Newspaper of True American, August 22, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated August 22, 1839 Page 3
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tules and by lawn as may not be inconsistant with I Ab le t or with the law afore recited, upon which i this partnership is li,unded and specially they shall have power to direct the mode of runningsaid boat, and regulating her voyages or trips, timnes of de parture and return, rates of carges,'&e. The said board shall also have the power to investigate the I andsunts of said lbat, as well thro' themselves, as through the agent thereof and generally to super Vise, control and direct the course. of the employ. I ment and the administration of-her fhnds, and to that end they shall be anthorised to give all fittig I and proper instructions to her agent, officers and othere in the employ. The dlreclo shall also have the powers to fill I up all vacancies-(for unexpired term) arising in said (board, from' death, resignation or otherwise. The agent of said boat shall" reside in the city of I New Orleans, and shall under the by-laws of said I board, collect the debts due to the association, and n if any there should be in suit in the name of said association, add also in like manner disburse their 5 funds, for neccessary expelnses and claims, and un der the like directions keep just and true books of the accounts, dealings and transactions of said ar sociation at the office which shall be seolected by I the said board in this city. 8. 'The directors of said association shall continue in office during the term of six months, from the day of their election and until the election of a new board, and such n, w board shall, if possib'e, be elected one week after notice as aforesaid, and prior to thie sepir tion of the term of the older J preeeding board. The agent shall remain in office at the diarretic i of the board, and the board shall determine his compensation and the manner of pay. ini the same. S. At the period therein before determined for tlah piration of this co-partnership, the affairs thereof shall be settled, and the same liquidated and wound up by the last board of directors ofsaid association, or tile survevor or survivors ofthenm. 10. The persons so trusted with such liquidation I shall cause to be made a full and emnplete balance sheet of the delts and credits of the association, and they shall well and truly discharge and settle out of tim funds of tim association, consisting of said boat, her earnings or proceeds, the lawful debts I of said association, and when all the debts and claims of and against said association shall have been fully paid and discharged, they shall make a just.and equal rpartition among the stockholders ofsaid association or their lawful representatives, pm rats, of the stock respectively held by them, of all the rseainoing funds of said partnership; and for the purpose o ofirctingthe liquidation of said concern, the persons who shall be tihe liquidatoro of the same shall have full power to sell said steam boat and her appurtenances at public auction, after advertisement during once a week in "the usual . manner, at such credits and on such terms and con. ditions as to thein shall appear advantageous, and I shall have also full power to cause to b," discounted without recourse, all notes, obligations and credits whatever, belonging unto said association, whle. ther arising out of the sale of said boat, her earn. ings, or othierwise, proviided such discount may not he made at a rate exceeding ten per cent per an. aunt, or even to sell without recourse and at public auction after the usual notice, all nolds, claims and credits, belonging unto said association, on such terms as they mayv think fit. II. The devi ads of profits, if any there shall be, made Iby said association, shall, after paying all debts, charges and expenses, be declared at tile end of every six months succeeding the date thereof. 12, This act of association is expressly based upon the aforesaid act of the legislature of this State, approved tihe thirteenth of March, eighteen hundred and thirty stven, and the aforonamed esnmbers of this limited co partnership hereby declare thatit is their intention to avail themselves (in making this association) of all the privileges and immunities in the said act of the legislature contsmptnlated, and specially of the priviloge of exemption fr m responsibility for the debts and obligations of said association beyond the amount of the par value of the stock by them aespectively held, as contemplated In the eighth section of saidi act, and all priviledges gratlted or responsibilities imposed by said act are to be taken and considered as embodied herein. 13. The said e,-partnership hereby eloct the city of Now Orleans as the place of domicil of said as. sociation, and determine that the master or clerk on said hoat lor tihe time being, or either of thlee, shall he the agonts of said association, so far as to sign hl Is of lading, to hind the said asso.ation for goods rcceivcd on freight on board said steanelr. 14. The stockholde s in said association slhall have the right to vote by proxy at all elections Ibr directors, and to appear by proxy at all imeetitngs duly convened. 'Thus done and passed in the offiee, on the date am above, I thle lpresenec of Ilrtlollomew Vall ittd Tlheodlsro F. T'I'hte nne . coImapetent writnells.s, domiciled in this city, who having signed with the parties and me, the notary, Orlgmeal-signed John Sh:dell, Wm. II. Avery. Henry Alete'all, Joleu S. DI)vid, C. Adams, jr, J. 5 Armanllt. Aaron Bart, of the city of Pittshleg, coutty of' Al egbaliy, Stillte. of Pentnsylvania, is to these pir. .entt pr son red y Iias slle, Jessce Ilart, of Now (r leanr, as per i.rocuration lier. Iunto alteXd. AARON lART., Per JESSI E IlHART. Duncan F. I.lKenner havinlg lert the city previous to signing, is hereo representedl by Mlhinor Kenevr, as per letter leutllo anllexted. DUNCAN F. KENNER, Per MINOR KENNER. Paul Illberit having left the city preveous.,o signing, i hlere represncted by Blernard l.auduneier, as per letter hereunto annexed. Il). LAUDUMIER, Pour PAUL ilEIIERT. JOHN S. PR'ESTON, By Isaac T. Preston Iti attorney in fact. The words - Iburteeuth," and of tJune, 1839," interlined. IS Vails, Theodore F. Theinemann, HIoratio Davis, notary pulblic. I certify the foregoing to be a true copy frosm the origiul act extant en mly current notarial re. gister, in luitih whereof I heave hereunto signed my name and affixed the impress of my seal of office. New Orleans, June 20th, 1839. Signed, HIORATIO DAVIS, alS-9. 30d Notary Public. NTAIlS UNIS D'AMERIQUE-Etat do la I L~ouisiano-Vi I oet Paroilso deo Ia Nouvelle. Orleans-Cc quartuzio8e jour du mois de juin do Pan mil huit cent trente neouf et le eoantu troisi. Abme do Pllndtpendonco do. EUats-Unis d'Amdriquo. Pardevant Horatio Davis, ttarie public, du ment comrnissionon at assermedW dans at pour la villo et pareisso de la Nouvelle-Orldans, i a tdid convenu de former uno- socidid limitd, conformd. mot oaux dispo-itions de L'act de In Ldgislature decat Etat, pas6d lo 13th mars 1837, intituld "Un Acts pour autoriver len Sociddts limitdes et anony mes at pour In gouvernement d'icelles." Unoe so. cidtd litnilde est par lea prdsentda florae, laquelle sera rdglde de Is manibre ed dans la forme suivan to, savoir: lo. Le nom et le titre do la dite Societd aers: "'L'Aaassociation du Bateau b Vapeur Brillant de la INouvelle 0d16ans." So. Cetto asooci tion est forine dane le but do i cm ea .guer le bahoau a v pear noramd6 l Bril. tat d la Nouvelle.Orleans. commae bateau ce pesa'gels, atdo fret our les eaux de la Louisiana on tQitea nutroreseaux dos Etata-Unis oU sur cotes 1esEtas Uais. 3o ea montant du capital de eette Ass ciation eat de trento doux mills piastres, divid on quarante actions do huit cent piustres chaque. La totalild dumadit capital a did payde an comptant par lee suembres de la dito Associatin ci.apres nommndes, le dit montant taont lo memo qua la prix primttif du suadit bateau Brillant et lee ddp uses pour rd parationsa a mdliorations faites nu susdit bateau 4u. Los nome des associda et le montant qu'ils oat respectivemenat port6 dana coret socdtd limito eat cou mesuit: 1. Decant F. Houner, de Ia pauresae de I'Aseeasion Iour trois actions, ,eux abile quaLre ot.nt piastres, $2,400 2. Henry McCall do la asadite paroisee, pour troie actions, deulx milla quartre eat plastres. 2,400 3. John Slidell, do ln Nouvelle Orld' atna pour trois actions, deux mille quartre ient piastres, 2,400 4, Ch i topher Adams, file, do la Non, vellae Orleans, pour trois actions, deux mil Ie quartre cetu piastro. 2,400 5. WIliam Hamilton Av ry, de I. Nouvelle Orlibans, pour troaiactions, deux mille quartro cent piastres, 2.400 6. John S. Preston, de la piro:sse de I'Ascenaion, pour troin actions, deux mille quartre cent piastres. 2,400 7. John Stephen David, de la paroisse St. James, pour doux actions, millo six cet piastlree. 1,600 8. John S. Armard, de In susdite pa. roisse, pour deux netions, itillo six cent piastres, 1,600 9. Paul Hlbort, de la paloisse d'Iber ville, pour unn action, hutt cent plastres, 800 10. Aaron Hart, do Pitoburg, pour dix sept actions, treize millo six cent piastres, 13,600 $32,00 50: Cotte soc:dt6 commencera Ie jour de nla dac der presentes tt sae op6rations seo termine ont et sea ffaireo et sea comptes seront balaneds tt cles, 3 I'expir,,tion des douzo moia qui sui vrot la date do present acte. to. A une rdunion do cinq tmembres de I'As sociation, cotnvoqude d'aprbs une annonee publide pend.nt deux jours dana une des guaettes do cotte ville, it sora nomnmd trois Directeurs, pris parmi les actionnaires, lesquela Dirseteurs composeront Ie bureau d'adminiatratitn. De nl mrntue manibre it sera choisi un agent pour la dite soeio:d. So. Lo bureau des )ireoteurs de la dite Asaoci. ation aura plain pouvoir at autor.ld do faire at dtablir des rbgles ou rdglemena qui ne seront pan contraires au present act ou h Ia lot prdeilde on vertu de lqunelle catte soci6te eat dtablie. Ils au pent le droitspdcial de rdgler la uraniairo do faire naviguer le eusdit bateau, ddasigner le cours do sea voyages, le temps do son ddpart at do son re;. tour, d'dtab ir les prix, &o Lo dit buloau aura aussi to droit d'xaminer les comptes du suadit bIateau, suit par lui momoe, sait par son agent, et g.6draloment de s,.rveiller, con trbler et dlrigr l'emploi at t'admiruetrdtion do ees fonds, t t co but il scro autrod6 it donner los in. structions qu'it jugora ]'agent, aux offici, re at oautres Pmploydes du susdit. atoeau. Los directors seront pareillement atorisd s renm plir lea vacances (pour al temps non.expird) qui pourront aurvenir dane ]eur normbre, suit par mort, d6mission ont autreoent L'agont du dit bateau rd.idrra & In Nouvelle Orlias eat suivant lea r6glemens du suadit bureau, collectera lee dettes C duos it la socidtd, or poursuivra colles on litigeo au noum de la dito soeidid at pareillement rdglera los ddbours do sos fonds pour toutes ddpeneos ndona t saires pour faire face t toutes rdclarnations justes; rt on c nformitd aux dits rdglemens, serent tenus dos livresjustesa t exacts des comptos, ophroations 'I or tranosactions do .la doto Association, dans ]'office d qui sera choini dans cotta ville par to dit bureau. 90o A 1'6paqo ddtermindo rar le prd ant acte pour la durdeo de catte socitdl dernitrement o lu on par le membro on les rmembres survivants du dit bureau. 100, Les personrs i q q ero con fid toa ers dire tIquidation flront un dout complot des dettes at des erddits de la socidto, et a ront tenus de rdglor at do payer bien at f Ibhlonmnt toutes los jurtoes a ettoo ela t dire nssociation, losquolles dot es seront p.lydrs des 'fonds do It dite socidid, no composant do dit Iateoao, ses gain eat t ndfacos: e, quand les dites dettos nurs t 6td paydoo, i a rd" partirout d'uono m nitre jus o , t dquitablo entro, les aetionaires ou leurs reprdsoorans Idgaux, an prorata do lours actions r spec ives, In balance des fends apprtenant .s to dite association; at afin d'rlectuer In dite liquidation, 1,s personones qui seront chargsdo de tol dite I qnidation nuront plain pouvoir do vend a le suaedt ba eau I vapeur, seo egrds e t at apparaux a I'tencan, aptsn on avoir donod avis pr6alable pendant une semaine, de in miniere usitdo, to telo crddits et a tellos cronditions qni Itur parai'rentconvtnablhes, et ouront aussi plain pouvoir de faire escompter sans recours tons not a, obligotions et crddlts quolconques apparte. nant t la seoc dd, anit qu'ilo provionnont de la vrnte du dit bateon do coos bndlices ou autrclment, pourvu que lo dit escomptoe no soil pua fait t un taux au-dessus do dix pour cent per an, mt memo de vendro szne recoars ot t P'encan, aporbs les avis d'usage tonu bi!lets, rcd lmaliouns et erddis appurtenant It aI dite soc tdd aux termes qu'i a jugeront convenable.. 12. Caot cto do sueat6 est oxpreosstdment rhnd sour le s'sdit acte do to Idgislature do art Etat, approuva Is 13 Mars, 1837, et lsn sociltaries ci-dessus norm ads de cotte socidot limildo ddcelrant, pr tole prdsentes, qu'il net do loar intention [en faisant cette socid1d] d se' prdvaloir do tous les privileges oet immuniodus voulus dans tc dlit ncto .: la ture, et particulieroeeont du privilego d'exemption do toute roeponsabilit pour In.a ldtto. at obligations do ia dito areilrd ru.deli du montant de la valcur (all pair) doosactions posrddes par chcIun dc'ux, commel it cot pravu d enla Ialitoime rection dudit acte, at loon privili:gros nccord6s ou resap nsabi'ilids imlonstes par Ile dit actl devront etro culliddr6a. cornmo incorpori ds dne l prdcnts. 13. La dire roctdid dlit par ,s prdnnlresr o ills Ide la Nouvo o Orleans, pour cson domicil eat dd. clare qllo to capitaino ou coiarisn du dit bateaux, pendant qu'ial seront emlployds tole, on Pun des deux, scront loe agents do tol ditoe association, on ce qui e mccrno to signature des connaisemeons at obligeront la dito soci6l6 pour lea marchandises reuas It bard du suo.dit bateau. 14. Les actionairos do ta dit socidl. auront to droit do voter par procuration dans touteas les lce tions pour directeuirs at do sn fairo reprloanter par proeuration dons Ioota les rdunions di.ment con. voqules. Fait ct pase6 on I'dtude, It la Nouvello Orlians las mdems jollr, noi et an qoe dossaoon prosence do tarthelemi Vail, at Thioodra Flavius Pticrno mann, t6omnins domlri ilidia o cetLo villa qui out signd avec les partis et rlni oi noialre. Original solg.d-John Slidell, Wmi. It. Avery, lenry MscCall, John S. ),lvid, 1. Adams, jr., J. S. Arroant. ,\aron llart, do la vi'le do Pittslora, erm!nd deoa Allighlany, dant do lPetrnnsvlivae, est dane I s prd. I rsetes represernt par son fils Jas, Hlart do is Nouvlle rldrtans, d'alpresr In i uroration ci annrexo AARON IARTl' pourp JESSE HIART. D)uncan F. Itennen yacnt qrliih la vdlle avant do signer, ,st da Illts prdnutre r.prernt6- par Ron unl flit !, rar t ttr c a .lllll X '. IDUNCAN F. IIENNEN, pour MINI) r IIIENNN: : Prlri rlr or ay nl qc O ttr : lvill9 a an Lo dla a rdnro L roooa ae lrtarorr.roroior hIr rdcol trcs par Bernard [ltou. duIt or par ttlre, cL aor illl ,. IN, 1.ýL'DUMIEI, poor PAI, IIlEERtI , i.O()N S. PRES'T'ON, ipor ISAAC J. PRES 1. VIL , t . olt I FIIIENtEMANN, Poutr coplrI cotlfrrne. NmvrlieOrlaus, 20o jinc 1839. t igd t IIORATI)O DAVIS, _17 - up-. s--I m. . No 'ub,.. SESn ,Ac"tIONAIRII ESsot notilidmine In nouvice InA; pVynitnt do loors actions est due et paya I r 5 ;in. t 1839, nil bureau de li complllaglli 13jau:l et. . .'I'RACY secretairo. I Jl. r'l' - ot= io-rln --p - sffr n , by - i)illllllnek S . l. i ,;ll . " IATE OF, IOUISIA, N.-ir: J udiciani lhstriet The cessio*n f the ie q,, ven ' prop erty is nscept,,d by Il t,. : ecJr tfo the irna fit of hi. eltlitora. It is ordereri :II1 a lle meeillg of his credlitors nd of the er q h rs a!Dilnock ..t [.a tfotle, it. tlaieti at theo ole of A M.aureau, esq. noarvy pnublic on Friday the 311h day of AIl usl, 1U:39, at t,,' o'clock, A 31, then ald *there, i airaene liI i t ,ir and A t Ihe In tinal alljjdal parl .rceedigs t o 0liL . t their perslnsla lltt pro. rrlwp :e ~rt ed sod, It i fu....ordered tiat Edwill ., Lewir, cq. e. alppointed to represent thel asent citeti li v'nrer d t' 'thurt tlis 2061th Jnlr. 11,9. 4t--alt ,al5,al i P LE Ill .1N(, dep. clerk. Edward Lafonta constre soe criancirs at los crIan. ciers do Dimmock & Lafaota. ETAT de la Louisiune-Cour du Premier Dis trict Judiciaire-La coersion des biens de l'incolvable oyant 6td ac ept0o par la tour, pour le bendfice de se ordanciors, i oast ordonnO qu'une as semblde. doe dits ordanciers et doe cr6anciers de Dimmock & Lafonta ait I:eu en I'6tude de Mr. A Mazureau, notaire public, le Vendredi 30 Aou. prochain, f 10 heuros du matin, afin de diliblret our a.e affliees: et on attendant, toutes poursuiter judiciaires contre as porsonne et sos propridtos noot euspendues. Mr. Edwin L. Lewis est noma nd poor reproeonter les cr6anciers absents dans cnte alffairo. Par ordre do la cour, ce 26 Juil'et 1139. P. LE BLANC, ddp. gref'. a I--4t--al 8 15 22 WILLIAM R. CARNES, J.OUISIANA WA RE ROOM, may 14 No. 53, IlIENV.I.I.E- E-T. NoE ORLElANS I IIAMPAIGNI (Il)EIL-1511 bozes Ioston Cider, i i store, tfr sale by G I)OIOerY, all 44 New Levee. r KIu.vey,l'rut Clharleltin, andl Ibt . ne ,_,ol IILAN'IIARIt, .:iGravier. `)LArST I -l i PALlet-fIS-T10 hlt ladit.gron, shilp I St Julnl, will be asoll ltw it' Itkne t'rom the leveo aG Homer forsaleA r ri 1 B III--- a N, 74 Ckti t cc. )ulyr20l11 41 New Leve. t1A. Y-UI lllthas i lla ht hauv,fir atle by jully 13 I'F.1T.I. LA . L-\W,9 . Co,,np st L ale by t G I)OItILEY, J8 44 Ncw Levee &EERI(OdKCti-'2 bolas TWLi;au g ate,,,m, boat i tHuner,Iber nle b A TIIE R, o9 3.1 Graier st -ACoN- SI-bIS--ISt0 casks Ciecinnatti caurd in at tre, fIr srle by 01 It)ItrEYtv, ptril 2 41 New Levee SXCHI ANG-oT- Lorndtn,, far sale bIy m17,t L H GAI.E, 93 Cottlntl st IG llo subocriher offers lor o;le 150 balt flar;t-iSO I bildo Whiskoy; 50 crass aont, Stides; 50 casks BIacoun Shouldlers; I0 ask canvassed Hatnlus. aprl i T'fIOS B HULLEN., 74 Camtp \jA~l º11S t'.f OiL t,,rre a ree ttltlad l ,,dtt frut rV UetaYAmer Gtt o, far press le by i itILoIb 0 tp120 _1 44 New Levee TO MERCHANTS. QjIERIKHAN'rS coa luore a llRuurtvot. Lao Ablruck off nifour hour.n NOTIc. 1 eallsNg t Ithe Coutptiug KRo, oJ 'I'KUE AMIEIRICAN PeiLeTsNG Orlecr, Pt. Charlues Exchltantge, ojUntui tle RaAn SINO Reoo at Corner of Gruier tareet, oruaice lin uing Office, orarer of P'oydras nod St. Cnarl, streets. A UNNY BAGS--25,II0t for sale by n] j S. J ' Will fVIIIINY,7:3 ('ani st GRAND REAL ESTATE LOTTERY OF PROPERTY. Situated in New Orleone, TO lIE DRAVN ON ''HE lt DE'CEMI1BEiR, 1839 IN JACKSONVILLE, Fla. Under tlie suptnlerntelenc of the C0,mis'inneri ap lunteld iy the Legislative Aneeoi l. tiil Flrllori: SCOllll'l' & liAI llI.TON, P1. Henager". 1011,000 tickets, at $15 schlime pric. $1,300 8000. SOY ellliV prSl e $io 11 per ticket. 5YIVESrEIt & Io·., 156 lIroodwav, NEW YORK, d. le Agents in. l7 The receipts of the male of the tickets will he le IoUited ill the Canal, Union, Carrollon, Citizen's acll Cunsolidated IBanks, it New Orleans, in IIhe IIIIe I)f .Luis Scehmuidt joinlyv with J. It. Perrault ereully Cashier uftlle Citizen's lenk, aId A. lBalnll in ac tually 'aslier ofthe Consolidaled IBnnk, as l'rualees, as per act possed lbelie A. MalIureau, Esq. Nlt. I'Ib. itllthe 2d May 1839, and the rope rties transerried to tle .love mentioned gentlemen nalneambered, as lrt stees, for the security of the fortunate prize hol ders. In New York the monies will be ilep ited il the Ploenix Blnok in the le.redlt ul tile above iliered 5 ( ity Blnks of New Orleeus. IlThle Puiblic arere eferredt to the acts puased heline A. Alnullreaun, Elq. Not. Pl. in relation to the i pro per ice whirl ellbrace tihe respectile prin i tihe oitnry. 6011 PRIZE ,a follows: Prize-..'hltt mlgillfeeut tlhree slorv bIrick huilding, known ai thile AtlAII.A:, iu Magazine soieteot. lmensuring 216 feet 5 inchres 4 lines In anenzeine et. 146 feet 6 incthes in Gravier ilelrel, and tIlI fe.r 11 inches on Na.che et. 'l'lhis building produces now i rent of :i37,l00 ier annuil, hii d bIeing ill Ithe most flourishing Inrt lf tile ity, nppo'ite three Ilnks, nlnd in the inilmeldite niehbllrlinod of tihe St. Clinrlee Rail the 'ity lletels. Its rents will, in I very few vlers lie increased to filly ln;llienli dollars rier annum. Extinlaled at l 710,000 Prize-'l'hatr lecant follr eslv brick build. iug known as Ile ITI'Y iHOTEL, filrmnerl Bishilop's Itulel, sitluatedll t the clrlner of( aTmp and Common sis ilncauring 162leel on (Cti oll li , and 146 feel II inches in Cmllp st. Thllis biilding rentll, n four $25 010, alnl,being in the most crlltll part of the city, can shlortlv e illncreaed it thirty ltnounndl dfillnrt per all. Pri1m. Esutilltell at $500,00 'rie--'l'he three story lric~k dwelling lIIhoue, NO. 311 11 Natchez street, adjoinilg lthe Areade, relnted lit I2 himdlod dollars. r Etimattid at $.0,000 I Pirie--'l'lie three sore lrink dwelling homse, No. 18, ouldjlining No. 20, 21 Naotiline street, l-etllell twelve hiidre olllrs. :stimatedl lit $20,000 I I'riNe--'he three storv lrick dwellille hlile, No, li, ndlljllininCg Nn.19, o Natluezest. renlltd till twelve Iunld redl dollars. C Estimated at $20,000 Prize-l'lne dwellne hinrae Ni,. 33 Inortll s nt corner If lsill ani, (Cautra lilillcs slreeto, inllltritlg 40 fePt frolitll fill niun itret, 411 feel front n i allklii stIreeet, ly 127 feet delBllil ('P ll ta ll lll uae slre l; netrel ol 6 0. 0 teen Ilhunlldred lldollln. a.tialed int $21,701l P'rioz-- l'he: Illlilg lnlle N, 24 toutll wetos lrnlr r of li.iill slreit, meRn. rine :ll . feti 7 iilclis on iansil, t, 3 f.ert 7 inchese i11 Frtinkiin street, by 127 lert 101 inches depo h tln (ltCl tontllhuse street; rerned il fiteen hltndred do[ trn. Estiat ed I at $20,Ho 00 Prize-The two sor le brick idwelling Ilouse No. 339 on R1 lyl street, between Ulreuline and Ilos1itnal streetst Ieao - uringe 21 Iet 8 illches oin Royal t, iy 127 leet Ii iun h ill Il depth; rlnt ec fit $11120 per annum.ll. Etiinlated et $15,000 Price-250 shares Canal Itank stock, at S$1ll10 . ach1, $5,0001 I'riEe-'.0 lll hnrel Coemrer.itl Banlk stack $108 each, $20,tH10 I Prizen--150 shallrpe Melehici ' nnd Tra iper,' Bank stockt at $1011 eine, 15,000 3 Prizes of 100 shares eachi, Ci:1y lank, :10,01101 2 P'rize If 5 11 "' Exchallng, 10,1111(i 2' Prizee of 25 '" l tine Ligt, 5,018 2 PLein of 15 A Melelanicii' and Trcders' 3,000 30 P'rizes of 10 .. I.onuiiii lnState, 211,11110 t10 Pr'nieon. 2 ' tlie lillt, 2,11110 2011 Plie fitl 1of ' 11111k )f Itrlent 20,1110 2011 i'rizer o 1[ Uinll Itallk oif Florida, 15,000 It sllil lie nt the optioll lflltl i0illlere Iof prires of balink .ickPl eitlIertlik thke le luek iself or tie ti pa cI l u I 0h'reot ill C uSlhN 100.000 ticketlo fril I to 11100,110, will Ie plt n one "evheel,nlln 01i pirizs,, win ithe bllnks, in another- ; rier!y alitbher a prize or Icank will lie IdraIwn ntil tnila t' a.r iz re nn, Idrteriin.dlal lcvg the hn lae of nuu. ern n ihle wh lleel--IhlnokI . ()Olrder, frtllechIlie tlltlPtr will hb, re1.,V1 at 1l {Ii lillilUla treetlt and it 11o. 'citl Chartrls .utreet, New ilrlei d~rti null r11ly 1uirwnrdl.d, tlrdere flrolmt lie Ioullltrv. pslat pid:l. clllllanin romittolla c fl r l l i - ien ofliie:kelsl reqaired, Idrvssvd sr ClII il ttl'T &. IIA1111.'I ON, New (Orlans. I A s teanlllllllli will lie proiled la nke to Fltrlr l.ckslvllll , Pain. Allil, 1819. mue 1 ' t N I IEN--3 ic ibll llolf mt lnndinig frlil ) ship Ynzm,, will be 1hll I 1 if tiaken from lhe vee. klfli ill JAMES i1. IIIl.I.EN, ; ý, " 7, Camp St. ItEPi'LBLIC O'F PLXAS. 'TREAS'RY DEI'ART.EIT. City of lHouston, 17th July 1830. IN pursuance of a requirement oi'a law paossd by 1 Congress of this Republic, approved January 21st, 1839, making it the duty of the Treasury to a advertise and cause to be sold the lots in the CITY OF CALHOUN, on a day by Iim fixed. Notice - is hereby given that the lots in tile City of Calhoun will be otforLd at Pub ie Sale, on Monday, the 18th day of November next, between the hours of Ten o'clock, A M. and Four o'clnck,'P AM, at the Capi. tol of this Republic, upon the terms set forth in tihe following extracts from the law above men tioned c See. 4.-Be it firther nacted, flThaint the lots in said town shall bhe offered and sold for no other cur. rency than gold, silver, audited paper, or the pro. missory notes of this government. Sec. 6.-Be it further enacted, That the said lots shall be sold on the following terms, viz: One fourth part to be paid down, and the other three. forth to be in equal instalments of six, twelve and t eighteen mionths. " See. 7.--e it further enacted, That if any person who shall purchase any of these aforesaid lots, shall f1il to make paymant of the seve;al in stallments in conformity with this Act, he or they shall forfeit all such suom as they may have previ. oeusly paid, and the lots purchaied by suchldefaul ter shall revert to the governmeut of the Repub. lic. See. 8.-Be it further enacted, That all persons, aliens notexcepted, shall have the privilege of pur chasing and holding the same, and the President is authorized to issuepatents to them so soon as the last in* atalmnent shall have been paid." The sale will continue fromn day to day, until all of the lots shall have been disposed of. Calhoun is situated oil the i.ust end of Matagor. da Island, directly on the Main Pass into Matagor. da Bay, and fromi its advantageous position, will probably become the principal conmmercial city in Western Texas. A Plan of the city may be seen in the General Land Office. The several a pers in this Republic,tho Commer cial Bulletin, Picayune and 'T'rue American, of N. Orleans, will publisl notice until the day of sale. JAMES II. STARR. Secretary of the Treasury. If'tAlilRE tCO'IT'A.0.* Ce Ri t ICTfOIt ipresents li best linmelts to hisi Sferieds, tihe public ol New Orleans, oind to ill utrangers who nitv be passing •a few days in the u tv, and ifnfrmis themithat lie will bIe ready in a fw dVays iI receive themn at that pleasant retreat, tIhe I" It A I It I E travelling either froml SplrinBgfeld, lonaldsonlie, or Madisonlille, or the cityca there melet with Pgorai hoeer-firne astonutoda tion s and Ipolie attention-and all parties ly way of thi Nashville Railroad can le eser edn in a private ut lpleasanlt ro'n, I.y giving one day's notice ofl' their iutentlion to collie. The proplrietor doubts not that indulcements for a vi.itiwill be found in the advantages the Cottage pre. sent. to the invalid, and those wearied with the heat, idust,and bustle of the city. 'The pore end deliciots air conietetly flotitng eillier froml the Luke or the great prairie-tire ele erefarling and the tliter Ioatled with fragraleP, will ever give unlminledr delightit) tie wan erer in searlch either ofiealtl orl lunsure. F. P'reiior appeals therefore with cnfidenee to the patrona.e ul' those who know Iis inethod of serving his friends, aoddoubts rtl that moslt strangersvisiling the city will honor hin with n call. te ittends eaking Prairie Cottage one Of the mont agreeable places of ere sort in the ntighb.rhood fcitie tity. iThe irorietor guarantees thit his ewh.s,rliquors &c. Swe. shall le of tle most choice nature : at the same tinle hewill devote his attention to lrxiure all the ear liens delicacies and viands of the sauson for his table. ut1t--3nm B OOKS-Culalognes of vatiabln e books, ilnlsllt English edilions of chohice, rare, and valuubl bluks lit Archliteture, Engineering tind Science, pub liihed eor sale or irported by Messrs Carey d& Hart of Philadelpllia; may be liad at our vtnre, atdoridele front repponsible persoous will be promitly atltended to by us rtheir .tgegtas, al JOHNS & Co, J10 3w cur St Charles & Conmmon Fre NE-- W JNEWEL'It'. M1. BF LIL, ICh'itmrtresstreet, has this day receiv ed per ship eSartoga, I50 doeI, eiatieled IBreast Pinsa, whiet will be olered to the trahe or pedlars cheap er than ever before offered it this city, Also 50 dozen lchased Ringi, of all patents, togetther witlh a great vac rietv of chesap Gile Work, csnsistit of Broaihes, Rings Ear Oinaments, Locketts, Chains, &r. Tlhose n want will do well to e.amine this great assortmnaIt, P. 8. Old told pod Silvelr wanted. apl 15 C i'YING PRESSES-Reeiv.cevd per packet shcif t.l ti--siilpii, Felts p"taot Copyiig l'reaues a eCry siiperior atice forsale by D)AVID PEI.T & C;t july 97 N. Y, Stationers' Hall, 27 Chartrese OTI.IAND (GIN--O plipes lolland Gin, in stor, l ad for sle b J l'IIAYER & co mn13 74 t'oydra st FOR NEW YORK. [Louisiana and New York Line of PacketC.] T.o sail reg. l y s aeerise fos each Prt. ' ll.lE line is at this moment colmosed of the follow 1 ing ships, but 6 ITrla new vessels will he pIten at aon early day. making the nunlmr Iwelve in ell, lzich will allo f fnie heing dislnlchld lfroni Ihis plrt evorn week oering the year, Ihan aelirding iromp fIhlciliiire for Iranslniortion anod at Ihe lhwest rltes ifflrighil. Ship tion, Canptain 'Iruek. " Missisippi, I echbe. L" oulivi.le " Allen. S iloiga. Itllhllweay. IlIuprteille, .1 Eldridge " Shlakepeale, " Palmer The albove ships are all if II,, filt clisn ,,oppered lid pellr el"flsioed, If a lirlt dleglhlf llo water, nlll lilt in Ni w York exprellsly fir the trade,with Ielegant acecolriilodaitions fir nassengers oilld coinmnudel by aile al. s eXrlielced mlasters. The1 rice of passage is fined lat $.1i, wilthot wine, or liquors, ample stoes in every other partenIlnr ill ie provided, and every ulleltitiln ivel to pllllote lhe comfort oi lho-er paising tIonll d lrt in the lit e. The. ahips will tir all Ol Ihe towed ilp iand dUown the river, nlld the greouatet tpitiai i yi olsrved tas. tl their dy of sailing Neitler lte ownnrs or c:lrninn of these vessels will be responsible for jewelry, bulliso, precious stones, O ilt. ver or ploted wale, bretiakage ol glalss, hilliow ware, mnhlrle, or gralile, colimirie oil lilt, rust of ironl tr steel,or fOrai nV ellcere, itrel .r )lckaies cnt lIV or pat.on board oflif ie,, unles reigulir bills ao: iding ere tiken for t le same, nnll the valule thereofexpresoed. Forfreight or )Iaallgr, applyv to 1 :: ight J.\AMES it HUI.I.IN, 71 Camp FOR NEW YORK. IIOLMES' LINE OF I'ACKEITS. \O sail pitueltallr every lMonday from riich irl. SThis Line0 el"' PacketnhaLve i'eell increased to ,Ira - er first class hlli s, (onlLitinllg of Ship NasrBe. ille, Captain nWool . Arknnsao, Caplain E : Iternil, Aabanba, Captaint C C herry, Orleans, Captain sCearm, Vicksburg, Canpin J Eunker, ainthea, Captlain Ahl'ly. Naslhille, Cau lain lt iid. Ioisa,. Captain Trulmanll. Oleans., Captaili Lyonn. Ocalt/gee, Caplain Leai ittll. .eew /hip -- Captain Woodhllouse. Neel .hip -- Captain Niehllln. 'lThe abtne. -hips are all of tile first elaIte, sOp ered nnd tippler filstened, aInI were bllilt ii New York ex presslv fior this Ir'le--they are oe ilielt ,Ilnlrlll of wa Ir. anid alnost invarialbl cross the bar wothout dete;i tion 'I eeer packetos are enomandled Ily (aCn tlien well ex perrleal ill lhe trade llti will always exert IthliiioS.lve ito eCCllnCmanlldite. ''hey ill lie aCe ie tiiwd n 'e i nd down the river, anld will Inoipilyii sail a alvrlied. they Tave hlinds ealy firniiahedl Iil.tlnlllllll S iii, stiro hitf lhe firt qoaliry will alwav be oeirni-hl, atin evry It llt)liol p id ti the cllol"fI anid istl liOll o' pt'L-ng-erp '.le i c o r of hle calin is fixed at $811, wiithit wie or iqllor. ollr ibirter tNrlieulars a nily to A COtIrIN, llla r-+ a s ( lI O CF iiio ii im stre e t litlie lships re. not aeiountalle fii bireakge of cliisn, hnlliw wlre, imarble or grnlite, ncoperare. if till or rut ,f iton or steel: tor respolasihle ir neiV prkatcge Ior pircel it n l boar riSoles a re..lary bi ll flldg lbr nsigled hllert lr, at Ihe eeliie fl the acomadllrls. FOR NEW YORK. ewo c frk %o Mer e Orlenoes line. A NEW LINE if packets hals ben established to rua beltween New Orleans ld NeN York, to EonSit of fler firnt rate rships, viz: Shi. St. MBlirv, It W Foster, nmaster, " RepuhlieTll, J G Ria ll " AIr, II P Iurfey, " SA nerw building, inililirt lid ilt inverlenre; and their eiOlnllllhlrrs IIP int elxp esiiCes. Until the slhip. now tuiihliri are o:'ipleted, tno first class rhlips 1 ll slpipy 11eir plat; : . L. r I.ei trtptI r puII ity nill e osierived ia thl tit. of ailti iiveridry reatlible acottodaitionll Iex ndld to ship rtere annd pasellngers. oltlrth rr arlieulars apple to Mrsr..l l ohllsnst SJ iowidell,No. 8li Wall streei, N ew York, or ito jan PETER IAI)LAW, lii Camop st bSHIPPING. For Europe. FORt 1VERKI'Ot L. TIhe A I land Pery litI sailin slihl SUIPE I It)C , aptain wteicker, will ihave ir i di lt!. leailchg . Forfeighotoflrll I hhdsi obacc li lissigefor fli ctblin paiseterrn,rapply t, ll I. II GALE, 93 Ctintinoit . . . F i i.t1),iii N, it large piirtinn of hier eitlr eligledil.t FIaI freight uf balancet, apply to i1 CA" It31 ftK & Co. aO FOII Vi'1tPitOf..-_ Tosai/ou iatirliny i iltll iast. -._ The A i nt I fast saiilg elShie SC()''. LANii, Iapr Merrlini, will iosiliivrlo sail i r llhove, cal lakei l 3[ae iih lr3i,1oli fi l llml r dliie ulllqdi{:61 l " e minode to buga 15111 1)3 lnnll et FOREI LIV i O tE, roThe llrst (e'les nd lfast sailintg Illiliah Ihalgrqe F+I S ((iU (Ciot i'rawtori .cinn take - `. 10 .lleleaof ctimn will w eceive t lrl edi ati it, desplt.h. For tereos or passage having had(ladslllle LEVI It GALE. i a ln 03 (Llliiuiiiii strPui . tI FORl GO3T'ENBUIRG. A n I nd superior Suhi \WV. iBADGER, S Cnpt Tril e willhave dispaltch. I'drln passage linoilg hanldsolne iureonilntiune apply tbra uly 18Lh .L. lt. GALE, t:1 Cmniiioi st _r Ooastwise. FOR NEW YORiK. Lusiaua and N. York Liae of Paclkets. To Sail 1talh Al.grat. ' The superior Packet Ship MIISSISSPPI, laving a iprlion of her cargo engaged will *. a. ilno abve. For freiglht oransage, hay. ulr elegaint ae.arnmmadations, apply on olaard opposite 5 tire Vegetable Market or to JAMES B IIUI.LEN, n t~t 74 <l'aaap street. FOR MOBILE. 'TPe first clas and feat sailing Schonll er J.SPER, Capt Hraid, will receive des. patch, For freight or passage aply to aug 5Ith 93 Common street. FOtRNEW YORK. SThe new anad very fast Sniling Salarer I (0,M'E, Capt. Stark, will be ready tor Sail in a fw ays having the reater iart of hal caro eng agaed. For the bulk ofl) barrtels or passagr having superior acconlmodations apply on Iltad io ia satt Jffuersan at or to t, II. (.All, Jul93 Con18n rre Cra FOR NatitoKi & ICdL1 -I)O. i S Thle firstclaas andfast sailin Schlooner Wo)l.CU 'T,a.ep Iintz. ihlvinoger cargo e1napea d en larke r leck a 'lull 80 -to llla IIlob, i Imilediale applicatioa be' adeaa. Ie Flr ternsu r ,asslgea ully to II.VI I ALl, nlin 1. _ _3 t'rolaala St. FOIl. SAILk", S A SClWON)NI + aboatu 4 vrears lld 91 t t Dla hllrarlen Md a l ianaaa leTA .lrder., Flir li rticulars allly to il It 1tE, .A or tn e Intervio r. . FOR BA~YiL' "AIA legalasr Packet. II{ .I.I1;ANT, JesseR+ Ilart master, will Iravtr New Orleanm every \Ved eesdav at I0 o'clock A. Mr . Ir ilvaoleSora' &everc Saturday at nlll'a'lock A. NI taalg tauillt+ ealart dlowa'aa al I S'undy: lor freight or passage applyll t. Cap. llarn on hoard or to fbra5 DAMS & WIIITAI.L OII SAI.E-A very likely mulatto airl, ahouat 18 F yeaaa of age. guadl conk, lerlect washler adl iron er, gooa etlllsltress, and sold witlhaut fault--Altl I t the Coartieg Itte o theT'I'rue Amlericaa. july 11 4tt 1: Catholiconhal r o u.7 lBala Plalc. Aovery I to lia ADmhaMS & WtlITAL! , july I1 .7 Grawer st P;LASS La;m dig--Speci jares, vialS , packitng j bottles, tinlcure jars, lon hundred and Len ca. se of every description; 500 aexes for winllows, for sale by 11 BONNABEL, july 11 cor Natchez and T'ehalpitoulas At jNDIAN'S agtrt Swait,.- PANAOEA. P-ter' Cathollicon. B,ldrl of Columblia, P nls of every descriplion and nanle, uchl, as Tomatu, Brandreth's Peters', Moffat's, Scortts, Lee', Soulthern, Dy'tot Gregory, &,. constantly on land lay H BONNABEL, july 11 aar Nalahet and Telhapitouela atsi EF--Mess and it. O.ill bra eatd arhall aria at tile itspection for sale lby J19 G DORSEV, I4 Nerw l.eve LAN IEIl'S WASHINGrIUN. A Few Cpies of thin celabrated egralving, fall t lengtla portrait,ia gilt ftranes, for sale at I' JOlNS & Co, Jo20 2w corner St Charles & CnaaaaaOas.t KiESH 41U iII'TER-9 kes-, landiAg lia,g steamr h' at Rirenza, far sale by A TI1 ER, june 13 31t Gravier st ,EFINIF.D WHALE OIL-0I0I g:allas,. for tale june1l3 i 3 Gravier a Cot.'rs PaIENTa REPEATING FIIKE ARMS. r S.lll Public are resleCtfully illorlllael lthat the above 1 articlecaal hebeenltatalase fcor sale at Gt)SSIP &" Co. Exclalage Hotel, St Cluhrlea at. mar 5 if DRO( ANS ca.l20 cat's, taatistiatg of ullte t.Iaf, D moerct t.ild kinp blroga , bys vyouths atl childUraeu brogans ; mtn's calpper, Re. laading from .hipi Nraganae'tt.,fr sal Ilv al13 I 1 I illltiii & ('o, 131 MNglnariar-t McCULLOCH'S COMMERCIAL DICTIONARY. PARIt' of the new Armerican edition by Professor t Velhake. This very valuable wrmk will be comrr plote i n ten I arts and will be furnished in about 18 robllbw. Subnripnionl prre $1 25 per parr. Wyrlt's . utroral Ici try with beautibl colored plales. I'hn Your. Mlrclhnt, a rmost useful work,just re eoioled annd fir sale byc Ji " A TOWAR,49lCusmpst * AM 1KII-, IIuNtY, and BE. SWAX-frorr I lavano, Ior'salet'v Ij IrlN NA11jLj, may 18 (' r Nnlchlra and TcllnlpitonlmnlrIrs f INE-- wet Mlngn wills ina qr casks, ill sure, V lY r sanb iy IlA &- B 1K.''191W, . __ 7 Blink Place SUITN I IFIC & JauiIIA II. EuUrUS WO\urKS .1IhLIN 'I'iN'S (Cil It.nenerirng 3 Grier's ,lechauic's C'alculator The Coclhologint'n FIirst Text Rookk Coll's Htiok Kelepng ; lennnr'snlr do Tiler's Uninersal l' I ntery,, vols. 8 vm. flllllnnergue's Silk (l'ullnei,', Mlinlliln CorIn)·lledrll ; tine art ofaring aSilk r'orlns (:lerke; irnl ,c n l i tllllller rv ITr. nrrhl Silk Worml, ad all sta'ordnl otks nn, silk. K JIIINS & Co, jllne 13 o v .,rlaior t o fI le.r. rtl : s)llam I.A I't;AIn Li li'.RArtl ( I INO:NTCKSS ri Il-leington, .dietrn Italy, volls. LJ Paral Bruno and tIie Al r,-oinenunt,y T I nok Ther Americn Joe MIi ler, with ilu.tralins Little Frenchumn tod hIis wet r hots, by Morr rlubilngs by Jntoiom. Poetic \V l;lln, uI, oaCl petlry from Chaucer to Nicklehy, No 12; Ianz's Slketchels, No, 7 and 3 K .IOIllS & Co. nlnvy 31 w C,.r St Charles k Counnon Ess II AVAN . SI'GARt--37 boreslavanno white sugar' m I411 |ln do browLI di la.ling, fir :ale bv mor S & J1 P WlII'I'INY; 7t Camrp at )ICKI.ES--20 kega andil 41) hIoce, receiving from New link I r hip Ct(i)ose,rfir otle, my S ALL & IBROWN, 96 Magazine at 1'S ''111l LADIES. lilt IIUIIt'S U'I'EIRO AID)OMINAI. SUI'PPORTER T S111 new instrument for the radicalcure of Pro t lapln. Uteri, or Foalhng of tire Womb, by ex ttrnal aplicration, ouperseolinrg tile use of tie tb jeetmonable pressary, is confidently recommended to the afflicted as the means of a perfect restor trol in health, it never having failed of perfirming a care, even under the mlost aggravated circumaltanl ces. It has received the decided approbation of Sir Astley Cooper of London; Sir ,Benjamin C Brodro ; Sir James Clark, Physician to the Queen; Or Ashwell. Loctuier on mnidwifory to Guy's lios. pital ; Dr Rigny, lecturer to St Bartholomews; Dr Griffith, lecturer to Weatlnin-ter Hospital: Dr Rasntbol.ham. lecturer It I.ondon hospital; Robert Ferguson, lecturer to Westmlinster hospit, al; Dr Swtatoman, lecturer to Middlosex hospital. sud senior accoucheur to Queen Caarlotto's lying;; also by Henry Davies, Conquest a Blundell, Lee, Merriman, surgeon Keates, &o. by Dr Morreau, prosident of the Academllie Roayale Je Medicine, Paris, and Accouchor to the Duchles D'Orleansr ; proflisasrs Velpeu. Marjolin, Paul Dubois, Sa son and others-and in New York by prolbasorJ \V Francis, G S Bedford, M DI profes. sor of mlidwifery in the university of the city of Now York, proth. Deoltfield, and Francis, U Jlohn. ston, president Cuanty Mad Society, Laurens Iull prreident red society State of N York, pnofs Ja. McNaughton of Albany, proi March, Cyrus Per kors, Duaone-Dlrs 'TIros lBoyd, Gilbert Smith, Hosack, Steoars, Ludlow, Klraamn, Vache, Power, Grayson, Van Renrsalaer, and Imany other distin. guishod physicians in the U States. A G Haull, Offic 4 Vessey st, Astor House N York. [f' A constant supply of tihe above instruments, with Dr Iull's improved Trusses for Hlernia, will be kept by SICKLES & Co, N Orleans, A G Carpenter, Natchez; Stone & Marsh, Wood. villc; Booth and Mallory, Memphis; W P Wilk;n. son, Somerville; liall and Washington, Nasllvillc; McNairay and Iamilton do; R L Bliss, Florence Ala; J C Spotswood, Athens. I EN'I'U(CK., Ilndiatn uotdllliurls rloney--$5 k of said descriptlion for sale J4 A 'I'RIER, 34 Grarier ot SI.N SHIRT'IS Gloves. & Suspendersa-Just re II ceive I by late arrivals, a rsOltlnellt of ashirtl eravats, sUlnler stocks, gloves, and ustpenders, at tle llaaar, cornler of St. Charles and (Collnn slrrerr . a22 ItISIt & ALLAN. DORK--81 bbl..i moss and prtne, at tile Insrre.tion, l tor stde tay G I)ORSEY, june 19 44 New Levee BAZAAR. Corner of St. Charles & Common street, EXCHAN GE -n OTEL. B UO & Al.LAN wonuld respectfilly call the at romtatiorn ol eiusa renntrangers ro their romplete a. , l.nnr n.r of ( oellrtllern's linenl -liot, do calt r .ic, wllh hantL irutilts lilntrmale litnlen frontas: linen car lars: milk, otlhnlll tad ieron I ar kolldirsr and drawers: caleuri, alnd .ilk hangdkrchiefs.: tllk aad fancy eta vats i great vlrirlv: stalks of every descriptron: grrllr glloves: rellS abkin gloves: alnbrellas nod canes gold mlollnled. Also,.--Splendid asoaertlreol nofadep and gentr..'ri -p derks, siorren amic.l, pnor uliu , pa lr'fnOe,, car lery, ,,. r'ich btr goods. U)AIN':I'S, ll,, &.-Tl'he Sr scbriber ir rceiving & S toffer r onle rk(I ' a rnelnO thllirtht erons III cailks conlmming tro e It o o 75bKliegs uoflead ground in oil of tif tre llt 0llll ilip . 1111111 Ella I lhut licnreel Oil a pure arricle. ' ti os. spirits of TI ycrp tnlrrr, I1 do. Ilnutifrld Ahnllaul 5 CanLsters f' 511 I,. enoh Mr·ceaibo Balsam 12 Canisters lolf2 11b. each Bermuda Arrow root. I dlr. alltet settlpsll tor counloer. I gros. Ornrsoirt Spotoas,. o oe. aitrssort nlsarkicng Bruslls round flat. ly deillh. ..aint. eaI whit .. ash rll ruslhe.. 3 lldz. Snuf'in half t botes. 6 WAoortnd Blalk Ameariecan Dipeusarioe, 10 ems. Lamp Glasses assonrltd, 10 Ibs onasnorted saencial oils, 511 cenros utches of the Ileal qualti. 9 do. Iolalao of Colonllam I do,. Orri Tl'notbh wash. And n vnietr of ntllh r arliclcs too nalneroas to be intlilnd. II IIl)NNA IKL, July 211th c i. "'lchaoitorulta nnld Nrtceoz otn .le--11u boxes, Robbino., $1 SJep, it store for Sale by J TiAYE.IL I & Co. July 13il 74 Poydras Street I1tI/ ITL E.IIE1-1,1111 0 poutls pure and No I. L V \\'lile Lead, ill package, assorted fromn 25 to 500 ponlti., o lno lalt. firlo brli I niel Kilby, jor sale by the sulbselibll, .gOoto for the intlufatEtllrrs JARVIS & ANIDREWS, july 9 Corner Comnlon & Tehapitolas sts H AVANA Cof FE--i50 haugs of prime quality Sfor sale by A TRIEIR, june 14 31 Gravier s BROWN SOA II -310 lboxes tbrwn soaup, for sale tby S `J 1' WHII'PNE ,73Crmpust IBANK Itt )t)lc--A invoice of super royual, me dim, dem anld cap bllck beoks of superior received land Ifor sole by jA18 I iOVA Y,49 C4 mp st I 8 AVANA SWEI T.MIF.ATE.-5i Mlan in score, rI fitrle by A TRIER, FIr sale by A' TIEIt, llat I t A 1:4 rsicrr st ACNcl," tIt..S-1i4lt casks tltuOriO r Cilltimtsti i'i red, ill store otar ilCe eiv jG (i i)ORSEY, 44Ner, It .e t SAISlIr-k-h r f bolots fietrthl Mlul.g tlin-, r 11sale by A TI(4III., jun. 14 31 (;ravier st I LOL{K - -811lr i n printe, it t'o tt n on te ll l t o I and lr sale at thills owest tlalrket Irices rby J i ; ltri I) SY, 44 New I.eveet r1UNN s prGt--3d,00) ir Islhes anrd Iedlrgr., for sotle by ISAAC Urtll)tiE & Co, Jaly 2' "131 Megzoine ot IAl'I'l t'I'UtI--lilt Itlt 'l'ulio, assorted size,, frT BA'o sat reduceild prices, by S. LO)CKE A t:u. myIralv8 Fruont Levee FlDItUR- IU-8 blb., Flad.iS firotll rt,:btmn t itud11,tE.! atoy 'l 34 (ravier st SI.EI IN''II S (I' tClli I:,iI ,eeri,l beir g igll attrempt I to consolidltte the Itillull l ie t'lthe votlionIs o)era liots ofb Ctiv Ll I.lgilltecr ino one tolilt of view, tlr t itc l- ofstulide.lsa tIta tloer Wl liae be alblolt toelll bark in thet Irlwtisitll. Illastrate d i by coppr plutes, and itlltrrpaerscd witith Vatiltus Is.ll tailes by Joht Mlllingtto civil tllinitier formlerly Priiessour iofll toeclaun ico it the IRlval ilSIltltiitn ot'GcreatlBritain, low luroe. tlessor irt Nunitla I'ilosopnlt and Clteluistry nt Williail n Mary College of Vu. For. ale by J5 nA 'I'UWAR, 49 Camp st EX'IIANE ON N I \eIIVILI.E, fir $3I e puy. EA chc July :7, irousalet Ito Js A FItIt JOHN V. CHI IDS, ENGRAVER AN') C(,P'ER-ItPLA'ITE PRI'NTER -o. 3, Camp Sl. Ittr1. renrtrave anl irint to oirder, ank notes,. tIlls ii exclhtage, bt , ills of ladiug, ditliUIast un rea. ilt ato vii:ittg calal.. nottritl, collaularlid eoutnlillg hotuse stoal, dotr ilates, silver ware, ,c. -alwayivs Olt hald, an assortiment of aitter plated anid brar door pIs Curts pr:nted from plates already erlgraved. FALI. &u \ INI'ERI CLtI'IIN(I;. J P. FRFEMAN & (:O.,.Po. 3, Magazine street, aJ are r.ceiting ttheir sappltts of Fal atnd Winter Ulothint , and t ,ill continue ti receive stthtipenettt regu larly througholtt t(e season. ttheir assortment bling large will renable thellr to supply Ilt'rharttast frlo thtlt tooirv, at the sllorta s t I otit; for usale WhOtleale & rattil, on atccutotuulating tertms. ep2t FURN1ITURE! FURPNITURE!! J UST received at the Louiahina Furniture \'are Itoue, a large supply fultt New York and Bos on. P'ersona in tile waot of futriturte would do tell to call, and select their aetieles lran one o f the brest and largest staLka tnow ih tthe city. WV R CARNES, Ili 53 i.tnville s N I--Partiuealar attention paid to packiitg al ship ing Furitare, tfreep olfexpeue. sd--Ot I %) ACN-60.0180 t|bs. Cineiimali curdt, cnstriill ol tt hauts, sidIes and stotlders, at tie landin., per Flst blourit For sale ly G DORSEY, maynv2 41 New Levee DEAFNESS. G UT'FA VEGEITABILIJ , AN INFALLIf.F. RMFEDY FOIL DEAFNESS.--Tlhe greut sucerr which |hasettlO· ed tlhe applicatlu of this valubl~le remedy t, soe hunlldred eases intLie WVestllmsterDiipemnsary (for disvase+ of tIle eye a~d oar) for w,011, Ieitels Pate nt have been obtuned by • Taylor, 1 D, froml tile English Goverllrnunt, nad tile sau'ctiu it hes received Inru, the |Loyal Academy t. 'Mudiedc in Parls as we ll s from theb.lllnwrg medical P:lltlE* t 1ir Al.UvrYe tiy, .BI A.tley Co,,e:r, Drs IRosloa, Corts, Drake .nai I. Ae gluig, Aurisr, &c. and ortllher "ari..t.old segeullo Iolerrmr t, anone iln~er.:ul ,,i:ence, wlhe have uLed aJ1, rerullHInr.dP d It Tooe Blllle ofl!It GutIaI Vegetubiiis, thlrfullbollut Frunce uill (urltDlUy , caused It, ap.dy llrrodl It ol1 Il101 nlmlor, .wery c1,mtry in I:trolp e and. adlretsres w +repr se lted to J)r, T,, r I'rull all purlt-,rungru l ory fIu h ncirt'lllnltl ace. Ti ccrlaiuly wllh which lloe iull:l Vl.. ltblhll anor e.l)nulllly appldiell I811e ile llalt led bly ii llly llloll. ,llds· . iItii u, t re. i. Illllull nof I390, [hl llr llljsctli te 1.u111s Pholldi le" Klllg or Ale FrellCll, alld l.ropuld KIIIng tlhe Ilrelpall, colllerld o itr Tuylhlr Ike tille l l hlllll~lllry ullrlll Ill ole, r llojeltlslu l l, II rlCn . oIII|).+ Inn tille IIally relstored In Il(.·lllllp R or 4therwne " em by the aIIlhcalln althi to! lot le-d Ltlut.i Veget, hilis. 'Thlere proof, 1 oll(,y.I I+.vnr will he Ill,e, hope.. ilur ln tt e c ,1uragr alwho are atlllclted WIth, der lille, arlin f1ontaolly ,,unt to. applly Ills r Pr.,,nly. 1ll l.Oll hull, P in aIS n1d IiruIIels tile Iltlulher rllrrd I,v him is If, thrclty of Dublin 400 more or !ells dI.nwere r-,toured lo heIalllng bylblUn, lleo l'wl b onll h eenI rllUrll yre'1lr:t yexr Illn tLe .ity Tf I.yo s, (Fr o, e) x!,1i wa.r,: re-lore:d to Ile'irall. IIoa11,0),IU, W,.u" il~l yeraal'nage ,1ll1.) Il. Il itile last y+ cr, .136, tlle'llres e prioe lla led IIi the slall ill tIll+ Follll lllf .iolIcv ere illlantl li.hi ll roirhlsr .lIllller , ndlll tlel ' of lot , l Ibex' Were I lcted. For proof ofl ifs elccwy, we will submit tile. followi.n ,r., ex --The Its' Jinnll Klolg, ella~lie w 11" Johllf' Cllllrch, IIIll uo. le-er, hall becncm iir u i , f o, r cll,,lllcol d, talll Il,' culd oaft hear a ib*lIl oflUll~lr Iil't;+mI ya1rd s iltot. 'll . +tI. | l, ,n 111· h aI( I gi , ll -Pl Lr. I. ally finl wllln iipo Io hi r it U at iler lof yea3rs, ,lh r u whlc limle le a pit tled to UlanyV c.leihrute,d Aar11+Fl t lll~ lqlysi,.iane, who ,llnerate11 and 11,l liyid ,.very thnlllg lhlir llnited skill coIIh slullges, Wlthout f1,,: le.,.th",,w lo lrPhIlnf l)ll)lkPkrecllum lllelllud d aIUII appleCd +J.++lyhr', t;,lltll X'o , !+illl lli,. nod Ir+,llage Ill t el bhud llut useI :,.secu.I hoolit,111 111 hi. Croe 1h hour as well alm ever l,1 dlhd. p'fir pal/t:lllr, of tins cast-, see Io |.llot)Ull MIale Jourlnal far Ue"t I :15. lrt nlulllr ol i ll hurgl, slanys of l, Vli0el ilix--hn my practice, us. well tiii tit+ floe lql+.Ip|- falld I to be loast YalullllllleIe~~ ill caIse lt d eal+UeSl arising f....~l IerVoIUS debllity anld hzatlnn oflhe ear. ,o ultcnd by cohld ..,i we.ll eallrCurteile o doi n I t!lllll l go dlllll ,!ll relilre recomlll.lll it to gullerall u~e, beilng Olll. lelll illa 1 i lli)llitlll Inio well Is el other, nllfl f,lll, will be ,llllslgpolltlind who Ully have occ:al+I.ll to use. this valllauhh Ili~invery. Dr Jllue+ of AtIIItIIll, lletllerlhire, lUn I|Ptler to D, Tayblr cnllclltiude by sayi llg every class of ieop e will lid ini tile Gutta Veogetollil. a clhtla m 1tl vululll)le reTmedy Ior ]nllllne llrl~il frll mn nlll any . lly c,,lle. ] have" g,,lesrdlly foullld the aill. Io twu boltl mllrh:a hnilue I Prrfe:tetrP--ullll ill llly llltallcoe g yeUtlul.IIII who income UollIer ulI " lr:lr (lahlllrlll Ug o, er ( !st i n+ for lllly yl'u Irtl te, I II u l'lo U h . f ru ruolll itiE ellr+ nald i rPPllliltr s u llllloi rUItlllhllllll (li.lilllt tllllder i lel:( 1l Ullllel wi w il ilhs ril.hl.' ill hetli,; ,I tlile"P-ylltlpt lllll, wvrrrroe i y Ianld tIll, illdivinlu ll re.Iwlredl tb, lleolrl ll , y lthe I~ llI .f llc. I nlllP-. A jldllhllllll l'.raulti))lller nI I'Pro eaklilkllle iii o )r ToinVir'. (ifllls Veglow.b ii, .a.i.-- . fPe eumphlyed aill lmy skill al ltul Plll' to lli oll u se Ii I'iI 1 i ,i III 'i ll elf Ulld cure r1DrallllnCS , ind I mllultt ml n11111T U(61y 1, u ll nt I llve mllovtr elOjlul Ul.V I~;·~ibllt .i g ll . I~lllll~ ii i lr lllel.¢li/tlell C as ] r 'L |or tlthl Velrl~ll ell, 111' m:1,y' delp)e Wynn l t, sa y, h il + e r I hItll,,,, ll ll o .t pl+.ltplrpttrrlld itha IInt ,1 l sx et trv virtue tllellll jltly blp :leld [il ll to l n iiv i, ap t ur th n liaIre illlo fI dl etilul. " rrrllrll fi ,, youllu a Il ar. he icIuc oIf aulllpr lxt el|tIo cy :ildl "tint ilasie ¥0.!lT . Misls $A ,Nr,.nr' 11de E.,I Road, was noy ,lveurs ni eIl •.ihll d l+'f l. fII rvinlgt+% af r ver thgll l ,h ...o ld ,,;nT r o;i ' ..of herl lpvu, cluhmll pre- crh il, I. l bt ll. "f Ill lT1h lo'siltluua Vr9 tal hlit fr d c erd hl l ,lnla lll rl lerbl ;fnle rlh l , e the third bottle she wast l:errlety rtuto ' o Ll: th U nle i f her hlearing. Tho,, llreby, 44 ].,trring tan ,trent, wbn ,a. I lile~'r.ll·l il Tlte,12,1 Ite'lll n lnlll u w t ruc +L ilck dIall iiii h, p .ll.... of "kl'nllrlo andlt hr, nnut, Al~ll+ ,o ,;err shillr, A fer I hn ue oflon ho|l~m e,~l~ ul GU llf il VPJtah l ell l W s+ l lerf e:lly llrel. I1 r G.,oiu iI 11'Cambtu llr l. l l,,, hotlll Ill ..l".l 4 I".Irl drpri v d o fi|e" Iis ii+ hllh+fril~lg wa+ + Ulle lned hbypl ing Is ii b Pffin,. 'olIfe th led a h e I i osi e lll,+ UU cllllV llvllc l d f llel l o t I ih n fl , thif pre r'lt, wll ll wia le l p rove o Id, i a- it has Hi ," r q11elyelluredRliew r1tol't x1 ae i, Iho .orreCuol, Inttloud burnl "llln'i tlld urn ri I ( r11 11n .)filel lmteIll+ 'Ti lm. th :rll}]ctell with h.aflle,+ uri~iu. I.*,iii radl, lhi- prep lratu l ianlt rth~vll alhl;:1e nllld wlr l rort oe tl.illl heil. iuf itL Iiiiin lnllaP+ ,Ut f Pllo,. Phuie (;utl~ V'eg-reabiln+ ~p repare] +ii strlict nl.'ordatnlt with eie fiC principles, lef111 t fnluo all III iricis awlll Ulld it will Ie fo1di oll trial tucurre y its w ll ll en 1u o tll ,t hn tinpr e i t t o l( pl slal pemsitr pIulure+ by rlll.e Lg t rill lo~ uhllrll)·ler tule have ,1o1 so unlfortunlate as to be deprived el+ tiut ,ealse or many years TR{U 1'I{ IS MIGHTY AND WILL PREVAIL. IThoti, a wlct thalt 1 :50,9 ! of Sarsap/aLrilla Blood Pills have b t.ell dhuring the paot sac muolnths. bI a ,u t--tlhls ty arl tlakenll I l nell rlll rsjble illtlle to blvlt.els alh correct tin "lunhtlvoll+ lndihadll eVeem olld qlact;ll ln+t pills a1 other1eu ur.ilellle .. ro , bVy Whcb unlny brls are endunll ardlll. It is a ft--Ttlat 1 quark mnl lciurs containn i lilneru ler mereury, whllch quacks tllluk '"llUtt klll or cur," anld trust to theLr efte t tn"lu't oor inn ,." II s a blct-'l'llt lnu lulueri luacltlk alnd lorei imp Tptorx call t helunset et del or,,thatl Lhc may inure eflavc u;,llv noml hlllnir vile adlltallaerots preparatiun oul tie publi, curlllng nlothnlgfllr the colleqllel; so that they can only pocket t ll l tr ll a nl. . ii Itis a fct--That the quacks and foreign impostors who nlow irll. our cogllury knW lothlng of the nature of uIedi cIlies, lllo k les albout damll a softlheh If ;; 1y te ;l it i fealt-They atrt ule pr IO oi t foow. i1g die~ll, allol wich aie afore or ]et, crlled uy impurl it-. ote llolho Io<)d Uald alilal flullds, .amely- ]L··enlatlc~ It r |'tiol~le Ulcerous T sore ofth,, n ll . It h ro l lsr oll.l; rysil hIaiiii; iinull dy' JnaUlllulldei |eartburon; caly er1lpt ul blotches ol I Diseases orthe liver, Skiln, the oh,,,, bonesand glaildt; Dry and water pi;ple- ald Finh ofttei sideld along" hf p of tse rtom ofll,, llc1e a.d of j back anld sphne, over tile Lthe body, region of the heart and Tetterund ringworms; a1olnahh S~welln mil hal rdellilg el+ t te luward faevers, bud taste in glands o~f tile nleck, ill the tl. umouth. l'o.l Ireath; groh.~, breasl, &11 FIattul .lcy: Indigestion; S.tomachel colugh'-; W'artat of+ t Iite; ' |ov~r eo~ndluilnt RIECOIMENM.p.Ar)TiI PArCTS: I a: It i + n fct-Thl e only p~roprioGlr~lr nlnl lalnuf e lurer of the n Sterwrpardlo llooa pill.. is . rregoam phyain ll nr well xn:pol h· i :;j Doctor5. Plyslk, Chapman, Jackson, Gilhson, Dowsees IN:r, n fu Jamn s, tlurnler, Close, &e. + Itrs a act-- T liht the S:a rs parill a flltr d llls ere r :IpPlSyed el is the pra,,tice ITInlal,YP hvsii cians al I.I very. s r. g y r ,, .e gel . in thlell Ilrey mlly r uh xt the U Mlutes. (See direc, l soo e wit u:'cnl'pnnylug eachl box of pill.) ro s i act--Th .....e s... p..s.ied entsirely ,,f vegetallep, ePp lnd they ,are w l tsrsted to contssn sm Ine.cury Dr ulmltl pro pariatiooh rash It I o fact--'lTey Pty h taken by thle most delicate, a pd lit p l all ages; without re trll int ofuoceuptIILu o bu bin si 0ihe out P Dl, fenaroftaillg cold; tt shiout change of diet er restralnt fromN I till t: elll.::t: outl. ltlg. PlP It is t.flct-- Tlmy will not by tlhir operltlio:, n::i, l any : lit hIe nlnli or active, aC t tlordltlg to the q. ntit. tskerlae, weaker c to the sy telar au touch i t, mast of tile purgaltive luedllne. gelle*g n I. ! ally flu. Zl It s a: fit--That tley re ile ,noi t ls.p ej ual sep, PURMIIES! O" 'I HIE BL5OO). pri RENOVATORIL ti" 'i't: SYSTEIM , ul Ever tllscuvcred 'J Alsn, "insti sti la l diseases:, lr o,:: by s ner. , ry, rr sel tile lntaIerole, nr tbile tUin~ luen e of syphilli%,l Ues, tccrilal, mg &e&c. ' ue It is a fct--That never ipn a inglo ihsRnsco have tlhey hP:e' dP knu.~ l to :s uedd, that the:v did not produce a god sp ll'iot- curingp tlauusand.,m mllly ot wlho rrlrs befurE cuaridnlaod ,n-l s:,:BgILOOsDt !:.sBfLOODps'Ipp:'BOO :s! ispp ,, stile. TI SIt is .fact---llln one . bo lf fSursapFrilln pills atil int battle o lte Coo llljt eI I Sy rap of~uraxr dralln, tall suelti nit t to care 3,1. Ef~ bver th lin te bd i ervdfrmblo. 4ss'lb. s:lh.:tstiPtioss:: i It :t:h. s -osusld rise fosh np: l,:lritythe bply po,.rl t hly y ss e slotird gs:fo : s ir N. Orlno ss, io s tlt Cutllthuise bh rey . ' c htpril., No'N.s9i. P' BLOOD! BLOOD!! BLOOD:!!. Itt. TIp t'les phrnoipls (Lie) r sttise d I til e blood. IPit P. Bl d ballaks I les a.pd. 't :I. Eves ytisg in the bodyis derived from blood. ' ] . 411t. All e pla:it ati vep s are r asdiclly t wll ll tel'od. i 5t1. All :liensfd rsea frsIt imP urity pI.A blood. hs r in s tu all Pr wordssrom artr:sstiuus thumors uisrenl tlhe body. cut tile. Aill tlpct hols rs r tsre crrisil d alP tPl bloodh purlisa lr l td tlia t tltlhfl by n the t rslhr prllp tatllp napllt, ittis wit h thoe blood. n tle. Vegetyne purgptives flle ssiuil with ti e bloodlg. ri 1 WIiItITY :tllis ibised is well ksnown to is ::C:Pts preats S P ca. 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Thiesel they Inat evetulll ) td ke A i:l pil: ce : f s i [a llter o, l pr ros-ra l lof tls::otsi, 't,', ,roi · ... .: . .P:. .iPiP:P..t . ett :',ispI ti:, , sli p:::, krolu physD'ls:1andothers , pi ihia lc it a' sslliy tle dlres lllli. ip [lnd are enfd utly rt e oyt lllenderll it oire s iall e t. ,h,:l-u h ... .l"' apol":tbe' ...... arlleti s ... . dlllhl idity os i p .ss iii....t... :.1 : lleroit rlr llloD , Ihl iluite tiiroal aud bodyua, lly Prn shit lul 1 pIs:tcl. l t'i. t Ps ' : sin, dry au w.isiry pis lesP Id 5:'p ,lh.p: p p e hlm'u Idl'e' lld la:ply plttes r lnd tl a..:utri: ,, p pelplls.p u 0tid tn oftie' n giahi n ssut:nii ,c thp e m lonllrclu'ip ltp o herrp Ftalcl. oug h., Iirner conof 0ol,. watrspilabring, and alu l tloe ibole trlllp pfdlPel-ere:'t Putlnh ftroi,niap urlits s lugf t the h fpl,. ' ce,:,.ti ~ t~o.+t, d .......r P"· "C ...... d b> ...... or or, ......... 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SA L . whoare shffering frolim UIJI ' uKAL DAEAKIE touch es GON.IIiIOYA, (f.LEETJl, 1I C', 'Ul{Etf 44I4lI'ATI4N 01" 4I'H'4 K.LI44Y, 4I.A 4.4;I4., hUIE.lII ILA, PIROSTRA'ITE GiAN)D, 4.4 rill 4 I)9lASt4 4 I4'tl4U RINAI44 I'AS(SIAGS, 4'AIN4 IN 44II4 I4OIN.1 (:AY4;,, 4l.tl4hno, Irt Pr,4 (lnnet l .Y. 4l,.4, mlarnllM l ihly, 4urt als$ured lii;il tlhis vilutiloe nedlwi. ut all tll r .,arIena perfehtly ,-rad sicllr. lhe alloul ldtttll.m, hll la..r lthmn uay other, slllo tlll)oies t.he cllitlllllltl .ani elulef I llealtl, told r,,.tlnres Co vi ; or Il l r+,. I othel LnbYe bL; injf ed by o, r trrlllmell.' |re tI I in folL, rI no dollI can he eOlletuglp d I It, s.Iid II hlas Iwutxively vlred army I tual .all.l lldlvi.I llll aterril ll elhl m dll iel. Mile fa edl at dil Sdaily .llper.edingl the.. iise fIt llOes llljrtmrl.I mold Jlllu 4le l ba Im.lir , _c-L'l, Vt.'J'u. rpeau.nt . l'abel'.. Al-. mrst A e. I Ito illll l I l hre llla l, 1rallu, lenLIlllOIIU I r*1:dl l. w al)lY Ipllmt of tlr. worldilulldlhln , lhe fllll nd1111 Wes l llii· h AaI1e ical, ¢c , ,nll wd Ii, ulR'I .,all .~f lhii highe,-t +-l-uld il) too li1U pro |li~n, .l,:l).l h.,lrll)' ora$1iln aiy II) its .llrtirh~llt. .lu :lrxl: f.lue pld red lllnd, r.ewuld hn444,ell n .ev 4:.l tei 4. o 4l4red to nll/ nlle wh* cull ir.ulll. nllay reIII y eltll~l· o y.Is,.Id's sppciic SttO il o. After IhiO further lom mitOllllOL ai lletdLBCaeuY " lut told iIJ is eI'P of the cerleua es "l Ihae prerlrhed Yolalrll ..pecefic Soldutin Itoeveral pn t"entl. l"rhrbg stalllr U.lM bill1 l: H-t llLmc tie lmd t.. lly al-et.llb n4n.n, l5 wer.eyiil4 l cred I4 m4l4444i4)rler 4 M4e4 lh4 1 l4,d 4.101 betiale slLlles11, owl tLheirpenerlll hltlh was IIIUtII ilnlprlml ed. II. L.EY, A. ). "l.eele rcr nn M.ldwifry, at Ilnrtholwmew't Hmpitml." Dr ( brke m as PrY·· drillPll Y Siallltdic-elll nl, toma 4n 4lllt., IIh.rll. g II.ll4er Urthral I)4.Cl-l4rpe m4n in4arll hie olt ll ey were cIl'lu I1 nkllnrh l. n tI,.. tihan he hald p II vi .lhll),lhrved, whell usingll preparaTioIIs (f (.:(paiva, aid a aofu ,llloUk it is a renmed ,lnl.lttllvD,, east one, that lie inltends Ill act la yrccrihe b nt Ili bents. 1.ossoos, Decrmis:r'Xl, lPe57. llr lirr~n hereby . ·rrtth p I IIaIIII I Speak *: kutieill is as 4II4.t e.a4i4,44 re4nl4 l a..nd 4)4.4 th4 t r4T4. Ur4elhl4 44 ee,4.e 44c 44 r than m41 y4. pr,.a, ,.unt.of Cop,4.l.e ,.sh ' 4ire "he, above call tai Ohtailed "sly at No. Sri hexarer a i,, NO. Url..n,.. RF1EDI)IAL C,(ART) AND Ili1'OlT,tN'r TO THIIE AFFI.TED WITII DPS W4.eaknles., r. ng 4 ll4'nll e4rly ahus44 , l 4 tha:t all per4on44 cal ollshl all lmuledI te cure:, IIthI .e.-ecrrry andall i'I... It as u entsli llouly 1. ell I lot llctlhllna:dehll lttti II le Ve. we ., it,,. use of thal dealllv ltalnOl, hllAl:Uri, TUill hts th I) sittuttltne and cause ulceration with/ Is t bt O I he aru1II.)I filesi C lid otly, dil s: s inl tlher~llllh, ahr Il the ll afller Ii.ilesr.l, -iua:llseglee ,l , ur ld I rlest. I.Ih h.sluhilllbnue., tlll lltl+ t gee Sral dehllity tent decay I" lf th, cn ..ulllu # i llo+ar s .I, Slallllluly·liruilhll pat, i l l t i i I. o thleir dreJd: llllnl ·u ing#. I'EKIIY'"S PIIII[ YII1 pI'ECIFIC PII.I., A I'prlaill, Halre, and slhe IiiusI )p,.rdy remlcllely ir dlleoyerlnl for the, pnrltlnullull ollltd ,rlual .are "i ril unrl lludstIr uCoa u el rhllw , g lP.rtssn, t ull etnl el. llllilhl Welklleva panill+ i1 tile loin.. 44l. ms. i nrll,, kll4e.-,gra n hl, lumbgo, I.uhlhllly, lrE . litloln ll' tfhe I, adll cr rue lirtra +*nd ethlrlldisna.· C ki lhe uri ary p") Iql".*".'rrIIIllJ+ per.orn llll. Ha )rscol lrumell" lhe~lltl slla+ o. f three II ,s, by o~e ~m~, ll p4ll ur a do.e. with a..e se -rrLy load .knl'tly. -'I Ihe certalnty willh w Inhckh thty araeomnIu " 44ll4n4ini4t preJ4 cun lhI;l4tt 4.4ld bly Inlll4 y , tl4.& walSd4 Tel. rlacifi*: )ill. rooutout .I*IV h).l.:n oIf m .. hOey +o . t t r Iv etl~nel lnthelr,..,,hu't Irolov. u" b, Val'f lotU TIIhe to , thLer tllnlaller hP mIJstp hiltlll 1Olll(·l llthl e to c m I e this r. entnft lnetuol ~olthei h~lne +x,uu. i,4I nlmr +*rlumor+ 1if++] i Il~lll+Jrclal~l~pll ol`I lll.:r it+ onllll M lel- n Iiulua 11 F I wsl·. T'lley It nllh +.rmlln ller1 frl r. llly oth,,r man lrl ,In.mnany bt t k,",. w tt ho1t1 11'U "Iho gh . Ingh el,.t elin i ,· dir ry.c rv. They re rlllir4 I .r4tr i. g llll 4 t tll, 444444t, I -ll. 4 " t n.} or 4 li4.4 It4e4 e l . u 4 4 .4 - llest, but oll'e+ t arm Inpl Pi rln Itl thPe lrIIli ei ur I1r o llptnm lt. :U toUll p(rtll,l whpiste s'ih+.+i s.l ptcin maly exisl, lt wlllh wellIt l hlla. remorse to eil. pcalh c pIols for I why tdkell before. t e do ll;,,0 ha. Iundle it, apt Irarh*+p in'acts i III .I .,' rctiy 4444 '. ferry444444. 44.'44444.4, 44444 t,'44444 rty44444 hei4444444444 44444 444444-41" 4.444444r4l44,444............4 ,,..j.4.4........4... ..C..3 444.4......... i lhl-r l Jrcadiil debLite.+ asl hgoll f.anllnl Iii. look fie s ,l d lndle. a ion: Iiii' IiIUZlgelUce olhelC p.)ll-+Jll whlch ii1I lno nly Ieen Vlt ms l lI n l hP rue:, atlol l in' Ir:hII lt.4 ,4 , 9I IO illa, a,4 4 lLt 4e4ken and ulletl l allhe h ,,dil , ., Is ,,ot':,+ir ni ,+. hr. f im inu 4lillj4dg4lll4 I4lll . nd4u44 .4 i ll,,, ll4 r. ., 4 . 4 dale(OU 4 f4ur la pia , .. 44the id44l i4.4 h, i 4 lll44 4 a, n 001 44i4 s , al.. .Ii d4e4p444 tlken ,r". l n lllal ery lnl lst tl tis: ,.ilto l'ren .ll ste ,' the cli itie of Irrilge, I lhur ~lhll il~ * ll dano lr wo hae h giv t way to this Illueive sltd detct cIlv ball.. IItI tat d. trelnu mo te. of or (IfI· e lll lnEcy whetler the ron lb quelle:e of ouch banefu11 rl+lltines%, exeetvive drinking, or a y other cnll4.. It1 wNllo I tll4 14wel I the OF..L..'tU4 U IT COlea. enleehled, thIly o1fer a .firm,1 -sle lltd speedy re- urainll to hlnnul1l and vigorois hethIth. Peary), Vgettll hi Pills are well known for the cerltan nacrd felu.lelll0" (dy of ecolulld y ·).ypl),tiroms Venereal eruption., p:lills in the boelihes, .lurlu r-ore Lhroual d sea·d noie, eto. sie + umm lsent, ncro 'ul , .eorbuttc waod g ,inl uxr ·fReetll. I hrcal nllld gellera] dehllit ,IUL(lrlll.! ppnl lls the head sad limhs, depree++oll of sprlits, aull all di·ea.el urin ulg fron u plulllu e state of the hilo(.<L 'I'llene Pollh ate wIrth yv a ilh:U'e ill Ith eahhlet of masters and cpllplains of hl ips, tll*,m iii 6 + .a th iii kill e p good in all e llbllls eS anl lllpgth lof tlllle. T'u be hud only ut Nvu. r(i Cualoml |lollaa stieet, New Orleaw. PRnOFESSOR( SWE1101'R'S' IIYr.F:ldN 11L"RD PILLS, ulr thit effectual extll, hlll4n Olf every speeiennd myw lp f 4Il of 4444.44l4444il4444 de44 , an4d tits 44 n44 .- 4 4 4 rders,4 4 44 ( .i frllnl kI p helllllrolea .L OllnlPll·. WFith e~tll hex it givcll ii trtal on r,.nerealand syphilii d, t, Wlh ())rvatlon, on nmmlikllll w leuknlleoi.i, ac Ae. iion t gllllhill t hil.worth klnwinig by tIloae who ale or hJve betl, strel era to this drund biiI mid e vct tap ilr " mn:lllltJ . r Dr Dxrislo s ullotlllll to lhrect IIs t tlttllliull to llm dil orters ,risilug frolu the too tree amol i|.lirerimiiute indal g.,llce ,Plllrh I'*i.scr , whlich .at otly ogeelrioes a.umersls tramn of nervous ultfectnllsn% but bLYu ouli ia , itls votioe st all ie enerValg, imba'ilitie" 44 4 d. age. Iu4tlat4di..tres4ing4s4ite t pebillty mnd defiucioCy, wheheLrI rthe rOnela uellce of Iae ful Ilahltx eacenblve driltillg, or uay other eause by which t le I l.ower. al thee eOllrtiztll m beeolne enfeebled, he ueraa firm, siafeuld speedy retu.'alolf to sound ad'lvvltorou, health. I ltlllnela holy l I. t, thlls tlnleusi ndn lll vil:ctin to the re* IIPrea dls At eas ", o ins tiil ut kill hluess u illiteratole Ite ~hlla, by thes aeof thutddeadlly peirnn, lllerclly, ruiu theeonu i ntuliuln; mitl whlen£I "le glretat Dctolrl Swedir c.ulellme Pro. I b,,slur all |.evdn Uiver.ily, he collctrrell an iuvulu bl• bene ) lit upoll I.l.kllll by thIre I isvuvery of lt graud Punae..l fur SIhe crr. sof this depho,rule enllolapila. Never did a dliover) exctle: a greater selusamel,; it waneougllt flter, with nvidity andI saed with unde iuatinl sut'c s "'lihe muot tnnmtute aUd iUt liea t e:le, if the delicate orn4lail4t, f4r tile iure, of wh3eh the4 4lvel4eei so44 4 I 1,4ce 4 4hrated. The fallie o1' these Pills tllro - s Ig|ile rmllm|)cny, ll ,dtIllr speedy introductio it e r lle oht sled prne coun try. n erII t aily with lhichll tha y were continuaelly 1 Isrlttclre dI cfilull I)e aittir leiby toslrly tllhollr in h fir tdur wlr A 4e 4l44 olll44g44 i]44w44 h tlrnt we4rellOt.e in4epar4ble Il, SIilrlio mild anfegtllilT oI Life .lllli~rl to all ca,,, where the 4ell can he thre tI44 ,thefl' brnlrthl t wlbl4lll4, h be. g4v44 a generr~el .nll-lkuti al T e II~·gl~piun Helrb Pill. ,oat out every 1'.rth b, of illrllfllllT 101.1111 'IItlyis in their progress the. whollle in..s of fluid.; they n ot Illly removev thediseaple~but renovatel( Ilg their nlrtioc,, therr diffhrollt funrnonsn ofllbe Imdy S:xpellhng 14he 4 grosser hlll.ors, 4lrl ill all4auner ,n mild 4ul illlsperrcltithleb aIto .h: illme the n llort .epticu| of heiraalou I JIIIIp aillledunelwalJ puwel..; tlle . leitllhr ountain mnerury- or ally etllhr inilllnrul, ulll flllny he tLaenl Ithnollt lhe lllghlekte rUl pleiglleofdiscovery--t1lmyrelire nn reelrmntof diet, Ioa. oI 't'4ne or h4i44draice 444 f 444l4J44 , but . ffe4 ( cu lllplete cure wit. Ollt hie lenrt ertx sure to the p,Ilent. At ally period when thu .ligllllt . iptcion imay exist, II will hIe well to have recounr. to the I4,gelan Ilerh4P:ll4, li4r whe4n taken hefore the dile4.. has t ll lll its olppearacll.,e, It acts .s a c irln preventive, remo Stnd laLe ,nmplindnllt lleturl y .nd t eerell. The ddplyrable l;llt" in whichl llnllony er ollr Ye bak, when vihitinr the pro printe~r, from the neer of AIlrreury, reader, it imperativeYly as. r (.Er.ry lle caution theU pubhle·Uugmltt API~ dangerous mineral u Inal inljudiciously alllllilteredrd 'I'huse pill. ,llauld forll it polrtion of .ll m~llicine chest, byr see and land~, gold t. gitlt Ill')· t o e k notted bly ally personal hil ip inns 1 Yynga sir journey;g tilcir propertiese are such i1b ueilbllerheal Ilor cold w i illnre11r thilr qulity, or preventLtheir Sdue .e4l4.l o th e 4 44titutl4n. Sold at No. 96 CuntOlll Itaule st, New Orleaus. TI.lE M.OST IMPORT1AN' HUMAN DISCO VERY. AA CLERGYMAN, late of tile Camhbridgr Unsivcsity, hne. indlc.l.novred . f,,.lthld of ,curing hllntell' o.f la ervnll. or gMatal g nnlelpllat ttf ilurleel years' duration, and n Four yeirt hnllig hollit l..v ,0W paltients, I I flwh.I l delie . eUir. d who followed his an vi:e, ex cnll t twi l p, offers from y.ulote. lflle rather thlan pulAn, t, cute olheri.t. Low e .lseite. enlde lollity nalld e.xhlla1lOl, ds-tnlrl dll1i) llol d h o Ito thle asi va. tlgo, grmulldles n I ar, IliIllr o IlII'U'ety For biusi ne.t a alldy, &c., ren le:llle.s, It Ir.thltlllu Tn ll relchednell. inde .piW.O, delu.iol. nlllblloclt.t, thlnallghls olf e detruhli.. ft.,lareurnlblelbynthis illsurtntl discovery. Mod t re coer ill ix weeks. t.fpply to No l I ('utom houn.e It, NPeW Orlea.b. IIEALTI AND II FEAU LTY, C TOMACIIH PILLS --Ano lnillent meditld writer tase eVmarl .ed, and ex..erPl,,ee it Ireere ile, ftl.,ltat thloe l.u .ie fttlntive t e eept,. te. allllll, ll , lld howl.l. ill prltper orderi preserve helltlh, pierut dllsare. 1nod t generally atlat. rnbnst. cllevirlul ulld healh y ohd alge; fl~ll thagt ".io~irulle lurpose there )I $ re a.ll te+ltle ll1 )rP re|d (-'n lhe .ii nl ph Ioifu ldle, ,aeltacl oF -lnn lile'll.w, er, and the mlloat lloiee atoqtllhlh lid aperienllt d gllb of tile nl e.rl Medic.. They flt.. i .II caie., ]roved superior to eiery other medicine injthe arreot aloloanh anld lIver eollluatr, lone of It i tClll Iiidige~lln Ik. lltOlp O I'lllnnet.iln .I fI fpiseaiO ti aftrlle.ia, wts t."Otgb o lbrestll, sd ni excel.I.t re.ftornL se fjtr I.y exceM t the. th.ii IW., a nhe...,tinn., t.Irh e tIIt rlealene tile Imwels stren tees tile +itomallrl fool o ll rlg+rntet tile cn sltilulinOl k'main a I 4 value a; gr heth sh ollull o bll/l Ie a il lllll Ill+Ill llas thIy pUrl f. tlhe blood, rlIt l-e W.t- i.ot I, : tad g.e. the ekl a s.,auti fIll. clear, healthy a~nd Ihlolll1llg ap.elprnroe. Perto. n f plgdthrie I;nIniy. . hll. Ijinlel'nfi to olche, gi.lls ddee, dim I',,tof .li.. tl.I,.1.+'.nds, r t havly onI) gre.t a.low of biand t. tile he;nd.ahouhl t.,k- lira, feqld.l:tlg . Children and perolea of IIt agesIlt l . m ia totel lll h 1, l -iny t ii . l hPe. do llOt noai t alln mercury or a,@' ilgle dicnt t1:ile| rt lllir+ Cmllfitlslllet el retellm..Lia of vit... l..e .tynpl di.e It huI eI.ery fmlllls ais I ri nt.telll4l yhe nI iltnn f 1111 ilelltes; iy,s.]e their ir.'le11 tinesm. itrt qiu n, tchler:. lllllt)pru. mrip illfl)i. , tilslsric ,, mlld oth Ir fnrt thI nllo O lln,l allnly he di,.esly cured or Iprev.ented. l d II No. -li -tpigll l:ond I lni New Ol selli. SARSAPARIIILA PII. OF IIEALTI. OR, S Bi.t OD I IL. 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Tile aatonh wit leedlly ren iu ilt ,trrgttelh, u healthl y aetionfthso liver, bow el u Il' kidnneys ill r.I dily take Place; a. d iLersead of lislsad hlel, heat, paE alld jllmhed alpearllce IregthltARrly ll.l rplles el hlth Billll be t AheqA click result sf takln thi lls. dlelns, accordila to tle dlreclltln a,.ranlplanyiag each boa. 'l'hese pllalre 1-ltl'ld"arty elfcuiml~l for stomlach EunghCL colds, aglleue .hortl,,. nI: hreath, lnd all ohstrurtionaofn the urluarv Impasages; flad if t*Lkell alr tBnfreean t IdUlgel. at table,+l.thy quickly rertora the say-ttlll tuite mllatlrd •lle. e re +°.ons ersonsou of a full habIIit whnaresu iject to beadnehe, giddl loss, drlWuilleat..lld ilnilln illthe em, arlilngt'rnom tfn rea a dat ol blood to lhe hltnd, shollld never ble witholt ibntl, u nlllloyddagerous ayltelllll wd| be al tirnly carried lffby theis immediate use. For femealeathese pills are most truly excellent. retoav all ohstractionls, the dlstresshlg hea laehe so very pla nnld with the sex; de,)Oraaeiu of spirits. dulIlneSs of sight, .awes alft'lenl. tl|Slotchmes plmplea and ·illhl.:lleaaO1" thelk n, and give a healthy alld j tlnellil. hdoo il to the eUlllPIextaa To tnotl|,,r they lare i l fideut y recommended .. h lhe n11+ iie thatean he takteu dun ug preguanley-asnd Ter iUhr If II.1I .s tl.Py :frs lunequallal. - SAs pleas;nm, safe, enay'altelilnt they suit tahe In r .o datOil , f a operat.lill w ith the nltmUmueeelfwl .iteI aid require iio reatra llt of diet o. confinemeni duriun :heir uae. ly regulatiug the dose acrptdts to the .ge and at rhLth ofth patient, fthe be.olme loitble For every ream, iu e;+hstr se, tha eau he required; .lld fur hlderly people Ihey wl bIe fouUd tI he the mnst eolfortahle mOdieie hitherto pre.'rresd Sold at No. 9 llstOlll hours at, Now Ork..1. IIt SEAI(--10O0 pig of lead landing Irtm t bea• 1 Rienzi, alnd for rlte- V ao7 J TH A PER & Ca, 74 Ppdras a ýi : Almlertean Flower Gairden D)ir:tory ..talin. one pran'." cn direclcios l r thecultum oli'plaIh, the flower gprdon. hd bollnlsa, green" hwlme, r um or. pirlour wenlows lor every month iu tlx year, wih • dell * eripti,|n o+f thep ptmnts teoal desirable in earl tlw awtol of the .ail and the mtduntion best adopted Io l.hir £m. th the prallwraenaso fofr tanplantilng &c. Iuatruetimmla fir ere tioip a hiot [itIse, gpren hllloLue, and |laPvi ont a l-,,wer --+dvnt..Isn lt tahleol soils n tat cntcyn isl nl lhe P lx ', 1 S t ivm u n i ll, 4] l l d in (t i r k : 11 e w h ,al e .d pt a e d 1o n i l l .r r lrgee or ol,i1 eah-en=, with intlntr1ltidn a for' prt" iat the s+nil. propa aris. plnllianin, prodl..lg Irniiui: 1al.. frllii11g tlhp _.nt. vhtln, wilh dnacrnlptia f tflrhr heat ra.n for cultivating hileam upa• ait. Just rarivnmd ad t ..le b, ALEX. "N)WAR, ap|KiG 4I( sB p .tram{,

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