Newspaper of True American, August 24, 1839, Page 2

August 24, 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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TRUI6 .t.nBERMCAn OFFICE.. II conneetion nth this fMice is a SPLENDID AND EMTINSIVE ASSORTMENT-OF TYPE V,11 Tnc P FIYTINVO OF pmuphlets Dlnk Checks asatlogues Dills of Lading .Labels, .Dray Receipt., Legal Noticei Auction Uill, Bil orms, Show Bills Elena Deat Dill. Circulars And every iieucriptlinon fib WorVk that may brrvgnir *w-9rleani Chnmbeur of Commerce.. iIPliTVIIS r00 THE Tyr.R ltf9. I're~iIIIII, :t J. PItrr.. Scond tln. Jnn:~ A. Uae·lc, Csq. ComitteIIU of ApjJeals foT 1839. Json ee (iclt . ILevTirh, H. C. l' ·iIITII , AIJi IIIIIis, - P. P.O. TorIO. $ IoThnpTIoT. Commi0Gr of A~rbitration fir the $oetl of. Nlny. Jorhn Hrll"llprt -,n , 51,1l o Jnrrisnll , G.III I'. I I11tann ViiAu I IG iY. J.ll . A. IlaK d 7'hel -:Hal H(IIRIN.llO 7'h ('neatfl Eastern Mail is clo'b·d eve:1 dayla at 10 o'p. ick A. it, Ial. eerv l."ndnv ut 4 I'. bl. T ake IiijaIil (vinh Ivin''I n, i~.) i+cidocid 31rr1, Mondiay WeIIlAGTv a1F1 Friday, at 62 P'e. 32. i(Tl is doe~ever I'uesda?·, l'hurlrs l y, s lid Saurday, at 5 P. N.. Tit Lnaisville or Ricer Manil is rlo-rd every Men dev, WrldnrooInv, wll -lncnnlnvv at :i J'. AI. 'k seat *ndreturlil.I.IIN' n tbnII aIII Actives irrigilarlilrotree -limes it Week. The Bayone Sara or CoastiI il is clf, ed every TIesdnh nlnil ridnIat P8 II I 1. 11. s GIll and returned Iby IilenlI~nInt. T7'e Alxa.TndrnGi RIeIRiICier MIail is sent irrefi Inrly by sc111Iity CnlI tice i a worIk. I.outsvtr~t.r OR RI.1TII.R n.. rVloneldy a0811P rneada 'GIma dGCloa·.ll l .'IiI k. P 31. C .1 It 01.1. 'I' )O.N. ., i)rir.. 3 .tm A VAUI)' has thile honi r ol'efinfom'in hi; fiends Sand tll, pul.ic in general, Ot het h taknll tilhe Ilotel at Cirrlltor, where ola trusts he will receive the calls of hi Old frillsa anod all lovers of eoud cheer. Private rties .will he handso.:nell"I providled for hby " a little Ialticl Ieiltelllllld. Ile is willing to enter into arllltrelella t with ftilies or indlviduals desiell. :tfp-ssi n the suIImn it rllllt. "O'llP 11 Near Alrrangeaenlt t reaneaaee Ist a.l gust 1139. NKWV ORiLEANS"& CAltItl.I.T'ON.IIAII -I1)4AD sIumm11it AinRtYGESMENT$J Ol THr: WE.EK I1 S..' roll Carroall:o Fil iNlla ioW Orlll... Hos. UCar t 4 'acllck. A. ot Ho:elo ar cat 5 o'chck, A. It aruorasaire I " " 7 ,, i ", hs a . "' !" Sok, . . t e wll hae rr ne arv h ,lr,.lllil 'clock L, '. Al. Uand aew U l'ea es eVel hoar a 9 a o'3lota, I'. Al. Anlr l0 o', Itok a Iar.n eelr can heI ohinid y II aina9 . de.i larr tite Trip; ifalahld oraer Ia Iaoiock, P.'t. t0 dol tarsaill Irhnrar.ed. Persaougoingg hy tile lenlll aulr iltuslprovaido a lhnsalves with Tickt, a, the aonIdu.tor Ihs posltla c directilas nlt to receiv a monlla ill lieu thereat .a dIe nacctolnlionl of a lerrl- s ' iitill Carrollron. iA l the So'elock I'ar. and who Iltuet wiahc ltenaii therelel tI lit 8 o'elur.h thlr car tlltlt I·t." Il eretofo~re hlo Carrolltot t 6 : o'toIol., wll rellill Ullil it o'c ct. , tI reby allot.lng allem lne hour to rel.oy the pleao.l ea)lk ill one of tile most btaatifal acrden, in the United Statrs. TIlE JACKtIN AND I.AC(II-RSFE STIREET CAIS Leave talt hoad f J:larsel street it i a'clock, A. Ai.. Cellnl street at - o'clokan. tt d run l-orly. At 8 Wdrk they ill tolli lle-l a to aei Pall, nlllt every ht a he r l tltd l hea, l j 'el'k, cP. M ,Px.rplll. that ilstenld of hInvillu Ciael l street a , o1 ellk, tl ceP er will le.LVe the.r+ 111 aIO'ci ,ck P.M. - Itt i lpaetrllr i ra.qctl ateqlUt hat gcllltlrean l ill llt put Ite rf t I I ion1- e a c lshi s, r cstkok ill tie CIrI, whec I.adie. Office N.W Orltea: and Careellalull Rail eoad CnlllllnJy, JOHNS ItAht'I.N. july 860t1 IP3.. Chief Eng. N. h1+t C. It 5 N1\W lIti..ENS I\NAI. ANI) IANKING CO. S1ItE Irte Stetealiaat (el oiaan awill leave the ]llsin it tihe hend t Ito Nenw Canal, every dlly (except llIlaalhaere ill,, Iaka',aatllows: ID'part at r A. I1. I ierll at A A. AR. I4 I .1. 1" I. I. I A 1 31. )lepart t it \. 1.1 [llll .l l(li l t 1_I P. 11. "lv I .. IL. ('1E" , t- o-s, h. tart lin ol the :.t ll "l, ns fZ (,;: - ti " e caIlt RetnJ . a.-. . . i.ll ',ae "all. u: to a . atrauchah , At 31 A A1t to I Iatte3 6 I' JI J AI ; It. CAI.I)WFI ,I, alulellnstS .ohI, ;9 ]'rqi|lnlctt. *1A\'i (IIF NIhW%\" ta"tlti.\I . I i 1111 - price -af flllr ,(atlay hLne. (Ih 7h.i .ercrre I Pee ati , o the 1ar, till' I hkrs wi all "t .2 ,aieeatis ofeadli l faceteen celalr;.gduri.g l' haTkc eellt cllor.,.hot in to Celll.' ,I Illl I L I Mc.. aaa ' , . aIaa',, a l la r. ( (:hbl nIIOt. tll .' ....... 17 I \\W olihlll n, AuIgE· ... .... 41. iaw i, orkde . ...........i.. Ii t ine,|,. do ......... I hillta Jtplea It,.........e .. t1I I.nulillh Io ......... I IU l htm .re dei............ I 1!St. Ri.,., . g .....:..... · l .6i lnlU, ll Aln ,...... I I.ivnrpo ol July ....... Il l"llO ll ('7l .a· ) July .... 31 Parle sll .. :1. Io..toh A.g .... !I I I.,, ,,. do..........I I •N nhvillo, July ...........:.'· Italvre Julle.... ......e r~ ÷i- ---- .p -- - FIOR'P 01? TE\V NFW III4E, NS. . CLEARANCES.. 3..L3..h318NL " A.g ?:, 38.39 "ý-Nn Leafancrl tu-dJy. 4318331 23, 1839. Shipil Rnnowll. S..". kllInrolpllle, nlilllr iIripC,.,...33w 1..f,'l'o+, 0.taq, 3A Me1'.tt SchrI.. l 8,3".." W FtIw-w l,1111-1t1 11r. I3.n,1 Schr Marv Ellrnl Lumimnnrr, l I'pl r ula, . M iner il Nh3333.1w ' 331'333. Mill 13$'313. -. 3 C.rnly &rhtI ,17 N.311 ( 3,,, ,1vIe '1'nt,11 n ttC.31 Schr lb.,'.", Noooll, An \cra C'rur., ISIilllrllnr l, I-lllla r & eo III 13313133,831.3 AuA It ;II V 3.3 "Fnw h'at 11, 1,00. lr.,llrl. looln tlln Ila-nisi hnrlg g pm *hil' I. £31113 Il -,,rh l lln, 33 3 1,11 ,933131 333ll t.331313i . I.1.3 o 333 2101 33 t.. ul, 3l3'333i rt1+ 5~11, I'33 -hip L.,lui3 ill,(3 . .,4da.y31 f31113 (3 No.w 1'h,4. J Ilul3 ' I l 1 , 1313 9331133111, IL 31y.1 f . I. ,,, 1313311 ~ r fitLI l u ulll Illrr lh, 1 L" o.,, vd J~1a (;,, .lucuolllrllc. w A....j 92, 38:9. h~lrnnwr T.9.'rc. ' I.. 8.. , N.... rh aiihriJ3.43l.313 ,. 8 0. p. l 311.3 111b..., 33.33.hnl l3 {11 .31{11e 33lulr 13.33,n I .wJ *wh, 33-'I'ON..I'rl"33 (I. L·(P, .1.. (, r 'l1318i31 a-ll " VV F 93133'Iw 3313333 533r Lrula ...'up 1133 .. Fa :8 . 0 P:. N. COI Al",' rhr t M'.' 1 n"..Curll Mt I.8rInnfslE:, :3 + hi l3'138-I.. 33131 ..,L181..1 I I 3 3n-a. la.[ GpI. F lS . I. .. 833 11 *l3r3.31., o111 ta1 11.0,133 upl~l. r, ,m , rv,rn, ,t k ek,." TAMI1.ICO--Pnrrlrbr Gi II (Vtenrr..('r lbn raunl y -molll Iota IHIIA C31'%-.711r .3133r 13,ll 31,o1: Ines ":518 35,:13a33 ' 19MPORTS. MOBII.FP..Pcr Olylhn.-I-a 13.110+13 N4.38itnt.d3..,-P...r ato3. 31 .clrr.,Ch , 1 31, ', 3.ta S 383 Uathyity. I N tcl. .. IIm I 9,31 3.A33 Il333'l31 ,- In..'3 ll,33 . A 3330. ,. d 1,, Coldrnrll. Irlluun.. ( C It rll( h.e-ker. Lk--l, Ko~rlfllll l loLfn. 1 9015, 1'' 'It'l'llla~soa. It ;leall, A 11,618,'. 80.1 31.1:,5.. 3~ 3I:1I.33tA 3I3A t N Yunk..C4 .Ih.,p),.3.i-.lobo. llnyv. N (rleau. 3131..11n'311113 A.., I:3.. .A,331 3r.131,31 33 3.1 ' 12 .y £1f13z N3.,O.3.n.; bri.g 111.iel K3113. 8331n.'. (13131 31,. T. W. COLLENS ('.iMiJ r1n , Sint. r.' App ~ill led Irv 'te Fedlerall Cotlrt at \r , lIIriuaW (35xcIl.1g.. 11,313 33331131131s.3 S -AID f'olntnisrilwlw akks sadaiia nods aml 4 v bvlnrrre (Stile ,cs Irf C·oa*-rr'm. (,arsed :.'tit Fehr,; ary. 35.13.;- 3313 133,3,l13 837: .3.. J.331irilll A,'t o ,1;89! a,,.3ii3,r eet3 tofClgl3.i ill ouch c"',3 331113ie 31113 povided. Said C~15,llA0i,.a33 Ia 33ni.3313.3le ~'£3,,31'r and yssl rd s I11 31333113111 31331d 3iliale n 3.33h 3.33 .,ftl th- aev.'a' 3l cr.1371131331'318313313t I.1lc1113 s'pril 1 4 N Wh'NIi! W~KK 1'1' -4 1111 31111, N . I oNttltulen in Elllllll . or AIIIItlca ill me 1011n Century. JT smith. .cl,,i3.nmtlOV Viw i. An cient 313135rv. Ln11do1n's 3tl I333333.dlll lll(npar i31.l f udelA.1,l*s13, [ 1,. . .: 3O1INz4O3N. Jo lt' 333h33133r. o 3l 3. Ch3318. ý·1',n n .l-, 1 1122 3l. 1)1,.3.31. N' ..' r 'rlYk I IOHN 1iBIN. FAInIrm L /.ND BOLD. Official .oun.lll of the .2h flunie(palltp. PUflIlJSHIED Daily, Tri-Weekly & Weekly. % 1, %% O H. IZ·E A V% : SATURDAY. AUGUST 24, 1839. Reporof Charity Ilospitil, Aug.23. Admitted IC- Fever !I; Lcathl 4. Tihe e.tltfr ila. unt.krgone a seneite change for the bltel w ithin ithe last day or tew ,H, nd with it the litickees bh visibly deereard. ''The wtind is now from the south e:st, andl ve inlllle thle loeet balmy breezes and deli. cltu nttlotlphtln. ltlltile the wind continue. frotm tlli qtunter, it .tslt in na greatt detree, free the city from dis neie, and reslter Ileialth. If it should cmllint e flr somt time to bllew from thle ,elllvy region, wet may extpect a delighlfet f.ll, aml ,ttly h itteite se etsmt. i II.NIVY CIt1Y. \ y The indicartion. otfpopu'ar ftl ling ,hid l ve i n Ipnlied Ihe.trilnnphant steps of thi' distin luishi state.z illan, tlhrouglllh thle statle of New York. whlen .onmpared to t the sipi'nr demnnstratio a with regard to Mr. Van [l-. rnt must convince the iIt alsupe.tficitl ltoherver that ill tle nexl pre-idtntial canvns, Hlenry Clany ill defeatl the I"ti ef ofl offie hIlders in his .o n ta 't. Wlilhen also, we take into conaideration th le:tionsl ill tie state of New York, witite thity last took place, nol morn dodtiI eanhm nacertlineid~ it to tht nplt'ilor cllnnce of l Mrt I CIa' asuctes so. Overthrown in his otwn stlo ,i-in the rempirestotlll,-wherl can t lr look forr majority to plece him in the Presidaetial chair. There can he Ino doublllltl but that he [wholdwhig fore will Ihr ,onten - tratted opnt Henry ( lany. As to Ilnr in0n, While or t Scott, the}' will readily yield itn the great lelader of the 2 parI.y-its rnlt chief alnld head-lthe illtarnnton t of llits prinriples-irs pride, itshope. lhenry CIny? is sthe uan whol rucan ullnile and harmlllnize tho e hig party lhrouglholut I thie Union. The nirtlhern staits lnot no d will nlot deny him forr h yicld' s to 'htPnu ll thait is rPasonblette nId colnsittitinal-oThetl west and innot it must love himn iis their chosel ch+mnpion-t-he defender df their ri,.ht+ --Ithe preserver of the Union-presrrvled heIv the powerr Thel unitlil ithlnilotto tftle W'hil partty,te'ntrod up'o 1 a profr mnndoilntelp, mtnlst It successful. oThe porl har noTw lttt IIjlorilty ill tirnot t etto ry ttltle lf imporn la ltn e in : the Union. man Ihe prrs:nted who is pnolar i n all thele lapea, tnd thep Con attry wi.fll th oved fnllll tl" lutchl of thle Vampire parry, which liter upon tihe lift[ tl blood oft the untion, nlt which i notl tlretd in time tl i quit its hohl lpon the I ntll po lilti, will, t by oillrll to l e Iphysienal deplellniit, rrdl it to xlxhnlustitrn arln dlenath. [lenryr.Chle- i.he only nlame vlwhich cal e' Il:' ted I with any plasihility. The desrtittton of his hntonner was the Illlenslle of thlle Whig defInt in 1836. Ially nroulnd himi in 1to, andt victotry will crown tile eff'rt. All the Whig candidates stanlld pledged to sustain the nonjnation of tle Cotnvention. oWe know alrentdo the nl otn whlom that nonlintion will certlinly o e conferred. Let is ithen prepalllre I ollnten foIr hlim. What Whi" can hesitate to vote for IIenry (Clay ? Shall we remindl tllhenl lof his service,, of that clory he has earned--more glorious than the fame of anl hm dred vic tories ilo blood and camrnage. It angers us to heIr tile clstntl horlthenl 'repetcd that Clay lacks tht personal rppulnritly n be t. success ful candidate. This is ru ofien repeanted that thousands art itmbuod with the ile, and deterred from voting tilr the only In who canl truly represent thie whole Whig party in at presidoltial contesl. The truth is tnt the con trar. tIhat there is no ndividual inl tie U.nited Stites lmore admired antd mor' popular, he carries t weight of indivilual influence not eqgtnled by that of alny nIn of the parryL. Iliv unma~i in every mouth and even the blrnzon tang.+d ie ne"iogallles whio loplpose him have of late sofliend their 'allusive slang when' tihey .aulnle to hinl-he t, ho i- iu honor, at fost ofI the "na, A tionl. It was n tot I hnry (lllvy's 'alnt f pcrsntal popull larity which elrsed his dltfet I in 1t8oo, it was the feelle Hess of the whig party itself, at that time, t wich wasi the trut e cause of tt e ttilrr. Since then wte hailv g(thertd streiogth on il sides. Defecttion has taken pune in the rttttk of the etn"y. 1 he h'ypocrisy, and Rfalsehoo, d rof the .pr..mis.. ofthe d.em.ocrati:c leaderi, r s , ohe /bendise+)veredl. T onllsalllln--nylv hundre'ds if" thonll tsands have opered their eyes to the manifold glaring arls of crrulnptin .which have chlmraterized tile geov rnuIlent froml) Li presiilent down. ]Ief11calilnus, phIn derivil prodigililty, lll Ir, r:lin, udullll ellfnt bnlllkrpllltry is stplllld upon veroy fIeatre of the ,ocorfoCo ndlllill istratli,ll. The lerrtple Ihav seen it-they are co1nvlnr- D ed--the \W'1lig luJit, has geinedthenscendnivy-it cnn and will elect its enadidaCte-nd tlht Cladlit:te. w:ill i Ie .HENRY CLAY:.. We refer ion highly iil,' resing-letitr, eopird from the I ichmital \\hig, io show the mannecr of Mr. Clay's relreption at Snrntn gn sprling, n11 thl kthl in-t.lllt. I alppars tlhat iMr. Vian l li lll I lis wonrhi , frlfll er tl king hts coffee in the mornin;, put orf and remnved their ramp down to l-llstown.nya, .pa out ten eire s oa". 11r. i Clly nrlivel at 5..o'clok in the nflernn n. Iflrg( ,n.e, in October, 1'77, removed his caromi from Still .wtter creek, ovr Snmatlnga pllills, innelliatenlcy before Ili capturennd snrrender to thie AIeltican army. This is omilllloto. Mr. Clny's j urnov Ilhr' New York, andlll th norlltherna nd middle, is nco itlll al in .rch of trilnplllh. lh is greehtd, wh. rrelvr hle.-goes, by the uolllullgh nll pontann iA" t netious of the tieP pls. S.An arrival from ,the prpperconst.,- fromn ilah it ....... nlld Son S o,--..tsin posse..i. n of dt thence t. o Jan. "Ilth. It appars th ll the natllives have got very nmuch. I afraidl f the appearanee of an t lltlillln ship siPice hI1 rough antd pirollr treatment they received from ourarnll ed vessels--nlld ire sunxious to rlnnpunlllled fir phi it aIlt ts nk lpon a Saknm -,'essel Ihy fillih. the ship SNnlalrn (now there) wilth epper in lieu of tihe onety and opt 'um which inthy cliltle. 'Twelvaer Ihals .rce killed a Qualluh Iattoo dIIring the reCnt hlrnlmbrmllhlllt, land the rtreaherllous condelt otf the lpeople o.n the ,:nast, hsIn drawn down llponl llen) the vengeance of ine111 illnllPn ltinl chiefsn, near Ma1rke, whol were fiarfill tlJo trade with the Anlerinanshll sipsa enpendld Ifor ever. t Frederickton, N. B. hais been visited yv the mercies. illnPliary-iand on thie d ln s nlmorl bhildines were dors o troyed hy fire than has rcuredl since 8,5.-])atlnge eslilnulted rat ! I I,|1111. SSuiids. InN. York, Ailn. llal,, 11'.. Sliter, nn l:ngiilihmin, ind 31.rl t llhii thrit;-i - d i airl -mtPd '['tthles, ill temllpting toprodne..tOr I : .l'tll I tihe (il nof tnuy, ul the nnine dniYv. Mr1. JoWlph .iltle, of Idiimtor(, brie IIat er, a laid ntI hmtrlly murdhrld Iml niles Ir in thdit city ,on IIle l lmorn in lof t ih l.lh i llnst The 'T'exinn lriE. war -- , jnt luli :lm ,l, , hil i Ilhr anin, AuE. n, dwnI tle 1,niy fim hlimor, i ,nts stncllk Ity n evlren sqiull fNo. m lhe S. 1. .1ilut l o-t Iher top ,ina ~st '-. Nh l "nl nlely ' to tlh r tlllnd r Netw o e l'll Comflrllt, and ill, it i thought, retiln to ilali.-le CIr repais. If I last been decided, in t. e court of I('rimin l B, '. hro l, L'lhilllhllllphi, ol to) enllllt "T. 1t'. I)vyott Ia n lw' triall lie was to Ne ie-otetined A tg. 17. JEnI.ei uilliant , onvili of the mrer ofii ii Frn:llli Kentnl t'y, ill .l.a , 183t , was xecl elld inll lillelpll l Autg. 1!. Ther. were. il Newu ii, inl week en:i, , An..t I 11o11, ni denthv;-l ii ikhil niuIphia I ll-of nitilh, igs. lar to relut,, ]IN) were of chlildren under five years of . i.. Tmeatriarnl. .ir. .Mitcl'll ,ilv', t fIhe *tage de'alrl ntl theI Nationalllll, N. '.-Rolert \lrni e Irhwll n.llllll ed on ellnFLa.,nLt there on rlte 19,11.--iTh," l:.hrl theatlre when will the liuve neough') is adv.. SIln rmmii Ilaul toi-rdl iui. pletion. iNeu. York. Aui, Kilh. 11|, I.iverpool nmaly .e ,1. hok d flu" Ir,-llorrlow, .I arli val atl th Iin funlllislu,. a If., itelll ofl new., u dl' or Ii.h lte British (Leen ourlll.l rve ill ri-nfollnq t thily It.erpon o itlltn mllrket .ltll, te 0ll.llllo( Jolh. Ily Ihs nrrivni theyate to ithe 13th. IhlI the I I1IO, there 1 ile, ru I le= c letton Iin r ii Ii, huwrk lll ll '" b ktI 1 a I ,llII" III mlll 1 w11 1ie e " udvanr, .lld lllil(,l 1- II IIIt Iper l lou in prices fur hle week enllding 1Ith 1 u :3-1.1 per .J.irerp.u., Jt'v ith.-trlnli,.hal w,1e .prig (rn- / ll. TI u ih lsusi petition forrlstill ,,a to lu we pri' c ·1 l lll to tlhe Ihlll e I. I1 c 111o11 .1 l ile ILl1. II Ill n I. ,ll t I n I , 11th i llth t'hr, w.l a de.l.ll, gill Sit ! ll 11 h'k -Ar.l nrl I o,ntlior.'," "l hto it i. 111, o tuii llls l thet 1,1n a , bit es e t ,I ,lt' ,t hlllll onllll - I~'r and plllicy demands thatL prtliamrno shlould relioualy I! aitply itself without Ielav t. legislating for the perma ientguvelnm,.nl of her nujeslv's provinces of Up.t'r !ill o n'te rn hoda.' len rtInlo l to the in;re, of ii ,o enet ithenre in no latter 0ne.. iLtod 'lnrobt ' r.oir tao ite 4th, hat EIngla ,. tllil France panlidty etn ern loml eacl otlle and ha mI .uskai t'ir it vlunls ot ho n ilmtie bherwoeeo he Sureltn t ti r.i ala ion e h'olli thete i i minr'n lt rto iraegnent oll ulit ie nmaide. Theroe ws .ooiid tek.noI th le Alstrih, eI'tlio ndt ItLueniai ilt n deile.e to prePVet n tU(fraoit'd elmflte'. 'lhe ptnlisn i dalger. ooslv nml a, t explt. et to ncovuer. T'io nhe r.tltlh tlhro lle Is. , 18 tvoes of oge. 'l i.e lui oi Cornm t on tile 111i, went loinOn colll mitteeon the Lolwer ('onuato goeron el:t rill, nolld rll aseernl nore Peed ,p.ntl.l. r l .o t Stnll' oIppollm'e t ..:ond l chants,, but it ans aldpled by n oule if 174 to'l56" ailnoo, Jory. i ttle hrti 'n ens ilt tihe Eirg'ih stock Streit nlln oaren ao Inde hiower, fnirllg Inpt Ienrki.t it 9o t . jt ait. ll' Itr lloievy, 9:31 nn fI . ne:uun t. 'l'ile tier Iolts Leduoed ire thi tomI ' otestdloy, 9)J $ , onlt-tlht tlree nod a hn'fnie ' p her elt hli 'ollr, lell iant qgrnied tflt j jtix div. i.tcrr',;e Biflls rennitn at dO 'fl. llre,., nldlt Ioollhpo ohltk 191 io + lf. 2lANCtIE s'I'ERt CO'IrI''ON'I', Jtiuly I *'I'l' gepnral lo.linens l e iken lo etter tnalrlr.n tile r i t I.I wil lo it ih orn.idnerd to ntlo llt Ione s dlin od Ilily S tlr e nelnt, illl that power i o nit fInliC have Il tiltl lloin'l lhPir l'tL e, ling Itg i n t lt e In o ned t d lllle h e'llhv. .I1tI" ti'OOi. 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"(tIra i 'T RS pl l int Vol. 1)nelison' Houywn ie d II n a Phi\i~~cl s. lilt f Iat I11. a Int h li' ndIt I lT r i. - TITTIh at It I t e~mt i. j$ trc30y l0T.~t ang 24 11(19 Coup Newt Ii ll' :; lI In,k'T ITrTr, d IT' rlin'l g 't h . I.tre tI' dTI i g IT I g+ I( " lexTO • " .90ninp \ous. LtI' IP.on ; arhr , aTai Amer,.i na TI hlnra' laT I I.TIul'' tllTl T~llt 'all l, ItillTllllll a',T aTTTTTI ll0t0 Ftnl+ f( i th eIlt A t or ' ICl Nt. t 0r9; 9'ho 'tle $"a' L Td ' tinh t, Itow supI ' . r a urt , l I , <h r lt . .l't r '. a ln r a - a , ll vil", nrll Tll i , l .,r hIll, 1 ' I ti ItT r l' llhh lt anlh . IT IIT n fI I tn ' TI r' l l hh ITEJ I,' atl .n to lhe I lll hl . ( llill t~ll. 911111 IeLfOT(TK lll ar l shl. I t .'llT , a n Tr IlT I 'oN tl' he'' r k TlrTt. ITTITarT-,'ilT a aI '. 't.I--l..dat PIlIlart , irlat' Sl1a't J 'I. iiTi 'l I tIii lilinl l~lln~ (:III Floi f Ir lliri. ''.II In. hll: uii I(.9 Alt. itil' II FI:l'I'," iii ~ illl n Illii. t'. 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New York, or by letter to the Proprietor, New Orleans. 13 The loisrville Journnl, Cineinlatti Whig, New ' islk Eveinsg St.a, and the lSpirit of Ith Times, will l please pulishl theo bovc re three imes each. y order oflhe Prlietor. (leo. IIHOI.LAND, Treasurer St Charles Theatre. TN..Orleann, 2d Aug. 1081. 1 f. FOR III(E)IEN. Thlefait Sailing A 1Ship RIGA, otnpt. Slruh iiavinig lie rwhohe of tier cargo engag. FI; will re:eive .be l atchs. Fur ines'age having hnodsoeie acnoeaontion nsnply to° LEVI II GALE. ane2rl1h :93 Conilion at SI'Alrkert ship IMISSIS I 8PPI, fir New York.-' This vessel will leavethle ILevee thlis eveningat G o'clock alt which hoIIt paenoeneri will Ibe IdI.bard. Slitpper will plea a , n I in their Bil a La.nding early this Ienrning iigth - .th FOR NEW Yu.ih . -New York and New Orlens I.Line. To sailon r'edlresday 28th inst. , The elrIrant 'Packet Ship AUBIIURN, Capt Cornell, will sail as above, ifor freight or irisnse, hinII 'iltldoiii fuen"li-roe ncIIIIIs otioesrpply onr bholsd or to. PETERI I All)LAW, ',i .66( Cnamp st. FOR NEW YORK.-REGULAR LINE. Orlean I.ine of Packets. IThe copprerl and coepper fnlened Poe kmt Shi 1.CtrIA, Jhlnson Maslrter, ;iii bel iatedelintely Foer freihlt or Ipreteen havino uIIeriior cCleitn(rillluotii11. a' 1I tn ire Captrin on board, wo tiers below tIle VegetrI; lleInket n A COIIEN, g 20th 92 Clommoni st. FI R YORtK. Louisiana a'nd Nev koak I illn of I'ckePI " uTo Sail on Sattrdrytr ne.r`il inri ' The spriiri and fiast sailing POCket Shipl MISIS'SI.IPPI, lies lthe greitir pan of hier raron enngad, rnd will positiverly sail ais abovle. For balance of fiiglht or Icr irign.e Ihaving elngant acnnlodaltion, .plslvynit hoard nploete tile Vegetable Mallrket tor II JAMES II IIUI.I.IN. . H0lh : 71 Campi Sn lrr. . FOll FRANKl.IN, A'I.I'AI.LM'AS, 'T lease ite fLaece o l SSnaday 23th1 intl. Th,'' El e n St n h t 'lO),,l(Clll4.I.ll Caplt Gilblrt. will lIe at lle Illldling oln Fridny the 'its hi: last. sopaslias the U sana -s-.-aaa ra, l r last rsaie ve Iieighit. l'l'hi~r l hnt will pto rallllli byv *,·1 nmII i., i~l~lC evr P.9 i IoC1V ' Cl w ·l t lnh lu· ll 6 I] lihe tr'alh. Imvln le'l.,l.n Imlilt in c(-hlllrh'..ion d. U~'i.. ZXlIto iv Ib n prll vcrf.J, ller tlmlorr. fltlhn ll~r h e nl . oltn ell |l' t! I'll nll 111 e llill'+ flull, lle whhl I'ird t'ol ser ollts, a sar, aoplered wilh thirty two oune erlppltr. hJe i. ri.l aIIsI ad bfyjudgeia oaa' e olta he th la.s n t nmlulll Illa tttllfll htill el s ai Iho o isth rn wlatera Pasr trilns of frrellr sa a -sa h Ig sll~t PE'l'14It I. 31111 ,A II. 68 asnlatass S ha" l'akei't "5iaia sAbNlTHEa, ('slat Ashalis, rnPa N'wl' Yh.ra wist ll I' sn nA~Isc e a eiAl a rla ais ie ni onTa'" ftlS~I'"i l . iv IIIrk. w ll E llPFI· ((.1 i lal' lilt J I l i e Iirl ih- u lthts I at r I anaigalea e will slasse Tsa i VII ., alsonasta glaa sa'aainials" ad lilemlIo he (,~l~ll Iif lbg l , lt sle ala ltatat _- .ta'-sfwlasa'iaaats ties i, isae,. shry, viI¢l· r the llstore fIl' " II Ilyde & Itlrater a ls . ac i rliar Ill:Iailt.aaaaiaa sP aaaaa kaIstal, aassctsias. ingaa 1a aa n l nj l f wahiaad l i n l'atr 'iner, Eiclell l d4,ll npt as rll t c·tI' (IFl ll y kl ll so hei .IIIICg~ l 7 , . • l (·1l!l~lll 11 3111 ' Se ,ltltaaalnsl'.. /I'l'l'~Y iLLaC rl.2 ILFLII)F.I2R , sNata. 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Tie WsKL 1'v TRU AnI.Ican, made up from tiher daily papers, daring the week, will be rent 0o sob. enribers who pay $5 per annum in advance, and d to none other, unless an.oceepthile city reference oi is given. Subscribera respectfally solicited. JOHN GIBSON. n NNew ORt.EANS, MAY 1839. S - i-.--;*+ u ,h, • . . : . . .. :-. . ...... - f5l BI-ES Nortlr ..nInlay landilg from Slhip 2tI Loaisa, from New York for Sale hr *A "OtlEN, au1290. !I1[ Commorlnn(l street. oIN ltSil l T Ill t urtOttI.TlS of tion tere ain li ed init theCuri of t-tivrn'a e b t itnit atiii Ilui titaErCaoiolInoiotI'Iot tIPI'lrtaoaaililarvtdciiriilc Clurt, (ou.rll't e ltlllll)ll o o InPlah sand thle C.olll-t o1f LEx rlbrsePr. • , Tit first tIIIIhir if lIt llIove work ii tlli day re eoivllihy Alex iTwa r t C'oo p r trt o t,hehirpe oel nm*i' iern of tihe Bhr eare reoprctihlly inviled to icall and rlx amlie it. n 20 r ITYIItUi.LICtCE ET'I--I 0hb'I i I'brs.. .b." r j6 S&J P' WII'llNEY, "BCampsr t F AR5t-tut0 hrgn Iroflorelin crorefoerloh Ant5 (1 It itSt'V. 41 New Iever M AI T'I' lnI.rl.:,,f Itr it alar ss, stir Lc .ir, l v - Sthl'r andi Mite P'illrws and nIlo-I terln wiv rrnte i lfI" tbect nrterihis alid for sale ao tll lowieeat ll IIh p l-'es bc Win. It. t-tlNE+, 'rea S0th- t" 53 Ilitnviill stro' Sonlldlollrll & ertrt- llunrh'n diilonltry Kiletlv'' Soeioi thir, l vohumi ' K. K ilv n l.t'1 Chri itil revr--I.v liea, coniry 1 Inrite .r . 0c llelt' o I toiry ll" Eilf hlll. A lrew .iii IVilh i n.i v Itoit i .i' it lUlte -revr lal rk vhmda eeroitd o~tidiirirdvhn J2 "A IOfTIt, 49 Camp st '0it tiltr trts.--coUNTING -ttttotis I. 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In the melllL tilme, nre illy lllorling uIlnle eimilnr ldifE fimgliies tgg ilgggne iiich hlne eo neverelv hIgene i'1unt Mer lltwgel , llgev ginvo tiln lenliilggv litgn e t lgIi tllie r iitini'dtlen's" o he remviv'1ee l T, tdIm . TIledieg . 'i' eli cine is tlndtliellr dly n tlnrueigl remgedy. I.,EIrTEi FROM SAMIUEL BOWIES. T'it illhlwinlg IliIt in froi Mr. RIiwles, iEdituor of lie Iti'lnblican hndl Jutirnnl. g ;inetiig ldl, Inge. " t anioiiini. e, June I, I18:7. lier. IMllnlit-- Sir : I in ggilln Ihiiennen veelr Ill Alil Pe .."?,3'@, t' vi ' i,"L\t.' Aninelnhilge qt nl'ellcd t ' 'IIl '' iinii i enlrnh e illnhnr liigf i n-n- tnh e yh - q((·lll~lll'lll· I1.| ll II.Illtt,. 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I',gguo l'g ,' 1tue Iri Inh, .g t gmil 'tg tm ire n f'i.'t rtet i V i'w " n i', ,.1 P IJn g,'\ n I fu ilei--'N g'gl lit'rI'' v ' t' e h' Sttt', It ' i' 1 ll Ir'dlluiy;J ln If N ill Ell,liv a l. Ill Ftt ll ii tt i tllliT i+ll'lltni1nq l gieo g.1". di ti e )AIlil lll( lln %- Ml- rl n'Iiiclo h ' liil, dk I.s . \ n .l k >h,'l mr, h Al wnlthi i I'It el+ohti. i t I'tt utt En'iun"I iI litgiN i "Ip' .g't i t ntgl,'tto t ga l iutr tv t j~ i: S1; 1111I11 AII l'/il. '1 tW( II i,/ l, 19~~1 ('llltl ill i .ul·l'? hv iiI':l 1''i tH I :~~+r - I'' in rI n IIJ-Pa rl- of rlns1ui h , ld . I. tillt. g p gt piiy" l iten ti A l l r, T It ntgu"t', tEnT' it'c iit d wll n yule'.aoi &w ft I 11111 Ni n rl,1 lI gr s I r , l nhr nirl i - i Bll'll nll ) I, n. s ' t 'o lt, l l .o ltllr Iu lln .t ib +il" WI II, T r Y I I Vii ela tiutl vi ittn u u n ti.lllll I i i\ \llr l·IHIJilox 111l~llt't lillt l~ll Cir'll "Ililli· Illl[t fll?.t ~~II: lrl Ii'L+P ese I\ >ll t, ·l 11(1'1 .\1B·ll:+.'. 1111 " l't l)\\ % ' u I I I' I ,t I, I 1 + vltll tll S \ iltltt, ·1 11/: :111(ii t ill t llit I ·I.*' (n lll ll I' l l P-|+ t It I l'. VI'L'+ \ c 111,+, rl .l~; d.+eill ,., () 1 ~ l r~lu , i 111 ". ji.i j • I~III; ;1t .111,+1 . \\li Iw ,h.r.til (·1111~1 1 ·li)lllll ·1 .1; i<+m.1`4-i l I!. ,,.-:,,v .< \\- 6l.-: i,fl ..... j i ii <1r ,,.· i<. i,,i ,, l 'l]V, I il"( Jl~r l x li.·r, l n·,l · ii t 1. e \I,' 111-1,$ . :.i lli~ l,.le I ii. i li,.11 it~ ill:h- l : tl l~lt lh .111i 111JP [,% 1 111 ii i II 1I : I 73n~li i'oni i·t .11 1)1 I i i ., \Vhh,. I!. l.~~ i,,,tld; :Iii i' ~- ,.r ,,. l l,r,, tili,, +l :, 1' l~llnl,,+r r,,it+l l~lb "` "''" '"" "'" " '" :~ I;;;' I:,; II;: . i1" • I' " iu""'" "'' I ' t " )lit " .l~ l lIft I 51 i , l', 1I t1 . lllr e \ 1 I ,l I).\ll.-- ;lI Il.,I.lI -il ilil~l. ,1.r :T.ll(. -+l -I_ .l: . <7 .1I. %~ tI'NI+V 1 3 I+t li 1 T'I'IX \< It1 11' T I1+1.',1 ;: 4. .... . . . JIII I Nl.l I'T I tll liiil .. " 1 r+..Tl rd il l nurop :t I l ll t l.I ,Ih II, lib,, i) I I, .lin l T . k i -- Itr , ,.1l ".r lll \lt v lr, I:l÷ \ '.WCr lf''' ';' I (' '' I I1'''1c~l l~l rle Iiir , l Ill' e b" . .I IIX 'Itr( \' \ R, "il, I b &- -ilil hnt .-it s nlll )Ii: l ll a Iat lI .rop o hll n ihd hwee',' est i s ln the clinary', d | nI '|I y oF l(ht i . tCll ts lilti t1 he f w aite, r lll mor i e1 1hl tl pitti t h pot of th llilliey 1,. Th jiinl c i be i _ "pone A Jit r the . man'dl! lr'rlln, 5r Pli t.0!,\t .i l -- h s t t e Iw flll lll irle. a ly , h le e n t'ml l tll bore l5. ll i n.vil e It. l il llll - In,\ t F W ItC.1RNES.. Ih b,r l el nrs l mh Rl m l . h J·I. I')1 a-. d 11FF I..I11 1.1l , Ii, , al t' i'l.(l nl tts tre tlucu,-,rvl l llmP rl h h it ll Oifltl n r Allery i Illlila lllllltrk at i n . r I.t e • The· \lfrl P+-illorI. Wi llli<+ Il'lnl++hl rli iii(ll i+..ll ll( I)lu'lYi~ h q i`n ii ti " I i rlill h le , i rek co inersIN no lo (y ..liti j. I il If l iliostll h, a ltl l , .., l, r 14 I- E HF--In al ha~hral Th y G' h) r St.I.i in l.' e F h I 1Sf tnlhiri10, k-11, l uif lfn, int orl. Il,,ratt I· T . "illl s+liie IIlilll /i li I fo 9cr d Ie lltl l'l uly2dII New Ieverl~ JI "+'%~~~ 111 ItF II, 1.;airR (11. 1j 1- 10 61 )IL L. \' ll5ll:--.t 10i l I (r , he'll fIn SI t.Illl ClIt.t " l a.f"li I.'t It', " at fl r XIth/ Ito thl'l'flIm.. i tlh , h .lt t'tla;:1 ( I..ul.d hiii s l'hI. ( Ir F Itl F -- . t a tit tf h II 11 (till.llllr. c Iin'i ,llt II ' Mr l d. IIh ' i.'.--3', llnL Intrr II am il y M lllr R. e t r ) . l AtCO'lilPr S -ll+ cow ll u I I eturd, I., 1. Ir'''iy all'l' - -h ih to ' s Ihip. Fo r ale hv l . T) 1 1r .I w 1 mp y I_\''' A Illl --Ili0( k "+ ha Ill ii.ll'{. i7~; l, ·l~l,," siP disI \I· I I I E . - 0 o l iita 1 1e of l t' pro,, d In , nstr at i n, il , fi ra e. li, n tl.< , for . i 11h Ti o11 Ne Ieirde ,I I. l lelb --y IIIIlt h lll li(,. I' oi l 1 , il' & . ,r J'ilI il~lll~l~l.. ( Billl >hip ll't;Oliinll ^UIPr I I· .rllit~llrl f01 NYlh h At r h ll E {, lpC~n h.$. y ~ dllll tllr l FI,+ll ii~llll. (I it it I .ll il'l ll) 'l--+lTR .1 ilh i fr t i si- i T. tll(it l.dlo. do. Jusqt reuilved J o I l' % . III' V __ I +l Pt .l. LOCKE & ('tlll . ii lh. 1. Hilitunprs |;. ··I.I,' 1,'-:; | I ,,,rrll +,i? I~.aIilV I)V '. Ierhr'., I I l r " (l . r i v durnI nti ]hh 1 ew .ieP II l~ 1 T-.f li n ,%l'rr+ali' i'liilt~n l~ll ) Fo +.I r.h'. SECOND MUNICIPALITY NOTICES. 1 Elikt brtight to tIi PoIlice Isias,, oftheed Mt A it1iti ci a l'illllt lllsaiii ll ihalli, tihoat thirlty two •211P uraa ii glliitiIllliHIII AI~III)I IIhi alla l t-nix~ yllr:of siars, Idtlag siryachi rlias i.i Mr Aiican'. A Ingt 'IIIal cctl Aiilnti aln ixas yulatyraos agi X iagrao Iasted l:aii'th, lithiti 41') earls of sage, scvs sali Ilhenag. tir tM,riia. A Ire Ilay alllllil tietale l oult Ii t veai's sf'ago sayvs tc in te •c. iR nWnPr of said i MarVes will pleas call at the prise oa, at ha 2I1 .Unlaisllailtr, pterp lertc. ray charges cia? tnke thltsi away. It S .tAllEI, a 2' Catnlin i tille IIWatch. NT it nslIBs it is geale do In Ieemn'de lauu palitl lea ecaIaesa altiatllt, lraair : Unsae mesaeis, ' eanomii' AI)i .l. ae ae6 denviron sna se ilds .pslittetiie Ir SIM. 3Ir. A ttlltniO. .tan ero namtai AN'I'IIONY, age le6') ants le dis. allt itpalll.altril i b r llli,ia. ULce tigerese Iaoritl EI.IZBIETII, agek l'environ 40 sar e dlisat 'appnretir tilr MOlerra. •ci Uii j:tlge Iigr tait i JllIilEL agp6 d'envlrlon 12 5iia se lit lilir. eI.r a illkalire des dil s ila selvee, enl prils de enira les laircr ein payuvt lesa trais. It. E. HIARPER, J315 . Canpitainedl Ila IGarde ERE brought to tthe pound'of ilthe l ward 2id tllunicilali y thle following tray ani. ranls vi: SA Gray pone) slud Ior.s ahbout 12 hands high sor eves anil loat eye sapposer to be Ihlinld. A browt ltorso pnay, with a few gray hairs pn his lice, fore Ihat black, about 13 Ihalids high. A I rowI mars noiti. strliped' on the breaat and b:ek from the collar ar.d paddle n.stroak nacrods both I hlultlrs ad branideld on thle left hlind quarter, 13 hinds high. A boy hIors maule 4 lcgs bltek and airlplt on tih brens' supyposadfrorr. the collar, ablout 12 or 13 hattlds higi. A rorol hlorse blind af the right eye a small star on his face withll collar saind saddlu matrks 16 heads high. iain MStarc with white face 4 fUtlooks wlte slad tpart oF the 2 hind legs,soar on the hack from the| s asddle, lbranded C I' (1on thl right hind quarter aboat 1S or 14 Ihands high. SA Black horseIr pnay witl a imall srtar on his faeo brandedl on Ithe righ' tore alsholdr, blind of right eye and bhtwees n 13 and 14 haslll high. 'The owners of aid proparly will please call at the pound of thn 3rd wd s ni Mui Osticipalily sl" ateRd the corner of Rnebi and Annuciation strilet. re"Oai peroprtyay a clhirges atd lko tsli s aw y all tir bkalcro .Satltray tb 24thll Aauss, i839, whoa i !they will bo sold al aauctiol biy P ( G tllottle, putb. i lie auction cr. .1t 1.,WINTE.R, Ni'sw O(lcanrs, ug 13 hi, 1839. 1st Lient. EI .i.avn.-Etmtecd.'sat depct dIu troinidrmo diatrie doe la S.cnItha Municipahllt. les aninoux lui • ! v.,ntes. a U l italon gris, d 12 paumi'slR de ntta, borne do iid' OteI ga, hche sUn I, eti, chaval lrun, nyntl qultitca poils grim str iu Iaud lea qIt ar as pieds ater, 13 plaunea de I Ui mhi:t brunlte, marIsl sur 1'P epnalo et our In Ai dos pair le Clalller et lt srll', ua, aitl lle i tracers tlos adoelx p ' ia 1 les, na ilaei *u lae cisei 'qaucllo 13 pilUlrln .. e de huntlt. r U nlII h llhtZt bl)', hls ql I atr l s pih lls I ilr, marui ida ccllacr ear ha tatitrenctiac ls 13 ptutaem h b lit. Ua ach ala ahaz n, brtn, tl' liel droiti toile our le front, Imiltaqu d. c(llr cltdu sello 1G pausIesI de LIII Unmiit roansi, figure Illaci, 4 picds & partio i c d e clalx jilll s dIl derlnier blillla l Na llclarqilte cur IO docs m:.ircl:1 C. ii. sr L cuta.a droit, dni 13 s 14 i pam,.nes a. Ihaunt. i U lII iilt cheval noir, Iniii etlaile ur lo front, icareiiB'sr s .pult drol l b'l rlt e do I'iOel droit, do 13 2 14 atnesl do haut. t,ic traprietalres vo drort I eu loa reICelmer on roulsant lauis proilrllt iltu i1s pit a P'oncoiglntre dIs riti Rolil et Allllllloation d'lci, an 24 aiotc I 8 !t i, I rI uslllell i IIt sarOllt ventI u alldl l'encan par P. G. {;lold otto eliCanLelur pubhe.. 15 . J L WIN'igR, ler liletenant. - t'l\ -- ai tak it.i iiy t...' Isliec it the ,ail 1 , M'h\Um sllll'l lilt oi hi' 'hh tIi u : f tallllll l h- lll.eS 'iu'wenaic lanu'uui'Iiucig.ugtut'rsclla 111·1111 1( Ill It II 1l~l' \ IltryI Itlblt'lllll Y/IIIII. flcl• bnnlllt u Sltl hl A lie+.h Pie5. slitii lliltien Itands III- h. IX+,l IIIllll l·F1 91 I1'.'+ limit hllllll il' Ulle~* I11,+I alnri l, ;: It !(,U lt ll-l*.lll •%1 ll(,tl+ I) IWI lTs elull . II IUC. u'i (iatalle taproveproper. ,; t, l t c i I t ,olltlt ell , ' ll i C ihe Wi tch .\ lh. A 'c ,t rlh i I'a, ' id. iCeaic11unl. 1.' piroprwicS. 'iuiirlti 1 itica as pro pllrietI. t 's'aell i ult~h i)i l's tillit, rle t iir• es ial * I , aayrr httr t p Iii r' 1 t I c W1iti'li. ~1 th(I )lllflltrllllu'u ' lu~u t'iai'al ciir thur~t lltlt .ltr l.u Ti lhl III I -liusl a b'l, IIi 1 IhrIIb IIIIu l ht t r I., i'uuuaulurn us' I .i tO t hi, J( ph Ni j trltt ' "I I ll r rUtil e ti , I 1 , i eieI . i ia' rltii o l1 0 1 ~a l lllt e Nl t I'-t hai:i · .r hiuu liu'lult ci-i's 'sl• ".lllistl prit, haicici' . pirorihls I l iin nnb guamn necnl tSly. Al a, I cii . alt hi l a t ay sac IiIs lii I \ Itn n I. altlAtd K & ,C. +iiIt tat Niltalh' a 'I i\r i . I C 11 .11 .1 1 1 I t 1 11 1. N.1.' 1 i aiesI i '1t11111 , 11 ltie day11 iA varsiti 'ii A1t' 'aitctdt Car gec I ii ir.-ti ut', stte lae , ui scna'ltaae,lsadiing L I fitr1ic i c ii . 1 ti li' I rIul, I iC I ,llilu l li, i rs l a i llls 'Iap1t _ " I lI II ill lll tisai e ar r" I' i Ti . J >.EN I si Inpt to laM acn alaia'it r-jiiasngraad Clitval brait, 14 scalmes da htatteur5 N Isa mra llllcs. lle pe-cpriataiiideiutals bins iiari. d'iaci+l Sael Il' 2 I .I o ,, a lnuemantt. itls saldua ii11 |ll tlsl~ l l~llll+. ' t llll 5c1r tir P. aIr l tilllte rcantaur puII hllri L re. 'I jy 25 l IIl ARhIIPR, Clipitrina do wuatch .kPI( Bn Itll,1., No,~ Ill p'o'harl,'i "tr,cl'tits li,. days Il'e "ro llPcl+S otl, Ih'.il I1,1 t T,'Enro' Ilrv. (Gw tt f'c hl;.-tl t'in~IIle a l .,lllhlh, nulrlnell iIi•iii. landing II fronlt S.loo I +l~lr P.a lllil, rl. lLa , loll, l.r pubiue b `I a·j25 17 AIIPR 'I'ItilldeR •;1,€ UNI ED AtfEs OF ANIERIrJ n-Slin of Louisiana-Parishl and city of Now Orleans- Hle it known by this agreeoo nt, mtade and conclud. ed this tfortoenth day of Juno, 1830, boefre me, Horatio -Davis, a notary public, duly commissioned and sworn, in. and far the parish lnd city of New Orleans, that in conformity to tie law approvedby tie legislature of this slate, on the thirteenth Mlrch eighteen hundred and, entitled " an act to atlthoriszo limited and anonymous partner. shlips, and for regulating theo same;" There is hereby formed a limited partnership which shall be regulatlod in manner and form following, viz 1. T.he name nd style of said partnership shallr be-- '' lhe steamlor Brilliant Association of New Orleans.' 2. This association is formed for the porpoemof rlun ing the steatnor called Ie Bril iant of New Oripans, Os a passengeo r and freiglht boai, for hire. I on the na ars of Ltnsia a, or others of or on the coast of the Unitedl States. 3. The amount of Ithe capital stock of this nsse. oialion in thirty two thosannd dollars, d vided into fa'ty shares of eight Iundred dollars each. The whnl t of which capital has been paid in ready mtolney, sa id omllnt being the price paid by the ihrecitaffer nauaed m.nmlers of said associationfor tlte torigiant cost, repairs, and alterations, made to si nll s'eamboat 4. Thie nlnoes of tie coparotners in this aseacia lion, and 'Ihe all ttaatt tvlich they have respectively contributed t tohi limited partnershlip, are as fo' Inws, v.z : . Ilunean F. Kenner, of the parirh of As. cnriion, foi thr'e shares, two thousand and four hunadred dollars . -8$,400 2. Ilenry Mrp'all,-of the same parish, for tlrar shiares, two thousand and four hund red dollars. '2,400 3 Johtn Slidell,of this city,for three shares Iwn thousand and four hundred dollars 2,400 4. C(iietonpher Adams, jr. of this city for thlree hares, two thousalnd anld four hundred dollars, 9,-fO 5 Wil in llHamilton Avery, of this city, for throe shares, two thousanl and nd ur hun dred dollars. 2,40* G. John S. Preston, of tho parish of As cenlsion, for three shares, two thousand and four thudred dollars. 2,400 7. John Stephon David, of the pariahl of St. James, for two shares, sixteen hundred , nllars. 1,600 8. John S. Armand, of tile parish of St. James, for two shares, sixteen hundred dol. Iarr. 1,600 9. Paul Ilebert, of tile parish ofll erville, for one share, eight Ihundred dollars 800 10. Aaron Hart, of Pittsburgh, for seven. tern shares, thirteen thousand six hundred dollars, 13,600 *32,000 5. Thills partnership shall commence on the day of date lthreot, and the operations of tile same hilall tornllllate, atid ta hL concerns thereof shall be onautd up ait tile expiration of twelve months from the date of' thlis tact. - 7. There shall bo appointed by aoid aseslatlon apotl the nleetilal of any five of tle steckholders tlereoql convened in thne city of Now Orleans., liter twoI days nutice in one of the public galettes of said city, a board which.ahall oonsist of three directors, to Ie chosen from anlong the stockholders of said arsoli tlon, and in hke manneor hlere shall be arn agent appointed for the same. 'lJIe board d7iof datotrs of tItl inlilutiuton, natlh have lia i.a powertrl c authtritt i, nak a ut.lj

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