Newspaper of True American, August 8, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated August 8, 1839 Page 3
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GRAND REAL ESTATE LOTTERY OF PROPERTY. Bituated in New Orleans, 'O RE DRAWN UN THE let DECEMBER, 1839 INJACKSONVILLE, Fin. Under the superintemndencm e of the Commissiotners ap pointed by the Legililtive Asetnhmbl of Florida. oCiltIiL)t & HAIMIILTON, Managers. 100,000 tiokets, at $15 eclsmne pric.. $1,500.000. Belling prire $10 per tickert. BYLVESTER A Co., 156 Brondway, NEW YORK, Sole Agents.. ID' The receipts of the a of the tickets will be de posited in tihe Canal, Union. Carrolton, Citizen's and Dunsolidated Ilnolke, in New Orleans, in thle name of Louis Schmidt join;tli with J. t. Perrault culally Caehier oflth CitizeC'c IBonk, and A. lhaudomin e tually ('a.lier oflthe Conomlidtled Ilunk, us Truslevs, as per act eased lW lilre A. Moureuuo, Esq. Not. P'ot. on the 2d May 1839, olid rtle prolerlieo Irlelerrred to the above mentioned getlimpen wlatcumle ered, as Trustees, for tihe security of the fortulate prize hol dara. In New York the monies will be deposited in the Phoellia Uank to the Lredit of the above nasmed b City 'Banks of Now ttrleans. Th'e Pbtilie are referred to the aets passed befane A. Macnreoau, Esq. Not: Pub. il relation to the prop terties which embraea the reapectite prizes in tihe Lottery. (l00 PRIZE., na follws: Prae-TInat mtpagnicelt tihree story Irick building, known na the AIMiIAI)E, I. Mtagnilmte itreet. Imessuriog 286 feet 5 inch.os liires on Mgazine eat. 148 feet 6 inches on Gravier street, and Itll feer II inches int. Na.chen t. Thlis building pronducems now n rent f t:17,Ol Iperailllmtl, anl Imtting in tile momat 8lomrimilmqm part ,t tihe tity, lmitm.ate three llmksm, and in ttme mm, iademt neir.hbtrhood of tile St. Chmllalc nemmt thie 'ity Hotelsa. Its rents will, illn very few velmr line incrasend toI lily tlimilmsand dollara per a tmum. leimllnled at $70,000 PFhic-'Tl'ht ele.,st follr eoil v brik build. ing kmnown as Ihe CI1'Y IIOTiEL, formtrly Bishop's lHtel, ituatend at the elrcter of Camp and Common st • measnurring iGa2 eel on Commonl at, and 146 feel III inchem on CaImmp mt. This huiiding rentt now for 0$5,0100, aIlIhbeino ill thie onst cenllral part of the city, ean sbortlm he inlcreemed tolhirty thouannd dialarn per. an. nOa . Etimhntel alt )500,000 i Prize-Tl'he three story Ibriek dwelling bintse, No. 30 on Natchen street, cdjiiniog tile Arcade, relted FIt 12 tmandodt dollars. E:stimated at $:0,000 SPrise-The thinee story brick dwelling ihemme, No. 18, aljllinillg No. 20, i Natelela lreele, rented at Itwele lundired ilalrs. Eotimanted at $i0,000 S I'riae-Tlle three alory brick dwelling hllme, No, 16,adjoining No.19, oll Notcheletsl. rened tl twelve ,umni.d red dollars. Ystilmnled t $20,000 Prizre--'he dwellnr house No. 231 north east corner of Basill and Com lltm hone e mlreets, nmemtuimlg 40 fret fromt ill i.loin ntre l, 4l1) .Fr front L ,i Flonklin lmree0, miy 127 fre depth ln IustOlltllle stre etr; rTenteid al f 0f. rees hndredl dlllmrt. Etrimnlrd at $2t111010 Prize-The mdwellino hosre Nmm 24 ootth werl crnter of listi, sltreet. mene urilng 2 flet 7 inhes on lnyrill tr, 32 fre. 7 Ineheor on Franklin rreet, by 127 lelI 101 inchesn depthll on m(us tolhnnuoe street; rentled at .'lteen hundred dmolhire. Estimated at $20,000 Prize-T'0her two talrv brimik dwellnm g lm.kme No.319 on Rmyil treetr, between Urulinem ad Hospmital sttrerets, mesa orimm" 21 fee t 0 iMcites on Royal er, by 127 fce I 1im i2en ill deptk; amml e l 1t $1020 per Ot.ullm. Elilmlnted at $150011 ITrie--2'50 sitnre Camsl Inlmmk sltlmk, at $1011i) ocll, $25000 'Prize-- i l0 slareom Comllmercil niok stock $I100 eneh, $20,000 I Prie--150 oshares MMehanics' aod Tra derr' Itlok otIok, T $101 enlllcel, 15,1000 3 Prize, of 100 sihmrer ecmm, mly Bin i, 311,011mm 2 Pries of 5ill l" Mm:xmhmllgmer, t0,0 P2 iarle, of 15 " " tcn I.igli, 5,1)00 'lorida, r 3,000 It Prirml·, 12 " " ("mm L.ilml, L-,mlmm) 011 I'riSco of I " " Illtlk of(tlrlemn, 20,1ilmii 201 iorie. of I "" Umolltimmal im i It a hall . hI t thle oplialln of ti e willllnne r of plriceIof tonk -o.ek., limher to tmke the ituck itself or the impar lll1.(1tlll ihIi . ., o r. om I lI 1 '0110 ', will hr pot in o I 01 whe,1. a nld 10 ,o(ir'..I, w .ilh .the blan.k., in ritlher nto veer. IIIuIIIbr II Ipllt or bh1h k will lie drIl wn. luntil all t t. Ir , Ilar, l ls a lell ill l Il.VI,,g tlhe b lace of 11111n. .,Ifwoi u inder ue VerInllltlll, .,)rner ,of St. 'harles nnd a i(., IlIII vtIrl'ee', ,IInd Ist No. 1111 ('h rtirrvP4 nlrePt, New frrI llnm+ Ild io lrlll h'n , , lrl, w r((,f I, d ll,) r. fllllh I l . trlllllll o+ ) I.Ii . o illill. um Innlllol r lithe nudihm-e ..rioli t oiot . q i:.oir, i. id-l,..l id li., Nrl . lllil) I' & IA l l,'TO'l, ,.,New Orl.ans. I - A Irnlnltant wll br pI. vidled to ke to F lrlIda N ii+th pls.seng."a rs tu r In c i mI .. to the Ja a i , , ll ' Il' , "31. nI. .y -A by. i ll nltr IY ¶ I, I o-- l lll) l i ... \ .. . o k I op: .. . . e l . .. 11 [ ,, r. d or NI.+',l . lLI o . . 'd Ito- ,,, ri v ti lol)lo. I ' Y:) , iuly 2,1 4 C l wI I over. EW TAN,,II,, WORKSli.-okI& Smio- : kI/IdJ Noi lll en in Ekll II , or Aim rica inll IRhe lnl A. ory. J 'I" illlb. h, lllllCnlarlilv View of Anlci int fi lohre. Sh ke-peAt re 7 Vil.r it .' l Nu. plendih Ilnleu IdLliun w ill be t h an kr lly la c clv e d rIl . h uI.b rler, oloen iroi t or hw k i& Cl, oio-k t Sinois 6&ot o. hovtineve r lint oh Ih.iw dotio. tin 7bve. AnIy -1i10or 1ni Ro einell in sr t orele irklgI will be (nkfulli44 tet Lened y S G III.ANI'IIAIII. Jnly 'I6K :13 Gruvher S1. G UNNY l(M iS- 8 lile , h 2 R1IS(hr i" llllnv Bag asoin sre fErSie b ry t'I'IIAYEli b& o. July 'd. 74 PNly-r4 . rt I hTl I-.LA. & -,-30.01110 kpoanslrd 5il - y riort- in , ult r tti olf l b r i ., 1 Np I ePlle nlaw l odlil ,g fll hr n wni. l Kilh i JI i fY r ert. by thle lrte oubrllo er aI enl.o fr tlo e rll rll hotitlr &. , JAIVIS & ANRII{EWS. Jly Git. (lrnr dn . & To ;;hallitoulns at -W IIIiKEK: Y.--i110 l RcItiiei in -tore I I',to I.y jIjlI ( . DOINSEY, 44 New Levee. Juloiy II 4 New Iiirr RIESS lll'E--5 Ilhal brin at &heif ilnooliio ill tlccoforalc by G )00(150',. til0 44 New I.eve rior We tern bulttr. Ior hale hi my6 ti. D ,II..EV, 44 New I,even SO tllelrs, i fa 'i uli lowohy II IILO(VEIN & Cu, may A! No 17 tamnlp *t i/RN t ititO , NSooter. &loli oo"tur slalt J'jlpll Oi 6 o 1 ILri lS ., , IIo New Lo evneb jio mllay 4 i l.ACIAFY,'44 New I..ire, L hlllond,, bitltr an sweet liqluoice ruot, lima uict,essell.le ,f llerg mlnllll rsmt+rn. ,d It.mool juIev. IIbPnip anid ciary see·lds, iiiManIua, flike, allid eimall+ n 1i lllbllridtes! ,lriP*lonll lttI granll+e t..lll'l w lel &e, for whlloleale and m'!9 rlp Naltche. &'l'chounlpiluhlas st i llipOrlelalo frllloi New York, Inr gale hy 8 IGI.AN(CHA)iD 33 (A;rvier t WINDOW IS.AS_3-620 bunea Engl~ish crown I Windsor glaosreoeiving ogo. fir sale by 2I CLANIN, 12 n 'jilW IIieSKIY-i2Jl biarrin. ectified c i'brv insrfu leb( D IiSY VI for .olr by Ui D)OI~abY, mill 44hw L.vre jf iiiLYANt;f on Nrew Ymbt mli Ii) .124 joly 13 P'E'b'IKR LAIULAW,6lCompol H AY-2110 bales tint·I quility Ilmy, for rolt by f j AV-213 I'ETKIE l.AI1SL4WV,66 Cro p si (C'1SO''ITIN SA1h'I IV(: PAPER-An invoice of tii ariile, of guod qiality, jurstreeired and for olel by ALEX. TOWAI8, jocin 15 No 49 Coi, rl SIME-9, Lcasks Thomaeioi Lii llont, fur sale byv Id &J1 WHI(N eY. ,ayo 14 73 Camop t. 'T AY-Olane Icclrduol Ililly ti. baibe Niý Yrk 1 boay, landing from pockbm ship Orlearo, for sal.: y A COHEN, June No 90 Cumin i at O1OF'ICE O T rHE FIiREMEN'S iNs. Cii., ' if Nem Orlenno. ý.fHEH Stookholders are hebreb notified tlhou tho tonib lho sntobuonoton tleir stuck s dule mid payablhei ,4'.lilt .4 Augnot, 1839, It the offict of the (. mpany. July 1:1 E I. TIRACY, bec'y. jýAtON SIJE5-6U cooks Cincinnati lcame d, XV "s~ti Cni U DtRSEY, 518 44 New Lrevr E SS l#eEF-In hull barrels nt the inllpeclton M fr ual.oby Gi DOI(JSSY. 0123 41iNew Levee .L5 XCIIANGE on Bounten f'r rala biy Ii July 12th J'I'IIAYER & Coi,7I PiydnoSt. uI ANILLA COlRAGE, AGE, 100 Coiloscortid Oizeso Il iture for ulo by J TIIA I II & Co. July IP58 74 Po)01ra strerO 1E AiWA91Kl1.4C ALIlAsýACand Ielpiodory ii Ulsefuf l Ksrlodge. Ilir hb' year 1839, rocecivd and for cole by DAVID FELT & Co, 105y 10 8 ______ 24 Chartres st L] AV iSEG.LJO1-30,900, d0,different 9..aihot L sole by A ¢luRIER, nd I14 34Grnirot ( PAPS .-169 ho5 2 s inobso lnndisflgiiom chip Y0o5no, for sale hy iy9y · 0GBI.ANCHARD 336;Caier a TRUTH II MIGHTY AND WILL • PREVAIL. TiT as efact abt L5,00 of areaapprll Blood Pills hbaa J- been sold disrtag th pisL mi· mouths. It i .afat-aaaa ey are takena iai.,.ublalaanlsan aelat cbviatecd Eorrect th a mieeilmvou· end bad e.Aclts of qusek pills snd uther Iauaca bnediciaea, by Wllaci dany lives are endangIIered. hIal'aFaCt--TlataalI qack mt lireaaacantailc mtnlrc'll ar maleruy,lwhltIh quacbL atitk "ch' aat hill r cra,"a ad trUat to their effect tol('hit or lulls." iat. Ict--t'lhat uumaaetucquark.a id focaiga impostors aall abcaaaaaaae deeau,aathsaaahy actay aetca aff.aataaaly ,mpoaa aaor ie ld dangac.,. aaaaprtcaaaaila a. a pablia, cabagl anthilltagor the bonaaquaeaaca, ao that thay cat. only Igabaet Ilt;. fact-That the qulack ead forcign impoltyea who now infest our canry know nb, orhe nature l' medi ciaca, mntch leha alct diaseasa ofth. hmal, acyatael. It It afact--Tlley are aaitlatarly eallcacluaan tile fallow inag dlieaaes all ol'w hach are more or aeas acaaed oy Ilaajurala olthn abhIaamd andlaiml fludds, aamaly.. It aeuniatic aaollaion; Ualcroua aores ofatle aoae,alroat Ycrlt' Erycilaeluaa andl bedy; JUlldlCea; tIeaaaabUra; Scaly eruatS+i., and blotchea ol liraaea aftlhehaacr sain, tile skil; baaaesalI glansda Dry sad waler pimlal. cad Paila oftahealed, along the psnaales of tha laea and of back aaid pilea., .rthala. tle bady, rgliou of the heart and Taaeraa ringwaorms; stlnlach; -Swelllle saalb hardaalag of the Inward aevers, bad taste in ilanda al" tile neck, in the thlo mlouth, foul breathi Irolall breas.l dre FlatulcaEy: Jadilgaaaia oln; S chaaaaa cuaghc; Wantafapelaie; t.veracomplaint Soar araacio and acidiiea of the anlcaab; Wasaerbruca,&e. RECO.IMF.NIATORY FACTS: It la ect-The oaly proprlatur aed mahauaacturer of tab aarsapaaella aloaS pills. aaa relaglar phyianaaa aa wll aaapoh. acacy, atta.t.d by aba ....c tlehrateadihyiaa a... itbs Uid IoetorPhyasih, Chapcana,.hbaclll bihaatc, Detawa, tiara, JamEl, Iorntr, :oae, &c. tti. a latc--TIha the Sbc rsaparilla hlcnd pill. are employed in hpa p.etac llyalayb cial, anala vcryctarally reyom menaed by maaay Icharou zet that) Ul aaat. (Se. diteCtiOw a aece..canyia f each bbaeafpills.) Itala a aa.-Tblay are caallnaaacd entirely of vcaptable., end they are waarautad ,noaaercury or aiaaal pare peratatlla. It is a act--The ay he taken by the nolt daeliate.aad at Ill. ani without restrailt oaoccuppation or buaaaesaaaaithout Oaacaflakigll eoli; eithoul habnge of dieltor restraint aroa ItF ~ w - ll not ly ahbir oparatinc ahiah atay bc mild or aacave, acaardlagc ao the yu.tity taken, weaksha taylacayatae a a bu as mact of alae puriaatgve a dcca llea gasher a lly do. It is a .cct--Thbtthay re the mot c clc ul PURIFIERS OF TIIE BLOOD. arrn RENOVATOR air TItE SYSTEM e.vnr slseuvernd Ala., ~ntitutlallal dtccnsal, praelaac.l lay mercry, or .ba alenerall, or the conscquence of sylahillaa, lesa, velerial, Ea iaa fac--Thb.t never ia a aiatgla lalaance have they beea knwaca Ic eu.Weda hat tey did alaprlncab a cood ead ect- Iraaaglb thouraaada, maly of whom were laaore aonebaared iaia Itail a.faet-lbaataoneaboxfSaaraparilla pillsnad Oneabttle oat0h Conpound Syarup af~aaaaprtclla, as allasafiesat to care atsy ,afaboaacve dlaeaaes. tjis a ael--Sehllld be eberad, tlhn the only placa they can a ohtaind genuigne in N. Oralean, i ataCUaaOahaauae atreata. blpril. Ir. No.9S. BLOOD! BLOOD!! BLOOD!!! ltt. The vital arlnelplai(Life is culataaled In the blood. a. ilhead makes bloed. 3d. Evary thep ia the hlody is larivead froa blood. 4ih. All celalalutliola are adclcally lIl*a*aae. 5hal. All diaceasas nrlte Iroe ietl.anrlty ofth, bled. Or in oth ar wordsafro aea.rllnloneiaaa haUnore a ddeaIatLahe hOdy. flh. All tlaco a liaiiaca cae carried alt tile blloed paurifad a,.nileaabItlthafa by lac......a.parllllle laaa..a, . a ith lah. Vaglaable puraatives alone ataiaailate with the blad. ITPUltTYllbhb hlood is wall kbnewn to bg aoaeafbthe gree Seaatefordl aeaae. SdAtSAPAltll.LA a well kbllanto tb tibe elaat ,flecaluld elrilar aIfchE ieod and atuid. of ahe aytl~nl Ica ialenla'E. Itistal thallleilaal icendial aIetin all tnueei,,eaCathlnlicons aadelbdtr prelpralion..a I IIaa useles, therefore In aenln aeau ac nIts aaatll a i they are knowna inaeery nee a e a every wIl pnpaer is tilled wlthl deraaaealellle ufpraap arainlet ofaarasltparlln eralaI, syruca., &ce. Or W S n ellk tilcuvetel a ilrtm~.e, hlnol n tin y to h mte f, wherehy a Is acnmalalae wahllneraIall knoan relncdlcIgaeuls al lhlldaaaale.areying tile virntes oflle aealtparilla, aitd fOrnlang Saaraparila l or Blood Phlal. Wahk til. ilntriaailaaaallsom hacad a ehl anl a Elltle pllrg;aivc , wei lcah by its iecfflc radaual lyi anail lteall Iaas errsetlldly lerraes Ialla c l., gce aIad anorlel auma.aas ayaarctcd feresl Ihe Ilaold bly Illsb aacaraall a. Theaa pl.latca ge a cialally is iaOat ilal aO, wliel a )rlle traae anad cealltca alac yeltlaaa rclaaarlleieg acare lialle to illa eaae, We :aknnl ace h a .ayaeln. alaaeIhuteglllg dsease to takce atrleger hcl Iclnd klililta a r deatrey g thodecyaaaaa ; In c .lrt iaaeatn bacaell cacnthaI yecpnga a' violently albahe pillado thai are illaa llnla~e . .c y lly;ackla Ylld tleaeacealg ilpo aar a are a [I~lllrhlevtlll in ll ther eallsel llanut. ll me rcury uud other n ln ernls. Frlcl thle ecacatatece ntelac saecpcryalu baieg illtrcdaced inpalla,laaagcea~aloatbc aandaaneatccentfrr ecaciga n thn toceabtec f, tleaaa.,licge; aelactet.g aehlet,l. hcchaalill•asarec aeat Ite e ltaally, lie, laladrc pan. f aallautheyr a p arearlonae Itl~lolh the f orlgIllr Ilp llr~ [,tiui? lllflllp 1II t~eklnlaials Icrl phyIhac,.a.i oeatelre, alaat i.eah .clllactIIw drecteeall. aae ere liacn ely .ccclleeaaeda cc,.aa eellalea.rllon aea.alalatlcsaptlt aa'aualaoa.laccllaaaa.ll lalcaa.taaa ttie lalaCIe aklcecula'a il l of he ae altldce ,le g lethc hIcaea lUd ellae, Iaacth ceglell Iae halllll atceach aacaclllltl aa act tete of" Iliae natlaaa, eeI l hretla, flleaeltaeelln lldilaecaihaa, a.nllaecl, Iiver etlenlalindaiaa aII "tecaeeeeaaedeae Ilatyleith, ad loaceaac.afthc eea.dyahce,eawlr heinllhaand eceycacc ofthelaaaalndhaody, ciaice eIeaidrllwrlcaeceee., weaileac & !aacd acefaba gif the la lne ltheleaanek, atle IIe Le1e. hlcea ra &ce aletecln.cephuall. lalllce aeaaalat. a ea llr lala ..latl <11 cIhabc wllo"lel rliu 'l,,- e llm. l..ii|ll.v ("se b. d coIIRllllltlorl,,·III1 ,ll~l~ease..UII IIn.'ued hyIIIcul ur oll. milll dab ace ccla,-ltllle physlaieien hl! Ialcaae.aaaIa il. a ltit .ll( ltlce it to 6 1~· h1e. . if all thyaieian raaa onnln it.1 ni rNl IIII~.II. pll rll L.l) ' hdvl.11·1)0 1 I11(.~ltliI re,'el Ie I n Tl I r~l'.re lees • .llrC·.evcr prfILlrl(IIldIy Ull) dll'lllt..· Nule c hleclaaale an-d hraclll ac N eI .eHi (eaee1taeallla fatrCeaa a Naa Oclcan,a. t ietca1aeelllll agI h lwthd Ih.IIIlletcell r cleall aylil, rnlinli Ill / h1.· .klll• .1,111111 ill ltl. ghlllld.I ,·(UI I t' ('l l~t l ·1I· ih l h. e inauy bel:llr. Ultllly) Iid ,Inlltlglp( iiiiii avod n lpi~llll III11 II ,%, 1) ilplyl uga.ll~ ii11( i,, SJ f T' l tll'llr 1111 11 Phv1(· l rl U1 IlllttV 1.0 i ill'llllpd .rol. Iii dO Acaecyafrnaaaaaaaaltta,,,Iaaaaleaca,, l aaa~aaa.a,aaealac.~laacaag. \WII.LIAM 1. CAltNES, LOUISIANA \VAIIE ROOM, j may 14 NU. (1, ]ilENV tII.L-EST. NLaW ORLEANS .1 ARIDA W EAItr-E PAP-K- remt - tllrdware Pa per, an stare and tnr sale lv umy 4 tJ H d a'I' .1 & Co, 74 P.,ydras ot LAi ST'PONES-60iia vard. flug-,in , landing from b ship St Lawrence, furantaa by' Inay 15 S J r P Wfo l'ITNEY, 73 Camp at n ULUVl.WE'S RICHI.IEU, tile celebrated Play, cheap edlthm slid an useurtlment a flte inosl cele heated acltng plays. E Jelti N'S & Co, t' d6 2w corners St Chrle. sL. (& :ommon Ft.a ) ILUtN'I"S LI.C'I'UIES on the ai-tnarv UfAbrahatla and Jacaob,by the Rev. HInry Blulnt A. tuar ofl. cturnes n thei history ofJesus Uhrist and St. Paul Just lpuli.tahed select remnnains f the Rev. Villiaul Nevis, 1). It. at ltuthimaore with a alaelnir. Jnrt re ceaiwd and lfraule ly ALFX Tt)WAR, J8 49 l!tnamp nt SfiiLavry,con.tanltly oaa laal, addfor sali btv IIEILAIOIGENE, RIlOWN &n Co. Ijne 29 No 9 Conti. s it' ltl(--41 hr ust s miaand irime., at the insalctiont I forals ly U. I)tItREY, l9tla jmne 44 \ew I.evee 1 IIISKEY-48 hrla Imn diag Ioan steama boa (*elr Harrison, far tat.l ly Jr june .J i I)tRSEIY, 44 New L.vee ,ELAN I .LA4 litP)lE--5at] caila, asnorted liCesa Mlanita I. nape; f5 lalillata lilaunrad, assote, lrumn 4 1-2 to t-2. Fr n.le bt y h . 1.OCKK & ClI. May 78 "8 Fount Lever H II1SKEY-101) barrels recti t abakeyin lo hlnn atale ly hi 1)Ol1EYV, 94 44 NawLveen SPtHilll dIW 4lini&-U Thxea npt taaalaaN B.dlli-rd brand,tlbr sale by I ItI IIGt 10 & Co nay 2 131 MagaZine a L KECO'thf CAPF-Jat tentve- Iw cases of blue laid ilecord Cap, both plain and ruled, a very fint arliclen suitable far notlatries. Ior sde by DAVID FELT,N Y itationprse' lall, jun. 12 . 24 Chatres a OlltK.--)50 data tnea o and do priume, at the inlpec 5 'ian, for sale ay ja ne'21 G htORMRY, 44 New t.ean., ain--',N- t salt- - refr lay f 1 22 G DORSEY 44 New I.evae SE(GA It TOUAUCOA -2- basn_. t'ratste by t 43 A. 'IIItIKR, 5) UEI IKllETTEIR PAPEIR-A few eases of ruled L. letter paper ofrarians qualities, just received and I bfor sale on accommuodating ternna by dJ4 & 'rU'VWAR,9 Camp at N ICKLEBY, No. 13, aln the lat 6 numbers ina one at a part Mtsrryatt's Phantoml ship. For anle by J22 A T'O\WAIt, 491 Camp st [ .)lS'l't\IWIHEEKI.S-4t1 net Hlloataisg Wheen., h li 'ia mnprved aconstructiona in frames col nplese, tor sale by J OTT, may 2-4ti d Tivoli Cirlea S 'TEEL PENS-Just received a lew gross (aillots Eagle, and Perry's doutle patent sleel pens~ or etaleba I)l Dt'I) IELT' & Co. m95 N Y stationers hall 24 Chartres st in R RAZIERS C IVPK II-tt shiera; 3l ta iO inca. LD 30 to a0 lb. laheets of Braziers Copper. 1000 sheets 30 to 0in.of 10 lb. lloaofing Copper. 500 sheets 211 to 60 do. do. do. Jus receivel sd Ia r sale by tt. S. LOCKE & ao. i may 8 8 Front Levee O ODE OF PIAC'PICE.-E: Johns' & Co Editions. et Englith taune $6 per cope. French and Enltlish $111 per copy. nd Civil Lode of l nuiianna. Fresnh and Englanh $15 to20 per copy Engliah $10 E JCHNS F 1 Co. For july 20--lm. enrir osf ' Charles & Common sta t W ANTED, ina Drug Store, an aaistant fully aen qa gainted with the Apothecary huainalas, apsea. ing French and English, and writing a fair hand. Ad. at dress bha 231, Post Office. June 1. bHIPPING. For Uurope. FOR LIVERPOOL. The A I and vey fast sdilng ship SUPE RItJl,Caiptain'ltucker, will Ihanve inmmedi ae depuatch. For freigktof 131 hhdc tobcceo url.assuge for6 eolin paen-nrraaoply Ito Jr2 L H OAt., 93 Common at FOR LLrL.RlI'VKUOI. To Sail on Saturday teni. The A 1 and fant sailing Ship SCOT LAND Capt Merrvman, can take 250 Bales and will sail as above, apply It LEVI I ;ALE, july 27 93 ('on man a FtRl I.NItON, The ship TELUbMA1H, blidlden, master has a large oportion of her carno enga, ged. PFo Ifiht of balance, apply to II C CAM3MACK & Co. july 20th. 3 Bank Place FOR GO'TTENBUlIIG. The A.I. and superior Ship Wm. BADGER. Car'l' ril:e will havedilpaleh. For pasrage having handsome uccoln ,,oldarinn apply to July 181th i II GALE, 93Comn. ai ....-- ... oioa-twise. FOR NEW YORK.-REGULAR LINE. Loauian and N. York Line of Packels. I The superior Packet Snip MISSISSIPPI, Capt IBeel., will meet with despatch For freighl orepasage, hanving elegaut aecumn. dutnio, ppi, onn board oppuosite the Vuevtblll e Market orti the JAMiES IIt UI.LEN, july 30th 74 tCamp street. FOR NoIlFOl.K & I(ICIIMONI). + The first class and fast sailing Sehooner W lh.CO''TCap! Hinlz, hvin ier cargo lgugngl can take a deck loIad of lrtm 80 tI SIltt. lhhdo it Inlediltle application be made. For terms or pasrage apply to I.F.VI H IAILE, t,,++ 1. "vt v, r iI.n . *'Or the Interior. FOR BAYOU tARA Regular Packel. Thle splendid ipassenger stearmboat BRILLIANT, Jesse taert master, will I.ave New Orleanrs every Wed nea " 111 .I..,, . r. - u. .V ,. rya. " +I lurday at llt it'clmck A. M tnkgll tto "gao dowlr on Sunday. For Ireight or passage apply to Capt. Hart febDAM WHITALLrto fb25 sDAMS & WHITALL che FOR NEW YORK, all. .etw York a MPe Orleans Line, i nt A NEW LINE of packet has been established to Rets raun between New Orleans and Neo York, to air consatofiave first rate shipa, viz: Ship St. Mare, II W Foter, master, "Iepublican, J G Russell de " Auburn, H P Durfey, F S.I bulildlng, These sips wore built in New ark'expr.essl fort Ih ti trade; art ell liht dranught of water, and will not beo co suabjeettot.selim at the IBar. 'Their ec.commolllndutiaon for peegetlre comprise all that may be required for comnfort and convemlence; and their commanders are ment ofll t rience. Until the ships now building are time co:nple0d, two first class ships will supply te:eir lit Tt -greatest punctuality will be observed in the ticl of sailing, and every reasonable accommodation ex i nded to altippers and piaenger. or further particulars apply to Masers. Johnson I J .owdenr,No. 86 \VWail streaet, New York. or to le j -s PIE:'TR I.All)lAWi Campt t pt FOR NEW YORK. sale HOLMES' LINE OF P'ACKETS. yorl O nail punctually every Monday fulo each prt. J Thin I.ine ol Packets Iave beni increuaed to ele-" en firt elas Sllips, aonsising of Ship NbaSeil/e, CaInplln Wood. Arkansas, (aptain E DlenOnit, er, Alabama, a Calao C C Berry, th Orleans. Captaiin S rear,, ji Vicksburg, Captain J Eunker, il Ianthea, CaptS1ain Ashblty. A'narille, Ca mIn pt ood. ju I.ousa. Captain Truini. Oeonce, Capoin I.yola. Ocmu/lee, (plllult Leavilt. Niee Ship -- Calain Woodhouse. New Skip -- Captaci Nicolsa. for T'he above sillts etu all of the first class, coppered, jc and coippr IfaenedI Ltd cwerer. built in New York ex Sresl ILbr lth Irele.--they are ofl deilt dlraught of wa- N tbr, altll autmost invariably cross Ih liar without delea liun elect t'hesep packets nre ctellrlmiled iby tClplinis wall ex- Pt pcrPn'ed ill tl'e tlrcld, nd will nlwais.a exert thlermselve r iIto ccollmodtllll.e. The'll will al yes bIe towed up mind down the river, anld will mIntiily nil as t.dvertlied. j They have Ihlodlllldo l.'l v f'uirni heduccetllnllltt itlls, and sct vs of the first/llalaty will aitva be furnished, and a every attelnion ipud to tile cobnrti and sutialloctiun of i nesangerP It. The prlc of the cabin is fixed at $811, without wile l u or ttiquor, N "'r formner Iarcilars apl;ply to A COHEN, nnr:.i90O Cimmoa street e I[f'l he ships are i not miuntalble fr brankage of lass, hollow wsrne, nalblte or granite, cooperage. of tin n nr rust of ion or steel: nor relounsible for snv package or parcell ii cc btarIt, tlei- a regulcr blill nfhchngl be sigred there( r, i ile t thiclhf of the aigentls. l.l. NEW YUlthK. [Louisiana and New York of Packele.] 'o sI regAn rll a adeertise aJrom each Port. rZHE line is at this momnt icomlposed of tie follow I In ships, hIt 6t morl. new sesels will Ie puilonat an early day. lmakinll lthI neltnher twelvei in all, whic:h will allow f Ue being dispatuced from thUIis port every week .lurin thly year, tbu1' caiitrdlnig prompt ficdiltIes fir tIrllporlutlin and at te lowe-t rales of freight. j Slli Yazoo, Captain Trusk. liioioteiippi, i iebe. SLonisvi-ie " Allel. Sarnatoga, Ilbataway. Huntsville, " Eldridge i Shakespeare, " Palmer C Tlhe above sIipa are all oft dm firt class, coppered Iacd co iier f.isteed, of a lilit dreugll of wlater, and built in t-w York expressly fur the trade,with elegant Co accommodations for passengers and culllninlded by able - and experiennced iesters. Pae ,rice r' pnosage is fixed at $8(, without wine. cr liquors, ample stores in every other particular will cli be provided, and eery attllentiol n ie t ,promlote tile shi cmnfiort of tlhose passOing to and fro in the line. 'hei .hiue will at all times be. towed up anti duown tile river, and the greatest punctuality observed as to their day of sailing Ne ither the owners or captains of these vessels will Le be rersponible fBr jewelry, Imllion, precious stones, Eilt ver or plated ware, breakage of glass, holnlow ware, omarble, or granile, cooperage on tin, rust of iron or steel, or foar t letters, parcel or packages -ent by or put an knard of them,, unless regular bills ol lading are aukell f,, the same, ald the value thereofexpressed. FPr freight or passage, apply to J ;a;c'-l JAEIS B IIUI.LIN, 74Camnpat /NOFIEE-79 bags lHavana Grteen e in. or sal j C , Iv G I)ORSEY, july 2ttll 44 New Levee SASTOIL OIL-Rerreeed Ibv tile Maid of Orleans S5 Bahutrei easternio illotn ollw for ca-h By H lit)N.All EL, )ruggist, july 20. coiner Natchez ant I Terlapitoulaus EWS PAPE It-Just rece:ved a fine aestrement news plriiting paper, of allti various a zae us d for the city and rlthaty ppe-rs, and ar stale iby ,.iv 30 ALEX T'POWAR, 4 Crnare t Stl'hle thI AIN'AEI o -A irglacg aid geeoral ilnure.. slventofwriting paper, ruled and plain, for salt on idvaltageotjleroms. ALEX TUWAR, A nay 33- 49 Campe t st S ITA'rE OF I.OUlSIANA-F-iret Ju.icrul itnoc l S :otllt--tieore W. Crown vs. his Creditors. It is oidered that the creditord s of the petliliner do sow eause ill open courl, nr Friday, tile 91h of Augunt, 18 9, at II uo'cock, A. tl. why said petitioner snould not havoe Ie mancfil oe the laws made for the ralief of insolvent inactual custody; and in the mean. time all judicial ptroeeings isgualnst hi persou and pro- A marty are stayed. M. (Greiner, 'sq. is appointed to re. til present tile absent creditors in tins case. By order of theloo. A. M. Buchanan, Judge of our Cofnrt atkrnosid, this I mtl day of July, 1839. july 13 P. LE IBL-\NC, Clmp. Ctk. e ET4TAT' IE LA LOUISIANI-CIu r di preuler lit E District Judiciare.-Georee W. Criwn vs. sean i Creaneiers--I eat ordonn6 que les et..ucierl do pels re ionalr se iunissent ell pljins Cor, Ic veandradi, 9 th a dtout preehamll a 10 heurea duo nstil. pourdeduire le raisons, s'ils en oat, pour lesqReiles ledit pelitionaire sn jtoiruit Ian di hbnAfile des luis lailte polr renlir a ee-. c eou r d Y lbiteurs insolaiae-rs, Htn i d'nrreetatios ; et Set attendant, toteas prochdurn judi iareal clintra sa persnnae t crs bierss Aunt upenoluea. . C tireiaer est nonlt 7 pour reprasenter Tea cl-unntiers Onhite. 'er nnrdre de I'lion. A. 5 Bunhunan,juige de a1cour, cea I1Juillet, 1839. juillet 13 PLF. Bt.ANC.Dp. gref. RANK NOTI PAPERI-Juc received an invoica e nt of bank nauts pper of Amnies manufoctue, sad fur male by ALEX 'I8WEIC - nl2 49 Camp trerl SE XCIIANGE on ncinuat i atsihbt, tic nale iby , atl ATRIER, 34 (dr ier at i NEW JEWELERY.g SW Mi. BELLt, 16 Cllrtree street, has this day recev- e' ea, d ier ship Sa stogs, ,50 duat. enanelled Bteast or Pins, whien will be offered to the trade or ivdlra nheap. er than ever before ~.fred ia thtis mir. Al-o 511 dozen to ehaned Ringi, of all ptulatst, togelhter with a great va jj riety of heap Giit Work. eniicting of Broaehe-t Ringa Ear Onamnents, I.oeketts, Chains, die. Ttmm in want will do well to rexmine thit grest assortment. P. S. Old GIld and Silver wanted. apI 85 h. OPYING PRE'"SES--Received per packet ship c0 Iiti-si-sippi, Felt's tatent Copying Presses a avery its u peiurml ticle tornrao by DAVID FELT d& Cat july .7 N. Y. VStatoners' Ilall, 27 Chartres GREAT BARGAIN. ]OR SA I.E fie thousand cres of fine, rirb LA ND, -. dligtblysid tuated In the Pariah of Ouchiita, nar Monnae. The land i0 offaerd extrenuely low and on advantenuesterm. Applerat june 29 No. 10W Commnsssruls. .750brl3 prime TasPers' Oil " may31 i4w L II GALE, 93 Commona I -L enek Th.mnetan ime, Iandin , nio ral s.eha & J P W \VITesfl, may13 5SeaMpa U RLNAN 'LIIOoRAPHIC E PRITING OF .7 FILE, 53 Magazine street, opposite Banks' Ar as W GREENE takes pleasure in announcing to his friends and the citizens of New Orleans, that he has at length brought Lithography on a par a ith cupiper plate pr tcng,and frnoa tim ftilities tie art has over copper `plue engraving, lie can execute all orders entrusted to (himt, at one halt the expense of engaving and nearly as cheap as typle printing. Merehants wi.hing Circulars sntout in their own Iland writin, can lave any quantity at a few hours notice; or they will he executed[ for them in a herauiiul style. asoh ms has heralcgre given qeneral satisfation tnall she most respelahle cunumislson houses in thie city. eaurlemen d*eirous of having Visiting or Husi ness Cards finished in the best manner, will do well bi calling at he office and see specimens. Febh. t1, 1839 N B--lank notes neatly executed, and circulars, printedl at one hour'. nooicn. EASROWGATIE SIPRNGS Mrscngo ery countv, Alalbnma. THREE DA YB JOUR.E Y FROM N~EW ORLEANS. T HE proprietor f thlis establishment has the plea uroa uf nnouncing to his friends and the public in general,that he will be in readite-shby tie first day of May to receive vi.iter. tie will also state for the be. aeit of those at a diatantce, tlat theire havo been large improvements nado, and tl ere oaw going on and in rupid progress for oumletliuu, ahichwnil eonable the subserhber to a:commanIlrce na muh larger number than heretofore, and at tile sane time much betrer. Familie can be accrnmaladuled ith good rooms, or tiorae who prefer can have large cnbi.n, enached fronl the mainl building. It in deemned unncaeeer.ry s. say anytlhing in psrticct lar of the character oc these walters, fRa it is generally believed that they are not inferior to any in the South ern States. All tihe amucmecnts that are generallo foundat Watering Places, will be found at thibs. T e best music that this plart eol ti- countrc y affourds, a been engaged, and will be in colstnnt attendance at e Springs during the wllole season. I be saubseibcl will avail Iimselfof this oppnrtunity in returning his unfeigned thanks for the very liberal support given hm last eason. and hopes y tlie exer tions that have heen clade in improving and extecding the aecomlndations, to merit a liberal patronage the present season. JNO ClRAM. m3 PRAIRIE C:OTTAtGE' ~ P'ROCTOR preset hi hast comFlilents to his aerids, ae public of New Orleacs, and to all sirangers who ay tIs R.ninfr feaw daycs i. "'i lill i,,rm e them t walae lc WI-e reedy wtn..w days t receive diem nt that leussnt reireat, ihe I' It A I t I E CO T'T A G EL,situated oa the Lake. uhorn. l'ersaci travelling eitchr fromt Springfield, ollnnldsonvlcle, o, Madisonville, or the city, an there meet witll guet cheer--flue au omcnlndntions and polite lention-and all parties by way of the Nashville Railroad can ie Per, nad in aprivate and pleasant rnoon, by giving one day's notice of their iutentec. to enace. Tlie prolrietor doubts nut that inducesaents for a vi it will he fouicd in the adrantaiges tile Cictaige pre. senta to the ilnvalid, and those wearied witl tihe hent, dust, and busile of thecity. The pare ac d delicious air eonstantly Iluting cither from the I.cke or the great prairie-thcne one rershling ani the other italled with frugrance, will ever give anmicgled deligiht to the wan. derer in arearca eitlhr ofhelhsh ore ptlesar.. F. Proctor appeals thelrefre with confidence to the patlronte of thosie whol klow hris mnelhd i ftservicg his friendanl daobte nut thai miost ulntccrg visiting the city will honor him with a call. He citends making Prairie 'rotage or of Rhe lnit o ereeable places of rt e asort in tice naelghblrcooid afthe 'itv. The proorietor guarantees thatt his winas,liquors &c. 'e. shall he ofthe no t clloice nature : at the saenl lima he will devote his attention to prcaure all the ear liest delicacies and viacds of the sason for his table. n'It-S3m . . tE ADDISRESS af the Louisiana Native Americae iAeuciation to the citizens of Louisiana and thn inhahitacsto .Ilf RUnited States,juat aullihled and liar aule by DAVI) FaILT & Co, JIl 24 hllartres at j IST Received fresl supply of fine Blanck Writing .J Ink,nrueatly pllt up in, if , Id and 2 dnen hotltes of eight ounces, half lint and pint each. Also Black. IBlue, ied, and Green FIluids-an excellent article for sale by the gress or dozen, by David Fell & Co. New aork Stationers Hall. July, 16th. No 24 Chartrs Screet. F Oil SiALE-A very likely mulatto iirl, alnout 18 Syears of age, good cook, perfect washer and iron r, g;d seanstres, aid sorld withuut Ifalt-Apl I)y ta I to ADAMS & WVIIIIALl, july II 7 f(;rnvr st ( LASS Luntdiog-- Specio jars, Yvials, packing hbattles, tincture jars, cno hundred and ten ca. se of every description; 500 boxes for windows, for sale by II BONNABEL, july 11 car Natchez and Tclhapitoulas st INDIAN'S and Swaim'a PANACERA, Putter's 1 Catholicon. Balm of Columbia, Pills of every descrapti. n and name, such as Tomato, Brandretl's Petera', Moffat's, Scott's, Lee's, Southern, Dyott, Gregory, a&c. constantly on handt by II BONNABEL, july 11 cor Natcllz andd 'chapitoulas atl ATELY receivc,.l f oc Bolrdeaux anid Patr, a Scomplete assortaneit of French pewter Syriu. sn, furnished and piut up in neat boxes ; also Maw's injection aporatus, direct from Landon, a most convenient article ; Maw's corn eradicator, very extensively used in England, ftr sale by II IBONN ABEL, july 11 ear Natchez and 'Tclhapitoulas sis F(tR SALE. O ElLS. loaf Su: ar; 5 do clarified Sugar 30 clo sP:lgar houlle )htSu-ses 54 lunds de Cilercea; 1i0 c ils rope, ly IIEItMOGENE BROWN & Co, july ll No 9 Coati ct I D YIRIALCLI(" Ci: caoE.l--callb* s tIr salea iby - j6 S &J P Willtl'. E'Y, 73 Campl at IH ACtCIN .DltES-711 ,:a.r oks stnerior t.ceinnnti cu cled, in store, ftr sale by u . ii tIRSI;Y, june 15 44 New Levte I 'IltESli RU LTEUIt-- 9 kbs, lacdiag r-luc b loat Rieticza, fr sale by A tIll ER, juae 1:3 I Gnroiacr nI E, FINED W\HALE OIL-tl0 gallons, for sale IL by .t 'I'RIit, june 13 34 Gravier COIIL'S PATENT REPEATING FIRE ARMS. rlIE Puiblic are raespectfully informied tlt the habove . articles can be seen h nd ate fobr sale at GOiSSIP J Co. Exchange Hotel, St Chllarlea st. mar 5 If RIOGANS &ce--30 ca-es, consisting of nen'e calf, miaorccc, and kicp brogans, boys, youthls nand childre'a brgongn ; men's o ilppers, c. lauding from alip Naragnacel, ffir sale by a13 I Itttll)Gil &- Co, 134 Magazine at LEMEN''--363 barrels of Cement, landing from ) ihip Yazou, will be sold low if taken from the Levee. Apply to JAMES B. IIUI.I.EN, m. 28, 74 Camp st. r t 0A- clte nts s "uchnong and "potchone, lendinE I Sfro d chr Splendid, from Buston, for sale by ap 17 A TRIER, :14 Gravier .t Bank of Orleans, July 18th 1039. Jamtes . Hullit , wae on the 13th inot utnaminous ly elected Cahier of thi institution vice J. 1'. Nesbe I esq. renigned. H IODGE,jr. jy 0th 8r. Pre2ide0t. 'O S'TATI.ONEK., CUUNTING IUROOM IS 1 BANKS, &e 150 reanne, Amnies Deve mill letter paper, fine 250 do do superfine 1511 do bluo commetcial post 5n do white do 150 do green pelt 75 do waterlined pot do 130 dto upertiine can writing 11)0 do flnt ap do 9.0 do fine royal do 20 do mtedinm do 6t pa bank flio lot j Allof which in of a very suprtior quality, and will e sold law,ttoclose eaeonsignmerIt; bv 015 _ A'I't)WVAR,49Camp 1 E LAMARTINE'S I'ILGRItMAGE SSandfolrd & Mrton-t.hurch'o dictionary Kit.gley'o Social Chair, 2 volumesa Kohle ot I, te'hririurl year-Leslien, cookery Hurmte * Sm,llelt's Iliattrv oif Englodl. A nw sup lly with nInny otter vary vtluable works, _ this day reciaved and for sale by J22 __ A 'I'OVAlI'. 49 Cenmpst ' OOKS-Calslogues of unaloble beo.ks, imtp.ited SEnglishl editions of choice, rate, and vluablel looko on Archlitecture, Engineering andlScience, puh lished 'or sale or itpolted Iby Mlesnr Curey & Ilnrt of Philadelphia; may be had at our eta c, andrderlco froam responsible persons will ha Ietomptly attended toby us their (genmt, 1• JOHNS & C:o, J1 3wn ear St Charles t& ommon stn t EFF-- leans ail i.O. in brle and half brie at the t JIinspection for sale bDOH 319 tG DORSE, V44 New Levee LAN(IER'S WASHINGTOlN. A Few Coples of thin celebrated engraving, Ifull length portrait, in gilt frames, tr r oale at E JOINS & Co, Ji0 2w corner St Charles & Cnltunontsta lORK-75 b!e mess and prime, for sale by july 17 (i DURSEI, 44 New Levee E VAN'S CAMOM ILE PLLS preparedfrom apre I  ' extract of thille flwer, a very wholesoma ne,t a ine mild in operation and pleaent in effect the nmost certain pteorverof health, a safe and effectual eres of Indi gestion, and all satomach comiplaiant. and as a neural consquenee. purifies the blood and a preventurs of the I whole palem. Just received and for wholeasle and retail by II IIONN.ABFL, july 20th cor. Tchapitoulna anld Natchez st S EltL.ITZ & SODA powders, Congrern water, k waimn't vterniuitg arrow rsnt, vernmi.ioun dntint's Gold tfol, Gl.l lest, Illack mustard o ared, New Eng. landl Cough Syrup, &c. &c. Latnding and for w holernle or retail by II IIONNABEI., july 20th Druggist Tchapitoutas street BUTTER. 50 kegs GobsennuuBe. oar. din and foe s ie b eI' stiad J P WHITNEY. 73 Camp t jiA(G)N 3J Casks Sides and Shoulders for sale i, I.y G I)ORSEV. ujly 20th 44 New Levee BEEF-30 half barrelh, Family Men BReef for sale aby G. DOI)SEY, july 20th 44 New Levee. S1IL OF VITRIOL-50 carboys Newton & Rich ,,i nia chemical company's od of Viliol, a auper.i or articls formanuflturaes, torsale byu JARVIS & ANDREWS. Whla-t - ur, etat july 9 car i1"..,aon T Tdbaptolaaesatl MlcCU.L.OCH'S COMMERCIAL DICTIONARY. IJA It I' I of the new American edition by Profenaut p Vethake. 'l'is very valuable work will be coin plaete i tin parne and will Ie furnishesd in about 18 menths. Subiscriplion pcice $1 2pe I r olort. Wyatt's Natural Ilistory with beautitul colored plares. I he oroung Merchlant, a most useful work,just re* ecivedard lor sale by JeA A TOWAR,49Camp at rflAM.tKINDe, HOUNLY, arid BE..NWAX--from ilavana, for ale hy H HONNAIIEI., may 18 (Cor Natchez and Trhapitoula rl s a IV INE--iwet Malaga wine in qr casks, in store, 1V r aaitle by READ t B.RS'I'OW, a.5 7 Bank Place NCI EN I'IFIC & 4ll1UEI.L iNEOUS WOIU.Ka IlI.LINirrON'S Civil Enmineering SGrier's lerhaniec's Cnlculrlor The Concbulogist'r First Text Book Coli li's ok Keeping; Bennet's do do Tytllr's Unitereal litor.y,2 voln. 8 ve I) ilomrergue'l Silk Culturist' l Mnuaml Countllt DaudIl ; the art of rearing Silk Wormsn (:lurk,; trealireon he the Mlubere e rrr aln Silk Worm, and all standard turks un eilk. IP JOIIi.S & Co, june 13 2w corner St Cil leJ asd C ,,n-n'n LA'I'Pl' LI I'RAKAY! ( OIINTESS of Bla.eincgtni, dler in Iraly, 2 vols. Pascal Bruno all tIhe AIon'ennl, by I' Iooku The American Joe Mi lere wihl illu trnlions Little Frenchnman and ris wilt r r ltis, by MCcrr etchings by Johnson. Pouelic W1ilVt, ;elected poetry from Chaucer to Wordswordh. Nickleby, No 12; ItHz's Sketches, Nos 7 anid 8 E JOHNS & ('no. nnv 31 Si Crr St Charles & CL'.inun rt i " AVANA Si(iAlt-- 7 boxe Ilavana whites ugar I 3 4r1 do do browen do lan.ting.for .ale bv m29 S & JP F W ITN:Y,7.SL Cnnp at I(K:.ES--20 kegs and 40 loxe, receiving from SNew Yolk ier ship .Orrre.e for nle Iby my SkIAI.L J. HItROWN, 96 .Marzine at TI'O TlillE LADIEa. UR IIUI.L'Sl UTERO ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER TilS now instrument for the radicl cure rof Pro lapseus Uteri, or Falling of tie Womln, hy ex ternal application, sapersedinlg tho use of tihe oib jeotionable pressary, is confidently recommended to tile anfflited as tlre mntas ol a perfect reastor tlion to itealit, it never navlng srales oa perlorming a cure, even under the imost aggravated circumlntan can. It oha received the decided approbation of Sir Astley Cooper of London ; Sir Benjamin C Brodie ; Sir James Clark, Physician to tile Queen; Dr Ashwell. Lecturer on midwifery to Guy's ios. pitol ; Dr Rigny, lecturer to St BArtholomews; Dr Griffith, lecturer to Wostmin-ter Hosapital: I)r Raunsbotham, lecturer to London hospital; Rrboert Ferguson, lecturer to Westminster hIospit, al; Dr Sweatman, lecturer to Middlesex hospital. amid senior accouchlur to Queenl Cnarlottc's lying; ; also by Henry Davire, Conquest Blundell, Lee, Merriman, surgeon Keates, &o. by Dr Morreau, presidet of the Academnie Reoyale Je Medicine, Paris, and Accoucher to tie Duchess D'Orleans ; professors Velpeou, Marjolin, Paul Dulbis, Sar son and others-and in New York by 1 professorJ W Francis, G S Bedford, M I) profas. sor of midwifery in the university of the cify of New York, profs. Dolafield, and Francis, U John. atolr, president County Med Society, Laurens Hull president mod society State of N York, piofs Jas McNaughton of Albany, priof March, Cyrus Per. kins, Deane-Drs Thos Boyd, Gilbert Smith, Hosuck, Stearns, Ludlow, KErsanm, Vache, Power, Grayson, Van Reneealacr, and many other dintin. guished physicians in the U States. A G Ilull, Office 4 Vessey at, Astor House N York. t A constant supply of the above inrtrrments, with Dr Hull's improved 'Truases fir Iernian, will be kept by SICKLES & Co, N Orleans, A IG Carpenter, Natchez; Stone & Marai, Wood. ville; Boothl and Mallory, Memphlis; W D Wili.:n. onn, Somerville; H3lll and Washington, Nashville; SMcNairay and Hiamilton do; R L Mliss, Florence Ala; J C Splotawood, Athens. EN'I'UCICK', Indiana undlillinis rloney-1-do 11 of said description for alev J4 A'RftIER, 34 CGravicr t I INEN SIIIRTS Gloves, & Suspenders--Just re A cerive I by late arrivnls, an nasoltmlent of shif t cravat snulrmer stoeekse, glnvecr,rid -iiserders,r r ithe Bazraar, oroerofl St.lChurles alid Crmninon striet.. a22 UlUSH & AIlAN. dORK-81iI bbls. nlen and iprnpIe, l oh I ocpeetion, fr sale ry (; r O RSEr , - june 19 44 New Levee BAZAAR. Corner of St. Charles r Common street, X X f1 A .N G E l Or T ,L. ) USI & AI lLAN inull respectfully call tihe at I ientionlr ofrcitzens andtstrangerv to their conmplete as prhllen; fi tlltldlreli's linio -hirts, do cambric, trie: silkot, ronl ai meroin under shlirts ainl drawers: atiohrie and rilk handkerchiefs: blae nnd fancy ero - vats in great varielv: st.cks of ever descripticron: gt ellastic aid notir ol sspenders: silk; cothton ar i thread glive: s..aritos kin igloves: unbrrinoI udIdoe grr old r, eou,nted. Alsn,-Splendid assorntent if ladies and gentse wri tille desks, dreairnr case, port eliot. perllumaery, cut cs lery, nud rich fancy goods. | aovll P AIN":S,ill.,&.-_I'lTe Subrihribr is ro ceivirirg & oririritrroittle on rinrirnldrttiiic tereca 1II casks entrruining ifrro 611 to 75 Kegs Ir.ead grounld in loil of difi orei quonliries. 01111 E:ll l)utrh Iinsrecd Oil n pure article. 2 l Ills. .Spirits of ''url.rntie, 12 do. ItulifiPd Aleolta 5 Caniiteris c f t50 Ib. archr Miarn aibo BRalo e 12 Carilers i f)1 lII. eacI Beromuda Arrow root. 2drz. potent sclens tr rcoutntr. Segros. essoriIted S.u)trlllr, 2 doe. asserted rlrking brushes round & flat. 111 dlr.. paint and whlie wash Brushes, S3 doz. Snuff in aIf holites. 6 Word and Blanck Anerican Dispeuaoriee, tI 0On. .tolllp (ilasses oeiirted, Il2 Ibs as.nrted ,osoncirinl oils, 50 groe Nlatches of the beslt quality. 2 it. Balnsam of Colombia i do. ()r il TOOth wAnsh. rr Ani a ariylv ofotlhr artliclcs toi nn.ncrous to be me nliored. II BONNABEL, July 20h car. Tehap;talasi and Nateez Ric SOAP--IOL boxes, Rubbino, I$ oaop, in store for Ssale br JTIIAYIR & Co. July ilth 74 Poydrae Street \ IIlI'l'ELEADI)i-30,i00 pounds pure and No I. V W'hile .Lead, in pceksges. assorted from 005 to 50l)poundr, now lalding from blig I)sie Kilhy, or p salt by the subsclibers, agents fir tbN ooallu f ltretllu JARVI & ANIDREWS, in july 9 Corner Common & Tchapitolas etI HAVANA COFFEE-450 bago of prime quality for sale v A TRIEIR, june ii 31 (iravier a BROWN SOAP--3n0 boxes b r.on .noo, for .s. lby IJ t S4J P WIIII'NEY,73Camp st B LANK BOOKS-An invoice of super royal, me .diam, demv and cap blank hooks of superior luslily, jnst received and lr Ole by C t JIB A TOWAR,49 Campp it I AVANA SWEI.T'MIEATi.-5: ioxes in store, 1 four rusale by A 'ITIER. may 15 34 1raoviert for aale by A 'IE, i 1, may 15 34 0,,onir .r F ACO)N -1 )ES--)1O cosks nouperior Cicinnotol co. Sred, in store for sale y j6 G iORSEY, 44 New l.erer, p IIAISINS-4U0 boxes ush Molaoga Ii nonU- or sale by A 'l'it0llol, ju. - i4 31 Girnvier At 1 and fir sale at the lowest markt pln rices Iv JS (G UIlS(IIY. 40 New Lereu G UNNY BAGS-30,000 in Ilonis and bmIoJld., for G sloi?,y ISAAC I$(IDI;E & Co. roey 2 131 Mlngazine at I ATII 'I'US-IIOU Bat1 h T1').Is,aunrteld 0ize., .or ale aot reduced prices, by S. LOCKIE t'o. h may %8 8 Frontl. oeve LOUK--86 bbla., laud ng frmn eealnomutl Rlollpi.. F 'For sale by A. 'I'IUIE, f mav08 34 (ronviern st 0 I.EBI :.Nl'S 1l Civil Enug,.eerin, beong no 00t1l "pt 1 to consolidate ioe princlplles oflthe va0io.s- opera tions of the Civl Engineer into otne point of view, for theue on f sludeout nnd those who ova) be shott o1 ain - a bark in the profesion. Illaotrated by topper plates, . and intereparasd with vaIh'IIu Inellhl tablesl bv Jolhni Mllllilgtn, civil englneer f,.merly I'role.tor of meel.huI - ic in th0e Koyal ins0t0ution of "Gra0t 0 rinoin, now Pro Ifesourf Natulal Ph ilusoplhv and Clheuistry iun W.lijaim & Mary College of Vo. For sale hby J5 A ITO'WAR, 49 Camp st i0X0IIANt; E ON N, )HVILLE, fiCr $1300 pay. 1J able July 27, fur sale b,v J.. A FI'OK JOHN V. CHILDS, ENGRAVER AND COfIPER.PLATE IRIN'INER No. 3, Cnamp St. WJ . LL engrave and print to order, bonk notes. rIlls i . of exloange, bills of lading, diplnooso, olorcan. ile and visi:ing cards. ntanri i, colnular dand rcoonting aihmse seuls, door ilaleo , oalver wmor, .c. -always on land, an aaaortoenl of ilnver pltodr and brae* door P 8 Cards printed from plates already e rgraved. t nov20 FALl, & WIN I'EK c;Lt) ll iNI;. J P. FREEMAN & CO., No. 3, Magazine treret, J are rrceining their suppileo of Fall and Winter Clothinig, and will conlinun to receive shiplnenw reau larly throughout the seasonl. Their aatrtmnrt being large will enabll them to suplly m0rchaulsa iro at hlountr,n. at the shortst notice; for sale wholosale S&retail, on aceommomatmng terms. FURNITURE! FURNITURIE!! JUST received alt th Louisina Furnitlure Wmr honuse, a large supply fom New York and Boa on. Persons in the want of furniture would do well ie to call, and select heir articles from one ,of th bent and arge stocks now in the city. WV K A RNES. Sdb 63 Blnville ab N B-Particular attention paid to packing .nd ship ing pFu_. rnituro, 0 eep rpens. d d--m ri- ACON--60.000 lbs. Cincinnati cored, ' slting of l) hams, sides and shouldero. at the Ianding, per Flat boat. For sale by G IclOsEY, tmay 28 44 New Levee TH LE INUIAN I1ANA':V.ot · tl O~ IWIOLD IIl ('or. Lf Notches snd Thoiopitolam .st. n -.~OR tho cure olrrheuma~i, rerohilat or khll;'s rlvl~lc, Eout i i·metu or hip louut iuwclplet uprsnr| snit rheum, ·yybt- I Ittlcraudomnloroo.1 dleUoo.-, Ftrtcut~rly .lturo 0n0 poiuflot p eIdeLttuuu oF Ibe b~ores, Ulcer,+td throlt Uud uOltrle,· ulEerl I o o everyodorfptlouo fever o ref t d I~tUrottl boroters o IItu lu ieudbred .eurvy, Bllea. ehnrllc sore eyr, u eryvy p ehlabotcha, antd Ierlpr rarlety I/'eutulleouu ildrectlulh, cbru I u . catarrh, head ace pyrucdi~lll Iru~ltlaly icrld huiioal~r, t purelu nthe atoualnh, ulld J vs ..p-i~ prnceP.,dmg Ire,.l v trlatiuu, rdu~luloue of the lilur. ..hruot c . Iodl;llumt.lio h of tho, kidoeyo . *aod geteral deuility t uuoo .d Ir y a tolrtlrt '""t.oorf tho veoaeIs of' tile skill, |L is clu~luh| l u Ir uflfltlo Iolut o t Oo.ttltuttthonl o lhlto ho Or. ha.obel broohju dow.o byoo IJUrot. tt.a orlaoteuot or jew .lio irrool rttl ot I o euorotl terlul It o ro-t .Olulllllllrlrlld ill all illume dl~elllc· ll wich urlle tiulo Illlplurltlra oft.e bluotd, or ,ttutotoo tl t ole ilultora, ofwlhotrvor Oltllle or Lhld. Oolue uoftbo aiotlro olopt.oliz tlr require trlofitioglo rlaltuut uyphl~lcr lw l rlt. h Ille fielrcull-lt.*l a'of iho c.o tot io otlotat ; hlut Iol'otlto relootty or ourlloottur to roolote tho euue, the INDIANS' PANACEA wtllygourolly be oltod ouof- t TO THU P135.10. Ilor ttre it it hlot IodJor pll).i l000,ill their ohIohotooD too al~enl ID Ihl~ll prul·OllIUI exploJre ,he vii·of· EI~uCe by th told ofot loli.tty, ond oooL hut ooew rtoloo aol o .1o1tot llo Iloueotoentirely orlooook tod nItolect, o bonepth thoir o o.of toot tIle risll rlld bl~llllteouu stores l. el ICI •~ Illl¢ III hlcl rll,. llpll) t) htct-odlh.otooiprtlll ouoootoo ofth eolo h | oln torilo to' Atlood olU Itlouh lore t i to bo colt tte Aooeriooo Pholylloi I to tL to hoooolo Eouuooottooor l0l0. ofbo l oohiotoleO oolllmou tod tooi alrv iirtlclI.I erIpotu.lIly cblnlaplll Il they ere atLhe d Lct Iltn oft Ihoioll or I'otytth is ourrtnodld io hio owll o ouooo o Iottth brll eutll, r otrtoofull nt ulbloltopo o IoyrttoltoIut tonsw r aI\ iudlec:tio. in dl~enle, or l. e~cure la l y urdabl (lore el, ' h. ie IIlyl~lll lt ftheir virtues, Itllu they are rudlered to 'w .t,. t oghtoteir ooreellor. rOotl o e ir.' Th'le Effeel· of Vegetable molie neer on the syslem or I teal pOrry -tlto looofoo luooorloo olotolllot Theofurloetoerero t . oiooooo.od o)lt O ILoo-t.t .tte.r oooUtory io tortioUotr oEot.tit miniclly u.Jrll tile nlldl,li decunpllr og the hulling illd uudarlul Utot OLte COltototUtltU otY to iot. tlll.. ure dootritliot. O'tte ollotttlltloty, rmeincy, SA Ft (IAFETY og vetetale re Ooletto over nllueroltlu.y bc .ottlltoI d by eoontrootttitt tile o n. dleut yrotllre ollo oh. moderto, I bo to hroot it lotte .llln di.,lelj+ umlldruur uwu oblervntioll, be |lldlltU pratlCeu wit,· Ilot tltlolo w hltltt , t h, IWo Aoo el iooo ho r uut t uowll or hltoro oforopeuted lo o tho.rollloolo ,I otripit, utoroteuodilltg to oLt Illootoodolo, by Ioo o oFt hertlotpl, Iolo.olloerdoooleoe, oi . 0 ots Ott tile lUUot rllpold o ollt .-oololllllo o - lureo o altrobo Mooterh, lMedian ho tile ololollo prootrn, dorouo ted o thoe ololOt~k 11o111 I ollnor,tlltfuhlledl Atid W tltt h oo n ot b oellourpris-d ho ih Scnllpl'r.lhie e-e mId l'.+llitf witll linchl tll+ , tltl ~l )luI ofll'rom aoty diolote... d . t tho ollililol tottl( ob.ttuiitolo ol ollruule dtoeaoe ulnollolIoo othe Who h1o. .,oor of oilloto u A root. .loloot toot thet ttoho fil htlepl rooooltlloooo of thb,- 0 Solllefoy owint to the oore treli obofllll .II 00 toil t tI++ whicoh, efdy OotohlitUlh , dl~ll uott i uotot.oI ulur o . tllltlolpllt tlo o oftho lIt llltU Ill rltY ill the + ,ll altoootot m ofolll o cure tobt oo God toa erellt*od fir tile toeloeoo otlllto toltdrot over tlttre othioh the oride ood tile art t illo a hotve illventd, tthrd.o a Iongoresidteceatmoty Io porttoio qo t oot[ ott lo 'l Il· hlt~ilt uf till. e~lllllr y, mid ell:.l ltll.ull ya q lllll lhlis. ltil tiler lletlIlU11. ,+i cure of ·l~llle it, lhsll· llustl rureeeWfll irruetl. tooouro,tttrotroporitor of Ottho Ot.tht.o,o' t'ottoooo,' oootoooro 00 kllowiedge uf 611uel"ll thle lllo. t puer ul lllld Ibrtvllr 1ereill~ldlc. Irolu tlele~ tI? +olecled such as uere Ulll..t l'lli(:*(.LUU* alld l~p P Iootttttor oohottol ryilror hooooro·ll· oootrttt..otooo(Utod top toporhote, l.od ofter voariouo oporlloutooo oo tert thoir ,rinl-o plr.o olld Irolll, he o llrt ololtlted lholll iio lho lttrlt ottoo .loool. slnted, tofdle ttclrootooorot too llfbonootoolo,.tltro e ottuo e .to r tr .tollloh rrii rooUllolloleodod. ST ile p~rnle~ llrle I1.Ol 1 I J),e , llli. ~ ll uprlt lll t ll~el Iluhhe, w Ith-I Inelorr too ,noleI o a.,to ' t got i0 !tt o lrltoloto h i, w o.hitto Ooloprot ooo hoortilltoo ho onoot ooottet ttt Uoooootitoootd oiovlo i Illualcllls l valuse , h ot h ooox te 'OtILtl i o tool t JJ II h t. otE t ott ttlooo.e.lorelitolllo loor .tielf olrhlooo Ottud rooooogrto1 o rhI oto lo Ito hoo lttt tot hoipjolo..o. ItlIho o oilo Iooo odll000 It 'oot , aontreondy, w tttoll toyp r hatorohoooelotly goodto o Iy It i. only eblum lhree years since thl.I lrepm'+lion we+l prp obllred 0. the oubhbo: .ut ior thotolihuro o phoe of omto.,ottroj huudred. ofl'elul~lll mlli l~l e i'+,tlud, Hllu would iole1,ili]V dec *:trote rlort l oey bell,.Vo t lloit Ithlir liver oorhrsaraved I,) ih. tlII tih oot hroolo+fptl riley ooad Iritetl ll00 roylld oeroilu Itoltll tht Srolollloon r olhrrtire Ii t. ohoorVoItore.ver LIIOr It Ih ro, olldlt eomlo tr lu ude, t llo l iOltt oo o1t 1 tho e ilho oro oujat.0lo 00 d 00 ul0 I00 ~illcinl[ lru~fulu ts lu,:rlts. 'ool'lo o v.lue of thoe Paolo e is most eo.otoieaoos iu othoo o Iou. Itollolliolt hyotllilio dllu ctoltuhloutt tluths oo hrch hotove defroie d 0I0l other i'olloedio t alrd p orllcUl orly th tllooe rroe rohere ioler CUr. has IieenI rol~rl.ldy urled as to ca.l+. hlllsre~lill. pullrlls I the rolleo , tttdof, onlereuoloo uleero, dtrtlloollt1onl it lhotl dlo - t iv0 orpllliS, rle. '|'hlllae it i:Oln lletely rPleIOvea+.I 1ldIn all elrUe I:it U'llllrely or~ldlcslle. lhe JieaoneMa itd after:Is ~f llletcu1"y, Fell Soi'."'llt·em lle ¢in lltllinllI illld lellves tile ;;iiI+1{l sOUud Ht11 mlll .PI oIt rlloUool.oollll , thiloIII uoerotdo oule tortat, itt o allpy cffet o Ol etOollO ouotltparllot otoil oolmo.t tlllllledluto o rellog 0 alterotive aold eortrrou;oo oiturrloo, olrorrethc d Iild JIXtLti ..l m-i ll~ll~slOdlle RIdJ U.,,dy)1 i alld nl .r,,iC }er euB( a.. II.. Ilnaclle a~lll i.iliIllelU9lituln. GLIe~r~ll UlJ xrP-lel(d, It llerf·~l I a ill the l~EretloI· llt ad Xe~retlU ) g ives Olll r toue HI~·1I tote Ioml ll EXElteI UCIItlIl ill 1)he gali~d. 111 if+ particul~ar 1llllllel l+'roul othooo olriitlltottoleo ihOttdottoottroor Otto tildrood. tlo o o " Phi. liledleille Ii.. imen iouud lllIIIFllV u~elbll iu m~n any nli i. ; otOU dltoeoloes ltot hetrt: oto eclgd, olid" it hut beeno ured with otttderoorl ruettoto a tprloog od atFal puoliero oy0 Ill0oe I who are rdhjec I o COIII dllll8 iF lhe cile~l, itlld whose EItllltl l000I 00 r htll o r otllew vigor. tclh porholtol will dto woll too to tw ortrttrtllrtoo h tlleh lnl dter tol'htevtr r atde drt k t SI! .o.nadarad IileellliryI Ihlrl llalllll+i, tilk~llll a Iii¢1.lull~lC Ie wil pnswerall ila purp)e.r, tIn cII1J Ill~t IIeI UII.~l'elBell . itlld iallr a ore I re ; faeblo illoanl].r , tllali tile LOIIIIII.III diet i drink, 1 Tth lolowiutt to rtioh.otea, .t of htllldrPtgtho o nilt , whoirth. mflloIt te orol 0d,0 r0i0.eli to tllo tile hoetoo hoo tooh olldlltt P mallee , iii the +.rious euulpldlll18 Ihe~ro ll IIl·llltUll1·(d ; nt l I r;I1+lo to elhll~il, IIU thle iuort t atl~laclory ianuur, ilk +uperlr rity oiver lhe sy.rupls ill tUIIllIll liFe I- ohtoohroooooEtooto ttoootooottotTdooJroooo 0 t0 hrllntou,oNoodtt. 15 oo It. ouringothe dlot winteroantoloorhh I wOoonroelhtoolt oilo .oery Loooveoretlltt tioor:siug r theulootom;tntl o'rlllld obo txtrOoulre oio htto otweoloher. I fiu tako otrreaot oleflr0 lU rtilllg tooodoIr ghuttlhol potot Iodlu'I ruor.g r00tor000 Iloa to pe0rl00tlt heiotll 0ooond Lotoulideutio reeOllltlluud It t. tll toiot-rly ttoroh;td.o S Ott OtOO~iOOr~tfhdlut Ct'latINso NooI . 0U0totiu I. I wE . e o IOr.e year f11h1et 0oooh ot LIotrdotloiot orI Initllll~elluerd by tPIkill u .S~Ere uold, whil~e uYill i tlhe lliltl. nearly ever since. During tllir llerlod I Gave hleeur i, patl~etl o tIle Maruolt Horololl. ih t hrl otty uorrooord ol o itur rlliolh,. lllld .early the i~ll.,+ Ilu~ll+ ohf tlllle il the itultilllUrP )Ih:.pllrl, 'ai~d tried ahllloslever)' remecdy, wlith hulle he~netl. Oi l th 16th dl olFebruoryololoootthat odtltlt rctlt:t! * to ohve hybuuotoproo erulches, Icusllllsrep lced lhulle u'trlll" I:Jlnllr' ]'nllllcea. )Il lle py Io soo.h rbato hoootidor ely·el fprrl at l. \,Ylll. TI]I:KI++R, 13 Mlrrh(, st. ,, ASEJ OF SCAoPULUs 'I.C.IL.. New York, Yept. JO,. ]83. T0i00 m0y 0ertify, fliot ill the tooll oor 15, was 0e0i00d with00 at iwerllille ill my I eeh uud Ihco, w ich sItu 'w~rd· ilernllt .d, &. b-callie arghastlyuleerslB my oeto o. Alter trrlllthsevbraloo pllynlclalii ru flu ultra~C.Las, welt t, ihiladell +ia, anld I~iluced illyatbuoorolr, ttle o otruo h I)ro. tyi o h tlrld ottaciJ. whtr tliter re'ealed irldisallllll+ to a l~ie ct, I vwus prlloaUl;c!ll IIIl lvl Ii1+ cllrto let A Oerardri |.k twenty bottles ofhllrrinl'lo'puoo. eoa, t ud ePh llt bhtllot ofthootter'o oo thrlloo ., w0t0 h n0 0 tll beuelit. Uerparilli{ oillYlC, wllich hud l tl. lltllOIIIPe b urtheii 1o rilt, o relurood ololiloylorellot III New Yorkt Iit iLoo lld hot e ntrt if ut oIo a lilldorilo dl00th. Hefo rlr oF the gred t o uotoers of" bclhudlilll' Puuaceu. however. ill aill3llor ho ely 00. I war peroupded Ol rry ii0 ho oh laOthreort. ']'o005 IT orto ilott i)tl~e.a.sueIl a+ Sntlalml.liur, I berin found Inylell" rl ,dly re+ hrcoverouo, ood Ulohol Liklt o eveu hrolt. s the uocero healed, and I oloyour perfettlyrt elllu thefoltro e of t wo t lOtlhlt o lld htve Islamaled io ever r .ell I iflllhe fllit+ .tatetlrlent, .IIId wlh II publlrlhedl lotte beuefit 01'tho+* wl·.rl ure un'etlltll utllder sr rtiltrtrofuloutor lyphllilot orretliOitotorooo tho oloilly koo whot hah o ured one who loo.oouodf ,ro d evert hototro t ut death, & whotoulldoro hootgllhottted yb thttabooeot too too torh 0 t Ch00 rle0ton.hulytP. Iotlo. 1 wllmaitod Four yerln withl al ulcer in Ihle lull +IClecBIOII lOally aeeC~lnpanied with elyaipelour tll.;lllllllltllll allid I·IEP.lltis... oopyootaltlolplead allkleJullltt droleo1rtloto ofUOt:oylololllt olf lto Ltdttlltlo o oftlhe hrldirrlr0 PtIolt.,,u ooo or Iperfec0 oturtoo. otAo UAd.tI' A Ooyoo T. o o 10 0ar0e0 0t. DEALFEsS. UTTA VEGETAIIII|S. AN INFALI.III.E REMEIDY SFOIL DEAFNP589.- Tlhe great. uec.s which has atl..ud. ad the Rpplhc.tlot oi thi/ valuable remedy I, .ume hndred Rales in tie Westllllnlmur Dlape,+ary (lair dlreu.e of lIne eye pad oar) Ior Whcllh Ioo ltll Pono.,b have bee. obt,lblo.d by M Taylor, M iD, fromtle it.lhgh.l toGverlototy ad the .llelioll It Is. received Irul the Ii ald Aatdemy elo.tI. dICtle il J.aro, os well as from le. lfllhwmlng flllcdncd l,.llillllen Mr AtLr,,l lhy, Sir Artley Cloper. Dr1. Itouslt, Cartl., Itrak .ll L be golalg, Aerial, &, . .id other al'llat saud .ulo ,lo l teh. l flU at Iooue In medical ei:,lotlo, wotllt t ll. o ld allll goot nlllll.lldOl it Tile tloe eot.he Gatlin V..getl.tilo., othr.,uhoot FranlCe and Germany, cauted its ..leedly loltlrhucllo ito .Ilol-L ""v, ry collltry it Ellrope, uhd +dlddre...e. w.rn iir.,Attet too lI) T... - lot froll all ptrtl, or. ltg uluItory to the lolrCht .ottn. l u. TI.. ecrttlillty with whrl Ibhth Uutta Vt~trq:ttthllllS re+ (·litmtlll~l4y applied Eon Lt w ttelelh I) lit lotly thh.u.llldtp. chllll.y Ll: I.c.I. tulltun of It 9 th9lItr lnjetlea luls Phtllhplp. Ki.g ,I ille Frtltch, and Leoltuld Killg of the t.lgllls, IOtoetllvd el I T'ylor tke title ol o lhl.oary Aurlt to tlolr ollljolpe, . I rec Ollll..le fIo tha e t yllIia rElo.d oto hP.IrllL or tither I.ab cuteI by the. tpplication olthllO.ll tidlld GUtit Vegetalthe. 'o'he, pr..tsof ylavor lly l t he hope Ia e l umcl.Itlo to enllo,urllg la.1 wo are with deafness, atatl. tfl. aoll) s .yu.o t. apply his rtemedy.t I Il l.onloll. Pario led lIrltlb tile tumher curt d lto hllaoa inc.lultbleb, u.s oll .an I.til. prilltlltl oll ootot the three nig - In thecityof Duhlit 400 iotr, or less do waerea restored to htlarin Ihy hllll, site of'. holll heudt llewn .curable fur:WI yal, s. I. the ,lly ul.l,yo.., (froloco) .t wer ro.tred . Iou'lrln~., onS, Itf wltll1 ia. Dtl years oe *goo utod blit. Illthe lt ) eoar, 1t6, th.. curo. pelafllted I tile vtl.a si tn ll .oahulll t were astlnllilllll fr tileir laUlllbr and the Iingth .f tllme lh.) worn uhclleted, For tttlroofofit. o tfleey, we will submih t the following cae.ll -lThe I..v John Kitg, curate of Jultuas Churlch, Maul, had bohA cIt to deo fl'um old, lh could olul lear a halld litoooo yo lh.tolt.ts P. ''ho, aofefttO hatd bt~ grade. ally growltg upllOl hllt tor a nu.,,ber of years. durtllg whlch tlllo le appliedlO to all.y Auri-te ul*d Pyii..iatlt, oil.olerated a.IH ap.hpltod evr'ry tllllg their o lllilod thlillltould .uggeot, wlthout the nlhttashdoltw of relief. D Draloe treo. n tneolllled a lndllppll IT;yoloo'olttt. Yegelth t,. ,t cl Itoauoge to tell leo had ot tI c.o1 o.otio I hottle untl Ihtel couldt hear .. well a rover hie did. F.r lmltl.clars uFthlh ca.e, saL.,ldou Meal JoUrllui fur O.t 1"35 Dr Andrews .f Edlnburhg. o.y of the CGllta Veg.t'ailis--in my plctlce, sowell a. iii tile Ilootltal.-l fild it tolbe a deblllty alld reletaun1io of the ear, pl Odllucd by cold, dad well l ol+t ulothlel rettdy too otto otO fdaf..o+ar.olog tootl~ nertoou ctle.ultsJ to oIt ll much goo.dald hetreloloe recyommend it to g.otrol uoe,belhtt o.llttltot I naiy Opiotull ae .w.ll o that oft loterl. ill ouo wll bh dltl.Hopolttd who may bhae ooeoLtS to use thln vralhale dnscovety. Dr I.olue . Althlll, Iaelordthire. tn ltletter to Dr Taylor, cnilclu,les hy uayiog every clase of peollle will fill i toheo Gutta Vogeuthlh a cltvap andl valuablie rleledy lop Damonsl Cololt fr'o uhootl any coeI.0 I have Yenerolly IAlId thes one to to bottl.produoCe u porfebctcure-aod I. ons ntanee a gentietllem who came uilder my care, ieborlllg ulnder deafnels for manlly year, altellded wltit a rullllnl lt ll the ears aid . pecular ouulld resemhhlto dittant thunderl cnllllawltled witlh the rlnging ot bell.; 1at tee tylpltum. w'etreremooveI ad itile reotoad to heartn.',y the ue nftUhltt tltottlte. Ajudlclu.. o rettion. r of Iel. anp.l.tng oe Dr Tayior'l GuCtta V.,etablh st sa--l have employed all my skill aud flo ofe.t tn t ind out a uoeaiul preparatlon for khe helief and curn o.lD.llo.ll. and I t lllut sllllly ea jlllll tt I hUve never nou.d auy o good, .o lafe and .oo eleaiouh a. Dr Tay lor's (ouua Vsatoltallh. You mayt dapeod upon it;7.1 he, for I have ,hfe. exPPrlenc.l it, that t e er c . letus tthat c on ju.tly ahe mCthlled to nt iledtit fior that dtlrto at Mettionte.Ill-oth.t yuu hays a I.edlclU of e .flic ey atd ofint, illic va!ue. I, ,.l6 A Nnrtall of Mae EllId Ra.d. wr -my yeaarn.icttd , with deafotnt , aer - ryill, every thlR hle ..uod .Cefand -her tbhylcit could tpresribe, one hottle of Dr Tylor's (itta VegetUblli relhPved her .uoidlerably udt before shl ua d the I third hOttlto to owas perfectly rett,.ed to the saee of Ir. n b hearing. STh...lorbyy. 48 Faotiogton stteet;eho wualito.a..ntp the 4"2. RetOtt, was ltruok deaf .n the plain of tWatorlt, and hreromailoedtoeoer sill.O. Afterotheaus .fens ottlnogT Gutta Vlo etabililhe wase perfectly cura. Mr of CamberwOl, who bad traee 14 year lapriv do theonsot of hearing was quite cured hy u.lg sia bottles. Toth. aged bhoe.r. meootommuult imioted wtilb deafnes, thib propmttot will on-teed prov a,al et u . .ore.. I quaatlyycured theowortoflo ear,ewt tnohope ofrtcto cr, had d btee aaustaitted or detlivod from atbr mau. To taoe altotod with dtota4 arloin. from coldo thi. plbaP I aoatioa mat pows Iaaotlutbe lted wills,. ao .ae. tu Sin` i nine cues ut f In. 'bo G stsU Vagoailn*s i prIop1r1td 41 a a llnr rd anre with siintlfio principlesshetri fnr itll a and it will I e found on ial to bwry rdatati. Ilh it in Ib of hbapplafel it p' mte ,abaa.-Ina, Iths atoto{lg wh I kavYean . aatleuaaae a to be deprveod a tkhat sea or snad year'. oat olldwiatl l de tad rlall on ageney at No O Clotaaa Ht.}a ie )rl egul SVMC~LIFRC OiRLUrItq'.. RaInHIrATb,N opI hOIE Rb1D.fLSd I)I, RILALPOPI BOA, PILUUT&KoE Oil.ANO1, otto oil li IL)I;2 l ie LINABOT PAld~OPI. e.ARN id )· Fllbo U,RIY, (,IIAVV.., pnofuntlooodlnllct oh oo·.L~r·do,.,,.o.. ro~lb nol 0110 ll ·" itnl~slo,loo.,.:.l D1,,,,o I IA,,, p..o..;Oo ;sl~l iLoul ll lt.dO hO,,olil~lI,.l,.,l, ,;h0,, ,,o Itol*~ hn~ In,i o0u~tu t P00Ulk~oorioio..loi~ioETR,,,dWI...~lhu r,~r. knot Rholo DuRdw,,n top LoulitOniu fibll~al· -*iOIgtrl~· t,0 I 1 opoooopoor rt oordicultp ooyoo~ddy .ltto, to.I InandI I~·T Sooty. en, RunldHI ten*1 foo1hu on.u bl u; tol(lI~ 0,l 0000000 tI~xo.,.tpltnyeloo ,lloo,)t neuh~by,,ouoollu ,ol~nodko tutl* oentyrraelelulld, oteu ,,nreelrg poIp..;..loo . .II.fl poo1tNul ed.uo Ru a; ,III a tor. .ooootO.. oy MlvPtop..6 0,.OitSmr· I r),tn. Ebuub000o fr. .bi.,,,odYllld'nly0,N,oficLOaolutb, ~ RIP nn DUAL lr~n (lAIR? fl,,k,,nr .,o, ,. I olo t u... .1,,,u oilRlueoS 1~h~ 5.9ll,1 R iill EIR:IlR, tOO1. II(ITtnoIt...,t.-.I.;.ooI,,oqopo:tto nn;,lrh,u ir e,,.,,ol ',t il;i~o , t..ytcood, % ' I~tleoe·-.tlyor tooto t;oo ohI· lc-l·lito rooooot,..0.irr d oybo l,eoIoue,o~ ro,,e.,fllt·ioe ·n~.le~~,.rtft,,, ,r,o ,.·,.;. l, .. hoe otfod~l .I~l ooo~p),f lolr 01, tl , 0 rIllll Io· Itol *opro() e,,o, tierl~l p001 111 A;lll o,, I)Irond uo,- .I,, eI~pt1etot rr.jlO oof. PoopU~ 100.6,1 *ii 10·, ti~l;,,rll I,,,,, oolrit·o I, ci, opt·o Pur,~lu, 11,0t ev~r, ,~ ioi~.~, ,,iito,ooi 1,y,,1r Riylo,,l i;o,,,.d,,,Iourl fvIl 1 1(~lroin..oi 01116 p)Ol niu.;,lall.ui~oi,,,,, Iv *0lOtl0lur ·tbeIiLo·:UI .oo n~l,;~eo. ioo iflrlnll,, ,o ,,d or Ill 1oo11oor il hoo,,oor,,i,,neroiooii,,.,,,oobl* id,,,ell~iglb 0Ol tO 6,i ,tol,,on o,,PItt. dO.,o,,oe,,'oP Ikolre. R,,R·Xtooei 1tllnt,g 0A .1~llu 4,-hllims 01*1( dofoIooy o3,0,W i~eo 6,, id ooruooirird, titperlrlil o~io,,,~Ii,,,.f o,, por de~.e,.l -d 0lxllr 'l AI l -,, nI' li 0,o 0, no h t ot1~ 111*_ ollfo1.uhll o IIeeFsdi"t:oor LII l~l of I.t.toC· no,;.Y( ,ItIllooo,,, U ott.g II ::ls1 RI:. vi~ru tirot ii. th u to Tt~I'e odo..tVPatYCoI tihco.tno, II norl nl 3OtORN1ruook oml pR;ORlJIRcRloJdt P101 lcobl~u s rPYriR.RANls PUenrei prllr.R.. to(IIInotII ti,r'uyiltbo-, anti ;ia~ n aI~u do 00lb~iI'~~r~ *0, 1.1.,,,I, enf~,,d Ii, ,;Ftornil111era 1 I f.'.1 PiodIdL~Ooooooto. J;oC.otnoIU I.udoU~p.,,oo,,,eOz;, o lrto ,l~or. o.l' ,o-'u 11,11,1. 0i, - kf ,;,-,. .6 lr ~a r)"1 00 if e·. lil Ire-;,Itooilr, ioo,.it \oo Ie,-hon.,illaI~oi,,gooIooIIVIP Rh, I,,~ 0,t.l(f il:LiI Itfthteuuu llllr·l lttrgooooi,.-..toiir-.,-iIrnlin., o tl, ,, p~ooe-.tu o,,.lbotIio..1 RhoC R00p.,ot·IooIR I~~lWI.,, IIIU o~lc~rhoi no,, rlla of il) ii,. I., 9UrUl)l YllrU I i lirlrrop io,,. OiO. ,r 0,11 ut~owu ll·1I I RRhi, ll Ion,,,, Roe.t~u ll ito 06'l ld lllOr e.~ l olloooi~tol opi ii,,t ohI1 ,,-, ot·I (.el rdu: ·c.r t e .ooio--iitooellUyjolrl, h I·l~rlali*·~l· i . 1 fi pue o~famorlklooooftlirono~n.~va)II lrEil' ? to,;hoohntio.Jcl.oleod 0iillll~iiltR· r;qI ,hly Wit~ps hol 0 ou irldol, No lPI IIo,;oto haoan RNne Dolluam·il.*1 THE MOS9T IM1PORTANT HIUMAN DISCO VEti V. A CLIEIIOYNIAN, il.1r thril Csml~ridg. · f:I*liU,,e. ~aedlrovsad nullul~l~rr l~e lll-e fi rbUl~,jl; -r HEALTH1 AND~llul BEAUTYI ·(rl~1nl~l· .It nF. alel, .a,,d?.,la., I.llnnr, dirruu3.I.'gbl,.,a..y prllrdc, .... I,. nlb' I ,,. ..IIa.I I, - ..'.d,...., I,..ben r,..r Ilsrr rJhe.AIIllJ lnnl'si :z2;.%drlrn tIaaha lr... eht ah... baa · PUc~t~ N1E....., ii..... Cam!.'..~lc Ilsl;,r II,.lypr Cr~lOr rl~rlmtaurg.,.'o IE It... 011fi..iIII, LolaII); laum)(.(I. ,I~rl tm.ia lalplN) a.tllpmeltal,adla Wrl.'SllliI3l lbr, pw''~U\ '"'?pro 1.. nF)YEll(fl.';lali 5 (1I( be . tutmr.a l'tr·milII el~le~llat~l rp.'L..II itt'.'tl~lVp drr· INPaIu t mil. lll~ 1.3.33. lla1iilp 3l"'ll I'WI I~uef. ·Irs"lag sad Icrl,..iirelhgape.'l..,wmlhdbn,30l~rltiII aF'bltbeuh \ ule "~I Is~llllnllltlr~rhe I PIIU fLEU) l @4I·d )Ir h l~~borl, mlln l (llLIUCIPIA lAN. Tilt AM,111 IL1

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