Newspaper of True American, July 4, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated July 4, 1839 Page 2
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TRUE AIMERICA N. - !TCDMIIP ~P2U~& ctS. PAVTIIYUL AND BOLD. Offictul jeaurnal of the 2b .RtanittyalItn. PUIISLIIEJD Daily Tri-Wekir &k. Weclly. ~~ OK LF1T~n* THUgiSb AY, .TULY 1, 1S29. --ter--- -__ TRUTH NO LIBEL. "Yesterday the greetettquestiot ante decided WIi:"h wi eler dhIthatp&in Amer.ica; and. greater, plerhaplttt aever waes' elell hfie dt'eed amontg men. A reaolution was panseI without one laseanting Colao,,', "'1,I' ' TFIBEU NITEIs'TA'I'ES ARE, ANI)OF IliGTiT `OUGIT TO DE, FREE AND INIDEPENDIENT STATIES." The day hiv pasned.-The 4th of Jtr , 177,t, aill be a ueuorable epoech in ihe i'mrv of America. I ot. apt to believe it will be eeebEtCtLd ba tucceedang generationsr, a$ the cres t Anniversary Festivala. It uught ohe cons,, oetuetd as the iPaY or [lattt1a Atcb,by eolemt acts of Ilvuliun tiAtanlia hilv God. It ought to teoatolemrnizedt till, potp, sltos, aport, gaho, kbll, botirss' tnd istttnieatite:-tau'tl oae LnD oF THE Ceer1tycaT TOr TitE itrot:,ja.Icat his ltime farnmvdfereveee! Yout wnillthink m Iu,aaaj, td 'alt aathaaiaos; bit I mt tnot. I um ,wll nl re of the ull, and beotl,a itl ttie, tteeuue ittill cost to maintain this Declaration and aupjttttt tatd dlefetnd thete Slaws; vrt tberugh all the gloomtt, I can it the etyn ti light ald iluer-I cnal see titat tte ted is rtectit mte hot all tie eeans; and that poaterily till niutnph, althcughpol and 1 may rue, whichl I hugpe we sklull nut.. I mln, &n. JOHN AIIAMS. Tie Brth-day tf American Libery.-This is the 3d Anniversary of the birth day of A.nterkair liberty. Our forefathers had been schooled in the ait oIf learning bow o be fre, how tr govern themselves ever since theI hour that Ithe Angles anl the Saxons first laided on tohe phaer of England, and it lr oandl in petce didl lev contend foor the sovereign rights of the people itll wtrious success, until a dleterrriledl pnltionl of Englilh men was banished fromo their lon es to seek refige, in thewildsln tlhe new contlinenlt tlofIc persecutilon and tyranny aud enjoy that greatest of plivileges, religious freedom. At the oiomentn lien the "prooud prow" of tlh ship that bore op thi Plymouth pilgrlims, struck Ithe everlasting ruck, at the Inoment l ben nll illdepenldent and proud band of adventurers Iuldd upon I[e river beak aitlJamestown, a new era don nel upon tile world. The sun of liberty lothat hadl been o log obgsclred by clouds of feudall npprestion nal relihino- intolerance now burst Lfrth with gloroonS light,ll Ithe P rorrss of free and republican pri ,i nciplt as , ' uvr and :rt:lin. Freed from the shackles cr.a-ted ,ly lyrann) ai:d imlpos ed upon it bIy pllesnopliolt onsongs, Ite lldlll of the Anmerican settler looked out upon tI e wobld and saw that the impress offreedom and equal, nnahlenolhe ri:hrlt was stamped by a beneficent eo:ltor ntt on all things in the enw helisphere. After one hundred and lifiv ovnars of expueure anrl cultivtion under the new ilflue:nce of a new world, the fruit upon the trhoe of hberty had ripened into maturity, and being plucked by our i:nme diate forefathers,-lo,--they lold in their hands the "hlesoed declerantio of independence bearing dale the 4th of July 1776!" Theglorioils day upon whtic:t this precious intlru meot was signed by foly -eiglht of the bravest men who ever lived.nay trell be called tlte birlh-day of Ainec-iann liberty. In the mermnrable contests betteon power and the people, the worlt d lind root tl the scu -irl isle, an Alfredtlnd aoronmwell. These men had ototacked the, hydraofpotor, but forevety head deslrroyd, an Lund red others sorang inro life. At laot c \Vashingtun come, andhe went forth surrounded by a thousand, o" Fpll as free and brave as le," andthe monster, kingly power, of jure dirino power, fell, never to rise in thiis lhtd again. The goddess of American liberty,on the 4th of Jul-, 1776, stood upon the soil. Milnerva-like, the begotten of the Ipeple's wi.0 dom. Then colne a seven year's o ar, and the enemies offreedom were rebuked back to their hiding places. As inheritors of the great boon ldelivered to uo for safe-keeping by our foret tlhers, slly-thiree n ,ear ago, we hail the return of this day. Unhder the benign leign ofthe peopl's power, asserted Iol the DI)eclration of fitu dependence, thin nation has j e umped p frlol three to seventeen millions; the nlllldtio ofr it epulllic has been laid, thot no ellnslty, doRstic or tIfreig, (an ever undermine; the Ihappinerss of tile greatest Ilumber blne beeorealized ; Ithe Unionl lo bleen bo Itogether by iron bands, and watered by navigchle: Lolals; Iho Afri can slave trade has beoll Ionllheld, te rights of tlhe States have been presel.vld ; a sIartI of rleelllen ohas been sent out, anl a new republic has risllen on Ihe i South-west border; thb elollmmerce, aricullue, and tnanuflttuores of the nnli.,n litt ie olnted up t lnosl to incredible height, anid our novo , in toalor, haloo Ic e tiofirast intlte world. The e oils under which le}to.l pohlic are lhtborig arn, tetmporao,, fur owe are still ulp idly progresosing t thle ncht of htuc a lt berty, and the little is not far distant w thenb l tt'lll .\n'ss of n lo Sax republics will be spread over hloe whole contrnent ofo Norlh America, when " blight stnr anod broad stripes"" will fantin the breteze fiom thte'ptole to o he I tht111is t 01r Panama. I o ts lel, then, whloseo lheart dots not obat -withjoy ast each oatn ol tlin glorious dny, nas brincing us aorrer to tile ithour t heln ctIt t II Ian of Ibreign ponwer shall be found in this whole conlirce ,t TIHE GREAT LIBEL CASE. Yesterday morning hbegan ther. trial of what lmay be now called c the Greati Libel Cane," as involving principles, the tl iumphant defence ofwhiclh will secure forever, in this State, the perfect liberty of the pres*. Oc reference to the report, the public will see what progress hase teen made in Ihe trial. I[till be cesumed on I Friday the 5th inst., lir. Peyton speaking to the K points noticed in ithe conclusieu of the report. CRIMIrAL Cnlrl:Tr. THE GROiA'' I.IEtEL CASE. STATE or LouIPIeNA rerast JOiN e G..Ov. Thiscaeecame on in the Criminsnl Courtl . Jude e Co nnlrge presiding, r-sterday, Wscednt"dav, the I intant. I E. Mazureau,A.ttotn v (;re n.ial, T. (; . i t,,,, Di,. frict Atsltoley,' led.el inet tued i- RIe':ms., I':q+. appeared on Ilehlct f' I. :Slte a anta ptt'rreclllr Ilaillie Paevr, P. Se.a .. I. I. 1 rtan and I t. 1.I Cohen, Esqa. eppearend elI on b dlf ,, il . After sonue difi.'ulat. a jeI'a n j cse r ltcLnepannelled, o)n silting 'f the following entllen~a n: A.Ctehvfl, J. S. Welt.n, It.ll Rehinson. . t . I'ltkcer, L. I. Bundy, J. Walbh, I. Hlart, W. II. Avery, J. Flood, 1'. L.a tt, N. Surray, A. I. liHin. Randalll lcau', seq. npeenrd the ipr.lo utlrn. It e ,1, Ssrvel to the jury had b en st rne to tr te ithe issuejoinedin thIIe ua. .John Gilt,,, haII lbeen mber-c ed by tilhe (Grend.l Jl, .no!rsr the act of the I.eislcatse passed 4th iMay, 18.'5, fir h'ritg puliselld a Iahel against Dr. John Iltetrte 1hi~el.e, and hId plead nct guilty. ie here read theleati'n ot's Ihr law, as fullane : "Whoever eshll ll ialiIhSly dehI)'til' aney perlon, 'y sat king, writing, publiiling,, s"r au-sinc ht he puh lshed, ant manner oflihel, shall, on "'Ol'victlilo thereof, si ller lIne or imprisoenenst, er, t tihe dlicrrlltn of ithe Consrt.' Mr. II. ohtervldl, diat a thoullh lre words "at thediserel on of tilt' (' ul''st" ere used, rite jtn mrttI not suppose lhat dsln Itron to bace an I " ulrde ; on the .contrary the i .l gi-htt're, by alnther t 'is act l vttal , Itr l BSed tile Inraximnuie to t o ye'ar's illpllltllllon and s I oesof $1000t, in all ceras where such dlscrrlil . I slluwvd. Bealre C ending thllieil tlltenllt, 1r. II. qlltou lb defimtions oa libel lour l llucksuone, Itt loll,; *Libels, libelli fascosi, tIken in the Iterag~t and I,.l extended scnse, signity any writings, icttrets, or the lik,of an illegal or ier1tmal Iidercy: b ut in the seene we a re now to cnsider them are anuliciohta deft nations ofeany perast, and esI elt. ly Ia magistratei, made public by eitherpsaliittg, whit;r'i igns or pictures, ill .edpr to provoke him to w eathl, tr expese, hirm to publhe hatred,contemspt and ri.lii.le." Ile then retad tile in- s dictleenl as fsllowa: Thle itaste of Louitinea let Judial Distlicts it . 'Parislh of Otpreas, Criminal Court of tht Ist |istLrect. s Tihe Grand Jurors of the State of Louisisaca duly Sempanelled and sworn ill and for die Parish of Jl Iferotns Placqueraines aond Orleans, under their (lntleh ire-ant that John Gibson late eof Il l Orialeccs pienter, esoutrivingand unltawullyi, wickedly, and sutnlicitusly irstandingto hurt, injure, and prpjudie. "re Janlue c' ons Mackie, and to delait a hias of his g"od outee Ssruecrelit, and replauet and to being himn it great nentealpt, s casnlal, i.flrny and disgrace, n the 23J of ne 1839 withforce ofarnrsat the parilsh aroreca.l in the distriet efuessuid, ansi within the jurresicslt: of Ithe Cri .minal Cestoutedst&e is dtrt I , to wta :-the IIt ludi ehtl dia trrceatthso is '. t m ium, tl' titi untrt ltwiI l',I - Is e ly and maliciously did write and publish and cauoe and fel prtcured to be writtle and publishedl in a cetain public ti. newslpaper, cliled " The Weekly True Americano" (a t11 paper edited and published by the sail John Gibson) fle -n cetain flos, scanlalos anod ttalieiotun libel, con- ev tailing diver ftaloe, scandalous and malit ious tldtterts 'II andthings of and concerning tihe -aid James Munro T Makit, according t to e ro eor and etffic following; hii thllat ion ay : e ' Advance of .ledird Scienc.- Som. time tine, a ex certain memlllber, meaning the saoid JlllPS Mt11.n Malkie, tic l' tihe Fudgico Mlltdico Soctiety, (mleaning thereby the at IPhyisic, liedical Sotiety ofNew Ottrla.ns, seduced ai II pretty tcotch cllllnberlouid at one of our larte Hotels vi and tarried her of that sit might moule privately Ibecome tl a mother. 11e, meaning ith said J, M3. M., has lived P. with Iher sic, biut tile tillmes bilng hard, o.r eodanico, ' tmtaniag the said J M. M., called upon the qolodaloo hI mtaters of tle frail fair for a certain amount olf black r wages nled.ed tl be due. Payotent being refctledt c the Ftldgico Mflendico, tmratnint ithe taid J. al. I., hald rt recooose to naw, ind trial fllll Of before the IIoII ao Judge Mortan-hut previous to or durine the proeleosg . of the casr, a di.pullte arose between Fugico, mcuneiug ,, ithe slaid JIM.M. M.and iRtniftce, the first npplting a slop in IfIt chops, fir wtich the latter ,dntinisterted a plea- tl tul, & repcated dose ot f l -t till to thel other,that operatled l pooerfilly upon poor Iltdigioe, mleaning tie said J. M. MI., \hto to his ftittelr v.'ltiotn, was adjudged to pay all the costs of ithe whole frolie, ltld Ilmke III hisa loss in o love pIlltions, aervetl . y Ithe lllllhberI n lmph. 1 Wdll the. society give the tiers, mouninl the said J. 31. M., of this tale a lnedal ILr this very mural eudoact. . In contempt anld volatiou of law, to Ithevil and per- i r nicioonsexample l f tilltsrs ill tile likeetse Otlldilg, and contraryo o to the forlll of the stoIut otf ro Stlate of a L.ouisiann, uiunch case made and provlded, ad against d the peace uaid dlgllitv t-f the elall t t. t [Signed] '1. G. HUNT, Attorney. CRlMINAL (CoTr: Clerk's Oice. It I certify tile 'toreltoing to be a true copy of the original c indiermelnt on file in offiee. 1V. H: IlUNT . New Orleans, Jnne 25, 1839. During the reading of the itndicntetrt the hilarity of tie audience S.Jury could not be iestroinedo prtliculalryi at tile part where the fight is described. Mlir I.remarkrd that tie Inughing which pervaded the court was itself all evilence that Iti hin ellchrgod,catle within the law t the tldenevy, of lhe publication to bring D)r Mackin into ridicule thus became evidenlt-the laughing alre ndy charto terised it as such a thingi. lMr II, went to tatte the cotllre hich tile prlseltlon intelded to pursue- t they would show Ihat tile ltbel twas publiheld by Jouhnl Giblsll, unl that oMackio was the, person meant, e. Mr to!quhouol cal d tI the stand. Hle depotsed in substance thai he knew Mlr Gibson,--understlood thut he twos tile edhor IIIad tlublilsher uthlllt'1lue Amricaln saw MI Gilson on ,the 23d June,-wuas"aked if hlo had =Ienl thie \Veel,ly 'f'rlle Almerican-relld thle paper thertupon it ih Readitooing Rioom of 'tle Amterica' keplt by J. (Gibsoll-dil inot kw r. I .to whel thIe alUli cle hended Adt"rncof'.lledical tSiretce alli.ed to-ut . derstood iom, Mr GCh;onll ill couwrsutioll tlielwarlds Ihat it wus meInt for J. M. Mao:kie" I)r iiarrm called. tle ha adhad conversation with 31r Gibson upon the subject of the article tlleiged to be liiillous--read it--Mr Gibson did not tell him it wns meant for ir J.. i1. Mlackic-belicvied Mr G. to be the erlitor and prolietor of thle 'True Alrneritan--had told Mir. G. to iok outl, as Mackie was very angry, nod would ottack hmn,-11r Giison said hle was always ready for his enemieo in case of attack,-that hle would be prepared, if 3lMackie approached him in a blleatening way-tlhut if Mackic was not quiet uothlr facts ould be I pubtlshod of him. Dr. Ilurral was asked to state whaUt occurred hehw een IMr. Gibson and himt the evening before the publication of toealledged libel. After some oltjeo tion on the paroot of Ibe proseculion, l)r. Itarral stlated in substance--that t he had knlownl of the tirculllstalnces stated ill tile oliTel sive, long eftore thIt piece appeared, both from I publit rumor tot d t ontnro fact in his posessionIc. Iach. I iet hald ti in his oflce, for his collector, two acoounts to t he collected of the keeper of oo 'o Venralnh, of tnonieo 0 lthttlte gir in question-and that therefore he knew the urticl to apply to Mackie-he hadt infonmed Gibson of the laffairbefore Judge Morgan, anold iihon naid he would send tpuoter to at t ottho t ri ofttlhe cnase. ft A.I. (tet. Ile admits that Mr. Gibhtn tol!d hiil that the piece ws intllellded iflio Macl, ie. Dir. ltlarral. I do not. Att. Gen. Then I was mistaken. (Ilugh.) ADr. loule. It was the stolies in cironlation abohutl Mackie, that led you to know this article was meant li . Mackie? Dr. 1i. Yrs.. nlhnllt C(iibslml'd publishing them, made you bU Ielieve it? Dr. II. Yr. .4 ..rde 11 i.ed .gillii.his S...rh girl. fclbre the article Dr. It. 1-.+. i iryt,.. I.liI .Inr, fdrrr.r, till Dr. Gi., Ii.t f -le id no4t tf... epr, M..rkie. oldrkl. kir.n! Dr. 11. ) be would attack Mr. Bald,, iilt l I"tIl \llll")S d ll lie 11 liter tt' kn 1·· Mr. Cib hr-,l't l t b pribl14:riiinr 'iiar ,%,iirtn.n R!. hunit, d.I. ''o fi h on sf4 y ilu.y t.e, pinirels in~r Cl ,iI.t trri,11 nllll..ii..f..rln 1 fi... ...'ii, Ifi itltnj i'irrlj JI~i, r.1~ iGniera.iiiji ii-oifer DMr. It. thnit a iS.. lintbi lo thet da.i ly pr. .. ii. c lit. It. Ilunt11~0 1~ Ilo lut tle''. ;lln,',irnll of Jully 2nd, anld to prove1 1hIIt g uniuto Iufihv editor in el ntinli n to, uiifnnclie libel, realdiI a (te.I.f.:i oile Iit.h linsA es T1J. PIeyor.n, TIf,,: rial,.lJlri I ..Iibint srt t t qtiull before its., R t. .,f i.. Thf .Crnfiintopro Ih, f'i alicent ("doom. liellntinted mllti tntil iri Ili show timtt writingsHI rule~ by Court lllll·( M1 . limit I ·Cll r 1111? d Till fiil (lls:l I IlE :N .BLs.i '" The L I"'bel nas .-II. llr111ial of John) III.· ml fur an at llge ,r libel, ug i Bi) innifn r ri il kin , , nl s rlif,,i In frm ~iation, (u,,rtirl to or, (ico..p r~nr ififi rots...rl ba- ntti .ri ,a .) .. ....~rg t i.., S.: irno Poif rri Ili, I. '.'bis I ripi. Onr:ndr- ,,in't amt iuprIf ii..u I.,I the ilfl·I' r ofnt IT..+ir into, ,.g4oI, Ih, ini 1, i-r ll I ,:risdivtioll, il' soeera~lidi l Prom tlllrel cln 1l.1ll of Viol1 .lotions righ~~lt FI r fnIhd in II. by Ihr 1'on,'ilj iS. . II SIr..nruitIfe i ty rrhe ice I gi:hll i rinil 'tih anidaird tsf libert. itbs snounlhmin I hrp.-onsnr I i-htlr.. II tr ell t ll rI f.,,u,,ni i,,,i , fur f liilitf, .I. -'wlrnnvr :f(s.ign i , nsp iihiile ono diro.. n nrof ifol flown inr Iiaveis. i*F s+ lif on I h: it f .I. I Iftnil f sr If inea. .ithiitinrifui..ia~nn tinii-r irt ofthe lan.m fori~r pruene, will, e hope, li e nIigI l(· nnIIII1ZI 'I I11· it triumphl~l ovit ih ltof iii... tfidfittfin.M lthe pretisief andsiol, fin rr 1it tntill, lint ,df w ,il h e .:ti1 tl tr In claraItio .sinvi~ l Ilniuln !hr t pr~nrrl,.rr b th Ih, L'rrnlrrl ·, · I /.' I givenI. Letl it resullt tit, it not v, \(· ,,, I('Colvrd Iha, anll accnoni of )Iit stmtlie lI1ChvellP in everyI. Irani n hands~l~ inl Ile t I·I'Ition If, thelltrOrr, nllJ. oat o l'l'lr connl.o, lllllur ls shallI thtw u oos .tilec t, onta I, l,-v is free' iill.Ci in Ilia country mot Ilia11;1 it hInltld i lo, rcnprnllib ble n:.l,' to thie nit it I,,w" of ,Ile I.lod1." laving, of u lea opo n them it, the()·11II Itlili-h I(;0t ermnent,1 1 on tin' II' Ilrlnr.lplr tilitt mxmlot; endlll rellresbllolllioI trots, I crams l'F Hr luuteml th at tr iedtl is r,, Ilbhl· I. T· lrl`pl ,frIlr l ll t[,lllrr lll : ill he deeldcd slant,. I.()IIwhnso e. id' will frmrnilln hle foundsi The br Lth·,·rrr n/ the Preset -Itr is [h lcol~ltlirc. rright.t It is tio" prcln; mire, the duly ol? lf ti r,""t cn to r TT ; rltt every l. 1II1 Il li(·i l hl Ih 6.- . to 1l lid'll it, II1 till `'ar of I~r L llllln , the Con slll l tine: of all Ihr. LL·\ L_ nl r1-AF31 ARnRIDW·IS( THE LIBERETY OF nr},F~r H, Ill: ofl Y c honuonsll~l the tendency ofI D pitwer is so to, imotplleI Ibr common lawlr I~ its to mbridreZ thelIb ertyl of alpt·CcI nl of r, I rm~r? or thle t :set. nod1 to tllrulwu Ihrlmn~cr hs "l·ol the y I C,, ..I;,, ,1,,1io.. .. r·.li., . ..... rf JI··llcl that vi IIIIII· thle Ccurt room.n IT 511r. 11. litIlol ,Iut,"d that ill, pro-elnatiun eluted at Iles c Point.l - r"I lt Ihlr ..1,,,11111 ".Id \·(( 1/ Illr .II·e· III. Wet. JIII d. 11 IJII felt conlfdent that if allowed a fail .pportunity of, rilng- wr lug them Ibefor the court satd jury, that an aequital of nm thdefendatut ouhld br tie eresult. Ilr rrrted the de tot fence upn theII right of freely apealing and wririr on I every sllbjecl as gulranteed by our tsacreJ Constitution. er iThe dealcte further trusted its ablaity to prove TIlE ci '1.iU'I't of all tihat had been published. Intsuppoirtfol a. his right to addlce the truth in evidence aMr. 1'. road- tt extracts from the Uo.rsi'tutitn of Miosuuri, where it was a expressly declared as follows: " that in tilt proaecua pa lions fir libels the truth thereof mto be given in evideoncel aoul the jury tmay determiloe TrIE LAW aUld the ,facts." o lie also read frotm hlo Counstitulion of Ilissirsippi a preo- o viasion to athermeettc. liai then quoted tile article of c tihe Conslatitution of Louisi.iano, as follows : " Pritting la iresseashall be free tI every person who undertakes to I examine tie proceetdinlgs of the Legislalure, tor any I branch of the goverrment, and Ilo law o shll ever be b Inde to retruain the right thereof. The free aeomunni. cation Iofthought land opitnions is one of the ivuluable a rightlsof aain, and every ril;zer may freely speak, write d nI prit atil ally lulliect, beinll retponsible fir the abuose t of tht lbberty." Wai' i all hoabuse of tile librcty of the prtrs to speark the truth? Thie delb.rllewas preparer c i. . ohtw that D)r. Mlnckie had siedm id the Scotchi girl Iblat she was t virtuous young woman until site mat Ilckire. iShe toccupied tile ihunable sttaion of a chail- a brlllid aft on ul'lof e hotels, sie wsn. under the care f nll prota etion of her sister and Ihe-'.lel-i-'lwtrwho'i of Ia flher nlid mlothioer, now atllell or in tlh graver. l)r. l3acki tlook advantage otf Ithis girl, rumad iher,aotd re Imoved aiitr frnt tihe kindu enldearments f her relatives excitd her to iquantel with ithaen-her best and only SNot contentt with this, be coar nced llhis ipoor, nfortunate and deluded silmi to hiarm-s her friends wilt preters daed claims for e ages. During the penldo'ey oia suit tlr wagee aguin-t the keeper of the, the defendmnt 3Mr. Gibsoh was inftrmed of thie faret, mad sent a repor ter whotll roo dlown ia a ilt occuttred ill and about itle cowt'.ill riltion tao he matter. Arn accr'unta of tihr, in cidrets was publi-hed. In doing so, Gibson usedr lhe seacimed privilege I f ithe prse, which is t t publiih reports ofc ases occrrtiag he i edia i ltreint a urlts uofjticiaryt . It is rl.a duty ofthti c.uduta r ofrpblic pepes to give a- pie publicity to sucah ases as may tend tao enlighten tIIhe i )ublic, t itll lgar a ai tie . ch tru: lcrof itlsservae taL. Tihe objectaed reasco of this riaht and duty is evidet--it in to tear away tilt clolnk of vice-to enallble the public r voice to allminister ihat justice hiitch no law oi r colurt Y cau dispetse,--to bring down public indignation, fir in attanll, upon a IIlletilng physicia, who violaates thee - trust reposed in him, by d+cIroying the good fia e and charactr f you caructer or' g llfllitltg womalln. Our doours lle Ithrown wide open to the loedical Ill whaom we select to aenlll to our famllilies. cbhen taley abuse the anith reposed in Ih acia, when thley dirgrace a sister, wife or d.lghter-shall they escape signal pun i lllsh entt Yet withlo t lilt press to expo se, the caseI is r without all adel l remey-the law could inot realcll it. As to the farcts inll ih casn, the proof a ould be itmlh - plt and intlisputal.'i. 'Th, ruined girl Iad been piiced by iler sedulller ill II houie of a free w 'alu I'f color I where she 00s expected sihortrly to be confined. Letterr written by Dr. 3lamkie himself, would be produ:ced and ir would prove the main fhiet, seduction o the girl, beyoand a al doubt. On the subject iof prosecutions for lilbel, . P. gave a short histrv of tlhe Iyr annial and oppressiv laws Imade and eniorcld by the despotic p o+ernents of I aIt ronpe. Works, merely alluding to ;'gvelnentr, we'r. prlohibittd.u ndtheir aulthorspun _c id'cd by dUlgeons antd felters. Wourks t ritlltn tt advocatl hll Iause o human liberty, were bilind in tlhe public p laces by the ch1t o lni tangman.l CensorshPps were es tallished, and etser Ilmeans used to quench the light otf Ctrtl and reaonn. Nlltlillng could e. pr:ned unlessr previolusly sLblllmitted It celors, atld lppllrlved by them i and ill snOlllt instance ndividtils wtl punished i. traiitlrs for merely ub Iitting to the It ensrs writings :advocating liberal oin ions. Anlilg ltert instuirws, Mr. P. pIlticulnrly al- i luied to the old I',iglish Star tIanaumer, which was tt ieha Iluihtted source olf the i ~ld absurd d,,clrine that i civil & religioul s elrty atdv:ln d, theriigrs of tieo tlia geous principie was relaxed. A llo liberal set of prill ciples are now uphel, particularyiv in the United Sates, iunder our gloriouts lideral Contillllionl and our free institutions. Witnless the statuimts tnl C(slitu- tionsll ofu'the serlal Ctls il behtalfuf the liberty titho ire' '; ind inll it n Ameicnrl cuie canl be qloted ill which the cidelneC of uthm was refitsed, - except it bIe treeble to llhe idc'isiuns Io the odiousi Starll ('halr under the inlluenIce of p|owel tnd despltism- to Ithe Star Chadmber, it court where the trial by jury wi s Ino nllo\tted. Ililt thl n ol Ilre contrar thIe Imtijtril (f Antwril1 casene, andl the mlost reispetabhle of thilli,go i with the spirit of it age and oaflational liberty. Att Gen. tt hit do Ithe tcounsel for tie defendllnt propose to pranel ,lit'. Pryloe.1a u l pro'ote to proe Iby tl letteL fbai .f itr. i'" ai c ,l m tnt. . rl n l e orir,t tee delyl h 'ose and objetehd lo it cas relet n.i. 'T'hce tronleeotioh h:1 nothing to do itht 11 lehdlers of l ltakii '.. rT' o !it t 11 ' u tit r]t'rt, he lje el thal t the truth oulll l be ' era in,. Mr. rnole said t ilia tthe oijl,,,, of thlue evidjenlel oilired, w slnt meely to chow the tw rllh t of thl libel, utt to honw that ifI Dr. lackie hilt been injured, it wla by his own not, lind he ad hiniselll. nei ti Ilanl . lie 11u ius t irlint l l lli h i liii al fst' rli tle g alad senlll g ofI thIe let ier oilbre.'l. ]ie hIad been injured N himvellhnlt d i lie-i iy tiiiiiah ll it lit' I Iip tutimluuc ii not by liuheam MInr. lInll ill unt then elJ tered uteilntou.l Illlllt t Ith w thalt the evidltel t couthld not hise a ihin ld. M1r.('hent thenr addrel'ssd cte ( 'otrt in anl oble 4p erh oi'ltrli thal , t oi hoblos in length, p1 1 111i I a Iati 110 weat over the whihl subject lof Ithe law of hielnd showed conclusivr'ly ih t the provh" Mhnt nohHing is at IIW' t lalt llt ri.i on, ' appl ied ii hii s l untlllry l I -tII Iv'. le rg.. ta t he f'tiu ought to he i dmitite d iie rit umtt'li",u'i t 1 h t the' a-,,uteu ith thuath tha greeim r tih J i m, I w i. i oo it . . It lll' jeatm Il l' o j ilril. e ut lll nirPh of ' rIpII I:old . t to tIe flren 'it i.ns of' n Plola IleC.' NA~r 3h'.?,ban had crhoed, 3hr. 1'P, Itl gatve n short ti feeling umtine't itllle points' ih l intended t to m in-i htilhn I ti addr 'ss on i,'i eh , 11 ill ]Inro h tli "- i . ' l'h, duortri ne oft ' h' lo tl, l In , lli, Ill i s l t truath fro bein in ig re eit I in etidde, oligited under the iisi ,tic sai of the diiar i('hlam ier I . Previ .a s to t decisions ofhe Sar Chamber, the trlth w sll ri' eerr ,te i tiltl, a.l l :l. Tha al rpt.ed in 1792. underl eorge Il. w d., er I rIa i ' _ htl to j in e r t h lianti th lla lrs inl Il rotcntions cl ~ I hr cil h. 'The irtlL h Iaty I,"I trts.d tp o li i iI U h io , lic. was rIlteoded. . I'. 'T a.leiht w ui Ihr ti tn P uh tilhiet, Ai inll it 'fttu thel. lltrin, fihat ~ trutlh .h uld I, henrd hie the j l i :o I h iii i i th lfom the jluilitryii ,t thl c 1 yliu i ill rl qlit , t to niy verdiel of g iltl y or noti gI'ilty on cll II ane n us it Ie aofld e i.n (' 1t (enunu I. Dir. 3aTrk,. hat ving irst written ii ta dlun ich a let wlr.- l, tlh l +ltC tillh h i, p bllh- f Mbeli al I n t.uiose l lnu ly it w is n lot illegal nor ulpahl, to rep ullisit lll e ll. ",1- 'l),'siring ih d., insti,', I t all the attornies in the rIe.,w, shrill give. their spewsichesd Io full as failt as we Cllt in i p~ icr i lr )totero nhIt n of .otttitcl. tu l Tuesdahy dLi aJuuy 1t-39. The ounl maluet pursuant tondjoltrn met, ipre. sunt IlIn .Lshtttua ltldwitln, Prcsldeli, Alternitl I'anlwell, F trrtl, Glod Ihall, Locket, l 'ctcrs, Rl.ors. Hii n'i Whirhey, Yorke. The .lournalotii the pacenutling Ietdeliglg havng be. reatd aind Ipinovetd; '1'h. itio, oi1 message froln the Mayor was re Alayornlty of New Ulrleat.ia, Juno Ilth 1839. ! To the 'ret"hh' nt and Mlembners of tI .o ('uncld of thile aectonl 31tMltic i ty. I regrel, t at I at' con.ltraidied to.uend back to yv ulr h ilPter icnidl',atlio a| sries ol' reblduLtni a opted n II your s mttlingoI 't o u th of Jl e lahn t, il wi1ch yon h.tve dhelared, that 1 hive no rihbt to dlctte to yull the condltionlt upon whicll I will eoml ly lt61 Ihe laws, i id that yo't u will ilot . d tb. iil to m oum i dictation, tiltahttllldllg the gtreat Itt. jury which will hereby probably result to your 31uniclt hly, bucause you deem iit obversivo of tie authortIy of tih nuui nnll, and derogatory tou tha right of youtr consituat.tis &c.y The, rhtinst which actuate e In sto doing, arei Ssl btltf Ihal you hlave *lis(onsllrued or nI.suhdet,. st' l the act 'ol c ii su ;'.n d tu l that the r't si ltlutns Inpnar nl moe t, be adopted wilnhout that cni and Mircll fimspelt enselad a inn, which ought invthi Illy t: characters ,e publbc deliberations, and fin :,lly, be. _Llause you extpo., o ithout tll-l lecessity thie in. i . terestý o t t iho te, w ho m l it is yo u r f'irct a lrd p ara.-i I o u. t ,t d u l y t o p s .t e l . Youut n ll 'piro't ome to remark, that in the dis. 'tchtrg. of the duties of rmy office, I have invariably v bet,. ;;ualed by what I regard,.d as the true Inter o" ,.,; h co - tirna, and the oltlolates of the t 1.,w,ai l ta,.eIt! : .it i+ rrobhbi, +1h t I b1\.. not al waye succeeded in oscelrining the real interests ol ed o lty constituents, nor in arriving at a jllt interpre tation of the llaw, I can ololy assel, that It havec never relaxed any efforts to httain tlteso d.esirable ends, and 1 beg leaove to acsure you thlat if I hItve erredeither Iroot plrcai .tation in uirming toy con. elusions, or the want of corrolet illlorlllatLoll, it O0n would givu sillcelo tloslure to corrtect such error, I my aim is not to lulraiu moy ow' oplinions, but to t advanlce by alt thle mens, tlty abilities atfford the IplUble good. 1i I laI conltidonlt thlat yeo llcntertai similar princi I l'; tlatt you tare actunted by :a equal zteal wittl mnyself fir thIe adtlvaneulullt of tre prospo rity of ot our Iotatual cosllstiuents; andl I would give Just stati culse for sllspetcting the sincoritt of ily ownl dc. tlaratiot, if' 1 doultted tlir a neinoentl your willingnerso p to sacrilice at (tile lrine ot'f dutLy, ltor putty solflovn t tnt phti of constlist.llecy wolicoi nlighlt be gratified a by adhcrig to ou opinion alrea'ly tbrlted aod tx- ra pressed, i' satifithd ltat it osas errollseous. Itn lublic Co ifunctionaries, theo abnogattiot ll tIhe petty plasions t e of ordinary lift is a prin ry duly, sitoc their con- dlo lduet eftReets not olly thletlllottco, but llt. loappi* ress lof tlooua-tlnds. A1tetr these troliolninnry olltservatlios, which I ee considred otrcessotry in ordetr to etlablo you to forlt a correct ilel of the priloipi s upon whicha ret I act. you will Ierlllit mllle briefly t recelillltul ate Ihe "ll factis, whi lIC giivcen rise to tiiea ilarentt dtlltireneC tIt CI opiniou, whlllc exists illlOU is; thcy are us loar folcocas ; 1 Jy tol nlat of Itte Itt or otM roch hIst ytor ae tllwed to oxeage $5111 1(10 of the Ilottto oil the i luilictipclity agailot a like aolllCUt Iof the Blonds " of tlte State, upou tle lio xlnres condition that thllea io" Stalte bolnf t are loot tob . dlepasod of so as to ot ai less ot par Vclne in eatrrmt.t Uttotey ott tlc Uitoed States.. W hile the MuItlnicipal Iioiitis; tire ill iy ' plssesion ftr tihe lurl)IsC of being signld vii; on "'I Ilol4th of Jlitno olat, yool aloptt reachiatlona, by whliclh yotu iltpoinlt thIree dlltti'et t oilld distillnc it t.t.tils tir tie IlUrl~o e oat dioT ,ltiog of tlte S(tato ttoods, viz:--tllIh City Itllll, otwhiek is Ito , orwald. intLg gti; aIr. ie aootoloi J. P' ttt'ra, tto'ho is llthe o- w dorsilel agenlt; andI . SIoItol t J.audtolno, who is tllt a ol it o i g tlotr, arid w tio isi toIet Itdcr teoiotaoruCt. Lions ta youL r fitllelclle colll litetilt. n Althoiugh tlhis ii p ointlueit oif three agnt.ei with d tlstincl ipot.ers, alld ull eniiled to compelnsa, I Lieo , tlopptlo a tto iii Itollbe aitltotriva cE , whict I hasl co Iltte to ruecollllllo ld it, ,itl r ol the e s ore ott c nioo lily or of" exptditolnl. It \,ouhl ertainly have re bcell inlttits moree .implo to dimet our 'l'reasurr e toI lbr\ard tile ollods direct to Mrl. Jalodo wilth suitab o iotrllue iollS. Idid lat think it lly duty oU s that necolooout totoollpts t'he resollltltono. simp'oy, Io. cause I IelietOe thtat the l ('toutn d understood ttllts souhject, whtioh al'portaoiod to the dai'y routiton of 1tt cotnt tercial traeoouetiont , botter thttt toyselt ; otth,, I " prestuted that il rley had cloSIen Ia circuituous il- I steald of tlu direct ro:ld, to etctet tloe negoiatiollo ito was because tih fsorler a asts attoltindtd witll ad Vyitalges lot aobrvious tot!loe ooito'ot li 2l(. But behio called rpen to apprti o hthtse rtstotliu t tiollo, wliea etiired to er, tain insltrutiontl), whichtI" hlad not been thrnished lilt, alld not~ believung moy. soll+ authorized to approve ol'a millellauro, of w'II ch t1 , tIle f'ramlllershllet ne lU in guorarl e" t" till: n,+ets most 1* e ntlilll l to its correct uitt llleratlol dIag. I was sont Itllt 110 to alojoct to it, oitd Ut too eo ot op I ttle oc ta I00on to obleo tria e ttt t \loao hi:d imido it obligatory I oil tile ouaocill ttato ec, oll tle ood t I'tor lesa tohaou pur, The C;oullncil cither cotlviiiced of the snulld,. ioes otulny aoloectoios, or oatiioedt by their oot\'1t re'. d fltLllot ts, rt ilfluu nceld by tl.e rlollutlloiol of their en DUt, so marr, ~ot to cross tihe Atlantic, at Ilst Ibr thl Irectselllt, dil not petl t, but adoLoted oto tle I 11tI oftti.ti, hlost, othter resolutiotl s relativa t to the salt o tlthe o t tnds, ltth I o ed,wIc I ti o ' princlloally, blclca;u ti e, were accolll.eanld by instructions, d.l- i d reecting lr.Jauhiton odoot to soil lt d too od lider par., S()l agitlllilli ag oh se oItruoltio, lowev'.o:ra, I ito'- o Ii ved t lt fiatt a t ia pio)lly to Ihto resoluLiolls oo tI' 1ith1, whlieh I preulu0ed was .a utorto itldoter:Lt bI on the part ot'lh~o +'ounllll, who, I lhoughL had tor gotten tlo ilodldy tlhelm sot as 0o suit ottI " totIlo oe rso. lutio to, Iad t accordingly rf t tornd th mtto wctLt theto to reqact"a that noltw itoles mighlt loot framed as so. ito cotloveient, adaptled to thle leoolotiont whcllh 1 hadt already approtveld Upo the I lbrvardig this conitiiatiotlt o to the 0II Cotountotl, I c ltnoooerto d the t'ole noatter it reloton a Ito thotlln otcdscooludedt, 00iloe l had oapproved thelo resolutluuo n t p IpoI tiItlog l.11t. Jatdloiol cltoto t tor the puT- " post ot' endlaorcillg and aellllg thte ollol, alld | had tt lo otbjctIaons to thole instruetollts, excepaot tthat they did not apolytto the nteto o taloteo of t tacta, : I had arlsel Illadtt thI resolta olln tact e I lth ol Juilo , atll i oijelio, llo hie h tole not l iltll t' o lghit lavtl relolto, t d ct by' a Itlg lt l dilldlealL tiln--w hlcl had ollb'l li cllmlellc eissl r , y lther a.-sill liig duties to Air/ u . udol , wluctli he llld trucllltioo ·o llo k oloto s gito ei l to t Mr. lotters, My suicrse oo consequeoto ly great to tind, thot the C.ollelun l reospoondedl toOo t oFI t I. toLm icttoaltol, 1)y I1 ol.truc tineo lg tteir tolaitcasurer lto deland loto e toe. Lu icip.- l 0 pal bo nds, all d thLeor titrtetallo'ty to ilit otto ol o ml ott Ii Ihcy knew the intinctlitollS wvre ull];alldhaid totil y tse them for tC hepurte00 eott o atiofynLott g iii tht0 t o loty unotderstooat otlottatt,otoooccooetoo tooot tooilotnlooIio the ito rests ot t ell Ltl r ollto titotIlsot , a llotlr thioc o do claraliilln, tei y cionclulde by, sayvinl g that thieyv wd I II preparer iw inllt. 1)lt0lolnsm attlac SO U iVt lll l-llt [ lll' ha'to l irtoottlo too odtoliis gootl o ail ' t og parlttotly acqUoai'l. I S ted with lthe 000 llc l l rot s aneo d a 0r 100, 1, oldt I t 'rattvt aato , toemb es; buo o atc oat llced todc t ,ot wa b o i ab to fi nd a p reeoeoto t o t r yot t r i mt t o -o too too ed co l igr to vrt'ne oiooatttoeanaottooototfo 1000 odestoo o tdl o I tll l o t . tototai jiU tioei 000 i ll t o-,r., ltt It o It '- , pari alinatory. Tt ere0 is t ito er L'o o , wh i etielted ii1 .,tririse inl l ld ,I , h . .u ,,I' Iand ttio 0s th 'ii y ot to 00 0d it tovt oxl ied O tt it rleaIsons wh'ty tbo mletluctions. were se' t ilr, ti) mle, uunt , I t tl raturtled t roo atod stgo est00 to to you lot n odtit atioit s t to eh hao o tecoot Ieet', se t e, to o'o'oorleat otfour adoptioota oft00 '. r0c.0 I 0o' ld utrly too t 0resume, that .ou inteniel to t~ed c froli palli teatar tggeato, ato yotU i' ! e lae triat ..ich wais you.r iii rll,| <t . loiaev od than o|oltoo ted, b)e' tsot I chtttrt o tortet tvitt , that you had not property a ,pree..ted my m1o gt'' o o i ri Itis alcilarcici, that up tcc tU ari~d Utiche 18ilt [Il.l.ll e.( th4'· ,.llOlilio )ll thel ( lCIncll had leen ex cluilvely dircctcd tU rCll liegulte ihi ci mri n lhie , State 3Ialtics w rIc ti Ia c,: c Jecl in t rl., Eu d thIit miy uare haid bect Iii thlt siuch a ,l was imaide agreeably ti hlw. Hl iat had icr iI thu lInter\. al bt twit ite thc lth culd 18th of.f to cliaiige the discstilieu of timet o 1 urn not Il'ollll d; i iiitI it is UIc lvici Ihi it ia u cr gone a radicital chcg. lilce ie cI lnomeltt theyI hace, the H lcads whllin Iihi r llll eI 1 , y1)ii ly l Ii cig ian indi. ctlensabhle cthinag, c n their" a, uci ons thi y all ct o Iceci. (imti i cldi]icre t tcc the aI l c n p)li lhm enl t of tha i. ll .r · ,(itrch they wi er .rIv' I outliv , sieager, :nd iIt I alcy, on tI e 23tth fii .Inc , rl ,al il i resllution, auluthrizticg tL. of the SLate It cia I,. II is ratsy tcI ilni.ginoe I:it tlie prsena t t llloelicry criis, (I. lt y of" the ( hairhma or lhe !i" lanU tenlulilI . to superintIc.dI Iuer cIinaly tlhe t. Lc 1 Ithe Ibonllds in I:utlole; atnc t oilhr gi d aUI d .i liULCti rel`ds)lo n lI1tay have :Ilullh:Ce i 'l heC tO d,'li'r ·tlh ..ahe aml it is possblel that ulnch .r iex.iitmg I'lrs~ll sTanclsie is a prue,'lt 1, ,, l,,, ,f whih h bi',+lll? illll i t ylh bl hll; i ht I t'lllnld tIlt+:+l11ll i 'that tcccl'eci h l v i ii cLtItii>lli I I r ll, ll ] hc;lvccitillclll)' Il' tlll.cccttcc i cie It ' ·I Ilclc i chug t i i, e ciiit i h i t i:l" l Ill h ii 1n1 t iic nh.+ hi II c tr iir l c tldrtincvlh h x[i ll n t nuttl iiiir L~cd h b y il l +r, hae]I\ III!Ill'l'll thaLnk it+ thact o iteiricltI cc ilclhli llll t cll cIt llllclltitll 10 h-. ll tia. ,lclcci , whqllc it i vtJltthat this l.+ a prl'ts nfH '~ll~' ( la Incy) lied Ictc ti lli ct, lacl i I itll iicith i p ctc tl ni I nt c itirlyc II ii tcicrcc heit when yitlc had rccii lv,,ec d to ,eell , h ' O lllli It' the .'qtatc, I was in. tl us thl t tl e nll t, lllI l nlus of' thelilt+ Lorl sllatureF Cho -llldb ll ietstafcty tdhcred, ll, a lld "hii t Ic c cll ii aIi IClcv r W II, cLII I ls t Ily i ct hi'hlll t uld Vrillitc cti lh il)'cIioi My I iiT'i. ticll aie lii ai. acic.n Iab. to aiy th of ic.I CIcct' il iiellg Iicctice c ltl cii c lii lce 1d by tlithe oit powxerful ca41r uni~lll tt '11\ .Id.( Id rlohe.,; chit I ca cicic, ihecfore a rnc i t cil i ttr dou t that thiyP , Iltlct \wilil i oce r ciiI n riiC ilclllctiL llcc lll lll l o, n UIIII T Ia l I shel s l yotl \I sh ll d t1· bodl, to behakt lt : ranlltly to) \ L t\\, ~le ia d cc . 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XllcUiii : l(ci I.ll ta dtillc th c ictce eciiceie in' , co i t r c i . i tit jctI o l r jcclcieltideb eciiirtit Iaiic at ccc ci cciiiccectcue cIil i shoult IvII cte i cIi c o cci' e i it ccciii t y c c cir attditc aiy c is ht h ic c ii', iii)' 1,c ii 1 # IcIiIiicc cc ' icci- yiiellol lct. c lu' e,1d ilc l ici, th,"ly IIa l d d hh l al, tlI ~l| .IO " <,h ' te o 'h-tialll n o[ , re cc1 na lclciicicccc iis c glai clceg ti c ct iith u Iccicited illr e l~t11 l/. i, \+,'ht ~II I)CItIt L 'JI, I/,c il IJIUt+d, OlJt th courll TreasI Urer, ciTll I l Ih(h hav cc l, l li Ii.h: , his furnch l c thl uiitl r t, , i I cc iii cc lic leo chti l i,( t, , of c l n cccii b) cic tha+t p~oltion of thi11 \vhltch < rde, s th(e welk alrlie~ d)' done to be lpaid Ifor It+ (.it-h; hnt 1 object ho y,,ur utlhorlsiln.+ yourTl ea urrf.ltfi- It nolltehs ill Air. ci t'c l lr r, ' iealc c ac' c , ci I 'uoh aIl 'e ,c lJc aware, I e lc litly ptrul ae' h tic atlthe i i111cc d ll' .ualhu l ley t ll . hlgalllol oli the part o| tle l, rm a|ll(i+x 1%,l t sg.. 1. cld by the .clicyor, is contt r -y c i law, c ti d therehire cccll an oid. I regret Ihc t tht s edit.sti i has ct .yct ricilivced a ,ihccil dccccsii, as it lccght easily ha,,, da)!t, had yout pouunttted II, ilu the case of Il c ccli rn Iie l. avt cic aici r(cc cVii' that it (,rcciaI iier uecppicte', to tacciceelaccarel wicc tilt pcrca) a cilit dia+rli. 1 i c icceic ig aU cihii tit arre you al'ilt to lIr c ihtto illc l. |Buh t l ii i s ch a I amll ,+ etrUsted,"Jin the |languhlge of| Ill ise Su rlelme Ciolitl in IheJ lseo o thie .'Ldt'or v,,. I1. LoJcke+tt ad otheric, " car itL ciric) it hcue, cdll te cci taratore , th owir i o si c lh . hl, - atfuicly I xeutec,." c 'ou will di cnc h, j ibg;Ce : tt h e , y pcrctccct it- lij liar l~~lilt l ucie Ih lcieu . tn titlctlt3ie ,tertit +ii IcuitV tahut ci c icec' tie h, l ac ,,l~ (tll. edon Ine by law, ofoppor inlg your resolutoins. I rcrn in very recrpertiully, Geitl-rmcn, Your me)sl Obicl't Sirv'L L('. GCENOIS Meyor UIion Lthe cfirt part of tlie mtiseLge ofllc Mayor, on motiowe, it wccic Ics lcviid, That I hi. Ci ccc il Ici iv sist, ntic ithvi. Stnelicg ticI Uijeetionv of lhe Mcvir, in their surie, of reneiltll llullc adoletidccon thle L' tf JcilcI't. , ie re. hctic to the Blolnds of this Municipalcty. Ut'n ti Lhe ccolnd part oft t!he lltcsselgi If tice Milyor, e !ctlioll it cwa.r Riestlvecd, Th''t thii Cicunil do iecrsist, notwilth staclclinig ihe cilrjcclioncs ofi Lice MNi yor cI its rUeolu Lions of Lthe 25ti Juno ilsitanit ccepticlcg the pro pocil ofoicn callci, foe Lioc icolisnlltlioll of certclii wiarvw+. Acnoticer mioesnpog Ironl tihe Mlayor, wu received transliliittilg cierl;ili reslllltiinlls e.sedl by lthlis Coeciuincilof Lite ijci Mccicicility iii rtic liction to vhe celebrationi o' tllo 4ih Jlly. Mr. Cidlwell iniriu dllccd tin followinllg rerolltion, Wellrenas, nirrlllgecitlclcn ha IcernI llc cde Ilndier thes illcl.ices l'tlie lxIcucl iv ci of II! Silitac tLile ci-lrlbrctiol oe illc cnivclllcrilrv of t eil dccelartLiolic ocl Intepei)nldanlcel--.ub).eqiulnt tol Ille aliholtio~n of tiih reisclutioi i f thic Cicriiceci of tlle Lv hiulicii)ilc litiy ii lilii Lic idit i or no tion ofLlle (lll:i co c illlc tihe Cccuncil cc" the 31 NiMoicipality in mcakicicg viiec arrfi.,imI t~llll, lin it tiiere oe nIsolvri, Tha' L triangetgicen beilln. ;llr.ccl y inllcc it is tollllec.;iry ftr tllii (iov cil ie Idoit anv cloilcIc IIro il rclc inl to ii d ciii lo birattion---iiid liiat tiic L;incil will wi th leasure Jci Lic peroe'cessio coniciccrmaclci with arrcancccgcccotn t agreal upon,11 'I I' ec'r:rtl ilovcd so to nelclldc as to appoitc a Cnllllllltitce whllich llotioln was I, st. lir Freret call. e cd ill :lyce 'llc IaVca, wlichi rcc llccidc ill c esisri Chldwell,Frelrct, ILerrs, &Ycrk i oile c in Illthe t filncitiv o Mlxsre (tlocc, Iall, Loclhcit, L', alil I WLhilnery l the llwlalive. lt c motliol' Iclr tIie icclic ti Lic i r y'-I alllll IIcLys cccrii gicn ccliid fhic, Nle.yrs Ccahicell, (cnyd, I Ill, Lt ccitt, Petere, ltoger i, iciticey, ci Ycrlt voted in llio tlirlnmltiv. lln Icc i 'rcrlet ill tlre negativc. cc llllccuiicy c uetiol waln rcl:ivc d c lnolll tile lctor.c detr infrming that he. hid I.ra tea free ma of colhur,aitlthough he had no)t lithe amlroLIt diut, by h "ltor his, kee illn., I n conil qu litlil t , oi f scrv c(e i e'ciedill by' him--n otion thwaict of thie Rcort der, won ai00 rvucd of ] h Te ifciloeing ccc kly ltteelltlcllc of tho 'rea. Itsuror wais submitted : S SEC(iN) MUNICIIAItAL ITY. i "I\oEE aI:T PH.O.r U" ITmmo.vPUIan:I. I y Ilalllllce Il t a eil olrl , .1411 co ' 1 ii ti-cn ct c-i ici c. .ii , ,, 1i Ii S outllll alll lilc c ilts0 * it o To ail~ll llll i ltld t ll J+ .+ tI1II k, litStill ;17 yI Dedu nt amountil' rll us ,)t" l+,hPm tl on'+iill I it llltll~lt hlll lll'tl (l ill (ll1· I lV a:li I;,'+ld l :1·11 (1 I " l rllllll t r1 ller orl i c c ic I ccc-l l ci1 ic AcCcciccccc cc atccicccecicrici tc AciicctSuveo - LI c reiuclcll c i ic Ict CcrIcII o reIicicI t ci -111 l " m.'(IIII1 T~I~ell,,i,, VII.· t+'+vlioi flipIt' y i Aiectclcn tlllclllclc cir W lg oct0 a TOIT.b II.OlJr ., n T a he . Or l+nte , to< ,Ithln H>l. T atr h ri g r A L coocnllhaeticlc trOlll ite Asresinallt icITr wI e ts roicu-I clto ihetc (cc)ccIIctc. (c cit ctrcni cllt Iillt r. . {'l~lllllllllllt'lllt OI1 fr(l)lll I!lt+ \llnlli[Irtl,~l+ wht'flI Oll I~lltllllrI, 'It ; I ~itVl ! llllll( l ~rO1? 11)11 Ilu gilh d IIll ).l.)lilI It. IhIlIIr. \\ll:(li~irl'li!.. ,.i t~evl Llrl+'l,,, I,'-g,, ..+lilt ul 11l. raslCl.l~l~lttlll) WhIChI ,. wals ill:CIl'llt(ll , :1ind it \t':t. agrl~ tl~ i Io g, llts-; ill tle:Il. SI t~ill II) Sll)l)ly· I!)() *+';l(il~l:IIY ai tillr nt'xL .(bSltlll,· A c'ttor cfnOc t 11f Turner, t ws reitf''rI to thei Ai ticc vIcii tti i r i.r n ii . Il. iIlCIirs, aII , (cllLir. lih i io Lith m~oriit.te.. of1 Arratngemen~iL. t , Gr the Scelclhratlt ol ' thlo Ith iO st., was c C'' :ll'dii .n +% I))ttbl frtoml W mil. Is. |lodgt, iPruohhnt of1 r. I lro 'c . t i . I 1, was ruleicry d Ltii cir)Fr 'olilil 'd to(,. Stie rroll .I. . t iaclli ci, t v e tl i o Plcl;ce. ()i' Oi roml.|)l John R ' O il41 o i rmN NiChccl c, ellcc frlolm .|Jilimtes1 IR.<'ld, iilid millllil & rl\I ei'Iit.l tl lilnc ci C ciinitciio oic Stre t ci ii.d IlIndlli t . 11r, Ir e ttri, i s, t mull ,l an o"i. the c i loiI t' l np trodcicll f tchic t li-e ltlowic. r'eccohotions. hen]lce o ithit, cvii tieci.ciry cc ll,...llw'(I. '!'lllt tx',l I lltl·Lt llfr I'll')' It11:l)l~l Itild h). L i mc 'i'llc ll It th cilc1 , ticrim lit c1r . (·1v. Jid tll t I;tcccc cr04 t it ri tlc, i i'- ,i !. cciiti tiv-cc Nl'l Ninlic ic 0cm( !. " b 'i I h' the fir+.tof 11alll li n ; ail ,li 0 1 1 wI:,t.'. toi b,' ccccidR .nkoochltcc niccxc', ic hcac i Ih-p iliit,,l v.dl iccc ilc l IItiic ice -cli ,) i , h I~cc (Ic l c llc ici phted to thet] ')rr tit Ipayin,.l. oi ih,. Tlr,., ury'. ti - - c-cll c c l , i cci ,I tc Il ccci icc cl t ll 1' rhllclclccic c\ ctl' iIt - 'I , atnk onit I'c 11(Ith mi ieant, tot ,ilu lieunl r'd tIh,,ol+.aIu lt c ccllici, hi, ricicicci M tcc iic ,, cl cc-icn1 ic1 i c' i-cbl - o i i t ci cl 't oi ala i,i ry t nun c irc t i"c 1c ucich - icc tcxi c.i Io tlIlL' .tIIL, l. II L,' 'I 'I: ''Ii IrLi I' I.]m : [ l' t 01 i , . 11 i 'r'h liai', ,t, 1 , , . .I h dolla.,s, he andi :hey are }herebyV sp'.tdy pl';Vdt LLthe II.II ,,il'.'L t Iil the, nC I, te 1L5 ,u ,, .e tiI L hI , i, ] ?,lay1 , l . b1.. isli d tI I the (' LI .ht a :lid l tI ngl (` '"lt , '1 'llll i, " il, l l' l lll. |xI- leI anllld g I ig, li Il III Id l.LlU. leIulv;'ed, That thIl LTreal uIler pay to Ni. thllal , Il ll .l ilL tihele waIrrt'lllti II e, ,III ,Iilr, h llll fi ,lELe itLr'IIIed anI d · L LL doIl lar ll and L it'iLY C tLLt fir IIy ll ginlwll, tL h h illteil rs(e, I on s Ut (' l, I. 3 ,11)', Iucult l nd \lll,,hL .trets ;lllh .r'' t i'llllll·I, igrc'ab v t ' 5r.o. ]( llu of tLI I L ~Ml,' ldBe. ]{esollved, 'TlhaLt Ih,, [.ltll u f" twl' hiIlmlru d illlr l - Lhl'II-IrLI ,lill.Irs I, pL ul to JslL ph II . LL l !L ,I t ll o aIrranlt oll lul Mll r, f..r hiL L ti Il Lf NL ulal l aI ]Resolv, 0, '1 hat the star of' forty d<.Vars b,. p d to John EI'hs, on; the \.,lrrantll ofl the. .M\<y.'r, I1r s'tainpllo. uhle Ihiilslll of the MaeL easure ol'.tk ll" {)1 .;, al;}lol) thu StaLte J}Jind , t~o hb' iJsLLue t LII LL Oh i IILll iI L ly. L Ir. IIaldweIIla,tLL a olilll'. L 'LIL Li f L he L' )llllll . +·' O1L Strv(.t. a lind o I, u gs,+l reported tlhu hih.wzlng 1'+. 1 (11111111 whil:h1 \\'{LS i ad,.llPt,.: \\h II.r ILILI L , " ' l w , ll llll Idrv llllL.']Li] l ) io hIlvL L'L1. ILhlII L tLLL L I II)Ll i llll L { hIlllll lF,' L I. lllllI thir.d stre t, lto the .New IL.,,, a ser d,~rv duiriln Iitn diL ill Frlclll h l ll d LL :n' lisL h, I tl T tlU' :AneriCI, , Ld iLLLL h ,l tmIII '1 pal*r>,lL i LLIL I'trllllt)' with I wz, alld \Vrlllnl'ltf IbIj,:(ctihll Ilil bt~·1· iI1atde lto thu ol)ellillg d conItl inuml g o)!" imaid II LLLLLLLL , ILLI I: LLLIL I 11, it i ith r fir! Resolved, Tll h t I i . tIreet plwd a I. ci £11lle'd frl'mn :Iir.d st,'Iel ,. , N ,"w li ,,aI I llin l 'r I I' . ril'l I LI'LL L.' d , LLillli'l'l lL.I I IIILL r- L' +LLUt il' ' Alht .i/, +l l II, Ii lu Lllth (ItLy lindL IIILLh LL LL'w i ,,h .j11·, l , L.'LLLLL. i u ( bLIL riLmL I I Ifj n iL tLLL h Pi.L I bLLI lllllg , L I l.' , l~llllhr ll), I, : {Le h hd "A l A ' , e l fa,:+ll~ t 11 1 pt'~llll~ln ,I Is I'.lrlllcr · nl~ l il In l lrt llc ' £li I~ll" 111'111I)O," l Iii . . Ipprvd ¢ll 1:lrTli t|... •11; I II Ih. |..l CI:l 1 . i ( i~lCl~llli I le l.l l,'u( ',lTIIii ! •) 1 lee,, intUrd c eIt d thu flo~l,;ow ing, wihteh, illn IltllI IwIL iiiIIlLLL'L: hlll( l ILLIti LtL'h I Ieal h, lllI whILLn wasl rol' r . m th I tl llt 'th ', ll rL L erIL aLLILd hILth'LLLL I tLL t sI I 1 . iLi5L'Lydr Ls Lrlk t, I Re ort :Li hoxL I u Io lo, nLIII 1 gr1 It;LII LIpnL ILh l t i lls I L t11 ke lLn d deIILImeItI to thI occupa tul I,, e lh l, ('L iLilL, hL' 'llLIII OIH L ,I (l IV l l'Lr LI' llllLl , ' IiLLLd ti LLe . rI llll rII l, dlllllld d ,Lk I III, IIIL,,'iIlII I'ul ld thL:LaII -e u3ilr to Il l'lowIng I III L U lu 11 1LII)AViI l)l l I N i l , ILL hL lI llILLlr L ILL III,'I LILi· LLbjILIL'LIL 1,1111 IIIILL'LIIIiI 11111 II''L'd·I II. IC 'l E'llTT. I sollv'ed i, 'lhltl rIo LL I a iid frer Irho iasl ge tf tiLL O db , it 11 11 sIhll n t lwhl ihr 11l v1 i . r I" tl lenl 'lt· Ies, kle,. l{I I L'EI' ll' t I [.V l r Ioe, ilolL Sc lllitll l ot' llllilta d a lI' il,(: r aL |)telnally of(IU el I S(bu !:,lrs f,,i tL, l flial elr i tuly+.~l Ir~~],II~ov lil·· t't~ 1 ;:lint boL xes:l Isll7 lelLal-lsl bm ; ,Llint tlh,.t the, ( ., LInlhlsI l, adit Alaiilket is lil'ichy orde'.cd to h,.ve, the !pi'.tii iLuI·.i el IIII:UIII~)· illgll ~ UI(1tii 1III I IL' n LI ,' l'i' ot day. f out tte p,.a,+.r + ILL I Rl lll 'll, 1 ' Till: IAY I l:~lILL'1 11 L~IIIIIIVIIL 'I.IL~ILULI LIII 1:fLII LLII~ll '' L11 III, 1 IIIU VIIV I~IolielIL IiL l ecltu h T h, ] ,h 1i;,,n< l ,l I r tI llllj l t o 11, .w I t. ll II I L'" l l LiILILIII ILL'I Ii) Ill~ Il k N LL'I III IL · I SIl, e ILL," 'tI ILL I, I, b'Liir n ord rZ, w r (aIen .\ 'heL i ' I- : iry IlLL il, lILvI ti',l itLnLed thiL '11111, 11 i e lll l Iithlll th Lt ih L paL) i ,if the i I L i i r.i l thii h i e l ltr. i doli.ti, l p. ,itr iathe, hv s aid ,ro >,,ty oftltl, ('u .n ..lthl )!,r sl,)i. .et ttrilth Iy ,aid peltii nlers II'u It.II I I ~i'Id' Ilbh t ihLL rL ,er ui " their L tli . Ii10.h~ td t u .t,, le ,rallted: II, JL t JL'rdalL ILLI, ThLII iVtL al d i lteI I he L raday tI'JL inuily ill .I, 1' LLL II sLLll noL be lawI ' ul t'uI ILIyL clL--LLL L iI, LtLIL, IL L LIril a'L "L l V ,ial Ltr , oii anyj p),ti ol Triton T+\allk or Italolnio ,.treei, P+ ',l h IoLVI ILL-t o L, i, unIlLr the ILLoiLtL y LII hillntred ,dol~ar Ifor e+.lchi c.olntr-i.,venttio iol thi< iOc. tdlnaillet; halt fhe h, be recolverab~le Witt'lure aih (o3tlll of .)11ilhnii julerditioun ,J. f Lh(15 buo eth ofI this 3\Iurecap,, ly. Oni ilal h +I of .11t, ],,okett, the R.esohntion ll t |fired ty 3,+1.. C;,ldwell, in rla'Ltioli io thie celhbral S Ied. \r L LreriL LvL d F o LL , atmlII ILL' t L apponL L I ("tILLl t' l te ma)i. ti.L, Ike t'LLLLI teL s oftllhe otlher CoulLnclsl biut dhurlrg thet dimellsioln, onl oi~otn, (he, Conunued adjount-ied to, Tlues<dy next, LhL 'L h hly., i.,Llt L, at 5i L 'L lck, P. IL JIXllN IIIIsON, N1 o l nrk, uuy ....... ... 110 On.... ,.. . , 312.....1·5 111 .....Y11 1'12h131e1!rl,.u .Iona.... .....GI I (:11(·1 1113'. 312 ...... .... !_l 5.,3121120, .!u.... .. .. ...···L 19 i ,.,.'.pool 3 122 . ........ I0 Ilu2.tul1 ('12x2.1 .... .... I.1 1'2r 1 . 1· y.. . 1 71· · ·· I S~lllllilll· II1I.11 .... ...I . I·I 1124....... . , . · ··· a 131 1.,.I' 12 . ... ,.. .. l'"I hMu ..;...... ..... 17 V -1,01-IT IIF' NE4 11 ··.···· ··· . CLIEAR(ANCES.J slllp cVlifljo.,ý, 1~I. ~ *,~~,, l . If 6.1, Illulll"" Iluiullltl· I: 11,2,12...x' 3'1' .111urn..2 Shipl ('ulu2,IIIII.I. I1IIrkl'rl I~II.III 3 A 1 23'3'21, 53'03' 1'urr Illlrlurea. New V., k, Mullrln SSllrd l liilH, 3luurl·, 01314)2231, It (;tuning h 6 cu 1101952.22ll, sllcl, 111.12 21902, 11 tlil ln cl0r 1·ll2ltpll31, 11.2...2, 1Iu11 e, 1..133 Joly 2~, 1639 Slsultn:"r Fl.. 31u, 11313'3, N.I,.lliturllus July 3(, 1039 5 tcnIII·( "1 I11 nuell n,,(,,2, 5t. w 'rolll I.;lli llrhh I'IlllAI 1L.I1I I I.1. ',"r b icHrcn ..('n.L... 52 031 3,33,.222 12-' 0111. 1111 l . 1_'33 pi,,1 1 3'.,I1. :lid hll111 1 k . 1591 0213'. 03.211., "; I.I., -p.,rF~ 13231 ids 3,Y n 12tu1. ,I 11 01 1l1.1 ":-1'1: 1 -1h . llpljlllcl. Cure l. !. w - .oll 111:('1:11"·ll'S Ill' PRODUCEl). i)11.1·111111 a~li~tl Illl iI) iilf llllu..l', ,,l ·IIu·. I. 5 l tu22..I'2 ·11 I3 d 1 113,1, III\ I II , thrU nti h..l3'", du .0 Htar11,I"llllllrl 7 113. ('...11111.. A 113114 A I:!Illr .. ,1 31, , ,1 . Irr h 131~1 1v 1;, 21, 121) "."III II I: .1 1 it u1 culll n 213, "*(114 312 5 1;211. 1 1..1. A 1·11111 J 1'), 0112 l . I I s Ju 11'l l~,.1. ..I"2·s r .54 d,,Il n , I'' I, A ''II o... ..0110.· I Iý . Ls Ilullu ll 17 I' ý hales 3,2,31.· I lr ll·), 1': 1 111 A I 111':11.., " A r, 3 11 1,1+ C(1 14".,1_,",1 I.Imr , (1)11"W: N. U. T7 iyp raphictl A' ',ati n, I.I.y 4lth, 1839. [Il.. 'I m'll m bnr hrrsr of this AsI ,cia:i, , i ll ewi etl. at th+' ]'lanter'a 1. l', tr his morntl ing Lat 7 o'c!.:k, i pt cltt a y, ptri laralry to joinjing our 'itllhiv c(i zI~ , iltli' ii roh r 1r.ii l i I' t I I'.rmidi it ll IItIayIi ! Square, to rt'.rlrat the O , ixt_-third untliv ra ry ..I o i o.ll ti ali in i Xi nll l nci . i A:ll ' l rintl r il ii, city, fhonoralh c ri ,, r -pcllully irevite Iol u iL witlih us on Il i. 1ii i, . ly ,rd,,r of ('ollnllilteln of Arrlng. trelelt· . . 't)\I1) t1uNItIll\ I' l." N, )rl'. A s, July I. 1`39, Notice is heIrlc y .iv'+',n I all oful' lh!h.arl I, s to I t( thU c r u I le Li lcencos at t1,r 1ll.: l's Ol|iin, LIchliLn ten days rm lllllate, ' g'reel11it l to an ( r)Y tllna po t he( neral ('Ulht,'I' I appro( ed 27,, May, 1839. S. II. 'I'I,'IRN Ii , ,C'(Ih tor.l o ll l' l-'----1t arl " ) ,,,I'l ý 1" Ih", , t'nr, nl- . rlt 71, + ,4 or, ll,. o t' tx h .h ,'>o 1-t lIl-I, 111." tII1os;II: t.ub,." ..s ,. r .,I. ,h te ll 11 +., ., t t.,. 1 .1 ('.lln . l ll I., ar rI. Il l 1,, rI, . I Ih , 1 1 11, II I l 1 . \," t1 I . ( 'T "l'l ' ,-- '1'h .71 `.',,,,,, .. .. , II,' .\ ,.1,," .\ ,,,,,l ' .. \ " ,11 .,h H. .. . I .I . , I P lhe 111, l, I i 1.+I tlh,'lll.l. I . Il. .,lf lIo li 1i. the I1 , .-i .o, t. v cl. ulah iI i li \ ,X. I \ I>I I 1 \ ,1 ,ll3 , :iel. It ., ri le .. .11 l lh ,1 +.+. (' l l + 1 l , jI i , II~,' . l , I ,. ' I'll Il )l .I " : .! Cllll l l¢ I'- I .i ..- t l'l.h ,'II . .i t 'I t . .lll .', - l .'-,,lll+' 1to III n l l. I,. . oll.. I ' I 1111 ) ··I;I II ' l I iI.· \ lr-. I . rl i ll..i ,. +++ , ,,l l .b lo ,, I ol,- I,. .l1l "I 1 l 1 . .{, , .e. +.,. 1 ,, ,l . ,,, . .I I" ..Id .. I>.' . 1, ll, I 'l l '1 ". I l .+ I -X l..lll I ... I-l .l' I 1..'\I.1 ; 1 .I - i .Itp:e.l :- .. \ r= l, l ,+ 11. L'.', X, 311.. 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II um l, \11 · imur it4 - 4414444 l 44, di-o t I I (r l .4, 4 ; ,. 4a1f, 4 I ,u II r II 1; --..., '. , - ., "I iudi, 'I 1 _m u .... . .... .. . . 4"0 . 1 , I .; u ..f t,. :il :1ly1 l o" lu111 ./ il' I"'," , \I,· I I \ ... 1 \ :'~Ii:" . ... I I:. "care11 ,, lllo 1, It, h. ( 11 0T!1 ., 11 111 11, q : . vsI. 'I' I. ,., ~ r ) i ~I -... -I .I,, " . ii I. '' I i ' O w \Ptn n,,,l oII .,I ,I, , n., ., I I '" 1 41; 1'1 .I II. 11\ 1; I'1. 1?, ,I '.In l u l 'l'I) ;: t'-' ) 'I: :I ', \(' T.(1 ' ,. SPLENODICD D : i7'ET A T'' E'!' OF TYPE Pamcphlets lan ,hecks Catalogues B ills o Lading Labels, Dr y, R ceipts, Legal Notices Auction Bills, Bill Forms, ns Show Mills Steam Boat Bill' C ircularn Andl . ,-l) sih II - t a..|ikl i lir I'll thalt / , . hji: 1,;, 1 ! ,,, . . . . .. . \ 1·~, I I . 1 I \. I rv 1 ' '1, . .I I' II . l I\ I . 1 \ , 1, 11 • a .... lls -" ... )II I'I N, IIciit. .c - ' ' I' Ice , \\ 1. 11' 11;-1. 1 , I c , . Ie , , n S \. I I i .I \ , :11 , 1 1' 1 11' NI l. 1 ,2. 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