Newspaper of True American, August 24, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated August 24, 1839 Page 4
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BUSINESS CARDS. ser lAd iiE littlf5 9 C/aHno aa,Nirs,, lrnftagJ d78 4rti::e. tfi ('n"'I' r'"'--i'or fli 1'"""11. J. P. FftI;E:ýIAN .Sz ý0. 1R""Illo clothing j arwDfjr crrm, t . Vu. 3, il.Lyilllll 11rr o, SAVlE ccnatlntlli on hodl a la, e.)pl of Cloth .K ins, laklr,lo~~l For Iha contolrt lodj.t l.httr s uttl a p tarry~rm tnerrcllta l Frjll Ike contort can'n t r iad il t tiro shurrost Ilotico. act I h-ttl-No IXrSIUaA )E CO!KdPi - OF' NEI tIRLEANS. Tlhn Comnp.any o no- prltnredl to likh RISKS AGAINST P11W. No- 24 Musson', Lt, lu hag, d.0l or rrr" New Ot-l.ans ,lnv Io It.l. -: L IT t:\l-. OL) CUI'a' UIt-.h.O tlt ul rtr. lota ,no april 1 I II ý)r: a"+1tGU\ CI-IAMPI.IN &l7iOOPEIR7 OROL ESAN i \.ttlt1'hdiIN ea. 71 and 811 Jliit o ltlocttt. 'SJhlp nod b'ltllly store Iutt up. loto 5 - Ifilol -IN -\I - - PrRNITURE WAREROO.S N.. 5:i, t~ ''l t~ t SILITUAM It. CAIIi120, totlld t opetlfttli ill. V firm his lirirrlrtatloontit pti0ictht htoi co.u .esntlv receiritng ft-ott Na, o Tirk tnd lItuIrtt t eott a... awn. or Furnitttt, toucht ut tnoottgooy rOltoito, oa, L.ed tendsto :noa;tle aoodI ;oitttrd o aito, tttople aln therrv hadsteai, rnnltcuttz otad cltorrt lthlea of oil 4cacrijtliuno , tturtatt, "",i;ro, at'tttt , tttititt iSak., ware:r.,t es n,811"Pln l ult cherryt, wct r'·rrd,, looking glcscrr, C`lilhel*. bedding, &v! &c.·C Nil. Furniture poakod ltur ttttopotttjt with gt-.o *ar'. trea ieovl3 ?AUHIONADBLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & IHIAIDEN, N.. 14 C11 .,.,,e,, nOn.oe t HIAVE: a utoetatott ottply t rot-orv nrttlr, ntot ttt,. to phutletto a dress, 1f thoe at.est attlo, at .It;o lto-i ORLEANS LITHIOGRAPII PRINTING No..53, Magazine Street, BANK NOIt 1 E NGR ,_ VINC RAWDON ~W1IGIIT HATCH & EDSON' jj AVE uteott tt illoo it,- it tratt. Io-oto.ato I ILo CPI equal~ filnnt U 11I1 fllir llllnai illrwl'in(lk, far theltjuqcttn .oftoot o!t I p liting Bnk `oto', HRunII*, Bollsx of " ccog,, 'r oo " t f Lamir Choice nud outer ilnlporrpllr Inl.'.'.r reran rind. sec u; i =,.: 1 I'nlee'iePe; and hourI"- opu tvsu uI again: ktCOeino' ail cttio hoot' ttttt.IeI!ttqti,ýtt, irlto thteir cat', h,.tt- ,pert ctos Cittlrucoi Iuts ttof. tnor fife hndll d hnllil iltl tina, ad al ; der will e exeuted itlt r, to utudr anl I ,.n the tlslln littn,. Oftion, Couot tot lo ol & Ciutol ittre:. -_---.---- l tf ZUB1X & ALLE , NO. I, EXCIANGE HlOTEL, Sl C f Ot h r ott lr i 0 (,ltnttot, sl.. T MPOR'TERo at Del,,0 to I ANS. l~cg It I I arf dtr n['r ,*I)t e0nter it. , l I ortt ttt.k, Cnylerv, Iltolty flotn, .ltiros, Stocks, e utlrcliC+ e canea, atd ( tuttco tlit les. o, Vttoi SF.'1 E(rul,; Ilii cit, tonl Iinto,: llttoit ?k;co, itfar sole byn mnr$ 71 Grnt'ierof VY IHEL., E 16, \ tl a e.a rt , h . i day re S erived al f Ssr~lf l ll le tr tr 't ', I'rbP e , J'e r Vse --lp llonu , , leote cl e ne t d ('I t- s W art, ti v ill IC oibT;'r o tdtlthe wtaLtc arkct preri. opl 1 I)EALEILS IN AMgERICAN & t'N:NLIII CROWN GLAS., No. o3 CanofnELr STarer JOB PRINTING. o1-'. 1 1 Vr: IIV D r(t'ilPTIO N, IPCEDTLYN.Dt O(l A I IT LY EXI:CUTl) AT THE OFFPIC OF TI21 True Americani, T'r. CIIA LE :S ST'IlEET., EAR P6tYDRAS. w a ll sl\l. 1. c 1 reI W '6, f \' ,zgin n t k tle~tiz and lA( . j1 t .,,i y'f -I ta rd a Ia , ia d aomp bed I at at i i o. h mho ings, h teding flOt ship r 'h. i t, . tr -th e en to_ MeasrI.A ILIIm; & Co. acCa a N--atd a esr Ith ta u : atf tpur-tun lr 1 aol l be a t i nt ,r t .' T nt u - ted tl'tS Ju iy 2d. J.'I'T .\Y,.tt : I('. 71 vdra s lt. I O tllld RI) & CO'S Itostl, n and Ne w i Orl-d . l been P presy lllll ItI ll It Ptn b .t' II fls iLbor ,. ports, and will b re ill td tliIllt' ) thb u d ,rat If:-,t aconlll oda tiolls or l ;1P cllra ; tled tvert eillr l i d will bu made to grV, euull m l tin atioll. lIt Iudn i ipos Cht erkee, 415 tons Cept. J Idurdinlg, Ct ari.olna 374 u " dclo au Eldtrie . o, will ncbB) caalu t auLba u A ulVamis Co hn i b o a a e 6 u25 d h u t I rl c , n ealan, 2o10 do J tibowe, liomtay, 1'25 do i) 1 1 uphrey. Tile above ig pil an ard ll noa e, of ilte lirat Ints, oippeur fhtu ened ul! olperd, colllla ded y Ilen of great experillc., htve l.lrl: ; t eolnlnd.ttilh : with a separate ladciesr clabin e.Iy Icntte uti u wil be paid to pasenoerOl al d t hwCe vry .of otures pr atide flor them. T le'h packetiv will h"" towe, up ntd diown rthe Mis isea ppl, and t the stricts Ptt l lna li y o' pt rved tr ] the ti elt Of rs: elt, 1 . ldt lI ) rett lar e s t scr be detai ned i arriv eg, her ships erually a good " will in ll cases e be iisu t ituod. A share of , .'ron Sage solicited, nn l iagenlsa pledge tlesn.solves to a ccomrmodate se h tlluh as practicnable, to receiveo and forward goods hy a id 1itle at the most Ienodr. ate charges, and to advance all epuJ:eus on goods r hipped, if arequired. TIns ships will leave the lot and ).t1 of every moIth. For fieight or, apply to the agitens .J A /M1F IIITT, 82 (3ommon st. N. dB. Advaeeements i: : de on eonuignm..ts to lMessrs. A. C. Lombasrd & Co. r e nls in lilts city. 'ley ire . i.pttd l n l ut h1 r buildinrgs, w or heots c, i HatoI .11viat lw s 1 1iat ion. are rrtc tly foire and watrr l pro.f ' lms talt ia kllow l and J I VIo l seen al our cst , t elthllmll optalut e it ill ary'.u llt.r u ,r ,''r l,. olt pt,.a - e l - i t in, 1 t..o 67uh ,. l h*ain dl , rk ad ur er . d n +dtly it h: nt hilr",n Newrfl i lYl r r -o '-l- ta :.,I cub tIl v aery , t", c ol ,it et. B.atl :iea t tu . his :,uuh,auci. t.11, ti l t;. n, ,, r c tr wiln a)i . ale t awhs o t.. *rtiat : tu I au d' i tVIll ta LEaIut -5 y bl A , .. C it l.. , J, i huge, 14 )f .. . o n' lia h do-t 5 -4 c it tle. l Ic1 .. .. it )( Pa t Brusel s, sari ,u i si les; 1i" e u . - V a gll/ r ullll ; i; 5 biablae Ia ol V ,a l c uih 21I packs (.old L.eaF i 51o do Silver d,,; : aitfIittc a rue \i , Aeurt;tl . Ellt l aad renchb tter' boa ts, t t a~r ctplt c oi e n d. q tlll te a. S B o otu n bro w u d u.- ..uU bo a Cs, ee eulg ns 0 ,ln , I , ill b e old low. Also, a general asf ort:lrei : of artistr ' cnlours and I totsformsalnd ty A l W CA'LbI "o N l . (l ala l llrect. N i. Alabama notes tak.fl at p r, e aldI 31 sis p t s ioe s vi 't ' : received at 1 per it :ll dicotlei for guid oriut , , tofdebts. . ju I Lw c u h , lt , i it a ii butthle a t t l l: lo w Il tcu ,f. at) or grals eurh, Lollaihilg tile strenigth of l"tree OdLirer, l r " + I.irlewort, hesi Is t he, irmruP ti r n l ynv o ther ro ,uts and ; hari ie knttraa (Il iutta lntlin n as rti'cl ious in c urill t, p, ° lluotlPy eollldla etei. Theft u rialled succes which hras atcndled fife ate of J this ine, tnable Bnlte a wh1t- ro, er it hc's been ilto s dised, has olbltail led t hee co auide ece astl roco nitlll dui - ,inns ofl 'espectable p hyeicisa e, for the , Irue of cow ed, I c.las, pati in te.e ide, want I.f re-t, slittii g or bloud, i livwr complaint, & e. To whollt it may er-,tern. This ia to cr rtivr tit we i have ill our pra lee frBlluentty pf esribed 3'n S Oid- ( lo tier'a Indian B.l alni'let - tiitit It ela tll, it ] ' M s de c d tMd t o e ffc t: -- c a n lh .r , :rn r , f on ll il t' kI w . i" ic. le of t lhe interstiat it is ll ' f-olllo lnrl d c rler,: atun a n d i t erM ellee, re ot u a n di n d t s a llu ri, r re na r alin ln or those nl h.etious of the hla-s |.,r It it is re I m m endal. hBI , 0 4 I' \0II.0..I ,111 0 , S 1. D . C:AL.VIN LI.I.IS 11. 11. M m h e,, a o lh .: B o eat en M 1ed ica .1e a e ia tion , , sustml, October "5. 1 ·aleqbv J IIIVI[S ANI)R~L:,WS ill IN | i r1 o ill I l.'" t ' itlfl '. is oni.-hy ItEKM0(;\I E, B%(I,\\',' : ICTO. B.aud a hlortr "-wlrv I('f n o"l,.i f.l|v'.,vvrp,,ml ct, . 1/ In b elk . in t s r., ,rq n,]:i,, w eii li they t- ,,, 1r h ' ) w e d n nI I I1 I L '..r l lA . r l l l. " . , L e b erl ,, n I I P tl + |r ) t . s h-l rhew·'l aarrroelh Slr el,feil¢ au--,'l 1,f wh e th".v will nnmer],,s ,,t tirl ,11 h . , ,.i r. ', r~ , ttr,-rll. fir' rsIrro .' ,, Ii ,3 i ,, e. .+:+ i., .e ,1 M . o ,.f . ,, J i t ' , l l l i + t . , 1TFW G001)Y-Simmons Hartt & co are notero ce L eecvingfrom on honardships Yazoo, al,' Saratogyl snd brig Concordia oloi New York, a grCnt variety ot goids in their lite' wbic toigether with tlleir Lbrol slk' on .nd, maInkes lheir assorti ent very: plete. TIhe fullowing cutpeo n patrt, viz: t el tawat, ..,r, tile, tuck and dressingcntlia, horn do olnll drloriptions, In dia rubber, silk anld worstnd elastic bartirs, common & fine elastic snspenders, loto foco alnd Lucifer omalhes, uSidl itz powders, powderlpfl's and boxes, toilet powder, ockect haoks nod wnllets, needle books, shell, pearl, evory and Itlurocco erael cwes,liced aornameentsI plain t al heatd, nte klear s oan negligees, hbead chais, bead necklIces, rot "gls an and lnin.seed,silverand gilrtbnds, Indiain hieles bllli and lpumes, pistol aod large Itow. Cer flotk, shlot beolt, Iho-rt, belt. pockeit nod do.tlin dtstol; double and sigl biarrelled ins,. Bowic kniven, and dirka setssor, shears, pocket kniveo, guard chahno, nod IIbbonst waisrt tbI klos, cloth, ilair, tooth, ail,comb, -'rur, o, pIinate, t.oor an dosting brnshos, Colog,ne Fitorida, lavneeir, rose lrd bny watcr,assorted essel.o..e, and exltenac P' ucasscr, biear anti e, anti Word's ve getable h::r oils, sltaring and toilet ooaps ofall d.. criptiona, latie.' and gentleotens' lcekstandk dressing clses, hair rigIets, +rizojtis and Ibrids, plain, fanne and musical ,utk kboxe, plin and gilt, fit-red, coat and aest bullttions, pear and ivorty shirtrdo slirt tndd, gold antd silver lelcno casen, tooil icks aond tweezers, pateil and gilt loiketi, iniuttisue to, silver, biras mnod stntel 'oimtbles, toolk , d ,es, o littr ptns, tnitation truii,blk nld rediok shae blck ng, violin anil guitnra.lribbed oad iokhin pereussiona cps, linsr: twine, sented eltis ens, ngold nod siler lace and frige latter pahper, gane binA., rilitg wl.ipsll wall ing teo .as,pllay IgeaI d fian go d, liatcd anid git jtiell vr &c. 'ITe above, IongLthe" wnitlh great vsoietv eitother arti Ira re Moeda hl e or reai.,il on ................lating N It Shell conlmbs repir.n d OYL H i k MAY, Ibos.NN(llN, alit t)rltalllu JJ'Painters, No 3 UCorlolc streeot, itwo doors lionm o,.s alstreet.. hitations of the fiollbing woolds :lnd marbles,ae Sooetcd io a masterloy tinllr.e. wool's A .t I. Mttgamiy, !Egrptinn blHaEk aid gild, olakrd do, ;'[l~iaand Antictt, Pollardo Oriental or crtd alstiqn, Cluraled do, I ,l:pePr, Itorlitd taple, lilts itone, bi,.so Eye I, by .aite Stir Wood, Poloma:e, )lair Wood DoItae or ollrdello, AYv't;iTre IIilic khite. " (IronRtidlo or Black St:Iatua and Ilh'otella, i Cl Isd Hitlnl, i lp'itnvls tin he seen it te s leo. aintts. oils, glsi, copanl vowistlt,, , on ito d titid or sitite T.ll iN(, i-lEEt & IItAVY hIlt)I)-Ilat, nqunrec I ottl Ibundle iron, nell nssorted. n'uulllllS :,Iit, (ierlnn, slhear, blisiertd, spring, slltee and C Iiiwleb sitecl Ilal no w w aoer , cu t a n d o ro ngh ' enei s an d s tri k e s Zinc, block till, mill amil .nint sltans sht kettles Caul uotbles, oneiri , hoes Olx, boo,1i tlttti itcialtit c i tlrs, iiorn milos W.rilc. Isheel pig and bat' lead; shot C-al, andit e 'lkillg stoves t I!lok and pIs-e hinges, door tno window Iheoks (;ollins. IlllloS, 51l.ttP s 81111 i el - I1 xt I ard al d , ,ilht c' 1ig , i nes nod twine I lttnll nsl 'lleattl hee Iton It iii tltr tri sip t :t n ler'y * a l w ~ a . -s o l h ln ed , : a ntl w hli c ht a r e n l fr re d f ' r ilu e a t 'h o l h : sale or rI tlil, il I M the lrn t voTrll l e terl ns, Iby. n4 Li=AYTIthN h Co. 55 Oldi lcve. It1 alt FI I' . l N NI iN, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER \Vholesalo Lealer itn Patiln, Oil, Varninli.n .lruhs, i I_:II - \_it di w ne d Pi,:ours (;b'l &C. s.c J OAF aU(t \RI--. a uaa a quaoli iat, cnlluteatlra in _ tor.a d a r salcby IIAILL Itl SIf)VNE, .me'SrS .lagazina st +°'/ F A H IO N --ff .-Tt--IT G-T FASHIO~NUj E (.1 )THINU? rm ROBDLVSO.'r " 4*GeOOD IL', * " No. ts, (hartresn Sreet,, - i.'. [t..r a.. a, ienvif.lea , 11AVE constantly onm hand everry article appetin -IIr hfie'I RnrlenrPa' rlaa alnde iathaoeal aana. ;' r.r andl Iliost "a llooadl o at2,'i, Hii ch they afier h t ca ah. at acaled aed priet. IlEAF11I.c; - IbSct, n s s n rc " nd, E 4Nt)ah e lic us! a Il c . h • slieaa aateiI lia..hl,d ofihe d eu lal voice ia s ll a llectiv cI vlre;p d to lia e .ar. Any oine ',rllo hlhll e'¢e" Darell ai&lilgl,[ I [l eollvprsf. :',ith! a ver; lea I"'-"D" n n's l he ihllyv d~n ·ille of hala' dlaaaalta nd ran l Iarrn~isinnl l PX }Cnli.PI·(d holh IIV lilealselPe$ lnl t le jll o di\.idualf so uoll;trl~llllnl·.lvtiiitelie ted. Bytim t~ so of -a r rl' ru m I t. h i , o b jej c tioll e n t ir e l y o vl in t ., I I n e dt lat si cle al ]lea al aa a ni sldal ll thealr doubts aa f : hIaaiaag ba aFlilte..aaTarU ataaa FoIsah aai . WnT I GUION'S, ,n Iaaevr saore.ecnner e, 1:.l mann and -t Charles srreets Laddr hi tx.hlaaaga Iotel. eth ta a--\Ne L'AlI i da. B n. L' FOt THlE TEETII. iPrClt;I iWiemaa...ia.1vtablise reputation lccd canadtr.aly Inureg; .A a.act d an.. a lrhia aa ribaa tual rala Sealaayaa,aaaa hsa as servir v of !ll,. ruth I, has indutced ' he gnlu:eribr alfter it io1 tile Aallrricltll Iullllie. A\rran.{:nleuts hi-€ been ae aavaanaiaa all alae jaailaaipael citii 'aI aa t al aa ii ['e tUaila taaa.· , aaa a.; a j) alt),. ! Ih[ alet,.....h 'a hnse and hlkaly a adbetr aia lloa lhrr,'aaaa taf ll achl',-,taalaaaa,rhah. tr l'ia a a LIWIIph atC(lalila" aa direatiOnra gacen ot ht/. altr hIa aeaavaaa liaia,aal a.. aliard iaaaaaaataaa. aa I d Inallaltl rc'i,+f. It alal. arresta the Ibdecaa Iaa aaraetih h 'lt'th, and relievesr that sorenessr uhieb rn "'eqlenth r anders a tr.n. '.aalaal Ia iaaa.d Tha tP;.Ii Claia ll remedly are sim a inaanocent, an rot uaplcasana; aad tile large aaaaitlr oaaa.a ael tls ib l d ..aa-at sa aIaa a alf lI ollltrv, taahat allaalro ady eperiend uchl drlihtfru aaa a i ana aDla e aLct aat a l as h I a i tie l ralaa. aare real a.. ar (aaralhe poalIicg ald) alaeir taaiaiaanaa to a i a la - ripe *aI~l~aaca. la a aaa ntaaliaaa rraaale ', altaaiaa WinuEr anLuxea td, ant al ll e elr Iaa, the' irierl a morld aa ile Ilot vualuola discuver, iredtllalll of' tile wtml~dJ. Prace .$1 jar bollla. Sald! ah. J.\lITS & ANI)REVWS. J laltr 5 upp r lo laillo a n a n 'a t 'lral.n aaalt a a .r.. eh ( c).N Sill. .I--Ord.ra rcckiard fara eorna illes, v 'a ai17 w lHALL & aIcta\a Nl, oni leagaCzine - lUo nd ,r Fit I-'- Wairoof.-.7-. j ,-it;ion, layd I ienane ohluo and white o v.ll.( rulted Ia-tar adaller iuner 1.5 r.d fthararas n . Gralte bars of,, evryb·l de-ripin each a team JAoIrV[S & ANIREWVS, ry WIlOt.ESALIE ANt) ItE'iAIt. lIkILtIltIS IN tr. MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS at. LI'ETi ' 'US .d.-.) IVI.iVDOIW (;GI.tSS, .t ct raer ot Caaaoaaa and ti a rhnaitoaa s.treets,, NATIIAN JARVIS. JOHN W. ANItIHE\V. A large apply o Garmlen Neall. aohurate d tle gratl w h ________________ f Ia:I37. NDREW :IT[In , CO., rleectfully teinform Satir riends a atalu p.lic in iT aeral, Itlt thay occapy lthe naaw bris alatop, 213 Thclouaitoala ara ta, wlarre thlle keap mtsantaaly on hand CoppirI, Tirl antsd Shet Iraaa Wara, of ovcrr destriptian, sclh os calppar ntills, kettleraan d a ,lt ap, tin bharth. a cain rt aud il crans, of all aars anrl azca, and oall otlar brs castiag done nat ahort-est noaeo. t ato tars of every docripation, sreah an stacm. lhat airpa sata g aaeh s, ecraw hIlt',,rancd otheI ca aii aa h r axlal cla r, coda ao hl i nlCaaayI barocaCl. - or,. t-anal pipa-a. 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F cr a alal, aa dlriIll a a ,a pllroa d o ca a nar allla llaa a-l cc h(i oar ; I'f l~nse lr otilin parteia,aaa - Pxctra..,t, a . , ' a... u-a.'. hilal Ell aaaaaaaaaa lahlala Taaaiald I'.fIry, .rathlt'l lahtiaa. alad I,-ahad ha aeaeralla* a a h aa iaail -l -ar nilj a tP'i llh a t ;. h.)lll rdsqi],n anlo, Inln llt-.' ;.III(·a! IIV illll ]1~~ c! j cune* r a1 ~a pi)ri,r i .['illa lhI ,·el I ; ,: r u.'l |!.- l stlh ,. rft's nolul,~ tim rI,'i 'Edlirb i'll i~lp (" ah " n o at , i la,,aeaa 0,0 ' tta ial. a dl , tlac ra ae ,paoirle . rlahaarcaav faa-boa- I a €,ta slat ). I at SI. 1 A aNr- I l.) 'sa ai l " ' eil accla-a,. llc, .ca.a lia alui, plala C d. It l 6l, inru .-itr r ar.. alalat ..aa n Ite a .,a r a a r c'dn ..e I aaa'l ;l-t\a.I Car'p*, I Ia l a , g aaay a "-a. ll i a ido e ,alc. a e LIl r cFarte. I, 'r RS f e , -In . a a ra ,l aa ul r1 11, e; iin rl~i rs ald rit)['!.8tr of Il4i re . fiilPLyiv e oI'7 m ,.lliie theseil~v p " t tar.lus. hc a.aoaree. liree l a.". n aalarticch a cc ra ea taaaacqalN.-ceea t., . i~arte I-I 1J ~OI~ oppoi~ t thoi IVi· Irltaa il & ~l']xcilrr eI inh. w loha-hra-a a ia aa -;a..9 IgIn iaia a,,et i(ra i:la c a.. aI na3l a d tc.a JI'lln [I ,r.aa ·iaa ahsacat _taaIa11 ru~ ,I rhr Jalat-l rUpia ar e y a rlERa .i...." '>7 i1mL!~j~ ~·~CCI( lT1l in E,,,.l.. v e a .. ..O. gc. aaaaT i -l i -<. . ... .... atl OV IF iii a ~d. hi"I.r. - ,, ,l-aadao ala.t aaaan II/ jt lll Alg ie \\la- rh, (I l(ll~l ri: l ig,''""'; ';"ha *s ell 1e |r Ih I e , t cranhI Cet itt ie eIny t,.a a hah'a',,..l. ora'l sa.hea~ot ,t-I "l';;, , ,--'ai ,lh a-aae',i,l,~ C .t. aaa ., . 1, .3oadI tr elh P a1., t a I. Iaaa. .~ i s ';l~- NOu~rV11 r a .oalal.aI a "c Staaaaa ..-ry. tc.. 'r, h alaa .. I., t r,;kis ; a !\ !, Toiic d& Baltimore packets ,I! 9. . ... . ..---... -.. . . . . n- NEW ORLEANS AND BALTIMORE LINE oiF PACKIE'I'S. , This line will colnst of tire following vessels, l, which have been built or purcllase expreealy fir t le trlade, vie: ad Ship Seaman, - Cept. Miasr, Jo, Bark Mary, Nickoernon, e - [ Irlad lorry, new " Steven, Bi SOloion .Saltus, Latham, en' Brig Architect, ray. 10, These ve'suol are of tho first class, have hand. Sc ne rnihL n ed rco Lodatio b .ntad are ofa light Strail of watlo r, so r to admit if their receiving and ;- i.hlcargtng thoir carrgoes in Bat!timotre, at hlie city. .w Freignt will be taken for ports on tho Clheaopoeke no or James' River, nod forwarded by the agr:nts, od rIsre. CLARKI & IELLtIGG, at BaIlllnnro: nd expenses on gao.ds shipped will be advaneed wvhenl SreLquired. 'rio price of passage a fixed at $601, :1 iamplo stores ,f the b sit qaliotv will ho previded. lk Ste'trn ui and down the MIisnasisipi will ho taken ied ot all occaliontls, .Ih For freight or passage, apply to no GEO. BEDFORD, ii nov27 2.2 Iietville at. F"'R NEW Y)RK. t [Loniniane and Now York Line of Packets] T0 'IIII: Slips this line will nail from Nonv Orlecas and Nw York on every etllher M.on day-coaaocinciig on th o 20llh Nooenihari-ld to mistre tIhe punetuatlity in the tineo ofiailiog, the tin- w ill hereafter oensist offive ishiip, viz: Ship Yazoo, Cuaptain 'rask, to leave on the 20th Novenober. Ship Louitville, Captain Palmer, to leave on the 4th December. Ship litntevill, C'aptain Eldridge, to leave on the 8lth Dcembner. Ship Vickhlbrg, Captain ltoodhtouse, to leave on itre lot Jantary. Ship ,lissiosippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th if Jnanry. The abo:e are all new, of the first class, copper do anid Copper faorored, iald IupwardS of 501 l tns hnrtletn, are of light drauglhtl of wuter, brig btill in Now York enliresnlv fir i tleLrado. Tte price - of passae is fixed at 100 dollaro.: their oabins are C filttol upin tllao mot ilprnved and convenient 11lan, nod finlloied in a lent and elegant nstyle Ample stores of the first quality will be provided, Sand eveery regard paid to the comfort and nlltire stiaactlln of plassengers, vih will lilenase take no. lice that no bhorth can boe ecurcd until paid for at tih oil:co of tire con ignees. 'lhetoe vesenls o mr coin lncoed by captaios well experilcred in the trnoo, ohri will givo every af tertie l n nl 'xert trLrlemslcr to nconmmndate. Ther il it nll tim bo toed up and down the Mas mippi by estleoniate, tlnd tie strictest punctualiy nboervod in tlh tilnme of sailing. hlo fir anyi loller, lparnel or pckhgit. sCent ry or put-no bn:trl of theml, urnltotrooegularhill ofrloding agiit oor owa.crr. For 'urtheir particulars applly to J D BEIN & A COIIEN, noev7 90 Common at1 ,f,\\ ORl-EUA ND & CilT\URIES'I'ON pA pCIi'rSb aný d c'Its line erosforts , F-urverscltalln A Ii ! led i rt cn ei . Clllpv rdl e nla d cidpper f ii'ncl, and illorf o,hut 0O(1 rons urliteai a t I Ireo V Fsas t bn cibnlo o it by inptd o f ine th el u l xll otri . t. oh. t. r io tle i it will eive ever0 y 0a te lieansd r.lervt thm.nysel tes to a renm at iii ipper.ln. 'o hire wFill bitln ti no i d. ,en thile Itio0Fsoi. pi, lnd, Now O rloene ,n or be or, tlie 0It i nn i ilm0 h if ev ery m iiiih. 't he dtll wi Iri, IraI bian C tite Fl r l and masternn m Bare ,,o, agr lW lham , . J.iiie rre, mooer Fr ieo.lnht on r oIssonCe, aplot rit. . nBAREI.TI . C,, 61 Cl linon se. New Olrians, or 5 . C ', in ,rd. neci. Chtn c Ist d o. ii h I I.AT'FtEI' I.ITEIORARy SCIiOOLCitAIp'T, ldiai 'Inloa tin I l.rellod.. vs 3.0ios Ilartineau'a l)erbrlllk, l tler. nuvel, in 2 vonlI Jnmese eletlernteol me I' t lie Ceoptiv, pty ture O'llara Familyv arrnvail, tileo l'tootnooo Ship - Hiol ; Bithe, I)ruela ard lnrriuta e Dr. Bird,; ioloin iDy,9 vou rows I lew ruotply ol Jm.ies • 'lThe Ilegfene.t Ingrahatm; Captiiidl; llulwir'l Bichllieo I IE JI)HN & Cr. Corner St Canrles & Conimont a ' XCtI IAN(E ON IOStlhsIN-fr anle by ._- mnr°3 1 IIh{IIInE, 131 6ignzinect RUSHTON d - ASPINALL'S OMIPOUND TONIC MIX'I'UItE.-A spnedy anrd coitnincurn fao tlie Fever and Agu, remittent and inteirtltent fevers; propared liom too original recipe. Used wtLh eminent andil ni versnal ucceeas ian 1832, by persons of toe hlighcst 0 rorepccta lility inl this city, as stated inI thie anodne F cortifilates. ". Tlhi medicine it highly roeormmondod, and hIns hobeen oxtnsivoly used in t le above diseases with 0 such dilstinguished successr, that the proprietor ot. ti reipe l hal keen induced to offer it'ton the poib- i lie iII it preselot form in the hope that it inay ho tlie means of relievitig many of those who are otlfering under thle courgo of oun eouotry. I is Ci a medicine plsre.sing great viltuo, and wlen uaerd et according to the directions hab never failedl if 0 efiecting a corc, even in tile 0l0nt obstinate stah g e' of the diaorder. It is not noat oIl dl.agreeably, nud n ipersonls of tile wOiako.t stomolch . and children atiny Itbe it with impulity. It lrrngtlhentn the odigestiv'it organr, reentuo an appetite, anil .eldom rcuiri" ,., tmore thian ono, or ill obstinnto cases, two btthlta t to effect a curo. TIlre is noithrr mercury nior orsenic in tie meditino, nor any thling ijuiout nun to the humano constltution., Tie propriconora orr c -o well convinced of its clficacy. thet they agree o to refuril tile price of every bottlo whichi han been It taken ill aconrdaloci wtith tOe directi;on ind lInas I inot effitcted a a perf'ct core of thie foyever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole igeont for New Oelleno, 0 it his wholusalo anl relnil drag and medlolne store, of corner of Biti, ilie antd Chlrtreos treoot. n For District Agencies aliplt to t jis_ - i.l. W. ,urii,. 48 Cant at. I SPENSACOL:A MANSION IIOUS" NEW CITY, PENSACOLA. _ [IEH aubslcrhlbr nviugpunhaaed the lnmoeand fir I nituretl¢ thi well knuown astolablielnnent, from Mtr tlt '1'ylor, the late praprietor, will be ready to reraive vi Itersn b thle Iat -I April neft. Nu.nleroa aunl cay ilnprovement will be found in thtio airranptentea ofa tile leteioan Iloueo. New aid mnole camnteliolln bulding h urea will be blilt, olt e warm b tr. will he pratydealt all hoinur. A tnlalr all will be attacled to Iwi hlueeo, with i i a entnlamm da. tiaoe for horses a ld ent rriargea. hi nto ite hnerale and m. clurrngei will alanii be kept iitr hrre at modertie Tricea, rantearil nd row bnnte, lbi h per.sona to manda te ben .ofur te itale tO Viratta(r. lillinerl nd iltar, alntolweatlll renaall, fuiid aat n atcring places, tilli.nlaiae faarnishedd and tehedentele nu .. Iot to i.,tarti're wilh the ctlnli,rt Ti, ; and quliet clue bilrdrir. Iht wiarniad qlto ll !, t te of the blent latlilt, alin It e lro ta ull sltpalyv of nn in,', a cnrgeb hat alrel;dT laeu ordercd, whici will Nirae rae t the tMy. a I'rrdnrirk Ilarlluntl who ferly or ler t o po ll ttr -l u aato at \tanlatnf ctan ilta,anill cotlllnntl tlin ho l for the praral eraar , aa,, . wtilth naa ltch , tearalil d eral ta e f ati te' a riil arr aolest yeta, rn,d hi fir til . geiIeranly , that atthea,, will ncaelvo rery posible It.ttant nt; and tlacrrle ! en , eta to Ite gieet'. l tuirttc.ion. "t he l oanel alallrtilntget lttite itlS hae ar too wne ll enow ii to In id a btt. ened tldeteriplicn IT'na flaet tl aet l'rntcaln ii the Inrg:at ntaa etntlla of thea I at (riovartltl tthe glaeneral rendezvua flt the (iGulflquai I ran; the. nu4rir,'ol nrit! rlhnate relnnllc;l connl a tlv h - tling the luinatarr malttir hri the coolest I reear.sli-te rit bnult the te.nt t of the bay atI the neiglaiatariaf i ual,d tit, elr a nilvei'; a tile alntala le nd tialiacyv af tie t"1i5tlh witl whch tlhe atiers e.lound; aal itn paxnitairy o i hI thl host aiutlltr a ntarkets, civa Ienaneole Itn an" terene oar Ir otler illacae in ihetae Iatitudre, a a atInth a mld haali.:lfltal ulalat araretrtat. I'.rtli rate tltata tillt lat lnteul l'etnr a etlta . t.llo-n I'ila, nal trill atnil tinat'. ata l.alt to take tlte pninaaa ^.rata flataot ia, Nert UrIlaonleabte I N RI ARNOLnD.' I', ! cb t tll. l l:t,. fP (i:lalanatrtlin wlathiag ta aeatagaoo rortes for Itei 't f+ntilh,'.a ,nn ud'r, .ta the arapriaatar, at l'rnnntalu, erl - r1 e Set'l IT lTlllur,iae foll ntt i'lpalaettO- , ntd cer.V ir, leaans. " T I T alfrda'' I r ! tl " rC('aulla.a. rfllie llain, l t.lq., Int, lta'i in Olab tel l S 'I' ' h'a> lo t. I' eat Etq, in a.tI |It--5- letter har, to receive eaaaaunlcatlllaatan ftl I p'crO.,e Ilt tien 'henm hotel, ii plaead it (ieu Wlhittnlunei' a ltfiae, .,l .ti harlca Eahalt.l',. ai FI.II:IDA Rt)UTE FRl NFW YORKI, a I' T'ravtllers desirtaus of tHitill. the Ferindn retoe, t i I huns will ctnnstuntlv rltn fron,. a lrlhll l th i'en· cnln, Sleuuinl %labllre anti tltl'lleonllo tverv illlher dtn alte ric tl aIet of Slla. (Guid atges will hvav, Indr peidn id I the aahear;herto he in ra'alitler to taIllke pei,. ilerfren a M\lobile it cao.e tll to failure ofthir boatot NI SThe.telaotat Chimtiaon !etre NI Iile ate Penen w eeF ali'h 2:1 I' - I T FANI ARI FIARINA'S (:(UI.NtlE W.t-.,'h:I .J anes nure of this anperior ttlnwae water, just a recrireal and fir sale hr e nlhlzCn or iuglhr: bottl: SAlho Anericant tudl I'tenct toilet Itwadre, Ipowder r utffe and boxaai elaviltig nd tljet soaps, cnsaette wnatlh I blls, milk eaf rome, cottetie coltl crcam, extrrlta ntatilt, kl!phalta, \Verd'a igetluh lair pil, pat tlaum, rrit-le de plre, LlIorittl. ltavenaar, roal lltdtia wniuterl lreýatn i' alltS, lnrneillsaperlitmerry it vrelae lie r ai liqttid rIu e, (Chlorine aRld Oerri IatLh wt a, i elatla r, ltlnhnaituantl ,,dflet eiirnelt tolgelther wjil ti ' tallalitliennel tappaly of ftsthioneable hllratl at ehell comnbs anld jjalrye,fnrsate low at tloila le a ir rentail i ay Slel.\NIOa 1IbIA1(T &Ct) ju!t i; ?711 c'hfnrea tlrel. 3I .t I; 1.F To{IT-tit t iea, t aai ;,-a la,' b -ltatr llt I tlltllttit; _% CLI. ' % "",1-r atl,: itII \ 11 t,'lttlI1 i " i Royal (:oliege of Physieans, Lotdon. I7 HI origanal Vegetable |ilgeinn Universal Medi c elte, iepl n:ed y IV t iskin, Eso. Memoer of I " Illr +l College of Surleotls, Licentiate of Apthie cor.'n Lompatt, Fellow of Bolt Court Societv, Slurgeon to the IloysI tUllon I'Pteiot Asoeiati"t, Luscnster Plnee, Waterloo lridgr, ntd Perpettoal Pupil of Guy' Ti, S.habi lutlle ledliciee, the result of toueto reers' r erp 'ri..u e .and unpnoal lcl eh , suceess in tii, extensive nlod Ib'ghh" rrspeetnble racticae ofl the Irolriety, panllo Ibiset I" ithe Iheolt- nedl nobilltr yl is uow inn~odnead to thheutir of the Americat pullie, at the enoeost so lieitatios f a tnumber oltgentlemen of log antd hIgh st:mdiig in the profession. It is hojt;uted, n a itplelimi nto' step, to olteck the evils auntl totol eotisetloenet e Sarising firom tie tsto of the lltme'ott at l deleterlOou otnitouts loistetd xpeo thb puhlic by tie sid o'f thriested prool' of nmitrctoulo~e:re,, anl tlter frauds, hynt set of Sit ;:eua, in d pretendles to totaily igtorlnt li mtdiel seiellee, tlant it impossible the oiostrouset tdelusit con aty longer gC down tith lite iottlligent , people ot'thi tcotonty. l'hrs pills, mildl aid agrtIeeab in their s!tore, should be kept is ever'y ftleil, tn ctse, ofsndde, illues, for, tby their pre or;t nItmiistrraion,, eholera, crampls, stjoso, le's,, orIa other nlorrtirg ' o Cliluto, wohieil too oftes plroe rotol, not' ce speedi l red O rretlneRt.eo e ft a l toselecwltloe Vaullegodt itealth, sietild nsee be witheot thet. They are ink i t paoettc nl so tce1t, s. d o t'o I Chc h y every roestC table ihtltegist, ht.ksttler, oni venlt rof toedicint it, thit ,oitcrl Slatest itI e C(nnlas, .icth eoleous otrectiono, t ;.tl.r wHtith,: stltoniols of proteosiocul ability fruto Atl, tllles ig enlineert gentoleln n: Sir Antlte Conopee, J htr ethrtJmprs ntro nlcll, NM. i)., \V. Bck, M. I)., I. AAlsto Ken, A. fornptloe N. I), atnd nulleostros loters. Thenoriginails inle lc srn n tossession of the Goelort Agent, by who.c ite nltelitci is imporletI into this r .ticr, oit llto whortm ll .pplictionis lfOrogeotcies JNO. I:ldEI.N, 1SO Woaerly Pbaer N. York, Sole (i eneral Agent firn the United Stairs .n.' For stile hy apioitnent of thle eniginal le .oriietor. hIl wtler &llianTtono, 1)ruIegits, NO Il Conal treet, S('lnte. Agel t otitt Sttthe atof Ltuisit t nuo. ju 1t I3 K11iliY It L F, & oc, No ! 'httyzlte sctrtl,. .. EI row receivilg from shlinp Nashle Io.nuistillc, `":tietiesttrc-'g iurge nal necwerlesclel asctOr'lett Jloin, ttooot, ilthers ntitt Rlegi tic, costlog o'go ,.b'ceou's, flee colf and .Mon'trocco boots in Yd2Otolity; do bus oh, ontl toot 'to 0uger1 hoots , tontn nutsoliuvcl; mon's fun', colt stro nod I norot, elm' oqoctol and brogan,, kuekskibnshes,h bogoe,..eun I regan,; io boots; dIo stout kip wrxspergetl shoos e'lo brl.o6.-s; gglentleeo's heost rlualit' call's.weet shos, tnga's ald Jack I gsosoiet. ol colf ottll -OuMiooco ttekrlc shes nnld tnog'm; toc calf, scl cltl Jml'oero I tliau shboes an. olippt', ne. calit; 'h il" t tsean o' go,S o tes articlt; Jo ulne cal,; se:.l 0it0 morocco q ooeit ,oas; hove', nlisses'aul clleldear's o}ggedl acootl s ,l l', ogns, todi shoes of every quality ami kind. Also a gueeral assnrtnent oif Olco's mtot wnx nto l r"'t ltngts otll shtn.e, togoether t' iith I(.,tot IUpair' o:grlt cet qtalit, rit ssILtt Icrogcnu, Ittcic'cI ill ic I Ikbs, mtde exrressly forplauai Mn use a giobt s 'ttelll of mesesl sille onil stout kill rsosstt c"ugtucs, :l 't article, sll atrge qotity of oall ituclcrtcrcalitl r sect Inod wax blrohgans. Ladles' fine csll;, sreal, morocco aol grn i rbs, no sole shoes I lin lie c ettl: M,.Ioc ccil bid, rt.t Io' llot lippetsc do roon shoes, with and wittcot hecls; h. edf, seal arod stnnm leatherh onter,; do Itrnnt:lla SIuau.ý ! oil kin', :ntln qnoalites; ho lootingt b.ogans; tc 'taito'h - it oatl Ibnetl lotoees. lisoes',. bhUes'lur, at gat. Chihlren's co.reed I. loviocc o iltlsting hio - g' nncctd buots, oc. ,ienstmct'tficfshtiul.Iccho ckl' si hoilt ; ct o 'iblckc on Idrab benver,' o oi a stlrc'or qtolity,'t so imit'luln Itk rm do; brhoiod ed oaoltw blitu IeN's intle ch'cch o hil~tk ltaici sheort ecapcd hots, cn :elel. Yooto' It.;e size hats ot diftlerent u:dhties; do childr.en'. .I'n'snotd bc)'s black aool cIt sohtwOl liltt of vartiouso slupet, will genernl assortnueot of boys' otia urn's tai i caps. 'I tis n.itotnleut will be replecistl.l, c 'te ,rival of ecU It lacketntln lto e noooe tcttced; cities, all t whc : slllks soti,, ctiou.. lc.. rt. l. l-t- I NO MERCURY NOR COPAIPA i - in'o Orle:'oo, ,v.lo 1, 1837. h 8 .BOL'T xix amouhs ago I had Ihe noisl ,lune ,t eat r+ 2 a socret diaesr., ftbr uhrI ilvot a'plibd to e 0,0 rltdoetor fora cre, and teyv dd ol rumte' Iou. ,tow nt tle abovedatoaetputllt sroi orrr lrtlerooe of ooutooo luet, std I exprt Lir to curot Iole. $incer ihtt tit'e the disre:x gut norse, oln as to breal; out i , Ivre t ulte r to th ' number of nix or eighct o ore h Ileg, letotl ooe 'ty taco, anod oore tohroat, and rot hiln to w'ork at th 1 prlrrentt tetonoet rout of the olldorer; are e lrr S theo riro lt side ot' the thro at. I t "e " Scornfidently ulderitho core of lite. 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The ereat imprnvemaents in ithe rmote havne pen produced by the crnatrucrtinn o liftv miles of new. rori, by the pr-prirnt, viz : frnom L"UaG ran a l Ia"a..tre IIrstr.', n. near:n of Santa Roasn Uv, iye Brynnt's Ferrr, on 'hre Chartrithochla river, lell -.iilts tht~ Cwtrrd, or 14 above Cedar bIuff, whereby arh navnigaran ol Ihe river, andJ the cir s'trel nt defetr til is and m trel re cently 1hi irnctn venieat eroasing at rlie Cuw ferd, ore entiri·l avridred, and a fine road ifroln Mlariann thrllec to Bninbridter, inairead or hae roullndabut irlld vin 'i'trlnllhlllnchr , letrani t hel hrdil .n nclabolut Lrlrt iriles, and ir :rtanirig the facrilitan more thani AlIr,. a renrlnh line of two holtre searg every ,,iher d.y Iram II . kinsville, via Petrrv to Mlnc.r, fr., utnneeill wlitll the line to Savannlah and 1),riea, (Ie . - A rmal stramt- oar t -lies regularly bietaween Iltinbridge and Apnlacr hir oln . 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S I ue, h rr Ihr IlthIra utru rtl I h h u Jr .ue rdl f r 'r ' "- I u m ntr u nlncl d brl-i'cf n Ih )u, I k )' ,,rtrn| titra'r" I /II)ied', l7 COl amlll tI , hc: " ,r I '. rerr .. t+ rue _rr Inr nat' y r rr a i I rut rvu',let; llf t lher is hier Cr ncrr er d tuif a v hr ,ut r In e u d f +., ru trfurl u ,rll ,, a rra i"i E ll r' . J ur I ruu I e ,'fur- - l ,,, I'u t it urfr tr h,.u-u n c , r ,, furU I' ,l f Iu lra. 11u , f I.- . e. e. lld ro . r Iprr .I(+ t lhnn ter ll.a .nild sat .ln l he· I .i q t' ','rra 1 l ru n.f I. lare - r -uils ulr- u-cary, d-uai rltrrr ,ru the. f n -t - ra r ,h 'i 1113 i 'rla , rur. .. Il. tro', u ru . e.. tn r Ii 'o r d f r'I -I n 111. u n t., , f' yartinll ngd t luurll a. I al " a- rtd·t t, currey :,llrlme Ia n i Ic.'': d I l t ,.11 11-+.?,' o : o ('l q u a lii'y , a nrd irlpu -re d d lrc t b y IV ,,. I )IN N , u'l ft- Stcuded urrur Ar. Sclnid mni , uI t Jotil :itarunil a, and hur suou ye ars Ilia ahsur .tr .u i L t rtho11, prutrneto mdierne durda grmid ury, hart the Ionner to inu er hii prulesstonal uurnlnas in tih c uu y. us iu ue euticue r r at gfllllal ruui trt the llll I t prompt attrtriiut will be paid tr ie c llIs wuvh r i ir unay bu nrtdri; aud alo ol rs Ieis carves ts thlr j i ,e I Ilul er u lt' eu.v rs, being olll acqu:ritrd wiirll theI ii rlucruses elltnmrlu to thrun, Ihaving cliuruded tie ian to , . e euguar ihtuu o rur Cu IIui'atu) . i 'I'he irnu us ril bl huius crdilsa er thceotmpotiot in l a lrol'uu-r eSfnuruiicure, pr duIeellOnurcterhuuhiad ,-In , u Leo uedurelgllud, 'i'ho el'uct wilclre trey Ihave tu - troduced in tius and other cotieu, hma bell atctellde i, vltlr thre gre:lterl teerrtss. to lrbfuia tle buust c ai r:iftre unis can be given. Apply at Nu. I(6 M.-ega. -r mu Suerut. JNO. it'LOIINI(;. eJT'ICL--TL e parhtnrship of Kielley, m uasuon Co SiofaNcw( rlenlu ; luasce, larri u & uP.,ufNnatchze id llaurriu, Klley &Co., of Iolcy, waus dncuivclo,e fr he::l'rt of ,lay lust, Iby the d eath ol Ja nel .t Aldasnn, I hii-tn o I th e p rnuaia oalc the ir iut. i ° .erif u frl- surtiuwgll arr end i rr he - tieg ft-es us inler '1 hos. IIdtbh'l ;o said firms ar earsllv rc\11AP, hIi I.EVIt' I|\RRI TI.OLBEAR'S Science of Penainnhip received,and lJ for sale at their permaneo t Writing Acadelc ies No. 8 Chatres s Jhi rNew Orleana, 189 Broaodway New York, Dauphiie RIt., Molile. It in partimulnrly denigocd fie private learners, ond ntleols, and it celcnlated for prersona efall ages. I.ndies and gefttlenna are invited to call and examine tle syster tIbr lthelm;chs . Le.ssons are given at reja houes as n ary suit ith I eovenince of all, and to classes forimed in any part of the city. Ladies wro ',refer it can receive 'essons at their own ref i'crants paven! a n ).e of Ptlon sare direied o lte'rv. "..'' ' n el.a oll Iatev w tl[. 3- 1 t ltitOTltl,,R. ROWAND'S 'IONIC MIXTURE, FRa FEVF.t AN OiUF. i1 EN years have not yet olapred since it twas first regularly suhntiltod to tir public; but it ilts attained tile highest repItalltin; and Ias Rsl . planted every other medicine for tire Ague, wliecov. or it lha been knewna and apprcialted. Already lihas it beon narrild in every direction throughout tile United SLates, anr still realizes tnre than could have beehn antiiciplted by is miOtnrgt llRgino frienl do. 'hlousands of persons have not only been relieved, but reo.tred t,. Ie.lhh and vigor hroughll ils angn. cy: and they now cheerfully testify, at every op porltttity, to its deiildd anil nuprene e flicacy. It is eompyoed of soch nmedlcilal ipria cipln n o are cnlallated to renew the heatllty action of the atolm-' aic, liver, snd other inp"rlarn digeslivo nrgaen, the lonss of which tlharlrny is the illinodiate clase of the disease. It is apparent also, that it pradu. eon an entire cihange iu the condition of the syeterIn, aid coertainly destroys thie Iative liabilily to relap ses of thie ofection. When the Ague in atteinded with any other nelinplaint, the omlploynlent of the Toie Mxturo will inot interliero with tihe treat ment of the other di-ease, liut wi'l eve nfford as. lstatnce by furnishing otrengthl and vigor to tine body durinlg the courn s of treatmtent. Tlihes who mlakeo e Iof. this medicine miy be asoured that there is no Arsenic, Ilarks, Mercury, or any oaher article in its comallo.itiofl unfriond'v to the htmt nao cnnlsltitiulte; lwinrg ouririly a erget6ble extract; and tllvy tay hlave additlomlnl confidence in theo uer thereof, lwhen they pereeivt that it han tile eo iect if a gent' lInxatlve about tike tim hlalf a bot. tie full lian beeoon taken--in coniquece of which, there is no part of thse mtneimcin loft to linger ill thle bowelk to rause olbstructions, and other evils, arising from the re it' nlatly of tihe remedies now oflkred lifr tlim cure of this a.l;etion. It lias beent used nals, na prevlentive, by in.ry who were siub jcet to a plerioldic.l remurrnnce oti'l o Chills, and it hias nvsrliably warded ittF lin aipprehended arttalr. Observe! Tie I'opriitor, fully nsatilied "ith the unparlrll led ana, ulniersral uccess ,vhiclh has ciin. t.tantl attellded a punctual and regulal r use oa thlI 'l',tnio lmixuro, in all cnos of Fever and Agle, tols warranted ill eigigiig to refund thle price to all thoese aho lIlve Ie, llthe t Inuleille in otrict ac. nordaneo with tile prescribed dlireetions, without I having bi'nl perlctly amn lIatingly cured. 'IlTme ilb+crrbern arl ihe twhiolesale agentlt for the Soutll Wetern SLates, and lhve now o hatI six ly caSens ofthis mediemie, which is warranted frehS and genuine. For sele at thie Ianufactured prces JAhilok I1 &iANilIhKWS, \\rh ilrae in I lInrgiit nee2 eoCote n. o .. fi.."neii, i,,, ,o, ,',q. ' , " tatlttlat O uo 1.nilll) . ftt IhoLel, rto . S. MARY iKIIKLA. ND roepectfully an iii .nounces to her frielOn and the public gene. . ally that Oho is prepared to accommodateo tihe at n to abovo estaOblishment, and hIopeon from her e ertiotns to render visitors colnfortablc, to rltceive I continuance of former ftvors. She loelt confi. Jent that peroons visitiog Covington during tihe lmmter tonn th., cannot find better accomoodationls den than she cn nlford them, on more liberal toerms. roI Her house Is plfasantly situated, and well supplied nall with oerry rcnvenirner; the Ibar is furnishted willt ti:t moot choic liquors, &c. iln uhot, ae promises e, " rat nothing shall It wantnlllg ltn her part to give 'oire sa'slactien to all who may patronizo the II f isseisippi and Lou isiana Hotel. je3 ge iitOLLOuw tA-.v t, V1,1w)O SCREWS, SAD erc IRONS, &c. h /I''iE IIO\VELL WI()iRKS COMPANY, No. 1 38 Water, noeoar Bockman stroet, New York, Oo' ohave received the past ) 0ason, and are eonstantoly tt, receiving large iand erteonive additions to the rolrk ts, of trte ahovet gttoods, which now r conl l ts of the n- ollowlng aiornltnalt, suitatbl for the southern amd od 'etrt t'rll Iarkcs. a- IIlolw woro or sf )prio r quality, consisting of about 15(+1) inns, vtz, n- IPots .I 2' h!ltO:r t s:zc , frol t2: t 50 gallons, S littrtlls. 15 zr's, 'trowm 3:O to 31t) 5 ful o!s, - Keitlttr , 15 tiz yx, fromr 3:5 to 18 gallons, s, Btlktp.lns toro()t Ion 7 till ot 'll ttZneR, ls '- I'pto telro, it drt net o)rld n, . . 1 d Il Fitr, Dogs, - i do ch VWagon box'm fromI 11 I t, 1.3.1 inches. jon C.rt dI. 5 to 7 n'I Wora ,d \ r'wu; ., S 0.1111) Erro. iron unid I ra:cs, f+rom+ 1 l ity anld tilm/h, unin Ice.: th;h Jato 's Im r tl)ltd te, l ttlor's aid hattor'. Irons, asortd. IS', '.I0 o w odigSlda , 1i 0 t on, of aottd frol 1 4 l to 1° I.'ls for Pih tatiols, st:i ib)ats, churches, &c. Smade o order, SAlsu treaironiratt anrd otlur lachinery i:adll, to To!e afove as.rtortment of gonods is poarlicularly td rcommllllendd to thi, attnlltioll of Sou thll erll nlld nl- I0 V0ster1 l i' erchantl, and are elftred riio ,alo ilt low n prices, and upon ihe imot aIllhtal term.; it iV b(. . i aved to ic t0 hlru e t aro d btto st o.bortloo rtr ever lI. allfred for saln by aoy oelu oetablilhntet in the SUnited Slates. Merchllants. by horwnardiul a requtsht by mail., c o h I ave pri. d ert ul or. wall deoo lption oft good, I pricesa to o ,rrl.' , ft o Itoho iotr tn detr.S.att llo iri ever lmad, furnishd by roturs o'f nail.o p r All order t will receive iaintdiato attention,. 1 ttNew York, 1838. "t1r3r -. II ' (t hoono 's I'rir ,terirs. it tid'oh n Dye, for colornfo Ihr ,e I rt ; Be'r's t l0 , Rual', ns ,ear's orcm n, amo,.i nl , hll,'baexs F"r, cle W'V.h. , st rris p url ,odwoer, IIt thi:b,, crrlra ,I r o oe"s, vttitlrlt ro tge, e ri of rs,, hp salve, Nowrems o, toolI wash, Y 'ohooh drlt , 1l 3r8l3 t wr wat1 r.o r pt ihowde r pu laord hb , A o rlO lti I itrn anlt s, r'ot ni ElP, kre ,solo iloth ar het dlo l't , int oio iltolirt rtIro) tir tr (ir hi, rrrdo'lrt ,itl, tto' , 'd IC o et, E hioh dr w,,on t o rmo, lIitn, n 1p oo il' e itl a l lva e o It otr, ohe p rttrl t rot &.., llr sl , y C. J. 'TRINC1ARilD, l 5 3i enrlln r o Ca l o ar nd li oI 1r l se S 'ATS-13 caile- draI b ua-riao hilts, inarion qulioieo 1 I broad rimtt ailn low crownrl loant ng fI r un h ip to S. I.roir, for tah by 1 Iltllttt .t . -t no .rt7 h3 o tag'zin t ot 'I l Ult--5^ sh land ng irum -eb m nt n ul6 J. . • l I UOill .t1 ,mm al till S" Itlig, I-itr saltot bry I( It I."P..I , rn t+7 ,4rdl N," l.c'o t rI tV. & S, Iptckert ,S"hrfie i, r' ub and, sav e list -dt tved n voro o'xt, onite set 0 on<lit un,. i ti i n( I o a whi r ttine, toile t 0an s flaoi t soors; toilet o i wdlerb ! S It l l ln ll(e a rt I CIniv s ati .. l t tea'tsi ons I m .u'rn nges; rezor &i. l,. E. trr et ntr arc preo reig oflrtstic -,!o n'r otrttt, ttr'ot'ter s ro; lrills t'loifer mr'itcooeot ril ' rxhilh to tho e tradeii to orers Torer sok .d faOinc.s il Mlolt.r. or Irtlnn ai the si. oe Coml,7. , l lnhll .I, I, Ile":I & A (-'O)IIL:N.00 (comnmon =t g: nl . . 'I A \V tili u .ii ... . . .... . ... Siyl\OtiS, ChI.trrIs aIrrt, Noi t~ lrens t L n In er ship n lhtn tvlles~h,Eage, . v Am icw ( igh.t S 'dchr, l.rtich l n d AGelrmaln o om t l ",rican las. o Sa tr ,b- h tleasta id , ekl pit n isn) , I a nahi r l . le lite vest (iinll', cenrnd I t l, :an :l othe r strl p ,r Alirt r o I s; Vilh t ings;shlse, civdle shoaldrnlm salit el ' tlood o rtoa Ito I tollrt, totlol'rt hair o lt 01da fo lit ta r Si o rplatr.. t tii lo nzr d Io t gnlo r ll a eo a Itret ire '-s; l t dr , liosu'r tal end i nt ltl bIa oti o c0 t 0 tllsd!a 1tt 1rk B 'oo tin e tr lilo e wao h tlro do Germo n v spo..n a or dooo; enhly 't n toilet rc re ntrs, nvin' bap;. onil t Itrlmoer, rtwtoottrhioohe, th ootd sCroo satkine of foon oto a 'le o rls, ntce o '' keilo s ior as to bead cOlntiei dnt t 0I f tIt tottohon ;a ,,nrpar of t liree aco d r nt r g. t .\31O, nle ttcOendr s g t sd l , l cifr t tche 1 ' Ti e hiad0ilin hi oilir fo'meh stock 0f fone, rto 'Thies,, CnItaket , : sCllrLol.nt nrri. rln Ftoir t r s I ho c o retail; as ote sign othe Outdo Comb, 7oto .I 3ro Chorr, o O rtt , N0),w torraonso r .r \i, i° :i-tooEANt'" & (o , Into,,ro tlof French ' in'._ and t."0 s,,r lc,,o , bo i'o l o ts, ptotoi ttob e, Iaii i tn tt'c tin c s, t rraports tt., N roeioul, It AI lot hrdohodc. ltc. o t leh cuy Soio plr n Froto-'n t oi Aolt rro ir lnaq o 10w10r ' oblr, cltood - nort , h.tInonudr,, teliteso t'llr rttt, nine, tt.rtlts, cnntOO 0 ow h trl d -mitlert. rto p sd ndunod glt iso -, ctab dlot . tot a In+, tall celO oto, o rtc. r Sr'virplated, ro r's z,rd nnt I ware.-uen. t oh, ligor at3a'd0 , cake ttlet e , ch looo ll 'b e too ftor fo.pooo uso. oiro.hanoB, o lnbtrrs, booIo, oo a t'oorroio'tt fun trrish rd w' o g ,, at o I .ttoo n ro ; • i - .ho tru ý , ', ,'ri' ., Iio,',4-, c ltroo r!-, handlerchic). • AILAL AILRAN(.;iEDIY NT n I L " uo Every PDy nt I2° M. Northern ALil, Clone; E:ery dIay at 10 A. 1 M I),f evry fuadv, Weely l day I Friday, ¢v i I'. M.' I ¥ fI/P " y nay o/, th C'xrl reery y c loudar Wedne.da t Coast, jan Snlarda, h'b I'. P..I 'I The Lake DMai( Oe everyo T oiay Turday, . . , S .tunbt by 5 1' M. Closec every Moxnday, Wcdneaday - - I'PS A i. - - -.. . . ThTIES OF ARRIV~lI , T EPdlI R'l'lot? I)HT..Ayc. Tc. oftlhe F.xpreon Mlail, Ile.w..l M oile and New York--leang lMobile ail. atr 3 P. Mi. Northwlr New York dally at 5 P. M1 outhward. Arriveo Arrive Norlhwnrl. Pistance. lTne Returm'g entgomlery, Ala. 2 pm. 198t s '23 h 12wm. Sohntnbto, Go. 1l 8 E 9 t lillcdgeville. Gn. 2 133 14 21 a (:miogrUl ill,.r.. 714a;,. 163 17 10 alleigl,, N C. 5 21 22it 12 areoton,rV, . 2r. 23 ",;01 y I'terncbrc, Va. 10 pun. :t 10 Oa. m t IichnooIV. I nm. 21 3 6| 11 I'rcldrickburlF, 8 67 7 I p m. i i ton et h pm. 1fit 1 a oh I 3more, " 38 4 0• Ilhilodelphia, 64 am. 100 11 2 Nc l York k o n p. 90 li eNorthward. Coming loaol 30hw3r 1t ltli in 4 . Io our2 ten;; xmgings daesnd 17 hloor;. I )ANAVAY fR I. 16(9 (:irclclcl enrlor of eIl.e aI .,reri,on le nigho of 30 Ii f Au.oau, .od wao ne.n ;iol nat llloiollgin I'nolrs RItreet, negro o loy I amoed('lA I11.1":, bout ii7 years of agr, inI 8fee ,rtlhccrbot ilnrielt ver ,laek and Ioanrimped ient in his leerel,, one of Ia lagS in Scre, crc aeione6r by a reemOt hiurt; I ld lo when Ie wenlet away a whit. rotlen or lienh ukir and whitio ectin l:oantaone. larlrr; of ceralee onl Ramrn boat; are ea tinned a sainit ieecieng or hbrorik g o id negiro, ras well a all otller persons, aR Iba alos 'rigour of thi e law will Iha eronf.ced agiaet tilem. The irove reword will he pail Sfrdlivao:igtig.l intany of ti e jails of either oftho r nle~palitiex, . . al 169 C...urndelet, corner of "ei. of ntrnrj 1 g'll(ff E--'the-'aoeer e t ' lnrh oetre notin Sunder thu firm of )uboij & Gorrelmm, aanak oRliovea. l, nn oitcriber will liqlidate the affkirao th concern in this cityl, ilnd reqire;r pl 'seron inadeb. d to mkke paymleni to him aev, and all thooalaelav claiuala, io ireett Ihcnl foraelrl lleoll. a ug --71 i (;iARIlETSON. CnrAiN M.tRiYA ffS'r'r N;FV NOVE.Lt Ia/tlin the Reefer, by the authr lat Petelr SimIle, , in 2 volR. Canrmmia#a, or a Wioler rt Sches Ilnitfield i a I.owe ct.ra, by iptin Uaillnll, Royal Naovy F. ý .. in I vad. onrrl tulhoha, a ronucce, Iby All o Cunningham,1 vo $Nhepunrd Lee. wriltten by loheef, in f vols. it C'mpoeminooi Ililory of /aty, tIanslntcl from original lalnahnl by Nnlniel (irene, in I vol. for mnl No. 79 fi' llurpcr's Enmiy Iibrorr. Vos.:t o 4 ofltlbe new comolite acnd unifrin elition of It'oahingtcaireio'a Il'oca. !leper'; Frenck (aid Eagn ish i)m-linery, in ! ol, 3ro c ., nn'a Freech nd Egtlirh le/lionir.q Ait..t-A tow iorle culiv ouf Coolnbc'n'hrenology "ltietnzi,"' i.ur(l+ e 9orrevr'u (. +s;esef.u periorqua i,, wih Iilliy; -i 1 L/illeof'l.4 and 21-2 ineha.. &lu im Iooe li tc lkP ,jap lpa peenra, wcigh0 Jilt.l..i.,lt Iud for ela ily BENJ. L.EVY. I'IV',('ol'9' RtO2lt, Ac. IINOCK'S IMI'tUhII EIITION OF m Guldsmith's AbrliIge rt of the Ilisory of II to )wh1ilch i n hrixC.d an I liidhoiioa to the rirdy I1tous1n IltOixry, and ege variety alof ruable inaer untimlln .led l hrouyho~t the work on the Manner. iaeliltlitleiicl atilt A oitii.n of ilhe Ilomane; with nu mirorai biograiphicil and historical Notes; and qot, iionn fir cxalolnnninlin ioiIon cil of eackb ection. II. ulrlametl wilt thirtvirirarnviags on wood, by Athertom ' aS.oss IiiOci( prov diliEioi of Ier Goldamith'e llitory of Elngll, liiiiion t Invacio. of Juliau Cear to the drullh of -;rorgc 1d, with a cmictinoatlia to the yea lii81. \Vilt queotioi lier examallaion at the end. Inl rectio,. hlen i aroietvi of valable inform. tin ilih'id tilroOeito, the ork. Consisling of table o01 eihrmpntlenlra. ioereignt and cmilnentl person ('opiotl exl,l nnatory' nales. IRemat arks on tie pol lici, i atillers ,ilt lerlliol,. of the ae. An oui t rie tlhe titiiioi , i c.i e. 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