Newspaper of True American, August 22, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated August 22, 1839 Page 2
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anttrl & .vorwwww OICE. N .. . Am mu ewvucu. In o6aneeion` with this OtLce is a .PtENDID AlID EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE o lR TOE PgINTrtNWo OF Sham3Sa Di ew Bills e at DBill, fCiculars 4IIrobiES. SAl.d every descripteo ofJob WVork that may besqgal " w-Orleam ChaLmber of ComQ ueet. OFFICERS FOR THE YEAR 1839. President, S. J. Peters. Firt Vice President, W.I.. Hdge, eq. Second do. .Jn,. A. Merle, Esq. Coomniutlee of for 1839. James Dick, Janmes H. Loverieh, H. C. Cantnaok, Alhijdh Fisk, P.O. Sorbe, Hamutl TI,mnpsnn,, Ceom'itte of Arbiralion fr the month of M.ny. Jolai Heddlleston, John C tsrriIun UW. Huntington, Willia, Hlopkins, g h Hyle. Jr. . P. A. Hardy. Jotchmn Kohn. Mall Riegulations. S e Ga Eastern Mil is closed every day at 10 saltek A. M. Is doe everydny at 4 P. M. bOe lake Mail(viaL C'ointon, Lu.) is cloned every Is duo every 'Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at P. M. T Luisville or Rivel" Mail is closed every Mon dry, WVdlesday, and Satnrlarv at 3 P. M. Is .enl ndretarned.,v steamboats. Arrives irregularly three ines a wreek.o Th LsBaoa Snar or Coast Mail is closed every Tusday arnd Friday, at 81'. 1. Is sent add returned by tenamhonts. The Alexandria or Red River Mail is sent irregn Ial~ by steamboats twice a week. LOUISVILLE OR RIVER MAIL. Monday Cl " Wednesday and Close at 8 o'clock, P. M. adny and Closesat 85'clock. P. M. Saturdny, N'ew Arrangremsen. NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD. IfP It having Ien suggested tlht if Ihe Cara were to tnEm aet nFIV in the morning and FaUe in the afternoon. Ihant the mearning viitonrs would he more nomerous on aectnrotof the bathing at THE PRAIRIE COT TAGE BA THIES, and halfunl hourisnsltrt later tlhtn theptecent time would allow viiltnro l.tire convenience atdnnnre, Ihrefore, until 'lrther Notice, the followino Arrllangements will continue :- w HEEK DAYS. Doparture, Rettern. , A. A . . 8 A M. 41 P. Ml. 7 P. n1. EUNDIAY. lDeparture. Return, 5 AM. t AM. II j. I I P. SI. 41 P. M. P, M. JAMES II. CALDWEIL., urlust Bd1,1.it9 Preldenlt. CARROLLTON aHIIOTEL. i han the - ,, oor olio. at'infor g.,ai ionds nd the public ht general, that lie as taaken sthe Hotel at Carrulltoe, where ha trusts he will receive lthe alls of Iris old friends and all lovers olf od cheer. Private parties will he Ihndsomely provided for by Sgiving a little notiee beforehand. He i willing to enter mta arrngements with families or individuals desirous of passing the summer at Carrollton. im20 NOTICE. Jrewr Arrangemento commence lest August 1839. NEW ORLEANS &. CARROLLTON RAIL ROAD sUMMER ARRANGEMENTS FOR THE WEEK ItAira. Font CarrolltOt. Iat aNew Orleans. Ilotsrnat 4 o'clock, .A. . L orse Car at 5 o'clock, A. Loeemotive 6 Loemotive 7 - 8 " " 4 - I " 1 " M ,. t " I'. 51 00RRAN0Me'0 r 0 OR SUNDAYS: Tile coar wi leave Ait the samo hoursn as i the week days ntrl o'clock, I't. . when at.ocoantire will Ieave Carrtolton every octr, a till 8 O'lock, PM. .and Neow Orleans eroy hour until 0 o'cock, p. Al.rt After 10 o'lock a hore rtenrca be ohta ll ey pay ing 5 dol ats for thie Trip; if caled for after I2 o'clock, P.a M. 10 dol brwill batrp d. Penorseoing by the Steam Car must provide themselows wath Tikean,. , shet condu.tor Ihas poitive directions not to receive money in lieu thereat' For the ac2aoodatioe of peronsa viciting Cnrrolltot. in the5lo'lnctck ar, and wlo tlay not wit, t remain Ihre u tll e o'clok tle car that Ints herPtoooro left Carrollton to o'clock, will relllin unltll (0. o'eloctk, thereby aaowtg tetta one hour to eoty the plea.llt mwalks 0l One of the most boaatifal cordean i the Ue ited Staten. THE JACKSON AND LACOURSE sTREET CARS .rLeave te head of Jacksn streett t 6 o'clock, A. A., Cattal stree at 6fi o'lo:k. tntt run hmtrly. At 8 o'clock they will commence to leave eac'h and every nll haour, until Fl o'clock, P. t.,exeplline that instead of lear eo Canal street at o' alock, tile ear will leave there t 9 n'ciock P. .1. Sleti partlculatrlv requested o thaot t geitlepatn will Iat pat their feet ulmn tile cuhiaos, or smoke t the t are, when I.udies are present. OtcoNewt Orleans and Carrollto Unail Roadl COll ltty, JOHN HAMPSOt , july tetll Ion9. - Chief" Egu. N. 04 C R NEW t)IRLEANS CANAI. AND BANKING CO. 1IlIiE roa SAteambot t Rebecca waill leave the itai. i a et the head .f tile New Canal, every day, (rexcept Mondays) for tihe,ans fIllo.s: IDepart at 5 A. MI. I1ellrn atA8 A. 81. S l1A. M. " 124 P. M" 2P.M. " " 4 P.M. .51 81t I. M. Andl n MONIOAYS: Depart at Ill A. M. Relurt tt t 121 P.M. a P', .M. " 4 P.M. 5 1'. 1. !9 P1.M1. moy 28 H. CHEW, t'nsh. lAIIAb.tLA.TV tL NEW tORI.EANS. IIIE price o flour It.dayl heing $675 per harrel aetdiLng to the tariff,. tite bakers will give o2 ounes ofbredll or toon cents. ducring Ithe week bjin nling on Monday next, Ite Itlh inst. T'he loaves ofsec end quality,oa of tlree for ten cents. shiall weigh 25 per anet more, that is to say,o 4 ounces. aug 17. C. GENOIS, Mayor. L,5.4'.. ant.... Ch.du.,un, o. ...........131 Wkihinau.3, Au... .....11 New York,. " d. ........... 11k,, ..3 ...9 Phlladelphr n............11/~Pu~ t~:·::; Raltimawi· . JI,··.·····....I t l .t, .1 .....3 I nr July .. 33 HkIslon ('fnxas) Juy...31 Pris do ...... ....:l Raton Aug ....;do ..... .0 I nndon,1II de..........I I Su.m5 Auly ............:.5 Havre June..........3 POU'T. OF NFW ORLEANS. CILEARANCLS. 20gast no, 3830. Ship Scotian 1, Merryman, Livesrpoo, , 1 ai Barque Eddyutuue,. Arent, for Giilrultur. ,rhluiJ dJ We,,,., Behr Champion, Thodmpson, for Matagorda,. Farmer Spa.i. ehrok Rti..t. 0to,.. l Wiet 1tni.., IC 3fr.,o ,,1 4 S tchi Cllrou link,. P0133315333,3 MH,,,, Behr Raarie, Taylor,S& Mae, Aaslo Ana-123 1303. Ship D.3....,., Pa.t, Li...3...., S & J P W tn,,y t ARIRV409. " Au20l't 20l, 1430. T ow Poa Phenix, Annn4,o, fromUtse passe, hviln Id,, A I. Pf bar.lun 3oln3,,n Seller.. rturn... I I1, lily with the r 0.3k, 33.n . 33313a I h d lqL. It lba. C L.,I. . 3.rbe, ll, 1lavill Roger. I~etllrq Nnren U tirli/ti MALl at Iba'rlllck. A AI. Nn reuse) in sicht inl the alRlIIp '1'hti Shipl Culumbura still agmand an the her. Ship Prn.ltb., A'4l.y, 45 dap from . YN.k, to J it Ilulle33 II..q. R M..,k, ULrvin., 41 30y#Th. Philadulp.i3 h ,. IS J DI,.gr. &kchr C3133,.0 ',33Wllmn3, f o0t Vera Cll,3 8th inst., to the mte~r. scebr David Rogers. Morgan, f~ PI Marks, to master. , S A..g.. 2333,. 3839 3 ,te36.5.A314i..lp. Wright .CA I i...33. . Stonlun t lr I L-n ,.aa. taellalck, ftH1*yye fts. Narwm..tph hantta.Pbili ps·fn Aa I le I St,.51..gllm y 335,363tt. 123~i, Sterppar Murrlmaclc l'drllal T f n Lu,,i. EXPo :T$. LIVlI.IrOUL..P.h.1.3p I4.3 ll13.,33rgo. "Wi34 bales otton 13 33d.Iub.4cn. - IMPORIT'. - Noarrivale from sea and no imports.1 ILICE'IPS' OP'ILODJCE Natebitcla.hPa tmerVe pmsr5 36nle ant Ion; Blair a R0.3,a3cld.2Odo T RS'It. 150, l. Is3.93, 33n H 11" I'Pay pal9..P.. 'ger wr ay9 Suoa..C..9 I t3uk I4 Lynch. ..I3p hi E Og.den, I .ugar t3 koI3e. oI,.d 33ir,,dry Lo.. 3lle...13...8m. r .t ,All.3m4..Carg I gin stand. 1 I hh 1 bl ndteb,.3o.:k b ,.., ,lldi,.. Y33.01, 1so,36 his ' 43. Boer rergu... t eid., 3 hd Itbacco Prieur, 3 do, A & J DManhi,3d. I1 dn'PricjJoh,,lon & .o, I3h. m01o..4,dia.,, I JI Wgllm A n, I54 bl Furnyt t -Lterfek, Milt, P Shann n { bro. 40 P A Hardy. Uiiciluaui..I'er teamoit Crt tt..Chs, 3 g 4., pc. r hagine, L17 will roe Boert& ilw n I bee merchan- (r d*.. Adam. 0. I3...13rl..3I ., whisk do, 18 30.4. d er A i. I1 (Gope. 40 his whiskey Curts; 4r Rudd nl, 363,,m h3,,3 Fdq lI....31..0,t. ,..13,ging. 0,,,13. & ?e.4,. 2 4,l, 3301- 3k ton UWmk3 ddo BarS., West Ae., 140 hi. potatos. 13nd .s..u.314 1132 fi orun on board . e 53 Loo3...1'..Par Ir MHrri,,k..C.,,g 4403 pig. land ti llo447'. Laurin ·ad~pýJ11.1644 deJ B Fidr., Tar o Cart fo SR do Carman el Mllott, s44do L saw 4r ee, 145 four WV E Flores,,. S l d Dor,.uy. 4m hides C bDo...,37 rnks r. eh~udise.J A Mesie 4 co, IA) sits eurn yd.y Lanri* an d SmaIl,5e. ubailin, 5t3.ska JW D 3.. 1 Lbox pia. A nagge eilLJ W Mabad ISO keg. hatter J ·irart 0 co 90( pkg. 59304,.n ISwga.pM.3.,..E Phllip. 20 70dn57, .,oldi.. 14.uS'kapet..t mk.u ·n, .00. puat 23 b3. .nn,,ire.. u. cha..., 36.,,bad...,,s.. lo~k .d4,5 41.. 13p33313 61,31313 .abwe. 3d P OSOES(ERS k4 Na~trhimchow..Pr Uaamr Vanlseppre-M., Ilgoll s4 I MMnp ltldo.Mr Nibley Abe~ll. ·rlke,, ves. elunlt, F boardJ..34.Hh.3oml. S,,l.3y. I..hli., Shipp. Cu3k. WVod y lwe.oDIyoE A JImI. W H.S rI.hDCns,1oo.,,,.ad I Ptwsmmkr Dsvy4rne'ýet..I. Smith D Rrnwe S new, It Cra·e· ankaaa. Cale lck. Blakely, Ckia,, J 8) roe, J Mut t, II I.wa.( HiU . 't MIEMIORANIIA a. ldorian..kI.,,4 0 I.oui.,,. 14, 3th inn ..d rel333 uppelrp a 111i.iapte ad ~htnInsaa~lfalnq. t',amrrR rnzl auk T'IIN 'I'RUE AMERICAN. * IBY JO]¶IE GIUBSON. PAITmrYL AND WOLD. *ffical Journal of ttle b1 fuaunl(cpallt. PUBLISHED Daily, Tri-Weekly & Weekly. :ýwV Oh{RFANSt THURSDAY, AUGUST 22, 1839.: WEVSTERN ELfCTIONS. Tennessee. Returns have been received from nearly every county in the teate. James K. Polk, Iaie speaker of the houseof representatives in congress, is elected governor, by about 31100 votes, ovr h:p whig competitor, Gov, Newton Cannon. 'iThe contest ehas Ieen a very animated one, and tie result exceedlingly clnse, for the very large vote tht liha been ptlled. The whips have. elected seeenmnmbers of congress out of the thirteen; whiglosa 3 memberr, but we have the mnej city. It is reported that there is a majority of loco-focos elected to each branch of the legislature. tho' not certain. Alabama. Two whits and Itree Ino ,a leu members ofcongless are elected, making a whia gil of one amin I ber. There is perhaps a small nm j,,rity of leon faces in the legislature. The whig gain in this state is consid north Carolina Kennethl Raynor, a stancht whig, is elected ever S. T. Sawyer, loco toeo and state minis ter. From all appearances ithre will he nsmjority of whigelected to congress from the state, say 7 to 6,or probably 8 to 5. This stale stand firm. Indiana. The congressionnl elections in this stale have resulted disastrously to the whigs. This is evident ly occasioned by the Harrison whigs, who seem tojoin the enlemy rather than give up their favorite. Be it so. All genuine whigs a ll be on their guard, and unite to a moan fir the great contest in 1840. We have lost three or four tnemners of congress in this state, and gained nte. Col. Carr, (V. B.) is elected over W. Graham, (whig) in the J ffitrsonville district. Slhith,.V. B. has beat Geo. H. Dunn, (Wiig) in the Madison district. The content is close belween Wm. Herod, whig, and VWick, his Ioco f co cotmpelitor in tie ndliannulolis district, and Davis, loen fico, wee pushing J. Ewing, whig, close in Vincenues district. James Rariden, whig, in re-elected over Gen. M'Cnrty, subtrean Isurer-whigand J. Thomson, loco fuco. Willm Pmf fit, whir,lae succeeded in defeating Robert Dale Owen, in tIle Evansville district. This is Ratliff Boon's own district, and isn whig gain. The district represented in the last congress iy the Hon. A. S. White, (elected U. S. Senator) not heard from. The political complexion ofthe legislature is dltbtfInl and not ascertained; so much from tile hoosier state. Kentucky. Old Kentck strands firm. We have lost one, and probably gained a sWig oamember of con gres,. Wm. O. But er, V. B., is elected by almout 100 votes, over Wm.W.- Southgate, the late whitr member, ill Col. Johnson's own ovn district. Whig memlers elected:-John Pope, re elected; John .WVhite, do.; Richard Howes, do.; Wm. J.Graves, do.; J. R. Underwood, to.; n. H1. Anderqon, in placeJ. Har nan,declined; Willis Green, in place ofJ. Calhonn, de clined, Triplett, in place of F. Romsey, declined; Sher rod Williams, without opposition; J Andrews,whig. it is helieved is elected in Menefie's district; returns not com plete. J. Murray's district not heard from. It sent the only loco foeo member from the state in the last eon I gress. There is n large majority of whigs elected to both branhlles octlle Legislature. St Louis, Aug. 11th, 1833. Dear Gibson--1 arrived onl Saturday tile 10th. I am much pleased with this city. Thile French part of the town from the river briack four streets does not wear an invitingappeurance, Narrow'and badly paved streets and illy built houses ore its chief feaurnes. A great many of the old buildings have disappeared and in their stead tile Americans have put up the most conm. rmodiolts houses. First or main street, one remove from tihe wharfis il. great husiness mart. Along tile wharf, the houses chiefly of stone are repulsive in their appear ance. The landing is a fair one. There are now lying at it some 301 steamers. I ant told 49 boats are frequently seen in port. The increase of trade at this point may i:e known, in tile fact, that for tile year ending December 1837, tile arrolaln were 1350,-fir the year ending Dee ember 1338. they were 1713. The present season, they bid fair to succeed the latter number. A glance at the position or the country around St Louis will show plain ly that it is drstined to become one of the greatest in ports of the West, for its river afnirds a good unvigation 8 nlontlls inl the year. ln the American part of he city tilhe inmproven mnts are upon a grand ocale. The houses are after the best style of dwelling nrclitrectre, and rear up their heands in every direction. The streeis are undergoing gradings and openings rapidly. Upwards of 110 houses will be erected this year. T'ie new hotel on 4th Street bee tween Price and Chesnut streets, 210 by 120,-four and live stories high,-is nearly ready for the rool. It is u plain building, hbut laid out with a sole riew to convenienee. lThe Theatre 117 by 57 isa fine strueture. Its interior is a gol ldeal after the St Charies style. It lies been closed fir five weeks and opens again to-mor row, having been painted and repaired. The company is a slim one it ily. The country back of the town is rolling and well de signed to support a city, the lend is of the first quality. I rode not to the garrison. It ik an inviting spot. .The Court Martial bus sent on its decision upon Major Brunt's case. Two days rfter the courtclosed Mr Benton was seen in St Loui, and ihe was off in a trice for Washington. lie tohl Iis coiltitlents that business of importanceaeorried him to Washington. Now Major Brant married Benton's niece, and it is he lieved that the-decisiol of the Court is adverse to the Mayor, and hence tihe necessity of Mr B's puescnco at the Seat of Government. The latest folly of this Senator, that sall ought to e soldl by the bushel of 85 hIb and not by weight of 55 I Ibw, and that under a law compelling this, the buyer wouldbethe gainer! Was ever man so mad? And yel ithe papersofthissection are seriously discussing I this praposition. The route to New York by wny of Peoria Ill. and Chicago has een nuchll travelled this season. It is said to he an agreable one. My next willhefrom Peoria if nothing prevents. ll. D. The lulletin is of opinion ,tht tihe unpure of tie. 46 Seminoles at Fort Mellon, by Col lnllson, in evidence thaIllt the mncre of Cnl Hnrine'l retiment win e n net cmnnmitted by snolme traggling hand ofwartior., un nnthlleised by the (Chiefs of the ntlion. Fni, remarks the Bulletin, had the noutrage Ien the result of a plan concertei by the nation at large, it is quiteohbvilou hiln the Selninles notIhil not afterwards have trusRted tliulselve illn I he s of tile whllites. liThe Bulle'in, conuld n:t have nttentively read his ex change paIpers, o<ir hne woytI lhve sten by letter copi ed into tihe Chnrleston Courier of ha 14th fro tihe Site. annalih Geiereinn. dlted (larey' Ferrv, Aug. 91th. lthat thle Irndiana Ihad got intellige'nerby a run nor of the Coluo=ahtlchee itnteeacre befren their captire. They were igtlnlnt, owever, that thile same InewR lad been received at Fort Mellon, and thouhlli that they mligiht nlfely return to the Fort lt pto.en. pornhlnes .efore they left the vicinity. They nmintlined an appearance of friendship throughout n tit wllole neilllr which was met by appearances equally sin. eere on tle part of tile garrison, Ilntil tIe iproer lmomnent came for undeceiving them. The intelligence of t.he CUlonnliatchee afftir lnad Ihen broullght o tihem on the 22nd August by an Inldian nanned Spanish John, residing on thle Gulf cast. lie was !on of the two whe nttre nt.e eli to escape when surrnountlid by the troops at Fnort Mellon, and was shot tldeadn nolare statedll . lie had with him n large amount of nmoney, and a nunnhtr of percussio n enps.suell as are need by tile DrSllgoons. It i. not iunmossible that Ihe was prenntl, if not actor in tile Colooanlhtchee tragedv. In our opinion, the maisaeru of Col Ilnarney' coin. anoa is a part of the systemn of tle FlCridn Inlian Indeed their condluct throlnlho t the whole wnr ha.-shown ilt; and we think it high time thait the eyesof tlhllse il power slhold be opened t te itet. No treaty slt'hlt bie itanic with them, uo parley held, for they halve,ald tllhey will cllltinlne to act treaclm.erllsly they shonld all be captured uer externlinateti, aend mone. lllough ha ieen wasted ill tie walr to Ihave accollllish either end, ten tiees over. There is n. such a word in tlhe English language, Mr. Bulletin, as preventative-knhock out your ta. A certian I'hysie Medico, was ubosting thate he nad nt losnt I single ease by yellow Lever this season. I'll trke my oath of that, saida bysttntler, fir to my certain kneowledge, Ie hats not had a single case tol attend to. N:tw fIooKs. "T'be Gentleman oftheOld Pchool,' by G. (. R.Jamnes, Svole., E Johbn & co. The prolific poll ofthnl writer'never becomesdull by use. Althbough he issue. evceral novels in thll, enurse of the year, they . ue all. ny, good, fall ofinteresling delineations of chr arter, alnI ipreaesing a great deal of incident and inter. at. The book beftire ut is equal to its pred:cessorr. I hte tnIl genllr lln n is u fri e pi'tlot.e The editor of the New Yorllbig lately patid a hiait to IlRboken, and upon the montntent there emreted to Hamilton, io drawn into some kensiblt reflections, aulcloase with the following anecdote, which will be rend with intereat, more particularly by those who attended the late trial for libel in this city, and ha. tened to the starting eloqoene of P. Sou6th, Fsq. We could draw-a parallelbetween the two, hut leave it to an abler pen. On the occasion of thie gret libel trial of Cromswell. inthe city of Huaotn, A nex.e0Dr I IAMI.Tol appeared a eoulnel for the d.fnace. An iOteitv interest was felt thloughot a Wide circle, of the cummonity, ntl ite conrt room was erowtdeil in every part. Many rode I thirty or horty mile to hear the argttethnt of anilton. I The preliminnrv exaintatin n and evidence having been gone tlroglt, the Court intimatel that tley were rea dyo hear hnne rgumenit oftle nvote nlro , In ohlungpic nous port ofthe bar tat Hamilton, witlh n conititeennee ratremelv pale, hin whole hbly .trembling with emno tion. T'ine weather was eltreoltre cold, ad lie came Sinto te court with twl or three coats on belidels an m pe cloak, to ehie l him from toe ohid. Whei he rose hit h and shbook violently, Ie said a lew wordse, anit ne ar much ngitated,thtat tile Jdge olearhed ti him that he had better itdown until lie recovered hin strength. if lie son an lie mttppicar, temporarily ill. HaInilton nat dowin flr a few ml utes, grew more collected, got up, threw tof his cloak, ail proceeded for a few iiomertst in brtken and dinjoiated sentince.. still lahoring undler nn enmborannenct singular for. great mind like his, atid yet en embrarrashlnent which a taoiter mind might titi lie holtm l npower to feel. In tleeaourse oa few too oente more, he hegsnt to h retle free-his voice ass rred itsneturolsilverv toue, anl his manner belume unre strained; tnd ahen wtaren into his nulject, one alter another of hls outer anrrlent. were strilIped olff and laid aside, olil lie etoiod tp on the maonele, lthove the crowr, in his shirt sleeve, with llil neckellkh loosened, whIre, lor sevrtll honte, tae pouredi foraltteth torrent of elroqence as was searerly ever exreeldd. Our infiri. if moot, ten t vo In nalt says ie nlever has heard ally thing like elPiltnIte since-anio that he would go a hutltred miles to hear atnother such display ns that on Alexander Hoamnilton. Bhring me no re reports.--Polk iN elected Governor of Tennesree. The people voted fir hlin, at the solit.. tattoo of the old Hero, whio' itol them lie wudd die in a peace ifthey would elect lia pet; hit ilie poor folks fir got to bargain with iote old one oreln Iat wse to die, now n he weareey te Eternal, o I will die in peace, but not d yet owhi!e. SConrferhbloe.-John l 'DC reell, of the Exchange . Hotel, has a good onrnrtnble fire counsntouly kept up in i' Ihli borroom, thlis 2 th Augutit, 1i31). Any'persot who g s cold can hoiae n wnrm ntrntie, outside, aecld a wl sinide at a tew paces frn tbmo fire for Ita it-Shillitng tNew Ytrk currency. The n rfe defeine ol Cando daring ite recent troubtlles cn cost the Britih givernment ;t, I o53,n00 pnltude sterlings in -W t will ynlu take for your plltationic Sn .oln Norhern printe reely enquires what hing occa Ssioned the dellenlion. Whyl yolt ninny, the honest office holdert eppropriated the oneay to their own ute. Mlorclee eultre iof tlie silk mulberry 0 tree seems to lie ernngiti public attention in ewry qunrter of tihe uisn.--Bultltetin of yesterday. You don't any no. f herisffHone.-It liar been reported thalt Mlr. Hoaey oas lately had an attack of apoplexy at Pass Christion, Sand one of our contemporarles yesterday announced that te bcd beenn n struck. Now we hlare learned fronm tIme bent authority that neither is thie ease, but thlt in Capi. Hosey ltnd been indisposed with n bad eoll, cauglht from exposure during the nlate gale. He has ce quite recovered, leavicg no topes to those who were ' looking t hin offiee. Acre Booke.-E. Johns & C: lave receivedl No. I9 of Sketches hy Boe,it want no recmcmendatirons. Sketch es of London, by the autlhoror"fRandom Reeollec f tione of the Lords and Commons." The Great Metrop. olis, Bench and Bar &e. 2 vol. Tlse volumes aore Svery interesting and indeed instructive, even to the In American reider. They iot only contain dlescriptions of beauties, hut pietnres of lile and porttaiti ofnlen amuning andnt the oame time plliloeoplieanl. Col. Sroue of lthe Ctnomlercial, writing front the i, Snrtofga Springs, says:--"te is understood that Mr. ClophaspassedMontroealo lisowy ti Q.eebe. lIe is expected at Burlington, (Vt.) ot 'Iluesndly, [this dly], and will attend the coinenene netct of the Ucicerity ',.n itVednesdlcy. W exlpect hit hlere n 'thccretlt, adil She will receive a wort receptin. ]low log be will[ Itormaicl at the prings, I im iot advisec . Peun i acrce. ga lie will weed iis wni Syotouth o the Siullhtr Springsc icc Virginia, and theee Ihoate to Kentucky. rotefutano of Council . SECOND MUNICIPALITY on - ------ Tuesday, 20ih August, 1839. The Council met pursuant to adjournment, prn. is sent Hen. Joshua Baldwin, President, Aldermen at Caldwell, Freret, flail, Peters, Rogers and Sewell. ds 'Pe proceedings of the last meeting having been gs read and approved. ill A communication was received from the Comp e troller, and deposited in the archives. The three subjoined Weekly Statements of the "r Treasurer were submitted. It SECOND MUNICIPALITY. to etneKL RIPORT OF TREASURER. s . y Balance last Report, 2,.18 58 Anount reeeived ineco, 2.117 t511 II uniripal Notes re-iuod, 2 . a thll't drawn f rol Citly flak, 71 ,22 84 To Cashb. 66,6l 35 Expended since lust Ieport, 80,797 02 r AmUIll)IIly Notee riedelmcd, 4.388 75 . eeosited it ailty Bank, 72,471 28 Balance, 2,434 ll 16,0M91 3 on By Balance 'ro't down, ,434 30 aloau reeedeod sinlce, 4,:3t0 75 at48,163 66 SDedu:t aI't re-issued, 9,91 37 a- Amourt on hand this dar 3I Ie Am't In hands of V. Cuvillicr for relemptiona, IUUU 00 at Tile. SLOO, Jr., Tr. New.Orlenns,0lth Augnst, 1839. SECOND MUNICIPAI.ITY. to WELYco REPbRT oF THE rnTREASURER. 55 Balance lst Report, 2,4:1 30 SAtount recsived since, 68,171i 9(i I W711,611 hf ig I rehbursd this Week, 69,1119 90 Bi ialance ot hand, w11,591 :Ii i I.OO, Jr. Ter. id New Orleans, 13th Aug. 1839 is SECOND MUNICIPAI.ITY. WEEKLY REPORT oFt THE TREASURER. Balanee ladsl urnort, 11,591 36 Iteceived since," 7,t089 10 sursed since ollars 18,fi80 40 t 1,4206 77 Balanct I)Dlla'rs, 1,253 ti9 Te 'b1ns. S2.00, Jr. 'r, New Orleans, 20th Acte. 1239. The Collector of Taens on Taverns &c. submit. Smited his quarterly report.-referred to the F'itnanc Committee. J It Winter, 1t Lieut. of tihe Night Woateh of. feed his security Mr Vincent Itoubla n ; tle con s. ideration of wlch was on motihen postpotoed. r. W Beeolnan, 2d Iieut. ofltred as his security Mr Rt. Terrell, whtich was accepted. Pynelhon also offered Mr It. Terrel; on motion required to furnish additionoual security. t Ktibourg, Cotmnuisary 3d ward, offered J M. Back, who was accepted. S A petition from J. Pilter, referred to the F,na is anco. Mr Petrtiohs Cram' the inhtbitantt of Constance, Bs Rein treot &e. waS road, whelln n motion nof Mr Caldwell, it wsll It Resolved, That the Commitene of Slreet and uLaneding be authorised if by them found nneeeesary ato order otle Surveyor forthlwithtl repair Girod street betweent the LTeva and Tclspitautlas t. and g the interrectina of Poydrat, Perdido and Biroonno e t streets in the vicinlty of Phydras ntarkt. SPetition f Bradltey laid on the tahle. A m morial against J. C. O'Grady, Comntlissary t of thf Poydrav Market, wae referred to the Police It Committee. Coammunication from Et. H. Barton, President of the Physico Medical Society, was referred to tine m Comntttee on Health. Mr. Peters, as chairman of the Finance Co- t mitte, reported thle five following.resolutione, witi h were severally taken up and adopted. l Resolved, That the 'Treasurer pay to II A Sher.-" burnse, on the warrant of the Mayor, three hundred 0 and forty one dollars and eighty four cent. for iron work on wllarves &ec. Resolved, That the Treasutirer poy to Frednr'te Juhlar on the warrant of the Mayor, tfrirty onu dollarsand fifty cents for plank to repair the Watch lonsu in tihe third ward. R tsolvo, That the Mayor be and he is hereby a sauthorised to Issue to Samuel Arnold, twenty seven Sbonds for five hundred dolla s ealch, at twenty five I' years feom the first July1839, bearing interest at thie rate of eix per cent pIer annum, payable semi. annually at the.Union Bank, New York ; on act. of Curb, gutter and bridge stone delivered under his 8 contractoftlo 1I91h April, 1838. Resolved, That tIle Mayor Is and he is hereby C autlturisod to issue to Robert Aiken, four bonds at twenty five years fromt the first July, 1839, for one thousand dollars each, bearing interest at the rate of six per cent per annum, paysable seeoi.ansnally at the Union Bank, Now York; on account of Curbh and Gutter sone delivered under his contract of I the 6th April. Resolved, T'liat all resolutions authorizing the II emplhvment of any other than cite Attortey of al this Mtunicipality in the Iprosecution of suts for w dnlns be and they are Ihreby repealed; ;ntd lie slaoll Sreceive as his componatio, for the recovery of said fines, fiftren per cent. , Tihe same gentleman le6S'ntrnduced the fol. lowing, which, after somdedignuion was postpon ed Io next. meeting. Be it Resolved, that fm and afer Abe passage of this resolution it sha l'not be lawft lr any per. non or persona to sell, or cause to be bold, ns the Streets or public places within the limits rf this r Municipoliy-Ojete. r e rom earts or other vehielo, nor to sell the same in any other manor in suncl ni streets or public places;-end any pireon violating this resolution shall be sibject to a fine of twnty d d dollars for each offence, which shall be recoverable before any Court of cempetent jurisdiction for the to Ibenefit of thins Munieipo Ity. is Mr. Ca'dwell, introduced resolutions for appoint. ing physicians, &c., a hich were taken into consid. oration ; alter some discussion, Mr. Peters offered the following resohutions as a substitute, Resolved, That the Recorder be and he is here by authorised and requested to select two apotlle. s caries in each ward to furnish medicines for the in di dgent sick at the expense of the Municipality. S'Resolved, T. at the medicines so furnished, be delivered on the order of the Mayor of the city, or J the Recorder and Aldermen of this Municipality or such vouchers as the Health Committee may idecite aon. d Resolved, That this Council, having full reliance ri t on lthe benevolence and high professional charac ter of the medical faculty of this city, consider it equally unnecessary and inexpedient to select any r yPh.cins in particular, to attend to the indigent id sick-elieving it to be the duty, as well as the de te sire of the members of that profession, to extend I, to the poor, so far as may be practicable, their ser. t vtees gratuitously. Which were adopted. q Proposals from P. Villi, was referred to the o Committee on Streets and Landings Mr. Peters presented the following resolution, which, the rules being dispensed with, was adopted. r Resolved, That the Surveyor be and he is heror by authorised to designate to the contractor for paving, the place or places on the batturs, from t tn which he may take earth for paving. On motion ofthe same gentleman, the rules be. w ing dispensed with, it was ot Resolved, That two persons be employed as Guardians of the batture-whose duty it shall be to see tlat all ordinances and resolutions in rela tion thereto, be strictly obeyed. O le person for the batturo in front of the Ist and 9.1 wards, and one n for the frontofthe third ward. Their compensa. Stlion to be $50 per month, and their.time of service t to expire on the first day of December next. tg O motion the Council agreed to go into the elec tion at the next mnetting. On motion leave of absence was granted to Messrs. Lockett, Yorke and Whitney, until the 1st November. On motion of Mr. Rodgers, the rules being dies pensed with, it was Resolved, That each Alderman shall have power 0- to send patients to the (Charity Hospital, and that -at all patients sent to the Hospital by order of any o. of the Aldermen, shall be placed upon the same footing, as regards payment for their expenses, as those sent in by the Recorder, and that the Iills of the saic institution shall be sent in and settled monthly. On motiont the Council adjourned to Tues. day next, the 27th August, at 5 o'clock, 1'. M. JOHN GIBSON, ay " Secretary. , - - Socretary. Theatrical Notice. 'T'hose Ladies and Gentlemen engaged with James II. Caldwell, NewOrleans, are respectfully informed that the 'THEATRE will open for the season in all September next.-Persons in negociation will apply to G. II. Bar rert, Esq. New York,or by letter to the Proprietor, New Orleans. 11 The Louisville Journal, Cincinualli Whig, New York Evening Star, and the Spirit of the Tiroes, will please publisll tlmabove three times each. By order ofthe Proprietor. Geo. IHOLLAND, Treasurer, St Charles Theatre. tiN. Orleans, 22d Atg. 1839. tf. FOR NEW YoitK. New York and New Orleans .ine. To soil on IVednesday 28il inst. SThe elegant Packet Ship AUII;RN, Ca t Cornell, will sail as shove, for freight or pssage, harving handsome faru ,red alr emue - tatiunsnrpply or board or to. PE''RI1 I.AII)IA\VW a 2.2 66 Cap sit. FOR, NEW .YORlK.-REGULAR LINE. Orleans linie of Packets. The coppered ind copper fBtenerd Ple ket bhilr I, lUISA. Jorinsoi MIsterr, will I il oedintelv destrller ,te. FPor fret ilt lr Irssag tr havinrg superrior n tcrmrdnt o r app ly r ti e lattfltin on benre, two tierr below tihe Vegrtabl Ilntel t t~r y oRA C(II EN, tih 9rJ oitolll sit. Iu i Yia t l nn New York I ine of Pnck tr. E'o ,ail ot kSaferdy neartt 1 r n.l s

'hceulP riir nd ,ie sailiucg Packet S~lr above. For ahincre ie I.reglt or .o'r iotsIR e relegant icmnLCordn iuts, ap ol Ioire nrd tre l ihe Vegetallc l arktl or to t JAr ES Ir I lci ilchh. . 'i 20h 74 Calll' l Sireeec.l FOIL FRANKI.IN. A DO TAKAPNAS, To lerave thelre ree on Sorira~rg filt irsl. L Capt Gilbert, will lie b atle ill hill t t in FridaRy thre .2 'h ist. (oeoriite thrle Cusftlrin Iunte rrniealv to receive reigt. rr th'lis bointwillgoiround ivymoa It is of tever Sres peelT well calculated for he tad.. Imiavilg beeou ilt i te.Tlrleson S. C. expressly for n sea vesud l her tillmers IIfthe best seasoned l've ,ak anrl celdnr,fauslteed with largm copper halts and coppered with thirty two ounce coppler. She is prloune ed by iudge orne oftrc astrng Cestunrd tmot faithful niiil verss'e* in iheliontl.ern waters Fur terlns of freight or paoSnge, appl y It ti2-r PTEIIIt LAI IrAW,, 66f Cramp s. ]. hire Pocket 'Sltip PAN'I'HIEA, Cpt As.hl-y, fronl New York, will oennrree discliarkginr the tiorn ilatttnPoite Iloetpitl Street. C..onigrees will pi.r.c tenl to the receptofrtirveigls. nre Ju corncr of lagiazine and Cotlnrnlll SIt. corIcist. ing of two aptrttentr, ic otne of whrlch is a tire plnee, and well adapted fur all offce, of any kind i poscecSio; given imnuredinately. For termr lplylv to T. It. Hli'l)E & Brother, llrg 22d 3 9 Coomreon eor Mu cazine Sts. ýiIIcGUFFEV'S ECLEtCYIr IREADERS, Not. I. 1 9, 3, allr 4, an itvoie just reeeived. Also tile Eelectic Printer nid Eclectic Seilinig Book, flr sale by Alex. ''rOWARAl, sng i..2 49 Camp Street. 3 EFRIGOERA'IOItS. It.rdine fr" room ipSt Ious iL few more oftlhese tsefnul articles which wille ( rf fered low filr caSI at tie Louisiana Furniture Ware Rooms 53 IiMnville street. aug. 22d Win. R. CARNES. AIES )lAST NI'I-The GClettr co. f ,tt Oldt SSelluool. A'Tale ir 2 VolUmiee, by (I PR JaRmesn Eq. atlhiror of the Hluruenlr , tre Rubber l&e. &e. Jrt Rleceived and for sale by Alex TOWVAR. aug 22 49 Camp Strleet. .1ItlE AMEIRICAN l.O)l;NGER 'ablriiL c rf MENopt Kyd. 'The Pirate of tlle (lf, &c. &e. itt Sketelles it l.andon bIy tihe Authlhor of the ' Great eee . tfropl i." Ilerelh a nnd lar &e. &A. ioi rrrllluCes. New PI'ock't I.ou i oll um Irlihnes. Also Ihomi wardl lltoud and Hloun. as fund. Jtt itteci'vett by Alex 'T)IWA R, iiurg 21 49 Caliir st. FLOtillt-10lO barrels trle h sUltrl.ire Fh tltr, in n'2_'2 41 New ILr.,e .. ,u w ii lt r, ttr, lu eii lEc Steamboat tlerln lnak (fromn St I.soliu),Or ale.. Ibv __? G. IOltiSEY, 41 INew Lterv. jrOFFI:-E30 Iuge Hamgnn green OI trfiee, fpsnI e t I) a2 _ (_ I)OIRS1V', New leveer TIlE LIBEL CASE. I~lit.IStIED THIS tYlry, anud for srale t the Coullnling Rnroi of tIh Trre Anriecaln, St Clltrrlcs htitt'liutd at tire iprinllecipl Irlk Sltrs, a ecorrPect Ileprlt rf tile larte Interesting aurd imporllunt suit rf ite Stale rof .louisianu a vs.Joltn Giblltn, Edlitor atll Pulblislirr of ihe Tr ru Amltria'll, blfore tie Criminal Co.rl for ILi ,el. july L.OUlISIANA (.RANI) REAl. ESTATE AND S'I'TOCK LO'TI'ERY. tty ilulthority lite StatRle f tlhe Lluisiana, ir Vrrli e l oa l i tproltrcvedbil Sturch, t 118. 'lIre Ist Class er I.rtterv will ire posirively lravn in tire city of New Orleruar prir or to IstJarullrrv neot. The urlilic ire respeetfully iforuled tihat tickets it thie ist eltrt of this TRULY OROA'jj I.OTTeRi'. Are f nov otilred for sale by thre Subsacriers at thIleir 11fice, corner of Caual and roIyal streets. L lReferenee is ioade fur ipartieulars r t ile postlinblhills. a15 CAI.DWELI., OAKEI' & Pi'ItITARtI). Te W. COLLEN. Appointed by the Federal Corrt ret New Orllurns. OFFICE No. 109 COIItMON S'I'REET', (Exchnnge linotel IBrldinlgs.) -,AID ('ornInsjoner taken afldavi;ts uinder mill iy vtrlllue' of the Aets of.tllgress, ipased 2 flit I'erllt ary, 1821r; Ist Mirh 11817; lieJudieiary Act of178i n itther ets oe r..ongress, in curclltcses ilatie antd pronided. Said Comrnlersrionor hIs considrable ec .erienee nd uses i rule ofclrtiin r ntl t ertiicate wsiiehllh w i S stord rle severest ecreniry ofltlc ablest Lawyers:N. aJ_ rili2 I. ,. N Nortlhure rin Eglard, or Alerrica it Itie 101tin Certury. J 3' Selilh, Comparntive View of Ancient litslrey. I.rlrrdtl's Encyc paenlia ofGardeniug,.lrrrit rn F'dtio rit Sllakespesre 7 vol8. royrl 8a, splendiid Iotor Edition E JOIINSON. Jnly 15ih. 2w. Car. Qf St Chablea e Comlioin iti s -~~ .'- - I [ISSINri Gr,'is.-.i ecaok Culllrrv... Itnxes Ilrielit SLanltller, colinlg to Schwatntk &L C. ,mn ark'ld J C I)inuties . Co. huve never reach.tll Iheir IkelllAtiolC Ihnve. Ally irormraotlion roncertlinlg e lle' il,t~kugl." ill bie tllankfully rceived Iy S (; IIItJt.Nr:IIII ,. Jtlp.t 6th . II t' ihr e . nfl AflUmflAt Tihe D.tLY Paper is neatly printed with small Lype on an extra, double nmd.urn sheet, at ' 12 per annum, payable semi annunally in advance. IThe Tnl-wEcKaI Paper, containing lhe reading msater of two dailies, $10, payable in advance, where no city referencb is given. The WEtKLY TRUE AsMEsICo, made up from the daly papers, during the wieek, will be rent to nub scribera who' pay 85 per annum in advance, and to none others unless an ancceptable city reference is given. Subscribers respectfully solicited. JOHN GIBSON. N.EW ORLEANS, MAY 1839. illll -IO iibile. sIpertineo cd 51111 do floe, ior F rle by G DOR.EY, june 15 44 New Levee PORK--50 Barrels prime lMesos l M. U. Pork in Store for Sale by J 'lTA YElO N & aL July 2no 74 Poydras St D1 UGS-Jost laldig a frersh suIIply of white wax Souava Jellt, (Gol Arabic, Tamarinlls, Creamot lartar., Sl NSoda, S 'orpatloines Peal Asarl A 'l'nr rio Acid, bhloride Nodo, h. Ils. Cop,vi, &e. tir sale iy II IIONNAIIEI., jolly 13 Cur Natrels t anl Tchat olnl s. IUSSIA Il.'A'r'lIiP.-liteeived frnm I'acket Ship ,Misi oippi I large ysuppy oi Rassia Leatlt"r Sdc, wil bre sold low br cas hb DAVID FELT & Co. july07 N. V. Stationers IHa11, 24 Chartrer st * I.)I--11 1 5-lt ks 'Iloouoctcn lier, lnding andi Sfor nale by S & J P WHITNEY. TI1 v 73 Camp at SEA Ot'ITO OiL--For the restoratioo eand growth of 1,9 the Hail, givieg healthI, beauty aoid preventing its iling of, sohld at wM+. JBEI i'S . sc31 No. 16 Colhartr at RINTIO N I'AP1' Il-A:A Ivoiceo l'SueriNr iprl., Sin paplner of tre follwieg sizes. 27x42--26x3- P106x3--22xm2--19xI . 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II A Clcnmlrtr anssnrtent of Writing De'ks, Dresing cises, portable slavin. ietcn bn ro.e 'olll & eattr. tyli, KIUSil & AI I.AN. C1URN I2ILt)IS-- .550 doz it ngore and fat solo Iy Re 2 i DUORSEY, 44 New Ie l.e EW IOOKS--'"Pie Croppy," a tale by the O'U i r7a fieily; Memoirs of elebrated Wocoen,he G ri IP James aqll; tih Naval llstary of the U, Statte, tv J ienllulrt. tontperr oothbr ofttl Spr,&c. Births,lbenthts and Marringsiog, by Tihok EsqO r No Jock Sbheppnard, lb Ainsworthll Pbrenologv icn e fro dlv. Just rce rved nld Ir sale by j6 A LEX. 'I.WE ,49 Camp st C't1ilS I 15lll t el.ttt dIting fromna fiabt n ad toe slte by txI3 ATRIEII 31 (l;tvsr srt INK!i INK!! INKI!!!--Just receivoed on. Iltadre tdozen olnt'ee ink, .alroted a vesy ' rllersorarttei rbDAVlD FETI'q & Co. N Y Stationers' Ilall, ju tt 15 21 Clhrtres street ,lI:\ lE-I -Flolso. inoqwslintllitien, retI I atint SI.etter paper t e o d,, du I'acket, enlertiat ano Both I'onat Rcil tand sup) r royal canrtridge poper Iron monger's ,I o C-otltto s:imttitl tln l'rintg 'Paper, of anil ries, soitable for city and conlltrv pnllelrs. .Also, dltltll merliulm, imperial Einll sler reop Plrutillt Iresones, for stile b AlEX 'T AIl, .unel l _ " 49J (:la,,,e ., .11UST: r,,,iv.,, it large lls+ trllllent f sul mellllntr to oCks Lof vt'Uilll, rc lillell shirts llf fille qn lij . 7O4SS4IP ' c", a,13 I':Exchnge Iletal,S! Ciinrles at r 1(1 RENT- n1 . a tottgt lettelling C2+r" inc ca given imtltdi~thly. Apply lo Itt1ll" &i. 9' bAV iil ,l (3 aroUIlet 1t 1R'AN11I ,\. WINE-:ihatf oot li h.1r.b. n to al "ct,, ir v- "n u Shenr WVint 36 • S & .lI' WIIINEY. 1 Ula d 2 \ W ite tel+,l, ; :|110 rulnli..tlr (.'rnoon (;feell Iutrtt ; .50 IbrN. \Vh'liniu-g; Capal and Jatlnlld Va.rnirh. \I::v 00, i .Itil)-31l tllt and It lKetgo prite l'L Its `. GI;(;.\ t.(-- 5 -; ,I,]. (_?lurilird anal hwf St-onar., li) r -'llh I. b IIl ills )III;N :. II: I\t'N , , ,lune .9 NiNo fI t J3 for sale by l( I)(It>I";\', : ,I4 New lcevee Al Utilled Sta~r., f or gle by J7 A T EI.. A 14 GrIl er T r .14 j6 Ii 1)015 EY 41 Neu Levt e .-Ft)c'iOEI -5t.Irt II.cs ,i.4 Ilwell c ,, codo, , bales 4-I twilled LooweII cotteR, 3 asues buckskin strlpes, landing fi(tn ship St I.lmjis for sale by ttytl 1 1311111 Ei. r ls. 131 Mlostzioe 1tI jun ! (; I)OPSEY.I 1 44 New L.evee. S O:1 Ali,--5111 Ire[ ash oare, It sale byb A ji S & J I' WHI'TNEY, 7y:1('mp St l'EXAS LAND '',- i: . SN ABSTI \t' T ofll e originnal titlres of rec ,rd it w oth retoltllin tt f 1the t nse of Iter11. cpie tesenrt lr and for .le bIy ALEX T'OIWA It JtO 49 Camp St l4., DO] g K ]tv.i6I ...I- ,..:-i- -- - W l il -intTitbarrele rectified wlmi kev sure Slior utie Iy G J1)I)IEV, SAug 9 44 Naw Lvee BnEF-F20 ltlirit atidtd 20 hllfitrle mens the in'pection,forsalc I G 1I)OSBEY, junr. 12 44 New ILevee 1I - I1ICFR l(LAT0ht-iis is a new t and usel urti r ! -.lrfurnctil.tre, raidly cntin ilnto tse, in n r Ilern as well as southern latitudes. It is leigned to I.eep cool and swveet, sued dishes in thie culinary de. irllment ats are necePsnrv to be protleite from the Ileit Il'lhe wmather dri.g thell snmar senan. if Te Irrigerator i now ,n liered an inudineWinahle nrlicale in te rttlllllllV. every gad lnsewiit . l' he quan tity tlf lin' it prrtctls t'rloi tlo e weutler, rtil. ore haun payt o e '.irt ofl tt article every vntr. The erihrr is ons anll, ceiting iano ti man flicttrcr, R dfritrrtn atm.s fdiffierelnet prices. lh oltietlt itpp it int! Ageit fine ti h natln nitr, Air A I'tttin. Senierool nil th tRcfrigcrtor t n tt. sera n tyI tr 5:1 Iliyn till i at. tcO8 if W It CARNES. iv INES, C()iitl!)11., &c.-Cont. atly ruhpine hdiret iinmtttinltn pure i Cd geluine tVine of tert tort c irtelnd g lrowtehs. Iteninlk I l'inco, Cornillni'n--ier.nslriner, Grenfen. Ierger, lartdl crnnrcr, 1837 IIck, Rudenheiert.e, Iio) I(ck of 18255, Iel Franue Mileh, Sie, leisn , Stein of 1811. Altadeit't ll'ite.-l.odtn purtEtt:lar, Ieserve 1 nd Srriu il ctases nlfId ttiifcurl e, casks., r I'rt WVinn.--Oil, caone of 2 lhZ, Illutled in pnortn Iordlenux \Vio t hCleanu Il.fitle nod Chteall Mar. FIaux, Itnldville, St Julien anod I Emilion linen oil, l'nhPer MarngaOx, cases Bdoz St Jolton, excl lTtable Claret. Whitle nd Desert Vin'in. Ilerlmitage, Sauterne, Grove.lnrignso , llunch and Frnnlinntt Musiact. Chaupeitgn. Firtl qanliy Sill.rv. lurgundly Vines. l atntn(,a, C[iaottbesttin, Clnnde Vlngot,t Nueit. C.rlialn. lMarchlinn di Zann, g nine, Mlnrliniqut, Veuevc Amphllin genuinon, White and ,l Antliltte. and nassnetel lordeauxn Liqneors, Iof lnarie lirinzard and Rodger, Old genuine Gnenohle natspa, Alsymtht end London l'orter and -le. Bordeaux lBrandlv Fruits. lBordealux white \Vinc Vinegar. 1s JOHNS & Co. a l3tlh-lm ear Si C(tlrles & Coolol,mo it. lt3 ATl'IRASSES, ,i Iloirad ,lctas,nlnt,, Fna Sther and Mossllt Pillows and t olsters, watrrattel of best materioloa tld fur sale at ile loweslcn It prirea y - Wi. It. CARNES, ant tnltl-;t 53 Ilitenville trctl *)I1.h' clc..i, I iii lt UtIic.I)n IEAlDS.- A inuall! Itt Sof tlsne reltrltninnt nrtitles, suitanle Itr staol Rltnti nttd otiiees for sale n ow at 53 ]lienvtlle St. tntg. 2ltlth-- i Vini. It _'ARNS, 53 Bienvio at. Cn)I I'nttln f-r Sale by A :lOHEN, autgtitl iiCotttnmottcieet. 252lLtDOLt Nortrn Hy, Ibnrc. Iront Slilpe onllllin, frolm New York fur Sale by A COHEN, nun0ag. __ 9 Comll on street.n t l111,(;i.itli 'tIERM 1,1 :iSI 'OltIS n Ctin die-.ei, Ltttt ill nlf Cntlrttt ll Q uern'sn Ilench, in tit "l lourt, Collr tl CaIltIOnn l raleas a ldl he Collurt o p", thed taert a 1'e first Nulhvr of tihe bnove work is thl.. day to reived by Alex cl'l'wir "19 Camp alreet,wllre tihe el-rm. bert of ilto lnir are respectfilly indvited to eall nn tinx a le ilt. - a b jti S &J P \rill I'NY, 73 Camp at SAR I)--f l kegs lefat!id ii StOln fir sale by . Sll t Gh DORSEy,. 41 Newi licve Atit lit h Ic'l. n ard, ii ilore, for ale by ] ( 8 G LDt)ISE4ei1 Niw Na eve D R. MOFFAVS'r' VE"E'rhTiLI, L.| t. l'ILIS. are par so well known to the Ibhe trlrt it is hardly lie- S cessary to give a delaileald stltement o" their vrtle nndll use. llhe followinhg urlcles will fully canvihee any one of'tthe elaimls Ibedoeloih Ita upl i Ihe public In placee confidence in his preparatioens. Froni tilhe Hnpden Whig of Jnly 12,18I7.. Mof.atl' Pills and Ilitters.--''he Ilst Journal can loins anddilinnul testimoyv iya fivor of this highly import. tan"inventiai. .'lhelvs s icnfhReJooeeoal wnis leons t s.apped" Io annnonce Ihe testimony. Sone nle, in lhe name of Dr. MeRl thalnka us for inourling tlhe verifif cale afoor neighbor Bowles,and oidera s usa qanatilv ol llth articleau compensntion. 'This is very kind, and we oa Sdromise the nmoasnt we laitelor unlder like aIlicationa withi aiour neighbor of lteJournal, to call on hie agent. In the mean time, are anly laboring nider similar dife ieslliioa to those whlich have o severely blrne upop Mr Bllwles, they have his testirony t; t(le "peculiar lndaptednesa" of the remedy au the linease. Tile Iedia cine is undoubtedly a sovereign remedy. r LETTER FROM SAMUEL BOWLES. The Inllowint letter is from Mr. Bowles. Editor of tlie Republican and Journal, Sprincliold, Moss. PrnS a otstrI.a, June 1, 18r7. Mr. .offit--Sir: ,t is now thirteen ve ars thtil havea I siffaend from ll infirmity nr tile howrels-- e canlse qnencee, nso I1ololse, fl o evere illleCs of inlli mnltory lrhetAnlti llh i'hd niatcral nacion if tie oiawels s lost; fre tellt aid severe paiies oleer, with insh weakneess lned depression: cailiithice i bing neoessay every rfewi eloys toe n lllleneicoulinivense. I Ivve connlitn gnd plysiacias, nd hilve tried llmost anl kiils Inf ill a nd vefisaed, whichsll eedln lited In ,hiv case, il vitn. It ha Srilang the last v er. I harve Imlet an, ed sewveril a xes nfvolr"I I.itl' Pills,"'Itll found more lenfit frm ,a tihem, more eIliefoaid adplellellesl t"lly case fori a lengthl of tibie, thnl; frou. any inmedieile I Ilave vet tield. Yoours, SAMIII.L, BOWILES. For sale n this city, at the corner of Colnmon anid Tcsepito llau sln. Ina 18 if ataio.m itAt'l"l' I C.'Co,are nllw receivlngrnl on board ship Orleans. Engle, Highlander, a'oker letry Andrew, Fnencll and German Iln y lrds; Back- I ammo on loalrd; Chessmen, 2 1-4 tlnd 2 3-8 inch ril arnd ialls; 8,19,110 nld 12 inch blade Bowie Kiiies; Lelher on. d other truvellinlg Dressing CoasesI Bwe, i Pocket, Iloremna 's mIo stli g P aoleA ;double C sinple Iarrelled Guns; GO ne Bags; Shot lelte; Powder and Pistol Flasks; I)rm IlottleR andl rinking Clipe; Percoeaion Caps nll Cap Holders; Clothk, Ilair, 'n'ootl; and Nail Ih slher; Orris ran Chlorine T'oth WahIsl Totll Powder; Tlniet and Sharving Soaps, ial grelt vL, riet; lIong aIlir Braids, Ritglets and Friettes; I'earl aledToilet Powder, Enervy ioag; Ivory Tlab CabioLan: Patent Slides oa Or Grter; (,io Elastic h Solenders; IPowder Plls andl Boxas; (ilt Chains, Seals alid Keys; Ear-drops; \Vaist BuSkle; Brlcelets; IBead Neckhnces AlloCbales; Gilt nd Siivered Beads,; lidiln Beadls, I Ilells alnd PItiein Shell 'Twiste Side And Dressing nCombs; wlli 1 aldition to tlheir friner stock oe n haIel, Imakes their assortmenlt very complele, nld will li, sll ow illd onliboral termos, l tile sign of tile :olen i Coli)b. i25-tf 70 Clhartresa sreet. A S--81110 feet Als (lore, m aill II S &J 1' iV I" Nf.Y, 7: Conl, S- iEN. 1'n--A diellinlg tlo, w olerk rt e. nr tlie corner of TlcenhaitonLl anvid Jeosph-l at ilestreet , -fia stov nlare onc Levee street, bleween Bienville ,aId Clhl.mttali N stei ell , .. Alile oice in Gravir stretet. of t'oaseshee con ie ggiven irnnlrelileltc. Also. froll firsl Nnovnotler Ine, I1, two atory ware-" IIOlLeI, No. 1I (e>lliln street, Ally tolll july. Olh I C CA,\I hACK & Co. I , P1In.Ai . WORK :-.,e,,liar, a le er. fTr n.t y Amhneriiena Senery, n splendil woerk,21 Nos. Received Onr Wild IFlowvers with teleotilil Cololred Plattes. T'he Chihlo ltrewiig liohk. R tOA (hAixoClOe in3 vals ome. wiilh llonsteadis. S Ileceivedl ald for sale luhy Alex'Tt)IWAIR. S Bufcr, in lvo. "I ir Richelieu, or Ihe Cioeirsev, a play i 5 ltI, to whllichl are addlled Hitsioricll Ojha iio tile Itheoo dalys of Eliz abelh•il; Ceonlwell'e Iv)re:nl Thle Dthel of Nelsnl, b the mlth(r of I I.ndlv of I.v S,,., l'ellm,, thile liise'nell',I &c &c, ,Wiill all t'he new wil ks of'the play, for side by e june I2 ALEX.X 'L'.XT ,VAR,49Camp ast nAI.KIN(l CANES. , iM (IEl.., No. Ii Cllartres treet, lllas this tiny rceived a viriety of CANI4ES, nilTlle lir Cg!l tlmin'ao l-s, they will lbe offered vlrv law t ,1 r chasrs S ' ('H:Ill t'ANtI".:sý--fill b.oos sehirue (?ills, Ni ldtll hrand, flor astae bly I lfltI)(l' & I('o , only a-- 1:1 Nnenillue 4115 'l'INt' PAPIIlEl.--16hl leil "d 4a A-3 liaelic Its iNr; heAm iIship YIan, for sare hy II '\U. " S 1; IIANttA :13 :2:: .a;r: Ro- l; ::. 7 , .I lht b+' '. u hI ll Icr:. I o I lay u8 " S . ..v ,, ,,. Ju .1 N,.wl.cýv., Slv Il( r 1N Il Rll 1 ls-c 4u d,,zice s luii, liir s l . J J7 1. I)1)1.. 1f:\, t4 New (1 J122 t' 1u IiIt-S :1 Nt w l. vv' I' . 2 , 1 . a id, lii IS i, , e....v I; ,, ol ulla, , -. , I, e 3A v,, the yr ha e I ul s-,o- -0 .nk in. "n d lnglih, n writig i fir hea.l. '"'l l'mo (de)f es bar : litere. iia·n 1 I y :\ 1"() 111:\" liltleo , lll ,,l ti I,, o , l t1 IIlll mmli l..Nl:e, IiR\N & o(. Il ay 1a!t . l5l &C, ' sS rNI\t. U aii- hi leci1111 ve,,,e,,l Ii vl lore for sae by JIi IIA Yll & . i July 1th 74 sriae lnd foir sale by " DAVift FF.I$1' Co, ay 18 `._4 lhsrtres of SIAise by A '1 Raiku aI, jaitll 34 G lu la b o iaersl . .]) ACON .11.--75 casIK ksE ,i.rn.'r t*i"a Whcnr. 1 (* e d, in stre, for s(lne by ( I)RSEY e I 11 j nlty 44 N el w L .evee rllA. 'r'1(1? IR. I9.) .E 11 8I/ 1'fElt PA l'tuhl-A fi-(lrssefvof led i trelr iper ofnvarioun s quio ihiee, juscct aceiadnlu tirn -ale oIi acveiimiiunling terlis l ..I "! .\ 'a tiwAR,,9 Comp st Mterrysitl' PIantson ship. For sale by A T2WAIt, 49dCaoipo a .I of improved conlatrnation, iv. frtoaln. tuinpIlve, for mlO-u N Ivlallelvea~s lual :i4(havlrei,,a h I RAZIEI( CIP I tI-(hl c he't s lc iF,11n 0 mucI. sbeets .3 to fil) in. of I0 lb. l~o,( ll. (tiCopper . 54(1 ai .ets 60 to 60 do. do. do. Jtsttreaivmol tlnl |- c ,1t lvb ^ l 8. LOCKE & 10. Inavtt 8 IFrot Lervee SEavlia, alone $.i por roov. French and Eaglit' $1 )er cop)y. Civil Cude of La siana. Frecll and Eoglish $15 to 20 per copy English alane $10, E JnOINS ? Co. july 20--In. corner of S Charles & Common sts O'I'TOtN SAAllI.ING PIAI'EKR-A invoice of C this article, of good qualiat , jls r cive ad ifdor , vole by ALEX. TIOWAII, itt"_15 No 1'J Cmp Ftrt S11 E-91T0 casks Til'l maiott ai0 afloat, orar , Sby SL & J I' WII'I NEY, may 14 73 Camp sI. OFFICE 01? 'IllE FIit6F\lN'J INS. Co,. I' New Orlteans. fp E Stockllholder a re ereblv toIltd that the tn hI SIaallltaoltentoa teir stek s hle nr payble on the fifllh olf agoast 1839, ait toe tItlic of the.. Coopoany. July 1:1 I I ITRACY, See'y. DACION SID)ES-hil ca ks Cilcg;o i curve q d, IA sal, by b I)RSEY, JIB 44 New Levee GEOIRGE C. CIIILDS, ArTroRty AT LaW, nJIL. arttecd thle Srprene Court, and the I)istriet Court,, of Harrisburg, and salat oftlhe adjaeent counties-Office at thie City of Ilo stnt. Cloain on tile governm t eithe r or Bounty Land or lmlev, willhe Itundertakel ttl om1 Iaptly tttede to elther tir notn resdilet or reaidentsa of i'exta.. Address fromt tlo United States--City'a of ltastoo o the cate of S. Ricker, jr. (Texas Post Office Agens New.Orleaao. 31stnalr 2 NEW ORLEANS Steam and Patent Biscuit Bakery-Waters and Hillman. No. O9. MOorau (iteor ithe loattehortrain Rail Rond.) Pilot and Navy Brand, Soda and Wine Riscuit, Sugar, Butter, Midlbrd and Water Crackers. All the above articles are warranted to be of the irst quality, and to kooep in any clinmate,being comtpletely kiln dried, Also,-Kiln dried corn meal. Orders left at G. W. Pritehard and Togart, Jr. aorner Magazine and Poydras streets, will receive protept.attsntion. Small kegs iput up oxpresely for mnily tie. I"nor . H DRAU LIC CEC.IIt'It51'- t bltotaladinga leto ship . I eo Cabot, and for allelltS t mav3 S1 JPP WIlI'NRY, t may 3 . 73 Ciatnp t B XCIIANGE oil Now Yoark, tr ruale h 3. july 13 PETEIR I.AII)LA \y,f Cnaip st ' fo sale by ( It)til.F:, a If Now ivor SECOND MUNICIPALITY NOTICES. W ER. bronght Itn th Police Primr oi the'd Mu. niceipality, the ltllowing slnver, vie: A Inclat o Woman nlamed Aholli, aboato thirty IWO years, of or aynyolterloaga to Mr Ayhtonoha. A legro luau tatted AtlOno a,outo sixtoy yer'of ago says hebelog to Mr. Morris. . A negro onned Fliabelhtl alaout 40 years of age, a Isysoh emlongs to Mir Malrrie. 1 A n egro bhy named Michehle labout 2yesrseofage I, w rashe it free. 'lThe owserr of raid slaves will pleuso tcall at the pri-m. Son of thle d lMuaniipality, prnv proerlyr pay chargeea I and take tllem away. H A tlkRI'R, f aug 20 Captain of the Watch. Ir lNT.tb ameo6a "la &geulie dela Seeond e lut - or ' O lla la eeolaves attsal, eaoir: . Ulue mulatresse eumnom AI)ELl.ngr6 d'environ 32 n me dlie appottlenir Mr. Mr. Antolni. Un n6gre onumm ANTHONY, age de 60 has le dis. ant nalppaltenir Mr Mnorri. we Uhe negresse nommt'El.IZABETII, ageb d'environ 40 nrs me di-ant appltpniir A Mr Morris. Uo inant e nbgre nontmb MICHEL gre6 d'environ 12 ve ano e dit libra. S le pro pibthires rea di eaclaes, senoot pri6s de ven'r Is re illrner ell payant lea frois. Ht; H. S. HARPER, JI5 Capitaine de la Garde ad nTERE brought to the pound of'the 3d ward dd W Ad Municipatliy the following stray ani. u malseviz: e A Gray pone stud horse abbout 12 hands high I soar oees and loft eye supposed to be blind. Ih A browe horso popey with a few gray hairs on Iis fhace, fore feet black, about 13 hands higlh. A I rown mare mlle striped on the breast and ed back from the collar and saddle a streak acroas both sholdrar and branded on the left hind quarter, 13 , haerds high. er A bay horse mule 4 legs black and etrlpt on the b- breas supposedfrot. the collar, about I` or 13 hit andsa high. A sorrel horse blind of the right eye a small star It on hIis face with collar and saddle marks 16 hands high. Por; hioan Mare with white face 4 fetlocks white and part of the 9 hind legs,soar on the hack ftom the) sh snddle, branded C II on the right hind quarter about ra 13 or f4 hands high. ar1 A Black horse puney with a small star on his Sface branded on the riglt fore hltoulder, blind of eriglht eye and between 13 and 14 lands high. cI The owners of said property will please call at ho, the pound of the 3rd ward 2ndI Munleipality sito re ated tIle corner of Robin and Annunciation streetse il, Poo Proprly pay charges and take them away on 'I or balero Saturday the 24th August, 1839, whlen lea they will be so!d at auction by P G Gmtllotte, pub. lie auction er. J. L. WINTER, ' New Orlecne. Atg 13 hI 1839. lst Lieut. ,hl Eroves.-Eommtnd aut depot du Iroisidme diatric do la Secontdo Municipalild, lea animaux sui le valntes. Un Eltlon gris, d_ 12 paumes do haut, borne de d' Oinl ganieh Un potit chaval bran, ayant qulqgues poill grie ar-ur tn fioa, lea qu:ar as pieds noir, 13 paumes do Un mulet brun, marqul sur I' opaule et oar Is dos par le Colloar et to soell, uno ma quo , traver. leas doux np uloe,et eta qu suite o is os e qauche 13 paumes do haul. red Un mulet bayne le quatres pleds noir. marque do collier sur la poitrieno, do 12 t 13 paumes hbout. Un cheval alozun, bruan, de l'oiel droit etoile slor e. front, marqud do collier etdu sells 16 paumes de Un jument roane, figure blanc, 41 plods & partie on do deux jamlnbs do dernier blanc on marque our Ie dos marquti C. II. our le cuisse droit, de 13 k 14 it Ioaumao do haut. lo Un peott cheval noir, Ine etoile sur Ie front, omarqud otir I' epaule droit borneo do I'oiol droit, de v 13 14 nsames dlo hat. S Los proprietairos roudront b on les reeltmer en at prouiant le Irs propriotes un d, pot I'encoignerm dtts rues- Rtobin at Annunciation d'ici, au 24 csnt 1839 autrement il eront veondus a I'encan par P. G. Guil otto oncanteur public. ly 15 a. J L WINTER, ler licutenant. r nT(lTICI:-Wastaken up t by Ithe Police of the Sad . l uniciplity on the thlth istt : folund in the pooses ' sion ul' a ruuawan, Negro, trim ('.rin ganl of said Ma- lmlipaltry, A Light Ittt IlHorse abott Mr-en hands ti-eI, hotwo li le g shit.,anodblind tofon.eye, ad oalou t tnrt \o 7T|1. li 1a 'TIhe wnir i ise olnedo aoe Int ar dprovep lroper Iv, :ly 1Anners, arl take Iht t iway. ill I..Iitll'El, I'aplain of the Watch, I .( VIs. Arret( par in Poic,, de la Seconde M uni. • coplalt le 9 courllnt, trolvo entre les mains erd n rnegre marron, qli . fai des forcats dudit Mn. niclpaltld un chlpval haIy. .!Miret qainte paumes de built, va, detl jamllboh te tlrri'e blittle, et orne e, anst qu'tin charrette No. 731. I.O proprlltair vaudraIsi pr0aver sa proprio(t player hts trais et hs retire.. 11 S IIANl'IltI. Capitai,,lj de Watclh. ri I:l tlF brn ,, ll , 1 to lie 1i'o t l o t he :4I W ard,,d.11 AN lnr'ert, tj I o rll r, nt Ill haol high-nomarle 01. T1 6n, LE t if .ItI do l I .t i mllo rnMIticip r llite n lli n rd t i vs l r, rr1n, . I pltams lr, hr l aur, -irlns lneqtillbe. cLo tnltprot nur I'oll(rut(in bilun lro. clahmter au depot rue Barrounllentre lleria &Gired Sd'Ii it Sa amedi le 2 Aot, autr:mennt in era venduo i111 to dit Iour par P'. a (utillotte enroatIeur pahlique. jy 25 11 S IIARPERI, Capitaine do Watch. ,m.+ . -m..m •- --q • - - OfiJe ofrhe FirenIus lnsurance Company of ' Orleans Nc. 21 CPmp nt. (CA 1'l',. It , $alotthoO. lty on l eurelh r Io rll (rt`oer of tlhis C(ompan ýt .rlnl fly tlhy, iol~ ill( llP. lPv havetllhe lprivilege .r tIlkinc :lnrine nwd River riku,lul ale imw primp ju ly 7 E I.TR tiY,Sec'y BUREAU DES ASSURANCES DE:S POM. PIERS DELA NOUVELLE-IIRLEANS. Rue de Camp, No 21 CAPITAL, $300,000. Par une anlenddmonr a Ia Charlo do ce Compa. gnteaccordde pat la Legislature, il oat permis d'as surer contre des risques Maratimee st du Fleuvr, tl ils sent prmts reeevoir des applications. EL TRACY, Secretairo. I NITED SATES OF AMERIC .--State oft Luluiiana-Parish and city of Now Orleans-. le it known by this agreoement, mare and conslud. ed this fourteentl day of June, 1839, before me ioratio Davis, a notary public, duly commiiionad and worn, in and for the parish and lity of New Orleans, that in eonformity o the aappred b the legislature of this state, on the thirtleenth Mami eighteen hundred and thirty.seren, aentiled ean act to suthorisne limited and anonymous pallaer. Shipsp, and for regnlating the sam.' There i hereby fremrnea limited partnership which shaell be regrtlated in manner and lbre fdllowing, via : I. The name and style of said partnership shall ha-- r The steamer Brilliant Aseciation of New 2. This asso.ietion is formed for the purpose of the steamer called the Brilliast of New Orleans, as a passenger and freight boat, for hiri, on the waters of Luisiata, or others of or on tie coast of the United States. 3. Tihe anaunt ofaihe capitol stock of thin assu. elation is thirty two tlhousand dollars, dyvidt into forty shares of eight hundred dollars each. Ihe whlole of whicll calital has been paid in ready money, said amount being the price paid by the hIereinafter named members of said seeociationfor the original ont, repairs, and alterations, made to said steamboat Brilliant. 4. ''Theo names of the copartners in this asaecis Sion, and the amount which they have respectively contributed to this limited partnarslhip, mr as fol lows,viz :v 1. l)uncan F. Kenner, of the parish of As tension, for three shares two thousand and four hundred dollars. $2,400 2. llenry McCall, of the same porisc for three shares, two thousand and four hund. red dollars. 2,400 3 John Slidoll,of thls city,for thtree shares two thousand and four hundred dollars 2,400 I. Christopher Adams, jr. of this city for three shares, two tlousand and four hundred dollar,. 2,400 5. William iamilton Avery, of this city, for three sharea, two thousand and four hun dred dollars. 2,400 6. John S. Preston, of the pnrish of As cension, for three slarne, two thousand and four hundred dollars. 2,400 7. John Stephen David, of thperiah of St. James, for two eshares, sixteen hundred dollars. 1,600 8. John S. Armand, of the parish of St. James, for two shares, sixtcen hundred dol 9. Paul Hlebart, of thelo parish ofIlbervill, a for one share, eight hundred dollars 800 10. Aaron Hlart, of Pittsburgh, for seven. teeon hares, tlirteen thousand six hundred dollars. 13,600 $32,000 5. This partnerslcip slcall onmmonce on the day of date hereof, and tile operationsa of the same shall terminate, and the aoncorns thereof shall be wound up at the expiration of twelve mouthl frosm thie date of this act, 7. There shall be appointeidhy aid uaomaton cpon the meeting of any five of the etnockholder thereof convened ih the city of Now Orleans, alter two days notice in one of the public gasettes of said city, a board which shall consist of three directors, to he chosen from among the stoakholders of said associ tin, and in like manner ihere shall be an agent appointed for. ite same. 7. 'I ie Hlard of directors of this institution, shall have tu I power, and? authority to mak p such

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