Newspaper of True American, August 15, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated August 15, 1839 Page 4
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BUSINESS CARDS. Secceiie ~ il i:L liltIH 559 -F-n ryB, I a ~~y a t.--l' r Inc ,rr,,ot, J. 1'. FREEMIAN & '0., NO. J. 3,hIcig" ietiet, 13 AVEconeteni iy oii htenId a large taimpic if Clth ia ccslrlui.icd fur the cltbti.y tredc. Their as. ccna ant beicg Itrge. inerclic,,ce thie cuullr tau be aepilWd at the eIrouseat notice. eIIRI'',11E:N' r1 sI71ANrE COMPANY OF' NE\ ORLEANS, 'iis Genii tvcv ar cowt preltrod to tike HJ3ZU AGAINST FIRE. Na.24 ceesun't Bulildiig, Canntctslt Now (lrlOance, 'ct'5. 8. ELTereftare. ()LLI CO&'Ih:ltt;(isoi ia oc1lud .pern fin ade iiy U) Y·UI-;U III Iful EVR UX apedl 4 iii Tlchpietulai at CHAMPLIN & COOPER, GROCEIRS AND DEAIEIRS IN siUVISIUNs N.. 79 atd 32 Julit setie, New' Orltct. US*hip and 'nidly stores Iut up. _ ctr 5 LIUIiSIANA - 1'3NITURE WARE ROOMS Na. 53, dlenvllle acir ,t W7IL.IAM I R. CAINES, ecoulil cirpefcitily it V im his frio mii d chi he puiblic thatl he i con. cantly receiving otem Now York tad Blincut a good acet·mneut If Furnitujech, tchas tunllel chairs, asts, led.eiatdn nle ani d paitied l iri, umple ttrd eheclv hedateci?, mahogantyind chdrn tables Ilfall dcscriplietun, tlureru., ceiicit, nccciiirlv,, desks, weicrti cc ci etaiicgeiiv itid clerirty, *t el sanclds, Iecckitg giaaeic,ieuhllucit, bledditg, &c'. Ac. N1l. Furniture packed Ifur Itruepoitiicu with great Ce,. _ _i3ov FASUIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & IIADDEN, I aV. 94 Chnwrrel street 11Vaunnt·nlauu ]ply t f every nlce elr ro I eei) in to entlenlnll's dress,. f the latest style, ai New- York prices der 20 ORIANS LITHOGR.APIC PRINTING EN'I'A RISI f Nj ENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, tippteiceliatlkcacciiroe. lVI0LL.41M GR 5ikE, PROPjgIIATOR BANK NOTE EN(;RAVINu RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH Z&DSON ZAVE openled al ,ice in Ntt Oirle'n. pcitarssiig reque l peccpeciiciig tc theitrl pi lotrin BNtw Yomk, far the purilol hange.uil f ~lll% , C'erllsiln'o J of Ilrpositr, Chatlka rmdl othter implortant paper,, rl1 TquIrllg security. aguiuti hitigelier aur l ]ciive tete nicilt iniplhvivi then cafe kc#ciig . i cll itcas c ii el tloi icircnae;itheireiiiiui ic r e uc.:the (rules of ,over liieiatini ii k ink itie ieateuimct titd all rdr will he eckrcutel with ieniln titlili., cn I tiI the cittuu rerme. OUiice, curatortiiic ii ul & Cii & stlci. 1211 IZA11 .VSX & ALLEN, NO. i, EXCHANGE HOOTIEL, mne fSi. (Irlt citttd C(iiiiiccsn NEW OItitANS I3ll'ORIiEI'E tcd am cciers in I ttlich end Lricliih I Tlce'ficc; I)giiici Cstac cilx I'nPottlie ieak Citler., Ilncierry, eilotot Shicinr, bitok, Istilceillec, UCer, aidiI Faume Article.I EIN1UCKY, Ilhcl ii ore n n haaBn ;Ntes, farahici by lii RIER Jmtuiytit 7A G,: tll itP' JE~.LR, Ar U.ºE"A-- ----. I IHELL, EL 16, hitiirtriia it, ulilt dry Cu. I ceived ci fil laacrtcieiit of ci11, I n, Jl\ce-i Hco m e, tylr, iii leaI e 'aIrr, ri.y t till lite diCe edam the lowest ma__rketprice. ptl I DOYIE ITI :A, IDEALERSN IN AMERICAN % ENIoLISlI CROl)WN GLASS, NO. 3 Cte IIcELE.r Scce'T. of JOB PRINrTING. tiY EVERY DESCRIPfTION, IIrEEkILYIIANDCIIELY AND tllgAPLY EXiECIUTLU AT THIS OPPFIC OP THE True e/lnerien a, MT. CIIARtLES STRFET, NEAR POYDRAS. mct23 AP_____ r_ and ler Ippr, or sole by S"all, IIL_._ &. BRO_ N, l96 l,,gaztie et T1O0IE9TICyh-s1s bolres GjiiT eis, 4-1 Blirrow 11 ahrltingt and :5 halea Jackat 6io 4.-4 irowe aheelinga, landing from ship Chlarlestoi, for diFr by i al l III)GE & eo, -ACtiN--iO Casks Haen r 10 do. Sides, and 15 do. S holdersa, in getore for .ale lby July 2d. J. IIAYL & Co. 71 l'odrae t. LOMB ARD &. CO'S Boston and New Orleaui Lie of Packert Shlips.--'Ihtn new line of shlipa bla been expressly built to run btwaclt ive abrove ports, and will be l.ued of suitable dra , of wate r: accorlnn odations for passengers, and every llfbrt will lee iede to give general Ralil actiUot 1 . ha line is cnpoused of'tleo o lhuwing lhips: Cherokee, 415 tons Capt. J llarding, Carolina, 4110 dte Lenlis, Charleston, 374 do 1) Eldridge, Cuollmbl ala, (625 do G Barker, leatan, 240 do J lluHwIr, rlBombay, 625 do 1) iiu phrey Th'le above ships are all now, of the first lass, copper fasteiled and aopperid, cltllanuded by mlii fgIroat experience, lhave large iiceclvlodatioei, with a separate ladies cabii; every vteoitiiII will be i paid to pali-ngre, and the very . est of stores pro rvided for tbenm. The pecketa'will be ltowed up nd now t tie Mis eisfippi, and the etriclcaet Ipttntuali.y ii servydl is lthe tioe of sailing, and shouul the regular vessf l be detained in arrivi.g, uther ships equally as good will in all cnaes be substituloe. A slare of patron. age is solicited, oeid te agtllts pledlge thcauualves to aouomtnaloa' as mnuch as practicable, to receive and forward goods by a id line at the most. noder. als ellarge, endLto advance all oni goods shipped, if required. Ties ships will leave the 1st and 16th of every month. For frdight or paissge, apply to tile agenut. J A M EIIIIITT, 812 Cuollllu o at. N. B.' Advaillell e mado on conaiiglllU..ts to Memre. A. C. Lombard & CUo. neov27 at a great' explse, r.e right ai pu i n;; on troi roul in thils city. Tley are adaptedl to Iu"h.l buildings, wereituuslC, and private dwellhniv a, ld eoulbine at once c enpneas and dluratllaii, anld are perfotily fire anld water proif T,,rills Iila Le knuwn, and a tniodel seen at our est'hlhshmenut, opposite It. Slary's ulrket, Tr hnpinort.t e, octi E II.lolsv lL. C E Xon t.\-- 1t_ it.l--I"II t v, ..,.. Sby Al)i il3 ,v. It li-t i, JNI',. it"ev i;iat ltr"ilatrit il , Ellr l4 a ll i t. Ii I U l, l tr l , ,1 : -ha ealt New Yr", mall llic ir.,I , or nullr t nl , I I iand eiulUrl utltt aI ,; w Iclh ht I, l i at very ,t i-tv ,i -. ] llltes his ., q itla iti"r evi 't'e i nn to ,r wiiih ll ive th i l-It , a it i idte hd t, Io .- rl' i:; I I1l LEA ll) b l, Ilt ch 5)) tib ba Gold Leaf, ,51 d keg ilvr d I0; EIl do -' .4 bl,. 1tc - al. , WINIIOIV Ci).46rr, Amirireni, Ei plistl otid FretltCh 100 aeburl vrlirl ai e es ari tl.ialities Dioton turei dc.-tilt baxea, eoeiigteaiI, ill be Alsb. a lgenCrl asurtniiet oh arist. ' cl;trs otid oe in a aofldetia. J-n l f .1 pieacks Gold Leaf;no o.i ,rai Ie 511 ed, Si iv batlr et te lda ie; i 1 nat0 deaoC, cvitallng the stetli. af LItee ncee if OW rt, besi le riAn lnrues il unui, onilir riltd aF d l10110'bxl, t anrous lldins e lliaci i curig 1t Oll!.ru.--,llJuxeeoooeigume:it, -ill be ThA a grinall assucerelict of artitded ilt rie isf tols iuer tmable byalnm 'hereer iA hAs been it N ted. lias tbanitned tIae nltidet ie asid reMomeniapd liona f "it eea. r r ived it I t per Ce disteoule tor goodls, oeuldn tlaia tof idebts. --attl rtpii or bI d, lTeo ebe citceayoncern. Tlieia to ervotiF thatt we inI'sI.nian Iletndtni ililtn-ofve ad llarlttad, lio7r. a bciued le l gut l le n be l cat ther lowr, pric te litow le.lge of the matrial i i ius na Il, aot her rot an ielrbktloeWil atiueng tie Idilns efficaciouslil it curinge pullmnairy eompaints. CALhe VIN rialed success it ict has tteded ie e Meti ilie r table Bls mati Mwhedieal ca beel iult. letd. lby tle cllitVlen &e ANId reomdVS Ianida lanne eupply of Coinel cud tLvvrpitttt clal id hulk of srlpee ritb r liry, wiilh theur of eor ugr Ale caperctid bt tihe lirot arriveal framtt Ifin cldd palld hi the Nrid, Cwn iill Llehih spitti blood nliverai Comlnt, n.brn nt qmrenet, lu ap ii They willh it no... oncern. This i to aetitr that we have ill oulllr pr laeti'e fr1enratly prescribed 1 'rs . Gard. Order Indian alsn e iverwort a dl IlIo fl r lillwith up Ns.tair. ,i be ClINi i 1, c. . IsIito v ic.bir I5I t^.tI 11 Jý 1 ' \ ' I'.ll'.. NEl V GO1Ol)t-Simmtn lartst & a n w n reu caililng frm otll Ilocord lslips Yomlll, ll ur1111I arltlOllI lnd crig lConllrtdl , floln ,Ne York t ra cotorl y colo goods i their lih , which together pitll tlheil tbrimle clock on ill.nd, I kes their a-slrt entlvry: p Ite. 'e tol lo u itlg ctpos 'ia part, viz: ell twit, d tuck ant dreosingnLbllllori to o desriptions, I dia r blher, silk and tnoorsted elustic rurters, Comlln & bine elastic stlspea s llon d co a, illd L cifr tnatcesll seidlivr l lpl. taw o derl polos and boxes, toilet tpowder, iocket tooks anod alletr, needle bllks, shell, pearl, ory ald Ilmorocco card ctas, hellad orallnentt, pluinico al beads,l nerkles anol oeligeesn bied chains, bead nocklhees, ct gllls lacud itaiin,seed,silvoeraud giltbeads, Indiao badsl, belln and pluur " it tlol ttind large Pow oerflasksn shot belts, horse, belt. pockeit ad duenling tiatols; double nd siingle barrelled guns, Bowie knivre and dirks. scisstor, slinca , potket kniveo, cuaed chains, ant ribbons, waist bucyles, clotl, ir, tooth, amtil.onlb, crumb. llii, oeint, tloor a nd dusting brt shes, Couogne, PFlorida, Intrucder, rose and bay watnr,asort d c eaut rt.s, atd exrnlnts b.aocaessnr, boea:, antiql, ad \VWrd't vu getable hoir ails, snaning udt toilet .onl ol'sll des eril tions, ladiel' and genntielens' doesktud dresinl-" caoes, hair rieglet., frizatts and brtid, plain, fancv aunt musical work boxes, plain and gilt, figured, coat and est buittasn pearl and ivory shirt d, sh ittstudds, gld and silver pencil cases, toothpicks and tweezers platoed 'td GLilt lockets, iniatulet do, siler, rinass and steel and rcdink,slhot bluakiig, violins and o lgoit:e,ribbcd and plin pllrcussion caps, lion twine, scented etdll. tens, goldood niier lace nod frlaF-elotlaer paper, pano ags, rdg w'nlp, walking- cnllo,plaolg cahids, titti ,gold, pluto asd dgithjeiw'llrv c & ". 1he above, tolethler with ii great variety of other arti leo are nolired .at hlinosale uor retltil ow aoooitcioudati-g toratne. N B Shell combnl repairhdl SOYLsL~ n MAh, , ll Rees it, 1eig, ard till at1t.l. l Psinters, NIo 3 Caloadlclr street, two dioors fin l onaonl oe stet. Imitations of tle fillointg woods and h .rusbhe:,s ecuted ill a 1astel. lll-lllllma e. Nblhogan)y, Egymtions black and gold, in k, ii(;alla ond Altico, IPollael Io, (Irietal oer att antiqtle, Siltled do, as ,1, CIAuVled Maple. Bluhnd ,ryroie r Btirds nay ,, Darby (ranitt, Satin Wood, Potoiac, h1r Wood, I)oe 10or lHndello, Yew Tree, Ihlnt Whit (:olonttllllll o hool k illlllua 11and t i .ntella, iose Woo, Ameri "al (titny Asuh bitet Oak, &h. k nc. 1Speilnlls toh-e seeii at tie sthop. PiaIIiln o1ill, glass, olpal tll'ibl, kic. oCilobd lid o' iol!c. m t I tull btoodle iol., iell uollIrted Ih , scrolll l aniid rod iliiom miill id islid l liogi Gllas, okll:ll , shlall , blistered, slring, sheet sek , r Crow ulc steel iItollow s:il2e ctt sld wrougtiil iih l sllikes Zinc, block tin, hill aIn grind stonies, salt kelescs OIIIigI itI ltace I hIl,U cln millsi a "no ils, vices, |illloniers nod bellow s r Wire. 5hletrtI fig nlld bll lell; Abet Cell i fill, d cokring 1iomes SAmcs, o I loll:oil's siillld other spades and shovels h kIl o dlll I-'ta ilnlhs, dool .r1 .n ill,,icd bIlool Collinsll, li al'l, "llitll l illll r lfelot iilr lxes Hoit ll l , mod liteilig 111110 r titt ,t lio tau lot - A flull issulrtlntelt ot hiardwar'e and ship) ++hlldlerv, alw ays on hand, oll4 whichl t 'e olfe "ed fir sile ill w tll. tin' IAVTO) N & Co. 53 Old l.evese. IOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. I- ( latlp strcet. Wlilesnle ttealr itl aints, Oil, Varnishes, IBlrushes, ottll0 Wioltotw nd Pione (oioss & c. &r,. l1,AF 0U(1 \tl--ltriil,, qualities, tolatlntlv in tOltc and I r sntle by SHiALL , IliIt )\'WNE , mar l9 Jri Augltzile at FASHIONABLE, CLOTHING. 1ROlLh.WOU rA GOOD i00 ri, ENo, ON, ('hnrlre Matrelt ýIAVEE ootanlt inon bondtevery articl0 u00 ert00· l1 tog tt tgontb orn' dtena, ninIho in Ike inur00 hor osad ml.lot lilotlll.nbln ttyli, llitlliltey iote, ,ilI cashi , alt redll: ed piries. dle--i3.. . . I)EAFN ICS:6 iFXI~-i~a - A E\ narticleba ar'lerns troubled willt dtatlesa, (called a/ Er 'l'runlt/ett) has itot beelt receitedk bt/ the nccc I a a.aiC , ihla slihtsrt a atitkn of the hU In a voice is dislmllrci c;;;:: evr;·: d to |h e -ar. Anyv ore whlbhas ave€ tlemi obhlgetl rll eollversr+ with i ~ver3; dtLa ,v;so naint bea flly a be,ille .f the difficlbty a miu hlll'rtlasmellt aatllt'ltldala tntVl tt Ileted l elses ood tlit i d v thin s ho ttl~llll'ttllllf,']\ afnite~ll. |IV tht:ue U.~ {it ' ear Tl'lulllpet this ob'e/tion ia a entirela otaia ni. I' e most scept Cal have a.l wats na IadatlaedI'eIr tu Itlbt- li ; havintg used twt Trumllpet. For sale at T F (;UION'S, tI v stored rilUer Ir (.11a ) and tta CplllCs stree/ts U.\IIT/At; 'N B.9l..i I"Ot TlE T''ET'I1, Il aar 'Itt I s n aaaatarl tItel. fi l er thIs t01111 ulre y ' nrIl! ervatie of the teleth, htis indueud a he tisci llber offlb a it to the lAmrical I ul/ ici . ttArrallgei ts Iav been mnade to :u n p+ nfeets hin ad tilhe prineil ait ato ns in the atni' d States, i as to p'h ee itg n~lt(I''-ajalr/a r'lidlcut;jaal~,it' 'titti ~lflilit it ha thle reutrl· nl Ilboe Sil/ltbriliff nllld lik,+lr It, juttl·.1 this lilts5 I haruasint. ol':Idl rlche.r 'l'onf th-mlhe. ti/n uP pIlied aieotlig to directiona given ot baslll , it hi: ui't pr ftii!'al o o.tll 'l itlllr dlate andI neoaleiati//F. Ii ilio rrieai ai/se d,'t'av Ia a 'i:elv renders a rtltI ull to le'al The I a1 li qattin l rcllemedy are L ult .e,· illll iti1i. i/i/ / ot iiIlii acst; lll t tihe larfe uittm rll/ o1" iiparsn in till if r t sla tio' s of th condltr'y, that hve iar ad exlr ned - h delihll and sfoutlatry elli.stl-r om tlhe al c lfthe Un I| , usle ready I to b)etar (ithr ith, ptubll c g od) I eir testh lilc u I i i - rivat led tti tca . Il lt'Illib l rl' iiobth tl i , tl iiil!Z d o l / iis h 1,. aou ltic ~ r , redmalnll of ~e u lwo" i I'lice $1 (lt beo:ic. S hld hy J.Iil'IS &. ANI/!EWS, mior 5 (. 'r (f.,,InIom.luI T nt ou lUltI( lul's to. '/-I- I liIii-I.-- lic a t, . t - , i le I cast of Ille lld w/l ~wpueve ruhld .Ltel I'aper a~t 's-it/ar'" low diea, ilru/e y \ Tiu." S llR on'rl' Hlh l, IJtn 1i /4 rt'htrrs r t JARVIS & ANI)Il'1WSt, 1WIiOLELI'-tE ANFN RN TAII De;ALftiS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DYE S'U'Il:L ./1'I ) tl-'VOII"' G'.I' SS, Curller ol Couillllon atlll 'T ahoupitollln treto, NATIIAN JA RVIS. JilN l. ANIR\il . A large upply o Garden Seeal. , urrauted tlhe grliith lh11kiREWF' IFTl & CO., ro nlec/tfully inform - their friends and thle pubIliC m eI'ner, thtat they occupy the new brick shop, 219 Tchoupitoulas Sstreet, where Ithey keep canstantly on handl Copper, Tmn and Sheet Iron Ware, of overy description, such as copper stills, kettles, and p twps, tilt bath. ing tu s, and oil cans, of all sorts and nlzei, ad all ath/r brass ca isig dote at thorltttt aIltio. eGratu hi ' of avery ile-crilpti/lta, t'lc ll is tb(lntll. /toatstilrt ps, "irge aitn, seatr . olts, tlnt othi kind oil'steambtt wall, such as cllhimnllys, breech. * s/aiteam oips. &' I/cy ill also ie al! kl/i a i F out da or worl/ , uc. h a l zi 'e, c/ tiCper 'irt tilly rolhig taali gitter gic , &c. /'lhy ,bllle alid all oilier ku/ds oi work In their Inu o" I tlus t, they witll t elJut/e tihe ,hortes' 1/ hi Ie. d,/ t bu7 T1 ll weli knolx n waIteItLt lalnce ia new apoi,+ f or lhe 8tr.J,:l.,in l+, lIldl~lll.:1 /)irnLi,+llllt,. .lll,'ll'll ll` l.(lel t ' ·r.g (-(lo l clhljCI1111 lll lrtl.P I /11 ii t lo lh tnl il / t1/ - hiCn ryI causiderbly nowroved 1,. ilhlmi 4fd~ls mi//' // t'l' dr:r thi duce cla/il//a rlll i nd an rle iali an.: t rl n, hisIII, rlt llnI hll ru t.nld , Il ill l ole ra/-, l/ /llll. I I IIllr IIt "r e eatl/ i rl /llll' II l el lAlil: ( i l II,.r N/ ra b tLt t " I ar , h eh / laua i / / iN STelli, lul wl iI t al r eli I Id h titlA T i h/ llAl 'l Srail, llhlfl l ~·1ilrl~lr' rohl, tl~~~eu,,lr au ch:Ir :IIIllt 1d, juYnp 11~ir, Ilo 11~1l n1 L I~l hance Il ntel ni i lt Irl to Ia I ih, Io en ill il na/ i/.IlIl I il ll, / el fltalcl i ,na ' +.d . iiia el i'/il'/l/ lc/luilala auail l hhi . a en iwo ullir l ai, . .alit gai/ la t -i , j I/ii itiio sui tlir te-l'ai 1 lie lt Iu hl/ll t ·l / I'in a. i A/ aletr -lag f caI at ltn/ii iIife /.a l lit/I l/l~/ a tt laat / ni t hinlttl to e/art' ii it Carii a a/ac teN t a l .,l h'i ch w il la r.<'.l',l l e, tqhilll~illU, Jll. U,. I ai ttd ilOl i a'/ tad 'a t/ll and eveit1 i' ctn ll linswihuenirlldnearata ri a, I I__thII : I~srrreF- bulfblu I '.:\E L so~ I unO fh I*l· li 0 rrfuE I / ll i I CfII.UY I illj tab/ c te,··i adlpi,~ liii 111L. I/Il (lr l 0i b fr ili I II G I J Vlt j 5 hb . kb/i 'ii aaL W l I l/ l i Nt jira /Il ra1, a :b Ihll l. I/11 e t t,.'ribll/ htt' Iaa I/lit Inlttiaca Ial/ . l) 'a i t troll~, llll. FrEe ill lrIh y 1 i .ltlll 14o1 !.16 , d . ,,-ta t I Re th al, n iat g1. hAt//I/I ii ihitil/Ittri /h.ub /'l' I ts U -i: eb,lli Upli-~hl Jiial,i-lP~l, till. ,,, I il ii IIlrll I h i/N , E & .. Itf hr//,.i on. tI , i;=l., ,;,e , ..,a .. e ,,, r o u ,,, ·. .u erl. r iil,,,h . - : ;;~~~ t lln.t: elll ]lc l~·rll t ',.l., i nltio ~rlr~ l J 11 11:t io he] I ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 1 ] ellllo"heI 1ill. N YTork & Baltimore Packets ! NEW ORLEANS AND BALTIMORE LINE OF PACKETS. This line will consist of the following vessels, which have been built or purchased expressly litr tltotadol, viz: Ship Seaman, 'Capt. Miner, Bark Mary, r Nickersao, * Irad Ferry, new " Stevens, - MSolotnota Saltus, ' Ltlhalm, Brig Arcllitect, Gray. Theseo veessls are of the first class, have hand. some furnished :Iccounoodations, and are of a light draft of water, so as to admit of their receiving and discharging their cargoes in Baaltitole, uat the city. Freight will be taken for ports on the Chesapeake or Jat:mes' River, and forwarded by the agents, Messrs. CLARKI E & KELLIOGG, at Baltimoore: expenses on gouda shipped will be advanrted when required. The price of passago is fixed at $60, ample stores af the b at quality will be provided. Stoamt up and down tile Misissisppi will be taken oil all occasions. Fur freight or passage, apply to GEO. BEDFORD, nov27 22 Ilionville st. FOR NIEW YORK. [Louisiana and New York Line of Packets ] 'IN i Stheps this line wtrill riom Nce Orlecans nd New York on every other Mon. day-coumulcmIg on the 20th Novuenber-and to insure the puncttualiy in the title of sailing, tle lii w ill erei ter ons-iet oftive shills, viz; Ship Yazoo, Captain Trask, to leave on the 20th S NRovember. Ship Louisrle, Captlain Palmer, to leave on the 4th Deceeratle. Ship 1luntsvillo, Captain Elhidge, to leave one the 8ltl I)Dcemlbetr. Ship Vckhbourg, Calptain Woodleouse, to leave onl tile let Jalnuary. Ship Missieesippli, Captain Davis, to nhave on the 15th of January. The above ar aall new, of tho first class, copper dee aud coppear iltceedr lind upiwards ol'f 50 tons i:rthen, are of fight draught of rOter, bering built in New York exlreessly hlir the trade. Tle price etl passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabins are fittd tup in the most11 improved and convernient plan, and finished in a neat and elegant style - Amlle stores of tlhe first quality Will be paonided, s ed every reguld paid to the ctlufort and entire siatllctiun ofl iassengers, who will ilease laito Ito. tice th.t no berth cat be s cured until Btlad fr at ithe Iee or if thie coulsitl ee., T'lhese vessels ar cretllllllded by rapltains well eXple'riettcd in tIle trade, lwho will give eve.ry a tecltioun and iXerIt liherselves to acrmmndatc. It'he will at all ttimins br tLowed tIp till down tin Missis. Sillti by eetamlbofael, 'itdt tihe strictest punIctuality obtereled iut tihl tivl of sriling. ile owill'ers of timesl shitis will sot bc responsi. bin ior any letter, arncl or liackage, sent by or put oni Iboa, d of tiiti, ultleis a reg:lar bill of luding be siLg:tti hcrelor, at thIe eountig house of tlhe agellt or OtlIer Fo a er fortc particulaOrs apply to J RD EIN & A COIlEN, nov27 90 Coulmo U st \E\\ R.EI. N - S i .C.ll l,ESTON PAC K ElT' T ils line ceiions is el' hour vessel ,, all uI th Ihst class, oeppercie d a coper tfse. v sl and iof tIIll 2O(1 liUns liurtlel:: wit in, iiil'. s'ie 'll a t illUOditlallS for p.ta seniers. I 'l ter e vessels ore it'tllililltd'd bi)' c lpliins wepl rt' prete'et'(c ill iIh Irelltiev n, trita Ii ve every at toI ir mill tIll exertl ID, nlsulres ito acem,.l nI.I ,ed , Ill( lllpper. 'l'hevl will I o tated it, art a d\ . n lhei llS;is.ii'i, ;ii le ive Ni'. O l' a ns , oLr brelo:c le 10t t ne l 1 h ,If t vi y t , r nlth. The I olluwle veSs sII rultl' tll (e "lin, I viz : "iillt C ii :,1:.l. B.'l'uo1,eson mastr. F ,r ir,.,sig t ,,r ipasa,_e, ;i, plY t, J. A. BAIR.E LI, I MI i fIi 't.t'',s'tn. _ net I I..t TIIST 1.1T,I II.A it1 ICI100.CA'I."I"' It:i .tttlec.,n i 1:T 1 i reerllela. 2 ' Jt3aliics hirhaoatolit' : I iitt tiiait lire. tel . in; cOls tl lh Crlullpl". ..y llta ()'lilmn Falmily Ilarrtutie, ''e if;tie Fa "l Ie ii,. ; Itilate l ie a:lhe Iset iarctagro Dr. uirdl; tohdu liath2 vnhunus Neit e;lliy til Jiria.; 'CIte Iluteg l,'t liigraltt Captai Kidi l; u lx r's Ilieh,'lieu I": JIIIN . Cco. coier st ChtarltA it (&II C& Ce. --_ :_ ,,,r I I l ttih....l.i li) l . Il tie St RUHIII'lON & ASPINALL'S .OMP'UOUND TONIC 311XTUREL.-- A slieedy antdi cosaii uro for tire Fever and AguLe, remittent andl iinternliont fevers; prer red froni the original recilo. Used whll trmnceut antd uni versal success in 183,h by persits oI the highest respictlahity ii this city, ios slated i o tlhe aniloxed foertilicaltek." 'Thisi lodicip i.s I higlly reconromendd, and has beren sxteSlsivly used in thie abovo disoseass wit such distiiguiihed eucceuss, lthat the proprietor of the reciple ar blee illduced io offer it to t pe pub) lie ii its pf'rtet fiirm in the hope that it may bft thd mhrans of rchelving maniy of those lwho are euffering undoer thle scourge of ono couitry. It is aI miodinei pcsasing igreat virtue, and when uised oecordiog to the directions hias never failed of effeeilng a cure, even in the most olstinata stage of' thie disoder. It isi not rt sll disagrcuable, ud lersnos of thie weakest tomach, riand childree Iiray Stake it with impunityloi . It streigthens the digestive I organs, creates an appetite, and scldom requires nluore than ore, or ill obstinato cases, two bottleI I to eflbet a cure. There is neoither mercury nor aroerii is the omedicine, nior any thing iiju lous to reut iiuiian cohstitution. The proprictors are so welleoovioced of itseffacacy, thrt they agree to refund tihe price of overy bottle whiclh has been takae in rcurdanec with tile directions and lls not etffectid ai perfi:et cure of tho fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent for New Orloeans, at Irhis wholesalU aud retail drug and medaCiLie store, Scorner of lfieltVIfL asd Chartrea streets. I or District Agencies apply to | jeW. l. S IITH, 48 Conti et. SIPENSAICOI MIANSION IIOUSAt TE V CITY, PEN.alC( LA. I llt: aiifroriieer iaRYirg purslThoil tilr leaer rilot foe - iiiturieii this rell kbioicii csiabficlfllot, frulo Plt I'lvlor; til te r iietlor, will e Ireadv to rereive Ii. toi bhy trhe l.rl ft. Afrifono' - .| Nillrldi li oirily iillfrooeinlcees will be fnaod iid tile clrullprelite of tile plilaeioui hlonlo. N ew ohiri more elotollioe Inalhilig-htusern will be u ilral wsret bifi- will In la vil mlast na rs A tl o e Govr'iffi-orliitfiierio. fiwru endwiis fichei(iilosju tioo fie fa bi t cc-c inn i t relrn hoc I-i c uelo in w f il It I f ]t toithe t urnmafi ve iPl es lhe h ii fets nde t elt I rl e d Irl lli lte Ii sr t rate; h ea, aI s lld Fc(ar t L stPbO iIatn. L i J . 'ill II) h iisrl Pr iif o lr I Ee irfl i lt, d wllt l an IO lie, ii·ilhi ItLo ti hll e IIa i ft ge of br ic·t I~n,: lo el Vri't;le'Is.Blliaurd. itll, a DIRill a.llS~tt tlt.4i oi etlch i I.ri al l ii.g p l ae llurobe fr thlei llll Ohllu e3:I lOl Ti fir NW tiOR ll IIUI Tr€ Iletuth ordels.rus tl'hn, X~lthe aoid ] rorte viae Penecurh lre.[do l.' uor r hnre red tht ilr i rae 01onl'terfifll iiii yi ilirun Ifirrnila Mbile isofIirfrarliii .ben the 11bI a d Pe.+. l " er tercayo e h 1f lr edt (rfii r |llil ar Iui w gill . i l a ieptroi d unh tlnc It elI .llll~ll /D(. (Ill~)l ll~ I t t ([1C TIIIII~b II d in Pi eld). S/th'll Nic e C.hmr n S l lalllell.e Mbile t n To iln hwele iln l '[ llTblt- r Of il h ue lrlo e kls foi A i re rml , cited elicilir citw er f, l p. iei htcll .. tl -it lll i'el~n ' l i . l I r .'s lllll I-llllioll "of. lilt (Iov rI uIldox.l, t ile nl ' oilld etoUptll'r l mecl e(t h nquad# Soillole til elllitd I lr! i atrg retdi ed t c fnis lt th hewa r cobotirey.! atiire l odoosorio fifi r tr tilftrt nlils t h rll orr r 1o fi f tlltrl ife c et I reee t r U Lrh (rllllr l rlD II.'llilX to" h e nd a IKI',' ) folttlniheri ig !? iiliu - hIr-inne of fi r Isud i~r iandirf li t.ieicfiofiieio (jllll1 wh l:l whil lt11 Irol ric nllid; *iu ir iip lriruhe i tIo b i ihgl fro. o cr e hr letc e Iifll e or n safleru r t i r TI r ri r rr Ier i oin Pn 'i` Sllh? ull. ,I 1 ~ J(lelL rltflll D~clrnl ~ yll.t j +CCr-t idrPr bei8 +lll! ~ rtl bt·e ++eellPh+leul ~ailn atld .+) ;1"h"" and .ill at~ llll, ti*n' I., luel at o tae helaziclrngrl irrllio th.Nce t )rlrer r scbr out.ll N B ARtNOLD. hiogioci tgllsroc'cefo tlllW ii' lelrte l ut i ciii -it fur,,- ic Ir ,i irrfrei rrr , it I'enCI olorr s or= 51 .e++uIC, ll T 'l'al ULI r~lot, the form,.r tlrtqttr+ N. r lh lean.. l~il • ·III~II " a F( "tlhl Io '~ ri ,fe rnre .l. I T Sa,,fillll,r, Ks*,olr CI~ ellr~uir, Br reipin.o 1.2+q.l~.t. cecru I'ifreillll~ Fr ·1 frfIsLcII i, Bt IeI.bffis,t It~~ce Kinhrc lii .lofi I,.-n i T Ian l'cI, P P tRea, Ierf, iI Nit., I fill -- hllle+ I uh r er Inc e eive eI nuleIr i 1 io .riis oelolrec li he onehoie h l, irplacerorde at1blo G ioe h 1" TrI+, Iler. o ilesi 'lJI1 ilL tlo ollg hle I-f or ia r ci 'lldti,l~ nine Northioeeit,einrrmedrlhno6lrt biat. sill iinil lt l rhu u I'r r lnrrr. itlre t, Peir Ielr t leti iif i y oir ·ttl'+igePsi Ie ireris Ifro i th .l.l: rb+' Ilit oC- h I in .dllt'+. Ile ~la.l l.-.t ell~tr+. +'rl . ei scas ofqf1iuire ofhlis huiarr hrI I Iilll) Tri mernho c i,, 11tltc l leaies Molbil~e trIce ls J I.: N 01A DIII. F ItIl\'t 1("OI.()OF 00 tT IF I reeeiserfiiffinsfrhirfior+0tiirrirhi oIIPIr oiircfi frontt. I-ri-irri'll a~ ' entIil linlet Ii -afret, m+ e c) l iii I, m if' err,.l+iorls .i 'h rlll x r+t ocefr, k,frihofo, \Ottttf'o ,icinsiafli ~roie.iiitltll. tr l le esI] , l-rf, Ioriifir.iisiielllrecoroeat h w er I rrof'ri' Oal oioaeiffeofe l otrl rirsr iii trelss ''et - filer ut rriri+ if, irii ('hltrirse arid Oriric hlihii+a~ • *l u~h ii, Iuii tf rinfitrfi inalIe- Ifr1n +++i i-ciirbcoarit jr-cs fi *,-ri fae Ior+at wolecole or reai by31 NI.fI.NS, II.\lit'r &Cr 5, Ili¶bl Uir; irife l7in flo slicrro sloecl * ,,e Royaql Colifti e of Phy'icans, Lolsdoa. IHE orignal Vegetable Hygeian Universal Med i Senlse, preparef \yV Miskil, Esq. Menmuer of In.Itovnl Cotllege cf Surgcons, Licentiate of Apotse camy'sonostaev, Fellow tf .lolt Court Society, Surgeon to tie loyal Union Pension Asociation, Laonaster Place, Waterloo Ilridge, aml P'erl.tual Pupil of Guy' and St. 'I'tomas' IlHospitals, London. 'This valuable medicine, the result of twenty years' experience and tl unrallteld success in the extensive alnd hiighly reopeetole practice of the prolriety, .Utro nised by the fetulty and hobiliti, aad is tow introduced) tothe notice of the American ipublic, at the earnest so licitation o f a number of gentlemen of long and high stalnlig in Ithe profession. It is Ioped, as a prelini nay ste, to he tothotek tie evils and fatal cousequences arising from the uol of the nlulerous ati deleterious nostrums eoisted L10n thi public by the aid of fibricated proofs of mirneulot oures, and Rttier ftrads, bya set of teree.ary, tuntineplled p eetenders, so totally ignorant oh meddical soirene, that it impoasible the monstrous delusain can any longer go down with the intllligent peop e o'this country. I hose pills, mild and agreeible oi their nature, should be kept It every family ia nases ,ofsudden illness, for, by their promtt admliistration, cholera, cramps, spnamstit fe"rs oll otIher alat"t intg complaitlts, uwhich tea often prove lilttal, may e tpesi Iv cured or prevented. In li tt, til those who value good health, should neverl be without them. They are selW it tackets at 51,) ceti, $s cud $Y eoch, by every respen table druggist, lntk.oller,cll tvtttndorof Itedicite it, tlu United States I bI te Cattdas, wit.h copious dtlections, together with. estnoins ais of prolfessional ability frolu thle folla .log eminent gentlemet: Sir Astley Coulter, J Abertlelhy, Jmea Blundtll, M.. )\., W. Back, M. D., J. Aston lKey, A. I'rampton, M. D., and numceroea others. Thie originlal may be seen n possession of th_ Geteral Agent, by whom the mtoilcite irms iorted intc tins cotIiitiy, n.dt to whom iall applications tOruagetciat must be nclie. JNO. IIOLIIEIN, 1i9 WaVerly Place, N. York, Sole Gecerlt Agent for the United States, er. For sale by pplltoilltmllett ofl' tile originlc pro rietor by SwAlt S IlttoTUttn, lh-lggi.tsn No It Can.l street (..ntero Agent aifor Stllthee of Louisianta. jul s8 I'ilt'Y It LEE1 clo, No i3i lagazine street, art S :tew receiving fromnt ships Nashville, .ouisville, Kenhck., Eagle, atd other aInte. arrivals troul :lh S.tlern cities, a ige anI l new se lected asortinent I;.i1, Boots, Shoes and Brogans, connsistig ofgettlemeltn'sfiue calf dtll Morocco boots In td uoealilt; do bul'dl, and stout wax pegged boots a arioousq nilties; men's fino call seal aind Moroocc rhos. upllllllloisld brogans, btchkskil shoes, Ittogans int sIltppels: mitt t .slite ootf and kipped pegged lhoesl n I ogasll; 1o bootls; do stout kip amud waxi egged shoel a nl broganst; fentlemen's best quality calIf see(i shoes, togans and.l Jack utownings; do calf adit Morocco ickle salloes tld brogans; dlo ealf, seal anti M.oceo,, I itlii shoeis ad slitpp t do cpllf, butt" tut seat WIntgs, amlew article; do line calf, set.l and morocco quartet iets; boys', omisnes' ntI l children'j p.jir 4 astunii-."id Itbghtils, :tln shoes 1of etey quality tod k.tdl. Also a general assmoitlelnt of IIen's stout was an r.,t Ilogans :and hloes, together.with 10,)0 palr. .;gr'o het quality, russett blrogalns, aited il tl I tmksi, ile extlc ssly filo. iantatioti nie; a gauol as: ralnlelll of Imaetl's f .ilne adsoluet kip ilryss.t btogallnt a w article, and a turge q.uantity of n ionferior quali r sset ;II "I~ll bi'g.lla. Ladies' lile cal', seal, olu.roceo nl grlaitu welts, and plUp sole sho~s; do til ice:loe lh.. hulo'occo nid kill t n ret'tttl slippet s; dlo ron. shloes, with old witlhout hoees; I cntttl sealtit s.toiut leatherhboot.ts; do Prloellashoe, I hi kinds I ualiti tic; du Inngs: brogal gs to k -l' st and foxed) bootes. Misses'llastlgap tog slhtes 1u,, at ganes. thid'ren's colored Morcoo atd lasting bro. 6I tIacnitI boots, hc. 'entlemen's fiiefnshionahle black silk hats ; do black n Idrab beaver do ti a superior quality; io imitation It ram do; bro:. lnd narrow l rim ellt's fine dlllb ad 41: ak .o.sint sholrt nallliot hals, a tite article. Yol.ts' la .e size hats etliftehcredt qualtihes; dlo ctildea'. .l·: o' and baC)y' black and duab wool hats of various altules, with general assortment of boys' antd mten's tI ins assoitienllt will ie replenished l l3 the arrival of eat Ihpacketslroln thenouee llletl cities, all of which uillbt soll oln nccomnoldalting termls. aug 1-tf NO MERCURY NOR COPAIVA Now (elle;lns, Nv 1. I1, 11:17. A B COL'T six oenths ago I had Ite uiisl'.rtoute t. aot 3 a oncrelt dioensr, I'.nr Iti it I lc ulel, lied to are. rolt dleters for i cture, ttll( thee did nt ctt e "ee ien ntowt on the dtlt 1 pi tllt ell undelr tim t l.Dute f eto hloet, aldtIlexcthi. l tim clre toe. S'ice tht title to Ile nlulmuber If nix or eiht ollu oe lego ant ail Yer 'lly lc, andl tore thlroat, slid t ablte t work at iet p.resent biu.l oil nccount ol' the diseae; i-earge tlcer o. il~e right a, idte e" the Ihr at. 1 911 z ,. t ting .ytell co filleltl, tittdel tli, cute il'lic. Ilultet, flPuri, to be Iperectly cured JOIIN DEAN. j tiO CrI't'TIF-i- ' it Ie slot' o''.ttoei tineton ie Jine ttittltlt- r, dh o ttt Itta eoltct hie l hiote'l mol.l Ih', IIl; = uil eol e'eI Pr I :1.81, " lltlu thle Inedi cinevei uotte,' le tlt,. o 't Iant nd i n t c jtrt o. Ilthf act e t I e Udtc i Iloo. IltInts to luNeol tlilltlii.d iPe .t, l :ll r A, 1 i, 18 Pa IHtr is t, lr , h ili u I illllll tu IIII e Ii l tl; I . tIr ts. Ili. h'le, will fhdal i ill* o t I,, for plli. i omlll iin. If allyt oine walnts Ill -It In vI·, call at No. dI1 tilvie. .ItillN I IEN. '1rw -l~t lld o s Cr 1,1 281'. _ _ __ fb "l Itt)WI.T1FT's T.\III.Et oF"' INIEtli:'ST: F11O t1-eh s t tl o holrt .n Aertrg. IT'i e (;Co httol filml sl'o .I gf, 5. al l hiI ao' I l of gO S when ' i Etcaete. t Iliflitl etIlt i t o il to eits ll ot cela llim i lltnn ls I-lesi ltl s furil n n dlll ncol llelt in t Ola Tie o'l'al eh , tllo e tt b DtIhae e'm e e lnerielr 'r tiu t ii

ilrc st, t r ,t e cIi , W lo l thte sb t ci ude se dI co ellllts As ,sei t ircte. , ii tt i t tai- ec, u l the 'oo o r f it elltllt Irl ite C,.l t lte i Oi i n e rtit11o111o1 t ilo lle hin uroid is: " 'I Lhight t t slhte tite this u k has n"ecited Iriltgohot r th 'theti(,eli St is l ni, nl' ll bt fix t tdcl t lathl e l s totile colnnim nd:.ll li iill rw Silltlif . ua1·1n1 tnlullll and so (ullu; - shile, l i t nutheirisl ecusa. aiIt: thrl alo s1in ay ex fmi d-e fethtis ele t, to givec cOdin ed IoC it oti l 1 e o its - temil -1 felwlnhi the i tot O ttl l r o h Ets fooo co l t Ieot olflolll t hdtll l o tf lr e, w ih l qlllhi. th ll o totsl' Io neith b. o . ti ll, It ii ", e all iuel thl .i r .ti.t hieit - fi of tlimes, ill t ih ll. It1o,' tp 'Oie p.l a" i. t Ccel testitoi thil'le ot lrlo frotlieoltr whiclh itl om sht be evhdelot ietern i sto ie skb l e a(erlo c alt,) l I u lni ollas a o1t" e ie taillo poof inl h te 'lia tie) lh l Ih e th e hit-, k H oel thlli - nthe icallry ll b it e 1rto, in tlo l I , 11a-erg of this belifit. pl't-lieln of ltwo hui cllre il d tl tIy tll trs i LtIoii olir itlo n e dti io, ol no s ie t to-ti et blitlc ti oll.e isim otn. fifth editt ti, itt, egI.r+se in h,. Ile p reoi t aki n. five rile o pilren lrls ..ele.d flusr I ellle /, turor l l t he f. t i"st ihhlict- otit i ll the y a O - etii. tct, lOie llefll ilamosctllieOtif ls featue'slllll Of te tabhle is ionthe orr illnc it i ot t l lllc i l An iluntsile whicha lttrtxet.t.h it eteierrnee aodr persltieuity . with the hite o n o otiote ind tte!Ilctx, tc it r-ie , xellet iCtnd the tllt 1tt, i tlelilt with tll ch til i lut l - al l-gan e ft dlletl o the extent of tlllen al bnLs11s oil' m A it t i ou l ln l lllfue i h bel i otl il .on eltteli te s, llesnlilthre it in tlh elctll. cfio ottoeI illtlt ehf i t Iinn , Ittlltlit td prenctlill bu-ll tts'tteti lllltlnpub 'c' l.t. It. IC ihtL, iL ae tt grthitatl use, of the work, i t chi bt i ditil o uislitet to tho hotiobltt tluellL t, r l teo ltlotti r 1 , cIr tilctet. And cofio oerhlo lke infllllll.iliill I hef ile l +t h " Iginahlly aIdopied in e lota pnshtn he ll alk dt Ill y t, i'x trditirv i us nber tollt , ,i ttel l tlhe lr ionolhiololli, notd lasts I i I"etti edtit on io h ip,, , I hiltt' o l I tle p" se o ihhe tu:ii ill the w1 holu is il stlerOleIlle, rotslellrlg. Lin sh6.c, he positive ue ticy sehrm'eil 1n' tihe fl t'lmite Id I e s e plllllll . Ithe s lu e has 'hiers hhld up nd emp hIt rally styled " Ilse 1lOSt wondwe l 1bunklll I n tile oslk f" fOSt elj'lif ll I,, Ion1111c l ltme figure hl l'k o) tih, sille exlten, 'I ichil sfnce tht e hprtteho . t l Citaeih t, ita., hatI the ittie tilt hci. alls l Vlc l ll i i lll elts i ii n till- sli `t e.u t Ir t tf 'dto is tt, IItIo, tllerh i t the uutllber, a it al tl sott It ic the Iprela .e. B sildls, ls test lla illstn Pldt lll, it hab nas trled alnu d ttll" e llet,'t e Itgit ttle ott .r " er\ large t r o hi,. titi Thl e b' ki ie b, k s ae` i tr s I'S+ hl ll lii a I b al lheloul 'ts for ataitte oictrestt" tsol eotceint tr l nk itererto ;c d P. IlaIsIIII e ill it Ok il.titLt I adifI t ollo i get h ine I pHBl, lby .,,, i eillis orihe Mluiblol'ihrT r mlld' II fe |l lt of th s tulstllieliett t Iclwsen' ht, tilt I t.] t ih. dle ud of fh H ooC e, iot ille'tll t lelleti. it, .. . i eti 00 itic s itn.. .e e tierl et, a It t i ll oil'I well klt ii ti, , its rl heck ilte ts, .o lrntric dre etoll ed tled el x -ass to, l. i -t-ioell e ie t ol.'e Willl. ,:vstn illby the mast Ihu u ni lt must'i coieoi tl o nI itl -tcill ttcl ns" lal i trhllls s.glr'-less Iheo the tlablte ue hand coplino its 1131 l e J.lj h ll. c, alsl't IiU I i sl' tid iu t . tly ho i'ie e t-tdte,,t ip h- git et ito i/ lar , of ,eciod tiol pn. ix ill"dl I ir.t.h t price t., Ills they•ule ".o si il.. lltllle to ii llto oit cl i r iie. t tedelnl alnl I trittt ll" t t lloe i l l o ie r old, t h ud. lr f h ar o -tt1, e . Ifhr t.tet'r., .r hlnn ittre b kll ir Ir tic mftioinei i tii illtheo l ,r ,,ly eetn ; ,,ott ,h, , 'titi, t "'t.l t hli t ,,t It teae tllteteott:llhtiett et n itttr ct"Ite tilltc tiol l ord a e eros e thsetl atl t , ih lit h Ct t o La rllly itsotod thtlk tit neln-d Si cii tll thrt t he att-l tlo, e, vh t.t , a t biet ii ot tt c olrtlie beii tlellll ll ho .iOc ullhti l sticitd l ifc I" ite ttt hillloo It isrr l~fir. \Ito. li tt'1 t 1'ti c ete,, to y in ee it gofin r o ti/ i tce-tilettroerlt otti pht t t iih ttt il r i e fo e m t 1il pl: ca i ofU e .'Ulrlc tisc own e. crrvll. ( Io E ol l.hets, it w ld, imottl ot i t, ohllile, ly, l /re le tntid Sli c fot. - -eal 0, f hil d o. r r .li all f . N.rc, as tic o " t ocoa l:ll larllI t.. ai s. t s prr-Iep i ost, ftil. , er1 fi u/ hI t el li 1snginllslt fire, fur h.ll gli l'il lhie, fit, 1 ih ore (sb Ulcmlllnllfll dy ostlU) work, uhicll wasp b il be, l ee i , 'i " i 'it: ll' \ ',, ti ' l. . I- I ,l el THE FLORIDA LINE "rtuitn.MItbile ts AugUstaOGeO. leaves iulobti' avery day at threbi o'oeluk. pm pler US nlil boal fIr liall's Lauding, alve a Blnkely.--vlene lour tint CnachCs toa PeFsaaaa-I-.thte'iin silnlohuatus a o Lagrnen, whliereithluland nIae isreasumed-thence val Maliainn and Itritwnnvillh, FIlu. 'Bainbidge, Pttderlo n, Hlawlinaville. 8anndersville & Lnis villaet Augpsiti, Ga, cunneting regularly with ie r;ail ronad earn to Clarleston, nll thbe sleaolll nacikel- is, Now York, Nirlilk, Phliladnlhbia, etc. I'T.. stelllnboatse ore the best. for'the service, and tile tlvigatiuoin prsenllla tnre oaldvnantagee tan can be found upon ally staslboaut rosate in tihe soulth. ern regiou. The great improvelsenls in the rouse have been produned lby the collnstructioln oul fifty mileas of newu road, by the prIrietorsIt, via : fotm LaGrange on Lafayette Bavyou, an art ul Santa Ruos ltly, to Bryant's Ferry, oi tie Clinttaboochee river, en miilrs above the Cwaivlard, or 14 above Cedar Lllerl whereby the navigatItuno' the river, and thle eon squent detellitonla, and more recently the incon venient crossing at tile Cowloril, are entirely. avoided, and a line read from Matrinnn diirect ito Bainbridge, iantead o tihe rcundabiut road via 'ibattahoollca te, leseeninti" thedisanc e nb~s t folrty miles, and in t:r"asig the facilities more than Alsh,, . ,rans h Ivne of two horse otaers every aibhr day InIo IItwkinavillt', via Perry tII MaIoIi, (i, uttctiriii witl the lillne to SPvanallllh and SDnn,lre (e-. A mail ateambonl Itlite regularly belween Bainibridge ansi Apulcilhi'ula. 'I'Trovllrs wislhitg toi real'th anlly point oni Cbolattnlhalee or Aalaelatl oloa, can i tat sltolsbilua at Bilwinsville. Nlobils il' Pensncnla--I aid RoaiIe--I)Uring Ithe litse occtupted ly thlr rta paills i itit aIs, te prolire. iirot of tihe 'l'hrida lie will ta n a t ile oa hour hlre pst coacher s every oitlier day btweeu Mo-nl tIl, anid 'P e ol s al. Pass.rters will leave Mlhils at 3 o'chik, p tv, in the US satIlbota, a.ld prtened t lnll's Land Ing, where a Iollr hlirne ciaich will 'u in waiting ato ttlvey thiela to the I etxcsllelt Iltiseoel lsMr. Charlan Flall, I 14 niili distant, whs re they nill fiil 'ansalit acaodsnlod t" sa Ioa the iiigit--leavtig n'xti Illriinin , tliey will nlrivs in Pellsa .n lu early ill the mvuing, thus analditg Iht ds sli01" rt ligIht trivelling. dl|iee at 'he Mansion Hinusat, Mbihile, and Cl. line' Iltselt, Pensacolu, where sears e Istiat bi teeut 1TO12K I'ON & Ca. nv I Fiann Parte /tiul'str un. W'illiam 8oSth telVders hii.-~Lg.;ygE.' "'-iee cii, Ze.ia , ,F~~iw reS a a t-eacher of ihe IIani ritorte. NrS lhvina beei utlllhy'd severnl yenrs une teacher al Ulusic ill privatte Inlllllieu in B.asion , and alls v er a l of l'elll lh a ,llllll t n H I Sviinhlll i, ceaovi r u Iu t llllU to ilelil ttsirl c nilll 'e.P IHe is "petintlittd tl refer ito lie Dt (tl iltp, M'st1as I Stelsn & Avery, Hendell rson &\ :;al'.. F' ,r tertits, ue viiet se appli' at its tr i olastitre 'if Alianader TInwes. 49 Cau)t p Drngs anod .luJdie'.n.. JI . ~ . vosat lih Iittitled Itti asitell i thits City t''r the purposl e tI rn I lll acelllll 1 i'l' l t \\ 11shle l l e I)r .tg b llne eitU ias fo iw el '.lIVt i i' a hI ll 5 u ol Irsnhi nlid ti llUi e nt cali s, hi . uhch hl' ni ell l uin liherni lermla T o city ' rlraiggias, naid thoseof thI inferior, to pllhy iclans, tut liar ts lid it ailt,,rt he t1ill [ i' 'r inii lll tltn 8ian sucI hain ve i ltan v be, fori been ,tiered ah this vity. lis ltienti l t d'i n stirily leatliinate busines. It sato'ck a till iso tll ai col pl te', , i ind it I a I itw weeks will 'e rsi . dv hlr ltusilnes. All ord irs Irl)l; I i. h 'ecu llrn ilt nr' ir h tr of , i ll, rec ivill ' uch otideli w ill hi , pr,,.,[lly s e Cllt, to. i, i it'd:S tll +. HJI'I,'iiSALF. AND NI't4' IllC'l' 3-li-ttANt Il 'a i conIb, ' v )IE. tEi--lTr nienl. ahjlr ht v r ceived, ioa litio tot .rir t.vio sto.k on hnd, a fullt and coinplnet 'I aortl ell t l' s in theilltr lilne viz : colUbs, )prfllil .ry, Jewellry, bhrl, leP, in kile glons et, .aadnt~·nit~thet ase~institte it, itfasl "vii h1 iltliii' si fani,'y'irtic'les,.,-t',etmituieitingin lert its fill itvs' Ci()M ];.--t1n'l+,i pe shell, wrtllusl ht O1I lld d ill Itllll,ll.'k ,llt q'silleiiefa rllelik, llan l rnid, dressiig, siIde rll, clnod neck, IBrlziliatn cstllll+ f ever lesi riptin auIgtts i wI ich artiac ts,|iexlait'in trlassut. Itid, taotlllan ,I gals r bdasesri tilin, hont, intah'eitte ad redit cki, tcl r withe I'oer it ltIll' clolt l .lla ll lldt I lhie , hlln rilll,\r~lv·, rald ralll. Ih,we~dr, II wnl'l~l. tft'.r sIII()Ieand pI,¢ saIi.tentllsl iaatl l ,o'.d ' 'lll ena i'at hhtriet s'0 ,ll lll t, taste s L.nyanll kfa E m , l unilE, l ka litita'i i lotke F'i'isi' niil drii n gai",bo ti tathh Preuston't sehnS. p at.dil'oerfu .g ppd tIllel )iv taler, lllsalF o{lwd~iar titht llar ttllt.ltlllla( ltilt i' Joloitunl .ll F -,'t anid ri'llts o 1""1e ielld rh lriue tt th wis nll:d A de -ic a ttl Itu t itittie, a rlalo. t 'tiri L tllll I" u FtIto oi'S't Iii ...slhie- ' lit' I and r lc lllt ' Ih i, hilt lle'i ltsadas se t illn OIIInItilatr I le miea t t" fin e n le- .++'n bVof, ola n >natch rioTusl Mn gI ndr oll Hd (.ln.'. silver lcthimhlel .+l . 61r Ln gd . il/l.l mii, ld Il. uallll rdI . lao a'sntrtll-auCth I i i ' iu t l, rutlllr a ,hlh celit llo 1 Iusolithe credIt . 3Illl+ 1ail, co.ll lll S1ll1e filial i attusttiharlihiss. t " ns'Iht'iO I'u'.ai itGli.t |'l -]~liii ti iiiaidti~ih,ti stnitlensasasui staten'Frn.idedl ls,.,O "I,'NI. A.i V III'P"i~ lrl I~ll lllld IT\ .ll~ l('i l I. (lI·I I'I..--l.'rtInt 1 tint'tll* rs~itslat r s l lr hlitl I1~ I t -itll* itt '1 d IIIII~ eler~yrich and'tlahsast usilitahat su ae. kitta l ikaet alis 'i .,tler letislr nltlt In'tllam'eaeidl a-It+ Illl't'iel llt e . diuth 'itiart ituilt lr l t , l , e pil 'at uuI'd I ahd qtdhiti l d i t I tth Iiui trL I II ' is l i~jll } aou, h htcaten, n lani rka, tint's' haul Iii hI Si''v it illllhurll dleusalldC~llll gatklsin.ssd aai~itzl' otan'~s,, Iu'akg h'aaa tlesddls, inkigi~rdtt+a , tsitufteeliutitsi'tel~lllUlSlc 'alt's, all s iltti , It still ht nil is'it 'sit ii tilr cards:llild curd ca..tea, IlhtvingE colrds of Frnchl·l (t;leri till slidl Ain~liCllll illlllllltlet1IIC(ll-P {)]l. illlillltiOll (ji'llll~llll bouxe~., prlnlls I1|' .,iii'oii Ihinlls, Sniiiid,,l'.' ['l~llti.ilu'r, slatpr stlll i Ililt oelllseit tLIId Ilawki rII rl S all Item ' l< d ll ll lleil'k, fantr v bea Il st'lla, a stl w t ,-lr llulni s,+tl b~ends, Fil ...... Ibilver dr,,· ++,finl ...... 'I ,l~l?#.+. derJ,.ulld gaurters, pIuhin sid E+wordl i ulit.+ I,;uk~gilla III, bllurds1 ie, Olc ,~·ll~lllhH,I().Id viliiejlwhlll+ hluClll· ll~lOlilt(hJ ee.. ol l : 1 IUIoIIITli credlit. 1 1 1 .l('¢. i . _ 11 .. . . .__ h !r!. . SI'EitS l il l--l.50 galmar pre, wa erc 5 Sptern Oil, iu cacks aInd ibls, far srle Iv JAlIli . & AN 1)ItI:\, 81.'llesalc Drugg ita, corner (' ton and Tccap lrolrLllu Waarer, ,r rtuner t, &e.-A s , lid rlnclell lol-lge-, put u1p xprt'-a lv 1 t it- t rurtla trade; also the purest F elch Per1 i nlllll , erll J cll,. every variety lurthllu h ler, lr .Sle hv ,ct2 . IES & I)'LAN';. VItI NISIIEmS- Ihe Subescthe r, h rIn: ,.Lit, s . L s . V hlhlihed a vari rmi n r i cl. l eEulr i ,e h e is ready to ps.plye the painlera al Ihll public ill geeral, by air hilc.l. or rreail. Il I riceus are nlAdlr., Iun the qUrliiy of fliiLe rCducr su)rerior rertey evat b- , h t pe this pl r"', 'rh. +(cllle'rll ettrplaretd it rSp eraltaend ale I lllltl rtlrllr W lr bu tll ill h, I ,ad el . lc e rltcl.siv e 1to call at tire coaerr cr Natchle alhl l'colit ia lu re shalll leieen cdl rr illt a fair sra iple of an v vlis thery Illas, a rs I try. A tI.n lsrC thie vrtlliSrr. o I the ciach ior. 1,waIrrried ior o rihillge evaen i builin wtler. ' e bIIIICk varllish for st1rll's -team I- ) ' C. n8 II II lrrN'a L 1.A lll1.. Ic o e U lt =UI ls ne d hr g d f o a , s w m,'s ,, o le h e en d + SetiLnu, t ,llIe rd,2c lEoer K :',Yrt 12. ,11 New+' I,+ve,-t . -- L ia.nerr i,,,'a i ,izr i r,--','- ite .c -ue s .a I, P Pri/llre artcleC , j .r rtceivr, d (lIs ors 3. IrEl-eSei & D'LAn( , In1 Cnam s Iodllre i Eland 18 &hAr, cnd 'fr thl by I 3 I' OGFET 11 IIAtL t TIICED N. c:1 ,+.-,r ý, sIt ';..s t| wiilll a i ,:n b b-. Sr,; E ,) ,;e,-r -,t r ls I l rxprr, se ralt II.a e l lta rs t th pIIar I rrfr riha Ilileral ullllr t ill: he l l ln . ltd dlurr(e e r'a l ca th bllillrec il IlLh lly). LJn I . sae p)rol pri.t --ro lilr te arseer str , 17 Caocr ., .ra + eo,, he ou t and niever ensi aenlt fo rt anti lOlhlr n trIa vei·ln e; e1.11 l I I S he y rO lt.' ,, . if h av hrdll,. II orlr ltn lt Io l every dricp lIeIrt ,h . l E IIlh ,l T'd h hIl sInld tr l lhe dht} lllll . i t IIIrlt of U ull pe E iio igo.llr[- ., io(ish t ii auv II -uls iiI· " -t U ille'i Ol ireT... 11e Itl. ct-rl i a.ed+, rlitsI &c. tItnr lihe rIiO.,t Irx, llr l', t r qua alrt a r r-d irpellre d rirec e it irr ilal T,E PU ICi.-Tailr u-ll lder, a idi I a lllari s1t,-udi-ad Iur wil ar. Srll et.s iidt oi llersuto, i alr, k large ar ivtatl f tcrrvey dita.ariirirrcily the routh Crolina,183 n fr oeyairad assir resta tI ain d.. practice pof ledic y rly ild liurgr, d a lull ad r rto offer tli proy ssiotrl iervice, itd lis eilty. at quajty, attd inlparted -litre, by . \Va. IIINN. i1o TIlE PUBLIC.-ihe undcraigned. ihtaing etudied unrder Dr. Sai.ntidt of Charlestoa , Soath Carolina, and ihr some years hts assistant in the practice of medicinr ard surgery, has the tanrta to offer hic proaessioral services in this city. Ile assures tlhe ladies and gentlaemen that the mlost promplt attention will be paid to the calls which mary bhe made; and also olibrs lhis services to the Iholders of slaves, being well acquainted with tile diseases colrnmllo to thelll, Ilavllng attellded themn ill e sugar houso in Charlestun. Thl falonus aulti-billous pills a, ter the cntpoation i Profes.or Srmullette, with directions, can be had ,I the undersitged. The efIloct which tihey have produced in tirs and other cities, has been attended wllll the greatest success, to which the bhst of tefarences can be given. Apply at No. lig6 lMaga. zine street. JNO. ll'LUORING. Ni t''ICE---Thre partrcrsrhip of KIllc, .hlallar &Ct . of New Orleun ; Mluacl(, I lurris &Cil., of Natcdhez; nd la rris, Kicld &Co., af itddnry, ;as dirs leI ou herrct oflHe y elstr, y the deate h o .alacl A ilason, nie of tlhe iparsners o o tile firsls. 'IThe udereiged, surstiving partnera, will he char-e withe ttulling and cicairg said businar t s r Iowas s LeviC laris will attend irt thre acettlltg of the iuseries af Maiso, llsarria& Co.. iat Narchez lc; el larri - ief ec & Ct.,at Itodney; a d Ilenlrv Kelley crill attnd ill ho setling of the bacsiess rfe Kiley, 1acart & C.u, at New Orlreans. Tie naltms of the several fGres will ce usedc ir lirisidatiouonly. 'I'haoe iadrbted ta said firms are earne.clv requested o cume iorward and make carly settletmeats ana thou, Ir.riug clailms will please prt etllt them wtsltoulJelav. - .LEVL C IlAlittls, " HENRY KL.IL; [I. t'.a tt, la,,l o 1- J I' "- .,:; SOLBEAR'S Soienee flPenimanship received,and for sale at tlhir permanent Writing Academies No. 8 Chatres street, New Orleans, 189 Itroadway New York, Dauphine ot., Mobile. It is particltlrly desigcd foir private learners, and scionls, tnd is cnleulatedl for persens ofll ages. Ladies and gentlemen are invited touall und examine the svstem for tlemselves. Lessons are given at sach houase as stay oit the convenieace of all, and to classes formed is eny part of the citv. Ladies w!ir prefer itecan receive lessons at theirown ref sidencee. Pcrsons pavine e I trse of lessuos are desired o ateelt. '" s.'- i as ell asthev wish. 311 lIlttOTIllI.R. ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, FOR FEVER AN0 AGUE. * EN years have not yet elapsed since it was first regularly submitted to the public; but it has attained the higllest reputation; and has sup. planted every other medicine for tile Ague, whlerev. or it hlas been known and appreciated. Already thas it been carried in every direction throughout tile United States, and still realizes more than could have been anticipated by its most sanguine friends. Thousands of persons have not only been relieved, but restored to health and vigor through its agen. cy: and they now cheerfully testilfy, at every op portunity, to its decided and supreme efficacy. It is composed of such medicinal principles as are calcnlated to renew the Ihealthy action of the stotm achl, liver, and other important digestive organs, the loss of which hartmony is the ieitmdiate cause of the disease. It is apparent also, that it produ. cos an entire change in the condition of the system, and certainly destroys the native liability to relap sea of the affection. When tlhe Ague is attended with any other complaint, tbe employment of the Tonic Mixture will not interfere with the treat. iment of the other dioease, but will even afford us. ssttance by filrnishing strength and vigor to the body during the course of treatmentl. These who make use of this medicine may be aensured that there is no Arsenic, Barks, Merrcury, or any other article in its composition unfriendly to the human constitution; being entirely a vegelable extract; and they may have additional confidence in the use thereof, when they pereeive that it has the ef fect of a gentie laxative about the tinme half a beot. tie full has been taken-in consseqence of which, there is no part of the medicine left to linger in the bowels to cause obstroctions, and other evils, arising trom tIllqe.i of. meany of the remedies nowo ottercu lir.ioi curo of this-affetion. It has been "lEi a s aa preve.ntive, by.ltany who were sub ject to a perodical recurrence t" the Chills, and it has Invariably warded olrithe saprehiended attack. Observe! The Proprietor, fully patialisd with the unparalleled and universal success ev!riei has con. stantly attended a punctual and recular .,e of the Tl'onic Mixture, in all cases of Fever and A~tt, toele warranted in engaging to refund the price to all those who hlave taklen the medicine in strict eo. cordaneo with the prescribed directions, without having been perftctly and lastingly cured. Thl subscribers are the wholesale agents for the ISouth Westert States, and have now on hand six ty cases of this medicine, which is warranted fresh and genuine. For sale at the manutfactured prices JARVIS & ANtilll1WS, \Wtolesale I)r togista, corv 7 cootC (olllltle k e P IItlto ilollleot t retr l . ! Minssssippi iand LouliSitllla liotel, I'ItS. MARY IIRKLAND respectfally sn. nounces to her friends and the public gone. ally that she is prepared to aecolmodate thoul at 'e abov, oestablishmlent, and hopes frmi lIer axertions to render visitors comfortablc, to receive I contiuaonce of former favors. Slhe feels confi. tlent that perons visiting tCovi gtln during the un iner mtonthis, cannot filld betterr acconmmodatio6 thaI n she cav n afford tllem, ot more liberal terms. tiar lhouse is pleasantly stuatecd, and well euppliod 11with ecery r.onveniene; thie bar is furnished with the most choice loquors, &r. in chort,she promises "Tat nothing shall be wanting on her part to give stire salistactiun to all who may patronize the lisoisisippi and Louisiana lHotel. je3 IOLLOW VAWARE., WOOtD SCREWS, SAD IRONS, &c. /'Ill II HOWELL WOIRKS COMPANY, No. * 238 Water, near BlUokmian street, Now York, have received tile past season, and are cot.aiertly receiving large and exenolive additions to the stock oat tile above goods, whlbich now collntrlvt of' the ollowing assotmnent, suitable for the southoern and a.estern mallrkets. tllowll ware of superior quality, coeeSisting of about 1500 tens, viz, Pots of t' ditltrentl oste, fromR 12: to 50 gallons, .eilles, 15 s'zes, frolt 3:o to 301 gallons, Ieltlec, 15 iztEs, (frome 3:o t lt 1N gadlonas, Btiletparls or Ovens, 7 ddl',renlt lzeo, Tea K,:ttles, G du Flat Splldrs . i do tl'.erdt Spiders, 2 do Orlddls, . " d re l)gs, - i do \agoln boxes frotm 1.4 to -13.4 ieches. (ert ldo. 5 to 7 nciells. VWood Sorraow, 20,11010 gross, iron and brass, from :a inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No. 21 of a ulperior . .i.ellty and fit lsll, anld less than Jau tt ionported pices. Sad Irone, asscrted, in casks of about 500 Ibs fur retailing. ' l, ar's antId hattor's Ironte, asr orld. Sash wl'\:ghots, 1110 tuno, arauited lroii 1 4-. tie Iltells for PIl ntlations, stnambioats, chlurches, &c. mate to order, AlbO cteatmbiatos and other lachinery made to .rder. The ahovo assortment of goods is particularly reolnonended to thei attontioo of Southern and VWestrn merchants, and are offered for hale at low prices, and upon tie mlost liberal terlns ; it is be. lievod to be the largest and bubt assortmient ever of]tred for sale by any oit eotablislunent in the Unlted States. Merclhant.t by forwarding a request by mail, can have a printed circular. with descariptio of goods, prices and trllls, fromln wnch no deviatioo is ever made, thrnished by return of tnail. All orders will receive iltmmediato attention. New York, 1838. ri3 L II G(cin'.s lerfronriies. INdli n I)ye, for coloring tlie Ilar ; leor's (il, Rs.n: llos beir.'si reese, poull ontll .Mlcha c' Fre le \VWash, superior pearl powder, lyo wate', cream o, t roses, vegerlable rottge, otto of ruse, li, srlve, kreo tel [ tuo tlh, wansh, carbonl ic deln ritice. urani ge lto+wer water, powder puffs aun boxer, A nirtcan icharcoal, ni.aily pu.t up in hour ounce ils, 'l'rs. i tun sals, colognle, kreosule tooth ache droips hail brulshes, E...glih dressing colllb, Indila halt oil, wI ith i variety ol other perltunterlie, &lin. For sale by C. J. 'I'RNCIIARII), o lt 3 - ornr of (anal and llourool as SIT'i --I:i 'ocairoi Itritolit itaI, irioni uuoin lile I- o lld Oii lill nlld loiw CUWn a horlini llg blulil li Its)7 131 Alug szit o it ilanulug train luu:- a t Itutio ( R- ge Ih , tittu l by U I)t)It{+?], lilll? N" l -11 N5 .1+ r1' i "l- Sobcrib.rho Ageean ouir th-e tealive ioiu o \\IV. & S. otchetr, Shelieldhln, rEnihlb hae jsli ivesid lt very eoltrlllivi e a otl r, niol-tini; o r'uhb lllll R )od l +-t hKnivesl + w " delscriprttio lie` , Sexhib i to nhe tnrle our ot ,les. 'lers aond conditionr Snill t o i li s ml kl i A own I li the ti! nie. lul s J. II. InE'IN & A I (laEallsNug l -lttn . 1 \ 1 +I N S, I I A R T T C ( . -- A ir c io w o c i eini i . ler shlll Ipnlli+ille, Esagle, .llerin Alhotew, Iligh iorinldc, I'rench atd ineitiln double neail ltrvig carnlos: SitUr, ulnch atd Iocket siol; pslaitn rihbed ai split culssion cas; callw hlldls; sciss i.; IRzors, llen. ncr s; (iillottars cllmrnercial cud oiliCr teel e.sll; \c rs; Vnliol ; raltill; stell, ivory and Io111 conolllsn; waler-c si, Itlli sIIIl leathee 'lt.e'i hair Il, ilsr fti l ail-t aek rilglelt; negro iaturs; (erm:l and lr lelh cologne at:lleli, Imowlaki s nIuaeassael oil, imihation lo; anthlue and hears oil 'tahledk t dreslng cases: past, ih khlou ; u:ttiandi toiliet gloa .lo 'uollte miiiors ullr i cil gI liost aiu illvliew;i ll n hbnts, I b llellsainil |lllulmts con'll Osio, hit winie; itoilet iill shavC lg tnnipi toilet u dovrhk, clisl lie Wasilh b alls; selle msl( .atn cllltit ; p ooitn euhiotn fauncy heind ilans and nockl ulclns ill iwrd bolli.; ockeh t iooks oa lreallltlts (;inlsniinm Ione; reaoo servicuta, iailee cil ciioos, rue olnstic cosi nups, gateiotlt, lrlls l ucrianl, iilhesi oil len c baciltl eyons, c , &. . &c. The uloe iton adplitin toi oirclo er stock oil lae. ltticlu , tlaksou' n lssitrLsvnt c lelrv o illlet c . lit sltl i;wholesale Il t sig ofi;h COlbs n ooft tolin, Corili, 7a I l hmr'nte bteet. nia wares-a, Ctlr., A tL1ASSnd&, Ike tilustlli , ca ILlr'ic 311 Clr r reo s oltr.c, No. r , Orlasig lr IC \l SE It-llmp IANT & n Co. lspo( ters or f Fs r ie nd d 1 Ilr oo, ielihr Chih a ruiiJ variet oalef n. are cc" Ipoi cnw acllod rich imlonicro tn e, of breaknr , aiLd t ne servIoke, toilt as to, he cloe, le I ioic.. lt ops, and c l , pott, ur,"rcrcouol, bcule , Aioh allle c pai Frenls ad Aitrre. oa gls wr,--lhnlt-s, chopalaigne,. l-Illonadc, jellte, clur ,l tint.. sbrdla l.s, l fl n elrs, ruah le.s, Iwellr + ;tbls.:s, prh Scrve dishes, cehlries, phicler h, laim So, I,:0tI sohonde and glasnoes, cainlin sla oo. salt enl-j Si.vt r plned, rovnze d anand fr sle ia wres-l-crso. ci-, iqocr otands, cakile uske sn candlhntilan , Ioo+a.ii mps, ispaennd tract, aetril s10 ode, andl ci noon-4ý gilumo, tino cUlers-, Geron oloer Opooioe. o, linrksin, o.getlc with s greom varletnof tioirc Ien :r.n f liii) Ilse. Sletrohaols , planiters, l ticell, and --um+ihn-.u.n, flUrnithrld wh goundo.t lme rlOS era. ohi,ble plits, ot i-eked st sore ho cooveyd, iI W olclty I s any part of ohe ciocn oy. Ao,si l~itnlenriosn'g.olaneors. a nnslIes Ncoru cliohlbtlaioketo, toirnlc, Oinset , ellt.,l :him ,-r cieckLe, lsile. i-licocec, hlndklnrchief is, &v &Jnee nmtond sod fIr sole loon by the soiboor:. I ,. a "O T T A & In . - + . i0111 ;Ou ituc l att i l l.tlh.i c, MIAlE. Aliin...- t1. Nurtleern ,all , . li:v ere Ilen at l "1. ( ,IlisCs Ie rry Icy lat 101 A. Al Wester- ar a, f a li e verv 8illey, Wedltesdav b y u / ' t ,e F r id a ' , b y 5, I '. . , Gayve, Clccesa enetv 3? hvoat, Wedteesda aa, l antdi Salrday, by !I, '. lil. Tl e l'ake nlil I Ynlt rdu I; " "' .Y SThe Lake dial Iltr every Ttaeadlna, Ttaraday, a i S a t d a , Iy.5 l, "il. ia Closes every Monllly, Wedlneslday EXIR- -MA-Ii.. TIMES OF ARRIVAl,e IEIPAII''UlTk I)ISI'ANCIE &e. of atie Express Mail, betwsal Motile and Naw York-leaving Mobile daily at 3 P. l. Northvwar New Turk daily at 5 P.M aouthward. Arrives Arrive Northwarl. Dittaner. l'itln letaurn'g rtgary, Ala. pnlha. 191 t' 'a 23 12 ma.. Columbu, Ga. a ti. 9t 3 6.3 liledgevifle, be. $. 13] 141 21 Ip. iU Cuomia ..... isC. 71 .... 163 171 11 ltaleige, N C. 5| 1215 I 2. I Warrenton, V. 12 m. 55 /;I J'etlraalg ,, .La. 10 pal. 83 0II la. in tieltnatol, Va. I a. 3 6 rrederickaaurt, 8 67 7 lI p ta. Walshigton vIty, 21 pl. 61 64 Blttiamore, - 61 38 4 04 Philldelphia, 64 ae. 100 - I . New Yurk, 2 pi. 90 i ci 1305 113 It. or d 2:1 N.orthward. (Colmlng ,tdelttlward, [ lilat is six hvi r lea; irtlly Isdaraltd 17 hurlta. 'PIN IDOI.I.A8 ItREWAIOI). f ANAWVAY froma 169 Carlleidlel avor lf Ilevis stivrerlall tite viglt v 30111 vI Aaluet, elid WoS seen aie litext nlwallilig iln IPI yiras slreet, aI I gr( buy nalmed CAllll.l.,' alboutt 17years o' ag, untad le or Ihereaboutln nv Inlt, 1 very Ilack, and lsa it. ialped intenl in his speech one of hIs lo gs is soree uc heiOllne by v recent h lrt; te bld on wIhey he wentI Ik a y Ina it ellttan a linlen shirt nll while ellin Io pauu n Mlaslers of veseala ad lteatak bota are cautilled a ginast receiving or harbllring said trve, as well us aa otherpevrsons: as tahe tIlest riiaouraf tle liiaw will Ilh enalreed against the'ala. The lle rewalld will be laib fordelive.iag mll intla at v of ti iails fi ritler oi ihe muiilalities, or at.169hJCanrundelet corner of levi. steinf. _ me. "~l/'r1;l-'iGE i;-,;iU t c opm sfaii he-retti~ire- x sin I-llndler tlhe lirla of Iiullis &. tirralere, nwlaevlr disaqived. T'lhe biisoriber will liquidate the aibirs ao tile cone rne l in thlia city, athd reqirea all i s ie' - ed to veike pavyiv toa Itim iely, and alltlIeatetviti clatlleovvtellrn lhnm ftrateiltInlllvvt. nagi 071 I1 iiARIIE'l'SON CAp'lAIN TI? 1R1':AT'l"S NEW NOVtEl.S Rlatlia the Reefer, by the iltor ol I'ler Sillmpllle, &i in 2 ;,ols. C'lninec ,, or a Wiiter at $ Ilti"sfiellill I~ Lae Stvrta, by (I llleill iesilt Hil llRoyal Navy, F. .S., .i 1 vl. lotd Joldan, ea rolann e, liy Alce (1vrllingliaiil 4 o hieppared Lee. writtel Ily liiiieell ill 2 valts. A 'ainpeediaai liltvry /lfally, tiraistedl froii triiiigl Iaan, bl y Ntllhlniel (reeil . Ii l vo it . r laiog No. 7!1 f I i r ler'a Family Libre ". r 1 s o th., i 'i Il col mpI t II ud "i I i " editlon v.I · (n:· . ,r .t1,· l, (11I(IIIIltl II;II D I lliI:rlll E • .~ a' Il'ahiagelvrn Irine's Ie'lrk.. l .er' rl e t F ¢teavi td Ei,'lia /l Ditit i oaa r y u. i I tel, :ic Av,.P4 5 I 'CIII ch eiiii Ae'nlisb iDietieeitrt. A i -A few lllire ePalgilef ('ea i' 1'l leeIiiigv " 'iSeL '' I ar rc + ,q 's i nnIoII:tos .1"' (ilia itr , with i liIilIIr' l l e ll e al e cei c "illqI L " na tla h Ifiilolu 's a impluv euI .lal l l.iI Illlll r> l .l r. il;hl i, cic,le. .dl for saile by 1111 recev IE.I.I.EyY. IINNOCl '1,*O IVI) 1 lr'l? N f l .' .[[__ p G"Idt' I i 1 I3I eat ef tbe lii:urv of • x anlll n. rll8al~ l . 'atm h l tlel+ieh tiiin istlyr an ud e l it" t '? i slll llIt ilhlir nc~r,,u,. bho,ellajtiol ,tal Iial.r •, N ne; .f goes s 111 fm, ( i lilnail h l idt i i ' II o ei .clil. I.' 1111111111111· 11111jlll~ hIb~(~\(ll 't'iCteililill lifirl lld with lh llllt l t 1 It I ll C et lo'dll b y' Alh ro i |'N l oip'lllro',lll . I" ,h o el'l)ri s "aei'8, Il. try l'Iy nghite? lll r, illl I ,11111 ell lhili hiiiii I flllCr death ol till *,d +l+h u11 e, lolati I to ihr I, llll IC I htlelrl, (r j I IC " .11 iI " 11.2, With q1-ion , for rxoaei t111111 i tiil ll.r8d1 1 Iach le,'m,ti . lll,.d,a . a vuttfit of IiulI ,irm lila added ulchr L'U , the' ,u'Irtll lllldl,:ltill " ial· ) tfeillil, llljll~lel~ll% 11111 lll ll iii i 111 .c lilll I i I tilliel ieapleeteciiorv i - . ll elnai e ,11 lh pesll tihe, nl at 1. ll n.lrrlll nrtl h ,- 1 I he at e..I h Ioutliner Ibi Cont illtulie l Cliliil d. llS1". , be. l l ldllln,,uy grI Gut, I ta'rIn set A ieI i) eemy, idi teeridglcr ,l' litlli s New I r,'/liti ,incu, I'i, ci ci I' lhlo .s. No Ailllillln ll "lhhll ellllioh nleed, lccviieiilIe mlllill an llpllli( el thettt II p l :'te l dut rl'eild sladliir sale Ilhv 11\11 MI'IiEAN li i 2 L corllnl lll'illl i( lnd l ol111iiiOli I.s 1 ll Slll'1 ' A 11S 1('.11\il i I I.i hl e l11ei rlO Al. 'li, lrano li,.d b', hilllp I. 'rn , ia s l) , wit I u,l , S r..b,v Ilh,, J.u,llOl ('i,,.e, ..0, 1i ,i, I) . Iu Ip I eu adllil , S;I Ii 'lll II ltlri n, 1 , inll;1111 I' s11 1i IBryn , lli. •t.t o "Iha iellli ,. llll Iii pIt .I I'llaell i l Ii eel.l' , .t]l, I les a ) '1,, ., . .l:ll ill r baldl I 'hrlmi, , , i. u t, ,ii , ii -Iie e s uI c . i l and ft.,t'" l~ ·:-:ll;·r~ ,;,,.,'.,,, I'hi~lcl 1 - r a t i i i r'p . I 1 '11 i l I.'l ' "ilao i lI' . t $1~ii e t l i 'll t'· ' , I io , , I I f l~lat .I I' I1 8+ia u tmrml1 ~oh si R i e , , i. ln w l eall, il' "lllr , li.,a It e , ' i T1('. il l; lIIII'ee ; h'llll i, hU 1 o' II l 'fll s: . 'iSl. ;I. I 'I~: ' url111 heuuI i --I . ... . .i.ll,,. 1'1111 l 'I ,le , I..ll v,::u o, I I 'I o,. I '.a.,. " nof`"l:, agr's(Cu~anldei t'i,-. . . ii,,, e,ý f.d 'ice-I be lh.ii WI ''lt Ii eele 11'311111. clle II al ic - ( le N , II l :e -A, r -k. r'o ' il , 1111' . l I ie IIfel I etil I -:i'i ,alii i .li , . 1 ' I i I:lit ' ,y, I1.l N ' 1' #|I I I I: Uol,h psi, o. d h;t ,.i r ,", , . , iilearl. U h, h1. 1"l asl I cIl ,: Ii)rvt i2 - e lllad i lli l s, tee rl'rYat Ir ll seil' rit, l-\'a bk, ..fh tM Ibl.iic I.h eel a a +,I Ihr p . ,tlt noll g rtr hti l: ntll~ r,"r+,ll+. it i 1 , ivr lYV ,,I h , I,)rlll"r i'tslln, u l+.. 'J'In I i i i r e h el- us l lll te llld art ,c is h ii ealblln. ' Ic ,,rth lly t Ict'1;iet. 'I'l. iol Ud t; . ,. l et' par Ilab: ] e.l ir i a , vi. Pre sodlll S'relll z i an,! arnll + n1 i I'- ll I; lb ilei t , di I, e i w ee h.l' ., a tl l l+.[p l "s 's tu. tA a l, to tIeiI- hr, alIe u 6tb n ad I11c111 tie i 'ii 1111 111 eel el Cl ihllaellca' l'It rlca l, 3 lll r 1, In ,etiAel phleasant slnd .t'ilh parur rl, t oi dy~p+,l, mi or inl i. aedily 111 Ills aleuniiah, h~nIbh ual cUatlyceilC e. uts. . atili lel'e Il i I';itrilc ,I sart:ipiar hllia puiilr| iitf e Ibhco!,,d S,: lh dm sild 'i be bste Sc. swtillli. Pllia't,nai saiideri \It alhge i lirttl~h an Ilaerit ei l., Oie.htulic', Ac. Iim.lii, d I iq'lllriee jllJ el li1id (:llee eieveI pasta "b'awlh brllallts, N S'"lrelltlc, 'a nlrlo,t~it O'lirlit rice, cblh,,rlhh wash, o~IL. detr paii% llhnd fexes, l1f'lelmce s elarl.Ulnl lintr~i rlei , t hltr~il," hKI h 14 w sh 1, plow tenlet ipowdter. ptollllua i ctrnme do PI asn,. oiance Ililower, rsle e1 ala al 'nd itad wnit.r,. if Ihr hurtquhils, ? ltiiilalldes Alveasae Oil, Old. ,ld iu'c bal l i (C.,llllliha, hIe;l'ta ei , i va uiely IlI Iliciler nd oe lh rie lclll letlC I ll. lIl I' kl iie iirt p.r ,,r llac'k lk, Vic. Splri il and crlinl ed i h le ift. II"1'alrl + ' t me.( .c ; 1. ( ; :,l: I; JI )N " h l n t % . ln t t .t'O I . ll t .I lo Tll e isrl.p, riu, e the hI l nllirtItt (1no re tng r te' ,r tld :1 n , . It tit tt to st Ntott Lt g a \'Itt l i.e E oxtra t, l i I yifree t tl. tr i os n iso Jt rltii i t i t torII lB it Yie r fIt , t t 'l l t bttgre o'tq:? ""* "'1 k th t ltt o l o o t lhanII a Im . tlrd gen #e'a l ull I tIs t , b IM1 nrle )latle o stumi hlo d totr, ntNl, n r f ten;he w la l p tasterns m ricig t cnu'ls har ih alnrd u ndni tr itl re, p s er [Il ou ted i nc railll, t. e s airderu it Ila creoln o lleLrr Nf e W,oe | Ot ill r K, llt c-l cit ,, 1+ he sIevrl- or Sttttt of d.e tlnl, n lthlld ltl" eet ilt t Ilano t'en wihh .+hatet'++tr olht..u} 'io~s it 1 vi IN, l rt. i ,,to hl tditidtltd, i the ' utr oo f A 'o .i lin t rn, ea i ,ll ex i+el to a l the l ina 2 ol ,s of tlt dt eust sti ul leo itl nyoo k, I itoe m l o oal t h r e l _r to, r ii n & IT', ri llf tobe aebe t i r tr otrt o , tivli t and rpeom ily tiei t lic a ol olll io ll ork, F o willtlllll o Titl iMixtoo re i oo'rd it 1c1 oro rea rttooble lri., ,t to hlaot it ,ilolo l o 'lf er oe l wlltorktul i ot OIo.- tI lto[I Iln tpll ,tulr ttlere'tut orod her th f bot l h gd ttl.,i boil.iille , Itit ooidg Grtohe Stoos, noidelli od Lh arlll ts.l l ott dI r ioto , o a b ile i ogll n itoro illi- ito 'dry oonlll l pIdleP ate b t o olio o aro id ilej ,uro, ot .t P i spo rate , elaoris , Irslorted t'llotoppoilipadlt trt, The stubsrig oter s ito to ote.htloltlle a i,':,ts ftoi the tre nt .tto. e, h llto will irstll Oy tho o rtl , t I Ahi N priens. '-'~ he hlad tt lets si e, aUD E Apot t ctt , rity es io rle, dt ee nolt\loelitoin tfl tolese rog oi ((r it ('I ,,,,i ,IO l ll h L is s4 T Ilo Cutotgll Bto o a ttret, opositehti e potol ree. tt tseublsroie atre now rcniving from thler to hand a generan assortment bfy arble 1Idtiat PNec. s lsupeior workltitoro l Lp, ald o f the latest po terns,. ALmerican marble. Also, ,OllnlllOallltn t Tolnbs and rave Slttonesl, moulded and plain sills and lintels, ,Pars, oma & llydrauie C mnt and Plaster. i g (lair, together with a splendid a ssortent oel L. ettring dlne in tie neatest s. nler and at the rtest notice. They have h first rate workmen t IhI mlllntlimt;,,.,t I,'t. ,ltpl, rrC·I hi :I\ TkIVA I' '