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August 17, 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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TRUIIE AIBRACAN OlFF '. ln connection with this ()lice is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE FOR TAt1 PRINT NO OF Pamphlets Dank Checks Oataolgnes Bills of Lading s ~Dray RIeceipts, egalf Notices Auction Bills, Bil Porms. Show Bills Stam nlo at Bills Circulars And every dcsciptioen efJob Work that many be rquir ow.Orleane Chamber of Conllmrce. OFFICERS FOR THE YEAR 18:39. Preeidenr, S. J. Peter. First Vice President, W. . I. Ieldge, Erq. Hecond do. nn. A. ferlte,. Erq. Commniee of Appeals for 1839. James Dick , J I. Leverich, H. C. Cammaek, Aojah Fisk, P. O. Sorre, .mnuIt ThneIopor, Comnmilee of Arbitration fr the t onnk of May. John Ileddletoa, John C. ilIarriaon, G. W. H]untingtn,, \Villium hqlkin, Epoelh Hyde. Jr. iP. A. Haldy. Jo e"him Koha. bynil staulnmboat The Great Rocsern Ad1ai s cloted everry de at 10 o'cloek A.MI. I, dtorevrdov'r at I P. M. The LokeU .ail (viO ('.vinEr , ,1.1a i cloel everyrr .Menday, \VWderday and Fridyv, at I,'clock, A. i. Is du every 'Tuesday, norada, and SAtlordo., T4 Louiseille or Ricer Aloil is cooerd every Mon doy, Wednreedav, and satnrdnv, atr 3 1'. 31. , sent soil returned by's Etrbuotn. Arrives irregularly three limes a week. The Bayou Sra or Coast is r'on,, every Tuesdsy and Fridnv, at 8 3' 1. Is sent al d returned by ltesmhonts. The Alexandria o Red River Moil s anle irreeg+ arly by steamboiats twice a week. L.OUIVILLE OR fIVLtR MAIL. Mmoduir, ) Wednesdalny and }Clone a 3 o'clock, P. M. Onieurdty, Tnestav and Closeout 8O'clotc. 1 91. 'eit Arrangement. NASIHILLE RAIl ROAD. D 1 |lriira" beenr Sggsted ihat if tie Cars were. I Sstart at FIvE intihe mtrning and Fa . it tlin aftfrntol. 1ast thie nlnriugl viitnors Wotld he mnre nLmeirnia nl aecAtta ofhthe Iathin, at TIfE IRAIgE COT. TAGi E BA THN, anl ltuftll hnnr i ten .t laer tllmn Ihe psrem time womld nllu l n visitor. mure convenience at dinemr; II 'refire, until ftllher Notice, tlha blho in; Arrang enls will conti nle :- -" wEFW OL AYS. Departure, ItlurEn. 5 A. . 8 A. M. 41 P31 7 1.11. SUNDAun. Departnre.. Retrar , n A 1ONDA A. NY. Ii . . 4 ' P. .. JAMES II. CAI.DWEI.L, lanullt I1,1839 Pesi t CARROLLTON A HO TEL. Ron, . VAUD has tilt, honor oi infnrlmting bin fiendt ' and the pullic in general, that hle hit tlakei the Ioltel at Carrollhtu, where hl trunss hi, will receive the calla ol hii old friends and nal lovers of goe d cheer. Private ,irairas wi libe Itndeo nely irovided fir liy giving a little nolice Imtbrellhna.l lie in willing to etier nto tarnrrngnints uhh ilfailies or individunls ti',tous fpasning the strnnmier at tnarrollton. mil NOTIC(E. .ew Arrnngementeeto coa.ncter IutAcnnue 139.. NEW ORLEANS & CARROILTON RAIL ROAD SUMMER ARRANG'EMEgN.T+S FOR THE WEEIEK I)HIS, F rom C a rolltol . F lo6 n L n n ew drlt s.n florle Car at 4 o'clock, .A. M 'n Hloa Car .t 5 o'clock, A. Ml Locomotive o"nOiVO 7t l i 0 n. 11, , " ; " l ,, , ' I ,.'s 4 haed CRRNnsr;R.a T Fell SUND LYS: The enrtwine lave ntl tee same hourn a In the weeklr days atltT I o'lock, lt ai . whon atLocolnutlive will rive Calrrooll every hlar., llltll +o ,a It P.. ,nd New O'caulls evely hour ntil 9o'clock, I. N. Afler t0 o' Ihek a Imrno Crrcan be u rtiined hy hayingm5 io' tharmrftheTe urip; ifldlit r aunfer il.i'ncluck, I i. 1i0 do. tl ta .cihtmeairgeud. Pe'rinsgoilg by tile Ftien Cur must prnvide themselves wih Tickets, as Aie eanllul.tor hu a. IOglte directitns nut to receive inollny in liutl thereof. For the ncconolldlltio of iPer-ons t'iiitlng C'lrrollto. i the 5 o'clock our. alnd who iIil Ilola not ll I ll l ellntill ro Ull 111 8 celoeak the cr lthat has I0retouleIft Carr Ca o'i.toc t, "ill roclin nlrll mim, ..elol. Itlh'eby hllouw11 themi r ho h toenlla" the Pllllllt wllllt s III onl of thle moat btautiful Gardens i i the United ntate a. TH'IE JACKSON AND I.ACOUpRSE S'I'IREET CAIR leave ther head Jof JaICksonI street alt 6 o'elock, A, 11., Cualll neekt at lie o'cunkn all nd rn l hnarnyV At o'i:lark they wit eommlcaiao Iciulcu, ai,:h cn IveilI hnll al, until at n',lockt P. ,excl:ept-i thait in.lste of hotl.lll. Canlll street at dj a'. clock. tile cor ill rhavo tIorn IItpIl n'rI ok 11.31. hesir tace uaon Ire uuhionll., or alUoku i thle ,ars, whei Lindlc art preellt. OlfcoNcw Orotnllns ad Crrolltn lannna l R iod Cnlnt,'nn. JOIIN t IIMPSON, july 2th 1839. Chief Eng. N. O 4 C R t NEW ORLEANS CANAI AND IIASKING CO. uIIIE Iron Steamnlnct IRebntca will uave the Basint T at the heud id" I h Now C(naln every dllv, (except Mondays) for Ihe nlake, as fillows: IDepart at .5 A. 1. Return nat 8 A. N. " 1 A. u. i p. 1i" 5 I'.1I. " 9 P. 9l1. And on MONDIAY : Diepart at 10 A. i. Ret.'n at 14. P.. " 1 I'. 1'. " 1. may 28 n. CIIEW,t'urh. ,nllsst Eonlat, Charl, u nltn lg ug ..........0 , lhinnIo1 Aug ...... N w Yorkn , do ........... inclnnati. Jy ........ Al Phildll.a i i ............ n I'' ul'a ile, Itaitimoet t dt.............G 5imutt ung. d Sntnuh, aa .... A ... .... I .iaruul July ......... tolrattn iTenn)lp July....t 3 'r ...... tamoto. AuIIg .. .... o ii tlOllnl dn..........II Nalliille, July r........... t linre Jallo............1J FORT' OF NEWV OILEAlNS. CLEAPRANCE1S., Augus.t 16th, 1,39. Stonm packet Columbia, IVilldle, Galvesto., Sonllth & sorssc. Aug 15, 1839. chr 8 an, 'Tlumer, ,inle, laster ARRIVALS. Aug 15,1839 Sihip Auburn, Conlel, 18 days, from New York, to J 8 Ilul Iit .r Clrilsan., rolucrd, 4 fro Ilnll, to o llt.. r. } Ihi: , alvador, berutellt, froui GrLloluou, 'T'arrugonla, a.d Scbr PreurC. 1 1r x . 8 n I e.. t . to If.r, rn Icllr l.llhc. ('" p f m j Tsnlpcvs.O. lleS lltlr (.lu iilel, Sutton. frn. 11,5ib lh,. (GALVVS7'UN..IPer steam paclket fll l llul;,..(ar. snd ry blltlo . ir l, lllplldW cll, ir d , bl ,: lea , tJt rlc I m cl d c N o o.ccpp. c.',. August Itlb , 1839. Towa ha nt P ieeox. Ann. le, l f, ml sh IrsJel . hnri ,ug owed ito SVPaLi". sip t';' l,ul,,.l a Cttosp Ih,, remn der,,f hlr tow; rc t nllrlll to tle cte witlh.rlllp sI i I ,.. .irhg tice. oIen Ithle N p..s on ti c h4h ill.c, at 5 o'clop k. No versel. I, eiglt o lbc h effing thrle e hl,,n r, il rh rivr. Slhp StLouis, lkark,,er 3 dys froln Oostolt, toStetso and Hitt.g Fume, Mldidon,, 42 days Cron Iuc,, to .,lu,,ster. -C %IEIIOIlANIIA ! .MiisiOipli Iona nc d falc .. "eaw rmat Lion burst op ouf bor stcln pipipe. itout doip . o e.ohoo damoogo. LKa.LSH I.Ut TFt.--A vet iuissi l I tip per SIhiop Auburn lions New York, 'npf re t, S NG Io T lANCIIALAl), W 1 IN M t ,W L A S S L a nd in g , r ,r N hl delll -7 r e . tail by Io IIO)NNABII, r '7 '/vuiapitoul h+ns. 1j IL of c rrgoiltr, Oil rlef &.ol Coilof Almond. V¶ (Iltteri Oil of lcavcepls , Oil M'(fdratcl il a ]'orlugal, Oil of Sallinp, O.1 flT me, Iner, e f Sosa ranu. Landing and lsr iea, by RONNAREI.. S1. - I.'rY OeF, NEW\V ,II.IANS. tlE price ,f llor to d lay Iriae . 75 sper hIrrel aceording to thIe lonCr, i..l bul.ets will give I2 flletuorofkread for ten ret1s. dlriog" Ihe -eek b.-gl. ovuq uiYMonday Icool i,,e 9lhiolet. lbhe lcoovs ofstc c ..t more'that.. tiotd sa, 4d • c s ,, - aug 17. U. URNOIS, Mouoor. FOIC NEWV VoUiPh' New York and New Orleans Line. Thie eligoaut I'uckert Sip AUBURN CVai (porol, will lol'ehilmdc iluitadipucl.,clIc part of her elrgco heing ellgagedi lIc reght ior g,"sin alndsolm fUire-heale) uetonmvlonult-s cp. 0 ly on o bulrd sorlo E'o.'l IT AIDLAI,' S17 fib Cemp It. djehllogino opposite alnine a . Cnnsioiejes will plesse 'tend on thI ope t. the recripol ol their pools. a 7 PI'ETER. IILAW. WOR--KS ON S-ILK. A CO.IIPL'CTE aesortucellt of theI best workpob oh culure of, heli uIberry nlld silk cormc. lIodolh, on silk worns: S1)'tIoo ergoe'oc silk culcllti's Imt lcllcua l. Clarke oct the hltol rrv. I Cobb'. ensnuail ls the bllb-rro Iee.,p Kendric.k's ilk growers guidble. SroWhitemareh n. Ihe Mulicorvy acd ,ilk wor5. I. I Rolortoln silk .&ec. E IIIINS L &(b, J12w cocrlero oSr. (:hltrleo & C.clccoscl cc "-M e 5t4c-k Imc scarolp h loio t landing Ir hi hl Sl. c bohr D Ru. sec nd for Iae h vc J. "i'ItYcnil, &w cpom. ' _ . I'..c l vy , cc r t 1 PIlE -.R1 E AMERICAN. FAITRF.lL AND BOLD. Official of the 2t .£Runicipalitn. PUBLIR.ED Daily, Tri-Weekly & Weekly. SATURDAY, AUGUST 17, 1839. Theatrical. in Texas.-A letter, dated Ilouston, 8tlh August anst, hns been placed in our hands, which staite that the aInte thatrical ecampaign in that cunltri, t a muIlch better encouraged tlln cunld have been reiasonalb expected. There were two apologies for theatIre, claim Ing support, and neithelll-r deerting it. They are reproe sellted lis a burlesqulle upon tlle listriic art, the miiance gets s talnlly inconlpileent. The bIildings were mi r barns, inll which the .udience were cxposeld th the in clemency of the weather, and a poll-mell mill te of the low and worthless. After the new building was completed, ir. Corr,, imanlgrt,--hodsnve the mark-moved into it, but the arra.genlenl were still defective, thI police very bad, and lite nunlidue very disorderly. Notwithsti n ling all thi, he was, very liberally palonizell . A good tealrtre 'ould do well, for the people hate no other nmannnr t f spending their time. liMustn ree (GalvCston coUet give iI cool scpporlt to lleatres well oenducted. Hligh talent would not,l under the ptesent sy letor , he jlstified in visitling Texas. h'bay won!l find it proflitable if properly sus tuined by the managers. v"Tais new Republlic is m eking rnp'd stlides town' d its great destnliep. You fi'vqqently hlear. ilt dounbt praises ofits climate, soil nnd tIh progress ranking in societyal-you may be diinelied to believe all vou hear thinking it colres from interested soirce ;. Flronm my emn i ployng t, I mult be perfectly disinteresled, and bhat ever I say, il invor, navi bei relied ulpon. Thle Geotgraph ical position of the country elnd is va onderful reseou tea, nlakes tile late evoallion by which it has b erd saep arated from Mexico, lne of thie Imosti imporanle of modll ir e.e'nls,pregllnmam ith astounding reai's, not Illy as regafle this hieiisphere, bult Furopte" IIleafllhofthe Ciy.-There is ao doubt that tlhe nunI her of denthsihave decreased in the ('harily Ihtlpitl indeed from the best information we an obtain, it ap pears Ihit tilhe di'alse, yields IC t the mode of rlleiltlie generally adoplted, to wit: copins depletllonrr. Yet Ih nmber lll oflllo hate in'erfeetl. Tihee weather fof r the las bew days i fir ri fl vortal ble to health. Regatta. The splendid regltta is to ecme atf uo-nmrrow at Passce hristlnn; the priz, n beautiaul siter miniacnie six oared boat. The steamers Girnffl- nod the Sewraphoae nnd capital unl--sorry w rtan't go-beut we nle left all alone to dit our iaper, ant gr t cash to pay the wolrk len, no easy job nollwv u-dvay. Fire.-On Wednesday night the little newspaper agency box, of Follansbc & Cal ns, in Exchange Alley, wat discovered to be on fire by the wntllllaan oftle Orc lean Baink. The idoors.were ' o raruiced open aud the flamlesextingn.shed befire nuch dailnge was done, by the private hose olf the Orleans Btk, which ws illlllll diately pInyllldinto it. Insurance hIad been eliclred oni the property for $5000; enough ins all conscience, we thlink in cover ile inlanble property. The proprietors have otali rd a reward of $t50 fori the deteecion lr t'i incendiary nadl thihef, s they pretend that it wie sie on fire, and that they were rlobbed of aLnut $50110. Rip l'an .la.nleism.-Or friendof the lice, ipublish ed yesterdiay, an articln headed 'Very Singular Stlry.' which was published in our paellr sveral weeks ago keep your ey S, oplen. lhabbin-ug.-Rtellnring hoLui the fire oIf 1WVed.eslla night, several persons stoppedi in at Iichard Murph'y's collee house, nuxt to the St. Charles 'Ihetre. An alteratin n took plaCe between the landlord atI 1t. T. Downeny, it seIiC Ill ensued, iB n then IR adIild recei ved a wound fhao a sword elne fronl I)owney, which penetrated his back, behind hi. heart. alnrplhy is not y. consideredotofdnangeor. \VC lehavleheard t.lar. : it wasl tile intentioln ofl)n\ wney to sllrrenller hinlself lip Illto thlle Recorder ofthe ,Ld Inunicipalily-i which case thle uffir will undergo an invesgatigation. Aluobile.-We are sorry to be obliged to state, lthalt the yellow fever ihals broken llh l ill our ('ita . Judge liiltcheock, one of its most eminent nll useful citizlls Ias fallen a victim l I it in the priein of lile. Meetings of the n11, m1111 of the citizens ave been called, on the ocaasilon, anl resollulion highly comali Ineltnry to hlie mllory, haIe been palssedl. Judge Hitchcock was a a ntlive of iurlingtnn, Ver mlont. Since his emligration to Alabaimi, lhe has filled' the caineui, ficees of Secreutry of State, Atitornevy Ge cral. l)itrict Attorney, Judge of tlhe Suprem(e ( ,lnr, and was nt the laiit election elreteill toile Legislature. 'The Mobile Mercantile Advertiser, says. "The life and charneter of tile Into .I DII)E IllTCi I COCK are stamped upon the face raft olr city. In its hll.anc, wheh its prospects ere goaellllnyllt ita o m mier]iai il llrtaioee loblemataiel alle 'as bllt estn p in ilec issue of its fle t s prinaperil. Writh a eal fiak dfined all ,ific llnli , h le ihas rised, in i iwv rear b v Ilie vigorous, enl rged aantcl Euc essf nl o ionrIii Clia n fllelilea with iholee ofI IIi thie city ` Iicro Iee lea', lland at l e'Vec poilt wi e [behhill ie tinl nlnl11t of hlis Iblie spl ric, hli actiie I(-a leneiee i t rle, ei r, oat our risillg nl] pr pro se city, I p s.It c hnllhit ie 'tY 1 ing, thn ware b.tlb.ns anti pres)es, the wIlls es nod jon. lic c ve ihall le roil'sof Iris elil rpi -e n and isli'eotriar. f l 'h eili' e n s l ha v e r c s. ) .,,d Ill r a is e a l a rl~ le m lo n u - tilenl ii Ile iilCleory of Jtldge |liitelack. In is rivnate rehlions le wc s anlliel wrlt hv of all ieililalon. IRigidla jllst, e knew no tom.rniie lee-i twcen right andll arolg a'ce e hilst g his exnlape gwa.ta olnstianf rebhllke to viae and ilnmoralily, it iy ii . 1 nt eherishnd ant fostered all Ihe noble imnllul ea of virtue. Frenk,shincere. itiict anl noble ahiid, hi e illsrete huy a ell speell lilll ol iintegriti aa lie, iih trIdtll of the sentiment--that Ilhe inoblest wora of (od is an holCest aI- -E Wonnlvilh,, Angunt 11,1r39. inclined to l parel he ci r :O crI p t( a Inw.slit "'n g orious + isate of unnlertain y," until the n 1ey111 i h l. We'lnhl I left here early ll July, every Iole wl-e a enriilitlng an..elanld nthn prospect of il. r. , lll . i ame allP ids for the then full in r t l uricn l.-- N w, I ellel n dil lrntn l stat of thing,. Atn the e nll llll e l of the unt n, i n h nighbtrhond of Kilnii t-n, Ihllnnt I'leasant. Qc.. 'TfI nrop .n are sunF'ring .. ch frn. tlhe woo uas- )in, Slollle I nnlaltionnl Ihe will nt Ilnake, hllf icrops, while the w llestern loud midd;le parts ofi it- .tioll at Fort Adams and I'inknn)ville up to Ihe plh.1,. n Thei h rlest is doinng ni-l na injury.-n'nn -on ithe n e.t ina n rIn a td ionu have been anlle to qire, 1 u. safe intn say. in ihalt thile plre utlll crOll in il ilkillo ll, t In no excee( l tIhe la lt,evenlit we Illve o lltor m to intr fere itll ~ th .I i left in the fields. The rnn ps of corn l re very illditll'crt. r n n 'lnrry n l). onl llly y ur . S )ur'papt rlt' T llr-di n y n und allike inll witl anlll r rlors.--C rret your proof'l, or I'll he do!wn itoi` l n i. t Friend.y .'tice.--T'he indiviluanl who hald pri-ntnht e llour oflicte last wel.k, it tllat llily Iof" cllrud:-- lik.:p is lu" it. Innd.l of brick hlulrhl, a ii l pleasete t - rn e l+a. rd, ipot Sproperty, paiy thar'eard lllllke theal iuan. No. 93 ('ampn Pe.etl.-Gentlemen ntl la.dies intend ing to die during the ipresenlt n eason, Ca n he c ll nll ti 'l-ttpty a ollllll tellld.n 111the 'Ibove e;t-abli nhll rll, lllan nl eon ir m ll t notcewi ,l) ; otia+,boi rses,Cus 7 i;i;i s . .. . .t b u riui a l , a t . o. . e.. . . l o;h._, . e . . . . . .. . . Wirll have i o Ilurlller cullllnts from tt e n I la et i i N. Carolinn,Alllllllna orl'Tlnes c. 'hn n "niil n i ti l in upon tot-day t or to-Inrrow. A meliag waos held in New York onl the 5ith, in i ti on t the conduct of 3Ir. 'rist, ('olnli at linva' 1 Capt t.(;ilbrn A-n pplahy, of the Erie srklll I.nt .astitu tion, ha,, I.ben committed tni o jail, , to waitr ,n , i requisition fthe Ex~lctiv ift)hiol illr havin (lllllil ted I ralpe o la oug111 girl, 15 .ears )f ago, passng11. i, Deatl in ,.v N a'arkn I n te we'ak ending 3d .in..nst pnltrs contain no new, mlnd hlae bint little of nlers nnt i di thi i+ d I"+. . u) 'term vessel of warll l whrl ) It,'. la, I n. T-e Fan a t io tt.t h lh 1 , i, L l+I'4 } ' or k llll I ll;lll . t l;i il l rri . ' tln iti IIII' i .11';11 Ir. l h, .t '1 A 1. O lr..llll·e. ; . SPANISH, FRIENCI & ,R3ITIS11 COLONIAL LAWS., A valuable wink is low in press and will be ready fr dlelivery in'Oetitisr next .'llIt ms have an extensive tircnlation lhronghout the Union and will be indspenis . i sable in al! tih courts ofthe South \Ie steIn states, dll highly useful as rare materials ftr our colonial history. The autlhor in Colonel Jns. .I. White,whI has procured from the State Paper Ollfce in Great Britain, a nolumber of original papers, never published in this country, and he has hlad rare felilities and great favor ill Spain and France, in collectine u mass of the most curious and itnportant docmlseti. Along with the coloniol charters will be published in chrorololgicn l order ll the events in tile colonies which led to, the Revolution, taken from nl i original hto pamphlet; also, in extenso, the first commission of .oioi the I 11, for the discovery of the iouth of the Mlissisip pi; the establishment l tflte town of New Orleans, lawso chaters uand Mississippi schemes, to all wlhih will he added, n history of the first settlements in Louisiana. This work wili also emrnllrae the institutes ofthe civil laws of Spuin, together ith tie elleral laws of Cortcs o f lpain, tile collstiition ofthle Spanish Corite tof alex ire; also the Ieneral laws priori to lte Texian Revolu til, ald the colon l'ztiou Lats of tile states sl CoUltu I a nae, Terxas. lThis waok will of coullrse e of incalculable advan i age to Luisiunn, Mlissotri, Mississippi, all the South weslnl 1 Sales ank ll Texas. I I is not genr hllrll kll nwln tlllt it te recomenlatiton of lthe lateexcellent alld lnlllltr d Attllol:rc (G ueral W I'illiam Will and iat the special dhsire of Presi dent Ad llt , CIlonel White ipublished his lir-t work oi yearn jig,, and it is not now to lli had at any price. From the mass of IeCW n ateria s colleit'I sin:e by Coloel White in GreIat Britain, Franr anld Spain form a simlli octav volun tihe IU wolk will now of two hlavy vrltn-ows of :120 I plnges erll. Chief Jutice Maushall liso at te tie line spoke lmolt highly oftllhe workll llnld it musllll t be elICeell d l vtlua le dllll inliP.Sl slble lc ntl-ibutllU I t our inational Juris o lltllittoseef siI.h Ili work, aI y th l iite I ly a e lpbe of Such lrtlos tl idole i y. l, r hitn lf le'te lia n ti o ldnlhidan to ndil will prve hlighly tselt in all the ei-derat Spanih i s( riplle o tiot thli-oitiaal t eink, are rugitdl Il at the . (tl ontion ts.ot l, New Orlsen sn. 'The Maili..--\c republil the/ followine account of the tplo'edingc of a mneeling of the citizens of Hlunts. sillh, ith Illehope fhat the allention of onr owin citizen uay bectalled to act on this ubject n Mit r lreedilove ii tIut tol visit W nshirgtoln and we ya iand crain mailst , fronm the e West andt I . 'rom the hmtlsrille Advocate.l. P lub ti-tfstie -'iltalrstnt to s rev i uis gnpeetls funy1,vas he.i (lldnthe our 1 H se i n the town of Il an t lle, on Monday the +91h Ju , for h tw p ose if takei illlnto con(hdrltt< IIthe prre t stae arl, nc ils la regolar intercourse le twiee N. Orleans and the ioh- s aeting was organsstt by colling Ges; 13. II. l.y wto toe Clhlair, atod ollpotIgllll JCreslih o ;letlCeSn Eill Sertary. "1 hlr ohlljealof le t eeing hiog bees eoaxplrell lv tie (tlarnn th lie flietOWg lrlslIsble alld resolutiroi s onre uinled by Genierl IaIttVreoo teso ltsnll.lly oil i tio T r . ', sile Ielia ieian lilanCoe of tile Ex lres il bPtweenI N'alshville ani intsnserr t il cliti zens of this inrtof itry have o ietsiet si great inco 11'-1i ncerln ! lsrr ooou e bllharrnrr uolellts in their .oln Iheial purstits, for Ihe alltit of eendy nd reg lr intcr1otlrcet, with Nfew Uro s td I1 ',sprl (Ckii s; t uud Ielieint l thaIlt the Ailulihes ttor wtlic lhey nlnr IIy e tIr lt eds Itelinieehtoin a larlge ettlion of ithe \Vest greatly olitolotllod. nithot llt o i arial ausognttlionofexlrele l teo Pest Ofhie ititment; 'I lart s tstoore, toiteoireti lie y iur Nrestlvl, Is Thate a econ titler ftfiftl hi e a npitn te Ily the :hlliritatll oe Ii mIItmi s]prl elfut to addIles th, Iotlt Snas t'ter letr, a irequ st rillo to etablislo t dily le of four .s os concIes I rt i tNnhlt ill tso Inatis ,I rei , N ogl this iace, thl ,k the trip in olsiem fi Nl vice i eo t islt itlaind l two ,IrItv free1 llI In pae to 3ll + g ery. ltosnl;Iv,d '_1,1, Thai h citizens of :.uulisn'l, Nu-h,, 'ilh,, hmlout rvolrr, Mob I! and New.v Or ans It reque s td to mute with us in fur rthei le objcs o' i [a polrs+lllnllue of the fisl't re'solultion, IIIe chalr thon pLtiildet ill apiotint the foillwingt t etttiei on siot l vln lltut , (GI'eIt Ie 'lctrst) n, ttte imit h, hih 1). 1 i, 1i). lII.' Turer, S.. EIl- , l P il] \\'. F sii Jriii Thie hirlo a iti ti le erclrvl olf this Ineetlg werc atd.l],,1 to Stlid cIo)mlmltteP , ()t Ililstit r'|'. l I. l Teu lf o iltlI a s.Iti Ilsolstl, That Iocth ,.,oin ,s of f t thie s ,, tif g Ito S Ipublithed in th il s e r " sie l Il o I ih teen s lbielestgi ui sowt Ori taes gfor il ao insertioes il Clhil m, Ilietliv ae- rs. ( 11 ll nion191 thle neti lnegi IIw1 I sIj otlrnll I. ii. -M. LOW ', Chti)n'n, JE:nEtlAtll C'tL-FNs, Scl:'y. lThe (;rtet siestern alo l d lriti.hll Qilen Ii e pulet1 Sli-ke 193 mlilts toIf - aody Ilhok, 21 At uuinst t iie 'od -l.tpi.-- les- of the IAfhheo is f the St - itltl 1ots icipnlity t rrested a i anti Ont 'thur.gdeats fter lion, who' he f, ntd engagPd in fightlng oil the lcv*e li Iroulght himl tip n s far as (:envier, Inear St. Chlnl'lt,, city. By lilt. Iy nay h'yuwpuld ndlnlpt my IIrnjlet of a police Iaw, 'in~cl sutlhrl .aV .yuIIl(·vea it great darnl'lf trouble anld do the oit 'llylmhrelall sei.:tms It i. bllanCer than the ILondol)n, Systl.,nl tif Police, a greairt deal--trv it. i ' ty tI et our nI eordder t th exnlple,alnld Itprocure a I dee'll coetell convcn'atc for tile iti)geant eitkh to thP tiotpitah The c' ,t would be no gret mutter, The Widtw fltt the late Uovernor Clinton waome ine by i'Pre identitclr n I l wtn' , on h ti la visita fit lba aevol tit e!rttv,h t attc p tld to him.sellf to her, Itt thebP opiritedt]adtut ite-tie' had oat forgeottte the na grectful conedut-t tf little lattlv towards her hte bae d. rh t i tetpl j tt. 'C. C. Combreli , but Me rtin dll , h inkin hi. . . parallel to hl. own Blritish emba~ss,, is a agoing t.te .nd hit t lltl ia. in. pl c leMr. I)ailt.. adInte,rd.--\lhlta hns got -aev lealy gomnll mtard l tall ' ant e at" v t'att d t le ost eeve ry pro)er ia tllnll eant l 'a lal tloellI b't whatit is elt, t In l i raIl l t.htblet. \\ ~got hcl of a litr fat pili nl hf bef ha (t l lP (I , I w-arre. uriC le by 11: th ,ay, ill ll llr S ket:,, bit mall Iar l,nr llhnilul operation ill tile clltinl I I I ht lt a lle.t of ace (ll ILlltltrldt. r e t II .t Io ltalid eiti nIllr mIongs in ull rcl1h l iln ·II III.rte t killnd oif" I re 'Ch, ain ~donlul C eolllly; ·anlhl cditt t'n'a biteh 'ne llI iter wia ii " otr , 'I ,ll l( adein lll an Imagarzhitilllt x it as w,; w,.uhld I, 'till it w..a 1to ; -alt.l,, t Iut t en t. \e ottnntll l eat itth linll; we IhaP ,, ('elnl hlid |nl ie y |i/lllne bI rho side of a ill at at it nner, t o late it I 11111 IIoe. If niaoeaed.rl eat p I frocert, a hRecnlr cll chrn, wail ael eol renlt mloutarde de' pays, oIr fleeds Kentucky, thatl dill gra fy lilr palalt e,venll tha' it ht llhl idt1 at t I Itn, ai w'.i. ll p IT it w ith tielightef p tgee ..etC , w hile- e I.tic Inixit a otur 60(, .lo. ietll n 'at ''ll t tlllll tcll g t urtl a' ry n' tee tt etlll t ltaI iUs<. was $1 . ,0 I ; ., ll,3J I. I ]"tI .N~l -T l~l lllP illil never n( 'l'l o Pl ll ("gila. [ ,In.· r vudll lel s r.*l1lI l(.u)l IT llrRt t dFit. l .... JIh" we Ii Iern tlih t tlvi ral l rlal fltllllt l i le I t tee lltrl·ro ilrl ('tlb llr2,11 11111' l ll ltlll r Z IIIIF 'I]I'u l III d . tlr. t aIttlllltiiot-P t |ttt'il tcli t tll tt Illntl) ct" t tt rIth t a oIt b 'tat-enhia "t..lllt'h %. llir l I IIIiit· Il~l(' p-ll~i lll { i Io r ullrl ll "ll i ' t i tl l r ~t h , .tt s o cti It t r;lltrt'ttt1tttttt' titte tetLtl: ett llltgt h. t 'tt r I ltt ttIttLt t- ate bh re ant Iita a ct hitile r vl u . ril ..U J i E tlt taatatur nth n r a., iiett ry t'h t e tle e attttirnta tIl tncttlill· IOaeatf '1pllr~etotl tianlittettet 4 ll ' •e·,o Ag, k.- ll. rg "T.-Thl.nrrll lnfl . . . tt .. . . .. .... . . Iavn at t at t ti i ttta' ttf tlr ttt tttgtttenel r Ia " t y .la tt I'ttt i-I; J'rlla it tl- lls( Ilaleln g t e llttlpt t rre o e l t'. eI 'Olrlll tl N ' .l"o.P 1( llllll Fnll..r f ilelII T U i et aceil APlt eO iti m i-l t -lllr el Entllell C itti i (. Ilc?.P"P vr*,l IP.~ I( Q-I' - alta trtetal t taiull rll ell oe . F rttt'ae It' ttt'-h, aJl -tettetetall . tile taonlrtteert fre n Ilitire, I t'F t ltle itlllettlic, litr I ttlei t I t' I tteetlr thi" t i .lcl- 11 i te aieaet'-tt- ti njetac~lil 'allnll· IIitttr Iiteti I Itrll ,"tlt Itit ait"altl' I la 'ttr- ,l t h - n -l, The Atahly, Alhi-ir-On the morling of the 911t int. the Frelnch,in number teI etrthannO50i men, landed al the Atnlav from 17 ltunlche, nndl mlllr cover of tlheir guns and r of their larger craft, edvtaned to thle plaee it wlheh e1 eonstingeres-el were lying, twelv of lwhich they set fire ho, lout only eight were" bane'l, the other four ercapel from the upprotcl (according to the ders potcheel,) fO militia cnvalry. The ievaders are crir Cel witli havint wantoltl e leetnyed properly, such he tcatteringi o ttt grolntol wine, &S fren ppe: ,unr &en rotm hhd+ annl n rrebt. ineartmndin, in hisa de+latct, ceteoigttite Ith coitet Oc the French has rtul lttd ignooitietus. Mlontevite!o, June 6lth: Tile Briish packet fom lie Janeiro, ".Slider," Lieut O'Feilre, enterel thin port lst niiht, end just ans se was nalcheriog,sh was fired leto I stket shti) y Ihe Frencl corvltet "Le Perle," which rokei the Iae oh e ol.thesllne n bl -oar rt Ite pe ete. 'tTlhis llltir i:reate great execitulll-e--The Freult havoe iinde loets of polo+ieiv. 'the ti. i. shi Itndepi:niece C-ot. Nielnlont, end tie Feilfiehi, Capt. BlonAirr, eie tee, ofictra and creit el wll. Retorlder's Oiflce, tReport of tlhe Day Polie oand Night Waclh. ANguiot 14th11-c. 0':.eArtlI-A reted dtrunlk nad die. turbing thie Ipace. +liecar+. 'iat Mr ulltin--Arreste,l foundl drlank, dlititared. Will. S'llitll-Atres- d l-could l give no cltchod t him otsel t comaill t(lt fin 39 elnvs. lnsmlolll Con--lArrseteld t for ltealing chickens, die. charged. Atgllst 15 h--l.,et d Vtlhn -A-rrested for etoeringn house nnll giving thtme, Io ho volched f0"r. Joseph Cridtvr-A rr:tcdtelfnnl leelill on thie l.ovee otllthoV lcu ,+oltlira--Ar htetrll tnrgei teith tealinf r'ilhitnl Thenretson--At '.stedI ns a vrngrmllt, colnit Ieled fo)r 12 mooti lh Inc. on iay illS felsf WVIiI. ]Matrly--Arrested fo(r [Villgr dr ,conmlllmitted fIr Bradlhey--Arrce- lod dlru+klank discharged. LOUISIANA (iN. ) RIA ''. ,'ESTIATE ANI. sTrICK I,OTrTERy. nB y a111lh n Ihe State of tile Loulslianr, in teirue oa law ap1aprvtd lib Maire, 18'f

l'h1:11I Class or Lotnerv will re , s rely . ramvn in lth' city of New Otrltr iprior t o ]In Ja[ rrv ntt xt. lThe Ipublic anrr reapectfall iltnfirad that tickets ill Ihe laas..( o lrhis TTR'RUL(MA')D LOTTERYT. Arel no lreitic lan alyt their oii-ce, ertinr of Cnallnitdll rIie trtnce is ma d t flr r pnrti.ulnrs io tle pstiini hills. ala CAI. iWEI tL O.KIEY & I'tRI'TCIAtll) I4 .rench HBooka+. Colmplete+l WVotrks aa \'Voltaire, Itanna. on, o nli f a Illnetitait a asll h'rlnaac, tIdi t iarkstoit lal.'ri, Alrlh Iutrtt,a Vti trr tlluo, I.ata ' Iuie adi. tlerl s 1hs1r1' rlltils Ni i-.aeie I. c cPala & Itia, Norvita N a toleon,(;iii ttl , e)a(tixottat, awnt ir,a'f l1nd. d'Alatltel, tlict tmaa-e', taraaa, lia' hlulil, I , a'I,ita. I)ihtialv i cioe Grammiar alin.--hststhtltati itlipailNe ''ta alicthe ,last a],i proved )iclionaries, (iranlar.: anlehlrutet.I. Ibooks. Spanish--l)D (I ix tth,lnprr le Vn no 10 riesL)ic tiOlnlllrils alnd (:latlllllm nll r.r . (t1 tl'u '.-ita Lak of li llei', C•iatia Ketr ne , .... ir ,lh r \Veld,-, ille.,,ires of CIaI ?. ;,vn, or,.igin' l rditou, t)aitlillllal u i ll Sl it ( irtlt -ltll'tl t t , A, narartmlint of T French c Enlgish Notael: all new wurka ofllleit tra. al'0ly cieii i t. E JOl NS, & CO. laug. 1'llt, llh taor St ('biarla &. Coatmolla st L Ilt1 tHUl dlinlg faitin IItavain in casksli ar l tils a Id Dllclijrltt s, irr sls bylv Ii IB1ONNABEI, taily8 ]II Car Natlcheza & 'ltaptiiuhri tla f RUGS--l.l t landina lie,~, tii 'anr,,- M a s-ltpply of a l ttllt tt lhitter I ta ( a. thL'P li tularce ro t, lim ulice, esapjrn of Itlalnm+t, eeslcr at It) moa juicy, he.ip Iani, canlwry serllds, ,maial, Ilalkc, and small, CalnlhnIrides, brllltsto ',n; orange l l I .w llet ,titer &r, rwholesale slid retail ill stol oif II II)ONNAIItIt, lF'Ini lt Ilt"! ' t'-I daI s all nvaiic jetai Ilatilcit I ship ()ltuluatlr alta Nut tit. ) l lit sale hIv jala 13 S (1 IIIANt(II.llt), I33 iLravivr_ a Spi ritN of ' t'url t.utihle, f 'ir s 'le i by .IA1RV'l" & ANIDRDWS -uly O111 (Cornel r oif (,' halllllllll n & Tchn lt<H sst ()il iiIVhirhitl i cll Carbota Rawamlad;a "'ati,: ,Mixture 00 ,lare+ ( tll l'lleloteF'. (Chemils 20 cases'+ nllpl hltt of (.ll lllln s 900 LS. a'tanlnritrad 1i5 kr' A imtheeurics vi:l" 0ll ' e nxP* Whit, lnad pre 541 e-d B 100 kegs Colared Iai ft a00 k,''e l) i I,['Ttre lial 5 lt i arra l .a i 1altate'l .tatarch a 0 ,,. \Withalli ve it tll-] its f. llllit Ifnel lltia , for salltc , oh h ,llce l rn:al alu. le tusrIl h;" \Vil 'u''talt I)ll a i.ut a 'oltn " tlctlicaal ft alalll lll ' r tl A I )-ln k e le I n. sli,, f' le h ' itI a1lt i ItI a ilc l; V" . II Ntao t i-i ' 8111 li-:iiil'' Ibtta F lF ,a 'aaac Ita L i(; Ii 1))III : , t It I ,w i .t v, FI t ,0)ll - 11i f I htll a.t ttitit; ii. i fi .. ,hping ,,,,, 1a . "1 New I.,,Lever TIlIE LIBEL (ASE. PI U:11.16s1111) T'llS I1.11Y', and f1 r sai l i at tile Co(nllllltti ll o I) ) ,i'n Trn Ar n llrlltn, St Ch(rllites ee hl[ t'l,anl tt the prihnipal Book Flord, a rorrett lReport if 1l lulle I 1nterelinlg and inmportllt ln lit of ti h Stute of l ouisinna vs. John GibSOn, El.dior and Publish,,r of I the 'T'te Amt rican, before the Criminal Court for Li b6. july 21st (1 4 ti0 G l) lUSM.Y- .1 New L',evee at .E-l ' pll" ll r insr ,' andl 20 half hl'ls n ao's, at the Ic n' , ctiuntlfur n d I uv Gd I)OI( nEY, it June 12 44 New I, ever (I 1 NNY I.\1GS-3,5, 0llll tor salle . ice %'iin u tl l N 3 n - j6i S &, 1' Will I'NI.Y. 73 Cannp st le INES, ('1RI.[, S, &e.-Cont u ntly stupplied S nt in rec , hill [at fon. , pu Irei In id genuine W ines ginll ILnriin I till lleStJuiliinl t'. i t. itmilin itet t Iol h tnisn Il'itrc , cor t illi's-e i l. St J, eerl, n eln - I nern l, la r runrnel, 1:67 Il k, Iidel teimeri, t) t hIo nek of 1i'n , n . hl nni' bert,'iir t l .i iue il th,St, tie ( nldeira ni "ines. inu l p ltuiclar, Re n serve O n nd, oereinl, iPorr iaes ~ndl .lfquarl ir casks Port \\Will --Ohld, , rltIt'-. nof2 %, d ,r lotled in Opnrto Il nrrnux n w i,' e ChW ten Inn lin, IdIuI CIhteu lnari y .u.uxt Larose, I.uvi n., St Jui .n and tit Enr ilion lil t Iplll, r Mirgan u ciases i t doz. t Julien, excel at TlI ilt t! d Cart. tihe h it , Inid nesert n\itI i ermi tage, Sauterne, tilt. G(llac4ll ,rsuc , | lln , llh lnd FrnlltiLr nl MUSCat. Chiat i pign . i irst rllnlit v Siln tr v o It Blurgundy Wines. uItnruan(,e, CiIP n .besti . Closdc I tuu!r, Nn it-t i j" lii [i, th . t, Cordialt. torn lrn linn di Z r al, -n uinl. nrtinle, • \r vllell phou genu enl% W ,llll an llO ,\ itl, r II | ' A 8 1 Ie n i s sorlo ii hm,,ux l.ilnenrs, if Marie l iriztrd lI SI{ ,r·r , O)lid gel i L ,II re(l 1hh r I nllltl , the lan K i m rs' t t h e tw a(r .st L 8 . ilt I '0II O x Ii,,rl V I:t ururilte t i r . lilThRaux ,1r1lle \111ne iingt nn t nd. uni t I nII 'iii. 1. I- I-llt ot, c r S 1. h rles n ( tOtt i llsL("t , in"i ('harlh'll'vr .llc r Iiin I t ilh,,r ii1on I,vJan . liii iitbe S 'i whe, , or tl' e r.lean Olt lle li' b l, t igo wueu ,- n It I uady in nn hn t, l ',nr ,h, \',, an nt Iln n.. lty it t tni It l'tan ulu, S iktehl ufntis li ui ed r n ori y shlt of J1c1 Sh lerd, NIt 1 t 3.i i ( tllllrr lllllll l n Nnit or , hl n~ Snnll n. t 1'ici? 1 in- it n ", i. 3 )Ah Itn u :nti , anine rinl l. l l I I r ' IIeihl ·iltl y Lhthli g • new suppnOs, :..tlItN's, & Co. 0It'jav 3hIh,- lvl. ct of tl i Ii"t &tu ou n u n stt A -:F I ''I"It: R 'O 'It- 't'his i, n d usr, nf rrt i- e 1411 Ile l ffr illl t .i illiv m iini t ,o n, i i r-i r tll l'll it = r ,e ll nIs soo,~lrnth ll ll t llllll IPb nigI e itlel to ! ip I 'llkll llll, e o I II II il l ,t ie l i ilt• I l lul lnarv de t ""aroornt lit, ar flll t 18 II I be proteclr. e ri , o I. , Ibi oll It, w."athlll erd inglr the s noie r season 1f The Itf R,.figrrll or is IICll),'" I dl eed nr in lis p a ieN -" q uautIotfilv.,ff I ,. iI ru. t 'l oin tl e. e r v. nore ; it Th Ic Subvr :r isCohSlnntllt reTe'iv" -i'on the man- tl S t lter,'r, 31r .1 1' ten. S rf lnv el" Iof thie lefrige , tn's v ntnv liy s' o1 toiy Stun .5;3 Jli, S llvlh,' st. ll m., If \V It C.\RNES. I tV I r I-i::11) i) J ,5 -Tillla i i, iot, ,iii .iJ lu\ ,. :e / w A: .ovial t| to te ili ze :t f , lli tlolf Lo till d a The DAILY Paper is neatly printed wvithl small type on an extra, double medium shoet, at $,12 per annum, payable suat annually in advance. 'Elo TRi.wEKa'il Papar, containing lion reading nmatter of two dailies, $10, payable in advance, whore no city reference is given. The WEEKLY TRUE AnaRICan, made up from thile daily papers, durine the week, will be sent to sub: scribers wrho pay$5 per annum in advance, and to none other, unless nI acceptable city reference is given. Subscribers respectfilly solicited. JOHN GIBSON. NEw ORLa:ANS,R MY 1839. 17:~----_. -7 .... -r.-I i-- ... .l - LOU(t--i10UU bblea..u slleine iI 51111 tlia , -Ib little by GV II)I,;V, june 15 -I0 New I.Lee PORK--5i)0 llarrel tairit.e ale eIal 3 Ptlera-nI Stare fl atr ale Iy J I1A ,'I:It to July 2nil 7 laoacdras S j RUl GS-,lut lanaI it-ia reel tailtle it< l enen L (i ava cJellt, Gaa Arabic, I' nuin" b, 1'ream T artar, S nl S o.t4 S )ts T uri ventin ., P ear an s c ,I hrti, - ie Acid, C hbride Seid, ula s. Copvi i. r ct by II DONNA IEI july13 Car Natl]. itz ar d TC imu it solht . It, U1isiXsip') i a r pp ly)). I R;iai p IsateI 'rit tllich wil. le l lo, liw r lieash [ I)AVIDI Ft.I: & Co. July 7 N. \. Stationers Iha ll,'II (l'chnrres St " '?v-I-TII - s 'T'lhm: stol limn ,Jinl n ., al itelliho ii vi g health, bIaul v ami Ipre ting its ailing of, slid t t W\'1. BEI,I.'S m31 No. 16 Ch .nrtihs n 7 - l 'RI6JTING PAI'.III v ir tieg pnpir of thaaaie'ia|ihwa ,. t ic ea. `7ixir--ila x3(- a'llig6--9fn 2--l gx2. \IAl t X lof Itlltr lu l, I rd w'llre, MIb illlNIt tod '11 ltl Vrl) ))ta e a aa rrii a i, rt y' atta fi'oa Btraliaa Jalet i h Ia a l ir Plil alh:lhiaa llaltad fa r Fnila by ALa cc %a[ R, jt 1y :3ld I a) CaiIiaap Strei t wTOR SFALE-60 btutf . ;16 lie ia tt ho se t ol asses h.1 t iI P iall a ug-llltc 51 fa tond'. +titrne 110 rail I r Ip e Flly BROWN & Co. .l u h t t, 1l.: ! 1 . I I I F ,a t 'e t i " t . Nta t I ' IYt-I'.! 1 41 + 11/" I CI:II-I"Y--,5 r I Itrl ';i htta i oi P "ale bv 'l', j- t), l l- itit, Il(i I-a-.c-l" tai tl It li.. itu yt I2iii ia . t O'a X Iaa' cvI i i y li( II ,tlSla ...ic Ncwa i'a ngat l, u, A.,-a.. . tt n a1ahallt t C6elt1a. l~ouihln ca+, :n ortaleh~ slhati vin arI i nh .r wa]1o . Slllte ar 7 els ro nl i h. a elel ai july 2Th -- v. cor St Ch ·Irh & COI, mll a.I, iNE N ata la li, a :l OVEr S & .le t rX eiviI rl aby eria r ls i alt i ,i at. l teatti lai in Shirh Cralvensrl ltr) sllltnL(r lslloek, th e, ae S,tul - In It-eta, e nact h H eciatlanliiacicia St. a.icrb ii aiat aio .raA ,n mp l iNs arht:le nt 1tla la -ter lit-, Irl'{sSil. ea I, IportabIleh shavingl- a t X'el. iiC i lln r wI, d & Iat r..l Ii at Ur & ll, iei i N. ' tlia 1 S Itr, fo a rlýua lale ri t b ey I l , _i 1 n {_ I)_ISEYA . Ia w l i ,' tIlW Ol OI , S-- ia' I riih I ," 111" ai ,i i i ati) ra I II l l i e a l l r 1 , ( lii T I i 11 m r P Jales I ; .i l Nil, I II oifli j Slail I i ni I cla --en l ai r ala hit N alt I 9l~illtil I SI( h Iill -I alii J F nl limulr- e lni a nr rit Ir al li , Sp y, . B irth,,:,.\ aud .|Iatls n r1 e nvint , h" 'I' il(ok N; No Jack Shp d, I v A li i l) I v it e 1iY. JIs " ,,ee i',.,I and far 'ale. by at "j6 A L F X.Ti)W , ']W E 149 ('am mp mt NAi T a X iP a'l'l it 1 (;i, I I N lK I N K ! ! N IC " ' -,IeI Irl. .??! - re('plv " h o (Idoztn! o(lunce Ink, at 11.; Ii Vtl. %. I r ll)y rit r l l tie[ I ter h el en 11 l ll ad i al, 1 ll i( , n I )\ VI' 1"1' ' &l, t Cotat- Nh V Stitaltus' . all, Jtlll ) 5 ( alr str 1 , .\ a -h': i-- - u" ul 1 "rn i..a . I il . ..I . . • 'i n'li)i. --" Lalcttrl) Pl'au i l) , ll I i Ick t, I Ill)+ II a-i+ a al-a--it Il t ,ron lllllllllh at a mll t IoI I a ii'! ai Palehlh , . a P ......f all .ci . 1 i I ( ,I l, ,'- ill atlh coa lltry plllllelts. \i , I I I l" j, S. I' t o" .. . . .l at " . aT I IP 'vr1 -i~a~ta~ tlorn.., Ilialt ai-a i ltaaa ,, nita -a. aaaia l t la a\ I'-- \ r., al at-alu - , ,l, h -, ii le a iii " -aitia o a. . ' 7I' i TII aTI.p t fI 1 rllli t -I i fr .alde hv (. I)()It 1EY I, aug) ! II New Lvee T' TATE OFt LOUlISIANA-P.ars, Ceurt ftor I the Parish and City of New Orleanrs--'rce de State of Louisiana : to all to whom theseo presents shall comeo-greeting : Whereas, William Rogan of this city, hvin Spurchased al t a sale made by tlowlett & Conas, public auctioneers of this city, th property hre.r inafter described, has applie'l ;o th C::erk of this Court for a lmonition or adveriteolltl, in coniltr unity to as tot of the I.egilttnre of the State of' Louisiaiora, entitled ' an at fir ile I I rt ellr ssoe orae oelltitls to purchlyasot ttj ldlieil sales ;" apl proved the 10th day of 3Mlarel, 131:t Now, tecrefrel, know ye, ond all pe'rso innte r "oled lhereii, ire lereby titel an( atolltoti~tt i. , the nare of tile State of Loui,itan, Ian of the iPrish Colrt, wh o can set iup anly right, title or claim in and to the property herein after described, SIn consequenee of anly informallity ill lie order, do. f cre or judgoment of the court tunder which the sale was made, or any irregularity or ihlegality o tIle nor or sale, or f'or any other dlefect whatsoever; to, lthow causeO , withii thirty dilays firlo the tay thi iio e first llserte i Ilt ilte Ittbic Opa e, it,.y the saleso imade should not be confirmed and Io. Intlog,,ated. The said prooerty was sold by the aurctioeneers aforeeaid, on the 281h day of )ecembler, A. 1 1,33, by virtue of a eloree of thi. court, re e rled on the 23.1 day o 'July, A. 1) 1838, in i sulit cli. tliedI William Vance, his creditors ani the creditors of Vance & Miller, No 10961 of the docket of this court, at which sale the said William Iegan be. came the purchaser, for the price of 8:1,00, pays. tle $1c00 cash, and the balance on a credit of six, twelvce and eighlteen monthtl. Descripttn ol' properly, as given in the judicial con. vyance : A certain lot of ground, number one, situate in Ihe subura b Laeourse, in squtare lbut lled by Nayades EIrato, l'rytatnnce andl ThaIli streetsa, an:! fobring t. t corner of Noyal.esand Erato streets, Measuring tlirty on e et elevn illuthes ani seven lines, inore or Clee, on Nayaldes street, by niety one feet sevco linesdoep, front on Erato street, all English eooas uie, having the use in comntnon with lots numbers two and three, of an ally in the rear, of five fbet wide, togethcr with all the itailditgs, rights, ways and ilprivi!eges.thercutl1t beClontgitg Tle wloie as Ir plai driawn lb' Joint Scl ebeth, civil e nineerie dlated thie first day ofJen 1'tf36, aoexed to tan act in tle otficb of WVtY., L,ouis, dated the fifth dlay of February, 1839, being a subdivision of lot num. ber eight. Clerk's oflice, New Ori uns, July 3, 1839. J. OLLIEI , Iep'y Clerk. S july I) :t-9thjy 23 do 3d aug i'c1't)ItI) (te e'-Ji rtceiv,. v, mwrs of b-ler t laid lI c ,rd Clili t l.l h lal n and ru. de it very fin c' r e , sit , l~ir nano Iii s, for s1 le by 1: I)AVI FEI.I,N Y Srl ioners' (IIl jlt" 1_ hi C rtr.s ( lill il Ilt lll. llol e I ll I ln. Ililbot .u llllt t r e ll r k, tt'. " Ji v t b t o ( 1 tt\\' t i-. tl~ _ . e tithe .-Ilieac-- sk0tcl '" he ,notI'[ U tl . wl.hIl ttI.lllltl IIn I p" . l o" i tIt, Iht": tl Ito ulti i+ Illad e tr a , I r I'ar tl d t of trh l.tcll,'eillt-; hvI I. t I1Io I .o';,_" I t':ot hl ortrcc t,','I,,1· ;Itoit )ir . ilp !.., 1 .11.1:\ 'T' ) ]of, 2 ,I.t D it. AIOFFAT'S VEGiu1TiA itfi: Ii fPILLS re . o well knowna to tie itnlt(: that it is hardly te cessarv to give a dlelnilted etuletate Ielf tf ir at- ti lttt use. rile illlhilh articles w uy c tnvintte tay on °f tile laimsl h'dot'torhes up tl It the blic to plin clfidlence in his prelpru tios. From time Hanmpden Whig of July 12,1837. .lloqiti's Pillas rl Bitetrs.--Th'e last Jhertat cin tins addilioual testilmmttt it faveroftllis hiighly ilmprt talt inventian. "'lThe iprss of Ith Journal was .Ios s ltop " tIIIlT nT .1tilhe t Uesit ny. SI ine ote, in ll n oll e . of ])r. ltI thnnt t s t bt it e rtturin tht r t eetili Tlte ofollr neiglittLo il vles , tlt I OffTers tnt q autitt ofa tllt nrticl nas uolltPe satiol. T'lsa i ale kid, anlli we It rllmtet it, l) Oltt tlt t we . I Jal tat eItllodt- tll' lk e lllitit1. ttitl our inetiglhor of 1e Jlolrnal, I o call tilthe im ag knt SIn t e m alt tittre, anre ty Ir triu el u i ela l tililr ditl icltdtes to htlt ae wiiclt h itv w 1.'e V ttle a brnt ttt, al r Blwles, Ilhey lav ts eti t thIe " etla r anl t.n.s.l" of tll rt o lr on e t iltet bdwel ,. r IlT ledi aiil i ltdltedly ttIIv('e'ei11 ltelllltt . ,I I +ntrK - t FROM A1IU.EI. IilOiV.Fs,,, Itel bcitaut i ad Jtttrtlttl, I )l nei ,i|+lelt, M8 . SIatIt:u , I.a'aza ,] JuICe i, i t37. Mlr. toi.ti:-r.t al ' I s j no llh l yetrl rovtllf stte'l ,ir nom nl iLfiladir f lV tie nl. el--the coRaa Oh ur lihlveI. 'h, rm al fi'tio o1 ti le blowels i lost; Trec tli seere pain C.e r, c ' w nluI depr'e.ssion : -attl tli-,+ bit ,g i-teetsea rey ever, itw dltlye to ee llece tetrlct ite l ttvlalt-t"tc. Ilttt Ihtteanttile g oe (dl IlVhy~i(aii In I I iaa dh r a :ai 1t all IndtfIt it ' a illaea al riah 11 th1 fi ttar. l e iaut, b ute a11 t111 l et s ev lal bo xe. k' IoII'u L il r f tlhill 'a," I dh a e I ne ] mor )er bll [t itth e, n tha ll Aroll ty mI'lilEllln l h i ltt v Ii t llld. For u:IIP i at I t.' a ti t thea t-orter of COiecet at(lIIel t Ielmlthtti .mim .t,. toin III on bonard I p i ()trltta. a fa g ttle ihhla fgt tt'ttt r lelrv Andrrw Frew, l l c ch (;ad ernmn play yallrld; IBlck fanIllll l edB trdo a Ce-it+amen t I t' I ttan e I t-. ic- Ilie r Baela .; itt t ) i ,la 1 tta tt Ina h hli . BtOWie l I n veto; Leltt er ani d ilother trtvtt ll , intetrete ing Cat es; ta ieht aPck t, Illert enaa let'( , n1t-t i 1 lli 1 ; dI uble t,11111t. uiegle bc rel lae (iltnst tlB 1Ba g.t Sh ill tttt t ow r fterc: uiotn (ltI s atti ('lti Itott r"' (eIlth Ilairt Tootlh etil NaI il aia,. (I t.t.-l ( tllhti fac((( eo L tt 'Ccin'.d T I ' i owdr oile t and Shaei-t- tt i c, i, grtt vtla ie t et io I laitit rhl, ingltsecatt roettes; Pearl n 'if I'e le lart ; Il tattec ; I ric v T P b Cut alione: IPatent tldes (tar ter;; (;aIMI t l stti(c s)a eners; Ihweih'l' l'lljl' n1111(] loxes-(;ill tChains, Setale m I Keys; .' El 'i-drotle ; \\'t lst Iht ,Ikh'I ; It l 'i h ie ts; l lic e ie k e i : tItti(ti ta li(tillc tlle n . i'lie redt B iade ]tt t i an I-a-tete BIIll. nod Ihnei. I.h S,'ll 'l'wist. Side mind 1I, )r-4+in Con .;whith, in a(dhiti~uto t t h-it'ticat ,r.erti eie lea I n,il 4n) -lx ith ir ,llstl el y - tpll s an will hI. ol\ w. en I On liberal i'm , ii th i f thY ( (old7 .ilhElhl . i'2t -tl ' 711- t'hett'It'c tIriltt.i C S 11101 1t1 1 11: ·11lnI I , - ite ti" At '. tie the wtacet f 'rehlpiil lhs ndll ,IJ sc , Ia1t11 aIIt t Nic.1tsae -it't-. itll {lii t't i ll (II it ll e 'l t. t Ire t l i'te .t t litl et a ti ll nl ll l t ic i l (h(, I j ily i Olt tie t. \ .(' .('. P llt hll,1 1 til1ti ilen l ie ,rv . IL t-l, ll tditd tark, l N"= I tie,. I ()t \Vlha l I itit l. I n; t th e b lltlll Colh med 1lt.,.. 'h, Iohh I li" h i ts t I w i til t e I it thll n . Ih RecelvIdt' mll I'e sel ih Ihy i . I)-\V..\tIt . july :lh a.'et') (.m- .trette I lll el,, l, ell i itll ll , )lil. h,,lllhl r i1: 'l, llrtit , 11 n tlay ill :, :tn. l, In ,li tiri ahit d liti sti l il l )Ih' i th- I nsl , dI te- t,[ l-,: h ;h ll; t'r ml ll'..]' lrl.,m The Ll'De el-of l ,, Ie file author Ih l iinda if - .v SIIIi- , I li ii lt, l 1e, it Ili .%-i"i . wt, Ill t 11th H ,w I \\o , l'lhu day, .r - tiid I~ I tune 12 Al.l 'I' T .11 2R,-!1(' 1 1,1, at E. i til d variei oill -tee Cl n 1 _ ,hll nlt d tar)r.tll b..r I Bl 11l :,1 1 1- ,\. I~ ]a.llltt.. t,. s h,iI, 1;,i.l,,, i :,I+ .. an, hv ) n . ' t', _ , ,I ,, ,,t o l ,,io , , I hi.1: ,;,iI to llt < 1 i \ +" le, :1:1'-1 hL ill ,h, , )(I nt ,'. w ~ ' . . . JI ir .I T ili I, I " 71 l' . I S\N III .A I llil ll lv , ,, n J 'l f lr a ur e by ,I 'I'll \ 1IH 11 ,. il i I J l i, "21 71 l'e., ,,, r 1t, AVINA 1 IIi ll e-:isii,.lloll;. tl len . I Vlll. AA; l 1 tl'Ia r Ii , ull e h,'1 SIIlol KI lit ;Ii·i 1V.1.\ N'.lr1"11 li illtppillal ýu'bu t Iitd i cc111 in i rd", in ilu , fur usale by T )I)] ' ,r Ib ]llhju .11 New Levee ,la A 'I,\\' AI ll All, 1.1)Cau st Sis ;ttis Ph nt siTI i i Iy I'' l T lll l It, 190am t ,i . J I I h h le un ei, r' ti"n" .t it, I ,lt ,, .i l. 'II I(T''ll 1I'•ll , I I I 'E i ii lu I I .'1.. 11.. IIV, N Y-) 1S3, ta s uf> - n e I,, er, i-,. S isIoe Ili. ' l l 1 l i lN .s I ' i t a ti cl-. , il s I ,lip i . J i r iie IN11 uil k lliuuiru lul I il ulrlN iel- t1 ,t F Flilti Fil ll- t N.i . r. Stoc1h .1,1r llr God thPopper1. Mi shee :lllI t 11 i. uf u i II uI I li. ii - - l ul Ir.El h lt,nli lllr n lrrliu ,i l I bun Ii.ehn I ii Ii i I l Irr ''lpi l el ppl l) i i ler Ip. ,Ii'h 'i i iuueil l i i ,u il i hll' 'C rIp lrhrlll lup in i l - u\ll N c url'- l l i --l w i bulle ni S lI (I. Oifr l 8r 1 0 ·unt i ,- h a l e Cit 1 *1 1 S e a ni d Ptl en 1.i. do. . itri)lr,' l.lak ! l( I a t- r ah, b A ll a- v article, areoqlnl rat, ljrto r ie v o f t ee - I I vi iii. -lJ 1' (*)-l , p tail'ait rlili .i kelie nu any c'' illlma , b oderlef arlLrlu. ric. u ll h ilrl ad rTrljie, i in h i" lsh el i. i ''il ' e grriu ii, - e r lir Nur i l:l, nure l I All 1.1 uu- li, 0cl hulmh lurt . i+r n ,nilrn o. ii r l o e a i d Paydra, streets , w ci , rci 1 I liPi+h a nd, inylt, l1i39, it thenli, I t (a" Cot pn iiy ruh. "r, i: llee Il r lr d irer C r elea.l, (EInp tll, ention. S .ll k IIIl up L) S, All11t1r alve atrlire are ivrruninuaindi I l ie taiu ! er qu lry and in keep in ye,~l.ltn hl:\lltlell (llll ilelt lieirhg II ( ·'luis.lll:l, f ~ T rg, som 'the i P 1 ljel T ontirenlrl- i .e .t I i. h r of 1 nd1 ih15 J. r earn eor , will hie and l'hydu0' rei np r I rell eirtll V tt I n, rato re r lit nennin. i id !sor keiaoniar ns ef a'reel ' nAihly e.: rims tihe tined hites--C. V f I tnir n S. Orlr s. :ll r / .. .. . .NEW -OR7 EAN., S . l rt anr7Plle:l L lucu i ll1kery-- aters and EPilt and Navy BreadN l trl, ande enl Vine Ris t Sugar, Butter, Midlbrd and Water Crackers[, SiV-dl ' I ,,,,i, .. i .... I I ,u, i |i t ,I •~ 1'I.11:1; !+ \1tl` .\9 \ ,.~': , 4 . . I.,,I SECOND MUNICIPALITY NOTICES. W ERE brought to tc' ptounr of the 3d ward m a ld Municipali y t tho ilrowing stray aui. ealts viz: A Gray pocr. scld horse anolut 12 hnnds high soar eves and lefl eye suposel t tot be tind. A brows hlrse pona y weth it a w gray Iairs on Irai troe, fore reot blahk, abotu 13 Ihndh higlh. A Irown mare tmrlo striped on lhe breast and back froms the collar and saddle a stroak across both sholdars and brandred oI the left hind quarter, 13 oands Ingh. A bay horse mule 4 legs black and stript on the breasr supposedfrom the collar, about 12 or 13 hands high. A sorrel horse blind of tihe right eye a small star on Iis face with collar and saddle marks 16 hands Ioan Mare withl white face.4 lihtloles white and part of the 2 hind legs,soar oe thle Iack from thol sid:le, hr mde I 11 eo tIhe right hind quarter about 13 or 14 haods high. A Black horlse pun y with a small rtar oin Irs focr branded on ithe rihl bfore shoulder, blind of right cye and betweron 13 and 14 haLna high. The owners of said property \ill please call at the pound of the 3rd ward B)Iad Municipalily sitsu ated thl corner of Rollbil ad Ainciaton streets, r"ove prope'ry pay clhrges nnd ak, themn nway on or before SatUrdary tle 2.lti Atugost, t183:1., when theIy will he sold at auction by t' G :ttlrotto, pub. lic auction. or. J. L. WINTER, New Orleans, Aug 13 h, 1839. 1st .Lieut. IPA \ .--I.nn...d alr depoet Id Iroisidri n dstric do ia Seronde Mll i icipalitr, les soroiaux ani Uo ton a grip, d." 14 paroms de harut, borne do ci' (rtel gar ichr Ur petit clnaval lrunr. ypont rillrqruiles poils gris sur to flIor los qua:r es pieds noir, 13 paumoes do Un mnletl bruln, marqtul rur 1' epaul eat sor lo dos pa:r Ic Collwr rt I l sile, uont m0 quo A travers los dcux eIp t'ls,rt raa qulr rer Io cuis a qaucho 13 pnaumnes de haut. Un mrlotet ibay, leo quatres lieds noir, marque do collier out lia poitriclo, do 12 A 13 paumes ft att. Uu eheval alezer, hrun, do l'oiol droit ttoiil our Ic frout, mar(d l(e collier etdu rellc 16 paumes do IntjumlIent inale, fi;ulro Ilanc, 4 piods & partie d I droS llj e d (I,. dCernier Iblanc tun marque eai r to dos oarequp C. If.. sr o cuisse droit, do 13 A 14 InIll es do hlilt. lI pt.i rhelval n oir, o:ne etiln solr to front, tmeqdc sur I' eipauli drort bore df I'oieul droit, do 13i A 1 raoeilr dI hout. le.s pIprol.etres voudront bhen lesreclamer on prouilnt lears p]roprietl6s Il dr prut h 1'ncoignuro tes frsll IIm et Alnno elriation d'ici, all 2.1 sout 18.1ff anltrsmet 11 sereot venduo a l'encan par P. 5:. (;ml ottu o canlten r ipuIlin. 15 a. J l' \VIN'TER, ler lieutenant. . loltiill·tlita to t, hi i'll :i tr : fiald ialit plseRse - ' t tll i t rnrlt.rl re i, r t'h r lir', tii, f hi tire nd i rI, , It i 1 h ei I ::.u. . Il blind Lofrlr eye, a dt alsoe Ir.rrr:anriro 7r1e e Thre rrr ar' is trl,1ot rerd to come frs nrd,provree proper. i v" I V s'ir ltre , l ilal I p Iritce l nwitr r v. S 11. II. ll It, _ 'aptaIill of the W atch. o V IS. Arret6 par l Pl'oulde lo 1 SecondelMuni. Scipai lI 9 mrcurant, trouve oreto les mains dnt nrerr marror , qui a fir drs foreats dudit Mu. niripali'llu Iheval ri ye !mreO quinzo Ipaumes do hut, les deix .lll~ei dte drrIere bhttue, et morns, anal 111 e' h iarretto No. 731. po propreietyre vrnidral iprouver sa propriet6 payer let. Irmis et les reirerr. I tI It IliPFii, Capitainoe do Watch. 1 Ittl o I I:olrr t~ rte t hoorl itl hr '.r eurd,2dt Stlral' u we a I tIr.e,alllt . t l lll li.and s i -nom arks T, , it i i " lrot I itprtrnit ~till inh. call rounr d anl r1 o p a, ' r el," o rict, oore Icalsoipoaite Sr eo r d r' ,t,, ' I. r I,, I . i ..llA . I.o I a eIIII.i, 17 ·:t ...... I .................. ............ ,Ii,,, ,pub II 3.\1 1 ; I': au ' . tr,, 1,rr.r t ,er r i r'ads rniicialito sans mar, go. Io pr, prineatre voldr'ai bien lire. ter a d I rue liarronlnentr It ria s& Girod 'ei a n.wai r le 2 AOrtl, 'utr 'ment i tera vendue Ic rltt lour ] i , 1' t rtlt h rerr'trnte or tur lit n. hit. .- , ,.,.,i , : h, ,I I ,h . te , ' rdi, 1% .I,,t ha t hou- vee, 1\ n , , n,,, at ,I,,~' .t 'r, etrtrr feeoi ',I, :, , ',t "r 1r,, e,, r lr g 4) ' r iI. I1 \111 l11111rr, . t ea it htee de' latiu J do i, -" l +,: + ý ,....... . l 1' I1I '1 `" 1. I .lSIt Ll B1 I D. I . NOIOvt Ilal I' l rlI iANS n IA T s mu io p+lmp No 2) Col ~ r d Comnpa' Ir tone ac o rol I,,r _o I ooa·i+ttr it , . ý perm i. d'as. i oll ol,'n. 10.+1 7 .'lerIo. ieo t dtu Ilo ,Ve," at 11. 'll ACY1, Socrct airo. Sc' o IS lnl.:\ S1I, k' 1 . o\S- o. 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