Newspaper of True American, August 24, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated August 24, 1839 Page 1
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PRICE 12 CE 8'I'8. - - _ N1'. ORLEANS, "ATUR 1)A MIN I.i AUG UST 24, I Vo. 1I.n. t)orutt Iung oft QCouul. SECOND MUNICIPALITY TUESDAY. 2d July, 1839. Resolved, That this Conneil do pa sint, notwith. etanding the objections of the Mayor, in their series of reanlutions adopted on the 25th June last, in re. latbna tothe Bonds of this Municipality. JOSHUA BALDWVIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, July 3. Rensolved, That this Council do persist, not with standing the nhjections of the Mayor tn its rOsolu tionn of the 25t'h June instant, accepting the pro pmal of John Urant,for the construction of certain wharvoe. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor,'July 2. Wherens, arrangements havea been mnada nder the uspics Cnfthe Eecutivec of the Sltateo fir the celebration otthe annivorsary of the declaration of Independanee-subehquent to the aloption of the resolutions of the Council of the slet Munieipality inviting the corporation of this Council and the Council of the 31 Municipality in making such armnagment. Be it therefore Resolved, That arrangement toing already made it is unnecessary for this Coun. cil to adopt an, measure in relation to said celo hration-kad that this Colneil will with pleasure join the proce.lion conformably with arrangements agreed unon. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, July 3. Resolved, That leve of absence for one month he granted toIn hn R Rttler. WtVhrfinwer. JOSHIUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, July 3. Resolved, That two notes far fifty thoueand lol. lars each, he issued in favor of the City Bank; onoe pavahblen the firt of January next, and one pay able on the firsnt of March next; said notes to be diecounted by said Bank, and the pro reds to he ap. plied to the enrr nt payments of the Treesary. Resolved, That the ntote due the Merchant's Bank on the lOth instant, of one hundred thoutand dollar.s he renewed by two notes for $0,fl00 nlech, pavahle on the firt of January and firt of March Resolved, That the proneeds of the saleof Bonds of the State to he received under the net of the 18th March last, to the estent of Two hunmred thounsnd dollars, be and thre are hnrehy op rinlly pledged to the pavment of the notes authorized ' he isnued nnder the two preceding resolutions, and of any note. issued in renewal thrrr f. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, July 3. Resolved. That a note of this Mtnieilality for air thousand two hundred and aixty-nine dnlanrs and umventy.fivr cents, at ns' months. from thn first May, 1839. he ispeed to ttr ans Lit. ht nnil -anking Company, in ftll fer hill oftlmp firtures, and ens light to s id i.tte. JOSHTTA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, .July 3. Resnlvnl, That the "rescorre pay to Nathans Nichols, on the warrat of the lMovcr. Ith. -em ofi Five hundred and dolleri and finl rent,t r r lavingr anwatalr n the intererrtini. of Cod.-. Pie.. I Inntat and Magnalia treets with te F orid l.anding, egreeah'y to a reso.ltion of thie 1t May.' .TOSHUTA BATDWTN, Recorder. l Sent to the Mayor. JuTly 3. Reeleantd, That the iem of two hIntreeA nnd rihtyv-three dntillre h pn id to n'lh R.'1 1"., i an the warrant nfthe Mayor, for hin lill of Nntarial fees to this da.te. JOSHTTA lAT,DW. TN, Ilerorder. Sent to the Mayor. July 3. Resale. d. That the .in. of foertyv llll. he pail, In J.,hn,. on the w.rrint of the h ':i r stlnping the iniltil of the .ctae TIronItier on .. 4610 enupons on the Staioto llnds, hto i.s ,'d to this Munircinliie .TOSHITA B.AL. .VIN, Recorder. Sent to t he Mayor, July 3. Vhnrens thn aoplir ino nfe ndry innji irl,,nl tn have St.John streitet ne·ni nnel rontlninled fromn Girnd treret to the N.rn Ibin, hi horn ndnv.ri;.l durina ten days in Freinch and E.plish, in th, Tree Amerlean and itniltin niwopenorn. in enn. fortmity with lwe, tnd wherro.s on ,bi et nn h.a been marndes to the opening and continuing of said stret : Be it therefore Re.nlved, Tnit Sit. John street he olpernoed an e ntind frormn Girnd troet to the New Bhril. and in order to ctrry this R~nolutin, inteo etet, the Mayor i hIroPhbv tnhorizdi to mako appi·lction to the b'nornhin the Porihi Conrt in and for the City and Priuh of Nnew Orlrnn., to ap. pointhroen dierent C and dliintneroted paromns, nm. patentto erven as jnrori in siod Conlrt, to rnt n Caamisionern of Estimaet.e and Asseemnent. in conformity ton an set entitled ', An Anct nto rgn. late the aponing, Invinen out and improving of street.," 0&. annrovd. Anril 31t IR39. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recornler. Sent to the Mayor, July 3. Realved, That from and ofter the pecar, of this Ordinanee, it shall not he lawfnl for any vend. w eofroreriei, &e. to reret ehelte r ixere upon the said etalln, an as to interfere with tie free "ir. ealatinn of light and air. under a penally of ten dellsr foreah and ever ay ainerh aholvet and beres may retnain; and hint the Conmmioiioner of S aid Market is horehv ordered to have the proeeni bnonee abated witlin ten days From the pnssaeg of thi Ordinnene. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, July 3. Whereas. ntdry pernoan have pntitinnod thi eCooneil. settin forth thst ttn pnseinog nfll t.hen. sotive engline through intrnnne stroat, is attend:ld with aerious danger to the lives and prmnrrty of rthei asidenta; and whereas in then opinion of lhii Caancil the nhjnetinut art tnfrth hiy oidd petitioonr amre weall fouanded..and that the prayor of their peti. tion alhonhl thenreforn he granted: Be it Ordained. Tlat freom and after tie firt datv ofJanuary neat. 1840. at shall not he lawini For any ecmpnmy or individuln to ron, or eatiem In he rnn. no the Carrollton Ririland iartk. helow tin Totrol Cir e--to wit, bhtween mind Cirole and Cnnal .treo,. an any part of Tritnn Walk or Rlarnnn street, a steam locomotive engine, under the penalty ofnna hundreod dotnors for eacth orlntreventin of thie Or dinance; said fine to he roverbln Iefore ne v •Certofenmpetent jurindietion, for the tneft ofr this MUnieiptlilv. JOSHUA IBAlDWIN, Recordenr. Sent to the Mayor, July 3. TUESDAY, 9th July, 1839. necinved, That aova of athence for ten days !o granted to Mr Alexander Pichornd, Coatoniesory of the frat ward. JOSHUA BALI)W[ N, Reiorder. Seat to the Mayor, July 9. TUESDAY, 23dJnnly, 13S9. Reaolved,. That Hllery Crane, first Lieuotenant of the Nihtn Watchl,, he aind a ia Ierely di:isse I rom offin, for having usecd disrespectfiul language to the Recorder. S JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. S Sent to the Mayor, July 24. Resolved. That thie aIn of Five HIuodred dollars be and rthebase is herey atipropriste tn the Chnri. table Fund, to he distribuoted on tihe orders of tihe Aldermen. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to thIe Mayor, July 24. Rsaolved, That the reolettio-a pnasnd by this Couneil on tile d i nat in rolationa to grocers noxens and shealvesn in Poydras Market, hBe oand the same is Ihereby repealnd JOSHtUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, July 24. Reeolved, That thie requent of DN Ilinnea, for permission to be absont front, this City for ninety days alter the rendition of tihe judgment in fivurr of this Municilt:iity, in thie suit Ienling againnt himl in the first Judicial districe court of the United S States. be grantred, provided his security a.scont, to abcouce. and that this pernni::ion shaill not in coi struct. d ,- . s to impair in n ,y , nn r ill, tlnitn ol't iI MIlln .iipjallll , on Tand D. H. II. it. ana, or onil ha b.ail. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder.' Sent to the Mayor, July 24. Resolved that the interest on the bonds to be insu. ed to John M1inrturn, under the resohltion of tihe 28 May, 1839, be molo payable at theil Uenin BHank inl the city of Now York. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, July 24. Resolved that the Treasnrer pay on the warrant of tah Mayor to J B Wit lton, Chairmn n of the C(omnliteo appointed by the WVashningl n IllBttalionl to make arrangement for theI oeleblra tiol of the noational aniversalr of intl'pendance tie sumo of throe hundred and fitly dalaians. JOSHUA BAL I WIN, Recorder. Sent to tile Mayolr, July 24. Resnolved. That the 'l'reoaorer pay to E. Johns a& .n, on the warrant of the M ayor, one huntdred and fourteen and 12 100 dollars, for stationary, lor the Asaistant Surveyor's Otlien. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, July 24. Roolved, Trhat a note of six monthl from tln;. date, for twelve httundted Sand forty-two 14-10t) dlol. Ilr be insue.l to Messrs. I nyton & co, Lfr cIhir bIil of hardware, to 30ath Jone, 1839. JOSHUA BA I)D WIN, Recorder. Sent to tile Mayor, July 24. Resolved, That nione hundrad dollars he paid to. Jondldiah Leeds, on account of iron colaanaas, iar nished for the now Vegetabll Market, at the june ti an of Tclhapimnlaa and Annunciation stroets. JOSHUA BIALI)\VIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, July 21. ReIsolved, That the Trrhn' urer pay to G. W. Dennllet, on tihe warrantl o tien Mayor, tine rum of seoventy.five dollars, for one quartzlr' Icalnsel, o: six billiard tables, paid ia the I1 Ireasury thrutgh er ror. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recordler. Sent to the Mayor, July 21. traeTed, Th 1t the A A.,eiant Surveyor shall have a ellhacno.l. , u+ .I ne ,a t in his duall ., wh') r salary shall be $15 iper IIouith, ihdl that lhe1 A dll p. point said aliistaut, lijcct to tio t aplprovatl of tlii Colincil-his sllary to data lirlam tlie ilt of' Junle, 31839. Itsoilved, That the 11 harlinger, Capt. lBut or, be and hle s hereby authnrized to procure 15 : l e1m 20 fatitonia long, wegllhig 7010 Is. e~ach, fir the ole of the buoys ordered for this MunllilcP ity, pro i vided, that the cost sall lnot exceell 9 clnts per plll lldl IlerorIed, That the Whalrlinger, Capt. llutler be nd Ili is herihy authorized to picllrO 1 lal. ol/orl, weiyhiulg 1'90 Ibs. echil, or bliliys, ordl ,re flr thl ineil of ills Muniipallily: provided, that the price Shall not erxceed 7 ctta per p11i. Itenolved, That thie \Vh rfiger, C(,apt. Ilitter, o ond Itt lr Inlrblly auitionzdllllll ot 88i78 Ib,. at! Iand to hand im i proc, e li dli thereof il te Treasiil rr. plrpvil thed ll thl illlllmul l price t .ila ll hi e o Cellls Par Ioludl.. JOS()HUIIA IALD) WIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, July 21. RI nolv,., That $. pi ,r tI o.lh, . '~r rent, it, a1 I wed llci, t frlle ca;npanie N.. 13 I.and 1., from t'.. first irsr tot. 1 1d anlliov'.ncr o (a paIdl q1 it terly,on ltie w Irr:,aj t i F 'h ,. l ' iy.rll,a lt il i n t'. cil oill ntherwi e d, t.,rmiou. All w h ch is res. pecthllly ri nl d. ,JO()'.HI1 1A II \ l)i IN, I.nrder. Sent ito the i ay.',J uy a . Rftp,,! 01 bt, . it, o h i h- C , 'llll'l y o b af 1 oI. r t!. i in" '.lo l. le t ... . .... I, . ...... 1, _ I i ii p0 ,11 ,1f' i . 1111 )1.11 1 t l i\ L l) IN, lieldcr Sc't ti, the All ly li 1. TCI'IcDIA Y, ^01h .lulv, NIP,. Ito''olv,.l T ltt It re a pil pIy to i Oos to t i. astuld n tnly ieihl ,itq .F n cents for uind, y J.Sl!l A IA,1I)\[IN, Re¢cord(er. S.ut to the May;olr, Jult y 31. Resolved, Thllat lthe 'r,'alrer piy nto Ja.. Walsh S(o. on thei wtrrant of- tihe . ylor. I lg;it Inlul. eilof reairs de, Se. JOSHUA BAI,i)WIN, Recorder. Sent to the MZayo.r, July 31. Relvred, That lio ouvr efr Jner Ind h is here. by authorized to frnish ihe contilrator for clot n. Ii and repairing lihe stre etr s wit oi huldrid idet Resolved, That the Surveyor lie and he is hlornb instructed to cut off four iert of the gunwall wHy on Josephine, bletween 'Te'hp oulas and St. Thomas, id grade the gutter way, so aa to let the JOSHUA BALI)DWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, July 31. Rlownved, T'hat the ar James oo, und it a ner dato 29tdJuly, 1819c , to give up hisr contract with thi lu nui ipalit , r repairing the treeits and 1ide JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recordoer. Sent to the Mayor, July 31. Resohed, That the Mayor be and he is hereny autlhorised to draw his warranton thoITreasurelr lf the Municipality in lavor ofJaunus [lood,for 1100(1, bliinig ull of altil demlands anld claime for work done undller , iontract, made under virtue ofi reso lution of thle Concl, on the 26ih February, 1839. JOSHUA BALDLWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Malyor, July 21. Resolved, T'ihat lU Onalinio Ce of the city fdi New'Orle arli, approved nlo ti ldath Septmbernlll JOSHUA BALI)WIN, Recordler. Sent to tIle MoylIr. July 31. Resoalved, Tluurbn to crSe to ie t pgronted. Par ele, LOila llle tlto grllas gI.rwing Oly th1e1 ae a, ilks and guettr.p in the frollt o'laheir pirorty, li tie hu IlUonin ait flat the words land Sg ltIoers-gla twu rieir wals" n to 0 f l a Ill Ollii oper, be JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent. to the Mayor, July 31. Resolved, That tie IPiteo Ctimanitte' 1 - die - llInt ged flroi ht fire ther saOiidratll of thet lie.or idns shio trm oa the Via. it in Ifat, whelJy Mreqirl.e o n IJOSHUA I ,AL) DWIN, Recorder, Rei lrldl, Tha.t permslr n its gated Ie t I E Par NiChrllas TllrNll,'r kn1 ito II. col, tlo i tilhe 11uiling ereo i el to al a sul grPaist iKilprovidcatl tht the aidf Parcel', his . s or illgnneallll remove the said t t eni whels. required to doip a llriI'r 'oinil.ll 'gy al rho ii tin Kd new(atp'li0a. SLient to the Maor. July 31, J.MES':S. ('lins 'ar . ' L . t Iher N VI:L'I[o. j(lly 30vht- ti. or of St C ll lioir b Ir.d ntI1 uer lit d lll i ytieay lay IhII vol l e'llte W eO, t lt,7I .or rell Il Iord l3roughi lun, " kehrlips if Pu01 l. Ch i veis, a. loell.p ll ,lP. nokeli-lit l.lli ilI.iu Ol ·e I 'T Iistluli natinhl l ollrk ofIo t to Ie in iithe hiaeor If e0vre Aiioril-n; iid , rltlro of thvi itb a. con trlll patel tillrl I I i lnW bu l N Ite iln olen v l c. 1 ie g eioi , tli t adverti ine jnw. rlomlr . t.The l1guO Catai i. n,, (1 1T1AA VEOI: S'..IIILINH AN 1\F.41.I,161,l: IIF:FDY l. FOILI IEAIF":VE.8S.-'1'h i r.. rycc:""R.,Illl~khunruttrud-rl eJ the appll~lcut,.,rl nl thir vallunblP rr~rladv m xnllnr Itnu~r rll nnnre in the WylltllnrtET U~nprlxarrX (:,r riiiern~p of the rye T..yfor, MI D, fromI1I( lhr ERgl,"h (0,, l:lllll ~ t, andll the s anletion thy, Sir A~tiby C11nplr r Drs I(tnxlnu, Cn rriis. I Drklu I1II , Sr" gnhrig, A Irrirl, Jt . nu111) ntlllnr lIli-is nllt .u, geIIu., rrdrrrl ir I unure in mCdltrnl nii "ncec. who 6an~r olel.r,. I rrc,ýnrul:rnde~ it. O,"rm lll v, cauxrl~l tt' " penl I, .nlu ,, l,, . !, r u'nIn1· ,.v. ly cnm.lry iu I:nrnpe, 0l.,d~. h ..., s .w..,. ...r.,,, t ,, to let 1'"n!1I nll purtr, rutrgrurulnlorr Y tolhr r Iircumlllnnrll The luliý n, nl' 18.111, their stnjsli~·r I.ollx 'hllll ppl, K f nl r l II,.. FPanch, , IIIII~e·puIU d King o If thy! Ilr·Igl~oll r" toll,, yd u~t Ili mnprme fo Lr lhr manyll rrrturrJ t o hr ,rr~lli r ullllnrrU rsr ;ure)CI prolFf· of Itnvnl favor will It. hnpc.e be ruflcllnlt t,,r ncnnrlr~lg all who:,ro:,llotrd~· wrlh dciur'lasr , nit: tog ft.... sty was.: w III Lun~llon. F't rlx and Ilrnss.lz the nnnltlrr , urrd by himl is incaculaulble, ,a . toll r I. thu p,1 ilcipul I·,llcs uT Ilh three kiug 't..,,,. ,,, Duhlfn 40 morn or Ires denfi : were rrrltred I0'10 nwnt tow;. y~r .,r, oI' gr anll to All. 1I ntto! Inx1 year, w rr= tourex per frmmydIn the chinsr iu the alutll of Flnller wro ,(nIlerfllint hg r theilr numh'alr nd thln I.~gl'. of time theyy tricl ull. FnrprunfTof it· s~coey, u'e will x".0,011,, fn ullnnving cases -Thna It,, ,I1t KIII·, CUIRnt: of Jlhh' ChIIIh, ll Snncllrtrr, ufmlu.le ylnl~ru urlllldi·t.,nll . 'I'h,.llIT~ctt,. I.,' her. ·IIrCTIIu tom; h Ie npp'llir'l to mnuy rrl PPI'·ral.",· I A, . II(·IhyIi~iill., who oiled atLId upploIIIII ivo ry thi ng tlF 1IroI· tililrl.hll i cnu lJ mrn1·lllld ·old nppbIIII'I Tyllol'e Onl~n V('grln:J, hI, nud ., r ollee lu trll hle had not .o u~el ", .eulln l Lnr O toll hr could hror nn toll as rice ltn.IIII. Fnr pII.t..t~lt r O f thi\loo wr . Laudon Mr.l Jyu', lll furtlit I'tp. ,ny p":rr,!,rr, nv wrll : "t IrI· jIlx1 1 ttob mnxlt vnluulrlll l remedy dgII rolr nfdl·:ndm·.x Rry-IIE flln ulbrvlna ,hl~hllhty lnlrrlezaliton n ftl11.n to, IyodoIIr·IJ by coldxnl 1 wi~ll plunsral u"P~bbaftg" .01l I*II1 in my Ippinn .I well 11· thatI of othrrx, nu our will h., Jinxnppullnll J u lll ullay have oc caeI(IU to use thlix rlltlul,htd!,rrcnvIry. Onlltn I ..gL"lullltr n chrxp n alll vnlullhr· ronl,~y fo~r IN~inlnrr* nri",nc frilm nhunlnl nnv cauvrr. 1 I.,'.. g.:nrr:,lly found l Iln oun to two hnWI() lllý" pni ucrn prrf," Irt cu rr-and in one inI1 deiinnrr. for manyll years, at[ý"nl~ed withI n running ,Tonill thle ears andil n prruhx~r snnnlll r .+rllllIIIII " ,iiatall tlIunIPl i arromlllnnonCII ut1I thn rmrlmgnlyl h Ie!i n11l Ihrxr~lymllltý~l" w .ICI.InI t,',I and lit.. ' tltdreIl u., l rcetnnul t~!,r.,rfng'p ,v Ihr uUIr of thl(rr hntllc".0 A yllio..... IIIo,,l,,nnP I ni 1.r,+.prnkl~i nu lC II, Tnyiur's) Oualtn lrgrtahd;++!,.-I h, u·II: 1!11n 11I ," . 111 lly kill nmlt nill "r"'* 1 ! I In d u m : ,nluU pop.. nilllll fur IhrI rlllef anld cornl nl'l~ l,nrnor, nod I'o I11·1 Lt .llll:)· Ilny .01,n, I 10,, · I I I.L n . · FOonJ :,illl I11II1 b l cnndI ,.',f. .'t i .·jrl LI1 a t oo, Dr T·ty lolr'. llnil Vre, lallnhl . 1'*II ,n.,v dr!jin ,11 nlr,111 l,'a5 "(· ir, li 1 hx.."''f, ,,r zir, 'r1*11·(d fl, r hat , tpn."r1·i sr··( rI1U1 lII. ry and of i It in.lC .!n." nsilh dent'nrxl, ufercr tryi g vlrry tlliilg she " ..old !our nlf, Rod bn. ph.vneiunl eoulll prosrl ll, In .,,., bntI: :,: Dr'I l..,h tiuoall(: Vrgrtnbd,.n. r~llrvl: d Itrrc,,llyi~lcr llhv n..d IFBfnr LIh. usrel theC tlorll r,.,no shE w".s perfectly rrrttlled to eke scme of her '1'In., Ilnrnhy, 48I F,,,ring ln rltrre, who w·. n linu'" Int in nlnll Ill. r."lroamllsl Ro Pt,"r slllt. All,"rllr· use o uuul Ilotlly ofl Galin Vegetc:rlblllr hr w't ,olli'r tly rnrrll. 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WI lyddcman, to whe,, 1. o hell rg, No i htU nlurt .etrt.d. nr l ll I, I YCil.lNGE ou ncih aotr nt agl- hl, tie -tie hi 14 ',1,-ih I 1 f ri.l,.l A! l rni~ , "THE TI:UE RICIHES O Li l' IS iiEAdlTI' iL1 VEGETABLE `TE KNOW that health ari the ability to labor, coinstitutes the wealth of thle great mansof thli pop e in this, ca in m at other coun trios. T'o preserve, therefor,', that heiclh by onat ra iotann is a grlncd, morial and p itical sellceln in , flfil which, rtquiiroiea ll In utintst aitltetion. The unllprecodenlto popularity anvid uilversal ap. approiaticn which this mreiicitn hias nchievid' throulghout thle Uniteid State. tie Can:s, '',x:ts, Mexico, andi the WVest ladies, futly juste y lier. Peters' in warlmlly and cone etlticouily re.'elllnen. lin l them to thie srcial .titro of the tllired. Peters' VIegcitabh' Pi Iuarn t r scafst, m st cefI l tual amil remedy 11 if the cnicui't eonititut oni, thatL hI ever beel dretverrr Dr. Peters, the inv'ntor oi f this icnvl ltbloie C di L cint., from his knoxledtg, ail' th , n:tr sy.strn. derivol fre i n long n.ild exttentse practic. has arriv ld to tis cotleh ion, thai t tie gread t and pri. Ialry canlcIs of mosllt dlsrease is a d rcltc n ntii ll in l. fillnctions of theilt liver, ar Im it ih'r wolds au ill . rel:lselid or dcmclinCihed slerPtll o tI P bic. ic wi ll is thils, that it i r clltlllen 'i for persona to say when thny t;li lutnel!, that thl-v are bilhtcti, lteaing thl t tihe hc ave toiIc U tl il l i' tile stoi'nach. i On the 'lller IhiIdp , .c !: c ! tc fuw of bile is dlitiilshiP:. tit, procesv of fi~r;: in is iccrcfcctly pe.rt,,r. ,c . c t patient bec iione teek anlld enlll al d, b'ecause lal riihlllel nt coliall ld I the tod lIkll inll to thc it t111 ic'. i ilt prf.P r y x. Irctitd, a Ind t c. ord c c'j etiit n c crtc in st t, I)r. Pelrs is enoIfidC ciit that tlc l td tc'c s c l vgac Tliheory, r o ;c llld, dcci, c Illccjllrity f tct' I Ii d is tie elcce of all l diseases," l s at guacr' htci .l . Fviry onI - i o refll c'ts i n tel c sulc .t i a c nllc :il¢c wrill pcrccive that tpill crrty oltcihc b'ond l s c i c a ll . da r nit a rintary cclrintcint-ctiiec Il et anld nrid th" O Urts o'cl,'as . 1t',,l' ten Up! l tirari s of the liver are dlcrctnged, and tche. LtI of"ic tdo inc.ettc'cd,c it is onltn taken up by thi alehir ent veisiels tccid ,carriled into Iite ceirculaton, and becomes inie g ed wi h the blod, as in jlncdidco', when the patient shows it in his colicten'ctc. No this impurity of blood iu cicliied by an iaecrcased flow of' bil, and to rmtledy it, you mllust ecrrect t he ecrroaliol of tlhe live , alld restore it Ito a clIthy state. Dir. Petlri hac spent ei ch ' inc it exlcriment ing with diclfirecnt vt'getab c ledl ldcme, lr diseases of ctihI Ihver; and Ianc olffirs his Vpgetachln Pc.I-, as tilhe best, mlost clonvenienl, and chea,,est edi. clll that canl h prepared for general use. Dr. Peters fltttrs hilmsel'thlat his hlng ex ieri. meting with viegetable mcdicine has c cc bled hiic to discover the true nd only ubstitute alnstwlering all tile ipurpcc es t olercurit c without any of their alt' iciait evilc. One gerct qu Ity ofhi cc egetabl, pill is ithat they hav e the alterative prineipl, coln. bined with their cathartic, or operative qual tics, so llthat they not only cltontt, tlto" tltrlltel and ,bowels by purging, but they regulatle lh liter, chanllcge tho morbid Pseretlonse, tron thells the dicestive orcans, purify the ciod, invigor,'ate thei creul;ation, anll bive tne and cllergy tlo lho ter.. Vols systei. 'iThey ale mild and inl theinr nolpration, lld c nvoy .tnliost iuimedialce ceOnicitiln (ofC their utiliy tfroi the fi:rt dose. 'lih.y ct; c ae tkt cclci ;llt'Lty by p)r. lons c nliy .g ; asld the ftu;bl, the infirm, the nervpcs, and th" debieatc , . atregtheneg l byc their c oei r ,lion, lreci'tsc' they clearc the isyactlr of .ad iihumners, quiet ItrIV t irrlta bility, and illvari chly produce sountd hIealth.II The Ve'gei:tile 'Pi are a sure recel'e for jic un. die, sicek and nervouse hiadche, tiys c repsta, cn.tilV. inn,-,s ckI'soft ,e a tom.ach, hot+tb rln, all blhltus clpl.unlls, levers of all kidslrl, and if taken at ch i nl- nellllC nlll tc will invariably check their pro, gress, and s+Ive the patient 'rem. a protracted and dangerou:s sickness. They are ilvalubllo ill ner viiit and h eypcondrical allec+icins, loo: ii app-. ticti, andi acc c omplaints to whicei females nl-el a e uhject. Thley operat.e as a nlhld and speed purgie Iand area saei ind cIrt en ccemedy cir hrn in children. .ciIcn 1 ilave introduI ce my Vegetable IPlls to the pci: Ic I have receiv'ed 'nmerous certlficates ofst iir iccperior efficacy in curing diseases, a so, many Ictters Irom respectacle physiciinnr, whoi have ceca'd them inl their practice with tihe boct I uight publish a small voluaUle of cetifeates. but consid, r it ,lneceussary, as the medicine will recollelllnd itslell to all who wi I tl:lke trial of 1. The' above pilics re in boxe.. cuntainlg .II. pill each. Pric., 50 centsap r box, Druggist. and couIuti y cicrelchants s t be sup. plied, at wholes.t or retail, at Dr. Pc,,rs' pricl:i I oI nllice, , 5o.(i5 Plc'dras treet, betweenl Miagazine ;d Ctplllll st. New Otiais1 ALSO for e:alo biy (. N. Morsison &( Con, 11 Canatitrceti: P P llrlie, drnLrgist 11i clIi li've.r, between the two markets': cM,. Urrehier, druggist, at the WVashiigt,'a tilarket : C J Tlinchali, drug. gi.t, corner of C ial & litourho stre'etsR: Gi A lte,:d & ('o, drucgists, curner of TehoiupituasIa & (Grod strects c J Rlosi, druggist, L.cflyette city. intli ALLIIGAI.Il LINE. Mobiile to Augusta, via Florida. Leaves Mobile Tu'cdays, Thurs. days, and Saturdays, per the sp'ndid steamer Champilon, (ex. cept in c.tre of st r<.,) to Po s:taola; thence per steamer Le Roy to L t Grange, and thenecn fotlr horse post coacilta via Mar ,brant, ICC'tidgie, Pmitt dertnli, Iherrien, Outlaw'C , a d P-rry, to Maon, G(.i; Cthettee via Milledgeville, and Spllrto, to W\Var renton, he., cc per rail reod ears to Autgu:ta. The Chatmp on is in splrtlid otrder, with new e pper bril rr, c,lppered and c pier fastened. 'Th to KCoy ihrs bete thnorot.hly repaired, lier aeolleilltdatllis are as o iland'tlsteln ot any bl '['ihe beaul: iftll Santa osa NoSound, nlll Cailna. talRthie Ioly present the molist iiimierestillg osteCi na. vigation ill the Slothll-{ling ait the nut ret Ilae pertfectly land locked. CI b ' nlntsirpll.a d on oay route in the Ottllry ; the drivers, to a man, carefil and iaten ti'e. 'rhe bridges heretofore d.IngeroIls haIee b eot newly built, so tI ht high w natrs do not toter t rr 'I'teotting lltsei have b[ce t ee stly ellged, anid are now a goold as t aniy o tA it tit tiilth. It is g"n'erallc knownl that the etxcell,eo.e, and hardnes of l'the rods ilenale the itram lit all sea otollto Ilake grt.t speled. Their elllnllll s SP. cures the travei l r i fromi the e rdlllniy l.itgltue of stg, trave'linlg. ''itho Lino is lnow c rryillg its p:assig'c< frote Aiguota to Mobileo i fnlr days u. d itwelv lotlrn, or to N w Orleans ill our d.iyos and twenty hours. GOing to Agustai , Cth lito is six deve nd oeveoi hours. 'I'Tli tie actualt y employed i travel ing is the s,ian as i , th, oither direction, it the dlttfer lce of time oil tlhet t ,it, is causelld by day beitng lost in Pensaolall, whith, howti ver, is well repaid by the up ortuotty it lgivles il'i g the Navy Yard,tte old Spanllil( Folos, etc. The travel er alor sleepso at il;toln, anti ago: a't \\ ar tentin. Thllis arrangemet will e..itntlnue ill, thin travel tr et, niorthward, ithen the ittl wdi ito the Stile from Mobile to Auguota, o it i is nwi in thi other directiton. This Adveirtisrment contains a pthaie srat, "rent of fects, the acc urcy of' wh.ici tii., proellwtor guaurattec toli ch pass,.uger in th: penalt y of hic stagro fare. lMaps offthl l inl maiy he p iten at the Ex. Ihtloge Hotel, New )riotan, and at Ma.iiil I. to',, Molbile. Fare throigh from Mdile to Aucn.ta, $17 50 The lime extells, bl aliraneh tor 'l' at C ihatta, tlholc, ti hline connectst witht the stleambo tt carryin the mall to .\la achicola nd St. Joseph s. (ltiee at the Masion Hoiuse, ,Mob le.t mil.7 O IOS',I'WICK, Agenit, Mobile. 1I,:-itREu s.lii"a S- r -c rcc. ,r Ii it, i oute aCliC e o life Inces, ves e itilt ihaar, a i II. .l l ALLAN SI ll-10-bl.ask. IJ'h tnaatcn Limne, landlg fron shp1 s ll Pe i 'i, ir .tlr I lvy ( "C IC.I' - I I l it l ,.it iali Itolnniite hitu.ris lie 2 m '1ar27 It r tl , ii.. l C tll\,v lii,,k Ci',-. l're.itt1i r;(\Nit) l".. --,iUIt , \c. . o , t ill L ,ti:+ ',ostuniiethcc is, Ir sale by apl 01 1 ClftlutlI : (- I'" 1:1i o II,,,., i," ic PEl M Itr c ItrI. 'a-1 1 'Cht+ tit _ Af IN' J OiINTIlMENT f . l gireat i ..,brily ofthis Ii nri.lvll d (.iI IRltum l, rspel ial!y irl the .,rtheru State+. leav, thei. Iprprictor it llIItile ned to sv any lhi.g in its Ivor ; f ir it lltll een m torally icin , led to it, that it is hII:,yond aill ciipristin the b t t remedy for .externI,) ) rol om lt that hia ever beeni d.:. vered. In,,edl t e e: dee ant certtaiy of its ope. / rati lip hivet tl:n ppeara ce, o fol irslcer. ; as i c, rs, w IIIu, corns, It ie irore, c hildb,,I Ii lt,. :i e !iogs, Ille., piels, spoler r a d a ll tllhes &,l . isnese. ratell' yleld I to lt apparentlly s. ;p .rhllon !1 mile. prce Thus " prpill rly aipp .ied li will remove .,o otvetlerte corn:, or break anll he.,l a ho a mn lire dalys, will alay and perelIlly curv : ,it , noiL Ul rill Itwo tned the vonist s sprate iku " rf whor , olliln that can ll h ll a grin.,1l, hat. it i (i del . tro. ,d by It In less ltha two months. .iF Lhr iiites .I poi s,. s reptilth it , i,.i ey is Iruilr sŽ rpriilg., at ven in h li it., fa rubid dog, tir iI' appli ed ill ni e, its power. of at,;,t iont arn, . .,in W, ,I ui ! HIlo they will at once arrest the poison, and lh'bi p,'e. vent it finim ,i Ileit syittti. It is ikiw.m.e jreatly tiuperior to ii.ny Inteiine hFretotirift tisco. wered tohr the chatcd Iacks and lobI . o.'tlhres, ftr teiters, r i g wirnos, d hlp, nort on short f1.r very extirotF it ty evil ttalt ay 1 til ito sihte liot 'I'll propri tFor tha rociived at let a :tvlho-i-- d certlicates and itth r diicuitili in Fityn r of hit " Sl u.cile Ointm.nt." uIIar I..trs of a u'drl of .,l,,hited F're.lty, all Iin tlhnig tle s..u o enhlry ,lid .1tis. wltoln. Pl'ri uieid a 129 Iiberty .tre-t, Ne,,v York, ared for .'le a st13 1'oy rdis otreet, Now Orb.,..l. , or-,( of " .' btit;.V ii. r.iut,,r "- ta - (tIN I. l fllO\ )N'S C;,sm inl EitRct .l fCo pibl sI pa Iriltl - A certa:it , tats, :aJ rest -r letaln r,"tm' v, ever lwsr, Ii n. ihd tlI t c .re of G'Ion rrhl. ., (,", 11, i ruptioU , &e. In i. mn i :cti 1 : 4 medliine |poss.. ,, - lh it and itwlit iltte of tlheI ,.n ...w l iit t, tnt:hep'e sm',w .ed 1,"i p lll O ' I.tiii.' . hil t .l t..ltt l . .il. t il .wtI I-lcc - - --lll.tlhl r . l'n %. h llll 1 1n+1 (lil 1'7n m ItItt-o w n -. die ,l ,+ itlv in1":o5 peb h rh ing that it w-ill e.,hdt aI -a.'' ia ted whll ii i ls itll- i-t: r fl.l k A oit s. t I h. It.:, ol d la ba. ..,t.r'.- sla s r.ed, h . lost mlil 1 It"ll It a -I nttllnaaa,- it t ta-aIttli d l , ·l-t 111·1 t't-t t :iltht inlaaiaiaet.l nt'ih, s a i. iIn the ilo, l t l. -iyr. TinL.l. oii tha, at dth" tid toai sJ Il I + t ion , tr Sr ,n .t mil'e' , i l:lat 11a 8.l l s l lb .i t t l tl. ,1- ".'.i s Sh eigottell s. an ile ehl. . ' I .": ,t it . 07" tx:toa c-,, i",b,.hn ihrillr l"'l " loch: il~ll· t 111 11.i, h l +;t:~" '; i llno' ano, tl :i (ll'. lh-e, oIftel .milul " FI p5 5+',t1 :£IIS a.1[ :.+I li onll+11t l-t1 il l + atmhinitgrta d wl ith terltet ourcst' in t e i ,l l "itlnt llalsl. hof ilte ab loe dis'.lea . The riI Ius It pi it.t i lit.l a, llnd urgei-s t-ti Ith present Illy exprest their l ea,, l ; Ipro lation in tllll l of .ar:l rs.l lalill)i, nlhil o i i slll Il arising l'roml a disordered .FIte of thdligestihefinctslt la ll I, lg eti ern mittld tI tetlest tand expetitnct of ieltt mnst elebralted !lu ong th t.hc.1y, tlhe have tx vl"l., {d their s aslln cti an of it, xtvaordnsl ry efl v; %nllll l 1%"' Icas t.nder thehir ra e, i by l, I t di i bl l i1 ht in t it pub· li i lll priv ate ll 1.a i . " T hteLt if h trli ,i ticll hr inner c14 hereatler. PI.a +reI I J I IIT n, llt hea oi t Londion. Price i1 :il te" poat. Frm .1i II Slmon, ,si. It 5 ..rni the S.t 'h'lIlmaI Ilosphitl, and Le l l na. l llatnl o. The trial ,hich I have mw ~e of vol.u p'rparthul in 51 larithy of c.s, bolh mialhe and f-emnle, ill it, ilits hll-e pl. 'ved so highly Ilrvnltrabl'h, thalt I do tl e;:ll !' iL pronntacihL g it one i of -the osll t I ablll e nll ti llhlttat - reXltedies ete l oa llnred t tthe puhtt i, :otl mll i bl hith, I xllellx rii ce, l can placl e 'every reli noe, whi l t it ,t t'ilprmilttr the mintt e l ul n pl:aant I cttt-:t IIiall .a el i ced from opbl'i ~ll o: llll.n aironl ( II IIlav ltl, ,tl I .iC S, Physitian to the St M'ry Irhone hispensary. Ill Itak grl n t plasuttr in abling my ttistnnmotv tn te vahltdte prop rntoe, of your t preparatlo., wishing vo th, ,,lcess y ) s, .o fully tdesen, , int aI t a n nm lerl nl " tile i l, ' 1 \ V( C ,looper, F It S , Surgeon to ai)I 's II n - Th, ia tibrlm ctl et s - nlict r a ll rll etn dll th,< ah hit Ilhlnilh-e t isle!,:mIho. Ji: I' I v I si lly ln..t It hu",o. ,Ls to Ie k o l tIt he trtdy aiplnreteit ll-d. .tla lihi , at 11 yout sot well desevt1 anl t, I . I. ll l )mseI. alluihcble l ollprllaaion. Frnn Shr A p.otpe', F it , 1' It C" . e'e. te,. (laving been. inld·ces to try I1vS Iall a:rt il~ ",t' itsesof violent(onhll il.h a I l.i .lltl th i 'll i ti e l'l"r presc.inla l hlio h in ti, l, r a ,n, th ing f.lo t .sure 8a,4d .p.ed et.. e. tel i, i . t(1w, i s I feel m -elfin t .ull nlll ton thatl I1n o in al l ll prt lice hobo poblia and private recmtateni matil use nji ar-m t I e B l i r , r I - t , P h y s i c i a n t o l i 's a - Thie strict test which I have g.t.l your mdicint among llll is) ptiellt s, n is iv:r. e i5' svoi, lr u s.s thI us tIhr 'I l l I'll iiLe l( l l . 1ilt ilie, Iillll lll llI rit l :lelt nfjst e irand ill" ily to tt mhny Iicelae testi I iial int h co.a, m utio of ia lvirtue,. r. m, (. lTh lnllpsols, .SI 1 l II S i.. retlti y myv sincere th:knks for t i valu:.Llt pre cent of. tit' Extrt Io tfhe ctre of' nl t lorr le, I i e. I h ion lIt hllch will pI'o~ilvt, dt.idhinlli t Ion, J ght for in thr nrlic; surel , l sp eey" in t'li lpi c.ri'e ill cu'e,' i ti l l i ll l lli . l It aiord+ nt \ ro~t Idjxeli, . ~i,, ihsishhg to the: wordhr the valuable ,ll alitiesol vf IWere it neesarv, tihe proprietor could her ltllliris (an o In"llr testimnials i ll ly , immtrulaolrail- Ithe holi; bit trusts that itt-greal s hesshitherto lie ,care I exlirise a5 which itl hs bltnp spared, ~ ill proveitls grellatest rPilolli, l I o I Ioa it ditt '.llit lg public. I (it 'erenIitnllai this t prepaaI lit: etat llllos above nai all o 1tes il ils i poet a, a rlt for m-pt i ill i ls Nmad in which it mar hbe taken, being b Irlos a u I pi a III at-itast I, al b taI ,with "n rvtriction ini diet or conlinhnnent from business. Travellers especially ,wohl hind this ladihit e higthly uaelhi, ldl ought nvllt to Ie t provideId with Irtplra'atin - lllleshig the ad vantage t which the. presel t otnit. c tmbin Acecomnlrving the .edicine i s~n pampllet cxplanl.n to lry of thle ill. elt stages of the diseats,. witiont alu, extrla .l arsl. o, rotailling full alnd a plll eh dirletions. Imn 14i3awtt 4, Ca l llitrt. Tii)'rTU\E 'l'ifl.l 'S. IS (l& USll Iatlc ddti lr' n k."l' tlliail ilau l t I'nor."ra P r arip"I ll an IIn'ok I ", l-i Reta.+, , hal a. t I b:tl I I nr ,ll 1 echt'w F,, ,nr l I;a ,,ti.l l hinrl gm \ ,a l~l ll lwI 11 rTiltt )ld i, I'.r r lnpl illylr i -- I lc l l on I h, l esr 1a,',+h l. e Ic e it l po et l, lh. o ,l hk , nd I Sn 11 ~p t lr Ih ,1-"~r- The . i U'h i ng bosh part of hi ock w ,t ~w iet fr Stlal t f'l'i out,' n hil-, R- st accoA siN- l e I- t. C.11, ,, ,wol, nl st vesper'lh!an intp p rln li.t [+1 : filh pcoih c tll i n d t n. m le, hxP sdii1 i s r lar . Iv o. u n ,'az 1 iel l. , d n-"nr'enih l-1l ofeth,'" re and Koa lr hl anin . The 1',, o;, ro,,v an ld'rc, nl h" =. r m o r itno .ifl e , r1 st occofr it dtllis8 oI+ Fu Ill), patoVil and t ri,t p..e, ltit her ~%I,. d o ha y d cl nr,. .,t an, i'lill '.1 trl ,h dia cl zl d l nol ..L',:,z"d o ,id,, Fl reln, londc.ore-, tier hlards, 1,I ny,!, e . ro,, l'rlv . and ,or+tvd d d , covrr., &c new style of bell ,51 crep, ralted titnour. Ii:o,, lo n, g lt st ndolrw onlwarll ts ofall to1 a l rill ,il sizle-., g il inglehs bat,,l ;,ntil pInars, lesa!h ,r., &.t. !a-s knbs, casters, hair vI, ,h, li tlred a.4d I.far e alk c,,d aInd ,asss,l. ,, ,,t5 ,! srd n.i d tee. sels, ,i i len.err il ,)tlment o! h 1trrl stod paper h bii ii , + st,, .111, on hr11' , I nnd f.,, ale - ,5 the I,,.-vst prices at Nos 41 IRai l L nt G4 Cu-teen N B-- ,: ,n. in the vi.l or f m t r r.r,,itr1, aire re .p r, ll1, lhviled , n ,! 1,n,| ,a 'mri1e 5., th'le n telve<-. (', pets and 5,thron s Iillnde in Ili, ,est mlod, r, s - l, rooto1 prepuied at the <,rier gist lnotico, n,; .1"I kiunl of ph.ldexlerv ,oalk lone with ni alti - and desplst , ro" , .ill k1-.s lirot qualily .n, i 10U 11. 1ic.t P"rk. if ,alt by 1p1 : I'E'TStll & Alti.1::1 J5' llravir ,t IlitE INL! X'S I'ANAGLtA 81)1.L1 I LY ., 'Jj I,.p" .nsnnI% .1 Igintn, I. 'r. , f N tchlez an'! TooutitottaI.;tS. Ia01") Ih IIP rulle ofrhvuuattism+ srrnlflIn "r king' ev-l, I- VI , S Cl.ltir., Or Ill l ;,all iIclll lrntc l rI, r "I ·ulr It hruut, ) phi* t1ile tItu I Ill.lucl.lrtl ll 4. $., i 1rtte al. r y .1-,r, 6 dd 1 i, ,7ll ,,1'l.+ ,'rull, 1. l+il,' I l, . , ,r d I ul-r I. " I trn.t .nl n -strils, alter l'I-. 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Put I o l ltline l And Iluw MIlhlll IIll .n t tl - llMt nllllllln.. tl"« "1 n l.. I Ine• . dU nde.I look. of.I I I. lllII llllltllli " 1 ýhl/l 7Ilr ll l lf"rt. llll ,llhr. i .ll.ty il Th t n llll ld 1.I .18 . . T Y,, lid., , + lPlto Ih Rilt- -ril I tlll n4iu. 1 I lll.t , L nf 11t I t L ' ll- llytlt.nll ' rllnn.n.n. J ; In . l7,' , iBl Pl lt... 1Ig.1tn.I hl. l\ i , .l (he reil te III in inll.n III'11,1 .1 nl. PU , t rl l aI" .'II , I ll h h/ I r (l le lIl i'"'l O l t hp + Iil 11.%· 11.)1'.i . il~lll nII' II l u~l f ·i· elilr . lll It ~ O h L.l µ 1,'l l fl .ll oi nIlll'1.- lh ''I:I, ii (l n , An n-litr , ,,w . I~l~lll, hid , , s OIII `+ I .f l llerl: U .·lll'lte (I kllln lll l 1111 11l' ll.. e! l+.Cl,'tlthe~ o III,I+I u I: ,,lJa d.I t ullj i f. 7'I~ .1ue r exler t l h eir mat f " f':. t,. I It' I hllt-I. 1, 1.717l.,78 uryll ltlv tU e rth P f( n ut lltf h .,.1.i+ll ' cr n..ntutnm"1 y 1 r, + it, h,. t I ~li -t +tn drtel in 111·, 7,' ..:llItl"r 11 ll. 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Il,7 II+c rurr II~e'.t 2U . .flel ll.'+ h;,d rle I~tll %, r! ll d t |+lhll ,.ll t~p 'runs. ] Iru n r .ed l ,e I II r 'il Ia.7ll'Jr l.t,, 1.d I 1 o. 1 i i p r i S tr o to healhl i|nn"1 til *. l n. , , |1. ut o llcllc all i .i t r o,11y'ltt- n n 1 i .n I m, - Y glt. lwtD 'l'hrY-,0 ' 1.1 7,t 4,11"7 tOnx PuI11 IR .ln~ Ctlg,1'l, tlY ..f t¢x~lY l I+ :; iny hl.rnll nt I ingt+, nttL# lld ni.(rl n..I g), IU i t t+. n rr it 17,,7.t rtn-. t 'tlr a:i7, In tnn. - afin-tll t n7.1 nttrtl l . aln111l 1 t 11+.1b l+, 1"1.c ll iiepea ted lv; iuxJ uthrs , n't 'C11. ta'i1 71 tl I l, 1I . . 1M1 i t te lll rl . 'm11IU ahl . lh.l ls I .1 ,,, Ihel tI'11. ,.. . i1. iklJ. A(lrwx lil.lg lit1d Ie t1.7," rr athr i,-,il ee lll ll.r lld i,* ucn~u,, cRI e, 1.1171 the, had I r l . ! . 1 l . 1 1 1 . nod 1.711. 1.3. 14111.: · nrl.Pull. Oltslll, i l, 1 uh-ai. e fr lI or-e Ihr t . It.,~ hnp y it r7 , • c.1 n l l no 7.,1+ ii.r hlll nlll tllllln,- t lt. lll".I T r ll.nn:I n l l i 1 n -t i s 7,rt110 ,i l llll, |iltntt ttnnlin)".- ih Th ain ,( n it-n rti , I n k- ae i. - * l t-i.|lnl. i1nliml Ily .. In., in1 tlnAnl.K a 1..h dtn, I.fl l L, . l Iu , illlllt tn-- tIll.n .ni'tt e l , ln nthe,.rtd . Stylhtt-, nln d Io h1nnli ¥ nn ynen t7,,,', wlhe l.. IrInunh. in.ln dt n I. tnnll . hld ill u I, rn Iflrn r ll1nltlt , i t, udr, Iyn .lnltll It-tp, . 1 ini Ain .tln j . I. ltl , i i r-lint It.y i p rity in I. nTlly.lltn 'd llnllt hn n l.lllllfyn njnnii nipn lln InnITl LI alWr.,-rtree.-.dor ,,,t.+.. na J..,ll.l.u. II',t1il-er~r a1d luxt..rl I"al+Otl the r 1,- ,l (i,' ,9+ 1 11'. l gtlvir t, tour I. h I a n.m llu ·, ther"Ie o nlll l, s .n. uprwt.7,re r 7,x Ire ,novc, r~f.ul, 7.7I," 1nura t~IJ g113 . ,.. i 1.7.3 n ,ll u .PCI)III :/ l ,-I *Jl tl . ._C,'abl z lull afll+ l II l turd ie , 1. if . I i. t, - I ti fn .tnlLn. i- n l.!t n • ,t,- .nnti.-j.'t · '|r~r . 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I wat£|+. lfltlnl, lt ht+ uer cr slll'it " i t~ v:J~l P all.l.el. ru iii, m o tuth uI r l fill y' Ii k% i ngl i .l \ e n 7 7,1,1, w h l , te n 'l f I e c ry, 1, ,1 . 1,3 Itre s ,Ir~ ~ l lb l ,d I i i e fr n l o ht -u px1y 1.77,11 c.~t 1t)~ L: elnt l li 711Ir IJIMI'I-.I ..w ll. ctaIe e soil tunl if ever 7111 1%' w t ork l ,tt e bnft.10 153+3 nk Till mz)utr cIati xy, that iu the Faoll 1¥'13, .to .++zed abou 'p crutch,tll' ilm ,, e acnnr n d~v tl e.o s whithe 1::1n't rwarcea I l7., 7," m ou.e tllh 1 ar1, 1 _,1 l 7, \ .11 ru ii ly' free k Ir a •m r tl yll pi no w ¢ I |7 1 l s d r a ~ I p ei r l e l phiVl, llli. etityH dnlthat io Wetk alo L',I,ld" +1 w7. nezd pa* 1 nhr~l~ul 7I7 dnte lw[ "YiI ,NUadpr.ny',r'unr ftlthpl lcar+,.ll'lr,. l'hy., a,,d lh,.it'h, when, Iaff, r rrelte:Ited Snlt atiol to nn "If.:l, 17,nt. p~lo7llp aedl Ultlery 1 eurahlr. AferwardslI t+,Nk tw1,,I% boshl , of'S.7a 'I I'pl celt, liltr,1 eR t ioll) leto iI'" P,•tl,, (':.,L'N lic7,n, wlith Iiii murel t:.I brellelil. Ue~lpunihrg 7l hl.. whLellbudlnow h "e. one a 7,171 1o I11+, 1 rrl urll,+d tn, 11y1 pure..,, 1. New. yllk, 11 .91 ald g: ovtf 7ll.l,Yla. In it lP. Ieug l deat . il i'na of tlllhel ret u .. I.,. | taus i7r~uiie¢d iii try it., a lll a +.ol wt i1 .~l i. p''lrrl, lS Ilt li,. pI III s t:1[111 r .i PI I'B t III.n myrr i'~ r, t" I- l _ env..ringj+,r u tu t np, .t, llg .t r7, 1"llll rp 0 l~ u l*cer.~i i ilml rllin 1,Inai...... d o of l.,++iice I ....... I1I,., ,tt ....... handl wis~h it pl1,1 l.h, . folr the Ib ll."it ill Itio.,, w 1. 1.r" il-, udrl log+ Uhlh m 11II FI.POfLIdlU, 7,r eypl i11¢f 7. if'l+PliOn, filet tll.r" mal| kn., 7, , 4an h r. url~d onle w h17 1.,t, .uti,+l.Pl ruriy th in but deith,, w 1.n 7,11,d7,,. h1.1, e .lf, edt ll Illthe above syrai S WM. IIINMAN. Charleston. July 12, 1811. t wasa~llletod fotur vornr wih lll .1 ulcer in the he,K mml,,l,+o a lly acconTlparllel wit'h o++ I.7l~l tl o Idlmlnlllu l t ii, d excetL++l pinl .1 t1.1. a Iiid ill ljonmt. .3P.'ral commenlt, :hy)" it i . rxnnrdlq t,l, 11'.klll tlllnl It, bill ". ithmlll p rl~rll,lllr t Ittlefit. I z1 t11- . +. Ill' ive holl,. of1 Ihe 1,4,l:,7,," |':11111+..- madeil x Leer'.. I lull.. MAR+;iARI'.T dII' A , ''r. 181 +.|alkrt ,1. a1 .r-E .~ata'tg t.~ .' g i -a.a-t l 'd t at N il ; ~t. S itttt:r jtn.uta. -t at lrni lCt h FII. I. aIa' N Ii litanl. arr.ttt~l rlln, atleaatet aacitrular. I'inrl R" HIII hllt( attittti ttt~dp Ii Ta. lt.daadlitrd aiteitl~ MI.IX IUh~A C. i IIII. Lt K I~ ItI Dot 1 44 Net. It-a-c.. I pl ; G!l~~~.4 p I .bI·sIr Jl I IHII t4jAl·IiOk Xa ttd&iOta aup~e . F1tl-i NI a ilStalAACFtI 110-a (aNI 'I t Ilttc ·ttia: tt~ tiascra~. itJ II'~AI - R VO. ft~ a d .a l~n it It _________ t1 A ~I WA~IlL Nrl I'·camr -I ll- Ji III III I'the.: attbte.d It. (.~~ IatI~I

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