Newspaper of True American, July 30, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated July 30, 1839 Page 2
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ANWe.vrleman Obaimnbr ofr oCemeoere. OFtICRc. POR THE YV4R 18i3. I're hldeni, R. I .. Pccrc. First Vice Prcide.t, W. I.. Hlodgi, Ie.q. `Ca.on!l dc Jn,. A. Meeh-. EI. Coamituje of .Ippelcs ftr Ile3. James I)iak. D JAe Ih. .vCrich, H. C. 'cmmncak, Alijah Fii'k, P. O. sorb,, am.,.I'hompson. CogormiUe of.Arbitration f ,r lh mont!, of lly. John lied4Ilehtcn, " Jlhal C Ht'rris " Enchc Ilyde. Jr. P.A. Ilardy. " Jo ahim ~id h -T re-Gle E\.s6lrp Mailis elosed every day at 10 o'clock A. M. h. due.evdrnr day at 4 '. M. The Excpetsralil is cloaedeverv day at c half panst 10 A. M. Is due with the Groat Easten Mnil, evryc dcv. ''he aike (via C eovineon, l.a.) I. losed ever-i Mouldy, Wednedayv and Friday, at 6 o'clchk, A. 3. In due every Tuesdlo Tlcureduy, u.d 8Saturdl , Pa 5 P. 61. ..' L.hciseclle or River ,uail insc.rleder, , Men da.y, dnesdav, alU ctnrdcLy, at 3 P. 31. IsarnI and relurned h vstambocts. Arrives irreglllalyl three Oes ma Week.' The B1yote uara or Couast Mail is cl eI everyI e esday eald Frida, at 8 P tt . Is enl lumin iturned i by ateaumhor at. The Ale.rndria oc Red River Mail ic acntc irregu larly by eteuanlokgl twlic, a c wek. LOlayVII.Lc OR RIVER MAIL. Mccndacv, ). W ednesday ant Close at o'clock, I'. 1. uaturday, ) Co.sT MAIL. Tellslavy aid catcrddi, Coseist t 8uo'clcck. P 31. CARIU(T .LTON IIOTEL•. " AUID ha . the hion oer el infor ,mi his c ii.d J aid Ii' public ct gelleran, t hc i hac caken the Lotecl at Carnrccllcc, wllcrec hIo frsta Ic uil receive tllre .all of iis old fricid., ndid all ovrs ofoh ecci'heer. Privatu pnrties ",ill he Iccnccaoc,ely pccciccd firby givic n a little n:ctice Iefcrchnllc . I-I. is willing t entr into acrr'gaemellt wicth farlies ir indlividuacls dcritc u tTpsncig- lhep clullunpr at Carrcolloh,, llcc0 NEkV II.EAN. C(ANAL ANI) I iANKING CO. rI I¶E Iron $icc lecboct Releccca ill I rave hie Bali at tilt head "tf lhw New Canal, evtrv dlay, (ex:ept MIondays) Ior tihe L.ak, a follows: )Depart at 5i A. I. Ilcturc at 8 A. 1!. 11c A. II. " i1c P. 3" " I'.. 31. And on DIONDAY:- Deipart ct 10 A. 1. I R .... a. 121 P.1. M. 4 P.11. hey 28 1. C(e\V, i'ash. *A ASHF ILLE RAIl. ROAD. Thc I.ocncnctic'e will ralllle her c regular Irpic ti thie GREAT PRAI RIE, commenac cicg oc 'Ii'hursda, lclth Jily, 1839. 11EEK DAYS. . Departurei' Return. S A. 31. I1 1. Departure. I .t2rn, 5 P, l'. M. July Iflk .-t JAS3 M1l. CAI.D) EI,., , - MAYORATIYi Oi F j~lV jjRIAN5a IHEc price of flour to day hiine $cIi c1 er Iarrel aeeoldineo theu tariff, the bakers will gire :4 ouncces ucfbrad for Icn ,rcccti ,irilg hhI week bigc c. niu 2 cu Mollllly cllet, tholth ict. Tihe ilovis cu 'scc. old aqualily,,r clc tllree fur tell cecllls. ishull weigh 25 pier crad mIr, thal is to Sctyu , 4c2¢ once. July 26. C. GENc)Is, Myocr. harlaucncc, JcIcV .....II....2 llclclcnall, ly...c.....20 Nw York, do .......... 2 C clnntli, .......... 15 Philcdclch.a dII ........... ion I ellicile, cIo.......... li t Il ccn t (Ire d .......... ... U c r 1L O m11 , dcoc .... 1..... l,,.a.unn. dn....... .....3 ILiverpool Jano ........ I:1 lcc ('c'a x ) July . .....0 5 I'arie du,... ....... I nUtt. ... . au.. ....c Lt c11 ll c do...i ....... IY Nanhvipe, Jury ............25 Ilawre do .......... I! mCloslll M01T OF NEW ORLEANS. UI'EARANCnE. July 20, 1839 No Clearances to day, ARRIVALS. July 28, 1839. Steamer Vehltcipedn, Delmaa, nrn Aexanvdrla -nniler Pii Jona, T'omaIa..ull, fill Lalourclhe Tow bnat Grampus. MArrienn, fo the parss eying owed to . at shit . Orlnllt briar It. Graoil a rnd orll , ne. aln stch Ve aiura. ratarced to til city wait rehteu Walcot d.ll ll EI t . ., Le . ebol he ing fr t h o ie O.lh i taii a r ao t h i . n e w . sthr Wnoohot, Iletz. from A itakapaa; iin liallet, to er Sate Eclipse, Tonciere, ]t5 pys from Vera Cruz, inallalt Steam ,I.kel rCounlhia, Willr, i haure, itroCl Galveta, o SmnitI " Voolees. " 1USIA Sr IEE'rING --1,5 bani, lnading 'r ,Il J slip John l)unliti, f-r sale b y I I ;tl "Dl &t . ,i, . t 1.I'i4 N. i Lit t J hales 4-i t willed liwdl .tg ,i t3aim,'a uckskin .tripes, hloadinlg from hlp |t L., s, fr sale by SIram and Patent i ait Balery1 Waters and Na LOKIS: - COIa NTn. 8 ( eelt i'nt ia.,a , a ll n rato. ri n lldge aan exlrnsive lIoti 111 (Pina ier itl All tin above arteah are auatranted- tio ie aI' the ow by whollea ile. Illv ,'U rAlao,1B-Kit n 'daikd cara audimgreal.u -'nrt Pratirie, l orsale by i J4 ' "'l: I E (ira ir )Aoratti l'rttane Ri'a t'itravt t'lntd, Fto slale bat G ItORI'I:V, t4 at41, a. Levee , , l i . K E '¥ -- 7 (e- ( Y . tin; - n d.. I .v -- . . . . Wlteam and Patent Biscait Bakery--p Vaoerl and No. a.9 Moreau (near le I'o.tehartram It ail Rot ad.) rpilit and Navy Bread, Sdai and Wine Ricuita Sugar, Butter, Mid!ord and Water Crackers. All thi above artiles are. warralnted to e of the first quality, asid o keep in any climate, being Uompletely kiln dried. AlaoenaKlln dried or llmeal. Order. leI0 at G. W. Plriehard and Tagart, Jr. corner Magazine aud loydras streets, will receive prompt attention. Small kegb put up exreaely fr aulily tso. 15jott "J vol.a ; lt uisi ia n R 'eports 811o. " a a f8 l 3 A m . wih Itr ~I e1l"INJ ,I ltinn t Hour, by Lady l n Civl. , de of tiai ag h alt . aIti t J inns ..A l i." Ci aile i lf ract i e dor ne al ullt h rC el alt l.,wer' Rlieorrs ofctta te tLaie Etig tWilallams' Masia4 dehu tta Reorls I Pehelr' lelemlt., 12 vcol; dol eolldunled do Arc i o el's civil o ed climninal Pleadings AljbtIt ti I ShiARi4; Bailey ol Illa 7 J teli'* h s p+ ,a- .tllrltprtitaBa t ltlll t Il. , AllEr ' C hl l te iarv It "t 'ttt' (:ihiitv .eJ aiti aal l, d o r i ('tvral,.a r:llitlV'sI (I kdolll.+l . r )r.<.li, e", l o P+ Vif, t (Chirtt,' Illm'kv ; 1' t 'ruwrP'I Dig" t la ella'a r An a it' v aa igasloti Itai intlt l lln W ,f 1 1 Sbdena'al a tf fliie l'"Iit iita, "ntaoaa'.l nlio Fe itV For l Raok ; (,dllrl' a I'a alinL e (low at i Pai rtne rsi lla i laIallit,'g |.eal s ttll(li Keent' ('Olelalat llloarleal Ib lly 'a Ni-i PP tIu 3 1olhier on ( l)i e-Ztlti i aana Pelets' Digesl, I,,I vollilPe, al'eCW'wolk Roeoeo.ll Evide·lce ; Ilu-cell 111 Crlllt+.4 Sinadbeir' Platttals; 'a nit', ('h... erv Praise l tarkie on lE:vileLa ne' ; b lary u ll the ("lnsaltlutlln Slevens & 1Jeone ke oil IhlaurllnTll l'rolltlea law if kleclltiolln 'omtnlibts Law D~ictionary; Vnrr,+l'a Law l fnwtNatilns and aI general ns rInaIr el t oim a ll n 1b lll. lla l at I, elit l all Frellt:h. lliw Im,,kv, , .t tie la tr, i.ey latla' l'yua r R ile r,'I airliOl . C )uratioe , i lt . a a an E JiIINY; . c<o, 30 may 3w Cl r a t ('hartei & (Co ,,lm(l ' C, ba "'---aala al'Nalaa, tta aili r I.'aii ,ai" t B,.da , in...oe, a tor'ied y r, ai atitall he . I it jll IIP . " ew| vre nIIIE--Ia1 0 caska ''lomst'ln lime e Inr)l,, aula nr sele 1 by SX . ' ll''. m22 73 C'ampI ."t Iº. e the il .,giving ilealth, beP. vtt Iand r'e'ctieg its rifling- if, m J at WV1. R 'l..l'J mil No. Ili balllrbelr s a Ol 1y Iy a A( lllll, 1t I lolding f ,b l Pa'krt Fhllilo Ahlllllnl . Al I ly to tile i i ailg on |alol. onle tier bel],uilhe Vegl.laltle Ml r 1r +t John,w ill he sold law if taken from. the levee, J II I I U 1,IIN . 71 C( p a, t EWNI VALIAI|LE LiO(K.'.--Iaiatorv Sketcthes I r thle .sa ,mne wlo, Il,tr rihl e ill Ite lpgn of 1u.lllhe 3d, Io hlwhih is addled reairks ou l'arty J uII atin I •apltemlix, 1a Heerv Lord 1 I~lglinlui in 2 vol.. says lu which It added a dissertrlalion ol thle elllnlle'llCe of thn Aoeieott; bly Henry Lord llriuglhani in 2 vols. flat Ilub re ei.ld ilsal for sale by AI.EX TOWA (, jnly2jtl l . 49 ia lill streetI. Prollls,Lr Letters from R,,rre. it, American r-cenerv. a splsedid work, 21 ti,. Received us Our Wild Flotwers with beautliful Celutued Ph'Prs. ter. 'The Chils llra wiig Rlhlok. Doll elxolle in 3 Vol, 8tle. with l'ilellral;tn. . Received kd afr tale by Alex TOW A R. july .51h 49 Ctlullp rlreer. .-HVV& L, or the Mt1n ... B+|| .... by la1k' I ...... itl SUlwer, ill 2 vale. it. RichelieuI or the Coospliraee, a Ilav irl 5 se.ts, to w bl+ eb are added Ores tin Ilhe Iaet daya of Eliz aLo.l ; Cromwell', [).r1n1 The Iheatlh orftaa'lon, by tht atlller of the I.ade ,If Lv I onus, Pelhum, the Direllted. d &c, withl all the a new works ofthe deye for Bale by year junks 12 ALEX T' )tNAR, 49Camnp art 1 jI'llh;'1 TltUEAMERtIC N. FAIT!IVUL AND BOLD. Official , ournal of thje 2t fitunirlpolita. PUBLISHED Daily, Tri-Weekly & Veekly. N.MfrýW ORK LE ANMt TUESDAY, JULY 30, 1839. TRUTH NO LIBEL. Onr Roilt Roodo.- loe Commnittee appoinltedly tlir Parliament of G` . lie itain to inqulire! into thle suhjrct o rail eaaltohoaeaddres.ell totlhe Conla ino ther UI.. Strt a arriot lfquestiona to Ita laid helit'e tIer di retories of our rail Way companlie for.,'et1aa Tic-ae quteations go Ito aserrt in, the rllpitrtl maplaeed, Its taotatartaingle stiletlthe letstth or Ithe eovnts lplatedl or finolhedo wok atd olll othe inormat iotn noeccea~eo to he knhowa. I heindeltry or the Chevalier Vla- n Gerst, Itat already node aetna head -'orv in tlia sbhject, lt tr, have an Ilnalt, the frlce to 1le elititell by the Cl.. - dnitie Will Ih- mer-tcomplele than that which a, v inde Vidloel c an possgil~ll. obtain.l Ti~e great fault w ile ,r Il~on a*,mr i., that tar It n otn Pay the ntereaary attlntion to the. peacremate ottf ata tieaical fret ettnevl h I ai , a oneetiin in the arts aod telrr alppltatlicatt to worksatf itilpmvraactor 9,e are a soaatcioos pIeole andl ldlo tt ae~llrt com, Inatticatre ll thathlliclhw, aknoa.of new need itportana tatohk. larthrr thIt Commtttttre oIf i, Ilcitalt Plia ment w\ill sttrcecPd in gettinge at all tit,· reels Irleemnl n serlt. Tlttllttchy ranet at otoreofihmll tlllhat lindivldula ean io pln. It isaweverre a oall-rtion a eon our own industry thah~t n ftrerigo power should he e PIIploveCl to show nn nlttrtltret treaglt ttn, pgteaatR illCiVilisntttia W rhope [lint CettgIorea ill htterelafteItr ttl hrh plan at Inag a nd so pent albly adopte~d by G'. Ititain in these, Illy res. -- _ Tle CLottlo ('ireular,. This xtrndalcn-ry pnper pro"p ing" to hlly up nnd hold one Ird of thle Crowing erip of eortnn, by iclles oif Ihe Ineal lenksL, in lr fore the plublic. ThIti tlhe cheme wl ill bie soclirsf.l,, there can Hle no doubt. This interfer,-nee of the Bn0hki ill tle ndrs oftllP tra e (lIonly showsR th,.e popiII more ,foreilly tlla nny tillenrizincg I or arguet cean,--lthat it tle iy-tem o c hlo e corporations,.he persevered ill, ill I 11s enn cntrv, we mllust In.te a Naltinllal Blanlk,--or, thl1I, if0 Nllti'll l In k e'inelip t Ii II,, nll' kitle mIls t hl throll n open to free eowllpelitio,. Trade and ermlnmerc:e o·nn never lollrich unrestrictedly., unless one of tllese |IhineL· bhIe donn.nn. d nutla s it bie dl.u quiell, theell ntry wll Ibe comlelled to nllli"nother ' senslna c netart r f,'ic-, tilon Ibelore} lhe y nar of 1111. From the 11a,.t. 11e hlaVe dat+,. froml N. Yolk hnthe I Ac. r Clth iLean t ,e Tir Clayeen hal not nrrived, wvllenle it is lresulned rrl she diid not snm on tilhe I.l July. Tile Great \le-tern wlla expl,elced every hlolur, Ilaving gru hern out 1 I du;rs. s- IailnI fron Ver Crlln t, ) tile 31 1 .Illne, e ltaled r llhat Santa Acla wrluld resignland thait Brav woul tal uk i. his place. Imtlr. Claly was cpected nt Roheglrter oa the 19th i' - slant SExchange oni Eliil:nl hIlti nlle Ilol,wn to 10 pr cent.. anld tl premium on Ialfdlll hr Ild decrlined tI I ,per .d Celll. 4 )llel froii JRlllicII l t tihe of J llne, rrlri lll thle ..t Governor l nd thile i roes c plfl to tile pIllllllers. . llhere ar,, 300Te whites on tl11 Ihlndl, and 311 000 free I blacks. The (overnor lad atltacked the press O ild i:l. prij oned an editor lbr libel. Aungslt i4 going to Ellrope withlont n ellnllllilllentllrv IzefnGr,---Mr. Simnpson elarging too unch for Ihis Col. hlier of Floridi.laIr s givenir, Il, s oliithi thatn t.le Arcade Real estnle Lottery is based ulplln a Irleal chalrtr blained from Fhloida, alnd thatl Mllessrs Schluidt d & Illlillon are acting in pelCet good fiith. Ke~ndMI1, it is slatedl, Cores Iul Spin a,11 Illl, nnd rryt .] brl le thle V•. Il• CanidaIIIte For thle V. Pre. idCIIUv IV doubt co Amos will be the cnndidlre ! eg lFrom Trs. l.ute last Ilgllt tih 'tcailer C.lIi cs biIn arrived from Galveston, brinting IHo:stIl -: tes tol t, ile c5ci illhl nt. The Column bia was I htaineill ll le i-t ll tlhe Sollth W\\e.+t IPue, ill eonlllqlell cet oft tere bein,. . no upIlon lihat pint, - he O hl in ?li river a he t. Ja. lnto clhllllln lr rf \\W ar ('l'exinll) hl ld 11p o flu• citl. I The ntews chloonlero IIi A pi' H1bdailye *xpetltlld at liiuiesloni fr'oel o JallinioreI The delbut of Howler andl his arny is cotreOdflll. Thley alre go Iilg o he ql,-,i-is oi i (lven ionl i ieT I llllldl ' Con titlion IfTIie l r The , crop l c.ll e rll, c( nll on Anr1., I hl otl.ulho t i lth' relpnb. le are aiie. 'c e iii ii Pleasttre Trip. 1n11SI ellllll, Ith Illth of Augu:sh, 1 a grand dinner is t be in'Vrelln |' P rt or, ll [.1111 Il ranceP 's |Ilnlv l. t thell l n terntillltillll of tIle NRll ville .ail tioid, '2 1 mnles from N., unI orly :3 miles furom th, Misioippiin te w-ods trderin I tIh GraP tl Prarlie a ol tllhe l.ake PI lllellrl- i lc Illre. - TI dinner is to be sereI i t 3 oa 'leck. I'•. ., r La will Ssr l UI I.l II11 iril IC ·I(J11* I)IIFldIIBL TIP Iie worthy tih titll n , f tile epi, l lreal. Ii v wi acwoul dy frolll Ihi-ai s - felee lil, 111ke le iili iin td ho cool bre.*zes ofl Ite l~ak,. Illd the w',oo11, will tmatil t tselv~es o tie pll nrilL lilr, tril, aS tie i ce', io , i1 b, iiort of iesrtll, i ti e rad, hll ieSed i erwar li It energeicatlty v h r . C hlwi .ell. ( t ready, ull ye ci +, e l forl you wcbill h b e re times. nI? Fr/or" Fever, A few .Hp.radic t asess f yelh~ Ove,"or h lve lll e theiirs ai p-l, T in dae n, i bi l t; ey iil, , I i I nedi sri. Th,,re i no l ,l t "li- elitc, I - 1 e iC H l le ll ll al al i i l I ii Such i tl I ed bro re/, 1 .7" lage ill v i lleltr ii w lder Ih , iers I•'e it I ll S so F l" de I O tleho Ibeir 1 + ue genu ine i 1 ing , o Fl W lld Ie ei il drp l"1 el r e il il-li ltll d ln r hn llh l I in oe "h t b nd i er s iw i L l - -ll/e h iit- 1 ll .ii t,'lloll iml, w le (l lll.1111,11 f ll. ll! re'. '\el, t 1'111 1I I ii lil , ti ciii +'coil' lhliih il, l Ieii hIet liii I il,, i l "lI Slolaclir polo i a-e i| r e ei 'c t eor illl I i tie l, ' Ia n I ii,1.i- l i i , i Th 'l Illl h nilllrll (,OlliP.l ip,---wholl (Is II lllll ttr i cottIIo.1 I (I illll tllll , Il l "I e , iec . il, n hhi Ii elady~ i.( th re dhl rylt us, l ille l h e r it .poii l i . r o I , - iii ) lilt, 1iib lillll t.a a ( i "riil -iolo t 4i( ii . o l . 1 i .e-i l Ittiaciotlulcole oiieb ieo -ii 'lol l III IP I i1,,,,II1 ? A u A Ii fi bui ri ilolllr I icn Ilr c ellt \il lo icill o i ilnll i. u h " A i e ulel yhlonodl, ;nde ill l Is i '/II I o ,, ' , I oi n ii ell i~ F~ ltr, ie, I~t, l,, .+ 1I.I.11. ill t'll". lI.(l i tl III . Ag flllllll il " ii n rl l ou fill . 1 f, u 1lr h, Aunhrd * pl i ted. rotklll e wIlle shrll r lil, mt. u " i l I~h elh. io I , . Ih, ,r! I I i , IlI.CP.- I ,%: I", I*I re 11 i " I1I1IIh lillllll~< I ill 'lll- I ,:lltll(IIIIUI··ll, t r o . ' > s., l i |)+ ii rcllr tolgh vll R.II 1lall ed Ii ilf11 ,, I 'lrll n- .1 i·)11 .)·ltl r ..:~ ~ ~~~~I· t ,.),,,,;..... l tv,,u hii,,,,.,, ,ihe,i, iI ........ I. I n1il i)1 II . llii. .+ !l.I Ilil ih 1111il+ I .1 Ilt(lld.rlll r 'i c , n i hl! i,·III lto I<+ 1;1C( ch se, Iil~r+ill T ·1· Ilei le i.h b III Illa /liIIP 1.. l~lll* 1 q 110 !~ 1 p,+h l lr lltllS ? l*i~( l i. ])l' lIP r~~lnllw tl~lll io Iidllrr' nr Ir c R i SI~' lan ur l lll l c - ln I e "1 I ln Ir, , t le *+ ,,llle .ltl hho . ' |1,, .Il ilhl e ll n ~l+'ll I llll'ldl'p\1 ,I111 I (II 1 tl, I+ h .i ·1i .llld • elr v lhlll l h iI.IY t+ lld it I h(\ l. s t II h~ (( lle 1111111·.1. w p I~lal is h.Iln+, inr ud nl~i-,, I~ri " l~ll ` < IIi'I 1 IEll liPt iah lbl~lld .,+JI F1 ' . " 'ilt 1,1 I' 11( · v. h.s I1ll, a I+H- r i ,'11 heri cdf l ew,-v r .vh, h'. ,.l il " r , i t ....~· th.'hl h,>rl l IiI ....... hitl-. Jl: Iil+:~ i . p k)iIll~ltn Ii(, 1ihl (I~l'bl Pl lll. -- l P iee . 1. r rlnd tahqtt,. tl,,ll l eulll, lltllil ,tl,' r ll , ,., s [r i.!liI~.|\|.qlli' !<lllill 1(11111 a IC'lal. h i. I.. IleIIIrI Il tlllr l·' cln l.telllalrr , .I Io Llo,i 4. ll Iiii111 l t 1Iiu l r ,1111 ;l r~reudm.,+t irh P, l p i ,'(Jt +.,,,II hn b fe " .. no~~rS~ly il]111-1III;.li~lr In'ltIU "lrllll0 r1r IPt-I.I )1.In IIi. on pIagae 0. vei !nd, l1tHi mainllir-'oi.ets IilI, &e. The helishth li tcirn uaublh a line Ituit hIave been in a very maudlin cih'itiiull. On pice '22, is thia line, equnl to nnv thlig Pope ever wrote: 'lwans very had-but what was that to yin u I As ldleeelnhlid to oil slrl cWlovnd serw.i, we fintd Ihe,,' poths l rsea n iln page 26ie, ptt u Ii i'h tu utls hie: ' ' i i leow pllre tie tny r Ihde Rnt I eIv eefts stiIn! ý'o olnlb lihen Itlihght Ihel;' lid ereated atlit' ligt tilr, by ti'lsllinig" mege r'/afdllnine intoe lie, ii. Ithlwer, av tihe lutnurs, ha rsicr, Kulleltet hir, end in l nItr they iay lit niarly hal ten J ietis f II noid dliern b'lile'S h ei suc hair Prm, bl iiieryr! entold I)olninm(lvveiiii ll l'sv. ioder what stsi u" hair FonnlOr & Fuztz hautdt'" ph'tl the writers tlelill ill tiesve tines, it is harld to ell. 1l'ge 14, we Ir.d. -o 1t'eie spring The ri-tile trihe ihat blucken while they rting. uti wo defy llly psevllel II tihese liner, in ennieti or nloderli tinei';--sep pnge l40. With lisles a.lveltv neld snil'pi wisth ti ,ret Iierv , Win, envies nlow the wretlh yonveg (;tllilll iere ue IIggo It), ewva ' Il eIIhlxte 'l heee etra to a lve.ilunmle lemlgth, ier the re is snrueely i lie i e th whole vfl'uuiin that blire eva'n ilia t nimtrei s oi coaiti n Wellie. Wear. 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'T'woevoln umes of tales mtlest huntor ucsuld amusing. Thle veryr beet antidule for ennui. Chadetlu 'ynel, or, the itlter Blood, bry GC P. it. Joner, author of the "Hlugonute, "Richliee," &c. A lsory full ufrintense intetrest. SlATIN OF TI'ltADE. ('rvy.S turdea lIv'nine.July 27. tollry wPnlher, with cop a lower s, colrnt:erired ther lin week. The hil is per.'ctly hea tllhY. The Levee t enlett d,'arerved. S.itul: helfl dozen asrentere and thirty veseeln lie ilEs Ibank<. We learn fromet e I, n ei th s 18 h bhdg of cetton were receved since tet 20th in.rl. E xprte. , ennl n time, 911 bags. Stuck olt h'aed 18,91)0 Isles. ''The buseiness o te week IeIIttu teld to asout 350(1 hugs sold, to g forward tI Spcin, via.'eun. 'vl. I'Thesn. saes were atll n ndvuene uofj to cent. per It.,' n thle erclittrv qtnalitieu. Itavlell, lltls day )tt, pttblliltrd an rCeotlet of tihe tlocik-on hand. 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Or Pamphlets Blank Checks Catalogues Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices Auction Bills, Bill Porms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circulars And every drecription ofJob 'Work that ony be reguir CIIEMIN DI: I"ER NOUlVJEILE OrLtEA" IIT CARr I .LTON. (in Irand nuimhbr de per onls niyou dm land6: A In IUorrs do d@aI lrt dle I' llU los noiell. a Ics ll d'lanp.A rI 1'arrau grolr ltivn l . . I....ur I'tli, co.... ...le .r dho 17 Arrl ngmlllp n s p our h ls Iuim .hPlinhlle. le Carroltoe De Ilan e \t1e orlea rs. Clnar a chevul, ii , h. A 1I Choy • c they , a 5 s A Ai I-ucnlun livc, i I oen"Loc ut vc A 7 ' " 9 I0 ,' , " alP ,, 1 1 ll. ArraAgeela PNo or La Dinelroiak I.e.'ha re panlrll, nx011.1 Im0,0010 quo dic . 10 Illllno IPllal" de Co rrollllto Iotll ea.l ,' 1. 11'ol IIuoo ll. a 8 h res do s: r de , la. Novellel ( rk i t . 9 hrures do soi rI ir .t rjt ' Apli; III ....... ,hu oiltl j A 1i011ni 1 . 10 p.. ie l t ch , . i0 d l ly . 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Arrct par la Pulie, do la SecondelMuni. 11 cipali le Ic coorant, trouve entra lea mainl (l'n nPegr marron, qui ft rui des fbrcats dudit Mu. licipnaltl d tn cheval haye claire quinzo pauimes do haut, les deux jamnbe do derriBre blanc, eL m rne, an i qu'un charaotte No. 731. l.u proprietairc vaulraia prouver, ma propriold payer lea fraim et les retirer. II S IIARPEIR, Capitaine to Watch. E it, 'l n' h htio fhi e I'uund of the 3d .lard,2d 31 ui.ial ,duic A l] ar ,e . nlio nll I Io rr , abu. ti I an n d o i -c - n o Inll +la '1'h. h wItlltr I , i ll" id irl ,t'rty will NeeLh e call roiuind St f IOlllld C eltenl+a ib' l1 p . n lm, lweno Ihlervi a id j tir cs. bL e I prorie, n ire veii, dm it s bien tore. il-inner an deot r'p e n l ronlre,eneire Ijvia &Oireii diici a ai Seldr le 'i Aelt, u entl il n etl .rcg vet811ie whe. rwi ll bep d1 l ub byl ' l 1 a ulllt e ur .' bliqte11 .ub hc nuc Iior+,r J. II.III l III, t I eIl.l, ii Icelet li iitiiry yi'etii fge, r)'Ite of Is 'I eeoe t'ii ii the rit i e Itc Ilctn i . i i ly n2.1 et 4" . n in Ii of Ihe t lch 111 1 IN put -ielt cl unicie alito ( 11 e tin grand .loiC vallce ie lt Ietnlie, dIo leeli, r.lnl unar es. b pt rictaire v dris bien le34 Iceneek' IALl nidu0 S n , se I merl i dep lt r ie arIti ,egl de i2 ans, ao diantr S it u -ilu d 1' 2i· i t lultI-lt ii er vend in'i IIi titr e .itill I I tie . oCii ,tr o ue liqt a. II. ii. o II RPIER, "lii;i ltl t'et Ic, ti'ulict l' iuec IedW 2nd o N+ a ie I be h l i tI, i r I.ilbi'l "is iu A ll1..l litll r li111i +)( l'ai1l1ltbunlabuu( +tll ye1( , a of I agP soy v.+ It+ b,,hmugs hl 11r. l'e ll te. " " "1 It ,h oh h II uiiiei r J hl eilo lly, Il l3wr y fio ur e rs I gt , sr ,a le I t1, A i r li iha trl I.d. T n hll, vall . r u' al siill y ,llo w ll nplrd , tilll lit h re l'ie lih r oft r 2il 1 'll trn b It 1 p ore poprl ry, y I c iurgovl 1|tri1/ III,' Ihlli'clll. y " II I t PIII ,ll at . ntly il 19 _ 'P li . .. _ tr br ,n e V. u l. iii· hlo111(lll · l llt~lllli Y ( l,.n% rtn 3llt 1/ -N* lro ub I o v tll Ilr gea{ tcii d, riln JIendt r on i inc i n CI ItIye c 1 Ien rdIen d 2 e a 2 Ir mun Ile i r 11 11()I II ili tthr h4 i1, I'cc iii dccii "in' te 1 3 13 .11 5 . m _ -_n m is I nl iik Iwk, ort, PhiJt lld 'l'' 1,,"gr n t 'n c it oll P aluligl h dc 50 I llc , iat oI +pp.ri t (·, A ,A l l, 1 xeltt. l r ,l hh cgi iiunh e llh i to n , ,, uh d t,,, 1e diad P ,l r i i l' i nt r. i l al, tt I\e " Ih ii utcr u'' ll h o elll.. Iell i t nr d . i. I h ln r i I pay k lllleo Ii e rILe i li l'i ll t * i ,i p, a i, I lA i -it , ,,ilci acei I . npi Ir , ec I ' ( ltte 'ent Iiecrno l, tu ' cynh io. the 3de ard 2ntd II 1' 11-,' t li " IN t, Inciteb a d lhIecrt d, 3 tnwa teel- ' i n I' Itl 1(,1 l h eo i ri, et.'illll It iI, n "riete:I I lI It e :h i I Idt e, l .n.1 'J' dl'on ' u lt l ucL i ntlll .uu oilh 11 4 enrlit l, ii ll c 1 I ,ul tc i l,' s u I "iIi " ( r t l' I,lh , ii riper. t illlrnll . 1 ?1 .(1R c r nd Ike 'lrn of tr be, i ,l wa, d lh .d+ hdl o ' l llll~llly 10 ·11| l ill l I ,r r l r+a ; Ic I r t (fil| llr id a rinde ,i l, lnerl uII ' +u b l"h1' 1i G IIl 1 1 .0l l t lml r II ,o e t l , l\ I,, 'Io- I ,it i lb.11r ) tnl i nnu, quel. e a c r .ise . L'tiu t.,CIllt t~lrll tII : tth.. p a .-! X', r It e r 1'I Il b l . r Il e t ii 1iro 'X l, i ee, ill d Ii. e I' Ii or hl e. 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(444(l ry IFe r d 14 ( Iid'n '4 4444 l 4ull 444d4ie 4414 m 'ei in4s, cd ae anr e1 s;, 4'44r- h4'444 44" V l44'h,,'h,.; lir1F44,, IF4F4.FF Neckbltc,, . ' hl l ll s; (I;lIt 11U.1 ut, 1(I . a.Sr Ib lu ld" J 0 1nCllt l l ill l' . h ll T i - : "l le ll re i l i P I ' 4,4lh : 4 hih, 44l.' , t n4,,,,4+ t 'u'l'cn r r stock hall(A SiI· .44\ , {leven 44fl'4:. I( I,'. (. ii ( 1 I)S, 1' l1. tter f 4a t 4ii 444'e , 4 ('conti 4nn the r iea' in4 1 - ow O" ._ 11 . Is : 3m " , t I b,: In . \ 4wIl t 4l I4, 4 ,,1 'l ee1se. l [ t i the ;.-inn, I. 1hf 1 Itirke .j.. (.'rg_( 1'uses I 1I· I go" ( v ,1+1N +I (C111).\ F1 d g. i a fr a de l J I1 ___ h I )lt ()llj, i Ne 1,ev,. , . i, , iI 44 N,.,cII Ireve It 44i 4l.4' 4ll4ni 4lll . e '! `9&f Oll, l ') l 4 h.i 4eg s4 I r I. ' F' ,I PI'rhrn ýolt- W'l'hla e-l e ina , 10 bao rels 4. 44444 t - ' F4.. (1( -,,1ll Ifine1r ,-\\h eI.,o ;r 4 v 1 g-,I 4300 kegs - /'l, "' l ee I y 1(lllL004l' .4 4 '. 4 1 4 ydr.(4 ,, 4444l4444 , 4 si s "''If (44e~4.... . \\"nhI it ;;11,"1111 a of cut of teledieeh ,r sale oil the .VIS &OAN AOIES, typ 1e44414,41, c 4e l,u, 2 '1, C ll nt, i ll oer It in ll. 11 , h . donb ai4le 4 11.u1 S1 4 ou1 Ie . ., ' 1444 4 n1 y L{,4i 1 widn, fsme 47p4 "44( II xea dI-·u4p,4. d,1j New ct veea r(4tter4 of two dalis 44,4 1(4, ' 'iani1r , .4(0 rea ig w• r r ll rf , .le b l l. a dva& n c e, S~.KJul) I y et e N, made up ram tn t oday il auxrae , d uu th4e week, will be se, at 1ub. perr wloen, pI ya ble 4 4r lnnually in advance n tcrlburl wto ot. 3' !$5 )ter album in advance, and t no oth-e,-, 1h'le,1 4n acceptable city ref'erenoe is glean. eub jcriers rospectfiully nolicited, JOIIN GIBSON, NEw One.r..txs, .%I-r 1y13c ,

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