud cherry lbdsteita-, malhoPenv anld chl ir tables ol f all desa rijaillllaa, *u aaa ', "tlt, srcel ar s, "w lllt, wla' lra PR ll I ovlillarnllll ma a an cllerry, was wanls., Iolakirei glaaasa, a'aalllahers, be'dding, tica he. nll|. Fartlure packed IaI tIranalratLlio woitha great care. , INStUIIARNE COMIPAN OF NE.L URLEAI S. This Complan nrr now prepared to tauk RISKS AGAINST FIIE, No..'24Auston'a Buildlig, Cannal t rr,. Ne w OI)|sp. r 1.5. i-- 3. ' , an,·' II ,"I, O LD t'll il -ipa ap lt 'a'. ht ip u ItRUI'I'TON & ANPIN.'t1L'S O.'l01'OUND TONIC AIIXU'I'U E.-A speedly and ctat. caur, for tile F,:ver and Au'I , remittent anda iierlailtlat fevers; a ropa r l pa lfo tlle original recipl. U ed w;tia nlllllael t anl llli versal sulccess i 1832, by persons at the hlghelst respecta:lbltyv ill thllcity, as stateld in the annexed certificates. T'Ihi ls udleltln is highly reeomrnended, and haes bhen eatellaivoly usedi Il the laboo loseaosa, walth sllulh diatilnguisalld sucelts, Iht tht ll po parillor t of lthe recpe is Ihell induced o olltr it to thell pul. li ill its present Iratl in the te llthat it iay he the means of relleving many of thllse who arc suffering under tile scourge of oua rountry. It as I medielle possessing great viatue, and when usedl according to alto directions has never failed of effectllng a cure, even in the lmost obstinaht stagte I of thle disorder. It is not at all dlsagreacubl, IInd persons of the weakest stoemach, anlld children inav take it with impunity. It slretrothen l te dig'stiv*e organs, creat, s an ppetite, and eldomll requires mlore than osne, or inl obstinate cases, two otlllts to effect a cure. 'T'lero is nat r ilercry olllr arsenic i tile mediilne, nor . ny thling itjulious to lthe htuman. constaitution. The prop, ctlra at e so well convinced of itsalrieo.ey, tha.t Ithy agreg to refund thlprice of every buttle which has been taken in accordanca with the directions and las not efft:ctd a a pert ct cure of ilte Ibover & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent fir New Orleans, at Isis wholesale and retail drug and Inedicolll storo, curner of Itienvllle and Clolrtrs straets. For District Agencle' apply to je5 'I'. V. S\II'I'I11, 48 Conti at. PI .. ' , ' .MANSION IIOUSE , . 1'Y, I'IP S.\ ()LA. TrIIJT :sbscriler ',;;tp prtabaa-s-d ' he las e tt id fL t S ia llrt l't a t is we. I..ltoWll eaatabhallulll Irll ir TaI ylar, Ihe late lap, alriea" wil IIe Ieade to reteve ait. te la by t ae Iat a'I Ailtil nat.X Nnl.eaios ieId cllatclY inlprovemenlt will be found ihl t le urns n lluteuts the Mhllnsl Ilon 1 0.. New aid nlol'e r'oI DI.t oI hlllth th IIau' lto esa will a bu elll t, Al warlll b Ib will L.e r:l'L vd dl at ull hloulrsa. A tableh will bt Ihl ea to thee bia, with gare l an onta1 a. lions fill" Iol'rae. nllrl earrlaiepa . 1, i to Ilallt hnlllr't4¢ Inlld tae gtry will re al be kp I t " hhelos at mtoerate rie and triElld toW boats, aa t ah peaO as a to uata g ealaten i asullll la t lUl a at , alr ll pl , t e illat ' , l tallo h lr s ed, SIlhd r l nltnltller~ l :Is not h t I t crlorle wallll th C l11.,11 i i tllnd a ien urI a;tllh r. a-nd at n lllsue a illtelllln y of I about rlteb I -t tiia t a ai. l Fr,' drit ' ' kaa I a nr, wht rat ,, v t kete ts ,sn, 'r ii bat 'tl \V8 ll.] , wl ill ttdeme a lt lo e rtat tah l Ior Ihi prpalea'ata , 'wr t, tatih la r:htnh ail eolllidllaln'.tlllr they will .tit1e a lt'ra ai t' -iher .llrt'lltlI ; lld I rt'ty rae at'aoaa g.a p tt l.. ra t stfy!t-,ntca h . I t,' 1''ta a'dv,'s ot it atbooa'a ai e too well S klt ' l't lt 'rd a iraCa CIt.a d d-Ce h' lic t rl l .i I e. T.i aulct tttll a 'rlltt:l t' i i. a I lle lvr v t-al I aIIIII tallltill of ' il' t rov'rllllltell; SliPe Cehiul Ifllln CIIto s ofli i " l { ll oq ed i ligll II llillPr lll ., b tNhrae cilre I tat ;.s ralltm rile tII llll IIth !"rlal n Of' te hay nud fli e IJiP teilbuU "lng i lsllll l d rivetlt ; thls allJl llallcnd ill a ln lldhcueV U1 ill{ 'aots tit l e- lS t i rn to trkra n, g ive 'ent'aOl ite pa.' l'el,' ovei r eIf on lier p llcaces i tll i .o luuluda s, as e shat:l }l, ald taLlia' lnlI oulmtfl, erre, l ,a. I' .at rate bouts wI~ \lill t o bezC(l I'aeeolaald )1o tile, ntal (t ill at" Ii tamtsla ala to takea tle t at,a'at1.aa I tfroat Ilt te,v N Or!alls boulot. N B ARNOLD. rP'e nmathl, eab I .ih, 1L':ai. .ro (iAtllarIPan ahl lhinlg to en.agleg rPren far tahi au'aolni , 'e a'n :aldre'ss Iala pta al'orna. 1at t .at eo , ,r ' tMr a wtow l '' ' sayla r, alto forator pllatn a'toa, at I, .v 0i., / leans. ' 1' a .alfi l.Fa Faq,' Mr tt'I;llaum, . etAlltin, Eaa q., Lt. t lKihb, il0n ah.lh; S '' 'T'oaylor, m ' I' ltra, ea , Eil N, a a Orl ana. I'.-A eatte, A ba, to receive camlnira ollna fr pr. . t, ast the lar Inaa aldat i p eo a ltd Ge hitmao' Sat'to, 51 St thhar'ea 'irh a ne. FI.ORII t,1.'t1: aO'laOR NEW YORK. iL 'Iravellers dalair.,.s of Itaikin taie Iloriat rolatea ; via 1'enrueolutot, tIle NoL ,are it , rai, ed that t ir,- ratd boatl will cnsi llt v trull I'roll. bile tia Pena-aela, .leavin_ Mobil, and I'mre oll, 'vrc Illhlot r dn ael e Ib t tat et tae,". Giaadloossea will uleuvaoe lata '.. fen ..r tlh bar;b he aalo'at oI rba'dille s lLlke psssaellgPr oro )aobilea, an ues oof ale failure of tha beate N Ii Aa,NO1D. ( 'The stenmlhant Champion leaLves MoltlI tear l'tens r oot Iwirea w.'. oilh "8 Iv I I-AN MARIa F1'AIlNA'S C(t.OOGNE WVATEa ial -ras t af hit aaiaIarlar Collel~t wa'.e., juot received tat fitr auhe by tle dlzen or sil' lh t k', t .- . :also Antti lllenlrtl1 fhllc IFI'll' I,,ilet p wdtIcr, p-,.,ler ieloe1 and lhatrehuo aatova ihilvti aapa, i-nat'acac wava h tolle tiaihk a't" r 's,, 'ei..mat''' Cohl e , tt 1+ o pa sit krllltlii, a 'ltrd' vegeahle hallir oil, poaIattltllll 'i a,'reulla dearse.. I h;da t etlna, roae andb hav wlcrv, Pra t :i'l sa s I al'.Irscil l el erfumsry at ite runk. veea; - :t'e I td tuaad ro,:t ch (l'inrse alld Orra toa, wash, 1 _ lorD. hl ir'.tot!: , ',eil tad P-lel trutahee; togaether witt, atn a:lrjlilna illslpv of fihbioahl! htr., and shail rombs a,.d jo*.e'rpt.oe'a low at wha!enl!e or ratai! ,y " .iIIMONS, i AII I'a' &DO, jl.. 711 lbChartres strrra. I'S-j.l" drII ,] arle, tt'h,'lron ildi a blat ý)lit'llaa, I~loa'hO f fr, a hps'(itaranrron. Aor Bela by c .t~c~. Royal Colloge of PLysicnts, Lotllnllt,. illttt origtnal Vegetable IIjgeino Univeral Medi eine, psrepartie Iy)' W .lioskin, Esq. (f hI,' vlil tolleo e ,fl Sutllaeoll, LicStlrll ifl Aolthe-o emyrnbompaniV Flhlw of HIlt COuLt SoHo: sl, Sug.l.eOl so tihe Itostl Uniona L'llion AStoidoth.D, Ijt,,., . I'lete, \Vi/ItliIol I~li~ill.. 'i il :I eI'I rtil lplc i) atli S. STh1o11as10 IIo lliliols, t.otlllob. This vilul idle tedichile, the of Iwenlty enots exlpe 'iv lene an id neT um-allel ld s iic ss in the I:X i[enISt\ L :li5 hvi4holt I'ebottlrocdle of thd e I.'iititlol . of il'lt - ilised b layte ticulltv lilldI nl~lhilitv lilll ji :tow hiil·oUct..ef! totle nlotiee of IIho Atmerieca, ijlhlic, al Ille en.0ls so licititio f' a Illnmble oI gcelfleoll of lolln elll high alllnlifg in tie lirofesotlon. It is Ilopllll, a pliLlilil unry ste elte, to hk the eoilr mul ibtal . noi se f ue ce ariflhl rIom thle use of the llllneroua Ii i [ eeiot s ilslrllm n toi.etel 1oll tht e It ulic 1o y tIhe t ill oii Iallfrid ltlt ir'os o nlcuof o cre d mtioeuroils , l r stt of Imercenull , IIllirille ple preted.le ers so totlly ig" tI ol mtdical seiellce, that it impossible tile Ionst'(ou5 delusi,,Call anly lloger go dowl lilth ithe eoplde ortlis otuntry. "Thle$s pills, ndlhl anld agre'e,:shle .thleirler tre, shllilti be kept i every tmlih in cases ofaushieli illhles, fUIr, b their I riltlo t a11h iliist, i lI cholellt, eranms, sIlllllss, fte',,s and1. olher ularmllin | o p haitsl , whidl" ho Illt of.ln llovtt lit il, m :11 be 11t0e l ly twtlealo pi'lrevented, h fIn t ia, ll Ihose wilT vi'neii..,ed eaw hh, slholnd nv\,.er be wvithlolut themlll. 'hl'lley arL' sol[(· t.Ipac etsa 1 ellilf.t . iilll.2totltlfhlooooflll".itdlltlgl iilO Il fI E s Ii sl bnc ahllir l lll i th l d sIII shell o, , h totf.lfler l t i iles offils of plrol ssiol nl bili t1 an Ihgu illl c illt" elllil l tlIIlitC ll: o itl Alf tlel 1111101 1 10i1 J Aiti'lll,'ll i~l,, ll s )Ih ItI~1 1 , 1. I), W .· Ili~i t, rM . l., I. Asno yA. FrlAmltoll, . t , 1 ), ndll lllur olhl'lls . "' ol'ighll~ls al~lv het st'. . ll seloi 'h (; tl e gll A tute, hi wliolll i c In tlt ie h it illt ll' hllo 1. tills us.lllll. t anllll to w ho m ,il l ;it lli c.iat los olalg ellc e . nil 0) tie t I tt'l I NtIe. trip ti JoO. IIOlEfli, l 1, Wvlerly PInoce, N. Yfrk, SIl) W I .lltel t 1, thle UŽl0L1 tY tV tC. For tal t t- alpointmlet or the o..igihn 1 l1141 it01 , by $Wlll e II 1 .lu.lhe, UIl" o I tl nlnlll Jill llswee 1 I'tltR " 1t LICE 1'& c' co, No 9 l~' N , 0 ,1 i s .h E .le, oost tither laati arlit ls s Iit ' attt el" lt " cltlg.ig , l t rlt t 'af l ew solt o tf d )Itel h t fbrogono'lsI e0I tlll e11 hft elfltl fll.ftfill . e llh Ol'.eeilr S n~r 1111511i119 Nll Ilin" l ll , :.~~r·; ciic~; i~l~fS )RI IL·\·Ireul~l Hlnl11111.111I el Inis, mul Jac ionings;4 do al and Mo\IIrocc ao t tlill"C siIM lii tmul b llltll hlffiil In s Cl l'i o Oillflil idttl iorlli'' sh1111l elto 1thlr iliI .\ ll0 p 1 , 1.11 aI lcl l ile hrll.tsl . bfll c 11 tion illlut, ai 5 o .l+ i I g llIolla lhl j11, 1 100 c llllt ki11100ll co. un. , I lrl nI(: bl L t, I'lscolloe d .lo~stc i IIol i. ll tingbI+O I ckl e 1 1 Itlllls ,.rlo 'h illl; a I lIll Jln(· r sI Lilllli El s : gln ai l aJ1 Il lll) i llfl li) i(' 1l lll 'I \ 1 :1100 1 illdo i (I . l l sc :.l l iad Ii ll. I I'f ht sol se .lli kii L ll r t rlilitbiil ok flt -it'r th oli e mil ed il I Ieilall of w'h, t Id wI s lt 01 Iiad 1 ll ll l l lllll li l 5i|f.1.S, lillh grl l; 1t: 11 i nl~l lie(l ,lllll ,t ill %lt, 1 toil'1 icl'Irltlrla i) Ill, sIll;l~u~r s lllIilII1 OtIfilib olioll o Ilo Ili " hl l \ hl ll CO il k ,i 'i 1I"I 'u .i . ,.s ; :I oI rIll: . lliti C e. \vhh I1 lll~ l~lU: 1 I I. :i . . •. li allll i.J\eI I~n ltlt.2s. li ssl,•' I.lsii ,,. s'l~ri ll.: .1,...~ uII,, ut .gilnS. (jhlldl~l el '.colo.0.L·L .\IOLC',,U :llId1 I:15ill. b .)o 114 !alllllo; 11ifI :111 :111l. l..) I11 llL ,7 11:11 LI ! Ilt~ ri~lr.lltt lllilU{L '' ,]tll l. ]*], I.~·l:irt i l ctlq il-ll ]l ic' \1 II) D :.;.i I liC. )' hl,..C1 111 1.d ':dl) 1.,>l 11: i. ,'( il l , ,I 11· |II: l t3 l \i %iill B.IBtLt1'.l iiYSt~l~lliitelll o|'. tL))' II ll b , '|illlr :Its()ltltl/lcn1%,ill J)U Trt'lelCldSh.,dlII l. hi :ll'l.i\.l/i nr{ ! HII h b~l ke|.troil IICh<'II(:lollilllii,. 181.11sI 111 i" ihit-h . HIt11bITsol o conmoIITTI ITTT TI o.i TeT.l.,T. ;I t NO MERCURY NOR COPAIVA ,,uw I)rIT II T sl, .T.U. I 11, I37. z_. Ot.-T .Lit ulnnbIh a 11u i I hd II,-e u h lunc h, ccl rll d c ors I Tr l ctle, anId tho t did I IIot I nllllK , III ' Io the bor1e I leL I lual u rlt unei r thnlr el n ' of ) +:lt he rime I. got ttlt.1T, si to III i re. k 9 t II i lIl.,I 'lr It e 1,1 1, I,1be- of six or ~ei hT .,It r, 11 leg, , II fil " r 1 r e.Ill tiIII ollp- oo II II ,voa |f Ihe lh ,l . l:lrl_ I ( r on !ile rei ht sie L' tht, h | l I e ; 1nl tlil)nr :"b-ell colnfl llln t" m dhlr ho clIt of U" r. J] i t,,lle I llie, to be Ierrectlv cured JUIt m .IA\.r, fe1-. 1.1 f ileh well e1nd ! a n i to n ] s tii 1 l m (t , a I klTllllTl .I)rItT I d IIT IIT ,TII l TllCTT l I .I e rII , Ithi I , r - eu ! hove wak,... o.,. r~lL'- Ie to, fi d I ,In t I, I , Ill'ilIlT I IT ll] J IIITITII I'IT l I lI. I I Ill If l1se n1 il ul iny 1111.ts l to Dr An Itnla , 1 1 .'; II " r e l Ic beT er in o . IIT It 1 T c-I ll et I l II rIIP , h Iilll Il ',II1, . I1T T I 1 1 TI1 ' i'11 will ihd ur t, in te,'I bno i s , 'in e, y e :m o llo. ] 1i J t111 li t, 111:1 \ , . . l:lb lr "I' tl. - I t TIT T ' IIT T IITTS T IT , Ie IT I t \ I '. II l I nrl T , TI IT T II . I . , r .."l { [,, ~I hr:' . T r+ I !.' ~" ;1 , 'I " 1 , ,1 '. l n: r .1(')l .. fll h . ,n+,+ ( ,I< 1 +.lTl le) la , (ht t i,, , I rlis., : .. i. . IfITi T T T TI TTle ITTll ht I Tli T T 1.,, "C , ',I,,II ,.II " 11,,lllT Tlrtirl m l. li due, wil l n II ic' I ' dI Ic nAt.cF -l l 1n-'et in thebook ins in , hl0 e. ie ti 'loll w I Them Ig l I we i trlIeI IIln 1 illhs IT Ihe ellT I n'tlTi act.TI d ,ll I he e Til1, . ,T ~ il' IfI noll ^ll ll.l h illl lll . s , InT I , . n l xs t, ie It 1 n ll, h I tllf, .ln lnn l', h I i, , w n of ,,l i'h113 d suci e 2 TSItll, IlTive': cT,n ,S, Iv l TIT v, 1 1 A a I. of ltirll l t'Stll . I¥II u feeill)lr 01 11' lrl+' ~l lle l ]:, e s b ,, Ieel, r , s. ' 11-d |+l nla d el r p,,l , r d w iC h w h; i. , tlai\:t(,t 1, lon ,= IeI I l' a Il lT it I';d 11111Irn11, rxl ilT .rTiTI l i, Ihr i,,"w1,hit') efi ie lIeT T', prTTlTT d I I iai T 1l T I ts thlI turll' t oIll lic ks bofi la :,,I whi'h i1 0i ,,., h," We.''! 1' evel l. he sk ,t'e ( e" 1 e. ,'1111 v , ,ll, l, l pe -w+. , ,11,II " . , 'sl i lllnts oe I lc'n hl slle nd tll t '+ d I ls. IT n, ,llT l d m ell I llt" l n dt. +iutrlle \I" i o r 1. lIt L',. lle(.i I n 11 i it, i , l, icllE l! fi ll l ed ithm, fit ,'xt, l+e ll11 I lcr 1t 1 11 ·, I:tk n '. fi,• ]arc, varItII oi s in d f at e numb r ITT TTTT 111' ' ; IIIl'llTT llT . I .-'l'r I lTl' IT I l(· lR I _1 TITTTThTl'TlT'. I'ILi 'I o, I a TTTTTTTIIe l 'TTTTITe TTbeT, Ts i lET'TTTT) T'I'I fTII m 111 Tl s IlIi lll it theIt1 ca ll , i T h' IIe 13 T(lile fl TIi, atplllT , epion T T1 , : 11 T , lit ulf hI iT I.I IT, TTlke rd II TTTTT T IT f ti'" le t +e -, l l T I' I ' l e T TIT I11 Il .TI e si d i.h TTTT'Tllox t h r T e' I dTi I 1 III s11 t t 111 i.t l\ I i T ,hiT n lh e t lh o l s r'l I e Ia , ,,I 1 l hrth ex II al it 1s l IITI ll ,mlt i , 111. l rll , 11,,1, (ir sllC Cks i TT he:dI b ,+l·l t h I 11111IT', l tl 11 11 s 1T IT l II,.I I i tllIll I I . ,e, n. pill ls ofli en, 'a w to a ,r , ~ oh ~ 11of tluhe.1k, it hs11 lo dipTl dil i, ,ishcd I 11 ,iT o h o II I 1,111:h11 IIIu l Tffpt TTn l:Itt r 'T t' . 5 TiTT 11 i ;T ThTe IaTn1h u lllI t Ti'T .l .lhol IT i ih, . 1 O1,11 II eII llII II Il l, lI i l'. t .e llll llali ll. ~!:l.h :TI Iles ia tse d i t. hhe I," s-, t.. $5 ll ,h Ill ~ , . " h t I., stm reo,, le, the, Qingr f, it . i s, t1, . h lsliX v t II s11 lll I" I th' II I ii I he 111. 1 h 1no o lr I lTTI "l I 1r1" I mwll atl oritl ' he ok hl h .1': , " u1ta c rTlaihil'T il :IIIm I IIa ilT, gl tca I m tfig ur lle' l k II Ioll ,' ea , h i, i sC 'te il Ie htm i ,I ,g a ntrr.ail , lia . 1 :,I ih ll,- sf 1e , ,1 ,. Itr IIT h Irii arilld. IItI It I l p llt.ttha n IIe tli llat, TI diti , ;t I 1, 1 r it) 1 half the I nltler as e ris i ell · h, ) an i h tiotnIll i i lTt t esidtIs, a s l11 t: i t had i 1 w1 .,hio h ied o1 d I eT l l ii l i l llT l t h e tIu cT k : lT t T h l h , (f l e w , i t . t hr ilg tI' ler ,It, It"| dI, ,' t .e l:,f ih..l id~"t IIh lh 1111 Illd Itl ,. kI ll f 1, : l., Ic l. I The o ,n k.i, it ': 1111 11 I i o r Ias i l ll in , l s te ef la~ .l s ,,, of thef Sku r s :+,I th, , .flie (ollfe tI, i,,'h or1l11;1ote i r, c C1" 'II.f " h , h. . h l III TT dIt 't,,l'hm t al, g henrokity o.f h e ph 5lic , i a cos i. ,'i, r Iance , ht e l.e.1 ce a d p Ia liroe s. elh . ~r 1-, , leT I' , n I lT hI ri,,1. c In hal : iooTsl t-e in h1 t a i d . Sl. ,,k. ite itII, % tii, oA I.a-J.,,. rclss , iz, iu e c. ll - I ' ort" Tlh ! [ 1! ,ITT .k Sa,: Tl I isIh't) ,' iEPi' I 11 v-I ko, Tln la' i ts 'IfpT l ,l fIII• IkI 1it h11s ,111 It,,, d hte 1 3ii 1 lI T, l' I+ ,ý, . If. ' the . e . • ,11'111,t l Ic .TI l , tI ,t it, ' s,,,lln(.s , i h, :h , 1t1 .= I ,swa , d filt of+ p, 1111 n 1, e:1, i • f ..3,, " h..Iipl c-ies c, If, qliht 1,i,. +i In" ! :I Srl,- lIls,i, ill the 1 .' ,11, 1 ilM:lllt',' I):II'Iii I , le., I' l the 1 ~11h ' I ei t LILT tof i ill it i lv ' i c l' .. `. o lll 1' Illll, : I I pef,'11 h l h11T ' :loi~ l , I " 1 1-," h Jt islike, lTie wol tlI " JT II S I /1e i), d ,+1] Ur r t, (1 1re II tA h I lE t Ie:,tiltre o1 fTl,.t 1 , ,111 . C'al .,I in I1r ' l L oa , +II l ..I . h teI ' l l ) I', II . .,THE FLORIDA LINE Frm Monile to Auguste, Gos,. Ileves Mobllc very daly nt thrlre oI'lhck. p m per U S mnil boat or I1ll', Lndinlo, above Hinkely,-thoeno Iour Ist coches to P:nsasoln-lltll- hlh' srepambots so tngri'r.e,w. htere tlhlrnud iolie is reulnted-thelnce nva anid Brwtsville, Fin. Barbhlidlle. Podetlo.nt on, wklnille. Snunfdersvill& Lnipooi. vlllietoAugustla, (l, coonrectinlg rtealarly with a he roln carse to) (inrlreson, and the saenm ark, es to Now York, N.irllok, Plil rdelhlia, etc. "l'heats sl,.bo s ore the best for the service, and Sthe Itt virelloln preecents rtore advnntagest tithn canl SIe o)lnd polln anlly steamboat route in the suth. s irn relish. Their atrelt improvements in tIh route have been I produlced by Iher onsrlrlction o fifty milesof l new SIadi by. the proplietors, viz : frIIom LoGranne ol is iol''yo' lll atrrv, n a on .f Snnla Ros~e BIy, to Ii oynlt's Ferry, on Ith Charl'nhlcheioe river, ten ,h'sil)esbovth owl~rd. ar 14 albove Cedar BlufI, w iirlly thie icoign in of the river, aid the enl. estq+,atioll defrl tio i , s and moere rcPnltly the incoo vel, ent crossinll at tihe Cowv, ord, Rre entirl) nd fine road from i ilrloalnn dirct to, Itolilbrldle,, ios ,'ad Ioi the rolllndlloullr r:o vin , 'hit ol: cllho r , Icrseningl rhe diienne abiullt eortl , liles, at1d i'rt'aslltg the fuacilities more tIhit sonce a day \ Aio," a cranrh line of two horse stoges every J otlher d toy ,tanl IOs kincvill, vini P. rrv to Macon, t,; I :onncrlfting rwit the line to Savannall and aD riego t la,i. * to A mill steamhonnat ilPe regli.rly bterPweenr to Diiobilddo e tlndl AIalxri hi'rla. 'l'rnviltl-trs wishiing to ira any point ton Chattnhoochte rr Aprlathor co.l t ran take stolIbout t Brow .osvlle. Molt'e to PI' and R.oue--I)urin thei l timp ocenpold by tihe rt pairs tt Hotas, ithe pro rmi . iors I of he Floroia nIote will tun a lille t1 Iut I, Itr-ue pst toalchles every oitlher day bertween Mo. 1 lslsr er will leave Mio biloe at 3 'c:lockt . p tir, Sill . US . m idl b)tIi, nd plroceed i lnhal's Llild ei, here I o lour horse c nt'h will it in t w iting it, irlnv I heI, r IItil I re c:ellent hotl'eo 'l Mr. Chlarlr trll, 1 4 mile distant, where tihe)' w.ill find Plea tl i nt, a nl llaod loti t fo r the night- leavte g o toio oornnlg, they will arrive in 'leneo ol Poari) II Iiin th er i, thu a oriroo dltg titr discomfort ott r1 0ht, it v lhl_,1 . I U.ltice ticl 'l-,- o io ihooc, M l.oi oile, andCol. l ,lin l' liortel, ['ensarol. , wher- st ao w mn tst be ho e, in re'. u T('it'iK I'iT N & ('i . 1v I Sl'iulao urte t o'illiri Smti tero rico his aervices tothe cirii . 1 zlns of New Orlernsi a a Iteacher of the piano , , tracker ni lnu~c In private romtc iroa in B asto , mall tit several of the fe al e tn s srminrlie in Ilt r v1' riol, cantll ot ll It hope to merit rheir cunlh li. oo t11 I is ernllltild to r.refr aIy.nv UD Cl.pp, MLissrs Ste..n.o & Av, Irv, lndtrsoeii &. aiilces. ,r otrm, o c rorlsn.e appIly or the boukatnrn of i oAlrl'ltor '. we,. 49 lllmn t or' 2 /D'roo col d Jtl.;tlctrr. S fr .'r v .st li'. l,- oted tlllleo llt o this cily fre 1ifran i at of ira ir nci-o r a e etrlll Witolesoill' ll:U illtn'es. flr is now trctvin Ra fa ll nopphti "t p+ ll r IIaIi Ind p n a 'r lh s, whI, iich h,'Ie o Ill sell ,n ii',ral icrntla 'Te' city druil olg ie , and tho;, .f '" w, o i, t pvi tlln rtlrlld it l ititt It hIoe 'i·l 'I' r i r-rIt'l-roelt aIilt no lt! Ivrnr er l-,r t-r. io-r'n t ll, ed 'o Ioa .ov. litr e nt ,it n i oa ' tr i t I+I ' tl ron- r ell' l r Ie Ioe' a. IV tllclll k ill, S I" r , .- C a ool orders Ir.nltt I tr o',o.olorr v.,iort it Ill'n llf .r'i elt ofl I i- ci't , recivln g suclt ordero wo:ll ". ilou'i iliatoended Ito. 1- liSlot "lp At Tb T I r)i.T' . % AND RI IT.1' LCI)IIll AND) VA _ IET'I" STr)R{|E--nt the 1110-u of the golden Scol1.b, 11l ') Chllt t1le1 iFtePt-. The obhcribers have re 'lved, ll .t \ ioth 1 4 to their t ni" i'rlll dlllk (ill llbll , fill I a1nl 11 ,let 1 1 n he 'llt -'t of c-ietl es in thl eir e hne; i iid : cIIhs, prflii ry, Jcwn llry, hlCushe., lTcklin glasses, li 1ev i rti'le , , -. i-licitn ill parin t I-. 1 11000 quilled h itk, 111' nn dIrtlsid g, r 0sin1, 1 E pll url andrTll h ,t k, IlMI-z ili:ll elltolbs of ver"rv lieafptl i II iIingrt hIhl, arc m1 1111 \,lxitnll x i clcnn I if icd oll llli lf evl' - I dlncliphl' , I 1, I h'e0-ir lllog x101 palll(rklel. tt,+'l ler w' itth u ,t Iteoe :l=-olnllllOtll of IF 'rIIII l :h 1 oPlltl.lll l I +'I.II FITl \lR '--Colh ne, I.n'ehd,,r, l 11ruh10, honey , h l. ,=e and o1radlc 1w ,er wai.fers ofetel e ,y a rn ld dI,, -inll etllllllhorlatl C lll gll, extrat of II r l arl or , Is'mi +ll Ios l f :,l kiud r, h a: f; ii ce s nde I-,i le,: , 01, d, , Vt rd'o vr,:,tldl, hair ,i, hears nud nn x,1111 .1 0 d el -i, 0 l lllla111 o m l 11i . l 111111 1 ,I I:\ll ' -11i 1'-1I, l is,' ,r11: ill e tl c:h irlr1 toothI itlnh , lll ll hii ',nl ,11 1 w atch i Pi n~I t: , tL1 , ll t -,ii .ackls 1I1 1 m \\ , l I.I \ '- -,'-, UW ot l InI est 1011 II 111 f .ur II,)l hu-t ItlI ,ýIII";ý -1' lll1, 11,-l, h , 11, 1 treruh11 ,h,11 1.,th 1l,;,n, I, "1!% +, i, 1111, th , 1,,t., c111b, N\ i11, 0.0h ll'un;, shi o and , lIle. l ih l -i-ll Ik1 - ii erm- an C - t:ltia -l lll toilet , 1,,~ ', V l' ia rii.. ll o, th 'Ier I.mlm wi1+t , 0 1,,t,"ii.c - n l ,1 '" .1\11 V.eiei:1'1' i. 1 L 'i..:ýl --l'en,.h ;i" I \:'. 111 t 101 0 1 1 de k= 11 u011,, ýh'c.-~ing t,a.1'., ,mlUO Sq 0 ,., t, .11i fin,,t ~ I¢ o l he work hox , ,1ud de, , cu mim, ! ,i 1I-in, . I-. I' 11,t .1t- , en ilemel boxes A.c ,I ,n,11,:i 0 1 m.10 1 . ' vio'n.mei muic ,ler, , llklder I ioIu n c,t, ,i i I- I 1J,11 l., l . ... Iau lier 1crd r urnl 1110 d S : i.... . '..-,'lh,1,e1, hl an ,u11111s ld s l11 w lh11I= 1 ~Yll, b iutlt / 11rdl11 , l 'c I op1th 1 l n'ds1 , je."r' sl,- p cllolp c:l cga el, alpjle c .' I, -ellI-1 , -h otlt ell:l gAl h g. 1e r ind lelot: 1101,ilt lhlt e li l l lihC" 11 , d111~ dut1 e 01 PI ee kind, crlll. i is l, t ll& ll ' drlue s, I .+ll I\II( ,c e c, 1ear .11 d '11 001o11w , I. 11:eb dle ! l d111, 1,0' - , -il se 1 . 111 __ l r, s teet,,n ?llllllt e Ti .ll Iniar- ii clllcmill.iil, s AriEsenluuy t Cn l c -', ll eiegi , mt111c Ufet, enil"len 1 10 l o l] tth-jilI "1a11 r11111 1111,t111 mi0IIl 1 Rl 111, dorner 11 n O u nd Ii ch1a1 .hI? 1 lI s - earl I rult olls, , vel c i11ak t el.. n pl. 'I,,I lheld,,ah u.iehy l ii e h 1-, 8 rl 1 ' - ulite t,1 .111.0,.1111 .1T 111101, ph 01 018 0100111k 111111,, I uckgm ,locn111 1 11 iI TI i e111. t18 c n v ril ll g e lll I. l[li-t e 0 e rlilc lc, incs s Nl iid hl ' Nn, iur s i l by e. "-l-lhlr V lemlliililli l ti pi.-d clii- l llhelt e i * ii II- ti I e l IIr > - 11ii ctii tes le d eiLl 111,. & 'ClANG, I I, : p aA;. ,\ I{'., l eal .. 'The .A ll-cnrltir 1avin, , , vei. - i o 'li-IN iq-~l-Iu, - i , i-h td a -.rt i lll i T c1 hll CII I i eil .w i)e1+, pe - lh', t. Th • o ,Pll ll e p i.r aI Slll-l n Jd I, 1 l0 1 t ,,ll ll 1y 1 1 , iih, llll I.ITIIh . d '1 t ,. 11110 '*e iT "'.. 1 1 I I le tiiii.-cpe i hIf il 01l1 s. It, .. oa xrl lhe ' lel ne r i" th i nt k .., m I-hIll- hIi liei-n li l silh t far Salll . s f alll rllv rnisl v1 r wisl e. n t he cracrrha lre atha lii-: I , r to to c1 1g w 1th ill III ini llci he a 1s1ws 1h' pa0lipt - s1111 i r~ .1II ic a lling fro c t Ie l e Indelreud e II, .I i J D |I{ I..Y, j1 I U i t. 4 n1i- Iugr. s'l ale i cl, s id r se . r i'Iu e n I se siil, ' ,o, d t i. Ri l::Sliu l & D'elANh ;, I rsi a C p as Siin c 1 1 1 it'll I - h , lip, a dll gIIr asd 'r i.e lie h a y l llj il iy i I n siliii Sl ieiisgi 'la 1i ,:d 1,bar ' t , a ,ni n xpr. - hill b. r l t 1 h e c1l'll as t o thp w utch I , . . h r ,11 h 1 1t1 , l l euppoi t hr has8,1 r, I r11 ,1 stne , ' m s , I lmae, as d u sulh - ic a i his al e rvtic t dci ,sepitiae Pll sr '1c1' , 1 eiiicl-lIi i w, . 11)l .ell uaitC c A111111t le 1 . i, ,iin aIoihelni a Lisant hal r aWniv c rhlrn i nlac - s re'Jl rldoei i i vc llil ,es to , lia an i 1 e 1+1tii . c i -..iui Inder ei sd lsys e i ie s lc ics a ',ell . Ilt lly Is, - r Le lseu 111, i, ll, isuc ill lscll ecd ie i llls bsi, ch si t Irlleecil, 1th e e 11s t C lel. e .,iIe ic the i-cd lan s, ole-111 c &iCc rc 11sd, c; cia. Alecy KIleyil slicedt iel l 'ind re-1,,te , Ble )lC e,.rl. ann'ld s. t1,11,.1 In FHlr, -, I- l,.,11111, Engl1.1 , . ' )tlanr d, and lh1. 1 I.)l rl u "I ,.t e.- - lllI It wel a t )+ i 1111:1 he hli i rrlrl, er , , ii na s 1 eeli0gt s tfe br eeal , 1i+ ,Jl iy. Ia,1 is c,, i1 . ,oIs, k. I at a IIThe c i es cf e, seay d e al iiii r tael I obcj ifo -led ni eal w fics ae ts rne e clyse lic l :1 , ,f 1 38: also, d 11110 11tl,. 'l tl it lle , iI nil ;lc d.. Thu pc,,Id 1kily reIly oe- s illla . 1 hilb al. I incin ll, ,ais lvr{ rllea e rC 1ibet,.R ihn, leI go r y oi 9 i' s .tlle d irllnpolll cd t0 Rl+et yl I . oP).,t C rfo)llh'a, 1ltll hor 0 1O llO yolr. 1111 ara+. tanll il Ihe 1i1ltle. of mlll c 'd llo IId urg,.ry, hi l Ilha 1lill0 Irr llllc t al'rntioa will be tlid Lto fil n ail)l which 1h.rll sex 1 ll1 gfll fl to llr lh iltl , ig a tde n ,de l e i he I'1-TllOu aoti biitoun pis p tllier the compostion , Prulis.,fsl r S ntl,1 llut, wth dlrutl ol...s I, cl ut be had )1 hile uudersiglmd. Tie 1, tt:01 which they have I) rolhled in 0liII and olher ClL ies, has bl e en at ll.e1dud ,I h Lh+ gredls t alnt ecas, to W'8llleh the bhst s0 ttcf.,r u 1') C al, II bU give . Apply et N,.1. 16ll t, Z;ýý,,t.e Irelt. JNO. .,i'Lt |ING. [+f I'cE---Th pThoparltmnrhip of Kollev, ,11sun &iC0 ,).! ew lrieat , Alay. , I1arris of ' tchez ie ef file ,artnersd 11 the fir llt. ,vithth.Ills s tling and clliug ealy 1 lN9l1 ta ss 01foll ows: I LevltJ 1alln s will aTtend to the settling of the btnllne LEVI C HARRIs, t H...ENRY KEILLES T~OLBEAR'S Science of Penmanship received,and U for sale at their permanent Writing Aesademies No. 8 Chatres streat, New O)rleans, 189 Broadway Now York, I)aiuphiie st., Mobile. It is particulerl desigted flir private learners. and scoolnit, and is calculated for persons of all ages. Ldies anil gentliemen are invited tocall and examine the svsteml for themselves. I.eesons are given at slch houtes ars may suit the convenience of all, and to classes Iornled il any part of the city. I.odies who prefer iteau receive 'essons at their own ref eideees. o Piertst.s payint e n rse of lessons are desired o ater.l, '".ts t.e. ell as hey wslh. .3141 tltO'l'lII.R. ROWAND S 'IONIC MIXTURE, FOiR FrVEt AND AGUE. T irN year haIve not yet elaprod since it wes lirst regularly submitted to the public; but it has ottoained the highest reputation; and has sup. planted every other medicine for the Ague, whllerrv or it lhas been known and apprlciated. Already has it beon eurried in every direction througlhout the Unitedl States, ntil stcll realizes more than cou'd have been anltiipated by its most sanoguino friends. Thousandn of persons have not only been relieved, but restored t", helth and vigor through its agen. ry: and they now cheerfuily testily, at every op portlniity, to its doeidod and supreme eflicncy. 1: is composed of such medicinal principles as are calcrllaed to retr ow the healthy action of tihe stom ccii, Iover, and other important digeotive organs, the lose of which iarmony in the imulndiate eause of the disease. It is apparent also, that it produ. ecs an entire change m to he condition of the system, and certainly destroys the native liability to relop ses of the uttection. When tihe Ague is attended with any other complinit, the employment of the 'lonie MXlixtu.e will not interibre with the treat. nmi o' the other di-eusr , iut wi I even aflfrd as. risti.nce by lurnishing ctrengtih and vigor to tl.e body during the courie of trieatment. Those who moke use of thllis medicine i ay lie ossiired that there is no Arsenic, IBarks, Mier ury, or any oilither article in its coiitposition unfr'ie l'y to thioE humani Iconstitution; ieing entirely a vegetable extract; and they may have additlnnil confidence its the use thereof, when thry lpreeive thait it has thle f feet of a gent o laxative about the tune half a hot. tie full has been takeit--in oiistiqiuince. of whliclh, there it no part of the medicine left to linger in - the bowols to clS.t obstructions, lld othier evils, arising irom the use of tuany of the remedies now offlred foir the cure of this atef:ction. It has been used also as a preventive, bIy many who were sil j'ret to a periodical recurrence of tlhe Chills, ad it Slie Ivariably warded fll th t Ipt apiehionded attac . SObsel v! Tihe Proprietor, fully satistied "lith the npllar lleld lod universal uccess .vhlch hs colln. stlltly attended a punctual anlld regular ote o tile Tonic Mixture,r in all c.atse of Fever ndl Ague, ti:ioe warranted in reng ging to refund the o Ice to all luse who have tkeul ru Il medlcle i stlrict ta Scordlane wilth tile prer.cliiid dlirections, without having ben perlfectly andl lastingly cured. IThe sullbscribers arel the whllle:ale agents for tlhe South \VWestern States, slid have nolw onl hanllld mIX ty cutsl o this Iedicine, which is warranted iresh Sand geLuine. For sale at the lltollUltS elurd pice .J:Al I" I A AN itihI.WV, ovi . . .f i i- iii i.ii..... . . . nov27 fra Coolmnn N Tlo'h.lorilroiao.r. ' r. ,iI' ,,Joroo ,fo ttof ,,."t.t.,301 J to 1"oSb. MARY rerpertililly an. iyiroacts to her rrrroii s ard rr o ho o b!o one. lily rlrto she I to :occotmIdtL Irhd o n at 'o tbov o Itaol 'hineItt rt l ho pes frIal her !xerlion.. l o rellder vlsitura comll|;olrl llle,. t1o r ee.clv 1 coltllllance of forrorr fovlrls. Sllu Iblos corfl. rlelt thilr perboot s vIortrI ¶ t (:olvi'gt'o)ll duriTlg the' Ir ner rr )oo r thio , oert1ort fillrr betrr rr eol olllllldllo.til)lbo tiro rIro c t tf'orol itohor l, 'o morr t lhbral trillor Iler hlollso Is Iol;:Is:olrriy Rirortd, rllr o'idlll r o lpplrid with every CII veOE II nIIL', .h b .r Is turnia llwl h I ahb thr olllot cocllll l Uoir rs. &o. rll r rrorll h proml u i 'at nuthing shall b. waninL g on her p),rt to give tiro o'a sel.,cllron to all wht ' arry patrtoooze II lioioirrrrr oridf I. ,.oorottrro II,,t . j, IfftLLt~t 'AfftC tt1rt) SCIC11 'S. , SAD ILIONN's. &. ''1IfE ItOWI'LL tttlfK.s COMPANY, No. f38 \VI.ter, near I) 'ekrralr strot, Nrew York, have ree 'vd the io t' tot ;on, r d arr , o m,.rrtarrtly or~c ivi og lrge and oexlteor rive ahltrol S o to tIh. or',"k of the aboho '.go.os, which o'rw roorronlS iotl ohti ollowrl g rr rl..rlrlrlltr , outlrio rolI r tl h u ouLIourn oiiJr a'oo'to'orrrrinrhorsl. II,.llw wren of srperiur qoraloy, conrsisting ot Poro or 2'i orinfororo ab'rs. iroo' ii:8 r'rit gallono, foith., 1s I ro , troto 3 4 to t ,i gsihors, I tle, 13r' Ot, hora t.o to, 1$ riilorr, SI' ,,.i ns or oC 'nuI, ; rl,l|lc, , t t Irrr ', T a 1:tles, i o i1.-, . . 5 do Fli t Spid, r . G do F',, il.. . C ri [,' r,, D n,,, . { ' .l fr 1 4 to 4 3 inches. IVto.0 Sc cto. I 114: gr Iro4.nfi o Ior ras .' rrr'h, No 3 t 3. 0 h, . Ito a".- erio" r r ollty onrd roorrl, .oroltrs tlourr Jorrro's rrrrprrorert ro1 Irour, assorted, In cask opf sbout 500 lbs for retraibrtg. 'olors nd r arttrrol'. Irono , aosonr(d. Sroh Vlghlllls, 1IUO Itooo, ,rot.tOle 's from i 4-4 to 20sr.. I i:s for Pl ntatloos, steamboats, churches, &c. mado too order, Arso stuar.brats and other moehinery made to ar1h0r. The above assorrtment of groods is particularly rer nrllllll elrll r.d to rllr attl.ltr orrf SouttrLoorn anld j slt'l esIrll In rrclhlant. anall(l ofIIF" lerl d (Ir salte ait low prices, and uoi.n tIh most hbeMl term. ; it I. be hlvod to bo the llo rglst and bfst toosortlllll ever ,thllred for sleo bly alny' Uon e~tabbh.llnenlt in the Me.rih+trtos by i orwarntoro o roqottlo., bi ma.ilcatr II orrttrt . totos 'hav+ a pra ll*. d clrcl't r, withri do crlptllr oor ' t)lldr lrler nllll tpIrl, o f-olo whtt'oh o) devitIorr n is ovO0 ieoto, ur iislod iy reoturrr or frrr . All rorlters will i 0cl0v illlllledtrat attention. New York, 1r38. .3 ., I1 Gloso' N'fmioos. Ionioorr Dyo, rorrrioto tro'; le'ros OPt, Rl'il.lumaII IearI .,reese, paroiulimllllll) 311,'haw% IFI,.i t.' \ s'lh, t urr r ior poarl o o,)r wdorr t ,r , wh\r or , o ,rerllll II tR.L + ,s·protnlt l , rOllot1 i tto o ll roo ,o o Ip r siivP , tkrtoote ro oth w roh, rolorl ' rir do itliCi., Ilranlll, .horo's, al, niir l), pr it rip iill or tro iororre tlil rrs Pre . Ii,, snlS '" ,Io¢ne, k p osr l, h ao o i drh' poo halo r 'ilsho s, E i.o.lo h dre s io , iiI IIrr ao htoir ri,1 rwith a verlsely of ,ohel p' rhll. rioro . 'h . Iro ti r di' Y C. .I. 'I RINCIIARD, root toittoilo STt 3 ' ,-orno r d 1Coh R Io'il hr ,or too I AT --13c ase. d ab Russia hats, varhmie lsnlitie . t b o i td low crotttt toothnog , Poor or ooou , too oooh* y f1 ItlIt; . &. Ib"o, 111(1 131 11l0gzine at o I., . *'- h bo oog frot -otrmroo.ot to tort la .Id g . iIC Ih r N lily Ahl'g olUlI Gt.9 mmlnltl.It tn\or INr ,' NI1I ~lls~le -ill i0011$r.llv nlea \\ er, lthe oot ckr h io, c ll0 h|.0 t lolnot l, to o nt e jorlr c sit avery ex1110l00 olo tiot t'n ris op I) IIrIFr' fth ai ll otfi e nt. r lo rives rot o r . rt lt o etso 0 ie toot.t Vih atrh otoolopoor iritory loroon te too rrsbos k, l+ rs. I",1 l· '1o) l .ather. .. c. e s hir b v raint Ifro ntar el a0Ih 00 rto ' eoi' tote I or,rmh,- Tloeri rnod codioiono o "tohr, to riot. meroot' oi orn a tiu o ilteoe iltd ' kolno k nl rlh' 00in0. 000c1i J. It. tot N . A v I Crl l 011 s 'O n 0m00000 tOIt. le enis;C tfoe sArttls'c. f \ttft)NS, ft. 111ff & t.'ttL-.x\roo.w toroetti'og lIn, h~r, Fr,..lch mi .''lltll"(( III: I 11h11, Jt l~e:.1 IIvlin c:. rH l.: +ter, Ilch :1IIlld pirt(l Iiid lOlli 1,h..,l rlllhud El~ll( l S~llil russil~ c:ll,r; rcap h.l ll.h s;sl ssi S iBs ,I1 ~lt; In.s, DIII.II as; r,·rl |1,, It ll ll..Sq Ihll. It.ry .l~lld l..n'lrl en·Ollhs w:l|+l'S | r T h tl a rll o it', ;hrlur o s fr 'omr h tok ol , fi o t llll InI·. l'ii,+h'; al~lt..ill olir K.Is; ( ;L'l' ltlll :,ii, l~l~lle~ll6 co11-it orIoust fooakoon uirtotottoo'o'oooro p:Lho For su , ter I @Ew. ta I00l001 thek gIors lort oIdi+ tt i soo i,iso t; O\\1 Ll. a .: r al {i" q+; e ( us -+ b . ) Ee l~e+-) riii. ah.$ C'lbl +l rotor oIno too 0I00I,0 it4ZH ttolio'to 00100 0lll Clinoot rotiir ol:+stic rl1s~lltllldels ~s, Rltt'r lh+; lc.:llr lucirur llatelClrb" siI Or''', roiltor tt. or" tooooolotittirottototo.s t t to oI, o , r.l rs :, l, l, 'ro . . .. , . toltl 0'r , 'llot otitlll" toilotlll,:r·;lo r I'so' o ' otiiIO:t0, t roo'ltllo h h to o" ' i oh o too.sLail root t , , I h.. 000001h',it. ttltogott' Itp ot oio 11 318 ,Grre, &r,.·l. N.,w llroriue. >r 11, S.'.iiGC:: . ý & d C,. imi,,r,,rs of French V. I ,nd " ''I h Chin. nit l an lirache* irn or. e II .v i,.nsea, n*,w n Id rii h I,;:ler, ,s i, bri e klrr. s, It . ini, , and t .n ,rvie.+, i." o,', e, ,, .i her. In II I iin.. hll 'iioe'e. w. In ffnd niee ups, tit,,n, ugirs,, howle. Reih cr nnd pln:n French nnd Amltican glaoa. n war, ~2,bller , ' hnmp l.eO e-., i...m ade-, ji l,--, d ,learr ,, ine, -, ,,nrdlsl a r,'nrllr hwl ,e, do. xnIIleIs_ ,o n hbler:, pre-rrve d.hlre, rIw ler es, plchar.,g lamp{, . Jd Inp Oh Ido and gIsse.s, canulo sha los, salt ce: SI r pintrd, 'ro,,n ,d and hrirn."a warer.- n. tor-, Iirp r ssndc, cake hnsks e. s, lnsull YIIcke, ,; e'elllnv I.. l, 1 Hra , nn d tra.,. n r ,II l l*on k,1 nd li ,in lng lampo , tin, ruirdv.y, Grlmnt sl Iver, i, and infor , in e Iner i ihi y.., vtrioly , ,r r tic a m, F n flm.v une. ler,.Ihaolto , plnnlrer, ,bo.t, and .lrca lhouls, lrlli nhe.ll ul h g,"ld at rhe an I re, - o.,.n ild, pric s, I nn ,a kp si , asO i be conmvey. d . wirhsalfy t ytany pxr, of he counnry. Alr.,, opihneenloe' nioniare. not 2 '1i C olunlry .,Mlchanr anld Pl*nlers. 1. N .r, c el . he, , lanketr, , fl nnn l., b nsess lawt ll htlrritarN, chec!ts, linens, calicoeP, Indk-rerhiefi o &cS -. ..m I dI 'or a u-!u I bn by te i ubncri. bers. ROTTA & Co. n., e.rnlr'Cnel .ad Cah.trne t MAIL ARLtA~Cit .ftI I' Northern ma ill Due Every Day at 1221l, Clones Everyr aovat 11 A. W Ma, Due terry Soodoy, hVuodeasday b may tflFClottr every I olnye0, 8Vedneeda 'anl, and Saturday,ooly. A'th The Lnkr Mail SDateery, v 5 y. 21. rtday, via 9Cloheo everoey 2ollsy, Wedttesda TIMES OF ARRIVAL,,' ftt'llll DISTANCE d&c. of the Exprseo Mlail, hero',,e, OteoMlj otid New York-lea0io, Mlohih, dail" at 3 1'. A. Nortliwar New York daily at 5 P.21 Nouthteard. Arrives Arrive Norttwonl. Di),aan~.e lI ewe Ileolro'g ottlngamrrylea o.ý pin. 191' It' "s23 It 12,,. * Cotttlumo a. 114 hi 91 ida 1 Oilrdgeville, Ga. 2 13t 1.11 2 Coined",,, S. C. 7 am. 1631 171 10 Ilolcign, NC. 21 215 12, 12 " Warrenton, Va. 12 5 nl R Petertbueg, Vao lIt 1. 118: 1 It e. at It iclttoodVa. 1o hIo 21 3 04 Frrtleriek,,org, 8 f IpM Washington city, 21p. 61 6 I'l'lIIIIO Il6 amot. tIll 1 t New York 2p. t1l 1411, or 223 e Northwerd. Conlinleowm,,, 111,,l fII,, t i, sijx hour ieee; hliog5 tovr, ul 17 hour,,, TEN 11111,.litS loelo 'lyh lit. ~r SIANA\VAY Frm (! ;ruee uo fIe lo'aeeoetthon ,,t lell 1,0 e l,,of lw Itl' oIol, notoh a seen ;he ner~xt oe,nit in Iuvdrnstrut, a Itr 1,b1 'I nai ed eAle inoit, ,tl 7ons loeol& ii nll nlin hi s "Iperell,, , o f his i l,S, ,l·,o ur' tionle 'A by arecent u,tw,,, I1ad u 'ol,,~he ,,l tl .went while Cott8 of' linen , IIrt uml whit ll llttt:' I t'uSQ CAIoatraI of 1tre llnl'adl'te! hnt. are aInll tited a R,,ltlt, ecteiReefer harboing S,,l ,oe t'.lcrt SIll aS a&a ltherj prontd , to Ily, mI ,,ou'l ot oelerc oin otlleo,,o eo,, ,bl,',, ,l a ilbe edin llht,,al'rero'! ir,,d iotl, )1~1.rl ll (lleToo'r;. III I1I tol, l Att A~l/~ li'o~e~b lwlotloi'Il,,,o~ ',eo &urdeie v &,' in. hrft ej~l l n r it II,,pl~e~o f 6 ol,'u ml r, Ito o f'Iev in .tract. lEVY 1' IV I(I'I'I ,,, ' nh n r lrlpl· I,,· Aili n ( llltin e la ,ti g j Culprrd the lino of I l ubut- t" (l unetsun, nn-, b eer dissolved. 'I 'hr sub. rr iber will liquidate the a lli urs r the concern in this cite, ur d equire, all p"", sons in lob ,, e .: to o ·Ill 11y·llt t o hit, out, , find till iboo having laofI'nin'., to r-enthuu rrecltl-e~cnt -It V, ~l n, by lll), Ipllili l 1. 111il li .1ll, 10.,10 navy, F. L1. Lard I1lu/da·r, n rnml e. y ll n (uul igh II w Nhe par! /.r. writen by ,ýn-elf, it !vets tu ldstillt i 'h r. II :l . . t h. y ihnl d toU .h., is )',I l. . I, I cub m .h,- ",u n ,III-: lcdy I(lu nuol II)))r , nu'll ),, c.r, .t ,,1 :, ..t ,, 1 J ic I c ,' ,e c i'o ,ullio cllIn l' d c l lr ;, I. t tlln I . I, )11 , the \l yi: , er I)IvI tntluu Il IIIHI 4I'· L II Ii. .0 l 1 l l c dc.i.,+,,l (c c u a Jllyelq l nl n l ul1Jnl ofl It,) 1 I (le If \ute I. lerA c e A n Ittd a c ' ,i c ta Aoc, ll c 'I 11r stIab uI l i,'i ,slh u '' ll .ol ,h Ii tc11c . |.8. il.irct ii x' ,l i hlllu 1 1 II IIi ' , lll ' I t i vlll+ I, t i ied, rtu ll, Eull llln d chllldh,, Ii( I aII Jt hu ý o i R th. d n l l ,L l 'I sii ,, " 'iI tii I ,UI' t l til 'e d IaIc H "t,"u,. lt -IIv ; Ia ,ill'lh (,I '. t uhl\ IIIU II prlNa olon I II Illtl )" t- 1.t , l ,,lI.. (uInlvllllllI .ul leII I inie ex l pltlll ll( l) lllltlilllll ]tt +'; 1. 1:l.lf l,,'I1 the" ll U I). All Iw ir Ift.'e l uI ·1+tutl) \cn. .\,". ,Iht,,l .t d u1l, y cUgIJJ e llO liet. tJLvs' [I.F: F.Yp. e!' Fa o rlrtull I. ei and ru ln ,l rieg of Kel l s New l relllutP t) Oll [:1 I "," u i· , ev. . ..e@ [Iin'iii l ' I II-UC .a l Just recd ii ed und fi ix.l h, \V.\I cc UI'F f i t'l T' ~ ltI. :I ('I l.sI \i I ( ,I 1.It I IIf t B I, n,-i I r, d t td I I , ,di n , andLL 1" ll Ithes. a 'rhll ,+ I'.x it .ll ,. , I. iI ' ; :1' " . I\ ' '.; d" y rcc i, .1 I l ii wi ha n,. I o it 'le, 1. I. . ., l, t.. .. I ,, , ' +, i" l B'1'1 l. I ',P , ' . n ,+ n "I. .t L 'I IF . v t . I; . . . "" e o ll it ' , . rell, '. ,. It,, I T la , o ( "'I I 5 , 1 7 1 . y , .1 u "I , . l r. :de ....iac c' e , l J ,% 1 .w it I ,I, r . 31 ,- I. i , .," d i ,,r .,I Tkng l 1ir,1 1l'I r:l,,;, L , p, lh 1,t+lvrul r n , lt s a c i"1 , i '. I T h ao rl ,',' I" r h si . i) e " Scn rrl 2lly K , . , . i. h: ,, it ) re P e t ,lc.+ i ztr1 , viz, r [ it,- P 'e, d, wsiz a. h h,,,m. ,)t'ss. +n%.~iiIUgv tor %.cast, it rii . .g lla.g ,,, Lu, swllee tclllly ,i Ih, tl~,,l is.l:I·,Iu ve n , c'... 111 1 erLptll.ll .S \'.c. Cneec',"'. Ic",,l, Fextri. 'f n arc.apnrl la e [ ) lr l hl~, , 8 Ih. , , l d , a n d es : h i I , ,i & . .mow tli l ~1a/ll+ I nlhd 8. rllllug1, i cabIl l ii l l ,, II, , i-, O ,Ih II,, i., ,,, ce. R,'ticicI , If q rec ci I,. c, sce"III aj ta fI , clhrlll' . l' olhw,, , I d r tT ld bexte l Prtelllt '. e lrh)nl lIs I1'' e c Il ',,r en tih w ell lll '.t''rl iptwdtr0 p),)ttl ln 'rrinr de Pere , ulnlL,~ ( 'te.' r," , ,. I,,vell rr nlld Ih"rldll weltse of- thr I,'n t qI i,.,u c' It 'c, c1, a 1 e' ai'51 I1 )i,., Old, rid2+" h I *In, o C',,U hell, a.+ ,il, a a iclyat1 I ciluer a d Iihi.r ii1'nlCilc.. c Idlhii I cIc'klneg nlk elpi rc r hIacic .i cc derm and re.h ,,d wchclhe cin. net'. Leceumna A It , ccc t.,rilllel o lI "'h ,rl.,, r c e(;, rllll Setie nc" ( '1 c 1Em,'r JIINES o_., 2(; OT ;I: I N _€ For t'relIatettt end "e of fi, I',rt ai tl Ape. l7'd111 I ,l..mhh dl . , clrI ~,hr -,z t be '1",na: 1id, tII atbP i 11ti,'lllhtri, ha Itla ,,djarf ,n ,i al tr li.__ ,e ,.I ,*,, OýJ ..,.,. ". In If", ti,. .l PIa a, l\ , . Ve Ly illllr' I " tlll rL e 111 l h 1 au" ]nreatadiew, t it t1111, bP 1 I' WWiI the veattt seal ei I'all tl, i, ~ tnl ,r ovtlll, I, i n o h d. It pre ventsl ra+llareol I " lh+. 4 1J< ,,, 1,1 .`11 ,li Ilthec~netl l. tIIttt att"+rtd l it.b lat r t , ltt't" .vt ti vit. Ie c vlae:. P l, ll s a 'I l I' ol l I,, .,Inf u, il ,1ll1t i y t. ti. lvp vta ei ldl, hI a r l l lllll l n ITt le gI,.IIti Ii 8ta t hll 1 t tille 1t`x . 1, Ill' t I thi t , ,r r, r ct treat, !, dr s eo., bill HI, e 1 l, _ I thl'nts·.e 11r 1a r 0tale. S1htever tp n. ril ellt w y he of i ea ab i lvld t iattt t ic ll e ir e g'lt' " "i. vv irix. c, fhav tie .e at1 l 11 al h i , "l u y re .lI a vih.lo a. the ,tr ' , hr t. T, ah'l , li te, 1, I t t e w ta a iha le the sulb,. ve r ersl ,e"- , 1,, tre'c 1,,02 rnm t -heir 1h1 a i n ld i g lenr a lll·. o it ,ls The ,qtlenl dut uried s etc he d vhtttt u lth lh t ttiao ctttctttrti , v nndt.Ilt a itta . o veth c ttttt E pt' i ta I taI oan d I rcih n A r anulli arer. ell,' I ai, n m no t Tm the apu r lnin U fi tih s ofthin lutad m -, [rivet ue daily offered II a plepnl.ed ml n hi Pr. Jebl It, Raw:nnd, a his teri talte,, and it fll byi c the e r atnd Ath llt bic l rOb . '1"~ bhhe h a d at rtw ril a hn o , AtpolSNEc tri ' i l t Ti vil a. JOIalea]e Dfrug.iEWll lu t unla tnh1y ith e trt :"pAei to tla i poaet. iffie. 'Il'h vttltetctttts ira na ow ertttlVlt g IrttIn teir fieo t orne e t a .tewYoV kII , a will ktio01i ecotl s inty oa afaaJ'ttup tlvr wc tiv antllnlt . t al id b l ' latt p'itvE rn, In : il o o rt th I,1t i, :cyl)tit l , Ital .li, . Irich and Aintrletll t alllrl·liO c Ola-cl, i ttlctctttl , T tIIIvhI and Gravv, ntt r Ittt 'ttt i p lla i at l i ntd linlell; nl¢rli, fcelllggI, hiltlrtltt ullld hItllllltliry attone, plante oa I'Per , NI.., iii & ilylraal: t (i.ct t all rd t lkster. i g i-ie, toglcg r with a -t ti l a dlit-t r' nl oa IatIuulttia alld plait Garlta anid LRusia Iron tloar offl the wllt Wt+..t rlllli nlslt apprloved patterns. toltnl ri~t ttlta tll l It; IlCtt.t t mvai lllnlr alind at the rtot cioutc. 'It'hcy htvo fir rasrte workmen to t " '78 work. Atj " AIN & S'TROUD. S.II N['VS NEW .VliiK,&e.-The Amerlcan I SEnglatd, by tho autl]orafc"A Year in Spailn," in voluln es. Noble terte of \etter., in t vO]I.! Tila Yoltng \Vie'a Iloott, a lutacil moral nrh nof ind d nrte.,tic dtatics. Jaustreeeivrl and forsale by WM. M'KEAN, Ilj- nt' . \'ca i ,ll h t h . .. i+lon Pitlhisia; do. c t h o :,l +tllr illogl l 1,r, e ppty, ree d h - 1,4 A. TO\V"a, 1 CR.a9C,--"

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