Newspaper of True American, August 6, 1839, Page 1

August 6, 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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PRIici3 12a CENTS. ý+ ...o-= ----.-------- -- - -----..----_--- _- NEW ORLIEANS, 'TUESDJAY IIORNIN(G AUGUJST 6, 183i9 _- 1 1u '/em fthe .Neesp'*pr PY-,as of Nero (Jrhan'. . :1 1"ýi''14ý'ýý Terems of the rowspraper Press of Nero Orlen'l uuauiuol v fogoreed totot a olljrouriPd mreiril of ho P'roprietor', held oo th, 13Jh of Morch, '8i;7. SunslorloTrois.-'Twelve Iollars for the doilyv a or non lll , payable semi-aunoally in advance: telo dollort Ifr lho tri-weokly countlry ptupr, pvayale one year inl dvallce, whlre no city rel'rence is given. Five dflonrs for Iho Weekly; povoblo it o.llvolco. No a tla.riptilo will be discontinued until arrearugor ore s:ttle:i. Io case of di continuance, onle week's olllt ia rriling ost tie inv!arlibly given, previous to th ypirntios of sliuscripltion. Aotlv.nrlsilO.-lOn0 dollor per sostrn for the first 0syrtiofalndit half that Orico for each suosetlqert ooe: aly matoyril alrlttiorn fron the original advcrtirelnrelll will be cllharged asa new one. Yo.Al.r A0uv0l0rlsoo.s,.-Mrhrolnts anrd iry 'ery, ortv dolftro fir Egl, ish alotne, rnd sixty for both lan g.rigio; Ithlko, slrtrooaner Otli:es, olor other. simior oytli. institutiiuo, fil(y doltoro ii E'inylish only, and tighl,' for both lanuinages; Ship siid tealnlbo, Fro tors, or olltiio lllmerlch11ata sixty dol'loar in EInglih iei, onl eighty or bloth i l, l r[ s. hlorotorois , fiotrouti Novioes, an, rtin, es Cll. ifg t eh to oltiif the poilio to oters of property urild.of ouslbiorgr.'., bI -lito, &o. &rC..wilil ltoirgiol I one do oorr pel s.aro faor thlo hr.t i..rctiol in ouch ll FJ.I I..A. f itT .eleirlrNctATIOs., or Advertiriemnts, of any poerson i ill e, whor aodlulisooJ shall ei chlargedl double, A dduo.tii of itwyotftovenn e ,or. will be mode i, Auocii, ~Siherlly Iftoirsr of Willo, Iowl nlMarsahls oo s.lrhI of riili nsltre ireliisred in IIotl Iingooges, llod :5f per cent. ill Eollgllh alolle: 10l lrcent. oil salur o i other iroperly. AI)VnoIrIR:EnI rs oli t of lhf dirert line of blusiiloss of the lly d rti , arl:]] lt e]o l, slltilll. illr In lalt otrll aes, rolnooy shlves, stray lOillloi, &c. &. will hr.clhorget*l lil' x.-loteloy, nllll Ill the or, linry i ralr . .tii,,n I ronrti.n l o ooiion oifol.ri i lltil, , will bh pubisd 1 ne month, ad.1 chlargi'd o'corlinoly No oIl vri'ri.o u ots of ihnnkruplcis will he 0 hlishel0 Stiny c0se, lrloaolitr pIrvious tl iloertion, or 'The lrlno alolnoher pilal.:sol RIIIIof n .-tltlonf [ovrrtiSi1 h il l o otherol . to i clhrgoed i1 ifllfo iir .gliob R. o, i.iirla $1511 in hll loigoo'o. Aii alollo,l: o n.uri t ,r f rltothlits filr politicrl olTili' will lie olhoied dolllulillto price of orlhor advlrtite i r s,1 w wl t ¢ 11 t Ii Ile r ITro'otillntlII , shol l ie lllllli khi,'' . (n faoro ,rani ro'iblhl to each ohtr--the obli Ft1 1 ,. I H1l,"ot vls oit tlo olvrl~i"e or print for such d iI .y111i - .foll i 111 'lte lof adrlrore polhluelifo. tTi 4nuIdl JtC. Iho: S''. IO% lEIS J. IRAY)N, I' t. tlF'l , JIIIN (.I iNOSN, I.i, StIti N. tl"ha,'ry Pire - rV. hle. Urlhrsioued, oglnee to nbidhI by fir. rlot'o i: i n s lr ll'li i ý s fr they *re aliplica leo to i A it Iv biePrs. A. It. I.AIRVINCT, jil `11 V :h l r ipt on r lar t ken fur ll I 1n o i i ionto hos. ?Iou.iuIlI· IeI riiiIwl 222 , as Imti> __ II ~ 1E O RRIIOIDl. I AY'S IINLM INT-.-No FI:ion.--This ex chl tic al Collpo ailion, lthes result o CiallO, alllnd tl.e. invenllIo t o l celebrated aelldi cJal in i, tihe llntrohdula n aofwhilchl to the publil was invllvstt'd wit tille soalelnItiy of a deathbed hpll,, hts since gainelillld a reputation unparalleled, illy su'StalIuciLnL Iht ah-erreLtnI L of the aIO al ellteld lr Lrdalev'S alat tcolf'essioLn, that 1he LLdared not alil wtlllaatL zlvi1L Lo posterity the lbeal it of lid .ivno ; ':hdg : tion this lsubject," and le Lltherefor, , ,queahed to tl s fiendii and alttOlndant, Bl eiOnll IIavs, the uecret of hln discovery. It le now ueed in the principal hospitals, and tle r'ivat practiace in our conlry, first ale l moast r'trl .il v Ch tlthen cule of the Plle's, and ' . i xl0 0ll nivel ,dland aft. -:atlly as to baitlet credulity, unileh. wharn its ellber. are watluesed lE:xturnally in ti.: For extraordinary abheorptin; at on,. All Savellangs-Rlalducing thlln in a few houre IRhlualltn-lalr--Aculat or (:hronll, givilg quick Sorre Throa:t-Ily (Laaeers, Ulcert or Col-s. C ronu and IVll oolug Cougi--Externally, and oar tali' Cl.'L.l All I ru,., tSpraans, and Burns-Curing in a Sonls ad U lears--Whether freshl or long s n.l hdilng, and t'over ,ore.s. Its oIranlls upon Ladl lts and childrenll in redue ,l I ; 'llllll II i iswaa-lhllang', tillad lolaingt oughs anlI tagaille' ofi the i ilat !a y ielaxallon of tll partis, hi; bheel s Irprtsing byoLnd onl'eplion. The 0 0o:,l Ire IIIirk 11of those la hlIa av usedla ' it in llt' al, 1 Ir r.l, , all rletulrn Lilt e ptlll y ttlleh i withOlll ,ul, cor,.+ 'I , areu tilt posllve orders of the riel oullr lto 'le A rgent'-; anl d oiut of aaIallly t lhou. St,4,~ I01,hl, lot 0)e 1,as ben 1tc, c l llan ll .ilrl l.l I\V .iIagR l II'ItN'rt :c'rtllital: t It o anly llllngll, b11u pr,,hr I.t thiiaou who I'ell the arlutaica, a lallaad el I I oIL Nunu ur aihal to p.IrlthL iru. (:AU I'l N-Noneu can b re llntins without it alalhd oangraveild wrapperll, on wichl is iiay lle, sad all-u lthat of tile Ag0.ll0I. n II I)MII.N [AYi. Solt wllolaeale and retail, by CO).lMST'I)OC &, C(o, New York, and by ono Druggsct an every tonu- I l tlan llOla . For Iulo ih tLie \VhIlesale Agents, corner of (oni no0II & 'leuitloulaouhlae ll ilte t, anil by Ihe A poth carl a s generally. _. .3 - - a- NO CiUif-' NO PA I) lt .l. Il lN S 11,);, )I li cl, . I f 0 S i ,n v ilh , (0 r0 0, c nl hine; hl . prat~ice to the trha.l uln t If lallai l l I)1r. Ju/hnsos, fnlC u I rt'.hleoel" of lt:m +' years in lols Ili-ease,:, and frok hii [,,esent extnllsive IpratiCe il ltht pari ull rllar ilranch of t lhe prutel nloal, guarnl tes, spi tl'y and, ltletual cure to ia eltit pe.rlon as ar th ra l a taS il ali lowing ldisease, viz. il: Mt aulh W0aakalaa aa, ifet r i-LaVanrnl Ilualde cun Kei . , 1 ,n, Uret ilrJO, prsra it i(and Lo welha d 'I sill tlea, ultiarllonarr a tIle kirl Fraeci Thriut, Plinilld wial Au i Laa nIt.i..l.uayi..lna .. . -alhich ganeraerlly follow Renlie, l n aiLaaes clrdl in avIt to. latea i,ay n withou it tie Slla l rl;ler in lra i LrriJplion ronll lala e Ia onr ler - iiii il lht'! ,Lm lle, + s ,fih, ill , lll' l l.l l e to rlllacein Vanllerenl llnetan can be oh?. Slne l ar l ir.u hllln . I ae is aral tlne crel Ie of the Mlariana Iaera ia -l br11ial t al.-lll Lh luegllle I Iaa ( wIal u'aIed hy luilu dring tftaea.. 1 t nll which h eiged as Su llrglt ,+leo l| lrl wed in ll.lh- Fre ll lll 4rlly. [I;,'I01, tioy iiII'¢, t llo of VelIrItlll| 01 '0,0, 0l,1 ,Ibioioi 'aaa rivatS nulr a biu riacaicaa ea r ulia ardF r f e larl. elatl l al - i t It- . 1- ,ta , o r - e l la - i- l''q t I t h ,iei i +e , wooI I , I. i o a ,I he a.i lrv ai l r. -iion a a:all, ais pr, eer aledi r I lla mc ir' aa'ie m sii Inlthe nhotesl e d llll n ti00a e Ill n Sf wl c il t noitrll l, w l fo r l ic, it iataa r ll.e. a tll ine, o a -oi hal ain ta IIIth maliOal g u nti il tol lock atn ABI:IlNT -IY'e InI- r si'Pir I.[lXiIi. l )r. be 'l tela y, l gr, aitn+t f , ll'a ;Lt r t of ; I.op i wt a lluli ,r ha lltl 1111 ll-a a othIe 0a f tlta t a tt ai. I0 al0 I aialaOn ith the arrata a l nleeaal - nil.ait n itr as '0 lrivat "lledt p blic a lractice' far ri ii.warts of flrlt y l ,ia e, aa l11 ra.ain tl tIo adie lollowinga le n"IRtRa d :-nlll clnsf q tl nced ielnVin a ll'le llen fln inc.h naii bn Iat rlfy er, lai Ia , with i.aiiiaa a nd!i n aill aaaein arii; Ili r tlhe lile r tea iee n rn- ls ay Ilnaal naa inali Ieenl iwnh ore tllel cg t I l hIv tie u ;tive r ail i loundtll o aul-nauliealraaalia'k aa eaaci, aunieswItblael air 1 am aaedias''dIaa be maiany laI-a ds in try Abrnth eId klllll( + n l O IIInot ho + nr ll )eed oitin thef iot ofn oar k a-Itrtn I nI o ilhe forne li. pl le, ar it in i he roe swig an to thet heald whicd on cl surgeon %.l, purchar d bI halh au d 'en1ho0 ,tt " learge stlnl. It ic cstre. nloe a l elanat t . l the. Lut-r a, La a. a mitlad htllea aat.aal iwa kr t0,. thilae blowaaaltrlaee, imlausitr o t ant l Tire ragllt ials in I. st d cpheorSlilnlesle h lldred l s intnl it aw ht'le;I r iitovhe' the laatelst aaal'ira'l viea te l lya.e1ol ia Irligeutiuaa. aad ap.e-nto areurnaita Laly. luaiNow ie ,Yo11 N ',17d1Oah at, 1838. :15 lhulli llrta wit'rks stil:-Ia-ln0eitnenaeoftieaai.ig a sehllaa'ay life, I lve ben troubled, in ire or ale, with pol.rtraits f Pt arr'; li the lut llie i' tyt- 'cllw lr' a8ve ira'- ulea, 8 aaraaair lih -'rle a G arndison old lanit a A aai i aed N iure-mi alaa on Co-a'gIs l insopprt aIH leO i havf e +tried R t IP'll phv-icioln mJud t k ni h. i iid' k , a ales, with al derrtig alny ala-ha. I aIpnjiuiead aaf la prlag elna' relief, id rn nd i saic breastis, et uph in hopelenss deati (atoa; ieruaaal'dal by maany friends ta try Aberlaeriea'a ) nl 0tic lnlixir., lI le o a liilled the futh bla tl u ,iii kno, nt how ia Lx1tren0 na n iraion oaf itu r a.-itn l l a" i -o H1 Itt healah wa hihl I a iia ii Io-I ir= elver, Scud at'- half a dodiaeoalatile. a t c 111d except my l l+ fuicar hl-aiunas youl have acit e'yd by rcc wo lny ii lo iilt hlealah. I renain aouarse, Flrengentai aw in his palcersi-n c-ve huuldred ten intaaiail siniuar iu th, alt Ave, nf the amaaonlidhary vie raui aaa this atedinino. Solaal by aa.pyiait.aaeat, at D,.' Jalaoaaaa'a. 1411 laheavil Ie career, tog. 5 VLILABII+h ENG.LISHi iI'DITIONS. Gibaan'a Iniua'eilaaoau's works ltaaari s work-a-Woanerle, (nanlc) portraits Parey's Ierenolry rabianet--t'aoawer's worko,8fs eae . nIe 8 rast-Sir ('harles Gtandison Knodax a Aaiatorv o Nf the ref alr,nntion al biaagrt' n biographinol ditaintiarn &n &r. Just rneeit ea andcfrale by A+TO\VAII, Uarge enamelled aln muoaic breastpins, set up in the ern sitg. -NCY MIT CIJE. With blaaaial paintiagrs, I'ndingo fdom ship AIv.iaaaler feaum Bremen, fC-r i-I4 Magoztne st Gas e'ilt f1't jde Iiup'L,, JrLtLes :1y i It 9 9lly.0 Imty wit s fi ,tsi I'ittburg oal, in sm l DOeir r received itt the O(as Olice,. al(nk Allv. jail i F; W XVtt:.I,"fýs. S.,t'y, UR IIA XIS I)lOPI'S.--'Phista dict.o was discovered by the proi)rtser and aoim b:een sub jectid to his careful obisrveaiilot for lmanty years ii every vartely of pncli etie, and nil the dispnse, of the 'liversilied Amlerisrlt c ritelt ; andl it is not given to the public witlls Ithe I.i t coi lfidenrel believe that it is, as most ele.rly set Irtsh in the prorlphet tc'eottmtaying, the " st s o cine ever thirown within theit retrh of itat rls'es of slcihtiy. It is with t:he r es iter prif r e) y vivre in all tie inldiet s .whirit Mille( the iititn r, ce, Ir tt the eslnblish id ff et , flt, wh' t taln ,if ifs t,,i sitf mach it ncltsaccoordlini e the st:te of tlhe stol lach lanld Ihe tI; llre of t11 tIIIele , ll tilher an all llllrllt , diuretic,.lnhrtli ,r. xpco r nt, rcrpUII:II I eirI ct riedcne. t hai t it is ret lly uwhat it purp.rts tI its I'edls ill' is trial t, t tontlt y tie st ,t toir t'etll tS . TheI' flet isd ily ining ti tile knllwlutlet of tihe pI roprii r olr its I rlcll i' l an ll sivin ,t I i fe.l ill cses at Ibhe aigue tnd I, vert hiloo , tylh u%, ner vol and sel e it fi vers, mIic m . l e. I t,tt, lt r ,1 idvnrtllerry or llux, 6 i 1")1 4-1 Ior ll ml c-ice1 sIl i Ih tl that they are not only ware nted it w' rmhy rr cnmt mtendinil it, )ti t ilt') li' '+!Iel itl, ti Il,[l a senllsol (ll duty \whtlch th , II we to11I I* hIt M Itllly o Fsay tI all, try it, aihd yet will b Ut m plel ony to all we shavtue id in fthe f iu j ,t' . The chitdcrf itself, the w ,:st lt..¢. l,.eh ( hr j evetr visited our etillt sy, it.s ll l et l me el.]. l.Iu rld it'e proprietor i thlirle,,t ca , , whil IIle I .tle ol t'is m (hritllte ly-, w ithllo t l ti I l "n singI I le ]iItiN IA .l & l& DAVIS, S,. I, tet 11 ',ra ; it ia S ut tip iti pli ls tet ch neeoat ptine 1 f watt t iiattf i lll V 'It Nlltct dire ol l l lilllllrg ttbI lt ifly .It se , to b hrid for .ev ,"tol liv''· eltlt -s, which liake s ti It lll11 the. chits pL t 'Ie+tltllte ever offerU' d It the puiite. The anove medieine is so i whIols.''e and ret til )y oulr A rienls, Ilnr y l InnllltI l)nlýlu r t nllli A .' l iothi c a ry 'Te l sllllou l lll ir I l. NI w ()rl h ' e . l - + V' MI SIC-11, Nt live f litre; T'he Covet il: Ii t% I tliti' r ft he t r o l ifi ttt, i's II io,, , I lrnml " aalli nll ; 'he \ l W h imn I f ise ,1 it' 1 '.l.p peri : Tholt ,onl.gldI a ) .dv l honl lit mi h tr lilt Ir lung by t tll; S « ii I ill tIff tfe lll .t,' X ) etit t ifflll \ ; (. l 1 1o I f'fhtt"titt l lttc l-atl 1ff ltiti ft tt it t I',r i r l; hi towt; Af I1c n Iho tlr iln wal,. I 11 IXtl,+ol; chi, Wi mlh(, o IIi+ I",1 l, the Itlllf. tllal at tll- r; f'olrn to to 'lit (llini'illce+ Ju-t r ITt+vIvt' wl h -t Ire , 1u . b -d 9 It 1;( 1 1.;;Y , 19 C mlllllp st 'll,(ll II In IVI. A D A MALFr nlsAl , E'rom SoInhilo. (AblLotnmt) to A IguIIit 'Oo'aoj I I'AVI , bile v I s oth al r . III I " Ihe ariall I the m I'r 1fo NI'w iOllllW· ,in l " the i A- A golllllalIt .mnI, to Illk ,l A II. II:IIII s I'AAllAncolI l IlAl OAAAllllt( II.1" l~llbllI .OIm IIO :lAIA ii IAlIIl+tllllllll ' 111 (Ii GiCl t :d4lml N'l: I Sber v11111 nd Ilav Ill I·q.d ,u C'Ig t m ' +t'lle( 0i011a Ari lago, (haltt: 11 uch1,1 . (li'nA .nI t i Mo t VY. lItml) ll l hlb lI ll., Ill' . rlllt'llli lla ,kIl.Ot a llll I i . • ,lie:, to A.ugu.,in. A passenger~q talltkilklh bs se.n:t a ,| *s b ile is iln Io Ihalllnger IIf btlilln throwln, tl () 1 IIo , lorlo i II,; p ecI'Ie"tC' by Ioth,.r Olfltdicllll'i Ienn (·Int·r u , t. VIi• .' 'ltil I)A I.IN . Is Il but onIeL..~II I .ll e 1111d Inii Lkr III, . Cu1 It (hl·IlIIgil(llll A IA A, ll:ly t I' AI I ·llIll IlI llVIAI.lT r IIo Sltllh lll'lll~alia AllIII: lllt 1ii1I |flt ,l·L'tili(lld, I l'l)li. I lI1 U '(·:lllI. t'l' sllll at t+r % m:llqlll, III, Iv ~', \(ptlll" 111~ ll 1,"lil+l~+.11·t.) l Ctll:S - tiloph sto' mhlllll lccI.I . Th,: +real Ne(w O-heat+ Ali is catrlril· I) tills rol'lll. Th,' \gSt'ul lilr c cl, olmlllllllod . |ion1 , "'I lllr, A Na(. chtsnllld I)liktrl' lle lIIII t SNIA wIll"4lll ,tile lllolithoegl I c n tIlrl. -The ~mooth, had, ntIural rIIII. l he s. l aIdi ikAllr ' ing vr(-q lli+ety ron I n1 :Uc II lall" 1 l l l. 111I t i l LI il :11o l Ft' roml't| Ch lattsh' e Viornll ll a whll al , ll nli l r 1nc' I " o lilts led ville, ad oII 0 Maon I() \(il ll) ight lll I lllr. Al'lla wrsm .A 10 '.1 roA t th19 :, 1 ,5 kl81, C+ \tq IAht IIe-S. Sl 1 IA'IhCK1' OIL S lll . ll. A AG is s, NOAItII Cl. I 'IA5. , A (Olicent ~ I~r ManinHoillabl I.II ,IIIlllt s lit ii h l IhllSll A il S d lI'S Allllll l IIII. lllh.Js Il | U Ii tl~lhllS (H Ii. i~llihIICIiii iiii IIII N 1 l.llllI .111k Aw hllllA SilAc 10:I 1 oll elOllnl 11 l T I.I.I 11) i.' IIl , ll h lln IOle o Mo le E+ 1 I~lc.atMmimImMobile t uui N) II .l l I I' ll', 111 1'.Il I l 1 nllI h 11111 1111·1 lill IlbrI·lll' (Ilrl'lrth ll C(I tIlI11 o 1 A mpIIII iI 1 11 aHI liard C (Ili(IY(III l Otl~lllII'AII.C l'Al I llgl l··lI'; III I l 1 11 .010 i 111191 b. 11 I· A IlIIIIIA1 l 1 111111 t :ill Il I ll' i llllltY III '00 IIJI ll iI' ' Alll 'il; , creel hal' just!ben comllte +.+ \thlk Ugt)- lgow I 0 .l I. II' l IAI'l1'Il lI 1'tl llllil .11 111 111411111.1 m11111 1t,11 (Ih, hnl' h o1rI ' 11 r"1111 I II 1 1 11 ('ll~ t~qo Ill 011111) II' il~l', i +-M ..|Ilelkll . |I . IIli'II r III1 :l),I l I(I (llltil t~lh·ll.· I I I~llv hl s1illl'l t ll Ay r101II AI'II e ;: lll'llll I S C N0 . II.A IAII t IIng IIII' Silullerl I 'A IIII h ll thael . sl hgt, dr i ters liltend (hlarelof he tirs 0 ml ;:lnl ns~l I|l ,+li l 1 b 1 ' I I 1ho 1a :IIlI l Ilr'll II I 11 U l l . Swrits I bl eault y uIs. IAAlllI iit.AA Olll'll IIIes h Ill, 1 l1111t0 lll' 111' 01,ll, |1'l. II' 11.h1 I I l 111110 lil t 1 1 . 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'|'111++lllI/ A llllA C 11 1 0 11 ll,+C llll 01 .t1 11. w1111 ilie hudII is wih 11 a4 ly 01 t1 bj00 ct 1 l 111111 AlllljLI II 'll~( 11 011 11111 011111 A111:1· 1111110· II..I(1(I cors derabhle i terentl. |E.xpoll ure o+f w,'Irllrm altesl Il-he lelk '1 la e n1ll d h11 n s ,cUldlo . 11 1211011| ;11 or hard11 101111110 111 1111 111l·; 1111)·~l 111ll~ll.l 11111 1111 r :).. IIllILI n11 , ald I the I ilventi ll11 1 Iii h rlllll l cili'llhllir h1uve1 1111 IF" 1-Aoriul· * 11111111111 : I nll lllldel uIII, 1111 )lll |I1A [III t m erI lv i ti l 111 11ec,11 I. ary v 1ry dly a1rt111 h0111 , 1 t IIveA' o 0 Is lulurll·li Il~r l I·I)IIIII~ll~l lt IlAll(I ')('''ol)l l r 1 1 110111 IU; O I, 1101' 11and lIllI llacl e .111 A lIll llll 0111 Si ,hl whole. -le l )d rtail at No. 95 Ct Istom- I h,, . 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Il llll ,l 1,1 APchll ll, u, l Sll h 1t'r l| Il£, ll-, "t iler I 1J. kIA.r 1 AI , A AllloA iIlew o llr i 1t. Dr. A I Ialrlhll, CorIer SIt Ja lllhr a rti eIhasoUil a oI1 J. Rot IL. alfl y .tto Ci hi. G N Ihlorri on .No II, C .lntll l e I C JosI, OorAAr Ttvoli Clrtlt 9n0 Tri'n ott91. TIII IAA t11 .11 hl 00 5 IA boo1., 1 ollr ii l A. 'l Ito u aa~a gnsahsa A A)L AI NERIIS LIQUID l).IENel'ILA.-lt ' bee ko olong used. 101 10re anol In1.0re ArrAth Ti1h niohrIIi sicess. IO r eltllnntin and hl.irol ng tIhe rlth, and prevll nting the 1 o1l0 ncht : pr1s0rvina Ih i goP o, PU. i lllyig II. bratl, allld r0I0i0n1 i moll disr4000 h III mIl hA Itoolb It libloP i e1her r 1h11 adllt Ir infnht --011e tcI slil0oniul, l lio, 0 0 d it t 5ne gla[:illd I' IiurP wa Dr, an.d soI D PIIIIRleD t eL tert In l suAllllf nnCll " ifll0 W a 0 III l olll elll lul IIoII, llt veni scuirvy, and ward otf thatl exernisatilng? pP 1 00ll" cIllO l .lth t ll t1 t A ' I r1e. Ihr1 ll 11 t itTo r l Clt o ll rl, aln Ol ol111I . l nll F L I IIOlt- 1 10 Ihi.Alr. Anr tAl ,l4l t (00, fi0r Ol by iiiIIO~llP,-to Il i ai+ll~lig y 4 Now rl I I Inoo ch I 'A'I1'E OF LOUISIANA--FIrst Jud.cial Dis.. - trict Court. The S.tate of Louisiana, to all whom these pro. sents shall cnme, greeting: Whereas, William Mlackey, of the city of Maya. ville, Ktitrclky, having purcharsed at a snlo uatle by the Slmrriff of the parish of Orleans, the pro porty hereinrafter described, has appled to the ehark of this cour t, in whose office thue deed of sale was recorded on the second day of Mlay. A.D. 1 39, for a iloniition or advertisemnnt in conformity to alln act of thie LIegislaturo of the State of Lnuisiana, entitled "an act for the further assurance of tiller to iasre mters at idirtial sales," approved the tenth day of Mlarcrl, 1834. Now, thteretfoe, know ye, and all persons inte. rerttd hertin, are horeby cited and admonivoa d in the nae' of ttl Itate of Luisiaona, and of the First Judicial District Court, who crn i et up any tight, title or claim It and to theo property hrern. after described, in eolnseqluence ol iy flll)rmlllality in tie order, decree, or jludgment of tole court uon. der which thle salo was made, or any irrtgularity or i illegality in tihe a:praisemnerl and advertis(ientst , inll tl, or lnlner of salo, or oIr anly other defi:ct whtatsnevt'r, to .show cause, within thirly dtys frnom the day this monition is first inserted in the puhhi In rnr , why the roet o onade ahould iot be con. timned tail ho, oltntgatttd. Te'lr said ,property was sold by tihe Sheriff rtih i p trish al'urraid oni the tlth day of April, A. 1). 1839, by virtue ofr a decree of this ,tort, rendiered I on the 21 day of March, A. D. 139, in a suit en tilled Vdiliam Mackey vs. Ilier & Strcver, No 17,376 of the doukot iof this court, at which sale I flte said \\illiitn Mackey iec-amre the oprchasor ftr tih prilc oft Ihtenty oe'7n11 thousanlld and one t huelred dolla's, payable as follows, viz:t T1he Ipn chaser assumllig tihe IUllpaymentl of oln. I 1hal of) t)wo noites of six thuLmsand sevell hunlllldred l and sixty.five dollars and fifty.six cenotr, each toe I due ot the 2li!r iIf March, 18t, and the baianca I cahit; tti purchaser assuling also, the ri of eigh ri Ihoul all i and iv r Itutndred ihrllars, duo to .the Utllinkl It-ml of Lttisiailla.i. withi ilnterst iat ter pler I clnt. frotam Iot Fe:bruary, 1839, and tithe balance in crash, and reservie a'tp-cial milll gage on the pro party etold untitll tt s Ie is p 'id. I)ocr:lptmn of propotty as givmn on'I tihe juniciali Tll; unhvidel half oftwo c,.rla in ints o`' gr unrd, together with all the l ,ll Ies " and ilmrll o mtnll ts thll'ereonll, rlgh: , Ia te, oI: ttl servitudes, pr llI. Ile s ualt ld t l dvntlllt ,s tlhreelnto hlonglg, ,r iany wise alppertaini g: siaid lo ts aIjoin a.h other anld mlake pat o tthe I ttiur ill lfrott tofrrtlhe suburb st. lanry of this r.y, forming thei lowt r coinr .' Julia and Ntvw I.vtce streets, designated by Nus. Nilne ticer an' Twenty, o a plan of said blttire deposited in the thine of Frix Gruma Nutaty, dated the thirtieth Jutie, 1832. Lot No. nIllten measuring fortyonloi fret six inches troot o said New , .ivcu street, by one hundred Ihalt in deplth m rei ori lsotr, by a t, ,ri dtilott of .hosrph I'ihli, city surveyr, datuled 35-irch 231i, 18301, it appears t tiltld two lOts oeasure togth. or, in Eegtish miaslctre, sevnn!y fcri front o Nuw Lvete stret, by one huidria d Iot in dtih; togeth. - r, also, with twit if red shart:s of the stoiea t a trlaess the lion. A. M. 13uLchamra, Judge of the ( ourt nl'obrest d, this 6th May, I39. l;'l''i' DlE ILA 1iilol1 INt . ('nur du Prenur District Jludliaire-,l,'tant tde la lOII+ LIIaP,-a1 tuns ctux quI e Ces lprellter Con. A TI'EN D'' u qoo 1illian Makeky, de la ville de l laysvdll, J ienccky, lyallt achell~ a i tle V';: 1o1i par Ie Sheri|'de la o'aruied owprrdas Ia ron. ptidid ciaeples dcrIte, d s'et addrey , au grrfi; due c-Ate eHiolrs ,,u i, d|ie vein, flt enlrlyiatrte It.- :2enc jour Ide aln de I',nllto 1839, pI nr tul aria, con. trldent aI un act de In lo dgoolaturi de o 'rutt du I ollllo l. iolilllle '' A to lpour con(lllirmler titrs des ncquirllr rs Illx velltes j lltociolros ;" ap. prumiv(, I 10 Mare 1u34.. Qlu',l s.ot cmorlt, ct llIutes plersonines iln (resP·i soelt par Crs prd-m.etcs .0lto .s anll n ln de I'l"tat deI Ii eltlllia Ie l a Io llr dI I'remlllr district Jldllall re qu p urrTientllll lavor dromt Ia li prolpr'l ei.alpres d'O rlte, toll c t. queclled d'i ddl eut di thrlue dlms I'urdre, 10 dderet I o llle j ige nt do Ii la cour, ll verltl dl u,uel 11 vnte din hienu dOe t0ut0 irrogularilC nu il(lgahld dono conit, on pouru neo nutre c:,,0 , qu1c1 l too , do a ro v11 11 ir 1 m tvon t0,1 ur1. 1 daI r do la p ub . teinIt cl o o a.lrl, pI,,,1 n1,'o a l , t. anrll lt, lie, o ,r'it pi as co fli ., hme' lof lo llo islhl+!. La l1, i pruprt( 'tit vItenduo, par i ' Shdr ll'sll ut |it le Ihern jour d'A.rd de I'anmec l8 9, ui vertu 'n d ,ll "rlll " l l( idlelle t IcourI r d:lll ll Iir M ars. ' do I',nn6 1'39, doans I'."t rn de \\ibhain baickley ,om lhir t teever, No. 17,370o do d~ck, du tte l cour, ntei a ,lll' , I r t ledit \'llhlim 1 ,,,,,y 't, ret dill ' a q ru llr pour le prx t ie 1 7,10 0 $p i,ly , obi ,+ m . ol ll-osv, olllolsloi l 1L'nespt. yenr noaut le pa ltnft de I lmtll it de iLeosux hilir'l de, oiol.5 56 c,'lnts chape, qll seronl dus le 2o6 mars 1810, et I, b.h,,lroce conptant; I'. urcur osunlant udso do idc l oor1l ft ftI do 11o0 . ,30 0 do, is a la ianique do I'U iiorn loti la ,or siatl0 avc intlrl t nill t ll de 10 pour cellt , coIptlr al leir. Fvrier 18 9, et la balanle lornplltnlt, et re. servanlt lIute hypothelque lCCl alt sir Ila proprItd vendue, ju.qu'a c quelle call payde. D -escripti , do hI proprieid d'apres l transferLLI 3udictairo. La moitd ir dovis o of dt,x ci r in lots do terre avoc blr o itises elt Nidlliorltionl qui 'y trouvent, nins lqua Is dr oits, chemirns couturlns, oervltudcs, ilrevleOgeli et avantages l y apulIrtenan d'unle Itmnure+ quelclnque; ces lots stInt con:hutl at tent partic de In bntture eo na, tl du ftubourg Ste. larte de cetto ville, d ormant I'encoig.ure L t plus basse des rues Julho tt Nouvelle Lnd:o, et wont doolglds pa"r ls ioo. 19 et vinoi, sutr ti plan du r die batture, ditl:oSd eon I'6tudl do Felix ;vriia notaire, dat6 du 30 Jau0 18362. Le lot no. 19 me. cure 41 pi1s 6( pouces de face a la rue de nl Nile. Lorid, slir 100 ilds l.tllus oil mIins do protondur, d'aprs ton certifical dd Joseph Plhd, voyer de lan ville, date du 25 mars 1836, II parait tque ces denx tilats terrains lllnesure t ll nselll tbh til, l glitrds alllglalis, 70 poed, lu f~ee a I, rue do la Nouvelle .Lord<, sur 10;0 de lilrollndur : avec auss, 2.)0 actious 11a fond capital do loa Banque do l'Union do la Ido'nin Ilhlono1rale A. 1 M. A uchanan, j,,ge do la cour susdled, c: 6 Mali 18.18. '. L.E IBLANC,I 0 1hnai 4t D, i'll' oIl lir. WN'RIS, ol, :NIrs,, r lo'TAlI \,,o rsF,, I."\tI 5I0).1II' ca .n hance their Bills struck of," in on+, or d ore 'ollred inks on llaioot or ,lared P''er, wit I'o) dren ahnd St. Chllarlals stlleetl. I t- ,111o 1 to llls .\I 1 ll"u11:' -- ll l i4 j l ul ve |1h 0, 11e & I i S t t' 'r b .i \l 11 lu I , I 10.-M otfl il a I' oi 0; fitl,P ftY ,WAill.-Ih're su&orru-, o,,,,10 lecturers and tholesale dealers in sdldlcly 01oo1ds, a1ir ino reI 'oeo,ll h.y lat arrivals 1n1 t he Isve ahsortinel t l f i ticles in I 1 her lin , altl ng 0lo 110 a rthe in 1loll .o -, viz: lll 0l ir l Iht, Oqoohl\ lol oolo Vii : LUtdies and mincses Il.hln and quilted siddl, s, I SOentlemen's do ' pnihl dho do do Cleolh d, dliti Amir. do uul h's do Npan sh d ,o do ( I o dodo Al.r.and E: n. brdles aIol b Alidlc iui untn.. do do dnatin le.,si Plated, brass, and y ilpsned coach hlraes,, do lt o d1o ', a,, suloo te, , do (|o do -r Iu'llhe ho I ' do Inlruu.llu I d, Driay, Pnt and wagon ld d tddle , ail 1 , 0LII1tio!c ando nr le; va'icens;li nl dcal oadule h oll, rl ss Is carpet blillgs best non raln Ions her hlno Irueiks, Ilats nallr ; Icatiher boul tutu d,,, I sllrleld sizes a d var~e 1 1 style)'1 1-; hlis'oI 11and pistol ilhi l; coach, gi0, sulley', iwo l ald p'an1 10rs Sirl ois anid sursinles; s:iru;, lea0 hers: tnllk I straps .an w ri-ul rlin web; ,lih n an bllt k i olanles; blind briitlies and Ines; u! h iei ll, , s, an1d h,rs' nnd mloeo Culars,' a1 a'r qalaliis; hme. rocc,.t, ol, ,b0. Itr.o he lol nd bufftll s' ins; pa01ed bresS and steel b ule" bite of ev ry descr1iton, I lit,11,d, brlass an se l spulrs olf ctrv deslrpllonli o

plaoed, brao- and steel s01r0up0s of every descripA 'ro;etP r with!l n ernlplelte assortment of everyl oIe:r fl0 sl.e on cecommo1da1ilr 1:rmP. They will also continue to reelve lhrlollogh tohe i ear, by pa:ckets from New York, Iesl st ,I[oles to keep their stock mplel and clloplele. KUUItES, DAVIDSION & co, C1 1b )'ll 1. 0(I K'% cheap. blauk Ilbooks, mae, ',, ll ll 1 Ilrlto pI1er qllills, , c. &e., a large Iloll fir.l rate ossertllmt fr stile lw by AI.EX. 1'AIt, nloy :1 49 Camp sraeet. F.LAGG STONES-600 yds Flagg Stolnes loining Sfro ship at. I.rawrence, for cail ill.y m tia P \-I'(llrrnE t io3ni, :P if'looo110 IUCINA CORDIAL. 1: 'tOl L .tDl E I'; I.fI h' ll . i I.t IIlliE. 1,\1l0lUl.-The Iroird e tutr +A^nt i, the il inar ('ld 8 1 Ir "'lxlr " ,i G , r, rtur l, fh-; it . r l 11ll6 Iflll t rrl t c I i t,, aI ,i. r l II,. m - 1 - - ni ia llt-., rIla v L .in l ,1 ,111 h ir In hi. , ill, tlhl. 'n' ilc wel-Illl ll.ll ied IIe il Io T -li-lli Io ordiýul / 1n .tlhelr "h" n 11. 55 iv "t .ll, Ir. i IIg wI I5h11,1 e I ,'hts; bwull mll till-t ll li lllli llf l l Il I<.ii1it i o'l , I us Irillt) the l l Ilhe e J 5 , l6 r w' i ln int , lll151 l5l5',1, ltl-i-I 1 I II lhl< l rntill( iL rl lliht h ll ln. in 1'.i n" h '11 ;, I Jil i _1 l II IIIIIVVIIlt 1 i ll I t" Ih' would Illll,'iil Ik1e h;nal Icure lIr t. Iludr l +ba ,, i ,. d a, tv . ;.l11 Is t i I,' I " 1 , 1i< di1. ve r or tl ,,r,. e. I ,1 I f o l-, i llllhll, , l ii lea allid bulr ir enn n Ii t l alt . -l . i) il, ,it1 vnsily int, , otn, , yum ilis, it ics nl, In lI u. - ,155 ,. hr ". ' .1 ,1 tion . tI .e F kin, ,lri ic+ - tiu th ll, 1151 ne. d , .ic. b ll n llf six minces ll, l r I llll I r li l w .icih i< I.l-.1- 5in n.. half the p. 1c h n el .,,d fir- it in JOllHN V1r i WINTEI 11111i.111 ' i\Vlll , M. D. " ,b ;t,, ,t. w, 1 1.o npea ( ir. TI' ,,11d.v.` I )I1I'dle i, fln nwin r(l. · a n IOe-+le l tiI wr - il x 11,. .ia r inli l o . l.l·, hl ,l wrr It thllga· i. tIih ( aillllr. To ý lr 4l Imw t, . N \ Iý !! ,++ 11 ýil i.I'F 11 ..'III li.-1 f ( !l'nir ln In1 :a th e nl ir ifro ih rl l n h.t o rt in 11ien1'tit h1 -h1, td h ,Iw har .ins t he + ro r n, ,it rn n'. - Iv, thk Ils ol it R( ead· r th a ll i ~n -l;lll , 1, llll pl ill 1hoir ot."lj lll.ll lnll<ncr: |ho re ltlillllrr ,i! ITI (i1" I:%',- mIIP coln UiT; t(nl(id i lls l viw li:-n ,+. ,nt . ;,);.>,wing:- linhe.rt hi'hnrtoa. EsIn;1,ltol 3hv.r ,fI sIdl vi Ipt+ hits certhi+.' ie n ton )- se,+n belh),% Ih hlh ',), 4r oif 4e flh ) 4oll 4444tl e 4l. th . B' ))-f* ('.hiredelll ii . IP ("vI . rI P . ,'~.11(. FIY ' Ohri 19.IPll hn ve I 1II If t ·lltlllr i i~l? 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Peters' Viegiaiblce Pll Isarc t'e safl ti, mi at ol. i e tual and 'cc I nom cllscs rem I',I discc ,.s of the h us coll ontltlt o tih t hI 0l0c'r leen Ihsauvered. Dor. Petrs, the Invntor lof this invnlhd e ' iedi tilln Ilrhm his knowl ldgu of theI I tin lll systell derive..t fromn a lon{g and extenlsive prllacti, has arrived to t .is eonclusiotl n, tul t trle great a t pri. mery caIlss of moll'l t dlspase,, is a rd bran,, ,nont in tile tcllanctions oi f tih liver, r I clellt W ldsl al l in creased or dincloished sec'retion of the bile.. So well is Ils understood, thati ist i common for lperson to say when they feel unwell, that ilhey arce biht sc, meaning that they have too metich cle cn liheo strllaei. Oli thie other thald, whe n tihe flow of hile is dimimished, the proc'ess of dices i, lls imnperibetly pet.i orm d, thie patient ieasi ' Iws cak and ilmcllciccatcdi, betcaus i ollllCishic entl r'cleICc c ItoIi 1 t cci ld tliaken into tihe ot ,ccaslh is not prloper y i ,x. traeted, and thi fodl is ctje'icd in a criude state. IDr. Peters is coctidelt that the Pam.ous Iligean Theory, so called, that, " impurity of the blood is the cbause of all diseases," is a great absurdity. Every sol w o retleels on the sub ject a cmomet, will perceive that pucrity oft tih blood is a secon. da y not lt prniary Icomplaint- the effect and not thle cause oldisase. When thle funtionsof the 'liver arl dtranged, and ti e flow of bile inleased, it is oftien tlaken up hy thle absor cut vessels and cttrri.e into the circulactlna, ocd becomes c ilicgni wi b thle hbloodl, as in jlcndloe, when ite patlent shllows it iL !is collintctenesit. No.v this impurity oft blood is caued by an increasei sflow oft' bie, and it remedy it, you ]iscet currect thle secretions of the live-, lnd rIs' ore It to a ,io althI y state. IDr. Peters has spent iinch imei . in xpernilent s ing with dl'erent vegesta e mc edsine, ftu, disfoses of lhe Inver; and iow' oltiers his Vegetable Pill , as the best, isit c'c'onven' t, andt cheaplest i eodi cine. that cn bell prlepared for gelneral use. Is. Peters dicotters himself that his on, l e.ri In leting wich vegetable medicines hais enib'odJ him tic dcvl.t'r c ttru'e n;ild oil sibslilltte acnswerin all tn purpos es itll 'relria witiouit ay of thleio atte, dint evils. One goreat qu,'ity ofhis vegetablili ill is that they ihave te ailtterative principle co, bihed with their cathartic, or operativc' qual ties, so lhst they not only cleansi thie stotn.clh oasd icowels by purging, but they regulate the hcer, ichange itheo norbid secretions, sitlentthens tihe d stl've oras, purify' tihe blood, ilvigor.cgtc tihe c'rslctlion, -ci I giestonec and enregy to tihe her.. von system. They ame mild and pleasant in their operation, and 1 nvey amnost immedicate convicotiol of their utihlty from thie first dose. They can taken with si.cty by persons ofaany Ag ; and the fesbo , te sfirm, the nervous, and thie deliecate, 5 e ,tree gthlcn'tl by their riopertlion, becausei they cleart thib system of lt bad humoursis qut nerv', itirrita bilty, sand ilcncic Lily licprodce s'eccd health. T'he Vegetable I'Pdi .s are a sie remedy ir j die', sick and nervous hcaduche, dys epsin, co, cess, sicknessoiftc e stolaccciI, eartbicurni, all bi conptlaints, levers of all kini;s, and if takeln icoliotn' mentttiit will invariably che'k their gress, and savetlhe patnent fronm a protracted dloigetous vicken,,s. 'T'hey are invaluahle in vons and bypocondrical afiections, loss of ite, and t I complaints to whicet fematles ul, cclcj'ct. They oiperate as a mild aond sped p and are a sale and cert ton tessedy for worm Sissc, 1 Ihave introducet ! my Vety ,'tablhs Pills to the lo bbIe . hav receuivsd n1merus cisletficates of t sCr rneuprisosr eflica''y in suringl tselsss, as s, .y letters .iros u nrsp.cLa.le slhys'cians, wh,, ilav Ilsld ths in thicr pracrtice with tle be:,L I might publish a small volmne of coltificates, bul c ns hidtr it lllonecs..slry, s ths t i leilicile will recoumnerd it.elf Io all who wi I mrike trial of it. The above pills are in huxeIs, contaiug I (1 pills each. Price, 50i coont per box, Droggists andll country merchants n be sup. phled, at whoisra'e or retal, at )r. Peters' princi p sl onslce, no. 65 loydrals street, bhetween Magazine :ad l (: n .s. New O'u()'as ALIs.O for *ale by G(. . lsrsiin & (Co, 11 Canalatreeot: PP i llie, drna gist 112 old L vere, between the Iwo markets: Mr.11Br'Ehier,druggist, at the V\ashingloIt market : C .1Treinch i, d,'ug. gi-t, corner of C onal & Bourbon streets: (: A Reod & Co, druggists, coarner of 'rThu.nttol st & Girod streats : J Rossi, druggist, LI flsyyotte city. mlf, I I..I ( I <.. r1 \ :I/ - ost s ,,,,, , w I;r., fine, hr sale ( hotl by I) I 'IT .\ , soB'sn nn b li .. . . ' iv , t In nI,! !",W vn 0',- tIr " noll ri e.+ ..l;-: b' . .re set v a tnd isI'ph Il- . " T1 ad1-1 til.I!sts' l iVl lýss 11I 1 i-t lNl llt li nhll Id l ,l ny hlll I" r ,ll i s ek nf ( tihlhs IIt i 'lrlI( +, I i l la ,11- i,11s 0 i , s I.h' -: I '. hi',, o c i" fIg ede . hr a nbn , wer. d i r, r , .m,,', .; l k, ,C 1 .II in in], il!v an d Ale" in ln, s,' . .rls: an s -',s reso Id; hoe, issaodoll a, s 's.I sh. s":s vvs'r rv ,ntw ,l;'n], t tllh .1 ise" s's 1st ss' Is In:lss .s I h l· - c. ; 1 hI ln .t l. I -w ,l and i ,I ro * l s'G sIIt . . 2il, l, ; illnl tll2 's t .ntiltlle ll), uI.I !,' ,,. - 11, 1111. t ,, s h it i h 'll , a tll I 1 Pi s asls' 1 I, l '' \ls Is w l1 , 'll r ',,lb. d ; sv , ,. n I t l[ ,r il d en Ili s ,l"tI:'<l 1 :! bC ' ll +.JI ,In1. i a'raso the Ci ,ltlC l;o'a o. Ns , o n n .,i i , r, acad f uriy m Ioriday, ' 1 ,i. I n.. t r , , t Noi - 19 I.lcd / tad e, Ir in. ' d 'lrl,,'e do . I I 1, . IIo W l, ,s.II s, in Flrn 1,1i 1' 1,5nd t it s s s i, h I s h It h sa.s ss e h vr. 1 r;Sr I, ,rI, A le t., r, 61n1 sierak bI l+ hW th s ll"l . .ase w Iel I", I nn'C A d p" n - e- " ss' sli.'s--' 'r'' Il s r 5clll 5vrlLvr 1 it'e th i sc . n ,v''I.C . Alt . Itll, rlll ! ~lp ,l m LCK I. W n h':" I.Pn.H C .l Ih+ nh iia. c s ir nealrcan n. r d - l , s l housh ll Il t1 w ll lsh l, ir e itttre I \ ist l i t t'. , ul'Rtil C . ..3,, Ch"ne` , e eCCas,"re hbl inS heleiso ast 'ahs toiaass shlsan a ',ko ii , a it t t - t,I fltlt"1 i1 l "4n A's : hsrss I oss sh!d I sslsT'Tll Y , Y s tras r I : s: t . t, a ho ssc h lt,. A s ltts ; S it , ubt j have*, 44 - Is I.5I 1 sNlls-onror ' 1nd on, I hr +p u 1". P 1 10 fl, k, , ll, ' IT amE , +i am - streame E opessno rs tn tsal b'tr s1aor b " l !-I sI Ito l , 31 ssss.ta lras c C lrl of l i I I I Is t s ls.e sstl ts're s ir is . ,ssr'ts \\hilPAII.StIIsAI k lton ?mdt.s,s fis. l t'ttsltt't & Is'III For slI.o ll' ' *~,. ~l~,utt to of f l .tt iillld t unl posI l ttil , s.p: ily ir lo o lto rt, lrn S lt,: le v 'Itt: p ollp lr Iill I tile neud to tov atlv illlnL ill it 3lll . ort itt it Ia to hee! ltrt i ly 0 'ne e1.1110. ! I. h Ii ttl all i t'·llll I l th Ii i rl ( dllllll) hor e.x.',, i trn l ( ntll. 1hat h s.I ev.',,r been d-ico. vierill. Imbheld to, speed anl cirl t .:r nlty of iits opei rtoi itIo t it t .tOti ia ,rat ot e otitt l Lr I ,h' ; a tt It t I: , ;% ll ..i .l lrll: , 111 \,lr ll rt.l:Il (1 ]lil:l l~lll·L ti· . l'lll ll' .,I' oil-. it llo t tt . s ider 't i igt io e bitybt . I . iit tttllll yicld t i1.h . ll' Larltlllly' t .su ertt r1 ,1 :II1 ll d (l<1S, w il il~·H a lli a lnd fiSII ), ly.ll, . lllll . Idiot I 'it-o i l-tp~lrlii b'It'io'a - N'*"-II II ~jlLi~r ! .{111"111 .1i Ii l~lclrJl.lll llltI 1 1),l h I(T-l~ll · d ll lrl.*( Il'ell'r, r in r a~l~r~ can tl~r be nagne, have1 been dellT t ;r ye ll) il it l- i l t lln twi t tlll h I . I Ih h L/ 1 fr put tioouretioto Oiit4 otlititit itto tr t een in the. I m : ih; , I' r~I hid diol., tier ilf a (i·l i t ·Clhlll. b 1/. il~ lll~.r lll lrllll ll' Illl(r \V~illl S·ll·l~ lll IIL otnt, itso w r oittit tt rat -r s o lru .th-t-tt ie wl at o ce trri l t th, ln, m l Ih p . I relltly' s piv e rior to li y 1, ,,11 1I111t IIl ,.l lll' li , rller rbrt;hi t, e eIla ilbd cIII . , ulll tlIll II1 u LU Ir· '.l billr ileqt t ",toltl t ' i ri 'l, lll hlillll.ll ito ItIIr ctl 1 · I'lr I' - 't trloll r ll' 5 d.1 y e lill t Ih i I I , lie t11+1!1"l 11 (1 ·1/) iir CIlnil. !.i:,ril~ 11~ 1 11 T a plll irllprl t rlt has rel "ily;l.' .t 1, Illllljl~ll] rtittltu t t ill Id (oi th Illllllllttutt in far r (11 Il. " R bestle; Uttlli ntllll l"l ill,.v l,, l l .t a n, u dred ofl" 1l·II i~ll ille roll vlll~rti l~ l uly rel el~ lbl~ll1,11 ii~lle.ilSCI olllr~ rllt cll \ i ty I el b re i ll the same c lY I"': I)l l ll'' t\; Il[ J.9 I [ illrv ll'l~l:I( Illl- j(IIL· lll .lllr P1 ro . redlll ;ll tl l'9 elrti l y sltr, , . w Yor{l, l ll n. Mr I tt it" tit )·II 0 lll : COl: p iwllnl l I xtr.c.(. C oII l:p ·iha :o / pl'u'illaI --.'% c,' slh, :mlld t. IaClt'lIctall le:It di l et elrt, i,eo lla llC t he th .tlll.leeme o nlt he , I·\.,ll cllseItll(.1%.%, llll(·)'lI:I·Y b!lil ill till. t11i IItI Iih. lll(Jllal Itlllllic t l \ hI tell , r1.. i anI Ilaliv, I 'iIt' ot th: Io l nioLwL. oilI b'ed ,' ,the C ul ic /Irl~lll l :'lll h I~l~lcl l ' . t it k.1 I h s~l-ia creit | ar (tiJ t101M t\i'l ak wi ch I. + "l L, iii11 iilti. e l , i it . whe usd inthe ithou i.ator stig . 'I bie inl the. .s~tat. Th'le ihole, me 1 cine. combneli,..i gei entslll whld illy I in.!1 tile high1Islt lreplute untop i thellb rost si. ll\entific an . 'l'hrne ll n~ 11lith il 1e profes ion l.. Ell drug~tll in l Iuie lotmp tittio of + th i -i p r,. o hl in' rheasses f 11 elllltien ll o ll the Ol o 1"er prdui g an opl eralt.l i on it.liu il h lishing n dill .~~l surasinI theiimli t sun, uith' o i li e ctioi hs; po1 vii, atll 1il m~llillle 1tilme the dvatul qel. h .its bii n( pro uio. l ini t hsr ofl'i hulii'4t su) llllii wi il st i ts h use it i 11-'i pulrinc Iipa l'i+ll h p ita l- an puic. TIm ' ht'dield i i llttin Ias ili n, and si~it~il'ltr co i|e ,rt" elvtl| I cisi 1 t 'L'lo l s a~~il~ .o111(11 re Ily ith th1 celebrat ed• i rAbt u h)ln Iil ie a ;p111i A Lt rn. All i II s olloilti, .ill. I i S. rgin to the ýt "T'hrmaus Iospitll,aid Lee e-,"u .A ltnate The tri- whl I ihave ion iitec t ourltl, iptI:,in ina ariety of et s . , bollh mlet, anllild I e , in itat . uill[ haoe Iprltel, d sol hilh " l ·llll'oural,' thaIt I do n lt i(ile ill pr'nouncingll it one of Ile n l \:ltlullle anl eii ":liitlls remedies iter ollirll to thle publllli, anltl ll one in lltil, Itriln exp ri.e'ell, I c il pltce eiery tiiante , 'hilt it dloes nlt prtldulct tile same unplleasant eliets usually ex i'perienced boln clpliha. Lrlnnl C G II llavwalld, 31 It C S, P'hisician to the St tol-bl'. hh -ic lili cl1si- jU-.%. I itake gIreit i'pleasurel in adding ny testilny" to the vAlhuble prnp ClrieI ofiour F tl" F:iratil, wishing you tike slicessl ou so flll, deeul , in n millll rntad i( h tIe la lr: lld i llncurillted in bringing it tlo unl t I ni Fconm \V\ O Cooper, F 1 S, Surgeon to Gou)'a llIs I pit The unifom stiteess whlich his 'tei Illll g t, iiienis. ri -ll u )'llr ediieliiIean, lg it pAl liens bi Iih the abloll ditaosot , has fully satitial e, tha it has only to le knlllIWtn llt truly i :, t YLec tt d. l ly L: . .clse you so .lt , w dll ]te, v, : I frpy and speedi tre tyoul Io Fr.m Sir A Coopl er, P It S P It ( . S, L.e. &.. lHaing belen iut el d to tl l i ll iT l, l iaseso ll iI ntli t lit llltt , tllt h halllithii l hh :,1lld leuiietltnic ineiy 1iin im ttt t 1 nt' in unii dn ite Il th publi :;ll p rate rll il ei-u nllll . d t iii Ia ll IPlion Ii Wllhiai, 1 1), Physicianill to (I l 's Iio ii i:d. The j trit test I which I I ha v'e ginll Itlm d illdclt a lt ng IoIt patients, a hl its imv milable s ttllr . I all i i w11 iollt Iae to [i rsll' er.I e in its uelt', aLmi 1 dLIS il ihlll : ll :ldl ( 5l' eeliiland of d lll to ahdd n) 1tIble iesti i.clA. li nill c eon ilion of iPla irtues. iFrinl'i 1 . ThCompson, I i 11) 11F Ii L. Ireturn rn myh shincere itnk for t c valilllle plre s oe t o f t e ll 1 u e":v t ,t f li th i ie rre o f G ( oti r r l " .: i, ki t . I "li. graf til thal otiiu hte iat In bought m di inIst hi will ove a de'idlatt og shght li- i Ie in the },'lt~eah waillhl--I sure, speetdy kidn clllettal cure ilnlllb lhl lihig Io til.l, to " Ittn, bimul. Ii ilti oI l in Were it iiws .srl, the prop, it to.r enl I here furnish tivllyn te tsti no alsl rlgte l) as colon sldiatory as thefi Abe; l Illt i lst. i ht iti grea'l s lerss litL Ierlo the cIar t & explllse at w hich it has bernp ept'-ared, w ill inrove il gralte tist rllon llenlaion nllln g a die lertnllnt polic. Ontd reen cm ndaloil this prepiaration enjoys i bti e tall -is is ite glr nt, epr ti . tor Ir o ,jl-- iiit iiiiu in --l Ilir t il lut hir h it la Illkl i lllhe ta le , ln l b t lt. c " nn ! ple" ant· it ll-lnl It a ''ll n -u i -. . "lll Ilt't in ill uIr cn thtffr thl f*"nrt d u i'i h ll. I.. u r. h erl llest IIJ Ito ben t llllitelt ith aPrellp:alllion poitscssi ttthee ad i:tlhl.iS Ct Ich Y t l, rctn neulli C n. .i . AegItl tt Ical 4l 1 i l l i n .l¢, ,'ue tIt'et i' ' !l Il l') fi p oitt 'N ~ : c I n.e s in II. tI , , it dhlltll ti " \itt t n*ll l go , ll, hl fto A ugltet , li i l i i i- c-i', n ulm F lel ti, h Abe tit SlIit Ic I l:t i. tiou I iiiie:iIe.lctene n (l I '. leli!- eit,,Iu. ALLRi At lii LINE. - -..... •Mo'il,' Ino A\gui,-l., vii Fl, r l A . erpt in ase of stoi rm ,) to i 'e .,aolt ; i hletu perd stae being ell e yi enoeMlO , to l eI.I.l ii l ce, ei tltreu m p, ' triut is vi' l\artuin i I. litl,: re Pm t eron li, lerrwn,ii uiill c'.: d i ir , to It. ren, I '. u ; Iten via lilldge vil!ne, ill:i Stnlin, to11 l1'. rt , tei l le "c e lr rail roald t rs t o A\pnm tsl , . I l'Ti Cht ll i ; i sp l :d or , h wilt! n,« e tolect .d'ilni ate a, handnn'i as a V , e waichon ll) Srt' a R"., Ih ound. nd, .t, In . eettlgi ltn S Meotl in outel $ pere lny Ielt s ity tet uoed i'Th, Tt, unirn not srli lin, d on to ta ll,, in the cou1try : ttobiencrtns, ti a n, t tien .le nei ttten The bridges hretoifore dangeroitt p abv, etln newvy butit, ':n that hglh waters do nlt inter err 'TCie eating huious alive been o onlly cittnl,-d, anild are now as enl as nanI roe td in the .antl It ts ge'railI notWvn Ihati the tel.htlne. and Shardness oi tio rolt s enable Isd toa ts ill all set a sons to oake lgreat peed,. Their lt outth , ares the travel cr fromi the ordinary ct.tgu of sttge trav!elling. The Line is nasw c trying ,ts pav.t n . t' (oi Augo.tL to I1,bile in ior dots ad tiw-eirn hour-, or to N1,w Orleans il toutr dt a;its d iwii hours. lining to Augusi, th, ltile: is -iX data m -lsven ho'us. The time dll dlm y e'mpl-yd In travllitng t o t l ts e i n 1.a t htlt other dirt etlott, Iut th.e diflrer ico of tuno onl thi I. utt", it c.'tlu d by a day being loot in PensacolaI, whicti, however, -i travel er alio oletps at Macon, aknd a..tin at \\ tr tenton. "l'tlt, arrangement till , nllnie till iht travwl turn- iorlthird, when t0 int. will be the other direction. ''llhs A:\dveltll tent contains i pla in rtoite,.,onlt of ,acts, the aiccracy of wh c.i Lh" proprietors gaturantt'oto ach passenger 111 ti pulla.lty of hls stae far,-. Maps ofthie Lno notay be seen at the Ex hiange I trl,N Nv tOrleans, and at the Massion Ilioe, Fare through from Mobile to Augntta, 8,7 50' The line extends, by abrancil to T.liahtssee, ilt Chattablooche, the lino connects with the ateamibat carrying the mail to Apa achicula and Office at the Mansion House, Mob n. m17 O LOSTWIICK, Agent, Mobile. nptl a "'T.ETStN & A\ I'I;1 usi nn,',n 8 " lTE O~l 1: S \-iN 1- 'al ,h o! oricla' s J ( ilrl ProI' baaw . , I, wim th1 . prerents mnay oae"a :'" ie,a: ' t th aas,I a' al Ilh'tarn n,al. kr'" , Ie sI i'!eat tiale 1,i 1,f .da ,,a .11h, v.,hlanpp ed , .I.\1 I , , (I: , l ,aI . Tlrrl In. t1,f I I,, l ll.r e Ir , tha ,' C . .ITL , Ir iverol aIi' a a Ir ! )rI' 1: \- I: '1.h I, tllnJ l I+ l+at I a . -. r Ati I aL pI A.h -- d tar , , r L arhI "a <I . ar't.(c , ItI,, a. av, I I I ii h ' I ,r i' I',L I , t1l,' i. ' s a r n u . hu tl w!,nn i" nav,' vt. an eh,,t a. G" Ild rnr?[ "tl I ,rr111 1 P , In :ll , n , i" I C.Iaai pit ', n it . a a. a ta' n s ia , t.r a' d etat d t dny f "'1, 61i , n1 1 1,." d .n I !,e ll·· lf'*r 1,, flire late ,lat .a , Iaa ('a x.a , ,. d1, n ,ar t I" ' r . ,,her Adl ýl1(I 4"ll .n1, . llhý,l (['",: ,1,,1i+r,," rLI. l il " Or'der A lr ln a' a ta I', .," .. I! d , . Ifs l ,l S 'h h I1 n i ,iv ,., ,,l , , rd ta f 1 e - ý'+1' , +', -h 1111 11~1 19 1 t.rll I, n ,r l ,., ,h it' i , ' + 'l C, tI . Itl 7I -1 t` h"" ( 1, I. 11 n, 1 a, ,, rl i ll d '1r ' 't , r I ,' .I1, " . h,, n I,8 . . t ' I, r ,,+, n t l ly i , 1r1 ii .," , ..1 . . ' ,1 r , .r. ;I' t rluý, ( A L d , ,nl r . ,, ,l , ind ,, r , ,. , I ll 1, l , ,- r :t. ih+, . ra" t , J u l, h it ,,r 1 1. n . 1 , . I1, o ' 'n ,, 1,1r I +ta,. r i- a1 rrtn lll ' r , i il1€ 1 , ; ;e'u+11 6 I"~ a. r rrl , . a r l.,,1 ', I I I, l+ to tod ' d Ir ' ,, , .'r 1-, ,1, e lc r ;, ,r . b 'It", pe n l ; 1, ,,r v t t r .I. ,, (." tl n - id'.,a . I .< . .' .. ',. . P ro h+e, - hs- secon d ++i v h : 1,a r, c ' ,. d , ;i , r lt [r €. r 1, 1 i l "61, . r. C1 ,t: , t E nt a et Ol aIl irr0+ inlari'v or Ilr,,as i , t I , ,1!r. =nmf itr (5OUR IDES PRILIIVES-L·,,,1 do I: Imv,:"-H' di-A tous cuI x tu' e cola ppi', t I' A lun Ilal lgt I key, du In; v Ilu do : 1nyvv I I:.', Isom it I.?, t..irrl nt." n"..6 an Il [giotortits 'r o tu ., n d .0.11 r, pour l pa1' i F'i lt i:,ltil1a It, la N Iov. Ile U;'.4 :o':. or C r ufficlo greificr di la (lonl dcl I'ronv"', don. et pu;'t ut, (ite vlllle etpl' ltaan, ft 1 A II'i 10' lu :L n, ":, 111 ii.'uleIlu ll jui~lici llc ¾' lrs lr iXArt "it 'Ar I t lIl u icts de it Lfn 1A l 11'4 11 :lcte Iurli ct, , li'n A'l If Itart., i r. l a:, vc nOlr 1 udtnln.; >.." \· t,:m(!·· ! 10J ? , .-. 1 8 '.. i siC s aiIS I, nlll'dAr hit 'III I prl I l,· ·· oc q peat con e to ur, peen vertu "t o,.;: vx.. cul".ln Lf (i , ',mire dc duci rs tli r ,h". p iu . . ,cn c , r eItrdpor 1sl, lpii'uci' e 'tVilli'A1 '.- 11 7 x,1du..t Ii dal d u IA Alrlll i t l 'III 10' I 1: Ii' I .i B itns i'uio: : d' Ia'i loll r, 'I n io'rs tiudc " ci AIl iI'. i c r in . i.. t.o.'b n dl r't i ttnuforuG u] ru1 h x (:6 !0''10,, .11, 1'11rn : ena it tels lranulc, du lor : sip ','l:ll . , ri Au gilA r1 t. -uc le trots 1li iol o , 111.1 1111 t 'w Lr111n d L it, palo'lir . p ins i .l l 11. , t a( si lIpres Ins puri lldrati F le ' go Ilvux d 'Iesa es ' 11' ': "Ar ,, il.ewal I0 ruf u~t 11,11 Ill, I r, ;i )illll t tr'u e !11:, p.., 0:""1 (1 e (ites'o ,ii ', lA!l'Ii'.. d oqt ' Aniid'I !. I 's divers fonds cr i , :'''lii'l: t p ^;r "0I 0 l n ' l"A 0o omagnuiss ,Lotui A cgnl! i du Cuu1' ut "uuC' usI ii y piC uk o1 tI X t t,:' U il r , ~c' c".I:I "" ;.r uu A iuasd (nm tuaIl''u I'I A'l doII', ii. ) t Ieu'v Iit:on Iie I p IU t' l o I ils le ' : jl'uu -d i .I·reuro ((boo.J- IAhollin b, Li' at,:, -.t All u ligile ticlilItII., eln00 !c., r' IuA" Ar" Clilill, PbnIdl~~I il vd (·e, dins f lilet 1)o11,' er Ia ; - PytiraI· 1I, Uu1'!zi'ux ratti'unnut' (oCrpi, "t'¾xia( a It~s teIo t'a Fret et I lli sur nn 0 1;.-ill lan ,(r r Ifl c iuat diIl Feu, Avril Intl AS, ilrl I.; 1,(, 1006 pour jlrel0 ·11rs t 111tett"11 . \~ 11 r1 . p ub ist g n I i iAII'I :' clllo ur illll .11(11·.1( ·ug) ·(11 1 6~ r11 ., it,! . 1( 11\ , IAA 'CAAI¾ Ii 4IMt~ 'lx 19 11:111_ de lace tIn (it;,- ru Illtdrl0lI( II rf nlx to trots ""? nldll 0000 p 1uI1 ·; six 111(1,0. 0ll, p t 1.11dllJ)L,! 1 Atro Reuss jr u'11 i65.. o, l i Len, dour I i' It tIrot a P I , t " ,(:h sutis Ili rl as or r,ýs prr 1:ý ,10'"0b,! to 1.6ujala l I Ii;qu 1, parai ((101.. du trrr n et I~ali..e, Cl Small 11 c'0., e., r "11:,6 11'uot Will cA! II' " i ii j iulA' IAl li n ati r i. iiiA l ici,'I f , rN l"Itg ;; (lI Jau l'Cat d (il1.1.,, I''0l0 ,.,t I,: t, : l . . h- r~r d:" ho 4.4rm 1 1c rt~0!1 1tr, Ii gIu 'li af It.(,:1 It i rIII 1tt ' :,10 ,I'",t li' A t lnst, I' v.!""ti es flap rAI p h t , ,,:lo :s ~n ,v I: A, I- I tu i t , . A 'u uudiiti,1'v,1 ujolli"' L. S.` 0-1xle~swj. 41 1. d 'II nt l c i , t A. lAS il 45 Iuii'_l~t I I'll' lI J' , i'I 'llil 0 1iS 0l"I "viill~ \!I., n ., t ir n"'u tl'ii .,u.;i.."'dullcfluaiuigd~"lc 11cI' n prt 11 u. .lt,7 I dulla0rs pr ti 1 " 1. ui 11 .I 00t,' ' t IA,1 I1 'I (Wetl.esins Ss i~ Iisi AdiX TOol l ;5305 It' _ _ _11 1 oII ~ ~ : o :''J ~ " is S'~ch,,:!t, i llo

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