Newspaper of True American, June 27, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated June 27, 1839 Page 4
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ORwI, ANS atn tit, fliPOIE LIN1E Of : line will c atnsst ot thui filoeitig esela, Ih have itr built or purchased expreesly fin Sp, Cape r, , Bdk Mary, likareoo:,, S, tr, " -ie b'erry, new , Stevens, w , . "t< t,.,'+e.olt .n a altUs, "r ,iLntkair, S.r- g teA "arc", Gr,,y s-. etelels ore of the first clas.s, hve e hend. fpu'nrnisheon d ecoutotiuesl and are a ' a light S tof water, no ans o a the irrecalie gngin isl.larging their ca+r+t,sa ii BFattirone, cat te city. ightWill o taken fr porlson tphe (a:hl sleii aka oti Jnise' River, and hirawar'red by lhe tIlagte lg1r,. CLARIgI & Kl ELLit (d; at Ll.itira: expeneesio goods shippid will ht tlvutlt witI It required. The price oF p'srag 'u is fixtl' at $t0, anple storna nt'llt at, ci Pti'ty will bea provided. aIm al o ncin l. Nov Fiar-reighlt ar liitanga, ait, ly In Ship o p Ck, tEO. IIvII on th "OR NFI\' YOlt K. S[Lhpslaat and Netain Yeoa Lc, toF PaIe on th ThilE Slip0 t(in pain E ldridre, to hie on the Near Orleana and Nan' Yea'k on vryap ualltr timj - dJ'c--eOtlenian-aiag onll il: i0th Novnttillir-allna a o inuren the tilaity a the liimen oaaaiihag, itha lnee will heraclt, r eon.iLl aftie ahitr, ciZ: Ship Yinzoc, Itr 'taa rnek, no luca on thia 2e1 on November. the lt Jatnuary. Ship Lintiseile, Cnaplain Ia.vis, to loare on the 5tHi of January. Thoeabover are il nlw, of th. first class, copper d4 and copper "thvtened, aiud u.w,!rds of 590 l( ts hurthon, are of light drauglt, of water, r ing built in.Net Yorkl expressly flr tlh rtldol 'Te price of paage is fixed at 100 dollar,: their cabhit are fittiei np in iti most i proved and cop nvenient plan, ad finishe and e ant le - Ampie stores nf the first qality will aot prvided , and every r elg ar, atid Iih rt, 'o rli. t atIt etlll rile atiieaction of a ln sn.rt t.Hs, lito will leat,, taie hno. Sminlatht no blrtlL cae be scll uid util piti I;i'r a The ofec oof tIe e sl eri, nai ee pi he e reai dts arr cillllr111ll tait I talait ina w ll "lesrienod i il the trade, q it will give Ivpl· .t lntiod and evxerttlhatdialvus II, Iaal,,altl. TeyIr will ate l il tall at be tohi r,,i paal a ll wivll Ile i\lissii ipplt by etiate boats, ,ai d hari atrictlt.l ittiicIthity nboervd in the firet o" rahngi. 'lhee owelrre of trheare I il aii wilt b a repOtllta. hle for any oidler, a rce:l or'pda ck ,i , , et ,'c at p toarl a ft tia nl't tt lll ht tps nit rglir i tll n I o lladinlg be rignidl tbrelor, iat iho counlailg houti ti the, ig lnt or owalera . tt r t 'rlh. r parliula1i , ai t J D IIEIN & A CllIE:Np P.a2C7r Iar at} lla13a, itailae aiiii a n hut ill t be ig bci 'lt i:-a i, itl ie i,' in l l itl, tutriu , als l ,i i, 11ii i.loer Ia., elt ; r ta and tI elll 2'l i f' tt,ns t 'la tail with band.+, ,r t c ,+m 1.r ps i, +q e'xprrlaaed ti Iha- irtiea . ii il dire ev- ry at shipperr . 'bit' wlll , ao..'itt ai, tt t,,wn bi Ilila ilr cii,pi, no"ll h, ,+ \N, ()I'la;, a ,lI or helo.- . ihe Ohu lid 1511 ot'f vrret In l i. Ti lie Ilwiilig voten 1to cIn et ill - Ii , I : viz Rritg + r;,bi i. Ch, ( '.!;,,c r ,Jon, mast sr: Btrj AhIei, r . |)iliranei. Allbers, mat r. Fi,t Ir u.iht eor pars . e at ply t, J. A. 1ARI .lli i C.. Y.. ('tii .an r_ a N_ w . tleu. ,, or . . C iL Li ... of P'ock0-t S ipxY.-''is,,n;w,, itl ,'al ?, x ip has beeun expressly built to run bctwcon the abov, ports, and will be found of s.utable draft of wallt: aeeomcoodationo tor, and ver.' otlortt will be nmade to gice gcoc'r. i 'et utceit . 'I hi o hoe is eomposed ,cd'tho fc lw,1',c chips:i[ Cherokee, 415 tns Capt. J larlding, Carolina, 4011 do S Lmist, Charleston, 3741 do D 1Eldridge, Colutnbamh, 25 do G Barker, Seaman, 241' do J tlHeow'e, TBhmea,; 625 do 1) 11 mtphrce. The bove ships are all new, or the lint ss, etperfaotened oc. ropp:rmc. ''o0 .J.dd bly men .rgrest experience, htvc larng ;ccconl dlUn with a eparatl.e ladteos cabht:; very attoentiou eo paid to pa=seongre, and theu veryo . ost of sotet pc o vided for thel t. The packets wll ce tow.J uLp tand down thc <lts siassipp, and tim otriclteot punctuali y o , vced in the time of usaihing, and houi l the regilc r e te . to.. be detained in arriving, oHer chips pqully ua gtod will in aill cass be substhtituted. A of patron age is colieited, and tile ogcttis pledge themselves to accotmodat.e as inch t. s pr.cticahln, to recaive' ald forward goodo hby i id o at tiheot Iootode'. ate charges, and to advance all expeoeea on goods shipped, if' required. The ships will leave the lot and ]i6th of every auonth. For freight or pas.'an, apply to thie ageont. J A 1t1ERlIT'T, 82 Common st. N. I. Advaveomtentae ototoOn coltsigono..ots to Messrs. A. C. Lomtbard & Co. nov7o'/iodtoito l (i l '.treouint . lnd u Itul:ast o" lusi~er)~ t anld [Ilre' S otld, i lIt Ip iln batlie, at the low price ofi 51) Lcents eiach, conii tic the itenefit of three omces of: Liverwort, besi lr, the t iltues i1 n 1t.,y other roota nod herbs known ao mong o t Indictg as rl'it clous in cuttig pouloaoory cmtphtoint. Tho it c'it lthd t-eI s which ho. ttended the 'ise of this inetutmable Iictc it h.a been intiro dtced, lis o btained the d r (co llndoa tions of respectable phtvic'int , tt r the lare of i'oge., tolds, pain tin thc sil., want of r.t, spitting ot blootd,i liter ( elvinul & ' ti r .l. it tea concern. This is to eertr, that X., h * in our prat tice i ,cett l'ntly c rescribed t'rc ottill n*n's Indiao g o lsace etlcltlc i er-trt a t it toe.' I ) ttt it hc 11thc a de tided good eteet: rn th'elore , s ' mtI l the know toedge of the matett l . it i made fromat ld tI. h rvaton undlt a ,'rtir nor, rttnna or/H ll| it n a snt ,ri W." ,re' laltiml iral th t cI e tttctio), of t Io which it i, re nmmen'Ie,!. . I ' ir .1VI .1. tls, M. D. Co - .\Iii I 1"1 II i M. 11. Metbere of h linto" B Mea As cintin ealebv J.,\ti ii & AI lt 'S, 1ci c e ,I o 1:'n I e It ic ,tlit t .h, ' ics -- miy3" No 9I (3nsi '. .UGS-,-J i' landing hoia 11es-il., a supl~ly of ( almoi nd, bitter and iw: t liolobin r t, ie Juice, es-ence o S tgsaII( it Xt X'.tlh '. c :x c p .~ll| eall sco re,' n la , I Ile , 'l.tkt, Itoall , rlul. harulee, Dritlltnle.or~ar ll.g, tl tWol i.alor A.1.,~ r I r hold o~le ntod nand i4n flor ito It i t o \NAcItt :d , m'9 ci er g .itche &T1 'ehonpitoWl:& ct ITVIGAll,IC(:F;11..nT-8bbi-fla.ll-nding fvrom- ship . (iee Cabot, andl liu side by S & J P \VIIITNE'Y, mroy 3 73eC (I'llt C t ,. I . ' T , nm r , to. lt r leori , ndew. ' rer' h mtoo l German hcletr cor ,Ick r:nm , lio,,,orls; 'Ch, s.onu , o 1-4 annc :I I h B;h ard itc il:; $, , t to an it it' h t ticctt lt cwii lio ,-.t I.ralhlur nod. ether tr,lvclha.o 11r001;0'! CJast''; B3elt, I'ckol, It or.,,t...'r, lc c l' .ht i fPt ,t:t', .d ub- "'Id single ba;rrllel (Gh.n,; in ine Ba .; Sh1r .,,.It..; J'owd]. and Pi c'l Fi tkeh; I)ron nortles ind rio kint't Ci p; t''rclnlkl tsin "tlpr rindl f'al, I huhh, rs' t 'laih, 1 {lit Tooth; ,it ,Nail Ih.-,'."; I h rr;l {d C1lohline Tooth 0)11,h' TI'ooth P'. dl; 'T'uhd t and SL.l, iltg .- ape, il n eta 6,1.v; Ilo rl anI1I; It'., ~l% I:i;':'l,'I. nl d t'llz tr n',"; I',ar. art,] 'I 'l'vht ',,, ,, t, ILotrr'l. I|:r-.": Ivory Tull 1 'o-]li",t Patent or tei 1 .ltl It ccic.Its :Iuipeniec lPowder I'nt:- ,o',l B <.-; -.Ih & hailn, 'S l X .X I KeI :; Ear dro+F; l'jiO -! Ithlklom; i..ehles Rea, Nee IS 0 tndil ('Rh in:; t rit tlol ,ilver,.t li, ds; tlhdi'in Ih' ,Iz, fSells and Phlms; Sh Tl ',' . ; SI e ad l)'en . ,, Coml l;whX thl,in nddtio Ii Ic , i t t lctcc n ciot k ot11,1 .ci makes fheia aa'ortmernt -ery- rcompl,., aSld will I,.. aih ow ccc d on c ihclcc l lc rnc l, ;t rc "c:t;' ' . hc (co i-t c t Co lot. 7n io'c arcr ' 't tret l. tcc. I.. 1 t e ll. c ; ,,t it ', Ic", c lac lic, i nttcti ate . Ih 4-1 e icllt.e !,t c:1 ,l' .; r c, 3 tc ..os hucck ki.n sitrlip'c, tc lu '.,ilo c i t., oc c . II cc tr . t..'c -t "lIco o b tV .,,9 I 11 brtlSl~:. ,CcC. 113, : 1 .l,.gnzte at t i.eJ.--"-. :1 I'i -Th -,,-.:r-tl~c-a hove:i -p ,.u e, al a g "r. I , , o-c,ri, .c r 'l d t.t1 it p i tn.e rn f l, ilt. .c c 'l'o. I , o re i opted ih h1 c.c'iccll t. :i r h~one. i itti lo ,ldic:o i c ,I.'c :in ucci n I .cit 'it Fc} r ani ar perrfecl tir alll w-lr pr ,f T'rcm s )at.'" I. kl.on , n.1n a rllnnd I -. . an our a tahbh me~l nt, epposieFr6. M1ai.r. llar TT ll W of r iccccIc; Ic c 'cc V ~ oI. ¢ he td a lar , ti t' ic e ; f li c-'.h, c c , , 1 t l Ic in bulk, of eio ll ,tcc r l tltt lhlV, a c I t. ht c tc e O tto Ih to so|i hi' ltt' a n te . t.,11i i i ci, r i.. Also ielpel ,d ei t e t i.. ntit val:t Irctn .Ing la id t d s ho Nord t ',,o n'. L, hi. , i , a. 'e-,th i inn Co.t, e.1 .t n and -r, ran put m.c i, " jjolphendla"x 1r w sh [r I ,,,.,il uI . - ,' ,f wh c' tb' arl ip fe ou thre ar in bonnae runts i ap ltit be piuuptly a irntd cl t tcA tc t' atnt i l rA tot E.t he oc tttw.,mlmb4 ole CiXI Ito i Framt u- rw sot eit 'ccco tic sccrw fend ~ ~ ~ It fiixlc Pacle Ocos Lcc Moecteccifocij~tG Itd' 'o c'co ·ndbrIi,. Contaodin, ftvt New Yn'k, a p;real vnrictv ot1 grud a iheir linte, wIEait togetlner tih thei re Colate, estcc k on h.nd, pmake.d their assert., ent terr, pltle. T'i e(iloveing pg caesaoPaoparblik I e twaett, ,r:;le, tuck and dreessin u clal,4k dinnr, ioFad daenitirs, aIa-b oi ett bber, ilk cub d oetttlni lteat, . tatinarroon &f fine eastic suttpettdero Ithc coc n,:d Lllretlr icnthers, tYeidlirz. powvderfi.powder pulfl' antl boxes, toiler plowder, pocket tluon'-. mi'ld nalices, eledle bnook's shell, pearl, irory sld urohed:o curd cagesa bend ore l on ,tmmplain cg ral Ibends, ncknelaes nl negligea, beand ucains, bed cuhkleee.ant gltsta and plainreadailer end niltbhads, Indiac bendl, bell. nd plunet"; p'tol ncld 1le gpopt dUr flacks, airt belts, hrse, beolt. poclet a d dutilint" .istols; doublr and ilngle bhanelled guns. 'oaie knivne, and dirhs. I Satebhtanrtlopk ei kaive-l aeard Chajia, and ribbons, (seist bub:kle, delotl, tair, tedth, naitcmb, rterub. altc, plate, Lace and deuting banlus.'s, Coaoeee, Floa ida, ltest:.dr, rse ad bay nOt' lnaiettL'd Esel.ea, nnd eratcet.. tiraecasa.the, 1tteato •O ant a ,aWat-d'a ve Yetale itruise, strtn~atd tuilet eottsa a all dns. critonr, llid!le' ad tit~lnr tL'cactk, and deaaie. cetee, hair rieletrl, itztttes and beaida, plain, fac eyant i ustiecael vark bexso, plain and rdit,figread, oentand tvat lnttoas, ntl ivor' stetirlo, atist atldd gAold aod icilvr rcril easei, to lehpleko uil tcarsplasetl "CnJgilft GOCketg man, ttire oih'er bbne 8 and steel i:ittbls, hlootl ctlt el', lcir pitns, ttttittion tiuitklk antd redilek,she eig, aittits* ntis aglitt srktbel end plebit tlesasitoteps, littan twaeiat',eletcd cat-. tOne, gold cnd eti etr ace d liege, lctter patter, gaete Asle.t-, i.aelt e eitget c.eki.u ni Uplattngede-,, flea . goht, pltated atll eileJeell -v I lt, T I', abovae ttettrt itat k t eat variett oaftlher trti ltallalutcatit t tl hatetSalsere etail t itt)t e tcolndlaillg N II httell c ttlbt r rep.hir.-l D. oincels o 3 .inratrXo.hluy t, i[ll ar An sttcet.c .ae ,-t $l' cact,, tea d laes rlte Ih ttitngte ns t t het I u u. l r,, sar:t l :I11d a Onl 'LC aX r li(l i ill Ie tllrft.+.I} rll llnllC ,l AFI attIetavlt wlllllq ,inl ll:~c HI.II h·. . l Mo.).tb tn Vlttltt r . eec, h I gl lr d C , ,Aaria st "he, WhlAdIttt eate i., tain, toi YKr.ihs ~nhs man . \l l i E duly ,.', tire G ir llll c Si.., too, at(i Itll cl~, I ti t e I oedbaedtru,ta tar ltaaa'.ttt hl' . a'l'll all l t.ti t i ttal' ttll t tiot l slsl d ti;to, lr %\' i~lI lit " Ill 'e lll~~ll 1(IC Sl~ I\Cl e At e\ Idrail'a, O tll 00.1 tact at't i ell a S ttirct, a,- .l, Ii (ea,'hts n ital It<e. p : tltl, s., t. Pat-a .t~l ('glass, c(,imt %'ll~'i 5111 D+c. Oll411 rih 's, . I :, I I rt'i: t';I, JI:lr tlilfS( I I\VY GrllDS-lla \):1((1 ar'.,·1~ Ilrllld hlll tIN. i itton, 'ltll tta'' I A 111 cset'Oiclah tl I',Itl-N ' i Ii I t Ill il u ,llhtigh Us~ l , ll Gcr: ,u. II Lh:lril~ blier. d, :11 . IIl·I'IS1g I hel \ o It.'tie'. tee. Ant.ea I rl ':luw ..u;, ,ull~te netl i foIugt to'1 ,lttl ie~srlkCtt i blr, th d ill nrI gi i. d end t ilaea sa.i sit"llt (),lo it d tl'al act,-,,,. I: rael. v b.Iilll I ( ,ttl lltil II' t ll talllaa (11tire Ilie i titet'ttttttt I\ 'I l- t'rOr itt cl,' a ' l sed tlt i t teia a nlalI,$ I.'l~ltlls I~ln,I+- :lad?· ,Ih.' nl+/lll" 'tlmrlulrl olle,'tl :.Jlllttl k :l'ld !liBtl' ]lUllge.tto, 111\ llt~t · I lU s l~ hI1I ~ ( s IlFl~clg II'.tatatall qtliO itle tCa'tts Ia- i. M I't.- attt u I:' rattle by Sl~l.I.t. .$ mmli,tli'Ne. A fll tb.flliti'll Il' aud~ar :ml hlitegch ittlens •~ ~~~~ ~~~~~~~~J 11 Il l lllll, h~lIln.lqt, 'r .lll;ze .t w 1. HOUSm AND SIGN PAINTEIR Nn. I(%'Ia 'I an(re. . ' It:t' e' ltle ' tlel tats, .Ii l, 'air at'l thC a It ~th lttd ait' hlit'- ahte:.;dl ta briiuAtb.i lle FASHIONABILE CLOTHIIING. RO1B0 ',O.%OA' 7" GOOD Jg'Ir' t1 . ,, e l or Tl,,hl B i}eel , t .j 1 I`,eVL nnatn lllty nil hanlld every article allpleltlin ' wl" a .s " I r -hI nJbl." MF le, lhl+h they olher (,l B. .Ii rOnr TilE TR;.Til. elaliv of . t ,i1ietlh, ha ind uced te ,a ub.icr i er t if,'r i it UI tihe AnIii' pUbtli. Arrmn, ;ni.nOi huvt i':n m d to aIn pp!l1v . Oe l ots in i rtl the ' untC(l vitia ,ld tn..vl inl 12e Ulc L· d `a'n i oa. 1 ,la to platee it ithi t I ( t thr e sullerin g nll k il I to si lf'r this ihlh hlalrs~ink of :ll ;,eli.-,T url -v e. iWllihen pltied lL c,,h1 n to direotlinulls given ( Ion it h:a" neset fte in , , brd , num din t nmhl .li atl re 1q f. It ,llae arlet l-, the ldecav ln il,:til ':llfh, and reliever O.ita .l'rlers v hich lso frequrntlt renders u strong t10111h uuless I1.0 npllirntn ant Iil. l t 111. ? r i1n 1 '. iI i ,te It ili O ltI, t L All r a per d i h ld. sihttuy et - , o h e a +c " lStl, fob ,a0y to hear for the mblic good) their" to i-+ a. i le I world ax th ct I t vaIluable sov rv " rh of tie wood'. " l i 1 I Id r bu:th,. ea"o l by .SS,\mricSn, r Fre'.Vc ; tmar 5Lli, (',irCtn oiit oand 'quailiio s. tOI n lll. isit dIol.-- i boUxet,coniigumt, prt 'll ber 7P to its,utIr aN,+ J(III I N1 1i (;IAIIA 1. II -i , II I Te L A D -- +5 b illss , 1 1t It e It, n ; N U a. (lubon o i i ll i kegs, r, ti .. . 110 .c i i oe w 4 rUeive'r d t ui0 percecn di'scn 5 or f or ds, I'm ll l I' t 13ruehes, warm, it . 5i * ll } I1 l 11( IP 4 1 ll1 .~1 ILl t Il 1. E 6 IN I. S ii irm il ll il i 5 Ib! 44tl (I ,:id h; Il ( I o lltl h I , Il l cta' l.( 1 INo dRE 1),I I'll 11 \ Vt'INIIUW (;I \Sn, Andri fam lti h.h nand ,Prech 1L0 11 btx, ill= a l t- 1I.I ai llz..r nd qualities. T- ll.. I It ,I , i.- ii i oxel , fI evellll. l leI Xl It b. ohld ow. i n o:>t, fo l1 ll l .v II' Il Ailo W ' ('. so' ills, " ato Ili ('arnal .reel. Ni B, ,\lab n n ot e f Il lln at p r, an nd .ii. ipii, 1 T1ea1 e vyi ' Ii d i ll a l0 rill eri t discount for goo ds, :dlope h.u-a I 0hI101 1wi l 'rhe IIr, ll l If ' ip ti f l C IIF11debts.e I : '.II()IFS.aAIE ,.NI) ItE' . I)tyI' .A'. St IN , l~l'i': STUFF'+' .4,1" t II'l.'t'l ;l' (;It ,'ISl ' iF o' li ; t(ll .a d.r I hoipitolll ll . IcI N I :n~ + n I't I I&r.,ra np o' ron, "o tl he Irife can,(. o furgHlt pa l ".; to [, frI ;, m liu occu1 hey ch r of ei.o I o, , 1e:te ', fr e ,tt e neo-Cr I lor,,i aI l e t r et'' h ttl 'tih t'fI ry onr it nd (,it.he r be'st nod S ralt , . 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IVeaolnsale Clofhita slabtlrshmelt; No. :, alouartina , s.lta i, E\' C..alrc nattlt on harnd a largea ,tply nf Cloth " int, Cfalcttll t ld t;r the country tradc. 'l'hl ,ir u.. sortillIt hain llre g . ILr ilarint frlll tlhe t, tr , call be sutp lied at thr shorts t lotic., octl 1LIZA .AR. lUSH & ALLEEN, No. 1, EX'CHIANGE II'i., urnt; t't[. ('/i rls and (fonm on sis,. NLWV taJlt I,+\NS. 3ll'OR'I EIR gid D{ ealerq in ' to d lEni 'i-h ,u "rlii, ; 1 irt Cl ý) a i ( li tl., I laN," Ctithirl , tl,.di'r, . (hli r+ Shirt,, Sturka , tallahrllaa, Caa l a.a, J.'al Stcv .arirtlo. d5 ( 1":ýI'l't 'Il'', Tlli oisll, II tI tuii att I l-a wa , Sir . lit, At ,u t ATltil, 1 . r {li ai ia , '11 v WvIi & A', [i-ll iI .I :.-W N F'SfLION AULE GC..OTHING 3i ,lu. lt:l.L, \uo ilya, ')hlits rt, hi h+ v o ),.11\l1isI I IN No. 53, Mag++zi,,r Street, ()p,.sit, r ,k Arend,'. I11 .1,!,.1 '(Li :i'. l'i., lPi K>' "JlY.IE: i ItAYK Ni()I I: NIHiA\'INU 1AWDON WRIGHT HIATCII & EDSOr. I y AV l oti'" ,t ,l' , (Idile:ti i.ll NAi ()rl, i llS. po".,+i,,.i : . h '9 I m i a'o l Jir:Im L* 't ith thcir I 11Ir ai inll N i l. nt,. t I, I .tlt ' 1 o tf --,,a i an p, iithng ai, ik Noaa.+ (.'h. e,'k R 1n , t S it ,n 1 lattt ,nlte1) ll. l I rN .+ ,it . l itv o'V.,t l { . httnlt It l h, lil + l {'ll 'tPI ,, l , t ,l' '+, and ttil ,r ),:ll hi' l ";,vtoodI'll '' oIt iu "t w ,., nit , t, the. [ [Ci .ll I[,,lie, e nl r lio",I ý. C iia l sttc"tit . AND I+'1a", Nt o. l .a I a rld 12 J l li , ., itett, Now [)licanH .. Shilp anrd F iiiitily stores II t up. nir 5 I - llll ANA F-URNITURE WAREROOMS N,. 53, iiiavlI t ra t. ®%t71 I..1A 1 I'. Cl.%INEia , trithl retpr,ifullhi I n " t I'rr I n a',i Itule dnt r that I. ul stanly ralivina f'il)lll N.:w ork linllton ia :rod h l t aa ! aa t.ttll: t Illl.n l ul ( ietrn tinhil s of Ill dae.,I atIh, ,, h at , ,trar', tl t, ,scltrilt ) y ritiu: arada ir i,.' tln-taa, ftata " , at., licdilhig,&e . i,'. Nit. FIuruture packed forI tliran. piurtllti II wit grea I'¶'4UICrý t' 1 E '('OS'IPA?1 iF' NI\.iii 5Il\ OlE. This Company arl i oi w p, t 1'ed t, takI j S3=!.S AGAINST FIRE. No .24 3 -1u:son' tl[hlnhhn,, Cnni r,o.., . I 'n 1. T Cl , IiC Nr., I)than', 11a"" 15. 12. .; ,vr, T. i tl1 2. It cu1\+I.Iti;x I'l ITI'tON & ASPINAiL'L ý'10MP I'OUND'T'ON iK. M1IKTURE. -A -pcly udo rrellin curd for ihe Fever alnd Ag'r, , rtem ttit t anllll ill lllitllt it;vule; prepared from the cuoriganal rtecipe. Uutd w btu emnent an utll verbal suclt" cs Il 183., by peru nl u iu thl highebt reru'pect'bltit it this city, as atated in th't anneled certifio:,tcs. This im dllicin h is highly re'nlite lldu, , auin has beel r ximtuivcly usi d io thlt in', dhmas. s with ultlh ditli utishued t s e:i:ar, that the plo rito r of the rocip. has it el tn d indc tt o oel;r it to the puh. ht in it rent form, tit the hop that it mt ay t e the Imeans of relieving miany of the:-o who are uul'tering unluu:r the sl'oulru gt otur countilry. It is a medicinne pollesr lln g'retVrtu e, and whnll:r n'll i iecotriing to tie directions lhas nevert f, uld lo etlibting a cure, vuln iton he most obsitinate btgel of the dis'order. It is not t t alt disaut.rcel't , aumt personts of the weakoest stomach, and chtdtn a t taikeiti ittit imptll yt. It streugthenst the digt stiv, orilgans, tr:; us an lppelt, ', a t p in hil rulltllu r inmore tlhan one, or in obltinate cases, two bitot . to .eft ct a cure. There is meitt ' r mercury nor arsc e in tilth niedtine, nor any thing ijunioi s It Illo Iltaio cam tcitutiml. 'Toile I:rplricturs are so weltl cmivi : e.d of ia s e.llilccy, thi.t tIey agre to rlfund thile prici ofvery hothtl whiril his been token in ueucudance with tu h direet-sis aid has tot clied i pert ct cture of thi flih r & autm. A. OLIVER, solo ageint fli Now Orleans, at his wholubale anld retail drug aL d I tuttoetiu lore, corter o" fit .willte and tChartres streets. For itttr'ct Agt Iest apply to jr,5 Tr. WV. s.\'Jil, 18 Conti sIt . ilr ll sub-, iberhl ving pur'.hnl ld tIl; Ilais- vr, flir S liltt it llt thel, II kL o n aeiabllbh- mlitn1, MuI lit i t uylur, the latte p.'t iit or, wulu l ' I r d, to rtI 'tel tLt ha by tot I+ t .f A ril note u t outllt tt - aI l ti t c i i u. l et'pll will be hound nt tll Il toltlll i ltll' t o ltut ilmiuo 1ILose. New tudll more cmnlludliov, blhhie hl aCes will be, built aid warm b hit will le prolriled at tll hours. .1 table will N oilar ched R tte h-Ui tp , withltl t' ' atll ccitt m lit tlions fir hollres a ld c rrina, es. h ia rio , lll-tt es "l i c rriagel s will alslobe kept fl "- hire at im d rtl l lte i plirs, lillrl Faull ld low h stlllL , Iith pein\ e s I to lm lnan ee Ihc tu ior th t.: u-If, o visits. lilliur l .t unlld uils mio lul i lents r ally founld ait ~silt ing place,, eiii sll nc e t l lu ilh . a, ld dnc uilmecteLjd neo l t Ilt i . . llrl ilth th lll, tan ul i t o ti e bo l. i .' Thu , mt , t ' , u id h ,iP s ll h il lillf " I`"" yl Iln, ii,ý, tto i llt Illi' 'ttl iIt" ' i ti l t tt. l t 'i tel , ll., 1 m": to I, , at . tI . u tll u .l i, l fi Pllt i- rkeptlitp. Tthu i I hlilte ~ ,t \\ t,+ ++l ,,,, lIlIc e .{ll( ttIio nul I11 co ltrl· ef ct - oa t ,it , ;. I +1t++th 111t- i , t.l ll itotei ,i (t it ut &ll It illl .l t tt F x. t m t I.otoll u :tii "' ! I,'t II h no rd i h.c iplict l t a r I 'l'n," in il t i :,^ el I itahe ' ar ,t, al sut ini ,m of 'he r ho e t o. uilia t e iln o theea' ltt hiuet c .t h t r ll bn'Iiuta'- i t r cutit h I lh~ , it u aet r t tlittue'cl, ho i i i ot a'a t eta tota1111t,' of I tl h ui t l LP it llt +),.it !t ,1 a) t it~U u ull i i. ttti +ia i ott e I' d ;tll or ii ll tub ihclit' ouiee t', ;1 tu' thir ath utuirt. tuuae.ttr u. ko Nvial i lo to l to t i NrIthe t , i ro fuittauoe rtct ieas:we. ior nul e lher a rplie in IhI-,, dtoitidt., as it I.t',r 1 rao bou:, ~i ill i, tt(,e a+lI a lw '., a''l, iIi fl " bilhe teud ill aont all tuim ios IE ate t aotill r Penscr TAN 1IAlilt FI' 1IN'S CO(LOGaF 0 I ITo 'u aum I f t \,_,v r. ent. ttuta e ot. t t. ir-n lnl,-,[n w ti hi u to . un tago n fwt }fr thair tnuiltl- ,.au r lt Irae .t thea ]ct ,,pt ry' it , at i'lliaroli, ,t u t u'r , hecull "T I'. halt r t h le Iio i' t l I, ter it iiC , err ' tt u tlla,, Itt, ttr' t.ur C aliur, i ts u 1 '.a Ai II "., cl It. Kitti y, in Mv.,h he; 3 ' f: ' ray fur, i' I' lirau, l~1, .I Nve. |' i -A L t il ,ie, toi rebels++" forlllllll] llt· r ht i t o jutoIll I u.`ua ttte ' tl.i-" ilact it O i;ua lo italc ii ' , t oilc,o. o .i I'l h'l, J i Cx,'h ., t. bylm lD ItIMNll l l' I.' V Y ( ' '. t TGAN .\ A ti e FARINA'S COLOGNE WA TEh RoynIl Goliee o' Physica.s, Lonldotl . ill11IE orignal Vegetable Hlygeilan Universal Me e iae, prepar'cIt by \V Mikin, Esq, Mem .f IItor-a.-:l Colltge of SorgeoCM, Liceiate of Ahe cary'sL annlpano. Fellow of tolt Court Society, S to the Io.I Uni alon I'cttion Aeoeiatien, L r Pliaee, 1terloo Ilidge, ol I'crpetual Pupil of "ay' tal St. Thoosa'S Hosiitals, Loalol. This vltalolle tm.dicine, the result of tIenty yersa' experience ond eoa':ralleled suacers in thie extensive coidt hIttli'espetlable clraotioe of thle peropeciv, ictrlc ticcdh yh 'lle oholtvo ind iioliltv, 'ail ir ioe iaiecoacw toh te otice of tithe Americann pllublic, at the earnest so licitlatiao *'a lltlllber olgoeltllolet of lollngotll high st uling in the plrolotssion. It is hopedl, ait a prelimi l ory stecl to o heolk th!le evit ad lttal co euluellce tlhiainr l'lon. thre sho- n " th lluerorts old b kp ev leyiOllS io itdlon i oill n ti's o til, i- i the i p iili of atibic ttiol cih'ol's1 of nitcrlnso t rs, fiE * sd mlmrI l' the)rid alrIt at lllel'cl+t1lal ... .} I ~inc~lplell +Petel l d e .s so tr,~tll I i. |olrlu ol etrletol a ciettei I t ht it impoa iblte wlto Oatti tlettt IItulthsi ,i ' t h o:I ev go do u it he le ilTrullig et Iteollo t tl'lhiseoi tir o. "l' s pills, iohl liac, .<iili hR m I.i their iAtlll.e, ,luald bu kerpl I eroctv . titltt iti ct ers ttol'mlld tt e otillt.,ss tIioI, c hei t tctirtt.sie t n hos elii l tl . Elln el.l. A en',- lllI, hl:ls l lha ft'h m".ic e s l lll oth :l:llnllillt r l' { hllls to" Ol , I" Ollld a li ctionslv tb agenes JS).Ilo ,HEN, 1ta ateb tic ottt goatt l e ii ecl to hoiltoi itt ic iit. liSiile, two h" to C' t titcr'lw eoenta . $i l t ld iOtol d lh et'hoc li'l.'odtc' leI;Ith, ih t rih ill t ill'fbetltc il. lAt h L u i itt.'' soh · I.i lYlll I t lit! & co 150llu I. aliot hi boaile '' s 'eet I . L cith. fro· a ll tt ill " h i) lAiOlll , Uhil il i l theI n t citi :- ie -too Ie w I'sl) c osst e , .'ri 11 out t*tl u itl cI 1 and M rcco h. D. 3lh tte~tlll,.I "Itot , itot Ilto it, , ttitc~it Jd I). u liti:y.;4IN tth, an, ttoo.trut w a Ne tisk, of:1.I u1' gSII!:ll l UIitL i t1a N tc:lietil 1r lIo tsr ." .;',VAI ./ ca ·i t .lI T o, X;l'tll·i· l g OtOi [eIIoO i.t.ll'.t. i.:,I1; Pl'P A..I il l".S :· b i lllt'L of1I I1O~i sin. Jul~·I~ :IS I Rll l to b i s "; e nti'. -to oo tt cw lit . t:Alsetw iititoot -, ]ho lolan |lcstes slnl an ro >Jorosv a riet w~i llE ol'e.;r llo use lll holl t "e. :un tl~ loo cco It n lr s cat .,I, uopt';t.hul,, a oald shihireit Wle .g ed hi) se e I11 ·lv"lt;, o I.. u !'t it,. I,ll,:u l ln filno ~ l" wsc Ill~ l Il.',11 I,h'c imlll" ls, naulkl sho1+of e]we) q l k bu o: ll aLl ·Il'·?,·ll:; 1"''1l lll"'.I Ilo .lllu l k I :lllr~ ll "i.II." il0~1 113 HI b I\ Als i a lt'(e.:l t ed aslsonlm|'l est ol:f it cen l" stem wa ni , I l,'~m. a., .h.k ~ow ln,. t ogn rwt v l" ,'m io . poc.. IIII I,. l. ii'ii i cttl' tll i liiiatr he R us · n llld ll ll II ak:II h m io hrely f '1 ,: t i utllll II II gCuI lll l' Iri:!.;ll ,'<.)l 11,II bi,4.' ill;lC-: '1U PIC [U211'. I' (,ll lll l . itllr~ it t to i .ll tl.l i , III o ullo I I I u se 00 1 h It e o e I lt sIwr un ch o ndlll l arli ge quantl) o J n li hferi r u l Al sok. II:IL e.~l.n'l ISI..s ICIv fo [:llilt· l IIC I. I I .O11) (Y I .-. Iiaiin iphi 'taitii Otttttcti iiiga s no gi~ttei ci Wt il li¢I". :cII I h lI.i i il ' Ill ill l it ill . , l r il . [ ,:llilllk TI" ItIII'B fti :lpl~llfhll')llllt lrlll)Uelt 1·I,. ll, .iI If,( l1 f "i ·.'i~~l [: !,, lilll. FI1 ch¢.ll ..l~·huo. €O~ i lll il~l l'llll ti l ii' , ls II l il l llllo . t illl :IIII ( illlllll't l I |, I::1I1 '. ,,L ll iltllJ ..l.)llf Il#.llllt')Ol' Ot t' ..; 1(o 11l'tlll(,ll:l .liol.. ii hall' (lhld l.t llll,ll's S c ~lo c ll. lcl l,;. l O llll $ Illlj; I1..: Itl Ill n l,,.lr, t I II\uql ·1()·! ' l. lll·. ( : Iis ,' l.l~il ,. +,l11.l illC 11i¢.[,.1 i111 i ,h'nt lle .'str! i nl t I-.W.hi t na 'l i 'I'i1ick siltik , I d.i acl ,tl I lld cr ~ r,! , :IC(. i su .tl'ItI r I.1~ llS1(ll 1?itv; Il~l inllhll (I .+Il~lll I ':" fl l ] lll~l 'I l 'lc l'l'\ e Ill'lll l lll l' P ilC, l.. dr \Yli el : ii hutoakgitatilioattitooil hati tc o \,I Jklii .' tiorII i i ,; ,Ii li I 'itto I,'.\I :.1 i :h 1 - 1ls ishlpl s) ito 'otitilto' oiti . t Of bt ls' citd ittl wei. n~tlll(lt ni ] he1 rel-l enlish,,,l b). tihe alrrlival of" I. hs O tcket im atth' h ie i mii. d t .ccti, s all of which NO mERCURy NOR COPaIv A A Iin '1tw ot otio t rems. 0 N0.0 . i 1837. soCr dot " 1se,, i l- hich t l totit Ih nalli .d r i tL ro oll ?h,- Ibure dale3 I Illu! ii1'.i urlt ner th,.? enle of |)urtlt. lhP ·i~i i. ,.i. .il w~l~ll~,. .i .Ii) h'11ll,+jl I11]I ill IIrrFu L+]/2.tRi ) h1(, of II i'r. oI r 1 eiht onl eaI1 bt h.1 Poi o- f tit all i vcirI ,l. lac l, alldI r o ,,r h n tl, III r t , [ e to' wu k It he ' tho light ):llu id f I ,iANlll r. ll l ll , .' lllrl.ii 1l ito Ie poo rr.ctliI tatoed JittiN DIEAN. li·u It I l, " zlan iIatiti ... i.II,.a..l'aP iiaeaia .'.. .l.,t ! ihlatik I)r. hluct; aril ua ecver I asI, .'e that th in dli 'inlle I have Itilklen 1/~ ~ a Lte )slie I llt lid i l t r It eeah t o i lt ; H.'rcllru I ndv,1iS nl. ". IIow wIllr' ' I(Jse nll lilll alllld rlllyV hl l)r :. UII. ,T 12 CIIIan ;tr,.t+. ,elwet~ivc I)'lllilhll,"to hltl rbl I:1I hee[.1PIC~.· lI1 r., tL lti'h. i t f hu .I' Pth ra JOil ,ll" - i If lll.V o,,y m \e nt1. 11 rce m ore, a ,,t N. t') by ',ls h,, :.::` n:',w l,-I, F-, Ia a'- -. ' 1 ~ at. Iq, i h 1 1:,I '-'a- tti. -a-l,. . 'a'.-. · Ilj.,l/r.. l tl l. ' ,- lll l, lil.r . rl l i'. na r T . a t , 1 ,-', i,, i ,-, ,,t II(.V' I.ETT',-.! T¶l irs .!.:S rn l ~ll.,' it'l'lll ' ' on .I. r:,.c, l.t11 s ,i) hrl~~ +.,IIII·III ,, h,' l.l ,q" O,,ds \llc q Ii , .,rII- j j 'lil~lt l f· :I'I c l i.' l' l !: ll I " II I . I n't'll[ .l '(l~i II·· :Cllld l'l'g f"l' tilh ll( ) II- : l ( 'i ls I I S+Lf[II 11·1111 1~11(11(· I )I ,*" I . I k i.l I f 'lit. pr e) tha the we k runst be 'R h'a- 111. "I'llr il,', ills. l'.'Pl ihll elll )1- .n~llll'll ll. lll+ Illlic l.H ~ Il..lI-i ' i,[iiil' .I I-l~ ('\iilll tll ." :III dIill I I:I·. l l.-l' l r 'l P tIIH ..l ..i, .l rIa a. , Iahll-hi sth a S ,, i f h the ii tatlle t ' all t a a.l.taia:.n.a I i t he. i t ' it '1.t can a c t ,lu I oTi lr ,~.e :Ih I ( ~ il,.i ll~.\- : (· :r.. n lo IIC haCell~d 1 ( hv · \ l, i :td 1\ :I'h tll 1 ,.~~ u .i ,'ul t'(nil l C ll.h;,. ell .i,..x o' 1 *. I;)1I" . Itn l S(l.ql ill'hh+. ;iII .t. h lht1ll'., l |I' (l~lltl~lt.s Illilil: h t'l 6f) l| 1.. I a IlC t :'i -l-al o II a rr e l, a ti.hllo Idablia s l oI. aI ,. I ncese etala l hatie ' ha ea im* r~llll~~i~ l~ cl-lql 11]4li,: III I+ I (·, ) \ h ¢ it+RInn h-U.IIII;IBP lll I Y' (iil to the q .l, ,i'¢( e- ,,cllll . 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A~a,.til ainecal, ilala lhate aaakiats le ! atatl i,.t,.e. fit.'n.s ,ttlta i~n jitaaaii rg editioat.. atlat n iaN ii. | 'll at:lt, n1dl II |.y ra thi uamin l.nollm ai Iiocimhin a" .i.telist were alts tu giiai, Ee o r c -j l~rtaa:i--iaa''.. so iaaiaarktlaas, snutniltlstaanili~gitli, 1(..t iaa..mmlt-aasily tankrliial aliaPHspablialtalell al'ta steiial I Ut~c scta iliotusriIces is hlilln.s nitld tceanis n I nlal ai'lt itad n ha, l h ei o la I .t anliai tll,• ail alid.ca5-lly te t nitrnliseli, ii.a otnts Is all Iiis sI, ai llwaiif is ,iaiu-. s'aai'h s al tistisi 1f 19w I f.e V Sr , the;s if hii tof 76M1 itl'as ai. iugly withia ' latin its 1,hl dtuth. t.,lln tlsisi ah t sit ai sl e rs jris ital say isbi thifl ii it, iik. ie t , l rtr n lm ol t slrsa tl, ,i -fed ar per tsifl im1st'le ,t'ht ],ll' 1:ch l' is the ]atur of fthtL wIor ge[ r} il.ho k Itl aIdlIei lnstbr i io t tl lsnt1 still tles rnae Iti i aloh'a1' p IIynui bInk IS rit I its l uiII'I\ p'epar al ihpall ntits h' t e i(' . r aicl s ry " sl t' wu. l l m g-t 1, Cwciitiihet , l,:tr 1 b h,. u ll lor re t i \. hq. it5 a 15.t. |llypi ce, as.: l~ thel~ l hrlsistel d riiiesi 1,:n l c phlis I lot+\l. , s ,.' per fe llct a d v I1,: b]'le ,av thel x\t +, lto . ..,tuy i fplate of h" o klbel£| n n gr ' c, tiil hat (to s;iecurl tiiiii l+i1 t fHi r,+I f, r I tl hetl 1, ri als ben i tht ey m.etll (by~~i suln ' 6 , x et'r, hl. e ul~ s e l+,.inl, pa , 21t , l.ll it| 11.II.+ et'11 wit , u, ,thl llotetI~o w l t h el f r eface. , hiicii i n thl¢ i s].tl fillth at tn he mi ~sr'lh nt twolredn dtos contaii)in muc Iii fucinaton concr nig h t wo h Imnwul modes ofi co mput I in intr lia.v.t<, We da|y of iptce, ke.t i*tc ro~r[ i1 )it.. thms -+,oh ly to . lrema~ . f|il.wrk tht ow h tandinl. llis r .i ancmm, l cII t) ly~l h ok whi c h hk wr spulikhe b efon re ll inters i !11t werlel Flinthll ucl VO s ) tin o l~larsan cen)ts| blel Iml|ons, it hais, lht t so perfct asd vahid u w h inereht yt l o,; s |lts of I unrlyS fortoulacl dll arls, bhsit des.ll. , sth tti men- fr onlmlf9tl5 k scl us inea p nahe f '1".uir "o, .h l¢:tm ofh uhb.k , no amei ny taosilyoe workft wnhchr'a bliesh efr lll'4 lmm c ll illOl¢.t olr al~ ret e THE FLORIDA LINE From Mobile to n'Algusta, Ge. - onves Mobhto every day at three N o'Llock. pm ler U S mail boat her tlel'P Londilne, nbove lllakely,--tleoce four etot coaches to Penoacolo-thenc stlemlonlts o L ngrtnte, whereethelond ,trte isreeumed-thene van Mariannn and Brlwnsville, Fla. Uninbridge, PIn dertorn, [lw kintville. Snundoersvile & Louis. vill to Augusta, Go, onocretg. regularly wviih Ihe rail rond car te i Cltiartesltn, rn the steat p.eorPeKs o Now York, Norlolk, Pitilodelphia, etc. The tlearboats enre thie best for thie service, and iho nrvigation presents monre advantlues than cnn be found pujon any stealllbout route ill the stauth. err ertgiut.. lThe great improvermerts in thie reoe hare Ibeen proedtcred by the crnotruelion ol fifty miles of nrwe romd, by then prlprietore, viz : fetmt Laeiraere on Lrtf-ao.-re Racetb , all ern of San:a Rost, hc HIlenrtos Ferry, on tie Chattnhachte river, ten ,iles abhve the Cwtord,. or 14 olte Cedair blrit, whIereby Ihe navigatln oi Ithe river, a.In tlh el, 0-,crlllec dertnlilllls, ani mre raelertly n he inero verlire t crosacn e Sc the Cttrl-ord, r eltirly ,,vidd. and n fine road frcm Mlariatlnn direcr ;t Bcliilbridge, iltsa d tl teire rtltlltttit ut rt:d via I ha ltla l re, I ~etrnin Ithe dia.nco e abiout frts mIiles, anld irrasing theu farilitice nore thilll allice i (!BY Aihr-, .renih line of too, heoe stageo oevert ,'it' r d.. h i,, c1 , , ki,. avi r via y.rrey t Slet,,, (.i Ueltnrlicnllg ith the lile to Savanaah and |citttrta, 1it, er A nlltll st iaT1h at rthe, rEgl.arlV holw.Vee(n Bjtltinbcile aind A;plnachi'ri. TrayvI tl drs Uiahilg t t ta ti aty plolt Ito Cinlcltchiochetite or A.riadrh - cohl, enn take lireoerbr at ait o rI,wnrll e. ,bilrb tno Pernrc,,olo-- orid IRot a--I) orinocth e .... .... ,o,, .... , .. .. ci . . . ..t ..e o , p' rc - Itrs lof the Fl,,rida l h e uxtil tr n n hlel of tftr her c pcret cocellrs I try oler dtilcry betwear Me' thil lan [ll P saeol.ns(II ~ a',ssre rs wre ll leave Iot, ilh at 3 'c-l,k,. p nc, hoa t S.r rl lotr, rod roger-ti to Iioll' Lord IIL, . c hee i t a Ilor ortll 't h w'C i c111 c Icn t-ilellc t f ct: -c themr to thi ex* crcilotit ill ot f 'I ir. Chirt-t e 'lindi, 1 14 cill, diatiit, whlere thriey tll find i h alanil acomecillllotiIt d ,, r the nighit--lc ovlltg ' n it. titey, wy il ocrive in c c l'en uoaio rotly Ito the eveniio, tholot Voidtug the ditrtoelfort of f tli t ir,,velllln: ODice rt 7,- : ,.os.,, leettue, +lIilh, Ind C(l tlins' lihel, l'cns..+,ln, w hern ~e.. a £11t1Lc bcc eecui rT.l'iOi'l'iN & (',. n-v a Jtoa-o Fooit ltuciurot. \\'illiccn S'r1 th tei,,'r-to hIis raLIVti-a tc h Citice cZin. o r N Pew\ Ollcall nos a reahler of tlhe lnll, irince. ilr to hIlio beon rctpl,'eod ee,-vrl t enr I a+n tea~, hecP r t -e IllcC ite ',ri t .itel cIcImt rirs - t t l r IJ " , I 1als at +-cv,,ral of lthe l t,.11 ale , .ll,,iu r ie l ll StIcr i,,nt, ao rt bcl hoP to l , tlorit their t on d oi I -c -to rottned e. r-f.r to ire' DI (L% ,, 31l' e hie'1m.& Alll e rVl', -nlltrlld, tr'co Sc. Iiute,. l',r I .erm ll el vIlll 'mCc-c elply at ite+ bookst) re o1 f .tta -tcandt r Twerr' - lt i,, Drcg goocd .Ofledbicoons. .cit1 o ee.,( hcc i e heo cr ed btt Sht eec, I "h r Ii t Ii, rlr iic ca I, coo.II~ d elO(~ r-cr-c11 o~tti ~itItii.:11 ot Ilrth anttl ienite or, lhie, a whtich hI tili sr ll i liberal ei l T , I cit o ir.,Lit-i rd Tho t cit icc,-'eft,r i'l fil cecittcC , Oce,m l r hI tP Ic i ntti pl ic a r ice wo ill II- r i e-itt n crmtrite h o i ha'cur n, ve, r hicc ire li t. llP Ic-ed icr th ,is Ills ii l lt,, itb,: it-g c ',, u'tm uer ie ,cet r-re,+. l Itl, +to cci I h ire ll .l0 t io rntll, i llre io. isle , ll e rr ,ccccrtiwcau'b r i. lhr o -ines ..l, All ord rs hlllr Ihe c-oIIntr ptael L milI e irlchr lll9 oI Is i . rit ll" reemn iig p ch oirdeis wr illr b , Irpro ly a llcnded to.r r Ilrlc.t l 'N, 39 c amp est - IOLE-SA I Nt A It -RTItll1C 1 AND A. . •lITY STOllE--at tohe rh ogr of thco goldert comh, rilo Chariret e eeti.t Theesbscribers have re ceived, hi , :llto n t o their previous stei'o k on har-td, Rd full iland comlo t• I a i.s lrtmnlit i1 rticlesl ilL their lnPe viz: colmllt, protUn er,, Jerriweyhellry, brsheis, lockirg glasen, fuouc. arTir eloo -'.easllstila g in a arlt cl folrow': COMI.:1l ilt'+--l ori-i se nhell, wrC,.nht uan! damn rck,twist, le h , riloleb , l F ro' nd te resshne, su}, puf|, curlan} e:k, \ r' Oltitl t c'tollb of a every decocritti tttiI onllgst whi at,,,e , i ' a. Mairen pateers, Ivore tolhbs of evr d scli it* l i, hornli d re ci"g acnd paclliker, to let' ler ith t a aIl-lit tlt Iini a Irhe tooadorm oFice -- etscnisigo chtearetarioieoferneeineoprd' ret nccf nrtlcetl iLn (of'r br'g stcr, tttetita of arl aRI, ,t i --Cloh, .ocai, c- icr, ottlhe crid ,htlnote do c r, da ' a cr rrlt e t h o ir - w a el , o a igcer oshte' ird care pe ouc ps~err in oup circ pel ttttcoli 01' ccciii toll'aloirte tleti Ceienll c ,hon oed lntrosnl, etratte Ilsrgs l oail-o r m it c c ,i l kint-' , '-lttle initctikeo t-udthi ll-, Nrusl t ot-( ol.r , ,lr i e, kiltt hneri tilci retItris· t liilder , aul atrc' sl',l ~llllIst plain uallwo (} n p i-kgmaon clcce loc l alllt} , p.e'ur o. odi.r ll Ar Ill - rIrotin(} blig l - Ui t llriille I tll11 r llioms a tct Cllrire t thl, h ; ullr ~,·ln(lrll e tJ: u II geij~tt.ltl'lli it ill :l V I(11 J~ I']V+,':i~lLlr *l.Y-on fiellelt Irr Bnl a. aihd luriu lrt f it~tio It bhardtt, dieo optictn hel rines e (} b rnesh, loof ucosnat It, l ·elt·lidrniP: ~l'l ol tiec.i uI"rc r - tli. 1 rea" . SIv of lat, ell31il+,wuC+ tillilf ltrl Hln(} slive culltckla~c.+u I h rai: lt h i ) , r, I i I tit h lSri liiilll,he llilll dr+ ii' l0'ltc h Ii' clT Celattici , ,li 'l-o cc-di -ireim.'in;, o I lcc c 'l'l.-ctl-r .iIcctII toe,."i--ollille-lctitil oc Itllcl t oile hoter~s, ctll~~'irce ntcfaioo ]ttt',hchtrcin h-eo' %ha++ lcca corr. ,tl'lif" er coi I, h tircIid c n llllcto itOlll olt o. or rriico:I"A Icc'ti" ieir A. ctnicylE -cfd .t,--lo'oa-o, ito ol,r -nh illcio rcl'llr+llid o itor rtlelaeke dl.,in g urto ,+ v,.r H.h n l l-,, I~i~s ,' trohid a work ho. t iged or -r hlalredo.tho \ ticotlaitrl e it' jecthnl,l-olc al iocslt r titet. l t ec ,o rtii i tt'l-Ichrg Iclr, t e cgo cc cu rieil)r cn. L), II b~n- lcotclrice alcid \ ·yliceps eciciric air ac errt 'Il trlllc Illtillorti trloa reedir. u i, ll l t l t ltSi llhotilt 4di , Oitl'ttlt rrlilr aeIrill t ill ciil tyl., ill i )t i iced i l u,,+,[ l l+, sivr )lIt. ,se lln ~ lllil e'a b(Ix. li lliIf IliI. .l r.,8. llrlt,,rsS lOll· " 'L, ll 0:I I- U.-tlii gl ll u al-Inm p [iniiirn d Ivy ermn UOl, in cankln auJ hie, Ilur al" by .I.\ltCVt .' & t.\Iutiit[V'd, Whliiie -d,- t)ruagg stn, corner i C unmnon and ecl pt Ir l' "1 olog e,put lup ,xlr e-ly for Ibl rerlt : ; . e ipurnl en h P: rhmnri-, i -thr, _.. e ,very v,'ar ety lor the ti In, for s Ir hv ili-hwd i ti urni nh I IIInlictur In ,ew I)I'i Ca -I, I . icad, to sul p lly tinr naiinter i iin Ith, pubiil c in g.t' l , by a hn.e.hale or retail. 11 i- prices are inlu d ran t, and tl'e ouhbt of hls prn.dte, supel mrloant evel br,,,uhl i piee. Tfh .nl olutliman Iep i nlllll( supenu-d theyv ialla wish u Itry. . lllonrs t Illhe varnishes are the cach Nno. 1,wnrraied noi to al ,nge evell in ilollina water. Thel'll hlack varlilmh fJr llrel nlml tdlean lne hintuiee. The LIrunspur: nt Var.llih without +,nl ll, . &:c. n I ill, Al ll In i ii In - --~~--ninmiitInnnl ii i n-- - aLnnLU- i nutdinll -lEnrl tn itunlnl Independ uel.e, alea n lnlnte ', itod3 iI1 NcI LaOvin. pnuiiln ari'cl. n in 'I r e ivin d by . . D AN 18 Camp s, .. j I ,tt i i, n itnul.Ui , nl t ii n-.. n lile ritial". a l , 1, d l t , by rs 3 I (11 [1 i& l i\ T ilOi ; l N , : (;,i tin I' l r " . txpres hiA. In the I ', for the liberal slppoet he haIl re c i,+ed e, t " maed l i mesa in [im i l n. li -nIn n le prn pllt, r f the rl s tern, 17 Common l tl l r, , he' - int d rnever was -r t fo~i Ir ili nol l ln sr d .ll i; tillher &18 Tclleolh'ed i t II'I ant house in tlI,.-i'ntl Y -- iIt hie nElsll s IIt public that his - n' li+iun in n nt o .ery ti iill ii d Ii t lhe n elied i.l nl-i ,- In I litei dil lln l e ln . lrln l uSuIl e Ie are ul] 'o that olr anly Io ls.te I l t:it ti m len ii ale s. nI e t.I . p rs soled , plants, C.. fro ll ite iu lt exnn Il Iv., ld I..piv table nurullrei ln an ld sb in iu n liiin l nnr,.i IIllllnd, Englundi l Sc. 'tlnlll, anilld the no literU I ainits-and it wii! at all iimes he hi i.nrresi , as it :s hl- snlysh, to reinv s, It addin, n to lls prsent l . ; ,-k. large r, ivals of every darriptomn, rwally the r, nth till 1113; also, i engralltd Iruit Ire. n, of all i dt. 'I Ile putlic any .,ly on linding a lull na rl enl. lt I every ul lcllle Il tise serd lin,uol genu, en quality, and imipolrted direct by Wi nn . DINN. o " T'E I'UBUi-iC.'rhi- ufdisigd adilv ing i studied under Dr. Sel.midt o-f u harlesti, Sonthi Carolina, and fbr some years his assistant in the practice of medicine and surgery, has the houor to ofifr hins prolessiona serviieo in this city. Ile ussures tile ladin a and gentleman that the Inost promplt attention will be paid to the calls which may be inade; and also olnbrs his serviced to the holiders of slaves, being well acquainted willn tile diseases cotlnion to them, having attended them in Ito sugar house in Cntharlestoli. 'ite tiaeou anti.bilious pills an ter th. composition ol Professuor ~Smollettn. with directions, can be had of the undersigned. The efbfect which they have produced in this and other cities, has beeoon atetided with the greatest success, to which the best of references can be given. Apply at No. 166 Maea. reet. JNO. Mt'LORING. ICE---The partnership of Kelley, luMason &Co Et of New Orien-; Mtason, Harris &Co., of Natchez; adt Harris, Kelley &tCo., of Rodney, was dissolved on heelert of Alay last, by thle dleth of Salnmul A Muason, one of the piartners of the lirins. The undersignedt dsuii ing piar will be eharged wilth lhe setlling and cloning aid usines s follows i LeviC Hanrris will attend tohe settling of the bLsiNuess tf ilosa Harris&a , Co., dt Saanlchz; Harris, Kela 6s & Co.,nat Rtd.eyi and He .r .elley will attend to ieaitin6o fat nba bnmema4aaet fileeag & Qe a i~' a 9OLBEAR'S Science of Ponmansehip received,nd I for tale at their permanent Writtng Acadeoties A No. 8 Chatres sortet, New Orleans, 189 Broadway Now York, Dauphine st., Mobile. It is particularly deliged for private learners, anda sclhouls, ad is alc:ulated for persons of all ages. Ladies nad gcltlenen are invited locall and examine the systeml forthetoselves. I.carnos are given at sa)ch hlouses a nlev uolt the rencsintice o anll, and to classe formted in any patl of the city. Ladia who prealr it cen receive !cssons aa their own ref aidences. Petraosus pIYi e irse of leisons are desired + atte .", '""t, t' . i • eell netiacy wtah. 1 " .3 K 'LOTIII,.R. ROWAND'S 'IONIC MIX'URE, nrnR nee nOnE. rITEN years Iavo not ypt eolapod since it wast 1 firt regularly mtubnitted to the publie; but it lins attained the highest reputation; and has astll planted every other medicine for the Ague, wherev. or it has been known and appreciated. Alealdy lhas it been carried in every dlrectio throughiout the United States, andl stal realizes more than cau'd have beeno anicipnted by its molt sallguine frwnea. Thousands of persons have not only been relieved, but rotored t., hlel 11, nd vigor through its agen. ey; and they now cheerfully testify, at every op, poriltoity, to its de-ided antd supremu efficacy. I; is composed of such medicinal principles an are calculated tlo renew ithe healthy action flthe stom achl, liver, ntld other important ligeativO Organs, the looss of which harmony is the immediate causer of tile disease. It is appareent also, that it proeda. ens an entirn cilngo in the condition of the system, and cerltally destroys the Iative linhility to relap. scs of tie atlection. When the Ague Is attended i with any olther coomplaiut, the empluymlent of thIo 'Tonlie Mixture.n will not interfiro with thne treat. r meat of the other di.rase, but wi:l even alford as. ietarnce by lurnishing strength and vigor to tle bondy durtlig the coure of treatments Those whoI make ius of thin medicine may be asoured that there is no Arsenic, Barks, dlerrtry. or any other article ill Its reo lpllsltion unllltlrie y In t Io th h coltitulion; being entllrlely a negelable extract; I and they mnuy have additontal codfidence in the use thererof, whn tlthey perceive that it has th1e el-- I I' etnl' a gento laxative about the in r hallfa but. Olte full ]las beer) takenr-in (onsrquencO of which, there is it, part of thn medicine left to IInger In ithe bowelat to cause obstructions, and oither evil, I arising front th ae u of Itlny oF til remeodirLes inow otlbre.d lite the cure of tins alfctioln. It has been used alro s a ItpreveOtive, by maIllnlly who were sub ject to a periodical rccurrltoe of the Chills, and it has invariably warded tf lltho apprehelndod attaca. Obsrrer: 'lThe Proprtli-,tor, full) aatlishd n ithl the ounpardalled ilard universal euecas wich l:tH co. stantly atlonded a punctual and regular nuse (t the To'ni Mlixture, in all c;atmr of Fever and Ague, shels warranted in engaging to refuld the prace to all thows who have tlonal the Imell:itite inll trit ac f Cordan; e withi the prescribedr directions, WitLhoul Shavlg bet perfrctly Ilt lastingly cered. 'Thl sNtlcrthterh art tue wholesahl agents for thei South h\etitrn States, and have now on halnd six rty c+s- of this medicine, which is warranltd fresh and geuinto. For alue t tile Ilanulitlctured prles J.l I 1H lSfel ac tir il.VtS, nov"'27 o-r r ' nn 11 N1 ' h nta l. r,-,"r. MticlaIIppi and Lonttlnanllt liutel, UIS. MARY KII LA.ND retpectfally an. nouncs to her I'rlllds and the public gnor ally that nlltel i prellard to accommlodate them at tio abnoet entabhisllltlet, and hIlpe fr lll her nxertions to remier vtsitors colnfl;trtablc, to reccive i continuanco of formor favors. She fiel confl. Jent that persons visiting C;nvii gtan duringi tin tumlln r nlonlths, cannot find ttier accolmmldations than she cn afford thnem, on more lberal terms. IlHer house is pliatantly estuatd, and well supplied with envery convenicnc'; the bar is furnllihled with the most choicn Iquors, &c. ill shrt,she pruonlso ",at nothing shall b.: wanting on her part to gipl tire satnoihoetiln to all whi may patronizo tihe ,lieisieippi atilnd Louisiana lotl. j,3 HOLLO.\iW W\ ARE, WOOD SCREWS, SAD IRONS, &c. g'IlE IIOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near lleokmn otreet, Nnw Ymo-k, have receivedt d t past sel;ln, and Ilare costallntly receiving large and extensive additions to tbo stItnkl of tile above oods, wtih niow co nsalhl of the ollowilng assoltment, suitabhl for the southeor anti .en-ttcrtn markete. lHllow ware of snperiorur ality, conlsisting lof about 1500 tolls, viz, I'ots o1f2. dihifrent ralze, frome 2:8 to 50 gallon, , Koittl's, 15 soze., fromn 3:h to 30 gallonl., [ellles, 15 iztes, from 3;8 to 18 gallont, SitkelpLi t r t)otn lls, 7 datih :rent bilZ e, Tea K,.tthes, t; do lt Spih dre Ii dto .'.v re. d Spithers," 2 ,1 Ouhi l,.is, - - do Lire o tngs., .t i do ' -nt, t boxes f tron - t t t to 1,3 1 , to e . i t n'-it do. 5 to 7 I.rhltNs. \\e',,d .,cneP , W 2. 0 0 11. ) gro)s, iron /noe brlss fromn : N In ii, N. 3 li, 3;9 i,,ch, No, 24 of a supel.lor ttttl iity and fiiibh t, ia less- thal JaIou 's Inlorted Sal Irl,ot, a-s-,artad, in caski. of about 500 lia fhor rotating. '¼;. l t nsand bitartot' nTrone, assorted. Sash tweight, Ill00 tone, assolted from 1 '4.4 to Sl:lls Pfr Illntatints, steamboats, churches, &t . made to order, Asuo steatnboats and oticr lollchnllery Intadi to order. I'ho aonve assortment of gonodsr is particulnarly rreonnrlloendold to tlle attenti on of Sotllterll n 'hstler nlo mrcantls and are olTren d lir salu at low prces, antid upton tho ,moslt Ilbenal terms ; it t Ir. ied to be thie largest anlid best assurtmllt ever not--red for sale by any one estabhbslmont in til I Ut iled States. Lrcrh int.t by forwtarodina a request by mail, co't have a prln'ed circul,ir, with decrptltln of ztods, prices anl tters, -ctn which no deviation ist over imadet, lIurnlshed by return t f tII. All ordlrl' will rcelve immlnediate attention. New York, 1t38. J,'3 1. IV Gleta's t/-fjmeites. I tdin Dyen, l o et ,o n t,~ llr ; i e- r's (1 , R,,n',,llc ieun,'s te!Ierie IIpI,, I OL'c, S1lchll, ..'e |"1 , oe s~i uI oa ell, p .arl pnatIu ,r, II, Wlieit . r e;ll ",t ros, s, v Ltgetahb' rt oue n , ,no , b I r,,t , lip - ,lvh , ksrene ,e tooth wealh,, ellbin e .1, u tlllhc,", ora. _, II ,wer waller, poder puffs and .,oxe*, A i riel, halicel,l li tally puit lul II four ounl ce ill, Il'reos t a tllts , a, o , n,,, k pafl.lll-oee tdboll lt ie lllo,.l h irn ltrutht.a , E l, h h drntoi,',: coltli , Indlan lr tiiI with a vantety p ttl he, pi'ltlur l .rv, A . t", r sal y C. J. '1 IItNCIIARD, I7 ATS-Ioi co- drobt Rue.ia ats, n arinoia qun-lin , -I. ito.o+ nrie and low cnnotti tandi.g f,-n ,hip Sn. I,,,,ti, nr ottli iy I U lt;ttttl . - o, m,7 B131 \1a,.zlno at ItL.'Ctl--t5 bl.t Itnlllg Iun alllm-ilU t blaten S I utollIr, for sale by li)U iS,'I\, t' I x t tE; e cri l 'r .\.,,t fur t r exttllanle Ittl i of \W. tA S. ,Ii ochrt, Shetoilht, Ellnind, have ju*l cei'., in avrv exi t iin ; ie sRt no" pa ,I. tcoS.tlin- or I u hle ,an d I) uss.rt I R I es o ' I , h rir ltmt, trn .r·,ee dci nl nol ,&. t. &c. &e. r hiilth .n F re pIrlo red r exhibit to the tla n ,ls u t or ot.l-. i' .i.t nte d t oandtionl t ,i! l he lt I iad, kotnlltlln :iot l t tei tt. -t ll-;t J. I,. IIt EIN i A A ( .'"la'1 . coe 0 'cnnr n; rot. -coathon; whi-itlontoait.\1 tI t-ltelinttg noon stt or-i i--o)NSto, [tAntta all; Co.--ntt now r oelw ",l si p Itr tttl t Eah . i, "gl., ttt iirr At i h, in i h n -ttt i ,, o ,ol tir ont; slorth:I t G ovr inonsl ;th ot hettad atvino-a; trln: Cas sin eas; Cap hold ers; sc ss'rm , Isto ls, o in. votic ; , (mill ot' smercial nl othe r c .tletl ens; 'ios ao,; hntti,; stringee;otios; totlt ayntd tmtt tnt; , 's (nck hi.nalecs; ngra petep; Germat :lod French oon gno -il hi.ars oil; ptatrln bletntee r n do;eks nl trcisl~b- toit: clit unckin stlie Co1 lolet gl.uts; co IrrOr; O S ealcssnes ornl view; til; anthe igf ile lell Clltanies o ', Ch to sh bal; ststl ont. ool stUs; sw;rre sios; fcy bead chains trlnl. eck. laes; biliard & Cha . ipoket books of Frwlncltts ranlld n lotes; Chiil. and n glnr d Inmol gr n-.. ltic su ner, arterw d rilchtll er ath l iThie anbove i a rviet , to oileur rme stock of ane antdcotheIonpSe tnnplts, nugrtt 0., 1ii plritcs, disma:s, turetelstl nt tre . N a or sal lo(iir Ihi . steet. ri.e. lich acu ond piein Ftrnogco adIe- Ii- , - r---ohle rres, apig street, Nw Olean lli.r . S, ine,.AN l ,. imprer of French W/ and l':nahl, China anlld K pte~t - tb t% larc.. noil, o prin new red rich e s, ler ". , e , - o !-- . llp n.h and eoadevicn onoile .a co + `-, - f, tlo,t elillr lond, cake oIoee tc. irach ues, and plo Ind FreItc and qrf. on:... t: I wcear- hleaps, jhpamnned sas, e snr, y .A s' I rld lorkrine, ,Orit s, noE it groat h :i.n i+a, t lre fmbleyp use. dMrechtnus, pla.e. . lit "", .l l.laver plated, urnnzeihl h good it raee - saable pctees, and par-ked so as tse conveyrd with at fety t,, any part of the iannry. I.,Al, apouthlecnries' glh wareo . - te "Ye- ett..|lc Mo ... .eltli •.. t Jp1e MAIL ARRILAN EIIIMEN'I' ortherbMalilt n EEroDf lat lM .A. 1 esrter M.i, Cu Ev e or y alta 1rr) L , b . -Dl s ry tug fnn , ,',!sindaodar 1 13 rWr'oeiltyl'bney, bn y, P. , . Iry nny, .'. I'. Clu.T' ,,oy ..,ondn , w,,,,rd, jl,1o. tall .d "tSll'do vhvi !. I3. 'T'he lak.1ail ntrvdv u 5y I, ,Thursdy,' v 8a Clooe cveerv MSlday, Wednesday 'I'I.IES OF AI IIVAL., IIF:PAII'IL:UF DISTANCE &e. oflhe Expreon 51llil, betw'on lloile and NeIw 38orhk--leaing ftlobi e olil.' St P. 8i. Noorlhtr New York dolIv at " P. 31 Suuthward. pm.n A 'rien Arrive Neprbmd,. Distance, lime llerumn'g -lol'+l?30l1lt'r1, Alto. Spn i 1 98.+ lm' 23 It - 12 11t. It~luIdm.l+~,t"Ga. 134l " 8 94 24 an: 2IiIuedgeoille. Ca. '2 3 11 24RI p.m roainig S.C. 7aln. 163 7 l Il. W\'arreleloo,,Vt. 1h m. 55 I l'l'iclh ulnl V. In l pm. 83 I D Crn ll'Iomj 'n Ino. 21 1 64l I"redcl'ria'bo,attJ, 8 137 7 IIp an. \'bin gtoaoJr; ccit, iipm. 11 13 IlAltimore, " 34 38 4 1nlo I'hlllldelplhin, 64 em . 188O ]I--up Nw York. m - po, 90 13i 1385 11 1It. or 22 fl I Nnl'thwannll. C lllllI. Slrvn l, the rime is six hear j). .7128A1'.\ 139 lblrl,tldlT'IItle,,e+ (If lleVli'l r 'Illei l, II l h, I ll l, hl 17r" I0IIU I tg , 501 8fea B r\NAV,\' A m fiPc::l-rll ifiNJ1:1. LEY fuinglrdm' om thle·,I i out i y e r f J n Canarlln oteo )1lw eIltlt I , hoi rh v llrv l~ olll ll a I h . n tln el] ilillllll in hlis speech, ont. ol his Iono . e llrae ,,enioneg /i u letcll l·rtih+.hall t Ii vrhtn eie t al'erur a tnal.a c l'll lll i 'r liFed nlirt n *til h a I| o ,iai I Ic eilln t: blrilll iIi- neIlo, na wtll II 11 oltlwrr i-er..on lu, o~ (lll lItti o1r11 ' i he nrlva Itil hi Juntllr ,.lr I eliill Ila rll. T1 1 i1 v 113 rIP l il Ie haIN 0,1 1 1 3 ci orer II. h lf t en C It tre n hir lIed. IniI') l313-11,O 1a 3 II'1('art11 d1Ii1 , oIiler of Ilevi 3'i.llrl1I5llh, 131 11111 I)llbRlllI - A.Il rleorman,. lnser Oil t ll IIJI II..ll 1ll Ill II' . 1 v n III lt'lu'tIl't ill IrS 3 lu3il - -1 11, 'l( 111I! ( .Il'.I, lo aIR 111131 II ;LBIT1131180T CArl' `.I I %I37li'.;'r\.'r"ii 7113W NOVELS. 4 I¢,+t,'lin Ih+. nefer,· by· 1Ih,' aulttioi' 01 I'elr Sililllhr, 8" 011111n.l"Sli 13 I'lly lrhit 211511 l *.t11 IllaIŽ.an3', F;II~w ·tvib·l' l bvi·h Cl'( lil "49i Ilali. I1+*vull1 ix. IF.I+ ' " " . i11]1 +, ol.,r ~lrlhh+,,, ron+,·l<-. ,i, by lla~n Cutmni ngll.Im, l ro+ .I (omy~emlion.r Iilllsny',/llftlt/ llllllt~nrt'eI 'rem tl..s ntihi:ll ',l (;l~lll, i ' ,1od. 0r1ll 1Ito.,: - I m l' lhe 0,,iw ' tml llll rlll ' u'll+Irb ediliog I~o.,n'r' I·.3·l'.c nmlr EIl..lzsh I/lt'tionar·. in 1 vol, Ylo (ijilo.,lo fpcnll i l, ' .tlli' h I " ['0111 11-m IrlI.jl lo g l A t TY.-- l (,w mre cuit tf ')nll~llilllkl | II~nren (Igy ilr, w~ithl charm+,, I il iild Ih11*,r- 1· ltnl.l.. . L) ]- I-. nnh e.; (;ilt<ltl' 4 illnplur ed , II'l hI: ['en+V.j,4,,'mwI( l 1) .ermli wvYibltl &'. &l. &1,. *u:( l I I3 '-7J. IEV.I, I INNtI1'l('R 131113;I] \c 38.81l~l' I'+ll 1'[l t 1\'l l '1h''ltL O!: rllI (;"l,|-n11l lll'. .\llr.,3 llll "1111 lt htl' IlielIlr lc f " tII l llIllh i1 pr11111 (lll llj llll' d1t I 1301 3 o lotl eRllm dy lItInI:II llizqtvII ill III 11 11111 l l11V O V.ltl'bl e I i'n Or I '011101 'lhht111'l tI IrI 11n11h IIt thI. l<lllIa, lti the linatror IllIll''i 1 111111111li ntilili+4+ Ii l ile 1113 3113n1 ; wi(mo nt l I nilt~rnt; bligr~llPhiC( l 0I1 III hllqlelllIIl ll l.t yn . l e l li'll'' 13 )T t1 ~lllll lIll. llll :II 111h., 111(1 0 ('11 ( 1 o b l- o') l, o l luql l'0111l 3illh lhiltl ,nlll,'O' 1 5:-11): 1d , Im i ILt p erloe ~l'r~l.+tJ w' llll~ru\ ·~·l ,rovt'( l nIII (, Ir 111.110 . Ill1l'll IIe tUrh rlcL~l:~illll lIjlll 111·11111 1111 041'. J 1 31111 11 roe·IP a0( 131,f''om 01, hr l'lloo~lm. Ll..Ia ~lmidlnce -_ Ih111.1 111f10 t3t11r011 III 1\1' l I'h 1.ll. . l li 11iOll Of the yA a Ili'7. 131101 h ,1 lT1r , X I LII iAOIIn0 t(li,,i =e(: (,n.l~ IIll l II.I.*·h. a ++i ll~h (tllllk ~ rll~bl lro l tn1111 h'11011e11an dll ilo t110III' 8891rl. . 31'tKll :1tNI of ta of t'lllltrl'nll cl'~ltlo 011 I'oolya llll~~lt lll lllldlltcll er . (.'o 11 PII£,+ I I~(I ex Luitll+ ·Lltcl. .t~ lllli l k +.i| theI 1 pol rlcllll ++%l lllall,,(. Jlivt rec+.ived and for ille I,v· \VM~ 31'KF:AN ilo~v L ' ir.' lli ll C llltl t ItritA,/v. s t, ofth jo ,re emlninent Ipo s of th dtu, --,',,i I'lll ].' llI'., wil 'i the Ipl'lnnhll x -t :ildlllS tllrayi le2d h1) '!tii;a[l"'"'l "r . illi, ,:, ,''. llrlr, illlll . v llll~ ln I h:b',! n ,, i111'! ::1' LLI,[NKIR, h. t'l )' 't y ree p - , ,., ~,, 1, ' ' :t I ,I I , ,, ,. ,, bt te laru, a I ' t-a'" ore 1'.i : .i. I is' ,. i. r " te' k o1 ,a .!-, ! ,l '. , r 1 rs l r ne ,, 1,,, , n I .lan, i ('rtl\ll : 1.l i ,·r el a\' nd ,'n,, I ni," ll , i '"1" 1':.": p I ' n F h : r r I n1, a. reanr ,1 linI ,Ilr p:IT I,. , I 1-n,, , n Applterin, Ch h : it ~rl , Il'ýl,,i 'l "]r rI1It' l eiora red 1 ' t 11 ." ,l ,,c Ih t al 1 ,<:) e 1I " rl f lll • . i . . , i.I I n ui l ,) ,ii tIi, t r& I "I ~fr"' 1'd br eII w ah. ; , r rlrl ,l1, al.r o h r I ,r lri, warole q ,l I li'J I lyr I ' ,a1 ou r i n di % lll ,, i et-t, U ' J, ',, li:,v, . IIJt ll a s, herd ',) , . II , .n I d 'll el ,l h, h ol e illl n Hiil" '1 a fe t.i e C att"re' m. ' [".rId E r !ret r reFarr pnd h I ,, llrlr. Hi! I, , ," , &-,I1L(" . ,( , dJ 'la l rl, h,,h , Sic. "-l''# uI ril' 1."'llu n1t+ V 1IO'illl it Bllllil 1. La. ilrld 1', 4 r t o b b· 1, i, .lnu avo e i n.l f| ,,. e'hh frll:" W l-, ~I -,i li' r ,u ", P tlfh d hexer, I -Tll t bsI r l:lilbl, :Ie, n r le,, Ihl;tr 't I1t. t ohr h w nlho tJr'I I t 1 er and ls, a '' ll ,ll,, ' the gr elerri ,n 17l~erel],.,e., r,1,, .el,,vq er nn) i l,,,id'a.r ,,I I'.. .Ic q d,:l1' s, [, l.t" l,'I llllnrr i lrO OOdld · " "'i' n.ia i b ,Hll| \ll I'ble. l dl uil rloelltl Atintr ir. nt, tr t i ' 1,r 1111t l, It rN dr , "e c5E".onp .p JheN ; T It ' ill I. r,.hl, d1 ,, n, tl e "',,ni l 71 .oc tld ote: llttt II the it, u,,a . irdrt ly, ftr , },eI. l i er , a:rd tcl i tl tI tI I tth .eit , Iti I ti i- / d , . t Jl l i 't tlntritnero, ilta, r e Ill, e1titltlt 1 tnh, Ul tem ao iov l t tittu n t, ei t , ', , r '. rr ire la hr. It L ,_ pel otl" olyll I rp D hi,.,I I ur a ldl rtl l i, relan rt".. . ,but i t i ti,., rittlltl' y ri te a,,ell pith ~ l ,l r ojlh . ,, , s it ln be ulped. An i toit:nori t' u-t the t i, l x l e bv,'n eM.poed-to a llu fie I nl a ,of t",he dUE o , the I1 ,.,th I' ftef n ,t diO e-. hor i e ' a, ti'Prtnla e;t I5r-tsX@44 .t I t erv JF 1,, I '"171lr,, r I l[ c . e-"!,u m n l b eric, a' io p- : it i 'A"i rent ont * , , poo r ant deati' the l ir t d ' atLtendaell.c h ir " eUtly denied. lhrll. r."Ise, verv rcliclly bteatiwiod. Th'll , uhie a r, .pc tl tonet ii t irt p.- y do ''m 1,litol- . .f CIhi rLCdici .... r.e iily uffea [I ep .·lir lll l. y Dr. John ft. Rowllnd at hi-ale worklrggi Scr CLL m6,W ."choW &-Th , - N I hY ase firt at Iq t~l S, PE {!. r c~j'.-ý' h °igA 7,.tfl, tw1q A"*Fr 1

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