Newspaper of True American, August 13, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated August 13, 1839 Page 4
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SESCARDS. tmif alit 5roakr 4Cl na,,ta /ýý.tenKifi tnalup xt.-rllll ?,. IrlcrelH· a,.-- aa--` J4 a aa attl, au h lol a Itrta aaoply of Cloth ja;ýtal,'uI4,S lld ir thle rnuulrv Irnd. 'I''iwir nn. a Itia ha atuiuR large. enoreaniti'a t ountry ca t M'il~p~lipl~u thaphorerr notice. taatwt lwtitnunr a ILVsLRAN't E COIYIPAI UP NEhN URLEANS. Thai urnpauv ar now preratad to taka RuZU AlAInST rDRE. lf la2, rn.. 24 Mu oufa iludding, Cann! *t.oe,. N~wP lo. Mayb. t. ?,ea. racv. Qua CUPPER-thon Aba oltC .Car lr Pow by april 4 At It tF.!otttoaat r~m r BY6 rhnpituiulaa ats CHAMPLIN & COO())PER GIOCt:tS AND IN Yl PRUViSIONM ANI) PEEP NK. 79 aod 8f Jullia stret, New Orlion., Wahtja and hatriiy atorca ptD up. war LOUttnl.AN II.3NITURE WARERCOIWS N... 53, dienvodla atr--r. I-ILIAll It. CAHNE,, wotld rerpct rolly in ha Int fritada and the plbta c ltit ha is aoo eaMity rcmnain etro No.w Yotrncnd Hanblbn u goad aamohamroa of Furtittn-e, aahat as luntogttan cholir. Pofa..h l-ted-ada 0a151 and t-ointed chairc , aple a nd chant t aatwcti-Ir, anaiwnn anod ala-rn tatbles of ll dma.ajaaipi, Iiunran', 'n.itet, 6cat artw , a itint' daka wtnlra!ru a of matoannr uaid clirry-, wool "'I a, Iuokirg glorloa~ lennil e ttedding,e &o. N Ntr. iurctunaked h'or trunci rtation wifth great nag.. tloa'3 SAUHIONADLU CLOTHING TAYLOR & IIADI)EN, Nw. I"I Cltnrtre  Mtreeri HlAVE nusatant upplv, f every aI" teo'. dress, Ilie telatet ntyle, at .n York pri~n Ilec 20' Ot3ia1S LITHOGRAPWIC PI'IzxTING No. 53, Magazine Street, Opporitfe Bnks' AWrala. WILLIO.1.41 GB KEEX, P'ROPRIETOR >4,.' I BANK NOTE L ENGRAtf\VING NAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON t AVIE oironeu l no offic in, Now " rllhnnl.. po"l.:."il ul equl a·vnolla et t- lilt their tunisea in 1',"e Y.. k, flr the pinNelr I gr ea p ll( okla owl.ll , Billsr of EI:cllnlge, t'ellliltlr ea nl Itrlpn~it.,' Cheeken nI olter iutpn -tati Pnt~ers r(ql rin ignin. ew e i apninet Pn;geriee; ard havke nic ae aple p Ivisii u for the afe keeltile 'n all I.rke nod el e..nfn. nchu1t ed to 'lheir eae; their npret P y embrace the a ;,., f evtr 6\e '@oadllll httlkilln'kitt.ill utienl and nil tiler will be execnrll-witlh nr,anptitpt.d", an I atlhe equil terms. Office, corner 6t Naval & Cant am-i. IJIZAAII BUES & ALEW, NO. 1, EXCIIANOE tel)TF.L, Cyrasr of 3i. ('Ii lec und Cennon ate. INEW Ullltl·.AN5. MPOITERR end Dealer, in Ftrench nid Engli-i T' Portia. ry; Dentinglaaill Ca-oc andl Prlrinillr I:, uks. Cuatlev, Hlo;rr, Gnloves Shirne, Stocks, Uinarelne, Vane,, It l Faney Article.. K ENT(CKYI IlIi. ole, anil IndinorHli nk t, .B fr sale by A '1111t *lt, JE h1.It1', AT m;YY _ .l(rrmneosl WMBI . HELL, fSo 16, IiharirrR .r, has tn, i· ,Inv lo t 'Ofle, tlertxllle noll ttia-a Ware, ilo~y wrll lie ,,fl r. aeJa telwettnrket price. opt 1 IDEALEIISI IN AMERICAN & ENGLISH CROWN CLASS, _ v. 3 CnnoanDtscr STREET JOB PRINTING. OF EVERY DESCRUTrrlN, IPEEDElI, IJANDSOMIEl Y AND CHEAPLY EXEIrUTED, AT THE OFFICE Ol' THE True .finerifea,, ST. CIIAtLLIS STREET, NEAR POYDIRAS. niS3__ Sall It- IIf elandlc.r pnr-r, foric sle 1 all i'l. & BRO\i N, 9.6 eng.cmer ct (YM1 IE S.5 hIrs" Gr . Kely lg+n I i4 b IelcIlg.ea n !e S o.P, lnlP. Jbaks.. (io 4.4 1r wto sheetange, llodmg frem, ship Ch Iurston, for Pal h N-AC N--jO Calro I-leo... 10 do.. Side., acd 15 o.. 11hle1r, in .Plnre Pir `ale hv July 2d. J. 'I IIAYit :.. Co. 74 Poydr-a St. [OMIARD & CO'S Boston and New Orleno. SLi e of Packrl ,.lltps.-'I'iIc icew line o' slli]o hI.I bhelr expre.sly icuil tn run Ih:olw.enl tlie abor. porls, ancl wll be lound oF Sll.Jl.le dira of. cci-,cr: acoaolntedalions lor passcngers, and every ell]rt will be made to give geosr.l stli,'.etion, 'I he hne is conmposed ,if'tIe l ii Itowilg si s: CIb rokle. 415 tone Capt. J llording, Carolina, 41101 do S Rhoio, Charlreton, 374 do D tldridge, Colhmnb aun, 625 do G Barker, Seaman, 24.10 do J IlowHie, lnolobay, 6y25 do I) , untphrey. The above ships are all now, of the first lass, copper fastened td and oplperd, cocmmanded by mien -f'great expcrieceo, Ihave large accolnniodotiois, will a saeparate ladles+ cabili; every atlention wioll bo paid to as-eongers, and the very eot of stores pro Tided for thonl. The packets will be towed up and down the IMis -siipp., and the strictest Ipe ctoali y o' served id the tinme of siling, arid should the reuliar ivessels be detained icl arriving, olther ships equally as good will in ail cases be substituledl. A sloar of patron age is solicited, and tihe agents pledge themselves to aoltnaodate as nuch o-as practicable, to receive and forward goods by asid line at tile most modoer ste clargee, and to advance all oxpnclrce on goods shipped, if" required. Theo ships will leave lo Ist and )lth of every month. For freight or pass go, apply to the agents. J A MA'I&IRITT, 82 Coencllc st. N. B. Advalceennts nlnide on consignlsc.:ts to Messrs. A. C. ILombard & Co. nov27 - ON iOFS-Then sal her os hanvre pi u, at- great exp-rnse, the right of puiting on iron rooets n lis city. 'Tihey ucre odcpted to puclch buildings, warcl.osle-, and priiate dwellln2s, ee n eolllblle at oilnc C c ,eapcres and d!,crnbtlitt ., Alnd are pcrftectl fire and water pr,,of 'T'rcellu om;l' be known, and a cmcdcl seen it our estalhshclnvc,, opuoslce Et. Ml ry' mirkelr,'l'rchpicoulcc s,. • * ? E It ro it'E;r re. " ? At;I.'.\Gl. U.Vc ' lh l ...... 111 . ..yI Aict) . .- ;x I001 icc,.... LDuma1' non Yuri t illfdlit r llG r lell I 11ann a l P p all . cx1ene=ve o.0,c1 .u of onos n.c r-ucni cowrc lNew Ycrcemanfc,,cirperc n. nc a antld caicdrc ni ac ,l I.1 .c .cI e tch dwit cose, alt very o rae o I. -P. L ,nie of ills ",q nincl o on' ednd E 1 n or!. w" 1.I v I:l, ,IR , , :i 1 . ~ I.. c i Eegl e l L E A c i h , I ii c i s -cc ; tl 111 -arc , , o - Engliah do--5 1-4 bbl..tO " " 160 Pantn I ruMlt:.- varn ua e +as; " AbllsC opal Vaiash; • ' .htp:,, 30 packs Gold Leaf; 50 do Sicver do; 100 do Dutch Actal. WIINIIOlw GL 1AS, Accmerican. fI ltghsh and Frencil 100I0 hoxes, carlilus scies and rllualilcre. Blaten urronll do.--5i11 boLxel, conllign:le .t, will be eld low Als, a general assortmelnt of artist' clcnlus id t-ole, for sale by A \" iCA'AI Ed, No 16 ('lanl street. N.II. Alobaa tnsate take l at r, and Miaeiasippi noter s %i. received at 10 per cel.t discount for goods, or inpa fn c ofdebts. je I Iw * IE Genuie Indian ldialsalim of Liverw- i and IlIcr SIaloulnl, is pult p in bottles it tlio low price of 5ci aOlta each, conatiling the streoeglh of thr'ee cIneecs If Livemwort, hrei les tie irlues oI Iany othelr roots andl q4 sknowtasc ntg atl. Indians as elieaccioue in curing pulmonary coutplaintso e u ivailed sccesas which has lattlenld the eole of this ineetcmacle tlctiun wherever it hla been inctro duced. Ias hbteilned the confidenlce land reecccmlenda tioa. ofl rpeetaolcl physicians, for the cure of cougus, eolds, pain i othe side, want of rest, spitting or blood, liar soemtitc.t . -,C. Ta whom it tmayt concern. This is to curtiry Ihat we hellll.e or prctlee frrelueitly irescribedl ilro (lard. ogI ludien Itlaolm of liavervor, a d Itorlulccndl,witi ideoidedgccl eilet: we cati lthrer h,finlr rll thek Iieow pldg of the materials it is mide froim, Ad och.erv.son isilsestae-ece. recoclecadc it as e su ieco- prepacatiocl or thele affections o' tile lulls fIor wlhicl it is re lsemoodlA. AIIlI. I' WiI.LI AMLlll, At. I). -AI.VIN EI.IS I. N. lltteheec of the lostonu Medical Associtiona. Itlitonc dltohir '25. sauton. ,. JlAtRVIIi & ANDIREIWS, ci c un t il I' lt ittilc , is ><ji.l'iPt. l IctlI OoCi e st cclu ,rreil- d ed a icr Sislel-Iy tIME o tiE:\l, 1.cOONWN &.c t't "' e" " n 1 t",, 1 F" . ; ,-J' o le Spllclfolrilor.lcc,+ ic c .... hoed larva supply of Ca.nel and Liv.rp.a.I coI., Il. ~ b f c sisperisor qualllrly whichi IhI.y offer fcu pase i IIe to enhic lalsl exp.ted bet Ire first r.rivcel fromn eII land and lhe North, (Cllnn . Le.hielh and Peach Monantain Cal,; brokern ad screened, put ip ic hplCh.hlrldnexpressel for Inlaily usa---lof is whye they will dllaples . f oi ll t1 l necc Il.ra, t- errsc-. frf.c.-r liter n, 1,lh i .l . . 5 l3 lich vi li cs p rce. A i)t',IE. E.V GOOISu Simmons a Hnt & on are now'I ceclvin from on hoard sllips Yazoo, onil Saratogj 'nd brim Conuordlia from New York, a great variety of giids in the, lillne, which together wiih their formate stotk on Il.nd oakes their sort ent very., idlte. l'her lolwineg componecapart vii: eli twlctc .,r:. de, turk and ilressin.g eu.rh, hori' ro o all deoeraaliolo, In lia ribber, silk and worsted elastic garters, common & tino elastic sns iopnders, hesu loc and L.urilfer otcles,, Sehllirzpowdera t.owI pne ft and Iboxes, toilet Iowder, pocket ?Iools anld Mnlletl, ,eedle books, shell poari, rlry arid Ilorocco rad e.ser, Lead ornaments, plaince. rl bends, necklaces anl negligees, iead chains, bead cklkhucr, cit oIrss and iplin,soed,silverandl gilthoads, Indian ieads, bello asod plunrs; pistol anid large pow* icr Ilukh, shot belts, Ihorse, hbell. pocket and daeiliao lintole; double andlsingle hbarrelled guns Browie knives, and dirks. cisstre, shellrs, pocket knivaes, guard chains, and rihlbbos, waisl buckles, clot, Ihair, iooth, nailieonab irurib. iiii, ,late, lioor and dlt.tiug brusaho, Cologne, Florida, hi.rlrlder, rose Rita bay wate,aoronrled esseroes, anld extracs. lacnRrsar, bear, antiqile, nsld WoVrd's ve getable hanir rils, lshving ndll toilet soaps of all des eriptinne, olader' and gRelenaens' desks and dnresine cases, hauir riegle ,frizetoes and braids, plain, fancy and muasicanl work Ioxnr.s plain and gilt figr,r coato and veRl butlna,, pearl and ivory ihirt do, shirt stadds, gold and silver Iei'il cases toothpieks and tweezers,plated and gilt lIokets, nininture do, si rer, bars and steel rnimblel, hooks ii.d eyes, mair pims, ilitation fruit, hlk I and redi o,lshi, blacking, viuliis and guitri, ribbled and plain percussion caps, linli twiiie, scented earIa tens,mold nid siler lace friage,lnter paper, gane Ibgo, rildlig w'iips, walking aiean,playiagcads, fine gild, plntisld nod gilt jwellry &c. IThe above, together witl a great varietyof other arti lea are oelffeed t lwholesale or reail an acaomona dating iterm Sel ,rieer., N It Shell combs repair:ll LbOYLE k MAY, Itoitse, btgo, wod tjrooxoroi SiP'ainters, No 3 Caroodele street, two dnoors from I lt,al stree. ecutel in a master!l titAelnr. WOODS 7ts Tl.tS. Mdlog:wny, .E3'ptia black ait gold, t(kY, G(it.llt and Antieo, 1'idhord do, Orlental or verd antique, Cuorlet do, ,Jasper. Curled M1aple. I lolnd Stone, librds Eye go, DOtby Granite, Sthui Wood, l'otetne, li Wol uhoIte or Itrdollh, ew '.'rc(, Italian White, Coreomuadle or lloek Noti:m s.dl lnaetella, RAs IWo odk, hneM n rey, Ash Whlite (nak, • ll. kL ks. Carled Ehn," Sptecinits to he seen at the shop. 'lints, oils, gla, sscopal surnish, E. on Itllod adtor sale. tit) \, '( I.&. HIE.AV Y (t1)Oll)--lHat, qualre -ani bundle iron, well nsntrteld. lluoop scroll and rod iron, nail rods and plough mollds Cool, (G irman, shear, blistered, apring, sheet and tlillboiw 'are, cut and wrought n:ils and satiker Zinc, hhi'lk tin, mill o nid grind stones, salt kettles iOx, liil d IIrie iiIIts, corrn mills A11 is, , ices, I:ll:mmers$ual behllows W ire. sheet,cpig iu bar lead; shiot C,:tl, in i cliking s.mis A nw$s, Hotw burd's dd other spades ar1d Shovels Ilhok amd p tll hinges, doer all window hooks 1I'nr'd ndb a!.illa idoge, linots and twine th ollcd sl litliln i COppr; Naval stores Paiuts, liinetld mi setl .ilrti oil A full assnrtment of hardwtare and ship chandlerv alwos a oin hind, ild which are otffred f)r iste at whslle sale ori retail, oni tle most flvorable terms, by moh IAYTON k Co. 53 Old Levee. It II I''i 'LA NNIN. HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. l't Camp lstreet. W\holleale )enler inl atintl, ()il, V'arnihe, IBroahee, 1i:tI \Vitld,,ivnld Peluire Gls a &e. c. L OAF UiG.\ll--vanriou quali:iea, C u nOttll inl LA .to. aid : rsaleby SIIALL 4" IIItI)WNE, nar '9 96 Mgazinoie At FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. ROBIVXS O.Al' OODU IPv, INo. OS, ChLarrle tllreet, ttlae lHor below Bienville. ITAVE eonstaittly on Iand every article apperttain |1 ivg t gentlelrin'to drea, made in the beat mal. Ier and most fa-htLnble styl, va liech they offer 'at cash. at rnedI ced prices. flevl--Ie 83 DEAFNESSI. NEW article for reersons troubled with deafnese, ('tilled the Fa ''rll pet,) han just tbee received, b, thile mll ofI hich lhIe slightest artieulatian of the iu. anlt, volice is (diiellnlIV cnveed to the var. Anyl ohe who halls ever eil oblge t converse with a very des p-son, mulst be fulivy aen-ible of the difficulty anod em Ihnrraiantt 'x)eirieneed both itv tilemnelves and tile inl dlividtnls aso unlirlunnelv aflliited. By the use 4ft 0 Ear 'T'rumpet thin olietion is entirely nbviaten,. Inle oist sceptical have alew ay. andolned their doubts a" ar having used tl 'l'rumpel. For sale at T FI GUION'S, [,atcy storc.ariner of Crmmon and St Charles atreeta I. h rer le Exchange ote I l. feh 1:t Al INT'A Gll.` B.9L.Al FOR TIlE TEETtl. r rlI E estal lJileld relptantioo andcoontr.tlyly ncra;in1 i delied fto. this riftle tuil remntledy of pain, tid pre servaltiv of tl'e lteitt, has induced tie PIub.riber ofier it to the American public. Arranmll enltls Iha heels imilde to upliv teents in all the praieipal eitic tlid ftow, ill tile Ullittd taeLn. sio as to placeit ithi the reacbl oI thase a tlfltrit. and likely to asuler this maus blar-slthg of l'nl ace.-, Tt'ontb-uclhe. ilhen applied tacolding to dircctionsaiven on bottle, it ha ne aiver filettnl et o,'tlrd itmndniet and mlnel i to if. It ao le arrests tle decav In defateiv teeth, and relieven thatl soreniess v hic) no fretuenotln renders a itrolg teoth lltitess The appldientini ailll remledy are siltiee, innocent. in not unpleasanlt; and the large nuitbler of persons in dillfrenit sectitos oif It coultr,. that have aire ally experienced sulch dolialhifu and saltary l ets tlroullt the ulse ofthe l Balm, are readv to ihar (Ith the public good) their testinnv to its I; rivalled q|atliltle. It is a Indiani remtedy, obtainedl ihlgl tlrl ItIt |inenpteetedly, and ia n e regar.lh.! he Ithe eihiized wourl as tile lraet valuable discovery SPedmaln oi tile wood Ptice $ lcr bottle. Sold hv JA.\VIS & ANDREWS. Illr 5 Cir (iClllouitn slid Tvclaitollls ats. (t(llN 6ll.l,--Ordlers receivei for corn mills, by ) op1t17 nALI.. BROWII'N, 9i Mlagazine s It ULED Lt. T miR PAPICt-Juit received a few I cases of blue and while wove ruled Letter Paper socme very low iried, fir sale by I) aVID FELT & Co. N V Stalioners' Hall, juane 15 24 Clartre at JARVIS & ANDREWS, WHIIOLESALE AND IRETAll. DIALEIRS IN I.EDICINES, PAINTS OILS DIE STUFFh N.d)D I'UVDOW GLA.SS, Corner of Coraon eand Tohoupitoulas streets, NEIw OIslI·NS NATIHAN JARVIS. JOllN W. ANDIIREWS. A large upply o Garden Seeds. arranted the growth o f 137. NNDREW sMITiI & CO., respectfully inform their friends and the public in .eineral, that they occupy the now brick shop, 219 T'lhoupitoulas strect, where they keep constaontly on hand Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron Ware, of every description, such as copper stills, kettles, and pranpr, tin bath. ing to d, and -il ras, of all sorts and sizes, and all other brass casting done at LshorteI t notice. S;r.te Ih. rs oaf every do-erptlion, srlch as steam. I boat atitrups, hog chains, screw noelt., anir othel Sind ofteteai boat work, auch as chiamneys, breech or., steam311 pipes. They will also doo all kinds of out door work, -auelh a= zice, copper and tin roofing and guttering, &er. They .Ibure and all other kinds of work ill their line of business, they will execute a trhe otIn tetl noticer. deo27 -til; ( Ira lrc air, _Tie. _ rr iital well knownar ii s lpenl fir the , st, utileel tllr a ir11 rer lrie l lpeirirllte ldll e It cr. Ji.ire .8c )llr re!t. 'I tie c t a li I tile hut 1e2 1 v.rty cmideralv improved by atddtiiti n bmlldinca [Sihln'_" roan, liball rololll, huliurd allllllline, l;lt pill lry% nllled., ia dtllllil b I lltr i g ie.I tireal er erianse hn, II I ihrli rrilrtder Ithe lelcu ilneftrtnahle asud an iet.nllt re-arti. cI to.rn rre fi ec G\r rom)I lirf diries,and coll. so.itolt llru .llu-re a ,rgrLr d r u r -ieglacrpleiiIlllileuu Iii sail. aidiiIlr u li rClln uitre i pr rvrdeid, aUnd ii el.r.uont li:mr ' tfi rll a .ll iit r uitclit tin' crrrnea, & icurlfreitiolt h ultl' Tl et tai. if it ',rhi'h lies i ll nedi ,ly it frie r n oftfh, hotel i l:id lol.ed by rresetral nutul island Ill A Letter iag i- kept at ihe bar of the Exchang Co H tlc.i )ONNEi L ". WAI'IEItW[AN, jnle I Erchainange flrtel. TIIIE aui-cicrihoeha Iejrlst rreeivrd r peehip' (IaIrie 1 ltl, ture nord rir f tsr asll e uarbunlilui sa*urt nl(t uf I'inaufo tcrs cin.iiig ing in;-'iuinos, I'icolsI ,of tor,ee.irrnd, Cnrai:lcsandririch illahgany ood,. Ilorizontal P'lanas of die richest rosewunod and manh. guny. i niurir-ht Pianofinleido den. t. ''ei:rl illlrtrIn.ell nre all itlan .ilrr irer d h l the celebrated makers T I' LEV'Er. &. Cn, nif Pariaull non etri ,. olcave:., nr. of a lrer lat rerior finlfih and eC lentte, x ros ly for IlidbV Mesra I'levrel & Kalrenner, which fate can leae nrothing to derire in regard to the bemlay of their tlte. ttlrrpllelllirp a rni iersors oifanusic are reapert fully insi ed to call and ennaine the semi upright pilanas w hit:h are entireNly it new rtiele. I1 JrI INS & Co, Si. Chlyle1 nt. J r oppetsitre the Verandah & Exchange hotel U) lEFK iIEIfATORS & WATER JARS; ae hogany rtfrineratori, d painted do, 614 gallon water jure ; .9 tiganlt .t in aieor, for sale by ,t23 & J P' WHITNEY, 73 Camper lirt.IT IEA D-1 I il., landing finom sleathoat RudIIiiph. Fur eale by A. TItiEIt, may l :34 .l.lavir at I I.r:EF--5 half Ile .ae and ei bills 1 ) pr ahd tI Beer, for sale by (i I)ORSI.Y, Sjne741 NewLevee NOVEIl in 2 vols.,y Harriet Msartinre I AIcie IAi e-arhe, ersi n eriting iurq eniria re rn. alg the lllnlol rhartcleriesc of tile noril Aelleri . Inhutre, first eriCat -India Tales sand L'gellds, by flenry R(ane St haolernft, atlho. of Travels to tisorous;. cer io the Mallais-irpi, &e e. Alar, ,i uew aurply of Stovens' Travels in Egypt Ahlro Psac, &c. Aelrhnn'h the Wonderer; Elvitra, by Miss Burneg Eanest 1al:raverts; Alice Lady ,f Lyo.)ns; Dhnrnlei ; Circhton ohLr allrrtod'a raWork, ie r, riut reeivrl eand or a.,.' ht .\I.E-. T CaeVA., .jrrc "2liar, p - _ Torik d& Baltimore Packets NEW ORLEANS AND BALTIMIORE LINE uF PACKETS. Thii line will consist of the following vessls, which have been built or purchased expressly for the trade, vi;: Ship oeaman, Capt. Miner, Bark Mary, * Nickerson, * Irad Ferry, new *, Stevens, S.olimon Saltas, , Latham, Brig Architect, i Gray. These vesnels are of the first class, have hand. some furnished "ccommodationo, and are of a light draft of water, so as to admit of their receiving and discharging their cargoes in Baltimore, at the city. Freight will hetaken for port. on the Cheapeake or Jamnes' River, and forwarded by the agente, Messrs. CLARKE & KELLI GG, at Baltimore; r expenses on goods shipped will be advanced when required. 'lhe price of passage is fixed at S6O, amnple storns of the b at quality will be previded. SteonI up and dows the Missiesippi will be taken on all oeeasions. For freight or passage, apply to GEO. BEDFORD, nov27 2 MJionville st. FO'R NEW YORK. [Loilesiann and Now York Line of Packeto ] '111': Ships composing tiia line will cail from Now Orleans and Now York on every other Mon day-e-mmnnncing on the 20th November-and to insure the punctuality in the tinme efaailing, the lin will hereafter consist of five ships, via: Ship Yazoo, Captain Trask, to leave on the 20th Noveolbor. Ship Louiavi!le, Captain Palmer, to leave on the 4th December. Ship IlHntsville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the lith Decembetr. Ship Vicaksbrg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on the let Jaouary. Ship Mississippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th of January. The above are all new, of the first class, copper d n and copper lii.tonedl, anl ulwards of 500 tons burthen, are of light drauglht of water hbeing buill in New York expressly for the trade: The price nl passage in fixed at 100 dollars: their cabins are fitted ip in tih most inmproved and connvenient plan, and tinished in a neat and elegant style - Ample stores of the first quality will he provided, and every regard paid to the comfolrt and entire satielaction of pnsengers, who will please take no. tic t lio berth can be secured until paid for at the otfce of the consivnees. These Ovessel are commanded by captains well experiencedl in the trade, who will give every at tCetion and iaert themtselves to anootmndlate. Tihtr will at all ties lie towerd tip and down tile Minsis. siplii by sleambiats, and tite etricteet punctuality obervedl in thle timne of sailing. itse owners of these ashipia will not be responoi. bl for any letter, parcel or package, rent Iy or pilltt on Iboard of'thle, unlessn a regualcr bill of lading be sig.tIC tlrefor, at thIe counting house of the" ,agent or owners. For fiurther particulars apply to J 1) BEIN & A COHEN, nFv27 90 Common at 1 \ 11 ORl:..\NS &CIIAIII,ESTON PACKETS T'his line connists of four vesel., all of the first claso, roppered and copper faet. trnel, iod of alhl, 2t 00 toie burthen. wiha tilldsorne accommodations for paesengero. 'Thse vesserls onre rrmminded by enpiains wel experlencdl ill tlir tradel, lwho will give every at tenlion, and exert themselves to acclmmo date oh. ahipper.. They will h. towed tip and dwn the Maisassiipi, and r .ve New Orleans on or before the 101h anoi Irih if every mnrh. The following v e s s elsI C. lu ll )J1 1 e t he ti e , v in : lBri Arabi:an,Charles tG. rJon, master. Bri0 C ,npmno.,J. . ThIompseini nneter. Brig A.i erilai J. Donne, master. Bark iRoger Williams, J. Allihers, moster. Fur reighi ir passaeet aply to J. A. BARELIlI & Co,, fl C1tmmon ti. New Orleans, or Al. C M.,rd.'Cil. Chtl. jiii. nr! Ie I.A1Tl'F:S LITERARY S CIOOLCIiI A .'T' i dian 'Tales in I .ecgndi. vs Ali~s alnrtineau'a Ieerhrook,a a ee novel, in vole Jalnes elebratid \t \mren The Cromplv, !y the O'llara Family Blarrva;t, thie nl'hion Ship Ibo1i ; Itiebs, Ieat.e, and Marriages l)r. Birdl; Itolti lav,2 volumer New supply o'hJiihll.n; The Hliguennt Ilglrahan; L'aptain Kid; Bulwer'a lichelicu h JOHN & Co. corner St Charles & Common a I mtar J 1 Iltill)GE, 131 fAigaznleet NJ ii riJ a ...... . SOMPOUND TONIC MIXrURE.-A speedy and cet in cure for tihe Fever and Ague, remittent and intermittent fevers; propared from the original recipe. Used with eminent and uni versal suecess in 1832, by persons of the highest respectability in this city, a stated in the annexed certificates. " This medicine is highly reeonmnended, and has been extensively used in the above diseases with such distinguished success, that tire proprietor of timhe recipe has been induced to offer it to the pub. lie in its present form in the hope that it may lie the mneans of relieving many of those who are eulfYering under the scourge of our country. It is a nmedicine posevsing great virtue, and when used according to the directions has never failed of effiecting a cire, even in the most obstinate stage of the disorder. It is not at all disagreeable, and persons of the weakest stomach, and children may take it with impunity. It strengthens the digestive organs, creates an appetite, and seldom reqoires more than one, or in obstinate cases, twobottles to effect a cure. There is neither mercury nor arsenic in the medicine, nor any thing injurious to the human constitution. The proprietors are so well convinced of its efficacy, that they agree to refund the price of every bottle which has been takin in accordanct, with the directions and has not effected a o perfe:ct cure of the fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent for New Orleans, at his wholesale and retail drug and medicine store, corner of Blienvidle anid Chartres streets. For District Agenciaes apply to je5 T.W. SMITII, 48 Conti at. PI'EN.ACOL.A MANSION HOUSE NEW CITY, PENSACOLA. T lIE oubscribhrhvinn g purshased the fene ond fur L nitureif this well known enthblishmint, from b1, T'aylor, the late proprietor, will be ready to rereive it. teens y tie lot .f A ril sest. Numerous and costly imi provementse will be found in the arrangements of the Mlanaion Ioouae. New and more eeaenlodilolin bathiug houses will be built, nod wani b Ilih will l e troveled at all utoure. A slnble will he attachlied tilse theliue, wilth good aceommoeda. ione talier luia. s ad earriages. Ii. ratle rirec.s Hidi icrriiges will alitisi kept thr hire at cufderate pr cer eltl il liad o.e bntse, withl pe.esoe to tsage themli for tle use of vi tIrae. Iftillird and o het muth actoelint enioally o flmed at storeing plaee, will nlsebe famished, icid i. celUCtel le iOt eo iar.ltnre, wilth te or te irte ind quiet ti the boardersr. lit e wines c d liquors a ll Lo be f best e queliv, and to cusaure n enil heply ol i:c, a inr.t, l he alre'lilo Iea oridored, whiite will atrc oibaut le i.t ,f May. \. lIeidriehic I'aiorld, wlhc furierly kept seipopnlir a hotel a+t llaem ln t CirV, will t onedat' ro is met el ir the ppr diItor, ahq, ir it lh aidi , ilenilpldeely nasaren t lie loite., of hls yer, sTaT hTis frien s geeerslly, tat they will receive sory psdblle ittentiun; and tiereby xr - lsegtier htaa to r e u satisfaction. lhe local ad.anuaiitge of ibo l housa are too well iinowii to lied a letpt. ened deecrifilico hfre. Toe tt e .. a.: ',,,la is tie. .cgeet iiveat e.aii ..of ti'e Geo' -ri.i.a. lleh geeeri renodezeoies of'the (otill'squad. ron; the sluit riie iits climlete rereeshled ceonuiatlly do. tierl.t:e vaeue'r sotacth by tile coileat I rees,ca froa oire g;ull tihe e ne' oif thie ino Slid the oeigibm'hriag islaud. and river.; the olmaeflne ncad dilieacy of tie !i;ch witi hilch the" hatrs aouned; .nd its protximaitv to ilea blst oumlheie mtarkets live lienlacala tle pr : ferer over alt othier places in thele latitudes, an a healthy dtu delilehtll suinmerretreat. Firseiotelooitsaillru between Ie, neceuola ad Mo bile, and iill nt all times tl aLlae to take the isnaeigtrs free, tii New Orleans lboatn. N It ARNOLD. rrI',,nsaeola, Feb thi ue18 3a. -I Ltieiilee i wililing to engage rooms for theit faiilio.c cn a:dhrc e toprinte, at Pensacoa, er lir 'ewull T Talolr, the floruer proprietor,ot N.o Or, leans. Riefe reoeces. 'V .aslcflr,, F'1q Mri tCill iiu, C MeAltpin, e:eq., It. Kilihu , ie Ile; S T T"sd r, iP P leas, Eaq, n Nt. OJrley oa. I' :-A: letter biae, to receive eiioniesoe ina frn Prist the have intel, is placed at Gee Whitman's office, 5I nt Ctrl es Ebchange. FLOWIlDA ROUTE FOR NEW YORK. -'f Trevellers deoiroeu of taking the Florida route, via l'eiacesln,ti tlie Northtre infnred that first rate Ihleol will aiso.anill rinlt (rten. Mebile tI Pensacola, leai iag Mobile and lPenaeohla every either day after time let of May. Gofd stages will always he presided -t the solhacr,'r ti lie in readintess ti take pasnenpuere fros NiMobile, in case of the failure of the boate N II AI.ONILD. The steamboat Champion leaves Mobile for Penta cola twice a week21 I JEAN MARIE FARINA'S COLOGNE WATER 2 cases mnoe of this superior Celegee water, just received aend fir sale hy tile dozen or single bottle. Also American aid French toilet p,.wders, powder - uffs and bic.x,sbhaoeing and toilet soapseeosnetie wih bulls, milk of ruses, cosmetic coli cream, extera o .niik, kephahla Ward's vegetable hair oil, pomatum, eresnie di peri, Florid. lavender, rose and bay waters, iroes se., .airs, Mrnieillen perfumery in trunke. vegeta. lile r id liquid rod e, Chlorine and Orris tooth wash, cloth, hair, tot!h, nail and flesh lrushes. together with on adllitionel supply of fashionable (soru and shell combo end jewelry,firaate low at wholesale or ri.tail by SIMMONS, HARTT &CO, juay h 711 Chartreettreit. IL) IUR fii/.i-l..--ltu hales ileoiiltoi e liga bio 1J drills, llhding fronii ,ship Chorlh.ion. lr safls by xl0 I IlRI)IGE & Ce, (Kit. 11:17'S, ie arts-25 iloOtn whlen Wnoo YYHnte.foicli JOtN It tIlt)lIANf. Ro al Coliage of Physleamna, London. oE riginl Vegetable Hygeein Univernll Meli s ine, prelmril by W Mibkin, Eoj. Memoer of tle Rienal College of SSo eons, L..ontite of Apothe cssy'sLonmpnny, Fellow ofdti Cout Society, Surgeon to the Royal Union Pension Asociation, Lancaster Plase, Waterloo Bridge, and IPerpetul Pupil of Guy' anti St. T'homas's Iloslpitals, London. This valuable medieine, the result of twenty years' experlonee and unparallelot success in tlhe extensive and h Ighly respetable practlece of the propriety, patro nised by the feolt anod nolbilitv, and is now introduced to the notice of the American uttblic, at the earnest so licitation of a number of'gentlemen of long sud high standing in the lrolfession. It is hoimped, 0 a prelimni nary step, to cheek the evilq and fatal eousequences arisingftonm the use of the numerous and deleterious nostrums toisted .pam the publie by the aid of fabricated proofs of miraeulousaeres, and other frauds, by a set of Snteroeeoary, iunprineiplti ietenders so totally itgnorat of mtcliol sieence, that it impssible the monstrous deluosio can any longer go down with the intelligent people ofthis eomtnr. The- pills, mild and agreable oin their naure, should be kept In every fami" is eases ofstuklen illness, for, I their prompnt dmistation, cholera, ermtlls, spasps, fe'rvs and other alar.roing colplainti, whlieli too ifen imrov fatal, not !me siled.i Iv cured or pirevented. lI fct, all those who value good Iealllh, abshld never be without them. Thry are sohi' isn pockets at 5) cent, $ sad . eeach, by every respcc table ldntggislt, hm,kellrt, andi venlorof medieimn in tht United Statea I I Ie C(anadis, with COplious dti'enioms, together with: esittloiaOls of professional ability from the following emimemlt gentlemen: Sir Attley Cooper, J Ahernethy, James tlumdell, .'t. U., Wm. Back, M1. U., J. Aston Key, A. ramlpton, M. I)., and noumerous others. The originals may be see n possession of the General Agent, by whonm the melefcitt is imported into Iis e moultry, nol to whom all applications Iboragecieei SmUtll be mllat JNO. IIOLl.EIN, 1I9 Woverly Place, N. York, Sole General Agent for the United States, , e. For tale my aloillmitiient of time original prnlmrietor. I SWAIN & oIIlmimrmn, )rllnggits, NO I1 Canml atreet, I. .elr Agetill for Stailhee iif Lmmniaomm. jut 0Y IAlMoY Ite LE-l &.s.. , No . .'lgam tr soteet,l- ae i row receiving from ships Nashville, L.oisville, eitunoekC , ' gle, andl oier late anrioals erratn :e . :oleri eties, : large sset new selelted assornlten lt ids, looats, hoes anmd Brogans, ennsising oftgenletnean's fine calf andil Morocco boots do fd quality; do obutl, aid stout wai peggedl .oots o sarias oprditeis; men's fine call seal and Morocu e rl tt plonps and lrogans, bekkskin shoes, brogans ea slqpelsi men'st fe crall al kipped lpegged sl tssIald I roaans; da boottse do sltlt kip ulit wax pggei slhoes a ut brogans; tenttlcmten's best quality cnltf sewed l hchs ilgl sl and Jack I)ownings; do calf antl loroce Sekle liOes anllbrogans; io calf, seal atIt Mormce.. I dian shoes otil slic as, do calf, buff alt seam wltg; s.ow railtse; do fine tclf; seil .Iand moroeo quartt t totr; ,oys', miosses' a o childtren's p a ylle asnl t er ha ora. nsal:l . r yqilit aiill kitl. Also a general assnitla.r l of a.'s stuOlt nx and l'it trotgms atltl hoems, tog'ether ain lOtti) lEainr host tlality, rustt blrogasll n:lel ill hi clnks, male expressly for pi:ittiion uset a good as. Setmeltl of mill's fie and sltoul kill lrsesrttallg;s, a *w lrticle, and a arge quantity of an initerior lualliy r ssct alld wax lrogns. Lalies' fine calf, seal, mroeco andil grain welta, aiti pmpI sole shoes; tit fine Freoh liMaraco atiI kill kidIr ntsid sliplterst do roar. shoes, with acid woittto heels; I, calf, seal nd stout leataher t acter ; dlo lruotllla shoe. I fall kinds aotd qualities; do lastig bogans; tis tIaiter. ci ani foxed biotees. Miaes' lasting sliritng stwitItit s ga.n. Chiltlreo's colored Morceo aind laiting bri. h i anI bhots, ke. *ientlecet'sfinefatsionable black silk hats; to Ilach tt.lirab beaver do ol a superior qtulity; do imitatiton ItL ram do; bread and narrow brim meni's file tcllb ,Id i: ik Rasia alort nai ped hats, a ile aratiole. Yotiia' ;Is lze ihats olt different Iqualities; do ekilhres't. ,lm'sanil bcy's black sail drab wool hats of yetions dula pes, with general assortaellt of bo)ys' and ten's sIl eplii. 'lsi ssottnleto will ite repleniilcsitd hylhe arrivnl o' etIt ltIcktetnstr lacacesore naetIiitiea, tll lof whielt ailIlbsol iall aeeommmdating taerts. ai-itf NO MERCOTBYNOR COPriVa New Orletcnit, Nttv. 1, 1837. , BOleT six oniths agog I Ila e ti witirklue it goi a secret diseaso, for hicltl I have applied it, iete. I prs deetori for aere, andof the di neate; lirge I le tin ontie itabove dite I t ithropt ai llU g ItaIynge of .lctor cnft, aidtly cItIperthe caim of ire. l Sineet, if ris, to be perfectly cured JOIIN DEAN. fche H ly I DO CERTIFY that thile above mentoned disease is quite wtell cread to ny nawn satidsfietion, fre whichl I

thank Iar. lltet; and moaetover I uoa.ret tla the i di cite i have taken takes one fiN, dil i nt injure .,y neithh at dil; therefore I advst a me f Ilow stlerers Itt iosle lilatllld a n ly to i)r A. Illet, 1,8 Canal ntnrPet, between aI)anptl" andt Ilournl stLeetTi. Ir. Huer is at home frottn hn9 ''c k. A cn, untti 4 P a,. i'hny will frind a tre td:tr bor tllis i omtplhint. JOIIN IEAN.l, ti;ravier street. I If any one wants to uee me, call at N,. i41 I;tllvie JOiIN ll:, N. Newat Orlean. F.,) I. t11,.. f h 141 Iv Ait ieP n ih la": iinr,i t ROWLETT'S TAPI.ES OF iN'x'ERRIT: T O whilch is na w adttl,d an Avea'gt 'Tilme Caletta aor, or elhe ntkllods lis r fiullning the avtyl e tile on torgfe, lntnmes of hesubr Irillr of go aI wen ofh. c asnl nlit eifftren s dat difs ittlla t eled its, aln t'ir varinll lnolllltln Itlesillnllelt'ul antlli etntaletaukitgI Tie Ta Io tile elt thalt lare rbu llt'inaell. tir that fi gulres en pr ,due within the same cnd elest ll conlesta and size of, Irl, Ant a ae'ntiiaana in tia tank is in neanrl the feollow ing wanrds: 'leig hb distinction tlhis wrk hasn rteceived nrtmi the Ien legislative aetl prefixedn al ta tite Iaa age, a nre. oanattnltdatinn in itself, r) tnellnmmol a nd so Eonilu sive,i th tineg is necessary naote lan b way aof ad verisement, to givea eoennisedcwlr a of some of its pe cnuliaritiea: c fer insanne, the Intereast has been aompnst. edrom ,and comatred with, what is e tquiv lentto fato. teen letsl'eenhaatlnitnte, extmi tle e it the .leas titit' fine times, and tintd i' .rlter 'srntarel1ty Iplates testedi thietyt-one times, frnt at nhieh it 5ta0st ie evitdenta even to tile skeptic (esacinAlly on the ie.sanal o thie de all of ,tt inui h tie preface) tiat tle w'kt matstle e mnh .etleaily inaallible, a it in eotfirmaton oftlia n eli tae opemim ostwo hundlred atd fifnty, ollars, ius nw oflr ad for tie detecation ei all error fa eent ill thni arestI or fifth edlitan, a exnprcssed in tie preface, making five large premeaint offered for the same .ntor sin.e lie fire the pnhlicueionsin the yenr 1802. One of thn moat eolls tieuors fealtuee of the tables is inthel arrangeent of athe lime and Anlaonats, which for expedtainsa, roferena ce nttd lapieti), wih thane help of the slde and inlex, eannon be exeelled and tla salmy ty and ease with nlih ther inearasl can bIh fd lt teo eante) of gtneral bsiness, wuihotin doulinig ofl.lnls is esiders a convenienme it, esantiul, that in tihe estla tion of tome l tile moat comtpetcnt anld traeteal busi nass men and lablie offt ets lwho have made gtoat unse of tile work, it has been diastinginshed 1i at11o honoaibta' appellation effe "uatner piaee"· Anti considlering theintitaliiitly tto the metho or igiailly adopntedI i.l omtOllTing tile wnrk amt nte t lttn ra n uinaV t nuter anlnd valiety oflhetexaminations, anltests of every edilion it Irs astased in the, eotwilhstaatling the w hole is ill stereotype, ennsiderltg. in sll, a. he pisitive acneuaen seetred Ibyv the unprelaedented tlnl an emnto oad, the w lame has lnteet held o)a ana emn t.dially styletI " ait' mast womnlnfi hoonk In tile wslikt" nmost eereitltd ntt maneAn names figure work ofthi mee extent, wahiht since tile heginig of ntr't.ationt, It: hatb the li en noan bat uliad ariety nf 'iest in the aame nmnsnber of ediners no, narane halil'the tntmibe, as is clealy shownu in tile a eIsies, a test Atill t tlandal, itr h:s ben triedn:nl aet'eed it .aenrly illthe .atlanknll addlie ,luiccs ill th Untilt Stat, llalld Iv the g"tneranlly, duintig the long perind tulta'thitv'na- i',' vet i n .'.or of tha t't etlatints has eter been founditn i p'ittt, :althonngi oati..a alll' ehaltletged Ibt tilgenI'e.ol' ani Ia'ge "'.( T'he it. iltat expneahl ntad;ptedl by all tlatro.-'ts ofltat n el ,4l a ofalt e Siees s tnt ile i, i:lt e o, ealett ulatln Fnraclatnte illtel.'a," as liotn be law hi.u batk inteltet't, aaeaordinglts the Iank is usced; andi as tay e seeat in Irt, ly .,tu nanles nflal n siatibela, anid a fll, If alle snbanetullet tlteerltnees, ill the ait atia eet. ot Il ia' nokb is in inlsearsntln efevelry cohls ntitiz oll ill eve.. qtinlt te of Ilhe United itie..s. It is lnrelnee well kbown thatt, bi its renrl elteek, it has tn ofteude istend airer errnrl., lna .lfta they wer"e " made, ewen by tle mlnslt arel' antd nlosto onlpe e nrillllnnrt ici:ul.n tw ita l it sefilnless, stlld the lhsn i t: se nessnit in' ita its, have neen extentsi'lt insisted ittat. so .vidlent, itct.edl, aetn b'enl its naa;auages, atld it, snit'aga, that, lneerer yetlantgt, whiilst the first edition Swal scae, uandn ount of lbrinlt, It glaet.uat l e of secnld hawd copie s wrelOllghit fl.', soc to a geat t dial te., sand ln'erasrd :it carious ptices, as tIhen could casioe:ns ally bao picked lip at lito a $1 toa $25 per enpy, and ine apersnlls have ieen,. ' deilared' an instanert e auldtetttetl that Ithey an.lhl pay $2., $O1ln, an.t.iil ) for a ecopy, titnotto Ile had fte leas, anti ,l si.dividala ill tle latter illstanee ptaticavl'arl, t' riig at ale sate iime exhnibited sanotislateory p'aal, t nera'neal persons Ie seatlla ti i to h. lit WaS really wutlth tha at inttey and more tltnuggi Ite tlving af li nf'irs vrnalable tituc, he being a nry rt'ch ttntant ill pblic onfieee. it i likewuiewuiinahv otnt ae, t.tittt indeed pniper to imlre-. that nch in te nslnaoure of figne work gene'raly td al pcaiaily whaatl 'f thie extent Iaad inIo'nnnee .l Itteseit Iii, lthtat hatd this honk or itt like imon lRlllal.t ed ill he usual Inclrhne .]ltl2, i)% the must sou I Pie e ealtuhato' in the worlt, andI af'tc'eardts perittid mntst caulinuly mtll.r tisowa annantin ,fstio prnof alteets, it woula, Anaost to a nnrtaltt., tlyab buea snntltaf'. ibr re erallns, antd dear t any priae,a as the preface darliin Ina'l exltains. lu sit alletfcct andl saitaltle ihave tite Atereoty lpe ltlaes of thls wllrkllbeen mnl e, thlat to sec re them, wihtiteir nmereuas nttd enramdinlarv exall illa. tious,againlt fite, for the gtenea- itenfit, tb;ey are (ity adlvertisenleet) onatuantly kept in a phlean at siteeil esfdt5, exaept while u.we I it in'initlg. Aaapiedihweenlts to fi.d lotih banks Atitl satuit ltinter eat with usef'l notes, follow tine Pnfacr., ltioal, in this fith as i tihe twon laeetallg cditinns, oevti mcillaai nt - feenaltinn eonc-Tning lhe two lawful mnldes of oumI lp iug intler ts, tee days af gt ae, ice. It reamtins onlya to remark that, ntwitihstanditng tl.i Imcomn only couly wn'k, whieh wal.ablialsed iefore inltetnelst tables were in doll's asnd ellents ha yeatl anlnlanae, haseen so uxletllnsivel aaId o iberally paleeiaiaed, it la anot yet nso mneh as iaidl wilh iteaset. tee hean'v Its nf ueatlv fiur tlhnusaId dollars, beside, six Zenirsnl ait.e ftlun 1799to 18 ), I lsta.'itt t oil tleftrs etliaon of 7G11) auelies,earisig eltifl terot its ublica.n tion atatlattime, at an unler plrieel) ton sy nothlinltg f toamnlleation or elrtfilafr almost lile-thite fl care, tail, uiaul erifiee. 1 lerelt'oren e I autlho still anliel nn the disAenllentl slid generosilty'ofthe Itltlic fior a enlttilna: sane of lreferenn e atld latent;lg. Fa r sale by athe Priori) al ook s'ellers int Mt LUntiid Slater. (It,'i''t PATI'ENT' Fi(t AtltMS--Jonirecnttt' () ter ship Mis-ia'ippi, frle. N.e. York, e Itarb e ae. tuarlmant .C Pa tat' l' IfcS and belt iella, fine s.llat ".l- 5 G (i)pjAIp , t',.. t th'trl .o tle tIrl THE FLORIDA LINE From Mobile to Augusta, Get. leaves Mobll. every day at three o'clock. p m per U 8 mil boot for liasl's Landiln, nhovo Blakely,-thence four post coaches to Penontc'a--hhenco reambhoats In Iangrmlnce, wherethalund rotle is reomned-thence t via Marianne and B:nwneville, Fin. Bainibidge, Pindertow n, Haw':ainville. Saondersville & Louis. villetiAuigustr .Go, cnneclting rerularly wilth the rnil roaed cars ton Charleston, nndl the s!ean, aeeerrto it Now York, Nor'nlk, PFhildellhir, etrc. TI.:esrtelnboats are the beel for rtle service. and thIe navigation presents more advanitaes titan canl be found upon any atenmbhoat route inl tlhe south.r I ern region.. I The great improvements in tr h route have been produced by the constraetion ol fifty miles of new I road, by the proprietors, viz : front LaGrange oai s LaFayete Bavou, an arm of Santa Roan Bay, to Bryant's Ferry, on the Chattnihnochee river, ren tmire sabove Ihe Cowlsrd, or 14 nhabve Cednr lfluffI whereby the navigaoln rlol he river, and the con; t serl'neat detentionls, and mInlr recently the incnn Svelnient at the CIowforl, r re entirely iavilrid, and a fine road from tMaria.nn direrc in BllinbridI e,, insleo d I tihe rolndnlbout road vin 'hat1, e 'hoo oee. les ienin lltriiedietance about forty miles, and irlrea.ilg the facilities more thin A Alt.. Lornarh line of two horse soges every Sot,liherdy tunO I 1 tuwkinavllr, via P.rry i. lnacon, t It connecin, with thle line to Savannahi and Dis rien, Ge-. - r A mtar stenmli'ner lies regnulnrl beOweenr : Bainbuidge and Apalnchicoln. r'travellers wishing I o reallh ny point on Clhllnltnhonce or A coain, roll Inke seo;niont at I IBro svillie. Mobile to P,.osaocola-il a,,I lIRotio--l)urini tlihe timP ouenper cd I lrr repairso r nt 0.l, the priotre: tre of the Flridan line till run n hoe of hnI r lhorse poset ilreachr every nlier day bitweetl M,. ile n.d Pensacolat. 'Pnssentgers will leave M ) ile at 3 'Iil nck, p in in Ihe U S mnnil hot, inoid prol ied tt Iti ll' L 1nd-1 ini, where a four horse roacth will r in wail:iny i convey. hem to the excellent oitue oef '.r. Cha:rles Hall, II 4 mile drinnlt, where they will |iid Spleaosant accommodatlono for ithe iight-ilavrinr n next morning, they will arrive in Penesaeolra ealy iin the evening, thus tavoiding the discomfort iof a ni hr t ve.. llin . f Oilice at the Mansion iluser, Mo:,ile, anrd Col. lins' lolel, Pensareln, w here ronsr mst be .e,,t ref. S'I'O'K I't & In'. nov I PiacnIi~ciiliure~iiul.n lWilliilm l S h c lehl- is, 5 to the cn'r zens iof New 'rilniis ai i tei'eh r i f ihe i .' nn, lilie. 9lr S lIviniic been emsdl-d e evernl \evenr an ieauher ,t in, ic i- priate s nl le in B a.ion. anld ;lsorti ql evernt ofl the l'e Uin R+'IminaPies inl as~ vil'initv, emlllint [but hopu Ito nm+it their conth l, ce. Het is "permnitted t,. refer to Rev J ia (;I ., 31hBrt 6tersn &l Ave rt , It, h rson &. ;',. I",,r lIrmla ke IleP ne apply at Ill! blook.elorP eof/ Alexnder T' ,we .49 C nip t nrm 2 Drugs aid .jldicin.r. 1 Ii ...o. st i lsii ,n Ied h I.ll I\III II a ll- I tihe Inrlpo.÷ ec Iranicseilti s ceissil WhVol.e:a lirnle businss. I1, is n.w reelvinc n lul! upl. I, of Ircsh ind i nui i e nrrii les, which Ii i , l e, l I on liberal iersi Toriiy druiigiat, i nd ihosl of tlhe ilterlor, to iCI:nn.s rnI'l( h.Illnl alld IlIfhro e r': he sill off: r indllulCtillOll Riiii I s Iln' h e ne bP ie. for, heen , ilfered is hii city. IHi's incncioi do n airicily le tirnii e buinis ss. ii- t.Ie'k will soon be rill.lelie, nI iii cilhw v'eelIs will lie ra. dv hlr bItsiiness. All orders Irom. the cllllrril andi Iml merchnesn ol I i riiv, reeiivinii isuchli orders w ll h pr, pilly ate.nde I I. . oi 2 N, 39C; amp at S 1 A(I.TY -t i ll' i it+ .. lt t ln mlhi, MtI 'i .Chartre' t.tlrt. 'TheI u herieri have re eived, inea silnl to ltheir irevioni st ,k ion ihd, ai fill n ~omplet ,neiorllllent of itll]es inIl their line viz -omlbsl, pr'filll riv, JewellrVCI lIriines, loekili glisen, tuwv lrIt1iIles,,\-(; ·.e·)II~itin. ll portI. a,4l fllo~v..: (:()311 IS--Inrliacse shell, i-iiiil l! ml ilin t ckltwiiii i illed nl si, l Io n i l ro llnd, d r - i s, sidsi i rillI e lI n uld eek, BrziliaS cismb s l of every iesiiriptiou iiliiis ,vhilch arm somlle MexieflU paters, Ivory hOm I)f everY discrisseihin, ]loru, Ilreleinc ainl iit kil, InSclhr wishll i :kl-metl nal nIerln, ollt oTI,·fll ' l 1 A *·lj'ri 'in 'PERFUi1,I·II lY--Coiiilolue, l.nVrsls r, e lorido, hiiiiineI , L iy, rose, aind (rltance flower vafc rIf everyr iz(ea nldd e. - : irnionl, c nle saet d Caenler rctenrll ofi Ilrl,. I•nivsuoipiiill kindsoe o.lisei ulas ins eiiheii ucaliot bie tiiiih., I e iito n usesng llino siilte p rlin n ,I . .e9VeL,; LII~) 1iissi Wll iifilerllI~ IliTil ssess . 111111 111 li lt wellr, i isenrl p der, pesi Iril,ltl. ind hlxs no nlltInn itI an tilIrllsrre isni eho silO s too.i nlh clitu rdmelts, puisgiig iisil Iinei rol lee ofFrnellc me ro~~ rl iclan mundsetrel dollsTimi1I PA\\EL.It V· III AM) l 1.11111 III 111(11 lill~n jet ennlrpi, rict in llalreillle, k al eril ns i reii wile i uleeailtserillWielh trimnlill',i ti *IIII *n cii . . ek e llllUllFi C--(:lhth Ijis l u.+t ,eruIhIch,..rlllor, hat, unell, toolhl, ilte eilc lbu Niil, lhavilln,.i uil 1e wi telllepsl hl'ull cis,.. I) OINL; (iuAS SEN --(i erricn i l.i tic nllbel aoluc b dsulA iiiiIikesi iio, wiiih i e i 'ilr, .ll' nfu lheiui r iiilk Insi n IIiI.t t ll'l lli'i' ii inieit.llePil'dn l lts, 1lck P dluku illlil drt'.ill' t' llt ll le d irii r chii all( csn , v el)i.ll'l lici s r ,lle ,!t'e - cess 12 ;r, withi cred ith'. B Ii setD ,IIG., , .it - 4 rdilll , 'rllm kili, il. l llit r, il r e~rllyon·1, inrmlt].e I'hIIl· I u~SIXI I lllml~ldhd. withl IItl :( it, ,, Rcn d·~rt, wt ri+',I·r+, +lo tltt..llllle } Il:lut lla hl·i~ll. il, trel net1:% lndilull bettlrl* o' kilid t,+,ll- 1111l 11',+llllt,; lirlealll 1.Olmull( n ~lmivl·., ~laZ,;l- IItad FI'-i-=)lrs hllI:nIIl.'. n~edh~, pim+ .,ilv r l'+el, *rtee] alld tutmllnc.M .. iP.t[+-. eIII les, mt'kt hoo~(ks amld ;'.,llh· l. .I( '.'ari,,usn Iind. I i~itin,. ear, lsan cail rd calm+, Iphiyi lle I·'arrd, ll Ilr~rnl. • (; :r..III ._ml Alne1ri catt Iu llnlll t~tt~ lro· dldll,.+illlitrtti lln I'rit, pntl boxep, prlllltH of V,'miou9 kind.=,r .VHIIIITsll)lllr8+PIllelVVIC· Inottdllie Ilonerlldirks, B'nncy bendl net'·kht('+e., l,EIIPI)IX I<h)lY1~i ll winillllc th rl -.,r arll'op ttIeV nr waeht, Ill'rllbuttOns, I)UwIh.r 11I~. ht-t ·u ,tnd dnint set~d I~etuli, EihI ,rod +,ilvcr do(1 $InI ul ela-t ic. ..1l,.pe Il(ra alrm, dEd rter*, ])lllilllll RtIInd .wrL (:|lP~S I):ICkpilltll41t~l btllrds, dlic~e, optic·al +irl.lllCt"+m jev.'+larp~s, h)('mlbl:o nlItttell en Uild ldrillk lllg 12tllr, ,,,,il) n great vatrle tY e tl uthr £trLi ,=le.% all ol'whi.~ h will hre *+old l'in'aal a,hor'city suclt~epu .eP on 12 olnthx credit. U lJII:J. t1\M3;,.,o. I'EIit OI.ll-'.) -IU li .t I. . i .winr d SSp'rln (il, ill casks land Ill.lts, or ale IIby JAItVIS & A NI)lIEL9', \h oleal D)rllugg b t, corner C' llmon anil 'ctllo n ,r loyiee 99ull r. p rll ell l rl tic-A i ,,,ll l, rricle of cologni, put IuII 'nrielv tir the arm trade; alsol Ihe purest F ench Pi rlnolltr', llrl. cits. every variety lor tle i ollo, for s i. byt .ePt 2 RE1S & D'LA& I V l Nlistll'S -Tii., SticbrTiiee, laviniig ici ly vote.. hlili1ed a 'iieroi..l li iii r, in ew i-e:lae-, is readv to all ply the :inters awnl Illh public ioll gieerl, by whniesilelc or retail. Ili- prices iare ,. odr;.te, nI thille ll ity of hisi ii dui l lnltn rlu r i loe nnRIIy i Iiy ii lr tI, ttill pIlce. Th'ii grIalesniii i, enIIIloi II tos.pIP in lite Inu.letullrv Ii't. bhle it lhh i ialld of I'Ie it'.'tbliemenoi lt otf Ihis kind i i I',1iri pe. 1 I hoel d ir..sol to cali at the coriere of Nalchez al;d 'rt:ehpilnoul. s oin, shall be preentied with a tair sample if any varnish they ma' wishl ti Iry. t1nlllllotsi ihe verlliShs irt Ii, lcoa I.e . 1, wiirre-ei d nlo to :l ll i in a hi.i.A L iellilltuie* . The Irll+an slltlar cll t vFrne-sl wilhllltol n+ii , 1 i LoUR-i3111 aluding, a stiaenl ihi- hihpund lict'., .,le J ! t I.O ,in'. it 31,-eron , iin. 11 0 i+ý+*-,. ottI.,, olnolllP ftile;i,. ji.,l rprivltl re hb Ici 3. RE ho ,t.1': r i)'l.Ant .tG, Ibe '. o an l 3 IO;I1, T' & HIIA" T :IO1.N', (7:1 draw.,. h1 ,.U's to lxpres, his cratleul thanks in the ,pa, . I v, for the liberal support lie thns It ceived doff. c t commenced l.nsines t this .ity. Itn. a,, -o pries-rol the Feedl ,ore . 17 Common si r, , 'I e, ou. and never was a_,"lt hor in" trhtrn nrr r vender; nellthl r ois e o 'e'n.'c'ed ,lll n v hiLuot Ir ,Ills h t.o ntry- butn Ie Iles rls III, p.ublic lhatl Ill eonntioritltst cor) depititnci at i , the ,,,i bust: states-and it will lt all III lies be his l iE o', a'.- II S.he, snidy, to rie vuu in addti 'lo t. h1 es re."t nirk lsrge erivale 'ifeve.ry dtatripton,iiin llo i , arest, h of 1138: llso, eng1ltedl frnnst re n, Ir.Io t kind". 'lhepobllic my ely o1.n ilnndvg a lIu iills IIai -nent I ta every articleto i tI ecd It ge:nu au quality, sand imported direct by SWm. DINN. LbO TIHE PUBLIC.-''The underaignd. having studied under Dr. Sellmidt of Charleston, I Southl Carolina, and for some years his assistalnt in the practice of medicine and surgery, has the hoior to offer his proleosioen-l services in tlli city. lie assures tiei ladles and gentlemen that, the most prompt attention will be paid to the calls which may be made; and also oftrs his services to th. holders of elaves, being well acquainted with the diseases collmonl to thelmii, havillg attnllded them in e abugar house in Charleston. The fahous anti.bilious pills a iter thecomposition a Prolessir Sinollette, with directions, caln e beI ha ,I the undersigned. 'The eRfilt which they have produced in this and other cities, has beeoon aoterded wilh tihe greatest success, to which the best aol nolfrences can be given. "Apply at No. 166 Mlagu. -inie street. JNO. hl'LORING. Ti OTICE---The partershlip of Kelley, hlson &nCi of New Orleuien; asacn, llorris &Ci.. if Nathlcez; nd Harris, Kelley &Co., of Rodney, wua dli-solvedl cc heialc of lay last, by thle death il tSalnel A Ma.lun, ile of p the partners o thile firIs. 'The undersigled, cIrviving partnersc., ill he ichartee with th settlling and clIhiing aid ttsiniones u lillh,va: Levi C Ilarrin wll attend to tie setIllnlg oflhe I of Mason, Harris& Co.. at Nchez; and llrris, Kel.. er & Co.,at Itodnev; and Hlenry Kelliyv will atie-nd t, he settliilng of the husiness of Kelley, Mason & Co., at iNew Or lans. Tie llcnie of tle drevral irms will bo used in liqaidatiooly. T'hose i .drhtedi to Euidl fim. are prnlltrtli reqtirPe , ocrm forward and imake.rly sl'iieniell; i Ind t ho;e having claime will please pt.u i )u' t 1 wi tlt i lotiael'. l . titCN' ll h r. t1.1:1. i:aw in ;. no. Juno . 1. F OILBEAR'S Seience of Penmanship received,and U for sale at their permaneet Writing Academicle No. 8 Chltres I!reut, New Orleans, 18i nroadway New York, )aaphine st., Mobile. It is particularly designed I " private learners, and sclhools, andl ia calculated for per..ans of all ages. Ladies and gentlemen are invited tocall and reamino the system for themselves. Lessono are given at sech hounse as may euitthe canvenienee ofall, and to claiser formed in any part of the city. Ladies wto nrefer itcan receive !esans at their own ref sidencee " l'. .,na pa.oin n orse ofleranoa re lesirad o a 'ttctl " e.r eta ellaJtlevwO.Tl. . hit . llBOTIIItR. ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, F,-R FEVER A.n AGUE. T EN years have not yet elapsed since it was first regularly submitted to the public; but it has attained the highest reputation; and has sup. planted every other medicine for the Ague, wherev. or it has been known and appreciated. Already hine it boon carried in every direction throughout tile United Staten, and still realies imare than could have been anticipated by its mot sanguine friends. Thousanda of persons hiave not only been relieved, but rectored t ' herlth and vigor tlhrough its agen. ry: and tlhey now cheerftully testify, at every op porLunity, to its derided and supreme efficacy. It is composed of such medicinal principles as are calenlated to renew the healthy action of the storm achl, liver, and other important digestive organs, I the loss of which harmony is the immrediate cause of the disease. It is apparent also, tbat it produ. cos an entire change in tihe condition r;f tIe system. and certainly destroys the native liarrility to relap aes of the affection. When the A gie is attended wtith any other complaint, the envploymotent of the Tonic Mixtu-o will not interlbre with tihe treat. monnt of the other di-rase, liut .ill even afford as irsternc by furnishing strengtfl' and vigor to the I ndy during the course of traIltmient. These who Inlke use of this miedicin$ may be assured that there is no Arsenic, Ilarkfe, Mercury, or any other article in its composition/ uifriend'v to the human conltitutioll; being enl;irely a cegelarble extract; and they nmay haive t dditronal confidence in the ae thereof, when th'.y prereive that it ha the ef fect of a gent n ixative about the time half a hot. tin full has been tak rr--in coesrquoelcae of which, there is no part of hie mcdicine, left to linger inl tiO bowels to cas obstructionsr, and other evils, arising iarol tie ua of Imany of the remedies now olftred for the cur of tills alainetion. It lias been Sretn n at e , n . p- til, by in.ry t twhl were sub je.t to a pitrloricl nrc..lrrene of tlne Chills, and it iha rlv.riably warIded oi thne apprehended attaea. l)Obseree! tie Itopritntlrr, full catislied nithr the ettirar liclied a.rd univeersal .tu CCess vraiil ebs CUoI vtnatlr tatttldd r ltinettpnit allatt.renlar use of tie .',ia .ixturee, iill iteasvsn of Ee,.r ae d Aguoe, !ivfls warratr·dr inl eJg.rgilg to r vftnd,,rxe price to all tIrose who havIe tabn tire tmedicirne il »trict ac cordanrc with the ire>cribeid directions, vitnhnout having hie p.erfictly and lastingly cured. The subseribers are the whaloealeagents f) the oulth Wstern Stlter, land have now on Ilrandnli. ty saeri of thit medicine, which is warranted Ir".ei ande geuine. for siale at thei nranufcurelneed pri es J.111\ IS & ANeIIIt1"WS, n Wholtelte I)r.ggiele, - o',:-_7 - r r _ , trrtnr t cth.t. tr itittrn... earuc.. . I 3lissevzjtpl antal Loistntna lHtel, RS. MARY KIRKLAND respectfully an. nounces to her fretnds and tile public gene. ally tllat she is prepared to accommodate them at ic abover estullibshment, and hopes fri m her !xertions to render visitors comfortable, to receive a continuance of former ,lfvors. Site feels eonfl. Iit lthat per:nns visiting Covi.igten during tile uritteir one the, ca nnot find better accommlndations than she can aiford them, on mere liberal terms. iHer Ihuse is pleasantly situated, and well supplied with every convenience; tie bar is tIurnished with thae most choice liquors, &e. in short,she promises 'at nlthing shall b, wanting on her part to give tire saisalelition to all wrel may patronize the fississippi and L-'nisiana Ilotel. je3 IiULiLhW jtA|E. A 001)WOOD SCREWS, SAD IRONS, &c. /IIE IlolWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. I 238 Water, nealr leckman street, New York, have received tile past eaison, and are COsr.tantly receiving large and extensive additions to tile lock of the above goods, whwhi now consists of thle allowing asstnortnt, suitable for trio southern and western markets. iollow ware of superior quality, consisting of about 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 22 difitrent sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettltcr, 15 anzes, fronll 3:8 to 30 galemts, lettles, 15sizes, fromU 3:8 to 18 gallols, B tlip ens or Ovence, 7 tll'ritllt sizes, Tea Kettles, fi do Ski;let-, - . 5 do Flit Spiders . ft do Covered Spiders, 2 do )rttddles, . 4 do Fire )ogs, . li do W\agon iox' fromn 1 1 4 to . 3.4 inches. t(.,nt it,. 5 ti 7 in et . aoodl Sc-ew. , t0.itltt groens, iron and brare, from :8 Inch, No. 3 to 3: suech, No, 24 of ai superior .i lily lllt ftiltt , anld lI s thanll Jallle's imlported S tl Irone, asserted, in cab. e of ablut 500 lbs for T.alor's and hater'a Irons, assorted. S:,h weights, 1010 .tons, assL ted fromtt 1 4.4 to Illcls for PIeltations. stealmboats, chulrchlle, &c. made to order, Also steanllibeats and other machinery made to .trder. T'Ie abolve assortment of goods is particularly recolnnlended to tnhe attention of Soutthern aid Westercll Inrchlants, anld are oflered fir sale at low prices, anld upon Iiti mosilt Itteral term ; it is be. lieved to be the largest and best assortment ever enflered for sale by any ono establishmetnt in the UnIittdi States. Merchants, by onrwarding a request by mail, can ihve a pritretd circular, with descriptlin of goods, priceanud terms, f-om which no deviation is ever i amtde, lnrnished by return of la:il. All orders will receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. je3 I. I nc r.,n'a P c.ifsn..-i's. Indian lDye, for eloring IL o- Hier ; Bear's Oil, l1iie ent's ieese., pilcna lts, Mi.chaw's Fre. l\\' h, suplerir p--iril Ipiwder, III p wlltiie,cream ,I Iss,- vet'bnlh ou, t o, to t t ros., lip sulve, kre,-eB ,pt Iro l w lash, clblnnll' d ,iirluice, oranmig. Il ,.wer wa inr, I der pufltf and bnxe', A nl rllan c:llhar l, ne.'lly ut p i Illlr itlllncce ials,l Prea. I,,n sa.l s, r ,I ,) ,e, kre,)sl e 1tolh a. hei drps, hair bai- i . E l i sIl dr.,e.eicit ciol , sInd ian h-ler l,, wlltl a vllllly ,)f olier perlll, rirs, & e. Io, r sa ,b C. .I. TRINCIIARILD, o P' 3 cornlr of C( u ll and i rII r--n. s HI .\'I1'-I: c",'F: drab RL:ir, Iahat, yarinh n oq qmill l l brnd Ii I. n ad lw i:rowns Inndig fiei ship St. l.n is, t.- -sle by I 1111111; .. .," S131 \1ngazine lee gn' 'r Ult-. - il:r' (lgiiingi lilll .leninullll, t hI Ls)II N I l,),l, er sale by G I)i)IseR1 'i', 111'.7 aI NIw i.eyp n 'iill-,: ,ncrir r, -As- ,ir le pxtens-ivoe ouina of \\ .'-. lt trl pocket Solheield, rnibleand, have JUslt r,,ived 1 teu'l's cxm rci al .et ad oti r emsl l elnm istins iof Iun1l,c iint. l Mi)css,.rt I ives n . l-.i d.ic .rl io, Pei-n, kI bIenI. lil., Id l ll ter p int ai r i enll id; |lllr R lo Sc - ,)e. ts.: l aw,,, s 'limis, &L e. &. . m c ... hi, llShiet nret prep ared o w oile poi ablehn dessrd, I-. dcrenin cald e o:li past • ill I l m i Id,' n . alcn I g Is I co linue tone. 1Il; J. I. I).W IN , A CM() II.' IP f(niminn oI. Sill sm Ni I T'liI'i & CO.-Ace eni vai ielting i . a' ishi , Il l -ille, 5, ., lr"ev Alilvhew-, High aoer i o icl iaid i(e cm'n" dsoll'n head cl-ainurils: lel.-ln e lli -,iiad lall. in p cstls bliiC riillfl.and spli cIssin)lt c )p: cplii ltluldiic-i nmci l lis, ilznlc, I.nll vrm; (;illrtl 'a c.lllsttercial wnd othe steel Jc mens Vin nisi n sp mic; irill l!s; sh ll i lll s inl ci ihn r nllna ; a iliurs; k, ea :lIll h~:uthcr IarIc . ; hc ir bllids, froll an.i T eieiiiiiiliiiiieigi.eo n p oo meriin mtFech' ciinc Watircs, alkhl s o cass erll in l l;l mtatcni i;illel e nori qlue lilekini.iinl:lll:id tiie inlcsisevs; collnve Inirlvv is; op Cl ;al. o i l s view s; llll:l i I.i i ) hell( Ind ai lllbmei ..llillcoel; whi l wine; oli let' pad Isiink niplsl;il tonilet ll.uril'r, c . l ti c waill hlls; s ueella e nl ni sOllivns puol sta:lllds; R e.sw c hi.nlOlli lnnes Lhad cIhains anr a -;e"IIla I honliL;alllzoI sCinaI; fin: and crommn o .ar tI clnstnie illn lI.ce , glaleri dsllll clls useciiir in.tches; sil actr einilsi; C'(,teol.a, dce. &.e. 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M •Ver a iP' Due every Sunlay, Wledro sday aby ny of th" C Fiday, by 5, P. 1. bamas, e every lonnda., W.dneqda l.and, 3antd Slurday, bv 9, P. 11. Thel.okeaMail e every l'uedn, Thursday, a j Satuda , viyS5 P.M. Closes every Monday, Wednteday - iXjRESjS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL, IEPARTUIftP DISTANCk &e. ofthe Express Mail, hnlw~ar, Mooili and New York--leavlng Mobile dxil' at 3 P. M. Northwar Now York daily at 5 P. M Southward. Arrives Arrive Northward. Distance. Time He lum'l Montgomery. Ala. plm. 19 m'st 23h I nm. Columbo, Gta. 114 81 91 3'a.m Milledgeville. Ga. 2 133 141 21 p. Coumbia. S.C. 74 am. 13 17 11 taleign, NC. 51 215 22 '12 WVarrenton, Va. 12 m. 155 r Petersburge , Va. II pa. 83 10 9e. m Htiehlnmd, Va. I am. 21 3 6. Fredlericksburg, 8 67 7 ip mA. Vashingtlon city, 21pm. 61 6 a laltimna,, 64 38 4 01 Philedelphia, p am. 100 11t New York. 2 Itm. 90 'i 1305 141 I3. hor 51 23 N orthward. ComingSnnthivnrd,tlhe time is aix lour bee; beineg5days ad 17 hours. 'l'lN RI Uiil l.AI.ytEXVAltills.' i ANAWAY' frrrn li69 Csrssssrlet esrnsr of Ilevir E Peeasssn the nights of WBit f As.1 t, units was seen lthe nxt a ninginln I's raa strests at negros hy naamedl CIIAIIl,:it, albot 17 years f aeowl Sfee or thereabolussssis In'rirais, versrblock, nodll hoessn ised intent in Iis speechs, l'n of his loan is sore, as"'sssnrist by a recent surt;heihad ran stlien hne went uflo ' n wshitm Mlaters of rss's-ls osl Wsesant bossts sre cawti',5sd   pinot rece~ivingr or lunhoring all rRtid nesrn, as w ell as all othler cacao"'r, on the e rigoulr of (tlse lass will ha tsgarr id against ist.ltm. IThes"h ' rewasldwill he psis fsrsrlivestoig hint iCotas se f she jails of either sftla. tsssaieiptsitics,or at l69I Csrssdcls corner of Ileri. ________ 'apt 1 )''l'(hE- ''lse C coI'55rC5'rClsjlslsretshise tasting asndelretlh firm osftDubos &. (snrretassa atobeer dlissolved. 'lbTPh ahhaceisee will lisqsidate, tise allairs he easncern it this city, anrd reqssires all sw "ans indes. sd t omake tsssymssnt to hiss nlassy, Cd all thssehavinp claits, tos sres'seatemsfs r lieassslueass. sssg e-l't II tAIIIIETSON CAPTAIN hi lt ~i 'tArt NEW NOVEILS Rsvttln the Reefers by tIhe sassIlhor at Peter Simplsele, Cunasnintgs, or C Vs sster Ct SchIess Ilai~fselsl , I.osa avsten, by Calstais Ll sil Ilall, IRC7'l Nary, F. IC5'r Rssldssao a romance. lsb' Allans Cusnninsghm,l IO Shrpesesd Ies, writtens bsy Iiself, in Ci vols 1 Lsnsdsnrndsssss Ixtlorgsssj hstlys, trssslated from original Italssss tey NSltsssis'l (ireen, in I vol. Visr ruinlg Nol. 7:)i Illrpsr''s Faily' Lilsrsar. Vnls . i & 4 al' thle nsaw sssslsessisd ssssifsss'st n edision sof sli srshsslol eisss', llssrks. RogI5 r's IFronds/ ssssl Esssi'/ish Irtslieary. in I vol, ge. Nai sl Fss',srh noss EJslish Distioary. As.s-A- I;e o's nsse 'l"5pir''uf Cssnbsle5, l'lSnoC gy "RietIvi." lo'nsss,''ssse Sur r', ('sssssssisee afsssprrissr s ss itr, wit lls c;, Blsllissrsd Isslls'It.l 2 s4lnd 2I 1-2 insh.. (,isltsso's imssprosssd sssrlelie t's'ss,)npast'l papprs, aeights &ss. her. &. . In 31 -,s eevd dfrsl y TENJ. LEVrY.--- -- EY * "_ BIENJ. LEVY. DINNO(' :I('S 1[ l1VIE ) e I)ITION OF DR 1 olniormitlh' Ab r-,;o' ctno of tho llitory? of to bhiclo ins prelixred nl tes!roduelion to the etludl ltriualn Ilisorv, and o ori a vtriotyr f vfnllnble infer trotiro added -tihroughlrt rhe wook, on take Mannere oistitlion oord AIIItori itiri of rthP atioons; wois alr - erntls biographirl-l id historiol Noter; and .sltee Tlillof n or exl lllllliO lltlto llree lrf ech i eeolinI II. hltrtel wirle thirltollrav il.s on wtood, by Abtertoa I'txn..ocr'. r hqir-tedl Edlit ofOr irtiolirr's Itiustror Ot I'igl td ll t, ro ite I ni reto of Jt lin Ctenr to rthe derthlll of t1corrge 2l, with it tere intlll iu to tie yea 18:12. Withlorm'l. . tIre exa nation at tIe erd,. each retirlo. h-h. Iteia vnrultr- orf valllroly illLnfrlm liuoo added tllrilghlllll lthe worl. Co.llrtisig of table 'rrr eergoori z rdterrorero.e of coatn lpl'llt."* * re ll ne e aninn yereons tile ' atitot , &. o l. rl r. . i I eral o(lo' I:.r:EMurT .o A notnl'or), r , aood ncn Aorhldmen of Keiti's New nTreatsoIe (,r Iore o of iiliben. Ne Aoeri' anr edition, w l !h ar i ll 1i o ltrll 'sltv nen ltl e l rixpntr r rriro f thre rtruiuol part rIthe A. Jaht rerleived ond foir sale hy \l rI'KIIAN iiov r1 c rllr r io CIIItIe o l sld r lt lllls forte IIr1 trl CIrtt rIr trl t, b Pillr IpItr;ll t~ ll ) o f), witne IH Olu li.ter lw' rre ing ..r... o f earir a td hlr.. n r..l y lr J -,crl-u , 'rlror tlihin, r)rvdrl lmAd br Cl Sttll l , ;lml ri irrll 1- ilNie, orVlllll, trani , r & i o t d I tret n wllolt t Ii e i tt llo i f Tiagol-' 11 -rner tlnirrl orrmatiar,e M rrfe ontlet oilvonri-orwor p w ndo the rrlrter t ptirns irve ittotrs, morll air .r o lr t ilrls en t ntro, tale by Chrrings .rth is, veoandar ston, plaier end ir Rof"lla.ror' r (' ulIe. bre ar no ier Trhy, I:xpdih~n t"n I]f 1 l' 3tb, t.INtl I' , Ar SinHlotr, wto llhe a ller ir s, plh,.id by 111.e2of h o.Is n e, Esq., llu w ean tll ,il r ate I an r ustllsa Iby I! ru k a nttki TEIIF iglan'dy; a utrot,r ir. r ih r if "Stirn"itln Ma.y oile uer.,iu ;. " &.CW., .,w edin ll v l . 2 vo I Iu,,pl, eru "o ' are tlhs rk tlr s )as ul h omit r , red Ofi ,ly, :' Ielhoi- (. -C. -Lu . inhinis , do.n SJ 'll"l ut clo)lll "w , ll T t r I r orlo ro ' h, .r rte , 7 loc~1 1: lr sP.. • , ri1r- Mllrrp c bof irorIl vite,1 f t :teri ieo II(r), re-cr t bne i T 8 , hr iro rr r'rrnl: ,- b it otort, rrl o te lIoo ,..tiolt-orir- fu rl r i, he ire irrll !rrn'rr otrlry ore ftlre Y rist P,,rtrr, rr, Fr )0i , wh lSt,,n, a l elegene slutiA,.' l' hnir If ,'v+;0, ir rrrislr br-ad, buh.kb hee Bl l, tte tr'I r -'.errr Mlo-nesio-iti Airupeiene ..a r rltl nauln lod p rn" L rrtr, lliv il dyirlt p pel, or ini.. slnltn. flier i1+ 41,, rIrhry, tIlcdrrre-eP he radache olrll '-l Orle r r.,lli.i', hI lroual Ci UI r ntlllII?,ri er at. Cnrlpe ler' IF'lril Rltret onf sarsaparilla o rlotrrrr I,Irt .hr , Ir , it d,, arnd cr nnll brrheh r ue. swfiunl'l PRl' ] alfo o .rr llr-rrr , ; lirriebh re lItriolm rr 1rI, Opr,,rhlruc, r c, Rclinro Ld L rqrlr l. jirllb nllnld GIolnrover piem t ooth brrihrro N S Pornl 'Ot enrttoie rentric Ite, crlroe trorth wal th, oloder llp'rfe nid benre, Pmie'lIrs cear,rI i nrcl,l ce, chlorine enth wash Sowde r lulfso ond oh ollt, proreonii scelted ell lndi il ot lelle w.,.'r, po . lilnr lrt t rrent de Peres, ,)neno iRaoer, rO,'o, Ivo er and Floridn wn-err I he bet qrlires, Io-I lndle ioo acssar Oil, Oild. r-dl''s Iahnhi .i.Clunl, in, ber', il ,i vanrl elty of Ilioer tiln lll rrhir in cliee, lonrlirhbe tr.i nthog inle iperlpn ir r Ile lk i ikh, &o-. Sperrm aoti reoI,,d olwtle ol. flnv'tLinoimOer A Ir e s h ii t+:f ,nll e l t, nIro l htl T h r nl, ,l r ,o ' r r, , n S e e Iill I. reoo h itt d rtd hlrr " rerlntrteon i Mnienl he tt lile o to hy ltobto-nl rl il rh r holC le oI ftr rati n eo o I'e" lfld ft "'- ti t n, I R eiie l oI , b rle, I l i Vege able+ IExtract ,Illdn1r o ro a t Itner eil tll'rio Wlsd lel nd ir u inirer or t, tlll llr lll be triken wtll the rri lrin safe tele i b, Ihe tender ilfutr or need invalld h pre venlts ret.lpel f, hr dllal. .e i lae lI lye ,0v ih e nvtll - tiue noun rcguis its Ir ited l one aI d e e orv.r. It enlIhor hSht, o -c ra o ,llie no id t r phlnit ben invs grt o in IJiofn calilar i o hlliba ti pro 11at vequalitt h oi rlpme inrd t I tt bo.vrl'. 1h. inIrnae th(" is 1aiiHrdei.'Iletut crlilalle otlcriersrc. but toiiriily l.e. The deveral or guts ohf diteri-to rfrlirdl , t rrdi rendii felSe osn.i wIl wihaenller ollh, r all;!l' l os it n I he o tppressed. In oividuals, ti oert t ih rlee ,lf 'hl olib ' iot lnre e hai eeot ex r --oed t e rl the tiri- ctusis of aie direseti tleir ofrer-iirrpe -i ally ynititrsr.efrntrolr iereoail riy, th.euir d t crn-rrn rrem ndies, there in f lweys d r!Be ted tn r intrieard hor- iln t r-te r rcurr e. Theo dange 'lb freqliet oelas r 'ir tre Aguei ro ted ngrote rte for the eltoelo will st ,-ir t.nn b ie tor muca proehale tr lie narle to reiat.iir r- e lhin, r:li'd o ierdily 'r ira ir lir. tiee -o - ch t..le.sni Violen.e TiheIrolrthe ,iXtUle ia t p, h r in p'every fine!-so t'l t he idr at d drer titute Ate lo very rieca in t I swedity. JfYr A .REWS, Lal, t r, ,WlrkltrePhiladelp e tag• ig, The lnsoicrer ar the whreolesaleog from .i for tae eire il Nw terb, andl will srpll by heon etrnetl en h Iphid a g pneraices. nr o be ll d'f lbl Mntletil o m Aode tfho heali Eyin ti Itlin, ih md Areren rrbe Ano, lolrlnene&, Tombul and tories il ew, norlde and in will keep constantly oil, marble facings, ihearths anlld boundary stone, plaster of Paris, Roman &a Ilydrulie Cement an d Pleater. i ( lair, togother with a splendid aimnr.ment il b ass mluonted and pliin Gratea and tRunia Iron rates of the nworest ad illo.t approved patterne. Lettering done in tihe neatest maniner and at the tret putlce. Th'rey hoave first rat workmen to wa olre work. 'AIPF " AIN & STROUD. q1_ ft.ID.L'S NEW WO)Ri,&c.--Thl Amterican ", England, by tih authorof"A Year in Spain," in vlunllles. Norle Dleedsltf Women, in 2 vol.e The Yonlltg Wie'r Roh,k a Irnutlal moral reli ns unll. drnertic dutiaes, SJust reeiverlo and for-cle by WIlM. M'KEAN. i' ) ' "l ,h.'I i !a ,,I,-l I.oli< 'I; Plnh; -ti:'do. '. 10 1 i ,R h : t'0

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