Newspaper of True American, July 25, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated July 25, 1839 Page 3
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.a941 , AND :,:T,-TI -" IOTTEBRY OF PIROPERTY. Situatd in New Orleanst, TO BE DRAWN ON 'I!H. eIt DLCEMBER, 1839 IN JACKISONVILLE, Flit. Under the soperiltendence ot Ith tit miss n.ers ap. politnted by Ihe Legiolotiv'e Atsentbly of FIerida. - tCIlilD I' & liA liLTON, Managers. 109,000 tickets, at $15 ocheole price. $1,500 000. Selling pree $30 per tickut. MYLVESTEIt & Co, 156 Broddway, NEW YORK, Bole Agents. Q7 The receipts of the ale of the tickets will he dle posited in Itlhe Unllt Uniol, Carrollton, Cilieel' ulldt Conolidated anks, in New Orlenla, -in the hemne of Louie chmidt joillly with J. It. Perrault cuittly CUleier ofthlt Citizen's Bank, and A. Baudouinl u (tfly Cashier ofthe Coourtlidaled Itanks as Trusters, ie per act passed bolore A. Mazureau, Esq. Not. Poub. nl the 2d May 1139r, and tile propertierrnnonaerrend to he above t'.ntioned gentletoen hri rtlsnmlered, An Trustees, for the security of thi, fortunate prise hol ders. In New York Ite mollies will be deosited in the Phenix Bltlk to tihe credit o thle aebove ltit ed (; ty Banks of Nenw. ()rleaun. T'he Public t rnt referred In tile acts (ntssol( benme A. Msnwreht,, Ee,1. Not. Pub. in rehltiulo to the prop pott~ hi entbroco the rei.tectite pirien in the COOU PRIZES, as follow;: Prir-Talm agml.llficellt tllhre story brick bauilllng, known ,l s thet A(tCAI):, ill Iagalli. atlleat. llen tluring 211)( feet 5 illtalwt, 4 Iiun 'aoiagtta. l "l. 14I6 iet 6i irl.,nah (iru,'l'l, c l nlUll iII llt II NI,.e sl It. T'is building producedt nw i t r+t1 ; a -it.. tenr n tlt , aid in01,11 till. CI tllet Iu I i hit ill1lll t i Irel l' o lll l l lll- .ll t lmlllll., l n hi Il tnr ins will, in I ,,yw ya' rs ). iag knoWl l as hie Ill I'V (' I'I.II, filrmerly ii.op' [ l. lttl ,l int l lt u i he co.tllr oftli Iintmod uilll1ln l 1ll fl e Illillsrll IPlrsel t ar i .0,1il lll .hous, No. 1i , a djat Oining l.l . tt , l I and 146-'I% h Ih0re 0 in Iriek Ias 'llilan 1 .tllaRl .l. rellled at tI elva hlu - r l ullerI . n l ntllllut al t $501,110) easlt orne lr, Il nuilln a ll Cithl ll SlyltlgieIll A alll de, I ented ai t 12 lfdt elollr lar, Iliml.ll ld illled i 0,1,11 Fri,'cl--'lIlta aht i,; allae hi a. , lt urth hati e, Na. 1r , adj .ni g Ntll . ith o, hrise ra ir I 1 nll e o r t ll ri $(I t ( Nat f I sare aill e Hate aented t wellve itlulce ,lLteel. I l6l.Itet 1 ,l t $9ilh ,611) Prize-'ito threasamtal llack tdck liing Nut,'hllrenta . l h rated a t te ild. ttaicll E tllae.. Ietillilid at l$20,1111 Prite-'ht tiwelltata hmilte NI. 23: 1o1ll. hi .ll, rnkstre ka nlp I lnIl+l, , ll0 l 00 bIlruJl on teunia , t'Iro 411 ant n ,l i',aktli' 7 I eP en Pr ill llli tltlt on teeti h. i' e1tidiintll. thtilnaat'll aI $99,00l teolil c ell,' ..rl.. a tr. mei s. lll tiring31 'fi, t 7ainctea o n Ii, i n h at, o rlulise lII htrlelet) llied tlek nllell. 32 tltl I lttt,' lea,, Fc t ,Iga . Prizo-" 1'r twlat at rn bhllk' ilIl,'lltg ib rl rd at $1020 per antianl tIad ain te tit $1 5,00I l'rilce-250 tltra (Cinal Itanlk atok, Paiaa-2lll" tlltt a litl'I'l, t at k t "tla $ I nchxol, ! 7tl,0111 I ciaa-t26.l a aIittea h it,'ln+t ' ntt, T ita - etr+'k Itt lll~ e, Ikat $11111l11Ie., i. 1:0l)l1) 3 Izrla, 101 ,it rs in, t ang Il 'k rtll),i 7 Ia'tcae of 25 " " tnt gelig, 5,1002 i ada.,h+' 3,0001 I Pt ae.rc tI Ill " " '" I.aic nti ulat,', 211,11f10 It0 P'riaa ',ti 2 ' " " I h, Itj!1, 2,110 I 2060 t'r't + 1t' I '' t Ill.k 11 Iflc 'nn.i 211,010 I 20i iPt.gc. at'o I " " 1Inn,1"t I lank t1 'I'.riin, 1:',0)1)0 It htaaa ht at tlhe a a, nla fltn t ,,r , ill, . d' pri1 i s , li ' -.dunettureat lt cnsh. t not- n i oc l, ii o I is 1itw ll--ii o, t.dI, oil 1011s.ts Iitos sf [ ill l l,, .it- .ir ; 1i *'very n1 n,1.r a pirize or Ilnlk w il he dra. wl,1, s 1111 th it .isii ea ,"e "iin, n a, leaving t he I ,l e . . 11.. 0,t1, I.i1dtr tie Vezs.l tilll nl, ,.r. r of ,.t. CI(71,,,e nn Jcsolllln iOn s rl t, anal 1 oNo. t10i (IiIII.,tl -(PI , ,N w rrlttn%, and prom fly forwnarldl . ()rllr. ~It cllll Ie ,' nrlUlry . 1inds ll d, r,,latlt.lllllll r.niillan'l.ea hor IlhP 1111ll - bee of tu:keln rejolirn i1, ad lll,.mt h, J C11 ) 4 & I 1At ll.'i'Ol , New r ntit.i uch I sselgar I T r l-Ty L I ,Ili, l0,ll Jl llllot w I-th V rInlh,, F'., Apr2 12i L *. 1i I Ir Ws[ t o,,t. I; v NJ iklebl, Ni t . I nt krci i nek No . 7 tt l'1 , ; 1,1.\ 1 9' 111, 111 .+ I l I. ,Nrt ,,l t l ,I h itI( ty Ct.I - Srat.d nctiunl F,.1 1 ' \':' & mJt! w n t VI I T* 1 pt11 . NhI, Ii l'i 11 0 CI S W -ILLIAM. l11 , l . hCARN ,,, m/ Fay ,cal Brun. a,,, ,. I ,,?' , .. ',Iv' lo,,EA, S T'he American Joe 1li:hr, w ith ill.;trltiollzs ).ltlle FIrelrhnn n nll hii Wal-,u n Iu w, Iy rorr I tp ii t bty Joht PMotic Vralh, lrcted I WITNEry 73ll (Cl' ir W ord arrll h Nicklehy , No I°; Il|z' J SketcllPe, No s 7 .'l 3 I E JOIINS & Co. lay 31 Pw (luC r St ChA rles & -1iti ii nlaOs -t _VANA SUG:C R--7R Ierrn IlluV;na ,lniteaog : j ml2.-9 t& JP IIITNE,71Cmt I K I.ES-9O ht iti ol 4(1 ng a t i- t gy ii g tI I ll e q i Neow A o.n.PAr er P i -p;H ln, a tee, o trdier Ju. MI .ittsa . &l eiol W tie . Iiisoy il s st ni R A Si C l keh ei IHea thle -b n- l .tuliy myaL 14 s. t & i J PiWiziTNEYI 73 Camo ( ITAo LIC&AMt. R lARNIit l ci Tmay l4 is -; Ht, ontri V l . Lw ofatiit lA IIlh ja ru iwrem v-n;-e a tly .s h Id i Tiri e Ctsiit , 7e idot r A is , Ta yit . 1h d i. C T Iaii s ttI' iltt S Lsd . d i rosilstha t "ittity the gsst 'ulivi' C trimosuisy I ptiss+,isna. PtiJol is to C ity (plain oo Pbor. oti tier; belu w fltifst SItt eis a Rot. i i t .1Ns ' elG e-Junt lo ding afrrelrh o|cply of white Eni. Isiiis i u uon rtl Arabic. f'n ri Cran Foist! Sul iodt, Slpt tolotosll. n earl Ais h k Ian ,,. tric Acid i Clorotlisga, tDailos Clvia, die lisrie s d y trh3 ' C0 r cviNla trils S s Ilte adt itulas a Tolls; Lais if haneprts, Io ) voIr Coda lss nPeiru siis do o nwio sI e suiti tie F .,geanlaw Lbobk.oae RO0 erI s its'cils in lte line. F lrts ' .1 o Irah.. D igsoto ss. Petnery' Reporlxr12 vo'e; dlo Iublnqe'Eud d i ty rma old's civil asd criPeinsal P oding s Althow n Partnrshippn; I ailey n t , B il rn"i edll &os fotv's Chancery RepJort- Y, K9ent' Cstnsllotry eorts; L iFh lau'N s Eqluy KenA's C'oumllrntarmtLPsIea Lutgh'iso soilosis P'olhier tn Oblitgatbs Pa lels' s IDiga l, I v llnue, I new wnk " Rseoenl Evidence Il; slell on Crimlests Sanders' Plendingn ; Smiths Chancery P'ractice+ d Stlorki on Evidence; Story nln the Cduslitulion at, Stevens & Beneeke on Insurance Tnllena lw o . Execuiions 1) Ttsnlins Law Dictionary; Vsttell's Law of Notions Ir and a geanral assortment of all etan-lerd lielt aid Frewc h law bookn, amongst the latter, Merlin, Tnullier. Petlpie '1 roplong. Durauton, dc. E JOHNS k. Co, Lit 40. may w Car St Charles & Common sat be J S D E S '--75 c nsk . s u perior s i tlc ila t. n c u r Wed, in .tre, for sale by G DORS'EY, .--., 4IeK--10OQ casks Thomuaton lime lanlding and .t1 for ile by 33 et J p WIIlTN6EY, NOW, 73 (:anlp .+3 A E;TO II'O OIL-.IFor! . rmmratiu, end gronwth of º, eke Hair, ghvieg, beatv and preventing its lInf( of, n ldor t M..BELI.' S ma3 Na. 16 Ch rtle et t -. bHIPPING. la For Europe. POil IFII VElPOO1.L ''he Al IlInd Ivry lostl n ling.ship SUhPE. Slel te lmh'h. IFor ieigltofl 5:I hhd. lub acen or au age for (i culin pls ng.era,n lply t, lto L H GAI, l 93 Common 1t .TIi The: f. ailing ir H hip RICINl i , T- 1 W Winship shi hlls ilnn~v Ihe greatelr liOll f r ro illTl : slid will mail .u l : h Inst. F r II I Ic o Irriglll .r Ilp ,e apply I to L II GIAL,;IS, 2 C93 t; o+in t.. lthisship Irns very fine it ccntllplll l, fi Ir Itw tiynv to FOR ' i'T WIIINICI h k Cnart' "rif:e will ilave di nilh . h ior i- .t. j r having h1 ell o nluc tccoundtsi 1til. l n l pl tapp Y SJuly18t I 1.. II. (;iA.tA , !:3CIom) u IlL Co t.WIA e . - il FOIL IOS'l'ON. Tu e I enl 9ur 1d ship IIIOrl ':I \'I. V (dit \Vhiling I p i,,t hlf' r rg, " e d, willr I tg, e. w hllve lunRlRll h F r A nn fIIIt lll e.til l o) low MURe, ni.,Vin gl nt s c Ii:rl)lllllllllrtlh in ls n ,ly - n , r li t, oLIppoite th I)11 c I nll 1 |'res, r io ) Julle 15 & . I' \V 'I'N ', 7:11 ".,,l ! "ti - u ,',hIdl',u t" . ..... I.ttuut'u1 l ; T ih I' I.ilT lilt l (:I4rk, hill nail .. the Ih. .n- ia-.n:c only, apply ,n S J 1' \V l I " ".1' I, FJIl It i l''I' ItN. 3. l"The film saillint hri,_ I)it Ii', t . Di'1st n 1 h lltl; III.\Ndn cn l( IIne I :·. ie 1 Ilngtlu , a pply tI + jllel5 . A L3 1' % Il r ' , 79('nai l: hiulk , l".(l l·lan•ol Isps loll. , p 1et1%' In+ .i_. S J I' \VII (11'I N V\', _ .lyl~l I" I"\'m ()R.. "1 of I, .' T he - t 'Il l anjl dllllv It il l v ."t 1 iar, i,,' .( I)IjC 1)',lI{Il ".I 1 kA Ih.o ls',dh'. h ? It .' n t. I_' ,__ of hie1 I'¢ lt go rlll .,.lt w ill 11r , .11111' dis th1. NI 1.1:'1'ti.t I III1I,.\ \V. July 1I1th. Ill (Comp1 fit. Jul. s. W ill. Is; ('~u11, 1; t1 FOIL R1'(lYVORK.-41F1;IjLA It INE'. io lu l rnu:N I Ihr 1f J',.I roi UII I'II1· Snllrrrilr n lr fn uf a i lr rlllllllr Iln,: kl i 0llll ll li ,{1 lNO 011 ,r1i~++u 4.; 44r,1.n,;; el."Nnt r"llnurlnlui lluk It, l1 1uulrluiukwa I.u.IN ll'l"'·ir eii ii: iou,,IIII 1 000rt *r I nl,4 ?I4I1 44.1 1·rt, :51,4,5114254.· It 11) 0 NEW 1"11111. Naw 1"n r k and Nrw"lri 1111.1122" I11"111 'urkr I l· )1(1· &A (11 11 .1 %Ii l: I 'Nl). will ad r 4. ~11\ II:w d1- *llc l.;,l"ig (l of 12111.X,2", -.l 1222X,, or In ('5 1'1"1: 1r . I 111.;1 \V, II. II ~ ~\"1. rorl I the Iterior l il o1'k ( 4.,"w nnr 1rr{ fii-t :4 :iný ý, IOilr, 1 ' 11 1 1 ; 1' . n I .Sl. · k, -11 1~" 1-11 (Ir l" .;'lI III 1 , - I. (· it 11 11 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 2 ' ' I~ he 4.22.21 "2 I lnrI nl I.," IIiir,, -r,,,rj ,iu, - Jul ' i;11 I, 1'",.22 .2~ ~2 ," NP r O tiI y nitriruu IF Our,, glu4'n.Iu r u .k&I'..r/ ,Irln rhJ :11, 211.1 410 lliri, 1I11u11 '1', , I B- -' 11,11 -d 12,111 . 1'nr( , , ·1. l 11 iii,:, +n u " I, i,, i 1kf1.11i..r FOR 1( :11111. July I~.Ii ý`' ý '1'I~" .-.. ~ 1 .l l~h~ 111/ pa-+2 1 1·11 (·11111·111 d " N Itltll1. 1 l.I 1.\'I', , I \Iln ýll: Hart 222 .422, nrIrl:Ir It If: .r 1111 ~ .\. \I. ter illlI·ll'lll/. 1;1,2 \ .IIII1I ," 1212~121 ,,, 11, 2, 1 1 , I 2212. :: I~"" , , ,.1 ,1.21,12 2 1I~illl 122,121 , utI. J 111 1'212 11.2 1' f 1.!5 2 ~11,\1. \. \' I I111 11 . 1,1 l* _'ý/ J~11 1!11, .1'1'1111"1{I:N (',,,;I 1'22, 2!2.22 '1. lrllll l II I t-8222,4. ·(. II\· lt~I. ., .:,I." I,, l llLlllil~ll r l 1 211 ; II I 2 1 1 . .1 SJuly.I . 71 |'L v & 1 I ! e 4. nl -.444.444s44444, I.211 r4'4 Jlulv l(;lh. ('Drner C(. ,It n.ll l T" 'l olull toihln ' mo. XCIHANGE x nIulr\ew ;.'m o. k,,, s ,.-i,, - .w .... 1 _4 J1 ly 14 3 P4Tl'l4"4 4I .-I I4l4 1, w n.l .; n44i4 4It' I :1'--1.4i4h . ',s-t , fin qu lit .ut, lr ,'. 1 i ' I . .I joly 1:3 1.1":T'1{III 111 0).1tithi'crnip I l I hia a.....i'h, ,,f d.. l ...... j4444 . 414, 'iid ,1,4,1 '., sale 11 . 'I'( \ 4 \ ' 111'I. - i lfor+ 1...11r ( n 1' . 74i ('nr 1 1, .1. 11111' ., h lf T it4 Ih l,,,,i, 1i nid) II .\,, v '''.',4 4 1) 11':tl IrI \ Il II·r. \ I nnII-.IIII , r, ,- " i cle, \\V i t nrr lilmer. b, allsI" ay, ' G 1.4 . III l:- . :\1', 4, N v4 4 .444 ,4 maylI I;M: S',q',;. 'll I IARln.l S :ill e \' I 44 444441 L 4'.1 1 44 No 1.,4 4 44 ' I %'111)IN' !11(l) 44.44--4,n d i , 4nc 4,r.1. 4,v h 44 j i4 Il 4ll ' 1 4 inn 1 t :l4 i' , I.e -. i 1": 4Nck 4 4 re ll" rl4 I t4lll4l I4r hlnll t ll lt:llllhlr l mlli rt,.k i aloe r nd paj+ ahhk nn theI, I i fh e' A ugI sI I n.I 1 i t ie ti il , r . I h lh o (l ll .l H (.U N .' Ira I,'4- '.,4.Ir 4 ks4 i4444 i roe ft,44 4 ul. by G N - I4 4 I Y, ý. fop r s'ts., r 1 t i)n rl e:'+I '. l443 . Ne.w Lvce4 I S1.u , . . 4 I 4i '444{", 4444 '. ('t. SI1UNNY I4A .i.--15..11111l4 ,r Lair l '4 44 44Gj 44 1 4,i 4. J I' \4 I I4 I'N44' . 4 3 C;(illl4 s 4 tenl i,llaes Iin ntululm ure turn eructs in i lls l l e u s ''le, lllln 4ice, (ll4ll4l4l4ll4t4l4 . l l.4 4l.l4 444 .4 4 4 N. II. ,. 4..... Jew,,lry, 4 .4 , i.: It ...... S4l4....... rep:lirced ill tile mlllu l faitflll11 i nielllii12. Ohl til l, l and 8il r ++ail d. UlaV Il; [I ) YDI A I.II+" CI' 1:M1 '--1: lNl- uludmh fi .n ,1hI, .4 (; Cab at4Ol, ,Lad t f 4ir &ale All S J [' \VIII'I' N t:1, m"y 3 7 \ Cl'ai p -t Store forSale by J T I II ,\ ",, July^71 Iodra t l i1., '"; II'I':. (·I.(J1.O F-l s . H 'I',\liiI I.+. L Jus't r .ei Nv, d I 4 tlN e tlivl4s, il n"4ll44'l4l4 lt[ oi hlllrts I(rlsv , IInI n ull lllal rk ..t~Ik· m lilO vra, noId .,inll~plln ders. at the a.piJurI Corner of Si. Cll lTr llle3 (a UCllll.l.l N. 11 A coifplemt nsl el-t lls r a of \Y iing Del'k+, I Dlressing eases, porlable shavilng Cin' es in ruse .ulud & j4444r. 4.4 5 4 H114H 5 11 &,:'.3 4.t1 N IIU ) --J4V t hu4d1 ng IISS 'O.-4 ii M .i"44 st444 44 l sllhll, llds, hilttr and swret ]ioll rite ru.,t, lii -" jliie,, esxelce f' Ilprgamlnll, +rernrten( I mlollll)ll jllie..,, hempl tad eanary seeds g44, I IlU 4 f4ke, a. d ll llll, ctlllL4arid, , hlrimstll',,44 , r l2l4 i ll l4er &c ther whohesale nlld retail ill stare a1 II B(INNABKI , m"!9 iio l Nat.he+z & Teholnlilltults at I tEEII 3II IIUTI'T7 --\ A+matll ithvmce juxl landed ny ship Olrleaus lrm New York, hor sale he Sjl 4 13 S G IKI.4' i HAI0 4 , 33 Gravier 4 t IIN4I)W tl.A44--04 loxes. eglish rown Winldslor glass, receivin. alltl for salo hy InT2 , It GL,1NON, I" ('amp'nr for aale by G [)I)()ItSE inlo 44 New I."vr FOR NEW YORK. AA A il mi~ ~ill • ann|n ii _ . .. eto ,urk . V-r'.OUr.'an. /ine A+ n NEW INI.f I'paocke~ has bye estaublidh..d to+ ;.. ru lln lw.o l h uwe n N r n a IOrlan ( New. Ylork, Io l- coullnlsi.t I'll't rl ll ip. s i|1,. vi r: +<p pllil .t. lllllrV. i++\. I'l.l er, l llh ll " ulurll, l I' Iurfiy, --- new bild.I,4, a ! l'hter mhia.+wt.'lmi h iu t a. hewi3-r swex tnutodu + firlion 'a fo:r r ne; r oh ll ntr l ur t ,hata e regvniiri ltb.r ga ' l, a'l °aa'a .. ,,-aa,,,,, : .ill a . N a. ,,,. , la + ,,,, Ilclt (j" rxlni II t? l(re vtlllrv rli,: Immahh+ tl.goilrlit lqlr II. • plexnlte ld, tho firer tlules klhip ill suplmy ] reir gI, Rreate-t puncta~li ty will be cheeurve~d inl tle JIlr dtr a' ail !arlhellvr Iry ra nabr, Jhaak,, da sIona l ll.~. l tit Ni w). orkW , r Inot I!R NI-N Y~la!(. l.. a. i;i !i-, K l;\ - a{l . . . . l.o.i·a;q ia-lt l alid N',I w I'-!k" ,ie of I'ack-li .]i II r'o sail r ula,, rly .t1 e rinetl ''lllfi r t1 uarac FOrt. E I 1 rlHIK lin'" ir.-t tlhis n :otnentI cmi .md ,,talhe al l h ,W,, i i i ll. 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I((I i I '11 jl 111 1 l ll · )Ii' · II." , Iii* \hh,. x+ i ll ',1a11aaaa I ., io(· ii ) 4 iild I Wi l taa.a a ia'lal' i 4111,11 1lll. $1lllte. ,llllllell ili t ll '-,.V ,,d ltie hr t ll ildll ln Ier 1aaih il all- J Iaka. ),a, a , - I ai h. ap a u rIi. IVr .llln "il h I+ em . I-e r,'11~1.· ll-ih. l~Ifi"l je ()h+', illlhlli,)1 tit.hll IIIt(I +i~ll (lr,+ I' -t '+1 ,lr f',l' +llv 1.1.1.' h~lhl ir(.,.I ,,i 1)1·,11..(',,. .e11 iO ( 1i1t ·11 h+,..d 1)1 1 tla,11.1 , eLI IIII· VIIIIII: I, 11 .TI·a,-Pa a I .IX a h,,,! '-'a''-. la- . aa-\_ll.,,la I lla llaa .Ti--raa AIt NI/s % Y ( piK. 'ar''', .rll alllll' aatu aaaaaa. a,'v, I, I I-a 1"1 1 4 .II II , r al -a b a aaa 'a fI alla -a mu b f t~iiall lI'hl-l Ihil',taiaa aht¢d Ill nlp ut+ , int h tlll hill l d. i in I., xr,*ql, lt. , ( ~llllillt i l'l :. I ) hlIII 4. +I l / a, (·ill lll:ill I' I , ::h. :: ar aii ' .Y, I 2l - - ::llt l a il Iir aaahl% /a rli'x/' s ur , ( ilI i 1J wi th ut win, •""~? 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Taill, i lan d . .,,ll' 11a ial at. llll l i . ,I I p l l1.' i' el; % / e11 I uI nf thell-, l e .lll n", li 'll ale h 1 la. i el 1. 1t tI' Ill t -'- I ll I ''. ait ta t ici 1 I I r} ,I, " n l 'e rI '. ,i., h.I,". ,.,'i t i,,,I, l, t"u.." o lltr ' I)%\ 1 f111 ) "111.'1' & 1', " to it 2o N 1n I. - l' :ill i, ) I I , .ý 44l ll . lle " I'lin a ItIt.. ta s kndr fr o ens bo11: All N a it In tun i aIll' I ,alia(ir a 'aaa , ) lr. 311 a thlo V1ll till d r. h ia. dn. JII t',' ,.anda aila, rla le a .ltay 8 8 Fra Ita a I I1 1 -tia" I,. hi r dl u"I "iut' hiiealer Av , rk an! hmd,h , It'. i l t.,ck,. l ..bill ,, % . llrl, n , l it n h: iitlle K !Il0 larr a e e til i ll s rt i 1.I I ý 8 :11'-I, i ll 10,18 t th I- t ie l tl;n,- il. I for sale 1 y (t IO R ,.t, i w 3 i 4 . NewL evee 1' ,11lt 1: D iS 13.1, l \ew ine, 1. Jllav I1 .t New a) I'I( 'l 1 . ta1'A - Jit L ot ' . crive~l tw o rase, I e ir . Iii I ). liet e n-d I'il' +,hnit : l \,ll Im ll u' ,,ttll ta i y t t ý)()Il .--tnilrll I(hl. ll. It llll do loti a . itl h in j lia lino. I:Ir niih hy jnli _1 - ' It lllli Y, .1-1 N,,,"'. Il1(1:l{ 1'I\I'.IuAIlt- -i- , II in t..-,, ,r n I; -" e I , .I::11 T'1 l .\l-I-.l ) tl bou ,'s. Fil ro lelrtil hby J.._" .1) (i ~ . T I { I'A , I m1%. 2Ii :4 lu y ter s " 'l UI\"l.l''" rlriElrM (illie hi-iorv uf.\tbra t ni tlih ofi'L, Intros al tie histury of Jess CIiuit a; d St../. Il i ,r ,c.n uni ly on h lill and far nlliu i, Insv ' I' ) 9 CU)itt a may " 131 M'agazinee O ILLN tN 'ATIiHOGRAI'PllC K: PIFLTING lOF FICE, 53 Dsagazine sreetl, opposite Barks' Ar Fnpa IV Ii tEFNE lakoh pleasure in announcing to hie Irirdt nrtd Ithe citizen of New Orlefns, thaul he laS nai I.e. gth bolllo t .nlil.raplhana a parI' ilh cuppr plait. irIantag, .lnl IrI f lit e l. ilit;e tIe arl has nUver copper ptlllt engravinhtg. lie call exLctI:I ll i orlr o.nllltUed ti Illlt, uatn Itsluitt le esp use' af 'a1 llltg and aearly as cftillt as trltl printilg. i h rolaotn awlitig Cirenlars senlt out in o-wn Ihlld writin, an have anily lanintily atr I few la bltrt loltcll; or thle vwill ic tZeelttd flr litelt in a Ibeu ilult styvl',tucl.h Ilihas hlletelfore given geleral stUliiactionl Ioall li the ilot rlslectalle comlIsI sjlolI n loue4 il) this cityv. 1leLlleuInen d'titirtus of hovinlg Vititing or lluti. ls mess (Iltrd iltliolhted io.llhe brat .l IlIIIIVI.' do Wel.'PI h, tllllt ll' il ttl t;te ttlie . t anld See 'l taltl l atlli$. leh. 1, 1l,.i1 1N I--hank notes neatly executed, and circulars, SHARROWGA.TE SPRINGS Sllluln ll'll rv 0 0Illll V AInI',RIIII . THIIREE DAYS JfIURNE Y FROI 0. E N IV OfRLE.,IA'NS. r+|iIl proprietor ot + this tntttititnaltut h ona the plea : ruire ofl (tlllllttlllell* III o hi. IriE a aill d tlIe pllblic il rne.alt t lie will he ih rl..i.e-.slv Itht first av of mY to recive visirr,. lle will Iso I-1te fIor the be nefit of home t a t dittanl, ll i lat le ltllvat n,, I arg Ennlilie cull he nI. I IInatea iltd i ith good romll. or Slhopie I lie rl'lr eall hlate lurge c l,.++ e"ached fruoml rld'h, c e Ir l t h fi telIr C s ui" liltdni V tIt i tttt a n lt ttaa tnt ti-t t ttttv tiad fat ing p rit I Leli,,vd that Ihep are IIt int ior 0.1it V ll iny i tlt t JUIh tlludl atl \Vulterhng Plhee will ho fCund I a thi. T e best unic tl h t this pl rt ll f u"I Clnllltry ]ilbldl, r s Ilre u g . ad. and ii be illtmatl nt attllduilln cut l Sttri i ng IVhe,,rni whole season. E I I llIr hiiigll h lll I I1g r Id I tkI1 ff . f , I' ve liJ (rr 0ll r l pt giv en Iit JIol p eusoan . antr hI.pes by t" exer tionl.11;h1111 hul 1e IIing ll illl hl)0 Ylll lI(J wX llln thllea It ' lln ro r n(ll at s tht Illlrl wi t nl-i.. u riln1e the p . ..ut n . Iho A w it I i method,. f .: . e.. . 1.. I IffI'r , If phlto o ol new I" "nle pl'a I'e to r.' or1tr·11 r1 who iii i bes h 111Passi|1 11a few diugls* III , ,the ,, il lIl ul' 1Ol t m I a s| e11:11r4111n111s I! ,ll I d lw d v; i lTo`I app m lhri r grillelsant etratII i wlllline1 l.I A 1r & .1 (: '( l'" c(; l, adilUanl as the s[.lik ibrshor t a'rr Maditolo4jl l, orl thI +3I+ II Ihr c,10, raa elllr llleet willh g od nclcr--aillo.ll(' Il'lrlt l|.lll~n and . llk t'(lP II lllO t--ltl all :rl'I.s 1A a l·. ll Il N shv lle IH a andt n hr .or ,ti ,lnR, ~. ..ia s .... . I p eI ................. ivitg . i~,rres d 'I'Th" plrl rietlor d ubtls olllt lhat in r .rliq.IIII bar viil will bie+ fi Il ld I lllt+he idV+ l MIgrs tie UI+IItIge rees alip cl'.l l l l\ + tin tl ilher LoraiIlh I jlkor the great g'I.I'+II I, ool ,'"r nTv l,r; ,, l llel d deligilt to. he wanl d ,e r I s arlct hl ei l ' Cill . ht IO Il ellt ll11+?. ilrolillruoot. tf Thos, wlie l wh Ilonw hI llsllleod of seIrvinlg his oity Will honor him with It cull e "ito a ralking .Ill. IG . (I ltll'rrd*l C 1 . .-:, - . ; . +. .-i- ... . . l I AI.. e -..lvd vret,r uppi y k .r liy e I$l1ek 1Vriilu I hl . n norll f.t ul lbo e hco. l; 1l and dzt iontlio .fl Iih l iiiii t.n l ll f i ltel IIt el A cll . Alo. Il k. S lle , l(d, iln11 (reel Fluid--s il exellntn rtlce for iale y Ithe grms oir ilzen, bIy David Fl1t & Co. New 1, I Jl, l . itNu '4 ls .....s ( r t l . . , . ii )1: 'Ill I-A vvervlileIv veile, eal alu I aoulll1: 1 yOf otle, aticeur n d oo, o BeIle ,t n hers d and ite a. ear, ofevl ry ia ecripte.e in ; 5.d ld . i hu lt r idult dApl-., the ti'etlllug hIiu, lu Il.e 'True .A lleric l ~na . Sl. I11 N41 C7:tl.icoE. IlSln of Co-, l m.lick PI . f eppley S_1 t . to A I)A MS &T m \VI l a lrt h, h I_ I 7 (r11v1 .r 1 t 1PeerAS' alofl'ig- Scj.. Lez' jes, ouiale, pctnyg, I r ,ulle, tiC cture aj rsnly vn hin edrd tel by. cC.o eevery desvcription ; 50u0 axes fr tinvdows, Sale by II I HONNAII'EL, july 11 car Natclhez and 'l'chnptoulaae st jN, AN'S ald uwai u'P in nEa P botes;also I lYtholicu... alm o.r Columa ia, Pills fi every deweripl. n an namet, aeieh as T, ec lt, Ilrand th', a Peters', 4offit's, Sriclt's, Lee's, Southern, dcyor, l;rvegry, &c. tensivaly used i Enandr ly II JIONNA IBEL, july 11 ear Natchez and ''elCapistulas. st L AI118. rleav el lm I nril le araa I complete esarllmeit oe s r ,'nch pewter a yrin ie, lfrnished and ul t up in neat boxes .als i n lew's ijeictlon ullaratus, direct firom London, ml est e i'vesiiet r crile ; Maw '.a crl eradicator, very extensively used inn La dland. tir sale by II IiI(NN IlEL, j.uly I cr N tchez ad 'tchalitoelai ts (j , l 1111 ual S ;1 5 di clarilled S. gar ' .IiRI & A(i I L:t S, Wshi le dved vrgeistv S3,1 dh ca , n or b& Te ill hliaer li e eilble mes r are1 . r e, Ie vea J l, freids d ('lenln ; & lle cils I rope I hvb IIj pT.OGENIE I.tRIn Nl & C.e jlit. I II1 1iL l N.s . Ci t II*I"n +henIII II' e IiYs vlld l .Vil.iuIu asll , eri. r rti, hle uvee, hrnJ l litl( l rer u erale by a.1IdVI & ANDtErWS, W ro lesa .alel Prtlits jul. Ii cour O U. uiv u&'TI.ll .piN lul v s i)tI'tK--; ale m cas and viveme.or e ai. ,y - " 1 jh' 17 (G I)lOISIItd , d41 New Lever i Iý\ 11 \ ', . ( ' A A.\ I O 11(1( I 1' . P I L S ,re in e d r, ,,m l ,re + ii vI . cl nIIthelevwer, a ver , la u eati n mildl hi ,,I nlr . id| ilesevvt ini vllict the s i ..ast certain prsecrterohuf alth, ic aste anid efiabcual e1 le of hldi. Ig slia, n.d . ll 'veurv.k ca |dvaial, vdaa as a eurl cullS.+ rnce, purifies hie blo l a d ad pre/veature of tIe Just lvr eived and for wholesele nod retail Iy II IiJNNA IiIL, july 2f0th evr. Teh ulasaales red Natchez It S vimw'! . ertli:A .r Arrow root. ver giveisl dcltt's Giohl hud, l .hld i.:I , Illck mustard in acedl, Ne. Eng. lard S.yru i, p&A.e. &e. La.Uldi.g tand Ior i hui lle or retailtvy 11 IIONN IIEi, ., . u 1 _,_._ ,v:; r.c., t - . . e. ..... mil jult 1tihl liru,,gist 'ich tpit u"ns street lOlt; II.ION, - The h I'pITILL3AII, t1Iiihlee, arter ias Slarge prtiol ulit' her cargo evngogeid. Fi'o ale t'r,.ight of bulunCe, LL pply to II CtIMIIACIC & Co. jdllv _tth :. '1 hunk Place. , I ri, i lr\' slý, re on Lever tdCi taII , i tP n Ilienville brl i 'lr ( i. llt , ln s t t ll e &l n-. ely ,I j1ly kh It C ti.CK & Co. l . . . -BlltAk o'' d urlean I.ho Ilth ti 1839. JI ill t l . i llllil, edl, was 01 the 1 h; ins; llllllinto( - Sl eheched ·.eo slere ul nllt' taloltllonsl ce J. 1'. \trs e iuAI, N 51 ' Sides anlil htlllhder- for ale i tI. I(; t t II lIOI, '. h.I jelt, _(1li1 41 1 Le ec. l EE I hF--: ,ull int,, r 'rl, , ll yd es bee ,to ale Sby G. DO1iSEY, jolyt .9Ki4 44 New Levee. Te 'I'A'I'IE O " L.)UI 1AN -I-First Jth.i.iv l lIisfict - 'Uolllt--tiriocl W. C.arowlt .t, his Ctlorit. 11 is a ere e t hatt the credi to i" o t tie odilitotier do I1I 9, tl Iii o'rIhck, A. Mi. wiIy sid iletitilier houlltloh at nlut halve, Ille bnl, fit of the laws ltnld fo r the r+,iel' of ar ilslvent deblr ii at iual c sto:iy; nI d t n the mean itotoliit elIJhll ial Mrulelldin giillll hiq Ierioilti d prd - e Meltl olre ,,lllod. A1. iretlnr, EIsq.. isepponl) ted Il re. e preest I Ibse, l )mnt creditor In thllis case. y .Y order of iloiH lI. A. I o. Buihatln, Jldge of our Court al--resalid, 1110 i ilt dliy of J utl, (3J9. j i 13 P I. E1. Il1..ANC', De k. -I TATI I.k:A i,1.OUil' .---Ci,,t'r di premir l I)lslriel .t1 mll:iule.--uoornc \'. 'trowon is, rsu t'l t',iel,-- l ht on. Alltl . lquo lei tt l ljtieg l di petit S ionlll sc li"tllllot, l eI leie Colll-, 8 1.di 9 jwllnllt t.i rl'lnl 1 Ih.El 111d .ln, I nurdet. r lef urtl.; + , ..'.silt ell olt, pour rlesqulle l et I e tII +eutlOII c n louuit-tt t I Ii do U e do ailes poor .tit oI ilse cools .I (.id t .d u lh·ur nol.llde eu + tuld'arresta ; tel 1l4 t 1ltilf-ln, lonics p O(cllur.s Julioiaresii wolltri'.i perslllloti et es bierr sunslt ulxpenlldtlt s l. (;etLer . sI uunllpli ulll lr re PltlPsuter ICsI cl Pallltiels oblsen, J'1 r oitrde dle l'lloe. A. . ltchununjll gll elj de Iit .tuITr ce 1_L Je let, 819. ' jidllle I.3 I'L.E III.A. NC. plP . .ref. Ail --IU II-IN tu'lro 1T I . -IId s 1 ornle by it J2). (ji DOriISY. 41 New Levee' El. Ellt-, 250 birl.-t lr fine in t tli re for sale by ' J . . (i. DOIINY, r IIE Oew ID,Mao. / jily 2)1_/ . I(ISIy, 44 Now Levee • r. 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Inm4lt ad for wle h ] e, i llllan J PVWHITNEY,. t .lllp at F-- - TO CONTRACTORS FOR PAVING. EALED propoealsaddressed to the Recorder and Gr .uncil of Itt.'l'hird tlunieipalilv, marked " Pru lpuualtul'ave,"' will ien received until the Jltil July, l839. fot ferri-Ihitig all tbe nluterinls, and tlllklllen the r eldt. walks required Iy the connril, accordlig tou he f.l': Iowlllg speciliati:iua; nelle payahbl in ith of lhe. Ahlll pitplity, at ten PCre, heatring intelrtnlt t the rllte l" six ler II,p. per u tIIIIIIIII I :.. S Tthecu+bt..inetl tot iumployed shll not lie le..n then three sld ad IIull Iter inll Iegilb,ur inches tbick, alul. If I wI th idth w ih shl ll t i e deemed ne .usn ry accur rln e Stoo ile level alqulred, arlnd whirl shull be de'toermined by ia lhe of pUblic works, unid shell e resd lt tileeh dikntheuntd l t extecrihad 'sutIeror nider, aid ' ,n htal endge; tt ratll ertt onlles shaltl not bete..- Illn three trt in length,t liter oeIute i tinhe al one fetu wide, "lld thtall Ie tntr.sed m the lldtn and .n the side w haclh Inv agtainst tte culb amune. Th,, curb tulle sllell be tlaidl, t theelrat, nix eiches Ibelow the levelof thelguller, lltd te gtlltter ntIIlIae ehall sLteL t gtat. ilttt paev teItt Pl it, t. el t'llh; nl Idthe .inle wIks ehlel fbe ha i wite brlki s les. tihmun 8 il.elhe wide, coIverld with a bollard ltwol itn hes thtek, iu aller to .l the ,ntlael rn tllle tt lte uiprfiteryltl'llhic, a illclter sha ll be level wlc h tbhe paveI Umnts of tihe lit!e walks. The enlurnlorsh.ll ill p to his expene with liver tede, all the htl llln ttes w lll hall not l e high eu ; ah i td hu cll lurt ltli l t he fll aterils. h Hle l,.hlt els m-slll+ rie logerhlller with )oneP or ore per. II 'Field'' treat, mit'e up mel dno; and ithtau uea a un The contractor p hul alo pave lait the bu,,er of I'eh .ý" 'reehl, u ' path of liur I " id wid ls wi t Ilut l'ones o " no le+s thr l hlo r in ellln hll ck. t ,onten.t ma.v te pa.Id ft r oneeor Sore attets,rpro ede, the.lttal eitiet of v lltla co racted lo he ,,)att t les. i tl d ler thounld lecanrcotrt.. M J. It.S. , ST. A ,atINIe,, , MR ll1IJ.L'S U I' retl tt AIL~)MllNAI; SI'I'I'OITII" I o f.ills new intracu.nle t for thel rletilcal cuorle Il'no It I lapeat UtLer, or Falht.g of thI Womb. ehy x " ernal lapplicateion, uspersedig Ithe iee I thU e lob jectionablh pressary, In conlatelatly reeomIeded r' o thle allctaed ia the eeitls ot a perlfct rentttr tior, to health,..t "ever havin g f.iled oi" perlrnnint a cure,even undel r ilte lost ggrrtvaettd cilumltstn all ces. It hts reeeaved the deodedl approhitiol of ce Sir Astlev Cooper ,f London ; tSie fl, t in C Brodi ; Sir .lanmes Clarkt, Pltysieian to tie Qlueen; Dr Ashwell. Lect.-er on umidwilcry toGuy's n of . c. pitil ; Dr Rigay, lecturcr to St .ch rtholo.anew; e )r li Gritieth, lecturer to Weaettmin-telr Hospital: iDr IRam.buthan, Iccturer to Lonttdon hospital ; Robert t Ferguson, lecturer to Welotmnitter lying.m hospa, t elt; Dr Swetmnaln, lecturer to Middl,eex hospitaul. land senier c.eoueletr to (.een C arlotle'ts leving; irlna.lpital ; also y lHenry Dovier, Conquest a p' Illundell, Lee, Merrnlan,, Isurgetna Ketles, &t. Ih Dr Morrenat, prosudentt of the Aeadetme Ittavalo Jo Medicine, Paris, rani Accoucher to the duc)utilhr I)'Orlea.s; professors Vcipe.u, Marjolin, Paul Dubois, Sa snn and others-aend in New York by professorJ WV Francis, G S Bedford, Mt D prIotes.e sor of midwifery in the university of the eify of i New York, proth. Delafithl, and Francis, U John. atoe, president County Med Society, Laurens uanll preoident rned society State of N York, proef Ja n McNaughton of Albany, preie March, Cvryn Per. kins, Doane-Dre Th'l'os Boyd, CGitert Smith,, Ilosaek, Stearns. Ludlow, Kisearn, Vache, Power, Grayson, Van Rensualaer, und ttan other distin.e guisthced physicians in the U States. A G (lull, Office 4 Vessey at, Astor flepoue N J A conteant supply of the ahove inetr mets, vi with Dr iulles improved Trusses ee r e he'cia, v. illeei Iw kept bly SICKLES & Co, N Orleans, Ili A I Canrpenter, Nathelz; Stone & Marsh, Wood. ca ville; Blooth and Mailory, Metmphis; W D IVh;n. ,. meo., Somerville; [Iiall and Wtashitngton, Nashvilre; MeNeiray and iHamilton do; R il Ibsa, Florence uc Ala; J C Spoteswood, Athens. c J I A TIfRIf R, 34 (rovietr ct I " lI I.t-N "MilIR'. Uloves, & t re lat a reive I rb Ite arrivals, ' ul Ist ltlll It " shti lintr . <ravel% ellflll r clo ks, glovesll,¥1 [( lllIl -IIpllellll ro. , at Ithe BgUazn ar, nlel'lltr ol Jl. Cluhrlies alnd l 'ItrInIll t sIrP i. a. a'J 1'11 USII & ALLAN. fr sale ty II , jllnne ) ,14 New L.evee, Bry AZAAR. Corner of At. Charles &r Common street, -hnk Ex , C A E H OTE .I. I)US'& AI.I..AN wolt respectfully call the rl I_, ttli, llll' Itiitizellls tald glero e' t thtllriretlllplt aesnetirll II+ ut (;t tiaallalel l'a' lih·l'i lhirs, do cntlhrin, to with m'n I-t i aoto. ahioinabi e linen froia m : hllP clne anra: ailk, lltrOll and lll rilt it lllr lhirts llld drlaweris: calhll toi( a an silk ihandkerchiefs: black aud faucv ta vats ill areal variety: stockh of aver dit'scriptionl gta It O elastti ald cottlon su pendters: ilk' coition nI tilrend a glovoa: getlla Ihokin glove: umibrllua and canes gotd Also,--Splendid assortment of ladies and gent 'wri tilgl dek,, sinhnt ' ca'ee , part olias. perfiller tl. i ,s ler,, ,ndI tih ta,,og gool. -Ai'a, "(I &. -l' h- ttae,,aittrjjt & I. tlre ollr aIle oin aetom- t ,dit ini leran- It cn-mke I Calllatitg a roltll ilto in g la K adg of Ir ad grOla ii oil t' dilt-re y I qahtlics. " lot 161 EllE Ilutch l.irl'ed fOi l | pelilre at eh t 0 Ills. Spirlls of 'I'urllpeltlhe, 1 do. tiifiled Ahl'haol 5 Canisters f 511S It. ea:th Mitareniho Bale am Cops ivn. I8 Cantsterstn 20 Illh. each lHermuat,d Arrow root. '2 dol. patetr scales tllr eoa nlln r. aI mr. rssorted Spatulans, ] doz. assorled marking Blrl.hes rotnlld S. O11i. S11 a dot. panlrl and white washll Irtltlet, 3 rltz. tSn nt in hall' lrttl a le. ' \ o' d at11 d lilm ( ArlericaI, It -ios. L.amp t;la.-e tltsorltettd, in ' Ihs lbnnas.rted +,saoncia ollm , Il51) aro t Matese of tlhe belt qrlu it'. a da,. BIalsnat of Calumbia I do. (trait''aoth taah. And a variety of otulhr articlca ton nl aernlld to be lnenlieI. tII IrNNAREL. , July .01 car. 'Ichalltoulas "and Natcez rls or OP--?0t boxes, lubbina, $1 Snat, it ratre for July 13i1i 74 'aoydra Street SIII'I'I;.I.1l)-:in, aull t pound, pure.atd No I. SWhile t:.ed, in asnrteild flro 25 to t 5lt tllln;l t inPllaw llditng '.. m htig ianielnKil.y, Jor p salt:tty lthe subscritern, geato a r tit'anaoa fttrttters a JARVIS & ANIIREWS, july 9 Corner Common & Tchitlitolus stI AisAVAN CFIIFE--450 bags of prim qalahly l finr sale. v yA TI(IER . june I 31 Gravier a i( lp\ N SOAP'-3tOi '-'ane Ibrwan soatp, fat rali.nly -- r .TM &J I' .II I IV ,.I:tCnapt r I. i tI1 (1 -.1 aINI t. e o all) r r tan, r Ia i I dillom,.dllay rend ci ap blrll bi ok of so e lt lllll, tr tttthli ,jtllte re ivaal edttt and ltr Hlae by I l r ul e i I A 'tibi' I'I il , m ay 15 3 1 tt a t oni ato Ed) sale by A '1"1(r $13 p i ll 'iiii bi lb i s(no iatlte r,, N1.Rr sale a IoPEt I ArkPL'l IrlnTR in i 'a It ba SIten ' .' Ntt Ii l o.rr I .OIt rdl t(ir"-30,00 ti bll l , nol ttte, Ir t- t orl Ije Itta 'tt rht tn j6 - 131 iIORSEY n I.l I, I - 8rd.6 .-- -in hdes fom h-t 1. aran e itlso,. l t, Gay I' ' h nit r lreor at II c Uiltt INTte't Ialaa Na' J. ",EiI;N Ifrli g I r inctl nous a, ,o 1s rtalehy Iradt Aprt ahy Ilolcm& Io, 'ar in ll b owo u act r t- us and ile to ,ttttta ttt. h a t Ittain lt'a ''oI ltn. nat adliiir o 'itil etngineer f itdl eta, ariu r t f mt' hds li. &Flay " For saalty oa. iRale al m A ' 'a Al, li flt 9 IC ai tIj' oXliiN E ( ON N IIiI'i I.r llll .i, rl, i pttr f II able Jaly dh7,aothel o l a l J8 A_1'K "" S JIOHN V. C-IiLrdl., ar ENdilAlIitr AN' . wiha''l-i'i.hlAP: UINti L h pL a No. 3, CJtn'np Si. oFlrelhtageh , iItt f,'rladl., riigttisr ai rcal . i.e and vihi:ini ciala. Illltri'l, el.nallnr ,Ita uaarag G'a ba waenaata, doatr ilalca, aileer wn',, 4e. cabanayss' halar tarl aortlltltt o' siler Ilnh a nd blraria door ,, P larda prianted treat plates nlreal) e'greatd. 1b FA.le Jt, l W : NlI'r l eitt itfN T P'. FREEMAN & CO., Na. 3, lgnagrtin etrer', r ,are rceir, ing their splitt of lall anld Wter , i' Cltrhing, and aill antinag to reentive biptaatn regug ho ' tarty rrnlgbaorhe snaas,. 'Ilher wheartenott:r bre tg \ large wilt enabln aarn to aupply mrha rh le anllnt a nt lllle rllrte(f nilree; faor an ba holesa. t e &. retail, an ana'emmoaatiag terms. r FURNITURE! FURNITURLE!! I JUS'P reEMcdat Ntin La(i.ina Furniture iWare b`L hoare, a targe supply (tam Newn lark and lin nht an. Pareona in the want of ftrnitureareald do \nill e r to call, and select heir artiales Inro one rf the heba and h. e larges stalcn now in theb cit. Wp RcARNES. 1 thi iarll 5 a iltea *e N D-Particular attention paid ta panbing "nl nbtp ra111 ing Furanitur, e,mraip nltnpaenoe. r - epa . ACON .SCO. ItntCinritinati ceured, onemirtia at a bate, aid st aharhoulder, at tbe anner,-e.prr b a Flarat hear. Fao nlht by I R Ase NE 1t. Iaoy r e( l ,i"'l otr itt kIlL INIf4N'S PANAC~EA. l !u r Notohon. and Tdlooupitonlia Is·. 0ohOKIh (r oodo~uuinoom, soronolon oo loiop'. ooI, gEooo, 00 ll '4410slllln 4440444444, 04440004y ll~r· r ld III1I atIh,,ooooooso Ito 4,,,,oI,,ol dOont ,, ·oto 0, p ,vr od Otood, o~l oo oy,1o .u.r ,4oooo, ooool~ .~ers, oyooyijo op ls OOlu,Iiooloo,, ooonyo.0o.,.yooooolo,,foo, h, oorlutu l Ioololl O.,oo. 4,oo,, I,orko,, don,,I hy,, oIu lo, 4,00 00004ooo, 1,0,,0404rl.I lue llrr*vlll lrs·li~lllllit400,,r 0 .0 oUoo'oolol o *,u , ,oO PltoInoo l d, 1. lsl,,oooo I,0,,o,,oo I·II U ~1TO TUlE PUDBLIC. "0444o44o4I444oonOo Ihy,,,ouonllno to,, ,o,,,nI ,,o~~I~~I~:,o 1. , 0 , ,,,.. ·;, .04.III·Illrl I YIOI 1II lll~I t 4,44n0,0)00, ,0Io,,Oo.,o.,e 'I ,,* fo,,,, anII"UI.U ooII. 44,l~d~ll '4, 4,.I~I~lY! o oo.AIo ajolololoo1 -I 'I.0.Ao1 11 Aooj.,oo,,o Ecr chllo,,,'. 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In,. tahk great bble burooo o.U.wiog hat o blly's of Ih` Illlllan'x Fu nncca reTtuII red are 1. perleel I(ult abbd ol onbb ontly scum -len b to bll ollurly nbdo.ol. tOHN Fl lbbObU N, KIboog . ohrrt Mrhoil, 0e:12. I nwasdeizedotlbbt three y boarl olr, olth b tlrbooiogb rlo.u Ob0000,,ebbbbdb I)bobtakingoo,,o.,,o,,job 8I00 under the Ij g 000e btrooory, ouoo x.1, id. .. -bleo~bd elinhsu urtrly ever etbuo. UurIlbbg 11o. eooobb boo,, Ihbvebluu a Opbbb.O rthe 5.0000. flnxolobob. obbbob reyojooood. of' hobr oIbuboob, uod bO.oboly lbr 000000r Ioobl. of isoo, Iiobbo bbhibobbbllb. Il...j11b.IO uud tilelld nlllll, every realeely. ..Ill little blclll"tit (lu to Nthlb 111 February lust, nt ttlla tIIIIU ""uly Il~ll· to *I.vealwut upon 00rul00 es; hobobbrbooolb thoe oo...oftoo.,t:;Jho ' IboIccn. ,ooo, lby tobbtot Iooooo.odob boo hIo.bihloly well. Wit. 'lbICKI:Itt 1:b Maret.ko CASES OF SCROFULO'Sb UoI.Cb:bbo. Newn book, Sb"tO. bbb, 830. 'I'0b..lbob e ll.y. tybat iy tb Fll 0,105 I,1, Ino,. salted bish "'vrlllugp Ii II? lsek .al Nee, which iftrrw·.rds llulut~atud, S horulo. I.ojo11..I-y blcersIo na ob nark. Anl vn phylootobb.s boo a.oo bobobwgO, I nootbb.I1'boilbdo;joloob ,oool pIss rI boy.obbob,,obo lbhe ooobuob bo. I'ioy.ou nod Ib~o'oo. .la lr repeated allllv lliu ll to uu r tl'ret, I was Ireuluuu. ul I1I. intr. 1 oolruble. Aoho..oonlo bonok boo.ltp by otlrb ul' of a...o' Sn 1'un nbo, and PbIoobonie ObI 'I ot.'. C01b.,,oo.,,o, x u1 nob, )ulr brhcooib. Ib.b.oaniup .bbopfb, Inboooh hadlo oo b11......ind 000me, I reOooo..oooobybo ...omioo... , ewllor,.oo d onobo if oobb boo toob oooobooobool,. Ibblobbbg of the an.1 O b t b bothe oooooolob .ooytou 0e~un bob,ooi .,Ooe. at.In,,, m . IIbwaso.0O toiboo o,,o o 00,ba bu h ool 03lly great obbb prise, Ira . I;I:1, hululisulhll. 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REMEDYI a U Flrll I 1·.1"I.:*d.-'E' II- prn l .lllclrrr u lush I, lPLuInII .dthe np l rlpll ~ of tll, III Pllllbbe .' illltl itllll. onro hludnv 3" aeld ,"orI) IV, 1 ll"AJI J·FLLIrr 1 "urnl I luv," I'.' uh LIIItllll·I I by 1. 'J;lglllr, JI Ili fr.,,n tln" F lrl l l llr Irnvrrl( niel ii l and the Lsllell ou it merited . R Inl til l It,,, ,d 1111·11(·· of II I,.',,. t o fart,,ll. illyII, SlrA A"Ill ( /llllp,"r· Dr- 1(II·I.( (·1II·,.,) I/r.,kO and 1. SI) F" g:I A,11'1.1l~LI, A,. nml ~tler,, 1 1III.+a 'IIL 1n'rl III, 1ur 10 '1'11l? 13o11 . O 11ii 1:.114 \I·L·(L·IIIII· IIII till France nu.CI~l~ Grr~n:,,,)" ee~","ýI " ," rwll Iot"u' urdo 41 ý, -11-1,-1"1 -ver ;i fu~r 1}ow ll port I ronl·. I.'llur ol y In the r 10 (1() (·( arr. 'I It.~ cer allll g ullllal llIl (he ! ill U", ·lvel alilllll il I:IIII nallIII 'r lppl~"I r"1n In, I. 1Ielzr 11 I~ m m, .th11 1)1( 1111 n. WIII 1r~II 'l I ol ~1' 1-1!1, l I·P() I(I ,l 1\111 11·1(11 I 'hdhppe, K .,.g 1,f t he1 1) 11 1rvnnl 1,, au d ll I I opo l In llIu of Ih" c \.l~ lill,. 1)1lsr Tay for the lrl· l;1 ,I It racy , dP n"." illl'lllF l , lll.)ll) Cslln Le L' by tin l~ll npp r.,l~n .1 tlll Irll uied lo IIII ll)P· (·lllld 'y (II L pn ,, ,1', nl'Itl.. t lal or w ill I'. h ·clp b , - nirrr a 1o 1·ellr o u111 .Ill l hoar. 3 III~)111- led with d u I(*l, flan any cause t It I Il·;lull· n. I, II In and 1k -As1IIIIII Ihr ~umber r tired b y !n ot I.arl it, alcu llub ull), 11411 az ,u ilia IrG rrllP 'll the three k1111 g loathe ray of Dll~lhlc, l 400 nel~r l or Iris ,Iw.f were rr.lore I llold kl·IIIIII: I)(I ,"lt I w hom had h ero l(I( .I.O .,d 1 11 .1 U 31r.1 11 I~ the , y -of .11,-. ll l'r. r,, r, 1 ý 11t 8 w 1rv1 111111. 11 ,o hepllllll Ip uJti th.., e t fll , tlam m th a , ,ntl,,so al, o 1',."c' Herr ,nl. r 4.lnn I fill* thou numb+ s r and the I~n ag e r 0l III- II' -Th It,', JlldillllU KI I(, .4,11,11 of 11· 11('. Church. Mom I ',I,,, hfwad hr rvar Il z enf lIrInr colulu tlr, t he run Id nu · firma han n ull rlll e 1 II$ He PI y ,rd, I lnr'r lt. oa \','gnl fin l been gr llllp aI Allcowrr g~IIun hint l s. a m 41,T ti . ,an, .rplrln. is-- ll " time he gppliod I many crlhratrd A rl~ll, ,1 I.1, s1, tams, 1,l,~l., ovnlll anrlllu ph` d .very thing thei r I ,ht I I 1· t .11,,1,1, without the Iral l plh",ddlw f l·m6,,u r U, Make llllrn t, 'E lull d III app eil r I dllfl:3lll 111 11? 1 11(g11)11 , ,, l .la il l r.,ug to tell lu nl had mil ui a .epruon"d boil h" ,m I hr could h.,,, n, 1 I JlrI Jonruulfur Ill I,.3.5. me 1441.41.41', as 1, 6,rlrhlc.111 a, I~ hebnl"lu - .4 It tor ho a eollllll*5 Iy and rrlpn er rv lli cu, p, Ilmpl r by cold, Ill w hI Clltta laelub la d u much good, nlllll l cerefnule, cud r.l.r itI geuc to ure, being, o Irnfillrnt. In me Icur·-- ll es w ell :u Thal o others, nu our he cdl be IIIhl(r II,·I·; w hit may 1 : : I~~lj~l Ur Ill;nry of .%,alllI.lll, fIII Illlil rdnh~ , m t ltterto r Tay ior Gotta Vrg etluhh ua 0-1, am, 1alnahle remedy IICO.II) 1)4.t In,,. for any exr,, .111",,1 -fl, e u nfng from the co rn ·hll qnd a·1 1 "e Ihot wool r u unIll le dI lao1 that let rccoll .1 ll ith the nngtn. of i,11i , nif throe "y uIlIh na arrr renall . * u T ) inr'J (iats l yr-tore 1 1·(-111 , -v ti)ll ono of three r Ilr. l A 1111114allerprrlrnl~l:rr of I' u~ .pit rl·.l ur r irly· Il'o Gall. \ rglt Ibs h, sitI a I filar 4mpl·I ye11 all tat .3111 and aC I 1-111 to l Hud out a 41.11,11 p ., p~1'·e~ fur the u"IUI·rf n . cure .1'r D A Xorln and 1 mut .olr,,, iv affirm that I hale never fotmd any thug ,o good, "o. d,":-1.- J .a el fic a ~ou. . Dr Tay.n C. 'Il·r l~ll. clg, 1 yrare. A'ou m ~ ·I I1"..d upon i , nays b1, f ) I hair l ll· o ·IICYU II ed I , , h I I 1 nllly nd bcml.· l II.C( that canlll Inu y be 411 iled to 1111 a I tit- el for Ou 1ollc, oT or Thruo . 11111 tha yon h."ve a ,,.'Ju'te of uprlahve eM...i 11,,. S A Nonno of "file I sol R" ,a"1, wait a cn y,,ra.1X1 o her ll....rl,, coud pre ril % +u"- Iottlo f Ur T y' n1' Gut. Veg tuhd 1, rrteved herc"~I I rr.,hly mud before she ni n th hied hol lo oho 1111 porfectly u ctred to lye. allbe of her Tho, lly urnbv 48 mrlr il c ion , uha , who w as, crover, Il i the lI.! Rrgon.-ut, w as , rnr h .14,1 onthe Ala nsof ll. lo nnJ lia rrll me l ll'' t re rf rlo s. ou blts o Gull. Vngll Fatbillr. h' was cd r n ·trI cured,~ Air Glee fri~ ub""rw"% t whI onl la Plp lkyenra Itrir do 161,1-11 of hearing II, e vn roc by ms ild~ii l rilhll " Tnthe ag~d w ho ,nn mitt.. ,,,,,,Onmr aflicted wth der,,,.,, been tma icIull/eru or del lvrd Irnm othe r men u:. To arnomn tpuv nvln lead il eae. h m ohal founden tel a1 sm I.1111 c t m nd li. wit ,. i Ili.· hapyRer itpl ire b ratl g he. o ea"' ti SPEUiFLU StILUTICP. ALL . home auuerrag from URETHRAL DM A/11 s uch as (JONOR11.IOEA, ULEETS. s~ll VM . Ilt ltl 'A'º'iyr OF TILE KIDNEYS BLA/DEI. UICC1'H NA, IItHIJ$rRA'FE (Il.ANDI, .nd all DISEAsES d I U IIINAICY PY.1ASSikz rAINS IN T1'IlE 1411MM, GRAVE:, Pu''b'W.1 from ,Ma l W. ., or LU RMI11)1, ar! i, ;, ll .1,1 .u ..,,.th. villa b dr t ll lII p prpd:elly rurrlanalnl the oaeniredi., ...muchso.-ar tho na Il4Ird pr,,,,d u ..-b eu.l..l~i,. .gI1.d4...f '1 ilr, .(.4.1d s VueralAy .Op l...f5,~ me p..-tnIo a ana SIby d,.raua ur hi.proyer Irrwtnl?. In ti t. !O l.M.tio. can b.1 414'.-byld o ,f~aod ,t N.,. I ililrly .Ti my thusr :uJ " 1. ..l. ple 4I1er all other ued II,.nII have A led, ad Is 'l,lady .ape-ding Ihe use., it rhea njarmat sd Uaaveaus mwlptmr,-tI :OIIvIa.7urpvatlrlrI CubaIb". Mori arr.p A A-. Pow of 0t. s orl d ,, r rtlrw)Uap it., Last I Wa., II· 1.1 pII. YI iru, 41-, wl meAttnd tarII. ~fah. hliLO~t-laudingi is the w + nle rblLare lrallrl· Ilu ranllrly .Iplar to YOlsuud' *Iprauu A. utllu.. Alter this tie url her eutwu.· . rat bu utcesaary" *III .ldi,. g li'v w I~ Iha er(lcbDr.i "'1 4)111444,bnd Y1. b~ ·.lp.'.e olul.l· t·sunrl pa basteI 1;IIbUriug s·Jd. Urethral Ui-i halrgt.·.nd to )Dy LlwlllaC m,"~1, the~hy weer 'll care~d in YIWth~b 1.I-tY(Lbo ulL. I av· bnfnre ttuessed, and th rrgrsrarul Luplll h w s l I1I lI J·ls 0d. It. LEY, M. D "l~ecturer On Midwifery. at Ilarllmleer/'eHe plal "l Dr (;lap hr. hue pra.LrdMJ~ Yu*DI'"tilI·.I* S.IatiDI.,IUmn "y p)oreIt" I. JIInlll under lr Iretf~rw Di·ebrpe. and lurnrla bily lulld , he a?) l rr(. f a pow-Ip IIY·J ii)ill than h e had )111 vl~lully ub.«rvral, N beer n.l9 ulplrnrmla i Caps ta, sad p or futurlull t pr e-crib~~ lllf!ul hi, d w lul r IMul III lllru 1II t)Tat-I D: C mlr hy ,P IVA.U 6e ( n~. byl~ crrtllil* YulaJI,'s llpCC/6 CO!Y*· i" w elllt" lfiC.alllll s ·IIm(dy, and l Dle that amuse. ·PUr.LtlrU I Di. .nets~vwuuylr 1111.1 .11 p eps, tae, of Capon. N be· Yrr YI ,n Nl aUrleu. . INUs I11iorrl4AN'1' 1tl " IIL AFF .1(;TED WIH DI.-; LASES'. 1' A1Ilon\rr~ ir",a c, tlonnrrhen,(il wr9 oa L1 sricture, iuacleJ ,og I1ructkal ,o oil l~l~·YPIlllllI ".1.,..,I, ttu oroln I..II C ifh cure, ee ie, a soil raf tll .· It1 nnl , ho I ee sut lwuluu d. R,11 llv lf to lbI·e~ Ve ,lh ,an an urbo" ,~ h Witt he, ,,x the ~ewl, tiro ý -dy, dF. ill, I~ w tit s ·ightr, uts. 1 tk , pit", dnrl'.a"l, uº ,loutrgle s, o..I 1r I s ~, thv.hill all :r loll, tl h ll i KraP it f -ta debility ulll ..',,ay .1 the . ll·Ll,,,.i n EIICLosu P. 1 a. I c ac pl~o.e1.fute I irri·,l, l torl Irt'drllsha uti'.rl°1,a 111"fil Y's Pultif V1Nf, ; t"I:CIYtr' I'II.I.H. f A r".rrx,,,, , uull the molt .p"",,h r.lntrll, .:, rr .1 ' .vrre· in n cru~rt rl rltreruull curre ofvnrrldi"u«gr " ".nhru~cl~l..s I1etui 1.rh nu Wl.arllel(. {tatll· III the 1,bI* 1 l1111·(·101 · ltrl (· LLIy.I {; II··IV CJ InmMhuyu. 11,. uldrcll tily, Irll layeIII1· lr of te lartd:r or lathes .1,,J ld Ilhrr J.FillC. (IFh. all. oalv p,:o.,rd~el~lrrvlur-1,,l} - , ,a wll* Gle·,l.,I,, u, i,,.,b.,( rpno 1,l' 'lino F.U v., b, 0001,1,1,41+, pdi fora rare, with 1,..e.. .r r,".-v al ,afsty. '1 C(CI.IUIIl· with bebl J)F Ill,; a OI r.,Y),. , xl rl ilinilirror~lf cal go, attested by runny Lllllalbtl . Tb. ,; .heel, di, p i lll, li del c~ery pa, bile 1,r loridlouaI Ila art ( h ", , ,g , t l e ,r prognrlal the lvh1oll mar.. cif , id. - E;llr l I,."1n lyru ,satl" ,.I ,",tu If!" ovale ilrr r~ll, tki r1nili di0brr I, rut 6llrllulr. of the I~lw, expelllloF the Lrosrcr huwnr., ild - i lllr Ill,,nneI T is, ill( and~ Inlplrrcl plihl il . OUIIIUI II· a DIpttrall rl (tl· LI1· r h 1,.a "i illL ~UII IIIU IU. tea. . l'lrt i "*'lll·r 1··1111111 ,eerie U! Iyr :oly other min IIII ºUL l may b h~hrl x~h~vt he "ghn"t .npiein or direovory. They re ,teeter o n": ruv~unt of dirt, Io.· . of hmr pr hi.Jaaca ..f legal . ur.1. hot "&! t -1. 4,l-" rurr wltk ut the Treat eapr~ure· the PIIIII ·II 11-- . Al y y 11·1 1 \( Il. a liklbi PII·P/rII) ay carat, ~ will hr x."11 to I1(·I! r:IcoIrU to be dlr··clli e ' llll, for when xke~hlorc ha de r-e ur tl. it liJIr~wr, itaisl r. a l-nxr~ pre-,oil by rrmorvlll Ike ullllllstar ela'at uwll y it PeIn Irry, Rerppn*·. mnlhnu." 11, direrl their afaibe *1 those dreadful drbdittllln I- lrenoll 11 11) till-to~ free ,L! Iwrl -'a .ur~ ll trnol'uerrr. xirrhon, an .ataqu I liloll juJgnrrat aa~d llenlulry, ildid'erelle P soil nvnrairm for al w herb arrra F fro,.. con.ideringl Ihernretre· ·. the d dUI ( tllrrir own sllerv. sell hI Iee,%sity nt're. ·oaceogrthe /ec~ttn o f Inarrllllr, urn 1II: Ilurtualiag ;.4...., of the.,, Mlle1 b.,, I",r 1, way it, this .IIPIluCIYe" ..,l dc~h uctiv. losing. J. Lost .11 trerlllle .tree of d.:bilnv orl dslcle·.ea. , whether the c.,,, 0 yuru,. of a rh banefulu prat tire,, excranive drinking, al- sayI (IIIIFI calol·· by hich Mir. powrs o f 10, e ourlltrl l· col-111, 1, thley o11cr u firm, sale and speedy "Iur.lll to *01,1 ndil r r,,orous I,~ "'I. Pre W.,~ Vrgetultle Pillsntre well known for the eruii alll effrctuul leeloll r ly y ayi..ptcnlr, vensral eruption., P ~lalo.,.,th." ,.1,., ulre,,,.,, -1,r throat,, diae,,.ed none, llm. loc. and g I..urnl debility, no151Urli l I)·ln) in th h.,d toolI 'ý'heac P.Ila n. a wort!. a plus. ill the c4llinet tf tnnter. sadd ,:IlIIatea xny Irogtll r lien.. '1'o bie Ilad ollly ait No. JOi Curolgan, hene street, New 011.·nr. " ""^ """""" """ ." ""... :"., , IYIII IOUII Buser, New Orleans. fi lROF'ESS)R SEIlDOIJI.'S flYGEIAN IIEitslll PIL . I + ur il .q I" ablull atrl,.tiuon of re.l y "pe.etNtN dy did. * :1tmf of the typhdiliie d diseae, antl the m di--.rd-erra.el. from i * bf ttlmproper . htltmett." lbh. ed I obl h t gilb .ie t .r eat .on venlreal and . Ty, ii, i Ie ,wll , ,t •l .N . r e lam i Pl l knee, . m ., e t u nollllllg hIitll orth klb)W ,ll , by tho.e wh0 are uT he. elnd. eufl'e, e,. to this dleadJd alla Jd vPratutiug effryt .e D~r Duvriaroncuatllllu t , },sect it attetion, to Iea dig. ' oders *r ilt' g fro the toe ree m ll nldtrtri melte urlldul "u fence-ttlle paesiole. ,hich lneo only oee.,iona a .ul. ro~e ýk ralol of ilervou+ afllerlloltt, Irut'll "h elltdlle Ua Iit vlultlt..l all '', he etl'rvtl llg imllhc 'i itiue++ ur ldager . i i Ut+ Ill n(l, tale .rl~l. I l.ffl~r* l.b....b.. L tlehlity aIIId Ileli~iellcy, whether the consn |uetmnet' eli, l 1 I hluht. .exIve rifnkinsgor any I)lher ealpl by whklh thel ;ia ' nt the oemllltlotloIcIhttlnlme etlfe.Jlded, Ihe rfrsarlnl Sfe.l lls peed) rrel+,ratton to sound aIdI vgoorlus hklkth. sI ,tl,,. ehlml ho, y tact, blth thouisnJs filv •ime to the, , - ncrcel diecaes, o.lg to tili unski "ulueae of |Il teraw ell. oho, Iio,ryv tililvetof that deadly plninn, merculy, pIin bh, .i / ltIlIll'.tl; a1:d wholl tihe grest Ruelr Swedour herm. I'Pr Sl'sllr at l.eylell UIILvereity, be conferred an Inalnabl. Lu. A. .LO. c..UrI A , .his ...Ps... V..miidg.. L'ti.. did I.. , .°.;. ic',, sn p'tw ,ity P.,.ly,.S. i.y . ldtihuder trll* sue.". lllolby p t.she lln di dl,. lly bust.l pt• eane.fhe d el-to er cmyplaint, for the crl of whicho i !y llrildrbeen so o0of clrtrlelrat. Thaeeamt of theol pitr. it. • plt lte mny, ealerd their s.leedy itrducltion ino almobt a. cry olll,ustlr.. 't'lllertl w.ll t h wiL hbe tera weitolt I lr 'I- tll lyll~ laterr, cePn b o wheeedbyany thoukeud.efor• tea dui. he .1c i ell l? lTe, It ;Lt er b Piinr. l b t .,l,., .r, 1l t path, Ih of Ilblioui 'loo1[ 11 UIll'y f ie yn thef e perm, nor n whre llwhi an hn ll.dll tey1t1 1ot onhly rwlmuvi thel+ thee,,, to I proa.ol 'oy thn~r teh Ins. the ,,f erell unce'"tno -the body-" , .-el;i nI tlle rleheer hl , Id omitted malynne rl4 slid .d I n T dIIE .MOST l .PORTA"l T IINpo hey n Ulllerrontsin nrrnry wo. a.y oj.rr t.LF+RGl, 1and m laye tf withoe t h Ie U phteit. Ilap tuginn o dicovert' ,-they realho f ur q hetraitl of u.•t, tlors ti orI time olritdrIne ihtt, oft(+otrntal byt flelr a onplinurd. sfoth n'rt the lashl lxu.eurc ,o the paen .. Allt owny.periodr kre . eh ho ttoehice ,llee, ee ,welvbe p .off e ron se eu:l rlll~rt llrlrtelnl YIg(iltl· I t-aIt• hlI. [oair tl ll•Ilia denu Ih ily: iI ex ln Ioeterhllruinor when nL'toll befo the dieer. .ro grtI..t/ . Is gprx'.ldlr h I acqs ..... cY, ii ..altite r•lli vnel Il. .,.reslllu eflfes irctualrv ald secreetly he deploral .1;.te ill hi. k l llieey Pprl~lll hove Ltee, ,r *h·.·i~iti the Iit,, € I )lretio., 1 th rh i.. ,elacholytoe of M s lds di i imperartielty no -Inlt i-+.Ire l .cru plle hy i* L bo t diml aeveey ]do rrl Sold t No. 96b Ceirol bhoule t, Now Osk]ea. -lt a It'C \·()r.+ ( ex Or tll~nF i, roltelr thers~. tatlc tr~b , *e . T11 IE MOST IMWPORTANT HUMANV DISCO " VER(Y. A LCL F:RC tAN, lat. of the Cambllridgeh hh i l .r ity eI. " l'lll liermvd eed hImhllorolfacri.d";llteu~o af itrm., Llt Menta Complllllllllntl onfteaeI yellrdutiontand to flur yeare.+ bave had .pe.vrl21 2) P'titentr, al of i+ , leLcur ctl wh1o billlowed his advices, except tweclve, oi'er· (ran, leeen. Ilell· nllllhcr tllhln aIver tlol .Jetee*. LotOwirit, im lald . h,.h aid exhaut·l ionleenar',relen oI(fblol to the ht.a, to,. tle, gl-lle, ls Ilet, GaT:lt te st memory, intro.,fl for lua nahseet'udls., S'c., rerlthtlele., irr soull , wrethlhednelu ls, rle clnoy, dele flu, rlelcll lye thought, o" slf di e tehlpl in I .l salnli, el.r aet ;cubleu by tiis importat direovety. 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