Newspaper of True American, July 25, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated July 25, 1839 Page 2
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4 *ruw-OteM C Qiumber of COmmerce. ' orFIckta s THIJ YEAR 1831.9. F r rePdent, . J. Petera. Firimtice P dreeide , W. I.. Hodge, Erq. Ssconld ln. Jnr.. A. Me, le, Eq. S .Camsritee qoj .Ippel far. I839. Jama Dick,. James H. .yrverich, H.C. c'l'.naek,. Ahijah Fisk, P.O. Mrce, r-tl l Thompson, J dn Amia H edLAbidraiion fr the mosst of Say. John Heddlnrdtu~,.' ' IlJuo C. Harrison, ; HW. tHintgten William Hnlki oi, Enoch Hyde. Jr. P. A. lati y. "Jo n s i on K o h n. . mLal I eallollou., The Grean fauera a is la.clotdr ervertday sat 1 a'clkek A: .. Is dues reVr) ay at 4 P. AI. h te ERcpreure Atfil i celsest every dny at lali past 10 A.M . n .due reith tie Great amtan Ma;1l, every S.*e LCke .Veil (vis evington, La.) is rloed evdery oIladay, Wedsedaly and Friday, oa o'clock, A. 1. Is due every l'Tuesdsy, Thursday, ad leturday, At 5 T tl._anria*We or River Mail is closedrevery Mon 4a+,Fý!dasesdsy, sad Hatlrdav, at 3 P. M. ,Is set ad reatrned by ateambrats. Arrives irregularly thre times a weak." ?le BaDe Sara of Conal Mail is lasMeal errv -Tuesdayadl Fridav, atI' P l. Is sestatld ritrraltd ly stealmhoats. SPhe Alexalria f Red River Mail is sent irregu larly by s steahoeat taiyae t week. OiLouISavILLIa oi IVER MtAIL. dMondar, )l S Wene.adny and Close at 8 o'clock, '. . eaturdasy; COaSrT MAtIL. anturday and Closesart Ro'cloa.k. a M. 3eiluo anu Closeout o o'cloo.k3. 5 h. NEIV ORLEANS & CAIRROI.LITON RAI. ROADI) 1n c00090300900 00000000rc0 0pli3 n0inn000 ,r a chlange in 013 time oodepor3 for th.eoo care, 330e ooopl.oy have. conoludead to adept the Flollowllle .rre!Igeueout. far I he em-l mer, c~oomeai lg onn lho 003w 3330. 10M0410. ARRANGEM3ONTo FOR THE0 0 F.EK D3 ,. Proo Carr.lltoo. ( P. ooo 3 (1ow,,,,1. H93` C0root41 ork,.A. . Co r at 5o'o,,loL, AI M Lxomuliv f Leconoeive L33 2 30oboii ,. 33 00 113 " Aaan a EMNT Feat SUNDAYS.. The ears will leave e1 ,lhe anteo istul r a in the week days ! 1 * cnbck, P. M. w ;jIn a Locamotis will Iees -Csrrrllto. ve~ry hour. anall 6 u Y'LIclq', P. M. and New Orleans every hlour unnl 5 o''cl **k,. * 13. A her 10 390000i.k 30ho0 r .030 cn he ol,0.0.3 by peyi00000ol. .1I .ofoe the Trip; ifr0,31oo3or She, l2 33oel00k, P. 31. IA dol. 10·003ll 3e charged.' P99303000ldg by the States Car mu0t provide themselves !ºlth Tkkot, as the cudutor has plnive diceclunc out t nrcsike mceey in licit thfroof. 1'haal10retiun in the thnJl ofdlcliuccllr, as shownl nbove~ran! '003ht100110l3h the 0 0o00dt,,h. 3 r93cln 1i ca3s, 3hich 30ill sow0 tevo NOW Orleans at31 o'clolck, and ill kernel, in Carrollton 'Mill 5 o'clock. they Imrerhe city, stin at 6 I,'ctecl, and stayll in Ca'rrollton untl d ,.'clack,, th~ereby nllsv Ulg vesiler. onn and a h000113333310030 y the Pl033 nt waolksoao o poo oko of "!freshmantc in sue of O thle most Jrantif t Gardens in the THE JACKSON ANJP LACOIIRRE STREET CARS tanrc the head ofu Jackson street utO ojeiuck, A. M:, Cauidn .J-et at 6} o'elo k nd tun headry. At h o lnrk they w ill . ·,Rrnce to teave each and every. hall houlr, uutll Pf n'eleorh, i i,exePtmen thatt in, endl of snniil. anal street at Pi u' e k, the ca rll will Inovn hove at s',6uck I'. N. " 'l It ex psrll~alarly rrryu.lbtll Melhl ge ralrvnpn will not put I I~ir feet apoa tbe cashioil· o smokcn il the care, whoa Ladies ." p (resent. w)be a Orleans. and Carrolltonl Rail Road Cam may,. vay Irt IM JOH HAMI'MON, Sinue 15 Chief Fa ng. 5. O h C RI R LA t rr rU L 1. rU IN~ --~ "° HOTEL. I LA AUD has thle honor of informingo his tes r and the publlic ilk general, that lie hue taken the liar,"1 at Carrolltor, where !to trusts he wsill receive the call,. of his bid frir ds and all lovers of good cheper. Privatle. Parties will lie hulndaotllly provided for by t:'ctne u little notie brelirrbhand. He I. willing to enter i". to err lgemelet t with families olr ind ividua ls desi roust " Passing the sunnnoer at Carrollton.l 111200 NEW ORLEANS (CANAL AND RANKVIING CO. riIIE Iron tileamnhnt Khecen will leave the Basinl l a the heed of tit{l New. Canal, everly day, (except~ Mlonditya) fur the L.RktH, s lldlows: Illlpart at 5 A; HI. Returln tt 81 A. H.· 2P M "' P.M 51 P.M. "" 9 P. AI And on MONDAYS,-r D~epart at 10 A. Sil. Return el (21I P.M.· sl h. AL .AI W oyy 26 it. CHEW, Cash.. NA.SHVI(,I.E RAII. ROAD.. The. t.ocomotive .t ill resume her0 regular (epic to the GREA T PRA/RIB~comullenei ing on Th'lursday, IPtht July, 1839, w EEN DAYS. Departure, eturn. 6 A t. 1 A. AI. 9 1'$t. d" '. Al. SUNDAY. " Departure. Return, 6 A. H. i A i 12 AI 10 A. M M). 2 PM 5 ~~61 PM muy 18th;--6t ,tA tS If CALDWEL.L, Praeidnt 0033030 l0900,, o33'oIooI o0,,0033I O3011300 Ch lr on , Jaly ..........18 W n,,,on ,.Jly.......1 NH ila ton , 41 ... .. ..-... , 1 I. ll4 l lll e ,l o ... Illll8,re, io........... 1 St,.. Lou , do.......... ll 8at a mlrllu r d............11 I~I verpoul . ....... 13 lluu+IOll ('Te8a.) Jul .....15 Pri. d.........1 RoIst,, .... .... d. . 3Il· : . II.dOu ldl... ..... I4 ahville, Ju ............7 l re do ......... 1 FOTII'' OP NI\V 01tlI,':ANS. CLEARANCES. July 23, 1839 Fonp RSm-y Jnck, 8Puo , Mohile, e. la*ter bIrllI ..llex Porlor, DN rmy, L.ail .Jle. p ,July 4. IP413 July 24, 18398 * 1ip Orient, fIil i4y , P 888'll 88llhia 111 .Maipir t.r.a pp, I l8 ll4 l f1, lo8, ,l SLt . IJose 1ph 4,,. M 1 hr eMisiry, Cirpp ke, St34 y. Ne. Yorke to J m e8 t sipR Inoaon,58no,34 Ahyl frol m PhIathI., a N IV SlJuly ly4,]E3 "itomrt VieHpd, Pa ao, fn Pita o theity w PIIILADELPIIpp . rd OIlu n LefL the . 5C br 3 thae 2lord rSl I II Nthing l.1ight1, 3 the o 8lllI, Notlnl. 18, 485 I, hip Mi 8aiipp,, ,obe34 1day fro., INew York, to J 8 t 1l ullen. OBILE..amer ViAl, P .C 519, fin Pit orw 7 1 JP ADSEPIIH..Per slrfipR ralfnt.. Corg l edr tlne o on, lII nhortnlrlcco, 93 hhds and 2 1,x 1685 a 81488,1881. 7 . eklnr8 , 114 h pc rk,, 30 I7 a.cks 5ptea c n meal, 59:t I lpeg]od, boldry lot. mercmIlldi o a ind re lirned rorgi p. I OBIE..Per 4Pchr Alex 8nd er 1,'g. . 1 1s 2a It,,I r 84' 11'1 JoSEPIIS.. l· h V r [ton,,a .. Cr.... s ,,tr lot . oats S rbl or.rar rtar gt e il I.a l, go, n orte 11 11111d t( , F 1rs hip * ,.Imipp ,land, 1Renow 1n..,unday 1o18s88u o8 cha nliase .............. Per .-chr ,lo- ry", oar,.|. 3 bh, pork1,,. It , t 8 los uid 40 k s ,ill ri5,i0 s hlrly. n hhds ol hR ,. L dVE0 r d O hFr l Is rakrrl, 4l 1 Is ai C o a ,The orI R1 , h. .or, 111 bur lllaesaorl u ,i;n '1 NE'WI," YORK..P+,p hip 8 ti8,1 1 i pp8 ..t',tr1 o 1 l...l ld ,,r- ,, it m d 4 I lw Levee s ll ictl l , w leeleba t o s. anl r a,. trd a dl, 1 di . . t RECI8IPTI OP IPRODUC8I Il PilCONSIO a I du , S PA1SENC0. is i34 --tI ip.-.ta .ltilpiil.R.iaewn ll. r lall ane d Dr o V I ' t1:h Iludso.. 4 a k l , e in MtlIOAe NDA I Oho said be s till d t riia 8 ee11 ill FOR 4o10 VE jOn. o . -,;*sp t u rp -epr • ' A. 8rThe A I and 1Iht l sa8111 Ship SCO'TL.AND1 C1 apt Marr lnlun, havnl g th8ree fr,1,t o , hr ,' - '11e8ri ponl8 8ively en gaged and going oin boa, l I IIh will 8te81veo11 I6 . il1 dphjIt i lll ,t.4hl . I , I •I , r or 488 Ilk 11e1o 181181j13. I I II liA t Y ljuly 2 t 93'Co monat ' C-IOFFE -79bagHIa vanla g"r.n .of.fee for isle o y11 vi ulSSIA SHEbrlIhUe-15 baIIA-n ig188 sip JOlla Dunlap, f.r 811le 11 4 . ' t ' e , .4 1. w ,o4f1 c o t i t1on a d ' - .e ei 1 b.le` 4-4 twilled Lowell cotton, 3 ea1e8 buckokin I s88 It 44431, landing frion ohip St lo.1jof,,r sale by 4 . ,99 1H 111G1 1 14u.&131 Mag0azhne R5 8 t ~LOCKE & COi., NI. 09888 L.o evee, haor.I8 sto188 8 large and extensive a81ortme1lt of4 Capper 1ild 8o Tip Ware or their .,.wn lhUat8U8ret, Which Irev o,,rr SIt low My hmhpln.uie. . 8 ,1 8 I0 ' batPriie, I.vap by -1 Y r1 J .. . A TFRIER, Q4l mir m7 . ' ,' ' . 4 L levee l jAtt*Ja-45Sing al d8 Lecsa priee oftord .48 HbnroJ.mrSae e i 3 J 'IIAY.I E & C8 L St bhn, wi t i-lh moh low if taken from tie levee. Nsw O .U LIA N, 7 Cop-._ sitem and Ptaieet B41*t Bakery-WVatfrs andgh S... - /Ti hjsle. . 1 '.O. Maesnaepe (lunr,8 Ponl4..iar881 Rai t ..... far, 9Pilot end Nt BDrad, Soad and Wine Rikcuit, vety Vu ar, hitr, I lt'ilmud Water Crackers. tIt a All .ie .+tw awre warrantld-to be oflthe alli leaqualjty.- lld ,. beep in any climate, being mn h Idtt2 dried or mea.- . mere al at 41. W. iPrtiehard and Tegait, Jr. I 84,084 Ma ltn.inn epd eea, will reacivs S'Hve pmwmpt attentjon. Detaill la put up eaproeel.yrTc r jlike8 -aly e. m.. ~ . I..o, j `tick TIIK TRUE AMERICAN. IBt AOfl N L2 GEBPA FAITr VUL AND BOLD. Official journal of te 2S b lunicfpalltp. D PUBLISHED - Daly, Tri.Weekly & Weekly. NEfW OIRII EAN;s o THURSDAY, JULY 25, 1839. ; TRUTH NO LIBEL. THE BRITISH QUEEN, $ OR THE ORIGIN, lIiE & PROGREC s OpF''iE BRITISH AND A5MERICAN STEAM NAVIGATION It COMPANY. .WVOTHINoTORN G. SNiEiTHIEt. (Coqtinoed fronm crr Int.) It eas determined about this lime to apply nto palia. oont For an act of itncrporation, hut the resolution w as not clrrielfinto efhct in consequence of new projects being on foot. Evee to thle present time, the company have no charter proretoine the individual liability lof the stack holders. This ciremnetnmce goes very for to show thalt ile lrtek is in hands of reat eapitalis.l and that they.have the utltot conidenlce ill tle proliluble n ns.u. tof tlhe enCeorn. he T'hi te nd now eomoln.r Mr smlillth friends in N. SYork to act. - ] n Dec. 1835, we fi ad lceanss Wladswotlh Snal Smilhand sevelrl otlher gvtlemen in the fielr pro. curing sigllerlstl a lletl ri.l to the Ieginle ture of tfle State of New York praying for the erlct of a lharter, Sautlhorising the lbrltatlio of a compll ny for the purp o.e of establishing a i ine of Steaml ships leween Ftngltnl and the United Slates. iD)le ntice wao giving i Ilhe public printst that such appliction wohuld le made. The lmemorihl ntulmronllly and respecttl'y siglned wits placed in the hnlds of one of Ith city reprlsenttlives in the IlouIse of Assembly. oI tie year 18.36, the new fangled doctrine of oppo or silon lto every thing in tlhe shape of monopoly spralng o- up. The chlrtering of companies by the legislature was looked upon as a tyranical ivasion tof the people's e rights. As this wan the prevailing ferli ngof the Aseam to bly in 1836, the ineorial was not presenltel but return ed to tlle petitioners, wilt the t nssuranc:e tlhit no bill in Saccordance with their prayer could he got thrungh the 0 Ilonse. l To atttempt the fitrmation of a conlmpny fo r public *f purpose withoult a chrter was The custom o f the United Slates is always for the not of incorporation ll precede the orgaolizrion of tile corporator.. Not so in (ireat Britain. What was to be done thllen The il petitioners who wore deaireroun ofcooperating with the zealous Smith aned Inird and tlheir active nasociates in London were compelled to abandon Ihe design fir a time il Thegranltilgofthe prayer of opeitioners in 1838 would have bee. followed It ig ere this by the construction of 3. American steat ships. Nay, we might have had the honor ofl first cro-ing. the Atlantic by slteam, hdl the New York'Legiathure hbee truly alive to the interests of the State. Nothing further was definitively done in I.ndon from e the time that shares were allotted ill Jalary up to the re month of May 1836. l'wo meetings of the direction r. held imtmediately prior to the 91lh if May had under difaiseuesion the proposiliou of still further extdolling the its powers tf the company and increasilng the capital to . 1,000ll,000. In one of his lett rs to Wadsworth and Smith of N. n York odted 11th of May. Mir, Smith says :-Several Sgentleoen are now in town frema Liverpool haild Cork desirotus of unitilg witll olir company and establishing a line of steanlships from Liverpool to New York as tell eafrom London, to touclout and in at Cork. The proposition seemns to elape itself into comely aspect. We, of course, contemplate to get the Manchelter Leeds and Sheflleld interest, as wtell ts lhat of Ilirming' hal anl oilher places iof comereial imporllance.. It - is proposed to angment the capital to one million of pounds Pterling in 1ll,l00t shares ofX. 1110 eac. Ilow far ewe shall be able to accomplish this great object, it is li impossible to say, bht I canl see as the Board of Itirec tors will fit in Itondon only, thl, ,if ouccesasfl, wo shalll ultimately combine tile great commercial intlerest of -. 1 w o n s.o aunn onoU y, tott, t1 CII ucesful, w sh al ulrimately combinttie t great commta rcil interest of s A, Great Britain n oie gorand transatlantic asteam Navi. I gration Company. This design was worthy of the ano who, opposed by a p1 nearly all hit frieds, coul seo so far ahead olin 1832, a P, . as to suggest an underi.king then deemedlchimerlical. retdnt. Thronglhout the whole of his lahours in this cause, we t Sind thalt Mr. Smlith was fully apprised of tfe tnagnituore t and imporiance of iis project. o ... 13 The schem hall experienced andl up to this time still ...... experienaed the 'olniligited oplpositionl of th packet 0 11 P im ' e -.. m . .... staolly ourges on Mr Smith coad tie Direction tie futili- i ...11 ty of expecting sIuppot ftroml tholse mlerchants inlterosted t ill the line of tliling I.akets In aNew York. Ilis nrgu SIncllot wll, thi 0li0ts .mu ot all come inl ultimtely fo lr tr sh!lippeas of goode mualt andt wdil tsed bly thee tooto P speedy oonveyance jut as they then slhipped by the pa- i w kets ill prefetnce Io transient vessels. " i lr9 The hopes of the' colpany were about Illi time grear- t ly raised in collselence of tile success·ul tripi of oe I P 39 of the government steanlers friolll i.alIlonltl Ito Molta.t II a ltelr She steaomed all the ay, a dlstnllce of 21ttt0 Inatical i me, e ailes in 9 days lad 6 hours. This experimental evi. '" t nlq eo dence was not to bte rebutted. Tithedoctrins of IMr II: Salith were so for verified. d 3J T'lhe eyes ofthe Company however were turned wilth h ship mtae anxiety to New York. They had been apprised of cd rdliat. the unexpected flilure of the project In get a charter hC from rile Legislature of the State anll they begnll to i to j tht the duty must now developae holly ulpon their N F sholulders of carryilg into oxeeltioll the stupenldons l undertaking of establishing a line of steann hips to N. Co York. They consoled themselves however with thile re. to cotton, ection that if the Noew Yorkers chose to o l:t them go su i. 1185 ahead unnsoisted,thy would have thll opportunity of A Seollgr.gosoioe the wihlt t ito tle f crrying ald plssengergc oroloh betoeoen HEclnntd ond thle tUnited oltate. el tn In the coelrse If tbllo lunller of 11 h tll hthe oco determined to accede to the very libert proporsitioos sil 00 of thc Corek 00ud oiV oootlgell joihel h A thirdpro.- r'l o erhto ;ll,,J Nay t ree.e re it-r-ned. Mlahter the mIus I'dvorTI ll;l a d auspices. 'hee was now no lear of toilure. Ctunoi the I tdn o ill to of thPe gr,.at ;if liln l oe . otf tle prI po .:1 d Irlgln, ai 1r l l high .illnd w sll rI Ikl. T'l o h l ·\ llllt lilll w1.1 ý VnlJIP·F. 1 lu d of it e II o wo0uld ot Ftlter in o llo I r to (tr.. The iltn t rl2ss of (''ork, Liveltpsl d01 D1utblin %,hl ,as repii retEnt. I ed l v b llle and e oerpolisiog te,,i . io ' all ,itl;, Lair d 1hI real0 we now ololehd to thelt rello o l:e poso.t of. ,, t sereer. [ie too tie l'omplny. Ili.- ,hors O a lssistinc tlo g to to tl third plrospecllS hlnd be i: lobsel v,.d by 'le dirctlion, am ofid o s- prllllriel)ors ill tie tod comlplty, l t heyI , Selot Ilromplt IV exletlltdd tlo thio toll high I foaf oi thto-it cOiet et: ill hif the real, eo\'eriet nce tld eot oL alrdi lllly i tlld -tl y. rV i STie sharIru lt r tilt e t liional o tollto lllll , ere iroposed io t lfr wNlh tile _ll llelr t ulbrilsisll. The dlarectrs Pxter- zee . V t o'eld great care it tllotioigoohoaresooliy to thosoe whon tor they supposed ele bona JfidL. elilli.ts and did 0or tetd inveotl fotr the !org purpoote tof tg.ectlio.A A lcoillh- ol! rraide ltllmbroo f Ileo f hOlra hiowever were reoorvud Irv.y Sthie lompllnlly ot llfurther exoigencies. tha NI l'Things ' e n o now eas s0lmhly as colld he wiih- toos t D e d. li. l.aitd becalme tile native lman ill the btnains, the mail thus telievrg, in agreat o oeasore, Air. llithll frlooth t wle i the arduots luil to whlichllhe load benh slcbjicl for o enlly 't Ion years. :till Mr. ,. contiibuted is flicienir t aid on all in i ot," ocaios Io lto lorward tile o ilws antd illler.sts ofltl col - o tokm paully. (Oii all hllnd., tlere was a spiril-stirlrillg zeal one I, jy evolced tly lto, wh'huoo toert of I)loeti.l. lTo c lahurboo tho of tile Cilalrtlouo . Air. Ioacn Sally, cad (,,l0000 As ado. fi walito, lthe Atieriea l' Consul Goeneral .e not to be for. isie Jo gote.o But it would he invidious l to digtinguih,-all . eiel tilllmanifeated tlhe greale t interest inilia tIii l:crsof.l litrt skin acleme. exta (in Iithe 2 th ofOcltler, 1313 , tie Diile toors of tile o toe 'olllllpany concluded thle conltract wilil .alesor.. Ct;lling, to.e r log Soen, for the bOilditng oftheil o utsr tt o a u s0u0 . Al tolr Ste wao Io lpaeutre 1700 tons tourthen,. S -2-t feel keel, 1't , 2325 feel between perpendiculars, t S 40 feet Ietweenl: Ietn, el o 27 foet thold. t The price flor her hull coppered, tinitioe. o-ea, &c., I in tas fired art £26.50. She wan to hove illhea ttcekaund bIo C verty thing also inu ropotion. Mal t Tile conract fot r tl engines waso efcltrll oti lle II ;h P ad of ovenblor, 18.G, with Metess. Claude, (;irdwouod & eo., of Glasgow. 'Thy were to have ISrlo 4e. 'J95 horse power each, Louil t 76 int ck cylinders, -ichi 9 liet strokea, 3-In ad It was flrller determinal lorig thlis cbp ill .olcl i an. Oaito ) ero, as to give her sailing qualities eqolal to tihoise of to -30. lit, very beot of tlh liders. Til total expellan was ettiliom. dter a pld at £6t,1100. It will be seen in thte arequl.hat tll - pinci he al important al eration were mIade in the. itesna. le. O a During the winter of 1836 and Io3', tlhe cOntrcoro 'he Fr w/ r engauged in colleteing, assorting and shaoing tile New S iotahetr fot the vesool. Eiglish oak, Africanl nok, and - re 'Hvana a edaor were only led. The Illtlltnl are was t r taken intsletingthe wood. Not a single i mlrlofet 3. 1 etilk to e ur.sed. jo3t] O • .,l The keel was laid in Curling, Young & c's shipl yard, after enlarging the dock tu the required size of th vessel! on the let DAY OF APRIL, 1837. Tihe wurk wont on rapidly during the remainder ofts spring. Th Ipreassre of the time. did not retard - one day. The eatiafactiun orf Mr. Smith at seeing his enterprise going into operation, is best des - cribedin hris own language. He sayr-:-- l ook back at with ana.efinet, anll see how I waa guided by Provi. A dence in thin thisig,--how,tlote, whose patronage I used the tmost trenuoees exertions to obtain, were denied to rIe. I now see how little use they wiould have ben inthisa grelat enterprise. It is a powerfil leslson,that we are not to trlut to an arm of lesh. I feel it, am tn ean to be thankful that I was not permitted to have my owne l'tlee ri-is of 1837 exerted a very favorable infltence upon this company'r desig.' Ilundreds were eagerly expecti:,g remittnaenesr old America, but the prevalence I Sof easterly winds deprived thean of that which would have saved mnteay valuahle houses fron misifrtune. The * projept of steam was therefore daily and hourly coupled with the urgent waneb of the commercial eommunity. The new steamer was at first named Royal Victoria but in coosequnce of the explosion on board ofa Hull Is hour ofarae name, it was determined, some time after, to to call her ' Mot ltisrj Eattet.n. Thit excellent device chimrd in withll tie feeling of tihe British peoplte ,wards their Oltlhfil sovoeign, and Ia greent interest wits Ils lo crranted int all quarters for tihe aurcests f the noble vessel, then on tile ntocks,. Th. crrioniry ofthe pultllhii aront excited. Theslhip yntd WIIa daily crodleFd with vijimrr . h fOn the irlh of Junli, 1837, tire Ilrililt h Qaueen was in ithe frnIme. A day.or two after, the .ilnriltis f illud firrd rane to see her. IIt: pronroulcc; Iher tle Ph'EAne. or N.Ats..1 HIT:rcTEC.UREa! ltis compliment from the l clert son of thle Diuke of Marlbtorouglh and the heir to e iillenheim, pleased inot a little the prilde of the skilfuil workmlell. tso It.nt esoon ete known tllat tle roeerel was gllron Ip eunder tie active sulerintndenlce of lr. Laird, ind tihis eiarrelnianlce cronribuled to inerease the public confi dence in her. It was reen that nothing wits left uindone le to make hereven stronger than oiy vessel in the British renavy. Every body who saw her, felt full of security in the wotk. Not even tihe most fiarlidioud aste could lind nult wilth her proportionlhrs. Enrly ii July, 1837, the want of stenam coant. in niention with Amnerica was nrst rrverely felt, tIv the he Onlllel'Citl interest. '1'Th design of the IBritish and Alnerien Smteall Nuvigat:on Ciompany gained conllerts lie from quarters whre thle utmosl rersistace came iilll of erto. T'lhe wanits of these inldividuals mallde them oelsfes on that tihe sooner a line of lteaulli shipRs was eatllbliihed ia betwreenllondo nrl New York, the better. l'eir doubts Ie as to its practicuaility were gene. he (To ie concluded in our nrex.) ae "No exampletcnn be given of the seductlion ofn a sigle id representative froma allegiance to his constituentlley Ex of ecutive patronlage, inrlueneeor corruption." 'Thus dis Ile coursetl tile veritable Globe, in anlswer to Ihe relmanrkc he of a N. York Iper ulpon the senle at the Park Theatre, of on the occeaion of the Presaident' visit thereto. The play was tile Sclhool for Scandal, and in tile scene tot where Charles S.rfI.e as disposing of Ilis anestor's he picureer, w henll it isaid--"llere are mlembaers of I'nrlia eenllt fhr sala,--tlhe first tille, either ught or soldl,"- let all were forthwith turned upon the President anid his Ire "Demncrctie cliqule." The p!nsiion tihat mnoment of to no.ll fafreal or twently corrupt Van lerren men who Ihadbeen knownto have sold thermsetlves,r was not an N. envioulls one. The Globe is in a great rage tlhat tilhe pst Ia and pr'esent ndministrnlions should be supposed guilty rk lofbuying represenlatives, or even of using the Irent In ng ftlence over Ilror human i nlature. In order in gt over as the dilemma in which it is placed, it auiees a gretl dust In about Ihaok ilauetll, and reens a longeln rray.rof at. Jacksonl men who have arateded rm tlthe party, swear te ing all the titme, that these recusants were bought up by I . tile U. Slares Ialnk. Iinthe midst Iof this abou It bnk inflelllnce, ie are told very coolly, that "noll exam-. I n ple ear he given,&.c." fr tIaeaie tio gwern, ate... r Now it conot IIe nlpposed that the Globe is in enarn Sst wrhen it makes s t bold a cihllenge. That paper is calling enolugh to know that it will not do even for a 1 rogue to confess hilmelf a rogue, for conscience ir ever of seeking to avdid so disagreeable a colnlursion in the mind. It i,theilreflare, ntural enough that this iournal ihoulI assIIm a virtle for the I thint it ilever i s-. y seserd, least he diashonest portioni oflit might even take 2, alarm a itcnIcessioisof ishonesty, and fly fron its em braces, and we.ahlllll now see thile very worst olf thle liar y, tlhe men w ho have bleen nooriously bouga;,Land saold, l the loudest in proclaiming-"No examnple cal be given of the seduction &e." II #e have wnt by is Nile's Register, else we could twrtea n t)hIo r lf slllllne of replesenttives, learled la v SIhe ipeople to withll over their in/eresas in the lille 1f vemrm-nlrdn.ieldtced from their duty, and made to vote for Imeas.res ioft a purely party barneer, without rferalence to their influence upol the public weal. Indeed throughout the whole o1 thatl wicked adnrlminis trillion we saw little else th coLllllts between the iPresident and It)eprseinives of thle People, comalts ill which corruption of the vilest kind entered ats nit ele lelnt, to turn friln the path of ihonesty the delengate of the ieopl,. It is well known fag il gin; tt ha e power, patronage IId inhfluence of the Plresident been biroulght 111to hlear,Jakstlon would lhave been niways in the Iminol)rity ill tile lower ilouse. Did be ltl Imake Imoln appoint mInll from ainng Ilt lllmembers of Congress timn nil he other residens before hil togethlier? It cannot be delllied. But to cungie llnearer to tile present time. Whol, sanll. end SUwyer ofN;rlth Carolina from hisi nlbegiance in hisi constituents? Wliho seduced Mallory of Virgiini, froum lis duty to his constituilents? Who sednled thie othr nbh-lrenanry Whigs in the last Co:gress from their duty ? Who subdued the greant Callhoun himself from his allegiance to his constig ett to sustain ilr Van Bueen in hia Ivmtinnncal and liberty. subvertibg elXPerilnilli oif all ilallllIat.lldlllt ir.aiit,?j And bien Mr Kiog of Georgia gook ntaait, gainslt hitl expPillenllt, ho bnrought batck to the Illl L aain ()I h. -youl will ,ny', tllesr en chnel ged of themselve. ! [Did they ? Then why lhange upon fie eceders rol .leak.. son anid lan ian tl.hal tihey were bol.ght by lhe lank of the U. Ita te ' While nlthe liter (barge is, i<mnppor l[ , upo lnly thing like fglir grounlslal o II oillld t of p the il to and presit Eaetivm in appointinig i to oUlie a .I so/ the peou ple to o uloP -I U.I e pulry ' "of . olwksol0 n anot i'lno llren. [utt the fut o n<lrlevic ll ,-.the prerto d m nd p sti atlnlill iM ltions eir Iand tre cul.rr t Ilo the r ii a,,r The lnr, l: olre l.- lten i ie her- of mlue lie ds to I nail-iigg-m -iuiii;a g;- a;;; 'Tt 7'ie Tirulh n, Libiel.-Thlin is Ihe very t siennt o gIre libertyl of the pnr.s. W1hen theI Co"llarlii(lllt I1n Ihe |l:"Uill oude'laread 1 t fild lwo II huld, . passed I oanriide trannic ttli, E. lill iti ,,zag lw ,o libel uit Hl etver existr rd in chi. frllSee cmihr,' Did lhey oteplan e tlht ta ili. n lor- t l shol l. l dlrled ip beilre the tribunals of tihe Fi land, uindr this anli republican liw, fur tellini the noelrlrt, inl eo.iuse itli had dne sol, sholid be dectlared id- guilty of libel, and he lidnd.ed to sufTer the penalties by enow.lrated I,) atrach to llth.nll? hid Ihev coeniplaite the peoIple, l nl ton ptect lnl thlle ftro public indicnanion wl~i!e ist/ inidulged oit itrls oiiice and ctitie, ish ll ~y ever be the ru-l by whic:h lhe pes.ho Muld be governld ill ihla Union! Ask tile millions elo .ninen dispersed - Ihroughll utlll tlllis wide land, andl il they elc d spuak wilh one voice, theirNo, ulld make the minionsl of power, tIle men drest in " briefltlIhority," who wolil dare I S admiinister this itltiinllotll libel law of England, sitk into ir. isignihltnc nn. The iIrstiluti lnti of the noluntlly have 1 drelired the ni law shall lie passed abridging lihe Ie liiucrly of r1it prer, by which declaration all lawn in exi~lener, goilng It abridgel that liberty,lare ao roueb Et.i tto be sweiipt awn Iny ite haLnd of I io e free.mull. i hi , Truth is uo libelt Slr. Ciny alnd ldge Poiter passed throughl ti a tfw unys since, on their way to Iluifelo. 'l'ci flldlowiig ilti ,rlnain ion is il ft I , te retnRa ti the !t tnllie iIn ll nin et, nod Ihee bell ilitelv I nt.. etl ti n for hlublication N.el' nilele, r alr ilinr., ed Petitic ns pulisnIIl in the I c'd t11in, l Jl Jity, i13t.--.lnain II,--new tallllnhiren iF--VFlninnl 3lt--lls.ilnlnutelte(a Itlilll in 63 1-'4.--llhlM Inhut 14 I,-n--lllllettlCl n iil-N-et 1,k (ait New eirk city, 711 .it--New Jersev 3!, • tMaryhI (.tIM Illdl ,orel . A-l'e.slvi (a h I'ilnafelpnlli 71) ii.,3,--'rrrlnilre J -- )i "rict C, mia j lit I onahitieti. II) ii--Virginia (tl Riclhmond i1,I) a norlitl Ceirltiu 3ut-- titit LoniirneR .it--Genrgio a i Flridl Territory 9,--Alnailotn 3 ,--Miiseneiltii A6l, Llliiiann (atoNtiw rllillni Ill) 4--I'nl tIlie~tit 511-nlnthy li-ot t iCt intinallti) li14- t--tn/cnn.lhU Iin--lllt in i 3tnl1,. suuri 1n5tnA Vl. illtln ill "n to 1.555. ilf tieihubti litd tre tnihli.n.d daily--i Ii-weekly --3lelui-weekly-andoIl nuonce it week-The iemntin. der are l oinsud.ei.lll inIII y, monnloly, lid quarteyCle r principaolly ingaziliesniad tieviewe. Mlonyny tie tliily [ toaperstal.oi islone ori-wieeklye, ome-weeklysalndweek. Iy. Ihirlty-eightbl are in t ieGietnn n:nctuge, fur iu j Ihe Fircnollond oilw iii ithe Slllunih. everanl of tlhe Note Or;iino papers are ptliltled in Frencb and Englioh GAobe. NEW NOVF I, &n.-Ctnieaenitott. o a nonti it, 2 ndo, Ii Nnintline Nitklehey N,-14. Juk Stheo aid rtit 3. lito iled nini it N.t-le by ALEIIX. 'lOI'Aft. jiI ttll lt9 aipiii Otle i . . . ... .. i ii _ VotatetbigS of Ctoucil. SECOND MUNICIPALIT'Y. Tuesday, 23d July, 1839. The Council met pursuant to adjournment, pre. sent Hin Joshua IlUaidwin, Recorder, and all the Aldermen. The journalof the proceeding meeting having boen read and approved, a eommucication was received tionm thie leeorder- u der date 16th July, informing the Council that he had removed, for misconduct, I. Bergen. On motion, said removal was approved of. The two following weekly statements of the Treasurer were submatted. SECOND MUNICIPALITY. WeaKLy RalronT o TREASURCR. Ry Bnlsnce last Report, 3,916 98 '" annnit received sines, 100,518 19 NuniripI notesl re-Issued, 7;,1 60 "' aolloot from City Unk, 10,50050 To Cash.03 Expended since last report 115,951 39 Munieipal cotes redreord, 5,550 37 Depoailed ill City DUak, 6,005 88 Balonce 2,773 39 130,781 03 By Iplanee hrounht down, " 2,773 9 Municipal ioles t,l hnd, Ina report 3i,0i7 5-4 Amnuunt rceeieed bieL. . 5,550 37 f 3:1,157 91 Deduct amounnt re ised, 7350 00 t,.nvae.ohend l hi.c..ay, o ,407 91 l8,4117 91 Saln't inl lhel of V. Cuvillier for r dealillonl, iu0o 0t) lI m. SLOO, Jr., Tr. NeW Orleaus, lOth, July, 1839. SECONI) MUNI(:IPAIITy. WVEcKKI.y trI'OInT oF TIle TREASUoRER. liv B.aineo last Itlolt, .,773 30 0,llln,,,I receivedi. oh e 14.t41 44 Oluniripol Notes re-isled, 1.750 I Allllot drtIwi fiUn CitJy unLk, 19,4100 31 - To C . 3,4 18 xpnded S le last tel, 7, Alllli ipnlily N",,Ie redeemed, 3.447 all Balsane. 0,528 93 38:425 I8 By Relance hr'l don, ,520 9, cUish ill City Ilnllk "5,500 19 ullnicitsl Notes a, Ihntd la I Report, 38.4117 91 AollloUllt redeemed ilce, 3,447 00 Drdu:tanit Ire.issued, 1 43.0 o1 On hand thisa day. 40.54 91 4tto4 91 Ain't il hantd of V. Cuvillier for redelnpou, io o New Orlenna,,TJ July, 1939. TIO= SLOe, Jr., Tr. A communication from tho'Surveyor, and peti tions from Edward Purcell, the citizens of Lafay d ette residing near the dividing line, and of II Fare lan and others were referred to the liuhice Commit. tee. A srecnmd communication from the Recorder was read, when u0pon motion of Mr Peters it was : etenuved, T'lat olenry Crane, first Lieutonant of tih Night Watch, be and he ia leroby distinssed leon office0 for having used disrespectful language to the tRecorder. A comlnunieation was read from the Treasurer, Swhen on motion of Mr Peters the rules being dis pensed with, it was iResolved, That the sum of Five Hundred dollars obe and the same is hereby appropriateto the Chnri. table Fuond, to be distributed on the orders of the Aldermen. Mr Rogers nominated Mr J H Winter, is a can didato for the olti.e of 1ut Lieutenant of the if A petition was read from the Farmer of the St Mary's Market, when on Iotlion of Mr Rogers the rules being dispesed with it was st Resolved, That tilhe esoltione passed by this Council on the Od tlust in relation to grocers boxes and shelves in Poydras Market, be nitd the same is hereby repeale d. t" tt . .n was .. ;.l.rom I.. N. lennen, when dust on llt ion of Mr PIters, the rules being dispensed ,y.of with, it was ear. Resolved, That Ihe request ofD N Ilonnen, for I pert oission to be absent tfren this City for ninety ol days aIter the rendition of the judgnent in favor ll f of this Municipality, in the suit pen ding against "- him in the first Judicial district court of the United Staten, be grantedl, provided his security assents to ore- aoid obsence. and that this peormision shalol tnt be r is construed no an to impair in any manner the. r a clains of thiis Municipality, on said 1) N lennen. e or on Iris bail. ever A letter having bIeen read from Mr John Min turne , on motion of Mr Peters, the rules being dis en! ponsed wilt it was ins- Resolved that the interest on the bonds to be inse ake ed to Joen Minturn, under the resolution of the r 28i May, 1839, be made poayable at the Union Bank ipa icithe city of New York. rold, edA pettioc lione Proteotion Hose Co. was refer. ed to cre Fire Cotnttitter. n A letter from tJ B WValton having beer road, it wis on wtotios. aid R esoledtroat tie Treasurer pay on the warrant I of the Mayor to J II Wa ton, Chairn n of tile , lCo mmiteoe apointed iby the Washingltn Bactalione Lr to make arrnttgenent foer the olelratin of tihe , ere taken p and adopted. tt were taoben up dit adopted.s g i to Resolved, ''hat lthea Treasurer pay to E. Johns i ety & co., onr the warrant of the Mayor, one hundred ut- and fourteen and 12.100 dollars, for stationary, fbr all the AssistantSurveyor'sOlffice. ýtbe Resolved, That a note olfsix months froln this date, fr twelve hundred and forty-two 14-I10U l ol.t lard be issued to Messrs. Layton &. co, for Itheir . bill of hardware, to 30th June, 1839. Ihis Resolved, That nilne hundred dollars be paid to runm Jcdodiah Leeds, on account of iron columns, fur nisllhed for tie now Vegetable Markat, at tiso junc the tiLm of Tehapitoulas and Annuneation streets. S Resolved, That tihe Tresurer pay to G. W. SBennet, on the warrant of the Mayor, the sum of I i"s seventy.five dollars, for one quarter's license, o e six iy. billiard tables, paid into the Treasury through er -th On motion of Mr. Caldwell, Chairman of the ll. Committee on Streets and Iiandicgs, tie following Did resolutions were audopted. rk IREPO'IT OF TIIE COMMITTEE. nk .Resolved, That the Assistant Surveyor shall lk have ait eain L in, sit acsistatn in his dutiesvs, foUse r- scalry shall be $45 per month, and that lie shall eap of point sacid asistanlt, ultiucetto tthe approval ol'tlise e Colinell--his salary to date fonl tne 1st of Jnle, I n | eeIolved, Thfat the Wc harenger, l apt. Be tor, e e Iud ndai he is hereby authorized to prourel 15 chain t r 20 Irrthloal long, weighing 701) lbs. eacihC rthe b"iise of tile buoys ordcred fi r this Trlouoecilrtoit. pre o vdedll, that ilia cost s.ill lnot exceed 9 cents per _ R·Isilred, That the VWharfinger, (:apt. Butter, . ( be and ie is hereby authorized to procure 15 an. heors, weighing m 1200 Ibr. eoih, for bhova, ordered for the- use of this Municipality: provided, that i tile price shlall not exceed 7 et per pound. Iesolved, Thlat tie Wharficger Coapt. ietter,i be and lhe is hereby anthorized to sell 8278 Ibs. of Smooring chains, the property of this Municipality, v e and to hand the proceeds thereof, to the 'I'reasu ae rer provided that the minimum price shall be 8 I" :l cents per pound. A et JAMES HI. CALDWELL, Chairman. Io) rt SAML. J. PETERS, BENJ. WHITNEY. 'toeMr. York c hltc irtccy n or lce Fire Commlite., subinitted tle following, whichr o motion, was adopted. The FireComomittee, to who was referred thile Spetition offire companies No. 13 and 14, beg teave That, the Municipality ihas provided t Ilousesto contain the apparatus of the fire compa. nies, other than those petitioning, it does not up. hpear fair that those companion shall be forced to I pay their rent out of tihe fulnds annually allowed for their support. Your Committoee, therefore, beg Ja leave to recommend i he folowivng resolution: Resolved, Tlha $.5 par month, for rent, be &- Aý owed eacel, to fire companies N Ws. 13 and 14, rome the first instant. Sald allowance to [i paid quar. torly, on the warrant of lhe Mayor, until this Couin. I cil -haulyotherwi.e determine. All whiche is res. peetlully submitted. tim DAVID JNO. ROGES, j cv M BF WE I INRYI , h a-n EDW. W. SEWELL, New Oileans, July 23, 1839. Commnlittee. On montion of Mr. Freret, the orules being dispon. s s sed with, wt wa w o w Resolved, 'hat tile Financea Canmittee be and te are her4eby insrc to e to te propriety of reducino the expenses of pihret Mofhieli ecoty p F On motion, the Council ajoumrned to Tluesday r neaxt, tile 30th July, at 5o'iotck, 1f M. h - 1 JOIHN GIUSON, Secretary. DAVI 350 ROGEIIS,----- S-- Secreta ry. l. oot & n VALUd BLE y OOKs.--IIalary yketc es y O" th2 e Silesneu wh 49 f.)l r 4shed i a It Reigl d f a 1OGpue. hee 31, to which i isaled relark, In PertyyI ald ann dppendix, ny+' Henry I,ord Broughamn in 2' vol. Plkelnes of Public Clarater.s, I)|5olrne, sl l - saneys to rliech ic added a siarlart a on the e R eance. Sof the AWteienls; by Helry Lerd Brougham in 2 vola. aJust received an1 fUr sale by ALEX I'TWAR, july 25i5 49 Calnp istreel. e Pulmyvra. Prob||+, ior Letters frem Rome. -..meriean seneory. a splendid work0 l Noe. Raceivad Our Wild Flower wihll beautiful Coluuted PIaec. The Child, Drawiotg Book. Don Quixolle in 3 vols 8ms. u ilh IIll etrationp. Re tceild and fur talc bly A le. 'D N.AR. " July 751h 49 Camp street. -------- - --- - TRUE AIEIlIECANM OWFIUE. Ill cnlnection witlh this Onlice is a SSPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE or FOR TIIE PRINTING OFO o io Pamphlets Blank Checka Ile Catalogues Bills of Lading g Labelr, Dray Receipts, - a Legal Notice, Auction Bills, f. Bill Forms, Show Bill. r Steam Boat Bills Circulars e Ad every descriptlia ofeJob Work that may be rqulir ASTOR OIL.--Nine Barrel. Supeiirior 'White Ca. t8 Gtor Oil neow leling fromn Steam lunlt, nlso fitr L 9 Barrels second Quality Canto Oil in satre and fer pale 2 10 by JARVIS & ANDIltIEWS, july 25th teor otunon &.'I'hopilhlau ets. 03 HEVEJ , or tIe . n of l.onor, iy Lady Lyrw.,n Ricellieu, or the Cosopireay, a play in 5 oet, Itl *lltc I are added Ilisroriialt Odes on lihe tllr dltys llf Eliz- 2 ahetlh Cromwell', Dream The tb)anl olyNelml,, iv the author of thle Ilv of" 1 Iv. :9 onr, Pelhnta, the e liiewu'etl, &c &c, oill all tilha new works ofthe day, for nale by jute 12 ALEX TJ'MAR,49Co(:p st T% W.COLLDNS Uniterd tnlas' Caioarsiawnarr. Appoilted by thlu Feleral Coire t at Nev Orhlians. 1 OFFICCE No, 109 cOiM)MON S.TILE,'F', T 01 (ExuhlBonrge Hotel Bllidings.) SAll) I!omneiionia;.r takea nutlidvaitr unrdler anr by virtuer ofuhrh Acts oluf.inrrr e, paullt 2dtlt Vloebrll try. 1820; let Marchl t117; tile Joj:ioirv .Ah iof 17i9 and oilr act of (Congress, ill such cases ImOe lul pror'idled. 1aid Commisieioner has conider:ble, exporieoc st o tnen I k flnn of ciptio thile reeltilictte ehirhi ldlyte Saltood tlte soveresl cruatiny o tle ablest Lrwyers . Te april l r ( I.--75 bleS prite Tarrrt,' "hil to J 41 casks sutmmer Sperl Oil mtry :1 i3w I. It GAI.E, 9:1 Corlmlltto a m3t 44 Newin Lerrver - tR..MOFFAT'S VEtE'T'AtILlE I.lth 1'11.1.i are SIsi o well known torlbe public that it is Ihrdly i.e eoaary Ito give a delailedi stalemtlent at th+eir vlteo end use. lile iillewirrg articles will fllly couvine y one oftlie ClaimIr Ittlitoetor lxIIn l)ra the public to IdRce confidence in hii priparutions. From the lfrmpden Whlig of Jtuly 1., 11317. 1 ot uffet' Pills ard litters.t.--'lTh Iast Jiriro l I c lainr adilitiinal teetitmmi lVn ill fevIrr if tirs igiirly ilmllTt tolt invention. "'ltre irr uol'ltbe Jlirltii was roari t-s stolpltd" ito aeltoltace Ihe teatliaonv. Sile r t, lt i elite ofltl r flPigllbor Bowlep, and |lo rs li a Ia lllllll y Ill f ile article o coultlierlsltinr. 'I'lis is vrt kitln , Ilili w VOI it. promise tile eI1t'lt we lao)r ttlIr l;ke ifliclll s will, d our lteiglt b r ifiti+ -l rrnal to Cull lll the r - 11 Il tile lrArn tillle, ore iVay lillioring llltlhitt . iti",r h dif ler fietll iet tot Ilhose w hih hlt o mii ever"ey irrr e aoll Mr i: nwleowle, Ihev have rIls ietieioly tI ire "Ie.r ir of adrrptednessu ofl ile tloreldv hile lielsrt. T le nledit el cite is ueIdotldttedly a suoveeign remnedl. SI.LETTER FROM SA1II.EI. IIOWI.ES. ', TILe Itlluwint+t ltPi is frtoa 1r. lwlPIe ltIitttfr tie Ti roRepublican aaJ Journal, Sll'in-fiPIrlJ, A'lmp. I,- RPLht.FtE.trD, Jittet, 1i 8:e7.i Mrf. lofal-Sir: i histnow t hirteln years lth r I lyre Ire Ofltiird from rit irirtllity of tile lhiWels--Ihe :lhe ri. 1Itueu , Ir 1It 0)It',pe , of a severe illness els "llllllll l nlli afrV ire h a'e ltt n. t lit '10h ll£tellrt l aelioit rll tilrtiimrr l i iost; I frtettP t ilad evere rllaies oelr, wtlh miuc IetI wro kns anid ilepresriollt: allltict bt e iitg't a'erhslr y errry povl ire days I coll untel rat -rlcllolivets-q I h ve er.tltl ll gtod he phsvicians, and hnve Irhed aItost alI kinds o I pIl. I all l vteitiied e hti ilrfe ltte m d ,ltitet.t m n ctltt ill vrit . t )t St rillg Ihe last yc r, I holv.e Ilu-lll 110 119e1 or .e,'r:d lImXPo y he of yor" L~if Pills," .aI hove oti. mre r+ ..,ijt fioo tllrlit, mlore l liel n ll + t'lnotr~l Ill tlly con` list r, c tigil of tillle, tllaer. fiolt lilly oilllty n I Itni e t tl if d.i is IFor s:llrit in city, _ at thIl_ i_.onli[ of (____(_ _ Ia_ lld Tc,.,,it,,l . . . sue, . . fIli, tl I elrnlrll ulans Feta. -o , li then BUREAU DI: ILA COMPA(NIE I)'ASSI- need RANCE UIS PI'(IPIERS )E LA NOUVVIL. I, EI RLEANS. r ES ACTIONAIRES sont nlotifi queo In neuvie yL ine payment do l erse aclions nst die t paa anon In 5 aout 1839, an bureau ie lat compag ia. S 13 jil et. E. L. TRACY erentna e. i in 1AAN ITE1)1 in Iln --p Stunr-, all Can.- i,,t tlly ia- - t- qqaile wilh I Altu tahetu, ty . 1 I . e aik the itgFraench nla EIu lihn.iId wriiling it fitr iul d. Ad det - boxl l'efosl Oice. non. 12a o '1 IuI(nc: CIIEBIIN Elt FR.. 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A I e ree, t i r l out - I f Isden lti bltt esat-, -juSltt' aC eta,"s e lit s ir, fta Iti n cx charquiidoil Itlmrlr I Il rue du C anal it 8l beu r , , en .- Wt-t ari ;ii 9 heuir(i . )hansemnhlli s o1 pauro ict 'rem e r e • l at ainltre 'N s pied, nort lia e oilt , l ,'a iti p tir doa n s leah i l,lswrsque le • I 1idam N'y trotVenll . ing Morndenl taeoollniel? do te ilnt rolllal ..n. a leta ,l ouvlle .rlci t isei . JOIIN IIAlIP-i)N, till 15 lige iturte all i t.l NIV JI;\V W F:IItY. P-i ll/ t-11. ISF .1, iiiutarrtls' r, , I , ll ,v ri - I ivl l < I per ,hip .ýa .llll nillo + :.) dJozll· u 'IUII1 lh.",u" l . nel t I'i rl, ,·rtir taeli,· 111);.11-11 111 Itti-i 11-the t \ lan rit that in-I it-it, tl II a t thi s a it li , a . lit 1,0 Io e ei I i-tr t ll lll, I.+ ll lell I lal, lt lli,,ti i lla N - I'I lti , w . will i , It lea-u It. ai f! s gi '.t a t-lit mIa I . r- I _1'. S. I l) l Go ll d lll drr nlnhd, hill 1,) 5 It '' rjtcivq ..q i l lt allr ..t.. i. arlll .... i l. . .. . all or, I tl'V rio l+ lillellc lIlslilnI shill, ,,fl' l ll lili rv. ,'(+ i ,.l: a la Ftxehange Ittel,StI Cli rt., st tut R \'- '- ,1 , ,.if,rl. ,iT. wI-elliog heuae il Coi , .. dL del, fre'tn , at I;:w dJora ' (:It "l; l Ion t ia l i ir, I lti lliin ediaely A. li ny l tl I.F. t a 1 V of 1 "'11S 111. J sII "ltratnat it S, nglrjl'aee littala nit-itt Y, iS+T+ iRE('ff:iV1ll ,+ S-ipi I )rli# . n; a, je a-sur . " i lin-meia 'SlaeI a le--Gitloltia . lrnren lle le i . Fagle t & errvy I)l llde te 1 t u i " . ' i 0. P l I Aliu ev.... ro. . t ......ill' ,ina Ffine penI iii ',l.. b e ull n. Iy tIe Gre i or sinigle ('nrrll I 'gilt " aNow York Slelilloners I Ifl 1, inIn )2t, Cllllrl, r Stlee V . e C HOI,I.AND (:IN-10 pIipes lrllallsl (din, in store a a ndfir sale b e J'I'IIA a e I, t' _n _ 7.1 l'.ydraa ot Ie r y'r - l aent a (-'oai ,. ..l n t- t , n i sn kn l to ur .asle hy o G D)()RSlY,. june 1'v 44, New Le've, li I nE1\V ilaiaK. it-- lt'lel Croppl," atilhlt l Ithi(,t'la- - I a uniily; Jlamira ofl ceh, lrnluP Id \RooIII, bV G It t" I' Jaiii Earl; Itie K.aval Ili.tory .ll e U. Sautes, al iv a J Fenialnor oLaper, auhlllrntr otfe S.,v &e. d Ilirlhi Ilenatli and Ia, Itelo o0k Iesq. No.e I g Jitk OhkPtltrd, bhV Ainsworth Pr; ltenIO gy it ie tie - iJy. Junt reeu-ivtJd e hil kr ale Ih - jl .. ....- I - .'r A lEX OWER, 49 'Ci,_tsl n CO()1N-l1500lbulhel landlti f(te Hall a ttt nll I lilt i enl/ e h ai113 A '1'IElt 31 GIl tlv er sat NK!- ! -INK !-J-ust receiveda -- -lalYl+ at r- dorelu 8 ilUlle iuk, warrauned t v u.y suIperim u o •rhCl Idrtn n anaea th, ay dozenudrdgrote ht SDAVID Y FILT & Co. N V tainers' all, jUInnel t~lljleteiaelnatnt-t junc 1. ... .. 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OR .SA1[E Ee Ihousand Intr-a al<fint, rehl I [),i l e1.' el tltlv-aiuatd in ike Pariah nl nuehr ., n I rnI, ).inre, "lkh land in tlfnred extlrenmely low and on adantlaCgeou terms,, Apile at Jiae 29 Nio 109 Commonu lma,. jnnARgh 5(i W ( No tilfCd ano a Io ae".ntfr-nnt crln '- bhy /ERMOGENIl. BROWl(yN B Ca, Prilt jnn.e9 . . a9 Cunhi et J4 THE LIBEL CASE. p UBILISHED T'illS DAY, cd fod r aale at the ICoanting Roomaof hLI Trae American, St Chnrlres Iltel,and at Ihle principal Book 9t.tro, a lreptct E o Ihe ilte Inltcrer lit g aodt i.pmlarlt l i t or i he t i lIr tie if Iliuieiana ve.John Gibhoet, Editor a.d Pullishior of tie T'ue Amtrican, before tie Crinmial Cuurt for Li- I bel. july 91st EQUALFEII.OWS.--The Americon Sun tLodge of I F-qull n Fellllws will arssemble n t ,: r llul, ,I t Lvacrl+,Steltarhi,- tI'he-nce. clt Ftitloy Eveinag the to 2ltllh July,ntat o'lock P' ,1 ic pelciul husioieco olhiuo purlCec, A tbll alldutlce itiiXdnCc:cra tl. ily o elr oI the Prealcnc. july 2ii--2t. 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I.' h ...l~f I1 a. titne t it. e II cycir t, i tititit iit)tcll ti: - tieCU Atuige~lre Ictclut.ti1-pcoirc mhi lnt d ue-c.I I aHI, d 111ud !( c ii itieiic 18311, ici it m; l |]Lti t v U e, uc.h-~ l, ir l iiu ititt , iure hum. - Inuacit do tGrtlier, Ncoccicvleio(rl.,inl .i" Jithliht, It811".9 I l , i. +, ' ! . '= 1839. J. I1.I,11, lU ,lpu (;rn llier, July 9 :t-hli jy 23 do 3,1 aug. lTA' E ()Ai' lilOUl0l NNA-l'Pauru ll srt tir l the Parish amt City of New tlrl,,t,.-'lThn Stat.r ,l" I (ouslana : to cll to w)hom tICoe |rneonts shll slome-grelt:ll*ig Wh.l ras, lial, ant Rl n of thbis i i , i having purchasre d atll a sler rIado by Ihe letlt ('"nr,a 1 ublic sul ctimon ,rs of this. ll y, Illlh property I he re. malter d s.,sribed, ha. ap i,.d ,o tIhll, (:lrk )of thibs .iour' t for a It Ii itill lln ir Iadv rt II' nt, Ill I l r (o ily to an il t ;e of th e lir g i- . ;I t ra t tl, a l o f t " I hI (" , (ll ht , "a a r it u'r thny rig :rt, Ia.-I Iuirc or tutih" pl riift cais ;u t u rhcii l nih' ;" al o , t.Ia i.e sould it llw e oy nllf llll ir lla d il -r. ailtd ha it, i rt i y ar le y ltprd iad ilgia n ola hflo ill erip io tl o .i , Soil , Io ni ,n the d ic al oi th or rl ('t on, lt f rl u ull n iuf nyi rightt, i ii r thoii Iu b ir d to re. m lhrproperty ehournl 'e yr N,+C hde,, i lo i i all lll I i y llIo r t lll Iria tho reL r, a . triie t or titaig t otiei i crii la lit hi tlitilp t measl woas nlldthrel, o any llrrglar llly or h llegarll [ I i thle nor or le, orfr fr anyll 1t r tldect Wi hIn , Vh , ; to monithon ri first interted is n th b . bic iapers, why t males 0 mode should nlot. lie C£olfiroll( and hoe in iiol.attd. i' h. raid prrnerty iwas soid hy the alcti i iars SIafireIaI, d ahil to I lt doy oif )rrceber, A. 1).' 183,I, by dit. 'odaih:ci.e of thi ...urwt,. rendar.d I iniili 2lla y (l 'uly, A. I)I 1 3, J: al s itr ut. Ile(lof Willita V a, his i rn, dtr.. and till crdI tor ofrVance & Mlilhr, No 111911 .i t'thiidi.heiuktit Lti catu thu i urchai r, tt u r tim prici i fr :,9lfio, pyt I lII $111111) cash, and the balanco oi a ceudit ofl+.xix twr tve lnd tigitihun ntiullt., ill IIIIItb a (l.cllrapata. in ntll iiutlfre h ldyilby ityllh rato, .'y Ianien d 'Jthail tIarl.Ii , aiil Itrlll. g S lcr r o alllf N i-tuhv, s rv s, li 1,a nor l thirty oate 'rLi el raen Itluhuiu awil ve ii , i It lf aort l i oan Nayuades s fir , by' ninty on IrPt nvrn Ifhnesullr , fiit nit E ato r;tsie t'l r I, gliag h . . s iim , having iii Luseuu in i uiululn i, ff w h il s illllafri liui ani d thf e, ifl'alo alley ill Ii ,- tri- , oif i.l," fi. t w i u-, thtr nith ill Ihf llhlogn, righi, r.avs datef #i,,, lirri day tin Jllii , ltf-i:f , a"I r{ ,'I hn ,lee alt it t if i, tl- e of oiel. 1'. 1."w ., -I i t 'f-ilih daay i o t hI' i a-y , 1 01 , b ui i g lu -u t,- ue fi fi I i ltl lf i l iy ur i ihit. 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A few c,,pies 311.1 receive, d andn; for sale bla y ALEXY 'I'OWA ll, ý A P F.IC-(fooulscap '. aio' 1u i i,,r'ir,3 pai Letter paperle do do do r Packet, commelmrcial and B~ri1 Poai Kloval and supert~ royal cartridg~e paper n Iraon Imloglosl do Coltln linmplinz d Printinlg Pap~er, of all sizes, nuilablr' f~r city 1,11, colanrrv pap~ers. P / Pmioe Prerrses,lor asle by ALEX 'j'fWA , june It -131'amp or SECOND MUNICIPALITY NOTICES. ýý r EIE brought to the Pound of the 3d Word, 2d . Municiatlity, A Ilrgo brown llor.e,nlout I handl high-no marks 'I'lTh owner of alidl rotperty will pleasei call round at the Pound inlteell in lJnroune, between Hevia alidid tilce aI., prow prltlertv,luny clargsc and Inke liUt na., voa or 1ebr C. alurla lc the 3d Auurl 18.39, when IIwiill be sold at uatioul yl'y P G Gilolr, Ipub li atioier. . J. S. HAlIPKR, N Orleunsl, jnly 24 Claptain of the Watch. " R. , bhr iagt Ig t the Policy rien.lrlhle:.d hMu Snicipality, he Illuwiniig alavee, vil. A mulatto tuIillinsd ooyl ali out thirly oiur year of age ayshoe belongs olu Mr laburlne. A negro mal Iamed Pael, aboutliulnrty years of age, sayl ehe belongs to Al r. Pcpibe. A minllto manedll nmedl John shout twesly four yaisc oI ag, anya lie Ilclongs to Air IRichard. .f A negro wsomun asmed Sellllt about 24 years old, salvs bIe belongs to lMr Trell., SA grilff ilie woan asut twenty-si years old, ayas she Ibelong io ilr edlwlldm. ''lu. owners of aid solavps will pleace calle t the pris Son '. 1 d ttu.cil ality, piove properlty ay charges and tcillk, hiem awsy. II I IAItIRH, julv 19 Captain of tle Wateh. NT 6t( i amenl.s t In geole , Il Is `erorle MA.icti l" dil rll• Its 1:ielltvel,, l (1iiV1ll , Pnvoir: Y U iucilutrce noensie MAOtiti ogfl d'envirao 34 ane iitd Ilh tllt , tllpnl allir f Mr. Mlr. lcaitre. liehll nt uillre notiii,6 I' A;Ill ag do 40 nos, so ili.. iii cpp tt lir Ai i r. P", 0 I' . 1I(i elitre, iliunti JOIIr, ag6 de I2 ans, os diSeat i a Hqtrlt+10ir ; slr. Iticlmid Ill 1iiiiiI nIII I S(Ipr )I IP IIE, ag6 de24 asa, acsdi Sanlt n p rltlnir u iMIr. 'l'ram-. i 1 t ire grlt gi ' l Ie dii sitea disanl epparrte I.cs prlpitilres dl, lii ear lonves, esal pribade vqnir I, Ir.. le0r1( 00) i ltaillt le0 tr;li., II. S. IIARPFR, 1 .I lln1,ip)lilv til hlhowing airaly atismtal, i t iz . I to111, anl hllnill 1 Iigl p.ilelleof tbe d Ward 2high A tear Itrowa Ils r2 willt I tlck lll se n ll and ates Ir Illhwk wilth i orcar ll his right side (lGamb, 15 hands A il llorens It iili hclir l cne sil 15 hiaale lioih, utit lr nlli lbi.llotl ol hiie ial tea le Ic bruis - t e.i htsrl.l.i-e. t it,, tell tr lint ml l prIrwi c wilipleay rall maad sa Ile, r r il lllilut l udll Alilllinticn Si!. prnve pra ori'rly S ,,v .p.llllres tIeet li ke lhnla away Jn m 1(r heliu. 1ltlll Ill y Ihe Yjli, J l 1 7 !1 wlhen tIhey will Ie old ei SH. I.hllar. ar Ne'i alcidcrln, Jl1W t ciRll 4(1. n N'I' "tc mthu Inl . aciyeri ine h ward - aie - - I ii` pilluallld nle aolicliht l IIay Uic vass : Un chevail 2ai i i lo I Idlas.t , qieleue cl craina ioirt, t boergn tula I'cuail droit a Iu prtitd 1 1,i2 U Illi ll cl b to hsllstur. I" Un chovial bru111(lllietl C Erarinl noal. el quelll;; Ii aRteC nireisove lnitClblanurae ear Ia ciheu. dre.i d dcicrliiue, 16 tills.t dl hunteoIr. IIa chcvil Iai criloiicre ci siea eaoirl, lIb mainm '' ad iultellur one lllit dlu f'lliOI drod i do derribee bu'in ct loe qutlatr patoes enu cur biune. u Is propricltaires des ldts nnimana sonl requis Sdo so rendro a llt ryer du 3cn word de In 2de tou Snicilpltlil situc l'eicolgnuru d,to rues Rubin et A innlllecitio pt rollver leur prupriest, payer les chllre..' ct Ie retire or ou avant salmedi le 27 jail h let 1839 on l seront venrlus is I'cncan par P. G. (: uil otie enlcateur public. 18i. If. :RAIN, ler lieutenant. S ( l.:ni otto enaoluteur public. 231k I . I : C(RAIN, ler lieutenant. i otn: Wil troughi t to ilte Policu Prieson of teind n Mumct'upuhly, the l~llo(Iwing slaves, vtz: A uigro mIlln aril d Black Ilawk, or Phiil, ,'raI tsout 5l .yetars of alge, says Ihe belouge to Madame crtdit A It-ro oan, inamed It-care, aboult 50 years od fr age, say Itl helonung to Maduame I)lgrace. Io, i own. rs of aidit slaves will please call at the P' licen I'rson of thll, 2d hiniripality, prove pro. Sl erty, piay , arge and td k thl, Itway. II. IiARPER, ri, New-O(rle':at, July :. Capt. ofthe WVnch. -ait 4l\) I . -- ti l I .1 ,I,, dl Ioe oos Mlld tol C s w nd, ,l h' I. l'itk itaIkac0-'ale S y, g . d. ' A cr e Iea dl . c','-',. t,,em Iltt itht k Ilc It, u c hdil,' gC d'envtini assn It I II : 1,,'_ i. llc liI ·ll.' l ,+m', cu 'envi ron 50 na diseant I.,1. IrE + l e.m +ri, ,ri,1.,. de ' .lt,.oo lccea moes prilr de an P· I nl·l· t I I1 |;l-ll,. ,Io II, -l, · +llid," M Illl niri e titc Inl"·u ver I,6icatl I t. a IAli PERe . 1laplIatine de Il G rtle. . l l ltl, (N l rll l ll l r , e J n t l l l e t I 8 tI ! . S b ,- E III t, t- i' l,-ilr I r i o t f rit I eo,: colt- VY 2 toohe bitonti tea l i.' ,ett r I t I.' V I -I , It t NilIll.t ehois sightee ihn, ., ,", , ar I 1 0 a u. ,I h 24 hoc . , 'len . rfriler, " a , 1 ,,,,vX ) +.h o'IIn,", JO/I IN, Mllt 18 vent, of ge, . clugi o. h i. i tht t n e la- o t1. lnlks. tr \ f hr "1 c,::n:Ito 1+i, I hll 1 31 '.n." 1111111 , Luu L \- .Ielt t I 1,- -. ... ra . h.. u, h, . I. uC , h de l and no .lin r OH~u le acno iarimWet ''C rain r a-, I nre , as rn I AR - ag6I det.* Iii+1. .: ul'h1' ,ix, rroutIA' 11. \ 1 11. 1'11 . il ra e n d l Pl, I1,iz , , I .h lnýat t·-r (. (n.llll tlll l e . l+, , r i. , t.t.... t t 1 it' tN,1c, de It , 1c, rt td c -sos ,ei , lI + :t'. r.t pn"Iu ,r i T +*"+ I i ¥.£l lll I ,-'1I. . h ' t tn, tt.. tt- ltrt'sii i \ I 'll . .i R de tdace, 2 .n , -"r 1l c-lh ,ltit,-,t t t a sihics.p. t . t tt Ioiot'itt i N ~ I t.veus.nt Iisle reI r ; I, ,1t; IIf 1. .II I tt , pi tcine dlh l l t, Garde S t111 l i, i iII No. 2.IIl1ks ca vi t ll r 1 i IB L W R r t lf. rr i lll,, 1 ' 11 l o.i acrlln e ot Wthos. Jijtt bTteltlt 1 t iattooi cin t V ste d tA. ttlt r . It h' to . It'r (nilll h t..- Stanlll ein l ae s, r it (' I' "littu /, t l occlie, le ) tiat, die tile t I 1A'Tl tA1',le' , I J,,r Na i ia ekaee V "the , "J. J ~.m, 3 'T. Ih) ,km. , '*,11i,,. Iun, S. W . Shir ta. " a't.lo il I c roUaLII'', Orot A e It A gne i, iri o c- t io ,bs- - hula dne, Il rth e d h oie I n ri e ('frod to iqtto ll Iool it' Idu('cp I utttc t ; A eatteicir e c seit pe y nsIr a e,-,.il Is 1nire I rir I l ,t. Je deepu lm ruea rsalt :o dotsupe rtqat tI seers aa e I h -: ll'lt .itl-,ot,,ll a ,rt' I I'.vi' . itt t oa nni P pC rdcn n di Slolr:, dl lt,,Jlu ' on, dea le VrJ i AW ri r in el ler I h Itll r ltin, dell I' . rilo ;.'atIl'ranclAi b ea sAl ais e 0ae fitto.,' c p .tllt l Vrlt lr to e t I Jl e rue, eueile Conseit l CO,, r ,,"ral'v rlO dL I n dihAr I esl R.enr der.pNi ln At - 'tlirttja . ~' f i nu nitt l Iidenil eI tore t 1' l't Ioahan a iF eare rn 1 ,r rsaei be ho.i ."' c L lh 1n Cl. .i Ntre in I ,ll"' t A0 ctea r l c le ris. e pt;lo. I I'oclIr stl i cl . nlll I e t a llllliortlls dea rleC e. " btx, Il':''a , all ueli leins it Vi Ole de In Nouvelle Or tt;i . I h v ti." r ltph. & :IcAvrilt 1& c R,2. con JOSi'SiA BALDeWINc Rtecorders il it int i Jit Iut C. G iENO ir, Mairo. tity I i -- u|Ihli c< a-ot dlnnn (illlt os i toipp itaoI sasllle e I tutItlea i -litit p ietite e" mit I'ilnls tiri dt st nwidc a,)r : totu . lil. KN . iod, iito lre onvrir ierak Si. eilnn S irra ooct r (op o t pitol~lI tl~rl - I '+Itsill l airul , 'ePl r tni kV. tict' itisiI l (l:toii o4 )c iti Hii it IMcli(l l 'r l oi o I: Mac. 1. (;I'ENOIS Mraioe. ,tra h1i. I - 1 I, Nollvelle (ir!tln l,Juln'i2, '119. (frt , IA R' c' lT tsglO.Ic -,, Tact Ca ni lreast f'ey t.oo n . )l- tl c+io ()Bt cII ... i Nlott Io lialnr( t I'd )rPep , l0 , Itlto.tioopho I, N tito riob i bc 41Germ lf l -, msBe BBrCk it l Hll ; lht. 9, I c ,Sl'it+-c' i ioh bl.tloe owie KB avri, SitrI o' r I, ather It tihei oresin tag Ckrk Beta , lok..ot, I ltlr lu eoc, a sId DIteclling Pinlol;dobhe auti aI,. in41r I'.. b 'lllhl (;lw+" ;anl Iie 1 ; sl.,hot Belt.; Powder I're.oio. Ca n (-s p I 7hbr;ll tChee ir, Toote . t. ll Niil Iortl.,ito, ()nr "mudi ChIori, e o slit Wert: ug " t cl, w ilI' tor; of iclt vio g Sl u ps, ic greaI t vac ril'1 o h .illiotHir Itlrs il, us nlaey . ni d Frizeltei; seaar i og Pacl cat Shle or (;lr ie i r; k,ac El. usaie R lunedet; Iuw-drl llf{ III1d Ih),fu "ti h (:hlllillod .e in nllad Kew wil:ar-drlop; \t'iat ,ltrkhc: Irnek ta aa Beadnl eckleae i t 'hailJtt ; (:ill oo orIdlo rt d r eai d.; s ndia n e Beds. 'elir Illl Plllltrs; Shell 'rwi*l; Side mad Dresint "(c, ;h & whirl,ill titinn it lrir forler slock on hand, I potniks their t 1.oraiil,.l ver0v tlesIP I, ti a kll ae knll uw utll t libert l term, t he l ig I Io of 2 h Gelodel ie for sllle by G inN NYil, 1" ___3 44 Nea' eae, un, GEOR GE"C. CHILDS, ATroRNEY '1 LW, SIt 'lrrt, IlrIrraistL rg alnd aia ofll te adjueent .t" c clllll, +-- { ) .iti e I II t Le A itV U f tI tI ieOll. ('lnitl ll tlh Illgi)enIPNtt ,i C ilhoer o BOUnor y aerls orI lleyc wll tillhbe 11dkrtn elln j]romptly tloendei It" t oil oirnyr l rln osillo tti il reidrlln olif 'exas . Aid. RA fl'l.IlIalthe UnitedI Stal--City Of Huuetoll Inl the t tlr< I'S. Iticker, jr. (Penn t Po Offiee Agent a l w Ua lrwii.. nti mar l ."t N It IIOO,115-9 11,7 loo in saner ors-al..y - l ,17 (; IHtItItSR ', .I New .Levee it to-,\ i cic NE -silo urs ' 2- 1 il rese kti o - Iv, I 'i r ciko' brkouv Sherly ' WineJ 3 bxieIi Ide i'O r ,o il rtltPtio f q lityitetlr b1eoI s i'r c t c &'d J P WHIT'NEY. t", 3 . O llrp a t I fit j otn t t1 s A .'IeI.ItRp10 h vieesre oid iAii P(ItiltoIo r e1OIllhlt teV . . ... 'l'Rl I , 34 G rvier t o ith er t a ttt ofaseo aI e i ae the .1 ( LIvd & o ANE EWS, Sil : taVilrinl nII Carbeoyas InIWitit'] To1nnic illxture 20 caroi fleet-utlerIl'rn Chr lll s 1Ca 0 ceses SUlpIlir oe il" iQn? ii ouncesO . in I'.glhl 1hl+.,erd 50 boxes "l ?'amwindo 15 keg, , El'*iO Slllt, 20 herr'eh-Aluml 10 barrelL d Ap(ithlecirira vi.Ia 90 bole, olored paillnsa00 Itk,.s . in Spirilt cf Tu rpe ilm .A1 bhetml·. do N|+ ,:en lem . .. g-o e's Starehl 20 Ione n W ililn gelIrlileasalllr ll ieif nledioigrl, far ale on the iiola reill.soli l le tarome bI J (RVL, & ANDREWS, ill \ll'hlrmlee Drtl. i eeny I o (anuluI die choupoi tie . .c. - .1 I' rtelh by G litiq t.1', SJilllne I 11- 1 ew ýP'ff

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