Newspaper of True American, June 27, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated June 27, 1839 Page 2
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MONEY MARKET, CarY, Wednesday Ev'ning, Jlne26. h visee our lalet choe 10(10 tbgc of Cotton have chang sid b eade from I0 t.. to i" cul... in ImIIll lots to f1tlto, ship nearly ready to clear. Freigltte have. riseen toI t- i d. a polnn l.ivccpool and I-2 to New Yurk. The denatld oir vessele is ltetdy, as shipments of the to:tk of cottou inmot tlak place. In other ariclese of produce te we have nthing new to eoqlo) iatol t. " The tumonny mnrket is without matetal change. A eeting in litter of the old houee's givsg way and al owing neta,onew otncerns to came in to evide.tly on the increase. By the oouini t .fithe t seasn, we shall s .letote dhtertined step taken hy the capitalists to \ guard the interests of the city. In themeati time, we recommend tie old concerns to adopt the plan suggested by tin onr last; tocult i mteeill, euid Stsrea our i~or homura that calaboofing will not e reorled lto anu to Iorie them to come end trade with u. 'They cill siait to tlleir tnlerest, o to di, and will colleet tlhir debt hby this means. in half the tine. tMr. Noltk has heen given up hv Iis secerity on t bond for ethe rylnetnt of $1,0101 to tne of thie ate ellero , and he. is ow in the handi of the law. If Ihe lprice ol ucoon doe not go up inl IiverpIol, ome other specu laters nmay be placed ill the came ugly itoata.o It i stated in the I.ouisianian that the late cot.veresion of thie Menxican hoods fhr 5(1 illioens, has hken ratified by Santol AIIti'c goverollllt, antd thati onno-oith of tie dutive collected in Ver Cotrn alld Tenottico are to an toward the paymenllt tthe interest. Can any one in form no whlt interest the converted bonds bear 1 The Neo York Couriereonttint a full repot of tilea Wood trlnooglig caser in that cityiv. It ppeeurs Ihat tll lthe Yorkshire dittlers ill elolhs have been earrilllg oil the ame game of sweirring toIn false invoice and then tlefelUliong tli rovernlnent ot of lhondred of lhktocanls. This Wood has been committed on a charge of per jury. New*Orlenta Chamber of Comueree. OFFICERS FOI THE YoeR 1i .9. Preetident, S, J. Petere. First Vice President, W. I. I.odger , c.q. Second di. Jot. A. Merle, Esq. Committee of Appeals for 1839. Jmnen Dick, J.ntoea H. Leeroich, II. C. I'amnotek, Abijoh Fisk, P. O. Sorleb. Santiel Thompson, Vcommilhee ofA Abiration ftr the month of Meap. Joln Hledtleslion, John C. Harrison, I. W. Hunteinton, William Hopkins, Enneoh Hyde. er. P. A. ileardy. Joachim Kohn. Malil Ilegulati.s. Thn Grreot Eaiter ti Aail is clooed every day t 10 o'clock A.M. Is doe everllloy at 4 i1. M. The Expresr nrail is cMudl every day at half past 10 A. MI. Is due with the Great Eastota Mail, every 'he. Lake .ail (vi0 (onvingtntoo,L.) io closed every lMnlody, Wedheoday and Fridcuv, at 6 o'clck, A. bf. Is due every 'T'uesday, Th'lradav, and Saturday, ati5 P. M. Tit Louisritle or River Rail incloordevery Sien day, Wednevday, and to lnrdav. at 3 P. MI. l. sent ani returned by oteamoiboats. Arrives irregularly three times a week. The Bagou Sanra or Coaet .a5il is c!nsed every Toesdoyv nio Fridale, at 8 P M. Is ascllet ld returled by sltllioollos. Ti .4leoxasdria or Red River la-ril is sent irregu larly by stealsboiat twIice a witk. I.OUISVILLE On IIVtLR M.AIL. - Mtld, ) WVeduleldtv cd Close at 8 o'clock,P. I.. nluteidy, ) CoAST MAIL. , tu_ +\ll " andl u n d Clossost io'ctock.P ll . N. ci. . N,1H'OVILII.: RAIl. ROAD Cit. rIll" Io.nomllv. wItI o train lof Co.a sill romiul( . tir IIs er the (EIAT PltA I I lF., lh .' ty tu Tig.t. 'Iw T tley Isda Evenitg, June 27th,183P, every day, cu ndittl xe.l t d. Iepart. Rettne. 5; A. M. 9 A. M. 121 i'. M. 921 . M. -4 7P. M. 327 it JAMES Ii. CALDTWFLL, President NERW ORLEANS & CARROLLTON RAIL ROAD In conseqetoce ofnumeroeltoepplicatioes for t chonge in the time ef departure for the afternoon cart, the conmtpai have cneludeld to adolnpt the followhlog rrallgemeut for thle lU mercommeocleg on the 17th inst. suMectaR ARRAPGEMENTS FOR THE WEEeK tDAr. From Corntiltoe. o om New Orlealll. Hoe Car at 4 no'cloek -A.M. Hores Car at 5 o'clotk,A. M Locomotive f . i.oeonolioet 7 "" P. "I " 91 " o " t o t".I t y ". e t1:.i' : '' .RAINGE.ENT FoR sUNDAY.: The ear will leave at the samtoe houra. s in the week day. .antl I o'loekl, P.M. wh-n a Locomntive will leave Carrolltnn evry hour, wIe tl o'clock, P. i. and New Orleans evaty hour entid 9o'olock, I'. l1. Arer 1li o',lok a Il arie earca. be otaltned by paylht 5 deg InaOr the Trip; ihtihled foraf er I o'tlock, P. M. 0I do-. Ianiil taallehrged. PmntaEoinlg by the Steam Car mout provide aldthems with Tickebt. atit euooduo.or ha ositise directounse ot to Aes i v money ln leot tlerenat. The alteration in the timo, ,,fdepartnr., as shown ibove enm seee with tle he(retofoe 3 o'clock earn. which will now bave New Orliea.s atI I, lo.ak, and will remain i, Carrollton until 5 u'eloak. they Ic tetlo city at 6 o'clockt. tand ty in Crrollton until 8 o'clerk, thereby allnwii vuritort one and half hour ato enjoy the pleasant walks and Iartike of refrelhmoants io o t oof'the most beauttfl Gardens in the Uided *tatss. THE JACKSON AND [ACOURSE STREETCARS Leave the hrla of Jackoon street at 6 ojeloek A. M., onlla sttret at tf oeloook. and run houlry. At 8 o'clotk they will cmea lea to oate each andl every halt hour until t . o'cloch, P. m ,exceptin that instelad f ievin, CaTal stret at P t o' tloak, the car will leave ,here at 9 o'inck P'. . f it i. pyttOOO arly requeted that gentlemen will not put their feat 1upon the cuthions, or smoke it the aOn, when Ladlier are present. nOics New Orleans nl d Carrollton Rail Road Company, Nay Itt. ;839. JOltN IIAMSIPON. oalne 1 Chief Eng. N. v cC R R. CAIt LOLL' TON HOTEL. I VeAUD has tie honor ofiinlformig his Ifns ad Itheb public in general, that he has taken th. Hotel at Carrolltnn, where he tarust he will receive thi. calls of his old friends and all lovhrs otf god cheer. Private p7rtisa will be hnndaoelly provided for by giving alittle nlltie belorehand. lie is willing to enter ianto arrngements witlh familiaes or individuals dcsirooi tipatssin tihe atonlor at Carrolltto. a,20 T, W. 1OOLL INS rtihod .Atott't CoaLrottataa. Appotinted Iv the Federal Court at New Orleans. OFlrlC r No. 1il tobalsiON STREET, (Ettxcohng Hotel BI.Cldings.) QAID Comulnmioaner takes affidavitsia ands noat by laern oi'otho Aets of l',ngreSo, passed 2 th Febru ary. lO2tI; Iat March 1817 the Juo diciary Act of 1789 'oand othllr ctt of Congress, in suchl caes lmade and provilded. Said ComCmissioner has nnoaideraile expat oeroa; and oles ft rlatot caption and certificate thiclh h,,vo stood the suvaorao scruttny of the ablCet Lawyera opril I1 NEW ORLEANS CANAL AND BANKING Co. I f IE Iron Stlamnhoot Itlehca will leave the iltai 1 at til head laolf iha New Cantl, ivery day, (except Mlondays) fr the I.uko,ta followe: Depart at 5 A. M. I Return at S A. At. O lut A. . " a i2 P. MI ')P. M.] 4 P.MB. 51 P.M. [ 9 P.Ml. And on MONIIAYS:t Depart ot 10 A. M. Return t 12} P.M. 2 P. M. " 4 P.M. 01 P. M. " 9 P.M. may 28 11. CHEW, Cash. lIAYttRA.TY OF NEW ORILEANS. '1lIE price of four to da hbeing $5 374 per barrel, . acoding to the tariff, tile kkeras will givt h6 oun'ed ofhbread for ten cents, during Ihe week begin. ning ont Mtondav exta. the 24th olt. The Ionays Ifseo ead quality,or of three for ten cents, haIll weigh 25 ler cent motae, that i to ay45 .olln.ea. June 4 I C. GENOIS, Ma.or. Ff112 TiI4. 1.1KFC-- 'Al I.OIt'S iltTEI.. Neyw Coatl lhell Rodl. N Omnious will leave Bankat' Aroeda everay Suntdayat l o'clock 91.l ,. 2 and4oaclock P. Il. pcstint by i"ihool,'a Hotel, Verandalh and St. Chonrla . Fare each way50 aet0t1. ALStI During to week no Omnilbus will lea. otnk's Ardeada ty !ae Clltv Hotel,Vera dih and lSt Ch.rla. Exchaage every aourul at a to't.lok. Renltoaho will rac Lak at 8 ooluoek,l '. 5I. F..e aooh way 53 net.. KIP & REED, .12 3, Proprietors. I. lr~lt l)utea. Cilrrl'."o" Inna ... . - I 1Vait iutly itata ......17 Vot .t... Jun .......... 17 Clne.i, do..... . 19I P ',ioa, ll, . Jon, ........ 17 I ,ouis ville, do. ..........." o araoh., do ............I : Ierlol May .........17 oUlo:, i alt .1June ...II.. 14 tit la .............. 7 Iotlo" dot d ..... ... y...Ni.._ . ,. .. ....:...:..l..o ,oolo wr ..............t CI.EAILANCLA. bShiP St Jme..t. ilowe, ,Lotone, S & J E Whiny " S New Ilampiblr. Iladitag. Livserpool LI (iale ohomTitoal. mto.Wl. r. a ostwu. JA Meret a hip Iltenor. Dyer. New York, S & J P Whiotney Rah Adeialtdralt. Lid, Gilvaeaton, itater tebr Hoogley, Fortune, Maohtde, ater Junel6.1 9 i SOilp Masou. Alien, Amaterdlnm, I CGildemeater' Ship Roile, Holhne. L..tdot. A L Addia.o hber LoIt. Mutherahead. Pensacola,. eat" toatootl I.ooloiaed. Ken;dy, St I.nlt, Mim Sltoamer Juo Randolph, Miller, Nasht lldl. Ma, ARRIVALS. June 2, I03 gltamcr A Porter, otltl ey, fim t Loo.i Snt.aer V.locipe.t, Dalllln. Fr. Natchbitoabhea : Pta.mer (Unanobe, o iltnkle frel Yaoot clty bictmee J Duple, (ioldtu, rit Opelt-us Juna.. 1839 Staemer Prairie. FreMleh, fe St I.onhl Steame, Nydte.,0. tlo Opeltkea. SItae Lasdy of the, fm tatl,ville ista... m Ver hi>atot, tra.t k.tfo Lafiateh. EXPORT-. iAIs'I-r.JANa..,r thip Ml.aon...Cago 214 hhd. tobto. " 143 tone I5 t wod. 4ibll hole ano. )d.SO ta ." 1lt6tai raset natnal tuaetlttea, 1 baa "It9Nti.. PeMaSlp RiaIItO-C-.po 19 hods Lob'as. rPi.ASBOLA-Pe- r aer o tla..' eaaoO p. baeeatln 18beoi Itro bi+ eetut. It. wie, a,.d whbikey. ad -- - i .JP..P.cleewer Litt. Red. Carlosa .Laata.eaek .arthawloe. RECEIPTS OF PRODUCE St Louls.. Per steemar Pirie..Carlo 0RO rck corn A H ret Wallae a CO 7 keg. elot 3 bt lesd A Rlvardis A co. 1I dry Wethes..Pe o Mtr erareeiireeieodaft.iDt.ehlo to dyI bides. I box trehandiee Smith o Vorheebtt9t pigse teod J H P t.everich A co. 5i5 do R H .trtltl., bit and sIrttleewxett pIt Chntalnat I box mercha.nd.ise C Doane,41 ols rope Itoert & Hwtithorn.6 hlt tlntreol'eatt & Nopkinr, IS per; bultrr L. T Sarelnit. t8 kegs ttler Owner on bord, St arkly corn. t.t pigs lead Otltl eorE corn. CI pt Frelegh let Oprltouses..Per steamer Nvdio--norelrro Louierille..Per steamer Itdy of the LDhe..Carge 1l coils rot rope 5 bolu twinae 118 pea berein. A Irwrdea .an, 1O his pork rloan e br. 20 hWe tohncco 1tX1 ktgs Ird A H Wanlllee tR tco, et,0 bs oour eresnll t Reed. 1t0 roils rope W G Heweh 7 baer idindev Bell. 72 h·ag 91 tultt rope Franklin & lire. erson. 511i hlf olPres gls Cars1t - McMahboo, 5U0 sherp 3 330 hoes Mr Armstrong. Lafotlrch--Por steamer Wohineton..nn carrrto Wasth.. Per Creetrr'e 4 boatl..cargro 2100 Lcke tornn tid whent.i50r.O) tde tork h ......... Per Patterest'nbout..anrro 23bitberf,3dphwis key, 055 ekrro r ort. Ut bt do ....P....PerSiocuoh'srbuoat..carrgo 55bOrlhet oats 500 bi corn NSteehs..Per M.Cennel' 3 bots..300buhetls corn to H dn- di tlah 4 Rohettlon. .. ... ... r rat bout..Ctrgo 75 his whiskey to Ilannat D L Robertou 1',SORENERi A Per rteler Prairie..Meai Ilitchock, Metre Ortley, Pfih t rultd. Mi'Cltre, "ilollnnnr.J Dupre i~Pear streamrer Lo o i tie Brown and Lady, Arm etruelp, CotUmlllilre. Celr aPur Drronodio. SSllMORANDA Prai L.ft rh et o t.iieol ln t laste . I tport for New Orlern ateemerCo,eica. 23d iten. Muaid of rUrt.t 1teCrftrh Peit. ft ctbr,. pareld t'rilcese aiad tlemphit at Victkhbrg. Trip hi 4 1t days ut11 5 hourr. NAU'TICAL INTEL|.IGENCE. dt Bogton. one l4sh. ('tld Cerrvote, hither. 15th. Arr erhr Tarertr. hence york. Jurn lnl. Ct'd r owhattan. illher. Air ft Mt Mary. thtlay. hence. Ocrnee, do. do. Joceph. .i days herne. Norwa., 29th thy. rtyroe, let Jseo, hellLa Jl.te s15t. Arr Cicinnaeti, te dayo hence. o IHE,1 '1I'IU .] AM E. ICAll,\N. FAITW UL AND JOLD. fficial .~eournal of tcr 2 .tslunirCtpaif the. PUBLI.JSIED Daily. Tri-Weekly & Vecltly. t THURSDAY, JUNE 6, 1839. On rpiereore e t the proceedings of the Conicil of tihe Seeorrd Sluniciityhit willtbeiseer thattihetMatortflthe I city ton reftsed to deliver to te Counrcil its heods efi halft nmllion rtfoldlnrt, whil tie law of 11th Slorhi rrequires itthi be given it. exchangr e fr the state ironde h to the los attnllU t. The pretence for co tioine, i, t, ray the least of it nl tllwsrratrranl , interferencke il tihe concerns ofthis Mmluniipality. Btis tie Couuteil, St atire tile gnaidanns il tie ptblic weal, have thnwn theln selves on their reserved ights, and have reperaled all reolhtoions rtlttin 1r to he tipotnrol or sale of the sItit. BondT, golnronteed to tilrtm y thes law of tor 1litSi lnirch. Tlhat errdtrrur to telr ijtersrrlat ostildeld to ill ehavsit ctlllptiie wilth tie rellnireltsntl of the oaw, pser iito in demnndin of Ihirl alor te rI te unl.ele f tre li cipality, rt, Ie geivep in exhtitge f.r the tilte Bn:lds. We ee rwhetsrn tie iutayor will teow comply with tihe r equeest. ' lieu ngthaibrlenWns crturr itt itctediritr oft the m241S cnlcd olt dth nlisin y in favour ofopieLouig tie save trade bet'iell this .a ntrurs oalld Aftirt. Tile oan atir wonrld at this dlay nrlvru te utri a nliasurn in ll ellemy tol the UhI eou,to Smtlhern intiosteon and Snmllher prosperity. Tihe puhlic feelin of the South is alike inimieal to abo litiolests and stlae.trndrrs. Ni Sou lernor woruld ee i the United States recede front its proud stand in relatio to the slave trade, tn ratify a few buccaneers who ae re n k, or the country.Let not anyone f tor erenlempnrarie s uppoe for a t otnent that lts Courier speaks he senti menits of the eommunity upon this slbjeet. lie may he the organ for aught we kn, w, ofa few t nprilncipled men who loug to returnt to the t flosh pots of Egypt." Tie apologelie reply of the I.ruisiitan to nor norice of ris eslnder uptn Sr. PIeters, isjust such a oate as we expaeted. It is truckling, enrn leroid of thit sincerity whicrh hould ever chaacteriae a repectaohle journal. With regard to e uplrtnation of the mattr, lie nsae: " We have nt reasnn to doubt the strterentl, elltouegh ,we must say, that it would have carried more wei.hlrt, had it preederd frol thie Bulletin, the rCourier, or any other newspaper but the one in t question." This is te ly Ilughbhle. Who coulrd have believed that tile impr - denee of the English editor of tire I.otisiunran. himiself waoting in.all tile quelifications of hunratp, ionor and regard tor truth, required 'in a public: jurnral, uesld have led himi to read Ither True American such a lecture? Wondetrs will ievereoue. Fortuaterly we hiave lived long rrtlngh in this cily not to Iteed a choracter r from either the unprincipled LouisianiaP, the trimming BIulletin,tir thie humdrtum and silly Couriirr. hiut where is the correspondent of tile Lroriiioan ? This paper stales that it dioes niot nmake an attack upon the City lBonk or ipoll r it r. PIrseri, y name, and thlat its allusion could be takenT by any otber Bank or IPreidenl in tihe city. A trauslation oif rhe French article on tine point will convict thle reditr of hiti real ilrentin. lie eays: " \Ve have received a communieation over the signature r, ofm one if yoer srhscrlihers," in wich it is saind that a certain Presidentoftone of tler flBanks above Canal, t- rerl, ntiet the pretext of makisgn aeoyge to Europe inas obtaineI,"' &ce. To all intent. and purposes thie article cuntuied a slaoreroeus charge npon one ofour ermost esteenled citizen, and the Louisiarian knows o nd lfeels it. Astn tithe unexplained part of tihe transaction r. werreconmend to the etlitor Ito call pon Mlasrs. Pe yters and Millard, hen, no doubt, those genllemen will .satisfy their i{pudenit curiosicy to pry into te r onernr of a privatte eitiz*en. The late race between the nactmboats Saltana, Ship. pe and rSt. Louttia, in direct violatiOn of the law upon tits sulbjeet, and dteserves the censure of all good riti zens. We cannotaonceive how the worthy commnand. ers of tithee vesels enall ake n it accord with their selnse of duty, thus to endanger the lives of the hundreods who comtnit themselves to their care. Ntor can we account f,t tl:e ecourse of our contempatnry, the Picayune, in herldding the pIogress ofthe contendintg steamers, as by so doing, that journal encourages tile ueless anti dan gerous practice of'teamboat racing. If the system Ihe persevered in, it only remains for travellers who do not wish to run an unnecessary risk, to avoid nil boats th It will tihus wantlly trifle with the lives of their pasen We have before ts a brohlure, containing the pro ceedings of the New Orleans Swiss Sht iety, at their annual meeting in April last. This society numbers over 200 members. Its object is a charitable one. From the address of Mr. lalde, the late President, and of MIr. Chatelanat, tile Secretary, we learn that its financial ar rangementa are fully adequate to til demand upon thle Tteasury, and that iat aid granted by the committee charged with the executive duties, to their countrymen, Ihas been highly praineworthy and useful. Mr. Chate lanat's address is a fine specimen of compnsriain. It aboundst in eloqullnt touches, ranl is filll of that inlldtmi table patriotim which fits peculiarly thie Swiss fIr being residents of the United states. Tie niffirent Cantons have contriulted largelv to tihe a.nts o the asocity. Throurghout all the movements of thi socie ly, we see tht freedlom and conscioulltenrs f bith wlich are so dear to a brave people. T'heir amotto is ' one for all and all for one." Let t every Aelurican gcve, hea Swiss emigrant the right hand of fellowsh!p-ie will not hetray the reeIa reposed. Advices have been received in New York from Rio de Jneiro,of a negotiatiot bring on froat between thie Eng lIt and Buaens Ayres to vettle the Frenhel question, Intol'genca from France, at New York, one day iater than thlat received by thle Great Western, autounce that Pais wea. quit aler the late row. Upw1ards of 140 persons were ,illed and wounded. Arresnt of 00 per. s had beetn made nmcnt g ttthe sucph aed to he con eeried. The war in Spain had Ibegun to wear a less ierce aspert, as )on Carlos had published moral, arsen ciful otders. flur tall friend, the (tirafr, is in Boston, antounding 'ite IlPhiladelphia PIenn-ylvnia it in a tarritlhe fl m because one of the new steam frigates is not to hIe buil in that city out ant out What a simpleton! Do.e he not know that Mr. Kendall, at ihose foundlry the en. gipes are to be made, is the brolher-illn-law of eeretary Paulding'? Thaddy Stovens haa been re-elected in Pennsylatia to be a thorn in the side of the Vtn Burenite.. Whlt next? Anti-slavery window blindt, having paited upon tIaem scenes illu-traaive of slavery, are advetirbed for sale by the Abolitionista of New l'a k ! The mail from the West,brings dates from Cineinnetli to the i9th Laouisvile to thba 20th and Nachville to thei 2tad. The Othit was rapidly rising at Pittshurgh. The conduct of Postmaster Campbell at Louisville continued to excite public attention. It is said that he has gone on to Walthingta to have an interview with .Mr Kendall. The President has done one act of Justice. He ha, be r:calle.d Mr Peyton Gay,Council at Martilnigue and ap- Ili pointed Mr. P. A. De Croney of Portland Me. in his place. Let himn next di<min Mr. Freer. The Butchers of the East have brought tie cattle dea ler to their marrow bones, and the good old reign of th roat beef is to dtmmence again in downright earnest. o A late ns the l7th of February theGovernorofCanton 01 was engaged in a paper war with the Opium Ships. An American and British sailor in Philadelphia late. i y had a game offisticuffes pen the merits of their ren. tl pective countries. After a hour's hard blows eachl par ty entered into a truce, but neither yielded the point in diapute. True grit, this, to the hlot. Th'e clerk of a huge heefspeculntor in Baltioore, is ti said to have swnrtwoutedl with an immense amount of eulh! No particuloarngpen. I A linss Jane Eaton, of Pottsdnm,Pa. lately rernvered a damages in $200 a man by the name of II ouhes, for nearly frightening her to death, by appearing before her in a horrible mask. Mere. Young gentlemern sholnl never a pt opt to fiighten ladies! Grentdoingsa t Carrolton next Sunday. iGymlnltic font-, dancee, mnsic, &e. &c., at 4 o'clock, P. H. bon'ts forget-n-ext Sunday. Any thing for filn, frolic nod fashio; Ihi~ hot weather. To THIE El)trotR o F T'liR'U AilERICn . Sil-hnovio leero in rcur truly valuable and worthy Ipapr of Monayo mornring, an srticle lhended '.The pren. ent ori-i'-Mlinieioipltoin Siv,." n pnsion latoloe ill rttn tion to trhe ct lllhno illg tvaee mal t l lno t r .e U lllirI. Thti sitlem siit nnioveroll o roe]teio 000 prstvtred Io b the q onidl llm 'lls of tnhis city, oe m r:.tcs to tihe grenlity aeri" nlntloflhTe lnonlter, hutc l ealt and o l rroovtiill iler. hllallto, whol hive bny their lneuldet ol ec.ornloal course oolatlived ihenllrm l t,nod o looo, to t I ellI lr ell o Int ori f Cne i elom 1lers whit rii ,rotl llot you lwit n hoe Ilhat Ilia threlonire lucrative trahe oil hotisioip, tu.nsd nlher cnotlotn grolwing tilt, S I townlll ne nlis 'tiatdi tha tuglh the mMrc taI ile co lmmunity, Land Ollcoult nneid in ia fi:v roitten t ol Itlerinig concerns. Iaotii- llte irolls instead iofeutpenllilla ion Iln. on they did in fiolh, atclled upi anId re.ildles l thle o11 hulk; .tnerlh mhoet new , nnool.n iIohtlo g ink fet there ivel no altemln ill Ihiiolo inct.r i.. elhtih ctl lie o r., hily cae i . Tring lthe ntw firmo s wit h Nio ut onl mer. I it, the br iPreas elg lrin the, whlicll read two wians buo t hld ornlyn roIe In0llCinUTY." Itreco,, illncPd n new luovCeeit -'ilrulnrs were tlo.nired eI ioionvited IoI COIolie birnrd w0II0h tlir eroist h i thills chffl'tlre callgllt notir il old cu-ti nerrn. Mellltv canin, here with thelintentioni ol'nrroagiog hoot efi ehs tIond pItlin iip t o tle best of tleir sbililo, hartill i iou t~ thour prodle Il sOmie other louse tinn t wiohigi to Sshllp o Ihe i: t.l/endt'll hole]d ende nrrh.seld hOuie+.lnot kou w ing balo in tt~e l"leetnl ruin i helr prodtlue lnigllht go to lay loher llunlohtn totins Tle I hri r w. T ooe Inn Ik Ilhi irlloenlliolo. 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For v0lr Irntice of oli'n d:lnrmninntioi of lhe Mliseissipi ns to o ay ilndebtednese vol have 0ly thlnllks, lr I can nay' witl trlh sliad fni-om a Ithoroigh klnowledge iof ihe ip.,ople thev ore a erainine every nerve to liqidnate their foreign ildebltellles o to the last fartlliog. I tlhik thatr ihe delbt of Mlisslnsippoi to Now Orleans is iover estimnrdl. 'T'his eroror arite. from thin+ ftet tot generally dnitedl, buht I lthink recent en', dtielonpeo oI'nt Olnctrly prove it. '1 hlruerln state olf tilhe eas i this. 'IThle ltini';illoi Ilanter Ileioe lindeIedoIt to hlie New Orleans M5erhannts Ilhrounh tihe hanks of Otsissislooi. The 10lsntireoces the New Orleooooso imerchantlo thle Nnew Ortallonos mio'flhnot owes Ili t Bolllk of Olti-isonli)ii. IThe great Ioebt wac in Ithe nway of bills dr.:wn oui Nen OrlePai houses |o nooor planoers nld disooounted Iby our bonobe. I'l'his is cllled a Newh Orleans deptbut bbota it callhd so Il trutlh andt justice to i O i? PERICLES OF IbINDS COUNTY'. O3rtteri(UgG of eCOacil. SECOND MUNICIPALITY. TUESDAY, 25th June, 1839. The Council met pursuant to adjournm-nt ; present Hon. JoshuaBaldwin, President; Alder. men Caldwell Frcret, lHall, Peters, Rogers, WVhIt. ney and Yorke, ., The Journal of the preceding meeting was read and approved. The following Message fromn tie Mayor was received Mayoralty of New Orleans, June 25, 1839. To the President and Members of the Council of Second Municipahity. Geutlemn :--I Iave the honor to return here with for the ftrther consideration of the Council two resolutions adopted in tihe sitting of Tuesday last, tile former in the public, and the latter in tihe secret Session; they are of the following tenor ; *LResolved, I hatithe Treasurer be and lihe is here. by directed to address the Mayor in writing, re. questing him to sign and delivor to hrie, tho said Treasurer, tile bonds of this Municipality which are to be issued according to the act of the Legislature approved 18 March, 1839, in exchange for the same amount of the bonds ofthei State." And ** Resolvel that tile Mayor he informed I y tile Secretary, that this Council is well aware that tih instructions prepared by the Finance Commtittee under tile resolutions of tihe 4th instant becalme null, by the Council not presi.ding against the Mayor's velo of tire rerolutions; and that a cropy of said instructions was only sent by this Council to to tile Mayor in or, er that Ihe might know that this Council was neither regardless of tihe interests of its constituents, nor of tile law ; and that it was unnecessary tfsthe Mayor to inform this Council that it was a sine qpd non that the bonds be sold at per. 'flhe following are the reasons, whiek induce mu to wi:hnold rly approbation of thlom. When the Ceu.cll in the sitting of the llth inst.. adopted a resolution authorising tie City Bank to tbrward tihe State Bands to Mr Samnl. Jaudon at London, that Ihe might negotiate thmln confornra. blo to tile instructions of their Finance Committee and sent me this resolution, wi iout nanking known either in whole, or ie part, the nature of tihe istrue. tions, and without annexing to the rceolutlon ally kind of explanation of thie nature of tihe transaction in which the Council required ne to iparticipate by affixing ary signature ; I thought it my duty to send back this resolution, accompanied with cny objec. tioers to it, founded on the absolute want of rcIqui site informatnoo, as well as on the duty imposed on me, to see that the State Bonds were rnot . islmsed of at less than par, The Council convinced of the validity of my obj etiona did not persist ; but adopted in their sitting of the llth inst a new reso. lution, which I though it my duty to approve, be cause it not only specified the coumpoesation to wlhich tile City Rank would be otitlted ftr its igel cy, but afeo provid:d that thie aulleority granted Mr Jaudon ofendorcing tie Bonda in thie Imne of the Mutnitipality,s ad ol ilesignating tire iace where tlls cpit alnri tinti no intr*nt aoteld Ie ll mluod payabitw witas suject to ti plrovisions of tile 7th ectlon of tie law of tie 1thll of March last. 'To this latter resolutton, which declared tieal tihe I negoeiation of the Ii ieds should be effected an con. fortuity to tihe inetrucli nit of tile Council, and whtlch instead of nuthoriring Mr Sant'i J Peters to endorsl r .'tn Boedsr,oa was done in the fist resolution assigned that dutly to Mr Jamdon, was appllnded an in strunmen.t dtedt tile 10th otf June, and purporting to be instructions of tire Finance Ceomtlllltto rela.. tive to the lirst rnso utter. I courl not regard this docunment, although both obsolete and Iloll otherwise thans as onrmmnication submitted for my apprabation. Butn a the resolution of whichl it was an appendage, was Ino longerincxislance, thins ldonur ent, rriependant of the consideration that itemmtanded front asource, tr hich did not io title it to ny oflicial notice, had also drcaoned to be in firce, and certainly had no connention whatever with the resolution of the 11th inst; which I had approved. Under these circumstances I thought it my dutly to irturn it to tile Council,inviting them to prepare lcew rllstructions, conforlmably to tihe teor of tlheir last resolnltlon, avld it did not appear to nse a breach of deceruoh to remind ihem at rhe amlne, that tile law riequired that the State ionds should not be sold for less tIan par. T'lhe Council. on account of tiis allusion to a law by which moth of us ought to be governed, have thought proper to inrtruct their Secretary, in secret to ge e a loeson tin the impropriety of tmy com. lorunieatioo. I content myself with returning this intended re. buke openly, leaving the public to decide on the propriety of the substance, as well as form of this unparlamentary proceeding and that sucih de. ei.ioa may with tile certainty anld correcness be oh. tained. I invite the (CIonil. ccording to Sec.2d of th! law of the 14th March last, to order the pub. licatron of its rcsolutions ol the 4th l1th and 18th inst, with the confidetral message of the Ilth and of tire 18th inat; teogether with tile instructions of thie Finanrce Ceommittee which have been trans mitted me. As regards the former of the two resolutions which I return, I have to add. that I hove received a I. trer from your Treasurer, by which he requests. the bonds of the Mhuntctpality which are to be ex. changed for those of the S ate, may be delivered to him, and that I have miformed that officer. that thee honds Ihave been Signed by me, and that the Seal of the Munici.ality: ai ea to theano beeoon made known to me, the bonds will be de- do liverre. m1 I remain very respectfully, Gentlemen, thl Your most Obed't Serv't &A C. GENOIS, Mayor. Al When upon motion it was Rea Ived that Council do pnroist, notwithotading JO the objeootions of the Mayor, in the tworesolutions of the 18 June instant, the one requiring tihe Trrasnrer to call upon the Mayor for the Bonds of this Municipality, and the second passed in secret cession, requiring tihe Secretary to inform the A Mayor of tholintention of this Cauncl in relation to instructions in regard to the sale of said Bonds. 'The following Comumnication was road from E tile Treasurer,3 Treasurer's Office, Second Municipality, New Orleans, 25th June, 1839. T Geantlmee-I have the honor of herewith en closing to you. copy of a letter ree'd from the May or, in reply to my note, addressed to him by direc. h tion of the Council, in their resolution of the 18th as inet., requesting him to sign and deliver to me "tIthe s Bonds of this Municipality, which are to be issued b according to the act of the Legislature, approved it 18th March, 1839, in exchange for the same tl atmount of the Bonds of this state. d V, ry respectfully, your ob't serv't, ti TH. SLOO, Jr. p To the Recorder and Council of tU tile 211nd Municipality. r Mayoralty of New Orleans, v June.18th 1839. r To Thomas Sloe, jr Esq, Treasurer of ~Ly'. No. 2. Sir-In answer to your letter, by wlhich you n inform anr that you are di.ected to request me to I sign and deliver to you the two Bonds of the Sac. It and Municipality, payable to .he Treasurer of the I Stats oft Louisiana, one fir two hundred thousand, tihe other for two hundrl d antd ninety-nine thou. 8 sand, six hundred and eighty dollars, &ne. I will state that the Bonds of the Municipality have been signed by me, and the seal of tilhe uni. J cipality affixed thereto, in conformity to Ordinan. coe previously adopted by tile Counerl;-however, that body not having, in eomlpliance with the re. quest contained in imy message of the 18th inst., i cnammuniicated to nme tile instructions by which tihe I' Bonds of tle State are to he sold, 1 have to post pone the delivery of the Bonds ofthe Municipality, until the Council tlireofshall have determined up. on tile instructions to be furnished to the agent, and upon all the stipulations under which tile bonds of the state are to be sold. I amt Respectfully, your ob't. serv't, it. GENOIS, Mayor. Whereupon on motion of Mr. Peters, it was unan imorsly resolved: Whereas, TIhis Councilis informed by tIe Trea I surer that the Malyor has refilsed to deliver to him the Bonds, which by the act of 18th March last, are to be g ven to the state for an equal anount of its Bonds, tobe advanced for the aid of this Munici i pality, and whereas, the Mayor gives as his reason tbr ouch refusal, that Ihe has not yt been inform. ed what instructions will be given by this Council in relation '. saleh of said Bonds, and that until sitch instructions bOsublltted to him-ihe will not deliver to the Treasurer of the Municipality said v Bands SBe it therefore Resolved, That this Council can. not reclgnise in the Mayor the right to dictate to it, cond tione on which he will comply wills the law, and exiatitng Ordinances of this Council,-and d cannot sanction a proceeding by which he retaint in ,: possession, the prolperty of this Municipality in onppostio In to biw, until this Co ncil shall do an act not rqrlir!d by anyi law. Be it f,,rtber Rlsolved, That notwithstanding I the groet injury which will probably result to this Municipality, from tihe position assumed by the Mayor, this Council cannot consent to submit to what it considers an illegal requisition of the May o or,-and which, ifacceded to, would be subversive a of the authority of this Council, and derogatory to thos right of its constituents. ir Resolved, That the President of the Council be and he is hereby authorised to procure the opinion of rithe Attlorney of this Munitipality as to the legal measures necessary to rosert to, in order to pro - clre from tile Mayor tile Bonds belonging to this Municipelity, retained by him contrary to the law and the Ordinances of this Council. Resolaed, That all Rebolutions authorising the transamision to Europe ofthe Bonds to be received froan the State, under the act of 18th Marchi, 1839, a and the sale of the same, be and the same are hereby repealed. The following Weekly Statement of thio Trea. surer was subiitted : SECOND MUNICIPALITY. VEEIKLY REPronT or TatcAsUa.ER. ty Ba .nlaeen lrt lrpehort, 3en0 5.i - " santat rer aired Icr, 141,004 00 S illNlarila frol City taunk, t1 T :1n 3o 5teaen T,. tenierr tretrae caetlo ydriro t To nlotlntal lUnaleiapl I otel radeeard, 3 s496 0 l "' nalut .oirea no dedthis w.k, 1r77; 3ua S lllelllll t[ le e d Cne lli y t tn , J.97 87i a A fleter fIl sreieg ve I'oritirr eRre re Cterrsd S OnI trantine r lllle e 30.5p , t6 OfBy Balance nhroaght sow. :ce 41th o I' roc't I tlSh an C lc, lt n t . ll5. 9h " mnahnrnt unlelprl noles nn hand, nmouly 54 t" i r'i handiell h of V. C illir for re- on TIIO. t1.00, Jr.l Tr. Nc OflPanld .h Sote, tate F o839. n h'fie followin Pe etitinas weri refitrred: One tl tra the utchers of Poydras Market, to Tl y oCommhittee of elle h. Y Of Protection lose ('ompany, to Fire. 10 Of residents of Blank's Arcade, tothe Polioe. Ota cofa in ihabitants ol Barnne street, laid aond t fh tahle, subiert to tio callof the Council. i Of Eugenae Carlin, to tile Financo. i id A letter wins rocoivrd fromn R. M. Carter, Esq. ni resigning his ofd e ofdAttorney to the Munieipali Oin mneltoin, the rules being dispensed with, the Council proceeded to an election to fill the vansan iet co, wh en Lvi Piere, Esq., was unanimlously lea Its tod. o alar. Caldwe ll, Chairman of tile Committee aon iStreets and Land ings, ofhred tt e following s Report, oe acompanuied with the annexed two e t up and adopted. he a n f rys Of tile Committee io Streets and o The Conmittee bog leave to Report, that they il t have received the following letter of John Grant, ot i and deeming it n paranmount duty in them to pro. y set fNr the consideration of the Council that pler tionr of tile public improvements most conducive tp tie inoterst of tl s uof h icipnaliy-- l health alnd t. incretased commerce of uwhic must neerssarily Si follow tile iomp etion of the wharvesrand e ladirngI et brg leave to piresont the following iresaohtion. a. NEw OKI.I.aS, June 21st, 1831. ra Dear Sir :--eho undersigned being aware ofthee 1 difeduloy in which the Muniecipality is placed, by c" the ref.sal ofttheo Mayor to delivlr the bonds au. oi thorized to be exhangedI for the bonds oftho State, by Iproposes t raceive for lhe labor of constructning id the wharves, which lave been Rnthoris d and not yet eolmmean ced, tha notes of the Mninicipality, pay. t niln s r re te works ordered s.rve ree ie 1 nor, sir, ynurs, &c. JOHN GRANT. ne .td,; Thart the otter or John Grant. in lis Iellrr datad the 21st atJrae, 1839, to di the wonrkr of ann tructing the wllaroes in front of this Muri. cipalhty, whi h have been authorised by tie ('out' il and not let commenced-and to receive the noten of ''irs Blunicipaisty, payable on the lost of July rnxt., 1840, and bearing interestat the rate of 8 pr cent. per anmouln, fr the sale. be, and the same is Ihrrby acceple 1. resolved, 'I'That the Treasurer be and lie is here. by nuthorised to issue to the oider of John Grant, frontm tmuto o ti ne, an the certifiaete of the Serveyor, deoignating Illt work by John Grant, approved by the ('o.mnittee on a ltrcots and Landings, the notes of t:e Munieipality, payable on tIheo le.t of July, 1840: Provnlud that the walole work authoried Iby this ('ouncil to be done on tite wharves aforesaid be completed by the l2th day of October next. Resolved, Thr tihe works already done by said Grant, and authorised by the Coudci', o tfar as are now coamp:cted, together with the cartage and commission on tlie timber by existing contract With said Grant, hI paid forin cash. JAMES IT. C:ALDWELL, Chairman. ,tAM'L. J. PETI'ERS, BENJAMIN WHITNEY. Mr. Raogers, Cllalrm ta of the Police Committee, tnadci the following Report, which was adopted. Tarho PItace Colnnittie, to whom. was referred tire liter of Thomar Bragg, praying for the reinis stn uf a fina, Report : That believing the said ins to have been justly imposed, your Committea would pray to be dirt charged from any further onnsideration of the sub. Ject. DAVID JNO. ROGERS, Ch'n. JOIIN IIALL. ORDER OF TIlE DAY. The Resolution in relation to prohibiting the lo aomotive of the N. O. and Carrollton Rail Road fromn ruuning in Baronno street, being in order, the further consideration of the same was postponed until next meeting, and the petitions for and against said measure ordered to be printd. To the Honorable the Recorder and City Council Iofhe Second Municipality of the City of New Orleans : The undersigned, property Ihlders and resi dents in Baronne street, being greatly annnyea by aho preant passage of tie locomotive enginea of ahe Carrollton Rail Road Company through that d treet, to tire danger not only of their pro lety by f too gratioan, ba that of the live of e41 n t t' do moat respectfully petition that thie locomotive - inry be prevented by Ordinance from passing thro' this etreet. And your petitioners will ever pry, Alex. Baggett, Win. II. Martin, Phoenix N. Wood E. Blae .. John Froret, Daniel Dann, sid Win. Frerot, T. O. Sorb6, J. H. Barton, Thomas Hale el R. II. Snyder. T. L. Levy, WI'. Raynal, M. Z. Gill, rhi Allen Hill, John A. Goldsmith, tlh J. B. Steel, Clha.. Byrne, o Th. Tabory, Eresme Lo Goaster, Eraetues Wells, Chas. Stevenson, III John Oilay, Colvis & Dumas, rea New Orleans, May 30, 1839. ah To the Honorable Council of the Second Muni- at cipality. Ili We, the undersigned, residents and property t holders in Baronne street, do respectfully repre. Ir sent, that having learned a motion was mnde at the in session of the Ilath inst, by one of your honorable it body that an Ordinance to prohibit the running of ft locomotives on the Carrollton Rail Road firther in lI the city than Tivoli Circle he made the order of the a day for the next session. We beg leave to state " that be!ieving that the N. O. & C. It. R. Co., if prohibited from running their locomotives further ,i than Tivoli Circle, will abandon or remove their a Rail Road, rather than be at the expense of keep. ing it in repair, or of transporting their passengers with horses; and wheeace it said Company should remove or abandon their Rail Road we Ihovld lose a great convenience, and our property would bhe materially lessened in valne, therefore your petit. t tioners respectfully request that the said Ordinance he not put in force. IL'Millaudon, owner of about 700 feet front on II Baronne street. S. Goddard, Jr. Samuel Jacksonn., Mary C. Marshall, D. pl. pour Schneider, Joe. C. Walton, J. Ditaes, John Loatham, Jonas R. Murphey, Bar onnoe at, residing in the houtase formerly occupi. ed by the late Mr. Russel. On motion, the Conneil adjourned to Tuesd. a next, the 2d July, 1839, at 5 o'clock. P. MI. JOIIN GIBSON, Secretary. TRUE AIERRICANV OflFCE. In eonneerion with this Office is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE roeK Trli PRINTING OF Pamphlets Blank Checks Catalognes Bills of Lading SLabels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices Auction Bills, Bill Porms, Show Bills SSteam Boat Bills Circulars I And every dIe.ripeio ofJob Rlork thae md ary b r.nired. ITA Y--One hundredand lthirty-five haiaes New York o l lay, landing fromn packet ship Orleans. lir *al:: hy A COIlIF.N, _J[ The ownr ac f t ra i No. y7 will plna ratuo ertaeit fir .lods taken froan cshll Vi ck. alre. tIo y Jilate " 3t. A CtI LIEN". 90 (OCaaaian Pa . nIL" NOT lIC'l( -T lhe Iacket Ship rleanc, faon New York, is now dicallnrging her a rego oplosite le Verite g tlal ia mnrker. C ltarigaltee wilt lease attllra t ttle ioreceiplt ofgcoda on thre I.avrP. juno a7 t ttr --tl(-5il brls mere and prime, at the italar eliol Sftrsale by G. DitIt0EV, r9il.7th juno 44 New Levee I :EF-2L5 half ibl mine, and 20 hItblea l i) rime, - ahld II Berlt tar ale by i DlttldSI-FY, jIaei27 41 Newll.rvee .e Ul:Ital-taiOj- n NOVEl. in 2 vol. bvlay rriet 'Martineeo /- Algic Reiearueah, conmprisine inqbirnes rnl corr Imliaald, first series Indian T'Ialet and l.rg.tls. by is lenry towe S:eatalramlta, ealaiio- nf Teravel"n to IatSoiacr iv s ,,fi ther Miois-i pr, &c h en Alto, a new sroplpl, i tyevni' Travels in Egypt io Arint Ptre, &c. I Mlvmoath the lA'namlrrer;r Elvia, ha' tlies luncg EiaIer .lalcravers; Alice nof I.vo n ; I)ernle Crieahtoan thMrai Sherwvoed's ,VorkA,. cat c, iuert eritcld and ftr sale ly AEiX. 'roavA I., a. j ine 27 4lt' aaaiaa .r I - A 'I- FAET .IT"IARY t CIIOOI.CR A FT'S Indian Tnlen, .a I.rreel'.' v,. 1164 Mlartinanu'x I)eerhrnnl,k u new novel, In 2 vol. 59 .Iiatae..e hrneyd \V+oi."n TO 'Ihta Crpller l'y tihe O'llnre Family I tdtrr alir, ht lnt 'hllllntan Ship IHltci ; Itirlil., I arntlh nrll lnarriagrs itDrt. titfd ; L oh Dav, te a t lltrlrea Nh r raut ia f aJ.t.s; TiIaY ga,. a t igra0am;a Captain Kid; Ihaher't ichlia .u I" JOIItN A CE. 1e jat1c i8 or.lP Set hTItr Al h a . i olac, nnoon & t 9 atuHd a arlh. at v Irv ard, , irlo I.,ler a Iirrd ,alo It .c. iv.ig a de F·wamniadtitagl ao l it d it i aaPe a t alnd R;t sri.. Altso nit oa ,warirn t af ioia f Sdliiiti cap hollakat of ei eri a a',vio i ofar lat r ; i Ivi tian k.,t'lapv Itatih.a l.n Pvcrvr dl'..ral'ltin of t Iitak taIl lamraa tih hlt ain k i ill.s ta itelina, Iitall t I I x ita-ina e, Noaae, Itrati,, (tire ac ant lla - aI' a n , a to orarl aus~nrtnlrln( CPllt tionerv lll~hok Ilnnka f reinvr tlale ofruliag and lntdiag, nmadi to rtii rs lt ! sliet li" Jobi Prilting nfevrv dearriltion. natll- "xruted o dla iotrl nvre,,namandiatarg traitl -" )n AVID FEI.'l & tCo,N Y SlOainnar*' Inll, juon27 2r Lharltre. at Iritaiag ill tahe frnDl- Slate-l all.r., Clas No. 79 qa, for 1139. ,li 30 48 32 75 1 53 ,665 51 36 73 59 ie TIHIS DAY. ta 8,000 Capital Prioze. Tickets $2 00. GRAND STATE LOTTERY. en CI.ASS No. 0, Extrr. Aulthnrizcad lie 11e lregialat r. nf, o r Iho State. '1lt e ta nr n t rte lt thu-. .laiat .7 1879. i at 7 o'clock, P. 1t, tat lishop'a Ioatel Ceolnmltao ct. it DAVIS & Co,. a.latgare 75 Nambers--l' IDrawn Balloats. Splendid Sclente. 27,814 Pizre, itaountina to {96,;,54 y Tickeas '$t 00--1lahves Al 0t-tjuarters Sta0c. a, ck -es of 95 licktts fir $51 (10, warratited to draw at least$4i ; Sht r.s i r)laar' llOn .' FItr IPackaget orrinle 'l'itet.. nav to J27 At Alanageras office i6 CihRrarre at ily D'XiIIANGE ItN'-I-ir tole I .O li AD.t.tltS & WIIITAI.L. J 2ln.,ý r..._ _ .. 7 (:rsvirrot A U N SIDESA-60 o hka Ciak .inrnli r.lu1, for .} al. by ( I)rllSEY, J I141 New I.eveer 1 E119 BEEF--Tn hall barrelst thei s 8. fir rnloby (i DOIR9I1. m23 41 New Levec lUTTEl-f-Gosheon and \Wretern, in stir.e fur oale by j6 t DOlItSEY, 41 New I.evoe la Inding from 'Pakrt sahip Ahlabanr. A1'ply to 1ne (kptaUt on hoard. ore tier below lho Vlegetn.ale Mar hem. nfler 8 ' II rKEY.-20ibrln Retifiril in so s y m-9 G. DIOI(SEFY, 44 New I.PV.. EGlAlt TOJACCO-hrroTe PrFsfir " o A . '1' l IT.l may 8 :14 (;riavierr s I Fid QuarterN titollngro n fgnooit a - Nrew Orleas 2ouilth J.une, 1839. OlttrEltlo. No. 1. rrr : WlF ringl to Ilatrallion wilt parade on I.nfno J.- tnalea on tre 4th nof Jly Inr Ixa hoalf n-t five on'clrock .. a i. .fir ie purpose of eer lbrbno lie Ilrlih i of oulr Nelional Freedmrr nt I" netor, hl ntdn1 it ii.lercted thar every latn will be lt Iris punt. Cnroell rf.oml)aLen will nee) noi nperal t thleir plroiiioln fur Iheir Ilrlt exerriho in carrying tlis olij-et ilto et.iet. ''e ri ght of rho Ariil ere nill rest oan S. 1 e11rier street, tbh Cavaorv o lia N.i. . side of ilIe o(iire (finorir rt. Charln streetr, lad tho inlhntry io I , left. - Capnlain C. I.. lier of Ihe \Wnashingto, Artillery is charged with firnjine R. Ntional alutu. By order nof ie l nior. C. F. IIOSEY, naoilington Borttnlion. J2 . HI. Ioas, AdIjOtnnt. J2231 OF'l''E OF LUJLSIA.OA--CmnerIeial Ir :ourt N.New leonos. Present, the huhorallo C. \\nUlt., Judoe. ClarNle Monell, in actual eunlolrv vs. ris Creditors, arid th ererdilria n llrnKinotrv . Molnell. Numbelnr 9:1. it is orderedl, that Ihe eredit.ors of In peti ioner hbe rolliil necnOlling to Ilan to la role ndI peir in lropn roiirl on tIe firfelrlll day ofJnly nrrxr.nt i n'clnock, A. to how causo a will the iritirinwr shlnol nlt have the hrn. tlit nfthe awo inade four the relief rf iroolveun debtors in r.rtlll cusoldy. And it i furlheroredlered that A. E. Brndnlrd be ai. pllilltod iin n.preeent thel ahovocreditors Clerk's office, thila 2ll day ofJn ri1839. JOHN i Ht)LI.AND, D. (lbik. jurai. 24 . 5iv - nltreede I Nouvelle orloans. Chlrhlrls M eonll rrmninreoanl denlreu vn seo Crfancinrs et lee cranncrrer de MeKinstrv et Mnrell. No. 92.--l'Preseat trhn lion. C. Worts,ju. lI eon nrdnnoi que le eroaneiere du 1P8luiionn ire onilt nail rlealn la Ini. dr~ presenterr eon ilein (.ior sor Ie I.r dle Juin prmohainr 11 Itloeures dndn nlii, fts I lfire vnir puurquoi Is pelilnlrrio ire n' anrair nas Ics hrenFlienrs len loroqol otr16r fiites pour I s.nrlognroit desiusoirlvol:es aocuellement drtec-er. t ailenr Itun or. rlornl quri A. f:. Bredfnrl aoi nummOb pour rerarn Itr fn rleaneriera arnlltl. Ilhtinai du (inrer e 0 jounr rle Join, 1833. J55 aww 3w J E IIOLL.ANI, ,refler TO RENT. --- A tnnr ounriirrrliollr llrr.s to rrorat APass Christian, wih funh turenirilequired.rl S Ini loqor of Captain EIldrilge, on Ithe prem. June 20 3t NOTICE.--The ooparr ornhip hIretofone eaieninp. in •this city under the firm of Murray li Camssdy iatllis | lay dirsolved by mutual consnt. Thi romne of the I irm. will be uasedl in liquidtrir, ooly which oll ie uto. eo l to by Jame anialy; so wllreom all iounoo j- h. praeanr d far cst. '10 CONTRACTOIIS FOIL PAVING. Si I EAI.EI) propouaul.hrensed to the Recsrder and - ulnleil u fnel Third Municipaliv, marked "PI'ro. pnral to Pave," will he received until the 15th July, 1839. for ferniohing nitl the materiale, and making the side..wlks required by llthe mmencil, ecording to the ful lowing petnificntlions; and piayable in she bands of the Muni iptliy, at ten years, Iharing interest at the rule the of six per n epltper n tonnupal uini: 'the culb rto'ns to ti employed shall not Ite lesa than i three andl a half feet in lengl,four inches thick, anl of 5 tlia wildtlh which sholl le denmedl nereasary according o the level required, and whiril sIIa be deterrmined by the inspector ofn public works, and shall ie dressed at tie end., cnd at the exterrior and superior sildle, and on II, edge; the gitcr stoners shill not Ika le than lthree feet in leogthl,li fr inchs thick end onle fot wide, and shall be dr.cmsd a the ends and oa Ihe side which lIy Y against thie cll sitone. The curb atone hill be laid, to the lenst, six inesa bialow the level , lie gutler, and an tlie gtllltr l.ooe hkoll rtand naninlt a pavement ila tur letc wide; and Ihe nkidcl lke shall lie laid with brircks u Itran he hike of a good quality, or with bitumen of arne inch thick in a coat nif gey or whlite k ul, or of In ell; pr in froit of each Iiior piropi iy harin nai tIore tisan 35 fePL frontllhreshal lc boe idt it elntler with brick, not .o tlihan 8 ICliCt r wide, ctvered with i vniren bhnsed lwo iclias tllck, in order uo let he watler ln lnt, the soperfiey ofit hickh getller hall be level wi.h Ike pIro ilelllt i bi the ide walka. di The contralor Psllan fill nip to his epelmne with river oand, mol tle Inqelltree wkhich shill not he high enougl p, and hal i rill ri hall hi matl riels ll c cillo lllso i be IieInI. er with ori or mnre per. r sons cplrhveed of by the coulcil,a ec:orilv of fire hllUo rold ill l.,'s, for thlle ilithful exeltion of fle cenlltrect. It T'I paving of said side-walks to becin in Elysian FilIds lteer, aoiel u tp id down ; sal the streets run ncog pterpndicllaur lr the river, beginning by the Elion Fiehil upiiand down. iThe conractor o hell cal, ,pave t tIe corner of each r street, tiuth of linr lei t wid, wilh fiat stones of oi lessn ki ,ilritnc elIrthick.I Cantrmcto Illn I e paso.h i fir d ne or more streel, pro-a viEl the qoantiiv of yards consraeted for be not less th n lllour ttlsand prcollrlle. a . 11. . ST.AALAND. j17 Secrelary. F1I.IlJR-I1.0f brla. seperfine in staore foa sar s y a SJ22 G. DORSEY, 44 New Lesvee NE\V IlIANOS FR1OM PARIS. II sclkb.criberskrhnvr jial received .ershipCharlea r.r l IntOure and Iffe.tiorbild ma tslllnll t .hort lIerN of lliaotifo te aontisting ill - -I'ianinoe, I'icols of tosrorlod. Cnftrec.i 2:n1 illtl lllllogany woot. lohrizoull Piooos of tle lichest roseiwood uld iah ie Semti olpeht l'innafn ter do do. li'Tl'lhce illtro ellais ae all nomnnlflcured rby the celebranted mlersT I. 'lEVEl. &. Co. of Prisall eilh i.. tcli,,il },clVero, nri. of a Iones supecrior finish and ec Ilnod exc lr -cl· for son lIv Mesrc l'leyei & Kalitrenner whlichI falct tol I'nvO llllloing1gto desire in regard to the h uto ofilIieilr illlo . T';. cnnori and procfcI etfors oaf miciioare eeperi. fully c viotdI call andl exaoine th semai iptighti pitllous wllicl ar entirely new arcicle. ES JIINS & Co, SI. Charlesa t, J3 opposite the Verandoah C Exchange hotel conntira, tier sle low tky I IILUWWEIL & Ce, in.y . . . _ No 17 C,,mpt e U l'l{AY-- vinie to ihe piremlien of lle ubscrilber, Stwoo qlllores from thi le New liein, klloWn as lMann. eel 'Vtite's garden, v Thnrnday 1orniig lest the 134, klilllln, a black cw. boill ilcirl sawed lofi, marked on IIIe lel ahoul:ier 1P F or F I', she calved the nighllt she came. k The owners will cll, pay cexpcene and take her Sawy. Jotinl Itin I1t,1 t NICIIOIAS CIII. MIII )RN tI(ORlN -ltoU 11,--151 dur ilh ator,-, for oale tic ( jo. If ( Iiu ltil.Y, 41 New ILeice. " .t.'lll, ilit D Oig Siovr, vin tiricitst iully no. ii-oiiled wlth tihe Apot hllecry hirinr., rperk ing Frcekh vnld ,ngli-h, lnd writing n fair hand. Ad. dir o isx_31,11',ot tlhice. june 1.2 Ie SII'UATION WAh'I'Ik°le A I1!NG Maroried Wimnvo , ahlo lies a healthy 1.hid, rut five nmonihs ald, is desirus of gcoting a slt uliotlnn \n I WET NURSE:, in a r,-spictable faroly.. She ce.n give unexcelltionalde reconlo:n le'ions, fre qtired. Apply to Mrs. 'I'AI'1.1O, No. tib Povdrae jj Ax(IIA- l.G tiON -liT)S'ltN-f-i.iris -y 1. nlr:l .. . I litll;E, 131 lngrain. at SYNlIlC'u SALE. ai BY lBAClI & t'AI.IIOUN. ,v 7l.I.. nh oldon cIIcdneidI, Jlc 3, 1830, at 12 S o'clnk :it Itde Cit'ly Eaclg ihi S i .ouio bl. ibetween Iovnl allnd tolrltvcritr i le l,,v yorder of Atko. i y Ii, b, "IhEl'q. Sqnclic of Ite cr dittrv ,f Meinasi Ijg'grt"ln 1 /. 11' rll v. hlr tIhIe seclll n l and at tie rink of hnts-ro liciw I nilk, ti;ctlroce It.(,gen asnd S COglec, who blove iciled tc~iply wnp ill le Ilcinis orfa sce icI Iprtlp'iy Ilicllleer dcescribed, inade to thelon i I ct |I.:h·,·ir ble Ill !oornll siltltcd In Fsubourc k solute, - 2d I tolitieiliilty, i fetC Ivrliovr, i ihi,- square bkonded bfy lO 'IOn, sl,llltun- , ('Pull,,i, iall d illVll 's salreel, as pr I i plln Which, , lllle hl, i,, ii ct th .e t 0e 0 v 'z: LIt f Nuii. , dens.lill , i irlol , t, lile frn ,vlo1 Prt . llner etic, I, by i-.0 llite deptllli, and Iruilc on Cltho I.Il No, 2, 3. 4, 5, f, -, 8,, 9 slid In, nlialrlie each 29 fIe re , llll iI, n '1 ' llnwu clrlh . d I I d Ic 11 , .,.t lr alft i ttit ieI i , i'l-l 15 f t n or y erI eItll , b 1 1 I I feet in dv a fc nd d ro~l ntl lu Ir onl Calll allioll | al i .tiii l ,he - '1 i . , Ii t htli let I nlitt ý I 1 2t cidd tie n i l l p emll vli rd endnrl d ni tle , l ltage i rntn l ttll hunt Illtt irt1. Sj,e I - 3ttljlI7j jv i' . . . .. ._.. _.-_.. - - PAR BACII & CtALIIOUN. -L SERA VI, NDU tl Mercredil lI 3 Juillret pro chain a . idi, t la NouveIIllo uourse rue St, Lui., entr loes rles IRoyacl et Char res, par I'ordre dlo ~r. Anthony Ileth, Sidic deI crdanciers do Mc.irs. lEge.rton ut WihVray pour le compto st anx risque" dI. Mesiurs Eoni.rd -r Yotie, George U. Ogdhen and J. C:. Ogdeu qlui ,.nt manqu6cs uxi terins Ipresenits par la vento pour ies propridi6s ec desigub ls a cIur ad,ugdes Ie 23 JaIunver, 1839. ONZE LOTS DE TERRE iitucd dons I toiubhourg Saulrt, 2de Municipalit6 de I; Nil, Orlednis dlns i'ilet silte6 cntre le rues Clio, Prytan6e, Cal iope, et Nayal , d'apros an plan qoii a 616 exipo-6 au moiment de la vents, Le Lot No. 1. mesurant 29 pieds 4 pouees do face a la rue Prytan6s par 1201 plds do profndeur do Lilc a la rui Clio. Les lots No,. 2. 3. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 3 &10 memu rot elhnclu 2r9 pied do face a la rue Prytando par 120 pie.,ls tie Ior. fodour. L. lot No. 11. tnisunrant 29 pieds 4 pouces do face a ia ruu Pryandeo par 120 piods do profondeur ot face a tui CotIl)pe. Les iulsditi lot. teronlt v.1lnd 6dpardment avc lo privilege d'uno ulldo do 15 pledis do largeur. Lois termes de vente rout i1800 comptiant pour clhique lot, et in balance it 6, 12, 1I et 24 tois de crddiit o iiloets ondoseds a satisfaction, avec Ihypo theqxio jucqo' a parrlit paiileii t. tY Il111' &l U'cLt IOU . %% 7 IL1. he sohld n Wrm'daeq 3d Juhl, 1839, at 12 u'clock,at the City Exrlia.ige in St Locuic strcet. 'l'u Sq i'es of Gronid, LDesgnaited ono plan druan by Icuis Bri nier, .lt. neyor gnrmsle as a:rie E ant (i. Square 3E: cnloain, it Iili., u i bred from ton 6, which i teasern as oul Nos I. 2, 3, 4,, 5, 7, 8, 9, 1011- ote meau rinim each 30 feet tionlt Ii Otilurty hetl, ty ti05 feet in deith ; lot No I fitornIiiie r tle corner of i aclrlty and Adam iireta and ,t i o. It) ftrning the corner of mltearty and lur. dot iltseei. NIV tIf, I.', I13- 31ot, mea.uing cach 300 feet front ou IBurder *Iert by lti) feet in dptl, . Nor 14, 1 , 16, 17, I, Itr , 20 , 1 22, :23--10 lot, meas irillng tel:311 fe IroNlt on t'onrllnrecciul ltre.t, by 1U5 feet mi ditil il, N Iot 14 ferrle r In eotcner of CUeItiiCia and Iturdt, r ytrrelt.,d uid No 3 furlning Iltc iorer o I;ConlIP.u rcul nest A[dlllis alertIS. Noa it, . 2,;-- Ielt, intlUsnlrlllg each 30 ofet front on Adimiiitc,ert by 131 in dipth. ils ureO cOn'niiu. 6 ot.s, numbered from I to26. w iih me asqurel a f s mol esu: No ,s :1, 4,5 , 4 , i, 6, 7, --li lios, metn murhig eat 30 eet tulut on C(uinluelcits rtlet, e.y 105 feet in depu ; iltiN I onrlilg ltile eirncer iiof Cnhereial and leu.aet treiels, leoi No Ii ourming tie cuorner of tommerc:ial & %i'islllllg rcu treets. on. II9,2, 13.: tr- Ioi, m.samuring each30 feel front oii nis hincton lUcelt. by 1511 et i I. hil i ptll Nos 14. 1'., 16, I7, ti8,19, 201,2 2,.3--21.lolnt. no itinlg lo h 311 feet Irctc on Pearl tfreet by I5 feet in depthl ; Ito' No 14 frmino the eorner of Pearl atd Was,: idgte , smtreets, ne Nu2" joining the corner of Pearl and liurdet slreeio. Nos 24, 5,2,2--3 lts,, measuring reach 30 fret front on Iturdel street, iby 1I50 fet in dplth; all America. u juli 1 3t ljl7j&3jy PAR BACH & CALHIOUN. l L SERA. VENDU Mereredi 3 Juillt, 1839, a midi, I Is Nouvulle Bourse, rue 5:. Louise D)EUX LOTS DE TERlJ ituchs i. Carrollton, iddsignd d'oprmr on plan tird par Louts Bringicr, Arpenteor Rgndrale, lea dtits lots E ot C. L'ilot E oontieolit lota nutidrotds doe I a 26 lesquels oitt lef meurent Wuivants : Nost 12, 3, 4, 5, 6. I, 8. 9, 10, mesurant ibhluct 3 piods de face a Is rue Macarty aur 105 pedrles i profnndcteur, Io lot, oI ftetnt Pncoir . Iurec ds rues lcartr ct t Adami, t le lot no. 10 fir goant I'nce einure de rues Maaesrty at Burdet. No. 11, 12, 13, trois lots nmu*rant thacon 300 plods do face a In rue IBurdet str 150 de proton. Noc. 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, dix lots mesuralt chncun 30 piedi do feo ta it rue de Comm,,rco sur 105 de profondeur, Is no. 14 fornlint I'oncoignure dcs rucc do CoetmcrIs ot Ado.,. Nos.. 24, 25, 26, tneaurantchaouni 30 piada di tci. bit lI rie Adtctm csur 150 do profondeur. L ilet C cottenant 96 lots nuot tc s de 1 a 6, lcsquels one lce ntesrren suivantc t Nios. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, G.i 7, 8, 9 & 10 micurant chaiun 30 pid do face it la rue de Commerce sur 105 do profondeur, Io lot no. 1 fortant I'enooeig. iner des rues de Commerce it Wailhegton, Nos. 11, 2. 13 misurant chacun :+0 piedi de ofart a Ina rue WashVingtn sur 150 de prdfondeur. N.i, 14. 15, 16, 17. 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, dix lot c meclcrant chiiun 31 pitd. di face k Ia rue Pearl air 115 do prolfndeur, Ie no, 14 formant I'Pncoignure dos rues Pear it Washingtont, t I. no. 22 joignant Ienetoignui de. rcue Peal at ar. dot. Ni,. 24i. 29, 26. 3 lon puaecrant afaaqa 30 SECOND MUNICIPALITY NOTICES. ICTERE broueht to Ihe Pound of the 3d Ward,'2d S unInliicIplity, A dubk irown blne mule, wiih i asu on the back part of the right lfre knee. Th'e owaer of said pro.ely will ilseae cull round at lthe 3d Word .of lthu id M1'nieillity, aitualted at the coruer ofltlobin and Ainuncintion ate, pmove property, pay charges and tInke hibn n , ono onr befi.r Satlurday l6th July, 1839, when te will be aold at auction by P G Guillntte, phlie autiuneer. N Orlenn, junru 26 I RAIN, lot l.ieit. -W ERE brtought in the polike p . n ofi tlhe nsecond M Il nicipalit thi foluiiie clu.e,,s viz: A neoro by ntaimedt HANIOI.PI' about eighteen yearn of age, oays be biUOe on ti Mr. C Iemnema. A neero buy named JOIIN, about l8 years of age. tayn Ie belongs toi Mr. Iloutk. A nitoattl wiorlan named MARY, auout 24 years of ace, eaya the htelngg to AMIp. Dugue. The omners rl'said slaves, v ill plIe..e call and prove property, pny charges and take them ai ay. It IIAII'E1A, Ju nc. i1 opt n of the Wnt h N'1' thbt UIm.II b la L ole de la Sonde Municipal. Sita lea etacihvuc Juinillt, .vir : ai rnegreinotnm ImtA NI)tlLPII. agi, de 18 ane, as di-n,,t cllurtleir A Mr. Clemnis. Uu noare notoin( JOIIN, gh de 18 una,re dinant ap pnrtnirA Atr. Ilawk,. Une negroeas muloatr, uomlnm MARlY, sog do S4lan ee dsnnt a spnrtenir A ars umI)ea. proprihtoires des dlts eacslnve ant pmris de tveia let Irsrer eni payont leta f iR. J.O H II hAtIPl(i., , ,liiiiu IiP inftilrde W ER Irought to th I PIounld ,f in i \Walrd. 2d .Municipality, the following, airny auimall, A biray more with letterrs' G on her left hind quarter, oale. a ~hite star ou her lafe. A lerrl colt with bUol face and tIwo hind legs white. 'i Ih owniersf Illil aninll will pleee ct ll round at tbhe pound ofl thf iaecoid Alll1iiiliulllyityiunutd at the cortierofRohin and Ann1ninitionair,.ti, iproe prop erlt, pay chargs alnd take tlhel oway, o or belrs tulu1'l, linhe 22,1 of J0ne, 113. c1 , hen ithey wnill be mold at auction by I' A Guilloite, publlic , meu't.'r. IINIt Y CRAIN, lot. 13 Firsl l.ieut.,f lhe Nihti \VWtelt. s iN'I' (tiii uiiean A li'i-clvn dii m:re tiatrin:i di In SSecondle Mulicipulilct, lon animaux rlpvev, .ui s vail', oVt·lr: Us e Jumentl Ibrn marql. l'f.. o. aur lo derribre ganiche, a tt.itie etliie blao Iur In lrint. Un jeri chbvnl blrlatn, ven In fillre suon clIaven, et le, deuxjnt,.ben do ilerrier 1ln.lna. S Prolrictnire dies dil ninlamli, rant prlima de rer lea echercher A I'eacrlhu di III SonP dl.tiOi Atlicipaliltf s-itlle nil elill die rust Rbinl e, Aovuortlion, aur ni r, vat le ,tnmedi 22 Joiii ,rlchaint tar hIqgel juer ilt e ernt vendaus I'enean par P A ;aillnte, ernanoteu Ipli IENIlY RIAIN, JI3 let I.ient. de In Garde it ivbring i ti i Poli Ptixln lie d lbu nieipalitv, rite (,llowile alnveu, oia : A negrC Iin.i .Iiale E, nhoitai hJlltv-.fnlr years of ape,.ych liebeloenge I, Mr. II. Mc('aul. i A IIIlaito man iinlld Jnml I:nptiste, about twenty t six, awr lie brelnca ton Mlr Slephena. A geoif Ii on namet Ilelrce, n.I.ti twenty-.lea years r, old, avot he lelongs to Ir I.i'iedit. 1h A blnok .nain named Joalph abnut 26 or 27, anys hi itiaolings oi Mr. Mnoore. n Tl'h ownerr ofsaid lanvre will please call at the pria i on If theI 2d unieiplity, pr prlpr Ilrrv. pay charges and Ink. tlintm away. I S flAI(IFPIE, r june 15 '.istuin if Ihe Watch. )NTI' (it.1 eme.ri.. In g, n l. n.h. In rlccuule- Murl.'i • pnhit lee eselnv,,. sn'.;..,ll., PI. M- : 11n nrgre euoniL I'I)MII('NUI ,ncl'" ', run 34 our ci Unngte nmlulre nmimn, JtEAN II PTISTE, ugb du .6i noi, oe diiint Ippnrtenir A Mr. St.phell . 1. i IU e igsre rif'e.a, n mie IIINR1\ , ugh de 25 2an, an di "alinl apnrlteir A Alr. ntlRmliyt. Un negre nmlmA JiOSF Pt, agi de ?i on 27 anm, ne ditsnt opprnelir AI Mr. Moounre. y I.ear. pc)iplnire. de diia eaeilnuee, sct Iitpi d" renai le I rellre en iayrant lea frn . P II. S. IIARPFR, JI5 Capitaine de Ia Garde is - 1-~--- --- WILLIAM II. CARNES, IOUISIANA \V;\IIE HIIM)M, my it Noir. _A, fI .t . lt*Lr. w lsL I.IIIIIN I;: ER NlUVI'tl.LL+ uattl.I: I.S aT li' t int L TOtN. CI1 cr ilald llaa lllaa l ra i i,, a er' +)illtl. a a naIa a a llla ,,.l a ' Ia Iriaiaga e dan f. , aaaa a, h P,.+. h+',.arimd..a h7 n'lu t. l e iI'n llll rale tl+ "nf'. 1 ". ,,, 1 PIhrl. n 1·11 111.+h d' l, te A; rang ,me el.nvan p< r ,sj.i da 1,1 p.r t mm . hls,* ((·IC'" d Ia'i. I llll . ·I I "i'll lnll1· " ill 12 AB A int Is Ii a8 Y( II , Arranagenenas aor les Dimianraa l. '.arnchr lacara 'janrtlrolnl lql Is c I ,roe avas lea jonara dla elinrt.aaatinltail.ial I a'arat' Ii aal.I'I.i. Un aOP alflr'ri pal'+aira de La oarrullnla a e ureirea .IU-qa't + B hrune, du muir, ta dt in .na"iaelle (nrlbaans aanqau AI1a Illherlra. dsnoirn artiliull"n a iallai an praUt mnterr un aiard aaeath' vl, a r n r uair in, Iet aill,.tre Ipuur Ir' vY(Ig+. ;ln. ni. Pri' I,.illuit "at) aulr. d 1aUI'r~ )(I) • .e++ prrrnllnP+a ci I'nrllrl~llt pal Itl lO..omollveP dP1· ruolI +i pnlcurr r llo, lIIellet, ntrlllen li qq'i] ,lrl dH',..du aell eolldti, rlllull de t~el-clir do i'algOlelt it. heu do bilaelt. I.r hat.tena'mans ili-liapll ali-dearan-, a anlnrneent a. del'pat d l cart, qalljalalj'A eA. Iaanaenit r.ant Ieu n U hiriIatAJ'. q ,I al" 11,i aLnvnat lall1a il,.ai bj, rmlt. reant jaqte ihlaril, ila Oaah-taI, , o ".llur"e;'iFtn d (tlrraillnll jia lqLiainlanna, daasllt iilll lnne hlaarP al dlal'iai "aotir ia rilffiailahir t a,' proah irne dana all ir llann hin aaljn ldi ht. ILtall Lalis. (pltri' defi . ol Jn ainelt da lntCoarai. Cell cidre lvortir ,nl d In |41+ .i.lkon i 6 heureJ A. li. etdelartatdl ( fit taaiaea du nitn eI taa aatna h by. A llaarsna I atirtan iiui l lerdtlanai hlruaes, jlaaaaaa na:j hlrain, dil rOir. irn is I l7ar auidil parr ir Ila rua du Clanal d Ci. aiurest 'aEn l0rli0ra 9letr'r,. ta. tMraienrlar.nt aaricairaaiipt rn rit.r ait ne pa nl,.llre lea pilebl ·.r les e+.l++i s, er dl' •l pas fu ale. dan.. Imlea c arm lorl le ee lllllH1 .qiy r nU • II ltreahde l i. d thereinnI't da 'i'r df Car ralian ,,ado Il uanvnlle Orlinain. " Jo01N tIAMPS)lrs, JAt. lngeaieur en nahef. 'mr7 lNII Ol.ASSUC2IT lanii Enll'li ' TV2' Whianar glnas,taeceiniainii. aa,,l palc ,a tin . It I.IANaIN, IA tta'mpa-a - kNE:W Iiu'utf'I'o(N tlio'(L -t.... I'nai (lIIUISTIAt I n Inaa . I e< - TrInI S ranl ltninn ai,,ai a11·( an~~ll ar aall, taniatr e ln ilt llt I,'aiiit " -._ Mlr. Jla ne Ill)laaaiial. 'tI.. m. Hl-i-l]inl a'la 'an natlii- aaaaidillantaarl 1-atilolll lrl~~ i a i ita.l la..... ia... aartlataaaliaal~ahigtaaalara. Iinri elllallla'iiileal bltlia afnrata'i a,,l retadr tarl titanl aainaalal naCIIi¢II aa hetri tnt 'Tilanlla trt at it nalaiah liar ialartlirll an fraaaar aitlar ttdatia i-nat Iaaalarat lay nanarXi? tranauf ·I'Tialtlll m hmcal lln'ie il ielndhikdr Ill!' Ilsf.e lll llit~ll +till i.1ld1 .cnil iht)a frwntttaaat hanrinaig m~ wniaja-la aaaCr Inland, Sthip lalarna. taiort aIaaltd. ala arile 'tinaihlnrlni. A Lelttrt ilahia h-ia alt aha Inra af ati I'atanag It' tel.N.C o.-threii l rr'elvra, ailly ant aiani. . O t blcDo.Ne/L &. WA'tI'lERIAN, jnailtc _l__ El.,hunrgr Ihntel. l'ttCI I'Il'OTl iun iltH hartmh ,ialllhianntll nhil Sibidll +hCw Irntiai tl Noliea Otllrniliaitn Ianalta atalafrn Wnita Itaia tar iatinlalig aI fai dalla an the it y. an- nafarnt barln taat itanw aliarl aaaallyiiiafanldaysrt ,aeaaeanhertlarihatlinttaleiattit rlreil theai' tI Al I llILF LO't'T T A Etaitntinalbdo talir nahe, PLernita, trarellla r nillara fn nig ld.nIt liile, Malnaratllet atl tIh eltu iaaa r , tlrllra iniata g1aIn ttnhar-tlin nriaitaloaIadaaiin i aindlili al aatain-.e .and all Inaiy ayftha Nila-hillat I tla nadan Ian ea Je. vc ina tpri.nleu tand plearlnlt ra'olaq La. gia nlt An, In ay' aotice at knit iutaa lltan tr 'anum. " - . 'Thben.rllariltar daoalat taalil tit ilnlneianaalt.n Ior & a'iiaait ll Itttuad inna a~tdanat-igar tl.a tonaign pra, renl.a toatheianvatld nia hil nane nartiad wit ta he rt, alutanad harait af' tiaruta. TIi e atre aaa atid al1e a )n air e~sannatait Catmin aiajll'aa fai'- ala lat I k r hlit grt.a praairnaaille otr rnitrrtaing alid tare thlera liaaii wail1 fragrnri allt rn-ar iina amnalaged dalighl tn tll+ n-tan drnr atl earrant eitbar afharataoa lan i,. .l' Il'naantnr pjtat tarlla hrfairailae a"ailh'n ,an In thae piatronanpiaaate naa plia nlavlit h.utl.aelh tf iaf aerng hal t'riendat ita t.i rat lhnl irato i •rangarna-ialtbp the airy anill hrao do l3Ith na (taI). iA tatendaas king P'raia~iet'a~tn "taai,,t itlriaoabh+lace tarn f rra rr trt ill *re llall r i all - , . -ll f lu .. . 'iar ptrphe iatalpde'o a t a( i a tal' .t pattern,, 4-n. nhlrtltlh art nltai j (lat I ' Irial nani ti ient lla dote wilt d ientn " ,itirain IS "." - dat.S antd n'. fl bnd h jla ':,.r. , .rYE. Untied +tatenr ar mnler JP A TI'KER Al Graailr an - drrri PIEll . ]S, hrlr e. hal ll rIarIel, = h|. rararenevd pal'et CIIANEa, n+iatnlde ir.."" trairan nat.e they aliti haoffardr - ahanera. W"nl .Pm r I.E.tIt tlurEitfI--9 liar triiad knit an atina aralhy 'M i, i jaaarl R1l3 n frrl)i~ i DEbiIKD WilI. UL-1000 g ho., andl""+"i ne• t 3y .rib elniarlitiarll. far ala a."__'-rnliea anid ant Planoaglh'a Mamt Wtllin .I|. ai-htnr.N. All thaill~lnOiamqtm Pt" .--- ... . i llamia. nloa ttof o tlat , t.htaia1 den an

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