Newspaper of True American, August 24, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated August 24, 1839 Page 3
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rules and by Inwa as may not be incnnsistant, with this act or with tIe law afore reciled; upon which this partnership is linunded ann d a peially thlley shl have power to direct tnhe mode nofruningesaid bloat, and rcogulating hlnr voyages or trip, timens of ci[ - parture and retur, rates of clharge., &c, Th'Ie said board shalll aLso have tihe powenr to investigate the occountes of taid boat, an well thIro' Ithlorlltnseolvcs, as through tlne agent Itherlnol onnl geOeraely to super vlio, control aunl ireelC tIhe courten oe tile emploiy. ment and the nltminisiraltiot of her fonds, and to that end they shall Iho inn hri.ed to giaw all fitting and p:oper instructions to hlr ogent, niliecreI and others in thie enpelov. Thedirecnto rshll also Ihave the powere to fill up alI vacancie (lor uanexlired terno) ltiing in said IJboard, from nleath, resiglnatin or lotherwise. The gent of said il al shoall resild in the city of' New Orleans, and shlill undnr tine bl-lnaws of noinl hoard, collect the dnlnets dne to tlne nssooiation, andi if any there Ilould Ibe in nit in the ninle e' silo assocition, annl also in like mnannnor disburseo their fInds, for neccessary expenses load claims, and un der the like directions keep just and trle books of the accounts, dealings and transaeotlon of nintl .s sociation at the oilice whnich snllall be secected by the said board in this cily. 8. T'he directors onf.sid ai' nciation shall continne in oaeo during thi, term ol' six monnIths, from tie day of their election and unlil tie election of a nsw board, and such new coard ne Iell, if'possib'e, bo elected oue week aftier nolic l aIts aforesaid, and prior to the 'ttir tintl o'f nie termn of tile olner Ireoedilng bioard. Thcagent nlnl roemanin in oflce alt the diseretio t1' th bIoard, anilld the bnoard shall detr.mline hin compenallllation aind the miauner of pay. ing the ealnoe. S. At ithe period thereoin boefore determined for the eapiration of this cto-ta:rtnershil, Ltie nlftfir tidreof stall bh erttled, andt tile sname liiquniatedrn a wound up by the lnt bnoard of directoro of saidI aseeciatioo, or tile mlre vor or survivore ofltherns. 10. Th e persons o trusted' with such liquidattion shall enme to be madsd a full ned enomplite blantlo sheet of the denbt and credits of the nosociation. mnd they shall well nnd trouly disecoharee trnd settle out of the ftIlds of tihe associationt, connsiaditng o( aid boat, her oarnitgs or proceeds, tile linwful dnht of sid aesociation, anid when all thie dasts and claims of and aganinst said na.sociation shall have laen Fully paind and d cetcreoli, they soall make ai jurl and equal r partitite amoeng thie stnicnkhnarloer1 ofsaidnassciatinn or teir LInt l tltl irprersntatnive, I pa ral,. of tlie sock re.peelvelry he d my them,. of : all te o Inist.ilntg ilIads of ;aid partni'Irship,; and iutr the. purpoeot ellicting th 'liqlllation taofsaid aecern, the preirsona who staill ine attn liquidiators It"t Iho eat e shaull ilnave fll power to sell naid .tlatlUi boat and her a.'iurrenance ut lltnlii nttlllliol, tflterl odvertinllenot dlrillr O,ll nen week ill tillne ullal -manner, at cll crllndlt nllnd nll llel tenrmll ann d ntPOn. ditiolnsa to tne Illll nhall alppelar adntv:lnltlcalt t lld nhIIti tnnve nlsn full t)war to caue lto ti disell d witbout reeont-e ni, anotic nohligtttonnS and creht whatever, helollngillng unllto said i on'rllltion, wite. ther arieingo ot if titt 'alt of san btn at,ner +uarn ings, or otlherwrie, iarnvcied SlC hdannIUlltully not e lldnille at rate n'TrrLn'lllll'n te'n po r centll p.r an. altci or eaell rt rll t llwlathnl retlllrse iad nat puaini altion aLter tllhe urslu l n ic · 1l nllo Ns ellllll illlll renlit., lnn'onginnIl Lntlai. aTllll aesntcistion, tin llc I terms an they m ny thinik lit. ?tn. "', thI.n yn. n ;I' protlits, if anyia thterln (l:tItil kne ilmad<e hi, sll ll: <a-m utl' ,t ab all, aller pay'itllll 1 soneat', e areg's tndt lsp 'nitn , dll, OII e ( tIr t' t (111e i of every snax annnina. tlnctlt.inIg tnlnt dtnie nlarneat.II l12. Ti ls acnt oII asaLn:.itlinll it expreanly tallaltn ttpont tte a tfreotn'd 'tnt ni tit IlngiaIntare on this Sainta, aoprov thnel iltrtlIeentliL of l nrehn, eighteen l (ledred anld tnhiary n en, and t le attornantcnd seaiscrv atl tinn I tnlltted t oti lntnnturs lipl htertb die laren titl it i l ts ir l'in e i to avail tttllt'llet t (in oll, king tnlltl ia'e'nitin) otf all Itnn inrinat'go and imsulnitiei tni. thie rand alt of Inc lye'iltatrllre contenplalted, alnd e.nially f ie ning on te re f: eoaon tis n t r n l re n pit bhlintynn r n he dytt aind obligations of a.iti ltnnonat'iiontt beyond aie attntntnL of the pnr vnnun ntnm'he tisnck 'y tnentm ane'a1c't'tvt'ly nsold, a. ilnc llot (|en i.d itn thin nin g tllilt n'Tn ' li aid act, alad att prtev.ndges t r ntnt'dn or reitnon n.thntlnn. iltposel by ad nt atre tae aI bsakeln nld lolndI.ereal a+s elmoli.n l d hIre inll. 13. T'leeaic inmn.trtntr'tipi nur'iy etet the ienty of New I n in llll nil illo iIac.I l l o' t iltefanlI ani. aociation, 'innt determininn that nstine astn r n r ato r tL nalid Itn,.nt frt thilnlll ttni ittit, 1 eoiti r n le thni' n ahellbat ti Ie agen. ' " +otf t sa Id 111l: on, lll o Intl. .1 hn sign bl'n t"i hfdLIn, ' t isn nd Lht saa id . o mi. lain e br ooils re'aelnvd ,ttnn trettht oInl board s'n n +ninttr'sn II. 'Ihin t'i in' ioc nhh it taul at Ie lation sh ll lolve til l nighin tn otn ny prIn nxy at all tlc directors, and Io lllllenr i proxy in at all Inletnlll duly coiene, 'I h1u" don(, 11 lw: l w !1· lll t' I o ,.lin'', nI t III i lnn hin a abovet . .na thi' irnn t'n','n t ofI i ti't nn'na ' r1.i ' I t ald ''heodor [". 'T'hi ll tlltl tt 1 n'ntlt0l't t I'nnnnn'pI, ilelllle.d ai 'In tIny, who anin n iep ll.i l d unhIIht lpalrtt o tlln ud i11n., [Ll, tl,)tary. (rngina.--itgnnn Join ,idnli, Wo. II. Avt ry le lury ' llc iia 1, Inoinn . , 'i. Ad llln. , , J., A tao II nitt. of thi' aty ttf ]ttn , ,- c y | ./ile ort,.h lll ,% ilc l ~.I~ iIII '[\', ll I I ¢) OliT~l+,i pr,, No+le , llr, p, l i i a I, i tI ' , i a .. - alR.ti alit I'airn.InI" " IiAleT. I~unean F li anor n nb tl'tti i I Inat ii t i na et ". 'r n'l' ii tint'l.r h 't I ' t ant' l iV IspIIlter ]1N(C+N F. hll:NNlE:l, I',r .\IINI R tiINNI]I .ul iI h rt'r havw ti l t tIh et n y ti tI ll aligninH(, i- hiere replresent'ei ~ hy II (n rdLanl ~ ldlll,, as el . r setter llttli+ lll,\ .I l t. tAI D niti.ER, I'+.r I'AIL ilItlli.RLT, JtlliN S. ', atRIiTiN, Ily Iinan T. ment'nt I n. aiiorneo' no f'tt. 'lhe wo.rti. - iaterttuth," aLnd ,+e .h June, 183:!#," iuterlineil. 'I i all , Tni hea inn e a i'. Thttntl'. at n, tt oratn i itavin , nnttary tnt.bti'. I certi hly , t' tre''htg in in a terne t o. nat ittflot the nreginlacnt 'itlnn nt ay 'aturreat ntanttl re. gisiter, nit t lith whl'rl'' n hInve ltn'rt'ntntnni .'o n'u d nin y naaie atntd allmtiad mn lh pninenrantt o'ny nenm on n llcet Now trletitn Jant.'2 tha It 39. tint,., d I, thli At l tn Da\Ili, aI8.Sw3ihl Ntnaory i'nnbie. pTrAIS UNIS IS AI tI t U K-E.Iii dJoi Sl.oui ianlc-li Ir-f I '.mIsIe (o oli N *vIh11 Orleans-Co qul I.lzio.ii.e ullr hi lilnis do juiln di 'an mil lhuit cent Irento n11'll(1 II so xincIit trols dmo do I'tInditpend.ncei d- Eati Uni- d'Amidrique. e Pardevant Ilortii,, Diavs, nitirio public, di mnent comilisiionl, it aissermeintI id d d t ipo r iL villo et punrmse d laI Noivlle-lrlmasr, 11 a 1i.6 conv6nu de Ihrmei r une suCitl: lii1de, unf)rml. anet aux dispo-it 0 siii do ii ati to la [ 21-itut'e deto c Etat, pus 6 le 13th Il rI 1i37, iltllulid.,Un Act. pour auturon-r le.s Sicidtis limitiiis it anoiy-. mIneset pur to gluvt rieiia.n diiucllu-." Ihle so. cit6d limiil6o esatpai lios prsieutds Iormine, laquieleo sora r6dglde-do tla manicer ed ilaUl Ia lorlo suivairi to, savoir: 1o. I.e inm et le litre de la dite Soeiuti Feral "L'Assneiaticn iidu ltuteau ia apei r Iirtliait die hu Norlvell.n O hails." .u. Celte aioci tiion Ist rforinde dinis le but de faire nav gulr Ii bhi- n a v hIur uI.irn6d l liIdI lint, do lI N uclu lf-qrlrianl-, ei iUl, bateau., e pilssages, rtdo"frili sur hle emux de Ic l. lUlsi:i. Stooelos aullres cau des JEulctL.UuisI oiur cites pis Ii;ts Usi,e. 3c I.,e umintlnt di ctpitl d," rette Ass eilti n oat do ltrent deux niI, ' I p lasitr . dt, i lln6 im ralnt actison l io t - l l ,e t i las-lrs, IIcli.,q .. I. a Il1hi, dursuadilopiall i n66 piedl on i. i.pfanll par hls memlnrec d,: ia diti A.sneIit. Ii i-p..pie, IntoUs le dsot miontalnt 6tanl u it lie ldic Ii, prix pili du susdst hateau fIIIdlant rt lhs t'6p ulsrs prlr Iv paratious 0 asiui oriiinsi fii t. 8 i, d t - l aleat 40 Les inols :ies 1c0i0ell0,, et o llllltili qu'its d6t roeset livonme-, porld dias cettu sucl6idd lunil ,. cat cilltlo .nsuml: 1. Ituncac 1I. Iii ntor, de i pairol.S deo 'Asuension pour nois u im., . (,x mille quatre i fit pllitires, , ,10l0 " 2. llHery Aletall d is ,ii.mdite plarmise, pour. trols actions, deux liilt quartre cent )ilastres, 2 400 3. Joilni Slidl(l, de la. N,-vc lle (trl' ano, pour Iols mctitllbs, d!cux Ill' quartlcie cent il triet , 2.100 4.' ChI i toipher Aduams, tils, de la N.o. veoll Orld,uns, ptir triuls IuIctItO, deux inil lo quaritr c.lit iitrec. " 2,400 5. IV humu 011 ulinlon Av ry, li lai Nouvells u irl ti ns, i our troiiclciuion, diex mille qiarlri ceali picstri-, 2.401 6. Johln S. Pr..toil, d lia '"'9 sse de PAseelsion, poulr tris actions, deux ilillo quartre cent pasn rii. 2,400 7. John tesph lil Duvi, die la p;roisso St. Jaiuer, Iour deux actions, hiullo nix neut iinri-o. 1,t600 8. Joult S. Arlmnld, d la sinsdlte pa roisse, pour dIllx ictios, millo six cent pinstres, 1,00 9. Paul llii ,c t, de la pa'oisse d'Iber ville, pour uine action, Iulit celll plestlns, 800 10. Aaron Hurt, de I'itsburg, I our dix sept actiuons, trcizs msill six celnt piastres, 13,600 50. Cette soedl cenlimiulncera ie jour do la daue des presenti s tt sa, . olrations o .c trmine ontet ses aflairca er ses c:mlptes seront I alaneds et cles, a i'expr ,tion des dotin'l iit qui anivro, t 14 date do prsdein-lt acite. Go. A unle 16nion de einq omembllres ill As sociatin, c invol .i. d '.prna uiio anniince piubhe poie d nlt diux jours dles ine des gaiettes itu ceite viie, it sera nomub trot. Direetors, pris uruml les actionnaires, tlOlllws IllreiteurI conipicuroit Io buretau adomirn, Istrat ni . I re a l mi- cntme o iniUere il sora c lui ul agent poulr ia dite soci i. to. Ie bureau des I)irect!urs de lu dlre A-soci. ratio aoura plcin ponvsir et ator.ti doe uire eL utablir des ireslIs ou rs'glenoons cqu'i no si-rilot pas contraires aiu prisent ael su on a i o plriuildo ,Iui vertu de ilaq elie cctti s c-ite rst rshtbiu. Ii al ront le droilur ptdil- l do r,-eler la u u inir-, ih tilr c naviywer te iusdl ItatLoiu, ddignor la coirs do ses voyages," o t oemls ro son ddpart et de son ro tour, od'itl) ir los rtx, &or Lo dlt Ibulchu tura atsi oI idroit d'exaln:loer les cornptos.tdu rmii .t battrlo , suit par hli uetorte, suit par son gent, nt gCI.dralelrlont de d roeiler, con Iroler rt ihriger l'emplonli et I'admiiitsltrltion do sos foonds, et n co btoil sIra atro, t odtitiiter ols in struction. qurlr jurara I'algoert, aux ottlcitro ut antrno. nopoydoo dui Sstedit l.otteall. lots directemtos serotott t.urillnt auteort ts rern plir l ea v iaCOct S (po r l iO tem ps nooIII -xpirlt ) Jull Iourroilt rnt nt l ri dLtIltet r t lm brr t lllo p r mllort, doumiosiun onl nutruiont L'.,gtnl dll dit Ibaotau redsidorl a la Noluvrlle Orlia.1s et suiwont oIs riolorlrtllu ri otIoudit bllrcal, ottllect, ra hI t l hr ot( o dues A lto sotoidrf, o' puorSuivra coll, s eo litigo ou inn do l o dlle socidld et parcdlemri t rndloirn les blollrs dit ueo finlds pollr tiulres idKltotenss necos alllres prtn.II ire, |cen 1 matrot telll ldo utnatiOns justes; . rt onll e ni;rlilh tlo x dils rdglotlloers , sortlt Itelltnus des livler lls s , t exao:is iltd rorrtell is, ooirpraotittoll or tras:lctilooo do ]a d,to Asorrciaitin, dluns I'Itffico quri seeli coist anta colteo villo par Io dit ibureau. 9o A. I'poquer dohoronindoro roar le pr enlt al0le Ipour la durlllrdo dic catli stociid diornibrtmeoni dIn ilt p:ar to nlleioble oel ulos noir)oted survivantsd du lit bu reau.h lo, Leo prrsonno It I]llt i tCra ornritd t ia 0 i s dire Ih'lltidaLtiool firontt tin tlat complton t ties dtet.s t teloi crdhtrts di ta soci 6t , ot o rrto tenus do rdgler l der plyer rlen at tfi Ittnt troutes les jur tos det Is do la dl 'O assocatil loll, lesqi ltlo er do tt e orroll t p y oo d, o footio ter ti dtite sect6otd, se omo'+oltuoro dll dtItLt. ateo u, a's to aini s t ttI dtfio.e : t ql oa le t utlcrt lotes allrto t dId or:lydls, i s r IP'rtorollt d'Itne iII ni tre jus e . t tpihllbtl et tr leos actlonlireo oll teo ra rprod.ornllla .iIo x aill lrorata doi cur- actoi~lu ri spR. ,c ivns, I: btilr ne)oI ditts lnds oii rartoair t r Ii Elite dr sso itlition; it arito d', tltroioer to olt, liqlidation, Is ierslonnoo o ui. serott chartrdro dotr ht iluio tItritationr urtolt phlr pouvoir dio ve.l e e llsdJoa;oi to rrt al voIpeor, irs aglrd ct 1t ;Iplparmix , I''ni'tal, ulp Be Ilo| tvoir dllotnlllr aViso pr lhbtle IrrttlllllrlloIt tole llllailll, e lit ilralniloro usotid, a Lios cr.tdto ti. L t ollals r olrritilno [ori h r parai reot noot ooenabl, et ot ato i plltill IIOttvoir d, t'aire ese Ol ptro er iolln re(otirs tous ttti i s, trllig'liio etort tt ilts rt ltt ultI trltl ns appO rtot . nanLt a hI wOtE rot, stit otroits lrotvieolllll de la Iluv.M ti nu dit b rle to dt c rr t flllt i et or trll Illo rott O.ii I plurv 1 q', let iit esC 161Cin sII ait If;i S |,ut; I.+ lunT hitrx a lr do Hirrode ri x Lt o ir t n pil ir an, t t tO i 00 thu V orldro g stoails r tllotrS Iret I.t lrirall, ll dr o n s cll in d .slr a e IIL 111c bll , r(+ecl llllt i riN at cr(.lli .. Spitllellltllltt 'itt llat tll dot o it OtI nax to rrlels qu'i s jslgeron, convenablle . I+1. tagtct oi di e explrtesttn e dllm t ( 'llsl urli p lt medit acted +h, lla JLdessalture, dlo net L tal, approuvc le 13tMarso ot37.i,.etoosdr citaro.sttr idrurnr o I t st c. 1 Il03I 7 d ddelr l t, par les ordodrate eq'ro t Co I trot 0entnor boon ios wato totrlt sooto ort, i o d o s o l k. , r i ortl lo us leo ,rEivilo ges {el i ill·il , u ' II· h l s 1 |, ll I f no(h ieI c e la 16,1 la tlr+,, atl |Hrivl aruh r..rncnt dE+ prlvihro d|','xerm~ptlo tr,, 0h toiotua' iloitr o rrr i l" h rtth . o t iblio atior , 1 dit " tort' roi t trot otoiura tt de log vtlotur ( '11 p oir ' d is .'rlrrtts po.-,t s o to r tttotorl d o ,o Il~tli ii. 'I. I'. ' l.'.ll dills: 1I .ll h llil~l + h jl'{ i~ll hlhl cit:n n'o tll pr fult lh Cls. Ir IIS lllelS llne lciolllnll' I t ortrl ,"t d t'0 i tri t (I), lfe ll E+illl~i. lll·J I I+, 51rl+.,,rltt,+. nI.Il 1". IT i ,+1,' ", f.:il da ls p( : ' ntsl , 'a rille Ji b 1 t otr l orb I <, p oEr o.rI i irt t i t'llr, q l,+ [+ .' l.l fn, iii .+lll iii dhi da.t ' alcuq llX, to"Ir N oto' o dcu xlll+ w o t('l' s ag, ntJll s d ll l lttl T:+ lel, i IIItle (n ea c t reIC l · v r IIIIIIt n Ott0l0llll0al 0ll 0l obtlio rrot 1, diht t to ,'r' p ur los ortoa riioet re,;l, sA lord du a sll.tll lbthal , .i . ,, . i , ,tol iIret d r lt dd1t tolt l a ror t ot dttroll do ,ter p o tar ptrtlollrlltlliot dOtto o t l)Yhs h' tLins pur dircler' e 1t do 1 s, 1 f Io re rlrteo t Lter ar otoor. dot1io r to , s ouI. tori Ii roio m o S duor e rotcto J'}III , . . ill· of1·--l~ll IP o illi ot oo ot Notto lle r 1 i I I....l...... i ..... l.... ri t ot.o rnll d.I. . lio o ... I lllr Itrthele tj l lls t t Tht.iIre |l u PhIII n l lli It robo 00000l) 1 otto t il o" tototoe te villo qi t i or r t i I t 1tt o 1. le o 1o r1111 i t ' ro11 lr Ito i (llil . iorigal sitgrllo--Jonl Shdttltr, Vino. II. Av'ry, Ilenro Alc 'allI, John O t. ty,OC. tAdamo, jr., J. t. rooan Floorott oo l vi i do hlcioltrg, c.notor deotl \hlrglu y, 0.8ll+ d+. l lMan /ii l dan I s lics d I'hnto l 'lb l t'm llh l: par r tlo tsol tu rt lt Non Ale o 'r',,t to' t' opre la to'ot I oC t.i lll i a t1111,x o IItrt ' At0, NtE IIgo Dluncl an F .,,rinen ,irilt quile6 m le·wlravant do .Il;rr. , I i. . pl.c0. o.h qi tl, roimtt par o .n ''it tilol, rot 0o l , )It NIAN F. IIlNNI.N. I':'" MINI) IIENNEN: j l',,,dirr I1,h,,i a ., ,i I,l,,. [ I vJ~, a\" Rrn I ,: .lr th1 r, 0ll lllll R I I A b I .. t, p Iur ,l \ I' ro Il l lTI .1tllN t '-I'rI)NT , poor .i;A.\to J.' P :. ItI X \..II. II Ott, F. IillNI IIANN,' 1i1il \T I r It \\ s. or t l |'l, U .) I * ',i18 1:1.e utt11,0,I' toll is, to. o -ort . 'o tul. i I,4 \ flUl).All:I;S, orist Oc l. ' ]sA nur stI:I+, d,' hlos , , l++,I est+ , s lue ,'t p ,y., - toloto I 11 J ul I x li 00. tot or ortoea o;:e t t;:t:rttvbu: li. ;;. Fr bt I t1o t riot ro i ' l0 t lo , tor t 1i 3 t ool t rot It t tO Ot t Iti1ot b ( ' , tt t l t ir',l Ii Jrtr to or i e . itro ,tr .t 0 0000 Itio t tO 0 00 r.rtrtt tot Ototott II1. it ltttii l' rk [ Lwa+rid ILlihati co-. rle. c'i, + ncier- l s eth, hdle . jl+en c ihu ,u ot,, tortk t Lo thot. 0 i TA t 'et Jui cis"i r( -L' l. 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I IF LjI.A: I CIA, ((1· Il.Ilil r-illll Illlir Illlllll Jlilll !Iilt St John, oi~l b~e sold II ll it' takenli Iiullu the Icve(? 11111' '9 )1111 1 e e e \1 .\-llllilo ,l rli"-t 11·1I.Ii1 1 Jill\ [l Hi lll' 1)' p ilollrr, ,b sl b)A 1' I:I( 12 \l'((\ ý11)I":lý -Irllllllll t I:kv 'inrlnL· e rol i l" Illlj l 11 ;.\ 1 I Ii 11((·1·111101 S X(:11 .\1 ! - 1 1o o , ir-eJv - In I l7 I. 11 ((.\lIll.;, 1("S (ri'll o. ·IIIIIIn r lll I~t(I" alllP T I1"rI Itli'stor -u r IA II~ 1; floor; 1511 s !(111; \\'hc.)l.\ ; 511 r ce kn 1! n 1IE Mlle+( 5 cv-ko t I~lllleu11 ouldeII 1s 11 rul<; :I lo l:l~i(· .VI;nln ·!; ( a l t l ' 1 ' I I( $ I11 1 1.1.1" :: N.7 1 1 Cn (I GRANDE I{E'L ESTATE'I.. LOTTERY OF PROPERTY. is New O0letI4, '1) iE DRAWN 4N1 'i'| 11f I ) 'i(1(IClfli4l, I4:9 IN JA CKiiiON VILl.E, Fra. 0'nmPlr l' 4 .i4 4 l ell4lle4(4 o4 . t4l44'4 el 4 444r (.lllllui+.i4l'4r li'. p 44tl4l4lle 4 44 thle .P 1gi'live Aws4nl4hl v 4f uI'h44ilhor . 4:4I:il0 1'. & 11 III.'1'u.4N, Mnillgllels. 10 0I,000 ti:ckets, It $13: s4hll44e pr1ic',' $1,301 000. Nelliag o .it+ $'44 pl r'r4it'6'l. 01 V4 4 '1'I:I(t & 4 o., 1344 I lr. ha.d.r N EW "010K, IJ 'IFite rece, ipts of the sti e! f flip ;i.keto+ will ie d+ . 4ll-i d il fLIp 4th , 4 (llll 4 Carr44ll 4 4lll4o4,' 4 ''zll4n. n4i nol' ld L .~ lil. I 4n44l 4 nks, in New ,4(lltr.4(1 . in ri 4 III4Uln ~1 l.,olis Helhmhi joinlly with J. If, Per.I a ,lt n m hly " , .lhie.r ofthe l;i.en'. l' , Bo k, nd .A. (n4lh n i44 4c-4 t 4tli4y i'u4 shier ofth4 e Cos4,,lidh led thunk, I, 't''!sle4 , n44 the 111 44 414'l , 4t44l the pr4p4O4 4 4 llll4ll44 l'+'4 I4o lh4e aove l lrntitellld II'IIIIIIPII Ilit n i lnlbnered, ns Tril stec', for the seculitly l'thl lisrtuunale prize hUl I i New York the Irmn ie44 will he lthe Phoenix l4nk to h4e l redt of(the iabove ellllllld b (4ty 14n4lis of New f 4rlhtls4 . 14The ''44blic are rt4,e'red I) the erts p4ssd ,l4be4n' e A. .all llrn lll, J . ~N., of. nl. ill rellinl to lh propl f01'4 I ZI'/ES, ný f4ollow4 : Pliz,4-Th( t i14 , lgnifi','lnt4 l'e 4 n"4 . 11y brick ,ilding, k 44nown as the AI4i.4AI4 , it l lll gIzie ll oellot. lln.lw lring ll 2 6I ,I inc4lh. 4 lih, 444 lt44 ll4 L''.iP .1. 141 Piet l t incilhes ton t(lvihr 'hltel, 4l4l44 4III li4l4 l II ill4 ,l4l'4 iii ' I'4 , l94 II'4, n l l e r J4444 II444 44e 4 in s on Nn.h' (( , st. Thi'bis bliiling produce' now n rentfof$.17,00ll0 perr numllll ,l brin in the ,oust lo, ishing ].t ,d h ,'fll, tIrePre hllllks, alnd ill Ite i dlllln,,lilltle tl.' oh tndll of1 tile St. (.OhllllPe I..11 t ll, t i1'ity Ihlotels Its relot will, i 4n te.v '.'I v44r4 h4.4 .ncle .a:d O t liffy llotha ,nl dollars, toetll.44,f I li'.4 I 4444444I 4 * oco a 2llr lll. lllll l 4'4 IT4 (' an444444 r4 I IIIInePI in the In" ll c rl rll rllll r of 44t4 o4ily, cani ll ,4' .h r i4ry 444 i (444 4 4 n(ir 4g 44444l 4,o44)n44 $2344844, Io nII.III n dllll- I l· tr 11 t4 $500,00 4 l4 ll4.- I444 I4i44 4 I44 lil44l44 ' 1 'fi, llip 4444 Prize-TheIIlll l rle sillt-y lr Iirk d d ling ho 44, No. 30 'n Na'chez 4",r', I r ll II .+ll0il l,0 t e lilt lr'0.l I0titI !r I44444 (4444444 1444444444444, ( t'. 4 $:oo'o huIs'i , 1 . 1. , ( a1111 2i .in No. i 1, a.t NaI'll v Thi ee+ly " tll elllll tit llh nl oe i!+.r iii1 hunre lor, Elitnh'd a t $2!0000 Ildlllli'-zs" I rll"l lh. r, l l twelve ood. IrPiz.-e-The Ihlee tlorv hIck dws llioL " lriz' --l Ih dwellnhre hso No.: north-l I ai ! olll) hl rl Irlllll ol /Ii l , hlllo | brr, l rll, l'. + . tI fin at $31,001) 44 e 44.444n4 4 $,o ri20,090 41 b y 1i 7 leel 1 o4 1r , dlf e l ob ti 1 :t! 'l , ell t ' ' Iif4~lll lll l rll , l hv 1'.7 I ,,,t I0, in . hi d epllh ; o r t I 1L' " Sl no llhlll+, II·,L ill:: I-o, 11re~ e l t lll rn h d ia red duIlls+. r , tianted at $20, 01l Priz.-ThI two rsts v Bro,'k d sellie huae S ,l : 44rll 444 :Ii 4444 4t 4 4,l -tr lll 4l4, n44f4 tlrin, 31 fetl 4I I,4,4Mrs .in 44.d 4t4 I,. 147 h, f I 44 i i.'. i. 4,44eph4 rnt edi at $fl pe111·l11 I I nUl oll ll. I' ize-1- 1 .l lllrs o nerllllll ~ .illl lllank sto llck I Prize-- 1l sharlmes M rhmlic' anod Tra 4h4r4' Ittnk sloek, it $1' 0 a('4, 15,0404 3 Prizes o1 1110 shares e'ach, Ie " an k, :30,01111 f rzrl 4t 7 ".4- 4' " i t4 a Light, 5,4004 'lt ld,+r.' $4,000 4!00 . 4iz 4s o 4f ' 4I " " 4 4 ,All )rle4n4 , , 0,1111 40011 I'ri. 4 a I ,Flion Di 4.4k of $ 4orida, 1$,000 % l)l'E O1 I)R\WIN(i. 440,00 4 ti nket4 , (r,, I to 100,( '0, will .r put in one wh 44.44,nd 1011) 4 p 4Z, ,, $il4h the hbl .<4, in anothe4 vl, o tl o r 1 prl 1 bl ik 5i, i( rr wv ant till O . l -,z ,rirp dil'h' 1i "I'i l,"avi .7 fle h 4l 44l', of 4iL,4 (ll4i 4 lt45 44i444h V ",l''4n 1,h4, t4tr 44 ,4o, ( ,4044 ll0 II. r",4'+ i~ o , i 4r. tI( 0l0s teet, l v 4.r4h. 4o-, n 4l pro.nilht4 lrward d. (i rder4 Iiiiii thei . ti v n-i p t h ti l. atnii ll i. itian 9rs for the iu1t : e } l t l,. , ei ir, s,. dhri ssy, vd f 44I' ,\I1il1 I' & II \44,4 It.'I)'0 New, ()reolt'i , sI IIn I i, I t. Ipbl. 1 t9i. nec I ( :111,'NT' --'Ioi : Ir t Cl l Nw ' ll. tl l ,ng r I lo - ,il .I. , . .. . ill IbI ' II (nt . . if nk... fh r . i the..... I. . t J \.IE IL. II'11 L. \, :, ".274 ('nanp l t. It I ,ll 111.11, OF T) 1.I X:1 T. City or I ll.ton, 17th July 1d30. i "N pursuance of a requirenment ofta hlw passed by S('oeng.tos oi thii Ilclloli, alpprolved Jalillary 21st, i 39, making it t the duty of tile 'rea.ury e1 adverttise and ouse. tLo be sold the lots in the C(I I'Y OF ('AIlIIIO)IN, on it day by hibi fixod. Notice i heIreby clven thait the lots in the City lof Calhoun wtill bho oili'rl.d at lPb io Salo, ol Monady, the 18th day of Nove'lnoetr Ilxt btwetlen tI hours of Tten o'cloch, A M. and Iour o'clock, P M, at the Capi. tol of thtt ItRepublie, upon the terllms srt forth ini i bfollo illg extracts froti tihe law above mell ionned SSee. 41.--, it firther r nmasted, That thie lots itt - said town shall be ottfiredl and sold flir no other cur. retny tlhan gold, stilver, audiiteitd papetr, ior the pro. illlssory lotes of tIes g-overnmlllent. Se,-. 6.--1e it linthlr enalctedl, 'Tat the said ints shall be no d on the foillowing termlns, viz: Olne fourth I part to be paid down, and tihe other three., forth to Ibe in equal inistalimentsol of six, twelve and Itl ighiteeon imonths. b' Sec. 7.-ito it further enacted, Tbtotif any p.orson who shlll purtlihasonny of thes aforesalid loit, shall f il to tInike palyllnt of the seve:al in stallmenlt ill conformllty with this Act, he or they shaill forelbit all sulch sulns as they may hlav previ. tlusly paid, aind the lots purcliased by sucll defaul tter shall roetrt to the govcrttneut of the tlopub lic. Sec. 8.--1 it filrther enacted, That all persons, aliels ot excepted, shall have the privilege of par clhosinlg and holldig the same, and lth President is nith. rlzed to issuepatents to them so soon as the i last in, salttilt shall have been paid." i The salo wiSH colntinue from do; to day, until all of the lots shi ! have been disposed of. CallhoIn a situated on the oast end of Matagor. dai island, directly on the Main Pass ilnto Matagor da Itly, and fromi its advantageous pclsition, will probably betcoeln the princiipal commercial city in \VWeitrln TeLX.I . A PaI'n of tie city imy be seo in the General L mld Oftlice. Tihe soeyeral npers in this Repitlic,the ('ommler. cil Bullitin, Picayunlo aind True Aomerican, of N. Orleans, will publish notice uintil the day of sale. JAMES II. STARR Secnttrrey cft tie 'TrnAerv. tI tl 'It oirt iit ili e int Sin.o )rlet nilll t i ill 11 1 caldtl iufrnc o tllll'h m tlllll lie will bIe, reacdv imnl f,,w daiys· it, i Ittir , If el Itm IhttIhiact l itt re tra, ili e . It A I I : I I velliltg si r Iron Sp ir liliul,. )uuluhl\nn llh., ir t , MaIl hslo ille, or the there ii t will.t i goi veil iran private aIn pleaslallt r n, by git inllg lonet day's ."The inrihetorr I t doub nut that inlldcetnelts foo r it vsit will be tilllll ni ne advntti,i gs the Colttl ge pre) sent+ i the ownlid ,l and those clea ed with till heIelt, hslt.an4 bustIle of hllecity. Thepe a nd deplicious F. roI'lo l r lplpets theIellt re ith c nfidener to the paittrote of those Wht know.lli' lueliod of serving his ' iPll J d.. t+ I l oltli l I in)1 c slro) n gLt er virilislin hlle oly will honor hint with a call. I:c ioolenlsnookint I'rhile I clanlt Olle of the min t I greeable places of rt. sort ii ithe 1u tehitobt otl ito 'itt . Thie p. llnrll on tllllll n. I ics ( w in tes,lirllllT etl , \ .i. shall It ithl e roti- chioice intuitr : t it Ile sttame lillltl Iwill Idevote l n!ttllllillon ll to pro Ir ill I th eart lieot and hialds of the season tlr his table. I(OAKS-C:alttnlogesl of vallluable books, illiut illr IE:nglish sdi inl.s of choice, rare, Iand valuabl Iltooks oni Archcitertuie, Enginleering alnd SIciencel, pub lidled'iir si le llr itopnlt edtl it f ssic Cllrey Ihtrt i of P liluadelphi; i iiay be had at iour se, n Orllel1s rom rrs oinble persons will ~iho lroitly sO-cled tly ith s -itohir ie.oot, 1 JtllNS & t{, JillI 3w ear St Charhi l & I'atoi . N 0\ J t.I',Liotb - " I M. FI., t, t'hiurtre slrcet, lihoe tlis lly ireceii S ell per slitei i lo iSaiotgl l idoz . i ent nell d Itrelst tins, wtien wi ll it o ored o the ide or peditnr cheap-i er than ever befolre tlcirt d in rtis i ity. Allo so dozen will idol w ll ti it, XllnillP this llit e m sUsurllelnlt P. S. t1hl Gold and Silvk r wanted. apt 1,G tl iYItNG PCLFSSES-K-reivedir perpackt iship C li tsi-iP i, Fltlt's patent Colying Preses l sup - tarticr fers Ith' by jill. '27 \. 1. 0 ratio , ro' t ll, 7 o ', t, , I'1.IlNl GCI 1-l0l pipes Ildllsot (in, i- sry oaod tier al, bIo - J1 TliAC'ESt I .o 13. 71 |,l~d a .'t-" lIlt NIEW YllORK. [L.ouoiiana mid New York Iinl of 'Packets.] 1 o saot regularly as adoteertal, frojm eoac Port. fi11111 li.on itot illis n o in:ut .rmto1 ed ofl' lt l l f llu. tI inllw ships, ll I fi l lit sI elo wil b 111111111 I Allen. t, l I' herl OllIv. l kl i o I lar all ll etr h PIv i ai ll, r. hie awill t ella. e ,.l e t olH oil f 'i lit rnl rlo Itis .pow .per e v beilt r i l N Iw Yo ar, thrllPl r t hdllo ot irlllm licllle t col Irllllaornllll l (olr ntl lltge h s rall tl df lel 11 l. riot i D' ' . u ont 1 i-l. n $ , witi$ t '', t inak. or liq"ooiri, lu spli It'o ini t ' t ot r " I:t e. ,e , prov id l edi. " A1 . ," ,'.o a llo r It tooit nhOtr r ' l i t oot, v t ' ll" If | Ulll s lil, ".I Ii idridg r rj sto 1ill for joel t Ie r, I'llio lllr in er . xI .Iiii or iper p -.ldt , w l 11,"t lir' h to rlrllll l n wat l lir buiht in N wi t YOlk exll l' l.r the tlndlwII + t ,lllt nln mThe. I l si ,rif I upa I(s i' f Ied , $10, wilnlt wi , ft rt I riotht s lior paso'o.o-t11. 1,1 o.g tom..l TOr liquors illl ln tateslive er i el ond'' nl h p .r ltrl lhr Iil be hidd il ev o r I ',.'r Itiilo ,e1, itlr l llle h he e lnll+r i . tl -e ,/t il, t ..p to I 111 it . li, e. T h frl nsh m ill , l Ime loli,'ain 1 ,i .lll' n d l I riv r, Ai.koburg.. i ni otani J I Rnoer, i lliailing Neihr the ' . C to rain T hrt,. e v ill Ie r m t-ible f (i r jo wel, ,pt ll, , - .er howated will-e, arll' i. r c.. s , holll w waPP re, itarle, p, r Gli dst d, r lan v'd ,Inw t ilt i tll to r otlk .r litev.l r o lllt ly tllle tori , t el ti r ll ellit .i pltr i t o humrd fi the ,, u rt llt ii l'1 r holo ill o l d. ar, loken tar p tti o oh ' t o lll i d t y A ( ' ilillr xpres. I' iorl rl ight or p tic re, .li I' to r _O iair ,tt IIO o It . . . O 11 Ie ,I 1r t 1 o .('t :np. FOR NEW YORK. l0. IIS' INtor F ik I'A o KtF'I I' t. A.O aiito'tctl eettv ,ibo,,o foom oo h prt. A Thi.i i el ,IN lat kits have he i inest, i ed to i en firsI I 1.0i , f o' ' . vll (110 l l or t .lil llis olll i i\lll .rablennts, J"lpanii E S lu lislli oAti romo, talll il u l Ir', Ittoorl i l tl, S 'iori ,o strg lto'n atin J I h erl Slliin, n he l, 'On ie I lin ir t l `y. oir o tillo I eA . Urill,, e loit O llw l in us. roeEw urphip -- -- ape Nichls. TL r lur.t h riI o lrrt ll of t ohe fir 1 hlas, r I Jon redl tr d lll ll tllnteN GII l aii tll l lllit' t o ri 1ork t'x prs. h' fur t ilxl Iarn"--they an, mll+ o)I I l "b|)t h f lll w I rll " p Orttaced l 'lot ., ivudt, ,ttl i f will.'tttn fil lr l ith O,0, do wil e ltoe r tinIrt, ill mtort rolal ltlll. d, rli t FOs itiBirOpei.N • T i , I I I·, I i1( .1 r1 I% t llili Ill0 Plllln li- llpll 1t rif t, l' + tair+ . ur.kt wi ll li. Ib frv i in-h d,.ln very, ,irnlh i h paid to ( e nihtt ad salo li ihn t ,o'e or i l tt Il i o moror l lalmtn, uirthc141nr apy .ly I A O N I l l ifl ('ol.l l . Ir el. II 1-T he ip- I r t , u ,,.n1,, , i,, l . f1 r l, '1 . er I I tt hllsls, oll r] w wan', mat e tll. l. IIeIIolo gorfP . fi llo n ailr rust .I f il lfrllr- i l Ft I"I tI to Illlir ltlt llll 'il . h lr arl ll t l boh nrd, lnllaIk I reu.u r hll fla ,. signle lli ten t I rl e ,t( I ' t tll . fl l 110 l)l l Tilo t - 1 4. 0-1 till .. .......... t. t.. t. ir.t. _rl _li' 0 1000 \ wlu l I rliu l )N\ ' I, u)fll I . icn Ar. N , ,IIN of iriket pvii oo in hlutihhed to ranm beht een New r lrh lbn t a ln d Nw Yl'rk, In oIu ns t- l o th ', first r nte ships, vier.: " I {lrpublll it+'lii J 1; Rl ussll II" tonew ibuildig s he sel- wee uilt h il New. \ ,rk exio eilir-uli fl Elii., fr sn trs , ir pr ilfl that pthvII be le alllr e r mIlle Io rxl riemnt . L ntll lh¢ Ite is II w b ll i t co:u hletJl fiI't c (tlas s-hils waill sulily tteI '1, . gits-t p nil itll t w' ill be" ii Ilhlsrvle 'l| n Iht thll,, of .ai Iin. attd ev,-rv nLosunublr, uclv¢ uui Tlllllltio ex ll ded tt sl lhi pir and oasse rs. ar lurh lll r pnrli (u llv i py. io `"s-..+r ..|¢ ll.+tln SI l· L PE I TA'I'IL I.AII)I....W, li6 llilllu p ll (l 11 Il{,'l'npulltii'. T' klerll wl, ll hill((e i"inlmedh J 11 • l| (!II It , 41 A (I.E litnlnol 9t .1 1111 ,il i l• "l.+ . Coastwise. __ /rr ,r 20th .lor t t. l :lo tian l p .rtio her cI r t. . re. g t.r il ' ch. l .l abruver. Fuor fP'eiltr or, IIs.r ih la el llla t u . adrin . tiroirrrlll, rprr.I, on BIoard r opploite r rile V,.g,3lehrrn tolkret tr to'r nug 1111 71 CI_'mpl (1leer . 'Pil+ irst ClS amt fit.(I 6 ,-tilinl Sclllr err J \Sl'1. i, i C iapt Ilerol. , will r reivrr trre atlg 15th l onl stret. I'-6tNZ IV OiiK. I- T eflew i r very ftlt g ilinog Srt'hoolll r in i f' w dllsr harvin the crerllter p1rrl orf IIIri Sca,_o eIagee.d. 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