Newspaper of True American, July 18, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated July 18, 1839 Page 3
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IIIAND IREtL. IST,'I'T, LOTTERY OF PROPERTY. Situated-in New Orlenni, TO BE DRAWN ON '1'1E I cr DECEMBER, 1831 IN JACKSONVILLE, Fna. Under the sapenrlltendece ol tihe Cilnmcieai'lets nf pointed by the Le ialulive Aseembly ol" FII,. :',. C IMIIIIT & IiAMII.TO,t, Managers 101,000 tickets, at $15 sehlome price., 1,500 000. Relling prien $201 per ticket. SYLVESTER & Co., 15i6 llrodway, NEW YORK, `Sole Agents. 17P The receipts of the sale of tile tickets will be deI posited in the Canal, Union, Carrohlon, Citizen's and Consolildalted Hanks, in New Orleans, in the name ol Louis Sclhmidt jointly with J. Il. Perrault sclanly Cacier ofbthe Citizen'n flnnk, niid A. Ilnaduain ac toally ICashier ofthe Consolidatued Iank, as Trustees, as per acnt pned beolre A. Mazareaat, Esq. Not. Pnh. ontihe 2d May 1839, andl tile properties transferred lt tie above mentinoned gentilemen naisucambered, as Trustees, for the security ofthe fortunate prize Ilolc ders. In New York the monies will be deposited in the Phoenix Bnnk to cite credit 1tbCe above aa naed UCity Banks of Nw Orleans. The Public are referred to the acts passed hefie A. Mcanreau, Eme. Not. Pub. in reiation to the prop paerlea which embrace tihe respectite prizes in tie Lottery. 600 PRIZES, as follows: Prize-That magnificat three story brick building, known as the AIlCAI)E, in Ntayzhice strent. ilealsucring 206 feet 5 mncln 4 lines on Magazine tt. 146 feet i inclcs tn Grevicie eteet, and ltI feet II inlchltes oil Na.ehes at. This building priccdued now a rent ofl$37,0100 Ieeranncoc, and Iteing ill the Itollat flouritlshing pat f tihe t'ily, opposite three tanks, and in lthe imncttdiate nighborhlaond of the St. Clacle andi tile, City Hotels. Its renta will, illan very few years b. inlasteased to fly tllhausand dollars per annum. titte;dlol tdtl $7170,00 Prise-'I'htt elegant four etac,, brick Iuild iug known as the c:I I Y II0'1' L, formerly Bishop'sa litel, shunated at the cornerofCump and Comlnoen ets I.tearrling 16t2lest n ('ltlnmon st, and 146 feet lO inche!s on Camp st. Tit'sia iilding rents now for $25,010, nall. being in the ntost centrnl part If the city, can shortly be icrelased to thirty inounaadl dollara per ac. num. Estilnatedl at $500,000 Prizen-'lhe three story brick dwellilng Iousa, No. 311 orn Natchel street, aduijling tihe Arcade, reIted at 12 iltindstd dollars. Erslilllat'd at $20,000 I Price-T'he tie storlay brick dwelling bouse, No. 18, adloininl No. 20, a., Natchez street, rented at twelve hnudrel dollars. Estinalted at $120,000 I Prize--The ithree sttry lick dwelling houae, No. 16, adjoiinc No,. 19, on Natchez st, reeleld ai twelve hllnd rel dollars. Ilstilcated at $21,000 Prize-TIhe dwellini hoec No. 2: north east corner of t allLoil iain ClltOln. Ienna nltreeta, it a.l ritl l 410 feIt riotll t la IlBaslll atrelt , in fee frontlll in I'tnnklin street, Iy 127 leer depthjoc C( utInhinaue tr eeIl ; rented .i f-rf teetl hundred ld tll1, Ettitnnted at $20,1100l Prita--Thie Ildocling llhttte No 4 Ioatih west ctranertf Iasin ,t."rat meas uricg 3'2iet 7 ith,n-t on Itlain ot, :l'2 fet 7 incles ial Franklin leteel, by fl taeet ij0 in'hea deptll on Can tllh tllls e tr'elt; r llted tit fifteen handredl dallanra. Iaihctllaced at $2.0,00 Prize--.The two slntv erik ,iwallian hItoek Nn.339 oi I(lyal tretT. heatlwera orslllini Sanlid I a. itlc sliter . at. l l Ilri llS It clit cI ha. uccv ti1l Iy l . , by 1'27 beet L I ill brIal ill depllh; ront ell lit $11211 per c Ia' tcacta.t totli llned lt $15.000 Prie--251 shnhrs Cai Ilatlik ati:k, at $111 i each, )$25,000 Prise--t l0 shllrea ilaollk stlick $Iti eacht, $20,000 I Prize- 5IS0 eres MeChaniec' annl e'Tra nllar' IlBlk stolk, alt $1(10 terih, 15,000 3 Pries of 100 shares ecah, It c Ilatnk, 0,0110' i2 Prizes lof 511 a I:xraltlag., 10,1Ht 2Prizesa f2 a a taI Iglig, 5,000 2Patikeaal a15 a, " Ml rir o nd 5n 't'rader' t1,,l00l .80 Prize of lsio la t,, 211,111i0 It1 Prize. 'al o 2 " ~ lltI clcht, 2,1111) 200 Ptieset of i l I " liI rll an, 0,010 10i10ritae ofI I atn lill b iaek of I" ,,rrlln, 1,C0fl0n It shall he st th l t o fi t I l't, , o, f pnrices a lf b Allk stcmk, eithlpr to lltak the r,.itlk ie l ot r te ia. r value thereol in r,'l,. nM Oi DE n, ' Il,\\ 2IN I. ea00,nal lti e'ruie, (r I lto 1l ,t1i, will he e i kt in e nce W h olltlt am e tai , a ith a li, Iti l ll. r i ne It r; e I ve ttry tlertet hat I nodf, hlr k w trl he Irwn, uniil y 1r tiNr pri rlely l t I di,l. It iv I the a, NlclO!lc f InII hery inll lhe wl Cr Ch-e-6lel mko. Orders fr tllP It)lIve Limlh v will h& rJP iWTN 7 t tIm e CJ An,l, titai ledc, Iatl at \o. 111 (:le t.tar .citt''r, ,'a w country, pos, t 141,1 (.lllllnlillnn rutlllilllnll Irea l bo . lhe nln er oftickees re airge d dh s,.(I li flah pn arnlg|R. uil oc a! I i, lI tllt.l I~coo., to 1 holles filt dB till.nh'EH'tl ti lit I Jaeksallpviah. Fla. Al i', 1f : 19., t t itl 1 for al boh- h•tlom :, 24 4,1 Nuw" I ,,ce ctlap Pdithm enld :lit lillllll lflhr. ipl.( c!.-.. Ibrate actilg cluye. !o JIi N C, .16 f'w earner ct ('hncieks ,t 4 lle s. R , I,. rl 8 1 '1: ' I. . '1 ERAIt h Y ('IOiIN'''ES toarf hii,--ntta.1 a , callr its Italy,2 ol., un Pasn l IIruno ate l Ic : Acca ()11a1t11 I)atac . la Ilaok iThe Anerlnical Jon Milller, ia iiillu..rations litthlc rat, limaa at, Ihl wuter loac, lay tlorr ctahllillr Ily Johitt on. Poetic \VlWalll, selcced pilctry frotl (IhancePr to NickhIeby, No 12 i IItz's Sketcllte. Noe 7 and 3 0 JItINS & Co. mcy 31. 2w Car St ClharlesiaaLomwca n i I1 AVANA StGA t- e L Nes 7 Ilacvna awhitesagat I i 40 ddo broenn chc ha, lih far 'ale a cc20 S & J P WIIIt'CNEY, 7? Cnp nt I('KIE--20 kg; ar n 4 Ien rea, recmwing from n. New York per slhip OCro.,ee,fr srnl by my HAL.L Itlll.)iWN, 96 Mlagarine t . OARlS-sit0 fet oas Oarn, may 14 S & J P WHIIITNEY, 73 Camp ACON SIDES--75 crasks superior r'incinn.i cur A ed, in st ,re, for ahle by G DO)RSEY, Ilth junr 44 New ievee l ladlilng a fresh prpiya of wire wax, L p (;leva Jelly, (tre AraoliO. Tramrinds, Cream Tartar. Sat Soda, Spts Turpentine, Pearl Ash, Tarta trc Acid. Chloride ,Nod, irls. 'oltavin, &c. for sale by II I(HONNAItFI., V 3 Car Nat limrr and Thalpitrulas at -I ter bale ly S L J P WHII'TNEYt. m?22 73 Camp at -A i) l((i 6L-tor !the rretroration ad growth of' Slithe lair, giving heallh, hsarly oral preventing its allRg of, sold at WMi. IhLL'S mat No. t16 Chore.s st I fT'I1'El-fakege liosolri andrWei , in osore, ". for sale hy G DOR..IK:Y, " 44 New Levee GEORGE C. CIIILDS, AtTen.oev A Law, f ILL. attend tie Su lrtloe Court, and the District Coturtt of Harrilntrg t ae r e..of fthe adjacent cotaltes--atffil' at tie ityerv rt irtolsto. Claims oan the goaverrr erl, iilther tor tBounty Land or mnev,. will be unlerlakt an 1 protmpltly attended to ertllhor or non arrir enrrerideas Irf rtexas. Addr'se frota the Uitedl Stratera--Cit of lounsto to the care of S. Ricker, jr. ('Iexas Post Otlce Agesn , New O lea.I. 3in mar 2 COTTONY CIRCULARS UT PRINTED rith tl e Gre'teot Epedrtinn, and n a style unaurpaoed in New IltOLEANs,1 O elst where. Onneas left st Cuarro.. Roost in St. Charles Ex hange, (Corner of Gratder St. ) or at T R U E AMEN RICAN PRIINTING. OFFICE, corner of Podlrat and St Charles Streets, will be ptomlptll aotrrdrd Lo. SUIt;I F t tI.t i A I :I ., No Il, Chartre ta conti taesto maoufacture atny article in his line a. shortollllte. moderatere t N. It. WotcIt, Jewelry, MusiBl Boxes, Spectacles r epoired in thre teosl fabiful teaa!roter. OlId thlo and Sihlvr unotted. may Rl Vi.i11t,1 F & S1 A 1CEh LAW RHOOKC 1 AITIN'S ltepottt., a iro copies only left, in 19 vole; ILouisiana iDllels, alaill volt (helrl Cde of L.ouisina, E Johns ICo's SCode of Practtice do new edition SelgenPltt lwr's I lourts ofcases ill tlre Ettg lislt court, 3, uo as. Williams' 'toassurhusetts Reports Peters' Iteprts, 12 vo!s; loenlndonsed do Archlold's cirvl oand criminal Pleadings Abbott tn Shitppine; IBailey ot ltlll Beck's Maedical Juri.rlprudence Bell & Beattyv' Chancery Reports Chilrty on Bills; do on Contracts Chitlt'a Pleadilgas; do Practice; do equity Digest Chititv'a BlacIktonra; Cruise's Digesta Curti'a Admiralty L)igest; I)igest laws of U S Edea's Chancery Ileorte; Fonblaoque's Equity Fortnr ook (oilId'rs Itlendigs Gow otin Partership; HIolltrloalle' Iga Studies Kent's Co(.'Olletanrles; Leigh's Nisi Prius Pothier on Obligatiols Peters' Digetl. Irt volut:et, a new walk Roscoean Evidence ; Russell te Crirtt. Sandllero' Pleadlltgs; Smlnl t ha cery Practice IStorkie ou Evidlect , St ry on the Constitutlion Stoeells N. Ileaeeke ont Iltsuranet Tolltrot law of Executions Tomlian oaow tDictionary; Vatltal'as aw of Notions .d a g.eleral o aorltrletl of aoll sortlard Enalioh aad earlllt law hoollk, Iollntorgt tlhe latter, lterlir, T'oullier. 'othier, Tropongl , Duroanto, &r.J F JOIINS 6 Co, 30 ma.y'v Car StlCharles & Coaltmon sat it--, brls primce T'annerD' Oil J41 caak r sumoer Storm Oil . ay 31 i sw- I. II GAI.E., 93 Common a L Ui -9P 9 9Tr rrolo laoding liotn ltat btoE for aale Jl'" (t I)ORSEY, mat3 . 44 Neo Levee SHIPPING. For Europe. FOR LIVERPOOL. . . The A I and verylfmt oailing ship SUPE RIJR,LCoptain oucker, will have immedi .i tdespatcl. For freigt of 150 bhds obacio or aloage for6 cabin passenoers, l al ply It Jm211 1. H GALE., 93 Cuamlon at Ooastawse. FOR BOSION. S The A I coplpred chbip IIEBREW, Cnopt S Wlhiiig, borhecing holfhr ergo egOgedI, Cll Shave dealoiih. For balance of freighit or pae. sage, having gof acommodatnioua , apply on board, opposite the Orlear e Press, or to june 15 S &_J P WHITNEY,73Camp at FOR BOSTON. e . The fast saihng brig IANCET, Cnptain Clakil, will soil 0a the 1511th. PFn pncsage only, apply to S & J WIHITNEY, N FORL B TO(cON. The fast soiling brig ItOlttlDINO, Capt. Eastmant , ian handsomely accommodate lpoe 'ae ngere, apply ti jue15 "S&J P WHIt'NIY,73 Cimp pt FOR NEW YORK. r The A I ship BIAN(lt)R, ca toike the hulkof200bui0 a ofi: ton. Apply to S & JP WHi INEY jouAe 1c5 7:1 Ciqp t For the Znterior. FOR BAYOU SARA .Iegrrlr Parket. T h.e spllendid paess nger ntceonllon t BRILLIANT, Jensse Hart llaster will liuave New Orleons every Wou d oeSloy ont 1 a clock A. M. Cor Bayiii ara &evory Saturday at tit 'ealrck A. M takirg the rtost dowu on Suotldy, For feight or parLage apply to Coapt. Huar on board lor o febh25 DAMS & WHITAI.I, CHEMIN DE PER N Ie LA NOUVELLE ORLEANS ET CAIIRROILLTON. Un grand netoinhr e ipereonneas ayot demaid(. A I Comtpagie ide fire quelqtes chllnogemenl daln lea heureti de depart de I'alprs midli,elle a iCooll dl'aldopter l'arrangemeoltulvo aot pour I'a t ( com iencer diu 17 Juin. Arrangement pour liaejo rsc do laemainr. De Carrot/ton. Del t NN e Orleans. Char xcheval, 4I he. A i Clar A eheval, a 5 Is A M Locitnotive, A 6 " .oeomotive, i 7 " 1' 8 " ,, A 9 a A 12 " I " i m i 2 P B A31 SA . r A9 Arra.Femens pour tee Dimatehea. Leachelrs partroeal cox met.mas hieores que danos Ien jonurs dle laeieaine josq, ' I heire I' M, alors toe loeo ilmotive parlira le Carrollton lii les Ionvures ,lugqii' a 8 haoret do soir, at de l Nlovelle Olrloauijslu'"ii 9 Ilheares d oir. Ap.ia I0 heuren du soir, etj uqqu' A ninuit on peut obtenir on char, chlleval, en aoyuot einq ,ilitre. pour Is voyagi; iria alr0 s miuit o uora A paver $111. I.s pereonnecs li pltrtiront liar I noiolnotiver, dev ronl on procurer lesa billete, attenlo qg'il ast d("lIendu titx oonductera de rreeoir die I'uargent au lie de billis[. I.ea ehangemtne inliquli ei-delsuri, commrcencnt all di(lierl din ebare, qui jii.qoicee lomentl avail lieu a 3 leirea P. M. rel qui dornuoavonl acra liru a 3, reale. rontjuquei 5 Ihure. lI portelntenslic e eie In viiia a i6 hlrllres, reatell n Carrollon jUrqlle 8 bellre, dlmc , aiosi ine hrere et dnelie pouii r rpraffrichir aet se prom eaer detsa uncai les bieaux jardis de Etlats Unols. Ch(ri dis Rues Jeksna et de la Courseo Ces tiharm periilr... de l ti.e Jackson au 6 hricres, A. M1. e de laoru do Canal . jl Ieirea do I.Iniiut collranl chllquie hrie. A 8 Iheiea, ilt I' irlllit I Iie lee damli leorei, jitill' ill heirea do ser, g mts ls ehllarqliioitlpariirdelrii roe idu Ctial it 81 lcrets, n'en parlire A 9 houres. Iea M9ectmirs sent partierolihrement prie deii ne pa0 mtlire lea piedl aiur lea cosiains, et de ior pat futuer dena les charm lereque loa dilei 9 o y trouVno I. Bllreaut de li CoIIpInlgie litd IIelllio de far do Car rollton at de Ia Noiuvelle OrlLoei. JOIN IlAMPSioN, NEW J L\V E:1.1; 1('. wCf N. BEl..,l1 I(iiChnrreo..coren, Ihat I Ii di av reCeiv ed per slliid ra'ntoga, :llR d) , . d lz rnnllPld I reart.l er thInoa ever ltfuie llfirl ilr this ,ily. Al-i 5 dozn leas.dl Rliege, iflall pliatul, Ilget!nl'.r wili o grew vo riely o'elrf llp c ihe'il O OIk, ten-i-line lllr al<'lw.eo liipss warr ()O+IIrr I IIII IIn , . :llo l ggrllin%, &"ý.. T.I·h ill w ntUI will IioI wll to Ie xlilile I ti s ,tge ar! IliO rl ltleltl. " '.M. .Old (iild atol ih, ier i,,anted,. il 15 J U <T re..ivuda lar ,, lnrlneu! of' 8llnlt' mrr atcks Stlrl, tioln Illllrn a; liellt l t.lillt ct lile ilulir h, Il:1 Ihxeplingo Illttel,.i Chrld- t dlbie retreet, a few luets. frorl (:1'i 1. ic; pdoo tisbin civon immedialiel. Apply lo Ii)lI. E \IA AV tit l* :1 (a n llele! at WILLIAhM I. CAJ1NES, LOUISIANA WARE ROOM, may 14 Na. 33, I)IIOVILLE-ST. N.wt OHLEANS HJ ARDWARLE PAI'ER-5eyreams urdware rPa l far, in store and for sale by myS4 J HAI ER o Co, 74 I'.·ydras at F LA(G STONER-6O9 yards fIagging, Ilanding lion Fhi St Lawree,,m~, may IS t~orrlc, urn Ille by S & J P WHItINEY, 73 Camp Il L1 .la -100 Luuaka Thomastonu Limre,l ingl,, hirsute; by :i 5 J P WHINI.Y,·1' "'oy l5 73 t . ppat 1()1( SALE--'L(H I boles (irn q ualiy N,,ctlco,, 1t, lan;ding from Paket ship AlabamaA"p'ply to the (:aplaiu on hoard. one tier belowu thre VegetableP Mar F 29 G. -LOUR80 bLr. aupelrine in isore fltr eIcIy DORSEY, 4Y. 4 New LeI~veer I UoIT RE:CEIvlIt~p(lr I'c w meat of Steel P'ens-G(illntts Iarrell, CommeIIIrcial, EnRgl & Poroya l)D,,llle pntent, and FI -t Spring . ear Alan osevral Cross of Ciill,,ts faioe penc in boxes. Sold . by the Grcas orsingle (II'Card II. FelIt Co. New 'na, k St,.Ittar Ill, No 24'· Chnrtren Street.·f TO MERCEIANTS. - - l1r.IIERtCHAN7c can have a HEuoouroo. Ct'moo tan (nfrcka oatfoun rhour· aa alln,,a, eb' Citptliag Ia lo,, , TRUE AMERICAN PotoetNa 0,-ncr, St. Charles Exchanlge, ad naiap tle RoutD .NO Rana at Groner 4flcaaier trrnt, at 15, I'tin hg Offie, tw.aer of' Poydrna,,sd St. Clonlhat sahetsj NTOLI.ANI) GdN-l0 pipes Holland (iin,, r E and for sale be J TIIAYER & eod ml13 74 PDodca at t1)IT'I'ER-611 kegs Ge,,lteu ea,,rl.t inan store * f0or sale by G HORSEY, jula I 4 NewI evee NEW IlOORS-"T'lhe Cronpy," a tale lry the O'1. 11 a Wiblily; Memo~irs olf celebrated W'nmlle, by G It Pe Jamaes E; the Nanal Histolry of the " States, b J Feanijorocouaper, aatbhrn(,heiPsVh - Ilirlb,,Deatlbs and lartiagen, ly 'l-einok FP.,. No.2 Jack Sheppard, by Ainsworlt; Phrenology in the faIm Iv. Jua reeeived and for sale Ibl JO AL, X.'IIOW.R, 411 Cn,,,p t lJRN--1500busllels latldin (rain Bflarboatotd for (0 In, by .1113 A TRIER 31 Goa,,ccl r 1NKN ITN ! INK! 1Jiit recrived ,o- hundode deraiel 8 ounlce inlk, iaralrteda a ve~ry supe~rior arricl very chleat, by dozen nr gralce byv I)AVIDFELI' & Co. N Y Stationers' Hall, junto IS 24 Chartras street A1aI( NOIC PAPERt - Jea, received a, invo'ce a f bank auoe epee af Atnira mna,,afio,,.. aid for sale ALEX llJON1ER m2___49 Cap tract E XCHANGE A TRIER, t 4gt,2r geby n121T I f l.CR-86 brrla loading~ froml flat hunut, her oatt by bIln (2 IIORSEY, 44 New Levoe R REES F-S hEPI f boi ,fbl esl by, . y7 myn 14 G IDRSEY, 44 New Lavce. EBEF--2011 brl. panne and 20 half bets m essr, at thee B inspection, for sale by G DORSEYP PAINTS. OtIL.S & VARNISHER-500 beg. Na,. 1 and 2 White Lead; 3110 ('nniatec Cr,,oe Gree, Paint, ground in oil; Black d,: IniaseedORl, 0;perm do,; Puat;n50 brie. Whitiag; Copul aad Japan,,.d Varnish. Farsaleby S. LOCKS k Co. Iay~8 ~8 scantLeae GREAT BARGIAIN. F10R SALE fie tlhousandrl acae of fine rio, 1. NI)N e aligigbly ivituad in th,, Parish at Oaoltitn,, , n Monraoe. 'rIo lould isjflercI extremely low md no advanalgeous leo,,,,. Appl alt june 29 Nn.l19Commaon areal. ~UGARS-56 1,la. Clarified andll nf Sueu,, (sal, l y HERMOURNE. BROWN &. C., june 29 No 9 Conti at PA 'ER-Foolacap ooariwus qua dies, uled & pain Letter paper d Ito do, Packet, omm,,ercioal nod B,11h Poat Ranal and aper royal cartridga paper Irlon ,,ager'n d Cottonl samlplina do Printing I'alwr, of all sine,, suitable far uity and coantry pawea. Ala,, dl,,ble mnediuma, imperial sad rapeer. copal Piualig essasalnrannehy ALEX TOWVAII, junol 11 49 dtawp et BROWN SOAP-3ll0 bloxes brnwn snep, focr sle al, 6 & &J P WVHITNF.Y,73 Ca,',l at FOR NEW YORK. New lurk 4 Aec Orlecans L ine A NEW LINE of packets has been established at run between New Orleans and Nea York, I, os1 l tofl'five first rate saips, via: Ship St. Mary, It W Fuster, anntter, " epublican, J G Russell " Aulurn, H P Durfey, " ~ j' buildeng, These ships wore built in New York'expnnrseely for thin trade; ar of a litht draught of water,'and will not be subjeot todetellnt at the liar. Their aacouontlatnr forllassengers cnoprise all that nay he required fr comfnrt and convenience; and their commanders are men of ep rience. Until the sllips now huildin g are co:tpleted, two first class ships wall supply tacir I'rt greatest puncotality will he observed in the ti, of sailing, and every reasonable accommolndatiou a o nded to shippers and poasrengers. or further particnlars apply to Msears. Johnsoa SJ Luwden, No. 86 Wall lstreet, New York, or to a la.i P'ITE I IAIIILA W, i (Camp st FOR NEW YORK. [Louisiana and New York Line of Packets.] P'o sail regularly as advertised from each Pori. THE line is at this momnnt composed of the follow 1 ing ships, but 6 more new vessels will Ie putronll an earlyalay., naking the* numnbler twelve in all, iibh:h will allow e.fono being dispalthed from tlhs poat every week during tle year, tle affording proatPt facilities fr transportation and at the lowest rates orffieight. Ship Ya,.es, Coptain Trask. S iaMissisippi, " Betbe. I" misvi.le " Allen. a, ,tlllatog.a i atl hawary. luntsville, Eltdridga SShbkespealei, Palher T'he above ships are all of lIth filet class, ,coppered astlll copler ftltethedt, ,f a lilht dratlgLt of water, anl built in New York expreealy fr the trade.witll elegant aeeommodations fobr passengers and olttnuanded by able and experienced masters. Tile price ofa pssage is fixed at $81, willout wine, or liquors, ample stores in every oliher particular will be providad, and every attenltion gii en to prolote tile comfort fl tlhnse passing to sild fro, in the. line. The bships will at all times he towed ulp and down tile river, and the greatest puctuaali y observed as to their day of solaing Neither the owners or cantaina of these vessels will lbe respoanible for jewelry, Iullion, precious stones, nil, ver or platedi ware, brekaoge of glas, hollow ware, marble, or granite, cooperage on tin, rust f iron or oteel, orforany letters, parcel .r packages rnot by or put ot Il bard of the,, nunlaess regular hills ol tlding are taken fr the same, antd the vnlot thereofexpressed. For freigllt or passage ap sly ItU nar21 JAMES II UIALIN, 7, Campot FOR'NEW YORK. HIOLMES' LINE OF PACKETS. rlO sail aonclually every Mldla, ftront each port. T1'lhia Ion f Pl'a cketa tac et . incoreTsed , oale - eI first clans llip, ContSisting of Ship Nashrs ile, Caplain Wood., Cnpmita E l Decais, Alabalma, Captain C C Herry, Orleans, Captain S Senrs, Vicksburg, Ca til J L'unker, alothea, Caplain Anltley. N'ashville, Cautain Wood. laouita, Captain 'T'ruman. Oconae, Captain I.yons. Ocmulgee, Captain Leavit. Nect Ship -- Caltain Woodhouse. New, Ship - Captain Nichols. The above lshipa are all of thle first class, elopperedl, anld tplper fastened , and were bllilt in New York e. pressly for this traIte-they are ofl'iight draught of w, - tn.., nd almolt invarlallv cross the bar witlout deten. lion T'lhe, packets are commanlded by (tll)rains well ex perssteed ill lhe trials', and will utevs exert thlniselves to acc'mtnodte. 'lThe n will alas be towedl ulp anti dlown the river, antlwill ntlnptly sail as ladvertised. they have handsonlely furnisheld aceomnndastimsnol stores of the firt qtality: will always be furnished, and every attention paid to the conaftit aid satisfaction of passengere The priee of the cabin is fixed at $81)1, witholt wine or litqor. For frtner particulars aplvy to A COIIEN, r." 90 C,,olt,,,lan street rr~ The ships are not accountable fir breakage of lass. hlllow ware, narble or frantlle, cooperaoe. ',f tin or rust ,J'ilon or steel: nor i'es ponsible filr tiny klaek ,.e or parcel lut on Ibard, ~llllesa a rennlllll bll bof plad signed therecir, t tlt office o tl e lrwelrt. { lO -ITION t ( IIaS, "Clte; --+S o ir lS 1511 muus, Atolts" I),ve ,ill lter paper, fin till do ftIe sUpefia e A liic of a bler upei alite , :l post iiit, , ao w ihnitgis do 7.5 o warn, elind past LEFtI oFSiRA T erhiie no ollt writtig ri tilYl pIh h lk llito IIost All of kiuh orn. f a very silniior Iulit,- e nind will aa sold lolw, n close a ctigme tntt; b a - ainnll t c e A Tr ) VAft , te 9 t rlllc ,a rtic, lie w t'artclltrin tyhe t ngtt itafie intat IT he Refrigerator is now considered a idispensable article in the scnoemy ofevery good hoasew ie. 'T'e qcaniiy of ell it potletretli, weat r, will more trer, Mr A aten. Slelnle ns (l the Refrigerators e8ll if W It CARNES. I 'HIe JUICE, laoditg , n,,, lalnu-a it cok, tar-l. rlobb's and daetjoh t, brr sal tree. Ht BONNAIIEI,, may 1l Cor Nttclhez &. Telituulhs eta WORIIKS ON SILK. A COMPIETE ,ssorment of the beat works on the Kendrick's silk growers guile. IVlitenoarsh 'a the Mulberry and silk worms, lRolcrts onsilk &c. E JOhtNS & Co, Jti2w corcer ofSt. Clharles & Cooinoii at I U.FI) LETTER PAPER-A few cses of ruled r lettr pler ofvarius qualities, just received and filr sale. ou accoumodating termro by J4 A TOWAR,49 Camp st ICKL: l11, No. 13, lmt11a tI1 a 6 nAuber io oe Mtrrval t's Phantom ship. For sale by J2S A J'OWAR, 19 Cmnp st . Useuli Kaiwsledge, for Ihe'year 1389, receiv ed andl fir sale by DAVID FELT' & Co, may 14i 24 Clhrtreest, pAV- O NA SEGA.1--3-,000, dilfer.n, qotlitieso.i J sale by A TIRIER, junae II :4 ( lrhvier et s1I,1J'I'1\i\ W'ilELS-4i set liistmg l w, eiis, + f imlproved construction, ih, fraoniec 'ml tte, for sole Iy Or'r, ntvs 2-4ti d Tivoli Circle 'EEIl. 1'Eeeo-jdllrec;iveat Jew gross s tilots Ilage, and Perry's doule Jltenllt 8ei l peIens. aI stlebv I)A\Ii) FLEILTI & Co, ,253 N Y stationers hasll ?'Chartres st S LOCKE &- CI., No,. ii Fo,nt Levee, have in store a dlrge and extensive assortment if Copper and Till \Ve of thlleir own mlanulfacture, which Ithy oiler low by wholesale. -ay s 8 F IEOII BUTsElR--16 ke.g lanldiog oul steamlt r built Prairie, lrsale by J4 _A TLIF.R, 1 _tiraviersa 01R~I~ t 650 es-1 noh ri-sk m icato cured, tio ý rsode by " G ])OI'SI'1, .a,17 4t \ew Levee ),LATi'EI (F PARIS--l1 bbls landing fhh ro sa g £ t Johu, ill lbe sold low if taken frem the levee, j6 " J IlULLIIN, 74 Csmnp at ECOLD CAP--Just received too Nases fo so Slaid lleetrd Cap, tblib ploit at':l ruletd a very fils artiele, suiable fir nstllllmi, tor sile tIy DAVID FELT0 , N Y stttiuners' Iall, juln, A 12 - 24_ Clx ree.s S'30 to 60 lb. sIheleos 7f iraiers Copper. 1111100 sheets 3l to fi0 in. of 10 lb. Rulio; Coppltr. 5110 sheets 2lioi 60 do,ldo.d,. Just reaiveallnad for sale b - S. LOCKE & Co. may 28 8 Front Levee IORK.-1i50 Ibls sress and du prime, ot tilhe jase. I tion, fur sale by jneL (21 I) ORSEY, 44 New l.evee. (1 IDER VlN:iGA1t-f5'l 1,10, isso fa, ftr salelly J22 IG)IlLSEY 44 New I evve SFCAR 'I'OIACCO-20 lo.... ,For oP y- lally 28 34 Gravier s B I.UN'L" S I.ECTURES on the bli-tllrv ofAbrahae i said Jacob,by tile RIev. Ilesry Ill t,, A. 11. - ilthor of Lelurac onl the bistory ofJesua Christ siand St. Paul Juost publilshed select remaists of tile Rev. Villlsal Nevins, 1). D. of Baltimore wilh a mllemoir. Jult re. ceived and forssle by ALEX TOWVAR, I ll aery, solsttantly on shand and fior sale itv HERIIOtIENE, BROWN Ge Co, june 29 No 9 Coatli at I)5tilIK40Nt brls oess and prime, ai its inhe ,sitoiotit Sfursals by G. DtiIeEY, 29lljunt 44 INew Levee jARiD--lO00 suri, r leoiflard l,rsle bh l J2.9 G DOI;SE'. 41 New Leves ,fHISKEY-p8 helo lstuditg feotti steam lou V(eira tlarrison, ftr sale by jllnse .J G DUilSEY,44 New levee -lAltLARi l-e Eb co.ils . assorted sizCe ltsiIrl i I Ro.e 75 Manilla Halshrs, assorted, rom 4 1.2 to - For rsale by S. LOCKE & Co. Mllay 2l8 8 Fimltt Levee ` IIIS1KEY-1 1 barrels roctifijd whlikeby iln It,, I r Ior sale by (I IDORSE'Y, J24 44 N"c'l.t'yte Q E CANDLIS -Ejn os srm to Jdl a F 13, rdltlf ,trd brald, fr sale by IlI )iIlE & Co may2 131 Maga.ise st ..-TR UT H TI - tTH TI -A-NITWILL I -- - PRIEvAIL. TT is a tact that 150,000 of Bar~oporitla Blood Pills Ilrvw I F~ell sold dnring tile past nx inionlh^. II is a . I't--tllill thley are tukeul ill Ilnnlllllerallle init ances 1o ohvrialvl audc correct thleInia+.bll~vou· and lad effecll uf ql acL pills uuJ ther Rh uak in<dmeine by which really hnveh aro kn , y nlallSer d. SIt is o fact--That all qll~cb mee lieillos eontRill Iniuernl· or malrenry, whihel qurckl th~ink "muultkill or cure," and trust tothloor n. g the Dr t Mr bmile." 11 e a tact--That uuneruua quacksand foreign impostors call tllemaelves dotlr.loP battkey inlay more elfuetually impose their vile nd daugeroun preparaction on the pubhee, carlle, ulothlngl Blr the Lnllrcequeneer, so that they cmrl only ilorkat In,.ir unj.+tl gaina. Ithi. u faet--Tllat tile qarrk sland foreign impostors who llrfw infest oureoutry kno; w nhutlllnge Oft nature of nInedi It is a flect- T'hey are p trhiel arlv elfi¢uclUern u ils re]Jew liltg disnease, nil o~rwblEh are molre o'r less CaUlml I~ Iy impuritis oflthe hluod aulld unlnlllllU lds, hthllllely- R llecumatie uf~bletionr1 Ulcerou soures oth.l neole,throat Bll OOlDl;Iyi Ble l OD BLOOd lady; Jalundice; I~earthlurn;i Seary eruption~s and blotcllcs e! D iTease r el plhe liver, (lsin ) tbie skinl d ,Pain eftlable hur, along the Ilneutslea af the fbe and of hnack and spine, over the tile bodyt region of tile heart ald Tetteralldh rinpworm oi .tomael; vwllillp unl lnlIlarn deng of the Inward levels, bad taste ill glaueld of tile nleckl ill th" t le 110o1ltll, Iulbreachi gr{ii..,~l hIroast&C Flutulncy: Indoiestion t Wrnt ofaptite; I. ,, omla nt TSosr eruetloallnd wsldithib of thrn, rlulrfuhi ,Vterbrish. &o. RI·ECOM.\EN~hI,,\I'UI FACTS : It is a fact--The ellly prllprietur Plld nlnlhufaliierlT of the Snaraparilla bluood pilla I* a regulanr physleiml ats well a. aputbl scary, *tttelted by ibe mustl celrlebrate pllyslcill. .,l" tile United Slates. DocHtors P'llysick. Chnplmau ,Jrcksol, Gilrson, DewCEs, llare, It is a tihct--TbatIH the S~lrsaparilla Ido~ld pifls are Pal )loyedl ill tile ]JraeticeoIfnrlullyllyplrlylneian, all very. Itrungly rresel Iluen e( by lnanly thlrolUd(InLv thou U tltss. (See dilectiolla ,,tl,,,..,y.,tggeae .7b .o, ulpil.) lir a thel- • i,,y tre E(IInllIosetl entirely of vegyetable,l and tIlesy are wal raltsd to conltain nlo laecul. or alllllal "re luaratlollso it is a fact--Thley ma~y bre taecn by the mall delicate, and at sIll aesr; witholut ru~rtruint of' ~ceullmtioua r busiptrs; withoult f~earftukinlg coldl; rltbonlt ellaonge of diet or restnaialt from :smperate ealtinge. ]t is at:let--Th'ley will not By their op~erationl wliChI luily 3e nlllddo (ietlYIe, IleCOP(Inll. Il thle qnlu~ltty takell, weakt.[i til IyItLBll so mIuch :t IiIIOU t of tile p~urgative IneldlCiuel (lener It is a t~lct--That theoy re tile Inorl effctual P'URIFIERBH Ok TIll. BLOOD). RE;NOVAT`OR OF' Tile 8YSTE.H Ever disncovered Alro, eoralifltutlnnl thlaealsc, ilrodllnce, by slorenry, or ,tile Ilouelralx, I,r tble ruonllsfllel(e of IYplliliil, lues, YUIn~rIal, It is a fact--That n.*er ill single Instance have thery Ilepnl khownl to I). used, that thecy didl nliLr pro~lace a gsood elllet- rurlagg tbousand·, lUnlly of'w bonl wore before ca~till, dol d Inl Ml rable. It is a fact--thlat onet ..lox'nofrsaparille pills cudl rlllu Ilnttle of the Comlpound Syrup of Sarsaparilla, ilall sulJ~lclell| to cbre any of the aboveo dlcearea. I! is u faet--Jhf ldlll b.: (IIOhIervethatthleonly place theycan e obtainecd genlulueo in N. Orleanls, is at Uurtondlons~e .trel;t. bapril I WO No. Oft. BLOOD . BLOOD !! BLOOD ! let, Tile vital plrinciple (ife~) is containled l In the loo~d. '.. B~lood murake bluedI. 3,1. Every thlnga ill tile bndy is ,Iorzived fromn bile.o 411b. &in coulstntutilnM are radxc~llly tllesanle. bIll. All dirseases arise fr+Ulr implurity ofthle blood. Mr ill oth er words ruul l,s ilclO~llll huluur v Il odgeaI~ d n li |ieII bodyp 61hl. A1llla thc er are carriedl ol; theo bloold )urified auld nlads bcalthful by tile arsaoparlan that assimilates witln Ill(+ bloodl. "Ztb. Vegetaible purgatives alone assimlilate writll thle blood. M)PUI]RTY of the blonod is well know~n to be onle of the great ca eusofdr~ibeise. SARSAPARILLA m well knlown Io be the mlost tcffectual purifier oftble blood and fluid. of t le 111uman1 syst.+lnl sexistlnl:e. [t in tlleprlnleipal remedial agentlinl all lIleanaca,Cathelio leous d a cldtblr preplarationn. It is useless, tberenore to unlmPllOit on Ith YIItULS; theI1y are hnonWI to every onleR as.I eve11111ry eieri filled with allVertisenlenteC UfpIrlp IralAOl.r of .,.! saparlna ex Lrracts, syrups, &ce. l)r .,V S 1|Ill baln teuvere~d a proesas, knlown only to bha~self, whelreby it is LDslnbiledl wlIII otller well known relueadlal s~aeLJI w tthmtt1IdeCIroyillg tile v/IrUesofhesrll a .I1IarlllYIII ml ITlrulll~g Sa'ursaparill a or Bluood Plil*. Withl tins .arrsaparlllal s eom' hlllerd ansIIIhland1 (·ll,, ,ltbprgalltiVe wllnehIbyits cd .+: tgrlu .l ty .d lllJalost Inl~leree ildd¥l carries elfI thle gros aid Imlllrbld brulnl,ns uetlarate+$ f~Iromtle Iduod hy the larsapa;rllla. l'l'heJ p~llr d,, nolt purge, ovdently as uost d~lis dlo+ whiehpIrll trate auld redallCe thes PtelU reudellngII t n ore lll: 11 t) hs easxe, w~·akemngll the'system.,and Ilinkinlg dicese: to taLke strongler bolJ al~nd klillng~ or destroy-ingC IIhoU~lllds; ill shlort it musllt be nvldeu~t tIIlat pUrgigS* YI violetllly us {hle p~iflado thaut are mlltmllflBCtlrlcd by) (IInaks anld fulreigI nP~nl nae irsne asf IIl1.,lIIeVOUs In thtl~lr C~lllellp~lenu as mIercury .lld otller Illn eralc. F'romu the cireulnstance of thle sarsaparilla being inltroduedl in plls, e.n~?lg easyI t. take and ecrvelentrll for earrv~ing In thle ptorket or f-lr tl avelling ; lilt hlelrplgInside to brealknge, la. are LI IOtll:~I. ...... tLtk,ll t~lell 1Iplalei of llfn O toht .... anr l'l, rlall tlorJ ) HIhIti theI forclregl,, bareo ehleilcd tztlmcrollr to~timoonduls frmll pllyrln~ialt+au ilbe wibatmpl ie rrllllSl~~ YI~ IPII~I~L~ 11(111~ ;tzill lire (.Ollfidl(lltlY reC IIIEo lumcded inl rh~eunlllell atr(eLnr+I) o rce~rl~.d£t erw~llp'a., jau dICeea hli lrl d se se oftll liverl ahlll, hlI)II.1 ' llll llal l + 1Itzds+ p lrm tif l th des atlia€ theI l:iCk allld tr,·1I t'llte 1,," th+. laou thl, fadll bre~itll, fialldem'l~ y, hldllL~lg,.ioa, w.lllt {l~ialletlte, CIUItr erlwt1I1I1ntllh a id elllit)· ofi tile: 11ttlmtlell, nlle~rlus alrt.s Of line? noser. thro~at and bl,lly, s.rly .i n moIII.s ahld hhlltch+:+iof Ihe* kml.dlryaudllw~l+.ry ptlljllllr ilnd jIII1l~hds ofthle I.l( e'anld i udly. letter llid rlllgllt~rlubItsw, rlllln. JL !arll stonllle: l+. ruluyilr. fIPTTleer im da11t · watl'Ir llraah, l ah nll thet wlnl~dctralnldl lI1C:al· -,,r+ultHIg fromIIIni)U~rt? y ,,f the( hl101)l, ctlu·titutioua,d dnreases ploducad by~ maerury ur othn nle I1I Alk any rerp,+ctable phlysician the· question, wha.t i. thle InTO~~teflaeuriu Ilurlfier of 1lhe bluoodl ?lie answecr will bl:srr SlJldiee it to sayg 1hell if MI physicians rerolnlulrnd it so ulsi versa]J)'. .hat hiatter tvdrient t:.ol .e hlave of It. Ilnvlahletd p~ropert i+, s Nulncror~uh rertlfilcalesi hve*I blP~ii roceived arid references canl beglveul tl, Inlalirellsol lltantels rfthe1 snoHl renlalrkable blJ' Thtlsu amlfctedl WlItII 1clheumltlim ln+roula, l.r illllioln o Le.i"rt+ nIIaily a(I/_I1Itag-. aidi avll~id Inlpoitll~ ll. h~III)yIZN apdll. /* The~~~ Rlf{IIIld: zlf PbvsIiclnlld f1.t he tU Rlle fro R1 (b ,) 10E - . nl"el 14 . . . . .. . . . . . 1k I AMAlt'I'lSNE'S PII.(RIMAl E- SandforI dLI Mert1--I:iurch'sc di:tioary Kit gley's Social ChaOir, ' volumes Kblle on Ithe (bri'ntis year-Leslies, eookersy Iunl Ssr Smllseft'o Ili.tloV oIf Eaehml.l A new sup.ply with misy otler very valuable wtorks, rtit day received and for sale by Js22 A T'IOWAT~ , 49 Camp st OOKS-Catolognes of valsible books, imposled . English edilioUs of cbsiee, rare, nld valuable books so Archlitecture, Esgilleering sod Sdcince, pob lisled tr sile or impolrted lv Mesrs Carey & iari of Philadelphin; may be had at our stole, nd orders fromt respsonsiblo ipersons will be promlstly attended to by us Jlt 3w cor St Cbarles & osoinMo so,1 p012 -BIG Ibils, soeoss sod pnsse, ot she Inspe.iiosu, Sfur sole ty G I)ORSEYb, _june 19 14 New Levee SEit"--,Hes+ss a Ld 0. oin rls asd ball birls at tie inspection ftlr sale by Ji9 d DOItSEY,44 New I.evee LANiIER-.'S WASHINGTON. A Few Colies' of this celebrated enrasving, full lengtlh portrait, in gilt frames, for sale at E JOHNS & Co, J20 w corner St Charles & Ceonlonlts McCUI.L)OCIi'S COAlIERCIAL IIIC'l'Ti AlI. . ARi' I olste ew0 As osimriean edition be P'rofufos ,. Vellske. ''lsi'i very valuable work will ie col; plete i, s t rn parts ndl will be fisrished in sbout 18 IloosslS. Solsucripltioun pre $1 25 per porr. - Wynslt's Nntiral History wilth beautill colored pliates. 'Ihe Yoslg Mer 'll nt, a most usehll work,jlst re epived alld for netie by J22 A 'I'OWA11.49ll smpt ell1AAIiNIi)-, IIONIKY, umot BE tSWoX-os n I Ioavsna, for sale h ]I IiIINN.AtEI toPy 18 ('or Natchez and T-'L.pit, is so_ 1y INE--weet oMalasg wii in qr Clks , ilsore A for saleb. &y I \ B A RI'I'O\t1, a25 i7 Bank PIlaLe TCIIhN rIIFIC &31 MICEIlI. NEOU WORKS "%LfLIIN(rIl'ON't Civil Ensineering .il (Grier's .1echlnic's Calcubltor lThe C(nshtslogist's First T'ext Book Cnlh's link KEepin;i Beunet's dn dol Tyller' Ulliversal I istorv,2 vislls. v I)'llomergters' Silk Cullsurist's ManlsI Count Dadol I; of rearing Silk Worms Clarke; trealiseon tre Mulbelrv 'Tr're andl Silk Woril, and all standard works on silk. E JOHNS &' Co, Jone 13 2w corner St (lhales andl Commson ji1'EA--.0 chstos toioikhotsg oand ponchon, luodiut, frosm schr Splsndid, from Boston, for sle Iby ap17 A TRIER,'34 Gravier r t l.ullUi-1000 bbls. superlilne asd li d) do in, for 1 sale by G IOiIEIY, june 15 44 New Levee ELACON-60.t0It lb. Cirinnnlti cured, 1 esoi'ling oi I.) Ihiis sides anti sllolders, at the ilnini, per Flat untl. For stiet by I lNotSEY, Illay 41 Nrew I.eve D llUsh & AIElICINEIC, PAI.l'TS & )11.5- Oil ofVitriol ll Csrllboys Rowosnd's "l'olli. lixtUre O20 clses nr'setter'1 (ihemicals 20 cases Sult'lbtste to (tl5lnine :31(1 nouces. Englslh Mlutasrd'5) boxes 'anlarhisd 1i5 kebrs Elpesln Salts 2 r" e Irls--slumn 10 oolrels ApFltlsecsri ETs visl0l b bIsoxes Wliltc lcead ptlrP 500 kogs--do B 3110 kcgs Colred laists 200 ke ts Spijtne of ''4rpenlne L Iarrels ' b doi 5 4tin'uii-tel' S ColTsat's Ssarell 20 Ioxest \tiltHa Pgelrl asslrlellt illo medicines, for sale oi tile mosIt reasnltaLle teIrus by J slGVIS & ANI)REW tS, Whsiedole Drsugi.t, cortc r t osoesuou o '1 iltb,,tI-oo... I YDIRIAULIC CEIlE\T--0 bbls nli r se iry 111 j6 S &J P WHII',E. 7:tCamp at SA U)N S1 DES--70 esaosks suiperior C inciltlai cu rold, in tooret, for sale by G DIRSElI', jule 15 44i New Levee '1ESJ H 11U I'TERK--9 lb,, lsttslig triTosm,, b eliot Rieozs, for sale by A 'IE(RLl, juInk 13 31 Gravlr' st EFINED iVHALE OIL--I010 glhm.n, fiir salo jioll 13 34 laioris COil.'i"S PTENT' REIIEATIlNG FIRE ARMlS. r \iIE Puhlic oe respectfully ifOrlPd tsha the above I 'articles eall be sees anod s flitr sale at GOSSIP A' Co. Exchange Hotel, Sot (llarles et. atir 5 If ) ROGANS &c--20 cases, Colsistillg of's calf, il osrseso, aid kilni Irogoos, boys, youths asod ilildret's bloatnsi tslii's slipsors, &Co. landing from kslilp Nnrigas', tits lile by n13 I iiI)HID & Co, 131 ,i1EAINT+I-'3'i:3 tiar.eli ol' Celllmti, Isndin fsloli t h oill oots, dlill he ,shld low if toaken from tie I.oe,'. Aiplhi to J.MElES . IllI.I.EN, osmav " 74 Cailp Et. - - . -M-mm! m !!!!!_l 10 CONTRACTORS FOR PAVING. SI EAI.E proposa ols addressed I lhe Recorder no S.-eAl of n inae 'Third Municipality, marked "Pro posal toPave,"will be received until the alsth July 1839. for fnrn-hiog all he materials, and making the side. wtilks required by the council, according to the fOl. lowing specifications; and payable in the bonds of tha Muni-iptlit, O ten years, hearing interest at the rote of six er cenl, per nnnom, vlz : The'Ii cl b iiioS to I e employed sle!i ot be lers llan tlhlreer and a hall feet in ilegth,four inches ithick, and ol tie width whicth Ltall I e dereed neressary according t tile ievel required, andt wtic shall ie detertnined bo y the Ills ertor of public works, and shell be dressed at thie elll, iltd a tile exterior and ,uperior sides, end ot hI, edge; the glter stones shee l ot cie less than three letl ii leglh, tfour iobes thiick and one foot, and shall ie dreicsed at tiheeendsinldo.t Ithesidetbich liny against the curb slone. 'l'he urb rtone shll be laid, c;i tie leiat, six inches below thie level of the guter, and the gllttert eotlei eir sllond oaginst i pavement of oure f-et w ilda ; d the eole walks shall be laid with bricks from the hlko of a god quanliy, oir wlth bitolmne of oile ilecll i.k on t ctlll of grey or White sand, or of eo elsr; in front or each lot or lroperty., lltr ig eno ilor than 35 fet frott, there shIll he mnade ai gutter with hrick, not less ILn 8 illches wide, covemled wih a cpPreocs teare Itwo innlle llck, ill trder to let tie water ruon int trie stperfiey nli hirlh cutter r eltll be level wi'h tie paveo. oeultit Iitle Riesde nwicks. 'The caiolrteaor shIillill iep to iio expee witoh river tnne, nallthbe Ieonqlteooi ehini lellall ot ieh igle elioeIgh aued etell iurnish tll the maosterials. lite shallalsoeuleicriie iogeltcer with one or lore pere sons ha)roved of iy the celcil,n ortee:lriv of tive lllA enod dtllurI flieft n Il ithful e reculhmol I' liis contract. 'ihe pAving of said sidecolks Io begin il EisiLnII Fieldsa crete, roing uCi al dllwe an ti tile srteets ren nmlg perpelldicllluro trloe t ie river, beginniog by the Elsiain Fields Ltrereet, o mid del)n. ci'lle cOlr ielelltlar o IlSvl' at the rolleer of each street, a pahll uf Ibllr leee wid.,, with flat stnes uf nt less iamn eour inchea thick. Coliratsonl ctv e rolsed for one or more sreets, pro riled tihe cqlluniev of yards oensraced lt e leei tIun four lls iouand poerconltretl. J. It. 5. ST.AMIAND, Tt) TIE11 LADIES. it; HUIrIt'S iU'I'EIt) ABDOMINAI. SUI'PORTEIt S11 IS new instrumrent for tihe radicial core of Pro lapuer Uteri, or Falling of tha Womb, bly en cernal application, sui erAceding tile use of tihe ub jeietionible preonary, is confidently recoromenled to the ,fflicted as thie imeans of a porfect restor tiot to ileanlt, it never ohaing failed of performing a oitre, even ounder the most aggravated eielYolotac ces. It has reeeived the decided approbation of Sir Astley Cooper of London ; Sir Benjanmin C Brodfe ; Sir James Clark, Physician to the Qofen; Dr Aslhwoll. Lect-er on midwifery to cuy's lion. pitn l ;Dr Rigoy, Ilctueor to St Bartholonews; Dr Grifiith, lectrer to Weastttin-etr Hospital I)r Rasebothanm, lecturer to Itondon boepitRl ; RoIert Fergoson, lecturer to Westmintos r hospit, all Dr Swerotmao , ecturer to Middlesex hospital. sold senior cocoocheor to Queen Charlotte's lying; ; also by lHenry Davies, Conqueat a Blundell, Lie, Mcrrlman, surgeon Keates, &c. by Dr Morreao, president of tile Academis ltonycis JeaMedioine, Paris, and AccoErcl:r to tile tI)uhesa D)'Orleaim; professors Velptoo, Marjolin, Paul Dubois, Se scn and others--nd in New York by professorJ W Francis, G S Bedford, NA D profus. ear of midwifery in Iho university of the cify of New York, prol. Delarfiell, and Fraecis, U Jolln. stoo, presideot County Med Society, Larcens Hull president toed society State of N York, profs Jam McNaughton of Albany, prhte March, Cynrs Per. kinb, Domeno-Drs Thol s lBoyd, Gilbert Smith, Hosack,i Sterns, Ludlow, KioanoR , Veche, Power, Grayson, Van Renonslaer, and many other distin guished physiclnns in ltho States.' A G ulull, Ofieco 4 Vossey at, Astor lIouse N York. ]r A eonstant suipply of itle above inetrcooment, withe D luell' improved Treusse fner Hlretia, will be kept by SICKLES & Co, N Orleans, A G Carpemnter, Natchez; Stone & MuMarsh, Wood. vill0 ; Ienthi and Mallory, Memphis; I I) Wllh;n. mon, Somnerville; hall and Washington, Nashvillc; McNiray and Hamrilton de; It L Bliss, Florence Aio; J C SiWotswood, Athens. -A EN'AIIUCKY, lndiaea uodllliuiolS oney-$-50 _k of said descriptliu for oaley J4 A I'RIER, 34 iravierst SINEN SIIIRtI'S Glovers, & Suspeniders--Jul re A reiveo by lte arrivanls, a aes . neee t oft shiis Travr, rllloier etcksel, l gleove, ilend A I S1 eeders, at tile Blznar, Goruier of St.Cihares all C.tlnre on iteLreeta. u22 IU5i & ALLAN. IANK I' OKS--I iteneee if syer revol n e, dim, eIIv nod crall lelek Iouks of osuperior lunlitv, juls receined anld Ior sle by j18 A I'O\'VAi,49 Camp et l A lW;r:TM SIAS'.--5te ihmueo tn- e, ir sale by A TRIER, may 15 34 Gravier st f or sale Ity A T'RIEII, may 1. G31 Gaevier st I .CON, il )ES- 11111 . toaks SUleeriorCiecinnonih ca redl, i store inr sale iby .if t I)ORSEV, 44New .Levee R S11 S-4r 0 boxe4 s e flerh Monlgo Roiin, leer .L ale iby A TRIER, jSt. ifierr or I --. K--8130 blrls ID U prime, & t O now insleecti. g Stanild fir oal. a the lowest inarket-priees bv -J (; lt)iRSE'V, i Nr Iew ree I 'NNBY hiG .--30,00i in ioleui nndcl bIoldlee, for Siib" y ISAAC ItIDGF, d& Co, 1ay 2 131 Mgazine stf SATII FtiIUIS--th( Blth 'l'ues, aotorted sizec, eor Isale at reded piices, by S. LUCKE & tCo. uy c+8 8 Front .evere F LOUR-8R I- bisr., landing from rteanssh t Rudolph. For rule by A. TI FR, navy28 34 Gravieyr Pt EI.FMF.NTIS of Civil I.ngi rtinr., ,heng an ttompt to consolidate the princip ,l t of the ttlionopera ions of the Civil Engineer intl one point of view, for 1ei ,ee oft at dents .nl the. o lt nwat be about toam hark in the profeo.ioo. Illottreted by copper plates, and interpearsd with various nseftl tables by John llillingto civil eaginer flrner Proy ,lieor of mechan ics in tile Royal intituetiton of Grcot Brintit, now Pro feso.r o, Nolutnl Phduoaophv and t'hemistry in William & Mary College of Vo. For sale by J.5 A TOWA R, 49 Camp at E XCIANGE ON NAFSHVILLE, for $4300 pay. Jable July '.7, fraale bY. 38 A FISK trI'PTER. 50 kegs GthenRttetr. landing and for ale b J Fj 6l ntd J L'WIIITNEY, 73 Canop at NEW ORLEANS Sleam andtPatent Biscuit Bakery-Waters aad Hillman. No. .9. atoreau (lear tie Pontchartrdln Rail Road.) RPilot and Navy Broad, Suds and Wine Riscuit, Sugar, Butter, Midlord and Water Crackers. All the above articles are warranted to he of the first quality, and to keep in any climate, being completely kiln dried. Also,-Kiln dried corn meal. Orders left at G. W. Pricehord and Tagast, Jr. corner Magazine and Poydras street., will receuive prompt attention.t Small koeg put ap expressly for atmily use. 15nov BAZAAR. Corner of t. Ceharles 4, Common street, S XCItANGO E tiOTEL. 1TUS! & Al.I.AN woula respectfully call the at r tentiol ofcitizens and itrangIers toi their complete , assrrtnent lof (entllelmenl's linen ,hirts, do cambric, whith hluln [rtt ash fhionnble linen frouts: linen col. Inrps: silk, rtlton ilnd nerino, under shirts anil drawers: catlbrie titd nilk thandkerchiefa: blactk and fancy era vats ill great variety: ttocks ol'every deseriptionn gum elastic antl cotton suspeolers: tilk, cotton and thread glives: gents hoskin gloves: umblrellas and cane, gold mounted. Alsot,-plrndld asnortlet of ladies and gent, !wri tingdeskl drein cases, port olioe. prrftter,r cut. lery, and rilch futoy goods. noel I JOHN V. CHlIDS, ENGRAVER AN') C(,OI'ER-PI.ATE PRINTER No. 3, Camp St. ll I.1 engr.ave and print to order, hank notes. tblls S ol'exchnge, bills of lading, dilo..o as, merene ilre and visi:in card,. noturilI, eaosular and counting hobanee ntl, dlolr plate, silver ware, ,pc.-always ot hidtnd, an assortment of silver plated and brass door P0 Cartls printed from platen already engraved. FPAL & WLINER t'l,tfllNN. SP. FIREEMIAN &. C(O., No 3, Mognzine street, a are reteia ilg tlteir rttplties of Fall oandl Vinter Clothing, and will ctotineo tt receive ehiptenllts regu larly .throlghout thle season. Their asaortrlnllt being lor.e will nable. them to alplly nmerchants fromt le ounttrvy At ttle shortest notice; for sale wtolesalet & retail, on acconnonoating termt. FURINITURE! FURNITURE!! TUST received at the Furliiture Ware mhoour, a large suplply floao New York anti Bofo on. I'ersons inl tile want of f rnilture wol(d do well to call, aUd elect Iheir articles lfron one of the best andll largetst ottko ntow in the city. IV R (CARNES Ill 5:1 Bienvrille sa N B-Particllnr attention paid to packing lnd .linp itltg Fllrtlittre, freet tfovpeute. dil-2v 'lt )RN IlKOOJlS-21)0 doz in store, Ir sale by / J7 C I)(tISFY, 44 New Ienve jitlAAtL\V to WINE-. haltf andl t r casko biran dy, 4 qr casks brown Sherry Wine; 36 boxespale I do do sttperor qualityfor sale by d &'J PI WHITNEY. lttv ,t 73 Camp st tI.I.INOISI MUNEY--$350t1 for sale t june 13 A 'ITLER34 Graviner et IESSt PORtK--Il Itblb laeding from stlret toat ti United Staen, for sale by J7 l. TI(IER 34 Gravier at WVALKING CANES. SkM BELLP,, No. 16 Chartres street, has this day Sreceivedtt variety of CANES, suitable for get; tlerten' uae, tlhey will bo offered vary low to pr U'ITTER-Goshen and Western, in ttre for sale by S j6 . G DORSEY 41 New Ievre - HEVELY, or the Man of Honor, by Lady Lyvtton I Bulwer, in 2 vols. Richelieu,. or to Cnospirney, a play in 5 ela, to whLich are added Historical Oldes n the last dato of Elix alrth ; Cromwell's Dream The Deatlh of leleon, by the attlhor ofthe I.adv of Lv ono, Pelham, tile I)isrowned, &e &c, miltl all the new works ofthe day, for alae by june1 I ALEX T)WAR,49Catp t I ........ ..... . _ram m~ •_~~ _ m TIlE INDIAN'S IA'ANAiEA. soloD I t'or. ,f Naithez and Tcltoupitoulae aet. oR. he l t re ofrheumatiem, ascronala or king'. evil, g8n t, a hrip gouty inc Ipln cancer. alt b1araheun, )ay' I. btie .ml ietcurlal dleisc.. ];·rtloularly lcrrs nnld pllt GI" artectona of Ihe bones, ulcerated throat and nostrls, tuleer, 1 everyL dscrLptin, fever ,.res and ot Lnlta Lba aLesa, li.t Inas, pilet nan d hpad, nurvy. Itbs. i cnhn., sorenyesa, erwlip elaLlotehnaa,and aerry varity ofurta acuaa u. lelol chrno Iae natarrh, head ache procnedig tIroL any acrid Lulntlr, Lailln I theaLenach, ,lld Y.eIp.pliaprce. edIng l,11.i vrlatloa, and1elloll1 of tl, tliver, chronic iIIlalima.tion ,b.I. L,ldneya, and gear 'a I,,ihyerusend iy a.rIa, or f.le nvetela Oft tle , "ingula ly rffieu1luu, il r Inovonllol IIlu.e connttnttm ,l rll:~,'1 halo 'sen broken down by nnutliciloaa treantlL ur yu vllll" I'engh, rlttie.. Ill genterattr aat ia rI. commended ito all thl,,e diseased which .irie freet I I tr ee uthe blood, r vitlaton ul the umra, of whaltevermaue or hiknd. lomR n flke o.bolove ctmplaints rai, renrnaLn ome tril, n n r ititUnIt .pplncalOoul Whichlie el ri-unl.twlaCo st h._.c.wilI .i.tate; but till a general relmedyr r or turdicafur to remove the 1Liat, tle INIANS' PANACEA will geler.illy bea found uf limlen, TO THE PUBLIC. Ilow Irnl it is lilat lnuderl pllysienL, tn tihr amI ition ti i elau In tn,",lr rolfaltll, rexapire tlbe vast fcildo 1o"0 1c 0 by tie aid aof hnlt,,ltfy, antd avnuk ,u ew rttlletial Uientt, in llur, to nWrrie at nerfrc*t,lt ill tle prc ce. Iy llnalaa o ar, Illoile,--dlently overlook and neglect, no beoeatb t eir horn e, tilen r :h alttd bouonaeou atLoren o "nLetni, . hlht Uut A6Lgi ) Iluan cusme to .prallgout ellthe earth ,,, every clime ! And Ihow ilmuoch mitre true . itlal while ie AintL:Lnnttu PNy.aicnti lLks no oretinll catltlesa ftnr Inlnay 01. h, n.t eOallnmo, ld , adc. oetry nIrclei, nernetually elailngila they are at Ihe dt, tette of Ilblnol or Bill, hLe Is aurruuntled ill his ,w country a lb nall e tlha . Lta,rustol rtlli nal pl,,ld , nnttnaati tnmanderat), indicutlnldIm e ,lleea , or t,, ourany curable itwrder ir lhd lro t lie i ~lllt ofIITHI U(heIIir vjUirtuesI tldY { vre Iuffcred to YwastU tlheir sweetles m thie deinrt air.' 'ihte alta:ta of vegetable medicinej on the .y.teRn are ten puanry-thoe anf mnlarrlo latIing. the foraner exerttnter en - fetel and pa y ofl'--the ,ltter, Illnreury iL partclatr, actche nLle lly upon tile bonllJ decLmpo hlonLg tabllh, anid uadalrni tLIIt thle cObstiatutL, ly ba xiow and aure dontrtclion. h'lle collnglll,,lty ae ieny, and SAFETY utf vegetdte ro mejled over LmiLnera, mlay be ettla, d by conLtrsttg g he mu cnellt Irltelte with the modern, or, to r g it morelmnle ltitiey under our awn olntervaa ton, t b Indlau practice with talut l'the Wlliten. Who, in Amnellca, hea not hkaol or Ic.,rd ofrepeated JniMltucea wherein rome decripl, uuprete ,dh g In manle Inudlan, ly lel.n of haer sirmple rend edeL a ile e, haI ,. fectnd tie tdot I lupld aud a~tulnll.ll. curea, d .er ln,, bM atr hiediaeu of tlheeolllann practice, dlrecled i tlhe nmut. ,li'1l lalalllner, IaL filn1d And who has not beuL aurIrlndat lIle nLitLtpartiveeaae anLd failiity witt M1iLi, tL lt,,.L,,t'n f. ,thi, sall'irom any disease, and, adtL ti t t ab.l yiI aI,'tL,,alnte ot cibrunic lnean e along thetnL Who asi , lrailbar.i o,',Tll~ I". diannltha cLneltUa,tun btokEin id ruined a y Ii lratnaamet Ant calln t ubt axis tat tlltn happy exelbiiab ollf oitileaf ay alge fronl of the all whic tile t aesh Laf anan ta IIr 1,, i Jtaeflny owina to tie tatre gLuL l anl a.ltfe r t l t li.r hlLhLid he'd aelltuy0 This naObllldldiLg difnlac'ne ihn UCltaL,, i a ina. EX emplllficaion of the Inhilte sauperiiorlty, ( the u. Inle a.ld ISle mera, of cure which Gad Las created for the bon(elti I_ children over tllu,,e which tile pride and tie. art eflman ha0ea tI ventedl. F'ro.n a long renaidete anmong n partialn of the anboriinal I,,.I hnblanta of tlhis e.ul.try, and all at.laate arq annlLnne wltit tile metthoda ol cure oaf onama of thi,,,r LLost nuela.aful pancl,-, tunern,the tropanrletor of The Il.'lbll ' d .aa'Paacea', ac rd a kLLnuwledgejL a o a.ef tilet most towerful and L'aavorte ralnedi.. trona tlae he ielcled aaucttllas were UL.n enttluu itaaand ap ItpraterL anJ after various expersat etat teo ll Ithir pIrlnet pleanand narla'gth, otnaaibitJd thnin intb thart hnere p- a dented, t.a tile elt penrfcts anld belaaianal Iar tt I:Uarpoe ir n a'aiI, I i. rennco lal ad ed. h'it Iproprietor onat this prpar.Ltionl to tile uLblic, wnithl the Cllusellna.lltIll;'t le 1a plain a tLhII tleir rn cbal a rn - niedy capble ol0 relievilln Itllln ul Ills ll nlte fd eiluw ber,,,a w h o ar e ln d f "r In u L id e r t h e yi rb i u s et , r oltie t att l o halt t e eOlpnldlis~t Ovhi.' . it i. a~plalable.T ,,ehll it] Wil p v, 11 inealculatloe value as ile ienl, nall, mlally caaaatne tol , lnleanll, ul'relnltlg lheir snlfnriugn, and reln.ring themu , aco ,aute to nealth alid haptinn:a. '0 hie t, ,n ,,ttbied a u al naln rnttedy, thbnt nlay pttnar n t bta equally iontad lih y otheras iow Iu ulI built ie one Winlth, is ei 911b'le i't wlVug Ilie Iu nnaty etLreanlc ta0 n which all tae usutn rcmedlnea fn dl. 'a , it has Jdne renp'tedly; and ths Iiale reaut, t ol It 1, uh-o taillad whatever It nu. ,een inr.,duaed. Ltl only louattlhre years ninee thln preparlain was re ael to thell putblic: but in tlht[ ,thrt space ol ti,, alilaf Lutdrndaio'jlelona Ullght l6e found, who would aolenlly dr- y. lre ltat LItey belieaed that their lirve were an red Iby It, xi.n.{ Il anluat caa o'teL thlley iLad Iried Iallny, nd Lpero, all tie u co0la0,, r,aan'adll, ,In vail. W l,,lnrr Ia is knoala il rLa ldly catlltong iula ar,, ainn tIlls aflfula the lunt ubat;aultal ad ull- da, voLcilg prulOl'tfL mLelts. 'le vnalue ,1f tile l'tace'a in motcoLn.picaoua in tlsn nlong Lallaing ay)hLiiilli ind . cltuhlll ,,. nl at'hiSa wa.ileh ta.e ietl, I, ail athLer renntLitL. ud LpaL.atLunrly ll thotae anuae. tEre ner c-roy Ils been so Ilal-lily used a1 to caulse dlstrenssng piaos .n I thle baotes, Inudelsmler cl Man'n, rdenra.gnaienl ol 01e hsgPs- it Liv oralaa, &e. 'lL'he.La iL:orLlr.ltely rnlae'a, aan 11n .ll ,ae 1 it entirelyeradna.n.thIe dian-,tnn, aa et e lnn ,'uLornurv ,e ovaat tie enll.lllUllnl, alld leava tle Inltient sounlld ad well.aii lln rheulnatinl, na , Ill ,tnatenl ore thiroat, its htally ellscl ca atle not less apparellt, La Iillg anon t ilaaLanndht, rona," 'rakrn ,ill tunai, Ine tlldltua' 1,lle0aa,,a pr0 ei an nlteratve and detnrgnlat; dlalhnortiednurnd tlc, ad laxalt vei aanLti-li.llnOtadIia Ullodaanld; alad inL pr anper eal!% nw a tao ahtdic and CllOlagOgP,. Generanly expryssed, It ilereanest, ahell teecretlOllr and excreullul, g'vr tune to the inlll aseh s0L'n elle. ualion ill the gtaadat il a Larlltcular ananue. YFuL thoee ariudlld it. uanrltiaina nay hbe uudnra,0d. di Tlahia allndilae aith.l Ibanantil highlt uaeal i, many ambi- La go.u. Diseiarnd iut here atnecfied, and it hun beenaL ued with a wuaderlulsucccsn a as a Spring aIlnd teail punraIe by th.,e w-ho are -unjInL Ž, caln al allta oa ti0e eabtsn, tid aha, nalllllli- a ull Lan a reqallraeaw vigor. Sach nernona Wall do well to usea wn t ulttreao latlen aI, sllanti doae,. Whleleva r aden drinkth Ia conndered nreeaeary, tllla I'aluuca, tahkeln i atilul duae, -ill lianwel all it.. purpln)er, Ill uiuch len t loe, aloJ ex .clle t n, ina ILr maore areeanlne lallller, ttlau title nuluttu, diet ta drltlk. 'IT'h followalng eertienlatena, outof haudreds ainmilar, waicl an nlight be n proal.nrtnaaregive]l] ahow thfeletof ie I LandLs' aiLLneea, n Lihe viraout cumplaints nhn.ranU IlltaiaUlll; ald a ilIs to elahlil, ill t1, IIIOSteaullolaClory ulanller, its super¢ rLly w over the syrulpa in cnlnl ll uie. CASES OF ILIIE MA'lISM. ClinlltlnttllNN. .]5, Ellt. lit During trhe lastwinlierands prin9, I wavnlllicted llth a very severe 1all lntlreailng rhulaati.,, ocruLanulnd by xoaureat ea tad aweather. I Low lake grant pgleuro In saaltin g that ni 1 botllteeaffth Indtnuts Pana, a re.anlurd nl to erl'eealthb , n.0d t ontidently ractlln)leuad Itto aalt1 anilrly i ltlietnd. JUIItS Fll(iLU.taN, King dt a tihanrleaantl, Mrtnnh'27 132. . I waL anlzed,aknhua three yn.;ra nlllnlwllh v dialrtsailg rhuin, : nlalaln, eaned by takillg La severe :ald, Wlle under thie tnaHhi. l ney o' InLercury, ,LtLd al iLh latL dhahll a llUe froll bulain, ileary ever sl ane. Ltrin, till pnriod I tare ileel a plaall t I Ithe Mailrtau lluapitanl, ia thtn cnyty una ,do Or foina r mnlnta, ald Hlonrly tile etlllna IotnttI f btie In Lthe at tiaunre Ileanpita, ga allnld Lata athloal et ry reledy. wita Illhtle befit. Ou the 1b p1'h ol .ebnruary Ihatl, t lhal tlltnle .'arcoly'blet tu alua abouat 1on a erulantts, Ittaalencad the u, ofnly e 0ti:, Iitnl t' datltcea. itn unet moltll l found nldyilfentlrely free Ironi: pailland a0ll lnow Lap-e py to elate that I cOu.dlter 1,yn011 pnr trrl'rtly well. i W.I. 'I'UL'KIt"R, 13 Marknt at. 1t CASES OF SCAOFUItJUS 'L.CELIS. Naw York, SptiLL. 1 18:30. This ma) cartify, LL thein Fil Uof 103, I ,wn sezed wilt h, a Iaellailgin y IIyEk aad tlace, waichalftnerwards ulaaolated, &an bcnanleiargeghbatlyaulcerana llny Ucnb. Alatr yt.everaI n l pllylcl.n. toa ILa dvantarl t wellaa , t n ,hll.aLelpliL, LaLt1 I uriea tL myanll'dater theenareofr'LLn. aIhyalic atd Ilan:nh, nlten, alttn r reenated saltinolln. tao ln flct, I Wae pruoneed ta ttn n y n-n vn llaak!e. Altnerwardltt[uk wnn0ty Imttl1a uo'nt wnau aallnn. an, enn,a,...ln'tbhotb[enonna tptanr'n C:atabacona, Wiah laeannatnrirat be6llfit. D{.a ilinop of litfE ., c Wlleba sw becomea bnrtbuLe to rnt, I relltulanta aiy gn abn. l brel lllew ¥or, inall Iaa, nitd ma, a yathlf ut Iutan Iblanenng deanthll. earinlg oh' liae na ., uccell of the l ndin.L'i'n.ace:u, howater, iLL 'annad at.lianr Lto Ly , , I wa persundedd try it, at lnt renat. Tno my great an-t prls, a.weil anatlfantlla, Iou a.inda myasell r.apdly re-. n1 onveriug, anlld ilptaahn ankng n el 'ites Ihel ntlcer. baied, ed Ad I bearane erlfetl well ia tiae course el'two mollnhai and have nemLaind sao ever'since I ilahe thin tatnrliat, alid iall it published, for tibe benefit tf 'Lba wn ar, sufaeranng atutneri at milar acraflluun or ayplliLtil atnecLiolls that they any knl ow whatLL ha caed a ne who 0lab altinnd .evtery tinhg but denth, & nhocontldrd hl, tre caved by the above aylayr W91. 1IINMAN. Charletann, July" 1o, 381. a I waiaticted afour yera witll a ulcer itll ti lag, aa0 ia0ua- yr ally aneempaled with b yalpylnn ilnalanntallll nlld xae,0ina . d pall ln tle Itnn alid aeajtlll. Several rlnelat I: py.iana lea xertedL their Lnalll upL on ii, ut withotLL pnuallaLt ,enefit. IL Ill Lni.aae five botllea of the Iltans' 'llaaea rlain a perfecta tg ura. • IAARUARET A WEST, ii Mlnrkat n t. at - - - - - c i DE.fl I*~S. G tUTTA VEGEX ABHILI', AN INFALI.IIBLF REMEDY U FOIR I)EAFV'JJ .-- The Rreat.uelcs. which has attond ed tile apphcbttiu of tllhis aluable remedy ill h.,e itn dred cltesin the WeVtminster Dispensllary (for disoasec of tile eve al"d enr) lfr rhlcch Leif:r' Pttent hL.e heen el,taled by M., yloh, M l), 11). nomthe h:~lu1)h Goterlll(nelll , ind the ..l .Oil it Il , reeled from tle Rtyll A0l-emy oMlodinlll III Pfr, 0u well tias f ho iio t thc .ll.og medgicIal en.tllltn tr, A.ull ,s thy, Sir Aotley Cooper, D)rttRsti., Cat,-,, Drake at Id S-I golaig, Aurist,&A. anodotherrtorl,. and .eone, hller { Aone in icedle"l science, lho Lave uded ;mdnretlutnneuded It. , ith falou rtoliet ttl t l Vettlllis, throulhollot FraPce t td (icrlanyt, cauoetl its tieedly tlllroduclilolt 0lllnltl el r0 country t Elllop, alid addtlrese were pree.t ted to D or)'.I lot frm all pirt, ronlralulalori to Ihe I'tlrenu t i The certailty wtllh which the (iut. Veg.etaltllt w.a -tii rallltIvh applied can It attested by im y thllurlllds. Slllcol+ ite rt; lutout f 1it't", their nlnjellies Ltotltl I'hlllippe, FKilng of til rench, aod I.rtoold Kinlg of the Itelians. Eotlitrled oo )tr T aylor the title ofhonoirary Aurlt to mlaljesies, ass rec. onpease for the tany retore Id Iltoearlll or ttherw ..o etlt by tlhe applioatin ofthis lour. tlto d oitsl \,'' di-. TPno pruoolofloyti favor will he hope. be i u.icl lt i eIet . o a i ll who lnro affticled with deuteti, arhl* g foitllg al. .o u t. , o ip ly his reluedy. u Loodlhli. Paris and Rrutla the tIihlber hv ilim i. inculcuinble, as wel as i tihe prtlhotpl cltolut tohe three klUg. doa.. In lIhcityol Dahlin 40 mortt or loss .cutfwre rtt stlttd tIo thetrint iy hiln, oIe of irhn t td teen ItCUrahte I'tr n:i yerls. lu tihe city of |,ynn.I, (Frailce) :a)9 were restolred to he routI., oll of w hum was 99 yelrs of ag aneMd rae 8 . Ilt tile hltl yeaTr l01(1t, the carue plfllllnted ii tit. etit s il thle south, of Flm,,ct were autonihlll!b for their nulother and the engthll i' tlllle Ibay wele alol.ted For prtotoofF tit eicy, we wilt .u.hmit tile fllowing caoses ---The Rev John Keng, curate or John'l CIurch; Miolll betto, hod htottlo l lt deaf,ft eufhtol, that le could iot Il.r . hald ofrmuxi fifteen yards dista.t. Thsl affectiou dlll 5eell be ltlu. allty gtowtlltt lp. olit ior I nulllt r of years, during which tlltAehe aIilied to nl.loly t letlratet d Aurist. ily d t i wloe operated siod .apllled every tltg. their ulnitd cill tild sugrget, tilhout the leattshtitlw of rhtef. . DI Ltake rectln tullenId .,id applied Taylor'. Gnu.~ Veg.eitlhe ilsl opt sruel+ll to tell ble had ant used a beell s bolnld llltl ' a ihe Mould ihear n. well Uever I h. dlrd. For paltlcularsof thiease, se l.Ondou itti Ji.trtoIhl fur Od o t. Dr Autdrewt of Edtniurg. t ysi of ttu Gltittl i'eahlis.--ill my ptigctile. tweoll ilas Iih tlte ttt d It to he a llln.s yvalaldP relrl(y Ia cse of delsls .rluig frllt lnarons deA htyinio rolaxnotOt of thecr, tptlitced y coht Tnil otI' enleuate.l tlo dot much gootd, ltd llteralte rtcoy.luetll it to general utebetlt golldti.oet in my It)illioln us itell ts l.tI of othert, ltt ote will bie t.lSlpoydilld .t It t mayt. haive O tuu to us, this valuable d imoLve ry. DiJltes it oAnotintllll Bet.lfrdhire, on It ltter to Dr "rayhoI ,oerclumit hy sayiug every class of Ip" ple will filld ullthe GVltta olthtillsattll hl, Hotdtvaotltdl rhtttdty Ior Dhalue.ti nrlitng frtllm utlltot ally ot1se. I have t nelltrll' ftunt1d Lte olle to twitl,, 40Ftiproduoe a perfe, t cure-nld in nll. it.tiutc I geilWlemsn oe ellue under l)' cagy',lobo'lg u uder delflol for many yeart, attelotded wtith d t t g froml ille cea and t ipeulhar sound rettlelllhhl dlnltut thUlndr iccoIpanllied with the ringil IgO bleit; ll the.SylUptnutll were relmated and the itlllvldUatl restored to Itliritg oy the use iofti hlt t. nttls. A I"'iicltll+ r'actnllOner of Paris spankllln O1 Dr Taylor', Guotta 1.Egetahtlosila)s-- have employed all my sklll nud tal eAllis t out to ute'tl ptcpatton fur the tllef .tand curet ofl Drallers, and I tout tnoltuly afIrm thLat I hlve never found lilly I'lllg Jt good, so safe ad roeffcaEcious aDr Tay ior's lultu V5ugallli.. You may depeld upol it,says he, for I have oftlelexpe.rlenced it, Ihat it iouaussel evey virtne that can juttl b." abu l ihed to any illuedicle for that disIrelsina af flition. [ere then you have aI laediciue of superlative else• cy and of int, tlllie ta!Un. Miss S A Nortou of hile Elld Read, wea many years afficted .ith defnssle, after Irylng every- thing .he s.,.uld ofand her physician could prescribe, one Ibottlc of Dr Tsylol.Gutll Veg~lsll.l rehieve) her considerably and beforne hthued the third bottle she was perfect!y restored to the seuse of het 6ennllrg, Thulsl orby. 48 Fm rlngton street. who was a ieutenantin the 4I2d KeglmPuIe was struck deaf ,1t hll. pltllU. , .alerloo and hrs retlalued so ever Sillee. After the use of oue bottle op Gula Vegetahdi i hle was icrfretly cured. Mr Gteen ofCamb,,rwrll, w he uad h eeln 14 years deprive d of the sense of Rlarillg wv1s quile enred bIv urllt six bottles. To the •gd whonl e moste-,nuuAllll y aficted Wllh deafuess, thispreparolton will indled prove s blesing, as it has sfre qaeutly cured the wort of clses, when no hoe of recort ry had been tnltclpated or derived from other meanm. Td thoe amfcted with dlealaes ari+ing from old, this prep aration nlust prove iroa u:ible and will retrore theum to hear illn in omit easa out often. I'he Gotta Vegetabils is prepared in strel taroraenee with sMieUtifc principles., apart frulo all empirlcisll and it will be found ou trial to carry it. owu recnmmeudatioll wlih It In the happy effects it p-o.lueos by restorlng those to hear ing wh have be.1 si t as to be deprived of that suee for Sl·t w.ulw~a's and 13tri\ ea agency at NO ie Catrocin He. t Nsw ttertil, aril.( = L :i mm m m .. i_ SPECIFIC SOLUTIO|. . L, whoire a.lerlng rrfro UREITHRAL D , EJ. ruch u. GONOllItOEA, olGoIb BPRlcI'ISn , Irnt IITAT ,N S P TI)IE I I)EYE+B. IADDER, UR"E.'H-' HIA, l'PLttgTlA'I'' OGI AN "ild ....I wK DISEIBtEtt ofthe U. KIYAItY PASSAGiE;, rALNS IN TH' WOINS, GKAVEL. L u I I II)U.o , o r f ru ls e ne lur l W a k e ,ll S o r L I II D M l i y, o - arSur 1|lhl5 this valuable medCIne at all tiam Ir-a l P perl.ctly orudicalte tlib -b, v.: dlseuaw,, wah sl...+r thllll otiler, alld inlrarmlhly fin pl,, . th on tsm bo st a genera. . l. nl'altllh und r',torel to vlrl r tgo h41. pr... thft hvll heet * /ijU - ell hy dl.e,,e or Inlproplrr treaplltlal. I| PIlt. londslide can he eonllcrep l In atu[ld ht los polalllltl d l y lhullh lni rllvlnvxllh ul> •fr .11 other lul+lirelu, havee IF. lUl.iU dally ollier.edllln bhe ue ., ith..r loj'r.lll. .mud Ir ItNI Iedalon ox- rvl l l- l xllU T lrp ntllu . I' t-b.. I,'.rrlv. . e. In sadllhel , t ttllo" nlmllertjn tLEi, .,,, .i ll . .. m I..1 all Ipert. of the world,lnc ud ll , I.n , I;iA -t rl W hr lllw ica, d e , end lnedmle uln, I i ll| t ;d.lg. iU tl. part let~l la, all f+.Ir ing toenulllI ly I t+,H. Urilrlr .+l Luc'el.. ; s 1lundrelpollnud, row ilml hla~hen. · . Ilrllln,.. f{.:r.l loul ,,/" illn wkocull Wolurt any -., .lI' ,, '. J, In 1mirnll, • S., ria Slolltbol. Alter the. no tlll;(rar Ceomlma,.~. L,.llt h IWCt.L·.ary hll add ll, fe , w of th,. e,:rlllicute.. "I bate prelerihed YolaurlJ =pnrc~fle Solado. to-.r-| pee tinlot h, borinlg under llrethr.llh-.hlnrae+, anuld m,,ny ll..tnall ml-t, they w ere oll cllrtd mit mu h.kb,-r f+lltllmrb I hli.i ce. leltr wlllelaed, and I heirgelEcIul klr:itlut wae lmuEh ll lpron ed. H. LEY,. . D. "Leclurer on |lllwifery~. nl II.rlmlomn·" il lhpital." Dr CIlrke hblprescrledll Yn.inlld'..$I)r, .c uoilutlll, , ttolU my p.*tient. labltrling mot.le t r,: h rat Ih-eh.*rie,,:.od utlaru.a bly Olllld lhey wer p llll·d it l,·J.h l+ Ih?·I Im Il.nlu he hu, l Iil viously l.l.ersmll, whne' dm;in, pr,.paralbil of l',opmlVoa sld +u of oholltOU it in aremrdy u,t,.lu uillt, c lt, Olne that hs.: inlt rle tn futuro to prercrih l ";,r h,- JIlvrutl,. .I.e.+moaa Ihernllrr.7 183a1 Ile Green hlerel· enrtlG,. ¥,lanoo'e 'Pere!fiu So ului I. a xImt eoc cllu r+.amed., aud o,,1. h -- tr,'llltlY Urvlht .1 1i. elesn lomallr thtmtlu-y llrpnl alnl.Io uI+{ulltaltl+ Ilt. evr tire. scribed. hile above can ebolibbl.d Ieny itl N 96('wtuw iut." at, il New Orleunl. M DIc AIAI CARD AND IMPORTApNT' T0 THlE AFFI.I.TED W'Tr D|. F:A.F'.S. A B7)rtr o le nrr Dipea e, Oonnrrhl.,nl.ts sand gtitrl hli~i,,g tca alU llc oh. ;rvulioln oilr Jul~mhi., Weantiewi linl Irl ln earl. ukuse., In t ' t nil pern, l, cn olotain an iallldlel· are., wl e llle. secrecy amnt ll mfl. It it a lllebtllrll. ruec, t hat thos..nns Tull vlrti. tO'ise V. ncreal Dllel4 p llgl ItI tile ilokllfnin, sl illiterate iuro,. who it ., the lio of abet droll,. r ~lth/u ur, rlt n tihe IaIIn elnd body, dim lqtg Ir tIIle.,lgll ;II-.i inth,: i, 1.u ear,, f ++,,db= ,ftill:et e rt'ler l. llu J olol,,dn;l, . " ho, a, ads Il ,l lll lllIh ". g i illrldeldiiy) . lyd J. .,) t c f I tllt r . rtn n, i l«. ine. nl .1, lIIclIu oli',Isiellh pOat., penri ..I tnvbher dIrre d Ks llpir {,1. PI'ItIty'S PUKI'lyI..t, 'I'FCIF|I' l'l1.l.., AePPillI +,ll.. - lrnn m hlo lllO m.l l.,,. eI r edy- rll.EconSrrr for the +l'reas lllt'l ll .ll Cfl ·III , ore v + 0l Il i. +l+ ,, i,. o. lll'a'ble A r er lsur..>"n .l' arxe ke 1l. ., te , + all«cnllno '"Iu I'ld.,e rn-u l lld:a . e!, ++ol i, I J " o rl ty, rIT dIO ul amt l l" o ', Ild .rror ldl, lt r .el l .h,"ur1 llltry ton's-gee Il l/UIl .I, p r ur( ni,. 1 o p , lI rTrIa In , h Iim el +,*tee ;*|'lh..".da- 1 1+t. - ... )llrll, , l p .. h 1r.... ,.,'y ,,,,1 f - yy. I I l.+,.+., . , ,,., 1 . , . .v l,,o t,+ u all abnmtl te. I, rl t ' , r , l- ,dl y L v' a l, , t ials'll t 'rase "pec)i " pull, rout oua .I v. -r Is. I" , j . l • e , .n •ll filc iul .1 .ro l,,tle r Il .,t, u+ u ,+l ihr Irool n shear pr.g+,,".., a . ,' " n)+ ..f tl m .1, 7 'yn" m , - It nr"l ,IPu*'l'oh , .l h ,, thl r In. 11lilt" dlrll eat tlulclimon of Ilse h~ .iii e 1 ~. l, r *•". ier Iu ~r.. iuJl shlear lllUnolr I,I n~lh ih ijp.; ).abl n, . In € n ~vi t [ tn iii+ii ceptrcal of Il.,: r'a,n-., 11.-+ ,,ua t ,, In~u oI s ,.e r h lllrlh, r c.".l P~lll net r y nrv al~ vI, olio r tlomeral, +lll lley h.q taken Wolllusl Illhllbh 1,+t ,u-pih i,,u ar d+.cotery. They. re quire no re*trtunt of 11h.1l, . uh s lls*+, o r lilln(f·Dran c Itl | lle+s, but effect ,;¢mindeor~je r, w ohuut tht~e ll~ean Alwlr .ei thel palllL At nlvy erld when t Illi: ..ýktlg le .elorIll mm exstt, it wil Ihe wellt to ilbv re, milrne to the Spl~hcobPllk, lair when i1nte11 bUre(- the dl~l'are ha, loadi{t" app earanlcel', it anrt tar" preve itlv e by re ou vlllg the cum ]lai ut el fect ually ]lesere Perry. Surgeonl, continue to direct Ihinr st.di. tn Ihine dreod'ul dddltle, arirlllg from Uhe tin, free ahd indle. r:l mlulale nll innulglU,"ncI or [Lle pa-j,., Wllch rolt o y lace a l,plsIu lllarUr n o' mewl er . I nftt maClOII, ald eul,{IdOllll v lvhrlesd'tllme llllo vn,tlug Jornlrci~flo s of iold ulge, but .ceeil~ nn' eael. J lr allli Ian , ndil , ,+.le, occ;slo iclg hxl o'im giu. xn. jude nt mll llt wolld .1* ,)ry inlldldbrrolCre .,rd uverlLOI for all p .?tle..sie 'I h e idea o, their fuwu nnhlopi n,. }ilsrl ud +pmr 'Illcll e, )l ' om ao Co.,d.", tol lhlrUI.I·/Y. re the IthII rT of u,' ..arroue.. ...... II... ptmg ..... , . L'f0+'+, fl.... whohave g1, n Wll' t this ml IP"llliV*-. ulll d rtltllc hl hlt, lo . Ix t1ll dl= Lrexstle g ,l a lolf 1d+,Illl or d tICeli tleV whether tae re -l. quemletof .+thrh lalnupn l IIrn+tn, e% 4+X:, ,,ye drirking, or alny ullher ca1: hy' hloch Itl, pot r. w l the ro+ o -,tnail, Iw+co i :lrleebled. loey idler u firlu, ".11: and .pealy re* urat n a ,oin, | lldJ ,.nIorn. hIllohh Ie e lryPe \ tiu etll hl, . Pg 11J l re wlell k now n Io r the Cr rbi t n Al cflbetl;ll r Idy eec rp{lolaly ryaltl ; i+. er rrronl rrupfmI. ,,dnl. I ll..on e,[d -ore ti.mst, dlreasd dnse cllu dlc rh nlollll se). I· crolol1 1 scorbutic tlC Id glandula!.r affctiuol ancl nIId general dEElny, nolCllrIII paaa/l la the hear]l ad linlb, depr+ensionn of Ilrtno1 and oil dlltnnue8 ariilug frOm ia inntplle tiltP tOf the blood. ' 'hlesc PIl urn wortih x |Iltce iu fhe eablnet of mllaters and [Iptai o f lhT f lilsx, [hr IDlnn 14tn, as they will keep g rod lu all elllmateb lm y ]ellgtll of alhn To be bud oldy al No. U6 Cultcle house tlraet, New Orkan.. PROFESSOR SWVEDOUR'S IYGEIAN HERB I11.,L. I ,or th. elfaelual eXLir ll.llu of every spBeies id ·) II oi nn of tOypi lt C dos,,,,, and the Ulaly dleordes .lim.In reon the inqyroperT tetnltent. * H'lthi e'clh ILux Ie giv l furent on ,rvaerep and eyphilitis di enaes, wtith observations onl ,.linul weakns, r.:. Ac.. cun autoininglhn wortht knowing by hllo.e who ure or h ,v been ,ulel er to this drend fuld dlmvlrllt d IY I g mIaldy Dr Dttvieeoll contlnlnue to direct hi. attentlon to tbew di. orders ar,*ing fromo lso too free unid indiseriminuts ind l gaclIe oPl-he|).loltl, wlth aJ t oltI)r' oa.oaio u I.,uuI trail, of 1nervou1s ufl'ertlox, hiut al~a oululr uu itx. *otric all heenervatlngullnmlc ihtl.lufold age. IiithattUlitree gatatlt d(el lity alud deanltillnc., whelh ,, the alsa:llcl u e of Urla.: sal hahlD+ exceo.l, edlrtnkll, oor any other rousea by wlhcl t .e ".wers el' the, cllonllty In, hEonloe enfeebled, ho ogre. 6grin, ,xfeleaud speedyrenstratllta to sound aud vigorous health. It Isnmnlem.holy fea't, that thlouaauds fall victi m to the re= lereal disease, owiuu t. hoe tllutlfuhl mas of literete onu+ who, by thonbeul'tthtdeu dly puin, Ileorcul y, ruhllllcu o" ntltutonl; and wheln Itle lrest [)llcter Sw-edoul heIlmtl Pro Plmor ul I.6ydsn Univer ily, he colll'rrd uua ilvloluldla henl. lif uplon m.qnkilld by the dislrdvory of In grand P9 n: Ieu le, tile eure nf thts deplora~e conmplnimt. Never did a dscq,tery excite a lreater enstttiollq t wiasoJught lu0erwith Vidldyl oud used with ulln\ieliug uccor, an the ost minutell and ilt.lie t cases of the delicate complaint, for tile cure of whirl they hlaVnbetsa so llong celebratell. The faie of these Pltl. tbrhe out Gerlnllny, causled their Ipeedy introduetlon ilno almost tv" •ry COtll try. The certanlnty wllh bhieh tbev were. conti lall= dnaldnierered, call he attetled by IItly' lhOUaIC id+ U ract dur mg the lOllgeongllnuttl war thley were the |uI'paro e'c 01 )niun i llnd afeglnllalo of the ,ohJier, in all eale. where the .hghtest ,Mupilmoll o 0tn6,clion wa en rhrtrined. Wha, l 0 I luna Cau lie ilmor. aplpnwp tlle shn llentl whlh he, gblve sueh goner lSlal i na iia ll! 'I'6u Idygrin. erh pills rout oo t every pertit le of medinnd,l. po~u ,' lllg n[, rporl sis,, {'ur'tY'g in then·l progress th whle asns of fluid-: Itlhe n n[ riiiy remove tke riaene~ but rellorat, Ily their aclOuur, the diRreltl fTUl+xUao'the body expeiling the grosser h lnr', aud lld a 11nder .ll lUil11114 u perree llhlls ISto cemt Ute tthe ii.[ iOpcel of Iheir asell -hlllg.' anld ilnequulled Imwrr;i tile) lseillber coul lll nlmre lry' tr any other Ixi. hi , emdauy mpe Ir* thke, with-out t=ls tg eprl· . pities ofII di~cnrery--ll lu) · rel~llir. am ,'-.haul a1u' tI..:v, lo " Mi lile or Iolu druullm of Mu+.nrrr, but .,lrIt " t e luthte orr.w out tihe lJ,.. alhpo1d u forln pi ou l n,,Ipind wheL h-ve Ili• andal, And.YICI tla.itller ti Ite lltd I..Vh ve reJll:ou to loll iIyyly geI iir l 'alrnPl , lo ' wlrl. takellln Iofio the $ hext ulnmlr Its appsorrauaa. at Rita es c" , o n perventives rem.. sing tllie rheutnor ellhi ua i[ i ,l; seiruly. 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