Newspaper of True American, July 18, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated July 18, 1839 Page 4
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RU; . NSINESSCARTS S P SAMUEI fI-lijy, B' 6i~ r Merrhnnr/er Rro.r t.C.nnrxn llrlra~,a Ni Ni 43 Unni:nt, :'R, f n i~t v1. I ii , nippli if U j1 ' TI Notii~le ln'ng '~en~u lii Di, ii.. ; No :3,r le Iininuru uri , HhV~eonctunllc oIn imnnl a Inri~r, rllplr of ('Inch I'' f snnmea( Id Iar; lore, merchants 1'r li,,l the cuultr. Lal be euprlied at [lie Rhoric-t satire~ ell 1 VI tiI.ti 'IL'iN IN t RANS E COMP 1'y y OF NIli URL(~ANN. T'hin CIwnllanlv tnr now,, prcji ii ito iake RISKS AGAX64ST FIRC. art te j No. 24 t~lusono'. IluitifCn -e Nea Orlenls. ]Inv i:,. il3 . vV 111 I 1)I;Vrlt . I\ e rilI 1n [.lllllll a6 CIIHA I LN & (001' I.It OROUEI;S AND I) FlA lE IN II UVISl "A No. 7iiiid 3.1 Jnliie,:beet, iNw Orleans.i ItPr l~hi s a d 1" lllily stores put up.' Illill 5 -'V -°-- ioi PURNiITURE WARtEROOfICS N". 5:I, Hlem"Ite at e. ."I.l ."W1111AM\1 It. CA,' lINES, wnil I ii"l~-tf. l liu "ienily reerivius limi Nin Yrk nd IiD on it gmI aciortinent of Fllrnifnlr, such Fiinniiiii., chairs, rifer, II I ni in e I;ds map p ainted clii i I;tIro pica hourn' hndcilimc, I linjiruy an ceriiil !+ofl derik tine, i, i'i ilr·s, iNcf et us : FASHIOiABLE CLOTHINSG T'AYLOR &C HAD])["\ No. I. Cha it.n. lice teg YE l le in n ul sunpsliyi I'I i.rv ; t , .l l li l "i, to giilliel.Lpit'n cli'eas 1:1 thle latel sit il·, at .\r~ I )'oh price,. d·~r ^n ORLUANS LITHOGRAPI'IIC RINTING No. 53, Magnzine Street, Opost Ian .eas WILLLIAMf (Nil EE,\'!, Vi'JAURIF1 Oil torI BANK NT'IlE 1NU;I1 1lr1(, RAWDON WRIGHT IIATCR & EDSON CHAE i enrdn in aike i~nf'Newirai, vs~n equal a anrta;ilm esri i ii ihie I nr iihule i flnlkI fir the p~ullore of- gntig n Ipl ili ha k N bs *lfl.. Uhiois, o cf Enr if l( 'iiyl &i L'euul IIInii. RiAZA Il?. ZU'tSH & ALLEN. neiennfh an i have ni ii 1,,,r on sir o " thae e c kepin u' ll f lutes en in 81tessel l n- Iunniit (:u to their cal e; (;lnr r Ili nn, cndn k, ce the r lwlll If ever ife hnchedh uliue ic r: ninu., end all ,rdor .L~iiil minIl· b Aia, Uhien, ce imn &ilulinyll & C\l·I i rl BA ZA; t R.llelctpie. ll lo. 1, iiiC~gLF mdIii 7. O ]ii II it6 li i rfn~v;Ue mind" sadIii-nftir m- I ('ter, l I liii,, (ltoeipr hiri ,bocn tn;1!u Clleelr,'n.\d iy'r slv .Articles. d5l(. l1.E ilin. 3de Cy ONPOLO nnm'n c l t e p r c. n alre v u NT. u. 3iL CA n Ie!t.i F, nar NCIl 'if . JOB RITIG / 1AP c' ig-' " l Ie d rlpIr , lfar I.' t h . sheelingp, I.adingfrail ship 'lhlrloieon, fie''rh r L.I. ll 1 11. i I 0. C " AAC IN--10i C ,oho tiieoi. 10 do. inld 15 d. .I.J dholdcrh, io St S, f;r dae I. e July 2d. J.lT'II,\Yl.lth ,h Co. 71 Poidlrae Sa. LOIRAiRDi & CO'S Bioston and Now Orleans r Li eoof Paclcket slllpis.--'I're i lin e o eI Ip' i lias been expressly iaull to run ietwion tl.r abo. ,,,, ports, and will be louod of suitable draft of eaher: lh accomolludations for passengers, anld everty clitt hle will be mrade to giver general s..r action, I hu i' line is comlosed of the 1'0 lowing whrpg : 1"'a Ch.erokee, 415 tons ('apt. J Ililing, Carolina, 400 do S L[, Clalilestun, '374 do 1) I"'hiridge, Coltmblana, 6"5 do' ( Barkr ti Seaman, 240 do J llowe, /c Bomlbay, 625 do 1) Ilutmphrey. ru The above ships are all now, of the lirst . lass, 1I copper t.hteoed and coppered, commanded bIy en ra *f great experience, have largo inecolmmodations, e with a separate ladlt eabir; every attention twill be paid to pa-sengelr, and the very test of storea pro vided for theim. Trhe packets will le towe;d p rand down the Ms1 sissipp,, and the stricelol punelOaliy observed in the time of railing, and shoull the regular vessel he detained iie arriving, othelr .i.os equally as good will in all cases be s.ullbr tuad. A shiar of patron ago is solicited, and tile agrlts pIllge themlselves to accolniodllo as Inuh ns practicablel, to receive and forward goods by s id isre at ilho Iost Illr-odr. ate charges, and to advance all ropnc-es on goods shipiled, if required. Time ships will leav the lothe It and 161h of evrry month. For lifreight or puesre. . apply to the ages tl. J A MIlFRITTI', 82 Comrmnon st. N. B. Advancemelnts in.dc on con:ignme..ts to Messrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. nov27 IRON tlflifd-fhi sr scribeir houvr ti -ura"1 at greait ex lie n e, I hIre right .of pl: lin. ii teni i roo!ts in thla1s iy. 'lT'hey are ead P ,d In 1p,1 Ir " buildi lts, war II .llo i, w Id Ir v lte dwellli n i i comiinebi at ,ce thiae .+e and duermity, arind t are prleil e land waleryf. 'rleris . n1111 I.e known, and a mdel seen ar r'lt estabbhohl,me opposite S. Iere- . , Ir l le s '' 1h . --" $ IX 'Il \1ti; L ,ý , 11111 l ,.I.t ,11-I,,, ..,to anet r I.:ilr - hl;lr t', oI--I-' rI D ,V liln L,n l'' ,ll,, t .,, ',. Iae ,l iland lrlrn ol 2li ' , tee 1 at very I I ", ' 'e rol 's,.l a iies lll his .Ii q i 1ini e i r el) n rlr N 111 , P n 1 h u.11) 5 h ai. s 0 "t e " h 20 pa1ks Goll I ole; 50 do Siiver do;' 11111 do Dutch lier.'l. I INIIOiW Gl. iS. Amelirlnen, El glism and Flclh I 10110 hoxe, va.n ous sis aniid qualities. otloin .rown do .-510 boxner, consig'eint, w ill be old low. Also, a gener a . sOltinletlt Il' artist0 ' le mnt ar d r'oh3 Inr sale by A \V SCS'I Il, ' ro Ili (:'n elll strelet. N 1. Alabalnm ntnn take'i at p r, and Missisipri noles in't' receiveid at 10 per cent discouint for goodl, or in pa iI ti of dei. ju I I herbs known ,mo Iiei t lai aei s lClicacioisin in curio, tie ul a rlaied s1Is..IhWlo h it auiended the 'ie of this inestlablll' ilali nl rheCever i Iris bePI illlo duceod, has obuoiined Ithe ctlilence and reentliurlllll' ttino of i"eg lret n hllr rtryve iniri fur ihe curi of i-rittII', : colds, pain In tile idri, aiulot oi re=t,..1 tll ol' bloolld, liver comolplalno, &er. To whloll pit ly I.n(.Pcern. This is to enrtiry lhat we hanv in oulr fprclre lr-ereetlyi prcdcried Mrs ;oilr. noms lodisa h Iloto " lna'in rwon a di Ilonrllad. with S ad ecided god elfe: are canl Ihlre'lore, 'roo, the know Sled oif'ThoI lulcrialt it is inade froil, :lrldllmeri ivalon in.rI xl ienee rrconiilind it as a eiopenriw, pl.tltlrlpo oral tlleso alectio' oif tie goll ia ig wIhicI i i reI 13. 1LVINI EI.I.JS ,. D). Membhe, of the lIkiston edical Ass-ciation. ost eb J.1tVIt A ANDIi&iREWiS, n i I It o h b o 1l rll an il o L':I 'r, l u.'l. ' tur. han a tree supply of Cao nel and Liverl, .i coal. in hnilk. f r.iperior qtaliy, whih lthey ofl'tr l e il" in lio'so suit porch'r . rs. Also e,.retrd b IIre lih r .-r rivela from 'eg a hlnd a -l Ithe' Nl rth. ir n ,, .elih t and I Pe-ar l hM . ng in Co i l. a ,ira ,l en anr d c i ro'e ' id pot o i ,: h " .¢ +h eP .d a x p rrsslv f ,1 r ta ,n .uly u s I. l w, c sh")y will li.p, , eI llrie ,11 .ot oiio r, rre ter Orilers lliat Ih, r.' le, N. 53 ii, u%-,,a s op 5ta lr, will ni prt omply u*l alllnd , I. . OI 3 B. " Ai SOt'LIE. k. · nl' ~ lllI~r~lr l 1'\W GO)Uld.--Sinaponr Hunmt &" o tn m lnow 'Ire' reivi t tl to o Ito hraIo .holo lorfl , adi Surt . urag +irl ri Clo.nco ll rdia, fIau N wtll r Yo. " \' tk, l\ great vaiI UtyI at gooto o i ht'oir to lin vl, ih oil -olt l r Iwih thir tl rtlill Ilto k In tilo t Itottkeoo l " Ir att+Io'I en'l t rtIy s PlIte. ttk foat, hol dre 1t h0 , hor, lo , o lt. llc.lo,'iltioontd Int N linl s dh tube tmthlt". h ot foorotolle t tntl lnietr Itr e, atoiotllot tuowllr:t I ,ooo ll'toroill oo lo loobol lo, ltltou i rlir, po tol himb olgs o t llttgl i ,Ioe to to rlt oo. l hll. trl,ltk I¥OI+ll' l 1.011 tlll l' oIto'r ~ l t~to.hedlotonlto.olot lhtinlo rild l pa tsl pti·. lll si l All] llt'. lition tlwie, ht nt d cuiil s hl-lld ·'.en' s h t le , l eirt u llhl seed ilacll ll itl tltuIul , Indh T le L a llo, t rhe r wint lls t igttolt i t Ciloltr 'ro +,o.. iteou sl, Nol i h 3 tiC rdelle im t' b olh oIe o' d Ior r * n llrlt·"' n a fi t bh.l , i lot tllt irtOO' b boh lil m obl , l,'hii iltl, It 1 ·,t r ' tt.llll lil t +, .tl' ll++ l l O+..l+'l l+* l e'' t 1I11 I o mast '] ei tro ot l:! tjl-' |i:+IllOLI O iltlm (·I Il di T II. ld ll t ilie t .ua,.+ l liI di· - i l+ ,'lil O.k·ll , tob4, tnl ot t'tluhm ,tito 1111h A titlot, :., oIn I llttl dot odotol t l t n r, ] ll l Illue, h l , ' I+ , / IJ::lllll+l+, u*l'tl l *ll~lll·li u l'.clt' .hl l urr-cil tlllhll. ,.zllhl .lCoal~eoodoooohaoo t OlL I h'. oi el 8 II M h . UIi~rr 19 tl.s ilt I tx llllt'tr+Itlet!i Nu lill 1tol elllIif l, (1uL'. M4Od , t (I lllhi goolt , Fo' llt olto.I h l l lll lll to iti n T rl e, i I .II W htlll Ilt . t to. f lol r n Imll: enr l I . ll :itl C ' teo 1, I ld i t t O ,.k , , o tt. .. t. ["'IX 101, ohni tooe to be h .. o t te t . sill l i nt il l ItN,'I EEL li t l .tt t Rua h dl ronwll n~o'too't C. , I t.ol tt' M I t liot1ro, n al. ti t, (lo o rlol, lll aintoe1s, , c1rh e l r A 0 0t 0 il ttl it l n!lSt. I , n tit ll t lU lls. I lloil s, l unt l 1 tottt ' oti'hlll ' s.t tIit n ' I t h'd atrr lo' "ittOO'o rl tor100 lo twt oltot ooltllll in t orlt o IoP.l t tlll'to to':i SIt t A!,lot \ll o rlol lotot Ioo r lio e ni . t hthlltloloIt Alttl,"l'ooot 'tto'ttt ll tt'I hntt otthlsleott. ooho alwals oiln I:ha'nl, ia, whic h ne O ri.l C ll l ait[ lr t B h ol e tott: .\ll~l tII to' t ll o~ltott. " ttot sl00 rtet' tw li, 1 )n lth oll It tiole ftttorlotott s i by l 1 o olild lil lT(1,111111 I \1N. It HOUSE AND SIGN FAINTER I'ltl'ol . I too~ toloott (otVoooooIrtloo t olet Iial Ilol oor in i ot il V ho Ilrtioo ' C I h' O ~if' l X II tl<+;itt I t'tIt hI i , 'to lo nd to t' l Io .. tl1.NIh, llt llttooito o 1?- \.SIIIONAL II. CI (.11 luNG.: ROJJL'tOaA' (& GiOOJIX'., F0No. l i', C0 or r lsl'..ivilleo, (booI 111110 ItOI10000 liFIo'toIlloo I a owhrn ctP t '' t I ohl o eooioIlloloolttr llltorluroht lloolllil l't sp iku I x thie u ! if wlehic h tIll'w .iit' s i ti'lla i oft NE.W, she ot, Iiolo flloot h oo otill otod or1d , lt dhoLoro (nt< i t l tT o Il l rotokt oot tll oo' 1 ar. Any0 ooot'' lt Ilvlllt'. ,~ llo~lx :1'. ll lflhl't' . ;lllltP(J I~~Iiii shov e ls ffl (-- '110 s Ioolo ntoo I]i' lojoototott otht ol, oolt ooolt !t oholog hieod tins ' l'oru ito Ior otl ot wl't- oI 0 00l'.ct oooo)er th. t 1oo iont'0-0lSt Ctthrllo t1 t .Ll l io ll"+to L t ( I,\obt .t l..~ Forrlrl. (Ir-rllU~ l Ii, J lelill~ it~`1 \Vhu~~e~~alo i.lenh -r in -i-u-, -l, ai'i --.-+ lll e i il"U \ ilit\l ll]I 'l;lil(;,- \' ' t., %,''o 'rr\l r retn r l' rr( rIjr re ' e tl'" fr rI rt' rrrh '"71Iý p ri .L.M FOR 7'eI TCET I. I r l|111 . .stahli:sht i' re . Itathon and e ..l ntlllV |Icrea-;tri rt . dI t. i o h rrrr fr r t, utI rer edy ofp}ti, nnil pta r ot er'mitye of the toth, hast indnc+'d the sttL-crbr all; r it to h Atill Plittnn poubltic. Arraln aenm ants hav tie hrnI n'n ilth In -i II ni y llsPll l.. ill Ill file pnnc rl ll ml ie Iye S....I... it t I nr .ll c-ld S li..... .....ha , it 'hi l ear the rlah ll l ihno s 1nlk [in iand likeiy to cller this ni s elli er...,l e. li- r rI'l ri.'l l "i l I I'I th- icI'rl. tir \ICIrr :'flplirI In, 'nr''r' " i t tnr v'' e n her it 1 .nt re 'f. It als' url e:ts the I':. lt I Cr .oe 'ict1 v II t 'ell . ad relieave: t rs Iicl i're" tn thh e ,i:'l ,' It n l'-tr trr unith r l-l'.rlrl l -l'lrr rrlirllt tlih t inrv ale r -nlrr e hIi" II n tilm Lr ' I'II - r' ll'tl sanl R t a d Ir i I(,, mln iltnlr r I rrll nlc" ri' + in Is N++,rp i lllll 11. , f lh , c-utrInrh that Rr seJ rnr oilrr exIrllet' l smel " . chtl'c r" Jut or y v ei t - l nt the uL l a 1'the ]n t are reo v y t r (.Wa r the p blie good) their teitiml l + to it., . • iinll edl l.p alit a . It is it I |di:o m. ille t', aht inrd e Ith c ililzed t orld a, the munt I aluable discuery p Itrlldt a of, tile .aalodI. tn l' e IC it) ler butlhI. nl-hl b v I or I A JAILIIS" & AINl) R\III WS, ar 5 r'. O(" mmnon nll *l':Thlaitlnis ifsl to I lpt 17 , l ' ' ,' l , N, 1ti6 31an,,zle t 1f l1 Fill I I-i "1,i t I I i'' t-J~ O S ired nftS | i r. enl- of hble tan I w it v vv rult 1 |.l.t r Pal' er s i- e Ir a lr , ll(rir:d, i ,l "r I- h a r tl" I ",Itt I' 'l.i'' ll t',b, N p' ,: cl:rly Cnrr l , , i* R t or rt d :ed r rlll cr n rrl tiru t +Il .i lllr ri1 l e I rr lil ri 1 IIt1.1'stt:tl \1' I.r Ni I'rr ! rt11,r n I)I tr,Inin pi IN r IMEDICINES, PAINTS OILS D rE SI : t r ra .1.D IL V rDOI r GLA.,SS, JIIIN W. ANiptEWrS. Slarge upply'y nI lrde'tn S.elrs, .il rrti. d the gre ttllh oIfof l nt. r. TN Ii'W l rit I& CO., .eripecti fIy initrlItm l their lrmrdls and the ipublic t tenteral, thati they oeupy I te new brilck shopi, 219 T hopitoilas i alre It, where thle ke'i p renntal ll oi n i h nd cI per tllrl, Tin and Sheet Lron Wiarel, of ,very drescripllin, -c h a in c ,p p , r a t ll s , k r rt ; ', :a n d p '"ip s , tin b a t h . Ill ei sr, . ,l ,Ii nse , ofy a ll r i ze ts, anll d all S tll r ilIra- er t.l g doII t .lne hnrhl notice. frat h ir.. of , r yry de- crlpt t, wtc!I as str't-n r I I, itr l , l' lt Il'l , Ierw atF , nnI o hIe. m i.tnhl 0l' latlt.r " +na t w rk, such ais llillneyi l, bre ch.lll uy will aso do al khinds of ot door work, ji t ull t ie, cl er and flit rorrfir and rnlit rilr t I 5 ,:. 'I 'iw y l, , h ve and allll r o t r k ind:(, It w 'orkI l i therir line of uince, they will eecute a the lhomrtest noit ice. d. c.17 I t.\ ' Itl '' . nt rr.\r Ill l' : ., ri rrlll rIt sl-el l I It .n nlll.e11 Il II. 'ri r i lr r llr. i. tne l, l' ' Ir 'blle l n i- encal i a- beIen la- r,. at. s. , ter,I , h + 11ill ' lllyel Ila a,1,hllu n II huldlin a-'m - ' I )riiin l I r rlr,', ril r celll n 1,dlid r i rllr eia , phi ll s,' I ,-" lrres -tl rr r hrrllhr nl, h rtr. r(ret ( lrlrrrre1 hnve li .' lertol rlender the pflri e ernlmfiorih ra tr- an r h. an nlr t r. I ,rr r r" Gi ru ri ..nnr - I',' ,', ,e. n l'i, 'I'" 1; hilll lhrilli o1Inw p llt( ,. "ig llehr-hl· ,ll,' IhP e uii ' htel ia 1,'l I la ked hv several hnntifnl i-hinds, ll f itht a f~w hnur~a' ail, mant n whi & C erI ('I t CFtnnd, A Leiter ling i' n kepi i t the Ir nr it' Ih'r "xchang i l I ,t N. ). ,L ich ,ill re le i a:ll n! ,ll, j r 11 I uchIre e Hotel. a" :\ vl' i S I t . t11 Pa. I . 1 itI : st bsr' Ierri. rs have ,tl r reived ,er .hip( lharlre 1 iro : I l invr an ll . r ollor sil :a n lb ,ill l l,1arfl lllnent of 'v inlh l tos l'l-i ngill n in --rl ul Io, I, 1icoln s o if Ito.1w1 1i1. (n' lrallll , r h ili innho;I;, y 'ilV ,l . lloriuont.I Pliauos of thu ri.het rose-w ld and m hubo F1 y li| pIriht Pirinnfrlrr ,dI do. o II-'rhee inl- elthin o o Ire all rn:ritr tireird I the : lh riev , ker a Tl II"+ EI 1;. I'o.. f |s'in ir, a ,l r n.-e iu- a I nI: , te u r c !' ad e 1 u"s .: -: l - Ii Le ih mi 'I ht hI l-r. In r- r f''+, f irs y lesr' NIo,- el & K lh l i w'rh " r 1rrr t1rrrr i l Int ss r of lh1-:' r, rI' v e1 t lly iuvi. l:l to . l . ding, fcla tmud Ur iib i I"r JIi IN. - . ' r S . .' rrl t. ot itl: i cro r -i -t\'vlie, lt , I h MI i, II'l ;ll i "' !t .I ' - i t" Sthi tannit r eair clwtir y o d do, t 1it galin I.+ r +: i J t li i .+ ,,,e, i'T r li, hv p - Ild ll r F t- Ede bl e " A. Tr 1 lll:rr lt, A r OV I.1 I t -. y I rirrhAr r nni rnenu Alnic I-nrt toI i-n'n ic- ,,red r.i'ern IiJtrV It rrer e ilrr- rlirrrf, r e'irrrr or I t r I. r . r- inhIhle is~ ia-i:"l'i, Iir- -t- . trill. , I se I r ,nklyf t'l+ ' enro ' r trnelrrl in Egypt nr..-p ' IrI ' I .n' l -r ; l.rn by .\I.X. TtirVAC , SYot & lBaltimnore Packlets nRj . . . . . 7 . - I ,ill' N OW ORLFANI Co i-ALTIMOT'E LINE i- Piat PI Co' 1' CI'. u IIIICC C CC i CI T 'hi, C line will c .t o c" the Cllhwhi veCC s'l' , 'I whic h ! Ib.... bu,'.* or purclh....d cx-i lr expl' L the trade, viz: Ship Seaman, Capt. Eihner, u '~CICCCC C t 'lit lark Mary, , Nickersoi, ' Ira.l I'crry, new C StCvens, " Nohnt l blll u.. ,1 Lathlaml, i LnlC CCC i~ tig Arch teoc, ', Cray. ThesU vr.scI!s ar f thetlO firat class, hand. nost some tu rni.lsed , .co ullalll l +.ato lied arte of- light r dralt ofCwater, so as CC admit 'Ct'thC''ir reIceiving atCd dtIclarI ing their ctC C rgc t s in LC timot e, at the city.C Ar wi'll ba tailenl for pnrls oil thI (:Chsalekc tl l r .Itl lu' R..vlCr, :' li ltr 'ardcd by tim aC glellot, I Mh..esrs. CIoAlI+:li': &c Iil':[,L( in(;t, at lialhlm re: mt! onI .llots ..inel~l wilt I.e ullivrln.?d whIen ofs r'qtre . TCi pAIcI . If CLasge is Clxed .It StIff u LC'plC C tCr'eI (C"' iC hI b llhi:l)' 2l be Ipmvid1d.1 e,:, ip "o d down tie AtiCsCsC CI'i wIll be takenIc lir IC i r .a . ,i apply to 11CC ItI)IFOIRD. C .. .. nov2720 tenvilc st tog I.O Ni IV YIIoiK. [louIConCC and C Nm w Y'rk LCinC CC) Packits ] te' '18 I Nb ,<ipsr composh,. this lhne will sail from m .(ne,; Odb''rlians tad Niew lY li t 12\I i' Olllrk oneveryother IMn ay.-- ol l iln(:ii.- ,lc the .0 tllh .ove bler-ll ld to ilnsure lira uancls~hly in tlhe than of sailhng, the lin, will L Cr( lt l C i. I t oCC live C h ipC.C viz: ,Mhip Y"lc, z t'.oien TrCCk, to lICeLYC on tie ')Oeh Ship Ilwbv rlc, C piltahi Pudtlne, to eavte o il thte ,Jil D),cc'mbe r. lhip, Ihltr ille, Captain EldrilgC, t 'n lC'ave on the Ship' VCaC . aIhin Wo CCChouso, to lear ,ICI O Ship i S pi i, I:aptaiC.Cll Iavin, to cleave cCn the IC 13th of Januaryv u. TlCCC .ibove ;Ire allI IwI, Iof le irstC clcsC, copper I d and co.ppr t' l cten , anld u ,wards of 500 ttll t ICut i re of h(ht d Cah CI CC f water, Ihe g built !in .Nuw Yurk ,xl re.>.ly thI;r the trade, The price ni , i'l.,age, is fi.x;ed at 1]l0l Ihllh ,s: theh"ir cna!iis are to CfitCId uIp in tiCC ! C ICCC 11 IIICICC rllvC t ilnd COC IVelliellt pl itn lil liuld il i ri ti! elegant styvle - Anile~l ..orcs of the th'+i gi!:lity w:1l be praiilhde, 1 awl e'rt'y re'Ia' 1 t' i,,1 to thI e IJ: ,mlbrL t andllll Irlltil.t sI.tislc Ia /l rII< lil.l 'c C i'i, Ih i t CICCC will please ake o. li e that no Ibrth cas be .-+ clurld until p lai+.t for at S C the !1)c1 ,C itII C IIcnC IIC COilnCCCC. T . 'ICe v C Cls l ' e CImr a!r: d CtyC el ptaCl' ll weoll Cxp'rie C'e d i the CIdC. 'C' w Cll Iive every aI I tention iali ,,tP. x lthe ni':t vue toucIrnaue nd.lte. They oil. I dow n theu s n, ,i Tie o Ierlls tilese shi: s will not Ilh r le po si. hle f+,r any :let rlP, parcerl or Pac aglre, seiit by or put o i oar iC itusncI3 , iC ies t L reguhC r lill of lCiCC be signed ther'elor, tit thet couint~iil hotuse of the i et1. o1' ownller$. For Ifulrthlelr pa iriiculars tipply t To JDl BEIN & A tCOHllN, N C " IRCICCC. C C11 CC & Cil Cl I , SItN CIC CKC T .T Th'li,. lin ceo;,sists ,i hour vew.els, nll of lthe li t +.I se i' cm- Iopperrd arid a topper Iast. IC e e ' C Cn C CelCahC C',IC Icd by c 0 ii t ellI Iht C t s pp CC . ICCI hIC 1 t CCC tip ll C d I .n Ct M Is sC i .I IC, C11 CCC 'e' CC rIC'C'C I C C C tie h'i re C lhe 10tlh ani i 15'f b , o ,'f r ilili 1. T ill lollow nl rli VI$ . I ?'1 (,~ '2;2~t CCCCCClCCCCICI)IC ICiCCCC CC I CC tC.CCCilt.!. IC, TCl~iiC'li CCiI')~l Cio pC lirC"e C C hiC'C,C C Cl .Cgr ti'.c Cas terC n Il e ap naI.1.T For tra,;.ht +,r i=lst,a, :i,, ,t o .. . l. !IA IIF LII . CCg, C I (CC IIICCC ICIks tI. IICCC ()CCICgIC lCr CIC 6 CgCCCCC C,'C CCC. hn I'CC CCCCIC. ICcCCC fCC tICyC C . VITI".'T LIT~li \l'\" SCHLt C~ilFT'b ]lui!- Ih les & n I ICe-enI , i t ,\h- s u .\lrliql'- 1)ecbroo,, new t n. ve.lll..lint r',uh CC t;, C'1It Family ;IA CCCIlNG CCC CCI701 CCCCAC ClC C hyCC \ l marlr itl, the Ihn l li,, l i ,h " i C' C' CI'ND T NCCCCCCCICI M I CCU' .- CC1CCCCCI re Ittn ,k n ihnih e, milq£ .It ,\ave r eiag e d ro ii CCC CCCC I CI! NCCC CCtCCC. I Ith .CI olC:C I r rI r lth: mi. Cd hlinll IoMPI)UNII 'I'C.NIC MICIII';.--A spredy C IC nd C UlCC ,i l (ulh thC FCVCI IillC AIuC,' • i, th o irriP~n[ rcralp l.. Ul~r~t w:·!hl (I1llltC1 nll[ rid llii I i su esFs Iu1 1~32, by lersnlls of the higIhItI I re;.pecOL:llility iln this eity, as stalted it tile anilleX d C certic[ilt;lttC." This melldicine is hihl.y| recomnmended, and h,. boon i ext ,e tllivecly uIls d in tihe abovel disease ,. w ilh , suc si i stinguished ·uccst"' · hat the p roplsie'tor of ICC t C r..i ... ... i cd .... I n CC..C r itt' . .t pu . i 01lic in its pre..ent fnrin in the hope thatt it may h~e CI ' I IIh CCICCa o rC' viCClC l ay oI " th.I s who are 1 tII r, :tlbring. undt:r thm stourge of our country. It is Ila nC lCIIIIe pXsIstsiCsIII Cg'ICat vihItue, a'lC wI n used dy necord'lingI to the diractiiiii has Ineve~r l<illed ofI S eflec tinlg a Clre, ev l in the ICmot IoI Stinlli stiagl b I o" tC diord'r. It is ' oi N I til di)! gr!e' h, andC [pero i of the wkeOC tCi s.toimiCch, Cnlid cthl!ren mIay tal; it witC h iC lplllitC . It C trICIeICthe C' thle dig, stivtC S orgCi'nC , C .CirCtt' ai C pC otite, ai cd .ldtonll rqui'i res C Inor tChan onlc, or ill ohstinate cstds, two bottlcs . tl, cltbct a cure. Thro is ne!ither mIlerlculry intr ' o ' the human cenhiluyion. Ttc proprietors CIre s 'nw CCl convinced I f CCC'C elClC.:1C C ,CICCCCC t I hCCy CC'CCrIe C to I rell i lld th ie CC rc lifevery C c otCtlo t hiCe h hIe e IC e lt o Cl'r takaC in eeIda cIC C wCiC C hC dC ru iC C ns aCod ha C t o o t I tCiCtCC aCI a ptClle ' llf C C cr tfC I Cliz cC I y.llv IgliCe 't C .C ' toL VFR, ole o C iCCiCCC for NICw Orl'eaC C, ti I his C . i llCC IIC' adL rIC ail dr IC aIC d I tII IICIlIOy iio CI , S c rCnCr, oCi' ICCIC, C ;:II CCnd (C',o irtr., siirsets. For Distm; ,.1;o...tiles atill . tc j"5 ... .. ....C i . _I . I ,fICiCCC tC 8 ' tCCC i O C.I C I ,''',-' a If f ;.* I i r~~~~~ll1:~ ~ ~~~~~f *Illillrlui l li '*lll~lll I,'~ .11(l If '.''lffI ' IC 'full ''i 1 ''IG . Ip i nllli'lllt il ,, : nd il I I ;::vo l Ifi w it If~v ui a iln~l 11f n I 1fC '1 ny ll , t1," 1I1I1' Irllllfl f , f ill f)ll Iffrly lu Ii t.(riac a Isi r ll ptil le::[. IIII i ll i 1 n11111 r11111 ;,m! ;1 11 ,l noprov,,1111 ill ," i8 3 f lr" ' o ,wIfl w11,- w lllff ffcfl,,,,,l.lIf 1ffl Iniflfl/fl . ll w L l I r · l:rI· I i ~. I f. ' 1!,," : I ll w~ ffa o n~ nn:, ,It flj o' tlll''If, 'o1 i'' tIc lil 'I ,F! r,." 1.f g I 'frill) r I I w 1 111-I: Ni 1for 01lil w l,!.a 1;, i , ffull ljIilffII ffi'''11, if~ lill f.If11 III' iiI1 1111·0 In ~ ý.n full ..... 1 c ff m Ifyf Il ft Inr!. " c~,:-r of ,. 11, t ,I\· Ill(·i (r!.·111- (( "Il ·ll t' ll 11 l~l I, d v ,,::,, t .III' O 1 ' 111111 ff1111 ' IIIIIIII I I. fffl f1' l l fllfn, t Iv.''' ++n I lf ,,mfll , If Ir fdl a l fiy , f 'f,- 1,;:l l Iffaf ltf IlflIf I ff11. I I fL' If I f . .i 11: I'1-, ,1,'ri, 1: Il:,r,,:rI li , r ;II·I1 I· I keITI o po 1I i t l :,· a ' cc' h ;,.i~, I ''I nn I'(( I I% itI cmb, c1 ibis ho rl .,I.1 i .N ilfl ,ll I :l I,,:, ,Loon01 1 ~ l,"(lON ' i/PE Ii, ff-: 1,1, 1 l' -1 . I', :. . 'fin f f I lfInllle , rllf, fi l1 Ii~". +a ,ll n c ",c," ..t ' I,'- i1il t-·i, ~ nom; ,iogfu tbctt tItif bald~I ,It', , ,1.,e, (rl l_ J ll nn vCf', i llil\i.l . uhir .1,1 1211 1 1()11 ·\·'r? (1111r n I""rr l I'I1· Ic,, 1 f- I'rluff ,ao.- f infI.adtollfL mffl '¶fl.ittlufof tlf i f'll lffkll f fl;IC I -II II. IffI t cl fltf II / r rc 1m ;fl I ,lf . l rr·I IIf I Ilf"Ittfttl l ffoIb.lflftl flfltlff ,I ,lll l .; , th tolfflI -lll tllfC rlgCra f Iffaff ,I,"" ti ulc; ~~ii~" \"1:II, of do- buy clC Ibrlr Itrt I)UIIIIIIUII) fyauf.f'' r l f I b llnlfolfaIflf~ft fti? d lf'fl flay dlfffl fI li IfIfb fl ffdfhii.fll f lfIitf'It n faIfd ifll i~ tlafILvfily t1," l1lTill f--1 ",, Il f o ull i f ! l a fI:, FC-- r' "dig"n. bla *." Jri fi . .. 'frfnl Il ra' p ,i ,"rl f..fff-fr~c IItI lfllfdf ftly broil!,, ail dvl _ tlnl -,. nrrrrn 1 !lfrom ,bfE &r f11 011I ltatr~ro ·,ia J N It i CIiI1IAlI rCI al ,, r t 1,11, a3 Itoval Colarte of IP hysicans, Lou.don. r.RIl or.ignal Vegetable IIgrian Universall Medi e i0l', prtareld iby \V MStskin, E~a. Memuer of lile Itkni Cillege of .n'gepoals, Licentiate of Apothe 's t.,vtlvlloo', Fellitw of Molt Ctort Sotiety, Surgeon to to "the Itotal "Ulinn I'cnsion Ascwiation, Laneassr Place, \V:ti.trloo Ihridg., and Perpetual Pupil of Guy' :dil St. ''hml n9'S I lospitals, I nollon. This vahtahle tiitid'ine, the reullt of ttwenlty ears' yr experinCle and implloa:leled success il the xtellsive landti htghlv repreillhe practice of the lpropriety, p1tro.t oisedt by the Icultty atll nobility, and is now introduced to hle Ilotic of Ihe Amleicn:l iollllic, tll the earnest so- I' licitation o.f a llnumer ofgetlltlemel of lonlgaud high sHlaldig in thie profession. It is hoped, as a poreliol- t nary step, to check lthe evils milol lttlnl eoosequences I arising ltomn the use of the numerous and deletetiotus nostlrms loisted I:;,~a the pnllic by tile aid of fbric~tted a'oofsUl ol' mlllilCU1laoLh 1a:I, dlll 1otefrl flratuds, hIiy set of p ievtoemrty, tunrincip led tpretlensd so totally ignorant r of metdical sdivYce, that it impossible the Inotstrlots delusion can ,ly longor go down tilt the intellligent people ofthliscollutri. Tlhes pills, nmill :oldagrotelbl , ilU their niaturi, slioli.d be kept in ecry ftInuily itcases orlt'smllden illness, for, hy their administrlation, chle, elaps, spasms, I i's lil ltother tlarming ctomltitns, wt ich toI ttIivt prove t vati, mayt Ite speedt - Iv en.redul o prevented. It tact, all Ihose who vatlue good ealthi, shotl neer o ite,. t t ittlel. $ They ire sol' ttl e : tl r teis.l, b k,,ktl01i.'rl , sIdot .'t ~lhlr f A edici cl s h, tilt United bl:ltates i I lhe nlalis, with colo ls l elti olls, ttogeter will etil tlniols of Ipriftssiontl ability firm AhJt.Ilotc liats Illl t,~l9, 1. I)o., V '. Back, N. 1)M.o , li. Asto Kw tit, A. Frampton , lt . ) , and IInoteous I,11rsl. "I'ls t origitlll s ilv bV e s 0ell II lpassessiol of tile t-etral Agent, by wte thtel cditie is imported ito ( It'llt, I·~·c~i hoo sltilh llt s la ttllttil te, istilol-le , this country, n itio wlho ill i pplications tlorgeoitei tmust .e lvide. JNO. IlioItIIIN, 129 Waverly Place, N. York, isole (ot-ttal Agent lr tit,. United States, ioe. to .ht Itltit.o -:ll . Ul'lltolil sttttilttteti cgvll Iteootit For sale lN ' pinuent of the or1 siginal prol 'rietor. Ly 5ls'wAtn V4 Iull','llt1ati, iltgis, No II Ckii streIet, .:len it Atgent tfot" Sttithee liof Louaiin:. jul v8 I i3i1Y It L!4E co, No .1tt::lulaliue srIeet, are S iow receiving tfrm slllips Nashlille, Louisville, IttoenI , til: gl, all eotherl late arlivals froin thle thl erli cities, : inrge, i ll dI eew setlis,! ussotintln tll Ii, ist,s ois, Siihoes and Irogliuins ionsithe ol'gentle allu 'sle calf itll iMoroclco boots do qu:lity; ll tl, ot:lll stolt wa pegged ootsI ilo Ih..l*lnl Ipllops 0 :i brogans, builcksklin shoes, broIl s lllllll I peal: n'sll litle call n l kipped egged Ishocsll' IsgI l' do bootIs; do slut kilp uni ws ilt pegged sihotl I tL Ill .bo5ItltI gentlemen's hest qulity callt se. el shoels Ill ognls a Bllihot n Ihtoi,lles; lo call asnd Morocco Stlkle shles all hIlira}tits; -to lcall' sill atnl , Moroc:o 1 ull:L shpes ;:ld tlit "s, do c hillult' tlit sea sclolwgs, lt o.w article;it ln le l sili, aittI ;nllmorcco OllqiOet uts; Iy', r i.Is'.'uld children'.o s pegged and sI we 'o oilts, llall shoeslll lcvery qu.alilt ailill kind. Also l gt'enll aosor l.etlt of mlin's stout wax and r I .tt roglLnsilS nitd shor,' to, oether Wi;lit Ill, t00 paiV e iego Ibt t quality, 'sl tt brogans, nlilled it tieill Imiltks, mal expessly for plantl:i n use; a good as. SrtIOlnt of m 's IIIIrIm, and stiSoeLt kIp rusIett brogans, aI Sw aWticl. , atI a ullgl ullll ity of an in]'frio]r quality , ss. lllll wUlxl a hl.l( lil . Ladies' to oall; se, imoroeco aln grain welts, and p olll t sholsles; to lii lienuh .1hrocco nll kil run rrmI slippers; du ros, shoes, illh :el4 without heels; b calf, seal fanl stult leatler hoovles; do PIrunllila sh ee l holl kinls aml sp ilties. ih, lbsting br'ogais; tin guiter r mali foledi booles. slisses'lnstingspring shscamt at igims. Childrtet's coloeild Mtornci uanal lasting bro gni ianil hoots, bee. , entlicien's liic fltshionahle black silk hats; 'to black i so I dra beaver do of a superior quality; do imitation its ran do; broxul and narrow Raim men's line drab tmd t'l: :,k .stsia short napped hats, a new article. Youtths' l' ;e size hats of dillcrent qualities; do childrena's. f .:n'sud b.)y's black:ml drha wool hats of various l111 p0s, with general assortment of boys' and mUen's 'I his ass. inio.l will he repleltishe:d hy the arirval of eau! i pniikets~tirom the 0ore amled cities, all of which Niil i h., soel xenctonlo d:atingt'lrlns. atl;-1if NO MERCURY NOR COPAIVA illtt' ,ix month" ago 1 had the nrisibrtune to get it o ns*''te ,iacrs', for .herb I have applied to seve r r ( dtrio', lir n lrle, uli thb v did not cure tr, tan now on the .ilb ve date I sot il wIl t ndlr tho cure of I )fortol hauet, and I expict hih t, 'lre me. Since tint time the di-.e:,, got worse, >o n In hreak out in large tulcers roolldnllty under thn ute of Dr. flot, ,f I'Pari, to he pern.ctly cured JOHN DEAN. I P.e 11 ly S1)10 CERTIF' Y that it e above mntt ssnedt diseas' is I I ite will runs i to Is own sat'r n il which I : ti Ilth fk I)r. n La h l and tew n ' o cr I :l.serur Vi tihe m alli- 11 l in I h a nL nml.esIll.' all didnt in m ljlure lly I ot i lt l i reTl e I t I.,liS Iy A li e ' Tul'ls rersi I WT losee tlit r analll t l:tl l to IIr A. llueTr 1I8 Clni 8 t o.. ill, s li llli s 'l , li:nd I ol(ll sIllil ei''. Dr. )Tl , J .h , lEAt ca N, le c lnriv :r , fd treei. If aue rl e p rlu wllll t hi e etn lla illl h t No.. 411 c I'n i,"l c I Il"Ni 1)N1)3 :rei ('Meo an.. P-. , II :,lG i, , v J i i.l's'l F at,). 1 h:/. hP. T i't'E 1'1,1 ekI· i 1t s ti i is ii it natdi, . ah oit .el. l' Ti he Ci llels i e lit ei' I all ' i r! tl! f hr ll fihlt. 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Iu bas hern t l d, 11, li ta,l al i rallyi ii is-ill t de ttI I; a'ai g ,,tri a t,, ht Ih tah wre ,', ,t ; ila t cri fis aihly l 1, 1 all. l :slc e n the I m ilr al ,llt hl Iir tillt)bsa re ar m sllll.ll Thellc book; is inl 1 t exp slyl a ipted grs all t ieiurtss ,Ir ol'll cl seltIv of le.l, S es itsh hmle "n unhtbr el dltlloS 114. r toli e ht ll t he ie li,"ns , asi i sy in I r) lea n in t ihe acc rdinegs as d Iat i't is usead, and as k tilhe re in ey ll, r, h; it.. h o ll; l o , the sb s flhe and d few inf the l SeiIlliis i ,0 I,.clheesl; I l l"t'a hl i at ihn e E ollllif tIon boli - isly in bll i ti the C lass of ci ltiz il ry'nlin Ia. i 'lt, Il : is ior, vetr ll aI iI.s p sl , v lti, ll ctl le tk, I n a- flaw ls tr tfhe lsa t crali. l li d ltst l " yte a. tlot Is tit iil e su t h t tr. ittls msil s, ) h iw Ithr bsunk isterss, : essit is a its ustti I tac h betk is trl n ign s l y i sist tll tllnl l tl i 1 savill· that , aehlll !I hi taill: t h e C iA o" iti ook, ,I 11 a i .t~ , l ) fti c' v o lts ul itik,,r is L eti ollts It 1 Un- neoily he Unitel d hla rus il. o , 15 n rS smue Itp Se"r r wave k wrecen. t yearcyn ehd, , t, . ,, ttt ' .... al, f, lsi', . . , .. .. ,n .,,.,u, M. it 11r s o (,lit~l| detr,:l'"d lugs e rrlol~ll. its I hey wr 'e It.- ml,, t, e.elnl th, II lll ~ c ',tl"I | i"'ll t : itoss, stst lt> C )oip ln itt' Ia trlrs 'lhl h)tlat( l h'sC Ipt'iaas it'sl'+l l P1 ipa uii tllttti a il thrli iars, Itsim[ itar 'it'l it,, fll it s atsh sase(t Ir) s Liaiiis t tiaha it se.ri I t alisa , w t thalll i lllltl i l eili ln 'I2 s1ril oiieias stsarite sll tir tsllf i I, so e tn gsttle it 'aillstauce ;1111 rell, rllll t i l bt p ri , sill they could ri . I O i l l sll - .:l aily hs i icki i p at mt rll to $25 pr lopyr, nit tsan! 'ls'ls' hl le i' icn, y as.' ltared li d hilisg els-s s., ui;re Lr vilh, that h i ou the' wtullr fllv e kill0 , eied $51ll fti iiuic i t a hlly I'en o ftbllt 1'm.tts , l i diit isul oi illhil i' i l e ile , isle asll i ma l ullnei fi' arls, htViti iost the satte i tihie , 'xlo l.' ti l illory plolle'. ilt1l s. li prt', lll t itso n",, sent itht tu.hh i t as r r;lle w rti h ihat pr oo y atrd st ilet as+illLl tl o i l'cilt saig lo'ni ea ill sabll thlic , he ru is 'rl a e Ia.'i.' i nirIrsu e i a)' Utli all ofce. I - I na, imre psritIsits dais intl: irtr e of Iie wor k gpsit c lys |ldoll ep cald'sily w lor of llit, ll 'xle alld inlel'lnciiel of o , ith ise ti ls I h: i had hidblli.ook or its liker ble.n relxmr A i.t ~nl ita ai usual, trhe.l' rhinel, bi the most e.hne ttlilY L I l la. il l -hl, Wolld!ll, andil afiit llH ds Ililtt(( moslli t ah, tihmi enm tr cio wlulyn et.0 i fl prol c eof cl.l as etc itl .0111iii ahnlrs li l e to n I I: 1 801, si. tPlit,.l ulI | f ir t ln - , 'i, r sllle at alps is l et s is lles Uin tadlu altiirs v ns: om), ecs lyt ' h is oi l. i'h > s a ' in Si', is i un. Altlroiedhectioh s to liud b wh b1iks iand stath interest est wihh useful Pnte s, o f ollow thure ilftholu sa hih ilu thils Irll m esi i on o i r['s, tee iti) ssa lt a lie.tie a e e, tail, tail nlt'rlliice. n lDly re Itein lk ltl, n still lt lieilsng th giuter elt atb lets w e ertill ,sii ofllt.i pinlic l, s am ceonts biu: i 't- id IlPo lm ,l hnsl beeli satx.tlllg isivrl) axd so Ibe i lly nlu itrnie i r hle s u ot ya t so ul llr s inl dh with interesl. e is te heavy lOS of IIllll.,)- fIr thusnd dollhI besILCesl 'il- six ) ....... a tinle frnlm 1 99 to I I' , sustained o the firal, tl ourl tlion thatlin t Rii under pri'e!t. o sa'y nrlhhiugof THE FLORIDA LINE I Svi From Mobuile to.Aeurstn,Gi l'. leaves Mobile ,verv rdpy at thie N :sr o'clock. pim per Ut S mail iIat I for Ilall' l.tdine, anlove hBlnkely,-theltce four s.h Ist coniches to PF.:l-e:l'ola-thence slietmbltlle l 1I Inrgrnee, whr e iete l anld Illllle is r.eeilred-the"cr c hc v in lienanna and lirwnisvill, Fhl. l[ irnbirririe, P 'itd rtor\ I, 1H wkii sville. rt tnderevlilhl & li,,tis.l villelrtoAugusln, Ga, lrectlng rliularly with "f the rail road cars In (Chrlresln, and the 'eanl I' packels to Nlow York, Nrirolk, Phil rdelphi , etc. i The stenraillha ts rlie th esl for tile service, and the tIVinrrtinll presents lore advantlges tlan etln Ie rfrotd upsO aiy stleabout rolte ill tie s0outh. rn region.. The great improvements in the rmute have been prodced by tlte con*lrtetiln ol lifty miles cof new rand, by the prrrplietors, viz : frOlll Li( rlllan e nil Ls'lavette liayou, n sarm ci Snnt IRosa liar, 0to In Biryanll's Ferry, on thie Chnrtlnhoocheele river, ten pI miles bov te the Cowlrd, or 14 above Cedar IeIuitt; e wherelby hire ntvietllsoel Iohe river, and the con- c b squl ent detentionlll , ald mlor rr cently the intirn tit veClienIt crlsiin al t the Ce('lIlorr, are entitrly It avoided, and a fine roead frote Mlriinaa direct to Iainbriderr, inlstead i tihe rIIndlllblu road vian i (:hntrahuocltre, essentn g thde istaance atbolut fort) mile, and icreairtlg the facilines more than r\ie, .i v:allh lille of two horse stages everyt .ih i. d i..y tomi llr hiosviile, vi.r Pt rry It, (I Ionnretiiicllig wsitl the line to Savannah ani ati (riee, (G.o. A maltll stenmnstct lilts regllarlv bhelween hi'inbridge and Apulachic.ll. 'I ralv It rs wishing e to rerlt any point on Clihnttalhot'hee r Apnilahth: cola, rrlli tkc e srio iil'irat at lDritow neville. Mobile to Pensrc-tl--I.cid remte-IDuring the limo oc.. up.. i by the rlg. nrs ot u. ls. , tihe prmrie. tors of the Floridal lin il ill . i n n litre of tiur holrs posi coahes every lother day b.twe"e an Mo Itlenld Peolisnili. slcssencrters will leavie Mrllile at 3 t'irrclolc, pt, iin tihe U mail hoot, and proceed to lidll's ,.lnd ing,r where a loulllr hrse conlth will , i waliling to reir r elv theit it thie exo rlielnt house t ii lr. Charle , Ilill, I 14 lilr e dlistaInt, .vhler they w il find pleal.salt u:olnaltnodlosI for the nigltl--lenvilg next mornintg, thec will Utrle in Pelnaeccla early in the everimig, thus avoidlng tire disotllfort of t nihlit tr.velliolo-. Olytce at ihe Mle.lansion lose, Moillie, and C-ol. lines' Iletel, I'ensaecrol, wrhere en's must be seu i tel. -'I'lIOCKi'iN & it. nor I Pans Fbrlte Instructron. 11rilliam Smnih tenders his services to the citi, it eis or New () ritnl as a tencher of tihe piano lote. tir l havlioi been employeld severtal years as a teacller o muic ill privaten fllllles in B iason, nd nrd iIsIo t i severei rl tIhe IfcIma lllnillnrlL.e in its viirlll" t anllll tl but hope tI merit thlirnCO lllirlrneP . le ies ipermitted t refer to Ir v )r Clhpp. Atssts Steten & Avery, Hlendhrson & :; For IerlllA, rpe 'lease apply at tLe bookstore, of Alexnder'i'ol el,490 C nap st lot 2 Drtrgs and lledirlnses. J f ,, rvoest ha : ls anted hiii sel ,i thllis city forI the purpose of llrlnsctin II cenernlll \Whlllessle DrLe blsilnees. Il is now receivingll a ll supply elof Iresh Ladi t genuine articles, whiih he will sell .elliberal leari Tocity drugeisle, and ihoseof the ilnerior, to plsireciyan, merchalnts and plaste r, k he will oilir indcireme.ts such as have never be, 'Ifre been oiill'red in IItis city. llis intention is to d do strictly leeiimncte hesroess. lis stock will s irn hr ciompnlete, rnil in n iew' weeks will e rnl _ Sliy f tr busieris. All orders Ira Ihe e rcountry, alnd rom mierchants o I i, ctly, receivinig Isuch orders will hp iromiptly attended to. R Ill STORE.-at the sign cif 1 golden coith.l,31t 'I ('hiitrs t leat. The ri.brelrs hiave re- i ceivlled, i ln ltion rii to theirilnviom cllk rIl h ndia fill it ai d comII plrt nil sflurIt of nri' rli s i n their lihlr; vir: colllln s, perrlul rv, J,.wllrv, brushes, ll(okl glaises,I rv felPl(.il %, rtic la , .l',llld\ d'ititn; ill ]):r its fllhow : it i is,1 It inl tr sihell, wie'ru t v ni t le t in ti l w st, il ledi bIlack, lo roilund, tdre llc, hid- p ll, cr rin l dir k, Brazilian rnrris of i vrry drrdiptiohi amongsttrrr gvwhich arec some lrxiclo pcatters, I volrv rnhs 1 tevery gPIIPnrrn illP-Pllrllll'llt oli |r, uo refi d All iii ii A iri:.llll. IIClllt' ;lll I:11' ll '- iColunle, la er, Florido, honey, hay, ro e,a i crnwee Itower waltr.s of every size and Ides cription, cli orated Cologne, 8xtrrCel"I :Ivcrgail t, a fa1ry sumpa ll alll kinds, s+haivin do in lesa .elandd (l, re ri t roa tido VeWard's veelhrlet hii r oil, tear. ni l an. i t iluedl . I r e l. ll' t s i lllleliln l so ts, pilIII a ilnonperfmlnll el nilti tr n n i illll n'l er an.i+lrIr c hilrin e on i th ws crh cni I r1,Isit-ec wiihII ii elrur (lttllrti ii rtIi lllllutti ii ,J I,1,11.11 Y--rrt'onIe rtiil r-tri1rstl nu t foshitona blIh tiils, t ilsils. le fatl. u while land rediiii l corn It, top ' jet car lli"ops, se in ll irrer, bleami pih i-t' grer " ar - 1 v rif rmitrrrluwiia ea tllr r rtiln rlllh t,\,r 'llt r nr ilvi " ., kl Iiiltl ; NI I.- 'lotllh, hlailr, ll u . ie i lllllll l ,hern rlls, llhlllt r I hat, :leh, tlooth, p t, comb, Nlili, having, S llll ll I lll uNi G SSES-ri staini ud railerht Ass i 3 'hil·ll f t in;l . o I " t hli rl, i lr '-iI ll. iil , hoIrilltin d r wi thl h ll d , nriiv ,,iohe lll l mle- m o r I r·li 11 ie l IIAN \ A D .I I'T A 'i r l'niri- lirl, t rut'' I' h epi, t nrll ir. 1ri w rt li drll hl ricrd elle r rilll rr nar il'rcs s a mntarg lich bone sir rk, ili uri witk nies oiitc darv. i- dieslrew iv, rl ilr l learrs , i lns lll nl . e, a int i . kg l lIl ll.i ll'll trll st t I.11 al l )lttr l ill ev r I inrtl, 1,.ll 1 mil l| tlltll l .l,?'x, ellllllnll lllr l ille cti c lmo ivo , rI ,,,r i nd c i ir, ili i l lll , i e rllles, +i1. " ihler 1 ,1, ll ll t llllill t dldc 'hi;, i cleaen pocket h ;I lllilomdllt walht., o I%+1"1 il I II( · er i; mill vI- c dii ,rllll Il trnlll llcIr, je bry i llolltIo I' rlmu , t .ll o.- il ir ll l l. ill lll ., isc ll'llnl,, . t lllllrte t' irn1- E,,.II I ,Pl n I llll'. I il s IIi Ila 'lHili's rizoir sltps a11 s . m.nrtav v- ri irkl v ad ,kl ', d w h -,r dte- aP-anr erd cLnde, gilt ed srioirric, gih'e rcl:u t li ha vo.enl -tidvdestnt l gartelrv , plitiiiii s rll' o iiilrvi, lvic k cirr11rttll lent b tnirt r diue, opticrl viecoer,ijewichtrp, loeltilci mnchi d11 e d and inking icup, wihh it 1grea variety ct other -rci Iles, aulleiccliihewillI he cohl for cush cit icvtepouol I- / ce on 12 mouths credit. B II silM.I(I'Y, & c0. 'a 4d 7_____ aO eertc. I'II1tt 011i-15t0 glions pll'e winter II S11SpaI O il, in iet ks tld 1bl, I for a o1' by v .lAIVli & ANIlI tI .Wi, Vlholedals 1)rulg lts, c1tne1r C uiniol aend Tllhap Colnpllo +o\ e ir, 'rhllllllmery, c.-- A t ic',nullI nrlltlcl o, colop. e, put tip exprrsl 'y er) Ite retcl trade; nlo thle Ipurest F ellch Pllerfumelllllllr i, clbra eing every varisly lur the tolel, for s1le by t tEl:S & D'LAN1., V l tN.i..ISl. -'i'ie 1i-,ricer, hvin lan I ,n relady oI aIpp y he li llillllle s and l the po hell in g[.llen a, by1 I holesalr rr retail. I i iprices lrl Iare ll lloler., l nd the qAalits of Ihis prnductl superior llol y ever broulhl III lhu pllcl:r . TheI clnlelllnlllll plol tll Ii1plollrol l.n:: d dhe lllllnll torv h ls bee l alt rh,' h dt of ain ex1l'rive esrtubliseinent oll this kind i. F t:urope. 'Those d'ihp .msdl to c1 ll at the l)corner of NoIatce". and ·.a., l plllllillatu n stIS, .hallll he ple sted with Ia fair samplllll lof nay v,,rnhll lh i , I. f I ll &i to D .v. .11 rnst rh vllrlliy, h are, II Ia h, N',. llr I, u Ile n :o h an -I'eOII ill mlilrt It, e t lr. The i l8f varnis h ltor 1su ;r nd I Pstll hoe i llie. 'l'he trllnisparent vr'isll with ., -i, l. I eltse, li. 11 III )It$1 :.I E-terso-'a R.Z ,r ,i -l'hreu cases au it , l-enolllled article. I ,l I 'l, erive b 1y 8 oct 3. 'tREp1S1l. & D'LA.N1.. 1 18 Camp s 1 lTlsour, UI-L1- Tilaw llsee, ildn . ale rIpeg tmade al otihemp, Iiin stloe, nand Ifor .rle by no 3 IO;:ElT & flA8 \\ T1I)IRN, 6:II G1.1er ~s r.'.i ifil (11 GARDE'N SiE. -'Tl'ice sur.,i.-.+, b les to express his grateful thanks to thle p},t", I c, for the Ihhtel support he has aec'ivtaed air e e commenced hosilnes, iH lilia cily. it, inlt s,,I 1,en prielr o1' Itllhe lseed iters 17 I ( Commo1lllln 1lr1 8 I I 8 not and never las gemlt for any northern seed Svellder; ln itherll is h be colnlct, d c iv llll Any hllls ill IIIIs .Oulntry- lll t h llslls res the publlllie ilh,,l his tconn c in y bthdrllll8 s 1y itrllsnt of lhe s8 c ll ht , SIler, in the dlllTi ellt countrie I. ElIrope arel 'lcl oi to that of any hItos in lthe UnIell d States. 11, ,1t. SI assaedl, plants, &c. from tle inost xe1i ,,,ilve nfnd respectable nu 'ries andl see len ill in FrlllrP, " Holl ln, England, Set ,land, and the nto tulern S tatle-- anld it wil t all t elllls he hiis llrere st, ita it is his sludy, to receive, inll ddi lon tIl hts present st"ock, Inrje arrivale olf every descripiplol, really thie rotl' h e o 18:38; 8 so, a nira ftelI d lr1a t ire e,66 all kinds. The puhlcT e may sely Iof lindng a snll acn elrt Nment l every 1rtcle i itllu seed Inll. l gentl on qualrity and imported alectl by . Wim. DINN. o 'TOTHI PUBLIC.---The undersigusd. haring studied under Dr. Sclmidt of Charlestol, I South Carolina, and f;)r some years hIis assistant in the practice of tnmedicieo and surgtery, lhas the honor to otffr his pro!essiotls services in this city. le as1sures the ladies alld gentlemlen that the b Ill)e Sprome t attention will be paid to the calls which may bi made; andl also oiters his services to Ito holders of l'laves, being well acquainted willd the diseases colmmon t o tm, having attended thell ill ..e0 sugar house in Charleston. lThe lfamous anti.bihous pills altear the composition of Prol'ussor Smullctte, with directions, can bit had of the undersigned. 'The eftct which they have produced in this and other cities, has been attended a with the greaotest success, to which the best of reforences can be given. Apply at No. 166 Naga. sine street. JNO. MI'LORING. N TOICE---The partnership hf Kelley, luason &Co of New Orlean+ Mason, 1 lurris &C7., of Natchez; Id Harris, Kelley .Co., of Rodney, was dtssilved on he2'llt of May last, by thedeath i Samuleul ,1 Mason, r ahe o the Iparlnllers of tile firesl.9 T'he undersigned, surviving partners, will be charged withll thle settling and closing slid businesas as Ibllows: I I.eviC Ilarris will attend to the settlhng of the business o" Manso, llarris& Co.. at Natchez; antl Ilarric, Kel f e, & Ca.,at Ilodney; aol llenry Kelley will attend to hie .etliug of the buisinnss of Kelley, ilasoau & Co., at e.hew Orleans l'he nanes of the several firnms will he used in liquidatiouonly. 'Those iudcbted to said firms are earnestly requeted ocotno Ibrwurd and make early settlements; all. Dhose Shaving clutts will please present them witlmtpelav. LEVI C HIARRII, _ H!ENRiY KELLEY. CaOw Orleans, June i', 1837. I OL AIreer , tcanrco f essonsatreeirewnred 0oLl oli n t tiei' ermantpevt Wlriting Ae etrttit,,ti Na. 8 Chtnrc.. a !rnuat,New Orleanat, lUll :x:l,;dw y At FOR l olEVER A sie AG . oby -TEN York, lte aviie aty., t obl. Inc w t Iti arttei 1tt ititeit 1i f prittate ienraenaattd t.e a li eate Ia riwatat c ,l~lt-a.• I. l rtt rat itelal sts at et tI heIt i l aa nllt it tia, e Ihsdieas atined gthl'me ig'es re pttet ; anlled iha m'P- Knh laintea alitaa m editnla fora tne Aadu" "ar t , II' t citi. n Ladies wit cfaneor itaca recive eartaon at thioir own rel aillrces.TIMl PteUnrItewqa a Stat ie n tlrse oalesttneredeirnd ud , tm,"p''n.~ " ss " ts1-1iontel! u aveywish t s fy t . . t ILOn T II d,0R . N ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, FOIR PEV'EIt A.V;1* ^'E. ~ ( TrFEN yearns rav e not ot onlapsyned since it as i Uftrst reglarly taralnitted to ti puli; bu i t b i Cot itaa attained thet higet reutatsti, ant tans sop itlantnld every otiher entticine for tte Agae, witncevne or it hans bleet koltn and anprprciaetid. Atrttdt etI has it batn cnrriead itt every ditaeotioat thtroalg out ItS tile Umiteti Staen, ano sti l realie erialre tlan e aseld a have baett antticiased b~y its totrt a tntttttif frintettdtyrtt 'rtlioatstads o t etertotillitav not oitottny ittr ttiitcle Id i iatt r:t-s d ta hiteli and Vizr t i v thOugica its Na,.. sy: rald tIhty ante ebtcrfally testify. at entry op iariiuttityitt itntttnihntd atttiatnttrttee 't-iniy. Iii is ainenl taa toich ttltaieilth t iriait,,elilo ao are1Na calcultated to rntucw tilt healthiy aetit iif the sttlt- t ach, liver, and tter itmportant digeativ ocirguas, thie loss of whicll harmtony is the itttttediate cause at the disiasen. It is altitarant also, tthait it prduh ea au entire chlange in the coetditi,on of tle t ystetm,,, anld certatnly destIrays ti nativt liailility to rtilp- t seas of tile affectiont. Wcen tita Agte is attendlued i wltt any otler campltaitnt, tit emntpltyment ol tlte lt Tonic Mixture will inot interferfe with tile treat. ut ment ftlthe other ldiansa, but will even titbrd ns. l1t asttanel by luraisliig strengtll and vigor to tha l bodty during the courase of treatoent. ThtoR, who t mtake use oa t],it medicine may ite stured that tc there is no Arseanic, Blrks, Mlertury, or any olther article in its tcomposition unfrietd'y to athe Itman at constitution; being entirely a vegetable xtrcoct; andt they may tare additiotnal ctonfidence in the , use thereof, when they ipereeive that it har the ef- lis lhit ola gen:.t aixatlav about tle tilltt Ilal' a bt- tite ti faill thas beet taken--itn cotaequetce of wlaicIh, t there is no ptert of the medicine leftn to linger it cia tile biowol to eatse obstructionts, antd other evilt, arisieg 'ram tioae I 'I of lany of' tile reteda now otlhrod for lthe cure of' this ailection. It los beet It used also as ia Irevcntiv, by itttny who were st ub i ject to a perledtical recurrence of the fl Chillr, and it C las invariaily vwarded IoF the apprehended alttack. Observe! The Proprittr, flnl, tly seriallld aith the ue|parollelcd anld universal ucceess ,wvlliech has con. tasltly attended a iunctua and regular use of the Tonic Mixture, in all cases of lFever and Agae, iels warratlnted in egaging to refund the price tt all thttse who i r ave tkeia the medit-cin in strict ac. Scordanet willth the pirescribed directians, wthotltit having bo perfictly andl lastingly erted. The sutbscrthe~rs ate the wholesale agents for the Sothll i \Vesterii States, and lave tw on hand six ty cayes of thisisttiiiantaitis warratted freshit and genuine. For salO at thie anuilcitured prices i JAL:VIS & ANtltElWS, & Sh\\'ltule I)rln.egist-, InvJ 7 ctt (CornitItt n 'lt:hottihouhiai erecllt. lliiaartibtli sosl Lisus inun lautel, , %IiS. "MARY KIRILAND respectitlly an-1 I trounces to er ft'rteso an nd tile public gne. aly th..t slle is ,rpre,..rc to .acctttt.......ate ritel at ie lbove establishmerlt, and ]hi.'s fr Tnn h]er S!xertihns to r:tndicr visitors cotttfortahle, to receive t on(otilluanlea of Ibrnr f.tvors.- lhe filt s coalea. dent that ierions viiting tovi-tgi)tt during the vio tafer tnatihs, ctillt a t ied n tel r it accnt e datl imell Sithanl she can aiflord thean, on ,,ore hhral terms. nIh:r Itousate Is lslntly situated, anll well , lallhwd with every ettvniet nci ; the har is lrnithet i tilt, Slthn Iitu t choicie hqlors. &e. i shirtlshe prolicCoe , I at nething shall b waniting on her part to give tire sa;ttislcgttol to all whtio nwy patrorlltzo tile listissilpi tnd t luisian-i a IOtel. j,,3 1-1101k-l.I\ I lWAill-, WtiOtlA Stiti\WS, SAlt IRON's, &ac. a I.IlE IIOWEII, WORKS COMP\ANY, No. a 3S Wter, near lt-ikltt, l street, New York, Sarvn received tle pasnt reasroll, and are ctstianltly recelving largo and exleslllV e allddltions t,) the stlclk t of the aoive goodsr, which now cn-usists of the o lotwiVg assoitnti, sutltitb for tise rouhrin lint d e atetern nmirets.o Iltolhtw ware tof superior qitatity, coataisting ofti fil(abmt~t 1501) too,%. vt, € Poits1 a d liflcrca( sizor, frOat 2:LR tr, r50gallaots,ic I( titlcs, 15 S r. e , fat . 3 g to I , t ..I..s, I tat itetsa,15 atiZs, tlo-ti 3. to iS g1tlh-t, I, II hpans or Orees, 7 htrtt tc, T-- a Ktthii , h it - ilo ci hl'iiahitv - fsa ldai- eater. en. ]-l iFit Slpid..irs I r; do t(I ',\,, i , S N-ders, - l do et rod {ls, . . 4 d, l"+re' l)o s, . ; dr \\'agon box,.. l fre I to I3.1 ! .:hes,. e . t'...t d ). ") h) ? ,,',s WI V d \ e.".rr:wr , "to.utIIl gr,)ss. ironl and.1 {)r:ass, f'roll :(' i n"; chtl, Nto. 3to) 3:!) i: ,${ No,, J. of ; ~ le ','d ,l.,.,hly and linh, ubl, d Icess thn,, Ja,,e's tmnported 'le i S i Iron, assrtrid, ia ca.ks of about 500 Iits for , I '. ur and h cttiar'. Iro ea , assorted. t*., sdi wv,.ights, 100toton , a,.ottrd f|'{o 1I 4.4{ to "' Un .it';s" for Pl......ios, chu....he... &cj. all ll l to ordr r, . Altso ste.llnb.)ats and othelr alcthincry ltnde to i-r 'lito abOVOe asnbotIIrtent of goods i0 particularly aadl recollenaded to I!lh attealotton of Sautiert altid i-n- a Western merchaats, and are offered tlr sale at low n11 prices, nad upon tt itoata liberal Iterms; it io he. lievaeld to I t the largest ant best assortrment ever t, onltred aor sale by any one aaabliishmentl in tihe I. a Mirchatl, by Iorwardin,, a reluest by mail. c·ia -- have a irinced circular, witah diinseritition 'tttotls, pricstanld termas, f-Oln llflei no dataiinaon is vcre lmade, fnrnished b~y retttrln (f muail. Alli orders will receive iunOeiihate attention. New Yrk, 1c38. je3 In. Dye, lr I lurminrg the ll,.r ; I len r's (li IR s - l n s h c ar 'se lc r s , p ,m a till ,l, 'lban., . , e l \VW ash, spejlr, r p. ari i powder, hip Whitrr, .rneamI .II roses, vge. able ,tes , teeio, ,t ,s,", s I, h aave, lrcsol. tlooth wa1 shl , cati bolllni: I I, lItri c, Ollll-an l ,wr wate r, I powder pulls and bcxs , A Bert, II cll rcoal, V .1 11 'l it u I) I hltr iIII vl. , l)res. atll al 0 l"'1 l l .ghle, kl ,l e , lr m ah e rllotop , halll with a Nielty of other pH'rl seei lea, ". I'"', Halt l," 3, orln r of EaseI:ul rc .lllill. rbonm s~ 1 If I.T.--I: .se. d1llh Ils -la hb vri,:m qualiti'S St. I. n,,is, r ,. by I I M l I I I il ;., I '.. I I.,I{;II- - :,*! lls Ill llllg IllI1i -.,riasa:. Hin Ili llll -y 1i.e,, fin'leb) i n. Ni ) S ;1 1'1i .7 :1 " ' .17i l.v. o .u xhibi Io the 'rantr, &e. l r . l l 'lllirh I II,, ellr prepireId hill be mi id e r known to t the Itri n. Inll J. I,. It ei' r A l1,1 F:l " 0 C. ollllml I .st J ii . I iIllF . able, land saet :ld(lenie.i ndm ola ari plavion, rans 1\T1IONS, I1 \RTT 6 CO.--.\1 r now i.l:rceirl. peslhll lt a tsvill~,,' ll' , n llhlrn AIlllnlew Iligllr a terbelt and pa.ket pists; plain, rit hed l na spin lit cussillln l Iap' iI e holderll sciss rs, Il rs, pl ll. ves; (;illott'si cm lmercialhlls; rsl lte ellens; \in ls; Violin stri s she.ll, ivoryll and h ali n . combs.; wil'i k, beandi l l; l la r l d llhipss; hair iids, frontl i anll ack'i; negro ptill; i ers and Fin'c'h conliae ater, wilsas lllnds olI, imi&ation d&n; atiau.e aii bel'ars ,ilt; portable dhslks and debshilg cases: psit, hl giats anl views; lrian Inainbs, hallsair plum's; olll.·, e~tlnetinl balls; sleemed sanii cashlOll pool s lte s; slcrw ca shioll; ci- neu bl d chal ns . lll l 1TIl L i l &aI Franci'.' I I tlfi ll(: sll ...i IIIII German hones; razor strapi ; finh aill common gai l, ala:stie usnd lers, arlliersld; a a lls lucifar Istches; sil fela peill; Cn.,. aalh &c. &i.i rticles, nliakes. asd tn lllp lll a rI ci'c amill llet. Fi r sll a ilolade or rtaiil; as the sign olthe (;.oldea Cuo, 7.nlb (,, ncet. ccis r. Cthlla,, IpLASi n d'.iIll{ diaIN it\ alt t,. MIRlo (i6 Chsrres d lrael , Nuw O(rlelans. '.1,, .lE(GICAN I' & C.,. ,nporters of Frencl a .li lnrtsh Chlint and hlarthen ware. are. alinlll and L aten servic , tilea sets, pi(e11lrls, tai n and c.l',ee cun,i lenpot, lsugarsi creamsll b leeg , Iplnies, dishes, Itreerll, wash bUaains aInd cels Iulo hba ltl, etc. e , Ic. Inll cr k nd plalin French land Amla ricn gllnl war-ioblets, chnalmpagnesi, Ilnaunndet , j1llleF, clarert n s, i el rdln.i , cunthre hlowl s, dlocahtiners, i rlmlllblewF, presVne lIsihe ,cel r h us, pitcherls,IIamps, shldu and lasses, candle shadoll , sallt eel Silver plated, brnllzed and britania ware--eras tors, liquor stands, cake buske, candld!estieks, Sbranchesll, sponsl, ldles, coffee anld nlte regar ll,i Screnms. amps, japanneld Ira, , astral ainnds,andl Iha'gin lampnls, line cutlery, German sadver .pons llnd harksTogethelll r with a varlly If ,rtlclrs ltu flllln y u e. Merchants, plniterr, hill is, llld d rlemh.lls, fulrllished w:h goods at iltile Ill t ren raln rlnle lrirces, and lpalkell alas tlu e conveyiead w aits sil 1. t 1 any part to the coun .ry. Alrs, apthe lliles' gliesware. no T 'I'~ Coltllllry Melchante ald Planters. Near) tlodthsbhlankete, fIannels, Ilnsets, low ll shlirlltn , cnekr., linens. calicoes, handktcrchels, &re k. receled Illand folr sale Iow b)y Ilh ubscr,. i / ". ROTTI'A & Co. oe1. corner .:n eal and halrtrea ·r NiorthernrMailj I r.h ea y at l!n A 11 Wer riti De v,, I"3undav, \VWet ay Thelr l.yta•l y . ,, .n itr( . i5 A. via C l .s estry Ma ndin, WIh'ea lsa i .alla itt, .. . hably.. r I I'. U I Washinlinnttian, Il prn'n61 iy It Chi,, morre 1u v, \\l'F.8 ti - TIMES 01? A Etlrl Ii., Ic,lsl./t ItiUIIt.t ItI.STANC Aofthwar (tin' lre.n tl beta-'h lle an d New nak-- leni n bgile anbil d , t :+1' l. 1. at N tar New Ylrk dtily nt a t'. iM ota.ntrknAd. A rrire AArrlve N anb nrliw. a )i.t raneto ier Ilrrtn'g . cttnonn er Ala " wr •d 1h itea 23 it i oan. ll unilir tin , i r ;L 1 1II| IIR , coj 5 a.aaI Cliile nt'tllo (Ia. ':t it3;l 1 w l tI C u nntt , -, . 7 atm. i 1t l l1 iN CAle TAnN (!. YAT15 NEW' NOVEL Une'allln i . 1ehb I h fitr i l Ilatetatn I ' S A ti i I'Pl0 rdRllal , Va r ] h) Alln. n g:1X I innI · Shpar Inr witn na W iimefi? tin "':vl';~ ";II1! it:/: t" "" "" Itinrtn In L Inr ntll. 1 ii 3 I il·re lr i 'n ltntbl7 ii? 7 [I p m. Ila~ l( its ith obuin, Itillmal Uilsf 21-1nur " · I 111 bilro int. tt nn,, " t . :18 *. t I i I us 1 I ovelll , Iedulllll, 01n'lo rll u X rI I ght i I IIIA\ ,' i* III, iit; I(t niou ll nri tlla. lh a"r l hIl'le .m~l.(l~t ll the lls .h ofI :IIII; illhh r I+I'· 1)( I,+ ( Wlll s I· " .Pl.ll ;hiv IiI..; tlllll illll nl ov r I i. Ih +ImPil?l nt (illlgro "" " " +i. )III I/Clil~ ~I·~ ll ill.Jj Illalrl (:ll ll~pl,'." It ou 17j~ Clrr lleurl sef ctl r 51' ~i·e l pl I, llNh, 'i ; ' I ll k' 1hy l 1 K ' t11ti1111gII llillttt i dtf; nnITI Ont t Il tlsll l o lll i hi t A r mIeinll t white hllllllll Ill. llorily o . to I I hlll is . r I relllrl elld alllln I r11· 1 111.4 ar e l III It IIIA Ilul1 tentn Hitterttttt iun 'rattii vtth It oaiil tera itor R ill u'e hii lf trh nali' or i + ith .e , , no h s w0 l mini rr :~',ti 2l, i , ln llmi zlltll~lt.t I. l AIII 2 tIll 2 I will IIm n'nnnttd kllilnaPt Itl alall. Thtltialnaiatnllrlta, ni''nlIt tnII rlita r int thei ii l I no " arl' th a IIlt li' l IIt n or t t l Ittltt' t tlllllt, It in t llh i lt an Ihve i *ttttttltanttttn.l'tnttten'ntdti tnii Iattainattgltntttt nn O hAai rs+ T I t I' --+I'Ll* Ialr l fo 11Ir I b II 1 aIl tl'l a arl, iilN n ovq·(s I·r,,r rr1 ~ m·ryinral ICality mr I 4usuin t I Ilt ti'I I llt'b t I III ti N I l lll l ll it.11 tN(4h r i a ~lw'. ITh ll l wit I'A ilPn Ibr.iw , Nhi ) III't. ihantltn le'rlilte Aetflhi' tatit.,.ttlttt Itt ll tnni I't ill, ·II in at n l tllkt a tni lll tttt ntlltti t hi( h n. mlI I ho.'+eltl' a ltlt Lr. n, to l. m l tlnu o thr usett nn.pWo. . u t 710 ti t ail l lpIaO t it t at II I a I" I. iN CtIdIb AIN b ,\Itop le r A'1,I"I:. NI,; rmNU, VI,',I, Iatt knin, th nn Ttttt't, . h th, ' h ott oCttr t inl" h ain io lr t 'l I e 1 IIII(.'l m iY1,,. . \.r :II I .,'lle it ::.t: I .illx+ Ihl. h d , IIC IIII 1'll~rl ,, l"111 1-,ia 1 hy I :a .htitl llaml11 · I la ll, Ib )v l Nw+,y, IIIIF. I alinn~nlnt 1/' l Iane LordIULII l+++hlII itrll~ll'l+.P,'· hx"~ Alhm q .llllilll|. l i ll ,i+I nhrpr Lec,, ,;, 'r~lllil~louI hv11 1i.1111 l. Iilll i( ,++tL.. (I a, t' 111. 11 t ht n l, by N 1tttll (;II. I tent n I lnn.liar h6 lhl.: Still l. 7',1 ill+ . liar-1 1 ,,'l'P l ih' . I ·l~ ihr 1rv. % o s. :t 1,1' 'I 'Ii:" ll+'W ,',11 l (·,I~h Itl,1 llllllil.lll 1dIlhpnII' ti at'r's I tllll(',tnaintt I'n.,lsh Itt,.liu1a ( ll II i I1,'',a-ba Ii .it'l'tettttns l-:I",' , n, q I t:. tti i ntr h nare .l'\I.M -. 1111.41 .1 ll·l~ir ill ll T,. I( iil" · 11'Olllt'f lthr lltllolr) "I t i 1I· t ~ l..ll'i .x lll<t + ll'ii lp+ ,*f)? llllit, Illgll it l~~'', i I'h~ ~ali ti i ttli lttlitt 1 t lI -. i Imll to l i lht- i mlll·.. ved\ ·(iielulit'1 111, ll jit L rl. lllt lmlW . +el r,· 2/ts Al~ cevel ll fit t t tle it by m:H " itEnJ.I 1111Y I'N ( i'K i tItt-lt, IS. I na' Atntt'tnt'l t nn) ntt~l'ltaN OF ilntta nit t lt n itn ';\ rtUtU J I, h tr 1 tly int , ltttt .ll tlalntttn t at n tllllllltLtlln'n l In tl ll l(In At tli i h h lt ita x1M, ll MI lh,. .l~lllAN all' al dtllll i it itittI'ttt .lil t, wi t, l+Itl+ta I~iI)IP IIII du,.111 .,. I l-hll,'+ll N,,h,% ~Itl, j lll~ll . tl ll fII·.~ ll l +.+;lll ll ll l :~I· I i l:It+'III· \\ll ,,I' '+H+ e:,',l+.ll. 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B, 11, l asl a itn tlly wo'F F n., i'n, .I ir .I ca, l iiii. ;I " r ,, FI ,a nI T ivlhi ('ir( Ih nlhl 'a rll , 1, \1'1 l, 1, re p.j.l a lhdl .*l l," ll s.h lle itl t11 r I.,,, ." ,n, '' ilr t . F I a' ' i ir ., sI 'II I a n1 . I le ,of Il ls 1 I ,sle er cllllll rr . 'Il( Plllre sh'rlk oI1 b ill..+, ,,, It' lncl . l IUIII tll,' A ll I I rl. s IrU I h l int l ' ll .1 l le , tc . The F .lll. ng only are par' in,,t, l I ri, ,'*, Iv z : I're Eild i ', olh ' i \IIi iand A.r l lip~oifles. su.ns al l II loryeash ill rFill' bread, l iibuc wheal cals, e-, &." Bu.t hI, l). ]Irrvercent 1:_neI taln Apperient-a _,lton, nerv,.1 i deblhFi , gn ilLo e , n headn lche. ait rl I.-II the sliln usllll · SII slil vene , cil lh a n-w, truprils, & Si rInciai e's F"iindii li Irinr I elf nnprilnri'la f purn hl oS- doandi F hn'. a,(c. 11 nlll' I'an.I.lI :ill(] \, erTnl ug ' ; Irlltl oh an 'I ;·1 '.,h :,, r l, O i,,,= ' I;,2i'' ., ' , c. 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