Newspaper of True American, June 29, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated June 29, 1839 Page 2
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Ii seont tsl roture.od ew sor Rn a ider Rieerr iis sent irregu n5CettoNtuOtwice •wee.k. LOUtM'LLg. OR RIVER MIAIL. ie:dpY" Omd Close at 8 o'clock, P.M. uday CdOuso MAIL. aysd CtosrssltcB'lock.P 31. t AH.lII RAil." RD Co,. L iyo tlt o Ce r will roCre eso i WU oepois~rthe (IltAT PRA IRDR, to th' Ilsy. T.. hw. llstldav Evening, Junte 3T7ti, 1837, eserv Depsel ReturnC. - ,BAM. V A. 31. .. "r ,p.. 4 7 p. M. 8'73t JAM.S H. CAlnfWEI.I., Prytideot NFW ORLEANS & CARROI.LTON RAIL ROAD hi I€elqlienos tofnumerooI appticotions fosonlsoango An tile Iioedepssrtues for ie Itoftteoooonocr,, ihe os.,sjlassy hot'e soadl]edeto adopt rthe following~ sertoosttlemen s kor sbe o1U. "s-----a.olug to the 17th oils. NURR ARRAIIOOrOETO FOR YHE OVEEI S).tYS. Wee. ~ ~ ~ Pn Coslts. Fos e Orletls.. 7tq sa 4oea lo ,.A. Hor sCs r at 5o'lock,A.-DI 0 sILooolMire 7 " 1" " I 'M S-'· 0 a 9 - .. - - ACRANIM£NT gee UNDAYS: eseawil leots sI Ittho sooursoos in the week days WI I nloeko ,. . lbbn • Looninse wlol Ieae Carrolltot In.ertIatit o'tlock, P. M. and Nes Orlomt every Ihour ie__ sok, P. N. |0 lo k S •OC horse ear can ,,e ohtoined by tPylo~ 5 dot Iqe et·slsTrsl~sip . ud foraftr Il o'loch, P.M. 10 dol mW.splS by she Steem Cor' must proside tlsemselves UU't!eiitbl e onduo.tor ht positirodrtoihns 0l1t to ie s Moy in oo ie treit of. ;tbadI.wIito. is she timo ofdepsrturs, as showus asbovceoon slw with the heretofore 3 o'clottossk te hiol, oilS sow 4see.Vess O ls o'otovh. so rsit sesyo is Chwrollton tnhwoh, they Ieavesthe ity toooin nt 6 teSoek and otay 55Uo5t 55til 8 o'oltek, thereby allowingvioitorl oes *eb ou.rstosssUoy the ptlsant wolkso nnd postake uf u Is sH ofltho 0011 botfiG Oardest ietkE ~· IW~ J·II~II'aKSN NDLC OI)ISSF. STREET CARS 5 " Latho hood of Jksonat stret atl ojetek, AAt.. Cottn1 ;i i.o' 5oLt.ook. nd run hourly. At O o'look they w i '4eis.l to leave eah hnd every hlil kour, uot t to's loak, 5. ?Ftezoptieo thLt instead of lenvion Conal streetat 5 o'-0 '.-i1hoekr will leae thsere at 9 o'clok P. 9. • ripsortulorly requosaed thet entllemet will cot put01 .." i4Lgt upso the eashiosl, snsoOke the care, When Ladioe t IsOllsti aa( Carrsoolto Rail Road Compoasy, I . JOhN HAMPION, o " .llOt Chicf Enf. N. O 4 C- R a. Jos15 Chief Eng.N.O 4 C. It. CARKOLL-TON .AUD has. htenonr of informig hs fend the public in general, tint he hat taken the a Carrolltont where iho trusts he will receive lun hie old frInends cod nil Ioers of Food cheer. 14 pta .trties will be handsomely provfiled for by Olitlo notice beforehand. He in willing to enter Sng the sumdmer at Carrollton, m2h " • W. OOLL PNS c n i ed P.M statet' C imiiuader. i nged by the Federal Court at New Orleans. IC No.109 COMMON STREET, S (Exchange Hotel Buildings.) C.ID Commilsoner tiakee affidavits under slid by tao utnf the ActofCmgress, parsed 2'th Febnr ,10.2,;t; at March 1817; n eJt dlieiory Act f 1789 other ts of Congress, in suc cases made and -bl Co.e .... irsidwr h co.....iderale .experience ; Defirm of at lion and cetrieinate which Iht. the svereest Merutiny of tlhe blest Lawyera. awy ORL8 ANS CANAL AND BANKING CO, " OlR Ima teanmboat Rehecca will leave the ABln t the hcheadtf tIte New Canal, every day, (except Si ) fr the Iake, as follows: S epart v t 5 A. M. Return at 8 A. M. " i A.M. 1J2# P. M. o a P. K. 4 P.M. 5f + 5P.M. " 9 P.M. Meon MONDAYS:- SDepart at 0 A. . I Retrn at 121 P.M. 2 P.I. " 4 P.M. 5. P.M. 9, P.M. may 88 B. CIHEEW, Casl). FOR T'II; LAKE--OTAlIOR'S OnTEL.. New :areal Shell Road. A N Omnibus will leave Banks's Arrcde every JU.MSundayatl I o'loeck A. 1. & 2 and 4 o'clock P. o pani by BRihop's Hotel, Verandah and St. ihwineaI. Fare each way50 ecnts. Daurlg the week an Onmibse will leave la I e proa by the City Hotel,Veradsh and 1,helete alllnge every nercoon at 5ntt.lck. Relhing will lairve Lake at 8 o'clock,P. M. Fare oneC, way 50 easi.. KIP & REED,. 2.1 St " Proprietora. " - A YOKAI.TY OF NEW tiRI.EANMS. IIu pinte of fitur to day heing $5 es0 per barrel, S:• aa!odipit In tai tariff, the bakersa will give h4 of ar e"ad 1*r ten celta. dluriga'lbe week brgin , u Mgiddav nellt. tlie 241 ihst. The tlovan fuce e'io telity.or .f three flr ten etsts, tohill weigh 25 per salw e is to say, 4 oanPeem . , C. GN99. Manor. keesa Jollsa .e......... e t llailttten. Jine .e....20 wIw. a ...... 0 Cilntii, do.......... Y' lae.l.I.......t...... I aitai. ls, d ......22 Sa ............ 1 In. tlit. lau ........t1 ,0J . tLPenr . Stay ....... I... 1 • tlstlvli 7 ........ ..!eultac ........ . 17 "iOtRT OFi NEW O)i lEAKNS. CLEARANCES. JuIt 27, 1839 n27lOeiatan. Leaaat, Ralllinr, G Bedford fel HakoLk, Tolmat . Bwtaon. tanter Ilti Pulntk,. tulekltl. Btastat, G Iletford l rig Toe mlam. Robiton., Iltoa. do Wosot. W let. l inet.Yrmllion tl i.y, luter ler MariaEiat. , llay,lltatton, taeuce hlltp lotlq.y. Gay. I.,aerpeol, B A I P Wlitnry $e aklp Alen t Oli.Toruioa, Leidon, P AMaawel[ 11lUp s wston.$wasts, L.,r pool, T e~lkinl &ipYiraitma Hu a.rLiverpaot. L I;I e Nn 'rOaadTalk,Varey, Btata, Kidtari Siena Io Or . PRlaida. al., P ilatun el~k y, B.ra. I , N J B YrUiy l'r CUwy, lliau1N s Raltlmora, MiP"wI ARRIVALS. falets. Ilrhelder, f Cincinaati .. .w,' .b Jan nlao., f ,108." ibj .C rga £41 haona aecc As.haa,.c:": PInpg..Ck a 1 991 C alak rttua hat *ae " hale roa att. 1 h alt. sk thnloll troalmaiwand end aolin and t epn. 0,nd .art..araa a i n.r •par, 12t e a ar iat lurd. I hal Parmshrtteia..Caago 147 tea haIag, 115 cnOs .3 uIni86, It r a...;. lolur , 1b -:taut Ip. .ail ý.a! eaer* A Mr. o She** T Prkil i, V Dpe P Marti6 lto .I, I rkq f ivs p L, dr child, T diDk;lfsr.h Johesu, 4 Crly, F F lots, 8.ldit li Ift S flBes , F e. . d. dd-.alu Mason. JN urik. MEMORANDA.. Ohioriver asig very feat..prospect good. 'l :.RllUE AMERICAN. FAITR'PUL AnY BOLD. Official 3ournal of te. 2o hunlcipatitp. PUBLISHED Daily, Tri-Weekly & Weekly. NEfW OR EAMAN SATURDAY, JUNK 29; 1839. 0The Atayor and the Council--n the I.ouisianian of yeaterday moroing oppears a ftil statement of all the proceedings of the Second Municipality, on the suhject of the bonds. All the circumstances connected with it howeetrsare not mentiolned. The principal are, that on ihe 6th of June, two days subsequent to the Ipassge of the reoluiions authorising the trensmission of the honds to Europe foa sale, the Comptroller called on the Mayor for the hnnds of the Mtnicipality to be given tothe 5 Sret, whichowere then refused, becanse the Finance Coi- mittee wad charged with preparing the instructions. This objection wascommunicated to the CoaIeil, and, as the proceedings slow, the Council, promptly met the views of the Mayor, by taking uplon itself to make the instructions, which, as a matter of, ourre, would have heenlsubmitted to lim. Two daoys afr,to-wit, on the 13th instant,the (~omptroller again called on the lMayor fir said hoids, and was then informed that he would not do iver them until lie knew what the instructions ol the Council were to be. The Council were unofficially informed of this, and immediately took the necessary sters to obtain from the Mayor officially a refusal to execute the law, for a rea.. son extraordinary. The result is hefore the public* SThe question is a very simple one-the Mayor refuses to comply with the law of the State ofl.ouisiana,igned by himself, until the Council shall prepare and submit to him instructions as to the t ale of the State bonds. The Council under these circumotances refuses to give soy instructions, until the Mayor performs his duty hy delivering to thle Treasurer of the Munieipality til bonds, and even then the Council is not required by law to give any instructions, the law of the State fixing the t minimum price at which the honds my he sold. ) The apologist of the lost abitrnry cronmct of tile Mayor seeks to mystify the sublject bypolmlishing,doubt less under the uuthority of the Mayor, the secret pro ceedings of tilhe Council, in wherh not one word is said inrelation to the question before tie ipublic. These proceedings relate only to arrangemients for transmeittirg the BnIds of the State to Europe and the manner in which the funds should be realised here-not one oeaO is found ,that relates th tie Ilotd of thoe lunicipnlity which were to be given to thile Stole. To confuse the publ;c mind-all precedent-all de corum are liseropected, and plroceedings which the a public interests require should be secret, are unreserved. ly laid before the would ! !! The Mayor is ashamrd ofl hi false position aoid well he miy be-we had hoped that his frequent humiliating defeats in his pitiful attacks oil the Council of the 2nd SMlunicipality-would have taught him wisdom, but in this we are mistaken-The author of the celebrated Charleston-letter seems not " to live and learn." Of late it bas become very fashionable to aceuse this paper of slander, virulence, falsehood, violation ofpri vate affairs, &c. To the unprejudiced mind such a course is sure proof of a bad cause. It is not meeting us on equal ground, nor dealing with us justly. Now we defy any man to point out a single article in lur paper. going to slander the public orpri nte citizen, or to promul gate a falsehood premeditatedly. On lthe contrary, we have adhered to the truth, and sought to publish facat. Indeed, if we had any doubts upon the correctness of our course, the ferocity ofthe attuacks made upon ts for the i last two months, by publicj mrnals and byyindividuals, has eff.etually removed them nod convinced us that we have been right. It is a truism, that trutll is freqlentlyc the most unwet come guest who could bebrought to some men's ta bles,-and it is upon this, score, doubtless, that we Iave been lo fiercely assailed of late. But fortified by the panoply of a clear conscience and good intentions, the barbed arrows of our enemies and enviers fall harmless 1at our feet. We have been led to these reflections by the commu nicatia n of essrs. Hermann, Briggs & co., in thile Bee ofthe 28th instialant. liad the writers approached the subject with a design of convincing is that we were wrong in the facts stated by u, andl in the coonclusions drawn therefrom, in our article of the 24th instant, upon the suspended firma,so far as they were concerned, and had they in the exposition oade use of even moderate. ly decorous language, their communication should have been republished in this journal without delay. But since they have thought proper to declare that this print is not entitled to their "honorable notice," that we have no right to enquire" into the facts of the case, so far as their house is concerned, that tris journal has been "unceas ing in the virulence, as twell as in the utter falsehoods of its attacks" upon their house in particular, we must tell them that we "are beyond their reach," that "they cannot intimidate us into an neqnieseace with their views armed as they are, by a battery that we do not possess,', but that we shall pursne the even tenor of our course, doingjustice to all, sn far as we can, even "though the heavens should fall." But we cannot conceive wily Messrs. Hlermnnn, Briggs &.Co. should apply to thenm what ae said inla general sense. Qaui apit ille facit is an old adage, but we can scarcely suppose that it can be applicable to this estab lishment. We'eak,therefote, thegenilemen, to pouit out a sti s~a ge in cur article of the 24th inst. alluding apec them. Wespoke generally of the uspend ) ed firms of and rerpeetfnlly, tor,, of then. We advised thema Wtake a step, by which we believed their interests would be eminently subserved. We have seen nothing in the reply of Mtesse. Ilermaon, Briggs & Co j to convince us to the contrary. I IrnIr be said ;-.whatl business lhasn publie journal with the priva;e stiairn of the suspended firms ? We answer-none in the world, -Iut when their course, in our opinion, goes to inter rupl tile trade and prosperity of the community, it is the duty oforery public jonrnal to point out the evil. To all the charges of alesore. Hermann, Briggs & Co that we ore -their landrerers, we can only oppose our unqualified delial. We have no objectit in injuring any matt set of men. Can our enemies say the same in regard to us? We have never " heaped a thoosand and one elanders" upon the heads of Messrs. Ilernann, Briegs & Co. and their assertion Iant we have done so isa rank injustice to us. At tile instance oflJames Mu nro Mackie, who hath deposed that he is the man alluded to in an article head. ed Advance of Medical S'ierre, and pullished in the WeoeklICrue American of the 3.J ofJune, the Grand Jury found a hill of indictment. yesterday, against the editor aid propr:etor of thi Journal FORa LtBE. The case has been set for trial next Wednesday, the 3d July in tie Criminal Court. In the mean time, the editor and pioprietor assures his friends and the public, hatt he is prepared In reet the charge without fear or lvor. Lest he might be accused ofa desire to prejudice pub lie opinion, ihe will abstain at present from any comment upon this extraordinary case, but lie lins made arrange ments ta present in the TrueAmerican adltniled and complete report of the trial, so that the people of the United States may learn whether the institutions or Louisiina are adequate or not to preserve the firedom of the puhlic press, and protect the citizen in the exer arse of his sacred rights. We hirave received intelligence, from a" quarter that aq be relied on of the inatsnmiga of Mexico towards V'ezas. Thtlexican troops are to approach the Aes fte confines of Texaa in small detachments simulta sly, and to rendevous on the Rio Ilrazoa, until the d body shall number about 8(00 men. The centre o he supported by adetaclment ofravalry,stretched t'the right and left, e as to sweep the whole oeuntry. Thl invading fore is not to be less than 12,000 men. Aexterminating war is to he waged. No quarters, to n, woman or child, will be thie vatathword. Not a aloase to be left standing in the cnintry. Universal pil. I IIgeis to beh'plowed to incite the soldiery to action. whole connewd is to devorle upon Bulutmeate, . hould-hIa in his march by the Texianr, Anna is field in permon,at tie head of men. i igen st to begin in S6ptember. - iltr, Ir iexlit, hos lilan into the hands oft Istatdedrthehsmmand ofteln. Lemas. Ti. e irey duty on all goods goirns.lro Matemor.e, lIoney rir. demand in thatoit it s wlSa T y. th hir s ites alet nded to L t, E(ti The mail arrived Jaet Il* t(f l.ire, bringing i dvice~ i 'hrom N, York to the 20th, inclustie. , Thcotton .arket was dull. Sates 1320 ,au.gat:1 - to 151 for the N. Orleanaqualitire, in iselot. Priceso. stqcks tended downwards. There has been a terrible crisis among the millenrain ther intatior of New York. Great excitement was felt in Boston upon the subt ject if the arrest of the fishermen at Halifax, by the British authoritie. We .ave intelligence from. .sqieville t, toie 22nd. The rlver'at Pittsburg was higlhed than it lhad been for 12 months, and wasitill goitp. The Hon. Bernard Bee, late minister from Texas to the land of Santa Anna, eas arrived in the city fiom Ha We do not Iikejo see tile attempt making in certain : quarters by administration journals to revive a fee in favor of the slave trade from Africa. There is . deep design in this matter. Ir i, a direct question p lothe :whole South upomwthe subject of slavery in the rbtraetl. Is there an intention by this course to divide the opposition party? Ever since the death of the man. nter, abolition, by tMr. Clay, there has heen a heaving in the ranks of the odilnistriation. We believe that the giant of party las turned over, and that tile country is to be agitated from one end to the other by the dangerous mand exciting question of Afiicnnslavery. The whole opposition should be on its guard anid he prepared to t meet this qunstinn. Southern rights, guarntreed by t the Constitution, we now know, can never be trampled on by tile abolitionists, but Southemse know there in a vast diference betseen thle preservation of their slave property and its fliee exchange for price, and the righlt r todecrease the value of this property by robbing the cshores of Africa ofhlbman heings. Weepeat,tlet rt be prPpared to meet this qestlion boldly. The admninis tration meditates some groand roeap d'tat. Our frank opinion ,of the Whig Press of onisinnr, a few weeks since, has rnugllht down upon our lhead a tempest of nisrepresentation from tile Opelousan Ca Szette, becanse, we urged trot paper to he up and doing in the Whig eause. We are glad to see that our re r bke has been fhlt. As to ourselves, we are able to bear Sabuse from friend or foe, he:ng conscious of the ectl:. tude of our intentions. The Courierl calls our pnper worthless. The estab' lishmerlotit my be bworth less than that ofour contempora. ry's,as we have not yet enjoyed thile honorof being prin ter to tie state, and two municipalities at thil same time; . but as to the journals tllherselves, weleave it to the pub. lic to decide which ia trord'm least. Some time since, we alluded rather tartly to Mr. Trist, the U. S. Consul at Iavana, and got abused for it roundly in the .Louisianian. The last New York Hlerald contains a long statement of thle conduct of thi n-.American-like Consul, and states that the whole afihir is before the Presidlent. InHad we roomn we should repulllish tuhe charges against 01r. Tritt, but as we have not, we refer the reader to the BIulletin of the 51th inst., and therein they will see the portraiture of this man at full length. Peyton Gay has been dismissed, and Mir Vao Iluren owes it to the elharacter of n.o country to discharge Mr. Trist. Ie Presidnat of the Nashville Rail Road has wisely introduced the system ofwatchmen upon this way. The plan is this. Men provided with a staffand wlhte flag are stationed at cenvenient distances along the whole line of road, and one hour beflre the starting of the ears they pass from one station to the other, and return. Cn tile approach of the engine, die flag is raised to signify rhat all is clear, but if any obstruction is in the way, tle flag is held out horizontally, as a sign to stop. 'Every rail road in thle rountry onght at once to adopt this sys. tem. Properly eorried into effect, there can he no pos sibility of accident. The late aeeidentlon the Nashville road caused by same wreteh Inying a plank athwart the rails Ihas induced tr. Caldwell to adopt this system, sonas to do away with even apprehensions of future danger. Mad dogs are about. The Commissary of the Ist Ward of the 0nd. Mlttnicipality, followed yesterday morning a esmall doe which he believed was tnad, but before le could get a clhance to kill him, lie hit in Iis course several oilier dogs, and even attacked a large bull. Look out. Scboolcraft's Algic Researches or collection or Indian atles is a work abhounding in interest. It exhibits to us ill its true light the character of the Indian. The red man's u abin lone will not be found to be that barren detail of wild notation generally supposed. It is lull of wit, soul and tfe'ing and abounds in mnoral touches. The discovery of Mr. Schooleraft of three great langua ges spoken by tile Inldians of N. America is ann.inpr. taot step in the study of the people. All tlhe Innllaot from Georgia to Labrador extending west to the Missis. -ippi alpoke one language dilfering only in dialect. To this tongue lie Fgies the name of Algic, derived from the word Alleghnney. The tribes to tile North west spoke the Ostic tongue totally diftireatt from the Algie. T'ti character of tile Ostic Indian in opposition to the Algic resembles that of tile Sclavonian when comlpared with the old Roman. The Western Indians le calls Albanic. The work before us is the first of tile series, So far, tleir literature goes to prove thile Algic Indian to be a descendant of some one of the Hebrew tribes. Their tales bear great resemblance to tire Jewish le gends. 'I'he work should be in the hands of every reader. It is for sale at John's & Co. Recorder's Court, Reports of Day Police and Night Watch. SJue l.lIt--T. oonney, dratnk, discharged. Dufly, do do. T. F oedl,loutfe, dischearged. CITY IIANK, N. Orleans, 481th Jtine. r, TtItlS Bank will be clsed In 'lllrsda next, tt e ,lth l July t. Nottes attd bills fallitg due on Ilut day june _°9 Cashier. a OIlT'.E--A meeting ,ftite NA'IVE AiIEl{ICAN I MIECtLt&NICS SCIlE'I'Y will Ite held T 'lis vea nitg, Jtne 29th, tt 79 Julia street, neat tle corner of ® Mgazinne street, for the purpose of electing the ofi. ce.s forthle society. A punctual attendance is reqtes led. jtne 29 ;IEA'T A IAK AIN. "l'N-tOl t SAL ie tltousao d acres of fliner, ric LAND, J' eliglelvsitued ill tie Paurilsh at' Ouchlita, near Monrge. Th'l.e land is offered extremely low and on I- advantageous terms. Apple at june .29 No. 109 Commaon srteet. iU bRtS-56 dt Cllarlied agd loafR Stenr, foroale hhby EI1BRMOGENI., BROWN & Co, jibe9 29 No 9 Conti st -_ - - --, . . _ ---tW 'rn "l"f RI" -1 ltLb --h'tuand fi t-e rrllus S int. I L fi1ev, ct-tautlu oti in,l lhndanl fitr sale 1 o S ItHEIllG91, 'NE, IBIItOWN & Co,, 1 nae 9 _-o 9 Collnli at ' 13 t{K--- t ills i ot g ae d ri-me, at ile itte lvtti't f 'or sale Iv C. DOIIEc, S.llttlljttt! 44 New LeveI e , ' A --llt-ltlO hkgs stpt rifer leof lard Itrtttle by I J Ii (t ltlti' . 41 Net, L.eee y* Cien Hlarrison, tier saliby june 'l G 1llIRSEY, 44 New Levee lt.nItR-'t-a brae. setpeerlt. in sottee faer vale by JG 0. ItORtSI.Y, 44 iNouw I.e;ee l Iut' RFI''tS i):D Iter Sli'; Orleant to Itoege ss niPbet of Iterl fett-Gll llao lltarrell, C(ttnlere iu, Eagle & Perrys Do dile prtet, enlld FI tt1pringl Pen. Also enoveral "ros oif i;ill.,tt fineaprns in lboes. Sold by the Gross our singlel Card bly ).'elt & Co. New Yorkt lttionera ftall, No 2 Clllrtres Street. D[MERCHIANTA S ean have a BIutr'IIet. CIRCU AR ao trae/- uofatofir hours Noetcenyt'olll.,atf tie C.ompitns Itot,,t oJ "'iTRUE AMElEIItCAN I'.iitrtO )FrItt rt. Chllitrles .Xluoltge, d/ottit"g the Itou to Retort not Corterof t.reu.o.rt .t ,l te I'in ing Oflire, c rnerof iovo Ilyras and St. Cltrl,'s streets. HOItI.AND (iN-10 pipes Iltllanld hi, in store I and for sale, Io J T'IAtA Y fL& c 1tl3 74 lcldras at fur al bv G I)OtIEY, june V.2 44 Pew Levee l 7 F-0C0-2Ftl trl prtinte and O iialf tbrlt me, at tlhe in3 tlaetloil,, fnlsale by ( ORIEY, Sjonet1e" 44 Net, Lever DAIN''S. (ll.s &. VAIINISIES--500 keg Nos. I antd f W thie rLead; 3t0 Cuitr CromeGreen I'ailt, aronttd in IlI; lIlack do. Linseed Oil' Speoa do; Pojttt 511 hbel. hlitilgl Copal E ad Jap0aned Vani.l . For setle tby S. I.OCKE UL i,. jay i 8 8 Front Livea N EW' BtOOKS-'Tlh CrppyF," aT l by tles O'al ra family; 3 hlouoirs otf celehraed Wttttrtn by ORf r P James Esq; Ill Naval INioat,v of ,fle U. Stoaes, 0n J Fesnnoimorae IColper, altor oaftlte Spe ,&c. Birtlhs, Deats and Marriages, hy 'Tilook Etsa.. No. i Jack Sheppard, by Ainsworth; Phrenology it le fam-h dy. mat receiveld and ior sae by j8 ALEX. TOWER, 49 Camp at U3LAO'TEItOFsPARIS-iO1 bbllatlndingfrom chip I [ St Jobn, will be sold low if taken froln tlhe levee. j6 J B CUmLLIN,74Cempst KtEs:OlI.) CAP--Just received two eases of bite laid ReenordCap.bnth plan and ruledt, a very fnloe • DAVID FLhLTN Y St-tionters' Hall, juno 12 24 CIlastr I 40 to fdt lb. sheets af rsaziesr 'o eheetal30 o 611 in.of 10lh. Iotthing Capp -. o. Justreocivetlns GOI as ' G UN'NY IIAGS..25,OIQ bar a be -j S'J P W Il'l Y. 73 Camp t )'RAULICON11ENT-2O hble for eli j6 S&J P WHITNEY, 7 ]A SH OA ItS--50110 feet acsh otr, i A Oo j S S J P WHITNEY. AN 7BSTRA:T of the nriginal titles at record in . A Ite general land flice.. Printed in necordance rwith area lution of the Hoouse of Representativs, pas pad24th May 1838. A few capies inot reeriveJ and .f ale by A ALEX TOWAR, J8 49 Camp at T? HE ADDRESS of the Loutisiana Native American Assoeiation In the citizens of Louisianao and the inhahitanta of tthe United Stntes,just ,ulliehel and ior sale by D)AVID FEILT & Co. J.f6 24 Clhrtres st N EWS PAPER-Just received a line nsoriment of 1 news printinga paper, of all the varios sizes used ,for the city and cluntly pp ra, and for sale by may 30 ALEX TOWAR, 49 Camp st A ITrlNti PAPEK-A larg, and general essortr meeot of writing paper, ruled and plain, for sale on advantageous termse. ALEX TOWAR, may 30 49 Camp st W n III KE;Y--20ll harrels iecufied whir ey in stare W for sale by G DORtEY, 1111l0 44 New Lvee H AVANA SEGARS-30,100, difernt q sale by A T RIER, S june 14 34 lrarier at S IUNT'S I.ECTURES on the hidtoryv oAbrahm I and Jacob by the Rev. Henry Itlunt, A. M.. an tlltr of Lectures o the history of.esus Christ and St. e Just pulliaed selectr remains of the Rev. William I Nevin, I). D, of Baltimore witlh t memoir. Just re ceiwcd ard forsale by . ALEX TOWAR, a .18 49 Camp at e j4 'AXr tlrl Lt t rtth'lIVLL., Ifur $14011 pay. at1 ble July 7, licrele tvr J8 . A FISK B ULWEII'S RICHIIIi'U, the celebrated Play, lcheap edttinm slid ano asortmentt ftne most cele trated acting Iplays. E JIIN'S C. Co, J6i 2cw corner St Charles & Co'nmmon ts SItRIlN 11IOOIS--2Lt0 dua in stere, lor sale by g "JJ. G I)(ttlltll', II New Leven Ii KANcDY d WINE-3hitl and blreaska ,ran • dy, .1 gr casks brown Sherry Wine; 36 boxes pale do do superiTr quality for sale Pby S t'J P' WIIlT'INEY, ay+ 3 .73 lCatp nt TLINOIS O310N1EY--3503 0 or sale by june 13 A tIRIER, 34 Gravier st WORKS ON SILK. COIIPLE'I'E noortment ot tlhb est works on the .i cclltre of the Mulberry and silk worms. a )andldo on silk wrmsna. L)'Htonergae's silk Faltprist' mamtnul. Clarke on the ilolherry. Cobh's manual ol the Iltlherrv tree. r. Kendrick's silk growrs guide. , tWlitemarslh on the Mulberry nod silk worems. (I~obertsonsilk -c. "EJ(IJPJS & t'o, k li2w corner ofSt. Charles & Common ast i) ACCtIN c11)DS--70 ycake superior ccntontnti cu tredn, in atore, br sale bry G I)OItSEY, Id jnle 15 44 Newv .evee SCI1N I'iFIC & SIIACEILA.NItOUS WORKiS. t., IIILL.INGTl'ON'S Ci..i renineering Gt trier'n Otltanic's Calculator 'rt,c Contehologist'n First Text Book Cultt's Bllck Keping; Bennet's odo to 'Ivller's Universal History,2 vols. 8 vo lt'llohmerguo's Silk Culturist's Mlanual Conat Dnndol o; the art of rearing Silk Worms (Clarke; treati con th Mlulberve Tree and Silk IV Worm, and all standard works ol silik. le E JOII'S & Co, june 13 2v corner St .chares and Cormltct itl ..A--itO ehests ouohng and ioehone, nlanding l fre n ochr Splendid, fronm Bcoten, ficr sle Iy rs ap17 A TRIlER, 34 Gracier at Lt)UII--101110 Ids. sulpertine aultl h5!1 do fi le, tor I sale by 41 New t IE.e I o June15 44.Ne. . .et-c ACON-s-fl.o00 Ibs. Cincinnati cured, consisting of hlornss, sides and shoulders, at the landin, per Flat boat. For sale by U DO1 SI0Y, ilmay 8 44 New 1 s1ilE AMolRItCA., A L lA.O,;C sand 'ireo.stOlyil I lsfel K.r wledge, r thye our 18:39, ieceived and fir si le by I)AVII) FEIT & Co, oily 4 hartr, st L IME JUICE, h.,dlng fenls llu vuina ia cask,, bar eei, and deiijohns, ar h sole e by I BONNAIEI, ra111 Iii Cor Natchez & Tl''vlIituhlis ,s

N.\lI,;N'I'--383 barre]s of Cement, landingt frml l ship Ynzoo, will be sold low if taken fron the ;Leve. Apply to JAMES B. HUI.I.EN, may t" 74 Camp Ft. 1(10GS--Jusl landing Ia flesh slpply t while seer' x .__ UGiova Jells, Guai Aralbic, 'J'aomriod,, Cream, Tarsstar, Sol Slldu .ts Tarllter tine, Pearl AshTo,'rle ric Aci, Chloride dola, ]lsls. Colvien, &c. lfr sale vb II IONNAIIE., Ily :1 Cl)r NatcheI anld Tchbapiulnhis sts GiEOIRGE C. CIsEL, S, ATrroRNy Ar Law, r' 1II.l . ns t ,d Is.h Su s prsmI , C ourt, ai nd the D is rsi c ll, te t, of ll Irrle irg, al d soa of the oadjcnts (PlinT's o thie glnlvr lllItn , either for llolt oy ,llnd or lmoie, will he unIderink, ii all i promptlv attenlded Ad<Irese' ilnm the 'ohiled slutre--(1ilv 11 Illoutol., to th refrer Sr. Ricker, jr. (Tl'exas I'ult' Osie Agenl. New O(letisn. at sml arr COTTON CIRICULAiRS "T PRIN TlE) with le ( Groatest E.rpedition, and n a sile unsurpassed int NEW (liolEANS, or else OonsRsi left at ConIriNO. Raooes in SI. Charles Ex Ihan.s, (Corier of Graeier St. ) or at 'I' R U E AMERICAN PRINT 'IN; (OFFICI', corner ol Poydras and St Charles Streets, sill be promptll sllendrd to. SO''ICE--\VILLIAnM BIEL, No 16, Clhartres w continles to mnultfaeturl ayS article in his line a. shrt nonlce. Charges mdorate. N. II. Wsatches, Jewelry, insic Boxes, Spectacles re lirel ill lhe sosl faithful man er. Oli hisis sod Silvai s.laud. smay I1 'VALUABLE & S UAKCE I.AW IliOOKS. iA'.At I'IN'S l elrusi , s a fe collies only left, in 1I iT|l Vol.; Louisian.a RIports, Ii vols Civil Code of Louisiana,) E Jobhns A Co's Code of Practice do new edition Sergeslt & l.ow!we's Beports oLfeses in llhe Eng. Ilit conurts, 3' dols. Williamss' lMassachusettss Reportsl Peters' Reports, 12 vols;; do eolndnsd sdo Arclhiold's civil and criminal Pleadings Ablolt on Shipllins; Bailey on Bills e lck's Medlical Jurisprudenco IBell & Belttv's Clha.ncery lReports iChity oIl Blls; do on Contrsels a,'hiltt' Pleadings; ; Id Bactice s do equity Digest C5litt's Blackstone; :ruiseo's Digest Curtos' Admllralty Digesl ; s ieest laws of U S Eden's CI:uncery lprts ; Fonblaonque's Equity Forte Book ; Gould's Pleadings Cow on s arlnership ; Ilolihns a's I.egal Studies Kent's Clomnt r tele; Leigh's Nisi Prius I'oero, Isln Oblisgatlls Pelels' Digest, lot volamlle, a new walk Roscoeon Evidence ; Russell ion Crimes Indllers' Pleahd .gs; Smllitllhs Chancery lractlie S lssrkie os Is! o' n e ; Shisy i e Iolslitntions 'levetll+ts& & rllne< e on Illfll elle¢ Tollsns law of Executioni s 'onhlin Law Ds )iurllll ; VnIell's of Natilon land ii g nerli asso lnsl ssOI n l l slau ll rd I:nelish aln t oFr,ml Illw Ihoiks, alnml si o he lltter, Merlin, T'I'ullierH I JOHINS r Co, 30 sasy 3w Col SI Charles & ClsslnOll ssl C OINTIKNSS of Bll.-sington, Idler im Italy,9 vol.. I'os Panl Br1no uItll nlslilss lsssls"s, bb, ' flook The American Joe Mliller, ss'ilh illustralions Little Fsrenthlillsnsl and his water lots, by Morr t:illngs by Johnson. Poetie Wimoh, seleeted poetry from Chaucer td Wsnordsos'orlh. Nickleby, No 12; l oe's Sketches, Nos 7 and 8 E JOHNS & Co. may 31 Ow . Car St Charles & Common asts" O I.-75 brls prime Tlanners' Ui ll41 nasks summer Sperm5 Oil Imay 31 Isow I. II GAIl.E, 93 Commonss a ijLUIJIt-99 barrels landing efromsss G lo s fTo ihiare i' by G 1)ORSEY, n,31 " 44 New I..veno MRiESS IEIEF in hall sllli . at tie inspeelion, fse moay 3o1 44 New Levee A PER Il-F.olsap ofvarsloss q ualilies, reled &plain I etter paoier si do do Packet, commercial and BIhi Post Rloyal and super royal cartridge paper Iron mollnger's deo Coltoln samnplins do Prinling Paper, of all sizes, suilable for city and cunatry pailere, Alsn, d uble mediunl, imperMl and super ropel Prinltiss Pressesfe orllle by AI.EX TOWAII, june II 49 Camp sl ACO Ns DElS--75 casks superlor (isaloisns.i culr ed, in stlsore, for sale by G DOISEY, Ililh june 44 New leve.e SORN--1500bushels landing from flatbo iland Ioe sale by 1113 A TRIEII 34 Gravier st INK! INK!! INKl!!!-Jusi received an lsr dozen 8 nouce inka,wa ranted a very sup| very heop, hv. doeor grae I sn D AVlI FEL' &. Co. N V Sti ll jose I/i __-_-__ j' ANf OI. PAPERI-Jsr of bunk noeppeer of s .le y XCHANG 1 1.01 :, :,"sj ! " AMREIRANr OWWNI,. neection with thin Ottee i a ,.+D EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE run Ttll PRINTING OFr Pazmphle g Blank Chebks o OCatalogues Bills of Lading Labeol, Dray Receipts, t Legal Notices Auction Dills, It Bill Form., Sow lRills l Steam Boat Dills iaroelars tl And every deescription .fJeb Work thats may Ibe rrqtlr N. O. CANAL ANI) BANKING Co. June 24. 1i39: T HE President and Directors of this Institution, hIve this dny drelard a dividend of three per t. on the 1 capitd stock,payable to the stockholders or their leal rpresentatives, on and after Monday the 1et July. T'le I truansfer itorks willbe cloned till that date. By dr.rd, june 24 3t DEV. CHEW, Cashier. L IN HIRTS, GLOVEIS & USPEIENDELs. Just received by late ntrivaler anatsortment of a Shirts Cravate, Surnmer stocks, Gloves, and Suspen- a dare, at tile Bazaar, corner of St. Lharles and Commton Otreets. 5 N. IB. A complete assortment of Writing I)eek, a Dressing eases, portable shavinge caes in rose wood & leather. oryti BUSH & AILAN. JllNTlNtNG PAPEIit.-l60 teams 4 x tii inches. a [~l.tliog fromt shipi Yazoo, for sale )y may 29 SG BDI.ANCHARD 33 Gravieret H AY--Oeu hundrdand thirty-five bales New York t Hay, landing from packet ship Orleans, for sale ly 'A COHEN, june 27 No 90 Common t t EEF-25 Ielf hbls trens and 20 Ibls - t prime, U asld B Beef for sale by ( I)ORSEY, jttne27 44 NewiLevee I)E'RBHROOK. A NOVi.I in 2 vole. Iy Harriet Martinean . Algic Re .urueu comprising inq riers concern olg the Irnrtott c'lrorcterisicu of tie Norltl Alecriao Indlianrs, first series; Indinn'l'alwo and Ltegnds, hy Henry ilowe Schtoolertf, autlhoru fTrvelus to theeutr. ore of the Mislis-i -pi, &e&c Also, a rew tupply of Stevens' Travels in Egypt Artbhio Patre, &c. 'tllmhoth the Wanderer; Elvirna,by Miss Burneg Ernest Maltravers; Alice I.ndy of Lyons; Itarnlev; Crichton llis. Sherwood's Works, &e te, iust receivei nid Ifor sale Iy ALEX. TOWALo, jutne 27 44 Canyp st L.ATE'E I.ITEIIAKY ! S CIIOOI.Ct A FT'S Indian Tiles onl l.e.getdi,, vs Miss Martineau'e i)eerbrook,a are novel, in 2 vola tamet celehrated Women The Croppy, '+v the ()'liara Family lMnrralrt, tihe lhantom Ship olloorl; [tillle, tIeaths arid Marriages iDr. Ilitrd tubollo Inv, aasohrmlee Net soup lly tfJer;ntea t 'ile Hr gtenoot Iigralhnm, o't'lltliin Kid; Biulwer'a BRichieut E JOIIN & CI. jutle e2 corner St Ctrlies a Commus SI itANK ACCOUNT BOOK--conntamiv on Iohand B and foIlr stile at verv reducetd prices : Ldgerg , Jourlnls, ooks. Inoaioee Banks, letter Books, tiecord do. leceiilig and Fonrwardirg do, tfll boond ittsllrheep and Rtesin. Also, an assorltntent ilfhlfhbound demci sl hooks, of every variety ol' ruling ; Covrhering Book., Copy i oks, also rever i derrioptiotl of Klaton and Memorendunl do; blank Bills of .Lading, Bills of Exehoge, Notes, Drtft ,Custom Hollus Blanks, and gct.erul aosortmerOntofSttiontrv, Blonlk tooks of ever) style of ruling and bindinig, maile to orders at short ro tice. Jol Printig ofevery descriition, neatly execured on the Inoat aelrollonldting termns, lv lDAVID FEIr ' & Co, N V Stationers' Hall, jun. 724 Chastres a ErXCHANGE ON PILADEI'IIIA-For sale, I by ADAMS & WHITAI.L, J20 87 Grnvierst ACON SIDES--60 ceake Cininti Red, for sale by (i DORSIE Y, 3JI 44 New Leves l ES BEEF-In hall barrels at tie inslction •frnr aobbv (; DO.I"l'Y. m23 41New Lever UTTEl--Goshn and VesteVn, in Blare It r sale by Jj G lioclc i l)4('EV, 41 Ners leve FO P-R L.---im SA ll-resirt qu.rlity Nnrrcie H , Cltalin on hoard. one tier below the Vegetarle ASar her. Ilav 28 t IIIK-E'.-210 r1s Ic e tierifi-, itln s r.r le ir m1'1_9 (;. DOISEY,. 44 New 1reve,. E .GAR ' O -A-l o ioxe0 . FToeresei - , AT II. 'IIIE.1 , lay i28 34 (:rnvlr so Hetrad Quarters, itaeshingtonrccr Ilfcntl New OIrlelnsR'0th JuneiI 1839. OIRDtERIS, No. 1. ; IIE WYlllill61igl Bnrllallin wcill parade on - vttle lqlare, onho .htitl ul'July inxl ci hll' paet fle em, 'e a. A. .1. fIr the A t rsl e of ereh.rliz he Iuilt I) ofiour Ng ihtnile F"reedlr, andl Ill iie -trlyn itrln i it expected tai vcer'V man will be i l isl PIIed SMonehln lr r rin r rt al Res will vee.l in pel renit eir .nI ; li; n l I1ir their etI.. exel li . ii n r.t il h. a oll j.ct t ef tct. Ihe ri, lt ofhu Artich, r t'ill rid,- cli- 1e. Ch rle. serrI thre C(itlr. I - Icc r N. ie. shid ofr ile rI h all ;l r e rn si bl e + S t. C l l lll U . ..t r P cl , dll ll tl l t e in la n rr y iI 1 n the laier. r t i tnl IEh . I.. Tnev r IhC i,Wsiinto, iArtillery is Scbhargecd will tirnhel lrNre lat lioll Set hel J. It. I)tIN, A Lnn Dt. r J..lert Let OAiL 1ci- lLi-eA4 , nrererrl Coracrt er iNeli rleuns. IPresellt, tih hnUrnCle W ;. %'uItse Charles oi nll, irn etnal eusraly, vs. Iiis Crediu;c, il lrhe clredillrs of McKIreinsty 1..llnell. Numrller 9~1'. It is orderedn, Illit tile creditors of the petiioncr be enoired acor-dinig to Iw to hIer and appear ill ope n- court i r the tfitcenlh dea ofJnrlv exl, t c0 o,'c lok, A. M. to show cause wilyi tire Ietitioner hnull rnot hIve the ehen lit of the laws inadu for the rrlief of insolvert debtors in nal.lnt cusrody. And i iis rlurhrorldered liltl A. E. Ilheadrrd be ep poiled to rrepresent iel above chreditors Clerk's officte, fllR .21d dV oJ e lJe, t839. JOIiN E HOLLAND, 1). Clerk. juine24 4t1i5j F TAT DF. LA I.OUIIIANE--L. Uur d' COll mecrnede In Nouvellew (irlins. Charles Mnol ell mlnitecant detecnt v se CrBaciertes et leIs cr-eaneire de ticelislrv ect M:lell. No. 92.1.--Presentre tilen. C. Wettsejuge. II cet erdnnmrrr gle le e rienciers du I'itriioncire snit neifiih -ehr la hci, de ce ipesener en pleine Crour sur le 15 Ide Jelil )rrCirin rd III herers do tnrtici r fin re fnire veir ponrqnoi h pelilneniri"e n' ac r eit Ipt tee heneiReesder llrc qlui cat ei friltes pour Irr sorl glcenr flei esllova rles ctllrleelinrett deiUs-erie1l ilrt plu or. donln qle A. E. BIradford iti nolnrlnr potr reir6sen ter le elrahlciers hbsents. Jllrrru lir Girelie cc 22Jonrrle Join, 183R8. J25 raw i3w J E IOLI.ANI)D, Grefler TO RENT. SA large and eorllnodioils holls to ret at it Pass Chrlisllrini, wit furniltre if reluired. Inquire ofCslaltin Erlridge, on Ihe rPrem sre. Jnlll O0 3I NItTIICE--'The erpnrctnerip Ileretnlfre *ixieirr in this rihV,unh'rr thie Iel tit SL urrrv rc Cr.seeIv s tis raythiicssolved by rutuit cntsent. Tihe rur r "f rIe lirln Ieidll rsd in Irrl .'rrirreln on l w ir ci will ire of tended ll v James Cassilylv; rrelo'i.lerrI IleOUill aire to be pre.elltrd f, lr settlenrent. -il"t)IGICIi MIRRA Y, june. Ilrl3--:3tr JAMIES (cCASEDY. 1R. MOFFA'ITS VEGiETA tI.E LIFE PILLS are 1 well knrowlll eto the plclre that it is hardly e= rctesar to cive a dleairled stolenenr of IPeir eirre and use. Fiheh I'lrrwill r tieles ill fully ecvin.o aer osne ofltre clierr Illrdenlir I. ip 11p tlice pubhlic to rlace erlonildelrce in hiis plrl.arai ^.s. Front tlle tIrn den Whig orlJIly 12,1837. Mle0eL'I Pills or. "tlere.--T'e Ie JOt rrurnal ec.n .ins: lditionsr l tstille r in firvor rofti is igihly implrt. rllnt ilvenrirn. "'l'lire prrPss ofll Journail was almols stopped" to annol e Ir e ti esiimrny. Slome oer,in ll roonre of Dr. Mleffrs tlhanks rs for iriseririg tire certifi rle ofolrr neiillhror Bowles, rnd rffrs as it qllarnlily i tile aticlres elpensrtiun. iThn i svery kirnd, sand we prrrie.e tlit mometi welilllsrr nder like afflictions withI our neillhbor oflrie Jurnsal, to call on tire agent. In tire nean tine, are any lrIoring unlder nireilridiif ierirhios to ihole whIich have so severely brne I urpn IMr Blirwles, they have hris esrireionv ti thi "eclar adirtednesr'" iflri remedy ihu he iserse. Thie ineetd clhe s undoubtedly a novereign remedy. LETTER FIROM SAMIUEL BOWLeR. Thre IrIlowing ltter is frln. Mr. Bowisu.Fdito0e> Republicatn and Jurnl, irSpri'f.rl " Dlr. oill-ssir: ss nowhlr elr.led from e il illrmi y or rc .c qlneneei ns I Slrpose, r fa,.* frelqunent and severe pnd phvsicr'in, anlrd retisied, whi efyoirtt icl of" f- ern - + O ONT'RACTO(B FOR PAVING. S C Iktb phmaop lanlddreneed to Ihe Recorder and S Crtie il ofthe Tlrd Municipaitr, maiknd " Pro oa avlsbl'a e,'r wevm reedreid until he 15th July, fr:llneishinil the materials, and making the side.wlks required ry tie councill necrndig to te Afua lowing lpeeificnrionr;, and payabhl in the bondo of hhe Muniipality, at tea yearn, hnring interest at the rate d of sinI er cent, per aounm, vir: The cul batools to he emiloyed sholl not he less than three and a helf tert inlenglt,.bur inches thick, and ofI the width which shall Ie dewmed. neeeesary according to the level required, and which shall he determined by the In sector of public works, and shall he dressed at - the ends, and at tIle exteriorr and superior Bides, and on the edge; tile glitter stones allsl nut be lesnr tlon tllhreeo feet in length, four itrhen tlick and one foot wide, and shall be dressed at the ends and on the side which lay ri against tle curh stone. The curb stone shall be laid, .t the leost,six inchts hblow the level of the gutter, anda thegntterautoane biall stand oginta pavement offlmr d fret wide ; sad rithe sidewalks shall Ie olaid witllh bricksn J from the lake of a good quality, or witi bhi uen of one inch thick on a coat of.grey or while solid, or of shells; in front oe each loror lroperly, htaing nno nor trhn 35 feet front, tlhtremsall be mads t Potter with bhritk, not less than 8 inches wide, crloered witt a cypress board two inches thick, in order to let the water ran out, the aoperficy of which gutter shall be level wi'h the pave mentt oftle aide walks. The eontracor sthall fill up to In expnnse with river uand, all the blnquettes which shall ot Ire high enough and shall ftrnish all the malterieal. He shlal6 sno rhserihe IoCether witth neor more per. sons alrproved'of by the ceue!cil,a oecurtiy of frve thou- I sand dollars, for the.afithrful exeentiu of ris contrctl. 'The pavil.g of said aide'walks to begin in lysian Fiella street, going up and dowrn ; and tle streets r n ning pcerýendioulor run the river, begiinoilg by the Elysion F iold street, up andl down. ' ' The contractor shall alop pare st the'cr.ner ofeseah rtreet, n path of btor ieet widu, wihh flatstonu of. no less than burinsires tibick. -Cunfracts ,nay he porerd fir one or more streets, pro. irled slue qnanrity of yards contrncted for Io not less i than four tlbosand piorcontroct. J. B.'. ST. ASIAND, j17 Secretary. e E PISANIO FROr1t PARIS. . E subecribera have joest received per rshlip Charles frou Ho vro rnd ofio r for srlis a beulit'rll assort mernt of Pionrrflites contisting in ;-Pian.ios, I'icolbs aof Roseowod, lCnr.a.e sricd r.lh imllrogray .o nol. y Horeoatr Pitanos of tlre richraest uswoud and auhre S enti tprichr Pionofoteallo io. " ll .'l'llenr e inrtrntertl e ne a i rll l r lranu fa trred Iv tile celebrrated makers 'I' l'I.t EI, ' i. . Co. ,f Palri,all eo.. toin 6 ti.ctaveo, tir of r Irllrs suiperior finish nlld se, lectd expresrily fir ao bfy Mterrs Plerel & Kallrrenner, which fart can leave nnlling to desire in regoard to tile d beauty ol'rthleir tone. Th umncratrs aorl profnesr of lfrie are ronpeer. ifully invited to cell ann enxamine thei semi ulright pianos which are enltirelv new article. E JOIIINS & Co, St. Charles at, J4 opprnsie tile Vrr.adnbr & Exchancge Ihrtri Serrenters, fIr sale talow by 13 IltOWVER & Cu, may =St N 17 Clrtnp at E lS'l'ItA Y-Cae to the Ipremiie ue t alr nireariterr, two sqnlaras trin Iran Now Basin, known as nlenn ani Wlitrre's gardrnmon TInstradny rnornirng loot the 13th instant, a black erw,bath hO;resoawed of; ao rked on thre let ashorlier P F or F P; site olrb tho nbght slo td ihe owners will eall,'pay erpenses aod take her 'Itrnel631sin1odr NICHOLAS CRUMIIORN -. . - . - __.. . . ... ....... . Juncla 3 in 101 NICHOLAS CILUMIHORN (ORN BR5003U -10 doa in toe, for sole by I njmi 16 G DUIRSEKY, 41 New levee. ANTED in a Drug Store, an arirtalnt frlly or regaifted withe Apothecary burinra., Rpeank ng French nnd Englieih, and writing a fair hand. Ad dress btix 231, Poit Oaffice. jare i2 . I.'UA'l'ltJN WANltl) . nne A YOUNG Mnrried Womna, ho ts n heitllthy child, but fire menthls old, is dlesirols fl'geling a situation W\VIT NU'SE, in n respertable farnlv. She cill give asrxeeplienaoll eereoemnlenlia r ont, Ir quired. Apple I y t Mr:. TAY I.tO, No. Irr Pttovdrta atrrt. J li J -X orC garG23 I i i tt E , 131 ig a 3r inj p e SYNDItIC SALE. IY IBACIIt & (AIIIOUN. I 1.1 be seld n Wednesday, July 3I9,IItal t 1e o'clo,'k ,at ae City xan-. on St ' rus at. between Royal oirld CIatrtrert streets, by 'rll.r of tl he. e Itar.h, Atr. Syndic of tie rert itra rdtI hlResnr -gertun & WI crtet. htr rhe 'rrtrrll nnleart Ih risk of Mear-m Edwarde Ytrh, George It.(tgtr n ,lnind S (:l)gten, who Illve feiltlrro crotply wlth tlhe tlrrs ofIt riel eor arn aory horeitgnal r described ade le rt Jt e y or t.-lth Jnlurarnv 1t:1t. t.levenr hrit ol gnround siltualed It Fnulnuorr Se nert, 2II Mltnicipotlity if rew ( t)rir-ttr, ill It ' .ll re It undrd rtby Clto, !Pt.rneor, 'ullip rut t Nraradue srrr'ts, na pe plan whie will orexpoxirg d at mtot ,en- l t le, vent: La Lo No. 1., nt.nin Ie I inur t, 4 he. Irlnlt 4 , Io r - taes street, bry O taee it ir depth, led frnt ronIo ('tir Leta No. , 3, 4, 5D,f, 7, 1, 9 ad Itn,, rer, me tr'i,29 feet frrrot n I'r-ante street by rv1) freet drrrp. t r Le ro.-t ro.II, I folll g r! Ik't 1 rt ie l frr or cn eIsV nl'ner g rtrr, o lyI lftr l in t prih r n d tt p rlrlfl t lll'olllrot r street. The ehotlv its wll s e "rn trr enre wrr nInt aveia I ge a t un r lht v InI lih e dt " ,, t wldto bof lr tarr t . ferlnsos Hteme d I. vnt.h ,nt ea18 0 h, c ,mlnan I., Srv , mri 4ga ll nl l ll fi mtfu l' l p y .llll.ll . l ... .. lide ryuelht. PAR 1 nB(5II & CALIIOUN. L SERIA VI-:Ntt It, lenrerdi Ito 3 JroIt pro chain a midn, a Ia Nouvelle Bourse rIe SI, Loui* enter lrea rung lrrtyahetrt Char reo , par I' de Mr. Anthony lasclt. SIterto rde erfioncinrs do Mcssra. Egerton at Wibray pnur It copate ot aox Srirre tr j 3 olesarllra Ioutrdnri Yotkg, ottoron It. ( gdr-a ard J. C(. t()ogdE qii 'rt rrttualluti ux t terns prescrilat par Il ventU pour l ts protrrf mt ci desaroa talatgrta a treer rtalug6es it'rotor, 1839. ONZE LOTS DE TERIRIE sitaus dana to faubourg Saulet, 2de laaniripntlit6 de In Nile Otrhf'ans dants 'ilet rituf rntre lea ruea Clio, Prytnane, (nlhiope,oat Nayady , d'rapro en plan qul ai "i expoeaa u a ll olnert do lI vceate, La Lot No- 1. mesarant 29 pieda 4 potcon do Iface ta rt-o PrytanOa par 120 prods do .rlrtlirlour de faeIt a a ruea Clio. Lea lots Nos. , 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 3 &10 mesu rant ehaeun 29 pied do face at a rnu I'rytan6o par 120 piedns de profoudeur. La lot No. 11. mesurant 29 piedas 4 pooce do face It it rue Prytanro par 120 pied, do proeondean at face a in rue Coalliope. r Les ausdits lots aeront vendes sapnrrement area to prvilrbgo d'une tlle do 15 piredi dr largeur. Lea termos do ovents rant $1800 cnampant pour ht equae lot, et tle balance 6, 12, 1 et 4 rania dt crtdlt en billets endosasI a satisfartion, avce hypo thbque jusqu' I parfait pinrocirlt. ilY IBACII &. CAI.OUN. ` Ilr Irae sold o \We'rdoesdyv3d Jly, 1t1, fat 1l it o'claokLat the City E].chanllge, t t Louis sltrret. '"'wse SI .e 0 oa "Grorod, Designated ona plan drawn by Lrta Iurinoier snr. vayor general, as EBare E antd C. Square I: cunrtui 1. 26 trit, eumlbered from Ilto Si, which measurie as "ir "n nI.!, , 4, 5, , 7,, i, I, It0-to0 . ltatartar .ear. s i0 feet frirt nt t.lltorirto etrlea, ia rr,15 feel i r lalilrit lNo I fitrting lilt lor-lor f Ileat tn earl Ala t hiolrtrs. at halt N ll tll'nillboeg tIble corcrlef itf nomr It tllBur. dot streets. Nis I, I, 13--: llot,, Ireasrmtiog each 300 fot fTrnat o lrl Itttt molltrtr - Ih t i It. te ill ,ini Ih Nao 14,t I, Iti, 7, 1tI, lrt211 t " , 23-10 teot, t.ieas Ilrirr a-attlllll toot trott otn (t IIo rtoI t l inr, r ,l h Il her In a tieltl Na 14 rlrnlrrtg lire etrner ar llC llneriie and ttardetlteets, iand No.. ioiertlg the curler ot CUallercital old Atamst alrerlts. Na. .t.I, 25, 2,i--:3 Iotal, llmelllri eaechL 30 fct frf ont n SAdtams rtreel Iy 15 itll dtrrpth . Sqatreo C Conaalion 2(; int, nuobered fror I to 26 ;1hi:h measure a" filluw:- Nea I,5..3,4,5, t, 7,to,, ,10-10 Inttn r..a.oringeeah ,30 fnt ferei 'a . ... Cor .eo.r. i.l rtceet,hy 1b. fre- in ll.ePtti; ao t I formnng the etllear of (cmmlnareial na luadrt t telre, mIlml NII f ll'lllillng tle curner of Culmlenn al L Wa'tshillg to treels. , No I, It, 13I-:I3 Io, a measaring each 30 feela Irnt'or t Wi atinllegtln seloel. by 1511 Iret ill dlpt.l iNsr 14, 15, Iti, 17, 18,I, I21t 'I2I,'2, 23t-10oItrt,rneeo. I ring earch 3 ft feet Irt on Pearl treeat by 105 feet ill depth ; Io, No 14 firminr tllheornerof Peacinnt \'rslh: ingto strerets, and No 22 joining Ihl corner of Pearl r Iand Ilurdet streets. NN a 4, 25,-11-3 otsl, measrring each 01 feet front iPa .tratta , by 160"8 lit pit tllAnmrieaut - sn .- " SECOND MUNICIPALITY NOTICES. WTEREbrouglt tr the Pound of the 3d Ward, d V Municiptlty,. A dark brwn horse mule, with a sure on the bacl part if thl rigbht fure !.nee. rile oser e ' said jiroplerly will please cell round at the 3d Ward of the 9d Mruiiriptlity, atunted at thc couher of Robin and Annunciatiun ute, prone prouperty, 'pay curgss sand take him awayo or before M.tunrdy A ho6th July,1839, when he will be sold at auetion by G Guillott, public utiuneesr. N Orecnse, jtanel6l H t'RA1N, slt IeIt. A mrnhO au delot do Iriuiemte ditritt ledtlluici.o t. pulith. In Motulet brim fon6 svent use platek our le dr.. rir6 duer genmux dioit. I.e Propriktacire vodo briAn lo rlemto er selon Ioi, no depot ennoignure den rues Robin & Annusslathm6 d'iei i Smed d 6 J Ouliet, bultremn t ii yera rends lo dil jour pnr P A Guillote, enucuetur. HENRY CRAIN, .16 eer Lieut. de la (Grde `ý ERE brotgblt ut the police prisun of the necus] lV t unicipuliy tht foluowitg lmare i ti: A ntlcro by named RANIDOLPH about eighteen yeuts of g. , aye hen belona to Mr. l Remste s A negro boy named JOHN, about 18 yeans' of ae, nsays'e helongs to Mr. leohk., t A mu'utt, woman named MARY, about 24 yers os ncre, coya lte hbelong to Mteh. Dugne. 'le it ncerr ofassd sloves, will please eoil end prove - prolperty, Iay chanrges and take ithem sany. H Ia IAIRPER, Jure 211 Capta'rof the Weht It e i Is e rc haive suivbnnt, wvntir* Irn negre uotlnmO RANI)()LPI usg6 de 16 a*e, as dion t n l meortocbir A Mr. Clemens. Uui nere nommh JOHN,a gk de 18 ois, n o dibnte es partner A& ler. Hawks. Una negresse multre, nommn6 MARIY,A g6 de 4 an no dins, u pnrltenir A Mrs ltitg the. Le nprlpribtnieo tires dit reclave solent pribd de venir le r tireIr en poyont le freis. 0 J.201 H H A IIPEIi,Capeine do l oGarde WI Elr bmo.ght tco the Police P iiso of time d Ms nieiptliti, tile fiolowing slrven, via: A cegrro ton nomed Ecdmond, ninlt thirtyfuor yesrs ci" gtr,rsovs hie hong tI Mr. H. McCtnul. A mulhti, olnn nltllod Juttl llioptIe, about twenyIr six, snyolke belongs to Mr Ilttlphense. A griift man nt med lirnra, about twoentyfirve yes old. styso hke elnngs It Mr Brnedict. A Ilack cco nnmecdJohueph ab,ht 26 or 27, aeys he e longs tIt 1r. Monar. 'T'lh owners of ald slnoves will please call at tihe pri o of the -d ,tninlilclity, pruore property. pey charges tc l anlob th,·I'o, cwsy. HI S IIAltPIH, jtne I15 Capritt of thie S tch. I t Ih ' i'tt unItrei.o a In geule dd In Sectosle UMtood % palite lea ercrlave snlivcettlnvlcaei: Uu negro nomlol, .EDMUND agoh 'environ 34 nr sa di .ot appcnrtenir A Mr. II. McCocil. dc Istuote 'onltrero notmt JEAN IA PTISTE, ag d :C6 one, sre dirnnt ppertenir A Mr. Stephen.. et Uclllegre grifib, tccnc1ttt ItENIR', oge de 25 one, bs disnut optIerltelir Mr. lBenedict. , Un nogro nuomc JO SEP11, ugh de i2'6 o 27 aos, so - dissntoplurtenir A Sir. Moore. Ith .ee irpliatireo dts dilc eesrnles, sont prihs de sreei tlee roctifer eo payOut lea scui. It. S. ARllPER, .tS CcnpitaioRe dth Garde . . . . . . . . . . . .. - R """'"^von was--... .-n RE"It(;l{IATOl{-rI'hhi is i new and slsefill arti . rcle of lfrriare, rapidly rnming into ise, in nor nomA w ael n solniohern nlatstudn.s. It is designed to keep ecol and sweel, sues dishns in the rolinerv de parltlent as nr necessary tro proteered from the hear of the wenather during ihe 811111r snoll O. The IRetrigerasor is now considered an indispensable -lrlicle in the ecoenonv ofevrery good houslwrifP. 'Thb q lenity rf footd it prtenclot froIm tile wenther, will more Isltnl payil the cls o" lie nrticle rey near. 'The1'shornber is e vOsnlntnly receling Irom Ikhe man - .eluirr Iifrinnirnts nIfdiifeo ent price-. iThe Su.lerilter i.sep lsnted A.etl sI the imaenIsfe tlr PI r t r 3 A Ple'pn. Yper uns of n the Itefrige- resn In'Y Innr seen li my nslre 53 Bienviile st. tn. I W I CAIRNES. Ilt i' It iEClnrnrt-res ncre- hen lhiAd dtn rereiv V ' pe.r hllip Snllan egn , 50irn. r.noan eid tilrel Iils, NhinI1 ill bcof er e lid tis toh bntde or I-nClar p r i then tl'os t befilr f l rort in lnioe pily. Al-n 51 Aioessn .llnsetll Intnls, foil palttens, sOgetoler wit i n greet va riely n of s 'l p -s;i h Work, re tinsi- nie Isronta"s, Ilings JLnnr 1 InSeneA, iohekes l h n &n . l'hon e in-os, w nwill di well n i . etItsfmi thin h reint noeonmnens. f'. S. s 11hi (tinti i e s won r. epi 15I .I arad [ nbre e In rsonnnn t tofsomnnosr esool c Ofl'vnlnsns pnltslx~rniu, tn n shinl'rt n lcll- inpliy. r tt I IiENI-Ason-tdoennrl n dwellingPhnsrno eren a na p lxeh ntle I 1te I'.l .ha r, s netlefrot, I, n few d tors Iroot, nlenml ..t; noesnion igt.tll lltedidtlly. Applylo In)I.lE -4 SlAV At _ Ps-Asll at NtV.L L S ' CARI OLTO Le- file quqes hr igae as dens lea U rtDe Carrollon. De i ile Orleans . Char 4 cheval, 1 b i. h A t C r A-chevtl, aN ito A NivtN l - II.TON. g d S01IN 1r 1 l d it hr Ah h I hA 'Nl 2 l' 11 A -ASS E o nnoor Ah ", "esi -,6 A As nn Oss A Arrangwe poor lel Dioanrhs-. sltnr. Ipnrtnron e lesqu e e d Sfou rs de hn etittllne jusqllr'A 1 hearse I' rl , ire one 10c Jolivhe pnl nseCaoellj on htunt hlirarptlls nrnllosllIn oI net i tre ot d oir tll e lt de his No uvelle t srilln l llnr n eq In iets-et do noi re. A tri'en 11 hernos do oir, et jntsn A n ioi 0n pe ohtenir tin char, A eer Ionain an.not r iq piesnIno jn ir vooegr .no nsepes msnti! on nnrn o paver silst Ienlt ronnt s tinti pnriiront par In ittn nOtive, de, root An proinrer rte o tillets h a sten qo'i es drfeno Ino n-ondticteurn de reevoir do I'ollgelnU ln ie telossitnr rn ch tnt, qnnuei rnn n n(noeraon nrens Sii , ic . nn ,en i lt , i n.. . s. litit . s 31, r rns ItlaH 5lI( TI hI)elrl"~ t o sn nIirtlllnll nn tllt tle In vilt t l jan tiiessrstt t { pola tllionasq h o sts-n, slo   llos i te hll, liei ii I i'nlr pool tr litiP eh I t h ore O Is tn iceAr din t ll des ipIns innu jnrin s nini s Fit s Unl . v~nvs-s tics Ruern schwsoa ro de ia C('ens 1. S e. pes or o lLnr irni tlin lser tntn nr5k . ' A. M el do In non do ('annl t 6sl lerses d, 5 tn onerano ehqo htelnr-. A I IRenres, il piion at Ihlrnisodnilis rr n el rcoolntdl o IneHso .ll tin lie5 ' n r a r t l 4 hieluilies. .. Ire l CIit rl ontr ent ooosis-l IOremennt prit de In In tlllre ler piedl oto ler ei tesoinsi , t Ar sIte Ipe llnfl niensie chtll ioree ler donio-ll tsy troleni lntrolnl de Allnn pi nln tnilohs l-n do otr de Ca rehlsls a t ie in NollelH Oorlsts.s JOIIN IJAIIPSI)N, 3 15 Isgenrieurrn chis. 1 \Ist iW n i Ad-S i o batnoe 'Einglis ii Windsor nnlloli leecviil n dllg ir sale bs ' Y1 tJ CI.ANt IN, It iI ssmp ant ])AtSS NI', Ilt il'l'iNl"Iill , - (' rr IIS weil kow1ne w isteroig drce i now open for tni X itse lor thllyn e iollltolintcl pesittnd anni M.Jsohn Mielioonrli. The ressihl..isiiin ditn bil nong ro n eonl, tiliird rf50 fain e ni nsi hn IIo ilnnnn . Jr I to

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