Newspaper of True American, August 10, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated August 10, 1839 Page 2
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The Leouisille or Ricer Mai is eclsedevery blen iday, Wcdneendlv tand ctInrdeav,_a 3 P. I. Is. ent and retlured yv stiamtieats A'rrive, irregularlv threc tiutnn a week. The Bnay Sara or Coast is d!rmin ehery Tuesday avd Fridas, 8 I ill. is ser anld mretlcc Ibv uletellihliu t. " The Alh'.r..drieoe Red Rivecr Mail is sent irregu. Irrly by I.tabtr.iue. I scauu. ,. LOUIsvILLE on HRIVt MAIL. dn edsv ssd (.Clcc alu ,.' k P. t . "-OC MAss, eIk.. "P.. HOTEL. ( ULAAUI) has the honor ofisgorn inodg hi, S aol hn'pllhlia ill geetel, lat lile lae talken llthe Hoel ar at iarrllhoa., where ho trusts ho wiel receive the ealle of l old fri.nd and all lovanrs of rd cll ceer. Prieate peytr-s will he londsoalnlv provnided .krby sivinnt a littlt cdice is t, enter ss arrigsemeniits with faiiliee ur indiiduals desirnus usptreing the umnmler uti Carrollto.. nr,0 NOICE'rE. .ea Ar RgSemenIto commence Iat.Auguat 1839. NE-W ORLEAN; 4. ARROILTON RAIL. ROAD SUMIMER, ARASOELNTS "FOR THE WEEK lIArS, Frma Curoll'uI.I Fro New OhlelJuE. aorn4:aCrnel 4 oo'clock. A.. I ar il 5 o'clock, A. - Locooautiv 6 I ? ,, 'uto .. 8 .i I .11 "I . 1, "• ND pM ". - P 8} I .74 MU I U U U U SOR ~U U U U T. Far. will le..U o the .,lem hu , i. the weak days tintel 0o'.h..1,k Io. M. when all ·on tiv" wll h ave 'lrrolltnn veryl9our. ock, P. M. a New Orleans every hour AferO Il., . k U t hnr.I erUca Ic I UIohUiUnd by ptaina 5 +of rfo the Trip ; ilcrallyd for after : o'cllnck, P. I. 10 dot, la ir ill ite l r d. l'frlU Uro lUpby the t.Utnm Car must provide thmaerlv,. wl.hlATet .u llsl,, eUllUndl.r., hs poltiUe dlreefitl noL to Ieca'e Ivllmo) iIn lira thereolf. For the -tl''IlaloU, of ptersonU vit ting Cirrollton. in the 5 o'clock t at. lnd why nnay not w .h to rennin there Ulo Ut 8 oElocU t It er that I.a Iheretofore left Ca rolltorre at 6 ot tU wll remin lnltiUl 6 o'clokE thereby llo ng them one-,hour to euny tIhe ;Ilen.alt walks 'in olle of the most eautifufl GOarden i tre UU.ted SltaLi. Till JAIIKSItN AND I.ACJORSE STREETCARS . eleav tlt? I.P.a. of J.,clakott street at Fo'clock, A. 1., Callnl (tit t Ui n'h U;tIk Ull a ull r tn rly. AI t I 'clnrk they .will eommnleC to lettit eUrsI'ai.d every bhall hoi r ultLl 8, n'cIhte P M , ,XepllC tales i:rtad I ofi. llvnt CrIral street at a U o'. el'-.H the cr W Uill Iave there at 9 obi ,ck P. .. h'it parIl:u'erl requeltoed tht Igentlemen wvll not put th i feetrt upo e ioesiuto.r uloke ill the can, wrhetLadAe. ar 2 Pree.4." Office New OrlealS and Carrolllat Rail Rood ConpneJ, J JOIHN HAMPISON Sjuly A.39l. R" ChiefEng. N. 04 C.R31 SFIl E :ran Si¢IiI|IInouI Rebecea will ave tIhe BRain at the htend o"f It. New Cane , eaery day, (except Al h mda y.=) fitr Ihe I.nke, ua follow s: I)Dlpart at 5 A. 11. L(PIIrI I t 8 A. M. " A. A1. 12 P.M. * 1P. 5,. " t4 P.5M. 5} 15,1. 9 P. i. And on MONDAYS:- • ."port at 10 A. Mt. Return et'124 P.M. 2-P. M. 4 P.M. I; .. AL ~ 9 P.M. m401 - D. OtHEW, 1'411. RANDI) FESTI'IVAL I)INFR'R. Freldericlk, informs hs frinls a.nd thel hplli guKllyrI.l lthlt .ite Ih Io :urU11t h,ll. he wll Rile n ' I"nitd Il rI lialrA nnelrl a hnn in I1"thIn of es llt. iI lot/.. ld leis final Ihe il,. and On lhe plan lah,3nP t, .lr I lio |,ebrnltclr,. The grollnd selected is eievett,,1 \. e, ored-wih a fio growth if te, s. 1 he . . .211 CI'UHm:ll. · h I1. P:tre will ll.e AU ll.el t IUlirkel anl t Ink . he I re .+ I" ekI tol I .r i at MIr Pr~jel,.I Ar.Ude I)ulSh. Cuf[t ];nil'*r, the, V,'rennl h, ":",ti streel llotel. St luoni., 1':x , 11n19.t, ::.lid ,t Richard Murphy'r C flee }luuee, St. t'haric. e .--iricr $1,50. 1t aI ,tets lDelta". Chlnr.,UaI, Aug . .......1 m lNhtnnJnly...... .I. NL. Ir,.. Jy ........... 1 'il,, lnali, Io......... 31 P 1 +Ind elp hl· t o........... .3 1 Il oulllrlll e, d o ......... .3 1 I t)l.'i"rer k',.. ........ . 31 al S tI m s, do .......... : S --toll l . ,l~n. " ..... .. . . t I d vr i l J mty . . . Oell^'t (I. -l) Jlay .... ' 5 Puri d~ ... . . .* l l . ... ... ..... .. l.o donl, ,In... ....... II h'.h e. l y ............ 25 I Ifare Julne.... ...... 9 liltI II I1 I I1 FIOdT OP NE V ORLEANS. C!EKARANCLS. SIhip Erpaer.,Hs (ard. I:: Limora, \VWitralj.v co t'hipIaembij. .1jea,,I, 01.r-. Ja DI ehab.. Fr Brig UrIg orllle, It,. ",c Car,. (Africa.) Volenellbt Ports Sloopuary Lee,Iaa, I'Vr,,earla, Atune ARIIIVALS. August 6, 181R. HrtgC.raaai, Ta.f.t, fram eort.. Britt t: Aswntn,. (Itnllnl) Ilan. Prom GiSIIOP Svhr Inthervr, tiaylo,,I from sn, alar.. IL.. Ii II H .,,tt·. It).. In, faaI TampjICO Sehr En erpisr. Dllu..,rrm HIolalaorn. I'XPOtt'fA DATEIR)ftE-Pr, alit , Emeror.. Cargal'l1261t a.,l I3 . pa k.5:1 b., I-on.aaGa. la. ba.,on, 51' sok ofA -r44 ruedawood IIAVRE..Per ,Ii, 1'nla I,...Carea 401 ltd. al d 8anlille GIOREE-Per 1,ri1' Caa.n ilila. Ceejo carga 5 li sltoblaao labialour 1an. o N.,,y braood. 4do pork PENN$ACO LA..l 'Ia.nnp Mary l'r. i rn. larrlt? !Is a hj7kc2i"' b7lag curer, I'k. 1ae- . 11(POR'I'%. No Arrivaa, from sea, ae-la el.Cr9laan no impolr,,s IMELMIOILRANDA (Shin irar still Iry alo 11y lust inltrllig,..v.. WORKS ON SIL:K. A CO111'1.E'I` E lrrlrlll tit of the hzwt works on ilia .1110 1 1 ,,f the Mlulberry and silk worm.,. Ilnd,,i,, on eilk wy,,,a. It'll, ,:rreua',. oilkzaaari.m' t. Clarke, t 1t flllaIhrrv. I1,Ii,'e mranual ."ffllt OI.ll'.rrrv Ifree. Kewlvit1il k'( silk grnwrm quid,'.C \1 i~llrmnrsl nnhe a llhirry and silk aor,.. 112,,w mlaer lfSI. CIarier Ac Cora,,n,,, l W1', '.21 cooks ioe.'aniaa icr, Ian ding !Ital 24,31 Ihl tuneyand tarn,!. by, J. riTAYET, &c CO. v..g. 74 Po ydqn,.ztrct j AF SUGA-'j Intl lid1, hs in Sere for~lr utt. by J u;3 JTIAYER, &t'(). 74 Pnvld, , rt. ore fur sads by J THAItF.R & CO. apg3 71 Povdrn..1, i~ fLl t7 -1R..U bar te~ rul... n" FIlaur, inl S stote, fior sale by ( I)IISRISY. o8 44 New L..vre A RI)-8i11 kegs Ieuf !.rtlaad, nsinCre. tr enle .4 (l I() dIISEh 41 New tLevee DEEF-2l1,t brla prim,.e ad 201 half lIrs IIWal, at the r iuhaectionforsale U l: I) lt.EY, Junea t2 44 New aev"e UIUNNY IIAGS3--25 .WOtltl fr - - __ G j6 S&J P \WIlt I'NtV. 73 AI. 'A ISLE F)R I.W FIIIL-il vl I'ertre Itiru,-13th Vtl. Pe.,'. Ilapsrts. Just reareriytl .fle at, a ti 3, . dJlUN o Co.. Or3New Orle vay tinarra H.it1 F(OR SAI titl hatla Srv quality Nantiere It', , Ia lndg frlvm Puark.' shin Ainrhatna. Apply to the 'aitain oan tna. ane tier belav Ihe Vgetabll e Mar let._ mnyO28 lb pc VAILLUABLE bOOKS,-Hi tnry Skhetchea at of the S a...e nt..s n whlo ritled inlthe Iheien It Or-. the 3d, tav l,,ac, it. adredn larks an raryy,and an Appe.adix, by Hterv Irai Brlvagha in 2 vole. Sketrih, of I'.bhlic Cbnraaclr, ILisconreee. aat Fe Pays Ire b hell nAIsatd adaeeertzrian on the 6i11unIlalv *.tlthe A'sai;nlo ;. tt.'ay Lewd Dr onevan in 2 voa. Just rrevevd a, tar wale by ALEX TOWAIAR *jntly i1..h 49 Conp a1,,.gq fleEt .)'la;AP-Juet receijed twn, eses o blue ln iL ýl ek.imC birth plaiSat.d ru'e~l, very fin aetivit', anilahie tr va~lerie.. tar site Ilv 'c DAVID FELT, N Y Senionerr.' Hall, 'Ye 1 2 Chartres a P IRI4RORNA.IIEN'1 -Rave soil hrnallv,. I'lri,.ller. tar sale oanly by Revs & h)D'iang, rn-I it PI'I..tIat'e 'Muse,. All rl,,arlrllcntsneare 'lnoi'l at The lonst apleva. l apn.r.tna it nrlhna lay o Avatn E.. Ai1rtIc, sanl r aleirn r, Inilry App:.. du1.r050 .ti6tJ ""-llLtl oken ni al • r~rr,-.oL .. .o--n TI1k ThRU AMERIIIN.j Parrawwiwn AND SOLD. Offiglal .Journal of t S2 f.tllanipalltp. PUBLISHED Daily. Trn-Weekly & Weekly. Will *K I IEA.M SATURDAY, AUGUST 10, 1839. PRIVATE CORRESPONDENCE. Vicknbure, Agt Y2, 1839. Dear Gihon:--llere we are after °3 hours steamine from Natchez. The aweather is excessively hot, and more oppressive than even in New Orlelns. ' There were 3 bales of newly licked .cotton at Nat hlez waiting for conveyanes to your city. It will pro bably go dolwn by the iout that enrices this. It e ae un usually fine and ofexcellent otaple. They are getting ready on tse planltations, from Nat chle to this place, to pick. I find the tiditga confirmed that the crotps in the back counties lave ruecred greatly from drought. Oil the Louisiana eile, in tie iparilhesef Mad:onu and Carroll, the fielsa re tinifty beyndl deseription. In this quarter of yonr state the planteres do not apprebend much difficulty, from any casuallty, at thin slage of the snmne. It is decidledly tite garden of I.ouisiana and little liable to be nffhcted by rains or drought. We passed by Grand Gulph very tlis morning so le did not see ally of your profession. The corner estne of the Court House at Port Gibson was to be shortly laid, amll I send an Advertiser, containinga val.. uable article upon tihe history and statistics of Claiborne eounty,elicited on this occashn, as it would be one of ihte prints that were to be placed under tile stone. Tleent Fri m some planters in the rear counties eflMieirr that the eperiment ofspring wheat hal sua'ceed admi to hear It rude the top;c.ol commotn a onversation,) alnotig the planters f tlle river state, to rid tlheulselvc. td the "accepting system." To effect this deliverance, they have begun to take streps,nut to need advances lueu their crol., by plant. Singeorn, aing springwhet, rearing cattle, and attend ing to the production of suah other articles of prime necesaity, anl eveP luxury, whlii, it itherlo they have procured elsewhere, at an enortmous tax. They find that tihey cnn do this atd produce jrut ha tntin cotton as th*y did whet they pursued thie old sys'erf; for it is now diseovered that the pitching and growing ofentain is but a small "copn'deration in complrison ith tile picking and seturing; f the woolni. Therefore a less qtuantity nferound i. devoted to clton and more care nnd time given to secure that which in growe produces a better staple, and yieldea fill share to each hand. I lare atlousnnbd topics of the nIltttlln inlterest to your read en. A carefli travel through lissinsippi aud .I.oniaiana would be rtile means, in coune tent hande of giving to the world the most valuable iltommatin reo petting there states. They nar to me, far Iore inter eeiing fields of inquiry,tlsa. the hackined theases of' Eu ropean travel. I hear that Reuben Darvi, the Whig candidate fur Congress in Mise. euns but a sorry figure by the side of Bmgamn,,hdto' lne fully equals as oar as eloquence and insfirmatiou go,the best of the Loco fococandida;ra A great number of young and enterprising merchants of New Orleans are travelling in Minsis;s:pi with a view to thile procuringof businee. 'Tlis is a good sign and eore especially as they de not propose to do business on the "acceptance sysltem." They tell me, several of , them, tihat they are well received, and succeed to their most sanguine expectations. It is in this way only, that tilhe commerce of your city can be reconstructod ipon a permanent and broad Iaias. Great interest in taken in Louisiana in your late lilowl ca.e. The people of Madison are clear for sweepineg t away fron our statute ooks the odious Star Chamluber dogmas. At Cartiage numerous inquiries were made about the martter. There were four planters on board fromlr ConedinParish and Carroll. They Iad copies of your pamphlet and intended to ciR-nlate them. There is a deciled opinion, they say, in favor of rceeustructe ing theo ariminal Court system of A bench of judges is spoken oft ivourably,-an appeal lyiuo on matters of law to a higher tribunal. I am sure that the people ol I.nisiana only want light o.l metay of their defective sysetem to sweep them away and substitute others more in keeping with tie spirit of thit age. t. D. Physien rledicnl.--)r. IBarton, President of the Physic, Mediald Society, ihas ofllciplly applied to the Counci ofth ediffeerent Municipalities, requesting the appointment ota Comntittee of Health, to be compered of memblers of the Councils anI of I.nfayerte, tor the purpose o.i ceuraely ascertaining the eorrectnesonftie reports rinde b physi san', respeetilg casen ofyellow C1...· . .. . . . We do not nptee wi l the lee, whol regret th(lt the Couleil didl not net immediately upnn this proposal. We havIe lelenridents f tlhis state since IBIfi, andl have carefClly watched thle events attenIi eeCyt ep - demie with which this ,ily hlll been eisited, and lithe manty aRein i iof a certain restile aned illn tlaligrg elans of 'lihy.,inias Il oltni Innower therelrolnl. During the Icholera of 183.? and 18:13, we inc d an nlpphtation ofI medical sntietien, in tregarldl to hi:t scourging epidemic. thle citizens anermbled, frnlled clubi, and did all in their powert, uceecor the distressed, and administer relief; during the grenatet )ellow freve pidilies, ever known in It24, and more parlicilarly in 1837, there was no mnedieal board to hluing Ihe people-the Councils flr nished money, naplkeeries andi physicians tn tile poor, and lthe citizens lent their aid, in listributing the fllaul and means tIhel flrni.-ied, and attending to relieve lhe want o thlle peor,and directing iledical advisers to the bed of olicknees. Thll ne stl a.elmnt of lhe numnlber of caePe ofaickness,wa ftnlisllhl bIy the difl'rent visiltig omnullttees, with disincerersed exactitude from among thlie people. The Heospitals furnished their renpertive lists lcaeos, and the sexlonll of the bhrinl grounds, their lints ofintermente. Wiatl more wane want ing-nothling--what imore is needed now-nohlling. Let the Pliyseician employ hlil spare time in attendingii to the indigent sick as he is in duly bound to do, and let the Councils anided by the citizein, find out the needy and ndminister to tlleir want, by cnlling in PIhyicians, tlrniehing medicinel and nece.saries. But give no power to a nonrd of interested practitioners, or you ran the rsk ofnjeoparding the lives of thie nIltlllonte, of crenating a clique of intriiiers, ofsaddling tihe city s ilh extra expennea, and of alfirding certain desigliniz mien an opportnnity of iorking their clhenel of selfl angran disrment. As to the reports of tlhe press, we ill ouarnnlte that if left open to rompetition,eiery publisher will strive toi preutlre the hePt dtii and give to the work lte inmoi cor. rect informationm ; the eredit of his ipaler will re qire it ie i ill puhli-h Ithe neport1I froln tii e diff.!renll holspitnls nnd grave yalrds :-wht more ill wn.ting I The Sextonof Ill I Presbyterian Church in I.afayette Sqnare receives a talari of tienrly five dollars per I month nfr riiging the bell of that Church. Genernily this elinry e.icunre, purticnhi lrly in the i1inamer nth. PFor thie telast two mouiith e lie ha ben lobligedl to pull but little a thlie rlo. Yetlerdny mioring the brll was not eundllled twently Ininue aler the firei wal diseovered, and llne it weees ragl . r a nlilnute or two and woul atonp ten llminutes anll begin agli.t, lnld eforen one Ihalfof the ilnhalitanlt of the lunie.ipality could have heard tlte lanrm,-nndl hnlfan hour i r the d.rr l peal it ceaed alltgeiller. This in the paiel of ti ringer is not conecientirusllyv iarning his manilry. Fire-nAloutn 'clock yesterday mnrning, that faine building in Chartres street, firmerly the p operny of Bernard Marigny, by hintm hld to the lnprrvement lBank, and within ten months purlthaed Iof thlt ain.l t'in by Philip Avngero, and known an the. alo/ der Etrangers, was discua ered to be on fire. it wan long before ha alarmn was given, and we are inclinled to believe, tht at lasl it came frlmt thIe walch ofthe rsecod ,nuninlpality. We had a pretty dittinct view of the conflagraeron from our dlwelling. For .ome fifteen minutes a deuce volume of emoke, na.l id behind the St. Excheage, trethcln;g in apleareane from beyond the lower side of Chrltres trrelt, to I he dorm of tlhe tr. Louis Exchange; and when the Ia n er forth, they alao appeared to eneompaae beyond on either side the large building. We are now, however, able to locate the very houe that war buaning. The building is entirely destroyed, with nearly all its contents, offlrni. uItre, &., and most of the baggage ote of e bnarder. It i not known precisely in what part uf the house thae fire rrl originated but apparenlly in the upper par--Fortunate. ly tile vEry litie wind stirring was from the norlh wept Iran the Exehaage, whie:l otherwise would have been in great denger. The loss sustained any Le about *3",'Wln. The building was insured in tie Orleans and Merclhants Offices for its fu!l value. 'A Looker on' has been receivedl-We will not pub li.l hit romnluuieution now, but .Lave laid it carefally by thr furtre rnferetee...htur eyes are opened t the amnuee he cuatlaitmin f. and many others in the uanle qurlter. We are only alwniing rie proper time. When the I.egtlanlre meets we eshall blidly lalose bx e pree .t e adl iniqni it.Us aennll.j Ia. the manin while fuirni-h facto--but let them be authenticated ftct,. A reform is necenery and a reform will be had. The "r-eat Dinner Ferlval at iLabrnche'r lAnyou at the rltremnr finished point of the Nashville Rail roqd is to take plnce tormorrow. For the running of tie cars we refer our readers to the advertisement in our paper of rodny. Every paine has been taken to secure the comfort and eonv.nieeaf npassengerse. The flre in, we rrnde-rsttnd to be a greet naliir. A piece of ground has hern preared in the higlh land on the Bayou, and dinner to he nerved, under tile foliage of a benaliful grove of trees. • Waiting for dinner, the romnnry can ameas themtneelvre with bething, fishing and sehrnting.-Proctor iha prepared a most benutiful supply of earables, good v ines, and plenty of ice. Tihe Picayune administered to its readers yesterday, another emetic ofaelf priser. Malone underwet anll examination befire Recorder Baldwin, on Thurrsday, for the murder of hie wife, and wao fully committed for trial. The list ofeandidatee for the toffice of Post Master of this ity is pretty long. Tlhey are, we learn, C. F. .;nlne, tile presener licient head clerk, Cleak Woodruff; Jeromne Bayo, editor or the Bee, Mr. A. H. Ler ir, Sul. omon Hlighl and Wim. MlcQureen. Tihe New York Amerigan states, that irrce trhe pas ange of the law et.thoriinir tlhe elployment of apprltr - ticen in the NoIvi service, sheou fire hiruJrrrtd yonuthn have ben erlisted. Two hundred and ninety ofthose have been re, sived on board the Iludon, at New Ynork. They are instructed in all the biancher of an English education. Two hundred and four have been put on board of veseelshoundl to rea. This ryntemr i ndmnirably calculalted for tre permanent improvement of our Nuvr . The courne to bIe pur tnd in rgard to titree youthsl wasee firetiliathey lshour d Ibo mpirloyed ti the liomelen q uadron; acond, receivingeahips were t be establi.shed, in rwhich, achools were I be ope.ned. 'Ihd falter course has been preferred,ad ill conequence, thie North Carolina has been placed at lBrooklt nt achourage. Thin fine ship of the line is under the comc nrudof Caplain Gallagher, en ofeficr, ditingunihed as n a eod seamen and discipline rinn. Whenlr our navy Itlil be composed of rlt matle rial from thema uchoolnit will indeed le invincihle. d Noel case--lo ieorgim, recently, a young man of nineteenyers of age, named T homplson, wasn tried for Skilling a Mr. Searcy. The det eaced, ool his death bed, testified that hein- in ht" yard at 9 o'clock at iight, hi a heard a noise i tile direction of Mrs. Thommpsn's (the m aother ofi te Im d) hoise;and that knowing Thompson Shad ieen itoxicated during th day, lie was abusing his IlMuller Ihd went up to lee the cause of thie distu-haInce*' and when o hewas within five yards ofthme house, the priolner rushed upon him and sho.t him, and then out S imill with a Bowie knife. d The defence was v chirfiy p'aced upon negativing the dying deehlralti.m of the deceased, by a counexion of eircumstances in direct eonfliet with the statementm iiadle by the deceased in extrenmis. The counsel for time defence endenvered to, establish by those circumstance.s thnt deceased was shot in tile hedroom of defendant'n 'r mother, anld that doceased was fresh from an adulterous of bed when he received at the hands of a oan, a youth I of nine:een, the fmortfl wound. No express rnalice was proven to thie mdecea.ed. On the contrarory In habits of friendship with tlme sou ofmthe deceared,exist ed previnuo and up to the time of killing. Tihe eounsel for thenccused assumed that it was a novel ense-thvt n not a precedent was to be foutd in the law hooks either if way-in referenee to tihe right of a non to punish with m death, in the heat ofresentment the adulterer of his t mother. ''lhis was notldeniedon time parl of the Smoate, Sand the Judge, in his charge to the jury, assented to the declaration of pri-oner's counsel, itao it was a navel coae. S 'The Jury retired on the second day of theI trial abnut dlusk, and after an absence of shabout twenty holr e returned tie following verdict: "We, the Jury, find the Prisoner guilty of Voluntary Ml slaughter in defrue ofhia imoth er, as the reintiom of husband and wife; and pray the Court to extend to him its Iltllnot clemnency." The Court passed upon the prinner tihe shortest n ertm ofiimpriesonmnt in tlhe penitentiary that tlhe law permitted, via two ears. LAITE FROM MEXICO. The schrGeo. II. Welter arrived in thio Port on Thursday, from Ta.piico, whenlle e he sailed ou tIhe stlt July. The Wetler has brought $126,010 in specie, con signed to several if oar contmmereciall hl uses. flutes froml Mexico are to the 35th. All was quiet lt Tammp. co. mnstamente hold returned to tle Cupiilm, and resu. med tile reins ofgovermnlent. Ilis reception was warm. Santa Ann had retired o his iarm. lThe govermlllent Ihave decided in relation to the dulies aecrnted at Tampliro, that vessels whicht arrivrted h |liir learning the law ul the 8th J une, to pay a duty oft5 per! cent., and Iho-e tllut arrived after that time too ply other iland higlhrdultie. The country is entirely ulpruvided with oneiellaldise." The merchlnnts are lburying their gools. Two con d(]las have .rriv,-d will two and it half million ofo]., ilrs, and trade sreml to restlume its formier activity. 'iThe sickly season apploatrlles, nl plur.llaerer lie fearful of colilng to Talnpico. lfipea:e continue,, we may count on better ti:lea. BIftt yqiem tsabe? The brig Rebeeen, from Liverpool, was seized a0 T,,mpico, Iby the Mexican governmenrt, andi sold to the Captoin of the Wetter. Site was to have tailed for N. Orleans on tile 4th inst. By the scilr Enterprise, from Maltmornos, it is tlated Ilht General Lemuso was in commoand of 2010 Fedelrn inns, at MonRclova ol tile 27thi ut., ani intended to march to Monterey and attack Canalizo, whosei otrceO s were oiferior to hose of Lemus. Trade was at a setand 01 ilatlmnoran. Parallel of the Se.res.--Every pnlor in the U'. H. lohas published the parallel between the sexen. You gave it an insertion yesterday. You didl the sme three pyer( ago, iln I t anr 2d number of the True Anerican. It i", without dispome, a good little piece, nndI predict a ill form na afety ftlld,in tle way of a filling piece, ftr nrewspapers, ages to come. Yet I do not admire its correctness--tilefiollowing by our friend t 'Thon., I think is trooPr to natllre. Alan is Iolttselaor-woman nervons. Man is impudent and Ioanting-womnan brazen and peevihll. M anl is creat f r l.ling-wco, an for faint;ng. l tall ollinoro e t o Ilrodle-woollllmlll ot a hamt I. Man, ulllecls hI clhelalt---iI n"lntllo,,l ah le". oinl h.a Ia hion moarl- o)nn11 ,trae ttonIe. Mnn ImLkts mlisery-w,,ommn increl'.es is, fint hut sl cience (ati hnt hug)--.woman to toi ( finery ). Ianas an illmess-wromran filly. nall in a dievl-- wmronne a fulry. lnn is a tenring lig. r--womarn a crntclting clut. From The t|'orld, Philadelphia. The Libel Caoe -The orimlna prol eset.i.n m"f lt. Gibimm. of New t)rleamns. edhtrm ::f tile tlierimjo, for it libei, hoin crentred a go d deal of excitement. Jodee ('allnllmigeoi h i gilvel olinliomln of tlie Courl st e .sone lenOtli, lh t the diefenoior: inm n critninnel prosecution or lilbel.cuhl nrot grive the t illh ill evulence under ile I*w of l.moiomoao. '[ih resurlt howver, woe, lhnt mlie jury could not aree, alrd w that the jdiarryar Shenll shell we look for an nllenlnent of the law inl ihbin particular I 'I lie marximr. that " thei greater time trol thereat .r the liieol." is inll utr opi:ion of mlnpari tivelyv iodllodernilr. Tile firal orinalors of the maxim, we presumne, were Fpsnii and u ld rley, in tit: reign of Ilenry VI'.; sublsequently it at ncled Ioupon t y the no. oriouo Jeff, ier. and finlally it rece;veo its sanction nold (permit no to add) binding force froml the autbmrity of Mansfield. Olne estanlished, it resulllted ias n matter (, course tha ilia truth coulld ino' b -give inll erdence by the defeol 'ant rto.xculpate him front olilt of lhf!, nd consreqoletly lo pselsol could warn Ihe publlic agauina tile Inmtot stroci, l villain, withount running the risk or fine and iomti ri om ume tfor Iiherl. With ili due defI.tfeee r tihe nutlllit anbove named, we think the doctrine of the coouon ltoiw npos that ujject has been oat wofa'ly mistaken. The spirit of lhe law undobtledly was, that tie truth, of itself alone, is no excuse for n liobel, provided, tilt in tihe exposition of ithot trulth, tie defendPlant was iln guided by a desire to warn the pubdlie oft doger, but was ionfllnced by a mnliciou. and revengeftl spioit. Of all ith fact trhe jury alone lmrll!d he eognizaol, and in erder that tihe jury mliglhtl ecoulpelenl to frlm a right jullgenomt of tie matter, the trutlh should be laid belbre themn. 'IThe fumndamina of libel is uali e. for if malice ie absent, no a offeLne bha been wou lltted Tilhe first question that should occur upon trial ofan individual for a lielr, is the matter charged, true,or is it fal.oe I if t be tile, thell tille lllice iaconeltsive; but, if be true, the ot xt thing to be asecrtoined in whether the truth hnma is Iwe published maliciously or otllerwise. If it was pubIlish. ed merely jfr the purpose of injurilg ptivate hoaracler, . then it Is unqullemtincLly libeliose,alhoglm h it be tne. But if, for tlhe purpose of warning tllme pulic agaion.. Ianggerby eCpomsing voil.ny, tlhan me approeheud theme has been no libel comm.ittod. With whaltever imnteion, hownerr, a tn.lterlmmuy he iubhliihed,the Brat thimg to be eeided imn ,rder to .rertoir its chasac:er, olrhelrr libel or not libel, i-, its trlho or fmleimmtl and Iet one ar ( imer i.h ih, jlmry ol tome ouglho m Lo deritde. om,' te.lT -. Consul Trisl'lii wtrlhv, vwho .-as iil, ieid o le v Ib he(liobea t.i ireadehr. inainy otnaml aloi, wilh n floiurish noftriimpnlv , in lie liehrantor tfa "Kihfglit fmlile OGolden Fltgeee,' iad whonl we ubtiqllentily lied he hlonor f clpleroning int.e the puhli. onticu a .nn in .+lrtl nld oppressive Jack i officenappnar iIo lie rrneiv log fed.h.i elut from all qlarere. T'to C.nnmercial of I rider evening giieh hiina lbroudside in tlhe shape.f an betrlolet of certain i ffil'iel. i!rreepnhdllen Ieiweei the Briitis government and it fiireign dip natie onl nlther agentiis, li enit i the telain trndeprinlted Iv onr dler f ihe British parliamlnt. Thin cerree milenve, whiclh took piane hetwee thle nll d of Folir, In olal.V ll i 3,1ifv i i ll te p linenanr, ronlaol nnnali; ioFi rion rrenint.t'nimna.v derived'iirnm .arionl and reotn e sllrce., nil oing to lhow, willth a fnrce and elearne., almolt amouunllillg to demnnostranoi teat N P Trint eq. ItoI connived at the prneecutin if hIe hioa not at. tictplatd ill the profits of tie lrve trade. Ai-1ming the dtlctnlente rMferred talt e a hleter Rim Corn. Kelliet il ihe Briti~lt navy to Rear Admniral illi ot the Cominander in (Chief an IIa Aflnean elliltio, dated iierra I.ene, Agllllmt 9, 138, notting that ha (Coiman dier Kellett) had Imrnrild the Pl.rtnugaee ehooneer aen hlinera'de Blai Vianim, from Invnn., andl found lier pa pern signed by tah Amarirnn ennesul at Hacei. In onnthllerpenroftlhe volume, fi.r ihan dnettmente good reader fill a honi, mo puhlished" twl o letters ron I onrd P.miaretln In tMr to;lninettncting hiin to call the tlention if the UntUiled 'taler governmetl In ithe CaIl. duct of Mr. Trint, in oicialting en Portigueea consul at Halana. Ilr n ehavoe the evidenc f a Itnrititeh Nralt Conmnennder. nacked ly tile llloremllltnlll of ihe Admirnal nf tlie rtion, mld mntldl. y.tard ai.e..einn.. the foff l.t..i.n.lrUCti... to thi8btil-h linltlar at Hahin.tla nl, in onalrmntlan nfti ie. meln to the rane effect, which we inldstena iny noan. Thal ilrelathened in oar polition. wn ite lean a to rvientee eer tmin qaterl w liclt were mnde in l i. Timeo of-the 15th ivet., lel which raen . tulowa:- Ill. not certeili vessall been filled out within tlhe past three ear nnia lanvr frnm the port of HNavlla; end are there non some ,llexplaeiled nlvlorie.l ns to the maennr in which his lnverrr ai e farinihi olwlhilheir ,apere? Ifio, i an Counul Trill uareeltelae WVer i.i there Ilter.n flninel ld with Fortuigiele pare from holrlialony ('e oa.ic? Did lhard-amollney Conll 't', thrntllghhis lrother-in.. low, eMlpa iPintquetenlnl to e Ollervrn for the epencial nuse oflin lle-'lneul; lld wal nnet that neal atied for chan. ila AImeril.ll to Porlllueie iepearennl tl e e of thi veetol to aslavedeerl i trdlltniie tvhe one.t of Afrits hnulld thisn let qllaltion he anowered iI thr.nretiva. thn we shalllle tpirel n .tei Iie th nom io ih. peron. low nt Ilhs city, whol elnraved the sid, nJd who lad SOULS coariea lion wi{ ,l r. Trit. reatlive tn it! The voloiie nfdiaiments in the ponsselsni on the etliot ofl the Commercial, enntanl a rt irtyofonhvr Inhrmnetinn on the iiiijtvt of the elite untetiuiinlciaeTiloht theyt ifcth hl·e tlnde, tenditi1 to iiln liSlre Trill it that .".ile. r..m.. cot .1. in Cu..0 Ihi areal laniity f priri plie and otioa um the part of iur governlent, with ref erece toiits rupprennlml. Credit Sfflen -A atriking inletallcne of lhe bhdeffice ,f "writing for gliry, anl printing on trlustt"' is fur bi+iltdl by a Vermont edllitor, lie has lie on hi hbohk., aUt twelve !hanmlred dollar--hia i lnad and ear in hlo --hie pnsoitl is requitel, and both plattes re eager to hecumne a dlipthot. tlu he can't" do th th iling, in eonsrlquellce oPI nering inlale In raise. amone hie pltrons, Ilhi where-with tim pyV did pIelrn hr tying tlhe klht to say nnlothiing aleu ut llthnaetnvarvfii Vonn't ithe pe oun lake it ot iitn itrdu? lfhb will tot, a de oditetthe edilor Il try otlturr ivateltil--etl Io paper vo ot of Ihe oflie till'lpaid fior-v- woetuln't truat Oullr granl fillher. It ina pitt that our goaid friend shuild he le. pric'ed ofil lilxoury f a narried life.--NV. Y. Atlas. TIIE LIBEL CASE. PUB. ISHED 'I'S DAY, and for sale at the Ctounting Room of the True Amenrican, St Charler Ilotel,aod at the principal lio k fltor, a correct Rlepor lo the Ielte tntre.ting lld importorant suit of the Stat of Louisiana vr.Jouh Gibson, Editor and Puhlijher el the True American, before the Criminal Court for Li. bel. july 21st NOTICE. 'The Ship 'POWIIATrAN for Nea York. Pasengers will please Iben hoardl thisl afternoon ut 5 o'chk, as the ship will be taker Oullho LeveeI at thlt hour by stean low boat. l'E''EIL LIIIDLAW, aug lOth. t6t Camp Street Louaialn and N. Yorik Iinn of PaekrlAs. To Sail 20th Augu.t. T'lh sulperior Packet Snip IlISSIS.I PI'I having portion of her c.lro etgagel oo ilr sailraarbove. Ftfr triiglot o tptooage, Ito ill eligalt atcnmltllomtdotit, apply on lloo trd qlpptoilt the Vogetnll, Maiket oL to JAMES II HUILLEN, aog 10th 74 'amp street FOR LI VERI't 1O. 'Tim . Ir fast rsailing Slhit SCOT. IAND aopt Merrtman, can take 475 Bole, tlllt o fill up : fr termsllpl1, I t i l I EVIll GAULE, rit JIth . Coutoor II U, 1 'U IA Iht,-A Nn ,Ii. V j1 E fret Itri o f Ihe Train It Ihe Inlae nt 'ig.n e,e er Io atn i a t Irite fft.,t I otIbke ihore,tl mile. enfron New' Orlelln, 3j nIil,. frtnt, the Vlit. in.etpi, 3 nilh n0, Iflll ie d I .itllc h on It. Il eisippi, inll l.tlnl'lldiCin r line ell le k I.nb lhlor,. .I Grtr Ntslienl, I n unlvr t'he I hi of AI.nt i, 1833. A Cnold C !lanti; nl d ilntrhen. n ill t cterven tp by Poctor at n 3 P il; nidh in nirdte i ntloa rd to le , F'.'ind ; f itIe Nnlll,e ltnd ntnan pplrtluily )flj ining tn ePIPebret oin of i tlllclllhll n t of s in nritie nig illint of th ,I fn . tni ltw is ilt te l Wt e W ,t nitlhe ln ttGe. oof the n rnee PrIl'rt , " i The foll"olhwinr Intlallrta llenlleo hs ll l have b hes dpted, fIr n pn'licipae i 1 ittlthn n In n e htgtinn 'rh.- cnlr. t i ,leve Ieee el's a l h-fito (enlerel .. for il C tiftlfon t tllpints t If n" roml,oo So ne.Iii Ily xt l iP itIlluwt:- .l i tn e II JI I1 1 Il .l b I. ' by U 1t 1I N. It. 1ln'Fen'crs i U tit 4 'lltl ltk t1, pN t i all rI, in ill h.I I ,'riliel ('" it: ", Ihl ln rlhe, ti. lfe<'re,++F II SIll A the rlp a (iti ill 0l'r lllll N IEo Il, e-Itv nlli he A lnn l, .,lro n cl` I r n re eilln l nll eie t hi xln e Ir hi t t nug 10--?t Preident. ifnnt.n le by n I)eitI,: ', aug 0 44 New Ivers ben II ,,tnt tt ninln ro sniet l y SI ) It l ,nl . V I4 New.. I.eve.. rlli price of flour In nda Iei $1 ii6 l.rnp rr nIlccltding to the trill; Ihie bkers will gived :n2 O.UtI n of bread fitr ten Icents. dtring ll week "tgnin. OllTli l. , 4iN h for thee tf ellts. Silll wemigh r 5 per ck le ll re, tllntn ins o l., | i nllllce,. jIuly tiI. C. hItnOFIS, Ilenor. ELOGlt--fii L Iin ltitlt r.1 i-IFee ante by Aan,! T , 4lmp !.nnI I a t. Fl) (i l I lIEY, 4.A'NIt w Lae veen lf it m(-iot' ie blin sute rfatt, l. tra, chipm n g m ordr fily Gln I .ent', al0 44 New I..vee A(:lICIN S11)1 I--7, 9Ilsk4t uiIerior I ineinigitLteetr i d iln s rei fe liT r 11n by Gc IOSi EY, di t . N0 bill mess atd t dt i rie e-,natltdt -inpi.t: I Iion, fitr ale .ty jnel t e icnl IISEY ,4n New I.evee. SEGAl L l'O. 0tCCO--0 to aes. For sa ne by mar A. TI &ER, mav1 34 (ihatnvier s mU,.aF I I..'II'ER PA I'If--A few case ofGruled In letter paper f arurt i r ntll n iie, jusRt receivei an tor sale on acCrOnltlUo |ting lei o by .14 - , '.CVAR,,19 Ci(` tp ct tNI t. I t1l:11Y, No. . in, l i t t llber. iel site trr, utlI'a phntoln lbhip. Fllotrr e eby J - : A 'T O '\' Ait, N49 CIlve Ir ii)ISTlI\(i c 'I.<+ iv S-di~ set I , ispnq 1ih;-+\ ;, 1 If iuprvCd Il'onlalricliun, if, framelii Col'. lr 1 folr salt' ly I( TT, may ;--411 d 'Tivnh tireh+ 1 .ug h .. a n d P e rr y 's t hl u h le p al telln e ..I p e a s " of xalehv l.i1 II I"EIT & Co" n tt N Y Shlit nero hIll I 4 ChartrSe At j'3t tI- 1i0 li. ehceets e f i ellCiert &C npper. 1l1. dheelm ,3lo I ill in. of 0 n 11. h3fi . Copp er. l iii Ishets 11Nto 0 ilu.idu. doi. tJllu t nr;ivo ed tied ir sale bY ,.. LOCIIII Id N,. tay 28 8 troCit Levee C igli-h Nehne $6 fn, ropyi. FrelIch nod Enali+h $11 pr copy. Frenlch alld EngIs:Ill h $15 to 20 per copy Ei iglilb sll l ai $10 E OHNS ,-II Co. jly 2e-nrI. i e pr n lt .il, e J CTII oEIIolln I tn Jty 'PEDTE inln Ilrp t`lnr, all segielnltill hi I e h'lhlintrd whh the A110:lpiet m y huI hllrR+, o ·l.k ing I'rn AlItld Fi.iltltiInd wrinhgI a fair haidn . Adl dr. li boix n31, Post t eit-h', Jeun8 e eni etI elay, lAii I· n pckt hip F rleans , ar ial H bA :'IIiNi , IlonNo 91I I Coi r i.In e nian ., 'l l- I: lI.-r II AIte 1i3le,n U n -jnte - I wilry, cl nll-lt l l l eand I a .ind l nr snl ltv IIEt t O.tENE, III4OWN & Cl. jnne .9 NL 9 C& t i T iE. i:i t'--hl ihali ;.rrr, ,nt Ihr i.. ctio]n t 8 Saltbv en DOl.lY. m(3 "41 New Leve, ( l i l \ G L 1 : u- t - 3 ;[ i , ri i t y h J4 July l2thi J'I'l \YEIC&.,71 Pnwdlra.t. .l-re foir safe by J TIIAYI';I{ & Clo. July IWih 74 Po)lrns sitrree I~efull Knmwledge, Ilr tlhe'year 18:19, receiv:ed and filr Palo by DAVID FEI,' a Co, may 18 24 Charltrei a AVANA l":tIA ll.-- 1,nUOO, ifl d ant Ijal litiele O jnne 14 34 Urnvier At lanhaf from Sihip Y aIrl, fer Pale hy ?any 21 . WBI,ANCIIAItl) 33 (.atier i SANlI.A I I'.]-5(10 roils, na rl,,d ,izea )lanitill A IllR e;i 75 hluilhi, assoletd, lililo 4 I- to f-2. Foip s,,Ic by v . J.OCKO. & Co. T May -8 8 Front L.evele W IIIJ K1":Y-- I 0) barrel .. retifed whiskey i.ll g for sarle bly (: IDORKW'Y, J24 41 Newl.rvee -UNo-, BIo(\i .-231- d,te isi aft, , for sale by 5 J7 G(i I))R81 .1 ",4 New In'ver l /,It ,U D R.E. II New I.le ell r IME--IlI .H culka Tlnninsit n llo In lldip n nd IS for erle by S & J p WIIINEt. m'22 • • 73Cnlon~t tile flni, giving hellth, hnnlv Ind pIrventing its elli.I tJ, sold at i.!1-;I' mn31 4 No. 16 Cbarten t at fRlh i~NG PA bt L4An hloniee ol e uoterilr prtaL. .l intlnoper ofthIs follnwing rioo. 2742--26a16- 2lx36--923.3--19xn2l. Also IloR ofnoelope, HNel. worn, Ileoldittnm't 5ct.l1 WreppioE Pnp.r,all tlet very bten q'tsllt-, l.nolino floon Berque Jonsphino loott Phil Wdolptin ned fur sales by ALEX. TOWAII, July 23 d 49 Cnmnl, treet. -OtuSALE--l0 hlot monr 1 n U 30 doe.spr jht tentit oloaee 9.5 do ,:lotrinoll sungar Sl rondbdeleoterne 100 r~il* Cope : ' y917 III..Mk iEO I, DROWN &Co.. JoinS, 17 t.31. ('etoti got Nt,. 9. 111,5KEM--75 Brle tReotf'l tite So;le by Vj uthy 2od o. r)OthSEY,44 New teneo * NEW STANDRDS WLORKS-S 'UP. l Doth, ! Nouiltruer in Now Engisud, or America inmite 10te ICentury. NtiilteA Comprnttsir t View nl Antlnet Hitor y. .otrden'a Etnoelopn-rtia of (iardenin, .ondnn od. Sir Wen. (eill's Itmeiotn. n s rlentdid I.ondtn coly. ShaNespenre 7 volr royal Sn. elpoltt dlitiot. EK. JOIHNS & Co. P'l mEsolt-W. enr t Choelres & Cbtnmon .ta. T INEN ShItRT9. ('L.OVES &e SUS·BLFPENER fJirtss reinthed by late urrianeleaneeyono ent of Sitirto (lroi~nts, Sotnttrer etoolos, Glavres end ~Snepen dere, e~t it Ilonnor, turner of St. (-Itnolen ecu Cootnorn N; 1. A eouplere . neanrt rent of Writing Deehk, hDrering aeo, portaoble shlavin enlo in mne wood & onther. mn6- WUS &r ALl.A.. 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Aleot, double medium, iopenrihl and 5uer ropal Prioltin Prerestor srle by AI.EX T1O\ r A l, junl II 49.Cntp se TUT recivd a Intllorgenalenrlnlrltif alller otoke Fof varmiou iptterts; lineu Ichrlt, ih lillh f en qiiy. S (IOYr I eP& on ml Eehangoe Ilotel,SuCllol Ci s et -ro0 IhENT--A ct IfurtbUhle otliop tuoUle in tan - 3deit etreet, n&few dolorts Itroto Usnol oont nos6see.i giVt iottmediotely. Apply to IOPI.F. A SAV coIL I Carnednlet sll "1)RANIiY \VINE--3 Irlf ulfand I qr oks bre is IlJI dy4r casks.. |)r u .Sherry. WVine. 6 bourn pale do du asuperlor qunlty flor aole hv S &J P WITII'NE. " tnoS t_, 3 ..... 73 1'mpo t ] 1 lld ? %Vttitt. I.en(}; -.ll0 f..u/l(l~~ rmH OIPeu Pniot, cronnd iottl; Illuk doa. I.ioneed Oil; Sperm d; 'ottf; 511 brtl. \Vhiling; Coptnl anool Jlonlllond Vnroinlo. For cele by , . 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Mr. M,+fil ,lI -- I r:I IIV Il~il'l w IIIIll u' kll'l ll L v llr+ 11+. * h It l-lf.III f'rllllr l flU il llrlll*l II JIY lV ill f lp b'l, IIPs-- ltb RIh)I.. .IfiI lite, ll' sln : cnlh) ll~ics h l -II. iii . l'rl.t Soot,' 101 . l cli itrll 0 llo n l onto ,,f I . n r I'lepirlerlld, rri e.i d s i~ oll C ."il ll. I )IIII Ionl ~i.Jl. otooocr I I ,lye to.'Il tot tho l ottoto In. lootr , tooi~llh lotooto ootllolo~li ottttllvttiotolooofielta Yours, ntA 311l1'l. "ilt)Il.i"S. Fur nIoV ot oo. totey, ntlth- tootner of" C.oononot~l nod TI Optto otoot Io nt .it la~ ylr.C tJ 1.A I I a i0), Iltrr.oew ttrlttn ctntgtn.t Ir on board solilp Orleans. Iuetlr,, Iiiitloit , It'okre I rt, Ai ndrew, tt renllh 11, Iorl in a ert Pltltl-;il ar ; nBlok. a1mumn BIUrds; lChesmen, 2 lI-4 ad :-ie n lo Itil SLrd halls; 8,9 !0 Iald 12 inch Ilade Bnrwie K nies ealther N ortienr traverlling tDresing Ct a ; lBe lt I'tnck lt, --orenlrn's anId I)Dlllingl Pittil ts t; ' lhlte iand singtle barrelled Guns; (;amtle Btag; Shot tie ttt Powdei Intd Pistol Fhlsks; I)ram Bottles ntll .riking C1ps; Pere;rcion Caps andt Cai ll ttiit Clot-h, It; laiir, tthoold aid Nail Inruishse Orn ri .n cil orire looth WGsne Tonlh Powder Toilt and StIhvi)n Soapt, in great t a. riety; h]g IHair Braid Ringlets kg d Frizet eso Pearl anr ''oilet Powder Ibimery y lag; Ivor0 ITh Clilshtli ., Patent Slt-es or M oGrterd. Gin Erntic SCsprnders; llwder Phlli b oit r Boxes; eillt CainRS, Seals on IKey Ear-drops; \Vnist Bnckles; Bracelets; Ilend Necklaces ll:dChains; <rilt and Silvered ieadn; eladian Beiud, Bells and Plumes; Shell Twist; Side snel Dressing Colso; whi.hlin addition to theilr fmer stock on11 hand makes their nssortnent very nmplte, and Twil be sod ow andl on liberal terns, at ithe sign of the Gohlen Cotnb. 15-tf 70n Chartres street. WU TTER-150 kegs Goshen and WVeslern, in store, l or sale by G Ittety 78 23 44 New ,Leve Ell"S POINK--Il bills landilndg from lsteal| bi II Untied astna e.nor Lele bI, J7 n A Th IERI 34 Grvilr rl OIU 'rall'E O-- s tioh W-eno n, l ir bo AJe b ; DI)a(SjiY a l New I.eve " Iu'yIl'l-5 baes 4.4 l Cmll sotlloardes5. i bales 4-1 to1 lan Itowtll eol on, l3 telan, buckykin stripes loading li.n ship 1S lotis foi r sale Inv of, 9 - I llB{ IGI, & l~tl. 131 alwgszine st rLCKF: ,+, C)., N,. 8 Fotnl I.evee, ha.e in stre a I lrge ollnd extensive ns+nrllllPl lel Copller icd Tin tVre of their l iwn ,nlu aclle, whiclh I l Offer low bt whpl,+saie, may 28 .I' YIE11 BUTI'tI(--I-i kegsi londintg fioa stnti I boat( Prairie, Ir t lt byl j34 A TP, IER, 4 Cirnvir at taAC1)O ,lllh..-151- cunks (.illeulllr.Itl CUled, lio ) sale by G IIORK3,Y, NEW O&RLEANS rteam and Patent Biscuit Bakerer y--lor and Hillman. No. 9A, Moran- (near the Pogttoartrait Rail Road.) rPiift and Navy Broad, odita nlnd Wie Riseuit. Augar, Butter, MCdlbrd and Wb ter Cracnkers. All the above articles are warranted to be olfth firse quality, and ,o keep in any climate, being co tpletcly kiln dried. o Also,--Kiln dried corn meal. Orders left at G W. Pri chard and Ttgart, Jr. orLer Magazine and Poydra~.e streets, will rectiv. prompt attention. Smll kegs put up expresroly for nmily use. lnov PcI)RAUI.ICCEIf;NT--15 itlaltigfrmncsic I (-cs.iabo)t. no d r I sale by A S -i J P WIII'I'NF-V lmay 3 73 Catp lt. TL ;r(' .... . REN'r--A dwne;;hhlln Illlrar - .elt R , I IIsr c. oR tile corner of Tchln, iloul anlil Juslph hii e, streetc+, 0 fdr stry sltore on Levee street, beltwee Bienville tand C tlsllolnh()ll1e theels. An obice ill Gray ttr streer. I'losi-esllin call le given ianlmeditlel y. Also, frok first Novelnber I et , .h two sttlrv ware. Iimtse, N l. 19 Common 6 treCet. Apeiy to iuly20, i C CAM II ACK & Co. i)OPULAIL WOItKS:--Zenobin, or letters from Prohns, i;r Letters from Rome. ,nWerica :eenery. a Iplenlldid work, ol Nils. receive Our Wild Flnwers with beaetiiul Colouet d Pln es. Toir Childs IDrawing Book. Iron .llixntle inl 3 vol. rea. with Illslrltl iosn. Received and for sale by Alex'l''WAR. july 25th 49 Camp street ' IIEVEI.Y, or the Man of Ilonnr, by Ladly Lytton C Bulwer, in 2 vetds Richelieu , or tile Consp)iracy, a play in 5 a.+la, to, I tlicn +,e added lislori cal Odes in tihe nlac days of Ehz abel;h CrOllwel:'s l)re.,, The D)ealt or'Nalonl, hv the utllhor of tle ILadv of Ly - ies, Pelhalllmth liisownr.d, &c &c, withl all the new works oflthe day, fir sale bly june 12 Al.EX T J' 'AR, 4O Camnp II WAI.KI NG CANES. t3 M BEIEI., No. 16 Chartrl srenset, has this day W received n variehty ofICANFS, lililhle |ar gell Thie D.LY Paper is neatly 'printed with small typo on an rxtra, double Ied um Iheet, at $12 per annum, payable soma annually in advance. . The Tai.wKcLc.r Paper, containing tlhe reading matter of two dualies, 610, payable in" advance, whore no city reference is given. The WeEKLY TRUEc AMERICAN; made up from the daily plpaers, during the week, will be rent to sub. scribers who pa:y $5 per annum, in advance, and to nonq other, )tless an acceptable city reference is given. Subscribers respectfully solicted. JOHN GIBSON. NEw ORLEANS, MAY 1839. TAT DE L% LOUISIANE-Cour do Pa. roaiss pour Ia Paroe soot Ville de Ia Nouvelle ans-L'Etat de Ia Louisiane : -i tou coux con presenote oncornent :-Salut . ttendu quo William Rsegn do celloe vill, sysnt td & uric vent foito pal Hrwlett & (renos, en Scur publics de colts villu, la propri6it ci-.prbs its, c'est addre6od au Groffe do cotto Cour, pour n ovis conformemoent It un note de In L6gisla ture de I'etat de la I,ouisiane, intituld Is Ate pour confirmer leo titres dos acquereur, aux vontes jodi caires ;"approuvd Il 10 Mars 1834, Qu'il soit con. nu, et touten iperonnes intdresede pont par coa .prsenton sotnmdea nomn de I'otat do la Louisiane et de Ia Cour de Paroisse, qui pourraient avoir droit I la propri6i ci-aprbs deorito, on consequenco d'un ddfant do forile dane I'ordred, o decret ou le jugo. ment do I cour, on vertu duquel in vento a d16 faite, 6u do'tente irrdgularitl ou illdgalitd dane I'entima. tion 'avis onu l tels et la mode do la vonte, ou pour unn ultre cause quieleonque, do faire voir dons trento joures dater do In publication do cotte avis, puurquoi la vento inai faite no 0 rait paon condr. m6e et homologude. La dite propri6li f(u vanduo par les oncantours, Ssus dis le s 2me jour deDcemhre,de I'am:de 18.18, on vertu d'un ddcilet do cell Cour, rondu In 23de Juillet, do I'annoa 1838, danes.'alf.air do William Vnnce eontre se0 ordnnctera et len coranciers de Vance & Miller, No 10961, do docket do eette Cour, a laquello venlo Is dit William Rlegan s'est roendo acquireur pour Is prix do $3,90i1, payable mille piastroe eemptant, et In balance t un credit do sit, douze se dix buit main. Description de Ia propridid d'aprns le transfer Judiciaire : Un certain I tde terre, ddaignd parlo No un, situd dan le Is auburg Lacourse, danl I'ilet fortmd par learqoe dri Nayadem, Erato, Prytande el Thalie, et Iormant I'enooignuri. den rue des Nayades at Era. to, mOlurant trente et un pieds., onze poudo et sept lignoes, plus on .neine, de face ot In rue des Nayadcs, our qultre vlngt onze piedm ct sept lignne de profondedr, et face a Ia rue Erato, le tout mncsuro Anglaise; le dit lot aslnt en common ave leo lots Noe deux &trol I'Psage d'une allde dans In fond, do cinq pieds de largeur, ensemable toulten lea ba. tiseas, tou.l lee droits privileges at qui y apportlien nent. Aineogero le toutcalpert du plan dresed par John Schreiber, ingdlnieur civil, dato to ler Juin, 1838, anndxd a un acoe nu Greflo do Wmi. Y. Low. is, dat6 le 5 Fevrier, 1839, le dit lot tant uone sub. division dou lt ,nmnre luit. Bureau du Grelfier, Nouvelle Orleans, !. 3 Juillet, 1839. J. OILIE, Depti Grcfller, july 9 3t-911l jy 23 Id 31 aug. (STATE O1-'LOOISIANA-Parias Court. for f the Parish and City of Now t)rloan.-Tbhe State of Louisiana : to all to whom these presents shall conm-greeting : Wllhereas, Williat Regan of thisi cityf having purchased at a sale made by llewlett & Cmnas, public auctioneers of this city, tIhe properly here. inaller described, has applied to the Clerk of this Court for a monition or adver'isement, in confer nmity to a act of the I.egislature of the State of Louisiana, entitled - an act for the fuIrther nssu rance of titles to purchasers at j Idiciul saloe;" all. proved the 10th d iy of March, 1834: Now, therefore. know ye, and ill persons inter. emled herein, are hlercly cited and admlonished in the name of the State of Louisiana, and of tile Parish Court, who can elt op any right, title or claim in and to the property herein after deserilwdl, in conseqelen of any informality in the order, do. creo or judlglent of thle court under which the sale wan oade, or any irregularity or illegliity in tile appraiclmentn aend advertisements, in time or aln. ner or sale, or for any other defect whatsoever ; to lshow cause, within thirty days fronl tile dlay his monition is firet inserted in the public panprs, why the aile so mlade should not ib conrllrled and he. mologated., The said property was sold by the anctioneers aforesaid, on tle N8th day of Decembeor, A. I) 1838, by virtue of a decree of this court.,,rIldurud on tlih 231 dlay of Joly, A. I) 1838. in a suit ents. tied Wlliami Vance, his creditor, and the crelhtonr of Vance & Miller, No 109)61 of tih diiehit of thie court, alit I hich bal the said William Ilegan beh camie tihe purchaser, for thie price of $:.,91il0, 1pya. lie 1 001) enash, and thie balanice on a. credit of six, welve aod eigfihtern Iennihs. l)ecripln of liroperty, ais giiven in tlhel jlicial con. vcy;iicc : A certain lot of ground, lnumber one, itllale in the ulburb ilcouril, in slquare hiounded by Nayidee l'rato, i.rylanner anl d rlfhal. treirl. all. formin) g the corner of Nayadcaand Erato streets, meanullrlng thirty onl feet el.oell inlhes aild seveu ninee, clire or lens on Nynldes etreet, liv Niny ltno leo t s+.vo n linerdeep, front on Erato street, all iEnglish men'. tile, havilllg thei us ill comloion with lots numlbers two and three, of an alhey in the rear, of five liet wide, together with all lthe lbudings, rights, ways and privileges thereooto belonging. The whole no per plan drawn by Johun Schreoher, civil ePgineer, dated the first day of Jine, 1836, annexed to in act in the ffico of Win. Y. Lewis, dated the filth dlay of February, 1833, being a subdivision of lot nuln. bor eigiht. Clerk's office, New Orlrans, July 3, 1839. J. OLLIEt , I)lp'y Clerk. july 9_ 3t-9t bjy 23 do 3d aug O)fI'I( '-- AI it e l etii ue of tlhe Nalive A cc.e-ici Sechllnici ,"ricy hll oilclec- insl. Ilie follciwing Mleemben wile elcle .ltd lilcrl, viz. Henry lathrip Pre idellt A I)t realocn Vice President V A Ctllalin 'ecretary Robirt Ilnghl .girPiI a trr. FINANCE CUnosI'rEE A l y~I.Ini I llliel oond. ruff; Jme lsJel, fly order f the 'resideri. W. A. CIHA PItIN, Jlly 3d Iw. Secelelry. - of I.;nseed Oil in ipesand barrels--t0 Ba.r, u pirit of 'I'lepentine, ior anie hy JAIVIS & ANDRI WS, July 6th Corner of (,man &e 'e llllpi tonlias AI OtItri- fee-u ei ners, lee vlel t * j; S . I P WIITINEY, 73''l s " ~ ~ ~ ~ " -"" '" - ,.+..-++,.+.-+ . . A N AflS'orR tr of the originnl tiiles of renord it t hlweeneral han.olni'lli Printed i'ii ecordan, with it resnlutiD t he111 r fItpr emtlr, a FecI1ith lay, 1838. A few cr.pier iiu·1reojoir d nd foren le by Allx IIWA II Clhoile, lnro"lI. ioe the Blitter Il3notd. hi Jame,. .) thn oe r h nn 1,1I Ilno, hi lul ndor lli,lo l.nrl o lrd rnglnaio. SI hen.f lf P'ili, ('lenreteer 2 vol2 Illi."n'ini Sketclh-. of SJI.I,, ill frI, e time Uo uienrge th Tid,2v s Nicnho,,las Niclel,v, No l to 14l Jocl Shep~peel, No 1 to 3. Aden, BoII fnd loer mnf' If chlaraer, Iby Jerroll. lenhel of S ci: , Ibve'uckennann. P'uiil M Kock : 'Tlhlellrer of iPi . ineoralnieii, ninw Noel ie,2, In. Pc. ,n'n IReigi of r. toe in I'niraguy 2 vol.. PIicc iod, by lni, tine. The llcgonoi, Captain Knd, Richelieu, ly 11,lwer. K. JnlHNll, &4 o. joly 30th-3 w, c n f St (Chnrlei& Co f on,,, ci.. therrn um well as nootherl l.tnldlah It is ile.igned to keepecoil and weetI, mIe, write, in ItIhe lin.ry tr. ennnrelne nn t nr eceecarv to hbe plroltcteI fem ihse blenti,,flie ie"tlberduring ihe enlwmmr sen. Ik'be Refrigeratir is owe eonildred al ili.liipez.iable oriels in tine r onnolov efevery good honierwife.. T'le qiantliiy oflieoh ii preiOias fromil,,i.weatCherwill moire ilotn pav thliei hol ofnte rticle every) our. 'lla iuliniedebrr is einwinoily reenivinAg froen ihe m e fociurer, lRefrigeratonrs ofdlfere pri-.e. The SobdCeeiubI in nAPytoinied Ageiat for the oanunre twree, 0lr A Panten. `Sp.ecnimno the I tfic igratorr nnyl.. beesn at my om 5:B3Iienville at. may8 if W It CARNES. D1 UGS & MIEDICINES, PAINTS & OILS (LOil ofVitijil 4il Carboys ltoKind'c le'nic Mixturin 2O.,nie Carpe1nir'o Chemica t se, cainc0 Sulphate iof Qluinine 3011 once.. Ig.nglieh its-lard 511 boxes Taarindr 15 kegs 'woi Souts 20 )larrelo-Alni. 10 barrels Apllnothecrien vials Ill9l0 boes Wnhite lend pure 5011 kegs-do 0 300 kegs Coloreed paint 2l00 keca Sp~iriis i~f Turpenijiane 511banaei do iio 25 Cnni..ioirn Colgien'a Stareh 20 Iones Wili a geinerl as.oirtlnneie of icedicinieu, for sale onl ie ronostreouinnule treosnb" JIRVIS & ANDIREWVS, WhoIesale Druggints, orinere Paurinnn & 'I clioupitni ownsa. J"1ýi F LOUvt-1000 bbln. kuperrine aitl 51i11 do fine, for B alen y G IlOLOEV, jinoe 5__4__ New Levee P~ORK-5110 Itarrel. p.,imo le, 0,1,1 so . 0N . Pnik ii. S gore. fo Soalol y J IllS t & (o July 2nn 74 'oydrea Si D\RUGS-Jaul lauding in fresh co ply of white wan G tiunnva Jell'. Gium Arabia. Tamaerindslu Crco.,,n Tartur. Srl Sngd, Spta lnurpenitie, Pearl Anai,'rarno. rio Acid, Ciloride Sad., Bala. Cunioin, 4.c. for enIg by II IONNAIEI, july 3 Cie Ntoched and Tchniiitnnla a. 3 S 11.15 lIIATHEP.,,Reeeived from Pockh, hip Ru 21ininirippi i larpgo 1upply oni Roneia Leuther alniclh nill hIe nId lnaw for cabh y DAVID FEI: r & Ci. j.ln .7 N. 1. Statineco ist), 24 thirte SECONDI MUNICIPALITY NOTICES. NOTICK-Was taken ip by the Police of the 2nd lMunicipalitlyon he .11h intsl: found in tlu posses. ion f u rnllllatvny Negro, from chhingangof Craid M nlticplity, A ILighl ImJ Ilhorse about fihien chands high, t4oH ind legs whil., uad blind ofonr eye, andi also a (.art %\e 731. The owner is requented ton con folrward,piove pIroper ly, in aIcharge|, d.ld tis k(tetm away. I.t, tI)rleltn, 3ll11 1139. 11.. AIIltlPER, Captip of thle Watch. A VIS. Arroet par li Polito. de Is Seotnde lMuni. . oipalltd le 9 courant, trouve entre lea mains d'un nagre marron, qui fui dre forceat dudit Mu niepelthtd on cheval baye claire quiezo paumee de Ihaut, lee deu jlamboe de derrltre blane, et iornn, anri qu'un charrette No. 731. . La proprietaire vaudrais prouver sa proprieft payer lea Irais et lea retirer. II S IIARPER, Capitaine'do Watch. r ERKl brought to tlhe Pound of the ht H urd, 2d Y V` Municipality, SA lrge browI H'ree,about 14 hands high--nt marks 'lto owner of saidproliert will Ieneoe cull round at the Ponnd estuated in llnroune, between Heein alnd irod toa, pnorepropertt,layl charges and lake hitit onav,nntr before Satrl rd. tim 3d Acguo't 1839, when be will be sold at uction icy P (G uilile, pIub lie auctitoneer. J. . HIAIt PIt, N Orleune, july 24 I'aptain of the Watch M MM i-N It ant depot do ia S condo Municipalite Sin grand Chevol brun, 14 paumes do hauteur, sians ntarqclie. Le proprietaire voudrati bien lIre. L elamer au depot rue Barronne,entre Ilovia & Girod d'ici h Samedi jI 2 Aout, autrement il ser vtllue sle dit Iour par P. a Guillotte incoatUor publique. jy 25 H 8 HARPER, Cpitrine die Wath. ,R'.roag...t .to the P'olicr Pe..e. , .thoe.d ".'r .niciplitv, the fcllowigngalnvee, viz: fA mulatto elon naed Moccro about thirty four yehr of ane sayshe beohmng to Mr'LIuLrne. " A ieltIo ciat nn.;ed Pantl,abot foutrty.years if age, east he bclongs t Mlr. Pepite. A cnletto, mer.ed 'inaed Jolhn hblout twenty four yeats of nge, sayv hIe lelongs to i MrRiehard.* 'lI.e owners of anid alnve, will pleae cell ant the prie So'Cf the 2d lon eiatlily, prove ptuserty. pay charger dAnd tnke thenwtayou. II IIAIlP{, july 1_ Cathine of th. eWch. r- N'VT tiuC eceleo A Ilugolecle Is Seeconeles Alt'ic - tlintit: leIe eaclanes sutlillit.,. oir :. Un mntlaire nomim M.v)IcE agt d',eceiron 34 se di.a*nt aplnutetnirP A Mtr. Mr. I.amrne. Ul nul~lter int PA AUL g du 41 ann, ve diecct icpporcecir A 1tr. Petite. r U mnleare, ntlllllC JOHN, ag6 de 2! ans, is ditanc appnrtrtir A Mr. Iticlcnrd SLes propit,iaires de4n Ine eerlavee, sent prib. do venir r Ie retirer enl paynni les frui. r H. S. HARPER, JI5 Capititnine de In Garde Oce oft he Firemanslserrlnre cornmpny nf Orenne Nu. 21 Ctxttt .t. CAPITAl., $er i 31gt.000. if,- In to the (Ch.rl er of Ihis I'ol lllanv trotlhed by I . Iritir tuorn. too l itsle sheo itrivitlee oI taking. Marine and River rios, and are now -prrarep d to rece ive npp I ollllt s. j*ly 27 F LIt ICY, Sec'y. IUIIEUJ i)DRASSURANCES DES POM. PIERS DE LA NOUVELLEO.)ILEANS. lleo doCamtp. No 21 CAPITAL, t300,000. Par une nlllndtdnent a Ia Chnrte do co Comlnpa gnle rccordt. per ta Lrgislature, il aet pernlis dSas surer co.tre lea risques Moratiomeet du Fleuve, ot r ilts ont prets a recovoir dtes npltliaino . E L TRAY, Secretairo. United Mlotes' A ttte O o Apprintr by1 to' Ierderal Colrl ao New Orlkan.. OF'FICE No. 109 CItMM)ON STRI'RIrI', lt(xchllnge Ilortel t.Udilngs.) S AID O'oooiiioner takoo nfltianro under anr Iby S•l oftlo Atsiof C'.ogr", ,, (to'rd 2t) l Fotro Said ('totliliosoller hfs ro)nsidetUrhle t xp.trieo(e alnd Ilsir f nt.i of (.c )tion i n-] setihv , r c 1s1e C 1.hl h'. ',. ltol Ihe. uvereot scrlltny of the ablel I.wyetrs opril 12 N f'ICE-Y IiI'.\ Il-I,l.,\o 16p , Chanrie. "1 r soandi Ie o Ili llna flrlll r. a n1111r n rlilI Jin hisI line "1. ThOlt lllivie.. ( Whi k one b Iflf er tIeP,* I N. It. v nhor Iht,. welry, Mittri. Does, tpectcI e.o rplin trl sl t eil m tfll tfith ll af l r1111t t I rt. Ohhld t1itot od r oor,,ooolllt. Iiov In VottnitoryWar. I fI-rhot. ,oh n tlm $:t1,1 T.oi, h ddt I .o, I i t pric tt l pt ~ et Itt of 1i 1 t ttla lit n ,re lrne amt , oft Ib 1'otl Io Io' out lotol.l '1'kit lilly tlttligllfll Y Iflfk ; IIIiI o IIll+ t Io e Ill, hll1I~ I d T Iover . ..III . ; nol Idiloos o{f lh 1' ('l o 1111 col r 11| p JikIns o wilelIn r illll~e IJ l hl ienv *' 11nc IJeri' b Iy givi an Sri l verillre.ln l i fIwtnn ert ll. I .tt t F .1011. .J &r Ct I. A.en.', ottg O.l-hIo.1 orStt('hlrlftr&e ',l iio,.ii-t r r ItiNI':II iCiC)MCl iAlA, .NAC f 11,40 , Iro e a: IJOHINi eAR O. oot to, r-ar. S ('Iaot,tP. Commlao,,t"-. A li\\ II \t' --III I,tr 2lr t h'? ,tl (;Ib ltitO M llltn.. nl r e,, ' J "I'I ,o tie, o i'll . ".|(.('1ll.l.+.rll ,I I 'l 1;,l IN C, II'I'IIr NAtr It . it l h I, llh II . I da l illll'p lll I. InI V tI lllnl hrallllhl t1IN. ll i11 1 - I os et EId II. ,'1. /I ER;Slla lIonl I 1 It ,llll o1or. \I iikil'tot tlIto .oflo,Iit( , l~ ,I, ol tt , I C oIIIl.. N:I o tttlll0i tl 0 11, l.t , itlllllnc.lvl) . 1lll n Illl" tll* pn ý,Ihllltlh "+I SIo_ l111 +., \I'th a 'e (ott of ilnF gitf-i h hoo, , re t'nie,lnod or ttrit 1) As leO W T AII, .l" e3 19 >l. o tl' y (l IeLLd..',d n,. : 1 4,tII Nw R .evi r i t Iharl lrrtre I I, ' I-71101 kv S,,,,,,,,,,re .......... ,,,,o ,,s / IR'tIve IIA I i fll)l(--i b t Xor le by jIi Y IttIfR Ey, 44 N I "Levl,; mI ao I r. e --(illut l s H rrl nr etl RFG.le :l" Perrvs Ilo hate tt'oo.l d ani I tprilg fn cit saove II II Irola of i;iphou fI li pns itll bsol. H old arnd Ir u. al Ito J'I IIA"FH & co m1I3 74 P, ydres at no style ulnsurlpssed inr Now (hlla1l:-S, or elot whe~re, OoDERS left at l'oorrtlo Roost io .I. Chtrles Ex hante, ( of Grseulr St. ) or at 'T I U F: AMERICAN PRIN'I'IN; OFFICIE. corner r Povdlras and St Chareso SIltttr . will be promotLq nllendrcd to . ltiOt IEIICHilANITS. I 1PMERCHIANT can htar a I NoEAoTIs.I. Ct.c, I.tA strurk oopafour hroers NCrEcr,b jrt.'n1 titthe ot'tmltiRng Roott ofJ I'tUE AMERICAN I'..tTlnn (FFrr'r, Ot. (thnrlera RIetlntgte, alt ottl i the IEAo lsa ItoI'. n r Corner (irrvier srrrt,-.'ra Ithe I i6 iog ()lti'e, eorner of PoytIras nd St. Cllarles streets. N(w NOVE ., ('.-o, .rr.a,or..t, a nov. l itt2 rls., Nichnla. +Nicklshy No. 14. Jac k S pl fdo parl :l. lRotCived adr s Jale by h AL.EIX. TOWAR. . el' r nd remijt ha,tor smlehtt II RON I.4 BEI,, D RUGS.-J oo Itldiogtt Ir ntito 5; ih a supply of nhlllodl, hltler and drweer liqUorioe rnI, firnl miceeence RlArregrnmol, esor.fll Ia enln juoir, hernp lod rolnoary seedsl. Inllnt,.nkred so tlo ll llhoride. hrinto,e, oro lllowl l wt, tler c, r for twhol.ale a d reoai iLl ftorn o II IIt ONAIEI., m29 Ntr N.the. z & 'Irtthonltiotults t i.E11 II 1'RIi "rltR--t .,ttnll ioo ttrjtst lootedr y ip Orlealns from Nrew York, fLr sale hv jol t 1: i IILIANCIIAblD 1:3 (;reatier o - . . . . . . .. . . . . ., . . . .. W INDOW (i1.AS--6I. Iboxes Enlgtilir Wtinaslor glun, rereiring ald for Pale )I 1n2 It CUI.ANuIN. 12 Cam{ p at XCoIl IAlNGE o n tew Y ark, folIe har S ty ,1 y 13 PE'I'·:P. IAIDLAW,MCmpt H AY-20 aler T I al, for ilth jmly 13 I'ETI. I.AIDLI.AW,.6.rp st t this rarticler,tf good quality, junn errciveo and for ole ty " AI.EX. TOWAIl, jaone 15 Not 4 CoIpl rt 1.11E-0 cnasate ITahtan iitaollt r oc h S & J P Wi I NEI", 11111% 14 73 Camp ,t. UF. +.-t'F ItIF1ri-Iw K -Ny. Ctt - t( Naw Orletlol. Tl I'E Stckhotlder, te htreht rolifitd Ilth she tiotlL ltItttinoethton tleirrlohk is dto nod poa.tlr ero IhP fiftLh of A rgas. 1839 us the tIle. of thtr( nmprny, July I:1 F I. 'I1ACY, rec'y. jf AUW r r&I c0 oitiiro al rowcrne d J ale,, by (i Dq)RSEY Ieot)oflE C. CiFlTDS: AnTolas. AT LAw, 1 Ill. aettlle idhe S.lllrelo (C:ourto and Ihe District Cort.r.r, tf iHarrithurg.rad torm of the adjeearet eoUltieral-.t )tce the Cilty of Honr.te, Clails Oll att govertaloet,. eilther or loeulty tlsn, or netenry, will he underlakt, ae I promptly sttlnded to ilther for non nsnidelIt or rosilronls of I'exsr. Alldnderr rot the Ufited Sta.ta-City of ilorstoe. to tihe car, of ,. Ricker, jr. (leas Portl oiffc Age. New OrleIttt. 3mt mar 2 FOR NEW Vs;ctt. New efrk ondl Now frleats Lire of Pclreta. Packet of tler I0th. . The A I rleganl Slhip PCWilAT"'AN, Capt. I Clelrlr hring o onshlerabloae pro of Iher 0cg80 on hlnnrd, will ail an abve For ioi.tttarl(rp9.oge apply an ieard or Io Te&o ii o Saturday nest FOR iiA VItE, 7To amil o0 Tuemsd0y iO. j iThf lfires doss ert)d fontsiltoL Shi ltively oItll or altote od rall ft eorloatclaR R Ritltt y ttftt. fo !.EVIi ii Q.,.. "og 0Jh ';4 Cflwmina as.

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