Newspaper of True American, August 6, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated August 6, 1839 Page 4
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4 9 i 4IAIWS. h / uOer 4. Cuntmirir, .Verr*00, $ t " ; tianR E et-For thr pre !nt >r!'ieerw~e; /yýý 1 I jahrsrrrrtg x Na, MxpRa tlr treM.Ih SVY censtanily a largcsnpply of Cloth H a tse, catiulutejb the cotuntry..tret Their at. ePgrent biting larg, metthara froth the country can ha supplied at the sortest noatice 4kd R AN'E COIUPAW OF' NE w URL@tAN:3g Thls CSupan, at. now preoared to take RIMS G~AINST PERU. Ne 24 Mnason'. Uutlf;ddng, Canal slreet. Nlew otlitano, Moy jeta. ut E I. nt kCY, NLD COPPI - 4IOo lb. al :1Ppper rle iste by lpril HUEVlREUX, CHM" Y6N '&'vh'l'd itoulos e CHAM L N & COOPER, GokcEl~it AN) FIlALERS IN P'LVlsjoag ad I) FEltI%, Non. 79 and r Julia ltsor,New Ofleani. c0 T~hip a d 6nlouily saores pill up. norj 5 IA1rF LIIIIOIANA - I P$3NITURE F)WAnaOOMS N,. 5:1, dlinvilonl sin.",. NlLI.IA9I R. CAI{INE, would re pecttulloin V f~riahi, fnitw~lo oslr harP'biCtlt heto* oon. SISOSaI uweivinig wo, Nowt .t akrt looltoa a "ool · ~ ~ ~ cubasotmnt of Furniture, such as mahogany II~IR f, asd todls :unalp" ll aintrod chlile, toople and ohorro bodotooi·, ahogpany and ehohr, tables of ii desoriootit., tnureuu, O.ilrlS, sttetorvo, wriliuý dt..ks, wVtllre,, C 01 mahoIgany and cltswo, woah u'oolo, looking gloooeu, Ieohllo~o, 1 ddilag,&0. &e. FNl. n E'otor uro pocked for tnransportutiol 'ith great ýn r_` _ ___ novl:f FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HIADDEN, N.. 14 Chartre, mirs., HAVE a Snoleoutt untlpy f eoerv atlolo1 pelrontoigj Sa geutlau,,'a udw,, of tlio lates style, 01 n,_ fonK OMLAN L'ttki I PBINT1I00 lS''AllloIlr I lo'NT, Nu. 53, Magazine Street, IVILLI.4j.,a GlI.EAJ;, JdiPRIE70QR oil BANK NOTE ENGRAVING RAWDON WItIGHT IATCH &* DIEON IJ AS E uotnlod olnother in Now O)rlesas. ;oieuo.iog 1 equalloertoageno a ith their Ilosg i111.'.w Ytk, fill, the pnroo~le of ergl and p0 toting Bnok Ni5o, , Bonds, Btlllr of Eachlange, Cetlilcaieg of l,*pouilr, Cheeks OsId otlhr lnportuoc papiers, regltequtgnollutv againsi Itogsoerieo; otl flo nte ..kmp tovib oi 111" safo kweeiug u' all lat and u-pre,·l~ en entrust" PI to their cafse thei, .ltai. too etblrlu th naotte of ovur tfieull-ola[l)luunklet, ioottoutinnr, and til ttrdor will be elecuted witlh ""'piltoop, at i i rd trtl.tuel teirss. Jfico, cortIulutI.uyul & CLuoml sane.: sis if BA ZAA4R, 8V88 di A1J.E1a NO. 1, kZCICHAA HOTEL, C'eosee ofSt. C/u' reosnd f.'orot sofn. MI;W Oltl.KArNS. ME IPORTER.S snd Dealers in IFreach sd Egl'thlt I.Pesfuotro; D)~~iless Ca's, ad Powtlsltle Ilcokt. Cutler0, Nlolorjr Gloveu Nlonr*t, hStock, LUmbrellos, Cuawesenl Parley Articles. r15 T~ENTUCKY, JIl ale os ilou l o K ENUKýll oil. n, I n1dIwn Bauk s~oles, m salo by A PRIlER, soýy 1 74 heavier s JKW!1.NY, AT Wflul.EuA ttý 1,IBELL,, No 16, Chartwes .i, h1s 2lLin day re W ccivrdo fillansolotrot oon SYntrher, af nelr o Spoaons, SICile.-- aSod Ills ore, they will be Joleor eduitle 50 lttOttRtakt 'riet, all L U55TE Ac in Al, DIEAIlERl IN at 3ERICAN & L:.NrLlSll CROWN GLASS, No. 3 CARrONDELEFr SrRt. TT. JOB PRINTING. P EVELRy DESPRIPTION, sPLE DILY, IIANDSOOII.y AND CHEAPLy EXECfTED) AT TUZ OPle OP THU Trtie s.ltericail, NI'. CIIAHiLES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. 'r23 oil lrrtrpep, nrr sale l -y I a'u 11 \LL, & BtRO)WN, 96 et S- ahereings mnd 5 lInls Jacksoon i60 4-.4 bromwn Sherings, lnading frotm ship Chnrlestnt, for ale by i _ I BRIDIGE & Co, D N--i(0: asks Ham. 10 do. Sides, and 15 do. " helders, in Mlore for as!e by Jully 2d. J I.'HAYlR & Co.74 PoydranSt. Lr OM: ARD & CC Boston and New Orleans h i, ss of Paket Ships.-'oyl nrw line of siips lo been expressly built to run between tohe abes ports. and will be lound of suitable draft of water: aco'm'.aodatioos tbr passengers, and every effort wit! bli mr:d, to give geiorl satisfaetionj The lhe is enmosedr oft 1ha fu'lowing ships: Cherokee, 415 toes Capt. J IHrding, Cireltnat, 4011 d, S Lemiat, Charleston, 374 do D Eldridge, Culumb:ann, 625 do G Barker, Seaman, 240 do J Ilwes, Bombay, 6fi do D Humphrey. "'ho above ships are all now, of the first lass, copper faultened and coppered, comnmanded by men elat great experience, have largo naccomnodations, witll, a separate larIes cabin; every attentioo will be jid to pawengers, and the very best of stores pro tided far them. The packets will be towed up and down the Blis siasippi, and the strictest punctuality oainrvel in the tise of sailing, altd should the regflar vessels be delained in arriving, other ships equally an good wild in all c5sea be sulrbstituted. A share of patroi aga is FOlicitdd, and the agents pledge tlemeal es to accommondate as aucsh as practicable, to receive atn einrget, and to advance all aptenres on gooda slipped, itreqeirelt. 'lIre ships will leave the let and 16hr of every montlh. For freight or passage, apply to the agents. J A M RRIIITT, 82 Common at. N. B. Advancements made on coasignnr:ats to Messrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. rnov27 Il-..l lfOOFS-'hr suberber have pcured at n great rexpense, lthe righti of iing in irov ronis in thit ciiv. They are adopteid ro polle buldid;r, wareltuse arild privet diwilliiis,ae d lombaine a once clhenpeesa alid durtbll)y, uand are p.-rlerly fire sara wavst proof. Terrms ma Le known, and a model seen at iutr eatihllallhlelli, opp41Sitr .r. Mary's morkel, 'lTliapil u lee a:. otto E B CfiuuiWEt,1, ,.- tn 1X.:ll i Uh 1 till.,..a.(i -,, Oby A U . ,1S . i 1 1 "ITt'.h I.~ v o .+E ,.iL'R, No 54 U tltnsiret, ti o.':t' Dniii UIea Si pt'ilip ks ter elsanu Ii iian aid lii xtei.ivoe e rd.rti t iOf IbolsIn ltasrnti, il an: ',:N.w Yocrlati seiufiu. for r,, , .,i u. ,iod eeliruo oa i ail ogrte, oflehai a ll piel ua t very ioieraae aIprir..a iir a oI T'aeiolieas his a, f.lihtahirao erlin, tn r,rioi wiI h v , their Washe. aitdr i is 1. o y1 ei(Avion SHI l tti t'A Si. ', bi Ie , ,i ilb S41 iege, Ills lilt do i *4 Engliesh do--5 1-4 bblr. ite it 1t l'iaint ttritrs., sarn iii , izes;n I C a..o Ver uill ; e211 po a Gold Iei ol i t diro ilvor n; lr lift do I Duca i pirhitar. WlI NI arV GL U56. A:ueric I , Ere is h rmd F'renal Menri boers, rortrouen andea ii quey lii ts. Etoasin t.row. du.--a tliil uxee e, .i.g oer will be Also, a genersl aossortment of artiare' coleirs a.d eeos, for ade by A ta' tat's EI, N . Alabama noes tak al t tp r, trrd liesin sppi notes W0,i. received at lO percent discomat for good., oro , i orfdebts. jn I tw .Ulitrtl, is p at up in bottkerl at tihe low price of 510 sec"as eoli, .eataiilng the streigth of three oiin of L:etworai , es(ilea thle rirtesl etir noie onl.r roit sa herbs known aOe ll thre ladih.aa as tca iOU il c ring pltllronary eomplaisla. Tie u ,rivalled success whirl, ts attended the inee of k;is rlaestimnalse Balsam wrlereeer it liet been nliln-,i duaed, lsa olaineud tire corlidente and reconimeranda. tion fr i physiian, for h cure of neCgas, caids, painIn thre side, want of ress, spittiasg o blued I To whom it nary concern. This is to certi that wer hates a our practice freqaently preseriobed .l'rs a ar.ld nrr'a Iadian Balssm 'uLiverwort &ari'd 'hirrmbouni , i it a decidetd gnood pietr: we ran therefoerr .baro trhe krinow. Itetle of the materials it is male frmian, oaonairie'vlatso snr.l arpertrinc, recaarommend it as a eupirien peleerseori, oer ttose alections ofl te llunn fr wrhich nr t it re amendsed. AI.BER I' ,VIr.L1 t5i, \ f.D. CALVIN EtII.tS N. I). Memrhes of ho flBoston Meh1dical Associatio. Paieena, October dli. malby JAtRVIS &O AN7I REWS rot r. . , t.t ,la . t t .N I" O 1 c 1-"Mll 1:tn ,Tre t, , ro id s ti er may 3 N. or r",,ri'. COAL. i ae "l., r .... ,i.. . ,. hsrt a lari.' lllpnl fl' t'inerl tnd Liverprnl sIal. in biulk. if Ul,, rincr qialiry, whirh therr y ofier fo, s-ir0 in I.'t. esilt pur,-has rl.l, Al tl. r ap titl a tire hr isrtnrrivale from Eaig lentl nnd lre N,,rrhr, C',, Lebiml at nt Peneh Montin, hrlk and srretedl, prll ll it hrreshrtdmsenreanlv fir rtiarilp li.h--.i oi wtic lhey will despriss ol ',e 1rb rer1 IItO 1arerr Irrr,l. Orders let at thlir II r, N',. 53 tBienvile sl Ul stains, will be pranply arerrdel a, eeniB. & A S UL lt . r NEW OOOUSLm--9immba lsrtt & yo ar now're c stoak on I.rd, tandeas their easort., entveryc, plate. The (ollowing eaomposea par, vi+e elltowi..c.,..,;rde, tuck and iressingcoahs, horn do'ofoil descriptiots, Is die ritbber, silk anld worsted elastic garters, commton & fle elastic easpendere horo foco nd'Lucifer matches, eidllirtz powdorpowdrr ,puff, alltd haxoes,toilet powder. lketr books and wallets, needle books, shell, pearl, Ivory and itorcco card coaes, Iead orinoments, plain ct ral beads, necklaces aol negligeesr bead chaints, bad aeeklaes, oat lass and plahtoed,silver anid gilt bads, ao bedads, bellh and plumes; pistol and latrge mow -er ldaks,lsht belts, horse, belt. pocket atd dueadina pistols; double atlsingle barrelled guns, Bowie knivos, and. dirks,. Irisr, , e pocketknive, guard chaina, and ribbons, waist hboklos, cloth, hair, crtak, nailcomoh, rttmb. sho, Iplate, loor aOnd dausting brheItas, Cologne, Florida, lmrlttl ad, rose sad bay atrer,eatsorotd essenras, and extrnti r etcassnr, bIrea, ontlqle, altt Ward's ve getable hair oils, shavnlg 00l toilet soaps of all dee driptionsa, ladler' and gentlettrts' desks and dressing ases, etair rieglets ,riztots and brnids, plain, feane aon nusical work boxs, palaina and gilt, liured, coao and vest ltt, as, pearl andi iory shirt da o shirt ctldda, gold and silver pencil cases, tootlpi,cks and tweezers,,lated lod gil nlocketa, niltiataue Ildo, ilvter, Irhas atd steel t 'ihimbles, hooks atr: eyes, Iair pill., itlitation frtit, tlk and reditk, ahoe blacking, violitns and giNtars,ribbed and plain pearcusion caps, lilnoas twine, scenated cult tens, goisd and ilser lace and nfrge, latter paper, tarne hbagsd raling w'i~,, walking eenes,plyttgeaids, Fin ngod, plateld sid gilt jiwoillr &., iTe above, togetier twith a great varietv of a,her arti ierSare d .aRe . atit wtersalellr retail ,.It ccelt.ltlldatin N l Shell comlbe repaird i. OYLE o o MAY, tlll tnse, Stkg, tlnd Ort.ta tiea jJ Painters, No 3 aroladele street, tro dolors Irum id :t tnsaltrcrt. Inonations of' le foIlolowiog woods and nlrbles,era , ecttd ill a nmasltleat ImalurT. tll Wl e nrn t, Matlmt,)', Eg, ptioi bl:tck slta god., 1*.k, . aillta and Altito, SPollard da(o (Orin.ltal or velt d tt li t t r( elrle i to, ".i i e tr, - Iirds Eve Jtt ' thtte litttlrie Satin %%Woout, t5 loin ,c, flair WVend1,, fove or ttlrtilo, Yeo Tree, fItaliant W iitr, JCorolcandlc lr Ilitlek ' bi:ttlt aitt Ithetrlls, Rtotse W'ocd, i Aoeri man (irey, Ili \t licile OakL, e. etah itn. Curled ,Im,, Spac'imtts to be seea at thle shop. Iaints, ails, glass, opal taerotsht, hc. ohe,,ll talttrl shh. I rON,ST'EEI,& IIEAVY (iOI)IS--llt, sq3ar aod lltladl, irona, well assorted. Illloop, scroll ald rod iron nail rols .tltl pllati Cast, cerman, shtear, blistered, slplring, sltert 0nll I Crwotle) steel Ig lollaw tarl', c,t nt,l nt roghlt Ilils aned sltikes i, nita, blotktit,, lmill ael gllnld stsenes, att kettles t, Chan atlles, ntoelors, hres r, Ox, Ila A d trace clains eoirn mills a Atlrils,%sices, tlilliitersalit hellltows ' Wire, sltiectoirgotd bar r ead; s ht eCrill, allld c('lkilg sIoveI ItAntes, ItaII Illdis . thelcd iih d ls haes:lcl shovelsh •x hoonk Hnd d'llle hinges, door a,l wihdow looks .1 Cttolltins, flltst, Shilapctedille t a"xes f'aidtt i a td'titill:. tottlttle, lin, asa tlwine -llhlt d t eot lhing cl'ttt clt ; Nalal. lstrei I'sihit , Iittreed ald sl.rat oil A illl tllssrilm eat t Ilarildware aslt ship crat e",rty. tla)at s ton hianalld whrliClt are ollatltt flr aile at wlesoa sale ol retail, oal the titoot i.avoaile telrs, iby mt LAYTtIN k tCu. 50liOd fere. IlOI 'IF iJINNI)N, - HOUSiE AND SIGN PAINTER NaO. I Ca(mp slrtet, W'olesale tIealer in i'ants, Oil, Varnllilce, Lruslles, ii Willltdow and Piaiure rcis &e . &c. SOAF SUiOAl-i-vnri, ius qal:ics, roulInnlv iti 14 tore sad fir sabe by SIIAl.l I ll t)\ilNE, mar 29 9c il iigazite at FASHIONABLE CLO'I'THING. ROBIVSOwR " 0 Gof irI.Yr, Io. Os, Chareres Ssrsss, (oo UDatr bhlow tt ienvirfle T 4AVE esonsetalmyo hand erver ocairle appertlin L1 log cr grutttlreo'all drues, mactlr in tIle lc't 0100. oct and tart oashionable stylbti etiel, thtey ttlli'r t eash, at ledllred prieos. dee4--tu8l A NEW article fnr persons troubled with deanes, I -] (culled the tltr 'l'tulpettt Ias it t betb reeive.d, ab the lre ou s hici , tie t slightest artieulatitt of tte h - man voice is deslmtlncv cntt .eyd to the var. ullv oe who hus ever eco olihgee It, ronverse wsilh, a ver'y "ea ireo , lll be fttlre se ,ihr ile of Ihe dilticeltv and t e ra barro.lnct experieneed buoth Iby the i lves and thle in= dividuels so unalrlunotelvnlllic!ed. |By the use of t s I -Ear 'lrompet tthit ojelion is at"el I tits . T Le most septitiel have t, havs i. nlluels ther doubts oriber ehaeing used ti Trtrttlpei. For sale at ot"' 'T F GUION'n, Pancy store, corner of Cnlm;non setd St s Ch d etrrI.t Under thehe txt nssIge loitel. iceh 13 BALJrI FOR TItE TEETH. SntHEs stablliei orept tlion nd t constanatly ire ar ; rmotie arte of t.e lttth, hcas ianducerle lsubscriber offer it trl the It Amerian purlic. Arrieme intst hov been made to SupplIv aeets in fill thle princitpl C'iai lnd town.d ill tile United talers, soilas to pl ac- it itli the rach ut those suf5tri ll andt likely to ulltcr tits I in SIlallrasing ofalI schre. 'l'ooth-lche. Whein ptplied atcodling to eliceetion t dis onto hottlea it has y lever fnilto to llll.d imll nedite , lld lU;ueet reli.ef, It also rrests tile deav In ,|ertctiv teeth, alld relieves that soreness , lichlno re queitetl re iledy are sillll . innocet, aill Iutt unptAsLt I s, ll tle lage oii ledr of ipetunsos in tlln itlet sectiosll.h o1 oullntry, that Ihave it, adV eSxprienc Rlleuh deli hlnl itAd ralutry elGerts Item Ihe usa of the Balm, gre rald to her (tor tile public good) rheir teslitonv to it til rivalled Saelites. It is aI Indian remeNr , ob ncite einlg larl y a lnd o ex s etell , k vle IIaIIII rb , tin a th.d I the civilized Woltd as Pthe Iost valuabl dtittery"lb rcdtanl notl he wanos. tpice o1 ler bottle. Sold ht JAJV VII & ANDREIS, Ellr 5 Cor CaImNSO and "lt t I.atnOtleRs --. GIe bleN fll.l --Orders received Ifr ll s illsR ba. Alrg app 17 i Aia.Ia . en Ititc\\r'N, tcdi euguzit c Ie tIiCe of hllueand while itove ruled itl. ter Paei toilo nry Ilew priensd, tiWr r yle e eb g ) nVID IdEL'T' ont Co. Ni ' tatlinrrea' anll , june 15 o1 ('phnee l JARVIS & ANDREWS, i DICINIBS, Pi INTS OilS. DI'+ ST1'UFF'. ./1 WvI, VD IV 0..,1SS, Coruir of Cotllllla l o d Tle houpituulea streets, N.W OiL.EANS. NA'J'IIAN JAIIVIS. JOHIN \V. ANIDREWS'.. A l Gage uply o G en Sds, .rrnted t grth of 1837. iA NDRIs l MI'ie COe relipefully inettom 4their friends and thre puihli in cn:ral, that they occupy Ite nIw Mick shtop, 219 Tchoupitoult s street, where they keep Ionstantly on oand Cpper, T'in and Sheet lrs Warr, of every description, soCh as copper stills, kettles, ani pmps, till bath. iln t , a d il calls, oft al s ots Tand .lztt, a td all otllr braess E sfilill , it Ell at sl Mrt s,* lHern l(;rit itars o l evi1ery doei tionllt slt h s staI . bolat sti rpltIltog chII it stI colll y St. lti llC l t lttt hrid ofleuerwo,'st work, uceh as chim eys, breech. eoe, gteam piplA. Ty 'I will aIlnso do ll kinds t'i out dcor wolrl, suclh a zilc, gropper audm I rligl aniLt utetltttil It, ofe. Tiey oti e and all othner tint s on woh k h o lteir hin ftl bultneoes, they will exetet al the shortces natice. d,'c.? . . . d I'ds -tctt':!trc t i uit, r ttet. . T1. wen. undIer he. ii wlltllol. - iI. to. l i ijlte.t Ie tllloln, r t Ie s ilIlltluo :lhe t n llo ltnllltllell· l in p .ir. r Jllln :\I c)Olllllll. 'lllon (vdtrldtlirlhnrrl+l h", (liven eate ( m.eltidehlUlIy IUt t.eroterd llte ui ttl Imtdi. illilll t ro;ll,. Iml'l rotlc billiard rtolllll tll;lll ile . I a oy sttble, i.llltd ,ril1 lilg antir t t;rlit el t I otnlo , l vw to , . tntllle lt ia lod I It tltio r t n lollr . oltllthIl, aI nd ilOlI '. l, reoUr , tpt trit e fel tit.s room & 6.e f'lllrtntenit d co1tot Vel,, llb out II-r-;f irlrtortell for i.glt p lut ii d i. "n. 6 1 i ollo " 0,fcrU ice lireT tli ulll iill-gsnd , e .iea u re inil. l idoot h Io e + I'hat IpIII l 11 it of ilil, hit's illt, ,lial..:Y i'. fr nt1nl ti.ill. hrdr l is I: all l ~nal ked Ic" slver;ll lec;Itl1tI l i-Iheed% till hih ii f w h orl.-dlll,- l,l ,nu .ml. hillth th C (ll ' Isand, r ) Ii3land, S&Jr P 11,1, fud . lhhP t N hEYI'Ctap.o ft A lotel(r Jll ic m I~p, it til he by r Af lihe. 1 1I, : tel, EN 1_s. . IZcd l .b r to rI l e ally o t llu llll tllt. ,'I3U Nsli B e.ef. fo'emnb THII 1AN1 onel Ichuetes I.ori h T frolnltnl.rl" ndth Hell , o sle Ihillh sn t llt r ll if l'int rl eti lne r atllll ptil+ ill ;-sl'iaqlllllq I I.tlls ndi i t llrlrthlnn re ld ricn ItlltlllV .o(fh t d. Itririunttl Iran~ s uftir . lielest r.u euwld ad t hd - I n I ni upciehs Itianof rnle cierdo do. t c e'.l the ihnetruii epi. & re all Sir nuli,. ured hy the I cel ,uratd nlaet oit i tl. f EI. &I Ct'o T f 'nrl till E -oti lei r ,t, l.[tl tv , etr o/" Ii lmo,,sl 11 i'ri I)r fii ii1 e..- ' lertwli ex resdl fuil Is by Mesrs l'I~ e Il K Iiibm*Ii r, i which fist can I'h. e ni tine r o El esirt e it r, ,;A rd iB the' filly iv ted i call and .ic e 1 ll, i . .. pi' hes rei:hcn atoe e.liely a rn w alrller. e a F Jl1IIN.' &A. C:o, : r . t'harI,, t. 14 opposite tht Verundnh &'. |"Exehang:le hoel I t Fib hu R Slly refrirrremnr ." 2pint,,d d.I, 6 11 grilutt wrlgr tarse; ;'h9 lgalon do, iu .ln,,. for. slf bv etb3 S& dr J P WHiITNEY , 73 Cn~mlpt pit.t)T IItEA D--Ii ihhls., laeding fom slrnamha: Rudlp'h. For sl by A. IllE, Sahd It Beef, for sale by t OIhIo:y, INOVEl, in 2 oll. oby Hardie Alartinme L` Algie Ife'ercheo, conl plising inq unritc rnern. It lmg the ll ,.nul rhmrae t r ir le lCe ,f lhe N ahrll . ,ilian to |lldtaell. first retie ; IlldiIn 'lale+ edll I.. ,.rlds, b I 1" nry Rowe St hr oleraft, vltho; of rowels to life soar. I it ece no Ibte Ilisisir pi, &e Sc. (71 All,,, it h .w supply ,f `tevens' Travels in Egypt Ib Ar:biu Panee, &'c. Mehmn'h de l,. nder r; Elrinrn, hy M1iss Ilu~ru g Ernest ,llrravers ; Alice rldy of iy'i ; ; trnlev ; Cri.JA-n 31?.s Siterwroud's Wuork,, &eo &. just rmeivedl and nrtlfe 1 ALEX. To'VAr()A , 1 'Toi do Baltimore Packets INEW ORLLEANS nDIiALTIMORE LINE OF PACKE'.. This line will consist of the following vessels, which have been built or purchased ex ressly lior tl etradeo, via: Ship Semnnan, Capt Mi er, , Bark Mury, " Ni :kenon, V * Irad Ferry, new " St vons, i" .olollorn Saltus, t Jlllham, Brig ArchitecI, 6, Grry. These vesels are oftllhe first class, have hand. , some furnished ccoinimodations, and are of a light sdraft of water, so as to admit oft leir receivihg and Sdischarging their cargoes in Baltimooe, at ily.e city - Freight will be taken for ports on tlhe Chcapcake ig or James' River, and forwarded by the ageants, il Messrs. CLARKE & KELLOGG, at BaltEiore; Ii rexpenses on goods shipped will be advaeoill.c whan Id required. Thle rice of passage is fixed at $60t, of amiple stores of the Ib t qoality will be provided. S Steamoi ui and down thle Mississippi wilt be taken ed oel all ocasiions. it- For freight or passage, apply to no 7GEO. BEDFORD ahs no27 22 Ironvile st.2e FOR NEW YORIK. Sh [iLuiian a tdi New York I ie of Packets ] hi '1 i: Ships coop niig tghis line wvill tile New Orleants land Now York oil every other Moo Sday--olnttiutl,ci g oa til, 20th Novilmber--andi to ins o tle pnclltuality ill the tiel ' ofrsailitg, the lin, ill hereafter cnnsiist offive shiIs, viz: Slhip Yazoo. Cadplaii.1 Trash, to hie onoi the e0thi November. Ship uitniovilo, Captain Palmoer, to leave on the 4th Decemoher. Ship Illtinvill, Captain Elrlrildge, to leavek on the 18th Decn lheer. Ship Viehisborg, Captain WVoodhouse, to leavo on tile 1st Jiimiiiry. Ship Mlisiooippi, Captlain Davis, to leave ou tlhe 15th tif .Iniuary. Thoa bove ore all now, of lie first case, copper il and col per fiLteoled, ild IIIwarIds of 50 ltoll utlren, re of light drauglht of wa'r, leiing built in Net York exRlressly fir thle tradeu. a';e price of pen is fixed ho at t00 dollars: thleir nbiils ar ie firttd upin illthe sOt ilmlroved antdt oIvoeiiIIe, ltnd fIliihelid i a neat aud elegant style - Ample{o stores of the first quality will be provided, iutnd tvery regurird paidl to tIlhe csort oni eltire oatitlectiuni ol ptls.cngere, wto will please take no. tIc tbat io brthrt call be secured uotil paid l;Jr at tile olfle of, the consiinees. ''hrese vs.els alire COillinlalldcd by ciptalins well exlperioeced ill the triade, who will give ever, ai teltiot Slid '-xcrt tiheilselvoes to aoneiodateid 'Tlrev will at all nI ses be towe~d up and down tile Missis. ie l't by hl tt!illlt lits, ln tl e strictest pun toalitty ,,Ierved il the time of sailing. 'lhl owners of these shi. will nt be rcslnponsi. hile oir oily lilter, Iarcel or lpac.igoe, sat Iy or put ol lloard of rthlleii, utoss a rugr bill or ladiig be igmlld thltretor, at tihe coulting Ilouse oT tile agent or owlrs. For forther particulars tipply to J D REIN & A COIIEN, nov27 90 Cohlnmen it S trLI I A t. C1ARll ESfT-r.N PACIETI.I'S Thrs line ceOl.lsls of Iolrvetsela, ill Ili tile lust clap s , e .pper ed and co I r s . liev nd of i, u 21i i t1111 1 vt 1,s i S with hands no e nco nlldl ti s fti r tI elle e l .r.vv. 'I'the v essls ore ,llnlllt innot d by caih uii s ti vel xperleed il the rt,, Iwh will -I Itle everiy at iiltiie o,aitl t exert th lvt eO 0lv t i n ic tmlmud .l' i li. ishivpperv. lh'hy will h oid l, andd wa s lls ,11, rlisil ti, lnd leave Niw Orleans ei or efore thie l0hh andt lSh ,of every m,, ilh. 'Tlie 'leh w11i,, vc I i itiip ithv hi i , vi : lIre' Aia- ia, Chirtl- (;, rnn, toster. BI tI.1 C nl J.lll ll , ' . T'Irnmlsun, ,as ter. i .ll . IAh -, , -anD , iiaeeI r. BC ,i R,, t i r llaillia , J. .AXl s, .t h ter. For hrv,'h i s n O ,t I, i. i [ItILElI &C,,vi (,,omteii ot. Ne; Oilcuvo,., or Ill. C M lr , ' i.vni C ht l ,s . n , n e t I d , . lt, .l .. lhI IS Ion. net I LA'rEI:ST ITER j \' Pd loo I.f.l{A l ed!.l'ael i .',emsn , ', £ v , Mi flts vsartoan's l eeer-sk, i noviei, in ,o!; "f .maues eclbsasiil \Vit'Ien The Cr e O Fmily llvok ; Ilbiht, Ilhstis rlid Marlegs-n ' New suply ;I Jiese; Thie lingueessit terisngraha;t'apaiu Kid; elusver'e Itichslieue ; JOStNl & Co. c eorner St t'harles & Gu isonn s I__ -4'XCIIANEI-ON IiS'IilTN-f ..rale aI' b .. :.__ .,_r ...... I tliren-:, 131 ....,eim.. RUSII'I'ON & ASPINALL-'S n COMfPOUNIDT'ONIC MIX'TURI' E.-A speedy reivi and lot ain cure for tle Fever and Asus, relnltten and intcrlmittent fevers; prepared sttres tihe original recipe. Used with eminent and uni Sversal success ln 1832, by ersnls of le tshi-ltst Srespectability nI this city, as stated i the a ;tlllexed Scertificatecs. 'This medicix e is highly reorencm nded, and Iaes been extensively uscsi ia the above disease, w j · such distinguished success, that the proplrietor of i tihe recipe lias been induced to oflur itto Ihe pub. l; lic is its preent furm, inI the tope thet it inuy bei di tiLhe mnans of relieving many of those who are Ii suetfering unlder the seecurge of oulr country. It is it a nedliemo pssvsecing grat virtue, and when use 'Y accerdin v to ita direetios ihas never fuLild of es elselting a cure, even in the eronst obstinate stage Is of ths disorder. It is noitat all disagreeable, and persons of the weakest stonachl, nd children Inay take it with imlpuity. It lrcengthens the digestive organs, creates ni appetite, and seldom reqsuires more thanr one, or in obstinate cases, two bottles to &fltls a cure. 'T'here is neither mercury nior by arslnen iu the insdicics, inor assy thissg injurious : to the lhumi ciLnsLtitution. Tie proprietors aire so tell convinced of its llenacy, tlihat they agree r to refund the price of cvery bttleo which has been taken in accordance with the direcetons and has not efletctd a a perfi-el core o f the ver & ogue. ' A. OLIVER, sote igrnt for New Oreanss, at his whoteaite aesd retail drug and Inedllno store, corner nf lienvsllo and (:hartren streets. For District Agencies a pply to je5 T. W. dSMI'll!, 48 Conti ,t. IPNsI'sICOA .M.ANSION HOUE ' I SFE11 CITY PE.iMACOl.A. F1ilIte: nbscriber ' eIl urctaee-d tbe nIc'e ed er Ui cIlitlseell' i- wet bews uw oaetablitsssernl, Pfron it Ist Tylihtr, thls Iate proisrietorr wil be reaes to ret ive is. tere I tfie sIt .f April IeOt. s iieer'lelleto t Sl-eeillls -rovcnc will w beeSfollud ie he t1olTl.els th e n .llealle sSee Ilose. New aed I more cotmodlkhs bahin g bcle wis wll e uilat .t i .wolrtl hh Ih will I.e pros d at e rl hohra A tab t II i m l be in iel d I he si r l ir Is , t ts gsa t i ie o I assl t e Ii Il rr s, slist rn ' I h rtr es i stuR t is i l CI C. %V III ssa CI lit;kett· h r+: i. er l i l- rIh, i" will I.111. li. balk e tte lirt s i s- ndehan I ltilcl { ts lll Is.c i (te h hI sl i t s u h ,l : i t I In osio' ; rll le I sll i s t e I i i I i, and uictl nfnts rii t ill hli miwi t ,.ui h till Se itsl bet r qalit, and tos ei risel a tsl stppl e t t' ict l, n nlr!_o has airesa dy, b,,u ordr.i- w e iil rriti.i ito i u tistan lt III ,iss- , theMr sr-sti-ric k ir ousib, wh tihe rn:Ply kept sit 55' e lr ,htl'la l'is ci , llml Ii t li dt ll this' ItS. iiis Ihe irr1· r ho w hs rlt.lller,, fi p i iSsmeS lithe c slc i soflai ss.-ad s -chi-veIsv- oflli.'e t lne d tiIe e v["ys ill rei .ips e e. swsrv s - -,'lts i . ien t ; sl thereby 1, h local-l dsittsg-s of lisIsa se arv terts wrllt kllnoW, It;II t d II I,"t~rel. enedl Id.-cn stiet Il-re. Tel, t;;i;nel ti i l rlln I scl ss is slln, i try:st niyal r i is of the I (G o v 'r l l tlll I thle + .'n le tlr l l" ¢ ud e i vi lr ols f thle li lf sql . ' S rill; the sm uhi1,v'+,l its climate rcliresahd co >ta tlt de lin- lenii sllllllle'r lssvcesls-ils elsn lslssll I rt;siis ftse' fi Ihe ulll f llie heutt Of llr itandlta ih b 'g rtn lf h ttllh whichl the wati. ,houllsc; lnd its p itssvstl s ill to har est Somllutern ularkl . t.lire l'enls.neln ,",- pnr 11 tillh\ lib lit I S I~ll l l~ l('.etrat. J l ls ihirsi i tote hulls wlill ru i tetwoer I'e .sa.celt a nd 3o ehbile, -iii at il i es it, l lal;e tla bcl-s i ribcssr f roml Is osev Orlcn.l boti.. "i s ti AIIRi .D.i SJ (ielldlrl+lro r.elisieg mt onnia rennis for thPlr S hsmili., ra n :sddrt"ss the it ropsri .ti r, ti Isintsaia. - r -1r t ositl T Iai'li fre5 lhIcttrir irtslaluliltlr, s Li-igV O-r, 1 s I;uts.e I'Cafi,. E iq+ SisI('.llllul, i t Its,' ll l.q. e ,t Isibly , is Mlt I; S '1 'Tay Isat, P ' lle , Esq, iu Net. f i A hve'i: "i t teS-A s tter b_-2st, m receivsiliia]il for + persst il ih, ,eLs e hulra, is plasce at (k-u "tVnl'r Flt lilts\ l'r)l"L'ff FI' Nt' I ORlIN :;i'T'r;,,, .I hi, ...;r esire. o r kil, ie P h- nri,,l ,ote, vla';tr m ltis oisi , ere ii ls tit- s irst rote P iet hic avisC MIst ald Pensact.hl I.everv ther dstv a'a.u ' It Ise ,l1 'i.,l. ( liti i .la i s wivill s -l tive l-i ,i- s-i , e i thP .lt,.crdl.,r~ t!"' t.I 1 r"."dillCn.s to 0IdLc pI .e: ,+-"r~ f aOe M oi iiie+, it cailsf thi iailure ofithe laa i Tb Nl Asahfit i The stel.lnnio:tl -it'l;iip le;avea Slnbse tnlr Ie'roe " n tl twicie a week vih ":: IF toensel Ps----------- - h-'- l SEIAN MARIE FARINA'S CfOlOGNE St TERI I crasestn revof thia superior Clehire wavlot-. JUst r ,e ied arld flr sale sy the iozen or illghlet bosttl- Also Alericli nl iFrenlech toilet ilIwle.l- paowlrsta ruilto aed thrxsishsvine siod toilet seapsrev.ea re sh bill,, amilk ,f rws, 'ilseti ah cold creames, retrac n mitch, kLphasha, Ward's vegetahle hair oil, panlsian, rerla eih prrse, FloIidn.hlavenldar, rse and haty waters, eI'eae :.' atlla Mserscilles perlhimPry iu trishk, ve-eta. lile. sit liqiI rl n,lu, Chlnrine and Orris toth wasIh, "lotht.hsir, tletti, nail andlesh Srs'"es; tsgether wits an adliioiatl suppIIy of fashionable hsrl and eheic eembe and jewelr),fssrale low at wholeale or rtail iy SIMMONS, IIAR rr &GO, it r 711 Ch rertre s ect. I) tuille, Issusit'rom ship iluirlestn,. fir syfe by Y llatsnfinrsale JOHIN II G0 1 5IAM.5 I 16 Royal Coliolge of Physicans, Loudoln. i\111 origanal Vegetable lgeian Univerw.lMedb tee, preparedi by V Mi tki, ELqet. Ml tmtr of Il oeldlvI College of Surgeons, Licetitet of Apothe atrt 's Coormlanv, Fellow if Bolt Court Soeiety, Surgeon to thle lto~al 'lUnon Pensio1 Asuctsticn, Lollclyar F e, \ erlo Ilidge, and Perptul Pupil of Gy' and St. T]olon'as's tospitals, Londo.lo. 'IThis valonlle mrediione, the result of twenty years' 0 ex erience anl ram arlleled. success in the extensive Hrd hihgrly mropectabie pr.etiee of the Propriety, pot'o ised by ithe Iteultt and nobility, oar Is now intrtduttod to the notice of iie Americns imblic, at the earnest so icitiuton of a number of gentlemen of long and highl standing in the prolession. It is hoped, as a prelimi nary step, to cheok (Io evils and fatal eouseoqoeoes arising from the ose of the otumerous andil deleterious nostrums totsted txtto the public by the ail of fabrieated Sproofsofmiraculouseres, and other fruonds, bye set of lelreeary, ttnlilllorpld plcrteloleos, so foldly igno1rat toio medical scenoce, that it impossible tIe lorostrous rdselusion can alny t x nget p down with the intelligent , ente oofthis countrn. 1 hest pills, mildl and agreeble Sin their ontttre, should be kept in every TImily in cases ofstudden illness, for, by their proompt administeatiro, cholors, 'ramps, spasms, fecrs andl other elar;litg I 1ontplaintS, whilch toe often proe fatal, may r e steedoi ly ered or Ipreventedl. In fact, all those who valte good h elrtt, shotld ner be rooithloot tlhem T.h'Hey ret"o in pyockets at 50 eete, 1 anud r$2l eatrhe,ly ryr rrectposl United States 1 I e Ctanada, with copiouts div.etions, to rgetl.rr with. estnnnoials of professionatl ability from -telih e f ll nenoiniot ,,eft gtrllemei : Sir AstleV Cooper, J Abernrlhcy, f:nes Il lme rtttl, t. t)., \V. Btek, Mi. i)., J. Aston Key, A. F'rmprton, M. 1)., asd numerous others. lThe oriirnrl m:ay be seen n opossessio of the ienerrl; Agent, hy wlorl t e tr dicine, is imnlported into this retIllty, auId to IWhOmr all applcattiotis foregroeiors o mlllst le eade. JNO. Iltit IEIN, 129 W1'nerly Place, N. York, to Sole (icltert Agent for the United Slates, eo. Io FoSr e le by alprointlent o' tire rigitintl Iprol ietor. fy Swuter 0 ITurrrrI, Tlee])rugitfs NO II t.e:rr: lreet, 'y SlNY It LER 1 cot , No N 3.Maazpte strlet,.rec r0 row receiving from shilp Nashrville, l.tmisville, Kelllrekl) , e tInl otl er late arrivals fromn : i " ticlhern citlr s large and Ilew seleiedll assorllltlent , ltorts, thotns nttl Iarogllss, In onnsitliog of'grn leler's firre calf anl Morocco oois leo i2d rerlitl; d or bult'd, allot stet wax Ieggeol Ioos f o e, r.ritls qrrolities; men's llne calf sel arildl Moloete . r1" lionI's :and hrogattt errkos;ioes, stint ,)rons ,n rlppcls: nl's i e i lfa nfmnd kipped cgge s feillos: I IrIngns; to brntsn dto srot t kipl a tlrolx Ieggel sltoes it piu br'ogans; gnltlt bolelc. IeS I hs lstn ri e:lfseelshoess Itonler are.Jalie hk ownbllgs; do calfk cal d 1oroo 0 I s le t slles eral, bTris; ,lo rtclll sett, anAtet nar mre w ulalk sellosrllla slin.s , doe I, blm ll" es all wlig.s t Lew lrtic Io o lie :llt ', .idt and itoreo I ttr.r rOts; I tvt', ;nisrstest chdren's r egged rlrd st'ed brI ognrrs, trtd sroes of eery qrlgity and ki ,. oe Als a genrt, lrl iSlrsolllrrle tr IoC'Ir lltortl WaI nil r.e'.t Inlmogalls allll shots, togelilelhe v ith II !)t iplil.r I ':,grO Irslt Itit, rrss ttt Irooersr , llileoI ill th tnks, uade exleprossly for Ioalrtatiell Iei;n a goto os I oltelllto t mlen' litle tolll Setrrrt kihp lrrssett tt.r .tg.r r tw arlicl,,a d analnrge jeeriry of inriroal) r. sse( all wsa llx :):allS. S Lalire' ea'f, seaf, rlnloteec soldl grlirr llrt, llnll l.pnmp sole slhoes; toil IteFcIal"l;l \hluocu ,nM I I .m, y at'll p l'S; tIn Tllornll s]lO sI witll alId wit Oa Ii.e:ls, I e ait llt m;lt tttlllll rtt ierr:t rhtel i bo lt urt;rri I rlt.orlr:lr l sIII i. loll kinds atdr rualitior; dI losting brrogrse, t gaieri.. r n';uull ( lrxerrbteer. Nisses' l lueco' o ngoas. Children'seolored 1tneol oe and ilstir. boro r rts anld boots, &e. 'tentlemeu's lirneifasfionbrbtleahck sdlk lats; to Ilack en Idlrb bellver ll o a sullertio qtrrlity;, do irilritrr li ram do; brad aiii solrrow blrinl Illmell's lie lrlll nIiii 1 klrlAk ltssishrllrt napdltle tllr ra ii.ew lrtile. YotrlIrs1' ift;e size Irts ol different qualities; It o cihirei'sr .l,.'nu sl beyttI.: black Solh dtr b e,ooutlts trf eaprlienrr shl les, with getnleral assollllnelt oref bu' nlt Incls' I l s i r! t Ics. ealr ir:leketselullll tIIe .uose riml;led c;tie, all oft w hl ill lOl nent i on eu ortotfitg trforo. xrr l-11t i: uill be ohl on re~onmmodin.S termns. ' ";lul+.--II+ NO MERCURY NOR COPAI~VA~ 3 3 .')'T l tai , I,,lltltF ,paat3 , h' I3 I.a, I llN .lllo j "I83 A a a"aa'rt dinLl.;|Saaa , i'l. hlt:h I have3' 3' i tt r..a I It st ve. Itttll d atClttlr It t ia tlre, n ad Illv i IIt, at,. 33lallP. tItIt , Oil tile above daole ! i~lt ll V. ". c i ] unlle ll il (+r .lfo lof ) · I iaet, nld x t .'R aI I ta a r+. 3, ' Ih tile [ ihe di::ePt e aati w'r.e, , ntat l h,.ak ia 3 ar.t e I3 • . to tiIe IIunIIoat I tr tiX tor eigt lll . I I al [ 'Iely l Illau llellP e O 1111 ll /+iltl l of t nlll m 1 0 IYe I rge c r o tI. e Irrighll stilell 0111((1111 the thro I il~li;,v ITS u ll' r lli1..e L I ' ta ttallll'.r I, ttf .ar . 1oII clp;+[tl?- Ullrl~d Jc~ll,. lIt+AN. [. IO i 'FRI, 'I a ,h a , l- lt,,.. . rI i III q lit -t I 11rtlrl-dh la Bli(;li~ ll\+ l+ i Ylli 'I o r hih Ii lh rlk lP. l~llrl:l ttlld lI.lllCI+. r I .flC*11 r+ 1 llu · ll t et ·l i - CII (lnl, · I httv 3;3atl llllak aaat I t1,' a tl tli t ,li , ,t ' ane t .h lit fll ' 3 a ar l t II a,',,t I 't I. afIhw' ,r " '. ", .In'r,.l , hl~\ r ·l.1 |)ullpll lii lll 1111 1(( ii l, lh PIIPt.I.I* 1)1 lu t t , is t ut lttl 3lr H Ih., ht I A I1, ,. t , '28 l.' i l·(l~C 14 s1·1 +. Jtleln . x. nG air>re 3 ,' 3,,'.. 33 t,, .3 ll., {O\\Vr LET'I',. T·ABI.I':, IF" NI:..IE {Er' S11 0 T~ h l.+h. ,r htt~ dla' ( at.r . Iah t lis O rn·r.t Ior, ll or ea'.v I( I1 me lhn + ,l' l rlltll S· \2 ),t11 .+ 11111. %H'HI illHO'llllti: lehlt,+ll.Li Ist'fill '1II (.ll .ll Ii_ k .,~ l'inle T 1',lN ttie t a. " II ad.zc. f e tlIIfl~ u A llbl I'P)-+l'++ M-l~llll lll LII n ki+l e'll, vt'( 11 e It m)r l b iN ,,'w t,3aa F3, 3r 38.3, 33 3, ;re the·I·I Icn +islali~e acl lw le hhetl• t •"- . a,'s e, lmt: lo ill 0 s'llt s' tn 13 l . s tt ' '3 Iga t' .33. .iat.. .. .;,,, "'3'33 a. ...' '. tot 3,,,, o .. l lll ell .. t . I3, , l, tlatln , 33,,, a , ,t "11'13 3, o t', i I, Icm l l '" e:1:, ll i I I I h tl(Olll 1a3'3 t l lS : Intn •t31 Illtas ,tt,,, 'tetCIa 3n'll t.ali, a3, e' oua Ill.1.111111llll I(·fOIlwoh11l~el nl llv nl s q+,)l 3,'aa 'at,'.,IlHdeeli ll t rfl Is IoI. Illll ilts l.Ulillll o"ilt s(l|'a tcll t illcll IIfi . I Ias Illhll e alin , i ll the \enp 18l11., .u, Oiieu f illo nroi el,,lillopc nn reatllre~s of I e (:bP eS ,t I ntlle ;·*rtallyenrr nt orf the 'F'inle a Il Amo lntl, wl l cl aaa' oifth ..e sidte 'andt i alexar , ca he ta 3t'.xeell tda . ttakd a~' flth tytaat ta,,ae w ~ith a wh rai,,a alte i3'e '. I t. I afI t tl .exe.+ of g~enerl Illsines% wilhlont imlli~; g oi 's. s is lwrllh·s a eonv\ellicllce s,, s'Uehlial, lhllt i llu e61hua=1 afl t ntaa,'nl 333,l I3 ,litA3 111 e tt h ll. . I Hl ll t*aI all,,a ,l,3 i, ,o, 'l, I , ,I , , aatta..tit .,.at'3o oaa Ia, a/ l et'rllattc ion t.foF. I 't t . Sttrt Ilttea, 333 13333ill33 aaat aa,,.3.rti ' 3 tatle t,.ho l oki.,iallrt dtnptt latta emri lrld .+T- s"i.,eol~,...,+I ,.l . ·14l.......i',ll. ,y o.,..el 0.:,I 1.'1 I v iiii. oll e I.III.I*X[IIIIIII,, to Il St lests (l' e e-yecllt l~i I. ihs lmmsE d I n i l~~·(!nsm eo~Fl~nt l~ltlltl# ] .h Ih •hll "s " stehrt, t )"lc. c llsllcll't. e II!t~ e16 1I ; ins e ui r e :tc c lid S' Il'"lOS " It + Hul Imok llull te wsI Ill O*.t~ elllu cl, tlaiuh ,r. )tl, Ii nIrIleR~ll rll t':~ll f:Ii;re ,, l' 't +.z m liC~l e exl. ' x c Illd ,I·~ill wra vl'lilqvlY l·C·.t1 ~ill ,,1 .e . . tI,.lrl l '1 Llil·E , n'I, I ,lr'rl lll Ielrll l h l le i Ih lllhTits1 I /Ii (:L.fflUh sOtlill lIlt= I'111 ?rlcri~l tl'l +|.+lI·l.. |.,P'+li llllt.i ill lllc~t, rlln/+tl! n ll.l''' l)w fi llll illhtr(11sI, "*l.+g(ltllll.' .llrltl. |he YSllllnki. 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Ilr, 3,a..l, tatt hi 3it was 3,l l a.3.'3,, a,3l3,33,, "" ?1 111 . ,i I·\l·1 1-illl 12 ii i. baftaa aI I t,.r ,iia tpI I nl Ci 'a e l , tI , a'l.l llt,.l'lalll t. tiai l ': t a . r 3 ,. e a | a Iath. di a k+ t,'k a,3I P~dll~llIllll*III tht .,1,' 11"!11. lld ll I1'.tttl.'. |H'i11(·lhll' I·iI 83 aI 'l. a L.tr3 i ' IT't3l3 l 3 I' llal l Ill"3:t t lt 33a3a.l'a3,'h p 33.,'it , 3lll 8 1 31'i. . el "ta.'.'utd'l'a l Abm . elp t, xp ti lJ IIl hln,. ltrl el b~la ild 51:dt l~lmle ilb.l I'af aLa' 'l "i. .t&I~lllll~l~dil 'ttit.lle I3. ti.I hL h I'3i3ll3, tll$ ] , lllg,,lte,- l ltUIt~ll:a.C i1\11h42 iw t'~tilll.(llC~ i, llllalr c(.~ rcllls iii1.1 il ilellll; ijdcr lla 7 ht Itl-" l~l) ml· I1·,.~ l ) :I.'I 60ilclll |tlle I.t:ln;.illl. tflrl~y~l v rtI;illk l~latir Iht Illlsl: I ll·lnmt ~'i sitllh )C:Cb t's clt'. ficlm IZ''OlllJ II,.IXIS rs:i . al.ll t'tl llS Iit : c'i~lll| "i 'I Y I ni e4iin II II" ha I it+ it . I+lli~ I 3.,.,. . 31,aaa.a 3,33. 3 li3i.l.?Ia,, l a,3 ii lily :il~ll':llli6J. l lnli[h si llt l )ct r m+ lllll~ll lt|li I wlhir lltl.t, ilr 1 |;liseln ll CI1ll nl ( I)( ii~iltl,· (`II~IButljll ilr - n~ lllll,,t baal at '',ile %.|t',a l~ta..a.e le a l.lh. r, i h anec o pirel'el'.11e¢ anld |lalrllnl.. e. I", sa~le b~y II~e P'rcilil al Booksd/tr ,r# 'Ithe U/filEd Slales, ¥ojr,.a t ,a tr,'r:,Ir t,,'ii . .,,',',33 a r 3.hil lt '.i3-i3,.ippi, .I3rll1 R a York, a 3 lrte's 1 nrtm.+,t ,+f Il¢int.+ .lld bell l'ialolr, For w h" at I iliur :.8 !jO+ IP J Clr,. 3t 3.,.r. a'aote' . THE FLORIDA LINE D uFrom lobile to Auurtr,Ge Ge. Ileaves lMobihr every day n thlreF No. - u'lloek, p io per U -S monil boot Noe for linll's Llndine, above lib:kely,--thenee four el post eoachea to Pe:nscrer-lherlcu setmboai s io In Lngrince, wherehrot lannd Iotae is res.rlled-thece the Nvin riMnianno and Brownsville, Flo. Drinbridge, Li Plndertloo , Hnwr:insville. Snunderevillr & Louis. corn ville t Auglstra, Go, eonnectilg rerularlv with of ii Sthe rilie roan r ars io Chairleston, and the st!ear 1,d packetr Ito Now York, Norfolk, Philradelphiar , oet. side 'I.Te setrnlboole are the best for the service, and - tie lvigtolion presenlts more advrnlnge than can oo he fouond upon anly estrulboat route in the ll south. ern regior. Ii The great improvements in the route have reen C produced by ihe coltrruction o fiftyv miles of new I roard, the proprietors, viz : fromot IGnUrnge in is InFyette Ilayou, nn ar; of Santoa Rosa Bry, it Ira t Ilrynnt's IFery, on the Crhrtnho.chee river, ten r mlilesabove tile Corvlrd, er 14 aooveCedalr luffl, l o o whereby the nnvigniron or the river, and theicoin- i s ;,nent detentlios, and morere ecenly the ineon tIre Svenient crossing at tile Cowford, are entirely nvoided, anl a line road from Marianna direel to l lrinbrid e, i instead ro Ir e roundU bout road vi, il (hillalhochelce, hlssening Ihredislance nbout florty p Siriles, and in reaslillg tle facilities amorre than C sl once II day 1 Alr,, .L ornch line oC two hlare setocge every isl J other oti y IIntn II r kirrevilel, via Perry io Mco. , cal1 rit tren relinog wtit the lino to Saovatah and er ts I)arieo, oe. tll e A marl sleamrn eo t lolirs regularly helwrIenI of 0o Ilainltlidge oand Apolachionla. 'I'ravovllrrs wishinfg o to reach oit point r n Cioltionhochee er Apalachi- an .oe, canll rliake aellmbot at lirotwnsvIlle. 0se Mlobile ton rins.itciula-I urni llouin--Ihnring the tinme ocillted IIb Itr rer llrs et utornt, the propritl. lc tars of the Florira line will run n line of o ur I SIrse stl oeaelhes every other day between 11ot M i0 l Piisoengtrs wll lleveoe lihhe at i o'clock . p m, mt , i in ihe U S m ii ii , anili prtored t Iloll'o Iitalid- tLi tI iInr, wihere n lour horse coach will toi waI iirlg Io art nvey r he 111 to ithe excelhirt hIonse of 1 r. i(i harhle c Ilnll, I 1 4 mile distilnt where they will lird itll 5 leasant l irnmodt lns fiur the rigritt-ireirng ust i rn x rlll ir: Ig, they ot ill arrive in I'eC encol. iC early te, rll t h IV lllllng, thus ovuoldling the dilecIo ort u i 1I S ni hlt i r 'l vellin. . the Olive at t the il:t sion llut, . Ir ll , :i ndCi .j tlir Slin' olurel, eli sae. ln, r whernl r e 11a st bie .Ir IIi art o I red. S I'TN & Ir. rte I I olil Deco r'.iT"il''l N t ('.. n, I ecn ';ono hric ,I nst,,ur, u ,. ig;] 11 illrh n.. n..l~ll Ii e'nine his ervicies to thee viii, r Ic , Nx, Oileon. , s i n lenchi r Of iite pllln , ed Io e. I l r I i 8 hvitng been i1pll) .yid sevcIal ye ria ti e n ,in I i'ch ier I ll, nli' iii privatlle llll ,.s ine I sRtunr SIIIId ll> II 'I P l l ft f Ii'a ILIIIIIP nvd i hlirP.l In it' e 'n+i vicinlIt, llnn i Ib1u ho e( IIte Ihr r (( llP P the i lei is Ip I nle Ii ii . i fer I to I v )r ( '.l , n lt'srs is- lsn &,. Avery, IIHdirs'n &a. i AN. Isi a" cliy I cr r1 l, 11 l I- let r napply 1 t tli oll u i o. r o l . l.,, I .o ..w r, 0 n con. l)Drige and ..ldic...... els I .l f ,, v stl ha I l o ecd il li ellti hi 'blr cit. y lict pull s 1 ,I trall t ring a I never.l \lt'helec hle ter- Ithll , h sle ,u· . If,, 1isn n wv r ,cvirin: ; ll .upp l ln, of fIresh nflnd tI ie anrli. l el, l. I ch he,' Iill se "o- ill liberial r1n o city IruL.i e, alnd those, of flv ! hmeren', toI Ihll 1'sirn nn. ,Ire,,cn s unit p rpi I :in I,,re h.e.. llie. t, this o. ily-. Hi ir n i i t.. ilis d I I sicily: leeiitilnt e busineiss. II. i strlk will ls soon bh complee, ,fll Ina Ilhw works will be rn M IS fy' hr busincs+. All orhtlrs Iron: tec u i v n i ,I' lll nlr r cllr a lnt ofl tI i" sic, n it. ing such llt tII U rIL I. !will te prO, , llh cllte, l t. Inr act Q N,"19 Camp f t 1 11t ItE'i li, 1J 1 l Rl-'l , II' 1 ilit AND 'IIVA •I ' 7 i i IT .' El,-a tl ih .. il e - hh o ce d ', ilih ,ltian I to lheirprvi, ll+ lt k i h al f ll' 1 or ' )ll6, I - tort isetshell .ri 1 In e d p lin , 1. i 't, re ' nllgl·, lnp rd , W on d rel'F, -. h i p oll, rlllr a il ti. iis llr l h u lll .nell, I," ,'ui , i ,,. . IIn I llllI elr I Whlieh the s meOl xii " patter, I'm|rrn fl l , ,i f llvee"l'r, I,:: disrri li l n ro, :l Inrt; , pIle r swi l. an , n o Ic, r l . i.. .. ' . . r i . Sil l, "l :,,,r , n·ltll c . in (I' lr .nl uil. ii,," h rand l,, i erllptiollt, m hllllllhloralltPed (:OlClcll , extri 'of Iii liv'Icu i I I I' v so ps ii.l' l lh , l h hind., lhl(\ili do irler .i ll, . l, I ) i ere Hl)i np I t,, \W tn's r e cI h llh, Il, i e al's , v - ". Ilh ldh. ''-'P " s so rel llulu Ica ll, n and p' fln n,1 d lolihulnw 1 d i ii ' ut ' eIr, n ,ll t nr i Cro i illll"u u i iil lil.e I l i lll i I I fill d vuiII , ro n s lkuin. n i, I hh r 11 Is Ini dlrllrl, l al. , o liith l nll clhnll l l i., llo l it , I' I | \'I \:l.l. ll '--s(,nl,. oIfll C nI,, I ~iIi 1r hioll - f ill io w i a drell c i ,i ll f i e n Iri cil lilliiti, I iia- "' a. lot r:lld, ,ln, se t if;l hel,, e hpII h , 1"n I ... c re - II. Iv ,ll' iill Pisll,* l w' it8 'lh llllllllh :'c, L'llnlI , ipir , S + '€ 's, ii leI i Ihilll 'iu' t lei Pr ' lllll 'n l ui il' I t.ils illlll i h lill Bililt; lllu--']I-',I hair ,I - r, ',I- c " | rbI.Iilll ,,lll r ylic n J mn i cr edi t I ll , & cii .hl ll.lxll \' isll , llll : . sl, i , I. . l hilit` II, 5.\' t i " \il l m llll.'l'\ ' l mi 1 h'l n ih" u .1a n , hI r a l l -k ,:i ,IIi . ,I I ... II_ , ai , e c,- !i,% rich ,,,eln 1 t liiil'ciii & I ~lA" e. ir i d le i ne i- , . w ith JIllit , ill u, ,IIIn -h, Iiiic x, ' 1" i\ . coJ'ia I· I o l . uini tkin ,, lTIIh r,.I- "n , i~ '.: .,( I, I + +,'i. n !ph'i 1-,np '-. ,il:nd Id i , . , iiiic ,i ,' , . altI i II l"l.l. l i'imLI h'l ei , ilIl illnl I;h .illnl l it SllI', ".i','on , nil (·.lil,;l;ell opl, . i ll' lllli , pl' . nI- s hau ih llUi l i. i h . in. ii,,i 'tiI. , lo l r1 i 'lltllil l ia; ,i+.c.k ,)lt, c l i.' , ' c1 ill I : dii1 " n , pnl ", ,lr , , 'lllill AlP rin I lllni ll aelll l , dh ll ',. In i I llli,, l I'Iii,,lli i ii IISn i u.I ' , I lli lltmitti d la kin' re.Iil, sl, r pivsi iiian to iIIII SIlil (1 l klld. . )I E ,llhl Iir + t, .llrN i, • lit' l. I k h' l' a, , l i, ed i " illlI , i e e Ii.i C it ii,. 1 11: p ,Iii 71i ( ileri1. r Ie ' isir i n Iil r i.-- I:al i i hl ne l I IIi ,.lll .P I il v e sall n mulil e il h i ;lr l i l ie I fi n hl l ir iih. 1 " Vhlelesal,. I)rngg . Its, Irue C corntry-U nud T.h c is, ea .2r,.,li. c d t,- I 1 1 ; LT- rat'lnmm1i0111i-n dlu5,eu- calms pure ie Iorice n, ii hi n eu uki l 1 i rt Nbllsf i ll til bsn i it J 'AlN l e i ,ll, ;lu l Itlhl ul r, Is , ei lihl CI m'l* lll ,lli- f nlltl, iii tos ilt g in! v, il lg n i lnn u r ll i, e i nihl +;ftllis killd ii t drlllnllevin d iien '' i di-elln iIen, i el t o i II,,,at ,,le or n , i a '' c.Ahtc 'ch i i l, Sie hi art le lf l d ilion in lu llnll nn Is v (eirle 'try 1lly ill\· xil e t e tl..lllle"lp clogr .P 4rylliy rt e a e , 11, ( 1csi i I im ll'ir. ~ v itn lil" e IZ : i 'ni I C'n iih C i:i &ei s '-s in :hlv I " ('hilllllli. . "R\Isi llI~i tilt. V 1 ] C , ii ,lA lI ,1 e t tI e Tt Po II c ly l Th in : ndR ' lt . h cp:i.Lg ' II .t u uII J .e .7 i s o Cr lit. romd a rentco i,,1 ill k it d to use ca'It s w kl , Be .y 3. ma ; fie l c m & ioff 'l.e in If: Ice s . is rn- sh all , 1ouse, wi,,n a 1,rles n ,,f e vermel The 3 .u I's bi' ioA\ns Tllls alter+ t .. com.loslt 1n h a mo, s tr t,-\l~l)fy ~1o'et fi--'lre ,,. t io ae, Ile , t t he hnher. i ined-Th, ellh t !. c In ., curt , i, boia " ('llllllt-elr lll I i, , J. l O 1' I, , S 'l ,r i t ll II 'l ,I ,o a o ldu ltI d H i, i,,,e i w1till , , . h . . V, .II. .Te of.. l.L.. 11a o : . ... .. "l" 1 1.;11 v11 - .111 h1 , iisnL glr ,r .... ,Ie I.:,hit I·p , h ( l rtll RaiT1 Icn e ' t he li lh ' l - rmls, i s . Ill , ll s sollln il",. ,ill+n I , t. t jl ;iil jillls I hai. lill o i i, t ,a:l ll, lll l t ll ,II II a ill .llll .l il i ii ' .r" o1: ll iyO ill rI' IaseI III 'lll h t T I l N , . i t C ii Orls are n r , 1 ' r , i he r h, gs In, zpli 1 e· i iiI III II ,lti, ii,'l. it.r Ie I, , Ti i ll++` PUIIIM Ic.--T~c d In lit,..frthe c ,I h uel: . its I , t Ihllll"+ to Ihu dt ,lln,1 eIn li"d cý t "l, lLI+ lh i,.l . ree tI a dli i '1r his IIr Ih SII l fie lll + . l'r l ',I, Ce ts , I I' ' ', II.. l ll-s I 'gur, tht.lall ,ll llld and IlllVlll l u ohLL r ;hero e ll pr ouill - li 1 U n wi ll o II b t:,c', h , ~W i tc , i I. Du i, ;.l ; pnlullt t l li)L~ el.So his !I, Ith , a l g,"ll Il i l llra 3ll3l llD I.u , hud ý , I e i . ll (root il .. 1 1nil t . - Ii llr h, ul: i hr il h h, l.r" act "~t.11 etfl ll em l e l lr.' l ii l "l'l c.l:-d [i I lto c ol g e, ,, + h, ir , i lf llu, ,l ,yi'nnod r l ltr, ll hp e 1 Ttl d c rill li ue dei' fr. nCl ni. t Oll f Cly o ]h 'tf lo;,, [)TL I C -ar o -The, w i liar ccntn :trsh p s Kell ey, ,1sll I:o n , th 11 tche, JoO. "le.t . "nd iftriy lu y, has the rr ,,o h¢lhi r ull v hf1nic hyll bhe paidth ol . 1l all tt vh i I+ RTiners o f ldwr.." ,, berinlgJ !a Ice; willit I SUe1 il I ularr s pill s alh e r Li fe lhl*b iis ne I u, 'isl'h,11 Ihlde lgrea to uicl ir., tro criinlt ly reqcst Id o ;,:,, &,rwi, crlan b ake gi 'Ivn App tilllyte thlG :H .Ih i C , stretlr . iNl.r June "7, 1 ;1,, DOLBEAI'S Sciener of Penmanship received,oald for sale at tlheir peralolait Writllig Aicndelmi s No. B Chlorea aerr.t, New Orleans, 189 BroadwI y New York, Dauthine sat., Mobile. - It ispnrtieulerly desigled for private learners, and sclhool, and is culeulaei lir peorso fnsll ones. I.shies id geololel are invited toecall and examine ithe sysotm Inczl'tbemeclvca Lessons are given at sael hlouses as smay snit the Sonvenience ofll, and to classes furled in ny part of the city. Iadies wlio prefer itcan receive ersons at their own ref sidenee. P-esns paeine e n true of lsrseons are desired o atrt-i.'' '" 'y . erell asthbe will. .3SAI OTI11180II,,I ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, FOR FEVER AN AGouE. !rEN years have not yet elapsed since it was U first regularly submitted to tithe public; bat it has attained tile highest reputation; and lias sop. planted every oiliher medicine for the Ager, wherev. or it Ihas been known and appreciated. Aiready Ihas it boon carried in every direction throughout the United States, and still realizes amre than could nave been anticipated by its most sanguine friends. T'housands tf persons lave not only been relieved, but roesored it hellth and vigor through its agen. cy; and they now helerfully testify, at every oli prtlunity, to its de'ided and suprelme eflieacy. It is composed of such medicinal principles in are calenlated to renew toie healthy action of thie stint acol, liver, and other important digestive organs, tihe loss of which harmony is tile immediate cause of tie diseonse. It is nppareint also, that it produ. eas an entire cihange in the ronditiont of ithe systemn, and ertainily destroys the nitive lionhilit to reln p sos of the ualfeCtion. Vllhe tIhe Aguio is attended with any otlier complnint, the employmleit of the Tonic Mixture will not intertbre with tile treat. ment of the other dit'ense, but will even afford as. sistance by furnishbig strength and vigor to the body during the course of triatnontt. Those i ho l mako uise of this Imedicinl my bo astured tihat thire is no Arsenic, Barks, ullercnry. or any orlier article in its coimposition unfriend'y to thei human consititution; being entirely ar vegetlre extract; andl they timy have additioi l confidethnce in the use tlrcolf, when they perceive that it has the ef ect of a gent t t laxalvo about the timle half a bet.. ile tfull ihas bern toaken--in consoqence of whichi there is no part of the Imidicinl left to linger in t'i. huowols to c:lu oilstruetions, and other evils, arising roim thne use of many of the remedies nose oflired flir tine cure of this allbetion. It has been used also s. preventiv, by bIymatly who were sRill ject to a periodical rvcurrneie of the Chills, and it has Invariably wardled o' ilth nppreheolldod attac:t. Observe! - 'lie Prolriltor, folly ratialild ' iln the Slouparitly ed ntld univeri l succs wclllh has c.n. ltantly attendtd il putntmnl and reunhtr use of the Tonic., Mixtnre, in all cases of lfever andl Ague, ;Ieis warranted in r.gtgiug toi refund Ohl price t all tilis who hivn t,'uil ie Imiliueluoi inr stiic ac. cordance with tihe precrib-d directions, willthot having hbeln perfectly ilnd lastigly eredl. T he sbsceribers irs, Ie wholesale .la i geihor the Southl Western SMhT s, andl hve inow on Ilil SIX ty eases oftlli i medilcine, which is warirantled fresh anlld gl'lUi . For sale it tle I mlanllUillCirelird prices JAI l.Itt ANiiiltli. , -e,%27 - o- ('i.wii tok 'h1i,.pl.I stritm t. ti. I- ~v ' cot .om.o. It l T rhto lltita h ,is t . r., "llississippal1 (lull niso innlla m lime(, lvu wre,, 1.4 ' 1i1R. MARY KilKL..N) respett.lly an. ill Iu nl.s to her frirl:oes and the. public geno. i ally that sito is ptlrepard to acc ommoldate thlU at On t, ahov t establishment, atld hotpes frunt her ci· ,Sxrtionsto renlder visitors cm~nfolrthle, to rceiv Scottnullllll of fohruor loovts. Sllr he i.lo s c lli. ot thalot perons tvi.titng ('ovi ngtn odurihng te lttt11r mloonths, cannot fi n belttr tICco llodatinil than she canI altortl tht im, on mtore bLberal terms. f Ileor IollOs li p.asanlly situated, and well supplied III with .every coivenienre; the bar is furninhed with i:o lt llost choice liro/lors, &c. ill shortlshlt promilet ",at ntothinlg shall ,o wanting on helr part to give' s i ,tir satllsttaction to all who may patroouto the ' il and Lo-uisiana lhot;l. jy3 ;st LLtLOW WAR,I . WOtIl) S(t'REI\VS, SAAD ,y IRONS, &o. /a 111II" 11 O0\' I.1. WORKS CM()PANY, No. S 231 \Vatr, tear lltiloAn ttrntet', New York. Y' have rT'ioved thle pal t e-soon, tnd let croo.stl.ntly r01, e'o lving' large and extonive a tlil d ionl to thllo sItok of hloT 'love ototoms, which lot now t .c i s of the tolltotwiltg t loutioll t, slllotoett lio r Ito U soutlher and 'd R'Ot.1ern markqt . i l ot Ilotlow waro of +ioprior quoality, coullntinllg o I'ots ol '' dolll!rotll sizes, roii 2:o to 511 'loillo t r, -, h ltihs, 1; szeo, trol,, 3:0 In 30 gallous, .Ih, llles, 13:zizes, ,'roln 3:0 tI o ,S Ih o llon, I II ,ktolol+ to ('Iolloo 7 ohlth|lrllit tl '.· s lootepans Fl Mt s, 7 ..or. ; toize, or, Skillets, , i l 'oo'e(] Spl dro , 2 " u1 les. - - 4 do I ll ) Ir g , . d ,'h', \' . . 1 .. .. tfr o lm, I 4, to i. :llt ,tlt . ie, I" dot thh r to. 7 lt Ist \ ,,d rI ,otio tta t- ooi, grot o orroo , i uol l brlll 'I , fIrill i l 'l toliy ; l bs fill"sh, iod le s I olt Jloo. 's impo, l ted anl . lid Iatehr' Iron,, nnve , d. S :- o whrtsug io, lou titl, a ,o lted from I .-4 10 I t- o l :l for 'i o ntaltio s, slt,'a 1 ,oa; t, Iichlro he 1, illl.. too i'i l to orlill d r, Also st0allll os anllld other nachinery made to Thel alove a oro elnt of gioodol is parti.tull rly ,'elnrr onruleI Id t lo to! ttenti, of Sotuthern l 'i1- \ mI'MlorII Ilerclhants, and are oltured for sal, at low I .iprh ts, ant Upon Iltr, tmot t hio 'ral tern s; it w h*. i ievld to he 'tli largest and hu st a.iorlm.nt ever nl- oIled flor sale byay i one e.iatl liibhlnnll t in the IIIolued S'tates. Merclhaintsl, lby forwarding all request by mail, canlrl Shave ' prinl d circular, willth decripIoo n of goods, priee and terms, foo' 0 tl h leh no deviation is ever 0n0l0e, fnrnis ,hi oby r otr oot o ,m il. S All orders will receive ilmlnlediate attenltiron. Nuw York, lt<38. J'3 cl' e W. I it sln riolr p .lorl powder, Alli white, cralll 0, losles, vt . ltah·le mog re 0l 110, o .i . .I r,, , , I na,,+, I; 1 r lie I~It wl ash l ,-ll ,b olrll il,+ +Lde+tllieeI,·, tlraoi, is IIwa r wal,"r powder lufls Iod bo0xi 1 A o, it, aii * I t ls rl en okrI os e,,t s, hi " I1 I lol',' E h- h dr 1. sameL o l uo hair oilo , t11 v y of to per m. r'I, . A or S oby Clt, & t Is o 003 corner can sl on s o o' bo to'l' , -- I:0t0 1.00l li00-0. lito ,, i . o Il , ' 'I .......I I . . too... . to o . .. i . . ",, llI- l I 11 A' .h 141, t . .'" I I I,0 " - Ioo ,toolhlo.,, Aclol'0 itoi tIhoe ni1 ho e d fo., t 1 I . \ .l. c.| llll+o t.r, Ah l , +in"I ] t h , h~le i ji i 0 ','I or o i 'iel' ooolllll tr ail to" I ' o' ", , b I llll l ll I l ,u, 1 ali.d - ,.ring khie r iv o .... ,.'n 'riti, h v," t tr o,!t, tillllot a in t ola e , d1 1 I, t .. ..; o toot r ,l / is i . :I ;e ' ool..I• , \ e. e.'t ,.' o 'o o Ihro nr, p at to t' t tNo-I 1i)1 . -o - to l% 'It' N.' , loAo t T'' T o i).-' .\ ol tlw -oi,.io t Ie ht 00 , ,olll ,oto I Ilolo u I'o t in , tlo,.t 00il s li ,! lllt +lll' Clitd c uptio t, I sii sito ,.I . tl ih.i It lst : 1 p ::l I:, ,;i ll ll'n, ; ; ,,,,,L , ,m . nh,, - t,. ,,,:, ,ns; .... i0 . ,lio 00 ll0 i it; r ' ans Ar00rii 0.0 n h .. . o1 0k, b0 . d and .elait i , tillwo;bo tOli i to.t and cook l oot rluo.l oelt'tl t1',t Itar0 rD 0 , 'tkI. I .'I lltl: II1 II In'' i ( l lllll i II oo'soooo too In K"lel :ils o 0r0lr 0d I telo o iot' fer . o i i iati tn,], a lll e ou, Ihe.1r, 0(1 ,rtatgle dhs al_ nd di leso , ases: p e"l i l.ut 1, . st00 0 1i;000 ,ll l d toilet .ll i(l. lilt.; "lil/ti ll -r op- c: el,,ses r,l rit ewd; an br~a,, bnels and ware ::e n t.,or d e, o , wllqt- e irhnd , oil.t c ake she 'i, s, e n ticks, b nw he€+ a * ot .ie ",s l .elll; i s roi e -(] tor din.. i .,slii Iool s l ml ;sce aptaint ned rls,,l etal sad chlai nds aid n c+ . hae i L. Ihladll halln ill cke-i 1 e r nn . I waIll :sIo n; 'oan lihlo. 1o e';rl r l i t rall.i t t ,I ao .o o i ir II0 liI.0 l0i00 Iu e.l r, 0 .00 1 er ;! , tslu fi , 0 u, 11- 0 - rt, o nht'oeil.t t.ot .ios, 0i0 So r 00o00 'too h (lie il , a :ltliliol to ouIII tl rllt . stl, of 000e irLihh00 , 0I :lky00001 0 tlrlll o t tool A ooIIII o t o. , ur o ." 0 h bl i hnlit- etail. ; s Ihti sioltfllae oln i o .erolt!t, ' .1 gro ciii badod,0, 0 l s llt o ot s . o to SoI't(oI+A N It' d . too . hr i o f renho . 0ll.1 ,)llll r i il: o llh ll l lloI i " l .t ' toootO(~·' 0iI0 Olto'+ltuoo ol i ,,o cromi s bIe.o'li· o l ot t i foroo,I,, 11-,.rF, l lorobl, gi ll l ,o b oso oonot cooto . o j - ui.'yh to o u nd si :lin t Frono u it ne Aoiurio . ,n 0.1 w ,I1 0l:, (os irtlolo, ol'an'eo hot ,il s. r,tdttoll i .rs 0 Soi nlo h.t o . o hre -e rv. h 1d , hs. h,10 r ep.. . I ,,, o llo r o so t I c I . ito o sh.td0 and glaso s , 00 oCatLe lut, iu ., sho t telt - t ,,, q .,r, i r tlalds, cake Ibuske,. eniol ,sick:I1, h10 : 100,. l lmps, l l d, ra. tr"I, noi lri ih t lll lll ], ai l lirlt l l: S lampll i e luiar l lir Ylrl, l a-',tr, s f · rlri |. lu l a nI Iil iill Ll her *w lilth I,'llr v nr it, y f r, f1 .il.. w~ , F, ol t, llny palrtl h , I111 ereu i'r'. r\!AnI- ,i ' 'llrrnlecPS ' gh, ssw arie. no\? 2 ' .,le ro, c t.111s+, blanket,, f.itlll -, hiLl,\10 1·FI lwrl. t hrllrelr, , 0h, eek linlens. t'.llctlue , hllaltk.rtrlllt•fn I Z 1': .e r lltt¢ ·d and for sale Low by hv 111,- tbse ri-, o0i', co n rill+I! tlli Chi zitr tB rl IIIAII. A l1KA1tYjviaI. lv 'Il , aih losel Ecirv day at I'9 A. A) Weier )) , a Doa 'airy( aunduy, Widlwaadny f~jI iiti ri e f Fredy, hafly ., I. AI. Closea everry SMiendav, OV)lard.v "lun ai lhand atttiv, by 9 1'. i. Ird `Ahtrd, by5 P. if. EXkII 1 na 'JAIrLI.. TIF19FS OF A I8IIVAI.Ii13PAR'l'Ui DISTANCE Yc. ofiha prir lail, beI ar, Slnaila rial NCew lk-rleving nlobile dlailI. fit 11'. 3i. Norlihwnr New Yurk daily fit S P.1 A outlhward. Arrives AArrivo Northward. Disatani. ''imne ll'ruro'g 4rIrr.tgollerr , Aln 2 pm. 198 a's 23 I 12 in. olntir20,. a, 1 ii ( illedgeville. co. 2~ 133 Ill 21 Is, , COlllllliiit SC. 74ani. 163 171 10 Ilalaign N C. ' 215 22 1 99 rnnroan, V. 13 f. 55 AS lei y 1IeltIalIihrrg. Vn ll pmn. 83 Ill 9a. m lt tah..,aa, af tlla. 21 3 61 d ind'reiankal,ap, I9 67 7 1 p i. I 9'ahingfiao. aity,1 pa.. 61 6j a lihinr, 8 4 1 1l'lliladelbia, ij tn. 1810 11 New.Yo.k. 2 Into. 90 j 1305 143I6. or 3d 23 a Niolhwarr d. Cnming Nnnihwahrd, dhe tittil s sia X hou i. I iuu; rIlnys10 andl 17 Ilnaro. - N1.018 I.AllA I(F.9VAIjIO. ta JANAW9A V Ir~i,.ilo a11 i iionell anir of Ilei, a. ag.n~.:,,, ,:.,Il,~ .1,9 .~~.",,,r I 1,f1 .011eet, 1,III t '''gill of1( 3011th of nAlplllis , nut wool 1' ePIe ll the n lx 111orrling in 11, 1000 PIr,'ei a Illrfil'o boy lutowd l'IIA Il1\((·F:$, 0b11111 17 your s o age, III. ten IIrI na hilr agil ol'h Ingr ie n, o·usio ity ''an d r;h bur aina whI'haaaan nI,.gra whay coarit.atol( ine in. wilecl. on I a al oous. i. A10nlerR III' vrxsulp nod rlrrl boars fire coltiollllA a a Rinrt receivingor harborll ing..d rlairr)I) ll IIa wel l ii SI atar yr n ai'aaa 11 a., I, iItoe rina aII of th I Iivgi.t a t iufn~ ria i ainl lt .ITIll riltgat..fib .a I. ale ailatrpaiv '.,..,. r l-. 'lol 'rmltiriptlitiacagý,gjnr,, tot 16 .n~Idl, aer I :ilra,,l.. " ~91:I1 coplulnelwr'Rlil' llrltol irrr x14ingllf a" ti.wl,.. .liralaa of thelliian, it...,, k...e l tm aI all l'.jllthi 'nl) 0 10, "ill till. h lloavia Illg ii-7f II ARIII AolI 'M.1)18 I'9PlT AIN II 11 'lY.Ai Pyj NIS NIOVlI "Rim..~ i/ Re'.fer, lby theautiha ai Pet. S 111mp511 2 .~~laTr~ at..,..,.,t,. IIallalIg/.fguy .111 111,1'e fa..,al~ Co ~l r, nr .l War, I in alla St yr i'nI iitI(tl ,, sIlrh 'tial,/lnlSutl . i I I t ..! eligial I lnn, y Nuhald r (i eere, inI vo . fa a ii ogtll t, ,o., 7 1117 " tti~lItitiNly I.i a.lIv . 1'10. &. P r l Ni s lo;t" o eiio to of P..lrni n adnirr.. la,/ 1/a o~rx /'rr r'J u,,/ ;,, /,"/, ) l ar .l ) IJ eel, :' ,, to o"hluhionl , and I nyni in l,ol t mn I ; wI t, , nu 0 r 0r111111111 oa1 o oIllndl rl.lll n 1110 1 Nolo s i l , tll 'r, olootooooolooo,:,o j,. ,,.,,,-1) I II .oo loot Alooomi· ,,1000 " 0n,, x', lo rn,, jloic l 11 , .tr, 1 of I)0, Ill s ' l Il ry Jl l·lr.ih P' h llr " Ii r 5 '.,d , •1 n lu:sl o nu i In 'h ,e la '11 -. oll0l , ih lorun ,l l I tII vl I Io r n is qll I ." IIl :t, sll %, 1 ,nor o" ~ ll i i " ul olv Is out' of) \\'o ( ~nnilhIl, ti. n Ith- tillI· I , I .I ] 04 " , . 01 l ;:o nH ;lo,, xs0(f ,ll I hh)rlll ff 11 f, / J lr o &r.Ar. lol,, oool h n 1,0' , (o11 - '1 I' i o ,o 4:" l(,14' h A 11 o o lo, 111,1 i 1 11n yI ii par (i I t l T h, suBl', lubr ren., no oe. i s f.rh ] ltheirV f st it. rIe in '[ N ,lilew o, ,,rk , a lit,,,, I toll keep rn ) c n lyon; - Int1 1 ,. . Io ih l bon1 1 111 r n111(1' I A !In , { 'nor,:IJ' In ,nt I r.,: o o ot' ( I, ~I.. rc, 11 'r1,1,, . 11 n llllll,,, , 10 t , 1 I +I ok11·1 l r lt T I lo 1u r Il l l r 1 1111 II in , 1 1 11 WK m (lll t I ot b th b , , E Iyp tl ,,llllll ll l ' nl 1 1111, A rIIIanrII\ I I r ol l,'h .' 0Mom tso. T f. o on.o o \i ". Is io .l ' ,il ,r 1 'ul t i C . n In d di. g',,, .l , t h., wh a 4 ,ln ,,i , Io, , It e J of lbs, i ,,,,, 0 ,,,l, , , I,..I.. , ,,, ; 91.. ,l, .' ,, 0 .-,0 I Ite rinhI' l I in the n t,,. ,, , " ,, . Ind ' I, v l hll hl 'ri r',11 \ i illl iII S11oll t il, 1 1 I I Il ll + I \ll ll l "II' I, mlr? n l> I ;." nI I'. \" r:,q ., n"~ nl he +,, .f s'rlt ll ,, i r lc.h 'lus. re anr.a o et oka d r r I I tlllI.. ;i 'll",, , l, ;' 'I " '" " '' .. .... .......... . .. nr "(`,. -' 1 itunt"i aI n III Iorl 6,. .,l.Iy . M 0 1.E t Ilo .ll ..olo. 110o . 0 '1s001 0 0 t, iT 't a -"tI' -, I oo ooi - 01. i i 111 11r ..e Ol rloo tlolooo r , 111N1"1 I-all, l1O* '0u..oploT, I nI1 te jll olotI ,lll . 0 0 I boooboo, = .i I .lh'llooo - a -l Ii , 1'h Ioo rilob, .I 0,.o io, 00, 0 boo- l sI r ' 11h11 rIIO1ol Io : I ,ll", I 1 t e S011 . 1 0 111.. l''ooo, j'. l oner . 0 01. I( I+1 0ii S1 l,01 000% .lll 0. 1lpl , 1,, Il r. rII t.' I; 1 ,1.l 11 l s.i Ii0.0 .Oo ,o .t0,,ll0. T00 1 h00 '110, 0. l r l o l hn. I O',II -..lrJ ~ oo oin ny Io 1;r 00 0l 001 001 0 J I I.r 11' . 0,0 I o1 . II's mll ,~ III0010 o Jo far1 00 }'illhob .o - , 1I 11 00', r, 1ll,, 0. w il lto . l "pet I)l .IIII'ihlis Ill1rt1 h h .. illdlltho Ia h loo , Ioio too ,l b o.1 ' II, 1 0llll 0 l 1101.11 ,ruldo n',o , .II 0 trl I : 011 " loll , ll 0. llol l & Ir llo i d o 11oo no 1,'fo ' il, , , P. Io',l o '. fo-11oot11 0 0 r1,0 nl d 'I'IIr I I I ; r lt l lu i is1 , +d , ,Iln rlcv join...l.l n "d (:sn all yi.', past ' I 6i 1I u Ihn , olN o oýo oo, I l 0 l11 ,11110 , 11 , 0,l 0i.l, 0hr110r1 ll hl W alsh Lo- deor Iiol' '0 a00d bex0; sir JIl l,.llre'n inrhý (no-rI ll.P ll l.ll nru: , ltiolh ',ias .,. 0,0 0l'0l+,1r to ff- Woolloo I +o L,,,io , 1,'0 -10 olo'i r.I 1 aInd lle o s I,1 n o n 1,1,lt , '. j,',r. I"'"':' o r''00 tic0 I( 'cu . 11, 0 ,III 0i1 1. ,oI ofl oar .II0. II oo', 'l oot er i i Jl Io ondo Ill o oolw i -l f il'o (lt q,11oool . rlt .oI o,. . s. 1l n (i-+ ,o.o , O h . rdj+', h. bloo , o ( 0,.i ,i5, b l o:t' iI o 0 n o \'i l ost ii il " I o'Ooli Itl ll0r lllt 0lloll, I o I oI b le 1 oki g IInI,. ol ' il 'i'ýrnn no:l ll i o-ll il . ~ 11!. ii ~ '. I 11, 1 o' " ' ,i o o' l ; I . O )i\:\1D '' A\DRIX .II o i - j A lrt l,;,ll;l;;: ci;t (IN ' ~ fel', 10 I"O'r: "oll ion. o hl i Yooo .r , olooo VIII lbo -'i ol.l Ii,0 i yno alop'ol, o', l':x la'l,u:oio lv .I ln I. l t l el ' 111o01 I olo O SI 'ii-l, r_,ll t, II, a, il tll y hr lV l no rhll t IiiLP ,111ot a 'ltoL : r 00 I00'I ol ' e" IoI ,o lrI Eglyo1i1o, I1 0i 10.00, Il. o ando i.. ,o S i lhllooo o 11o"'doloo,, l oll, :o1100 50llt. .1e tnnglo - ii rll +. . .. . reolur iiij,| , n . . :l ..... . .l .. . . . i lt. | . "U . - aIII a11. l tloo. oo& Iool o I I ,o II lio.'IIo o fry o so , -o I 1'il000 I g flloor. toooltl lao ai.I1. O, 00 0001i l |Pllril loo'O lool lonos 01010no0100d noool ;"lt'h'is',, o P"ll Itooain ra In Wl12 O lho lll.o - I.'ooIi hIllllad opor otsv tI' ot4I l oIt obroo. h the0ll lo . 'l lo o iii tl, .i r tlioat ri o oot o ' t In onoo , h :i'D - ".1 ii;r.. II -rl thc J'.1s r e \o Ir r" , cot MO C AIN & S1'ROUD S I.IDEI.I. l N'EW W (lRR &otht '10 .l lA roo11]i la.b Ill. ;i~ , iel oi t ru ,lu" it .v IS nr ll x' v tl, 'Iiie iN Es: otl n ! ,nd loyII, no lor11"Arte'onricotpa,,,, 'IoI¢I \ I ont a(i('W -look, ta oln olo.ool moh on! rasa r-e 01000 o!"s , i y hil rolao oa. I : , too.r to llolholttol-rd .os ieol , o toLy (VI - oI'RiA N t. 'h, i , ' el or.,..,lo I t-.o oio o o .o loll. l l do. situs ,: o i.oo l o of0 thid000 yt0 , 1 10; weodil' o ] ril-

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