Newspaper of True American, August 20, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated August 20, 1839 Page 2
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Senl conlrtionwith thin O/ice in a UPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE FII1 THE. I'RINTING OF pamphlets Blank Chetiks catal.oges Bills of Lading -Label, Dray Receipts, taiejl .otices Auction BiUl, Peiu Forms, Show Bills am Deoat Bills Circulars AId every description ofJob WVork that atnn be requir et.Orleann Chnamber of ComUnnercr. orFiCERS FOR THE .ArE 1839. President, 8. J. Peters. FPirt Vice President, W. I.. Hlge, Esq. Second do. Jaw. A. Maerl, Esq. Cormittee of Apnpeals fr 1839. Jatmet ick, Jnnes I-. .evei'riehb, H. C. t.nmlack, Alijth Eisk, P. O. onrhe, . nm,,tl "l'homlnsln, -Commtre of Arbitration fr he moonh of May. John Hedadleston, Johr C Ilarrisnn, U. W. Huntiogtlon, William Ilnllkir, Enoch lHyde. Jr. o '. A. hardy. Joachim Kohn. ail IItegulntion,. Tk'e'Great Ester n Mai/ is closedl evrry day at 10 o'clock A.M. Isile evndordny ut n p. 1.. Tke ake Mail (vi Coviton, a.) il s losed every lMdon ; elVoidesdIv uland Frtliv, at i olo, A. N I. Tl daoeevery ''nesdoy 'I'iuoroI, V, d Sol irPy, aI 5 p. IM. The Loiael./le or Ricer .Mlail is i:l.rd every ,Mon day, Wedneseday, and ilwnrdev, at 3 '1. 11. I Ien! aidreturoed by ttlnboato. Afrrive irregularly thlree times a week. The Bayou Serra or Coast Mojil is clnld eveorr Tueelay end Fridar, tt 8 P. 3. Is sent and retornled by'eteombo to. The Aleanderia o, Red RiJer llil is sent irrego . laliy by.ttenoialorn twice i week. t OtItVILLE OR 0I ILER MAIL., Mondh, ) WVedne'sday and. Closno at 8 o'clck, P.M. batorday, ) COup T Mlult.. Tuesdav and Cloro i'uboi.P . laturhy I. 'clok.P . 10. c .m .. " c c And on MONIlAYS:- • Dep r ... .. 10 A. r an ...... I'.+ "P1 I' Itcca Mcc~ ci, " ftc( c teiy i8 i t . CIIF, Polmalehe)iFeNigcicii.. limp r ,c l it e ltlt illhei hatrdatie;n i cu c ....... c ti ! +li hi, l.lNoic, ticm AM. ust AM Ieam lerPa ctn , It...... .. m i.,u lldlettc 9atn r ii ... . ..fl.S. l9o s, Mi llout~l (TX+*:3JL . A. E l Ir I II1,l(W .. . BO flVn' AtY i... , cc,, I. n, i ]c.c c hi hotelV , u l tt gec' ai, l a., ttrie ane ci.. ,Ai POI (P ORW 1TIP, e p b O I ittaia &iCEd. ertgpchreingtlcl .eicc~r.t Cuk ] ,e'cic. . a ©ll e s ounerl T r (; urd t eE. ra s thre ' Aer ccny tttcnAcrcmbr l, I.tolth ' l, A. NEWOREAS & N t'RIi'l RIK RA LJeemmmctirn Ci t. C areE, C 18 t I\ I.' P.. R SlmrD Iaru land, foromi t aXPO.,I. T +51 E 4 c , P 9 TheA cect+. e r i +l,' hr ,'o, t hei,, r. . t. thcg, .cet iy ta t i ndh, I , Atc. I RUGSAN+-JPo t shinin Fl enlr Aley--( inr.o a+ls1 thee, f tc5 k ,ter lar 'it, I hacc c bm oarf., Occdror',ia eateitctt s Tcni. TilE CI'AIIcctN AND tA iItsR ) tj'ItCE T ~ atetet ettcoait, in,,?lbt+l,c.i cc,, +tCcll. Aadc''ic.httc~crit P. tnd eer ~ cttt..t9hr~.,+ . ttciel31\'hlt.,,,,,rctte, en11 i mteckll~ ,th c+'.clitt, .e~ri.c,,,eilhitl, l++.,,..i 'i'tt, OlyI t ee i. C.onr Thotn n K t It boardittit• s lee os. jete 26., r 9..Prlellr ct,,,','+ ( 'ar g NI t c( ii 11 NtcEW, Iitt.deAN. l~A N . lio AN it+~ ~ ItANK.INi A(n i * ¶iIiH &+ :c z c.t. . Itci.c' cli ice.'.,e l' c' Ottac ict'i. .P t'illttti (f iei,r tpl ci,,,a". sr. Cit.,,c.> l 'ew +icy Illciro , i . atiA. t. i'tt eti A.I. toomA. (It. 9l4 I. ' It Idilll r . At . )-% e ,l eaa n 4 I I Or ,eys c . It (.6 i ccr Nec K ON ct.K I i Olt .itiit . I' . -1.t. elttlte s r iclic lle,', .ftc l .cleryuilsikw rI'. 4 Clmartem tE..,, tarry. ola iitioeJat c . ". I 'J IN + II~b ellr I)lAegeet ItI ftlaaet. A.TI .actY ~ti, i-d Stetctcgc"Itg.t.i C ;,e P~~,c vite TEi to.ISO 'ci t' I!~ct BO iNAB HAlrAIOIldS ..tle . l t~w ,.t (! J~ ~ crite cm ece HAVANA-Pcy ee i,, (l~icclly Ettct<ik 9. P , t itcdclll (.lll t lleohoale, tA9io+' aeg t~c, furth,'i Nedlca ,,, -. t tote .~,m ctC ,, 4o,.,I ' .t() tty I. e +' cvo 'Nuttlc , ' 'z & T Iicnlkhcm ; ghip,.AJri~u+ rm ewYrk. w Esle hctv ycc "t-bckitttIact'catalt--A1c. ccmi-ne,, ctc~~ ccd c Niche,, ilete tty " .it ,t Ct i'7c O,, \NAtccc, tc, e!1ilccc " " - N+c+i.Ac tilL A& iiit,et tiettii "l' cr,,, n tne t "a cIt j Oica.,,". o~etu,,tt+b.h hJuly ce 'gtech ci" CtlHr itta{,c'c'lll .4 c haic'tt p.. Cl. 'lc+-H cizi-,, tic. ; Si,,hr r .iZ (ee.Ilt,.h'c iii,,ecca cw '11I1Y i'RUE·AMERICA N, S 'E FAITBFUI AND BOLD. Official . ournal of tbc 2D .jC1utoictpahta. PUBLISIED Daily, Tri-Weekly & Weckir. AIM:ýý AK MEAN.;. TUESDAY, AUGUST 20, 1839. T withu requent, anudldflenveryhatrd hllowers, cold air nvd Trot. sun, r The oictt'oo ltrt certainly much inucreasrd,iiuid the, mortality too. Ott Suodt', lhe 181=-t7 were nuiiii:ttcd into tie (Chvrlty [liiipilul, of whiel lb iitih Iever; nuine deathil. 'evterrdy, the 19th-37 admitted, `7 feer dileoullr 13. n Jlosinette, ofl llrrs, is pretly tllullclht It sIut still, and the fewl lhtople in iow ti a itull nasth flusitles 10 Vhe Pust Mititv, ha resignedi, aiter tllowiulg the 0 lldfta it (ofG eelrnent for ulpardsi ofd " 1,0110 to Ii e pro. rv testle. hle Collctor is suppost.vj d tot hr-likeitise. The ire oI Siurhitay. mollning cliceor ed it the Ilr, n- Goods Store of MadI liutailt', in Chartre, Street, exto re doorto thc cllorer olf Coti. Thi house ws rttirtfr ionsumed, icd her stick of foods inIsIueIld ith $1170100 r` Thltciriero cutiui by Miade I leb, ti oad Ilritltcro iltine of thle unaloeit dtrd most extensivite fIancy h tiiHouods Stie, in thii eity ,w IIIo miuih injurCd, the thorleoflthe uptper pirthavinig bleen dcrtrryed, oiiih nrttelt of helr I1lrrgo stock, valued IIUjII)wPnldR of $ 1(1,1114 grteatyiluytigrtl Two peri.otnfell friom, tihebale in the at oifl ruoruinp furniture, one is teported since diead. Tie moute tiijointing thr cotrnc in Coateiiitreet iccunpied an no altutuon stalr by J 1i Itoclue, was avii, mcluc iinjurerd, ont are of ther cutntltu oirf te storiyc furnllture andillt nrehlltlijrrllreltdi.eii Pir Theihouc iii-' ciipd blyir Cititp, atrrhyi erb aidjoiningi thie ppe In riie of III one occupivdl Mae. hlntril, we mroll 'ii " injuired. 'I3,thieonttllnt ofhis storytier e vr e n Tile murdrers of the Wright family in Arkansas have ice been taken, anld lmost natrociously lhunlg by a mob, with-lll u- I I;outrnlenlnation or trinl. We hope tile Iellcher* lay ,ner with the punishment they deserve fbrtheiroutrng opon the nlnjesty of the laws. rhAlackiery.-Our liiend Dr. Alexnlder Jones hIn sent oi hi booak of drawings and descriptions of vurious mIachines Ibr the cleaniing, ginning and packing of col. I)r. Joneo, iir tht. last four vearr, bus given his undi.o ide( rtntbnlirn In iolprnoving this kind ofinlorhiner, and lie hilns sueedod ,nomoto ndnlirl ly ill pridldig 0 l or-ioooo flor Separate machinesi encl h doeolinlld to perftrmn dis tinct, ilporltant and usefll flunciolln .in plepring tih to grand Staple, cottoi, fhr market. ''llheseo llaines are Ssimllple,strong, highly flnish,l and perfect. 'The look r. lay be seen by colton gorwers, at oulr olice. ilaunsel ' White co., are tile agents. Mustard.l r.--Wte have tried it, and fi und it cery good We mixed our So Po with it the nght yon sent it, and found the ilavorexquinite. D A good narlted friend, who resides on the Levee. lrt who Inodestly rneses to make hIli lrf klnwn, s'ent us a I till box. of Wilson & Smith's to,,tantd, mannInuctulnred in Louisville, Ky. Although not so fresh as it mnlst have been a slhirttimoe after it was manufactred, vet it is t fine flavored and pretty pungent., We'll never put a pieceoffat beef into it, without thanking you for the caddao, lr'antkee.-Exept snffling tlheitselves with pmtpkin r pie, we know noting a a yankee takes so much delight tr in, an sitting, not outside thie door, hut right i it. At night they may lhe caily distilguithited froml nl other bipeds, silling in the doors of thie Ilotels, wrhich theyo fill ilup, and then crowd runnd until Ihey clone Ilia sile' onlk neainst all promenndrrs. Joe, yon and Iill ond Dan are good atligs, andl shoutlo correct this Irick in noanr o:tollotrynoao Ihy sctottlng 0 g'oiodexnonlpi. Sit rout. ourde'or insilei of the doors nand enve room ftor gentler 111lt to pass, lcrtiot s-iYtesotrdiayr s Imil iu tl I -oes ] I lC thle Raleigh, N. C. Register of Ie I at frot h II We learn, that Raynler has heitt Sawyer in tle first dislritr. The lhip. sa.. s the Rgite . " Stat.n olyv, hut throughollt tile Union hlav.e reasonl to re. Juice at the tltcees of' Air It. .rn tiPented and Illnwaer• r inog r all dvocate of \\hi principles. Air lyourn nuld have k'een beaten by active exer tlontand it a fir contest iWhi Whigs i to pll majority in hili, itd district. In t(o seventh ditriet, ()cherry, Whig, there is little doulht will Ie ,,leeteI. `. The Noiionnal lntellitener orf the lth .ttes o that Ii Ililliard ioi elected ovtr ino ki,,s, to the Ioeor'a Ibut tt , forlloltr Ias slotpported iby tihe t,'hi.a ts a toder,ort irlae. lid 'It, electionsa over Sloheppard its tot yet cerai n. FromI tihe 6n distrir t li l tile rPoo rnt were not received, it is prrohahio tlhat Mlontgomtrygt Liro n, io , elected. 'here Is little doubt of the elet'iot of \il igto in at least six Congressional districts, wilh a itair iiprosper( off llcePs0 ill two more, to wit (iolfor ootnd 3t eeklenrlI Y The Re'istler,renrks, the moree oflth people wilil show that a Inrge manjority of the freenrrl of Nrthl Crolit. nt are firm, 1ndi.iared nt unrflinching in their supi port of correct principles. Partial retlrls iave Ieo n receivned froonl IKenlncky, o ll Indiana hes slown that she prefers t l'lmtore than meIllsurs, lRole less thaln (easr--Let Ilher go, we clin spare her. Tennessee, the returns are still incomplete, kind it is rot yet certain that Polk is electedi. We shaill proba bly hear to dny. . ". Pretie's.-Thisigentilenan has replied to the Committiee appointed tiy the Whtis of ll dditnl 'ounty, I invite him to ecoelP a candidate br thile United Sttlls Senate. Ilio nollt ' is in tile Vh'k-hnrV'li " fit ao i i t it isia, bler h ld abit' ........i... ;i e "h tc e .. . n tihe requests of the Whig porty, tool Prntniss or no Prentils will lie the tes qsion t tioo tlh Iioslaote gi Coa;;didote iby the l'higs tihror~lorton tile tre. ('lay-Notwithstandling his diesire, so repiteo ..Ill" e" ( Ipressed, to be permitted tl travel mast tllllo l r n , I the I people aredelermined Ito pay honor to Iohe (;ret tt'res tOrn, at every pate thr ing which hI piassls . rtous ih (' wfills peopletouo erflwing, .n t mnotry • . o ,( 1 see him. 11." will ele ales nod estort a il anl e twl I di" Ity npwards f rllroeae thonsenrt people '|'h.. 't'h grea.tes t replnroarionls were makinlg fr his Iec:prim .-.und .le h bo Van Buren was preparing to r e of the day ofhic let W'the 0e ioliuhi thret folilto lfnr Fno liltate nitl t rof litr ('llharllo'oon CoWUier. hneer , It n i i-ictt ly notitotrlldlol a diudrlig iu f.pilliOll wllt h tIh wriePr, ,. lmuhen hr :nR.cs l 11d,,lllhlna, am n rea , ml,' h Pry. . n- i tona sld Collhen. 1lr. Ihlmt sll,,.ved n sP:lrehe oar t'eltrm l n ih thin case, hilt grelt facile. y f saIt,; ond i.',:v,'l ce,, I This case Ilas ailsed irert intere on Itoh.ot rll ' $1, whole Inion; nod lhe opinions of ilbe Press and the po. Iti ear rltedtty unanttnousogtoint the pine iprs ofl the day oipor ,Yer Orlea# Libel Case.--\Vr Ih:ae r""aive1, il der palple forn a rellor th ,trial ofol'h toh.olioStlor i tol Xof f ,eNew (Oreianr 't'eoar ll'r i con, Iotoa'r iCoos h t pr ,tt li'trl, to "o l r. J. r0 .roo o trir. , ro,t o, io tl (;t It r lt T 'o' e n seex itoIt edeI a toe t ,to"i , r and Ino r tio'rn ro otfrlv General, Ite noo 0uli ,idroto I yro l toleastr I oen loredlii ti hf to oh t I" tltr I3lel nhP r1a n , $1 0 dt3 'h II i i a ie. t ll a n 1. 11t o ah l t:iet ninit.osolo'o..tue tzore , i II tolo . tr I', e LIttookIlo doeo oi iolhe i r gto,iol t hle or ioole, atlo liot m l , otor . trout Jlkeod~lpoltnoo ,t fi.tion! ioobei t ott ohofoi ''o oft, Shit Ottos e "J' jury, h riot to000, Id I 000 liou t aoo to oly . titll-rg'P jllhli a ert( -- n ld ceu+( lt't 11 I i 'theo exhiont ioeo ores a sar - ri oa I of i o t' t tnte v o. Ial l re -- rnI 0 th aoooui d e i r l , ,, c it ih noirnpl, huitt,.to. Wopte d ot.00 l 0i ni sh , mhl o, I.rsa hl ti lan i nti reo ,,ib t it h ,Irto Idototto a Ig tot i i vt dlhlergd wthlutie asllverdin ct-ar Ithe a(Illlll In u tr <ie hof l t I eilSie i. oa r otr o o o oa r f i Itof'norooaoriun u d "ho l ieSe the oh f i of h sch' d Sstorier ti e g tllati uiioll t metre orivttllo atao toeh obottl prmit i introo Iu tio in eYidenct r u I. o llo • ' nO ."ot rvojndgerwheher the nlt . w"as 00otnl oheju. a , attiring. nof,,nioent, tiro. tr su ton+o' ighelr nhi,! ptlay 'th taru ot rrtat ali a-nold good condnct, fir Ftal er[ flotnces, ogUiht $iotl r ro t o _tt .l OF rdll. ..fl" .~lf,ti~(i, .Fg'llal~ll 103,j33+ ill Il+'at e u ~lat.I a • 'l s Pass Christian.-The lHotel and'4lle house of our old friend ani most excelleen coterer and hospllali e host Sonle, were filled to overflowing. The ciowd was so grear, that they eat thle whole counry bare, and the sea p _ empty; fish ond oysters will be scarce for a month. TL/e Regatta--There wawi none. The Mobilians triedl b - to lint a trick on the Orlennnis. Their boats were fur aished with out riggers, inadmlissale--no go, back v (' race is to come off in three weeks, challenge made and accepted-plrticulars, not in It secret. Tie weather was very fine, no rin,oand company very ( agreeable,except n Pohysico Medico, whot took it upon0 himself ldisagilee wilh his host; na ring was formed, andi a re.ular set to had, and Medici got whipped. T'ris td nl ie up to soie for their disalippointmentl ill the bnoat race. he The dates from New t.hrk. bv vesterdan'so mail, was lhe to ie l10h. r; The meeting in re'natio to tie conduct of Mr. Trist' Consuil t Iltavt , at New York on tle 9th, was very 13. numieri uly an. rnded-.1 preamble and re-solutions ill, wre pinsd, condrnmnin his oindct. The resolutlinion re very spirited--A memonrial is -to t he piopnnsed, prao;ingi for his rrenmovl-Fmtlis are to be Iimsed it enable Capt. Wendell to bring a civil suit le a nrinst hitm. It. Ilueiness inl New Yollrk continules ull-no lhnge hnninse ecuirr.d- ii the stlnk market; mles of U. S. I Oi -8. l Malam. Ilurhi,, dex-eaml es if IMexici, is on visit t io the White Sullphr Sprlings, I irginia. It is repiorted that ith Court olf Inquiry in the easen oe r (Commnodollre Elliut,hnv- agreed to r colnend a eollrt Id John Pnvid Iink IuII hlrn teciie ,eiseI l as onslll no 10 the inlnf f niurtember, Ito in New t hleoausand n e Frederick Frey a Colnsul Ir tile Ike of Iaden. AArrideln.--'i'IP I.nlouiinian rnports the enpsisillg in S tIlhe lkei, tline i le Ithe liII le, of theeI l ir. S t Antoine, re by which two len anllld one lwomanl were drolwned. iny ile l h lost nllntl lie tlrieilh (fQueen tas-o spolo.enI :I Re l mt i i aeil i he alu d of the e Vnt lk ie tern. pecie.--Since the depa lnrture of the str shlll lips tillp ,ve wardd1 f94110,0100have heen hllplped. by the Packetts j frnom oiwe Trk to Liverpool. . ge 'nrolineCh.nro tlltrtit, dantIohter oif .rlnph ll lonaparte, i Cointiie Sir.neilliers, was inrried on tie 31st Jiuly lst, at WatertPown N. Y., to Zlbulon II. Bleton Esq., of as Oxbon. us / Oxbon. Illake frmnerly of tlhe Archl1 ttreet ''llhetre, has tkeno Dorury Lane Thentre, London, with Bunn, late lessee, si singe mlallnger. F'nrr et openedl rit NationalNl, Now York, on thle . 11 E'xpectted at the Park, Mavvywood anl dalglhter--Miss Ilneroaiy,r Inllo o [)onn Soprano; Miss Peoole, Cotltral Io; Mir. Giuoett li, Prime flar.,; 3\ artin, second; ,lonvert , I Tenot; Elinr.nt , (.o dtul tor; 'Thomtas, Lttder. ltr. Powerr, (Ias Fitw tillirhe tgeneral actressinEngland, Madlim Giuthetei 'ruoch, first rate danseuseonto , ranking with Ttgliont,'all the are star--other negoaiations are all going oi with llacready,Mr. Nesbitt, Gilbert, Mr. Albertozzi. Ners.-W-tc lentm i yesterda r Ctommerctial o ulletin that Trinity Church is to he pulled down. That Wi\Vl (cQueenI Esq. has been appointed Post Mlater ofr hin city. That the first itle of ('ottou wa's received at Mobile on the I ith iust. Frtoo the Chttrlstotn Ccourier tof the 13 t. C~APTt'Ren F IoFoRTu-SI lxt IDIt.-T-e'P tenta tlot t(hltrol tnl , ioptl. .v hlrivtd it tllis port yel r tlay ftt ,rlt ut iom F(tt t I,I l t L i. -'it 1 Blh ik Cireek, hInV g in )l r lt. hIlulson, or thie :. P. AIllr lt, wliitt s er UoS. resellllull, who hud ill ,hularrenlo Il.iin, t iano s inlch or enlll po I.tIoIl i ll t hlredot l mrat e d t it Fari I t tn er n nthe T th illst. Tee Indinn s it i IAwPIar, lr+ ca om in to re etive the rttiosthls rhillhch it doi n Ith ,ir a lil, tio dis lribnt ( e , itot the . I . tII. e b i itLiet I. s s " sion of hnf;,rnla.tih (reeeived hy ex 'ess te ,,- y Ne evi res.) re pedt ing the n,; hb O 'r l. Ilhrod f v'1 t1 ho I Cent, .ro pt ly (Itrettrttill e tot t lake ttles IIt I ' rs. In etl ulplisohig this, hot l evert i t It itnne itri eso ro shoot two o f jttioe ldlto r, who mat t ,lanlt en lpt to e. cape. hPeI ('hnlhv It ln)l u rdeed Ito (: M lip lon inkl, ulierel ie Idian lu rwill dleuhiles it I impris oned .mil or| Ps (,hli he nei riI as It o I i ns"the 11 fi( mi nim. \'e nlnl st m itRes, orr orl tic tll l it te course rr 1it' ( 1 t b y I n. Il unl . nhi hlliu l l th t th e , 1p r 1 1 ) n e s a n oloitton ht has l xtlbited oilt tists ootoa t, w till te fol leoSite 'ip fther i lileoy , ol e liltd it like t or clhtt. t. P it o llplar , le e c etlc reIIt a 1ny b j teoot1 ir-. rg ne li s n ret tled o I O ittthI tht Ill r 1 - Iir lt r v l o-1 l t IItIttia o io tgll yd klllt the lallt itants tIt Flortldt nil, ho pe foir to i . i ne wr11 itin thrl e hltoe I utt e l i ill - t I t he t det wI in t Iot ilolar oireslllit d t ill st lt. . g , u lin teri eI te Itj Ito (tolltoo ne ttoo ll rn ottrr Ottltie tilt' i" t t! Ne i ttt cIn itiu d, inoa nll all y slltl " zed somtiie tli ndians v hello were anlmpsed -in he nighb rhind fi the pest. Jo oplr it erlllo d itnterti tollt col of (,a nirIt iM wor v the hig . ,i p to-is to, iaod roPllet is grnt tcrd t o nd ollO it oo jision t t e -i ot'rtllllle i e lrtnl. tlh o b. I[t A tidol fils to th nlpt flo j nlliolr oficier, to exer bi-te all y tdit letlun or avsunc reoIII III' rps n l hitis-lntt ill tils ruse wae ralnet but leel reei r e nt that eI.. p.t wa1 iln cuci ll,1 f i gentle -i iltsl, wh l h lll a I d il l I ith nil ditto I to he ig s ,e.ri i t o. , [tllll i h ha s ni'dl nedt I l'or t Meljlotn, in tCons relunc o o it, ltli'e'tllhit Sili t It i l 1 I hlr e l, St, ilo i sah Io ttt kttrt It S to, mi hit itt -t vt-i to hat.t tioill o ih oi n . i h p vn0L0 t wart t, incllhl ,li ltfur, ,ki.i -to', llyl 'enlit I ottlt ot think ytu i"light b big elnough to lllill . l rliculot . fLyT"1 hr bae Iep IIty (]llhw l fill.f ib portit a p e rs fen theI:ll x, nulnll eli+ alll ged l li. e deep sli n S f sl . gingclll w h ilt the ha Iefn oF the su t "e ll rers. Jo; ,we n. Lies A trial n i e h alired States Ditrict CouIrr, (lllttlell ib tIhe .rellr tl' l I petis h ra Iof r Lflll by the Colllector of dis"h0-"C. a ['llllllore lced l el lluion of" thl e lae hI uty1 Retorder', ¢ ottr! , \\ m11 (. -ie r--lAlll-ser(] • oll lyin trunk, li e J rlist' r ~""~' "'"'--""""'a * I i6" IJII, Illw,,· I 1'to~~n jr o itiono-SUDY 1.1 i Ic111+ivr, nod .'h Iilwl lIplliu of the !)lilill. I*ilII1I(r ('..S. Itntk .tu)k at 1( I sllog allT I it n 1 1 IIO\V $t, ,1111,I.t 11 for lte tell ei1rot of winpur ry loons, now 1 procure a loan11 l01 'ie .hole ·w11IIoIIn1 Ii-proloinillled all. der the I plTIrnlltell Irllt !, llli, nd Li ds ( to he n"-rll I e lil njII li-k.·I~ n:Ilig Iret)r l::n~n,::jd ee ras~ d ::n th h in Middli"li II T :1, an· holders n v,"n real. llrI iot 111e ! e'o drn1 of f'lile Bank has I' t hillllh m ll:p li:lc rlt, ,,il h n ll·at! rea nd/n"t" Cn:la, (.an:' '"pnl,,,. 1 oninNwYrt g rh mttrl :::c'a..,c,:l. ' 'c:::: na ln I:; j A colored boy ten; l::,.: y run ovea r ;:ll : illed on the i .1 M . tL ,, ,"6 n "I ot1l 11.1 ito te d k: n lil c ru ýhrd I,'' M 1aren Ih /11111nl au 11 ( It,,, Bok. oadl~, alls lately Ili,,l of e, ,,oIr~iel, rued, and~lI weihin :3:1Inn tt niIit ''took,! a'litll ease over an I I "r- l."ll of 10 ft rt l It 11,, ,ile, or the rulle Irl !I now. ow i houllr. played in lrlnal ilfol u ar.l8 + Ililldri n at I'srr llllr u i l, N. 11 ;:311110 pules were male11(( in ('Ie weak, . By thel lutrnsr acuoll l-, Ilrcvns were.~ rolling at Iillrnosi ,l vtei nl too dollllar. abrt[Id NorthCirrlolo-Charos tlteptrcl is re elected to (ongr~ot s th Nrwent iot:rt, verlie IB. ill II ll hit I )III .aa~s druil~d il' nccun ls of h= tole ~ 111e reasur r Bynum. The elections in tli ohllat l di.trlicasw tlt 't on the 8th instant. SCrlommodore Chalncey, during the anlsence of Mr. a Pading, is actiing Secretary of the Navy. A siqop exists in London, which has been ocaupied iy chtemists niece 1616; rlMobile.-New cotton--th, firrt hale oflle ltw crop I was received na the 15th; the sample is of fine color, dlaan,rq al to Itiverpool ftir. "i Frther emit tlon e returns seth w, that 23 whiis and 57 a Incoa have. Ieen elected to the Alabruna Legiilatare.- One Ihalfthein state only heard from. Crabb is elented to rY Congress, andel ar. Murphy has a mnjolity of 32 in ti Washington. td Fire.--ihe store of Thomann Quin, oai Bank street, is near lExetcr-, lallittore, was biurt dowtn n tile Uth. Aa Irish Stub-Treasurer.--Ann Keirnan, a pnasen ger in the Adriatic from the land of potaItes,, entered as caomplaint against her cunlltr.mlln andti fellow passrenger, T'hofrotm Rock, as follows, to wat: Ati, though aneither t' handsomle, aecolplished or young, hid won tie hearl of ry all Irish gentleann, who inll tn sedelced her heart; and ns and she was kind to him ti the extent to inhg Iimt child; hut she promtising to he rather prolile, the puta to tive fithir ote le Mi-s Ann two hlldred sovereign, 1on e conditimn Itht she, with her progeany, wouilll emligra e iitanti hing her money and mhili to the Ullited States, and never t'ouble him mt-e. Ani was trie to her bargtin, and embarked on board the Adriatic, in company, wilii the nasty thief iPock,it a hose safe keepin.., in an evil hour, she entrusted her nmwelllh. On her anrrival, tRock refilaned to return it to her; a warrant wan issued, and Rock appeared wiith a ag, cnntam in£ne 7118 ini gohl hal which he swore eas alil hi own. Uonll exalllill tioin it appenared that Rtck utd otitreild to rIe,'ti Anit het ialfthe nlllley, ant eMrs. Rock swplre that she t as 1ot Mrs. Reock, nuta yong Inady who had rehhed her pa renitn, and rian tof wilth Mr. inock. e. Rotkt will be sent at to break rocke at Blackwell's ilanld. Ge.. Sacol.--The Ilernil, Wlhig nid other of the small frye in New Ylork, tre doiing Iheir best to wlrk (in e.. .ctt into the notice of the \hiig Collnventla; it iThe G( realt 1estern, in htt r it Ilip, challged her Eng Slish moaltllloue fir otne iof Almericalt .lattnllll.etaur,, gol ahead t ankec. '- A IE:AvY At'C(ICiNT.-IITh North Amlnricn, ailaper is published att Swanton, Vt. contains i ta ttle setllting fitert the mloulnt f llunpertey hrlled and pillaged by the Irnnps atl loalitst in Lower Canadt, dfiling the itoe i, 'The fidlla ing recalitulalion exhibits tahe st result: IInstises burned; 13 Holusi dearolished (in St. Aith:tannsie) ,, I ullllt ,al tbles, lind arLhollses burnled 311 o inmilies iplundmredl. 311til n Total muntiatt ofIptopertyt destrnoyed, $n819,et17. SI -I III TIlE LIBEL CASE. j*)tIILI~SIIEI) I'IIIIS IA 1}, 111d fill slhJ at the Coulntinga Rooml of the'1 'rlle AmeIrican, SYt Chalrless Ilotlllo d at the1 principal 111111 Str111, a cor11ect Rep'ore of lhellluero interesl a1 ipor11t sui1it o1f thle State of I.ouisia11 111.31111. (fihbaoo, Editolr v Pitl lhhl1.11(if tlle l'ltte At11 icon, beforethe ('liminlal ('111lf/ oej. bet. julyillst .OULISIANA (IANI t1E:Ul. PAAI'T''E AN!) SEIOR I( Ily auhority of te Stateof th . fRUft' 0n i 11.tx'II proved Gilt t 18. 11151 0AIW1t,1 114&lR'CL D l:OR NE4V YORIo R-IEGf 15 X LINET (IIC a o llotted, will trI'cK ' Ba the city of New Orleans prior In lot Janata ry next. 11 7'h p blic ae reseetialy int,rttted tat tic ets i 7'R U/. I' f )d . 1114 P111171 7 1') 1 R )' Are now ot ·II.I·( IIIIIl 1It~l re 11111111 r 11 11y1hc11 15 111 at Ic 11th411 ll 1411 II n ir I Icute of Ianal IN IIIa Oloistlm 1r riIcr 11,1111 Ill· a IsIep Jill ills. 1 A11111 £1111011101 111111 C~ cllll I? ~·1III jil\ ll·· I.· TJ'III II (.·l rliPI· 1111. III 1t14 i IlI.Ll( II~TilllI The rappers(] and copper JlaslenIn ri/l III·I) t d I 'lll( - 111 1 h1 III . Cot IIII 1 1-'114tn) II l sII tr wil l 001 N jl L a111 5,01Ttvn su rirI.111.1&11.111, te pl., to l. ll C aptai n a te ll, rd Il o 11 1n1 lI alto A I III it NI 'C i 41t4I111 10J,1l~dr felon, 111111hloflIllIlo.lslrr U' C"1 1 111111 101 a C all ' N Ie fork 11 If l P·~'l~:N'I'~ ltilil.'hlI~l·:)~:.I 1(~- i\~~11111

7'0N~T1i Sai Caen 1 It-nll In t,e 111 0111 ! (111 anl 01111101 I o1111l hell 1I411 wl.Zv . and 1il1111i? 0 ii 1 sail ns above. Furbe, bump o IrviN t orIre t "ns-ge loivin 3,11tl. 111 Chum, ol .nro.N 1',, do nee the /.err,' at Sao ,5 ',ty :25th iurl o. Ex /. 111 k II 11115 1111 1 holll ll) ntI'f 110 lll , [11151111111 14111 IIIre~'lllll'11 1111111. tll ('1111111 I il l loll.s, 111111 , h ll lie al l" Ili idi I -4 1, 1 I.i.^ 411 illnn 011111? ý!:M ns1t. the pest well c lralaed Iur the irnd " ltatiug born I.'ilt ill I 1.. p l . IlllcllpliI III r1111b 4 I bI' l eat, N v 1111 t.? ,d,,I, i til illllp' r S1, ',s rr, 1 4 Srci l litIm 181 ,fll iitg Fiji, terms o1 re igh o I.lndr "l a ti llel, alt I," to III 1'111·1 Cl (111 1111()1111 £·II~PE11 11 lllA 1111t't il IInupst. I'tlrlu lls~, ii l~l P it~li llllll 1 011li 11k1111e' II ktS t e)S ,C o i - I'llM ke .(lnll w . l a e a t n t th e re !tý titer nnl J I'loas Plill-m, af Il~stes, w rraned o I:IPI IV\ies( materials and 11 'r sale al ~ l·till lo es re, It prier 1iý' ARIIlnl ~~lllll l \.li l III It. ll'l:l'lll I1I, of Theslt~eni~ e rmvrie tit tl l,' rs, suitable folll r smillll Rooms nd -11-v fr saleIow" a li "ttt il, St oaf,2011 -fit IV,,. I 1'A t\ E ,53 lien il' Fir landing Tr o ut l111111 it) mea Jilillin Oh iTI- It. I~ ii , ul/'1. E FRIG 1I( iYI'·l El(·l Ii., c~ is a Ii a nd uilllll·l III·- I II- 'Lrllll ull ll II·(1 Il ·l:P tilllY 11I III I I II.L ...r, in n r-(· Ixt Illr i · iA F L It I to I 'eelt ru I l~l -We ' sn ia tl Ih ; in t1," r lin rv ,I," r""tr nrnl ua nrn rer2,ary In Ill. lru r. 1on il, n. I hell uftthe rI(lnrinIIII the sunlinrr sell 1111· 111nn. 1krt,~ hIlewi' bkhe II IIt l eI t l, nli W LI t P JIi Fr ie "1'a nnl;.r l"ýIsr isr( ul n~llyll~l ·Le Irreivinc fl l:III IICI n LI I; frrnrrr, Ite i'i ernln ufLlitiiSrr;,t Itri, r; T h e S u s rl 'It I .1 cP i ar~ Ih r m n n nfll t IIIIR ifI I, j rlill n un In turiti.;i.,,, ul ,,,; ;,,,,.,, and II,,~ r\n i critala of II- Illulrril a lntI" 1u1 .,,,, li,,,,;, ,,, 1 .111 '.t nwlr by 1).1111) \ (`nII*. lll IIJlilpl 1111 (1 I JI1; _ .lt h;;rtrnr . .ty r,/ ST7 I((·.1 (I'ed "'*I .ll w ll, ?· I) liar Ililnrk \\-l-iilii i IN, Inkl, nrnrlt'II I nrII in IIIXI" II of i, Ill!,:! u11 h1 )(1 111' 11 if~F~L' I It ii C('· it ll·)illllt ll blur ll~l· h l- u Ilillnl. pc( t t l n r , Ited(. and11 (;r(·(·l I ·lltirls-tt ,,IIn ntrl"fr:~ "d, by tillillelr ls 1II1I hI t l1",I A 'u N w l Mk Ittlu ls lul.n1 I\111 LSS61 hIesIn;thý 11 ""'II. il u n ,h" n ,l,~in n I IIr ntl l J) FJ I J I 1\'\111'1'.\F:1'. .t I.:, ull) et MA IN ;71 5 (:,lka ,uII·x and L~l1ituulder., tor salt' r jtly '!I1 _11 r L ve 1( )_F UI; K-Ii111 -tn - -n n' lir -l! I nnG 1 '1 ;l. , 1'11 74 1 l us St I+\I.lili- I ulllc Il~arll uIn r,,,I ultllinrll 1" to11, 1 stare~, fur sal b I IIiS ,I. nR 1 N u1,te a' R 1-til:-`lln htll 1~i nr !I1ILII boil tlrl- · trh, , 111 Ptl pine I'! 14 \rn I.rt,.iJo The DAILY Paper is neatly printed with mnall type on an extra, double meimun sheet, at $12 ir per annum, payable mlum annually in advance. TheI'DrI [WEGIcKLtc P1aper, cntaciniag lhe reading matter of two dailies, $10, payable in advance, 7 whlre no city reference ia given. S The WVrIKLr TR,'e AteaILCeA, made up from the t da lly papers, during the week, will be rent to sub. in saribers who pay $5 per annum in advance, and to none other, unlesa an acceptable city reference er is givenC . ubscribers respectfilly solicited. JOHN GIBSON. New ORLEANS, MAY 1839. ird . UUI -.- bbl:. iiperine a t 51it ii-d ti , i~ir i dllte hy GI I I'., er, june 15 41 New aIevce er ORKi-50R I Barit icine 1e c iAt. Oi. Perl, in id July2 in 714 f 'oydrt- stSt _ I wUll JIa J " l.n, ( l Arah1icil, I'art Ackt,, l n Irim T arar r.'fai 11[ Sul S hL, J t "ItTarptlltl tia Pturl Ash, T'arita hl ic Aci, ll hlorhle'.a. IlB . (Co via, &cF . fiR r sai : Ihy eII Iti( NNA IIEI julc It3 ('ir Nut'h.z le d 'llhait Iiiidia , 1 1 U: . )U C --It I arc1i c lP.--le,.,ive -fr-i , t i'ktii . . ,lisi.ici'i a la arer supply if le.ach I e lrr ii hllic ia ill tic iilid i l I fr eaiicht l vil 1.). I RID1:t ' & Ca. k july'-7 N. .' itii er Ilanll, .i ci'harnr t i1 I id.- - IIIIt0 caskch t'I I .lioll lim ' Icml i, Inld ifitr sle biy S J P WHlOTNtEY. d 1 -12 • 7tV 3 (aI , tl l` E.1 ,lrtrlr 11 ( ll.--l' ur fhr r,'..'T, rufnli n, a l' ·li ho n tl Il i, eivii helh iiiia itl ei ni ld 1rve ti lug liti i S in 1 No. I ti rf l r tIenltf tic i Itk apr fllw f llwln+ aiiz fc cl. TxAl '\--2tixi t i- irk _lIJ I.1!1 i O ap ii rett i ilt p.xt I -1iiI lilit io1. I l It ' :il le h " l;;l r house molasses i t h 0hrilIiclea rar 51 fml-1& ht.ih i rne g 1011 ,,ils lpe1 Ig~ II %,+ II E M1Nt 1() i :I'lN , B" N & ( .( lItllh' (": . Il 1t r 1ii l 9t I ll , Ot ilt . bie iin itilv. nlcith'c C-ne i rativ a Viw o1 A Ilirlt II + . le Sir \ in. Gof c' l'.n eipin li, at l 'cliia ,.mh1n coi y, ly 71t,--'.. ro S Clar h rl . &C l nr m n, sta . 211 --------- - L t reev,,,l Iy hale, ril, v h i a n ll n ltllulat of I'rrs, a tIhe I t .lzilar, (oll or :r o ' fft r. 1 ha . l l ' L onI (.0TI]IHI) N. It. A re1m llt- n-11,rt nl rt of .11 ' 11 i t I n1111er. 111i IUSIIl & Al 0.l..\N. Lý / i -URl .-Bii-O.() ++ - .,.! Il, z fi n -,t. r+,n,i for s- e I,,, Sv(; I It +Ei 1 1 :l', A I I N ew L.ev, t N IA 11V 4 ll .--'''IThe ('0r1 v," ' tale I,1" II O'If 1_1 • n iilmil'; ,\ Nlolir 1, 1 1 <'ohI' 4li:t.1%V g,,, b (; It A A I .I'.lam I : s( IIII t N tal ) I l .lop, , I" J l I'iu o' llt ll 1, 1 Itclll'llt l oll th II" .S 1 t.C . Jack I.hlp'p'.l v .IN h-wirt h; Illo,'v i e lr Just recrt ad 1. ni fior - rite h\ . ` Ir l Nll:,l lll ,so - i s Jhot in I• i l hit, ler , i li t l I s al' 1111 11 8. I 1A 1 1101 A, , n n I t I ! IN - i .t ', " ,il , AN IA)1 (, Illlllil i) a J ,l]JlPl+i f i ] o ll , Ex'hunc l ' l I o ,S1z I Du"t 1nk 1, I i l vn t rr rh ·ep·iF. i n zrnl ill l Pi ·te I ll i" 11" ' ! 1 r 1l I, I . . . -. ,,,l itI ,, N o l r I I, I' A NtI I n1 [1:1 ItI1IILt, x h Inn+ .' lh ,1 (.h,,ll 1, -, r uItt,,, -- T,, l 'i t, , i N'raln] A aperllll il.ll 511 t41 1 I4 1 \ I.I . \I.\ tn IIIINI) I '111,4 V I - , t - Soneqi papers. I I I KP.--ill + lN (ir r i r h .I 1 0 1 TA .| O ' OI, IAli P rIy 1 ',(Orltl l .1 o Ial :l .c hr ,, : l ll ('i ,, 8 r 110 n 1l Ih-. l lll\1 (111lto 110' J 0: i lllll, l i- l ! iI \ V . ih.1 1 0 1 ('0 1 -0 1111 l n ,, 14t11111 "il & k (' ,1 i 3 o I tiln , 111 ",.I)' 01 , , -.1 -1141 (',1111j01 1-- fr .i:d l hv 1, 1 ly4h , .1 , -41 1 111; II:il 0 1h Crli i441 -1 ,1 li0 ) 1 o il 4 1 Ia 4, 8 4 o, 040 0 jlll l lrIt, Il 'Itl',,l1 1.' c 111 111 it :r 1111,, t"e 111 1 L il0l0 1, 0 o Oy 111 1141 1 ,11 : 1: 11104Il 4 ,\ 1, ' I:S1 I'M 1 1 li;l tllllil, I _ _ l, , b t Jl t7 o 0 l if or Il fl U y It I hr 1' ,1t w1h 1 II e, ol sh w onER-wthi• n al d('a4 s 1 o1 , t oo ay th11- . , ) Il i I 17,,1-.t l, ' II N ,"~l +,. +, I . I ' 110 +, le i \Ina Isn -- 1'1 i i +-t - .. . .. i I - N . .l 'II nu'T u t,,- +r_ tn ,nl ,ll r\c,,,l,'t a h in - ,1'' 'I Itli - ( 'y I1 New+I. ýI I urci r l,;lro " rrl n il . X I' ll- V1 l It -. i l I1,1 \ V --'1' ll r , o, . l -. ii -i.+,, _ >l_ -_, _ - Ni .111 'll "I' %I colr LII IUT l n (l l t ' ,,',' ,, i l l ,,' P arish aind nlicrly ofN ,,w in arrl ., chr. nor a eolllmo O f I o h I Ion ItO cll ll llrr.toO |rvcr 111 - 1 .Wde !I ha Maye o{ t ,e ,"ih ",I kvhin ,i nl ohgated. ms"".,, bectntoma nuoL lie e Onfiriced and bu. et r Tie said property 'a. void by inllh auitionlern c aoresid, on lhr dtl o day of g l)'uert Ibe, A. I) t i td W iralla" ite', I ai de . , and ld Nerditors Ie court, at u hicl l sal e.tho saild \',lis i 1-~1 Ilr 1 nl 0l'a0 ea', Ilr, a;tell balance on a ledit of si, elve oalid eir L In lllr)iti cn i ontlh , l)escrilyti31 ol'Iproa) 'rte, an gienill i tlie jldicial conn. SLI vya 'nce ' : A crr'.il lot oC grollll, ni1hrar one- , it.rte in tli atbcaurlr lc.rnr+crsr, I, olmeirii bnd'd by Nayadel I:r.i leI. ntirire and Ichria .tree tl, tid lanr l ing lthe earner of E't, Yi , e inn r n' aluri< Itrl one let elevent inle r a ond ni o liner, tere c' letn, Ou Nades stret, by nicetc nine teet se(ve Slinesde, ap, ' ailt (il Erto srtrnret, ailf ,nrlis11 InneLirj atll, IlnVhll , hLellL ill OllilllOll -ithi luln l)ain , '1.res .tIro and, ll lnn allley ic tll, reall, of live tirltt - vide, togeti.'r with all n . I, lldings, r iglt, ways and llriv!igirs l Ilieriuiito ilel.ii i"igr 'I'i n IliaI Th O is per plan drawn hy iJlihctellrr. e1r, rivil rndioeer. diated Ihlo lr.t daly o'.I ,IIIi, 1 113, ianened i i c cI1 t III tllttleo '1'\V. y. 1+ ia dat.d Iile Iil'i h dai y at' I.rbruar;, 1833, being a subdivisinI ofl ol nlln btL eight.. Clerk's ollice, New Orc ern, ,llhy 3, 1839. J- i)L[,II:, lip'y Clerk. jaly 9 3--9il ijy 23 da 3d all," eY- ( ." 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"The prase aof -h Journal's Iwa st stpl;ltlpel"1 1 (r arlOu Ce I lestie le t lll' y 1 o1lle c()1e( it" 1 t b. ante ofolo 1 1r Iighlbor Bowl ,e, n d I,1r0 its 10 q tlll~ltly It 1i'h nrlictletl ae llpeelistoll. 'Tlli is very kill nl tlwe Sla'lir t I I tlhtnIPlt we Ihbor uA derl likn e Fiction with cc or neighbor of tihe Joural, It cll li a , eant. In lhe lean ktlo, are any laborilg i lcer cimillr life liclllteie to IotllIrenlllt .lIlitVe O mo Velo lll ( rn. 11o 11 . h. Ilywle, lv Ilhave hlit lr inonv lle the nec illi r Tit ldines ho ol'the renPdy a lte .retllm. T'e elucdi ie ll I unlll lltedly IIt i nchwneigit oem w Kvy. IOr 'I.nTIR FI{M. -I-r\SAItUE I. iOWII.EnS. C The ilhlwire Iette is frome Mr. HomP lee, lditor ol f theI Soep blica oll jo l.I, prinfieldlll, lins. r Mrt. MehEal-Sir: It is now 11r1rtc00 yeares thIIlil hre St AI 0 ed f-'(n r inmt fh l ti e bo els-tile c sc-C I(+llintlli. , I' l lllptllrll , (I ltlllI ~ we (ll ( (ln i0 I; l' n o i011 nill(Ic su l lare oill l( s t'verwillhlllllo i llnl ahl e I td deplre.sio l : nttIllcall i no f eill' tm el.nC erir y liv d I'\s n irsolllnr (:t Ieotlive in:+ . I II ' ( lly(, n l il goI Id l 1vs: its, Isla Ialve tl'it'l I C i ll'lll int f lik & . l ' lon, '(A 1hcem utd I111a1W1n C i. lS.t i ' ni ao t de o lat enr l nne h,tte agI r lulle a .everl alxle ' r O ylolr" I'i.oItillt,' lM ave o i llltd Olre Il t ; froll thaolthlo111l o lidnehlpnesl to myle .lor i eng I ll" lle, 1th o lin 1ll b t n llo llediring I have vet 0t l ol. nt Yours, .d\1IJEI,'IIO)W .l,:S. lor t f ItQ i di tnIli t tihe corner of . 2 nail ' t '( llll lll b sl l l) ail. "iann) IIt iorf rtn][.; I( L ,.A tI tnI Ia t:O Iare IhIfe l ow Vie] l()It," I'ry Andetwllo, F'i'encllola d OGllalrmg.llotilu 801111T S lother lalot Ier trnlvelliO o Ire(a0 g Cases1 ; (,eltl , l ao'Pckelt, It '-u aI tl's, and ll llI) ll ll l't(ll; 0I l a nt,; S'I'llll 11 Pow der; illoIl n llShllallia n Sa; itl n 11t 0 v riet;. IIn. Il itlr ilBrids, Ri gle ai d F "riveitle; fear: atni I1el es 1-r Carle 110; G in 1:.l i1 10('l {. ret; I I'odl r l'ull, u o1 111111' x ; (II I hoc s tine1 0 II(0 I(td e(011' I h:ll-dro 'llp; 1litill emd etOo It'onla t; ITp I eal0 k (1,u11 '5 't:1 hitill;. (ih oll 1n1d Sivr l,d l(t1 .ll; I :ih ' 1ends, tol N w hi'hi (1tt ditio. 111i1 thei i 11(1fkr.m.. ..II e h d,. :1 'til 't ( 1 teir lasortmet 'ry c1mt llll l anhb t wlll bl e l ol i" o lllw andon liberaIl tersI al. tile wi.lelg of thie (;ld.en 'l I So' '151110 t1'i1 io.J r , h. ('ann It- A so : I). front fisllr l .llN l lll th( ,rll s t o -tol wi l - ioIol(, .o , (11 o atou yit t. Al a 1ph 1 to 1" 0 I)OI'U'll \1I{ ''()IIC.:-%l,'l !bi 1, i lllr .l u r lollm I'allllnlvlo. Irr;hl'r l , ur lelters romrr om l e.IIIII ellleritllll SceneirY, ilt a l nl lsp ll <ndiI wo -1 Nos. iBe{.i( v,,d O ()111. \Idd i IF o Iwers w ith bt'lutiitll (.Col:lilt'd IJ'Ja' --. - 'l'he('llihds Iruwing Illlok. I)ron (QLixoLltP itt:} ve ls limn. with lill lfI Trlllmlmt1% iti C I I l n l wr , i n t v l." " ' ll.lcl.,licoll r th,'4 l irlle..' .lnv ill U u,. s, n ~Irsh h T I dh ' IIhril o the l of u r t44. 3eh,111,11114 4 " ii4m44 .44 . ., 1 c 44 c 'S il44, 4 l4 IJ4' iiw 4' ol4 1 11| 4i4hl4 iy, fI4 r -ale h4 I jun, I I" .1,1:\ '1' T .\4I, 41 C4 op at l.11.KING; C:.A\:I. 3l"l 11 1.1 ., No. 16 '1.I.r,. >trl."t 1I1+ tlhi+ rrtr v r,.iverlln variltVy ofl'. CANt. K ., ll, li r ,.,, r at'risnf ,"i r · I, y v, ifl ho . tlidh ' .' ly, '.w I ,,1r r SI;ll l l 1 lrlllll ll. i r il 1 1,, I-V, ll l iR I. o ( .li,- 1.4 Il l l 4 1 11411;1: '11 DrI I .;'y nillya Ihd. r I~-a .t . I tlI . 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I I+ [ I I .l li . . ".J '4" Ir4' 1 4 .14 4 4 n I fl-ll rre I '2 lr ' h i 0 rl hre.,0 < l , . 'l :l':.11 l\ 1 11\-J , 444,' '-' ,- ;i ! *4'4'. N 4I'''l 4' r 11r4h, 1' 1 4 l' r h 4to, S , , 1,44 ' -144 '44l 444144-4f 444444 . I'' - 1r 4 13 may '.. }. : '.KI+ & i',, ... ....y 2;? ,.... . .... . t iFrom~ ILe,'ver " n( t ( 4!, ." 44,l 14 I 4+I.- ! .... .... ' · I¼ '¾ J (: .ill\ ( ili(,t,. y F ( jil CE OFT.· -+| ll l r hilll F I 1- I tenth anti IH t kh ler h *l itO · pe col th 4 4 gliID {1 . $444 4 I nht arltic le, of o.'r4 walra4 a lt,' to l.4 r4 l n 4 the r4sh I ty G. " :\I'.a r T'a01 \ ' , I 4, ,e 4n No rX II !I-J4i e.n.'fj No rk, ' f ) I.1111e IS & . 1'11 0'! NI:1, 44,. ! 1- 4 44 . . 'T (::I :"31' / t. S OFFl b." Ti 111 1'1111 : pI. l:J . :l4, - 4a I n I, llP l Inev4 ' c t 'l6rsu 1144 1 doe iia al , theI , 'llh 4f augv4 13, 1 '39, I i "ti,,c If 4he 4 y Juny 4I + . I.'T'Ii.4 ' . 4 JiI ( IN y, S0U410K C. I CI LI1:, ; ATTOaNEY AT A144v, tI 1 Ir (ILrtcI'+ tlf H rris h. ,,,, sotl c ofl le dj "eri 4--44 444444 e l'a4, 44 4'h4 Iniehllm, onl i '. glntrnllll'll Pill444 44r 4io It 111 i Io lley)1' w ,ill b .e iihrjk n all I I( 1 lly i041, ; , ' s lhhdr, f tinl~lllllhe Ulliled Slatt.s--(' \ ·. a: 11u . r+ N t',e (4144,l4l, : .ni i lIna' NEW' ORIt'EANS Steam an4' Patent 1i444uit Blakery --liarr anad "Pnt n44 Navy Broad, Soda and IVine,, Iscuita Suear, autttr, Midford and \\Water Ciral eru. All ti nabove articles are warratedtb to ,e 0a the firnal quality, and o keerp in any elimate, being comlpletoly kiln dried. Als,--Kiln dried acorn meal. ()Orders el' t n at . W. PriIchard ad '1agatt. Jr. corn,,r 3laga.iiao and Poydras streetsla, will ra eeive aprompt alttention. Small kegs put "p1 vxprenely 4cr amily sno. 15n4v n/ & P V t , 'IaTN o. hi 1 lienl) 'atbo. an d ,itr sale by o PlI (+ --.-,'51: I,. tIt N,- . 44444 / i u-) I-|l'., .- i. , po,,,li,.. ,, fin. ..hilt/tine oL' ,+ r I 11:1 1l.\e". I ,.., SECOND MUNICIPALITY NOTICES. | ' I cip olit, tile .,l owiti l avt ta iz: A i to rlut iau mooed ",hl ll Ia lo.t thlirty two years, of "Oi5s-la'lshi 4t'httnoL5 Alih Ad o in. n / oles o la Ill i Alihon i (hitsixtyyuars'ofago , st- " a-,wings to Air. nadlui.. at r ill l i , A st hout d ') I ears of age, stoayslse riIhn.a to Air ar,1. th A n b.s hav tated itchtlle abut 12yearoTasgi The owners of .oil slaves will , plclse aoil at the prisn .ith o. lt d l. t a s l l iitu plitl, liproveP lloCl , laIV e arges Iand take temtllawav. " II IIAtl'K, lit, atiglit t Citain sitre Watrh. 1. Sl .0 -- -- alllioth!..\ieh i lr ":Tl1E bromagbht to ti, pond of -th 31 ward 2nr I2 Municipali'y tim tallowing stray all. di' rals viz: A Gray poner stud horse ahout 12 hands high soar yves and loll eye supposdcl to be blind. loe A bhrown orse )oney sth a Fim. gray hai rs on hlis laco, fore fiot bl.ack, about 13 hantd, high. At row n maro'lodn striped on the breaat and tve b ek from th, cnollar and saddle u titto.k across both c- ultdeas id branded oin the loft hind quarter, 13 hiand, hlltgh. ss A inay horse mulo 4 legs black and strtpt on the ,w bloan supposed fron. the collar, about 12 or 13 to.I haIns high. d A sorrel Ihorso blind of tlh right eye a asrnall star nI O his Iaco withl collar and saUdilic marks IG hands lit, ot:n Mare with twhi to Ice 4 fetloeks white and part of thte 2 hind hlgs,soar nll the back from thal :,lbh, r lul lnll ,II the riglhti ird quarter about 13 "r '14 hanlds high. tal A Illack horse luyv s itin 'mall star on his 1 fltlobrainded onl Ihtt ribls flre sholldllor, blind of , right eye and lbetweten 13 and 14 htsato high, t e The owners of. said property will ptle llat the poull nd of the 3rd w..rdi .lll Municipality sitO ati d thoe corner at Robin .l al AIitunciat to streets, eldtroe propIs 'rly pay h pI.olics and ttlkl hel am way on Ior ell ntldrily '11ht AinLs do tnat, 8ornl do I ti ip t wille oed it it lUloi, by P qullotte, pub. i ' ltioas lto q noloioquc 13 'i l, t ti s q trs p tls ouIr. arq, It i ;lli O llar, Ai g it 1hI, t 1839 la Lieut. I":lGU c als. .nE n,.l ru Ial,, 't ,li droiti nodi t 'ria ro nt d la I O Stllod.o lulcipaliti, lee animaue lud de v ..nres L'. U ln )tal o isa d" 1i pntilln e do ant, borne do a I',, litat olie al n irn, nyatt eoll orlc pIls f ri, iiof. s lr is: IHolun Ica qllar Ior pilods nuir, 13 pauses ld Ir l Irllid 1' rlnn. in'ldrit hor n' cpaollo at I, do Io: t i tat dolir toIo llo. , o int n quo io tra.e blo os pri:l tirp stlliosc n t llel lea is e luche 13n 'i u t ,ilaodlde hiaitl r pli too i llto lt Oll, alys ds' tlLalres pio l it I i e, te nqul it'. s,, I Oaiurtolthoinu. o n t: 1o li 13l poauso at ", 55 ilta, l)t i Iti lt hiy U cheval 'I , I IFi 'li, ,in ol s rif to IVloe su doIs Iial'l.llli; (U. IH. sol L, cnlse droili, di 13 Ii 14 •lt I s I 1an 1elite)al , ole etoi o r to front ll: lltI slip I' t: laul,, droit barorln do I eUiU l drOii, do 131.. I1 , tlll. lu ie h tint. ed liPollrhrotiirce voidlh-orll eni lea reclnmer on proliatili hLuirs Iropricb. atl it, pot i I'sncoilgair ois riles llillill eoL Annaecialion d'iei, 11an 24 G1oa 1FI3!9 illarnn rimlltl il scront velilua it f'eloi pIr P. el. C G. CoIoil otlc eliCnlltI· Iur plublic. 1.5 1 1. WNTI N'IZI( , ler lieutonant. Ion l N ')' ('"l:- 11' u tik, l iv by tille I'd ec " tihe nind I " llh i ll" lllllil , p Ia II i ll. ~ h ji €'h. ll llll in hith Mp at=a Zy Inlp lhlilll, ,I ,ig/ho lflray !lots l/ ll, fi'eesn hlnds hll'h I, , lolo tl h 'u'r llely in. " nod h o l t on eye, ani also ' ')he <l a -r c ,iorql III h ,. " (I'rll rd,rm ilrJ prove li per IV, inII cilt >lre· . , , ll taklik "ll awaIl y.\r llV . I -. . - . _II .. I I\ _ I tl'l' I. I t, +Cnpal in _if t.hie 1Vhcll. c. Mer 4 u+. r l i; .: CIr, .. clLl II. S. II-tltr n lilt, r 'uptninrll the 1 tnci r. IoI a Xrt-ru( par !! nll ciC tie rI S hR(n OVOd,. n t't re r r rrt, V ri r f 'll rrlmfrra tIer ilem eau ui~p 'rr," riuhe l has c'IFr I nima pauIIse d hal re ru I ..r tt errrI.'rr, bhrrrr,rrm morne. uý ,lu'u" Ilrrrctrl N. l731. 1. r oprll -lain: irv: uilllrll T a proprimiC 1 payrr e ue It I e l,'rr l. It I I(II ' 11·· 1 / 11 , tair r. he W artcI.r 11yrrltI i Id.IrIr,.uoare alta at X io I', ",A -ilp.,,, Ij. I.1 ...III IIiIrr rrrrrr meike rrr re( s ntal ink,, i iiil , .,I ,,,,,, I ". I, 1. ~l 1· ::d U A IuPIn rA <Ph." ''I O"rriirriirriit II ,,,,, 5r, II rr& Ghr Ii 1 :11'. ICI il hi r·II I I. i ,,io d ,, ;\ U(ic IeIm Ifý III <1'0 , t".,; ,,,, , I I rquIdoIr f rr 111 1·1·1·(1· il~lrllrlrpammI >,I I, +,,, or, a p ý ifI,,ý Fotll l mit rim Iiil Il :ln, ~ g t ttI 011 01 ,00 0. 1;. :,r . ~II iil~l(lin t t~ :LI" Iý;,IO T r I llt, t (:U m on ,ilrrr r Il, I', ýi,"i' ,l,,,, ". I!r1,ll lmnty ( l L 11 I: eBU P I. ri Irl ,lil 101, rd(···(l rurre d'mrll:ill y Fr , rn";,I t rr r I ,tl / t ~ 1 n~ l.r"Iu r p I: I IIAIC:Y rur~rdlmire. 2. W. COLLENS (I· . l ip I : I 'i,,',ll S e XIII t "It1 ,,,: ' I Ir .r ii I ,rr lIIlr I by t(1( 111/1151 1)1 1,1 \ll' II- 1:111I)A1S ii,~ ~~~Iu Ie ('Fmp Ff1 21,)rro ~~rf Pa tn";t lu'ý il i I:t t (llrrlPl dl e cc (rie mps; tntll veon r,- .,r I or"I.:u n, itr s r n d a lv .u t p i il / a le(" v ll l d- tpplo/tio rnYiI 1bi · -'fl Iri/ Stat.. or,,! rr,,,rr rrirIrt . I I ort", I., JI, I'u-r, XI r.rlo'nn \Iirar Serlrr ele U t' I I 1 I I IFlll rol~ lorI. lro, Irrbrwrrrr ·\ I \n1Ifr JIr~rrrrr urn-~I rl,~rlm rrrmberyc jrlt 1'n,,11 %'ll I-tI nil rl irr v under 1rrrrl t u l 9 ol'IIIO ~\ \, tv ol ll '" n ~ > , n vr l r r prorrrrIrurrl i'rrf, lrllr yrl eauremaea IillI 11~ ", 1, 111 00 r, Ohupdli(:ol t I 4 'wri pm IIIIIII' I'I _\\ 11.1.1 1I11 Il. ..o Ii, llllrl e 1'1 rll "" III" I,, In., l\ ll,1,1 111" 1,11 V.I'ICiu lte l t, a .b l elu" . 1h i r n nl"u r .tint 'l 1 Ituli tk IN. I t I ': \ It I .: II II II .II ,re . l'i`r, , la ' rich LAN P. .\IiIm. . I < I- i- '11'4lP rd etne ele.Iy low nad on I TNll.,. I 0 (..el ,ins rroe. 1 II ...L. r lllllll ,n r l 4.) " nmr:ty I iý:l~- I. II \I.E, 93 Commons l :-1111 I n,~ton li,., na e, f oreals n I ~Z 73 'amp a jjAN.( '1Inil I' urni--Jn, l r ' neiveS l no invoke e f Illllll, pllt. l t+|'. lr p .pr lll (' i follufa eur e, and far p,,,h hv A LI.X' 'I'rWaEIe SIi 49 Camp ,treet I N1 l A TIl I'.l, I3 (Gravier a ý,\ 111"I il9 .\ I S r-iI.rrre a lr eea itrul, n lll .ll..i Inr ' :il.' only by Rees & D'lange, a Id ,i l' u,,u_,h', .1314:u m. All IhI +, ,l,"" ' .,4 4 4 . conaSiLt br Ihe moet splen* lidi slit ' ..r.,+ .rI "rlhl.nlo ,y l ill m Eurrllpe, Alia, Airl n, :lllJ mlr 11an 1 tl t lz ntrd. App;l al'i ni'ot, s ,l it days 41 ill be taken el r. I ) KI. '"1.- No. 1.r.+ , I.e veoe. have in stoream 1 li' r h 4g'a.,.l 'lt I., . rt -oim, t i L4gpper and cTi :\ -l+elft a otmh" I FI; renilntct rc w rhich ahy ofri ,,o by wlrIhnihran,, may 28 j4l -.s ijct i' 4,4rt-i bigs I\ rr, i oir, nd alb ___"A TIRIRi, 9r4 rovieren os1 cn b4e int1 a4; 4I4le 1 nt l tour n rera. landino v e ry ll t illr ua ed,, Pintro ln nI., fo r sale by e 1,17 A ''IlRiEll, 34 Ueavier ALlri.l r.,,vri-In frir- lIortlo; L oorinPaisa coLtplie ;tntortlllolt of IFroreic pewter Syrin. cs, frrnihel iId i It tip in treat boxes ; allo li4w'o il4njrcion apnrralus, dirct fiomn London, a rlost conveniret Rrticle ; Mirw'o corn eradicator, very extensively usied in Eollad., filr anle by II BONNxABEL, jilly I cor Nirlietr arid tiTnhb ritolllastts 1,1 t iii I-,, I if ha&rrel S r1)ii iof t rj , l '4. e1 nlr.S . . 1 Iltriwlnd', I'cli lixtlrr(!. n taCr WI,, tr b . 44 bb ,, ti n ii10r 1i l 4 r "t..l'n ('hrrit ,r:1 i es, raie e ou e I4'4l4 ll i t lltil-e Irt. t .II o r 1':llnit ,.1lh+ }0 lIiirl s-\l-, u, |l barrels A pIrllri4*4ri,0r0, v&I ! sollllhess \\uIIht+ Irlenld! ,t .ro...tll} kres u tII t :100 kegF • + 'ilh It l , rntli¢.lll 'me ll e aeal for ,ale o" Ie r J.\liVI0 & ANDREWs, \I'll'r sl, ll I)rl;.gi-l, '.rulr I olu lnol & I JchouplllaU JW 1. 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