Newspaper of True American, July 18, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated July 18, 1839 Page 2
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'. tali of teonitu. -l.COND MUNICIPALITY Tuesday 16th July 1839. The Counoil met pursuant to adjournnlnt, pr.. smerit Ien Jerhust .ldwin, Preslident, Aldermen Caldrell, Peter, Rogers, Sawe I and Whitney. 'Thee being no qulonlm the Council adjourned to Tuesday next the Lrd3 July 1839, at 5 o'clock. JOHN GIBSON, Secretary. Ltea fbtle.. ChLMlUm. Jety ........... I Weehiaton, July .........4 New k, do........... Cicnnat, do.......... l'aildadpa de............. Louisotllo, do..........6 atosre.r do............ 2S Lo..s, do........... Sareanoc. do....... ...tI LvetpooliJoa -o .. .I3 one(Tosl) IJne .... 20 Parte dn..... ....O RItonone de... do .....30 l.u~Jmt, do..........It NeehePl%,Joly .............7 Havre do..........It PORT OF NEW ORLEANS. CLEARANCES. July 16, 1839 1 tin , Pear%, N York, A Cohen tt Ji4 Helen. Brtltt. Bostoa, July tT. I. ShllttPeruen, FlPnn. Norlolt, EA l3bao Orhr Yre Jee, Coar, 'ounoorolt, Mori Fehr i , nney I8tltoras, D GJHoldAilth ohe ehe asoamr,. Giolge Porter, for Aumiis, ARRIVALS. H July 16, tari Fl. Pekin r peake. ByoTerer, o ere. Orhr feryLee, Lee, Ponnoucotn, Sorter July 17.1839. .hip Tseaum.n n, otla L ro, mrpo unedI th J Chitoey .htpr, nerlo, ,it. Nth, Lirelpool, do, Brhr Ye ATre, Gerr, Grlvetout, Maoe .. ohrqu NiJaei. ule,Joh ilon, ys from PhildelritoJ StriE er AloetU. Porteri, Stnl ofmleard. Low OARRIVALS. Juy 16, 183. uSternr Peite, Sprake,tnmr Byou Torre Boallln. July , ,1839l. SboePeat MohtoN. Hlaret from thepo res. l roaie, 1to ped "IT.sF hp Ann LouParnd ca r hero returned t the irty lD ip EHIAan od oLlarque Joseh brqu Cargo, asnd rted '5' theND Pr onthe uthi oot. Rporo alls l rht*eon.e o rp . Nothing lu or in ricer. ehli J gh, Coo, frora noston, ert Jcco, to Gee Green i t hi& teell . IRyaRa, I55 da.k frot Rot.trd.o. to A C opde 'ltptr Joaseaptdeonhoea, 05 deys far. Phiot delphs, to J PADellNG e. moholoonu, Ccaslltfrom Rio Grnndo, 0tre iers.,to D Gold. emer Alexr . Porter, StWoley,o .. Besrdsowno EXI'OriTS. 11 IVErOL. .Per Tomeoead. Chero, 11174 ble. cotton, 100 2c10 c,,,l. tiALVRS9'lON..Prrerhr Cr0 Trra-Ceraso. oundry tote oro .e W rueiioc , foarnitur, painto, iron, slugr gsar, ooilreold n.rrt.r na,'ze. MOBILR-Per sortohulnr..Cnrgo tIoraiae rope, 100 pierco herdtn., 4111,s si'll frlte vinrgar iflTULANDLPer rrtrstr Alibooa..Corgo 6 irste esrtlh EMPORATN. TOittO r.Per ship iaEus..cous. "l"ore are. flTlERteAe. Par chip Slcarllaa..Cts,ai, asorted msrr rhsndire. MUIADE LPHIA..Poe btrqun Jloraphne.Car.otta. orted merchoodie. ·Inn 6tSRlE..Peo echr Euee.. .1. 'sllast RECEIPTS OF 'tll OtDltE Senederton.. Err *eto r- Aleo [orter..trCaro 144 ptatn tdnd.C/;Ieg, 1943 datiodfrey, Iso-at, null mabc,, 7 hdatobac. eo J W Sttlwoll &at o, 34 hot., Po'ra, lh 4 .iiorrickr, 9do lien "oI&Weertidoy.,ho hosoaJ n ckloeco ·Dlrr.Doata ttrcoo &ro 'liSserh core R H 'iGlt. d bhoeaee It, Csrterigttt, 4 Lrgn del'srse.hrotael Irco,i0lal s flour, At enck, oats Preecott, CONSIGNEES Parehip egtond other raosees.. Toura and otheor PASSENGERS, Per stemer AlonPeter..W S Bcrrge,.J W .ane. J JnBoa e. RiPet, W uorrie,SWhite,RA Alteo,. W W Hickny,F Rfmorasos, G W Bell, U e. P Hsady, tsdy kserrvnt. MIEMORANDA Ohio releorrhd bly teetsrouct,. New-Orlemns Chamber of Commerce. orrFFICER FOR THE YEAR 1839. Preidelnt, S. J. I'eiero. First Vice President, W. I.. Ildge, Esq. Second do. Jn. A. Me, lc, Esq. Committee of :Appeals for 1839. James Dick, Jslles H. Leverich, H.C. Cmmasck, Alijuhl Fisk, º P.O. Sorbe. , 'Jtu Thompop n, sommittee of Arbitration fsr the month of ,.ay. John Heddleotun, Jbsh C. Hm srisun, i1. W. Hsntingosn, William Ilopkisier Enoch Hyde. Jr. P. A. Hardy. Joachim Kohn. Mail nRegalatiaos. The Grese Eastern Alailis closed every day at 10 o'clock A. M1. Is dle everdny at 4 P. r. TlJ o Express Mi i l eise s colovery doy ar half peot 10 A. M. Is due with the Great a.tsirn tMail, every S e Lite Mail (via ('nvinnron, La.) i. closed every Monday, Wednesday and Fridsv, at 6 o'clck,. A. M.. Is due every l'uesdby, Tllursday, acd Saturday, nt p. -' , The Louirville or River Aail is closed every Mon. dlay, Wednesday, nnd -utord., at 3 P..1t. Isenl a.slretenred by .tcsmboats. Arrives irregularly three tittles a week. fla Bayou Sara or Cont Maoil is :losed every Tueadaynd Friday, at8 1P . Is sent and returood. by seamhas as. The Alexandris at Red River Mail is sens irregu Iarlyby sastehoats twice a wpeek. L.'UIsovLLE O RIVEn YoR AIL. Monday, ) . WededasO y co nd Close at 8 o'clock, P.M. Butalrdsy, j .CoonsT MstL. tuz,'day, Closeost 8 o'clock. P M. NASHVILLE R.AII. ROAD. The Locomotrive will resume her reg;ulr trpis to the (REA 7T PRA1RIE,rommenciog on Thursday, ltllh July, 1839.. WEEK DAYS, Departure, Return. 0 6 A."M; 10 A.M. I 4 ' . . p P. M S Depa.rtue. eturn, M. SI 1 t. P4 S P. M. 63 P, 51. i julyl8bb-St JAMES H.CALDWEI.L,Pressdnt. NEW ORLEANS . CARR')I.LTON RAIL ROAD S In oassqsencsau ofoumertoss opplicatiosa for.a cteme iu the t li .Moldpsrtere. for tse .steroos sars, the crsealy bhaves se .solsdosmladept the followio arrasgoemens to, bosshesm aer,0easlsiog on tls I 8th mat. b aroMMaR ARRANGEMENTa FOR THEl WERK. DAYS, S From Cserollton. Fraom New Orleas.s le LusCortiro " I Lonooirs 7 , " " ,. c o" • " -.t " 0 oi : f 5 o "" P. M9 .3 "* 3 ,, t s,. . , , ,, .. tel'l 9 P. "M.rl . 9 P. After ,' lok ,I rGe e pNIlT otuntd v .ueying u dol - I OF Vill be reo,'ed. b Pernolnoinl by the .tcnm Car jhUnt provide themselves with Ti+ket, av ilea conduLtcr hIes IObjttive directions no·t to ad r ive tii.y in lieu tlhreof. lsT aterltion in the time o sdepartlbre, as . ilow above com-. entil 5 oslels, they leave the city asin at 6 o'lock, nlld layr In r'am Aton catil a c'htek. therem y allo tilTg itor. ans h Psrd aalfslou to enjy the pleasat wal sr and prrttaqs of lfrrlehmetas in os os the morst boatiful Oardens imtte Ka THE'JAPKSON AND IsACt)URps STREET CARs tasvethe hlaI of Jvreson treet tao o.elock, A. l. Culs a ststate oo' ook ndr-runshorly. Ast s'cherk they will eoslenet tohlea each and every iLis ts -tit P o'e'oock. aP. 01helbepti that ioteyd of lenvsloo t.mtslul streetaslj o' c tlck, e r will leave iherm at 0 o'ci,,ok P. - . S " . It i. par eu'arly r."que lted tit gpenre,. ,n will not pp t 1 . .lsrsfeet on tle cushtolls, or smoske in tohe att, who Lradies. ji .lce e wOrlone aod CUrroalinl Rsil Road Campsn")' -nne . Chlnf Ene. ,.0 4 C R R " tA iti- L -T('N . c TF. HOTEL, Afal L VAUD has the ho:sosr ,e inorming hiRnl as lnd the js't lick ill c-ce cc.l'tllp hec stsaken cile U l'itel at corrtlllo, where It(, trutsts Ies will receive the t lsoI of his old f.itends soll hcacialvrs , of .snLad sler.s Pe1vate cparties will e hoIn,outel prmolided four by jiving a little ngtice bef.neha.d.- Ile is willing to enter HUlo agrnsgemnta with fu.t,il, a .r i·.hdvidunls desirous a *jfpac ngItlem l ttl t.lsto tolo. OI t20 . NEW ORLEANS (.t.ANS.AL AND IANKING CO. IflIHE tron Steamhnat Relsra will leave the Basisl1 Y. tsnlbc heed at. hs Ne.l (ontl, ev.ery day,( "Siya) for she lackr,s s Issllows:. di¶ lpaj aot as A. B. Ltrsuro at 8 A. M. a ' 10 t.M. I 123 P. M O P. M.| 0 4 P.M. " 5" 1P.M0 " 9 P.M. ad a MONDAYn : Depart'at I0 .1. Il Return at 124 P.M. S2 P. hi. I 4 P.M. 4u 'P.M. [ 9 P.M. P ay I B. CHEW, Cohb. E .00 us. reoeive fine aoosernts r o ae. s printig taper, ofatl sthe variosts sie. used the city anude. Uty pyrca. aosd ftr sale by way 0 ALEX I'tWAR, 49 Camp st x"ji I tdPrItU iA K-- s otso grxesssl ussrn "aeln of writing aperp, ruled snd plain, for sales gmoastageouasterms. ALEX Tt)WAR, -. -. - 4l9l(ampst I Ile ,y H L sLEAD)--1.Iitut psussds -ure cud No I. r White.Lead. inpa kaeek , ossrted from 115 toso ts°rlpouad. n sot: landing fiua brig Daniel Kilhy, jor etalt bthyseausbctlbese, g ni0 fir tull. manrtuetu. JAVIS VL & ANI.REW S, j" jur y Corres l'.onno . 'loh'"pisolas t I , L OF VI'1'RIOIL-oil crboys Nsewon sA Rie!l. so[as hmical compase'os ad f Vii,, a superi. - ar.. rsanua curelU , Ior sale I-y . ] S & ADILW'B. W hsolealst Drupi.sts joly . .. .ceL Commos. & Tdhapstolas Ats .. F- lcsco5d b to•" - i soai. Its uloe tfo slabs .ITAVCRAsCo. JatyI~thi 4Poydras Street. I T'iE TRUE AMERICAN. PAITR.U.L AND BOLD. Offltdal ouarnal of the 9 Ub fansctpalitp. PUBLISBHED Daily, Tri-Weekly & Weekly. NI& W O4 8LEAN : THURSDAY, .JUL1 1829. TRUTH NO LIBEL. The demonstration made by the ruling party at thl nmomenl in favor of the Independent Treasury, proven very conclusively that they feel the insecurity of their pisition, and this obvious riflbhtion ought to nerve the opposition to the most zealous action,for they are near er the goal of their hopes than they are aware. The result of the t'irginin elections has no doubt been the prime cause of the great movement just nmde in differ ent sections of the Union by Messrs. Van Buren, Benton, Caltoun and company. In lhe old dominion the ascen dant perty find themuelves in a minority of upwards of 4000votes, and that too when ilthea umber of votes polled exceeded that thrown in 1836, by some 70 .0, And this is rot all. It is now seen and felt with trepidation that the next Congress will present 8Mr. Var Buren in a ninori. ty in the lower House, in a minrity that scarcely any chncee can neutralize. Thus all chances of passnning the Independent Treanory Hill by the help of a packed and corrupt majority, are utterly defeated, and a new policy was the result necessarily of.ihis carious state of things. That policy is now evident from Ile demontrotions in fIvemrofthe Independent Tr-asury, by the chief men of the administration. The time in now short in which the battle is to be fought, and desperation ihas driven Mr. Van Buren to make open issue wiih trhe people, and thus driveover their heads to victory, or full in the con est. Therefore we repeat,-the opposition ohonld take advantage nfthis desperate state of the enemy's condi' lion to attack them more furionsly than ever. Let -all other points of skirnlishing he left, and let the whole force of our troops be bhrouoht to hear upon the Inde. pendent Treasury Question. The main movement of the array nfthe party in pow er having been thun established by the proclamation of tlia is curiots toobserve tile system of minor tactics, confided to the understrappers, from the Globe down. They are charged with the duty of wheedling the inereantile classes int, the belief hant the Adminis tration is not inimical to their interests, and to give out lthe impression that the Baunk ofthe Unionll meditate anl other snslpMnsion of specie payment, Inr tilhe purpose of securing the establishment ofe Nailonul anlk. With the hope of forever bringing into disrepute the whole Banking systemn of the U. States, the Government in to take every step to .bring about, such n catUstrophe. Hence the movement from office of Mir. Campbell, U" States Treasurer, and hence the policy of many other acts of thil administration of late days. f we look at the policy pursued by the Aduinistration party in Mis sissippi, we shall see the whole index of the system, adopting and adopted by Mr. Van Buren to secnte his re-election. It is openly pioclaimed in Mississippi that Banking is a eurse upon society and the interests ol the many, and that all the charters of her Banks ought at once be repealed, .and the Independent Treasu" ry system be adopted. And under the horrible state ol her banking system, it is feared by so:te that these doe. trines will be but too apt to prevail. Whether they do or not, the movement explains the policy of the Presi dent. Again, tim hold and unblushin; announcement by lir. Van Buren that he is the President ofaparty and net of the nation is a grand coup d'ecat to nerve his partsy to action, and to flatter the prejudices of mitt into the be.. lif that the very existence of our Institutions depends upon their exertions. This appeal to his "Deiocratic fellow citizens" will not be without its effect. General Jackson's popularity depended upon this principle, anti nr. Van Buren is trying hard to get upa similar feeling. He would unite the party mn the groul,,, of 'blurit pre judice" while Jackson kept his friends togetherby "man worship." lut we have forgotton Mr Calhoun. The committee of the " Democratic citizens" of New York addressed himi a letter in June last requesting him to come to that city to deliver an oration for the ilth of July. Any man in ilis senses knows that this was a mere ruse to get an expressionofopition from that aberrant statesman on the Indeendant Treasuly project. lie very cunningly attacks dtht prejutdices of th.e capitalist and endeavors to e!tsat ili in the suppott of the new libcrty.-detroeing scheme. Here is an eitruet that will open the eyes of allsensible men. Read, and if you do not tremble fur the liberty of your country thus attacked by designing maen you are no patriot. The dePranemenct to which otr country ins subject is anto acideo:an. It i ti:lherent in th ystem itsell, and, inseltite ot everv effirt to corlct i, will grow roln bad o worse, until rnoue great an radil elm ange hs affected in tle meantitme the cont vuitm is deslined tit pass throughl scees noflitfieuliy and danger greater thanany heretofore expericttned, unless the peplie should be simely aroused . "apply ot efficient remedy to the gerowing disort.... r ,l'it ht alitost tmthssbrhle, that thrse no uld le ao sto, r lie ings more corrupting to monral, more daigerous tt "ote ons, or lme oar.t alyzing to intdustry.titn ao h .te.hfting cur oency, under the control of ,. ._ c. idut . uch as it; and I am mazed, tilat tIhe; wtutltl "capitlaists, wlilse propelty exists it itoaks ind securities, aoe not lie first to ,le it end take the alirnt. They rtoughlt t see that the gains from tie ireetular workingoi sueh a system must ie but unmetntre.iry falllaucious,; sliud oust he Iollowed by a n;ormt,if perhttttted to prngress, which millsjeautersuoh acquisitions as lenaves befire an'truoodo. Sn .ukilng my stand against ithe systent, in partial or oal eornsiderati.os governed me. I snood up for what I hoesltly anti sincerely blelieved tl ,e the morality, the reerdom nd prosperity of trhe count', ettled Iy all. airy to no class or seetion, 1uit believing that I was ac hiug the part of a true friend tc all lthse wolIo were profiiing by it for tie muament, as well as those who for the fitnd ere victjttuie . Osn a calm review the ecw systenn of polity iths Iltoily put forth Iby the Addiuitratnouo , tile Opposition, we re. pea, have iew reasons to nerve themselvoes fresh for tie contest. St i one tlhat itnvolves our dearest liberties und the very existence of the relptublic. In November, 1837,Juiane It. Caldwell imported into Mobile a sta:ion meter, and not having iommedieta use forit, let it in tie public stor, depositing with tie tep uty e:llest r I te invoice of the same. 1Note thln a year tlhere.lhetr the collector having tsuered the article to lie Sin sure beyondl ilt timoe,.lid theretl;re having lost ilie duties upon it to .the ecrctneurt, cenlled uont Mr. .Caldwell's agent t ceorrtecl til error, to H I tish ihea lent conlented. '1h, illvoie,. lainglh ole mislaid c, lost ly a tie Cutomn Ilone., it w.a ngreitd that the llter lnhold be appraised, which we n accordillgly ldne, and the r price put upon it was 2,15r dollars. Mlr. DL Vendel, tle agent, being unwilling t, ny the dutlies on sec to vals nation, seeing that it was cer too large, itoepOed to refer Sthe mater to rhbitration, ad the result was that the do tier should be paid, and tile exeesn, if an., upon the production, within a reasonable time of the duplicate in" voiee, shnuld be refuended. Four das aiter the money was paid, the duplitcate .lnle ce to hand, but tihe Collector ' of the port told tle agent thal he could ,ot re fund witl out the consentof ithe Department, though he had agreed to do so. He applied t tlhe Comptroller of lel' Treasu ry, but did not present a ete slarellelrt of the focls, and the Comnptroller relused. The Secretory of the Trean aery was then applied to bIy Mr. ie 'Vendel, and he conlfrmed Comptroller Iterkel's decision. This is a specimen of thele (eoverale nt'e conduct tun urds tile cit. uBANK CItaRITt-l1ANK iI lnEST¥Y-jInKo JUSTIC:. 44 1) reetor of tle Agricultural Bunk, weli, is said to own shuut $60,000 of stock, has given ritten insrtrtr tionsee to the sherifofthie'county not to receive the notes S sqfhis eaon bank except at the discouit charged by the brokers. The'inetructions fierther prohilbit the. helrif fi fron taking ntiel of rl Planters ande l o 1 Road BaInks r of thi city on any terms. 'le banolkels tihat produce tile evil ofa depreciated curerenye, andcthenl refuse to re ceive that currency at pur. We were loth toe hel ee that any officer ofr bank in this city' would be guilty of noeh an set, atd therel're weont to the therifflotice to eaamine, and saw the document itself. This is the lan. guage: "ThIe heriff i is instructed to receive in pay ment specie or itsequivalent. Post Notes of the Agri culttral, LInaion and Commereial Banks lmay be taken at their earretdisemo* e." Now ifthese instrudtnes had been given by a north I ern merchant or western trader, ne should not have been surprised, norshould we haveeoemplained; but f.r one ofour own citizens-one whose inauesnee lhes been exerted in producing this state of tling--to be guilty n| such an act, is all outrage upon toerals, and breaks all tie bonds that affiliate asoiery. Such acts must nseer the lier tie that bound the psople to the banks and ren der them alike odionu to friend as to foe. By this eye. teen the banks will come inte tllr epossession of the whole property of the country, and the people be degerded be. low the cndlition of a Russian serf, to whom the opu. J lent bankerwill alt : adaily task of labor, and make daily allication of lhe lash..-al- . Free Te ra. We hare dates from N. Nork In tile 8th iortant,3 P. Hl. Cotton was heavy. Tie British Queen was looked for with great interest U. .. Bank stock wentr at 114 . Flour was quoted at6 37. EadebaLge on England had adv ed We have important inteligence from Mexico. Tihe SSchooner Essex, Capt Cotrrell, left Melamorae on the 10th of J uly. News had been received in that city of a great change in affairs at the capital. General Bravo kad been appointed to he Preeideme of the Repebl , in tho sm of the butohert anta Anna who had been displaced ? It was believed that new councils would, animate the Mexican Government under his charge. General Buntalntnte at the last r'ate in command at Tampieo. The Schooner Lone, hence, had been seized at that port. Thereis a weekly paper published in New York' called tihe Sunday Morning Atlas. It is ajournal, among all others printed in that city, that we should select as a family paper. Mr. Frederick West, its principal editor rand contributor, is a sebhlor and a gentleman of fine taste. His poetical effarsions are rich in imagination e and warmth offeeling, his prose sketches imbued with r deep interest and terse in rt,,.ir tryle, and his power at a repartee, broad and full. lie , a setrom, writer on serimus aubjects, and on light matters can show up things in n way that will make the most obtuse enjoy his wit. Order the Atlas, forthwith. The extraordinary gun which we described son0e time *since, is left at our room for inspection. Every person f desirous of procuring one or more of this wonderful wen. I porcan lie served by calling at the Reading Room a wllhere.he will see te propositon, terms, e., on which a e will be supplied. Severql orders have already been given. A sight of this weapon will convince the behold. er more of its utility and power, than a thousand descrip. tions. Suffice it to say, one of them is equal to ten or: dinary fire arms. We shall revert to this subject in our next paper. In the course of the debate on the late libel case Mr. Mazurenu took to task Mr Soutl for calling Alphonso of Spain, Alonzo. Did not Mer Mozureau know tlat Alphronso was merely the Frenehifiention of Alonzo, and that the lrtter is the true Spanish anae of the Wise King, so much extolled by himn as the author of a code of laws free enough for any freeman to live under ? Mr. Hackett tile Comnedlian has taken uip his residence I inLondon. We have seen letters from him, in whili heproposes to set as the Agent for tire Managers of l'Theatres in this country, in procuri.,g the best talent for exportation that England and France can afford. No man is better quarlfied for the task Ihan Mr Hackett. r The Charleston and Ohio Rail Road Company have s not given up the idea of carrying their work across the : rountails. 'they thave in opperation 136 miles of way from Charlesiton to Hamburg and in less than a year t from this time, the road will be finished from Chulle.ten Sto Cnolumbia t'li. The Bank of the Company is divid. f ing 8 percent pet annrm.. Would we could give so flair San account ol the Nashville Rail Way. The trips on the Nashville Rail Rload were resumed yesterday. The hourn ofl tarlin, are 6 in the morninsg and 4 in the afternoon. The pamphlet cortaining lhe filli account of the Libel Trial is progte.eiug rlpidly. We hope to have it ready freorrdelvery by Srturday. The western mail came in last evening with date from Louisville to the 6th inst. The market was dull and monley scarce. The river was rising at Pittsburgh, there being 10 feet in tie channel. The crops every f where were promising. Bagging 23, lopps 8j, Coffee i- . Flour 5 25,Tobaco 5 to 8 25. N. Orleans mo. ney wastake, at tihe Bnk of Kentucky. Nine days bills on this city 1 to 2 per cent. It is said that thle tamp street Theatre will be opened in Saeptember. As to French and Italian compalnies, we f feel warranted in saying, that thire Camp can be obtained by any persons, desirous ofsucll a specclation, at a fair rent. 'There is no intention on thu part of tie proprietor to meddle with such entertainments. It is said, on good Sauthority, that extensive prepalrations have been maoelo to open the mr. Charles with great eclar and with a pow. I erfil company. ug. re.SWAIRTWOUT AND PRICE IN PARIS-A BRU rann IUS AND CAdSIUS QUARREL. There has been quite a funny denouemrent aintng the ee sub-tresurers at Paris. Ahbut lheltime lI.t Mirs l'";ce led reached Paris, tle acounts of her.husbhad's dehfc. tat ious rent out by Jessre Iloy,talsa reached her ears. By an these despatches, Price was said to be the defaulter to an ithnuneao al nun ly $78,00. When wartwoaut cast llis an eye over the accounts hle aitd " it is a d- d shamo thut ly Bill Price's elpculations should be hushed up in that to way," andswore by Heaven that Price was as large a ng defaultcras himself. This Pp ice dnicd. One wmid of brought on another, until at last they had a regular or Roman quarrel after this fashion:- tg am.-That you have wro g'd me doth appear in this; You have detulled to a large aaunta, And made it seem that 1 sane Rtis Da.ret tre pubhli t.a.ey; whilst you rian all w e' chat they owed you. d Bill.--in sUl a eane seyors, it is net meet SThat every thusond dollaras hould be arrwer'd for Sam.-Let Is tell you, Silly, you yolnrself SAre muh to blame to have an itching pahn y To rob tile publisc COle a nll itr g Idt and theur deny it. Bill.-lan tebhing palms robthe pablir purmes It You know that you are Sammy that speak this, Or he asuremd ltht lrspech were e ols your last. S Samn.-'t'he narse of nlll Peer hlsors ehis corrupion, And chtsatise ent doth therefore hide it hsead. B at1.--Cleastisameatl s enr .-- ememlr r March 4h of Mare h rermemiern Is, id hot gre at Jasekon- o Bill.-hops, eammy, to! yo touch me o the tenderest Great Jackson's selde u rst alotl thus have moved me. mr Seen...k'eace, ce you durest ne so thare tempted him ch Bilt... dH cot .tt o Sam..eorng furt .. -,, oatn Bill... Do nIut Ipre.u - " +" upon my ove ; SSn...Yu have dori ttt ou "hhould be sorry fur i I. Ther. islor.rro.. , tl Price i nyour threats, it- Fortes amieti'd Io iaop it dafasertirca, a- Thnroltey tese iy mear the idle amnd he tichlrespt not. I dissvery to you r Fr curtain lanlt.. of grol tI ot pand m bills When I wase in Eglaind, whiclh you denied me. Far t could t sea n money by tvie meaHns. SHy heaen, I'd rther coin liy heart than wrineg From the close hands of merchants their vile trash tey any hase anrttemps. It d t eand r ao ln r gold to fl payy my ele bill. Whi;c o nou dcal, men wase I at done likhe Blil Price eou S nuld I hve u llasaed Wdlltrm Al. tPrice so ? When raenuo Suwar twot egrows o covetous Tso keep a biasedillir rol his flie.d. Bhe readyi, with all aour thunderbolts, to Andsy ie's a Ode'f luter! Bill... • denimd you liar. S O....You did. Bill...I did ot lie ws a Wlhig - That orlok nsy anser bek. S am y, you've rived my heart it A rogue shrould iear a reahe'e illfirllticos; arl...Uldo na. Butn o u anlh your defilcarliun ofon SBi...YC u lea mes not. ,tSm t..1', d-d r' Ido. Bill...Tlhere' a o love lost elweeu us. t amr...Agerd. Ill see eyu againe at lhilelpi. .And with thu there I tu asbh ,tre tloer sepnslrel.aln JIclenard ou i ilognie, and lil trI k a colltge just soutsid lhete harrier de I'Etoie in Paris. From this ele. gaot situatiln hIe elis a most coenuand ng prospect with which to Ienlc j nh!ed astl for sthe loss of is ho it ricopane.ios, lie hah a view down ti.s e r.le St iereiuic to sair s rod thle beautilul valley of the Seine, andlin an olipaite direction h hus a llone pros peat along tIe Avenus do "Neuilly and tlwards tile ity, I relere Ilrs eye an rest upon tIe spIreef Noire Da:ne and which oo leart he can aworsip if he csn't pray: With reglrd to Ithe dscoveries in.the way oaldeialca lion, they astill Clt inne to an eaonnius extent. Jesse HIJyt and his clerks have worked night eni day (ir I ttanny weertrnd tine cetir e week Ibe eilrm5r loeit hi, ell tire sleep. Hils ILrst dliscovery was $78,ilHl ; ly dlint of 'iore sesrelinrg .firther deflration eof$l,(il011i ; then ile fine& Suday morring lie Pound another defalli. item of S1,i000;o then thry stumbled upon one sua deflii.rn of $30,ii10, tien te:Iy di-revered $9,iO rare; anti ltilte pubnobility is, tiet theiy will go on discovering until aftrer lihe next Presidential election. Aleogethir it is the riCheet Inile of discovery that ever was stumbled upon, lnd by illha.tlme Swartwnat and Price Ulout at P'hilippi, we thitk Ptice will hlave trie greater srmi ,laced to his ilanre. N. '.llerahl, GOOn CR sr.--'Thtre. lever . eao fillne a prospect fir line. cropas a, con, and cotton ill or country, a. tile presost sencll presents. We re shonwb a f u.l grown eoltn bole, taken from the field ofC Blr. E. Young, of this catnry, snae fifteen or tewenty days aince, and also, with ane on Sunday last, taken from the plsntatin of Mr. R Ridley, withl the snowy staple ofthe South pendant in drooping folds from thIbe hole. One of theoldes and most extensive planters of the county nsated, that if pruspeets were realized, that he would eot be abl to gather el, he would make, sand Ihat he never saw so fiC a prospect in all his life.--Miss. Caet. Adv. MARRIED In the Parish ofWet Was Feslss, os the I tlh of July, t6r9, by Tholnas I)aman, Esq., Dos. E. A. KNO WITON, of Point Coupee, to sit EIVEI.INA ItOItNSty. daughter of E. iH. Hornsby, Esq.. of ithe city of New Orleans F LOUR--6i brls foralrar e b jnly 17 Gi IIORSEY, 44 Neaw L .vee I cORK--75 b (s summ and prnIne, or rsale h july 17 G DOP'cE t, 41 New Levee (COFFEE-79 bags- Ua-nae g sj.ree..rue/or7ij'ale-tyv Sjyl" G DORiR Lh, New Laever A Th . ie I elaes and fast sailing barnre DUC D'JtLEANS, Hsoder, hsrting pars lof her ecrgs etagsge, will receive desp eat Fr lanese of e ighr or pIfnOts, apply on tre t, ol prell the Vrletaebls ni r ker, orb LCASEt Iro, jelyi8 LEVI I! GALE, 93 Cotairrae et Sljsmrsrerr FOR NEW YOliK. New York and New Orleans .ine of Palckets. Oa Monadae. 2.2d imt. TIlE Sucperior A I. Ship IIAVIthCaptain MIK*aeu hlaing a cnnaiderable'poion ,1F helir cargo engngedl will sail lsalrove. For freight or p04age apply on board opposite theOrleans Cottouh Preask d Muncipalty or to PETER LAIDLAW. July 16th. 66 Camp St. FOR NEW YORK.-REGULAR LINE. Holmes' Line of Packets. To sail on the 1814 instant. The Superior fast railing regular packet Ship "ORLEANS," Seare, Master, will sail as above-far freight Ior passage having eleAant aeeoaudntious. apply, toi the Captain on hnnrt apposite tine Vegetable Market or to A. COHEN, July 2nd 90 Common street FOR NEW YORK. New York and New Orleans Iine of Packets. S Thm A I ship HAVRE, Capt McKowan, al..will sail In a few dana. For freight nor passage apply ta the captain on board, near the upper coatnU rpea, or to PETER LAIDIWAW, july 1t 66 Comnrrt at FOR 'GOTTENBURG. SThe A. I. and rsuperior Slhip rVm. RADGIER CanptTri:O will havedispatlch. For passage rhaving bandsomle cmcolnmimodations apply to July 18th I. II. ALE, 93 Comm on ts FOKl NEW YOIK. . The new said very fast Soiling Srhooler COMET, Capt. Stark, will be ready to hSil in a few dys'haeving the greater part of ier cac0ro ngrgednd . For tie bulk ul'400l rrrels or passrge havrug rtperior annconlrodtniJo apply on boord oput site JfAferson at or to Lr H. (tiLE, July ath 93 Conolon Parrer t. FOIt HAlVIIE. The fsta sailicng racket Shrip RICIIMOND, 1'1W Winship onnater has now the greoner oartionh of ter cargo engaged and will sail a out titr r2th inst. For hbalantrc of Ireiglt or passge apply to L II (GALE 93 Coutieon st. Tiins slip has very fine accor odationt for tweltyt pashengers who will apply to Cape Winslcip on board lyr terms. July 18th FURI CHARLESTON. T "o Sailoin Icurdar 18th intrL. The first class anid fast Sailing Schooner rE l I.IGH'I', Captain Brown wll sail an above atlnd can take oanro liglrt freight or a deck lotd. fior terrs of whilchr passage having Ilndseo ae accommodations; if it mediate application be midle on buard oplarite Granier sta. or to L H GA E, July 17th 93 oCa iottit. Tho A 1 alnd fat Sailiog Shlip COLUMBIA' ll Capt Alinson will hllre despatch hoaving the greater part of Ier carg r engaged. ic'lttnnltnce of Ireiglrt or passaige applty to July 181c LEVt II GALEr,93 Cwormwon st. [EXCHlANGE on Bost tetu r g ala Iby 1 July l2th J ''lIAYI &Co,74 Poydrs St. I- ANILLA CO IAGE, 100I Coilsa asaorted sizegn ~ otre fir sal Iby J ''IIAYlet Co. July itr . 74 Pondrc s street 1N EW S'ANDAIlD WOIlKS.--I '1' Sinirc 1 'lie I. NorthrEen inr Egglandl, or Allmericn inr tie lUt Ceiltury. J T Sintlh, Compcarative View of Ancient Iistcry Locdlln's Encyiapardia ofaGrdeniig,Lodorn I, dtion Slhkespeoare 7 vola, royil 8c. splendid URorto Edition E JOHNSON. July 15th. 2w. Cor. ofSt Claclets oComacron ers. ISlSINdG G0oclls.-- cask Cutlery--2 Boxes Ilille i L.aatler, comhicg tO rciiWlireik & Co. rra rlIJc.l C Dineries & Co. htrvI never reaclo'd their destinalion above. Any inlormntion eoucecring these packalinges will be thankfully received by S G BL.ANCHARD. July 16th 33 Granrice St. LnLOtJIt--801 brls fle sale bv 1' julyt 11 c GDOISEY, New Le.vee C'HAMPAIGiN :IIaII --15c!ltrols ior rale hy J jily II 0i IO)ItSEY, 44 New Levee ARD--lU0 i kegs leaf Lard in store, and ir sale by G LORSIEY, july ll 44 New Levee B ACU, SIDES .---b casks ur p riori Cicuinl . cured in store, fir sale bcy G. D)iRSEY, !cly 2d 41 New Levee. -l rEA No' HI'IlOiKI{AI'tltI PKlIN'1'ING OFl . FICE, 53 7llngziOie street opposite BUnks Ar eu \V GREENE rl;.es ..eastre iln atouneing to Iis Ire acdr dtll Ihe citiens uol N " (Jeletcsi, Irt lihe hllsa at Icc/glri brIghti Lillccgral, h oUv u ar I iii coper plate llrltltlng alld fromtfle flil nlitil' he, h rt. has over c.oppmer p lll u e rlllavilgc, hr clll elxllt e at oli r Iitre.,uic tr e to ti11i, "lt cur ir ll'tlIhe npeIoI Lie ,ro eitvg Ollrd-nerly its .cheal ias type printihg. Ilerchlantswltshiiig cirectlrs vFe nl t in rc it r awn Ilnd wriwiclg,cac halve alny rulntiltv t it fet. cicur., ilitar; i or Ihey vill Lre erecltol fiLr ite I in a ollilliil are It', oitclr Li has lrterthltlfte gi c%, renertl oarioflirotnl tl cill l ie erl reprectlablei cirr risi o ln h l..utr in this oiy. (Geu~ntlemen ,Simos ail bting Vioitirg c' lliri ness C:rds finrished ir thle uisr illunnl rtr, ill do well by callilnl at lie olicec arn see Fpecillelos. SFell. I, 1839 N Il--ltuink notes elietly eeeuted, land a itn lars, printed at n y r' Ilot'I iotlc.I. inl store fur Sule by J TIIAYI. t o. July Bd.. 71 I'tern,. St l[iHIT'E LEAI). 1-30.01i11 porlrcrs \IIir.e Ledrl 'c I V . r ii n r PnloIlltbalgen' o lrarr1 o It) 5 1111 ose now Illrdictl 1 ilrtt in B )r;I I toltel Iilty Ilcd frtasule IlV lte. tile Ulicrl brs agents r iea r the illua fcture rs. JAI.' I & ANDIE S. July (hll. (Corner CInorlion &' Tchuitroulr u st.0 jsle by G 4NRer, JUi1a 1 44 N. e Levee BARROWGATM SPRINGS h negumneen et.utte'. Ala.nhant. TIIREE DA I8 .I'lOURN Y FROM NEW ORLEANS. T.a prolrietor of this estahlishment heas the plea Isuretlnenouncing to lis frienda nd the public ingeneranl, tht he will be in redlineesebv the first tday of lae t I receive viaiters. lIoawill also slate fili the e nefit ofthusne nat a ditnce, that there IhVe ere Ilarge imtprovments made, ndll oltlers tenw going'"on and in rapid progress for ronmpletieen, hiceh wili maulls the subscriber to aecmnelodalte Inlltet h larger number than herretnofe, and at the sane time tuelh better. I danmilie ca e aecoIlelodatld ilhl gol reoms, or thore who preler ean have large cabias idetaehed freomt the main building. It is deemed ulnecessnry te any anything in pnrtieu - Ilr of tile chnarneter t el tller , r ther, it is generally believed that they are not inferinor tt anv in thle Suttl eran States. All the aureenrnts that are generalley found at Watering Places, will b e found at tl i. T e Itest nmsie that this Iarl of Ut, country afordsnl, a Tees engagedand will be ieaEumtott attendance at te SSprinas during the wnllle eseasn.r 1 Ite subnctibel will avail Il self fa this oppnrtunitev i returning Ils tnnligned thanks r the very liberal at.teinert given hiem last eusun . and hopes by tle exer tions tlat htase bheaen ioe I n improving and enxte uiteg the acomtotdations, to merit a liberal patronage thIe present season. JcO CRAM. PilAIIi Cl Tl'A II E.. F mR(PRCTOI tmreelntos his lent campimeetr to .il l frisends, tle putli tl Nei Orlean tan d os a lo stlragers wonle ny e rtiasse; a Ifr c lays in tie ite, n and infiwms thlemln th he wil ft realdy ins afe lw.days i receive ltem at tnaiv lay pledsn ,enlan, Ire I' It A I It e E C 1'I't T r l( Esituatr l ei the a nike Thare. l'erotet laveelling either froeet 'r eigiige•, d.1 niuldtisnevll, ua lueladisoevtlle, or tlae s·it. ca-n there omree twite gee ciheer--finlle t .tl ett liius ntd aitetet I -on-n tll urties Iy wlay of tie Nns evile tuilrenl ctn ,tle ser red i on a priate a.l plea.ald r o,. Ley giving ee dty't notice of their intentnln to Calne. 'The proprietor dtnbtc not that isetrprttnents tfor * vi t wiell be ftund i till atdveuntges thle Ct tge per. eet.ts te le invtealid, edl ttlse wearied wreit the en , tletn,and lualle of tleeity. Ti e pure and de lic ios air eunstaela fltetting either from he Lake or the great prairie-oe nlis e r resltieg elnd the oer il ole nla, wit fragrance, will ever give usmingled delight to the won . SProetor apeales Ilhreli,re with .en.denrce to the patrnsnageiflt 111oefl) d illte n hi Imetoand afaervig ltis friends, tnd ddoubsictlt tlatl nostl straneeres irtitg the cally twill onesr him with a calI. Ee istends maki ng 'rairiet'oatsgeone of the tte.t anteeable lacesof ren turrt nl tbet nelghborhood ofthe its.r The proerielsor guranteesa thst iis winae, litrsr &e , Sp,. shall he f tlte nle-t chilerie natre at tie same tiet he will devote is.ttettion to Procurell the ar list edeli-caciesL anti viads of tie season for lis table. d21--3m j Asoeialion In tie Oleilzusa f LOuisien al stle t inlttlaeitasetl.-Uaited Stteas j at puirtheld mited er Ssale y IAVIID FE.T & CE, J Iii 24 Chartres .t tlet lied eand (eretnIluis-n-atn eeellent artticle for sale by the grss or d ozen, bhy Daid & Cf. New Tork Stetaiejers Haell. July, t6tle. NeNo tC lhnrtrea Steet. yetara.f age. god tleetlk, peIlect washer an i rml erI good seametrets, ad sold withcQut fauth-Ap1 at n et Couenttg Etne of te eTrue Americaten. july i I• 41t SR) ItEN'l--'l, e ott, ,-n k ...pi p ry july I1 (7 Grnvier et LASS nin ao .ialeping bmttles, tinciture jars, onn hundred attd iona I. sea ofr every description ; 500 boxesa for windows, fer sale by i1 BONNABEL, july 11 eor Natchez and Tchnapitaulas ats INDIAN'S and Swain,'8 PANACEA- Putter' I Calitulleon, Balm of Columbia, Pills of every deseriptian and name, such as Tomato, Brandreth's Peters', Ml'at's, Scott's, Laee's, Southern, Dyotl, Gregory, &c. constantly on hand by Ier IB .ONNAB. EL, july I r Natchez and Teapitoulas iats - lELY'received from Bcrdaunsa atd Pari, t5 complete assortment of French pewter Syrin Sea, furnished and put up in nealt nxes ; also aeaw's injercion aparatus, direct from Leondon, a most convenient article; Maw's corn eradic..uor, very estensively usned i England, fur sale by J1 H BONN BEL, july 11 ear Natchez and Tchapitoelas Its FOR SALE. 604 all nd do oittmne ; 100t enln rne., by jtly I S. No 9 Conti at TRUS ALBRInCAN OFlEICE. In connection with this Office is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE 1FOR TIlE PRINTING OF Pamphlets Blank Checks Catalogutes Iills of Ladl Legal Notice . Au ctin 3ll% Bill FPrms, Show Bills steam foat Bin. Circular And every descriptlen ofJoeb Work that may be reqlir T' W. COLLHNS United Ataee' Comminsioneer. Appointed Iy the Federal Court nt New Orlrans. OFFICt No. 109 COMMON STREET, (ExcAbnge Ioltel Bnaldings.) SAID Conamisioner lakes safidavito under sanl by Ovirtue oflhe Acts of C.mgress, parsed 2'th1 Febr try, 1820; Ist Mareat 1817; tihe Judic iary Act sf1789 ani ether acts of Congress, in such eases made and provided. Said Commic.soner haes eonsideralde experience ; and oses 1; ris ofcaption and certificateal which have stood tile severest scrutiny of tie ablest Lawyers: april 12 B ACON SIDES- ask Ci-aCinli rcuro fd, 13 ale by G l)ORSEY; J18 44 New Levee I ES IEEF-In half barrels at thie ineeioi . k t dbot e Poie L for saloeby T DOR '. m23 41 New Levee hi. ORN BROOMS-250 dot in store and for sale by m. 2 ,2 Gi DOI(SEY, 44 New Levee IM MONS HARTT & CO, are now reccivlnolrolt os board ship Orleans, Eagle, ilighlander, Iooker leiry Andrew French and Gerannn play iards; Back ga11m0 Boar do; Ciohessmen, i 4 and 2 3-8 incll Bil ard Balls; 8,9, 10 and lo inch blalde owie Knlives; Leatller and other tnavelling Dressing Cases; Belt, Pocket, Hulore.eota', mnd I)ullilg Pitols; dloble andl single Iarrelled Guns- Game Bags' Shlot lBelts; Powder and Pistol Flasks' Dorta Bottles and Iirnking Cops; Pero.soona Caps asd Cap Holdars; Cloth, Ilair, Tootlh; and Nail Bolshks Oerris and Ch'lorine Tooth Wash Tooth Powder; T'ilet and Shoving Soaps, in great vs.n rietv; bong Hair Braids, Ringlets and Frinettes; Pearl onl Toilet Powder; Emery Bags; Ivory Tub Cusbion.s Patent Slides or Carterso Galn Elastic Sspentlers; Powder PI s andcl Boxec; Cilt Cloiloo, Seals and Keys; Eur-dlroaps Waist Buckles; Bracelets; Blend Necklnces and Chaitns; Gilt not Silvered BadIs; Indian Bieas, Bells aod Pisoes" Shell Twist. Side and l)ressing Combn;whichl in catlditict to tlreitormnor stack on iand, otakes tleir assortment very eomplete, and will o esol oE and on libkral terms, at the sigt of the Golden Coanb. i25-tf 70 Chartres street. USSltA 'I-TINGs-(I5 bales, lnding (riot sltip Joln D loap, fir ssle by 822 I BRI DGE & Co, 134 .lsgaoinai l S)MESI'I-('S-5 bales 4.4 IL.well OttOlnnl(.c.s,5 bales 4-1 twilled Lowell cotton, 3 aess buckskin stleips, luladiogftfrtm slilt t l ,oisa, felr mloe lcIuy9 IIII)E GEL & Co, 131 lagcsilne st R. MOFFAT'S VEGETA ILE LIFE l'ILI.S are D so well known tolthe pnblic Ilt at il is Ihardly le ctesary to give a detailed sttlemeont of their value and use. l'e fclllwir.a articles will fully convioce any one of Ilte claims Ilie doctor lits open ltle public to place colfidelce in his preparaltions.. Froet the ltmpden Whig of July 12,1837. lofrLtt's Pills aet Bitters--Tie oast Jatornl con aius addilional testimony ia favor of this highly import Ittoin'venioe. "T'e1rttso ef rtheJournal was almst stopplled" Ito antnnca the testimtony. Sett olln, inlo nanme of Dr. hfftlt tloanks an fIr ilstertillg the rertifi rote ofonr neigltlor Bltwls, n od ffe ros ios a q.antitlv ct tie article asocompensttiun. 'Tili is very kind, and lwe preomio thte moment we labor utder like acllictions with our neighbolr of thet Journal, to call on tile agent. I thile Ioean lime, are cny taboring andder sinilsr difo fictltie In, tlhose alhicl have so severely bhorne tpotn Mr IlBwles, tihev Ilave Ilis ltestionv t; the "'pecutar adaoitedaesos"' of tlte rened to thetdisease. The nedi clue is aadoubtedly a sUvoreign remtedy. LETTEIR FROM SAMUEL BOWLES. Tihe ltlltwinr Iletter in fattn Mr. Bowles, Editor of the Reltublican and Joornal, Spt in-fild, Moes. SPrINGFIELDr Jne 1, 1837. Mr. Molnlt-Sir: It is noc hirteetrU yla t hat I boae otll-]eiel from n inlirtltv nt ttl- bowels--thie ColO qt'lics, na i spnp wsE, nfat severe illness •fl lmal'h nttrv rllhlllll li, t: "l'hte nitulrRl Htlinl of tII b owel is lost; flrle llll aIn1d sFI· re I nh,.s ca nl. , r ilk h "( I wel.,nPe* s ulitidepl'l·iilin : rtlllhtiltcs beieg neP'eessry every, few qo ~to ulcprcr.t t.,l;vesq I have fooo"rt lllr gratnd lihvsi-iillnS, andal I I f ed rln o til killkn d f IMills aId. rfcn.e ftistletr,re Itctecbolgt andtclttld severa hoes tit" youir 1' Lili" 1'lI.x" allnlldhve l ii d ,,ore lhenth ffIr th~l, Ii lrel lh llllll ad Bl ee lle e n .vc..e f.r +e IPegt of tillme, kite irlll t l illy mledicine 1 hiayv yPt ried. )'ours, SAI IJI:L II(to1'IES. For h irn till r+ily, It tile acorner of Comnallin anll Thalnpitnltlls stct Imt l. t ('IN tt'()ttl tSAlIMMPI INCIAI'ER--A invoi,..f / Illh arle, el' goad quit?, jlust rec tivel and for soloe by ALEX. T\(1 AIi, dl E-89l0 caskn Thomoslnn la.ce .oll .-t osale I1.. lRli , J ' WIIll N.I', Wily 1 73 Carllp inI. 1rIIESS lif'"--"5 hall brls at tlif inspeciioh i lseit.i far sale ly G I)fSl(f n111!14 {I 4 New.eve, (7'I'1t ll& LA11-100 kheg lard &.S htoit,sle ., riar Western hnlter, fir sale by yfI :". IO.IltSEY,l 44 New Levee Cimii -1 1 e1tIar,- a lto ut ii-1111W.C1 -C -S Iur SecOtllllters, fir se lowby IIBROWI. & C, nray 29 No 17 Camnprt 0' 0 N ROOMS-1511hz in sote, "r salo bIt I 1 ( 1GlG 1)lt-l. Y. 41 New Lever. oFnFlE IO l 'Job IE F (ENs: tSS. Cup (fNew Orleans. IfIE Stacekhltltie are hereby notified dlnt tle rdnth U Iceilltet.ttn their sltock is due anl pay)ale an the fifth of togtus, 189, at the .oflice of the Crtnpcno. Jaly 13 E I. T'IRACY, See'. RANCE DES POMPIERS DE LA NOUVEL. L E-ORLEANS. SES ACTIONAIRES osnt notifid que Is nesavi' meo payment do leurs aetions sct due et paya blo te 5 aout 1839, an bureau do aIn compagnio. 13 jtilet. E. L. TRACY secretnaire. l' .I T ItU R- ' Itot itntice .us landed ny ltshipOrlens from New York, for sale hv jul 13 S G ItLANCIHARDI, 33 G ravier st e AYAVltIALY oF NEW ORI.EANS. 11HE price of flour to day tein+a i per barrel, urcaldingt the tariff, the bakers will gite :7 ;oleeoai ol'bread for ten .ents, during ilte week begin .inol el Mondayv tiet. the Uth'inst. h le inaes of ea-r g ld uinlity, or ;-three for leo celnts. sall weigh 25 per i cll0 llbre, that is to say, 461 o nce.r iluly 13 . C. I~I N1. n Mayor. SE XC31ANOE LA NeOw olAk, or sm da a july 13 PETERP LAIDLA ,66 Camp st july 13 I ETER LAIf)LAW.V,66 ntp at r'rATl OF- IrOUISiANA-Firt J iaiuoal litrict r' 1(wt--(;rlru.o W. Crown vs. hij Clcditoro. NIt B1 Adcred lhmt the creditlrr of tlhe plitioner In illln c leae ill olenaurll tolr P NAv, te l of 1l antd I1,9, at >tI o'clolck A. MI. way stidl petli et so Ilot IIaI Iieoeiacftotr Ibo heawms tde for tlho re.ilf o InsoNlvnllt tmlemhtrs in aitual euttty; lId I nt thaw. Sli d olljuldicial prtoeedlliltngs tgttir hI pIerso ndi pr t. pelty are ;olted. M. Greoi, .sq. i. appoinled to repreo sent I m absent creditors io tllhs case la ly order of tile Hot. A.1 M. Buleaan, Judge of outr ICourt roesarid, this :'lh dayt of Juy, 839. july 13 P. LE BiLANC, Dep. CLk. a 'A'I' DE L-A lOU IANE-C-fllr do prelne I , District Jdoeiua.e.--(iorge V. Crowa vs. sie It (ratlnciert-llR ot ordonnt qoele el ertariel dlt peoil aionalre e t.oissent a el pleie Ctor, Ite vendredi 9 ,lttotlt arechaln, a IIlll trhrets flu lati. ponrdeltire le r aisnl..s'ilt e1111t, poor leqoelel s edit Itetitiacair nea a juiroitro t11 tis blitttefe deales kiltsa piol r Vtelir all e coors dot elebithtu insaol allies, en (tilt d'arreatation;et to eta- todalor, toutes prortldunrls jullicitree coltra ea perlos ne e seta lenos sooul sutpehtlus. I'ar orare de l'Hun. A. M. Iuchanan, joge de In lar, ce 12 Juillet 1819. S juillet I1 PLE BLANC.Dep.gref. JjII'IAUI ICCEMI-'NT -5JIslintdilsg from ship I eo Cabot, and for soale by a" ~ S &i J P WIIITNEY, nay 3 7;S Camp t" r )ltK--P 1 lll larrels rinet Ma esstd M.. O. rk-in lStore for Sale by J 'I'IAYER&C (:, July nl 74 Poydreos St Jest receiv*rd by late rrival, an assrtlnent at' Shirts ravtas, Sulotoar'staks, Glovea, and Sutpen ders, l tilthe .o r, corner of St. Chlarr. aatd Caoma.on N. B. A cooritp easlrtlarent of Writing Desks, e assin aaes,, potable having cera il rose wood & leather. toS 1BUSH 3 & ALLAN. UGS--Jta tlanding Irate Mesoinr, a .datp ,ly - t' D ahtnlnds, bitter and sweet liqtuorice rot, iaoe jtuie, esnce oflergamot, esaaetn of lemon jaltr,hempt and caaary seeds, means; fk, afld small , caaharidea, brimstote, range fluwtu watter &c, for wholesale and retail in stare of II BONNABEI., an9 car Naebaz & lbehonlpiootula st . AY-One Itundredand thirty.five hales New York lay, landing frotl packet-ollip Orleans, for sala by A COHEN, NSt90 Comtnoll at M ESS BELF it halt bills at the itspereon, tir sle by DORSEY, ay 3t 44 New Levee W INi)IW otI.ASe-1-60 toares Englsh crowau Windsor glad, receivring anal for sale by '122 It CItANIIN, 32 Camplat W It bE1l'.-11i0 brst Racaedot, ilstore lot Doe o) Jyt j I " G. DORSEY. 44 New [.ver.. IISKIY-28o barrelsratfierd wsatket y i astre V for oale by G DtRSEY,, 1m10 . 44 New Lve" , 'AI(-30 40l d -u je rimne LeaffLa.r t fI SSltore t... Sale by J 'rHA rEI & C - Jty i21 74 Paydratl I ISi.Y 75 Brlad faelr aabnl a h r .V Julye2nd G. I0OR)SgY, tNew l.eyt. Sfor ale v " TRIER i jque 1 " 31 Gravi. "" L AIID-10tO kags aulariar tra lard, iar sale by Ga. D)l1R18, in dalv I Na NIw .aen d, SECOND MUNICIPALITY, Now.Orlean, July 4, 1839. Notice is Ihreby given to all keepers of Billiar'd Tables to take ous their Licences at the Mayor's Office, within ten days from date, agreeable to an Ordinance ol theGeneral Council, approced 27th May, 1839. 8. II. TURNER, Collector. OR SALE--60 hbls loaf sugar 31 do sugar house molasses 25 do clarifiedsugar 54 fondadeeiterne 100 coilhn rol By HERMIG6NIN, BROWN &Co. July 9,1839. Conti at. No; 9. E TAT DE L-t LOUISIANE--onur de Pa. l roines pour la Pare sse at Ville de la Nouvelle Orleans-L'Etat de la Louisiane :-- toous cox a cos presenten concernent :--Salut . Attendu qne William Regan Jl cotte villa, ayant cheet6 t une vents faite par Hewlett & Cenas, en canteurs publii:e de cette villa, Ia propri6t6 ci.aprbs decrite, e'est addreso6 au Groffe de cetta Cour, poor un avis eonformoment h un acts de Ia Ldgisla ture doe 'etat de la Louisiane, intituld " Acto pour confirmer la titres des acquereour, aux ventes judi caires ;" approutd lo 10 Mars 1834, Qu'il soit con. nu, at toutes personnea intdresodes sent par ce presentes somm6o an nom de I'etat do la Louisione et de Ia Cour de Piaroisse, qui pourraient avoir droit d It propri6tid i.aprhs decrite, an consequence d'un d6fant de forms dons I'ordre,le decret on le jugo. ment do la cour, en vortu duquel la vent a 61did faite, Ou de toute irrdgularitd on ill6dglitd dane I'ostima. tion Pavis on le tome ot Ia mode do la vents, on pour uno aatre cause qusleonque, de faire voir dans trento jours It dater de la publication de cotte avis, pourquoi Ia vents ainsi faits no serait pas confir. mdc et homologu6e. .a dito propri6td ful vondue per les encantnure, sue ditse e 28me jour deoDecembire,de l'amede 1838, on vertu d'un dcCelet do cotto Cour, rendu le 231e Juillet, de I'onn6o 1838, dens I'nff.ire de William Vance contro son cr6anclers et les cr6anciers do Vance & Miller, No 10961, du docket de cette Cour, it loquollu vento le dit William Regan s'est rendu acqudrour pour le prix do 6$,900, payable mille piastrea comptont, ct Ia balance a uin credit de nix, donze et dix huit mais. Description de la proprid6t d'apros le transfer Judieiairo : Un certain I t do terr, ddsigno parle No un, situ6 dans tole laubourg Lacourse, dans P'ilet form par les rues des Nayades, Erato, Prytando at Thslie, et feorment I'encoignur,. des rues des Nayades at Era. to, mesurant trente et on picds, on0e pondsot sept lignes, plus on moine, de face It la rue des Noyades, sur quatre vingt ooze piods eptmept lignes de, at fice it la rae Erato, le tout meeure Anglaisoe; le dlit lot ayant en ctmnmon avoc les lots Nos den &tres I'usage d'une al6lo daem l fond, de einq pieds do largeur, ensemble toiltes les bu. tisses, tots les droits privileges at qui y appartleno nont. Ainegero le toout apport do plan dreeod par John Sohreiber, ingginieur civil, dato In lert Jin, 1836, anndx6 t un acte au Greffo de Win. Y. Low. is, datd le 5 Fu:vrier, 1839, to dit lot Ltant uneo sub. division du lot numnro huit. Bureau du Greffiar, Nouvelle Orleans, !e 2 Juillet, 1839. J. OLLIE, Deptl( Grefier, july 9 3t-9th jy 23 do 3d1 aug. TATE OF LOUISIANA-Parish Court for the Parish and City of New Orloaas.--The State of Looisiana: to all to whom these presents shall comem-greeting : Whereas, William Regan of this city, having purchased at a sale made by Ilewlett & Cenna, public auctioneers of this city, the property here. inalter described, has applied ,o the Clerk of this Court for a monition or advertisement, in confoer mity to al neat of the Legislature of the State of Louisiana, entitled ,, an act for the further assu ranco of titles to purchasers atj idicial sales;" ap proved the 10th day of March, 1834: Now, therefore, know ye, and all poerons inter. eated herein, are hernby cited and adimonishled. in the name of the State of Louisiana, and of the Parish Court, who can set up any right, title or claim in and to the property herein after described, in conseqgenco of any informality in the order, (d. cre) or judgitnnt of the court under which the sale was made, or any irregularity or illegality in the nppraisoments and advertiseroents, in tine or rlan nor or sale, or.for any other deliedt whatsoevCr ; to show cause, within tilhirty days froni the day this monition is first inserted in the public ,aper., why the salesao tadoshould not be confirmed and hlo. mologated. The said property was sold by tile auctionuers aforesaid, on the 2ilth day of December, A. I). 18,8, by virtue of a decree of this court, rendered on lhe 2.1 day of Juoly, A. I). 1838. in a suit ontl. tiled Williaml Vance, his erditort and the creditors of Vance-., 4 iller, No 101161 of the loclet of this court, at a licjl sale the saod IVilinam Ilegan bihe. Dcame tlhe purchaser, for Ilt price of .:.1,900, piay. llet $1000 cashl, ondthe balanlce oil a credit of six, twelve and eightlcr montlhs. D)escription of properly, as given in'the judicial con. vnynen : A certain lot of ground, noulller one, situate in thlo uburb L.ccnunrse. in lq:ialre hounded by N.lyndro Erato, Prytunnee and ThaIlia treet', and forming the corner of Nuyadesiand Erato streets, inlsuring thirty one fret eleven inches and seven lines, more or ces, nil Nayades slreet, by ninoety one feel even linesdoep, front oni Erato steoot, all IEnglish mones oue, having the use in common with lots numbers two and three, of an alley in the rear, of five feet wide, together with all the buildings, rights, ways and privileges thereuuto belonging. Theo wlhole as per plan drawn by John Schreiber, civil engineer, dated the first day of Jlno, 1136, annexed to an act in tim office of Win. Y. Lewis, dated the fifth day of February, 1839, being a subdivision of lot nunm. hber eight. Clerk's office, Now Orleans, July 3, 1839. J. OLLIE, l)ep'y tlerk. july 9 3t-9thi jy 23 do 3d aug N 1 Off'lild-Am a ilreting of the NatioC Aomeriroo Sleclianitic Society herll on Ilt inst. the fillowillg Olenibeti wtrr eleciled Oliels, vizc. SIlrnry l.lrop reiidlent A J I 'roamoa Vice Presideo WV A Clhaplin Secrelary Itohert llonglns Treourcrr. FINAocCEo nnirccE AA t Clmuvn. Dllaniel Wood. ruff; James Jells, By order of tbr Presiders, IV. A. CIIAIPIlN, .Julyd Iwto. Neereivrv. ` 'PE~, LOFLO'IeIAM9A-l aCicwicc.l c l Cirl of SNew (Orleans. Preselt, ' hono rable C. Wac\te, 7 Judge. t- Charles Monel, in actual eusttilv, vt. Ihis Creudliu, and the crediccrs of MlcKiaut,y I, Mocnell. Number 92t'. It is ordered that thle cre itolr s of th pe P li'iul r bi , notlified eci ding to Ia to bie andl nlai ,nrl in ipe nu rl on tlie fiftirelh day ofJnly next, at ill o'clock, A. 11. Io choesw cnet witk cel teelitioner slhould iot Icave thle be ofloffhell laws mnule fur thie rlief of insrotlvl ldebtors inclc l ci uasody; And it it furlhicrorderedl that A. E. Ilralfird be ap -poitledi to rrlellreet ich abcote creditor Clerk's olice, thi l c. dcay ofJrac , 18:19. t E IIJ)L.LA DLA Ii). i'i,.ck. . . . . . . .. it tl l. 'I 'lle v de I.t N vclule (liliocce. Cr' iii* i"Charles Mlonell ninlltll altl dl,|ellU 1m FPlc (Cr'lntei rs " e t le a c ri' ,ui 'ir .4 l de Mc Ki nj t r v e , Mcc i e: ll. No. 99l.--'recat tile lioe. C. Watt., julg. II est ordi.i llc Iclie le erea,'ier. iu P.tlioi tnnc re tSoil eoiille elicn la lot, ti se epreenleren plei (eh Cor sre Is . do Juinprluihnll illearet di tratin,ifin de faire votr polrqnuoi ls peltiiolaire I' attrail pae let leeftieeslea low cqui oal ..l f site l I.or e snciuneat (e iescllVtb'eebC ae uelleellme dletel,--cl iI eel plus or donllch qo A. E. Bradlrd f oit c edileio. pour reprCsen t er le, crfaueere berrntl. B, u a a B u ( i re f f . ce 2 . j n u r d e J d e, 1R '1 - - J25 iaw 3w J , IO )I.,ANID, Greil]er Ur IN~3EE E ill. & Spirits of 'Purpem , it , a*op'I'y Sof Linseed Oil in ipeslland barrel--10 Baerrels S1lurlts of ''urpectitar,fursae by JAR.1S & ANI)RDWSc, July 6lh Comrner of (Commone & I'clhalitlola c lac r IfH H clxlleion lc t tlle tiecte of New ictiruisi of Stihe r Ocepc lllllic i r s fasills t lice may estend, i h retspectfulv ilVied to the alnnounceetll, lint t hrse af0-cled by ('huroie dneees, ccuscallv denlcmlinatel dpa. pc'psiaecnd liaer disaease, snll whlsholive filed iu re. establhling heallh by tile use of teie vnrious specifice so profi relv tte ad le and even irleud cnc theic e'eec lance will prolaldv, tany of tllhen) ertcniuy tie tesi. rei liclfirmcc hteltlt1 by aecc;lictg tlIemeelcetto lfhe p1ato. i'girlt Ieatent efll"ic nllv Ipue y ie c r -igc. ec ill nl exerieare of tlcaucal exenc lcl dififere court.. t lriesculdcls hi believes, with lntsuc l ieeee. " lihscieiana pnssess c decided certainty of knonwledge that libe varitc iee rlulir, anl in sime reseftts a eoca. ious di eunses alove aelluded Io, arise in circuIsttnes oI various as it efficiency impoip ible by any lpe cifieC Ir clecteisnltd a elturn to hIealelolrc prececrious to those eh havce euhiulted lthemseevea in such inlade. q giitle and oflieticelntcccieeu, ccceuIIc TIie . experieeci e en c caunul cube," men.tined lhuoe, include e p eriecd of tore Ilen half a cenurn y, lcecing c'cclcteneeed ie Greaet Britclin icc 1732. lit recesrs. ineg to rIriutain in 1799, feei a eljouTrn of sefu l weal inathe West Ies, he pnfercnl alleclticco wereb chitefly directed toe treutimenlt cifeiccle alfsleeicie. a erect prprertioe owfeee bpeing or sieeeleinre to the E:ant ecil Weal Indiee, returningle tu vir native hotcee in mearch oif relief froe viseeral. affections. many of that, iejterielceiice entir rel cnticn. theme dcc beer eavet here' ecceed cii herein, (ricp. tare) ois' tie of Dre. Cheiseec Pecetllent 7tI (whicill will inc·ludle probably the moatl numerceus onset,) will obilaic percet firmte.e, wilhout taint, or sceacely ieeove. aience, by applyii go JAMES D. RUSSEI., IMed. DaL. jue22 6t NEerner Ca:nal aad Rampart et. A SH OARS-5001 feetel see erpetfricstleby Sj6 S & J P WHIN'I'y, 7'3 Camp st AN AIISTRA(CT of the originai liles cu record in ltihe eieral lad ifice. Printed in accerdance wlth a reeoluiccn of the Houe of ileprsentativai n pas. tedl4thte., 1838. A few cc.pies in.l reeived and freB'l " ALEX TOWA R, J8 4---" .9 Caump 'a (1 UNNY BAGS--25,010 Irs.eb7i b . . J j6 Sd J W~1lIl'NEY.73Co Q pmat FIT' Ii'NG PAPEiI-itit Ieams "4 'dici ittibee ndiag frommhipYazoo fo aleby i c ee may 29 S G BIANCHARD 33 Gravier 0 W ANTED, in a Drag Store, an asniltant lulll "c. i Y qcained with the Apothecary buheien,., -pek. ing French and Englich, snd wriing a fair uhald; Ad. deens ba '231, Plea, r)ite. june 12 SECOND MIUNICIPALITY NOTICES. W.ERE broughto lhide pnd f the d Ward 2nd I+ Mnic'ipality tie fillowing stray animasel·in. A Bay Horne with 2 hind Iftlckhs while d block mane an I tail, and bliod of right eye, about 151 hbrds high,. A dark irown Ilorse with o blaeok ot e adra 1ti,4 I.g bhlack with a sore on hil right aide anrbh 15l hands high. A Bay Hone ititl a black mane nod tail l hands high, parof te hind etlock white nod 4 feet brown The owners of said property will please call round at the pond of ite 3d ward 9dM luniiptnliily situnlued at the corner of Robin and Annuminlon ts. 8 rove pro prty pay clarges and take Itheo away n or before Naturday tile 27tt July 17311 wihen they will be sold at auction by P G Guillorle niublic nnciocer. H. CRAIN,lst Liert. New Orleann, July 16th 1839. - N id men r au Broyerjdu 3mn ward 2du & U nicipalit6 les animnaux dpaves animante Un cheval bai 2 fanon blano, queue et erains noire, at borgne de 'oeuil droit h peu prb. 15 1 9 mains de hauteur. Un cheval brun queue of erainn noire, lea quatrm paten noire avec uno bloeaure our la cuise droite de dortihre, 16 manas do hanteur. Un choval bai crinibre et queue heirs, 15 mains do Ihauteur une partie du danon droit de derribro b an et lee quatre paten cou'eor brune. Los proprietairer des dits animaux sent requie doe o rendro nu Droyer du 3ne ward de Ia 2de mu. nicipalit situe a I'encoignure ds rues Robin et Annenciation prouver lour proprialt, payer 1.s charges et lea retiri sur oun avant samedi Ie 27 juil. lot 1839 ou rI seront vendus a t'encan par P. G. Guil'onte enanteur npublic. 18j. II. CRAIN, ler lieutenant. rWEItE brought ino tile Pound of the-t lV-. Municipality, A icrk brownnno;iy more, with a str on hbar fare, hinad ftlohks whieen crop'd black noe,aud brown about I I or 12 hand high. Nlle owner of sailtproperly will please call round ut the 3d Ward of the d Mtonicipnlr ist ituatd at ili corner of HRbin and Annuncialien iat, prove property, pay chlrgms and take her away, on or forn aturnlday tbo'lb July, 1839 rwhen tei. n;ill be saod at soction by P ( (iaillotte, public autionler. N Orleane, jlhy 9 II ClRAIN, ota Liert. A. pnmei depot dno toiieme tlr rit ndr Munihi.. palit 8. Iutle pontrille bru0 fLanhe, tn elotle our In front, lea dent pietlds e tlerniare Mlani., ronieir hair cosph, queue tran, de II a 1.mri ede haul. I. PrFoprittaire vreda Ir ee n r. elon, ella nnn detlat enoigaure des ruesn Rorin & Annunciation d'iei inamedi 6 Juoliet., nulrenot, it sera vsendr l dis jour par P A (iillotiae, - s oncl or. IIENRY CRAIN, J ilet Ie Iiet.r de la Garde WERE brought ti he P&oibe Prsonfifljan Mluniei ality, the following s!raves,vnr: A negro mnn named fllack Hawk, or Phill shout lyears of age, says Ite belongs to Madame Rlne. A negro man, nanmd Lecare, about 50 years of age, anys Ihe belongs to Mladamne )egrnee. The owners of kaid slaves wtill please call at thl Ptliic ierison of tile ond Mniciparlity, prove pro. perty, pay charges and t ake thenr nw ay. 11 IIARPER, New-Orleans, July 3. Capt. of'the Watch. O 'i'T (th a u la .tin oh le dc it eeconde ithlicip pa lithl let, e lnvr sEinivnri t S .voi , ir. Uin wiero ni.orio.e Ituok Ilok 0ithill.lnb d'eanvirn 43 olt rliilsnt iniplrleo ir i 0lDoioiie Iillo. Ui n(roreer Ilro ,agnil d'eldviron d 0 i an distoat apltrten r h I r MRdame l ccr.lrc. I. t propritninor. ltes dllit. .rinve Seont pri.a de ae le.iidr l (;treln dl Ireie rm. le t11i itiinitic Ileorortcsr learn droire, playelr o dlepellns & leI let re. II. HARPER. Cnpitlrire tie Ir Garde. Nile Orleans le f Jltlliet I W ER E:I ch glt t ie plearton tany yrit s c t Manicipaity die fohlwillre srtevC, via: A Inecn h nlameld ItANIO I .1't artoll eighbeere years of age, oynhe hieoellnn 'toe rteo. t lenni s. A negro lbov lnted J)tIN, aroue 18 yea of arge rmay Ihr l..lel s Ito Dr. Illhk. A mwatnro roman anamed IARY, almout 2lcars of aoe, on.a nit' helnn.r to 31to I irgre lhe rirwers ofoasi alivesc, .ill ilen.,e call and prove property, py rhargeaaund tluke tIoitfo s... .II I. HARIER, June20 Cap tn of the Wlar b ( hN'I" AI .,en- TIll grenie lit Ott oode itluniciil, S its lovesl eoi¥111ut, .or Jer : I'll iwrgr irrllllnlni IAnlI)rr'I I't d 18n toi ano t1u till e"r. ,.i' J)II N, og de IU a... e diianot ap irolrtr A Ilr. ttrwkr. I ;ein olcnnrl oi. Itellllr, otrnmi I MAlY, agi' do 24 ono ar tI d w erllllllrtliiri.i 11 it Ltl£h s+. I trll lr ll nS IIc I tlittrl o n . te nt rimde rle r h.lsrlrr vieii it porreetlll es iial.. r iiitipirrt tire f-itrootli' rironro "in ag l ~rlm lll i n I i l F.,itttw,d,..nhlt thit. -fonr yenta it irc,tiyl hr. hl,.it,.. " Mr. It. Mt .il l. A l~lllllto o)l -rd .;lault.ll o Illsrlierr, shout Iwenry irix, iavbll llllln tM Oteth Serlen. Alllo irr mllrn odl Iu,1dr, i alUt wlly-five rT rysate A Iblulk IlIIl , errawd Job, phi al, ut ^ or 27, says lie Iniroen to tir. Maur.. lihe owrnere of arid nlhvin will plmse call at the pris. on rIf lhe 1Mtunteipolllll. prone prniecrtlt panr Ilcglr and akite tihta y 000" II S fltAtI'E.R, .n (t eploin of thle Wortuh. jj 't I' (onrernnn (ro I i grAtlý" in rIn .t Ito,-u r - Imllla d l, t lea malhYl r a !'allll. rnvaaoi Uri, lir olnr: lrllrle itt NNI) ign d'niniron 34 nnrlet Fe tirairirl ,ripni trtenr o r. i t. Mit'nir . I'rt n,.re nllllrp inrlin. JE St ' lIt PTtISTIE, 1i. do It nos, .P diant llplrrtoonlr i ,er. Stelenlie. tI Ilrlltre rilT,, nutllltrir IIENIlI, agi de 25 ais s e dironl apllirrtelnir i Mr. Ienedhrl. r IIn sgirr n.lllme JliPIikI't, ogi die 26 o 2. mlsr, o dilaltol ppenrltnir l Mr. loillre. ,ec pro ni(laire darod ilo err-iovee, son pibda de ernie Iro retirerlo imanot le froir. C. S. tlAIlPERd 15, Cepilaine te sa ':mode W '·-. .... . .I~i , . = . LCpilaino te sla Gords COUNCIL -OF MiLNIL-ALITY No. Two. ('ily ofNewOrlcnne. itin y of June oh lo Orleans. ug t'illitr ofJr,,re Itch 1839. Y.T II'RtEA." Jonoes I).vtrin, 0ra,.t Wello, 31. F W if. ('note, A. Into. Win, II. Marlin, John D. ihg a,J. Jenll.. . lhopkis, t'I avl & I)unn, S .W . Sirltvy, John Pelerr. M. fln, sld IG. A. Hiare. pro. riphrre of Io01 in St. John ut.el from (iirod l.reet to th iininollhe New Cnnl, have petlitoned this (JoUroil to ease to bIe opened St. Joln street Iron Glord se0et to tile New hn n llh . lie it IeoI.vied, T't te In ds notice be gen 'of this applicntiono io t,,. Trute A iLrri- ar d olr ulletin, in the +'ren h and Erlglih irlltugl|ges, tndl Ihat incos no sat ii'atry olposinron hre madel Or It Iieaine of sid r eret. hat thllin CouOnII Irenprod Ito etMlol tr ropen.ed said ai. John street frmn Girid strret to the New IlBsio, th itxBoupene dor .rge ani benefli thereof tsto be ossesoed ntd erirnrtr-id Uornnforrbly wiltl ed Utl. dter the provioions orann arc of the t.egi.ltureo entiticd "Arnrrt to regularrt.ethro IonirgI.Iryrn our, and is h protirng tofttue ll ptino o to lie city ol New tot Orlcmns &c." nppror.d :3d April, 1832. to Nigned JOSIpUA BALDWIN,Recorder. ApPr.Ord June . 15,h 1839. ecode. 3. s .. C. ENOISH yoar. p tPUtIItC Nil'I'E is heh r hre? tit if 00n tie ttlrIlor opIosiliI lr I le inre, itr rrt't ir e nliot oi the otrllrl'til of 1lnl irillrltV Ni,. TrwlO, 0 0a.nt o br operneld . Jrrhl J ltreet iirn(rud orrot to tthei New B onu, magreairly to he olin, t rr Ilesllnon. ' t. (;iNOIS,i Lvr. r Jtd New ()tOrlia June 242; w J3M COJNnEIL ltE k 't'1ii'tPAi tTE No. Lt ('16 deott At'orelles (hrll.. re Snnrrlet i n J tui., I3t). r TI'ENoU ql Janolar uvarin, Erlnuer Wellt, Al, l I, Cants, A. Ltive, Wm. It lit rhohn D. rink e J. Jnnrr, T. Iluptonrr, CrtterIs , ita S. W. AJbir Sev, Jorn roInry, M. ere , aord O A. Itlor', po riof tirelo(ras tItrs tois lIn rile .t Jln depniell, re (SirJ d us jrqo'n rIasin du (Cnn0 1, f,, n n ttlrmarl.o I ern r;orrteil de fai(n ouvrir o rot .1 Jon deploui It rue Girnt h'osq' au llan. n ne.f. Qr'i soit retrolr, quo I'qons s,ir dnnni, pe¢.enn die fou+, elIceltopplicntinn, t..o. ie Vrni Amrtinai el Sto It tilerln, don tro llgllrl.rn Frallrnoi et Aigtoit, oe iln mte In ca qrua I'opprooirirr f A ntihje n soilpa i.tns oierrn. l'oet~rlg te io di. rue, que el Cteot. l ordononra I'oncr rre dt In di . rlte St. Jen cleletist II in ro. (.irod jonr Ir' leo nkl0t0n nolrf : la dtpene-e, lee rIotlolnllges, et let bC(ottnet s t' ron deeol le Sssoesrl al e, not+ooi. eon.rrnlto .n0,,,el' h nelr IeploslmJorl . d'ttl iacre de In Legielnlore initul.o. "no Are A rhtIg.loirmr I'ou.erre lignetiett el nrelioren deo roes eO piaces publiqueglnoro la Vils de I In Nouvelles Orltas &t." opprronv Ilt 3 Avril, 1832. Sigith , JOSHIUA hAI.IWIN, RoordsN,. J. ORLEANr - -A -ui1,839. .2 12t C. GENOI.S, MHis. VIV public eat dornri . rrre Ri ri,'pojtl i nSlil. l fairsesoitpo ftoil,, :'0et I':~:Ilroion du Coo.eil do is Munioiplilt No,. 0, It Iohile . ,vrir it rue St. Jen depullon rue Giord juonti'ao hlill aeune coformk. Me, t i ho Rbullrtiorr arlrhosras. J22 h.ltt Lo Nuvelle ()riann, Jorlo 18 , l181 . d h'uLtg.' tE 1 L TLL; iiiS i" SJel9.i-.Margaret Nonwin, Jara Autlin, John As"ehl, crrlsted as dangerols rllrd trrpitiornrrs ClIr.octcone. mitred for 30dtyo. Ann Reynoldli, nIdt'rhno Gre ,m soopiesrItnOhtrlrs, bhie i., I tr. IY1m on dinohr.P ed. Wam aiCnrly fto r h r f h.dnrrt .or.h c bfsl vrto k.ep thrpea re. GeeI Brown, 'l'ht. BSetll o Jaoh .rownarreted hot being orod drunk it tllm ahea diichargtdo. PROSPECTUS OF TlW, NEW ORLEANS Tiho D.ILY Papor is neatily printed with smnll type on a extral, double tredum sheet, at $12 peretnntm, pnayaoble tolni oanually in advaonce. Tho Ttn-w otw Paper, eonitining the reading matter of two daiins. B10, psyahle in $ IQna. hllro no oity referioncs is igiven. The Wo.0i l'Tnur A llacAc + made up I"orn tis rlly papers, durne theo week, will be ent in nob. seribers whio pry 85 per nnnum in advane., and to none other, Unles an acceptable cily referenm is given. Subscrihb*.s repeetfulily tolieited. JOHN GIBSON, 1w ORLEANn, MAY 1839.

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