Newspaper of True American, August 3, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated August 3, 1839 Page 2
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" tltriJk i e 'r . iu conneotion with tIbis )Oice is a SPLENDIO AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE 0oR TrII PRIM'ING Or Blank Checksl Bills of Lading 3Dray sI t u4 ry. dmcriptleam orJob Work that may be requir INwslauanachamer of ( a tm meree. ( tmcaanOs FOR T sE AR liX9. Premltent, S. J. Patere. Firnt Vice Pr.eident, W. I.. Hodge, Eq. Seond n do. J'o. A. M, le, EP . ai/Nll bee o/ Appeals for .339. . drhm tndAk ,e. b Ja meA II. Lrve ieh, l a. . Cmmack, Abijah Fisk, 0. e orbay. S r amntl Thnmpson, epnpUis . FArbiNMlle for the month of Moy. Jhll s nddlktoa, John C Harrison, G. W. tontingon, William Hopkie,~ Teda H id. Jra. P. A. Ilardy. "Jola him loto,. ati leg &dtraors Mail is Closed esery day at 10 Ie A. Is onua evryday at 4 P M. ll b Pfsr Mail is tclol every day nt half past I0 A -I due with tle G(reant utdln Mail, every MLakd I Ia (via. aovinRto., L.) is loseod every M.yady, Wednulday and Friday, at 6 o'lok, A. tl. is doe every Tusaday, ThursJny, and Satuorday, t 5 n. M. TAh Loeriovll or Riser Mail is closed every l Mon day, Wednesday, and eatnrday, at 3 P. SI. Io sarelt ad retunarned by ateaboata, Arrives irregularly three tiaie a week. The Baoa Sara or Coanl Nail is nlsml everv Tueanky and Friday,at 8 P. 81. Is aeat anld returned .spy steamboats. ..The Alr.dndrin oa Red Riser Mail is ahtll irregu laly by ntenalmats twice a week. SL.uOsva Fto 00 RiVPE NAIL. Wednea.ay and Clone at 8 o'cock, P. ll. Stuurday, .) CoAST MAIL.. Tuesday and ; Claraest 8o'clk.P. M. * rulurdev, CARROLLTON HOTEL. . AUD has the honor of informing his fitnds nd thu public iu general, that he has taken the HotI! at Carriolnto, wheore ho trusts ho will receire the calls of his old friends and all lovers of ,oad cheer. Private parties will be handsomenly provided for by giving a little nutiee bfurelhand. lie is willing to eater anto arngemneuts with families or itndividuals desirous pofpas"ig the summer at Carrollton. m20 NOTI'I.E. Near Arrnngerdnt. to commence 1 s Augat 1839. NEW ORLEANS & CAIROL.LTON RAIL ROAD SuMN aR atRRnol atat FuR lt E NWEEK rias, From Carolltoa. Ptno , NeWo , Orl0e. tloe Cuaat 4 o'cknk, .A. m. mose Car at 5 o't ick, A. M Locomotive It .omutire 7 '" tu a l M " i p. p " P.M t 3t e1, . R 4H1 ,. h. NIaLt.OAELNT 0se OUNDAYS: The etrswll Iearo at thr snmo hours an in the weok days l.l I o'clockt, P.A. when a Locomotivl will leave Carrellton every hour. untitl 0 o'¢tbh, P. M.,sand Nuow Oreanus etlly hour Untir 9o'cleck, P; N. Afer. On'eIt kr etr e ear enu be obthtined by paytin 5 dol. IarsTor t he-Trlp ifsller for niter 12 o'lock, P. M. 10 dot tars will Ie cbeired. Pernlugiugg by the Stena CEr muot provide themselve with 'in e. as the conduc.trn h I. ositive directions not to receive moaey in tieu thereof. Fur the cconoodatlon l" nr.ons viriting Carrollton. in the Steehlo. rr. und who nmay .ot wish to ,smai thiera u td 8 o'clock the cur that tta- heretofors let Carrolllon at 6 o'cltak,.will tsasin until 61 o'clocklt, thereby allowing tlheu ae` hour to entIt the rlas.u t nalks in one of the most eaaatoNt Ou.oarI il the United States. TlEl JACKSON AND LACOURSE STREET CARS Leave the had of Jcksoln streetrt 6 o'clock. A. M.. Caolt street at. o'elookt. and run hourly. At o'eloc!t they will tollolle j e to.leave eah and enry half hour, until Si o'clock, I' Mteaoepiesbthst inotedl oflenvigCanalstreetateslao'; clock, the eer will leave shtre sat I oinock P.M. -t tis paturcurlr requested that gcnttemsn will not put their font upon the nushlons, or smoke in the car, when Lsdies are present. Office New Orleasl and Csrrellton Rail Road Comipany, JOIlN IIAMIIPSON, july 26th 1835. Chief En. N.004 C.RK . NEW ORLEANS (CANAL AiD BANKING CO. T HE Iron $toeauboat Relecca will leave the Basin at tihe head ol' tho New Cqnal, every day, rexcept Mlodayt) foir the l,,ke, a- followe: Depart at 5 A. t. I Return at 8 A. M. ad11 us HONDIY-A - Depqort at 10 A. M. Return at 121 P.M. 2 " . St. 4 P.M. .i P. M. " 9 P.IB. may 22 B. CHIEW, l'ath. npewr Arran Enon, S NASHIVILLE. ItLL ROAD. l o'o having Ieen rlgeooted Ilht if lt. Cars were to at FIVE ill [is nll'ruinr natd plyc in the nftrnoon thst the nlolt in1 ViinOt,,r wllllI he nore ntmerone on ocro,,o of tlhe hb'hinelt THE PRAIRIE COT. TA GE 1.4 TId, tlld Ilultos t ootr's otot later tihrn Slhe pnlle put te wl-uhl allow visitors more collo-Ilientv at dillller tltreficre, until firther Notlice, tlhe follow itg Arrangerumtnltu will continue : wI:EJt )AYe. Delartrehr R1etorn. i p ito eP : -1 Rrtt M U AM A M. It M. I tj "P. Al. 4f P.M. 7 P, M. JAMES II.CALDWEI.L, agllst 3d,1839. I'resndellt. MAYUt4AULT OF NEW tlfR.EANS.. ItltE.preo of flour to d. hein $6 i561 per h'rrel S ctroditg tl the tarifT, tilt bukero will give :2 e cnia o obelred for *tati'ont, dtirittg (hr oek lrgiu. ingift ,Slondayv rext. ihe 4th inst. Tie ayes ofeec. nnd quality, or of thrt e fir ten cents. shall weigh 25 per eed tmor.', that is to es, 4J olncet . . july2G. C. CEN501, Alaor. Itatli,,,,.a ...... L st l. -_i.e d aio ICa llmt.. e d '..........20 l. ;hieo.all ulo...... 15 Now t'...n do ...........4 C6ne I I ri.r lo.......... 5 nt.ito.klb'L d ''...........25 P l.iri lli, do.......... 3 . Bodlll o . ... .... .o.. ..... StL .1 Lu o , do.......... 8 Lt 1.ava e,.0 ........ J ,,.2I tiavre o ltJeIy ......... PORT OF NEW ORLFANS. EL .LArANCE. AuuPt 1I, 1839. $lhlp eulunlua. i4.ll. Boson. S & P pVblntney I. B rie AadIIba.., Sthel1ol, Ilav'n, . F de I.' rdi I'ro lpiriai Noruna IIwlIa1.r ,tr laata, i Ril6,,. & co Brl~ O-yseo. 4 dle.. rNbw GIrkl, (i llet,itfr Sch ,farlu,. Juyrll m M Glles. Master s Aeg..v2 P1O9. SlMpl Crnvan..llora, Bosato. A 16.I ,,, Brig erd, Ha orrlson. Bdltll e, G Ued2r.rd ,J , Zoarkrie I rn - •isrT.'):u Seaotdlaa Tanlpice, 1 FNigers - co - ARRIVALS. "Alr, I. l;.q. Bri8lClr.!, Oat, brilga, frm C.IGeaen.ln I llett, tu Etr mNl.rer.I i 71 hr olub I.. Bla chor.,rbm Galve.t,,, i1 ballat, to the muler. .ehr Joper, Whitl rom GmIta.o, i,, to master. "6e1.,aa Armred 16uuur Sa;,u Jaci,,1u. EX'OIRTA. BOSTON..,l'er hilp .ravan..(:or~ r 1021 pigs lead, 139 half 16 boea gtlan. 254 It. irk. 2:13 hllh tltbacco, 1 u1K a161166a16.2flqr .io .eki,,. 216'6tI16 of aoIam,.. DAL'TIti.RE..Pr, brig |orl earu..Cargo :17 hdr .ugr., 7101 Ilagalorna, ItaU plgs leads kugl6ead5 of . Iocro. GIBRALTE b..l'erk rl Jove Ilenriula..Car,. 15, h1 to1. bacco, 5033 pipee ztave. 3 boo rumple,. ,, 'I AMI'ICO..per cbr CMt--LCargo. a.sorled user, hadl e. t RECEIPTS. OF IPRODUJCE aj O1 rriva l rom the ilerior, nad aequeoy reatco pts of eR MEMORANDA 16 Ohio very ow. aond failin by the last i NIAUTICAI. IN'TEAI.I.IGtNCt:. Packet .6hip iouiville, .Aflll, ,,cleired a N Y,ork, for New 1lp: p I ta a Jl Rr: .a 1 TLabSh.eo itO and Cyatne lat Marseill. Juue22, for a Ls ah or ,..a ll w ell . Cl Tile U S lr Iobs,, rk. I..Coa. Bielnw, bo.tad to tiLea Pui6c. ' Wsituraa faom ampttou RIoads, on Monday. "ha ;L'-O)Utl--250 brle, lUJperBIn iu stlor for aol. by J ' J20 G. DORSEY, 441 New. 1.,eve MESS EUE BEF in hant1 1,lr a. the intpectlion, far I anr L M. I oe lby G I)OtRSEY, maor 4tal 31 44 New Lervee MIME JU lci, hualin6 frm.n H.avan i n-cauks, bar. 16 •6 " | BONNAIIEL;. , I may 18 " ir Natchezl 'a Thapolioha.ast, - .WORKS ON SILK. A COMPLET'E aa.orneut a tile beat worlk onlio ' cub ra e of the Mulberry oad silk wor,,. S 1)6lndll o, osilk wormn. p l|'tatergt.e'% silk culturist's enuolan. ( Clarke 11 the Mulberry. b hn, CLlb'. mauu l of ltm Mulberry Iree. in Kendricck' silk grower guikte. P a.,l Wl.itemalrah ts sIe Muolbaery and ailLwomnna A Illteruftt lalk $. EJI)HINS & Co, I ,n.: ' JUb. atrtMrofSl. Chtarler &Comloa at Ma" UN sluore a dfrorraalby 11Q mu G; IY)RH1Y. 44 Now I evpe Is (e) T- )F PARI--100 bbla landing fror ...ip o. at' * wW. le sold l.w if takei, fr" t e lever. ,t J.1 IIULLIN, 74 :uul,5'4-cae THE TRUE-AMERICAN. noe PAITIIMUL AND BOLD. cod. 'Official ournal of t e iftunlrlpal(tg. PUBLISHED Br Daily, Tri-Weekly & Veekly. dar SiS.W OIHR IEAIMn SATURDAY , AUGUST 3, 1839. TRUTH NO LIBEL. g* .WWe·V aeeneaivedby te Great Western, vero.y pious file of tih Lolndon I.iverpool and provinciel pa. wil pere ul Englntd, and all parts of S.otland and Ireland, which are on file at our Reuding Room.-Our Euro . peas papers and correspnnlltceo is superior to that of I ri any Ronlt, in tihe United States. at' The Biennial Meeting of the Stockholder of the Gas I Bank in to be held this day, at 12 o'clock, at tile noew le Banking House, cn St. Charles street. lie The Sateotent that the Bonk will exhibit, we under stnud,will be most favoroble to the Ilstitution. W reare orr to learn that tilhe Jubilee for the reture. tolMr. I'rieur, e n Thursday night was producltive of f more thlln one scutile, fight onr row-We were truly i grieved to learn that the valiant, vigilant and impartal1 : glard of the first AMunicipality, were worsted in an en- sal gagentteot into which tlhey entered, ,olely witllh t view to the preservation of the public peace, and the good me I oruer and quiet of society. to1 The kilari-ies visitied the grog sliopa of the Srcond Municipality, but they behaved very dleienlly, because .they were apparently headed by a functionary, who 0n kept tile crowd in due subjection. o Query- Was there a trial in tile U. S. Dilliet Court yesternap, oren-exnminstionl or investigationt. in rel. on ion tlo a charge fornperjury? *At too late an hour to Iha .send our Reporter to ascertainl nod report tile fact, we were informed hat a Plysico flMedico, who had sued his creditors, was to iw hauled over the conal for f uc de an ofince. We shall try ao;d findout thI.whole matter t -alld plt lish it together with other queel noecdotes, N. I. We atore credibly informed oohat all officer is ali now i kthis aity, making enlistments for the lTexinln or e any,--ad that those Ihe refuses have an opportunity ofl u r. entering the Mexican service. ----_ -L- -- I Tho Tllahoase Flurueiat coltaitnisto a ccount of a nother deadly bloodshed and devnastation committed by She Indians upon citizens. On Saturday night Iht 14th vt July, ilte mansion of Green II ,lairs, esq. eight miles i, from Tallabasse was a.taket ed by a party of 15 or 20 he savages headed by Tiger Tail. They nluloered tr C. e and burnt tile dwelling aund two of his children-Mr C. b was a very wealthy panter.hl;s lss eisentl ated ort $1000 besides ell his papers. Tile excrtement occasioned by the w outrage is very grelt and partdea went out in pursuit of the Indians but no tracerof them has been found So much for the etllitg of the War in Florida. , The Governer of Florida hos made arrangements wilthlt the Union fank for a loan on the bonds of the Terli- to tory for a sum sa ificient for the plrchl ase of arns, pro visions &o. and the maintainace of a territorial force t. independent of the U. S. for the protection of the frun- ci tier.-An application for armns ndti pros isionl made by a the Governor to Col. Daveupurtcotlmma tnder U. S. for. Sces was refued. ii. DenisPrieur,our former Mayor, and worthy fellow a citizen, returned from his voyage to Enrope,by the river fie ct on Thursday morning. His recepltion by his political o partisans and personal friends, wea most enthusiastic. Mt More eo than tlhe occasion talled for perhaps. of II Mr Prieur, will we underatand, imnediately enter Ip- a on the duties of Ilia ew 6fl.ce, Collector of the iPort, iut which situatihn we doubt not he will tml general sat- it Sisfaction, for we believe him to be quite capable, and we of kaow him to be honest. . We took a trip yesterdov on tlle Nashville Rail rond. In Comnpany,wrere Gen. Felix II uston,Alcee Lebranclle, it Minister to Texa, Judge Franklin, and many gentin- to tt men from the city and various parts of the state. Over of the muoothest road imlaginable the party were whirled over a space of more than 20 miles and back is 4 hours, a, verse it, for its moonthlaoe, and the scenery on the ca lake shore and the fine bracing breezes, are healthful A and delightful. in On thile Ill instsnt, a grand party will be given by h Mr Procter, on a beautiful spot on the lake aiore, lit t miles from the city. ma very beautiful and shady greve t o of trees. Many of the planters of the roast intend Svisiting the spat on that day sotd the pleasure and recree ation affouuled will be great. c Fanny Wright Ihas returned to t ngland o reside. Mr. Featnerstonhaugll, lit, Americann Geologist ihas been selected by tihe lritish Government ans one, of tie i Maine bounldary Clnlinsiloners, to run the lir. it Noew I'heat. Ferne of the grain growing states are quite in rapturees ate new kind of wheat lately discov. Dl ered. The head is of peecliarly large nize and product. It is of renmarkoile feoe qoality.-Three and I acres of at i. rich, well prepared ground, in Maryland, produced at I tile ratof47u bushelts t thie arer. Mann of tite Ieadta s have been found to contain 45 grains of wheat. It in ri el cmrled Rock Wheat, born tilt act that some two or three I. '2 yearn ago a single head of wheat was seen growing by it ' itself fromn tle crevice ofa rock in a wheat field. roNe, Disease. Solle of the London journalstat .e that gi Lady Floro lastingc died a victim "I outrLaged sesit bilities." The Queen it is reported, fit ther death very it acutely, so mUCh oll that she visited the IOpere more Pt Sfrequelntly than l:uail, and dinner paurties and eqlluetrian i exercises were tile order ofie day. It is explected, say la the Morning Post, that there will be a very general 5 tmourning among tle higher circles for Lady Foran lin.. Sting. In which caue, provided the mourning is ex. ! pressed after the manner of the Queen, the lessees ofthe I Theatres moust find the mourning a profitable business. Mi A passenger in tile Great Wert tern, hence, is announ- t ced in thie L.odon journals, said to be delegated by the t Post Offlice Dtpartoent, at W.shingtt o City. iThe h jiUl in view, is pertlel, to iltvest the nltety, thot Atn io has raited tile people of, to advantagl , so as c to ILve his affair all arranged selagl, byti tun It he may tco- Ic elude to ctwartlrouite. I S Thei. London Prtes give ucoults of l he recpio n e t the Fla..markel, of liss ,Mary Mlaywvood. lier debut al Swas e:de Cs Biatnna, ando was ntiutlllatllt . Shite was o elie olt at thie end of tieh poerlrnance, rpealted tihe iere tle nexcttveeing, willt the saet tinoer, t nt etuas ,t, nmediiitely engaged ftr a nuetiter oofnights. .he .il ed dMrs. tIaller with equal eit.hIt I0 itht s no ch Kemblt, ot hichit i .k . 00 ll0 ecqeatl. S bleis d fayw tod t i ' rom hiladelttia. I 'The hnir.of Mr. Steele, ltily k'eIl ., he I lidl lihia and Teulson Rail Roud, have sued thle ColIpally. Und laid their damages at $.FOl,0mll. Alr. clay. Th' Charlott!rlle Adou¢re rtaterr a fact in relaticnto Mr. Cliy, nrt goenerally khi lt,,oi , to wit:-'llalt at the eolllnlltlence e tli ol'il, last war, hle was the person selected by Mr. Mladison to b. C lonlolde,-I in-Chiefof thelArmy. The rlelon why Ihe wsn lot. Snominated was, that his st vices were omre t arl..1irly required il Congress. Genlleral Jessulp has letullied to Watllillgloll, t re unme his duties as Quarter Master General. Newl Wheut has beenl clontraced for at Rolurtter, N. Y., at on dellar pr bu hlllll. Thel price ha beet!ll, Ior the last year r o two, $1 5 a $2. Thie Americun Morchllant in London, intend to gire Mr. \'ebser a grear dilner. On the 19th Jurite, he, it several otherdisrtigulhed rountrymei, ere preantlll It hier Majesty's Stae Ball. Stout's beautiful statue iofthe Irtilislh (Lueel,while be. ing placed on board of a vessel to carry it to Bolton for exllihition, feull from Ihr to.kle to the botrlro of the hold; and was slmarhed. WetkL, Jordon & co., BIostoo, have announced itn the rese, arld r.hootly to llopublialed, 'lihe character of Thomar Jffbreon, as exhibited ill his owtn writings, by 'heodore Dwiilht. Th'l work will contain 3(0u pages. The Grand Jury of the United States Circuit Court, recantly hlid in Detroit, have mladea presentmrent, in which they express an opinion, that Englitih eristlarnie have been engaged in corrupting the adopted citizens of that place, by entering inttlatipulation wilh thean toar. ray thelmslvesagainlt thle UI:ilerditoe, itl case of I war with ith gltlh,i. The astern mail arrived inst evening, but brought C. nothing of l aportanee. We note a few items. li Wm Selden of Virginia, has been appolinted Treasumnr a1 bf the United8tates, in placeof John Campbell,super; coded. " Col. Mudge, and other gentlemen, appointed by the Ot British government as Qmmiralioers on tlhe NE boun- h U dary, came out iu the Great Western. e The timber has not puased tihe boon on the.troostockh, u as was reported. A lot of ground in Richmond,on tie aid of the l d Ea- l gle tavern, was sold July 18lh, fur $600 per foot front. Messrs Carey & Flert, of Plriladelphia, have receiv ae the comtpltion of Marryatt'a traoela in America. It will be out of pressimmttediatel. The Great \Vacstrr Irroughlt out 700 packages of Itritish Gooda.-She also broulght 9,230 Ir-tters, which at 20 ets. each would pay tile proprietors $1,846. Bright, the mate, t ht robbed the ship I)Duchase d'Or lenasnt Ni:w York, from lhavre, of a box of douhloonos has been aplprehended at Btaltiimore. Thernlolueterl it 87, in New York onl the 23d July. lThe coal received at Philadelphlia by tire Sulrmylkill for the week ending 18lth July, was by 3524 bouts 192,ti57 tons ol this qluainity bhout 30,11001 were lifr the supply of the (Canal. STh Chartist petition presented to thle rilish parlia Intlet il llltlh ult., contured l,_80,00l0 lilnames-and took tenll men to lilt it. Tire Jourol des Dlebatr, lhe lending ministrerial jour nal ofl'uris, distinctly recorllullinds the arcknowldedgialll, ,oi Texian independence. t The holera ehas broken out inr the Ilrilish army now - on their narch to invada Afghanistan. Th'e 41th reg't. I has sotelrd severely. .Col. P'owell is among tIhe ded. SThLe Briotsh Qteen Stleam Ship.--The sulbjoited i descripllio of hlie Iritsh QueenC , we take fiom a late ILnduer of the "AtllewULmlII Tllhe externul npprarence of thle ship, seen froi lte ls h rea, is lnposing and heltutlful. T'h fiiigure lhod is a graceful represelllluion of tile youthllul mlonarcIh of Bri lail, lot well prntirlied a. Io .ennoe "luore tt n t itl hualceighl, Iltllough ulteelv, feet in rrllrtllo--nlld riti ionly when thle strdy fellows, who form the croin, p ireach thle ovlnreig, that her l'atagorieo size er ined by their I.illi ltn diit en.iim s. t he a.i pe - dgtes I, tlhe figllr'e Iheald nlld cIrtWlucr are icuntil'uly y Ioulded, and covered wilh gold rcl iied lite lct of the It vessel it ihll- Ilto,, on()11 whotle is veryv receslie. Pass ing ritll d ot hrt - shil, 6 i, th vessel is a till priy, fille-the carn illg oftr i e steri n io il lilel kee lie. g , illh; te riest o oIlr ormdelk tea work, oni the fer gLl' lerlies are elrgunt nid well placdi. ThIe riggiog is elso well pro ottiuned IherirnOes oit lri'Urltill, d her rv rrdi arue o i grrte 10 rrelgrei rird crxvll ol r'opllrlio ll. Illern sllc e lle lll-c jrtlically, I ieen tll rlhe uns, lie Ilioblet tteait cll pi tihe i wlllk Ir r rver r lote e t Ite Wie only wthel t hid gairPd Iltre deck nflte ritish uen oleitie l Ilm.nlllc etil-ly imlllrepsed wilatinie I IIIh ofbher enarlnllios size. The deck is nilat is called a f- lshdt ck, pealrr ctle ci tinlllulre l s eilt Oini eld to th ile iollhcr, insltewd ifdh erillg hiherld low ner lllrions, ohrill ills gonlpg , hult poopns, &c. al Ind s co lllln ill vessels of h er size,. 'llle h,.k is n l~lllu g Ilrllllou n d ,nl a Ililu dl lulrncl from rleiln Io sterin irs g no rifle sllo her bltladth Oinl deck lbeillrngiet'. ixtyhfee iy er abit s aerlrorth'eo eil i dhilelloiutle ilf her Olujestlve druuving.roill, anrd thIe whole f oller ecumolollodntiu ipaciotia aeiry, nuld ulffi e iently sirlelnild. y Detcenrdilg loller enlluile rolrlrr, the engine dpe tnot strike hle elitellur ts Ieien extrllondinirrry large blut r when cice at lthe botlllUlrit il .okinirg a1, ou percee tile t.llet who goide tie o rule ierllcinlre, and regular end dir rel lhe collilled tlrevtgtl rnrd aiwlluillreoni eni ergy ffitie Illndrer d Iierlie,, r.tllrgeate.r suess thall tile trnllt Plhliputer lia giller oiltiree thousand illvre o e.11, llnd Bitel tli re io tt in reil e pe e lle ofille tilhe 1 r obeorrl rf hooolic clltirturr, tire i|illleilciililti of i l e tlre ndoge that "kiillr imower"-piwer alirhed Im Ih Ilhlllit anidtl illllllV llelll of hllllllii tii . Tle ellginle io oflhre gotlic structuren, eroe tllhirly feet hilh, ote curpi rg a ugtrh rlofightlr.lur feel, aid weilhing withiits all eIlidge orlrut liire hundreId tIon. It does cgreat credt t, tle .allgitlreerilg taleit rlfthl river Clyde;an illi ullllu rlh its a:taraience io relneeridilil.lewhiatlrloy by thye /il of Iravig two condensers intted of one, it. i uothrwi ertrmg, light leokinig, end well rtropotiiuienl. MUSIC ABROAD. Petersburgh.--T l tr taial entaiai has broken out in thin city. i1. Vnlvtle hai writtet n reaxtie el Loull I terpoiut. A school has been liened for the eduattion ,r of actreanes atnd dalllaera wtio, art. oliged Io servr gov I ermncnt ten yearn. A llurclln I'aanat l rave been turn ed illt Rossian. Th l helrp, rketlle'trunl, huitiing ihorut, alnd bagrilp are II lle latrlllntttaet ne| i. use ill I(Ut atlla puaij-ot- at oer at.tet datea. Parise.--'l'h di lettanti resort wtw lhiefly to tie ttAcrdamit lit aIt e Aluatiq e. lra veriter is fiibt ing n opera, Itis itiace, partly wi itlC by hWeberr. Thet Infa.f thisf Atadelray ate itat tht enptrttatafat tis Silng author can be planvt t F'Irane ex, epy Ihlid con.. en, . nl ll tlhel at t511 ftia llneftd tile irat 50t represent - t .tiolna. d al 1fit. r every utr.edti. g oane. ir1. Belr:iz, latly, ritllt ed t a conc-r ert ttt vot lItttta hies, pieced hy thle ( onasrrv t tice boIn. Il P .iti I ii tocllroed with the a, hat lite k e int herit hi o lie etl ll'er and t.,ent hi m ah.iwck o $l.5 0,L I)oluirrti lint rlttrd in Pi'is oeand incal!oyed on two now G in.,hllll ha inng Iil)lllloll nlTFYt rrudvt Mr tlahevv has wrillel nt IIroflght "ut it nPw opera celled "Th IIl.' Iein l i nt rae, It inne.. h i ghl y uv h e.'P Iia. Ifasina is Wrtittg a tlew tIllpera. Ptntan'ilt khied IhillSelt [+cellse he aw Illtit D0tpraz alad Ix'elletl lrrttsael s.-A aellll at tll at lltrlttr ll b,! ia tll-it faor Ihe ierti llllfeit . an al Itllial, tet n tlllllt F1111t r l l l iln-,-I.I lThe ('ttuat.tit Mrlrin haa i"spblihed a iaork--l Te Alentnire of Maldih nnI l' '1II. n..--l .itldlllll'll ter' new Opera iof lhe .tuenes. jr sll had been entitrer a lu aceafall. Ilia wk, ar ra Plalwl gettingt iota Ettguld. Kitetraeet er ha pl, blslt. ed t a oaafit Wllk tlie Greek Ui ic.l. La' feltpsir.-L=Alhrrm neW Otera-the Si, r of e l ti arie, h -,dajft , b aie t pltIiah-d hre. I)r ' k'f work ai tIle iirualern oft.tie ()iOiera ita rerted t grea trte.isn liont A il leW work oti thle l'hyialll ugy of tha il]ni orta voice by iozi is t luced. l/irtlt.--Tl oyAataa1 f A lla r eai * loaeacolf, mal e a gi ite trxilFetlatlle ithrt tf hir viiittifrf araa u es Ttey aire aid ao be eonll,.ldali. D~rcade1--T'rhtl berg+ lit Ilel en lro i.h ig every one Y lit 1.+18 i)v lll, by b illlllnl~lvr l *lyle I lr Inlll+ t ir Iii lll Dt htw.peri anallle eln lhe I 'illllrO .itl.e i . lit is sn i Ito be i t laif yeera a Ilttad of tL agl upLon tiis lstlrallllll.nt. a.0arstadth -S'Ie aes newt Opera of" I.ft), a Dream'l has been hightly auatccessful. 'The ttuaic is bIIy Schi.a G'taro.-(.llstlngtlltaS new t pera at the. Sfagitont Thelrtre itnellkll faV raallly of. Itovatit in the in tthr f the word. ++lml: aie raid to er eqlUal t Il Ie 1 etry of Iltrato..--til.tniari hasibeIe , i tve aid Iy tha Pipr wirthyl thile lrdlr olf St. GregoTr..,. The PoIpe hils olde ed hill. fore-mllnalltl INte italll'tre i1,1 i by h iha r ti t tal- if ielrtt. iJhi-ilf OlUler i. - llitr olrlainitfd:. r i \Venire.--V,.,.aj'e newv opera oft a Biri.le nf M |e.;ih a incull'I~lela Isii u, r A'linte .--A f~ri, Ilh' j IIurnlty t fi etllt , tt tt .tlieIs It a I_ e en la tl tdii- ll t t hi t l. II Il allit In heit lorv oltl Inha lhul,!11i1: told is+ iecmll el the mustlical intelligencee uithe tds it itai. Pariat.n.-Itrelli hft- fr thr t"trv, of ilnnfr)fd to littt~ia and the Oi rra in ftghly spoke, ot¢,Iit lits rtcceefded. S'Trieste .--..lins Klubald is thr pritmt iIt nt at the Gralnd Thetre.t. Shlleld the cynosure of all eye.. ILondotn.-Spfutti,l whtile tt Itot,,n ire art spnring, etolttdll , IIfi ttttttttn Ie I faritequni, tltttt (i O era Uf " Olver C(ar nlletl." ng'liat Ie,,s. Th',ia. tsiwin ita wt .gap to IaIvy, it, ill ta eoUllu+,"lCi· d ipolll int II, l i l 0 th. 81 Ite m a arlu i:charactetrl ha1t I le i a e r t,'ed li~lllli I':ll hlll( tilll s.C toe i ltrili tt t 18t37. 'l lia f lla afltta,, rqttttl tt $7.:tl ti il nnirbrte-theul*:a+ +tatri,,l.ta,, "tt Ily k i lt hi1!111(, C argtratit ataagattgi atir af nt r lngltiandaltl inrtuct+e itt-iatre un t*Pctedtt Ihrttgtit tloe!a s ull l} ien:- Il~ther floe Pbhlllenllt In fII llou ty y ra,.+1I Ite ll norgllt tn,1; strll. ellu enogh to w,ard "f I tl b ow. i'lnhr txeilllltt ytlerdat wat inltnte. in \\Wll r---'tlea refede)it tath-rlllr-ainl Ithe, avid ttttf altt "r. xt IntHeralds"eaenrtit fnrtnrtltltt,t- r it k rrn t 'nrT inly ttttfiaitt Ali ttr,atatt t,liitattJ l taaneahu tatiitr t 7 fo tlltte h II,,ra le f t eaurea i ftlltt a let f a h ij ndi wiht tit tit ie , d t? It thr anyul, el all ,tis colltry athai iaall be, t weldeif r as to Ia 1,it t1 e eIh ii tal i :rtuslini ollrt lltlllt lliy l Itinte1t. 1i Ith e ai llyt n de glrgliznr hy it An t rlrf n tlllt aetrtatl, iiit wai,,i1,, dllttt Iar i , t "tL g It ttti ail.. .re thl re Iiln i ae tt a IIh a nd t pn Iitna capable ditetiistn ta. dtarina,. f uih kaiitt r. We Itliai Illere Ire-w: hbeliev hrethire exiaars in ouh gretnl taltaed t C ot n --lhe real nP -ieo l rc- i ow ercr-apbhl a.aprding rfgta ariigtir l N iate is, Ih April last we w Ile rrttrllt cririsls--we prel titrt, the Itrerallt Iltte of Iailltnit ana we it canlk out tae pI1 it l rl eIandI irti .llelat knilhedlt Ui d iltanfrled at would hafr w prevellnted Ihosl; tll$ Ilre. Wet hlallrecur o thira iltplt)rtnt iat bjct to-mttorrow- at iidllnlill trnl ide reqtlea tie lllelld illlt lrl o Iaut to despon"d. - N. 1'. Her. The T ourlarnnl.--'The practising for Ihe aplproach nlg T1'our~lialhl'll Is eoll11Pll ice it week,' Tue.+aya in puhhc. ()n Il1e last lccasrioln the scene of nehoae - w bicll is at fIhl back o+f Elyre Aril tlvarrl, near at Jldlln'i .Vollld b:lltl.ka, wasR Viilted bly uas of ti pI 9riro I tt familirs of lira uuhlhly in town. Thkn Iighls are in d e e d n . Ih ig h ly e m i n .+c t ad t ih a t , a s a d hn isr iu n is o nl h , 6 I gained by an order frolm inle of 'healr, llh l mnololly a nadellllhed is of thle Iutoat select d·el ri i iun. Tire ground clhosenr is ohlong, an ltb four acrs illl .ize, aling the. centre of wlliell is placed a burrier, with a frPllle |or [lie anl klll olra figure ill armorlr, whi c ii Ire. relied alonlg Ihe raillhoad Iy Ihe slllelglhl iIf thri'e 'en th teeuppmaile dite,-tils lt I1II which the ýkniehllx L ken ill charging: it. It apllreau absoiulere uecasiurv thaut ili lllllse shlould be6 uhedie'tt to thle ricer's will in or,, der even to upo~roaah thle figura. None o f thle horses fit are an yet autheiiuttly tntilled. 't'here in, Itoa'ever, ni I e wa~nt of esprit "n the, part al the riders, sill their battlues 'I'hr trumpect sounds!. Awany Rues ArCMrtei tfl .awed! Hie headlong career is not, hnlaenrr, destinled to ata be sucrceaiful, Then plumsa of the fifule round a - une,il. ed~llnd hii gallelnt knig~ht is coupe ied ii bile the dust. di \Vittt hotter one "eaa Lordt Eglintolunll Captain ,tier- A ndndCl 'sitIlrnde their of put in lath ; Lord Craven,. in erilor mlid'wtlth gol. lId Olenlyon, and Sir F. Hapkina .flluredadgeerlly breaking up the sr mor of their steel clad oppoert, whichi as quickly re appeared, as if by magic, unhaed and ready for the f The eaeqires, meantwhile,anruse themselvrs Ie tiltinag Hl, egn..ended ill tile air, ir at lhe old pta lu ofr, I riirng; Ty l fie rifret or tenii and raised Ilatfarci 8Iled b the bealuty and itshionl of l.undon, only reqir- I ed unlshine, which on this uecesion aan anot ulorded. the and a vi,lent rainl.tormn disperseed tile assembly at a bel. early hour. eWae hear that Ladv ,eymour is to be chosen Quee a ofih. 'I'aorTuarramrl,, la to hci vei tehe power of deciding uaol the me ils of these reprpresentatives of the wart tlao afatiher dsyc. l'he " Cotton Circular " has created a Sensation in tl, ecommerlcial communitiesal Great ilritain. So sroon as it made its appearance, the fulluwing disc!ainrer ap Ipered: giv To the Editor of the Timesr: Sir-, a ir llic attention hal bee reach eatra:lind tola"ircular" e ile N bject or f cottonadstul, at .New 'erk Junse 6, 1839, a hlich l h- rne unwarre ntillyalys- I;. eribed In tile llrib of theil United titee, I take the A liberty of sedire iI ano exnlrract frnl elelr of lin by Pi'residen "t I t nra ink, dlated June 12, 1830, addlr'ed to h ile, asd received ahir day : I le sae, " l musnt elg v(I, as floein n te cotton cir - eular, r.blished in New .rki, rraches you, i Iiisravwe ipeen il and urltntatively tihe partei iaptioll t this Illlk in it. W\e are not rlvnina teior, nror illtenei ,nr ortrinig o aldvance, a inrthilne polu cen, onds I espeillecially wish you io Imakie t llr Fat pIlic." 'I'h ilaertion of tiri abhove in ooar jouriarl will rblige, Sir, ror ohdieri al servlIint, 5" Old I trard telt,,oine 28. . JAUDON.p crtae nadprospecla of the Iron Trnade.--'IThero are It tllis rler ilrl rCOlli fll'fty inrrlease illn et, five out. , Ptele Ibuldllil.g, nld teelty-six e lllllllllileted l. I It ollll t Vadea, 1.22 lorrllllto in 'lot, eReretl liut, tlieetv-onrr bloil drrg, iriil nirnet-o(llle oalntemlll ltrrl. ln 17Il'tilre iloll LI t t'luce bfl I cn k dI o elln t 17.350 tolls O c".ti irol. III ( 11342 Scolanrd lonlre, e ill proluce urpwards of 360.0110 lons end witllin cive rtear, l,0I0,010 ttna will be prund reda:ioually in Scoulh Vales. (One If the ernsht latlrendnolls works of tliles itis a proj.ected I riih td f iom Venice In Milan, onI laly wilh each otller, Venirlr', 'ndia,, Verona, Mn tire, IIler.ira rld Milan t!c Iniiut gigRantici Illrtioh will Sbo the biridil ,vter tilt I.iCcouoeteOlll eeotiog Venice withll .heemuirlhand.rThe lergih of Ihe lelroend will lie 166 1. Italian (abolt tIle nIllie ill EIgliish) miles, paa.inC tlIrocugh a )iriillu rrri n lf thrr..i arnl a hr lf r lilliurr , lite sevenieitienalitrol hIavin a Ilioail elil rf hall' a mlillionl ct aliz: Venice, l.2l,1101). I'llla, ,44,)l 11, Vienza, 5ri,1llO, I0 Vcr-nu, 46,010, MIn , 34,, eeelt ina , 201 ,111, llrci , ur0 l dMil. I' al8l,(10,00 illnhabitnts; to-which r lily bie ddldil,' 20,U000 torritnee in V.eice and iin a. It is calcolrled the reitransolirt, wltlr .l rntaleird. will avlarega 1,11(0 lersolls, 1 I,0 tlollas of goods, arnd 1,000tlolelO lcoialsdily. • =l a i.1' is I·-- -"------- FO 1:1RE- - ------- --- I FOi IIA VIIE. CO P 'To sail in Slanrtay 3d ilst. .- The. A I fist eoili g p' ket Ship I :l- I Iv IMONI), Ciait \W nshioi,will sail as above, - ho and can ucomoldate Iiil eerage passengers. I is For ler8 apply tou l alt.uill board or to hL I GALI. j of ng 3 :93 Conmton lreert. . . O i N EWi V O IlK . . To sail on Tuesday 5lth. :I T'hie flist cluea aud alst slding IIareno de he I)uc i)'Orleans, M It Ilooileret mater will at r positively sail s abonvo and can take the r Oil bulk of 1i 0 halesi Cotton if imlnndiate applieatin Ite r oh made. For terlms or paoot.e halving hocldsOle e i a comiudaliols for 4 icain Iad 1o 0 Steerage PaI'seng.rrs he apply on buord otapt lr t taii he lint oro ti SL CASE, & Ce. oL II (AlE. tie lu aog.l 93' |iln'oy n strecet. Oi- NEI' VItKE. I hh a tlh new ot very forc Jailinig Sirhoe l Ib U COiET, ColLt. S lk, will Ia r ead 1. 5fil ottore ge tild. For t hulk R c. 410 iha lso c s p aOg.o i 1t atn g 111 7tP' & as & l AIu I E caI P etd at I- ' v o ol i etu.E' *OAFtUe iAe t t i u 3 i J t I Itr i te . cti t e Ju3, N lU E ewt t &rle II S, 1T Ilat rall ti L tllt S.ti: --+2hifnl ,+ la irs t u (ithv Norber, Il 1i la7 dto g frou Packet b l Ji I Albarlmu . A 3p ly to the l U I i V LUAI-- lllE il It OKS.-- I orv Id kea'tate ci C 1s oag3, No' tlteo tt, iootcl ,i 1 C Jlt ilt 'A Xl ii ltcto fiort itality ciicn t neE , a nding r alan I turi I Hioub ts. Aji avol. th ket l, a ot Ptatlic te ht'ii It V tu ri -l Juy rjith b e iie " V tl r 1i 1 inrk It - - - e 1AI l t i'in' At e alw Ii- d i reven of ciVn t ipIitLL Iay ' ()ti m luy t l M o it i t ilou l, I 'k.J etlev of Public na1'I* l'"IY Ju;u sr. dt, rl Cr ,llj t''I iN . tle itIL, a ci n+.t o IIt ott lm nl ii, c i I In. tel lnt.L . ,v : r's R rs fc lses l ig-" lbe i F,- il o tI tal Itioteac lic raltt l n a t 3un'toe 'IR I vO : WIloa t 1it itc Osstittnlhda I'ht'iciiitg. fe. Peters' Itep nlrt I ls Io n ' or a n d l (1 AIo Abotto alic l oL s ra B l &y 1 iteat l- ' ('ha t 1t , Irt e trlyci t ti ('a tith i t h itt a I 'ic g d t, 'n I i t ol iar tittt t I't 0 i lh il ', lslerlhng;c do rali i ll tll y Lo e i et es J1'1 tt." tl l kstt on o ; 'roi"'" clige-t "1 1. i doI eA 's ('I ateat'h l, & Xrts X IImhl i Nuc'o Eqit' Il Arl it t 1or tok ; ( io a tdd' Pleadintgs tc i ul t ( 1, I to P rtnership ; itotittlcn't l itecl Sctdies cKent's -oin letugi' t Ntu Pris lie tthier n t Ob at.oatn t " I a are aete -I' igt, l.t vol ote, is nIiteW wo lk l j 1 I-tiiostitot l vidence th ti llseill [ oi n (:rit est ctki, fun li,hi.Sty r i tFe A itiyiulil I1 jiand gmr a or nt oi I nl r In lis n 1'c | renr It Inw books, I, IIOIIn_' the Wltelr, lerlil '|'otl-r. ,ir I mi 30 inay 3w (Lr St ('InGlEhs 9; Commntnt II a ll, 1 W010 ALIt G 1 11 J J Pem l ad , t ,ill for be 1.,v G v Ir ) o I to pt, ie 1Rhh j IlN N ti t New & act 1 ( A III irT o.,- 0 ic,.u , och , e It - fior Iai e by loealliz o ,y v d L I r& N 1'.Y , ET e All a tscJ I I t'll mostiapl it j dit Appcoti73 it t.lhnlo' y from EurO, I 1 Frr tn11111' X il' lll IO lanIdoIwt oI f It hoeuiu ntlgli a tillh,0dy 1-ilt ba pe ntit g o it Co site Ial8ing of, s I itJ t llt Wtl d Ela.i ' S lI of I a -1 N . 6 (7 I - • a S inga l 1111attrtru 1 uu o t u' e l t siztta . t lI' -2ii ( 3 i'' wcrilt, oietl .nd l \o thei P rallt lhe vera al- ttal cba. Jit ct Il Cit-i- Itur o ce N*o,1 f tam . l Ills :ill Iditdid oar tl ue a tcill llF cc c-5 do loonrfie Bog ttadr ie51 611a| eh iterne II 10011 ill o ,'lll rahl i Ft y IIE IciGENE, llOWtvN &Co. iri -...u p r e---a ý--- -- 1----- ------ A L. 'a jtt .p S2 J I. ti Iotto Ie' Iall, 0I`7Y. C ,ea A (fIrff .,K laes' ,t tiO aI , . AiIl oailnle l , the Flelerl Court at Now Orlcau l. I f1 (Exdu ge Iiotc| Bu ff It ;o.) - _ r may31 ,lhI , A C-ts o if gr -lE, 93,- t1 Fci ct , - • a ry 2; t ach 117 ; e J iar Act ofAEI1; C in ad o31er acll Na COu ltaac'a, i asath Itale a dli v and 3I V pro eided. a i c and ntet ae eado ot to ptaii aI d c en l c lcate ,, hich Ii c he -tood A lith seeate ta scatoiany of the ab ect La lyecs rj IY april19 Sill er " di sp. e Vle 4he. Jeweailr datia BoxesCp, S Aectac e Arepaared iA l lhe nmot uaitelyful llll r L I Old p tcld tlcd SIv r W ttda . ailh e av in o ~ J Al. BErI..,I Charlrrslreel, les is day receiv- sins SellIper ship 010al1o09 5do za o aeIe'd llrea. Pins, which will heuffere ti'tht lt deor dlar.che p- [ 'ba "hood Ming., "fall pw)a,+ totgether w I a great va E,ir ()ldtsl locket w, C:hain, &. ''Toeu wo P . S . O ld G o ld a ttl S nl r rr ua n lc d . Hil l 15 s s superior at tiele f. r l . . .. ........ m -- "- - " A " [OR 3,11.E five Iltousalt acre of finel n ric LAND jutl e 9 No. 114) Common short. Al, (1 .i.--75 bhris Dr em. " l'a er.' Oilluxsa, - TI a 7 41 casks, summer Spero (oi I 1)i may 31 i.,3w 1. II GALE, 93 Common s . [!1 I|EII.T., No. 16 (Chartr,' creel, has thi day + ,! receiveda varietyofC+ANl S, ait abelefor g rt; L le nan'a use, they will lbs, ofltred very low to pur Rct p 4'RLOI{ORNAMEN'I'S --Care antd beaut fu l L cartmlles, fir sale oltly by Rees" &e D ~lon~e. ·Ib I~I(I l~nT~d erlel~llylwn lrl . p THE LIBEL CASE0 PUBLIISHED THIS DAY, and for sale at Ihe Room of ith True Amnrican, St Churlte IHotel,and althe pirineipal Book ieors, a correct Report Iof th lute Intelesting ald imllo tanL Cluit of thIe State .f Louisioau va. JohO Gibhon, Editor and Puthlishor rf o lf te True Amuoriean, before thle Criinart Court for Li- p bel. july Olst rmt wI[ - - w. U'!T received a large rsuortlmnt of sunomer stockss Sof various patterls; linen t hite. or fie alt y. tlu "' (,t).IP ..~ L,, ; m13 Exlhalngo Hotel,St Cllarlos st o S0 TORENT-A comttfortablu dwellind hdtoue in Curno- u 1 dehl srcwtL, a few dotmr froml Cnlal al; ponBssioito giver imnlediately. Applyto ItOYIE , SAV au1?t S1Coroodolrtut N d usrI' Ittl ThlrEPre Sitittrltuoc oogrderoerto t tJ mellt, ['etol--Gittttt Ilolirroll, IKagle & I'erryo Dolrle tut..t, and Fi ltlrittg IPl-,[ to Aloel ecvrltal grees of (lhttort ftoe IenBt io I eh . Sold 0* io lre ltroous uriltglt (Cord hr 0. r1et, & Co. SNew York Stotlooers isll, No 24 Chtrtrtttu Street. h od for alt Io . J TIIAYE RIo:R i CI t13 74 It ratve att I lJlTeIt--.h0r k liaoalotett att \lVtetn 0n rorae[ !e ry l lbv G I)otnErtlt, It it jel12 4 INewt Iretreet "N BLY t r(KS-ttTto Crtllltty," a tloe ly tI- O'ta rN frulfttty; ulootiro eof clethrultet W tttblhy t IIK S Jleel Eil; Iqier tuvoal I iotrv ot f the U. Slte:r It, J t·'r lllliollilfa' lp+ ( o t till i t'ile Sut e & c, t S Iltlttllto, eltlttta ltd literri r, ilns v'l' nlltok It r. Nt. &2 I, Jacoo OttltloltlrIto y ilolototttlh Iltreolegle. ill Itie foot Ilt t. 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C&puL a.I Ja oind VIrlih r LOUIS tltty , tori . l oct o . IIII tl.ttEht tltiytJT S I I" o July %Id i I?1 I',ydll ,.i .pt UGIlI+-C y ~ +Cldil ildblf.llrtfr.l 1.2 ll hy IItL IGI;. g I I)V.,.( . / - hit-.( letaU ,sit flre - -,.--- ! n . I~"t, I S i & xI r 7i laalla s J)It. Mfoa'aIA'S VI 'I'ca ITil" LIFE PILL, ari rJa well knoweu to the publIIc alsut iv i haIrdly ne cesa ary to Fivela delalled tatsltllllll a1 their hlin a(l use. The IllllsI' ., IItat 't e n ill fulllya11-at '' I llyoL lltl l conide lllnce i lln his p Ilpal ion. IFrotm lhl IIama' 1pd Whig of JulyI , 1,1 I37. I f.1aOqfht's I/'d/r ant llitter.--iThia'iut J..a al con s w nsiliod lllillilllmlll l lmllllllny ill f:IvnF oftlh hiehly impolrl hnn['lll-ll lllillllo "' Til'd pr,.,. if lil. JIoLuIIII II i1Ill)Illl ai srllled" hI IuIIIUm rce the 111din11e1y. Sllllle i ,iii in I l,, 1 a1name o tf lr f, fl l t I a iat.- 114 at, lt h -ltll ag Ith , rtilt l t .i olao-ar 1 i`ighbor h- o ly( , and ' I n i l . Ii 11a l a lt11i t) lhe It le ci n n atllllllll illol . 'l hi i vPl kidl , anld ' w drol .m. lth lm ull I we labor t kllll r like alliUlitlll ilth _l; T.1. . l f..... , Il I ft 14 nIll d s I !i lta ll ull hl- Id thlln n i It h .tn uit, o ni.c1 1v hlrns up1 n iis T'rf. fIwjiast- i: 1.ita I8 h t . t a tEa , 1oal 1 a a Ig , ,'dn,. I ur r; r l r ll o, 1 1, 1Ih .I17. dl< xl, l llor 'llio ll an in lld "- .rIl. ,in,_,iihl, n .. laq'"att l illta . at lldl m oI,. h . ,I .·.,alm·. 'l'h,. Uult ral 'i. .1 ail t-Ihi' h .w.ln ia ht , i hIr rll lll o e"ere painsliv v,+ i Iter, ~,ii l lh In t , iweokla lanld dprLrcsiol ath r tinll.( le, b,,I n ii, rc-a cllr every h Ia Iday. . o u ta t tdr a ive tt.nt. I h, I oatt ,' ittlla goi t al,. ' t i , t t Wi tda le M all kiwd ~ ill and In rol.r " I. Ir. f a lll+" atoill I b s tolll ( n. io 1·111e Ill o11 , InoI r . h ie, tl a1n Itlon- aa ll t -a'i ,t r I t ll tar Iak I ll' 1 Iole tal h illra. ab sl v ra a ar 1 eil lll v~n t ll bd. lm r ~A la ItA '1."lV L 1.ha eS on ba rd f bip, Orleanul. ,uE hl., Iliwlaw ,ir, '.,oker Ielry AA drew, kIreneh an i hrrnll Iu v ars I II.u r l - timlt i 'esltaa l , n 4-i il-Iad a .; il lllll I iert il a.ll l£-,!1, 1 d I ! i It - i hlaa hl eta -. la o l lca r andll trher tril\, lli.." DIc,ln ,in; (Casess; Bllt. lnt Poek l. II,,r-nwluL. 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'Ii.R "I (;aaaviarat l i y I)a)lul(l: l y. , ct a Ivse (e()1 1 o 1 a o f "L4 Lowr ll byL ly L ytF..o I bI les I- l willed l.o w,a, c ctt,ll 3 c ll. s lllck kin aitrit-, t un lint ip l.<, , ti," .. le tt a iu 9 I a t t .,l l', a.gzm at i i low by who.lsatie. 11a .Ji Iien IM:aPi - nasT BtLtaaai- e BI-. -lunang-fia . ta. i, boat P alia , I alalia lta 7 l l li W at t l it \ I.e Slear and Putent Biscuti BaIlery--Waters and ; Ii ,PIltlt and Navy lroad, Side s.ill \i'mue eitts t, 1t Sugar, Butter, Midlibrd atd Water Chaia-a. SAll tiae above artiele aro wrarranlted tu bu oa atlan I fira quahity, aala to kuup il aay clila.te, belag I q a aeoua lletaly kiln driad. t Alao,--Ktu driad corn meal. Orders left at G . P. ritlhard and Tagait, Jr f acoruer Magazinu.and Ptydraau streeta, will receive IIt promput attlutioa. Smaall| kegst put up expreaaely fer iii italitly ULa. 15nov - a (-eo (aho Cuautd Ior tale bai 'nay 3 7 Caa st iet 4'a. atiSitaat-araall ' oI'aiapitat11lau nad Jiseat .it I3.uureeta, a a -tar taory asntrorar Levee F"a a Ia , betweteaa Iaa villa nud C. lln l hlll -lnlll e ·ll-m t,. Aa oneit l a ra ittr atreet. I'olatnas ill ca-tlla he gir ituntlpdilatel. Also. frotil first NaovelaIber taPXt, I Itwo atOry are-a Ihouae No. 9Llut(: tlaUau tlaeet. Applly III jatlytalOt C CA aMaA iiAC'K & o. W1 I)OPUtit\l WOIt-tit-Z.-tui;ia, ar ietaera Irma ... Prlhua, hr Letters froal It,-e.I Alteriaan -cenrr rya, a pledidl work, 1 Nall. IRceie ed at Out . \Vild FIrlawera wilh beautiful Cuolouted PIate., ETahe Clilda I trawillng Blouk. iaa Qoinxolle ill 3 al llt naaa. ailb I hlitraIioan e Ieeivet d aad fur aale by " Alex A. july.1 '4t- 4 tll'au t reet . 1 - A HEVLY, or the 1 31ull of alhaar, by L.aly I yulJa RIlchelieorl the Cllnpiracvy, a la itll 5 na~a a 'I tiih a I unae added Hialtria lll Oae n die l 4 laa da, ta o Elaz- ; lllelll; Crtm tell' l)ria lll rl The Death noNrelnaon, Ily talaaunhor-f tite l.alr t fi Lv nnar, Pellnaa , iatr Iliatallnma l, &a & w ilh all ilh ta tew sokaln al'ithae' ny, fr aria lay june 1I ALEX T )'VAR,-19 Caap H E1 - -i E--;00 cask+Thomseml; Li,2e-17nd,,,r - wib i lby ;J J 1' 'ItIIITNjY, Ill.ay 1 71 ('llll l 1 j Tih D.mhv Paper is ncatlv printed with snall a type on an ext©, double hceie, at $12 l$ i per annum, payable eaullll annually in advance. , 'Tho TR.t-WEtKL" Paper, Containing thi readillg lstter of two dallies, $10, payable inl advance, ty Swhore no city referenlce is given. Tile VWEKL TR1'u AMosRICAN, made p from tile daoly popers, during the week, will be sent to sllb. secribers who pay $5 per annum in advance, and to Ilone other, unleas an acceptable city reference d' is given. Subscribors respoctf'ully solicted. I JOHN GIBSON. h, NEw ORLEANS, MAY 1839. TAT DE L\ LOU1SIANE-Cour do Pa I roie pour la ParO smeet Ville do In Nouvelle ane--L'Etat do ia Louiasine : -- tous coux ces IpreasenLe culcernelnt :-Slut . ttendu qsu Williats Regan de cetlo ville, ayant a t6 d unW'voento faste par iloalott & (t'neus, oan- s curs plublics do colltt vi!ll, la propri6Btd1 cii.pribs I ite, 'ust address6 all Uroffu do cottl Cour, pour ae n svis conirllsentlllt l un sn ote dlo In l.gisla ture do f'ela do la l,ouisiainc, inltituld Acto pour r cosltirner les titres des acquaerter, nux veltca judi a. cair cs;" approuv6 lo 10 Mars 1834. Qu'ilsoil con It o, et toulos personnes intdreehdea wont par ce s preaents souaalmdoa noon de I'ctat do la Louiesllan at de li Cour do Paroisse, qui pourraiot avoir droit d 2 ala Iaropri6 6 c:iaprbr decrito. en conseqtoenso d'uan I d1 defaut do forme danls l'ordre, In decret ou Io juge. llllot do la cour, ela vortu duquel In vonto a t1 laaite, o- O do touto irrsgularit6 on illdgalit6 dane I'ctimna SLion I'avis ou to eols et la nlode do Ia vellte, on - pour un autre cause pquolconque, do fairo voir dans trenle jours a dater do 1 I)publication do cotte avis, ponrquos tl vento ninoi faitc no ecrait pas conair. Indret L]ioologude. y ,t La diste propridtd flt vondue par los encanteure, eua dads le 28tme jour de;Docemstbre,de I'all:6 1838, n ta en vcrtu d'uo d6Ctet do cotte Cour, roundu leo 23J Jullirt, de l'annbo 1838, dune I'affaire do Wiltham Vance contre see cranleors et les crsanciers de Vanco & Miller, No 10961, I du dcket do cttc Coor, a laquello vente to dtt Wilhan IRegan 'rast sd rendu acqu6reur pool to prix do $3,90 1, payable imillo pi;stres complant, et In balance o un credit doU six, dmoze at dix huit mais. ss Description do la IoIprsid6 d'apros to transfer a ale Judlciaire: Un certain It de terre, d.signp parle No un, situ6 I dane to lotaubmrg Lacourse, nalls l'ilet tiorm6 par 'Ilea rrue des Nayadesta, Erato, Prytaunto et Thalie, t - )th formant P'ncoignur, dos rues lde Naysdoe et Era to, Incsurant treto etl on pieds, ono loauds et .ept lignes, plus oil ,tlins, do Ltco oit lo rue due Nuyades, sur quatro vingt ooze pIieds et eptl ligneso ti pr' iofunde r, it Ic Itala rue Erato, 1o tout nlesure A\glaise; It dlit lot avant on commotn ave les I t lots Nosa deux &tre I'u+agne tld'une alldo duns tlu fond, - tinc q pll oeds de largur, llensrmblo lttallst le'. bt tfs Ltses, tte.l tlsa droits privileges ot qui y aot. e t Ains.ttA gero Ic tout appert s dtt plat dress6 par ,it John Schreiber, ingdttuirtr civil, lati tto ter Juin, 1836, snu(ixd t un acts anu GreftI do Wst. YV. LUw. he, is, datd It 5 Farrier, 1839, to dlt lot tianL lne t sub S& divislon do lot lnlluer hiut. Irtastt du Greflier, Nouvelle Orleans, o. 3 Juillet, .. 1839. J. OI,LIE, Dcpt' Gr(ellier, ale july 9 3t-9tDl jy 23 do 3,1 aug. CTA'I'E OF LOUISIANA-Parish Court for It the Parish and City of' Now Orlcane.--'l'ho State of ouisiaina : to oll to whol llthese presents on. shalnll some-greeting : t Whre Whrcas, W\Volai IRegan of this city, having It, pulrchlased at t sale made by Ilhwlett & Cnncas, . public auctioneers of this ctly, tle property here shaa ihafter descrlsed, has applied to tohe Clerk of this It Court foort monition or advertisoal:nt, i0 confoa Ctr mtity to ans act of the I.egislatulre of the State of SI Loutstana, entitled "t asn et for the foirther assu oe raneoo It titli to purchasers at j Idicial sales ;" ap Iproved lthu 10th daty of. March, 1834: i Nt Now, therefore, know ye, and all persona inter. esrteld hrein, are hereby cited and admtuoishedl in S the ilname o the State of Louisiana, anld of thes Parish Court, whto can art upo any right, title or e-. elillm n asd to tihe property hereinl aftoer desocrlbedl, and in consoq smce of any informality in the order, do. one creo or juldgnlnt of tle court under which tlhe sale 'et was ltado, or any irregularity or illegality in tihe appraiasoemunto and advertiossments, in time or ilanll. ner oraalor for any other defect whatsooevr ; to allow Eausl, witllins thirty days from the day thts S monition is firot inserted in the public paperes, why arti the eale so mado ahould not bu confirmed and ho t Isnilogatt.d. tii. The said property was roll by the auctioneers yot aforebsuid, on Iho toolh dlay of lIt),embor, A. I) 1 038, by virtue of a dtcre of this court, renderedr hlilt tli t ds o.. y, A. It 1838. i s eot enti. 1, of Vance & Millur, No 1091i of the docket *of tit. ir crtl, at htilclh sale the said William Ilrgatn bte. . icame ti. purcha seir, for the price of 1$:t900, lsaya. hIto $100t0 eash, and the balance on a eardtt of cix, hwulve ll a d11( elgIlot. Imlo t hl. thI Descrlptolln of lproperty, as given in the jydlcial con. v ya ll (ll ; A certain lot of grolllt n nbr , m sa hro:o-, anlto in aIt le sburlr L acourse, in cquare bolunded by Nayales ( Erato, l'ryltnte anld Tlhalia stnret'a, an faornng o the corner of Nayade'anlld IraLto treeta, Leasurlng Sthirty (os'n 'fet 'lsv i e a lo and so evoet' n litt , les, more l(or leso, ol Nayds nt, reel(, by lltynintl on het e even t lint 'adep, 'ront i on rato treert, aitl ll ttt lt h ntous* llte, hInto Ig it o1 It unals o n witos h I)llott nulbt rs Io ttwo sld thloe, 'oane alley aI thie rear, of fieo feet ot wade, togethr with all ils builhings, righte, ways all and prlvilegea thereuntto honginll. 'IThe whole as git ll pllan drawn by Joul Sclreober, civil engineer, dated the tirt day ofJune, Il3, annexed to lnt aoct in thi offias of Woa. V. Lewi, dsted the tiffth day n of Fetruary, 1839, being a subdivision of lot num. bur Pight. Clerk's oflico, Now (erl tns, July 3, 1839. ker J. OLL E, Dcp'y (lork. el july 9 3t-9tlhjy 23 do 3d aug r.ts It- soolhior, , e ilr. , ti od g S 11 l tio-'s uleo 'liftidett l oh,,t I t ll 'l', t pllr tr. dr I":V, ,:+- ('rln ,ll re.: A II ('ln)hm; )lh li,.I \\,'oud. .rf Jat lull s order so .f to e T' i olr, lAl WKI- L. IIAIPI IN, ast' Jule :! h " h. eletur~y. +'s ! J of I.,'].eed (oil ill lplt.nau barrnl.-- U Ill el'S ! h., tl'irilt of TI irlpenlute, lolotaahl· b'it ilia ! JAftiIS & \NI)II)\V'S 1a, July itlo (tolster at (Coolomoot& & T1:ll5pi 1 !l 8 xis oit ti - 11),\ ,tl -; 'lll'll noul. lur,, t oo r s- ;t los AI ý_ )r; _ r , J o I' rVIIIT:'' 7' (ll N .% rrllrr'llIllll~llll' of' the urigi ill titles of ,cruel i hiir' 11001 I ltlu .ýiIgi. 1,ii letI irmnfiei.i Int i - . I VIln.r ,,i..dnn - lur~lol~vALA:X 'If (hi'S II, JAill : s', r Ini IO1ItI.II. trl.3 i .h NUVI'.I.I'jjS 'I n lr' I'v el, ..r Of iiIIinne Itho, by Jl lmnk. bell ell·* ' or Ilan tit 11 nh ori '0 ,n 3 y Iii n, 1 ily I'·: i,,,,brvrlev, orin he hifili l tit I in rieply Lord 11 Iron Igll lll . 0krtehreC f 1· br 11I( h o·:ITI( 2 vo 01. III-tnricnll Sketches of Stitt e·l lcn in thel limle ul' iI~eiInnhe'\I'hInl, " v .nI ,1 SIIn. ol'Icild, No ItIol4 1,,el klln-n ort, No I to 1, . 1 dam ) II.ll'nnd othernl lil lii fi iiiiiif iUfIJ rrjld. fii''' I ·uini. JIi.- ii iliinnl' l'1 i' i 5 K-k ''1, iiiilo 1u~ I'n hi Ia kii nun,, iei, ii 'o, nj, '. mii v'lI"nl h .I Inntn in SIIii''nnti', nIIIuIuPTII~iiinnI An-an iii'111: ii, ii,, if,," T h i in n SIn AIr un-pin Oi, n I(, 1, In, Ie i Tiln - n.i h(I'N 1 & CoRi. j, iiis 01- ni' (inrol' J -ntl a& (o tn rSs ) 1:a 1 R11t\11 . It A'llf IIt. I=lhiu Is a Lnrw otsfn r. lýll , I." *ei ,, lt illn, ply mining into ucl , in if r Thrnni ul uisuindn ng n nnds ti eindt r lIncol ia i nli, 08 wshesin the-u hhl ~f'hiin l .in I pu- 10 ins n 00kii I vilnuol da re me-srv to e prmrcyrl Ir t lif (iatli0 fni' llruin e fn l louiiitfl e Thu (cfige tto s ow oltidorl il tl( apelsacle 11nit l' 'FuIII it r nutunt in h lh U ,l lorI e ii loth ,pa kile t irI" .(hne lc ry eaO r w h'n'l.,nuh DIru~l in,ur conan I n nuniad & I0 nla,, The uh-~h- i-nm n rlyrecivig li n te tar. 'File Sobw-,iher io.IInpIIoiI Uted Agiall e fort he nlun liv ILiriJr1 A 0 fus i. Sprrmn-lin andle1 In -in, rors IIi)ltl(-lIt I I i l. ffiVitroll 1.0 CI nh In Inl fub lb 3''l5'yt liili~a~a 45 Iiiydnu Iii~c I, urpentor' AniilCll jn . Innini0at july pha1 Ceon (Nuii'brz ouniiiune 5 UflA l.F4A'!'srInlll'..,- nInedr nIl-rn-u I·Ulaihi Wi 0 I ' 4rlfi n-fiI'pi i Fungi fIrpslily, ta ul Ru-ab,''r nIh- li nishii n ' ai l d iii I 0on c ul b intes junEI '7l i. 'a'. I O ialnn *o C h l, 4J IIini, i Tatoaii ods 1.5 kegs ~ Spit its d ru Steniuu 40 barrels c)lrll*a SECOND MUNICIPALITY NOTICES. So'I'ICK-Was taken ul p by tie Police of the 2nd 1 lunlicipulity on ile thih inst : fIund in tgi a Ilrco sa - iuCiplite, A Light laty flOirta IIuUt fIfteei lbiandi high, coi ilind Icgs whila,clld blhld af It: et et a lnd alo a Cart l\o 731. The owineritcr requsatedt io come ard,pruve proper ty, tia clirgieeo, aid take Ihrnl away. t\ +"wtt)rheaa,Jalv 47th 1tb39. H, . IllAItpKt, Captain of the Watch. A VIS. Arrtcl par la Polioe do in Seconds Mum. I. cipaht6 tle courant, trouve aentre lee maina d'un negre mnarron, qui a fui des forcatl dudit Mu. nicopaihtd n helval bayu claire quinze paumnes do haut, lee ducn jaimltes do derribre bIlatc, ot atorae, ansi qu'an chelrrett No. 731. Li proprietaire vaudraic prouver an propriot6 payer leas rais at les retirer. H S IIAIiPER, Captanhie de Welch. tr ECRIt bronighta tIhe Pound of thie id \Wurd, 2d A larie fnall) Iltree,nhout hcrmdas hIlih--no nahrks rTh owner tof aid atiertory will plenas call round t tilhe t , ntd saituatelt in llurounle, betweell Ilevin und bilrd asa, Iprove )rtIIcrt(v,aV lllerge nud itllks hilt aunl),noer bIfitra Sitturdacta I e 3d Auguat lit), -tite ha will be sold at unction by P i it iliatt, pub tic ,i iiihiitner. J. , I IdA Ittl'lli, N ( lct ellt, jlly 4 A (?epllii l Ihl! Watcll h. E M II N Is an tieputi de li S condo Muntic p;alito ti n grciid Cheval brul, 14 pauiles do hauteur, ea llat Illrques. Le propriectatru vIudrali bien lure. elillir an depot, rue Harronnee,.tre Ilcvia &Gtrod d'iecl Sacedi le 2 Aunt, autrarnlllt II etra velidu to dit tour par P. a Guillote encoantour publiique. jy 23 IH S HAIIPEIR, Capitailn dt Wltch. Ci.. ,ghti, ti ,he Police P .ati.. ci itao0 d a, nicipality, file ;i tlwintg slavies, viz: A mieultlo iinitinamed t loae aiaout thirty flur year of aet cayaha bhelnga to Mtr L.ubirll. A ilcgila Il ratled I'ulal,abtut lillty yarsa of agl, nas IIhc hlbeht Ign itMr. Prite. "A Imllaliln 1 intned unted JoIt halout twenty fbuU ytnalls l agr, savey he Ibelos to Ire Iicha aid. 'hi owitwerl atU id lnves will plia.e call nt tile prix iOt ia die i dII tlltn cipelity, prove- propetrly. tiy lllrgeru ltld taile Ithet uauy. II S I Ihlt'lt, jolly -unltnin of Ith Watch. () N'T' c aeiantri s l ge In de 1itrn ecodlle altliitci Sllllp lean sar flvs v n lvulll ., snvoir: Ui illltlutle cuto l oti It IltblittE igh d'et iaait, 34 u4 me ,h. uit1 aI )ptaltetit r & Ai r. e. l.aiarne. U IUegtca lllcincttsetctiP I'AUL Lagk du 40 ans, so t diiet ut et ft A lIr. Piiale. Ui,. ntlr, Ienthi. JO Il\, ug ide 2I 2ans, se diann r epparict r A Mr. Rictard Lae propibrire, d, tesdits enclaves, aunt pri:s de venir 6 Icaterar rca pupact astlraiai. II. S. IIARIFII, - ittl c.. . i ei.t d ih l iin ip I `v hlit P brought to hie pnlfll l iThe 3d Wlilllrd .red t i t aciciacl fth Illcltrng ctre .cat ..,t. 1, Ihlv 1hrt., with . 7 nn l ell I .llolka w I,hlt.k 1lItll, anl.t 111nlt and ilind of rightl ev, ulni' 1i1t ti inidi high. A dlik Ilrawn Hl orln will ia black aIma, unc d Id, 1 ltcga blaitk with it sure on I ie; right side i(;luih, I: hlllla . high. igi h Ili a lleir ih a bhd k iUilne nI III II hI: iiindsi ihighlllil5 l ot I "Pl eiId Ile k .I ile Lh c I4 I et bil I lo colrad. r "I'," ow'nrls of said propry , ll plln rall rountlllll d uat the pond o tit te 3d ward d Mlneitt tt liy tantued at tile corller ol Itbio ill t Anlllall i ttn ll S. . t.eo.. pro prtc a itt chci ars.P ud titke tchetai IIw y l ci I)Ifi 'tt ni cy tlit" hne 71 Jly 17:lt'clltil Iltl, y wi I be alcd tit i[cttlol by ' l G (LuiO ltte pllblil IullCllnll> g S II. tI AI\, slet I.i . r, ew tirleina ., July IGth 111:9. N'i 616 tuen6 al Ilitruyr du 3m1t ward 2du: Iut rU nieipitid6 loe anenaua 6pavea suivants o UII ciev,: alli 2 fanonll blanc, queuo t crin, Snaoins, et borgno de l'ucud droil Ia peu pros i 1 ,2 illains d hauteuir. g Uin choval brun qlleu ct raina nioirs, ls qulltro a, pate noire aveP uno bloassuro sIr la cassU droato e o de dertiitle. 16 tman de hanteur. is Un cltval ti criniire et queua noire, 15 mainul Sdie hiultur une piartio duI fanon droit d. dcrriere of blllcet les qluatreo pala in our brlle. - Les proprietairces tdes t llla l niae motal rlqgtll tie eo rendro au Ilroyyr du 3rnl word de It ie . ai niClallilit siitlu a Il'ancoiglturu o d ue rl.te Itb.t.i t t r. Aeaielcatioal prouver heir, payer Ins in ciharea oL ltc e retiri stir ol avant tailmedt le 17 ajill l I let 1839' ol II s'rot voleidus a 'cllcan par l' G. to NoI. L?1 i C ,-tt Wit. (r mI rtr ennteur bh. ii j , I!. CRAIN - ler li ,utenant. t CAIAPr 1,, A Ac luain.ntIs . . Ii v "ta n ta dehtI t fl. Chlarte.r o f IPht, I'Iliilll Y to ral;llerd by tlh,· i.. IeII.Y lon \.v ha )e Ih rld Ihvle id Ltakinag larltinetnd iro ilsks,anld le Inow prepllld Io r 'c iv e upplllhllnollls.t BUEIA. D ASSIIRANCES-IS I-'11. rs PIERS DIE LA N)ll'lEI,-l E llE.\Ns. tIi II u c I dCl i .III L \" IRa do (atoj No a 1 tA t c'ITAI., }31 I, 1110u IUPr tlia illlllt a l rlie rtn ittt Ciharhe da c ('iIII-v .t g uI lccortec,. pior .i t ,rilclahral, It etirat i litic dicy e surer i t, rre ls risque Mt ratelll s e t d ,u li"cl ve, at Sils at prita t recevoir hdem upapcrtiathlsei lX, t ''L Al \C Y , S ocrti airo. S RIlt't Il.IC O l 'It:XA.S.n. rN pSlanll ot f reiu. rnlelnt ti Inw ipas.d c ty ,g 'uui,'r ,e o hlf Ite Rupu, .u, approwd J.lttto:ry rt adverti e a lllduteiat to be aold l lots Io ti i ll (i'I Y n OF C(ALUII)UN, on am iy by htitn fixed. Nutlcn . In threlcy given that thce II,an the 'lte ity of Calhoun rR willh e ,tilard d alt I'b i Hale, all MonIIy, y IdIth t lday uof Nove,or ilnext, bIwPlwell the hours of Ten ys oi'clock. A M. ;antd I our u':lock, P M, at the CaLilp. am tol of this IRepublc, upon thete ri t seBt forll im thlle following cltralct frlou the law aboe mnju ct boned ty " Sac. 4.-Bo it firihir onactid, Plalt tihe lots ill it. said town shall bIe nffl red and sold for no other cur rency lithan gold. alvr, audited papler, or athe pro. meiscory notes of tills gove riulanit Sic. 6.-Bo it flathller enactcd, Tllat the 'aid loin ig lall lie su'd clc the followingt lu.rint, eiz: ilclt eilirth pert to biu ll id dowta, lid te otrr thlve and u igtlltei inont i . " Soc. 7.--ie it lrilirlcr enacted, Thati' etny poerson who shall purchaao any of tthee. aolireiald lota, HIlalt fil to tiliae peyicicn of ltait eev:c l inl tslalittilnta in conftrllttity with tills Act, li or tlucy halli"iortelbii all siuch it.ttc 's tIhey maiy a re. outly pa id, ai d the lt t puIrctiulel by IUch iteallul . ter shalrllurocrt t tah goverlma:ut of tlie liultub lit . Seoc. 8.--Be it further enacted, 'lat all personra, aliers noti eee'ited, shall have l the rivilege of pur chasige ad hlolilil tih aairlne. llal tim Prraldlt is i autchirlzed to ileaepuatents tthlt o eIoon ast the last in, Itatlmintat shall hlave bcon paid." The talo ccill colatinuo ioli day to dlay; until all or tic, lots shch hav bvea dihleploard of. ill C(:aihou is situetid on Ithe East end of Matagor. e da Islald. directly oil thIe M.ain Pae Illto Mn.atgor. a da Iay, ncd irilt' its adv anta.eouls position, widl d probably becalula tihe principal collrciail ciy at A Pain al the city eiay be ecl, iln tbie (t;irltrI S LealdOltf e. . The cloicp s in tliti Rnballlllic,tlieo (toliIIlr. cial tulletin, Piseyulc a at d clltro Altlaicill, of N. Orlciaia, will publialih ica uInI Ii ht lay oa ala., JAM.ES II. STARR SSecrlary of the Treasury. . CE.I.GE C. CIILLiS, ATTORNYc AT LAW, ILI.iiadte d. thS upireme Cotit, and iie t)iicrit' O N Il it, flul rrisld tga0 l sllg l ufh all crlle collnli.A---tol.e a Ihti(lly if tnHiolloi. (Ph i.n l it i .l r oIioent, eiilher our limrniy La ,n or Illlle willb i Illllir u kit i ull I prilly i uiiaiedad iu either for nun resident, or rrlrl.lca I"l.T"xias. Addreai tioh thl, Uii iieto I U aies-il i s n oali.. Nrw Oh,hIt10o. :31m f mar i-. -NI-tVh d yUo.o', ij ae in l nio-. -ur ale ahy ,, Ja7 (i I,,llti,; 44 N, w Leven L- A l i t Al t'IIAIIIE dant tolff i u,, ri -.utvii L lr o ylrep 't deo lurs actioni eat dub it iyua Iu 5 oaut 1839, all bcurau do tr compagJiio. 13j ailc 1, . EL.L' TRACY Sererurtr,. Edward LlfoIuIrco amtrio eon aidoacod ae la ditt o ciara de Duanuock & L'tl;llfl. P'I'AT du la Luiaihiei-Cur du Itrbruirr Dia J F orier JudIcirir N--iLu ccs.aion des bio.s do senhldO (c d i ila rdllciiers t des crd..rmlir do I)ilmock & Lalcita at. lieu el I'(udu, do Mr. A. alzuranu, notairu' public, la Vcndredi 3lI Aoun procluiu, ft 10 hieurus du matin, arto do d6lIhdrer nlr e u alflire: at .il atteldatll, taitlou poursulnoa judiciairon contra an porsunne et ea prtprid61ta -otao suapandoou. Mr. Edwin L. Lawisa et aunt a1id po reprducgnor Ica crd3ancicrs absent dane cttie ulluire. Pur aurdro de Ia cour, ie 26 Juilret 11'39. P. LE BLANC, d6p gref. a 1-4t--al 8 15 22 Edward I.ulfuoa vi. lii rrcditri and tiar crodiior of 'TATFm OF LOUISIANA--First Judicial Dltrict hlae cesinioa itf he iumtaverts' propercy is naceptd Inv Ilhe cuul urh leilw btli o h aI icl.diors. It i ordlerel Ilat a Illtrring I ns itedlliors id Uof Iht credirora oi I)ioalllllCk tIoI LufIetl, do lake tiLa at tl Ilf tare iti A- tl.aorei, eaq. mifoiar puhuIollc on Friday il1 iOlh dy tll An lga,,,tbi ill 018 Iteo'i'hti, A 3m, te land there riidhlnberare'i iiiiiaiiof,firsitad ii ilii meaoariia aill jdileial pIroiutcilgoa "molr-t their pmrsans i.d pr'. ieiirl t o aon,,id. i i. ftohr orderrd o ha Edwii, . i:iiitipa n iiaittt,·d caureprotenl the aboena croiti v ardFer ,af tliha Ihi 2nnti Jui t rY I . 4t--u1,S1l,.15,nt. . LI' L 1, t NC, dep. clerk. ' jy' ci DhRISE3, New t.evee ObR t t l 04 - iresih Filour f --a - ¢r july :'7 " ; Jtit,"F:Y, 44 New I.(ave SAllIl--.-~yI ktg leufrlanld ill lorla(lnrolelov / J:'.7 ( DitI.SKY:41 New t .aver SIla I a -15 +ltm i'tDFTi b aI aaor -ale Icha " tl) 3 i i t)l(SEY', 14 Set o Lier

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