Newspaper of True American, July 2, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated July 2, 1839 Page 4
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:a bltirore Packets ail"~ NSW (lU.INS AND IH AL II.IOUI E LINE Ie PACK f'It's. Tihis inn will cneIR1L io thei fu llwtiiry Anmc~l, WItiuh lthne bennla built or purcninaunind exprorpyly tea Irwiln, Ciii Slo. nAnmnu. Capt. Minne, wB r 1t jnrry, n ew Stnvnnens, Volmotoni~ Altunn, "Lnnthrwi, ý`rahArn'lnttorr. I ray. 7'i iruraeof tho first chin', havei hind. iurnnit i. lid ', cnnnnniinnllnbo onnIan iare of a ligIht drtlt nt warn arn o admit of thlir reneivng aind cnui'goig their cirrgur in Holtilnritc, tl the ci/y. Freight *Iill ho loinro Ifn porlr sn the Cirrin jnalnn rJge ln' rivni, arid lnrOwrdedl 'y lihe aigenIt, MWh9OALLARKS S&KELLI(mL Io;, t i Balore: itpniianin grid9 Alofnppd will Inn rc when "rnaqoiI.a mo jun00 oif nooagone iln filxe at $6i0, anaploe toes if thin b lt qn lilu y nill bh niOVidrl. ,team ioii poandwth i oi n n onn . nrn tin allnpli will In Ltaooi Puo ruig I or pnasaige, nA'3} In nov27 or1 VII in ci. ~-----22 - trn -I r t. F'OR NEWV \YfR, [L~ouitiana and New York Lone of lackets ] 1'rI1 Ships e mpori.poi th i e I w ell t 'uio liun N.uv OriHo ond Nnw YIok ton every o llht Ito rn'.y- cotl a othll ttolt otlc,-Fh t to i fea tl o puo lotuaity in t lle t e o, the ,e i will Lrr attr c tnlls ' i e , fi t evips , hrloo Y Coon. Captain I1'rook, to lv tle e iovember. P4i) Louiovl!lo, CaptaLin Pamer, to leave on the 4th Decoteller. S1ip Illlsttville, Captain .hldige, to leave on the 18Ltl Deoerotber. Ship Vlokhouro, Captai V hoous, to lcave on tio lot Jr.llrry hip Mleis eidppi. Captain Daovist to leve onl th 180u of Jootilu.y Tile Ibeo ro e all new, of tloo tirt oht., r(tpper de and Oopper i.nate neo.d, iowtlrds " 5tr 1 ts |Terllon, Ilro of lihet dro~ught of woter. Iorio, Ionilt in New Yorl exoressool for ther tior T a, pr ico of p.amago is fixed ot 100 tollars; their t ali+nm are fitted Uli in I tlto moAt u Oprovted and covoient plan, sid finijnhed i t n rie.o stlevoi - Atple stores oft le first qlality owrlllbe Itrovri d, andt every rega rd ptid to ttlt e T. fiort id tlir oatiefaotien of pitssegooro, wto i tI pleroot. e tl t oo rieu p tait no blrth call, it se tured tlll pal Ide r tr ,the ot Pro of tile toolllilliees. .i'.ore Voesselr aler olf a d by oo pttiS wl botp.rirnc d in the trade. to It will givo et v'r 0 a t of ndioll utlr:ett Ite olnelvc s toL. o ; t otllltl;l t. o l': will at awll tiers bo to rtd up air dIol'a tithe ooir-,l vip2pi by strwmboalts, a|d te sttitttoo puIeLuooty rbthrved illu hetillo of tailittg. SThe M.,~rirs r' these sill+ a will not be re.lpnnSi. blW for any lutler, parel or p; egu, sr.,ir I~q r pitllton harrd of tI, hem, unhar a ; gle rirt lhl o fu la l. , agelln or uowers. Fr flrher pr lar0 aply to J D It tro & A COllrEN, nnv27 _ 90 Common et i SEiot p O ottLI roA N e . C.PB l_\ III'(' PN\le Oro "t t 1 e"th S litotcf o strr o , l rveto oi . s , l ,, ,te ti . thoo first clao+t coertde 'n )per t. l'lloll+ lnd ll olr .h utll ( 1 ,n) bonr n, w lith h a tdom l l rte c otm rti is r sont lt r q "tIoto vC sst ls ,r,'- cltllll alllo d liv catotrin s ll itxp te,0e:r itd t. he Itro.O, w to .. tttll i.r .. .. t tal'..On n lllo , a exert tlp n sllevey s to nl nt tda,; 1 1, tlp;,iert. er lhe ' w ll o ,, towed I ,p oinr,, ot 1r. the lorr, it 1t:ot 1 of every, o ,torol . The oo , t mi ,,t vesselr llllls l lle a he lint, sx : I IBri, Arobinln, Charles U, r tun, mlon+stvr. USiq Cp.tpaian.J.B. ThomlpsoS, mlaster. & C", Gi C,, ,,oo or ..New oio ,eal r, o 1r it. C iI 'rtld."·, · .C hnlles1. hi,, I Ka ny A. KUK KoKton am; Slew Urat naos SL Li u of Packet .hips.--'l'hl t w hIt n of Ships Ies boeen expressly built to run Ilhc 'eal ttine aLur ports, and will be founlld of snitald iralff of waler ancomnnodatiaos for passengers, and every ellrt will be imade to give gen -ral atitcrtien, The Ih I is comluosed of the fo Il.wing shils: Cherokee. 415 tons Capt. J tIarding, Carolina, 41111 ios Chilrleston, 374 do ) Eldridge, Columbiana, 625 do Ii Irker Seaman, 241) do J Ilower, Ilomblay, 625 do l) Ii u.lphrey. The above ships are all neow, of the lfrst e lass, 'copper fastened and copportd, eomlmnaonded by omen Selgreet oxperiencl, have largeo Ieeot, odatinns, with a separate ladrecabi; r lery utreten l ,iweill r i e paid to pasoengers, and the very test of stores pro vidod for tlhen. Thoe packet will L. taowe up iand doI n the liaI Lsoeippr, andt thle triioeot putor; i y ,,,erlv,.t in i the linto of sailing, and sleet! the n-- Ire -r n'cr b deontained in arrlving, otlr ii ps neqroiiy .i food willin allnasesbeosubstituteiir hri I irrr - age is sokeited, an tin ag,rits pledgI-rie rhrsives Io acconllrtoate as nmch as pl.roicebtn!n, tL r't:li.' end forward goods by a id line ai t the inut litder to ehairgsl, ald to dadvanoe all Ullpenr oil g toods shipped, ifrcquired. Tr sh.hips wiil leave the Ist and 16il of evory mnonth. I'or floigtht ior p:ssage, apply tot ite agent-. N. R. +Allvnl+eoevlo nts llad oil cuolt gnoll.. t to .1 "s 1.. . C. Loubard & Co. baks ownis car ind Ian Indaisum ofII I O us nlunsl urliln ".?l' h1 a , in .plt C l t s l ite s a etith Iw pre lli.d e c I oLets eacn, non,- n t honctit'Arett of re ii pitnl rr ,of, Lhve lhanrt, r ei se t ti tle i eirtue m s t un (lan ,. Its he tlltad h lrbaktno w nai , ,no tr , ftinriin as liiCaciur s ill CULItiiI thisn . netottlab trlo l itisat tt le, er it itan eo inn mirr eit Iiiii returICe 11.1 r 1i111.D rdloed. has r d:t iae,!o the ctlitt , ce I lI recOlllll d - Srmrns lf .pectalJe VoriIP Al. the , i n' , relda, pl in io thle side, W lnt , l" re, I, 1ithtiný ur Mhod, liver u utmptcint, .cc nor'a Inda w Ilan l. ll en'l l.envd r I t Intlhonvcer ll ll il a di d e dtvlod eft d lf .: a e Ct n ll h er "fntlre,.,ll m tlhe ILu a - hseononopirni hate lodge of the Lntor til, it ti mad l' nontn 'nih-ternt aend c l ari nre, rltn nn lit it n C e rei" I, r e0l. ai l th e atlex 't:on+o th e hi L'.t If' n i 'is'r t is re iledeni e dJ, rAIr I' :r e I', a"n tilr.t \Iev .lntr. e. anIneit i n e O c t her 25. nrn blcd Jim l.Vi &,n .ine Slullm:'S, si t e hr |fa tSx IE.l b II I rI( il , Teh aN1 ! (i1. icneLtre. fCr e "r .U G S -- Jt.I lani d h i on" lini . ,I sarr In ",. litniihn lda, b;:tr a nl sor,.t !pl ..i,, rp ,.,, ,h ea ds n rIIIc - .e f lrhllt I :r * .il . . i . iervLn , Pw t" g ii.Il d 1p s tlf o r n e. m ,1 it rh 1. :rl: l relil e in atori n , ,1 I Nl li r: \. ile \ " i.i l. ,, .c etche p, 'I ,s i r ytnit- . -t S V I , ir-a: - lla i : , t ; i t e-i , t :' flli I, I . ht r a rt l I, arc t, r i, an an I +5 h ,ll J f' Il I; 'Nl t IF r' " a ll0dind frAt's'l'hi+ el ....eI. Ifre t"-,;ale brn 7 )on. boarnd ci ll lrlen ticio it. , (l leih , Ifr. I trylr A drew. nIc'r ;.h and i,.r· l lt l lllht ,"n ' I; "1: Irnn'annnn lierdn iheotnns. ti I.--i an - i ,,,l Ill Latlh.r it e l lrlt l Ir- an. O '.ice Int ille Pocketa. l or.e nlo' Hit nn cl t i _ i 'itico d.n t .ln ,I and Pistol fhluko f.itni l ttitnee t u, t I~l'te i",, ( lt,; SPerela on Cals Iand 1':I, Ir l th:r ' ( 'Itnh, I lair+, T1 .!h cad Ntil r ltit h,ns. ot rli ti , 'hn 'le l r t ',n it t \ 'a nt Piwder. 'Tnilet slo., sainv tor ,i -;t netv; letg ll'ir l lr",id-, Rlin- et dI'n , he •,'; I r, and'To Plhrte aer I lncr i- , Ienry T-n b in tie ,t:. ePae i it l r irter . i c m to irli-sr<; E.r-drops; Wasr r lnekle.; Ilrae-eletn- lt Icki:c and Chaie fair ine ad eieret Btaids- Inriret Iteudsf Melta aod 'Plunres- Shsll Tw sr Cieh t ul, l)tseiono - comb,;whnblcnhh rdiutbn ut thnirfn er m rck er hr. d ,mrakel their acsortnernt eory otrmplele enn iwnnl hr -t,!! ewand nen ibhnal Ierts, at thie stigr t" the Golien Umnl. n2-- 7it ChIrtres saricrt. nhp Joiea ll ihnlp ftr onlt b `elti I ItlinItt:t & ('n,,11 \laczH+ -t 1111,, I.'IT':'; 5".trace 4,4 m,t i,,l, slrilc.., Ie !ing erl en p ip ntl| l .,. iant r I--1," be conS I tlttli(1{:, t Cn. 131 Ilrgrzmetn an IRON RttiiioS-T h' crsnoerhri,.e.,. pi,,.,,e,' sc sgcceap pic nee, lhe ritlhe voef tent lin r true: -coale in tln iier .. Tite are ud.,il~rd I, pli h, hatuildinas warn hartex! id pen v- n -r dwre l n,,ne . at onh e rhtapnrnpsn nod dur!,,t\', :tin i cegr'wrtno'v fire end wian.r pri,,f 'rtecna itoo hknownestlsd c modeliPrep +r o, -lhi i - si-atce St. Mary's 1onor' i et'+h pr,,,,!an r ,. onet E It Cf)GSri',lq ,C -' h llk. if rctiPrierq sltici a hitb It tih c) it ntr Ii lo in ln s t - ollcent puro hna. rc. .Alec epclle-t- tv h he liinl sirivlea Crnta P.,t sill and nIce N,-nh,. CnOricl, biehi so rnd I ainni *laionslaie Cnoir il,ihrn earld scre doti .I it, eaoceine-prtrnsh for -,ily ii-Isn Twin ',I fvy will ilnegnee efno:r nilln oneirt nnl',tr arncst Or"dnlcs 1ll an Il, in flier. N-n. 53 tneovnllir at crt,4s. Wsill Ine pcoelptly arenetlr- .to o- - It. & A rfOUltIt all $6H II.l & BIR)OV%, 9t Iogo!agz -, a hanirga ' nl .ceI -.5 icisc J inte 4.| t ri 5iarP,, l. lic fmni, ship b'htrlracn, fnro ,le h i 1. - ,, lt ll (., O Ip I arle (II, cI r' tin, rLa'('ou ,M, fipln r e Yo", xt rea va:ityt Io gooll 'in tqheir aliaa, b'ia a whh 3 a bllata",arWth th.'irv aen l gtack 5 11,1, I,,. '1,1kes ri-r n-laa t... v.a l al , Ia' a,, alhe ulh' incl apao Iarti.: hPI taa . ~ Ia.,-a.aaralI lau k all dr,,llaaaaa , caa I han,. - !,'a , IIll d . ril ,l' l I pIaket I , Ia l .a:k a ! ,,al.1 , + a, p3' a' iit,.+ sb ll, pI, rl, i l. ll II , tatl,:le , ,, .. . . i" . - I'aba .e )" i , i+ 1 a11 3: j +i| i r ti ll . ill caaaa aaall Laa laaa laalu a a,,, II .a , . p , 'laa1 l al .aal:5 avaag ter Ona! . s:hot bl It.+ hla,, ' ,, 'I'nd. p' .e i nd 1 ,ailiag Ai-sth!um; .tItle tc +id ,,1 lt, bn ,:HIttlr 1 Ile. n . l ,vl i kniv,'e and 33ll, 'l,.3 ... 'hl,,aI lI"." kbiaaa l gauard cai.a a ltl lilaa. at' .llll , I Io"' . . '.i t 1 ", I < t s.. s, ' il , gaan b axl,, 511a,,. a , ,,, '1iaI3. 1,' slpi a I al. 3'a,' "atleb h.lh- i,, alll~ ,11r n . i . n a iau I a radl s li. hike 'v lil itl, baall k a , , I i u i i, t 1 a l la , . t_ ' k tl t anad a illr a .aa i t1 aila , t.o..a .ak..aa'a ,, I' + .'.. aaaaiat"la al 'aaal'aaial iaaa.,a,, ,mraia N 3, it loti.'',l .11 . d i . r, I a. l l l ,adi l aki h a a Ital+ and olin u)1 d ?te b,+ riin e tllI In, ,r l..1: n td l 'iIon ,'o S e i l a 'l l c i. p ',' 111.1 I\lll .L .. a, A fulll t c aI a d lhie )3533 1 1. tl Igold, pi t.,d Nt i l , . "r, lThe I h ) ofa3 . Io ,llr i 1 r.t . ie ufotl h r a rtl - m I. atee ucl l t -m h .in a i retail rdou b al t )thlln ''a ut ala, ala'l',l 'iao all,, n a l :ll l l. ir. - '. ial. a taaa l a. ..rl a.hael }ll.i3..l a. alll. "r | llull:, lllll.. l" thle l. .!' ih oI; ll yl I:md hI l eCIIIII w''l b.,l aII a l , Jt. a .lllll.lll , 'aaIa, la al F ',"aH l, 1i . : 1:1 Ia,, i,, alII• "1'511:-3! d II' , I I++++ l 5t)11 hhv1'k :1+''I a i'.I, rOl, l 1' · " l j 1 II '' al:all.a i, a lala, Tl. I, ,Iaht< ,a1I,'l llaa Ita''"l' ' a I aaa.,, 'la, laaaa~li . , mlildlt1115533: ~ ii1, . l· ,i . , Birds i., . a , a ,, I t. I X ' ',ai a,, a, S ,;i Ii,. \ mil 1, 1' ill III ,I·Il+ alhir \ ''a33, , ,,'i, ,a 1'a'a ,, 11a , , "1'w T i t ,, llla li:N \\ hit', o ln itlt.+olh or lalhck .L.oma 'llld lll',+ah. ,lil l Ash \\ lai .. .. t .a Inaa ,,a a "13 . . aal> aa a ai " F., Fll1, 1 a'l l 3, ll, \r,' . 1 !1,. II l- , irl, a 1a a aaaa, . ll,a t, htl a r llu b n ll hl l ' ltl I lllN"h t 'ý I ht1 ,SI'l:i ll .ll lIII',a a allalli all a Ia II t, a lla a I 5i3l3 h1 tlli1: a .LP llaaaaaa51 u - 3 1Ii. (lo I, . ..) , :;lt nt l 1 N a : F aIIIlI . )i1 , II I,1 nod ,I 1,:1111 a (I " | I 'a, '.ll Ill \ il" 1 1 NI KOUSE AND SIGN PAINTERI b' ASI I INA LE CII' I LIN(. ROlllVN OV 6' EdOOD)WIrCi eiru. 6-4, C(bhlrlre·. rilltrl Ii ill! Ia -HA i b . 111/ Ill6il16 -1 tey 1l1: In /t.'7~tlF· II.1) 1..'11 f !`/1 /: 7'1": !:7111.l- l~lJI P / 1ll -r I 111": r ; .\llllr~ rrlil Ii lll/.n . \ rill I 111 , In l IIill IJIL' l'ii(y of 11~ a . illi)Tll In~ rn (lllu l II: I11I Illy n 1111)ilw oficr ,t In 1111" .1 or~ ·· 1!l n W p1l Ifir. :\ rlr ln,," 1rl111/ ?01 1 biro nr~ra a r In ll !Ldv lllli·:I. in I'II llll the pt llll 'al rili Iht" tll,' I n of LI)oI: (·· ililr.n·l lll· i li p~ It to 111l·: 1 1116; IIII Illr I-lro, of tlil T 111- jll1llltll - illrl· I· I - I'lll )( 1 rulllrl"" ipph oIl I cord in; In ,I, II·ý,(1I t m, .[) IJ( lj J 1 1/ bottle, ,1 ill. n.", rr 111'uiv ID'.110 11 111 w : IIII1, L, I . I'il nod rn;, 11,",ý I tr'i IIII; . It .,+.r 1l1-t 11w (11 r(1)1\. In ltllitl(.ll IF I."IIII n Fitt"", lunII~ ll l~llt n:. I1III II1L 1 plr 171ni'l·II nod the lnii I,, ii (i llll) "S on. in hilt- lent ,,, i ..W. of Ill· T ,,W rmyllll th n li Or dv ."I .Ii to I. " r ,Inr te I1nlIlir -u,1 ills ·ILl-linlll to it.; it· Il Ii; I~~~n~~~liiijliii iiI-; -IIil. .II ritxled ,Iý,:, l.". It k I'~llilll In :1 Cl n J illlll ,bmitwil ,n nlll WII s or,,I t llvhrr." Id . \!·~:. :1' ::I.I1I·I.:II il.EI II ll(·nf IIU Illilr lIIlllll·Y (I11 I c I iji 1-Hill`H II r him II )(ii IIr5 f ' ii ix , rII: H1 i\dt ,. 4\. 1)111,11.i1'i ti--.i' I"v,= : ,ii,ýiiii ni t \ l ý !/ I 1111 I. t rn l~lc Jllll\ II O 1·111Pi l II. Llll11l V hi - I i' lII I' l1.l\ 1.0 liii I' I Illc r : h lo- l . 11I1. Ij,. 1111U11 1. 1 e(··~ 11l ~lli11nl 1 6111 1ý ,.~l I(I1 n lil ii·', lr i l ' in lii'L ý F: I:~, I~r f 1(;i l IF, I nu I I i ;li . 1,'111 L 'c,ý ,,;, ,,,I+. 1 . +II11.1 \Inllin";ll '' i.1 :r x r11 "r 11 n<= tI ii nt of :,, 1i-r. ' huhonrs and .n~l l 'l e~ ~ I,,' ,1, \\' ' -1 1":+, 111 (II1/ 1C /l IllIIIr 1I.I I1 ii. 1··ll r~/:1 r 1 \W.1 1 61`, Lnr .lll "i l lt.l f' \ It. l~ ll:l b,,,I i a I n. ', nt I r. u 1111 \1~ i., ill.( Ni. I": 01 li u , I"1l A:IV IS \c \D'i'\\;W \\ 1111 I i. I i: \l xii 1 I. i H I ii ix rnnnxozwnNs. PAINTS OrL !)I I". Il~. 1'! !'l'..:1.\h (11\u :,")111 1(1 ; I/ llllRilS, t', I11 ; 1'r rdc l~l 1'o ..t nn, ! . ; ,F I1116r~I :l 1111 nt" \ II ii. I Ii 11ii Ii \' i 1i\ Sli N lll ll\\,1:1"i, * lilii .· ii : I ii l iII' ( I' 1 iii" riiii III1I.rIi "ý F Ibetr 1. nn1 i 1tr !, ý, ulll , , : eoe 1 r1 Il11 I i i ow iii S! rrt I ron i ,'ljlr , of every ,Irrcrili~nu, I ctt:s -p p h i iiI, iti ia id op, II ill oltreol Lit o f allllr 'll . o il. and ,,z -s' mid.,! i'll. iiiliu. r I1 !..n:1b"rr olr. boatI .,,,lops, ln~l l" 'I I,:., .,'nl nhlo n !1+ , arts u11,,', 6iliii hr iii i iN iii ii' ~"r. iiiiiir Ill Nih"( adrpulte if 111: /,i lii l'N.lN ", itW ino I ~,... 1 liltr ,, h ." l& , l*o~ BUSINESS CARDS. .1013 PRINTING. 'PII:EIIlY, IIANI)s IELY AND fll I',Y l . x ri'r:TLl AT THE OFFICE OF THE TIrue .sltrcicafn, y'1', t'I IAIL: s, s. ltMr, NEII AR I'E\l Po ( -Ii . A CA L I). I & NINXOT.'T'i', Il/desale (;roer. and f mtni ,,IsSumI 1lrrl, t .s, Illlt,.. [ls '('nri ttlre hr rl tin lp iidd to til ot ling tp or ýtt l n;lJ,,tt ttJllld p +hillsto .. .' ,o," C ,,,o.isson .1let1r:' ni, il:l ( 'l·l'., ::lit 1I " , rtI L.--l" r Ilh ' I n .ent. .I. P. 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ItAWDON WnIGHT HATCIH & EDSON i "'JIut :, l Itl, ·t.'-' . . ilh t h "ir I n, ol R 1., \rt 1,e,, I,, tilt the F.'l'.'to ol ' hil ks1 td = I .h l llc B l)ho N , .1 ' I- loll". c 1i 'l t. , (.' lto .t, (f a it ll 'pc -icc, (i:2 ana 0, t i pu 11 t d +,1 I llli .lle= lWilli zin R I illO t I , l:i n' + i o ,I l n : u I I -i i tI+ t r tlrl ( ltrwl -l.. 1".I( to llol-t, fo : Jo lr nl'I (, t ll" , rl3ew r leni+ s inte ot" t r l 1.hi h'l III,! .,l"'k to_ in- I t+ll llt, co llo I Itl (" dl'sp t clllh • c c'", toOlc'olli"ll O.'l ll & ('coci ll re-;. i "' ccc:ii j'F IN 'Iac from N' 't t In '' g _ 'In --IN" ... . 1 I -.\- r I' IIN- , A---,t;rO l w iit, - ; ' 'F.c)'i'I c -c . c,\I I l .cl:. ':c`; 1 IN F 'icIIcI)ol; , II.x t li'% LII I ,c I,.1 +, 111\! 1ii:1: Q l +,iinod I':, :,tI, n rnr l , p111 h Iu.r. ( .im t N' I N I JI 1rll NIs) l l l , 'ONIC lI ' Ftlcl ? 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Apply at No. Ito16o 1l:a. i 0e leet. JNU. U1'Lf)IIING. N )TIt'E---The parltnrhip ol ofiKllry, 3ltiooin &Co nd Hriia. l. ( l'l.Kll Co. k di, w IJllll'i. was _ ll0. o b" ed n.h bo 21 t l -Int toot, ( ft sdelr of u onto .1 rann, I ftie part ners o Cte tir s. Th ,lhrign.' l, surniving partnerr, a ill he Lh':r;ged s'l ti ng c¢llml and closing anld b1us.,r , I.lluows: Levl: I llrrli will tledi to tht e thlII Uofllthr s11 Ia .s of . n:llar Illflrt & Co.. ,lt oN tilp z lailn I-ar f o, frl 1,r: t.:l illr f 1 ' l l lill'o l, of!Ev.lleo, Jla0nnll . I',1. a i New Jlrleh.ny. The ni0tlled of the ,en tire,:. wll ! usld l1 l i l ndiatii onlv . Th'i:e undlbted to said firms are erne th requrted oco , e forvrr lll 1d make. early slettlemntm.nls, a Jthl e h nl, In; l; ll thul.s li t O| nwihtl l, . II f.h ; I K .I.I.t. Caw-Orlihlr, Jlun 27, 1837 A rOLBlsAILS iaelece of I'emanuarhiip Ieceived,and Sfor sale tt their t tapeelnallte ''aiatle Acadertiats No. a Clhatree str, Neaw Olletrla, 1 ll. laoadwray New Yairk, Daptrplhie rt., Mobile. Itrisellrrtra-:llalltr deigned liarl' tt lea" erJ, ad l.l iaeastll a atlea1e I ra-c iavitedl tl alrl d ar a m ine llessons a,, gIzvenl alt .. seh hlll e(. s aisi nowllv s11it the t·l~ll'¢Pllit'lI(.l tul'lll, lI1 lld ~Il . CI.e. lirlll tlO L jll "iIIlV I~llrl otf tar tire. a Iauiara atta arelr aten re rare e- aca rat a lair arawn ref sidences.09 pa'lll iner e a Iree t' I.sonl readr e laitired ao ateaI ., '" "I"- , a It u e lllltther wa-l. 3. .Al. tlittt'll I-It. ROWAN I) S 'IONIC MIXTURE, SIlEN ye:rrt have aetI yt elapsed since it wal . lirsatregaatrly mirairtd te o he prbliet but it iars rttainrtd the hligllsatl relutatit; alld hasli. . lllallted every other ellredicire ltr the Aget wlirelev. er it has beeul krlrown ald illraprciated. 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