Newspaper of True American, August 1, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated August 1, 1839 Page 2
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. I u n m m esmm mnmeno, Tlle I'RITE AMERICAN. o rAITftPUL AND BOLD. e ficiat Sournal of" the 2i .{.unlropalitp . PUBLISHED Oh Daily Tri-Weekly & Weekly. ;o vbu,. 1 tOit , EAn ": THRURSDAY, AUGUST 1, 1839. p® TRUTH NO LIBEL. · I----"---------1--; of HEALTH OF THI, CITY. P In our last we announced that a few eases pro n noeineed yellow feper, hAd ebn enot with in our in city, but we also stated that they were imported.' ne Toennessean died last week with black vomit. re Althouglh tile hearse thas been seen to move rather Ce more fre freqently than.before, yet we are of opinion that the health of the city still remains good. h It is calculated, and we think pretty correctly, It too, that there are at this time, upwards of two b hundred new buildings bring erected unfinished withlin the limits of the Second Municipality; end I we know of venral contracts now in negotiation, I for new buildings and yranges of buildings. The Lnuisian Advertier, speaking.of the plans srgt gptced for the reli,f ofr the widow and family of the late Mr.l.egelit, Editor of the New York Era (Plaindealer) "mtgge4to the getting up,. tlhromghntut the Unt'lln, without t distinction, of party, (Mr. Leggeti was an out and out t Loeo a subtcriptiot among the E itoros r'public Journals. We Inive no objction, to this plan, previ ded, none hut abolitionilts beh akelk to .contribute, for of this class of worthies, MIr. Leggett was the very organ attd head. New Orlenas will not set the examplr; nor.will any edit,,r ofthe South, who respects tile institutir ns of tite Soilth contribote one cent-dead or alive.-The Soutlh can feet no sytmpathy for rnr Abolitiorisl. Regatta.-t groat Regatta s to crme off at Pass Christian.r at lthe 1th Angust. The prize tot be conten ded for is a very beautifil rilver, sioarred htatra whichl may be seen in tile Rotrnda of the Exchange Hotel. It is exrrcted that the Mobile and IRayou 8qra Clubs will be preseqt, as well as th'se of our city. Masny.heoauti. fe row hoatsand sailboats will he present,and thelwhole affair it is intended h all be very splerdid. SAeident. On Moniay evening.during the thunder st ,rt,, a wpgnan was engaged milking a cov under a trec, t the ayou Str. John; an'rgro man was hirdiing an umbrellanover her, when the lightnilng struck the tree and haetter ,d it, burnt off the ulbrella, and killed tIhe man and cow-the woman win but slightly injured. .Veeie. Passengers in the sehr Lone, from Tampi co. state that every thing in that place remanined lwhie-they let; that Gen. Irtornmente had left for the city of )lexico, and thereto aecmeethe reins of Govern nm nt.--"'ht over one hundred persons had been ordered out of tile cornntry, .as synmpathetic friends of the fede'ralcause. The Northlern and Eastern Mail arrived yesterday,r t 1 past 5 P. IM. tihe Great Western arrived on the 22d; the news try her, which is of new importunce, will be found in exteumo, in our eolumsns. U. S. Bank stock was selling or 114. Mr. Felix Labatut snd Lady, of this city, came pus. aentgetr in the Great Western. A friend Iha favored as with the followingaextract of a .etter foons New York; under date of.the 22nd. On Sumolay morning, placards were discovered pasted on the walls of the houces in the upper part of the city, in large capitals," The Banks mrust and hall suaspend specie paymerns." The writer states that things had taken a mnuch worse turn since the President had passed throughl the city;and in his opinion the Banks will be forced to suspend, an the whola of tire energies of the Loeo Foco'S aplpeared to be concentrated against the Banks,,and to induce people to draw aperie for no'-a, and particularly for the Safety Fund notes. lie oleo states that the money markit was very imueh depressed, and that it was imporssible to raise mmney on the best of securitios.-The city was very durll for the reason. The arangement hitiherto existing it, New York, for the redemption of dafety Fund country Bank notes, in to be coutiltl, witll sotme indemnifcetions. the princit pal of which is 5o far al the public are concerned, tatn increase of the rate to 3.4 of one per cent. The old ar rangement did not termintee till the 2711t June. The Editor of t e Courier des Etate Unis, has gone mad. One of the Editors of the Courier and Enquirer has been robbed of a largo amount. of motney and bills. The O:nnibusso and Cart in New York cabn tinne to ren over and kill the unual number of people. James the novelist has another work out ; '1t ho gent eman of the old School." He writes a book every two molnths. Mr. Mackintosh late Editor of the Sandwich Island Gazette, arrived a short time since at Bos tom. tliss Kerr who travell.:d in the pay of Madame Au gusta, and acted no her foil at the t Charles for a few nights last season, ii announced to appear in Ballimore,. as a Star,in the Maid of Cashmere. Truly a prophet has little h.,Ior in Ili own country. We wish her li tie ploin du.upinuss. stacess in her elevation. The Brl'ish Queen was to sail on the 10tlh July. Extract ofa letter from a Merchant of tagzoeine street, (now at the East,) to his friend in this oily. Boston,( tlas.) July 9th. "We had an immense number tf people in this city on the ltth. T'he Iutomber was Iunpretlelldrd; nld o that day, I attended the celebration of the A nti-Slnvery S.elhty; oration by Geou. Bradhurn, Esq , ode by Wm. Lloyd Garrison: trading Deelaration, &r., by Mr. Pier pont -and th re,tgo, the nnmber was tnprcredented!. Ilow Iualny do tou think wee thelre? or 3000 were fumttenrly int tie hbit of tillitng, aye, old cotwditng the largest tleetiln. h.ueas on such occasions:-there were not utste 400 ill attelndane. The chalpel itn lihe.s they met is about he si tize of the negro chapd in tranvier al., N.O., and it woa not ove t+o-llird= tilled. The people hltve at length lisovereo, that te colllli. tion of the hlack labt r r of tile South, is not a particle worse than that of tihou+anlld ot white laborers it the North. Aproplqs-a- week ago I dropped i11t0 a t'oltor. fac tory itl the townt of tManiteld, Mass. At usulal, the win hdows We*lre shult, and tie factory foiled with a nliphilic gas, holtding in slspen-e ilnnumerabhle parti:ide of cotnto folr,-- the t fretli if which were diine ,rn hlel in the sil low cheleke of Ihe girle lntdl boys of tlhi "Paloae of the Poo,!" Hnaing th. culrioslty to harln, I askdI a Lsmall boy Iof lOearsu f gfe, perlinps, how ntany hours he worked in a day? lis reply was-from half post 4 t, C! And your pay-What do you haw? Ile replied--"67 eantsa week!' Oh! God! said I, is it possible that meu ran eaxtre.s horror at the systern of elavety as it exists in this elcoutry, and yet keep a lchild, like tIll, working at a S;pinning Jenny, (a kind of lnhor requlring -the clot. eaet applicatiton),andl notr hlsh for their inconsistency, and for their rupidity ,-which would digcEace tile worst of salreholdere! 67 cents a week!! not more than half the coast o feeding thie little operative Buot the an swar i ready-he had tis own free will" to accelt the sitastion,t.r on',' or leeoune at inmeate of the altmts house. Tie Lord deliver te ,and mine from .luth "free will" as th.s.-A name for freedomo without its shadow. The people here lbegi to see that they have been umnt-bugged; and par consequecee, tile sickness, and pushtps, ere loung, the death of AntiSlavery." ARRIVAL OF.THE GREAT WESTERN. The steamer Great Wetrern, Captain HIosken, (nays the N York Journal of Commercesof the 22a) has just alrived. She liht Bristol on the 6th inst, alnd brings Londop papers to the evening of the 5th. Liverpool of the tth, and lt istol to the 6th. We are story to say there is a material decline in cet tonzatmontilg ill tIlhe aggregate o about ;ths of a peoy. The deelin fIrro the 14th to the 21st June, was't to iths from the 1lst to the 281t, ; anti from the 28 Ih to July 3J, also 1. After the 3d to change. Of pot;tical news the nmst ttnportatn is the commence. meat of toatilities betaeen eTurkey and Fgypt; an event which from its liability to involve other powers is of ture Imt.,otsance tha n might at first he imagined The Great Western arrived out in the very short paa sage of thirteen days. (oCren polndeare of the N York Commercial Advertiser. London, Jtly 4 1839. Release of fle Caadian Prisonert --t aflirds me A reslt plataure to lnfitryo that t e gtrtltt rrt lllt have t deleroitled to release Mr John Gi Parker ad tlat eet ther ctanadian priseres who pleaded guilty to the charge prselrred agP st them in, UpLper to in tl:e hope of rnecvin her mosjety's pardon. My opinion N is that the order ior doir rlease will be imled this day. I Lord John Rerell sent I tlthem on lMondy, dnantd- ged nr r hlathrr they would enter into security not to enter N he province or Upper Caomdsor to approach near its resia borders, provided the governmean t should release them. JA aesterd.ey tim prinso es re turneid t, wlilh I din e 'read i1 tnomtacript. They say, that having nt de-ire to enter Upper Canada, they ore. willing im enter it theo i required bond ; but a,0e':t te permittedl to ent-rlhe pro- vilte at aoly Ittur pereid, provided either of them. onin obtainlho pernmispio of the'olonniol gon'nor t t. t to do 1 to. gilve I wan oselo tivme it Newgante wlith er Parker. 'l it a ve a inw ilto hetter. lie appOir l.deply IV etilible of the kind atmninen lhown to Bliln by any iwhn honave taken an interest Ian the welfareo of hiiinelf and his cm pantono. S RIio at Birianghlor.-At at, esrly bor thle mortnugo an expresu arrt.eld with ih io:tolliotne that a seriouI - riot hnl takhn pineo at BirminghIm, at a litre meerting of theChonrttlnt. I khenw that a hioln, er of tie Iaondo pitlice haod gteI down to krrei the ileaderts i f Ile gang pTle Doetilg aternolbled it I8 ol'lock, snol it a ,ftw H il '! stetluiter tile tlllier oatd their I opeootoice.rushing Cn in pron ths i nd a aioll a, Uo efllot o arrest lile leae a tier. n'ry weero ovterptowered and drivenll lil tile lielh, after rceivine eiter leevere wA und. 'I'he) linlrtl boe rerilnent of drngoina orre called oat, to whiel was n irl dud tsmue infmitry, and tile ri, Ot.i were lit. turnt drtveanI from the grmtonlld o Death of a.ttd Flor-Tn lnasinr.-- leartned from hlool utthoeitvy ht vnlthrg thao thi inltrrrstlgk lady was not tepectedl to our ire. until thios iornlg;nyet hoe t o lingered until bet t en twoi and Ilter o'cltok tisn alter A noon. Th'I queen hat. odered Blekinghlim Inaloares to be clt..d. As SDnnirel tObsterl.--mea will see hy ltha I nduean npr n that this eutleintan is tit ltnt eighbt of in Ilim goent 'iiy. lIe llo been thle faVlnred -Ietrt of tanlt dltin.llinheltd F 3ierotd, aluong Proiln ts her -2rjeiel the queelb. MARKET'PS. LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKETS, Jltne 3. Tihe mrke -continuos very dtprssedl, nod prices t have declined 1 4-1 per Anmerican descriptions A since Frndy. June 14.-There hao boon a fir demantnd thile trade dmiilg the weok, and notwitlstinding I the heavy imports fromn tie Siates, tile low snd o, midddling, qualitio of Anmrican and Surat are 1.Sd it per Ib, hligher.. Ci Juno 15.--Cotton-The cnqtuiry from the t.kadd continues to be very limnittd. and the marltnt has boon exceedingly dtltl throyghont tihe week, and hak closed heavily. at a decline of 1 -4d per Ibupont Americann, 1 2d on Egyptian, and 1 8d on till othor deoscriptions. June 21:--Tll demalnd Ilas beao n rxcediny ly linlited throughout lbe week, being coefincd an tirely to the iomedinto waoit of Ila trade, anil tie market lhs oloued heoavily, at a decline of 1.2d In h 34d upon American, antd 1.2d to 141 per lb.'on all otltor dredriptione. si July 4.--Tile demand for Cotton continues lilni ted; tile ales of yesterday being only 1200 baled, II and .to-day 1010. witihout.t change it price. IIAYRE; Julne 22l.-Tberano sartios in Cotton assunceda tmore regulr course within the last wc hee holders were obliged to submit in sttote batement on thte price .nskoe and those from the Utnited States unoder 100f, nmy be r onsderid I to 2, nll I r .those touve 3 Itt 4f lwer. Our an e frolt the 14th to the 21st instant amnonnted to 3799 bales at fol- I lowing rltels- "Ordinairy to good orditlry Lonianartn, at H5 to 1291-2f 1 It a t Mobile, 85 to 112 ' Geo6rgia, C S 93 to 1221-2 emidd ing Florida 921.2 to 107 Good ordinary to fine. ord Per' S nanmbuco . 127 1-2 to 140 S Bahia, 117 1-.2 1linreLorreot Toarteyp ot Etype.-Minieeilen, July Nd'he English ponket hlena, oniTitg frotm irlaltn, Snnounres thai on lie 14th of June news had been re chnerqiene of whiciI tile !'ourkl Iad gainedm psesrion f eaevternl villages oF the hbe lic t-- d'A intab. it Thls advlantne he onos atd hie .li r Irly ii revuil, g d aind t had bin decided iin t outnii, tlat tlli Pite itl should receive olrder t advance. 'te first division uof the l.irkish fleet was seen In tile h ilh ill the Ionrdan: elias. The Egytian sqoadron had agone oat of tprlt Itt wihllout ititle in entiote. It It goene to eruie on the coast of Si er." A letter from Vienao, by Ixpraess, iansr-"Newo hove Reen receiveiron l Cionstaeninutleo i t rhe 12th inot l'lte Turhish ftleet lrled--tlle nlst oi tile 12the--nd prhole, of daed to.tlhe Iirdanellee. A tourierhao since oeil to an: nollce to Infiz Pnehn tlie sreedty arrival o tile fleet and to ake tol him a firmtint nneatig him Inteteor tit d that Kur-clid tiule, tile chwtfotfle Egypiat Anrabian ad corps, haos tnterredI Ieutsot.r loi.ooon, July 41th. We have to anlollnce n tnt r te iutherity tf leters of be tile 12tb ilt., onlll (lonsalellille i l, ltllt the ultan ball he not onulv lelitard war umahil-t lehe ltr All, Ihrit in u Il prenie CCaliph l f lie Faithful, ItioI tI ote .eitntite of the Prophllet, pronouctlt'ed snlltellce of exn:tlmontieetion ax, gninst tihe acllh uenlis son Ibrabian, deposhinglie h n fiotl tbegnverlnllctit of Eliit t nid Sylin. This srntertor a, no pronotllltced iy liis lliyhnens oit the 9ti Ithe flotyi or bnll el nmledielimn Ireing prepared Ilb the Galnd of Mufti, iftrl at griavt ciiultalitln ot f the lllnmt Inrne o ttoiirs of IIhe. I1,lUlltnu In ltt o. 'the lath beiti" FltiIYnv itio athoiiednlt Satiutlh, theu entente of cxcellnllli: for enation tas to be read io ail tihle Mloques. t NIT'ES EXCIIANIED BY 'I'IIE FRENCH AND IUS.'IAN CAIINE'IIS. Note of thA I French ('harg d'A lairs nt St. P.utersbnrI he tiiiundersigned Chitrge d'Afl'airo of I ils Maiesty hile King of Ihe t'ren-hio, is ilntrutell Ii toirer.s II Ishe Cabinlet of t. IPoelttniirglh ie irofoiunl aolitltiun thicb Ills French itovernilent tut experienced in 0 leu ing t he ho ,olt iltin of Ihetlre lty tif Ihi, 8ii Jllli y last between Ils Maj.,sty the Emtpeorr of Itossea Id and the GranTd SigCIor. In tihe opinioln of tie King's of gnvernment tlat treaty imlparts to the nlrutnol ro. laliono of the Ottoman empiro and nI Russia a now eharootir, against which all tho Powers of In. Europt have a right to pronntuncc themselves. of 'rie nnderlosignedt is theroloro ilnstrined to do elnre, that if the stipulations of thaint nt were Io ihereafter to bring tion o armed itltervontion of ok Russia in the internal aftfire of Turkeny, the go'v. rnmertnl of Frauco would lold itself wtitolly at lilberty to adopt such line of conduct as oircutt. iell stnnes n migglt uggeot, acting lfrom Ilthat ttomentl nas if thie said trealty xisted tot. '1 the undersigned is also desired to iifrmn tline Imperial Cabinet that a similar d!eclnratit liha boeen delivered to the 01." tomnto Porto by hii nlojety's Atmbasador not Cota. Ao. et:ntltiople. I. DE LAGIGRENE. iew REPLY OF TIIE RUSSIAN MINISTER OF lore, FOREIGN AFFAIRS. Thturdareigoed has received the note by which M. I. de Legreu, ,Charge do Aiffire of ra Maj a ty King of the French, has communicated the deep regret which tie conclusion of the treaty of the 8th of July between Russia and the Porto has caused thie French Guvernment, without stating at the same time either the motivee of that regret or the nature of the obj etione to which that treaty may give rise. T'he undersigned cannot be ac. quaneted with them; still loss can le understand them. The treaty of the 8th ofJuly is purely do fensive; it has been concluded between two inde. pendent powers, exercising the plenitude of their rights, and it does not prejudice the interest of any statoe hatever. What could, therefore, be the o'jectiones which other powers might doom thaem loses jr tirled in raraing against such a tran'actton? Rlow, above all, ,cold they declare that they consider ite no validity, unless they have inl view the subversion ofanO empire ehi!h thie treaity is destiled to proe serve? But such cannot be the deugn of tile French Govercment. It would be at open var iance with all tihe declarations it madei in the last complications in the East. The undersigned must, thoerufrer, suppose that tihe opinion expres.c:ed inl 1t. de Lagrene's note rests upon incorrect data, and that, better inforimed by the commuancation of the rcatry which tihe Prta hbas recently mnade known to the Fr'enlcl Ambassador at onstantino. pIe, his (Government will betterapprecarte the val' uo and usefulness of a transaction concluded in a epirit as pacifie as conservative. Tihat act changes. Indeed, the nature of the rtla' tions between Russia and the Porte; for, to a hlon enmity, it makes relartons of intimacy and coani dence succeed, wherein tie l'urkish Governmentco will henceforth lird a guarantee ofstability, rand, if need be, means o' defence calculated to insurre its preservation It rs in this conviction, and guided by tihe purest and most disinterested irtentions, that tlls lajers ty the Enmperor is reao ved on faIthftll:y fulillrng, should the occasion present itself, the oh igatiours which the treaty of the 8th of July imrproses upnr him, acting thus as ifthle declaration conta;ined in M. de Lagrene a note did not exist. NESSELRODE. St, Petersburgh, Oct. 1833. 11 r LMajesty's ehipi Powertiul, 84 gun", command ed by Copt. Napier, sailed from tihe Cove of Cork, at day-break on Sunday morning for Malta, in order to join the BUrtish fleet in the Meditecranoan. It is stated thlat this unexpected movement was caused by the very perilous state ofafflirs growing out oftlte quarrel betwtorn T'urkey and Egypt. I.tnA.-Aecrlding to Cadlutta gauerles received iun Paris, ua extensive onsepiracy against the Elgliih had been discovered by a smagistrate of Mlndrae. I)ost Ata blorted. rite 'hMilrtiof Pe'rsie, andt Macn . Singi; ir eret at the Iend oftlhe ltr, hadteRat tttrterdr or ct . elt0as- rips to Ite natiVe ,,lise to excite tlhie| to revolt. The Sichluh bad marcherd agalllt Iteratr the ellad of -4t, (100 ilren. after detaching a corps of 5t000 ilun to lu Iii The rditor of the laflayette Gazrate is nlrrmted that his paper, has not lately been received at this of. Reeor'der's Court, Reports orf Day Police and Night \VW tch. J dy y7--Patrick t.hEIOshir, tLenniei ('IFarrell, lun ziak heath all eeCuuilghlamfound drunk on tbe etree, dischargeid. PBler tiravier, arrested fer sleeping ill te car h:tase, Balltone slreet, dirscharged. Jumle Pcittersorn and Franris Contenlt, Rar'elta for leeping on tha whlarvre, discharged. Joeh Sighre. arrested oi a warrant, boulld t, eep fIIr peace, ie 3 11 dolls. J uly '--Plrr riyrirre, arrsterd for ireihg dtuk anrd disturhing tlhe peace, dirlhnrged. t\\ o . IAli tllt y, rrested beine drank, slid rristinlg the flccr.e htln,l huitee) k t theitrIae. Senrge (reen andt Gtlrgre h'illienmr,rarrest.'d , si piiat Iplo lnt, lonllltnitte d ftr 31t d.rc.. Night John, arrested onl ame c'harge, disellarged. Miichael Fitzpatrick, arrested for an assanlt, dischar. Nal god oru iBoing raes. Nahan Mrclnauld, arrested fer thaving no placine of residence. re July 29 --Michae Flaven,arrested found lying drunk Bk disehlarged oil d ayitejail feen. n Williae KIelly, nrsted by Ihe watchbun, for insult. ing and ahusing him, dischn'rged. atu I'hs. Dontlio,, prrestedl fur being drunk and disrltb inlg Ihe peance,to be nochled Itor. Ilonanh Lane, errested for being drunk, and could not Pa give an account on herself. ir S-rotlrL. jger of Btound{Io |. A 'SECOND MUNICIPALITY. I Tuesday, 301th July; 1839. The Council met pursuant to adjournment, pre. sent liln..Jeshua Ialldwin,. President, Aloermsen Caldwell, Frere', Gloyd, Hall, Louoktt, I'etrs, 3 Rogers, Sowell and Whiltney. The journal of the procedling meeting having been read and approved. " 'ile follouing weekly statement of tlhTreas urer was aubhmitted. SECOND MUNICIPALITY. F WEEKLY REPOrr OF Tc'EASURE'oR. By Balenre Inst ReDort, s.3.28 43 Ai..uult reroarel Ihies, 1.a .'. oDtutliipal Not.. re-issued, I 1010o Aut' daowllu fnulCily laluk, 3 331 02 I hFpeuntll aline hlst Repors, 8,721 73 I tc Colllll ty Nits e" o eolllgond, 4.27 1110 . Dspaeiled ill oii y Baik, 3.654 50 2,010 3d 104845'81 'to a tbel.een sutt Irnce y B r n ,elye hr. in hr 5 2,81308 52 C Io lntllitllll oites nil hI. d last Report, 40.504 91 w AillOAllt received sillce, 4,7 1100 Indu :t al,'te ieantd, . I ltl.e) •I t eOn hand tithis da, 4:1.74 01 d 'tt l hood tf V. Cuillirr for redeManon, 11101 00 III Cash ill City uBak. - 5,421 07 t/ I ' - TIIO. SLOt, 5Jr., Tr. is NaeOrlenu, 3i;th July, 18o9. . d A comutunicaio nt from the Assistant Surveyor, was reforred to the Filaueo Commnttees Ar Anolter fru; the santo officer, anhouneing tiat h t had appointeld Dunis Moran, his Chairloan, ywich on motion wasapltrotved. - i T'rite Collector of taxuos on Grog shops &c. sub. e trtted it list of delilnqrnts against whom suit had _ been bruollught, deposited in tihe archites. eIlcnry Kelly senl in his resignation, as Colntmii. sary of the 3d Ward, acoeptoel. A lrtter from T ihomas arret, was referred to 1 g thle Finattce. O or s. M. OaOeny to Srteets ad tnandings. rim-n Qarterly acnecount of the 'l',raucrer, wasnO k, referred to tile Finance Committee. - t Mber 'utorls, submttoted-ithearument entered into d between the Attorntey of thie Mun'ipatity and tD. tO N. Ilennen, wniceh was approved. oh Oottlltion of Mr. Peters, Chaniron of tho Fi- lit nance Cnommittee, tite tlw ftllowing Lesouitiobns I were adopted. Resolved, That the Treasurer ayn to Priestly and Br iins ot trle waretat of the Mayor, Two Ihundred and ninty eighlt dollars and seven cents for sundry 2 articles for tile Night watech. Resolved, That tlhe oreasarer pay to Jas. Walsh & Co.. on tlt warrant of tile Ityori, Eight Ilion droll and sveunteen do are and sixty two cents bri lutmber for repairs of bridges, &c. Mr. Caltdwell Chairman of tihe Committee on fyStreets and Landings, introduced tile ftllowing, o. owhiech was adopted. In ItEPOIRT OF THIE COMMITTEE ion 011O Streets and Landings, al. Resolved, That the Surveyor b. and he is here. ail, by authoriznd to furnish tile contractor for clean. 'a ig anod repairing the streets withl one hundred feet aof hose. 011 Resolved, That tle Surveyor be and he is htereby on instructed to cut off loure tet of tile gunwale twoly oil Josephine, between Tchupitoulas and St. ee ''honas and grade theo gutter way, so as to lot tile 'n rwaoter pass. . Resolved, That tise offur of James Ilood, undler date 29th July, 1839, to give up tis contract willth st this iunoicipalit-, for repairing tle streeqts and side w, wlk, be accepted. Resolved, that the Mayor be aod the is hIereby ee sutlhoriscd to draw his warrntoil tle n'treasurer of 'in tile Municipality in lavoaofJants Ilood,for $100)., being i fil of aill demands an od claims for work So doe nur a contract, nade under virtue ofa reo-. IhNl lUtiou oflthe Council, on tAi 2Lo6th Februear, 1839. - R-solte:d, ThaIt an o)rdtnace of thle city of Sof New Orleans, approved o the 12th, Septembther, itma 1833, obliging tile lroprictors or tenants of lots or 'ell Itouass, ronti ol tio puhlic way t tile city, or nt incotrporated suburbs, to warse to be uprooted nd a removed all the gras grtowing on it side walk tand gutters, in the follout of their property, e thus dv amendled: that the words l"and gutterstt"-betwee ai: 'ed walks" and "m front of il.eir p operty," be and te sae are lhereby retpealed. NI JAMES 11. CAI,\VWELL, AIChairtCan. SAMI.: J. PE'TERS, e I ENJ. WIIITNEY. 'ty Mr. Roge ,, Chairman of the Police Committee, 1111 moved thlat the tomlnmittcel be discharged fron tile i i Fn urther onsideratmnl of thie petition of slndry Sinhab(itnte of thle 3d war, wa llch was agreed tod lland oo notion, sn00o subject was referred to tile, aje rtldornen ofoite 3r1 wanrd. 's Same chaIirtman n ude tile fulloting report which ron was a dolpted. toas The Police Conlmirttee, to whoml wits rferrel a of the petititn of Mensrs,. 1. Farlan, E. Puteel l nod othiers, retort, thlt following resolutione: do- Resolvewd, 'Tat tile Police Comirtcnlto o h die e charged l fronl tihe furter considteraltion of tleo pe. Uofr titittn of B. Farlaud, rcaspecting Shcldun' planiugti anv. I1ill. s e 9at Resolved, That permission is granted to E. Pur at-. eel, 0t 1s1 the building erected by hIinl us a steanl nat grist millprovideu Itao the said Purcell, his Iheirs or rcrI iassigns tshall remtove tihe sald st, art engine wirel that required to do so by this le(oncil. Ot. Stglcd, DAVID JNII. ROGERS, Cha'n. I ,on. II. LOCKETl', C. JOIN HALL. OF On motion of Council proceeded to tile election of a Ist Lieutenant oftho Watch; on counling the lb votes It nappeared that J. L. Winter had received j - 8 voten--White 1, and A. J. Fallon 1. Mr. Win. th tear was declared duly elected. yof Thie 'unelil tIun proceeded to sopply the vaean Ius cy ef2nd lieutenantt, occasioned by the above pro ing trtio. Suanuel L. selehn was duly elected, ho ret having received 8 votes; R. W. Elliott 2. "eay The (aounacil thien proceeded to fill the vaconcy at in the Sergeantcy, occasionod by tlhe last prmno tnd tisn. Pyvsiclon was duly elected, ho Ihaving rcceiv do edI 9vote.; Arfrodld . tde. - The Cotuncil plroceledc to ftho election nof ('ot. Iheir misaary of3rd ward, oce.asioed by the resignation any of II. Kelly. Satl'l. Kiboura was doly elcc'ed, having received 7 votes; It. W. E liot 3. hioi O(i ,nrltio, tihe Ctouncil aljttrired to Tuesday a-in next, tte (;lil August, at 5 o'cleck, I'. M. ~ve JOJIN GIBSON, itno Secretary. Crl,ll..o,. Jo.y ..........66 %Vo.thl.olo.s July........ 21 Nw lu. d, .......... -12I C.o.noaIla. , o .......... 15! I'ltlead lldl al d-............. " I.unist Ilie, ,1o ..n ...... 16 S1.10 lll. ......... ...'. Il.l .. .oI d .... .....1 S.n,,ll l l, do...... .. :ly I IIVorr puul jllly ......... '1 llolnlllll (?Pe1 ) Jllly ..... 5 1'0rl1 dl ..........:I .=.htl le, lly ......,....2v Il., Juurly ....." MOHIT OF NEW ORLEANS. CL,:ARANCES. July 30, 1,39 IlarqllP Albion, 11 kcI.ldsnon, O..laec. 1 Ilr & cI Sil (rlen., Arllouxl, llana, A Cop'i ltu ille JllIy 31, 1]39 S9u11l laovr., McKown., N.v urk, P LoIlnwo Stllr .Sa.rllah, I l u'hr, , t nl9 .A Il-tlr Sc.r,go.r, 9MrI..o. Atlrk., Al.ot.e Sc hr I lo r1. ,, k, P.lal-,ul, 111lao Srll, Anlell' a, .ll . l.llw ,. l31., orii, AltRIVIALS. July 301, 1939, Lteamer Carolilne, Sutlllton, for Mloblile. July 31, 1839. to ! lS l , lo llll, , a llle a lu lltry, itlurned to thlt clloy ha bl i ".llrt , 1l15 .I.l.ll. Ionel, At PI3oI1.r. Ir..lld.oloo 1.01 'l I'l.y a.lll.l I ,o.lil . ll0the b1 r o01 tile 311ll ult. R po.IO I io O..*.'111ii10 il t. Iill Sl Ltrs, Nker.on,2 dy. y fioml Haltillole, to ,lllulrd. Sab lr, Stloore. frolll l l alo llt 4 I111 InkI I Ill m tPr. Schr Alraullder, L.yunllln.,llel (fain JlvJe.tIl ill ballast, hi lher Solr Randlolllh,iold.hlllll.,30 dllys fI ol. Chirleston, to J A cllr .. Cde PlsFy, Rogers, 34 days flolll Charlesonl, to J .t Bar1-lla v ¢ rSc Lolliitana, Alld, frol Matagorda, 19t illl. to the mas EXIN ORIS. NEWY YORKI..Pr .hip ll.lvre.,CtIO. 19 0 bhd. mlll 47 lol. IollhHlcr. 1 W Iloss told. I0 Ipcks. hllu rollalos 1 o blo lark, 216OI I*tk tltll,l 7l111 iI lIoIIr, 5 Id ,agar, 30U his ll-lllil.iI? s 47 lid. hW , 112 MlATAlGORDA-Per csl r S .rallh .,rrp00dry goods. ..roerie., ST MAtRKt ..PB r clhr D.. Rotrs..CarotS his viltgar, I do Utgr. 41I cll.eIf, 3 dIo pork1.30 do Ilour 10( Ilo bed.l 1 llt.s oll.dlIo, 2U do IOIp, IJ.3 IIckl ior l,25 It 011 P-I IIESA:OULtAI toler cll, Chtllrlo. .(Corgor,11 hob trt.. cI Io+ bl+ llur, lots groceries, plrovls'lO llad mer ...............Per ,hr Amelinn..In ballast. IMPORIITS. GA3.1FSTON..IPrr Ilr 111.t0l CIIAILLI'TII j..ert5ilt Ilno-lIll llC-O.1wo 299 1.er011. ;nd ll h;llfo IIrl 7l bf .ll l r1, o lllll. , Ioo l. lllll n. e ............... Per lchr (al De Po-.y. ,lta llo I tl251 l rln, o11 kl llmarckerel, aild suudry l:l lb lln. mr MIATAGIORDA.. 'er chr I.ouisius..iCargo l bholes uotton, to, n~der. TAMSPICO..P olhr I .ne..Returned ca:rgo, to the shlppers BALTIMORE. I'.r Ihtqul :ll Sl+te..Carg se.rted lmerr MIAT INA.S .I'c-r l -Sh l , inna..I h blll:lat RECEIPTS OF PRODUICE Nuthmg from, tro inite ior to-day. CONSIGNEES ICo.nh ll.,lph A, & .o. Ly l & Altlln oll -" Poaklin, J Thayer & co, lWood & Biminol, Wilcox; A.der eon t& cO. I Fl.Iso. , Per scrL' Cnl In Poesy-l KRedmond, J Thayer & o, W SPLi Phren. Caldweli v co, Uoort & eoJ A tarrnllas roVYeatman &t co, G IBueklln. r.sIENGERS P. SPoer ehr Col de Iu 1ay..tra y iller ad daughter, Miat Foy, Ol Misi O'Donnell, Mmr. Seters n,.d 4 .laonpe.. .L I'erlehr Leo s..R don.fh a; F Doo1rfn. ldy and d elil -i droll. alld ernllat, fi .Perl.gue r..,d 4 delhl.resl; JIA o Ai,'rea,i it KIlgr lM Droce, ; It Cmlea.:; 1rJones end lady, i 8t(ero- U IJFli: Fl)uriumtA t)upuisl;P i.o....;. Symon;. . Wright; S A Guibsn. M aEMORANDA . Hences-At Livrponl.l27th 11ne..arathnlon,EhaMw." , do. New REnland. Seviuol.. Thtl-11-n) "l'nwson-do, isarjnaand, lesrry. 99th..k:nrmknu nel, Pearae. " 8 litJlly..lAlru, ao.r, s. hn o..d Iaac Allaront , Torric lho. Ke hllal lo Ftore.t. 3rd..Unicorll.ClhilI do. N.atil.s, Newomnb. CA July Ntd; heoe.,at la re, Nestor. oit..North an. NIcwe. k JUaO2rtlh..IOeart &l H&aov r. Inr ale.1 June O4i. Ph, fora Co|ta.. n for lthis. port, Dellgtt 12k CrI.WL Arrild l.dn; Armori., I.ien nh. ndo..ErllNlt. nordeau.x Jn n 4th. arre hpnce. Worner, Perkl.. Glbralter. 1th June.. nry Powmeol, gitvll. Ner York. Jt3 y L..halnca. Collr.o, Trihsl I'lllnadelrhle , a2d au..C eo bellatinn. "I Spoken., ligi glry Elizalbth, lie.,s, by lerig brig Alit,, lat. ,a:A, long, 76 40.tterlw, h uN . S L.ivrpool. JugA 3M..arr. holne. ale. r n.volond g .h tr c0.. t rr hehce, wtu ovl. mn l 2nd. ..Arr hore. ' forll tll. n Fnll thl an, J oln."2d-tlanvrr. o At Cyde no--Gces o. Ilo e nhm. in .iverpool t.2 J.un..Normantelr. a.llt taioscil,. uthd-PIo o :.e;d t . bCogn.ei' .d,1 Ro ert ol h ril.. othl 'tar-. i lr othlltlln. Gbei eVaqlillntalln oIfy. linltllk ve, Cat l. e ,I Cl , l ivele (i sli ,td Alnxa.dlere. 321h..4t l.oaw runeoao d Pi:koridng. Oilh. Nn, rtagnlstlt. FOR NORFOLKI & IIICHIMOND. . I i-The firsrclels nod al t sailing Scloonler. HI *WOnLCO'ITr, Cal O Iill. Itehavino her cargo Li tallnPd calo take a deck Iand of trunm 80 t I 0fli) hllms applicutiou lie made. • h;or terms I li plaage alpply to IEVI H (iAI.E, unog. 93 Caoniao.n 'S. F-Ol NEWV YOItK. r, New York and New Orloeans Line of Packets. T'e A I elegant Shill P tVII-AT'A N. Colpt. MeCrtrovet having aocnnslderamte pott of hIer S carg. o e.ngaged .ill sail in alow dlys. For Irnigbt or passn g aolply in Ihnrd elr to e PETER LAIDLAWV, o jr y a 2811_ 66 Colnp Street. FOR NEW YORK.--REIGULAR LINGE. I . Lthouis'in n.l N. \'o, Line nof I'akers. , lI, u .perletlr Paket Shlip MILSSISSIP tPI, Cupt Iheebe, will meet witb despretell For frerighl or lnssge, hanvitg elegant ncem0o- I dlalinr, eply pi board tpponil tie VoPgterct iit laket or lt Ihe JAyMES II hlUi IEN, is.july :30h 74 'all treet. e 'h e fir. ht( t o tld hloe n a ist soaili,g Ual)olnn ere V. WAICOT,'I Cap .iln Ilnnio, is readvi to re d% cil Bulceive a cayruo and Tnlorry tAme (aulk of r0110 w-hell pbr 2 s25 nlls .u.til. A yeiglt ifr n r oe. jsth,,n port i6'ltclred, ap ply to E II GALTE, I' jot' 3) .93 monllleoo "it. d -R EPUBIIC OF TEXAS. d TRAElS'Itv I)EPAITMIVT. I S City of lluuston, 17th July 1830. ,ed 1N pursuance of a requiremeat ofla law passed by . Congress of thlis IRepublic, approved January r 21st, 1839, making it tile duty of the Treastry to advertise and cause to be seold .oe lots in the CITY OF CALI!OUN. o a day by hlim. fixed. Notioe yis Ileoreby given that tile lots ill tile City of Galhouti g will be offered at Pub io Sale, on Monday, tile 18th day of'Novomloer next, Itweet the hours of Ton o'elock, A M. and Four o'clock, P M, at the Capi. Stol of this IRepublic, upo thle toernms set forth in

r the following extracts frontl the low above men ` tibned ot Soee. 4.--Bi., it furthcr enacted, That the lots inl said town shall be hffered aod sold for no other cur. rby rncy than gold, silver, audittd paper, or the pro. St misaory notes of tilts governlnmnt. SeSt. oc. 6.--O it further nact(ed, IlThat the raid lots lb. shallo be so.d on the following terlns, viz: Oao fourth part to be paid down, and the other three, Ier fortl to be i.n rqual istal.IUonts of six, twelve altd ti eighteen tothls. do "See. 7.--De it trthellr enortrd, That if any persou who a:sl Ipurchas any vf tlteso alresaud s 7.lots, sihall fIil to lnake paymnl.lll of the cev0: 11 in stfall ollcts in confutor.ily witll Illis Act, ho or tlivy 0rkshallrll oretabull ellsuh lt sno, they ainy hay,. previ. nusly paird, anid the lots purclhased by such defaul e- Ier shall roeert to thle govermntaul t of tile I.epulb. ý lie. ol See. 8.-Be it fuirtlher enactedl, T'rhat all persotsa, ' ataliens not exeolled, shall liavu the Irivillie 1f1 'ur t lchasing attdl hodidng the saim, a tilhe ltresiloitt is or autlolized to issuepatentoit to tle' o t uoon au tlhe id last it. stalent sltanlll have beeon pai." hlk The' sale will ceo.tinu. 'oll i ,daty to daly, until all ho., of tle lots shtaoll have blee,, dios1,,ei of. • el Calliol is situated on tim noot end of Mlatagor. he do slaeiMd. diret-tly on tile Mal.. lt,,s itto Sl.ti;gor. da flay, and i'roln its odvantageous poaitUso, will pr. probably Ihcomi the princilpal eommtercial erty ii \VWeteorn Texas. A Ploa oi the city lay hb ScoU ia the General or, LandOttie. lthe Ti.. eceraot 2lm0rs il this R.Peblel,lhn ('Ololmo o. dry cixl Bullnlin, I,,oyuaoe and True Aoicean, of N. to Orloois, will publhsll nioliuo unt tlhe dayl of sale. lio, JAMES II. S'TARR -Se:retary of the 'T'reansury. SI S At"I'It)NAItltEsoat inolt.i l quo lu Ioetvie ,ed . ljin, paymieot do[ lurs acltions e'l dula et paypa 1atd 3 Io - 5 out 139, u Ir ,rea the hI c") -I algi. 13 juil et. E" L. TRACY s rClalr,. Edwaod Lnfitla clroa sor crd raa orn ct lao cr6n ciers de Dinnok & Lafntll;t. I.'iAT o Ila Lotultslne--Cour du lPremlier Disi I trict Judcatire--Lot cesssion des biean de I'nsolvable aayaut 6C6 ac eoptdo par la cour, pour I I benhlio e do so eranciers, iI eo t ordonnd qu'unne ns ,elhltml6 des dits ertnciecrs et des cr6alll.: rs do Domock & LafoLntal ai. lieu en 1'6tundl der Mr. A. Mazureau, nottaire public, to VendrUdi 30 Aout prochain, It 10 blourns dIo natin, tlio de ddlib6rer sur s a uttlires: et on atterdant, toutes pourasutes judiciaires contrsa s prsoonno ct sea proprl6dds seont suspendues. Mr. Edwin L. Lewis ast noon. md pour reprdsontar les crdaneiers abselta dnaps cotte naiairo. Par ordre do al corur, ce 26 Juil et 1839. P. LE BLANC, ddp gref. a 1-4t-al 8-15 22 EEdward I.nfonra rt . his creditors and the creditors of' I)llnltnotk &o lotibnta. C'LATE lOF LOUlSIANA--Firt Judicial Dlrtrict Courot. 'IThe eession of tile inahlventt' properly is naceptled by the coulrt lonr tla bhnefitP t o il'e tedltorn . It is ta rdrt'oed ti t a mee in g of his cretours and of the ertdrt,rs of I)ollllltlt k tao lnfuillt, do thi e o. I rl( at ttle l'fi( o I 'f A- laozurenor, esq. laoi plr, ithuhlie oo I'rnlu 11h i' 3Oth duay of Augstotr, I:,a! ton toaltock, A 31, 'l iteu , ia there ;to delberate on their ofsotlls tdtl In the rmean P tut all judicial proteeolings taOinslt their persons n.l tpro.. I'rt u'en stared. It i. dllother urdereld that Edritl i., I.etuno, 05q. tlo appointed too reproent the oabsent credi tt~lan II I)I,, Ilfe. lio t tleloro t of urt this 26th .ltlt, 1l:t!t. 4t--tl,n8,al5, ''t.t PLttl:'i, , Nt',tdep.'lork. JA M1ES'S,'hbs.TYtit.1 ,L other NO VELT I`IET ('h letsl T'Iyrrll. r the Ilitler lfoh tII bIo .iute. c'hvealv,or thot Man oflltno',by Ilado Bulster. Lade 1 "h2veley, or the aV. an otf lHt:or, reptly Chlrvrl,,y. LI.ord IIrougttlt, 9ketlhesof Pufit(liCihoracePr von . litolro l ti of o tle illln ioll t ilt t h e i tof Noicht'olos Nt'tklsbv, No I to I4. Jacl, Shepplrdl, No I 1 3. Adam lltrtndat her menofltharacter,hy J'rrrld. Isabel of Sitciv, by "l:keroman. Paul M Kc.k: The Barher of I'Pria. (loecllllmrellt, I new NoSmel illn 2 volls. ,o aoi t Rlleioon al' I'ror it l'aro ttay 2 vool. ioe i~1 r, by Saio tine. The Ilutont, Coptain Kid, npo. Ricrelreu, by alor rttor. S.: JItlI'. & Co. july 3ohh-3 w. cr of St Chnrlee & C1ommlon stI I TuilIE t SI bcribeIrrh ilo Io t Iongooot ootloarl otr Ihie North I of'rs lr Isal' llllil to t first of Aglt tst, the follow ing :-.- lirst rat' Strvnt lrtt oith l their clhill 2 ' rye rshol, 2 oatil. patent rJtalllillp ter nllgillP , ci' l Illlll ir.. callr saWs, Torio Laottto aon tootn ht' mtagog, en'r ringo,' (oig Ih'ay. : cart-', Iot se, Cow alnd call; : now cisternsa lltl goeneral .arietsof louttsehtold and Kitth en Pi TI .iiurT Ihe imlos. ilart Philadelphia mtlade. A IsoTo, ihem I|O+ ha,+ ocncupies corner of Tivoli circle atlTr ton sr. tapply to 110 II-t i Ol I 1i -S ( Is is-to a new aod uelt an'ti l e oftl'alrlotlloro roptiolt C0 t'Oln ,ill title S ill iltlr- - i l-ere as e8 relln a ortllltrr ltarlltde. It i to lesio ned Ito teepcool and s'er, stten ishst in the tt, iBry de. rnItll fllth Illt o er" dtrio n hse tlal to rler o tSeason. The IRefrigeratoris now roantered atn indispensable anricle in tho tovtty esood hot.tswi ob. The quanttity oftbd it prottcts fhlam the wett her, will more thnll the cost of tit' airticle ev,,rv , ear. The sotscrb'r itso o tahrntlyo receiving from the man fuetrll r, Rlef riger olt s odnfllereut prices. 'thoe Subsotlclinerr isappointed Aguent fLr the mInantfarI tlrer, oMr A Palttoe. Spclllolens t a illh Refrigeratolrsa may be seen at my store 5:1 Bireville t. y8 If W IV t CA RNES. tEWV S'OTNI lsIgh WORlKS.-J. I'. mittlt iTo Northener il New England, or Amllericlo in tlhe 1Oth, Ceulltl V. Smitl' Cotnpnrativa View of Auniealt Ilistorv. Louden's EnIvellTopd nof oaordenig, I.Londoa ELd. Sir "lot. eIlo l lllt' i 1'oo1t at , ipendid o l llllll Ctllpy. Slakestrpre 7 vols rollall 8o. rlrElt pan lttill. E. JIIIlNS &Co. july ^tth-sw. torr St ('harlesn & Comlmonl I. "ItJRUGS-Jrt lonling ao freh st 'ply of whih, wax lI (ionva JIt, (otii Arabic, Tanrinas, Ctream TarSar. S notl, S00 'l'ttorpelotinet, ('eorl Aolh, 'l'arot rio Acid, Chloride Sotla, Ilals. t'ol't in, &e. tltr tide byI II IIONNAIIEI , jly 13I Cor Nalchez and Tcht! iteoolas s. INEN SIIIRTT', GLOVES & SUSPENDERS 4 Julst reeeivtd by late rrivsal', no nooortment nof Shirts lravaolr, S.llotr t.loo, (lovor,. n ll Slnspell dr', at the itno.tua ,oorllt: oi St. ( harla nd oColllonn streets. N. it. A elomplerw n sntrrtlent of WVIritins e.rks, Dre .sing a0'Oes,o I-rolhle o'-e' inn roon'atd & lehern . Itlyl. 111'511 & AI.IAN. TRUE AIMIERICAN OFFICE. Pfl'ýýZ.J TQ1 PI 3iB WPC3L, PI In connection with this Olfice is a Hott SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TY PE of I 1oR TIIE PRINTING OF of Pamphlets Blank Ohecks the' Oatalogpes Bills of Ladiag bAl. Legal Notices Auction Bills, P Bill Forms, Show'Bills 2x; Stoem Boat Bills Circulars war And every drecriplies ofJob Work that jr many be reuir - fce ofthie Firemans Insurance Coorpoy of N Oreans Rit . : t I I| 1 1 i CA PITAL,, $3(11.000. B nnrslllldnlRr t o o Ilia Charter of 6li.'(2olnlllV grlrted hby tih, eI.girlttlle, they hav Ilre pirivilge of i taking Marine and River risks, and are now pr.epared to receire applications. jolly 27 E L TRAC'Y, Sec'y. BUREAU DES ASSURANCES DESPOM. PIERS DE LA NOUVELLE-ORLEANS. Rue do Camp. No 21. . CAPITAL, $300,000. Par uno anondmonot bla Charto do ce Compa ghtne ccord6o pur la Legislature, it est pornis das- un surer coetro dee risquen Maratiomeo et du Fleuve, et tui ils soot prdts 3 recevoir des applications. o. E LTRACY, Secretairo. o NO'TIC 'E. .Vi rArralgemeog t to r'oonieace Iet Augustl 1839. Pr NIW ORLEANS & CARROLLTON RAIL ROAD sUMei tR AtRAOGElME.T FOR THE WEEKo PAYS. d Proel Cnrrolltou. Fllo Neov Orleans. r. HoreCar at 4 o'clok, A. M.1Hore Car at 5 o'clck, A. M ' LiLoollOtive 0 [.,ooootiYe 7 " tO 0 n tit 12 5I " P " P0 " " I( " Ll . P.M.M} to ol. n r ,,ol n . Tie enro will leave no the areill ionl as illthe week dly, Ir u tlltll I o'loyck, P.. whetn lo oolltive wi ll Ir voCurrollto J every hoor. lloll o'clock, P. A. slid NeI Orlonos Eto .y hour ult, 0 o'clokh , 1. 2. V A er1Oo',llor. Isnro r cans be ohtlind rpaingo 5 dol laro for Ie Trip ; ifaolld for aftr Itoe olk, I'. t I d dl. C iorsf ill be el erged. rt Persoomo log by thile teaom Cr must provide themrseles wt ofobicketn, as til coyduptor has Iosiltlv directions ot to receive molry in litou thereof. d For the o lo athtlioa of persono visiting Carrolltol . ill tue o5 i u'clock o r. nio rd Wll, im s nt wisl to rlllo ill Ile a ell t il 8 o'clure tile cur that ihnlertootliro il Carrtollto at 0 'Io lirk, t ill rl iiin Ulltil (lr y o'clock, tierey aill og themi n re Inoortoenjloy the rinrit walks itro oe i o tiohe mIt d biraatifl Gardes in the Uiltrd tnotro. l TIlE JACKSON AND LACOUISE STROIETCARS te 1.h e otloe hie of Jekoll street a It o'clock, A. It1. Crotn l of treeI o at l Iilelorkl a nd a ou holly. AI 8 ihorik they a'll Ii o. c Itei. I t Irtol each anrOty Ytcry l ll l hor, unti l r. Io' I k, P t ,A rol ptiio that r treadil of lienvhi aun l oitreetal e u' cleok. thle cr will leave Iheoro nt I.'ollek I' AI. I' i It i Iy lt a~n eu'arh rqlue .tre thal t gntlltkitnn will nt put i Ihlr feet urpoll tihe osh iulln , or soa ko Itello a , w lL l.adi. arc present. d Odfice New Orlens lnd Carrsllton Rail Road Colpoaoy, JollIN IIAMISON, y jly 2 ll Y 1839. Clh 'lofcog. N. O 4 C Redr ry 71 R. WI)b0AT'S VGEOtA I;lt LIFT: PILLS are n so well k Nn o w lethe oblt' trt it in haIrdly ti, Scrsarv to give a detriltdeti Rnoteei of their r[noe lind. IuSs. ' rlue tllfl iln o ltioles s ill hlly uonvilloe ally 0 n of ,tlie cloiro Ih dottorlilyr tUo1.0 the public l, Iolace a1 olllfiderCO in his iepuratico. - Itli 0n Froo the Ilampdenro WVig il'Jtly 12, 1837. i. Moffit's I'illo and Bitersy--'l'hlo ltst J,ournol con. ill taioo additi,,na I .tirn uyy in tory if thic. hiighli ii )!irt tIlat inveulion. "1'heplrers oftlh Joatlrnl was ls.ut stpl e lll ll O i iin r thote . iiy IoouI ,iV o . lll , ct Iel i r it' na l'e olfl r. ,11,flat tllhla yk fuln iu++rtling all(- certli. *olie lfollr neiglhltr lIowles od f . or a o uanttil t II hlile tIlrlciros ,ii1irll sllitllc . hllis if oely, khld, anidwe ro dronl, t ll nolllllt yt e lro lo illelrl r like ollltono witllh our noighblor oritfli Jtornyl, It. call on thie Iryet. ole I ltlc tne llll falimeP, are iayo lIabori.g llllolio , rillllicfr f o lfclllie rtto lhllre frllilchll , I) h o , I PIIo e II borh e upon 1 r IBowlerf, flsi' Sly IC . oritilltllll II; the "p+e lll llr cd trilliiten+i" lfllh relmry,to the o li.ifo . Thf e medi rilee i, undoJubtedly a aIvertel,,l relme'dy. I I:IlTEIt FRO\M sA\IUI11[ B()\VI.E. cI 'tl, o hilthw lc e letrte ir t 'roi, i ir, I2 , It,.o htat,io lr oll te inc- L pnb lic tl slid onllu rll, .0tln, .Fie.ldl, hta.=. Dy, to.o'IFe.o, .hry 1, 1:1. eR,'fli' l'iol Il icl-rm ilyc t- the bo'l-ihr CoUse r g llrlllnte, lli 1 oo-o Itsei, o + e I tr llllc giii'id nll ln r l,. ...l llrlli+ll., L'b,, Il i llcn r,,I .' o it, Is l l,,ix ,l, in+ loll ; licuiiiimom I fc d :o'ii,, ,l lif ,'t i, If hicPiI w'ft k cl, oi l iil I II : I.o l : l rllli .' l h i ir, 1 1big i illul'r every hii w i3 d \, hIo o' c lie r. I he v.. llll+ I I g 1311011 gud ti lly tol." o, l if" 'I c dh v .ell m t ii ll ,.im C i III kint., i ,| ills nd l 1,1s .1 t, lllth 1 +111 lled r11 l 'iiri, t Ilvilil , i ooillll. l rg it., I 0 ,olotbloIhl,,io,~I ll y ur " o' l i,,l ,l hift iailr f' ill l llo n n l l.l fIllll loli, fior1 I'cif l e, d filll l;.lii III, ~bill h r IIe Ale gh Sttlel I tilll- I 1 Ii lfn 'l l i I, IiI 0"t l vei li6 1 d. o . You.lrs,, NtI I i I -:1:. "II) \\'. .I • i1 llyh t lll 'a oli fi. oo int II ral nIPrI i I' :Jal r I n.dll'-illlrlil oi of. I.(·lllllhll'F -ll lt' 3lii, li "II , 1'01+ + d,I .,ho ,y, o,,ot ;,nly hoO II"f-lrolIt , u' ry so. i g No Soi i iin , io lo( llll Ad*I Dina 44'I I Lit Gil's h, g bo " ,', " JT 0I IA 1l1l%,- e 1 i . It AlrFX 1e00yF11 'I~ ll. '", , j INe ' 4NK levee I SI! titKG--,T,'rhe (.rltll' ," . tlt b.,. t,, i)' - I ra Illlnih,; ,\ ,,i 1·'el,·f,rll.l ,. \V,.1; ,,'1 I)( . i; )( |) Jilllnc rl;l IIfi liu ~ lill Iliall,)lr I1 ll'lu Ii .tli0+ .. ii. I I 'ennim A&or C. . o N r, *lthrr ul ti h t y,&t'. Itirths ,Iealh. .nd Murtinees, I 1 T linok itsq. No. . Jack b s pilll rdlliv 3 ,vlll; I' irenolh, gy in the fuil - iIv. JuN - recrtui uel, inI alineI rom th a Il "jU .A I.NA F.'l2 J\lI 1.,tI,( llll~ l 1) (ale- by 113 A Tl l Elltll 31 t iA \ tllllr t1 INKi! INiK!! rNKi !!!-Justf rev.Ii((ed onI· hundre1 oII 1 I8I o i(ce ink, s rllrlllllPed a1 ery, sl1 riorarti I ''y !'tle,,p. Ily zII ,I' ,r .I' .: I " N Ir \VI D F' T t.. Co. . Y l llttrs' IH ll, I of Illk E) IN e pper ofAt ill Ii0l:llltll;ttllllPl t I og io Ii 0ll 02, hy I; 0 T l i i m111 49 ('.ll l ,Ir1( ct S. X IAN211 oII I ,hi ia iI i, 1, 1 1 ' , - . . _A lii ll0ltA-5 l l.. t l. dll.l, 011 - (;r hr q I iln( D . Y, 4 ,of w ..e, en G 7ilO uln It 1.0 1.2 I ,to I. NFew Ieve.t , SP lhlr le.Iy n o aeb l I.#,Y jlllll2 .t ItSI0',44 N. I ~ii j Ine a hli1 'rlitllt i-I.4.. I 141\(1)n;1, 11rolni in il II~ hl, CI~ I~ln>l il;* , i.enfl (llj; |?L,.l'.ll h2 . gl . I.$)11p I'...p o. 4 Lop~orv ~i.....¢ 411 J -'1% 'l ~ SJuly 2d 74 Io'dran SJi IilllO V 4 . <'.UG.1lt..-56i hbl. Ciaaiill-d uint, hlof .tonlr*,f'orua ( hy U IItNKO15N-ll , 2t )\, 7 .(Co.(ll - lllO .!S-XI)) I%1.t (11 ilnl I II v aI l ,& JP i'llNAI . t Y,,t 4 i4C4 a i ti j S27 IlAb)(CIAtII 33 C i< leve l i-i iU-rl07 Ti li re..l; FI;ur oi r salh ... "1 .4RI)--tU tl kugl5 Icul'iar( ill PhillT: lilt .. III IIV • j'.ly 7 ( ·;L ll -l o lee .. A I| l%+.I N I IDEKl(-15tl bioxeTI till-ae biy 1 1 j4l43 -7. ri lS Y, 4.1 wlevee , F pRA( l f tE.--I. Johla'.-- Copii 1. C lv i b oa sk gli $ 10 per copy. Frellclh nlid I~ililli l~ll i 81 er eIl)5.. Civil L 1 NeIt. Ii. lliSitllllli. I lltr..I at . d ( ni y Cltll lt.llt to tll t per tilfpy EIaglish;ll IlP btil E: JtIA NS II, C(t: . joly 0--I In. corner . N D ll) 1C2i I & 'olllllCnln Rl IJ Ilii. (; IIIIR:'O Y , ti 1 Newa fTUNNY I A S- t al O t-. ',lto-iora.-, 44 .. t t.olo'rj44itSkItttoatoto.1Clll a AIF tio, I. I'l J P Wiltr NIIy.rIC~lmt. Al.... from. trom Nootlde .1.11, 1ot .11 (1y1 lilmy29 i. G BI.ANCIIAIlI 33 Gradierst -][Y I)RA ULIolC (. M%1FNTr-f3 hllandhng rrom shiip to leo CaolloNr, 1l d for Anlephly jl & JP WI' II''OI EY, mlay3 73I Camillp at Str lr f~ill iiiiti ]allll~ilr o fret1cl~lnl hll, Rilefo tlrl Itarrels second (Luality Crnr :Ril ink t(.r and fr dIle I~ JA\Il\'li; h AY;IltF:WSJ hjlllyY L'jl .Ju lllnllnll n: 'IUIi'¢ho~l ual ;l..l I.lU Si A L.EAT'l'lIE P,--leceived friin Ihicket .lip f icisI Ii s i alobar e llll of Rulihi . Lellher allieli will br .tllo(I h lw ir ©11.i b DAFVIIFE'IT&Cn. jill)" t7 N. Y. Siatillllnrs UI ill, 7- I lIarires .i T I RI' NI--Adwelling oue JI1E,llI P~l(l Are. at lhe co)rller f Trchapihltulas ald Joseph i11YL~ e slreet·, ,. toilr story 8lr<e oin levee tleet, blelwer e Bienville nllld C.ll.1 Onshulll e stret=. An e n rtra ind teyvier syreer. Poa. e, on can be G9 ven iln l err lalelt Also. from first Nouvember nell, .ts Ilalorry .,ar* hlnllr, Sn. J9 |Yllllilll~ll lrtrcrl.I Allllly to, TIlE LIBEL CASE. SEI pUIBIlSHED THIS D)AY, and ifr nale at the . Cionting Room of the True Amaerican, St Churls c Hotel.ande at the principal Book Store, a correct RIeports ito of the lute interesting anld ilmprtnot suit of tihe Stte- Iuh of Louisiana vs. Julhn Gibso, Editor and Publisher of high the True Amotrican, before the Criminal Courtr for Li- a Cr bel. july C21st lty ORINT1'INGPAP bOX-Au livoicebf-i c rains·. l- no'guorer of itie. foultwing siues. 27xu43-21oai-- - 21x3Gl- 22d --19x24. Alnson hIt of Envelope, Iard. I ware, ltlliojm and sall IVWr.poiog P'aper, all tlie vary bera qulmity, L.dig ferom Barqlue JesrBeetite' Iruee PVllt- do odclplliu trd for sale by ALEX. 'TtW,%rl, rio july'23d . 49 Cnruar Street. hll F.OR SALE-60 blls leou sugar j 3 1 301 do sugar house molaos e 25 .o cv erilied sugar pa 51 limnls de citerue 100 o',ils rple By IIERMlO E NI:, BROWN &Co, July 9, 139. Crditi st. No. 9. TAIr DE Ll LOUISIANE--Cour do P-t. roisso pour In Paro saee t Ville de la Nouvelle oas-L'Etat de l Louisiane :--b tous ceux hii cos proentes concernent :-Salut . wi ttondu quo Willinna Regan do cotte ville, oyant lir t6 . une vente faite par Hewlett & Censar, eC-o ours publics dee cotte villu, la p'ropridGd6 ci.aprbs ite, es'ct uddross6 au Grtffe de cettr Cour, pour j un avis counfortmement ih on acto do Id Lgglsla- out ture dol'etaedo la 1,ouiainnq, intitul6 Acte pour cla oonufirmeor los titres des nequerteur, aux vontes judi- d'i caires ;" approuvd Io 10 Mars 1834. Qu'll soit con. i tnu, it Loutes personnes intdrearen reont par cos prasentos somlnns alRu noel do I'etat do la Louisiano. et de laCour de Paroisse, qui.pourraiont avoir droit Bla rpropri6id ci-aprbs deorite, on consequence d'un d6faut de forme dane I'ordire, o decrct ou le juge. of omnt tdo lacour, on vertu duquel tl vye.tto a i fuite, 6ode touti irrdgularit6 on itllgalit6 dans PIesltitnma tion I'avis on l toms et la tmodo do Ia vento, ou pour une aLtre cause qulconqueq, do faire voir dtans traelo jours a dater do In publication do cotte avis, o, puurquoi Ia vents ainie faiot no sarail pus cdnfir. an mto et htomologt6n.. La dite propridtd fut vonduo par Ios encanteors, sus dit is toome jour desDecembre,do I'as:6e 18:18, vs on vertu d'on dieort do cette Cour, rendu le 233,h SJuillet, do I'ann.e 1838, duns I'tffaire do William se Vance contre ses ornnestori ot les crranciors de IVance & Meiler, No 10961, du docket de cetteo ti I. Cour, t laquelle ventse to dit William Ilegan s'eat a ronduo equisreur pioor sl prix'do $3,9001, payable omillo piastres comptant, et I balance a un credit le de six, duzoe et dix hiuit meia. in Description de to prolri6.t d'aprbs lI transfer Judicetire : Is Un certasi It de tarre, d6sign6 parle No un, situl t duie Is Inubourg Lacourse, danse ilet fortnmt6 par las rues des Nodes, Erato, Prytrnd6o t Tlhalie, 0t o tormaelt i'encuignur- des rue t deos Nuyndns et Era. Int to, moeurant trentto et un pieds, onze pouds et sept dl lignee, plus on ,noins, do face it la rue des Nayudes, it k, sour quatr viengt onze pieds at sept hgleu do profondeo.r,et facoe i la rue Erato, lo tout ilosulr ut iAnghlise; le dti lot ayunt eo cotitlon arec lIs irn lots No doeux &tres.l'usage d'uoe li6e dens lc fond, SI d ciq pieds doe largeur, ensemblo toutes los be. tisses, tuo's lee droits privileges et qui y apportieno I Sneont., Anstgere le tout appert du plan droess par Jolhn Schreioer, ingelisur civil, daot Io Icr Juio, Ore 1836, ann6x6 a ul ucte su G(reffe de Wmt. Y. Low. is, datl to 5 Fevrier, 1839, leo dit lot -tant utne sub. roe division du lot numors Iuilt. ace uroeau du Greffier, Nouvelle Orleans, !o 3 Juillet, 1839. J. OILIE, Deptl (Grcffoer, july 9 3t-9th jy 23 do 31 aug. i. X-1AI'-1 O- L.OTISIANA-Parish Court for r L the Parish and City of New Orleans.-Tbe SI State of I.ouisina : to all to whom thollse presonts the sall come--greeting : Ii .i- Whereas, William Regan of thi cilty, having v "I purchased at a sale made by Hcewlett & Cenlle pubic anuctioneers of this city, ltie property here. inalter described, has applied to tihe Cleri of this lif, Court fur a eionition or advertisement, in contfor 31r neity to an act of the I.egiionture of the State of Intr Louisiana, entitled " an act for the ferther assna dli* ruanc of titles to purchasers atj tdicial saleos;" ap proved the 10the dey of March, 1834: Now, tleroforo, know ye. and all persons inter the rsted herein, are hereby cited and admnounishied in the name of Ltie State of I[,nrsiona, and of tim Porish Court, who can act up any right, title or se chlim tIn anid to the property Iheret aftor deseribud, e- in coaetsrq once of any inforenllty in tbhe order, do. oree or .ludgnent of the court undCr which thle sale wasmnade., or any irregularity or isngality in the plplrpaiseentes and advert ineeents, n tluee or rI man. ne rr or sale, or flr any etheer deltict whatsoever ; to hd show cause, within thirtey daoys enet t tidtr y this le luonitin is firet inserted te tile public papers, why eli" thie salest nadlshould not be ceofirled and he. rn t nologalred, gl Th le raid property ewa srol by the anluitnerr naerees.r.d, e~on tier, etri day of lIt,'etltebtr, A. D 1.35, by virtue of a decreu of tieh court, rendered and m tiu-23I . day ofJtily, A. I) 1834. 3 ii a Bunt !nti. I tied Wl hilirr Vane, his re-ditort oed till.e crehitrS f1' Vante & M1 itller, No lftttil ef thrduh'ckotref thiit k couert.o t o ieh sale the sarid Wilhatn tegan be. camieI tiO purchaser, arl r the prit e oe f $3:,91t r , p ya. biu $ 1OO1 cash, and the btulaco on a credit of six, twelve ind eighteee months. r IDescriiptin urfproperty, as given in the judicial con. veyarler : A certlni lot of grondl, nilltber one, sillete in the suburb LIcotulrsC , in sqe-ure hounded hy N. yadee - ot- erato, Pryiinne aend 'rhat a ,treeta, ann: Imelinng tel, e orner of Nayadeaund Etrato streets, mea.uring " thirty rone iTre-t elleven sclies anll seven lines, Ioere old or lers, on Ntayude ltreet, by licety onUe elet seven linesdee p, front on l:rat street, all nitelith mtaous uoe, having the ntose in c(.onon with lots ntombers two and thlree, of an ally in the rvar, offive feelt ,re wie,,n to',ther willth all lhe buIhiurgs, rigihts wtays and priv]!eges thtreuute i belonging. The whole no t per tplan drawn by tJobit Schreieir, civil engineer, ;tre dated the first day of JIum, lI3ti, ansexed o n i llact l I eu th, office of Ve. V. L"wits, tiated the lifth day c, . of 3ebruary, 3, , being at ,sudIisio.n of lot nrumr 'it- i bhr ighl.e ; Il Clerk's office, New tOrinalns, uly 3, 183!9. ,ey u J- tLLIIf, Dep'y Clbrk.b S3july 9 3t--9h jy 23 do 3d mu, N OT'1'II'I- -Arl , 31y.rl L Of tIhe N.nve A .eril..I M, 't1 h.llunn's S 'lyri Ih hl( un I-t inst. the li'lhl,'ing M \en le w e.l(Re ll r c \Ilv . Ii .idenllte z W A 'lhaptin .e utelt ry lJ rtsf DT u gl as rhl iirr.' all, h. + 1JAtV IA & ANI)IeltWS, July 6th ' lll-r r of I 11I III.I ,ehpllllll,! - f I .1 -- illi. r L jril r a it' by II6 &. J1P \IVII'ITN7Ieu, 7:l ( plllll _ I Ix X II ,.1th, Tl. I.I. i. Ce ir. AllI'I'II T of IA h or+ln iTlHllt be .'f r I 2. i .Ir. 49 Ctlamll iS y . l t l.eih r o Ge i Htann l &i"u raitie or A ]!,aIs io t Is ckte , pIillln - n.ri ile I an i 1 Nh P l sie oll l l d Pllllelr roy l I cartrhil, pul.r lion mon~r'< , AVIS IottbIiC rso( l tt 7n l iCp eC'liCt i (1 i, ,II I sl llll in l 1 , 'r li g t Pnller, of l3 l f ize,, su'it l hirC It rev ilC y andC Pri7Il tl, I lrtu itrr C, Ie i, AIieX 'I' t A tJ, j13 4 I19 namp at P1 kAtN , & InEr-ls landi g ito ll 11 ,ul Itrsale7 m:ll 4 New l+ve /ANT II , in i iri Shire, o a aci...trig p -ully-nc il y, A,'tPl tk.i . .bnd t cgluili, l eed Wriih e1 3 dir hel7l,71 t A t Idrt- t. q bx .:C 1, Its(tl t lth.y ciunt tItti Ll CLId 1 No lEleY$ Ortat c e I ,. 7 . llll'ACe t II t J 3L4l, 1te3,. e 7 l_'l'E'lN 1iU us. J111ls I,. id, tt ltllg u.f \VeIt7 , M11 J m I. 'loU ll, T . Iisl \\ iii I ulllilmiJi I.W . Hns lr J JlllllI C '". Ireolulkhil . (;,ih tr Jit dh nni, 3' . V. ir Prn,J ting P aper, of ll, nntll1 ( fu r. I rI 1 1 ndi iailou chr . IIs d ulret hp rie 1tion atans le la A lmer ilnl et l rlilltin, du 7 ' l 7sll a es tnet-h i tt fAu 7nia, l aBns ]e 11 q11 IGe 0ll IIi10 l'1i 41i. ire nc T otIt.P s lrne -tiy ,, ou le' n Alht, i eria" In sper oles rintilngl , et lfir b~nbicas devs D by A re ' llsses, A ' & u'"ll'rue:,r nea D ng a nb nAurrc ll" . n, nJOeIIUA w h l A LDWuIN, Reuu . N order. Appr+lu vixl e 13 , f Oliri, 183 u.e N 12A DY , L:1 .. l E NdOI,", Mn.r c. . V.'I 4ublic bret d hrnn r ylie s ] I ;it de o ll n i alies d oEr" ash tue(r ed jua qll'th hle J in I lP W ll N E YllWrlli3. I. OENO II- i Mr ir . J l't La NLuvell, Orlienang 1 Jfurm s, 18 i9. IelJ7 l n IAuolo, TIt. Ile, d A. t r ro B UTTER-d-e oths n and WeSt ern, in sllure for sale by l i u ; I)Or'LeY 4S NeJ Ldrve ECOND MUNICIPALITY NOTICES. '(ºTCICE-Ws takhe Lp by tIhe Police ofI thle 2nd " Stutici plily oti he l.t h st.: filal hilthltepsse"s it l u rn naway N.gro, iroml heleait lg tif raid MInu til anlitv A I.igkt Ity Iloarse lbullt lilte n, llads ph Ituo hind legs w llit anlld blind ol'nlle eye, and also Carn INo 731. 'The ownl;ie is reqneated to comell firtward,prove propepr . aley cllhrges, and anke IIiii awuy. Nhw (trletllalJL WulI 11;39. II.S. IIAtitElt, Canplin of the Weatchl. -VIS. Arret6 par In Polion de la Sucondeo Mu1ln. cipalitb t 9 l courant, trouvae ntro lea mains Inl tlbgre imarron, qui a fui des forcute dudit Mu ictpalll6 iun cheval baye claire quinzo paumas do Iut, lea ldeux janlbsn tie derribre 'blanc, et tnorns, ni qu'un charretto No. 731. La proprietaire vandrais prouver ia proproprit alyer leos raien at los roetier. 11"'8 IARIPERI; Cnpitaine de Watch. SElItI brlou il to nnhe I'utd ol' the '3d WI7, Ili cc 3no2ailolti , A lurgebrnow Ilnu, reolrtt Il hands hiill-no marks th'le owlntr lof soid ropuery wtill illeat call rouend I thle 'oodt. sritulatel in aroenell etweien Hevita ald airoditad , flav,: prtletretl,'fiy cltarget and lake dim awiuy, Ir befonre Sonlt tr h Ie d Aunatt 12319, lbell Ie wdllire trld at aclliono eby P (tuillutr tipub ic neetitlier Ji A. tlAlItiL'.L, I Orlelun,, jIlt' 21 .'anplina ol ite Watch . LMi1EN E inl deltln t- COtd Municipnlite An grand Clieal brulu, 14 pallmes de.hauleur, use elarqueos. Le preltriotuiro vltldrtin bion lore. latmer anl depot ruen itrronncntre Ilcevia &Girod d'ii it Sanmdi Ia 2 Auntl, uitrtnant Ail rat vendee t dilit Ioer par P. a Oaillrttla oaentlaetr pub!iqtle. Jv 25 11 IIAIRPFI , Capitinee ,la Walch,. 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