Newspaper of True American, August 22, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated August 22, 1839 Page 1
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Piiici, 12; CIENTIS. J"A NEW -1L A ,TIRUYH R IGAG S'2,1 Vo.-'v 1 N2oO N AUGU8T 2r~li ~ -i .6 HT& t)I XI V voteatint0 of eontril. e. SECOND MUNICIPALITY FRIDAY, 24t, , May, 139 . Wh rersic 'hle ,favor has+ trca:sittedi to hit+i ion c il ce rtain I les hln tion a olj e o1 " C o u n c il o f* [Ihe F irs M - ncipnalily, o rlal ln Ii Cto .te seii' lmhi iguar i' of lg llidi bounded by Canal, CoIIeiio'l'l, aitolis asitn Mag, 5inm bPettsr: 1. Resolved, That the Council ihe:roy ref'res to concur in said Resoluctions, and will not con.. sontto any int'erlhroece on thil pait of the First Municipality in the proposed sale, other than its ca' compliance with itls agr:elnntI of '4th Maty, ' 1838, to confini the sae, in orender that the proton - tions of the Couceil of said Corporation oul It not efftet the sdalet of the lots. [ , 2. Resolved, That titisCouncil has not admlit ted and will not recogaizy ' aniy right in the First Municiplllity to sal slquire ol ground. 3. ItRsolved., Th'at th.l Attorney of this Muiici. pality be and Ihe is hereby dlreteid to procure an order of sale of said Cqilare with as littlo delay so rat possibloe-it bing '!istinctly understood that such t, order ofsale he utriclly in conflrlily wilh the of Ordin acre nd Itsollitllns of thie~ ouncil in re.- br lotion to t'le sale of the saenn. yr JOSlHUA IIALODWIN, Recorlder. Ci Sent to the Mayor, May 25. or TUESI)AY, May 28311, 1839. r Reonlved, That tho 'L'rtesurotr recire a notle is six tonths, bearing right per cent. per annul iri frest, in favor of and cnd.oriecd by F..ierdy. fris tIde. Buloerchaux for lite aloulat due Iby her to LIls Municipality, fsr laying banquatlcs in front oft heI property it Gravier streiet:l, on her paying ell oost that may have accrued on th sil suit i tutled by that lfy Muoticilpality luyainot lher. fiv JOSHlUA BALDWIN, Recorder. im Sent to the Mayor, May 29. Rosolved, That lravo of absence flr twlo weecks Ie granted to lHenry Kelly, tCoulniosary of tih third Wardl: Ilprovi ed that hisi diutas iliring hi li absence tibe perflrmindt by his snii, aoiistod by t'ioii ti.W nisnarny Barry and S. KI(ourg. I J.'OSIll 'A IAIl)VIN, lI:cordmr. Sent to the Ma.lvor, May l. Whereao, Iy an ()'r ui , e doptedl by liis toln. cil the 411 IShpti n,, be, 1i83h , alt'.Ol lri ng ia clnl tract with J.ohn Minturt t r pai' L , i in is prioided l' thalt pityleln shi I ie m:do o hids I ctcias 1 Iho optilion of the li Cocnll, -. Bo it thirefhro resolved thit the 31 yor ho, andt he is lereby ilnhorised ts isoin bolns tU.I.ohn alo :l turn, in thle iusual l. ln, alld i confltrlnity with said Ordinance, fir til iiioulnti wh'iich lmay IfI lime to tise be due him under -id ()Orduanee, i+ nac counts ieing first exnined ad d certiled Iby tie ( Surveyor l nd C(uonlmtrollr. JOS.ill A lA I:A,)WIN, lIecinitiii. .r Sent to the 31aylr', May 29. Resolved, That t'i Trl'easurer ipy to I I. A. her. |urne, on the warranit It' ,e Ma' or, ' Ihiele0 two hundhed nld ,it nix i 0,().]0 do;lllrs tlr pili. ! need iln constrclt .\ric i Ila:ves agr at, ly t t Surveyor'as ertificat,o, .IOSIIIH A I.\IIt)\VIN, lRocrder. Sentto o the Mayor, May ' !,. Wlhreas, the sIpal , it the prt appr,,prahd1 to ' lthe use of liti hI ii the I Oiii iee of lliy i.h 18:36, is found to bie lu'ul iculi' t I, their e reill llt. mnille l rrl t rtlain u Io lgU I i hth II tel ru a.l'' d ite.I bt laiw ti.i Iii ut t 'll 'it e i tlii i'i:i 11 :,I ii . . \ tr'. t' l llol If soraid w1".V'11 h-" I,- ItI U ll lro. t "ll I1 l (", O rdi "a, ' t ', 1 ..o :1'i , I , th1 1, , i front ,,f S, t..1 tro ..-, ( ',h ".I,., ,lld \ oth ,"l, I. o )eyond th- hlan , Id ' I,,, ; .Jt ,l l 'r-..'' act l' I ii l I itg il l] :ir ,v '. l'i' I. , I le u ..ull- i )d ,n . -ha ll ' . h e clir' ," c v sue ,\ ouv i ,ie~i clrii.' : if,] l ,. i ',!,i . railr a l h ci l c.~,i . ti Il! Nd ,.'I ,t t . ,,, e oe netil ot': it,-e 11 ~ý oi l he , I ' IIa . r r". lallr ,d I rl , n II t, " fl rd. ..I. I It r( th11 L : 18shall ot he ulol '' hiii I,,',c o r ,. l Ia ,a an I cuin, '' u 'i LI lui'.: io t r tl lla , Ill, .fl SIll"A \ 11.A l,1l) 'IN , li, Seo t li ll' M ', , , ;a,' 2 . Resolvedut , 't hat , t l t i' i ,i I lil 'luteI !:' i h tui, i n othorisn ,,l , ist , o. : nc'l l'y, u,!fld r t', : llti . , JOSllH I:Al.\l)WIN, Rciiii r. i Sall t t "to t 'he il)v . , 'I ' ,ar edIt ,,'' leta er .t I he ,ct h .h, 1839, r.. the no:vk 1 l.o hel rti oa 'ie r viar , id ' iri ut t' I.ihr M1 u ie: t ell iy , vI : shall ni l be I (,h i "1,, . .n.,cr Is h,, ~ ."n o , id pair epile r. t $3 and pre spklrl s d It, I s .tI this Meuni ei l.' , enal the proie rl hr rey :iceytel JOSH1UA IBAL)WIN, Recordecr. Sent to the Mci, or, )II.y 21 I Resnolvced, That ntie te ,hl o ardvs etarc onit. and psne dri',ly thrle drvela r, 9:]inder, 'ite May Til and1839, t)i, hota'ir Ceoiearstne doSt imn 1eaef t', I gialen u ilta inse ad ly tf raid h l c, i td er the o itner Ier nce oS1i tIe areevec1, IVd IN, the ] atulte'. Seon tf the C y av, 1eta ieis :?td 1 4 Resolved, That the ,iarce of. J,3n Grant in ie n ton the rire. in front of his uniiplity, vz: divingpeles at $3 each, cappesin. and planking at.13 1 t,7 &ler Sq shartl, h e d tm e sant is nrt thy acnepted JOSHLUA BALI)WIN, Recorder., Sent to the lalcor, May ".2, Sent to the Mayor, fliy 29. tso!lved, 'I ha thli, Surveyor ro andn Ilis a rrhy I instructed to hlav gruded and fillhd up f'irtiwiith, Common lnd Canal streets to (;tilvez streo, and i tacvez street from Canal to Pnydras streot. JOSHLA. I AI WIN, icortdotr. Seat to tthe Mayor, Mayi .29 Re olved, t. T lth Surveyor hIe and l is hero. hy inltructed to detail twelve of the chlian,1 I tfor the purpn.nlf o h oliring oult the ditclheslo reinit. Iv dog lbr ilraiiingh lt irst asdl 9 , wards olt'tli Minicilpality, and for filling up alnd keeopinig in or der said dlraniil dii rict. JOSIIA BIIALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, t1ayv 29. Rosolied, That the `orveyor h, aou llti is here by instru todl to cantry ilnto effet lihe Ordinance creating a horse rnarlet on street, ent to i then Maynr the 12th SePtt., 103_, and that for that purplose le is heroty nuthori l to erect posts aind chaiins arounsi said' space Iln street. JOSHUA I]All)WIN, Recorder. Sct,t to thile Mayor, May 29. Resolved, That Mr. R E. IRigers has porllmis aion toc rect a blaoilknsithI's forge. in tihe bmilding occupied by him;l thL said fO go to bin remnoved immendiately upon the order of this Counciil, wheth or occulied hb Ilse -aid RIogers or oily other porson at the timeo sh ordetr niny bh givrl, and provided the said luili gr hle lire proo!: JOSHUA I.LA DLVI W N, Recorter. Sent to the Miayor, May 29. RIsovtd,. That, provided thi U. S. District At torney makes ino oiltlnsition thelreto, tie Council deoems it expedient to pnitpon thie stale of the aqua e ot' ground, mounded bh (anal, Tihapitnou. nls, Coiii nn alind iMat in e street-, until the lAnd Menday of January iext, and that thei npplication of tile Attorney of this Muinicipality for the sale of the samno re mo lilfid ancordingly. JOSIIIJA IBALDWIN, Recorder. Sentto the Muay: r, lMay 29. Ieso(, Thait the Treasrer pay, onil the war. ranit of tiir Mayor, to John Gibson, Two Ihndred and fifty-dollars forit iicture of Washington, for h JOSIIITA IlAIl1)VWIN, Recoritder. Sent tt the lh iyorit, May 29. Resolved, That the IRecorder is hereby authori zel to notify all pertOtI, keepi Mg gambling Itbles, or any games of ]hazI'rd whlrs:,covrr, in this Muni. cipality, to close tihe same wilthi 24 hours, under a penalty of $100 Ipe. day; and in case of non. coomlrianco to Ihave tile parties arrested and bound over to the Criminal Conrtr UOSHIIUA IALI)WIN, Recordier. Sont to the Mayor, May "ir. TIT SJ)A:Y, lth June, 1839. Rfrolved, Th'lat th.e Treasureor pay to IPeo'r Clea.. I', on w traint oif iri Mayor, thr e tu of five hftne dredl iy llysidollars andtwleny four cents, wilh 5 per ceal ilterost thereon, irnt 10r h May. 1839, broit thell r lr r jLr of i.dl r i t rendered rit hIer IrtvorL ig;tll:o , tie i M ul ,icllalitv, in til ( Conlur1 lal JOSrILI A 1,ALI)f\lVN, H eo1rdr. Sent to the ;lyor, I ne r . Resol d, ''iII; hl 'Treuer',i ply o llhn ar rant ofthr Mayor, t,.Iohe R. (ryn s, the min or (Iuo I tho san l iiv hRI1ii ri!, l ri', bentl, l mo n t orl ee agroe.l to I,,, lii-r tili, fotr I ll, f i l[I!he sii t bromglt by theI Ui l r ir ,d trr til for thni rlarel of grogund siitiat: hlftweenl rComrmlron, Trf halpitollia, Ca alI, and Mtlagazinie strer. 'e and tIhat lthri 'iras. trer also pay on lthe warrlnt of the Mayor to ile theln Mazfiurir au one thol ad five hlnnldred dollar;i being b $al nc, of the fi.o agreed to r. paid to him in t lhe rllll rie m lllit. .1)SITirA Jr XDIA 'IN, RJeor'ier. Sent to flte Mohi r. Jui t .i IRsolve, Thlint tl: 'reasurr piiy ofn the vair. rant of the Mlayor in tie Miss.iaippl Fire Con( l I. nyNo.2, )395 4,I, ,thlee hundred alnd ninety five 41 10) doillars., 1win for ,400 foct of )hose inpuoted rf'r the i.l'l s or . i-e I Company.l JOSIIIA I .ALDWIN, R ecor lr. Sent to the Mayor, li ae .i, R, ,o'ved, That 10 '['rcensurer piv to Newton Richards, oi 11 tii w rran t of the i Mn v, r, !t. miuln of itwo lItisamid dll .I, gr i l hiI hir lks Jt rr ished r for the V, et,,labl 1 .31t, , k t, .I()'III 'A Il.1L)WVIN, le,,amder. Se It to the '. \ Iyr, .June " i l it,-A , d, ''h I:, 'l' re; m r p:y to Ifitnri fi \tl'' i, oil ihi, w,:irh ii .tir Mayor, the ub , ir h ,r, io l: trid irn 0111or1 t ,ll " t iih V eo g itablf o auf r J):sjill[\ IAID)\X'IN, Ierrder. iSot1i toir e Mayor, .I it lil. R i solved, ''ht theil 'l i rer pay to Robert Mc ( llch, on Ihrrri l oi'i r thr I lavor, rlen sun ifi , Ihudredand fiflyl , vt to dolr.s utll tw'e. Vy- tvo e( sllls, oilr s l +gilng hrlh.edl I laid ,n the north J 1 ) , ll l' . \ I:A ,I ) W\ I N , R e .,t l!c t . S tmlt t o .e 1 ' 1, .101i ii.. IReolve,, l'halt the, ,( rv..i s of l:rtrk Cox, ('m the'y t, ;1, n I' i , Ir n hr If-lrv. .IusIllIA lL\ I1)WIN, lrcotrdhr. SII llt]' May ir, .llo ' j. R{I solv,,d int , L ;,,, . u,1 : h're. , n d i ia) e l l ,.,, ii i r ;i in' ]:o f h li Ii t, :im Irlhm + I , htail -.," ', v. lt", sn,. r , tiii , hr , n , il thi I()1S Ii'.\ IL iIX)WXIN, lie ,,,hr. I rt ~ ,: IIt Xl1 uyi," r .. l t, I. I' , Si '.`. I .\ I )V'!N Ih , , - Il ~ . ' 'i ' ) I lio hr . ~ I, ;' .l l .l\l A I;.\ I1, )W\ IN , Ii c r,,dle'r. "Hunt to Ihe I n' \ 'r ' .1it 1'-, f !roltr tle t Anl is O j.nt li nd ( ,bi .nI I' i i l. lx . oln coa l''ll stIU :I n L· .V,-ll ll l, vl I 11 w 1 1)l ;11,1-r .Il'.sIl,,hll . oi Ithese ,litlll in toollll llr (Iy, . iblr llailnd 1, hcr'h II1 .I(1 )<ll .A 1 II 1)W IN, RI-ectn, r. Bout to tihl ..1Layl y , JutLne 1r.:. iReolvet!, That the Treasurer omploy a .stable I person to c topy the Slitat tax rolli i--p I .a tax h t !!. s lirnt then line tlr Hits 1lttilnipa ;il; t ittil i c11llet'tin tf s tid i i taxes fr each n et r ci l. n lmen o" u1h) list d ty iof the ollowing gar. .IOSHlUA BA1)\IN, liteclrdI r. Sent to the Mayor, Jlune 12. Rollnved, That a note of this it u Iieip ably fior two thousand tollt hiun re and sixtv dollars, at onet Shundred and thirty day<, be is.ued to Aithuny lIa tch, in thll for hll io' ltreet l Imp .IOS111TA ]\ALI)\VIN, Recorder. six I t IIIfs, for thirtr lt hundfILr and hr -.six, dliltr,; a nlt it y.hfo r ri Its, ai I 1u i lnt d to Ilh j. ainf levy to fill ltar his bil of stationary land printing , to t l Ie. . 51 t;1 11AI)\V' IN, [ccordlr. iSllnt -0 to tile Mayor, Ju3ne i. Whereas, Jams lrornm, I'rastus \Wel!s, i. II. I Coats, A. Love, W mrl. II. Illartin, .o hi II. l "inlk.Jn .lanlli, T. Ilnpio is, (Colvis I L) itlltll . W . Thir. I y, Ju'in I'odley, . l.;ta and J. A. Ilhane, p:o prie itr ofin.. on St. Johtn trnl, ifloto Gired streetl to the Itasll i t i hein w ctan t l, hai v pelitiouett lisd (Coutlll to causet toi b opiened St. Jiohn stret, irott (tirod the rwlW Basin, Be it Rltstolved, That in l, ias notiice hri -'ivti of thin applicatio' l in t lrt i t lie r Am ericluan and i l iitiln, in the Frrtnchu and Enigl. I anguilagiei l tllat i(n 1)asie n slal ttti ,ctry opp ositin e ' . mad to Sthe on 3in. o's. strLeet, th t this Cout.+ ' will i' irl,,, t.,+ rause "l,e upetn d said St.Jobh. streel, tiont tri'utd street to the new nain; thit e xpt s, li11u and I criwt t bro( to be . e.s.ed and es. tnatt-led confort.tbly with andi under lite provision i of a anact ofthe lit gttsltflte, en;thir "An Act i,, riOulate, thu op-n'lgr, laying out and 1 nproir of streets nnd putbh places n the city of Now Or!e:as, S&c., approted 3rd April. 1t 3-." JOSII1UA lALlW\VIN, Iecotler. Sent tol the Mayor, Jntie 12. Resolved, That so much of the Ordinance of' August 9fh, 1037, relating to flat boat breaking, particularly as relatesii to the firt. 6'0f fieet atlota .loarketl ultret wnluf, is at rney repealed, and tihe Wlhariiinger is rtqutoitetd to ienttore Ito Otidfanaces regtlatting the port i tithi snai I b tts. JOSHIlA IMAL WIWN, Recordoer. Sc.t to the Mayor, Jutne 12. iRosolve l, That thie Sutrveyor hei a:ld heI is here by aitiholrized to havet shelled walks imade oni An. n otiatioi ntsquare, leadinig front each glate; atnd that hie b farthier authlorized to contract for sixteeni ibeches tor the use oa the citizens, to be planed on stid fsquare pnrovidedt the cast otif the t hhole of tt same shall not exceed five hundred do lars. JOSIlUA IALDWIN, ltccorder. Senitt ito tihe Mayor, Juune 12. TUESDAY, 18th Jtune, 1389. Resolved, That this Council do concur i in ini ing the MIayorit to call it meiiting of i the entra. tiouuoil, in order to oler certaini modifications to tho ttr.inaucet in relation tIo public earriages. .1ISIIUA BAIL)DWIN, Iietcorder. Senut to the Mayor, June 19. It >olvil, 'That it is expedient that atl the public for s n w in r ngr tss, ,s vttell as t lhose ordrrei , lie enp..l. ld, tanid lpostponed uitil ot hetrw .s .kd-i ir wined bly tie Counci; anol tihe Surveyior ie ho e hby dlirectel to discnlharirge all tile carts ad laborrs, u nd nialoly StIsu ),.d all work.,+, eXCepLt ..uch as mI3'y It llce.,oro r to thn l plllit)ii tlllh, Ianil to ihi ipresorvatioi of tlhe tut0lic workl atld buiilingis; of nitit\h( rtOoIoily Ito CtlllmiwItt' onl StoretL olld L~aul .in.' AnlJl decide, It ',eing understuoo that thll] rel . ltio shall not he( demed to extenl l I o ayll public workii now lelng lo l undecr colt,.rln. .ISIIUIA iOAL)WIN, ltecordler. SceuiL to the Alayor, .JI'ie Il). :L.solvo. , ':hat fivn hum!rid and ninoety rix ,l!.bers ;aid nnety eipit c tots hi paid tn I1. A eon~j tin,111/ toteitlit it1130,li 01 nh 't t wto '. rrant ,f th. r, r iro wo .rk fill Iunll pnl l '.+. .J()I IA BA tLI)VI N, liecorder. it tio the IMay ', .lute 1i. elv8dd That two hu11fbod +I,,li rL hop.+ a" 0,. llttisoly tbr ato nb ltr th Ot, Trteasorer of I tho +'l unicipalit . •J)OSi lO,'A [AI,l) A WIN, licetiruler. Setir to, lihi M%1'tyur, .lutI+ 1. Il. '-ivrtd, hliatO it ithall hi. tht duty of the C.l .ii'tor o'lthi taxes uLptuj o tl')gn' , p o l .00 out ini' hldge T. N. olorgio' (Toit ll oIl Ih inrracti0on. if t it , iawxs l elltiv' 1 o ,It oThint 1lr11 a.l l) 1, ,)pen0 1 Id'or !) o'clock P. M[. or m,.ll ng hlup(r to) .+laver.% within ,i18 hotirs a't.r ithe lit d hinoen ar1 reported SIlt I 'ectro r , r v lilt',l r1,l rt wIeI .e ,lly i w'riil in >,to tlis:+ ( n cln il the+, until Il f l eo pt'r' ies I llll said m::s v ai lnd tll relulTlt'ih 1hPYol'.r 10 lIlA I\ ALl) WIN, Itecotrder. SStent 1.i) the Mayor)l, .I title| ] ,. S solvd, ThatI ti' ' l rvyor is hlil'1 o'deri d to I pit iin 0hre0 thil Itwt r i'' Iiwe to l thll r(eciont If mrane uibldings w¢.thiu ll th fire limits o|" thin Munl. Cip hti.t I; '0.;1 ir .:hi.n ll oiitt:''' ' 'lIi""'1I c,. .JOEIIt A I'\ho WIN, lecorder, II ~Iir, i: hI· 1)01'., ~i: Iteeti a ic.:r-~l +.nt to t "e 1 ot', , 511ut l'o. I . o++ lvr,, "T hJ (bo Trea,,u r Ihorn,. he i. horP- | ly dir 'etO, '1 (>ht es th; p avr o r i ril ltirono, ,1i - [le' a.,tilr, ' 111tO s :,It I';0 It d liv r tOft liln, the nr it1t , riti ttot,' 11 lo.,i) j tit. ttlell+]lpnll3` relt(iioltg ll . I1 0 :00 tooll t 00l0' 1rtt' tint 'iovo:r I th li +". I lottolllo f T Itite1oiiu bontsOf oth e,,tl mod tonb t eni roo I tpplrov'd I i hl 31:.r:, 1,-3), i,. ex+hg...g,: lbr t I t ,lll Uolllll + I t tillbt Ill him itt'' Ii t ' tlll i tiotth t '; 1I1! ·LIIII!I:LII! (I1 ~ll~~l~l itld oi~l'] iCI ',tile.n)1? .1i)III1 1 IA\II)VIN, lieorenI'r. ,'dot to liiti' Iayor, .11 t10 .md TUI.SIAY, 95th ,Tnne, 1939. Itto Ilvtoed tit ClOntoil do rsi.':t, notwit hst anding SIt e \ o ICl)s of the ory,' o'ir ''he two resohl1tio11 I h' 18th J' n . it sto l t' ti h one. rtqtt rig th. 0 'rtwr,.r to call upon tlhe M1avor lbr tho Blonds of.. hIl+ Munhici palit\', and the; secoud Ipas,'d an secret ''''ll llof ' t 'irl t't o1 t i 1 io ' 01 i ii' it tio t toti i tr io.l s i r1 ,aI t t i Ih tt I t rsid II titds. t .II' ,111'A IIAIlI)\VIN, Reuotrder. SeIt t the May',.'t une t 2. I Xhe~re, This (o')ltncl i ii'tn" d b, the Tl'cI'' I l,.r that the MayOr hai i t' i o ,l irrr to hitt thel ion< ds, vhich ] y the act of'l1 th M,.rch last., ame' I fo it.+i V~l t 1 i, hl t' t+ll :llI + Iii ll 'IIl |iti !lnd, ch I advanlcd fo.r th. aid of this *Muniei imhty, and w.herer, t. bo May ,r t'ives as+ his reason , u h rr r ,at, Il:int h, an. ot yet beel it f'ir , , '' .tr' i h .e by t Council i rlti) to the sal cl a f+:il Ilian , nnd that nirtil [ .wh n'lru~i)n.bsu!,nt!,d ,. iu--be wi',1 ]ot, ,h hver to, the 'ITr,,.nurer oi t 'Itt l unicitality said i Ih,.1 i,.rI~ ,, l,.-h.,, "'h f his (Colncil cann. ot r i th, 31 t 't ar ti l right c o dienai e to q, r..,du.:x ,,n v.'h~h h+ ip +:,il+, wilhs the :t3, :t.ic' 111,, it 0t n w th i lI ', I t' li>tll ,' 1 " r 't''L. I itri l V vh < d h y tin 1i0111 0',,h-lt 11,0 Ilt I 'c- 'crittto toi 'um i' r.teS dnryito Ikst +,,H r l',!lr' T ,h ' l, IL tilt' 11110, hr t,, lbitr tr taooi n' toI t'tt~i• r t' to i ttrir t% r 1101 11+'! 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S ,trey r,+, dei+'nalt~ingthei~l work bv Jobh Gra/11t1 ap~proved by th.1'lt1111l+P Ol tr',t. anld L tult~ing:, the; n(otes+ ofthl' el .'Mun ;Ic lity, Plo able on the 1-+t of July, 1810 : lP-ov ;d:d that L~th whole w;ork{ nuthorised hy r his (' otned[ to be d1,111 Oll Lie whaLrvets ta.lorestuid, She comprlelted hy the 12'th day oh' Octolbor ne.xt. lR.esolv.ed, That the w\orlks a'r'tady done by said G;rant, and aut~horised b~y the ('ournciI, so the as ;L nIOw, co. pllllfeted t(ogether w,\ithl lir nt'll ge+ iand commllliss+ionl on the tunlber by xsinxz~lg contract w\ith said Grant, he paid for in catsl. JOSIIUA lBALIDWIN, lRecorder. St'nt to the. Mayor, .ulue 2|;. ii 1(UI'rVlI~t ·Ilirl\ I· I 01> I (I9IMI 1(1'! III IIINA ILY. I I ,bw I..; II '.1 .lII) 11 \. Ia l ·'p . 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Pllp r' lliVi l whi h l c i si l cl l' t i lle h ts Icii hi n hot'l 'c 'c the o'n, thatc i rvcr b'.irll dlci c iverl xic e ., acit !is knt \,il d:,- I , d t f, h y r u -i [ ol lyste , L b rivIl from 'l Iccll n nll el xte sivi pll r cy1 r L 'l11 II irriverl tI t i .'c ccll ' ccu , ti:ii t t lic gr t and pric i Inary can~v n' o m c ct I cs c c i ' a 'd'cran' int in he huntIll; ls of the liver, h r i t e, n r dtll s. an in. :re i sed L I I c: l t' iIo lll\"thl h I - iSo ll i;ls II1i' rsiic c, t-hat C it i S cIic o c n for ersn to ay ' hc en tily c r'i i'lclci, that they are, Ic II Ll, II l: llllrl _ tl[ i' Ihll h.1 c lh t oP ll).J Ln el l : I' '11. I Ih ci. ir 1 c yl'l . Oclli., nlh Ir h nhid!, hcl t li ilIe I'l lof ll i'' it:il ini, Io s)ln 'ccv ct l hi iin ,I I r.and 1rr Laclatn , l) lll - 1,, : llttI:it'll: t i' cc ll llc t thelltl Ice'' ict 1.' ' t !ii ll is !11nt pro-l r v ex ctr e Cd, '' l ,l ti -c i' ' f ' ""j , ic ,d it crcii ,Siil, .. Ilh. P l,,r:: is . 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Dr. Peters lictcer c ih li l i'thlt his l in c cx cri. i i .clO v r i,, ti c ;,l i onlly subs utc l.lltcillui ansl rin All l ithe p rpoes r: .lr ri.c ' witeOr t laiy of their ntt . dtcl~ e\'ils. One great qlntit- ofhis v,,getatlI . piclls is that they ithave ie lter ive prinh :pl, col bInled with their c:tt'.arti", or operalive qunlties, So thrt they not y)l, c12 al-n, the st mluach m;il I veIs by purging, but they r,'egtlat the Peer, cIhungc tho orbld .ce':tito , Sttrnitn!iii il+ the li: tive or;,ans, pury tcc' e bood , invigorate the ........r l, , I. ll giv: tlune owl e.erLr y to t he er.. 'hi ' ac e mild and pt -cl l t ill, their npr tlit , a c c c'vrl,t cic luld' ate conviction of thtic r tlity fr It ,, li t d 'e. t I' , c c c i c iir l.n -t . . ..n ,I::i"' L ,h i r c i "" clc, : til". I-'Y bt i,.,? m u iit'uIrdltve pi i o n<' an,.,u d h ncith. ] danc, c,ý ku y.s. 'I'iv an invaluable in ter you., ;=I t! I..'[)tl{ 'lll i[ P:11 ; , ''n'uf, e 1,, of ip;i. s.uhj " t . ' y'i,.+. ",ra :=. Id -; t, n cihl "u dspcee , purg,, ehlldr'ltll. ,e I hive intltcid ca ,' lm V i ,' 'tabu 'ils tI he. pclc ' e h te r'K-ie' wcareHu; certificates u't r,+'h"+ {iv,, r 'fl r'y i 'curing dIsI. .,, a t (o, many cl 'tr. Ita rtctic ,et;c phchicia.n, whl avte n dl tilwlu in tlieir prltau.:c. wit.I the be.L Snulc ht pLhlu;b h Q ' civLi' of c ,tifricates bhttt s~ c r it ich dic" u 'rV i d, he l'dv ilh ii ll i(,{Icc lnclli t;[ I i t, tit " h- w i I I ,kc trial of it. ' l ,.m ve pill- ar: it boxes, containg 1{ pill- ri: vcci i I'ii .' , 5c ) c,"nt, i' r bc tx, ])rnl.i-t i and totuntryv Il'rchitnt., ltn be so) plied, at whl'. i' or retail, at 1)r. Petev' c rici S, iic , I II , l an.h , lret, betceen lagazinu AL'ci I'r ca 1, by I. X. 'lrse.on & (o, 11 Ca t: Pc ' I' Ieli' , drn,,isc t lc ' I' l Lev'e,, betewer,' ti;,: t wo) nhtrhe. : .11-. lir,,r i,ier, dltuggit, It the \\'a.shiniIo'l market : C ,] 'T'rinchali, dr1g. gict, ci rll.r v t C iv i v & lnvurhon treels:i A Ii'", if & (*I} dlrtnlff2.ts, cork r of T pitoulls & Gcirlod stlrevts : ,I RKe,'v ru ' git, Iaftlyette ity. vci v c i Ivi cv""cc icvlivl AIGI A I)i1. LIN. .Ioile to Au: g i-lu, via Florida. " P,.-'F L.av..s M obilhh TueIn·da}'s, TIhurs.. j- day, lnd Saturdays, per the wspledid stewmer hmioo'i n, (ex. cnpt in case or st .rms,) to )tt sawla; thence per ohiio. r Le laoy ti( L\ (wGrtiu{, and thence four horse punst coacth .s via .I artl'iat, l alll b'ridnge, Pim. dertuo ri, ilDrren, )Outl. ', a ' d lerry, to .I acon, iu; Lhoel e via I- , loil vile, an ld S,p rttl, to \ir. renton, i1i: c: p r rowl ril I ars to Anglilllla. TIl ChlIa P o h , I i' I ll ,- L l id ordi ir, with ll ew e. pper bli t, c. , ,, r. . , . ald e pper fastened. Tiihe, I Roy i .s ben thrughly .paired, her acculolm , i tins re: ar( , ith dn:i, is a ny: ht, i,. STihe bt, l il' lit It li. iia h nld, and Cn cla. vatchllie y , +pre ,t tht;l m ,st lnltr . hting stowI lII fill.m vigati,) ill tLuh owl ith-leGL I th sa lint -IrI y 1.u Il lUIaiked. t 'I hI- 'T'eau are n,,: s:irp d< , on a ly rt,: in the country ; ithv , i v'. ,s tto a itLain, c; retdl and Llatte, The eigs hrettl,: dn ilii'e rous have ehoi newly limit, to t it high v .vers do not, inter ere The.ling av,: " n i , itly chungi d, ir ,tlitrJ n l as .Ii,' ny la .d in, thi S,,uih. It is I ll"I 'y j o .. w n lrir t itwe e clool- c'r and hI-rdness: ofi Ihlo enabl.l he tU i n, it all o" smosto, inak gre at Ap-'ed. 'I'e it lmioth ss hso lcures the travel ,otIr i t it.e urdniu, y t ii.ul ' ol', sl. c Irav-lhi . 't'hie Line is now c - rvin g its passni ,r from Ahglus.t d to 1.51sbtIn or days aid wlveho hour., or to N,w O'anils in hour d.iys and topnly hours. 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