Newspaper of True American, 13 Temmuz 1839, Page 3

13 Temmuz 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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lIItAN'D IREAL ESTATEV'I: LOTTERY OF PROPERTY. Sitllated in New Orlenln, TO BiE DR)tAWN ON Till' , It DI)CEMI ERt, 1839 IN JA CKSONVILLE, Flit. Under tie ttllpeltlltletelllle Io tbe C. tllliesinelste iu 1euilttd bly tihe I.egislative Assetlnlt i PIlFlida. 4Il-ll()r , &. IiAMILTON, l.anager;. 100,000 tckets, tr $15 sIlie price. $1,500 00, OUO STelinb prlir '0 per, ticket. UYLVESITEIL & UIt., 150 Itroaduvt., N.W YORK, Q3' The receipts ol thie tle. of the ;i:eketl will be de. psited In tile Cottlplni utn,-LCarrt It (Citize's llndil Consolidated sBanlks, ill New ()rllles, inl the nlll o Louis Schmidt jieitily with J II. I'errault • ieually Cnashier ofthe Citivtel's Ilak, and A..liaudueirr ac. tually ('ashier orthe Con h lideled,(d tink, us 'l'ruslees, is per act pItused Ihelie A. lzureau,.Esq. Not. I'nh. un the 2d aluy 183d, and the properties trnsietrrd to the above meltioned gelttlemell' ll inemlbered, us Trultees, for the security ofl'the tirtueate prize hol ders. In New York the motieu will he deposited in tihe Phoenix Ilank to tihe rudit o hl'l above nalmed b City Bunks of New utrlneas. The P.tlic are referred to the acts pllased beRlle A. Malsureia, EIK. Not, Pl'b. iil relatioll to tihe rop peries which emllruce the respectiie iriers in the Lottery. 6012 PiliZI, is,, l~n lwi o wl'1~%. 5 I r lullrr Prize-'t'hin nII~gniliOcell three storei brick buildrugfi klln HII i h.,I, n,.l,, and 1111 lint II inch,,~ Na.ches St. This bullilding p Irodue" flow a re~nt of $:17,1111U pcr 1111 111i, and be1 ~iI the, most lie ishi~lillg purl of thell lie , rent will, i ma vey few bd increasel Itofifty. Ih,1wkatid dollars er $n0000imumd41 $710,000 t'rian--'lllsl 'in 'en fu nslll III WV hrITi:k hulilll. litrllrrlp Bishop', l*llteo , *illlnCII it the Itlnll iofl( ' :m1 St ll Cumin 11111 Itl and 140 h lE [i" I11 mansc ('amp Pi.,r st This build ing r ents 1('( for $'-' 5,0110,1It andbuni g io Ill., must Tr lrul part 01 the 61v, eau shortly he\· br inn reus~ed to llmly tneuouttad duIller, 1111 uul· i not.I: tm+icd t $500,000 heave`, No. :lit nrorl, Natchezr stmet, ndlnmimg Il i, Arvade, rented tit 12 ),1)(: I~,tilhuel LllI, rs. I itlllcd d t $:0,117 I Price--l'lla thee, story bY Irick dwelling~ N,,.~I1Q) IN, ndjeiniiing No. 20, a , Nlatlll," I, eul, el ul td at twelve.~l Intdn"l rlll lllar l. ilmimuled St $20,000() l Irizo--Tim three store brick dwe ~11 n:Illingll Illklimnw P No. W, adoiig o 11) , onL(·lll ~ Nut1* wz Mt, rented at twe ly hand. II RT r111e 1 a.dl '(u. ill Bnledti $221,000 1 Prize-The d've" liat luf a·e. No. 2:1 nollll U .1 sl P w 1 , "' l , R 1asie aIIwm k :01,11 house ntem+, 110fee 10 om I , a l2 sin ' vi.,. I fel (runt tilt 1. 00P Fil. .7kli· I l (al . .0127 ,1, depth 11 ~l, ,,+r ,,ref ro ed 0110 P'rize- i'lllhM dwe · lll lll(llng h to 21 sout~i 6 111)im.1, 320-t in n Iarn t "12 fret 7 li il) " · i F ru IIklin 0.1)(t, If id ,l d llar. 1Istim led t $2,000 I~l'ri uline" and I l Ispitul stns, s, Lnrn 11 I uric rbrl(' I I" " 11 ,, ~t llnyur Pt Eaineda 1,000 Mttlil" Ou' IilI..\VING. 100,0llO ti.kt, tri n i I. 100,01),, will Ie put in one whel l, oal aI prI I) , th bl, ,ki, in another; to every nIIII h Ir i a II or ) hoI hk w ll Io. drTLwi n, I niIl al. thie z,"1 c n"r' de3 -1 I l.o , iesin1 tiho: balancll(e of Inull here i p-l-i w h(l-I - (O)rder . (,rltle so. le Untteav will be rece'ived It "i h ntl'.ce under the V,`ra.ntls , 'ornr of St. C'harlec and, (01 harl., nnl. pom p ll,1 I Tmwarhld,,. o)dern f'roml the II ·\lFit I/,,,l p.I tl, -Illtni n rtlin. a n tfl:( o Ii l" Jlot l ' III)I) I' & II .11Oi), New Orleans. I ", tpn l-,lll ,;, I11i1 I.. iri ii ll t,, , lae- Io lorida d Jnr k. ni l.l Ih rlll il. l, 1mo v P0 I JIlIIN V. t l I1) , F.NGR 'itVER 1) I.l'l- t: PRINTER "1 -i. I.e rt ,_, e ~ad 1"mt I-~ .dr. bink notes, [.iI .. S l '' ,llfe II l: ,ac , IlII of 'l ·(ll, ,l l , il'lltl,, .",Cl nI. hl ll it HHIn&r , o ,, , Oer, w, , ,,oy"ll, ,l.n n. Ih) llllY . 1 1. l ll lr inIi.- ,n iin - w, r lr,-,tF.) -ilwon l.u h:tdl, n l Ia o n,II nt ull l licr phttd old bralm+ door I' Carle pr:nted funt plates already engraved. FI,1a . . I TiR C oU--Il lNG.o o I " mIFll s lar t : tlhletl lll n ,tF ll oft bal, l ned W ilner olut , , anlllld iiill ouin llnl to lA tic slip llents reo u l(ariv hro holll utl ItY i~e o,' . ThI allil' r.rtmlnllt being lalrg will e~nsaI)I,- h'nl Io slll- , ly o o , rooe, tslll frml, th onlllll v ill the hnr lv t lll lol for rule wholesale retail,.. ICCiI un II . - It Ln, se e. j3 1'Tl it, 50 k." (,.Ih, nltue.' h dilln E ll for ,.e b T) T'II E Id) ES. DL I 1111 .'SI I. I1'lill A)IOiMIlNAL SIiPPORTERIIt fills .w in- ointrnno el for the rdical curenof Pro 1 o lalpsus Uteri, or -alling of the Womnb, by ex ,crnal apphieatiin, suoprseding the us of e of the jlectionab)( pres)ry, is confidently recommeodoed t to tlhe afttoted as the means of a perfect restoration to health, it never having failed of performing a t cure, even, undbr tlhe mort aggravated circuntan ces. It has received then decided approbation of SierAnOoy Cooper of I-ondon ; Sir Benjamin C U lBrode ; 5r .I,ones Clark, Physician to tie Queen; Dr Ashwell. Ln ,l-or on midwtfery to Guy's [Ion. pital ; I)r I-gly, lecturer to St Burtholoonews; DrI (Grllot, Ih, ctuo.:r to Westli0it.ier Hospital: i)r anlbotllSlanll, lectullrer to J. ol n hospital; Robert l'ergo n,ll. i. Iuror Iton l 11 st nsllltr ho. it, al; Dr Sweatm:in, lecturer to i liddlisex hospital. alnd isenior aoouchior to lu.een Cuarlotto's lying; in-hospital; alean by Henry D)vies, Conquestn llundo,;ll, I,-ee, Merral n, surgeon IKeates, &n. by Dr Morre.u, mreoidnt iof tIhe Acadqmnie Roayalo Je Medicine, l'ari, and Accouchnr to the Duchess I)'Orloas; proeissors Vei1uean, Marjolin, Paul IDubois, Sn soi and othersr-and in New York by professor J V Franeis, G S Iloedford, M 1) profes. aor of midwifery in the un iversity of thie cify of "Now York, probt. Deliaiold, naod Francis, U John. sato, president Coooty Mad Society, Laurens hulln Sprosldoent mad society Slate of N York, poios Jan McNaughtoun of Albaiy, proi- March, Cyruos Per. knms, I) 'l'ios Ic1yd, Gilbert Smith, Ilosack, :learns, Ludlow, KIssain, Vacho, Power, (Grayson, Van RI-nnsnaer, and miany other distin. uinioed physooan.,, in toie U States. AGr IIull, Oloneu 4 Voosey .t, Astor Hiouse N York. UT.I A cIonstant supply of the above isotruments, withl Dr lluli' oIpwroved Trusses for lernia, will be kept by SICKLES & Co, N Orleans, A G (Carpoenter, Natch.z; Stlon & Marsh, Wood. villc;, II.Mouth and Mallory, Memphis; V D WulLan ,elo,Somervhil'; I[dl and Washington, Nashnvillc; MeNnairay and I.,unil to dt; RIt L Bliss, Flornence Ala;J C Spotswood, Athens. NEW ORLEANS SS(eanFl and Poatent -Riscunt Bakerpy-Waters and Hollmoan. Nno.. .1Moreau (nonr o ho I'olllnharroan Rill Road.) rPiIot nod, Novy IIrtnad, Soda and Wine Riscuit, Sugar, Iluttr, Mullilrd and Water Crackers. All fIh,, aov,o ortieles nare warranted to be of the first quality, and , ke op in any climato, being puoi)ple tely klln dried. IAnlo,-Kinl dried corn meal. Orders left Ot G. W. P'rcichard and Tagart, Jr. corelcr oMagazinle and PI'oydraa streelts, will receive prompt atitenition. Small oega put up expresely for amoiloy u. 15nuva -- I A A . .\R, Corner of St. (larles 4. Comaon street, En, Ia NG I1 t)T El.. '1USHI! n" A\II.. 5 .,olI respeclfully call thie at 1i) tentinon o enozens ado trangers n totheireoumpleto a Isn tiu r llll Ii O. l. I l llnhon' linlll hirts, do ctull rie w nt i icil 'oru to. 'LLohio nlllll e linen fronrl : ll nen colo lurs: silk, enOtullllll llllnrillll llln(a a r shirts lllu drsawers: nalllbrio mald silk diIllhdkerclllnefn: blaok nld filncy cla vats ill.lrat v trilt,: so,,ks of lvery ldescrilltion: g) i i tlllic lld cotton suspeilderi: silk, cottonl and I4rend gloven: geotsli okin gloves: umobrellas and cales godl nlo tOnted. Also,--p oleolid asorolenlt of ladies and genoa ewri. titg desks, dregr asg s, port olina, porfuoner), cut lery, and l I'io eny goods. I 1l:' o, oltharuotnllliinoo monus.y-$5 S ol' said descriptioa for Oalen v J4 A'I'R[ER, 34 IGravierst LI.I-N nIIIR'PS lromes, & Sospenders-Just re reive I Ihy late arrivnls, an asOltlnenlt of shliors cravnia snmmer stocksl, glore, ond suppenders at ihe Bozuur, col ilor ol St. IIrldes alld iomolnoOn Slr01er. a'_2 IIU.[II & ALLAN. AI.ANK IliOOKS-An loinloe of super royal, me dio, ,o donY and cap blnsk hooka of auparior 1lnolily, joit reeeied and for ilil by J18 A 'OWVAR,S49 Camp ron -• SHIPPING. For Eiurope. - '"OR (IVbMii ('(IL. . . 'I' A a r I r at y .lr hr i r flilp SUii 1i:. hI ,ll i rnp ini r T wir kr, wil e i ,,h '. .r, de ,rlp trrh. F"orf r eihtlf Itf hhrl d.r Iorbal:rcc o ar trre 11 r .' l rlan " s I'r r 1,11 a ,'ly' o . JJO ' . II GAI.l", I:1 r, rra ,i ý.-- -- ---- Coastwise. ~~_.~~---- Coaltwise. ill (Ilie 9oIN. S The A 1 coplarel d lrh i , I:l~l El+\V, ('pt h rve e tclr. Fur INalcrr,,'rf aglr rr pe sage, havng.);roli ale:rolllrllllrriirta, Itllply aQrard, uprlpoar lhe Ilt l Iruta: I're ,a, l'r ' Sjune i15 & J I' W lI I' Y, 7, 3 'Carrp at FOIL i tL'i , -N. ,aThe Ih at rllllg bri Ig ANCl'l, 'apt.ia l A I alrk, will anil ua the .thu. .'dr pra.rue .unly, sla~ly' t &J i\VIIIll I'NEY, e junIIe 15 • 73 ('un at . . FOI J l;i3FN-. . k.Th u .Aln brig 11011, II NO, Ckapt. • $ns . 1tinlln, ( hI1 h ndsomelld y tccuull.+O lllciii-lltP |l, r n.erIuterrr pply to e ju;e L5 S& J. \VA1' IIITNI-i , 73 C:rirp et . Il."( . -ew YORK. -, he A IA ship IIANI(lI cll, r ake the bulk al'Alr hui a llla rt l rarr. Arple ty S& 'r P VllI'I'NIY, NOju 1:5 7:1 C(Tm'r .t For the Interior. eg if ular Jrackelt. nemns polendid lunenhe.r rrarrer . _ I a 'NT JeIsae Ir-rr ua'r lll ae .-ll v s w ill l.'a:i l New )irleana every \Irrr-r qe+,;.ll a 11 ;I'e lt*k Ar . .I . lia r Il vl hll Sarn &everav A lS11duy al It1 ,' lrh ek A. Ini k ilg h ,ela.r down al Sulldlay, IF'or llCignlt or lursuge app'ly o 1( n . !lltl U oll arb r or o febI25 ,lilM &x\vII'IrA.I., CIIJS JIN I 11: FEIL I 1+ I.. NiUVPI IF OR1111 S E'IIRII.\ I-'i t AItI(I ,T1 'ON. Cutln +a nlle "e Lfire ,l,,,,lq e.r.l,-,. h ' ,';wl n.dXl al ; Il, ' h on l,, r do ei~urr do l'.l ,As nIlllh ,· llh. 'a ,,olIu "' hl p,,r i'nrrlllgr rllllrrllr suivrt Ipor e ' atL, t tr llrnllilelll'r f d, 17 Al'rllrrr elnr r q Ir ' ar r h sjlra rre a L ' Ir i.rarraPar e, ae 'ra rri A/ate . a e hI I ',rj oa r alrrx. II'.u ,Vul , -stt . l -.oc al,, r-triv, a 7r A i ii Ir "` " L :i;' " I ii" Arrrat'rrr.trr poirear , Ir ', miarr rharx. j ." . . r hi',, iti+,,l.a.I h,"n ,e I' 11 ,ullrl o, lit ,+ lllo t~ ,It le lVr I)aa irlI Ill ('llrrt lhr m tr tir.r 1i.+a h n"rr.;, i r-au' ar Ialtr''r' II U raiera A rta:; Ii lur,rr. dj rir, a r jllral ' i it ,1, peat t),lrtullir r a t rhtlrr- a(hl nk..~ l , sot t i I¢, in -tr. .Jur er-e voyug rrra, u Ir nI . aI A iaierlrarrillr ll il ,lr l l. a I. rrrirrrIIv ,j alr IIu lr.rou lier t Ih tl' arolllolln , d,( tllllt s il{,lmelal l.. dih' hilh~lm., alh llhl ( ,l'il cat dl..lldtl l rlx 'ih ,lr~" .s Jrr1 s r e 'lsarir d re /lr'mg ~t s li de I Lrr I'h nllra I.r I illlhr llll.ait - r irr llr.-rla to ra'r , r !r. s11 dara Ins Ira" Irerv 1'. 11 r ,1mr IIvs ' 11 !. l wllnlls,+% r rr , {" all hll i l-e H ll', n: , llr. h..1 rllll lt l'lav. du' s l. etillle: l,h,:. beaua j~llllh£:. des l':tt :l ll. ,. ar Co'+ a,, at, (ir,, ,l . I, ~a," .h a,,-"a a ,: he r," A. M mi de In r,," ,h~ l'(( lll ,A ii I, ,,n: ,". do tlllllill l,t | ,llll 0 r·h-q l i i. " 1 :: h,,iirv. 11- ,,,rllh l a Im louo· | a h .I .lll hr.llel', jll.lllla' ' i" li lrH u,', d 1 . IIId I.or Iu I actrn . ,r , ,dala I tsN rr r' 11,' r,, I,',,r I) I.I·; 311 i,"u " soot lJlli iI\h, , ,l"onn t Il,,i" ,"' t ;l " I - r U l1urt.ln e h. hl oaolrl gl+,. ""f, , < h rl t t I nh d," Irlr "ct It',l, rolhtm al |e lu ,ouve][le (+Ii lia~-. -++ . . . . . .. . . . .. . . . NI':\V ll I.W1 II.I'H C. II 1.111:1.1 'I , 1 1'h, i r ,11 4t , 1 .1 hi_ I,] reIgv- 11r Ifin)sl, wh,,h w1 l I),1 Itt11 . h d11,, ' p, r 111..,l r111h , ) - rr :Tv 011 r 1.f.t i.,l. q I. . "1 illai,01,, . I 51, . 1,,e - . rilmy flte( npa 1 h111 1')I.11 I· l l l'i11 1 l ll llr,, II" u llh . , ,w ,,11 ,) 111 Itr,",,l I bis.' . [1-)/ 11 r11-. · )a- , .1111. . ..+ ol 1 iii I'. S. OI111d lu.I.b A1l S11,i r u11, .l ,I 1: jl1 T II IC lI:\ I' 10i1 1 I ,, ": .1 11 - llllll.l i .i(.11.5 1 l... A I ..1 1 1)1 1 t : 1.\1 111I J VIILI\M 1L ii '.\I tNi, ,O LI.S IANA \AI R )( , S o l l r. - l -VI I-- 1 ;I. i-- . ~ . - - -,t -' IH:1lHlt 1it il Ii IR LT. Hl. I I I T ilt i ll',, l h), 1 1 r llp 11. , lll l . : 111)l i -1", )9 ll 1 h Ir ch,1 is hRll s e ll 1 l tI I ,-I, I II 10ruuet us urr, u110sl' rv t" br r0 11ll IIOUl t'ihe is il i ,, hetlireily 15 1 Hu.ld ;i )11 rlll ; i l i 1111i 1' )Nth U llhl. 1 II 11') I j t ''llc.,)10r, t .. r rI I n In. f I I . , i ' , " 11 Ihpen ble b r lllrr H.11 .10 I llH1 lll ' 01104 111 mll 11111. 0 11 T 1I I pen1 the i0,t 1 1 10H 1 ) 1 Hsr Al Is I (0r. Tn he-r III , sc;l h r S 00119110 I I:,' ' nC Iron thewit. ;lhII n0 U Hse r, i ll plla e : 1 r 111 111 at if %V t Ct i mESN S11N 1 oli,- H H il. ,H.-1 i t . It I 11( rI l IS t )o 1hl d l 1 1 1 0 1 1 81 1 11 I , Isl'e t I Iit t iSU HI (, 11 11 111 t ii t' ll ll l ip l ld I (1 1AO filmIr ill d, t 2 nll 1111 hlu,, r I 11,, "1 i I (I (H l ) II lllt ill'lll HhI I A 1 I t h . N.. .. W1 -.t , r.lit H.t I 11t, lp , ! u:I J _~i HIHH.H 1'1Hl\tt.11, d amptst I F lld,\ V \II I'.1llilH--:,I lt IIn1.- arc Ih'I sh 1 I c .11 1 iI ON.l A lllll I tlr tl.l1 I11 t SII 1 I & III N ', (i- np IH ,I 11j 11:--I1 C0l. icusk0 '1' 1 llll . . ilu11,', In 11. 1, I. I ,ale" I e r y-J pii' \\ (I1'Ti 3 Y L C H I11 H 7:I 11-111lHp A ) I , h91 -o cvle I A 'I- I I:It, ried, i' r HIt. h ' Hiv t 'H a 1, 1. \j n (l isO S I , 4 I N iw I .v n - .u y1 , 4 brcasks b rw n er 1 n ' l 1 1 'elb l, nold for sale 1 b " j n =l31 l (;1lE ,(ravi(r 1t 1 E t Oul. 1 -,2) 11 1 pr ic s l, . m " L l a s 1 a., r. 7 I , sAe by T A. TGrI ll, or Ill ie rnvn ' l wil % ll ; Illh hhll Jahl T S1% ilolt n c'.il ln- .h), r In"11 m('r11) 1 ·-roli 1-or 1,1f11 l'rl 0 Ic l tile Ituya l ill.llllli~ lL )I 1 110( ]ill ll)il( IIni .110(1' Pro. r, fes1r ouf ntnlu l IllhilhM ,llh, anldI t'hemlis1 iln \Villiplm - & V .Mary Collcge of V.I. ,,r 1d, 1( I(v " 0i: J5 . A TI)WAIt, !)('amp t 11 I l, abl uly L7, furushllb " ((IUi l l(OUalJ--'(l O due i1,:01,111, h -- - .,_ .1 7 (i ()I14I:1, (I New I5ew,) I J) dy,-1 fir casks hr,vwn Sllerry \V er; 36 luxea .p.i i do du sUlu eriur quality "or ate:. b v t ma 373 Canp It • june 1.3 A TlIEl r ' he United Stars, for sale hv J7 A TRIEIR :1, Grnvier st I ALKIINi ('-NNKS. receivedo variety ofCA\NES, s 0itllble Ibr I))1 c ¢u~rsr. ,15"J FUR NEW\ YORK. A .run L'iwulu Vas rlnns uuJ N~ 1 rll , t titb'i't, 11 1' 'Iturlur BlljidlV y, ., f building,. The sr, stilts l~ll· buili iu ý"w 7 urk'cxprcnllr fir Ibisx 'r~ude; ar I 1, a tight1 dru gll f ae,, ndHl l n th ujctt ru lona l'B r' ' t'heir t, tur out: lotio s .e t1 fr naul~lla d ept 'ep rull till tout II iav bIe relllaird f irl II -info lb t and l ullvvue lltier Itod'l wit lllll lluldl,·1* m,"· turn of ~ex], riencec. Lind ' tin Ntp nowbuidin ae cn:"pleed, hatGlud tInd sll'uppy lei c or Iltrtll"r Ipuritvullllr* imply to I R-Pies. Johnsonu e l den, No. 86 % tll itrvulINocw I ork, or to l'":I'':t LA 1I IbV !i I'nsIII p [Louisianan aold.New York tint o f Pickets.] 1 V'u sail regularrly ax udvrrlrxea ffuur eah !'art. illeRlliilr, boot f: nitre tic . v vtan is will I·1:lc lllll utr o Milt" F ly day, ;illikill,' 111· 11111()11 (wv lv,; in nllt, s Iiý:li wic~k duns th Ile year, Illl. llllrlllt l -rITUIIJI iililituL~ J for t rulsp~lllall lol; turd at thel IUWC'I rates (I liei""ot. Mt~is~itnipli, Itrllll. u, " I~nitNY1IL" Allen. t u Sl~irlnntrga " utnwy 'leter buv Shps re ll ". " Bst ln+, l lll I u U11.1 Ill/ llvu Hlr i ll* U, a l i : l t drunklu of ,,ntet, ,III i t I I urea tout, III'I· liun·I I for (pus-'tiers nod corn 11 \YII1.11 by no: ur intuit+, urnplu tiresl~' it, ·l-rv lll r I)(Lrlllllll r sill t e nnfiat of Io-t p1 Iosi*it ý to uud ra11. in t toe. lirel. 'l'ire 'hipsl sill it ellI lit llea be Itlwur l up . . 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