Newspaper of True American, June 29, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated June 29, 1839 Page 1
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PRICE 121 CENTS. LRw OJ fV P__ 1 __ _ENT NEW ORLEANS, SATURDAY MORNING JUNG 29, 1839 ..Voi.-V, No 1989 Terms of the News paper Press of Newo Orlean unanilorunlv agreed ro at an adjourred meeting of thl I'rurirlerirvihld on the 13tit, of March, 1837. Su.scalrrlos.--'welve Dollars for the dily pa at anlllll, paylble .elni-annually ill advnnce: to dollars for tle ri.weekly couotry paper, payable one oear in udvaloce, where no city reference to giveon.: Five dollars fIbr the Weekly; pavabll ic advalnce. No I tbes;riilion will be discontinued until orrearagee are settled. In case of di continuance, one week's notice in uriang tomnt oo invariably given, previous to tIl pirlaosn of subscription. A oVnarislGo.-Itoe dollar per souare for tie first nnsertiin, and ialf thait pric for each suhsequert one: an material alteraititaon firm tie original advertiiemntl will be charged as a new one. YoAtI.V AUvatarisvn:.-Mereltaoit and Tra'ers, orty dollars fi Elngislis alone, aild isxty for botit Ian ga Il.; Banks, lusuriauce Olties, and other siliar bl ptl lastittiut.e, fifty dollars in IEnglish only, aind htyl for both languages; Ship and drtermboat Fac Sors, or Cossnliaion merchants saily dollars in Etnglislh no, ai deigity lor both llngI.gLs. , OJrrUalI NOTICES, andt articles elil i5g tit attolntion of the public to sales of pesperty, cards of pasenlgers, benefita, &c. &e. will e eleolmrgi one dollar per square for the brst inscrtion ill each la SU ie. COMsaMlesNcaTlo or Adrertieemettts, of any person n nature, wihen adlnisaille. shall be elarged double, andl in advsace. A deductioni of twenty.rfive percent. will be rade to Actioniers, Shberife, Ilugisiersrf Wills, sad altehals os ssleeoof real estate,. Iuilislied in mllo limngragesI, and 50 per cont. is iEnglish alone: l0 peir celt. onsales l" other property. AIl.ittrtsor'.us out of lire direct liie of buiness of tie advertiser, eurh as legorl, aurtion, rl d laatl ioll sal, runnoo-y tliaves, otrtiy annimls, &&c. &C. will belcharged forl solIaticelv anti t II t orIdinary roitee. AtrvlTtSE.MaETSr Itali rteCifiea an to timie, will be liublished ole inonthl, and cllrgedi acecordinglyi No advertiements of Iav nkruptci. will bIe Iublished n ary caPe, niesstr paid tier previlil to insertion, or Il'tmeoit galarincieel by a resonisillei lieriio in towu. lsa iwrn anl olier places of altnsemerttt, nsdvcrtisilln deill, or to be charged $l00 for Ilnglish a lone, ani $150 in botrl All anlttoulrcltentts ot' candiiiates tfir solitical ofices will be clarged double ti pritce of other advertise tra Owing to th . i t. lots sustsined by er prorpiitoare, thev hIanvrcorse to the conclutcioeli tht ite ieta1efl persoes IvtWe w icetticount itlt av t nt been ptid witli nono tllonti aflcr prercntutiot, shall be Siule kntwto (ao for as iracticoble) to each ottler--they obli inttiitlal tlsr i i nut i nt i adverltise or priilt for such, d linquseits ,unless in case of iaiendc" ptymeltas. (Signodl) J C. IDt STr. ROIIES J. IAYON, P. P. REA, J. C. PRENDERGAST, JOHN GIBSON, LU;MSl)EN. IVrekly Press.--We. ther ondersigned, agree to abide by the above eunditills, as iar as they are applicable to weoaVly papers. (digned) A. B. L.AWRENCE, SNerllt eoscriptions are takes for lases tlian i riontha. L.tters ustarill t liv. eel. be Ditl tsail. Letters mustria ti cdase r.e belot p..nt. . H- EOiRRHllOIDW. H AY'S LINIMN'NT.-No Fiction.-This ex traordieary chemical composition, the result of science, and the invention or a celebrated medi cal man, the introdust , n of which to the public was invested with the solemrnty of a deathbed bequest, has since gained a reputation unparalleled, fully sustaining the correctness of the lamented Dr Gridley's last confession, that " ha dared not die without giving to posterity the beuneit of his knowledge on this subject," and the therefore baqueathed to hi fIi ind and attendant, Solomoa Flays, the secret of his discovery. It is now used in the principal hospitals, and the private practico in our country, first and moast certainlv fli the cure of the Piles, and so exten lively antd hft, ctually as to baffle credulity, unless where its etl'cr.s are witnessed Externally in the tollowina g copipiatlats: For Droplcy-Creating extraordinary absorptiao: at once. All oSwellings-Reducing them in a few hours Rleumttism-Acute or Chronic, giving quick 8 .Ser Throt--By Cancers, Ulcers or Colls. CGroup nd Wlhooping Cough-Externally, and lver the Cheut. All Brucise, Sprains, and Burns-Curing in a ftw .rtes. Sores and Ulcors--Whethnr fresh or long t rrndiig, and fever sorcs. Its operations upont adults and chnldren in radue ing rlieulr,ttlc swtrlblrlgs, and louanelllng coughs and tighittness of the cheat by t elaxatiou t' the parts, ise beeni sutrlrising bcyond conception. The eomnlmon rintark of those whr o have used it in the Piler, ic " It acts h. .e a chart." TtlH I'PL. IES-T-ih price, $l is ro'undad to any person whol, will tse a httle of ilay's Linimlnt fur the Piles, antd return the empty bottle without being cured. ThIos are the positive orders of the pilrtu'er to thie Agents; and out of tmany thou. satnds sold, not onll hlas been unsuccessfll. IV might insr(t certtifcatsa int any length, bu.u prnfor that thlise who seil the article, holuld ex hdiit tile riginal to pIrcehaslrs. i CAIJTION-None ctin he genuine withouto a ,siehlndil ongraved wrapper, on lwhichE is miiy nalcnI tad also that of the Agent. s.OLO O YS. SOLOMON HAYS. Sold wholesale and retail, by COJISTOCK & Co, Newv York, and by one Druggist inl everyI total i tile Utoiout. For salo by ite Whiolesale Agents, corner of Cun non & 'l'houpitoulas street, and by the AotlhecarLes generalyv. je30_ NO CURlt N)o IA l R.,JO)tNSON,Ollice illt Itieoville stroer, con ! tliier lis practice to tie treatment of Venereal )lease., li tll its dit.jireorit firaIa. )". Jahnset , froer a residenee of liany years li Iles piia il iur Erlte, deevoted to tihe trearttnit in" Venereali liraa i'n, ndlt from Ilis I restnt extellSive prnctici i ira petilc tlar iorirnc o tile F rofetaion, guarantees a sala, ldy anid e'eeltual cure Ilt slch persens as are tlllrlCd with Irnav f tfila llowiing diseases, vill: runorrhLae. i;letsr, trtietnreI ChtiSairecs, nubra, Sa.i all t \ tre ak ., tI fciileni of the Ilallder, Kidlt ys,, L.ia, Urethra, Prostriittm ilanoll, Swelld 1 esticles, ~altiritIs tilhe Skillr Sire Tllruut, Painl ill the Jints; luid tile natlerot synr llltoans wlnchI geTerally follow lr lioeaec. teernt caner s elret in lIr, or three days wtitiout the us if lei cilre, ialtrrlr.iaIt rant busiensil, or terto e Il.medie ie tw preent lVelereal I)isease can le obi toned df Iim".Jith nte It it Iroto tlie recipie of rile itle iltlrv a te allhratedt r l9c'ttti :SurgeonCIuI i witns Il liv hiii litrtiig t'tn+rveeral eunrttiI eIinsh whlicIh lie rvd olas .S-'r r,,, r tl tt.l iitt li French Arl rilr . b I)r. Jliionlrn, a hii online. 'Ilioaf prertosl eiyL s-l, ties of rVenlrtal isetaise and t bout ~et vvuan lea, r rnltovii tate, mthe ,ountly, awull II lit giving Ii. Joiiisonai actill, is prorper uitli luto iltelr clloe il ilt" lhortest tln.,t cait be put ula writreu dirtr til d iifo i their use. ce open iiruill 7 i the ituruilng ultil tO UtloUck at ABEtIIN'riY'. lVSPP 'I'ItC I.ItLR. eptirn•it alt nin-it en thso f the I iaie- r tChit rilleo nnrliek orlit tei ill tile tt leltr iacl . 'lie C Elixir ca uId bIy hint witl thic lnot nllilrtrledcnted succeass ill i't e nv ite lind Iublice e tice n r tliterrrine ian ftorry vier, flr ita renrtval of :hie fiollowitg diseanes: t"r or'facp tlllite, I'laltiletnev, Distir ti, ttn l itlta Slola - adisPLain ill tlet ide, Iellviuesoftrr h li tend t int li cairn tIt Ileep, Irreguairiv of tie BoIwelht and hii aill cols where Lnti reitiU orI urn a c 'osa )ie it is founl to elCbis medine tnaltot i tce nuulllelcd lnonr the rhost afiriiek inosltrulimi torw before tlle Ipuiie, as it is the e inv rie l tiin of hllce t and moast selentilie surgeonr nolos ever pridiroeI, ard lte secret of prepurini" it i tiureciasurd by tlll agent folr a vry large sumn. It i agpeale ail pleasatul to tuhe taite, cte as itt cild ulner ian, iwaya keteps thel bowels free, iniprlts vigor and satngtl to tie t ystaute nd s heerftse!,o thee .ib ,a . itld w, cud l 4 4 GAS IIEPAIL'' EN'', Gsn Light Bflnkinki tonp'l.'Jantltary 30, 183:19. IplE .tt'k of CoLoke heinrt, illc'., holaed Istia CIt Spony will fuleridh Pittaburag :al, in small qua' tlioes to their cueantere. Orders received on the Gas Office, lahnk Alley. joa31 1 W \V LI.ELI, S3e'y, URNIIAM'S DROPS.--'l'his medicine was d discovered by the proprinetr and has been sub I jecteld to his careful observation for many years In every varieny of pacticer, and all the diseasr, it of rio diversified Alnerican clirate; and it is not given t to the public wit the Iholuto) confidence and elieve tha it is, as most clearly set forth in tile paRmphlet aoceomptnyit tin e sante, the beat Inedi. . cine ever thrown within the reat.k of all classes of atoeiety. It in with tihe rreoatey proprieay given in all the maladies wl hic noltliot the human rtoe, from the es',bliahed lato, tliat, when ,aktn into the aelo irnmach it actsaccourltig int the state of the ato l nlh nod lihe nature of the disease, ithler as an matto, diuretion dorlii, eolocreloru',o tr rperiet e rtrdiline That it is tt lljy wh t it ijurporta to be, vntedtonlyatrial to satisly the most ilcredulous. The fact is daily toutl in to the knowledle of the I proprtl',ra of its benllefiil and aeving erects in c cases of tile aoueannd fever,billits, tyiphuas, ner ,oue and sarlet fIever, inlliuet,n violenlt celd, dysrnterry or fllu, dysprpsma or umeasle, esaatll them Ihat they are not only warranted in wartl, recomterlldi Itu butl tlieyrRe called upon fron a senlta u dlly uhllllh they owe to tlhe hulnll flitily to say to fll, try it ia,nl you will bitr ample tesit onv tonall we have sid ,n the suhjtet. 'iThe chfflera luself, tle worst soaorg, which Iie ev, r visited our colllty, Ins been successrfuly cot quered the proprtetllor in thirleen cta wtilt the use of thts medicine only, wilhout tllet o ISof a singlle loliclto The toledolnOe is pleared only by dotoors BUIlNIIAM & DAVIS, t.t. Louo Miloanori; and is put p nl phllti eachi nett ycompanioed with a plain and distinct direeetion, and eontinillng bout sixty doser, to had for seventy five cents, which t takes t maeil the cheapenst nledllcile ever offered to the public. The above medicine in eold whulesale and retail by our Arente, lHenry lnonlabel, Drugaiso ant d I Apothecury 'I'ehnupuh oulas oFiret. New Orieson. . E\V MIUSIC-O0, Native Music; l'The (Convent l al 1• PIm at rmtit, rovin i Blade; Never Despair, ab do'ttyOtt r[ettirtoetltoe beattitlht glutte ia toe lrlt ttll orntitne; Ti' e With Ilotrse o' tle Pep peret 'llot oe COlle Jd O L.ovt e rlln rt nar ate,r c ng by i ioss Y e ri I in the grand Romtnti Opera Atilia- (lood Nig I 'tI' meetil.g andl portitg; I ctr: out for cprilg nil e fieklo wig, biy II I ussell; ColtOn, come tlou art in on , rot; A .i I. onotr Oreoon w..., bt I t Ratooll; Sho wahn htd for hti to Itne let ftll a taa'r Come to ne at Itoerlliltg; (O'er Ite wIttr by ttlotliigtr; t'iter'S on itte h Ie like lmtow, d Ilrrdllid Ibre tli' brp byv T .aLborre,- IloyIal Valltzea, by A liltro; (jllteell Victeria's Coulrt tuadrilles. Just roooewtd and hitr u.t ity it19 1i tCASEuY, t1 Coorp at rulliilllion I.Y FIvE AND A HALI DAY~S : From Mobile (Alahbma) to Atngumnsta (G6eoJ) It E ALVIS Mobile every other day, itamea.i:ately clel Sthe atr rival;dI ofthe Ilr.ll r'lll New ()lteltan, Ier ttiaf Ssteamlboat EItEI.IaI, to IHlakalt. erches to PenanICOleI d strambotttaats(1per I'enatseola Ily, St rlos, sousl] atn cl Ch1o31 tatachlie tli er an Iliay) to Geodtr Iluff, coae hes theatc via Mariannaa, jhattaoaiuchee, (lormerly MIount Vet. t a a,) l Bainhbthl te, l'i t.erton; Ilawk ihaville and Louli . Sviller itogAa:i , .A rtsse ieer talt tbo siet atl Mr. Iale Io in tao slataa, of b ciag Ihrowll ot or losing hi preterenee by othlr elllnflietin iteth reat, ar tilre PL.OI 1). IINE s btn ou. fcoueern, and Illdclrne eo~tto a thruoatiot',ta, n ,, llIa .hg TINae li aoITt ceatta i 141'ivalHt AiIKIISI'{· ill lim~e y lelfiell, rhllmlll.. s|l reslll ta1o llate shaoutl ra+o tlr. 'ItItoe at New O tlIcs tetl tlg, h t ta3l'll (ahlaaltlea, aa Ia t ri'tr llI aht %f re The snlo 1otli, ha:l , ntur a 1l11 % rraai e strfi arc in i ier hIll Catl Italt chllte, Ilorelnil, we IIhr e I ora orill a4H )ulCo alla a·I!:(ItaIScUCre',a~ ItILckeLte,.1 o ll tertrltSh.. e St' OClo.' h ,tI ll. *tatlr Mlllti d N liYo frm 1w0 lb u A..N t Ia-ra .% | I'i ttt -\~b it|l iyilI tflttent Ml aeaaaa loose 1atabile I)isttro, N.ew ttrleots to %lttilr, Iwta ncllr + Mlt, oil bilet) ton Al' nli lssc , to S Ma'k - Ai ill a to Mh a clt on, ,Ia t Chal~rulen to Near Sark, 280- 1Ia I; 'TA attt|1,ai r.gaO 3 . I~ ~ ~ ~~~~L tIloe' lol Mble. Time, It w O)thlan t,, Mittailaa, '28 hours a M( ilt, e s o tr Iaiaaas. tt2 a AuttlaH ta (halleta-tnla, 12 "a . likillo 18 m hs pr n . " 7 tittles pet' I r +1 r ill Sslve uf all stl,qq g,lnlx " t.)v lu l . IIlt tlol clat e ' o itlat o rl the t ltb'licrte tallt hridge ot¢elr tlfe Challhooehch.ewanll ll hrd Ia :lh crel:ek haveieJut beisn I the ge.te.ral t.aot mearntatlr Iath n*l'asces aoelaltillea tglitllttlthis slic ,aia speedy rl' u, n1e . t llus happily enolllotull; anll I have th leiaullle of Icl nllg lroa thlatl tle oach ellso. .l, Idrivelrt ll| :oalll ,r~ea oI tIL first orderl; tltlla as at gt w.lic otlllne fl-omn I'ellnsatol; ltl r (l.l n Ilulf, it is aIlllil, te l~~y a·ll; ~ who~~I haw~ m :~wd~ tl ~,roghi I,,,,,,,,, begm'~s* tIaoraha taveaaiaaibreerrlaeired. J IC IIAKEI 1"tb .1lnia u'ra'aaomtaaud C/tase oa 'rt1,t eaalllllllaldb i a lbdles ,I .lldrtd allld Charles aOn, ,naeed ryallia, ataibt, tia e a rets, cnd tie aaitaataac bila cre at all titeas.pbl~ c optiaion Ira rbcuaaecditr d.ctd I the t re fic cy of l. ady I" ilctaaguas'. CilIapoaand Chireac, soap t beyold ous p tCae lur telaer or riang wOrmaianaplet o pit O he face, un burn, tan, etaptiona prataly heal alnd nllteat ti a as o e th aahin t the healing haualities of t I soa a' will snO eradicaile. It is rtcoammelnded asI an t eanollirnt shnin, 8;0or Oat eopouad f.or aI Imen, or bheautitlvin the com e plexio, r v"no 1I frackles, arnd iml)paraia rreshnscc aud dlihacey aio tihe tcoianlrton,. Th'lie aris:aerattic dIsatineltln at a uait antd white Ihand, is with many ne object ofl P coal;derale ilaterera. Ex poutaretwarmclt iatrles a the aneck Ufae and Rhands become Utaned Tor hlard d etearl, aad tihe inv ntioa ns of illodta rn cl ry have iteel retldered subselvletlllle ataerely to tle necPRs. aery every day atna at aht, but even to its luxurie h anti( ele11 ln0 tos. SId rhtllarale ano rtail t at N,. 95 Custon hoatest. lPratr 1 $t. NEW MEDICINE,0 a Dr. G. R lielp' ('aompontd i'OMIA "O PILLs, t [l;nth ely ',eg,*t aleh. .I neer a;. t i hr,lble +!licbe for all Dixeaeto, 0.s0 H reasllt tail, C alat/aO oas -r aalarIlia iat oeters,. p 1 a e t t ,t t l I t arl i ota e ae t a toio lao. r.HESE l"''llhtr l'illN he~ill .t I.Olll~l~ltlllll Or a newly di..- i .~L oyoell Aika illu aallbt~llee, extralcled ronl the ',['Olllal PhtdttI withl OthlWlr regl, rjliell Ilave brcl |.Ju II I to iiiud14 ll' ll]'ure its elleclr, . u I etirvsd tu bethe besArIter Piaoitetaboaaaetllarta.]ldaechoteoe •tr civurettt,ahtot ' tatn ta htlnd&alta taa',aearu cs rtllly trihd, aud have r.ct)diet i teaIlebr dal ta crab delo e eieeSer" tht, d)yhpep o aJlllhllce I I 3atatrll, iballtao.o dlocac, Aridl talalllcaa s aluicdid tr oel- " lhltso aoocl helltd Caolll.aatlo t Cltar. Ilduthorbeoc. 1; Alr Alrldotea a Conltuglocc alld I'petuenir dttacsera to pre- e P etllt hlo olltru lllal u0" blllouo cand laieter bliCtillllo, FI 'r lld - AgUE, tE·C ii| tlO.O .,11o rentlt.I hoI IIc CIIU1.II tulll loW sad~ illarslly coaaac tr le. eat, t hC' l a,, t ti irt a Itl a t C uill Ier rrt,, thore Ioa .dloats. rollllaaootll w llad taral cn c t,tlttblti renladye fatr tie Caellrel Utld a'lattlerI thhct Ileat cleditil:a Ihoy eran 050 tu eotlcertlOl tit dll~rla t rfexturura ill unhsloot c i eltate. rtorhliucry Fucaric Phtic, titeyure u|vterac . .ti at ,rovead w thtt It.te etver a'-,.d. a 'rhol potlu cur vlrletatra o Oar thaaaat Placlt have ter tagll hileat otreoted the cLreatalofl otto IhtediChal praotosion cocldthea Ia pubch, clad g'ractillatareatllu, haeell tareete It th hsuturomd- d Ia ;elapatnttt cf tt Inatditaitaal iata itaoett wtc t ttet prpltrtater it hapey ill boitig oao cde ac tratdlhf]--rlad preantttt Ilit pItt to 01 tile pIablie, wiott tthe oull talltlltteac af theior beiu- t he tctr 0' certificattes curet, trcclarllthar. sa wo Live tkn tctae, tos k tlteima .ol oeveratleph, u inle r te Imt phta oc rbtde, coal u r taeo tr asm ' tor ao C ssial te ed tPO5¶ly STAT:E OF g LOISIANA-First Jud cial Die.. trict Court. The State of Louisiana, to all whom these pre sents shalll caoe, greeting: Whereas, William Mackey, of the city of M;ys. ville, Kentucky, having purchased at a sale made by thie Sheriff of the parish of Orleans, the pro. perty hereinafter described, has applied to the clerk of this court, in whose office the deed of sale was recorded on the second day of May. A.D. 1839, for a monition or advertisement in confbrmity to an act of the Legislature of the State of Louisiana, entitled "ane act for the further assurance of titles to purchasers at judicial sales," approved the tenth day of March, 1834. Now, therefore, know ye, end all persons intc. rested herein, are hereby cited and admonished in the no. ta of the State of Louisiana, and of the First Judicial District Court, who can set up any tight, title or claim in and to the property herein. ancr descrihced, in consequence of any informality in the order, d cree, or judgment of the court un. der which the sale was made, or any irregularity or I illegality in thie ap:praisements and advertisements, m time, or manner of sale, or for any other defect whatsoever, to sinow cause, within thirty days from the day this monition is first inserted in tihe pullic papers, why the sale so made should not be con. firmed and honlologatcd. The sald property was sold by the Sheriff of the parilsh anflireaid on the 11th day of April, A. D. 1839, by virtue of a decree of this court, rendered on the 2dl day of lMarch, A. tD. 1839, an a suit eli titled William Mackey vs. 'licr & Steevrer, No 17,376 of the docket of this court, at which sale the said William Mackey becameo the purchaser for the price of thousand and one I hundred dollars, payable as follows, viz: I The pnrclhaser assuming the pavment of one. half of two notes of six thousand seven hundred and cixty.fiee d'liars and fifty.sia cooents, each to he due on thie 26fl' of Marchl, 1810, and tihe hulancci cash; the purchaser assuming also, thIue um of eight thousanand and five hundred dollars, due to the Union Bank of Louisiana, with interest at ton per I cent. from tlt Febreuary, 1839, and thie balance ini cashl, a reserves ca special mortgage on the pro. perty sold unlil tihe ane is paid. I),.eription of' property as given in thie junicial conveyance, viz: The undivided half of two certain lcts of ground, together with all the buildings and improvemonsa thereon, rights, ways, customs, servitudes, privi. loges and advantages thereunto belonging, or in any wise appertaining: said lots adjoin euch other and make part of the iatture in front of the suburb St. Mary of this city, forming the lower corner ouf Julia and New Levee streets, desigiatod by Nos. Nine,oen and Twenty, on a plan of said batture deposited in the oice of Felix Grirna, Notary, dated the thIirtietl Juue, 1832. Lot No. niletcen measuring feet six incies front on said New Leveo street, by one hunldred feet in deplth more or less, by a citificate of Joseph Pli,4, city surveyor, dated March 251h, 1836, it appears that said two lots measure togeth. or, in English measure, seventy feet front on New Levee street, by one hundred feet in depth; togeth. t er, also, with two hundred shares of the stock of C the Union Bank of Louiisina. Witness the liel. A. M. Buchanan, Judge of thee Court aforesaid, this Gth May, 1839. se my 10--4tw P. LEBI ANC, Deputy Cl'k. Ic Imy 10 -4tw P. LEItIIANC, Deputy Cl'k. ETA'( DE LA LOUISIANE. a Cour du 'renmier District Judiciairo-L'Etat do il Louisiaooa,- ttous ccux quo cos pr6sentes coan. cornott-Sht 6a: A I'1'END1 U qu, Willian Mackey, do la vinll de SiMaysvtlle, !atntocIky, nyant acele Za une vento i Rite par Ito Scrifll', ta Proisso dl'Orldons la pro. pri6td ci.apres d(erite, 'est addre.~d6 a groffo de ccott cour, o, l la dit venteo fat enrdgistr to ale ne r jour do Mai de I' undo 1839, ponr an avis, con. 0 ;rl.lmcnt a un actsoto to Cdgisntoare to 'Etat do Ili Laluriune, iotituld " Acts pour confirmer too titrns dons acqdorours aux vento judilciaircs ;" op. prouvd In 10 Mars 1834. Qo'il oit connu, et tolles personnes in sent par cos prdoentes onmedos au noon do I'Etat de Is Louisiane et do ta cur Idu Premier district Judiciaire qui pourraiont avoir droit a I:1 propriot ci.apros do6rito, on cons.d quenc0 d'un ddliat do forme donn 'ordro, lo do.ret , l6e ijgclnert do lou cor, on vertu duqucl o ta:ou St( hil., onu do route irregularitd 0u itlegalil duns I'orstlnation, i'avis oa e temps ot to ildelou toi lao oveote, uu pour un0 rutro cause qoalconque, do faire vulo dans iunto jours, a dater de la ip!,liae. tion de cot avis, pourquloi la vnto audsi .t.. t no seroriet pasconl-firloeot hoiologoloe. La dile Iro)prd: tfit venduo par 'c Sthdritll'sus. lit le Ilomet jour d'Avril tle 'rannee 1839, oe verto I'nil ddret de cetto cour, rondu to 2 dS Moars do l'oo dno 1839, dans I'ltffre do Will:an tolackey contre ltier t Stcever, No. 17,376 diu ldocker do cotta cnur, aeloquelle vente ledit William Mackyo oest reodu acqudrour pour to prix de $27,100i palyable comml suit--savoi, : L'aclqulreur asslumant to pailotet de la moitio de coux billets de $6,765 56 cents chaluo, qut s0rolu0 dois le 26 mars 1810, ot la balance cptaunt ; I'atc. quarcur ossumn ntl aussi le plniment do Ir. solone do $5,501 duJ a to I lanqeo do I'Union do la Louisiane oave inldrott an laux do 10 pour eenlt i coupter duo ler. Fdvrier .l. 9, et la balance conmptant, 0t ro. servant une lyptotllequo sp6ciale sur la proprift. venduo, jusqu'a c quelle soit paydo. Description do la propridtd d'aprcs le transfer judiciuire. Lan moited iodiviso do doux certoin lots do trrro iave teotes loo bitisos et amnilioratiuns qui s'y trouvent, ainsiqe loo droits, chemins contumes, servitudes, privileges et avantagcs y appartunant o'uoo oluolooro quolconque ; con lots sont nooiguas ct font pario de Id batturo on faon do faubourg Soc. Marie do coltt ville, formant I'encoignure tl plus basso des rues Julie et Nouvelle Levdo, et sent dsiggn6s par les nos. 19 nt vingt, sur on plan de la dire batture, dopoof on I'dtlude do Felix Grima I notaire, dltd du 30 Juan 1832. Lo lot no. 19 noe. sure 41 plods 6 pouecade face it la rue de la Nile. Lovdo, sur 100 plods plus ou moins do protondeur, d'a;ptos un certoficat dd Joseph PotIo, v ycr de la valle, dto du 25 onars 1836, i1 paralt que cos deux dits terrains inesurent ensemble, an plods angluis, 70 peodo do ltce ait rue do lto Nouvello L.avuo, sur 10, do proolindour : uvoc allsn 20)0 actioun noi lfod caplltal de la Blnque de l'Uniol do la 'Tdr'otin I'houoroblc A. M. Bluclhanan, jugo do la eour sudite, noe 6 Mai 1838. P. LE BLANC, Olhuai 4t Dputtd Gretfllior. STE IjBOAT BrILLS. l0 ;W N LN T.or C. IP' I'ALr .s of S 'I'EA I I JF )A'I'.Oo'or boIIec thr Io ills atroeeooj; io urc or more Colored tnks u0 Plain or Colored Paper, rith o'opatrlt, nodl oir fooroa.iie Termso, ly oeario, their I0000:0S alonlotUf A E tII.tCAN OIMb ICE, Ctourller nl Puydra anmd St. C(tarles streets. GAIR & ,\l'11.\ias-150blhdsS.l.u, 0ll00 galls I.ldasso1.-t planltio 1 oo, il .r sile tly ADAMS & W'II'T,\LLr ul--'w (i7 Gravier at a ADDLEIIY \WARtE.-- I ie subscribero, ImaUll. laclurers sad wnholesale dealers in saddlery wgods, are now receiving by late arrivals froml the nrtls, in addition to their lorlier stock, not exten sive nssorltment of arlicles in their linet, onung alch lare tie tlllowing, viz: L odios and. misses plain and quilted onddle, GiUp!eoeno's do Spsnish do do do Moexican do do, do Creole do C 1 0o do Aomer. do - do do English do e ~'+ do Spanish do , do Creole do d . birdles and bridle mountings, o 'mar tingales, japanned roach lnrneso, ,.g and sulkeo do a de t.arouche do . do it Idntlet valicoe; omedical b.,ati bel Iren: Iramne d;lea t oa.t, top 'Wee: kitsas and e and iot hero N's; trook thad: t.. LUCINA CORDIAL. E CORDIAL 1"; LU3'INh 3J3 1:EIIXIIL DE L L'AMIOIUR.J1h0 Unllitle Miules AerIt fr th Lucius Cordial or Imfxir ofILoe, returns h31 is g efoll 0ok1ow33d31333t33for t fllittering Ipatronage 33hich1 lie hras alreadyl receivedl, anld also fur thebr Illllly testi molnials winch l eave been sea~t him tuuebigz theI)I thle d-[ 33333o31ti330013333 effliccy of thi3s in333ti333le md0icinje. The well foundlied repalutimn of the Canl~ino Cordial t warrants th3e n, 3t in33wi313dr03ng his long advertise- r 30030a; but for 1I304Jefit o,3those p0erson3 who 33ll3y t3 as yelbe naw1a3re 30 its 3, 130 o'oold explicitly 'i state that it 33 Dr. Mlagoin's eelebrated disco333eryJo which hIas rept: d 3l3ch a OOuniiMn in Falnle.-Thatlit tl speedily r0033.01 into virile powers, wh33re t0I3y 133301 tially renovatesn the protcrennt funi:tiond; thus it is an etfebetlal core fir the B Ioralbus; sad above all that1 it at is thle onlyv rented t L!V~rdiacovr;L1d for the removal (tf il opollcncy ill 'pale*, and barrenlness in femalesl. Owinlg ti Innis vastly mvtioratitll qtahilee, it is "ir, Highly urn- I3 :,I1n333330yjI obstructed, dit3e3ult or pain0ful1 OIII LI int3, ineontinrooo u3'h33 urine3, 3r involuntarv discharge th330reof,331hron3 eru003 33io3 of tho 3kin, drop;sic; l u3lle 33lins of eo aged &c. d In ordelr thatf1I all classes of society may receive the a beneflit of Dr. lngnill dliscovey, il1a Ameoricus 33ro I 3rirur Ituioeonoos3tdl3:d that Ilth Cord0ial shall1 a; 3ol3in LI allottlsofsix 3333331.3 0acht tile3 rr1du33333 p3rice 33 whicih i le03 tha33 o33e half the3 p3rice. 3rg0d 0or it ill France. JOIIN WINTrERlS HOI.l)E:DVFI.I,, Al. II. P United13 States P'roprietor30. b Tile aove inolledioino is for sale. It ao13sule and retail ii at No. 1.3 I'lllllyr. 3 3reet, between M30 g3azi3330 03 nd Collafp 0 tNo, (3w Or0s333. 1321 3it A IBEAUTIFUIL head ohnilr it tht g'randedt toras s!ent Ielhnintg tl tite uoan face'. Ilow trancage ly lhe lats al it changet thle ctllto'lnttl'acd and pran tiactlv rine s ol tibc appernce oftolhe itpeewhcich t u even t t'b..cev to avoh t lectaa lnd sneers of! tIeir eequat.lnce: tile rettinler c t'it'e y es are eoen qtquontlepent in rethterent. In tsl ntt ar PYCet the los oafirpertv fills tha geenroo t hnk ntg t'tath with tiat na B ickant tIlotim as domis the lae dtf irie. Iir. To avert all tietee nntcjlea'ne eirec ut lmut'e tild•l e' I Ba A F Cmealt bia tnl. to the huair fram fi lina oen tr I rste application h a pfew hottles restores it hic c It ikewto ppcetroen eetowt and whtskers; pcevrtts tie a ineir from t uc nin e, e ra, makes it curl rttintiflel', and rees it fro e l curft . Nc!i mert l o eet iteta c il te'co te fi rst rt lceltahBi yt in .t pplre t o t hI i rtt es of Oleridtis ge antch, ore thowcn yi e the propriet or.n S D7 Read the following : Rot ert Whartone Esq. Into Mavor t of PIiitadile, irIl ha vertlift' al i y ei- see be low, t a tbe hlgfll chars e S alrofhe ofClloin open the haio. i v Th underhig ced heret y ela e tihre y titt al' e useet' the ItI l tt f COhtita ditacverI by J. m re lrietige an.ti ! have itend it rhiaew aerdien whel keh os a prenentit e u a fnest the iieg gff ota bahir, bst alcru 'ea ertu ra tur i m re tho clst linicecr ir Se t c :,r ite e'rc-e. st JOHN P INCGtIS,Iii Atch treect. b; JttIaN I) 'l'H-tMAo t , n 0, I t' c~ote't i JOHN Y PAL'R IJA SpruelN bstret. H IeUnII S lcCh U ( l)o.OrmrlyJ onth.C k a. JOIi. Vrespect ; D,r , f :i Arn alr i t. r i , It i ke iown Int te ra th ie p o r allon. bicn titnll t yee tfin e, acntr ie otmlr n iltt e than 30. i r a Sr elnd tcilhe allotor.] City tl fP' i'adr hia. ] til I Robert l hirtee ,a.M ayOr ofaid l ieo of llil)tc . i lFstreoe n tita' iac-a natento thre hightcliec ci tegaf eictmmocct commintttttta eh h ela, do er ig tdo t I h re Ptl n cci hal nc esl ite moess ze J do lol rs J llli f PrI e €, and aIlloh . I 'C o IV iu t s ee KlolllntlrtiO .[t ead t ic aedti fi lrige aid . orhe lltlel nF oit hit 'lnar a tin l e1. nt ioit ti tl a i olve fil credn stiOleo li l puive llr raid cerifiluroe. aIn In witnate ilt wbofl harve onet als l at envhrta of an d cingll lle se al a ntde cit S o be.ifoxrl, t Ui OpSlIn, large hats ehrttie ofItGue BaOy rcillm ran sul ca lptenid egItLraId wtapipel, t oa witih ic epeaCIstent thle Fl1 ,fNica r ioe. c hbe olt hlersle onld retad l y ilthe solr ao eator Antr i re rie. oe 2 Fletcher street, ates r t alidei Lace, te det I rei sPcarls llieen si ed TOby mat drali s and elrillflttc r b ml ough hcacOnll nrv. m b JARIVIS & ANISREWS, ms9 WnoleeDale Agc t, Nreat w Oreans. eat nevn, tt at Chids if nhabovnegsnery o par Co"r ".4tNtion wucourrngwit n fo Henry Siebrecht, (lorcmrly J. C. Iicksa, . would meC resypectflly inlorm lia frieni i' reeeivig a C g nerea, l oa O slltC e o upti olstery Fu had paper igeio.,i. 'The fidiao'ing comprtces a ai salorale entleme ofae nlos at actenlnlodtnlll tcnd nol half wcnlmac and eomm, 'hate lirlellnhia lelaset o 't and onglnzed tie do, rcnchi lanedscarper, lire I 0btarchi bltnds, &e. dtC veolvt nd woirted doa da, mortetze doe,.aletcsik Frfntot and oclhttlore. acall olit e trie, ethit eat i bte lrie, tirat ed alrm,,i, hs ors Sorledd p nactt aperlie o, cahitrltd. ais cIe-sllct, itea l tsicct Jlaicii tt d t t Iohittt d)tae lttattl dttl piy in mu~luu~ll i ttin tnld atilledc nnotilel coithtce tt Ilic l styleof ceedle tlalrt for atll cuchilsr , fletltall h eorce, ha leo' stole oh bell pollcrs, rciccad li uregae tad plaln, gilt ollldacv ornilnloe nls Ic t ll poitlcanc and cise t gilan ragleal batael cld laerntfoT athere pd &c, glas kheahe, stlers, leuir elih. igLtcuredttrd Pn plalll, a lari. eiseratlnlct cf cttea f r chiildcrct; cc irge silk cu oard ad i tastl, 'otsstc'd Coed tld aS. e sets c a genteraI aSclcranlt.!e tf ttlfichle ra aild p:perope d tlillcit lt , coneantly ot ictl an d fata sale cl tile pe hl.wl pcecs at Nedos R Nyel tud Oliltca nn N li--l'crsans in the city or C'nci tht cuntry 1 i stcrerepilulle iniitcd f a ail tnd ecxamcic tie hr tHe nyselve s. Cerlelt a(nd terlnyt, J C ade in the ht lcat nlodicrn gtvhnr, roil s ri o re at t he tin sa r ly sc al acetirl. aln e a rl ki ed h ol chcld fst er y u l rk i ad AIpROIAnging TH.SOIOOc CoAI.LY IaL.rics LYE EI). 'l'rit oslcl, d lf eontrhie Irfer h o IafJean lis- S bosle, . I). hy Williua. t Orecotfeld. Parct elt. Icl: t rlce nel asily P fl telsrra ye dl Parlt d. Isclcrlm and t ilconacrcilg, oath a oitte for Part3d. ' 0, s r ,, P e dar t h l l s a e. d n w d MN re',ag' Pllcsit!osicall y I) icg s led is the nt a sta h uoehill, a ttd dOtitedl- t'[ ostc intrae s tio work elpatawe 9s ever c.. t t I atellpl;a ik ind cilot d. c oa itl l aptc err s e pl c l lut t oe tli no ll tur ce li t t l o t i oodl olad o h a n ae c y c t pllb~icati nntdll tlha sVPfhet.el etneliOllad by olo, elltlIl o Hvlllne.-La .Meoatueleac. covere is a nrew ti le blld pil ler , rai. d t i gure a g iccintlce a ,it,,ll,,ittt it is c lrb, c it itcittlinca mt el sadecttanpe l i age, ln t the i te wtln j'tc i its o t a lp ttOrs ill tlcd If telol it ilt id rile n oi l it , t i clte d e It t c Ic c lt aored;d it ,olte iclcately. \lVe onrchiloly reatelrlc el i itt *c latt trsst'oc in b Citiertitta,'' rt cilca c frsciot ci cci P yhang l edb. an o meenole il'c't cmy bC in qcillSt a cci paselere.-Lepeiti Condoer Dc d)tacea ea oeorgsleat ccd 65 Payiros st bloteon lagdzino nod al Canlpatrec. Price$I. .tin tt&~kiNKZri l r iRn br a c it JoP lail' leof laa Ilo ce ece TL, are '[pc ,l arabe 5 do Iine nrie l nd nexm and fo h _hUime . tCrced scr sale bn t I he e ". 1 JAlVkIS & ANDREWr, I l - %*torsces._ cc and delpat c ..pitccti a.t 3t |I y 4D Billiard fnlh Fnc t'heako. 1081UH & ALLEN, to. Pa 1t w +at.s ....of &C ill Pa rt " Part 4th * ( 19l Tilsisa ret oo, ndtol e rouciv o mel goo inthec~mmntit, I i tre. t cntinsmuc v "TILE TRUE RICIIES OF LIFE IS HEALTII' ·rs --=L I WTE KNOW that health and the ability to 1 lalbr, constitutes the wealth of tile great mass of the people in this, as in m st other coun. tries. To preserve, therefore, that enalth by natu t ral meane is a grand, moral and political schemeo to I fulfil which, requires our utmost attention. The unprecedented popularity and universal ap. approbation which this medicine has achievedl throughout the United States, the Canadan, Texas, alexico, and the West Ildies, fully justify Dr. Peters' in warmly and conse entieusly recommen. ding them to tile special notice of tihe afflicted. a Peters' Vegetable Pile are the safest, most effee tual and economical remedy for diseases of the g human eonsuttution, that has over boeo discovered. Dr. Peters, tlhe inventor of this invaluable medorli. eirnn, front his knowledge of the I.umran system, deriven from a long and extensive practice, has r arrived to this conclunion, that tile great and pri. mary causes of most diseases is a derangement in i tile fiuetions of the liver, or in other words anr in.- S' creased or dirminshed secretion of the bile. e So well is this understood, that it is ermmon for er persons to say whien they feel unwell, that they are biliou,, meaning that they have too nmuch bile on as the stomach. On tile other hand, when tihe flaw tI of bile is diminished, the process of dies, ion is n imperfectly perform d, tile patient leceanaes weak and emaciated, because nourilhment contained inr the food taken intothe stomach is not properly ox. of tracted, and tile food is ejected in a crude stale. et Dr. Peters is confident that the famous Hygean pr Theory, so called, that, r impurity of the blood in is tire cause of all diseases," is a great absurdity. 1i Every one who re'.cets on tie subject a moment, "i will perceivethat impurity of the blood is a secon. ii da=r not a primary complaint-theo effect and not " tie cause .fclisease. W.hen tihe functions of theu liver are deranged, ad rice flow of bile increased,i it is often taken up by the aIrn0. not vessels and vi carried into tie circulatrlo, and becomes 0.rinced i wi I tile blood, as in jaundiee, whern tile patient shows it il his countenance. Nor t' is ipurity or of blood is caused by an incerease ! v of bile, of and to remedy it, you must cerre.. thie secretions a of the live,, and restore it to a healthy state. PI Dr. Peters has spent much lin.e in experirment- P ing with aifferent vegetab'e medicines, for diseases of the liver; and now offers Lis Vegetable Pills, or as tile best, most convenient, and cheapest mledi. cine that can be prepared for general use. Dr. Peters flatters himselfthat his long experi. cl menting w:th vegetable medicines has enabled him thi to discover the true and only substitute answering oa all the purposes of mercurials without any of their le atteotdant evils. One great quality ofhis vegetable iIn pills is that they have tne altorative principle comr. Le bined with their c.h:kartie, or operative quallties, so that they not only cleanse the stomach and bowels by purgilg, but they regulate the liver, c , change thie morbid secretions, strol.2theus ira dcigestive organs, purify the blood, cnvigorate the cerculation, and give tone and energy to the nor.. ir voes system. They are mild and pleasant in their operation. e i They are mild and pleasant in their operation, d and convey almost imarnediate conviction of their utility fromn the first dose. They can be taken with safety by persons of any age ; and the feeble, the infirm, the nervous, and the delicate, :e atrengthenllI by their operation, because they clear the system of bad lunours, quiet nervous irrita bility, and invariably produce sound health. The Vegetable Pies are a surne remedy for j dice, sick and nervous headache, dys, aepsi, cos neas, sickness oftlc stomach, heartburn, all bi r, iomplaints, levers of all kinds, and if taken Scoreorifcemeint will invariably check their gross, allu save tile paieont from a protracted rdaligeiris sickness. T'Ihey areinvaluable in ivou ar,. hypocondrical atffections, loa. of tite, and al complaints to which females almn Ssubject. They operate as a mild and speedy p Sand are a saaa and certain ontmedy for worm v chi dren. i Since 1 have introduced my Vegetable Pills to the public. I have received numerous certificates of tiheir euperior efficacy in curing diseases, also, r iany letters Irotm respectable physicians, who have used them in their practice with the best is success. S 1 might publish a small volume of certificates, but consider it unnecessary, as the medicine aill recommend itselfto all who wil n make trial of It. S The above pills are in boxes, containg 20 & 4 0 pills cach. Price, 25 & 50 cents per box, 1 Druggists and country merchants can be sup. I plied, at wholesale or retail, at Dr. Peters' princi n pal otlice, no. 65 Poydras street, between Magazine nad Canp ats. New Orleans ALSO for sale by G. N. Morsison &Co, 11 I) Canal.treet: P P Berlio, druggist 112 old Levee, between the two markets: Mr. Brechier,druggist, at the Washington market : C J Trinchari, drug. gist, corner of C:mal & Bourb6n streels: G A a Reed & Co, druggists, corner of Tchoupitoalas & Girod streets : J Roass, druggist, Lafayetto city. mlf *I I).NAi, 5( l CAl(ADS-Jaust received ia few groe.s Sof very Inparior FrenchI cards, so rl. vel.r llin and d fire, firsalle hes, by " FElT l' Co, e 1}0 NY Stetianere trill, 24 Charlres & Co. N,. 30 Chatrasr slreet, are now . r' e.Ivillg hll oipertni Ii e mr eiir plendd, so stantial and Inshionai le s.tiicltk o Clothing tliey have ever exhibited in this marketr, connsisrin ii, art lof the fallowiengr articles: mr e, lehi bIlack,Jet blalck, london brown, citron, ilive,llondon sntlor and golden olive frcek and dress coats; I.aver, stable and harrinrton Irock eonar, elegantly firaishc , ed; lancy and p'lin black reasinrre anid cloth pantaloaors. engllsh and french fancy and plai, silk :and satin vests; real iew market comrforts; english and french fancy and pain scarfs and r dkf; chartmeo , silks-web and guin-.elastic sus. penders; chlamuis, merrino, tarnbb wool,.welsh inne. net, silk and cotton net a herisand drawers; fine linlin and cotton shirts, with linen hs mnls, plain and ruflled; ivorv pearl aid plain handle silk urn. br.:lias ; ' (;rarlPa" premiunti (Havei-ilale, a Sbeautiful arti, le of white kid, for h eddi r s, balls, &e.; S:prittlelield silk aind randana hdkis; plain, k lihared and eClbroiderd Carllbre do.; silk, Iamb wol, riuro, garniasrtowns, and Ilwrow and white cotton halfl ose; alloif which Ithy offer low for cash, or to puntual castoinerc s IIusual. Nov. I EDUCA'TI'IN-FRENCII and ENGLIStH.-1 Mr. James, recenl.y arriv'd in tlr rcity, begs leave r to inlorm the ciitens o New Orleans that lie will open an acaderm on Monday, 14, January, at No. 19 Toulouse setret, for tire instrucaion ol youtll of both sexes, in 'rench and English, in which he will be ably assistred by cMrs. Jamles and SMre. SSleretr, whis speak boith those laenagers with p grta; fluencyand purity, and who wi'l ral. charge of the department of the young ladies. SMr. Junme I '1 give his whale atiention to the vutious brar clea ofeducatlol, And latters hilself truthe wil give ent ire siti it l IoI Latho wh o may honorhin with m heir eoillilence. nov I It NnnltiS & Coi, Na. 3:; Clirtrres et eel, are e corivinger ily fromn their ouse in I'hilsadlelphia, an elegant and col;apern assart irent oi subrtitllnial and islitonable clothtae. They nvite the atten lin o public, as tile .1i oai tied In ianyine ltha sclangers and cltizea s eannCmi rllis lt ll t serlvsmo.e advantageously In any citly o the N.C. A few d.,zen elecgat ivory handle um brells, from 33 tI 36 inches. Also, a large lot d whlrpine packing boxes, virious sizes, very row SIXCHANGE-- n Londou , s-ale Co r aby a 0 HE subaeritre alher;e or sale 150 bhlar lar; Ise 1 bhle Whiskey " 50Tasa s taconr Sidre; 50 casks iaean Shoulders; t0 eraskseakcasedeHat nC. SaprlI 'P tl_ B IIULLEN'. 74 Camp t T IIISKEY'-ti00bTrrelb rlctl ed, I niic ar S steeaner Empress, for cole by ii Dl)t)REY, apt° .t 44 Newv I.evee i ICl.--30 aiease rice, lo sale hv u. a'2 A 'I'ntI::l, 31CGroair .s, . TFePI F.itRVERS-. us receivd Aa suii or rt eile f lisfopreemavers at lthr lazanar, sti LeUSIIS . ALl,.\AN .3 i- 100i :alske flst,,natn Lime, la-dirg .ernl £J-C rvntl iantr sale by S 8 J P WHITNEY, 73 Camp st T-Hyl a Bpi Itmaa fore sesl Itl DDIut1LT.t ow,7 ltack Place " a sperm Cardlrs, 6 sg134 eagszine e .1ARRISON'S SPECIFIC OINTMENT L'oTe great celebrity of this unrivalled Corn. position, especially in the Northern States., leaves the propristor but lttle need to say any thing in its thvor; for it has been generally conceded to it, that it is beyond all comparison the bert remedy for external omplaintas that has ever been disco. vered. Indeed the speed and certainty of its ope. rations have the appearance of miracles ; as lcers, wo.unds, corns, fever sores, childblains, white swol. lings, bilee, piles, spider ad snake bites &ec. imme diately yield to its apparently superhubmon influ. ence Thus if properly applied it will remove an inveterate corn, or break and heal a bile in five days, will allay and perfectly cure an ulcer in two weoks; and the most desperate eases of white swelling that can he imagined, have be:oen destroyed by it in less than two montis. In the bites of poi sonous reptiles its efficacy is truly surprising, an even in the bite of a rabid dog, for if applied in tile, its pow'ers of attraction nar so wonderful that they will at once arrest the poison, and thus pro. vent it form pervading ise system. It is likewise greatly superior to any m..deiite heretofore disco. vered for the chafed backs and limbs of horses, for tetters, ring worms, cllapped lips, and i sabort for every external bodily evil that Osay aill to lthe lot ol'man or boast. The propritor has received at least a thousaod certilicates and oth. r documents, in favrr ofl'hi " Specific Ointment," upwards of a hundred of woich were written by respectable members of the Medical Faculty, all breathing the samre eulogy and satisathction. Pro,eared at 129 Liberty street, New York, and for sale at 65 Poydras strert, Now Orleans. nears; If tA. .'CiioOXKI IY IliO I". ULLA CINI". I ilORlN'S CroiponitdI Extinet ofCopaiha a 1I pirilla -A certain, sali, and most effectual remet dy ever dicovered folr the cure of t Gonorrhea, lee t s Stricturles, Whiles, Pains in tlhe bark and ols,se ina, weaklests, alflctions kldnier, gravel, soerbutic ertlptions, ac. I ll te itrotluductinn of a medlcine possessing the userfu and active virtue of t l: olte inow ol ered to the siublic, sile proprietor has but to referlt o the nIumoerous recOIol tmendattions received liomn the mosst enrorent of the o.. dtcal faertlty in Etrope, believing that it will be dulyl apprlecialed when its lmrits are inme otully known. Tlhe Balsam of Copaiba, so extensively used, has lost m hil of its credit from the dislike which patients tosrmerly eaxlresswld regadnling its disagreeab!e taste, ldisturbance eplateed in the bowels sod stomach, nod its heretofore Inellicienev when used in the inllammatory stage. The roprietorihnls madle anl analysis of the RBalsslt, oncciv tog that the more actie qualities would thereby be much mIlore concentrated anti more usefully administered than ill tile present state. 'T'ime above medicine combines iln gredients which ae ill the highest repute amoet the most scientific and learned in the prolfesioe. lach drug in the colmpositioo of this preparaotion increases the eficacy of lthe other, producing all opelration trulys asto nidillg, and surpassing tile most sanguiie expectations; Ptoenit:ssgilot tihe sani eime tlhe aldsntage of its l eing adlsiooistao.v with peelaot suoerass i lthe dilferetot stages o' thlvehone (lisear,.. The tost emioent physicisoaassd burgerons of lthe present lay exisesas tlei decided a prolfation ill hvor of oarsleartltu whilst its use in le princip.d hospitals and public medical iostitetiols has Ie n, and still continues, very extensive. ct was a thi orate remedlt u ithi :he celebrated e)r Abernethy in all o venereltal ;etions, and in obstiloae cutaneous eruptions,ste I arising fliom oa !irrds..,edl state 0,!'thedigestivefunetions. I Has ing been submitted to t! . 'I experience of the most celebrated ameosg tie filclolt, r. sv have expressed their satisfaction of its extrotslonrsal sticaes in every ease under their charge, bh adolung it boilh is their public and priv:tepractice. Their ob ervations uill 1,, iserlied hereafter. Prerpreld by B Thoron Chemist . Losndon. Price l 50 Her ot. From A It Salmon, Exq. it S, St.rgeon to the St 'fhoma llospital, and Le a.- oni Anatomy. The trial wllich I Ihve nmate of youl prepar luio1 in ai Svarilety ofeases, botl male lln female, in its Iresllts ba., SIlroved so highly lv toulable, that I do not hesitate ill r" pronouncing it onle of tile most valuable auol eieacill6os remedies ever offered to the public, and one in which, , froo experience, I eano place every reliance, whilst it i lot nootproduev tile same onpleasant effects usually ex Speriltnced from copaiba. t, F,'m G H lnvward, M IRC S., Physician to the St eMatylebone Disensanry. r I lake great pleasure in adding my testimonv to the valuable properties of your preparation, wishing you the success you so fully deserve, int an tample reward for the laoratl expense inscurred in bringitg it to such Iotm pletr perfctuton. Frotm WO Cooper, F R S, S, Surgeon to Guy's In- I The uniform sl hes which has a.tended the adminis tLering yottur medicinet atmong Iny platieota atllioted with the above diseases, has fully satisfieod me that it has olly to le kntown to Ie truly ;ltprecitt ed. Mlay tile sueees you so well desetve, amply and speedily repay you for your valhttale preparation. R lFrom Sir A Coolpr, t , I S P R CS, &c. Fe. Ilaving been indloed tn try vour Extt-o t in seveottl oasesof violent tGotnotrrhaa, wflitl lad hitherto batfled evelry pr"esilption adminimered by me, hal.ig fosnl osure attd speedy eotes elelted by at, in a few days I tIeel myselfitn duty hound to state that I now in any pra S(ice both public and private recommend andtt use not otther l From G W Blair, MI D, Physician to Guy's Ho The strict test whlich I have given your medicine II among my patients, and its ilnvariable success thus I'a', will indces me to persevere in its use, and I deem it t but at act of ustice andl of dhty) to add my feeble testi monil itn coelllltlion of its virtues. From LC Tlhompson, t1 MD F RS L. I retl"n you my sicere tlhanks for ti e vluable pre sent o'vyour Extrat fortlthe cre of Ganonorhic a, lt. I feel gratRfl tihat you lave at last brought a medicine into use whiell will prove a desideratumn long sought tor in thle medical worl--a sure, tspeedy adl eft nailotl cure in cases of tit above class. It altlrdsl me great plteasuotre it piublislhing to tile world tilhe valuable qualitiesofyour Extratt. Were it necessary, the proprietor could here firnishi many more testitmonials equally as commendatory as the above; but ttalstS tatitsigreat success hitherto the ear & expense at whlih it ihas been p eparedt 'till p'ovejits greatest recommendation among a dtscerning public. Ottoeeeoommendation thls preparlatnion enjays above all othtts is its taat, Iportalt eiomro-putttp itt Inots-oh pleasut-it tastet tattt'te,with no reOtrtitionit diet J or eontfinlellnt li'mu business. Travellers especially would find this medicine Ihighly us.hid, and ought nevre V col mpnye i ng the d nl e s ll i l e ll l I t tort ofhe ldiitertliot st.t s of the a dirtL w t l aw axt*a charge, coltainiug full and ampllt tions. For sale by SICKLES I Cot. fur 143aw.m tai Callal street. ALLITGA itI LINE. Mobile to Augusta, via Florida. a Leaves Mobile Tuesdays, Thurs. , days, and Saturdays, per the splendid ateamer Clatpion, (ex. r cept in ease f oat rtnt,) to Po,.acola ; thaence per stoamer Lo Roy to La Grange, and thenceo four Ihorse post coaceil via Marianm, Bainbridge, Pin. derton, Berrien, Outlaw's, and Perry, to Macon, Ga ; thence via lilledgevilln, and Sparta, to War. rcnton, thence per rail road cars to Augusta. The Champion is in splendid order, with new copper boil rt, coppered and c pper fastened. Tie ln Roy has been thoroughly repaired, her eeolnmodationa are as handsome as any bot. The beau iful Santa Rosa Sound, andl Cltetla.t watchieo Bay present tile most interesting steam no. vigatioln in tile outh--being *at the tamettne perfectly Iand locked. l'hel Tealms are not nurpasard on air route in the country ; the drivers, to a man, careful antd atten tive. Tihe bridges hIeretolore dangerous Ibf bi ent newly built, so that iigh waters do not intBh ere. Theleating houses have beetn mostly changed, and are now as good as on any road in tile South. It is generally know tthat tihe excnllente andI Itardnoes of tihe roads enable tit teams ut all sea sons to make great speed. Their smoothe ass se. cures the travrei:r from tile ordinary fattgue of' stage travelling. The Line is now c.trying its pasosngers from Augusta to Mobilo in four days a d twelve hours, or to N,.w Orleans in four days and twentv hours. Going to Augusta, the line is six dnays a nd seven Itours. The tilme actually em pltoyed in travelling is the sinte as in the other direction, but A the difference of time on the route, is caused by a day being lost in Pensacola, which, however, is nell repatd by tita op. ortutity it gives ofsaei, g p tiloe Navy Yarnl, tl'o old Sptnish Forts, etc. The traveller also sleepst at Macon, and again at It ar. it tenon. Toits arrantTeml nt will ct ntinua till tile travel turns noctlward, Iron the line will be tio s tsme fromt M' :il.s to* a, as it is now in the oter direection. in This Advertisement containo a plain statement o of facts, the aceuracy of which the I reprietonrs t gauranten tueach passunger it the penalty of his ri stage fare. Maps of the Line may be seen at the Ex, hange Is litel, New )rtlotas, and at the Mansion Ieuse, Mobile. Fare throughl tim Mnobie to Augusta, $47 50 The line extedls, by abranch to Tallahassee. at Chattahooche, the line connects with the at oteamboat carrying the mail to Apa'oclicola and St. Joseph's. Office at the Mansion Ilouse, Mobile. mit 0 LOS'I'WICK, Agent, Mobile. I ACON, I.ARD and PORK-1511 hklsd Ci(.c i In cured Sides and hoaulder 2b0 kega first qt0itv Lerd 100t rls Mesn l'or. for sale bv opl 5 STETSON & AV'ERY N tirarier at STATE OFLOUISIlAN A-Parish of Orlemnea SCourr of Problate, T'r all whom these presenlt may coneral Know re, thna whereas William Mackey a te ident of the city of Mayevolle, Ky., has applitd to the Ri.gisterof Wills in and for the pnrias & cityt ofNew Orhinno, and ex oflicio Clerk of the C"au olt 'ro,barre. in and for the Pariah and city of gew Orleni., iltnrrsaid, for a MlONITION or A DVt _ 1ISE.MI.N'p, in onfnormity t the AcT f ha Lecislottre of the Stnte , "tittld * An act for the furlther nasosraneoftille to purcherate.iJuileCil Sales," approved 10th of March, 1834, n~ ce bh hereby given tall whom it may coneern tl .(.; virttue of anti in obedience to on nrder of .ale. said colrt of probates, in and for tie parisoa city of New Orleans, Iteanrng dala the tltird day tO Apri, ine thoiuantdd eight hundred end thirty eichli and rendered in the matter of the late Nathanmel Cox, on the petition ot Christopher Ad" ane, jon. Syndie of the creditors of said saeacs. sion it Nathaniel Cox, deceased, which order of sale was also granted puranant to the deliberatinns of a meeting of the ereditors of the deceased duly held and convin ed on the third day of Feb. uary, eighteen hundred and thirty eight, before Ii. I. Ceinas Esq. Notary Public, and also after the iccal and usual pbnheatiin had been made, the Register of Wills dird tepose for sale 1y public aertin oil the ninth day of .Ma, one thousaend eheit hundred anl Ithirtyreiger,( f account of the aforeasid sctcessinn of the late Nathaniel Cos, decensed, the landed properry hereinafter deasci bed,l blonging to the said succession, which pro pertty was adjudicated to said William Mackey aa the IOst and hicthest hidder theireon for the total pirie and slum of seveneenl thousand dollars. Description of the property .a given in the Judicial Ce v0eyanel t A!I and inttnlor two certain lots of ground, tioeetlhr with thel buildings and improvemeant thereon, and all the right,, orivileree, custIuml, nway serviiudes and advanntage thereunto be Iln.iti , or in any , Ie appertaining, situart in the su trh St, a' t..y ,l tohiscity.. r Ihe square bounds id hy IPo'uirst, "iietano, Lafayette, and Camp rree:s, a: d' .!eattaTed by the numbera seven and eightn r a cer'ain p n drawn by Fnederick Wilr hiasoic. ]Deputy Surveyor General, under date of the seventh day of April, one tliotiand eight hundr red and thilty.elht, and deposited in the office of II. B. Cenon, Esq. notary public for reference; which two Iots adjoin each other, and measure each IWenitonn flet three inehes and six lines front in said Pydrl=s street, by sixry.three feet eleven inches and six lines in depth, between para allel lines, rAmerican measure.] Termna-one and three years credit, forappro ved endorsed notesn secured by special mortgage until inal pnayment. Wheretore, all persons who can set up any right, rtile, or claim, In and to the lots of ground and and buhildings herein described, In consequenceof inforntolItv in the o;der. decree, or judgment belore rcited, and unter which the rale was made, or any irregularlty or lhleaslily in the approiaments or advertlsOeirnta, in time and manner nfaale, or for any other cause or detect, whaosoever, are here. by clted and admonished to show within thirty. days from the publlication hereof why the sale, so made as aforesaid, should not be confirmed and ho"ologated it accordance wlh the applhcation of said porchaser. Witness my hand and the seal of saideourt of Ptrobhtes, lhis acon atiny of Mlary A. D. 1839. [L. S I W V'. C. DUPLESSIS miv 104r ins Regieterof Willa. s rot Joo41 Iou RPeser of Will. PABOl r1 T D ORL AN 7. - ^\ OUR DES&PREUVES--Etat do la Louisiais --A tous cex que cola pett concerner i .u'l solt connu quo, attendu quo William M.e. key, de in ville do Maysville, Kentucky, a'est ad re od aou ldgister des Testamens, dans et pour 1 p roisec et la ville de la Nouvelle Orldano, at ex Sofficio greffier do lo Cour den Preuves, dons et pour Indite villoot paroisse, pour publier, et ananoncea eontordlnment uu orcto de Jo Ldgislature, intiuld i " Acto pour cunfirmer les titroa deo acqudreurs amu ventes judicioireo," approuv6 le 10 Mars 1834. Avis cot par le prdsent donnd & tous ceux quo cola Spout concerner, qu'en vertu et on exdcutioa d'un e ordre d de vnte do a dito cour des preuveo, dans at et pour In paroisse et ville do la Nouvelle Orldans. en dateodu tori. Avril, mil buit nnt trente hbuak - rendu dons I'offaire do (a succession do fou Nathan. iel Cox, sur la pdtition 'de Christophe Arams, Jr. Syndic dos crdauciero do Ja dilo snccoassion do foeu SNathniel Cox; equel ordra do vento fut acourdi conforndment aur dd iberations d'une aosemblde des crdanciers du d6funt, dumuent e'oa oqudo ea tenue io trois Fdvricr, roil hu t cent traent huit pardoevnt le sicur H. B. Cenas, nI , pub. at aunl a pro Tle publiat io,, requises par.. lol ; le Rdgi. ter des Tstomcnso nffrit en vent. publique SPenoan lo neuf mai mil lhut cent trcnte huit, rpor eompte de la dite succession do feu Nathaoiel Cox, lea divers fonds ciuprir dderits, apparteuant & la dire ouccession; lesquel!o furent adjugda a William Mackey. plus offorant t ernier enel.driseur pour la somrme totalo do six.sept mille piastres. Description de la propridto d'aproe l tranfert judiciaire. Deux lotas de terre avo leo hbtisew et amdlierao lion, qui s'y trouvent, etous lee droits, privi:.gee. coutusnes, voles, aorvitudor, at vantages qui an da. pondot, asilu 0u faubourg Saints Marie de emite ville, dans I'llat bornd par la rue, d.e Mognzins, Lolnayette et du Camp, atel ddignod par rlea numdros septet buitasur an certain plan dream par Frddnrick W.lliamson, ddputd arpenteur gdn& ral on date du sept Avril mil ut coaeut trentS huil. et d6pose pour recours 0 n l'dtade de H. B. CGna not. pub. lesqoela dits lots attlenat anun a 'autr, ,oumuront lchcun vingt at on pioda, troi, poucee. asix l gnes de face l la dito rue Poydras, sur soiaante trois pieds onte ponces six lignes de profoudoer entre lignes parallble,, mesure francaise. Conditions. Un, deux et trois ans do crddit 0n billets aentdc osS k satisaction, ausurde par hypothbquo spdciale jutqu' ,parfair paiemonot. A ces causs, toutos personnes qui ant on pour. raicnt avoir qut!quo rdclamations contre lea loate do t blis.wa ci dessus dderits, on cond. qo 6t1hut do furme danus Pordro, Is d6cret ou jug t de la cour, on vertu duquolle a vents a i, lita, tou do toute autro irrdgularit6 ou illdgea lit dns l'otitiarion, l'aria oit lo temps at Io mod. de la veute on pour toute autre cause quelco nqaa, sont par lea pr6.dntds crildes d'avoir a dd, uire d'oa trentojours, a dater do la publication du prodea Saov s daa Io pupior l publics, lsa raisons, pour ole. "quelles Ila vents oinoi fait, no anrrt pa, approoudh let Iomologudo, curmono e demande to dit acqgod En fui de quoi, j'y ai appos6 ma signature ot I. socoan de Jo dite Lour do Prauves, a. [L. 8.] deuxobma jour du nois ce Mai, A. b. 1839. W. F. C. DUPLESSI8, 1mnni Register des Testamene. I IUDD'hJS Ol DkP:T':! MAAOAJ. S l'"odda' Soh.,lt r.clul Te.'er AIL,ot's ('orler Stol.; Abhot'o Familyat Ahmbt'. t'ny to do ;,rod; Ho.a'a lutronuct.oa Abbot's Young Chriotian i)ick's ,omp!ote 'Wa, ks 7 volume liCannu:h o luoe's P'rivate tlevotion,, for ealo at * Cmau St, by rmay I ALEX. TOWAR. I A 'Ar-o0r balr L ih a le ooky, India had4, J brown heoring,50 Ito Great \\ carter do, 50 d4 treat Fallsndo, Ifor aeple by lny7 I ItllLGE w ' Co, :14 alsoaine s ltlOlIt'UNE TELLERil OWr N 1t00K. SComlys tralnmar--Lesrli's rerker y I!nltllnr'o k.ty to Teleoraqoe Porn's Ft.l :l.l spelling book Enolirth RIdors, half nnd foll bound Wuottloo*tol'ra French (iGramsr oteellls 1 -hingltnOll anOIl, rionn Ew,:ll't Illem diclll c plnipa ni t DIaull's o rilrnietic-- ell on toe nerves Loody's oereal pocket mrok Gruoletuoou', meidical pocket book 010n'0 lhrrer-C-rockelt'o : ng bok Ih'ds I nied Strtes. A new nrd 0h0rge0 opJly o . tfb above works joSlt 1 erivt anld opeooel for on good terrms by trt _ A 'Iowar, 49 Camlt •IJt public 000 reoeljrt rthlv informred tha1 toai inl - tootcn i.r erctedl on rle ollort improverd pl.on, t ano iro anod nlm ost tlirobie otluatioo, n the .fauwa I'ratbklb, upon thJe millt d, otoe mtile lfom the Ilian Reb.l illing iv Ilare. on! n] oarm n dlroionuJly disi~4 into,, apartments, fo borkepa separate different cloamo, and df.fereat diseassr. The instilotion is uppli ,- with toe most okilful and tteetiveo male and feotal rnuoa·,andepakiegd toea riotl moerno languagero. Private ro.otr o.t be hadt by gertleme at f di Ioar par dnr, inlotind nttenda.c, &rc. Ternas in tihe ordinary wards, to dolka par eto" •sl olve:so to( dololars. .;mall Par in the oordl ao ards, fsto doloro. All capitalurlil -rb l O rariooaltaro. 11':e reoojlsnt pkyeioiao is 1r Woddsmao, to whe applictiot lt'r odmltismn muotbenado.rtaorCOA, I.Jhrlrlror, No It Rloo lpsartetl. alphI RKIZIEIIo C()PI E Oi- rt i w.d,1 olnt B rcoes amaorrad fom 7 o4f9 a 8y I ijolo sm9 It 8 .O .Looo. IAeXatIANtit0ON ,Mt.ApE i EI=I..t ... m.+ , . E Y¥.gR, ºC . FSS I'ORK-- S.i ehlo vol, j ý3HOAM I `` y

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