Newspaper of True American, August 17, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated August 17, 1839 Page 4
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BUSINESS CA4DS7 N.b Mt El, 'TORiY, i1nk. 4·. Cn...nin.. on .Ifrrc4,tl, Altl Otlfic,:W.Ca a.I r h ,ner! J. P. Fitl`, MAN & '2U., u*.&..i./ £Velfhig /*IabIJskhwnr~l; No.3, Malogzineirre, t, ?I AVEY ceanamn.y on bli.d a lag.. n..rlply ofC(lth r ithe triode. nd. Teir is. rortuunt being large. mnecrhants faA. thbe co unty tan be supplied at the snhartmunti.cue. mll CI iti:AlEN 'S INSUfIA NE COMPANY OF NEW URLEAtN6. This Compavnnyr.' n00w prrm.nreol to tak. RISEN AGAINST FIRE. OH oar, Na. 24 JIusson'n luilding,, Cnnal sleptt New Or.lean., \ny 1. 1: ia. N .'ii nri . I COI' LER-ItQvu lbe ai Cl p . .0r fir mnie Ilv apt.! ~ 9 II 20, i'1I.LUXiOl,n CHAMPLIN & COOPERI, aOCEuIa ANI) ICE\ 'EllA IN I'L(1V1510N!3 N.. 79 .,!d &i Joolia ot: nr, Nr.o Orle,.... W .'ieip andll..onoily store pout p. nmug 5 FURNITURE WAREROGIW. WILLUAM It. CA\iLAE,0, wouldob remop-. tfiol~vi. firm inc li'ilnle le nudIJI I.pnblie Hutt he im I.UI Maldly receiving, from New, Yrk awl '. Inumton ood aewtmanl ufFunrilnlr., rush am IUnIlIIuglll ellaiilZ mwhal.endft,.I uap.n ando., ..,...l.ed a. IRe, 0,01 lC " rahrry bolioni., mahlologany ,..l n la..r t!.',l, I;' ol descriptiunt, liarnuu, ".ilrte, rlrclctlrnr ~lrlllu: densk, warI · l.'. totolrlne and nllerr.o n neod ·rrrule, lunkwilg gln ·Hnesm,·nil lltr? , rdeddiu,,&. . C. Nlt. Furnilture ,nuked fur trt;;nspurtntiult with greata saxs. uuvl31 Vh.$UIGNADLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & JIADL)EN, No. 14 Ch-nare s atir.aa IIAiVE a Eunsntoonnolllllr ,n1,1, artile 0. nl0 bgas lletnnn's dres., of ithe Inladtet sI., a Sw Tuork p'riers dv~e :1 Z.UANS3 LITHOGHAPHIO PRINTING Es.TA lI.lSISIM.iN', No. 53, Magazine Street, Jppnhite Hnonks' Arvadoa. II4LIkJ.l1 GREIE.V , PROPIIE TOR art BANDoK NOUTS ENWAl;It INt EAWDOIV WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON AV( E ulrn.ud an office: ill Now Or lraul.. Inare~'iiliK equarl edvsnrtygen lrtr their hllltss in Now Y'llk, A., the plrrpaee orf etlgra, ing ua.l ,.inning B unk Not . s, Runder, Hills of E,.ehangrc Cerriflea'cc of.·l~wlr C'hal ke anl rthor iny(lorlrtltgspar* rrI:rinon,. lo, agoai)nI le'glerOibO0OdP lu0000 ,o,,o loo.o1l, Oo,O osoulo,0 th rlife kenojoinog ua all (lltoo, n.d illlesrton onnvst ad to trheircua;eh;.hir .lro:i ..oun .,,oolrurethle 001,000 of aver flnlosaol,,Ielhnnk,,e ioon,.o,,aojc,,o all . .., Tr will bahe unsated nith p o,,lntpiolo,( , 0000rl 000 111: o,..11 armis. )fic, anooer of lutool & Calnll Olrrr; !a_, o BA ZAAR. iVS, & ALLEN,I, No. 1, EXCHANGE IIOTEL, l'ornr of St. -l rles and Commnon lis,. NEW OIRILEANS. . M11POILTER nand Dealers in 1'renel nid Eng-liih Perfuamrvr; I)Dressing Ca-Os mid1 I'irle ltle-h,. Cutler. lir.iry. nGloves hirts, i StockI, Li'dUrellon, C'anesend Fanev Articles. ,1 1 ENTU CIKY,1 li. i.o, nn'l ldliano Jln k ,.u\n, I ie'ah by 'l'I i-:il, may 3 74 (;raieCr st JEWI':I.ItY, ATr \Ill lqEo LF. 31. IIl17.,, No 16, COhartres ' ar, y r erivl[ a fill ussorl-tlleir of WVo-tlhier Jewelry Mions, S l e s.acIPle nd (;la \Vare, ,hey will Ibe stibr at tile Iuwust mnarket price. old I IbOYlIE & ,l.T, IrEAI.ERS IN A}MERIC.N & ENGLIShf CROWN (GLASS, Xu. 3 CoeSROeEL'.rr SrnET. - lr JOB PRINTING. OF ECVER DESCORIPTI.N, WELEDILY, IIANDSOIELY AND CIIEAI'LY i :XI.; T:D'I D AT THE OPPICE OF THE True aJrnericaa, NT. CHIAtrLES STREE'T, NEAR POYDR.\S. m23 .AP:Rl- i r, mid tee opm fle ole b 1 all i .. &'l \ N, 9ll iagaTi e -t srheetings uni :5 hals daloiroll l in I; 4-I trlow .hllthig,, Ilnding firmu ship Chatrlestnf, itr sole hby alDls II I NIr1E & h, )AC! N--o CoJ!, tHain'. 0 dlS..Sii, and 15 do. July 2d. J. TII.OYEK & Co. '1 Poedrns St. SO,18ARD & CO'S Boston and N.'ew Orleans • Li c of Packet S!hiys.-fThls n.w line of ships has been expressly built to run between the ,nbove ports, and will be found of suitable draft of water: accommolldations for passnngers, and every ctort will be made to give general sati action, IlThe line is composed of tho fu lowing ships: Cherokeo. 415 tons Capt. J Ilarding, Carolina, 40011 do S Linmia, Charleston, 371 do D 1 ldridgr, Columbiana, 695 do G Barker, Seaman, 240 do J Howes, Bombay, 625 do D llumplrey. The above ships are all onew, of tihe firt lass, copper fastened and copperod, commanded by men of great experience, have large accomniondations, with a separate ladies cabin; every attention will be paid to paosningers, and the very test of stores pro Tided Ior them. The packets will be towed up and down tile Mis sissippl, and the strictest plnnctuli y obseerved in the time of sailing, and should the regi,lar vessels be detained in arriving, other ships equally as good will in all cases be substituled. A share of patron age is solicited, and til agents pledge themselves to aceommnlodate as rnuch us pratelicable, to receive and forward goods by a id line at thle most model:r. ate charges, and to advance all e.penis on goods shipped, if required. The ships will leave thle lot and 16th of every month. For freight or passage, ap ly to the agents. J A MFIIIRI'IT, 82 Connllon st. N. B. Advancements nmde on consignme..ts It Messre. A. C. Lombard & Co. nov9T LRON It S-T e suTscribT e is hav n pWocure, at a great exl. nse, the right of palling on irll roofs in this city. They are ndnpted to p;ul he buildings, warehouses, and 1ironate dwellin s,anI combine at once clenlpness and dirabilhly, andl are perfoctly fire and waler proof. T'rnls lls n be known, atuy a model seen at our estblishlllent, opposite St. .lMary's siirkte, Tchaprinuls sp. Oct2 E It IrN.iWElI, A lv l1-4:Xll iNLG1 i0i [bill, itiii. .i ,-i , 1 I by . l . l ,' W III' lA.I., Dumain land di P50,lil, ke nIItPllll , liii - i an i xtensiva a. rt'netll ,[bom. ntsll a brlo,~n , l shbleqo, New Y ork ian Ina el li', I, r l. 'c. . , , i s rnd cnildren of nal ao ', whl.ii ie ,ill di p,:e al at very nmodelate priers. Falmilies o is io q dinloance on sernlini an rle. will haveeIleir wishes attendl d ,iI L ., ;i 11I1 IA 'll '1: 1. 1li--- bblv, 15 . f I. ,elh ; Ut1 •R - '4I0n k-ieg, lii" * n1111 ,l~; .5 English in-.35 1-4 blls. 1i0 " 100 I'iut Ilrvntiho, vari uns sizes; I cbo, VCorii lliih; 5 hblrl (',ruh 'l 'oa, oiah; 2 i Jaorn I " Clonhl 211 packs Gold Lenf; 50 do nilver lo; 10i) do luitch 11eti I. WINIIU'lV GI..0S. Am.,erican, Ei glish Inld Preiuh 1Mtl1 boaxe, var-oas sioies and rliulitiis. Blont roI, eni do.-S.U bluoxe, conliignllient, rill be olI low. Also, a rgeeral assortmlent of antiqi' inlours ai d ele, for eale by A O\V SCA.I I No li(i alIutrllt. N R. Alabama notes taken al p r, and Mlisainsrlpi slote.s '!. received i Iller cenllt diseollunl r fo ods, rin u a it t-ofldelts. ij I lw FTiE Genuine Iir ndani Salalnuof l.ierw\ t tandl l v-e .. hoound, is put up in bottles at thel low price of 3511 ;enla aluch, conelainill he trlenlgth of thlree oiuin of Liverwort, resi nles i0 irtlll.s il uiny other rlllt nd1 berbe kllnown aol x ltheIn Indians ans rlieacioon in curing pultuuoary ermirdluintl. Th t , rivulled suieeas whli h has attoRrlenl the ýnse io this inesItamlde Illudnm ihcrever it [bns beeon ainr dleedn. hasl obtinuid tihe enrlillenlce nlld recunoclluda lion of 'respectable hlyvicians, for the rune of cul.s, oblds, pai in the sid', wanut of rest, spitting of blouol, liver corrploint, a . To whom ia von eImRiern. Tfhis is to earli ir thalt we have in sur prnueice freuetiilyl prercribeld ifrs (;arnl ner's Indian llalsmuil oLinerwori a d Ill rhilin1, i i th adc ideed°oId elee t: we cae n ith,,refore, fromii te knoi lerll of the materials it is inade fromn, alnd ci:e, v.tnon mad x or ienaee ,reeoe l r inend it .s a urllp ri pt'] r atitn .,. e .o.lseti.n. of tillne Itgs tr iiliich it i re monsnde'. A.II1' lWIl' I ol S, M. D. CAl.VIN EI.I.IS 1. I . Memlbe, of lih Boston Medical A.sscitin.,. Orr:lubr `'2. sale by'lIS & ANI)RE\h S, r \I i. b 'S lii i innt io.iu t lme-ti dl.W i Salerl by HEII 11UOi;\I"', U;tt\ll\N .l (.( nsav 3,"t COAi= - in ao . ;.-. Cciln gave y hand a arge isupply of Ca.IioIl aod Liveri. cwi, in brlk. of superi.r, lhih th lit oilr I,r ,,l, in lo .se Io srit puirlhisi Is. Also, eIr ),Ild hy tie 'ire fromn C. 1 toll and tise :tirnth, Curh.l "I, L, high anlld P'yyl Mountai Countl, hrOktn aind screeneld, put iii ii bl". hraxleta;ir,.h flr - la ly us -a I of wl c i p w ill d l' " ,1 a i thlil l 1i te i a , hm t ,I rl I . ,ir lets I." , 'r i 1- ',', N0 N .. ii." 1 ' p erlirr e, . ii l ilmiu lv a,, o l , -nI , ..I0 ". & .. Su LIR. ]EN:\Y GOOI)d--Simmon Iat & o tir. uw're I oin ein, "rior on obr gird ships u Yazuon, t d S:hntogn a rad Lbig: Cdncodias fiul New Yolrk, a gre at'i.v' oind guotls in tIl ir linle, rhich together waith thir n limet tuck on h1:,luud, ttakCo lih' assortlt~ very :' 0 lete. I'he tolluwiitý cuinpooe a p rt, viz: ; :ll w iit, a.,., rA`,h iuck and dri sin, i s, li*horn ndo ofil dcncrnliiuut In tin ruibber silk li' d - ortd e lastic .ai l's, i :Ullllltlll fine elastic sus eisd,.r,,I ]tnca fi)(O notd l.ucifi'r mntches, pocket book, l tld. nalleit, Ienill biookI, e ll, peartl, violvlnl arl mrioc aid ealcrs end ranion iuclt' dainu rul benadtins kl tl ii(- n lig'ee, eand w'nd is, boUd aecklales nc, i las it ili, .pnnei,ed ilr aid i ilhil ads llndin beads, bell, nlmdl olus- pistoi l aod nrlent Iow ier hinksslhot bla, lIi hii, Iel. packet rand ilimiliig .itula;. double uolsi:mtgle binrelled ,.un-, Bowie knhkm s, and dirks. mcinIm,r slarne inmUelet kaian:,, guard ni hall mndlibbonll , wn ist bn: kl s, cloth, i r Iii tool, nail oaid b, crullbll bs.hoepem, dnt, nsd dnlmtal birhhl Cni auhlll·, nlori. ,,nai ni ..., ...e an dh ll i , rll...1 , ...o ..s, sadex Trati , m ., assn ial n iantli ' al d tn',in ' - getale hair oils sh vi andi toilet sils of'nall des riptioll s ' d,lanin ,d, ii iii atle, liiI lni' dekt iiand i nai ,lilk Asih, r hir e r ih ,dr t i e. sild in ' ox, p d lt d, t v tt'sts , p earl and ivory shirt do, shito dd ldI and oil, ,t- ettil r.1se, ta oth o t lbs mad tweeors, plahted thiimbles, books aait11 , Ce . hair pins, ulitathmu t'uit, fkll tand redink, sloe blaslSine, iolitr uad sr mit r,rihbed a and hlain In'rncunsson caop, lile t ho'aen't cn:h S ien e, guld :l sl 'n, I allan d frnlnge, Ittnr Ie:er, t mle lj O re oli r id at c ile h aeine or retail s acc ot datimg leranl. N ls Shell comarn renairldl I OYL & c Al, Iluu,,, ind tiriniiimm.,a Painter, No w Caruot hele rt.sut, two doors l'ren II t, ] tu:II.II C. niUlotos oa f m he failowign w odm :nndl nl.blos,. I ecuted i al ina dastaelnll ia in aid ni ln II w an ts11 "1 op A|It l Lt . .Mahogany, Eg'i ,iian hlick nwl gol, Oak, (;i:lh a nd A: tismo litard to, Olriental or vnra:l sll i lue, huc rld dio, . aseal IIr,'l Ciir ,lOllm VOo, Moe. S Ol Le inil i iiye ie Dal) (trtlutite. SIll nlWood l Dove or Bordello, Yew 'Tiree, lu dimil White, Ct. omalll'Oldltltl ll lleor \YIk SiE:lilu nd tIhoetellal (.I iMs \Vnmod, i ai ri vn mm enr' , Ash White Oak, kc. S sc. min(end lElan, 'dSpe ine S to b i alm it the shop. m'aiut aiils, . glas ', copal aarnis kc. on 1 at; d tail or alfe. A I'ON, ST'EEI.&i IIn+mlmVY (tOl ) -1-' lht, siil.ii'c Sentl bmun , ell itnn asrten.a lihomp, Slcmll an od iron, Inail raodsi lain ,hnii st, G rmll l "ll hall l h a, b lct; e r vd, sprl i hg sh ee t : ld ig Hollow ose, cut and wrought nails slu spikes AZinic, bok till, mill and rlum stin, nsalt knnttc i Ox, log .i d trlulll (ai ciahil r m lliamsr l I nfl a nl 'v ,l ,i I ,m, ,, kst.s su os jnl t l bellows I Cdtadaiml, conking stoves lrr'd footl .Mailla in Ca Id ililtlnan tami, I,.LAY t_)N' k Co. 53_01.1 Ievee... HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. t19 C( l street. \Vholesule Dialer in Paints, oil, Varniche+, Brushes, v ILnon \l.'iu;l'\ aId P cire Rih.s &co. Ac. , -ir O A F : 'U ; ll -- v a r i ( ,u s q u alI I L il l c e , t I's b n n l y it) -- J .turn lond. f r rode by NIIAI.l , . Itli )%%'N ,, t ROESIN SON k" GOOD JPIxV', No. ON, CM hlrtn IStret, i1VE: tns'taly o hatnd vert trticle alpert iu ner and most It-hionable t;le, ,hich they utfer fIo cush. at :edun I pricets. der !--l836 IF XNEc'N A NEV article tirl)er.ons troubled with deafess, (called the Inur 'Trumpert,) has jllust Ibell received, by the lise 'f %, hich, thi, tlight startir ultihn (Itf the ill mann lvoice is distllm iv f:i-n ertd ito lhe vlr. .%i)% orl: irrl on, 11 D;I 1e fclIiy sa-lll.ihl I) oho Ilil tyl1t Iland emtl tlrl+:c m ent h ead lll l i'1.X h l l) IIv tt n- tr adl l I II, itl dividllali so Illlli'ltlllllulunl t Ill eit:lett. 1ly lh. Ilia i1"f1 I , Ear ' ITrumpet t1 .e ljl tion is eltirely ni ' ,". nar 1 scept ii cal 1.t1· Iilli V a, a llldrll t'd that, hllll il ' lli '1 TI GIt 10'. I H r h. + Let: , Io gIn linttel. I't' 13 RB.I1 Jl,0 Tl 111 .I TI::TI. S131 ":1I)\d.1 1+ u t'd is drrputtion a ndll lidIn Il :lrr i : ";l , don illl ,l[i "n hi . *Ilt tlullll rl lltllv Re f l ilnrI, nulld p'la / lservlllaie of the lth, fllA. i t nducedl r SNt i 'i lllri lofllr it Il the A ltrrinn pu llli. l 'rrall l.IIlttllt hiv I ten owl t ll) suFEy ll'.&ts i all IN i A ril. i d t Ie IHlle %ea , a it t!e [ , n to pulac t it ilhi I 11t1 rll iii tlm'e i llll l i alF n it th i dlli l e il. thi iti l[' r hIen Lra. rll ed aIt c rdin l o ,dicci s T gig i l ll n CIl trle t ha t ntte r falt itttl ttt ' iced h itctditaltltti I a nll r I ri s Cf. It m tl r r nt the. ~ lJna i. l fIt, ltlS v it't rt ,a ilti O tha lt arde a ,i. , \ aittlsltl titt grllll)t raId.ers at ntot itooth s'irhis Tile apl lr.mtt iniand Tinlandy ind ioracteat', nou navery denarltti na It nnil a s i ll tr rlilas the , til v tl e a d i rlllll in ally ill l h l o( s yic t limnv o it mnlr 5 ('car C cIonIuIm and 'T' 'llll lLm I "I * T . . 1 L al ti ttOr t der d i ,rt il l , h pli t i7 . l. l Itlllt'\ I, til.tI,.zi l, 0-- :L 1 )El) i,1"bT h PI 'P.-l'1.-Jt -.t e'.cird a few Ila cases ll fblue alnd while'lhled llettePr Paper snoe v .rv ilute pri.ed, , I'r lr ltlde bII . IttVID) FEL'L' &. C. N'V S\V thm·, nrrdllai, tllIi t 1 I r 1 itlltlul rr st JARVIS &z AN1D r1 S, WHIOI.Ee..tIE AND RETIAl. IIIL..ERS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS D'I STUI ;I"FS.JV) II',VDOI" I' SS, olG rnler of Col mrn all d T.;hOnpllllitulas strC'eets, NATiIAN JARVIS. JO I N WV..\NI II": l \S. A large upply o Ganrden Seed . arrulnted the grot thi SNI)RIEW -MI'TII& CO., respectfiully inforu their friends and the public in .enrAl, that a ithey occupy the new brick shop, 219 Tchouplitoulus street, whore they keep constantly on hand Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron Ware, of every description, ach ,as copper stills, kbtiles, and p aps, till bath. ing tu s, nul oil cans, of all rls a t( itz s, o;ld Ili other bras e.stin donl e Iat. holrt tllltntio. Grtli hell s of i very de eription, sl ch us sta.ll . biat ltir ps, hog chains, se.l '. ltIlll , aiill I t th I r kind fI t'llel lhnlt l'work, such as chimnllleys, brc ch. jey til oieso !o al! hinds of out d,'i r wtrh, euch it- zth e, eopper and tin raliong and gutterigt;, It &c. They ahtove l at'll other hl nda iot ',',ot1 their line tof Luaiuns, they will execute iat the shorlict i tlice i d, It I 7 12 - - \ I'.\Y il-li il'l't i Itl ) 'l1 .l., inH e th I"e-rl.', . la i ts. ?rll ~ LL\ li well 1Iwin iirin l \ 31r lt. IJ ; hhn r 1 he)o t Ii, 'fit:ll tllt hltt, .tl i It*l hllr:, vit ll ul siderlnlll) il) U tlled Ill nilt h ill liltioni h II - I 1, to ,i drei the -l co r1 mn. . r, abile ,roill -h elel nit r r. " h, re i rt li(i lire ioonl- " tl t1 | ii s,a d n 1 it,1i, llut hlol.krs hr -,gev br e me ihminwis Finlle "u1 e,;it le r cotlillion patlrs, a 5 I rx ,i io ns.1 Ih l, ill!e . h lN' Ln wh p l rch e iwih ic ill t lll 1dil'h ly i lll ll 11 'f tl 1'hhl is I, al hych,' in -' r l b nunutnl i-h..'l, 1l1 Ire lhll II st u f. ~ I ea it.s slit, anlOn; .W l , h Itr- ti.(':i hlllt I as , si, b il ndzl ,io I 1 -1.n M , a id 'het Ir h alod a' n s. ed .\ ,. itr Ie a T. . 1111 It Le tilo L t ,n r of i e I ' d' chantt i'o , tell, . iN.') a 1.1h tt ill rerml lte~lolilh al.* Itlll= l lo c lR)ONNI": 1. .lr\V.VI't'E;:I' tIA ', wh i J hne nl inrhard Io hu,'], is, I r ' k': s 'h .\,rih h I 1..v i ,' -l p h r Irl 'ry of l i ro t o n-it g in The a ic r tad sr Ir It a1 rteSer Id . Irie Ultrll |1,;11) i- ,fIIlithrpl'.lt roscIut,:l·. ,IIIIsI.IOI I" lly in e dI't+.1 t , alfl n inl sl rmine r t i;h an+] sr, pI Nah h I' bc h uanh bae notlcing, to ,Ini.ce in nh.aIrd to ihr. 'l'h". l r a.,id prlof'h-se l re u i , ll. are r .-lp t ir Iluty hoire' to call mid x, minelil l,! -clsl Iiighllt it i thillahO R irAT! Jlrl-l- P. it ii h iiov refri-tralor-, puma ,' i oh, 1l l gilh n water jar-; "-. 'i .1i; ; ,ht i. ..,,,,It ior: nair hv -)Ilt iit,-Ti-: ,i.)-i bbl.. tlai. f.n , ni,-anboa: I. S loil.h. F", s c d I.y .. Tell I-lt, may 2:I "2 (i 1, I': t jrne 7 I I `, w hePt'r' S NOVEI. in 2 'ols I y IInrh it :i, hlrltien 2B 11. i e Ife r eirche , curln riti ls in iii'h> n " li y ro" the rcl1'u elor, t.' r irs ws ,f ihe , l m,i i, ,. t. , it i, >ili , , f T r*",eil' Tr"l' - is I gtpt r . ' a:n'h '.\,e \\' \nl,,1; lh iII-,, u1 Itnli h ,1; amp i Totic & Baltimore Packets ' NEW ORLEANS AND IllALTIMORE LIN1 OF l:-P I'P.:CKETS. re, This line will crosiot of the following vessels, I lwhich havei bIeen built or purchlased expressly flr i tx tire trade, viz: , n Ship Seaman, Copt. Mner, Iis DBark Mary, ' Nickerson,, i1 SIrad cerry, new Steveins, ,A . 1oh Son 1 altus, - l,athalr , l lhi- Arclotect, o * Geray" ai 'Thlcs, versc!s are ofthro first class, lhave and- ino come turnieldro: c icrnrohltiolns, and are o at lightr 1' draft of water, so as to ildit of their receiving andl no discharging their cr.rgoms in Ilaltimotre, at thie city. of rFre!ight will be taken for ports on the Clheisopeake I d or .IJames' River, dill lorwarded Iby the aCgents, I .\Icsre. CL\ARKi & KII/ELLttGG, at Ballimore:; rxpoinses oni goods shippedt will be advan-.t d whren I Irequiredl. T'lie prlice of pnassge is fixed .t $60, cl alloe storea of the b st qluality will be previded. I ite.L up and down the Mtoississippi will be taken onil all occalshio s. For freight or passageo, apply to i GEO. 11EI.E'ORD1, U nov'7 22 Hielnvile st. to FOR NiW YORK.l [Lmiisiana and N-w York Line of Packets ] '1 1Il Ships this line willsail fron Nea Orleans and New York on every otlher lon rny-r-nruu-ocien oil the 20th Nuovrlmbr--and to insure the punctuality in thie ime osailling, the line w ill ]lerralt r consirr t of five shilps, vie: Ship Yizon, Calptain Trask, to leave on tire 20th .November. Ship Loutisv!ih!r, iptrui Puloerr, to leave on the lith December.l Ship lulntville, Captain Elridge, to leave on the ]tll Dccctolbr. Shipr Vriiebir, Ca ptlin Woodhouse, to leave on tilre tI Jnularyir Shiip Mlsisippi, Capltai Davis, th leave on tire Thro .oie arre all 0.0v, of Iho first class, copper d: o nuiLcopper I:ieneid, :.nld uwards of 500 tons burtlh, are of light draught of watr, being built in New York cxrslsly l;ir le the trade. Tile prie of pasae is eixued at 1rl0 dollars: tlheir cabins are i11ttd up in tihe most inprorved and convenient a plau, anid fiilshid in a i neat and elroant style Ampeii stori s of the first quality will bo provided, b r and cv-ry regald paid to the comfort and entire satisfaction o pae:rnrgrrs, rowh will please take no. lice tllat no berth curt be secured until paid for at the ollce of the colnetsines. l't'h:re versels ore colntilded by aenptains well xperieced ill theil trade, who will give every at lenlion and i xert tlllemslrves to acounnlmdate. 'Ther will at all irIr s be lto\ir up and dorwn tie MIiisa- p hopi by stealuboats, : nd thire strictest punctuality i obsecrvcd in tihe tim of sailinlg. Thel ow errs of thsi trlue s will not be rersponsi. ble tr any letter, ilparellor package, sent bIy or put on board of' tihemo, unless a regular bill of lading be sigouoti therfcor, at the counting house of the agenlt or owlors. For funrthlier particulars apply to J 1) IBEIN & A COIIEN, nove7 90 Conlnon st ORLE.\ & C AltiSTON.\ti. PACKlET I ' Thi line consists o, f lour vesel, all il 111.1 first cleas, ropperPd and coppter hast. el.e , aint of ibouit LO t(re8 Iurithen, ii with h , nslr acl ncollnodatiols Ifor passunger s. S liThr r v sls i re orinllllrildPrd by cOptaiens iel S lxpt ri nt ed ill th tralde, who will give every at tClll , lln i, xa t II Iliu "'lI·v's to accetll olllldar Ihl = ishiplper. '1 her will to ed up and d,-win the - lsrisrilr1', anti leavre New Orleans iin or before I thc IIII iil d lJl f rv(rv imonith. The folloawiurr, i I v nesi-s rorrl the lin, viz :i o lh-,n Arahian,C(lhilhs (: rhon, imaster. ] Ig (C lllplnanl J.. 1 'I'Thompsun, inaster. lig AIr hnco, lJ. Dlare, nistler. Bark IR ,, r ii ilihaon ,.i . llibero mas'er. F r Irigit orI- ai e, ni pv I J. ,1 . 1 IAR I ,I & C, l (,lnt)no se. NoitsL Oilcans, or .t1. C t ,l ird, (:aI. Clin:l stii . errl I "' IIt~s 1. I'J'I'S'i' IA I'fI:R.- Y iI, ClIOOI.)IO.l I'1", hura 'l'lieu il I ii "2 , tt. ili l t' a1:i oirtllru' t al ,,ri¢ In'i irra ",o i v l in lt , rlppr, '. tirhe 'lliri ai'urily h Ilr t , ti ih n rrlr t, :hip r Iglolll ; Iirlrr, I tririrl i nii Mn rri:ig c or I S te : uI dv I:l Ji) n ; The llt llei n' t !/ Jt t II N 1h Co. Silirr leo&Ooooorai S i' II \'r I UAN hO')S'liTi-f-rrle byr Iv -I to r_: I ItlillliE- , 131t..l1l ien .t tUSTl'I'ON & ASPINALL'S S O'311'OUNDI TONIC M1X'I'UII.--A speodlv ! anlltl ctin cure for tiro FvoCr and Aguo, remittent and inltrlilttent lfve,;}riepared frolu the original reciper . Ulped wih emniuent aldl unlli versal o lsuccess i 1532, by perls.ns of the highelist uo rlopctability iu thiti city, as stated in the annexed s certifirates. This ricdicine is highly roroimnncuded, and has been r xtrn:.ive!y used in the above disess wil0h isuch distiuguisheo d success, thlat the proprietor of 1l the recipe hao s been indced Io oiler it to the plll-. lie in its presont fort, in thte oIope tat it trny ,e a the i iani of rehevliing mlany of tirose who ar bIl cutf.liug under the scourge of our rounitry. It is u Incotuirlne possessing great virtue, and when usIled according to the directions has never fluled of tIlitcting a curoe, even i tilhe mIlst obstinate stage of the disorder. It is not at all disagreeable, and p Ier' s of thl weakesr stosltach, and children may Itak it with impunity. It strengthens the digestive orrga-s, creates an ippctite, and seldorm requires elore tlhaln one, or in obstinate eases, two bottles to iffect a cure. There is neither rnercury nor h ars-rnic in the medicine, nor any thing injurious -.s to te hman lllll onstitulion. lThe proprietors are 00so wIll convinced of its elieancy, thaot they argree or to refund the price of every bottle which lihas been tanra in unecurdane" with the directions and ihas not llt:cotd a a perfict cure of thire fever & gue. ot A. OLIVER, sole agent for Now Orleans, at his wholosa le and retail drug and medicine store, cer ner of LDinvilvle and Chartres streets. For Diltrit Agencies apply,! to jr5 T. W. S.M'ITII, 48 Conti rt. -L'ENS.C)OLA MIANSION HOUSE NEW CITY, PENu.\COI-.. Ti lll" lbs rihlerlvil pur h aed the ioII I i nd fuir 1 ituredi :his well known astblu ishnnent, loaln .1r IT:, haI', 1 Ih lilte I~rftij iIr i will be ready to re.t ive i " I, Il i th e I t tf A\pril Ilext N mel;lrllus and rously inllll:.lcv lentl will be folund ill lthle rallllu llllents of llie lllnsion Hlolle. New allll maic connod 1011 hathin" Ihu 1 ' will lIe huilh, anI war:,, h llh- will Ise pro lcId at til hours. .A slhhe ail: b1t .It h,' tl t h ,llhe llll. i, with f dIIIcenInI11dR tin:,lll(t h "ll-P tlll rileiilln . Ii is ratei ho'es and S"ll lll "ill l .l L kI t tep 'thrt hire at n tlllerate plrice , . jilt he wI d b lunan 8 i ll tIaIr | i, 1 r' it v t' -.1' .1, 1 ti lla tr dl· 't ler l tiit l \ is e I +;::! "ll r evi i rlll ll: Ili u ll 1"u hi ' I I ll.. t dr ll:, l e v' lor h.ll n :r I t tIl i- tti 'r e w eit t lhe - IIItll' knu n td'p nllletii ' ]Lh. I'l-. rh.n d llTltiilliU h rIO.11a hill h I" l I t 1 - ii , t tI I re Iiulll s pti ll ' of t inc , i~,~l nu I r i 1t hI t r. l t h IC ftl ine l tll lilt'tI-l ll* itll " i rit i 5l'.r d,,' k Ii .:r . ni; n h t fvini n. ld l, .=n) pof plll ,; l ;.t.I at (l5',·lt+ '. !altlu l 1wa t \ ,w ll o alcI t i II . el oirri lt Sil tl iie tll I, 1() rket , %il llt il, Ip'enrlt tI Y E .-a re S Ue t , l i i tI lot e a it fl'ill lu riti 1, l. at I' ( ntl oei I rtut il t l ili e i:: i ri. fr t!5i he l nl 'al ,ad vii t;_.1 (1 " Ih r l lll l TsIo Ire 11n(1 ( 1 tI*I SIll , l , o I '," I hl. L'n t i' lld ( c- rilit h r s. TIlt lKi 1, it ,l lb 1. hIv ;I I IIT ITalr.:-l ilP ll )taliqln Iotl1 S( l iv, r ,'ll; I .hr ; l r1lln l . lta o l'lni athll's r S ; ilt. rt, a .tN'c iand detlic -y f rhe " 1 i tt I te |U nw ellt . ,lrnld '1lllt ". I1I lt l illtn itl. . r hI Ic, ll " te I l:nv Ies ill NluLn e h rituit ., 1 uII hl e, lllll , ill ,,l ti; hlll e i l.ule t uke th pn I -r. I hll g"rn I~~~~~l'(l~ aNll IR AltN ,IIa i.1). Ti hei-·I 1', I 7al'l(nnt ll l u L lti, o h vesn r .il ns l' r hPlen I'n tili .'% 4I 1 hIn l- f th i l· u prll illllo r. ill I'gn. e .l n, jUtit 115 .' ,Iwie 1'a, hr, thn e Iirt.,r prplo rivlo r, 1t ten Or, R, 1-, n'tr. 1' u<--l.\l ti , 11, 1 ac, to r'e,,ive I rolll lll nl,, n unin lls f a t',r . - i Ih r1. , h I14,1{I, i=ne all*d at (lio \to'lhill all oil t wi('l llc I . illla I'1r 11a i O r l lu rl e ei Il , ll'et lll> l , 2 -L r,! -h , rI hr i I I r 1,11,."-,i Ill IIakepa.I 5 r.I I fZ roii , t,£ Ii " ~f thi= o- ri,,r C(,lu lle water, )atls r, i, e ,l ;:,l >tl' hv the ,hzlc or -iL L.,ttll l.+.- .p It. Royal Coli ' e of Phylscats, LIoudon. /1i'1h oyiginal Vegetauhk II geimo Univet orsaud -i tI eine, poep'red Iy \V lskln, Es. Ml(ember ofii it, Ioval College of" Surgeons," Licentiate of AputhLo Gary's ompnoot, Iullow tlof IBolt Court Society, Surgeont f to ihe Iloytd Union Pension Asociatiol, L.anueaskrt. Place, W tcrlnoo Brideg, otdt Perpetual Pupil of Guy' and St. 'T'luhouts's I lospiitals, I.ondon. I This valuabltle medicine, the result of 1wenty yters' i exeltit:ee otl out:lottlitlc succres in the extensive ,:nrd h'ghhc rrsilleta:lb|r prlatiuee of0th the plority, 1optdro i biyetl Il) " the |it cn h anid nobi ility, ndua is nu s inlltro( u edtl to tle lotice of Ito Americalln tllic, at the e:umest so licitl:ltion .a. nmllllrllel of(t entlmCen of lon- aand high standli:: in the profession. It is hotted, as a pltcini- I Ila tor Stel, to soteo.k the evils and tl1tl couseqluences arising from the use of the numerous :ad deleterious noslttlhs ftoistedl 1.t tthe public it the aid of fabriclted i pro0ll mirctlltotttrte, and i' 1111otller uitlltls, byo set of t'oerenlutr, tnprillcltlet pretenders, so totally igntor:lllt ot of ldical science, that it inpoisible tie the monstrous dlelusitn call out longer go down with the inttlligenlt itople oflthis coutltr. Tlhese pills, mihlt and agreeable in their nature, shoild e kept in every fanoily int cases (fsulteu illness, for, hy their prnnpt nlmiiivtration, cholerla, cramps, spaosms, fe'* rs anld other alarming conplaiuty, which Itr otien provu li'tal, otty te spedi 1. eAodlllc o y le lAte . Il fapto, allt se who volo le lod Iot.hh, s. ocltld leilt be lhout themy . They o st e sol l |ltotket's tI, 51I enlt 1 a,$y ud e$ch, ,byeey otresut e tGelrl AIi'ggit, bhtysllel, allll vt'mdol'oe" nmcolicille int iot Uiouhed St ats t o (I ho t'a:tass ill enptins (I ltn eliotlsi tnget].mu t n+il e. ttto<3tials l" n-ott ssiomud :abilty fr'nd t te l lt, w it,, e. in't 1 1lenilt: Si, Asthey coole, ,i AeNtlh. IItlEIN a lI ' \l,. l)., lc , o . t.k , Geuu6l Agent, b ,hou li. m thei lene is impaetes, c.o S For "dle It O ti.nt lle ltt of " tihe Nriginal tproii itt ue. hy 5wanx u li'lnarrl., 1)r<3g i-ts, No 11 Canll ,treet, ltll lor l lt l Stltllthe tf itLouisiulls. jlt vs EII uRIIY It LI' & co, No J \ltt1azlte stLeetrtre c r.nw receiving from shijpt Nashville, Louisville, iKentutcky, Englet:1 othe late arrivals ttrao :h c ttetll.itrn citlis, larlge: nl new selosteltl assortlent IIti., Itoots, Shloes and Blros;Iuss n colsiti. of gt'elloletlln's file e:llf l11d M.loeoeo bools Io 2.9dl qulity; do buttf'd, aott stout wax peggted hoots t leiolluslit.oities; men's till call' seal :and I1 IorIoet lha" lpltnl :andI blrogans:l, lluckskin shoes, hlrog llls all slltppelas: men's line calf nllll kippled pel.ggell lhoesallllll rI reaots; do bouts; do stout kip tld wax peggedl shoes i a llt s rus; genlttliemen's best ioldity ctalf sew'ei slloes, It lq'O:1llls aI Jack I)owVtitgs; ito calf oulll .Morocco Si" ockle soesos ndhroguls; do c:llt, seal and3 Morocco: e I ulilan slu(s atl sli tippets, to calf, hull al seait wllligs, it 0l1ewltarticle; do fine Eatlf, w:.1 nd mtorocoqn qi rtet Itos; Ioys', misses'lltl clliltlrell's pegged anld sawedl , ht ogos, andLl sllhoes Iof 'every quality all kill. e Also a general sslort enlltlll of enll's sltll wax nd .tlt II'ro.alt shoot e, together wilth 1011,1)0 pai .s it 1gro0 Ist quality, rtssett bronlls, nile in tIIhe I, lks, 1atde expressly for plantattion usel a giood us. lll etnt of all's tioe and stout kip russettl br."tss, a Sw artic'', ind arge quantityl) of all inferior qulalitl Ir sset and wax lbr.)as. L Laies' linle calf, se:t, mnorcco notl grain alolts, ndtl a pimp sole shoes; do fine Fre,.h 1'(rocco and. kid ran y .llllll siS te.tsi; do roalli shoes, withl and without I eels; Scall', seto and stot t lll eer oi' ootsi ito I'irnella shoe, i. I ldl kilndls atoln ialties; iido lasting broganslll; t~ t il iter-' so iot olb loed bootuees. .Mises' lastinlg springl s1oitsano lo ,ga<ns. Clhildren's ctlonred .ilolreco anll nlasting bro e is uno1d booos, ke.i S eolntlemnleoi's itl'hionlttc bhlack silk Ihts;I o black O ,n Idrab beanve do ,I a superiorn qualiy; do iniilation i Iso R eio; lload id llllI 1ow blril 'lels tlin dci :u tll st l: ,ak l'.tussiatlort uppeud hats, a new article. Yioths' a ;:,e size hats to diltlrenl qttualitieo; do chilren's. .1Iii's and bc)'s blaclk ollld drb woo hats of various tu ples, with gener:t assortment of boys' aInd mlen's t tal caps. ' 'Ills assollitenlll will be replenish,+.d |) the arrival of tIh I|I pcketstl'1nl the n.alle Iunalld c;tict, all of which sill le sold on aloolnhtiilnaill t l termst. 'l I-It NO MIERCUIRY NOR COPAIVA r A O . T six 1nl~lm e of I ldd tlllhe Iniotllrtue to I-tl re a secret disease, fir t hich I have alppllied to Yese rnll idlelor.i ; Iilr it cllet, nodell ylh dill iitcu Ctllle iiit , a3 inIo , tit1 the albou d!tet I pit lly ll uT iler tllati I of Ito-)tor Ilet, ola l I e lxpr. t hilll tlo ,tre ihe. io le t llt tiel the dli-:l.H e 1 ga Iv r-r, ;t as to bhIlllk IIut ill h1.110 Iolctl'. to ilhe numberlllllll' of ix Ior eihl on ea leg, andi all over lly fnac, nlltld ore tlhroi , und 1 n lt Ibl,- 1to work .l 11 Ie pre olel tlll Ii i I ii ll·t.Olllll f Ille Ili ilttla ,; larg e olrrr 011 the IightIi t ill ii lIe lthrllal. I all o I 3i ti ve]l oei lloilotr tly iuullltrr tltl llle ui' I Jr. luheti,,I 'tlll it . to obe tutirtll cureId JOIIN DEAN. fotlI.y 1)O C E RI T I F Y h 1o tlt he o.tje m olto t ,noI n lbh.ed iH , is t L i uite w le.l enre el 1 o sIlli'l.,('tlm, fhlrl hich I t tthu k fir. Ilnet; InsI IrII4IPIII.'IM' [ i(mlll'e llutt tht ' llt'd+ lue l t t1ttknct 'oc e Ilo e it, l,oo' : .ho, not illj re iIi1n ne.alth t toll ; theretrlle I ldf ist , ianm fli',lw+ +s llit r rs i' lose Ilo till u lld ipply to III A. lilne, I:I (I lllill lree', bleltw le n l) Inp nhIt l lo)llithou B em h 'ieI L. Ilr. j' Hlu't is at ohonoe rtpIl 11 o',"I . tl c , .\ lt1, until I P 31. t |'h y ; lc .w i n l dll it 'n t ,h u r lh'r thi .+ pillhro .ll : U nf U l \l I II.l\IF Nt Ii I olriot'ir r t1 j I. i i " , tI l le iI NI, ITI ti o T- i II stoag • it e o l .l are s Ilc ll o f No Io I:rs,. w n. " thin , h/ o ('li 1 -o i i 1{" N. n- enti ll', iJ 1 it' t so l Lo I " ll tilll .ll t : lll -O oIn lu Jllil / th e ltiin., i s I r'Hil m' ei-ih no 1i-',l ti " of rd eott0ti ;ttltilo-tt, cict a ct.-d .0, io e ogo, ito, 'oo It, - verl , t o give m c mlhit , h i s ieh . tot tibe oftt Il nlIo Itnts tlor + It n ItittaicI toh:, itist t he lln i-c ,Ab'l lm,'tc'it l c lloe l-t oi t h,, w h is I e+ooi t eino it- i It Il'le Ien, li i til-ti one it tiet a k Ine it t h lctit (ie ll i r thairit Ieti . s, p r d ..... .m t 'h it e o t t le s lates o te - ls than Size toI mes- -om n I hittc itl te t vi'et t r ticalle .i illl l nd i i o r , rll anatl ll of thil s (tll d ahl ire i t lltlht hi , it ttie t olok'ie n e' t lto ollr i llow i - tfllo eittle:l etiinl lottlllt' ·th o' tcnl' t I e s t it Ite oIlltlt or li fthitetl di lltt , t e tp llt ei it ti rete tt, tlclt iog htto tlnle t mlts sililia et d n tls oes ctt ,rltl etl" te tilt ell ti ste thitenti -tiLtt itttle , 'e ilf t- 2 .i l nll .lh allllslil eoIn -ii Otl e iotI tIh o. etotsltictoll fe liottires of tihe IIIhht io isn the + rrnmlill elnt fil th Time agn a l dvir o , f its wh iei I o expe i s oll l" .ilt.l' ice olipm "e .rstiereIils v wilh h hle holac fthe sien t ld Illrit, ctllll ot i ex telle t t • id the t alty ty ielnetl l I'el ll wi hich tle itellt sit te lll lll totll letei t lnf g, en d Iusinesdtr wtlhou0t due pll atl o simt s is beitts onlvelieo ce sto eset ttihl, tha in t the estile - tion tof st m ke i tiii most eoIlletino t hot ig cLtt tictltlIe busi om osit tti e pooficl k n, ttectre )th eot 'tiict y t ltel tt llctt l cattIcI variety oftlhe ex ml :Initcttion· 't:el tests of thvey tiiton iti hlIlis sel il th l 'Iti eci tithhstnd ti tll she ni0 hole is in i stel o illtf e o it e ntio ci itt eIob so i n tliw i lle. f te lll oitos tontthid.l l oeokt tthl e;" IIIost t Ilert.l itlIL nl l tar e p tcn to l ig wtot ll. k ti the sam ete tectett h ikh sin c t{ ti lni n . i i t .ellion htas hi llth s:IIII lllu - ii t f le llltlli ir"le tt i he a,1 'mfet ofm editoal s i n t eil l, l t i f the lll rllt:, s Ilst tll' lot lit the f t heside S, in xo ot eett cil etl, c lleeit ; c o ln tt ied ard tr.i e aewi n ot .i i .niltt e l n tnthht e bli fttl mlc to the is besde ns , a tohttttctte s e nial, 'tttallt ithe t ttlt liong ofsome of thcto t cott otenotto tea", otat jt c olu hts me ct o cite ot greou ttt tte illy t hilltt i .ctat , I tt l. ,f Ill" larttte ri titt/tis.t t I he h o ,k.i ik hll 'l eh . l been ds i IPtiled by lll ll the oIlel's cial l tls .I i ofthe Stasllt. : th] "rtl.:e of ~eI l ut hion pfoe ttllation t eraSt," "m'ustle pIiy elw ". Al b nkidt int, th'c l' hlitlgl s the m hk i o lls Iginlly adsa tedll i opur, tt tle ooties of the s bsciits, ani a fw tf the a tl i -t I t otl -tl e ttil i lt o- citt i t -'r q V It is m xrlm,. l n lllllr! k no d testlL his o ev ry eitein i it hos so ' ie'ttcd t. tt l l.. erhror hctt ,.in o ttIeii y o len sIt to by the o m osteet m l ans mpot cooo, ten c t'll for its se h t n her tll xtet isemV 'o l hlio n styk ed c nIIe tto ettcnlt, iner t, inil ctcltlc ioc t s w or tt intt:th t ' acl llt n its .s ini thtl ll. o l ln of aioi -n,~ I t tlo tI II H d tIl' i elililt ho, nod o c o ttlife ' oi " lht (b , : l i't tit i slnih t u .t l hlilae hui p rl ets 'd11 +. p 1it r ilo i.1 p ile i t Is -ilf'e ' ti io-lt. llllls llll'i 'l IIi. le i'siili listoot an s tag. llt, t Ih l:, beenl trlitdBll tolil ti IcI ll toitl 'i itt tl t f l l ilie k 0to i t5 t tt l 'l 'llif i ·it e slat'.ii aittl o I t c klidec t' c :l$. c, rl, io , ,,t , thte tO ll t ,t ' n toictI tIo CT h ItItIhl't ,LItt lll ilotoi o t Ittt'ci ittot il I-t n l to , p ool, i ot11 l t-ft w t i. otl e o ti" c" , oti kn di elit Iual il the hlalterl islt tce larticlr'ly, c iu vhlrng at te Smn' Tite t htt o i ltitt c rttt l ctirektcnit tetiiralp ersols rlc sni t tc b ilctc it tct s n ieti lt ito- th ttl-ic oniotiti loi totutt .t h t he so- lit S to-e t Is t. e. "ti t l, c titlo , ll t-cIau c w ry :it m n-sc- cc tO r bOtt k otite to e-t, It iso likt e is.eI wo kh it 'tc t te, aniil itntet d n 'ct se o 1 0i1P i., ht itch ittits ,e d tte . toI" totlli. w k daoew ot. I ticn petci- llt wp en lt r f ihe .lit oiot in olofrt boe ok s these h lito ti cthtc- t hi.o t i ok r iat hs ittie hit i on i liec-ti ed io bhe ilpelul Iiatll e oneb. y te he nmos t'l ,cten i. til -ly tUrIt his o;el o lotio e.ti i I 'ot i ts 1t' t it c te-k It toy ttxitttlits. Ilc ttced ioto 1tio t.i t Alenoice tghe sotel coe nc itc t t th i w t" or.lktleen i m eo tho" t cto c..tltet, t ttiolottci t' tl is a l ks and sth ite i\tto est fioh i f1l5 idltes, h lhiw hth t rtJIyelh , nted h ic lipin , ith o. th i h, c trce-itg tc etitts o ltalii l itnottt itt ci til n Ihat, toc tti /othe tco, cIfllt m ttlf'o t e dctio 0i, ilteolr. , n d ) t of ptri oleo| greet ll . e, k+t.. r fuod counnoell ery stnly w ok, olhch t's :bli;]rht b.ranice hit ie'l Ir:J t ,s d oreo h prioduc.s , it dlla's awl cenuts h ) told :;l , has heeup so 3(tonivel :cl .noliheall y spttni'u so1 d it ha e it et1 so n ichla.e id with iit'eri s. oix ct jyt l o t t ro Ic b ho. Ittt-o t , sl i taie on lhI fi-si 1 diio nl' ili " 0o1f .:.napi s, 'ii.igl' t'it Ily Iromn its p0 uhlit - tion s t that ti Lino :t a: n.retl" i.riceth th a1. 1 nthi,)g an ~l h t.o, ll+., d g" I-th of hIs t, t .t l - le i" e, a o entin , Iis lkewise we ado, ou;Ltl ','e, nodlrs ileh e the ittl l '. P.u lt. 'i' iall e, htil, l --.h ust 1.011.0e 1 TIll: FLORIDA LIN:i zFro AlMobile to Augaasts,oe', ea ves (obile every day nr tihree, o'clock, p m per U S mail boat for Ilall', I. ntdnre , above Blakely,-tlet:ee four past e.aches to Psacree.',-thltenco srenlbusts i Lagrane , where tihaland Iintto isresalnerl-thence via Marianne and Itr.,ansville, Fin. Uninhifdge, l'tndertownt, lw!: ttinsville, Sunderesville & Lrouis. villoto Augusrt-, (n, cnnllllecting reslarIly with tihe ril ro-ad cars to Chriestonr, nud the s!eam I aciete to Now Ytrk, Noarflk, Philadrlphia, etc. 'I:ra sterambras are the best for the service, and the unavigation preCents more ardvnntages titan can be found upon any steamuboat route in the south. s eern regir.. lsThe great improvements in the roste have been if produced by the construction of fifty siles of new it road, by tite Iprprietor' , viz : from IsaGrn1e o on is Lnflet'te laen, nt arnr of Snnla Roass lary, to ir Ileynet's Ferry, o:l the Chattahotochee river, ren Smiles above the Cows lrd, or 14 above Cedar UIlff, !swhereby the navigSrion eo the river, and tie cea. setr quent detnliits, ll and more recently the inctlll avenient erssin ati the Cowford, atre entirely javoided, and a fion road from alurianllt direct i' to Bainbridge, illstcad oe the rotnduhout roard vin I lChattahollchre, lssereiat the distance about forty t, miles, and ie:rtasing the facilities ilore than , ionce atiuy i Ar birt, ~cr,,ne h line of two horse sitger every ti other drary fi er lith ki rsvdile, via PerrL to Maron, t, a. cronnecig ~a itt the line to Savsnnl ah and s Darien, Gen. ie A mail stnm!enlt ,-lies regularly between ro P:Dtiblid'e and Al-alachieolo. 'l'ravelhe rs wisihing e ito re t a ll c iy point oil Chattnhooellee l :r Apnrlach: 'oln, can take steora boat at Brownl ville. Mobile t,, ',n-earcla-t and tao e--Duringt the thete ecup l d by tlhe relpairs icr Imtells, the proprie. a'r. ts of the l"hrida Int e will run a line ofel four t ihorse posl coachr s every other day between 31o Sllensld |tensaeoln. iPssjeneers will leave Moltilo at 3 o'clock, p m, i', in the U S elmail bour, and proceed to [acll's Iand te ing, where a lour horse coach will I i t waiting to clnvey themp to the excellent house of AMr. Charles Iall, 1I 4 iile distant, where they will find s pleasant comm dnllllll otlts for lite night-leavin e next mIIorning, they will arrire in Penessale early :c in the evreniln, thus avoiding tihe disconfort of S cliit trveing. reI Olliao at the lMansion louse, Mlliher, and Col. a lins' Ilotel, Pensacnln, where seats must be secaL Sc redt. 811TICIC'ION & (a. nrv I | inn.o uric itstrotolon. William Smith tenders his s0rviceS to the ciii, I zens of New 1)ileanss a a teacher of til pin., orre. 3r havilngll been emtployi d everal [.eats s a teacher of nll usi in private lu lllit s in B' ;ro n, i t i and lsi several 01 1 of the fealll le Snlla ll:0rlS in il viinily, radn [t but hope to meril theirctnlidence. I In Is per.lnilt ed to i for I llRev )rt Cl..pp,. lm s t Stelson & Av, ry, IIendlllarsna &, .aiul'e. 'For terlis. &c nlease apply at tie bokstore it c AlexanderT,,lse'. 9 l i.C p t ,,llt' t 0 f'Drugs and .ifodinscs. J h .., vos.t ha1', hncaled ihim sel l no this city Inr t. ilhe Impos t Irnl-te:tllmi a L'CIII: rI \Vhl hlesahlle I)ru( business. Ile is now receiving hi full snpply l irelsh andi .elluli 0 arnclee, which hIe will slIl I 'on liberail lel e 'To city druggists, and those el the i te\rinr, ito plysieiansc , merchantts and pilatl r. , hie will eIl;.r indeeel[i: iats iuch n haveu never be, f rr been ellered it this city. Ilis intention i. hI don strictly ,egilinllt e business. Ills stock wuill soIn ,e mlplete, n1 I a in a few weeks will be r0i. dy for buliness. All orders Irorn tIhe cn ry, d1111 Ifrom lllllmerhllni olf t i lt ', receiving such ord rs will lihe proT lplly attended to. I oct 2 No, 39 Camt st P Ai l IIt~l , 1. 1 Il . E Iil I II IA L .11 1 III ANj ie 'A lIl RIIY STO11R1111 '-at 11 the sign of thit golden11 coinlh, lt ') 1'Itflrtrel s1er1 it. Tihes el', ri'ers lhav1 e re.11' al 11d nllt. lisorll ilel t of llrti lles in their Ihi; nizr: tI colbs, prl ing I ,, Jewellr, b llrushesl Inkiig gil' 1 as11 . [ IInn Ii IrIlhlel' I n i nu'f ll l IoeI ol w : I II1)11 i'rl-l1 toll e -11 Hlll wrli tl .hl mnd pl aiil liektwii , 1 qI iled Ihi k, in;. rlminiI, dressin , s.Il puIil curinIdll ll neck, I hazilhtn olb1s of, every desl illptionlull oll MlllgSt l wh.ih l ar lo l Mexien p iit ller l, Ivorl-e lllnbs li f everyl I F ll1El. 1Y-- 'hln gne, 'I. lllld'er, Florid , ollni t, bIuy, rl tl l win ranel , fllower wa1ll11 1 f 11ever sie and d1 T - cription, ant , rut.Ied Co" og.e, extra ,t of lieraeut t, la sle soalps .of:il kinds, s vlaing do in v ill;.1 eI it its,t1, t lle llow liIer, ell ll, pIwdi r lpi ll tIr k lli] till il, T' ill. in ltll i l' l s lt ,, 'li aIll d e1kntlll ri u 1 lle o t w IIshI Ild ua ll ,o I s, wh li r iet .eln,1ll0 ill& c . lidI JI 11'.1.l1il'--iil e l of i l latest al nd i -t In tii ill - de suell, of while mlnl red corneli,,, topuv r te l ( il llt;ern,., Wy irllt l"h tai llillla, gtll unt il~lv .okliilles silv lle r th nd h tl, il eli Iull neoI, ch t i 1s 1 l 111lr111i111 11a'l S I I tIlES--' ill· l oth, h irl lut N-,er a nl, I Ilarth,flo Ir, hat, :1 hu 1 tll, t I'tll, 1 'il 011 , nb 1, N 1til, s 1h inl;, Ihie andll whilitiI iit I li-h110 rltlIl'01 rlol, , s lltl :.nil l hls1 0 l0Il 1i1're llh dres1 l gl glysullI, ho e I d1 , oliill to yolerl.[1- I i Nltll 'n,, li d'l ' hll di al, i' III, ned, th fcm a1v l,, art.!- , -'-ki a d ,Ire i, r e, atl ltF .nc Ivt ry ri.h :loll l[,l ti hill 11, India Io 1rkb111 alaih s-1 sig' ea-, a id, i ,h Id \ th tII imlll~it, i sirll boxes, .lc ldi alns 1 S litil; , a iul i lal1i ll, n iliotl rs, si lv r and patid r neil lai haon p ,w..d l , 1 it o is chr "Pirlpir s null er0u1 In0s, 11tl I V1 111,loe- is ;llad 10 a.t I ll i , ' I :'I rolw il10i11', -ot ha'l ,,ln' hoabg, nol o bhol, oiu-,tlot lineand mmunI knitel ronils and ceis, lrs: thin ls, need ls , pins, tler p 0e0l s lteel s Iea llt o . no tl ,pet eles o polet l,:l: nid woellio lo v1rh10lli.n ind., vloomn r'tr nI 0 ar ' d'I 1 e0 n fite ,} l eg ' d l 'erl 11111r 0l' , 1er I ! aud .\hmrid, n11kInt , t1re, dOlls, imitaton rlllIltsOtu boxes rintill'1f nioio o killsl Sannieolii' i'.o n'o, e aln lllOl1', Iilliui's llll Ihwk'll rzr strads an1h 0e ll hh e<,,lirlc, f'n,.v bead iiekh'ua, do t) h IN r r, I t ytPeliIchCs, .'l I tlhius, powder ila-Is. n t eaid iboards, t lie, nlttdri It v ns, jewtsl jrpd, Iofellt ia Ilstati e - ind tdrinkige t a iithll a treat saret oiylier :lui _, . 711 Chitrtresst. i111 I 'EI. 1 hill -l, is tlt I Oino. i puilc, win 1er 1 1.7 tO ruI l ltlitil a :lt It ho flill11, tio tIs a tle |by lt itoL\,I{VI'"S &+ ANI'NE\V+EEl, Wh'olh> I"l)Drugg as, 'orier l' niilnuol ad Tehan -i Is w'e,,, ,, _. W ri< r] a, ' 11e.- -X-s/ i, S h rt cle of el-gide, put tip Ixpressly Ior the retal atruade; lil 1ao phoiurest F ench Pi rliumr., enlhbrt til e t. e to riey Iu l the Itoileg, fitr f aoile by i ect . RES & D'LANG. il- IftI11ill00--T1hlie nuhOcri i'rl having IctelyeOI sta-I ;e ý \ btli.Iled it varni"th iil hdifa.olr in lNew i r eanl, i S ! 'odhnlesal or retaill. Ilis rices ire o lderaiete dnd n tlle gln glity 1f his prolducls seriur loanl evertl hort og i- this pilbeti.o Th,. hagill enan. AeplOyt INo sperint! Slo. il hae iflnin f i, lr o i If. bhelen lfle haud of 'lu vxtersive, esIt n,1 otlent Nf this kind ill Europ. 'l'hoIie to ullt 1a Ihe corner ofNtche1 1and Teho lltotllus s1l,0 l shall Ih pre n lh't .ilt it n -fair sa1mple of anliy vlrnishli ' e I sy nisi wllh to try. Amongstl the vdroi'i es er alhe 11 car 1 Noo. 1, 1t o arr 0d notr o el0ang0 e1e0n1 in loilina I lll 0l( I'1101 l ,n'l'llIllh' 0l ,1l | ',i tlll g 05 t] ll o Ilioinoli wat.l er. 'The Ihurl , ari'tlh or stres a1 tealm ie ,oc cll ~itlies. The tllmu parent vt ris w itho sble i & ll, &0. 1 t a' l. t ttio;l n II i N+ll.,. 1 S elx, l . ln " .i tni1a11t 1l .2i .11 Ney lo ov,,.. TIl'. vr-.. II- z , r n rding fl l il e ao r .IA l hpend .l ei l irsoo's I ,l r Aera ,,- 1 ' e casts it ai , i,- t 3, RI"ERSI; & D'LN:, 13 t','up s, ,'o o'lot ooon tolll.sko 'nia S111 tle tp0, nis made willhempl1 ll, h , sto lre, amd Ior s Ie lby , :1 Il Et T &E : IIA \ T1N1111N, r':3 & n.*ll r si in ..i : SIl-i- \1III1N 'Il i-T 'Ihe I.i.lcries l1h beg s tIo expre ss his ral ful than!s to the p, I, k I , for the liberal support lie has o c ied slice r - ucontml iei of businies in Ilis iii)y. Itino s Ie I.: k p rivt", r l tie sel * s nore, 17 C om ml st rw , li nuitl never agent for any northlrn seed vendel ; nei her is le roinnec'ed w ilh any house in a_ this eoltntry- Fut he as luri a the public Ih,,at 1s inlletiiousin ed0ry deplrttrlnl of the s..d hose, its nes, in thedillilne lt 1ounrisls l ],rope are e .il oI to that of any liuse ill aU nited :tutus. . li - , p.,rlf s eda, platii, &e. btol! Ilia most extenlstev le. Ind respeel dole nulrirls.s and see islern in l-rane, n- Hllianl , E gland, n I otlan.!, arid Ihli- no ihtrro mI slates-- ndit will at all times be his Imrer, s,, as it a- is lhi stud|\*, to rereiv , In adtislun t,, Its pIrset 1( stuck. large arnivals of every dJOeription, ralls the ftl growth ol 11133; lIso, engruited fruit itres, . i all no kind,. The public sally rely on linding a hill is " sortment of every article in tut Feed Ito,, of gems. nl I on quality, and imported directr by he x \'Wm. I)INN. to .,O THE, PUBLIC.-The undersigned. having II) studied under Dr. Scl.mlidt of Charleston, of South Carolina, and for somno years his assistant in u"- Iha practice of medicine and surgery, has the hunor it to ollor his professional services in this city. .lei assures the ladies and gentlomen that the most prompt attention will be paid to Lihe calls which 'e- may be made; and also offors his services to tihe it- ;olders of slave,, being well acquaintod with the re dislsecs common to them, hoving attended th01n in i .1 u sugar louse in Charleston. b, The fauious aniti-bilions pills a iter the composition l 3, Prufcss-r SnolletLe, with directions, can bIe had af the undersigned. The eflrct which they have "- produced in this and other cities, has beon attended is sith the groelest success. to which the best of r- eleorences can be given. Apply at No. 166 ,1aga. It- sine street. JNO. M'LORING. •s t)TI'El'---The partnership of Kelley, ( auIn. &(C It) ne it'the pariuers at the firms. - .OL B \ t'S Siencr of lrliieiaslliP rereivd,an d t Do for loue nt tbeir per aneltt \\'rituln .rcalenulit' n No. 8 tlietreo ,reci, New t)riilaue, Ill a Idlcdwey New York, lioulyine st., Moblie. It is pocrliilcully lceigold Ihr private learners, and Ie stII( cl n oo is c eited for pertonioi of Poil ot. by Ladies r gentleroilan oire ievited tollnl al eiamnle tIe sysete fur bconsholes.o T l.essons are gicr il sitll e coes ns oiny sciit tih I ellnvenietiee Ioefll, d to l se flor lilned inl iny paer of the city. I. it is w!ie nrofr itaon reudie'et laret their oren re sidces. TI 'rtons t pvin" a i eore oflretssona lir desired o atte'l'" " " , ' ty' sCit velloat!ey wissh. . u.XAit Itt{OTII.Lt. 11 O\WAY'S 'IONIC MIXTURE, lIUui FEVEI .a o.or tAUF. T7EIN years hove olt yet lapised since it twr ;C` first regularly submlitted to tic public; but it c ihas tloitined the hIighest reputation; and lhs nup. planted every other ictieine for the Ague, whrver . \\ cr it has boee kniowil id appreciated. Arody I lia it icoen carried io every direction throuiglhout Ia i tis Ucilted Staotew, andl ill realioea Inor thnn creld II'-. hare boosu anichiated by its eoit sangnine friends. i T'osandse of personis Iarvu ent only been relievedl, i but rnetored t bea Iin and vcigor through its tgon. e , ry; nod they now elocrihlly testify, at every oil. Sportlnity, to its dloidid acd supremleo eficaucy. 11 is comporcd of scch medloicinal prilncii ias arie N r calculatedl to renew thi lealthly iction ofttho seoti- I Sacl, liver, aud other important cligostliv organs, tice loss of which hirmony is tlie inmnediatc cause I of the disease. It is nppnrent also, that it proo.I crs en entire ecinIgo in thle conllitioi of ilie =ys-ln, ,i end eertainlv destroys tile native liability to rcnilp- a t seo of thle afeclion. \Vhen the Ague is attendld li e llwth ny other complaint, the eimployment ofl the Ili Tonic lixtulro will not interfere withi the treat. c men of te othller dicnrse, libut wil even taird es. 31 anstnce biy Iu rnishlig sienilh cand vigor to the ubody during tie course of treatmenit. Tlose whob - i mlotao use olf tis medicineo my be ossurerld that i- there is no Arsenic, barks, Mlernry, or any other int c article in its coapositiol unfriendly to the humaln a ,s constilotion; being enlirely a regretallr iexrais o ail and tlhey cuy hace additional confidence iucn the ig use tlhroof, wlen they perecive that it has thlo f- w di y feetof a getlli lrxtive aboue t the time half a bot. iI ol tle fill has been tlaken--iin conscquece of whichi, cI therois no part of thie iredicince left to linger in .I. ithe bowels to cause obstrucctions, and other eviln, I arising fromii thie use of Imany of the remeIdies now offered for the cure of lthis alection. It ichas been usedc also as a preventivei., iy imany who were soi i h Sjc to a penriiodlical recurrence of tbe Clhills, andl it has varibly warded oilf ll the apprehnldd attaclC. i hireTe I 'Ito- PLropriletor, filly sacialoed c iII the 4niparalloled ai. iniversal csuci ss which tis cOro etnctlyv ntloded it puncltul andl regular usei of the IToni" t\lixlure, in all cocos of" Fever cnid Ague, si iels wariracted in engg-gig to rrefund the price to Iall Ihosu wlho have tkiull the medicine in strict ne. II cordance wilh itli prescriibed directions, without Iihavig beni perfiettly lid lastingly cured. Thlie .'ub-tibers lre tihe wholesale agents fior the South Western States, and have now on hand six, r ty esntrs of his iedicime, which is warranted Iresh it Ic / and genuine. For salo at the mai faiu nured price I ,I JAil\ Is & ANIIIIe.WS, . iii \ h'lileslt I)r .gi. tis, neov/7 rn1r ('llllTnnon k ''ell)pllli lllllI street. m Mississsippi idcl iucsinna Iotitel, i RS. MAIIRY (IlKI(I.AND respectf.lly aln. ill ionces to her friends and tile public gene. cally liat site is pireparled to accommodalle thiln at She s ove estaliitishmeit, ad Iihopes firin her :xertiolns to render visitors eomfortoaile, to receive Seontinuance of fonrer o vor s. She fels eonfli. lent that iprsons visiting Coviogtun during the uinluor mionthl., callnot find better aeecoinuldaliols I Ithan sho can lalord them, on lorie liberal terms. ler house is pliasaotly siitu-ltel, and well supplied with every convieninc e; the bar is firnished with the t lho1t Cloice liquors, &c. in shOrt, shet promises rcit nothing chill b-: wanting on her part to give itire salietieltiol to all who may altron:ize the linsissipLIpi and Louisiana Hotel. je3 t IOL -LO\\W \V.ARE V1 D SCREIW S, S .AD IRONS, &c. /i pilE IIOWELIL WORilKS COMPANY, No. 0 3SV Water, near ll.ukman street, New Y oit, Silchave received the past isetson, and are (.onstantly receiving large and extensive additions to tih stoil of the abiove goods., ic lie! ow consists of the Ii ollowing lssotiltmnut, soitule for the outhllrn aln ie westerln nlrkets. o- Hlollow ware of su perir quality, consisting Io sh labout 1500 tons, tiz, Pots of<,t'? diiffront 5.zs, from 2:8 to 50 gal',n , , n- Kettles, 1 s zr., from 3-+ to 31 gall,m*, .1e NI te , ill, 1 izes, -iau 3:"1 1, gallon-, 11s, t kepans or ovwns, 7 Bt'4relt size.s, S 'tea Kettles, G d nlor, iki!ll .i oi Orhili 11ell lll- X--0,1i is li d 11 1 il id I l'olll ell , d , d n , Fire I)o,, G do bh \agnio o',,"., f~',, 1 1 L to i3- inches. i (' at de . 7 ',.s ,se \'o d T Ses, s., -tltai ,rl r ru and g ra; , fet ory .. ci a ch, No i :o, 3. t1 iwt!, No, 2 1 of aS ul .ri ,r l ' Ioahly 'und li.iih, it and ltesl s ih ll ou s Jilll e' I.. 1, i,, Iron:,, .i orrte d, in c ac c o c iehiot i i0 ii foe UcroAlo Stea cm S" r Tclaovs i s orlll i ioi Irons, as paricrlorted. recomlenreisrld hy the attiiro If Soiilllr. u l, Sart, igl A .rc.itlt . i.. ao l fio t le low o lievod to e1 toe Ilrg lt ali beilairtmecr llver if olsred sior saloe tbya anl ole e tlablieryt inde to ,,, i Sordes. sl. .lc ercn tlrc, Ieilora, and artdtbo redlr sole t ilow, c iC Meriia o its- i1 v orwardiIug 11 re0 uest by mail, ean pricesand terms, i-oun winch no deviation is ever made, farnished by return of mail. atn All orders will receive ilnnedliate attention. " N' I New York, l13d. J'3 S,111. I" -let's l',f m ,rris. ra ll Indian )ye, for coloriig tile lIit lir ; Ilear's Oil, R lussiurnsheslc'Sreese, poulcan, lMichatc's Fie, le iu ish, supCerior ipearl )wderl , cllp white, creniI if roses, vetgetla le rolge, otlto of rose, lip salve, st.a ki re)solte tooth wash, ellltlollic de llrifice, orange s, i* I lrwer water, powder pulal: and boe,', A.,ol rieill edI charcoal, n.eatly pt up . . in iour ounce vials, rers. and ttn salls, colon lne, kreos.ole toiothi atle drops, bala r^I brushes, EI gl.ish dresslin coirt]s, Indian hair oilt, ,ive willt a varlilty of other perllumelrie , ,r. For sal t ,,ali y C. . ITRINCIIARI, ts, ot 3 csinrir of lal iiand I~lurhotu s ! VA -1: cse's dr'oh Rio.-jo hot-, vnrioqlihh's :I o..., hI .tle t y (i I)OI oY, o , J It " II I& ¶ II Ne0 .0 yr.1 I1111:- ..ubcrihber-, Aen111 .r th e\tensive hour fI - 1V. & 8. Ihlrhr, Ihetliehld, lInrland, have just cei,'ed n very r0.tIn i," set of pa' rs., consising of , II M.. r i tlll.t, amt itlll'filr lln I 1niv .; Rt-azl rt, ; is i t;le i itn li .-o rt i iol , ot I e,,- s al' i.. tin llllo on Iins ,llill ,Londe ar ktowiilt 1(Ihe tifot. ro, f trench mIo Gleirom double h plhlt el ing- rdls: lstellr(io, and pocket pills; plaini riiobbed and spli ak l.llts; ll oil l;plr lih; Iern hn liand Prech colognelt eer, I nwl t(. 15: l; s erasser oil, mitation do; antis cl bs Vlakig; slgSo shellto iet lae loll; conve l rro lis; np ck, glassesill ll views;l:I IndianI . 1l iads,t l l li01t p i es; tlco deu, - o wte lt t I:oI-EttitStl.l oi!e eting slli ps; toi iletll c1l l:l., c lsm1 tie wash l alli; ise .ed satin s o ush11e sl nc( oces; bitilliard hlls; pocket books l ill wlleols (;1ermnm boh s; razior straps; tine and comimon gunl alaslic os.. lndcrs, gtelirsdo hl lls ucilt r matclhes; sil Ir poo i'il; Cl'rcmlr, woolbo. nc. Tloe al(de inad lioln to our former stock of tolor. (btiells, makes roL0' ossi ' t i1ry'" Ialhete. o(For sal Swhole,de or retail; as the sin of llle Golden Cuml, ia lhartlri e strSet.l ol Ict1tlt . t: i1 , . A t lh .\ S.1 & | . l'll r '-N \% A t F ; K ' r i ll l , :oo i Charres splretrl. \,w (Orleanos. SI 1, o io:(p l .A\N & Co. ilporltes of French ý'{ and IEngihh China and Parihei ware. are now opeillon new a.ld rich patterlls of breakfals', lh inc aInl tea .rerices, d ilet sets, pitchr ls, teI and cll.e cips, te.pots,l ugalllls, creats, bowles, pltoo, di-ihes, Ilreuci, wallt basinc anll owels, fo ,t ball o"l tle. rtc. Rich cut ond plain French and Alm rienn glass. w nrc--,.blelts, hbuampaignte", llfllnadls, jellies, clor tr, liinl , [orial , lir e howht s, hdocllters. umlblers,are l00o15lledrsh eltrs )es, (oicher=, Inllms, lamp Shlade and gletl-es, can ldle sha!os,salt cel lers, elr. Srlver plated, ' rlnzed nnd ritania wares--cn - tor, liqu, r stanids, cake Ihslio's, rnildlvE licks, bra nch. s, llllspoons, Ie1rs, cot~i-e end tenllps,sg uIrr, creams. Inmill, lapanned trav\ , aslrll sIanlds, and and Iliork1s, t.thller with a Lle"lr variety If,,rh hlel ,fr :f0'l!y IIe. l*rInhants, Xpla ter', ho. li , 1a(1. d steamial I ,llt trni:h:d w. h b o1,1115 at the most r~a sun Mble pila, -, anI ia, ked 0' as to hr convey,, willi sahly t, anly part of ithe c oo'nn r. 0.s0, apotecaron s' glasdsate. 1 l. n tl+. ban s a_ IT. -- r. - - , negro 11nth1 , l,[ inlk ,l 11 It u - 1. iiSI.\- I. bI w ,.ll dl ilti ,'_, cif 1 ., 1 h il Ois, c.lll. ,r -, 1i1 lllk,.Ilh, I; . l& c l.\ t,, a , Ind f , d, I, I I, . o r, r, ; t,, , : 1 ,1I . u ' I' .t ..=. -," MlAIL ARIIANII Kll EN? "" "l Ib m vrv [lay A! ]lall Northern Ite eyy di t(1 4. 31 S " ' Ihllo r,. • ' J,"+' I'y, W dn Islny , SWeakern Mi, P. I yFr l, y by, Wedo asay ('l~t· (Ji l~lra y~llolot',s Wodttoala y h ,sy rl II ' ! rdn v by 511 11(1. 1 P. · ;i. TIMES OF ARRIVAL, I1IVPAlIrtURiI STANC. c. ofte or oil, 1crstn..e tloTile aIte Nr t Ytmik--leonlnt Mobile dail.y I13 I'. I. Nuthlwalr * Nei vork dily n ' I'. ouatiornl. Alrrit't,. Arrive NlrlhWlt'., I'iflVnoe. Tlimc Ittarn'g Mlontgomery, Al n, '2 ll. 1!18 lllil I. ]i Jlm. (Ilt2olhlblPr i l. 11 :81 a 1 2 3 n.! 13:ille3l. 3l. 11 24 1 p1 hinibi7, 4 1. 11 An I 17 IAf ui. S\aIrr otnto, V7. )! :1t 64 Sru'dct'rh'kalitrug r i 417 7 p . I nollitllg tlollein, irl.n.. i . n I wl n ~ ustore -ntV.4nir 38tl 4 94t 84 ota.t 1(1 IIRETON ewYork. 2 pro. 80 04 083 Mtic to 542 Nlcla lwac(ltt ar lth~altl (too aia 1 lirhtdn . ('olalln, Rooirll'n r 'lr, thte trillll, il riX holt " ANA A'-I" t 1 0 rI ljCo to tilel c osrner of Ilevoa seen .her nlpx InlorlitlF ill I'ovrns .1 'eelrl, a ,.-l h. inu uell~ d (·I.\Hll (*lll,( .IIlolt Ii ll.+er( of A~e.iP I 51 leo) Sor tlllreabll~n t.+ inl heri~lht rlrv h"i )lk, s111 n11 ln iple i hy i(lt rel~tl uliS II) PL· hOulU On. Ii IIwn' h %il PIIF1 CCiv tl lhil S ilbon t i loir i ltn stl li a white aolln p lltaae, meht. I tt elns l~lr OIlf IttrlE io ~lto, *1P 11 'llllc11(1 pll t EItIta aICIa -~ io Miall.PtqF'r.+ Iii.. nlll l Olllll~l il~li t.l i i¥0T ¢nY llonell IIR (II nt ier1v11 , a hll ft r 'l le yi0 t I I I ll Wlll lll PlhrP ler ili NNlls f Ih· ' IlF. I, ri3 Iii s io ,I Ihilmilhh i t A into iny n o f he Hn1 W I ' Ih, IllililCilnli liCa, o ll tlll'. ic A T llll a lel oat ilgm a of It,1 i +hteoet. lol'I un t tiIa h llle 'll' Intr· (ll' o il ntile a t ili 'd Ieth'l. Th 'I1 11i!r - wIth n t h .ae II o to te a eso th a.alll'rl ill I'hlll lo ll la i lia. allaa l 1 t .+ illhb. tb l o IllllkF .lI utlll Ollt i hi n ol nin uI nan at th n uellllil ; Is l Iloll l.epi |1 1 ollt .ll' l l 111 .lo i'llfianltll ro n r thv lrp iullnr eli thI~te[ Aniiiilll. out I' i, o111? r 1111 I 1 I /I 1,12illl '1 11tP ,llehl i-ll ia,'Iaa D i i'in+ h ( 1 ' t tion i, im m lall, lt vl Niaite b n I; , Ju :htr ppar 1 , 1atl n If d t.ltO. i . r .d-.e I )I Nitll 71 c , r31 I'I ''iir Ef(u'p n IIIII l ( Dhr Rr. II ruil .lll' ~l~, l1!111 Ill',llill'Iilllt111· I ! i~lttltlllmt 1ols. 10 A | )l f lhc ll.,w i Iin le ll, tllle l a lnll·T'rn teti:e|C, Inl I I1lo [rrII nz' II'ok: 111-11r1s I l~rrue 1 1 n1 [ Ai liIh il6'in llti attliiiI F V u i.·n l l' ilr llll Ilil.llllh llol 'tei tltt 'ltr lltl II. Il.tilSq --All IIIW I Allltl iy lllii'+ 111`f J I ((ll .'tl'l'hrel tll o ll y " I1h1hzi" 1i ,,lr.. l ' i I ,lli ll, a IIIII I. ' .ll t ll i ll i ll rilll l l I iii t ,t'. ~,i h h i li ill i I t:ll olCt.l -lll nl' I- fitnatl• ho I l' illhlt il i 110v11,d I lclill0. 11cil 11jllned lllotr+, Itighll (llN NIlll"0'0e Ilit'Ol ' ooiDO AIT Id gLao ~~:11~to llnIi+ ,I(I,I I'do iln ill' 123' 1 , llll3'll R ilel6lnl I: nm 1111111· l r)liiv and n I( ,,c lr;.t ','l 1Jiy ) v ( 1 v I d iIf0 in*,tlnlilln.l~l iiil All , uit;onlf(l (Id" II h lIlll U."· with nll i l, tIllll. II-lII olllilllll til Il t1· I1.111 11. lld fP letl Plon || C; ,1" I:l~vlrlilulr " Iii ll . II+ i llra~ lv fl, l ill II'I'I , .~ IIIF i i I • ih c~lll(·~(h of (·l'iirl. ll, 01 .'itl~l illli lllllll I heII IUII) l l 'PI( Ilt.. 111 " ut r l~lrl 1111 1 i.Ii ,.l. llptl ir 1 ,1 lllll1 lll lit~ J I I1. e: ll i t'i 'l I l rllluv , |11'.1 r (1(1'- i1 1'll-i 11. (·0it" 1~1 11hall ii (ll( I i E.\ I I'I',tl I n 1. i . II'1, 11 1 nu . i w, i ), w ithI , I I ' i .I ir li, - nI 1 t i t . lfr iariU "Ilhv Ii [I)I, + l ll a ',[ Ir) I Itn eal, . I II, .I.I, - . I- ., I, .,n " ,1 . :·I i;1 " ,o l lil lllllu c i tl Ih d T. "lc-l o;li I'11 11 . , ,lrlJ ;I " b; .1 IIo II T. 11 I 'II 1I , J. ' . `r I ,,I .+l , i i .I I ' Ii e pr. r 1 s inn T o nire t al aro \1:1 , mll:u l' .' lu . " . ,1 ...... " tIo r " d h C.s r , ira..alralmre . n hai .r/ l a talh nirirr as II' 1 fi l ia" 11lr Ill [alL l (l o r Il j l e l 1'. O " lIhe. lJnr1uaeroll i tr'll uHl l r, 1. thi, aarl r n rlstlk I)Ia i \ I.\I Il l {: __ll ltl l l. toI].'*' L .rllL, ll. o I [ 1S 1... ... h" i 1 .. rn. o nly are par" lcu I "o i d elegant. f l~ r. .' l :III I":' , I"p'\i"l ll t s . v rs"l lll I Iit l I ,, ...I .1t i J I nll ra , n t el Pt n s u~al lll' 11 ! n, s. n r lllhg br adr L buckwheatl Il l ea a I l, erv el n Mar esita, Apperisen-lm i atte1:ll n la . . l, . 1 p ut'r ,la ti nly r ti hela rinli .,I h ;. l,,rinarl nirn 1r9I .rdde nn mitre hadseaks ( arperln a ,lanid trI a c.,t if " raraparilla f pur"I It to ( hh S, .- do , d sd na n ebets,&c.a a w l (arna r-a ,raid b--nftae; British an Relia tefd qyeaor', j rula _ tand uamaoepasrs lauthra bruaiarN .at Prrnrrt ], ea'nsrnAindernris ure , el a rl tir,,oh nl, ahraIa, pawd er p la s and beans. oevlor putlt and baxer, 'remdicu's srenled and l lain lOlle powder, muulnll m crmnl, do Perse, rrrange, ris., lavene r and Florida watnrs, S of Ihe lean qrliar-e , ar land's Miaessor Oil, Old. ridge's haira nl C ,loihiE , eart's o, il, a varroly of luciler arnd ulher llllal. s, inhld lible n arkind Ink slp brir olacl ink, p a& ,. e.< fier almI , lie , I a dh: i l, 1)'. l iniment oA f s. r une IIN S t li Th-rh urcl r'aitrd en ..e T ic , 1 ala-ae raooit , a-a,, I l dreir, p theTs anr iixs , - r"r ;e irtie ; J( to NE T a rnINWItrS fis'i) lIC , leXtIoUlli,, powd' r Apudl'lft and btell', I %rni c sll ceR Fte aIn.I . (l a lar aoirt irlll.l - pa I m aar rim'lrx Inlr l o Prsenin. ti o hellorueit lll it r In ,%t, lanld siM lhe otar Oll OlteaS . iril)ll h -n a aCl hir , ha i. ia vllluI I ill lee " at ItI e o..l , hn ' a 111 r erll I: Ien .1 tai rble anl t treillng h -sup t'rior lacrkm nii, r, & arrht lat. astaf .1rn Iailr . Sto eli:a T m1ill i- a ii I llrlrlllilP ilrls an llll. I s of P1·r i, /l I,(R Iom &t , 'drarp' ralse Iii e and lat, I er. I' alll u| . Iaeh nrr nlllr a rtllc la lhti-ra-i a rrrti r.attogi M ig nr, itogtrair i-ltha lndir an srrnato ortteatin ll a ll it-u~ -. Il t ,, lil t aier ia I a V, ero l lli mxtaillla ar: ll n,,I fl e rl- n Irata alia, . a I nd r Ila onr "ii Ii din ril' t I l he alt ri pllll:tI t.ia e itr arah , oesisaL .ii t1ar , ral' r :ll 1,1d ari a hall,' ifll+t Iar n Italr ; wra idPt . p i ,r c at - ,/.le ofll , ta .ll,- alcarai ra llrrrt, i s I clltrenrlP - ted no+ i ,,'re t lr litmilile Io r-a ,'arer llr P it'hI'dargec I e she, t sum, I a nd I.(. most app r oved, by inpgoating Lf srfl crl+ri n r oillr e ,i hl l at il e llta, ia ne ll ar i iitrti I rI st r- oar icll . i.,n hr,,ve Irth s a ranl r r an tot rei mte r ll l tlIrieltaral r'ilh llr. i lll i l aI. eills sevle nIn. I I .i'l' a -lrll. I i : ), ur i i ,rait i . ia-t iyahe alll, i erilhnr i re ll 'a--e r v-- ti l---- -Iaea nar lath', par an lcp ice-s tlltO th late rse r rte iaul hrri alAr t hrer in an , " rciiniu al an irtar aedrri-aalrnar-r lairrin fe rqr a hln ar d ed S The :,,rali r iaar so n i ar, . l luat l o a tratl rea.a r r ilr, a rae - -' hi ,lin inil, ., lle nrvr, it h i ltal it i'r-, ti it trial h at ent,a l s hilre t. 11," it , ad u . l a ~ Ite hai Ian denil to, J.tll~iS & ANDR EWF , imicie, iralae I t oeitg ar. in|,uBLi' I'ItiMNBY PII-CE Watnso.o.s 'o toatlhousu a lrls ca , l.l -siai the post.-of] ie. Tirhe aulsnri ters aro now rneciving froat their fas , taorans ir LNec York, ard aill keep constantly on -' hands goneral assortirra-t'l Ii Marblo Matatle Pieecs S acrai rrrklaAste ip, and oil f the latest patterns taida of th i cca rt 'i: abytian, Italion. Irish and Ameris n tiarble. Alar, aonuerrate, Tombs and os Gr trac h aattrnaul ianl risll itr t si s and lintois. I t ntarbl talc l.nig, lierts anlrd bUnairiay stesne, ster pi of Panric iairsn a iiydnrwrlie emorant and Plster- fs , g Ilair, togtiew norkit a rlllendid aesoretmesant ci + ass raeran td and alsirie n t r aresand Ihssia Iron rarts oft neia ersn ;lls illoa, andt epravc ed pattersn. I e .Ra oe ri a dl a f l tlh. nesE ars y aa er I and at the r-t ovticS . ane limy hlac first rate ai betn steo. S i ,lgl[ iai i t igthewi th aell enid aotment "l I" I \ f' \1', '' I . . - I 'h hi,, i.'. t er St \ 1'erru A I-a 1') ' I .+

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