Newspaper of True American, July 6, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated July 6, 1839 Page 2
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OThUE AMERiUa N. FAITIVrPUI AND BOLD. rfflideltl $ornal of the 29 ftrunlctpalit_. PUBLISHED Daly Tri-Weekly & Weekly. ril t\I t S H 1t I A N W : SSATURDAY, JULY 6, 1829. TRUTH NO LIBEL. THE GREAT LIBEL CASE. This great trial is going on with unremitted in. e..U. Every hour, it rises into an importance that the superficial never dreamed of. The Crimi -eal Court is now the scene of a desperate battle for the liberties of the press, against the encroach. aetes of power. 'rhe room yesterday was crowd ed to suffocation and from the intense interest ex. hibited by the almost breathless multitude, the teMSareless could see that it was not the fate of one man that was involved in the decision of this ease, but the fate of every citizon of Louisiana. The powerful and eloquent speech of Mr. Souls (would we could have given it to-day!) enchained the hearers to their seats and being delivered in Frenah, it was proof that our Creole follow citizens were present in multitudes,and that they felt equal. ly with'ourselves the danger to which their rights .are exposed. During hins peech,more than to hours lonmg, a pin dropping upon tile floor could be heard. The burst of eloquenea that fell from his lips!-we cannot now do justice tohis noable vindication of the principles invol ved in this trial. His whole speech shall appear to morrow morning. Mr. Pe. ton followed, and in a speech ofdhree hours in length,argned with a ppwer that wi!l never be forgotten by his Iearerre. ho just were his or gsrments,so tonuchiec ntis amp.eas, that it aon with dilii eulty thete'lings of the auditory could be restrained. Indsed, at one time, the railinuse was loud, long and detrminfed. This admnirntle speech will appear to.. morrol-ifwe can get it ready; if not on Monday. The trial is continued Ihit morning, tir. Wieringtln speaking to the qestionn now in d:bntn--twhlthnr the ftrwt af'a alleged libel can be giren in eoldence? Lrterfron.e Englend.-- Ve have received rur recrn lsrgles of London Journals of May 18th, one day later than those brought by the Great \Vesterm, and I iver pod papers to tine 20th of .iay, in.lunive. per the pack. etship Cstnbri,lce, Burslny. at New Yoitk. Frntm the Liverpool Mere. Gnzettl of the 2th Mlay, we lban that the limited demand in the et.lon t mar; et eomninned.the trade only taking a sufficient supplly for their immediate reduced consumption. Chief holdlers were firm, and there was but little alteration to report ie American and Surnt, while Brazil an! Egyptian h,.d declined d. per lb. The bnuinessof tihe week ending 19h. (evening) was 7960 bnge, of which 210 Americnn end 100 Mt asraenhm ce for shipment. Tf these oe.,t SO=0 bags of bowed, at 7) to 9d.-t180 Mobile, Alabama aed Tennessen 7I to 9d-2250 Orleans at 7. to lid. The sales on the 201ih were 1200 bugs, chirtly American without any change in prices. In tobacco, the gales for the week were 10 hhds. at 9d. for Kentucky leaf, and is. to Is. 4d. for stemr med. Our Manchester date. are up to the 17th of May in full. The heavy shippers of goods and twist think thorlow as both are, they are destined to frl'ow the drooping market in Liverpool. ipinnere and manufaer tunera think differently, nod some of them are now re. frsing to sell at all, except at increased rates. The de cline in cotton that wtak wan con=idered eqnal to an adevmee on goods of per piece, worth 7s 6d. Yarns ofonme kinds had been sold a shade lower. At Hulifax yarnsstationary. The Leeds market was dell, as the expectatin of large orders from America had nothren realised. The Huddlerfield market was suffering from the same cause. The wool markets were firm. At OGdhatr, the cotton business was extremely depre· aed,the machinery ofeyery mnill bein in operation only thteeorfourdays in tihe week. 'The powe: lootn wea vers at three establishments were working only full time. Money, for commercial discounts in London, conti, ued in full demand, and was not to be obtained on any condition, under five per cent. The determination, therefore, of tlhe Bank of Englind in raising the rate of interet,would operatoeas a steady restrict;ou upon them lves. Oureogagementts in the libel ca .e neesearily pre eats that attetntion to our paper which is required, and hance our apology for want of variety. CRIMINAL COURT, UTATE OF LOUISIAN.A, JONN GIBSON. ) Fridluy, J uly 5th, 1839. The court met according to adjournment at 10 lo'clock MrCohen made some explanentory remarks, in relation to.his posilion as Couteil for defendant. Mr L'oul then rose and neeupied the attention of the I Coart for an hour and a half in ut, argument in favor tf admlting the trutlh in evidetce, forjustificaltiot and to show the quo onim of the pntlicutiotn. This stleeclh will be given at tull length to-morott, Snndoy morn ui.r Baillie follow d lir. Ernie. and finisll dhis argunteet, e, bruoing the point prnponed by him yester day. He closed at three o'clock, whenthe court ad journed to meet this u) trning:at ten. Mr P's speechl Uril begiven on ondoady. CRIMINA. COURT. oetinuatlion of WEDNEY DA Y' Proceedin.g State of Louisiinno, John Gibon. for libel. Mr R. Huhtt, ail : that in criminal prosecntionq for libel, the'truth cnnont be given in evidence. 'I here was a wide and marked dlistietioun bert t o ciil and criminal matters. The criminal law considleed a libel in no other lightthan a publication ealculated to ditourb the peace of the :omull nily. The very truth i- sOmelimr s tie mott calcu'nted to sting an indiviodtal aond to imel i him to c n.ooit vi olen-e. Tho C.oniutoon, of several States of the IUion, hat I he:n red t show tllat in thion, eraten. hy express ch1t+'s, 0* IrIth eon b., prove I in all suitufor liel. Ilowv'r great the respee;, he C·I for the wit on of tile framers of those cnlllittii.ll stdil the p-e."ord to recurto the to('ooitutliot of Lonio lane, in settling a nse. It was a nonw. doclrene to eo.ltend the, h'ecusor thh constitutions of Missisaippi, Mlisnouri &r, permitted the truth to be and duotd i: evldenc,. l,ouiniana:, shouldtl take thoem na Ilw when our own conostiditins contains not eacl pro No one more thlon he did, aothired free discussion and afre, preon, but hte w:ao in t an i.dvocato for a licentiouo ledid not wish to s.e the press ;nvndino ; t.he lnnernary of plrivte life, dristorbino the pe ore oftocelry, bringingforwnrd things which were secret an I whn i d1l notalfret the public. ar l than, wh o n the l:ialhif was done, ever to shield itsell by an olfer to prove the rulth. Tlhere were many rndtances, in which the truth would be rather an aggrnvationl. onpppse the cae ,fiof I woman whoin early life hld erred, nol whto sho.tltd of terwards relent andt lead life ofvirune. Suppose tlmat John Gibson shtohi drat forth this wolmal nd expose herearly faulls. nwhich had Ieen pardonl d in IHeaten woul such a pubhlication be ;i abuse of the liberry of th epl.ead Shoofdl hn th blherin sorh a casn e be low ed to prove the truth? In a criminal suit for libel, helre wasno issue bertwen tlh inoht ilu o libelled and tile nc cased. The state prosecures for nn act tenldig to dis wurb the peane, alld if tile to our be admitteld, the person libelled should be made it pary,-a thing impossliloe in acriminal case. We havef been told that the doctrine elitainml d by us. owes its origin to the Inglisl Star Chamber. He wonon advocate of that body, but at the .timhit rst liddown the doceriu-, that court was con I parMtively pure. Mr. F., Inoweve, tmaintained that thi doctrine htw its origin higher tp. It was derived from Staeivil law, aeysatm aoproved by all enlichted men, mad bend upon the eoundest wisdom. 'The uniform a.o.rmntofthe deiions, except a few casen . and they tloperOg ty reported, has been Ilant the truth ernnet be [ aldmittd i evtdence ias a defence to crimrninal suit fr ibet N ease of auhority can be quoted to the contra ey.ewcept in our own coutry, whllere those d' cisions werlbsed on the h turnte a nd oastitutionnl provisions. Mr.H. then read in onpport of his position, thie law I Eflitel fiom 4th. lloatkst 15'1,and from Southll Carollil on sCot. Rep, cae of State vo. Leary, Mr. H., nddition I thelttatunt of thi statre relative to slander, and drclmre, that "in a civil suit, for slander, derfamn or lilbl, the truth may be plead injustification " lie Sthat this wresn ernntive pregnant with a neg- i Sad that if the Illinelture had wiahed it to be ao t tsjindul ecaue, it would have hes on declared. Tf - 1m. _. CoGrt. E.sq in rlply to the fioreging stated a elte that in b li'in he did son not i .atheodvenote of de!ieadol,for in the view he a would take, the ineeretlof the defendant wele swallow. a ,d up in the vast interest of the country. lie did not ps It pearas the opponent of him who clahins to be the in. jfred party, with whom Mer 's intercourse had always p een friiendly. d Though he felt personal interest for hisclieat. Mr C sppeared as anmi euseurieaaslhe freind of the court I and the country's and tile constitution',. This throng ed court-thls pressing erowd-tlli hum of mrogrex e dectations--these looks oh'itense anxiety uround us- all proelanil the. soluemn importance of thi. occasiontn Tuta yonr eye to this unexampled asehmblage ; listen to to their whispers of deep interest. I is a happy man fIor freedom that the citizen does take atny itterest in such cases. This anxiety anno,;dces the glory of a triumph and that this is one of tile most imlpollant occasions that ever did or ever couhl present itself to a court of Judicature in our flee ani beloved country. Important notas it concerns tie defendant only. hut ai it concerns great and glorious principlla, in comparison witht the pnrity and pernervntion of which thedefendant and his counscl,nd his individual canuse sink into ir.ignificance Not that he ttindiff'nrnt of all he has snffred alrendyor may hereafter suffer not that he ia indiferent to the deep mnrtification of being indicted on the charge, however innocence may support .him. not that le is iuldiierent to the painful stigma of bheing prosenuted as a false and malicious libeller, however soon that staill mny ihe wiped away by a verdict of acquittal-not that he is indifferentjto having been pnhlicly arraigned as a crimi nal though he laid his hand upon his heart and in pre aenee of God plead " not guilty,"--not that h was in d iffl'erent to having been held to bii that he would not ran away, though here he han chosen his voluntary home when " the world was all beftre him and prudence his guide"; tho' here he had his fiiends his interest, his i -etif att tho' here he has earned all that he hrs, s and become whatever he in, thltiher lie has lived for years, and here lhe hopes to die. To any or all of lthee a tender and touching consideriatins he and his connhel are not ad cannot be iudiff relt, bt theil deepest interest uwhich he and they take in his trial is not forhimselfbut for olhers, list fellow eitlzel s, his country-her sacred contitution, her precious and hIly liberty. For he feels as te' de, that a little whtile, and " the placer that know Sus shall k low ds no molr;" but this day's trial will never die--tlnt it not only concerns all whllo participate in it; buit, slviving them, will reach, for good or ill the dear eat righits of nou remotite posterity-ni'fwting and d to effect not only those here present, but extcnding to the mnost distant Iorder (of uoa wide spread state. While, therefoee, Mr. C pretends to no unnatural I indlfrence to beinl imprisoned in the filor walls of a Idungeon, thin antd otherperoetrs l ontlc ieratl:et . .::t into the dust, and Ith tramples on them, whien comlp.- t ' ...I: Ihose Iilher and deeper publie slid eternal princes - inv. ked in h c case. It i ntot fonlo private motives, or r fears that he has employed numerous counsel nor ithit they have consented to be ilCre. Moved nt by ltheir fliendship for him, nr any emity to the party chiming to be iintred by Illn---te, his counsel, are here e Ileentte,ca'led to disrllbrge n great professional duty l they would not shrink hec .e hey believe as he does, or that under atn undlelinrd offee, by Ili and exploded r Illlos cfla w, or t il h Inovel rles of evidence, thro' a him tle lihelty of the press maoy be assailed, thro' his side d the sacreedrielt, secured by the C(onstirltion, may be C wounded--in hie person llth freedom of discussion may a be pierced or crushed! 'These rights and this constitu tion are the property of all, which not to drfend is to desert It is in these views that this occasion is deeply imptrtant. This in a rare proceeding-the precedent of to-day becomea law to-morrow. Thui' Louisiann, it differing from all the other staten, allows no appeal to a higher court ineriminnl caee-there is a tribunal which will sit in judgment on all thlut is this day done or setid by each nad all of us. HBifore the bar of public opinion ibre on earth.and at the hielt chancery of heaven here. after, we, as well an Mr. Gibson, shall he jnldged. This case will become part and parcel of history, and will live forever. on its undying pages, a pattern to imitate, or an example to dater, a light to lead, ior a beacon to avoid. We the sworn officers ofjustice, shall be tried in the case by postelity. God grant they may acquit us all of an unide excitement--that they man y see in all of us no too zealous haste, no unusual sternness-no un aneeded rigor. To secure these, leta s have a fair and manly trial, and let the court pause well and ponder long, ere it reject our application to offer the ttuth in evidence. The counsel had read the caseof lle State vs. Leary, by lnudle Waires, ofSouth Carolina. This ease was Spubhlished more than onle fourth of'a century ago;we have not now any means of knowing what the law cf South Carolina is at this day. At the mere mention of South Carolina a thousand Srecollection ofnativity andt early home and youthful ' friends, throng thick and fiIst irnotd Mr. C's heart; but he had no tinme to express them. lie wolldl not trlst himself to commence speakiag of his native state. But "place auoxdamoes "--The Carolina judge supposesothe case ofa yyoung and lovely woman, who may have yield ed o a seducer; suppose, she had e inae become tile failhful partner of somIe worthy mtn, and thie mother of a virtuous ofi.pting-suppoxe her frailties forgiven, and asks if her expiated sins aoy be dragged fromt privacy il which they shelter.d, presentced to tie view flt an mno feeling world--ponished afrteslh ly disgrace a td onlin, and tie poo:r penintent robbed of the fruits of her re peltance. This, Mr. C. could answer us o e went along. In this case, the seduced is not lher prosecutor; and lr. C., to illustrate anltshow te sabstuality of the sup. position, said it reminded him of the- anecdote related ly IBo, about Mnr. and lMrs. Ilanble, .whenl called before tilhe Iagistrate. The lien peeked hullsbund ws collet oip to answer to some act of ilis terllalansll atid vir. Site. lie plead not guiltgy, soalosaid Isli wife was slone to blhme, tilr site alone had done the act charged, Whereopo t, aho magistrate inferyted him, that being a husbonel, ehe lew suIpposed himn to have the entire con troul over his wife and househnil, and (thtt the law fuir thler tuppoed that his il c llo hidc d llllhillg, hereChv n neighbor was injulred, withoul his orders or alhority -in feat the law supposed himn to be iih.t sovereign h uns, errathono, atnd lte rdlerof lihs.t ILtnhile.. "Doe. tlhe Ilw indeed suppose sot" enquired lie. Itutllle. Indeed it does, was tile answer "Tthen," exclaimed Mtr. [tuln "the law is an ass." (nrcs of laughite'.) Jtudge Wailte, in the decision from South Carolina denies Itat Ithl doctrine rnt.le froetl the Star Clha.a er, and Ifeces it to tile civil Inw. This, .fJ Irte, would bta no recommen tolu n, for thle civil Inw llllllou superPio ins Sen trnetIp, is inletli+r irn erileli ltI l , mlllU na ren pe is ithe librty of perlOne s In the ihke. TI'e tieale anst- it is the l ew of mat l of l Ih e fre Stares of. l teri eat tnl ive. three States to prove :l, in tat one of e hia h it wi s . he lnw wt the lit he wi . he II: saa la iel tai t la I of N ewr Itark. ts aplpears by itheg ae of l 'rofll. 'Nw the case occutrred in 1:s , andt an a was pIt-sed in 1aa 05 per, itting l te truth h t he given it n evidence, which art the jndge is ignlorant of iln 1811 , aw. hen le mlde tile ,deci. ion quoled. 11e nddr, " i t t.ay the iiw T Pmest Ir1 oIl, lld llIlllt hrve l ePn ill (Olllllle iptlil ifrl the CI tI of 04;" thus en.tadictintg hIs own words and ildi reclly tndmlling it nl to et so now. .Judge \Vailes end eavored ato casrt li-credit upon the sources of Ilt co lo. 1o leaw, and telis its how it lItn diltte ted t hrough srcces eive aes llntil it has ieallle ia brt ld, tine, tonl - patrentlt 'leam. 'This rlne indetl i r V. .of tlit lr tatint S 1.til i'eer.ia,frO h' Oh aliphrto n at! a lec th, dilf rer grades sf the noooiitc, until it rentchet rite - - th 1 hnogh clear and pureIt wlas wicne s n la~o , 'a . ag pretrrne t take, lthea geueIte liquoar, and a .t l h ltr riont . In llho rt,he l .oaghl t ie test of lhe exrel |Irenty , a letai" n- not its ita e or he nus be 'lll ltra. nioll it h'el undergone, but the reason o "lhidh It was based. In these 0enlightened days, tihe doctrne that " nothling is lw holt reson," is f.iat gaining faea cr. Ren-oa should be the test of nl thei doctrines handed down by sIle reainmls n Inaw, and it they nnnt stand tlia ordenal'el"ty -ho'aIl le rtjectI'd. 'T'he Ifw of I onisnna inad adop.,led tahe print.lltes allnl ir.tal e of thre common iaw of ieianell i ortsht minl tttltars, "eltuhanioog tot osglhttLo iltronged." tr nno this tane of tle .;nlances ill whilh t chll nge ouglht to take place ? If any rhine otlgllt tobe he'a ge i, it is tie albsurdl Atnd tyrannical doctrine 'r.ainnined y' thlie Attornmy General. The case tdecided by Judgle l'uites washrlanra.terised by a reanekheale lisoure,shich lie. Hunt in ureding the case did not present ro the jltrt. It is atitrays a .golo rule to bhein by thea bhegiinn ; " eomanaeorer par le commencement," f' r tlhe very firot lpatlgrolla eCnontins statlement eofdte' fact tho ila the th l ts allsldirtell il eve dence. This iat lple fiet itself reflle thle lshole decisiol; and shows that thmlugi prooJessiog a isul,ser vienllc to thie com ton la, an Aleertan ll oteOlrt eould not rlnsg itself te lput the fllllh into practice. Thile p peals of clnsooiesll nrel n'lroi ll 'totl, re stronger in inet than old, muast'., ig.eaotlhered Coke and lhe ress of thel. The e re rernted thse hurtheP of the loltne that in lii hetl enes, the truth sliid not he dlllitPed ill evidence IbcaIseII of its tenirdeny to a IereaItl of the' pe'ace. [lain inne rof theo mny abshrlities andl v, ie iletions of tte commlnn law. None of these .rinls eln -stand the touhe thie of Itaerinl spear of resonn. ler. . hell wenlt on to state a number of ca-re of tbilrditiies cnttailied in the common law, in the shipr of le; tii l whieios hih tend to obstrutel t he :t.diinIstrtonl ofjustier, rtillter t sll faeililale it-and whieh turn it. in saule instances, inlt a mtre flree. A father. it leP sle- teI recover lunsages for the ardllction of his dunlght, r malit, to sot -tsLn ait rt allege rhot he was. lay the FPedse-tastn, deitas ed of the saroices of his daughter! ThefJction of law makes the loss of services the basis of the action, and Yet a duke hi such a suit would recover heavier damages than a pesat ; althoul, gh,to to the latter, the services of. his daughter ire of real importance, while the duke hloes no servite;, fqr noble ladie , of comase, do not labor. If a husband brings an action for seduction of his wife, the fiction reqtires that hin action should be based upalon nn all eged los. of the society of his wife, although he may have been a thousand miles off, and voluntarily sep . stnted from his wife at the tinm of the seduction. Tho' by the seduction no loss of the wife's society could oc cur, yet witfnhol tlthe fictitious allegation he could recov er nothing. Many writs are brought tinder the suppo soed names of Richard Roe and John Doe, and on this point Mr. C. related a ludicrous instance which Intely occuoredat the Bay of St. Louis. An individual re ceived process, as taken out by Richard Roe and John Doe, charging him with a trespass upon their lands- I lie treated the matter lightly, never having heard of a either of the indivifuals named, when In! to his as tonislnment, a short time afterwards, the sheriffeame and ousted him from thile houe and lands, not rfo John lioe and Richard Roe, but for some neighbor, who pre.. tended to a better title. lly a fiction of law the real t climants did not appear as plointiftT, and to this day the por tman is at a loses to conceive the justice of his e expulsion from his home by those men ofetraw, Roe & : Doe. The supposition that a libel has a tendency to a br- each of the peace, is also one of the fictions of the common law. Edmund Burke tells us that printing was not notown in England much earlier than the reign I of lInry she 7ith, and in the 3d year of that reign the Stor Chamber was established. (The press and its enemy are neorly co real. As no positive law exisl ed, llbls fell tinder the indefinite class of misdemeanors, and that court having been instituted mainly forothe tria of tmilsemeanors, hating a tendency to produce riots and seditioins, the "lendency of a libel to povoke a cl breach ofthe perce was alleged merely to give the court jurisdiction. lthus a fiction gave coglizane of thile e cast, anld llo that fitiIon is gene'rally alt . ged i s a d easo of thie law of libel as understood by ile prese I tis n. Buit in pint of filet, does it have the tendency alleg. ed ? It ceeilms, not, for the result gives the lie to It fier. tion. Instead of a breach of tlc peace, it has caused a criminal prosecution. But if the pretended tendency to provoke a figet he tile r, ason of the law. Why is a dis tincliondlWan between a printed and a viva voce libel. Do they not equolnhy ad to violence? I may call a Snerchant a windler, or a doctor a seducer, aviolatorof moral truet-iflaoll himsointle publiexchalge,tohls face, he Ilas no criminal action againsit ll ne; bt if I print the words, I limay Ie indicted, and dragged before R crimllnllal court. Would not the worsrl, whethel spo ked or wrilten equally t-nd to a breach of the peace ? Na, it I insult a man to his face, af sud Ion ebullition o f pnisilo Inmay cause hbi' to strike ie, butl if we are apart ut the timle the inlstllt raches him, he may cool rown Y beftre we l eat. Il call a imani a coward or a fool it is not actionable either civilly or critninally; yet cer. I tiinly these worts to a man of heart would provoke a !;: .aIh of the peace. How bseurd then to s!ppose d Ihis to be tile reason o the law; and hot w inconsistant are these pretended principles; how necessary it is to appeal to reason; and as the Apostle says: "prove all things, and hold fast to that which is good." ( To be continued.) I.,nae leanies. 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Iri Allina. e s ft t ile Pr i on t h.39 P tli. e lepr lts I barque ai d I br lea I tlob lcolg, till Tw iboit Po ttoy. Limbr t tio I te pases, t)rteeePt It 1,1 l tle :ir d IIIt., tl t l l i it. Repors IlOthlll i i hsi t Ill tle t TohruM t Itns, Atllddr, from tIles pasiis, ort villr lnwed toieg t se n ships \'lA ksb. rg ni l 'rhOlllO-nt reurlld to th.k cily with rid . l.l.ll. K bv llrd chr II1l rrl eh . L oeft s w baron s ill s Inro .B. AluiguAai, Arulsl~lldt, 59 dal s f~roni Bremen. to KulliGe &- t Ilrllt Ittllllo , ('itrk, frotl Ilavan , :t111h ilt. Ito tt itteritt d- Sn brig Jo.,e Ie nque, o ll Inraao, 11 doa s frroem elruiu, nto n P AIter., as Ititg Astdrostoggi' s, Rllstiy, 47 t id s frnts Psorutind, to Ima sid ttritg t,,t 1,tIti} Ai ttssy,, 3y 5 s faiit. , Ptb, -st'ptI, lio N t F Cn.,ly x.1.. cy . .r llasrriet, l/dgillrs, 5 dn)a fOuro Velusco, to J Reed & P" .Schr H ri e .u' i, l Sbiit, stdays &ioun llaIunl, to WoodsIc S l.r er l t L 5ou is, Swn, esl JSt Listoni in 'EXORTNS. 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It Geddes, J Asllton, Clellideilsll, and b Ru Lke Ein' I I ORAN I .t ris a hrnrt 11Ioien rvpite, t io 10 vaSnnceS Oltl' hat rhnl Ia llplrtuiali Icr1is'(s. aniIft i~ h Au l ll l'31. I II IlNSrEIt 1n 1.& l sintl ssis &- ruf T r irtiih r it sp l tt LLirl+ ts f 'i'lu iti tit', iIn ie sv J1 .lI 'It V I & t ,''ntl), ir lisi't ri ti Illth (a d l "lln e iof ilull I&lln t. TchI l llV,l 's l l 11 A ,ill l ll lV uII . (1)1i 11. 1 11 1 ":-'5 \ il t - - rii f i t iT S 611"t plr r i" Ipi tt I' Ioren $F 1we'uher Ihrreri Sn ld ll ro,- ll I the ars t h om I ] heallll ,) wll blar erle o, "eati s t h I+it ent pis n, th ew inr. l -unW i t' sI l t sn),. th e r . I) iC ns.l Ti I is- I ' et i-t and i ils II' ori lll, fi tso I llll'ts , i l di se r S11 1i . s Gt , s l ps . t " I , h. . ll ' I 1r 1. 1: ll1 1 ll l)i. " 3 ll . lllll i ll ) l 1 I.r dl no 'i-s 'itt p I i ii i ts,"I ,,gf i ii' iii i ti 511(1 Itoitutisttnnt' is till-stilt, l iCi 't t I Ii's's 1 i sttsttttts dIIIt.ittit h3'tld? . Ithe pssthe ssobtesrl 1.11 ut's-' iltssIs ttsi l t, l ists' Psitis sit' JAILV['S A N I I I(t VS. i Jnlt Pih. s 'ti i illllltni ' oi o i T' chlt l his oluh t . i i f, tsili i rtis t t I li ii lnt Iin i 'ltnutc fI-rntiit- IV II sttis, tt.l ii t i i i f orsst l i 17 Prior .,l.e ell Intleitf l,r -r s le D jura I "14 N,, (.evr i thei' tinlt Isllill'' , ,Is llris litiliis u tlie lsts' y -Xlell(, pirsi ndolrl lius r ti iss - ,- d st i. i lisf d flils ' i len ' i e sitn, s ln s i ii hII I v tihe use ot tl' e -s ri. t speciiflts io pri oIfull el· ol:oIPI rdto . I e-vPn intrudd IPd, therl llS mt i I 1lll.111, w~ll pro.lahlv.. IImv of i"'hnl reo-ltrriu/, he re+1o. "iri s t, a s1d 1 ny h Iheliri -.i It itil IltlslsA n S tlc t,'itiis s I'hIntl c uiit s+ si,- .s s r dev sed c srt i nllty i sf kn iwl hfdn e IlhA the wurinll+ Ihrlb -i, and inl ,Inm1' re.ptIrts 1, tln. ll i u s1 n, i rulp s ulhl r Il ll d t , Iittilti-St in ri--lllpll-, lle , A l'arlllo s ils in relader rflirient v i poPovsl, le by an, p s e l gi rlllent •1iiii11-s h I)Ii e ll.l1h inure SIcsr o p i itt slll t lI hi hillV ll nitt ss' tIs.P selvesi n u11ct iilsltlP qsnli., aniid , sl'siii .t isn <l.lfS. I ThIne "t,~.r li,ý+e oI ullnusual xtxlent" +nliiltnd ad ahove, inrhlde< nI p"ri+.1 .f ,,our' lhan htL f ' r etw ilrt iituviniC (.'o nuiiriil"iei in Great Ilritiln ill 17.,2. |II rclurni - ing tn I ITol-lnll ill I,99, Irol 11 i s'lljOllll rl of several as I·l -n lIoh \1est Il+Ih'., llim lnrfcssionlll allenl ilons! were. I ellcty dinrecled to lhe ItraillllPlll olfehranie nlTeelionllll a trlllt npr.e ,(nrt hon I a-. ' beilln of advePlullr.ers to ihe I E.rt u[ l \\+V1 t Ilm ic'. t o ths'r nltlie home in '1l011 iof reliuif d' lil .i ceral. flfections, lllally fliutn 5 ' ' lul ·I ne. " IIIr. I)! il l PI re(d of erl ilr rill Srlreel fllllh l-. <iltOllut pla:in, or ,eslrcely illnuve. JAMlS 1). l['SSII., Sled. 1),1.c. I ('-.L'll"l'OI,'\ SAMPi Il' AIER--A. it, of Saiie by ALEX. T'I-. J,1" 1. No 4:1 ('amp ' s 1lIME--93,0 CtaskeThomallon Iltllun.t fr Stllef I in v I 1 73 Catlltl of. 611' New-Orleansm Chamber of Cmnlmreo. OFFICERS FOR THE YF.R 1839. I'resident, S.. J. Pelters. First Vice President, W. I.. tlodge, Esq. Seconld do1. Jn-. A. Meslic, Esq. Consittee of Appeals for 1839. Jamsss I)ick, James II. Looseieh, .11. C. t'ltnsack, Ahijah isk, . P. O. Sooie, hosoo',Il Thssomspon, ComsilPee ol IArbitration [ar th/e sonl/ osf ato. o'TkekGreetEsslr stal itcloes svery dsy st 10 5 Jlohn ItEddle.atloe, e John ,s Harris, /A. 91. todoossistslegtsn s W aIo kin, y Endo ch y de. Jr. 'hLse I s (lnion... od Is do soory 'uestdia, Tlsussdsy, sod Soturodoc, es 5 The LosGr ie or RMail is closir eoey doey Moat 0 S'clck A. Wed. Is due lrsday, at P. M. t to sod ssstoslroedayasrosktss. Arrivs'o irrecgolrly thros The Rosjco Sstearosso.tlrlor The EAlx adril i o l Res l River il is sat rhalrg-s 10 A. ii. Is due with Ihle Great bastutn Manil, every~ auv.. "Tlhe Lyke y i (via ('ovsnweloo ,Le.) i loede t.OndAstS5ILLE OR hoVts 91A]IL. Wnd \edesdayv l Frid Cloys at 8 o'cluock, A.. . Is due every'l'uesd, C uray ad Stor t ..a oy s Clos ' •ck.P . NA8IHVi .L K R ItshiROAD. i The Lourisile or Riter Maoil is closed every ood n- I eoldoy, oesunselRd soo ta i slotsrd s at 3 P. ti. se wisllol en retune. aboat 9 iv irrgularly tre CAI.1WI., limes a wewearnkon" ortosn The B((t 4Sra or CoA st Illst is 11.4cl cs ver toTCes0ay end Fidav, at8 P oi. Is so t ani r/tcrcl s Sby 8tenmhoa ta., tiooe lessadris sr Red Rier I Maio is se/I irs/gs - la Irly by yteanul~onatr .wice e,wel~k. SIAOAUCtRILLE OR 1TOvEn O'SIL YS CAdlnlht st, i F urdayC O. o. SCoasT nl, I~.. " tUrdcss yt Closeat 8o 'cloc/. P .I. Slnlt~ A IVh J-bi~ . .. SON trial, vesterdllv, it wvaa (irclvt~nlld thatf no elpel • '1/s . otrsIll 5 e tilll t/s'I l o1ils I/ss''rre s/ol 0cc Is/s rogluo, nd that isulhsuld /lo too ichs c it) R/stsPI Illrlsslls " t+. rrl,+ t Hpral l u. EAN IA lllr )11 ,l.TtiNr A llllI Ia Ille tAl Intll ci r.nlprrlellce ofilljllPIrl ltllrtllt I)(ls*r a e gon t~i~l lima t5osf dneksr sor tlea,llelo /llso o/tsses hieecO/sla/c/ . r r ol s/I to c llnll t tile d lo ll lwil ll r n lllllt o I l - net, commne ng~lc on t e 1t t nst . rrascoococsg /st/srll ll 0trroswi tr 005-S lsrcsdo t/sr IIoSace/sr BUllsIM I.I R',tNGEEIIqTS PeR TrlE VI'EEK DAYS.5 Prom Ctrt/s ollso. s c l s cc./esicos Or osc ' orse C as/ r at 4 o' l ockc c -A . s s ls orae Cr at 5 o'cs s ok, Ao.s l s Loomstise s "s t..cllskoivs 7 " s + "1 ' 8 " "[ "I " 9 " -- l' + " ]I 1 " F. M " , " P. I "' a1 .. . is -RRANIGB.HNT FOR SU'NDAYS: Tise ear/ will lease al tile slllns hIlllrs rss ill /lse ssss dsve r ulsLs I o'lock, /c ./1. / s lell/ a s lseolnl/rties wlls havucsc rrcoll loeer' hour, rc// ssss o'cls s ks 8 . ' . a/sh NW s rse'lllis s c/ls s ns r After r 0 o'e leko a hor.c car lk ohtailted by Iosh ).ilf e heollo r trc es/r hood cE afsctscs ter Irr o'click, P.. /olr o do lars .ill be charged. . ttsertonsseoitss by tile stnm Car s,/.A /rovids t'l/okehsy / with Tirkets, st/st collsls./te/r lsac psosltis s dlrtsctuons tIt to s/receive nOsc s/v i o s'sss11 s*,re /.f Sl'hl? allernitio~l tilte tlllll! tel'departure, a'+ .lO(Vl above com. slerlc.r ",i / h tile Iss /cns,/Ps.sso usercc k sos/rs. ash, slsrss iii ltow IeA*e New Otlrlea1s.t1: l- o'elo,'k, anlll will Peallilel ill (.all'llt~lln Tp uslltl l o'clock, tle)' Ieitvo the city. Ilffall+I at (l o'c.lock d *t V in |'itrro]Ioln unail 8 o'Cllll~l k thel~reby stlr, tlll$ virs ,lrr oo anlda b;lr loat"hr· to rltJoy tile pleiaull wallks nlil pmt eket o+ '0 reOlOefls/llrl s ill Oss e" Lllo most Bscutiful aOrdens / i tO s Uni/td )StLtet. 1/TVI JACKSON AND EACOURS STREET CARS JL save he heasd of J esksoll strect /se6 ojcsock s A.s. / Csenl st, Pet at l,. 'elool, nndl~ rtlllllollrlv. Atb 8 'clock theyg aill commllence to Ilellt ¢, ealh attll e+vrj: hInl hlour, ul~tdl PJ n'llock, I'. 51f ,exl:ePtinff thant itllrt:id ,, l,.;i ,It+: (llr·Clal street at +.i o' gloc, tile s c r will ss eavse tIl/s t iss s Iscloi/.ck IT . 1.i c It I ,fll parllwutnrl y e rrueo t,,d t 1ItI +prnttrmr wvl aot it II eir ICet ol o101 10(. 1ie Zlll1. gr +mlllkl· ill tle Lars W11 hell idleO s are rPsont.11 ?B Otliee New Orleansl arid Cllrrollt loH It~ill Road Cornl, lly). c/a-sy I/t, 1.39o. s ss stsN. jlltll t5lj ~ "Eg N 'I t I,-\V.4,UD hans the1 hlnnmr ofinftinrmt. hii'. fjl~lll1+. /.J and t it- +nhJli(: ic -lHrll tFI·IU· Ill lIe I1I hl~l: sk I I 8 l rlohlat (.]trllllrror lo w~ltt'l't' hI,l "I mrs o t. •, til(·~il Pir-f le eli o \i s.dl'lell tl alllwr 11111.)11'\ .,),,,I chml~r.)! Pirivate 'Ir l tltl s Il il(l· I..II( II II I1Cd~ll,[ prf +dilili fir vII raot alrrn,,'ennII·nts Uilhl famljiis -lr itldivh~lua de.*ir,,.l.* rifp'ar th llr P )nl,,11r :itf t'i1111)]I· on.) AI )l -.0i, 0 i8i0 r imnu{ r lt at' , r Ilii ,n. m oi? v and ptie o acto of Colo' F ,- in ( u, ca Nos 'ione a"o d pd'd .T. W COLLENS l nieidn Stnr he (',)ilt/4,'ahle e -nr. Appoin.rdlby ftlle dllrrll :ltlllrt II Nie. Or nn+h lh . t OFFIC N . t 11)l ha. 9 l Si'iI l.i i).i:'r, lotood ta,, oioo riooooooo AlI D (llr! nllNli . :o * ll l ,-. Illi lollttSer nlll Il I n ,ro0l 0 I i' Aotlio.r o, lnk,, ttg1t 0 0 lOt I Ii,] htto oIl)e'art at o . f I huru at t. y P. 31. .11111 ( 1to. I A ro I 1, ii. a o . Stit I, u n .nlS+V.\'.+h .D . rin l't'axeTs I Io.of looitn nI- I ter l.itlite llItTl 'l - n l . stooolog lo the r t'i-oh, ' lh,'l ' t tll h o ll NI. o(11) &ot Liic d 1I- ept aI " 5 1 F ii. Irlu.rT ailllm IS . i. l l cll k llvll l .hh+ t _4 i'm \ h 7 lG .+ oI i ll'lllitl i Ii2 . 'lll 1" l ir .ltl i Ill' lln ct' + to, t 1(rr 1~mu h. pub, 0li0c to ito ill t'a 30lt ooooll o t Iotl p toot i (toooi ioll 180. -- N 1111 i ll FO,00 I000, -- ' ''Ito' too it cti' .l 'fo 00 ed From the lh, tn l0 ,n \' hi, o f J.lly 11 ,18:j 7. N noBIfal s Pils and lilh'rs.-- lh la[st J.hurnll l ,,ni hl0n thlollli "Th' I ss o ' - hk J urn i aAl. allk . I .t r l Ullllllll Iholi ' s lltlo n . V olli e oIIP ind 0n t n t ll canll I . l 11i , r111 Ih I nhurinI1 1 g t l hl erh lh lilrr l rll fOlihoto IIoI,,o,'llh ~ilh oowolollol l o il li aCll' 00ll10il0 l tool Iirl T rI2lll If'll. ll ri o Iwiff i )n 001.( T , nl o'win , h e t , is 'r,,n" i r. lim h wil l ; E ,ic ' f ,h Ie R pi i bllll 'll l niJl ou , (Ilt l oN ti d, l, ' \In , 'l il n e Ito. na , moo n l r - lne . I1 ff .no t Ioan , o 1 c ns i Illt1n7lll ll .|,;llr lll ' t' , Ill~ li'PI" 1 ' i - I J2 2i(·olllll lll · F i000 i.ill I't l I.;o,' i-'ou l ' i V1111 F:illl': +lllhl Rlh E ll l , h 'I I.", arenlV t+ l i ·x\' tl c.t l ko.r0 - tot oe p b' oo ootio I oo oo. I 0 t' tll , ,o,'' o-ih '' loo'l' -illSZ tile I:~ /PII r. 1 )I(( IIIlnhd Id ii-01'rl: ,, I t t . to 0 0lllotslr Ly tier n r I oi hl n loI oo to lo tot, I)r', ;tdol-h i d ue I lr ' OI t i Aoti l ll lo lyrootl 000 aI r a alo o oetol'oooo oo' 'ol oo S 0f rle, f5o0 o1 onto 100i00 I ooe uoo t ia n Frontn t e ii. Jl , 18 . i iq.' "a I aI nd-I'I:I0 Isg u t . I on r an .lt iono t'lr ',i ill n . h r AIl'Ellir TOi W in d I . s o otio 'b"o f nolo nt "t Ilaio .1 Ii,,,i in, (:i Ve o -.Dri Ihl, uo o' iotDni f!. il. to ' ,t' itioi. I r t Ie f or sa gle byo J ad J II A'I.g I , i 0 1 1 mlt o 1 1o . we - IV n Oitl t .\t l i llsril . lIae . l. .o ooo .. bI.... e 000 A. i _ili o is " hIsl l AP HIo ih Ito ' u11 11 0' ue : in h nn e a ooir unobtdo n r Io'00 r It pc l/ IInI ,lll le xptnr. oL en a,, h... Ing-," hear l at Tnh 3 rAlii n Ito e l Iy t l t io1t o l ' ew I o, r f s l, ull ih mo St resooo talloot'oioion lo 3 om l th io calli .fa 1 r Inftil i - t -.. -- S o ,11," Ia.:ld s 1a l,,c . Si t-r eit r Ian 'ln, tly sexe 'ell ,,-~1 cir ,ularms, .i ,o 9l 71 I55)5 0n or s, I00 i I :mo I, l (iJA lloH -1U' ot P1110 .r,.r lol hir 101r 1151 10 II July ? I. 71 tootv wao l o -t110,111 oo oo ol olN (lot 0'toooo ulo Vo S Tl\. ' ;ct , ITT Nllvfll lslll h t{; IkIIt) . ilt II rg l I. , oo lot .I \hbtoa ll e 0 I,00 0 lll0 od tt, , ollol hk 10, IlOt, r o ioE ll i'o au' ll mtotI' hottI ol h not hrooot i.'ootorlo e 0000 lotootr l. hoo'o1i ol.n ,n-o , •'oo i 000 fi 0' tl, lloh ' 0m ll t ' omtooo. T h. s ol- r l i to . it'., o llloooooho1o u lrs oloo' o ooolio g Eo I . 0001 0 l ll0I00 0 (Ooi t. olrinlottlooilia, o o i i io ll I l ol l i o n l h eo.ol lo o ef , S a l . I b' 1 ( : a o l 0I0 1'lJyo P ooo o lo o o N ic I-looonk oOt'.1 l. ly- Io0!' o ll'tel , l Af I It r ' ndo uPlo by 3 '1 11l8i rlt /I / .Ioly u 0 7 1I ,Poo ooo 01 ýl" oooraltloooVr tollooott'ooo' l C WA aT . oII. Tool l. IAIOU NG 1 ri110 o p l'otlonin I nlotoooo too h i printi n 1 ll"T fIoo oile oiol. o, i 00 1 til0-0l booilo 'clll oo f ppe qooo'oolr. I, n e io o, 'I'tl81,001 , Not l , P ell b, callng a brthersod ee pecious PROSPECTUS OF TIHE NEW ORLEANS Th's True American which is published daily at Twelve Dollars and Tri-weekly at Ten Dollars, per annum will be hereaf ter published also on every Sunday monrn ing, containing the news of the week unp to the hour of publication, at Five Dollars per annum. The political course of the True Anieri can is too well known to render it necessa ry in this place, to more than merely refer to it, for a criterion by which to judge of its fiture usefulness. Every efolrt will be made to retain if not to imlnprove the char acteriatics which have heretofire obtained lifavour. Attention shall be paid to ship and commercial news and the reader be constantly advised of the state of the home and lforeign markets which lhall be review ed with caution and care. Abstri actsnf the proceedings of the Legislature and of Congress shall be faithfullly prelpared and all interesting initcllgence be industrious ly collated from the tiiost authentic sources. With local matters, the True Americnul may lay claim to a familiarity, which a residence of twenty three years in tile State of Lou isiana, aud the city of New Orleans, alone I could impart. Its best energies are con stantly used in urgingt every measure that is thought calculated to rapidly develope the resouarces and adtvantages of the state. In addition to the usual variety of read ing matter, it will contain an unusual quantity of miscellaneous articles, frrming r ali agreeable melanige fir the general reader. Reports of all the mrost interest inlg isrl ihtportant legal dlecisions will be reported from time tot time, expressly fir the TlvUt A-IrtttCoN; and tio ellbrt left un tried to impart not only interest, but value to its columns. The 1).Iut Paper is neatly printed with small tyipe on an exits, doubln i le d n m sheet, at ,t12 C per nilnum, payables.ti Iunnrlly iln dvance. The Tnat.WEEKLv Paper, contailinig lie readting matter of twoe dalies, Sll., payable ill advance, wlhere no city raf.rence is given. T'he WIEgLY TaRUE AMERICAN, made, up from flh0 o dally impers, durinsl the week, will ln sent to pui l scribers whll pay 85 per annlum in dvancell, andllll to none other, i less ai ancetptabic city retliernce is given. Subscribers respectfi lly solicited. 1OIIN GIBBSON. Nrew On1e.Ass, M.. 1839. n I.ATEIS:'T 1L:TI" .u, 1. SS ,11 arh..,'1 ISilr ,mln, n a no. e, l n ! lm I I{.'ll,- 4 'r444,', ' . , 44 V , 1.44F4 . l 3ropp' , the OIIm IIn , milv Jr(Irrl'r 1,t , l it+ I II : Ill+ .1 •I 'Ii 13 ls Dlr. I r, th.. ; 1 1 4 l 4)t4v.4 v hin,4 s Che 1~1e' nllnlyV J.t - 'r h, IlnhC g'lrll.t oi1 In 1ramhal n; ;t 'a tin 1:(l'l.; I .IIInvL , I l h li, n " , I": J 111 (- I '1 41 , &1 ( ,. i: ,,1..,N112. ..... . .1 -l .11,, Y..,, .. . i....... a " llS aul, I,1' 'hl " .t I ,,rli I. d I l ll Ii , llL m : l.,'a"'." .uillrllIl, ('I -h y Nlh . T I. Oi ý I-. ll, n, i .ll I,,T lh k+ I o ' ,d clip e I e inc It lln . ior-l ii d't"rI I lil ll Il , (I' 4 'l. i. i ,n 011 l s, 1), l ,, + t I ha l , il at1rl{ (I' mnil , r ll id;illn < ; hllnlkl H oill f 1if.1 1,linc, 11I] , f,1 ':+% h'anc , Note l ~rafls,CommI n lh, 11-l IuI , t ti rl l , 'r ll-: t l'illn 'l III f SI ti lilrv, iln l, l .,l,+,,f I + t he o 4,,. 1i t I4int.1n d e iniJ g, mll, ' it. 1 , , l , 4 l t .4 tl j 7 "l2 1 n ,,,+,,,-, , N II \in Ill· t 1- I' IIIL li ' l rl>. , II44' .t44, -I b . I. i") . 1 n1 " . 1 44 1 '... .. I.. , Iii . h4,4 I L 111 1 11 11 '1 T !I ., t hl. It Li v , : : . i , h ;Ii,,l, 1'11\ l 131t -1r i ,3.- ) Ii1hill s 'r . .1:.ll1 l 'i . Il h' I I,, ' . ' 4 .+ 4 4 I,1h1 11 e. ( l' , i 1 1 ,I , . 4 2 ~t, , i , . S I'lh Iit\ll' I'ln.iot hI , 11 11:,.71",-, I,"E '1 n.'4 \ 4 44 4 '' ' 111\, SI (ll (4 ll ' f al t, 1-(i 4" ] 44', ' 44 h1 . 11 " ,.I r 1., SI 1o n ' ". 1 PIi 11 1 'i. l "I '. 4 , : 4 44l " 411.'"1 .11 4'I." . 4 44 I'.I;)1 ISt ,I l r h ' 'I li .11 ItorklI Sll rts ! ,· L".11!x1 h ,, , .; .\I ,: 1 ti+I ... 'l +" .d,, Intl in. IL3_1 , F'1, "_;. 1 1,11r 'll1.i ' 11,,f 1 l).: I.1' ,vs . , I.I 1 I.\ " 1ý"I-l . Ivo., t,. ,-':, \ r". ;l m, h,, 1 1i i 1.'. ( '111 n n l, i" r 1% l I In n I, I l s 3 1 "+-. , .7 i 't .'li r ,n r , l . htl . nd ,hlh '.l . Illfor °lalC b ,11. . DI ,, . 1 .11 ,.,., 1 i1 il SHil R T', l(.111)\' \, \Vlllr ' l;.. It' m .t HARROWGATE SPRIN5 ,. NI r4 is'.W ill , 1. 444 ,, . t. :1 r lTri X ' -I . 11) il T, ,.I. . 15 N .1 il1, l II T fil l 4 4 i4 4 .i; i h i,4- ll" ,I i i'.,1. I1, 4 II11 4.:1 44 4..,.,'" 1 44,'. 44 . 44,, 44,44.,t 4i ,ll 44'4,4I4 1.' . ,,,4 l I4Iý "l' " II4,n,,44 ,441 , 1 1.4 (11 ' - 1\ . 1 4 1;,-4l 414.. i 1.i ( , 3I 11 , 1., ,,' , , h 4 a ir. \ .1 11v 1111 A T1.4 I ;.Sh.p11. 'I 1:h lll nli" 'I iil k l' II " ~ I ,l h0'1'~".'+..11 , it i- : . h ,% wl1 i yd, 1 r3 311i ll ' I UI clll l' 1 il.t l . 4114 1 . d , I'1's tl f t " v ,h .1h t: il '1 d 11 11 , S I· tll +1,1n\, Ilillrllolll'l. nwi st . 4Il , 141 l t 44 I II .I a . \'.' 44 ",I'. ll 1)'IE r lidh d 244. 1 .4 h. i l 2,2l , ii 144' I.4 t h is 4 4h4i'4 h, , e. 1','I I4Ill hI) l' i iL4 44 i , i . A hl i ' i - i hll t. , :lll,4 t s i il n ll 4 u 1 1i . . °t .'r'"a T111 r,. 1 ,1r , ,t,1 .+ II'., irt, . 1·11)1" 1 ,' FR , 1 N IIh. A. b,u ,,, 4 . . . ..4I, n lllll Il 4i'. I" h tr of t. 1to'h ,, ".l4h' boxeth 4 4i4 . 4 1, 4 i' ll b 1 , Ior n . ul tl Iit f r,,lts. I ir l 1, I I m+ -l i4' ii4l4.. \ lr P, l l . n I 1h.4 h'4 11 , I I hi . T 4'4 i,1.4 .I_.e', t'i. ,h - ,t .' - I 4 h dl,i i" i4. t.i'b u, I4i',-, .. SECOND MUNICIPALITY, ( Nuw.O rler ns, July L . 139. Notice i. hercby given to all ke pers of tilliar t Tabloes i tIak e ,ol i thoir I.icerncs lt t til t, iIM y r's Ollice, withi ten days from dalea , agrcc able In . Ordinane of the tenral _Council, apprmed J27th 1May, 1839. S. II. 'iTURNI I, ('uolltlctor 44 Ail,]- l ol p"i ,,, 1 t , tt.lont Menllfht i o tti tt''l:trttl .l lrl"t.l iii.. rlhI Iy dr '-iitett I A tAr I ne l.tll t e t\ I 'oII , o o I 'oi tllt I N tlan lu e laiurott, ob it it of e meet RII ttt tt it to tot'ttie o tt ifrttttl \I i iA titl It i lty t wtI St't t lnr.l ' -I Ar. t i, num ,iry, M, i ss, ,o , ,-Iled 1,1 the 1.111 5 r C h.l t 1 tv ,lo . g "t " 1 . rr , ." I d, - vr ()rlo , . e( .'vo i t iIt NtW ri' 101 1151..i115 t'xplninrlt il obect t filtt e h e, duprltl : Ir N W.l+tSl Y IO . tLi Lh ARl I~iP , .tllo F+.\ l, Ii lller dha",- slheet Owll P lI Ia I' l) l, ' Ill ,' ulllrltiltt ill if h +ll,.l %% e i 11 l "cl riVl"v ,ltt oo t ito I o ,ito 1+(ll tltl rl llttl of .it ,111111 . l ll, I ll' h ' II: 1. 1'. lllt. h'11, NS ill t., tl t t ,o , I lht ie tt o,t I . reItill l I' ll '- l l rtt t i~ .l ,,] 4"11112,, S) t r n. 1r. lel r alll i'u ar d i ,, . lo 1hn , , .r1. l Iu h I,, k 4 I I I I· 1, i" A Illt ill' Moot SVI hr,, hur·I.P o 01' lell il h+ 5hl 14. env, Imdlll ll' ll* il llll, hyv h Ir ll,,llr d.. lill+lm, r'i ll lkl ll m thc n to til Iih-rt',l l ri",.h.lrl ',, or ltJ tle, t ( 'lr h ll U II'e Asy it l, e1i Ill i 0lt-' 1 4 llth x&11 I I i ilolti JFOR NEW Yt)l'.--llglil..\It I N,3. Il hl llm r ' o f l'all . t I,'o s,1l/ oT he 11/, ithn ,lnt 1 - 1. " 'I'l. "Il)) ( 1-i'r tl tI , 'i l ll 14 ".0ll+1" I|I ln i F Ilil, "'11 I.I't'\\ . ." .ill l ;t 1 i t n t , w. l t Ii .1h01 4 I'too-l,*,r liL'llt o 1 , ,,, , h1 nvl. , ill, V'II' I 1 1 ,,. i11 11 l . 111 1\l'l In th, ' t+ l lil tll (:· llrll O•ll t Ith I gI't, ilh I tI.i I oit I t I -i 1 IA t ll N, 1 llt.l ' II t 4411 1 (IIIIIU sIe ,,i 1hhlcl ., iii ] llol,' fo, Sil, v .11h < ,. .1 n. T II.% \h.\ 0,. 7 I. Iivir. `-t1. ` 1,.- '+ '!: li t ll" l t l l \.\+ \-- ',. rir, (' 11, o t I\1.0' 1. 1 ll llr l rP. ',.'l"lthl the It L ' (llle . \'It el± ('hlu' 1 , I'Lh. .ol l , .'hrln 11 0-m11 ,h, v . lit,1 ('l'rdhlm 1 llrltl lh ' 111, ! l i , t"s . 'l f l · IIIth " lI: I ll. 11 Id. 11 11tx1 Illy i r '11 11 1+. 11' Ill.- Il(·i.:lll' io r ,l, r' , ah l i ,III Il)le1 1111 1 ." 1 \\ I I" lh l h 1.1 I, iI i ·t ih l , . lf t ~u 1 1 l 1l 11,- '. h il it i.1111·' 111 o lei.: l o . l .l-b Ilb 11tl11'01,f "h, l . " , oltl-l il t r i "l l ner lief of iu ll l l (1eborll l ,l\ll0 It i+ llli i'" rl" rrtd tlir r tl Ahiit i 1i. I'. hired rird be nli Spoil1t*. 11 r,*Hn r1'- I (lit I + t. the1cre 1 11,, = Ir'h, .'s ci tes, i -1111 . '1 1111 1 it .111 . Ig, 1 ii .1 J 11 lll l i1 1111..\ l 1 D. I'l rk. jnm 2lv,1.,1 i l - F'l' iT I)1:: I. 111: 1,\ lill1I I'l up ourI\ l+u-.l -ai ,- i1''rd."1,h , \11 ,ll .1,-T-ll til 1h o . 1' II " I 11 tut Ill :.ll' il,- n 11 '+ t v l · II ('ll. III('(0 i r 10. ! 1..!.- - r ot tit It,,, I'. WVmIt., I1,". I- r h1 I do ,h h llo li ,l l '1 1 III h,.1 It 0 ; still Ie1 '' Siiill li , 11 i -, I 1, 01 'lh - ]e l l . p1 , ; Irv '.1 il 111- Ii i I1 n1 , l, I-ipIII llll, ll ti.lii,, :-. I II1.I 1 ilt i ii h ,1 llh,~' ,\. I:. fir , .i'l o',it ,r h. ý "+ I, i, r l- . 0 l, ,n 0 H,, , r 11u ,,,11 81111 1, li .' ,', : I.'2" I I" ,l . In. 1 ':"^ .3 .I "".- !1.,, ,.0' J I. 111' 1'\.,' 1 1 1tHl "" I' 1 \\ . I ('t1 1 1.1' I' 1 1 i r Il 1 t 111: 1,,.rv I .. I I - , 10 1 . ,I i,.rl"r-11 i'h rl. .. 1 0, , I I 1y .' l .llll, llll . 1 i ,11 nl~Ii~ l il" ' 1,' 1 hl,, 11". I, 1 -1-. Irir.." I '-1' 1,1 I,"1 , "i,, 11,1 ,j I l l~ ,t ..l , ll 1, ( 'i 11: , "I. ' ll t1 l 111 t ll 0 ,L l. I I ,i 1 111 ,10i . i lh lltll I' IIL'l,'l " - I1 10 ll, lrln l ll Ilnh i t t'1" 1'1, - , II- i tl, alol i Io 'IIIh11 i 1 ' % 11 , . r' l l tP 1111 ~ .i . I' I . 1 1': 1 t. U I% ,, I 11 Ill.i' . 1 II I .1 1,rI I I P I I 1['' , . . . ... 111 1 11 1 · ·1 1 fi +11 ,111 1 ., -P - " i i , 1 ll l- , 1,r 11 11 .11 , 1 1 II-I. , '- 11, ' 1 i t 1111.1t0, h . '|'lrb"1 l11n l. 11" .1'r 11 '-- 111 i,.-' , "lll-lim ;11¢. i 1 11. 11 i ~Ih 11 Ih1l, ., I t . 1 il I. III .f.' I II, 1 i' i ' lil~l~ll I'l" C h ,111.II', 1 , . 0i - 11, :lll :. " lt- i i i 1 1 1 I 1 ,' 1. . ,11 11 , t1"1+ h , h III\I I-'I ·1·1 I1t I~1*'* til -:II,,, , If ; 1 MEDICINES, rAIrNTS OILS ':~ ll'l( l (tlll(lill III - III IIIN JI.I ~II'PY '.1)1, II 'II I ( II\ -'' 'I I'i'~t .' · l~l. I '' ''''''1'''k, l Iilt I·11( r I~ll Ill''11111~) L R( Ti II I tkI i i9 IIIII .I 'I·::1 I- li 11,111 Itt : IiI, 1!)iil5(rIII(ln · lk ll. I I Il·) ·liI~t ill I'll III,.ltl . I IlIII.l~ 0 \I) 1 -'1 ·11· ( 1 1111 11 .. III l- I III.1.. 4 1111 1).· 11· I I 11 118,1 Vii 1 1( 11~ i -co./ 11111 11t I ll li JR .i. · ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I V11 I1·1i/ kIN 1111 11; 111 !111\· tlII; I lj II. \ I· i lllll 1' Xil111(( ~ 11(il..ill -~ l *"~.... 6%, 4lI 11jI *44lfl S' " 1· : 'll. l· lli(lll ll tt I ii,' II I ICil III I 1,0I1I.(I) )I~ l·1 11? .11 Ii·l V1 I(·If (!·iN'S. il " l· I i'(1l- ,1I ll,li~- ~ ·ll Ilt~: t~-ill~ i 1 l 1; SECOND MUNICIPALITY NOTICES. W1ERE brought to te Polio. Prison of the 2nd lMunicipality, the i'll vir . i, , S! z. viz:- A negro man named IRlick ilawk, or Phill, Isout 45yearrs of age, says he belongs to Madame A negro man, nnalned I.'care, aboll 50 years of nago, sa), lie holungs to Madame Dograco. A negro an namllld Johll, alnut 22 years of age nys he ibeilong. to Mr. hornose, E q. A e'.'gro man, iol~l Ned, about 31 years of ago, says he belongs to Mir. Loau. The nowneors of said siavrs will ploaose call at the Palieo Prison of thll 2d hlMnisipality, proee pro. perty, pay charges anoi tlke them away. II. HARPER, ' N'w-Orleans, July 3. Capt. ofthe Watlch. SIAlil a Ia '.cSrlnves l lliea ll ve 1l'1 i.grl, uoOntlle I ll a wk a son hill,ag6 d'enrirn 4 I5 I dis.p11 p I iiql nrtl,4ii r i Allntliln [tinte. SIi iil - I l 1 lr1 IiI'nvhir- 50 wai, disunt pI llllissorll roc.iesst I)liirie'i i r.:_ , In .nllll{,i ,Itlll ' 4' d'envirmn `2 ana dinant lPitnl c, t ' i I l, lirlr II r. t. l no' t lof(' Nod age d'enviroun 31 ans disant ap u a rtp l nli r'a0ll -l trin llrr l. liii inle rioltuirlc do dil ,cii avn s root l rc i r- e so t" IPIIdhP. li l , l iP lesecl , B.111 I" . I i he pepro vc r hun oid , payer Ics depensts & Ire retirPe, II. IHAIPEtR. rne iriuiine de ln .Garde. 112 tt . je to the Pound of hse 3d Ward, Id A dIak l t ) dlo oIrs , ewidth a sure on the lack 'If ler Lr I I hir o ll ll r ,ill 'tn ,c ll roun l a the 3 W ard' t l fll e l "d :Ii II lhtl e l i y wors t d a t tho N i )rhlein , jun I ;i II I RA IN, I 81 n . 4it. aA t an di'it dto riesionie d sicit 2nid Ilunicit di r Ira s lllr l l flrti' avant ine plaie str s e der t~ ri ",i" ,I,"r ..clw'.ox Ioit. I P I'r ,lsi·nellt VIai II llrl I, re t rli rr iselnr, In let, nin rlldlmt I·Illnl llll ,' elt* rel.. Ro1l .+IL & Annultll alimP d' ' , 1i An san, !, t; Jullif'l nlll-l ,t iIh i& sr i veoieu io ii11 jour par I'A tinillht, 4'ltalt."ur. IINI'iY CRAIN, J21i6 r I i,ur. de Ia (lirdo 1/ l ltii ti"'slh i,,ths i',; li-i "ro-oof I er e nl Ar niS cri , I i~ l ',,,I 1,1 Nl I ', Ill airt t ighiean " A Ii '',.1, I,,,11 u i J, ,, i() , bout Ia years of age, y it " P, bo',lltg ,r, Ille 011, li osir kii.i :1 1th, ann~ -,111 1 1 1 a onI 111 111 u l 2t yr l lolw 2 ears of " nv''It , -1,4r l" It, llt Inan lie. " I o Kll t I 'at'I Fol'.ni. i ll.' I i. NIl alid prove t r. ,Pt I IImyr ,elll.p , h ar lll , l ill ,n v. ui p II I tfAR ,t'FR Jo Junle 0 ('p.lo iit the Ware h 1:l1 l. '..i.lnui 1 ' Nn ,I i \ g t un c, di-an ap" 'tI n'i Mr. Ity ,s. ir RII. le w.m. . la o', I , 011.1RY agl de 24 ans to ..... t 1,elr) .r1 P i r :Alit Illiti t,, . " ' I le. 1.,';'h, 'ilP, e wbodlt 'ti' ave s sont prii s de ve ir S iIl's lr l I'll ll"t anlt lexf ,i. ,I!n' I I .'. I 1I I i' 1irt. I '1 pi. ,iti de a i G rde " .i:Ityi,.,,,,gl,, ,n,, ,, ., 1u- PI~sn1iiihoii, ,iryr11 if n i,' llr l , Ihrl' I ,I',g, , II -' eI , Viz : A e t , ,a 1 in r.. I rd ':,1,11 MrJ ,, l tnlr y-fo r yeare o" j g 'r,·; lv l o ' Il ogl l lltl If'a l All t l ' oli el. A cIIl uu I ,, , lltl ,ll / , e 1 , al o t tiel' -0 I wenty '"ii,, a -h,. hi'.ls io ,, In l, i ,lr i . b A hi k illill iiiIi,,'11 I . un-ph nII' it 2i6 r n i L ,nys he , Th,' oto I ,e.r r ,f I..jut . ve.t ill plalte rolI nit the pris it. jr+J, 1 7r, p ny O lll1 W r rgh. 1' 11h ,t , i , I:I I I II - II' ,(. iron 34 an41 rI d1 "lt ,I I al l,11,rtl Ai r1. I. I AI, f iui 1'I "r] , 1',I n nog i 1". .II \ I1T lIrlS'l'E, ag6 ' "II fill 4'~ -,- 11 1- i lt iitp h Tl r c I lr. ,htll l1pIIY . liit tA 1 1 " r J1,. ll . ,gr' deco , 97ans, ase ] i . l p , 'I , v (l l, e, t scoo prie, d, venir h.ll letlr,,l 1'= |,) tl t . r 1," ,e rs, c. '',, I1..". IIARPF.R, `3()0 (C c` J ":'o 10 LtV'tR Ii III.1iru:P ",lll , iih Itl,. I dl-,' i a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF EYPF Pamphlets IBlank Checks Catalognes Bills of Lading I Labels. Dray Reccipts. Legal Notices Auction Bills, Bill Forms. Show Bills Steam fBoat Bills Circulars ArslI n*ori Il-sl-l, ripliOn o'.loL ATorIi (rs.l iisei Ile reqsir _ _ - + . -_. . ..r... •... .. . ,+, - . "'1; 41 ")Ii gohl 111.o "".. . . > , oGI I gait )·o:t:)(· ,111 d N ' .1 I' t ti,,}. IS. I··1 (It Nir11 CItis it 'iii'055 I nl)11\ l l t l '1ý - . do.. ton n u for ,,, b lly- r boo1,.,1:.:1,1, I t I oo (5. 1. I i. I.' )11I I 'lII. 1.. 1 , I o t N......, u sw . ý"rn1 1:$11 On·· 1·\ ·:11) h. For u l l A . 'I'I:I 1: 11.ll~ l l~5i'i I'S'l·~\. Ji 55,. Ill . i 111 \11'11 ' 11'' "1'-nll. II II.j~ll lll·1I ·11.11 l·"liLI·~ 1I' ,~lltlll i'rl So( ho '' rtku," '0, .5' 4 ,I I I'. ! ,. X I" 5,1 (,j-1 '11 11 0" 595 uu11, ' ' 1. iii ,t. it Nisf's 5 . I,, II . ll'.~. , Jul.l.t , 3 )., Viol, , J. J,ýn 1. l I~ II· tlls.lll.. 1'01, ll l 1 u lnn, 1. 1V, tlo" ýI "r '. 11,1 1', 4 ~I, . 11., 452 3rd91:.4 Ma u, pro 5~ ýI "l.o r 055 " Nir oI .. lIE No. 5 l o, ,ý n. ~" l~ ~IWit J.IIO,-t~ rl 3.5. ;,ro ii. link 'I .5"" 111 odf-'A I~ it I !11\ 1/1/ l1- 111( (1( Irrl·I(I· ii l oner hr Leil.l'n of 1hi1 r , l '"l 'I Il1 \ III, I , o,' 1 m , ),-no and It o lrlm, in In hr I,"I. I non ," l. "... LI.I1,oh:.h 11In. rll - 's. a nd Ihotn n. o nt I.hd, ~rv 1rur. I.r"I 'h e g h .''to q. o' III, ep, i'l'55ll , l. ll 0 o rl5e ' e b --e-" nod r- /r'-Sool, 5 .r e ', ll.."o n.o on ". n o to rr ol o" lu o .... n ~I n ~ "' i o ut5,o end n pnu o, f .n",t: olll~o lirp. ,". So f o 'i e "i eli'.,Ne i rrsssss' no, l I. rs¶'x 1, 1 oijp4 Ii..,111 Il i.: 1 11 I\ 1rll 1.,i (;lrlll 111 Jo ur 1511,il 111:9,1 1 'I 11IC N l I' l' , i (.5e, Niv h'. 1 Mi'.n l. ,I: It ' m "1, i,.oo , I r'o0 ' 515 0l' .,,0.' . 5.j- S' '''..j5.'ii ohi 1" I 1.1 I) 111 115'.I Inllil i. old to tie togooedo '25,,! il Ji1S.t to tli~ o " r . I1.\ -EI111 1. 1, .5.1 lo'l l 11 '11 :1100 .,.'1": o. 2 ' ll 111 i(i'..II.s "'.1 511 11.:. .rl 0 ( I: tg-'e - iOI1i Oll Th S11. ue . I. i,.,.'. I5. iS " iio-J,.io " .nking S.ill' .10l~iu ll 5f'0Si.ll· . lll- ihlolole'. i . O ur-( u :uli 0 Is~ I r 5, 10 . .11. iio, oS r 55,,' IS o ·0lO 111 (i(eSi1oto liii , ~:.Ii1l'o't. i q , I, no", A o.' ieo too, lol, d) IIH slori..hl , ll":, iýi r o. Co r, 11II .""I ,h" (uric, , ,r I, r i r I:.acue S i. J,,1111 24 CS., . ru Ir l llI I:I loil lo go" a1, Il:,.-i0 o 1rl.l 1 ? B lll le ra ' Ilil loo, I' cell, -op il - t 1un,, 'n,., I eui 4o,1oIhC .I ,r,.+ I," ,,,il. ,tor ý in 'a·~rlri l l l J1 I le a')1 pe hole cooler I 'oI*IIC (II· ,1," In ,I CI` , 0r, , I1I r e ConeiilU ilil· I·I·II jut+,l~' )·IIII II., ..m oral l "II I- l di pr tht. le r-t mr"ýr,.ut "o~r or or .roc Illlillrllll Ira sill In ihrr d'An ~ o" ,!," I r ,"c i"I, t rte ooi 11i· "" on A vo, A rilgnlarire. r I'~lolll!'(· )(- I()L? L\J(I 1( II\ Ili 1I miIII sea rare et bi lIln,0 r ..o olor. dI n I Pll ,- I,·11) Ill Nouvelle Orlnkin \c."oiri ··prol;lg ' 111· 1·111'1 it, IC.II pscfsul R ,I(eII'. 1:1 .O\ IN Reor er uuII A In llolrIn ".; olutiIu E u lI~liý x .. th 1' I l il ll'ICI IT-~ 11111· d ".lll1.h.(II, l I IImI pliI. eI( n o Cr fn ol, h nlr ttN 'O la d, u i t l M"1 1r = w t ~ h n -u, i e a s n t e iv

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