Newspaper of True American, July 11, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated July 11, 1839 Page 2
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ahw.@i.4ma bltmmber of a enae a e. A FI.nlxb FOR TM YEAR 1839. Presidenf, 9. J. Petero.. S irdt VYic Prieident, W. I.. Hodpe, F,q. 11ioaw do. Joo. A. Mete, Esq. tiyamee of. Appeals far 1839. ''°" lr Ioe Jnme II. tLeveriel, S'emmrk, Alhijah Fisk, ,4torhe, dimonsr Thnmp.on, of Ar/tratie f.r the mofd of May. ,bhn Heddledtunoo John C. Harriton, i. W. Httinpton, William H.opkinr, Elllch Hyde, Jr. P. A. Hardy. S. Joachim Kohn. - Ilt Mail Regladiems. ?Aeioetg BMgeer Mala is eloted every day at 10 .'oE.Lk A, M. It do r)hydo at 4 P. M, Tile Expres NMa1l is clote, every dny at half pate 1O A. M. I, due with tih Great Eaetan Malil, ever)y day. Te Latke Vail (via Covingtrn, Ln.)o i closed every Mlonday, WedeedMyv nnd Fridly, at 6 o'clock, A. t1. I, due every I'u.ens, 'tursday, and Saturdayv, t 5 ý1o. M." . . . TA Loisvelle or Rier Mail it clo.edeorv e MMn doby,.Wednesday, and Satmrday, at 3 P. Mi. t. elt ad returned hytasembooat.. Arrives irrelgularly three limoe.a week. rAe Baudo Sara or Conat m ali is elne, every Tueoday and Friday, at 8 P bl.. Is tr.t ansd returned by oeumthotst. STle Ale.andria or Red Rivoer Mail is tent irregu larly ty ateamloato twime a week. S LootavLrtu. OR tIVRn MAIL. Mnndac, ) • Wednoany and w Close at 8o'clock P. M. sturday, " )3 - " COAST MAtL. Tuesday and tordoyaod I Clo.seeot 8o'clock. P M. NAStVIbLE RAIl. RnAD. IN trlial, yeoterdvy, it woos diseovreed hllt no dtepel. .I ll9doe ri he. plovcell vn tlt large Ieomoive ,n. gine,and that it would lh ton mollllh ito ltlepl mlaking iegtlar tripe with her. Under these cirlclllla tnctllthe lubllicireopectfuill irforlle.dl hlst Piisoevtr Cors will osata to tilln dowl tle rod ilnr il tile ne lcomlotive io ready to resumotthi sltiuol ; :lwvlilh puhiie noai-e will he given. JAIMESH H AI.D)WELI., jtn.e31 Iws . Preile,, Preoid rtu. lr.V.OURLF:AN.S & CAIoRI0l.I.'tN RAIL ROAD In con lpledca ofnumeros npplitu'ios s for n hige in tile ima tsfdeparture s r the h ftornomn car. the cosnlu y have sonclsde tle adLopt he foflotw.e sIereslglenn oet Itu he 111 :fl'serO0mmencin on the 17th mst. S SUMMEIR ARRANGEMINTS FOR THE WEEK ItATS. Proti Carrolltoa,. P ot ;ew Orleans. I"orse ar. 14'o,'..ok, A.M. Iore Car at 5 o'clck, A.M -ocuolthas. i Luo-nowiot 7 I " it - ,0 , , I * 13 ". P.M I 4 P . M " 3 , * 5 * ,', " I " " ' S p I 0 S RANGI'MENT .OR SUNDAY.: Tle krs*ill rave nlt the, .oue buro ns in tie week days utllI I o'olock, P. M. whno Lo:ou,,ntive wilt Iave C(arrolltoo tiery heruaou, n8o'clock, p. .I. and New Orleuas evey ho.ur •!ntil 9 nclo..k, P.-1. Altr 0 o',lnrk a horseorc.n ho olhtoind Iavynt5 dol tra fir the Trip; ifrelld for ofler 2 o'clockoW.. 10 dol trs Will ei rbrged. Pertstonoing by the Ftenm Car must proviyde themlolvN -wth Ticksete. as the conductor has yosltivo direcioo-s iot to nreicsl mo0ev in lieu thercet. TkLeteratiouninie tile lim' oftepartI. . n.Floovo nltoveoOn+. o.iotte wilh the hs.nfoe 3s,'clock cars, whlichl will now "la New Olleahs tt :(b 'lo,-k, and will renlnill irl Carrollolh msil 5 o'clock'lthy leave the city so-s.., st 0i o'lock, sod tosy 4O Carrollton until 8 o'cltek, therebyv allowing vsitor. one wndahlf beonrsto dnny the pleai.ati walks and pnotake of wrahmenlrs in s o fa.o the most beoetifu/ Gaorter in thr THE JACKSON AND LACOUROE STREET CARS tssr'the hoad osr Jckson street nt 6 ojlock, A. H.. Canal sics!)l} ds'olnok. ind run hourly. At ;R'lok they will -omume.fle to Ient# eath and .ewery in0 four, until P} n'elock, '. M.,exceptine that inoster of lenvi C:nnal streetat`1 o' cloek, the crr will Iave there ,t 9 o'clo. k P.M. • L- It i psarstls:arly reque.ted th.t gentlemen will iot put their so ttetal cusions, sor am.. . ..n the cars, h he L.adle. arse present. Ofie New Orleanl and Casrrollton Rail Road Complny, ay Irst, 1839. JOHN IHAMSIFIN, Jjn'e 15 Chief Eng. N.O A C It R. CARROLLON ISHOTEL. I A HOTiVAUD has ,the ,oor o infnnnittg hie fir the hepulic in gensral,trnt he has takun the Hiolet a Csrrontnn, where ho trust, he till receive tillt callo of Iis old friend, oInd all Invrro oteaoud cher. I'viaste ptrties will hbe iandootoly pmrioutrd for by :giting p little nuliee Imefrehtnd. lie is willing to entler ointo arrngementd with families or iodividuals doeeorjo -ofpasing thle summer at Co'rolllnn. ,,20 TJs jk '. . COLLUNS Unite Stae.' omsaulnar. Appointed hby the Foederal Coon t Nsew Orlrans. OFFICl: No. 109 COMIMON STREET, I E(xchltoe olltel ]lmtodttdt,) I CID ommisionor takes noBdovios .ndoor stli by -v'ir,.. n.f till AcrtsofC.,grss, ia.eed 2 tit Frtrtt ry. 1820: It March 1817; the Jud licinry Act of 1789 .ad olheracts of Congress, in sulth rases tode and -pr'ovided. Said Comoi*sioner hts considerable experience and tt eefirme ofcaptiot ond certifieato which 11hve storod the severest scruliny oftil ablest Lawyersr. april IS NEW ORLEANS CANAl, AND RANKING CO. rUHE Iron Steambhoat Rebecca wtilt Irave Ihe Baiot m at the head of the NoHW Canal, every dty, (excepl Mondays) for Ihe I.ske, as tiilows: Depart t 5 A. M. 1 .eturn at 8 A. t. I0A.M. I 12 P. M" s UP., i0. 4 P. M. " 51 I1.M, P. M: And on MONDAYS: Depart pt 10 A. t. Return at 121 P.M. 2 P. . 0 4P.M. " 51 P. , " P.M. may 28 I. CIEW, Cosh. lSnlesl linttle. ;Ctssarcnlo, rso. y ..........2 I Woiliotons, July.......... Newlork, do ..... ... InCll iI, Iln.......... FPilodphlis do............2 I, l.ooivete, do..........4 altdimtre do............ 2 t. 1.nlls, do ..........d asrcanaoh, do........... I .lverpuol June ........ I13 ,Houltou ('osxa) Jule.... fI Parie' do...........ll lilosol, do ... do..... 31 londol. do........... l Nuhvllte, Juy ............ 7 Hlavre do.......... l POR'I' OP NEW ORLEANS. CLEARANCES. July 10, 1839 •BhipAnn Louise, Fe. Lemaire, Iavrs, V ltouonase JMrque Cosstck, Freealnh, o ostot, Hla.t.r Blril RaPhio, at'nteos, COampeuhy, FI.lo. ISsoa'se Norfolk, Cobb,, Louiiyills, Sltsar EXPORTS. A.AVIRE..FsPer shlp Ann Loui.e..Careo, 6,05 ales cotton, 24. 4ttt t'ares, 650 dry hides. A truk k merclnsdise t box preserves. 4 Wo doltart. -UOTON..Per barque Cossock..Csrgo, 759 bils flour. 13 hdc '7 lhlts and ItOtitrce' bass, 70 bbl, pors, 196 hdse 'map, 180l pigl lead, 16 hells 'ool. 1341 socks toro, 8d bale' otton, s btlrc crealn tartar &c.4. . . ,CAMPEACIIY..Per brig Eusehio..Corgo t..hlls flour, I to luse, I baleo rood paper, l f-Ibl rand I box tsii. ILOUIIVILLE..P'er sinerr Nunfoki..Csrgo, I I llhdssud crates earthnware ARRIVALS. Junes 10th, 18'9. Soeamer Alabamian. Philips. fn Loutsrille. t33 hhds eoron, V bils Ild 05.00o0 Ibl. Pork, Bairnso.o Ifrlsideui t hole, cot os Neoget Purpl. & Wuer, 1.8 hags oats,. tarknr & Lynch, -50 leh catale; M bals coffee and Sundrie, Ownerts l board. FOR. NEW YORK.-REGULAR LINE. Hlonesa' Line of P.ckets. To sail on the 15th instant linte Sunperior i*,t .ailing regalar paket Ship "OI.EANS." teaon, Al-ter, avill si eaa shove-&r freigiht lr laeatti having h antea . .onu.nidati.n,. a e.l t th el Captinr uan b.ard appoNi tIe Vegearg le aIrket l ,r toI A. COHElnd Julv.rnd 9 Cortalan street _ Mo•gomcrv c;.ultv. Allabamn. STHRIEE DA SOURIVLVEY FROM N EIV ORLEANS. HAE propnietor of this establishment lha the pale 1 cureofi anounneing I t i ia frntindutte u) l bli iageeral, tl'tt he will he in readinensbv the first duv of May It receiv viaiteras. lie will nia,) late tir thle'b. eift oflthoee at a di-taane, tlhat there have hee Inrage improvemenl maade, and thlers ow going anl and in udid progress for compleation. wnhh will enhle ther InnCerlher to accommnaate at much Ilarger ununber than Ieretufnre, anld at tie nalle tllat ch blett r. Eltailia- can bearre otnlnadaled - itl goa room, or haere who priatr can have large cabins :etaehed froml te mainr building. It is demned unnmaeesnaryte nay aythint in Iprties t. of the charaeteri eltheta waters for it rs ngeerally believed that they are aut iaferior tt ant it tli Soutt en Sil. All the -amusenrntn that are genterally tanda Wateirg Places, will be found at tlii. T e beet monie that this part of tit- country naffrns, t. a beet engaged, and will he in eonstrat attendance at b e Mpring, during the whole eramoa. ' he sub sciibet will avail hti mselfof thin oppnrtunity I inl'returnaig bin unt.ieigtedtlhanks ir the very lilteral aepport rgiven bie latarsnt and haipes II the exer aioaatlat bave been made in improvinagaid etrt ding .tt ancoamadatioosto lterict a liberal palrlatnge ihe peant teanto. JNU CtAIl. na I" ACON SIDE-60u caeke Ciinnttlti cured, fo • - ale by Gi Dt)RSEY, J18 . 44 New Levee Mat 513 BEEF-Ia bnlh arrels at tiae ianlitreinat fur ,nlaby. " DOI1.EY. 94t N(ew Lever LANK ACCOUNT OKa--t,.nstanty on taed and for salea at very reduced prier: Ledgiers, Journal., Ca-Ih ilbnka, laite hooki, Lltter Bnokts, .l..aldd, teerivig'and 'F,,rwaditg do,. lill oullnl insheep erl.d Ruasia. Also, alal nartatent oflhulhbound demi cap boaks of every variety of ruling Cy; tering a!,opy l abnke, aln everry tleeranptrtn Bilank I Mattandu.. tl do; blank hils it Ladtg, Blin, tills .Ieieaeg, Note, D)rafes, Cdstuam Hoati. Blanks, and a i atl a raetnn of tatainnary, Blnalt.nBeks of avern igyeo d.roliing nli binding made to oriderre at short na - ob Ptl iatgtfetery dzerilpinaeally -neauledon > mdq o.c•luuldoating fnrlle, b DAVIID FEL. It C",N " Stationera' Ilall,. nn U 3 24 Cha Catre t U'XtIAI'n k- ON P LADLLIh I.--Faar sale Sby ADAMS &t WHITALL. : 67 Gravienrrat SE!L k"6 in c .ae--25 dbon lwhite Woo .n sIbraal JOHN H GRAHAM. £AY{-.,&a huadtrdand his tylve. bbe- New Verk e -tHay,landing from peket shbip Orleans, lor eale by A COHEN, in. No90 CemlllaL e THE TRUE AMERICAN. PAITR1FUL AND BOLD., Officiat journal of toe 2b funicipalitp. PUBLISHED Daily, Tri-Weekly & Weekly. NEAWV OR IEANN: o THURSDAY, JULY 11, 1829. TRUTH NO LIBEL: y Our reading roer is n.ow the best in tle city, being esupplied with regular files of upwarrd of forty English, Irish ani Scotch Journals, besides all the last papers in rth Union. Now that the express mail is abolished, we shall receive our files of European papers regularly. Per the Liverpool we had our files via N. York, to the ! exclusion of the N. York journals, thus livilg us the full benefit of foreign intehligence at "firt hands." THE LIBEL CASE -On 'Tueday. aftetr aome remarks by tile Attorney General, in relation to a prtition taken by Mr. Wiggington, which was promptly denied by Mir. Peyton, the. latter gentleman made a short reply to Mr. Mnzurenu's personal allusions to the counsel for defendant; when Mr. Soul6 rose and answered at length, - and with signal ability, the new authorities cited by tile prosecution. A little after two o'clock P. M., Mr. Souli overcome by the heat and his severe exertion, oas com. g pelled to crave the indultence of tire Court for n few omoments, when he attempted to close his argument, but withnutnuccess. TheCourt then nadjomned to Wed II neatay. On Wednesday Mr. Seoul resumed his argument. When about to quote Jefferson, to rebut a position taken by the Attorney General, he was interrupted by the Court, who objected to the production of tny new authority. Mr. Soul yireided, and went to another part of the argnment, and was about fiinishing it in French, in answer to tie attempt on tie part of tie Attorney General to conncet the abolition quartilrn with the liber ty of the prese, wlhen the Court inter red eagin. The speaker submitted to the decision of the Court, and at down. Mr. Wiggirnton then combatted what had been attri buted to him by Mr. Hiunt. sMr. Mazureau replied it length to Mr. Soulr, and here closed the argument on the question:--shall the r truth ofthecharges contained in the putbliletion be ad n itted in evidence ? The Judge, inl a few renarks, clnimed day to nubh a mit his opinion in writing, and thi, ernrt adjtourned un til Friday,at 10 o'clock, in the morning. During the whole of yeaterday, the aelrt room was crowdred to exress, notwithltandion the great and al rmost insurmountable heat ofthe weather. T To-day, we tive thie remainder of SMr. P'eyton's e speech. Theorther speeches shall all be given as ast as we can get them ready. tur The Jitai.--We have on our files the New York pa ck, pers of July I-the first received under the new arrange. mo- ment. Tire New York Courier and Enquirer con. put taie very valuable European correspondence, while dies Bennett's Morning Herald comes with a double sheet, 1,., fullofpiquancyand interestn. Come andsee them. Fire.-In New York a destructive fire broke out on Canal street, and burned six housesand the new Epis npal tchurch. tihe We have before us regular files of london, Liverpool, wr. Dublin Belfast, Itristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Man by chester papers up to tihe 10tb and 131h ofiune inclusive, 0er per ihe Steam Ship Liverpool at New York. The Liv "" erpool steamed on the a1th of June from her station. - l'arlialert had reassembled. The ministry was in a tattering condition. Melbourne in his explanation of the ministerial poihcy announced that the government e'as not fixed in its opinions upon the propriety of going Iy on in the" reformation." Lord Brougham, in a scorch rn- ing rebuke, had blamed the ministry for taking office 85 again on the " two ladies question," and whlen asked for a stater.rht of their policy, for echoing through :e; the kingdom, the cry of the Qou'en, the Queen, the a Queen. It was an unmanly course. The bill to extend the franch,,e in the country from £50 voters to £10 voters was lost in the Commons by a sin vote of 86 to 192,. The Radical party had etgniied its ept determination to support no ministry which would not go on in the" reformnatio." A bill had been brought into parliament reducing the postage throughout the kingdom upon letters to one penny. The Chartist agitation was increasing. Arrests daily maele of the ringleaders did not deter them. The libel law was about to receive a death blow from the Commons, as a man by the name of Stockdale had Ssued a Pr. Iloasnrd printer to the Parliament for a libel in print;ng n report of lone the Commitneein whichl * it was stated that Stockdale's obscene books were too freely circulated in the poor workhouse. The Con. mons finding their rights thus invaderd by an old Star o Chamber law was about to amend it. tO Cotton had advanced 3 8d. per lb. but no hopes were entertained of its lusteining the advance. There had been no improvement in the manufacturing districts. Mr. Jnadon was about leaving L.ndon and breaking up the American agency. Money in London was light at 5 percent. Exchanges on the Conltinent remained against London. tIr c i7 Al. M. Cohen, we are authorised to ctate, was not a candidate before the Council of the Secend Muni 24 cipality for Attorney. hdL Libel Case.-" Avery interesting 'libel ease is occu. 1 pying the attention of the Criminal Court of New Or r leans, in which John Gibseon, editor of the True Ameri can, is lhe defendant. The particulars of the libel are tie nimnportant to the point at issue. The defence is jnst-. id a iication, with the offer to prove that all said or publish ed by the defendant is true. The argument is accord ingly raised wllether by the law in firce in Louisiana tiao truth can Ie given in evidence under a criminal in er, dictment for libel-an old and keenly contested ques. ch on in ieveral states. It has drawn out a great dis play of legal talent in New Orleans." (tlubi c Journal.) In only sepen states is it question even liable to Ihe opened; for t 19 states tir questiou is set at rest either by Constiltlionnd proviasiono or express statute. Tile p eir;t of our institutions is decidedly adverse to the Star d kiChamberCdoctrineo nf ibel. j -In trd rotedrings of Co ttoncl. SECOND MUNICIPALITY. I Tuesday 9th July 1839. it The Council met pursuant tol adjournmenlt, pre. sent ielan Ioshla Baldwin, Presidenrt, Aldermen dCaldwell, Freret, Gloyd, Peters, Rogers, Whitney, If and Yorkbe. ST'le .Journal of the preceding meeting having been read and aplproved: r Theo following Weekly Statement of the Trea. -' curer was submitted : br or SECOND MUNICIPALITy. onm WEEKLYa REreOrT O TaeaSUirEn . fy ltatarlle at It Roport. in T- CI uiala n ote s g*G1r4-i.0d. ,311 ix} a dmunct moum nity re uk. t'ued 1, To Cah. 16U,25 69 e E axpended laee lilt report 31Jo14 3 Mu leipl ots rdt,~di 7,13 l ADepui no rllCity dauk, 117,d31 to h Il lance 7 ,9.6 28 1lium 69 00 Sny atlanle broagt doetr. to,916 28 a g .tunial ipal lcteas n had, la.t report 31.t816 54 SAount redeemed uce. 7,1322 rO Deduct amount re-tuued. 5.341 vo Lnears n hand thri, day, 3n.0027 54 23r0e o fore e ia'r ill Iland of V. CtLvlllier for ru - delnlron, 1,000 0 of SCash in Clty telk,3 53;t 5d ,re TIIO. SLO0, Jr., Au New Orleans, 9th1, July. 1839. d On motinnit wae P. Resoleed, That leave of abeenee for ten days Le in granted to Mr Alexander Pickard, Commissary of of I the Brat ward. law A petition from James Flood, waes rfiered to thaea Committee on Streets and Landings. gar of The Couee il proceeded to the eleution of an At.. torney ; upon eounting the votes, it Oaplpared that COO I dward Rawle a sql , had received eig.,t voles, end curl was declared duly elected. M Cohaln Eq, reeeiv. I at ed one vote. jntdl O otin the Council ndjnrrnted to Tuesday j next tie 16th July 1839, at s o'clock. JOfIN GIBSON, Secretary. PUOIftE 1 I'tIOJ.IC;ENCE, Jty9--Margaretrowlin, Jr98 Austin. John Aesell, JoI arrested as dangerous sad eopieIOu el oracter oin"a eaited for 30days. Ann Reynoald, and 'Phon Grorea. as aeapicious eharratera. beng roachedl fur, were di barg. - od. Wm MaCarty, fir brear h of th peace; boutnd if over to keep thepece. Gen Birown, Thus tr;erel and I -as Rrorwn, arrested ftl being found drunk in the sheet; tischarged. CRIMINAl, COURT. Continuqtionof PEYI'TOYNS I 4h. State of Louisiano, John Gibson. fr libel, Admtit the'doctrine of the prosecution, and the blark legs'nod gamblers, who, recently by an infeinal inven. lion,carried on a system of swindling worse than high way robbery, may action of libel against the editors of the Pilcynne and Bee for pub isbing an ae count of their plans and machines. Is it possible, that the constitution, by making the publisher responsible for the liberty of the press, intended to repress the ex posure through the press, of these villainous cheats and gamblers ? Is it possible, that the constitution in g tended that tile exposure of vice ald cr:me should be , considered as an abuse of the liberty of the press? AIr. Payton went on and read numerous authorities on the , subject of the law of libel, viz : the ease of tile King vs. v. the Dean of St. Asaph--Kent's Commentaries, 2d vol. o 94 2d 5--inarkie on Libel, 141-&.e. &c. All these is tended to sllow the eorrectness of 'his position, that the evidence ought to go to the jury, to enable them to judge of the quo anieno. and anceltain whlletlher the publication is was made for a justifliabe purpose. SIlie gave the history of tie two preachers who had h been indicted for oeditious preachling. In that case the tojudge refled to let the evidhlenee go to the jury. The r jury remtund a verdilt declaring that thile two preachers h, had been guilty of preaching only. The judge insisted, 3 that they should find the prisoners guilty or lot guilty, [s onelargegd in the indicrtennt 'he jury remonstrated- the judge isisted. ']'llerenpon, the jury returned a verdict of not guilty. The judge irritated by this inde' it pendent conrsi, ordered all the jurors to be fined. Elev en of them were slaves enoub to submnit, and had it not been for one man, the precedent would have bet;n esta. L blilshed, ofa judge compelling a jiry to submit to his n lictation, and find only such a verdikt as pleased hiri, Y But one man, EawARo IlusHEL, whose name has now become sacred to bistory and liberty, refused to pay the r fine and rather tihan to submit to .aulh tyrannyltanguislh ed in aduongeon, umtil liberated under a writ of iabesll corpus. lte was Lrought before tile 12 judges, among whom was Lord Maunrlield. They declared that the conscience of a juror could not be controlled. It may ihe that Gibson, in this instance, will be punished, and be made a victim of this tyrllnical doctrine, but lie will clme out of his imnprisonment a freer lan than ever, and public indignation will fill Ipan his persecutors! I (Goodn! exclaimed one of the audience ) a Mr P. dwelt upon tire case of Illrn, Tooke in w hichl evidence I as admitted to oho.v the absence of malice by proving the truth of the facts laid. Hlorne l'o ke had written that the Americans had haen murdered by the British Troops at I.exuigton. Thus it would seem tlthat t ofthe blood of the first patriots who laid down their lives in the cause of American l.ierty,sprung a da. cisiol which sustained tihe liberty of. the press and the trial by jury. Mr P. exnmined the decision of Judge Warres of Soiuth Coroliula, in the cse of tile State vs. lebre; hi argued that the decision on its face shlowed itself to be entitled to no respect. In evincedl ignorance of the very laws and decisions it refured to-that judge had had not even taken the pains to nsecrtain how the cases lhe quoted had been decided. Mr. P. however asserted and read some points of tile decision, to show that tthe strengtll of the opinion was in favour of admitting the trutth in evidence to rebut the allegation of malice, and to sllow thllat the trllthl was printed for justifiable ends; and it seems that in reality the defendant in that case was allowed that pt ivilege. Mlr.P. argued tllat all the examples and cases nhow ed the necessity of submitting evrery case fully to tile jury on its meits.a To withhold the faets from thile jury wasoto place every case on tile same footing, so as to confound tile guilty and tile innocent, those who tell til truth with those who lie, the honest castigator of vice and the nalicious calumnllator. SDir. P. then gave a short sketch of the history of the Star Chamber, and of tie odious mode of trial in that court, which proceeded without a jury, which was prensi ded by a Jeffreys, and put the accused to the rack, to answer questions under onth ill presence of the court. ITo this horrible tribunal does England owe the absunrd and delestable tyrannical tdoctrine which is now sought to be applied to the trial of a free man, in a free country, under a free constitution. Mr. P. showed that even in the alien and sedition law, which has been considered the most oppressive and irreplulican law ever enneted in this eoutntry, the oau thorh of thllt aw did not dare to go so far as to eanet that the ruoth should not be given in evidence, but on tile contrary, it declared thlrt tile trutllh should be heard by the jury. lie then proctedd to consider the danger of a decision against Gibson--ltis cause was that of the whole press. Not a single newspaper could escape continulal oits fer libel. leject tile truth, and a greater portion of the articles which appear in the publio pa pers, might be prosecuted as libel, apart fronl the justification which they may present. A I'. P. here rela ted the caseof canldidate in Tennessee, who, knowing thbeadvatage of being alandered, and knowineb Iow tihe public sympalities go with a caluinniated, and per secuted individaal, used, sub rosa, to publilsh libels against himself in the public papers; and tlen would complain loudly of the malicious and out rageous lies told about him, and would appeal to his fellow citizens to sstain him agaillst the unprincipled and malicious libels-the base nlthors of which be af. tecred never to be able to trace out, but attributing theml alw nys to his opponents. This device succeeded, and he was elected. Now suppose he shlould prosceute tile publisher for.n libel, though it had been furnished by Iinaself, would the iron rule advanced by tlie Attorney General exclude the evidence. It would not. Niow this is sullch a case-we wish to show that lMackie himself was tie first who, in a legal Point of vier, pub. lished tihe libel; for writing and sending a letter amounted to a publication. AMr P. egged the crourt to remember that the prose ection hlad itself travelled out of the liil, and had ad duced cvidence olirede to show malice, and that the cout had overruled tile objection mde to its introduction. "Would not tile court grant the defendant the snme priv ilege which Ilas been allowed to the Iroseeution ? Mr. '. then proceeded to read the report of the case of the People es. Croswell, in 3d Johnson, and which was argued by Alexander Ilantilton, before the Court of the State of .Now-'ork, one of the Judges of which was 'haneellor Kent. Mr. P'. went into an able and discriminating euol i11u on Alexanderr llnlnilton, a patriol ofglt purity, who thoughll e elonged to thel federld party lras goained the treper of everi party. I wasan ornlllletll o the nllliou; Ilia spltendid taelts atd derp leornong madle lin: talie of rothe sir ilt heotatlesmen, jurists, and oralotes of tile are. Mr. lP. read tihe profmnd and brilliant aroument of Ilamilton in tihe case, and alf erward he declision of Judge Kenu, interrtpling hin reading ftlol tirme to tilu withl relrlarks oa tile text The ilterrilptinons were mostly elegant and inovitng bursts lof eloquence, appealn to rellslol, and the flunllnd- i Inlental principle, of our illsirtituions, wllicl n t ev al inslanes eliciterld applause, wllicrh Ite alldience could I nol check theulellaev s froot givin. ,e. nu.t onc s etornotIVs from giving. on In the course~e flthis readingn , which I.sted for more , than ni hour, M r. It. was onu ce interrupted hy the Attr ney General, who denied the anserlion of Kent, wl hoI saes ttint Its regalds~ thle collno la. the docltrine which rojectn the truth oIi.inited with thle odious Star Chai hbr Court. 3Ir. P. roadl over thie lllsge in Kent, and asked the Attorney General, 1Ir. Mlnzoreoau if he would contest the point oitl the. authority of Kent n string him in the face. f t tMaunreau-I nake the snime. 2 PPeyon-I have no doubt that you will use lip the Chancellor. 9 azurenr--I oill prove what I say. j Petyon-Weljl oil most permit me to say that I am doublliel still. I still will place my faith in Kent's 1 so'emnl and impartial decision. I still must venerate and respect his nauthority and suspect yours; foir Kent is one of the bright luminaries of the American Bench. - reared from his infmney among thile great patriots of the American revolution, filled with the spirit of our Con.I i alittuion,imhued with tlhe principles of our institutions, Sfo)r many years a judge of tile hl.hesl t court of the state f: of New o' ork,lis decitions and writings haven alnways Io been considered us a guide for American courts and - American lanern. (applause.) HIlavinlg concluded tihe reading of Kent's decision 3Ir e P. showed its helr:og upoo the present case. The law on in New York theotntooll on t fe wine tnoting os the law to f of this stlte donet both hoilng basod upon the common law of England taken in toneoioun with a constitutional - garsntee of freedom to tle press. Mr P. concluded by'making a stirring appeal to the court il favour o'f the press. IHe considered thi, prose cuion asn blow at the liberty of citizens ; and a stab made in the itly politic. lie hoped that a patriotic t judge and jury would parry the impending stroke. C Ca (FOR NEW YORK. New York and New Ojrleans lite of Packets. 'hloe A I dil HAVRE, Capt Mclowan , will sail isn feu Jave. For freight or posagr - . apply I tth eslptit on board, near the tpper a ,t0u°n 0res, , or to PEPER LAIIoI.AW, y jul l "11. oD, e s F LOLit-qth bria for a1n hr1 jutt y oI U I) SIEY, 44 New Lve. BY PETER CENAS. On Thuraduy,Jtfly llth,at the St. Louje Exchange,at T Twelve o'clcek. THE slave Julia. will her two children, Harriet 6 Ski oldhwill soon be umsful,'snd Maria isr. 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Thlisis tt certif that we have in our praclie frequtently ptresribet M'rs (inrd d ner' Indian alnloamo tlll.iverwmrt a o Imt r rnd wit a clEcidt goo et Tttmolt: it can ttlerefore, ftr,ol t, klow ledge of tile Innterials it is made frTon, and r bserva.tlo n ,nd srs s crirneo rnecolllonI it as a sulcrim- prcparatitn oral tHsse afllectiolln of tile htunes fIlr which it i re nllteode,. AIIi:t I WlI.l AII, 1. I. C:>I.VIN EI.I.IS AI. I). Metohe,, of th' Bolton Medicll Associatlon. Inosttn. October 25. S snleaby JltlVI & ANIIII+EWS. O 1'1I.Y 1''m ti . tlh rr msn iIe ttttcr-eitol antti Sl. ty IlIt lttOGiFNE, II(fmWN & C t). _lnane 3 No _9 C'tnti st. t- UC( l{ Jotoý, ltttliti t too,,*ii7 .i-. . i , m sapid;t,. in nhmnnnd, Iill er and sVmeI liq rloltrceot, i in , juitce, esscn 'eofllt crgnmloItt, el .ets t l le totm jt lil.e lelllp . . ...ll . ,a . ....... eeed , ','0 t' . d s '.tll , ,omlt ridm , hricoomoto tt OttmR tfoo-tm notre &c, fior 'lttlmmola nott retail int stocof I fII B\NA/InEI., rtttcr Nattcheoz & Th'I', toula, t l a nd Iln Y H v rl(ACiI.I(: c:E I11:1V'I'--8~blx landiilf fail," sll[ Imp c (b a Cabot, and for aide by weedn S iii,,, uhf p IIetif may3 73 Caunp P ý, and ,urcd -____ ____ Marti I 17 111'1'1 LEAI)--30,1111 punuds pure rand No I lee u( White Leadc, in pncksge?;, a~aPored From ' .'S to 500 pnund., nnw lainiding f r,,n big IDnuiel Kilhv, jur Dreir aslt y thle nubsctibere, agents folr theP mnllllfY(.IIITe:l JAIIVIS & ANItREWS\V, OUR jly 9 Curner Commnn, & 'I'chnpiinlus a IL OF % II!8Ii)L-:1 ulrnlin3snNet.iu &toniaic. a, 2 via 0 Inlll'a chemicaln cnollpaay'. urn of V)ililll( tl(peri 2nuln Iyri..le7 inunfalure.nRclbtanlelry J A VIS & ANDIREWS. WI Ircnule flrngeist jttly 9 cu~r Common &l k'I'dhnpllll~tnln F PoRT(-500orrels primlle Sten nain~l 3 O1.0. Pork in Stare fo Sal by J 'lllHA VEti & Ca, July "na 74 I'nvdlrau St 1ýTk 1Vs PPER-Just receivedl alinne tnionme~nt f IN jnprigting papre, till it,,i various sies used for tIe cily and reuna, Lnn'rn uinRnllY __ may 30 ALEX 'I()WAR, 49 ('amp at `)ýR1'PhiO IAE h:RA Inver~ anal s~nrnl Ilseurl dim of writing paper, ruledl ndI plain, fur sala on udvantagtouu ternm. ALEX )O11O'AII, nuny 3949 (d.'mp st ýL" H 6ovE SUSPENI)E~is. i'Just seeived by l.tuicVUnf, an uninisitmen fI Sthirti CravaItI, nun ulhllsl , Glrkn e anIdun. un rpru krs, atiihe Buanar, corner of'S. (Lbarsl anti Cnoilmnan N. It. A r pnn nnnastortment, of Writi,,gIi,.,ki try. Dressing cainer,prlnble nbnvilnn iuse in n,,s wned by Irludor. IlIiUS & AllAN. 1)1 TNIPAPKII.-1i0 humsn "" n i1i ink,,, Ins Of I lanolin, from ship YazooIIII for side byJ1 lmrA ItlNCIIAIDI) 33 (iruvierti INS R. lrOFFAT'S VEGETA OLE I.lR PILLS areli D/ so well known1 ~ tuth public filet it is hardrly Ile. cessurd In give? a dletailed statement of O their mime told r r5 _ are. 'II, 0,1lln irlg Urticleu will fully uonvin,,r any une rh ilnini thedoetrneltts uipu i I ie public Io pluna S crnfidence in hi,, pmplarputimtu. e From the Ilnmplku Whig Jtaly Ii, 182,137. runel- Mnf'Il', Piull, rl nflitte.-Tl e lnans J'urtntl eon. tnt ina udlIitinul ttnti,,,,,,, in trfnenfithi, IeirhlV iinpiort. ntirtansiniintiuu. "The pressof ritenJuurniluI l almn,, ofiiad nalae iio r. 91lnIltHI)nln , liiIinr cU leegn ,.,he igi. ila;rte ofnalr neighbor B owles, and offers u eIn q'llnmity rat unlt the article as eumpnlli,,ltll. 1,lis i. very kil,,l. und wr promise tf,, mnn ti wen labor add like nfliiin a ill, e rur neighbolr of ,the Je,urnl, in rill on Ifhe, ent. - t Ile if, n ti,,ii, arei Ianyboing under similar Ilit. fcidltieJ 1 those whiclh hav~e so severely bornme 'pail Sir F Rlnwley. tIhey hlave Isi nlieii-ny to the u perullul aduptedlnena" ul'tii renmel l t IN, dlinnona. TIhe , iedi. I tine is undnubtedly a sovereiguieeniey. n Thng LIETTERI FRO iSAIIUEIL BOWIER. c lurk The Mnllowine letter is from Mr. flnen, Eiliur of Inhe Republican and i,,irnil, Spriuflirld, I, Mld. NESPRINOPIEI.D, Jlttie 1, 1037, NG Ar. sklolitt-Sir: It isnow thlirteen years that 1 hav is atlfl'ered from l infremnity of the bhwil -tIho collet or' +lffie, ian. lhe nutirtil ugliun of tilnlnbowel is nls; e, Ire uent landl severe pain nunorn, avtt miii wueknhneu n and deprension: rnthartien bhjinug treeenryuev mery tiw In dtamytlmcoiniterenlrnuitrivnes. I h·IVe onnIIlted guuat r PIliniiicialn, nIad hae trriedal oIInt all kilns If pills ad- /t rertierli. whlich efle ut( nIlycsi i" ,. e )N ring thle Ina, year, I halve oatannedccthee r Zing ofyour'" Lii, Pills," 'ainl tune Iounl more Ibenerfit ten,,, ork, t iem, more z lilnfun udsprllesl to any iu as, fra lmenlgth it, tnnof timne, Itor. froin utny nnedicine I fane ret to rof. III site, Yours, SA0IJEL'BOWLEES. a, For ale in thin city, t the corner ti Cmmon nltl an ll Ml. Trhapiinulanalt, nt, IIIn. of ( COTTON SAMPI'i~f I ll 'lL -., vieo fern COTTO.) t N ate, arIle, nf good qualimy, jtntr tereeinCetd for ill, cal Sale by ALEX. TO1VAIt, la, june 15 Nt 49 Cuimp Ft in, (f TIME-Io n-ubcsks Thnutantan Ljton mIfui r In a nnI 14 hr S &JP WItmaNEy ~ ii MIESS RF-2~5 tialt brhl at thi inspuecin io inse llýýll stoe sale ~by G DIOR.EY. anj unlO 44NNewLgren cell _ luIll SI nnUTTER n e ARD-1enO kes lard &50 dn al& ; ML, u riot Western butler, fnr sale fly my (.DOSY 4Ne ee a t l \HR · ew . DUIsiEV, 44 Nen o L or - roictimimne e, nnln tntlow by It IttOW'EI & Cii, A at may9 No, 17 Cimp lit LItI ORN IROOnm,11Iit... o t in el lit saIl ble ra- Jjnn1_ 6 GInORSEY, 4New ieve. A Yi ANTED, inna Deg Store, nnn uintnt tutty ne. ni Yr gqainiedd ith fil Apothenary hunitunr, sprak.. rtid ing Frenih and Euglish, and writing a fair hand. Ad, fur, drert bhix 231, Post tifice. tune A.2 J; W w¶Gn i boast s i rowwn mM H CI ANON', 1·2 Camp at SECOND MUNICIPALlI'Y, Now.Orleano, July 4, 1839. Notice io hereby given to all keepler of Billiard Tables to take nu' their Licences at the Mayor's Office, within ten days from date, agreeable to an Ordinance of the General Council, approeed 27th May, 1839. 8..11- TURNER, Collector. OR SALE--60 bhll loaf sugar 31) lne sugar house molasses 2 5 do clarified lsugar 51 fondadeciterne 101 coils ropel S ul t 9, By HERMO RNEN, BROWN &Co. f ney'9, lr,3. Conti al. No, 9. o TAT DE Lt LOU1SIANE-Cour doe a. Sroiss pour la Pare see et Ville de la Nouvelle Orleans-L'Etet de la Louisiane :-- tous coax qu cees preaentes concernent :-Saiut . Attendu que William Regan de cette vills, nyant achet6 h une vents faite par Hewlett & P:enas, en. centeurs publics de ceote ville, Ia proprit6d ci.aprbe decrite, 'eost addres6d au Greffe do.cetto Cour, pouy on avis conformement I on aets te )a L6gisla ture de 'elta de is l;ouisiune, intitnl6 t Acts pour th confirmor lea titres des aequereur, aux voentos judi e. cires ;" approuvd le 10 Mare 1834, Qu'il soit con n nu, et toutes personnes int6resedes sent par cos prrsnnlees ommda au nom de I'etat de Ia Louisiner at de )a O(ur de Paroisse, qui pourraient avoir droit ila propri6E6 ei.aprbs deerito, onconsequenced'un d6faut de forme dans P'ordre, In decret ou Ise jugs. Smelt do la cour, en veriu duqual la'ventea 616 faite, n bu de tolte irr6gulorit6 on illdgalitO dans I'estimao tion I'avis on Is tPins et la mode de la vents, os pour une antre cause qulelconque, de filre voir dons dotrnto jours dater de Ia publication de eette avis, puurquoi Ia veto ainesi faite no seirat pas contir. St. I no et homnolognl'e. d I.a die proprit6 fat voondooe par les nceanteare, on sou dit le 28mre jour deDecembre,de I'anned 18:38, en vertu.d'un d-ettit do cOttoe Cor, roendo le 231 r Jillet, de I'annbo 1839, dane IPafltire tie William SVance contre ses cr6ancierl et lee cranciers de Vance & MaIler, No 10961, do dorket de cotte Cour, i laquellu vente le dit William Regan a'est ronduo cqu6reur pout le prix do 8$3901, payable aille piastres comptnnt, et la balance a on credit doe six, duze ot dix Iuit manin. nn Description de la propri616 d'aprbs le trnsfer al, Judicilire : r Un certain I.t de terre, ddoign6 pnrle No no, siltu daos le aoubolrg ,acoourse, danr ilet formt6 par I lee rues tdes Nayades, Erato, Prytando et Thali., et Iormnnlt Penenignour. des roes des Nayades at Era. to, nmesurant trente ot un picds, onze ponds et sept t lignee, plus ol nninse, de fcu a la rue ties Nayades, isur quatro vingt onze piEds et sept lignee do, et lace at fa rue Erato, le. tout mltesure. Atglaise; lo dit lotOavant en coommon avc lev lots Nos deNux &trest I'uagea il'uie all6u doens to fund, de do cinc plids do larpeur, ensemble tlotes lee ba. r tisses, toois Is droits privileges et qui y apportiren It- nent. Aenslgern l tout aolpert di plan tdroes% par Jitrohn Schreiber, ing( itor civil, dath lo ler Join, ea; 1836, anndxd a uOtn ede no Grclff die Wmll. Y. Lew. It, is, dat6 la 5 Fuvrier, 1839, le dit lot ttint noe sub. or division du lot ontlere Iuit. te Bureau du Greloier, Nouvelle Orleans, !e 3 Juillct, ; 1839. J. OLLIE, I)Dept( Grefier, lt: july 9. 31-9th jy 23 do 3d aug. STAI'E OF LOUISIANA-Parish Court for i3 the Parish and City of New Orloans.-Thie iso State of .ouisiana : to all to whom thesl presents vs; slll comeo-greeting : Whereas, Willian Regan of this city, having to, purchased at a sale made by lHewlett & Cenas, public arctioneers of this city, the property here. inaller describod, has applied to tOe Clerk of this Cobrt for a monition or adver:isemcnt, in confoer miity to an act of the I.egislature of the State of Louisiana,. entitled *o an act for the fiurther assu rance orf titles to purchasers at j idicial osules;" ap proved the 10th d y of March, 1834: Now, tlerefore, know ye, and nil personq inter. in ested herein, are hereby cited and ndmonished in thOe name of the State of Iouisiana, and of the Parish Court, who can set up any right, title or c. clailn it and to the property herein after described, 11 in conseq lence of aty info,rmality in the order, do. ' cree or judgment of the court under which the sale vewas malde, or noy irregulaerity or iIIegality in tle 1 npporaiscaoents tand adverojetounte, in tilme or man. n r or sale, or for any other defect whatsoever ; to ltshow caose, within thirty days from the day thins . nnition is first inserted in the public papers, why the .uale so lade should not be confirmed and lie. n, t hologattonl. The said Ipropery was sold by ithe auctioneer. A foresaoid, on lho . 8th day of DDecebnler, A. I) 'I 1838, by virtueo of t derooe of ltht court, rtlenderld on the 23,1 day of July, A. I) 183. in sa oolt ontt. Olild William Vance, his creiditor, and Ihct creditnrs of Vance & MR er, No 110961 tf the dotket of tlsin court, at nhieh salee the said Wvilliamt Iter,t mIo. came the purcnhaser, for the price of :1 90110, ay. I ole $1011 ioasht, and the altoanc ott a erelit of snix, twelve and ei.hlteen ilt tlth s. Descriptiln of`preoprty, as given in tie judicial con. is veya, nce : A certain lot ofl grototld, ttlliober rie. jiluiotc ill l tl suberb Laeoturot. to rtllovare tounnded by Nayadole Krato, I'rylalllle nd'Tl'hia street, an: for ot ing tilecorner of Nay.wll Oi ratnlo strelts, iltensrlltg o tlhirty one eille vrcr Illcohes and nevolle lines, Imorti oorics, on Naytdee sntreet, by niey o ,,t ele.t sevCen linetdep, front too E.'rato street, altl o.glist moaon d ate, Ioavillg the uie U etoultoilon wirl, lts nuimbers i two and tlhree, 'fan alley in the rear, of five fret wide, together with all the budtings, rightso woa. and privi!egee tlerIeuto helonging. 'Tle whols t a i I per plan drawl Iy Johu Schlrtloer, civil eogineeor, ldated tile fir.t dalny of Jone, 11136, aaneeod to n act i I in the olfice of Win. V'. Lewis, dated thOe fifth clay of February, 1839, being a subdivision of lot n- I bar etight. I Clerk's office, New Orl nns, July 3, 1830. o J. OLLIE, Ilet'oy Cteork. sjuly 9 3It--9tljy 93 do 31d anu 01i 0 tA toi--,t a Aler'titg r tf lie attivoe A,,eri.,,i in 1 i htn:li c S boPIPr y O tlIt tll lt la st. the follo inpg Memtlber, tol,ol eled lO)flicre, vit. lent oail- p Prs i tet f I A ) i rcmsvltmt Vi~er ]residEnt \V A Chaplianu Secrriary IRtobert ltattalnl T .r'atr 'ner. o F toelt: (IooMMIttEtE . I Cl.vlono tt Dii ttWo od. ruff; James Jolie, e it orth r o f Ih eoridter e -ulr 31 lu·. Seereiarv. SNEworlcans. I'resol, tt tuoralot C. \Vtte Judg .e. t eICllories lrt Ell, in neto al r etltOlty, v. hiins (reditors, a - o the credilors o ,f ttti ttty h" otooeli. NImIbe'r 92P. It it ordt red, that tile creditors o te IIle P liti r be ,, nolified neerridilng io law mihe and apiptear inl opeln snrt an tie lirhlealh diy ofJfyv nrex.ut Ili o'cloc'k, A. 31. to olllw caotlse wle n leh petiliotlmr shoul not ave Ite ot1 n8 if Pinllf he Iows Inade for he relief [`f insolven debtors n And it is furiherolr red three A. E. llrt lfurd he sp iClerk's office, tlhu ..!,I In efIlenv, 18019 J 2)117. I": lltll'N1) I). t',.rk. TATDtlo1, It tlt. 0 UfiL.oao. (`bo'rlts 3lonttll tttitrtttttldetem I 1'a tt C reh0 ler - It' r PT(ll( an i Jo Al.Kin'-irv et JItlell. II aoI tttnnltofate len (e(:at1.ierooltc du 'f' tire (I edit nniifie sell)"rl In kli, d," se presenter en Incite fouree ftiar gititoaalcn le ti ire u'tail lots le. I eenieel? des loss quo~ oh(t Ian riles polo1 IQ erllll·IIIP It des·· inl-·llvllllls set~r ellImnc lIrtfc -("t i test plus or. attnn6 iqr A. E. ton, )tol l lit o'npnt(: pour elrssel ter IIe* rr("nucier nbsenty IItutenu do~ (ire~i cc 1'!jnor de .loin, 181rf J25 otya So, J E lIOLI.ANI) flerllyll ( Jof I.;lieerd O)il in Pipenanld barrels-011l Iiatrelx Sp'irit" of '1'urplentine,lblr wlle by JAI( lS & ANDItIWPo, July Gth Corner of iolnou & 'otto &tpitalno!nst. -Oi NIAVt )IF S1111" polrice of fitr to-rnv eloin 415 i1 per Iborrel, ttnrroiding t thae tariff 'il the hchst wll give :p7 I ouootlaoflreaol io.,otr te , rnto. darihg oth hek Ibegin. Mtnolln oy o mt oln . lthe llo oinot. Ihe Ioetot ot see. c0ent 1 It that l Ild 11 may,4 ol6coiee. fitly 9. - - C. .UENoIS, Manor. Ill o5tlOolotootl I the ritloot Io New (a ltoaou tot of oatrliv~· ate, too tlila o ott to 1 oItoti *lldp tr i ltoefpe tollinviter lto the loiocpaenltl ltea Ialeio e nl iretrd by (:brumer di"'nses, uauulV IJ~lly dnoinated rigs - pepin (10(1 Jiverdixense, nllll who hove r ailedl inl re. esmhl'"Rinile he1alth by the. uIse of1 thle rtnriour CPR~j6 e ttu~lsely ,lrtet to tanteIn intalled,,oI l oa then u pI/ lance, will pr~obtly, Itt t of thtet eeolntt/y, Iea rota . redtto firm oeltltfl by tltlovto llogtltoos ofi the pi, - /ogicalrtreatmenttfttthtficotly lrtoaad by th condernigt. e 0l in an elpera. .la of una al ext0 t m Ifferent coon., friesa, anld a"l Ile believes, with unusuab~l success. Phttcitnso pI ateta o decileda ttort y atf htItoblt'le That tle ntiilonslimo it', tol in omile reeactso a ostta looos dai 'oooteove o t"Iltd i o, arise in d,0t.,,.lij aya sat vneinnn -is to milderC eflicieney illll pnrr hl e by ny Ape . a· chic treatmelnt; andl nllr l; letun t halt uteproure n to th oe t -]to hae submitted IthtselvelIs to sh imooc.' qutotead 'tlO l ~peliaot, tac neutto a' fihie ar" aaotene tr o o umatnl extent,'mentioned P ttl ovencludeoo ltriod omol e thn half aoc attyt hltvingtrotonctrd , (,rent lritain in l82. lnetorn. tonetofi lOrittain in 1799, fm inujourttof afterolyaa," inthe Wtest lattae, oi rfainn tetirt ote.e rlttlhy dirtclootled to r tthO,,.,,tt ofehoni c I -etia~ar a 00o01 rttonren ett r~orttoaafeat o bing ot udveloattrcr o the Ibaotaol and eal Inldies, retrning to tlhir Ioitaie hoe ina search otfrtlef feut viscerol. atli'ctito, tany. ofllhem exjpnrincillg entire renovation.. Iltotr w ahO hate oatheon crtt of Iherein, (rip totot.p a1 use fll r. Clhttioco' PI'aaenIt 'rto boowioltr001 li tulotle probably the mastonumerous wotes) will obtainl perfectlirotoes. witthot pain, or saarcely lnaove. aeooa.., by applytng to JAMES D. IRUSSEL, Madh'l ) 1. jclna29 C NE a orntr :;anariol lad Ro j rt sit. p J6 s&JPWHITNEY, 73C'slmpat ýr~a LAND" I*If.h~.ý AN AISTR"icr aolha aeriginal titlet of record in Ith generol land ofice. Prinled iu accordlance with a reoolution of the Honest of Raprotanratta,., pas eed 20th Alm v, 1838, A few eiea tilto receivrd and 030 A feaby ALEX TOWAR, JO J8 d9CCmptat GD UNNY BAGS\2Y,2ofo for aolnt br if; 8 & J P ill MI V. 7 Coroll of. SECOND MUNICIPALITY NOTICEI. id TERIhbrouglt to the Pounld of the 3d Ward, 2d a Municipality, a A dark browan cney mare, with a star ne fer l,s 2 htind fetleock whitea crup'd black inane, aud brown abnoa l I or lofanrli,lith Thle owner of nito pro:irty will lehase call round at the 3d'Ward of tIh 2d M.tieiiptlity, situated at the a cunler ofitain and Aennaeeltion ets, prove properyv, ay chargea nord lake her away, on or before i.atulda the eoth J y, 1839, when oie waill be said at r altion by P a (Ooillitt, tuhlic notiunee r.. N Orleann,jcily t9 I iRAIN,Is ieu. Ame', ian deipot do traisaeme dlstric, 26d Mtunld flne piAln p e arn .urte , an etue Sur re rent, lea ' e tx piedn de Lrniere helac, cainier cnuir eept, queue a rn, do Ii a 1tti2anl ede haul. In Le Propribtaire vudun brien In .neleoter melna, else ix ad iee nt eneoinnrte ide rues Roin iA Atnnuotliton' I dci damedi 6 Jolltet, aotreninet it seea s .rnds I din oa Pur pir P A' auifllote, encatirne. I I HENR CRAIN, ( II O le r l.iut. dre In Gardsa SWERE bragkht Ih the Police Pison of I.. i. ~ unicipality, the following s.Iaves, izn. r A negro ran Ipaned Black liaw, or iPhill, li 4 yars of age, iays be belongi to (idames n, Rino. es A negro man, named aIore, s ont 50 yaen of Sage, says hI belongs to Madame DL)ereee. it A negro man saedJohn, about 22yesarsnofge sn nays hlrneongn in Mri. Hrne, E q. ' A negro mlran, named Nod, about 31 yoear of a,'. , aya bI belongs to Mr. Loaf. . The owners orf aid sialos will pleasne all at tin o Polien Prison onf lth tl Mtnieipatty, prove pro. nI plty, pay charges and t(i e fthem away. i . 11. HARPER, u Now-Orleanr, July 3. Caprt. ofthe L atch. I N t pai , la lait l'ucijd ls cteoadte Mu., tnicij e Ui r, temme Iltek IHlnwk .u th.llifag d'eaeinla 4, nis lisnat aplirlenir th Madanme Hiao. I Ut nilnclr L.lrcejlagt d'environ 50 an dlianl t Uprlnen r it Madacmn Daegrice. S in ,,in ere tnocm Jichn ag il'ceavirisn anr dlensa to i p 1 i r i )i nl1l i m l· I R, ,. et Utnit.egc nmmtnn Ned afe t'ounviain3l arte. a ndttap drlei p ir a Mosieur Lea,.n lit Len nprii e a i l des ahi ave s ,ln 'it pniris de se 'entre n Iadroltde leSermade onsMeiinliilr pep.arne r letrI droiunM, payerlsa depenmst 4t .l reties. II. HARPER. J Capitai de L i GaUide. Nile Orleans e hi Jctllicc 17:19. nt n iTtcF baIIghlcnth .,nlier prisinca ate flecotit t Mannicilmpn.iiy i hl fdllinr lanes, vi: a. A sHeer tin n.e, ILANIto.PII ahollt eighteen pt yes of nage,en wa hinnIn.. t I Mr. thkmrItii. , A nore tioy nnnirl litllN, Ioiat It8 yesl of alge. o mayn Iet hePlnng itlllh. linke. e. Am nunttoc wellloniia nlnea R MAtlY, al 4 }elrs of aer, .niirvcI scheihiig tof ltrte)uce. o 'e l'fthownern oftall nlnve, ill ph.a.c eail and prove d, prope'Irly, tinyc nrges and a inhke ltm fns. . S II ARI'ER, oJune .1 Capri n of ,he \Vel, h i N, i't le. I cy hlevn iei ' v c -nvlir: tin ngrr nioilnll. INItAciiH.'lli. n' Je 18 nan. so afdiert alpartecir Ai Mr. ('leinc,,. Un Ilecrre laoi '.i JOllN, sg. ld I8 tiel ll e diannt ap pnrtanlr A Mr. IlHaowks. line ni'rreieci ilatiiintr, tcnmncccu MARY, age de 24 ana 'tene leiie nppnriccir initrs IlIIeo. lres Icrrii)l ariuiren rdICilil ICiufIte a mlclitcr pon firt eor relrer en pIn nl o .a J2l II l IIAltdIIPI, Ctt ilnin e defilarde Snicipnililt, Ithe flliwini lnl'c, viz A norg, in I llncd .Ilhnidni otllll hlliYlrlyflur yet. Ii llcanget'i,cln f hiit'ellccgn i Mr. II. tMct'nal. a, A nlllileto clcnllnul ,Iodnill ,,nptilsle, ahoat tlwently t. tix, ao h c , fI bllllluc Irn c, i i Sii'lclh i. is A Agiif' cIn cnciuecdi IPlrie nuii twenty.five years d ol rn i hileige co i r licef ici. A blscik eillaxnuulllcicu,,cll J ,uit a SuI i or 27. .ys lie eln:-s to Air. cel.r ,. T 'hte ouri of aihl hvlctn will plm cenill rit ihe prit - o ofnnthe 21 lIlinieipa.h, pcrllrn prope.rlv. pay hnrgea and okhL Ifenwnns. " If S IAIlI'F:I, r. joni' Ia t N.iiinccfte Oectt. In - ,0111 e i'cl {lii In ()fi ll;" 11u'li. ",.T r;II i:. - - --rc - ;vniir, i'n..unv.ei - i Uni. grcicllllii' EIDlINll ilec d',i'nviron 34l nnrl 1 i il -icit dllnlltr ir A AIr. II. Otc-lt'i.I i n nilir gicicilcte Iccicci, JF: O IIA'l'rISTE, gh, c ii Il n ic ' '4i o ti ci, clcciccici, a C 'ole Mr. Icc-cit. I t I II' " mllllll(- Jt ,I .:PII. agis de L_' oU 27 siS, on i diiintllll Illprr nnir n MI r. MOrlcic . is, e pren ccii'r.,i fnln ic, rn"itanei- sccnl pn, itpi de eenis y Irf retilcr PeI pIt in Ic las fd. i 51. 1. fHARP71R, JIr Csicllline d" Ia (inrde "a dred TRUE AM.ERICAN OVEICE. tOr. To'L0 < >Cfl}3 f R T.I? I 71,t.' tNa lia In connlerCion willl thel I( ir is a I SPLENDID ANJ EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE ya. six, r i r rnfrr of. Pamphlets Blank Checks :on. Ctalogues Bills of Lading Labels,, Dray Receipts, in Legal Notices Auction Bills, edCs Bill FPorms, Show Bills ing Steam Boat Bills Circulars Aen n And every drerripti. orJob tYrLk thrt in many b rrquir fet COUNCIL OF it .$N IIALITYI' No 'fe. aye C v'u I New Orleans. eo tntd t tCr John t lsree, lo i the i io ", o b a o , Iiif 1(839. pr, prvi 11 Je1R 5 519111.o inTArn BLIV:ra corrt dollr M. act JJ '1C . morI." , Aor V o D. ,..,c..... .le .i.le... & ire,,, ,. , . Cl' SliirJ I, J lllI'o lrv. M . ,tel n'l G :. iihte pe, . en" Iiriet.+:s of lot, ill St." .,lhls rh',l BoeGairn dl sr T fh i iin if'the New (Co-irl, hrlve I)elle t C el l t1N or (UU c l i It eaur , to he P peUUI d "t. Joi s Toen thn a "lrot isriet beg appiliction in th' C'rile Alm-tl.e, ned I l .tlril, in th ng iafarory oappoaiiln hIr ili + t, the o en of Mid -lHael, lIht Hliss 1'ml will pr o ltl Ur areen to he o crened c Johnl etgegt fro t th" r .c tt tehst b(Yw alitlll, tlltl I aIpl`(F dctnllln iutrtl I, enefi theret Ito he as~sesed stnl P- e illnmeC confrttiet .ic blt U it ci alll n. lier T, preie-siln of an aet of thr I.eeiisatire enlilrct od " "Allacnt to rga lhlt, file ao leninc, layingant, nad inl prtovillng of street, at nl ltlllclI i net til h CityV I New Orleans &c."U lrvcid 3ad April, 18132. "ignae Ar JOSIliA BALDWIN, Recorder. SApproved June 15111 8:19. 'J2 121t C. GENOIS,Mayor. Ic, PUII IC N OTICE is Iereht given that if no enrie- fe Ihlrv oppoui..n 1r Imid, it ic the intitio n oef Ihe (Cunciil of )lonirrilalitv eN. l',c ,tc canme to be ibe cared SI. Johen setui fione (;irod ltteet to the New IatBasiUn, agrehably to tile above IlRscoltin. 1 by . GIN0I, MDnvir. 1° J22 _ New_ Orlent Jsne 22, J839 SCONeEltl, BE: I.A .lN-I('IPALITE N, 2-. N. , I('uil dred d Noruellt O/flane. Siu d e d H 1I1 Ju,, 1, 839. 1'E:N) I1 qelI Jo.i,,i Dlv.rce I",,.ti ic Welle, M. ý" II. (7 k : \s . Lre, CC m. II. ainr , JJohn i " Fink J . Ja, I. llpki ' Ii i tk (elie u Lit. S. W. Shi.r soill'i. d I.s 1 "1111 4 r t ' In rile ..t Jr'n,, (epftilL, hi rile h;|rod lrllqcln Il' . inl l l('t lll neiruf , u ,t) . ap r I i c t, (:a i llell It, laire 'dii, ed lc rile " t. iJr1l t pteLi, ]i rued Gl.roll Il llt juirie -in n f. ; lcnr '-, i t tl lq icttie,Ie,ea le Vrti Auivrtcien ci ou In Itllhlin, alo, Ire laegtc IForm ci c i Allgeica , CI dt uIs le icn q 'e i'coi siti,,, . ecll-stircie e arc t, pa I ilite ttc l'uclcr"e i de tvyer Cc s il -lit nrolrlo.ra Il'veroTre de In Bit, rue Ni. Jr'tll depai. Is dlllnr t,+++ , l lea Irfn('ficoa delvroolf St're n.I*YIC* el ralllt { lllll~r nlco f llllnt ,,vSce reltn Ie l anvl'lO , d'is arliedt It .c Lcid Ir C iniitlc Ii, n A lC a rliuIriat er I' ouve~rilr,, nli lent i e anil,-C rt i ttia e 1et - rite a lI cv ' piliIU- ii.( d' Vle i ill lie Ia Nouvelle Orlear s Id &C."'.upproi. Ir 3 Ar il, 13IU. Sigc, JOISHItA BALDWIN,Recorder. .c Appronvt le 15 Jiin, tB33. J-2 121 C. GENOIS,Mcnim. PI VIr peublie it donncc qc Pi I'ocpaeition i attic. r7 A firtfir 'itpec fuite, c'rel i, inteetion di Cecicil Ic d In ulleeitipliiI Nc. 2, dc faire ntcrir ic cce St. Jet. C' drpcciie recel.cid jeeqc'e Baccin nereIceune mfei. 'c i Aot In Reieluliue eitrlesstc. 'I C. (JENOIS MIeice. J2.2 121t L. No'vello i IICP,'ac, J em 12, l:t.% . oi 8 ItAI,(I (CiOTTA,.t i ( " fre , the pulic oi NeW Orleltli, lt)d to ill Sstrangers who m:,ev tie hotail a lrw days tn tie ily, Uand infrmin thtem'ha 1 wI e retdc i a I wcrrd e iw da to rme iv A thn! nte t ilht fleclitt rClreei iha K A IIc l CO}T 1 A (i I:, sielittrl it thie, shorie. I'ersons Itravelling either from ll y rii)itlg d. d n l ld ionvell. i, riii talS ll".ie or he cit,. l:,l l here i eer wi th egu4 ., chewr-fillou rL( Oau ai' Utl, ns nnd polife nllenti on--nd al].partrlies i.v wan f lhf ii, Nashville RIailroad Can Ia Per. tll in npr, , ,Illl.c c ......t . ic.., Ly givitn oue day' 'i'iri tlioubit ic I ecliiio Iolto r c eIIIi SThe propritUlor dIoubs hotl n) indllc.ientll for a viit will be I.ind it ll i ediic ttgca tihe ('ittugie l)r. ,,,,,s to t l:e, h,.....ose wearied will, ,he b.en.. SIct, nd buser of th city. t I'hpre anc deeitio a ir poni.anlty Ioiting either frm ITh ur ihe great iratrie--the oe rCfreuhiin mil hle her lt'led with iagCrCnCicpe, will evtir ei uihlglw d dlithl Io the wen. F. 'raider P.ppdltas Ilcref,, wtith eCtfidno.c to th. friendc , ce doube Ie I t ctiii g.+1 tiicnllt cb city wilt he,,tor ,i..t with. a cll. I:t Metnd . )tking Preiiri'Cottage tle t 'lihe iost ieceectible places of ii sort in uhe npignhorh tood iI iife C('y. Thet pipiirielorguaroua cthIiat w tiqlielle ra ac. ".. shall heIoflhfe ifio-t cloilc` ntcure at tie esmte tiid hewill devote i atteentinn te Iccure all Ihe eaer. iiesticeiiacie an( iatds ,f p sbfaeoe fitr hle tabie. /TH ebMIT- px2 i L; I[ouOitl:a ice A , irrian i t i e ciation It ti h e itizer fii Loulisinni and It e inhahisar ts) ull.e Uniteld .Stntles ,jusT ublrlhed and for cel by lit VII) Fu:i.T & Co, _ ,Cld24 (tharel tr 11110 G DORF, til 44 New Lvee SulytdORer Sal.. by ' r'HAtr' & Co July 3 74 Poydre Sc SJul -J y 2e - C e. '.sirh ilhur S ,I bie .- C.. Ina IC RS()RSEY, 44"Ne F lAA•r ~icC F EE-p ofi 1'e lt.eyit lone1 31 Grcscrc

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