Newspaper of True American, July 11, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated July 11, 1839 Page 3
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OBGRAND REAL ESTATE'' LOTTERY OF PROPERTY. Situated in New Orlcanr, TO BuI' DRAWN ON THE let DECEMBER, 1839 IN JACKSONVILLE, Fla. * Under the supcrintettdehce of tie CmUntiueloRern ap pointed by the Legislttive Assembhl of Flolride. iHCIMll;T & IIA IILTON, MAl sagers. 10-,000 tckets, at $15 schlame price. $1,500 000. S elling pries $"-M10 ticket. SYLVESTER lt Co., 156 Itrondway, NE YORK, ol,; Agents. g' The receipts of the snle of the tickete will be de poeited It tihe :anal,-Union, Carrllton, Citizen's and oneolidlted htanks, in New O(rlea . in the name of .ouie Schmidt jointly with J. BII. Perroult aeuNllJ Cashi flbe( UileciizeO's Itook, olid A. aoodoelin c tually CLashier ofthe Consolidled Ilmtk, an Truestes, as per act passed bhelire A. Malurenu, Esq. Not. lPb. bn the 2d Maye 1839, and the properties Irneierred to the above mentilned gentlenlnl unincaumbered, as Trustees, for the security of the fortunate prize bol duram In New York the monies will be deposited in the Phoenix aSk to theo redit oflthe above named b City Banks of New O)rlsees. i The P'lhlio are referred to the acts passed Iefilce A. Maznrenu, Esq. Not. Puil. in relation to the prop parties which etmbrace ite respectite prizes in the .ottery. 6,0O PRIZES, as follows: Prize-'l'hot magnificent three story brick building, knowt as the AfICADIE,. isl Marazine ltreot. nleeasuring 286 feet 5 inelhs 4 lines on lMagazine et. 146 feet . inochen l (irovier street, uand IlIl lbeIt I inches lo N.ches st. 'This builing produces now a rent tf :$37,i00 rernnohol, ad Ibeing in the most flourishing part of tie Sltvw ocpplite bllrei, binka, and in th01 IIntn dit, nto-ie.hbormonl of rite St. Ciuolee t.ll tie C.ity Hotels. It reroit will, i a vry few vtreo re. incretaed Ito illy thoenl an ddlltrs per aneum. Esltimllted r t $7110,000 Prite't'=e- lh leo lt fblolr el v brink build. tiu komwn as the 'IfI'Y IIl'lL, ilrlnerly IlillOnl'l Ihotel, pilosted at the elrl.r of rlamp and Comutln st ielldl slins 6i fel e 'eolntnlotn r, estmr146 het li isnhes ml Celtp It. Thi Ibuilding rentlt no. for $25,010, aNo.lLIoln ill the mnt central part f tleo city, canslhoirti lie inmreased to thirty tousunlld dullurs fer1 an. unnt. Eetllntall at $5,00,)0 Prize -Th 10 arhre ealy brick doelling hmulse, No. 30 et Nntce'. street.r adjoining tIe Arcade, relted I 0 2 khnldet dteollare. Etiofmthod at $:Oio0 I Prie-T-''he thleo sory hrick dwelling Shsote, No. 1i, aljoinieg No. 20, eo NatIkea eltreet, rlnted at twelve hn,JreI dollars. Estitilltelld at $0000 I lri.e-'l'l three story ,rick dwelline buIwt No. Ifi, aoining No. 19, eo Natehea st. reuldll et' .rlvee hIloo-. red dllaers. [lelitcotedl at $i20,l00 Prize-Tkl'eda'ellin boe.e Ne. 23 north- Ji carecorornlr of Itasi llnld C.Iton Iosnoe otreet, nmt;lsllril rl I411 fIee fronto 2 Ilo.1n orelet 411fel-t fronton FIle0klia slnetl bI 127 foet delthlon :llhtllln e alla q slratu ; ren,,d ,it I t 1'. tePn ll llndrd dompllE tI Elalell at $210.11'0 Prize-The ldwelling lralee No 24 south wel ceerner of slr,.ll mens eriog 3 fIret 7 inchee on Ial e :12 fetl 7 inlellsono Fronklihl treet, by 127 he el It O inchels d1111 tin (f:10 - to tls.o strreet; rouelted l l fift'en hIllndre doeller. - Eelil,.led tt 0 $20,000 Prize-l--le two I brick dwelling hu11110 No.339 eI loyal rtr'el, bIetweeno UJroulilP nnd Ioit l slitl t ellrines. uril, 21 flet 0 i11nes o~ ftoyul ot, by 127 feet I in 'hes ill depth, ; rnt el at $1020 per mnn00o01. :t.litJllted at $15,000 Prir-2'0l shares Conal Ilank sleek, at $0lc voack. $25,000 Prize--ll) haree. Cenmneleeel }llsek 0t(mk Ilo0,'ch, $20,000 - Prizes--15O ehIree Ml-chlnic' nol 'fra lder' Book stock, lat $1111 achll, 15.000 3 Prizes Ilf 100 ahoroes sach, t'iy l l ,ll 0 .l.le 111 2 trzen oIf i " -" Etellorle, 10,0(1110 it Prleso of 2.3 " ln l.,lght, 5,00U 2 Prioes oof 15 M'hclhnio'e' end 'l'rlrn' 1,000 20 Prizes of 10 " " I.olil;oltlMate,, 2.11(10I 10 Prlze. ',l 2 - " ties L.i..h1, 2,11110 2o00 Ploizs of I ( ' tlok f l)rleao, 920,111111 200 Prize oof " " Ullilon tllikof Florila, 15o000O bank .tsek, ulleh r to lke thell ltlok irift o L lie l Ipar r-aloue hr.reol e ,ash. M-o E ot."D . rt' \1\.'1 1. 100.000 tikhet., froa1 I to I10,l10, cill e put ill Ole 0vel0 ylll ler It prl ze-it r ollr II lk w ll be (rlloII. u t111111 1111 lle eisies ere determ illed, Ieavilg Lheble ll'of ." i.ll hero in tt. wheLel--lbltak. (kder ftlrtlre hve l.o. lll,1 will hle recrrivedll t ti ot lle tlnter lhe V,"'e1tl t, l ll(-irnel tr nf .I. 'hl rletr alnd I.11011nt1 otrel Ie, eled t Noe. 1lt1 ('helr relteol, New, .lur v. pl l pldIII . elIIIIlltlnl ru5IIIlIlllIl 'tl lIlr t 1. ( lli1ln FmreltcLl.l nqolltr.1, ttlle<o,el to 1" 11I1111l1' & I I.0lllll'tl +, New Irllr no . TI A ernln),on, will . . . p1 vidr11 . . , . Ilk,- t,, Florilda wclh +ass tglr, A ,oIrat Is," , l o w'h tois lelt, Rrnmwl~t, J(IOIN V. (<YIIIS,-), FNIGRAVEIt .N's r ,tI'Ef.Ilt-.AT'I.: I'IlINTERt ..'o'. nly . .. 1 lll.. eer:01 ± s tlld rl 1 lltt le e er, lask I el te. Y lo haelll.,, b11s1l1 I"i hltll , iil'omlos, 01110'C0 ts aInd vi' 1: 1l Ids.105. 0,tlrl s . (-llllllll 0I0ld ( 0 f1 Ill0ll i ease e.'lel,,J eh1,r Ila:,'+, lleT r war,,, y-e. -nlawuye 11 hoend,an 0neI rtlie,'l o1'siller ]tild cod hlnso leer P 9 Cardsl pr;ll1 fr<,t pilteso elreImy elgrnvedl. ,wll2 F FA I, &., WINtER l't,'I'tllNG.. J P. FItIF;1ItAN & CO., No. 3, t.tlg.zie street, e are nre- ig their ltupplies of nod W\Vin terr Clotingl, and "ill nItinnl to rreivrr shipmntms regu larly throlghout the mealon. Their assortllenu being largo will ronlll l hll n Ito SU 1plty Itr.nlr1ottt frt, lll the roullnt1yrv lit rite ilonrtr+l InOlll:e; for sale wholesale & retail, on ci.ttcIiount g torn Iterms. iJ TER. tt kegs thlj in totr. loT . a7: l tr I,b t - T" lE It.IES. .. .._ DiR Ht IULL'S Ulit EIO A i)OM INA.Lt SUPPORTER IllS new iustrument for the radical cure of Pro lTpsus Uri, or Falling of the Womb, by c'x Lernml application, superseding the use of Lthu ub jectionablo preseary, is confidently recommended t to the afflcted as the means of a perfoct restoration to health, it never having failed of performing a ulre, even utnder the iorst aggravated circumstan ces. It has received the decided approbation of Sir Astley Cooper of London; Sir Benjamin C Brode ; Sir Jameos Clark, Physician to the Quoen; Dr Ashwell. L.crt-cr so tmedwifery to Guy's llos. pitl ; Dr liguy, lecturer to St Bartltolomoews; Dr Grifith, lecturer to Wostmin-ter Hospital: Dr IoRamsbotham, lecturer to Iondon hospital; Robert Ferguson, loecturer to Westminster Iospit, al; I)r Sweratltmn, lecturer to Middlesex hospital. nd senlior oectucleuo r to Queen COarlotte's lying; in.hopIttal ; also by HIenry Davioe, Conquest a lllntdell, Le, Morrlana, ulrgeol Keates, &c. by Dr Merreau, pretdetn ot the Academie Rloyale de Modteier, Prlrt, and Accnoocher to the Duchesso D'Orleans ; profersors Velpoau, Marjolin, Paul Dubois, Si rson td otltcr-oand in New York by professor J W Francis, G S Iledford, M D) profos. sor of mildwiferry to tie untiversity of the cify of New York, protli. lelfinli, antd Fratncs, U Johen. ston, proldcent County Mod Society, Lauroens lull proeident mled sotmc ty Statoof N York, ptols Jas McNaughton of Albany, probi March, Cyrus Per kins, Dotane-Drs 'lThus BItyd, Gilblert Smoith, Hosaeck, Stearns, Ludlow, Kmsasom, Vtache, Power, Grayson, VIan Relotsalacr, nod many other distill. guished ,lphy.touts in the U States. A hlull, Ollico 4 Vessey st, Astor House N' York. OU A con.ttant supply of the above inttrtmonts, with Dr lull's iumprtoved Trustses for lelornia, will he kept by SICKLES & Co, N Orleans, A G Carpenter, Natchez; Stone & Morshl. Wood. I ville; Blothl and Mallory, \Memphis; lV D Wili;t. I onn, Somerville; flall and Washington, Nashville; Mc.=lirnty and llamilton dot; R L Bliss, Floroneu Al; J C Slotswod, Athens. NEW ORLEANS Stearm and PatenZ Biscui Bakery-Waters and Hlllman. No. o9, Mornau (near tle I'untchal,tran .ail ond.) RPilot and Navy Broad, Soda and Wine Riseuit, i Sugar; Butter, Midlford and Water Crackers. AI1 the above articles are warranted to be of the first ,ua. ity, and .o ka ) in any climate, being completelly i:ili dried. pla- --K!l dried corn meal. trder. left at I. W. Pri chard and Tagait, Jr. reraCr $$agazinn anl Poydras streets, will receive praonpt au, ntion. kegs put up exproenly for amily nre. _ ]nov 13ikNAA I.c Corner of &. Clarle & Comn-,'n street, EXCH.AN.E HOTiL. USTH & All.AN would respectfully call rte at U enliln of ciilenn a e stramgeri to tlieir rcoriP;-Fth ans'rilleloual tealitlcme,'e lj,,e lbirta, du combric, aitih Ilbn lrtills. fablionablle Ijoen frollts linen eol lare: silk, rottae and oleriqu. Ililc alirle aatl drawers: cambhri ned oilk hanilkerc4ierfo blaek aend faiey ea. vats iO groat variety: tintks of every d.crijption: guml elastic amd cotton supenodersn: ilk, cotto andl thread gloves: geotn hbskin gloves: umbrellase aed canes gold mounted. Also,-Splatdid assorntmelt of ladies and genls [,ri tlng desks, drelasng'eases, part oliuo, perfumlera, cut lery, and rik fancy goods. noverl4 o. said descriLption fr sinley _J4 A 'I'RER, 34 iraipr et SINFN SHIRTS (Gloves, & Suspenders--Just re roive I hy late nrrivals, an assnltlnent of ahilta cravnt alsummer stocks, gl ried, andl uspcnders, at the Jiaer, eorer of St. lChlurles ald (C,,enlll, slretror. a2. IIUSH b ALLAN, B LANK IOOKS--An invoice of super royal, me dieim, drmv anid rap blank ) oks of suamp or 1itality,jiol rrire4 rod dfor Mle hby J19 , '".W-i.A,49 Camp sc _ HIPPING. For Europe. FOR L1,VEI.IOOL. Tihe A I nlld very liet oding ship SUPE. Bir)Il,Caprluin'I'rkerr wil irvn irmmet ll darc lteh'. FIr r ighit of ll150 I ird toaacco or Ia cug' Ibr ( clabin p lartsercs, r ,ply Ito J:I0 i. ii rilG.K, 13 Umnion at Coastwise. FiOR BOSTON. . ri "lThe A I coppaerld ship IlEBItEW, Copt Whirr5g, htvirrg halfher enrg. eree.ed, will Inve dsircpch. For ile' lnee offrceight or par sage, baing good oeenmm;duatioan, apply o n bhu'd, apposite the Orleans Press, or to ju! 15 S & J i' WVIIITNEV. 73 Camp at Fl iL IEOS'i'rN. A The olt scilhng hrip LANCET, ('aptlni Clork, will cial on the 15t1. Eor parsage onlly, aply ti & J V WIII'I'NEY, jrne 15 " 73 __lap st FOR B T.Y9PON. S Tihe fat sailing brig BOOI)DINO, Calt. Eastlmal, (ra.l handsomelysacconadatelras anc ga r., l'' y to june 5 & J P WII'I'NIEY, 73 Camp Ci FOR NEW YORLK. S The r i chip BANetR, can take the bulk ol '1bale o fr nott. Apply to S & JP Will I'NY, june 15 73 Cr.lamp Por the Interior. FOR BAYOU SARIA Itegcctqr Packet. 'Ite T, splndlul id rrscne nger c lteamnllr t IRII.I,]A.Ni', Jer Ilartn master, . -i. awiill invae New Orleean every Wrte neada"r at Il o'cachk A. M. fir Ilayou lara '&everv talurday at IEr rr'clck A. il ailrlhtner rrrhnown ol SrundLlydt. r Ireiglh or aceage rapply to Capr. Ilart on barnrl or to feb25 ADAMS & WVIIITADLm , CHIEIMIN DE FEIR NOUVEI.Lr ).OtEANS FIT CARtIOI.I.TON. Un rranl almbre inrlt perolners nyant rierllnn(ir. I$ Crnlpaeie de faire! 'rCIrPlca rhtnoige ttr.n s lansl Iea lIrUreande dipnrl de I'airA rs nridi,e a rLrsIlt i'aieu dlre I'arrlge lletuvanc tn Iln r i'Clb i r lcommencer du 17 Joln. Ar arlgrmhna pour ia' jouer aar IcI.hle. Pe Car erot;ur. J Dern Vlle Orleac.a, cohri echeval, A 4hr,. A DI Clmr A seeval. a 5 Its A M A.coive, rli Ir 7c A " 58 " 9 NA r11 Ae is Ar l ny " 8 "' " l , Arrangenrtrt poura Itea Dirnaeltea |.ecchaciarsrparcromenux ma.lnre. rre'q ee lnas Irv jonerr In aaemaine jnqrt'A I hearce ' SE, urase cine Inla rmotir prlirr de Carrullon itoutrerre hI ures, unr Iqu'r A 8 hetrre o anir, ei dAr a N.Rvll ( irlccl ;sia.up'a 9 herr'n a erie. r !i Arhllr.tIrhr, adu eir, etjeuqnA nmeir er petit olenir tn A.hiet, Air evl ]i, 'nIne ner res pouri n le "oyege ; o nie alern minmit n nnurn A rlerr *i10.r lnn i)ecrrronllr a glli pnrtirll't pr'll ' t hllnnOlV P dev rollrat as rncurler de lr illetr altptenlr qr'il etll rilfenrdu all : canductrleurs d rrcenoir dA l'tlrgrt u lieu de billetr. Lesaehregenena ierdiqnb-r'i-hnnrr'orinlrelt , ll drffl rt aia ehala, qui jrr-c'r'A ee srrmrnr' it an '' t a 3 haeirs Ir. Ir enl qut lierertn a'ts lic.u n 3J, rle.t r lou jstqlle 5 hPur llra. i mpla prtnt e1n rtlll e in rilla a Eihrllrne, rrPtlee naC'cnllrllltn jUnllrt ere , aillni lle hllP e rll ieu p)olllr a nic. itffaiehir ce t ae prof-r ener dnlls ran ries lr Iblruni jrtlin dles Eratas Ui. Chears dres Rues Jarcsn et detla ourres. Cry ci ..... p,,rtir,,nn dn In .. .. Jac-oel A , 6 hear!.. A. ,\. et dr la i e dc Ceni l n 1A bhees e u ea in en courant ('lutI 1 ' hb llar. A ri hel res, ill I, r ir nl ,sutra les diemri rarreca , jncqu' APIj hrurers d ci r, r uic Is cnhar qni dit Ir' r c iIe In nrl e Cu inL e 8i hAur, L.- Mrae illre r onl I 'rtic liir9 ntrl ,rri(, IiP s ,It. tnrlete Is pirla elr Ira curnei-, rl r nr e i' s fulllrrr ienlonra chiat h-rars u0 lr c'qrarn Ic v troilVrnl. Burenar die ir (E.lorie " rin ihrlrrrir ' hr In (I ar llterrn at ie lI Nouverlle cirli'unr. JI)IIN ElA MPSi N, N I lJ;V ll:IllS'. I - . " Ed p Er rhi rpn , Si r 'itrrr. crr d nrrr en ilrlhd Ilreut1 linsa. whier ll 'ri rerir rrrl riher ', Seren lh .= er than ea-r E'rfrirr' < l'Etrr i irr .iirv. Al'r 5'1 darinerr selaerd rringr , orrrll rrrtrrrrtrsetl r , r wrilrl n .rrr tr vnc riete rfc'ireh gi' t ' , l t, raenr.ilrirtr r lit lrhr , Itr nee E:*r (,i e u. .uot. sl .+krtel+, (l'hain., &r. 'Ih.' in weal i will rIt rrll a I ne X l htu ed, . E.i rrs ri·n.', Elrl'lt . I'.. S. ( ;.rel ll and an ,e r r ..ntei l. npl 15 ill Exihaigllie ri I1 lS. I Chr llvc. rt iJ ' ! : 1(11lr'mnr lelr' q 1 WILIIAM[ I. 0,\]NES, 'II LOUISIANA WA RE ROO)Ml, may 14 ho. :, SI),VIIvo tr-Br.Nw t)) I.oSANS fice "Itlrllit llll . rit)- I. l) t'lOl ll)0' 0l ) U0e ill n)) i I hern t t el t I l " ..t d ois ),igeI to t orep ollll ll oI t hw Ie , telt diSl . ill hII, 1 lilllln r le- II. 11 h at 'h llle w lller d ri llr)o iole o rI seIj I a i od ' 'llll I The Itefrig,+rator ia lO conridered A nl ildeI p n~ ahle r r in l 2tthe w ' oll of every 0 roo o I.o tlf i ltr.I, 1 S lot tl y p l Irll llh e hr tor ill hla fti)tllr)r, Rdy'ftrio. ddit t-oo f t I'he Subscriber i lalploillnted Ag)e.t otr the Ianoaoc lurer, i1r A P ltl lo. SIO'lllten) the to friigeratoroog IIovhb). O))e )) )'Ot 5:t Ilellill+" I t. 0 010-8 If W I. l t.NEt. S. S S'lO 'A'I' INhi .8, CU UIN''1NG I0().1 S i LIANSIA, & A- J 150 reanl, Amnli' D)ve mill htter ploper, fine 50( do do iotl. ueroine 50 do oIihh do I 150 do Ct') pols 75 do i nu ,'r lineod pat do P l ll do e inp writ li I/ h nkf hli st"J mThl i i r,_o ollde a eI e d lln i l oIe'lltrn VI t )an 5 l en I 0t 11f15 rhe73 Cootp Nt TIe ,l-lO o ok Io ) tooI 0i\a , 4o) tn . l aiVl,R ll e10 )s hl ll'-renll i )liah n b shi t y. re .51tr le lA ' I myl " JiW It ITNEY, t 50li 1 equ ls Alnp ve i t rp , e j1 l OlEt,1' ,I ho-e1 .Ilo Ie j 7na d14 31 ;fvtie r at 1Al r or 4 tt l lte olobogI Ii _ _ _il 1 t)Ro-'. II Neti po ots IJ1U NNY B.i G-- 3,-00 10 In. . lt nhd Iualty di -, fr t uleby ISAAC tI1(3e & I TCo. mny? 2131 inftozinoott j. A'I'n 'I'UIS-)ii I n lo 'i'otor, (oW1)t o 0 vier, rst r inI ti atrole atn Ill re S l rI blot' 1ir 11:-UN PN¥ uk A '-11' ,0 nImht . In iudlm +', forsa - e' to boolilto l Ils pAa t It'eIII)tin ll . illry of holl (oil o 'l ot) pot o .ole Ilt Jy A pAR,9CampAs 'r t Ie " oloi puooloo- oo l.,l. loot bV 0110)t o),'), l d :1io too i I gt .tn 5e O d fI otot esf Ion))r0. Mbkn rN lolll ll s r li i e S (ar Nioied oSa do i toor ale by JJ (N I hIRSEY, 4.1 Now Ltoa do, 4qo boo s basst e 0)050 )ll0 Wtoe; 30 booal rol e S LI.I aOI at ON AIe fot oa , itpr icr y 1 eE18 I'Olylk Il ioule hloodiog f4ro tow L oor Jr A TRsIER ISA ooiSt to ."t I{NB R ()M---0 t- i s- rIirsl-v j; . -/) A'1 - PUBS-1 11 rh-- '1Cb ttl ai r Irio r 000 i ,ho f W) 'r, ' 00redu d o ri cAne, ES, b V it)Le; 5 (:o goe t ebilelitotng ii, IIhev ill hfo'-TSl4 I' rv he w Io, e ir ehnser in .I,5 FOR NEW YORK. A.Mtm uork J Yew Urleanu Lt.ine. A NEW LINE of packets ha been establilhed to run erweeen New Orleans and Net York, in Sconst aroft., filrst rale ships, viz: hilp' S. lurv, It (W Foster, mnater, "" Iepublieu, J G Russell " Aulburn, 11 P urfey, " -- - new buildmng, These shinps were built in New ' ork'exprness. fir this trade;ar.: of a lhght drought of water, nd will not be subject to detention at tile Hiar. 'Their a.enolenndltions Sorlnssergers cou,prise all that may be required for comflrt uel conve llence; and their elllllnlndenrs ar mern of expl rience. Lntil the shipsr now building are ero:'epleted, two first clas ships will supplly t:eir lt -grentest punctuality will te observed in Ithe ilei of sailing, and every reasonable aecolollllOdtiun ex nilled to shippers and peenorgers. or further particulars apply to Measrs. Johnson a J Lowdend,No. 6 Wall a street, Now York, or to it jao PI'ETI{ ,AIII.tW, f.l 5Uamp ji iOIR NEWV YORK. [Louisiana and New York I.ine of Packetls.] ITo sail regulnarly ao adouerisre frem each Port. S il' lIE line is Ittmoein nt cl mpoedle | of tllae folliow I ioe slips, but Inore new vessels will Ie put on at on courly tay, rookinmoth." o noeutler twelv, in all, "Iii,) will uliow ofone teinredi fineterdfec n tfr his poet verey week eturing the year, flieo alforddng prompt fucilities eer trannwprtution and at the lowest rotes nl' eight. stit fno, ~ Captain 'I'rnk. " MItersisipli, " eche. " .ouivi.le " Allen. " uratogn, " Ilathnwvy. ri Huntsville, Eldlridgea " Shakespeane, a Palmler The above ships are all of fthe filet class, ernpered netd sppei r frtetned, of a liht edraueght of water, astil bhtll in Now York eIpresoly fur tIe tradse,with eleganti aeeomlnmoations for peoseneegers anti coulllended by aile and expirieeld nlasterm. Tile price of i)asange is fxed at $30, without wine, or liqnuor, aollela stoues ill every other tpartieielr wll he eeoviled, and ev.erv atltentioe given te ilpeeole tite ¢ erreetir fit let-e feaneine Io ane fro in tire, lite. Tihe S hila will at all times le Ilotwed tip and down thle river, nr the greatl t punectutll e o herred as to their day of p sailingi " Neil her the owners or enncnins of these vessels will Ie reelpolible foer jewelry, Irnllion, precious atones', sil. ver or phrted walee, lbreeakore of glass, hollow wore, Slrble . r geranite, cooperagel oil ill, rust of ilrn or trtPal or for lylly letler, irpelrre or )ackage. .ent ble or puet oi hturrl of rller,, uolheso rr.felg r bills of Iading are taken Ifor the siame, ndl the value thereofexpressed. Forr freight or puaat.-ie, a )ly to tar '21 Jo A 1 II lUIlI.IN, 74 Camp at FOR NEW YORK. IOlME.ES' LINE OF P'ACKETS. rl no rnll pnntunllv every Mlolndner fom each port. IThist I! el l atseke Ihave uinrel ier.reeaued to aleo ell Gislt <lae. Sh- p colnsltisting of lit1 Naselrille,. ultnine \rgood. llee rkra/a#, , iiul. ltoee ee Ioeeh.l, t/eIabreae, Captain C C Iterl'y, orlenise. Callptain eS reur. I'irkxburg, Caitruin J lunker, R'nshrillr, Ca ,tein e r nod. /.oui et. Captie tn 'rrllln. Oc(inee, Culprtlin Iln. i. Ormulee, C:aptain Ieavill. .'ec Ship -- Crrturlain Woodhouse. Neer Ship - Captain Nichol.. The albove rllrr onu all of thle first class coppered, anl copper fetoenerf, slid were built in New York ex pressly fir his r Ie--they are ofilieht draught of wa Sr,nd sadrl rnst invariablv cross tile bar without deten 'lThee. pneketr are eneomneded hlv ('arptinn well ex. prerelrllled il Ihe trade, and w illener snexert theflrseelYeon t1l IIH'Collnlllhlldrllt,. 'lhe., will always.l be tw,"d it, allld llewn the river, ned will rllelnplly oail as aervtrliecd. TIehr' rllrve dllendoOerln frllellisherdl llrCelnlelerordetiesoand st,,rs lf the first e1 nliey will rlwavea be fuinlerlndredlJ ecverr llrlrliree rued err lee core 'elreme ned satisfaetioe or The 1 prie. of the cabinr is fixed at $80, without wine or liq luor. o"r lierlner rearticulurs apply to A C )IIEN, lar. 90 er, ollllllen stre et I lrThe Slli.ip are not aceclntable for brcoukllge of S1s9, Ihllow, wure, ntalIe or granite, eoprerager . of tin or rut iof iin or orreel: nor responliblle lfr any packnee r reine~ t porbardill h l areenn cer, urhlr ell ofledteg be sigrned lee ref re, rt lre rrloticr ofrrle agentr. "10 CON'I'IAICT'I'OIS FOIL I'AVINIG. I C, EAI.b'H) irnplu.l+nd lrc.1,d to the IRecnrder and of 1. (',,u.(,d of to' Th'bird Mn t+" i ,ulily, marked " Pro I " al. t I ' -vl," wlll hlr received nl tl IIt: 1 alh July, '' li aI.I. l. r Inrl ag alllh . aInll Ilae'lenlr, aand aakinlg Il .e I ldl walk, re0 uire, by 1III a colneill, according to. the fI. Ilwing Sp:,dic.lions; and payable in the bonds of tihe laoi pal lit., at t n yearsa,lblrun g illleltest atl te ralte m 'h' I a'l, ha t, a ato I Plovd shall not be leaa lh an hr e tll.,,, ahall lent in l..ngthllu r ianhla, s thlalia, andi of ' 'I". Milt aa wh(, hall I.e de lmeal Ianeeaalary acci.Orda g l tio -, ' il aaa lal.+ I i a'nll aaala. , wkich shaaa l hI da r fnll d by tiro. ellec ,r of pnflitt e I w o rk , anrll| l l hrlaor sideI ttd tolt a III ll-' . :a la th, t In'tr b'll'' I 1t'lapalll a an .il' nl Iaa re N IistlI lire Iulh b l( ela. 'l'he curb r .one sl lllhe laid s Itoll i h i, a low I to h aa ltIlaevel of Itl Cater, alndt t ' t't aaa I. l U Iaaa ia Io la l(II.N a ]ta' l laaa a l, l l Jaaia t lriR. a A froitll Il, l, ke if ii rIIIIlltd g 1t ', or .W itllh ' lln ll,l of nolri Inlc l I I d n, ; n, l.l.l..... l 'l. , r lle whi lte Rnm l lll(] r lf ah ll; - 11n t'rollll +tll tac ar planralaahb.,ii la loarus a hal35a iI The c<I..rl mor shall fill .p I) his expIen.s with river Ra m. , ll, .I th t . mi( n lt ed lc i.b l not he high ellough FsonS lllllIrn.d of bv tIh courcil,, l..thlrh 1 ofi vL tbho)u- i I'l'I prating of said snle.walks to beam in El: yiU su Field lP ter,'t route up aInd ldown; anll, ae streetls rlln i ag ,,erl. ) ,Udula , Irl- talle rivcr, beglinning by thel, El. ys inn lield. stlrleet. uI, anld dolwn. than l'.el ' hnch.' lhicak, Ih ao'tracr sh3' alln.I.opve at the corner of each t I J. I f a I a wid, i. ST AU A less Ia oiaallacla 'ayl be, paaaaa 'La ona'or miloa e aareets, pra naiaa thae qaanait of varda collsacted for ae alot les jn7 .ecrlelary. J)U 'L - nI Irln -(io ae n at asterln, ian a fr al by h'j I)(H, .I',4I New l 1eve S n-dl ha frtqaantaad Nthrn ha ay, ljIaning f'rn. Packet shil? AJIt bmaN'. App ly to tle Captain ou board. one tier below te l Vegetable Mar ket. may 28 Ic.11l'UI.t';ll'S COlilI IHICIAI. )ICTIIONAiY. I I A t I' I of the new American edition fly lrufcsosur 1. P lhuk . 'I'lli verv valu lbl'e work ill ,e con - lerte ill tn parts and will be furnished in about 18 nl lll It. S Oub elril, linn, .npir li $ 1 5 per p a lrt. a \yalt'. \atumral li+tory alwlh beuutilhl colored 'll he lYolng Merchant, a most usefll wark,just re nivse, uand filr salv by r l J 2 " A' TO\VA AIL,I49 Camap st j IIAM.It 1(1I?," IIN!Y, and E SW:IX--rnt I la;nil, afor ttle by 1 'I INlNAlEI ,,oso i_< ('_or Natte~ andJTi.hpitalnals taR. I INS--wrpet Malaga wine in lr cas l, iln taore, foir stdlu b Ev t.D & II Il{'1(\', uIt. " 7 Banlk PI'lt.e 1ib11 1:.1, ,nm lial, Man ol hlaur, by ; . Lytton SIhulwhr, in 2 vols.. a. iht.,llel allaiar i t n la(lllla)ir ln npln 1 a av in 5 lets o nla.ilch nr.' aadhl'dl lhlinaanl thl.n tite o l. he I. da.a of Elaz I ll'I taIileh o lelll, bl t, anlllnhor of Ithe Ladv of l Lv ,u Plllllnthe Iti.sowned, &c &.., llt il all fiae new wol ks ftlhe day, for sale by jne _ ALE'X 'I'iVAI,49 Clnp at'. FURINITURE! FURNITUIE!! J UST received al thle I.ouisinlan I"urnitulre WaVre Illarne, ia large supply flouaai Naewa York and IBola ml. l'er.olll inll le wlll, laaf filarniaur aolld do ell Io c alll t d elect l,.hi' aliele.. I'alI a tolle aa' lb.' blaal and largest stuck, now an the eity. IW It CA I.NIES, dfi 5:1 lelalville s N I-Parlicular alttention paid to packing tnd alhp ing Fitrdlu.rtr-eolpefx pense, dli--2w D E IlMAltFINE'S PILGRIIMAGE lulnillrd & Alrton--lhurch's dictionary Kia.gley'.. Social Choir, 2 volumes Iala oil aile l a;ri.atin yetnr-o-Laslies, cookery I luam e S llatt's Iiatoray of Etantaaad. A tIew a L)ply a ilt a Ianany tler very valuable w.orks, this day rec.rvrd and for stale by J22 A 'OWAIr, 49 Camp st ot 1,O()K --Canlllignus of valnable nolks, inlpolltld ED Eglish edLlitons of choice', rare, anld valuable lnlkannn Architectnta, E4nginaPering nndd Scienc,. pub Ilsh.ll;r aalen or nopmted by Mleslns caurPy t& Hlart of lahiladelIplia; may Le had at our stoea, lndorders from r.s)onill plersonll will be pruonltla nlallt'ed tolby lus their agella, i JOHNS &. Co t J Io 3w cor St Cbhrles & C'aono sns OIlK--801i bbll. Inrins aatd jaman, at tili frL sale ,ay G I)IaBEI',, j ine 19I 44 New Levane gEEIl-ates anud tal.0. in brls ald lalf trln at lthe inspcation rortn slale JI9 I DOIRSF.Y. 14 N'aew Levee LAN 4 IEI'S WASHING I'ON. A FrTw Clnies of this celaaalad engraving, full Icllgth Illra t, in gilt Iranmes, lot sale st E JOHNS & Co, lo tlrs & MIEDICINES. PAINTS & Oll.5- -Oil of Vitriol I.l Carlays lIuwad'a 'I'ani' Mixture 20 cases Clarellala,'na Chcnmieals 'LO cases Sualplate al' Ru(titcine 31111 ounces. ls English Mlaatard 51 boxes Tamainds l 5 kegs Epanm aSalts 20 larrels--Alutt 10 barrels A ollecauries vanltlll90 boxen \Wtile I.ead pure 5111 kegs-do 0 3110 keg. C:ulared paalaa'200 kels S Spirita af Tnurpnain 5tllarraels at dto In 25 Cannislers Caalgala's Stnrah 20 boxes W\\'itl a generanl aaarlmet of nedlicines, for sale on Ihe most reasonable terms.: b,,"// V1S a e 1,; & ANDREWS, Whlaslanle Druggists, corner t onnnona &'1 choaptaua.. an lest*.. J22 .1jv YI) I -.( IILCIJEa IENT - - .laO bl o forr, salei b - a $.Jp Pi I I'NE, 73 Camp at TRULIi H]S MIUWI'YAIT IND T1VII PREVAIL. JT I.. tot that I5oaI1 of S.rsop.rila Blood Pill# hae i Rheu aold dJurin c the p eli oll b h. n ,to blidte and correc t. e Inilhleu id bad elfects ofqlck pilhl ud o1herlll uk mqololked , by k hiclD.l y hiel areu qar d Iof t terbrish,&c. REO fENI)ATOY VACTH u t i.'o lilet--Thnte all qnaekhe Inlirlles eontaiu nlineral· or eIlllrcury, llhch. qulackt otolIIk "usL kll or cure"ll ao d truYoL[ h I.lct--llliatlunlo. n, Jtlha.on, rid or ein impbosor, ltll ihnlsglvat aTlohr oyhe ttLey ayh inuro e liucally llnuae idlr vile .iond rnelOrlol pr oupatio oll tile uiubes critnll Iot irlefldri te ouiequo; oull, o thao the, call rtly pIocket tU,.Ir uItl..tlL~uin. Itll f deio -Th the qyl cku std orein impors h Flow llfbt turnollltry hnuw sltoltmlg o L Lhu l.tre o nlod flnel f Inu .. lees nbut d T8a toe 'of Ihr. humall llt+ll. It i. f get-Tbley are paricularly e1 l aelou in t the follow Silia direares, •11 ul'whlch rare luore or le+ +ucl +.u+Q ). llpurilie0 Iothlool Pnd allilul hn ld, n nluamely- I eu tatic bl.e tlbn; U lrust bores olthe noe, ltrost crllulJ; Erysilsllti t tlo d bodyi Nci Soot-Tb h .lot by nboim.ttyrofuaction. of~ oaly I.. JIudcI leirtburll; elyT eOl llpin 11 id J lothes OI RisNre OA Tli R 1re 1rur, in, tile tkinTE .JnslePIlll anlldli nry und saler pimple* I an Paino oolhaldl, olonl tle t l utnles o l Ih l'lll and o f barblid spiAns overl ae the Imst mnJy Ilortoco-Tl lo, i an iitglo logtan o. boyt, ybuthao bo,,.,h o' oodtobi liod, on rexlon of the ealrt ani Tettirpnd rinTworme ; Itall'lslh looIKee l, n ;d l lnlrdellllll of the Inwlard flerh s hId tallf in HtOblld o1. Ie llO ll the8 Ston o oul ohreath r of rlanr olantol. Iryo oodeytytfo. ' llI. .ollunplll toy ,.fl a1111 WOIr Irl tio ll a nlld btltdltletol tiI bUIInJi yIVtllrblrl Iolc i F+COaue ErNIAT StY Fs mAdComm: hb il l ltft--Tgeonly iltnpriro.r ou. Im K uollublreo of Ito Sarsaparlla Ildm~ld pill+, l. a regular phly+Iclall a, well an apelh- + btpt,l.l.....d ,,y ,l .......... . . . ]uectors Phlyrlclr Chapman, daksLl, Gihm.On. Dew##s, llare, tIlne.t. hllyrner, C ole, hb.oo It i a thct--'Jlh. l tile yh rmlparillg bhho ,d )ityi s :lrdo d lnplh ed ill the pra.tiee of llnlnyllysyluuiIns and: Fery· rlr~lngly rec~ru innllde,.y iiiity tAlrlu ollot tllIU lllilel. (lee dltectlluI 000'd,.ln ,l IYyll 110 e 110 bolX U ooll ,.b) It ir . hl+t--Tlr~y aire coin iored enltirely el+ ve'etllhls·, a lld th4ly a l lllrllllb ho tt l lo Inelcury or 1lllll Ire I' i3i clt--They O lay bo tn ollby tile m.tlo eicate, onhd g alloeo withfuut reStruiu ufAuccnpaItII, butll h,,; o toluo furoltlkinl oll; oll IOUt phnloye of dl olr re0#taint fr1o 1elllper lle etltlllt. It0isaol'ltc--Thloy will not by their operattllt, wlllllh l.y b1e 11. or acOtlilplel d llrll IK tile t clant.lty Inkr, weakeu ille lyen0l no lltolo a (K oot o Ilth lturatoll lnndlclllcdf oller ally dos. ti Io a £.lot--TBlottod y rP tln inolt ellotuoll PIdolllol, ERl 7011111g BLOI). ILNOVATIOP+ OF TIIIE SYSTEM Ever disncovered Al.o, oollooiyutlonol blleolse ll frudtlc'gl nlercdlry, or te lllrollrd l)r tdo lh , OlKh .(eLY. 1ll of yphlllgloo seot yeller 1 lb I, to o bco--That n.verin 1 illPl insotane haoe toey belI Illtolgnw I. o used, thlt tlielo dtl lletproldue o pood l llleel- llrll01 thloUplldll nlal llo o ulgo were olroel cl.ide, ed 111ll+ hI i· aflnt--lllst one bxloofSqrml rlol t pilllslll olllotbotto o fof the l.ofllluulld Syrup oollraparllllrllolsuolmlent to cre t ally uofit t .b.oo dloee f to. II Ir a lie l--llholld be ohzrerved, ltlhat thnlyl plaes they can e oll..ld oollalobe in. i. Orltanfl, i , at pultollure street. bnprll f b toNt.o, IBLOOD ! BL~OOD! ! BLOOD, ,Ist. The: vltl l~rlneciyle (l.lf) i. cuntluledl ll tile blood. 1,. plood ln t ,l.dd., lll. 31d. hoery thdoll In tile tttyly il dOeiVtd fooll bh lotd. , 10h. All tllyeooeofare Prm llnbbnrlty ol,,o blnool,, or llfoth-o br wordl.rolnf Iborlln fioo Ihunlr, ll,odelUl th.lllg body. oo l6tll+ All tlle~e hUmlnr· are carried I11,lls the hh~d purifitrld ond 10ud. heOth l t 0l hy the ,ar1pardl,0 that nly tlate, lothl t of bhbyo0. tllh. Vegotlde -pur01101 slonedlrImfllot, wltt.blood.hld lglRITY of the bloofl is well known to 10e 011e orlole trea. .,,l;e. ooo1bdls. .AI APA01 II. A Io wotll h.ow,, .1 tho the ntll effeclul puriier 0ofthe blood and 0luld01 of0ll0 Illllll Illt, enl:e. llr theprlnelpal thoniedal atosdtoIn all ,'anagasloatholooiodlolt sdother preluatlolt ,t is uto lot., thoEtOtle ;C1lfolllnllt oly it ¥l1tllll.oO , they .re known toy o~le an cvery newqapper I· filled with ildvertlrellelete ofpro|' Nrto,8of lllloo,,l. exrclsyux,& ".'herehly Itt tm~nlbllted wilhltlleIIIr well hl(]lWll i euledlIII agelltS .- 'Ithu de rIo'nil. thle o lrtloueloboe .orool Aalardl, ald snll ng oooaporll,. or dlltood Plilo. od Ithle Oarsupoll rlalilcoln h loed a olo.i iItpurgtive, hlho o loo .t. eflfec irautl - ly and ahnl,lst Inl )eree .ubly earrles off theI Groas aud lor(lnd umAla separated fronl I leI bood Sy Ille n. Thlle l IIo 1 not lrg Al.oI ,i~l"ltly 1s 1o1t lll 1 do. whlSch pr.s 1.11, w ,.kl ~nI' Lhe10ytlem. ollld nllkllllllV tl1e1e to take stron*er hi,,. 100 kllihll tor deOtrnylllo t,1 l olt' 0ll(0 51411' . ho Itnlult oee~loellt tht Ipuroillll . vloleutlt ao,1h5 pillfdo thnt ure: nlnllllaetutlr h~y IllachSlid IorI~I mIpIll t I tll as nlll.+llrleVOUSlU Ihllllr collrellurnoge o I nlerouly slid uthe1r lin Frol ,hle o lro'omotan of he sarsaparilla behllg introduced in 1 ,11,e~ ng ea.y to take and c11u1 0 lllel fur 11rrying in the ll I,r ltv* IIlg nt &h'lllg lile1 31 breakage,00 asre thle L~oltie. c*,nltalllln.q i,rPpnlrrllons o£ theI arstl).,lrl~la they must e1ellJufll) take IIhe Ilace of uli other .pIr IltlonKSof I u II SOlIN 1 £111 10111Oll I Iotll oth foreooin l }lave elicited nulorot . I elloob naln IrOll p.toI*lt.o llotlloro,ywn~ llv(tulnoay hedoeIo l anld are etHlideultiy recolnlmendel|l ill rhlllan~ltlC u0;ltllullr. rrrofula. I'ryhllpe'nr , jau ,dliet, heairthnar hl laih+.t* otl~e lth lner. Iklu.otlolPS ald tgotolns· Plun (1 the l ldlI , alol l ilt lack and olo'e.lver tile reolonl IIf Ith healo t Wolnloioh, i onward fevers, bad Irte ot bIh It0nhU o ftollo 1.1gn thodlin Sllinl xllln o{ petite, aonr Ertalluln* slid01 nl0llllt l tloItololnlch, iieerou. r+IFlq+ o1` the nose?.tlhronalll audl bd, scaly e ljlltlon.L atld Id,,chlel l rlT IhP. nkill. dry auid wrll~ry p~llnplr s and ~u~llllle l ~llthe lace anld Iludy, t~tter andr rlllgWurlllr, rwelnlll;. di ha~rd elllllC u1` thle S:ltulln olf tile nec~k, InI thle uro11;.I ttrrat. &ie. rltouhtehrl. I'ouyk., lner, waterbraulh, .llld all the whlole tram ell dl~l:· erercultllp froln Imlpur ity 1, ther hhlod,. eoul~tltutl,.n,,I dlreaae. pro~luced I~y mercury or other ullU. erud.. A~k any lerpectal,le phw~ieiall the quostrinll, wrlat II then mort~t ri.2aclOUS purifier of'the blood ! Iilr illawer .dl le bsar Sulf(:e It to *3ay thpn if all phy)·irirn* r{.t olnu11·nd it so uni verr~allh, w~hatI befLer evldeLl.+ can i~e has1I e1 of1 IIYitslvlu.(d p~ro~lcrtle. : +urlneruJ rerlrtl~teq h;ivP herrn rrcrl~sd Blill rpftrpitFl canl 1I, givel n to h lndr 4,dr ol iIllt'lulcl~r rT tIle inn.!* remarkalble .olld who..le~l;l nllt rretll it. So +.R. (.tlolOnl Ilouela street, .:.r' llo·* Hmwled Wl~ll rhelulnltlrll. ,trro'ula. FI Upllnn nr /h hile L,1 1w·llln= · iht. glll d= YIII· ItrCuIIr l dl· CJi-o.i· ELC inav j r4"ur. Il anv! ad~a llta./e. flllll aolrd iiipoltll onll ;,)l ulllldylng its ].J- TheI tondhlgr p'llVrl{+lnn I:1;I)y lre roMl~l~lrd Imrm P to 10 A 3|, n1lll' rlll L t~lj I' S| altd1 6Oll] i [I) Ij) I1I tim0 eelllrlg. |_nlthlll: raul hPr ..CPII Itml le filr .ule· at (;()J,'+ll . ¢ ('Il Illllllrl}''l r klll )lll ·· l r(:11 ttll. ho . +lltliR 'i i,t. s irll() ana ; killl~l] I.hlpillr & ll~lld ~~11~ ng fro *lliI) Snrtlgallaett, fclr ..ah !,y +.rlII·N I'IFI(; & blI.(;F·I.I.A.+.E't)U. \VUI(KN. .! II.I.iNGT(I')S', Civil Blneineering Th~le (I+'tlltlch+,]kiPg( '.. Firtli TIext Boolk I'oll'R II+,ok Kejeping~ Ilrenntl'. lu~c do I,'lollm.¢rgnee'++ Sk ('ul~tlli~lt n'. MltmH (:a111 tllllltDldlll; thPe Irl o1' r+'arhllg Sllk \P'url•8 (:lllrke· IreaLIeCOn thF MlUlbeIrV TlreC .nd~ Silki \Pore, anld ll staandrdl Horks on *ill.. • .iunP 13 .. . e+.n++r St (?Iznrle.. Itlrd ol .....no_ V i A-tii clt stta'U it.og eoaioaitaoe Iioading Tfronl tschr Splendid, (olro, inao1tn, ftr le i by ap 17 A 'iIEli, 34 Gravier st 'LuIt'-1000 bblO . auperitne unoi 311 tfin lot, far june 15 44 New Ievee -I ACON-Go.000N Ibs. Cincinnati cured, contisting of oy 28 4 lNew I.eve Fla I. n, A delIltA.h AL.tANlhl and Iieposlary el P Usefld Knowledge, lio tire year 1839, received ad Lfr isale by IAVID FEIT & Co, dtlNtyt 8 h thatraes to L 1I," JUIC:E, Iatdintg Irom ilavauta in catsk,a ar rel aad dea ljhallo, Itor dall hy 11 BONN ilEI., nt V.l ll 1'nr N rltche, T li nl-t.1 stis -MF.MIN'I'--SGb hateos of i'eutnt, Ioahne from S) wip Yuo, will be s-ld itw if takn front tihe I.evcr. Applyt to JAMES i. l IUI.I.Ei, emtty 418 "74 Camlpl Ft. WORKS ON SILK. SCOM PLE'I'E a+sortllent of thll best works o toih S llultre ol'f te Mulberry anld ilk worms. I)lutdlo o) n silk warlms. )'lllllergnlle's silk culturir t's malnal. (: larke on the Mulberry. iollh's an'alib o af t ah t l a I tlhcrry free. K endrit k's silk growers tgo i,.' litlnr . oiln te il lulberryv ,ai silk orllls. Rloherts o silk .e. E.JItINS & to, croterofSt. ('horleto.'mt a atontl et Ired, ill store, far oale by i I)t)ItilI', june 15 41 New Leve. june 13 31 Gravier t IEF'INEI ) i liIA till-1000 g1t t s, fIr t le * 1'I11 WilEELS-40sel II-isung Wheeit , 1 rf im proved lconstructi ioat rlituc5 cmle Ito , forb u e hv J OTT, S, 'rEEi PENS-Juot received a fea. Fta Gillots at Iagleh and Perry's do h pntaet steIl pe to'or onh I1A\ Il) FEINT & Co, l V NY stationers hll 24 (Chartre, at L OCKE V.C )l, No. 8 a l"out Leve, hve iu store IC Jlurgea Yd extensive ilo a 6i C, tliu erms iln S'ltn re ofi ther Iwn aUt oula pim, lalat. tt anfcI r lew by wh.oiltsale. m. o8 *ijPESii I'i';i' ERt-16 Ithgs latding hord starat Sboat Prairie, IuOr ale by' Ja - AT'IER, 4 (Gravier ,t LUNlI) T l'iElTUR PI'Et-A (.etow est of rai-ed throie Icper elvnri ,us qtlrlioies, just receivsd and flr sale oa aoteluctudating tlemais Ioh J4 4 TI\VAR.,49 Clomp t li N 'LIn '. Noa. Io , also tle ith 6 ollobet in lue 9I'trryatt's Phantout ship. For snlr Ilt J32 A TO\VAlt, 49 Calmp a! PORK. tt-650 hy s total d o prite, rat ilia ittoltc tira, for uale hy jtne2l G1 I)ORSEV, 44 New leve,. / J2- G DOtRSEY 44 New I 4 e e S EGAR "'OBACCO--20 btoxesi. Far tty y may 28 34 Gravier a fLUNT'S I.ECTURES on the hi-tort of Abralham Sand Jaoob,hy the Ret. Ilenry Rlunt, A. Ml. aUt thr aof' Lectures on the. history of Jaua Christ and St. Paull Juot pualiahed aelect remains of the Ret. Willism e Nevins, 1).1). of iallitoore with a tt*moir. Just res ceived ad for sale iby ALEX TOWAR, J8 49 ('amp st 1 AV.ANA SEGA ,It-30,t00, differest q.ilities, for 1 s ale by A 'IilER, - un 1 III o jet' NEW BOOKS--"T'he Croppy," a tale by the U'11a ra family; IJt mtirc of celebratled Wromen by U I P Jamea Es'; ithe Naval Istory I tlhe U Stauer, t0y J Feniarllor a o:oper, autnr ofthe Spy, cr. B lirttl, eatlls and t Marrainges, ly '' Hook F.sq. No. I2 Jack a"h,.ppald, lby Ainsworth ; P're.ology in lile fam ly. Jult recerved and lfur ae ,y j0i ALEWX.'1 UWEIC,49Campet )LAI"1ER IL tF PAlt O-Ot1011 hble nding ato s 9, t1 S John, -ill be sold low if taken from the lever, j6 J l Ill(iU.lN, 71Ccnt st j)El'Uli) CAP-Juot rec.ived twoa .uase.+ It blue 1, laid'lReclrd Cap, lhp plaip aIt ruled, a very iatv alilet, suitable fr nosnlnis. ur stlle tby DAVID Ftil.l',N Y1 Stationers' ill, june 12 24 thiatrrt ' ;i Rl(AZ I "Ct)PPEI`I----.ll l.· :311 3It . til iitlt. B 3 to 60 |b. itheelsl of Brzter t Clppcr. 1111. shectls 30 to li in, of 10 lb. ltolintg Uplper. 51111 .e1 20tfo f6ll d u, Just recevelld ad for sale by S. LOCKE & Ito. may 23 8 Frotit l.ovee IA -ANt LLA ii -l'l'--Sol0 i:cilt, t.ttl,ldsfizctatttflta l.le; 7r 5 Manilla Htlls-ro, asl.tted, Irmi 4 1. It 1-t. For s,.le by m. LOCKE &l Co. May :.8 8 F,.ot Lever W IllISK.Y-I I barrela rectlfifer whslker in lto or sle y; I (olt4EY, J24 t44 Newlevee S I'EIIM CAAI)I.E--6ill, Itlloxex elern, "tundlteN, ,ý 4I1df,rl lhranad, for sale by I InI)(;E & CCo mnay 2 131 Magazine at lI I;R-8110 brlt. cttprfa ine tore for sale ly J.j Ii. S()RS'1 Y" 44 New J.rve" J Unet1 fS'ltI Pe)--teeihtls Ilnrrt ll,. na rcial, Eglea & P'crryi I),11 .le laOtent, and I I tprig ProI., Aliso.overal gross of itilltsll t fine ,n in lllbias. Sold by the Grese or eingle( .rd hb D). rl ti & Co. few 'ork St. tioners HIll, N. 24 Cll rIters Strert. IrMERIICHANTS n .ea crve n IWorerTltu. Cfacye lAo Itrark of at four hours N.'Tlcr, iby 'lla. ait Ilte (:opli.pito Ittals o/ "III.IK EA\IEIIIICAN aI'ltrfso OrrtiCr,S t. CihrllExcollnge, ac n aniai the L REAll. t.a lRoi ati Corner of liravier atreetl, orall th I tin ing lffice, earnerof Poydrae and St. (:lniles slreets. I ,1NI li-l-- pipes Iollt d Oii. in ,Atore nil3 74 Poylcrac t B1 I'TER--t6 keg: Itosher.r an1 i W, er., d., store B 'or a elev (i Ill) I1, june 12 44 New I.ever eF'.-21t0 bri llrllie and 20 halfhlallcorrs, tnr the 1 in, teclisn, for sle byIs ( Is ltI'.Y, june 12i 44 New I.r.e PAINTS, I II." & . V \lSNISHS.-50- 0 kcii No.e I and 2 While I.end; 3110 (Cnister CIroIe Green l Paint, ertound in oil; Ilack dt.; l.nseed Ot ; Salerm , ih Puttyio ) rlis. WlhitilgL Co.iaPIl an0P Jnlaned Varii+h. For ;slp hy S .(CKE k Co. . Mean f8 '8 Froint Leveo GILEAT IIAItGAtIN. FOR S tI,.E lrfe thousand nurs of fine, rich IAND, I ligl i d initile P rist. t i th itl Oucl'ar , near,,e. 'lI, l.5ld iall;'irsd extremely low and onii advllninerrous lerlll. Aplll at june 9 N1. 109 Common seel. UG 1 llRS-56 bl Li Clariled rlId rllt+ SIear., for sale jnone 99t Noit Clonli it I lle rv, tnatlllrtntlv on Iid, anl .nl fior .ul1 h iEIIMOOIENII, IIILOJWN & Co, june 29 No 9 Contitni st ORK--400 hril meaa antd rime, at lihe sioc.ihnt l forsale by G. tlt.t1E'. 9oth jlne 44 New L.eve r SIAII)--I Of kegs sug arilr Isiflafrd fir tnle hy * J J29! ( OIIrSE. II New l.eveet IISKEYi-48 tIrlsi lfadinlg frolat steam boa W en(ten Ilarrison, for cal.I-sv n 9 (;I (lRSF. 44 SNew Lrveet F. 41) do do brown do nnting. for stitll llv inL9 S & J1 WII ITNFY 7.lCalnp st PIICKI.EES-20 kg'i till 411 Isllxe, rl,tolvll tliltrou mNeW York per ship Ocoeel fr saile bv my SIIAI.L , B ItOWN, Nlt Magffszine st O AlS--8000 feet a rsh O ir, may 14 S &J I' & 'PIITNII'Y, 73 Caap l , ii st re, for sale by G I'illt. Et, llh1ijnnr 44 New I.aVl e CORN-1-500bushela laninar from lllt boat andll for t slc hiy t113 A 'TRIElt 31 ;rvl'r It INK! INK!! INK !--Just recieived lonl hliiundr Idozen 8 ounce ink, aarrinted a vtery superiotrartci Very aIssse, ly do0zen trl grce I, )\'Ii) FtlLI'T & Co. N Y SRntisnern' Ilal, june 15 2| ~harlres street ANK NOTE' PAPEIL-Ju t received an invoice aof bunk Ante pper ,of Aie.u nallotflllo , and for salte IbAl ALX fl(J\\blI 0_9 49 Comp .tru~t Tx-II i ncisllat i tt sigii, fir stiI fJ ,21 A'I'IE11,31 (Irv. t 1.OIit -80(IG br. lanllditllsglcm fiat boat, for iuleIs L iv m1 ( Ill)RS1SS 44 New Levr" SESS IIEI"F--In nIfbla, fcLr li, by I may 14 G 11ltSEVY, 41 New L.vree. S) ROl 'N SOAP-300 hIres brown snail. eI r sale by jl Sd I.. I' \V111'I1 NF1'.t.73 ampt iF I.,)l'--10i0 brl pernne 1 6U. ; t int"i ... ,-der j itr u.e by i IlLtvitl t v, J ___4< New Ltevr.N I.;LIVE'l S RIIIIIRI', thee elebrated Phtn, e She.,p ednlm oand an assortnlwnt otlhtio mstn Iec Irated nacting ploso. ; ,I Il N'S & Co, Jt 'w orner ot (Clonrl. & tt'lll"nlltlon (1 OS'NTES of Ill.-siogttn, Idler in Italy, l. vls. PI'ecal trllono and thni Atollnenl. nt,by T' ook p The. Anmeran Joe Milher, with illuttrntions Little Frenchman nod hIls ulter lots, by Morr re j ett lilns bV Johlnson.o Poetic Wrvath, trc-cted poetry from Chaucer to ' Sorda nrl l. beh Nicklehy, No 12; HIol's Sketcl.s, Nos 7 and 8 F .IOIINS & Co. nayv 31 2w Cor St CharlPe &. Cnmtnun -to (t .)11--75 brl prime TCann r,' Oil 1 \ .11 ta .ks sumlmer Spenrn (ti ii mtna 31 in3w ' I. 1I r SI.E, 9:1 Common a te F.IO-IUS-99 barrels landing frSm lart iI l for ale put Iby G IIOSV. oll SS BIEF in halt his at inspection, f sl tiobty 0 )OI1S.sE, mtay 31 44 New Levee A 'ER--Foolsoapoftvarionsoqulitiesrutled kplainh . Letter psper do d ill Packet, emnmercial and B ith Post Iovnl tnd uper royal cartrildge paper Iron nlonger's do C(lton samplinz do Printiog Paper, of all size,, suitable fir filt and G cotnntrv pater. Also, oalento mediuim, imperial and .utlr ropal d Priutiot Presses, for saole by AI.ELX TOOWA R.I jumnell .9 ('ampn o , Pontitllesto maulnrll inre tiny article in his lilne u. a Nshot nllice. (Char e ImSloderlllne. n tt N. IS Watchesh Jewelry, M it Bnoxes, Spectacles 01 repaired i Itte tot fnrai hflll mallnner. Oln Gold ttltt r i ted. ntin Inoo ;e V.IItABI.S & tSAtCE lFAIl litt()lo:. SARTIN'8 RepoSt., a few onpie only left, in 19 t 1 vols; I.ouoitnm i I, tp rt- , IIIt ..t I Civil Cede of I.oinitttno ' F Johns A-. Ott Code of 'rnactie do o new editin a Sfrgeailt& I.omvr'e Reort" ofcnsem inl ithe Eng-onn lislp coulrts, 3:1 n&si , Williams' Malnesachn ntts' Reportsn lPetera' Reports, I1 vo'ls lh condvn ed d,) 11 Archtold's civil lnd criminal PI'leditngs Ahltdt on S:hlipping ; Bailev tou Sills Ileok's Md ical J urionorhttte I5ell & Beattv's ('Sha ltery Reports Chitty on Bill; do on C(onlrltei ittv's It'Iomltt d I'g ralctic ; It eqity Dirgest o Cillttv' Inackntols ; ('rtse't' ISign-s I C rtitt' Ad tttntitlt o liteot; I) lt ws S f 11 't. ' (.ldea's |' llfc ,"r, Ie ).lrlm ; I,'Fle blanqg e'm Equilty ltow n Partnership ; IS inatttnt s Itenql S tldiets Kent's t mSoIllllotl s; Leigh's Nii Ir l'othier on O(blizatiu. Pettlao' I)iest, it voll.lle, a new woak of Iloseon Evidence ; Russell oo ('rilmes oi Saitern' P'leadinis Smiths ' htnitcery Pracltis Stttnrkie on Ilvidetlc; ,t~trv on the Con,1iutolo nf Stevens &. Itenecke ,in Insnrance rTollens law of E"CxecSttioni 'ITolins Law Dictionart; Vatltnll's of Natins nndna getrnetl nntortttnttt 'Iall snt lonr Stt'lishl noi as Frolltin law tntSt atnnngt t tie latlltr, tlerilt, ST'oll tt'. I'oitlier, Troplong. I)uranto, it. l 30 may 3w Car St C(hrles& Co.Co.nmot ot I GEORGE C. CIIILDS, ATTORNEY AT LAW, u I~' ILl. attend sihes upnitn',tCont, and tihe Districtn ttourts, of allrrisburg,and motn of thie adjacent couinties-Ollice oat tile City of llnatton. ( tlains o the goverontmtt, either lor ilounty Lnd t t or mloney, will he undertrak n an I pro .ptly attended to nihtr for non oe-idtntn or nsid -onl t of I'exnn. Cf Addren.o ran thie Unilted Stnoos--Cilvty of Ilhtstot. 5 to tihe care of . Rticker, jr. ( I'exas l'o stOItce' Ao nt New Orleans.o 3m mr sn COTTON CIIRCULA RS T7 PRINTED witlh th Greatest .rpedrtion, and no style unsurpassed in NEw )uI.&ASt , onro elet h wh,,r,. 1 ORstrslefatfCoMtT1-ot Roos iSnSt.ChnrltsEx n hanie, (Cotmetr of Grarier St. ) or at T IRU F i AMEISRICAN I'R IN':'INi; OFFICE, corner of Pondras and St Charles Slreets, will be i promptly allendrd to. I Is I- UGS-Jnstlanding a fresh stitply of whlit w'ax, . Ji Guonva Jelly, (Gm Aranic. Tamnarimlso ("'at Tartar. Sol Soda., pts ounrpeotion. Pearl osl, 'S':rlts ric Acid, Chlorlde Soda, Hlls. (Convino, &c. to sale by II BONNAIiSI., v 31 Cor Nat rltz and Tchapionulas at j t 1 ME-IOO c0aoonks ioThomtoon lime lndtle, and t .I. for sale by J P WVIITNI'Y, snitd 73 Coamp it _________________________________- - - - EA OTTO OIL-For the restoration and grnowh of tlle Hail, giving health, beanty nnd preventing ita falling of, sold at WM. BEI.I.'S mn l N o . 16 C hna rtr o . t 1 5n Hý) PTER- r 1 Iskgs tienhts and h(tosten in tntore I or sals b Cl DOR I'I V, - 2:1r 14 Nel. Iever "rHE IN'DIAN,' IPANA(NEA. - ('or, uf' oNatchez aud Tchoupitoulaa its. FOR the rare ofrheulmatim, scroflan or king's evil, rout, s r lG. .. h o, t, ..... ess ,. ... .. ... l ,rhe w, ... .. L, Itzc axI' eltur,+l ,,ll,,ul·, partu.url y uLcunl and psetol U"lu moo u1:O e hP nues, ul CIr.teJd thLroat fnd Ialtrllls, ulenrl 'o every dscarlowluu. lover .,,le. alcd oterrllJ ,..CU..... tirlU luore pit,, sil,.d hlead, scurvy, .ler, €illele s:)ir etly, cry. t of.l, bluohllh., alnd yr-rr) vcorlny ol'eutllleOuY ..Ilec:tl], chrul) ile catarrh, head aljex prucl:edlllmg fror utri ay r J hrodb (Ison, pour] thr",'Mv talr~d , Mand Jyb,+, ).ho por+eodJ I-n It.,. v rz'it "u" a c-mu ss or" [ho liver, s.toos n Id....n . · Iof ,b," kr)ld and gelneral seeadily e.elad b y n t'lorid nacto l(,I "ite ((0.10v ,f the ekizl. It is sing.ulalyrll. d.'. eas .i r Iiovating thoe"o cnllrtitulualn whlcllwh Ilav+ lhreo broken drln, by ulnlylrlollr Lreultlnr utar u- lrll e irreglllarltllr e. In pcllurl telrs, I is re ol-llldllt Ind ull talus:: dl.oau +, which aIrlle "ru I polur t ea ul'the bluud, or + IlttlIu n of e lh ,ll,,r, f lnltPrr r·r llmlle ur Sull] uo the sbove conlplaintlt Ilay rcelnric, aunt, n llfg e+. eistallt u|Jpheatiour, whilch tihe clrc Umna.o.l"l, of the este will[I; hutltnl t g nllelnl rl llllmll+ or lUrllichlrtr tU renmove1+ the rlelluse, lde INDIANS' Pd.NACtEA ..It nolll ;lu be Iol.lld i ufl ficcnt. TO THE PUBLIC, |onwlrtll it isthlat rndomIPrn phy.Y...'l.U, II nhI lrr bet-ln on to excel wu lh.oo prlxanl+un, ex pIori- tile vastl l-1.1-1' .com er by It,, ld of cllhlslmlly, ul|d seek out nlew rrtlne1al .l.., Iu sh!ort, to nurlol. at )lcrfcl:ttlmll 111 t.l.! prullsc, hy wlllexs ul atl ,dlnlle,--elllrlmly uverlhok and lotglect, a, bslieltl tileir nut e, the rllI:h nlld bolullteoulls a.alrrr l llJedlrlel, hick tl I- ll A l+.+lltg hll4. calU·lJ wt rspt-rlU t I1I the tarth re. erllvery chur!i Allnd how 11111e ll Orte |rule so tlhlt w aile [ : AmllllVll'olal It y+IIP U orlook tlo sreLgU cuuulltrle. frr lloy oI) UII" h i. cllN-t OIIIwmUn allnd aUor. sary firtcle.J , perll,, u.,lfly clatlllpnj. n, tlley a1re ,it the dlc;Utla uof 1hiuu bi r lo llv, ll is as uto rlllluun 1d iiti , ion coUlltry Ilih au endl, ss prol'lso ll ul' IurdI al·lll t",.t eurli]t[ t LtU.l.. * rl fin hloi ot' IIgnolrn ul'tll.Ir is ir t u,' ,,nll they art ollo.rcd to 'w-lt.o [he, r .welrtil+.,oit tit',],d.+ert arre "he ltllla lle EUiI * IUIII the . I II d J• gl k, r +ll 1"+ dolrlllld ll. Igll hoLifiI ., it I | f vegetna b l lle hl lle' r; nl sli. ay1t m itre elrs poI tray--tlust ed f l'llran lll igrlll . lU 'Ishe ,'lrll r exeU tthe« ll r I'l feAlet nad l alll n t f o il'-tl l, Iartler iiii;-etry i. pallr r.ulrle ct., he i 'I. : .po" ug"tit,;"hour., °"d 'nd ..... r.lll rilooe , wlkl tit tiull , llltlhlrllrro, or to hr llo t o -e ml ,,e 31hately crlldr* C11111r 1 O~ UCll P (l 1I(rtt l ellltieiillll.l( i105t~clo ltll ,lis lyunde oul ow o.'tun hInanpcteihht he Wihl -. Whollt, iii AIIIr ic., [I1n inut knouwn iir heard +11' i'et~lllvetr Iilld1+ whtclrlln vUlllultictlpl llr III;1 f·l.llrtl II11 ll .sltla d tll J r io Illlld lll s f . l etJ l. [l ll cure. uller tl y: of rllterl ll e amx 1, tile cohlllllllUtlll prUIl.:iuu dm lr tl iit L II i tIlt .NL llfl nIUclllul tr hil, I'ailed ! nllllos who h11asn t Ihet hlnllr ci rd at tiIe o*lnlg l lrpi itvo 1,I... .Ulldi I11 Illl. with '.. 1 1 I | lll llll l afC - hllll -Iffl, llrun an . do II L ll ( I t J1 I ai Ulfilltlll ail st I ne l) nce t ll ¢)1+ ellrlln ell' IhElL ..llll U th o 1 1 W IIho Ioin. oiver h rd ofll ., Ile+ iFrl'Wllh a t lolc l Oll t LLun i a .lit.ll d rl ysll l t iiretiol l Il AndII n ill. t di .la.11 ,.o Il i llle II1 v,." p '.ill '. +ll ll f a t lhe ir all. f.. . .t I'thr ills whlich sle tleeh lft" i 1. Lin iu, I. ch lllyll lisp to tIle ilrllre gen11 U l l uu l ,, r lllel llh..w cha ie I'UphitcatoL ol'tllie ll"di tlolla arcrlporllay of kltp nohd s.Ine. ·I'nled,;u ll" 12ur. 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"wha 13 1 urnuar the y:,,,,. chi nwllrlll 1 d l Un oI'O llnt wi+lh ' it l to n P hau II h . '1",o noels it w11l p uV, of| ealnlllo, ral'r h, lllo Iher t c l,.hle , I.tn1 ll" , d rp .| lllg then ,H, ID Il te o h,.:Lth Ullll II.I,r.I "L . 'Iil h is t 114+t iH|'eled u. Itt( s-l. v wtnll crcllyJy, that ullt peyrl h ac, be equally ,,od wni imhfllaly It hlasdole re.l .tedly; a tld Ihr I; thise lutllthulln It b , tb It n d11 w lere, Vr st Ihu uiiirl, uesll flora d. It I, only. albout thrt, y ear< .llce Ihl, pr peparation awe pre soIIund to l w h ub - tllll:+ ut I o llhll a lort aa+ce o!l a llmt, um'1 hundred, oI ,,,lle, mlght hal l l who w)U ll . h urly de rlllre [lls t they tleh oyv d tlhallt th,"ir · 1 1, l r I r d blll yl| I I.I, i I ii inot c Ilase alter thl hd anld| iiony, hlnd perhaps lit lel e oleo ll n re ltledes iii calll. IThe.rP r ietst is k llu)+ it iii r&pd il y Vlllcicn pruo|f u|" lt lmllar )t,. 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Wedth+,r I I Palace. we no. n g I t r ,Aces h.ealt anil I ullde l, ' +ecOrIllleld it to all .lnilllrl afflcted l. I JUOHN 1I+:I U.IN, KnIg., tt C. hrtrle~tnil, Hatrch 0, 1 r3.|. 1 wan r i Id, ab]oull three year, ';,nn!',!-' ll 'e n 'l reum rlll - thi I.|atl ll mll cull,t u. whlll h I a.r, !r, t'olt.+ iion i lI h I lnln] r*II"'L ol ll'r~llllr. luIIIJ chl~:cl wt I lrl.,tllot] Ille Ilul~in P11111 .*. nePaly ov r slln.. UDrl ll e .l p riodl Issas Ihtll h pll ti e 'tllnht InI the Mlarotr Ilospn I I, lU. th..,ll Vony upards of IIur Iof f lu l us, lind nIII rly t l vlule ll, t llof llle i e. the r I 1+' lw·rns ltlrprfd ulld Itrloed hlmo)t every' renedy. With 1t11. hII X i')ll- I u the ).t ol l".hrualry" ihat, ut that tll, s.l:lretlyl Oslo to, Niive almut iipoel cruc Ihp, It nillcn v tlll hou the iic e Il' ll, I 1 Illlf lnn CT P . Iii no1 nlmo thlll l Ifytt ucd m. I l.ud, IrI r t lrn a alll, lll n sI ow lIp . I'y IO raltlt h t |cu8 e lll.sJCS y, ll'p l lrli'lly well. ' 11%,11. '1'1 L'KI+It, 13 Alerket f.. CASI:.i OF ..CI tUI , )II rS tI.C II .9. Now Tork, Se t. 10, hior0. Thi s ri . errtlty, l at It I I Fit..pall ofI. , I n noseIzed w.1111 ,t yuI.11. pii sleek aLllndl Ikth+ Wlla w L +bfl'.r IIwa ll.el£ud & J In r uiln l gs g, halo t III[,"eT 111 linly ,a.1 A.ltter tl y p . " krill Ihysln alln, to uoI ad au u tl , I w, ist t W ell ' tell' Ilh llo I Iaud placed I ill lf Ulller 1he carl, iof lyre. (hl. m n lt l Be c hlla , ultr ' , rlepored l lllevpiu s I no I, bele, 1llt w lan ll IOU lU t.'U I." re .- I cirrht l tlltllalp rwartl to k I\.,ieot}* I Guide o Sw ii1 ar - l , epa, llud l ght b{}ttlo uf Pi+lls'. (C+,tt ull nllllu, with tl l ) Ultlr-) ll bLnrIit. DOp )lla r r lll 1I""g of lll'r, llr lul ad l loW bees In: I bl rtl h 1211 1 ,otooe, 1rtturne'd to nlrllreUl, N.w York, Iu IYJ, ..lid gae , mvoc if up to a I i g(rlwg dhnts tlIeari Ig of the Il rea. ucce. I .1, ith, 1.I1tnI. II.IIc:I.L, iAwe er, Iis ,nloses .1m11111 to liay owni I I tto try It, as a las~t resllri. 'ro iny grealt our. i.p trlol, IIx h IIII talklU. letion I lole Ihlu L u ld m . |ell unly ra Id 1 Iherlnii prrfcrle ly well Ii1 n he o n, . our tl'L o IIOllhs, n111 have pubhsh d. I.,r the b'llelltt tlfthis-r who alre ll.url IT lfTIuder if lnllr.hro[ulUs Or sIpvlhti.c afctlionl,, lat they mylU/ klow l iar has Lured o)le wiho bo Ih< lit red. c v.rcy thing b~ut dea~th, . who conlsider. Isiiftl' savedl by the above syrup (V'.51 IIIN.MAN. Chnt'lectm,, July I1.. 18-71. wo sll.anllted four yernr with ain ulcer iii ,he ha-g. occaslon-.. ally nea~cl~l hied With eaV~lpehtus Itlllnalllmin.. aud i'xc,.s. i pan ., I1 u l o +g Ulll iiikl., .blot, t, verrul em nlllll't {" l'1011B exec «te1 ,hri.r klll tlllll ii, billt "w ithou u rt ii erll ollt horilfit. III c~ure. AIAILGtl;AI{I A V.'IlI', At| Aln|att M. flEA"Nu S,. I YO'TTA VEGE'I'ARILIS, AN INFAE.LIII.E: REMEDY F olt EAFNESS-1'II,3 Frtt cccsr winch gt, A3b, n 4. Ca ll the appllatltl al tll· 1 II. Flll te nlr T~lled ~a inane hunt red ea·Ea In the! \Vestlllllrter Illbl,.tllry (1'.r dJORI,"a of loo era, tad oar) lair whichl I~lrtllra p)·l11lll have been l O~Ltallel by Al l. T y333or, M ,I), 3rom tIII. 313, Eguverll,.Ia,. 33, 3.33e 3131 4 at 0111,ruae -d Irma the Roy(~hal Acae.llly of )lsullclul inl I'.ro, at n . 133el333. 3'31ne333333.333nI'dec1al.313,3alle M 4.13',,.3..,,d 33y1103134"tley C 33'31r. 1333 It 3'13I, Cart31-, Drak.,l.11 LS.- e3 paaig, Ani.rl, 3 A'. :ll 30,1, lr ,.10,,,,. n s3 ges, in.3f33r 3 o 3. n nn".IU cII· s- nee, who Luc e I) lltl. .,all 11( oi( mlllll(·l .l. 0,1 C ·1(IIP t 0:111 1 ·1101 IiY.I:( \',"p Ielldlllr, 1111·(lgpllall ,'raise andd H lirrnltiny r. , rd t, .prr(.y t ut sal orlon i nto n LIIII .,, 1-y t C ,entry au II L:allrl mt ad, e ""es were prrs a(!T I~urJ to Urfa, " s1~I- I lu1IIr~ all u 1II~rl·, II ranr ulal mllv· I 1II· Irrllllcu lla. Tle. fi +"(rtainlI). I alhICl 110 (l Ila n .C(i illlll \'.g,' L el .I, llllullyll ) 1IpplIIII can be attr11·tec b, nil ,ln? · Ill1urr llds. Saalr ,h ar, ~" 1,I 33333'. ff3133'. 3333r 33331stll· La3me333333 ll,' e , A FIal,-la. I Sad rlllllld King o f the neIlg a~l., cupfe11el d o11,r\ Tay rler Ihr ttle al hon3,orary A3333 t 331331.1lr n31 3333I l3 3 - 1 1 3f3333l'3 33tr t33" e33Y I n . 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GRAVEL, Linnhay., or from Gv-.rat )eakners,· or Local Debility, am xsvurad tll.I1 thlls vulaalblo medicine, at Il1 tun, iurrand pert-etly noodrewtel, thle why-,e drrcsr, much auvo...· than any Other, flid iof,.pbly fmp"oU.fe the PI.Itlfutwiff and gentera · ",eIII, tied restnre~to ,Igu Ytxl·Ia Y part% that :lu* IHill IJ aiYC rrl by A d,..... ur tlpryrprr trrurlnrnl. In fut1. so mid Mia· r'a.,,. Ie flnr U" in If, "ffll It 1,I"fpa~rtlvel) furtJ masy 111!10 ulrJ llJlV111 onrr ell olillr II)Pdfl·-im.· ave f aded, auldio laf'1fy .tpftrf<tfff I, r +i f .,1 1110gf I.frtff. frlIl 0i0fIppI. .I. -, AlU TurI).,,w r, 1.1: b. SlEN, Nrv.. In :ul Jitru~l r". 1II ...:ur n... . t llllrnr lllll rIlrrt ;"I Item Mt I ,fyc., fffffof'f of l ', I tI l f: 1,I,,Ih": tI -ta l I h. rill Hundred~ pound, ten ufd- 1'*,f ,,,.Icl' tf,.tIfl tIf,.fb.f aIly, nli whoIcan fpfnolr.. y nn 't·OlNt., 1v )'Ol..t.. haw..t1 Snlaiu io. Alter t1,,. n.. · "rtl,,"l· Eumins lll ,.au Ire III· L..Iry" '"I Its~ prerrihml Vol. ,I ..Optic fr. 9R:,1..,inn tOn·Fvnrllp· ANirD le IIuri'A under Ur'I 'lilY StI.,ll' Tml:Elsd Wx Ir ·toh DIR. InePIII· they w all,.! llrld :II nllwb.horrll {,tire l ln H 1 0. es· h fhro lllue01,d1d anJ ILdllgrller l bill he · Ih ., x Lh ICIma" ed. 41. LEY, M. U. "Ender,, nn Moo, 16"ry, u it Barth~ldulo w', Hoxpitlll" Ur Clark, ,.w prercbcbe YIII:nd'. rl1.rl, fe S011 ution, toma ny pal lnlt" Illx~rl::g sler U,,I.Ifftl f-,ft,,a,, iil :,!I'trll IN f'm IllfI art. I a, rl, I IflfUnf tan tlI hod I - vllY*Y u lxlly.ol."vn I, x he I)Pg ITIpIIIU III f l,'rrpniv I ad is ul I ]I)iuu It I. irlr··n)*! u Irqunvll. · lld nun that hr: jnteuds In fu arc tol Ilre crll* for LI, (Isllcutl *NDON, Drrl'ffl'27. 18.ff. D~r f; rrrn Irerrby o~rtlfrw Ynlnn41', *p,"r,1L Solution I. a mss nlll· thl~ul.Llly props. stns, of upslva Ir ha, r· crr Ilrr I'llfff. d PEI'r Iabvr rfn b'n CRItb:~u1 .old at NO. 96IN CI'C hf'fI' I '. EDICALIf Cfflf n. AND I .it'(?IIT.\N'I' ' 'I'fE AFF.I lITfED WITH DIl 'f RF T lls nu rur.,l llilis^, Cn nrrh Ill !:!Orbs wa "1 .r~lrurr l Illx~rpra I: I b t l II. r ull Ihx 0101 lrric· rml 1n11"I,1. urn, dl Iron, earl, 01. ,11' ,n lll n ll per...... ea I 'lfI. 'ff 1, :I l ffI' I., le Ic ,' l1,, ,f:f.I. f ,lfff (I fff xflA I ·llP sIU(I:i~ li:FC.. lIfwJfU t o r I)! In a nl elunchnll Iart, That .Ii I' u allllf'l r p I toII o tf e a 1,:1.11111 D1~xruxe, ow l1lg u, the .,k IIY nlil:·y ..1' eliln: II. meI wh ý llr ear nl' IoutI, lI.~rl dra~ll l ~ :,n, , Di,,leery rum the con vt-ItuE 111 111·11 "'W e u· rileIl ion ..:!., llr1 1 11_, · Iho n1 Rl, on. 1 I r tllu , lr ll nndrs "., IIU LT.o:··:: hur t ell r ntit length a J!" i *fl,r1ic l' de a, f "tfffh' a,::.," c I ','(hlo wIo.f", fr dr: ,if- u.. I'Eltl·I1IP II I'S UI illll I; INO N1.II LC. 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Aply itcortN, Cet lln llmh. nfcuring hln0el, . . or Al tutal ( hlllll.a .t , l t iof urte. i yearn' durlti , . * year. hbut Il ad hl air , .000 pntitunls all of ajlu ..l . l .io oll id Il .li at ,e excep. t i el, , i oi f , . lelll:*' rat her than grilll. UI* t, h.OtIltre. I nw . ., .r , alhy} al,,lI ev (. vnonh , doter llal htr lhlt ona blood t ll uh, grt4.llllu. o itw, fa llrp Of (llllUIrI, ine.. .. nests idt,.t.l., r.ll..utlpx, ir. ... P tohlutOll( , Wrel b - cilu i tlrl lll ll l.uCllhol . thollllI dt . of .elfP . .... mlxlnty, 4c., r eur,.ble b) slit+ imllllllrt lltt ttCuo" t set ill xx wPeeks. Apply to No 96 Cu,.tnm hon.e t, New Orle. - S IEAIFLT' I AND OBEAUT . T iM.A.CII Pip.i 1 --An umudl,,. t inghctltl wr 7 elli, ll, 11 ll)Arl , P ll(·l. . b lle. 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TI inmutbi .r they era aAlfidrlly leCnmlnde. is MIu I. f nlhll A tllll le llll t tll krl d Gnrll p-egltallc ;aud for hnllro ll of all ug-s they alllnequ llh d. .r . I A" pleams:tw n llnf+, ltt l l n thl. they unite the - " emu" I drilll llof i alol, npora. tn It th the most f iuee.· fu tInt, sl r.glain iol rsr.alir t of dietn, eo. boPI e rnl during .leir we.. By t re.l altng the..h,-e a'ordiltg to Ile ho age and et 'lit). oohs pat l'aies he lltthb.ele uitn , Ihur ea ery tllr, oe; hlers. .aItkl dral be required; tro~d fIr elderly people i thI y will he fOUnd W h be the mxtelmf·,rthle ipmdtl hitherto pre.,l anti St ol at NEI. h Cna elllrll ho ll.. al, Ne f lh, iI ii i. I I.I--|I.I,0 pigio lea ~d hndulgl fronm laleln M J IRienzi, anti for xetp tnv . J 7 4 T Im A R & l'n. 74 Pnldrl at Ifrt F.l Auarhri 1-'her Gardrt u |)ilrrtlry .ertain. ,f t he prnlrtie.I Ii.h~e Cutret~llN uf ldIenJ il the 0nlWer glatd*,n, but hol y*I., grrr,'l hIIIIe. r.I utm" or pntrluntr windhnwN tur every [non h i. the yp..,r w itll a lell eril,tiou oft Ihe phl ltte m.ot, deailnblr its elach tint Ieltat ,til ,)f [hr R1ll.. lthe flip tl'.lhn hest ad .|ited to tIP~ trira ll t tire proper-au,.ll hnr tterpl@|~lntil.g Ac. |lllelruriunll tier orel. tie h-bt ho,,ner., ireen hoar.', and h.) ilul out a t- b.wl'r Cautdun,nl+.,, la h! of soils mos(t rnngenial to th• i, IInnt.+ ctmtlinledinlhl rthe .(r; lbnlead Itlltl. eilhv ielrrut.:' nr ,atll ..ur'td't. with ins, ~lh:.+ et~ .Ir Illli te I+roii. pro p.T, lg, ~planl~ne, pmdoeilpt Ivlll [',f Htirng the galtpe .itlt.with deervirptiona uft" lklt ll fnr forit" Ilrlllml ifn ý~il1n •ii a. Seil r1isen ti br ALEgX. 7 *0 11, Cp~l Y6 49. ltl

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