Newspaper of True American, July 9, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated July 9, 1839 Page 4
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d daltimoro Packets NRW ORLEANS Ann II.\LTI'IIORE LINE OF AI:K lETi.S. This line will const .f the fillowing vessels, whierhavoe been bult or puclhanod clressly tfor thiatde, via; 8hip masnna, Capt. liner, lark Mary. " Nir.krso., * Irad Ferry, sew ", Stvens, " Salollon SaltiUa, Lithlal, Irig Architect. "" Gray. Thse vessels are of the first elan, Ilve hand. Ju fiurmwihod ni nommodution., .l d are ofa light *Uf'Wter, .acs to admit of tlheir rucrivimig and distsmagtag tlhir cargoea il Baltimoe,. t the city. reight wil be taken for ports on ti. ('hnsepeake or James' River, and lirworded by the ngclle, Measrs. CLARKE & KELLItO G. at Baltmore: axpenses on goode shipped will be aivoaund wien rquired. The price of passage is fixed at 0O0, 0mp staorea of'the b at quality will be provided. t1Ism up and down thie Miewsilppi will be taken on all oeeasione. Ferfrelghtt or passage, apply to GEO. BEDFORD, nov27 22 Ilionvile st. FOR NEWV YORK. Louisiana and New York Line of Packets PU . lShipe cnmposis.g this liio wall soil fraen Row Orleans akd New York on every other Mon day-eonnedoing on thle 20th November-.aad to iassse the punctuality in the limolno failing, the line will hereafter consist offive silps, vis: Ship Y on, Captain 'l'Trusk, to leave on the Sovenember. Ship Louisville, Captain Palmer, to leave on the 4th December. Ship Huntsville, Captain Eldridge, to leave en the 18th December. Ship Vicksburg, Caplain Woodhouse, to leave on tha lot January. hlhp Missisippi, Caat ain Davis, to leave on the 15th nf January. Thme aboe are all new, of tile first clals, copper t. and oopper famtened, and upwardls of 5u0 Ions Iurthen, are of ligt droughrt of water, being built in New York exlreasly for the tred.e Tie price of pnsago is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabins are ttied up in the moat imoproved and convenient plan, and tinished in a nrat and elegant style - Ampls e stores of thre first quality will be provided, and every regard phir to thie crrbrfrt andi entire sotisfaetijo of palenrger., whl wrill please take no. tile that no tberth eal be r curod until paid for at the otfen of tile consigalees. These vessels are co.imnavreld by captains well experienced is tio tradeo, who will give every at tention and excret themselves to aco,mmndate. Thea will at all tires e toweld tpl aaed down the Miowsisn sippi by steonIlaoate, I d tie sOtricest punctuality observed in tie tiane of sailing. The owners of these shlis will net be re.lonsi. blo fbr any letrer, parcel or Ipackage, sent by or put on board of the,r unless a regular bill of lading nb signed tihereor, at tin counting house of tlhe agent or owrcrs. Fora filrher particularo apply to J D) BEIN &. A COHEN, L nvI7 90 Cone oen st Ew UIoLflvats i &Cllll.lESn'lwmN PACKEsTi'S h l 'rbe ex li.r. coarist f .t.rar vesneln all oel Ith liral Ir.;lbr. coaprlrel anold a.piper fast anre ., arl nd of alla 200 Iorns Irrthen, with IalldSaIn Cor snlllrlaalaiOrl s lar passengers. There van is . err (olllaalladll.d l.y eapvains eel rixplrloancedr Ile arr;lle, wler will give every at tuarlIn., anal i xopr llrlelraelve to aeernlsladabr, Irh shippere. 'Ilev wirll br, towed op and dtawv Ire ?al.aSlsi, pi, and leelve New Orleans on or befaor the 10th rn I 151h of every monat. Tie fallowing, vessels clrmrpare rhe thrlrm vir : Ilrig Ararinv,Clenrle (l;. rdln, nmster. Bri5.Calnp arr, J. B. Tarllompaur, sarlsr. Brig Alellrna, J. Dronc, loiaster. Bark Rrgter W.allia mrre, .1. Arllihere, mnlecr. F ,r eIrgla oar ile.nece, ae plv ar J. A. c BARELII &.C.r, 61 Camraren yr. New Oaleanr, arr 1. C£ Merdaearr.Chraalr,,n. u, r SOMARID & CU'S Boston arni New Orlearns SLi, mof Packet Shlipe.-T'hlar new line of shlips has bee, expressly bilil to run between tihe ahouva ports, and wil be fund of suitablae draft of wIater aicconlloodatioana for passengers, and every effort will he nlade to give general atisncltion, The liao is cemposed ailvtlo oth elrwing ships:lla Clherokee, 415 tols (Capt. J larding, Carolina, 4dOl dlu S Lemisla Charleston, 374 do t) Eltdridge, Culnumbiana, (is5 adlr tBarker, Seaman, 240 do Ja e lorwre, hiombay, e 25 do D lurplrey. The ablove lhils are . il n.w, eof the tirt alres, colpper fastened ao r cnl, tered, eolltlanLded by aren *f graalt experierrcc. h.ave ireE ilreRalTlrlnommdtoniars, will a tep Allrd talliee alh everey aretraoonm will hie paid, to ia-esorAgeLral ad the very rent of stores pro vided for tihea. ... 'l Ipaclaata wnill be towCed up and doawn thle Mis siesippa, and thlae strictest punctualiy observed in the tiane of sailing, ald shuldr tim reegrlara vessels he detained in arnrvi.g, odoher shlips equally as good will in all eases be ubhtitrledI. A share orf pIatron" ago is soliciteod, nd taile agents pledgethamselves tn sceommodatell as ineucl as practicable, to reccive and Ifrward goods by s ,id linae at tih moast amoal:r. ate llarges, and to advance all expenrsea o goods hilpped, if required. Tihe shIips will leave the lst and 16th of every mntoth. For frcight ar p:ta.age, apply to tLbe agents. J A MFhRRtlITT, 82 Commaon st. N. B. Advancementrs made or coaosiganoe;.to to Messrs. A. C. Lombaard & Co. nov27 _______ __ i/S E .-- itun Inidllian Ilolsot o.t..ivrwe-tt aild Ilure . J hnnd, is pt up1t ill bottles t litla low price of 511 cntd eacuh, contutitig thle sotrelgtil of three aotnces of Lirvewort, hesi t mse .irtues i masny other roots and herbs known among tilte Iudices as efficacious in curing pslmo rou'yt.cilltet. -s The unrivalled sucteas whcll Ills nitended the .tiee of Ihis isestllimatle lalealno wherever it hbs been iutre dueed. has obtatined the coufidence and reconunendn tiols ofitespectoble idlyo|cinns, for the cure of coughs, aehls, pain is tie side, wast id' rest, spitilig of blood, - liver comlplailt, &.. Tlo whon it may concern. This in to certirv that we iae ia ousr practice fretluetly prescri.ed Mrs Ga.ed aer'a Indin lis lsmm oefl.verwor a d Ilnoetutl, iith a decided galol effect: we casn tlherefore froi the klew loda of ttle naterials it is mado front, tlnd cbicervatin stln x perielaec, recotllltell it as a 1lters repnioroatiou *r'al limse atcetion of tie tloel ftr whicll It is re nomesnd".. AI.hl tl' WIILI!AMS, M. D. CALVIN EI.IIS M. I). Blenmbea of tie Boston Medical Asseciatioun. BosIton,. October 25. atleby JA.IRVIS & ANDREWS, ail 11 (C tI) 'o uttl tlito lRit tdlos btr JItPty IIolcOGcitF,,, IIItWN & t otf. I m ay 3 N ., t t'o r ti wt. J alnundl, bulter auli sweet li llurite r,.t, lim,' jalr e .tnerr 1,1' ling l. olVt, l's-ll,'l'ol ]elll.ll joil .l', ,illp and I:ulorytioti, ulttotttt Il tkl bo.ld otll, c:lotnlitlhee, I.rhltnl..e, orallge It twel c ter t&f, filr wltleeale iand retail i) sturs el II lit)sNAIlI., m't9 mer Nutcheo & 'ellonelitoulei st V 'liiRA II.IC tCEME1.:N T-R5 is landing from chip H(it Go ( obl. ttud for sale Ie S i J P WIIITNEY, may 3 73 Camp et SIM OICNIS IIARTT b& CO, are onw receivmnlrot Son board ship Orleans. Enagle, Hiighlader., Ioker .leIry Adrew, French anld Germann play cards; Back gomenmon Boards; (hesametn, 2 1-4 and 2 3-8c inh llil and Bmall; 8, i!, ltd 7L inh thlade Bowie Kltves; Leather a oer o r truvellit l I)te<it.g Casec ; Belt. tocket, Horenta H'si, tlid Il)ttlling Pistoln;dlohie ttl single Iorrelled (Gunts; Gtale Ilagi; Shot Blelts; IPowder and Pistol Flaoks; irouall Ilottl- lt a Drinbing Ctipt; Percesslon Caps slid Cae Itoldoerc; Cloth,. tair, Tttth; asd Nail lrul.csb; Orris Chlo'rine thl \Tthl Tooth Powder;'i'; let and hllvitg Soaps, in great vai fiety lIo. Holr eraids, Ringlets alid c'riCettes; lentr asi Psilelt Pwdel;t erv t Ule g; Iho rv TueIt Ce'ttlliolltto Patent Sledes er iGarter.; Guls E!aCtib: Rllpllepers; Powder Poffa sila Stxre; il C ihains, Seols utti Koew; Ear-tlitel; Wituicl Btob(len: licr: me leoe Nkh! ott and Cillais; Gilt a d r ieadt ; Ittdian e s,tt aBelle and Plalme . lSell lwit; itiso ati Drerssil Oohnabs;wheb,in admdiionto tteir fonner steck oI ltttd, malke itheir asectt icry eolltplete, antd will Ie .,hl ow and on liberal trnilt, at til sigun oif the r(iPe it'le-b. i'25-1 70 (llartttres stret. Alship Jeis bythel, f ir sale hiv a22 I HitL)(; E & ('€I.'134 3In.'aT.inne e. land a -d (h - 5 Irme ,.4 C .e/,ehig a.*ntd.Pu, 5 IJ bales 4-awitl re I.taowl e eteto, 3 c.sue buckbkin sthipe loladiog isleo sbip t l.oit, fr n trleIy t1n9 tI i I E IlIE ..o. 131 Mlagtzine at [ IRON ROfSC-i-The . tsnibermbere have p.roeurel It a greatl e p.nree, the right of I)ULlina tn iron - ref in iloe rily. Tbhep are adopted to puItIe buildingi, warolhtmiie, aed private dwellins,aend combine at one0 ils h.eapnees and duranhlity. and are parfectlp lire antd water proof. Terms mao La k tinw,; and a model seen pt tur estnblishmet,u eppoeile S1. Mlary's.+toeret, Tehapinlatoa it. otit EI B COGNWEI,L& Cn CO-AL.-Tine abserlbers have eottsiantly ,It hand a large supply of CunIel snd Liverlonl coal. in bulk. of superiter qu)lily, which they offer for salI in ems to suit pureltIerre. Als, expentec Ito tile lirmt arrivals frotm E.e lend a.d ihe Nttrlh, Cannnl, Lehigh and Peach Monntsie Cola. hroketb and screened, pst up ih mhngahetrndo.lresslv olr lotnoil' use-all tf waheh the, will misptei mI onI tIle llnst nemo lerate merlns. drjlere lelt at tbmr . Site. N1t. £3 Dieonill sin. up strala. oill be itUnptly atrlldetl In -et 3 B. & A SOtI.IlE. ATr.. " riati . Ia..ler ittper, f .ole ty ' ala l sItc.i, & BRIllVNY 9fi ilia.cient tali--. s---.i bahals Gre-t rati+ 6o 4-a hr.oot J. dalnheioca oat 25 bolne Jaekaes tim 4-1 troiwn ,pesga laondieg fromi saliip .kharlealmn, ftr sale be " .i.+'- lIiItiGE 3E Ce, W1ll ltsaste. I aldi. isc, eed !5 an. bholeder. in Sor me arle by _. f cly. " J.'I'IIAYER A Co. 74 PocylraoSt. 1tutkotwingu frututub utuod hirllouua Youuond u arutuga ..dlriý Con,..rdin, fro; Ne-r Yo'rk,,+'gre-t variet-,y,, go.da in tIllheir line, which together with their thrllel stock olunuil, makes their aossntlcnt very: ', plate. (lubk nd tlrressilluguuoln, lhorll tlo notll llrtiptiouPt ,t I I din rleulber, silk and worsred clastic oarters, cu' ttnota & flne elastic suautlnders, loco futno and Luoifi'r matches, Seidlitz iowdeurs, uowdert nlup dul bn hoxt, toilt ptwder,r pocrketl boks an d wallet, au edle bonk, brtll, pearl, ieryd loiru o crdeut.ornes, ad l rt. ad aontll, pl ainnuo +al "heads sall eoligees hlead htins, bead neeklees, cl.ut plun's anl tolni.a ced,sil vee tud guil e adte Indian berdls, ell It d plutlate pistol n ld titeo pow ler fllsks, Puot belts, llnore, lbelt. oiocket nld duniuit Jisiols; double sald singlce bernlled guns, Bown r knveu , and dirks, scissors, slcer, poakeut knies,, gotard chnis, nad ribbons, wulul'u buckles, cluot, lair, tooth, aUil,comb, teulnb, alone, itr, totulor antd dustina brtushaiP, Cogeno 'lorida,lauvulu'r, r..e a.od loiua .,atet tur, ouue . oun.s. L, sed extrectsMa.ntcl..r, Ioloe, ulltiqpueod. Wrdl'e vo getableo h:r ouilsd, It itg l ulea d oilet oapols l aundtes liae,' anti gtu.utleuunuus'u Ue C adtl dre.sino Cuec aineurs riegletr, ,ricttlers nd u tr itls plain , .cy uand musical work boxtes, pluain ulnd gilt, fto,o red, coat allrld retluautenaspearluui ulyd iaoty irttl u , alluitlutd uu..d and silver pecoil caes, tootapiks ntald rI ,1tluted tal gilt Iuneket, tuiniature do, silter, 1rots tot steel titmbles lloekb olud eyes, huir pillts illlitaltion fruit, blk aud red ink, sule, blacking, viaolins nd guitarsribbed ilid Iloin perll.sion caps, twinle, reallted clu teas, gould nd siler lace and ril'gu, Iltt.l'r parler, gnae Ibtg, ridinitg vw'uwkils w alking rtur jl totuug mud, fie - goul, lotad sld gilt jiwellra & i. - lThe above, togetler with a great vorietv of otier arti lec are offered ut t nlolosale or rlttil oil accunullluudatiug telms. N l She lclouladn repsaruld r OYLE hi MAYR,ue, ugunl oll a tnIuo1IHItar SPainters, No N3 Carnatlele street, two doors eim O:mLat saree!a Imitations of vihe following woods anal nt'bles,eo Secutcd in a masticr!) anllaer. It oEgyptian black wald gold, Oak, hGal, ;ila and Aurtics, Poullardl do, i Orittal ou ve-d antilque . Curled do, Jasper ZnCurled Maple , Illmtid stone, S Birnds dlo, iob Its (natet Sutaiu cnabl, s, Poo a Ilair Woodn, inove or Iclmrdello, Yew 'lrese, I nItlt WhituL . s (:otnnutndle or latck it, uana and Itrctells Iose Wuod, Ameri :aantsrey, Ash 3,%'ite Oak, kc. k ke. S CPuiletd sltn, to taitllls to he en at the 2asb11. Panats, oilsl Hglal c hopal van rllsb c. oil ItalJ td Lor saetu. t IION,STEEL & HEAVY (GOOt)S--tult, sqnare nu l bundule iron, well assorted. H, lutp, seatu t aund rUd iruUt, nail rodts nd ploluu h s Cast, German, sheatr, blistelrd, spring, sltest andt o Crowley steel at Hllolw ware. Cut aYnd wroua t nails onld stikes Zinc, block titl, mill and grll atonesu salt kettles II Clli i cables, alCnlors, Iioe ( On, It..n ld tlace thlhlls, ultr mills S Anvils, ices, Hlllllallrs nllli hclllu s W. Wire, shect, pi,.mid bari. Id; ull hot ,y Ciml, and cokinga slt'es mllsn,u Itowhmtl'i angd Ihler sut s mrodeid u llovels S Hlook and phate, Inuges, doo+ snit whldUW hiooLI Collits Iuutts, Sbrlllp, ald ollrllercs 'nrulu'd ud .Ma n iIll coudl'lge, lines aid twine K Itolol ad slhnalhlhng ollt 'r; Naval atones 1 Paints, linseed rt'ud sti ermu't oi to A 'uill usortlllleutll ohluardware onul slilp clandlelry, alwa) s ou litm', lootlo whihsdtre offtrod fr flcdre t whale t n sale or ietail, on toe nlo.t fatvorable t'rnus, Iby m4 LAYVL'ON Co. 5301d reve. ROBiiERT ICiA NNON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER I No. 1IL Cump start. - Whllolesale ealer in Paints, Oil, Varnishes, Brushee, raii \ aindlw and Picture lta ss t c. t c.& OAF UGAR--varius qllqali itc. tolsttnttv ll swore and f;.rsaliby HIIALL 9tBIitta\VNE, mnr 2'9 95u9t Magnzin at FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. ROBI. SOJV 64 GOOD I/VN', iNo. OS, Chlrlrea Sttseel ine Door bhr wa Itienville, ISAVR, eonstantly on hand every arltile appertain- t ig tt geilalltllle' d/ess, mtadea it 1 the best mn.i a' I tertnd most iashianablO slyl, thich Ithey oiler tal, catlt Itrll ile d dec,1--1838 IHEAFN IS. NEW pricle for ersmis troubled witl deafness, (atti( nlle Eartaruapeta,) hta jast bCsnt receivedd, n bva tth tst af th 'ich, fthatltiohttt tic'tithattion of the at - n;an voice is disalnctiv ctm:ver tto ithe .a'r. Any one whl iilts eivet I)cen uiltget t to n onvers wintt e l it a very de burruli tplleolt d e. prlil.12d th em sIv lileln~elves io1111 lhe ill. dividoanl. so uufllrlonlllelv fllnicteld. By Ishe. 1s of hlll Ear Trumlpet Ihis objetlion is celirely oIviated. TIhe i slcepticl Ihalvn la Is Il. ullldoedlll their doubts alter Ilavinlg used tiltl Trutltipei. Fur soale i l I itUION'S, In.yV store corner Ilf tttallon aund tStt Charls streets Und. t she Ext itaga lloTatl. feb 1.1 JA(~E. 1,X 111 i'h JIl it IT I) BI .1M ,I F'OR Til!" TEETII. Sltl.Itestablllished reptutatinal nd eostallntlylucrea;in - a demitnd litr thisr ell'ttttt trinrtle y of a latg and prt scrv atire of I tttn, hts indul td tie sbriber cfilbr it to the American pu blic. Arrangements hav Ileell im de. tl supll plv ilag nts ill all tlh priueiplt leti i , rc d timt% i,, il thet United ttaltt , it tt t place it it i ir t the reoa ill tthose tuflillt ttend litly to tulltr thlie s ittar irt.taitg of all achtr' Taoth-ttheire. WIt n pplied cIll.ordin to dirlltions givten iton btttat, i I tll lit rlnter i! tl to t ni rttel tt illl'tdiatl otdi Ct Islol l ilel t ' lhlf. I t n (Stsu aires:ts tllt" deil'!i ti defettitv tet Itand reli,'vtos thtt attllP'ttaat' hititlh'at 'ftettrtle i ht renders .trung tooth i.rnlt a The applitcttion ai sat ttttl pa t " titaal.l ilt utta ttll rti i t 'ea e'i nl;nttttti ' ll ite Iame nlulllmbr ef persons idll ldCI·Cet ectionsllb all" II i etollntrt, that Ilve rtn arady experielleed Piallth delighlfut and tnlualnry eti'ccls hlollot le uras of inle BaIrlrt, nr ready to btanr (iir ihe public good) theiir testittonv Io its tan rivnlled qlalites. It is an lutdianl remedy, btlllliled a , sigllgnrly and unexplectedly,t art Illmv e regur ld hi a the cia ilized world as ithe nst valuable discovery redlian of ithe, w Noods. Plice $1 per bottle. Sold by r .1 \ItI S &. AVD RILEW :, n tar 5 CPrComa anuIt fid T'tinlontin. its. Ot ( N 5M GIL atS--Ordlr i received for corn anilla, by S(I ap117 SHAILL & BROlttWN, 96 elagrzirr a IW-ULEI)-iLETTER PAPEl--Just eeived ta few S. cases of bhle and white wove ruled .etter Paper I sol vrry ill prie.'d, ir sale hby DAVID FELT &l Co. N'Y Stationtrr' Hail, jur. 15 .i Chartres ata JARVIS & ANDI)IEWS, S WHOL,ESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN MIEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DYE S'I'UF.FS ANJD IVI.'JDOIV GLASS, a Ctorner tof Coilnlun il al'tnhoupitoulsa streets, NAT'I'AN JAIIVIS. JOHiN V. ANIIREWS. A large upply o Garden Seedsa. arranted the growth oa f1837. NDREW SMITHI & CO., respectfully inform their friends and the public in ceneral, that they occupy tihe new brick shop, 219 Tchlloupitoulas str alreet, whele they keep constantly on hand Copper, 'ln and iheet Iron Ware, of cvery description, Ssuch as copper stills, kettles, and pamnis, tin bath. ti' itj u a, and oil cans, of all sorts tilld sies, and all ot' hr brras c.anting done at slnrteit notice. Grato bars of every duncription, sech as steam. boat stirrups, log chains, screw hailts, an otllher kind ofeartuboat work, such as chi ai eys, breech er, steam pipes. T'ly will also do all linds of out door work, il such aa zinc, copper and tin raOfitllg atnd guttering, &c. They tabove and all other kinds of work in their line of business, they will exec'te at the shortes notice. deo27 -I iitllEE ta s'titr huled gls ilttiý' CAdiE iaor at cotntests, for rule alow by II I8ntai'Elt & C,t r tnla 29 Nl 17t Camp at '. )tittEN 'itOI.--lblt dz, itt sttr., fitr sate bIv il J j 16 D I ItdlI:Y, i 1 i Ir I evee. SNr'I'EI), in. I,rug Stort, nt ass.uait fully ac. Ia l ulqtt u d W lll tit e A a lA tine hnllt illts , sI ,:k t g Frenrch isdt E li'ht , ah d writiiga Itia Itandt. Atd dress box 231, Post sillice. Tune I' 1t, 'XCH(:ANGE ON Ilit lO '1TO - li.r s hle b . , jI 4 aitr23 l I ititIGE, it llgauzines al va I(/l~l)OWi aii.AS-6-i boxes Enzlish crown rla i WhindsoVr glhas, reiv'it all fi n.llll l Ilus ln l III ilICi Untt ' I At, . ill NI." iv itihFtH.T HOII t~li , ;ý I' t'nl.ruttA, M-as. i F I t IsIo well known wattito l e is llw opn r ti tihe ilt Mr. Jrthn 3mbl . i prte 'i hs blll-t i nl inbtlive l erv 't nidt.rr iy h nbit lln e ri t llll h ,t ,;t ttt Itt ilt linii o s - Ir" I liui ne ... ..... boll ......... b llllrlld .................. yl alle... slall hs, und bnl111bl! built. Grnoat cxlrrf ills halve+ blIell a idt et o derf i il t t. t tlt ; oi rlbl iiti anti aln rlelt illl tt l t r lllrt. 't'hei l are ftl ir frive o 1i l l S lllile , and ruI.I ]i e u1 nt,1 t ibul esPIl rll rrili id r-io ph'slelnlatll [ ellilo I m-lll, , l5 , rt'rl -i e t bu- t iIllltarn Iprrr, &iedRatllr, tai elllldl Ith hotel is atnid t itked by siv.erl heautiful isind all a I ill a f tw tltm narlil, mott wlirh-h lnre Cat lasitlud, rtShip IlIand, Illrn r-lntd,tt, d die t'hualilleii. A Letter Itag is ket atl tiltt ar of Iate Exl:llig tn Ho rn tel, N. ). i which ill na elme 'lily ut Rnllll. ie' I" eDONNI'i 1. . W-.\''llTItAN, at jue It xchlinge Iitel. ad -. - .EW I.ANItS 'FiittuM PAI'tiu . r tat IE aiasuiscritershavej'tt treeivedt ImrItlip ('iharl a,-1- ln o avrc lnd a otir ar etllata Ia baldliti/ utllro - enlt of I'iatuof tea conlitiiltg it;--I'inninoa, I'icolos rlf oReanalaldn ,CnllaiaaR ana rl It atlitt ig ' pa ool. Hurilonall PiaUos uftll llch I rs)dh nl a lanlplalo en gfiny. tat. Sreni upright Pin'infu ten ido do. fur iJ'These inlnlltrentl ' ae all eanaftufae It r tl yv lte celebrated makers'I' T P'LEVEIl &. o. Itf I'r, all ,n .. t air. lljletaren , a a nIom' It anIprilr ine llta nnd se leaeed exlressnv for nus b' Mtrsa 'leatel ih t K albrenit, whiCi fIac cialaanse nolting to ldesire it regard to thle iat beltty of llteir one. 'Ch a' li atnlnIrsll and prnftsors of utlllic ar resT t1 as. nlly invited tou eal aia enlatine tile ttsemi uplighl at. pm ao whun ich areaeuarely ianw n hlrcle. E J lANI I -I', t,, Sal. Charle. at. J4 opposite tle Vierandatth & laxchalne oatel - EFRI(;EIIATO'itS & iiA'T'Elt JARS-6 ma | 1 hogany rel'rigeralors, paina d do, 6 It gallon nwater iars ; '9 igalonU d., in inur -lte eby aii .I,23 `.3.J I' AI `ITE1'rE,73"Camp et (U`RN BK()OUIS--:.I) doz in stere rind for saleby I 31 O4 I T itlE.\D-i oils., Isdlill 1" ol s clralln oat da. 1 lua lpi. Fatt sae te .1. t'Ii.t,l St. ea t 31 Gatier at _ BUSINESS CARDS. JOB PRINTING. tOF EVERY DI.ICKIPTION. $1'EEDIL.Y,HANDSOMELY AND CIIEAPI.Y EX..ITET.LD AT THE OFFPICE OF THE a True .mbericau, T7i. CHAItLELS STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. m23 A CARD. E & SINNOTT," flh7olcmle Grocers and Commissota 4lrrnhant, No. 27 Cumnton Street,N . * Orleans. lTPartielaraltenti.on paid to th ,tatting up nl Stuani boat b iand Ship atures. SAMUEL TOBY, Jllerdhandise Broker 4 Commission .9fertant, dli (tfiere, 3. Camp st.--or the present . J. P. FREEMAN & CO., Ib.kwln.e YlhtMhg BR Ui httemI No. 3, lMagazine street, 1 AVE onetatly on hand a large supply of Cloth Cl in', calcilated for tie country trade. Their an. sornlent being large, merchants frolll thie country can Il be sup Flied at tle shortest notice. BAZAAR. 3SSH &A A.LEN, NO. i, EXCHANGE HOTEL, "'erner aof8. CA rlas and Comao n iat,. NEW ORLEANS. ,MPtORTERS and klDener in French and Engli.h Iter|tllllttrv; ItssOiltg Cait. andl Porttlle Ittkes, uttlerv, ilt.tit'y, Gloves Shirts, Storks, Utnbrellase, ICalemai;di It. Articles. 5o T~ EN Y'I'7TUi', Illi oii , ttttl lndiautt ll ank Nates, fJlrsel t by A TRILEi, ilty 3 74 (raver et JEWtIi.IRY, ATl WHULESALE. T . IBIEi.., No 16, (C:Can .,tns thi dayin ra. wV eevii a fail aesoilneizt of WVatehes, Jewelry, mloodP 1 Spectacles and (:lass Warte they will lie ifler elit Ihe lowest imariket price. apl I IOYLt d mAl.-, lIEAi.lEIS IN AMERICAN & ENGLISH CROWN GLASS, No. 3 CARONSitLE.t STREnET. OI FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HAI)DEN. e N.. 14 I halrtres Iaree IIAVE na ostattlltt ply If erer article rotertatin It to gentlemen's dress, of the latest style, at New York prirl s dec 2 ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ESTA BiLISIH M ENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Olpposite Banks' ArlIdU. WILLh.1i1 GIEENEV, I'ItOPRIETOR BANK NOTE ENGRAVING RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON -IAV' oV e ieted all office it New Orleallt. ptstseoing eI qoal advratagoes with their I(tuoe in New York, foir ihe purpsoec oafengravieg awl priatig lBank Netls, BIII i ih llls t'I" IP:xcliange, Certficate of iet)torate, (Cllecks and other importanlt plaers, reqturing security Sagaillnst foIrgeries; nlud Ilhave llrde mple piovision for IIh` dafe eepill nf tltl plates nod ili tlenstsiont entrust ed to theirs their ewthirFpeirens enlmbracethe notes of iver tlie hunlldred bat kin institntiolns, and all orders will be executed witrh rmtlptitde, lnd onthe usual Ieren. Oflice, corner o' Koyal & Canal stre . JoTi--tI CHIIAMPLIN & COOPER, (IGROCERS AN) IIEAI.ERS IN PROVISIONS ANti PEER), Ntt. 79 and 82 J uJlia street, New Orleans. I TJShip antd Fltiily stores [Jit Ul. mar 5 ......--- --lttltISl A NA FURNITURE WAREROOMS No. 53, lHienville street. W llIAM R. CAIINES, wouhl repeelfitlly in f, tri his friends and the puiblic that heis ceonl ltantlv receivint frotm New York antd Ioston at good a.sorltent Filrnilllrts. eliith as munhogalltv ch:irs,. etlfas l(etl-telda :omplie tdtllt painted chairs, Itaple and cherry bledlteud-, nlhogeony and cherry tables tfall descrilptions, bureet, toilets, seceteary, writingt Berasks, wordrlette lomnlottlloy aid cherry, wash awiiolds, lllking glnssels*, rt I ns, beddilig, &e. &c. Nit. IFierniture packed titr trunspurtttion with great i :ire, tin i 3 FIltt. 'EN'S INSURAN E COMPANY r OF NE\\ ORLEANS. This Comptnv are now preclred to take Io RISxS AGAINST FIREI. No. 24 Mussun'c lIuddlng, Canal at.eer. E L '[RAC'Y, New fliltrlllcc, Pliv l5t. Iflr.mrv. 01.1) C( l'I',.tIt lhs cli Cp,.r Ip'r ice .alt ic _ap;l ;.. . ! 'r, T hapit RUSHT'I'ON & AS'IrINALL'S SOMPOUND TONIC MIXTURE.--A speedy and cecrtin cure for the Fever and Ague, remittent and intermittent fevers; prepared from ci the original recipe. Used w;th eminent and uni veral sccess in 1832, by persons of the highest ' respectability ini this city, as slated in the annexed gc certificates. a 'this medicine is highly reeommended, and has been extensively used in the above diseases with it ulch distinguished eocceass, that the proprietor of tile recipe has been induced to offer it to the publl. lic in its present form. in the hope that it may be c0 the meanes of relieving many of those who are suffering under the scourge of our country. It is a medicine possessing great victue, and when used according to the directions has never failed of effecting a core, oven in the miost obstinate stage f of the disorder. It is not all disagreeable, and t persons of the weakest stomach, and children may take it with impunity. It strengthens the digestive t organs, creates an appetite, and seldomt requires I Smore than one, or ill obstinate cases, two bottles I to effect a cure. There is neither mercury nor arsenic in thie medicine, nor any thing injurious tr to the human constitution. The proprietors are so well convinced of its efficacy, that they agree to refund the price of every bottle which has been it taken inl aecordance with tihe directions and has not efficeted a a perfect cure of the fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent for Now Orleans, at his wholesale and retail drug and medicine store, corner of Bienville and Chartres streets. For District Agencies apply to je5 T. IV. SMITIt, 48 Conti st. - PENSACOLA MANSION HOUSE an NEW CITY, PENSACOLA. at jTHE adltscriberbhaving purihased the lease sod fur is 1 liturel' tllis well known astablishment, froam Air r, Tylor, ilthe lte proprietcr, will be ledy tolu rereive i , teri by the Ist of A pril next. NU. NLcertas andt costly illrovemenls will be found ill all the arraun. of tile oltlll nitlll llcl.oI . I d folts e . Ollll n bebttii" hti usg will ti ,V builh, alnd warm tIh- will be proviledt tit ll houlrs. A stablle S illl lie atn chled to tle Ihoutse, with g.CIod aecollllllc da or tils ltr horses atndl carriages. l rate hordes and . c rllringes will al he kept tlr lire at illuterate rices, I andsail nnd tow bouts, with persons It macrage them, k, for cti use Clf vildttr. lilliarls ind other almuseenlS Ic l1l1let lcUmod at icthcritg plat eseCtill alrile lrlnis ed, , undctit tcnccltctied uo ect to iierfcre wetillh thecutifltcirl ioll l quietof the boarders. The winc sand liquors will be of tihe best qualit , and ito ensre ic all sullpply of icn, eargo heas already beu uordered, w hils wic ill arrie .they will recve every possible aIltrltuon; and tllerly h" ex hrc'tltt t give o.rlllliacllnOoo.a C e I S i T whe h aellcal lllh nrglltoe s I olui llo are ton weIll l- kIIcn i Ileed it hlxe er . cirell td Ig tevricli lil.u 'r'. The IIctes t. it ei i cl itot is the levic tas t nt-lvrte lstit let of Ite E ov ra ;telllllt ll Ihe litltl llllelr u l'the Ger I. Ifqlld st run; the -it rtv "fitslclictereleeaicslcteoatiottcttlit(t o f I r sllll loltr mOllluhs I tIe coolesti I rerr..'ne S icll ile h ( hd wlf, al l b i m esy of the 1 ha y and the neighh uuring iris d t IcId rivers; ithet alulltlll. e Ne AIcictrligcy af t ei 5_ -ll i lhwhlchb fIt, 'llats .clcucd; cclci ics IrLoXilmity to Ii lest othllllel IIItLets, live I'CPctllc.l i Nh pr,' rellle lver alt othltr laIcets ill tlhh e latitudl e, as l ie tltllv ail dctli. tcil ettc'el .'lrctric.c ol Ifrs ate o ot' wiilc t ,iecttc'e'ec I'l ' .acu- i nylot t e-d Sn ile, and i n ticllel Ite t ltake tihe iseellcLr r- chlto Nl u l ee e e Urlensbottts. N BI AIiNOLI). et1 Th ilenloti iO thing t ennage leenn for thei rn. fni ', can ect lr-s tle rll lre- llt llcr, act IIls wIIcctlc cr fior Mr Iell T "lay bcr, the former prulrihtor, ni tei Or,. Itt. l ferenres. T Sectil, lr e, 51r C Cullm, It MlcAlItcn, Esq., I.I. cll ibb, inc ccc le; S 'I' 'Taylor' , I I' Era, EKoc, ic Net. I' --A letter Iao., io receive cemlmanivaiioes folr pOeru ls at le .,lll'e hoIlterl, is tlallce a0 Gveo W titlntall' elthit, ,if St Charles L"xeh ,uge. FclORII)A ItOU'TIE FOR NEW YORK. - Travellers tesirecus of enkinhi cite Fhlrida route, ' via I'elrticola,titcAlc Ncrthelore ictcrtrted thalittitste rc l i- tleem wil ccllclclounlc v rnc frun. Mtllile It I'encactla, l.s leavigl Mobile alld IPltcen il c evry itllher day fnner the Ite of aue. (nocd sticco will a la lya be provided uoJ hot- thie iuerlerto Ibe ill realineas I, takehr passellgersfrcun Mlohile, i case of ithe failure of ithle bohunts N II ARNOLD. hie T'le etlecacoat Chanmpion leaves lMobile tir I'enea coi,.nn iwie a w'ek febi .l iv T" JIAN IIAItlE FARINA'S COI.OONE WATERl tc' i 2 ceases tire of tlics suliericr Colugne water, just recrived la tit trslci.c' Itle idozen or cinghle bnotle. :t- Also Atericeatnd i'iech toeilet i,ewdnra, powder II ruefs antid bllxeus,allilgl ancd toilerl tcaps,cosalntci wash bllts, milk oIt rowe, coseltic ucohl cream, eatrn on lask, kephata, Ward' vcgelacble htir oil, lallltaln, 'cree de IIrs, FhF'ida,tluveedar, rue and bsy waters, I'-nres'tl's sanis Mnurseilles erhumcery il trunksl.vedgtela lon blei tcdliclid cc.e.... Chlorine and Orrie tooth wash, rlotit. iair, tootlhonailan td tflesh rles; together with no additional supply nf faehionbthle Icrcc and shell combh and c'relry for alt lea ot whn!eale or retail by by sItIMONS. ItARI'T & CO, 6jo•y 7O CIlartresstreet. Juiyt I Ia"s0 os ,--.U . ,.+,+i.;:.','.,;.. l IP, ..+i,.,l l,,. .... h+ I'.,t,+: .'7. Royal Coli.le of Physicans, London. PI iE origlsal Vesltlle Hlgeian Universl Mlei L ctie, prelmed Iby V 3iskin, Eui,. emai. of tr Ieoval College of Surgeons, Licentiate of Apothle- n cnry'slonmplony, Fellow of Bolt Court Soeiety, Surgeon to thle Inoyal Union Pcntisi Asdeiatiti,, L.anas.u r Place, talerloo I]tidge, And Perpetual Pupil of Guy' | and St. l'honuao's Hlospitals, London. 'This valuable medicile, the result of twenot years' exsolei'l:ee andi unlstmlleled success in the exntesive antd Ihighlt respotable Iraeticle of the propriety, Intro iised by tile Ifeultv tand nobility, Iand is now introduUed torthe iotice of the American aublie, at the earnest so lieitatiou f a number of gentlemen of long ai hiigth standing in the profession. It is hoedl a a prelimsi nary step, to chenk the evils und atasl oousoquences nrising from the use of the numuorous and ldeletlerims netslrms Ioistedl ;poanlt puoblic by tle aid of fabrinatedl proofof miculousocares, and uther frauds, bya sul of mCeestery, tuiprinMpled prtemlers.o no ntually ignoant ci mto.ditl snieoce, that it impossibl the lmmtmtrous delusion can any longer go down with the intelligent peolde ofthis country. 'l-hese ills, mild and agreeable in their Inture, dshmId be keptin ev'er family in asesI ofsmhilue illness for, Ity their pllnopt alminiatetiono cholera, cramps, .ssaats, fere ollu other alarming ctlplailts, whlichl too often prove html, may be speedli Iv cnured or plterented. It foet, all those who valuoegood wealth, shotld never be without them. They are sao' in paketsr at 5t0 ento , $t aeod $'2 .h, by every eespew table edtiggist, bhokneller, and vendlorof ,sedicilw i. tlit United Siales t i I be Canoadas, with copioulls d.ections, with: estanonials of prolcssional ability fctos the following elilentt gentllemen:s Sir Astlev Cooper, J Aberwnethy, James Ilto-tttell, M. D)., AV., A,. D., J. Aston Key, A. Framllton, Mt. D., and numerous others. The originls nimy we seen n possession of the Geene. l Agent, hy whoml the mwsicils is imported into tlils ountry, and to whom all applitltions fIorageciei nmlst e made. h JNO. IIOLIIEIN, 129 WaVerls Place, N. York, Sole General Agent for tile Unitedl States, Fc. For sale by appointmlent of tile origiltol proorietor. by Snas L U InorUan, Ieuggiets, No 11 Casal street, "enes Agent rf.l. Smithee o of Louisiana. julv.S L1 EMILY It LEE & co, Neo i .ltgaile sttet, are t r now receivig from stilip Nasv;ille, Iouisville, etck), Engle, all other note arrivals treat :Iw S:-tl.eelt cities, :. rlge tndt new selected assortment hJrds, Iloots, Shoes atndt Itrogans, rsonosisting ol'gentlemle's fine calf aind Morocco boots slo 24 quality; do Iuttl', andi stout waner peggedl oots carioms qullities; ,men's fins ealf seal and Mlorinct hr t pmlUlllps an brognus, buckskin shoes, bhUlgosi am slllppes a men's ille calf sidl kipped tpe gged slhoes and I rogans; so boots; to slout kip outl wasx pggegtl shoes - a d brtgaos; gentlemen's best qtulity calf sewed shoes, losganils stllc Jack D)owuiings; do calf and Morocco i. skle shsoes and tIrogans; o call, seal anlld Moroeco: I tiian shooos aoit slipthIes, do calf, bull' ant sea, wig;s a.tew aIticle; do line cilt; se.I adll moroccop:lurtei Sots; toys', misses'aud heitdlren's pegged anid nso ed l ongans, and sohoes of every quality anl kinId. Aloan a geneshl assortment ol mlell' stlolt wao an Sotl hrogaons aind skhosn, tIgether with lo,tK)O paire Ugro Inst qluality, russett lbrogas, aisiled in the kis, made eexpressly for plaotino 0se; a gnodl as. I rlllot of men's finl and stout kip russett tottganis, a Sw articl,, ad t arge quantity of atll intlriur quality r, scst tlal Wax brogsglt. ladies' fine call', sneal, nmroceo and grain welts, :tntd pump sole shoets; d line Flenh llMu tleeuco olld kid run rimUt slippers; tlo r:ll shoes, i.iil el nd witllot heels; i L e:lf, seal and stolll leate her olte,:s; do Plruella sllles f oIll kinds olsl toalitiesa to lasting brogans; iso gdter o'cod foxed bltotces. nliseen' lastigspring hlloetsaeit t4 nt gus. Children's coloredi Mlortoois aid lasting uto. I tg anul boots, te. Y entlemen'sliltnefashionnble blek silk hats; do black rIn Idrab beaver do of a su erior quality; du imitationi It, Iam do; broad and narrow trim men's line drab sal If sl.k Rhssit short nappedl hatls, a new article. Youths' lhute size tats of dilferent qualities; do chitre's. .lion's tnld bee black id dhiotb wool hats of various slI pes, with general ssortment elof boys' aul men's ,. a l oios. '1I tis assoti neet will be replenishled byl te arrival of a ri llncketslon tlhe move unel ities, eii all of which S ill be sold oil ecommodating terms. ag 1-tl C aitat sold oil aeommoathalig aug 1- NO MERCURY NOR COAIV A iaat Niew trlelata, Natv. 14,18:37. e A BOL"1 aix nlonthago I lad the misuilerl~l to gut an ig a sc:r'et dicease, thr whichl I have a ,plied tu sere- c rul d~lrur.. for ii etl~l,, ltid thley dlid lt aL ear Ie, no Iow Tu1 ol tile abolte date I ,aana IlIytCjl undler tlaa. cate of )aoctor IlIauc .. a. ad I e tll t him t.. . c.. .... .... fi...e tia.a. quo the ldieali got worse, sa aa Iaa blreal oua t ill large ulcers le~ Slto t l llnu llbe" ad ix tir eighl atIn aI hI leg, anal all tve i wt any laea, antd t lara l throaat, alnll llaat able to work at Ia l da p'artlat til-l- o al tetR tnltallt a tal` a' diReralisP large a lta r Oila tile righlt side of1' tho tllr , l .i.tll IY Itlttthlatg ala3 lfall eonfiallatly ualdertlha are of Drt. lauettf tlatria, IhaL to Ie -larecatly cured JOIIIN ilEAN. f r fae II ly lax cr I 1)O ClIlTl1'Y lhaut thle ahbv menttnnetd diasPase is ia qlaa a t a- w ell la nt - t i - iy ow n . it he tio n, fr w h ich I to allilllk DIr. Ihllll; I and I re*vrlI I I aa8111'es r let l aaal dil. a cil, t hiv- lakaaata ma.aa int, l llt l dl n, t iatrllllr t iy a llaaalth at all; tlerefoI" I ldvi litm 1. Iallaw t atllarat ra' tl lole llo tillltalll d Ipll) to lr 1) . a et, 18 CUIat h, btreet, IICtII ¢l·li I).Jllilllllil I 1 l:Hi rl~ll lhlud .n ci'e. l. l)r. I It"l lluet isi +it ]IIIIne r.l'11Oblll l olq.:::i +'X JlI nlil 4 P) l lh u y w ill fi hln a t h e ,h: t ,r 10t l a li i to ll t lilll . s il JilIIN D· til ill t roviN r IItrei t. N olsll'%.a 11,1 l~ aaaaat ha~ra I lv~lr: al- S I,*s rlcllli , If ..yone l w alnllts toI se 111 ll i n: 1N*..I 1' ) in YHPIOIII~ ~ ~ ~ ~~.. 111011. l~lC: IY.II: lI(Iell~ll Cgt l~ll.. 1Iw Jtol eans. I ch IaiOria El .a Ii-tcf). ia. tah it I Justd FiIllllm. 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Stesslci as tesl and stll+| analrI I it has heet tried and Itprateed ht afiaa l'- ' a l the a aak a aa aualic tftiaes ia0 the Untgl Shtat-si ald tala the lhlla l c gnerally, dring ahet long period Il" thihtl-"iv. re.,rs, s e'+t nice .0otr .f ihe cal Ellatattitttaaagaaal lllatlaaal \laatta Il tiatIaaatlatttaatataias, ll Culaellons has ai r biei flnl il aritl alta hnlgh ll onlt nl nily challhenKcd hv the oelrl' nf w cry hu.e 'llonilnlus. 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R It aet-nuias ianly to ra-iatak that, naatwilhstaading thil unc tnu a t|ty costly w ork, alil-l a. waas ,nalia ,hed belha iaeo ilnterest tables w.rel, hntrodhuc.d in +doms anl cenlts bc= r yia itlataa nlaaa , hasahaiiaatia staxtensivala uadaolibeaatit ly h atr'olniad, it has inot ye1 so liiihl uis pidd with interesi. htec heata" loBiltassaoaft 3.ali' thte saia I dallhs, bclhles 50 3aaa-yari taahtie fi'onm 17a9laJto 18ata, sastahaed on tlte hfi't edaliona af t00a o aalaiia-;aa:aariag laatlya liaot its t lialliia tioaa at that tia., at a-, atderl lrice,) Ia, sty nothiiag af COmaa enaation ot t roatta e lanhtlat a lifa-tiaa a 1 care, tail, tltaa t acriftife. 1i herela et-faalar taaholu r still relies on tle all dissetilaa nt ai gesd eaactasii thy puflit fur aaolif u: ancl a f plale.aarnce aaid lpaitaonrga. i-,r .alil by the Prcaaa al ddookitatl.c-s in tc Uatatled Slate. - r'tall'--a I'A Jt".NT FI-llt ahl.atat--oat a-oaaa-aaad - a 1) pat ahiat hlusaa.-mitaaa, f,,aaa Ia.,-' Y'a.r, a lrea ,aaaael~ltaalaf tstaten tilfee anad taelt Piatelsl, fori +ats a--ta,. Si lialSgtp & Ila. Na Charaelt IllatcI THE FLORIDA LINE ] From Mobile to Augusta,Ger. N leaves Mobile every day at itree N o'clock. p i per U S mail boat for Ilnll'a ldrnrtr, above Blakely,--thence foullr piat coches to Pensnrolh-thne. steamboats to Lngr veie, rwhere the lind route is resumed-thence tl via alnrinna anld IBrowneville, Fin. Boinbtidge, Pllndertot in, II wkinsville. Snlondersville & Louis. r villeiin Al gusta , covnneerinog reularly with h ihe r:il road ears it Charleston, and the a:eanl tpackets to Now York, No.lrilk, Pirilidelplia, etc. lThe stealloboats are the beart for tie service, and tithe naviol lion prerelts more advnlltges than canll be found upon any elteaImbra route in rile )south. ern regior.. The great improvements in the route have beens f producqd by the construelion of fifty miles of new t road, by tie proprietors, via : froml Lauranoe oni a LaFtveite Bayouu, an arm of Snia Rosa Bay, to t Bryall's Ferry, on the Chntinhoeochle river, ten Siles above the Cnwlerd, or 14 anbve Cedar Bluf, a whereby the navigation of the river, sad thIe oen aisequent detentions, and Inore recently the incul veienlt erossing at tihe Cowirrdi, are entirely avoided, and a fine road fromt Mrianna direct to Balinbridgle, instead ot tlhe roundaboult road via Cbatlintlioelire, lIesening thedieaonce abouit forty imrilei, and in:rvasing thle facilities mori thanl ionce a toy Ale.', ,.ornch line of two hilnre stagea every other d.ay inoi H rwkineaville, via P. rry to lMacon, GI ronlecrirg witih the line to Savannah and SDarien, Gei. e A mail steamboat Ilies regularly between SBainlbridge and Apalaehiiola. 'l'revll ro wishing e to reach aolly poit o0n Chalttnhooneee or Apalachl rola, anll taker stroieoleat at Brownsville. Mobile to Penraclola-I aoid RouIe--Durinl the tiire oueoied by the repairs it boutls, tie proprie. irn of ilie Florida Iline will rIn a line ot four r hourse pll oaelicht every other dly between ilMo lilernlld Pensaocola. e Pseengers will leave Moubile at 3 o'l:lck, p m, in the U 8 nmnil bltt , and proceed it Itl ll's LaId inc, where a lour hrllrae conch will i-a iI waining to clionvey lhen to the excearllent hiusedol Mr. Chariles Hall, II 4 mile distanlt, where lthey will in11 a plrnnant .nconllodraion Is r tile nigih-t-leaving iinext morning,l they will arrive in Plleinanollla erly ini the evning, ithus avoiding the disacomlfort tof night ri.velling. Oltice ilt the Mansion Ilouse, Mobile, and Col. lins' lticl, Pensacinl, wtihere eoPaln Ious be seev Sre'. SOCKTON & C-. loV I Piano furte Instruteion. uas William Sitlah lenders his s8rvicetl to the cili. Jet zes oful New Orleans a a teacher if the liai l t h lorte. Mr S havingl beenl employed several years as a lenchlir of Iusic ii private fIantles in lstoun, a nid alsiot ierveral of tshe feish inaries in iis c ath vicinity, cannot bi io o hg l meril Iheir confidI nee. lie is pea iiitted to refer to i v l r l Cl.pp, Messrs tit Sireson & Avery, llHendersI. ' .:lsi,'ls. all For er. Ire plese apnIIply iat Itie ookstore of C e,49.. mp.Io ,c, 2 h. l. c i l.r lnst hals lle led h1 5, ?.ll ~ thisc city hir I tile purpose o lransactud a genleral WhoVllusalLe al Driu business. lie is now reclving I full cuppli ol Iresh and igenuitie articles, which he will sell on liberal erill. To cit)y drlggists, and those of the ini erior, te physicians, rtneri hallts e i planti r, hlie will iftfEr inducteientls such as havu never be. fore been oflired in this city. His intention is to don siI icily legitiini te busrines. llsi stock Nwill soon be eltcomplete, land inl a few weeks will be reua. dy for blusiness. All orders Iro; thle culllntry,aind I frIm lll erehl al of t1 is city, receivinllg uch orders I will be promptliily asitended to. ' .ci 2 N 39ICamp at Ie 1iTO1.F.SAI.FAN )iR'lI'All.CiOIllt AN VA ui Itll l:'Y STORE-at the sign of the golden comb,l M ') Cliarlres steert. Thellsn;scribers have re ceived, ill a lti.ion to their )prviolls s'ck on lland, a full Wi and coniilet. assortmllat of nrth:les in their line; viz: II com tls, pcrflll'ry, Jewellry, brushes, lciki'lg glaussea. Cfulrv atic, c.a.i. ' sistie g ill piIrl c 1 fllatws: CtI tllS-torloic siellell, wrt lt atld ilain tuek,twist, quilled back, lo, round, Iressing, i, i pull culrl and Ineck, lraziliauu colubs of every dlescription itmOlgst which are some lMexical patters, Ivory colibs of every dascri ptitr, lorn, dressing and npckelr, togelher with a. 'ge:nerltictt.lnletattorflll'hrclld ArilcuniCIIr. bay, rroe, and orane flower waelirs of every size ac d des- r criltioll, clulllll tort Cologne, ext'nI t tl l it rgalll t, oi fancy supIS of al' l kinds, havillng d ill n111 n 1111 lll)d lot o, r a tlll l ista ) do, ellardl vgetlablr hair til, lutrses a1d anI i ttil'ue.ltl. Il' eLtnIs t'a lliig .11it+l, phatin aid lperuml edine " tollel tlwder, pearl powder, el.lhr tll Uld obuxes po 'ilttl in puts and Irolls,orr alllnd chlorine tootll wash at and olwdre.+, wilth it general csscorItletit of JIE\\V'L,.itY--somenos(h,1 latest ld 1111t 11 fiiona lile' stts, consisting of whir tri andl red oirneli n, tapur - eel enrdraps, set in ilagree, reasll't pins tilifa alers r.. Iv Iolllit rnIF , wit hel trilnlllla t il t i It d s a il':" t It : klsi sil+,vr tlhmhle.+, silher and ;roll I'p Iwils mnd poord] chains, 1ill 'llES- -Clotlh, hair,luzsl e,crurlhn,h'artl,lhl o r, hluu, (1., souIth, plate, comb, Nail, ,l]-Ising, i ho and w hih'a t llrlll trslalgS. It(a)KINI; ltl.ASStle. l 'ri titac taliilt tand oill e iht..s.+, liitl il a illla d l'l tale l ll dr u+;itt g .l l l oinlllel iull, llN h I 1:sll rieiy Iol ' elllllr ttict ikin s il l 1 itetlllr I all. h'ANIYV AND VA1 IT'"IY A1'" RTIC.L'-Fren'h fld'i'u 1 l icu'ica la l t p Pitn d a ndt, +l ai r .itlc . It l aI.l ` aeri u i unitd itinc ll ithll u.ll I Ir llwl boxes , A SIll 111· witll n d N illll n11 p c er ll t e lll, 011 1 blax pl, 4l-' cilte a'ri'·l u +J l'ttl ·l. trl n ,ilt l in a llritlllillt l ch lli tr Illl phl aC* itri.I I hl hllldcc l ladi ltl ll'lrlt lrta 'ac it h'la l cleds = p o Ike rat ' Is kinds, ilt cn , rlo .- e irt ll aesl I' n yi n uelsils fur i h .renlc , I slut icretait'ti,'rile a t, lo'utbe lllt ca glm bo ., pasae tlarakil-t-ty Jy ieallic 1 ts, ldian heIs fl-ncyr klad Ielacrs, e lad thll -r illllr, t wIlltcll kspe-arliatltons, Il rcll 'cil i n t tl andl lat edeC illen, ilergill, si er , gI llllla I tic lpen 1111 pocket h.bots nod waullets of vlisit kinds, visiting cerrs,anll cartera,sctihalla sret ld a lr Iore,;ckaulllln boald Aiii.l eltillll vicullljel llrs, hls, i lli COl tri . eI p ll.M oll f v 5ri10s kindt , c alrs ll ' II etr r fV' EWcrlers's, Ilil Drulgg s ad Ir a kis razor satd rlcap l mecal tlllc etl iirks , fly ed ieklce, diA wtth -ari lcEti ley oItclgec, pearl b ero ly owd lier laskr.taild Sitoade hel eds, 6i and silver oPt gum elasic usemr.a e an. 1 clllrl a 'r , with ac great variety o ot a ler artel cle, 1 ll f I will lm s'lu lllfr c irh or oily ae tlpta. ta sratea tou ly alar Icaittters situiar ptblic to geniueail esag u 1 molel ir cretdil. i 11 icesIre MGerat, & ao. i tlhe 71q alatc is dct ueitioacy'rltrcta. at tt t O .-plce 100 T getleriaalea Iplre witper ic d S.c ablperm Oil, e t casks and ails, for sale by -1 JAIViat a *r &o At I.autiaS. Whbua.+lel' Drugg tst, trnler Cl JI)lllliO and lTcllhp SI.- tlre t.ia IIta )'t arai-iele f clogn ate utp expressly loti' the retaile trade; els r ahe purest F ltoch oerf to t i blatlbri-a I l evte r. y variety lor th ilae i t s or stle by a hlislhed a v atniasalat artelor i tl ew I )I cealln, i I ready ito isupply he in itaed irhe public in gernerll, Iby lholecsal or retit. Ilii prices are InSderale, .al the lilv of Ils Irdllts superier Ioonally ever brllllegh hi ca this plce. 'The genlleluln emlpluved Iu superinlend it iilltlufasclorv Ilan beell t itls I-ltid of aL sXtel t Ia, l telubliscmeut 3 lllis kild i Europe. Tlhose d.Ca.tad y. to -all tt tle urler of Nalclsez and Teallollicllral . It, shull be s l.e elnltl wilth a fair salle I ally varlsleby It LU'. I I I & flAil TIC IIN, 6Il Ct scas i I Ii eii r W .DEN . T ile vrP is aet e l 1. o 1e,,rtE l ai r grat o I thigL.a i it cll ilp.l Ict , lr. The lIbera lisr iae tilre Ifaeiiiad ainee i c chi nlllllec. d Te tral aret I 1 is y illr. lig 11111e p t c. till.s itY- he lsr t IIt pliC It L. i- anora,,,,ilt i Rz ur atia',,- UIle? ltcat cies.s o1r a e raines a'rtiuclec, j,.11 re eptiv ar by red i I- a 3. RESc e & D LANd;, III Camp s' i' -- -tt - ...... l o dTl.i. , ictll IaI atils ind i are r ti c.-e Ip I a, Js i alll, it reht c, io atoe addi lc tac byt Il hi .... iro ge pressiv ls i ratelul Ihlalks to the plu ,t al l grioel , I 113 lieal suppor, C le hat d Je i tidc siat all e n l lilld l. le lllcl inS rely cIIn ily. l.ingl 1 l o ll plirt ,Et I e riEPVerd nrli lle 1 stieel Itr e. l nllue Ill l tullied under Dr. ider ayof Cl rlricste, IoI vender; Carliea, olnl ucr ao lle yea1rs iis ae irarll in al t irheo retice ol i-ldicihte s.d hurgery, las tle lt hisor ce to nffer lis proeery lc ioil s erlach in tlic city. ia i1e asures the ladilre ald getatllllascan titre l usta aot Ic oilat tlit alion will ihe pUitid to tie calls wicll :liday re iad; aned also offeras t ir services 'to the Ie liclaer ofnd lvEnos, being S acll acquainthld il Cile re disa coall nall to en itr, havding aetll Idd elle. in a. le sugar ous in Cla every dlesn. really ap Thlasli'ouess nei.hilisus pilltertiaecomposieion l i Profisnr Sau 13 ellite, ieitl direcdiolls, eon e ll all ol the undr Tsigled. Tp l fe , ctye whiclag lay lull are cc- prcduced in tcis ant odelra citieu. lass ben otleanded tic siti tele greatest success, toe sd ic11 the bestl of art- refrittcccc cc be given. Apply at Nc. 166 Majsa. l- iquaclstreet. JNO. M'LO I NG . t h undsi'le d, survivi Th unders,17 Willd b havirged .la studied under Dr. Sil.pidt ofrl 'Chrlcston, , le Sothcrel, C rin and loring sai bl ui yarss as stial lla il, the practie ofth buedisse aled sury, hasion & CtIe., at ith offer his prolaess ional servicel firs ill ty. I prompt attentlion will be . iaid to the calls which a. ocoye oralde; and also offersy els services t the thaol aiers tslames, bw i tales il acquainted with thi, el of Professor STulletto, with directiols, ca i be had Sthe undersiged THERY KELLE y have. CwOrf New Orle-;, Jrris of Nathe71837 f OLBEAR'S Science of Penmanship received,aed for sale at their permnent \Writing Academaies N No. 8 Chatre sreet, ew N rloeao, 1119 Itr:idway New York, Danphieo st.,Mobile. We It is particularlyd designed tih' peivale learners, and schools, and is calculated ilr eerrrlss of ull ages. Lolies ad gentlemen are invited rtocall and examnine the evalste Ihr thenmselves. lessans are given Rat s:ch ihoenas er yeir sit tile eonveenieee of'll, amld to clasrses furled illariy part of the city. Ladies who prefer iltea receive 'essons at their own ref sidences. TI Perna saytevisr e .ra t f lessons are desired o attehl. ":' 1F a toia vceil esatirh wilhl. .3lAI lIltOTIthR. ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, SFORi FEVER AND AGUE. Tr1EN years have not yet elapsed since it was " first regularly submitted to tire public; but it it Shas attained tile highest reputation; and has seu- It n planted every other medicine for the Ague, wherev-. H f er it has been known and appreciated. Already PS Shas it been carried in every direction throughout It tile United States, asid still realizes mare than could I y have been anticipated by its mort sanguine friends. Thousands of persons have not only been relieved, P but restored t, helith and vigor through its agen. N Sey; anil they now cheerfully testify, at every op portunity, to its deotided and supreme efficacy. I: is composed of such medicinal principles as are N ry calenlated to renew the healthy action of the atom- Ie d nach, liver, and other imrportalet digestive organs, tile loss of which harmony is the inmmediate ceause n of the disease. It is apparent also, that it produ. co an entire chnllge in tihe condition of the systerm, and certainly destroys tihe native liability to relapy' sea of the affection. When tihe Ague is attended . re with any other complaint, the employment of the ir Tonic Mixture will not interfere with thie treat. ce r ment of the other diease, liut will even afford as. i snstance by lurnishirng strength and vigor to the g' body during tihe coarse of treatment. Those who or make use of this medicine maay he assured that d' there is no Arsenic, Barks, Mercury. or any other rr In article in its eomposition unfriendly to tile Ihuman es constitution; henig entirely a vegetable extract; ad and they may have additionral confideneo i the ig use thereof, when they perceive that it has tile et- di feet of a gentle laxative about tihe time half a bet. 11 of ti full has been taken--in eonaequene of which, ut there is no part of the medicine left to linger in ci i. tihe bowels to cause obstructions, and other evils, u arising from the use of many of the remedies now offered fir the cure of this allfection. It has been A - used also ns a preventive, by maeny who were sub in i. ject to a periodical recurrence of the Chills, and it C Shias invariably warded offtihe apprelrhnded attack. S Obseree! The P'roprictor, fully satialied aith te I n, unparalleled aRid universal euccess which has can. s tantly attended a punctueal ad regular use of tihe . l'onli Mixture, in all cases of Fever and Ague. ies tls warrnited il egaging to reJfund thle lirice to all thiosae who have takeI the rmrdIcie in iitrict C-. of ecrdatice with thie prescrild directions, without having bIot' perfectly anitd lastingly etred. T'le subscribers are timeitllohol.alir agents for the South \Vesters States, and lavae ow oar hand six ty castes of this medicine, which is warratted fresh it Ic and genuine. For sale at the imanfactured prices C It J.1RVIS & ANIrIiIWS, 8 W hiili'ele Ilrur.gists, nv7 l (:i e r ir i en l r 'lriho p ulillle s asiLeet. M iSblslla pl 1 in d lIsllmllnla IIoldl, e..,VI l ON. VS 1 SUIRS. MARY IIIIKLAND respectfully an. ill vnoaslces to her friends and the publie gene a ally that she is prepared to accommodate them at , he abov establislhment, aind hopes frm hlier as exertions to render visitors comnfr tablc, to receive a continuance of iformer fixvors. She feels cortf. Jent that persons vsiliing Covi'igtail during the ulrner monlths, cannot find better aecoiuiiiudtliolas tA than she caill Ifhord them, on mlor,: Iiberal terms. _ier lrouse is Ileasatlly situated, and well supplied all with every cirvorniem'nce; the bar is farnished with z: tihe mostL choice liquors, &e. in short,shie promises Sa, ''It nothing hall be wanrting Ioi her part to give rtire esalislaetiu to all who imay patrolmizo tile t+ issisis iplpi and L, isiant Ilotel. je3 lst iL1LOW \'WAiltE, WOODl SCREWS, SAD ry IRONS, Ac. ia 2lI'E IIOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 1 38 Wlter, near Beckman streea, New York, Shave received tlhe past seLason, alld arei costalnItly 57 rcaeiving large and extensive addltions to the stoek , of thie above goond, whll I ilow consists of the a ollowing assrtrlIIentI. suitabli for the southern and ed western markets. i- Hllow ware of snitrior quality, consisting of ah abourt 1500 tens, viz, Pots lf 22 diltirerit sicze. from 2.8 to 50 gallons, 'A- Krtlirs, 15 szrs, fr,,m 3:8 to 30 galtion, I K ltties, 1 5 si zes, from 3:` to 1 8 allhrs, Irtltepails rr Mirvens, 7 diil'l r,,tt ines, n Iar' Dogs, dt h \Vagn , baesfrom I I 1. to 3.4 ichli es. an C. rt ],t. ir 5 t 7 I hes. - Wo\VId Screw,\ 2t,lJ0Ugrosslr , ironll Ild bra.e, fromn :+ 8l inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, N,,, :! ,i a superior q iI thly and lifiash, ailld le.s than J m:'s importged e t ' Ir.n.,i assrlcd, in ratite of about I . 500 lb. for r, 'I'"lhr's ind hat(.soa I[raUt, atsorhtd. ing Ilells for PlI;stationls, stoemIbats, churcIhesI , &. tl a [n Icadee to Irdteir, all oIrder. -r The ablove assortmrent of goods is particularly and recommended to tier attetionl of Southern and n'a- WVstrn er echats, and are olferrd for sale at law ion prices, and upon the most hiberal terms ; it is be. 1t:1! lieved to bc thu largest and best assortment ever a otered for sale by nlay olne etablliohmnuenl in tihe 0 United States. . Merchants, by forwarding a request by maiil, ea havei a priei',d cercul:ar, with descriltion of goods, d prices alld terms, lroml which tIo dlevilation is ever numade, fnrnihlied by retorn of mail. .p All orders will receive iullmediato attention. I New York, 1839. je3 . IV G;lenn's I'rfunrerirs. Indialn Dye, for coloringy tih lltar ; learn's Oil, Russlaas bcai'src aere, itiporuliluen, 311Echaw's Fre, cle Wiiash, bstrilor peur powdJerlip whiltel, cream rl rasel, vegetable ui i e,t alto oi ra l Ir ) bSllVe, kretstlce tooth wash, carblr *nr e.trilice, orange VI.utr water, powder puftf and rbxe', A"llnrin chtarcol, neatly Iput l i ti Illoer unit vials, Iros. tn sultsi CIloe, kre acs er ote alhe i rops, hair lbrushes, Eig.l.iIh tiressnll combsIT, lndian hlr oil, withit a Variety of other ptcrlu terlt,.s, ,e. Ior sale by C. J. I'RIINCIIAIRD, oct 3 corier l (ilall anll d It lrlo ll ci a I TATS- 1 :I tni i t lr hItI s, ai l nri ualiti-t I- broad , i.4 an1,I low crown- huteding romn chip . luia, ti"rnat.' by 1 1 l li1Ir t I .. itio, a in+7 "131 3la glin at S11.brIoll-rh'i W. I ng lion1 -tet IiilmmC Ia S Inllg, lre salel by ( I tnrleeii, nrme7 II New I V \V. S':. I r tlinhe," .hiii, hl'1, l"n.lauind, bave jtll ieeivedt a Very extenlivle et t ln r I) s , In r e; isting lo T ble anI d I Dessert K.llive. of ....- - , scriptiou, Pen, l+(cle I )ilk, aid iI oelr pin Idnni t; ao, Sl r, is rOtd ilitit 'i'ouls,.c. irl . &t d. n lhllillll'b lem ilrcal o exhibit to the tralde lorordies. Tterml and a dlltions willle m ,ad kInon al ll bi ialle:. rrlnnn t. 11116, J. I. MI'AIN l&" u A OllFN. ilNl.i nnnalt l to. NlW GOttDl. 111\IIONS, IIAIT& Cl.-Are ntw r&eceiving fte.r shil Ihtursvill', FAgh., Merre Adhw, Iliglh elderr, French andl e'itu, iotllo e hfeul nd ,innncards: sterhelt 1amn porket pistols; plin, ribbed and split clussiOl .alm ;i cu k hl elllrls; Fcis ,r s, lH:l+nl's, I.n1. ves; (illlott's nn lerci lhl and othrr seel perll; V'io as; Violin trings; she'll, io .vy ali h trin I el sa wati, l'S k, bId :llld latherl lplll es; u lir Il:lih, fronI t ail iart rin:lll, t; pullls; Ile tn e l aid .;tIrelch colognell Nantce , lRouhvl a lll :acasi sr nil, ll tiittion do; antique andll hearsuiil; portablel desks ndl drlesslnr c.awL s: past, bltki ;ll; statlailnd toilet . ilhses; ilex mllillirrors; utp cal glasses land a iew; Illlda itn ads, ells ilia plumes e(Irdueon; whirO . wiie; toilet 11raul Slhan1111. sml nt s; toilet o wdhlr, c ntltltie wash bld ls; e i £1e .sati c h.l.I08i poonl stands; sctrew chihtl;i itr I;a1 chrinsu matt necklres; billiard ti all,; pocket books anid waeletts; Geralnll hbones; razor stmrap`; ine turd con.llon guml olastic sspetll rs, t:lu er'ltsd; hll el luc ifle Imte atelesa; ail ver pencils; (lre*oni, ic. &C. The aibove in additionto our tfiir•er stclk if' falne, Ciiiltes, nlkesI.ur :iassrtii il.vy e ,aplete. ' or aitl whole:ic or retail; ts the bil IU tile I- o elden 1..lld 7 Cl+halt ' e streel., ini . " ala rr ref. t, New Atricals. 1r 1. 1 :IiiPANAN & tC. nllirrtrltl of Flrench Ivlanl 1In .h Chinn anid 'altheln ware. tire lltn., ,v i.ninl new l l' d rit 1 alt 'erus of breaktaerr 11lin + 12 lllld ean service+, Lir" ul se ts, piir t l lels, tel anld cl'er cups, teapots, ugars, c, tt bowler, pllra, d.llhcs, illrces, wash bLsins nI112 ewers, tot BIaths, etc. rle. [Ilh cut and plain FrenchII and American glass. ware--goblele, hltilllpa iher,. Itrtlonladre, jellies, claretl, willnes, Iordinls, ccnlllre howltse, docallers. Iunlblers, preserve dishes, alulrCS, pitchelao Imps, lItp shade and glasses, candle sha,:oe, salt cel lers, etc. Sllvrr plated, bronzed anid hritania wars--cua5 tore, liquer stands, calke bliskels, canudhlsticks, Iranchlles, bcpons, ladles, ioi e u nd tealPdlt, ielgl"s, iceln.liu Intrps, japalnnd trate aatrtalearends,and ha aing lamnps, tine cutlcry, Gcrlnan silver spoylns nald larks, togethller with a gre.i variety ,f rtlicles lfr frllllly use. M erhantts, pl enteti rs, hot Ilsc, anld llaibeallras, fulrnllihed wilt goods at the atied rea sunar.ble prlcles, allt paked is as io be couveyed wlth sahcly t t .ny part of the country. Also, a Iphecarita' glae n ate. nov - 'Io Country Melchanls and Planters. Negro cloths, blankets, flannule, linseys, Inwell sirtiniag, checks, linens, ctlicues, handkerchiefs, &e ke,received' and for sale low by.the subscri. be-. o RoTI'n A & Ca. oct. cornerCattal ald Chartres nt MIAIL ARRIAlbtEtiENTr Nether, Mail, tue Every Ioa t l A 91. Clsoe Evry day al It.a A. Vn .. / . (Du every YlnizdII?. \\' 'd i v*li western rlmn. • iFridn o I ..,, P. SI. ii,, tend Sutrillyr,'hl 'i, Ii. rd' • Du e verv'Ill·~l l l'lhvT lllr. , iv?· . ThLe lake Mail S aturel. v I'. fi.' vm Closes every c h la'h, \eldnesday EXPRENS MAll.. - TIMES OFP ARRIVAL, DEPA I'L'UI. I) IS'TANCg &c. of the Expresa Mail, boiwev. w riM,tIr inod Ntt York--leavio Mobile dail, at 3 P. M. Norlbwvir New York daily at 5 P. M houtlwird. Arrivs Aerriv Northward. Ditoance. T'ine Irurn'g Olotgonmery.Aln. 2 pit. 196 U'o 2" h 12 Coltitbue, G. 11 IIIn81 .i 1,h i. I i illed evrile. Go. 2 123 . ll I4p g iuhi. .C. ? . 163 17 i" Itmleig3, N C. 5 215 I' n.P 'rion, V1 'l , ,b , K uarreonV. 12 . 55 t 0, e pntertbur nau. mIpo. W IOn wt m mI i itonh apv. l aont. . t 3 il. d 2rrdericrsialuri. nl, 1 67 7 I li. [Vis etlb , 2liam. 611 II t New York, 2 pto . NI ;:i SNorthwrd. Con, in e othlardl, the tinb 'a i t i ho i es; loing5 days situ 17 httour. TIEN lilFPtt Ii.t IlEW\A 1I 1 . ir IIANAWAY frovt 129 (toIrnilrlrr i ·IlInr I f Ii-it li aLtreetoit Ille niglt of 311O1h of Aii',," .ml . s aeell the flex! moronlnji iul Poyllrmas lrre~,;. a n. .~rl h,, ntiiuledlCIIARI.ES, ibilot J ye)roi,'ae . a n l Io , i P ir threolmwoo ill hei.ligt, vera lIk, it l k ilintian iis sleebehiiofhilei ,, bo y s reent hurl;lite IIIl o l ItI weIt at . al K hil . cotton or linen olirt riiul liit, rit Itl, l2ii1] 1. olosterr of rersels nail letlet tot re ant' ll,' Nll.,. i giansl receiving or h laring ai, ne,.r1,i,, I, .;I1 .11* otiler pereonou as ile Utlttti rigour If' tlIP Itlw will ho Itrofrrod negotlltl, hl.t'll Tlbove te/llar r rala I) l, fI'rdelveei tg bi ntot onU tif Ithel. jails t. ('Id.'," In uC tluniecipoliti.lor 01 t69"Cariilttol, c(lher atf Ill ii. it lteet*tl.l 0O .41 odertht finn of' I~liilii, &L (tltr,~','io· 11I ~lU r- disoelved. "Tle ublierilb r will uilat II i" "j '. . tile eonoceiti itt iblt city, otid reapin ire ll p, PI nh,. It,l d tialuho oovttineoto hillyta,,I,' IIIItt atll,,, h 'lllipll CloilirIutrIo ilottiIltlell foraolllclrnllt . tui gO-- t It t;A I1111 I,"I'il W CAPTAIN SAILA VAT'I"S NI'VW 11)VI,:I.1 I Ratlian the Reefer, by tilh ullle r tit t Lt r i ilell(.I i. Sin .VOlS. it Lonmin or P oVWinter aIroloilss Ihali',,;li :. I.,1e o. Nlyrt., ly Cnpluit lasil Ihll, It,),nIl N I.t I lord o/ldhlta, a roltlllralle , iA\llnli I.llllllanllol,:n, I to. Nhejtltrd Lee. twiirttn lv iihuetafi' 1 ,0 l C Celmpeidiaos lltstorvof~stnp ii,',Irai,,a l r,,,,i;,oh 0airjgiliathiihnu,tliy "Nol,,iuniel t;i',,en,ai s,, I. ICT La lni g 1No. 79 lf Iirpl..r'a I'hl,.il' , ih,' Tr. Vole. I & 4 i, f tle ne w ho t llo t'.ii ,,1,,I ..b,,. ,.lloion ii tf IVnohionlou, frrit",'s I,'o,/.. Jootrer'ornorl ., d /ir h Ilirtlry . iI.1 1U n b ll's ],.L ~ll',til' (t(lld l7 l'Ci. (·li.4l.,, t JICt','. 1· 0: P U w leld ' O hM' ,,f,',,t h,. Iil,:<',.l, or i ti"I~i~e..llilllPigif i h,: l *h-,i ii,,, hit ll * t ailJ, whhchiin Ilii Ihlrlli 1 I , I I-" ' iS 0 IOitt't olv, r ov' d llolot . I'EIdaill..l. l ;, -,, , I,, l.llllry &e. &e. &ce.' " I ut t rceivl, fj r i iih! by t__aI'm31~ st a,,,, e.~ I; |N. I..V,:2_~r rkC root,1I.,ttt,.. .INNOrUK'o IMId'Iot,, l I, Ie,,I I',,Ih N OFl DI Romallln Ilisto~rv· nud it/,,'alt ri ,. ,, ,,"vl r ll;, i · h l(, ir Institution s ad ld 1lnllltiiluiti/' of· all, {i lll. 1,1111 :t1·l u 'O enreusa biolrulllfcl and1 hli,.tnll-l,,i V%,+ P-. : l illl II: t. iolla for exalnllnutitlcm :tt, ,. ,' 1,.-. lm I oftEI~ lll a 'nll, f ru l the i ilvl- llil ,,1 JI ,'nl-(· 1,-·111 t. h;+ od et clu of cG,'nrtln L', xuitll ;i 1.,, ,hH,1 .ll,,,l ii, 1)hl, I1'U os acllll .erl on. I h...IRIII 111 )lh. it .1. 1,'l',, : 1 a .! i' ll~lnla VO :l illl C II ii~IIX .Ol't.r ,,i~t l' ll ( lh I " II1 'I·lp'II o i (:,,pioil la ix] lillsllhlrv il1,le.. It, .,*l.- ,.1 i[ .. in IT (ihe {ll.lulillr illlll .q,:.....i~ll1'l· ,r1 ,11 h?:.. I I~llll?*'1).I of l K ililll'.. r.el. "Ir cl- lli .,. ,,ll Ill + I .,. ,I (;I..,,i,,.. Ne.. k, A nl~·ierl llu .,llrri li, ivilh1 nl,llhi.,u> ,.,, i 1/ 11,,l,.lli..liI .l InI all explaltilull ,,flh,!: .[-ll,,>.ill.· ll', i,.,I11 ,,I 1 ihc Al O icll: Alinlunit'.. I Jtlalllrleeited stdilrwls fu / ii l v %%" I \Il'i.: \ N _.'U 'I LO IC Il(X 11 ll( 1111(1 1 IAt ltPi'FI l't (.'ts"4 t' II tlII B I I ' . ORItAC , taan atte hll I I'j i1, ir .. i I, )1, ith o I-tm, b n |te I on,on ('alt,,x , \h r,, I L h, d n ltrne , &,.,l . a tnds .' of ( le ,, u ". ,, I .'I ,, ,i dur-nudll led t i (b l-l.hi.lui l b,,t Ito, in . t,. 1 I~ , . wii',, a i an'l I:I ll. l, l'rpe l ' L1I Iit I ::lt I, TIilE: I'sY; a Tre.hl h.. . ,, ",,, ~ JlMary of !' urgulld ," l c., , ,. ,,,. , .,, ii L '; F,·',.I·;,l. Iie . . . ,'- , alte a . I\, {l ' t,... 7)ACON I" ll--:t,; :.. , ,, 1, .s.,w tnIaunit from a S asll ' I'' 'i nt , t .te sI r, ow1e1 by 11r. .1 b I , eircle and ·Trtot n W 'alk , 'jI I of the tulhc r . . ,,,,or Io his for' n er custnUnle , lli'r , .. i ,'.1 ." .i11 . car.llhIy selected. hla i l,,lv , , e 'par tlcular ized, viz : r Pre i o ai ,Setdlt z al n -, l', ~ h . Yalnst PIaIraia aa, n~ elegant aainailn yeastl , , . i i ,, hukh, i tt Bultleta' Effervelal entllli Ma, nei~ A, er,,eni -a r tlcass.l t and gentie i . lrgtlg linti i l. lli. r ,II. gaestlun, nerves. diebllry, gt ,' bradache. dcdlyof athe Olanta1ch,r htha l ei a t .i l n,b cula. n11us earuptions, a c. Cnrpeaters Fiatl, E rnet f sar'v:,parlla f purifying the bilo. &i. d, , i i i h, I n, & . .Wamt' 'n Iacia ,an Vd .aii,;ii... ; ihu1,, an Ilaerlea t , iha . Opit].ldhh., &e. IRlield Liqlulrci , jlllllan llltd {.llolltl v', paee Tooth braallioe N , Pietilm. 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Juet received and for sale by \'5., 1'KEAN, I 4 bhlu.]leltt|,.@,a new epplh.,trr cc't] by | et - "''U\Y' ft, t9 'ea

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