Newspaper of True American, July 9, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated July 9, 1839 Page 2
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Mew-OwAca.. Chamber .r Cmmenerce. OFFICERS FuR THE YEAR 1839. PreeidnR,'S. J. I',Iere. ý"a Firt Vice /'reuident, W. I.. Illdp, elg q. Secuond d.. JnI. A. Rile , I Committ'e of .lppedur l;b 9. Janes (lick, Jnauý. If. LH. errll I. C. (uwnuneli, *AlnIju, lisk P. 0. Sorthe., Suýýiui"I '1"Iintnilsnn CooumUne of .Ibilr,,f i f, a t,,he moot/; u/" ,llupy John HeIddteto, , /ho C. It. W. IntinUlyin, W am I Enocah Hyde. Jr. I'. A. lardy. Juiclhim Kih. aiil Rcguluulioun. - ..lru gna Easltern M.,, is cloeidluevry dyu of 10 orclik A. M. Ic doe everIu:4P.t 4 . 11. The Express Ainot is drly d evert' day al hulf poet 10 A. M. Is due wilh the Ueut ý.nswl.* 3leil, every "'" Te Lae !Hil (vin l'ovill~ton , lm.) i. closed every Mamm~y, Wedeepluv anl 1 ride, it 6 'clck, A. ,t. IC dde every I'uecdn,, 'I'llw-cice, cud Salud, at h) A. TgLurtisel r Ridj, l i, lcvd ueerey Mocn day, Wednesday, and -ultrde, at 3 P. 31. Isseccl andrelurned by ulcilbu* tc. ,rioes irregclularly lihre imes.a week. The Bayou Saraor Curvct .Mloil is dosed evert, Tuesdedayud Friduey, t8 13' 3i. Is u'ut lad rlUeurd by sleambcont. Th e Alexuudrin at Red /Rirce hugl is sCet irregu larly by leulcuulo tu t ice.u - Itrk. LOUISVIL.E OR f III IlMIL.. Mnluduay, Wednecludy ad Cl, ltCoclck, 11 1 'F~aluedev, l ('ow-c MciI.. Stueedcc ON tIrial, yesterday it wa dir~auvcrei thatI nn drpell· dance can hIe tliwl oi Ii ll- I..lAJA Lci)o I 1:, gine,aan l thati it m ould I er tun ,:nrh it nitpt et aking "pttblciremeclltlly informed ilul 1'nr1I'engert'ur (:ts sill ('M to Intl down the tioaH t le; on1ot1 1 is '-ad7 I toreuatuethte attttttnt; iat llieh pnb 1,1 e if 3glwen. J.\tIl' II. CAI.DUWEI.1 .'june39lw 7 a ' I'rc·i~l·ll til:W ORtLEANS 4 t' IIltll : 1'119 IllN Ili ) time afdnpa.naie fttr ith. ,,tt,-,,,,tttt.t h u:. concluded Co adoptl tie ftlitttttot nrrt..gcnllu I, for II ' mm,c'unmnoia oil the li7t , Ill. I7UEMR A RRAIIOIlntII Ora THE tEEK tAr it From Carrollton. lonl `:e llrlr. ot tesarat'4o'lock, "A. Uf .1l iHii(r It 5 u'itoti, A. Al Loomaut.v (I In AT P. )t Matta 9 Itt cloak, P. l. After1q.heI a ltttkoi,.yt,tha Iuhtoiond, by t,.itte5.ttlo. Tatwill Its' ie oeted, 9 2 - by the Stat,, Cit taLt ytrotide the c In w lto hapunit d etit Iuteto ft,9tBeOea,, ttlit,'tl s.k, tetti wit th 911toh, d iteth hr. 1 o um~ It 5 il; i`'aloektheyac r tic oy ~oooat oclhck, and .toydul i., "arro lllt** u lit d o'lo!k t rcy llrv.. v ilrou anld a nulf Itour" or.nyt ,piantwlk Alpa ae , 'Uehmeh t intae of t ht mont bermtttftl Gardent in the Uniled Staten. THE J.ACKSONAND A CI O t.At)ItR F'I'R I:tl:T I'ttl lahe th i bmnd ot.t.lI n meet tt ttjtIoki A. M., tattet manesn lit ail '.Plonk ; nul run 1 11) 1 Iv. AI~ P li'( loolk I lave WIIl commo llre to loomr f i t t lIl.ld n vet I..t 1 Im1lir, 1111 1 r;. WO itk cloak, the ea~r sell InllPhllaII? il ,."!-k 1i '. M.. are IIrt'tlet P19ro Now Oh.lna, a tl d Cetit, lu.I R *tt iRall ( t'nn1 Stay lit, lOAD9. Jittli 1\Ii'tatatt' Jatt 15 b'Iitt' u . N.1 4 ii t It R. C A II I t ) L L T 'I - si I II TEL. st LAV'AUD tas titt lottreiialinit lJ I ge ea, ln h r n a e I t. lintel at I(lllrrllllon, wlIln 1 I baste h r wil(.il receiveI 1.1u1 calla of his Ira f riends a nd I II boarsr of good cler. 1'rivnto pnrtiu till Ilr IIIIIIIIa) III I Y Irl· , iill d for by giving a little titlietI iefijttyli Ile ie a illi at. 5, rttite Into nri ta wilth failies t r indltt uuls dehil.(ua ttfpnateng the g 'L'" r 'it iii,,olltun. __ 111?( T. W. COLLENS Uuiilrvl ,AhC~n' Coroll,,irssooner. Appaitlo inte lt. tIt FLdirl CoIut nt netw Oleanna. OFFICE Ntt. (i ll cr1 tI iION ttI'I(LI':1, (IItratitleMd.ra (ntdiner.) SaID Ct"11 litittt l kes alte ttii l untiele r cand bIye tedae irt~te af cait.4ittaf tialurs, :,r "Jt b aty 1829; let llnrch 1I17; thle Judicrili A t of 1789il~ and ,ther'oet of Coobgrres, in sulll(l cows H IlIUie and p~rovidecd. Setad ilt alseti- oetaii,,,s tittttltlettexptttttrincea and sues li~rrne nfcuptioll and ,"ertilicntee w. hich hoveVI stood the soverent scrulillv of the ablest .nwpers april 12 NEW ORlEANS lANAI. ANDI ItANKINGIi CO. HfIE Irtn ttaaitenli Rl,,, ua will totr. the Rn,,il at tite enilrt oi. Ilit N-cte (t', I, evryedy,' (eXCept Mlndays) lor the I·ltk,,,. tdll)W: Depart at 5A. 1It tl t t ii A. IIt. l 't A. Al, 1 It. 111 And on MlONlDAY:- I'1. I 'M.11 may 28 R. ltllIAV, ('tilt. D- Latert IPuter. Cl (rl6l6l6 , Jun6o ... ..... InI \\ 6.hlrlll6on,Jlun .......1 Nec ,ork.J u ........... ti, to ............ n Phil(Idelph.. J ... ......1 : , n. n , o ...........6 llltilill( r " do .. ....... "I .1 . . l,6l66 , do ..........6'I H-alln nl l, d. ........ .....9 I..1., .6., 61 M y.... .0 •oolr1,1. .o . ..... .. I!..... , I.IJmul. y ....... ... 17 Nishvillo d .... ,... 1 l1.. re .............. 17 FOI'r oF NEW O R LEANS. CI.I:. 111A NCE ,6. July 8, 1039 811hooler I. p nl, tll |:liza, I'ar(n ,, I6h llmlsr6u6, N .is ter 6c6 6oll6 r 0.le6, 66 ,I1. k'. , Itr.,, I,6r11, 6V 1ry(6l 8ch OLAm Amax r c,,l, 1(, whI k a, nt , a r t. In lryan 6eloollor 'Al. u 'rlll. r ,11. . 1 , 1 u.r ,, lulster Hloo c 6 t, lll lll l 1,1,ub 'l, (la ter 81Ite l6le6 nr lll 6 l,. IW , l ll1 , 666, ,,,, ('16. fI +] I hwi, ir ;I, i S61arB, 13166.1, 16i06,11.6 a, 6 461.1,11 [31l ,0.0 I'6Itl, 6jn 6I 6, 666 Iy6 1 1 'a, e6 (Y .onne. DAL.TIMORE.. ,Pe 6r .6lr ol6l I I il.l, ... I'r ,1,, Ill hid. par6k. 1E6 sup, k6, h.o hi , rine1 s ule1 ,. 30st0 lpgl, Ion , Iand 511U k,,1 . hlrd. MRAS.O ReIVEr I..i'r 6I'r 1 666 6lll o. otos 1i. 66, i bco wi 69, l lnrn , III iI 1,se le n i l,, 6L6 MATAOOILII(. 6..P,6616hr 6,66666, ..66 6 tor,.6 ,, 16 11,6 1r,, im v Pnmdreo, lanlet W hrs, y, anw ,oinarl. 1,u ha . PENSACrOLA e c6I 1 ve.i. n, .- t 161. cl(.b L 6Ie er6r 61en pork, , l hte , 1 1mu 1.6 l.6r6 , n11 r.1 l, 1616, h1 i6,11ar 166 6 ..1. 6anI p,,e k r, 6 .. lrOL1LE,.Pcrham t1 oo f lt. , corn, · ItICI:1I" I'R ()1,' .I'l )1 11 c 1 t. .nlle .. t rh thle l, r ]1,t .n ..(i 11"+., y i l ,, I . S , , 1', IIJesg n i55,,,,th,, 1 J 1 ,16 . 1 If - .h I co. ' ,,r,,6 :1 . rOte. 3.d ,llnz , ,ll ; 'If .1 (' I: r k ~I" P.:1 "hI 'I , (l o.e! 37 hh0 ll ,u . 'lll , If~ k,., ,d., It ,e,.. , , ..plr swdl, uri i ,h ; n i+r .I , t h++ nr. u.n1 , i, h ie 1, i . lerl, . Jtl h 66rl6l 66 Ih:. 6,6, I ,,I ,6 ,I I 6,, 6,6t , . 6,6,, 61, 0 6e666 6 "rr hly 0,,. 1 II I. , 1 . 6h, .. III,1 .." 6,I rmlt ure a . 6k6n 66 n 66lkrio . ni al I li'6 ,-, l. 6.... t_ 1, , -'reseo nd oA JI I, t 1 ll or,1 :1.11 \r, ",1 ,,,r ( 11 . An18Ldrews.1 .6o6vl1 Pr 3 11,111 6:.Hr6...(',,6,66, I ,.. h..,. - 36 oils. rope. yllp. Io htil. + tar I~, ,. l6 i 6 t,6 r .oId a H V hlc d' L rll10 ,, yl,' Chnll, , 14 11 l3 l 111,tr , Iolrnlldk r ~ilyde ." BA you T er,1 H6l61l ,.l ,,lr . t,, 1 16,, 6 ('666 ,.,, Ii 6 Of -l lr,'' l I&r g . , hd ,, l I66, t,6.6r 4"Ill6, ,' c 1 r16r66(666 3 (6h,6 6 --6li6 66 .66N6,6 , . 1 1,. I I • he, 6 ,Ir. 1 , lh 1,, it,11111.1, l 6h. 11., ll, 6 n 1lll6 , 16,6 , I6 6666 !,AColB . 61.61,6, 5t6I6r: .6l. 6, 6,l ,,, Ill, 66 I .. Per t (,.ctt re l;,ll.. +Mr. tAK, A i,, a1. ,.d *lal1:1 111reýli 6Vil6 .16666 6ell6." ,, 6666666,. ('6,6,,i6,i., 6 { . 1, 6 r. P ,II 6 6u6llru l 6:, 11Pr -+..l'1,1t.\ t. p, I . 6, 6 ..6 6.6 - nIt 6 raln. I~lir, llTlhclt. 1 6 r6 ,l6r 1,, \hhlr , t ~llII.,r. I'erl teUll,,l 'ek1 u I,.' l ,lllt,6 ld6 , %6 In T,116, Il6,, 6ll6ll ur,6 6 h(,' Ll6hl6 of 6,66I [l. "6'o snil, ,i6 h. 1(506 i,,s6,666. r I he 066 6 igf.. ¾lllri i 66.6l6 l6 rI. llir l tkll . 6 hi6. "6 11 1"k.Ii II.6\3 <,"J ,(ir.+ \1, , w161 iO l 1,N lhtYO-II E r i 1.ll r I ..L4 l nIl'll, lal +e+ln| ur'((lcnu H I tI tln['+ Ih -lln 111." lp illnn bnll ar 1 -nlPo 'le th 16 66l6+'l h I l r6 k 1,r '6t i 9o A8, 1(66',I:N. 1166666366666 66. o .1 6 66 66611t 66 (666 ll .6rll J1 1 ' 616 I'_,all 'h66 Co6'6nul6 s1 111 . P p r r iop r i e t o r o f I l , l ll i s ht n lrl la h lu F ; ti l e pl eu - Slre ure0fanll lot vil Io his I'i-ni~t[.t u lr ll 111 ui li6 ill genuelal,H. lie -ill l e*f ill rttalnid ,P bhv the first day of lel of thane at a di-lllk l, hll ,'that thclr 11 ltl l twe hrge. he tr oble, lalnd t thle (01110 time iuuch better. FTaliliE ca i a.1,.n 1d/l£d ) ith g Ad oons, or1 Iihoe who ilr can hav large cabin ,letached Whe mainy huilding [I is ree d. Ullm'esssry te say nythlhlngi in parllcn e1 of the. cb 6rel 1,r 6 l 11e 66 wa 6ter., 6Ir i , i gee1rally oleyed that th6ey are 1 out if (rior t11 a( v in 1 li6 1 oth foundat 66 66lori666 J'6lce6, will hI e l6(mI d (1 . finis. '' l tI eenl pg6.d, tu , will be i] consr6 n 6t attedenke6 1t66 's he ilwr will ail Iraself of 1lhis oppo unr ity in returning his 66 i6'6 ned thank1 for the v(, ry liberal beporl ev vedn him I1st 6eason6 666 nhoIpes bv 6 he 6 6xer eions Rthat have been H6tde in imp6rovi6 g amk ex6 g 1g fhe u at(4nloadaerioljS, j o m16 eri6 1 liber1 l 6 i tr,,i6gL tl M3 he 1 1 6166w (6l6vee | 61666666166 (666666 11666 T'IIe I'IIUl AMIMRICA N. PAITRIUL AND BOLD. Official .journal of the 2D .oEluticipalitn. 1't'UBLISIIED Daily Tri-Wteekly & wVeekly. TUESDAY, JULY 9, 1829. TRUTH NO LIBEL. Our Paper.- uring the t iad for libel, we must rave the induolence of oar leanders. We cannot.find time to attend to the getneral intelligence of thie day, while this matteris lpon our hands. THE 'ItIt.+t..-The great libel case increases, if pos. sible, in interest. Yesthrdly tihe Attorney (General concluded his argument for the prosecution at 3 o'clock P. M. M.r. Soule asked to be heard to day, in rep'y to some new points advanced b3 the Altorney General. Oljection being unleby It Htunt, Esq. a warm dispute arose betwleenl Messrs. naae u and Sou?6, in which \:r. Peyton partook. The coulrt at length agreed to hear the canotel for ildefendant to-day in reply, and adjourned tomeet this notrning a: ten. Mr. Sould's Speech -We devote our columns to-day to this powerful elffort in behalf of the liberty of the press. Mr. Peylona's Sperch.-We find it imptsaihle to giva Ithei whole of this admitable speech in t,.day's papnr. It shull be finished in our next, and will be given entire in tihe Sunday edition. 7'. tt. lnoore-This gentlemen, edlitor of the lied 1iver Whir, has benan deliberately shot deadi in the streels of Aleandria i l, Iy l~naistl, editor of the Republican. IHolstein has decumped, it is said. 'Lr- 1' lea e __,, i 1" s._- i+_ . . _ ....... CItIIIN\L I. COlUR'T, Continuation of FJID.I Y'S Pt'roceedings State of louisiant, John ( hson for libel. [From our Sunday's Edition.] (Cntlitualiont ofi AI,'. Cohen"'s Speech.) The antrnet tlir the State htal t ited tie C statute reln live t snitus for slander, (2d Mtoreau,383) which declares that inciwd sllits filr Ranlder, detlllllonin, or libel, the troth allly he gitve in evidlnci'e. l olllntides this I sllploetse, its aIt Italemative ctllai le a Iecti vel t pre:g t:0l. ltan iin scrred rights he taken ailay in till n lllllner,lby an "+c.rpressio lni's," operating e' eluseoio aeir.rius." Wht y dild mnt the Le islahae enlct that you couhl not give truth oil Indictment for lilbel It may the argued Ithat Ihegislllllre did Itc so eauct becellsetley Ihollhltl , h Law nI t lrenldy. It was very ' seless for thile L.gillture to enn tithll tllll ill civil slits, thIe truth nmi)st he proved, for the ' tw ws reso It.dy, antl every Iliwtyer 1n1w it ; alllnd lw relating to civil matter Il tanl l tltie furnish t negatlive pli acllt to determine the in te pllretaltion of cr limantl l tiaw. illes the law punish every hreach of the peace ? Are not il lt iid battery, til y, is not I lt rni'ile ju.liflt se def'.tdendo. In thlcse 'ases therC is tte011 Ibteach•; I in libel, tlterte is only anc leged tenldecy to at brach of the peace. But it is contteled that in libel ter party indicted tan not jitllify lhis cllr'e imllputed tenldellncy, be true, ilhe intentionl however pulre. \'et it is well k ol) I lllt i tie above intstance t e actual breach, viz: as sniltc and baltery anld homlicide, the hn'lity 1utist be proven, teed evidence i0 always received to show tihe motives it tl emll li lice. It seell ms htlit it i only here th e litl0ry of li t citizen and lheright of free dis_ tlssioln are involved,th t yet caIlln t olol, r testilmnc ', of good itentions-tloe evidence or test lof chitlh tully he where holy liberty may lie thlven down, that a jory wautI ble wlocthless, and the trial by jury must cease to libe t ittplladium of liir rights ttand beone a solelln moclkery. 'The indi:tment in this ase clharges thie defendant with having publisheld a false a lt nmalicious libel. If it be unnellllury t prive lor dispirovele te falseholod c hy lhoubldit t be lleged ! The rnle lof excluding thel Irnlho thie sat tllaeIt igire. liberty aind god govern inu11 1n1111 pre1ents public discussion. It the truth he imrmatrialta ll h issue, why aloes not the proseeutor toatlf's Ile stalmllellt alleged, !.t h.illl sy it is 0 ie and take li consequenllt ce. 'IThe irast isggeetitl of Iollllelllnll1 *mle, ont i readig itn Ipubll litelio 11 tile kill chat'ged in the' iifiet , h, ti tehnee l'qoiring-is flust intrh Intrue? I shol' n to bIe false, ilhl li¢e is l lte illov rial e linferere, and ii r ltt s, c vhy teth' l.; investigahtio ? (Jr. C. quoted it number l authlorit os to sho, thtat tle truth ily Ie adtldu e I in jutilicationt . It f the Sttle he tlloeecd to prove lalice, t lly not admI l vid.e lto relbut? Whatis .linetd by not atdl' itting thet evidence olthe trtlh oflthe ttlllle ent? A litlie lillle-Ior, a little trolble avIoided ? C( any tillle be illlportant when morltal principles arle invollV(ed i Can till y trouble he too great, when taketn to do right and tjustice ? One principle on wvhilh the evi:lence, Iral or falel is xetllled, is, that n evidelnce must he almitted which is not collelulsive. Every case of circulllStalnlll a vi-v dence is mtde pt of partls, elch of which tken set l rately is insignifitlent. Bute whet n all the circumsthnci es ar taken tgtr tanto hrthey lform one enrllel. boldy, forcing I convictionl t o til e t llmilnd. Dlr. ('. nrgulled F'lrtherll, hst it woulld seem to be thle doctrine oflhe prosecution, thaet cevery t thing but srel tutlh might he admitted. Was this reusonable? lie recurred t the priiple that nothing waits law buil rtt ea son. If it . 're lll'ewise, how dallieult it woi uld i e Ior ithe ciriT.en to undlersnlld It l preserve his rights. " Mis I rlle. !le se i de hllere tile l.a is rngue land i1n Ulnder tile ol contended for by the Attorney ((ler itl, n f' el.llnem l ca.ll publiilsh any litt ll_ to serve or save 'his clntlry, without llfear of prosecutio. Eiblish the I doctrine he ctntendled for, and (ur liberties are at iun ehd. Every lile youl write, maynv ser te lmalice of Iolr nel , anlld e bllell him to throw ( It into dunll ,rit ll ic' dI'llciP I rI.i .eardi l he iltrc (hltlt jl] lf n,. tall , i., I Ihal ,,jit lilmls i ill go rath lr to tile rlabil. ait, dhral I the ndui sibilhly.-'TIhat doctIrilgll hll tol 1,0' ap Ihrd ,thi. ,.its,. l.0' Ih r jury hhiat th., evidence le cilt lt weielh it anl declde. W'ns it lott IItlll ltltc .e 'V itdl hc"', c l.h, i'hl e h i ld io tIlhe jcury, llelt it hi et.d he iilltotller for t ihem tfl ha inr , anl.ll yet Ithe ide eeldant is allo. .id to itddul e ii to the jldge it a ilieetallm all 'f Iti trial. IItiIt I. l per t hat tlu'ei i dge' slittini il l Iur It, whore+ is ihe danger Iof pr.',oiming it tllo the jury hcal i e t loile (experitt lcee tof i h irtl' iilg rs 1 itI n, blall the fIlayision of the, 1.a1tut timbholi,.es ihe hltllilneof iCt I which oli.h I to llePtlll il) the o111. imlt law %hel applied . omar s1t0e0, he unlavailing Y I I' 1 lite f mit ll , he ,lll te lf a kii gdl to that if ai i r ptdlie.1', hice it rion e an ic tier s lihtet c i t monaer t a latw fi'r Il.elllllce d pl : tr. t.. ('huI L it tiulle I comlllry b. hlltr ine press as l In.n.I I elled 1 I LUaid l hPere its freedl lll r t ',,eal ,, ri ill 11(e rodl, .l l ,e rllls, f II ld i i:lr l h1ulli d l c it iiI ,Ih " p ,-e blof ,d llrl i Ireatllstr " Ml r.C. glated tite |de i ;i ,- , ite face0: of the s+Venl ! Itishop, If.m.+ T"o k., L rI. I Ilu-.,. nd f l o' . Dean ofll St AsIpIl h, hoill nl i l ee [l ihey ap11 pi ed to fihe i 11' ;ilnt Sidem lltllay lie heIl, ed l,, It! Jury,-), as to the qNetiell i ¢of troth, Il)-to iw l hmthe. plllm uI e,l nl h i nodto r 1 in andih] Ill-Ill ' I11i t h1 l0bb ' iol . T he I h+Il lrm lt r offi l e tI h e ei-l d 111 a be prt e I d, I li, prelvilns writihme, illth h w arl ena I D year' , lg ., co [ld hbe n.lm dn o tti . The prliare initl ito rll, illtIr th, lll ll II"of ~ilimlloll ha l a ,1eter I delfie 1. 'lhe best r'lh: i l. hn 1 o as ihn llet im o .es.-. bIier theevidence, enld hI irt 10010h taIhI tb it is worth The dr ine ' Ih. greatler the Irnhal :le crlethr the I aetl " worksihis injury deal one nmver I n.tnl: then I t his 016-he omi 1.11s lole i-iiline trut-hrt Ihln (thuy say) i- no de. .nee. Betler w111hl Id bit to I j rI1,1o Illnt eum bllhip l tIhle press or I subllit Iaill utier. I/ [hIoull t Io tlhe sinte Itorne ". Widh thewe clogs and fitters Ihe very mini, wouldd hPe Ie mlP c l.lll e-lC am-L d llno ind |lelll,,hl I"ldIltor 1ou111¢ give oII hi0 manly III m11 ellldltllinll s. n 1 , Ihou the eir "1 per. I erl llli.l flrll i . i e li, e I yi.C e1; sll"h ' ail hI wroteI were Iceteadl}y I ulll . 'This woulld hr to 1l ite with Ilthe nharp and glillering awerd of Ihenenles blashing in his eve, anId sllended over his head by a single hai', This 1tohli be a comdilio1 of lterror and .avedlmn wIh 'linc b e Iia hilo iightsinlt brave r0olyve woefilly l gral rIa 1111 alllant people, could never e anll e. l1r. ('uhen here omelllllcllled the reading or the eo., the People ve. C'ro.,w ll,11 J'd. on,1 it w.. inta rrl. t- . cd by tI1ih Cl t, the houtlr" oI'lr illljollrllllllt n llt b11I111a lrl-i considcralion lf tthIl ubject Ihis ve ry althe cl eei ,t... tip a.jlont' mlll elnlp €1the r aiIr rendl er it nrcfes-ur Iia• I fa"t- t*shollh Le IenthtCed. H rPeminddet thus.1|.].. itd I . t hllargedl Irillr homlllC~+ w onlrv th. flp ol f I ar " 1 r. hbe| althrinll tile pace of flhP ,Iart, an11[ datet 1", par againstt M ickei, but IteihldictiieInt went farther, I it cllarged the nacced wit thie aulhorslhip of a fal te Inblicltion. ir. S.caled the uttettint, f the court to "this w+ord ".false." Ily thfis insertion i tha e inldictient a rtiihd chfrat ter I.' inlltttalrled t.i that istrlmlent -thet word might iavebeei ottttd,tut btin" there, ttiet ttuer Ias closed to any esepe f 'ot it, ad the tproseen-i tioln mttnl snllllll to t lt tt(t l(oneqltenlP . Il older to't -how tte il ilellce lr ., wothlt rei.pitulate tile centt mn l~maw legishattho and decuihions wlhich rehlted in th. slhject. lt, ore the il, tittetiun of the 0diouo otart Chamlt eir the prollf otlth trlth was never rejected in a libel case; ibut when ie dti-t aleful tribunal appeared a new ductrille hithertlc tlltklnoVwn . ia n star:ed, tttoaner the en is of tyrntoy nnd deaponisi. Tile trlth of a libel was dechlrad to, be immaterih, its tendency to pro hvok a breacn af pence, wtts tht a fction or law, aisnm e el as Cerhli i1 n every c ose, and jllie8 were prlohlibited S nfrom viewig it in noy other lightt-its truth and it. im I ilrtance t' hIhertly wvre consildered agngravtios onf the Illlsdemnraors. The court knoa.t witatntdelelteriul eftect esltalihaent er the Stanr Ctalber had utllon tie i the geahitn)plilCipleta of tie ololltlll lanw.' Tile coert Sknow at raordinary toto ritbuntl wtarestoblithed. 'iThe k ubject aited athy the rtigni-nag poter in Englanld uns tle sualverioll of tlile nciet libertris o f the people. to Tihe t wit to Ie a i llarg' door to thi iltvtasiott ofpower tand to the oIpp.r{,ssoII of the c'iti .TI 'lhe <flhertaf t the tar Chttto at's de -t s vtt.otott preceiteid. Itt vain di I tyra ny elltdavotur to lfilrce it, in vati as tile wtth of IltdeIttto ttiln tLi t ttilSt Itt't disoledii.l Jur tou rs were ftlouln, whi by tlleir i:ldepeadanei lovc e of d liberrty ean ret l ec c r itt h"ti Inthtll, iteistei tle llbrtsiaf "pollwlr tI CTrsllh the -itzc ( l tnd ttelllllll r Ih' tlll tr . ThIe doctlrine was lepu~liated Ilb eve "yho.nest heart, nnd thouglh it was prochtinml d by ill imlposil.g and tesblllh talh lityit ett a mt e a t o I llarlltl\ Ilnllily Ihelljlllies ofr ieemotale wrco, dIltOd u to eh ot'e it. tto frat1eueot alnd Iearllnest hlilt, bie,.ll Ih.' lllllltioinlll of jul 'ies It I 1th vu o lU"1tr u plhinciplel l tlhat ini the; rl!iplli ll' CIitri'lts Ih1I: .d r. it ilas finlllr d lcls arlly it ILA Iit a n w daulltilh I till tllll to abiird eid tflte tto labrty. Tetjtdgte s ireha et I to a Inewautlholivty u nw priilerge. A IImo.'(.thlan subtile dtestinl tion w.udlraWII betwn th·I. II W alnd tile fact o the tu-e. The law a;ls iewlrve-d for the collrt alone mid die haIe lucit was , tIio Ih l jilury. Thit c-ae the Ihe tainol cellnolship l ahll, ridlictllu lls nol odioau. in the ex Iremn--it gave to thIe high ltheelhlr hie examthleliUn of ti law oott , th it e s'et-trittits o" tatte the ciarge tllf wtalk t ane h t or ' tIt lplilotapi alld IIt censUrshil of 1cttitiO s wliin I.. 1ol el.l unl Ithe like was intrutidied to iti Archbihtlti c lt Ittlillllhry !-oi if llt- ho'ly tlieT ottf ahii prelaN tte tqilit ied htit t-t ji dge love stories and iitliea! ioliilno wdi atllowvId ito It e d hlu ii tcle lcrnnirsionl.m ot" the ihre e. I1hl honletr and ihdpcnldallt j rtit s again did jto i licett1o tie htwi thtv b r iede a- the:11 rnl milr inbly;~ the II? ill I1Fiunlt to theC slavidh doesn w here etlhilencedh: flit trnth was titilhhltehl; and tteyi S hllnloredh t r in 1 t ear " o plllwer th; use-rtihn thel r Ilghtl s uf freemtttn,t llil tti-llitb to Iremanulg-te itc irulhI ualnd of Ih . suilcle tlitD l i t;ry lt itth e lltc, Ic jal iittta shuidenhl lllljoly. The? yd .clhred tlleir ablhllorrence o, thlle titranlt iti it| ict it It'tti litte tLliled ti I ihake thtee tIe .. oold and miiiions; ty ill Iraehtha~lIiit they we re tlolJ] nltdl Inlllhln ns ; th, .:., pru,.t lilmt.l Ihatathey we r, Ie nl'l'lrLn d (not sl.viL . '1 'h nLobl ht il s t L. i ieLvL i the freedom of(.I teech, and for that reaon llall auttempts to r lepress it. ti. idn co it ll etl' the ( onlltloul 11" power hIav! been liresiste ;Lid ,Lliatlllyl di levateLl. The ' lvser patoln lof tlhe star chambter dctrines caltoned i. lEng iill diown t tthe year 1731, whl ti e genius of Erskine rdeelll d t Ile l ipre in t ii e < rev , li olll its l' tt, rs. In thell sas, of the lDea of St A'L l, L Loird MlLansfllL l decided that the law ni s sll illLedtat ill tlrl thl ll ol I go t L illheijary, that thi e greater the tr hl the groutele the hel, r tan td that Iv jur3 coul. only fied us to IheC fct t flld i. tru lllle br. hre thie n ieighly nld palln geniust of Erskine Yet su great n as the ]tluenet of .onIr over the liniof XllansLt f i v anl lu i io-jti dges, i i otwithstav ld(I thfe iltor nyll igenerLl tols iht his scut in pes:once of the Cttt C and declared ' hltl 'I L skinL , v' ts rigLl , ihat they deil i idd i favour of Ithl despolic rul:e. lit tihe (,,olInlcans inlllll diately took up the vital uestiun, IIand passed a Llaw which was uacepted bt tIle other branches of the ;uov rlilent, dechlatrtotr of the('. O C alIl ] LItw, Ihtt Ill the poinl i i s is e, lotll of ilw d of l tr , ill que ti onslll libel shol ld he su. h,,ittd l t, lllthe'i rjL thur v lv ' iv g in thL e last resort, that ErkIine tins rihtr and hlansfield ws wrlong,resLabliLshing tlhe colmni L law upon its old fILLLL eatilon Lver. rlwiL g ll e iirl i-itoLrial pL retntioLns of i judges saving the trial by jury fron, destruction, redeem ing the c.Ont'i, ecel of Ihr jurior from tnltemptd dicta tion and snving the libe.ries iof old IEngliand froTlln i overthrow. So nowtl thie olelrline or the Star Cll1amber that Ithe greneL r L the ,L tl li e gratel tII liblrl is de ,d. It exer.cises in Ingi I1n d I to I ger anl y inlllience, 1Iot f single hair ofany h'ernllnsihead can any ,lu mlre h lIrpeal, I Itarmed bvLL virtue of L' pavlplle Ln ablylrdlt' . TI ,P !sitI hlad l bIlh the jldge, to stti! b etk, , 11d to qo no fit. lher with thelir tIlll'l.,ril h. No thallt it wouhl s Iem that I L IIIItn i IIwoIly ),i ILn perve.rted n, d p,, l lIIdl JIa llr il;r lll y corlsl iatd the I"eiL If I,'tling ill the., tnuth --Ile ,-ared t,',th. W ho i+ not Ik, t.'iru. t tfrllt : ho Is P lhlI sa k toI rle p es the rIut l ! R'h t has bIeenI tIlhe c re if .lp ision since 17!1? si 31r.S. wouldeknoledge-G~r hoe ,iched t di Cit, the q luestion w ith flra kl .e-s- that tI ll, io h of t" U t. fX'im tlbility I f evitmiel to prove thl truth, stlill it Ilacr in snmoe of1 thl,, bh nks ,t I en .eel! pripliles, hut the exceptionsll L W les milllro and broaid, that thel rlll wis aIleist I lwys ahIllttel oL snI grounLtiI d o ttler 11hen tlhe alllite ol e disover ol l I oivL 'nV thI e fae o the libelL, the tLrth wmld nIt I Ljusltify it. W hL,,n thle in tion I. 'rJl LLn'P waL , siielviden, LI t11ruth voliliii Lio hIL I vIesiented. li!t i'\\'llllstr Illl(ks lsl /l ool d II p rt of the dehinitinh olthe word drl%,mLtion, so the inli; to prilllpaglte iv v i holood should iappear i t oIL ile, i I ,Ii' enl quihLy must take L plae i to th, trllllh of the mIllell , ' a nd the intentionLI iLof thIe pirly. 'hls then is the distincyinI when Ilhe uinlice is clear, no furttrinip airy is necessa ry; bnit ohliet tLhe iau ' a.llo is duI ,tL ul or dles (It appear, thiln a If1l inve ti+i.unti must take place; the IpLL'Clll i I v ii pv I L' .ve, ai L h e ,ildel e li ce L l lilv I rehII I , aLI Ii in -ldros., he h mpetaks the pure lngnage 'S" the llLcred II thl l4 t I I bII e presultL i . o lille le n I etl t11ed by Imtulise. Trdth aIlnd nlh' I ' Ie t ore, turally ihtimc nli le,. Mallice. will rlnva s lie, sh.. i. lel.ver eon.tent w th hdien~ t aiL in her tl i nl, illl' l p-, hll ii Lili i. w)i' i conllines himself Ito rnth--lo Wtullh whl Ia caI pIlov,.l, LLLand who .a iLi -l' , for his words,eLineL an hl ne, 'l i1( ln Ia a nl letlle=s illCOllllll tibl, ith dinerlV v'llti.. l'h l c ,ll. t Irl ,r of Ilhe pIns,'c ionn i4 toi o p pt os. , Ihlpi na''lie'v i t I le rlt. i ronlm ,d i t he ia Ii.r:,." lhe "I , ll" nliehln Tih e. h tilth is I a jll(·illh lul of n r tt i l, . ai "l -t he' I m. ph. 1o , 1 .,,r i' ,. i(,I .. T 1. h "', h..,, tr tlh I- pll.hhi l,,,l 1 ,r j ,stl ( l h/+ rr.d+; y.,l nlu~-.1, to Ilpr lle :ll llil. Lli ll ot lly b , i'i i ll ' llo lllll ! , -lrtl. 1 n, 'v if m Il r I hl-' .lll'd l: I;1 ll-lil e,ithee, arev (Ii of ft, is whi i, htelong to tIw public life's, too thcr err Ilt'e Ih +t lic h eh Ili ttlh:n thI Intel oI ". (I .t a/aTrlll/l .Iaq,,a lruatu . 'I;ts li'e illnve-li.tltl oII t,1 h ile II n li't of public w nlti-s I L d the like, I .r L e-l olil' II t I Li- l' r lv e f fL r .<l , and i l .l , qu.r'ly I' l.rhoL L ahmI - iln| Ihits rr'n- lh f Illllhil I in ' t, I Is to e L pni-h d. llene, I li h tilt nl -i 1 f ile il llldge, 'r. . ,xl. I a.i.ed ithe ,I 'L' Ii li , lln 1 .I, i L ,L L siLL n i g L l gn. l nll Iiv iblhs |"am siF. Ihe q,,t",d Holl, \hinsllll, uitihrk Ili,.. L ,L iL I l- i, It I L, h ,-itll tl 'v L iL r ..,' I thIl ill s ItLL o[ .,.;lll l llllll hLLL tII II ILII LI' LLL'LL -,,L t.l, I +.L IL - s oiJ., ti ull ge the f. /A hod tf ,he, lih,., nd that IIt i .i L'LLe iili ltll L ' 1 +sm ,1 d ," I- ll,',_ ti,. it l I li.LI , LL' 110h' ltd,+: it a ei, oI" "r,.lanlllul llmI1 niallllnl , nd hadl plt he, rqlllplestion of truth ,rr ho trothi at istI.r Aflltr radin_ ll mile pn:-o l ' .' 5 5 i, llh:.,.k ,n,, 17(, Inn , olkh 1, 1lr. .. calhed Ih, 'ntl ' vn o if lhe 4,, t L thI Ll I' lllt t ' L:. _ll hI. I 'L lhle a iniIIs le " ,leIIP lll " ra .,r' uoher tle gr. . I imsns of doe li.. It1 i. the' rll isr i lc; test!,,h ., ? ofd . hlel ill I, agIn thl e n tlsllll IOl |it. gHI t,"roi meIl I, 1 .,,;:,· pt ,,i , ,1 i lilihul, f r which hil I'. sl.; ll . "! , i- iln,.,:lplll e .t illl n r liPe io - ti h0li ho s: d w i, . 'r . ." l tI- p1t i o" I pl. p lh a re ti. h r in , l a w. i t i I noIti rnii.I Ill, n1ill, o itll ,d hiril i plu ,i-hetl, ha the .il oi:ll l hi" . , " ; . :l li!as .k tne ..a . , -" i pii i lfI 1 % ,!,.nc,"ru. oir tI..," %lilllt~ -. w hich ++]l'l p.blh 1h.ll, shd, una , r",or nstd impl,,tii tr/ol, t Il+ jI I ., ul ,f /I rrfi.? r iio t/,'udlc'.ry." l orr ItI.s lhel ,la te~ ILtr ipp li , I.ty ,I-h I l ILL Lhat hi Ii p llr LIai, hli,, in IIt·· reel w o.i<, ,ot lhl 1;ly d <.mIbrge ofn , d ol l, \lliCI he I -.-s n1.a.r to, .),, i,,lv n elod Iar t o·,r. :lr',. II . .we lh h,ln l w, swl, t t i al ,, , ,th .e o. Inital", III'a wa Il Mr. I t . LIhen q:uoted It' "lils 13 to show thnl the I us(h l 1 of a l inai so: n n lll - I i.i nl ill Ju tisiatio.ll hod Il.i it was tnll om ry.l_ to epnllre of the in sii f a iglinll L ' il Il/ ll - 111 Ii a lh, I h LI the thi i l L har 'I u.llnilst him weier i ',I . If LIe ILeni l nI t dL, sou i was r.. ed t, the iodmlhn witne ,ly I ,y icil tciln. 1li. '. I l-o i'it' d 'T'umllm late )i t ,'lioary (,i.lloing I LLh.i L-'IL 14t:) vhert' it i' - L tmL l'L h th it Iwas heid fur , ellntric., tn thll lll T 0 heihi i jl heard oiti l l rfo ted.L is u!s, stat, d habl Ih e. N .s lIl.en h w. u..1 t t point liv s(" -~ hht, l <,acs,.. uo]s ; [tae if.r,,er declared Ib In 'ileb!h· iat, d ll t11try llld p itedlLy h L w s innocent II I lulter iloh - i.the ~l twi . ll li d; IL L el 11,U n vranLlsI ilrd It' tre lhil LIi di held I put it down, I.Ife ltldtl , l , ia no long, r r .lUireld ult tlley tunid It hlar tIo a, ani led ntiin-. 'IL y llM I,.L , Ihlllseli- es , to tlt slaoiish dotrine, they always resisted it, so that a whenever it was lcomputable with the interests of power the irco rule was mn:de to blnd with easy fixibilit to suit the rq itly of thi'e oe. · lr Soule, said tier were maly thini,. within the special domain of t the press---he reprrling cif all jlicial ploceed ingS was (Ite at th.ese, the cu tigetion of illmordl conl duct effel.tilg general inttrest of the iomiulil ty nlother When the press is fond to keep it-elf withlin these li lits aol:ice shlnuld et'lhe pirestuled,hloweer stern tlhe c iuth it muy publish : but at least it ght to bealiowedl I to give evidenlce in jlstifieation. IllIwkins, eays, that befiire admitting the iifiorelatuon the court should make thet inquliry Ihether the fcts he true or not, and a trand jury beforaindicting should make aaioailar inveltigation Any doctrine oplpoed to this would be liberticide, What ! Shall we w ield the sword of justiceO to hew down the friends of truth ; oiiel we place that sacred blade in to hllds that lire titii.P ? Nay! let nole dare approach but who is clear of crime. BDf)re you enter wash your hands at the door of the temple. Ilsre it. S. rend a passage from 2d Starkie on evi h dlnre, 472, whikhr soays that the deferdant " can give in evidlelce anveireumnstalces whiclh hllow tlhat what he did was dine in the fiir and hcnest diseharnge of any du ty to soriety." lie also qioted the nmie authority rb Sfirtinti tot3 Pi'.le'ip.:104, to show thal the defendlot " may repel thiechirce by proving that the pullication " wal filr aljstifoile iipurpoe." It ceers to be tile doc trin! of ohe Iit, cs he decided in ithe case of the People vs. (:to.; e:l' 3 .henR,837, aml n lie Inmainltas in his com m eInrhtarie Illhlt tll c truth should Lie att least advanced as a por'of eno malire. What was ofo'red in thlisi -e ? thle defendant wiilheld t shotw that lie made the Ill( iCtll.n in thill, dischuree of a dally diuty-one ofiiie holiest duties of ithe public plress. SIle wishes to show rithat Ii inveniedl io story, no lie to It exite the public fiml nod create di,,order; t(lat he lhad suonly kerl the e'ho ol the bilhc soice; tIlat pIblic ru Imnr hbol seized "iupn ilt'ts interescting to society ; that tlhese fIrt hall pass, I from door t door, and jtod I.en Sc smmenteued upon in puhlki places, (the prosecutor him tell having tiee privy by thi own nct, and writings to 'he, di.iIs ie,)l that these tI cts had beel publicly known, publiclly ciruluated. publicly commented, and a stigmatisedl byI the dialproibaieion of ever. goad citizen, iil that I e onlyrgave a ulocal hal,itutiun tol thei truth, ian Iti lhe pg cial feeli lliiki.ll e comlneluci ty to tthe slubject. tIi doii si lie dircllnged a meiered P duty--.all Ilow shall Ib.e he Iunished fir this, shall he be SJilni andi thirown it a dntllgeti for this, and shall the if et ICe done ie o tihe Iare of Justice I If it be true tioil thi. piower of tihe State to prosecute e or libel n. ilt Iv e used i il tI I public good, aod It pre it vent public di-ordters ad wrolnes; anti it canll be shownl td Ih t by tlile pI tlic lin, ke n'it ti the public and not iijUry outhl ' r Iesul, ther under the evidence, ifldliot ted, tihe jury wu'd :nequit. But the jury niUi t hear the Yt evidence, o ' ins ,he a oial would ie It l.lren mocr'k Sety, til the jiury Ioei au~llatlolo., to bite d for the ' o ernatllll li of ii n llno 'irrer witlllt k lnotillg hlilm Sto te guij. Ani iAtielligort jury-a jury of freemen c will trnmple upollln uceh I dolctlin re i. .. was rot tin iocnll te olf licentious press. No 'nore ithn te htiate's lttorlney lid lie approve of the deviations ofllu I pre froel the Ireie object of its miis r sion. lie never 0 inhed to see it the engiln of calumny; bilut w Ih ll ly press Ibecamellll corrupt tile Piltremedy w a'hlogside of ithe evil. The only sitrenth of the press is in tthe pi lic naplrtoval, if that deserts all editor, ihe aý" ftll t hIl Ihe dtlim of lns own (bily. Tl'h! public will io vilbdraw its II.plo.rt, and contemporaryii) t V prsses will da inillilr lhi deerved 'trreetien. There was no in, ces -ily if crlminl p'ros.' iutioni s fri libel; thiey have. been fund vtinl in all runr tries; they rather i xaspe. Sratelthan check, and fegllentlly instend of punishing, llley hicrllome meril tihe iln rmelnts of Inalico allnd lo)pl.rssioln MIr. . hats pnroceded. to rend the piece cIhrged in Ithe, ililnl llt las libelllous. l H reIark' d thb,,l in a it (lace [Its nta of I)r. , tuckie was chargired. Naowv,sup (..os.e that no.r of u' ...hldst and a ilmost respectable citi. Zells ha l beenlll i slllelldl , Mr. A. Ca(al iar, ip iilllnslanC ; l'lat hi' l al a rlollll alilldll I bar o if his cIourt eii vwould Ibe exactlv on the same litholig wilth Dio ; r all guilty o thle Tlling clharged in tile libel. In o e I i ,stane I a aa delnda tam c aul Iroive hiia wadtis, by thea I h ,alllI1 ?ta lla w I lll llill a: aaia ll I a.VO at' ( \V I](I lY writligs of the trwo cllar his 1 sll; while in the ol her screened, whailae the II t could lnt d.f Iba ilanll o lor to pr.m his w.oad. 'rT .is d .tri.e is of bhnei t1nI Iadvanlltie ily to h) lhlr uiat?. a )h ! if such is tlhe law, r'.s 'I rc'lllllil i it is c n(ai .ry to a (:a co . and rhoneit[ felilng. woIIlol sene rI pudiatesll it,I lhr Il.h lic I I uodt+IIIII it. llnd it I Il11mis the p llitiltiye anld t lilllll llltal prllinlpill on whih Iiarii based oullr libri --.)lr I/lir G.I. l liberties, which ii lt, atl abridgellllll . halt- I ], en asked ill hin"lg lltg humlllil with 1un tilll anI l rela,ilt n i ee woulllhl iallow Ilhill n u a.o ' w ail. i-eIIdIII a ould, ito -anaiy a l' y·ll lllllil'a Iahlla aL I: aLIII a IaIa l llt,1lll lS ; t l sa i ii h a a! e.. 1 Te " lla io e at' n li l al e piall t ' II Ie o , a i w ta , aho b ll llll i e hrlly ha ve. i lo Iyi Ihde t fil llel ill t ll 1t 1 i l llft l II Ive' ruts I llllr th a t hl a viin aa tll ha ll la se t ht e lira Illa e of her di .grnlsc , gi 1[a Il ha al ri" a t'LhL IOd 'tliaja Illf r lirst del tl;lill I lllit a e was I nllkllnow. l lld l halll lhlara, rI ta a,1 Se r t aa, oua t a p ra aaf- a - it ue, red.' l a.aia the ere rorl l a wtInIIi e'. IIe g.ts if tlhe i.auh Iof laha hbel awiloal j sllWifv tl, san' who 111 111 111111 oll tear il awally Ilhe cIll:[it, of secrecy whilhl hlule oeer the sarly lilfe of thi;s womlnll? 1\l0, of collrs Inor, the jllury wouIIIIll ndesn the wrl'II h whl o shouldl be gullly of such a black lnd wantonly wicked deed Ill' I whaIt 'haa h i to do with the presi rtI ruse-is llhi. 'the sas of i a-oeita'nt wonan-Iam there aeena here I w by veil turn aa waa to disa losa =t ret aa p.ardteaa l altuts. NI,! we hays Dot rx 1,,I/lPo the unfortuna .W vic Sti, hlt we hove aide'd in doingjsslib e to Ihera ei er. let ,, ill tornl, sulpI loe it e . l4h. old n Ih..hysiiulli icoit 1.Lihn: heIIII I Oh Ili. fI',llV )lronal gravity l I(eacher . I res andsIII· p mlis. III r ( ooli are open to i 'l, he posesas our Bon lehce ltand has fnrr mlcrass to our | lilnt ily. e Il il l him to our nid in -ikinesi ni d l i s il o lli. L ,,1 t( 1 hr I in his l e IInIosd Imltl ll I hair lller, l illlr 11 s a pro I. ssion l I'tIn. 1 , ' ca 11hll l to ilte Id sllll l ofollr wifle or our daui.-U hter nd Iul hilt. lIe .-le Ihl fIrr1 rih lll v, or Ipiirs lordh l lia hand Iio 'I1I· llllnliI?-lll , I',lll h- iLL + hs Illilll et Ti bellll-, he ''t a' a lI l a ti l ' tt ' a all aa tlr la h ilhl all %iiin illl 'oo l' i " :l, a pi lh NIIII. t l lll'i, ' hla r uh al, liadel. b Ia t il. 1 ia -ti t. I ai. -l ai'n i ia-nlaa'a ' : L aalli a'll 'aed,a an id bring lilla. a :sl oI ll he il . .. TI'lo ' lhe u os lll i I I I , at e bsblile 0 I/ lland is tl ex o t111 . . he wr tch andl nbrhl Il is I11, publi ' ,. l"ith lle l .lae- , alb.lot harll I I .ot lsa ahin lla and nla - aIl ''!, I "o1 dvlllII I ll e p wl\ in I'i- S II s I Slnl e Iw lless . ' ii l le o llll| }1' e. f )1 IleIh h In s·.IhL V h tII1 d i.ty o(f sen1 i a, b b. Eliis ! aa a 111111 s ai i t the o'ir al imillat ja-tI d . lllt'i., hi'a t lll' l t ilh,' ,ll'h r Itill a'iiblic w hll Iluon i',,. hllts iollf O iw 1,1111, d. T'e'h oll vs- 1"" li t It ril at e ( iress-Di' t (ii son-i l i+ thi e I,' 'lP d,'litil'L ll ia llha II'' all- l Illl re i, i1ts h - fl kllei-,be hI, w le.h e l.o. h sII ir lrnrh tlr here sill .ihe I ld h.,r i ~h or he.r -afra. I h le pirer. by .ou ' s iab , "iI iat e n si.a ean" ors ill hr":,a e the cd,,,1 id',,vr) I~i --il[i,ro.inls will stalk throilo i fioe -lhel l Ii' 1-s.I " ei el( .I -si r, I nld tnw hip t ofIll jllsllt h] Ile wh - crllr llhl, li-- tal ute doesi I I IIot1II rLleach, sIli & , a -d atet( auaina ati r t the sharpi t I'I. co( , ll de , wirh a hope that I aa wI hola Iall a a, iht h-i . be l t,, r I a aa - i i j h.ii t hi'aj aaaaa y aa ia h ja da e ol e i ia ll a ,a a hd Ihll lielaptie ll p io lh Illlr h i r 'lscahool Ia lhr allilali lntin- th i ll fle wha le sthouhl he toll 1 , Ijal'r i lll, sI' elle''a I'Iaa l - t f the case-I haI l" aitd Ilill 1;'to wi new it oh t-all sy if thela Itr hb lut ol bl atl a alar d -!ell t j, lit h sl e dl, a li d iflhe l lre-s ill thi ihl u calllllllll IIi e III , lhr e rlll e e hoI of pii blllll ih opiio-ll I 1 -p ia ar of 1.s ki ,'s o' ' a .nli ;ioi. The il s' t II ,I .ll ha rga ill' ia iublia io Cal s j;lhlaa na d a malilacious. Ia aaI a juryI i h to declide, ia (ibonI lllli g ilt , or nil gll - ,, le thee g ,liori e faairly ts a'td, and let the press i ll h 1 .I r s olll.d'llll Ia ill bi lla h o s rill jllll ic .11 I.I;' I'IYTON roar llid thainked a. the Court f.r fi I ll.ep i letl ttlin .ivl Io I 1e llulllle ll s on Ii1 .hllli f oI " IIh,-· d ,lil dlls. I. iaa hIad in a ' er been lgi d ii Ihr aaaia aa, tala " a a t aI ' aa.aa(aum ta o i tIaai 1alll . ialltllavaI lly o at '-''' Iatral p a't tall h, hl. l a arl attaa, aad taaaiialer 'lraiy a a. ' aThe jury woall ht h 'e r alled l' ilto ai a th ile i il.. eor' 1111 hta loka 1 t . tihe andalltllo in which I~ h ury.t a t wroc ,, IiSch l-eed. I a theirl ra o a, I tiey wire balold toI A hl e i-. ai.a, Ian l yet t .l n iarb , alll at at, iaatll lll di l - aia tl- i bj in',' a p'a 1 o thatIl i.aMa- w'. - wilphha ld. C(oiad Ihe jary, ihal etid.n.e being. waa th l, hg re a:s ihleir 1 Ibl btllrl IGod, thlal naallla nda helnd'unlatpliion,ind i the dendailt guily oft a f la.a· d a.t'. Cior lib , twh lie s- od I rea ly ta .(,a a rove 'hie truth aof Ilia worda and thea I inllarily of lils alenaatiaas. 'T'bis was notU new qur.sion. The frielnl of liberty had ben..n c odling again.tllhie doctrie n.dr'nced byhe a AStems, or rvy n Al , Guln the very cutein se ice.leln f of the tr .y s r.and oplreesicn by wshich the doctrie was ilh tro dhe,, sate Ilte co,.mon law. .11r. P. contended for [he sa.mIt, p lriv l e - w h ic h h ail b , ',n g r anted ll Ii , Iro. _ eculio . It 1 hi.dla oat o to'fhe thbel, and1 otwithatlm, iig tlie eltj.jelions I1 MIr. 1. the proset ii m had been piernf-frd to per ,se l and teas[ a i pu1 , r publiished - by iht; de "'edl t subsequll n ll fi lhe hbeI, 1nc fhle pfsrpto.s I' of .how ic . . alire. TI " d .fen.e . now a.ked rI .. ir Ii t. o fl,.phr! that ls I imon,. The, wiAhr-d ton s lh w nlt only Ititt tihe .ruth hid been i old, Int that it Ihad been told in the dischtree of n moral duty to the publir, and for the pulpose ft ch.ntising an outrage upon snoi. ety. In tlis, as in all ether crines. the malice and tein- 1 tin of the party.cnetitutned ti criminaliti. lThat nnll ice wasn questiiin of ter i-ellting fronm the evidenle, intl though it may be prennmled. in omne instances, net that presumption mInay lo ays e t reboted. All. P. here rend from 2d Sturkie,738,an uthllority in" slpptirt ofthis propositin. lie illustrated his posilion by several exnilples, PIhring the necessilty, in manL instanece, ofl haring tle trltlh, in order to nseertain the anbence of a ntliicious intention, Snppose a inter cianet' clerk should run away nilh hinh iemployer's mo ney,and the merchant shounld publish hin i-woild [ie llter le tint peilmit.ed to prove the trunth ofnhis publica lion, and would not that proof xexulpate him frolm 11 charge oflmalince7 True, thile merchant would he ac tinlted partly hy his private feelings, yet the henefeitac cruing ito t tihe ncommunity would acquit him. Mr. P. cummented upon thet odious ndi de'spolic rile of the Star Chalnber, which declared the greater the treith thii greater the libel. Such a doctrine was shock ing to the coutnlmn sense of the community. Ii ctuld not aply to tile instittiiun.s f this counlltry, where thie liberty of Ihe press is so sanere, and In hnliiest jury lefoclre.c it. Thle doctrine wasn iliniienl to pto litical liberty. (;entllemen Feenited ti consider it n great ulllrnge thot Ithe mienr and private vices of persons vhould he ex. posed, but Mr. P. considered that society hnd t adeep interel t at stake in ihe ipre-rvaltio uf that liberlv of the press which reaches and holds ept to public .core IIl .e nisdelnicats that bring sorrowi and disgrace upon the wenlk hnlld Ielph es inllolmbers ol f the c.nemurity, and which for in.'otance excites the moral indignation of the public aeeiust the ;e.ientemn!ttl vice of seduction, to penish which our lIes were pwterless. Mr. Pi. i ve us an1 exnl phle, the upposled cse oin preacher oi r ply tsiian, lt h,, o should by virtue of his prolLeseiei nl ci , i e ter. illlrollt ce hi el lf into tie illtillutionll l the Sisters of Charity, or tf Ilse Felmale ()OIphn Asylumll, and by hiss iles and hypocrisy s.cceed in jollting tone of its innocent alnd helplelss iinatt:e. Won l not this he a proper case oI;r IIl clin tin ll of lio e pIlllliC press ? Should ot an editor he allwed tojulaify himself, under such circuts-tnce, byI giving Irollh ill evidence, whin brouehlt up here on it charge of litb t. tfor having ex pored the villain ? To such a case, we unldertake to prove, the prese'nt is a plrallel. t f( p int l hc stlr h i tf 1 t1 t:rihn,by i 'min s ,i h s pnhle i prts's , tII i this t 'i ivil 's it t houl htls i tittiPts forL"I hI1 e.+ ntl how (t dh the u ll pel t I tirtorti s ,t f i tit e at IdIa s prove Ito be nII ee hird-+ ol f pla.8s1a e,--l enll nlilesl fIll. v ttItlrlir . N pl ellll hitry rs pIrtit t e'lln slt lj fl'tlll to ,'h men. They ort,.n hltve thrir lpoor 1 hritn hotuseless k- lul llnprl'oellctet , lh+'y" thloX+ h trll ll u lp hl e w hi , woll rlkl, Ig li bjt clll Ilth lrily s r t olr r t i vin e. Ilud lte uilt 11 i 't l sn , vivl t ll i tt ithei t r i hrtt ellhr i iIllid iht Istia th, vilin by tile lhro t atndl tc.nsptel him ito tak+. el l injured gitllto ti, its,' . its * ltl h. d pritvi of tnch ll p o1 t1lor, h 1, Ilhall. te Il ty m h e p 1 t n11 pulnllt 11ihe I, se r .'hall the+ presF, d,.l out to him tlhat retributive jul.tis he ..o richly in.ritls ? OrI + s alll he ie llll owd. l in the flalclt r. tl'lllllh atlld wl ill l lIrnlmen llafltll y I t ari..e. I oli us theo+Word 'rf Ju liet t IUcleave the iatrio+tic e itihr whlit htll l ave hddly h hI' ht' I hIett I eI n I ly vie t e W orn l If insl e adh11 ' f hth dt'tlllllillll t t r li l'lh' r o f thi .+.dtt'ed +.irl hal tnmn<+k.,d her ,h!.IroLy r by at publditn, Ic jalo ·lsl) t ll'r rl~ll rl lh+ h lId tll+. -l| Iy lhu l ru.-ll'tlllth %rl)'ll· 'l n i 'i ias, r', n..l apll; l to Iih sd h v ,'(mh l n lr ed It ju+lilly hins lf l Iy ~pr i t h l ledu lioll T hi :+ II llll',lffllJll'+ Nth (1',1,nh,, aill L c g d rlh.l l it he jury l h ri ntlslll p-eventr d t hml lh' liltll judgnll g oi f the lillc Ist t ll' l't.+cr. I l' tIJI* II tII1 · ttltillll ( hIIII I+LI'I 11114tlli~l ti ll I11-P *..seb foe the i c lttitlts ~theitt sta d p ishling the .uilhy. M Ir. P. 'i uats . the s lstitut i guarant llelll-d theright uf flicevv . l ly llp +li . nnd wl I1ill lilt tw o ' l Is'bjett lt 'l l.a aIdiI , ill till , pr(i l'lls til ,, ll the o lpelftict fillt(hnl w',II .lrlltted, thnt+ freeldmnl coMlh be I n ly S t t)dititll )[p iL g iS's 0 dolni s, s aod ,itins, II t lif o u t thtII llsr r twol yeatrs. I.+ if po ll sbl thfl t t+i Sthtll th Ii lill l l th ' ' t'S illS ttitI on ? llo I nr 180"1(+ reludtelmd. Stheh no in to tlfe'r. l tion. IrI ans II S W Irthy if i t'lir rl, l rl lt illlll) lt r 5, 5I 5 l he 5' ) ro c gu lllr Itel ,ti ul c th tnt t' ,ll 'li Inlttf t ii ts g Si llltll - ,hI 1, '. ll II (I11 l~ll:l[Il~i' ll 'l> I I LII Il l.,+liqtlll. I1 hh Llhll llr* 5.'Otllilll samet un P ,olex p la th, w hat i :ll lty m in rly ti,[ guaa, e c~'h Il 'llllllL I:·nill' IPxld ,rh l .hl llcllll~ lll l,)rs lol I .lnllltllll Il'( he 't' h h list! h , , lted i. SN is' t.., dI. . ir '1· 1I'I+P I I1I, I 1I. lP". ltl~lllill'. f llr (' l l I llll~l(tl tilll,. It'+.< , i ('lrll'l , LI S1)4'Ptll[l' T +1 f it l t'-l lll~ (; I lt"lh. 111111111 1 llllttll.'· Ill It. i. SI' it isi c' tlltI onl with tie spirit ,f ,,, lit. . . ... itstitui, n, t ands' it t xpitsts tt I rEI), s. sddhny, in s 1,,ihs las t i 'i k, Sti . \Xillit + ii ,.,ore'dllh, allll ht d in'. I N o+l. I:t, I/li EnII Ime ( +l y lll ,+t I,I N . 'S lt nl. I 5, - l Ilv i. fI 'lStl.S I. " I l ' l -t )at ,l. +,, t' II, II+' ri h lllllt lh'* ' 'iS tilt, hh i h p1r' hr h l ls.ifst /, e ths ,(It . Tts hi' s t hlt t ,' Itll i(lh imh'ttslr ,r ('I I+I II u '.l . Illl~l, lit+ i s~ tit++I l .'r' tl l+I'. t' ·: 1, 1 81~ ~ rlre ptt l.r s . 1lbl.l, f,.r t. / 'U. ,.. "lTr'eul.ltret -- lr.llmbl h ll has bee:l dt i sel l 11inised, ar _+de -fUn iia rv Il7 +etn ie.--Thisi m, h Cst t t lh - l c iv )d, er. i , - - L ' _ Z. . . r n ' I \'h'ill;e ll llS i lll5 l1, 1.)a e t, Ir i dii I .-d|i .l,lr ll~l· n I 1~i ,1' . 11 ;IIIIIIII. 1111 |',I h I¢l~ i l.l' l..llh.r orll l' Il . bt i l~l hl l .tll~ st.llb~ . ; i l,.ll·an ll l Ir1I, vlh . iIliiiii1iiIi·ii.i1i+ . 1.11 I liE S "' u[?, l 9 ll (Iitlllll \'ll+ (I n)11()1 I?,II. I' :hq lloh.. III'I'1 ' I'IIs I SII ii I nli --?Itii g. ItsI "&a'l si t' Is· . I - r ,lSl , i "rl i i I . i ltlr t t olli+ TIr it ;i.. D ne si,', i\ Nh's Fih (-i )1 1II lj '~lly !. 1:4)+lll·- (I '+lllIIllill~l 11I1. Oll ~l~lhdll. pt +.)()'1 11illl~ll'-.0 l l,.ul + pl 3]e.:. ,,.+,101\. +\.li 011(. q ill I I·. 1 .t fI-~ tl r i.IIIl,' H~(.I*I)II Jlr·. T II., l'H't ,.," l'nl no·lj in waitin paperl and II.I J nll 1 11]+I T,1 |)o%11'I i 1 [ :. r '. , Surn I' r r i- t,, o r.7 , - i , ,.T.T. l ,T, ,+,l ,. Vd l., i li, ,.Il 1 tld t, Ll+l l'+ II ,ll,,l +, ir r ll I l II-nt I ·I, I JI, •(IIN II.~ III(\I . . rn rt al r theplll.ll h ll0ll \I II\ \ { i III '111 (111111 "(llll~ ll ~I I I F .hl t rlomell( [, hip rt n W llhg o f lll l)tllll} 7 I. I FI i r I ~il I' P /I a. . .........T i . . . . . i .' i ii I '",L l· (l't l~ llr.,' ll III".( h Irt II· I +' ii (·l l' tl )il: a a lt i n Owret' Iol I s l f ly imp(r ] l heF r I alles,'iUni O , l r n Ii:I' ... 'ill in tli iy i tlel..Xtl \ftme )" :llll I Rt~ I,.rJ -- I n I el arl 1 h lnbh hitg u t imu rdl I T ihe1 4 h I f l ol e1111% 4l -lr'l l l i . ll iti l.. r I Fr1omth lho.i fl F Ith , b l : a .1aleI a! ts aI ./r/l ; o f d q u ali , J, i d f.n IHIIIII) r I i i rlTh . - ;i .U 11 irSY, 4 li ew I.iert .il SECOND MiNItCIPA ll'TY, New.Olhi a, July 4. 131. Notice is hercey gir.n It all kLIpiers of tihIard Tables to take '·o their Lieocerosat Il.b Maydls Office, withic len tdays from datir, tgrccabhli an Ordileance ol tlhe GcncraLl Council, applrated 97ti Mlay, 1839. S. II- TUIN R,, clkelor OPR SALE--l) fihle liie crewr. coca, l hlrie +lct 'l"iacc 51 filsdeciterne. n v , cEttot \ENl, IltOWN & C0. Stilo 9i, t.3.9 IIIL O 5I>',,,it st. i,,. 9. "'alA T DE L LOUISIANE-C-lar de--Pa. E1 roidse pour la Pcaro se et Ville de la Nouvello Orleins--L'Elht do la Louisiane :-' lous ceux que ces pteacehes coecernei :-Salht. 0 Atteedu t qu Willieam Regan do cetle ville, aysnt aellid C uno vlewte faite par li,;wlett & tXenas, on., ecanteure publics de cellot vill,. la iropridi6 ci.aprbs decrile; s'.tl addrose ilu Greflf.i de cetl Cour, pour kllu avis ceonflortllotllollt it us eCte do la |.edisn turo e 'ool dile lal'ouiilllne, intitula A Act pLour cnfirlmer les litres ties aequereur, aux ventea julli. e ires ;" lapprolv Ic 10 Mars 1834, Qu'ilsoitco0n nu, ct toutes ipersonnesr intrdereors sbnt par c s Sprsentes sonllllll. ,o Inom d -.l'etat llo a Lotlisiace et de la CGor de Paroiss,, qui pimrriint avcir droii la propric r n llc aprils dierrito, ell acasalqueel d'ull dftIIat de Ibre dans I'ordre, 1o decre oll le julge ilentdola ecoic, oCI veriI duqlel ia vetlo a did6 faills, t bade tout i rrigii i i it6 or cid, lit64 d1es I'eitima etios I'avis ou he tirn et I mlad' d, la ve01110nto, o 0 ponlrcol tre cceelse qua1lecllPs di tiru vlir e al. itrentlejours it dllcr de la pubtlication die cotte avi, i puurqlri la atet ain.'i fltit: no scrit pas contir. riln l It olllol o.-ill'f . La dite propreldd fua vtndue paI les e canlenra. sUs dltsi le 9Ic2 jour dDeLecnI)icrade l'aii e Jc1111, en vertu d'an dc +'let dt. co+'tte Cour, rentihl In 23.10 - Jluillet, de I'anneel, 183s, d n I'ali irau dI e \ slliam ' - Vaneu coltre I-es cr6anclers et les crcalceres die Vceo & t:iler, No 109l, du dIckdiet di retl, .Coc i, i laq tluel h t ventIo ldit W\'illi 'gm R .gan Iest rledau eqdl'act rlluer rle IX dre 3,90 1, payable; mille pilastres eOlllilllletnt L c I bliaie it i icredit do simx, d Jlnze at thx buttt lli. Description do la c proprid6 d'lprce 'Ie transfer Jtldleiniro: : !e certain i t I tdoelr c dETiF1i6 parl No un, sihii: 1 das le faublourgr J,:LCoulrse., dauIt* Pilot Irlld par ao rues des Naylcei''s, lerac , lcrytue et Thali', et orlcait l'ecoigotu di" l lcrci s N, yadele s 1 t Er0 . ioTliaroccI'ICI)~ItII 1,11, II~ colic ilillc~llee.l~ildal'ecili tIo, Illeslralll trl'eate et utll 1 s, one loudstt selt i" elle, pfr 1 tl o lnmii s, dIi fIc l IIL I'I l (r s N lyadtle, ic sur qultac vi e t o1 'lii" s et seit ines de ] prol.,ludhe ir, t·t tlhee' lh rue f rah), le toUtII 2Llle.'.tlrv .ngllis 1; I ' Ilct 010 a ,lllt og n ealll Oll IIavIC le Slots Nos '!l lx '&'es I'lac , lfn In 1111u ! dlt s lIt fail,l " de cillt pil·tls dll. LIarg.VUPr, onemoblellll' tenlte: hs i b .L - 'i tim es, to'n les drollr Irl\ 'leger s ,t qui i ullp rtln nint( Ausstll , re 1o ttt plolll rt hId ,ltn dr'es@ p lr i, J*hcnicaeciberd il iairr ei'vil, dta I ir Juitdi = l lid. nnxlll all Iilln (t t In t · N ( refl'. dlo. \Vs. Y. ,w. SI is, dat6 In 5 F,'vrier, 1839!, le dht lot 0 atL= u.* ., ub. , division d l -t n mr'hn t b "' lomu tl Greller, Nouv,:lh, Orb'ans, e' 3 l.Uili c, S 1839. .. i11t1t, 1 , 1 )pi, re IllI',r, I july 9 3 --ith ty 3 hJ 3,1 a ., " .ITATIt' (11) LOtUISt XNA-l',crlsh (ciurt ihr •I the Parish ci d traly of Nt ar iteisra-,-re IiState o I oiltall : to Ill to 1h111 tice "ooreiltsc 'ilshall cl 'lllI lIIe---grtItiyg :l II·l~~ll I' \VWhercas, WVilhitm Rega of this+ ell havini , Ctourt fIr llor l 'llla oI, ' l illlll il ",ll I inity to an of:t ,1" lh, .LgsaI ture F if thl.+ ,.t ll , it1 ' LotH£sitll a, elll tll e ", all aet l~thr t fli t hllat]+l l I ranc~ o l' lith Is It, urchase1lr s at i I ,lll ' l a ; l l - i 'pr v1,d a llh I Ith 1 l0 llthd '-y e l M , 'Lrh, III3h1: ' I . Ntw , "th ' srt}it, knolwi v , anl d I , r e111 ')+' itll r e.'teel her(,ii, ar ,,c ] a'hd d ashnma - ,d t the' J]m/ine of the Ntsto f J's~ ~ el lt]a"t1 t Pg arish rtl , w lllo <; II I e IIt I ll lig l lt, lll t It I S clah I , ard ho tht, pro ol her, l," d,,r < b ,d , ' ie conseq setnve of'any inil.+ntl alb vI IIg + .,,r l el'tree or judgmeltnt Ifl the court unde"lr \++ t t nor or sah., or t;.r any other defiq~ h,.v.' , s+howv C l-' e' l l"thi'.|y liars irontl the daly€ thils ..... stio .... fi .. .... . . . ... . ....n+: \ l I/:,:[~ lb , mae h oub..,,'~i ilsL:eI,,:l lr,~ .. 1/ 144'lllll 4441:(tl I....... 4.... . 1. 1 ( 4rifi 44a4d 4444444 4's, 41,41 1, f 4 ' I )' .su p,,r, A. n il 'Idu-`,13 , 'av, 4444!', ./. I) 1i531 i l 414 n5 11 ,"; 11" Il"d 11'llllaml I'"iusr, 1.1, ri. :I d, s r, 1 II I I credo II1r. 144,1 ''1144,4/ wh 4ch 4l,4. 444,4114. 4.%V,! 14444It Ir . i h, -IiII rll" ilt .:1(.11 1 s', f ,,r rh, 11rm m If !1.1 1,3 it), II Iva n bit Midi) l·Ytalll l·· l~il! 1·II.In 1 C on ,I r :I 'I't Id 1:,i~ Illerl lI III', ,1 ·1 'pmp, l Ily, as r I lill 1 . 11 11 5"1 :d. I'd ) 1( n A r I srhm lot of xrI",ý CII 111 "Ii 1."7551h \· 5555"'. ,"'',I ,V1 11, ll5 I1II li: 111 1·1111!1 111 "lI - Isol I mod ht \'.:, "do, ir ;,11 um -r oI 1 1v- I55 : Fb x to ,Ire l· ;, ni (i it o·~g ill \"'I·, oL"` f,~ rt , s Ull .551" Il lil lmll C ... ,"e ( 11 .. . 'ot I' life, a lmri 111. 11+" 011 i~ lrIII 5 1 tu .. T. 1! I ,I, 1111" 11 1,11 tvo arid ~llolr, I nr, of am nil, v 55 ll." ,,, ,I It, of I!- , mu rl 5''; t e , , 1hsl ll se 1'l (l oi . i l~i·,,,,il,,,,,, '.4,,,,1*111·1 4,4 111 4141 II 1 ' lai4 444'it 4444\olu,44444 her - I l 'l! 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CI 11 ll4 441 14. 44 4I r-,,r4 , t,,, 4i 55,', ' ~"Ir11 ' ' lit5 l1l Ir I 1 1.".15555 I,, J sh I l a Il4 , ,, r". 111 ( , ,11 i5// I4/ ila'' S1y11 )411' I "1'111 Nil.,1111,."~ .1 i ' I"' 1 1. 1 ',I '11 4. lf l. 1,", h1.55sl ;"...;1. 1 15 i' pt out -4141".t 4. l 4Nss' 111 41"4. ' 4sl i 4 4' ,h!, 4...;:I: 1555551 '114rll< 44 '4I "+I I11, 1 0l trl'!t 15. 74411 oI4TII I ll4 Ill. . 4 4 .' 1!55 1,,,55 hllill" l re "!:I . , 14,,,' 4u "(l\·I, :'s,, :-. .1 I ":II'I(l i I I')!,!. 1.\ lP I), i~ll i",11' 444i I 417 44444'11 , i' 14 t' drl1'l · '4 ll,. n -44 llll Tj4 III 4 -44-1 I i4444444 hl444l4 41441 IN , 14 0,4 :Ili~r ·~il·IdI- of Tor 3",. It 1,v, for 11 1,111;1- .1I1 11 by 11.4i 4 ~ t &4444 4411,4,, 4 444 1.4444,1 ',4 ' I i ' \ \ 44',11i14 _4- -' rI 1,1: prier 515' 41 41444'l4 l4,'44'' I 1 ,I ,, .4' I' , 1. 44,444I 4 Ihr 1 451, .4'1c I .14 , . 41444 l", o1444444 I414 :44,44 44444t,4,44.ll h', e 155 uol, ,l \ ld I5 mi.·-, Ow14 4 11 554 1.4 'Iis' I'444444 . ,,f44' '44 r 1 44414444l I l,,t ,lhra, 441 II 4.ill,144', '4 he41 111 4 1 '4 11 4 4 , 4 I " I i+ , l o y1(1 j j , ,- p · r r N I1 n i e I . I I . i . . 5 i m , 1 1 o , i ' l . ..:' ' ' l d I ,,'r'l rlr 11 - 5 : . . s " . A l , I I I i l o I lsl l l l i l l l - - yr r ilr , rruJ lrsr 1/rnrr Icr" md .. h55 11:~" I; ls~l o Is 1mN 1:5?1: \`.r hI`I,.· ti ba 111'5,-rof i1r·IPiI.IITl"1 ii5.. 44144444,l p 1 4,,n f10 5 eII Il, , 1"Il, i- I: til 4114 nr 44 l'l'4 Ih n .l c. 14'4'411144' 4444 lojrrml ~ ~ ~ 1414 144,4ms4I 4l1t,55, rl.5d b III'"u d 44444 il n ,,I . p 1 4 ," 1.44'1.s lr I xsm '44,4, (444' "1 444 I 444445 144an "i, j'4 hehl,< IIm o a \41 I .111, 4". p5. s 44 '1441444 vmI 1 44 I444 . 44 4 d r .1.I Ih 44r5ll sh 5oi-: 1111 i" . I 1" 74-~r no5 5 is re n .i m I u iN !.5 '1,, oa I, l r"ro1 1lhoy , l,"Iu r_ m "15,1 s ~ s " 1 mm M lf ;I ",a ., % 7ui"_c oN4 rr i' ' ia . 1 ri/II IIN I 47,: 141.. III \ECONI) i lNICllt'LIT NOTI'ICES. I 'lhi::::nehl to fhe I'.yml ofiI, . il W1rd, '!d ' It it ,alh. , A Jlulir h ti attm, IIoII IIll, re. w lt ,ia sr il, hI r 1 0. , 11 IiIfll f" IIh+," blll l ~ .IIt, i .o blt'J k m nlellllaI lln d bhlwnl aIt i iur a I h r of , t a Ml-adia '1'hr" o1. lltl-~ r r ir .,l r .".. .r rI ( ,.ill +, • ..'si I lll H r etin Ill"· 3+ \\IH'd ql tl 1 ;, tI . I in' o thllllll+ I3 I ' oil of tII ,3 :.lllll llrl.l il nl !4y, .rasa llel- l ill. AIo) ' tll;ir a,. o aII tTI h a(' h tr n en,, a r . Ilrottrt rtt na Ilh" "0Ih Joly, 15I1,llL. when lie o Il e , o d at nauction by iMIAieigality,'tlte i il'l-tvin2g tlaves, vaz: A n.gro man nmd IIlllcl IIiwk, or lPhill. about l5 years, of age, says hieblonags to Maaflalne A lman, snamed I.'rcare, about :tll years of age, says he blreloigs to Madame I )gruce. I A negro man ilt Itla .IhI , taJ bno I t 2 ytrt. tt rs of alge, A nlgro man, llmlned Ned, aboul 31 years of ago, r says lt. Ibelongs to Mir. Leh: Th1.e owves. of sudd oltves Will ple'tso call at tho Police l'rison of 1'ho d.,I hlniicipalily, proio prJ. perty, pay riarges ana tak titatway. II.IIA tII, t, Ne'w-Orlclans. July 3. (l. athe W.tihl N i'4h-a ,,,;,,, h i, I r I;,e,,,, r ,I, ,S ,, dis'i,.h' i J. Im~lit 18 h I':.t . . blli 'tllI at.>,l nil II, llilf-i( Illnll·Ji [ h.+ k nl1ll lhlll.llj.' rI'l , rllll'TII "1:,I:. or di+,tllt o1 q,: i .n4r at l tld ,. I11l1.. a ' ie h,, 111,a lllllll . l ill 'tll ,illr i ., i-i rI I.( .to I.,. ' llllool/ r.. ....... d -iI,< i. ..... . wo. .ll low s .. .. c t" I . , III I I e. i il., ( rl-a. s i s I.,Tli tlli ,,l II' !. , Ii iI,','I,' iatbl i l .I.., i 'hgt ,r .II stl llll, nli,,lli.," hII ,"ll Io : 1 \ lt , illl ++C 1/11 %Pl l'+ II| an.Ib" IoI· 11 at ,,. ., , Si'- "', mlY, hhoto uoo n, n 11) 11 ",I . li' . I \! ,' s '' hnowirr 'i, oIl-, i'l .lInv ',> . ill Irl,+I " roll 11irl prowR pr'ot'lon ., 1"'.' y lhlll, l,+ :IlI, ll hlkv no,,'m irn,. a II tIlt ' it .I tine' .{| (',+ llll| 1'.sp II r \lll\l ,ll hI l . 1 t' : n" u" r ,lnl \, lIt it V lI I -llt IIl Jr 18 nos, a di-olll rle ti'ns'. r. IT tnl n.i ' 1,:r" l ir 1 i t . IIi. , l l.+. I+n, r,' : I~ "." root, "t qr 1. i' .i" 11 '. = " ,,'.i'+ h . no ;.I, , il .llll l"I:lillr i.ll' ý I II il I . -sli. rrt p i"- Jr v hlr l ·i'. l(-lllo 'r si'r Ill\ not I"+ , f., . •p l+ i' l l . I n : n c l l i I I., I . ,l. ( ', ,,ii' I ' , , 0h, ih,:' ll nl 1 ". ' rn 'ilri 1.1) , I , 1 '.1 1 , I . ,1 , i s ' . % i ,.," t i r,,, 1I:I,. ,. 0 ' hrl iX-fIol ,\ o ' . I r l l l l , :l n I l I+ , " I , I : , 1 " i. t . I , i I I,, ,t ill n.lll1+ I, .\ , I il ll r in.. ....... II , . :l,, lt |w iit,+l;, vl tr+l I, I 'l ,+· Irrnl g :o IIh \ If,~ .., Iht t. 1 I. Id,,, k ll l i ,i .I +,1 ,tl, ~ I. of `. I +I , s.1 b.ei.+ h. , h i I I "I \, l I l + ,' Ill 1 ' l i t , r + 11 .(: II, ,x ol t. i ll+ l i ,"' t 're ss, o "s II 5 ll.\I1(I ,1, Ii t % I.-rll, 1i.I s'iis of t e 1, n .' ,\ lii 1'1 It 'i'lr r ,l I:ll \ , )::: W1\1:1': 11 -. , i , . r .0,t .,,s' oill,o :1 Ai . II. liii ( . 11. 11111 ~1111 CEE S 1N 1 I _ri r. SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE Pamphlets Blank Checkls Catalogues Bills of Lading Label,. Dray leccipts, Legal Notices Auction Bills, Dill Pormso Show Bills Stcami Boat Bills Circulars old I anr d.riplion or.,h t orIto i al .1 I I I.' ii I'u I'\I'll. 1 ' 11l \ 11'!1' ii 1'I \. rI". . I - 1 11 a 1 11111. ' t. . . ' I, ' .1 ,, -,, t . , , i i . N . , I 11,1 , , II 1~., -ic cci t Ii c ( 1 ' ' !I' 'I " I ,I , ('~ , I \ I ýl I I 1, 11h In I c. 'N l'I [ . . , , 1 I'r1111 ' .1 I.ll' It, , I cc'Itc .1 Ill --l S I " 1 " f \ht1, 1, , 1 , , h f " ', , , . ,' .I N ew "' 'L' '' r cct! I 1 It t1. l[,, 111 , c,. ! ( I'1 ). ,\) 1 . In I-' ( l ' 'll, l) 1: I , r ' ,I' II'\III , 1 ,I II .. -') - t:,: 1 " I, 1, -i ii d ll/,(· I' 1 1 '1, ' 1 . 111, 1\ , 1 ",11, , ,11 ni i, . I.1,, cliccl, l~ ln u ,] i. 1. , , ,, , ir ~I ~I' ~l'il-~ill 'N. I'-. III I 1- r. .! 1 1'' 1 -d, ], ,l· ., .jl fl i p < f .h • 11 , , i , ".- ",ll P 3 4r - I l', ic ,,.I : 11 1',, l[, ,, l, . i'. . 1: , t. ,t.1 Irl n l di - IIII'' "+~" '.' '" 'lt'P ' 'I ii.,I I, \ 'I \ I, I i el I1 n, '_h ,I- xl1h I' , r,, h' 1: '11 ,' ý ,I,'1 11" ,1 l, i 1 '1," eiirod 111 r11 , .111 l I II + 'I 1 ('1 1 II i I I . , l i. . .. 11h" 1 r l, I itl o lli" lr ! 11, ,1 I II oI, r,,,, l, i I:1 ,,, ....11 .1~ 11' ; I:,,,, ,. - , , . ,-r, - . 'ur l, [11',, 1 ,+ It ..I r,'i: n , 1, ,,t .I'h ; \ ui o l dier ,"I i , .. ili . iii h ciii, gacd n, i *. ii ll \1. Inrlr 1 1 r , :., ,. 1 ,u ," ,, h, ',, h1 I'h1 1, 1 l, t th n ." ei rI+ 111"' Ih l l,' u 1. 111, 1 \... n,'I ' 1. 11 n a ,eý" 1; h J rle 1 1'.,1~"1;1.. 1. 1,'1t 't ,I'1 1 ,(11 ,nb '1"xlrow es ef h a' ·l" , nd .~l ia i i I l t.-. i I. but • ."ii I. ,1 11 h i 11 '1 . li , ' I . I, 111, on I , 1 t, ," IIIn Ii . : ,II r' 1;11 t l|, r ul e -- i i 1 1 1 1 1 . .1111,\ i ili Iler.d ' lI 2,t,;..+.,hn ill" x 11.l l, l '.lll . 1.5 cI i', s 1 l . .i i 1" I' 1A llihi ll.i ,i'l'1' lh l',ii· . c,; ,'h i.;ccr.ic, ,l by1 d y i I, 1( 11 T 1 ;t 1 111 I I' inlh ii iiNl 1c 1 Ii - , ', Is., 'l.o i .. l , I 1 f. i a,. , ,.. , h ,: ,..,(, 'h Io ,i lth\ I', t t ( ', )1:II "II 11,, ii, . t , ,l g ,% an1 . r i t hi ' ' l,,lll ilh . I 1': .11I. " I : I; II/ n i he.. . . ll fn .111. I1114 ,, , N i II, h n I ,,, I' ere r ,,,, I N w I nvet l, r .1 -I.,l " , ' It d 1 b'If. h , , ,, n 1 11 } - n, , , .u n afmlnl - 111 1 , t i : l i n 1 i ,H n he " 1'I, I ,,d 1 h.. - L' h.. ..i 1 [., " T , , 1' 1 11r ' ire, the he at i1:trnl : n',,, nl I,.I•II r 1| x, .1h' [ . t;, 111_ I',+"1 +1 ,,'',I rL ' g oi TtI 11 " " ..... II(\\\\ ''. ` ',i `E. ·: in', " ," " I.I' [ ". ; ll. l o i IIt 1 .1 1 ( e1

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