Newspaper of True American, July 20, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated July 20, 1839 Page 2
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Case ut .tt6t33sa ,ot., Lnye3tAttlugg 9 b-,.29 uaenaaaraauu'a LC Mtlutille, 56taa cttturtll ,Ittutttul. 1 ltd I ',mutEU Ihttn. 30t0 ptgt t.ud Ott,, ltuutn a, 8 ut. I to-3 lana Ja'rhntta kb, 3t2 craha boh, h5ut Slu, A Itr 140 kegs bt~ an-nJ aiutta. ¶tIhnga tit B Iluret, I AIl caltor oil, l' J tltb httaka Ca'htalalatt. CONSIGNEkS JW· ttaankarietuaadoatduyuothlr PAuSI3NlIEItI at 1 altam all, at Orlnlnan-J l',,,,t'ut, tlianvillt, Ituanton, .'Inau y.tttuullttha rOrr. J3 Jlot yt. t'lukt, Uclettat; E L " R4gktluClnurn, Kruttut It, (lI,,lla, MEMOIIIANIIA Slnuaur Mall F()ulutt lJllt S, Intuo o 14th inat. It tartfur tNawttnOrluutstrtuu.s Alle nl m Cuutauat,. 15th met ,tt LounwatttlitglitIMadrijlluttt.l, Twlattat t nt 10 hut,1g hut ,,tnio uhftflbrttk. Ctm,tt'lltttl tLlle tutut e,. tluune atIntI)I'iI'Rouu. tIoltttauln ,71h at 73. tC.ampIs at 33. ' Upper Mlaninnliipi fulllu lutIf. SNew-Orleana Chantaiber of EContm erce. OFFICERS FORt TIIE YiEAIR 153. S Irreidnl,.t S. J. Piter,. Firist Vice Prenidnot, W. I.. IIodgIIg Eq.. eceoml. d. JIn. A. MSli. EIeq. Commmittee of Appelds lfor i39i. Jatcne Dick, Jalll, II. I.evericlb SH. C. 'anmmack, Ahlijaul Fk, P.O. ,rbe. .aIre S .. ei hms Cmmit e d/fArbitration fr the month of May. John Heddl eton, John C Ilarrison, 13. W. Hnntinlgaln, William hlpkins, tnuch Hyde. Jr. P. A. lordy. Joachim Klh,. Mail Regalationa . 7he GreaL Eaoeor R ieri Mli clued every day at 10 a'coeck A.M. I* due evrrrday at 4 P. M. 'he Expres Maili ib closed every day at hlf pntt , A. Al. L, due with the Great t ..e.. Mnit,every I'he LakeManil (ia Ctovington a.a.) is cloned every 'c!tlIiy, Wednesday and ridno, at 8 t o'clck, A. A. I due every luesday, 'hursnay, ad Saturday, at 5 4'. H. The LoaiseAle or Riter Moil is cloNrd every Mon ..,, W*dnesday, and hnllordav, at 3 Pi . ,. I sent . d returned by steamboats. arrivem irregntorlv three ItoieS a wechk. The Boyor Sara or Coast olnil ins lo·,,i oerym 'lretday anlld Friday, at8 P. i. I sent aer retourme. lr oleumamon Is. The Alexandria oa Red Ricer .If il in sent irregn lilly by Sttelnlloat twice a rweek. LOUISVILLE OR IItnlR MAIL. Monday, ) Wedeaday and C at 8 olok, P. m aturday, o . o, P. COAST Mttt.. Tusday.d Cintesnt i8 o'clock. P M. NASIIII.I.E IRAll. ROAD. The Lacmnotilc ull retname her regtlar Irp.s to the RiREA 7' PRAIRIE, coinmnmening ot'l'huitsday, thu, lulay,1831. wEEK DAYS° Departoure, Retlrn. M . 1 .. AM. De.parture. Rleturn, 6 A. . 10 A. . 53 P. F, july itlth .-t JAMES If. CALDWEIt,, iestnt. NEW ORLEANS & CAILROI.I.TON RAIl. ROAD) Itt nnlllelce of numero,, applications for a chgn ill the lime cfdeparture for theI fitoinUU II cre, tho enl)ii y iIV . onchled to adopt the fTollownig arlangemelts r the f nt Wceroameuclnong on thle 17,t1 lut. SUcgnaat AaRItANOEMlNTS FOR TItE cVEEK t,.Y.S From Carrullton. lon N.e. Rorre UCe at 4 oe'lock .A. M.; Ilfre Car at 5 o'lclek, A. 51' Locanomotive Ri" , .Lcaomotive 7 "'" to ' - " " l I " 1 ,, - ,,1 ARRNGEMa'ENTT FOR SUNgAsS: The eatr will lhave u c tbe samehIhtlr.i in tle weekt day, leti I o'clock, P. Mi. whell a Locilt oiive i ill 0,1 e uCarollto. -very uiltr; sntlllll 'clockl P. BI. aid New otrleaII C ho, beur until 9 o'clok, '. M. ..ater l o', loc.k a Iorireer can be obtanine hy ,iayhi aldol I.nfnLr tie Trip ; ifnalld fur after In ollock, P. 31. 10 dol Larn ill be rhartrd. Pereaoincinj hby'the tteanc Car uoot Irovide tlem.n.earn wiath Tiket,, aos tie cundiltbitr has ontoe diection. ltl to receie monley ill lieu thercof. 't'he altention ill tle. IIIo, nfdepcturce. n"s scown above com ael ttli w I the Ilerocc'u-e-I o doelok ci in. which will owy hrave New Orleans ct: u'c.lo:k. tntd willI reIoollI in Carrolhton 11sil1 5 o'clock, they leave thie co y eam titl ti Ii( c ek, and .tiny I arroltltnullnltil i 'clck, tctall,c a Ihr citv olrn.lll ionoe hatdlc hulfhour. to enjoy tile tleaoaot walks and, p;r ctae of "cfrmohmacta ill olto of tie t .... bautliful Oardene in the United Stotn. TIIE'JACKSON AND I.-LttIItt:E SOTREE't'CARS Leave the hcnt of Jt.h.ut ctrecet attii Jcjlock. A. 5., Caual street at ft o'chok. ando rua Iltlily. Afi 'd irk tllcey will aallnllc e to lrreave Cack nd ev.rv af hitotlr, c ntil n .n j lc'ocki I'. M ,exceptill that ul.loed of* Is:ovne_ Canal t treet at el 0' 'nbc, the ecr will leave there i t c I.'t.iik P.M. ' It is parctcu'orl, requscted di trII tlleleir will cot put ire feeat upo. the enllctots, or b-e-te ill tile ,.ars w ieu Ladie OmGtNee' Ore .o.. ad Coarrolllon Itih, Rnoad Co.ncy, ,ay st, 183'. oifn.AN IAM'so00, lille 15 Chief Eang. N. O 8 C R R t 1 AVAUI 1 thi ltcor t of iccrtinrg i hoieInte tJ cnd tc. public in ge.'al, lt ee haIs ltke tiheI l oell at Carrollio, whlere rt i tii I wlcI il receive tluh call oil lite old Iii,,-l nll atI lver. of _nld chler. Private tarties will Iher iiiiidsiinIv praIt erd foer by givinga a ittle atiic cmlicthinlc . c I e i t t fillingc to eter into avgeiaenla .ilh fnmilie, inr lt,li idueals dcsir.ous nt flassineg tice ncellt tlt itt ,loll ctI. 1c12 NEW ORI.EANS (CANAL. AND t ANKING O, IIHE Ircn thteacbcnit letlinca will Iiaee the Baeini It thebead fi Iho New (t'icii, every In.n, (rexcept S.lndajys) ftnr the l.ake, nc tilhlw. " I)epart at 5 A. i1. Rtrn at i A. M It A.M. IS P. " 2. P. M . " 4 I). 11. i 5. I.M. I", 9 P.M.4 .nd on MONDAYS:- Depart eat 10 A.'t1. at I 1etur atttI'.M. 4I'. 1. ] " I P.t. a 28 II . CH W"1 P et.M. may 98 -. CIE V, Cash. h, ýIi W3 PAPERI--Just relve~l a fine flfilflVmaa o lr the city and al uandy, ,d fl sale by may 30 ALEX 'I'oWAt, 49 Camp 't Ii lr''I~ 'A l'I.It-A I,.,. -n _________ue n 1,a*l cl writing paper, rileId nod plain, far saT lilt I advatageous term. ALI.X TIO %VAII, may 31 49 tamp ar ýv 1I:MA -1)- ifihi ,,n,, a p'are nud N ., White L.nd in yaduaknyy. a..,,o iy Im 25 to 01poundi. ham laita,,g f.o habrg (tay l Kilhi, Jar Ic by thVnaubac.ib aa, agent.. fy II yalfla JAYVI & ANI-REWVS, july9 Coreramaaaaa S 'cLhnpaanlaa eta NOFF:E--79bags HIvaman gren cpyffaa, It . J jv17 U(lOR1ypb, New levee a22 . I.(ID(.E & CII, 134 :Mgazine t N 1105=5 ua en 4.4 Loawll .n tacada.m g' ' . . 1 tllad Lo.aell elletn, 3 cakan buckskin estrl9.u, im~llediu faam ala1. St Dotij, f., sale by tny9 . I 111*1 20s St Co. i3ilMlagacine at .It, WUK1 &CO.... tI . OF.aaml ey Font ycrjne, ave in astre Tin Ware af their a wt .fy~laacturr, wmichl buy aller lor by whole"lis. may 1,18 M KESII JI -I6 kag1 landiag fna slyta el hobt Prairie, lornale by S J4 A TEI .R, 24 (laflajar i j5ACO 41 )66~~a-150 tuska Cey~uant, cared, ab LI cai by G I1t)ItKY}, uniT 41 New Lees. LASTER OPL(F PAIUO-1049 biae nardiag faom ship tI StJohn,, emil be apld lon' if tale,, faram the levee, '1 J B4 HlLLIN, 74 Ceamp ym rxmU-3 Y Ia nad 4(1 Ke,a pim'ae lxafýnI d 3uI' , l 1 1tare far Saniby . J Ju11AN 1 -I & Ca JulI2J 74 Payd,aa Si e I*SKI:9-75, Brol fie. IN Iny Salaby -~Jalyim (ad . lJOIRaEY,44 New Icy,.. H AVANA- COFFE-j5l1 baga. no prime qualm.7 b fo seane by A TRIIEl, jume 14 31 G,nciar a f SOAP-3'0jZ~n boeahewn a p, ,rcur I-y II t R S&J W IITNEY,, 3 Calnp at THE TRUE AMERICAN. S PAIT'.PUL AND BOLD. Offirijot olocantr of tbc Sb filunrirpallta. PUBLISHIED Daily,, Tri-Weckly & IVeekly. i l f1li , l EAi : SATURDAY, JULY 20, 1839. TRU.TH NO LIBEL. r ight glad are we to see that the discovery Io the " lanwof alarmst" by ouIr contryman AMr. Redfie l Bf New York has been openly acknowledged by Europenn *wri rs. Col. Keid, the author of a series of experi" Smetas and laeductions on thile subject of torm gives Mr Itedcliff evdry po=silloe credil,tand the eualt .queoce ihta a been that an intimacy hat sprung up between tlese two philosoplers that bids fair to be tiroductive of the best results. Colhnel Capper astate years ago sugested Sthat tile law of storml was to. he found in the rortlice principle, but it has heecn confessed by all those whlo have written on this interesting subject that Mr Itedllilal x was entirely inorant of the suogeotiao wheun he made 1 Ihisdiacovery tand carried out its tpplicallti to several Storlas that ltad swept the Aatlantic coast. Mr Rtedields a luehnbrations were regularly published ittn illirnal SJournal and thlis brought them utnder the eye t f Euro a, pont Saanso. Ill the French antd Getlun l'hilosoplhi. cul JournalaZnd colleatliont, they have been all tranala. tetdand relublished with con enots and Iotlher experi memnts going to sustain the great principle of tie law of storms. Thie British Foreign. (uartelly t has ctoma e ou nobly in its ftvcur and Mar Redlield i treated witll a magnaniality truly praiseworlhy and reen ref eshing in tlhere da.ys when prejudice preaches, that nothing good 2 cancomeoutofour Nazareth. Anti in addition to this the investigaaios of Mir Espy who has been tile butt o witless writers fur tile last asi montdl, are placed on high tgrounds. It wo'ld be impossible in lh tlulimits of this article to convey to the readelr any Ilting like a thoerough know. ledge of this dilscovery, of this important law, and there fore we implore eveoy merchantl, every owUer or Cap. Stainof a vessel, every insurance office, every ntural philooopher,evory tman of general knowhledge, tile state governments, the general government, tlhe colnlotntu r oaind oficers of the governltat t vessels, and all our Ilr a eig'n Consuls, to procre opies of Itt.itl's a mugillenllt 1aweak, with its plateslacutsr, itnpa, $rc. and of ltedleld's papels in aillimatn's Journal, The Englislh (Govern men has adopted Reid's Iook; have beenll issaaletl to report experittaments and observaltioe osin onrlaes to tile Atlanirlliy. Our government should do tiae atite. But let us try to give the redaer some idea of Itle law of storms. It is his.- Every stres is a whirlwtiaid having a progressive molion. Take a piece of paper aud inscribe ulpon it soame twenty circles around a con mon center, legining the sirteenth part an inch from it and proceelding outwards leaving n slmall distance be tween thle circles. Draw a north and south anl an east and west line upon this diagraom,a also lines marking tile intermediate divisions, North East, South West, &c Between tile circles place arrow marks with the ahrb pointed to the left. This diagram will represent the whirlwind motion of a storm. 'flip propressive iotion Sof the whirwind is either in a straight or a curve line. Now sclipose a storm progressing from tile cast to e the west, and strikes a ship, lying near tile axis of the whirlwind. The wind will strike the vessel at firat from tile North, and, as the storm progresses, it will vaer from North to East, hbult when the ship shall pass tlae centre : of the whirlwind, the wirad will suddenly chop round to the South, and continue to blow fromn that point, until the storm shallll have pas.ed. The rate of the storm's progression ts from 17 to 21 miles per hour, while tile rate of the storm itself, blow ing with a rotary motion, is from 80 to 90 miles per hour. Should a ship he struck by a storm of 100 miles in diameter on the right or left of the direction in which its axis is moving, a careful attention to the veering or thile wind will instruct tile commaonder on which side oa that axis lhe is. If, in the above inslaner, the wind sholl ellhange from North Eatot to South Est, tlhe sure infer ence is that the alort is progressing oilna East to West, and that the vessel is on the right hand aide of thle storo . The rule thenl is to stand upon the satarboard ack, so as to let the voesel collle p as fast as the wind changes. If on the other hand, it is tllnd Ilia; the wind strikes the vessel fronl the North W\est, all veers tI the West ward and Southweltward, the ship is on the left hand side of tile. stollrm, andll the rule in that case is, to put her upon tihe larboard tack. In the Nol tlherlll Itemiphere, it is ro ld thlat the direc tion of the wind in its rotary motion urouna d a coaln)I centre, is from right to left, the reverse of the hands orft watch, while South oftlte Equotlar, the direction is frotm left to right. It has been found tllal the great I.iverponl storm last January, cotnfllomed precisely to this rotary law. The hurricane that possed overl te South tmany years ago, is explainable oa the osame principle. 'Itat of 18:37, vhlich swept along the Atlantic coast, wao found by Mr. Red fieldl,to he governdl by ltle samel rule. The usual di. rection ofstors andtl hurricanes ill the West Indies antd lthe nlian Ocean, follow tlme same law. But we exceed our limlits. Every body should study alhe suticat. l0'C'The Louisianima llaors hard il his nmhecr of yes i- terday ir exculpate hi Iloco-foco brethreln of Reld li , er and Alexanldrn, from blame inl inlstigating the murdei Sof the lamenterl J. 1'. Mollore, late editor of bhe Ier River Whig, hy King Iolstcin. lie also Iublished a piece from the 'Red River liepubli . n," the Ilneo-firc n palier there, toI explain the matter away, andIto o u1 Ikt Slthe public believe that it was Ia mere private matter he t Iwecn Iolelrtrin and Mr. Moore, provoked by tin ipersonal abuses heaped upon the fornir by Ihe latter. Nort so--the abuIse and proveoation tnis fronem oll oistiiu, who wa empcloyed to leave his resi. Sdnce ir the country to htlly Moore in town, and piu down his plore. lie is a nrtorious loco-fin, bully a elections, and the pliant tool to d the dirtyli work of h'ii Iuasters. At the July election in 1C36, hoe creaed great distur bonesr. Ie slalndered a young manl by the nlle o Miller, charging hinl puIlicly in the court house yard with having strirn'r flrly, or in otlher t ordls perjure himsielf. Miller sued hIli f olr slander in trlh lletrici Court, rt Alex idria, nti oe mined a vedie, of 500dol lars in dnam geos againt him . inl tlh Iri" illir, (whl ino wliy) lproved aglo, cl aracter, as t llmai ofll honesty probity and sbriety, whlile that ofr Holsrein wris show to be Inotorioas for turlbuelee, nallignity andi falslmod. He falled to prove one little lf his ciharge, aill sot said damages fir hisi slnmder. i He appealed to 1,it,, Ipremne Court, where the cuse in still pInhmling. This is the illan who wIa r Iult rward to lend rile lion fore in lied RIivl r; Inut there is no doubt there are other monre responsible persons behind thle curtain, if tihe truth could be known, thait stillmulated irls bl/ouy deed.. W'e hearltht i iGovernlor olllman has ofired i reward ofl$0 o4O fr tihe lppreihenlon of the miirdeell r lf Moo re, Kina Hldirlin. It is tche hoped that lie wrerh will Ibe caught, Iii11 re'cite full jutiie at the hando of the law. We have on good iauthority that the TrPionr "er for half e million of dollars has beer:, effPletell, and thai Ithe maoney has Ihern deposited in one of tioe clly hanks,, to the credit of tlhe Texian Governir2n.n Partihtlrao to., The Jail at NIuthitnchels lhs een hroken open, and three of tile inmantes had esaped. ()ne of the lmen had eoln ionpri.tlmed for itealing Texas Tileasury lotes! Datle fromi Natrhltoehes iI trhe tlnh m tor, that the town is heaIlthy, 'lThe river was slowly rlinia. The reamelllr Rodlney tInt rtruck a snlag three miles below thile town, had been got (.faond repaired. The CIi.echuI mtn whici hihd been aground ftr a week, had goat alln gone on her voyage. The Editors in Ai ieippi hanveall comnhina to doe icash usiness. ,Tllhisn thel,, tlie-road to s iccens li printing matters. The abolitionists of Ohio use all their exertions to enlire Waves into that state, and Ihen go forwalrd, give them up to their moasers, and diidek the spoils of reward between themselves. Olr, the hypocritical wretcher: The Covingtonians in this state, are boasting that their hIle village is free fromn anl disorder, rrimer., &c. T'lhe crops in their vieinty are line, and the culture o the Marirus Multriulis tro'e, are groing ahead w ith rapidity. l'tees7 I' 9 feel high have grown from cUnltigi plant ed tlhis ealoll. he 3lecklenburgh derlration of independenre hns been found In a North Caroline paper, of Julvy th, 1;73. It is tIrtally d feren fnom Je*lrson's draft. Thu- fall, to trie grolnd the aceusatron that Jefferson copied his firer dra t foatr the Mrckleolturgh aeflir. Thisis a cerltiicate makingeadrlinintration. The rea der twill no douLbt be astoundttd when lie peruses tbe fol lo' ing certificate,, but he will be no less astounded when lie is told that tle letmtaclaete Woodbuery has deened it requisite to resort to this ssten of oltterring up, when he had notoriously violated the nadred trust re - losed in him, viz: that of keeping tle people's monies nd t accounling for every dlllr otfi! It will be remem hi;red that Harrin 11 Boyd we e eraetinued in office for Sa long timeafter they had been, (if Mr. Woodbury had eye.,) notoriiously defaulters to Irge aiLouqts.. The nat tirn saw ibis ftct revenled by tihe Investigating Commit tece, with a sickening scorn, wind tt virtuotus people could not, for a long tine, belcvu that tlheir serents were sn - corrupt. And now whlen the t nth of these things can not be denietd, we see the Secretary of the Treasury seeking tiijustify hilmslfin Ilia neglect of his duties by ie thllrowing the blame upoli the shoulders of Messrs. Clai bf horne and Walker! IBut e keep the reader from tile n certilfiltes thiamselvan. lere they are,- preecious doelamenlti. Oih! the corrulltion of this adminiteration! It 1. Mr. Jeer It. F. CLAIeRacE'a iretiterra for Ste. Wooe Iier geoeay it these reals htauld tire picly areurred. t s 10 te Loin t he 1 0th inerantloCIII. Theyu ao ably mueduro the toe ' twtteiy tetKaniirie in r tiicarit . alt tie. in defiance. tthe re e uate wted rire b euin wasme.tro the O e of hisaer. ed tletLieewe) prteeated yr.t ote thic ry fer meferri to it,. i n t,. cutMnoissi tulss wils hRoa ilcmis in, and ew m a snse of jajstilo shld e ildllrtee ic to state, in Ilisjultietation, tllat to tere lltBreril entU Ioyi'Cere ire-irtie ilndommisinit, itg Id er IInlttttey rawltttthratee olte l o~re cc rt refour strongerrtrre. di arutntfitrtri, eatlanatieir, ricer ran ilerirenrer girearveriteally ore. teuy oerltorr. 1 rrim aaere haettto Ihleans inuenceocaoul el hvse irerailed oitcte Pre.idritll ttitretParey ti retinithers Iewtieorst te moment itter hey were nrtrd to eei atrencualiy Siu defaultbr after ithey htll rerao, to doubt tile security rfthe otie rllolly. out they were iauced t overloo o fr sne tllrsene. n Irtie Irdelays ir irvlllilfn returnlls d incidental de at etree fturl iurcsrtie.l..Irr.culderiies which. hid they not iE. Iee usbeen lloe by defleaiot would haeo been eonite red e i ee.. J .eanssured w ithrem irot the iLtitelny of these a' oficeii wue; beyind i tie tht t lit ey noald, if n ersnitalo i- tln ves tltvelow la, e rntli.f.ctry returni, nld therat heir of Ifienirslolo. would ie IIJtjlrltu s It tile public service, without beaine cctl.table to the a eonlalUity.. lt 1. re. R. It. .alker'a Cirltitlitae fir tr WVondrtlny..ln reltiou tee Gov. Voodburly ltlle eretalry of tn Trnasurye I nill W i orailuned, tut a Inllre Ioleeat nd faithful officer l ue.ias olutC. iUeenlly tatitt a dwhe the iset of tary ad i rijueitierellr tiasppnrr. hie il llru t regaredr, has ren iathe i deret Ilurtlte Stecretary CIihlbrad; as lrseculsed for his vr tues. D faleteion i s oICectvred icdcerre ry Addtniirattion, of al tile het be ole o prventi te an rs to be ctitnin. Sd it e il I . le by ae e thleDemir eati. Sutn ee t ths ses staind butdoletled by the tig iitnrijoliy of tile House of Ro. pr-lelll tiver. subjetijirllery public amrrr, whoi used tile tI plubliciouulleyr, italuinihent, byhfineand imrarisou A etllllllttnny nftrlesnanta e trelder had rturlled to St. Lonis on Iito 10th irnsrtt. n lTey liste 3Plulee, stolen l by tie Kansas lndianut. i apt. Itrent's company. that ellut out lie istprini, was nlet crossingr lti Arknisa-, oil I tile set olfMry, h5 d rye.o it lun ti h settlesents. TiTe Miisasipi uoil a ilti, iflliield 18 miles, and ouras re rnllllilg uon it. liaib planters proposedi to Scelrt le tea d4th of July Iy tturin ne t a illt their ell harn to Ilell tile inlpUy iCll nkieg ile road,eut tihe latter reluasdl. v The ti issue i oth ie,--alnll rte President rbe enters tedd wilt thte sult poowter of collecting, keeping and dia er bursing the olaniee of the pepole-or will the people keep that poweerin their own hleands? Ae ant her Itrder ofreRvnge line taken taken place in tlreKentnckyetpa lrihase. Jindcg Jaemes aftbe Ketuecky Ig eeate, has been itrdered y It. Bllltnfordl, the brother of the Binlrd whomu Jamese shutr, some 18 mothsrn ago. i Jdge i.yen Ilas withddrawr n from te canruvass of tile in lMobile district, and the eoatlest is notw beoween Dilletr Whrig-a-nd teurphy. tndepleudeant Treasitry. s The yelliow irer is raging at tavona. Several for meig vessels have ebeen enlirely swept of their clews. News to t ie 611 t of J Ind has been receired fron Mlaed a rid. p ai full account of his hat Stieo against Ilainnes td Gulardanllno. Tlle prisoners taken nloitntCd to 318l and d 3 snlerior offieers. Dieaf ? TIclithis to trte (ltucen Wule i to t ae outir of tile capitle. arlis Ph'lillipt's CoLn ,irsiiee r lhad been ore derd bIy Espartcer to s itlldrow from hia head quarters, us II iid ien iencOvereud ill correspodencet witlh Doll in Carlos. Tha hole eountlry was int a state of utter ti 1, security. TiThe paper eiail ict sid to iave riled yesterday, bce Syon Mobile, thoug tlhe letter mail of tle O0th front N. York est receivedt \\ hiat is the eatteti Aeeordling trltle Viciteirrg Whig, tle Pteet Sltere GeeellPra discontillrurd two pIst'oflices in Silrpsonl Sacounty, Sli.risitili, berausea lour Whig ipapers were arecehe(ti.led distribultedI a i tl t Io olte o-fCeo journal, ae al o ino right to cmrlain, for Te tilre Presidert is d eI'resieat of hris darreeltir fellow citizens, and by a r arity of rensoiitg, Mr. Kendrll is the pea t master gin eral of tais det.ocr.t.ic flllow citizenr. lihere II tll rtroublres in the Clerokee new settclemelts will etld, iti isimpossibler o saly. Sulller stuppose that Ihe U. States frraes in Ithat quarter are not powerfril enough ito keep telle ill cheek eanld prevent flriter olrt I breks. The murdelr or ridrge ltld his party wold aseaot to in dicnte that the anti-eimigration feeling maey urge the nmass if ttese tedians to coimmi olther outrages. Tine wvillahow. Tihe Franklin (Ia.) Rlepnblicant is again published after a five week's rest awing to tire ilnpassiillily oe g tttleg palpr. ccec to so srllriitedi a journal. tIn going Eirst, takb tire St Lonis route. Yon can get to Clicagn fanrr Sr ill three drys, and from Chi cngo, snub sletnlrearts ti Burlw lo,ia were Ita ver seen. 'The Whig tidvocate, Canton Aiss. says that no less Sthnn six editors lhold ulice ill that state. Of nourse, Mr \Van Buren nllderetelclA poor Illanait nature. They are goihg to fol'nl all anti.dueling societyin Natchet. The Natchez Free Trader is out againfst the Native Atr.erician Asseaiatior,, and itandlehllheir principles ra ther rutghly. I rhia article front thie Nalchezi Free Trader pnblishled in our last nninber, heeded, Brick Charily, e e . i , as in isteaded for a piece o nees to shobw tbhe sate ot tire Missisarilei eir-eteaey. Of course, we do net Itld to tble Sloco.f+cecanellpnt lIpoit t, which escaped our attention on Ille Illonlent. 'l'og iby tihe nmiil roirIi Neir iork, ti.e .lietrirce Sblictaelcir Srllle h Airgllii-a id !litraveirrlled. Yeu tetle tire stagee at rlobila lyrr daiy oii tine weekurt I o'rlck. tr, hltrrlld rruren( (eI.II inn,; r-llryh :ni IIhrrar-elrente ghir (uorrnllleit e (. i.. .Iellldhre- theelaf to Grenee inbol C ( ieio..7 llonri,--and tbint:,+ to Agusla by ruil Roud it 8i ".Let the galled jude wince,"-is a saying ori of e all accepttion. .e. tha essays of the Locou-.oco atLouaianiu i upon tle foul ui rder of Whig editor J. W. The Opelor as, Gazette says t:ht the Board of Inter nal l.provviment ihntcnd building this summer at the oenltrance of tie iyuoll I'liureoine from the Missisieip pi to sul brick walls for the pur ose of constructing 1l icks bltween thent . Thallt paper advises lmch rather the clearing ult of the ruft in the Archufalaya. We have rreired by tomil a Richmond Whig of (hO tuoier 12th 18i3. Ivty hit hof Amos Kendall's contdi ivances, could .o expdlltius a tl antllission of so late a t ipaper have been sent. Ily the lat Idates root Iennesesee, the election of Cannon is certain by an ilammense majority. Thehndrpeldent Twra ory lton brag high and swear tlht Polk will succred but it is all t" moonshine. Tie pIropelrs are that we haull carry nearly every member of Cularess. Three of the 31orman r risoners have broke jail in Colutbria u(:unty, liisotri They have no desire to wait the vengeance t. the law. One o tllem ihas beer retaken That prophet of theirs will have many sins to atone for. A mlan whohId fallen into the Mississippi a few days siuc was rescued and resuscitated after being'0nuiinules uIder water ! Our Weekly will be ready for delivery on Sunday morning tit h o'clock. It will contain a full account of the news of tile week. .----.. ~ --- The pamtphlet cuotuining tie full acconnt ofrle Great Libel Trial will be ready ufr sale at our .Ountry roaum Sunday mornine. SThie .Louiianian is wrtng in its statement raspecting the Mint. The troubles Iliat ihav eaused the late inves tigation did not arise fromthe wrong entry of the sum of $200.-It will turt out, vblen the feate shall l come t., light, hat the tano \hing ilirers employed in thie Mint will prove to Ie I;onest men. As to the Ioco-focos whose conduct ha, been aliled in queslion, for the pre serlt we leave there chartacer to the ilvertigators. 'e know something of thi, Mint affair, but we deert ttrmost pruldent to wait ptiently Ibr the fil dvelonpement of theo ptmredings, which will probobly hb matde by ile TIreasury lel ltmet, anmd if ilit most, eertaoinly by sotos of those eonenerud Inithei mutter. In the imelen lime we n ill give pnlace to thie following comlmunieetion from m respnne.hlaejmrsenm. 'TNITE STATEr MINT AGAtn. We undoerstand thini lie clote of the flunds of.thi in. slitutieon, wdo nit monde subject of inquiry i thime late in vesliguliCo, It was prinrifolly an to lhe veracity offfihotnr end ilerks. 'Tins w'onn o e deduced m mmm iulm y by the book, and impers of mime tmmnt. '1'T individuol whom is said to e ihenguiltyyof theeism of Ieing di Whi elem om)m3 ell Imco lcm coommtoi, who Ias mdimnehimn om. .nlnjlter; Imer mine all ounii er enmnsicern linme in itht of, Irufpwioninmnl ity; troeing 'oat the winilingo, shiftimgm, Rouvnriutimne, and foiohende of those wi mprofessontm be of thi le itrue ithi with the skill of m einstnr. • Wesoy, leto le proofs be .mnlisiii. tfn Whii dono wronng. let it be knowrm.--We will not attempt eo ecreem him. T nhe one re brnk sheep in nl ,flmcks T'Ie mndi viduls ill qmestion hm huriiId defiInnce t-hie accusers "iihoa fearlessnessm whleih imdicn'es puriety.• W'e smy ugaimn le Ilia mromlin 'i proclaimled fromn the hiouse.topm , nnd e llllih, miniuch mionistke. in three who ore enonevorino Inn divert tile pubimc eye from the true point at insLe, by tmie noneence of I)arty olilicemdo l int lomg hmve occnmum to rmegetiml the appernnr ce o t mie orginal IRet Book, "'I'HnlIBor (IAs:. IIn onanler plaece.n will leseen inlit thilmibml cas iN u New-(nOrlrhenn mammm wNhicll eep intere-t had clumim redn lnd' termminated Iy tie disagree nemlm and consol muent dlischargeiof the jury, and eas fir as tIlllt oe i, im. rights al the ireos ere l)nimlained llent is lile ty tIo pubmii tile truh relaie mn'witm us, so Itun, u we elU" cealcuhte upon tile prolbnility of having UIiom i jmury elmfore which may beidrngged esome innmset lenll, witm l mirnimmmtsa enlommghi toi resist tihe tyrnnicnl d ue. erines of E'nglihll commimon low. Bl lit timo.m he re nmembhnered thit inllis tihe clnrt reflsei the npplicolotinn of tile icrnant Ino Imhow lie trunth in justilicetion, end that in this m tueh, (.m we lear-on emnquiry) as well es in I+:siann, for tle nwant fmn special snttte, we are stll olbnolxilos 1, m the in)des 0d mie spto cti r P llnt lbcr rile whliehdeelared the grerter ilhe truth, the greUaer flat li hbel. ,V0 nmmmdl[ coll i lnpn the press no give ithis slleet nn rest, until tile legislature mffUrT lintI protecolion whlih tile g(ool order olf society andl tle commloll sense of lie cdnmnmunitv demI.nid; its sence isimnica to politic I iiberty,dn"truntive to senciml slreni, nd repuIg. nat t Ishe sirit oilf our instintutions. For one, wit are grateful tOn Mlr Golbson, thie editor olf tIe 'rme American for the manly firenmnness with which lhe ehi interosedd a r msi nuce toin'h ntiqhlunted andi Inrnninal dmcitrlnon at tempted noi e m enflirnli mIy tmie onulrt Ibefore which he will arrnigudlonti whc:h we trust h[l awekened o spirit not no be hmid, nmniii like its gremnle protnt-pe, it inna swept Iefore it tihis o enumnnmint sm in slavish princiiples wimicit wmere engendered in oht bmcd oftyrnomnm id nplreseom n. lnfbile Clhroniele. _lVitnminmf'ton, Deil., mimnc 20. 'ITo THE I'untC'--Thie underenpnnI, Admlinistrntrix of thle I r mf tin'le Inte Hozekinhi Niles, firnnmer Ediiltr ofle tlen ister, inegs leave it infiannn tile pIlllnlin, ftht lhele areyet to hm dllimeposen in, on rnenollnou.ln tertllm, a faw full ets-nr Nilels' IRegimte, lfrom tile nomnmmynece mnnt to volumen fifty, inclousive, wi Iall tie suppleumentn nmdl genlncl indhx, all cnmlnl,,let, comiprining a peromn io IwentyV-ive y.las, togeller wilhi in number ol'c.C inn l. ding tie st'ornln tnirl ami I fumrlh series, from Se tn.m er, 1017, to netnlllllnr, 13j6, wilmh sundrv nlnn vuno uie0 to cnnmlcte the sets to tlhose winho l iny hivme Iben, or 0re now sub.icribers toIn thie work. Site wound olseI bIeg leavo to selen, fint, vmeldinmg to l ill )erious neceenilV wich exists for nso dminlg, shie hoin pinre. niil cmins du'ie to the maicd deceased, in tihe Iands of 'Philip ieigcrt, of tne city of Ialtimnore; wih view of nhavingp thie nname coleclet mmnd closed in lim--all tie Ihooks ofthe concerl being in his pos.oessinn, -nd to whom apnpliction can me anode fmr st,. of tfhe eforesaid work. Time undersigned hloels mlint she is not e reoumine tmoo mulll ill nasking tile kiund i i lillrcmal publie press of the Ullinted Siates, t give tie fmregoing a few inserliommm, willti tile view ofalidinn her to dlispose of tile mnrp lor copies nif he mieg ioster, mrid m Iorealie lme santm dne t rontn thosie, for whosec hemnlet tile loimorn of her lant hushsind were s. zelousle gienVll to cuh iIcer to sostain thirteen childrec, ciglit nfwhmln i rn undeir twelve enrs oraitge. S MLI,. ANN NII.ES, Ad11s'rs. THr. CncTTonm .l'eDo:--\I. Jo hn Bmurn, whonse Com mesrenl Gli'nce i kemnol i tolnur mmeonmnereins reeders, hn. junlt iiunl a Cotmpamnion to lhtt Isefni publiicntinn, which, at th present timIe, ill imnsseoan cunsidernble in. terest fir iall mnrt es englngnl il i1he noltlon treae nnti mnnullnlnfctre,nls it cxhiilm very clear ligt tihe Ucon. pari tive slette iof l tlheo ne dlring "ie first follr imnontis oftlli re Pre llsm lln ieo I.'t Cenr It foam ths publicaneitnm t f linet i llill. innti n ini I oI expC)orl of yarn llis yealr is not quite en greatt as wPe hla previos ' ,y sup !)OE;l I.;"r Pr~t is, nil 4Ollhl, i. CIrell IsIlilng ()fr ill Ihne rx+ port to nn.llV lmarkets, flllotme [initliahoew ot 6050J, 1[ils.-]mttll hearP Ln 0 fli m ' tlne ll iime, il) increalie on expert mm c Innnlmei'th.r lnnmrterms ,ptin inimo . iou GIernnml nv oral Ihlninall, .-roultlon y 5,- n3,008 Im. lear ing a idefieenu.v on, tilreanlie expiort limr tihe fl r I hne I,(of 1,6-il,774"Ilib. iThe principanl tidlinlg ift is n o die enst landiesi, iissinl, m lln i thne port oflthe Mei erram e . .m ll'he mm m'm'mmlnmnorm timm''he llln ngsin' mler vtin lr eo p eomli mllnoii, ii'rgsral oeri l ytg lu n l lUr ive "ieiw of tine price of cottolllai lle271h ofAlpril, 18:1t; and 1:030, ad she pri. ceos of vnrll mI tlne ti ( nlf My ill ea nmi f to m b'P mi ears which wi'l serie Io slew flint it is nlet w 1itho1t rolUt=e mham the factmrie ore wnnorking sllort tinme; tine aldIIIIC inn -,ein an m ttle beinlg rather iver nm peor pnmiinn mc the uverngn, und thre u clvnee IIi yarn elabot i hslfpelln v. .[imn uchemtmt r Guardimnoil. I -- tm m imm ie i .V.\N'd ( JCA.\1O111,E 1'Ii ISpre le frl o Ilre 114 extrn: 'thf fe flaver, a very wlmleso la tire, iCing s cnnllelUerlt. Illl'i t tetlan e t 1 i e d adp ntetturt of tlhe at whale sysnt,. LJoesl rceivet d ad illHr lIolesal lnd relil hv I IIO,\NdABEI, S juh, 2th ,. DruiTchTalltt l ndIt ntla stlree. t oI I.-ItL' I:-, powderi, Cong- wter , "e ' l'a.c erlllifngll arrow runt, vertlli~soa dentist's G(:lt.It ,il, (.hld Zal, Block tcmmtad int sedtl, Nee Eng. jnla C'ogth l rr Inp, &e. &'. Lnling and for fo cllesale or retail bv If IIONNABEI., d joly 20ll I)rDuggist 'Tchap itlla treet ile ship ,TI.UlMAll, (lilen, cattter lto s a large porion of her earevo eog rged. Fw.e of tsare, apply to SH ' CA3MAIACK & Co. jly j 0ltth. _3 lanlk IPlace. B-1 RE.N '--A df llian Juaeae, Wtllt 8thl39.R Snt le orner es ca oulas nd Jusleplt 4ile streets, ts A lolur ttorv sltre tl Levee ftreetwcteetl lienville tad (It llhoue e stetl. EFll An hice ill Gra ir e-reer. So rl-etei can be g oven i iite. Also. ro first Noveler next, ;I two itory ware Ilhse, No 19 CoI mon t e lect. Apply to in jlylith 11 C CAII.IACK & Co. eItes o otrleniJul fid8th 1839. James B. tIlllin csrl, was on lle 131t iott uoaminous ,e Iv eleclted ('aenhie' of lills illetltution vice J. 11. Nesbet esq. rsiCgned. 11 IIOUGE,jr. jyv 2(0ti 8r. Presidelt. j -ACtIN Si) Cask- -Sid-n ad -lijonlders hor sale )I) v (( DORSEY. d joly 602th 44 New ILevee 1I- 71 E F-3( 1 half herele, Faooily Olevs kfl' oer so ie l by yG, IOlcET , jnlyo 2tih 41 Ne, Levee. --'1e.-I-I+T OF LOUIIANA--Firmt Jl sic Culllt--(ieorge W. Cruwn vs. Ilis Creditors. It is oflered Inht the eredito r o Ithe eliioner do Ai e ocause ill olelnC.l t , I" ith. Ti le tllt o August, e I; , t Il o'cock eA, . Sailshy secouti pelirtI r sh al Save thre .el, iot tIt the llas mode lir h trei'ttl' iJv ellt n lle lrs i lllll clta is;t i i ne r ie - tilln alljlit.lcil proceedillg agtitl lio ilerso Ilod Iro. 8 uI trt titresaid, t Tthis 1th ay dfiu ly, N t . Ijul 13 o P. .R E IIANt, Dep. CIk. I R.'IA DnE Li l.or iIANI..-t du.ri- mr 1J District .ludiciu,1e.--( org W. (rown ve. uos to Creucietls-Il P joorte-tni tln lea tl r tcier1 de Petis u itnalre se Itut tttent eo Ileine Cout, re vetdredi, 9 dnttutt ot t0lt hotres ou nsotiol. pour dedtire I t rislnu s'ils co aInto, Icur let Itcllec ledit telitottoire no u)or,-, des dbitturs insult ln ll e tll dl'errestation ;et t tttlltdUllt, toutes itt(t , tt.uOs judiciare eulttra sa te el t es biMene aut t t ut penduesl ; l. Gteiaer eat toltlllti loir rejotosenter tle col tti tert hbset. tiltr orlre dl L'lhlot. A.51. Btettatts jttge ldt Ietteur, ce tI Juillet 13':9 jotllet t3 Pt.I. Itt.ANC. Dep. gref. I A I(I)--I10 kegs Intl' htlrd tillt (iotae fr sole ly " SJ2LI (l I)tOILSFY. II New I.evPe \LOUtl-250 * lrlt. Chperline in store-for fP biy ? Ii'" G . ' I i O 1 ERh 9 'y , 44 N e w I x ve e l ) jisty _20 _ (I IIOIt2EY, 44 New Levtee I ts1Id G t IDOR4FY, Jt)tlet._____ _ 4 Nec I.vee l -ASTOtt lT I R ei! I tI .--le Ijed jijte ;l - Ie j 5U i Balrels raster oil fr sale'iow forrcall Ily II ItONN.tIIEL Druggist. july tto. otner Ntcll ezond 1T'ichapilttlae al I - KA-IRA .'IY CIF NEY W . i-.- -i - rlll E price of flour tttoay being $5 3t) per harrel, rjo dinPe tl the tariff, thie bukrs will give :16 - nlltltees of breald lilr tn eenta, t ltritlt gl. t week legi-. lning O lMlelll v next, ther ohrer te cent. Tishl weith 25 tca- I "entttot, ,tht i r tol suet 4 ou,,,te'. joul 13. C. GENOIS, lMapr. 1AI NT S OI., &e.--Iile Subtscriber is receiviig & I ,lflors Iar sale on aceomtallt tit tens lI cI s eks P cotttning from 61l to 75 Kegs lof Itd grouod is oil ofI different qtualities. 10)10 1tts Dutch In.teced Oil t pture arlticle. t0 lIs. Sperita of 'I'urp'ntinr, 12 to-. Itutified Aletoul 5 Coatislert ttt 50 hb. aolt hIocnlliiho Blatrtia1 i 12 C('tistert otfit It,. each Iernnuda Arrow mort. 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BOOKR gr HOB P~ayggggrg, Iln connnection witll tIie leie is a SPLENDIO AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE a FUl TIlE PRITINTI0 OF " P.unphletu blank Checks Oatalog.oe Billi of Lading L~aels, Dr~y loceiptr, Igal Notices Auctiou ila, Bill Porm., Show Bills Steam foat Uills Circlars 110. Oircalane And every dcmrlplion of Job Work tIIh anor berequir T. W.CGOLLENS United .te' ()oinoivsonSer. Alpoinled ly the Fnlenrl Cenrl at Nnw Orlenas. OFFICIE No. 109 lXIMMION STIRECII', (Excblnoge Holtel Jlolidi gs.) I'AII) Coonisionlr inkes nmdali noder anl by ·+-vltrl.. i 'li. Acts of C. ,ngres, pa ped tit ]+e lrii- d cry. IBIl lot Marn-rclI 117?; Ihe Judinnary Act of 1789 o tlher acts of Congren, in seci cases mane anid 010id . ommiosionr loe ennidernlde e on s irnece and ones ii rl-cne el'cnption nild certificate wkicit hevo e slood tile evere rcr uoln the pblet L owyeras. e aproil e 12hou1 8 --P5 hrl"/)rb eTaers' 42il ReJpr4 cansk ulntne or Speri Oil tnay nI is3io I. It GALE, 93 Comnuno n lirii--.((.+-9< ai';r..- .T~di~lg+ WIt]. H ,.a ,.+,.,,| ." by Gi I)OI(Y E.Y Bi RE. OFFA TelS ViO PI'AGBIE ItIFE bni ieoUd e ES ACTIONIRES s 4n Nnoid e le neuvi J so woetll klUvn tlo l ik pl bliC t nt its Inlirdly ine cebssry t glv 3 a delounaile h rlentC of ttdere I enlno use. Tre i'nllriing urtieles wi ftully nvincea aly o nle Sof the elaims tlledonttre les nUnnn the pdublic to place cnI nfidenc in lhis prnepllalilon. Froin lIi ,nlin~dend Wldg ofJuly 12, 1837. Mojrr's Pillsandno Ilien r--The last J)irnnIl Con tains addlitiIInol leotblnny in faynir oftlis 10ighly ilpolrt tdnltinvnonljo. iliTepltcnss f theJouorol rnon w Ilnsn ht etI oppen" Io Allonllnfe Itbe tleslnony. s l om noo,n n onane llft)r. Mlnifunt lll, ko inn for innrliulon Ine n:erlili. 0 elite foner neiglhlor n wle , onnl offers oa n qlltlnatilyll tio Octink n icl nla e C n0llin.i. 'ITbis is eony biod, nid nwe I. peoromio the liiionnniet Ion lholre mOnder like nihllictilnnl, nilib our neighlnlr oflhie Joureal, to call on tie agent. In ile nlano tniine, mar Iny akrning stlle rs nnil.r dil I lnhais In Itose obinh t sl.noo svene ei b,.ne up n Mr It llniwlen ,lne, bnioli inensllony Itg llno"inlenltr ait a rednsos" d oflil' tI re endy In Ie l oInnO.+c lIk. theilini eilia io onndlunlndly a snnreiea remedy. tETTEII FROM2 SAMUEl, BOWgES. Tile Inllowini Icttl,, in eniro Me. lnnwles, lEtliltrof ile Rnpakblicani onid Jounrinal, Inninninonebin, Mans. SPOil nctIElD, June In 1817. Me. : I e Is u( Itlirlnin yeian en l IoVe ninfbed fle oln anm iullrnuitny nil lbI, b0lwal-tll e CothII U nnllnee, Intol II)loOSt., iinlo eoee- ilhlnS n f illn In i lnnnnnnnmy leklnlninnh. l'ie nlnlunrll I ell oiifle IIeksIn iniln it; IoliunI 0. alnd nevere pinilnnOcne llr Ilil b lnutl wnnknesn o eI ngideprensnhy : nnrtlbaitlncsg· bong nelesriey eYoIy oew dllyR 0Locetllll~eratn (IliVelII·I. /I J·Ve c sit /g,·l lll)d h'y siciails, InId buvI1e II'ie Iln )st III kill( sI. I !iI+J ad or ioen, wi n tloille+i anllie kinido nvcaee ll uoniinfnni|nU rill.: tile Inlet yelr, I ,lye~ lIot)g t aid t set sevre al oxea of' .our" I~ilbz I'illP," P Il Imvd fo mnd morn e )Icfir~ frl It tlini, more uilieflnol anlnplenlnners Io yI cnse inr a lengtb of lnle, Illali, feonim tny nllldicillnn Ilnhve Vet brlent. Yours, , SAM )IEL "IlOWI.ESI For slein tills t at 1tie corner of C~ominoni nad BUREAU DE LA COMPAGNIE D'ASSU RANnE DES POM.PIEltS IE LA NOUVEL. LE-tIIILEANS. [ ES ACTIONAIIES sent notifi. qua e lnouvil nm0 poymont do louro actions ean due ct paya I lob to 5 0out 1839, an lnerentn dle la coonpingnie. 1 3 jin't. E. L. TRACY ,ecretaire. VAN'I'I':I), inen I)rsn.-,lore, an, ...i.n.t lily it-. • • q llPI will, Ile ,ollnocnnry lurinin -i, openk. ing Irenicl nnd lniliih, ,illd wriling a fair eInd. Ad drese bnox 731 I'oin7l([Orce. jonel 1 I IIdlZI E ·l~ I NOUVEI IlE ltt1.F:AEOS F:' (CARItOlI.TON. onlnoo il. J n"loiireeo nnInnoeoyll lilneinnlne ii In, Clellrt~s llc Ii: U~lrl rlnnnnei'diclleu onninnlh dinlneo er17 I'arrttllgella~·ut suv~l nt l)Ollr l'~til ii cl.lnlll+ ctlr du 17 Junl. Arrnnnnnfonnolinin In-r h'jouninen In n)lle lh onnn,Ir//n,u. Dc lit N~le on-/nonsn. f Clonleuohvc, iai n,,Iy. ('rln.nleiinellceval,I;in 75 ,ii A ,,M "· " " d 9 - "f nO I' ;i I " r i i l lj.jjr n , inulresc hI 'ill~ahl le Cilrn u'i! ~I e re ' 3 s81 IV1e. Jll' IJ "bIjs (1 lrir, et tIt! ht R'tll vlt e Or . s i'll llllil I' 9 b Ul., ni t ,,ir Al'ri III hIirl,~ dul s ir., eljipnlnn ' l i Iinnin ( n oIIlPllir uLI , iII1Ij, i u vii l in 'Ili li-U e i'yl , I It,,,i, I I nnt n.I ni'rlll Cr o ll in I nmlin[P ll, ntt dll Ieo : lie i 1ee , I l.lnm' fl + ll lrs iu t -ev in N J n 'inlle tin linin I llnm i~lelldslllun , qie ll-nu i'i;i ,,njln,,'on1, nlnnlnlalnnI ni l Ilellr*-s. P, ·III i n ollrt1 n nlnnnnlnnq ini n Tn le . krlol jnlellue , nl+, I , I linr lent ieu mt +II l ien ni e ni~huro , nun nn t(nrno It ni l i II e nlonnie n t I~~ill'l ~ 01111· ij,11( no-one.ll In~i~llll,,il~fle el ei li ne n,- r + Itll'lonii nu i n t pinnl• enier di111 all oino onnu II nII inollS Linu Ern re n Ul. on ·Clino 1, -o 1, - Ce mnrs rlirnt de la te JaciksmIrrr i hearrrr A. M el e ru du Cal i t atin i e ti ounrant cnliml heatII'e. A i ell'ies, iir lnt tlolltP echar (ni duoit plarr l liI rue du Cadnel it 81 lie rue Le ,31 .Ehusielil IlartirulirneIr pri de ne eis mlt lee gir'ds a I, cou ailldn, 't de ie ills "i r dans lea chars nlrie IPs d ai eaIR 'y tIniYen t. Ilcbtreil I li ('pllllllluilu iu lljcl eii i de uler do Car U Eolli tci a sde In elle Or.alin a. Jo)llN IIAHISON, e J 5 hrk genieur en hllef. ~%V311. ..I., ,, .....e., .haces th, yrae. eel lip sNg.a, 50 dIdie . I..l.... Ii , lorema" fin ...e.. willeu , l ,re,,, othe ade r che.l.... iir tiiia Ivr beure o rliel li city. A a di clnhased iRingi, -fill parrlla, laget: er wtlh i grii t va riety nf c~heap tlilt \VWrk, enniiaiiile if llratalcesi itue E.Ir (ins lll,,ri I.t kc uniL u sChuai%, &. luSe i w't' t will dir well tu me tIih grel'a t ul rtmcellllee a I. '. Old Ghld imd ili anrel. anplt 15i eUSci reeivda largernsorlnni i f seemler i tocks rOS' 1i ' & holli mlnl Elrmchage Ilaote,St Ch arie, a lit ILI+'I'--A ..... furlabll dwelling -l/l.ainfetr,,I L Ihqlt sirett,ia I'ew doora I'romn Camll o; pnIsession glaav imliedliat;ly. Applyto 1OOLlE &, .)I. V S1 3 CNiroulcdlel it -UI2,' I- 3riaI:U pei h l nd llfr -mtl·o r-e d htel. Innalg.of eI l Pis ls-ll-Gil ici Irrll,, C inmirclll un'le & Pverris enle patent tld Fl I Nllr g l'rll+ APli Wgsrn Io tai ie i ll il ioe. Arurle by tile Bri o igl'.a rd h ). F'Iet &l Co. No 24 Chiirc StrLet. I Ol.lANl (IN-10 pila'e Ihdollad in, in sta re *ll id for aidle a J IIAYEIt & aa lll 74 Pvldraasr t "ior salell G IIiC KEY, ie 12 44 New Levee l IY lIrll tiS- "t'l Tle CU ppll,' a title ly It lO'la N rau rniv; ylliirs if lelrtd iiai W 11 by G llA uJaiesa Es, ilie Naval listlry if ihe U tlaile, by J lcllllllle 1'ulrer, uicour ioile ii &cL lirilu ,Dr'.il,,ad 31,a' ri,,ees.e,,a "I, '(lua Esup Nr. ' Jaeib ,leipalrd, ty Ailsworthi l'; Phrenloogy in tile flai It. Juls received alild or sale ,vy j - ALEX.'"I'()WER, 49Cairrpr st "l('11 3l iN--ldlierlri'ls iandina frnm caiiii boat and fir J Isale by ll 'A TRIER 31 Gdrlaavr st K! INK!! INK"!!!'Jur reu'ived ue aaluadi. dozes 8 lolunlCe ink, ll'ared a .very SilpleriorarticI Doy D b , [VDo FELT &i. Co. %N "Y Slationers' hfall, jnune li 24 Clilrtsrl irPie J3ANK NOIE' PAPElR- Just received an, inta of balk lllOe ilpper ifAelinailmlafalltui p glid for sale iy ALEX I'(lWEIt m2a "9 Clmptrei x VCIIANGE oin ii'uaruiit i aighit, fr salleby II. nll A'1'RIt1,'341 ravler t f 1.01 -ii 8O ba hIading jam iut Ibail, asr sale by I i' mn2l ( 1)ORSEVY, 44 New L.evee y EarJEL--an laIlf bler, fr aile y -- arna 14 G I OIY V, 44 New I.evee. B It1-20110r rlsprime and 20 halfrlsrla meass, at the in'jpeclion,forsale by G DOIRSEY, jtun l 44 New Levee `_l-'IN1'S, tilLS &. VAR(NISHES-500 keg. Noa, "l iI and 2 WVhie LeId; 3110 uniater (Crnle Green Lfrill, irnlluad in ill; Illeack do.; Lisseedl Oil' Slirila di; lltlt; 5l hrles. Whlhitlng; Cpa and Japliilld .irllisl;. Flr sale by S. LOCKE r Cn, lvl 20l 8 Pr.,f Levaae GREAT I' BIARGAIN. " -IOR SALE liar iousan lr rins e, rie )/,AND, i 1' eligibly siturted In thei Parish na a Ueitau near I lrl rane. Ilhe hInad is offeliured extrenmely low and i It advunanlrlreous Irnals Appl ai jn ma29l No. 109 Cmnrnmn street. Ct UGARS--56 kbla Clarified and loaf Sugas, nrssale -S, by EtRMOIUENE, BROWN & Cni june 29 No 9 Chul t sr SUTTER--150 kegs Goshen and Wrestern, in store Sfor salfe by G DO( IEYN, 23 44 New Levee 's ---- - -- ft) GEORGE C. CHILDS, AATsO NEy AT LAW, I /I ILI. attel ilteo Sulremne Court, and the I)'iric i IV Cuourits, of a.rrisburgand a tes of the adjacent aouaies-i-tlirae ti I City fi HlosIton. Claims on the gavernlent, either Ior Biuitiy Landl or miiiney will de sldertaken all pronalitly atltended ro eiibher rsnon rrsidesntior residsnts of Iexas. Address from the United Statssa-Cilv of RlhaA stai li tile acre f ls. Rikaer, jr. (Texas Pest'Oulree Apsels'S aew Osleans. 3m insr 2 P ISECOND MUNICIPALITY, New.Orleans, July 4, 1839. Notice is hereby given to all keepers of Billiard Tables to take ono their Licences at th,, Mayor's Office, wlthin ten dayo from date, egreeable to an Ordioanc ofllthe Gene:al C.uncil, approoetd 27th May, 1839. S.- II. TURN ER, Collector. FOR SALE-60 bills loal sugar 30 do sugar Ihouse molasses 95 do vlnrifiedslagar 5o Jelod de eiterne Jul y ;HERMO9eNI;,, BROWN &Co. July 9, 1I39. ''Coti it. No. 8. E TA'T DE L4 LOUlSIANE-Cour de Pa. O rolsse pour Ia Paro sseet Villo do Ia Nouvelle leans--L'Etat de Ia Louisiane :,i- tous ceux e oes proaentes concernent :-Salut . Attendu quo Will ianl Regan de celto villa, ooant acletd t one vonto fait liar Hewlett & C(elna, en cantours publics de cotte villo, la propri6dt ci.aplbs decrite, s'est addressd a Grefo do cellott Cour, pour un avis conformemono t o un iaot de la Ldgiela ture de l'etat do Ia louisione, intitul6 i Avie pour confirmoer low titros des acquoreur, 000 vontse judi cairos ;" approuv6 lo 10 Mars 1834, Qu'il suit con. nu, ot toales personnes int6reesdes wont par res presents sonlnms allu nolm do I'ctal do la Louisiane et de la Cour de Paroisse, qui pourraiont avoir drqit I.o a propri6:d ci-alprs derito. en consaeqoence d'on d6faot de forole dans l'ordru, to decret o lo jugo. ment do In cour, en vertu duquel ia vento a dt falade, bu do totoe irrdgularitd onil illdgalit6 dane IPestiman tion Pavis on lo tLeos et la mode do to voento, on pour une autr ecnuse qualconque, do faire voir dans trenle jours t dater do la publication do cette avis, puurquoi In ventan ainni faite no serait pas contir. meo et honologuo. L.a dite propri6td ifat voodoo par leas ncantnors, su0 ditse l28tne joeer de.Decetlluro,de I'anedo 1838, en voertu d'un dderet do cottc'Cor, rondu to 23Jo Juillet, de l'annbo 1838, dans I'affaira do William Vance centre see crdancirs at lee otoanciers dIe t Vance & Miller, No 10961, do .docket do cetto Cour, laquoelle vento In dit William Regan s'est rondo acquroour o le Is prix do 83,900I, payable millo piastres comptlant, ot Ia balimco it un credit do six, douze ot dix huit maie. Description do la propri61d d'aprbs le transfer Judiciaire : Un certain I t de terre, d6signo parle No un, situe duon le laubourg Lacourse, daones I'let firm par les rues des Nayades, Erato, Prytondo ot Thalie, ot lornlant l'eneoignurr dcb rues des Nayades et Era. to, mesuront trete et, un piods, onze polnds et sept e lignes, plus on moins, do face i la run des Noyaides, sur quatre vingt onze pieds et sept lignes do, et fieco h la rue Erato, lo tout onioure AAnglaloe; to dit lot ayant oo comeollnll asec es lots Nos ditx &tresrl'usage dot'e all6a dons to fond, de cinq pieds do largeur, esenmble teutes leas be. tisses, tots leo drbilts priviloges et qui y uppartieon ncnt. Ainsigerole tout appert du plan drossd par I John Schreiber, ingtonieur civil, dat ) le Inr Juin,, 18361, olnnx6 i un oacte ol u Gretfo doe WIi. Y. Low. is, dats to 5 Frvrior, 1839, to dit lot 6tant une sub. division du lot numnere huit. Buoreauo du refier, Nouvelle Orleanas, e 3 Juillet, 1839. J. OLLIE, Dllepi Grrlliur, july 9 3t-9tht jy 23 do 3d aug. -I 1'A'I' OF LOUISIANA--Parish Court for S3 the Parish and City of Now Orleans.-The State of I.ouisiana: to all to whom tIeso presents shall comeo-greeting : Whereas, Williamo Regan of this city, lhaving purchased at a sale made by Ilewlett & Cenas, public auctioneers of this city, tthe property here. -inaler described, has apiplied to the Clerk of this Court for a monition or advertisemeonlt, in eolr mity to an act of the I.egislature of the State of Louisiana, entitled ,o an act for the firther assu rance of titles to purchasers at j idtcial sales;" ap proved the 10th day of March, 1834: Now, therefore, know ye, and all persons inter. - ested hercin, are hereby cited and dlmonishol in the name of the State of Louisiana, and of the l'ariaih Court, who can set lup any right, titll or claim In and to the property herein afler diseribed, s n conleqeonce of ally inforlmality in the order, do. cree or judgment of the court under which the sale was llade, or ony irregularity tr illegality io the Sllpraielleteitts ndl advertireliirIts, int tinte or mil. nor or sale, or or any otlher defect whaltsoevr; to I show ealn., withlin thirty dlays from thle day this nolitiion s lirst inserte i tile public tipapers, why the soale Inmade should not Ie conflirmlledl lnl loo. nnlcigatrd, t1lu said property vas sold by the aonetioneers aforesaid, on thi ,SilI day of )tceollbur, A. I). 183y, tiy virtllo of a ileccre l Iof e ourlt, retdiored on tlire 3. day oft.hly, A. I) 1838, in suit colt. ledtl Willllii VtcePI his redtlitorO otitd tlhi c:reditors of Vance ' Miller, No 10961 tftle dlocklet ofi tiis court, it illtilh salh tie said Williamt IRlegatn Ih. ; elll olo tlourhaserr, hortli price of 31,901, Itpya. Iel. 0 11111( cash, nlll, tiltie lialance Otl credit of otx, twelve aod eigli totI n tittimoh. Descriptiau ol properly, as given in thle juditil con. veyaice : A certain lot of tground, niulmler one. italote in tihe suburbl lacourci, it iar ohlundtd bly Nayadoe Erato, Prytonnee and Thalia streets, an:! forIing the eicnor of Nayaldload Erato mtreets, measriig thirty one f.elt eleven Inclhes and sevenll lilines, llore or loss, onl Nayadei srerl, by ninety one tot Iteie linesdellp, front onil Erato street, all nglih ioeas uiri, halivlg tile use in comlton with lots Imiunbrs two and thliee, olf at aliy in tihe rear, of live leti wide, togetlher with all the btildlings, rightns, ways and privileges thefenuto belonging. The whole as per plani drawll by Jolitu hhlrelber, civil engiicer, dated thle lirst dily of Jule, 11136i, iainneod ta on set in tihe office of VWin. Y. Iewi, datid tle fifth Say at February, 1839, being a subdivision of lot iiiuni. ier eighl. Clerk's office, New Orl oans, July 3, 1839. J. OILIE, I)ep'y Clerk. july 9 3t--Dth jy 23 do 3d aug I julyTN 9 w. tt .t .CIt c l -ItAtlo'd- Rio, of ,ile. ,..iive ,%'r ,. I T cli:.nil s , llri? v IMs All n o n1 er ill lhe Itllu C ig e w , O r lean . Or i c,-se, r i .r i l nr lintoliea r Al0 t P truotri Al 1 tp ie mo Vice I'reIiteli [.'iNACE (CI)oeMITrEe A II(:CllVlIo ), ill);,niol 1V, . rllL'; Jnlie 1 Jull, lY olldiir ollth I dlr ,l i "it 5 W . A. . C IIA\ III ,IN , July 1,1 Is". Seornllirv , Chalrles ttoll, it actitual cutdy, vs. his ('reolhors, l tid ttihereliio tlrs 11oKicit.y 5' Oltiell It to ordvred,i lint ,1 o dl¶herei tors f Sir ierlitiorr he ,n thle fifillll .hJy oftjnlyIurxt.otl1ii'b ol'elml, A.1 A, , to AI nd h t is t ti tth,,rorder l d l thatll . tlrdat ] t hr t li ." optt l tie tsolfpriltoel lor citro f ihe ltto drbtlrl s Chlrrk's, ll collyic "l'ld dny ofI iinow 10'1. J IJt II(II , NI) .ll fI)· 'I ). l A or 2'1 . i. I "iii ;i; i e; .. .. .. . . . . . , ,:. T\'1':0'1 I)rE1.\ I r-lllA)IJh+\- r(uv rlean. Clharles Miiiiill tlllillelll'xii delIl ei.. Clill cierx Set les re.ddll'irs ile lh{in I rV cl Mhoilcll. No. 9I11l.-I'rexeII the IIin. C. \W'stt, jug'. I1 e1t "' orduufb qne le. cfll ier+. do I n tlioumtl) ilit illlxli c lel lnIn l ii<, d. i s presentler en Ipille C'nl Sslue le I1. de Jnln lurlldlain al 10+ heure f inl ,ntinaln fii 4t faire voier pollru l o i ]P piei il n ' r t itr lee hanllCi·Iea ldes It qnui ll ere fi·Ies luna Is PI+IIII Ingnilr led iln vallo l tx rlle l llelll eten+--pI il rat Ilus or, I d nnbe iu. A. i. l jratlird jou Ini 1 pouLrI rprr., en teer es cri'lnmicirs bse t+'. !Ili.Qanf dl Orcs' ce .-..+ . de Jnoin, minl .J1 l3 eitw Iw " J E 11II.lANII (lxeleixr I).l ItNSLI l,:) Oi1.t & ii~t ;,"l'-.1u7 ,eiti+,, a -nl~plli ' lf I.inser-l Oil ill pipes-nll Ibirrel --il lala el. phiftt of 'u'rlielitinellirir e &e bv JAltVII & ANIDRDIVS, July 6th IIII(rer-of C(.,ixIIII il Tch lxlipilxlnui si I ill. n htn itl thie iitixiiix If New nTioieix xiid iii l the lcomlnhiv,, for as tliis xitixe .ay xlelld, is resp.ectflllv inviltle to the nliotncillneiu, ih I hose nl'ecled b. (;ilrnnlidi. e sl;,el~, U nlll duualyJeuoninnled dyls pxpxiaxxd lieri'diease, nd "i Olhavi e fiailed it re-. esxlllahihhg hlnlth byl ti oe of t variou sp1eciics so profi.ely ollnleld o xtld even illtrluded II thei acelp lance, will ,troulnlly, Intye ol lle ti ceraily, e 11 io. led to lirl Iletith by Ithetielves of ie pntl.o /ogical triatlment eltfiiently InrsiePd by thP indx.rsigiI el ill n exleriln.+e ol lll+ilnl exteIII ixdil'erent .otln.. tries, and es ei bluieve, witlint ltl success Plhysciani pxtssessaI deeidel r.ritinly If knxwxedgee Ihat the various chronic itI in se reecls xeiile Ios idi rases alove anlueld tI , arise iln eircolllnelltcs il.varioeis s itu.rhdelr elticieniy ililpiiiihle by nu) pa. cif I trealielit; ind li ietirn 1o Ilie ore irecI riou 11 thiise 11 9ll linv suxllxiltlid illhemsilves to sach illde qlluntr, and fete lllicions, Ilweens. The "experience i1 unusuIl extlent;" menltioned sliave inicludes t period i1" ilfoe lhnn Ilxf x cltni.v, lhavtig immi.inend in (:rent Brittin in 1712. Iin rxtirn in, Io H Britain in 17i9, frll a i ojours of vrerl yxvexx in lixe WVet I ioiix, his profxxsisllli alletllllox were ichiely directed it) he trtile xirxUtxnl Oleiitie cllletions, I greprli oretxixrtion lflilnsex beillg olf VeiItutilrur to tle East xieit Cc li Indiee relltir x i llin t lir n elletin ein search of relef froml viicoral i1rection , lxiay oltlxelll sxpPriencili entiere renvatin. 'i.hllle w lli hlve niot bteen tllred ilf iernin, (rlip. lure) by ous of li. Cbiisxe' Paet 'Tl'rti, (whichL will iu.:nilepprobably Iltx liitI nulnertous xes,) will btail: pelrfcct firmness. witotJil pain, or scarcely iiinove. lienxe, by dipplyitllg lo JAMES D. RUSSEI., Mlad. lDe. jon,22 ft N E corner ':iatl anmd Imnlpart t. 4SH OA REC-5i01t freet ah once, lxo sxle by j6 S & J P WlIT'NEY, 73 Uamp st .. E'X IS LAND l 'l't..S. A N AIISTRACT of lhe iriginol itles ofrecord in L thie Eieneral land Iltiei. Prinied in acordalnce ith a resohtiin:olf lho Hulixe ofl |Ielprtxentxive, p.s ied2lxL tluy,1838. A few e.pies itxl received and or sal by ALEX TOWAIL, . ;49 Camp .t " iA 1' F L-- Folxilx . .s qualiieN, rl+ lain t.tter paxter do . ii do Pxlket, xtcommxriee and Blth Post Roxal mnd mlpex royal cartridge paper Iron xmoiger's do Comtt.n slnplin - do Printing Piper, of all sixe., suitable lfor riiv and tilnitrv paltera. Also dillblhe tlrl, m. imperial and tiplxer ropel Prinihle Pxreres,foriale hy AI.EX TO\VAll, june I i t9 Camp st SECOND IMUNICIPALITY NOTICES. | Elt; brugh n I Pli:, Pseiaol hleed in aieipnlitv, the" f, dhrwilh g elaves, via: A amulntuto iintlal l d oarle shout thirty felr year of lta roya li. bPe)lgs IaU Mr Lsbhere,:. A negr: Iil:a itled Pwa ,nbout f:irty yeara fager, saa Ie ledong in, lir. Papi te. A mwnelr aontiaod anaed Jhill llate nIat thy fr yera sl age, arain lie h)elosa to Spr R(ihrad A groa': wOna'an nomised lllhia aiount 1 years ,ili, soyslahdngtnriie't 'eveonn3 n sall beler s t eilAUo ar dlre I en A gril, losn au alnout twente-lyil eaes oda, aldy i bhUnoga ro anlr Edward. dsa a TIo T owrr of aid staves will pleseso rl ast ei pris on riflho ib I Atnirilplit, t rusve properly, pay eharges and lake Ihen away. IfI S IIARPEII, jaly I h Captain ofi Whe 'lllch. U sn lutelsoe ailiie M01RAE an. d'eaoiroll 31- aone ae liel nlnatlittuila Mrte. le. f A.rlI r i.. U0llogrs snultrsa onlalr IPAUL agh du 40 aes, i5 diseMeppnatteine, d Mr. Poelite. Uov nlathe, aliauh JOIiN, agt Ie Inosa d1nainet o r aptui r uA te rieribnalr Ian tiegreere ltrotanhSOPlIEl , agh de21 adri, sendi sonitplpareolir Ale r. Tresas.• lie nrelgrese grl agoe de tll oeura disun apparie. rIir. EIdwnals lea ilropietaireo des dis ea-lIsese, snt Imriku s de venir lea retrrarll peyoyel les afais. H. S. IIARPIEIt ild . nspitiaie de lu .llder An,/IRE iong prouht p:tle poadn r te le Wolrl 2nd cY Atiietleiipal tile ils lloving rty aniy i 1 27j i. A Inv Ilorc- with 2 liod fetloeks whu a blsk alna e rl loe f, R obl in nd of n ri alt o mee, o 5 e p ropergh A dark Itrown Itorso wilh a Ibiak in e andtd,4 logg l nilt al ih on Ils riight aide (OA b, 15s Iandt hlighl. A in r Ila r i e oitl a el k ainendl nil i5,awlr hlr paer ile hind fetlock illile end 4 feel bren eoh,ired. TIh w.: I:sc fs sisl prperly will lea n lle on rud nt Ilie lopaldlit e3i corl oMui isoliv ty rsiunt:el as Ah oner at Rddh ned IIlAncia SirHw, iervs pri p!erlty pay ctoares and Itke themaawvyv es refi)s Oel:uripuy ile 27:11Jultay 1775 wiles tiey will h .oll asl uIucbii i by Ei Gui1ualllteliolle ucilnll:r. II. .ItAI.N, Itie. New Orleinns, July I3lht 1C 32. fNT Cu, mrosi so tesisiro 3am. ward Sda mo n icnpalld lnsanitelaux t.av.n uinserroIn U ch sorael bai 2 fnoe blase, queue Er Ceirl noiri, a beargs do I'oeuil draia is u 5rhbo 1 1 2 nasin s de -lnuteur. Un chrlavtl brtan es s epr rs e nloir, Iea qloaro Inates bias sasve an blessura aur la I uisse droits dde derridts, IG llnsats dI boutrur. Us slhovil mli crililoa at s pneuo noaras 15 mains ise Iluteur uoe artlie dl fnas droita de de irribre DThe wer lee n uare p nats lou eur brplre. hto seaty lea Ilhart~ 1110 cd arse lheainta. Lra prel)rietait€sr dIra de inlux se nt rapeuis In s reotdre a i rnyer dt 3ilu: wari dea Il a illu liCiautlil saiUs a IeseiOignUoIo dt esnTi Rnoeul I Anllel.ritoillo lArouver leur lrnrindelo, pnyor leos chitroae rt lraa rtirio lut o :Vaot earnedi le7 juail lea 153 ounIl srontvonuNIa a w'ines, panr w. . Gultil oile fe;cotleur pualic.. lj. II. Ch AIN, er li utar tlot. A ,h:lr p rown i Lv rw n l sthe l Iedr slber fe l e. hlhsllock whh ll "it ors' ti' :k:eiai it brows App;vrovedJunO I~ Ie 51r nw n HA l IiV,Hcrde.afr.~ tie :t Wil f tilthe d Ainrlinll i ty; ueiaold i th :iie onid Ao::ni:iaist::i eta rise Iur.:,arty. oetuaya'herel eiblae l~er nw-o:-,n r la.Iliac .satrdlay 21111 3iitJuy, 1222, awien tie s'ilt is seit at nar li onsy N Ocrltone, jily I II tRAIN lot tier liis Olliron ll|oeI oltieeuo itEoi t refro, ete •h ,' tidcrjee Iluls E, ciice ir it is r ( uI le I I l :r 2 oi(. uire adot, br it r- hrlr.l Ilrllll, ~ l sotuiiertis ella, lll ~d')11I i lit) eal,.l+llkliialre dIones rue io JRle tinav eIii PCIIA o Sit'i ,iie lJl erill ljuitt ,ileeiri eii.i lilt LersnL u-:llsla e il jillr polr t' A (l;ulll:::',s O llllllh . IIENRIt tRAIN. ill let Ihi-l i,. o d II (;Iaide \V IEI. 1lroughlt i: hise Eolnrte I'rusoo of tlao '2nd 3uineioupatly, Ith follnwinog alav., vsz:- A negro Ilall Iosied flanck Ilack, or Phill. shout l15years of' age, says hro aIUlaga it Madoau A ueorO Inan, nvaooid Iweore, abhoort50 iyears or ego. sa)y tiu hlelonga to Matditie ilegrore. T IIIltesI iil rsid slaves will phlase Crll at thte l'.,lteo I~runount ifths bltl Mni oieupatlity. terovs pro perly, paIy charges olll the toillsill nway. II. IIA llYI+]lt Nowt-Orlntrs, July 3. (C:apt. of'hlln Waelt. . i..ri' .,+',,. to l.iib'iitu-,. it ' t'':-:uiiuu ,..A j ( v~l iSi(IIIIiH+' h . b IIe (;Ut,. I . I[V I ' I.j ...ll llla ¥ r l~ Ian I-gr- IIiiiiiiic ItIi.k Ileink iii f'ilt,iual- u'eulnririi, a .1II1,' ltl. i~ lll lll1)lllrll~lllr 11 ).I ,(I)I' I .lll I1'+4 IliO;I l~lllllllei . 1. ·lrl• d l. ~l'.q' llvi llm l .' I t ll r (,. de Ilm. ..· +I)IIIFIIF (:...d+ Ilt h . (.<e,.m Yl M ,' lfI + ii' ; I e ro er lo r +i iruti. , Ilua ,r Iiuu tleiclhll ta tuute II I iri . atit~iuiiuurh~uiitsiueIlleoiIi'.. tNioliie it () lreta iie i3 otiu.n111h 111liioa ituitc uI s i. as, i colah'iamciyth In (itliciih hl\p. ti Nile llnteurin te Ii Jiiti' flatll ,l: .tl i i iI'C" , 1 i' I Itu lo a 1cI Ite- tl) ai.: ( .Iii i.' •\ 11*ell ~i~iII hiivIllli~ I JAN)IN, IIIUt i: y. elag *,Iv hI.lN, hliiet Ilr. Iah,,,ka. "A 'lillllil il '**i lilln nlll~il': 51\~\~1%1{1" bUl.../lelir9 ic-', to1h.o oIell,.g4 liii k. - "l'Ibll lV Ilt)rr. . i.'. I(hSI)I)., I" I sill ,• lll 11 IU,I RI~r os::rh-.' i rl.otuiu 1L und Ikle IrI ulue.. il11"1 >J I1"%11.1'1"11. "-•i)(,l It. .I. ,...,. eIur . lu.,ll - iAH.,,.ir : r"J I.a, lr,'...m.',ld 'us'.lill aldl la. e Int l ti. , ao Il -tii o-- ia art en.i l M i.u tun :: •~ | I ii li,.r i i.JiKLNs E II. UllsLlll d !unrl ap lll usllr. Or· iii Itr. Tlwh. ~lll.·r · lit 1r•.lll+ )llllel r ,I i+}fel (;ituun , ig a. dW la lub 4o ahe soqmh~ ~r hik . Ir l~ge.iieoeSiaii eeri~r I gee* :iciin RNI··ull i'ti.6 agi-, (ito ltO ae, tan14 il : r.ilillrle a tto cl i re ll-iuuc A le, 't l e is :':luio Irentuunic A~ SIr lit opslaho. Jlns~e m irJl I~r rtoIro r l v ,s direr o l : nfisi J 0 II" 5 IiAK~llI.Clhl illhi do l..flnsdi - Alt nL i UtOU ilUNIM,° -C IlPaI.iTI' .n0 _? w-- C_'fy if New Osssacs. sailloaog cfdaJ Itf Ihk 1221: iI/IICP I| ihnRi* ' aIJsolsiashll:r IEarnls, Wloela H. rII I. tsl,A eare \a:,' II. Miuour J$h5 l,. inhJ -..llil , T. Ileibios, Coirlls & lau nas I.. Sliicry,''l,.hlu i'n-uev', u.tlr, aoedO. A. Blatl -pare. rblsiuift Non-C.! i ro .rnll bs: reiirinlard slll ald ia " Allli of( 1I r·ll s ltle ,.PW . lllflh le *lyltllCp OIf a l.t oinl h( .l~l o ep oor~d S.t Jehaustareear m rosa Oisadasa tb b. New lbi.,i:l IeP i It e.lnvell, 'Ibnt nillacas ril hoe gievn of this t~iehoaiii ill rhi' T]rue Atuier-ica:: ond Ilis h-l~t in lbs lreon c alllnllirh e Il:llll:guae aaid hlit ia:-slic:, as Ioti'i-tlor stiissiho Sd he en lolI ili of arid sliels, thlt Ihst)oe e-it will lr,.eeed te c5usetol improsdnaihl t. Joln alice: frsiii Osiil sier: ttobth N:sl.~ Itrajoi hai ixearsnoes, damn-ae nteil In-ent lhiberfo ii lll .ir::ioi iiti of a: aiul P ol tr sfie Ii entnte esit ler lerI Ilie troihm copel taeck epeo'g Ilpieegir~as.oitieen:-.1 Pir iuogitatcor'etn a:i~l i nliti, |lPtuici 0: Itie cur ot Newa O)rh:-iia a&ie" uli~ipeisd ;hI April, J111322. JOoltllhI ltAt~I.IlWN, ieacordee. A plriiviod Jan e 1ISA: Ittti, J227 li't C. hd..NOItS ,Aiuor ~ IP 'llL.l, NO'TlIC is ,el,, givetha t if no...... fto tllrv , o.stion be wtaI, it is the etttlion of the ioorn "'i of l l1 lllioil tly NIo. 'b"yl to oons o he opwlenl ii. John slntmetfr (;irn;od cocei to he New Bioti, agre.ably to tlh aboe lteolutllOl. Me C. I,;EOIS, Mnv-r. Jieor J1te e rleansn Jneý,2 J89 dl ;Ut"l.:IIL I)E LA MUNI('IP ALIT1-E No. 2. lei In Cite dr /o 'uoael/e(Jr/Eaaa rat S("nll u 11 JIIll, 13:1. or. A "I'ENIIU qnm Jaen. Ilanvori toltu. We , il 2A_ II. Tits, A.aIvoe, o.t.H.n jlr, John ). Fink J. Jo,11u T. IIpk in, Culol& It&ono, S. W. ShLr leI, Joh llllolev M. Ie,,, oill (d. A. Idlne, ptopre' Slire's dle. itos trimN Ia rue St Jendpia si rile l;ir(d . . ...e1 ......; .o... ...ln.. d i, tin Toll-et de fibeir. Ilvri r Ii rn- e St. J.ot. depit Is rueo qoetoml OS tilh Bettin t din e t II sui" ?}1ft iie{.lni iiI /que .is seit Jacob p e ndl n di r elo nt ll itde letlle pptlnt inlno, lo in le Vri A enerit s er in oulletin, d, ale lelungntel n Iravon en Aeglain, nt f inc,t s plta pie l('o ppoiltilaot A tiofjele nOrsuiltn id, f'iteont.trr I'toverntoee de Intite rue, oe ce Crdoeil Ie otdopinbe Inovertite den . dite rle Sc. pion iepuia in eo- ri tt (oidul juot,' nall BnniOm neuf : len dhpnnren. lea re.- w t II lnondnn i ten nOaennpn en o eFtetirtleoft, f ot t Ir l e ton tat'11111 on le l easie I'un i- ne de In r.coilce o imsniaatetL.on Aette a rconarimer .ot n ouuerertteetlioettent etoooslioratin des relenl in- Ilnroen Ipletlijuen lon In Ville e l o Nouoelle OrbIasa p9"- -o p Ardno 3 ANeil, 183:. n"" Signb JOSIIUA BAlInI) iN, Recoltiden. ge A r dynuv ple 5 jain, 1838. J"?d 12h r C. fENOIt, Mnere. ,e- A'n'ghlo tn et dnnnb que 0 i'oimpooiuion A ntins. to. tVI t ern onrl forjiI et'et Io'itte ino doe C;oneil er In keeticip lthe Noe. 2,dr Ite lvrir In T ue Sr. te n "dpts on rw e irood jonqo'ao Binoin rnn, oen srfe n; ed teoet ra In Rloo.lutioo oodeoote. - . ( - C- GENOISM nrite r La Nosip vellen Orglet,,, Jiu;n 22, Iok. I. ~ re 1 tULICE I TrEL.LIGENC E. July ..nlarneret Nowlin,, Jnon A otnit John AnpeN in arested Is dngerou andea r upniioi u plyNtncnrs t1 mted ice 3I30 pys. Antt Rteyonld, nml'1'hon teecot, Baslicioun charda;ctersrr, being .o. d for, were -inchBrgl s;. Wn McCarty, for a inethi, of the Bowieo Konied li d n okerepthe apeaie lor irown, hon Street and inJnIrw,arreated Out beyrg fu'mdrc drunk inl the street; or 'MM VemnnHAR'ail d DlO, ii u .ll receivSng lter on board ship Oelennn. EagIe, Hlighlander, t oks I. Jletty Andrew, French andt Geemttt plty eards; Bach. ltootnn Boorda- Citroonnn, 2 1-4 end 23-li lch Sit 004Q Bls; B8,9,10 owl 12 i nit ltwld Ktee JBnwin Knit,, Letteeer and other tenoelling )rnoming Cones- Blet, Pockhet, Honnmallt', nod iltDlling Pintouh- double and single btarolled Guns; Game Bugp; Shot elts; Powder ead Pistol FlCnks; Drat Bottles tnd Dlrinking Cops; nodNail Caps and Cap iollers; Clotl, Iane, Tnothg ].'N'u heo. Orris CI tllorine , Too th Wah: o di Powder; Todeoilet ad Shaving .Snalr, in great va rit; .lotgl Hair Braids, Ringlets and n' a, Pearl ati ttllet Powder Emnery ligs; Ivory Tub Cushionl; Ptt Sies or Gartenrs; Gtin Elastic Suspendera; owior ltulr tl IIItn oxes.; Gil Cthuins, Setls and Keye \r-drane; Vuitalt Buckles; Bracelets; Bead Necklance tttlCitatn; Gilt and Silrnred Beads; Itndiaot Boeds Bell and Phnes; Shell T'wist; Side nd Dren;" Combs;wich,in addition to theirfurmcr tstock on hant, makes thir assortment very complete, and will me a.ld ow and an libeinl terms, it tie night of the Gobte0 Cotib. i25tf 70 Chtrtrea street.

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