Newspaper of True American, July 4, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated July 4, 1839 Page 4
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_timore Packets j } hIANBANDNA :1'1Sr 1.E LIE U r lcJJSthJh'N NO I*,\ I. 1 irihi~: IAN~ I5 dl ; 7'MA.p o a Will Ciist i thei following vr arrla , Ii »-*lbo bieen biid1ior p l.;ias d cX1.'rrt.3 lot I.W~~rs lis , -utnat·imn C'upt ~iner, YýrS Maryt Niukerrco ,, i@IoFrr,,n I ivcs, Brig Arohtwvett Imie vesseuj are of thlro irt &ie.s, tour I. and. aa p Nytishnd i colltllrul: lol" , anld arc· of it light I Aftel watebir, se isto udinlitlottcir receivindg an P0eltx7ij thir cargoes in h lsii ori, at CIle city. $hlltht MIT be taken for portsa to tlll· (lllraaprcnke M Sunsr River, and bilte' nod hby toIo ogeto, Mesera. CLARK'E . i& 1Lt.LiiGi, at Baltimiore: 4*e44ea on goods shiippnil l tIll b iva TThe trice, of pa iige is tined at gliUt l atems of the hI oh quaityhill ho lie idtti a p ad dlown atsu Mitoimsipji will ii Li tabIo iii NI osaiiodnc. l eof eigbt or joeamgi, a~ppy IhI wL0 Ii ti)FLRf sopS? ti2 ttiiii'melo FOR NEW Yoi:. [Louiiana and New York Line, of Paekrts i 'rllI&1 ships cnmposing this line will erl tran dlew Orleani and New Yorkl o, every lther ion, tft..elmmrenoing on the Citli Novemlb,,rand toi iu-trb e pnctualitly in lh ime rili t is will hereaflter consist oflive Ships, v kipY anz. .Ucaptain Trunk, to leOve on the 20th ip lAlourville, Canpain Pa'mer, to leave on the S4th Dceolitnr. Slrp Iluntaville, Captain Eldridge, to leave onl the 18th December. hlhp'rLiektsburg Captain Woodhouse, to lave on thei fat Jeauary. hlp Mieiippi, Captain Davie, to leave on the llth ef Jaouary. STh above aren all new, of the first class, copper .a clad eolper fbtenead, aind ui.wards of t 5!90 te.e ettbIae, are of light drought oni trer, being built it New'Yok eixpressly fir the tradel. Tier price of paucye is fixed at 1011 dollars tirir eabie arc fIted up in the mosnt lproved andl cnlvenie.nt plea, cad finished in a tnet arind eldeant elvie - tiaple tore of thie first tq;ilily will tIo pinii.ithd, a-led.ery regd paid t thle iicforit ad entliire satifiation of tIasfeingerv, wt.i will pIleanI take no. tieethat no lerthi cnii hae ,rcured iIl paIid for ilat thoofFceof thie eo;signees. Thes nreeol eare comrnandedi by captains well *epeirejned "in th ttrade, whr will give Overy at tei..a- and :xert tthemtlelves to ac,)iiiiitdatte. ilyrc willat all tiles be towed tilp atlI dr iwe the Misis -el w by etanibttir, eild Lite triteit punctuahlity e.oeeed in thie time of cailing. The owners of theore lshi will nnt be reornsi. _lifer ay oletter, paret.l or lehkage. rent ICy or ptbI On hoard of themn, itlesi reitilar bill rr' lading be silgtnd tlnrelor, Ct Ireo croinitilir liottu of l"h eget or ownlearr. 'or ilirthIer plrticulari aripply toI J D DEIN & A COIlEN, eloi*7 90 Common st AMW ORlEAN & .iA IltES'ION &1AC /iKThl This lirne consello o iorl r vececl all ,ii h t he for tr e la '., e v zperrd : l dl ur liC r f st, I e.r o r run il .il ii 0 tonilt s rthe , ewit m handstie teorll rnldri:ns f,.r eIaerleller. Three v, salr ter: commandlilet byll " cy re)lillna wel ataplrlen lmrd i1u tile iird, who wail piie errry e t elien , nd xer ni at acltree.r m,da,. the rhipper. T lhev a wt l ht . toired ip andL dJl\v in ie Alivsis.r.hi., and hrv,. N.ew Orleans nn or -I. ie're :Irh IMllh stll 15'ht ,f everv Ulntiho ''thie iflluwin.p vessl i ii tI r de lit, v Lz : lriu ArabiAli,Cieharlir. . ri4n, d ooteer. Illi C lapnirai. . B. Tlioinlhan, inietr. lrig .Aliina, J. D,,Rnei, Brerr. lire: Riger Willitirte, J. Allierta -npr aet fright tinr asatne, niply ti J. HA. BARILLI &Coa,61 Cmllon r . Nei 0 eOtle I, ret1. C 'r.lMFterI. ChIel h,n. tnt ,i .Eu Li ea of Packetl Stipa.--Tl'I new line of ships has been expressly built to run btlwtiCI the aiibove peart, and will be found of suitablo dirat of water: acommnodations for peaeangers, and every effort will be raetle to give generel satietionei t he li -e is composed ofthe fo lowing slhips: Cherokee, 415.Ltnae UCapt. J Harding, Carolina, 4011 de S Lomict, Charleston, 374 do D Eldridge, Columblana, 625 do G Brrker, leatenn, 240 do J iluwres, eornlbay, 625 do D Huniplirny. The shave cstilj are all now, of thie first laes, epper fasteneendid coppIered, crIommiIanded by unte efnret experirence, Iivoe large ilccomltedatiens. with a ceparate lahets etabi.; every altentini will be piid to pasreoger, acud the very ir.est of tures pro oided for threm. Tie packets will l toted it p an d down n Ithe Mis piesippl, and tie strictrst puectuelli ty 'seirvcd in the time f nnailihtg, rnd sliiUld the re,/llar v'sselnl be detlaieid in arriving, ollnhrr tlltps equally as geod will in all case beel ub,.iitlrri. A Iihrim llo patroiL aIceonint'ndato as rmucth in prcitieable, to receive •and forward tgoods Iry n il ilie at thei llmot nludr. ate elIargee, urid tlt advance all expentrc oni goods slthpped, i rcqitireid. Tithaipt wil il.rvn thle l;t and 1611, of every mnonth. For freight ir piresage, nllilv to thie ngeiitt. J A MI tlRnrt'T, 11 cGuiltltn St. N. B. AdVle.trro:lrelrLi rnde oil collitnlgllite..t to Menrac. A. C. Lutnbhird & Co. nrrov27 / IIEi Getnuani landi italssam oirer wt nld More hitn!, ia lit up in bottle at tle low price of 54I .elts esch, conlaiiing tile streh nlh of throe ounces of iivetwart, esai leho thi \irtue' ,1 i onv otler runts and karbs known anmslp imnt I di as selicacious in curing puimouary complainlts. Tis, a .niialed success which has atrended the use of this iestlinillal ll I Iiam ateplever it hit been illl'o duied. has btined tile cOllfidllce and recoomtlndi tiais or resa'ctablde tIIhyaViiuos, for lie cure of coughs, eid'; pain in the id,, ant illI reit, el'iting of bloid, liver complain, & c. To whum it ntnv canllern. This is tn certify' that we. have in outr pr'actice f-c, elneullsa plresrilb a r G lard ner' ladian l]lshleai of I.tverwnri a d Iloarhotlul,Iv iith a decided good en:ier: ,ot call therel're, flon the Ittnw" olue of tie Iatlierials i is made ftrli ,nd rIhel vanolln ands. porience, lrourllltd it Zis ualporii • pr'piIuti,.o oral Ihose alsctiona of the linls fir which it is ire a ala '.de:. 1t,1t:Itl' \'VII.I AI.,i1S, M1I.). i;ALIN ElI I', 3 1. D. etmbe, d of'tie Illstoin SLedical ,sol.liation. haston, Octlaber 5 ralebv J.tRVIS & ANiiDllE' S, l1 1n (' n rt tlr I';o t ianl-i Ata i91-l i i -f-sI I -bb:ii t 'IIi - t li ,, secejrd 0.d ltr ms r hsy IIEIu3ut;EiF, i cthiV.-l & ClO. _may 3 No 9 ('t'ti st. .RUGh S -i-Jon t ti n hn lieu, tes lotr, n a Iil of hnd . a ln. , hi:tr a.Id .. t twhline Il ti r ti 1 ,: joice,ea.a-n :. I Ih,^, ,t ,, .. ie,,t .m ,,ljniv, Irish id at, rn o a e e.l'. , .-;,r, fk, a d , l nl, itllhl lrll r ,t |,rialto C, er, n., rt n, .rntr n,- f It. w h,, *An nol dll retail in el. .v tn k it i' r \\, cF:Ik, m'9 ,, , .Co it a ' {Unr.'. . "d I l nh in ,tu lhu. .l sl1 ¥ I(A I `lmte "; t ' :1 \l'- ^.:, wi , l:de. g fun , .hip 1 l hiei, t]i'. t.iu r, r hII. *lbOlksir aq til sily a a ll l etry Andrewo fI"irlenh as to ier ian til ieri; BackI gamnnii Ilorn; Tit,, '! 1. uud ':- inch Istil Lealher ai , thr tl,,I io ult I t le.ainy din Br elt, I'triie, lannlls.i rl' ,i l lltLine'io·, Ir da cand sirles• barrelled lii..: Gome ]tgsl; i'h ; ]telh' Psowder lad Pistol Flat,, liTh'h Boltt'le snil Ierinking (:Cip-; Peatr'an laprea a.t pl Ifnbr,' ih Cloth. Ilnig 'ntrtlun slid .fail lirtuhr,;. OTh': nd h'lori.e 'adop tit \Vau lr ooltdrh Powr thle- 'oset and Stiin t.'iu, in great n1 rc alt'n log 1hcir Ishties ltinlh'lntod Frizns,! ; I''r a'n Toisaetd t cIdr; Eellry It-;' lvory Tl'ub C'n.hi'i:I Patent Sthrr tr i :nr crn; from t'nepms en et-; Powderiatntl au, lint.; (;ill ('h'an a, ernte naili seyt ilalic and 1Pla.1r ly: Shell l wiot. Side an v re-sin .onb; wbll .in ariditiutl tI tltrr former creek nu hand, makes tlleir ..sort', tri pel y completehi, illtd i ill Ie ,onldc mw and e libaril ters e, tsih its ir of the Goalen toltb. i5-1f ii ChintritI rlreet. r. 1 l:1t1'r tl".\j t--15 as, l3ndis i.tint 1 aship Juhli Dntii, Iha ale. bsi " sltl I & ,ni', 13 lleg:sillna t .'tll''.t- 5 b he -1.4 I.Anill ltttonas-l,t 5 l Iale 4-I atwille iL.nwaell elttllo, 3 ra buckskin eu.ipee, laein i frlm lhip St I.(ois. ftir elie by 111;9 1 lit l.i t ,l & , i,, 1:t Si gaczlis at IRON (i1)F,'i -'IThs suscriben hava I,(ure, at I gret: r.p, n'n. , the ltig lt rt In tllon g , terl rloe. It lhas i'iy. 'Ter are i ,dapted ir' put' i, btildinsa, wmat l,t~usr, i.ud private dwilliniie,ana i eitl-ine t ncs illranrls ans d s tilltd l n. d i iil ar' p'rreorIt lire and waltee p,'l. 'r'rolns toat I at knnwt. ald n ,end, I .rtli- l a, ,i eat:llelhllllllu i+pp.+i,,s S . 31ian',lmar'i r,'I'e"lrpsi,.uli. e,. act E It CtiOiS 'II.. Cs CUAI. -T.c a.liIrllerra htavr eciialoItlily iil hand a hnrst' il:lai'l 's Coatn,-] nlll eIrpTIIl coal , in hiulk's.s',t sAg''ntr gaulod, whi, 1i uliey itfr fIc alii in tes i, s, Clitri inar'-n. Also iara.ctt lt Ib" lte irst enrritnln from fins lard it) the P;l.rli. Ctnai. Ltthigh and Peach iollntai~l Casl1. I-rh-,ui and scressllr. piu ni ine hIteilt. ,la etr osl (,r Ie,,il ." --a'1 if who ca they will itta,.sa "l n'oI' a i~,-, i pl rrttr ntriep * Olrs lefli t, 1h. Iitr, F.e., Ni' 53 licsvtlsel t up eIl'.. rtill I i I I:nl,,,l a' nl Irapit r sc13 1: I ASOtIP.. [P 1.-i- t.'e ls'a .,i. lrn,,r le;,I Ii r aIsr I.y I ajrry$ 'It;$ 5ii' ftltIV, hlt a l1 .i u ri vn I aPFlult AriS "l''5 ist.ea Jri,,l ,I., -.1 I r,.wn , _.Leh . Ialudig Iaroi .hip Chisrl,-,, . fir soal. ij all I ]ti][!itiE tt Ce, ti; lT ll.¢'[i~i' hIitp r'e ,at~. r 11.1(11 1 1. N.EW GOO)DS-Silons Hartt & co are now'r I NcN ivin from on bcurd vhi ... Yatzoo, nd S I .nrmt Iad hri t- Ctl(·eovdia, fromll New York, n t ro tl vltr teior . = oodst ai their linw, wltich togatller with thteir foilletc etoch onl liand, lakes their tnasrot. ent ery: I. letc. 'Ile tIollon in ettoljpone t part, viz: t all ixt, ,.,K, ;;de, tech Rod nlresseitcnnatlt, hontdo ,tflltlal dtriltiont , In- tiPl dia rbbetr, silk alt!d worted lnatic gurtetr., ctttion & lar elastic uspllptdcot. lo o fa tand LtteifLr matclher, eirlit powder w rp Ild, ol l tls oxhor tole t It powder| Iuocketbooks atl rd allto nuedle boksn rshell, pearl, vor i anid iloroco ca.rd e ctas, t ead oirl aenta,jllnaeo eil hIadi, necklaces ant neIigeeta bead ehnna.ihbid - aeakluex cilt elots a Io tIlain,red, ilver arnt gi lt bead, ldidanI etlla bell ad llndl l.e'e; Iriatol atd large pow ter ileakseltot belt., i.rse, belt. pocket and duelling pisttols; double atld igle lanri'llel gous Bowie knives, p antl dirck* ancitusore ttulrs tucktknilvea, gEnrl chaits, atd ribbons, :list bu,:kls:, cloth, halr, tuutai, alil,acottb, -rumlb. ahoel, lt tl,u uud duotiig blsasalt Cologne, Fllovida, iu atr, inoe allt bugy ttee,alttrtcd esaoaees, S1 a.d eXcltnct, t:castttra , belr, atlirtnt, stldl Wart't vc - getulle: Ltr oiile, ehlt'ini tattl toilet sttps ol ll des-[ criptions, hldh.:' and igentloeme n' deskt, ent dressing Yewa-e hairri'g +,l rizuttes ad Trelid, Il. t ,fancy nl.t snoical etork borxer plain antd gilt, titurell, aoll na il Avest butt k, tearl otnd ivory sehit dot , sltietuddgl atd silver pltt'il cates, ttooi..lttek. atd taweenr,p tel I ld cilt Iocketel ni attiture do, olver, brans Illd Stel tat.:-tils, hookl nunl c. bole hirpin, ulitutio n fruit,lkd Si rodinkshoe b king violits end guitart, ribbctl cad Iol ait taettatton cups, lit ta woe, tcatet l ed lc i SItcnsgol ond sil~c r lace lad irtl ag, Ilatter paer, ga ne t .bhas, riding wn'l., willking iante ,pla.lptgrnads, fin a gotl, platl nad gilt (ioi l n. gete eait al 'rlte tbotv, torlathl r wila . ot gre t arioty ofotier arti l'ainuter, No 3 Catlmdadle stretr, two drloo las r a lat st're t.. itAtiaiollnS of tie lt.llowita wanoll lid arblea.r, a eutcrteod it a a mastt'al oatn., r i S totto se. tt ies. , ] h iltttgaey, Egypttian blhck and gtdd, Oiak, (tiballs atrol Atigi, It tClaid d 1, O, r or , l d ot c ed nqe Curl:ui'led d , Il' Ilittr Eye duo, I)altry (I;ratit., Sdiu i ood, t lotmac, rIt rlair Woal, I)otes or Ittedelllo, Yew Trce, reiian v hite . te (oromatdlle er Ilhouk Sitloa antid a Irutellr, losn. \\'Wtod, Amenri tal (lrey, r Asb White Oak, ke. ha &o, is Cuiled L llt, mil t teaimlos to be atecn at the iop. Paints, alilt, a glngss, coeal tahtir utpe. on hall lt.fior sle. anI id bundletlton, lenil ua'uttd. t d, lhott, wrottll tti it. itod tail eatl rod ...Ii pitlthgic eo e glouldsne i Ca;lt, erlllat sllte, blilt, dl, slr.ill sheet and at rotelwc steel olntcow it re, cn ot anu wrought ii:tils sald sprikee ll Zitte, block tiu, tmill tttl gtrtd st1ntes, salt klttlem LiChir cablesa, tlo Ite, Ox, ilg it d Ioct tthaits, Core taills AtAdtile, arees H, tttoere attl htcllhecs Is !,Vh'e, shett,iliand. ":iat lead-,;slut ly Coll, atlll clokilg stoe s Amet, lol.t ialhl't atI tlttetht satdes til tnrho e -' look antdl plate hillugsr tpo:ett tillwow hnoks eg Ilitd attil Cthllat c Ld.ltgul, lllc nttl tdoine lo 113.1, alal shculit n,:,; Naval tenres Plfints, Iliseed :nod s a'n+ oil A ltillt assortmtlnttlt a I tuttl r ttlilc sit c hlttntlety, n lwa n s oli I, ltilt td whih ctlre ot ret d r sli e alt whlct at-e ilr I'ctil, i)1 tile lllUmt 'lYbi :tja. ICl·IlleS c cy SI-EANNI:SS a. A NEW erotile ftcrteretoans troudlhled with dafeers, L (called thi Eaer't'rimietll,) tn ust tect reteivcd, by tihe ulic .I wlhicll, the clighttt!+t articulation of the Ihe iman vroicee is {illlllctiv ci iti:gittci to tile ntar. AIliY Ollt who tans eve tttll oltt ttlg it ttVtrSee with al veri den a it piG oe the lliy Ratt ti le if the difficulty lud el:l I rt' lntec etltt txperiantted hothtIi, a tilNa, e lves ind thle i he ivid;:ats so neftirtUttot:nclv aitliictedl. 3ly it lihe olf tthe ie :lit 'Itrumlat. thiat lbjeatiun is eltircl" ntteiniac. "'he mst aiceptiial huve atcliv aso attlduhttllnetir doubts afier nhaing uoed ttc Trurlpet. I'or gltle al T F GlUION's, Fanc satore.corner oIICl.i:non adll St Chnrle, treCets itellar Ih [cllttll.a l ,otrI. feb 13 s'iORlN reveied fhr t'rn ienit, bs I I np117 511.\.1. & Il;ti)WN, 11 lng.alie Ia 1 tt)A[ cU(;t.\l,-i-vaait.oe It*li icte, a.ousluntl i in .I ier,: and -r auloe by dIIAL. IIIRIJWNE, a a mari 9 lll"agnirll.a s ROlKERkI. CI.ANNON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. I" Ct ap street. Wh'lleale Iealer in PIints, Oil, V'arnishes, Brusheas D1O3 \Wiidow nnd Pieiilrn Gloss d.&e.c. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. ROBLVSO.r & GOOD iPINJf (No. 6IS, ChOnrlreo Strel, One DIor belolw Bienville. dVE eoaslaatlv on bInd every artiele appertain- I r ill to g(.tlr e IPllns dress, Il'.r] in the best lllal, cash, r tredhlled plrice.s. del--lt:I 'l BAJI L. FOI JTll,'J TEFTII. flilcent ealil Ie reparntion nde onnstarll lnemeti t dermnrl foiro tohis eflltl ThremnIedy Iof ain, and pro serteaive of It e l i, itcel,hs i ulll ed lll a sllerilnr fller it io tile Americ:un plllic. Airaolnellntle hayi teol lla e to ll plo netonts ill ll the pilleipanl ofii ain twIsl in te ini telt Stafo es, sn n1A I pbltcen it ilti tie Healt (f tlloe ubll.riellg nd r ikl ti to ondor thins inno lnroonting "I'Al ahfs, Telnh-oche. ni rtllttd aplolienl i erdil oo Indirection rtivnn on nlttl, it ileio nnver fui.ed ltodnnonln i nllmedlnte and s inoont orelio"f. It nlsnorsrrest tIhe dren inm dnfntiv t Ie anll d relineve that b(irenlles etlieh( l tlI -cotmrs a :trong tooth llsoless ''hin napliantionll ad rem are sintl:le iliiiomellt, ol noit itmlpll.tnni; anld ll large intlBer or t}Perm(IonIs in diffniotlli sentionts of lh coontry, thlot hve trlnoade yoperienoed olich dolinlitfo alnd sulftary embimcl (n I tIhe u"u ,o lle limhL, are rendy ti hetlr (lir the iublie guond) their teslintoiv to its tin rivnlled (dalties. It ins n Indihl retudyl , btainedl singulaurl an+ unexpertrdl¢ Ilnll an lao m e regarl.od bv the cif ilijed wonld as thie moi valuable discovery redlilt of thie woods. Price $1 per bottle. Sold byr J.UIVIS & ANDIIEW.WS, I AlEb lno I t Itt n w HIat reA s t ale 1 J-(-) dIsNcu I rAHAM. l1t kegs, 1100 nit .5tt1 do 05 I Eglinsh do--51-4 bbl.l 110 " lti0 Iainlt BroaN, various nines; , bblls Copal Va, nhlt; loo TLTn .ill| S 2 Jopan i I CoonlI: i . 20 packin (;nld lieaf; 50 do S4ilver d; r sINOOW GLA\S, 'Allerinea, Erglish and Foreih ti0;0 boxesn , votiOUS omen anLd o ualities. Iloston brsoan do.--50 boxes, eonsignment, will be Also, a general aoeorllenl of artists' cnlnors and nolt, for a ble by A W SCA'l ES, No Iof tunal street. CN I.. Alanbonn, at,'no 'i.l to i ro and Missinsippi iolo t"LI tr T i noven n o Ill poier ent: discont fiorl goods tor i lnet of ,re'[ s, tedel je I w S JAKVI S Ž\ ANI+N1E\S, o nVIIOII l.Io AN0 ) 1 'E.t'll. I" Ol..IntlS IN MEDICOINES, fAINTS OILS Di ' : 1 'I'I .''i,%".c .1.\'!) Il'I.VD;Jl'U Y (1..'1.S.i, Ct l ,rzlmu r of ("eltlh'il ttd' cllne opit nla.on . trctol., NA'IIIAN JARVIS. JOu1N W. :\NIIlI0\VS. Slange puplt0he 1 i(IOeil bfl, e tanenl u tetl tie giit tll I I NtreW ,C-Iti ' 1111 . Cll llO., reslectfoilly ti)n.ot n no thotir n the ptll ' inr t on ie rl, thlr ithIey Onenill thle lh:V ilit shop, 219'i rchoulitoniall. Stroett, whlre they .i n o sll nilly onl ond Co pper, 'rlin r and ileo t Iro liWarol , oli every desirptio n, S'ob as ior n ppr stmills, ottlesr and lpler tin b~ thn Iinl"to et, at lt n ,l o, to aI sorts and riozes, and all ! 1th., ra s i.(s .,l I o:lng lldn e at ehorte.t not n l. l Gra bthe barter of cvty de-eripti, itch as snearll. bio e to it nnntup, oto on inserewr ninlli, tane othl kiml .oes.t Al b.e wur, such as ichimneys, breech. t ii (:.,ot pnom iipii...t o to. i hteywinll s do lle; i hisll fout nld oor tork,' &e Thicy ,,toVe an alIl other okitids of oorsl In ea • . .d .lrstet .tte ndancenthe Ither ha:mnis ol il .naols, they wlll oxetiti1 ltuion tI 6hor test =m nil- e . .... ... . ide. 7 . I H A.°0flWGATE SPUINGS \ enc, ',on ntilt, :.A. v il,o,,,.t THIIREE' 1.I 11 JOt'I/,1'EY FIeo.1l A I11' ORLEAN.50, i r l E hnrorietr of Inis esthablorin net lhasther le I sure it lanlnollning to his iends anlho itpe pulie 'it grlenollttt lie will be in retdioeo fly the first dny ofi tMa ta receine vi-iters. Ite willt lso eatea for tlhel..- ; nefll of tlhs at . oo lmi-tonre, thlnt thete boll Itnon iloro, rapid prr..roe l.c- c lmp tion, Vlltvb ,il il en able lit.' ttnes :rentber t. to ndeo dnotlel luh lorvr o inuer tha I1, alidl t theii klitn nionle uh lotto r. anoeilit cnnl e norm nradoled -itm gooa d rront, er lhot drelnr ocn ohae large chin t i dt.taeo nroo the ooioo I.tldlng. tii lconeeo1el io'eenll'.ry to* notn noe hi.o in ariptiioo lar f the rmooerte orisi e n tselno fcr i i os e irlln relieted thalt ti.y are not i.i:nr inre ot ent ino lt dotllh. ern tlave. All tihet arSemren. that o E ll (ooundat Waterang lIcet, wilt he fond ot his. TI btIeP llsic that Ibhis a~rtrflo tn i h oullntr ntftroll, oi ieesa .ng.ed, ond -lll be in eoltbtit attuidonce at be Spriogs (tiring the wtoloe i aron. I Ire ooilnoibi will vail hioimielf of this opiorluanit i in returning his red'lnned tlmhnik fr the very IiberlI suppert given hint loat oeasot. ad htpen looowe tions that have beeo maooe in impnlvttn and eieiltonig tlhr aononiiodatiots. to mnrit a liheral pulrtaogo nf i ptaent oason. J.O CR.AM. E:;iLtUR, No 54 l;taolod et..t, . aid S pl.ohip, ke,;r onllatllll n lnalld an rxten've nsllottlll no of nlets aolnl brnpans, ald I .hnne,of Neto York ntnlnfte r'. n ,r mt n. to tll00 0 i0 ,nII cotl d.rl of all offer, whlcl Ioe will donptoo 'ol at very niodetrnoe prigi,'. . Fnlolies flin t,lllll 0nr 00e oenndodiemn oill h ,vt ther t'lemib nattnd d to 1, ti SE(;OUR iI ýti\i i-Ii iolril nOt-ri) tton. ,'.loll .ottirto I -ý3iotihno, Iandlog frnttm lrip l)hin, nlnd .lbomi ttol:.lig to e It I BlMHItOL 00 to' - BUSINESS CARDS. JOB PRINTING.i cF C11:31 DEol'crnc'mt. c cI'EEIILY,HIAND31I;l.Y AND CHEAPLY l:'d.3 3:'1 Li AT THE OFFICE OF TI True ..f meriraca, d'1'. CHAILh:S Srll(Z~Egr, NEAR 11,YIRAS. mn23 i A CARD. E & SiINOTT, s" HNvolecale Grocers anJ GCmoon..oe, 'la'rl3 0111 N.. 27 " lno:,ýnn Sliot..3U Orl111111. IQJPcrticc1l.rnrtectiun cpaid t 111 1131131 Up ul 1 I, Sl cbcaio t Id Ship jros. r nov! r SANICLE, 'JOLY, 5 'M1lercha.di. ,h.Brokr 4. Contiscmion.Plr lhaln1, d13_ ( 3r, :i, l'up it.-Fur h hresent tl J. P. FRIEEMAN & CO., 31 Ibrolecalc CrlNhhigS IcIab hacaicc4;u k No. 311:1,i31l31l13r. lel( ae i, i 1 Ii 3011 hn oil hda loge cuppul of Cloth3 13,33eil 11h11331 l Jg II:lZAA.. - Noi. 1, EXCIIAONCE lllr'rL, t C'3331r qo S1. 1.5 .cltscad Common 1,313,. NEW 3)ll.l·:ANS. r K r11'Olt a I and Ilootl I1 r I'n r lFreh nd k5ng'i It CutIey, lleill~y, (1113133 Phi31 s, Sto~ck, 133,lbr1Ino, Coneci3d 1311313 Artlc,. 7 jjFNTLUCIKY. Illi itie, 11311 lIllIl 11B13k1Ni%,, fI 113111 . Ji VII :1. 1', AT 111 ,J.1.[-l 1. ecived tl llu lhl asricmr. t of All l, llliAI.1111131 IN AM I RIC( N l: ENiIIII CRO1)WVN (iL .ASS, Ne. :1 r.Att.tanret.Fr ýTp p ;T. n FASHIONAL1LE CLOTHING TAYLR & ITAIDIEN re N... 14E iihcriii.. Mi.'e p s Iyo. d11 1rr r ci cl,, ORLEANS LITHOGIAPHIC PRINTING ESTA IILISIIMENT, No. 5:,, magazine Street, Olpposite ,tanlkhc' Arsadu. IVILLJJ.3.1 (.11 ELI:.', J''13.UI77?11N7I BANK N0o'11 1ENGRAVINQ RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON SI. A lV c l113111h131 31e in Now OrleaIcs. c.c3.11ng 3qual a31"1hpcl131 Zi their hocscin Ncw Ya;k, fire thle pit lroe llolf'llllcg 31nd prillgting BankNcIs, B1a1nd, Billcc a1t'I FlCoIgr, CctifieIec 311o leposits, hrheks and othellr imolllrltlanlt plpler, requiring leculiil 7, a 1 l' 111 ge11;313 have. llclpd l p1133311ion for e e cute Lorjlilo i, all pllalen ;IIIl Innprar si ors enltrust edI to heiealr; ,hleir 330 33i 1. mss 1133131 he 331te1 of oorcr file Mond red h( IlllkiiilL' imdlf ,tions, annd all ordersr 1 ter. Officc , c1131 oroloy I & Canal Cecci ;. CIIAMPLIN & COOPEII. SCullRCEiR A3NI II)EAULRiS IN PROVISIONS A11N!) Ii'l:i~o, Olcc it- ANN. 73and S! Juiil. ,treeo,, Nw Orleans. Ia 1Ti7'hi1 llnid 1311 111 s3or13 put1 iP. 4313 . he IIIIII31IANA er FURNITURE WAIEROOMIS N .53, 110113 ll life . 33~~n C 11 I, hIl .313113333 and Iliapblill that113 le ol sl'31llleihio_ fi'lllll Nowr X1,e513131 York and 13 31111a -- 1331r311111 3l Flu ljlll nlt', suc3 13 as ltng ae3y -ha3'irj. hv cofllo,1 11 11131111 11111 Il nltellli d c1 is, 1 a11, ~ d chore33 11111311111111', ll~iaIllr ' 1 1 and cherry tal 11s1fall desucri ptio.;, t are,,,,', ''11015, l l Frcctir s, wrritiu.. if' du1st13 r, a rdllrol'Ill en of l 1153131 and clhrry, wa3h 33131nd1, 1111ki313 31113311, Igls· l11a11111, beddin1g, 53. &c. ' Nil. F'rnit1r'e packe3d fur transportation3 'ith great -care~. 1 131 Fi i EINN'S INSURIAN"'E COMPANY UF NE. ORI.EANS. This Copanlllt are now preonred to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. No.241urssn's liidiagC,Cusrt ra-er. NI I. T'It 1 L CY, New I4cerr, it. ns 1:,. I":;:. I em'ttrv. 01I11) CiOL'if'liL--;fcIi lb- n.rbprr i., ri le by .pl;i ti t TDiDihnli t It lilIl'tIN & ASPINAL..S ( OM1!POUNlDY TONI C .;lIX'I'UiB.-A sperdyI and ecett.i cure lior tue Fever and Ague, remittent and iecenietermilet lvers; prepared from the original recipe. Used iw;th eminent and nni versal sueeres ci 18315, by persons of tIhe highest respectability elt tins city, ;.s stated rI tie anurcIed certificates. This medicine is highly rnronmnrended, and has been extesively used ti thle above diseases withs such distinguishrd sueeers, that the proprietor of the recipe. hs beirn indllirceed 'o oFer it to the pub. It in its preenlrt form in the hope that it may be i tihe means tof rlrhvilig many of those wsIho are nusfering under tile tesourgu of oun counitry. It is a medicine possessing great virtue, and when usedi according to the directinsI hIs never fifled of effecting a cire, even in the mlst obatinato stage of the disorder. It is not at all dnsagreeable, and persons of the weakest stomach, slid children tmay take it with impunity. It strengthens the digestive organs, ereates an appetite, and seldom requir/es more than one, or in obstinate cases, two bottle to effect a cure. ''lhere is neither mercury nor I arsenic il thie medicine, olr any tlhing injuliousi to the hilllmian CllsbitirLluon. The propirile'r.: are so well cunvincrd of its ctileucy, that thry agree to refIund tihe priree of every bottle which hLas Iheca takant inl arcorldanc) witih tihe diruect;ona anid has not ctellctrd ai ,perhfcet rcur of thle fIevr & ague.. A. OLIVER, sole ngent for New Orleans, at his wholesale and retail drug and medicine alore, corner of Itienvrle and Chartres streets. For District Agencies aplply to je5 T. IVW. cS ll'', 48 Conti et. PE.NiCOL.1 MANSION HOUSE NEW CITY, IPENSACOI.A. rIIlE subserier ihaving prctlnased ithe lease snd fur citurel' this well known astnilishrre at, fros rit Taylor, thi titteIrenlprietor, will be ready to receive ti ters by Ile lI t tat itl A r next. Nutlmerhls atin l telly itmprvenenllt., will e1 fotund in thie arranaconews of use tit ansion thua.e, .1,w 1 miore conlr inllnll hI thinr hI t nIlr will b.' in lltel warr b 1h- wi i ,,' pv l i'rs l te[ill hIr redt ll i llrs. . llta i It t ei ft n -ll . i h I h, - ,,,,, .ll ll ,i rr a c l, ,, .rc l (:, 'tll t " "'ill lirls il r, t I hila , Icr l l. n ll It .li( a . en 1 -till a:ndt w l, o la. cI.l. l A f hIp p l ll llllla / lt ' la Inr Ih " u-r of r -ih' ,+i.i I i, ard eithe, a t o , t: s IllleUt i ll B l lt i ::t ) ,c illi rr rrsi ilel :, li I rh lnie l.d i u A r,4. 41h1, uli L[ ".a to.t Io i t, ti ` ''e t- il the mtnl ert thei rilli ' 5iriii h der,. ible trh ntlll; and thq , ill el t 1h to eI , h n t I 'tI v en s a r till w l l in,., tan, -o h . i u ttr;;dt e I d,. eu ltait ined, itlt w il eri. t, libeo't t rn I. It 11 l'r Ie frili'yiirri·rri ii firi.llrr'iarre sfr r rir pul ri fa r ihclat V I.-r l e.,. in'thl , In :t c, illl Ii ln f tIh Sosels'au or; at th eII o r a nt ,tt a ll rnd v soft tlti; h a . Il f oq ter .i t Iutli;ll ta .e 1stypo ihbe ttnttIu an tlt hei rinby idex tlr ! -: r to alec a d glirl na rtrt- i. rr s" ric e. e' . t \ir:cl , aid i ris teih ed s rc 'ire Iai id rnier fi a 5 m n ur ciIn toiot wi k n ni, t elio h 1 sa ar riner t- tirc r farli . rc ft ll l:e lirl thr1e i'e e'r ttll rrtizv irs fth, dG l'q ta.ri in. l hr ,.n ,, .ll Iht Imn eth c flcesi coolnst Ic t i. urnii., h ir rie I, ti.i i, i . ; t,. s ef a lee b ay nd the a i citr hidrnngr i iiTsat i .l - - t i li rir a dll 1 deliev o Itt, b 5-h' ti: ., 'i~":0 ''~ '" ,chiod; ,' id !Rs ixh ita I t, l -.1 le·t te ar ba r, I. receive commun-ntu l ficti t fpar lerI nr at tr Lo e hiphl , i u ie r te a itudies as u' eicalth, : d.ihtlil l n l ' i rrelns ut. bo.ts illbt, c n)tl i fr l ntlwe bll Pe nis P1a !,ao bsil., aInd t ilel at ll t ienlt hr.l ale r to Iokth eT dpBa la .r th ti- t. Ilr. r tr ine I : rnineSI i i I . Pri eii r on . i le. cae , l " lt e .ilurittg te o o eg e at s fa r itheir fAr ilisrrt ,en t ecaiIr'in tire lsc t.ri rLe, at l'enacoslrn, r 1r Sewar'l T cIayiuri eIrnre toilrt rprietos, at iie.v Ore blls. til if rnc`, ticrc,'' cold ictm, eitri ac or. U T , ,, k 'h , e, irit',s i i"ct lir oil, es, 1 t urir.rqr . ' rKilv, in h'. , Flo; id .l' T.,lr, 1'rrose .e,y witr, N i'ree'Iris !r,, Marieles pitee nire in truenkl. sie dir - fi t ,le d iqi u lor d Orri tooth ws, I' b-.e Ia.t Jtl bi,foire eIt lwrr nri oale o itil fsr i era0 a t fIle i I bo.. ale[, in phci ei aiti (; t Vlitmri'r ieo , r1 Str "haie I" r rh l,. tre tre Tilll) TI' FR NP i' TORn, 's'i eei tre les r dl : irr',,r i of s kta ire Flrsnri, outer via rtcrrrrel rtro , r rhe fsire ifrtre il tha t rat.b N It A. lNftI.D. T'hie steamirat Champion leaves Mobile ld r tanr a 'r. N .1Si.t'ii FARINA'S COLO(GNE VA'I[Fit 2 t.r.r.tri anriv of i hic tirperi.r Colesgs water, jt shie .teretua cartd rtench toilet pnicrier, prarwer 'vtf'l and Iixrae vleas'its and toilet staps, es.snrcte washc bail, riek df, coa.n i ei cold cream, eata c o "rrvh, kephnrtht cerd's veeetiabl heir oit, trsratanr riirdr tt er' FI "cr u.lar' rose anbay "ater t'rees s.a r' aiic.eriieircs prcrnerr rn truks,rvegr eta. it lie r rd ieidra r-su CiLlortc sari Orris mctai tewsti clot,. hair. tooth,si sil and Ireih ruirhelr; together aitri ' is aidim n tlc | sipplt oa f fr.alriorrsbi firrir :tad ahirtl eenruir asd jeiern:,frfeatis low at wholesale or retsl as ,Ii31MO.NS, ilA'RTT'I' CO, sit'' n 7AC7 fartres e reetre. I)rtrilis. (.irilt orm -r." p t icr!estntp, fie sair i' ,,|n t P.KlI'IG ^ 1', Royal Coltege of Physicans, London. r1liE origintal Vegetable Hygeian Universol Mledi el ite, prolored by W Miskin, Esq. l.Memnler ofd ohe oal CoHtre of Surgotot, Licentiate of Apiothe calto'st nspanv, I ellw of thIt Comit Society, Surgeonl i to the l|oyt1 Ulnion I'Pllsion Asn:iatin,, Lancauster 'lace, Waterloon ilhidg, and PIeri tual Pucpil of iGuy wdl St. Thomas's I tospital1,oLolhdon. I. This looablte ite.t ine, the r.suitl of twenity years' exl2ria.,ce aI ullnpalo!lrle success ill thle eoxttesive ::id li.glhl rro.lie.tahlo Ipnlctice of the peo'ooieiy, lotrte tised by Ithe litaidi on lt t nilitrotnd is tow inrtoduc. to ite lotice ofe the Amierica ilubhlie, at the earnlest so licitatiotu .f a nIumber ofgelltlemeo of lol; ntd lihll stmadih in thle profession. It is hoped, as a prelitr.i lnry step, to check the luetil mul tlial enusr+qtuelas orising lrio the use of ih,: lulltnerotts and deleterious nostrilts floistied tCi.po the public by the aid of litbriotted proofoti'mi.lclloolscct.ts, alld other flnatls, by)a set of p leatotcitry, untirincipcd pretenders to tlotaly igloran t ot Intelieol teietce, Ihnt it impossible the mlotnstrous delumion can any longer go down with the intelligenit peop dle if'this otlntrs. 'lthese lills, mild and agr.eahle it their nlture, hollId bIe keyt in ceery Iamily'in eoses ofsulddbin illllcesIn, Iby their plrmnt:t ldmitintrttioi, chol.lera, .l...ll.., sioit., tr"ot. , olher o.aliaroo Comopllaits, which too filts Irovt IHotal, im'y be Iv cure lior ll:vent.d. In itt, all those who v:dte good health, should neet c. wlitholt them. Thly are solh' ill pactets at 51) cett, $1 ad $2 each, by every e resplre table drgist, blOks ller, ad velndoreof medieine i:l tit iolitet tlateit I I le C.(:aoalts, with Copious hreetiois, ' trgetler withll e.oniuonials of professionl:ll ability lit't the Iolin itlogulin iut getleumen: Sir AtlIev Coplter, ,I J. Asto lTy, A. io"a iptoi, M. 1), ted cIlleroot s otlhirs. "Thl' loriinalris may be seta n possessionl of the CGelelal Agieti, hj. lllll thie Inxdicile imported into this t.tttry, and to whom all appelications loagencitios Slllst be M de. S JNO. IOtilIi.N, 12) 'aVterly Place, N. York, Sole (:Iteal Agent iir ,the ..Uitttl States, c. lor colt o by apooititnent of the erigiltal po l itiOii.. . li 'WAt "t. Itilorllto, Ilruggists, No I I lCanal jti '.t I.:ltiere Agel ltlI r Stitlheeof )l .isin;a. ju.Iv. EI 1llt It &. cot, ANo dt Miixaoe street, re nrow receitig toitnt stlilty \ashta ie, o, .ltisville, llenli t I, glr,t,' a, or Io , te trivaltctils t :It _thern estles, - unoga :nil new siecated assorltment IP.'is, llools, Shoes ntlld Ierogtltus, a'nnlsialllg o'gen,.leuenll'sfilne call' andl olMorco boots do tYdlality; iu o iutllt'd, :111ti stnllt .iwa pegOged boots Larieousq:llties; mll n's fioe call seal :Id 11Morocci h**. *""ups allt bI~ro gis, bowkstkin shoes, boh rouai.s t llt elliples: utei's line all tlld kipped peggedl elioestali Irog S;lll bl(ts; dlo slut kipi al \t;y a ill brogans;l g ulti1en ' II bs lit c.t it :all'se. ei slholes. l.mgani m1l Jack )hlwniuigs do11 call' and Morocco tiikle sij iti :ilto btti -moudc; t f ll s aountl aNIeitortc'. I l iall sho s lllll lippt "S, do callf, Iuti :lli seat wnilgs, alew article; Io lile allt, s. :l ild morocco qullalt oets; ilois', inioses'aul childlrenl's ie.gelt and scwed b.ogans,:un. shoesol every qualitynad kindl. Also a general assurtlmet l'of ile'll stout war and Srwait rIiollgans -Illl slhoes, togethelr with 150 p,1 Itl:-itl :gro hlast quality, russets browns, niled in lilt iniiks, ide e txptrr.ol for plintttaill use; a gndI ts. Stmelll of men's l.e iandl stout kip llr:ogis, I rw oiti.le, otil a r ge quantity of tll ifnerior t.uallit rt stct anti wax b1:irogl. Ladies' fine ecllf, seal~ morocco and grai welits, and lep lot l solelho dt fitle letidh Nluro co aInd kid runII 'omd slippersI; to rolant shoet, with otid without el Ii Tiet. calf, ellnl strt lueather Ilotntl ; dto I'truntll shoelc I aldl kiilu a ili quaelities ;iI aistltg bul.O gill ; tio goiter - natnll Ibted bootees. Mlisses' lastiltgltring o1.leecati,, et *gluts. Clhildiein's coloredl MotouLoc oid lasting biut ga' ltta .ld boots, te. tl;eintlemell's finelo ftidonue l blk silk hilts; ito black '-io Iodcab hecaectr do lt t ttlciroo t :ietyito d imiti cot lit ramdo; broad t lIt narn o brim men's lile dr:h :,idr lI: lk .ulsilo short luped hats, a lle article. Yothllo s cI: aoe size llits dl dile l it qull ities; du chlild eh' . ea Ies, with general assortment of boys' and men's 1 his asson Itnt t il be i.e l+eltnilis l htb the arrival "f ct It tpacketstttm lieoite amlle detist, altl of which a illbe sold ono ancomemo atiu teutrms. :ug I-ti NO MERCURY NOR COPAIVA loew itlllo;lt, oo.l 1.1, 17. I ROt l01ioinitoulht ago liI tolie itiihetotltle Iio got a oceret dil.eoos, tobr hitll I Iuave applield to svle- c ttr ill o lors f~i iutllltC re, n t did it ut cui e mie.nll. n iow' I on 01i e abovle daze I l itt .11) 0, under flu, eale uI o l uctll tiluet, y 1d [ e xpllelto Ililm 1 t.lro tiol. sint e hIa1 title the dia:;,e e got, al ams t, Ibrak out ill lage Iler.; II to Ihe numbetr'r of six or right on rn lt leg, nnd il ovet nt ,nly titeo, and solre thro t, nand nlot able to work at hl i iresen{ till+ ,t accountl of teh dieeoee1 targe oilcer oo the ricotht side ,f the thr"iat. 1 nll,,. putting iiivsll" colfientlyv i lder il care of Dr. luet, of I'uri, . I, to be perleeitl'y icu.ed JtllN IEAN. i I DO C REII' sI ut tn- th heln ine die' i nn e . lieddie. c is itl L quite ai-il c-irrtdto Ivy ow tn nitini ctien, forwhin h i tl thnnk D)r. Iluht; antd emorIever I rstr thlt the m di-I n ine I have lLken nlilesi Fill, er rd i not injure yr lealth lit a1l; therefen IoredIlavise it' f Iloin enfii.-l'- Io lo nn o limue inl applr ti I t A ; , iluo, 1`8 enidl Ib, between Datpil,'in . nmid Blourbon tilte/l].. ()r. I' Iliet is it home firem en n'nlIck A 31, unnil 4 P 3i ,. Ihlie.y will find n tr'o du ltor for this complnint. W JOIii N Ir)I- N..Iq nr lrii r in stree t. If any out wannts to sci ,, tll i No. i ll t ir tl .i llsN I::lr, ql '\ ew' Olrlb ""ns. R ,h Il, ilfI ". .01 1 IN ta t.l r t Illt InTiE l In "IN illht i n . - O'lnt 1"'!.rh l T i -,n, ,, l , d a.ii( ls it lii .ii dtes - it ,h n tr e e ts. i al ir a s tut'. , e~ 1t lth,. i t h sa , lico then c -oe ti ' e xtenitin ageniiiiaul oruned, ilk itoft doubls, o 1u •,' .. ,, 1'..' r .,, . ,. I....,r lr ........ . u... : . .•,.. 1 ... i.. ' : Grem . e. nl ne.t.. ,,! . ithii tle ... . ei', c",d cam'O pass, n eid i izte l t, i -e. i At. 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IiiiiiL ii IIM:,I; Iii as riiri Inirnii1er1 ill I.Io't, Iib r .,,." illltn s I1" the ullllminlees, sai a few of thei I st 6111( .ulltl Ill llpllt:ll 'l+, tll lllitt h si t ill ht' Cllfl il'II· lll Alik is ill In OSl' ' II ~ei'cl -ot 'lo,\s ol cillz, si ill .tcIie, yln; te of tle I tIII rd Sialn ,. it hasl :itit· Il ,O /Ivti ed I ',.l;g. -ri..+, I nn e'll ley ulI . t'c nit til' ei-I en" t i i n i i . i ri t i, n ,tinll tll l lltocct .Il l ;Iv.\ h.'ll, ~ iI rti, m i..t, 1111 n n it1 Ii s , thatll lllill +. ll \ t'il.: l .1h st tht |il! t'dril.Ol , tco st-u r,,ll ,loll iut of| i.llil a I e . ul' r:l , I oll, o|" s t' l h lh ull to|,ii's werle sOu/hl for, lil InPlet :t gi'e lisl.cIle. Will Jii' tcl , 'll"iou, riet. a Ihivv ,'1 uhcc :si . ililyi ho i iekli- l u -i lt ireg, ;l i n t.i-n i-innr ri-piy, a s.i lltic"pel, l0 hall, Ml.e liyri, alnn d in -cl.I l vi, , e-ull e te t trteI-, ni sotoll hllte l i h inv no .n- i innie lln fii, a u"1.i, liu t s bti s e'h t T i n d', to ,i-. i-A p ll l me rmi sent hal lllto ILnI it ,weas Ire dllyi worth tllIt inItIt ey ita d oril eln. il llin it lire -iete. n hl s r e ere- valc le - l m ,li e, it ienir n a i I na.ini h llllannitll i nnfll irelll ie e. t is lik.'isn wlrthv I )1 n olllitee , Inl e ine-e pop Ino S ll qe "", thlll l su llis 1l ll - ten I nlte i rll c wl k l lc - lrn eiile ll-,i,' o lns, : illit hbn d thel s en lo IIl' i ti like n ttoue in'emeir - ed n ill. Ih usutrl nesla-ri vlo . h. 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SO libern-iev |ijtill't t.etc, i.ti, t I tsrit ne ent n l Itdl as p iitnl wi th itctrr . I Inenileeic iea rs of Irene i h-inn,- dolllrs, besides sin .enei"n l o Itie bul- i erie 99 to8,5, iJn i stntt uete l(1 the t sin ial cdilnteei niln yiet7 nnenn,:ariin-ig cin-fl- liniem ins mMiima lion at tilne ne, it en a ll iler p lrice t" tn y n-t- i ing' i." innetieeeee-ntei or elrfirtfamo irn t eentn -tiii e of rtrate. tail, nianl lte-iriicni. 1%I le cn-loe nie aiinlo. ctill tn-lies oai, h tiaoenritnernl ant geonirnnin- of-hle peeuhlie fun a cottinse - encc f eliefte, ctr ald iten-e.ange. Y.r ile by-nilth Priene l Ionokll!-crs n tinhe Unneded States. - ( l .1' e, r'A It l-,. ' I InIlC nllnnt- JitU e- rnntrii-, r ,l Mihilt ltlinnsn. Cnn- n-en l eek, a Ises I ':5i frt ,11`- "',,. Stt n'h rl.m n nhte, l THill LORIDA LIN- . From Monie it Augusta, Go. r oves Afuhtsl rVtey day ,, ihre o'clock. pm ntper U S tmail boat for litll'.s tnsldtlg, alouv, Illinkly.-thence lour post ,oiches tol P.',:savol--thence etasnshoits to Itigris.s. e, iheret theland ionlt is resuuted-thenci t I via 'tiMaii anns m id ters'isvilih, Flai. Iltinhlitdi.e, PA,,deruon .t, [I Iwkilsvile. Sondersville & Luis. el itl!ero Augus ,la en, rillneerrin reUlaly wilh t the rtl reont I cars i t'ltrltiestn, anrt the 'iste nrn .un'kt 'ioi Now York, N.ortll, Pil deilphin, ertc. The lers, hisu are Ite het lur o:re service, and tle.: IIVialllton Ipresents ollre advanlllnges hlin canill .ie l uol' lld upon aIlly tI:tIIIIsust route ill tiIe uthll. ern reg.iml.. ite great iinprovonlllten inll tlh route have been riproduced by Ithe clonstruclion of ifylv niles otf new rnld, by tlhe prs prictorts, rio : fro ' L iuirl. s, l Lsavi'ette ilavou, in ri n ao t iiSantai RIosts ; Iy, toI it Bryant'i Feiry, on shit Chllainlochi o river, ten } a ilts above thie (Cowl,rtl.or 14 uttllve Ceder Illff wh'eris y tti niv' itsi of thei river, alt sthie cn. st.quent n:1 rneno r-elly the incon I veIliint crrlissti ati tile iowlurld, ire entirely siav ,ied, and ua ft o roa+d from Mariasni a di rel so tin ridsI, ilsllls ad i l lis rnillltda t Sreld via Chltr hnchlllr, ll sseni r dsslll nnehta' o iut fi, ryl lmiles, a dllJ it:r'Irtaiegi tie fryacililes lour t llhan Il t tllli s sLit, i ' l l it Al.' .L .r , tntit lie of two horse soitngs eovery I , , , lu r I ol t 1 v il, l ellt, via P,.err to lla toIn, (lv i ulnll l c'ina illt tIhe oitle 1 t l S'vai llnal aund s IL) lieI I, i 'e(i. UtA inal s tnitl l nt i ll ies regularly bttulwe.l O B inbls id, -,e andl A sul 'rhis tsl. dTr avsll ,rs tishing so Iieach aniv toy p1int on Chartshonrheor Apalacht co in, r lIn tiaI, strU' boal t Brown.vllc. Mobi I to P 'nsc~lit,-I and i Roin-Dlurins ti.t e time h) etc rePsllre lt l .a !e, the proprlt. I ts t hl e ri l ri hl will run i a il' e ill onur pas, echnees ¢very other d,*y betwctnl M.o ide and Pt-uacol+. i tt P,s rn,, ,,rs will leave M iu oilei ai 3 'l. lck, i , tn, in the U S maIl hat, and preced ti III l lhIl' ].itl. d icel wh llere a l lur h nr e coach will Ill t waiting. to convey tIhem to the xecillt housel's Mr. Charls Hail, I 1 t4 mile dl tslantt, whler thel will find plea l otll accorllllltlllons for Ilite ,night--lcvL ng prat l l:ll, tChe'y will nircve in L ' early Illto theI nintllls , ths. usav idi g the discomfort tit i Uu,},ir, t 'it istiun (louse, Mi r hiht,, t nd C' l. '' lins' Iltel, "runstll r ,il whoi' ,ei soi1s al usit tlr o.I ' h 'oltadn, bris lnstruti.'n. u iliam S ritib lendert s his t rti c.hes to ilh still, Ia a tI se.111vte",ri i 1s I itler t r s etn. i rthu t ein, Ut 4iti vi in t1i . amtl but hllpe sIt merit ihl ir confidence. sills is t ittid t., refer tf ' l.e D]r CIupp, M9au s tclsom, & Avrrv, 1, nderson &. .ai,,Ce. F ,,r t ner a. Ao.o tIe apply at lae bookerore of AlcxanidLr T",w r.49 -0!I .at 'ace I J a . vast has ... o ted . ma. e.t t,+ this city for the p...... of Iransacting a general Wholesale , I Irrth. oild ge,.nuin, atit'les, which he at i1l sell + on liberLl telint T' city druggisateand thoseof Ile icit+ uerr, to physit can , mser ho ma nod plantrr, " he will ,,lilr in1fdlcmellls such lnl. hav, never be, for, been ofeed in this city. Hlis intnio is to dun strllthl legliln lte bulinel l. hit block will soon lIa ,enmidetec, onl in a h, w' weeks will bet. ra d " hr b u i' io s s . A lI o r d e rs ar on t h e c o nt l l . n ld is tro t crchawts of it is 'irll, receiving {uc1 h ordels • I LL hn pro,, ptly a tt'nded to. } a't N N,39Cnmp at lV IItOLESAI.E AN Nlt RT.1'AII.CO.III AND VA 1(tll'i'Y 1T'I'(o11E-at the sign of the golden eonllmb o 1) Cti1l res steers. l'lle subscribers avoe re ceived, iol :.lition to theirprevious sto lk t on hlnd, a f ll' anld col lll t. assortment of articles in ltheir line; vil: colbs, pr 'l lr J 'wellr'v, brushes, lockintg glussee, f'tuo 'o00i1'ti0,t'o ". t'lotuietiogi in p tart I I follow': ('( Ill sI-t hello t -oau ht ld plain nl.' t twist, toilled back, loor round, dressing, sidlo pull, curl am nei.k, ]Irlzoilianll ntlslllll of every de liptin alllongst I which are some Mlxiotn patlter, Ivorv etomt s of every dseetription, hornt dtresing o lad ol ckettl ttoge'lher with it 10'Cll1I: lI'LY-'Cohlogn, Iavendollr, I lorido, mmne, ha.,I ros, mn d 'ra e ll llo'er wa't.ers .o et y sloe anod d ,s eri Uid ll, 0llolllleltll" lle tt ll.lo - rt trgo onlte te ' I l llgotoe Stanlgy .nllgs ol'nl i illn, shaving tIn in col;w o lad unit lrs creamn s~u~dol, Wardl. veoetanble hair oil, bears atd in ti. edo. I reston t' sneolling olttl plain tand perflumeed ;lls o).wdPr, greIllll oiler, lpow Ie'IrItl' salld btoxes po llflInIlIIi rots I. ai tll s, orrts and chlolj rine Utootl was a ald oowdeas,, w ith a general assortment.o IJEl\\'.l.l.IV--nomet ollle latest tnd ltmost fadlionan ile setts, consisting of while 1and red erlllalolianl t.ollro' 1 Ijet eardrops, set in lilogree, breast pins of a gre" rtece lty of pollteu'olot oW, hrilmmeilng, Iogds and sil.'" , ckles, silv'er lhindhh.s, s.r lau ;;obptttilootiort oiZ tntlord chaint Il. 5II 110-- lbith, air e,luo t tor, rlll lllub,lerth,lloor, lllt, :lesh, motoh, plate, corl, Nail, sla, iag, shoe and I.1OOIIN(i0 GIASSES-'-Goermlan statin and toilet ns , malll.ll it inl old o'Freo lhl dressingl glas. e, lhole I1I , w rth I t \ ll f i'iV )lll lro kinL I alnO r ' nll ll t mrlll. d I'Ntt .NlI) 0AIIII''1'" AItIl'oI(k : t -I arh nil:l .\ l' it."it ,tlle dh'l:ks olll ~~r I 00ll o(os, e lnd tery ri'h an l irntes, liooo bd wotloro I cn rk b c.ktgauo.II u s- I o. ad. i =, ic, opll il vi n il,, , jll et ln m) s, l oefcoll mhox: , ce li 0 l'tolleo0ts tekids, Io'io.;l 1 lld ll t0 I liliver & l W olld . llrld ailwnd l l lrt r ' . air lonur lr lllllTrn lln a d \ tootel o -A 00old tol 0.ot l tooltotoot oale"111.e c lol n p, put.-l ' , i I' ' s.pi I u 'i+ tol.eIr 'l o.t er1eri ot, loetrolta.g no ee keel 0 o, lt ae b ,, tnl sell, lliSlhll benld ol'rbler¢ irl , b il ng1 iiii eii sta-l lt lll 000'ld olll ti llllllll llveo rto llt.l 'l-s 00000 u oo i:ll ,i nev~llc. 4. )in,, siver plo ec, tec lla emod lllillln~ sp 't: e bl islhd all v riw dh d mh ill. curd- in" l wr l e. inr InoT . l r .1lil t:ll m 11 lalll ll et re dolls, imi lta lon fir llll ll00 boeds, pllat of vrpl u k in dllr a n dr) . auln d .. lrip's0 l c a , ote t ,00000 0, lll Illloo tout I l a otkeot kn'rs r e or t lep o ld letl llolesl'ailooeIksVluoo beahd oehklatee, do w0th .-i bei o ,toc snttloens r at tt htttotsI p eh eetls lleor otand plain eed tlledo, grit and silver t o, gato elato ic sa sea derst, oodl gIItetIipllit n Id sword canle, bhokg nllo oot bords, t iee,1 optical i' lleos, jewsIhars, loe lo o est ltd dlerkitg CUlSt atn great variety ot otlier ari t l es, l fw oi, will h eSold for easth orcity cptan. ce:. o 13 r mu th credlt. 1;1 B·l*. I I B 11.I, , & ,:. 10110p l Oil, i l casks uttl tIts, oru sle I, .IAIL'VIS ,A . .IN slI. \., \hoole'lo Dtulg Itoo talner (C ll ouon uo t al l chap ht elo Ooe I et, lt 'eotp, &c.- Ah-",1, erllele l ologne, put tp exlrO.ul. lot the If'all llle ll) loI(t Itpure t I' toenoltch Lo lule rk , t brI - elloo et.'i' Ylibetly Ior tile tloll , Ioesir Ie y vet : R"REo- & 1 'IANI;. 'W\I:NISIIES--', h suhsetoier, havinig l0, y 1s.0 bihod,- u varnish a fac re I nosouhootaot.en.o io re to o.pple thml paiotee r as l te pubolc i glerl, by nevule r r,.asil. Ili, prices are modr., , l i ltoe oIllot I uot llise l'l tll 'ls ''torlooro Itlllly ever t bro ,, Io llo o 'l lllo\..tll'gla o'oo o1l'h o oo 111o11o .il.o 1, 0 I 0o0l 0Ip :,d the 0 ll1 o 00 1 1 ltoolo t htli lltf1 b n IIt lill d ot .iaii xtt,,lo .l o t !, ] iii ,IPII t) It ,. . oll:o.n. t Ih.0 . Vl0. llll ill.d Iii. I'." It , 1 o.t'h . li.. ,,,n , 1 , ,,,,++ , , o Iln .o'io I 0 1 a1. tOl 1 10; . 10V10 1ho II 1t'o.0 Io;ol l. to is 0 .1 11 ti . 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I u ill , l-i iit( ,r .at0 l 000 ,0000 li0 e+" i v r asn.o't'sto , , +Tll ii i,;00. dIIe s,rpe om m e mnon to thel , h. . uvr,, ng dll h m Iiii IllylI i · II nl.lll, l:. t ,] n , s"' lnnl, a Lototo Ih u iloo 0 0 T100 lh . nt- llt it w ill a, ni ll ll l' . b l'" I lllts , 't- i l, I I i o I to I rI mis, o + I n let tol 0o , I III 0i i 010ntlo. laroe aroivo ls c o"t out ,, , t ) llill tr,, l ol ! r1113,3;a s , lt' f'lnlt Itre 't, to I'lLt khootd. The polIloeotp ro ly oI toadnogde6 hil . i soarlt ous eeryi Crarclestottu l.r d it, ool ,ue lt qahty, and tibiious pillaterCle b coypoti . \V':o. 1l!.N N . • -j- -'l- I"ULiLC.--'l'hc ustodrreigut I.o ha Iog - .studli, undr ig Dr. Stlo olci tow ic! hey lal a o produt Crolina, sand otr soma years his astirttndd 0I the plractie of tOediont , urgto ry, hail the b0i o0r to oflbr his protessionol servioes in this city. Irte: nsesca the ladgie. Applyd g aetl n tioa the Ioa.t pit trolmt ttntio o . l cllING. y o ne oadr; sood 0 ollor eeshe r o rioe. to l I holdr alon aes, boinog well acttjooioltld with tie Ioe ioss coitont to them, tavtiog atlooded theim lin . o sugotr losen io Charletttton. i0 tltosottos tti hilp usrpillsa Ite lhe wno pottiae ;eo Prfetor Somtolleutt, w itl directot, outo han tehad ot tho underoigned. 'lho etloot which they hItt Sof rlew Orlaans ; e alo, e larris el., s f tichez I le il i of flay last, by the death oouldfomul .1 Maluu, oilt the larIts o thue firha. 'hto undletriotred, survivhig partners, 01 ill be eltcur led withtlothl liog nod clooisg clad busiuens on fullowe 0 Levsi C Htlarris will attead to the sehtlaog o the hosiuotuet ol loaoan, llarrit& Co.. ot Natchez; anod Ilorriu, Kcl tc A Co.,at Itodsney; sad Henry Kelley will atteud to 0 Ioetoling of the bumness ofl loley, Meuso- & Co., , LE .,C IAR oIS , . Cnw Orlesns. TeJuoso sobs eesl fieso wl L-OLBEAR'S cirene ofPen.mianship receivedl,alid yfo r tal at tthir pernatolr Wetring .t-eodelits No. 8 Chatres ret,.Nt,New Orleuns, Il8 irevadway New Y,.rk, D)auphine at., Mobile. It in pnrticularly designed for private loearners, and b. .lhnolr, red is calc:ulated for perseon of oll age. .s y Ladies ad gentilemen are invited tu cell sad i eall Ine Ile systetti f," there1tve . I eslo.s r a ivcat r reli Igiun.r O asn 'elttlyrt thl cotrtlietlte ofall, aud to claesea fliorod intny part Ludia. who prefer it can receive 'essoll at trheir own ref sideuces. T Pter'tee n vire e tree oflestonsare desired o atte, • " • r is eel! a llev i wiRh. ItROWAND S 'ONIC MIXTURE, ,lit Fet' Ar . G COUE. FT N years n tve not yet elepapd sinco it was 1irst regularly Rsbmittedo o the public; but it has attained the hligihest reputatitln; and has arlp. planted every oilither iedicine for the Ague, whrrerv cr it lha been kinownl and appreciated. Already I hau it beearn carried in every direction throughout the United States, and still realizes more than could I Shave beeun aticipated by its mostl salnguine frienlds. Thliousands of Itpersonsi have r not onily been relieLved,I Sbllut rer ed t. heialth andl vigor through its agell. ey; and they now cheerfully testify, at every op. 'potrtunity, to its irdeided anld suprenme efficay. I is eotmpo.ed of such mredircinal principle s irots e c.l related to renew the Ihealthy actionll oftit tolhe - d acl liver, and othler important digetive lrgais, tihe loss of which hIlrlllony is tihe illnndiate cause of thle ilistea. It is apparent also, tihat it priodu. co an ent:ir t change in tile colndition o' tile syterll, anlld certainly destroyys the lntive liability to relap. sen of tl+. altlfetion. WhVlun the Aguro in attended withlt alny other cllotplailnt, tihe emoployment iI ti le Tonie Mixture will not interfere wilth thie treat. r enlt fll tie llther di-evas, but wi.l one allind as. stanhllle ily lurnishitg strenlgth sidl vigor to thllI body durinrg tIle course of tretmtret. Tihose whel inlkt nru oa tIlit tedicinn ally bre assured Itllt - tihere is lno Areernie, Barks, Mlercury, or anly other to *ariile in its comnposition unlrriairdi tl to the humuan .,I coistititio ; beingll entirely a vegetable rstraect; ll and they tay iy have udditioalll confidlenc in lthe , use thereol, when they perceive thait it lhas ti et l y feetof a gentln laxative ablout the time Ialf hot. I t tie full lha been taken--in conlsquenca uof whicih, there is in part of the imedicina left to linger ill 1. ite bowle to catuse obstructions, and other evil:i, Sarisi.l ire the ue of of riay st tlre rlemedies now aoitr-ti lir the ecure ti' this altvctliin. It has beent us-ed alsot e ia t prevenltive., by mllly who were sub i ect tI periodlicral recurrence otf tle Chills, and it hai invariably warded olf tle apprelhanded attlcs. i ()bbseree ie PoI'prietor, fully satiolied a. it tilhe , utplllar leoled tind universal success wvhieih hasI cun. ts ettntly ntitetediid a punctual and relullur ust ot f thle . It'ltoi Mixture, in all cases of Fever oad Agua, Strols warrailted in englginig to refund the priice to all tiose wsho have t Ilten tIhe tedicinea in strict te. e cordance wjili thie prescribed directions, wIlthout Ihavirg been perfectly and lastingly cured. Tleu erubscribers are thel wholeral agents fn r the South WVltern States, Illd hIarv l w n Uo hanill d ix r ty cats of tllis Illedlcllle, whilch in warraltted frehvi t and genuine. For sale at ttie InallUfetured price JARiVIS & ANL)II.WiVS, noI c Wl ilesale Drc'girtsl of i no cur Commtolnn 'l'cho lpitoular treer. lMis.sassippi ilntd Loulsiana uloel, IRs. MARY KII &LAND) respectfully an. L ounics to her friends and the public gene. ully that tnlli is prepared to aconmmodate them at i;o oloe, estahlisnhment, and hopes ftrm her !xertiol to renderr visitors cmifireabhle, to receive I continuance of termer laveorn. Sihe feels cotni. lent that parsons iaiting Covi-rgi3n during the tlellr months, cannot find better acclnniudltions than shei callc olrd them, ol tmor i hiboral lotrms. IHer Ilouso l plllasantly sitrrual.-, and well supplied with every convenienie; the bar is furnishedr with thl moet clhoice lhllurs, &c. in llort,si e promise, "''at nothtilg shall bL wanting on lll r part to give (tire saliat.+etion to all who maIIy patroiize, tho Mli.issippi a lll I )jmiana Illotl. j:3 liU.OIn WA! , V 00l) S('RIEWS, SADl) IRONS, &c. /I IN IIiT)WELL WORKS COMPANY, No. i 3d r Wrater, near Beckman street, New Yho k, have recevived lth paet season, and are cl.stanlly recrvilng large and elxtenive additiolls to the stock of tie above goods, which now eoooista of the oilh ciilg assc uitmnut, suitable lfo the touthern anid 'ester inma tlrkts. Hollow ware of surperior quality, consisting of about 1500 ten,. viz, Pots of 1' ditTerent sizes, fron 2:8 to 50 gallons, I Kettles, 15i azer, frlon 3:H to 30 gullous, lKellvs, 15 sizer, fron 3:8 to 18 gallonr, lt.reprtn or Ovons, 7 dt.E reit viaze, Tea Kettles, f d skirhlles,, do Flat Spiders . d' Cur'red Spider-, ' d lredvI , ., . - 4 d ii ciim I ,,,'-v I ir li , I-I I3 I ire.,'h , - 11'ad .s.': 1'',I '::f .tIIpI r :,ir, . irionll bil Ih s,, Iro S. i ih , .l u 3 31, 3.9 h, , i S I :f a ic opeC i- r . -l litly iul lie ,a rv lii, nd au J ulu' in, ,ll Iron aslortl, in casr ofll about 500 lbIrirl rl re" l d.i o ti 1 'cnlhti'e hanirbelrd' I frons, fsoored.nrl I SIr a ,ies w la ht , 10d p tii l i ti n o, ilra Irl'e d t el I -iMt . tol Smadil to iorder, Also stoeambeati and other rmachinery made to 1 ardrr. r The above aisortment of goods is particinlarly prices, and upon tile most iheral terms ; it ir be limed to be the largest and bust assortmleot ever Iadlr'd for slalle by any one oetablislnuuut in the Unlled States. 5Sllchanto, by forwarding a request by mail, an. have a prnn'd ecrcular, with decarlpttou of Conk, prices and terms, f-tm which no deviation is over made, f'urnm<hed by return of mail. All orders will receiv ilnmnediatl attentiol. New York, It3d. j.3 L IV Glenra's FIrfunriles. S l dian Dye, Fir relorlng itrlie Ililr; ileicr's (III, Russitans belr's !orers,, poInathlll, M1clhoa, '. M".I cle \V osh, .vprl r pearl ipowder, Ip wi l ,, rern1 't roses, vegetable rouge, one 0l rs-, hlp stlte. 1 b e!+,, ate t ,o t hi I wt11 i t n 1, , 1, 0 , t dlnlll lic- , ,i a ,l_."i fl w ni,.r wa;lr, pander puffs anid hivoc, A. ii, ,il I chlllri al, I,'a l P 11111 li up in oullr mi ltll ' , I'r+e i 11 .silr., lliolnl-, krrevo tio to tivh ai 'hI o b , lle br>ev, ,E .iel r'lionleli comvlv , Ii in Io r l ill, I Iiia ll e - i c- i v I .ihc pIi rIui i llr '. .e', a'i -1- ve i at Ce.. . 'IrRi.C IA. RD S"I ,. dra-,ri t',nicei ,l ,i licr' , ll , 11113t1 , ,a t i l.l t'l' --I h'a h he Iildlr-g it itr.ivilli urilc'I. . ', ', O ,v yrian c,.' y l i i115-'0 .,0 i I 7ll,\7 - .11 Sete I., 1o ic-h }'e l a ti i+',' very exthlsive set of lln e Is+, temr istine of I chler ni I esc. rl t Knives of a dei crilnioi , Pel, ,Iclt tihlt, rnd Hn enir prini Inivec; .lzorire, S,'is Si,ore,. [ll: 'l'oolrs,.. & c. a-c. lhich ihiv-uy v Ilve lpicd rie iliht ton the trale o r .v d, r . 'l'rt r arn id r cunditions ilil t J madt• knl-n at t 'h limie. Oil-( J. I). LEN : A C(: il 11N.0 (o rlllnlo n sI. 1c \1'.i(.i, IfIATTt i$(i.-i0 rllll i,R i tii,, l i, r, Ir e irl v . li vich H r i i l rm o plhv i In: lt r, huit t l i pocket pistoiils; 4ei n h, i b d , tpl t 'i,/,I c.pI : f i inall rsi erevesl - c ,lv, i. , tlr: t(illhat' m,.om er ci: anl. otiher stenl pt.s; \hll ts; I'i( 1 ,. rtl hi l+; shelll, oiv r mllid hoi-n e. lll;b .'i I k, hear! :ui l i tlichr lr I elsc io hL. its, frot ari d ack ilv;Riel; n itr pul ; errm lull I'i-ch colourei i v.:lt 'r, It b s llr m~t l i oil,i 'ilatiou do iu i tl i; portavile. oill d dresidu cls .i: prillvat il-vckli ; cltaliai l toiilet rg l l siTee; coir Ix v nlllriv opi c .i-,l his- taln i c it ili ndian iad-,y hr , lit- lp. l i ,s: o dh"r, c to:tie wash blls; ace~iii d i l tin nchi i poul vsmill ; crew cVlic hio Iilt l rl-c hea ill'Chai il necklaces; l illuiard halls; pi1u t botiks liul willrlts; rolaihr iuv.. vier, ilrcirv doi vvotlls llhudcb ril, ve cicll ls; 0 crrl v nlir;ne el, varv&lr. ' Th cI-h.1 e i in dEircL to olihr i ni-r sr-tlck of l I, it u tenlllch, ..~uk,:souur aIS tliti',tll veev cI ,nidct.. 1'1 aid I w IlcvLo rnelil.tlas tire sign of lhe (irdtrilrmiltlc i a 31 (36 C' ,rres, N. w (r'i, n . Wl1ii . S. G'ANT' & C,. ernor-ere rl F'rench ' ,n. la~hnvesh China and IIrthe. wv.l.r,, are ,' IT.eit new n1 d ich l ilerrs oIrhre, c era sl v, HdinVe ,'id tra services, h-ii!n rie, Litth- es, e '-i I a ,i coil~ e rupse, tcecpcs, n-u- ars, icr.'a os, Io v leI-, pllnte, d rihe. IllturJ lu , wal, b.i sd an1 ell-rs, haool baIts, etc. rin. ItRlr re nod plain French arid Anerricon gi Swale-.obhletas lcmpanigre,.e Imonadce-. j live', I hrls, iwinue, cirdial, ceirentr , | lW! , doc .u ers, iii blere, pre.erve ediiesre hcleries, pillch rsc hiri p, i pip rhadl and gla-see, candcle iha uo, n.tlt cal :v r plated, i reanzed and hritavia wo r-en.-" tors, hqi r erland, cako hnuckei,c candlT.l ., branchvsapos,,ol,ladle , ,off;eoand islic , , iislu r., Ire:lls a. mp., japanneld treas, a ral rT nd-,ari,jl ha uin, Ic lampl, line cutlercy, Berman shlver s.iToo.. : ilihrkis, yorlather with a nreT l vTariety a- Ip rlci, er faily u 1 e. Mer-rhanrs, ilimotre, hotI, I. nn i call 1iii ficrlinlhed w h cl,,, au n en ii.e e r. annable pricr, ant pa ked ti , as it b> evhveye'd w'Iti ral-ly i any ple if the cuon re-, -,lie, ,erprearies' ginssware. no 2 _ "-' i, t 'iiintry Merlc anoi, anld Plvnter. Ne ",.ri e v sh , lenketrs, f nele rle, linsels lea ril ` thirri il_-" c++. ck , linens. , ,h een , hasndkb *I,, h,.l So: ,. i. ,.rn d and fo l nte low by 11,. "+cob".r;. Rn-+ri-A t .- t...l .i on _ciiI _IAll, ARR,.A1(:En ir+ : la,. I . .trh el m. M il, L he b , 1 v a y Il " , -, Clorse,;a Iry a.iu at I .11Ur At , A r ri vtc Acrarlu l ui ei'v.e r + ui by1m . I'.. .1 iarnon Ip F in, Vd i 'NeI l Co8ml. t .p in e llv {1" , ,+ u ·, nlt lon , sad Satlurd d b lyvl. I'. 13I ea k - 7t 111 IIr. 1 y, a Cu int e . a ;hi, 1'. r.. vin I '. 1:\1'RF:SS 31.11,. 'I'IES OF ARIRIVA,, 1)EPIA .'I';:ItE ISlT'ANCE &r. of tnhe Expres Mail, +tY'. .nin lo el a lv Ne Yolrk--lcavi.g RMo ile cail, at i I'. m1. durhIari New York daily at . .JI byuuthr l. Aivcnt ALrrive DIn,tan. T'imn,. Itr'urn'g ..ont..merrv. Ala. L' Iut, 8 "1. '8 2+3 ht 1' m. Colu .bux +l;t. ll 81 9y . Alilleda evilI+. Cit. 2 I:'. 1 :4 II.m ".ulul.,i,, S .C. 7 s, . I13:, 171 Ili a nlecn,.N C. b1 717.-q I: Warrenton, Va., l2 m. ;, 1:t;, l'cternbur, b"a. lt p,. 937 10 a. m ltiehtnmld, V . 1 , i ;" : ilredekicksburg, 8 1;7 7 11 in. \\',,hi ,+ ,,eity, 2; ..... . t;I ! ! 11,11ticmcn",l' (i; :i8 "1 9I New Yuck 2 .9. l il I; I t15 14: I , r '., 2: ( Nlllllw nn~l. Cumin ' Rlnll its "ill, 1110 finis in ~i I, bmtr less; brin!":i dna', c ll~ 17'bn h8u>. 'i'('IA AN VA "(1' 0Ill 1 .l4( III:, " '.B t lll ll r Il " t-IIl . . I ....... ,nn, vill ', ....ill .. ý ;, i,'",',' l ", uaa . . .... (:11 i, :I , ut +1 1 7 tr c ,t l. alvnug , $) fen or Ilitrellrnb~?ls in lcl i vrh G. l.V I+tch-, an t l y I .+ ,ed llcent ill Il.a upeetl'h lllnun .4' b"i la,, i. L,· e ,, • ,+, el~ll by n rceni but h t I'l lld rl. w+ lion I t,, bna e.:t a, v it te lii. 31lllql" of csl8ir , nhir ,Ie"I bwh s• tu, c lal Jr ita liIlIIIti've-s l Bll lt t ill : I·( II1I i't e t , 'llll. ininst reteivi.,,0 ol hrhoric s+id1 ne gro, it. wel u8 at hlq Pl'raill+ l'tIll llll t·? "gill r ilc l"n l th elit aH < -Ins, p" ra!% Ii l ll, lll,,lllu r: ri i l i' the m l " Iv eafirrocd gine th"n. I b abm..rvnl ,il bepni fu 'dti?' i u ........ in., i l, ui' i,,,,<i il ... ....... ... th, . tlni cnder lh I , r ti ) 13:7 t'uI ldcl , cwai"t c ofl. l. i \T 'ill l: '1r r ltot ' di++olvrd. Th'P +ul,-rr.-tlr wil Ii qui" t. tin iLir.t( tile concer, it, Ib itv +.,d r,, u d , 11 ', u II ll. p 6n in en rd i o llmulkatlki lictnl In bll e auld , md a nll l.' vi clalim, 1 , +t i IIlu prn /l n II I'nr +rtt "Inll iallg 1i-- tt I l (; It II; l il+:T.I'ON CAPTAr~IN 31,1,t'h;1'.1'1'r:, N+1).+Vl.:1,S; RlV llir, the. , i- ]'e+, b I.y the it till r I I l ',ta£ ,"i,,pllel N in ,2 volll. " (fl mlnintl e, urit li 1rr "+ in t ?r Ill +. h-P+ " .l :itvlrIt, hy Cuth nl t xi i lht 11Il11, Ituvia NI Y. 1.'.I. 1 Lrd Id hldr., It rlUi, rr'x I,,' Al 1 . '1 i gila 1 v, 9/heppanrd l.rr, wrilti~u i's hilu-cll', itu '2 ,.I.. J1 Com prn.iti.+lt+, 1lialar! ul .aly, tu,+n uhtld lrom tics Ol'ignl Iiu l li I ll'mt bt '1u ll ii 'eil¢ it, I vo " ftor Itlillf No. 7) llfIlltl )l-t+ Enmityl I i rn,"lr " Vuh+. :1 ,9; 4 nl- lh"ne ic ,' (Imil,lah. anid unit:.irl+ editionl of Wasl~hingtlon Irt'irtt.+8" .)'x( i,, Roagr's F2rench nn,[ I+:n..lih !1,,13li11,+;. in I r, ,I 3vr .'l'ugent's P"eet+.h nn,! iJ.+Zltsh Ilicli~u:,t rin, AIt.h+.- A fiw ll e r..iljioi . ' .f c ( ,llllllll, I'IPht UtogV "Ii lll, 4' I11"3'I' . t cltl ' a' iI r ' 111u·,"c l - cc. p ' riai qul it,wl, i111 el;,ia , 'Iiilli,,i. r!l .' "+ ',''If 2 - a d in,.the  G 'iloit's itmip oyt ~,d ii+tcllh l l'rit ., lit ,iiirdI iiiiir;, eigh l Sc. ,e. &+: " JIlSl recreived, u 1Il foruT bUh y h, 11131 " 1I:1,1. LIVY. I'INNO('K'S {OM1I:., c. .[ (:lo trls ahitht's rlr txt o' Ilitur' y of to P hich is pretixo,' apt Iurn,,, v on to the Stndy |IlMao t Illtorov, attld t rt v lrty bo v ttullbe infor oration added ' (tl+ottt l al tll t-o i at, ell the ,n oanaer Ieiasrttttrt tnd. , d t titttti'' t aOf th e iot r tno; W l ntita Ittorouas Litit.gtr liat l't, l a tt i ,Ilitora'tiI Notes' o d qgoeu tlion s fur .x' a tt htItr :,i L". 0.I ~t n.rt ll . e'ti'm. In - hla rutet r ilhtiit 1 tt dil t I.:,. wa il, by Atherton luarust' ' 0 llpr ,d IIIt, 1 "fl', ( A,,Jl 6n I ' |. ory of I lg nlld, filll trla i a 'a',r,.111 I1 taI t a ' I0 r to de ath of (t:on'e 'l, t i, to rho yoa l0:''. 1\t h lnb qllu,,,, , , ",," tl. Lo w0,1 1 nt if, u/ld o I c llc 1 8 t'r ,ln. ..1 ,, . ; i i Il ' I ' ,,l" kabl~ l..' mf' rlnm tion hll t i tlnhl,,a' o , h, z ,,r . 'lll t i tt u aI' table (I" o Itllt, 111. " ' lll . I I Il 1Lil·. ""nlll ell l r l.u "IX pI.. , t. I t 11,1eW . It,'1a I at on l to p i tlie ,Cllllnlnlt-l itlll ]H[ :l '*rI l I "1 ll ( 'I~ , " A li til Ipin ith a-atl'ttthaa, A-o. . a !t. l ttltcd ) b taty sat1'o (io'on' l'Fl.rIr. rr e," ' .r t''ll,aa I ilad i t triJgrntrt ot n leitll's. ,;tw T'!. I1,. Il It;. 1"I." o t illbcio. Noe to arl t I .ll atlla M ll ait ' ta , Itll Ia a t ,, I f a tihe Ai m YJlt rt ir d ad upt r X "r t ' \ ,\I t 'KIi AN ran tr 'ull '' ant (uillap (I HIIPTwI st u 1 'II .I :ll 'II· t'l. " ' I. t ,I a r lLX ll. 0 r 1 0l<11.1['1, i .i i,iu,+J ,tvl ,,, I'hflh , l',li ., 1) D), with oth:, "N.. L)' It, n J~0,l.., ii, r;, dunll l,, , r.dll Pople .d ,h-.fl+ , ,'... " itl' I,, I II' `, l" i ,iI nisgrae tl a at -atdan l lt t1 ' . ', " , ' I l, tr .n led L,'"t' trso. laeta otf I bait' lilt., t. t to, t ll l l "il o t . X '01 ,. . ... , I., ,:,1 +. , . b, 1' i, l i ril1' : It.0 W l , , ,'I ,f " It. I ,.f , ~ t L. \ I o l ! |I .l i .. f t .. i ,," rI . t . 'ar i F. I ,t itItlel h. n S.X1 a...o ', ' tt n ri, oa .. I 11' I T1 . 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