Newspaper of True American, August 15, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated August 15, 1839 Page 2
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linrL* - Jdi i* * t - i* In connetinn with thiis O)ice is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE rm '::G rSal.TINo ." lamphlets Dian" Chocks -atal0gues Bills of LtsiinT Zaa' el Dray Receipts, L-.'Oa, ti. , Auction Bills, ý Fo s, Showen ill. 1 AMand itry docriptlon of Job TVork thtll may be requir "e r irtiue ChamIber ofNC aeumrre. OFFICERS FOR THE iYER l.iY9. President, S. J. Peters. + - o. . A. Mel e, IEsq. (GorMs ee of lppJlr foJr 1.19. alme s ick, Jof Apa e fI. 1everi'h, H. .'Cantnmack, Ahijahl Fisk, 1.0. .Sorle,. n .olsr Thsplnpsst . CIUhe of Arbitration fsr the month of Maty. JtIdlll .dtlertan. John C Htrrlson, (1. W. Hnntisgt,s, Wilieam Ilonlkino, Eaoch Hyde..Jr. P. A. lHardy. Joschim liKohn. Mail nutisae. _ Ie O re Eastern Mail is cised every dy at 10 o'cl-ek.A. M. Is due evrlrydy ot 4 P. M. .e Lae fsil (via Convingtau, La.) is closed every ,;io y. Welnesde.y sand Fridly, at 6 ocrluck, A. 9i. Is dsi every Tuesday, Tlhursday, and raturday, at 5 P.M. no Louisville or Ricer Mail is clored every Mon day. Wednesday, snd esatnrday,- at 3 P. MI. Is sent ua~renumned by steanboats. Arrives irregtlarlv three tihee week. t'Ae BylSara or Coat jfal is losied ererv raas. o-.a .,doy, - nt. St. ir sent adtnn sturnre dlesbtdria or Red River Mail is eant irregu a-id rseumboast twice a week. OtUIVILLtE OR II ER IAIL. y and Close ot 8 o'clock, P... " Saturday, COAST MAll. Tusatday nd o Ci Oest Ro'cIck.hP M. CARROLI.TON tIOItEL. n AL' D hnihas n leronor o. fi.frning .t [,. ai cl sad thi puhliu in genesars, lint he hIas taken the HoItl at Cerrollton, where h. trust he wilt receive the alla of his uld frinsds and all lovers of inod cl Fr. Privst paittre will be .ovded for by. "lving alittle'notie Icrse l nsiunI its. Hs sillity to rten m1ule nrugeteats aith failiilits or individntls deoLironlo ofpunla r ti ae s.nlAer at t.tsrroli tun. A M20 SdeArrangemlt to ommence trr t .1 gsust 1839. NEW OI1LEANS lc CARR IOL'TON RAIL ROAD SUMErn aRRANYnsoIfrNTS FOR THte W .Ele bsaYS, o rotl Crlloi"t. h t ot Nr e Orlelss. ImelCrnti4'relseks AM. More Crt 5o 'slthk A MI Ls a. I I S . I " P.5 l 4 - -, . T eare will lesave at the smeo hnur. aa ill the woek dots nall I oeluck, P.. h ile. aLoctnomtive will lrasseo arrulllonl stey hOllr, entil6ok'cloek, P. M. OnIsd Nes OrJlea. s eoesy bour eassll o'€leek, I. It. After 10 o'tcltock hbsno enrcnn boes nlsinrd by navine 5 ,lot. lanur tr le Triop ifrsled frser oeno I n'clock, P.1. 10 dot. lau wtill ih chnrled. Pesonsseoa', by the Steam Cur muast provide themsrerletn w-th Ticklate, u tbe eond.tor Ilss posu.ive dsrections lot to .cevle maoney in loslt thereof. Par the tccomodation of persons visit;ng Currollton. in haS o'elok a.r.and who mos not nwish to remain thre sns all a' clock thlse er that has, Ihretufors left Carrolltoll st 6 'laki, willremsaln until 0G o'clock, therlbo nllostg Ithem -se hourtoeejoy she plraosnn walks iss uss Os h most ,,eraiJat O Aes. in the ritrd Stnts,. THE JACKSON AND ItAClIt;I yE STREET CARS Ltve tile head of Jeknsll street at 6 o,'clock.A. .. CMns,5 ert nt lfib,,'clockt sl rund hosrly. As 8 s'cslock they will omonce to leaverr each nnd every ha.ll ln, until PSi no'loEk, P. I ,xeerptieu that isloarsl o lroeolo Cansl stsct at 81 o0' lok. tllr c'lr will leave tllro at 9 n' P.M. l'It is parlticularly requestld lhan etloemen will not pat ahnir feet onpon the cushions, or smoke oin the casr, when Ladie are presenll. Olce News Orlesas aod Carrolllon Rail Rond Companoy, JOIIN IAttt'SON,. july Sith 1839. Chief Elg. N. O C.R, NEW ORLEANS (CANAL AND BANKING CO, TltllE Iron Sutsssbost Rebeccan will leave athe tinui atti he nhead sf the NVw Cunl, ever"y lav, (exceIst Mondorn) for ise .nke,a follows:s "Depart at A. Il. I tRetlurn sat A. It. I ot-.5 "j Idi P.Mt. as P.M, ,, . 4 P.1M. s 5j P.. I i P... And on MONDAYS: Depart at 10 A: A. Return at 12 P.M. S 1I' . " 4 P.Mt. may 28 t. CHEW, Coash. MlAYORALTY O' OF EV ()-IhI.-EAN. lI.tIE price of flour It day lsrisg s O Gsl psr barrel . s according to tihe ari'iF, tisu a:sk.sR will gir. :,o2 ounces of bread for ten resns. slhrisr Ii. weerk biegin nias onMtlosdaetsext, ltc iS at. Ther 1,anrs ofare. onf quality, or of three fssr ten cents, shall eigllh 5 per ent utare, thllt is to soy, 40L olle.s. july261. _ t. GE'sOIS,.Mssnr. :1 . - __m..m+. e- D.trat |heis. Chaleton,. Ag ..., 1 ........ Sno utr, do............ I ricuu. u JV ..... ..... Philmdiltpl lia do..... ......3 I touokill, ln..... ....31 ltiman e do ............3 a t r u s. oug......... 4 Saalnlak. Auc...;.......: I ovnoo July ......... o "llston (TeAu tl) July .... 31 r r l o, ........... Bsltn., A.g .... do..... " Lf ndhn, d.. . II ahs e July .....I .......0.I ,ro JJ ye. ....... ... ' PH.t' OF NEWO ORLEANS. CKLEA lAN S0. AugBII 14, 1839 . ISchtAlonzand,, .ind, GOalveolton. 1 too Sehr Blstollt Packet, Hinkly, Galveston, Mlter ARRIVALS. AAugtt 14,13.. IUmer Vandalai, Durst, fin St Louis. EXPOtt. T. GALVESTOIg..FPe Iher Alexander..Cargo sundry lois pork bacon, grind f tones. flor,, altkey, lottpo o. wriu, eordtial, lo, pourlr. V gelr. Oslo G glas, po alt, brandy, po.u uoI , r n erri, ill and mercbalsdiseo. .............. Pet slr Bostoan Packet-.Cargo 3B caske bacon Si) h loour,. 1 Il Willos. I1 do tlhircmo, small Iot booke; iron, heddmgn dry goodse, furniture, eo.anl and corll. RECEIPTS OF IPRODUCE St Loule..Per lteamer Vtsdwlis..Corro I task bacon Mt. "ued and Bigteon, IIlot merchaldise, lla & tingl 7o pigsa lade hxlttnerctand.o, 766 srtek torn. Godfrtey I.urlo &, Slall, I boix merclhsdile, Cottnoly Elder, I bole buflalo rqbsu, 4c. tIEMHORANDA Milsstippi low and falling. WORKS ON l SILK. A CO3IPI.E'IE .to oIIillle I thot bout workot t he ttllllelr nt ItiH IMulberry toid ilk it-lnl0. IDnndol., on willts worres. I)'lleotntrgosi . oilk cult't rist's nluoltt . Clarke ton the MIllerrv. Cobbi' ma,,al of the !l\tbcrrv Itree. Kendtick't silk urowlrs ntuide. uIitemnorh tol the Aulllerry antd silk wor1 . Rolrtso tnilk ou c. E JO)llNSi & tn, Jb2w trltler ft. hree CrleO& lnlllO t st Lehr 1) Huoty and lfor sulte ly J. 'II.\l-tR. & 7CO. a£g. 7. t'ovdrne street L O),1" :'UA(;A --1'_ I IJs ill , Ifr II 4P'il : h -v L ug3 ...I TII.\YIR & . 74 l',ldrua at.t UUGAR HO)U.SIE .\ )I.ASS"EF...--+I Ihuores t tlSre fur sale Itt JiiAi.R & CO.i u g3 _ 71 l'o1 vdr11. '-.Oi -151-1 hrr-re~li thulrfinrc (l'hTr, l in U sttore, fiOr sool by (i I(RSF . 4 New oo ie ,. wl Ar)-111) kegVi.ol,, o ,ot , It r .l .it b' .os 8 ( x- 1 h l 1toc ,II New o lt-lne IPEdF--n 0 bfsrin rme and 20 llf! rlo Ans., it tihe U aPI NY iAGo--o 5, 000 for s;ll e Ibto V. . l. . jft. S &JP Wil INF'. 73 Ctp nal -WALVAIILU III.- - I.AOVFltlt lit.-trd tul o'ecr'o V NHg.t,--l h Vonl. Peter's Repor lrs. Jat received and for sale lat E. JOIINS & Cos. aug3. Nt w Otireanu , Sitntioelors hallo r landing fi'nm Paketshpl :hpubama. Al'plv totle Jplacin o bolard. one tier below tIe Vegetable ar I Afrca nry n nry tofl the ctte ltyn wi, flBsrished in the Reign ol Gno. the 3d, to "loeh is ntled renmrkn on Part, and all -ppendlx, y HIenrv Iord Inouglam in vols. i Wke'rhen of PJlic Characters, )iseanrte, and Fa -yI'Afo B UleT to addeRd a Il lisrtarion oo the elouut .to ftd3 A4rie,,ts Ibv Sturv Lord BrFitlm n 2 i nls I JII re eivedl ul.d.|or sale by AI.EX TOWAINAl SlI).SI" .,. s 'J ('antp street -j- Chr' t;ilira. Ior sale only by Rces i 1);alluer, and at Ph lra'se IIuseum. All I tree ,rn au n ms consisit of the most aplen. did specimeae ,,f orthin,,logy Iroo Europe, Asia, Afri allca antur ,,wn country. Approv, d nles t 0 days will c be Lnkrn o L OLECKE ,S CO.. No. 8 I"out Levee. have in store " Iarge and eloenaive+ sanrtment o, 1". pe'r and r All BUTT'ER--I6 kegs ladhing fore "stuam :' ·bona Prairie, for sale by J4-A TRIER, 24 G;mvirr et V 9 G r)ORSlEI, Neu Levee i ,mu-~ in .... TIlE TiUEB AMEICAN. r-AITI Ult AND BOlTD. Off[iiaL .$olranal of the 2b Aaut(cipalltt.. S... . .. Iv -. .: -.. . . Daily. Tri-WVeekly & VYeekly. t flit ERR l8EAi N: THUSI)AY, AUGUST 15, 1839. p --- b MaIts., &a--3Mr. Preeillovo'a mail did niot arrive yreterdoy' we consequently hve no niews froin tile aust--none fron the Westabout theI ela:tiinsn, which, by-the-by, wa.I not in tend to give until Ih WVhigs are triumphant, anlld the oro's t done crowing. Nonnfrom the snnth, and that's fnot strange, forl ailsior n n nt ils, we are seldom mnliued. enlightened or informel from thatquarter,--nd inole from tile north. whrch t at mildsummner oppears to he ill frozen tip. Sn we have made our paper up of nonsene--excuse us, me don't oiefa induhlgo NILIs.--No family should be without ua Iupply of thi arti cle, at the presenttlme. A storm noilllneed btewing yester day, and by to night or to-morrow it will hanve gnlllord wrath enough to burst forth with fury, then Inails will e niecelsry to falton upold wildow ahutters nnl broken doors. Ve don't the ellnilhlu editor of the Bulletin, to tIrn prophet, and prognosticate n.event after it has happened, but we do think, that the prisent state of the wonthelr indientes a storl. We turn next door to the Methodist Church and sotlenly wish tatthatthe wardens, lders and deInns of that beautiful sperimen of Egyptian architecture, a ouhl go to thi expense of a few blals oftwine to lye the slele tillt. so that it lany not fall upon our hauarnnd crush all our hopes. After 10o'clock, last night during thi lie ivy rain, our atten tion was attracted to our ni indow by the clanking of I:lhains t. --t.h I.o,i.,i ,,..f.. o lcot tanicipnlite, cnrrying oat somei peanr followtto tild hIosplln---may . never ride such a carriage nor place a fellow leing on one to tnke a ride; through storm or broiling sun-I would rathe walk. All i[n the famil.-W\illiam l.tjmueeim, Esquire, for merlysugar planter, ilitely a brickmtnker, and lastly n director in the Citizeln's onk, but thlien, now nid al waya It thnrough going Jackson anl lnn IBlren man, ha nneen appointied ',sit astonr of thin tite ; at leant soi ailth Mintet rThomn8s l1dell, D)istrict Attlorniy of ourt tory,wat imnnll fioral court, now at i the north. to a com ratde in this city. The ins and thli uts are about uformig a family al liance-ts it is Irpe tcdd-and nol and father andI faIthIer and son sthoull help each olher. Help nte to get in, nod I'll hel'l yoi to get out. Some of tli expectanlt, have been mightily taken in. We' saw some dozen of them yeae rday, wilth very lon faces. They swear it wan't fair. 1e Queene ald nit only the tnrt, ut eIll, trick. Thiery shoet.l l't coin [plin,-lt 'eem taken conmisolin fnro Ii the itnerfy onifne of their neighbors. Only think of the greater dirsap poinltent ofthelJud nld oulr (:nltfrre, who will lsit their time and what ii worse, in g-oing to) Wnahington to solicit. Po,,r Jsidge, all hi, deep Inid ,chemtes, his beau. tifol, lon., ncllablo nsermlos, will be if no navil-por Confrere, lie will have no Ipporlilnilv ofconvioinhing Mar tin of his onaderous inflena,.e in Louistana. Feel sorry for them nill--lry tsrry. The ime ahef-he s t is alwayi s sterling otar ienfr mntiotl and ublishing it. We know all about Ihe itory of the pojected durel, hilt through delicacy declined pilihiinng it. Wehknewethat 31esnrn E. J.F. and1J. (i. thad ntade iup their Mindls to diingree, antd encluded to fiht, but we mnloed to make it pnhlic lenti it shohld he the meanos of tpplling tlhe ,' nffir. Km-op quiet, or you'll be taken foran old wan. Do you kno, any lll!re f our soe.retis I guess you dont know whly ins tel last defaulter spoken of-only bount $30,0fI0. The editor of the BIUlleti i an prophet, pntienlly wait ing tile event of things before hIe ex)resesn hilii n; t he often hits the cnil on the mool. His latel t opinion ie Sthat the Indian war in hlorida, is likely to be renewed. and this opinion in groIundled upon the simple fact, that the Selninoles hlve fallen crafiily ilon i detachment of Irotlp lllder tihe ol niUliand lfI( l. IiTrnPey, (lnr Inir vey, as twice printed in the correct Bulletin) and assnos Ssinaeted a portion of S We' have su hat faith ilnthe rlreight and pril opheti talentof tlr. IBulletin, that if le were to proi illtieae a frost on Tuesday, that wsn o o Iie on M:onday pre vious, we should lmost cetainly give faith to it, parniue . larey if we saw the traces of lthn frost that ild occurred Ettrays.--Some lhri e h llnnthal sinlee the Conllcil ofthe Second hlunicipaliiy clained the law in relation t the election of the Printer, incilding illn li salary nll ad vertisnients I Iititnanys and n ctrays. Previoull to tehat time, fur maniy mlonthi, noi i .atoe ndvertisd, nor one eslrn; htill fr very Iny faollowing the ndlion of this new ordiinrace, and almost dnlill since, We have r the honor, a printers to the ullnicipaliy, to be fln vored w itla lonliantofstrayannd rlonnwv. I There is now before the floiieil, a petition of the in- I habitants of the upper part onf rl third ward, and thom e I of the city if I.uf:yclte, lorderinirg on our line, clmrplanin i g of tlhe mannler i which cattle are taken upl nid inm pounded illn hat eiilorhmnlood, anul even hargine, that a yards and stables are broken open, for the purpnose of supplying lines and means of chargmin fir keeping. In one advertioemenlt in our par iler this morning, will be found bait la thtan eight animanl, tIlan ito a pnrt of the subulbs where cartle ought l t )el permitted to run at - large, becatntle greater pi.rtl of the lhto are useless openl common; and lia citizell'o mair, support is from their c.lne, which, wh-n taken tip, they imust redeem at tn exloen ol ttny doullars. T'he Council sahold exalnino if it i ntaj posaible that this is all alnbue, and if their PoI'lo are quite its inmme tlate, as thIy pretend to Ihink themn. 1 We decline puilihinii the comnmunication of W. B., beause our giving p-ileu to it sight he, miconnstrued, and because wedol not at present feel inclined to take any'part in the di-nclsilnuof the question. IIns the Mint question been dropped,or is Mr. Barker waiting ministerial o ttlion on the subject, ots have tile whole subject discussed niow, that In may have something to prevent ts f on dt ingt of enui. Th e'hTimes and T'he Native American pretend to be quarrelling, hut fir our litves, we cannot see what anout; nor how tlley mnageo it. For ill we have been able to find out abott the natter it, that one asys, yon hit rme, and the other says, etol hit harder. Now we hav'tl 'een oither oftit. 1:t s.-SIhut tp, and q t it tile Ipica yune, or it .nill die l ind lion: iano l w' 'ut a pity it woll d te to lohe so tutbhle ait ]pelo. Granm Lolttery.--l y the alteltismnnt il the papers and bills posted, it wiil be seen that 3etrne. James II. Caldw'eol, t. \V. t(akey, & ti.. IO. 'rt'hard have naetei. ted theln-lves toLgther, ro the ptnjpto'tt' ttdi.posing, Ith I lttery, of their lari e and n lncble properties. The asuhme is a ttulty gland t oe, anti cmrnpriet trtproprty of variousr dec-ripti, n,nll nrot only valuable but nvailr h!e It is divided into thlee chlws- in eiach ofwhi-h nate ,t it tl prizet' in therseTvte -ach of w hlcht a fortte: th are the St.(' haret Thei tre, ;ltrade arni .l rrade liaths; the Camp strert Tl'hhetre, thatr sp.endi, hotel the erli rn. ldath,those vattluable thale ottry britck lot ase', cnor ieof Natehrl atd Camp str.ets, ttld a v"'oity of htou.e', uildttoting lIts, sharens tof t o otrest & t. r I T hecharacternft ,f,'l , r pritort afthislo ttery' is iaos f ficiet gunranty fat the safety oa investcm'. Besides I t hich, ith' whole i oploty and tnllagenit nt of the L.ot tery is amply secured by aets. The tickets aret cheap, and the rhtnces fr a .pl'ndid fortune great,r tthan was evert'fferd. The Daily Times, tf' nsa, o, was slow in routing o bed. SThe Colncil praeivd rrsolutiona fwr the npoiPntment,I at the expense ofthe hlitnictiptty, ofitt to n hians, and apothecarie-, to uttend the mdiect s i k. This is right, andti all tlht i. necessary; provided that lll shex ,o of the difl'.rent bl, ittl ground, he vomplled to rp ; num berol i 'lterm ents; and le ddt ,'rat h ,ve tal sio I:n. nish the Mayor with a dllt y sttatiemetnt, n , t. A board of hlealth is useless, sotolbvlouly ,o, th;lt , t argumtnnt ito ncessaly to prove it. Let the i ', ifthey feel dinltssed so to do, send in a daily report of their practive to tie Mneor, and Ihe will pullish a, ntluo tf it as he may think necessary. We are indetlel to Mr. Jtoellh Gales., and t~i olr friend. Ilon. Hoert Carter Nicholas, for it auriety of C'ongresitonal ldocumentns, or n hich they waill please re ceive our thanks. A.notl]er cClhtnge. Atms Ketniall most a:hediv de lights iol Sinee lih Ioa leen at tihe had ,f the I Post (lOffi.o deplartmot t, we have bat li't! tls but chin. gep, anld always clungts trom bad to aote. The last .itln ge inaclut ing thte Et. sttrn ll ni via Mtbi l. at 'e. most unusual houlr of 9 o'clovk, .1. 1. W.i hobe tthe Hi.e is not very Inr dtstmnt whlen h." ni, h" chmn, ",I' The N. Y. Courier b, receirvd Paris ppapre, of the 16th June The following intelligecee is not new but interesting. in "The Cbhamter of Peers had been necupi ed with a bill for reforming the oreanization of tile tegion of llon- c or, with a view to put an end too he vysRi.m that had growt ll tItftlgtnderinrr oIn ver t eclrrt r fpretetndern in re tind ont (Clrt itlllllrttcr) the dt'er.n tih'.f that order. C Tolne teilling nmdiillations of the arit iietof the ill were r'I·Rcted in ire perocainii.r r po it bhrt Ieerng it rstill d fIlly nliequotie ti irts Il0roedI nhbjects-lnd ill that tart t', notwithltanlding ever. eifirrt of the Court nrd the Mitittry, it puased th,. terrs "n the 13th tht." The vote ware, for tile hill 68, agoiilt 53. Thie victory wits hiiled by the opposition press as a t ptoof thait thi Chimr er had taken ip liberal id~on, and beconme hosRil til to the Ciourt. But theree appears no rea son for this view of tile Imeltter. A menaure for declaring free all negro ,elves born in tire French coloniee, after the date ofito enactment, wase introduced into the Chnnmber by Mr. Traey, on the 12th On the snaie day appeared a RoIyal ordinance, inditca ting that so fir, andr no filrtheI, would tire government go n tole emancilption. The late insurrection hiad no confederates ont of f Poaris. Ilusiness wan dolt in Irnner, and numbers of work iog men out of emrloy. iThe havest promised well The ecrounts from the wine diitricts enre gloomy. lThe Dinner at the trmlination of tile Nasheillt Roil road on Sunday Ilstt. was all and more than we expect ed. 'roctor had provided plintifidly nld the ride nnd athletic epoltr, protideId plentiful appetites to r ll the guests, bhour 2.O0. Great gror feeline was diepliyed by nil tile cominny and thro' ninny were n little high or so, yet no disorder Imarred the pIensures of the dny. We d'd hear nthat a brother typl got full of tit e and speech. ifitg, hr tihe qiizzed tile iroorfiillow by tile coat tail till Ioe ws obliged to sit diown.-'We know typo well, nut an bd fellow and ihas an occariotinl idea or so, not birl. We will e present ourselfnext tine, and thet webetlleve t ie l toi r I IIT A .tr i "..... :*., . -- . -t-" :-_:.t uprl his being hITerd, no matter what his subjet mnay out of oiler; and In htnitest iand cotmpetenrt mnon ehoiltLced into his piace. A few imore. Alabama elections will change hi businress. Rights ofithe Pase. At tle ('ourt of Criminal Sea sioni, ie Philadelphin, nr A7ith July Inst: t Ithe cioll lusiitll of lth re.elr ihlrine ss ofthe cour t, oC. P. l. Ner tl, Esq.r ne ed. teilt on ti e., w iti' ih" lllli IIIth. n t e ir thile ,1 inlat. not to i ndnit within the l h llirof the r nlt n aO IepIIrter wii o t II rt reve hti sO own lt. lle, the nolll. o hl' . the .010fo r nlot c.ll lie re"" oltt, lnl rtht loito edritorn with tl ee rtk of te herUrt IThi motion he irgr ovruid ~l legt, J.l t. linoth .ni, htr ortn rly vilud th. tai fIce rep.rst r ist morn ir tirning intoaridcilcutle rtrepreriedinsof hei cortt l uit Iteniliig rwith ribaldry hicilllrrPr i i ll rrts. if sReih n rnle -ce IoI ted iii r prlL. w oi to rIIII. l kt t with In prier tonp:pl" : rll" f rks h ae hnw. I r ih l ,rtynr k mind, b.y .r. )'Neil n d ,lr. Allsonn ih a econded hil' t-it litt ill it short, e o. iP( nod nor ilu feietrh, nlloiorn p e.i eapeciolv iiade to tie un kbllewn rn,',lrtels flir t-ioinameless ! iittie" popeer, wlhi. editno werr rill(lnllyiimlll, nii11 who 11111i8 to Ivoid i ll rr * t prur' iiiire itrt, th ille c nOllter n nilg ot ir n tln . 'r'h ea Iolio J. M. IB 'ushi I.sq. opposed;l ot because he osir ill iuvtr of teile tllonr pIleur id Iby tIlete Iterst btt becaus. tfiie, ltall, tion of ll moItion would hUve to ten yrunec to it:ore fi, evil; of which tie gteltler1rrrl collo. The [l~otion w0 octeerrtled by JUidigee lTodd nd Iln nd,eneh ol' ?ilounl Ilud,' relnnrlrk i sulport orf tilen on elulion to which thi.y hd anrrived. Judge 'T'odd re markred that i -orr rti.erteroo s tile motiittro w inertdel d ito rxhtie er wolhI at e any rate etndeavor to kaepteoncea-i . ed, i lld rn ittttit e Ih. oiu h lofl n editor si, uct ers thalt he i odhl nlit ire tlllli,-weR teo on worltllea to irli mlindedi. Judge I (lltl nmu I _( other remarks, observed that hIe *i 'I IotpiIlls"d to rl;irntini thi0 ile as nit woill bre a vn o I Illtlitililthel rlineriiei of th press, t anild thate, as C'ourts Inrll< e Illplic, Illb Ilhvr ilt power to nexlude any ter tro ,rhe eiitcrio itllr court und conducted with pro priory. Goe. Sietwtard has fnishelod, at the recqest of a Com nterre eo Whig Young 1rc, ithe frllhtwing copy of his leter in reply to le invitations made him hy the Con lhirt ee fi tll Colllmoll Couocil tf Necv York, to par ticlpate ill othe hre encolecrship of Mr Van lurel, on ;the urCtReier of Iris lte nisit to that cit'. co1n. Albanyrr, Jane 30. 10N9. SiPn--l have thi everning re'ceved vton letter of r.e terdnly, in hich, ns Chairojaon rf t (.c I nee tef thet IComIronor ('C(olllcil lof thie itl of Nev York, cou ivirte Ino tllopreiCi JLt' WVit I tle l111 11no C{ouncil and their fellci rrtizens in tlle r.rpti. of lheu Prleesident of lhe lnited rlates io that citv. l noigllr perhti p r e reelrnt withi declining to accept llte invltlin e tio, ete gounOllld of othlehtr rg egrltrents, an lid ile dllltes whicl Wrill r int perlie Ile n tee Ii i blsent fro this place. licrr i 1t ai Ihisii orre lre'ci er lie bin tee ire aistrrt ehnrlcdr . I tIinhliiCd It Idi an i xI ,hirniiOci. I"dcsin to dt so tIi'h[ ~lt disr.',".tct tol thle I ,residcnt, [nd with trhe hi-ilest ir ,ct ir r tiI hlte i n t n('ou ntil +"helld thet Chi ,"1 1 ,. ,tl l'htoth of Ile ,i on f.l avl |yrr the place of ln reslldllce with a visit, or shuld n ily det call lel ilntt his viC ry, shotuld wite chieorfulnei a e ay l cleasutetpay Ilinll ,heteesr ct er o edlftrrilbd pulic ctaith, or eie ct ihoetrromimine. No d rti ind to Ievo' or imply eeih /ii dercr.atioioe of respect eri iso e1k by liltr e'e)e Ion in'ree:rilr notler tle ttle o iCe1 )(till in his tah ,c t nd personal eha racter • 1 caneo r, art. sit],+r the,1 i.cstiaal of ricelt"t ltice olfthe invitation trader 'd ale, iithoull t o iro , i o th'ire I llt i c Otnt )I 1 .c the hime, r to hold; oeid r I 're hat't inist.ctr ed n) iellcow ciltiens ,-o nltl ns tlti ciIl to t' iw 'eiat whoentiri elhtr e oiltll ll( l o si s Il ., l, h ve. tlln edtl r theirfavor toward, ne ore in ri rlie iftl l I r rn er c cliden I hnve 'r e tire rl honor to erree r eidiureni ml lie e ils i p lrecreded inslolma ellea-ilmpol'lrl n Ccg~ll olr, I ,avnwed disop prolbetlilo e l Iir r e lilri:nl 'hlll cter a' hia " iei t lie pol tee'. lIy IIn c lei itre:lelirec to erprePtBs a nlolit of te elcvriet of his illletiernee rel alle d otrtll coeg, Is io InIte just, cetiree rotllfience ill ir rurit anl dIisei rerliedteis of eiltc lare btode of try lio'llw citie t who adlnire his characitr :nelappt,+e his nrn onres, 1 cnnt ferege, in defrlrece to hiserlevteiic d stition, tlet twith a desire no less sincere t(un is to rIorvere the best iltrteresl ofc the coolltr, I havee regerded his policy and mneaurec as inurio:,s to 1ahe propeerity aind v'elf're of his nola ive stmi, endl tihaet tat hie Itihonored tee tre firmly andi Irllnkly lailltiiie g the o)inion Nore ain Iforget thol1 i canrrying t he n olic wich has ermrnre with illlpreishabllie lonor, te titnr of tine who iwas his and t Illmnie ilt.trinus prndeee+r in the stathio assigned in ins_ -1n poliov whi h ils detined tnex. tend the cute. etlllaellte hweaklth exalt ttle ctit tnt ndll ireoitnrr eri i:tr'oe'e teha pl.ineto of te' pre le ofihioe.ctate, ie irt reel reeeaiitratrrte an every step en cocnters all IlllfOcniel cgrbtn g hostile IVrovoreding frtno tliet pIcr'rfrc adlnicl'reatin of wliel the I'rasidct of the United Sti tes is te chief. While on ti oe leadc l the dlictates of ety jeieCmeit, and l tre nancientioue o desire to dischargeo faithttfully nofli.ell Iligatnens enlirce ily adhecerne eto tihat policy, and ceehile ont the oither thlere exist no ground toc anticilpate +I aannrle nt ,,fthat host ilit, it is mna li est [hilt lll y rhtien. f to e t ro le'id l't eCin tunerlrco ni change,, It Woulhd Ilt alnly illln,', aId nlder anllyV eircum. stacllces, e tin extrahrinear deostFrild tit on ie resderet ,nI the tit frothe :Chief Mi latrln toiward e l ny ubic'e ttlllctiuln.lrW, r ly, Oh Iwar loll+',bu * n lisi tntica at lie eapitoI tol receive sa-h fillctionarv iln wler cit'e; and ,Ileh a te l m istrnlioe,wllih. the 'eletionsrxi l, o ...uild afiford evi. dence ill incllrsier i'v an I isincrierv. I muil l have wither either that teitrihtation frthe Co eellll tieh' c It ie st o riti'un lly, maeoe, ior ]ilte hloe i comeir ni t,;1 e'etlell Iio lee e ll 'ie l eceieee e ilceieil I ll ic lClller'. eeri~er t tu tu ericeirier I i .'eeiriee ith th ii eerr- ie, eerier exohnt'1o eec I ,,' 1 , 1ece i. Ie, e ' a ilerei't'e tie a b ell erirc er l to r,- 'reii Ilote I Illlo ii'd it decline the Iinv ,at t)ll , rIgorI 11 1 I, 1, lltll l cier i e t L 'e I vei rr heo re s e 'lil e t el llhoi~ wch'+1lt,. ills'eI,,lo nf itl at I e, t res eiiI of Ill ell, c't,+r of ie lie'' iei Itle n i olt vf oeere ai a o hbri;; in t ,hell ict'- ofthe [;e i,r anti St'- (to , rrrn. Inellt , hlad i:hulnls, (at ie : Illnli4reent t 's-,i'hll its (f11f 'otoin lio~ + o,"twe~a die11 i l n 1 pi rpe ta i ,er Ctnl'q .m;!.% fir the pwuhlic good I prty I,, t.'xreo"t tt 1he commoner en, v nrlaknrnwl e''ciolne- lir, i- 'tae k to llce il iattentowill h fhe a.+11. rtalee of".ny .irleor-IsPl'e, l heneerds hie C',io re (r cil , mid mlllard--t dle: iel ll. I, he J(lp , t!r , f the riV ny,"I" whieh tlheyl r,".ird! t,'tl",e a iho, e cl:la io is identlfied wnIIh ihatt ofithe 4lr ' ,tele Ihtc- -enil:l. 1 an,'rer n"+ ,"cluret le e cerricr H I'=treiere.eeihe'eenli 'ollur o~bedklent dserv gent. \V1'1!.1[A1\ I! SEIV?.1It.. "l'lTlaMS I. 'FA1.SrC.t:n., Ilq., Chrllr a len o thi' trllllll ett rFther CoI onhe' Ot C I111 il o I e,\v' Y lk, 't Tlto rexperiP I-v of each s ullee~live din~ tendsz to n. htil,ilI il a lriltilo· tIot'llun ,, Ile "tol. e d"I rlpotclin of tilll I a in uiscl et] PI 'sIIeni etee Itee nl inieie efl Cre ate ehe llll lf tleoltl l m. ttlho se irincipie'imll r eoi Ieteeiieeeeeegeieeoieertiillnlre tolId IlleI: , the oi, Vli.l t th ce ty e ' r ee ner i Itra [Le itcdis rlllde rolllo ta II eireiee rintlr lhan c aet fltp icei . pille. Inrole.Cren leet oeeee t i receit jolurney ithe ingott prs~i-i 'o hllltPt fi lig t diiieen c lc i itt ree spct whic:h he i lie i'I'te'iin eegec, eeigheieied and gratel plelell, ieeeeee eeio eiIeeifieecioll e I c1i ey il f thiic tls sl0iii t" re 'ir melle-y Iiietoie which ilehte edcnllr ie prty eeriet r Ir rte. c od rc rdeinr ci antl calltng in tol l lonl. [tl ,' leol emlrnfiemtii.e d hy -teled ic l t + of vrlhlnlolrv |"tino, In Ihe shrini ofrtnl iil e lllllllnsie gtrellllle , ihe;e is le tllillng so enlnOb iling and el vat, (·, S----i tllnlnlt - 111 co geinll l f1 I!t e e illllllle i an hllnee t elndl Vir llts mlin,!-- h,lt Ilh,, rel lptin wilth whi,.hI ,lr I'eel ehrie tieu 'h're ei e eeo tering theebrief perien en his j,,outecl , mouoe li'il oj [w'ken. in i recIe.j i 8)1lllrll.i*'.ll~l-iiiiiirtl. llul h II'l~at liv.clv 8rid enthnlli.iH tlc pierielssesi ,ete 1c1e" Ill'lleagn i f I1ih aendi So,.n prirlr to Ithat offtlottrv. antl dissiunlation, by wh ich i n u lll;tI *t Ii ,, iuet a d a+Idvelntitious merit are, lcul itined or'e. I li o etleaeilln o ,.e directed, rarrii' wille :li o .e . i tre d ' Iltlllllstie e les', n, le d in til re .loo . cliied lind io i11,11eiiie appeieobitiion exIte I d eeg lh Iieete.ei mclh te Ii ce c-d 111111 1 iil f Ilia i lillgg lilPd ile vidual w hr ever eocione vttte itr'lig tihe cor'try i c fornicc lice wh a le tf thell 'olnflei, o iwe J w ell r Ilteoneiete Oifncer Relprd ,nt, P le1 on Nl hich tleh lk.t of Mr C_'T it nniversaly oase,,citd." [P'hilod. Gazette.] Polilical arguletllen ntia fply are ofrtn as liltle llnarg. eoi wll Ilogi' ti he hrllow in,, w 'ict leindg l'li.ed by its wit : |lonboin', hMe' ia IleeBe, the pct of tcle "I ;ery "/l lc he' Fit., r '. u-ith' t ' e' erls I t a k }huss s to Wh'i. tltong;h--end lis1p Ito d ". Ihrt largest liberty," wooli " lwav,'(. cute the. \WI i" lickCt.-[New York Ex ,re s.] " t jLgs- WodI "L III not he %hig ti,'ket:. What dueL, tlluI t, ?-[N. \', 1':;+,.] dhows that hr i., not a[looisvillc Jlntlr:.ll 1,ordher's (J O ll,',,. Rleport of the [).ty Pulleo and Night Wi'a'eh. AI,; -t 1..-.Iot b n Sadrsrnn, JI,-nlet Q,*inn, \Wim .+"*[ll t o : of 1 ' s : , li (!!rn. ", r,+ , t ' lr;; lJ dI rit,k, ;,-har n . ,I rn p. "rit.H f ,, M Tiasa r.rrested, f und sleeping in the NashRil Rail Rnad Cars, discharged. Joln Barry antd P Maltachly, arrested, found sleeping in the carrol on Car I lore, dischar ced. Jlames Addisan, arreltrd, charged with stealing, dis chrargcd. M ut nner nposRi:a', Bternard Cutil, and It Jans, ar rested, having stolen property ia tlheir Ilouse, bound to Criminal court. Augustl 3th.-Edward liryun, arrcsted, found lyinga drunltc, discharged. Ir A. EI:rwarth, arrested, found sleeping on a Cart, con tlated for 30 do};-. Cathrine tli! iele, nrrested,funld lying beastly drunk committed, r31"ll dctr d .James Vorlauda, arrested on a warrant, bound to keep at the Iace. tr Vorotctinag of Jeountimt. SECOND MUNICIPALI TY Tuesday, 14th August, 1839. The Council met pursuant to adjournment, pre. sent lien. Joshua Baldwin, President, Aldermen Caldwell, Freret, Peters and Rogers. TIhere being no quorum, the, Conneil was anR. joarned to Tuesday noxt, the 20th August, at 5 t1 o'clock, 1'. M. JOIIN GIBSON, Secretary. FOR MOBILE. 'ITem first elan and fie attiliner Pchoarr J.ASIPElr, Capt Ilerld, will receive des patch, For freiaih or pastsacge apply tr L tI GALE. anug 13 Comrmn street. FOR I.I VEIII'P'Ii,. r The rl rrlns and farlt sailing Brilish Irque FI"IIrUS, C. pt t'rawfcrrd,can cake 200 1atles of cotton a nd will reive immedi ate despntch. Fotr terms or passage havinge handsolme acnomnatrionall, for 4 arbi, pamcrern , arrly to LEVI II GA1LE, t aug 15th 93 Comlmonl street. S A SC 'OINEIt about 4 years oald, l rolls trrhthen and in complete order. For particulars apHply to L If GALE, i nug 15th 93 Common st. FOR I VElRI'OOtL. Ta'o sail on Saturday 10th inst. The A 1 aln frat sailing Shin SCOT SLANIr. C rpt Merrlnran, will positivelv Pail aas hove, can lake 123 Bales Cotton,ifimme. dintc applicatiron e Irmade to I.EVI I (tALE. rurnut 15h 93 Conmmon t LOUISIANA ( RAND REAl. ESTATE AND) CSTQC .I TTERy. By nuthoritv of lo ar tat h le Louisiana, in virtue atof ,'tnc alprorrved rth lterrh, 1821. The tat Class or Ialttery will be positively iraen in rie city of New (rlearn, prior to Ist Juaary next. Tile itlic are respectfully intormed thiat tickets in e ti t i c lti hf thtirR - TRUI. OR.4AD LOTTFRI'. Are no ire lrrd ror Pale bcy th, Sulrcribers alt their aolien, corner of Cenral and Ittr al strnets. Itrferenra ias nrdie fir amrti.rlcra too ile Ipratilng lills. c15 CAI.DWEI., Oc\KIEtY & PRItTC'iIARII). French i ooks. 'Crrorctcle Works of Voltaire Sraouasseu, ntlire. Montcsqunicu all classics, Mnduarl W worka of Balzee, Aller tlcrca, Victor Ilugo, Lamer. line eantd'othrs, rplendid edition tt Beranger, Paul & SVirgicaie, IHoly Bibl, Thiera arcd Mligete french Revolu tiLnn, Norvins Napoleon, Gill Blia, Dc n Qurixotte, mo an. Soira.of fMad. d'Abraurte, Diet:ararica, Giracare, Law anrd M5edical. EnglislG.--i canpletc assortment in all braunces, lMedirca, I ao, Litermrc. Dictionaries, (rammarls, Sarhool Beonk, standard Novels and Plrays. i Latin.-OlassieiPanri & t.einric'rditions,the moat ap. taroved Dictionanries, ;iramcmaraandelemantar, books. rnaipnish.--Ion (Uirintte,ltoper de Vege,ataclries,Dic t i Tonaries and rammaurs. Germalrn.-The Wocrkn of Schiller, Gnethe, KIernee, Svnir der V rldt, lMelnirec of (aart ovn, original editona, a I)ilionari c and Grammcars. Arl asaortnlent of Frenchri Enlgish Novrels: all new worka oft crit rlegarlye received. E JOIINS, & CO. arng. 13rth, h. cor St Charles & Colmon ats i I tiE JUC0, lndiag l from I allvna in casksh, ar rele and dremijchns, for salo hv a e c cr IIH BONNABEL, rary 1t ('or Neceheez & 'ethapritorlus stn DRUGS-ruetlanIr ding tiocrr'II reinr. a ecppry ot Salmnonds, hitter id swneet liquorice root, iilc uice,esrener of Bergcmor, esanncre of Ichmcn juice, helr p and canary reedts, nannce, flake, and scall, cnclhhricidc, brimtOe, orange fltower watlr Ac, fcr wholesale and retail in store of II BONNABEI., ,n19 nor 'Nateeir", c Tcemnlitoulaee at c jrEctv it 'l'T lt small itvoice just loaded nc T l' ship Orletan from Necr '.rk, foRr sale ha i j t 1_3 . .S Oct lrANC:IIlArv , 3 CGraviet r rt INSi D ORi 11, c Spirits of Turpentine, o srn.ppl i ofI I. inserd Oil ill pipasll Ibarrels--0 Ilcrrttrlc , cSpiri. of 'I'Turpentine c for ae h. ..IAI8.VIS & ANRD\VS , rJII3 ith Clcrner :of tCmclnllc t T1clrlcr it ll!nr e ts R S('c & EIr a ('INI.a10c ,- I . oc'c'.': --,. , aRowaen d Toni itre.,tlir;tr"e rgsap tCllrpattnr'u Cr',ealrrel c 0crrrac c tiO lhat of (.htlrin. ,0e noancer . I Eatclic h c tncard 51) Nxes I ratl'.arind 15 5 keg o l aonlt Sluts 2:! larrrls-- dhtve1 10 barr,,ls A, prtlhlearies vinl s 111 hexes \White lend poltr 51111 keg --do B 300 kegs Spirits r.f Turpenline -50 harrrlo do dt +2. (?snnli'terd (ol o Cfalge' Starch r {0 loxes \Vilh a gent, ral nas. rtment (of elodicine,, for sale on tlh O olat rellsonlle terms by dJ il'rIS & ANRI)IEWS, \Vhnl,.sle Druggists, cUrrner Penama 1 c'I llupilt,/, I ARIA--RD (){ kegs leaf Iurd in Ptlml firsisle by it, I n15 G; D)0lISFY. 4I New lIevee lo .I)+lOR--11(il brll superfine in fine 'hipping5 nrder o 5fur sale by G DOItS.Y, PH a5 4IS Ne I., Lee rrI P TIlE LIBEL CASE. PUBLIISIIED 'I'lls IAAY, and for seel at the Counting Room of the, True American, St Charles llutel,and at the principal Ilotk Stora, a corret Reprlt of thel lute Interesting andt itmptant suit of thie State of Louisiana vs. John Gibon., Editor and lPublishdr of the True American, before the Criminal Court for Li be?. july 21st erw A rranrenlen. NASIcVII I. mIet. RO)AD. ' It having hbIneen e~niegted thlt if the Cart were to eturt at FIvE in thie mrnin anIld Fuv. in the afternoonn thlat the on llnlll fl. visitors wonuli he moore numerous on rcnnl of thep bhlhine , TIIE PRIAIRIE COT. TAGE 17.4 TI'I, and hetcn lehou', etaotl laterC than thlelU'eenl thime wttull allow visitors mar, Oonvnience at dinntr;e I thlre,, until further Notiee, thle follewin Arrangements will continue : Departer', eK eturn. SA.. P . 11 . Dep'artr e. etlurn, A. 11. f A. At, Iii1. , i_ I'. 'a -JAMES, If. C.(,DWtI.I., lniz <t ,189 JdlB _ _ Pre sl( nt. tI-N t'S,' ,ultI ILs, V..-t'on tantly supplied,, h- vdrireel it~n lta:i 1 dlgeo'lld renuiee W'inee of thell e . l,',hidrnleud r lhline iJhreoih tIitns, Cornilli'--\i'.tnsceiner, e reafen. eeoc; r, 11Arol eIm, o -, 187 Illoh, Ili'de-heietee lDoem I lok ocf I' 1"5. l itttioni 'ercr.l.iol 'h Frauet , lilh:h, Ste inh(' I.cisten S~'.:i n oPf lIl I. .Ildeirat Iines. I.rlndn tortitullr, IReserve and ereial, it ea-e, .llfd halfo ". lre2 coe, s,,. Aort ie.--Old, erues of.' d., Ielath'd in Oporto Ifordeaux e Vic ,' ( Cht, itte l. o nnd f ]hlc l te, .Alr gonuxl Larose, I.('dville, St Julieu and 't Emilion finelr tlhl, Ithl, ttr Margaux, Cenlt 8,l0t,. St Julien, excel ol l ' o.( eh t. Vrie ' cnd lD'e'et itec. lerlnttiltag, Soterne, G trntelllo,, Ilo,nn'h aln rlmttiilat Chamlpai n. First quality Sillery. lltrctndy \Vinoe. Ioum.tano , Chlanmbettio,j Clfode Cordials, Maras.hino dII Zn, g auin(. Martintiqeue, Votive ASlllhons, cclumlin', Whire edl redl Aiiniseltto and atsnrted Il odeuux L.iqueur;, el ,larie Rlrizard and .:e(dger, O11 genuine Grenoblt Rmtpa, Abeynthe and Lnftondm orter and Ite. Hnrdeaux Irand,! Fruit;s IBord'autx whitle (ine Vinegar. 1I" JOlINS & CO. o !3t11-1nl rlr Sit ',tarleh &s ('ollmon t. JAMES'S, thas.e 'Titl , t I ,l .-l.,er NUV'l.f.li2. ('halleno Tvrll, cr th- Ritter tllhd. Iy Jneate. Cher'elev, or thie Alun cfIll:r be I.brLd Iluloer. I.edv t v,.elev, or the Weo. an of e onor, reply Clltev,. 'c. Lord Btrnghnlan.. Sketehes.,f Puhlli Chatnracter 2 vols. lljittrical Skethe'le of Slates lieo illne tietme o1f George the 'T'hird,' vlu. Niehas Nict' lehv, N1 tIo I14. Jackl Sheppelrd, No I to 3.. Adam nlt Il nd* ther mn f 'elcaracter, ly Jerroldl. Ioabel ,ft Hici'.v, bv °rmekhroann.h 'Paul 1 Kock: 'The Barbter of Paris. Concealmrnt, a now Novel in 2 vols. F ,cnriu'a Ieign of't',.or in Paraguay 2 vols. I'ieeiola, by aui,tife. The Ilenuenot. Cnpoaion:(, nl, uli Richelieu, by Balier. new oupplies. I. JItllNS, & Co. july 301h-3 w. car of St Charles & tColmmon h. F EPRF. RATIIf-IIhRA is i' s anlw tand usofPI orli ctle,,fff:rnitlre, rolpdly fnnitg, inetotoe, ie, t r thern is well as Fo' t'lII a ltltud.s:. I is eigned to keep coul and sweetI seII t rishesi iin ie elllinarv il-e ,'eriment P s are neecrr to b protecte lint 'ohe hIr ilafthe wlather durillng tile ulnmmelr sea.n. The Ilerrigerator is Inow considered an indispensable altiele in ~o,, oPt'.nnnv oFnery good housewife. The I ta nily oif It,",d it llroh' c lth o n ; th e w e a th e r. till m lO r tln pa' tle coal of the article every ear. TIle ehosrrh,-r ir s constantly receiing from the more fot'r,,"r, ItefriPgerat .s ofdl - , .nt priers..e 'hi S-s.acriher i. appointed Agent itr the , tlrer, lr A Pu(Itten. l)rt.'tnlel tit Itefrigeratnre Ima tcn at no,, I .lie-:; ,I , P! iV II t' CItNES. The DAILY Paper is neatly printed with unall type on an extra, doublo omedium sheet, at $12 per annum, payable snt annually in advance. Theo 'T'RII-WEKLY Paper, containing th reading to onatter of two dailies, $10, payable in advance, 1a where no city reference is given. H The WVERKLY TRUe A.nnacaM, made up from the a daoly papers, during tho week, will be sent to sub. tl scribors who pay $5 per annum in advance, and ,! to none other, unless an acceptablo cit reference o is given. Subscribers respectfully solicited. JOHN GIBSON. 0 NEW ORLEANS, MAY 1839. FORI NEW YOIRK. Lousiann adl N. York I.iae of 'akelos. lo Sail 20111 .Agsoft. nThie superior P'ackPt Ship .l ISShit'i 'PI, having a polrlion ,l helr clrgo rno gaed , ill sail as shofve,. Fur freight orlmste,(., ]my." illl elegant nar umol od.latieaon, appl on ulard oalpoaile tih Vegetuble Manrket al to JAMES II UIILLIEN, aog oth 71 Camp street. T`It a .it--1000 bbla. sullcoine and 51l0 doll fi, Tfr sale by G 11'1-LY,11 junae 15 '14 Ntio., e [)r lK-5U0 Barrels prime .3'ss ,old 3.10. t). k inr . . Store for Saleby J '' I t I Ii oaa, July Qna 71 nPydro, St JatnS-Justtlanding aite'a , arl plyafaa bite aro x l'tarta, S alI oada, ats laTur .aoao tll, 'arl lAsh, T art.a. It ric Acid, Chloride a a lda, lBal. I'oanvia , &.l . laar ial," byIh II llONNAE. , - july 13 Cor Natchez and 'cha 'i' uha A. Il USSI IEA''III. l '.-R-lecrird front t .alackto l'I .tp IL Mcis. i n i ta iaa tarrlesi llt aaa la loair n I L an:ln[r t ahic rwill r soid low for enlst Ib D.iVIID FI :lT & Co. ly "7 N. Y. Statlioner HaIl,l t'hartre st m1 lll.-- Itf-.ies o,,ll ,~llIa,~ 1 1 a .I r for sloEl y S & J P VnIII'I'NEli' 1-1A O)Tr(1 r ,ti.-t.aaorth- rnat,araati, aal o:aaglrwth , Itlan Ilnita iving health l a n ul;* a laa raventang its alang af, slldl t t\ . 11111.` m31 Nlo. l; 'harn l ,, st n- lag lller nof lth fulli-'iaa size. -7x42=--l;x'l - '1x36- -l)7 x3.--l!!x21. Also i lai of la'uvelolae, flht;d. wlre, allli llum wllll "lall \V rl,, illa I)II wr all fII(, err)I Shtqulit , di frm an l l. i ei lcrh taaaallaainaand far, aaaa.'V r a TIa ( C 0I Oo ilS'ALE-all ho snr " 1 ala r lous 1s e aa do lo ls rifid oaa ar 51 llM ld ele ,ernte in 10t1) r oils rope By It EtIILhMOt N, 111CJOWN &c 'o. July 9 , 1.'o t i an ti .1 t. . it -%. EIS naaao-- la Brl 1 f t aaar a a , I,'v,' h a I ahlrtsCr av , (Ime p Iatonsa, lo , "i!''tal ao ta SVlartlh llor io Nt l w Ela t n , ao, lar a \llla lia:l lh. fll Wi e. ntreetv. S N ilh's II. A omrletr e View lo Atme int |itiner\.. c rtoudea's c Encvclopa ldia of vinrdninr Lo don 1F d, o Sir \Vm1. Gellhs l'on epinuan, a fspleni l, ld odn entry SShakespearue 7 ols ruoyal 8a. .legaot edition. a" E. JIItNS &.Co. at julay 2tl--3w nar ir Chaliaeo Coon A 1 . INEN SItIt.TS, GIOVIE'S a O41SISt'NI)11"10 J- st received bv hlte I rto iveal., ano iaaIa- n la 'i IIa f , hirts .rnvaat, Sallatlllaa r SIItaka ,II lalOapr., ald r a alaa-a dels, at tle Itlaa aal, oorna" o" n l . ( hllla . olo II (olllllill s treet r, . N. t. A a oo nlltrre nasortltlent lo f 11iailla eokbL, c Dressing Cares, porlllbtlea a snhiala sesr ian roar at aaoad & oather. oy6ti IUSlI & IllIN. C ltlVj1RN BIIO -Sl50 doz in sr 0 l f.a, r aao Ily in 2 GOR 1)( Df)ilEY, ,It Ncw I.eve " t V E O OtK S-- "T hl C -'ro la"t a l to h la l 1)' }alt - N ra hntilty; lanooiro of cla rrleaa l d \r\aa o Ia I (; P Janmes Esq"l tln Navalt list ,rv ofath lI' t taal' bv1 a it F J Fenllaioret:rn oo er, ataaLhora f Ilal s t . r y., 'P - tirths ,Deaahs alol Marrionoa, hv T l,.k Es,. Nl. a ar- Jack .heppardl, lbv Ailelaw tlh a 'la alllarl lao l.a m vy. Jest received ald f,,r. rale ha " tl'a' lI1tN 1501 ,els lhioa| r, ila t ,1td f of J slat by n1l3 ,alt I F I l l ,r' 'lr I Np K! INK!! INK!! --Jusl rFIvrv,.d on,^ hg:, ,ro ad very c Lteil, hy dozen 1r irtr Ih\ " i0 n. 1 :11'0 1Chartres .arret '. ;f.I t-oo ola p vari,.a , ulicsr e tate aar pap aoo 00000 h ,nl allnllls .h llaper i ':i illr~ e ,' I i i . fittIron aooLngt s i " coauture ppe~rs. ,lou I Tir ~.ý, . . , rtJ " ' r.c-'in .f . a . , a Ii ,,-:, . -i ,7.r a of rlarir lo· I1LI11·l~ ; lien , fatal ii 111I.1! 1illl a 3 . hinai f lel I l11, . '. , d lt) R +-, t t ," rlo, lr d,: n .... .... , u II'',... f.. ir ...rt. . ...I . I .rI.ri l ll :o " I ,a. *I R 1 iA l iaND Y I .l \\ l NTI-N h l I , . l. l , haa a ,T ,l do ' lpoa , rr a quaa ., , alr , I ,l i" 3 " S 1I1· , I ' I I II r \l·. 1 anited I .2 \ o l lt e 10 I r ,, I T T -E K i h a I n I \\'it c - ta, I c re . ira ac aai c i li j 6lli: l;;a iccl;l ,I' ta) " ' I- I . ' " K. . 5 I I lllll · I It Na ,' S N forhral:e by II ' t I a f', JulyT OF 71 I'OISThN sýi Ill)rt RS-56 . . n ll .; ,i i ili- at nd I'a ,f C.a a r . a - Ir -lhTI t yh a r iia I nallI Ilt I I 'N. Iliall , \o. I',I Urh U' l l I--I.) , -'R , t l ;+ i- t,. ,t n. :,m ,-re irng foure safa e y ILt- .. . l ic i hi lO', ', b is .nI r p tedr Un rit edt', ,or b . h l," , J7 C+ul"['1:or-t tasm.'o nnn I\Vret ,.i,, S TATE OF LOUIS(N {-f:.l ;'ia I ,ai .. m ihe I'r ll a d Pia h a ild en I,' l . .l'lr sori sla , of. ui l sin to al t to m a l, II" , cIll i,. I- Ilg I',, 1:31_el i u stti r anc h.- ti, s to purclre a a -ilti j) i, it il1 Oft -OAR`-5i77];,- n-n nunr:., Ir v, ..a c - pr Avd t t Ill tday of hrlMac l, 1i 31: f i, Noar', tffrrcforo, knooi ya, anl all pir-oanc ictlr efhed h earrin, are ,ere li,'. Tio d oe Ini dn wthe na re of tho Stfle of L, Roi, a l ,f i p Pari h ll art, wlrh. ca rit uai ic.-t a i,, i'ld uir oiaiin ai d to ticac y ar raily iia' i-a tia -ltar dci crea or judgaaat of tae coarart aandr wicr a- aa le I walouade , or .,y irrcgalarita or a litX in ta e plraPso no ls nd 11 dvrio0 lts, o i n ,i Ic-. , rill-i- . , n for sale, or fbr ny lhr dlie w Ihtl, v ; , shourauog , "itli ia y ay r t ca I, ..- f TAe ia made should O At ba cNP,find ,rd lho. Tih said oariah and oty ld of New le e afor oafid,. ouiiho na: to dally of whl cebar p. 1 sall .icy-i h -greeting :t r f i or, r aar tlea Viililaa Vacara. ais acafaditorf ana cd oci cre torra sfiar of VWhereas, & ll r, 109oga61 of til dcilkt r ofill curchased at ai sale tho yil iy ilhtrn tatl n bo. ouIa L tf purc a o tior, for tla fIriea i oItf :1,90 i , fiya. nit $t100a caaala, ac ll r the bl alcur ol or a rro J t - I ,l, Lnlv iana, i le "ght n t or t Ic fch. Dascripa tio of propurtcr, as gino i fh jlcdicnl A , theain lot of grow y, ndllirr oalln, iafite.i lted herein, Laro h irey citenld a lnd aduyonishaead il Ertato, Pryca canae oaaf lhaclia strfea., acaai falcaccaca th ornera of Nayhe Sta Fra, a f tsur nh tlairty oae fot elevenac acalcs a cra aevan line mo or ias,h Courto Na whdas streot, U ni ly righ, titl o lin eslep, frlanl on Erany Istreit, ali l En lish or, dn ure, lorjudgul t ofse il court ll dL r wi i iieh t h n ers twasnd lare, or an alley in tri r o ar , of liy in te ppraideo, n lntsr anit oil tin htllalfiaRs, i eillfiro. cayo,. nee or tale, or fr ally other druibl what-v, rg t ; t hod privi! ges thierutto eiloc linry. f'it 'he ly this per plan drearo by Jshould nut Sar r, cinillr d gaier, daforelid , on firrt d ay of Jiue, 113(i, a lrd to ad act iI83, by irtufl olf dV . ree. Lowisi, dlted tile tilr day on thFl 31ary, 1o39, iuy, a ul) 183ii n of louitl u l. Clrk' o iller, N o O10ri 1 fthns. Jul 3, 183.of t 3. OLLIE. lDala'y Cloch. july 9 3l-9Oufjy if3 do 3d aug courti , at tt h ,r nh t h aich aleaillil ,Ma n- I tw ele l aid eighteea i auionth. Description ofproporr, s given i the j'lc cont iso well knoliwn to the public thlt it is l i..e'ai y to g I detaciled cUrei niet of1 thui \c llt ll Ise. 'lle Ioi:liie icaticles will filly convinc e [ill ioi the elaiml theductorha , up, n thel public i I glae nfidetll llcel in his ellparl'tionl. From lih Ilampden Whig of July I, 18:37. Micaitt's Pills.and c i ters.-T-' he Iist Journal can tainc cdditiniill tesetimony in faivoroflihi hihly iimllpo rt I tll| invention. "The pesos of tlhe J .I' LLournal was Illlm t lOppe t |u UnllOunlln(cl the tesrtlec ny. S e, ollit c i. I d hi IImI fl l)r. hlllte t tlihu . t f"1 inh i rtil t It P llit - c ,t o'four n:iglhhor Ilowles,a il offers uisa i lltilv ol the nlliPe n ulmpllellitionl. 'I'lli i veryc kind, and wei' ul'lsliI! IIl lln llt mo lene t tr 1 1bo dl li u(ll Ir lill8 with II o ll- iipilghior of theu Jolrnl, to cenll oil iih gIentlll . In lite mel timel , l re n. y llllorillg lllunde iill lr di ilnh s (itri e ,lt whkich h 'll' v en o eIvcm ,Illillion I ulla b. h lid l illllee ce haie ' ,i i ciie'ii ti' Oe t iic i e hle atdIltIdness" of the remely toV II lh I scn'an.u. The medil c.i is undoubtedll y a sivereP iIn remedy. 0 L.ETTIERII FROM SA.1UEL liOWLES. The followine lIiter is frol Mr, IIowlec, Editor of the Itepublican ind Journal, nopin hirid, .\lhtn. i SPIItlotFI'III , Junle 1, 18:7. 1 b iir. Iliit-. 1r : It i 1o iii Ihirile 'crici v ti t I iitic e itlienPud fliiic ii ilifii lliti of th, Iu.'l --ll r enit q Ii',, , ilS 1 aIl e, .o., ,1" . C evert illnl 1 olf hlil mmntnlry IeIi'lllll and eerli.i painsiii occuir, whillmcl h it, Ilil akIclltu anli d esll'lll i : ntIlliI'tIes I'I IIil n .cessIm e l'r Ia da'y. i Icointract c stiv-nii v .lii 1 h'I 'e . i i ulti'd goo I i i llyir ia ns iuid litll e ried llmol t illl ki lh of I il, I'd it I el IlidI. wiihielh Fei .tm d "llhied i11n I Ca1, il v1h I Ill rie ll .' Inst vyo r, I ilt aL boLnelhi oil I, if sev"VP +t I 0 ,"' I i i" e 'illlr" ," tO ' havc r ci nm c aI h llI n ." I111 '* '"' . n htool , I ird i ' I, i e'' n, Sa d l l l , ,1, II ' .ii: i. i.i.i. I , .. I.... .. . 1 Na il ILr l c l , ti c ,'e. '. ' I )t t1 I'hi . i ll Po , I,"I I cic i ll't ['illlli. cilt. .l.: I II 'iivi;; ,,, '' , 1'Wi len. I l h. ri lll ,t sIll l.'n t i'oli : ' ' r.aoe i .t N lr ( t l. il ,,ic ism dt il l t ir i i r , 1r a lii., 'i it i, I i li n}"hi il l Ii i t n OI )aul t . lie tor f mI llie ''ii I 'I r'lluiir i iict'rn lrull s U ,n ( . 1)111 cii 'cI., oI t~ i.( I. li ', cii I ccii ilt t 'he ' * f 1n .: llrh'al ,1 . i~rv, n "i i i k . . i t r ltWii Iiie , ihe it ial ' hl , T h o, s t ( 't [lli r s il ll'i E, T st 1 'i llI tll'. II0 I h i . 1 .1 . 11ll l II 1; I'.1 r . r1"K I·jl%. .il ' ltl .C:-1 o11 i ii E l ot, P'li 1 I lT 'lillwu 1neptll tg'n ra. i l i ld iii iy I''. i Ih i, tie 10lont, h , i ild ll mill S , T II I t il l -'.l I;, h e : .\ \ " i ': ll 131 i1lEll,, No. l t'hnli, ir,,'a ou 'rt, h,,. in- ,la i "I hJ_ h'ul illbraml- h r:,,+h ii I Iti I)1111i·, ,' , n 111111" 11 1\ " il :. " ,r . \, I. I 1' Il .! i', # i . . .u ' .t11) ', 1 1 uZ1 lNett 1. -i'- l .uh . I I h , l, h - \Nill I"_~ . l l) t;I:, tl `I',, . I....,, lll../, :t' Il;4l Nno I JiliN Ir I - Ih a r nr" , h t 't +. t, i ,.~ il , , r it0 , J 13 r i, 3 , .' . . . .1111.iL. -h , .ii n' ,,tr" . . ",et Ik ,t , 11 ego , " it r , hr Ir SI l S It y o, Pt~ nt 1 i 3 a _ i 13- ater s n 1JB R 11.\ Se1111 N( ' liPIIi ile v ' ile l, ntl, '.3 H l 11\ I,-t. Su ar, tt, ,l utr idalrd and War C r .eri. Ali th, ibove trtice are w nrratied lt be of thi e l I w lan r i e . ooDk in dn cli t, t Ilil ,l reri -tk 't R . o . (. ric .hrd l d T . l, o l lir. tornr sagzin' at nd PoyIlre treel , J i- l recli- e . l," he( 1H I '.minov - N , ,rloae rt Io" ,3. r thelt tarloithil) E il d Na- yt Ir, Sodnidht . i ,e tio, t , sl[ ua l n. d ITslE Loop I.salima tel,, I.,io Ae'Iail- n dried orn -l eihr.r It t est' I a,. .). IX, !in n e|elr i ty - ;so 3 1ina irst it n N w Yorke i a ale clia i !ornr M gazie ad Podra strets wil reeiv SECONI) MUNICIPAITY NOTICES. l/JIERE iirnhu]ht to the pomndi ot the 3d; ward I 21 uniic path y thi stiray ani A Gray poiry sucld hior. about 12 hiandls lilgh soner icyes a left l!yt supposed to t bl !,liinl. 1 lirow iior. poney with la few graiy hairs on his lac, ItOl ee licLt blaut, about 13 hand high. A ' ronlc mnreoII Iul striped on theo breast and back fronm the collar anld saddle a n trela across both shollor' blliiratllld in the leftC lhind quarter, 13 hands high. A biy hlorse mulo 4 legs black naid stript on the bronas' auppllo.ecdfron the collar, about 12 or 13 hatntds high. A sorrel hlir.e blind of the right ey o a small star oil his hace with collar alid saddlu iiarks 16 haiids high. Roan Mare with whll:t face 4 flthnlehs white and Iart of the 2 hind leog, soair c't Iltht froln the sad le, branded N uit the right lilld quarter about 13 or 1. hanids ligh. A liacl hlllo pnecy with a 'mall star on his faclle':llch ded oi Ilith ri ' li r shoul dern l Ilind of right ye aind bletweenll 13 and 14i hillls high. i To' imwnelIrs if slid propiirtly will pleI' t:se cll at . tl;, p nmld of tihl, 3 l :vr .l id M111 ~lniiptllty Milllu ctl? A ito. ,' I, r ift l ' ii, u l' Ai l lNicial .it etrelltll cr'v irlopiitly ' ,ih erl l: td i 'ik. ithee anwy an ,r b. I,,rn titu fv Ih,, 9 August, 183', when ,ih y witl he It it 211 , 'o:,, by P (; c ; hiin 't, pub . .I I,. WVIC<" r, 1 Y , 1' t39 I : l. ,ut. ": l ' ;. tl I , ru i hin:. b0o de S, p' grin "'t r, " pai ines do ' per I' l.l et stir lto 11- i, iti n trs.vere in a ito ch 13 , q . * r l dl l ir marque 'r t Icitm'w.' dt 12 t 13 pnumes U ,i ,' " ;,! . , . rn, t ml I',ir'il it, it oile lur le n vi ',:-gel ,t ' ,, ' clli r tt. :u nelleo lf paumes do Il ti ,ae t ci'e"l',, liguret lineti, .1 piods & parlie i i1, utji iti ,li, , rl't irr blithe ut marque sntir Is i !- iq'c C' 11. sit I aiose droit, do 13 & 14 (I i i ':ill+ r'ilVl itlhir, IIIIo chll'i our Ia fiont, rI "U'I l st r I' ,iTi'ulr drit uitie dlo lI'oil dr it, do 13 in l.l iceiitis n iil crt. ! Its iproprletaires v dronl b enll les reclamelr on prouiint lears prpirltlidet u nId. pllt l I'enoignure ':c( rios ll bi )[ t A lll cia'll, llli d'ici, au 24 lout I 1 'i icelr i i 1t'i.eiit vetdue a I'encan par P. SG. (;iiluotl i.c.antellr pillisl C. 15 u. . I 'V [INTElR, ler lieutelnant. -,< .',-' :i - a-k... . en - p I. ..,, . 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