Newspaper of True American, August 10, 1839, Page 4

August 10, 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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tUt4~CARDl, ý r, 'e 3r4r^r OannYwttr .Ver.'fl~al, f. ?$ 1 ;,i.O Ai, ili St -1'r in - presret. -, I. Ri"R:EH1XN & ., E laMki,, 7 l?·CehIwr tia&,,. :n ltilli I 'rA1-Hply at CJhjh :. ý: ul `du l." " ~rln,r , r 6 lull I la can ''hair a ut t' !1 n' .t Ilotietr H~am~s tot'tiar OF NE U(Ii:LANS. rins ft nnlpanvnr, now prtnrnd Mn tna. i ' `t`1 : : e;i u al'uil' igCinnl<rlerr" i;: berlý tutu. =rtUPLtI-StU ~ u. ~l ljllrr tar : n ," l ajdl Ii it .V,.k.. x; HC AXPrJN & COOPEIl, hPUtti5 1Zý7:4WthtkgUV 1tV.SIONS t ' t ttjt: "y ~~~~~dV^I :ilp:t_:IiH~ trt '; up.- ilt:11-5 WU7R.NITUggE W4gtERi00VS N. 513, ttir:lllle Ptr."ta. ~V7L. *l Ii. C.\!t'1E,, woulhd rnandpetIIl in. furn Ills lrii·,nlli and the ep li lu e r - .ain:ily rai.'eille f-t Nt.ow Yati and Lam,,, a antd nitt .' intr"ca,, anptotandpy and "htoir, mnt tta nf-ll tr' Ldant.~tnt rtntntya thtad titvat- fait d"'-.L', w~tr" r., "s ol Iroh til~n uty and cten'y, wash Li'uudiib Inuaing gla.,eel, L"rn/hu..s Ledliun'. \1". 4.. \ni F rnltt a patcked fil. !rtnaaaj,,,t ~ itutt t wllgrtat z'NaYX IOgJAaflB CLOTHING w A'.LOR & IlA))DE_;N. Me. !"[ ('hnr!-e". sore- ____________,.._____________ .i "' 1. , Ii:u'..':tt to - -o~nl's drea, of the ta:: t n An, l N,. Y Tur .? J3 LIT UOGRP'uIo PRINTING No. 33, Magazine Street, 'It'IL1j1..Lti G'R t.AXI., 'l'R Ca1PRul,; OR Il I -tANK NOT 'E EN(hTI.V: ir.. WSII'ON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON lAll AY15 apelrd nn o iec inl Nra rrl)C.ImN. tutI\X ,.tug 9 eyPI s adtant:)g a ttiti to-i t hntta int Ntow YVatI ftanthet pttttttte otft.'gt a tag I a intt lntnk Nun a, ! I<":rtil tt I: i ml Mu hl g (giit d:'.',r of lr a ('l - 0.llo,, .'ttat t I.4ia ut & , retlll tine a nt. t' c- · r har Irir Fl)Prl , tn. Pn i . :JF Ill"P of~r r "_" ii llle bell hsmi;. lii ~s im -l II: .::td all ,u d ··,·* ki" b:" t cat AJ with unruputuyle nu.' ,"u lhr -un Ilium koy' do nua s1 E+`i flumE & 'kU tL NO. i, LE:iCAIIANlo: ITILL, a'oener of aSt. f k.rles 0:: £ ('mmon nt,. l''POiTERS And Dealt'r inl I re llh IL, eea It Plmrflnrmr v; i+re ,t+ n aend PC',I I -I :: "'I.·y " l eIie,'- Gloves .'hlrlt , Stocks, Lb r llas, ; t·lnen l "'l cvA titcles. , ois, a' l 1.u' iiln I ¼!tt .la a, K (.r elacu by l'itII, - AI t fY, AT 11t. f r r p" Ioi::c, 41 rlu clrs mod /;l;ns 8 .ale, (h .v yell Ist o b*r I'. aii Ii ta ' ,CA1 . CR1CRWN (GLASS, ;, .IRiNT ING-.. .? EVERY LLf*C;rIPrym.Y. tP.ELPt.YAEl.1 .O I 'b'):Ei: A.D rND ;C IPLY EX9:CI'TE'D AT TrEu OFFIrE OF' THIE A"r" CA(1It. STIEIuT', NEAR P'OYDRAS. 1rl "r-+ illn r , fo r saln by _ .rll " ,H.\ .I. & BIoW.\.'N, 9 1 51ng",zjnE. t a'S Iad enla Jtak'ea a Itt 4.3 brta, ai-: ,.i.. fllri omo ship Charlesr on. fur sle bylt " a(I .lIitGE & Co, C It . --i1;;t feet, k n m. 10 de. Side. ted 5S dn. C -,. "'a " h,,a,.y . TII.LY 10; & Co. 74 PaalmeS 9t. 1 "; IARD & 0 Bon nn a~dNiw Orleans -' .;. 'i .oariPtek, t ,hip. , laI th,, n li t.e atships F- ''' . bah'ond i e aotll 'ile drat o wl r: p 't .-i e : etr p. it'ug'er and every ei1it AlUl , ' :, , tl h 'tlt , lowing it rtp iF,: ", 415 to q(;pt. J llthrdng, . ( lln 37.1 do 1 Eldridte, ,b G..6:5 1 " G Barker, a,.. ' .6 2 5 . in D , nt p ttr y . p' vv cips are all nnw, of the tirst lass, tr r ,ed tn, .red, ,,on andth:d !V mtn, " ,".'. , ri , er, hl ee large t ccti'nadi liony , w hl " ., . ." .. iJ.ilR nca lhilln; 'av'rty li.I urllp,,t winoll bo t..t:A f, ', t.. ,.. T ':. '' w.Ial b' Iowed up and idow! the M"l S: i:st itlutai l y n actrv ,d in thea 2, 5 a l ih a uld the regtl.rl vEssl b , ."e.: r lig, nth, ihips equaally a1 :oodvl ill : r ,;u a h e titllC e. A share Ct arll - fla.t i.; t , ' t rt . n I-. Agl ,ll p'ee ge tllem glr l. It,. .tcon.,. to n ., ll as pr ,atic., lh, to rt nely.; ,and f ....... i gnut l y s id h eno at thtlllmo Illtl,, r. ate Cu,,rnPs, a ead t . d ,dvCe all U)Iat .ew Un goods "1 :. nto (,nea e the'c st A nd 16t of every +nio(t': C~r fr lht m r p. .' eye, apply It,, li era l ,t. J A 1L Rl[I'I"'r, 65 ('n.,.muu lit. . 6;. Advan, eneqlontl u, I.. i..I f')onhlllllflm.. t S: :;1 . -.. C. Lu'barkd & lTo. u: E C c. l r ri"t .,o.'tJlla ti onr.. C.'-1,. n s . and du1' hl ta," :rod . Ir itl ' c' ! IJt, a ltl + pr..f. 'f'aril lT a I L," !, ri~,,:..i tt . n ;.1 oIUr (-,itlbhbhnlellI. + .:iE . I ( 'tvc'r : · t "T: l I r. 0 r rI' '.t :It - i - I. I t I "a 1 al aaa e , ,i ,i , ttt ,,.· :,: , Ii .r , r,, a,. ,, . ..L n itha t i -; . , . 1 d "' t t, , - , i ,1 a.' ' , . + 'at. ' o .. i , H a t lit , i 2:tr ' '' .' 1 V l. ll heii' It - Ittt il a itlt I d ielca;t a'n' a .1~ ,i:'.- ,d i ta af; t \ at I, t, t ) , Gi 1. i . Cr l . 1 a Ea a r. u, I os +." ] lie u.?~o d . .5,` b(,.,,.-,,,£ ,; a , r. t. will Lc " ,Vi , p r l r ,, l of n' "r'-, ' , :, 11,., J,, roe.-, ui p ili rn 1y A 1' , i o ,a I l ,li, n .I . J'.: n ;. ' o 1 '.+ . ta it' ea:llt h r,''' ' .,al 1,a; " .a-ae ,, I312.15 Villa lb ''a 224C C tlti'i' 1' a a ir, lk. '- 1 ' . t ' a aqi. r a' t i-t . t.. .. la i'atit',tist t ¼ ti itat atiata',? I' I i.aF i . iti. ,lu tr . n a I,v , nei (I... I. a v a ale'wiita. '- - 'ia r h i , i aa -..- w ,, I ,:c h'y wi h-ull in ' o it-J cr wI .o, r. O let s e lt, ., r h , ii ! .' f reh ulthe ' n. ".ert. , ati :r ~ ' i.el a'' n I ,,hr eati . ... ,& AcC.'I.,. .. NEW GO..oot-8ihnmo a, harts ldr. nare ,ow ,re e niv /if " from on bcan rn wiips " Y nzoo,'and ,Saratoga 2 sdbi Cncosrdis, Frnd New York, variety -o goods in their lhne, which -together with their fornet stock on, ht.nd, sakes their assorti, et-very.e plete. I'be ollowiaig unopons a part,viz: I ell twlitl, .,,r.ide,~ tc:k and dsetsii.t .soll.hloin do oftll deocrilitisot, In dlio rulbcer, silk sill wourted eldotigo eulrse, Coailoon & itte clastic sspleodcrs, ltoh lico cad Lucifer matches, heidlitz mowder, t oder pillth ard atoxea , toil et owdr, 0rsckeh books aod naniile, nsodle bnooks, siell cI eurl, Ivory and ourheo.c card eca,, hed ornaments, plain eo ril heads, ncklores oan negligees, Iead chblins, hood oeeklace, ctn cglass and ploin.,sed,ilver uot gilt bond, Indian kbenl, bell oand iluttis• pistol nd'large pow ole loaks, shot belts, horeo, belt, pocket sod ducilinp eiotols; duubleandsiogle barrelled gens, Bowei khlyes, omid dirks, silsoir,, shear,pochket knviee, guar chid , and ribbons, waist bhsklc, cloth, lair, lot,, tonailcomb, runbh; rlcec, plateo, our l sd dotig brnsh:s, Cologne, Floridao, htvendtr, rose sod bay ,wateiiscotrld essences, sand sxinlcte, Yoccuser, bhor, otiqte, t soil W' rd's o getable hai ouils, shairl nsd toilet soals of all ds cripllions, lodik,11 e ' o gctileniis' dilesk nd dressing casec, hair rie I~te, frizeties aond brmils, plain, fancy noil musicil wourk boxts,. lon iand .ilt, ur.u d c.t and aest bIutittIns, Pitei ollIit slirt ldl, shillsitudd, gold and siktel Itencil caos, trooi,l tekl ad twceos,pl ,uted old gil tiIet se ist, silier, Irams ntedt atel i'.intolhloe, cks ,uand iestral olu pint, tIttti frnit, 1lk aind ledilok snId nbckig, viol ins ostl gitkirs, illed antd pluno percussion caps, Jiton twie,-, eettle cnsl ilte, gohl ahld siler lace anl fringe llater paper, gae hag", riingg w"'ilpsi walklng Calcoe,,pliyttgcadoi, tii g'kli, Ihcil muannd gltinllel &Lc. 'tAme iblle, toihheor with great g l ievy l'€ other alti Ic le ore leted at hllesalC or rlnll on aiclllllllld N It Shell cIt h r0r llrt TOYLS & MAO s )na ii Al, soot 1 truilll lll OuJ ISatei', No t l:irtdtt sltcet, l two don ol'lioP (,aun11t1 st t'rc', Inulliolles of lhe illowintg ools onild msnblesc. "ctntd its a mnasterl ) nlat llller,. ,t doh.ety, Fg'pli:il bdlck ltol gold, (ab, (ti l Gla , Alieo, Poll:rld o ( t ved algine o, Itirds sEye :, r Ithby ,l'enilr, h:stin \ltool, 1 oonlae, lit, \ild ove oIr i oIlrdello, Yet, Tit le, I hali l Ihitt. C(I11."Ill:l il be r P hI ek incla ad11,I Ih',.etclla. Ihes- t o.X l, AIe'i soi t-rey, Ash l hliet Oak. - i. ho koc. bit Itcd lkes dpcihnt ,ns to he sees, a tlie sllo. l'itiles, oilt. glsss;t cpd llse'listl. ke. usi acol d h iiure sale. SIl(.li,o SllIL d IIf'AV¥Y S-l dtstlt lenc I ti d sndtlle iron, sell nIl.ted!. hIhop, serall an9 d rod iron, moil rods Hlt) plough Cliti, rs shictr, litistersu , spring, shelt a, ilclhw lae, Cil alt -iandl ic tilst icl:ued spkles, Zit., blohk tin, sill oId gr'iinI s.oes, sodh kcllhts (htiti, cs-lks, a leteter, litts Ox , Iht, "ld rcc tIsJ, coot-s mil Aliiitls, veicIs, iuluittrl'H i;d lltlhlC s WViic.t thiet,pig aitil lic' hletld olsout Cal, .' ol a"I)Ikl, , lg topes A ni, ,,tlt Io.t1,theiut ulho r spadhs n11d slovl~l S IliitIitiis lt l o l, ,t l h oootcalceri I'll I u .i" ;1.`,I ill I cor 'L ge, Iim,:s litt .ett iti ! J i .:! , list~f( nod spolrtsl oil sidt or re ti, us lte iost fivolabhl trms, hby nid L.AY'I('N ho Co. 55Old Ieee. HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 52 ;iln stlee t. Wholesale slter inn Pauitts Oil Varni.lea, Ilrusote, ot11 Wikidow and Picture Glee, &-. &e. J OAF lUGI Il--'sritgi li. lieo, IIinitlii 4 oreti osld fIr sale by SIIALL '" liIi\VNI', star _9i 9Oil ltgazi.,~e t FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. ROBDIlSO.f/ 4" GOOD UP.LY, I CNh.o. 6 t C ooa w ,ir t, t. O D, one r e o Ilienvi'l]. 'AVE a torstantly on hland every arliele al,,ll, tn ) l g Ifl g' ntrle llet' dri'es, t atet ill the beto wll , .er antd oLt fat.'itable style, liiclt they ofelr rut .:sh, atedlcll:Id prices. dedl--ll;t: a)EAF'Ess. - NEW article for persons trlrubled witll dleaeed, (called tI, Ear'Jt'rutat,) hais just beoen rteceivtl. by, he uae of ' Iie. thr tligits asrt i tiott of the Ili. aIlan voice is dietltctiv cotve)yed to tihe oar. Anll' ouen whlo hisn ever teel oegll I tlnverse with i veret diL tlre utll, ellll t b te fully e tllihle of It ' ditliellt, t e pl Irrasts enatexop llf Iteeth a tull eld the slleed thel ill iv othal, he li'ule evnflg ited ly olh r the u se te Ear "rulpet hlied blu .lion is enirctir at,.v!, `l'n e rnast scelticaI lite ale va re at tlldlled thelr i uub ti al: hiving ui.ed uls TrumpeI .l For ale at antey sloreaeornr i o.epto anod t eClurles sleea Ittlere ,h E r.l lllb, it llotel. felb : 1 01 THE TEIE;TIH, r H restblia rep aion and eU I l l l.tlv IIIC're!.ll SdelllAllB th s thi r 'l el redllvel ' olll itn nilld pn servalive of thP teeuth, as iludlCod lte suhsertl ( 'l.r offer it to the t Aletrir'tll lblic. Arrnlenttllen lttse lilY been mlude to suppllIlnellnS ill nll till. nlluei lpal eiic wlee t rll ot, i A tl ' U11i,' it lllPet A r to pl t it ilhi thle -eilt h ill there s l lleri li k, to ull ir llllti els lrmli+sllg uof:il Ilellt c 'l.'oolh-.l· heP. lhr ll aplio ied ertl ing to direelioes 'vetll oil hltrile, itla. IlleVel Bililed li~il n t'it illlu ltdillmld IIInII inanclcl relif. It al I. urre ots the Irlttl' i delb etal Irtlet, and relieves thai surelness whie'h fre le ntl! r olell tl n tll llln 1 t th ll e i sulcs Th lil- l rpl ll tlnfi re mellldy are il , Illlllllt 1 II tliiS lll t ie ltrg o tlleh r ue lle' eon e it difT l'nt i'l'i' tre l. lf 'oillttt . thaiht lve alr, uly Cexlerienttt .t t ' d E li " A lre ce ,tup cle Iut it.e - ,e arlanc e ,ere I reaty I N. htL'.ei WhV llbeI' I.t'I' lgl I t lle.t r'e citllyl t, r ltit l Itf h eir t t i le ll lic Ige to! n tlte r t iu elilt ill ton ll it e i riv aled .d'ne s ttllt ,e Ir tl dier, re l de cI.htinll i tt ll oll lF e.ItIr'dl r. ili' n ii le l a , ! Ite l l'iL're al le tlWlil' lood lby J.J'&IS & A N NIIII(\S, o IN s 1tir l rl ipIS- 0 ; c r I'e rrwllVtl lo!- c lnl mil , the i 1 117 5IIA.Iwlk , lt, uh ch yl ,lli leedln c IFI t i I' ..IT'' I'Il,.t t' ----ltt' i tt ecbit J . .-l I[ td ilne nlt:l I Id ) ll'Iiie \wiv flulI I..Ite , Papl r ku, Tr y v bo Il an .. l oted, kI t .r .a1,e Ilv Io oII Ib"u .T o t N " ,SllNlicn t,' IhV t, JAItVIS & AN) I:l A\ I - \ IIIg ll 't Io no I Etc e'i lle I ari , ic tll tt t llt . [tetl :Il llc'r u olll Ol.l s hd Ieslllei r u.. s tre le, ailtro. i rien all d l t the ptl lio in nol te.rl, ttd a tehot''oleiy lt, etw hrtietok rinp.lla, ! l'nT uupiontlle srnel, where they beep eiaslaily on land Copper, T lil u! Sheet I l r ell e re, IT teery deeript iol, cil at.e c.pep r stillts, kettles, nlldll illl l r , lil ath. ii toi · s, a ld ,i Clln , I of all llts and izles, atd all Soth r Irtt s otlttie. do,. t lti' o h e'tt. li trup e, e Jll e .ie'rtlll tt Cllt. oetrhll-, , an I D li kietd o lllt te lk. ensth I s eh li e.y, breeh. fir, I.. ti et ptf'ta tteta r'oel t It It co llli iitlti Flit IIJ e.. F.. li ey Itill dt i ll a it lllf e t dr wtori &,'.. Tr'tey i hlllute. anild fill t , lother kinds of wlr'k fit n il lil I , nthing to <:e a it, v 11r · ton J l,,t eaIlelttttt, i..'a lc.. loiI~r' ,tIesTt ',l iTee. , e11n'.is i (l- 1 r. i iI rl well kllll& t n Il.llllC, I . nt . it Ii l:lr toh I! I Irier.' l, t r ! Ii a' ilr bit i n o . at,", r lt . it'lr i, h I p. l t i 1\r. J 1,hu ielhmiiil. Iy h.e b hil, l' r illel hi hn( l' Ill'lle , d hlluli hllll .O tuose r. l I) t'l eae ri ll It r bI e nill 1 Sei , fo t e I:!l 1i, i,+f i ti ern,t i lrt i h;t.'' illtt ltl tt e. il' ri. ll i r , I e1I loi I I e , a . o+ fI ~notll .hoI ,, +:,riurged l+.r- gib.e eII r'nl, o . I-I"I 1 I" .. " i i ii , "''l i l ll' , e ,+ t ee u u nl: , i Ih., ol: ' , ;:.rt i it earshlice io'H elbctl, i, f'.nt l hf fite ;i in I tfoetteni, I-ie I enoii h,. I ll a it I.l"i.r l n7 i I.,Ilit ill , i h r ..: ie I;. hm;" 1:l ,r 11de J't . I t 7 t - i, - - . Xi.1." I ii ltn. iittit.t-o.X . SII h'''ll T '.., .a :fI la trA t lls i. a i. l I. - All'l'lvl- , nilant lit I'i l tea anon.yti Lt g hi' ;-- i hioo., I i,'ol,," lIor:..u't., P)..uo el'the ihhe,.t rtsao. u ,ulc . a Intm - ,I ,.t; ,li upria ht liiy 1' f 'te t h, do. t e I FJ J llI , i ,, SI 'flet I t'c iiotr, e, alihg to e:f-,e' t, ill hee.d Ill t.e te Ji e,,,1 . lihac hgt..r. JtI ,i0 v.-lethe V' t td..lh.C ~I',tl,.lEO i,.J'"l wnter irarf ;''.9 rtj iioa li in atu,, Ior sale F a j.. -,r .+i 1.i r t~i " ' '3 Tolk dA Zaliinore Packet'r NEW ORLEANS AND BALTIMORE LINE Ou.| PACKETS. This line will consist of the following vessels, which have obeen built or purchased exproesly ftr the trado,.vit: Ship Seaman, Capt. Minter, Bark Mary, *-. Nickerson, Striad Ferry, new * Stevens, SSlilomon Saltus, - Latham, Brig Architert, is . Gray. These vessels are of the first class, have hand. some furnishcld rcconmmodations, and are of a jighi draft of water, sn as to admit of their receiving and discharging their cargoes in Baltimoreo, atl ie city. Freight will be taken for ports on the Clhosaptahe or James' River, and forwardled by the agents, Mesars. CLARKE & IKELLIIGG, at taltioore; expenses ion goods shipped will be advaniedo whorl requirecd. Tioe price on passage is fixed at $(iO, aaiple sterns of thne b st quaity will be prtvided. Stearn uop and lown the Mississippi will be tater •on all oecasions.l For freight or passager apply to GE.O BEDFORD, nov27 S Illthuvil:e st. 1'(Rn NLW YtViliK. [Louisianna and Now York Line of I'srtkets ] 'lIIIl Slh aptiecPicnirg this licne will s ti re Nnv (.rltcrat. and NwCI Yorkion'.idieryother loai i dny--c',cocmc.ciig oi the 11lth Naov bctlr-and to insure tl, puciiuclcly s in E tie t teo esailicg, the lilt, will I reall cr ic of live ships, v'iz: Ship Y Uzuo, (.ptain Wr'aluk, to leave ol thue 20th N'evoelttber. Ship Louisvile, ; ,ptain oIalmcr, to leave ol tile 4th Doecembellr. Ship lunrtsvilre, Captali El dridgec, rt leave or lti, l8th Dec'mrer.. t Ship Vicksburg, Captain eWoodhouea to leave on the lt .liaiery. Shii i ..isj.c ppi Chlaplain LDavis to oeave Oii tle lith of J taosry. hl'eu abe aIre ll nar , oF tm m first class copp er , anldcoplpler flttene, lind ciilt iieas of 51 )1u8 url , re n light draugitofwater, bcing built i0 New Yoik axiressly lire t nilrade. 1'iv Iprice " II ic.aiCc is fixvI at 10l cdollarc: thlir cabiis are. lifced upi c ti a most ilcroved anid colvenientl olin, nd inialied ic a neiat asd eclrertct tylre. Ampe sores o'thcse heliit qlily will' ie )piuvidad, a( v27ry regard ipaid to tlhe AcfoI ndni eNtire satlslclcliuni ua I hlcltiiga c ill vi II ealse take nia. lice that iieo berthli cti be b*'ured ultlil paid fr aL t olto trluv the colasignees. ''I:t+- vcsseis iarti eoiC ncýlc dcd Icy ra:cteills well cxp'ritcrvd inth t trade. lo will give every at ttclllioaa slin .xerl. thetal:lvlres t nao laltiadut 'thua' Wli ill it all Iticch be tLuald up col down tile Minsis. clpll hry i'clllclihitas, allld the stricltel lnietlualry obclrved il tce litte o isaolllg. The l owncr,.vol tltese siiis will tilnt le rispoai. hit' :'r al.v Tfier, pasruanr c lckiagr sent ly ar put on board of'itiiaiIc uaici s i t rea uai r c Iil oallalineg be. .eigc lit' the eor, at it', coUnting houae of the agent or owners. For furlhe r prrlice ulars apply to J LD BEIN & A COtiEN, no'..7 90 liCao on st , 'ace t. h lillu co lo.dsist f ur vean e. ,all tA a liA -ula -, t-i pper dI anto tro per fiat i Itlh r dort nl lillo nu, ltt J. )l illf .era , er. 'Pai rse tli l o allr rlcc Il+{, lll +. r+" 1 l c i1wn n a r by ll ins -tt e SE lt ,iri tat it,- iitri ia-id ) at • A:Ri L .I exI1*rlllh.e l- n ltl t Iirade wh) wi l H ,III, e every ,+ l i i' s, P. i, lhl nd :,¢ep N ew OI' {rl,, ,'u - or t. Crt I r antI; II .ll v(,rt IIIof oati. T-he hrIt. v, I~rtJr A ,an.C rnha e,. h; r &Jon, Conmter. lii ( t iC ll)ll ll. IJ . 'I fo r lll ; t ger. t S ittlr nt. ngr it -mtlilt -it. J. Allrie a r In tFlr. the or+Igil rehipe. or SE ,nlsa h emineq. 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Ia h tr,( ill\t I s l a ,r t SMr e..,.,'l '|' Jr ' orT a lltf / In : prop,,t [l:''' a1{ l. ir.V (I9, ta.bby~, iu ll o bE' S:'(T 'T'ul hln" ' P Cru aE,.,l, in+ I.:, Ii S-- .t lntro, Lhoe. , ) receive cnlllullnllllinl hn fls r f ' Ti.(ll RH.Tr'I': l'+tI NEW "l'OntX. vin ,, ' i e lar lu,) +) t .o Ih `.: r lt i i. I i ,i· I di l t,ril ' t ote lr , ll I.*):,v. wiil P,)l,-Il'I .." rtlll Peroen. ,111bl) It |'vn. i :( ,,a, '.1Iolo, i, :it :'ael ,f lt -F a N lure ofthtc heatt rCell ,hirte a w¢eek fh '!it I ! :FN .MAEP, I'A|:.A'+NS Cl1OGN IJ 2 a+en In ire lhihi tl melil. r C(olog,,- wanter, jll Also An.-)i,'.rnl antl "',el:, th toilet '-.'e' lrrq p++wdle i t"'. a;lll box, ., =!+++ i1O aull~l toilC[ soapi) e . u F .h ball', nlilk of" r+,-,,,, e'nim etie enhil, exlr ni: o mt-!:l:, I,+"p baht, WIITrd', ",,getnlble hair nit, po . .o:., by :! ;IMON., IIA1'1"1" i'( t, i" 7'I (Th+1¢trrs Ftrect. Ic J + 1. . , t, l, ( hl: r'll .l.. ,, ,t i' t+V H:tr . e AI.N I € II i ·I· i "Royal of Physicauns, Loldo1nll; IiS origmnal Vegetible l gean lUnivereal Medi Seine, preaetll yt W l akin, F.q. letmueel of It tol(nl College of S.sgeons, Lie-tiate of Apoahe eary's Lomloaiy, Fellow of B)olt Court oecieti, Surgeon to the ityHIl Union .Petqion Asociation, Lancastr Placet, Wo\'erloo Brlilge, : dll Perpetual Pupil of .Gui' and St. 'Thtaons's Hlospitals, Itlolon. This valluable medicine, the result of twenty years' exlpeiveod a"mill alllnatleled siccess in the extensive. and hihglll reslpectble practice of the propriely, lpatro rlisedll ttle tulitlv an il noility, otll is now iintroductetl to lthe aotice of llhe A mericin iublie, at the earnest so lioitatioe F a ianumber oflgenlemenl of longI idl high sFitdling in tile profession. It is hoped, as a preltimi iartt stelp, tI check the evils and fatal couse~ll.ces arisinig lomi tie site of ithe Umerous and eleiteretiis istlllsll In Iued t:Ipc.mI the pullic by thle ill of thlilnicatcll lroi'soft'mlilnla:ulolulsetres, andl other lfrallds, lhl set of: ateltaenyr)y, ilnih.plilled pieetedleras so totally igltaltlllt ol Intaiital tcieiet tlot it ionlionalile tiLhe miittitlts dllusioi llcan tany longer go down ilth Ithe iiti.llihgant peeople oflthis cnaitiry'. These pills, mild lid agreeble in theleir nature, ashould bIt keiat in every famieily iii ease, of suIdll illness, for, Ivby their promtlt aliinistts ltilon cholera. lcralnl,s spamls, fe, r's sand othelr ill imhg coiplilllts., w ILich too oflitn prove liltl, niy" he sleli Iv curedlor pIelented. l I tet,. all.lioo wto v:lll egiod heal1h, should nlovel be without tlhe.t TheyL. re sarl.' in |mtklie tt 5n Petllit $l A"1I colCl by e.l.lIy t.C_.itt It!ti (rI·IInthll tI t~kllklel nrld otllmlrof'i ebllf'1cl i:, Ila Un-te. l" ce t o I' e ( alnndas, with eolinus ,ire ctio.l, t e wll. e' eill- llst oll iis of It proti i l',sional ltlit% I'l n beAli tll o~ul a l:l tttli•. ll, . l . U., V. Ilock, NI. I1., .1. Aston 'iK. y,1 A. Irampto. , lI M. 11, and nueros Iothers. Th-e orliill:is lar be seent i polsssi ot of the Ge llna' Agenlt, by whon tiro mnldicina is inpu.rle d ilto this L , aIL.r :idl to whmn ,Ia appliciations luilageciet JNO. Illt)ll"l,'N, t199 wtctIly Place, N. Yolk, Sale (;rell:l t.lent llr the Uniteu StItes, El. lFor sall' Ibs lillcilllet. Lf the ilo.inhal Ittoliett' .ilettr,, A. c,. t lit11' S.iilatee t oil tii. l llau. jtl s 8 I _L.-1t It iL- et- Eo, o ,i tllalzia st.retl,,ll I I rw rceihing tiPotn ships Nashille, I.Louistille i itock. , Egle, andj other litc arivals m I1.,h lter, ilalt. a lain e s aianew selhiti asstmInt iensitlilg nl'g.-letlcnvull6s fIne c ll and }M1OCo Ioot s .do atoolpolt do bolid, atalll d sot wa l pegged bhoi i 'ioms lyiitictis; men's dilliu, tcll' senot'l nil tlirot it' l l- .!pimlps andl brogans, buckhskin hoes, l' ai lli.e s: Inelwlnline call alr d kippeld plgged sI.o a od brogoans; entlleit'h lest qality eollseweri shoesl I'elfi lhes anltd; Igo n1llsl kid ca ll ,lolireo: 1tii ll'qn s s nicsci'lllls l .t ln ol t nll; o ltll i, wisil . otl. ia i tew aticll e;ltll tll tie Bll 1iIi, I s l. nml tolto ccr 1Also a genittll assortmlet of en's. ll stot walso and ar it brell l i o ill shots, agether illltl(ill pi,1 LadieLs' liIm c Slf, seal, hnilrocns anl,4d g taill t ,.It :aI pomp sole shoti ; da foIne l ilVile, ·h Itre llld and kid run • L ailsipa lott , sl loltles, willa c , t t i .l t illllWtt it h lllsi I. c lf, elal LdituiIIt i lellIlithe La hers t 1'r/ih llJ iu( sIrI I tall' Iotkasl Illod tu. i lic s ll stii rtglslal it Iito it I l g'tts. Cliiliell's coloredl lrluco itling bro gr 6usand boots, &e. lientlrli's telslioel'tho ble bilck silk hats; tio bllack Ltrailldo; Iacul; l Ilalnd l oo b im 1I1li n1'r11a11. r1oi it ok tI Slati:tsht rtilllll h l i .lHler icle. totl i l t.c t'iatc stizl leta loktilll~en wiotilt o.t wiihttt.,, Ilt* oi'd oli ' gIi ctlaki HIth oollctllsl eS tivot alll: s llLptcl with general kssortmentof boys' luc la I

ea lllpackellr na thIoe ntifte a ullclilliei, atll of wticl S:ileolol s erol ollnlimodting llllerms. all; 1ii NO MERCURY NOR COPAIVA I l u e t, n l ld I e x p o l h i m l t to a r r . M i n "o I I I l t li p Ahe elice o ot wolsl, to liral It [ k olt in Irle hl to t t v 1III IIIIII1131 1f ll or('If'Ill Ill++l hI II td all V r INh lt nily' l f ;" ' I ny l" ore lll nt r s stll 'll, 1 1h1k1 nhoe It wIIrk n t :" - l .illt a iove Ia'le ill lnt rlf th 1, Iir 1"e s .. r o.-*ml th itrih fie g t h t hrot i' io 1 1u nk i i t , e .l.' l conliden) I y t F d eralh" ctu'e 0i Ur. b llh b|l .rI "r s eto h e prli+ ptliclured Je h A . ll . I . I ) I I I: lh).tCI" Y I thei, '/'/ I I l l l ] ' +ii n e i's' I c l ll I Ila t. takelll e o i :· 1 li,, h 0ot 1d 1 idnot j e s V Jl',dr l 1 t all; IbI itduit * Itf ' it, th i N Il ,. l f r.,o' lluet in iut I.II' lr s rol tl l',. t I:.\ 1 1, M ot e I N' Ji. Ifh 1 sill IlJ I ' ,l d I 1I , r ro i thi s In) hhlli t l .l1i '\i ) lic i:i IIti: it; ..l t .tr,, . " nall·y norit an s, lllll to -,a e U -,, t+ll ~t N . il (;lGt ' i ,, Ii.1t, i ti i 1,11' iN. lo lhe ' los hare rec1 n. 1 . h I I \ Ji001h ' lU/ .l inst:!c 1'.1un,11 .OI':l, lF:1)'l :t't", !'lo.l! 1t , dih1,i tiih -dll ol,.. RU\C\I.I:'I"I "S 'I' \I.lE.. 01," I,%"1 E L .'1" rI1O ( h) ch man i. n itor d i.. . + ' 'rlimo Ch1i o,+ .L i ," likew :.s V w tht not 1 e, Im thie le ,,led p r i 0 th, ainlor. , Ilt.,' i h:l ol oi b 'o ll, os di s I , . / ci0:l u'I S u I rno ll-rco er'1w, sls, . 1, ! eth mosc) 1 it c, : io I I" tli t ;ltor i u'i lt'i l ,l , f I11 t ,ll 't Du . I'l" 'li v ll i:ioi''t Vi n e "1 a'I r, .th e f ( C l p be~ s t riledt '' d .tli - Sll I l Is c n illl t, , .'1 pellill fi' u , rIml, e ' e l, o nd sizer f ift p h, i "lt in g h ei n e' t) c. i t'tit k i n " "l f sp - , Thlh A lt h dittinrsltll n bll t s u !, 1,00 0r'e.0 81 ll r . t eli it Il I, / ,;tilt :le .is 11. X,·, " r, tte lii e'tt :l'. I is iI . comth. dsi'n ill itw l so e loi(, 1ons1}, woitll S u) nilhl til ie 00 ll'ltoi, ltr i Iu'"- , t li' 1111 ' 1 h hol - I1'd urmi l 0 s t lea .ilda mt) c ih i c In . i I . i '+ I' fiv',"t' l, :ai d '. ti.h ed I.,' t . '''l-,' . ouIn it shingly-Doe limt", Irn, l all + ,tt h l I tl I s o .II Sla l ,of pre' in let' i l 'al lctcl.) IHelte ,, k iil. h acy'h - : melitica ll. in ,llllhlh ulll ,ll e11 lir llliittlil oifthls Ih ilit~I'll ''" li' t t lion 1,1l" a,.'e or I ti) c'+l it 'itl, . im NhlieaTih 1 il |hle N . 160,9. h nt ,f the muss eon1 s !th aorta T ,, th u lathshis ' inxl(.itl rh " : . qlr.lllll ohei s ,. , ,.t lllns, hivil of *. I d ;sod hoil ll tlles, ( 'lt h osel tIl , IIi; m olhlil s~llin ly:11o1 --age(· u-ills whir!, hllr / oinot ho folil( e o!Ih , ei tll l' ·ol , f ii g iea holinessftill ot 4 1 dh d . ihlll:I; lllo llt. the infllli lniltv of t e lilt thud o li'illi lly whpteelt il con l .t il0jr: : Ife I, ork, ;ilill IIthe cxo aorx l i-;u lh, + l elt.i" : V gll . ]' of the i+t;l1\uhl:,m1.., :and l"ots il" '1. 1t "0t hi il hIlals I'u ill Itht pr1.osy, eont. ithl oih illh e Iho a hoIle is ill sl'ewl.n l l', El"1chilerl.g., in shL t1. he" imoitivt :oCefl'ar, I i 'I h r Iunw 'I hlid, .p1 ii ta1 lll/ to il:oIV ll ty ,. 1kIll mitlllc : wltl "hI ell hooui ll in t Ihe II:I(I i o • 5v (:hlt l ' I . m 1 onlt % a1111 i-i. "ti i llu Ihwo . f lnt l t sam e ( icIx"0 sell .ch sinrce, th, te h t, lhthqol riCllio ,I h. It l thu s floe I . he -to'fiil , IVi ' Iof ~ ,. ' i t. Iif. ·,·,·,,, ! 1 ilT v, 1 - s iio, nl r hall Ii l lillh l t+ ais is td]al 4 3I) s ,e\ I ill the tleshh*., tal. md i ,'.! st:od10,l tL 1.:0U I5 r li. lt h it ; :Hell it l0 I',1/ lII t+ trl% A ll t l t e h ok : I1,1lr 1ro ll r1 ,.I lI~ ll ti ' is ill llhot, l i i el 1;,11 l.lo . n~l , IN a f ool " 1 te pd+ ho s t hiUld Meil se ""~ il ' i h1 11, b I~ il I I orlftt l t Ihe 'fill " i la t IIIt 1 1 ollf I col bi1.,1 I" ptl. t lon 'r ', i s o ls a I ro t e i. k, s linlc l p Illl' i C lI' t " e, l v li duos o If I ti Iz + ill iM 111er , 11n ti of+ flilull. h[]'. 1 ,It (- i i+t St. , '.. ii(· 1 ha ilm,,, a.i ll it It I l. , : ',, c.c s,. R I FI .f ,, i, : I its . "ol'l's, .,. , ,, iltilllns t.,P d !11.,l I lrg, r ot.'ll , l;1, . 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Ltadies wt, tIrolfer it cal receive 'essons at their own ref eidercev I'-l.a.lpayilr n: t rs of lesooos are draired o te . ." o s til n t iv h l' ih t. .:.91 BIILO'1I11 ,R. ROWAND'S TONIC 11MIXTURE, FOR `1FEV'lR AN.': AOUC. hIEN years have tnot yet elapsed sinee it was .L tirst regularly rubmiittud to the public; but it iras attained the highest reputation; and has Usp. planted every other imedieine for the Ague, whecrev. er it tse been hkc wnl and appreciated. Already has it. Ibeen carried in every direction throughout the United States, and still realizes e,'rt thaln could have bet's aticipatved by ie m,.t snguione friends. T'Ihousands lo personse have not only been relieved, but re.toredl t,, Ie th urlnd vigor through its agen. cy; and they now cheerfiily testily, at every top paoritllty, to its dloeided olnd upremt It is cmpopsecd o souch modicinal principles as are alcirlolted to rllew ithe healthy rlcatin of the .illtn ah, liver. and other iporttat digestive orgatns, lthe loss of whllltl htlrtony it the immllediailtte ila.ns of the dirsease. It is apparent also, that it produ. co ,in ntllirlt change ill tile tolldlition l (io tihe syistelll , tir' i:Irtitnl y desitroys tih nativa li ility tii rel. l ses of the tallectiun. When t het Ague is ttaiceodul with any lther (coiplatiti, thoe otrplotyltn.mlt of the 'Toie Alextu.", will not intrcriere witl) the treat. ment of the other di ciase, but wi'l even alttbrd as. s-tas.ane by furnishing trength iand vigor to the ibolly dlrltir th coLurst of treittlnent. Thloe wihe nllkel ase al this l.edieinCe may bot atsOured that, there is no Arsenic, larks, Merrary, or any other ;rticle ill its eopotitflrln uInll rienlld to the t ire nin comstitutiilt being entirely a eegetable ezxract; a rd t they mlay hlvel ddir ii1oirl cenfidrilnce In IIaie utr thretiofi, when thL.y Ierceive that it hattile ef h fuill hs boen taken---in r'oSqr,'ence Iof whiech, there is r m ptrt df the medlcino luft in linger in tlh to lluse obstrlliutione, and otllherl evils, arisil r irltl tihe r'e r of renllr y r 'if the relle ilrle ow 1,1,0i l furi the ci ro rof this afietioe.i It has been used ll>aI iilpr vrtLlivet, bl y iiay who wi c sb1111 jjcrt to a triordial l r r'n r crir .e of the Cl ills, rand it has inv1r1:bly warded off thl apprhendod aelacK. Obsrrae! 'ilie l'ropl iti r, trhly nriatistied i tith the tatrtl irtrhelid a d 11uVrivt t erltiacr ss oh.hha tcltl. .taitly iftallteded a uitt p a rut egular use of tler T'lo, ,lixlure, in ll s, lll i ll of I lover antd Ague, rtbels warranted el aemgagig to lefund ithe plare Io a hll ose i.io11itr have the mIi~eill In strict ;t1t . cordante l with the pre cribed directions, g without hiavitii beile perliclly We d Itlstint ly r utred. et ' :itcrtrtit r.t trte , whoitesital agent, for the South ',\rlvurl Slates, and ha',lv now on h;tnd six ly car, s of this mediclnc, which is warranited fr, slh lmd gp lminn. For sahil ra th ie anutlt:lnred prie.s ,.1 \ Iv '" ANIlliI.lC VS, dali V hlh'h I [thglt-', ,ll.."l.S pL t nLlltl I..nutatklli ll tIIu "l liS. MARY 1I1 Ii'ANI) repctfually an. I In lce to hlr friends and ti publiec gc nr. ally that ste Is preparedl to Laccn.n )n. dat th,, at to llbov etalhlicsh ntlll illld hlplli" f )lll her I o'lionll rind r visitor.s rN( 'n1rtatl , to necI ive, So ntinuance of frllmllr ILFari, Sla tinhel ct nlf. int hat prll r ,sllll vlt iti ,g t ovi a dul rin tllh IIIIll "r l inth-, cann llnll i er i l Cnllanlla n .tllllltl, O tl:an she allll l ord thornI, onrII Iore Ilib ral trlIns ler hl o slll is pli nintly st al"t, Iand wllt )tlppled vitlh e'erry lltlVr li cle,; ItI liar iv flurnished will flit l o t i eI ll l liIuorr, lc . i i i rol lll, h pro ise "at arvlll LLi n I shall b: w.ntnlg ll , herlll t llto giveI tlr' ttII.t'Isll 't I to all Wi'ho ni y pa trnil a i ith liaissippl a dl ,",ms iana lotel. Je3 IlILALOW W','AIR,:E. \V(IiI) SCREIWS, SAD) IRONS, &e. t/'Ill II . RKS COMPANY, No. N . 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S |title Every v att 112 1. r luses Everv ,day at 101 A. At . rxeet r an und e f e y u ", ie da Ther La MIaio 8 r , u h , Thursday, e ,'|, hy 3,3 p. . S estl , t. ntd Satlarthty,by 9. P. iAl v l: e ry 7rvl'urod, lThu rsdavy, j Thc Lak'e Mnad! S turd.'+, b;v 5 P.. " ' vin w CloseC evern Monday, Wednesday SEXI'IRESS MAI.. STIMES OF ARIRVAI,, I)EPARTI''PItF DI)I'ANCI &c. o ';te Express Mail hrtbw.^q, • ils and New Yolk-leovi.", Mobile dilel- at 3 P. N. Nurthwar New York daily ! 'i i'. N bouthward. Arrives Arrive NArthwnrd. Ditanee. Tlimne Itllrn'g C1nuIgnm rr4, A ml. -)Ja . 18 ll's t 1 1 anm. ,olumbus, .. I I 9 3Ia. n 1illedgeville. Ga. I ll 2 p. N ( ord ~I wha" C. ane 71 Cnnn am. I6 17 t Ith, cii,, N C. 11 n 2 15 1-2 ih " S'Aarrinron, Vdt 1 2u1. 5 n. ,5 P r I'lrarrs.blg \'a, 10 Ila. 3 l0 9a. tr Itichm , n. " .. '21 6 W.Mfhington tIt,,,t 2 pa.. 61 6 Il lin n l 8 'hhedrlphia, 6.1+ al. 11110 11 . New York. 2 prl. 90 CI i i sll.wrd". C(7oinhg .qo-thwnrd, the tile is six hour , Inminm:i darn mad 17 hoar.q. i)A'\tVA'IifrrmI1139 (':,rontrea •rr lle.' lir h,· s'(lrrr ¢lllll c nislit oIf:ll)-h of IrA i llll A % a w+(ell ,he n'¢xl lrilI1I i in lvd i( ro oll unamod(l'llA l,:S abut 17 veers" o ltc on .1 5 en or lhirc l ull ri Lh rv liln'k. and ha lls impel i '''l of it. hlia sllecrch 'sue ofl his leg+s is W-re, e+r bt n revel[ holnbtlr htladl ".i., "en wenttl+., i w hew rt'oll 11r li nenilU+ shirt Slnd w +i e C to' ,I i ,lnl4 u M|losiln11' er,, and " IIII nitctlnn bonll* are cnnro astln a .Pil l ri' l/llg or 1:laorb i g+ said Ile-nro, as well a, ull olllerr hrrrollu. £ Ilia Il nllln 1 ri~olor o'f tilhe Inw will Ih enlir,:,,ga hvm '('to hove reward wNill Ile polo .1 1. live: inteta (1,1 n ,aa y of lhe jails o'eilther ollh, ,:-.,!y,,,liro ,i ur. a, I6 Ca.....le., currier of Ilvi,. ].~i. ll(I l, =1':--! e aCI).) ranIP'. i, hrrrtui,1. ýx+-l; g 11\ lladrrl~l t " !ir o11 ,tl,( &+ (;.rrl'tst! of+ Ima, di~s,,,vrrd T'1'. s hrIbe' r will liquidate thi m af irs:.! n,.++:i..;i.,,!;i: ":'',,', r1d to hake nvn,., t ibir 1t1.1 run, t 1 , , ai ll thno +p (?A 1t Irvý ±n Il .+An Ioract r awn I.viS" a r.8-t 1 f181b;NO Ra/llitnihe ReeftJr, by the ttthur 1011 of I)tter Silaple, . 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