Newspaper of True American, July 25, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated July 25, 1839 Page 4
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- SAp.L1~ To'uY, d~fci 1 1he ' hl iYdiur r rnker g Con ,,, ,, n Verchanl, d1 . "A amp at.-.For the .t pr hault. ýi . P. FR! E AAN k CO.. ,. In~ a~tts.a~t..t * No. 3, "Ytegasutl ar.,i, V1 ;Y2?3_donlt~ll+'hand it arge uRljply of Cloth i +aet hal'ul'd rd~C luUry tredo. 'Their on. sortil'egt obrR lard. mercllntr R the country can te 4nnledl N ~hotrosl notice. ·. . ).1 YU : . ~ -2 it 11.11 M N.(Y InrSkalr4'nE 'COMIPANy UF NEW ORLEANS. This Comatny as now praeoredt to ttka RISS AGAINST FIER. R ..24 u Mmon'o Building, Canatlas's New Orleans, Mnr I. l&8. L 'TRACY, r entar,'. OLD OPPEKR-..pU Ibs old Uo:pp for tFaceIl y apr11 4 Al It DlVIREUX, 46 Tehlpisoule, os CHAMPLIN & COOPEII, a1uI0EIR ANID IIEAI.ERS IN l'ROVISIONS No. 79 and 82J Jiia street, New Orleans. .hip anod 'tatjly nsors pat up. tour 5 lI~)IISIANA PUU.NITOfI WAREROOiMS Ne:) 53, i cenvtlle street.l ýE7 lLlAUS. Jt CAIIXIE wouldl rsrpersfully in 17-tron ss a.¶'iootla and the itbtic that lioois eoi. t asIt reeriving fro Now York autd Itooto a gnril *osorti kot af traniuttttr, prch no mahltogt cllrhir", oln, ad 'cwds maple stn! Pointsd rhairs, am pie and cherrv'Y cdtaintS mdatbav 'ri y rdrhep tahble, of all daserilnillut, be a*u , r"Nlet, eIeretaye riliud dank., wanrlbn Pit o",en ati5 y anId aO errs' waRh seatlo,. lookirngglnan.a, tlera. bedding, So. &e. Nt. Furnitiuro aeakedlat 'ansltortattie wit!, Great arn. _ ouv13. 1ASHZONADLE cL:o'WZMcG TAYLOR & HADDEN,. 14. 14 Ch'artra tireet * lAVE. a'itttatoor pIj t f resin artcle OriterttttC to guatpletotn' droa,, of the latest tivle, at hew York priers Irae Pt ORtLEANS &ITHoGRhpfuzc PRINYTING EstTARLISHMENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, ('ppostsr Itttttho' Antratlo. WiLLI.Lt3. ( GREp XS, PROPRIET5R sob I BAND NOTE ENGlLAVINIh RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON I tAVE opened tiaonfie in Newi ttrlrotit. pltnai'eaii equal adratuagee~ w ith their macelx inl New Yolk, for the par toes of eugrnvilr awl piating Bank Notme, Bonds, Bills of Exchangei Cent iieon i of t trp,,oh rheiocotll other nitopia tit pialoro, rqttring Frecuitot against io ndIitro; le mtladtlt apillR pttntien Ior thraf rlyepiisg l1 all anlo nts e1 eIeions Pru·1 .r5 to lemir o ase; thlij ntI'o rien eInlror. thr lttLIe of 'rane ti~ehttdittld ll,,jiut, i"tootOtil, )te,! polttl oirder wrill hi isecutoil woith ttorttpljtludtl ad o thnauu tarma. OPice, caraer oalovul d& Cotal alrert. jai it --af (1 BAZAAR.. U71SH & AlZN,. NO. 1, EXCHANGE IOTEL, 'orner of St. (7/ lres and Common sis,. NEWV ORLI.ANS. MIPORPTERS nd Dealers in FreWnch nd EngliSh i erfrmnrv; D oressig Caves and Portable Iloke. Cltlervl , Ilnoierv, Gloves Slhirs, Stocks, Umlbnells, canee,'.ld Fanl cv Articles. d5 SENE'TrUCKY- oi l Jolictlsla Bak Nutc f r usale aby rA T lER, imay 3 74 (;Grvier as SJE:WIEIRY, Al' WHOLEALE 1(TW j 1nanto 19, Cphr rs ol, erHa rti daIe Scived a fiorl oaslteoren of W rthe',. Jwel'Yr onal speracnto, ald (;ls Ware, thy wil h offrier e oa tim n lowest market price. aie, I DOYlIn & 2.0 i -..... I)EAI.ERS IN AMERICAN & ENIILISIS CROWN GLASS 3n o . 3 CARood IIeLEs. SITREET. -- m JOB PRINTING. OF EVERY DSlRIaPTIONt SPoDI.r.Y, Ie .NDOSIEI,Y AND CHoIAPLY IXEI: 'EI)o AT T yIE OFFICE Op THE True cimereicuan, r'. CIIAILES TIIEEl', NEAR POYDtRAS. ai3-ep ed---.h-Lira.cnd ,r prfoO Te-m, m A1 k n 'ow r e5nd a n sel seenr pa . fr esall e b i all BRI BliDGE & Co, naC IN--ia Cska Hao,. 10 du. Side, oanld 15 do. I hllders; in osomof li:',e lby July 2d. Jl'IIAY EH.& Co. 71 I'oy;r05 Pt L O iRARD &CO'S Boston and New Orleans has been expressly built to run between tll above pbrts, and will be found of esitUable drllaft of 'alrO accommodations for pasengors, and every effortI will be made to give general satio hction, 'I' line is composed of the fu lawing ships: Cherokee, 415 lan Capt. J Hlarding, Caroliha, 4011 do S Lemins, Charleston, 374 do D Eldridgoe Columbiana, 625 do Bairker, Seaonan, 240 do J llowes, tlnooby, 625 do 1) llumphrey. The above ships ar all new, of the lirst lass, copper fastened anld oopperod, comlmanded by ntlet of Tgrat explrieneo, have largo acoormnodations, wiosh separate ladese cabin; every attentiool will be aid toi pasengers,t and tle very test of stores pro The poakets will be towed up and down thie Sio siusippr, nd the atriclest punctualiny oloerved in the time of sailing, and should the regula r vessels to detained in arriving, other ships equally as good * will in all eases he substitulotl. A share of patron. age is solicited, and the agents pledge thlemselves to iceommel at as much as practicable, to receive anld forward goods by adid line at the most modcr ate chargls, and to advance all expenses on goods shipped, if required. T'he hip .will leave the 1st and 161, of every month. For freight or pau ageo, apply to the agents. J A MEIIHIRTT, 82 Commoin at. 'N. B. Advsaneeenota ade on eoosignm... .ts to Messrs. A. C. Loueoard & Co. nov27 rIliON 0008-Ts h au, se rlbes hrve pocures at a gret etprene, lthe right I L1ratig ron irn roofs irl iha city. They are adapted to put l buildings, warehouses, and private daellius anod ecoIbsne at lonce eheopilers and ldorcbhley, al1d are perfccll fire and, waler proof 'P rms onmt is koewnlsld ani mooel .xI'i at onr rnethltllllelli, opposite St. ,larey'o otir lr,fo Tch 3ienliis sl . s oil , I C it,1t:s' 0,I .1" Co 'XlrllANC(. E sN I 'IItIL t1irll'.aI t-rI ooUr J y A (I..St11 . & WIIITAI.L, tsIdI :OiJL'tt, 1154 a ,,ole, osiot, clwoe i Duomain and St Pollhp, keel t .o.nlle ltll" 111 alllla ause a xlve ivs nl-S rtilli set li| [l a d b~rigan ol, a d ehllesol New York alinlllf.a ,rlCII,,r mln. lll t01 ame1 cud ellldr.e of all unr , wiLcll u a I r ,ll dlple ol at very llolerare lplolr . Fnamlies 'ofhis I,.qiIlalone eo seCll it , nro r will have theilr washes atterltd II 1, S IS ;OUR 1Wli 11lE LEADO-- bldn, iO lio. n ll0 h; 40lkes, lll o. 2011 do ' 5i English do--5 1-4 bbls. -ltl " 101 Paiunt lrunshon, vari,oo sizes; 5bllaConpal VYorint; • " Japan ' 201 pol a GOlod Ioaf, 50 do Silver dn; (00 do Dutch lelslll. WINDOtW GsLAS, Anloericos. Erglik sad Freauh 1(10I boxes, various nizes aodaq4nlioics. Boeto, trow, du.--5011 boxe,oonooigaoloon, will hbe old low. Also, a genoeral usouretoe. of artists' elnoura and cols, for salt by A W SCA'I El, No ri (fllsal street. N I. Alhabama ooes coia ait p r, old hl sias;ippi noter n' P 11 received at lO peroent disecuu.o r gttodt, oroapa i tofdles. je I lj w F lE Gew.ino.-t-dj alsn ltnlo l.ivrwoer t .id Httle Shoood, is pIolp in battles at tiun low price of ill oeuts each, cnetaising tIle strelgll of three ollncee II Lioveiort, besi~lea the virtues 1l m(any otheo ro'te ald herbs kblown nrongolhe ildioian as ellicsucius il ctirllg psulmowoeary eomolopd. - Theso u rall osluctai whi, hasll attended lte ,ose ot this iselUisonlelo Italolu beLrrever it lion beeo intro uleedl has ib t.lliried the coolln.dene and recomlllilda lions ofopseiloldL pthysicioal, for Ihe cllie of CtllOulla, colde, lin il the saide, wst of roilt slittiag o" blood, liver rompleint, .c. To whisll it nosy c011 n. TIi isI to eruify that we beor in our practice freClfnttley pruaseild Mrs en srd ,erIs Indoian Balsan of alsverwm'l ad llourLouund, witll, a dllecided tgo effct: we en rlh.:r.ere, fr.o the know liden of lIn tlaerialts it is sade frwn, sad cbhloloinnl anra, reeomuelu IL tgs a Illorfi f prearatlo,, oraml tlhe aoteiou of Oulh,..o' (ir whici it is re Iowwndods A Ioll.JgT7'VII.LI MS+ .%t. 1). CALVII'EI.l1S Il. D. Mnln.s4 of tltfntroasllsdiwal Aasesuoiun. Irtoll,. Otetoer 25. saloby JAItVIi & ANI)RE\\'i.., ii 0. " , tl s 'ti0 * lit'1l1* . tI * L| t lboI elaý i lr I tll leoou ll dn lid mit 1 pl ly HEK tItIU EAs, li.,5 1 t' l & l). II e y 3 N nq , COAL -m t Ie .u.l,,' r,, ara vl ",,,, ... hlandt arve a iopoe,.v ,f ('non, I nd I.v.rploslcoal. il holk.'o.f reloorir q.alolle,o whilh 11ih) ouffr fo, aol.t in io.. to sii plirho.bl0t, Atlso tonoletPd lo uhl lfist errivsls fromn Roie I od amoilo l, N,;rli. C.,'ln ," Lehieh anli Peach .isnlotitil Coolr. horoken and screened, pnt up ii isopr,.scl (or lanily Oso-a I if wlle thov will cllndono .i ol0i e 0101111o IPralee.r IlorL. (iPetes Islt ao:t~leir c l e, N,, 53 Bielvinle lt up staie. w il: ti prolmpllly tlltllaed ti ce' _ IB. & A SOULIE. aN'W GOODr -Simmoem,nd ar & co are now 'e I endbitig Conenldi, f'rnm New York, a (reat variety ot goode In their line which together with their formnat atock on hand, meaee thbt asert, ontvery3 a plate. I'e tfollowing cetmpone a ar, vi: t ell twist, m.,r.b,od, toak and dressig crmba, oron d6 otal descriptions, In di rubber, silk and worsted elastic m ertere, common & fine elastic suspendeors Iocn oco nad Lucifor matches, ieidlitz Imowders, powderpluffs anl bdoxcs, toilct lo dier, ocket eooks and wblles, neeille books, shell, pearl, ivory and Iloroecc erd eases, Ihea or nlents, plain co rat heads, necklaces sal oegligeeo, hewd chainsr, elad necklacee, uet glans lid plainseedsilver and gilobead:, tndlan neads, bellse ad plumese pistol and larct paow ler nflaks, shot belts, horse, belt. pockci and 5oeiling eistols; double and single barrelled guns, Bowie knives, ad dirks. scissors, enrs, pocket knives, guard chaines, and ribhbon, waint bt kle, cloth, hair, tooth, tluil,comb, ,rumt, sthoe, pate, floor and darting brushea , Cologne, Florida, lavender, rose and bay wator,asnrnted estealnes, and extraect, tecuander, bear, ntrique, aond Waird'. vc getable hoir oil, hllavindg Rid toilet ooaps of all des rniptinls, ladiesr' nt gettlentwns' desks and dressing carse, hair riegleto, fzetates and braids, plain, fancy and eusial work Ioxesa, plain and gilt, figured, coal ant vest Ihttoai, pearl antd ivory shirt te, anlirt studds, gol and silver pencil rase, toothlioks ond tweezeros, plted ond gilt lockets, n iniatiure do, silver, hrasc and steel ithimblers, hooks ntd eyes, hair pins, tilttion fruit, blk and redink, lshnm blackig, violi.s aond gnitars, ribbed and plain percussion caps,. lineo twine, acertedl cutlt. aens,gohl atl siler rlace aut fringe, letor paper, gaint bags, riding w'tipl, walking ettrle|a,Playg cnads, tine ehl, pIlato. asld giltjewellry "e. 'the ttove, together with a great variety of other arti Iae are olhorel at oplealeor retail oi neo haooodatitg N I Slrell coml, repairvd 1 B OYLI k BIoMA, ltouae, .AlN, Iy I a tlr onta SPainters, No 3 (artietlel srli:et, two doors from ld :nsl strre. Imittleions of the following woodls and Itrbltese, soused i d a masterly mannerl weonolr Mttnnt.Er.t aitltugty, F.ogyptihi black anl gtod, Oaik, (fialla atid Aetieo, Pdollard do, I Ohioe;;.i or erol atlliqc, t Crleddlo, Iisper, Curleid Maple, llMrol Stone, Birds vve .do. lorby Grtaite, Satin Wood, I'oloma% flair WoodI, olre or Irtlello, Yen Tree, lintict Witr, Viorotntu 'Ue or tltck Pialltat atl ltrortella, losst .o'l, Atntri *i Grey, . A t Vlie Oak, ,eks. hk . e. C trles: Q, fitpeimes to be seen 't1 the sltop. ints. oils, glan, colpal v rnioh, &tc. ihiw,'t .iltor saelr. 'l(ON,STEEI.& HEAVY (IOO.fS-- 'Itat, lqarre and bhtdle iro, oll nlnasortedl. tIloo p, nr"oll atd.ttol tram, nail rods ;..'4 pIlt.h Cast, German, shear, blistre:d, spriig, sheet ant; ('owire steel Hollow ware, cut end wreolbir napils ned spikes Zitn, blonk tit, trill ttol girid olomes, salt kettles Caintl neibles, nlocllors, hoba IO, lrog olI d trace thairn, crrn' mills A Io ilns, rir, 1 tlulbtmers lld hcllow C.'.lnl, ltmtwl otkll olking s t Anltr', Iowlanllm's andll othel, spud:llll,+ ,ttl( l E l,.(.ls I tlek ndl late h nlinlgtsi door lnd ill tiw bloulks (Collite, Ilunts, slmrps. rl othler naxes l'or'd anll Manilla cordage, lines and twine llolt and shatlhitg capler; Noral stntes t'aiit, linsteCd o lnl sp'erl ttil A lll a.slolrtllent of halrdw:lre andl lip rhllandlty, alwIIy 011 lIanil, and wtlich are.,IIft.eCd fir s:le at worhle sale or rIetail, on tile most favo tlls tCrtmiS, my mb LAY tON k Co. 5301t e.vee. HllOBJER'I' IA NN ..N, HIlOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 1": Camp slrect, Wholesale Dealer in Paits, Oil, Varnishes, Brushes, nl3I Winorldw anrl Piciure lnass .oco. &C. ill) Wind... ant Pie.. r'e iseot&e. he. OAF SUiAE-vuriaean qaliltres, cnIrratly it si tIara frc iferaleby SiALLL %.ii((t, r NE, mar 29 91; Miilgnzinet a FASHiONABLE CLOTHING. RODLVWSO. A" GOOD UPIA INt.. 6, 6% Chrm Mrines, Onle Dour below Ilienville. IHAVE. conslitrly n hiead envery article urlrr etir - hIl ill. te gentiupimn's dress, Maltde ill thle best Inna ner und aost fashionable style, which they otrir tin caeh, at reduced Ipices. deed--4L " DEAFNESS,. A NEW article for crsos troubled with dreahlaes, (called tlh Ear Trmpert,) lrra jtrt beern receivedr by the eare ul' f ehieh. tilt. ·!lighiesllet l ' f ther a ' het. l l- ] nran voice is disulicti corveyed to tihe var. Any one who has ever Ueel obiged to converse witll verry; ice ratsnl, nnll e fle fali ofi thie dillicultey elld m rrrerelnant expetieledd irboth themelnvet Illd ilt'e ill dividtals so uentiltunuatel iili:eied. Ity tilhe use of il Ear 'I'rIanpet this objection is entirely bvilated. The most sceptical lhave is ray s a. antduloed their doubts alter having usedi the l'rumper. For sale at IT 1' GiUION'S, Fnancyr stre,erner of Ca lon and St Charles streets Under ithe Erxcilange Htel. fe 13 - Mt r N''AGUi' 1" RB LJtI FOR TIlHE TEFTII. PSI HE'etablitlred reputation rtd ears.Lly hie;eLa,; In I demanrd )r thir edte, teal rermedy orf c ic aned pre serrative of the teeth, has ienduced'thl e sllbcriber otltr it In tile Amellriealt public. Arrlnetrlents hlv t been nrade to supply_ irernts ir all tile r rinrriprll cilir rId townse in tie United Strler, so ee to plurce it ithr tie reach of those tllerinei anld likely to autlir this LrIrII hIararcisin ofall here, T'lroth-rl elle. \r hen applied according to directions iven be l bottle, it has never thiled to afllred innrlterile and inanelt relief. It also areret tihe decar in defectiv teeth, and relieves tIht sorenessR hirllh'i frequenthi t rulnders a strong tooth itsealess. TlhC ap licatio I remedy are simple, innocent, tn not unpleasant; and r the large numbIer of persons in difirent sectionl of ill coantry, lthat have aire ady experienced such delilhll'u unld aalutary efitets hrom thie usa of the Iald , are Ieadv i m the iriublie god teir testle ony In it rivalled q.llitlet. II is n t Ildital rerlllr , hrilind elingcehwly aan unnexpectdrll and mar lie rgerl-.! Ien r thre cir ilized rworld Its the rrlt rvaluable di.cuvelv ' relall nof trle rwoods. S lriee 1 ler buitle. Sol Iby JA LVIS & ANI)REW'S, lmr 5 ('or tCollenll anid TI'IehleiOllnls t. n( O11 1 Nll.l.Si--Orders receivedr Ibr ertrn ilillat by y np117 SIIALL & I1LiWN, 9 i.gnzir e . ULE) LETTLltR PAPER-Just received fewr I cases of bluae and while woveruled Latter Paper morrle vrry low rric.ed, firstale byr s D te L) V EL'' &, to. N'.Y Stalioners' Hall, teue 15 21 Chrirer st I JAI.VIS & ANIREWS, \VIIOLESAI.E AND RETAIL. D.ALERS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS , ,. DYE STUFFS .dJVD) IVLVDOIV GLASS, tCorner of Conulon lud TcIhoupiloulas streets, NEW IRILEANS. NAT'IHAN JARVIS. JOIIN W. ANItR.EWS. A large upply o Garden Snerds, .trranted the grrwth I aof 1837. SANDREW . M1ITH & CO., respectfilly inform It their friends and tie public inr cateral, that they occupy the new brick shop, 219 Telhrlrpitnolus street, where they keep constantly ot hand Clopper, Tm and Sheet Iron Ware', of every description, erich as colpper stills, kettlei, and p ,mps, tirn bath. ing iltlt anrd il canseR, of' all sorts anld llans, anld all ltl'wr bras etting donlle at shorteirtl nole. Grate bars of every doacrlptplri, schll as steam. Soat isirrups, bog chainst, screrwn bollk,r itlt r other kind orfsteamlbat work, socll as chlimneys, breech. d cer, teall pipls. d 'I'They will also do nitl kind of ut door work, a such a zinte, copper and tin rooinlgt and gurttering, ul &e. They .bove and all other kinds ot work inl their line of buriness, they will execute at tnhe Shortest, ntice. deeo7 S t-- IEWV tl-il'llit HO EL., PaCs C1lllrlrs n, Acllis. I I S well known waterictg place is now opmen rr the X sc n, nditer tlle illllllelillt. stel lllllll'll lte o er. Jmohnlm t d ollllrr !l. 'ih es l rrir rlllllelU rr brPra very erllllsilder ly ilprlenr d by adlitilndll blrldigrr - 1)ininel rot , baIll rrmrr. rllrlired rrrw. n; ene pin alle s,I stablesand bathieRg honee. Great exertrn Inine been mrade to rendrr thie ri ierr comforLtabie rnd ne lenni reeort. T here are filte live tae rr r Enires, nr d rul aencut outl horaresrrgeLd Iira.iugh, genmcr n. FiP t f-l,lounic fiar oet tillion p. eltis, & i cl L iuel rIIl I ll," ul'. atl to prt of it wr ich lies itllllttt ilt,aev il fironi ofatIlen hot-l i+ l,,ni lfao ked by sev ali v . i t i-w ll i-land , allI nir l ie tr i t rtlt r llip Islalld, r lrll r lruat, tnlre Ia, (ltir'th l rcln lire. I iA Leller Hag is kepl at lth lnr oftell Exchunl:lll I tele N.O 1 ich -ill rerl'elVe t il tletalll l McDONNELI&. - \V.V'EItl.tN, J iie 1" E Iar rnr I ,tre l. I+ - A\05 Fcr 01 .11. u S11E mi u.orierha i it l enouneiscdl d c,.i-lll ls r 1iiEi l r ino I :I he i el l re - r i r a nreL- , : ia . .l l l l r c a i - Ile c. ,it uf I'hol.rfic tLes erl-ilRla.g i i'irrelr , lnicohem e il" . (tIthr.rntnr lll'ii c tea rr"c.nlUl lctencir , g t I~ . ti I ,iaUnT il leineas tc ti e t ic ire nt aror , l drcd o rtli. Se:uplli llrieu I'il ft.tfo ý, do. fi 'l'rhersr ialrsann elld, are al Inll:friC letd t het p lly iratedi tl. ke ral an" rrELfi t Itll. ei an lilltl lelcd exi c rly for es by ir esenar Ilevel & Kalbrernmre tb which uear ralrrerve areliin g tt reared o ithe bernrr o 'their taire. "lit uernraatenrind prt,,rar i'.ntiee are respeer. fully invirer at call ano eramaine tire seull uatight lrrarraiaebhicb airrenirelv r Lew r rticle. E JI)iINS & Co, t,. Chanrles =tI J4 opllairte the Verndilhi & Exchanirrge hoIteli PI, RiH . iiFRt lATOTRS & WAi.- t: R Jt IS--6 tl. Itir anlav re.areeraors, piainted dI, ti 11 galloni warrr itrn ;9 'Ii titd, echeca, rntc.t, e Iry n,__3 t & J 1'_ \V 1i1II'NAE, 73 "Cirp er IRI. lIph oreI e by A". 'll.Elt, my ,l :3) Gav ernt ute d B s t . i f itale iby I; ilt(ittSL:b', Stle . -DEI I New re .vee SNOVEl in 2 .1+. by Harriet Slartirean . Ale Ihrerarellcr, comnpii ( nglclir:,, eoncern. iA -e "hr ab ereete lt" ier i r.rl rl a I Il.lrlmrns, first series; Inan T'I'nlea and1 I.g.nds, by l|.trv tawe Sr hIaolraft, aathu; fTerlvclr I rr lee newV. - can orI the iMineis-ippi. &nc i. Alson a neaw upppv of ',tevena' Travels in Egypt it Antia Patrs, te. Mel niel'h the \V nderer; Elvila, by .li-s llatneg . Erneslt laular $ver s; Alice L .dy f Iyons-; Ilatrn!ey; C(richinl Mlra Shertagd's Work-, e r., jst rjterr.i l undl or tale by AL".E. j'.terWAt. junta27d4 tCom rrm SI woa k & altimore Packets NEW ORLEANS AND BALTIMORE LINE OF S PACKETS. This line will eonsist of tite following vessels, . twhih have been built or purchased ex,trenaly for 2the trade, viz: Ship Penman, Capt. Mi rer, Bark Mary;, Ni kerson, I rad Ferry, now *, St vena, l" Yalonuon Saltus, '. Laluthn, a tBrig Architect, i Gray. These versels are of the first class, have hand. Ssome furnished ccEommodatinne, and are ofa light 8draft of water, so as to admit of their reeoving anid . dincharging their cargoes in Battigtane, of lhe city. aFreight will be taken for ports on the Chesamoako mor James' River, aid forwarded by the agents, Meassrs. CLARKE & KELLIsGG, at Baltimore: expenses on goods shipped will be advanced when d required. Tile price of pasuogo is fixed at $00, el ample stores of tto bust quality will be provided. Ik Steani up and down the Mississippi will be taken Oil ll I occasions. For freight or passage, apply to . nGEU. BEDFORD, nov27 22 Biopvilleet. AAA FO'R NEW YORK. [[.Louniinna and New York Line of Packets] iN ' Ships composiig this line will sail trem No;v Orleant and New York on every otlher Mnlo day--coimtencing oil the 20th November--nd to iisure the poneleulily in the tiiso ofsailiig, thu Iln. will ihrceafter ecoeist of five shipis, via: Ship Yazoo, Captain Trask, to leave on the 20th Novelnber. Ship Louisvilte, Captain Palmer, to leave on the 4th December. Ship Ilunlsville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the |i811 Dieelnber. Ship Viekhsbrg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on the let January. Ship Misis.ippi, Calftain Davis, to leave on the 15th of January. The above are all new, of the first elats, copper d3 and copper faltened, and upwurds of 5U0 eons hiurthen, lire of Ithit drauglht of water, being built in New York fir the tradile. The price of ipasaog is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabins are fitted op in tile most inmproved and convenient Spl.i, nd finished in a neat ad elegant syle- Amnple stores of the first quality will be providcd, and every regard paid to t the colfort and entire o tisfactian of pasort'gers, who, will please iake no. lice tIr.:t no berth ca i be cured until paid for at the of'o elof !Hie rconsignees. 't'hese vessels rte eoatmanded by eaptoins well experiecu'd in the tradeo, who will give ovcrv at tedioun and ,Ixert thLmaoelves to ocmnumodate. Thev will at all tlllls be towed lp adll down the Mm.isis ripl;i by aoeasbnat, luIld the ntrictest punctuality hb..rved in the lima of nailing. Tile owners of thllose hliis will not be respounsi. ble iar any letter, parcel or papkago, sent by or put on board ofl' them, untless s regular bill of ladling be ig:.ed tilnrelor, at the eounlming house o1 the agent or owner. Far I'urthler particulars apply to J 1) BEIN & A COHEN, nov27 90 Common st 1::kV ORLt ANi &CltAtIht.liu'i'N t'ACKET2't Ttie lin I e t'consiss i t i l r vet setl, til oi lha' iiril elas., coppettl and ttdipper tite rlledS, nd t1' llnul i200 tns urnee wilth ill ndsalome aecculllno dauieins hr passengers. l'ltrese vrstla ore eltlliln tdcld hb capltillt wet experienl:ed ill thle trade, who will ,ive every at telllntin. nd exert the elelves to nct'nntlllt ldat. the ,shippers. Thliey willl e., tuned upanti dawn tlhl Alrttersilpi, and Ialtevn .ewte Orleans on or before Ilte I(l antd 15Ih of every imaith. The lullatwit, vesFela e ltlupAre till hn l, r'v . : BIti Ara! .ian,Charles G. rln, master. Birig Ah. enn, J. n), mastllnII r. Bar RoIger Willhinam, J. Alliiern, en..ser. F,,r freight or patsuae, apply rt J. A. HAtilEI.(I &CC,j,tnl Cnmmon at. New Oluane, or M1. C N urd r,'ni. C?'hatt !oe . ni t 1 Ntd..'eni,Chaisdstn. , . '' ant . . co rLAI r I IT mn'l ly II" -- --· - ------ tern~ SCIIOOioeiIAI+ 'T', hed:,'i 1 I.r en l vx . i e eirr St t C'rls & C lm me lend crti, !.e tre Ior ti Fever i l d , S3!ies at;, the 1'hantn ship Imitte Intlild i llerrt lt ver ll nl preri arel r Dr.s mdici; ine lithly rcolmes and lew suxpeively use in te above di'' Ihaig n t wi r lic ing Irclt rent ;' rlit i Ki l ltri e ter' h it l, ai b S JON o ving .any o o re I u 8ferig udr t te hcoure of o cou&ry. I is c .. mc p istssin iLiletvi;, 131d whlgn nse i ('IO0MPOUND 'IONIC MIXTURE,-A speedy J" coring to etil cure for the Fas ver sild Agof remittenti aod ierer vil illt fevers; rlllinared sigreo the origil recipe. Us lort il digreabnt led uni versa soces o te 1k832, by persorns f thildr Iay ite reakspectabilitiy pu ti city, astrated nthe lthe annexed Coertificate , or obin c , two bl this medicie i. higthly reo o' is e ded, dury hasor Sren e in tuiely used icin nor above diseases Wrious sct disticgtushrd tiueeesm diaL the prtitrtetor of to tpe humath constitution. The proprietor ofe s wrll coivined a of idtsced lcacyffer it t the gre. ort lie iU its [treenet frets he ite iotte heat it I eay be d i to refilnd of rice oievirg y botn f hiosc who aren it msufferiltg ucder the scourge of oue eoolltry. It is r Sa medieeire great virtue, acd wihes used se takeording no rdante irections h ans eve d e fha ' enot flectig a cure, cni cthe ofst ohtinate sitage of the disorder. It is cot at ll di, agreeable, and ll iris weoleale and rerail dru ie ed medicine store, r1 cornerso of ithe wekest stod C , tres sclildret n ay taker it witr ioruity. It streegthens the digestive ergtts, creaets oer aiptieeite, and settldottm retuirese sjore 5than se, or V. sobtielate 4ase, tw bott.s tt to ffeort a core. 'Tihere is ceither mercury ntr ,o arsenic it the medicine, nor sey thing injurious Iee to ite iutNEe Costitution. The proprietors re ePES so well cervinced of its efwill bey, eat tl iery agree or to refllnd te price of every bottle which has teen taken in hecrdnttse with tihe directions and th asllI not effected a perflr. scure il thie feverr & ague. or A. OLIVERI, sole agent for New Orleais, at t his wthlesale an d retell drug aeed medicine store, in corner of IBienvlllo and Crlartres streets.o For Di1triet Ageil ies apple to i jell5 T. W. ,SMIfTH. 48 Contii t. I .ir ate he ts allr u a betwee ratncl a ut Mo PeNeSACOeA MANSION IIOUSiE, NEW CITY, PENSACOLA. SrlIHEn stlbserier aviig o urheased le ieose Itr fir Sllisitorool' tlit we ll l ke ron otrablisht rentile fr ol e t NTaylor,tl th ile ltrrietlor will be ready to reer tv i T le ts hy ti e Is i , f1' p ri Isle t. , li N ao olllll lll ; slll e ly il P P raa wil e fE nd il ', ! te tn l'r'e'te of r It, t erlll r r luei c [ lltlu t sin d ii w lore a veol olli l l g hl u sit es wi ll hle buli il, snid , I i ar It tiel l ill It h prhovded at ai l ha rs. A -st e I' el rwil le litla ilhelt t e IlIt sie, W ligo d I r( d trr ' i ih-e o gI liot ns il" homres nl carriae . FMi le rtu. hesf, l. old d r. cjrerees ,ill 'ose b k vet Io" hire tt m , priers, cr c tul ad tt w tratr, tirie h litns to gt irheo lefor hie use it viette, r illr i r lltd i llier aietr te s in o u al l oll d at l a glie wIll alcesl I rtl e tr fi trnil ti , anI d s i le n o I s ot Ia i.,terlve e itli t Phe un pli st rand rrldr toe itthe r boardersr . 'reIhr toilhealnit d, i. oierl i S ul tl e besi t n h s tin r ld te sli nsure a tc r sutrilr li n lt ice , tria r rt ttst lr tel r. r ie lr'eiu ordeired er , w eliit tier a Ie lti r el tt I -ts l'rl o ii, h r I rle i r di' l ei iire are , eire formerely ke tt so plp hr I lR homtelsat lVastn euy1r cilvw will cohle hlis hrr el tr i ii ile rr. 1ei tttoe, l i hilrrl l lllrt il, rilr iille,lt i r s ne . i the visits- oelflst )lir, iliod hid frie llsri gcereirull, tIl we dhe . i.... .eee . eio e .ere .. d ttertv 'l 'toe'rlets to give g,oe ratt satielaetion. I lt IT'h e luea l rrlvntrtgerr c o lt e I t re s h r liarr toor we tll treni n to eedlirr I l leti. etcd ri titer ili 're. TItlec t s, | ltetH telat ' Iirtu loh is the terg.'nll a lUr l station of te I ttie, itll ; e gent erali rendezr ts oerthe t iee e e; etl t a It i" tint' thIe Salmmner iiioa byl ikel oolest I)tI lee+,,,,Beta :iI " t' rite ull the belt, of thr e batr y si dte hle t it hbr u- ri S i l ald , [kll] 1it e l r; Ir t Ir e t rlel reidtl ui d dIrtii t it y o, t h e t r i lt sito irr.itrrrlrr'r, r or Pereeoiet cet rI Itowiro 'Iserlle lll e, r lt ll t itle l l v e llo i O ie, ll +llld i,.lll.x I 'r ' 'rll r e Il c tri, t~lir v c 1 c l a t ie P ,ipe ll ehehr-i ov. ilte llltr r ptt ces ill leo e r le ttude ai rr, r I ebrltir, i t ,l deli.h it errri r erirtre t., ai I ,vete-l t' ho'ts ll Ire, tel erllrr t ee p tot, r i red ie 5o 'I tltfrrrlIri!, lien, [ l l l ohittrrr, riM. s lit;,,, it bi wiii it'; 'i'''ei e It t i e a to la ee , t e rr t r i- M r , T lote r ret', err recie'rthefon erprtilritr iritN. . v o -'' eIr, l,iren e te i il lv, i rlohb l;r ee o Taylor, P 1 oge. ,il a, l q, i Ne.i t Ire rI' -A let tlii h ', hi receive l Oll IUI Ililte sir pler ) s i..l nt tbe ,bur e hotel, is plaeed at (iu I ltittll ali's ofiee, :rl.t i iharles Exfrorte.rdc evia r'e tesacol rt,,ie Nrtrh, sre informed trire irstr atle I bouts will crrtrrerertr run t'ron. Mobile ro Penrraelae si leavig hltbilr e d s erter alt evr yisrerteine i fve r thir r i lire sebscrrbr tt rr e ii r,eariiuesa Ir trie pittserde rsrglrv e i a labile, ill tree of thie fail are 0f the batS r.r Tire .renorboal eha irpio leaves dohtle trr ['nal rhu twiose o Week felt 'I I v ec Jt 9 cases n I reto this superior Cologne water, just ie rece rved aIr flerr sale. ir iesir en or ineglc isottlr. Aico A,,erieeas ant, French sliler lewders, towder ret me balls, ilk .,f ro.trs, cesmetic cold er tnin, etrane t0 yr - musil , keplalte, \A'aed're vegetable hair ,il, peolore tl pt eoiee rier lidar iiveeetilr, rore and btry wteers, to I're c-h's cn ll. \lareeilleeperi'nery hi trueko , vegethi et; hibe e ilt liquid e'rie, Chlorine and Orrie tooti wash, ei clrrll ir, totteuair sll ardrileSh brrslie'l tor ter ' ithi ti ' as oddeioetil upply of fashionable flore sl shell on combse sd jr'cle'ry,frrrale low et whiolee or r tail. P by SIMI.ONS, IIARP.TT &Cer, he!vr 70 Chartrsre rtreet. flI- i' lItltl1.:--lt.i-rtres [Irurltun ieuitdizr -n dritlhs laedbig ire ee ip re ii'r Ceierten, for s.le hy it- I BI [IGI, & Cc, Sl elrt~ fer ilo aJOH N II ItliR IIA AI. to s sp1lIt - Royal College of Piyasieans, Loadoas. | (I IHE origonal Veletabl. getian Univers:l Medi * nine, pis prst Ity- V Abliskin, Esq. Memuer of the Rival College of Sturgeons, Iiceniiote of Aplthe cary's iOnlainy, Fellw of UBolt Court Society, Surgeon to the Itoyal Union Pension Asoliatimn, Lanoaser F "laoei; Waterloo ltridge, nnd Perpetual Pupil of Guy' atlnt St. rhosnam0 llospitals, London. * This valuable metdicisse, the result of twenty yeaos' ir and ntlls lrllelele success its the extensive antd highl'espectsnble practice of the ,rolprieiy, pal-o nisedt by ihe flaeulty and nobility, an is noW introdurcd io the notice of the American ieblio, st ithe earnest so liilotan of a number ol'gentlemen of long and high soamling in the profession. It is hoted, as a pnelinii Snary.stel, to check tile eils an l heat conlequences arising fi-om the uor of the nunernus" nml deleterious nostrums foisted :pcp the public by the aid of fabricatedl it proofsofmisenulouseares,anmt other fauds, rya set of ad oerenal.y, inlprinnipled preteirnder. so totally ignoralnt . ol ieditcali smienne, that it inmpossible the cotastrous io idlusion can any Ionger go down with ile intelligent a, pen le ofthtiscosmtry.. Thlise pills, mild and agroenble i: t Ireir nature, should be kept in every family mlin cases on ofoslren illness, for, by their prolnmt administration , tiolere, ceramps, sltasms, T'srrs acls othler abL..slg complaints, which too often provtm lital, ntav bespeed iy eured or prevented. In aiot, all those winl valuaegeool n lialth, should never be without them. They, are sol it p rkets at 5i eelets, $1 ald $SL each, by evncy respe htable llrdggi t, bobkseller,, atnd rendorr mnedticine it ill United Statesn I I a te C Ianoins, wih lcopi outs dielnions, i. witll; estuionials of professional ability fromn 'Ae follow illy eoiett gentlemenlo: Sir Asiley Cooler, J iertnethy, Jaluies IIsidtnill, M.. i, V. hook, 5I: D)., J. Aston Key, A. FIamipton, AI. D., and nulerous itloers. The originatls nlv be aenll is Isaselaioo ofl'ti Gentlcil Agentu, hv' whom t it minsilcise is imlnortledl into isit lllltts'y, lld to whor nil appllicatioll Insioragencieia nI muss be Inaoe. JNO. liUl.llIN, 12 WVavelrly Place, N. Yes'k, o Sole Gelne-al Age.nt for the Unlitedl States, fe. |"For sale by npsointsnetss of the esigilo i tsro lvietor. ySi bWsI Rt n noternt:n, lhtIbUglsts, No I I Casats reet, Sellitr. t Asenlt slinr SLitettie nl" Lo.iS;lina. jot n 3if'tMItY it LEK n cit, Neo S Mortzini osreet, ct's Ic I sr.w reeeivilng flroon slips Nashville, L.nouisville, Keostck)), Eagle, naid other lote arnivals tram ithe se . tl.enl cituies a largo and new selected assert ua elnt I!.,ss lioots, Shoes nnt srogans, n osisit'A lil fgonttlenslri's fine :if sanil ilorooo boots do -d is.liiiy; do bult'ld, Rnll stntlt wat peggeled ilsoss n e; mnan's fino enail' sent andl lUrIocet Ihle,r psms stps main l bl'onIso , biey kski shoes, brogens am ltilsll at: mene's line call' nsill kipied legged lsgilhoesn tis I tgnmsn Ils bootsa; dlt saou kip onl, no w.x egge slioes s s o bregnllans; geileeln's bbst sality CIall'sewei loesni It ,nlogar ns and Jac k I)owsih s; to cdll"' m1ol Moiocco i' kle sheales aondl brogans; dis eIt:l, selll and orsco:n r Itliali shoes lud alil)mss -loelct, bos, ll ilt se'at wnlSgs t feiiw artilet; lno lite iloiioet asdt mtrosoq i..ter, Sotat; Ioys', tnmises' nanletilsro'a pteged isld slwe b, ogias, ae shoes of very qltalylityllla , olii. Als nit general assotiiment nof incls s'ton wanx p.s hIiisas lss i u td shil e, rgoleielt iwh (1h,.rib) lai r I,mks, mnade-expes- ly ft-, p, lat:liul useti ita geti si i t'lllltlt os l ll's fine ullss sitoas kis p IusSet t )iri.tgi s, a w ars ticl--, sod toe goe inamtily of iterllor qualily L ,lios' ine iu. tgolil, enl o oncnsllll gCr. oilI Wslts, aIIs psi. n noica sltoes; do rife li ete.lsob % ei'ooosl kill ront y on"t liptsllt; tlorotnslooes., ilh alt without heels;l ib l, seal lstll StotlOll Iltellt bootm.s; ilo 'ruella shox t lolilots; listlilngllro llgns; ti I:lelle. N inll Itilis botslces. uhisti a' n losti.lgsprim g sitisanitl tllgolis. hlilli l let'a (:oolo lotl 3t o *ittitl tontisgl bos- i its si11n boots, te. tetttllllset'sn htllsnlaisilsiblo bIlatk silk lists; 7O blian en i sbab bseavlr lio if a slilaeriolu sIlityl do iiiit'alion ie run do; besns atol snarowobrinm mcn's fine dtlai still I i; .k Itnssilt abort nlitosltd litsi a iierW alticle. ltlits Ihnae size Ihats ot tlinltrll et lllitiesi l o csillllne'. ,li-t'ttl sns Is,:,'s blacksis dll b wool hs of viOlS al lels, winb genlleral lssolslnlten of b)ys' and ml'lllll - a-n! -Itsts. ' lilt aas isslntent ill be iellhloisllcd by thle siilta off e-ll ptieketson tIhile uore Iimed ciis ties, all of wIolich nillbe snole on anereitnotlloillssg oler-s. ti I-a-if jillto asobti ol noeounoitothti teun . tug 1-t1 NO MERCURY NOR COfAiVa n''.w 4 rle:Ine , Ntv. LI, 18:37. A BOUT six m seshag go I IurI tile nmfi [nll" h Ie t m

Shn dtle uilut i sisot the tinu e e ge t dioese, , o . a i to rha ive i Pliend o ulerC Inll ilntr.i ltr a cure, tilf. n II t tiit% Il td It tIIue l tle, t Ifl i olt. ulil) Iue tlIte'tlie I yto lIntuue r fl . ine fleeii ,it ie uoilil tud tt lyeu IIhlllu n tnennll ). lln.rl t i fllr : lje tjlll I heildt ant o i. I Ii'tlIk d JOHN lr eN o hne ber f ix orl eiht f eg, 14i an' .ie I ,uny Inc, nn,l sore llre t III a hl.d t li; to Twork i ll I;. pleselt Il erlll. ll dat o't h eittl " all e l.l, rge , acvr et thi e itl of tho e thr tat hI n u.nv purin t l ie Icoll huintly i l)erl e cliie ofun I cli n, l r . I ' , " i ito Lne ne ' tl i e t'ed J nOIN I IIAN. e', l nn4 nce In I 1O CErTl IYniie t nn abtn l e aslni ihe ti, lli It tlite Well etll " I a Inv% ev a l. w t r ki tI't l rtL h I h isn Ot liu te it; ld t tilc r I . e cnr t I ot thie l'kdi t oitih i lll n'hIrtake tel-,t' M aelilt llie o h ur a s r nai les. fit lt .ll ; I ' fil,rt I atllv I tot I ' blw- " .w h-I1i "i, to tII u, nu el I tlll-nl nin lllali o itll. hin I tl le fulr g t't elori isttimrille]i plytilnui :l IlE t I in anti teni m s ree thr' te sa l B i s s'inn unlylo. Dir. - ia titihlt hoie l l lln.liul . .: .t \ n mitI. n O ni t , I' fine tluy iu tll I eeie lll t llt I ii tcI t r ll n. l Ii llt.i C Ittlio tint tke itiser h (oei otl no i eicta ite1ntin pl i. to, nillufi tiI i l he tit i, i liE-Nt . rNw Ifrt ep ll. 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Ithrmehl gh d nlyl h to wmork that titll n h ok s re rio k t iliteis legislative li et t l ild It the it tilet a n ins a ; be yuunetytititueuimnint~lto tnasttt, niio'et efnveonys'tibierillt ttlinuinlli,;; tst im itsel.f. itmt en nml , :nI d so u i llon ll l ie, i ti t t u ot hhit is oi et lle s mr I lle i by ith or ui - vetlnix e nr o l, ieto ve f one -mi, ks t i ,f o' ' sine ol ts p. eill tll i e.lS rintsiltie , huillyiteltl i liCely brtomll i st I ie t r tht t it il t cillllla e w hl , hP a itil ih l ly t loi n it - llfe 'n oelsti'ed ltiililt e, t Xltlilhe t in) thie li essitt irtt - tufiiue leiIs, lailelYlo e i l im itist ei. IIIh'lyly-rn e aimliesl rouim Wll l 1ich it i s lt ll tvidnti el'el Iol the skpt, ic (.ltk i tll.nt , it u l )1 t..e i hiic of lill frhle nhe re celec) ad t t e w rki. ill se ll b th - o ithliltion tinrl mtheyear l tl. Oe f Ie mo !t co icuuli ftlotu rlsthe tables isel i , ilt ll n at ee t i rlltl'll" the T u i llme ttllltt t CllAt, whih to e i ieledliyolS, iotirlt ce m O iant- m. ir ilety, with thnlie help, ' t e iside lritu nidex, ltnlli oi 'tt i n ynx lee iutli, and tti ttill' tO" tnil se with i.. ch, the itnrettesl t n tiihit ogt, 'it',! th xtni t Iloeides a conveience te tlsll dia, that in the estllnla fion oitf le t heotte i ui e tnoti lipe ioet nd ipr'attial btsi of the w ork, it H been dlistigu isht oby tlimoo le lhe iupllil bihvtt f the futhi ot ,, piluly en!.)'te ilh I e o t li honlli n thie w t ntadelsei et'oin, utitn l ItI' illlllt i tValieiy imijlhmetl t inat m %I- :t.l test oin jIevery t(( hdtoI $ Ih lht assellse n Ihe plress, eotwilhstaiohl g te wtiole is it i. ite l. ottoil Ciisideltni.i ilu. shti6ln, lios it is te t.'l Insec uite t l It le utlii r t rllbt ti t ne: es teimlo ni to, le it |.ssll has h te h held tii ndli l t 'pll ltieill y style I ,I lse UI1 oil (odleet ll book islthe Ihcwoslk." m stI s rrl h" nr a. sincle t l le l lh i lln . lt eretll .... . bl d th1e s............ i e•llttlllnt. e itetli nell" i n.l e, i P aih•llit.e lli iei of d tors; . n. It., livone i lfhe-itlef m er, ts i ll ill) iltt lieultr the ' t, l lre lit n lrlyo til Iihtnatui- l fn fiha i ni n.ib gel lyt l i i iln I t'll etot-mis, ul yt II, eii lt hie go ei'd y, i inI, |i Illongwperiod elJ'fL irll(']tild aUIP"'s1 yet nlifi.l/i 1" ih.'., ei lal illr S Ilti, ever' been teli I pllllrli |i ilY ujl h ,C I:I ' l i the tinit.i i ll ihi iti sln lt e 1) a e lpe i e rtll tle cs tuiti'ilaltilei'est al,"o y a rue- bank interes:,ll, It)" l|ill' hallltel'Clt, ntljlU'llo by .,itiiaiies io' tie etiht-IeTihtt ef Illifl U f 'w of lit nl.ltsc t ie i ent n t I r s iiy, inte . htle ttt u fcll of t lie no - i | s pt i tlsi. i'lthtoln sol'. e tiiltll euit,.ll ne y tier le 1 oflshe Unll rd Sallelts. lIt iut, ritllllllt w 'll .tlur ,lI Ihlti b) lit retrly l liek, eIt ttitot t orol) eut-te.oltely ki 1 iTtS ll0g .lien they wri e Wuite, elut' ll y the , t est citt'lli l m t com| tent witlh lieticu lln tfat ils tlsueilll. s, iih(alun , stnoi)eoio t .e i c ssity inr its use,. have bltl a tll etlisyely slisi lc l ul., lit' so vldent, ieclfcd, eave been its ilw hislai rge, lia its V iifttinlgstihati t eeo't't tltgtlnm ttt, tiuilst the fsit n ditioin to han iotir twre so l. ght ftoer, st o a g. e t it e. - Ialltr lo tickd 00 pl) to l ioi'tlli , tiitu $ lltr coy, tie lilli sulo plersl.nlblS lume rl.1+n.iV declarel:l|, lad imlelm e s meuld Leqtiotlyed e hat ll.y we , o tuld tn lltyi, $01tlll aholl iio it i't a er o tt , iht ittot itai ill l , aie i ;II ilm un,,d l n miilts i il e lrutteon or1it'ilsll f. tp iullune v litu'i lln ll .f ell, tl ill, earlime Ixhilltri salhisnelomy proau, ll'to setel~d persilmI rlii "e -e; sc u ,t efoeh uneoidt trroet' 1rh Iha ' te, one th d . It is tik n.-ni worthy of iellch in i I iited SIprte. t. il. t in, that oli is the n ltuire of" -gie not t generlly it , h i Is h.t hIad. this billll. orit. s like bee. Ipels atr p ell in the iuit - ma eit ri.nn, h) tie most eb, ull letu C t alculator hi Ih iwor'd, iil &m C. ei prihel. mlr ot THE FLORIDA LINE r "From Molbilo nt Augusta, i G , Sleaves Mobile eveoy layat sheer, No o'clock. pm per U S meil hoot No forlIslPl' Landine, nbove Blakely,-thence our Spiot cuaches to Pensa.oao-therco steamboats lo I , Lgrncuce, where h lland route inresomed-thoice th e ,vn Marianne and LtLifwneville, Fin. Lcaiinbidge, I Pindert nwn, flawhinsville, Sancdersville & Loris. CoI . villtr Augusir, iGa, conenecting renularly with of .4 ihe roil road cars t.Cllhrleston, anid Ihe steam Lo . p.cketi Now York, Niorfolk, Philidelphia, etc. sid h Tte sreaniboate are trhe bes for the service, and i- the onvig.tiol presenlts ore advoannea tihan can os be fullnd uponll ay stamboat route in the scouthn . us ern regiuon. edl Tbhe ret improvements in the route have been of produced by the conlstruction of fifty miles of new or rodu, by the proprieture, viz : from Lniralnge o os Lafavette Bavuu, an arm off Snnic Rosn Bty, to fi :lt Brynlt's Ferry, o thle river, ten p le miles above the Cowlard, or 14 above Cedar Blulf,oi a whereby the navigao Inv of the river, and the con- Is n quentl detontionls, and more recelll lhe incon l Ivelient crossiulng l the Cowluvrdl, nr elntirely hI Ml eo(lided, and l fine roa d frou illMarialnna direct tI In Uhinbridge, instead o lihe roluldarboct road vie c Chalttaocllre, leselliln Ithedislance about forty i c miles, and irc:reoaig lle fueililies more thlani as, once a dv Pt ,on Ale, ,,ranecll line of two horse stages every s ,J ther ld.y tin Iio wkiisville, vio Petrry to lacoin, )., ta Conecting wi thie line in Savannah and a 0s Darieno, G(eo. l lie A mail slpanhbns oliies regularly between oi ltI Bainblidge anil Apulalchieoln. 'l'rovrlbrs wishing eC ie to reao h e oy pointll o Chatiiahoochee or Apalacht- 0 cola, riln take strllul.,bot at Brilownvlle. s Mobile to ' od Roue--l)uring the lime nlio p lcu l by cite rc.pri rs or tlllls, l e plroprie. e..ore of the Florida ...e will run a line oi lour m Lit' hre lsl lcollhr every oither day between ilu o in - cilt-and I'ellsac.ol. b ie Pissengers will nave Mobile at 3 o'clock,p m, m e, in the U mai , l boll nld proced to Illll's Land ti ie inp l where a i lloorso coilch will to In waillllng to a cllconvey hem to the execellent housle ol Ar. Charle ec hall, I 14 Inile disltar, where lhey will inh d a Is i'leasantlll ecoIimIudaiiins for the ioluit--lcving ire i n lexltlltorning, they will arrive in Pelant.oli early l C in the L.Y:,covI, hus avoiding the dIscuIImfhr ofl l Snight traveolling. tit Ollice ait ie Molnlsiont llousie, lMoblile, and Col. tit es lins' Ilhtel, Pellsciolor wnere Pels ' must ie sci u ar rel. T TIN'l'ol Tl'it & Co. nov I oi tel". "" ,,iUit ItN h tv iCt. t... . Pi''i P" hanlcaitoa. ½W illiam 81111t h tenders his vIrvites to the ciii. 3 ens oul New Orleans n a leltacher iif the pinnt Iorte. lit S having been emtplycid several y)eas tan teacher tit m lsic in private lamilie itl n isront, and aleii several of the fiemale t .' ni ri.res in itah vicinity, canlnt bul t h pe to I ti ta theitri cU ildll 'nce. it to pearmitlted Ita t ler it Rev Dr CI..pp, MNtresII Stetsoan & Avery, alderact & . i oaes. ir rUtlll , t plenst tI tpply at ItI bookstore )of Alnexalnder welt, 49.CIamp st lctt Q I Drugs antd .t'Aleiiaaes. 3J b .',rvest uhs luueted hinlleetttr this city for t the purpoase i1 Ir.aacting a general Wholesalle Drin business. lie in now receiving a full supply ul IraIh anl genuieu hin rttile, wlhichit he ill sell on liberal termls 'I'o ly druogilte, and those.of the interior, to physiclans, merchants and planlter, lie will o'lfr inducentetlls such as have never be, fore been tilt'red is this city. Ilis intention is to dot strictiv leaititite businteiss. His stock will sooln e tcomtplete, andIIII Itn lew weeka will be tea. dy tir business. All orders illll the tnrry, andl tfroem mi rchnli ol I i I:ilt, receivilng such orders6 will he promptly attended to. l art 2 N. 39Catmp sti <ssosjrsr u I l .ritSsI tIl l'AII. CONL13 ANSI VA JYT [(IY STOR'EI'SiLE-33t thle sign. of I3.'. g.ld.en ,nwit . '3 Ch.artres ,, rr.t. Thlb.' v,,.ir Iave. re * nd t'mi *......' 333333d33w,33 31 fart,, i l. e in, their line; air.: 3 CI),I I 4-ortiac hel, woug t tld lai tukIti1l 'q3i~lled.back, li, round '-wm.3'..aninr, si3.p..ll; noewsiald 0pe 3333'k, 13.azilian 33 333 o e3ery3333, I mrant u whlich rate souse 31oxi-n,,, patters, Ivory combs of e` very d scriptiy n,.. 3ee,.resing..wa f..d ,.,e',- .lo.lie,3with u 1 '..3.33'3."333.I (3.3..g, Lavnde,. Flrda ony buy), roses, and nearerl~ Illwelr wnfrrn Irf Ivern t *i-and di e-~ crip'tinllt csllllpicarltt·l Cologne, rI Pxrlll·( of III.C11111u1 tnaey~ alulpi of aJ~ll lk l Illi shoving do inl coke·XIIII)II. adn 33,ea 3 -'pd,3,, ,. ,* .33.33.33, ,...ab 3 "3,ir .,i, 33 I 3333303\t. an3 lillluc lo. lln·*lroll( Rll rlliR calf+, plain and I Iple.(illll' l lodes powder, prcol pnw'd erllT., powl)Ii Ierp~~jullll .11d boxes I 3- Itn Ni yet a133 Iolaoi 35Kil, An c1lrie3( ote73, and nottil, t.1-, tvtth it eeneil« laasornnr Iilllllilt· L u lrl Jll I:\1', l'-,ilea' elute il latest 1111.I1 tasl .e3-.-.-.lna, cat in lil3.33., )tenal Itiu'ul n grra .o," Iv '1:ti lrln . \aI, I·I) 3l3.'.imllli:"..3 il3.3 3 aI *i.,' . Bi7) ill JIS1.C*:S - (.· 11111 "eir 111u- I ia.Y 11I!I ,lllnl(·l llill r f3at, 3:l3s h.3 .3... "ua ' ro gh Na3il, 3,." ,331,33u3.d · lll l lll lI \(; .ilAS S~·11i1· - Carma n )LI'llltlin nod toile do, ew..h..3,.ur.3,' 13 ll , kt 0n1ot 333t . 333r ,.3' P I't od lint' 3 v tjuiah,"d liai-'. 33,k Aoix.3oi33'W-'3 j _ 1 t1 av11·* will. uud t". ilhnullIllrll uu lll, um.,i ll Irnvea· , :1e - i ""'lian. "I'ti "itt ia Lind+, 'li "~ 1IIIId glilnll*( ilteIr iii,,1 plated ( pcnlleil, w i I~ill l 'ad..ll nd l)·I i it, .1 ) .11.1' 111 m ot crayon, ma ole cll" +,un la a d pt~ol, il llIJE 1V3e,..3e-taaol Ih..g-p3,',or Cn .m,,.o., a to,3.3 3.3.,3'. rlri3rr''.3333'b33.. -3 333313-· k,, In t. Ira acl1., Iuditu bend. of ev eryl~Vr) iurll* hell. and plume:l -Ilioeeuld runnnon knit,,,', razor. and lnh iIII oriSS( II IlublellCai It clra, poc ket book, aInd wallet, ill rnrieuud kind., ,',.dingll !red Anulld irrd m t lr, Illlluetl 1·1 dolls, iwi:ninu lieu, slli~u b.333rp,'3'.33V3333 333333u3 kind333,3.-3dey '..,I...3. _ E nave~illl eon'., 11iI·lllunu'.+ uud I ilki i'n r illlo .bll. andl Inrla~l'lllc ho Iu llllt llr IlI fu Ili Lead nee k.·II)I+, In with .ll 333ru33n d 333 d.,333'3' anal Fly te3 a3 333,,, ol333ir3 33'I 3,. Llcluli, d garter., ipLII nil and B swP )·d tI.u)* I, baclUI g) III11(it curs, aull of hih wllhe ol fir as i ,, 'tyticcruu 33 3d 711333 C r lr3333 3 it ý'4 PRM Oil, ."hlli alions in wt litelr d 3. 133 tper Oil, n3. cask33 .3d 333,3l, f sale 3, Al JARVI1S & AN) REEVS, Wllholersulc Drugg itst, cornelr C )trilli on land Tchnp Ii article of cu33.13% put up expressly or tliiu reiull U tralde; ale,, the plurest F each I'ltrilllll"rJ, rnbra-U ,'- 3333333v'ry variety le.' he 3 ulle,, Ions,'iv. i i . ili7F: EE & i)' D'LLA N;,3 3i l~e 3a1 -'Rni'1 &[AUwntrr T i3 3 Nw trleina In readly Ili ttllplly tire luinterr arll the pulblic in genelral, 3g' by 33hol3333 or n33,3il. Ili'. pri33 s 3 re 3-333, 3·3,,3'e3 3n.'3 inI lie q ualility of ht. prildueltn superiorlcalUR Iy ever broughtll ~{ I tllls plnee. l'ln Y(gcadeluI l uIIPlUII d tu ulletalltl ,l it the Illulnulitetory a tt4 bean tit ill , I t 'l d of an 1 xlersiviV it, catablli*1·ll en· of l ie kind is EuropeUT)III. 's'hale1I dialplllL1d tit to ,all ll the 1I lurner o f N Slltl llw sad ·If-lhaup~ilollll i . 21 skuclll lie plrcerented wish a lute salnli'lL· of UIIV varnishI be iev not. ttialt Icl ltu. A\1111111~l the nnriljll ea ter1 thel 3333333N3.30 33'3333r3i33rl..3,or7 toX. 'hntge....',, in a- A . li _ _ _ I IIti\\ .\It'l. ...3333d33.roa33333 3.333,3330 1' Id33333 ,,1 New I.uve lie :m33.3 e .333-----3 .3 3 , n33311 -3 3 33., ca.sei o3. 3. Ile 3enuine 33l., 33t3le, -U.. 3riv33 it '.33 p3l33333., I~-1 33'3,&33 ir.'3. ',\., 333C33 ) s 3s 333333333'll o 3h3 I n -tote, no33d 33r at, b" 33 ti n3 i 3333.3.1333 IIA\133.TV33j'. N,3 31.1.. n, I it, ,Iei11 GARDEN NI:1":1-'Ike s uaaerloer; le 3,.33333 3373' 333.,., 33333333.33,.,3 33.3, .333 , th 3 or,3 k. Ix, for Illu liberal support rt le bnslee'"C·iV(.d saner e c- cn lttlle aeed but lbnele In tile. city, Item" penl oik ,tri3,rrr C.,ie ..eeld tonre, In y ramear, FeIn eo flu 3' l tied n3.3 er 03a3.s di3gent0ll na3y norlhs 3, seole et ven~lder; neither is lie cunnec'ed with tar houseI~~ll~ inl 33 oi olrr y-h331 rie e siurl, th-3 3 p33,, Ii3. [33333 hiY cunneciinnP in every depart nll.lrltll'l' lt of Ilia acrd burr. i-s 313333333333e 3iadleen ,and gr3'333'.'33 t i3Erot a3e , p03 Rolland, 3313333300 0 Scollaid, 1.,d 33,0 cal whieru a .l s hates-and e will aiw ell lca be hisi ,.'auyC, us It es 3s Ido Jro'.v, tola rev.e, i,, ad".33 ,nn . It I333 13,3et 3033t33k. lar3e ar3iv31333 3v3ry Iscriig pt3vtdril 33 th35 .33833g Ili i3l 11 11; ma3l, e3303 ( d 1 ri3 t ire 3, of3 a3t 3ll' kind1, 'h,,33 eblic tinIy roly (iolaafiu.'ru g aeo.., lse o. rtof333sf ev3ry S,, ileit, In dirrovsd i,,,,n g3uad 1al at, quulttyand hil ojltld L'ir :et byL~ o TO dTrE PUi LC.-d. TIeo u3333 rsi3.3 c , i3ey ly po tuced under r3 o33cr.tio,,3,a 33 Uh3es,, o1 l eit Carolisa, cand fo r given yAara No. 363ist3tlo in ui- he ptractic of mM'icitIIand IurgIry, NG.s the honor °t1 to slier hisr pruleseiolllal se·rvices ill this ceity. tai tile assures the lasdles and gentlemllen that~ the mostls itprompt attentionl will be palid tl lo the clls which mNa h made; and also iershis seorvici & to & .th Ill.'yoldersofslavs, ting welld., acquintedy with th 3,eiiea-esome iaeon lto theadw, tisaing a3&..ded 3hem, i,, .:I r1.- sugar h0ous in 3 Charlest5n, ( fl.3 .Ilig 0ous anti.biliuus pills 311er t3333, .,po tion .j oj Profi-sr S,,o, ui'33, with. direction3 , c330 be had3 °I the undersignled. Tim et eat whlich they anvil 'ih produc-d in hioand other cortes, ha3s ben)at3 ten3dd 17with the greatest success, to which theh best of. oj ocom rerccs ca30re 1iven. Apply " " No. 166u.3i3,o,. tine steet. JO. M'LORING. 3i. 3'O'I'ICE-331 pa.rtnershi i. of K .3Ple,, IM ',, - of N.3w Orleut C 5; Baic, Harrill &C,., of Natchez; e ri31d Harri[(Elley .Co, of Itodttey was dissolve. on e- hcilat-of Atnv laslt, by thre death of ýutnlal A Mannl y / re oI rho poarteter of tilt' f~r'a. It. '1'h. mtdersiguedt, surviving pursuers, w~ill be ehnrgodl c·(I l with the sailing anlnd closing saJ(id 1,USuiena S (glows::YX st ILeviC Haorris will attenld to the scatter! .flilt. llliir cci a- of Masonlll, LLarrria&l Co...Il NulclhrL; aad ilrrit, Kel. of 1-y & Cu., at Rodney; laud I lorrlly belle,' w1 I attend I 1, fie settlingg of thle businesllcs ul'Klley, al~aeon & Cu., at to Neat t )ricalls. The. unites of the several firmal will hee ut: u sed in liquidantion, only. 't'hese. iedktedtnsid ff rir a are earnestly requested ,./ocorne forwalrd tied inake early sertleoltelllr Huddtthaae huvilln Irluile will pleasei preselll then, witllll elm'. 'i1 1.1·:\'I C IIAILRIS, Hi tlgtL1' KELLI;I'. la t e OrleJL· III I1(1C·:-,18.!i·. OLItEAR'S Science of PeIImarlalij) received,and U for cle at their pIermaonet Writing Academies No. 8 Chaten streeta, New Orleans, Il9 Blroadway New York, Dauphine st., Mobile. It is particularly designed for private learners, dnd schooln, and is calculated for persoes of lil oge es Ladies anoil gentlemnen are invited tocall and examnine the system for thlemselves. Lessons are given at such houses as may suit the convenience of all, and to classes funned in any part 1 of lhe city. Ladies who prefer iteoa receive 'aesonn at their own ref sidenee. S eons e opayi r n r tne of lessons are desired o attea.'t n . to I ell asthero v wls. T n .I.tM III1BOTHI,R. ROWANDl' TONIC MIXTURE, 0 FoR FEVER C AN AGUE. /. EN years hbave not yet elapsed aslinee it wao J first regularly submitted to the public; but it O lan attained the highest reputation; and has sup. planted every other medicine for the Ague, whlree. er it has been known and appreciated. Alreadly r- has it been carried in every direction throughout the United States, and still realizes wore than could l ave been anticipated by its most sanguine friends. Ct Thousands of persons have not only been relieved, buhot restored to health and vigor through its agen. cy; and they now cheerfully testify, at every op. portinity, to itdided and supremoe fficacy. It is composed of such medicinal principles as are r calculated to renew the healthy action of the atomah aelh, liver, and other important digestive organs, tile loss of which harmony is the itmediate cause of tile disease. It is apparent also, that it produ. co an entire change in the condition of tile system, and certainly destroys tile native liability to relap. sea of tile affection. When the Ague is attended e with any other complaint, the employment of the 'Tonic Mixture will not interfere withl the treat. ur mnent of the other disease, but will even afford as. . aslstance by furnishing strength and vigor to the body during tile course of treatment. Those who nmnake use of this medicine ,nay be assured that d; there is no Araenic, Barks, Mercury, or any other it article in its composition unfriendly to thoe lhuln en constitution; being entirely a vegetable extract; id and they may rave additional confidence in the og use thereof, when they perceive that it hasine te ef Ifet of a gentle laxative about the time half a hot. at tie fill has been taken-in consoeqaence of which, therois ino part of the iedicine left to linger in ,. the bowelr to cause obstructions, and other evils, arising from the use of many of the remedies now oflbred for the cure of this affection. It has been used also as t preventive, by mainy who were stilt I ct to a periodical recurrence of the Chills, and it has invariably warded off the apprehended attack. S Obseree/ 'IThe Proprietor, fully satielied xith the unparallel d nd ulavera~rol succeso which has coan. a stantly attended at punctual and regular use of the .'lTnie Mixture, in all cases of F',ver a:'d Ague, Sfliels warranted in engaging to refund the price to all those who have taken the medicine in strict to. I, cordane with the prsceribed directions, without hacving been perlactly and lastingly cured. The subscribrs are the whullsala agents for the South Western States, and have Inow on hand six ty cases of this medicine, which is warranted freshl e and genuine. For sale at tihe manufactured prices JAltllS & ANiltiEWl , WI llaaolei Druggiists, nf--nov27 cor ommonUIIII li ,ll t latrlet. Missinsippi and LOuintsiana HIotel, covlINalON. 1.4 at 1 RS. MARY KIRKLAND rospectfully an. Ianaounces to her friends and the public gene ally hat she sto prepared to accommodate them at f n aIbove establishment, arnd r iopes frm her axertionsto renier visitors comfortable, to receive t continuance of forlmer favors. She feels conft. Jest that persons visiting Covinglti during thei -ullrmer nlollth, cannot finid better acecommodaditions than she can afford them, on more liberal terms. lier house is pleasantly satuated, and well supplied I with every eonvenience,; the bar is furnished with t the io.t choice liquors, &c. in shlort,sihe promises a, "rat nothing shall be wanting on her part to give itire astialictian to all who mlay patronize the i dlsissilppi and Louisiana Hotel. ja3 tlmissippi and Loilttoia Itoel. je3 IIOLLOW WARE, WOOD SCREWS, SADI IRONS, &c., i'IllE IJOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. S238 Waiter, near lieeknnan street, New York, have received the past season, and are constantly receiving large and exteonive additions to the stock of tilhe albove goods, whic:h now collnsists of the oilolwing assortment, suitablu for the southelicrn and swe.itern markets. Hlolhlow ware of sutperior quality, consisting of I about 1500 tolen, viz, Pots of 2d diltreost sizesa, fromt 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kt"ttles, 13 sizes, from 3:8 to 3) gallons, Ketllle 15sizes, fromo 3:8 to 18 gallons, IIhke p,ms or Ovens, 7 dillirent sizes, 'ea Kettles, 6 . do Skilits, . . 5 do Flat Sled ,rs . 6 dI, t Covered Spiders, 2 do raddles, . 4 de lire Dl gs, . Ii; d Wagon biec\ from I 1I.4 to 4 3-4 inches. C:rt do. 5 to 7 ioches. 1oxl .Srrew, :?I).I01Ii gross, iron aInd bras, from :8 scli, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, l2 of it .ipeioier .,1 ii ly and fii llbh, tid les llhlln Jalue'ii impoirted S il Iroll, assorted, ill casks of aboult 00 Ill. Is ir" l'lior's and hattor's Iron as oortild. SSash weightsl , Il)0 toa, assorted front I 4.4 to Bedls for PIoi.tatisi , steamboats, clhurcheso, &e. mItade to irder, Also sltiambolsa aind other inachlinery made to order. r The ulove assortment of goods is particularly Srlecommended to the attention of Soutlern iand SWe:stern ilerchants, and are oflcred fhr sale at low prices, and upoit te most lib eril ieti; it is e. liveed to be the largest and best assortmett iever nflered for sale by any oleo stablislcnent in the United States. Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail, can, have a printed circular, with description of gioods. prices and terms, foom which no deviationl is over mitde, furnished by return of mail. All orders wllr receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. Jo3 SIV II Glen,'s 1Pc'i.fterirs. Indian Dye, for coloring the lair ; Hoar's Oil, Rusotans bear's _trese, pmuntnumn , Miichaw'e I"re le \Vsl, sulerior pear peal owder, iIp wlhe, crem of roses, vegetable rouge, ollo eo rose, lip salve, kresoaloe tooth wSah, clthlll il : I i ratlice, (orange II wor water, powder pulol and boxer,' un charcoalt neatly put up in four ounue iale, Pres. iiito sailte, ololgne, kreisote iteot n.tili drops, hair bruslles, Ecit lih dreassil ie corlibs, Indian hair oil, ewitdh a variety ut other perfunmvries, .e. For sale by C. J. TRINCIIARD, t :1 enrnrr ol (at dl and Hio rbon,: 3 is t 'A'ill--I: cieoli drbi, As-iot s It vnris (lie lidit. IL broad brill Iad l lllow c lading et a l shlllllpll St. Io.ais, 1. f .ale by I Il It I ', ,. ut, ;e,!7 131 lMaga.zile st II U. t -:.--,s1; liahlll,-g fu g,,,- ; ,uc;;,,l Bilaton. Inm 7 41 New Le ve -'e-IiE ,S.ubscriber,, Agents flr lle extensive Louse of S . &. S . Bticer, Stefiield, Enland, ohave Oust ceived a very exte"snsive ilet o) l"' Ie l.RIe ellslslLll l it [hble ant I)Mse't Knf Iofe" O" deotripKtion, ien, iori, leti Toolsu &t. &c. &e. eltiih thte are pre iorti asill Ie tltli, knownoll ctti ti.e, . ls6 J. II, Il, IN & A Ct(ll I:N .90 Cocmon at. r NEW GOODStlii. S I\IIONS. I EAR'"l' Ei CO.--.\Are tew trereiig St'i ashlip Ilhttsvilll, Eogle, lMerry Atilcw, Iligh sandler IFrellch id (ctlllet l dlouble ihed lpllviit. cirds: terl cit .d pocket pistols; plain, ribbed ol split d cussai/ esps; rep Ihallhll'w; eeiss'.1.s . It:azm's, p t. y es; (;illott's cotnmnereidl .Iitl ter steel peltsa; Vie cs; Viocle strings; shelll, ivaoeyoodlihotncooltco; wfics; ik, lbead llltl latherl lltcaea; hair bllids, frlm icill I cklringlets; ilegro ptfs; GelIll:lI :11 French cologlle Iwlter, itowilnds itaicasiaei oil, imitatioin do; altillue - sttil; porable ilesks andl dlresving cases: past. le blocking; slatiland toile lglasses; cotlex tlliltloll; op Scial gl;sses and views; Inlian bods, lc llsi idplums; a corleion; whit ltwiine; toilet and shaving i aps t ilet it owler, cometie Walsh balls; scented satiln c.uihio l Ipool stllands; sr.leW csSlions; flleCy bead chails anl Snecklaces; billiard ball; ipocket books alnd walletts; .I Germanl honlles; iazor strapl; flle alsll colollno grui olastic susipendeles, gartersdo; Bells lucilir matches; sil Ier l pelcils; Creyoin , &c. &c. 'lhe above itn addition to our form er stlck of loat. artiicles, tnakesaor assetulment veery csalple te. For sil wholesale or retail; as the aign olihe Golden Caum, 7a g Chartree street. lids.' i, miliA ll0 A- r it [liLAN lOA lUtt L S 36 Chlarres street, New Orleans. iT \. SERGlEANT & Ci. niIlmIrters of French fV land ELlalsl China and E5arhell ware. are I lo opeig nlew land rich patlerns of blreahlf,, 1 dliniii iia d sa services, toiletl ats, pitchels, te. and ciife cups, telpots, sugars, creatsl bowles, a platec, dishes, lurcell, wash basins all_ c weer, altclt batsh, etc. ete. Rich cut and plain French acnd American glass. warer-ohblets, chlnnmpaignes, lemonades, jellies, d claretr, w ine', eordials, centra, i)howr r, docuiLer.s a ulnblers, preserve dlshesseelerecs, pilihersa Iota ps, o lamp shade and glasses, candle shadlos sailt cl. "1 sers, etc. Silver plated, bronzed and britanit wares-cas tor., liquoir stands, cake beakels, cundlesticks, Sbrallchrs, spoons, ladies, coffee and teaplut,su rls, ; crets.n, Inlps, japalned tra.s, astral stlnde, and lanigingi lamnp, ti.e cullery, German silver spotins anld lirk, togetller with a grear variely oft ,rilel s d for fimtly use. Merchants, planlers, hatuls, and steamnbhots, futrtished wilt goods at the mnost rea s a le,, plii icos, All t lparked es as sI, be colyveyi Id wilh saittly t ally pllrt of the counry. SAlso, apollhecaries' glsaswaro. nav 2 'TI trCountrv Merchants asldl Planters. Ne.gro cl.thsblankets, tl nnel., hllseys, Iwe ll shlriiasr, chelck, linens, calicoep, hanldk*rchiels, .r· A tiesled and for saln law by ie iubllscrl es. RO'i'Ti A SA Cs. , teorner Canal and Chartret st MAIL AURtANUt.lteEt1 'I ... Due Every Day at 12 Al. , Cluses Every day at loj A. At .es f M ue every Sundty, Wedionday Weeleea of tl Fr dray, by ., P. M. I ray of s Cloves every Monday, WVedided Coadt, .oid aurlrday, by 9, P. 11. T I)ne every Tressn a'Thursday, 7'rel~ake Mail. Davr" . . ..te,1 ~treie. 7%e . A oil leoytur, 5 I'.'DA via Closeav every Moladyv, WedneVday TIMES OF ARRIVAL 3DE PAK'TUKF I)ISITANCE S&c. of the Express MAioi, betw'aa9 Mloile and New York-leavian Mobile doily at 3 P. M. Norlhwar New York daily at 5 P. 1 Boutlhward. Arrives Arrive Northward. Distaner. lTime Ilietrn' Montgorery,Ala. 2pm. 198 m'ts 2 3 1 2o. Colhunme, Ga. Ili 81 9 31 a.n it Milledgeviile. Oa. 2 133 141 2p.m CoillllbiH. S.C. 71 am, 163 171 Ialeigh,NC. 1 215 ¶22 12 "Warrenvon,Va. 12 m. 55 1; y I'ePrballrg, Va. 10 pmt. 83 10 9e. m it iehleonll,Vo. anh. 21 3 64 Frvderivekabrv. 8 67 7 II p . Washington city, 21pm. 61 64 lI, nlimore, ti 38 4 0 Plhiledelphia, 6 atm. 100 II 2 New York, 2 pi. 90 8i 8 1305 143t Ii or 51d23 Nortlhward. Coming oNItlwarel, the time is six lour rea; Ibring5 days 117 hoours. 'PEN sO.l Ala IO iEAitiY - oIfANAWAY from 11II9 C,) o ndet corsir of Ileaia . aL lreets,ol Ite night of 3 flh of Augil i, rld slwr aeen lte next morning in Poydra streeti, n ,gro bo nsamed CIIARIE, -lbout 17 years of age, sn 5 fe or hereaboutrite height very blacklt alill hasr n i eird d invent in his peerlbl, olle of hils legs is sore, eaoieoied a by a reeell hart; he lid on wioltf he weaIi away a whit eolllill or linen shllirt and wllite tltlOl, lln ie olio . I. Mnlers of vessels sti alelam bools ore caelioled a glanst ireceiving or alrbering said nle-, as well Is ell llteIrpersoos, as Iiu Illmolit rigour of ile law will b. rnoirend agoill, tl,. Tle lllve rewanerd wiill Inl pui ltirdelivy;-ing him 1n01 oiny iif le i oils of sillier of lie r Illouliipliis, or at 169"'Cru llle el eor, er of Ile). tcert. ell I 'IUCI-''1'I eolcltlllliiipeell lieretnbive 010011! S0 ier thile finr, of lieilis & (iarrimava itnoahee Slieilvedl. lThe silcriiier will liglile tie lfira IIo tll pollernll in this ciild, aId reqnirea ll pleIsoaes inveb ell to makoe aoyiiieot to Iuin only, rid oil Iliose havinp claitlSI, loGre:ent lnforsettlle iAet. " aug 8-71 hi 1 A RlR ETSoN C APTAIN MtAllttYA''I"S NEW NOVEI.s Rillijn the Reefer, by thle aIthior ol iPeter ioninlk, li in 2 vols. SCuoeanii, or a WIinler at Sllhanso ll.i'ield Sa I..atr tivrla, bIy Captaia Itasil Hall, Iloeyi Navy, F. L S. ii l vol. Lord ieolden, a romance. ll Ali e.llaCleineglell, I val 'lheppnrd Lee. wrillel by liimeelf, ill 2at. (A (eempeadieus lieltmryt !f .tly, tvri snled fronm originlel Itlmn, by Nlihriaiel i(;reeno, ie I ol. for miig No. 79 of ltirper's Elrtily Library. Vuls. 31 4 of llle sew ronllulete ld e nifirm edifion of |ir'lrisiv gln Ireinre li'ork/. lRogor'r F'rnele and Eng,/i.aI Dirliilnry. i I voIl, 310 'Nugreo's F'ererh aid lr..uialh Itioaarie ,r. few more oeiesuolf Colebe'llarIreioogy Ultiehzi." I.rge Survevyor's (,lilnners rf.ipllrior qlta itrv, wilth ehails, Ililliviid Illlsofl t1.4 ani o 1-.2 iliehes aillott's ilmproved IIIrIllie lPensdpl ned Ipalre, weightll &c. &c. &c. Jllit eeireive, e.d for sale by 113 BENJ. LEVlY. PINNOCK'yt R(OME, &c. INNOCK'S INMPROVFI EIITIoN OF DR ionld mhil's Abridgmeo nt of th lietor of , which iS prefixoed' an Itnlrluoatioat to Ilte itudy IJlonain Ilistorv and ta goret valriet ofa oatoate infoE Iotiot added "thrntleroo t tit, w n'tk i on li o' lattre ln ttitutons 0u Alt liti.'l theMt of l t I t wih n o: lMlynur gn lio dr y ic I. t a d ati ~l' ll r NPte; and qo el titltan i L PXa INtllll alllt tll tIathe r'ld iof eHo'. ti atn. II. hlntrated with l h irlvooll l ig.I oin wooda, by Alltrtatn t otax rK's n I ro vel " Editiot f " r t(;e almnir 'a Ilitlory o ulaI.e id, flin ta:t Ith I aillll of JulitJ (:lt.tar to tle del of ateorge Ad, wit a n lnltainoa li)ll to ile yea 132Y. Witl oeostions tIt exawolontion at triod aad e'nIIh sal t tOl h Itl'llld a varietyoa oft valablt, il,,rll tliu addlo llroallh l tile Wlrk. Io nlallll of tabbl 1 'llllle r III br e en llt Ild sae i lt a rA p e ersol St 'io lta exlrln ltory lllta . Iotei t lllark o tT he Nplc APoti ae, l all tiir n l tlld ra l, f lifoTPr Anoo ll alli th Cowillns tuitullo a&ci. lc. tutraled hylll lly se .ge.n Gur' EI.MIMrTr or Anro nontI , aIndan Aori gter o of Keihr'a New Treatied w toil Use Io llobe.. New Ault'r shall "dithn, with rdditio ns r ll iard.pVelVon rti nw' A onooaa'. Jurt reeeied and for .aleo Iby 'I Mt'KIAN nt Ill' oa, 'ttail( 1 a d lltl llll( llll( la Atll Ioa tlt, mltrauo ln i l o tle , l pill , " t ) Io , witce t all, scilrlt lls o a lllaree n ltg , )i ter f i made(!;1 with 1of ." 1 th e E ptmia Italin . Ir an d Grav bChristopher.,):t, iud : vats pl rls and lintels ri`m 'c' t, 1 g, heairthIt a n . o ndr,, r 'ton , a l atr o Ist',I ' l'tRmL an Hl dait '( e I aU 'tliI tom t l a 't\ R r llte at o ah wllt and 1 i m 'oa approvl d p trn h .illa Stjl tlotelyot, Et. Iltdw ellllllll ,11 nlralaUIt bo y lie Sl $,lalllllka a '1'111, jll' aa 'I'alo. lahlby ltll.llatlo ar a" " ti. gat t gay all! urgorllllo ," y .l, I. e lllaaala btaa l ,l"oa plua T Itllo "i .. . '0 .d;l hi','cooot'a um 3toeait f) IAnpet1+p 1 Jio t r'eIti , rn a Co llr ,lple by ka. aa lllr.ota eit N Oilla'po &Id k i. P1111A hion.d. Itaot laIOE aa-:ii & . t ,l t'atlc, &..4 a a 11 1 1t ; l t ta 1a ' a I I .'A W r1 ilt' ,: t an, o l . ,,I',O a ht l l. ataa , , a ,enlto d . l ,,,+t , n1 a l rll.nll· l 1II Al:, hlleclrs. In li1e -,,-r.e ti. lied by e i,. J..ta ,b ti: at 1 II I :,,tl. r f 'ITivtoh , I'rt ia ' ',l 'r an1111 Cl ,ll 'tll tlr r rl hallaoa l ,lttatlop t Ire tt IIt !toritt r cwste.lllal t tlla rTe atire, t Plte, k d I,)Iuga,: ItIedtIE l 's , ol e'r arllcleIts IS re'.h an. tvarlt-taly i-cclctd. 'lThe lulh wlu. g ollny ale pIr" o Ya stlo Iowdtllrt , Itot a tt 1a.hll'llet lll0 1 lnd ,lepalt suitoll oolol e l f eaolst in tl al e bread, buckl, eal aoIlulln' tff adervfcuent M1,nesian Apperlent-o . ,r "loras it tiad ..... pur.llv.. al dy the lI. a t u a indl 00lllt. , virvul deblllt-tl ddlla, ed headtacte. ilily it the lotumetla h habitda ual c'uatIV I cIia nlvaOU erapllltns. Ac. Carpenter's Fluid Extrletl oIf sarssparila It lprtlt il thIe ltlood, leoa do i taand cubeh, &ic. 1 wwllal's IPsancet lland ' .tonlllled ; rltlieh ean .eaIlanrll.t oilt, Opode dd o oa, tc. It elined o .tiqgorice, jlajubl aaod Gboaotluve peye' Toitaolh brultoaat Peno'a ' Pu Clrlarla lCt ereloid I te, elllrlloo Itulth wualth powder Ipolaif nlod bexes, i'roltice't ceatla .ue llenlrllile, clorloa ,a teoth wash Intwdt r puins and e Lt xei , Prt llic'alto. s4cetedl snd Stltoill lOltolt powder. Ibmntonl rlll de pePersso at tatan e (fl, er, roalt , Iave,, atr and ait arid w rltoti Iul tile helt.qlillet. 'l.ltao llnd's 1tac'sVa r ili, 01t . rld oe's h olnlm o1 tlll-lli i,, 1et1's ,il iI valllitlV iiL I,00000r and oyteir oalehea, Intahabo e to ittking iiik tup,.relr ltlatk intko &o.'d I 0p artlll o a d reotled .hale oila , titt 'o Liitoeei s,t 2 (;EORGEb e JItNEai --111 -to y &ta1 b-',atSTO' c I IIa 'I'UilI.K.- ., . I' Foar otreatment atd cure ofJte Ftcver nsd Agtee ITwill It reada at dltcitvered a terin the oTa, Max S tilrd i sllloerioIte Ill th e ordinory l5lleli of tre atng nl Fever ald AIu e I, lhe lth ilt place, i m t ig a Veg , able E.xtlct, oad free front any de , r o s and poison Of lhi iugredieal ., it Inov Ibe taken with the I. t.+l nllt nt, vell Ib tlh tlender if t, no, aged invalid. It ir, A vent s lrrp'ui t ie o dir.ea ot.tstlst I'.t ll ile cllltllt - : Iotin soon regahin i wiis w ted tuna. and otivitn l It estab Ilslnl s it 8tin I and pIrm ogll t alp ) elite, by invigoruaiig ' tlnclald gives a trel+ o onlt3e Ibo teata1 otolte. laeiag tlpculiar in ha ing a purgalive quailty it rie tsiona I toloe iowels ic itanretase dai disorder, or t create ul!,erdimsraes, but tlhlorgldy elh oira te several or 1 gilla de digestio'n, at tyllllt henefilts he ivs'em a- wit wlltaevr oidod anlb lin. it nly ie Intpran.od. : todioiduals, afoter the an oftb it oic Mixtnre, hiave lt een eposed c a th a Il tieaad l c era f te disease. ite alld ase caped ne y anldlfilttatif retltl; we" e y oie Itlse ollhe collln o relledte, temon ia always crea s; led an ilicre.slle liability to re trrenee. 'T'he dange r di f frequent relll lass fll'llsh Agur, is very evidl II, tar l te alclen will aon bculate ltoo ue li protiale Ito Wetnllet atrectwi t l w th ill, &-nd seedaly fall a vic L lion to .ihiniceasant viol e eT lYt'e 'la Miet uatXtre is it. Olffred at 811oh a reasol able price, as to Iplac t it wilhly i the rear of evurv one.--so thlatthe poor and erat tu Ie et are her, y furninttn ll. d I nmia uce witout so liitin Nothe at elid aeld e wlaltl is frequeltoly daniad to Itathem else very relucllantly abe.tlwed. T'l I nldlh nre plody cdutatoedaaglst ode aspa I aoteed .it.ton o. thit... lYOdiui are daily Nfferel h tplelmed only by Dr. LJohnl R. Reward at ll 'I'llssubscribers srx tile hloleslale l. tilts for thl otrl hlateo , ando will sell by Ihe eroy, ,at Ililil prises. 'I'llie had at retail ul'oat Apae icearieo ill lit, city. E JAYIV & AnREN S, WholesalWh e Itruggioi, h cOl',COllllllal n, & Tehopitnual, L AILBLE: CIIIMNEY PIECE WlaseovulnE 1' Customhuuso street, appusitn thu poat.offico. Tioe sulbsribors are now rceiving from tlleir fee P+ tories inl N~ew York, and will keep constantly on band a gonoral sesorttonlt.'f Marble Mantln Plecen orauperier workmanship, and of the latest patterns, made of the best Egyptian. Italian, Irish and o Anmerican marblo. Also, Monumentl, Tomba and Grave Stones, moulded and plain aills and lintels, manrble lcings, hearths and bou ndary stono, plantar of Paris Rotman &C Hydraulie Cement and Planter. i g [fair, together with a splhndid assortment el b ass mounted and plain Grates and Russia Iron ratas of the newest and most approved patterns. Leiterillg done in the neateslt malnner and at the rltoo notlc, Thley have first rtle workmen to r IAt!!. ' AIN & S'rROUD. S I.IDELL'S NEW WORK,&e.-The American i England, by the authorof"A, Year in Spaiin," in volumnes. Noble Deedsof WoVnen, in 2 vola.! The Young Wife's UBok, a manua 0o moral reli OIs and domestic duties. . Just reeivl and for sale by WM. M'KEAN, n II IIS' ,nedieslnl B,-ka--Louirne 'll'hiri- d -o. J blu dletting e ne . supply, re 'd b , 11e4 A TOWAR,14 12