Newspaper of True American, June 25, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated June 25, 1839 Page 4
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L Baltimore4rackets r OEWORLEANS AnD IoALTI.I'ORE LINE OF Sc PACKETI'S d SThis line will eornstct of tiie folllowing vessels, liti which lave been built or per-l'h. ed elxrres. ly ,il,, ....irdo, viz: lu Ship s.eaman, Capt. i, r Sark Mary, . Niekrso, ", S Irti Ferry, new S, tevens, It Selonu SlrIttus, l"tkhamn, I + rig Architect, ' Gray. Ji STho vessels are of the first clams, Ilhve Iarnd. rt s Iofurnieshed coomaeodatioes, nedrl are of a light Lr ft of water, so as to admit 'f their rectivieand ar cPlaeirging their argirve in B:ltimore. at the city. Fi 'rnight be taken fur ports on the Chesapiake n i e' Jemes' River, end fbrwarded by the egents, CF MSm. CLARKE & IELLtiGG, at Baltnaore e: spenem en goods ellrped will be adva .ed wheln ns ' ired. The prire of penrege is fixed at $0, ri, niple store ofthe b et qeality will he providid. a Steam up and dowi,i tie Missiesippi wcill be taken an all occasions. Perfreight or passage, apply to I GEO. BEDFORD. l, nov27 2i g Binville st. I n FOR NEW YORK. (Lnuisiana anld New York Line of Packets r _;IIE Sthips com.posing this line will sail froin }ew Orleans sand New York on every other l1on dsa-oo-mmening'on the 20th November--.and to iseaurs tle punctonliy in the time of sailing, the line will hrereafter consist of ive ship, viz: Ship Yaono, Captain Trask, to leave on the 20th Novsmlbr. mship Louiasv!l, Captain Palmer, to leave on the 4th December. Ship luntsville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the 8lth Depamber. Ship Vicksburg, Caplain Woodhouse, to leave on the 1lt January. Ship Miseiseippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th of January. The above are all new, of the first class, copper d n·id sapper fastened, and uparlde or 5!!0 ionsi Sbrthoa, are of light drauglht of water, beingh built ki New York expressly for the trade. The pjrice of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their oabins are Sttetsd up in the most iiproved and convenielnt plan, and finished in a neat and elergant style - Ample stores of the first quality will he provided, and every regard paid to the c.lnfort and entire E.tistfation ol passengers, who will please tloe ake no. ies that no berth can bie serured until paid for at the olFce of tihe conrsignees. Thes vessels are coinnlranded by roptaine well esporienced in the trade, who will give every at tention and exert thelselves to acon modater. 'l'iey will at all times be towed up and down the Missis. s ppi by steamboats, and the strictdrt punctuality h. obrved in the time of srailing. The owners of these uhils will not be responsi. Nl for ley letter, pree or package, sent by or pt en boardl of them, unless a rrgular ili of lading be signed therelor, ait the count;nir horse of thei agent or owiers. For lirrther pariicoiar niplly to J D 0BEIN & A COHiEN, nov27 li90 Culommn st i ZEWtOURLt.11N&CtIAlit.IN1NPACKEITS th.; .r i .ei con aa o tour ve" cll n o ,n r ll . I , ncon , and of abou 4l00 f.rian burI ul: en. with bandson e Hlll Icornono dI i"oa. fe r pni.rellIt.r These ve aels ore cinlllnt lllel l by c plll ilns w l eslprienced Il the trade, who will rive every at tnltion,and exert themsnlves to nccmm.odat,. Ithe it shippers. They will tom c. tp and dwn t he b Miauissilpi, and leave New OrlCans en or before F the 10th eand 1it , cver' month. The fotltwtog T Vienls collpol.O 'ho lloe, vi., : IT II rig A rhinli,Charles (, redon, master. Brig C Ieptan,J. B., l'Thomi on, master. Brig A Is menn, J. DU, ne ate n r.r Bark Roger \Valltats, J. A llierr, mseter. eFor trelngh.i, orpasae, nreply t J. A. BAR tLI.I S rCU,,61 Cmmott att. ItN,. ., Ole.i t,r io 1. -,.Che 4tt,tn. nJin , C roIAU , (' Lton W Low Oleatut ]Li o of Packet Ships.--'l'Tht new line of ships haL been expressly built, to rtlru htw;nee the abhor ports, and will be found of suitable draft o l watsr: aeemor datione for passengers, amd ever)y ettirt will be nade lto give en nerd stis'action, '1 ho Ane is composed ofth the Ie lotwitng shtil : Cherokee, 415 tots Capt. 3J tording, Carolina, d40( do S Lemisr, Charleston, 374 do I) Eldridge, i Coltumbiana, 625 do G BIlrkee, seaman, 240 do J Iowee, 2nomhay. 625 do D tlutphrey. The abe o ships are all nn., of the tirst , lass. mopper fastened alnd coppcrere, commanded y tmen Eflgreat experiene, have lnrgon neennommolaio., with a aseparte letlle cnhitt oevory nttrltit will I, paid to paesongere, and the very ulest of stres pto The packeas will ho tasrl ip ald down the ciae andsippl, and the strictest putneuali y o' served ine the time of sailing, and should tbe rt,,ilar vessels I be dttained in arrtvinge, llher elps eqell y as good Id will in all eases be stlbtitutttel. A tllirtO ot patron age is solicited, nttl ttll agenls pledtlge thlemselves to aecommodatie a Inuelth as practicolable, to receive and forward goods Iy a id licle at the itost tialeor. ate sharges, and to advance all uxpe t ea on goods shipped, if required. Tihe ships will leave the let and 16th of every ,month. For freight or panrser,. apply to the agtentl. J A .1RIRITI2, 82 C:olmtmon st. N. B. Adv,,eio ntt ti:ilio oil conigtlltln.,tue to Mesrte. A. C. Lombsrd & Co, nov27 , I jltlE i tuuies Ind Ilalt.n tuld et ltrwtitnll iin otur . htou.d ii plt ot in bottl'i at tLI. low prie f it5 1) ents entlblI, contaimne the ,ttrettet.; rf fies (luttes Llveltso rt, oh si les tlii mler t nt ttv t r r, 11 tihl r il ,] hktbs knio:e allltt ther Ittliidllt t s c l;ieaCiuus ia curitg ptltlnar complaints. Thae u jaitnllel nitest Ihil, Ires ttenlded the ,se no this ineatllntilo Btlsatl w el:leicr it It ie been ittllo dlled. hae etdteined tte enrottidlltle itittt recnnmenda-t litns of teepecteile dtlpthtcitllt foI'r ohetl of colghts, gsldse pale i, the ideile, ant ie" re.t, slitting or bloodld litr comptaini, 5.. TO H.brhm it mnay concern. This is Into certifyv Iltt we have it our praetice reqItrl e tiprscriebd Irs Untard-. er's Indian Btamt ni Laversa t a d lorltnrl, wiil a decided good eflct: we caln tellrefole frotil th! hknow letdr of the materials it is rnal fIean, ilid bseh ,tintl aseta tlterinorn, rectlllll it as e telleri"t prelttlimootll srt l these rllection of the lllti fir wlliui it it i re manetde'. A it.I I t1.1.1 1itl, M. U. Mte:+cbre efa h lJostuw: .1etdwl Alsociataun. aleby J IRVI & .INI h.EWS, ol t 1,9 O w i ,it h, othttth la: n1d mN -b9l. e- (ast I.a Na he rechived and for may t No 9 t'.ti st , SRUiOd-Junrl tndtitt let.u NCa it. t ttititesy if almtindi, hitter anl sweet litquorice rttil, Bits' Juice,essae.,: of leergnetor, esPItt:ie it lenman j1t11, heimp and eanary seede, tIltanettll, hke d Ismatll, cenlturhll , trimatoe.s, oranlg fieOnw, ,t titmIce he. ft oltlenrlt and msoail in stora of It g3e\NA;-,t 29 tur Nat(llaez . l chon itouat, st Geo Cabot, and rt sale btv may 3 7 P WI T'n:p at ,4IMS.ICN8 IHAILTT& CO ie nO, now rrinn aon boald hip Orleans., IClihl!rie, i'okhr ltrv iAndrew. ienh and .iernti I l an rnr Isi l0i,0 ! Itinmont Ilnnurds; ClhrilmleTn, 2 1- d and 23i Sinh 111l od lnlls;bh9,!n andd tio n ch inI , e BRi ie i ni v Len thllr at,, othen rltr itoelln lreI lain Ca. ; hn lt Pocket, Horotentli tn', anl i)uthllie i ' o; ti, ble oldui oingle barrelehd iGuti ; Ganri linga ; 'Sht ; I'di.. r and Pistol Fliatks; I)ti ., il: nit l d Irllinii Cl I, IPotaw.ion Eaps nt Cap .li -h. . Cwolh, ot ,nr, ','o , ; lrd .aIl; l Oris , lli ' .n ' l '.,oo : .." C oI'notl owder 'toind t and Siui ll 'n lo ap, 1,i,.l ;.ei.. t h'v IOn; }lair Braid-, Rtinclrel, hnt ,fize o" liare an:o io'nlPt )rwdler; retcry It.l-- II.vory Ts if u 1 hlnd .. owdrhr Pluilt anld Mo an(x.- it d tlli,*, Pcnlt anl, IC rvan talr-troln; \ni' l Ilt uklci.: ttlcel i.; tleoo Necklnl,,i ,ed Chains; (iatll .n. ! ire a nd ' ,rlitt n di . nllllrs, Illl and nPluole Shrl1 I Tsii "; .ide anIt Iironsin Combsihbich,in addition ti toheir fir oi.t k ol luB. l, makno thcir arlnrtrnnt very ct .. ale. e in, doiltl oe sc , ow antd on liboral teenr , i. l tin ill l, tfo (oG llfeo ('moin. ii .-if 7 liertire snntreet. t l p rJ, t ,r rl. tt-- .. r bul. , hn inn g ft, i .n1hip Jn hn Ilunhap. Lr ane hh t - inat .ox ,r t f t w,,II i, no pi in ,iio n trn IF lIs to l.It niot 'Ii'.hiit"re ndiprin I. oo niko' b .~iildiLlt ., Tlt' F.- I,, leaIt a Ir wcl, andilot lpli, . are ph, a -l r fI r fil l t o ,,ill ,l· - 3 eTl pr1 f- r . I.e n.n~ r, lan it'nl g l.llo n 1 IiS , l r r ei .hltoit IP nmlrt I. ry I, I.,31 npi,.tgooiT n. RtN ii i --T i, ohootlloo IrS in,, to Cu.d antildit o. o'ttoutio i ('iat* ot d til l/ ift c'l ln ial i' in Ir . d naosll pnron n npit, , to a koi tnoP d i hit "is 1.'"V P ot. R I ii oit lond olloillStit. N i o ntho, f f. 'L t ti, e'd P 'i , It.d Mountain ,C la dn ti, - up o il i, p in ' C ' it ni. ..n . i , l htnoto .tin i r , .onl SOT -1I S P l..U . " i -I."t .' p a le r' fo r s , I l f i i. \I' 8- bol I(IhtW%, ('i 1la'(nlo i t I-:.Jlcin slh ting l and 2'5Mid Ji.l'eill, n rill 4-1 trwin injul/ll.4amding frmnnabip thnlrtnlo, fnrtIli hu fi I - IInTItIGE & Cp, . . . -. ...... :,. - .. .... ... EW GOODS-Simmons -ett & e& o se now're g N Eivng from on beard ships Yazoo, and $amtogEl +nd brig Concordia, from New York, a great variety ol goods in their line, which together with their format stock on band, makes their assortaentveryoc, plete. T'he following eutmpnae a part, viz: st ell twist, t.,,ri, tidel tucek and dmsniog comlbs, brent do ofatll descriptions, In- 8P dtl robber, silk and worsted elastic ecrters common e& fine elastie souspendeirs, lco fco aid Lucifer matahee, Heidlits powders, tosedr pulfs and hoxes, toilet powder, poeket boks ouhl wallets, needle books, shell, pearl, Ivory and rloroceo card eases, hlad ornalcnts, plainao rcl beads, necklaces antol negligres, betd chilns, bead neeklees, cot glass anid plain,oeed,silver and gilt beads, Indian beadsle, bello snd plumesr pistol and larg pow ter flaeks, slot belts, horse, belt. pocket nd duielling Jistols; dooble and single barrelled gons, Bowie knives, pg and dirks. scissors, shecars, pocket knives, guard chains, and ribltons, wist buckles, cloth, tair, tooth, nail,comb, erumbb. shoe, lin, t, oor and dusting brushes, Cologne, Florida, lavender, rose antd bay water,assorted essoen-es, Si and extract, :accasenr, bear, antiqeo, and Ward'a ve getable hair oils, shaving and toilet seoap of ll des nriptions, ladie' oaltll gentlemeno' deske and dressing eases, hair riegletr,lrizottes and brkid, plain, fancv and ' nuical work boeas, plain and gilt, aigoed, eat ad dl rest butteas pearl and ivory shirtdo, shirt sttsdds gold - and rilver pencil casesr toothplecks asd tweezersplated anti gilt lockets, f milture do, silver, brass and steel ilmblea, hooka snid eyes, hair ipis, pilitatiokn fruit,blk and rednkt,sla blacking, violins and guilnar,ribbed and plain percusion caps, linen twine, scented coas- 1 teos, gold ad siler lace and fringe, latter paper, ganme e ags, riding w'li, walking cateso,ploytngcad, fine b gold, pintted nd gift jwllry O re. n " I'he above, toether with a great variety of other art lea are onffered tit hlesale or retail oil alcolmmodatiog t Painters, No 3 Carerdele Street, tam doersllot uo:eeal ntree,. leatlions of th.lie Collowing woods and onroble,, e eeAtsd ilte amnsl , rlt e ner. be dlgecy, Epypi[n Itlachek dtll gold, ( Itok, 1 Cilla lIed AIttco, I'lht do, Ilrina or Vcld altple, I nuledto, hmspt, r Itnrldt Maple, Blood Stine,I Lt lldtcirs Eyeo, hery t S+tin Wod Pot.cI llnc, tIlatl Wood, IDoee or Itednello, Yw 'ls ll "rne , tliet Whitoe. to Ctlronanlldle or Black r Sitoomn l tl IltetvIClIs Ioes, eVolsl, W Anect d A nttrailt ")"y r Asllh Whie Oak, kh b ... le. s Cuarld tlln, It ,echinal ns to be seen at tlc e slo ,. Pailnts. oils, a glaas,opol ctsr.lias cal sE po d liht slie. It j lON,cSTEEI. Ill:AVY (:OI)tS--latn, sqare and alndi iron, aiel nasl,iterl. mt, lIe,,, secrtol and 'rol irote, nail reds otd pllgh re louldl o. :ost, Germnn, slteer, blialrtl, sprinhg, slteut aedt al CUrwley steel lollow , :lr , ct t atnd wrought nails tld spikte Zitnc block ties mill stI grlilld stIol ne, ll kettles Clhiin cebles,s,n t oa, l all.. h I.a , log ali ltraee rhanis, cornlt mills w' Attails, sheet, s l be ltlltetllltl a. llows " pWire, slrrt,pi gallol bar leaol; hllot ly tnl,, a tld Eookilci sltaces Ames, lcepticatl Iatlnd'said oti anote tenr . tshItiovcls ti.I ;l ook and pate hlbiges, door :lol wiltlw tooke, or (:ollilns, IhnIs, ShIot :lpIt s, ett erg:xs I',eyl antd Menilla corlage, nlietI and whie t BLt s s h tt lillg uni_.,; Nttl s tll . i Pahlts, linsretl t idlt sprtlter t oil ]tiltatnttllitst tttltnltt e t Atlu i itittt d It hi) :ilrs llnrdtrv I pwl'a s oll band, ure Which tire uph'el'd fir 9ade at whlte t sale i ic"rtilt , otill te lt o lt fitt le tltllCtrms, t I a n-k 1.. N YTIGN & .CoaI. 5Sit.I levtR,. l ,11ANErtl - it. +NE Ntrtile for per1ump trrls d wit h'neee, l I l(aled ilte Enr rittttnit,) le jt V arni recevd, bt tile ct, of hi ick, lh-i;zhgl ns t a litl't tt, et tlle hut mlail! voice is disl.L" tiL~tcicvePtrd to tile car. Any ml who las ever teeall ollgce etr o cnvern, with a vre dee peP,,Ol, ttusat Ite ftlliy stlrible i1 It. diiCttti hllh nd etm ar berrnssnlnlt expetirieed eth k y tilepselves e nd e Ia ! itl le Ilivhidal so alttlitltttn l olli.cted. By th use otf tlIte r oar Terumpett, tlll objection is enlirelV oiytned. Tihe ,o t soteeptial hev ahel avs aatadtPdd'wetheir doulsbt after havinlg used telllTluntpet. For sale nt T F GiUION'S, Feace store.eerner nf Ct mne aand St Charler street, Iller olil, Excllange lintel. fel 13 £ ItI)N MI il.--trdters received Iar corn ntills, I 1 / ap117 StAILL & BLIOW\VN, 96 ,lagkizinl le L tAF SUti.\R--various qoelities, roletostlnv i i sloe and fir saleby SIIALL A- IIIItt\VNE, mar 9 91i Mugovie stt en IIlltll1l CI.ANNON, I: HOUSE AND SIGN FlAINTER i No. 12 Canlp street. en Wltolesalele Dealer in Paits, Oil, Vani.eltes, Ilttrnlaen, it:Ilt \Widtnw anod Picture tito.- &tre.(c FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. ROnI3XS o aV'. GOOD 'IPX, INot. O, Cbnrtrem Street, lOne IDonr hilow lecnville, I _AVE constaunly onh dtld every rnidea peoltci - i S dIog to pgenllleon'at "!rsu, Insde i thle be-1 m1n. ner and most Ihahionable style, cciich they oflir cuI calh, at rehlced pric sa. de1e --103: B.ZIL.MI FOR T IH TEETII . rl' It E established rp.ntation anod Iocren,;u. I l demaid filr tiis eeftl tii]l remet i o'ptLiii, and ire Ir serralive of Ii' tieth, has induced tlle ubcriler t ,tofer it Io ithe A.,rienn public. Arrangenrenis hlay been (cade, to .u . ,Iv scnts in all the iiineipci ritie of tuo,., in tie Uiticd Atitec, soan cc da lce it ithi thle reach ol thiore nut'rillfe cnd likely tot acllier thi isi ot harlting of ,all acher, Tootlth-achr, le \h app lied ncicotlince to ditctinnc given on t bottle, it l ia nuever cccilil to iioirc illll e t lilliec llc1ld Inllallnelt relief. It oanl arrest the. decitav In defl;ctiv teeth,and relieves thit 'oreness ltich so I'rerienth rouders a stronlg tIooth u 'less The nplicnition It relmedv are siln:i, illnocenlt, an Inot Iun lea;lll andl tihe Iirce otul her of )ersoi n in dierent seclios of th co ulltrv that hlave alrt lad experienceid ichii( dteliehllin a u d -aulta, y eLlci IroImt tile ust, f 11h h1111, hnore ready toI b eer (I(r tile ulblic good) their testilnonv to its, un irivallel ( ,llllitle";. .I t in nn Indian re nleh., obtainld sii'lrl lod unexpelctdly, and mnv he eriarg Ig by thc .i iliezd world as the nmoi t i aluale cdiscovery i redii icull . woic Wooids c Iice Il ler boutle. Snhld b JArtltc S & t NDRF\:\\i . nra 5 r Cor Common anid TI'cl !tllEnnIes ics. ,I- rljl II Il .'.7, -.s c,:,co.Y-t! d,,nii White -\oo tilest,fur' It JtOlhN II iitLAIIAt , , [ IIT'E LEAD- b , 10t lir ach; . dii4h kegs, l)00 English do--? -5 1-4 lble. 1110 " 0I list I;rncshe% variulls sites; I cn.-O Vcrmillictc; 5 bb hlt'pale Varnish; 10 packs (Gohl Leaf; 5! do, Silver do; IIIII do Dutch Metal. WINDOW G;I.AY ,'American, Er'lish and Frenuh 1(i bhxeis, -ariols siien anid qualities. , 3 Ii n i :oo lI du.-- (IU boxesc onsignmenrt, t ill be Also, a genral assortment of artists' ceh ourI and No Il C.otnl treet. f N II. Alhbvna notes tiaen at ip r. andi Mississippi notees tu received at 10 percent discount for goods, W\IIOI.ESAIlE AND RETAIl, Dt,\LEKRS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DIv.E STUF,' ., IVI.VDOIIO GL.',4S, S Curietr of Coaelnlo andl Tehoupitoulas sttrets, r rw •I:I.E &Nv .A'F!o \N JARVIS. Jpece Wc. iANcit ' 1 S.I A la.g i ilt' (I ('arlrn ti ' .id, -wateed thie griic't [ic Tici w c SiPiu i c heeu C i.ccsi , iiy ccc hee ' ,ir iriel l and theI p bl 11 ic o lllT r ., thl t ithey ocrclpv tihe nw hrick shop, 21i T'chll'uc dtoni. ; tslret, (whhoe they keep ronstanlltly onll hillld (Copper, ei'' c and cllreet oc w \wiar-, oft every description, a, ch as e,,,,'er sttlts, kettles, and pnmps, ton bath. i tor ll s, nlll il olns, o" all sortrs and Ftzes, anld all other bcrcsb e ,t nIIgt do l.e t shortr.ct notice. G I !ratl hIlt o;f (,very decription, tIchll as steam. S i Lolt stirlllp, l Ig hains, c acrn'v ht!1, stn 1 other h1d ofltlbsi worh, sucn as ehimlnlys, breech. `' fir, l'tulm pSlopS. They ,ll alti) dit all kinds nlit door wnrlr, r Pch a,- zihei, copper ai d tic rioon! g and g|ttering, , &c. Tlh, y ,ove and all cther kleds l of ort e e totheir line af buinesrs,t wi they will execut at the shorten st M cet d,,,c.7 TIIREE DAY iS Jo)UJLV.I "it( F .1 .M 1 ' S1 =h ¢llr, lit aii n l nd. tIn l hlic in genesal,tiat hle will he it retdh le abv the tllst day ofll perit oflh( lse fit it oh-tn rc, t llt thelre I~l·te hood Y lnl'g,* intir tdlllnrt: m1 d.l , clod o h rllsr towlil ell\ · noI ;rd tll o11 .1 r her to. I er m o \ alll te.ll aln i t ch llrl.r uIllb r tha t h re!tlr Ie, and o t Idthe sait tine toIch bet, r. i ':lnitli, cen Ire .li la·nadlrd +ith gadr m+,l an , or l dioce t ho prlCer rI u.e rhe llhr l e ihs ite lied front ithe mlain hil ing1. It 1s delllned ulnoesecry e ivay alnot'ingi iln partlic lar of the character of these wait.ra, titr It I; g. Itslrlly I.lieved that they are not iuferinr to lln in t[ Solth ern Stnlnn . All the aouw11|1. t11 t Ihat ate i r Iie;Ilnl': best music that tIis poart of the ,',ntry al;,rds, . n been en.ogged,anld will be i-,€,. c nft aleodlrnueta Isle !r Springs darr ;he tt hoes or o. " hlie sutl aih ill vail hitrolfof this opmr nity I illts returnie hi us lnfig.ned thanks fr lh ,,.y liberl t the ceonlnedatioo, to merit a liberal pir,.a.oe 1h, ] [)innn and St Philip, kre- a eoIf11ntlt n1 hond i ali . xtn-ive n sustair no ofhl ts a rd brogcnn W.,,d th o f , f N ew Y terk rn., factulre e, f , ." ,,,, w om en I nd chi 'dren of all ne+, wblslh hie wll d:epose of 1! ar very mod aete nrice I. Famtlensofhs noq Hina.ncon era linnr,,trer will hive their wlahes ato,.I' d to L S SE;GOIR I BUSINESS CARDS. JOB PRINTING. OF. £.00Y DeCRIPTOrNo, eo SPEEDI)IY, IANDSOMELY AND CHEAPLY EXECUTED AT THE OPFFIC OP THE an Trae Jdserfiae, d.'. CHIARLES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. sA m23 ni A CARD. E & SINNOTT, st PFholesale Grocers and Commissn Merrhants, n: No. 27 Comlnon Streot,Ne . Orleans. n S l' Partieular tteotiln paid to Ith ,uaiing up of p Steanm boat nod Ship stores. r n|ov:O SAMUEL TOBY, p ' .Merehandise Broker 4. Commission .Merchanl, i 113 ()ice, 31,. Camp rt.-For the presen . a J. P. FRIEMAN & CO., It nPheliesle Clothi. Balshlwemnt; No. 3, ,agazine street, I Ti AVE constantly on hand a large supply of Cloth i IL ing, calculated for the countrv trade. Their o. ta rorttment wiug lore:o, mercehntst froLI the eouutra aoe I be supplied at the sllortrst notice. S - - - IAZAAR. BVIax & ALLE-N, NO. 1, EXCHANGE HIOTEL, In .'wrurr of St. Chrrhos nond CommoneIso,. NEW ORLtE.ANS. t M1'OIRTEIRS and Dealers in French and Engli h I'rrfumory; t)reasiog Cae.enir Portable Itoskh. nCutlery, Itlsiers. (loes Shirt, aohk r , Umbrhelnl o Canesoaod nl F 'v Articleo. d5 K T' ENI'UC , liii oit, oatl Itadirnoa Rtnk Soles, kfor sIlt by A TRIER, ,ne . "3 74 (;rvier _sr JEWEIR.tY, AT Wlltt.E$AI.E. S 3. 1EI., No 16, Chartres rt, ho Ithis day re Sopivned a full a8olrtnlsllt of Weailhes, Jewelry, lTAooV, aote 'l s anlytilas Ware, liry will lie Ioer a ent le owes1 rt ltrrket pricee, a. I nOl.5e & ,.511", DOEAI.EitR IN .AMERICAN &. ENGiJrLISII GROWN GLASS, No. 3 ij.orUo Ie. 'o Sý.FroT. o1r FASHIONABLE CLOTHING r ''AYLOI IIAHI)DIEN, re No. 141 Cllarna e. n l reel IIAVE a elltllstlllp11 l , l ey if 000 arlle o elrrtaing Opposite lanks' Araddl. tIIL.(E.51 Ii EENEI, PROPRlIETOIt nrl -B-ANK5l NO'IK& EN(:itAVINTON RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & LDSON A V ol'pened ol olice in Nw Orleansi . plossesing equal ravislo ags i w ith their hloue in Now York, tir tlrto.e ,llr .ooe ogeera+ ail poiloing Banlk Notls, t'lleks Il ll othi er it portunt paiPlrl , retpllrin security aq llnkst I rgerites and have wlltde mlpnlP ptLovisiLoa or h11 arf e f ill oi e ll ,ile l lt"; n ipll llesile mns entrourt ed to their cate; their .peci , ens enmbace the notes of ne'r tile hhundred hnlkin istlllutiol.s, anllld all orders wl till e exe thrrlll with ionptlllllli l l lon the rsulOnl '100r0a Ultra', corier oIItoyal & Caool see II i --If S CHA\NPLIN & COOPEIt, fG(ROCEI( S AND D F.\IE.IRS IN PROVISIONS AND FEEI, No. 79 and ."i Julia streer, New Orleans. °'Ship and amily o tores put up. mar 5 t0 iLiSllOldlAN.o ri FURNITURE WARDROOMS o No. J, Iliernvole street. `t /lllAl\l I. CAlINES, would respectfully' in `VY I r s flto trio:t d anl d dlth pllblie that e is c0on stantly receiving from Now York andl Bosto a good .ossornentrollttruiluire, sech as moahogany chairs, ' wlfl, I edrteodo llm p 0 and tpointed chairs, innple otd cherry bodsteti', mahogany and cherry tables of all Sdescritla.' Iloureaýll, srnilets, rreloitaoeo, writiag ladesks, wrlldlroes of llnLtoallV Iand cherryV washi wanods, lolkirg glosses, fretilers, Ierdding,&c" &c. at Nit. FIurnture pelked tor trersporlation with great rtPee. noel 3 Fi R tl *N'S INSURAINDVE COMPANY OF NE1IW ORLEANS. Thi (omnllln are now prelpared toi tk.t RISKS AGAINST FIRE. UL'" l ,Ct, No. 24 3lusonl''s Iuilding,C'.ng et.e ,. 1" New O)lleans, Ila 15.18 3. . el'rtnsv. O l.D C llt-,tk l Cl pebs t roae C by-p aprtl t4 2i T'rlpit RIUS'I''ON & ASPINALL'S NO MPOUND TONIC MIXXT'URE.-A speedy n- and cure for the Fever and Ague, rreoittent and interoittent ibvers; prepared from the original recipe. Used with eminent anti uni versal success in 1832, by personl of the highest 17 respectahility in this city, as stated i t the annexed tcertificates. 0 This medicine is highly recommenrded, and has been extnsiveoly used in tile above dilaasses with such distinguished success, that tihe proprietor of i the recipe has beeo induced to offer it to the pub. 1l ic in its present form, in the hope that it may be the means of relieving many of those who are I suffering undar the scourge of our country. It is ,L a medicine plosossing great virtue, and when used dv acordieng to the directions has never failed of .clfecting a core, cvoen in the most obtinato stage of the disorder. It is not at all disagreeable, and hY persone of thelsoakest tomach, and children may r take it with impuilty. It strengthens the digestive organs, creates al appetite, and seldom requires more than one, or in obstinate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. Tihere is neither mercury nor o~ arsenic in the medicine, nor any thing injurious to the human constitution. The proprietors are so well convinced of its clficacy, thr.t they agree to refund the price of every bottle which has been taken in necordance with the directions and has not elrctedl a a perfect cure of the fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent for Now Orleans, at his wholesale and retail drug and medicine store, corner of IRirnvilo and Chartre sitreets. For District Agencies apply to ir5 ''T. IV. SMITL'H. 48 Conti st. I'I'NSACOI A MANSION HIOUSI NlEWv CITY, PENSACOLA. r [1II1 nahleribtr hevhit parchaseed Ihe lun .dl fLr l nirllreal"f this well knows establishlilnet, fro lnt 3 T' orh ioth. lute po. rieor, ill he ready to reiave vi tcrl hby Ihe let .) April ieal.e ul seraus aid costly i+mprovementsl will be found in the arranllgeellletl of tihe: h.[liOnl Hot., I New and mlore soituliOdo bsating will be hbilt, and hwarm b th will be provdied it all lhours. A lablei will he attuched to th e house, with good accommudas - tione fr horses Ua'w carriages. Fi it rate hirses alnd earrgeats will also bhe ksept frl hire at modlerate prices,, nlld soil and row bhEuntsll wih.erson li IllaslUgc tihemI for the use of vielters. Billiards and ethel aulllsellurltn lSnallly (In at o1 ateri+ng places, will also be furnished, antisl $,'lhlucte.l g 1asot to ijtrribre withi the ollmtirti Inad quiet of tats Icardera. 'lh a inii iii d liqii raau ill be of the he t r llllllt, l ll(land to .l.l r' a It l 1l ripl ol iet etro bs t brdy bUu ordt red, w Ili , i il ar is Ml I'r.drihk IsalkuardI,s hn fiorrl'y kepIt t ptollihtr I a hotelat \lhnaliigton eii, will cnd lsia el i the a.r + lr, i us, asi sud h linitl,, lid tly usamI e s the rl s; l iofliins i yealr, i dii his fr-ili, ienellmyn Itl et Sthly will r,+ic've naery P osible lurel tiolln;t anil thell,by Cl'.ie. ci to iteg'dtuiirl itai'asiiil'. ies lutal t alVaitagl a sIlt K1ito alre too well knowil to ied iti lugt liened dee-criplirn here. 'l le fels 11l-at I'eln.ncol is llte lr.arg t nav l station of the 1sv+'rll hrls; the ge ilal rentll ll ui o t Ili+(:ull'tg ind. sou; the -:,l ,11, i y f it8a elilnwte +'elit,+ h d ellonllltallly dol tiet 4L aulnslr rvouthls byv h .i eookert I tirla rhiteu(lll; the be tll, of thile bhsL and the lleighbouring i.h nl- ad liver~s the abundtuine and delicacy of thi I .ish w.ilh wht'h the ater8 ..hound; ,md is ploxinmity to t .i huit Southern markets, hive lu nsalah the re ieer enrs sver all mtier plaes in the-e lalitudlles, as a halithyl md delilhlul ess.uerrctrct!. F:.rlt are hoars "ill rul , hie.reca Peh:,aula anld ao hile, nd will at all tilmes he at 1 to tale the p astseng'trs friiom Ihi Ne v Orl a:ns alos.l Ill ii,1:8 . II ARN, L19. l''l,L, Feb. 1, h,183:l. S(;tnltleulmln iahinlg to aenagO rlnms for theil famlili.t ,an shsllr.ass the prlopriotor, at I'eilSaculn, Mr Sewell T Taylor, tie t.irunur lprol,4n.,ar, siew Or leans. R fr n.ers. T' auIfnr., lFy, SLr C lliim, 1. (ilcA-llin, Eq., I.. iibby, in ob.l; S' T 'f1ay lor, P' ' I-a, Esq, in Nu't Orleans. I S-.\ Ietter ha.l, ti receive l nlllil millrti for per.n at th ,e hotel, is plaerd liat in Wlhianslllllll , 1t[ice, i [ St lCharles ilxchs . tg1. FL.ORIDA ROUTE FOR NEW 1. 1 Y 1RK. iP Travellersal.iroun of taking, tie Iloridan rate, vii Pen r.aola,li the l Ntrhi.nare ilrmeil that flrsirra baosn will lllastinllv ralul Iron. les ile te, Pesacnla, Slivinz .lnstll" asl Ple-lusaulls ecvre illher day afllter thile Ist of May. Gsod .stlage will idalia. hie provilded , lbithe ur.rheto be in raeadines to take paisengere fron Mobile, in caes if the fuilurc af ithe hliss N II AKNOI.I). The steamhat Chllampion t lesvee s Mobile for Pen.a iolla ticeil a w'rk feh' i. Iv iEAN MAl'II FAItINA'S ((hI.(hSNE WATER l retes inre nf this iiperior Cologne water, just received andl for stle hly the ldozen or singl' bottlt.- Ameriuln and French rtilet pnwders, powder Ifln alltlbhoe. s, sllniig lndi tilet soaps,cosaetaic- .,Ih bll, milk of roses, cosmetic cold creamn, letrle o sI,ih kephhll, Vard's vrigetahlc hair nil, polmialtumi, c ie-,,e d F lrrv r Flrillo , llIvellll r, rose atllll aV wsaters, s'r r. sh:l's s ilt I llrceill e pruilllnerv ill a rlllkr . Yi .tll. I le r td i ,id ,ru' e, l'hlrie Eas nd Orris othll agush, rlth, hanlr lllahltail llud lebh !irll;hei; tiigelher with :II adldtili,.l 'apply of fatshionala lisetr and shell cetls and w l low le r r, tail "byI.IMONS, IIAR1T' &('O, ,,, .. i 70 Cli"irtraa rer t. Royal Colltee of Physlcans, Loudon. . E rignn Vegltable Ilaeean Universal Medi et ehe, prepe byV Mtthin, Esq. Memoer of tte Reoal Cllege of Siureouns, Eetite of Apothe. carytslnompay Fellow of Bolt Counm Society, Surgeon to tle loyal (Taon Pension Asoolatico, Laneaster Place, Waterloo Bridge, and Perpetual Pupil of Guy' and St. Thomas's lospitals, London. This valuable medicine, the result of twenty years' experience atId lanralleled success in the extensive andi highly respectable practIce of the propriety, parto nised be the litulty anti nobility, and Is now introduced to the notice of the American hublie, at the earnest so licitation of a number of gentlemen of long and high stanling in tihe profession. It is hoped, as a prelimi. nary step, to check the evils and fatal eousequences arising from the use of the numerous aid deleterious nostroms foisted lon the public by the aid of lubricated profs of miraculous cures, and ether frauds, byo aset of mereeatry, ut,. ritteipledi pretnenlcrs. so toually ignorant ol mdlical sciente, that it impossible the monstrous dolositn cst any longer ;o down with tie intelligent leoleoflthis country. 1'hes pills, mild ond agreneable an their nature, should be kept in every family in cases of sudden illness, for, by their prompt administration, cholera, cramps, spasms, fe' er aml other alarming complaints, which too often prove fatal, may be speedi ly eured or preveneted. In fact, all those who value good health, should never-be without them. They are sot? in packets at 5t cetto, $1 and $ each, by every repee table droggiat, b*.kselle,, and vendlorof medicine ia tlt United states at I he Canadas, with copiosa directions, together with. esttunottials of professional ability from the follaowittg eilnenl genttlemen: Sir Astlev Cooler, J Abernethy, James Blundell, M. D.,WV. Baek, M. ID.. J. Alton Key, A. Frampton, MI. D., and numerous others. The originals may be seen n posseasion of the Getteral Agent, by whom the medicine is imported into this country, and to wlhomu all applications Ioragenlcies imust be made. JNO. HOLBEIN, 1O29 Wverly Place, N. York, Sole Geoer.l Agent for the United States, Uc. For sale y aploitttntent of tihe etiginal proprietor. by SWAIN & BIaOTtnF, Dtutggists, No It Canal street, Iernere Agent slore Statthee of Louisiona. jul v8 SKEIICY It LEE £5 co, No 3 MIagu.ine street, are I:ew receiving fromt ships Nashville, Lomuisville, Ketllcekh, Eagle, and other late arrivals from :Ih " C.lern cities a large ail new seletedl assortment l, B.ots, shoes and Brogans, consisling ofgentlemeo's lone calf and Morocco hoots do 24 qunlity; do buhf'd, and stout wax pegged boots o varios qualities; mentt's lin calf seal and Moroceo shor, pmtps aoti Ibrog:ae, buckskin shoes, brogans am slillpets: Mnte's fine call and kipped pegged sltoesaul I rofnus; do boots; do stout kip and wax pegged sloes el tbrtgoants; gentlemen's best quality callfsewel shotte, Itrnlls attd Jack l )ownings; do calf and Mo toccon i Ickle shoes and btrogns; to calf, seal and Mrnmeeno: I odian sltos andi aliplpel . o calf, buIff :un seat wnigs, a tew article; do tine calf, soel and mtorocco qtar.te otsc; opys', misses' and children's pegged and seweat bIr noans,t, an r s leof' everry quliCt a.I"ni kiti. Also a general aRsoIttmelet of eln's stott wax and csts brotitans and shoes, together with lO,in) paitn ugro bust quality, russett brogans, nailtlI in t I ,.s, mtadi expressly faor paitatlion iuse; a good as. I etinlt of lmenl'S llle tand stout kilp russell b'.oglos, r w aticle, a atre quantity of itt inllrior quality rs soetl viwasu bro:)gans. Ladies' fine calf, scal, morocco attl grain welts, atid p p sol sionshoes; do line French .1.oroaco anl kid run G,entn slippetl; edo roan sheins, aetit and witlout beels; it skals areind stout leather btotes; on Prtirlla sItoer )hitl kittls :tlttd qalitiel; ldo lasting br.gats; io gaitel,. naund loed loltes. Misen' lastitingsa ioSislIns:tmen, a vlus. Ctitllden'acoloredt .lotcuco tnta lasting inr. It s anti boots., tc. t;enttenio't tltl'stanshionttbltlack silk biats; o bluack 'ltO drab btvericlu ol a ilrioi quiittiity; do imitatiot I Inn rsn do; hrotd mud tnart ow t rit u len'S tine tltal,tm hit; k Itat.tia oit taotte l hats, a teo article. 'met1hs' size nats it dititosellS ulgrilies; do, cbildre-"... ,Il"'tlab cud1 's black atllll drab wool ]lils of lal~Uont salt tis, niLL general alssorllltlt of boys' alld melln's anil callS. ' tas tassot tteot will be replenishettIho the arrival of ea It packetslron the aonore tnamed cities, all of which o il Ibe sohl on aecommodtatin g terms. sug I--if N. MERIURY NOR COPAIVA New Orleans, Noy. 14, 1837. A lBOl'T sin ontlls ago I had the mifortuane to got a scret disease, for ewhib I have applied to sere ral dctors for a care, and they did not cure tle t Io ow oi the above date I put myself under tin carn of Doctot ltuet, aond I expeot im to eitce or. Siinee tlat tiote I the disease got worse, so as to break out in large ulcers to the number of six or eight on ea It leg, and all over Iny lace, and sre throatn, ani not able to work at he preetet tilut oil atccount of the disease; large Ilcer o, the right side of the throat. I alt iov puttiauvorInelf confid ntly onderthe care of Dr. Iluet, r fPari.,. to be perlectly cured Jt}kN I)EAN. I O CERTIFY that the chore mentoo ned diase. in Uquito well cured to mty own saetiaction, for wlitih i thank I)r. Iluet; tind imoreover I assure that the medi cine I have t(aken mIaltis le flt, and did not inlireo mlly neoltl at all; tloreofor I edvisot myi f Ilow sullrit s te lose no line aid apply to I)e A. Illet, 1l3 Coanal street, between l)attuophine and Iotrln ll streets. li)r. IHu et is at botne from 9 o'clodck. A 51, util 4 I St1. I'l:y will find u tlle dioc:tor for tltis cotnplit. JtiIIN ltlia .\i.NI Grotier street. ItI tny oane ants to see ite, call at Nit. 41latvicl SJOIIN DI) N. SNow Irliana. Fieb , tI8l . tilt Il I' Jtadl P'UBldE/I V.I ulTO. EII oTKFO' tI't #.J I r.", 'I The tTt h /a;dilinr'n 1f ROWLETTT'8 TABLES OF Ia'ieEtrtt:l T: ; ot10 le is new adided a Ave-g ''iam Ca-ult- a cbased alit diit'creit dates, en uifferent credits, and for t', variousn amotat.s Itilesaitesla ful alt E(opelte Ihtkhiag 'lime l''et,t tihe best Ihat can Ie rololt thed. nr t -hat f gores ceall It, ole within the samei coadesend cotlpat.t, altd site alts f-. t An a veerisetment in the book is in nearly the follow.- it ing words: n, Thehigih dstietion this wolrk Ihas receaivl thirough. i the ten tlgilatlie acts prefixed to the tile p,-e, s a .- c tommendltiolln ic itself, sa itlcimmon , and so conlll- a ir-e, th enthiing is nees rya morne than by waye ofl vertisement , to gia eoacnelsed view of asoe of' its pe rlir itias: ee Fcrensanee, the Interest has been emnps ed ftiom, and eomtpaed wilth, what i-s equivalettoe t Foe teen nei ateelt.elalifote e armited eti tre piess Iteir r lice tines, anl prilied ltem 'te'eotyp- Ilates hllbytyy-none lt rots from all which it most be evident I t ven to the mskeptic (espeeiallv on ftir e so ot tabr e- i taint he rf profng tmoprefaet) that the weaak mols Ie ha ill metieall infallible, and ine alnfirmation ofthls bhlitfa e'Tenlilenf gtwoa hulinded aml flltv iollars, is now offl., ed for the detectiont ae til erator of e te in tite Iresent or fifth editinl, as expras.ed in tiet preface, nmhial ig f Itre'C pt,-eaious aJl'e'td for the satoe erraor silce the litst pthlicali on in thie eat- 18(12. One of tho lmost onapicuotas features of Ie tanble is inthe :armangement of tite Timte sl Amo lltts, wllichl for expeditictns, rothi-eneerl a perspiealc, with the i-elI ofth side amlt itdex, cannot te ceaetl tach te lt. .ty tyan ease with which llthe int:ered el bec foluce to the extent oft geneal businnesas, wltnnt tdotbling oi'sans is besidaes a conveience ut eassltia, that in trll estrman tine oFncmee o the most eompetelnt arl pr;t etit busi-. ness ment a nodt pblo oilt ler wil hae madte .reet ln of the werk, it has Ieet sdlitilnguied by the Ieono able appellaiten cefaf "'master piane". Atnd consider hig the infalliblility of the method originally ndonplel it tomposinl the work, and the exntraodilnary Iunhbe atl variety of thle examinati onai and tests of evef y eeilii it ihas passed n tithe press, eotwithstanding the atho-,l is i stereotype, eonsiderng, in shrit, the piositive aceeet.y seianrted by t aie unplevedented means enmloy in , tlle vo lumenhas heen helutp an b emphaticall.. ty) l ied ithe most aonderfthal ook in tlma wlk;" most tetrtain- non man eau names fignre work of the some exte t, wlitel since the beginting of cration, Ihas had tihe same mlam bher andt variety of tests in the same atmber of editors; no, noron hae Iealthe number, as is clearly shown in the prettce. lesidcs, aqttest antd slamlld, it has been tri ed ad nri ee in nealy all the hank andl pehle aliaes in the Uitd Stlates. aid bv the public geeitrally, atrilg the long period of tityc-five tre-arl, yest naen-oe of hus rl enttions hat s etr biaee found ill prit, i h thng meonlli t Mlly ehallhgel hy tihe aofhot veryt- large pe miue s -'bie beook.r illh at ex resasy al elpteli by all the lct. s Sinflawe t.e scra ot the States a the lt i lr ae ertalectitll ftr tla-tne i-tereti" as also by law for bank interest, eI c ineelig s the book is sdon, snd as th y tao cemt ill SIu't, br ,, names of the asbsaribers, and a few of die iabseneet iury ners, his tc list o tthteeind prof dho buok, it il pos-esaln eafevry cloes ofitizns ih n evet-r rci ia to of hire Uoited States. It ii toole over well nown thaili, its reatcly elieckb it Ilha:ln cltcuideta tetd lige etrnls, Inia;llafter Ihley wtree d, ven y tle imost a-lcel'ul alll tdllnt oi entleitlt riltnlllrelticl.,te at its Useflllless ald tihe lSOllle ile cessy l Ibrt i tus, tavre been extleoiyel insisea l ta inni so eailenlt, intc-d, .bat l bill its atl itltages, atl its savings, t-ht, tehle -i ytasagl,t ,hilst tle first edtio-a wais sGaere, tnd out of prlt a great i.unher of sleeond h:tedl .iesa awere snglht for, e me to a gir t distatse. id p edtatact hat reaious pries, ns thely cnlh lo:asioie - alt Ito irie-kedl tip at .-olt $10 to $25 lper co)', anil sile persons have i-eten..y doelelld,, s lill ist. iae-ra etoltl bhe i tnteal Itt tley woull lay $5tl, $t100r ant $5stl or a eelpr, ltfmtto Ilerod tlr loss, tal . itol dia ilo ia tile oflier instaice paritevltrly, havinlg at tile stame iime rxtiliitit- tatiltautoy pollaf to Ifsetail ieasons prle Ientttih:t tn hiu it was teally wIlth tllailat enl)ey iltl niom tlutt ugh lite sainig ofllis cer"y t lahible limt, he Lbring a vet-y 'ica neat-atid iu phbiic ofliie. It is likewtise wotltbl of notiae, antl itleed to ie lae-n, that sulh is tihe ature of lguoe wat- gete.llaly all apilweially when of tlhe exlent ndl imipollittce al theIlSe l I la, Ibal hld thit book or its Uke Ineo llrepar cl ill lle nslal inanner t-0cnley the most aomit.letlt etltelallnr ill thel wrldtl, - nl tlielt-t.dl.s ptilltli unost ca-elliouly tllae hlista ottalion of proof f fhtl.l, it wolldll, nllU.lto a celtaillly, tiase buell Iat-aft- ftr i lt llrUetallll t tdar t t alln price, an the preface etI;-iieu. lavl explilais. But sopaetfeal anld eit-nlbbaae the ste-imtcyltt Ipates oflllis eotklbeen m:e, tlhat to stelcre tIllhell htt ,llteir I.tamer,,is snal extrnao-liaIira tieantlilta lit-lt, igailst fit., For llthe genert l bletfit, litey are (by .-dver'tisemenl ) onstanllv kept in a phace of ' lmeial tati-ic, exeeht ohile uae) in pilhstiig. Aialse dieeltiaIs to fielu buth bahks and slatuteite t-.. eat wilhuseful antes, follow the tirtefate which, itillis litl as if the tewo jweetling edliiona, coitailt much iin fermaltion conat-ning the two lawful malelaf fcompnit iuf ilter, eta, tee days af sa. It. | ld It elrlmana oely to remar'k iliat notwithst..nding this lnctmnttnly costily work, whlieh was .pdliaheI belcre iliteest- tables were initrtlulaetl is doilalnt-eill enitt aite yendanasolut-lne, httlese.nsoexleoaivct tl seliiet-lly ltlrmioell, it hia t 1ot yet no mnLch as ill e ithl inierest. lee iettyl loIs of earlny fa-O ttllhtanillt dilarI , Iesidles aix pata itl liae froen t179 ta 1815, Sniltainoil on theficat editioi of 71li aonpias,etrisig eltiahfly lion, its poltIies lieull itallttime, it ait utiler prite,) Io siy nothlitg of onileiellation or Irotit For almost a lit-timt ol'tcare toil, lnd ttlritie.I %i bcrefore the autlilor still elit- ilcs I disetvnmelit ail generosiiy of tbe lludli fire a toitilnu sne of preferene and l itinnge. FP tale Ill the i Princ. atl Booksellers in the United Slales. THE FLORIDA LINE From Mobile to Augusta,Ge". leaves Mobile every day at three No. o'clock. p m per U S nail boat N for flal'P Landlng, above Blakely,-thlener four scll post coaches to Penencola-thence steamboata to I Lagrange, wheretheland olule isresumned-thence the van Marianna and Brownsville, Fla. Bainbridge, I Pindertown, Hawkinsville. Seandereville& Louirs. car villetoAugusta, Ga, connecting regularly with of the reil road cars to Charleston, and the tearen Lai packetl to Now York, Norfolk, Philadelphia, etc. The saeamboats are thle best for the service, andl thle navigation presents tmore advantages than can be found upon any steamboat route in tile south. -. ern region. The great improvements in the route have been produced by the constructin of fifty miles of new y road, by thle proprietors, viz : front LaGrange ona Lalayette Bayou, on arm of Santa Rosa Bay, to iae Bryant's Ferry, on tlhe Chattnhoochee river, ten pl miles above the Cawlerd, or 14 above Cedar Bluff, eI .whereby the navigation el the river, and the con- h, aquoent detentions,i and nmore recently the incon te l venlient crossing at the Cowfvrd, are entirely bt avoided, anti a fine road from Marianna direct T tI Bainbridge, instead of thle roundabout road via be Clhnttnhoocllrr, lesening the diarnnce about forty ,, miles, and ivlreasing thile facilittea more tlon once ady is Alo,. a raunch line of two hranstagestng every e other day lnom . I.swkinaville, via Perry to Macone s t:sk connecting wi. h the line to Savannah andt I Darien, Gen. t. A m ail etratmaoat lies regtlarly between ° Bainbridge and Apalachicola. Travellers wiahing ° to reach any point oil Clhnltnhooehee or Apalnchl- a colu, ran take steIoloat at Brownsvlle. il Mobile to PcF ncola--Il and Route--During .o time occupied by the r i palrs tIt aIImts, tile propllre. tors of thae Florida lIme will ruen a liae of bour ° ,horse pot coaches every other day between Mu bale aned Pensacln. Passengers will leave Mhloila at 3 o'clookl p t, in the U S uatil toat, and proceed to [lall' Land- t inlte,where a four horse colach will i In wailine to colvey theml to thie excellet Ilouse of Mr. Charles c ltll, t 14 tnile dterant,a where they will finld a pleasant accomllttadnllalions for tie l igllt-leavinlg next morning, ahey will asrive in Peoacola etarly f in the evening, thus avoiding the dscomlllfort of t nlghe travelliog. I Ollr:ae at lthe ansion lhouse, Mlobile, and CI]. t lins' lotrel, P'ensaeola, where eeans Itist be L s Iee a rest. SfTOtKi'ION & Cf. nov I a Piano Foatrte Instruction. at !William Sallt Ii renders his servlces to tile ciia zena of New Orlense as a teachelr fI tile pras lorte. Mr S havilgt beet ,lllt, va se verel yePst as leacher of llleict in privatel familhe in DslonI an 4 alsoal steveral Illthe folale rre lnares i Its vi'intaV, canoat butt hope to tmerit thleirruetlidencle. I e Is plerlmitted t1 r efer Io lia v Dr Cl.lpp iletsrsa t Sterson & Avery, Hllderaon &l .uaiaet. ( For terms.&c e lease apply at trie bol store of I AlcxanderT,.we..49..nC' pst tct l Drlugs and .iledicines. J rt .,.vost hais alaanted hIi11asle to thls city lar t the u;irps-e olf Irnoscting a atnernl WVhiolealr, a Din llailates. lie is now reclviaut ull t11s 11u ti Iresh nne l genuaa e o rt ,'lr 't whicht h wall slli on libel teral r To cit)y druoists, and thiors of the Ilnterior, to phasic lne, mrI r haits and plants r-, he will ofallr ittlCel'ilUts setc h as bnve l never ha.r for, been efl' ed In thi- 1ae. i. iteiat taaavon I t ado it ntriCily Ie uinante bu1sie r. if,-li sto ta Is J ta"I r Ph n1ale11te, a 111 I I a' I weeMks w l Lbe rec no sly Ior butsinPtoe. Allorders lrinll the caary, and froem merchants of It i+ etvy, rectivilig ouch orders will be promplly atteltnded . I oat 2 N.t o39Camnpat HIITOLESAI.E AND RETIAII.CO311 AND VA RIEITY STORE-at tlse sio o lf th gohlen comb, Mle ChIartre.s steet. The subscrilwes have re. ceived, in a i.lition to their previous stoek on hand, a full and eotp le, n, aorelent of artecles in their line viz: comb, pIerfllllrY, Jewellrv, Inlreee, locktin glatsae fancy neartles,.a'.ev c onsisti nge i art nsa follows: CObl1S-t-oraoic shell wroughlt u.l s ad n tuck.twlstr quilled buck, long round, drembNgil, side pull; curl and nck, Brmeilian eolble of every deserirtlion aonugst whrich are solnc yexico pntters, Ivory comls. of every dscri .lio, hIor, dsassltg and packet, togmicaher with a rgene ta assortoent of Frcellttuadl .\l ricnlt n. I'E.RI FUMEa ILY-Cologoe, I,.nzodcr, Fhorido, holnly, S[y, ruoar ad aorae e flaOoer wafers of efery ., izUrl d das Scription, ctlletil Coinelget olla, extrat of lrleua iot, into, loea ps of all kio s olleatshnvl do in' cta ee a01 tts, ereannl soaaado allrnl'a v(et'll, hair rnil bars el 11aa 11a1 tiquedo. reltull's mllltlig t, prlaaaa in and lrlfuaeda i toilet rtwder, pearl powder, att, pi oer ttt lt'll LxR It ao Sletut in eAts and rolls,rris uud chlorine tolotlh wslP tl | Dwdelu, 0L aJtit genlatnl ssort e wnt of JEW LE IArn - soln ofathk mllat.t had most filhlIin - i lh settal, consisting t'whlloCornded enol'nillli toel)Ur . jet eardros, e ill eeta filagree, lheat j.iats of aiel t ater e"i nt v of talrti oe, wl talrhll at.erC, tilt and lsdvca .altets, tid e lbs, sver nt ml crll p, ec ils n lld gr u ard elm'.+r a II llE l. air , duva re at o t ha ara t waa' e. ,,hr u rt g lo r.1 a itel ghat at el ra'sb atiate la, .eatls tootthl plor, e comb, Nail, ehla. iog, hlas ns, Swhlltewasehbreshls. i Ia()tOKING G LASSf-t(Iir atenv ttattia anvl toilet -'!I ', tuafifllng and French dresilltg gltnaua lauole h e wilh a oa nrei tlslknsnri ci us nut comal rnld. 'FAN h 'I ANtD VA tlit.'I'Y AIt't'ta' -- . I ateral'hallel trnly fiishedla laore weorkal hal.xand dire sinl caes with tanld without lallalie', salllll les, Ac cordi. rs a Ivlari kid, vioelins and agitr verl ai ed apenrila Iad l aleadwod taaleu,'lstr rIrcarecr :'a d a le)ll(li -,ll11il tlr el1i 111 gt llw ilhm llsitL w t all trud wiltho ltt ease-, Irrrttll lon cii p-l, pcrr.1.ti- Iiooi cLp Ii a, ght l-, nPpl e I a.eatw llrivelrs, shtel baele, galll haa g pt'a illaa'v, In v tr~a setts, tndianub d:ead, of ara y' ka nd, hlaaaa lla d hl 11, liucand e+n)ii1111111 klliver razors an1d rei lcl·sx, tllllllc"• nieedlea, iles, silver pl.tct, steel and eatinmO species clcs, p icket lhotlie nall alt ul vtala ll klaitaa , y itll [ eurdtl and curd clles,. jdavliog coa flld- a tmllCit GerUe tl and A elitall l asallaatt l nae , olls,'e imllitalon lct, snull boxeor, Irlllet of varioua kale, SIoi.ellllonar Polnelv Wu , EnlUlaatleeevt Hillulat'ta eel ihlwaki's razor st-rapal alld aetatllc hobtatdirks, fancy head neekltce-, do wall I-ar dlp. t toy watches, teatrl buttonsa, powdcr laarel, eu: allo d plain sced bends, giltt ,od .iller dos, gum ela-lic sielltpe. I der, dlnd gartelrs, iht illallld sword cllllne , |)/tckgnlm1llul l a braolt, llce, optical vicnllta, jcvalr asealars, l'tlotco ilatel er alld drilking cups, wilth at great varirty otther arti Clea, all ofwihi< h will h a ol rli cire o cote nce t l tan 9.on 1te mlnth credlt. ii II 51.1 11;as. , a' co. 4d 70% ,llrlrta sl. at lf'aIL.M l l.--at cl gavhne atre winter - ISl'rlb Oile , ta casks atd blias, lur sole by Vahouloatt Dlrogg sts, aorlvar C onolla d tl'chup iIn slreelt, tr Colegnce f.,aiter, PirlU'tmry, Etc.-A si1 P ,riarle o 'f eolgner , pta ut exlortarly tar tIha rtlalll y trndc; nslo, the purest Ftencll tle.rtlllerr , iraln 1s ineg every varirvy ' Jr the tulle t, fr a ie ly S tat 2 ltl'l'S & D'I,AN(;. iT IAtNISIItS-'t'lre elatlvrtlarra laeeivig vt ly setat 1' hl-lihe d a vlv arnish Itlltltlta lllre in .ttaea , -rleall is Ic ready to sallpple aIt Ih tere al toe prble c i gRlll'atl, a1 by ulteleat oat retail. li. priee ore u'oderale anl it tfle r naolity of lti prtdlla ls aillerior to a lly ever abruehl t al tlaths pafaee The a 'llta lea alal ltalota d tat tatp ilt ndat it o tho In flll lct{Irv loll, ban let thllt Ih ald of useI CXler.=ivc ie cotablisreeent ofthis kind in Europe. 'TIhose ty te cclL a thle corner of Natchlez tall T aehouaiotlon tsa I nshall be pieenlted with a lair soaple ef aolly vrllisla le thyI y m wisah to tr.. mlllllgst he varllishers ilre Itie acoel N.a.l, wavrranaed not to i:ango evetl ill oiliat dat ver. lhe bllak varnlah for a orc evald enoet le,a. ai-hhnies. Thie transparent varnishl wil.oult smeall, , sAc. all II tttNNAtII I.. -~ LOUIt--?OI0 antding fr .n IIeanier Independ e e, te 'i UOItSIIY -- niurs e n 's R :z z,,r -t, r op- - 'l 'h reu cases o l the enuine article, j,,r' rce 'ive d y by act 3. IIEf S1 : & D' .ANG1 , 18 CamlIp ,y Aik--ll-,ou, 1111 --5Ol tb A.llln l. hlle r-pI , 8 f made all of hemp, 1,, n tore, a d ,d r ,,it s", by n 3 LUOGIERI' & IIAlh TI'IORN, 3;:L st IIESII (iAIJ.EN SIEll)--'l'lle lll er 8gs lslo express hIli r..reul thll nksl tI th p t, he, for the litberal support he has eecetved since e entioenced blIsinesi in htt a city. Iltlnz sidle pro prietrof the need store, 17 Commonln street, h, not land nlever was e fIlt for aniy lllnorlihrln rd vendler; neither is h, conncled Wlith anv h l it llI llhis cOllnIlry--but he ns.eurlae the! public th 1 t lls colnnec lonio t o eor1 y ' .p1 1 rt ltt1 of th' e s1 edl butl s I ness, in ihe different conninles el Elurope are 0.11.11 1o thiat of lily h u1. e1 itl t'Il Unllll 11lteal . 18 , III.. plrlls ied.s, plantr , &e. r.m Ill the 1 111. efiensiv. and respectalble nurserel an.ld see lsnneln 8r f Ir , Holland, EingiTndt, Sc.llan, and the do IthIgr tutes--and it w aill as al linles e his ionrerl st, as II is hi, satlidy, to receive, to addition to its presentll atctk., Ilrge arivals of every dcit a riplt onll, I i1111y th p8ro0 )t ltl 1838: aleo,1 egrn fted frut Ire s, Ie all kinds. Tghe pIlic Inns rely on finCtfg a till . sortrlent oi every artrele in Ite seed Im eol genut au quality, tand imported direct by Vicn. DINN. -- ,0 'iIIE PUBLIC.-'Chtll niidci~rilnd.. MIvlilnl studied under Dr. Sct.nlidt of Chlarlesioln, outhl Cnarolin, and foIbr som years his assistant inl thle practice of emedicine atnl rnrgery, has the honor to offer him professionlal scroces in this city. sle assures the ladies and gentlmenl that thie Uigal promnpt attention will be paid to thile calls whici may be made; and also oilers Ilia ervleoa tdo tlhe holders of'slaves, being well acquaitted witl thel iseasee commonl to them, having attended tlem in Tlae sugar house in Cllarleston. The fasnous anti.bilious pills aflter the omposition lf trofossor Smnollette, with directions, can be had of the undersigned. Thel'll etfect wlhich they Iave produced i tllis and other cities, has been atcended witl the greatest success, to whlich the best of0 references can be given. Apply at No. 166 Magu. inleo street. JNO. M'LORING. C I' OTICE---Tlhe partorship .of elley, Ml &Co of New Orle0n1-; Mllacnu, hrris &(.'., ofNatez; ad Illrrie, Kelley &(:o., o)f ltndnev, Hill diss,)ived mi ht:lst of slay lnt, by tlhe deaItii ol'.Stinl 1l .1 3lliioi . one of the p hrtners of the fir nes. The undersigned, survivilg partner·, will be chlleried witell e settling and closing sauid Itsinese irs ibllotw: of ogasn, nlarris& Co., i t Natchez; n di larrino Kel. ev & Co.,at IRodneey and Ilenry Kelley will atnfPII' Ie i'e settling ofthe bosinesa of Kelley, Mason & r'n., at New Orleans. T'he names of the several firma will he used in Iiquidntiouonly. 'l'hea inde'bted tn said firmn are earnestly requested o, copse forward and nmke early settletuente; hiving claims will please praeont thLm wiit-o'. l lv D OLBEA'S Science of Penma.. . rereaied, Nd Sfor sale at their permanent Writing Acasdemic I N No. 8 Chatree sreet, New Orleans, 189 Broadway New York, Dauphine st., Mobile. I It in particularly designed filr private learners, and iW schools, and is entaculted forpersons of all ages. by Ladies and gentlemen are invited to call end examine the s.atema for thealselves. Lentons are given at tuck houees oa mstay qit the convenienee ofall, and to classes frored in nay part of the city. Ladi, wiho prefer it can receive lessons at their own ref nidenecs. TI Perrn, pvyine e o arse of lessonst re desired o atte'" 'n •" tao "s wcell aethey wish. • .33Al BtIOTH I.R. ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, FOR a VYEe AND AGUE. EN years have not yet elapsed since it wase Sfirst regularly submitted to the publie; but it C o las attained the highest reputation; and has sup. It planted every other medicine for the Ague, wherev. N er it lane been known and appreciated. Already t lsar it been carried in every direction throughout it the United States, and still realizes more than could , l have been anticipated by its moot sanguine friends. Thousands of persons have not only been relieved, but restored to health and vigor through its agea. N Y ey; and they now cheerfully testify, at every op portunity, to its decided and supreme effieaey." It is compoed of such msedicinal principles an are N calculated to renew the health.a action of the stenm- i acl, liver, and other important digestive organs, the loss of which harmony in the immediate eaose of the disease. It is apparent also, that it prodlu. cos an entire change in the condition of the systealm, andll certainly destroys tie native liability to roelap es of thle affection. When the Ague in attended i with any other complaint, the employment of tile I . Tonic Mixture will not interfere with the trent. Lnr mset of tie other di.eUsn, but will even afford as. bt Ssstance by Ihrnislhing strength and vigon to tlhe body during the coarse of treatment. These who l make ns of tlhis medicine may be assured that e - there is no Arsenic, Barkes Mercury, or any other a article in its composition unl'friendtly to the human . constitution; being entirely a vegetable extract; al and they may Iasou additional confidenceo it the use tliereof, when they perceive that it has the of Sfect ofa gentle laxative about the time half a bot. tl ol tie full han been taken-in consequence of which, e there in no part of thie medicine left to lintger in c the bowels to caues obstructions, and other evils, arising from the use of many of the remedies now offered for the cure of this affection. It has been used also ad a preventive, by many who were sub it jeet te a periodical recurrence of the Chill,, and it ( 1a, has invariably warded off the apprehended attack. X1 Obserre! The Proprietor, fully satislied oi ith tihe . npar.adloled and universal success which thas cnt. stantatly attended a punctual and regolar use of thea e t. Tonin Mixture, in all cases of Fever and Agate, t.e I tials warranted in engaging to refund the price to all those who have takten the ameldicine in strict ac. of cordanco with the prescribed directions, without having been perfeecly and lastingly cured. IThe sulsacribers are the wholesale nagents for the SSouth Western States, and have now on hanld six , ty casls of thias medicine, which is warranted fresht a uand genuine. For sale at tile manufactured pricer J, JJAIlVISt & ANItIIrWS, 'tWhtllesale IrteagiPt., nl n,v7 ro (olmllmonll k ' 'Tehouplit(Ia In- etr,"rl. taaaaassasaappi ni louauna aaataaa , a, a pa aaatI IN n.tti\ , RS. IMARY KIRII(LAND respectfully nn. a1 l i lounces to her frilelnd and the public getne. ally that she in prepared to ccolnmodate thln at ill he abov, establishmernt, and hopes fromt her rs x :ertions to render visitors comnfortable, to receive a continuance of former favors. She feels confi. dent that persons visiting Covington during the untnter months, cannot find better accomamodations I thane 1alo can afford tlhem, on more liberal terms. e I Ier house in pleasantly situated, and well supplied all with every eonvenience; thle bar is furnished with il: the most choice liquors, &c. in short, sh promises e, "taRt nothing shall be wanting on her part to give ,tire satislietion to all who imay patronize thel Ind ,insissippi and Louisiana Hotel. ja3 at IItiLLjW WARE, WOOD SCREWS, AI)D ry IRONS, &c. a. ia'IIll IHOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. I 238 Water, near Ileckman street, New York, l' have recerlvd the past ranoo, and are cor.nstantly t, receivlng large and extensive additions to the stoek of the above goods, which lnow consists of the ll oallowing aesottinent, uatitab le for the southrn and ed weastern markets. t HIlullow ware of Luperior quality, consisting of Lt about 1500 tnl., via, Pots of S'l dillIrent sizer.s, from :8 to 50 gallons. KetIetles, 15 szee, fromn 3'8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 13 size, from 3:8 to 18 gallotu. I1tkepanhrte or l)oas, 7 lhtferent aizes, tta Tea Kettles, I; lto t Skilalry, . 5 do itd Flat tadere I; do do let ( overed Spiders, 2 do (Itrnddiln, - 4 itt Fire Dogs, t do a hWagon boaxes fromu 1 .4 to 13-4 intclhes. , Cart hl,. 5 to 7 inches. - WoI d Scrrew, 2t,ltii0 grosas, irtn tland braes, vfrom A :H inl, No. : to 3:!t incha, No, il of a suptierior q1l all nytal faim., natal learsr thatu Jamen's Imalpoterl tIroane , aneorted, ta casks iof aboutt 5t10 It,, for ley rltaihang, re T alor's and halter's Irone, anaorted. d., Sash weights , 100 totns, aseorted fromt I 1 .4 to tt- 201hs. mtt Iolls for Piltltations, stcamboutla , churchesa , r. 1111 m lade to order, Also stcamabats and other machinery made to ;nnql arder. 'r iTe o abovo assortment of goods is particularly and reomamendead to thie attOllntio o1" Soutlhern and let'- e\Vrsternt merchants, and are offered lir sale at low mn prices, anld uponl th most lhberal ters ; it ls be. tli lieved to be tilhe largerst ad best assotrtllt ever l-I oile'red for sale by any onao entalishlncnt in the a. United States. nc. Merchants, by forwardingt a reqest byy mail, can - have a prin'ed eirtcular, with description of aoods, prices and oterms, l-on which no delviation is aOer madel, furnished by r teurn of mail. etp All orders will receive immlediate attention. New York. 1138. Je3 Idlan Dye, lir eJlorgo ice Itoir ;. Bear's 01I, RIaismlans boar'+ !rePse, lpolmalnl, MNclla's Freeil cle Wash, superior pearl powder, i, whit, , crearn ,o roses, vegetable rouge, olo b oo rose, lhp salvt, krcnosore tIoulst eaoh, nhnic etntrrlfice, ornnel 11,wer water, powder pufii. nnd bxe-, Adh erllall chalr:oal, neattly put up in Iour ounce vial-, I'ro+. toon s:ltl, eldolue, kreosote tooth ache drojs, hIlir hru.lhle, EaIlhi dlreoll, ecolmb, Inliln hair ifI, \ ithl vallerty of other pertl nl rel4, t.r. IFor os l,. y, C. J. 'I'R1NCIIARI)D, ort 3 corner eof Gnl lR d o 1tortIo t So AT'--13 camer drab Rushrt hat.r, v.riolus qualitie, • broad brilln a-ld low Brown lanlling flonl ship St. I,,dis, tor ale by I BRI IMl. . o, mo7 131 Mognzine st Iroigo, for tole by 0 I)t6l1, mat7 44 New I.evi 'llt1 Sueberiber, Agent. for the extensive I tol'r of \V, &S. I 8 |tellr, Shl'oieihl, Enind,. have just .eivrld very eXItIIIte set of t IIr I ., c.eolmisin o of l'1b, nod I)raoesert Knliv'es of l- -.. description, Pen, I'm otet, Dihk, andl Slcer piit l'lliVo o Razors, Eor.,Elge 'I'Toool &&. A. &re. whIiwhtittey are pre opred o lxhilbit to the tradl or or )rde,-s. T', rlll. ano d COllo, thilt , *ill I.. mad. known at thl tihe. mo16 J. II. 1EIN & A Ct llI'N.fl. Conmmn st. I I(tONS, IIART'T & CO.-A.t enow teceivinog > per ship hlutesille, Eogtio Merry Andrewt, High antler, French lnad German double head pilving earIs: tter, behlt ad pocket pistols; plain, ribbed and split cussion oes;t eaip hnldtr.s; sciss~ors, a:ltes, ell. es; (Gillott.'s coamereild nl other steell pens; \'io os; Viellll htlil)slgs ashelld ivolw ad hlolrn clhonh warfin; k, hpl h tie a elet he.r piaese; hair brladlt, fronllt alre nc g letlelsl; inl.rO plul.s; (:c ita nII I IdPrealcI coloe . i i:tlokiln; stalitnd toilet lglassens; convex nilrror; op aed glissesutl: views; llllilo n heials, bellslI pluhmePs; eoroldoolt whit- wine: toilet :td shaving soops; toilet o t, ier, cosmetic wash lalls; seoted satin cushions;t pool stolos; screw uot hiurs; fancy bred chnils amt Onecklaces; billiardl halle; pocket books tnl wtlrlets; Germatn lones; n. tor swtap; fo: nodl conmmon guoll oltostic Ispeiet, g.arterado; Bells lucifcr matches; sil ver m pencils; Crevora, &c. &c. 'the labove ill allditioin to our former stock of flte, wriol ne, makes ou-r assorOtloni t very oomopllelte. tor sol wliolesale or t ttuil;las tie sign of the iGoldeol Cenil, I. Chartree streett. m°"s. ihtll\.o.o titloot, tilv 1AK oll.R 36 C(hlarrls solrere, New Orleans. ! l. SI,:IIRGEI ANT & C ,. lmpollrlers of French 5 and Eulhsh China noel Fnrihen ware. are wlo,,," lin new anld rich Ipatlerllne of hreskfn-', ditn, l olol tean services, lilet set, pitchers, ten anti fotfeor e,, teopolts, osugrs, creanms, bhooles, pltes., lilhes, turet.e, waoll bhalsne an.o ewrt, too Iballs, etc. ete. Rlcl cut and plaill Frrnch and Anttrienn glsts. warr-- oblel, champaignesr leotnnadet, jellres, rinrel++, wine-, cordiall, centre bhowes,w docatere, ti. ,llers, plreservedllslhea,celerlcs,piltherte,In rmps, lampo shade and tlae-ss,. candle sallos, salt cel iera, etc. Salvlr plated, brnl..zd and britilli wareo-cn torsu,hqu'r stands, cake bootkels, enndlesticks, brallchte', sporsooo, In dlel, cUolFoeand teapots,augairs, crentls. Innllp, japanned trays, astrnl stanldo, lllnd haInging lamllps,lfe cutlery, Gerlmanl lvr gpons and lorks, locther wrth a .oris variety iofrrliles tor footly tsor, lerrhants pilanter, htol, s, andl srllmbollll , urnlished w ' goold at the nlost rea Sollnlle prlest anlo pol kod tso as to he cotvey) d withl salely to0 any part of the country. A-h, , p nplhecnrie'gilnsaooor. nol 'I'o rortry toMeehaoos and 1l'ootr,,. Negtro ot ,,lo. blankets, flannels, ltnseys, oelwll shllriuo, hchecks, linltns. calicoes, handklerhiefs &c &..c reoorivcd ulll for pale lawv by` the suhscri. to -A MAIL ARRANGEM.IEN'F /rteMi Duo Every la at 12 M. letrMe,?Closes Every dav at 101 A, l erer. Mail, f De aevery Sunday, Wednesday S ra fe. Friday, by 5, P. M. Y e uYa , Close. every illonday, Wedioade (.eail, l and Saturdlay, v '9, P. AI. The .lake. Iail( Du)e reereTv aednv, Thursday, a / Satttrdnl , ,, ,5 11. 1,. via l Closnea every Monday, Wednesday EXPItREs. 1l-I.. --- TIMES OF ARRIVAL, I)EPART''UItF DISTANCE &c. ofthe Express Mail, betwnrnr Mlooile and New Yurk-leaving Mobile duil. al 3 P. MI. Northwar Now Yoirk doily at ' P. 1 Southward. Arriven Arrive Northward. Distance. T'i Itetu nm'g M1ontgomervtAla. 2p11 . 198t i's 23 Ih 11m. C'oltudb ,s, l l|. 111 81 91 31 a 3l'edgeviile. Oga. 2 133 141 24. u psr p.m 'uOmmltn .. S.C. 71 ann It63 17t 10 Raleig, N C. 54 215 ,, 1, Warrenmn, Va. 12 m. 51i t ,r I'rtrnI-g. Va. In0 par. 8 I: i ia. at Ichmon d,Vla. 1 n. '21 3 4o vrederckaburg, 8 67 7 Il p m. Washington ciy, 21 pm. 61 64 5 Pahniriare, - (4 8 4 04 I thilhdelphia, 0 am. 1100 It 2 New York. 2 pm. ;1 Nortr Nod. Coming Nlrthwardl . ilh. thn is six hour Seinc I5 ewgdny_ aad 17 hbori. Jr NA WAY farlr I1at; aronlerl.I o-r t f llevie . et es ats ane At , ,ti oi3it 1 ofa0h it i , n.stnd wan at sees the next trItrnilg in ttyidana atreet'e n negro bty nA.merid CIIAtI.F:, oihrt 1a7 ip , ot f at, snod 5fee or thereabouts ill i t, verty bIk, and Is miltn imped Sillla illrias peecl one of in.toa ia sore, itanncreide IVy ntrl.ltel' hutrti ;ie Irhd ' wiren 1Iro weatl allV n white at ' r in iean inir nod white e.'Inn, j ta ' rung. mnlatrs of vessels atldl ter'a bonta are cattionerd a ,linst receiving or einr ioirg sfai i negro, no well a all other persona, nas ithe ntt1 riollrr o, lte itw woill be enroated ngainit the,. The above a'na will he pani frdielivieriatnghi into artv ,f the jnilo of eitlher of ire mulicipnhtiea, or at I 9' Canro, ielet, cot, er of l evi.r .levet. N r1TiaJIt i-rirar e-,tersiitp iertlire atig aa tiuner ilo" Giar ttoIr"ioa & lda'trrton nlro he, di lrol red. 'l, ab c riber will in hlirlatr it O nt lrslons tile eoltlnrn tirns it y, adi reqnitre n il ip'rsarn, inreb . ed Illt lrhke peaetr to iro eolt, and nar rlheehabvioll cl a i t l + t r ln, aen r Th tleer l tlra n. all -- t it i;ARI ;lt'FSON CAT'rAIN AIOilYAT'T'" NEW NOVELs Rtanlliae tle efrer, by tie author Pe Iter Simple, r, in "vols. oCrmmirtas or a Wilner a eot r.i].a Ilnaifelnidl I one stvr a, by Catalia Ias Iln all, leal Navv, F. L Lard Itlab e, a reanmore, by Allh, lrrirtmnlngal, Ivo Stheppnrd Lee. atrttenr by i riltaelf, itn 2 vl. Stlumorarlediatn Ilctlaer)oj ta/y, tranIsletet fromn tes trriginnl lort tre., Ir Natlratiel ireetse, in I vol. far 111ilrr !tsr 79 ,if lterptr'e t'rnmit' Library. VIla. 1& tr i t, nem atrri l'th w lettear n tnl tlllllirlt edilion of Il'aebhigtl ofnriratt£ '.'oor. IPogr'e I'rrorh and E'rrlior Dli.rtinary. in I v l, taro Nitgene'a ('reaeh rrail Elrgli.eht I)irlinara. Al..--A few Imrr ee a'ieo f Cr.rrinre'alir'lrenology "Ilienli." i.nrgr S llrv 'o rarran'. , eS r~ +lretr qra (: ill " 's' i I ...d .......lis I'Perln I.paorl rr. I p .I... i&rtir tet. I'e. Ar-. l: Il IIl'.':N.p. I.En 'Y. I'INN()I'IK'S Ittl 111E, 1&,e. -J)INItIl.,' I911'11V11":1 lrlll'I'I0N OF Rli . unt.-jll ' . All'Idmlit '.r t .o th B lle I't l-, . o " to x+ hich i0 1vi, I it0, n In ,(t oil, o to th e Std v Kam ni r .I I r t ' ,artirrttrrlrr , .ur-tfrl Illation ar r d "trr ahro r frllt th - ork, on irrith e Matfr rrrr briograprt ie l anld Irirtorp r it Nttirr na h rrir le' e tit lr t i lrrrrnrr 1o 11i 3 rq Itiea rr(ti tir' tr'rrraa trtl ' t)n, I . lustratei with thirt1 -efnfratir r rn r .rI, br Atierton Il'rxaot a's hrprortedt Rrimtthr rl' to I.lsfitirirh'a Iliarrry of I flll lld. froll lll te IIrrll-rlr of" Jrlilr t'r aatr o toiy it rati r of teotrge Id, w0ith It rrlltiolllllll Iort t ie van IlInI. With l trr.'aII rortrll l to e llllllllltltlll nt Ie e l uIt 1 mee t ne.l It ,hrie a vrtilr-t, Ilf r oitrihiab illforrlln lionl added l r rotlghour the tr ark. ('lol-ltllrlillr I table o c Inlllltt'lll ,rns l S)vclr'i:ll'4 nllll ll r .lern o pprramu SG:oalillan ex Ii llllorrt 1t t' . Itlra, k h Irr tlle pali tien., 'Iwin e and rri'-lltl olllr't of tire ar I - At llrt i rle, the r arasliturrtut, &'.&e. Illu' tralted ho y ni1-a y engrl, (;ur' EnrtaI:'Tr -r An'rl mAartar', aoin ail Aurrigrne ofl x trir lNero I Teatitt nt a l thatt, ot " a llt biNI. e ArterCall r,lii ,o,,ih nlhllll ,' 11,11 )rl0et ; ant y amt', it li liiite, 19911· iicof parr trI· ..ll nlcoA 2h clea ae 111al'a ( I o nd a mirn 11 : I I \·-- l ItI 'I I'1.A S I('AI. l.l lt11 lty , " lit t ' r'l:,iar lh ratrir, 1t ')a wib nI l a;.p 1 l l x, I 'o-W-ioint llltltl-l ll~ lllo llll t V rI HIIo irpe IAd.elar, Swift (IIui iteltn I \VIk.cli,'l I'rm o lilo, 0ll , l .ll d ma)II fl Iho llllrel i ,tx (f ti .i I'1 1 1tE I 'Ii':-1 with I, l " I ,;.,li·.l' 1 .Ii1, least . tc I t (' rph r r r,, a.," , v . rI ,,l, a,, !1,',, ", - l:','''' I , 'ti,"rr,,r , ;,, ,i .. try , Th'h Etl{"mo m of iI 'HI'Itt:1 ,' .1 t,1 S oul elt. ,11 I1 ,,ailt ,t ,,r " \ 'h I, h Tl ' u' l'o,-ci., 1c,. elat u, ~ a l, ,l-I.t al ',a " , h r' I t II llo. al 'T la rri,"'i,-arr, h , e d t iea l i' -l11, t . t.1,1 11 , r i.ol 1 (f,', . V,' 'i nn t rl, a a i I'-',I dir a, IIi1at'I' X. , 8 .11 I': , ' i't. ; .I01 , v.., . { , br 'e T;vei ' 1 O y tr i.. il ,,oll ,Ol l rI lwi h , lr hr . l e aIr vor a 1 d . tr ,r t , n r "hi' ri t i,,: ,re , ,,ye k p oe irrl rt ilr art ,: fno'. t r rtc is caIdl no .r l', ."' 'I , ,l n, 'x. +1 t n' l 0,1,1 r eynr r,:?', P, cw'L :n. it+ i,,', ;t' I, r II , e , rio I'ePna . al. iyaalll tI'rler t t r, ii i r:l orlalgllloll buckwheatn i reul l' I roi. , .cr,,t d r11 ,n ai lln Appl ,ienl--a ~e' hliye .I I +ll- I l 'ie h o,,l h I rel : coCat l ..Iu u,,rux , r~p.t.oa &r.e ('arp,1,,+,v'++ F11,1. lorn t of 1 ',ri apr rilla IN 1Ii, ,.ii 11) · I'aoa,. qa d ,ll llllt llll ; Br itish an 11 ,,,h,, ,, 1 ,u. 0OI cld,,,,h ,c &,. SRei,,I eId,,l q l, rll',, It, tllllluba nod t;lell ll V pnl'e ' l, brll'or h b ho ., N .S Pr/,,t r., ' arbnlelll ne t enl Ie'' lr , ell+,rlll ' l , ,h ash, 1I,, der pll[, and bette.,, t i lcr nllI tllllll r,1i aI ch ,llliele 1, , lble i klnglink I A Irelsh ou .; rllltntu+ 'I'll,,rl,,1r n's{1 .r111' n Sea t aoc, (:l1',GE JtNES For ereat tt antl true ,of Ie Feerr d AgNlue. j T I r,, i Il,'t d , aelncr i ht e re 'J l o ' ,i a l - tare ix etlpe~id r to tI . ..inorv owde of I - Fe 'iAttil Api " Il iHtNe ti'c p W hE OUN i h e nl n I 'o:xtr s llltx:, ree t I hfal tel'rl te p oois lan anr gnelirtn + Iortlte (nk, MarIItl the anIItIIl PIcell Oivll ly t lit tender i afonta i ad insalid. ll into vIe'let Pl llrl+e tlht ' dit II+ t 'OII o" IlI C Ol tir ly . c It itlto - in'll I0'055 gtlills it' na I tI. u" l' t ii vi j '. i essb. rble h eII ngon I art'ih n bo"u n ry ionigopratng t P trie o a i . I I t itr t is iordert or to creato ., die ., h t l ,renhIs' clruleei tile several or + Of ¢h+mtnrll ieo, nnl irho i etit.s tito pvlernoed wallll olntevor r o Ii n tw r 1,,s it lar he lppttrerse. InlldividuaNl afaer hor t f e ., [the T'onli, 3Mixtture, have been xtprito aldton e iett:!n cnto,'t if tole disease. rt l have feruled nny sy. ) Itr1 t Irae wher"ean by th lilta t ftor!le t olnlltn retlictll l er a ire i r' always cra te llit increlt Im iit' v tlW rlilr&nrce. The dannger fl I lrqun y tlt ,tso"f ithe Ag, i earn i nait, fu thlae5e I s n too m b prollte nto to ahle to rent with toii, l pi.odily fal al vie lt - I to l'le sn a t vatilrcin . 'Jh J jl' Air Mixture is oilh;orti tt sobl i re:+Otl he prie, s to i erit s it tr ltit ~the0 rem ll'pr 1 s lhut In ' |poor and destitute lre her, y V nllilitrdawitilti irttlll(' iiltll l on liciting thi ail .eld atiendlance wltlo o 08n trcqtti dtenird ti thse, elsre very reltotrtlny bAested . lT nlic tr roapotl "Tnntiid nogninlt le opitp riout +,itsin o.t lhin at llir inc , thII t tit daily otferae It rtr.epitelrd (111 hy Dr. John R. Rowornd, at ini .lt elsthlrs', ýltrkl.l.+tnmr, l 'hll. ,phia. Thrl nollrihierto ii1 tile whhonlonit sfrelnts for ith terlt ,.nte* , and wll sell b tihe clr,, d4 Iphllia Irl.. 'I'0, : he hadl n t retI aloa. A lltt , i t ri.js in tit city. J.IlVIS .tNIDREW., \Vhnetle I)ruge iris. soar Co1il0n & Ilrchelitoia++ l n'lArlll; CtIIIMINI,: l'll:PCE WaoREHousE, ,i ta ltmhouse"o reat, Ol'raosito tla post-office. Thie tullbrtibr, are na, rrcnivijno from their faie tories itt NtPw YVork. and will Irtp constantly ozu hand a girncral Marbino Mantle Piceos -Iruperior wlrklmanship., nd of tile Intort patterns. made ol h-c bert Egyptinan, Italian, ITrih and Atrlercan mrarble. Also, Molntllnnta, ITombs ant (ravo trtner , moulded anti plai sills and lintol,. marhle :intings, hearths and boundary stone, plaster of Paris, IRotirt t" Hydraulio Cemont arod Plaster i g Ilair, together witlh a splendid assortment of b ams mlounterl and iplin Graltes and Russia Iron rates oftthe newest and moat approved pattarns. ,nttrrintg dlone in tihe neartst illtlnnr anr at thI rIent ti-'i:t. They ohave first rate workmeni i, +, * -1+ work. 'A Mih" AIN & SrROUD' S.IDI L;LI'S NEW ltWORK, &e.--Th American i SEngland, by tIe anotlrnflrf yPAer i. Spain," in llhtlllos. l Noble l)-denf Wnmenll, in^ vnls!. lThe Yortng W\Vife't Book, a mInuatlao moral reli Oas Irld dmeaticr duties. Jest receivred .rrd forsele by WM.'IK..EAN, 01.1S' Mlredic. s n oe-k!--,notat|e tPla p~hia,.i iK'a_

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