Newspaper of True American, July 2, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated July 2, 1839 Page 2
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uoMiE MAKKET: Cary,. lknday I. 1 maont saatena l. int nnyt t Iwheatho .nth h. ne nald varied vtiih agrnertl sae The lat.d ihi t carry il daily large qn teof phas r o and t1ra pro ,ect of a or.. dull i rt now . dLýrd Ie a critv. The city"cremoinltjn thy to C,. ,i rexordonliryh d . lr . . mnti tartar toht waeh, tlrwe toofl ra atcii lit eaap Lo ivernd l byhve gone ull to .t anT are at tmen ante hs aein to' 67 to 10 Wn en di ed ne " Loliaiaaitan alpprehle tl, nroula icing our ~u e W Wter ale er to elietve t ota i o l thn li erv .*'6hfte law reqlring Ilid banks to make a inilnothy l a the cacoe of tihe preent stmirened eonditici .li taptey market, ind the sien of on i.lpending Sytahlaetheconmonreial world, an inimoated Ih this pa b W.i. the Banks ofNew York fiithflllv cotpli, + +ini wslh the law requiring their monthly statelenrs, .T ry' Wen in the tlost daisenlger potriiitm. and indeed Silyalel apandedcash payhn lrna in 1837, two IJs a of .tat 'ineirak cammiasinler had eertifed to their aom" + o;uleirnlveaey. Every ian in the eoolntorv ihas leanted " E'ut plentineexperienee, that all legirlative eontrol over a instit tiona st ia iere iri tier of fornl. 'Io cleate 'eollk ind then omnake laws to eonirll its oterations, hlike rihm a gane and endeavoring therealter the the expltsion; so an. to give i an actal hope said _Noano,--lthieg hut a Ntioncil chnk cll reg-I L lathe t.llte Banks, and beep tIr-!c whltin rhe range oal'lblr chaer,er, end if we cnnmot get a Niltionl Bank, rLm Biaking:iS the next remaidy consistent wiith our tre intltutionse. It iS noet fair in Ihe Louiimnian to nrerilt c he t inee lgly crippled coerse if otperacioni I7 Ithe CitiePn's Bakll toI th. n-lsal of the. othler hlcnk to.publihi their mnalhly alrenlreints-- vy, it it a ron eequrtur. As well mrcht we ray, thot tile Iiwneir of the western wa .en 1 nat lean, wolail.i to I l Ih refusal of thto tcver mn to lgabn lie Nsohrillt I{.ilrooll bill. ithat oee hanks ro not Irtlcnllt the Rotper of the in. ihdttlriout and enlvtent concern.o th e city Io itti nie amoonlt an to henelfit trad- we freely oditn.l blt whnlt i the remaonaiof it? 'PThev are in dtherlle ifheitg draietrd .ofvery lolnero if hieie byv lie Ibooks iof Aiclllan Iaid Midaiuippi,anild y the western rirderr. They love immnaelerdek.l dcue to Ihem ItI Ihe Il- llpedcd concPrns osi 1813, nd they are colnpelicll it Fell' defeCece nll .lu l.ill, the houe wiith l the hrpes oi imrnliroll whiat isi dueto thler. There is nl tinloelrt of lcion llllio ile healke,frlr wllnt oi a iIIroilloll c O.d ii slriolr ipolt Ito trenpel them to revolve: ill i, ritr IllriltS. Aidl All this ilale ciflhinyhs es let Irodlh-c l by tlh very pmlrt SWhich iSueained lby the oI.ttsiuniall. hot jiott nel go hack to tihe ourcrr o;l'er i)re.Io n iiftltJeis. ahid i will not reollin wil ittclh hhllwncras ii at aanl rneteliizeo iltl ellfsions of yelterdoAy, IBrutin reflection Iipor the rliLtr-e of policV ndlipld by tli I.ourisionian, we ore tirt,re in nck, wilt it toie lgotirel In thle t lolbnce o Ioshieti illtiittioih, oie npinioiS.'rhatl Ihere is roilnPtiinl 'rniltte in i)enmraerk.' the ery fl"etop tllifr' is li tlld rillcer. It ic nlatlrlfilr tie inmates efa fullitg hulln tohsupp i. h every opi er bouae inl the iecniry i licitme II, firethr nur if thI trenbling mlterialsc alnuti heir earc. prevenrs their Ilis tinlguilngii n-htnehe l coil'usi h splines. 'Tl read the Louisianiarn. we w t osrlil sposie thut olluthlr 13tith of May i eat hond, hlot the wtlole ocll th lioikinr Intilnt lioloe of Llliscirana wore ilbuotl to exllodle. I.e thie pib lie niot he dteived. Theme is a ilo cause for ererillno niu hilihbih iat tl premnt moment. It will not bIe miss iRr the inelran tile world to torn thei, erye. il it dillirectiin if tile City . Mehilage, and eresix ontinhi. roll rotlultl, the lly re the causoe Of all thi Utcrir rUalulit ohe Ir n oi ofIcNi. SOrleaan, of Ilhe pretli tiihbi tttutI" sirlge oCtunlld i lliug crisis"' is tI haid. NewOrlrmeaus Chenlsber of Comanlserce. oFFIOCRs FOr THEi YEARi 18:19. i'resideu.t, S.J. Pelers. First Vice President, \V. I.. Ilolge, IEsq. Second d. l o. AJ . Me lli, Esq. S enommittee of .Ipplels for 1839. Jamnes Dick, altos , I.everih, H. C. 'amnnl~ek, Alijah Fis,k P.O. Sortie. innlltl 'rlmpsen, Committre f" Arlbilratioa /fo tIhe mtih f ' May. John Eledlleston, Joho C, Harrison, ii. \V. Hantinotoni, illiam ilikhis, Enoeh ll Iyde. r. 1'. A. Hardy. Jeclhih Kohn. Miall ;lega E tiioas. TAe Great Eastern Mail is closed every day at 10 o'clc'k A. Mi. Is die'wcrtdav at 41 P. M. The 1drprpes Maul iis l';l8l every day at half past l0 A. hi. Is due with tihe Great Eastcrn ia il, every dlx' e Lake Mail (via Covington, I.., is rlosel every Mondsy, Wedlcesdalv tsnil FLrid, at til o'hrk, A. l. In due every 'luesday, IThursday, and Soaturday, at P. M. The Louiscille or River Maoil is crloe.d rer, .Mon day, \Vednesday, and Sutnrday, at aI P1. I1. Is sent and returned by steralboats. Arrives irregularly three times week. - The Ileymar Streor Coasl ,Jllail is rlised every0 Tuesdayscll Friday, at 8 1' . Is sent nod recurded by stemhea to. The Alexandria or Red River Mail is sent irregu larly by steacmolts twicer a week. IMOUISVII.t.cE Ot lt ilER M[AIL.. Mondsa, ) Woedle'sdy and 'Close at 8 o'clock, P. 1. Sa" urday, la CoAST MAIL. Tuesday and Closest 8 o'clock. P M. Saturairy, S N. O. & NASIIVILLIL RAIL. 1ROAII Co. I E Loeolnotive wih as train s o Clri aiill resTne her trips over the 5ti 1A1'T PICA 1 I IE t the E ay on Tiguyew, Tholsdai Evening, Junu 2:7th, 1837, every day, Sunday rexcelt. d. Depart. Return. IA. M. I0 A. 1. 4} " 7 " ccUN T.YS : Depart. Return. 5A.M. 9A. M. 124 P. A3. 21 P. 51. 44 7P. 3. J27 3t JAIMEIS 1r. CdALT,fi t1.I.., IPchld*nt NFW ORLEANS & CAIttlOl.I.TON IiRAILi ROAD * In eoneopitence of cttrlectt.. pplit "totes fore hitcrge in the lime fddeparturc for IIthe .lftcrlOll tr eo, IIth ccIi)lpcy Ihalve sosclulded t adoptclti thl tt lltveoa rrii emst c tlto s 'oir tlettlllll r tcr,cmmenclg on tilt lth lost. SUMMi R ARRelN. McKTS FOI THE c EoK SI).Ys . From Carrolltoll. 1 'Ic[tit ,w Orleaus. Kome Car at 4 'eClork, -A. M.t llht(t r icat 5 o', lhck, A. M Loacomotive Ii. 7 ens " " I " " n I10 11 S I t8 . " . I t " P. " : - .. " " I " o " • " ,,..1 , 9 " " .tRRNC. ;; NT FOR SVNOAV.'S: The e rar will leae ne ll s, L I ullll( e hiutire l . the weei k days 5ntil I o'clock, P. . when It I.oet aliv will Ivle Carrollton Tvery h lo(r, u xlil n o'clock, P.. l. ria New tOrlell. eit heour ann. 9 edocck, P. o i. Arter I0 o'clotk a honsr tr ran le oltinso l Iy ptaPei 5 dol Isn tr tihe Trip; ifculled fur aticr Ie i o'clck, I'. 31. Ii dol laus will Ir char~ed. Persons Eoiae by the Fcteni Car nmst providi e thbelPIVe with Tickets,asttl,,- conddtorcltas potaivc itreclioliI nottO receive nmoay i it lret lereof. The alleratiun in llt limei n'irp arture, s sllowv above con| lenea w rth thie IherPtf).: r tlCk cars, whlrI titli ow leave Now Orlecs ult3 o'lutik, a dll ronil i ill Ctircllllo nt il 'lock ale. le el co at o'teh k. coild .iy ia C rrolltonuntil d i l,' ",ck tthrebi a sllo to e lad a half hours to elo the it t)tlcit wailks U,,i lleirtaki. oi rerehelheehts ito ioe ,l2'the I roe B talseul iiardlea in the United Statee. TilE JACKEStirN AND) I.ACO.-eORI STtcl.Et':T CARc tihe head oci JcosOlo cletit ar oijclock. A. ci., C.ccl street at o'd.clo. and rall hoearl. At t'iot,, k Itey wilI ommenllee to leuP .ctl.l all d over, hall houlr, Isllt i l o,:lock, P. M.,exreptioi that oto.ctd of IrIvo tCai l treetat .j 0.. alock, the ctr will leave thIi ree i l t t.iic I L1t. SIt itpaett.-ul rly ri quscc t ed t h:ll ttr tltlt II will liar put ytheir feet upol tie ell it)llc, or sotky itll tie ., clwhe I.Udloi are preserit. eeNrw eOrleaesa and Caorraoltoll Ril i Iool o Comltny, Ndhio, 191. .IitiN ttAMhoiiN. jeetIS holt Lot:.. N.t O , l Itt. " k 1811r c ili. I.J' it N IAVAUID hoac th Ihtnoitt it.,r;ii,t hi ii'hnids n.el . lllyrio l th i il l illl Itl'ait lle ha it keytsile Iiotel at srrlh,, wher hi hrli, st: iu lil rri.i ri tote nslls olh .l hiol frieds ndil all liVers ofdU , dichner. Private ieerti..t will hbe IOilctmialy .",ided fir blv giving a little ~t0itce hre itltcthad. lie ii illi.o tai o ic r icnto srrelAeig l r il fC lies .r dlViauhls tChairlus ,fp_ ae ing h1_1._sum .t in t.'n, l lllu - . .... . .. T, W. COLLENS railed o tt re Coeaei'Ct sticci r. Appotedi y the deral UttIlt Ielll t 'Wi Orlrans UFFI('Ei' No. it9O -ilM 31lItiN S'I'ItIEI', * (E ichotntIo I itll1i .=.) SrAID f'oenititione r fakes ulidovi;s ioilder ofal b vitrlll of llt, Acts ol (',ollress, pa-aledl ith Feb r Ind olter acts of Ciongieo, ill uricht eoes imote allcd * provided. sald Ceomi...ei er hll; contiderable experience and istl es rort iiotot a .ll i ti tl e oertil ntic w tllwhl, I r, itod th suverest srtcrlioy otlie atoel t Lawyersssor april 12 NEW ORII.EANS CANAl. AND BIIANKING CO. PFIFEt Iron Sleaolboat IloIeeia will hrove the Rlsit Sat ttehelled oft Ih.o New ( clrI, every day, (except leondayr) fir Ihe I.ake, l fiollows: Leipart at 5 A. Al. ltirlct eII A. 3. S 10 A. M. 0 1PM 2 .M P. 31. " . il.. C 9 1'. M. Aal on MONDAYS:- lepart at I0 A. M. ,.r trn I at 12 1'.1. S - P. 31. " 1 1'.11. S 7t1'.51. " P.M. may 28 II. t'IiEW, Cctcl. FOR '-1l; I.AK-E--I AI 1.511'S II0'rL'.. - Nerw itlaol Shell IndII. AN Omnibuka will lees Ilanllk' Arede ,'very Ss• dey a".lI c.lor'lk A. Si. e et andc I t','l.k 1P. "r piasinC by'eS itltel, Iel.randalI atd St. CVirles. Fare each way sll estcs. SAlS.5t burintg the week anl Otinihtie will leave Illni's Arcadel Simmeng iL) the City Hltel, Verntt sa andl St. Chlrlec .chaebgn eercy afterci, lt:t,',.lock. llsrnillog will leaBve J..ake t o'3lockl Il. I. F're :.uch wcv 5i ensee. IP &A K I'FDi, JiR ait Proprietos.. MAYisAs.II 'Fll NcMO Iiti.EAsneS. ! FIHE price of flour to diy beilt $5 Ill peir Ibrrel. J1 eculdin Istlte srlFin, tl bakers tcill git :,4l .envne'ri bread lfor tre rerns. dtring tlI wark bigin "p g Moelndsy text. tlle J24h inst. 'Ihe Ihtave ofec. ,. qpllqoilily, s of three f,r irn cents, sitall weigt 25 I2 r .eptst atr, that ieou'say, 4Gt osnees. 'sonJSe C. iiENOiii. MnIor. &' S PAPRE-J usI ror eiveds a GIc as.,rcetect I o - L prirhg imaper, of all the varios ai.eo ased 1.. .. y~ au mlty lEtpre,. and frsare hv t , ALEX 'I()WAIt, 49 aciep st V meet ef ewritineg p.Ipcer, ruled ,ndltlii, lir sale . staiicaitpgeoswrnt. ALEX 1'Osn Alt, d" talle by j rm.. ,., ,.. S.. . .+ . ,4 new ,+v. -+./. '+)+.++ +.+ ... 3.,.,, .19 l ..hIn.J6n "'· N Chirlsonoo. June a... ..... 10 %Yaminoton, June ..:.. _N)8 No*w . .......... oicin d o.... 21 Pi lloddLlpll,,* J11118..........111 1 .onii ville, do ...,:......24 - I titlutor do .............s ii S. Lo~uis, Jo ..........21 Su'oo11ei1. do,.'...,,. ...19 1 I ,, v prpl ) yay ........ .IS ''' HOllrtoo ('I sxa,) Jun.... 14 Paris May. N."........ 1, Boston, do ..j... J it , I.. ····· . . I4 \aslkiipo do'.......... 24Har. .......... I7 s '~~--- ----~It r.IJUT OF) NEW ()ILEAiMS. CLEARIANCL's. July3.7 1, 18 ShipVicekehEx thinker, New York ACallen (trig( Clotho, loot,,. Galveston W Bryan11 B1rig Virgkni.. X..,g I'hlIudolphll J D D0 ( ih BngSnm H*.allt. n Hlies, for St MSrks, St T h...i a.d St Croi. Wet S.yp. Belie Watchman, Nolrry,^ilfatnmon ' W FVigyo R. c SyhrG H Wetter, Deltill2, Tampico. C Cculu, Lapcyro & co ARRIVALS. C.k ~~~ - June 30, 1439 Steamer Colrsican, L~ockwood. fr. St Louisi Slnlrer P Mliller; BullMon, to, 4eoi.ville Steamler Edward Shippce,, Bitch, from L Iouisville Jly i, Ipso TOw boaLPhmllil, ft,.mS 1V pou. NeW pn7021K-N, ohips. brig Il .Ikntoko an 'It 'nlnpilg. h'I ,rhConetoov, relarlncd lotlh city pith brig ArrllllCet, .,hr 9 1.Co9t asd Ui I'st,. rlllt.r WoodIury.. .LfIthe , ar b il r I Ori LI Arc IPtSct, Avery, _0 Jaya front Baltimore, to George Bledford, Schrs Cannot, Stark. from Mobil,, to matter. Stea ) packr CoIumbia, W Pimll 3 4hIors, from Ga,,, IOIn, to Smith& VoorheesE it Steamner Pekin, St nke. fm Bay~ou Tcrra Battle EXPOlrTS. i- N EW Y'ORK--Per ship~ Vi(:kI*uIUg. .(·RrLo 511a7 pigs load. 95-i h" ht 211 buses lobbalce, 73 boS'nl, robes u" d sun, Ir t'O N GALV E3'PON.. lie Irig ('nurser., Cargo rslldlr Into lrlli It lutre. rI- , litmh., st, 'htb, Luton, cost:,, to11uc 9,. m *NP~sIOctANIn 9,, PHILADEPI l y.2I'2r brig2 Virgit ..Cnr go, 154 lid. ..or ve 3611 toll mornssr 118 ST CROIX..Per Ilrl2 SIII Iloattoll. Cargo 110 ill lour 511 do la 25, kegs linrd, 5u dlo buttelr, d too hams, III11 bales le tail ton n, 50 slcks orll 1t.MATAMIOIASJ.. I'orlrllr Wait-] lanlll..C.'rcn sundry lots tai All brandy, pant,, hu Il~rl axlle h; wre, Aoc. 'Iv TAMPICO..Per~chr ti 11 1Vetter..('urpo sllldly Iola op(ey Iir nnilrtp Fins~worn E mare, turpentinec brasudr. u- I oRS rd BATIMIORE., Per brig Arclitect..Corgpo assorted mncreltan rd ills. ne M OHII.E..Por Ecl r Cmoet..Cnrmo 1 al10 pm it. ,t. fir GALVE~lSTON..I'er strum pa~cket Cnllanbiui . I It ballast k' x:ChIPTS OF PRODUCEC I Inv Terre Balune..Per dronernr Prkml.. Clrru 1114 11110 ra·Rar IleB o. Foi'uy l o, r.31dl' I Gdx ol1 t, Iblste a. s.Ile CONSIGNEESS of Per arhr Comet--.t Peck. tb- .MEMORANDA). 51eam perkel New~ lnark, UA'ighll nrrirnal at Chairleston, via n- 'I'II. To'xin.' hr o ITnr Viper. arrived al aille~llol pro. ity vino, to dien rlepa~rtulrr clflllo Col undo,,i in _2 dayH, film 1 1,01'" sv mre. 811, IS rnn.Innd ed by Copt l I~otlrrp, of tile 1'cxiual N. ,tram ebill'iarnll. lit, 'el Ii 'liIi E A ! RI( AN. FAITHFUL AND BOLD. Etfficial Jiournal of tie 20 Iautnirlpalitu. P'L IJi IED Daily, Tri-lVcekly &. Veclly. NE&W Ot LEAAN%: TULESDAY, JULY 2, Is.9. TRUTH NO LIBEL. The Libelease.-The trial of John G;ilson, for sn snl leged libel, against James Mon roe lMaukie, on Iris in luormation, confes eoft to-umorruow, beflre tile Criminal Court. 'We hope ,o see our brethren of the press there with their reporters, to give in dvuit tihe troceediogs of the trial. Thisthold,datrringand unoparalleled attack up- I on tile liberty of the press, hefiTre a Court hIaving crii unl jurisdirtion, if soceresfill, seals the downfall of that glorious right guaranteed to u Iy tile Consitutttion. It is the duty ofl he press to rally round the standard of liberty thus assailud, and thiough in the present instance it is held by the editor atd proprietor of this journal, he will never resign its grasp. while ionIt drop tof blood flows in his veins. This trial ll t'he 3rd ofJulv, so near the glorious anniversary of tile declartion t f u our ind. pendence,will, we hope, be signalizet:l by a triupphl over the efforts of powter to inlrvle thie press, and our prayer is, tht on tiht Idy will be istr ed tle declaration of the independence of the press of the United Staes of theIodimusand haued English law, that prioctlinms the slnvi-h doesmn ;-the gsreater Isltl,. the' reater libsl ! Wide publicity to tirs proceedings of this tril t Mvll ihe given. Let it resull as it tI y, "Ite ut re resolved thatii) aecotmt of it shall be placed ill ev.ry nlan's hlands in tIhe unioll. If, therefore, anyone of our cnntempnraris shall not find it couretrniet tou Ihe u repIrtrse the spot, lie shall have a proof tip, from our grrllis., & any othernid that we can uttrnish. Let us teach the wrulhi that the press is free indeed in this country and that it shouuld be responsibleonly to the civillaws of th., htlnd. .truggle/or principle. Our unrestrs opposed the laying ofu tax upon them by the Bitihl Governti u t, on tile principle that talxtion ant t rpreseutntution must go together. We oppose the English lh.w of libel, he cause we contend that Istrl is nus libel. fiThe struggle fir this principle w ill be decided shortly. On whouse side willfreemen be folund? The Liberty rf the Pres--lt is the prerountive, tihe tendrency of powcr to abridge this holy, tlis gorious right. It is the prerogative, the duty of flrlelre to r* sirt every attempt,the least, to abridge it. The Con istitott of tile Uttitedi Slates, tile (oit tituttilon of tile Stute of Louisiana, tihe Constitutions of all the States of the Umnon expressly declare tluat so iAW sA It.I. lE PASflED ABRIDGING THE I.IIERTY OF SPEECH, OR OF THE PRESS. And yet i. the faice of these recorded lie. clartionm the rendency of power is so to interpret the common law as to abridge tile liberty of epeesh and of the press. It is the douty of freemen to reist this tend eney t Illthe outset, and to throw themselves upon the Constitution of tile coutry. Thle ifteen ilonu lawr. It it a truism, that law among the American people is meiel y a transsript of the principles by whic:h they re governed mentlly, and whenever ary ruleis miade by the legislalive body contrary, to these principles, it becotnes ta dead IiIter T'his is the principle upon which otutr whole government and institutions hane, adi while they do, lt power oi Searth can tankr s srtvr'. We lImay ralk we please of thie tmjesty of the lt ,r --itt i+ inrtrrj rs-y of the iro pie's prinh ip!e. that ae te io t.tecut. s henu -r, again hat I t o. It ir eith.r tiepenhd or sulll red tI., ill I i sllo tinttr Tie. priue edir s illn .1s 1 tit urn tilt, lilt -ell gallot n a-Iwort on ropptlotslll otutet Ii ploine we hirv here adrlarlCer d. Th,' f tt iiotll iflht ptt le - ill put down so digrtaerll ntod l tnnitical or igeeir t sof t ie people's rights. We are rejoiue i ito settthe ins tlnianustp andu sserlinl their righlu,lnd cmudt we seus i srsrsuuhuning trhlinu iu thirs iti" tin uius, in resnli ii lto many laws hby wehi t]e' liberty ofthe it'zelun i' um righteously abltidgrd, it would itdiesi ahr u er rti.-r sese state of publie opinion Ithan oI)w seles- to exist. The rountrry's cause. ars. alcfnrltnei nand ilise hlave prolposd to pllllsh new ipaper in tllis eity, ut Ie s ttyled lh r"Nntite Altricall" o mbe devottedr tthe I r'untry'ausce 1oftiIe repeat of the umtulahition ilaw,. It erschews politictis riil seeks tl unite native Americ nlls olf ll parties upon )lone col mo n lugrol i. 'T is is right. As the (iunder of ntie first Native lrmerierr Assoclti.n Sin he co nlr.y, it is n t a little gtatlil\ illg' it ste thl.e great prmn iplel of uonliin citizenlshipl t tie ",.llllaor bllrtn"' inhabitant spre.ding .o rapidly. iakid his -itr it the t:and: h C tmists, and oln iirill ed It. Cnn( ionlll ~lhis indelllll ty lhd trrea hBert, ht, l - nounces to li,' ftit all- oft l.r (',onsiralltiohnl fI J3_tl it he intenllds t retir- to pi au Iir i. i 'r here inr y lhe rrer . i- r ngalin t,: dteerive Int. fo, ' to t, w oil' r ir ,' yoke of lel priesthrl tyr t.,y of the ventral iowet ofi Mexico! fIt even daues reu.lllllld o tilrthe .dei!s. to give up the cnuterst. for lhir prIsp-lllptioll, we Ih e his im-mory will e t, be hIhl iu detestation hy t ll hirae Mexicans. Miexil, btol.hardy an lie ason, Mdl'li,." to posl-rity.wllile Ihe runaway. Irrpa will be enmleneredl only to be IlalllbOllntizl . (.;PnPeral Letnsr , till, ir is hoped, succeed the reliring Iraitor, usld vet !end lthe fed ertlias to vi(rnr. The federal lcause is not dead all ilvasion ,fl'exlas by the Clltrallits ill waki e it upi1 afresh, and f derllism will t et become a largie clement ill the fillI treeldoRm ufMrxieu frous priestly tule Iby the A Americuan feople. The lails.-l-Ysterdr,t. the Express MAil, thanks to the returring guod slle f Mir Kendall us. sull.senrded Thise will prove a ule;ttllive letssillgof great vatie nl t lhe Itpeople. The poor inll and Ithe ritu h man ar. now v placed on the samle level ill relatun, to the iralsulciou Sof newusa d letters. We uuy etnjoy the rapidily of au' prexprss smail throughout the whale cotntr?, if the de Iprlrtmnt will only go upln tlhe plan ti paying Ibr the trun.llitssioin of the iI nlle in eart wtllhout pt5w'.llPr t rl any other fc sgitrit. .1 hope ihat u Ir BIreedlove, tl.e ew contrantor will not tire in his projected plans, but mive on zealously to the .ecomplishment of his promties. I He proposes two great elements in himselofto success, -he has ca: itml for the eteorprize, and hio cnjoy. the confldence of the whole community. fGambling by Mochinery..- V, vinsited yesterday No f "9 Caomp street, to see gambling shop itted up witlh r machinery. Most of it was taken down, bhut jtldging biom what was left, the machine tony be tihuon sdiei bed : A largehole in the centre of the floor of an upper room extends through to the ceiling of the roon . below, being smaller at bottom thnl to p. Whltre the aperttre appears on thle eilinog,is al n ornment for concealing it, but not preventing a fill sight of all going on at the to ambling tahle, which wnas situated directly Ileneath. Wires from the observing ihle ran off to the wall, ex tendling down the facing of the lower room door, and thence under its floor to the gambling tnble, where they wtmreonnected with a revolvingleentre piece beneath the table plate. In tihe periphery t of the contre piece were a series of llsnall picnn holes foir va li0s cards. The watchtllan d above, hy plling the ot ires could give the signal to his r condjutors Ibelow not to phiy, or if tlhr locked a cord or two to carry the Galle, the wirei attached to tie centre ge piee mnode it revolve to oay given point. so that the expert player won supplied owith nlhaot hIe wanted. rlo. ,lVrnenr, a eto relom, of tichnnd is doing himself iar ltllr'l o rll , alld Ili Ink li 1 t great srviIeetn by I ,n o, no i l gunsitoo:oont gofoh nrinto by tot tllr "e len t t. " li A lumen ollD gol ~1 oreatt fole ,bolo t i'oo o -I ion s f 00- e te ofchalk,-n u to o i at n o ,t has ie ll, intned i te M'rimactk river, |i.^o n- 81,ln B eIInII t Ill ' reignllll tno witnd dios titids n tir n fo co to om be re aliteoed. o 1' 'h e ' l r o i,rý i i n d o t a n hl e - i p fro n t re ll -i oIlli r, . io li 1 i sh,,ot the Ivitlot Oh e It eo . The l lti iono ait tUl bno'8 loot sucest o nlot e cnmlpro't is g :nl, lon Ilionk I nbn':rs:s- Ias n sig: of It I zIt tl l foop r thee lilte do -groto:ul l tront. w lto ,llll e Th Poor :th0g -lo ll,-tho hloo.' w it too' little fot-loas weeli desterted by II. her .'hhwa lilllldll, +l is In,,w living4 it) F o':'ioili i t',y, .l' bc .h'or,-eo , io n to itc t roon do l ornt lln lll 4tht : f Jlolv by ,liltllo t-il l "t :e10 ion Id0ovl 0 of ncl'l , t iloll Io:ll: i ll eltno o'dd lol roI l oo bltio 0A ilon Iv tot:: i1:00l IlP ian:lrr:v onlcpd lately t: rtnry ;nr ifl'ino ofli.ia chihh'en; )Ihii'lle ho hodl i rI'r.Ird shItIIIh re',' tol. il wiih it, molher, r:00 iont holioe httad hloen' olarin lnd. 'loethltlhir is int cott:,(r anrd the l rtois o re ill in notl t::ll:'iolh it I I' illlrr . 00 f 0:0:0 r :'0 :-,.los th eo Itoteoo ,',,, to o ol'lne r I'h tloln' 1i . Tt' hII 0 rno 'o'o:i,.d IWVlnt Iot tloo in to11 to ,iornot7 t noteooooo: .n t:-,'lr n..o Thet bet was ioat h1 , colll to lld lotno t lltr toil n i 'coo; bo'Ts. : 0.The I.0ih',0 r ,oioic eso il nttsvi lle 'c t t ll. n hoy ,' rn T 'rr;, routs !,(t+ lite., App,. \1 ell w~ay the.y. To THlE I'ln rUi of-' (IYTIE TR ·UE A;.I(f't, V. " Chol/on ir/tlei " Be manstr of lhly ri,ier. 'hi'"s wia the tmaximoder Perinder of Corinth, il oneofthe .teven staye.+ of Gr(oeer. " 1Hm Inasterlof Ilab a.u erl',"/ is u Itltxlll woirthv (it' this gi.i't ni lllA l n' lit over il'rtoi f r lUli hi=.knot} ledgffe A llnell(ll'll(f: ! 'letI tlha it their ittl s tnrrow it ad ii u erstl ndi' g lit ile.l nod ll[ftlc moll 'I-I· 2 Inot hi hlv rel , nnh, d rtwo re~le Ivll thue whICh ire fthe orut d wol Uu nllwill lllcheYr to gtlerI tlhalell relllio ll their vioe r tlc h whirl m nlth t rld it li ttle and jt ses ent giti thi il ad un oil1'i I r -it. 'f tt I hiey ttt iiwt til e t er o deny not I.lf ll nll o ileiee Irtlth b i n nmot l hle id n. t fll l [ I rtl( i I ,ir lre l thi itt t ile t i ll In ttn tio t 't heir tu isi utc t ler w ii (teyt in or ther m l tt)~ ir ,'11I 0lttt ilt. rhutve the iui tet c t rciue a frenro n t ie nu t iti s whih tain r+ yv ton ,etain lo tenti th at t arnd ill nh I r rof.tle It:ti h ist. f'yu r inttci f (i lin p olle li nol is oly wmrlhavf the u l'llllled, r i other / th B tl nod ,nn l.\'hie we nlt ht with jumti ea hae 1ha oi t;,r lu- te/rt i iun jaln ii linl i ll t rl tsshut l il lln nd n Ililt lioe i deu s.ll lt l( o ha lenti it the saigei sll-l: su ) in, p ItRoeo ui tll- , 'm ,t i/ittli d -t il. All high nllllill. t ' l t llOllleitn te tliii ii h a ltlollnl tn fllte gtrull and . i ll .Ulhltlm n I tt oi ld n ni t r r ; Iin l . n +rit'l i t ' ll ltlltic l tlll a ytto uI rIPlll relll li OI. l ol r 'rnoh tla Very fiart th tt ylIeu h id tuni d ill. tpeni daI t ti l reu tilt It r el sil.ll .aed l i II ir vI'llrner :l{ I ,llll ni i llli·I, P.I1 i ha1Io hluad it [i mail (flat It nloi Shod wal It + we l l t o nll . ur sill off tit c It) h I+(+ olirned hlm11,+ I"olhlalrl"ti le tIIP t. nr I "I f prlIlllfutelrtial flrlms intll;i4 ('itv llhimls It lel el t dl'le'i t llelllnt of tIl +lhB nllllk q'li'tl '.i I n HIluniiI' fit TEL'' [illnd highl v Dljllurillll Il to hir great grow. ing C(ily of the uth.e p e t Nutiv Orle'uus, June 219 1239. To TIIl, KUIrOrlt OF THE: 'l'Rll.AM.\ EIRIIANN 1ir--1 ll.Ie Ilrlllll lll ilhlirnl-rl mill th e coure y'nn htlveo tllw l'S Iltll-y l l'l- ill -peaknlr l g of l." f Illit c(llo " e '" 11 the Ihllblit', rl ith+)ut IllnV s+lllelln 01 gl.'lJ;Il ,r Ov bat "o, inn-t ht ve it nas.+het+],-l.d, etllher by int ",·r t llJr'r oe ýýf;nrlr. Ih u ll d 1 not \V, I It,,o dl U age [ly' e t' III, public .jl s, nt t.It< b .em ahll nil l\e tlh , rlll llh, thit n lintil 'v , aind n wtlk bIe dly ill llllttlere I t tl s item I'. c nr.ern tit,+' Illie A, ll. \'+)t el h+ ri Il,, thlll l t llnk Air, fll ' tex r' ro ineinil t of til o j etil Ollnd ?\,lll elllei t foIlh r tilelll Itilli in IY illt' llt ' t u liont o thidll I0 ull I 11.1 .U a rl n (' I llllli lll l dct + of fite elo 'rl l ur ti , ( I ll lllh ) til e (.\I nn ilid . ll · S('l I I llhl ll Int, i~ n It. , h, , . I I t v1 i ae allll t lth y s pokeh' · otltt/ ln.r '.... m i ·ere i w I Il ,. ilt •,"i hh lnte, \Vil.+e',+,'l '"I l ta , tle i I lha , ,lo e t il. Inthe he e,' =, e v ile d' tt" Ihe ll- r l '.tid (leIo n n! d t 'i )1o Ilth n+ to I te" i llleut 1l int.r l thea, f (ill ' o I hlIitl InlC it it tlo IIIt " rllilrl=-enl t.l ,lhtt t l llll) I IIt o + I , , u·ltl tmll til . ke I ir'lh+, eonrl v,-il. . . ..ild ,,,I k ......... tll2 frie,. Ik . .l,ln IlEl -t tl,"y (turhe a~lbl lel . I ll'+ pi11 h-. t thve. Isovf t un tl ir Iiir l o te lllt,* \II: g ilil ne ('t ul I'. .. Uln tlll. (jll oltro wll leee the ijlueR 'r erh Thle l.nlli~nnini cl Ctifillll's to lPFIIJI with it= wont d.1, osit diIinCII 'had ,w -IrI a I lic -a iraI ctitize he cu rclrcllc l a., ~sirs, yr of fit, )I11I(11)( iutd o \I~il.I"III.I f ir Ith Ipnlpoe , l ex,: i. ila t aiII lily, he e rtmlrllr1 s kaaa la II, P SI:velrv iniparliTnit nod ll e-p"I)P( title loaln io oalr r~ift' wel ailo"', Ih All fete I,, I l·l-,ial..aa, ln eusiaxle churn, SIre u: n lillilll iil'l·: Hurl tial lie lets gi li( C to Elie ItunkI i 5Ixh hx xxt hr lr ·ei,x a n x ll xrlunult for lixa xxx xx It i n1nlih nu othelllr of , else in--lilllllllI)S O-FI'eB· . W e all 'xx' xlxlxx" I xx ii xi , x 'jxxxx 'xxx Iii, u s hllldiefe I is alwlll rý+.t t;.. ;:III rt i t. e tl u sA Ils s,' hrs h I1InIni r. · lll l oir I! t he llklon .I ) ll-n 11i · 1(n . n lleel 1111 it uu eve to sn ·l lxx,,, I xxto I x lilt - lxxa t ' .xle ca-, lf. 111, lIxx I'xxxx-xrxl I ii rr x Ix Ii lxxxix hex tx, lxxx '' x IIa the, r1 1 I·(ll-, hate lll 111 I i ilxxfxuls tixexxi .xllx a III xxx'1 aa.·11 lxilxl/l~ 1 1.''ll xxxxxx 11111lxxxxxxa it).If tt hie Is I i-l·-lilli - l lllll-e is "u 11I'I.t555a,,,,s5 , d,,de ,n d a I t cII·r1..1 v· I " r 1 I - I , I . I r , " r , ' I s , ,n u-f(l I , sit11 tht ilch -I1,ru:!irr_ .n sl ,,,t f~ roilll ns tlle- Ind, jliltil I stn \,,,s in r, "'ule~111( u n, the ..~ ::allill Al nnllllr lljal lf -i, l due 'x,, , i ...l" lxxx.peur, (I Is, i .. mn Is( iss all-, "~I~.. r11· n t11 1: to tI~ " I11 s11i. ip· li1( 11( the 1 11·n11 lilt;l~l 15,,,1 I·· /(ll -]\- \t 1 LI pnl Ely 5555, 111'111·11·11 1111 """il?·, i x o l xxx i`x,"01 ax0. . lxsb ib Irplr ,d ll ~" l i ·l ha. r r, nrark ul 1·(1·1 , 11 tru, tidied lls,, pies nun llll file I"" 'l' · use iriliiic- I .loll I 1111 ht an ·IIII1ZP (11· 111 r~In Ib,=r1 Itund i re r·I;)III Illlil , it. I,"r - b \Illlrl, illll IIII recu l. '1l11-a, · 1 1 if Press u· lptLI 1 111· 1 55 -o 1. IIII "n · IP pIT prur. .\, r..i... _"Iv s,- rI lni iwl ll il~ili r Ihi' Itone r' area-nr- nd,,,,, r 15",1, t , Ill i~lllllllll ui~I Ijllle lL) fill . ,, 'h ~ix,it u e I 5 " e l k . f ru e- l v l i fir it JIY -II II11I1 I· isrllll " hl 1·1 111 :11 , ,I,-1-1111·1 : I II hate \ lx 'll ,. .. axs ,, n, :\,, ri t ill i- ..... Nun' , :,uv IIIU~ rathe ,n s. uuI V ruhcrd111n,1, it lxxrl x i- Ilo: Hero: 55.5 "sS Illllill l l r)II its Iiv Ii,' Ii x or, mll eins ofsir, · 11' 111-e . 11111I1; UI)I f't pot till' 1111t1,1· it, it, Islil~ll .lIr and sou. , I El~ll, 5sppu tIxxxxxlllx xi lxxl I x awlit ix, xnit,' 555 I.- t I II: 1 ten,.,:. n t li, h fl ies,' prelensien+ vro b ill I.1II-P III'I it snbs 1) ( ",lsI wa ,1 llllll 11 (liun- o,"re rnn'llin·~ I III.II I to 11 r. (·(·il dTI I in 1)1. ,·11lud 11 s its, in · 1:' 1111((11 ''xxlx'xlxaxC'( I:CI IC ia IIIxaxaxli~l I) lr ib or out of Ine l c ru; ,ru11/c. how r~lruld the !,,;,, if, ,.,,, ,,,,,, I'" "Z r she ; ·i -,", I ill I e i., 11 111 Ilgliz ,tit of Ili.: first ixarlax 'xxxxl,.',',,n, l' i rn i i is-, ", li hint i, fuss often w· illl tine in I·Io nll/lj nun-nr111 l x, t re lxxi x xlr i x ,, , xs h a I55 h,"l l isxxxxiI.xiJ. I x 'israt,xx., I ~ i ,uu"n u~ seIll ,i ts. ,. I flu- l (.l ,IiV 11 ,55 i, ,"Jl lil ;' r.l r Il l," Ihev fsl; she..:- I l r , s I t .11,5 ," ) llllilli is IIx' III x i txe. le ',I Illr bends 1111 \ 1/1 r ef e I~ln " 1 ,"_,51;I-e that II i, In xix.. n, 55 1 no tlix x'lr, xxIxII I lx'xx Il( 'i x,, xxxx i lxxll, I I~ xxxx . lxxx~ l I'·lllterr ; :tad lr.lll '·· I11, llrl Ira, -ho w..( 11, ill :,( motley~ ii.-'del r ix.ther xx.'... , n 11 n.lwss- [I'm must c\\ II/PP the Ilec,. l; tn e lif i mp's-ed n, rt con, * IIP II bun Ile --'It , fIFR ora l lz, t.IrIII1 hi- (· lIII( reneI I I) its Ii, A ldermen, itI Illiqht a", we 10 ei" =I,~w n, hove been and 5 5, 55515,II to have rlled u,.' , 555 " .,- wive no lilY ilhornv r \Vih Il ofsnl I, ru all Noce un~r Ilw 515 ,1 no lptir· IIule w ·F ·111l 1 It might a p()Il(l to Li- hint r\P Ulilllrl illl but it won 115 Irellr \1'15 trust thenxis Ihnf Ilse lti uni cip IIi),' will net wishfI hint douly in h every leering ut' iedrpll rndCIIIIlrU e call, op nn Iide tnd r.-ill· 11555 fife u :(illlil drynilll I 155 I'l-, lxx'.. Fhrida 't its'.-'I'~ llrlls' Natchez rl;:l· Iier,,, , s.,,,·, Il l.( plint Ilse iI drill i it xlun Io Ixx lix J'ax'-.' and xx, '. I... rn xx 1'l'''i.a ar'it lxh"a lxith lx, Ilixci'xlxw Ins exixecn wi it if ill,, Nan.xxi l x" ixxxixi. A x'xax g ga' nngrr to W-fliher tt ill I,, -,fit to Arne nutl Ihiv Alluranu rl~blr. Hinds' to fl", lx' ali x'l Itxandllx p1Ix'l,., In I cut Ixarn thle fanlllr,-rn u. laf t x'xt publxcxlt x'aax Recorder's Court, Reports of Day Police and Night Watch. June 28-Jamles Davi., fbund drunk, d:scharged. Ann Ilevr.ulde, Axn Mehntn, grnnt., comntlted cfr 311. fI duay. John Cfirr, Jolhn Baoc.ktl, diltubing the pence, Oe ldi-hanrged, the latter bound to keep tie pence, Peter Coleman, drunk. released. Peter 31c.Gowen. Cornelius l)oolhetv, Joh Swanston;llvig il the ril rooadeorn, discharged. lieunhen Iltammonoud, J Falknu hnr do, llnd sleepiou on'tlnt Ie,.o, discharged. Nocho Ins Futh foundl lrolnk, diseharged. June 30.-Will. Steene,' fmnd drurnk, dischnrged. Mrs. t'Ne;I, do. and acting indecently, 10 dave ctommnit tol. 11'. 'iignou, drunk aud disuirbingh epnce, disehlrgeod. Jolt tZlhtpmnn, ditulrhing tih peuo,, do. So. Coud. d W. Gilvrol , drunk, diacbnrged. 0. Kerns, do. and diotrloing pence. do. C. Gallaher, dlituohi:.ig pence t, nod ubusin u watchmen, hoiod in 500 d.llear to keep the pence. J. Sullivan, dtunk and disturbing the poneae, dlishargel. It? The above report of the proceedings of the Re corder's Court is taken from the oflicinl returns in his y ffie. We puhli.h it at the request of the Council. It Since the institution of tihe libel suit, it is t mutter of iloubt with usno whether we are justified in publi.hing tf these reports, for every ooe olththe hnove persons may anppear before the Grtnd Jury, and dru s up befotre the is Criminal Court. We mnt look into this trtter. Itis r not to li trifled with! ! J.ibels.--What do the, wicked ones f tlhis city mlit ' v thtreatening s with lihel suits whenever we ooioe their moral aberrations ? W\e are oot more e aid of a lie bell than we are reof a cotwbell. Iflsroue of these sma!l . "critters" doa.' ke'ep oawy, we'll pt one or two in a pea-nut anml roast 'eel. If mPhil. Spirit oftle Times. Cull't ou lanllage to come to New Orleanll, Mr. e. Salle ?. Men's mor;l abenrations here are very much after the ccelnt order. Ti I 'he ilalodeolpoorio lnle-tr lo Spirit of tohe 'imes, I hllold tootd racy pnti er, pul ishedr o in P il hd elphi, ion 0 . etC thooorn oo tho ide oof the hodolood oold uo e o ew te lhako ald coettoaooni.s thIlt gnoiang oup in that city after Sthe rloiss. 'Il loh h dlilhriooi fro.e uol i oolitics, we intolll llw rd ilo ll oreo it ' lilt Ihoo Uaetu] ollll oloilily with f lnl tIollar toll e I)Vtnos nnd theoir erottoloee.r . At tila ltt dates, it has loe r'hilholellohia .ooit COllally on theo hto botoob. Cho noleoo)o r.oSl'oe, onoll toooogolhooooolllll ollu., in port . .lVanl Itturen. like woCr Ito the kili tuponll te I ', ox'oetoeolo..0 that his tlensaores havre caused to grotw up ill Ihe coultry to its grat injurty. S The bestjoke et.- frienood au into our nlr oflie the Sothler tday, las eo sat with Lpen in oIne had and t eioo ssorolto in tile o tier, sild aasked lil wita slat "' ra rtlher amusing t u toke Ocharge ofa ldaily tllaer." --['tov. Juur. 0 Ex, ellent--is'nt it ? o! I ha! toh! Il .eo- ooirily.--l r.o(osor, of It'rlho halo proved IhatI tile tllelliUtll hmneevitv ofelPgffe llleu is 1i5 Vyears; - arr" u .er we. lawyers, 5!); ,lti,al mten, 511. Whfly is it ihat elrgy e men have tle advantll eoge 0 . Geology/.- PrllalPr \ou l.lonbard, ,,fthe II:lliv,"rsih, of illttehla rr, han. pllhlighe~l hieJol t allrllellr l-,:uarT,. 11po'n e.OlniR', nd they lave been tannlated hy J.1;:, ),tr is. of the mystery 'r ll.h it.ere-t ha- thrown urouudo thIt, i and io lakle them s l lain thlt le that rUllnS may read Ili,. nd r, l ily understand. tat .Nr Paper.-lThel .feorchanl's nManazion and Contl. c! ial Review, wvill appear thi monlth in New )ork. We lhave ordered a copy lorour room. oooni oooticoon entnoot'lt Next fill, we lcean to give ia daily report of at tei cases that l hull e triei d hIi lr I ''Ii'very cllllu ill h iltc i without mincing the ntatter in the least. "lhe" relprl. will be as Iminute .ihose ofD the aIonhi jolrinii , i hl-c i I y givilng the nllslfllr s l lthole h bcl're tie I bnrllll£1l ofj ll eriL. : ! of tl irpiP rr n i all paticulars ilcl nic-mi pany, thtl reports. The ccndition ofsociotv demund.;s this ,c.ourse, arnd ,,e shatll do mooat the risk of Ibeing brought up tihr libel ten tinlus a ay. The Irenlh we Imeanlll to preCllim w,.her, the putblic good requires ht, witl nil our might, ''The light re slhall ltl hildei underl In hel, nny hIn erI bi't et it upon a hill iip. There i nothding like I free preI l li orrecti ' itileiexceis' ( lt(c ily. IIIui dnd of iInchI will cIihew Iihiciit, when theii . c IIre not for the law. Thle trnth, the Irllll. hull be our N.Ew Thle inistlit bl • Celeste cIiled her Ilnt \ t'i ster eIi - 1 a emlllent ait C illeillnllnti ol the tI!lh illSlllaIt. by: Nthis time ii Ihe priiii ci oi her h i , nlelr Bialgimore'; - an I owile to tIe ill heIalil of her husheltd, shte v, 'l 1 n ,llll pro b rhl yJ v, a ai nfih s hJll rtly aI p pI e a r o n Ih s( .tagl e . \1 ,h.e re\ 'e r 0hte hastra.elled she hI dlgl.hted her nilnce, & hy T 'r h c<,rrect nm l hlvly-lie d-lle p rti n Wil , I til e mIlal llly trl a n anr w rillr rill. illTh t hellllh, ri·omPelit, . y( i i o 1 11 - p ess an., y atteml her, wherever her loti ni*ny hr ad h,.r, is *I i or iiiII. liieee phi i. i t None ut tile ...uihty can see the l hI al 0 r tinlgo on •h Wini· L ih i w lli. " \._ Il (IF''IIALE off iolll tle C I f~r~l, i-t imi r i t-i- E i-cc adiage we, i ith liii ei iin i iciepit-cilll.u WeP are mulh o.liged to the excessively tiour edl t r of the lhletin frl the fillowin,. pithy md kinl no ithee of the I hel Suit. Ifever he J hnMh be drag 'd lt, foI re Iie Gra T Inquisi o(0 on L h-iir-i t of ahtiliioni i ll·i(iiini ratehlii forii t c theu i tl- ic atiC service htelnde,, ns. WVe hope tbis is no hbel : " The Ganud .Inrv. v.e.terhav (oundal n ru. hill affain-t i ling lir.J. Mi lo 3 ,.,ki, .I Ii in lc i It eH 1 f ini hi' A eiich n fur I libl I - c c - ' 'i ii 1 1 i i. Tihe |lee of yest,,rdhav antlounces tle shliIp Star, G'lo) lve, in p1rt, hl ding i-r'New York. \l el- did the i tar irllvlle, fliend IBee we wi..h to know, bec iiie (.lover, the,hcal, hs o led upon tls, his ohlcst frienl, and must be puni.-hed fior hi.- negleet. - 'rATI; (iF Titl'A )E.. Crrr,,.aturday FEvening, June .9. 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'(i'IIIR Col .uli. . . 74 P ydre S IP. lI iL-- liI arr f. ini cnne M S(ci. cr .. lr Julyn<I74 Poydras St icic s p<t (1, I F' lllI rl'l . 'II. I'Oii tiL, 31"i-" .Inv.I7 I Ndmw Ir', •Alilly AlitI "ccdccicc lc,'iitcr ii' Jilf l "'ucie lc . i icllIftniuii w c Lt v-. '1 UNNY IIAGS--75,1110 llr allle [b' - It V lRA ULCIIGl(lE,' Inbh. for saic hi 11 j3 . &J (t iqi'itL ltti Y,t73 CJmltlllgc i A SH OA 1.--,010 6et ashi oir*, bir siLi tI .jll 8 & J P WHITlNl.Yl, 73 I.olllp st w lh n re oln IER el f the tIe 00F Ime Nrlt live ,l Amer - 1 Jlti <19 'harllre It TO RFNT. se:+. Inur fCpo ~dag, Juex r# 3t TIiUE AMIEREICAN OFFI.CE. in ciltlecticil with thii ()lice is o SPLENDIDO AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE Pamphlets Blank Chocks. Catalogunes Bills of Lading Labels. Dray Receipts, Legal Noticos Auction Bills, 10 Bill Porms, Show Bills. Steam Boat Bills Circulars And eersy deocription .rJob Work hat mny be requir li N. t. CANAL. ANIkL.Ih.ING Co. June 21. 1839g . i T ll' Presidehl and IDirecto1's o thlii. In!titlulionl, halve i tllii. day dl,+chl rd u divideld fl' lhre.. (er el ..u Ie a g clpitlil ll lk ilyallle Ilt lie ~tlck-· hl hl,-rs or ir i letgll i r llllrrzrentntivrP. €111 lln ll'lirr .lll~llnv III. Islii .'llly. Th lllnnll~r hnlkll, will be cll.-ed fill l'hll lhllae, I nllyr,h r, e jlut - :It lEV. CIIiW, Cks.hier*. c NE illT, (.OVtt&tUSEM.1 L A J u.slt reeoiv,.d byv intl . rrivalll, fil as.+ilrlment of hllirn 'rll,' l, I Suinumrllllllllnr ·tIoIk, t 0i\loo., aiiiii ,lIlspen deors, I iat theI Inillllarl cilrllr' of St. Lhulllrh'. Iiii(I Cillon ilon rtr~ees. N. Ii. A conplc' ncs.rtnrnt ir Wciting Defl., ) uLiltl a'INl, plralAl Il. ini 1 .'a141 t l tt i t.ichO . r, iccy t l. l(i IIANCI AR 33Grvirt [ l |g AY--Or h.hinmlrd rdand llfiti-ly Ivhales New York RIf lhay, lhnding l'io~i Inekt \hilp (rhemns, for su. i ,i Cii )IAIIN, I lll 97 it r.., ta.. ..Clr a t t Nc ct-k rN, ; , ,I I 'ew l.,.vee, I l 'lh lly i I II-... . ...III4Y ii NOVI1I in t v itt- icll ar ' ili ,hrttittett .p Al i, i ar olv f tue' Travels .. r i. I gyp nlcl llln l h 'hl ltllW t l rr; E vi. , by flip II h ., l lllitn l ll hie ilar.. r li- t hlit..lh-, bo IPII'Vlluv e .II ]~lllohq l ,;II(')i, i "|ill.,ivll oll..,l. i\g 1At,00 t A I Tc' . ci i cl c, fr-.ell o I t ' E gyvels t E v M2i.-I c,.'h ti- 'clihtttct \ u I)PI· h'i.l., l it- III cr.grhIn Og 'nt ·)111· 1·1·lllnrtinian I nosk1newnovluvol rl rt'ctlI. ltlrnoer- • A lce Mi.. 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M.[ilt--Sir: I u t11ist h(t.- ,t-,t.: Il t [ ir.te 1'. v- t o ro i.n(. ., 1i', ne 1st 1 I 1 uh v glt , g PFh lýAl t I+llI I bi re nid,1 1 a l ilm ll id- .1r f I pills nd 1it. the In-t ,.'nr, I h1 . ' I hlhl i s le %. , I~ i ,. Sit",'r" irli I'tl ', I I l u nll d tIl alt h,. ' l.l I 'f thl mllll l ell l h mlll ; l nrl h to .or 1'-(r fl . i o-l h I of li1, thnllll flllT llr allly Ineditn I lI h ..'yet ni+'|. Yo Jul!,.llw 1 Sl + III. l INlt)\ li, . I or (Ilh . alIe .i n -ite th : ll(e o r ofit-. al nilit il r"l l. . II · Il 'l : l ( i - JI. tl . l , . III h r I TA )1 h (.1,h lI.h'1 e11 N - He ri Good.:ll ' 1 .1 r .l ~1 . jt ,,u ll i 'I" r; .i." hl 1 iiu Ir(l Ie ll i. n -ll I.) cl i.s IeII. lt1e llatllr I 'alf l' rhi t nill8 'll o l lt m e it b l t.' A . Ir W ll i l i * ti) &T.1 W 81 1 I), r 1 It, ii+l i - uituituht f ut hil Ej l f I&, l I( vrvi r " . 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Iretlttier 'cut U. tin'it cf ice 'ikiid N'lcllkcipul itv, lllutiedl '. 'rl - puuIe tul Itvut,' u-itt be i"ruived tllt lii 1 5t: J h)l JulI, 18t31. fer I'urtithitg .11rite ultterll i ltt, utl tl hielle tic side. ttltlks reqliredl by the coillllil, itltcltrdillt Itt tle 6,L towinig p J 'cci t uttfi r.; altll t ayi leh illt Ithei d+ktt h td. f t Ihe NIllJ i iti ulilt, t tr't' Y eIrt,tl-tnring inteiusl it tite rite of rix p rl cnll t ,'1 petr nm11 nlh iv i u, : t ile twU'ti re q tiwil 'd Isll b te u trite ihrt ai r littttiu t threm nthe it nlk r of ill a g .ed q lith, ltr withll('m n olt, o " tili ,iltc l w-itcil ihtll Ic e itireln, irc itee . tt.enur t -c hell t edll itgtlr itt' llhli ru lrkc an dtllul h tiretu p rlui. - tie e nlld. llll t eXtritlr Ifll llur or pern , e1 ,nr . ell f l- l th lltlr et.]l+m I FR I t ll il ls . t ,.' l P in,.td Io I llt CIn ist e l ein al Li t ile o le i alhh Il unrlillrt the rurb sllue. I'itcurt terlt ttie it e ltu I tlai II)etr six ijCc i,,u Itlltv th' tvu tit tg ie, erI an I heglIte tu u lic thttttttt Utllillu t IIt Illeltl 1, ,i't urt fetiet wide ietd tile b ilc, tittu utl ee it with hrick ttk Ircn tl illhken t II c ll id rl1ittI il o ir wuith hilll ll r eIPtt iell tick i ithck ltlt cdi , n r i t tLiue tt hettr ni "uritrll ill f n ost ie c h a e lot i~r i el5 a nov ar il l" ill , 111 i l()r ( 1 p r i n e } lesl h 8 iheie'llt , r lu b l witth h I:S .rnng honrl tw tt tnuPc ' lliek, i llrer Stol r te r"+, llll ti i lt it. 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Nos, 14. 1.,, t lo, 17, ott19, 2l0, 21, 22, ao 3, dix lots c'snr llno t chauop lt 11 piedtl s d, a. la rtil Pearl our 115 do lprol'onleur, I rte , I futrlmlnat r1enoioI r ro des rue s Pt ar eI W lashington, it to In. dot. Nos. 2t1, 'to , 6, 3 lots m us.rant chacn 30 dear kt l e tO oro toall Aou if nericai ote. r1i J dun 'e eon Ihe p[Uced nl Ih,, hlrge I.,,Oliotive nl -jtse 310 *It 101 Ctl o'..ll t..l1' SECONDI) MINICI AlI'I'T' NOTICES. I, E IREt a ir 0'. I m I the M a nd It the . :hi W rti, 2d 1.ui" i,alth.' r A ' dut " ,. 'ow. I::r mode, ',ii a sure oil the I tick N ,rt r l nri ,lla ta I II RAINI ta. Ien.e ihe a: i \\a'n.l a' I. t ta' , ,l 'a r.ill iy, at adllt t I l atihe otetrof (I nar nd ll rlld ).ulie n o rIe , pIlrnV prk iert f olupa cllllr a r sx ll u f I IInII ,nIt, tlt arA. ll i uturntvr I ill J l , i I 'II I h e +l - .-li Iba y1 ( -lil t"ha, Imlli a l tut tallt Mr. t.' Or'en,,maa '.t t I I I ( RAINa, It Ii'ntrl. Itll nh't.l arusi aa.ftalttt ar l aa t ur II )'ar ali lleTr rii derg. ,"ix hilamt. .i r. l',llrl.l nllll h| vm n brlie) It! TeC tlnmlr ,efoh In loir jotr par ' 1A (illilhlle, ellc tlalll. alI. / I:" IUI:,,ght to the I P i/rtP )l i olll oli lhl d .rl rIt ' nInt ttetI li1 - A , t;ll,,il, l liiat ItI ' Wl ++ a',·i ofv tvix; A\ III,2·1", :h lllUe1 1 \II lN) I.I'll, nhont rig tee.r IA "IgI I"ty J()lIl IN. ';m l 'li yerp s ofl e .e ! A lmI ul, I .; .ll ,mUe,,1 MARY, nhoit 2.1 'eas. if The 'l'h .' r lur ,or. .ld lnve++ v ill plh, cal n llcal rind rve II S II ,IIiI t E ,h a aJ lle. ('Upln n r f h· - Ii 1 tl Iniv a s..l'`` 'I t' 't. . I, ti aa l Ii e2,< Ie 31 nit ta e. i. l " hlea l .' v ittli 'a a m t..air : . . ( I'l l ~l' ll· mmlllýlli 1, \ I li )~, tII)II'I , .2 d Is I aI sliee an ( i..i npl I·t.lm-J I·r ;a i aIr. .'hl .'lm li 1 .I tl."!l"r ltl i"flli Ij \ _()I1..l() i ll, II. II .ll, l mh i T ia k, '' rIa++,.ti tad Il d .tlll r l 'nr) a l ;. .1i 1 , Ile!+me, l. 11 ' "1 11mrr, l i .< .< ts C iieIsrh l s, mullt pri- s de venir 1 I I it llII , I¢ I'EI: , (.U I llhlp do I .lr.., "/', I.. 11· ,,,,;,,.l, , i,. ,, m...... 1 -,; ·1A , • e11; · pnl)+d , .t, l+,' h,. i l l,.' A!,+e vii • A I t ( I':dmm.ed I n.,mui lllV~ fmlr Never of I._ ., l'." mne, i., I, , , .ir. II. IAh (1. l. " " m \ .:ill ,: i iii illrllU l ll lrv 11 r t '-.v yinr .\ Ihll). k..m nm. hI . id+ mtiph .h illt °6 i ,r 27, ey's hne Th,, r, ml - vllr'II - i .ill ld -,.- m it he pie thi'tl :i. . I - i , :Iu ll r it llild, . It iI '.lted to rel. rn.q', l,. i a \.'.,, o . ,' l i-h-l.* in IIr, crdli1 ry do Th, , l "' h," ',:, Il,, ,r v ,'on i the a idi .,n1o1 lor l l,;1-o S I I on , I 1 11, !. ... .. I1,,r 1'cl Iolnll ,, , < ,,,w"l ,,i. , h ) e ll . T he, ,Imnhl, ,I, I,, tr l . -, wtl Ih, w, nllh wi nll m gove IHn oI, ,,. r . ,- , " r~- :, l,'.1." u It+, ,~ 'rev ' t .t -,'I' hI'r . Ih'l , I, r. 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'f ' i a ll i-t," a, In "+ ,;l- s h 1 nit , h's ll on i'll d y 'Un ds. .\ II\ , i l n, e r rll i: de l ;1C ulr te1 1 ,i 1' 1-ue l eur i de Si ,l" l hl ' ' l .:I , h,.n, ,, I. '- hrl Rmll l lle • h a.t h lhl, ,1' h 11r Ipe ~" the o r e C, n a ton ll nca , tlolre The propriero ·\ ) II: (~ton . th air IIn bo.r Ail n'Il, , l lln r Jlll . lrl " . i ar n ·, i on 'I'' s doa l h e rs ,1 , flu 1 -i- ,n111 d - !. ~lhlllh llr, lrlll, j 'rdil, d ie 1 L lls U ; (lil "~Ip h+. loll ,{...iii It+ n 1~rl', l Ir 11" II' I C Li i1 i, I.ii 11 lh ll11T i t l' I.:" I?, I I'l;, n r1 t h rs f.l llll ne ell S,; k . , Ii; l (e ,.,rn e ' l,' Ithi,' w ~h , , h. ll, e 'C P ir en yntar r h I h ,., , heap, t t . In ils d llr Ioy[nian1+ IJl ;IIr il ' ll/ irlll' .. 11" e 1 1, \ ..l~ : Izn t., re lo ll +'elli+ r l. l nT. i rril(` l s, JII+IN IAIl%'l t.N, I r111 I lli. 11 well 111 1111 ~1 ,,l.ur .. m p i,.' ien cfrI ToI \ \'ill Illll d i/lfil h l11 o.1lltlt, tp1r 1 1r 1 Lg is crown ) Ir~,~I'.\ Ih I..1,-l'i1, r.+l.'lh,, 1-1.1h-ill,' .u Ihn b ee - ' s, .I I+. ll ll iW,11-4 ;; l lr+. .,d by a I ll h h ' +h 1.h 1' II l llh l 'I'. ( ;+ It l,. I l. 1 }' I I I ,. " l l l llrr II 1 ,hl '," l' )lllJt1 ,, lll ll r (llel, i n w n fl thn It i \(.ill iii1 4,' III 1drr llit,.- ilnjrrd:,l lll, Pll pe o I +. l . John lle ill. l. r , ,r,+vI n In llhfi lAlwl le I b o l b 'e ~o, Th:i ll ,fi t vn , h h'h i''"'F '''''1 bulyrthIl l,'h' l . ,lld + In |1 Eh h.l iD" ro hull ]. nnl h 11(·11 ,'k1., 1 nil, pin i amlleys I.. 1+1 |)ll{ ('T()lipc I,-'l.. h. I.h.'l -rllu ill;l hav l b e ir JInt th o d: ,, IIlly i,,' rt N1 ',+ (li i p~ l lan t ls gloni .I ,nii l ltl In- lhr, e lrrth l Ii · IIH b,+r i+~lrl. II.w end ii hrl . .- Ml· lel hr ll' Oh lll- r:" Ilnlnll l. 1I~lll nlh lelngl] bend 3, nrht 'l'--lill at r illllll -d'.i , li \rillll nll r-i l ,lll llroin l b l ll jl i i I' l: t l0l, ~ f It · wax iII i ei f I+ 11r I. i' ll ,'ll loll t'] he.. . . rg a c ,w l "'rrg I n ln tI IIs, ntew

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